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[Africa, America, British Empire, Canada, China, Civil War, Crusades, Dark Ages, Egypt, France, Indian/Aboriginal, India, Japan, Medieval, Middle Ages, Napoleonic, Orient, Pirates, Regency, Roman Empire, Royalty, Russia,Scotland, Slavery, Spain, Victorian, Vikings, etc];

-- A --

ABBEY, MARGARET – The Warwick Heiress (War of the Roses);

ABRAHAM, CYRIL (The Onedin Line) - "#1 - The Shipmaster" (19th Century British Shipping); *** "#2 - The Iron Ships" (19th Century British Shipping); *** "#3 - The High Seas" (19th Century British Shipping);

ADAIR, DENNIS/ ROSENSTOCK, JANET (The Story of Canada) - "Book 1 - Kanata" **** "Book 2 - Bitter Shield" **** "Book 3 “Thundergate”; **** "Book 4 - Wildfires" *** "Book 5 - Victoria";

ADAMS, DANIEL - "Brothers and Enemies" (18th Century new World);

ADAMS, HENRY – Democracy (19th Century America);

ADAMS, JUSTIN - "Chains" (18th Century Slavery in Georgia);

ADAMS, RICHARD - "Traveler" (U.S. Civil War/ Robert E. Lee);

ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS - "Canal Town" (Erie Canal/ 1820's Palmyra, New York); *** “The Harvey Girls” (19th Century American West); *** “Tambay Gold” (Carolina Plantation);

ADLARD, MARK – The Greenlander (Early Whaling Industry);

ADLEMAN, ROBERT H. - The Bloody Benders (1871 Kansas: Kate Bender Criminal);

ALDRICH, BESS STREETER – A Lantern in Her Hand (American West);

ALEXANDER, BRUCE – Murder in Grub Street (18th Century London);

ALLARDYCE, PAULA – Emily (Georgian England); *** "Paradise Row" (Georgian England);

ALLEN, HERVEY - "Action at Aquila" (U.S. Civil War);

ALLEN, HERVEY (ANTHONY, ADVERSE) - #1 - "The Roots of the Tree" (18th century adventure) **** #3 - "The Lonely Twin" (18th Century Adventure); " **** #NN - "Anthony Adverse in Africa" (18th Century Adventurer); **** #NN - "Anthony Adverse in America" (18th Century Adventure); **** #NN - "Anthony Adverse in Italy" (18th Century Adventure); **** "Bedford Village" (Pre-Revolution American Frontier); **** "The Forest and the Fort" (White Child Raised by Indians); **** "Toward the Morning";

ANDERSON, POUL - "The Golden Slave" (1st Century Roman/ Slavery);

ANDREWS, ROBERT HARDY - "Great Day in the Morning (19th Century Cherry Creek, Colorado);

ANET, CLAUDE - "Mayerling" (Archduke Rudolph of Austria);

ANTHONY, EVELYN - "Charles the King" (Charles I of England); **** "Far Flies the Eagle" (Napoleon vs. Alexander, Czar of Russia); **** "Imperial Highness" (Catherine the Great); **** Valentina (Napoleon's France); *** "Victoria" (Queen Victoria); **** "Warrior's Mistress" (Napoleon vs. Alexander, Czar of Russia);

ANTHONY, IRVIN - "The Saga of the Bounty" (ed.) (Ship Logs/ Diaries);

APPELL, GEORGE C. - "Queen's Own" (India's Khyber Pass Battle/ England's Lancers);

ARENAS, REINALDO - "Hallucinations" (Friar Servando Teresa De Mier/ Mexican Liberation);

ARMSTRONG, THOMAS - "A Ring Has No End" (Russian Revolution);

ARNOLD, MARGOT - "The Officers' Woman" (19th Century English Courtesan);

ARTHUR, LEE - "The Mer-Lion" (16th century Scottish Noble in Africa);

ASCH, SHOLEM - "Mary (Mother of Jesus); **** "The Nazarene" (Story of Jesus); **** "The Prophet" (The Prophet Isaiah);

ASHE, GEOFFREY – King Arthur's Avalon;

ASHTON, ANDREA - "Cleopatra's Daughter" (Bantam Books 1979; 500 Pages; 1st Century Roman; Born of the greatest love match in history, she was destined to betray a kingdom with a kiss. From the soldiers who paraded her in golden chains before jeering crowds to the jailer who ravished her to the great Augustus Caesar himself, who gave her coldly in marriage to the foreign prince Juba, she hated them all. For they were Romans. And she was Cleopatra Selene, Queen of fallen Egypt, daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Yet Rome had made an error when they gave her to Juba; SCARCE Title)

ASHTON, BLAIR - "Deeds of Darkness" (1720's Captain Ware, England);

ATKINSON, ELEANOR - "Johnny Appleseed" (Jonathan Chapman/ American Pioneer Legend);

ATKINSON, ORIANA – The Golden Season (Early America);

AUBRY, CLAUDE - "Agouhanna" (Iroquois Warrior);

AUSHINCLOSS, LOUIS - "The Winthrop Covenant" (9 Generations of a New England Family);

AVALLONE, MICHAEL - "Krakatoa, East of Java" (19th Century Treasure Hunters);

AVI - "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" (1832 High Seas);

-- B --

BABEL, ISAAC - "Lyubka the Cossack and Other Stories"

BAILEY, DOUGLASS – Shimabara (Feudal Japan);

BALCHIN, NIGEL - "The Borgia Treatment" (Cesare Borgia);

BALDWIN, BATES - "The Sultan's Warrior" (18th Century Morocco); **** "Tide of Empire" (Napoleon's Plot to Conque U.S.A.);

BALDWIN, LELAND D. - "The Delectable Country" (18th Century American Frontier/ New Orleans);

BALSIGER, DAVID – The Lincoln Conspiracy (with Charles E. Sellier jr);

BANCROFT, ROBERT - "The Castilian Rose" (Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Robin Dudley); **** "Knight of the Scimitar" (The 12th Century Crusaders);

BANIS, VICTOR - "The Sword and the Rose" (Third Crusade);

BANISTER, MARGARET – Tears are for the Living (19th Century American South);

BARCLAY, WILLIAM – Jesus of Nazareth (Franco Zeffirellis; with photos from movie);

BARKE, JAMES (The Story of Robert Burns) - Book 1 "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" **** Book 5 "The Well of the Silent Harp";

BARKER, SHIRLEY - "Rivers Parting" (17th Century England/ New Hampshire);

BARNARD, ALLAN (ed.) - Cleopatra's Nights (The Life and Loves of the Queen of Egypt);

BARNES, MARGARET CAMPBELL - "Isabel the Fair" (Edward II/ Queen Isabel); *** Lady on the Coin (with Elsna, Hebe; Restoration England); **** "Mary of Carisbrooke" (Charles I captivity on the Isle of Wight) *** The Passionate Brood (The Plantaganets); *** The Tudor Rose (Elizabeth of York); **** "Within the Hollow Crown" (Richard II);

BARON, ALEXANDER - "Queen of the East" (Queen Zenobia of Palmyra/ Emperor Aurelian of Rome);

BARR, PAT – Jade;

BARRETT, MONTE - "Sun in Their Eyes" (Frontier Texas);

BARRETT, WILLIAM E. - Lady of the Lotus (B.C.E. India) *** "To the Last Man" (Spanish America in Flames);

BASHLIN, H.A. (ed.) - Confessions of Elizabeth (18th Century Haitian Plantation);

BASSETT, JOHN - "The Canal Builders" (19th Century Welland Canal);

BASSO, HAMILTON - "The Light Infantry Ball" (U.S. Civil War);

BATCHELOR, PAULA – The Duke's Temptation (18th Century);

BATES, ARTHUR - "Cromwell" (Oliver Cromwell);

BEAHAN, MICHAEL (American Explorers) - Book 5 "John Fremont: California Bound";

BEATER, JACK/ ROBERTS, MACLENNAN - "Sea Avenger" (19th Century Pirate Jose Gasparilla);

BEAUDRY, ANTOINETTE – Desert of Desire (Phoenician);

BECKER, BERIL – The Spitfires (19th Century America);

BEDIER, JOSEPH – The Romance of Tristan and Iseult;

BELL, JOSEPHINE "Over the Seas" (17th Century James Town, Virginia); **** "To Serve a Queen" (17th Century Elizabeth of Bohemia);

BENGTSSON, FRANS G. - "The Long ships" (Vikings);

BENNETT, JOHN – Master Skylark (Elizabethan England);

BENSON, D.R. - "The Scarlet Buccaneer" (18th Century Piracy); **** "Swashbuckler" (18th Piracy);

BENSON, ROBERT HUGH - "Come Rack! Come Rope!" (Catholics in Elizabethan England);

BENTON, KENNETH "Death on the Appian Way" (1st Century B.C. Rome);

BENZONI, JULIETTE (Saga of Catherine) - Book 3 "Belle Catherine" (15th Century France) **** Book 4 "Catherine and Arnaud" (15th Century France)

BENZONI, JULIETTE (Saga of Marianne) - Book 1 "The Bride of Selton Hall" (Napoleon's France) **** Book 6 "Marianne and the Crown of Fire";

BERCOVITCH, REUBEN - "Odette" (1858 Arizona Territory);

BERESFORD, HOWE CONSTANCE - "My Lady Greensleeves" (1570 England);

BERGMAN, NINA MASON – Marah; the Woman at the Well (Encounter with Jesus in Sychar);

BERKEBILE, MAJOR FRED D. - Captured! (Whites Captured by Indians in Pre-Revolutionary America);

BERRY, DON - "Trask" (Pioneer in Oregon);

BEST, HERBERT - "Diane" (1804 Jamaican Plantation) **** "The Road to Ticonderoga" (Lower Canada/ British vs. French);

BETANCOURT, JOHN GREGORY - "Cutthroat Island" (17th Century Pirates);

BEVAN, A.J. - "Zarak" (Asia's Zarak Khan);

BEYEA, BASIL – The Golden Mistress (American Colonies);

BISHOP, JIM – The Day Christ was Born (Re Construction of the Nativity);

BISHOP, LEE (American Explorers) - Book 11 "Davy Crockett: Frontier Fighter";

BISHOP, SHEILA - "The Durable Fire" (Elizabethan England);

BISSELL, RICHARD - "River in my Blood" (Monongahela River);

BLACK, LAURA – Gleundraco (19th Century Scotland);

BLACKBURN, JOHN – The Flame and the Wind;

BLAKE, FORRESTER - "The Franciscan" (17th Century American Southwest);

BLAKE, GEORGE - "The Constant Star" (18th Century Chip Building);

BLYTH, HENRY - "The Pocket Venus" (Victorian Scandal);

BLYTHE, LEGETTE - "Hear Me, Pilate!" (30 A.D. Palestine);

BOLES, PAUL DARCY - "The Mississippi Run" (19th Century Southern States);

BOLTON, IVY - "Wayfaring Lad" (18th Century American Frontier);

BONDS, PARRIS AFTON – Dust Devil (19th Century Southwestern States);

BONNER, TERRY NELSON - "First Families (18th Century New South Wales);

BOSSE, MALCOLM - "The Warlord" (1927 China);

BOURNE, PETER - "Drums of Destiny" (18th Century Haitian Revolt) **** "The Golden Pagans" (Crusades/ Sold into Slavery);

BOWMAN, JOHN CLARKE - "Isle of Demons" (16th Century France); *** "Pocahontas";

BOWEN, CATHERINE DRINKER/ VON MECK, BARBARA – The Music Lovers (Tchaikowski & Nadejda Von Meck);

BOWEN, MARJORIE - "The Triumphant Beast" (Giordano Bruno); **** "The Viper of Milan" (14th century Italy);

BOYCE, BURKE - "Morning of a Hero" (Colonial Virgina); **** "The Perilous Night" (American Revolution);

BOYER, ELIZABETH – Marguerite De la Roque: a Story of Survival (16th Century Canada);

BRACCO, EDGAR JEAN - "Chattels of Eldorado" (Slavery in Indies);

BRADFORD, KARLEEN - "Lionheart's Scribe" (1190 Crusades); *** The Nine Days Queen (Lady Jane Dudley);

BRANDIS, MARIANNE – The Quarter -Pie Window (1830's Canada); *** The Tinderbox (1830's Canada);

BRANCH, HOUSTON/ WATERS, FRANK - "Diamond Head" (American Civil War);

BRAUN, MATTHEW - "Lords of the Land" (19th Century Texas);

BRENNAN, JOSEPH - "The Parker Ranch of Hawaii";

BRENT, MADELEINE – Golden Urchin; *** Merlin's Keep (19th Century);

BRESLIN, HOWARD - 'A Hundred Hills" (American Civil War/ Seige of Vicksburg); **** "Shad Run" (Hudson River Valley 1788); **** "The Silver Oar" (17th Century Pirates/ American Puritans);

BRICK, JOHN - "The Raid" (Indian Abduction/ Hudson River Valley); **** "The Strong Men" (American Civil War/ Valley Forge);

BRIFFAULT, ROBERT - "Europa" (Early 20th Century Decadance in Europe/ Classic Whipping Cover);

BRISTOW, GWEN - "Calico Place" (California Gold Rush); **** "Celia Garth" (American Revolution/ Charleston, South Carolina); **** "Deep Summer" (18th Century Louisiana);

BROMFIELD, LOUIS - "Wild is the River" (American Civil War/ Yankees Sieze New Orleans);


BRONTE, LOUISA – Gunther Heritage (19th Century America); *** "The Van Rhyne Heritage" (19th Century America);

BROOKE, FRANCES – The History of Emily Montague (Quebec City 1760's);

BROSTER, D.K. - The Flight of the Heron (Jacobites); *** "The Gleam in the North" (Jacobites);

BROWN, DOUGLAS - "Anne Bonny, Pirate Queen" (True Saga);

BROWN, JOE DAVID - "The Freeholder" (Indentured Slave/ American South 19th Century);

BROWN, MARY - "Playing the Jack" (18th Century England/ Traveling Entertainers);

BROWN, WENZELL - "Dark Drums" (18th Century Jamaican White Witch); **** "Devil's Spawn" (From Brothel to Royal Court);

BROXHOLME, J.F. - "The War Queen" (Boadicea);

BRUNDY, CLYDE M. - "Grasslands" (Colorado Dynasty);

BRYHER – The Coin of Carthage (Second Punic War);

BUCHAN, JOHN - "Midwinter" (Bonnie Prince Charlie); **** "Salute to Adventurers" (17th Century Virginia);

BUCHANAN, LAURA - "The Barbarian Princess" (Celtic/ Roman);

BUCKLEY, PRISCILLA – Turia (Julius Caesar's Rome);

BUNYAN, JOHN - "The Pilgrim's Progress";

BURFORD, LOLAH – Vice Avenged (18th Century England);

BURKE, JOHN - "The Lion of Sparta" (Battle of Thermopylae);

BURKE, OWEN – The Figurehead (Shipping Saga);

BUSBEE, Jr., JAMES - "Son of Egypt" (Ancient Egypt); **** "Yankee Mariner" (New England Mariners);

BUSHNELL, O.A. - Peril In Paradise (First White Men in Hawaii);

BUTLER, DAVID – Disraeli; Portrait of Romantic; *** (Edward the King) – Volume II Monarch Among Men; *** (Edward the Seventh) - Volume I "Prince of Hearts" **** Volume II - "The Peacemaker";

BYRD, ELIZABETH - "The Flowers of the Forest" (16th Century Scotland); **** "Immortal Queen" (Mary Queen of Scots); **** "The Long Enchantment" (Lady Mary Seton of Scotland);

BYRNE, DONN - "Crusade" (1228 Jerusalem); **** "Messer Marco Polo";

-- C --

CAESAR, GENE - "Rifle For Rent" (Tom Horn);

CAILLOU, ALAN - "Joshua's People" (Assault on Canaan); **** "Khartoum" (Victoria's General Gordon vs. the Mahdi);

CAINE, JEFFREY – Heathcliff; the Missing Years (Early 1800's England);

CAINE, MITCHELL - "Creole Surgeon" (19th Century New Orleans); **** "Worship the Wind" (American Civil War);

CALIN, HAROLD - "Kings of the Sun" (Central America Mayans); **** "Slave Ship" (New England Slavers);

CAMERON, KENNETH M. (Arms) - Book 1 "The Father of Fires" (Gunmakers); **** Book 2 - "Masters of War" (Gunmakers); **** The Seeds of Fire (Arms Book II) **** "Ourjo" (Restoration England);

CAMERON, LOU (Making of America) - #1"The Wilderness Seekers" **** "Zulu Warrior" (M'Chuma Zulu Prince);

CANNON, Jr., LE GRAND - "Look to the Mountain" (1769 - 1777 New Hampshire);

CANON, MARY (The O'Hara Dynasty) - #2 "The Survivors" (an Irish Saga);

CAPPS, BENJAMIN – A Woman of the People (White Girl Living with Comanches);

CARGOE, RICHARD - "Maharajah" (Exotic India);

CARLISLE, HENRY - "Voyage to the First of December" (U.S. Navy's Brig 'Somers' 1842);

CARNEGIE, SACHA – Kasia and the Empress (Russia's Catherine the Great);

CARPENTER, RICHARD - "Robin of Sherwood" (Robin Hood);

CARR, CALEB – The Angel of Darkness;

CARR, JOHN DICKSON - "The Bride of Newgate" (New gate Prison London 1815); **** "Captain Cut-Throat" (Killer in Napoleon's Army); **** "The Devil in Velvet" (1675 London);

CARR, PHILIPPA – "The Lion Triumphant" (Elizabethan England); **** "Midsummer's Eve" (Daughters of England); **** The Miracle at St. Bruno's (16th Century England); *** The Pool of St. Branok (19th Century England); *** "Saraband for Two Sisters" (Royalist vs. Puritan); **** "The Witch from the Sea" (Elizabethan England);

CARRIGHAR, SALLY - "The Glass Dove" (Slavery/ Underground Railway);

CARROLL, JOY - "Fire Over Eden" (1812 - 14 U.S.A. vs. Canada);

CARROLL, LILLIAN "Greek Slave Boy" (Ancient Rome);

CARSE, ROBERT - "Drums of Empire" (18th Century Haiti in Revolt); **** "Morgan the Pirate" (17th Century Spanish Selkirk); **** "The Fabulous Buccaneer" (18th Century Pirate Alexander Selkirk); **** "The Wicked Blade" (The Last Crusade);

CARTER, ASHLEY – "Master of Blackoaks" (Slavery/ Lance Horner Novel); *** "The Outlanders" (18th Century Florida); **** "Panama" (Panama Canal); **** "Scandal of Falconhurst" (Slavery); **** "Secret of Blackoaks" (Slavery/ Lance Norner Novel); **** "Sword of the Golden Stud";

CARTER, ELIZABETH ELIOT - "Valley of the Kings" (Tutankhamun);

CASANOVA, JACQUES – Casnova Confidential; My Most Torrid Nights of Love (Erotica); *** The Memoirs of Casanova (Erotica);

CASSILL, R.V. - "The Buccaneer" (Pirate Jean Lafitte/ Battle of New Orleans); **** "Tempest" (Catherine the Great/ Cossacks/ Tartars);

CASTLE, FRANK - "Nero" (Ancient Rome);

CASTLE, MARIAN - "Roxana" (Touring Theatrical Company in Old West); **** "The Golden Fury" (19th Century Colorado);

CATHER, WILLA – Death Comes for the Archbishop (Mid 19th Century Sante Fe); *** O Pioneers! (American Pioneers);

CAVANNA, BETTY – Ruffles and Drums (American Revolutionary War);

CHALLIS, GEORGE - "The Bait and the Trap" (Renaissance Italy); **** "The Firebrand" (Medieval Italy);

CHALLONER, ROBERT - "Jamaica Passage" (Slave Trade);

CHAPMAN, MARION - "Loves of Goya" (Spanish Artist);

CHARNEY, DAVID - "Sensei" (Feudal Japan); **** "Sensei II: Sword Master" (Feudal Japan);

CHASE, NICHOLAS - "Locksley" (Robin Hood);

CHEESMAN, EVELYN - "Landfall the Unknown" (1793 Norfolk Island);

CHIDSEY, DONALD BARR - "Buccaneer's Blade" (With Francis Drake in the Caribbean); **** "Captain Adam" (18th Century American Pirate); **** "Captain Bashful" (Elizabethan Buccaneer); **** "Captain Crossbones" (Spanish Main); **** "Fancy-Man" (19th Century St. Louis); **** "The Flaming Island" (Cuban Revolution Against Spain); **** "His Majesty's Highwayman" (18th Century England/ Harry Tewkes); **** "The Iron Cavalier" (Elizabeth I/ Mary Queen of Scots); **** "Lord of the Isles" (Yankee Trader Rules Pagan Empires); **** "Marooned" (Pirate of Spanish Main); **** "The Naked Sword" (King John's England); **** "The Pipes are calling" (Bonnie Prince Charlie); **** "Singapore Passage" (1835 South China Seas); **** "Stronghold" (War in 1812); **** "This Bright Sword" (Guy Fitz Warin/ King John);

CHORIER, NICOLAS – The Dialogues of Luisa Sigea (Early french Erotica);

CHRISTENSEN, GARDELL DANO – Buffalo Kill (Blackfeet);

CHRISTOPHE, ROBERT - "The Executioners" (Sanson Family of France);

CHURCHILL, ROSEMARY - "Daughter of Henry VIII (Mary Tudor);

CLAGETT, JOHN - "Cradle of the Sun" (Captives of Mayas); **** "Run the River Gauntlet" (American Revolution);

CLARK, FRANCES B. - (The Six Wives of Henry VIII) - #NN Jane Seymour;

CLEARY, JON - "The Faraway Drums" (British India); **** "The Sundowners" (Sheep Drovers of Australia);

CLELAND, JOHN – Fanny Hill (18th Century England); *** Memoirs of a Coxcomb (18th Century England); *** Memoirs of Fanny Hill (18th Century England); *** "The Memoirs of Maria Brown" (18th Century Courtesan);

CLEWES, ROY - "The King's Bounty" (Napoleonic);

CLEWES, WINSTON - "The Violent Friends" (Jonathan Swift);


CLOETE, STUART – The Abductors (White Slavery in Victorian England); *** "Mamba" (Congo cattle Ranch); **** "The Mask" (19th Century South Africa); **** "Turning Wheels" (Boer Trek of 1836); **** "Watch for the Dawn" (1816 Slachters Nek Uprising/ Boer);

CLOS, ROBERT S. - Penal Colony (Prison Ship on way to Australia);

CLOU, JOHN - "The Golden Blade" (Genghis Khan's Empire);

CLYNES, MICHAEL – The Grail Murders;

COATES, ROBERT M. - "The Outlaw Years" (America's First Frontier);

COCHRAN, HAMILTON "Captain Ebony" (West Indies Slaving); **** "Rogue's Holiday" (Pirate Blackbeard's Wife); **** "Windward Passage" (Pirate Henry Morgan);

COCHRAN, LOUIS - "Son of Haman" (19th Century Southern States);

COFFMAN, VIRGINIA – Mistress Devon (American Colonies);

COHEN, GARY G./ RUNYON, CATHERINE – Weep Not for Me (1st Century Jerusalem);

COKER, ELIZABETH BOATWRIGHT - "Blood Red Roses" (American Civil War);

COLDSMITH, DON (The Spanish Bit Saga) Book 3 "Follow the Wind" (16th Century Through Indian Eyes); **** Book 8 "The Sacred Hills";

COLEMAN, LONNIE (Beulah Land) - #1 "Beulah Land" (Slavery/ Georgia Plantation); **** #2 "Look Away, Beulah Land" (Slavery/ Georgia Plantation); **** #3 "The Legacy of Beulah Land" (Slavery/ Georgia Plantation);

COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN/ COLLIER, CHRISTOPHER – My Brother Sam is Dead (American Revolutionary War);

COLYTON, HENRY J. - "Sir Pagan" (Crusades);

CONLEY, ROBERT J. - "The Dark Way" (Cherokee People);

CONWAY, JOHN - "Woman Breaker" (19th Century Ben Hogan);

CONWAY, THERESA – Gabrielle (France and America During 1812 War);

COOKE, RUPERT CROFT - "Conduct Unbecoming" (1878 British India);

COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - "The Deerslayer" (American Frontier); **** "The Last of the Mohicans" (American Frontier); **** "The Pathfinder" (American Frontier); **** The Pioneers"" (American Frontier);

COOPER, JAMIE LEE – The Horn and te Forest (American Frontier);

COOPER, JEFFERSON - "The Bloody Sevens" (American Revoltion); **** "Captain Seadog" (Elizabethan); **** Jezebel (Antiquity); *** "The Questing Sword" (15th Century Italy); **** Sappho of Lesbos (Island of Lesbos/ Antiquity); *** "The Swordsman" (Crusades); **** "Veronica's Veil" (Christian Miracle/ Shroud of Turin);

COOPER, PARLEY J. - "Dark Desires" (Slavery/ Deep South);

CORAY, HENRY W. - Rebel Prince (Story of Absalom);

CORDELL, ALEXANDER - "Rape of the Fair Country" (Wales Iron Industry);

(John Regan) #1 "The White Cockade" (1798 Irish Rebellion); *** #2 "Witches Sabbath" (1798 Irish Rebellion); *** #3 "The Healing Blade" (1798 Irish Rebellion);

CORDER, ERIC - "The Long Tattoo" (U.S. Civil War/ Fugitive Slaves); **** "Running Dogs" (Negro Buffalo Soldier/ Calvary); **** "Savage Rite" (Negro Buffalo Soldier/ Calvary); **** "Shame and Glory" (Negro Buffalo Soldier/ Calvary); **** "Slave" (Slavery/ Deep South); *** "Slave Ship" (Slaery/ Blackbirder);

CORNWELL, BERNARD (The Starbuck Chronicles) - Volume 1 "Rebel" (U.S. Civil War);

COSTAIN, THOMAS B. - "Below the Salt" (13th Century Knights); **** "The Black Rose" (1300 AD an Englishman vs. Mongol Empire); **** "The Darkness and the Dawn" (Attila the Hun); **** "For my Great Folly" (17th Century Pirates); **** "High Towers" (New France from Montreal to New Orleans); **** "The Last Love" (Napoleon's Years on St. Helena); *** The Magnificent Century;

(THE LAST OF THE PLANTAGENTS) - #1 "The Conquering Family" **** #2 "The Magnificent Century"; **** #3 "The Three Edwards"; **** #4 "The Last Plantagenets"; **** "The Moneyman" (France/ Hundred Years War); **** "Ride with Me" (Napoleonic); **** "The Silver Chalice" (The Holy Grail); *** Son of a Hundred Kings (1890's Canada); **** "The Tontine" (19th Century); **** "The White and the Gold" (Founding of Canada);

COUGHLAN, ROBERT - "Elizabeth and Catherine" (Russian Empresses);

COULTER, STEPHEN - "The Chateau" (19th Century French Wine Country);

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(A; Interior pages are Re-Glued, thus "G", reading copy = $29.00);

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-- G --

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-- H --

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HEALEY, BEN - "Captain Havoc (Louis XIV Era);

HEBERT, ANNE - "Kamouraska" (Canada 1840's);

HEBSON, ANN - "The Lattimer Legend" (American Civil War);

HECKERT, ELEANOR – The Golden Rock (18th Century Caribbean); *** "Muscavado (Slavery/ Old South);


HEINE, WILLIAM C. - "Sea Lord" (Ancient Mariner) **** "The Swordsman" (Ancient Mariner);

HELY, SARA – The Legend of the Green Man (1799 Ireland);

HEMON, LOUIS – Maria Chapdelaine (Rural Quebec);

HENDERSON, L.W. - The Kingdow (Holy Lands of the Crusades);

HENRY, WILL - "The North Star" (Alaskan Gold Rush);

HEPBURN, ANDREW - "Letter of Marque" (19th Century Pirates);

HERRON, SHAUN – The Ruling Passion (19th Century Ireland to the Americans);

Heyer, Georgette. (Regency Suspense & Romance) = ALL listings for this author are in the MYSTERY paperbacks section of our Website,

HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER – Corunna (Napoleonic Wars); *** "The Road to Tyburn" (18th Century Prison breaker);

HICKS, JOHN – The Long Whip (Slavery);

HIGHWATER, JAMAKE – The Sun, he Dies (Aztec);

HILL, ERNESTINE - "My Love Must Wait" (Story of Matthew Flinders);

HILL, PAMELA - "The King's Vixen" (15th Century Scotland);

HILL, RUTH BEEBE – Manta Yo: An American Saga (18th Century Migratory American Indians);

HITT, JAMES - "Tennessee Smith" (Post-Civil War America);

HODGE, JANE AIKEN – The Adventurers (Napoleon's 1812 Retreat From Russia); *** Red Sky at Night (Regency England); *** "Savannah Purchase" (Napoleon);

HOLLAND, CECELIA "The Death of Attila" (Post-Attila the Hun); **** "The Earl (12th Century Earl of Stafford); **** "The Firedrake" (Norman Conquest); **** "Hammer for Princes" (12th Century England); *** Great Maria (11th Century England); **** "The King in Winter" (11th Century British Isles);

HOLLERBACH, DR. EUGEN – Father Rhine Tells His Sagas (Myths);

HOLM, ANNE – The Sky Grew Red (Napoleonis War Era);

HOLMES, MARJORIE - "Two from Galilee" (Mary & Joseph); **** "Three form Galilee" (Jesus Christ);

HONEYMAN, BRENDA - "The Warrior King" (15th Century Henry V);

HOOVER, THOMAS - "The Moghul" (16th - 17th Century India);

HOPE, ANTHONY - "Prisoner of Zenda";

HOPSON, WILLIAM - "Cry Viva! (Mexican Revoltution);

HORAN, JAMES D. - "King's Rebel" (American Revolutino);

HORN, ALFRED ALOYSIUS - "Trader Horn" (19th Century Ivory Coast);

HORNER, LANCE - "The Black Sun" (Slavery/ Old South, with Onstott, Kyle);**** (Slavery/ Old South, with Onstott, Kyle); **** (Slavery/ Old South); "Golden Stud" **** (Slavery/ Old South); "Heir to Falconhurst" **** (Slavery/ Old South); "The Mahound" **** (Slavery/ Old South); "Mistress of Falconhurst" **** (Slavery/ Old South); *** "Rogue Roman" **** (Slavery/ Imperial Rome); "The Street of the Sun" (Slavery/ 18th Century Havana);

HORTON, PATRICIA CAMPBELL – Royal Mistress (King Charles);

HORWOOD, HAROLD/ BUTTS, ED - "Pirates and Outlaws of Canada";

HOWARD, JOSEPH KINSEY – Strange Empire: The Story of Louis Riel (19th Century Canada);

HOWARD, WILLIAM - "'Gore Vidal's Caligula'";

HOYT, EDWIN P. - "The Tempting of Confucius"

HOUGH, EMERSON - "The Covered Wagon" (American Frontier);

HRON, TOM - "Whispers of the River" (Alaskan Gold Rush);

HUBBARD, L. RON – Buckskin Brigades (White Man Living with Blackfeet Indians in 1806 Northwest America);

HUGHES, RICHARD - "A High Wind in Jamaica" (Pirates);

HUNEKER, JAMES – Painted Viels (New York Night Life);

HUNT, IRENE - "Across Five Aprils" (American Civil War);

HUNTER, DAMION (The Centurions) Book 1 "The Centurions" (Imperial Rome); **** Book 2 "Barbarian Princess);

HUNTER, HAL - "The Bengal Tiger" (Sepoy Massace)

HUNTER, MOLLIE – The Ghosts of Glencoe; *** A Pistol in Greenyards (1850's Scotland);

HUNTER, VALANCY - "The Namesake" (16th Century England);

-- I --

ILTON, PAUL/ ROBERTS, MACLENNAN - "Moses and the Ten Commandments";

ILTON, PAUL – The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah; *** "The Secret of Mary Magdalene";

INGLES, JAMES WESLEY - "Test of Valor" (Ancient Olympic Games);

IREMONGER, LUCILLE – How Do I Love Thee (Biographical novel of Robert Browning & Elizabeth Barrett);

IRWIN, MARGARET - "The Bride" (Marquis of Montrose and Princess Louise); **** "Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain" (Queen Elizabeth I); **** "Elizabeth; Captive Princess (Queen Elizabeth II); **** "The Gay Galliard" (Mary Queen of Scots); **** The Proud Servant (James Graham Marquis of Montrose); *** Royal Flush (Stuart Princess in Court of Louis XIV); *** "Still She Wished for Company" (18th Century Europe); *** Young Bess (Early Life of Queen Elizabeth I);

-- J --

JACOB, NAOMI - (The Gollantz Saga) #1 "The Founder of the House" (Generations of Jewish Family); *** #3 Young Emmanuel (Generation of Jewish Family);

JAEGER, MURIEL – Before Victoria;

JAKES, JOHN – Homeland;

JAMES, LEIGH FRANKLIN (Saga of the Southwest) Book I "The Hawk and the Dove" (American Frontier); **** Book V "Night of the Hawk" (American Frontier); **** Book VI "Cry of the Hawk" (American Frontier); **** Book VII "Quest of the Hawk" (American Frontier); *** Book VIII Shadow of the Hawk (American Frontier);

JAMESON, STORM - "The Lovely Ship" (19th Century England);

JANEWAY, HARRIET - "This Passionate Land" (Old South);

JARMAN, ROSEMARY HAWLEY - "The King's Grey Mare" (15th Century England); **** "We Speak no Treason" (15th Century England, Richard III);

JASON, STUART - "Black Emperor" (Slavery/ Louisiana / cover by Frank Frazetta); *** Black Love (Slavery); **** "Royal Master" (Slavery/ Louisiana); *** Royal Stud (Slavary);

JECKS, MICHAEL – The Merchant's Partner (A Medieval West Country Mystery); *** Squire Throwleigh's Heir” (A Medieval West Country Mystery);

JEFFERIS, BARBARA - "Time of the Unicorn" (12th Century Portugal);

JENKINS, ELIZABETH – Elizabeth Leicester;

JENNINGS, GARY – "Aztec”; *** The Journeyer (Biographical novel of Marco Polo);

JENNINGS, JOHN - "The Golden Eagle" (Hernando De Soto); **** "Land of Vengeance" (19th Century Frontier); **** "The Pepper Tree" (High Seas Adventure); **** "Rogue's Tarn" (Post-Revolutionary America); **** "The Salem Frigate" (Barbary Pirate); **** "The Sea Eagles" (American Revolution); **** "The Strange Brigade" (Hudson Bay Company/ Canada); **** "The Wind in his Fists" (Barbary Pirates);

JENNINGS, WILLIAM DALE - "The Ronin" (Feudal Japan);

JOHNSON, BARBARA FERRY – Lionors (King Arthur's Queen);

JOHNSTON, MARY - "To Have and to Hold" (Colonial America);

JONES, ALEXANDRA - "Samsara" (19th Century Tibet);

JONES, DOUGLAS C. - "The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer";

JONES, MADISON - 'Forest of the Night" (Tennessee Frontier);

JONES, MERVYN – Lord Richard's Passion (Victorian England);

JONES, NARD - "Scarlet Petticoat" (Oregon Frontier);

JOHNSON, PAMELA – Hansford – Catherine Carter (1880's British Theater);

JOSCELYN, ARCHIE - "The Hooded Falcon" (West Indian Waters);

JOSEPH, RONALD S. - "The Kingdom" (19th Century Texas); **** "The Power" (19th Century Texas);

JOURDAIN, ROSE – Those the Sun Has Loved (200 Years of Americana);

JUDIAH, CHARLES B. - "Christopher Humble" (17th Century England); **** "Tom Bone" (Slavery/ 17th Century America);

JURS, JUSTIN - "The Princes of Thunder" (Florida 19th Century);

-- K --

KAMADA, ANNELISE – A Banner Red and Gold (16th Century England);

KANE, HARNETT T. - The Bayous of Louisiana (Armed Service Edition); *** "Bride of Fortune" (First Family of Confederacy); **** "The Smiling Rebel" (American Civil War);

KANTOR, MACKINLAY - "Arouse and Beware" (American Civil War); **** "Beauty Beast" (Slavery/ Old South); **** "Long Remember" (American Civil War); **** Valley Forge (American Revolution); *** "Warhoop" (American Wild West);

KAROL, ALEXANDER (Restoration London) #1 "Sword of Vengeance"; **** #2 "Dark Lady";

KAUFMAN, PAMELA - "Shield of Three Lions" (Crusades);

KAVANAUGH, IAN - "From the Shamrock Shore" (19th Century America);

KAY, SUSAN - "Legacy" (Elizabeth III);

KAYE, M.M. - "The Far Pavilions" (19th Century India); **** "The Far Pavilions: Advanced Reading Copy"; **** "Shadow of the Moon" (British India); **** "Trade Wind" (19th Century Slavery/ Zanzibar);

KAYE-SMITH, SHEILA – Superstition Corner (1588 England);

KELEN, BETTY - "The Mistresses" (19th Century Monarchs Domestic Scandals);

KELLEY, WELBOURN - "Alabama Empire" (1790's States);

KELLS, SUSANNAH - "The Fallen Angels" (England During French Revolution);

KENDRICK, BAYNARD - "The Flames of Time" (Florida Under Two Flags);

KENT, MADELEINE FABIOLA - "The Corsair" (Pirate Jean Lafitte);

KENYON, J. P. - The Stuarts;

KERR, ROBERT (The Stuart Legacy) #1 "The Stuart Legacy" (Scotland in Middle Ages); ****

#3 "The Dark Lady" (Scotland in Middle Ages);

KESSELL, JOSEPH - "The Horsemen" (Russian Frontier);

KETCHUM, PHILIP - "Woman in Armor" (Viking);

KETTLE, JOCELYN – Memorial to the Duchess;

KEY, ALEXANDER - "The Wrath and the Wind" (Florida Slave Trade);

KING, PAUL - "Dreamers" (1418 Voyage Down West Africa);

KLINCK, G.A. - Down to the Sea (Novel of Simon Fraser's Voyage);

KNAPP, DANIEL – California Woman (American West);

KOEN, KARLEEN - "Through a Glass Darkly" (18th Century);

KOMROFF, MANUEL - "His Great Journey" (Jesus Christ); **** "In the Years of Our Lord" (Jesus Christ); **** "Marco Polo"; **** "Two Thieves" (Imperial Rome);

KONIGSBERGER, HANS - "A Walk with Love and Death" (Medieval);

KREPPS, ROBERT W. - 'The Courts of the Lion" (1820's Africa); **** "El Cid" (Medieval Spain);

KREY, LAURA – And Tell of Time (Post Civil War South);

KUNSTLER, JAMES HOWARD - "An Embarrassment of Riches" (American Frontier);

KURTEN BJORN – Dance of the Tiger (Prehistoric);

-- L --

LACEY, ALAN - "A Land Without Mercy" (Ancient England);

LA FARGE, OLIVER - "laughing Boy" (Navajos Legend);

LAGARD, GARALD - "Scarlet Cockerel" (American Civil War);

LAGERKVIST, PAR - "Barabbas" (Biblical Era);

LAING, ALEXANDER - "Jonathan Eagle" (1785 America); **** "Matthew Early" (1798 Voyages); **** "The Sea Witch" (American China Clippers);

LAMB, HAROLD - "Alexander of Macedon"; **** "Babur the Tiger: First of the Great Moguls" **** "The Crusades" **** "Genghis Khan"; **** "Hannibal" **** "The March of Muscovy" (Ivan the Terrible/ Russia 1400 - 1648); **** "The Mighty Manslayer" (Age of Cossacks); **** "Omar Khayyam" (11th Century); **** "Suleiman the Magnificent: Sultan of the East"; **** "Tamerlane"; **** "The Odora and the Emperor" (Byzantium);

LAMBDIN, DEWEY - "The King's Coat" (Naval Adventure);

L'AMOUR, LOUIS - "The Walking Drum" (12th Century Europe);

LA MURE, PIERRE - "Moulin Rouge" (Toulouse - Lautrec);

LANCASTER, BRUCE - "Blind Journey" (18th Century); **** "Bright to the Wanderer" (Upper Canada Revolt); **** "Phantom Fortress" (Colonial America); *** Roll Shenandoah (American Civil War); **** "The Scarlet Patch" (American Civil War); **** "The Secret Road" (America's First Secret Service Agents); **** "Trumpet to Arms" (American Revolution); **** "Venture in the East" (1637 Federal Japan);

LANCOUR, GENE – Fortune's Tide (Tall Ships Empire);

LANCOUR, JEANNE – The Storm and the Sword (High Middle Ages);

LANDON, MARGARET - "Anna and the King of Siam" (19th Century Bangcock);

LANDORF, JOYCE - "I Came to Love You Late" (Biblical Era);

LANE, JANE - "The Cross and the Tower" (Mary Queen of Scots);

LANE, ROSE WILDER - "Young Pioneers";

LASKY, KATHRYN – Beyond the Burning Time (Salem Witch Hunt);

LAURITZEN, JONREED - "Rose and the Flame" (Spanish America);

LAVENDER, WILLIAM – Children of the River (American Frontier); *** Chinaberry (Southern Plantation); *** "Journey to Quiet Waters" (American Frontier); **** "Stonehill" (American Frontier);

LAWRENCE, FRED- (American Explorers) Jed Smith Freedom River;

LAWRENCE, JACQUELINE - "Master Sawbones" (War of the Roses);

LAWRENCE, JAMES - (A Bicentennial Novel) #NN "Rebel Agent" (American Revolution); **** #NN "Rebel Hawke" (American Revolution);

LEARY, FRANCIS - "Fire and Morning" (War of the Roses);

LEASOR, JAMES - "The Chinese Widow" (19th Century China); **** Jade Gate (Far East 19th Century); *** "Mandarin Gold" (1833 China Coast);

LECKIE, ROBERT - (Americans at War) #NN "The Bloodborn" (American Revolution);

LEDERER, PAUL JOSEPH – (The Indian Heritage Series) Book II Shawnee Dawn; *** Book IV Cheyenne Dream; *** Book V The Way of the Wind;

LEE, EDNA - "The Web of Days" (Slavery/ Old South);

LEEKLEY, JOHN - "The Blue and the Gray" (American Civil War);

LEIGH, MICHAEL - "Rogue Errant" (17th Century);

LEPROHON, ROSANNA – Antoinette De Mirecourt of Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing;

LEWIS, HILDA - "Wife to the Bastard" (Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror);

LESLIE, DORIS – Polonaise (Biographical Novel of Chapin);

L'ESTRANGE, ANNA – Return to Wuthering Heights;

LEWIS, ADA COOK – Jenny (18th Century London);

LEWIS, JANET – The Wife of Martin Guerre (16th Century Love Story);

LINDSAY, PHILIP – Artist in Love (18th Century Artist Thomas Lawrence); *** Here Comes the King (Henry VIII); *** "Royal Scandal" (Henry VIII and Katherine Howard); **** "Sir Naked Blade" (Elizabethan John Fox); *** To Love by Candlelight (Life of English Actress Perdita);

LLYWELYN, MORGAN - "Lion of Ireland" (Brian Boru);

LLEWELLYN, SAM - "Devil's Reward" (Pirates of the Aegean); **** "Gurney's Revenge" (1820's Sea Adventure); **** "Sea Devil" (19th Century Sea Adventure);

LLOYD, ALAN - "Alive inthe Last Days of Pompeii";

LOCKE, CHARLES O. - "The Last Princess" (INCA);

LOCKRIDGE, Jr., ROSS - "Raintree County" (American Frontier);

LOCKWOOD, SARAH - "The Man From Mesabi" (American Frontier);

LODI, MARIA - "The Dream" (19th Century Paris);

LOFTS, NORAH - "Bless This House" (History of Merravay House, South Suffolk); **** "Charlotte" (Victorian); **** The Concubine (16th Century England); *** "Eleanor The Queen" (Eleanor of Aquitaine); **** "The House at Sunset" (18th Century London); **** "How Far to Bethlehem?" (Biblical Era); **** I Met a Gypsy (Tudor England); *** Jassy (England); *** "The Lonely Furrow" (Post-War of the Roses); **** "The Lute Player" (Richard the Lionheart/ Third Crusade); **** Nethergate (Suffolk Country); *** "Out of This Nettle" (18th Century); **** "Queen in Waiting" (Eleanor of Aquitaine); *** To See a Fine Lady (Early 19th Century English Farm Life); *** The Town House (14th Century England);

LOGAN, MARK – The Captain's Woman (18th Century Europe);

LONG, LUCILE – Anna Elizabeth (A Girl of the Plain People);

LONG, WILLIAM STUART - (The Australians) Volume I "The Exiles"; **** Volume II "The Settlers"; **** Volume III "The Traitors"; **** Volume IX "The Empire Builders"; **** Volume X "The Seafarers";

LONGFORD, ELIZABETH – Wellington the Years of the Sword;

LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - "A Few Painted Feathers" (1780's Old South); **** "Geisha" (18th Century Japan);

LOOMIS, STANLEY – The Fatal Friendship (Marie Antoinette); *** "Paris in the Terror" (French Revolution);

LORRIMER, CLAIRE – Mavreen (18th Century England);

LOTH, DAVID - "Gold Brick Cassie" (Old West Queen of Swindlers);

LOTT, MILTON – Dance Back the Buffalo (1889 Sioux);

LOUYS, PIERRE - "Aphrodite: a Pagan Love Story"; *** Collected Works of Pierre Louys Including Aphrodite; *** **** "Psyche" (18th Century Paris); *** Woman and the Puppet (19th Century Spain);

LOZANO, WENDY - "She Who Was King" (Ancient Egypt);

LUND, ROBERT - "Daishi-San" (1600 Feudal Japan);

LUNN, JANET - "The Hollow Tree" (American Revolution);

LYNDON, BARRY – The Further Adventures of Barry Lyndon;

-- M --

MACARTHUR, D. WILSON - "They Sailed for Senegal" (Wreck of Frigate 'Medusa' July 1816);

MACDONALD, MALCOLM – The Rich are with You Always (Victorian); *** "Sons of Fortune" (Victorian); **** "The World From Rough Stones" (Victorian);

MACKEEVER, MAGGIE – El Dorado (19th Century America);

MACKENDRICK, LOUISE – The Glory Seeker (Young Sir Winston Churchill); *** "A Passion for Honor" (19th Century Florida);

MACKENZIE, COMPTON – Our Street (Victorian London);

MACVEAGH, ROGERS/ COSTAIN, THOMAS B. - "Joshua (Biblical Era: Walls of Jericho);

MAHLER, HELEN A. - "Empress of Byzantium" (Antiquity);

MAIER, PAUL L. - "Pontius Pilate: A Biographical Novel";

MAITLAND, MARGARET – Love's Golden Circle (Ancient Egypt); *** "The Unconquered" (19th Century Brazil);

MALGONKAR, MANOHAR - "The Devil's Wind" (Sepoy Rebellion);

MANFRED, FREDERICK – King of Spades (1860's American Frontier); *** "Lord Grizzly" (American Frontier);

MARAIS, CLAUDE – Saskia (Rembrandt's Mistress);

MARCH, JESSICA - "Katchya" (Tsarina of Russia);

MARCHANT, CATHERINE – Miss Martha Mary Crawford (19th Century England); *** "The Slow Awakening" (19th Century England);

MARDAAN, ATAULLAH – Deva Dasi (India Cult);

MARIUS, RICHARD – Bound for the Promised Land (American Frontier);

MARLOWE, DEREK - "A Single Summer with L.B." (Shelley, Byron and Polidori in Switzerland);

MARLOWE, STEPHEN - "Colossus" (Goya); **** "The Shining" (Ancient Greece);

MARRIOTT, THOMAS - "The Pagan Land" (19th Century South Africa);

MARRYAT, CAPTAIN – The Children of the New Forest (17th Century);

MARSHALL, EDISON - "American Captain" (19th Century Sea Adventure); **** "Benjamin Blake: Son of Fury" (South Sea Island 18th Century); ***** "Caravan to Xanadu" (Marco Polo); **** "Castle in the Swamp" (Slavery/ Old Carolina); **** "Cortez and Marina" (Spanish Conquistadors); **** "Earth Giant" (Hercules); **** "Great Smith" (17th Century Captain John Smith); **** "Gypsy Sixpence" (19th Century Queen's Tatta Lancers); **** "The Inevitable Hour" (Voodoo/ Caribbean); *** The Infinite Woman (19th Century Courtesan); **** "The Pagan King" (5th Century England); **** Princess Sophia" (1900 Alaska); **** "Rogue Gentleman" (19th Century India); **** "The Upstart" (18th Century England); **** "The Viking" (Ogier the Dane); **** "The Voice of the Pack" (Western Frontier); **** "West with the Vikings" (Norse Exploration); *** The White Brigand (Western China); **** "Yankee Pasha" (18th Century);

MARSHALL, ROSAMOND - "Captain Ironhand" (18th Century Moorish Corairs); **** "The General's Wench" (George III's London); **** "Jane Hadden" (18th Century England); *** Kitty (18th Century London); **** "Laird's Choice" (Scotland 18th Century?); **** "Mistress of Rogues" (Renaissance); **** "The Rib of the Hawk" (Renaissance Rome); **** "Rogue Cavalier" (Paris Court of Louis XV); *** The Temptress (18th Century England);

MARTIN, CHRISTOPHER - "The Amistad Affair" (Slaves Mutiny);

MARTIN, LARRY JAY – Rush to Destiny (Biographical Novel of American Heroe Edward Fitzgerald Beale);

MARTIN, MALACHI - "King of Kings" (Life of David/ Biblical);

MARTIN, RHONA – Gallows Wedding (Henry VIII Era);

MARTORELL, JOANOT/ DE GALBA, MARTI JOAN - "Tirant Lo Blanc" (Medieval Knights);

MASON, A.E.W. - "Fire Over England" (Elizabethan); **** "The Four Feathers" (19th Century); **** "The Winding Stair" (19th Century Morocco);

MASON, F. VAN WYCK - "The Barbarians" (Imperial Rome and Carthage); **** "The Battle for Quebec" (Plains of Abraham); **** "Blue Hurricane" (American Civil War); **** "Captain Judas" (19th Century Pirates); *** Captai Nemesis (18th Century Pirate); **** "Cutlass Empire" (Buccaneer Henry Morgan); **** "Eagle in the Sky" (American Revolution); **** "End of Track" (American Frontier Railroad); **** "Golden Admiral" (Sir Frances Drake); **** "Lysander" (Ancient Persia); **** "Manila Galleon" (Spanish Treasure Ship); **** "Proud New Flags" (American Civil War); **** "Rascal's Heaven" (First Planned Colony in America); **** "Return of the Eagles" (Imperial Rome); **** "Rivers of Glory" (American Revolution); **** "Silver Leopard" (First Crusade); **** "Stars on the Sea" (American Privateer/ American Revolution); **** "Three Harbors" (American Revolution); **** "The Young Titan" (1742 American Frontier);

MASEY, CRAIG - "North of Copper Creek" (Mohawk Valley During American Revolution);

MASTERS, JOHN - "Coromandel!" (1627 India); **** "The Deceivers" (1825 India); **** "The Lotus and the Wind" (1879 - 1882 British India); **** "Nightrunners of Bengal" (1857 India); **** "The Ravi Lancers" (Early 20th Century Hindu Cavalrymen); *** The Venus of Konpara (19th Century India);

MATAS, CAROL – The Burning Time (Witch Burning); *** Sworn Enemies (Czarist Russia);

MATHER, BERKELY - "Genghis Khan"; *** The Pagoda Tree (19th Century South Asia);

MATHERS, E. POWYS – Chinese Love Tales;

MATTHEWS, KEVIN – Barbary Slave (Tripoli's Barbary Pirates/ 19th Century); *** Tory Mistress (American Revolution); *** "Woman of Egypt" (Imperial Rome);

MAUGHAN, A.M. - Harry of Monmouth (King Henry V); *** Monmouth Harry (King Henry V);

MAURETTE, MARCELLE - "Anastasia" (Russian Princess);

MAVOR, ELIZABETH – The Ladies of Llangollen (18th Century English Lesbians);

MAXWELL, COLIN - "The Sun Rises" (1860's Japan);

MAYHEW, MARGARET - "The Cry of the Owl" (Early 18th Century England);

McCAGUE, JAMES - "The Big Ivy" (Turn-of-Century Railroad);

McCARTHY, GARY - "Transcontinental" (Civil War/ Railroad);

McCLARY, JANE McILVAINE – A Portion for Foxes (19th Century);

McCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - "The First Man in Rome" (Imperial Rome);

McCULLEY, JOHNSTON - "The Caballero" (Spanish California);

McDONALD, KAY L. - Journey on the Wind (American Frontier);

McDONALD, N.C. - "Song of the Axe" (Pacific Northwest); **** "Witch Doctor" (White Man vs. Indian in Alaska);

McINNES, GRAHAM – Lost Island (Elizabeth Island);

McINTYRE, MARJORIE – The River Witch (1850's Missouri);

McKENNA, GEORGE – Yanqui's Woman (Crest Book S221);

McNEILL, GEORGE – The Plantation (Slavery/ Old South); *** "Rafaella" (Slavery/ Old South);

McNEILLY, MILDRED MASTERSON – Each Bright River (1840's American Frontier); *** "Matthew Steel" (18th Century Sea Adventure);

MEISELS, ANDREW - "Son of a Star" (Ancient Israel);

MELTZER, MILTON – Underground Man (19th Century Slavery);

MELVILLE, ANNE - "The Lorimer Line" (Victorian Bristol);

MENEN, AUBREY - "The Abode of Love" (Victorian Clergyman's Harem);

MERCER, CHARLES - "Enough Good Men" (American Revolution);

MERGENDAHL, CHARLES - "The Drums of April" (American Revolution);

MERLE, ROBERT - "The Island" (18th Century Mutiny in South Seas);

MERLISS, REUBEN R. - "The Year of the Death" (Black Plague);


MILIUS, JOHN – The Wind and the Lion;

MILLAR, GEORGE – A Crossbowman's Story (Spanish Conquistadors);

MILLARD, JOSEPH – No Law But Their Own (Biographical Novel of Lafayette Baker);

MILLER, CAROLINE - "Lamb in his Bosom" (Old South);

MILLER, ISABEL – Patience Sarah (19th Century New England);

MINGS, LONNIE C. - Rusticus (2nd Century Rome);

MINNEY, R.J. - "Fanny and the Regent of Siam" (19th Century Siam);

MITCHELL, ADRIAN - "Man Friday" (Robinson Crusoe);

MITCHELL, ANTHEA - "The Naked Sword" (Crusades);

MITCHELL, MARGARET - "Gone With the Wind" (American Civil War);

MITCHISON, NAOMI - "The Barbarian" (3rd Century B.C.); *** Blood of the Martyrs (Rome of Nero); **** "The Land the Ravens Found" (Vikings in America);

MITTE-HOLZER, EDGAR – Children of Kaywana (Slavery);

MOBERG, VILHELM - (The Emigrants) #1 "The Emigrants" (1850's Swedes in America); **** #2 "Unto a Good Land" (1850's Swedes in America); **** #3 "The Settlers" (1850's Swedes in America); **** #4 "Last Letter Home" (1850's Swedes in America);

MIZRAHI, J.V. - The Pit (Roman Colosseum);

MONSIGNY, JACQUELINE - "Floris and the Belle of Louisiana" (Louis XVI Era);

MOORE, ARTHUR - (The California Saga) #2 "The Flame and the Dagger" (Spanish); *** #3 The Viper and the Hawk (Spanish); **** "The Triumph" (American Civil War);

MOORE, PAULA - (The Making of America) #5 "Hearts Divided";

MOORE, RUTH - "A Fair Wind Home" (18th Century New England);

MOORE, VIVIANE – Blue Blood (A Medieval Mystery);

MOOREHEAD, ALAN - "The Blue Nile" (1798 African Nile); *** The White Nile;

MORAY, ANN - "Dawn Falcon" (Ancient Egypt);

MORAY, HELGA – I, Roxana (4th Century R.C. Persia); *** "The Savage Earth" (Boers);*** Tisa (16th Century Century Turkey); *** Untamed (19th Century South Africa);

MORELL, WILLIAM - "Daimyo" (1500's Feudal Japan); **** "Daimyo's Conquest" (16th Century Feudal Japan);

MORISON, IAN - "The Sensation" (Adah Isaacs Menken);

MORGAN, MICHAELA – Madelaina (Early 20th Century Spain);

MORLEY, SUSAN - "Mistress Glory" (19th Century England);

MOSSIKER, FRANCES - "The Affair of the Poisons" (Louis XIV);

MORTON, STANLEY – Yankee Trader (Slave Markets of Africa);

MUNDY, TALBOT - "King - of the Khyber Rifles" (19th Century India); **** "Queen Cleopatra";

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-- N --

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NERY, GERALD – Julie Crevecoeur (American Civil War);

NEVIN, DAVID - "Dream West" (19th Century America);

NEW, CHRISTOPHER - "Shanghai" (Turn-of-the-Century);

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NICOLAYSEN, BRUCE - (The Novel of New York City) #NN "From Distant Shores 1613 - 1667"; **** #NN "On Maiden Lane 1682 – 1761";

NICOL, C.W. - Harpoon (19th Century Japan);

NICOLE, CHRISTOPHER – Amyot's Cay (Wife of Pirate Blackbeard); **** Blood Amyot (Slavery); **** "Caribee" (17th Century Caribbean/ Slavery); **** "The Devil's Own" (Slavery/ Antigua/ 17th Century); **** "Lord of Sin" (Byron's Secret Memoirs); *** Mistress of Darkness (Slavery/ Caribbean); **** "Sunset (Slavery/ American Civil War/ Old South);

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NORRIS, FRANK - "McTeague" (Story of San Francisco);

NORTH, STERLING – So Dear to my Heart (19th Century Indiana);

NOWINSON, MARIE L. - "Winds of Change" (19th Century America);

-- O --

O'BRIEN, THOMAS L. - "The Witch Finder" (17th Century English Witch Hunting and Trials);

O'CONNOR, RICHARD - "The Cactus Throne" (Princess Carlotta of Belgium); **** "The Sulu Sword" (Life in the Philippines after the Spanish American War); **** "The Vandal" (6th Century);

O'DELL, SCOTT - "Hill of the Hawk" (American Conquest of Spanish California); ***Sing Down the Moon (Navajo Life in Mid 1860's);

O'FLAHERTY, LOUISE - "The Farthest Eden" (19th Century Los Angeles);

OGILVIE, GORDON – Jamie Reid (America Colonies);

O'HAGAN, HOWARD – Tay John (Halfbreed Messianic Leads his People in the Rocky Mountains);

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-- P --

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PARKER, GEORGE - "Guarache Trail" (19th Century Mexico);

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PARKMAN, FRANCIS - "The Oregon Trail" (Oregon Frontier);

PARX, C.C. - Slavers (African Slave Trade; 19th Century);

PATE, ALEXS – Amistrad (1839 Mutiny on Spanish Slave Ship);

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PECK, ROBERT NEWTON - "Eagle Fur" (18th Century Canada);

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PELL, SYLVIA – The Shadow of the Sun (Louis XIV Court);

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PONS, MAURICE – Rosa (19th Century England);


(The Colonization of America) Book 1 "White Indian"; **** Book 2 "The Renegade"; **** Book 3 "War Chief"; **** Book 4 "The Sachem"; *** Pony Express (19th Century America Frontier); *** (The White Indian Series) Book 5 "Renno"; **** Book 6 Tomahawk; *** Book 10 Cherokee; *** Book 11 Choctaw; *** Book 18 Father of Waters; *** Book 22 "Seneca Patriots"; ****

#NN "Fallen Timbers"; **** (Winning the West) Book 2 "Fort Laramie";

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PREEDY, GEORGE - "Queen's Caprice" (Mary Queen of Scots);

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PRINCE, MICHAEL OF Greece – Sultana (Turkish Empire);

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-- Q --

QUIGLEY, JOHN - "King's Royal" (19th Century Scotland); **** "Queen's Royal" (19th Century Scotland);

-- R --

RACKOWE, ALEC - "My Lord America" (17th Century England);

RADDALL, THOMAS H. - "His Majesty's Yankees" (American revolution); **** "The Path of Destiny" (Canada's Independence);

RAMSAY, MARK - The FALCON Series (Medieval Knights and Sorcerers in Europe) = See Science Fiction and Fantasy

RAMSAY, MARK - (The Falcon) #1 "The Falcon Strikes" (Medieval Europe); **** #3 "The Bloody Cross" (Medieval Europe); **** #4 "The King's Treasure" (Medieval Europe);

RAND, JAMES S. - Run for the Trees (African Slve Empire);

RANDALL, RONA - "Glenrannoch" (18th Century Scotland); **** "The Watchman's Stone" (18th Century Scotland);

RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Hangman's Beach (Colonial Canada):

RASCOVICH, MARK – Falkenhorst (Franco-Prussian War);

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RENAULT, MARY - "The Bull From the Sea" (Ancient Greece); **** "Fire from Heaven" (Alexander the Great); **** "The King Must Die" (Theseus); **** The Mask of Apollo (4th Century B.C.); *** "The Persian Boy" (Alexander the Great);

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RENO, MARIE R. - "When the Music Changed" (American Civil War);

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RICHTER, CONRAD - "The Fields" (American Frontier); **** "the Light in the Forest" (White Boy raised by Indians); **** "The Sea of Grass" (Early Days of Settling Texas); **** "The Town" (American Frontier); **** "The Trees" (American Frontier);

RIKHOFF, JEAN – Buttes Landing (American Frontier);

RITCHIE, C.T. - "Lady in Bondage" (17th Century Slavery); **** "The Willing Maid" (1740's America);

RITTER, E.A. - Shaka Zulu (African Warrior King);

ROARK, GARLAND - "Fair Wind to Java" (19th Century Far East/ Slavery); **** "The Outlawed Banner" (American Civil War); **** "Rainbow in the Royals" (19th Century Sailing/ California); **** "Slant of the Wild Wind" (19th Century Sailing/ South Seas);

ROBERTS, DOROTHY JAMES - "The Enchanted Cup" (Medieval Britian);

ROBERTS, KEITH - "The Boat of Fate" (4th Century Roman Empire);

ROBERTS, KENNETH - "Boon Island" (Early 18th Century Man Against Sea); **** "Captain Caution" (War of 1812); **** "The Lively Lady" (War of 1812); **** "Lydia Bailey" (Early 19th Century); *** Northwest Passage (Early American Exploration); **** "Olive Wiswell" (American Revolution); *** Rabble in Arms;

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ROBERTSON, HEATHER - "Willie: A Romance" (Lyon MacKenzie King);

ROBIN, DENISE - "Jezebel" (Ancient Histories Cruellest Woman);

ROBINSON, DONALD H. - "The Raj" (British India);

ROBSON, LUCIA ST. CLAIR - "Ride the Wind" (White Woman Comanche); **** "The Tokaido Road" (Feudal Japan);

ROBERTS, WILLO DAVIS – Destiny's Women (Old South);

ROCKMAN, CLINT - "Sable Adventure" (Slavig Ship/ Blackbirder);

ROFHEART, MARTHA – The Alexandrian (Cleopatra); *** "Cry 'God for Glendower'" (Last Welsh Prince of Wales);

ROGERS, GARET - "Lancet" (18th Century London/ Early days of Surgery);

ROLLAND, ROMAIN – Jean Christophe (19th Century);

RONALDS, MARY TERESA - "Myself my Sepulchre" (Empire Nero); **** "Prince Masque" (16th Century England);

ROOKE, DAPHNE – Mittee (Slavery);

ROSENTHAL, RAYMOND – Aretino's Dialogue's (16th Century);

ROSS, BARNABY - "The Duke of Chaos" (Early 17th Century); **** "The Passionate Queen" (Margaret of Anjou); **** "Quintin Chivas" (Renaissance Italy); **** "The Scrolls of Lysis" (Ancient Greek City Thebes);

ROSS, CLARISSA – Casablanca Intrigue (White Slavery); *** China Shadow (19th Century England & China);

ROSS, DANA FULLER - (Wagons West) #1 "Independence! " (America's Frontiers); **** #2 "Nebraska!" (America's Frontiers); **** #3 "Wyoming!" (America's Frontiers); **** #4 "Oregon!" (America's Frontiers); **** #5 "Texas!" (America's Frontiers); **** #6 "California!" (America's Frontiers); **** #7 "Colorado!" (America's Frontiers); **** #8 "Nevada!" (America's Frontiers); **** #9 "Washington!" (America's Frontiers); **** #10 "Montana!" (America's Frontiers); **** #11 "Dakota!" (America's Frontiers); **** #12 "Utah!" (America's Frontiers); **** #13 "Idaho!" (America's Frontiers); **** #14 "Missouri!" (America's Frontiers); **** #15 "Mississippi!" (America's Frontiers); **** #16 "Louisiana!" (America's Frontiers); **** #17 "Tennessee!" (America's Frontiers); **** #18 "Illinois!" (America's Frontiers); **** #19 "Wisconsin!" (America's Frontiers); **** #20 "Kentucky!" (America's Frontiers); **** #21 "Arizona!" (America's Frontiers); **** #24 "Celebration!" (America's Frontiers); **** "Yankee" (Privateer Jeremy Morgan 18th Century); **** "Yankee Rogue" (Indentured Slavery/ 18th Century America); *** (The Holts; An American Dynasty) #1 Oregon Legacy;

ROSS, LILLIAN BOS - "Zandy's Bride" (Mail Order Bride Pioneer California);

ROSTAND, EDMOND – Cyrano De Bergerac;

RULAND, WILHELM – The Finest Legends of the Rhine;

RUNDELL, E. RALPH - "The Color of Blood" (19th Century Argentina);

RUSSELL, PAMELA REDFORD – The Woman who Loved John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln Murder);

RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - "Russka" (1800 Years of Russia); **** "Sarum: The Novel of England" (10000 Years of England);

RYAN, DON - "The Devil's Brigadier" (Post-American Revolution)

-- S --

SABATINI, RAFAEL - "Bardelys the Magnificent" (17th Century France); **** "The Fortunes of Captain Blood" (Piracy 17th Century); **** "The Lion's Skin" (18th Century England); **** "Master-at-Arms" (18th Century England); **** "Mistress Wilding" (King James I Era); **** "Scaramouche" (French Revolution); **** "The Sea-Hawk" (Barbary Coast Pirates);

SABBAGH, PIERRE/ GRAZIANI, ANTOINE - "Fanina" (Imperial Rome);

SACHER-MASOCH, LEOPOLD – Bed of an Empress (Catherine the Great of Russia);

ST. JOHN, PATRICIA M. - "Twice Freed" (Roman Slavery);

ST. LAURENT, CECIL – The Affairs of Caroline Cherie (Napoleonic Era); *** Caroline Cherie (Napoleonic Era); *** Caroline Coquette (Napoleonic Era); *** The Magnificent Female (Biographical Novel of Lucrezia Borgia); *** The Secrets of Caroline Cherie (Napoleonic Era);

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SALTUS, EDGAR - "The Imperial Orgy" (Czarist Russia);

SANCHEZ, THOMAS - "Rabbit Boss" (Vanishing American Indian);

SANDERS, JOHN - "The Hat of Authority" (Cromwell's Secret Agent);

SANDOZ, MARI - "Cheyenne Autumn" (19th Century America); **** "Slogum House" (American Frontier); **** "The Story Catcher" (Young Plains Indian Boy);

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SAVAGE, Jr., LES - "The Royal City" (Santa Fe 1680);

SAXTON, JUDITH - "The Bright Day is Done" (16th Century England);

SCHAEFER, JACK - "The Canyon" (Pre-White Man American Indians);

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SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - "Casanova's Homecoming" (World's Greatest Lover);

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SCOTLAND, JAY - "I, Barbarian" (Genghis Khan's Era); **** "Sir Scoundrel" (Third Crusade); **** "Strike the Black Flag" (Spanish Man/ Blackbeard/ Anne Bonny); **** "The Veils of Salome" (Judean Princess);

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SCOTT, NATALIE ANDERSON - "The Golden Trollop" (Pre-Victorian London);

SCOTT, PAUL - (The Raj Quartet) #1 "The Jewel in the Crown" (British Raj of India); **** #2 "The Day of the Scorpion" (British Raj of India); **** #3 "The Towers of Silence" (British Raj of India); **** #4 "A Division of the Spoils" (British Raj of India);

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SELLERS, CON – Sweet Caroline (Old South);

SETON, ANYA - "Avalon" (10th Century England); **** Dragonwych (Old South); *** Katherine (14th Century England); *** The Mistletoe and Sword (1st Century Britain); *** "My Theodosia" (Old South); *** The Winthrop Woman (Colonial America);

SETTLE, MARY LEE – O Beulah Land( Old South);

SEWARD, FLORENCE A. - "Gold for the Caesars" (Imperial Rome);

SEYMOUR, MIRANDA - "The Goddess" (Helen of Troy);

SHAFFER, PETER - "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" (1532 Conquistadores Rape of Peru);

SHANNON, DORIS - "Cain's Daughters" (American Civil War);

SHARP, MARGERY - "Britannia Mews" (Victorian England);

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SHAY, FRANK – Pirate Wench (Pirae Queen Mary Read);


"All Things are Lights" (Louis IX's France);

(Shike) #1 "Time of the Dragons" (Fuedal Japan); **** #2 "Last of the Zinja";

SHELBY, GRAHAM - "The Kings of Vain Intent" (Richard the Lionheart); **** "The Knights of Dark Renown" (Crusades); **** "The Oath and the Sword" (1134 to 1153 England); **** "The Villians of the Piece" (12th Century England);

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SHELTON, JESS – Brood of Fury (Slavery);

SHIPWAY, GEORGE - "The Paladin" (11th Century Normandy);

SHORE, WILLIAM - "The Witch of Spring" (Voodoo in 19th Century New Orleans);

SHULENBERGER, ARVID - "Road's From the Fort" (1857 Dakota);

SHULER, LINDA LAY – She Who Remembers (America's Prehistory);

SHULMAN, SANDRA – Frabcesca the Florentine;

SIEGEL, BENJAMIN - "Witch of Salem" (Salem Witches);

SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - "Quo Vadis" (Imperial Rome);

SILVER, ALFRED - "Lord of the Plains" (Indians Fighting for Freedom);

SILVERBERT, ROBERT – Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations;

SIMMS, JOHN - "Gibral-Taric" (8th Century Moors);

SIMON, EDITH - "The Golden Hand" (14th Century England);

SINCLAIR, JAMES – Warrior Queen (Celtic Queen Boadicea);

SINGER, ISAAC B. - "The Slave" (Slavery 17th Century Poland);

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SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT (Translated by Brian Stone);

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SKELTON, C.L. - "Hardacre" (19th Century Dynasty);

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SMALL, SIDNEY HERSCHEL - "Sword and Candle" (Spanish Coquistadors);

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SMITH, GEORGE (The American Freedom Series) #1 The Rogues" (Early America); *** #2 The Devil's Breed;

SMOLLETT, TOBIAS - "Humphry Clinker" (18th Century England);

SMUCKER, BARBARA – Underground to Canada (Girl Slaves Flight to Freedsom);

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SOMMERS, JEANNE - (The Making of America) #3 "The Conestoga People";

SOUTHWORTH, JOHN V.D. - "The Pirate From Rome" (Imperial Rome);

SPICER, BART - "The Tall Captains" (18th Century French Indian Wars);

SPINATELLI, CARL J. - "Baton Sinister" (Renaissance Genoa);

STACTON, DAVID - "Sir William" (Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton);

STEEDMAN, MARGUERITE - "Refuge in Avalon" (Christ Goes to Britain);

STEELE, WILBUR DANIEL – That Girl from Memphis (American West);

STEEN, MARGUERITE - "The Sun is my Undoing" (1760's Africa); **** "Twilight on the Floods" (1760's Africa);

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STEVENS, ROBERT TYLER – The Summer Day is Done (Russian Romanov Era);

STEVENSON, JANET – Weep No More (Female Spy In American Civil War South);

STEWARD, DAVENPORT - "Caribbean Cavalier" (18th Century New World); **** "Rainbow Road" (Gold Strike in Northern Georgia); **** "Sail the Dark Tide" (American Civil War); **** "Savage Conqueror" (12th Century England); **** "Way of a Buccaneer" (17th Century Jamaican Pirates);

STEWART, A.J. - "Falcon" (James the Fourth King of Scotland);

STEWART, FRED MUSTARD - "A Race Against Heaven" (American Civil War);

STEWART, GEORGE R. - "Ordeal by Hunger" (California's Ill Fated Donner Party);

STONE, GRACE ZARING - "The Cold Journey" (Puritan New England);

STONE, IRVING - "The Agony and the Ecstasy" (Life of Michelangelo); **** "Immortal Wife" (Gold Rush to American Civil War); **** "Lust for Life" (Life of Vincent Van Gogh); **** "THe Origin" (Life of Charles Darwin);

STRONG, PHIL - "Jessamy John" (West of the Mississippi 18th Century);

STOVER, HERBERT E. - "The Eagle and the Wind" (Revolutionary America); **** "Powder Mission (American Revolution);

STRABEL, THELMA - "Reap the Wild Wind" (1835 Charleston and the Florida Keys);

STRACHEY, LYTTON - "Elizabeth and Essix" (Elizabeth I);

STREET, JAMES - "By Valour and Arms" (American Civil War Vicksburg); **** "Mingo Dabney" (19th Century Cuban Revolution); **** "Oh, Promised Land" (American Frontier); **** "Tap Roots" (American Revolution); **** "The Velvet Doublet" (Columbus's Voyage);

STRYON, WILLIAM - "The Confessions of Nat Turner" (Slavery);

STUART, COLIN - "Walks for Woman" (Last Stand for Indians)

STUART, DEE - "Freedom's Flame" (American Revolution);

SUDAK, EUNICE – White Slave Ship (From Newgate to Virginia);

SUMNER, RICHARD – Mistress of the Streets (Restoration England);

SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY – Dragon Slayer: The Story of Beowulf; *** "The Eagle of the Ninth" (North of Hadrian's Wall in Britain); **** "Lady in Waiting" (Sir Walter Raleigh); **** "The River of the White Horse" (War of the Roses); *** The Road to Camlann; *** The Sword and the Circle; **** "Sword at Sunset" (Arthurian England);

SUTHREN, VICTOR – The Black Cockade (1745 Naval America);

SWANSON, NEIL H. - "The Forbidden Ground" (1778 Northwest); **** "Unconquered" (White Captive of Indians);

-- T --

TANNAHILL, REAY – A Dark and Distant Shore (Victorian); *** Fatal Majesty (The Dream of Mary Queen of Scots);

TAYLOR, ANGELINE – Black Jade (Slavery);

TAYLOR, ROBERT LEWIS - "A Journey to Matecumbe" (Mississippi River); **** "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters" (California Gold Rush); *** Two Roads to Guadalupe (Missouri Mounted Volunterrs);

TAYLOR, WINCHCOMBE - "Ram" (18th Century);

TEBBEL, JOHN - "The Conqueror" (American Frontier); **** "Touched with Fire" (American Frontier);

TEILHET, DARWIN - "The Mission of Jeffery Tolamy" (1816 Hawaii);

TERROT, CHARLES - "The Passionate Pilgrim" (Nurse with Florence Nightingale 1850 Constantinople);

TERRY, C.V. - "Buccaneer Surgeon" (Spanish Main); **** "Darien Venture" (Spanish Main); **** "The Deadly Lady of Madagascar" (Woman Pirate); **** "The Golden Ones" (Elizabethan England);

TEY, JOSEPHINE - "The Privateer" (Henry Morgan);

THANE, ELSWYTH - "Dawn's Early Light" (Colonial Williamsburg); **** "Yankee Stranger" (American Civil War);

THAYER, TIFFANY – Three Muskateers and a Lady (17th Century France);

THOM, JAMES ALEXANDER - "Follow the River" (Ordeal of Mary Ingles, Captive of Shawnee); **** "Long Knife" (American Revolutionary); **** "Panther in the Sky" (Life of Tecumseh);

THOMAS, ELIZABETH MARSHALL – Reindeer Moon (Prehistoric Life);

THOMPSEN, ROBERT – Carriage Trade;

THOMPSON, E.V. - "Ben Retallick" (19th Century Cornwall Tin Mines); **** "Chase the Wind" (19th Century Cornwall); **** "Cry Once Alone" (1838 Texas); **** "Harvest of the Sun": (19th Century African Skeleton Coast); *** The Music Makers (1840's Ireland); *** Singing Spears (1880's Africa);

THOMSON, EDWARD - "Gladiator" (Imperial Rome/ Slavery);

THOMSON, GEORGE MALCOLM – The Crime of Mary Stuart;

THOMSEN, ROBERT – Carriage Trade (Civil War America);

THORNE, VICTORIA - "My Lord, the Hermit" (Plantagenet England);

THURMAN, ROBERT - "Wild Inheritance" (Canadian Pioneers);

THURSTON, ROBERT - "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (Columbus);

TOKSON, ELLIOT - "desert Captive" (1900's Arabian Desert);

TOOMBS, JOHN - (The Making of America) - #4 "The Forty-Niners" (California Gold Rush);

TRACY, CATHERINE - "Cotton Moon" (Old South);

TRACY, DON - "The Amber Fire" (1700's American Whiskey Trade); **** "The Black Amulet" (British History); **** "Carolina Corsair" (Blackbeard the Pirate); **** "Cherokee" (White man vs. Indians); **** "Chesapeake Cavalier" (Colonial America): **** "Crimson is the Eastern Shore" (War of 1812); **** "On the Midnight Tide" (Confederate Privateers); **** "Roanoke Renegade" (Colonial America);

TRALINS, ROBERT- "Black Pirate" (Slave Into Pirate 18th Century); **** "Black Stud" (Slavery in the Old South);

TRANTER, NIGEL – Chain of Destiny (James IV King of Scotland); *** (The Marquis of Montrose) #2 "Montrose: The Captain General";(Robert the Bruce) #1 "The Steps to the Empty Throne"; **** #2 "The Path of the Hero King"; *** #1 "Macgregor's Gathering the Wisest Foll" (King James the I and VI); *** Price of a Princess;

TRAYLOR, ELLEN GUNDERSEN – Jonah (Biblical); *** Noah (Biblical) *** "Song of Abraham" (Biblical);

TREASE, GEOFFREY - "Bows Against the Barons" (Robin Hood); **** "Cue for Treason" (Shakespearian England); **** "The Hills of Varna" (Renaissance Europe);

TREECE, HENRY - "The Children's Crusade" (Crusade of 1212); **** "The Great Captains" (Ancient Britain); **** Horned Helmet" (Viking Raider); **** Jason" (Jason and the Argonauts); **** "Legions of the Eagle" (Roman Invasion of Britain); **** "The Pagan Queen" (Boudicca vs. Rome); **** "The Queen's Brooch" (Boudicca); **** "The Road to Miklagard" (Viking Raiders); **** "The Savage Warriors" (Roman Conquest of Britain); **** "Viking's Dawn" (Viking Raiders); **** "Viking's Sunset" (Viking Raiders);

TRESILLIAN, RICHARD – Blood of the Bond Master (Slavery/ Old South); *** "The Bond-Master" (Slavery in Old South); **** "Bold of the Bond Master" (Slavery in Old South);

TREVELYNA, ROBERT - "His Highness Commands Pendragon" (Victorian Secret Agent); **** "Pendragon" (Victorian Secret Agent);

TRIMNLL, ROBERT L. - The Wench and the Flame (Mexico's Revolutionary Days);

TRYON, THOMAS - "The Wings of the Morning" (19th Century England);

TUCKER, TERRY - "The Unravished Bride" (Richard II);


TURNBULL, ANN - "The Wolf King" (Ancient England);

TURNER, ADAM - "Voodoo Queen" (Caribbean Black magic);

TURTON, GODFREY - "My Lord of Canterbury" (Henry VIII's Archbishop);

THRONE, WILLIAM S. - "Black Harvest" (Slavery/ Old South);

-- U --

UCHARD, MARIO - "The Frenchman in Mohammed's Harem";

UNDERHILL, HAL - "Jamaica White" (19th Century Slavery);

UNDSET, SIGRID - - "The Axe" (13th Century Norway); **** "In the Wilderness" (13th Century Norway); **** (Kristin Lavransdatter) #1 "The Bridal Wreath" (Medieval Norway); **** #2 "The Mistress of Husaby"; #3 The Cross; **** "The Snake Pit" (13th Century Norway); **** "The Son Avenger";

UNWIN, RAYNER – The Defeat of John Hawkins (Spain and England Battle for New World);

UPCHURCH, BOYD - "The Slave Stealer" (Slavery 19th Century America);

-- V --

VAIL, JOHN - "Sword in his Hand" (Napoleons);

VANDERCOOK, JOHN W. - "Black Majesty" (Emperor Christophe of Haiti);

VAN DE WATER, FREDERIC F. - "The Green Cockade" (American Revolution);

VAN HAZINGA, CYNTHIA - "The Georgians" (American Revolution);

VAN HELLER, MARCUS - "The Lions of Amon" (Ancient Egypt);

VAN-LOON, ANTONIA - "For Us the Living" (American Civil War);

VANSITTART, PETER - "The Tournament" (15th Century Europe);

VAN WYCK MASON, E. - Brimstone Club;

VAUGHAN, CARTER A. - Branded Bride (1660's England); *** "The Charlatan" (Queen Anne Era); **** "The Devil's Bride" (Ottoman Empire); **** "Dragon Cove" (American Revolution); **** "The Invincibles" (Colonial America); **** "The River Devils" (Frontier Mississippi); *** "Roanoke Warrior" (1711 American Frontier); **** "Scoundrels' Brigade" (18th Century); *** The Seneca Hostage (18th Century America); **** "The Wilderness" (American Frontier);

VAUGHAN, Jr., ROBERT R. - "Slave's Blood" (Slavery/ Old South);

VERRETTE, JOYCE – Dawn of Desire (Ancient Middle East); *** "Sunrise of Splendor" (Ancient Middle East);

VIDAL, GORE – Burr (Biographical Novel of Aaron burr); *** "Creation" (5th Century BC); **** "Julian" (Emperor Julian); **** "Lincoln: a Novel" (Abraham Lincoln); **** "A Search for the King" (Richard Lion Heart);

VIDAL, NICOLE - "The Goddess Queen" (Nefertiti);

VIVIAN, E. CHARLES – The Adventures of Robin Hood;

VOGT, ESTHER LOEWEN – Turkey Red (Mennonites in 1877 Kansas);

VOIGT, CYNTHIA – Jackaroo (Medieval Adventure);

VON LE FORT, GERTRUD - "The Sons at the Scaffold" (French Revolution);

VOYNICH, E.L. - The Gadfly (19thCentury Italian Risorgimento);

-- W --

WACE AND MAYAMON – Arthurian Chronicles;

WADDELL, HELEN - "Peter Abelard" (12th Century Paris);

WADE, CARLSON – Jamestown Mistress (Slavery);

WALDO, ANNA LEE – Circle of Stones (Medieveal Wales); *** "Sacajawea" (Lewis and Clark's Expedition);

WALKER, MARGARENT - "Jubilee" (American Civil War);

WALL, ROBERT E. - (The Canadians) #1 "Blackrobe" (Settling of Canada); **** #2 "Bloodbrothers"(Settling of Canada); **** #3 "Birthright" (Settling of Canada); **** #4 "Patriots"(Settling of Canada); *** #6 Dominion; *** #7 Brotherhood;

WALLACE, LEW - "Ben-Hur" (Biblical);

WALLACE, RANDALL - "Braveheart" (William Wallace);

WALLOTH, WILHELM - (The Golden Age of Rome) #2 "Octavia: Prisoner of Passion;

WALPOLE, HUGH - "The Fortress" (19th Century England);

WALSH, MAURICE - "Blackcock's Feather" (1590 Ireland);

WALSH, WILLIAM THOMAS – Isabella the Crusader (15th Century Spain);

WALTARI, MIKA - "The Adventurer" (16th Century Europe); **** "The Dark Angel" (15th Century Constantinople); **** "The Egyptian" (Ancient Egypt); **** "The Etruscan" (Ancient Roman Empire); **** The Secret of the Kingdom (Biblical); *** "The Wanderer" (16th Century);

WALTON, EVANGELINE - "The Cross and the Sword" (Vikings/ 10th Century England);

WARNAK, TIM - "Crossed Swords" (Base on "The Prince and the Pauper");

WARREN, JOANNA - (The Conrad Chronicles) #2 "Belle Meade: The Dreamers" (Saga of the Old South);

WARREN, ROBERT PENN - "Band of Angels" (American Civil War/ White Slavery); **** "Night Rider" (Kentucky Tobacco Wars); **** "World Enough and Time" (Frontier Kentucky);

WATSON, JULIA - "The King's Mistress" (16th Century Europe);

WATT, HOWARD R. - Pool of Seduction (French Court of Louis XIV);

WATT, SEBASTIAN - "Natchez Kingdom" (Slavery/ Old South);

WEAVER, WARD - "Hang my Wreath" (American Civil War);

WEBB, LILIANE - "The Marranos" (Spanish Inquisition);

WEBB, LIONEL - "The Flame and the Fury" (Slavery 1847 Old South); *** Night of Dark Fires (Old South Slave Revolt); *** Rogue Slave (Slavery/ Old South);

WEBBER, EVERETT - "Louisiana Cavalier" (Louisiana Frontier); **** "Rampart Street" (19th Century Orleans; with Webber, Olga);

WEENOLSEN, HEBE - "The Last Englishman" (11th Century Norman Conquests);

WEINREB, NATHANIEL NORSEN – The Groves of Desire (Roman Empire);

WEISS, DAIVD - "Naked Came I" (Rodin and French Impressionists);

WELLARD, JAMES - "You With the Roses - What are You Selling?" (Imperial Rome);

WELLMAN, PAUL J. - "Angel with Spurs" (19th Century American Wild West); **** "The Buckstones" (American Frontier); **** "The Female" (6th Century Constantinople); **** "The Iron Mistress" (Story of Jim Bowie); **** "Jubal Troop" (Texas Oil Baron); **** "Magnificent Destiny" (Andrew Jackson/ Sam Houston); **** "Ride the Red Earth" (Colonial America);

WELLS, EVELYN - "A City for St. Francis" (American Frontier); **** "Jed Blaine's Woman" (American Frontier/ California Gold Rush);

WERNER, HAZELDELL - "Golden Harvest" (Pioneer California);

WEST, KEITH - "Ma Wei Slope" (T'Ang Dynasty China);

WESTCOTT, GLENWAY - "The Grandmothers" (Wisconsin Pioneer Family);

WESTCOTT, JAN - "The Border Lord" (16th Century Scotland); **** "Captain Barney" (18th Century American Privateer); **** "captain for Elizabeth" (16th Century British Privateer); **** "The Hepburn" (16th Century Scotland); **** "The Tower and the Dream" (16th Century England); **** "The Walsingham Woman" (Elizabethan England);

WESTON, CHRISTINE - "Indigo" (Revolution in India);

WETHERELL, J. - "The Golden Three" (1850's Northwest);

WEYMAN, STANLEY J. - The Castle Inn (18th Century England); *** "A Gentleman of France" (Henry IV Era); **** "The House of the Wolf" (16th Century France); **** "Under the Red Robe" (17th Century France);

WEYRICH, BECKY LEE - "Rapture's Slave" (Imperial Rome);

WHARTON, EDITH - "The Age of Innocence" (19th Century New York);

WHEATLEY, DENNIS - "Desperate Measures" (19th Century British Secret Agent); **** "The Launching of Roger Brook" (French Revolution); **** "The Man Who Killed the King" (French Revolution); **** "The Rape of Venice" (18th Century British Secret Agent); **** "The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware" (19th Century British Secret Agent); **** "The Shadow of Tyburn Tree" (Georgian London/ Catherine the Great);

WHITBY, SHARON – The Last of the Greenwood (Marion & Robin Hood);

WHITE, ELLEN G. - The Desire of Ages (Life of Christ);

WHITE, LESLIE TURNER - "The Highland Hawk" (17th Century Scotland); **** "His Majesty's Highlanders" (1775 America); **** "Look Away, Look Away" (Post-American Civil War); **** "Lord Johnnie" (18th Century England); **** "Magnus the Magnificent" (17th Century British Naval); **** "Monsieur Yankee" (American Doctor During French Revolution); **** "The Pirate and the Lady" (Panama Treasure Fleet); **** "Scorpus the Moor" (Imperial Rome); **** "Sir Rogue" (Tsarist Russia); **** "The Winged Sword" (11th Century French Crusades);

WHITED, CHARLES - (Spirit of America) Book 1 "Challenge";

WHITTINGTON, HARRY - "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (Photo Cover);

WHITTLE, TYLER – Albert's Victoria (Victorian);

WIBBERLEY, LEONARD – The Centurion (Biblical); *** The Seven Hills (Christ and Caesr);

WICKER, TOM – Unto This Hour (American Civil War);

WIDDEMER, MARGARET - "The Golden Wildcat" (18th Century Frontier Life); **** "Lani" (1889/90 Hawaii);

WILCOX, JESS – Vanity, my Beloved (A Northern Gone with the Wind);

WILDER, ROBERT - "Bright Feather" (1830's Florida); ***** "God has a Long face" (Post-Civil War Florida); **** "Wind from the Carolinas (18th Century, 19th Century Bahamas);

WILDER, THORNTON - "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" (18th Century Peru); **** "The Ides of March" (1st Century BC Imperial Rome);

WILKINS, VAUGHAN - "And So-Victoria" (1820's England);

WILLIAMS, GORDON - "The Duellists" (19th Century France);

WILLIAMS, JAY - "The Rogue from Padua" (16th Century Europe); **** "The Siege" (13th Century France); **** "Solomon and Sheba" (Biblical); **** "Tomorrow's Fire" (Third Crusade); **** "The Witches" (1590's Scotland);

WILLIAMS, JON - (Privateers and Gentlemen) Volume 2 The Yankee; *** Volume 3 "The Raider"; **** Volume 5 "Cat Island";

WILLIAMS, MASLYN – Dubu (Colonial Conquest of New Guinea);

WILLOUGHBY, LEE DAVIS - (The Making of America) #9 "The Texans"; **** #10 "The Alaskans"; **** #11 "The Golden Staters"; **** #12 "The River People"; **** #13 "The Land Grabbers"; **** #14 "The Ranchers"; **** #17 The Buffalo People *** #18 "The Far Islanders"; *** #19 The Border Breed; **** #20 "The Boomers"; *** #21 The Wildcatters; *** #24 The Donner People;**** #25 "The Creoles"; **** #26 "The Nightriders" **** #32 "The Baja People"; **** #38 "The Canadians"; **** #40 "The Lawmen"; **** #41 "The Copper Kings"; **** #44 "The Gamblers"; **** #45 "The Robber Barons"; **** #48 "The Texas Rangers" **** #49 "The Outlaws"; **** #51 "The Frontier Detectives";

(The Making of American Part Two: Women Who Won the West) #1 "Tempest of Tombstone"; **** #3 "Duchess of Denver"; **** #5 "Flame of Virginia City": #8 "Princess of Powder River";

WILSON, DOROTHY CLARKE - "Jezebel" (Biblical); **** "Prince of Egypt" (Moses);

WILSON, ERLE - "Adams of the Bounty" (Mutiny Aboard);

WILSON, JEANNE – Mulatto (Slavery/ Jamaica);

WILSON, JOHN H. - "Nell Gwyn: Royal Mistress" (Charles II);

WILSON, MITCHELL – The Lovers (19th Century Martha's Vineyard);

WILSON, SANDRA - "Alice" (Medieval England);

WINCHCOMBE - TAYLOR - "Ram" (18th Century Soldier of Fortune);

WIND, DAVID - "The Last days of Pompeii" (ABC-TV Miniseries);

WINSOR, KATHLEEN – Forever Amber (Restoration England);

WINSTEN, STEPHEN - "Moonshine County" (Whiskey Rebellion);

WINTER, PAT – River of Destiny (American Frontier);

WINTON, JANE - "Passion is the Gale" (Virgin Islands);

WOLFE, ELIZABETH – Boudicca (1st Century Roman Empire);

WOLFF, RUTH - "The Abdication" (Queen Christina of Sweden);

WOMACK, BURT - "This Savage Land" (American Frontier);

WOOD, CHRISTOPHER - "John Adam in Eden" (16th Century);

WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL – The Great Hunger (1840's Irish Famine);

WOODLEY, RICHARD - (American Explorers) #7 "Zebulon Pike: Pioneer Destiny";

WORMER, RICHARD - "The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah" (Biblical); **** "Thief of Baghdad" (Movie);

WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Farthing's Fortune (Frontier Adventure);

WYSE, MARION - "The Prophet and the prostitute" (Gomer and Hosea);

-- Y --

YEATS-BROWN, FRANCIS - "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer"

YERBY, FRANK - "Benton's Row"; **** "Bride of Liberty"; **** "Captain Rebel"; **** "The Dahomean"; **** "A Darkness at Ingraham's Crest"; **** "The Devil's Laughter"; **** Fairoaks"; **** "Floodtide"; **** "The Foxes of Harrow"; **** "The Garfield Honor"; **** "Gillian"; **** "The Girl from Storyville"; **** "The Golden Hawk"; **** "Goat Song"; **** "Griffin's Way"; **** "Jarrett's Jade"; **** "Judas, My Brother"; **** "An Odor of Sancity"; **** "Pride's Castle'; **** "The Saracen Blade"; **** "The Serpent and the Staff"; **** Speak Now"; **** "The Treasure of Pleasant Valley"; **** "The Vixens"; **** "Western"; **** "A Woman Called Fancy"

YORDAN, PHILIP - "King of Kings";

YOSHIKAWA, EIJI - (Musashi) Book V "The Way of Life and Death);

YOUNG, STARK - "So Red the Rose" (American Civil War);

YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - "Memoirs of Hadrian" (Emperor Hadrian);

-- Z --

ZACHARY, ELIZABETH - (The Making of America) #7 "The Land Rushers";

ZACHARY, HUGH - (The Saga of Sierra Leone) #1 "Flight to Freedom";

ZAPPONI, BERNARDINO "Fellini's Casanva" (World's Greatest Lover);

ZELDIS, CHAYYM – A Forbidden Love (Israel); *** "Golgotha (Biblical);


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(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa

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