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BECKETT SPORTS MAGAZINES (Baseball, Basketball, Collectibles & Autographs, Football, Future Stars, Hockey, Racing = Sports Card Related Price Guides) For Sale;



October (#22; Wally Joyner; ** Back Cover= Mike Schmidt);


October (#43; Don Mattingly);


July (#52; Will Clark; ** Back Cover= Ernie Banks);

October (#55; Nolan Ryan; ** Back Cover= Fred McGriff);


January (#58; Ruban Sierra; ** Back Cover= Fred Saberhagen);

February (#59; Bo Jackson; ** Back Cover= Gregg Olson);

March (#60; Robin Yount; ** Back Cover= Todd Zeile);

May (#62; Don Mattingly; ** Back Cover= Eric Anthony);

July (#64; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Frank Viola);

August (#65; Ryne Sandbergh; ** Back Cover= Roger Clemens & Nolan Ryan);

September (#66; Rickey Henderson; ** Back Cover= Carlton Fisk);

October (#67; Jose Canseco; ** Back Cover= Gregg Jefferies);

November (#68; Barry Bonds; ** Back Cover= Sandy Alomar);

December (#69; Nolan Ryan; ** Back Cover= Dave Justice);


January (#70; Cecil Fielder; ** Back Cover= Barry Larkin);

February (#71; George Brett; ** Back Cover= Kevin Maas);

March (#72; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Darryl Strawberry);

April (#73; Rickey Henderson; ** Back Cover= Ramon Martinez);

May (#74 (Cal Ripken; ** Back Cover= Bobby Bonilla);

June (#75 (Joe Dimaggio & Mickey Mantle; ** Back Cover= Lou Gehrig & Babe Ruth);

July (#76; Roger Clemens; ** Back Cover= Brooks Robinson);

August (#77; Fred McGriff & Tony Gwynn; ** Back Cover= Andre Dawson);

September (#78; Dave Justice; ** Back Cover= Scott Erickson);

October (#79; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Dave Winfield);

November (#80; Bo Jackson; ** Back Cover= Howard Johnson);

December (#81; Cecil Fielder; ** Back Cover= Robin Ventura);


January (#82; Nolan Ryan; ** Back Cover= Steve Avery & Tom Glavine);

February (#83 Ozzie Smith; ** Back Cover= Jeff Bagwell);

March (#84; Cal Ripken; ** Back Cover= Phil Plantier);

April (#85; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Ron Gant);

May (#86; Steve Avery; ** Back Cover= Roberto Alomar);

June (#87; Kirby Puckett; ** Back Cover= Ruben Sierra);

July (#88; Deion Sanders; ** Back Cover= Tony Perez/ Peter Rose/ Johnny Bench);

August (#89; Mark McGuire; ** Back Cover= Jack McDowell);

September (#90; Robin Yount; ** Back Cover= John Kruk);

October (#91; Gary Sheffield; ** Back Cover= Juan Guzman/ Roberto Alomar);

November (#92; Tom Glavine; ** Back Cover= Mike Mussina);

December (#93; Juan Gonzalez; ** Back Cover= Eric Karros);


January (#94; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Chuck Knoblauch);

February (#95; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= pat Listach);

March (#96; Mike Mussina; ** Back Cover= Joe Carter);

April (#97; Roberto Alomar; ** Back Cover= Carlos Baerga);

May (#98; Greg Maddux; ** Back Cover= George Brett);

June (#99; Jim Abbott; ** Back Cover= Bo Jackson);

July (#100; Jackie Robinson; ** Back Cover= Nolan Ryan);

August (#101; Joe Carter/ John Olerud/ Roberto Alomar; ** Back Cover= J.T. Snow);

September (#102; Darren Daulton; ** Back Cover= Albert Belle);

October (#103; Barry Bonds; ** Back Cover= Andres Galarraga);

November (#104; Fred McGriff; ** Back Cover= Don Mattingly);

December (#105; Mike Piazza; ** Back Cover= Jack McDowell);


January (#106; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Nolan Ryan);

February (#107; Paul Molitor; ** Back Cover= Tim Salmon);

March (#108; Juan Gonzalez; ** Back Cover= Kenny Lofton);

April (#109; Micheal Jordan; ** Back Cover= Joe Carter);

May (#110; Cliff Floyd; ** Back Cover= Randy Johnson);

June (#111; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Jeffrey Hammonds);

July (#112; Manny Ramirez; ** Back Cover= Ben McDonald);

August (#113; Ryne Sandberg; ** Back Cover= Paul O'Neill);

September (#114; Jeff Bagwell; ** Back Cover= Kirby Puckett);

October (#115 (Matt Williams; ** Back Cover= Ryan Klesko/ Tony Tarasco/ Javy Lopez);

November (#116; Frank Thomas/ Ken Griffey Jr; ** Back Cover= Mickey Mantle);

December (#117; Paul Mondesi; ** Back Cover= William Vanlandingham);


January (#118; Cal Ripken Jr.; ** Back Cover= Eddie Murray);

February (#119; Babe Ruth; ** Back Cover= Derek Jetter);

March (#120; Greg Maddux; ** Back Cover= David Cone);

May (#122; Tony Gwynn; ** Back Cover= Ruben Rivera);

June (#123; Kenny Lofton; ** Back Cover= Michael Jordan);

July (#124; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Ozzie Smith);

August (#125; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Mike Schmidt);

September (#126; Cal Ripken Jr.; ** Back Cover= Chipper Jones);

October (#127; Mickey Mantle 1931 – 1995; ** Back Cover= Mickey Mantle);

November (#128; Hideo Nomo; ** Back Cover= Hideo Nomo);

December (#129; Greg Maddux; ** Back Cover= Garret Anderson);


January (#130; World Series; ** Back Cover= Sammy Sosa);

February (#131;Mo Vaughn; ** Back Cover= Johnny Damon);

March (#132; Stan Musial/Ted Williams; ** Back Cover= Jay Payton/Bill Pulsipher/ Paul Wilson/ Jason Isringhausen);

May (#134; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Andruw Jones);

June (#135; Chipper Jones; ** Back Cover= Don Mattingly);

July (#136; Mike Piazza; ** Back Cover= Tim Salmon);

September (#138; Alex Rodriguez; ** Back Cover= Henry Rodrigez);

October (#139; Ken Griffet Jr.; ** Back Cover= Kirby Puckett);

November (#140; Ozzie Smith; ** Back Cover= Cecil Fielder);

December (#141; Alex Rodriguez; ** Back Cover= 1996 The Year of the Home Run);


January (#142; New York Yankees Win World Series; ** Back Cover= Todd Hundley);

February (#143; Andruw Jones; ** Back Cover= Wade Boggs);

March (#144; Juan Gonzalez; ** Back Cover= Ken Caminiti);

April (#145; Roger Clemens; ** Back Cover= Andres Galarraga);

June (#147; Derek Jeter; ** Back Cover= Alex Fernandez);

July (#148; Kenny Lofton; ** Back Cover= Larry Walker);

August (#149; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= David Justice);

September (#150; Tony Gwynn; ** Back Cover= Tony Clark);

November (#152; Nomar Garciaparra; ** Back Cover= Randy Johnson);


April (#157 (Mark McGwire; ** Back Cover= Barry Bonds);

May (#158; Cal Ripkin Jr.; ** Back Cover= Matt Williams);

June (#159; Chipper Jones; ** Back Cover= Cal Ripken Jr. Milk ad);

July (#160; Larry Walker);

August (#161; Kerry Wood; ** Back Cover= Cal Ripken Jr. Milk ad);


April (#169 (Sammy Sosa);

May (#170; Roger Clemens);

June (#171; Chipper Jones; ** Back Cover= Mark McGwire milk ad);

August (#173; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Mark McGwire milk ad);

September (#174; Manny Ramirez; ** Back Cover= Jeff Bagwell);



July/August (#3; Magic Johnson; ** Back Cover= Kevin Johnson);

September/October (#4; Charles Barkley; ** Back Cover= Joe Dumars);

November/December (#5; david Robinson; ** Back Cover= Akeem Olajuwon);


January (#6; Patrick Ewing; ** Back Cover= John Stockton);

February (#7; Larry Bird; ** Back Cover= Shawn Kemp);

March (#8; Clyde Drexler; ** Back Cover= Reggie Miller);

April (#9; Dominique Wilkins; ** Back Cover= Tim Hardaway);

June (#11; Kevin Johnson; ** Back Cover= Bernard King);

July (#12; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; ** Back Cover= Scottie Pippin);

August (#13; Magic Johnson; ** Back Cover= Brian Shaw);

September (#13; Magic Johnson; ** Back Cover= Larry Johnson);

October (#15; Karl Malone; ** Back Cover= Isiah Thomas);

November (#16; David Robinson; ** Back Cover= Clyde Drexler);

December (#17; Derrick Coleman; ** Back Cover= Chris Mullin);


January (#18; Dikembe Mutombo; ** Back Cover= Steve Smith);

February (#19; Tim Hardaway; ** Back Cover= Lionel Simmons);

March (#20; Larry Johnson; ** Back Cover= Dee Brown);

April (#21; Scottie Pippen; ** Back Cover= Mark Price);

May (#22; Stacey; Augmon; ** Back Cover= Dennis Rodman);

June (#23; Billy Owens; ** Back Cover= Shaquille O'Neal/ Christian Laettner);

July (#24; Wrap-around cover; Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing);

August (#25; Michael Jordan; ** Back Cover= Larry Bird/ Robert Parrish/ Kevin McHale);

September (#26; Earvin Johnson; ** Back Cover= Kendall Gill);

October (#27; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Charles Barkley);

November (#28; Larry Bird; ** Back Cover= Shawn Kemp);

December (#29; Larry Johnson; ** Back Cover= Karl Malone);


January (#30; Christian Laettner; ** Back Cover= Laphonso Ellis);

February 9#31; Michael Jordan; ** Back Cover= Walt Williams);

March (#32; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Alonzo Mourning);

April (#33; Charles Barkley; ** Back Cover= Tom Gugliotta);

May (#34; Harold Miner; ** Back Cover= Hakeem Olajuwon);

June (#35; Patrick Ewing; ** Back Cover= Richard Duman);

July (#36; Alonzo Mourning; ** Back Cover= Robert Horry);

August (#37; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Shaquille O'Neal);

October (#39; Shawn Kemp; ** Back Cover= Reggie Lewis/ Drazen Petrovic);

November (#40; Chris Webber; ** Back Cover= Oliver Miller);


January (#42; Charles Barkley/ Julius Erving; ** Back Cover= Dominique Wilkins);

February (#43; Jamal Mashburn; ** Back Cover= Isiah Thomas);

March (#44; David Robinson; ** Back Cover= John Starks);

April (#45; Shaquille O'Neal/ Alonzo Mourning; ** Back Cover= Danny Manning);

May (#46; Anfernee Hardaway; ** Back Cover= Isaiah Rider);

June (#47; Scottie Piper; ** Back Cover= Dan Majerle);

July (#48; Chris Webber; ** Back Cover= Glen Rice);

August (#49; Shaquille O'Neal, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins, Mark Price, Dan Majerle; ** Back Cover= Grant Hill);

September (#50; Shaquille O'Neal, art by Tom Fleming; ** Back Cover= Houston Rockets);

October (#51; Hakeem Olajuwon; ** Back Cover= Juwan Howard);

November (#52; Reggie Miller; ** Back Cover= Karl Malone);

December (#53; Latrell Sprewell; ** Back Cover= Dominique Wilkins);


January (#54; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Michael Jordan);

February (#55; Anfernee Hardaway; ** Back Cover= Jalen Rose);

March (#56; Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn, Jim Jackson; ** Back Cover= John Stockton);

April (#57; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Wesley Person);

June (#59; Shawn Kemp; ** Back Cover= Nick Van Exel);

July (#60 Hakeem Olajuwon; ** Back Cover= Larry Bird);

August (#61; Clyde Drexler; ** Back Cover= Joe Smith);

September (#62; Jason Kidd; ** Back Cover= Rik Smits);

October (#63; Karl Malone; ** Back Cover= Mitch Richmond);

Novemer (#64; Kevin Garnett; ** Back Cover= Robert Horry);

December (#65; David Robinson; ** Back Cover= Juwan Howard);


January (#66; Jerry Stackhouse; ** Back Cover= Antonio McDyess);

March (#68; Anferness Hardaway; ** Back Cover= Damon Stoudamire);

May (#70; Scottie Pippen; ** Back Cover= Michael Finley);

June (#71; Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp; ** Back Cover= Kevin Garnett);

July (#72; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Glenn Robinson);

August (#73; Dennis Rodman; ** Back Cover= Joe Dumars);

November (#76; Damon Stoudamire; ** Back Cover= Alonzo Mourning);

December (#77; (Kevin Garnett; ** Back Cover= Juwan Howard);


January (#78; Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler ** Back Cover= Gheorghe Muresan);

February (#79; Juwan Howard, Chris Webber; ** Back Cover= Shareef Abdur-Rahim);

March (#80; Allen Iverson; ** Back Cover= Joe Smith);

April (#81; Anfernee Hardaway; ** Back Cover= Tom Gugliotta);

May (#82; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Stephon Marbury);

July (#84; Allen Iverson; ** Back Cover= Eddie Jones);

August (#85; Michael Jordon; ** Back Cover= Scottie Pippen);

October (#87; Karl Malone; ** Back Cover= Antoine Walker);


February (#91; Jason Kidd; ** Back Cover= Shawn Kemp);

April (#93; Stephon Marbury);

May (#94; Kobe Bryant);

June (#95; Antoine Walker; ** Back Cover= Kareem Abdul-Jabbar);


April (105; Kobe Bryant; ** Back Cover= Duncan);

May (#106; Jason Williams)

September (#110; Kevin Garnett);



March/April (#3; John Elway; ** Back Cover= Randall Cunningham);

May/June (#4; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= Christian Okoye);

July/August (#5; Andre Ware; ** Back Cover= Lawrence taylor);

October (#7, #6 inside, Jerry Rice; ** Back Cover= Jim Everett);

October (#7, #7 inside; Don Majkowski; ** Back Cover= Walter Payton);

November (#8; Bo Jackson; ** Back Cover= Warren Moon);

December (#9; Joe Montana; ** Back Cover= Bobby Humphtey);


January (#10; Jo Jackson; ** Back Cover= Bart Starr);

February (#11; Randall Cunningham; ** Back Cover= Neal Anderson);

March (#12; Thurman Thomas; ** Back Cover= Emmitt Smith);

April (#13; Raghib Ismail; ** Back Cover= Ronnie Lott);

May (#13; Raghib Ismail; ** Back Cover= Ronnie Lott);

May (#14; Bruce Smith; ** Back Cover= Johnny Johnson);

June (#15; Boomer Esiason; ** Back Cover= Marion Butts);

July (#16; Jerry Rice; ** Back Cover= Jeff George);

August 9#17; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= Derrick Thomas);

September (#18; Warren Moon; ** Back Cover= Andre Rison);

October (#19; Troy Aikman; ** Back Cover= Mark Carrier);

November (#20; Ronnie Lott/ Roger Craig; ** Back Cover= Sterling Sharpe);

December #21 (Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Blair Thomas);


January (#22; Jim Kelly; ** Back Cover= Joe Namath);

February (#23; Mark Rypien; ** Back Cover= Harvey Williams);

March (#24; Dan Marino; ** Back Cover= Leonard Russell);

April (#25; Thurman Thomas; ** Back Cover= John Elway);

May (#26 Desmond Howard; ** Back Cover= Patswillig);

June (#27; Ricky Ervins; ** Back Cover= Michael Irvin);

July (#28; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= Deion Sanders);

August (#29; Derrick Thomas; ** Back Cover= Dan McGwire);

September (#30; Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Randall Cunningham);

October (#31; Art Monk; ** Back Cover= Browning Nagle);

November (#32; Deion Sanders; ** Back Cover= Warren Moon);

December (#33; Dan Marino; ** Back Cover= Herschel Walker);


January (#34; Ricky Watters; ** Back Cover= Lawrence Taylor);

February (#35; Barry Foster; ** Back Cover= Steve Young);

March (#36; Michael Irvin; ** Back Cover= Brett Favre);

April (#37; Troy Aikman; ** Back Cover= Cortez Kennedy);

May (#38; Sterling Sharpe; ** Back Cover= David Klinger);

June (#39; Drew Bledsoe; ** Back Cover= Reggie White);

August (#41; Emmett Smith; ** Back Cover= Jerry Rice);

October (#43; Steve Young; ** Back Cover= Desmond Howard);

November (#44; Garrison Hearst; ** Back Cover= Ken Norton);

December (#45; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= Keith Jackson);


January (#46; Troy Aikman; ** Back Cover= John Elway);

February (#47; Jerry Rice; ** Back Cover= Marcus Allen);

March (#48; Rick Mirer; ** Back Cover= Rod Woodson);

April (#49; Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= James Jett);

May (#50; “Great Quarterbacks” Wrap-Around Cover Art);

June (#51; Heath Shuler; ** Back Cover= Rodney Hampton);

July (#52; Jerome Bettis; ** Back Cover= Tony Dorsett);

August (#52; Marshall Faulk; ** Back Cover= Tim Brown);

September (#54; Drew Bledsoe; ** Back Cover= Warren Moon);

October (#55; Jerry Rice; ** Back Cover= Anthony Miller);

November (#56; Dan Marino; ** Back Cover= Heath Shuler);

December (#57; Joe Montana; Natrone Means);


January (#58; Michael Irvin; ** Back Cover= Deion Sanders);

February (#59; Troy Aikman; ** Back Cover= Jeff Blake);

March (#60; Marchall Faulk; ** Back Cover= Chris Warren);

April (#61; Steve Young; ** Back Cover= Errist Rhett);

May (#62; Deion Sanders; ** Back Cover= Cris Carter);

June (#63; Joe Montana; ** Back Cover= Steve McNair);

August (#65; Ki-Jana Carter; ** Back Cover= Ricky Watters);

September (#66; Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Kerry Collins);

October (#67; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= J.J. Stokes);

November (#68; Deion Sanders; ** Back Cover= Rashann Salaam);

December (#69; Dan Marino; ** Back Cover= Joey Galloway);


January (#70; Brett Favre; ** Back Cover= Errict Rhett);

February (#71; Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Jerry Rice);

March (#72; Deion Sanders; ** Back Cover= Curtis Martin);

April (#73; Kordell Stewart; ** Back Cover= Jim Harbaugh);

June (#75; Chris Warren; ** Back Cover= Yancey Thigpen);

July (#76; Keyshawn Johnson; ** Back Cover= Herman Moore);

August (#77; Curtis Martin; ** Back Cover= Mark Brunell);

September (#78; Jerry Rice; ** Back Cover= Carl Pickens);

November (#80; John Elway; ** Back Cover= Eddie George);

December (#81; Barry Sanders/ Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Kareem Abdul-Jabbar);


February (#83; Eddie George; ** Back Cover= Vinny Testaverde);

March #84; (Terrell Davis; ** Back Cover= Terry Glenn);

May (#86; Brett Favre; bc/ cv Jim Kelly);

July (#88; Emmitt Smith; ** Back Cover= Jeff George);

August (#89; John Elway; ** Back Cover= Mike Ditka);

September (#90; Barry Sanders; ** Back Cover= Reggie White);

October (#91; Kerry Collins);


March (#96; John Elway; ** Back Cover= Terrell Davis);

April (#97; Kordell Stewart; ** Back Cover= Antonio Freeman);

May (#98; Dan Mariono; ** Back Cover= Jake Plummer);

August (#101; Peyton Manning; ** Back Cover= Ryan Leaf);


February (#107 (Terrell Davis; ** Back Cover= Charles Woodson);

April (#109; Randy Moss; ** Back Cover= Charlie Batch);

June (#111; John Elway);

July (3112; Ricky Williams; ** Back Cover= Edgerrin James);

August (#113; Tim Couch, Daunte Culpepper, Donovan McNabb, Shaun King, Cade McNown; ** Back Cover= Peyton Manning);

September (#114; Randy Moss; ** Back Cover= Terrell Davis);



May (#1;Todd Van Poppel, Nolan Ryan; ** Back Cover= Kenny Anderson);

June (#2; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Shaquille O'Neal);

July (#3; Juan Gonzalez, Ruben Sierra; ** Back Cover= Larry Johnson);

August (#4; Hal Morris; ** Back Cover= Deion Sanders);

September (#5; Derek Bell; ** Back Cover= Tino Martinez);

October (#6; Raghib Ismail; ** Back Cover= Jeff Bagwell);

November (#7; Brian McRae; ** Back Cover= Jeff Owens);

December (#8; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Mike Croel);


March (#11; Don Maclean, Tracy Murray; ** Back Cover= Terrell Buckley);

April (#12; Frank Thomas; ** Back Cover= Steve Avery);

May (#13; Ken Griffey Jr.; ** Back Cover= Ivan Rodiguez);

June (#14; Brien Taylor; ** Back Cover= Todd Van Poppel);

July (#15; Reggie Sanders; ** Back Cover= David McCarty);

August (#16; Mike Mussina; ** Back Cover= Kenny Lofton);

September (#17; Chuck Knoblauch; ** Back Cover= Tim Salmon);

October (#18; Browning Nagle; ** Back Cover= Eric Karros);

November (#19; Juan Gonzalez; ** Back Cover= Dan McGwire);

December (#20; Marshall Faulk; ** Back Cover= Cal Eldred);


January (#21; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Ricky Watters);

February (#22; david Nied; ** Back Cover= Gino Toretta);

March (#23; Eric Karros; ** Back Cover= Rondell White);

April (#24; Jamal Mashburn; ** Back Cover= Rick Mirer);

May (#25; Shaquille O'Neal; ** Back Cover= Nigel Wilson);

June (#26; Tim Salmon, J.T. Snow; ** Back Cover= Michael Tucker);

Auguts (#28; Cliff Floyd; ** Back Cover= Manon Rheaume);

September (#29; Jeffrey Hammonds; ** Back Cover= Brent Gates);

October (#30; Aaron Sele; ** Back Cover= Eduardo Perez);

November (#31; Manny Ramirez; ** Back Cover= Jerome Bettis);

December (#32; Reggie Brooks, Jerome Bettis, Rick Mirer; ** Back Cover= Jason Bere);


January (#33; Anfernee Hardaway; ** Back Cover= James Jett);

February (#34; Carlos Delgado; ** Back Cover= Robert Smith);

March (#35; Charlie Ward; ** Back Cover= Lindsey Hunter);

April (#36; Isaiah Rider; ** Back Cover= Marc Newfield);

May (#37; Javier Lopez; ** Back Cover= Toni Kukoc);

June (#38; Glenn Robinson; ** Back Cover= Raul Mondesi);

July (#39; Charles Johnson; ** Back Cover= James Mouton);

August (#40; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Tyrone Wheatley);

September (#41; Raul Mondesi; ** Back Cover= Paul Wilson);

October (#42; Manon Rheaume; ** Back Cover= Brooks Kieschnick);

November (#43; Glenn Robinson; ** Back Cover= Marshall Faulk);

December (#44; Jason Kidd; ** Back Cover= Charles Johnson);


January (#45; Marshall Faulk; ** Back Cover= Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber);

February (#46; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Byron Morris);

March (#47; Corliss Williamson; ** Back Cover= Ruben Rivera);

April (#48; Ki-Jana Carter; ** Back Cover= Charles Johnson);

May (#49; Toby Bailey; ** Back Cover= Wesley Person);

June (#50; Grant Hill; ** Back Cover= Steve McNair);

July (#51; Ed O'Bannon; ** Back Cover= Ben Grieve);

August (#52; Hideo Nomo; ** Back Cover= Joe Smith);

September (#53; J.J. Stokes; ** Back Cover= Carlos Perez);

October (#54; Garret Anderson; ** Back Cover= Rasheed Wallace);

November (#55; Joey Galloway; ** Back Cover= Jason Isringhausen);

Decmber (#56; Joe Smith; ** Back Cover= Rashaan Salaam);


February (#58; Michael Finley; Curtis Martin);

April (#60; Paul Wilson; ** Back Cover= Eddie George);

May (#61; Keyshawn Johnson; ** Back Cover= Karim Garcia);

June (#62; Andruw Jones; ** Back Cover= Kerry Kittles);

July (#63; Allen Iverson; ** Back Cover= Alan Benes);

August (#64; Derek Jeter; ** Back Cover= Ray Allen);

September (#65; Darin Erstad; ** Back Cover= Kris Benson);

November (#67; Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson; ** Back Cover= Alex Ochoa);


February (#70; Allen Iverson; ** Back Cover= Tony Banks);

March (#71; Toy Maker Kenner's Basketball set; ** Back Cover= Tim Duncan);

May (#73; Nomar Garciaparra; ** Back Cover= Ray Allen);




September/October (#1; Wayne Gretsky; ** Back Cover= Patrick Roy);

November/December (#2; Brett Hull; ** Back Cover= Mark Messier);


January (#3; Steve Yzerman; ** Back Cover= Bobby Hull);

February (#4; Mario Lemieux; Joe Sakic);

March (#5; Ray Bourque; ** Back Cover= Mike Bossy);

April (#6; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Adam Oates);

May (#7; Sergei Fedorov; ** Back Cover= Al Macinnis);

June (#8; Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= John Cullen);

July (#9; Ed Belfour; ** Back Cover= Mark Recchi);

August (#10; Mario Lemieux; ** Back Cover= Denis Potvin);

September (#11; Jaromir Jagr; ** Back Cover= Theoren Fleury);

October (312; Jari Kurri; ** Back Cover= Peter Stastny);

November (#13; Brett Hull; ** Back Cover= Luc Robitaille);

December (#14; Grant Fuhr; ** Back Cover= Denis Savard);


January (#15; Mark Messier; ** Back Cover= Pat Falloon);

February (#16; Trevor Linden; ** Back Cover= Owen Nolan);

March (#17; Pavel Bure; ** Back Cover= Kevin Stevens);

April (#18; Jeremy Roenick; ** Back Cover= Nicklas Lidstrom);

May (#19; Wayne Gretsky; ** Back Cover= Tony Amonte);

June #20 (Gilbert Dionne; ** Back Cover= Scott Lachance);

July (#21; Pat Lafontaine; ** Back Cover= Rod Brind'Amour);

August (#22; Stanley Cup Winner's Pittsburgh Penguins; ** Back Cover= Don Cherry);

September (#23; Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= Tony Esposito);

October (#24; Pavel Bure; ** Back Cover= Adam Oates);

November (#25; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Buy Lafleur);

December (#26; Manon Rheaume; ** Back Cover= Scott Niedermayer);


January (#27; Brian Leetch; ** Back Cover= Alexander Mogilny);

February (#28; Joe Juneau; ** Back Cover= Jaromir Jagr);

March (#29; Teemu Selanne; ** Back Cover= Mark Recchi);

April (#30; Mario Lemieux; ** Back Cover= Joe Sakic);

May (#31; Felix Potvin; ** Back Cover= Al Iafrate);

June (#32; Cam Neely; ** Back Cover= Alexandre Daigle);

July (#33; Doug Gilmour; ** Back Cover= Ed Balfour);

August (#34; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Steve Yzerman);

September (#35; Chris Pronger, Alexandre Daigle, Chris Gratton; ** Back Cover= Grant Fuhr);

October (#36; Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= Alexie Zhamnov);

November (#37; Luc Robitaille; ** Back Cover= Russ Courtnall);

December (#38; Pierre Turgeon; ** Back Cover= Alexei Zhitnik);


January (#39; Mike Modanoc; ** Back Cover= Alexei Zhitnik);

February (#40; Wendel Clark; ** Back Cover= Mikael Renberg);

March (#41;Segei Fedorov; ** Back Cover= Keith Tkachuk);

April (#42; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Mike Richter);

May (#43; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Ray Bourque);

June (#44; Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= Brett Lindros);

July (#45; Brian Leetch; ** Back Cover= Pavel Bure);

August (#46; Mark Messier; ** Back Cover= New York Rangers);

September (#47; Radek Bok; ** Back Cover= Kirk McLean);

October (#48; Martin Brodeur; ** Back Cover= Jaromir Jagr);

November (#49; Various Goalie Masks; ** Back Cover= John Vanbiesbrouck);

December (#50; Members of teh fifty in fifty Club; ** Back Cover= Alexander Mogilny);


January (#51; Pavel Bure; ** Back Cover= Pat Lafontaine);

February (#52; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Mike Vernon);

March (#53; Brendan Shanahan; ** Back Cover= Peter Forsberg);

April (#54; Adam Oates, Cam Neely; ** Back Cover= Rod Brind 'Amour);

May (#55; Paul Kariya; ** Back Cover= Jason Arnott);

June (#56; Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= Jim Carey);

July (#57; Jaromir Jagr; ** Back Cover= Mats Sundin);

August (#58; Martin Brodeur; ** Back Cover= Dominik Hasek);

September (#59; Jeremy Roenick; ** Back Cover= Bryan Berard);

October (#60; Peter Forsberg; ** Back Cover= Todd Harvey);

November (#61; Alexander Mogilny, Pavel Bure; ** Back Cover= Brendan Shanahan);

December (#62; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Alexei Zhamnov);


January (#63; Brett Hull; ** Back Cover= Saku Koivu);

February (#64; Mario Lemieux; ** Back Cover= Vitali Yachmenev);

March (#65; Teemu Selanne; ** Back Cover= Marcus Ragnarsson);

April (#66; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Eric Daze);

May (#67; Eric Lindros, Mikael Renberg, John Leclair; ** Back Cover= Petr Sykora);

June (#68 (Steve Yzerman; ** Back Cover= Roman Hamrlik);

July (#69; Paul Kariya; ** Back Cover= John Vanbiesbrouck);

August (#70; Joe Sakic; ** Back Cover= Chris Osgood);

September (#71; Gordie Howe; ** Back Cover= Chris Phillips);

October (#72; Mark Messier; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Claude Lemieux);

November (#73; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Team U.S.A. Winners of 1996 World Cup);

December (#74; Mario Lemieux; ** Back Cover= Theoren Fleury);


February (#76; John Vanbiesbrouck; ** Back Cover= Doug Weight);

March (#77; Jaromir Jagr; ** Back Cover= Brian Leetch);

June (#80; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Bryan Bereard);

August (#82; Brendan Shanahan);

November (#85; Steve Yzerman);


January (#87; Mark Messier; ** Back Cover= Daniel Alfredsson);

February (#88; John Leclair, Eric Lindros; ** Back Cover= Peter Forsberg);

March (#89; Mike Modano; ** Back Cover= Theoren Fleury);

April (#90; Martin Brodeur; ** Back Cover= Peter Bondra);

May (#91; Wayne Gretzky; ** Back Cover= Wayne Gretzky);

July (#93; Patrick Roy; ** Back Cover= Terry Sawchuk);

August (#94; Dominik Hasek; ** Back Cover= Stanley Cup);

October (#96; Steve Yzerman; ** Back Cover= Wayne Gretzky);


February (#1000; Paul Kariya; ** Back Cover= Vincent Lecavalier);

April (#102; John Leclair; ** Back Cover= Nikolai Khabibulin);

December (#110; Theoren Fleury);



August (#12; Kyle Petty; ** Back Cover= Robert Pressley);

September (#13; Sterling Marlin; ** Back Cover= Ron Hornaday);

October (#14; Dale Earnhardt; ** Back Cover= Ted Musgrave);

November (#15; Bobby Labonte; ** Back Cover= Terry Labonte);

December (#16; Brooke & Jeff Gordon; ** Back Cover= Ernie Irvan);


January (#17; Richard Petty; ** Back Cover= Bobby Hamilton);

February (#18; Ernie Irvan; ** Back Cover= Ward Burton);

March (#19; Rusty Wallace; ** Back Cover= Steve Grissom);

April (#20; Dale Jarrett; ** Back Cover= Patty Moise);

May (#21; Cars of Ted Musgrave & Mark Martin; ** Back Cover= Bill Brodrick);

June (#22; Dale & Taylor Nicole Earnhardt; ** Back Cover= Ned & Dale Jarrett);

August (#24; Dale Earnhardt; ** Back Cover= Michael Waltrip);


January (#53; Mark McGwire; ** Back Cover= Jeff Gordon);



(#2; Jeff Gordon); (#3; Dale Earnhardt); (#4; Bill Elliott);



February (#82; Ted Williams);

April (#84; Travis Lee);

June (#86; Mark McGwire);

July (#87; Chipper Jones);

August (#88; Kevin Costner);

September (#89; Mark McGwire);

October (#90; Sammy Sosa);

November (#91; Mark McGwire's 62 Homerun Display at the Hall of Fame);

December (#92; John Elway);


January (#93; Randy Moss);



#2(Michael Tribute);


#17(Dream Team III);



June (#7; Wilt Chamberlain);

October (#11; World Series Magic);


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