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(A) Vintage Assorted FICTION DIGESTS Magazines (Adult/Esoteric, General Fiction, Love & Romance, Short Stories) FOR SALE --

ALLEN, JANE (Livingston, Mae - Without Reservations (Century Adventure 103, 1946; ft/cv John Wayne and Claudette Colbert);

APPEL, H.M. - Brutal Kisses (Uni-Book #29); Tainted passions (Uni-Book #22; Photo Cover);

ARTHUR, WILLIAM - Love Chest (Uni-Book #18);

THE AVON ANNUAL 1946 - 15 Great Stories of Today (Hemingway/ Steinbeck/ Hammett/ Faulkner... etc);

AVON MODERN SHORT STORIES MONTHLY (Avon Book Company; circa 1943);

#1 (29; short Stories by W. Somerset Maugham);

#3 (7 Long Short Stories by Noel Coward);

#4 (31 Selected Short Stories by Sinclair Lewis);

#10 (15 Selected Shorted Stories by James T. Farrell);

#12 (34 More Great Stories by William Saroyan);

#13 (Great Short Novels by Louis Bromfield);

#17 (Selected Great Stories by Thomas Wolfe);

#19 (Sophisticated Short Stories by Edna Ferber);

#22 (Career in C Major & Other Stories by James M. Cain);

#29 (Hope of Heaven & Other Stories by John O'Hara);

#34 (Great Stories by Louis Bromfield);

BAILEY, F.E. - Wives Must Weep (The Literary Press London: The Red Novels; Circa 1940's);

BLAIR, RAYMOND - Big City Hellcat (Carnival Books 948; 1953 Second Edition);

BLIGH, NORMAN - Play-Girl (Venus Books; 107; Circa 1950); *** Wayward Nurse (Venus Books 162; 1953; cover by Belarski); *** Woman of Passion (Cameo Books #357); *** Young Wife (Venus Books 151; 1952);

BOOTH, RAY - Red Hot (Universal Pub. & Distributing Corp.; NN);

BRANCH, FLORENZ - Pink-Up Girl (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN); *** Scandalous Affair (Uni-Book 17); *** Unfaithful (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc. NN); *** Unwilling Virgin (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

BREWSTER, ELIOT - Plenty of Love (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

CARTER, RALPH - A Little Sin (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN); *** Pleasure Alley (Intimate Novel; #20; 1952); *** Torrid Love (Knickerbokker Pub. Inc; NN);

CHARLSON, DAVID - Frenchie (Carnival Books; 944; 2nd Print; April/1954; Venus Books 145; 1952);

CLAY, MATTHEW - Slum Doctor (Cameo Books 343; 1954);

COLEMAN, MITCHELL - Affairs of a Ward Nurse (Carnival Books 911; 1952); *** Man-Hungry (Carnival Books 954; 1953); *** Ward Nurse (Star Novels 768; 1957);

DE MEXICO, N.R. - Private Chauffer (Intimate Novels 15);

DIXON, LEWIS - Wild Girl (Cameo Books 323; 1952; cover by Belarski);

DOUGLAS, RALPH - Boy Madness (Carnival Books 932; 1954);

DRAKE, H.B. - Slave Ship (Uni-Book 35; Bondage Cover);

DUPERRAULT, DOUG - Soldier's Sinner (Croydon Books 50; 1953);

GADDIS, PEGGY - Farmer's Wife (Carnival Books 934; 1954); *** Farmer's Woman (Venus Books 190; 1954); *** Hideaway (Uni-Book 21; 1952; photo Cover); *** Passion's Harvest (Carnival Books 916; 1953; cover by Gross); *** Unfaithful Wives (Uni-Book 3; photo cover);

GATES, ELEANOR - Wicked (Universal Pub.; 1950);

GAUTIER, THEOPHILE - Mademoiselle De Maupin/ Voltaire - Candide (Royal Giant Edition 25); *** One of Cleopatra's Nights (Padell Book Co.; circa 1940's);

GAY, CARMEN - Illicit Passion (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

GILL, ELISABETH - Young Sinner (Cameo Book; 333; 1953);

GORDON, WILLIAM E. - Girl-Hungry (Carnivel Books; 921);

GRAHAM, CARROL - Only Human (F.E. Human Pub.; Ltd; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)  No. 1 (1940; 148 Pages including Covers; RARE Title; DIGEST Sized; BOXING Painted Cover & Story; Moderate Creasing top Covers;  Moderate Tape & Glue Repairs inside Spine to Cover, thus Good = $35.00);

GRANT, RICHARD - Eurasian Girl (Uni-Book 30);

HALE, LAURA - Lovers Don't Sleep (Exotic Novel 20; 1951);

HARMON, ROBERT W. - A Body to Own(Carnival Books 901; 1952; Full Page Photo Illustrations);

HARRAGAN, STEVE - Dope Doll (Bondage Cover/ The Bigamy Kiss (Universal Giant Edition #4; 1952);

HARRAGAN, STEVE - The Queer Sisters (Stallion Books 206; Circa 1950); ***Side-Show Girl (Uni-Book 42; Circa 1952; GGA / Good Girl Art Undressing & Lingerie in shadow cover; FA/G = $14.00);

HARRISON, WHIT - Shanty Road (Star Novel 756; 1956);

HARTT, JON - Savage Mistress/ Dean, Elsie - Concubine (Universal Giant Edition 7; 1953);

HARVEY, GENE - Miami Widow (Intimate Novels 44; 1953);

HASKELL, FRANK - Hotel Doctor (Venus Books 179; 1954); *** Woman's Doctor (Venus Books 157; 1953; Venus Books 189; January/ 1955 2nd Print);

HATTER, AMOS - Hollywood Sinners (Star Novels 766; 1957); *** Island Girl (Cameo Book 350; 1952);

IT HAPPENED TO ME: TRUE LIFE STORIES ( Modern Living Council Inc.; 1953);

JACQUIN, LEE - Studio Lovers (Knickerbocker Pub.; Inc.; NN);

JAMES, GRIFFITH - A Room for Love (Knickerbocker Pub.; Inc.; NN); *** Dangerous Lovers (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

JORDAN, GAIL (A.K.A. Peggy Gaddis ) Once a Sinner (Knickerbocker Pub, Inc.; NN); *** Part Time Passion (Knickerbocker Pub, Inc.; NN); *** Professional Glamour Girl(Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN); *** Sins of a Private Secretary (Croydon #23; 1952); *** Student Nurse (Uni-Book #37; circa 1953); *** Unleashed Woman (Uni-Book #28; 1952); *** The Wanton Blonde (Uni-Book #28; 1952);

KELLER, H.A. - Her Day of Sin (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

KLINGMAN, LAWRENCE / GREEN, GERALD - His Majesty O'Keefe (Universal Giant Edition #3);

LAWRENCE, ANN - Jezebel's Daughter (Uni-Book #27; 1952);

LINDSAY, PERRY - The Passionate Widow(Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN); *** Shameless Woman(Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN); *** Six Times a Bride(Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

MACARTHUR, ARTHUR - Aphrodite's Lover (Universal Giant Edition #9; 1953);

MANNING, BRUCE - Off Limits (Intimate Novel 14; 1950's); *** Triangle of Sin (Intimate Novel 25; 1953);

MANNING JANE - The Affairs of a Leading Lady (Venus Books 150; 1952); *** City Hotel (Carnival Books 919; 1953);

MARIN, ARTHUR - The Doctor's Wife (Venus Books 134; 1951);

MURRAY, KONRAD - Captain Hurricane (Hamilton and Co. Ltd.; UK; Historical Fiction);

MUNDY, TALBOT - Jimgrim Sahib (Royal Giant Edition 12; circa 1953); *** The Queen's Warrant/ Cobb, HUMPHREY - Paths to Glory (Universal Giant Edition 11);

NICKERSON, KATE - Street of the Blues (Original Novels 729; 1953);

PITIGRILLI, M. - Without Consent (Uni-Book 10; 1951; photo cover);

POYNTER, BEULAH - White Trash (Uni-Book 33; 1952);

PRITCHARD, JANET - Country Club Cheat (Uni-Book 68; 1953); *** Sin Ship (Uni-Book 23; Circa 1952);

QUANDT, ALBERT L. - Baby Sitter (Original Novels 720; 1952); *** Cellar Club (Original Novels 716; 1952); *** Social Club (Carnival Books 947);

RENIN, PAUL - Thou Shalt Not (Leisure Library 22; 1953);

REYNOLDS, ROBERT E. - Loose Women (Cameo 322; 1952); *** Streets of Paris (Star Novels 757; 1956);

SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Queen's Messenger (Adventure Novel Classic 5);

SABER, ROBERT O. - City of Sin (Original Novels 722; 1952);

SAXON, JOHN - She Devil (Uni-Book 41; Circa 1952);

SCOTT, ANTHONY - Web of Sin (Ecstasy Novel 12);

SEMPLE, GORDON - Resort Hostess (Uni-Book 34; 1952); *** Sinner (Croydon 103; 1952);

SHAPPIRO, HERBERT - Woman in the White House (Tech Novel 1; 1945);

SLOAN, GLADYS - Confessions of a Studio Model (Knickerbocker Pub. Inc.; NN);

SLOANE, ROSS - Hot Number (Quarter Books 45; 1949);

SPENCER, FREDERIC - Tight Skirt (Cameo 321; 1952);

STEEN, MARGUERITE - Matador (Royal Giant Edition 14; 1953; Historical Fiction);

STONE, THOMAS - 50-50 Girl (Merit Books; B-15; 1951); *** Shameful Love (Croydon 102; 1954); *** Tramp Girl (Stallion Books 205; 1952);

STONEBRAKER, FLORENCE - Local Talent (Intimate Novel13); *** Oriental Nights (Venus Books 140; 1952; Full Page photo Illustrations);

SYDNEY, GALE - Strange Circle (Intimate Novel 49; 1953);

TAYLOR, VALERIE - The Lusty Land/ LUCAS, CURTIS - Forbidden Fruit (Universal Giant Edition 8; 1953);

3 TRUE CONFESSION NOVELS (Country Press Inc.; 1940);

TUCKER, JOAN - At Ruby's Place (Cameo Book 326; 1952);

VALBECK, MICHAEL - Sinful Bargain (Readers Choice Library #27);

WEIGAL, ARTHUR - Infidelity (Broadway Novels Monthly #1; 1949);

WELLER, GEORGE - Highway Episode (Royal Giant Edition 21; 1953);

WELLES, KERMIT - Wild Sister (Venus Books 178; 1952);

WHITNEY, HALLAM  [pseudonym of Harry Whittington] *** Backwoods Hussy (Star Novels #762; 1956; Rudy Nappi GGA / Good Girl Art Painted Cover; Creasing to Covers, FA/G reading copy = $33.00);
[pseudonym of Harry Whittington] *** City Girl (Star Novels #759; 1956; Robert E. Schulz GGA / Good Girl Art Painted Cover; Moderate waterstain to first 2 pages inside, Creasing to Covers, FA/G reading copy = $19.00);

WILSON, DANA - Uneasy Virtue (Avon Monthy Novel #5; Photo cover; 1948);

WILSTACH, JOHN - Love for Sale (Diversey Prize Novels 5; 1949; photo covers);

WOODFORD, JACK/ THOMPSON, JOHN B. - Savage Eve (Uni-Book 60; 1953);


(B) CORONET Digest Magazine 1930's-1960's;

1937 – February (-Portrait of the Lady of the Sassetti Family- by Ghirlandaio); May (-Portrait of a Venetian Lady- by Durer Albrecht; 1505); June (-A Portrait of Charles IX of France- by Francois Clovet; 1561); July (-Portrait- by an Unknown Painter of the Netherlands; circa 1500); August (-A Portrait- by Juan of Flanders about 1500); September (-Portrait of a Gentle Woman- by Hans Holbein, the Younger; 1497-1543); October (-Portrait- by an Unknown Painter of the Netherlands, XV Century); November (-Portrait- by an Unknown Painter of the Netherlands, 1550); December (-Portrait of a Lady- by Paolo Di Dono; Called Uccello; 1396-1475);

1938 – January (-La Bohemienne- by Frans Hals; c. 1580-1666); February (-Le Chapeau De Poil- (The Beaver Hat) by Peter Paul Rubens; 1577-1640); June (-Portrait of Himself- by Antoella Da Messina; c.1430-1479); July (-Portrait of Mlle Mayer- by Pierre Paul Prud'hon; 1758-1823); August -(-L'ange Bleu- by Marie Laurencin; 1885); September (Leda and the Swan, Wax Figurine); October (-Classic Dancer- by Henri Matisse; 1869); November (-Lilya- by Eugene Speicher; 1883); December (-Study of Venus- by Pierre Paul Prud'Hun; 1758-1823);

1939 – March (-La Lettre- by Jean Honore Fragonaro; 1732-1806); April (-Mlle Jeanne Gonin- by Jean Ingre S; 1780-1867); June (-The Dance at Bougival- by Pierre August Penoir; 1841-1919); July (-The Torn Hat- by Thomas Sully; 1783-1872); August (Jeune Fille Aux Chiens- by Jean Honore Fragonard; 1732-1806);

1940 – November (-Colour Photograph- by Avery Slack);

1941 – January (-Colour Photograph- by Paul Garrison); February (-Colour Photograph- by Tom Kelley); March (-Colour Photograph- by Paul Garrison); May Lillian Fox; August – Verna Knopf; September – Puk Paaris; October – Maxine Marlowe; November – Marguerite Chapman;

1942 – January – Susann Shaw; February – Katharine Aldridge; March – Douglas Johnston Smith; April – Irma Wilson; May – Marion Whitney; June – Verna Knopf; July – Lenore Simon; August – Beth Drake; October – Ava Gardner; November – Katharine Booth;

1943 – January – Bettina Bolegard; February – Jean Compo; (Covergirl photo = Kay Hernan; exclusive 16-Page Picture story "Siege of a Russian City" by Wendell Willkie; "Three Jive Bombers" by Irving Wallace; Little Orphan Annie Colour Foldout Poster by Harold Gray is still intact; Golden Echo Photo Colour Foldout Poster of Blonde Woman by Barrett Gallagher is still intact; Women of War - Portfolio of Personalities;Weight = 190 Grams each; VF = $26; VG/FN = $18; VG = $15; G/VG = $12);

April – Eugenia -Jinx- Falkenburg; May – Vera Gilmer; June – Betty Ann Davis; July – Elyse Knox; August – Louis Hart; September /1943; (Covergirl Photo = Floreine Dickson; Picture Story of the FBI; Passport to Treason by Alan Hynd - Nazi Spies; For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway = 16 pages of Colour Photo's from the classic movie with Gary Cooper & Ingrid Bergman; Virginia Beach; Race Riots; Ethel Barrymore; Porthole beneath Pearl Harbour; the Miracle Man of Virginia Beach = 5 page article about Edgar Cayce; Riddle of the Race Riots; Edward R. Murrow; November – Bettina Bolegard; December – Nici Neighton;

1944 – January – Vivian Austin; February -Wanda McKay; March – Cissie Meagher; April – Marion Whitney; May – Mona Freeman; June – Mickey Malloy; July – Eloise Hardt; August – Chili Williams; Alias Marion Sorenson; September – Dusty Anderson; October – Cpt. Ardean Miller; November – Dolores Parker; December – Barbaba Britton;

1945 – February – Marie Denham; March – Janis Paige; April Jeanne Crain; May – Lianne Lytell; June – Mona Freeman; July – Mary Wolfers; August – Shirley John ; September – Madelon Masson; October – Marie Denham; November – Lavone Mullinger; December – Alice Wallace;

1946 – April-Pat Geoghegan; August – Liz MacLean; September – Virginia Patton; November – Lavone Mullinger; December – Douglass Crockwell Painting of his Daughter, Johanna and her cousin John Bridge);

1947 – January – Sheilah Beckett's Painting of Swan Lake in New York City's Central Park); March (Dave Mink Drew his own Experiences with the home – Owner's Most thankless Chore – The Battle Storm Windows); April (Stanley Ekman Painting Baseball Day Rained Out); May (Frances Hook painting of -Girl in a Breeze”); June (Mary Blair painting of Gay Band – Concert); July (Sheilah Beckett Painting of a - Family Affair”); August (Howard Forsberg painting of Noel Wisdom doing Silhouette of Joan Van Dyke); September (Howard Forsberg Painting of Teen-age girl & Teenage boy as he plays the harmonica); October (Howard Forsberg painting of the Outside of Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Violin St. On the Poster is Fritz Krsidler the Mother and son are Mrs. Fuller C. Duke and Terry Duke); November ('Old Grad – by Howard Forsberg); December (Jim Lockhart painting of Santa Claus at work);

1948 – January (Sheilah Beckett painting of traditional January snowman); April (Wesley Snyder, painting of his neighbor in New York City, Reynold Brown & his Brand new daughter); August (Seaside holiday by J. Frederick Smith); September (Swing your partner by Howard Forsberg); November (Prize winner by David at Tie);

1949 – May(Spring Magic by J. Frederick Smith); June (Freckles 'n' Fish by J. Frederick Smith); August (Passing Fancy by Wesly Snyder); September (Boys will be Boys by J. Frederick Smith) November (Hero of the Day by J. Frederick Smith);

1950 – February (Queen of Hearts by J. Frederick Smith); March (Weather or Not by Wesley Snyder); October (American Harvest by Geoffrey Biggs);

1951 – January (Sun and Snow by Geoffrey Biggs); March (Reluctant Surrender by Mark Miller); April (Reflections of Sprilng by J. Frederick Smith); May(Spring Bouquets by J. Frederick Smith); June (Boys Together by Mark Miller); July (Moonlight Serenade by Howard Forsberg); August (Back to Back by Wesley Snyder); September (Night Call by J. Frederick Smith); November (Reluctant Passenger by Eddie Chan); December (Joy to the World by Paul Wehr);

1952 January(Thawing Time by Mauro Scali); February (Won't You Be My...? by Wesley Snyder); May (Circus Pals by Harold Andersoiv); June (Double-Header by Mauro Scali); August (Summer Outlook by Ernest Chriaka);November (Three Cheers by Ernest Chiriaka);

1953 – May (Arbor Day by Grant Wood); August (The Goldbug by Edgar Allan Poe); September (Balanced Diet by Don Winslow); December (Photograph by Tana Hoban from Rapho – Guillumette of Little girl Praying);

1954 – January (Impressions in White by Pauline Jackson); August (Summer Session by Arthur Sarnoff);

1955 – January (Collection of Colourful Crowns); March (Makeup by Paul Wehr); June (Puppy Love by Mel Phillips); October (Autumn in Vermont by Tom Ruddy);

1956 – January (Painting by J. Graham Kaye); September (Photograph of Girl Sticking Her tounge out by Leo Aarons);

1957 – March (Painted cover of Girl in Pink Dress wearing Baseball shoes by Arthur Sarnoff; Mountbatten Clan by Graham Fisher; Grandma Gastronome - Mrs Francis Roth; Article on Bing Crosby's niece Cathy Crosby; Fiction & articles by; Geoffrey Bocca, Don Romero, Mark Nichols, Harol Mehling, Jack Denton Scott, John Kord Langemann, Herthe Striker, Reed Millard, Sidney Margolius, Robert James Green, Thomas Gaddis, Al Rabin, Gerold Nelson, Arthur Larsen, Arthur Widder Jr; Teen-Agers Hangout by Arthur Shay with Photo's; Elizabeth Tayor, the most beautiful Girl in the World = 10 page Article with 9 Photo's; article on Chauffeur Roosevelt Smith Zanders by Dan Paonessa; VG = $12);

April (Photograph of Little Girl holding flowers by Leo Aaarons); May (Paintings of Boy washing Dog by Bob Hilbert);

1958 – February (Photograph of woman peeking around corner by Ernest Reshovsky);

1959 – July (Photograph on the Beach by Kathryn Abbe);

1960 – March (Photograph of Boy holding a dog by Bob Cato & Tom Rametta); September (Photograph of Girl Holding Flowers under an Umbrella by Kathryn Abbe); November (Photography of Two Boys carrying a Pumpkin by Kathryn Abbe);

1961 – April (Photograph of Girl carrying Easter Basket & Flowers by Harold Halma); August (Photograph of a Lady & Man in Hammocks by Jim Pond);

1964 – January (JFK – President Kennedy);

(C) READER’S DIGEST; (Compact Digest sized Anthology Magazine; Created by DeWitt Wallace in 1922; Monthly general interest family magazine; The Best-Selling consumer magazine in the USA & other Countries for decades; Condensed versions of current Popular Fiction stories & Non-Fiction articles; Humor, Jokes, Games & more)
1922 [First Year; Volume-1]; (February; Volume-1 #1 = SOLD OUT);(April; Volume-1 #3; Rusty Staples, o/w FN = $39);

(May; Volume-1 #4); (June; Volume-1 #5); (October; Volume-1 #9); (November; Volume-1 #10);(December; Volume-1 #11; overall VG, but 10% Cover Missing near spine, thus FA = $9);

1923 [2nd Year; Volume-2]; (January); (February); (March); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1924 [3rd Year; Volume-3]; (January); (February);(April);(June); (July); (August);(October); (November); (December);
1925 [4th Year; Volume-4]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1926 [5th Year; Volume-5]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1927 [6th Year; Volume-6]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1928 [7th Year; Volume-7]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September);(November); (December);
1929 [8th Year; Volume-8]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1930 [9th Year; Volume-9]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1931 [10th Year; Volume-10]; (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1932; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1933; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1934; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1935; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1936; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1937; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1938; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1939; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1940; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (December);
1941 [20th Year]; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1942; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (August); (September); (October);; (December);
1943; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1944; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1945; (January; first "Word Power" column by Wilfred J Funk); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1946; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (December);
1947; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May);(July); (August); (September); (December);
1948; (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1949; (January);(March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);
1950; (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November);
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( 1 );  We accept payment thru PAYPAL (the Most Popular Option) = 

( A )  Payments using PAYPAL are to be Sent to 

( B or Provide us the email address Linked to your PAYPAL Account and ASK us to send a PAYPAL INVOICE;

( C If you are NEW to PAYPAL, we can send a PAYPAL INVOICE and Get you Started (Simply Provide us the email address you want to use for PAYPAL)

( 2 );  We gladly accept CREDIT CARD Payments { VISA, American Express and Mastercard };  

EMAIL Credit Card Info; we highly recommend sending information, split into THREE separate E-Mail's for safety (Number the emails so we reassemble them in correct order)   (This is very fast & easy; 1000's of previous customers have paid in this way for many years. This is the most common & safe method our customers use to make payments);
( A )  Send first 8 digits in email #1,

( B ) send second 8 digits in email #2 and

( C ) send EXPIRY DATE, and Security / Validation Code (3 Digit number on the BACK of the Card, if there is one) in email #3; 

*** BE SURE to Send your complete SHIPPING address [It is a good idea to include your PHONE number in case problems arise]. 

*** PLEASE, Double check the numbers before sending (it is very easy to make a single digit error); 

>> OR, you can; PHONE it in; ( PHONE; 1-204-346-3674 );  TEXT it in; ( PHONE; 1-204-392-6686 );

( 3 ); MONEY ORDERS, CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS & BANK DRAFTS; [Note; We have a USA Bank Account; THUS we CAN accept USA domestic MONEY ORDER's (7-11, Western union, post office, etc)]; >> For USA buyers = international MO's are NOT required; So do NOT waste money on the extra fees;

** FOREIGN & OVERSEAS orders, MUST send International MONEY ORDERS or BANK DRAFTS only;

( 4 ); WESTERN UNION; They Require that You send the Money in the Currency of the Country it is sent to, thus Convert the USA Funds Total into the current Equivalent in CANADIAN FUNDS; PROVIDE me with your full Name, shipping Address & Local Phone Number;  Payment needs to be made to; Doug Sulipa;  Send me via WESTERN UNION Tracking Number Information in TWO emails (for SAFETY);

( 5 ); Bank WIRE TRANSFER (Purchases over $500.00); Faster & Easier to Convert the Total to the Equivalent in CANADIAN FUNDS; ASK for FULL Details;

( 6 ); USA Funds CASH (Maximum of $50.00 for safety; We do NOT accept responsibility for LOST CASH, as we do not know if you actually sent it; But Note that 99.9% does arrives safely; Please send NO money in coins, as it rips envelopes; Many Overseas Customers have successfully sent Larger amounts of CASH by REGISTERED Mail.
( 7 ); PERSONAL or Business CHECKS; [We accept CHECKS drawn on USA & CANADA Banks ONLY; YOUR NAME or your Company name MUST be Printed on the CHECK (generic Counter Checks are NOT accepted); *** $75.00 or LESS, we ship immediately; Canada CHECKS from $75.01 and UP take 3-4 weeks to CLEAR, before we will ship; USA CHECKS from $75.01 and UP take 6-8 WEEKS to CLEAR, before we will ship; NO Exceptions, due to many BAD experiences;



>> Note; USA letters to Canada, need $1.25 in stamps;
Send to & make payment to;

Doug Sulipa's COMIC WORLD
BOX 21986



Land Line Phone; 1-204-346-3674

TEXT us at;  1-204-392-6686


ALL Prices in USA Funds, Unless otherwise Noted;



I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an OVERSTREET Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 44 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972); >> Read my Annual OVERSTREET MARKET REPORTS;  (Overstreet #45 = AD on pages 228; ** See my 10 Page Market Report on Pages 171-180);  (Overstreet #44 = AD on pages 228 & 1092; ** See my 11 Page Market Report on Pages 163-174);  (Overstreet #43,  Market Report on pages 138-142,  AD on page 194); (Overstreet #42 AD on page 188 & 250); (Overstreet #41,  AD on page 184 & 236);  I am an original member on the Board of Advisors to CBCA {Comic Book Collecting Association} Comic Pros with the common-sense Code of Ethics, in the Comics Community.



We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2010, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2010 ] [250,000 MAGAZINES, ALL types] [250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [60,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 x 33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP Records] [40,000 x 45 RPM Vinyl 7 Single Records] [8,000 Music Cassette Tapes] [15,000 VHS Movies] [15,000 POSTERS; MOVIE One Sheets (1950's-1990's), VIDEO Store (1980s-1990's) & 10,000 Chain store types (1970's-early 1990's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! >> 600,000 Pounds of inventory jam packed into an 8000 Square Foot Warehouse! So much material, we will NEVER get it all catalogued! BUT you can view our HUGE inventory lists at our website =

SEND YOUR WANT LISTS [Please Limit to SERIOUS WANTS & Limit the number of items, to 30 or Less MOST WANTED items; Filling Want Lists is Time Consuming, We reply ASAP;

ORDER Multiple Items ALL from one seller; (1) SAVE on POSTAGE; (2) SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive Items PROPERLY GRADED by Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed;



Please allow 7-10 DAYS for your Snail Mail LETTERS to arrive since you are sending to Canada. (MOST arrive in 7 days average); We ship Mail orders within 24 hours of Payment

(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa