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MEDICAL Related for sale - Hardcover & Trade Paperback Books; (Health, Medicine, Surgery, Doctor's, Nursing, Anatomy, Disease, Diet & Nutrition, etc)

(H-101); AEQUANIMITAS With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine - by Sir William Osler; McGraw-Hill Book Company

(1971 DELUXE Edition in SLIPCASE; with Presentation Letter; Hardcover; 3rd ed. = US$16.00);

(H-102); AEQUANIMITAS With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine - by Sir William Osler; The Blakiston Company; (Hardcover; 3rd ed.; 1943 = US$12.00);

(H-103); AIDS TO EMBRYOLOGY - by M.B.L. Craigmyle; Bailliere, Tindall and Cox; (Hardcover; 6th Ed.; 1962 = US$10.00);

(H-104); AMBASSADORS IN WHITE - The story of American Tropical Medicine. - by Charles Morrow Wilson; Henry Holt & Company; (Hardcover; 1942 = US$10.00);

(H-105); ANATOMY - A Regional Study of Human Structure. - by Ernest Gardner, Donald J. Gray, Ronan O'Rahilly; W.B. Saunders Company (Hardcover; 2nd Ed; 1963 = US$XX.00);

(H-106); AN APPLE A DAY - A Holistic Health Primer - by Mel Borins; Wholistic Press; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 2nd; 1967 = US$10.00);

(H-107); THE ARMOR WITHIN US - The Story of Bone - by Joseph Samachson; Rand McNally & Company; (Hardcover; 1966 = US$8.00);

(H-108); THE BABY IN THE BOTTLE - by William A. Nolen; Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc. (Hardcover; 1978 = US$7.00);

(H-109); BASIC SCIENCE IN NURSING ARTS - by Sister Mary Agnita Claire Day; The C.V. Mosby Company (Hardcover; 1951; RARE; 4th ed = US$30.00);

(H-110); BLOOD CLINICAL & LABORATORY DIAGNOSIS - by Henry Irving Berger; Battle & Co. (Softcover Trade Paperback; 15th ed.; 1945 = US$XX.00);

(H-111); BLOOD GROUP ANTIGENS & ANTIBODIES AS APPLIED TO BLOOD TRANSFUSION - by ; Ortho Pharmaesutical (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1960 = US$10.00);

(H-112); THE BOOK OF APHRODISIACS - by Raymond Stark; Methuen; (Softcover Trade Paperback;1980 = US$7.00);

(H-113); THE BOOK OF LIFE - The Bible of Health - by Orlando Edgar Miller; The Psychological Press; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1925 = US$25.00);

(H-114); THE BRAIN - by Richard M. Restak; Bantam Books (Softcover Trade Paperback;1984 = US$7.00);

(H-115); BUILDING BETTER BODIES - by Wm. Howard Hay & others; The Mundy-Goodfellow Printing Co.; (Hardcover; 2nd Ed; RARE; 1933 = US$99.00);

(H-116); CHILDBIRTH WITHOUT FEAR - The Principle and Practice of Natural Childbirth - by Grantly Dick Read; Harper & Brother Pub.; (Hardcover; 1953 = US$10.00);

(H-117); CHILDBIRTH WITHOUT FEAR - The Principle and Practice of Natural Childbirth - by Grantly Dick Read; Harper & Brother Pub.; (Hardcover; 1944 = US$12.00);

(H-118); A CHIROPRACTOR'S TREASURY OF HEALTH SECRETS - by Samuel Homola; Parker Publishing; (Hardcover; 1970 = US$7.00);

(H-119); CHRONIC DISEASE AND DISABILITY - by Georgia Travis; University of California Press; (Hardcover; 1961 = US$14.00);

(H-120); CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE - A Manual for Physicians; by ; National Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease Ass.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1972 = US$8.00);

(H-121); CLAUDE BERNARD AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE; by Francisco Grande, Maurice B. Visscher; Schenkman Pub.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1967 = US$10.00);

(H-122); COMMON SKIN DISEASES - The General Practice Series - by A.C. Roxburgh; H.K. Lewis & Co. Ltd. (Hardcover; 4th Ed; 1937 = US$22.00);

(H-123); CONCERNING OSTEOPATHY - by George V. Webster; The Plimpton Press; (Hardcover; 3rd ed.; Bottom Half of Cover is FA/G from Waterdamage, rest of Book is VG, thus call it GOOD; RARE; 1917 = US $149.00);

(H-124); CORONARY CARE IN THE COMMUNITY - by Aubrey Colling; Croom Helm; (Hardcover; 1977; SCARCE = US$49.00);


Volume 1 ( Upper & Lower Limbs); Volume 2 Thorax & Abdomen; (Volume 3 Head & Neck & Brain); by G.J. Romanes; Oxford Medical Pub.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 13th ed.; 1971 SET of 3 Books; = US$22.00);

(H-127); DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF MENSTRUAL DISORDERS AND STERILITY - by S. Leon Israel; Harper & Row Pub.; (Hardcover; 5th Ed.; 1967 = US$18.00);

(H-128); DISEASES OF THE LIVER - by SCHIFF, LEON / Cecil J. Watson (foreward); J.B. Lippinsott Company; (Hardcover; 2nd ed; 1956 = US$20.00);

(H-129); DISEASES OF WOMEN - by Harry Sturgeon Crossen, Robert James Crossen; C.V. Mosby Company; (Hardcover; 8th ed.; 1935 = US$18.00);

(H-130); DISORDERS OF THE SEXUAL FUNCTION IN THE MALE AND FEMALE - A Practical Treatise. - by Max Huhner; F.A. Davis Company; (Hardcover; 2nd Ed.; 1924 = US$15.00);

(H-131); DOCTORS DON'T BELIEVE IT - WHY SHOULD YOU? - by August A. Thomen; Simon & Schuster; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1941 = US$15.00);

(H-132); THE DRAMA OF MEDICINE - Doctors Risk Their Lives in Research. by Hugo Glaser; Fletcher and Son Lts.; (Hardcover; 1962 = US$12.00);

(H-133); DUCTLESS AND OTHER GLANDS - A Popular Account of Their Nature and Functions; by Fred E. Wynne; Alfred A. Knopf; (Hardcover; 1923 = US$18.00);

(H-134); ELECTRO-THERAPEUTICAL PRACTICE - A Ready Reference Guide for Physicians in the Use of Electricity and the X-Rays; by Chas S. Neiswanger; Ritchie & Company; (Hardcover; 12th ed.; Some underlining o/w Excellent; 1918; RARE = US$120.00);

(H-136); EPIDEMIOLOGY MAN AND DISEASE - by John P. Fox, Carrie E. Hall, Lila R. Elveback; The Macmillan Company; (Hardcover; 3rd Ed.; 1971 = US$8.00);

(H-137); ESSENTIALS OF DISEASES OF THE EAR - BY E.B. Gleason; W.B. Saunders; (Hardcover; Very RARE; 1897 = US$75.00);


(H-139); (EVERY DAY GUIDE TO HEALTH) - SEX AND THE LOVE-LIFE; by William J. Fielding; P.F. Collier & Son Company; (Hardcover; 1929 = US$10.00);

(H-140); THE EXCHANGE OF ENERGY BETWEEN MAN AND THE ENVIRONMENT - by Newburgh M.D., L.H. & Margaret Woodwell Johnston Ph.D. (Hardcover; 1930 = US$22.00);

(H-141); THE FAT BOY'S DOWNFALL - and How Elmer Learned to Keep It Off. (with The Fat Boy's Calorie Counter) - Elmer Wheeler; Prentice-Hall, Inc.(Hardcover; 1952 = US$8.00);

(H-142); THE FEMALE HORMONES - Juliet Parker Filler; The Booktab Press; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1947 = US$25.00);

(H-143); FERTILITY IN MEN AND WOMEN - The How and Why of Having Children - by James Alan Rosen; Cowan McCann; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1952 = US$22.00);

(H-144); (Mackenzie's) Five Thousand Receipts in All the Useful and Domestic Arts Constituting a Complete Practical Library; by American Physician; Troutman & Hayes; (Hardcover; All-encompassing compendium of 19th-century practical knowledge-anything you can't do using instructions from this manual, you probably shouldn't be trying in the first place, though one assumes that in many cases there are more effective modern means now established! The work starts out with metallurgy (including everything you need to know in order to assay the value of silver, cast bronze finely, or color steel blue), proceeds to art (make your own crayons, or paint a miniature on ivory), and ranges to subjects such as farriery, tanning, horticulture, and husbandry, before closing with an assortment of miscellanea not covered by any previous header. Culinary topics include brewing, wine-making, preserving, and confectionary, as well as good basic recipes for such classics as potted beef, quince pudding, mock turtle soup, and "tomata catsup." The medicine section is quite lengthy, and covers ailments both mild and severe. Spine Missing & Covers detatched thus FAIR; 1852 = US$39.00);

(H-145); THE FIGHT FOR LIFE - by Paul De Kruif; Harcourt, Brace and Company; (Hardcover; 4th ed.; 1938 = US$8.00);

(H-146); FIRST AID TO THE INJURED - by Colonel Sir James Cantlie; St. John Ambulance Association; (Hardcover; 37th ed.; 1927 = US$10.00);

(H-147); FIRST AID TO THE INJURED - by Colonel Sir James Cantlie; St. John Ambulance Association; (Hardcover; 39th ed.; 1928 = US$10.00);

(H-148); FOCUS ON THE FUTURE - Proceedings of the 14th Quadrennial Congress of the Internatioal Council of Nurses, Monreal 1969; by ; S. Karger - Basel (Switzerland) ; Munchen - New York (Hardcover; RARE; 1970 = US$49.00);

(H-149); FOLK MEDICINE - by D.C. (DeForest Clinton ) Jarvis MD; Fawcett; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 2nd. ed; 1982 = US$5.00);

(H-150); FRACTURES AND DISLOCATIONS -- DIAGNOSIS AND TREAMENT - by Miller E. Preston; C.V. Mosby Company; (Hardcover; RARE 1915 FIRST Edition; NOT a Newer Reprint; WORN Spine thus FA/G; Rest of book is decent condition = US$69.00);

(H-151); THE FRUIT OF THE FAMILY TREE (Heredity) - by Albert Edward Wiggam; Garden City Pub.; (Hardcover; 1925 = US$10.00);

(H-152); GLANDS - OUR INVISIBLE GUARDIANS - by M.W. Kapp; Supreme Grand Lodge of Amorc; (Hardcover; 5th ed.; 1954 = US$12.00);

(H-154); GUIDEPOSTS TO HEALTH AND VIGOROUS LONG LIFE - by John H. Tobe; (February 1970; Modern Pub; St. Catharines Ontario, Canada; Hardcover; 6th Printing; 650 Pages; Dust Jacket = Overall G/VG, but 50% of Flap on inside front is missing thus FAIR; Book Overall Nice copy, but with some water-stains along right edge, thus G/VG;  Price  = $6.00);

(H-155); HOW TO READ CHARACTER - HAND BOOK OF PHYSIOLOGY PHRENOLOGY AND PHYSIOGNOMY FOR STUDENTS AND EXAMINERS with a Descriptive Chart - by ; Fowler & Wells Co.; (Hardcover; 1890 = US$22.00);

(H-156); HEALTH SECRETS FROM THE ORIENT - by Carlson Wade; Parker Pub.; (Hardcover; 1973 = US$6.00);

(H-157); HEALTH AND DISEASE - by W. Leslie Mackenzie; Williams and Norgate; (Hardcover; No Date; Circa 1900; Ex-Library copy; RARE = US$75.00);

(H-158); THE HOME PHYSICIAN AND GUIDE TO HEALTH , Revised Edition, Volume 1 - by Newton Evans, Percy T. Magan, George Thomason, G.K. Abbott; Canadian Watchman Press; (Hardcover; 1943 = US$12.00);

(H-159); THE HOUSEHOLD GUIDE OR DOMESTIC CYCLOPEDIA - A Complete Cook Book; by B.G. Jefferis, J.L. Nichols; Cole Pub.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1972 Reprint of the Classic 1894 Book; SCARCE = US$20.00);

(H-160); THE HOUSEHOLD PHYSICIAN - by J. McGregor-Robertson; Blackie & Son, Limited; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1902 = US$24.00);

(H-162); HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY - by Nellie D. Millard, Barry G. King, Mary Jane Showers; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 4th ed.; 1959 = US$XX.00);

(H-163); THE HUMAN BODY - an Elementary Text-book of Anatomy Physiology and Hygiene - by H. Newell Martin; W.J. Gage; (Hardcover; Water Damaged covers = Fair, reading copy; 1900 = US$8.00);

(H-164); THE HUMAN BODY - A Beginner's Text-book of Anatomy Physiology and Hygiene - 20th Century Edition by H. Newell Martin; W.J. Gage; (Hardcover; 4th ed.; 1904 = US$14.00);

(H-165); ILLUSTRATIONS OF REGIONAL ANATOMY - by E.B. Jamieson; E. & S. Livingston Ltd.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 7th Ed.; 1947 = US$XX.00);

(H-166); IMMUNE-BLOOD THERAPY OF TUBERCULOSIS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCES TO THE LATENT AND MASKED TUBERCULOSIS; by Joseph Hollis / Hollos; Secret places of Tuberculosis; (Hardcover; 1938 = US$39.00);

(H-167); IMMUNOGENETICS; by W.H. Hildemann; Holden-Day; (Hardcover; Scarce; 1970 = US$19.00);

(H-168); (INTERNATIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGY CLINICS) - Affections of the Lids - (Plastic Surgery) by Sidney A. Fox; Little, Brown & Company; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1964 = US$39.00);

(H-169); AN INTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL PATHOLOGY; by S.P. Lock; Staples Press; (Hardcover; 1965; RARE = US$49.00);

(H-170); AN INTRODUCTION TO NEUROLOGY; by C. Judson Herrick; W.B. Sauders Company; (Hardcover; 2nd Ed.; Waterdamged covers thus Good; 1921 = US$10.00);

(H-171); KINESIOLOGY AND APPLIED ANATOMY - The Science of Human Movement; - by Philip J. Rassch, Roger K. Burke; Lea & Febiger; (Hardcover; 5th ed.; 1966 = US$8.00);

(H-172); LOOK YOUNGER, LIVE LONGER - Gayelord Hauser; Faber and Faber Limited; (Hardcover; 1951 = US$7.00);

(H-173); THE LIVING RIVER - The Fascinating Story of the Blood Stream; by Isaac Asimov; Abelard-Schuman; (Hardcover; Ex-Libary; 1959 = US$35.00);

(H-174); MALARIA IN THE INTERIOR VALLEY OF NORTH AMERICA - by Norman D. Levine; Univeristy of Illinois Press; (Hardcover; Ex-Libary; 1964 = US$16.00);

(H-175); MAN, MIND & MEDICINE - The Doctor's Education - by Oliver Cope; J.B. Lippincott Company; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1968 = US$8.00);

(H-176); A MANUAL OF THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE PREPARED ESPECIALLY FOR STUDENTS - by A.A. Stevens; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 1921 = US$15.00);

(H-177); MARGIN OF SAFETY - The Story of Poliomyelitis Vaccine / The Fight Against Polio - by John Rowan Wilson; Collins; (Hardcover; 1963 = US$25.00);

(H-178); MASTERS OF THE SCALPEL - The Story of Surgery - by Sarah R. Riedman; Rand McMally & Company; (Hardcover; Ex-Libary; 1962 = US$10.00);

(H-179); THE MEDICAL ANNUAL - 1946; Wright Bristol; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1946 = US$29.00);

(H-180); THE MEDICAL ANNUAL - 1955; Wright Bristol; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1955 = US$22.00);

(H-181); MEDICAL LOLLYPOP, JUNKIE INSULIN, OR WHAT? (Methadone & Heroine Addicts) - by Arthur D. Moffett, Freda Adler, Frederick B. Glaser, Diana Horvita, Hoag Levins; Dorrance & Company; (Hardcover; Friont endpage Missing; RARE; 1974 = US$39.00);

(H-182); MEDICAL MALPRACTICE - by David M. Harney; The Allan Smith Company; (Hardcover; Find out what judges and juries believe constitutes medical malpractice, negligence, or violates standards of care with this completely up-to-date analysis of state and federal decisions.Initially written by the late David M. Harney -- voted in a medical trade journal as the best plaintiff's lawyer in the country; RARE; 1973 = US$90.00);

(H-183); MEDICINE AND ANTHROPOLOGY - The New York Academy of Medicine Lectures to the Laity; Edited by Iago Galdston; International Universities Press, Inc.; (Hardcover; 1959 = US$12.00);

(H-184); MEDICINE FOR MOUNTAINEERING - by James A. Wilkerson; The Mountaineers Pub.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 2nd Ed.; 1975 = US$8.00);

(H-185); MEDICINE IN MANITOBA - The Story of Its Beginnings - by Ross Mitchell; Stovel Advocate Press Limited; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1954 = US$15.00);

(H-186); THE MERCK MANUAL of Therapeutics and Materia Medica a Source of Ready Reference for the Physican; Merck & Co.; (Hardcover; 7th ed.; 1940 = US$18.00);

(H-187); MILK AND ITS HYGIENIC RELATIONS - Medical Reserch Committee Series; by Janet E. Lane-Claypon; Longmans, Green and Co.; (Hardcover; RARE; 1916 = US$75.00);

(H-188); MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS PREPARED FOR THE USE OF AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE STUDENTS; by Clarence Henry Eckles; Willes Barnes Combs, Harold Macy; McGraw-Hill Book Company; (Hardcover; 3rd ed.; 1936 = US$12.00);

(H-189); A MINNESOTA DOCTOR'S HOME REMEDIES FOR COMMON AND UNCOMMON AILMENTS - by John E. Eichenlaub; Prentice-Hall, Inc.; (Hardcover; 21st ed.; 1971 = US$8.00);

(H-190); MODERN MEDICAL DISCOVERIES - by Irmengarde Eberle; Thomas Y. Crowell Company; (Hardcover; 4th ed. 1968 = US$7.00);

(H-191); MONSTROUS DEPRAVITY - A Jeremiad & a Lamentation About Things to Eat - by John Gould; William Morrow and Company; (Hardcover; 1963 = US$10.00);

(H-192); THE MOTHERCRAFT MANUAL - by Mary L. Read; Little, Brown and Company; (Hardcover; 1924 = US$12.00);

(H-193); THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - An Outline of the Structure and Function of the Human Nervous System and Sense Organs; by G.M. Wyburn; Academic Press; (Hardcover; 1960 = US$10.00);

(H-194); A NEW LIGHT ON CANCER - by Francis P. de Caux; Wilcox and Follett Company; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1952 = US$20.00);

(H-195); NURSES HANDBOOK OF OBSTETRICS - by Louise Zabriskie, Nicholson J. Eastman; J.B. Lippincott Company; (Hardcover; 7th ed.; 1944 = US$7.00);

(H-196); NURSING IN DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT; by Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital; W.B. Sauders Company; by William B. Allan : Richard J. Bellucci : Daniel S. Cunning : Andrew Eggston : Hazel Emmett : Guernsey Frey : Fred W. Graef : Marvin F. Jones : Joseph D. Kelly : Townley Paton : J. E. Purnell : Elizabeth K. Sullivan : F. H. Theodore : Frederick M. Turnbull (Hardcover; 9th ed.; 1955 = US$10.00);

(H-197); NUTRITION AND DIET IN HEALTH AND DISEASE - by James S. McLester; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 5th ed.; Ex-Library; 1949 = US$10.00);

(H-198); ON THE NEURONAL ORGANIZATION OF THE BRAIN - by G.I. Poliakov; Mir Pub.; (Hardcover; MOSCOW; Translated to ENGLISH form the Russian; 1971 = US$20.00);

(H-199); ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SURGERY 1883 - 1983 (PROFESSORS OF SURGERY UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA ) - by Colin C. Ferguson; Peguis Pub . LImited; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 1983 = US$10.00);

(H-201); OPERATIONS ON THE BONES, JOINTS, MUSCLES AND TENDONS - by Robert Soutter; Macmillan Company; [Hardcover; "The stripping of the muscular and fascial attachments from the ilium in hip flexion and abduction has been known for many years as the Soutter operation." (Orr 1275) RARE;. 1917 = US$50.00);

(H-202); OPHTHALMOMETRY - by E. LeRoy Ryer, Elmer E. Hotaling; (Hardcover; 1945 = US$16.00);

(H-203); OUTLINE OF FRACTURES - Including Joint Injuries - by John Crawford Adams; E. & S. LIvingstone Ltd.; (Hardcover; 3rd ed.; 1962 = US$8.00);

(H-204); PERSONAL HYGIENE APPLIED; by Jesse Feiring Williams; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 7th Ed.; 1941 = US$10.00);

(H-205); THE PHENOMENA OF LIFE - A Radio-Electic Interpretation - by George Crile; W.W. Norton & Company; (Hardcover; 1936 = US$49.00);

(H-206); PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY FOR PREMEDICAL STUDENTS - International Chemical Series; by John Page Amsden; McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.; (Hardcover; 1946 = US$17.00);

(H-207); THE PHYSICAL LIFE OF WOMAN -Advice to the Maiden, Wife and Mother - by Geo. H. Napheys; George Maclean Rose & Sons; (Hardcover; 1870 = US$22.00);

(H-208); PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS - by John W. Ritchie, Joseph S. Caldwell; Canadian Health Series; The Educational Book Co. Limited; (Hardcover; 1936 = US$15.00);

(H-209); PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS - by John W. Ritchie, Joseph S. Caldwell; Canadian Health Series; The Educational Book Co. Limited; (Hardcover; 1943 = US$12.00);

(H-210); PLATELETS, DRUGS AND THROMBOSIS - by J. Hirch, J.F. Cade, A.S. Gallus, E. Schonbaum; Arnold-Bocklin-Strasse; (Hardcover; SCARCE; 1975 = US$35.00);

(H-211); POCKET MEDICAL DICTIONARY - 40000 MEDICAL WORDS PRONOUNCED AND DEFINED - by George M. Gould; P. Blakiston's Son; (Softcover; 8th ed.; 1926 = US$10.00);

(H-212); THE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HEALTH - by Frederick M. Rossiter; Review & Herald Pub.; (Hardcover; 1910 = US$15.00);

(H-213); PRIMER OF SANITATION - Being a Simple Textbook of Disease Germs and How to Fight Them - New-World Health Series ; by John W. Ritchie World Book Company; (Hardcover; 1919 = US$10.00);

(H-214); PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF BACTERIOLOGY - College Outline Series; - by Major Arthor H. Bryan, Charles G. Bryan; ; Barnes & Noble Inc.; (Softcover Trade Paperback; 3rd. ed.; 1947 = US$6.00);

(H-215); PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL STATISTICS - by A. Bradford Hill; The Lancet Limited; (Hardcover; 1948 = US$10.00);

(H-216); RARE DISEASES AND SOME DEBATABLE SUBJECTS - by F. Parkes Weber; Staples Press; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1948 = US$XX.00);

(H-217); RECENT ADVANCES IN ASTHMA THERAPY - VANCERIL INHALER BRAND OF BECLOMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE - by Richard S. Farr, Elliott Middleton, jr., Sheldon L. Spector; Symposia Specialists; (Softcover Trade paperback; RARE; 1976 = US$20.00);

(H-218); REFRACTION AND MUSCULAR IMBALANCE - As Simplified Through the Use of the Ski-Optometer; by Daniel Woolf; Woolf Instrument Corp; (Hardcover; 1921 = US$25.00);

(H-219); REST AND PAIN - A Course of Lectures - by John Hilton; William Wood & Company; (Hardcover; 2nd. ed; 1879 = US$18.00);

(H-220); (RIVERSIDE HOME ECONOMICS SERIES) - NUTRITION - by Margaret S. Chaney, Margaret Ahlborn; Houghton Mifflin Company; (Hardcover; 1934 = US$15.00);

(H-221); THE RHYTHM - of Sterility and Fertility in Women - by Leo J. Latz; Latz Foundation; (Hardcover; 6th ed.; 1942 = US$8.00);

(H-222); SAFE COUNSEL OR PRACTICAL EUGENICS - by B.G. Jefferis, J. L. Nichols; J.L. Nichols & Co.; (Hardcover; 38 ed.; FAIR; 1926 = US$8.00);

- by Winfield Scott Hall; McClelland & Stewart, Limited; (Hardcover; 1921 = US$10.00);

(H-224); SPEAKING AS ONE DOCTOR TO ANOTHER; by Arthur V. Allen; New England Anti-Vivisection Society; (RARE Softcover Booklet; 1947 = US$15.00);

(H-225); THE STORY OF MEDICINE - by Victor Robinson; The New Home LIbrary; (Hardcover; 1943 = US$XX.00);

(H-226); SUCCESS AND HEALTH - Canadian Hygiene Series; by J. Mace Andress, W.A. Evans; Ginn and Company; Kids School Text.; (Hardcover; Circa 1930; = US$12.00);

(H-227); SURGERY OF MODERN WARFARE -- by Hamilton Bailey; E.& S. Livingstone; (Hardcover; 3rd ed.; 1944 = US$16.00);

(H-228); A SYNOPSIS OF HYGIENE; by G.S. Parkinson; J.& A. Churchill Ltd.; (Hardcover; 8th ed.; 1944 = US$XX.00);

(H-229); THE TEXTBOOK FOR DOMESTIC PRACTICE - Being Plain and Concise Directions for the Administration of Domaopathic Medicines in simple Ailments; by Samuel Morgan; Turner & Co.; (Pocket Sized Softcover; RARE; 1868 = US$49.00);

(H-230); TEXTBOOK OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR NURSES - by Margene O. Faddis; J.B. Lippincott Company; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1940 = US$10.00);

(H-231); A TEXTBOOK OF ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY; by Jesse Feiring Williams; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 2nd ed.; 1945 = US$10.00);

(H-232); A TEXTBOOK OF MEDICINE - by American Authors; Russell L. Cecil; W.B. Saunders Company; (Hardcover; 1940 = US$12.00);

(H-233); TEXTBOOK OF MATERIA MEDICA, PHARMACOLOGY AND TERAPEUTICS; by A.S. Blumgarten; Macmillan Comapny; (Hardcover; 7th ed.; 1937 = US$10.00);

(H-234); A TEXT-BOOK OF MIDWIFERY FOR STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONERS; by R.W. Johnstone; Adam and Charles Black; (Hardcover; 13th ed.; 1948 = US$15.00);

(H-235); THOUGHTS ON FEEDING - by Lionel James Picton; Faber and Faber; (Hardcover; 1946 = US$18.00);

(H-236); TOXICOLOGY - A Manual for Students and Practitioners - The Medical Editome Series; by Edwin Welles Dwight; Lea Brothers & Co.; (Hardcover; 1904 = US$30.00);

(H-238); YOU AND HEREDITY - by Amram Scheinfeld; Garden City Pub.; (Hardcover; 1939 = US$8.00);

(H-239); YOUR HANDS CAN HELP TO HEAL YOU - by Germaine Berder; Rider and Company; (Hardcover; 1954 = US$20.00);

(H-240); YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR GLANDS - by Herman H. Rubin; Stratford House, inc.; (Hardcover; 1948 = US$39.00);

(H-241); YOUR ULCER - Prevention Control Cure - by G.S. Serino; J.B. Lippincott Company; (Hardcover; 1966 = US$10.00);

(H-242); VACCINE AND SERUM THERAPY - Lederle Antitoxin Lab.; (Hardcover; RARE; 1914 = US$35.00);

(H-243); THE VD EPIDEMIC - How it Started Where It's Going, and What To Do About It; by Louis Lasagna; Temple University Press; (Hardcover; 1975 = US$10.00);

(H-245); A VISION FULFILLED - The Story of the Children's Hospital of Winnpeg 1909 - 1973; by Harry Medovy; Peguis Pub. LImited; (1979; Hardcover; = US$10.00);

(H-246); VITALITY SUPREME - by Bernarr Macfadden; Physical Culture Pub. Co.; (1915; Hardcover; = US$12.00);

(H-247); VITAMIN AND MINERAL THERAPY - Practical Manual; by Casimir Funk, H.E. Dubin; (1936; Hardcover; SCARCE = US$49.00);

(H-248); THE VITAMINS AND THEIR CLINICAL APPLICATIONS - a Brief Manual; by Prof. Dr. W. Stepp, Doz. Dr. Kuhnau, Dr. H. Schroeder; The Vitamin Products Co.;(1938; Hardcover; RARE = US$49.00);

(H-249); VIVILORE - The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection The Twentieth Century Book for Every Woman; by Mary Ries Melendy ; W.R. Vansant; (1904; RARE; Hardcover; = US$49.00);

(H-250); VOICE CULTURE - Psycho Vox or The Emerson System of Voice Culture - by Charles Wesley Emerson; Emerson Pub. Company; (1923; Hardcover; = US$18.00);

(H-251); WHAT A YOUNG HUSBAND OUGHT TO KNOW - by by Sylvanus Stall; Vir Pub. Company; (1897; Hardcover; = US$25.00);

(H-252); THE WINNIPEG GENERAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 1887 - 1953; by Ethel Johns; (1953; Hardcover; = US$12.00);

(H-253); WOMAN'S GUIDE TO HEALTH IN CHILDHOOD, WIFEHOOD AND MOTHERHOOD - by Myer Solis-Cohen; The John C. Winston Co. Limited; (1906; Hardcover; RARE = US$39.00);


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