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(1) HEAVY METAL (Adult Comics Magazine)

(2) HEAVY METAL SPECIALS (Adult Comics Magazine)


  1. Heavy Metal = Index and Contents information;

HEAVY METAL (Adult Comics Magazine)

HEAVY METAL (HM Communications Inc., 4/1977 to Date; the #1 Slick Color Pro Adult Comics Magazine) -

WEIGHT for POSTAGE on Most #1-100 = 200 Grams each

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1977 (FIRST YEAR):

#1 (4/1977; Nicollet cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  Rut by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; Conquering Armies by Dionnet and Gal; Adventures of Yriss by PHILIPPE DRUILLET and Alexis; Azrach by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Selenia by Marre and Macedo; Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks; Traumwach by Mouchel, Pierson, and Voss; Space Punks by Mezieres; Age of Ages by Rubington; 1996 by Montellier; Sunspot by VAUGHN BODE; Manipulation by Roy; ASK);

#2 (5/1977; Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  The Adventures of Yriss by PHILIPPE DRUILLET and Alexis; Sunpot by VAUGHN BODE; Agorn by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; 1996 by Montellier; Age of Ages by Rubington; Conquering Armies by Dionnet and Gal; Roger by Locquet and Souchu; Star-Death of Margaret Omali by James Tiptree Jr.; Virgo by Caza; Harzak by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Festival by Picaret and Baret;  VF/NM, 9.0 = $59.00; VF, 8.0 = $39.00; VG = $16.00);

#3 (6/1977; Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS cover art; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  Gail by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; World Apart by Ed Davis; Conquering Armies by Gal and Dionnet; Vessel by Hé; Sunspot by VAUGHN BODE; Rockblitz by Macedo; Night Images by ROBERT E. HOWARD text story with Richard Corben & Frank Frazetta illustrations; Sloane by Tardi; Age of Ages by Rubington; 1996 by Montellier; Harzak by Moebius; Vengeance by Alexis; and Shells by Schuiten; VF, 8.0 = $39.00; FN=$24.00; VG = $16.00; G = $10.00; FA/G = $8.00);

#4 (7/1977; Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS cover art; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  Approaching Centauri by PHILIPPE DRUILLET and Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; The Prince of Mist by Walter Perry; World Apart by Ed Davis; 1996 by Montellier; Nep Simo by Voss; Harzak by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Conquering Armies by Gal and Dionnet; Sunspot by VAUGHN BODE; The Golden Queen by Bihanic and PHILIPPE DRUILLET; The Long Tomorrow by O'Bannon and Moebius; Crossroads of the Universe by Bilal; and Harzack by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; FN = $24.00; VG = $16.00; G = $10.00; FA = $7.00);

#5 (8/1977; BERNI WRIGHTSON cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  Black Queen by Marcel Gotlib, art by PHILIPPE DRUILLET;  Fever by Halmos. Roger by Souchu, art by Locquet;  Polonius by Picaret, art by Jacques Tardi. The Green Hand by Zha, art by Nicole Claveloux. Our Own Little Mardi Gras text story by Richard A. Lupoff, art by George Barr. The Long Tomorrow, by Dan O'Bannon, art by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Hamilton Potemkine by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; World Apart by Ed Davis. Package For You, Missus Jones by Alesc. So It Goes by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; George Barr; FN = $24.00; VG = $16.00; G = $10.00; FA = $7.00);

#6 (9/1977; PHILIPPE DRUILLET cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  The Last Vodka on Smirnov by Lesueur and Alain; 1996 by Montellier; Major Fatal by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Teonanacatl Genese by Cortman; Is There a Demon Lover in the House by Roger Zelazny; Night Grass by Claveloux and Zha; AAARRRZZZ by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; World Apart by Ed Davis; Polonius by Picaret and Tardi; It's a Small Universe by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; and Orcyb by Macedo; VF = $30.00; FN/VF= $25.00; FN = $20.00; VG = $15.00; G = $9.00);

#7 (10/1977; Nicollet cover; BERNI WRIGHTSON Back Cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  The Garage by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; How Good is Man? by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; The Singsong of Cecily Snow by Theodore Sturgeon; Jet Man by McKie; Turod by Risilio; Operation Omega by Leblanc and Lire; In You I Am Reborn by Dionnet and Solé; The White Night by Zha and Claveloux; and Polonius by Tardi; VF = $30.00; FN/VF= $25.00; FN = $20.00; VG = $15.00; G = $9.00);

#8 (11/1977; George Proctor cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  The Airtight Garage by Jerry C. by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; The Bird of Dust by Bazolli and Caza; A Visit to Jivaskilla Technexpo by Lesueur; The Blue Terror by Zha and Claveloux; The Feet upon the Stomach by F'Murr; Ballade by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; 1996 by Montellier; World Apart by Ed Davis; How's the Night Life on Cissalda by Harlan Ellison; Polonius by Picaret and Tardi; and Master by Nicollet; Letter from Robert Silverberg; G/VG = $12.00; FA = $5.00);

#9 (12/1977; Jean Sole cover; DEN by RICHARD CORBEN;  VUZZ by PHILIPPE DRUILLET; Telefield by Sergio Macedo. Fortune's Fool  by Len Wein, art by Howard Chaykin. The Mauve Sideshow by Elisabeth Salomon as Zha, art by Nicole Claveloux; Black Thursday by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Howard Chaykin illustration; VF = $30.00; FN/VF= $25.00; FN = $20.00; VG = $15.00; G = $9.00);

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1978 (SECOND YEAR):

#10 (January/1978; MOEBIUS, Morrow, CORBEN-a; VF = $30.00; FN/VF= $25.00; FN = $20.00; VG = $15.00; G = $9.00);

#11 (February/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Nino, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#12 (March/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Morrow, Voss, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#13 (April/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Morrow, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#14 (May/1978; MOEBIUS, MOEBIUS, Nino, Voss, Druillet, VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#15 (June/1978; MOEBIUS, GULACY, Nino, Voss, CORBEN-a; JUSKO-c; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#16 (July/1978; Druillet, Morrow, Nino, Voss, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#17 (August/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Morrow, Nino, Voss, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#18 (September/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Morrow, Voss, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#19 (October/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Morrow, Voss, CORBEN-a; Harlan ELLISON-s; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#20 (November/1978; MOEBIUS, Druillet, Chaykin, Morrow, Voss, CORBEN-a; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

#21 (December/1978; Jo Ellen Trilling cover; Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Philippe DRUILLET; Gray Morrow; Arabian Nights by RICHARD CORBEN; MIKE KALUTA Back cover; VF = $25.00; FN/VF = $19.00; FN = $15.00; VG = $10.00);

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1979 (THIRD YEAR):

#22 (January/1979);

#23 (February /1979; Derek Rigg cover; Arabian Nights by RICHARD CORBEN; Airtight Garage by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Arthur Suydam; Gil Kane);

#24 (March/1979);

#25 (April/1979; 2nd Anniversary issue; Caldwell-c; Elmore back-c; Richard CORBEN, Chaykin, Moebius, Mayerick);

#26 (May/1979; ALIEN: The Illustrated Story);

#27 (June/1979; Angus McKie cover & art; Marcus Boas back cover; ALIEN the illustrated Story = Archie Goodwin, with Walt Simonson art; Arabian Nights by RICHARD CORBEN; Captain Future story; Full page color illustration by BERNI WRIGHTSON);

#28 (July/1979);

#29 (August/1979; Algora-c; Springett back-c; Airtight Garage = Moebius-a; Mayerick, Marrs, Bode, Kenneth Smith, Gene Day, Suydam & Jim Starlin-a; Sympathy for the Devil comics by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards = Gene Day-a);

#30 (September/1979; Jim Cherry cover;  Val Mayerick Back cover; Airtight Garage by Jean Giraud as MOEBIUS; Kenneth Smith art; ELRIC by Michael Moorcock & FRANK BRUNNER; BUCK ROGERS by Gray Morrow);

#31 (October 1979; Volume III No 6; Special H.P. LOVECRAFT issue; H.P. Lovecraft image on cover with art by J. K. Potter; >> Includes; (1) Final Justice by Chateau; (2) The Dunwich Horror, based on the H. P. Lovecraft classic, story adaptation & Art by Alberto Breccia; (3) KTULU = Story & Art by MOEBIUS [aka Jean Giraud] (4) Xeno Meets Doctor Fear and is Consumed = Terrance Lindall-a, Chris Adames & Terrance Lindall-a; (5) The Thing = Story & Art by Voss. (6) The Man From Black-Hole = Story & Art by Serge Clerc. (7) H.P.L.(Lovecraft appears) = Story & Art by Jean-Michel Nicollet. (8) Love's Craft = poem by Sean Kelly,  Matthew Quayle-a; (9) Dewsbury's Masterpiece =  Luc Cornillion-s, Yves Chaland-a; (10) Excerlts from the Necronomicon = Story & Art by Philippe Druillet. (11) Language of Cats by Claveloux; (12) Pat & Vivian by Margerin; (13) The Alchemist's Notebook, David Hurd & William Baetz-s, with CTHULHU color pinup by Walt/Walter Simonson;  (14) Bad Breath = Story & Art by Arthur Suydam; (15) The Agong Column by Vepy & Ceppi; (16) the Beasts by Dank; 100 Pages including Covers; VF-, 7.5 = $49.00; FN/VF, 7.0 = $42.00; FN, 6.0 = $36.00; VG/FN=$30.00; VG = $24.00]

#32 (November/1979; Joe Jusko cover;  Rowlf by RICHARD CORBEN; Zooks by Vaughn and Mark Bodé; Homer's Idyll by Charles Vess; Elric by Michael Moorcock and Frank Brunner; The Airtight Garage by Moebius; Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester and Howard Chaykin);

#33 (December/1979);

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1980 (FOURTH YEAR):

#34 (January/1980; Don Ivan Punchatz cover;  Mike Kaluta illustrations; Rowlf by RICHARD CORBEN; Val Mayerik;  Zooks by Vaughn Bode; Howard Chaykin; Arthur Suydam. Alien Comix Presents by Rick Veitch);

#35 (February/1980);

#36 (March/1980);

#37 (April/1980);

#38 (May/1980);

#39 (June/1980; Classic Necronomicon painted cover by H.R. GIGER cover and five page H.R. GIGER Art Gallery; Captain Sternn, by Berni Wrightson;  Pillow Kill by Matt Howarth; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard; SCARCE due to HIGH DEMAND and Low Supply; VG/FN, 5.0 = $59.00);

#40 (July/1980);

#41 (August/1980);

#42 (September/1980; Robert Adragna cover;  Salammbo by Druillet; Zeitgeist by Greg Terpenning and Ernie Colon; Changes by Matt Howarth; Under the Influence of a UFO by Howard Cruse; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.;  Interview with Druillet; Back cover art by Berni Wrightson);

#43 (October/1980; Elvis Presley cover; Special ROCK Issue; Worlds among Us, story inspied by Jimi Hendrix, art by Tom Yeates;  ** Moebius, Voss, Spain, Howarth, Druillet, Colan);

#44 (November/1980; Hajime Sorayama cover;  Murk in the Crystal Balls by Robert Silverberg; Heavy Metal Movie article by Bhob Stewart, with Mike Ploog art; The Rub by Matt Howarth;. Little Tiny Comics by Rick Veitch; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard;  Red-Beard & Brain Pirate by Jean Giraud as Moebius; Chris Achilleos back cover);

#45 (December/1980);

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1981 (FIFTH YEAR):

#46 (January/1981);

#47 (February/1981);

#48 (March/1981);

#49 (April/1981);

#50 (May/1981);

#51 (June/1981; );

#52 (July; Stephen King; sold out);

#53 (August/1981; Volume-5 #5; GRACE the FAIRY GGA / Good Girl Art Cover by Estaban Maroto; Yawn by Stephen Bissette; Interview with Richard Corben; Cody Starbuck by Howard Chaykin; Outland by Jim Steranko; HEAVY METAL - The Making of the MOVIE by Brad Balfour = 10 Pages, includes Pin-Up Page by Richard Corben; The LEGEND of TAARNA (from Movie) by Bhob = 6 Pages; HOT KEY ISSUE);

#54 (September/1981; Volume-5 #6; ** TAARNA Riding Flying Dragon Creature cover by Chris Achilleos, GGA {Good Girl Art} Image used from the 1981 MOVIE POSTER; ** DEN II by Richard Corben; ** Cody Starbuck by Howard Chaykin; ** Outland by Jim Steranko; ** I’m Age by Jeff Jones; ** Curse of the Hobbit by Charles Pratt; ** Weight = 195 Grams; ** This is the #1 Most-Requested issue in the Entire Series; ** RED HOT KEY ISSUE; ** SCARCE due to HUGE DEMAND and SMALL Supply;  ASK);

#55 (October/1981; Nude Woman and Robot painted cover by Thomas Warkentin; ** DEN II by Richard CORBEN; ** Shakespeare for Americans by Howard Chaykin and Walt Simonson;  Jeff Jones, Workman, Druillet, Jim STERANKO; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard Jr);

#56 (November/1981; Vicente Segrelles cover & art;  Shakespeare for Americans by Howard Chaykin and Walt Simonson;  The Art of Leo & Diane Dillon article by Byron Preiss; Mudwog by Arthur Suydam; I'm Age = 1 page by Jeff Jones; O'Clock =  by Antonio Altarriba story, with art by Luis Royo);

#57 (December/1981);

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1982 (SIXTH YEAR):

#58 (January/1982; Alien Ship and Seven Nude Women painted cover by Ron Walotsky; Heavy Metal man Back cover by Michael Gross; DEN II by RICHARD CORBEN; Shakespeare for Americans by Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin;  I’m Age by JEFF JONES; Mercenary by Segrelles; Outland by JIM STERANKO; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard Jr Also with; Druillet, VOSS);

#59 (February/1982; Unicorn & Nude Girl-c by Greg Hildebrandt; WRIGHTSON Back-c; DEN by Richard CORBEN; Walt Simonson & Chaykin, Moebius, Hempel, Jeff JONES-a; 1pg Wally WOOD memorial with illo);

#60 (March/1982);

#61 (April/1982);

#62 (May/1982);

#63 (June/1982);

#64 (July/1982);

#65 (August/1982);

#66 (September/1982; FREAK SHOW = Bruce Jones-s & Berni WRIGHTSON-a; DEN by Richard CORBEN; Druillet, Jeff JONES, Walt Simonson-a; BARSOOM by Richard Lupoff = Caldwell-a; Gross-c; WRIGHTSON Back-c);

#67 (October/1982);

#68 (November/1982);

#69 (December/1982),

** HEAVY METAL Magazine; issues from 1983 (SEVENTH YEAR):

#70 (January/1983);

#71 (February/1983);

#72 (March/1983);

#73 (April/1983);

#74 (May/1983);

#75 (June/1983);

#76 (July/1983);

#77 (August/1983);

#78 (September/1983);

#79 (October/1983; ROYO Painted Cover; Ranxerox by Tamburini; I’m Age by JEFF JONES; Tex Arcana by John Findley; Interview with Timothy Leary; The Elevator by Pepe Moreno; Rock Opera by Rod Kierkegaard Jr);

#80 (November/1983);

#81 (December/1983; Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King & Berni Wrightson);


#82(January/1984), #83(February/1984), #84(March/1984), #85(April/1984), #86(May/1984), #87(June/1984),

#88 (July/1984; David Dorman painted cover; All He has to Do, is Please Himself by John Cleese (of MONTY PYTHON Fame); Lann by Frank Thorne; Jeff Jones, Druillet, Kenneth Smith)


 #90 (September/1984; Classic ROYO  Wraparound painted cover; David Cronenberg Stephen King’s The DEAD ZONE; LANN by Frank Thorne; 



#93 (December/1984; Volume-8 #9; RICHARD CORBEN Cover; Fellini Interview; BORIS Vallejo Art; ASK),



#95 (February/1985; Cyber-Punks cover by Michael Kanarek; Interview with Jack Davis; Interview with Russell Mulcahy (Video Movie Director); The Grand Adventure by Philip Jose Farmer);

#96(March/1985), #97(April/1985), #98(May/1985),

#99(June/1985), #100(July/1985), #101(August/1985), #102(September/1985), #103(October/1985),

#104(November/1985), #105(December/1985),

1986; #106(Winter/1986), #107(Spring/1986), #108(Summer/1986), #109(Fall/1986) #110(Winter/1986),

1987; #111(Spring/1987), #112(Summer/ 1987); #113(Fall/1987), #114(Winter/1987),

1988; #115(Spring/1988), #116(Summer);#117(Fall/1988),

1989; #118(January/1989), #119(March/1989), #120(May/1989), #121(July/1989), #122(September/1989), #123(November/1989),

1990; #124(January/1990), #125(March/1990), #126(May/1990),

JULY (#127; Volume-14 #3; ** Joseph Zavilinski GGA (Good Girl Art) Painted cover;  ** (1) THE WALL (Story of DONALD TRUMP building a wall in NEW YORK CITY with Harry Helmsley, to separate the Beautiful People form the Have Nots), twelve page B&W Comic strip by Peter Kuper; DONALD TRUMP has Harry and Leona Helmsley ROASTED Like TURKEYS in the NUDE on a Platter;  ** Hot KEY issue; ** (2) 6 page H.R. GIGER Art Gallery; (ALIENS and Sci-Fi art); (3) Towers of Bois-Maurys by Hermann; (4) The Night by Miguel Angel Prado (5) The General Store by Rick Geary (6) Brief Encounter by Peter Kuper, Theureau & Galliano; (7)  Lorna by Alfonso Azpiri; (8) Home Sweet Home by Varillo & Montana; (9) Heroes by Daniel Torres; Attila by Segura & Jose Ortiz; (10) Fallen Angel by Theureau & Galliano]; Weight = 225 Grams; VG/FN = $39.00;  VG+ = $36.00; VG = $33.00; G/VG = $29.00];

#128 (September/1990; Royo cover; Shmegeggi of the CaveMen by Harvey Kurtzman and William Stout; ASK)

#129 (November/1990; Exclusive FRANK FRAZETTA painted cover and interview; ASK)

1991; #130(January/1991), #131(March/1991), #132 (May);#133(July/1991), #134(September/1991), #135(November/1991),

1992; #136(January/1992), #137(March/1992), #138(May/1992), #139(July/1992), #140(September/1992), #141(November/1992),

1993; #142(January/1993), #143(March/1993); #144(May/1993), #145(July/1993), #146(September/1993), #147(November/1993),

1994; #148(January/1994), #149(March/1994), #150(May/1994), #151(July/1994), #152(September/1994), #153(November/1994),

1995; #154(January/1995), #155(March/1995), #156(May/1995), #157(July/1995), #158(September/1995), #159(November/1995),

1996; #160(January/1996),

#161 (March/1996; RICHARD CORBEN Cover; ** TAARNA Riding Flying Dragon Creature BACK cover by Chris Achilleos, GGA {Good Girl Art} Image used from the 1981 MOVIE POSTER, AD fort Re-Release of the MOVIE; Brian Bolland art; ** MAKING of the HEAVY METAL MOVIE; FN, 6.0 = $10.00);

#162(May/1996), #163(July/1996), #164(September/1996), #165(November/1996),

1997; #166(January/1997), #167 (March/1997); #168(May/1997), #169(July/1997), #170(September/1997); #171 (Fall/1997) #172 (November/1997);

1998; #172(January), #173 (March); #174(May); #175(July;#176(September); #177 (November);

1999; #178(January), #179(March; Vol. 23, #1; H.P Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Walls, art by Richard Corben); 

#180(May/1999), #181(July), #182(September/1999), #183(November);

2000; #184(January), #185(March); #186(May); #187(July/2000), #188(September/2000), #189(November/2000),

2001; #190(January/2001), #191(March/2001), #192(May/2001), #193(July/2001), #194(September/2001); #195(November);

2002; #196(January); #197(March); #198(May); #199(July); #200 (September);#201(November);

2003;#202 (January); #203(March); #204(May); #205(July); #206(September); #207(October); #208(November);

2004;(March; May; July; September; November);

2005;(January; March; May; September; November);

2006;( March);


2015; August #276-A (Wraparound Cover by Barry Geller & Jack Kirby;  Sees the cosmos-altering team-up of two of comics legendary forces: we're beyond proud to present the King of Comics' mind-blowing artwork in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine! Barry Geller & Jack Kirby's "LORD OF LIGHT," These pieces by Geller & Kirby, mostly unseen before now, are part of American history as they were the artwork used by the CIA for OPERATION: ARGO, which helped free American embassy workers during the Iranian coup in 1979.  Also featuring all-new, eye-scorching color by some of the best toners in the biz! MAX FREZZATO = an epic 47-page Graphic Novel; Plus BILAL, ERIKA LEWIS' "The 49th Key", the MOLEN BROS and MORE; Still Sealed in Original Factory Shrink-Wrap, SOLD OUT);

2015; August #276-B (Variant Cover By Jack Kirby & Barry Geller; Sees the cosmos-altering team-up of two of comics legendary forces: we're beyond proud to present the King of Comics' mind-blowing artwork in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine! Barry Geller & Jack Kirby's "LORD OF LIGHT," These pieces by Geller & Kirby, mostly unseen before now, are part of American history as they were the artwork used by the CIA for OPERATION: ARGO, which helped free American embassy workers during the Iranian coup in 1979. Also featuring all-new, eye-scorching color by some of the best toners in the biz! MAX FREZZATO = an epic 47-page Graphic Novel; Plus BILAL, ERIKA LEWIS' "The 49th Key", the MOLEN BROS and MORE; SOLD OUT

2021; #308-A (Ken Kelly Painted cover; NM-, 9.2 = $25.00)

(2) HEAVY METAL SPECIALS (Adult Comics Magazine)


APOCALYPSE: THE EYES OF DOOM (1993; hardcover; Trade Paperback );

ARCANE SPECIAL ( Summer/2009);

BARBARELLA the Moon Child, by Jean-Claud Forest (Heavy Metal Pub; Oversized Color Comics Graphic Novel; 3 pages JANE FONDA photo's from the classic SF Film; Sequel; VG/FN $22);

The Best of Heavy Metal: 1977-1979 (1982, Trade Paperback);

The Best of Heavy Metal #2: (1986, Trade Paperback);



Candice at Sea (1977, Trade Paperback);

CD Special (Volume 14 #2; Summer/2000);

CROSSROADS SPECIAL (Spring 1993); (Volume 13 #1; Spring/1999);

DAYAK: GHERRO 9 (1994; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );

Desk Diary 1999 Countdown 2000 (1998, Trade Paperback);



EDEN (1994; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );

EROTIC SPECIAL -#1 (Volume 14 #1; 2000) ; #2 (Summer/2002 );

EVA MEDUSA (1993; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );

Even Heavier Metal (1983);


Fall 1996 Special;


15 Years of Heavy Metal (1992, Trade Paperback);

GENESIS SPECIAL (Spring/2007);

Greatest Hits (1994);

Havoc (Volume 9 #2; 1995);

Heavy Metal 20 Year Special  (Volume 11 #2; Fall 1997; All-New Material; Olivia, Corben, Boris Vallejo, Royo, Eastman, Allred, Severin, Julie Bell, Jeff Jones, Suydam, Dave Sim, Kubert, Jeff Smith, Ploog, Stout, Mobius, Bisley);

HORD (1994; Hardcover Trade Paperback);

Horror Special (Volume11 #1; 1997);

LORNA: THE ARK (2001; Hardcover Trade Paperback );

THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (1994; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );

MARGOT QUEEN OF THE NIGHT (1995; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );

MAXIMUM VOLUME (1994; Hardcover; Trade Paperback );



More Than Human; {Heavy Metal presents...} Theodore Sturgeon (1978, Byron Preiss Visual/Simon & Schuster/HM Communications Trade Paperback / Graphic Novel; Adapted By Douglas Moench, & Alex Nino);

THE MOVIE; NEW EXPANDED EDITION (1996; Trade Paperback );

MYSTERY SPECIAL (Summer/2005);

NEEKIBO 1941 (1979, Trade Paperback);


Overdrive (1995);


PEER PAN BOOK TWO: NEVERLAND (1993; Hardcover Trade Paperback );

Pin-Up (1994);

POSTER SPECIAL (Summer/2001);

Psychorock (1977, Trade Paperback);

RAMPARTS: UNSEEING EYES (1993;hardcover; Trade Paperback );

SAMURAI SPECIAL (Spring/2003);

Sci-Fi Special (Volume 12 #1; 1998); (Spring/2004);

SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO DANGEROUS (1979; Trade Paperback );

SOFTWARE (1993);

Son of Heavy Metal (1984);


TABOO SPECIAL (Volume 15 #1 ; 1999); (Spring/2001);

TECHNO SPECIAL (Volume 13 #3; Fall/1999);


Twenty Year Special (1997);


The Venus Interface (1989, Trade Paperback);

War Machine (1993);

WIND OF THE GODS: VOLUME ONE-WIND OF THE GODS (1992; Hardcover Trade Paperback);

WINDS OF THE GODS - VOLUME ONE: BLOOD FROM THE MOON (1992 Hardcover trade paperback);

(3) METAL HURLANT (Les Humanoides Associes Pub., 1974)

(Original French Language version, from which the USA version of Heavy Metal was adapted; ALL SCARCE; WEIGHT = 200 GRAMS Each);

#3 (1975; Moebius, Druillet, Corben, Gal, Mandryka, Gotlib, Dionnet, Alexis; VG, but cover detached = $22.00);

#4 (1975; Moebius, Druillet, Corben, Masse, Mandryka, Gotlib, Dionnet, Alexis, Bode, Voss; FN = $32.00);

#7 (1976; Moebius, Druillet, Lob, Mezieres, Masse, Dionnet; VG = $22.00);

#9 (1976; Montellier, Picaret,Riviere, Claveloux,Livre,Lob,Moebius,Petillon,Masse, Clerc, Druillet; G/VG = $18.00);

#10 (1976; Voss,Robial,Moebius,Macedo,Riviere,Druillet,Dionnet,Clerc,Voss, Lob; FN = $32.00);

#11(11/1976; FN/VF $18); #12(G/VG $10); #13(1/1977; VG $12);  

#14(VG $12); #15(VG $12); #17(FN $18); #19(FN $18); #20(1977; VG $12);

#21(Giger-c; FN $18); #22(10/1977; FN/VF $18); #23(VG $12);

#24(FN $16); #26(2/1978; VG $12); #70 (12/1981; FN $12);

(4) Heavy Metal = Index and Contents information;

ACHILLEOS Back Cover Art = #44,64;

ACHILLEOS Front Cover Art = #45,54,73,81;

Neal ADAMS art = #28;

ALIEN Story = #26,27;

Capt. BEGHEART (Interview) = #77;

BLADERUNNER (6 pages art/photo's) = #63;

Ray BRADBURY Story = #76;

Frank BRUNNER art = #30, 32;

Vaughn BODE Art = #1-4,28,29,32,34,36,37;

John BOLTON Front Cover Art = #36;

William S. BURROUGHS (2 page Text) = #47,50;

Howard CHAYKIN Art = #9,20,24,25,32,50,53-59,61,62;

Francis Ford COPPULA (Interview) = #78;

Richard CORBEN Art = #1-13,15-28,32-38,45-51,54,55,57-72,75,83;

Richard CORBEN Front Cover Art = #28,62;

Roger CORMAN Interview = #85;

Robert CRUMB Art = #63;

Howard CRUSE = #35,40,42,70,75,85,87;

Philip K. Dick (1 page Memorial) = #63;

DRUILLET Art = #1-6,9,11-14,16-22,26,31,40-43,47,48,55,58,61-70,83-88;

DRUILLET Back Cover Art = #60;

Will EISNER Art = #80;

Harlan ELLISON Story = #8,19,24,33,48;

ELRIC by Moorcock Story = #30,32;

H.R. GIGER Art = #39,63;

H.R. GIGER Front Cover Art = #39,57;

Paul GULACY Art = #15;

Deborah HARRY (Blondie) = #57;

Greg HILDEBRANT Front Cover Art = #59,77;

Robert E. HOWARD Story = #45-51;

Jeff JONES Art (6 pages) #47, (one page) #54-88;

Joe JUSKO Front Cover Art = #15,32;

Gil KANE Art = #23,24,26,51;

Mike KALUTA Art = #68-76;

Mike KALUTA Back Cover Art = #21;

Stephen KING Story = #52,81;

H.P. LOVECRAFT Special Issue = #31;

MAKING OF HEAVY METAL Movie (16 Pages) = #53;

Esteban MAROTO Art = #73;

Esteban MAROTO Frot Cover Art = #49,53,87;

MARS ATTACK Card Article = #58;

Val MAYERIK Art = #25,29,34;

MOEBIUS Art = #1-15,17-26,28-33,35-37,40,41,43-47,57,59-65,69,73,83-87;

Gray MORROW Art = #10,12,13,16-21,26,28,30,68;

Micheal MOURCOCK Interview = #68;

Alex NINO Art = #11,14-17,24,82;

Elvis PRESLEY = #43,60;

RANXEROX by Tamburim & Liberature = #76-85;

RANXEROX Front Cover Appearance = #76;

RANXEROX Back Cover Appearance = #79;

Trina ROBBINS Art = #22,33;

ROLLING STONES - Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards #29;

Marshall ROGERS Art = #26;

ROWENA Art = #78;

ROYO Front Cover Art = #86;

SANJULIAN Front Cover Art = # 71;

Walt SIMONSON Art = #26,27,31,55,57-59,61,62,66;

Kenneth SMITH Art = #29,31,72,73,88;

SORAYAMA Back Cover Art = #53;

SPAIN Art = #43;


Spirit Story with EISNER Art = #80;

Jim STALIN Art = #29;

Jim STERANKO Art = #51-55,58;

SUYDAM Art = #23,29,31,33,34,50,51,56,69,70,81;

Frank THORNE Art = #88;

Boris VALLEGO Front Cover Art = #85;

VOSS Art = #12,14-20,31,33,43,47,58,63,72,86;

Robert WILLIAMS Art - #72;

S. Clay WILSON Story = #72;

Wally WOOD Memorial (1 page) = #59;

Berni WRIGHTSON Art = #39,65-70,81;

Berni WRIGHTSON Front Cover Art = #5;

Berni WRIGHTSON Back Cover Art = #7,42,59,66;

Berni WRIGHTSON (1 page Pinup) = #27;


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