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INVENTORY – MUSCLE, FITNESS & HEALTH Magazines (1950's thru 2000 and up; Fitness, Flex, Health, Iron Man, Physique, Runner, Shape, Slimmer, Strength, Triathlete, etc) For Sale;


#21(front cover; Millpond at Stanbridge Station, Quebec); #68; #77; #79; #107(February/March 1991); #119(May/1982); #195(January/1999); #197(March/1999);


1996 December(front cover; Martha Stewart);

BODY AND POWER (Family Pub. Inc.);

1982 April(front cover; Debbie Basille);

BODY AND SOUL (Globe and Mail);

1993 Spring(front cover; Silken Laumann); Fall(front cover; Rex Harrington);

THE CANADIAN NURSE (Candian Nurses Association);

1983 (November);

1984 (March); (May);

1985 (February); (April); (June); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1986 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May);


1981 (Volume 7 #12);

COUNTDOWN (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International);

1988 (Winter);

1990 Fall(front cover; Halle Berry);


1993 Summer(front cover; April Beets);

1998 May/June(front cover; Quebecor);

CROSSTRAINER ( Crosstrainer Pub. Inc.) - 1994 (may; front cover Jim "Laser" Starr of American Gladiators);


1987 (march; Body Balance);

1988 (January); (August);

1989 (June);

1990 (March); (May);

1992 (January); (March); (November);

1994 (March); (September);

1995 (February); (April); (June); (August);

1998 (June);


1996 (Spring; Volume 1 #1);

1998 (Winter);

FAMILY HEALTH (Edmonton Journal);

1979 (July/August);

193 (Winter);

FEMALE BODY BUILDING (O'Quinn Studios Inc.) ;>>>> Weight for Postage = 150 Grams Each;

1987; April (#3; front cover; Juliette Bergman; VF+ $12); June (#4; front cover; Cory Everson; VF+ $12);

1987; August (#5; front cover; Diane Pellegrino; VF $12); October (#6; front cover; Rachel McLish; VF $12);

1988; March (#8; front cover; Cory Everson; VF $10); May (#9; front cover; Cory Everson; VF $10);

1989; January (#13; front cover; April Johnson; VF $9); May (#15; front cover; Cory Everson; VF+ $9);

1990; March (#19; front cover; Marjo Selin; VF+ $8);

FIT (Fit Magazine pub);

1982; June (Volume-2 #1; First Annual Swimsuit Special = Priscilla Presley front cover & 10 pages of Priscilla Presley Photo's in Swimsuits/Bikini's; Also includes; Perfect 10 Dancers; G/VG = $9.00);

1983; July (Volume-3 #2; TV actress Pamela Hensley cover & 6 pages Photo's inside; VG/FN = $7.00);

FITNESS (G and J Pub.);

1993 May/June (front cover; Daisy Fuentes);

1995 November (front cover; Halle Berry); December(front cover; Jane Fonda);

1996 April(front cover; Lea Thompson);

1997 May (front cover; Kathy Ireland);

1998 January/February(front cover; Basia); March(front cover; Bridget Moynahan); May(front cover; Josie Maran); September(front cover; Bernice Dodd); October(front cover; Daniella Van Graas); November(front cover; Akiba Tripp/ Susanne Alvarado/ Janet Speck); December(front cover; Stacey Elder);

1999 January (front cover; Scarlett Charvat); June(front cover; Daniella Van Graas); November(front cover; Andrea Bergh);

2000 January(front cover; Basia); April (front cover; Paige Butcher); June(front cover; Heidi Albertsen); July(front cover; Dorothy Barrick); August(front cover; Paige Butcher); September(front cover; Yollie Roman); October(front cover; Valerie Mazza);

2001 February(front cover; Alice Dodd); April(front cover; Sabrina Geerinckx); May(front cover; Tina Leon); June(front cover; Ingrid Seynhaeve); July(front cover; Kristy Hinze); August(front cover; Christy Turlington);

2002 June(front cover; Kara Borslien); July(front cover; Marisa Miller); August (front cover; Jolijn Spek); September(front cover; Magdalena Wrobel); December(front cover; Cinthia Moura);

2003 February(front cover; Daniela Pestova); April (front cover; Magdalena Wrobel);May(front cover; Cinthia Moura);

2004 (May; Alice Dodd);

FITNESS PLUS (Focus Pub. Ltd.);

1991 (February; front cover Jane Fonda);

1994 July(front cover; Jeff Beech);

1995 July; September;

FITT HEALTH JOURNAL (Fitt Health Journal);

1998 May/June (front cover; Lynn Gauvreau); Fall (front cover; Ronnie Coleman);

FLEX magazine {Joe WEIDER'S...}(I, Brute Ent. Inc.);

1983 July (front cover; Lee Haney; Volume 1 #4);

1984 January (front cover; Frank Zane; Volume 1 #10); December(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger);

1985 May (front cover; Gladys Portugues); June (front cover; Bob Birdsong); July(front cover; Mohamed Makkawy); August (front cover; Lou Ferrigno);

1986 February(front cover; Cory Everson); April (front cover Mohamed Makkawy); May (front cover; Mike Christian; Tom Platz; Rivk Valente; Cory Everson; Mae Mollica; Gladys Portugues; Andreas Cahling; Diana Dennis; Tony Pearson); June(front cover; Gea Johnson; Shawn Ray); August(front cover Glen Wulpern); October (front cover; Ben Weider); December (front cover; Gladys Portugues);

1987 April (front cover; Cory Everson); August (Glen Wulperm); September(front cover; Cathey Palyo); October(front cover Gary Strydom; Mike Ashley); November(front cover; Ron Love);

1988 January(front cover; Mike Quinn);

February(front cover; John Hnatyschak);

1989 March(Shawn Ray); May(front cover; Mike Quinn); June(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); August (front cover; Lou Ferrigno); October(front cover; Mike Christian);

1990 January (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); February(front cover; Lee Haney); March(front cover; Troy Zuccolotto); April (front cover; Croy Everson); September(front cover; Vince Taylor); October(front cover; Dorian Yates); November(front cover; Mike Quinn); December(front cover; Lee LaBrada);

1991 March(front cover; Berry Demey); May(front cover; Shawn Ray); June (front cover; Francis Benfatto); August(front cover; Tonya Knight); September(front cover; Achim Albrecht); October(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); November (front cover; Dorian Yates); December (front cover; Tim Belknap);

1992 January(front cover; Dorian Yates/ Vince Taylor); February(front cover; Rich Gaspari); MarchSonni Schmidt); April (front cover; Vince Taylor); May(front cover; Mike Matarazzo); July(front cover; Kevin Levrone); September (front cover; Kevin Levrone/ Porter Cottrell); November (front cover; Achim Albrecht); December Cory Everson);

1993 January(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); March (front cover; Lee Labrada); April(front cover; Mike Matarazzo); June(front cover; Lou Ferrigno); July(front cover; Flex Wheeler); October(front cover; Porter Cottrell);

1994 January (front cover; Dorian Yates); February (front cover; Toya Knight); March(front cover; Lou Ferrigno; Shawn Ray); May(front cover; Various);June(front cover; Various); July(front cover; Kevin Levrone; Flavio; Cory Everson; *** Charles Clairmonte / Cory Everson Foldout Poster is Intact; Weight = 465 Grams; VG/FN = $8.00);August(front cover; Various); September(front cover; Lee Priest; Latia; Paul Dillett); October(front cover; Various); November(front cover; Lou Ferrigno; Lenda Murray; Dennis Newman); December(front cover; Various);

1995 January(front cover; Mike Christian; Lee Priest; Sue Price); February(front cover; Shawn Ray; Michelle Andrea; Dennis Newman; Roland Cziurlok); March(front cover; Various); April(front cover; Heather Tristany; Craig Titus; Achium Albrecht; Chris Cormier); June(front cover; Various); August(front cover; Variuos); September(front cover; Various); November(front cover; Eddie Robinson; Kevin Eubanks; Arnold Schwarzenegger); December(front cover; Various); Summer(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Rachel McLish);

1996 March(front cover; Achim Albrecht; Nasser El Sonbaty); April(front cover; Rich Gaspari; Eddie Robinson; Leigh Anna Ross); July(front cover; Various); August(front cover; Roland Cziurlok' Melissa Coates; Ericca Kern); September(front cover; Shawn Ray; Paul Dillett; Sharon Bruneau); November (front cover; Craif Titue; Tom Prince); December(front cover; Don Long; Flex Wheeler; Denise Masino);

1997 February (front cover; Theresa Hessler; Michelle Bellini; Karen Hulse; SECOND Annual SWIMSUIT issue; Foldout Poster is intact, FN = $8.00); March(front cover; Various); April(front cover; Nasser El Sonbaty); May(front cover; Tom Prince; Paul Dillett; Heather Tristany); June (front cover; Greg Kovacs); July(front cover; Lee Priest; Melissa Coates); August (front cover; Dorian Yates; Mike Francois; Yolanda Hughes); September (front cover; Shawn Ray; Nassar El Sonbaty; Ian Harrison; Ocean Bloom); November(front cover; Milos Sarcev; Jean-Pierre Fux); December(front cover; Don Long; Eddie Robinson; Kathy Aregullin; Lisa Lowe);

1998 January(front cover; Dorian Yates; Barbara Moran); March(front cover; Paul Dillett); May(front cover; Jean-Pierre Fux; Minna Lessig); June(front cover; Nassar El Sonbaty; Flex Wheeler; Dale Tomita); August(front cover; 20 pages Women Pictorical); September(front cover; Flex Wheeler; Lenda Murray); November(front cover; Mike Matarazzo; Lena Johannes);

1999; March(front cover; Monica Brant; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; Shawn Ray); June(front cover; Gunter Schlierkamp; Weight = 510 Grams; Poster is Missing, VG/FN = $4);

2000 (April; Shawn Ray/ Lee Preist/ D.J. Wallis/ Carla Holmes);

HEALTH (Family Media Inc.);

1981 (September); (December);

1988 June(front cover; Brooke Shields); July(front cover; Belinda Carlisle); August(front cover; Eileen Cavanaugh); September(front cover; Colleen Kaehr); October(front cover; Fabienne; Tom Tripodi); November(front cover; Alison Moir); December(front cover; Dionne Whitaker);

1989 January(front cover; Jill Robinson; Mike Lord); (February) ; March(front cover; Audra Avizienis); May(front cover; Tabatha); June(front cover; Sophie Billard); July(front cover; Lareine Chabut); August(front cover; Gillian Mather); November(front cover; Helle); December(front cover; Tanya Fourie);

1990 January(front cover; Johanna St. Michaels; Anthony Rukaj); February(front cover; Stacey Fritz); April(front cover; Lindsay); June(front cover; ”The Death of Desire); July/August (front cover; “The New Look of Organic”); September(front cover; “Living in the City”); October(front cover; Lura Albee); November(front cover; Cynthia Gale); December(front cover; Taylor);

1991 April(front cover; Carmen Smith Meyers); May(front cover; “Do You Know Your Body's ABC's?”);

1992 (April); (May/June); (July/August); (September);

1998 October(front cover; Carolyn Fears Troade);

2002 March(front cover; Deirde Seltzer); April(front cover; Mie Kringelbach);

HOME GYM AND FITNESS (Inside Sports Inc.)

1995 December(front cover; Alexandra Paul);

1997 Summer(front cover; Tamilee Webb);


1943 (front cover; Digest);

IRON MAN (Iron Man Pub. Co.);

Volume 19 #4(front cover; Bill Stathes; Janet Young); Volume 19 #5(front cover; Timmy Leong);

Volume 20 #1(front cover; Lloyd “Red” Lerille); Volume 20 #3(front cover; Earl Clark); Volume 20 #5(front cover; Lee Roy Saba);

Volume 21 #3(front cover; John Homola);

1962 March/April(front cover; Mike Ferraro);

IRON MAN magazine (the Quality magazine for all Men interested in Physical Superiority);

1968 December/January/1969 - (Front cover Boyer Coe; Top 1/4 Magazine missing);

1969 April; Dennis Tinerino "Mr Universe"; back cover Sylvia Hibbert "Miss Bikini & James Haislop "Mr. America1968"0; July ( Bill Pearl; back cover Boyer Coe); November ( front cover; Chuck Sipes; Back cover Dan Mackey);

1970 ( January; front cover Ken Waller "Mr. U.S.A.; Back cover Boyer Coe; "Mr. America); february ( Front cover; Arnold Scwarzenegger "Mr. Universe" Top 1/4 front missing Fransesco Columbia);

1972; November (front cover; Charles Loesch & Curt Haywood; Back cover painted pinup of Robert Nailon; 84 pages including covers; >> Also with; Willis, Mr & Miss Britain, Kevin McNamara, Zane & Petsas win Mr U, Jim Morris, Ronald Thompson, Olympics, Louis Ferrigno; VG/FN $10);

IRON MAN 1973 January(front cover; Elias Petsas; back cover James Haislop); May(front cover; Dennis Tinerino; back cover Paul Grant);

IRON MAN 1974 January(front cover; Elias Petsas; Tony Chellew; back cover Lou Ferrigno); November(front cover; Ron Thompson; back cover Scott Wilson);

IRON MAN 1975 January(front cover; Pat Neve; back cover Dave Johns); March(front cover; Ralph Kroger; back cover Dan Tobol);May(front cover; Paul Grant; back cover Mike Kowoch); September(front cover; Dale Adrian; back cover Dave Rigert);

IRON MAN 1976 March (front cover; Joe Nista; back cover Berna Hammoser); May(front cover; Boyer Coel back cover Hans Ringer); September(front cover; Chet Yorton; back cover Steve Davis); November(front cover; Kalman Szkalak; back cover Clint Beverle' Dave Johns);

IRON MAN 1977 March(front cover; Dave Johns; back cover Schigru Sugita); May(front cover; Steve Davis; back cover Roy Hilligenn);

IRON MAN 1979 January(front cover; Richard Baldwin; back cover Carlos Rodriguez); March(front cover; Dave Johns; back cover Bertil Fox); May(front cover; Ron Teufel; back cover Sultan Rakhmanov);

IRON MAN 1980 January(front cover; Ray Mentzer; back cover Gary Leonard); March (front cover; Frank Zane; James Gaubert); May(front cover; Mario Nieves; Joseph Wilkosz); July(front cover; Zarif Chaban; back cover Larry Pacifico); September(front cover; Chirs Dickerson; back cover Tony Pandolfo); November(front cover; Ernie Santiago; back cover Dave Johns);

IRON MAN 1981 January(front cover; Gary Leonard; back cover Richard Baldwin); March (front cover; Roger Walker; Kim Rogers; back cover Graham Brogden; Terry Phillips); May (front cover; Ken Passariello; back cover Don Ross); July(front cover; Andreas Cahling; back covr Boyer Coe); September(front cover; Roy Callendar; back cover Tim Belknap); November(front cover; Mike Mentzer; back cover Robert Jodkiewicz);

IRON MAN 1982 January(front cover; Tim Mentzer; back cover Robrt Jodkiewicz); March(front cover; Jesse Gautreaux; back cover Ed Zajac); September(front cover; Bob Jodkiewicz; back cover Andreas Cahling); November(front cover; Doug Brignole; back cover Mike Antorino);

IRON MAN 1983 January(front cover; Rufus Howard; back cover Jesse Gautreaux); March(front cover; Chris Dickerson; back cover Casey Viator); May(front cover; Frank Zane; back cover Mohammed Makkawy);

IRON MAN 1988 September(front cover; Cory Everson); October(front cover; Mike Christian);

IRON MAN 1989 February(front cover; John Hnatyschak); March(front cover; Lee Labrada); April(front cover; Shawn Ray); May(front cover; Mike Quinn; Corey Everson); June(front cover; Tonya Knight); July(front cover; Bob Paris); September(front cover; Brian Buchanan);

IRON MAN 1990 February(front cover; Troy Zuccolotto; Kay Perry); March(front cover; Cory Everson; Mike Quinn); May(front cover; Franco Santoriello; Drorit Kernes); August(front cover; Gary Strydom);

IRON MAN 1991(front cover; January(front cover; James Demelo; Anita Hart); February(front cover; Rich Gaspari; Cheryl Sandy); March(front cover; Mike Quinn; Patty Sanchez); April(front cover; Mike Christian; Laura Creavalle); May(front cover; Shawn Ray; Mishay Santos); June(front cover; Franco Santoriello; Diane Garrity); July(front cover; Francis Benfattl; Tonya Knight); October(front cover; Gary Strydom); December(front cover; Lee Haney);

IRON MAN 1992 January(front cover; Mike Matarazzo); February(front cover; Shawn Ray); March(front cover; Sonny Schmidt); April(front cover; Rich Gaspari); May(front cover; Lee Labrada);August(front cover; Milos Sarcev); September(front cover; Porter Cottrell); November(front cover; Flex Wheeler);

IRON MAN 1993(front cover; April(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); May(front cover; Chris Duffy); July(front cover; Lee Labrada); December(front cover; Shelley Beattie);

IRON MAN 1994 January(front cover; Dennis Newman); February(front cover; Debbie Dobbins); March(front cover; Mishael Francois); April (front cover; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; Roland Kickinger); July(front cover; “22 Smokin' Routines”); August(front cover; Mike O'Hearn/ Angelique Beltier); September(front cover; Aaron Baker); October(front cover; Mike Quinn); NovemberVLou Ferrigno); December(front cover; Cory Everson);

IRON MAN 1995 January(front cover; Dorian Yates); February(front cover; Tom Platz); March(front cover; Paul Demayo; Angelique Beltier); May(front cover; Sergio Oliva; John Grimek; Steve Reeves); June (front cover; Jodi Friedman; Skip La Cour; Ron Coleman; Will Willis); October(front cover; “Giant Arms”); November (front cover; Milos & Ursula Sarcev); December(front cover; Dennis Newman);

IRON MAN 1996 March(front cover; Tara Phillips; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; Lee Apperson; Monica Brant); June(front cover; Roland Kickinger; Amy Lynn); July(front cover; Cory Everson); September(front cover; Katy Rickman; Camille Jones; Jennifer Goodwin; Christian Boe Ving);

IRON MAN 1997 April (front cover; Frank Sepe; Monica Brant);

IRON MAN April(front cover; Mike O;Hearn); May(front cover; Amy Lynn; Justin Brooks; Weight=350 Grams; 212 pages including covers; VF= $7); October(front cover; Skip La Cour' Linda O'Niel); December(front cover; Gus Malliarodakis; Tatiana Anderson);

IRON MAN 1999 February(front cover; Mike O'Hearn; Christina Bybee; Mary L. Carter); June (front cover; Angelique Gorges);

LOOKING GOOD – America's greatest Physique Magazine FEELING FIT DIET AND EXERCISE (Beauty Communications Ltd.);

1987 Spring(front cover; Darya Ruggles; Volume 1 #3);

2004 (Summer; Catherine Bell);


1991 (Volume 61 #4);

1992 (Volume 62 #3);

MEN'S EXERCISE (Pumpkin Press Inc.);

1991 (December);

1993 (June);

1994 (December);

MEN'S FITNESS (JOE WEIDER'S) (Men's Fitness Magazine Inc.)

1987/October(front cover; Don Diamont);

1988January(front cover; Perry King);

1989 July(front cover; Bart Conner); September(front cover; Jason Stewart);

1990 December(front cover; Paolo Calissano);

1993 January(front cover; Dave Sinnott);

1996 May(front cover; Peter Cam);

1997 July(front cover; Russell Brown);

1998 (October; Oscar De La Hoya);

1999 (February; Ryan Andersen); (March; Karen McDougal/. Eric Nies); (July; Wilhelmina/ Russell Brown);

2000 September (front cover; Michael James);

2001 August (front cover; Tim Herzog); (September; Rusty Joiner); (October; Jonathan Aube); (November; Matt Davis); (December; Mike Ryan);

2002 - (January; Robert Marting); (February; Matt Davis); (March; T. J. Hoban); (April; Jonathan Aube); (May; Rusty Joiner); (June; Robert Marting); (July; Chris Monberg); (August; Mike Ryan);

MEN'S HEALTH (Rodale Press Inc.)

1986 (Volume 1 #1; Healthy Man's Guide to Beer);

1991 August (front cover; Eric Hottenroth);

1994 August (front cover; John Minch); December (Daniel John);

1995 January/February(front cover; Owen McKibbin); March(front cover; Dan O'Connell); April(front cover; Peter Cann); May(front cover; Owen McKibbin); June(front cover; Rick Edwards); July/August(front cover; Dan O'Connell); September(front cover; Brett Dennis); October(front cover; Scott Berlinger); November(front cover; Owen McKibbin); December(front cover; David Kinzie);

1996 January/February(front cover; Phil Somerville); March (front cover; Jim Buol); April(front cover; Rick Edwards); May(front cover; David Kinzie); June(front cover; Scott Allen); July/August(front cover; Owen McKibbin); September(front cover; “ultimate Fat Burning Workout”); October(front cover; Greg Avedon); November(front cover; Tracy James); December(front cover; Jeff Beech);

1997 February(front cover; Jack Guy); March(front cover; Allen Donatone); March (front cover; Allen Donatone); April(front cover; Tom Gregory); May(front cover; Kirk Williams); June(front cover; Jack Guy); July/August(front cover; Jack Guy); September(front cover; Jim Buol); October(front cover; Scott King); December(front cover; Gregg Avedon);

1998 (September (Owen McKibbin); (October; Jack Guy); (November; Scott King); (December; Bradly Tomberlin);

1999 (February; Gregg Avedon); (March; JIm Buol); (April; Rick Arango); (May; Owen McKibben); (August; Rick Dietz); (September; Greg Avedon); (October; Paul Locatelli); (November; Scott King); (December; Russell Brown);

2000 (February; Tom Cortesi); (March; Russell Brown); (April; Jim Buol); (May; Bradly Tomberlin); (June; Robert Goold); (September; Greg Avedon); (October; Nathan Ogilvie); (November; Owen McKibbin); (December; Greg Avedon);

2001 August(front cover; Gregg Avedon);

2002 (September; Brett Hollands);

2003 (June; Owen McKibbin); (September; Chris Charles);

2004 (March; Olivier Martinez); (April; The Rock);

2008 (November; President Barack Obama);

MEN'S WORKOUT (Harris Pub. Inc.)

1990 (July);

1991 (January); (September);

1994 (November);

1995 (January); (May); (July); (September); (Best of);

2002 (August);

MIND AND MUSCLE POWER (General Media Comm. Inc.);

2000 (July/August; Volume 1 #5);

MS. FITNESS (Wally Boyko Prod. Inc.);

1994 Spring (front cover; Linda Hamilton);

1994 Winter(front cover; Ceci Evans);

MUSCLE {BUILDER / POWER; JOE WEIDER'S...} (Muscle Builder Pub. Inc.; JOE WEIDER Publisher & Editor; June 1980 and Up TITLES Changes to = "MUSCLE AND FITNESS" );

>>>> Average Weight for Postage = 320 Grams each;

1979; December(front cover = Muhammad Ali; VG/FN = $16.00);

1980; January (front cover = Mike Mentzer; VG/FN = $12.00);

1980; March (front cover = Lou Ferrigno; Liza Lyon; FN = $15.00);

1980; April(front cover = Mike Mentzer; ASK );

1980; May(front cover = “Quick New Body Image” Woman in Foreground, Lou Ferrigno in Background; ASK );

*** June 1980 and Up TITLES Changes to = "MUSCLE AND FITNESS"

MUSCLE DIGEST - the Professional Journal of Bodybuilding (Muscle Digest Inc.; 8-1/4" x 11" Magazine; Weight for Postage = 190 Grams Each);

1980 April (front cover; Serge Leonard); August (front cover: Danny Padilla);

1981; December (Volume-5 #5; front cover & Centerfold Pinup = 1981 Mr America Tim Belknap; ** Also with; Mr America Report; G/VG = $8.00);

1982; March (front cover; Jon Aranita; FN = $12.00);

1982; (April; FN/VF = $12.00);


MUSCLE and FITNESS (JOE WEIDER'S....; I, Brute Ent. Ltd.; May 1980 and Older = formerly Titled MUSCLE BUILDER POWER);

1980 - August (Frank & Christine Zane); September (front cover; Boyer & Valerie Coe); November (front cover; Andreas Cahling; Susanne Severeid); December (front cover; Dennis Tinerino);

1981 January (front cover; “Mr America – Ms. America Report) February (front cover; Mr. Olympia - Ms. Olympia Report”);April (front cover; “Fitness Spectacular”); May(front cover; Ellen & Steve Davis); June (Dennis Tinerino); July(front cover; Ingrid Anderson); September(front cover; Jesse Logan; Ray Mentzer); October (front cover; Scenes from Movie “Conan” with Arnold Schwarzenegger); November(front cover; Steve Davis);

1982 January(front cover; Heather Thomas; Arnold Schwarzenegger); February(front cover; Franco Columbu); March(front cover; Lou Ferrigno with wife Carla); April(front cover; Rachel McLish; Boyer Coe); May Dennis Tinernio; Boyer Coe); May(front cover; Dennis Tinerino; Juanita Merritt); June(front cover; Boyer Coe; Valerie Coe); July (front cover Arnold Schwarzenegger as "Conan"); August(front cover; Ray Mentzer; Christie Welch); September(front cover; Lou Ferrigno); October(front cover; Candy Csencsits; Teal Roberts; Tom Platz); November(front cover; Larry Scott; Patty Kotero); December(front cover; Casey Viator; Debbie Boostrom);

1983 January(front cover; Bob Birdsong; Rachel McLish); February(front cover; Rachel McLish; Arnold Schwarzenegger); MARCH (LOU FERRIGNO as HERCULES cover & 21 pages Article with many Photo's; Weight = 425 Grams); April(front cover; Steve Davis; Terri Lynn); May (Steve Reeves/ Terri Lynn); June(front cover; Robby Robinson; Patsy Chapman); July(front cover; Scott Wilson; Shelley Gruwell); August(front cover; Bob Paris; Winnie Gardner); September(front cover; Candy Csencsits; Christian Janatsch); October(front cover; Tim Belknap; Marcia Goebel); November(front cover; Marcia Goebel; Christer Eriksson); December(front cover; Bob Birdsong; Patty Kotero);

1984 issues;(Weight for Postage = 420 Grams Each);

1984 January(front cover; Rackel McLish; Rory Liedelmeyer); February(front cover; Lori Bowen/ Frank Zane);

1984; March(front cover; Samir Bannout; Lenka Novak; FN $9); April(front cover; Bob Paris; Marcia Goebel); May(front cover; Lori St. John; Jusup Wilkosz); May(front cover; Lori St. John; Jusup Wilkosz); June(front cover; Kenka Novak; Rory Leidelmeyer); July(front cover; Winnie Gardner; Marcia Goebel; Matt Mendenhall); August(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan); September(front cover; Bruce Jenner; Linda Thompson); October(front cover; Tom & Cheryl Platz);December(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger);

1985 January(front cover; Winnie Gardner; Mark Gastineau); 1985; February(front cover; Lee Haney; VG/FN $8); March(front cover; Berry Demey; Cory Everson); April(front cover; Jerrry Dinone; Rachel McLish); May(front cover; Bob Birdsong; Betty Weider; Cory Everson); June(front cover; Cory & Jeff Everson); July(front cover; Ed Marinaro; Peggy Bertelsen); August(front cover; Bob Paris; Rhonda Shear); September(front cover; TV's Steve Bond; Sherilyn Wolter); October(front cover; Brigitte Nielsen; Sylvester Stallone); November(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); December(front cover; Glads Portugues; Ron Ariagno);

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November(front cover; Kathy Smith; Mark Findlay); December (front cover; Chris Sare; Berry Demy; ** Also with; Might Mike Quinn, DeMey Delts, Lingerie fashions; Weight = 460 Grams; FN/VF = $8; ask);

1988 January(front cover; Clint Eastwood); February(front cover; Gail Smith; Daniel Greene); March (front cover; Lee Labrada with TRACI LORDS in bikini as Nora Kuzma Photo Cover; Weight = 450 Grams; VF=$39.00; FN/VF=$29.00); 

April(front cover; Joe Piscopo; Kimberly Driscoll; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; Barry Weider; Larry Scott); June (front cover; Jeff Smullen; Rebecca D'Franzo; Swimsuit Issue); July(front cover; Lou Ferrigno; Dawn Farnham; ** Also with; Rambo 3/Stallone, NPC Men's nationals, Janice Graser; Weight = 470 Grams; G/VG = $6); August(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger & interview re Red Heat; ** Also with; Lou Ferrigno, Briam Buchanan, Sergio Oliva, Lingerie; Weight = 410 Grams; FN/VF = $10); September(front cover; Kathy Stangel; Ralf Moller); October(front cover; James Demelo; Cory Everson); November(front cover; Steve Bond; Yvette Nipar); December(front cover; Debbie Dunning; Rich Gaspari; ** Also with; 1988 Mr. Olympia, Defendis, Lambert, Gaubert, Stafford, Everson; Weight = 450 Grams; FN/VF = $8);

1989 January(front cover; Berry Demey; Julie Kris; ** Also with; Strydom, Lee Labradaso, Williams beats Strydom, Defendis, Mens Nationals, Men's USA championships; Could Haney have beaten Arnold?; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Corinna Everson; Weight = 460 Grams; VG = $6); February (front cover; Joe Bucci; 4th Annual SWIMSUIT Issue; VF = $12.00);

April(front cover; Lou Ferrigno; Jane Chapluk)

;May (front cover; Scott Wilson with TRACI LORDS in bikini as Nora Kuzma Photo Cover; Weight = 435 Grams; FN = $29.00);

June(front cover; Gary Strydom; Bren McKinley); July(front cover; Kevin Light; Michelle Haupert); August(front cover; Mike Quinn; Lori Leonelli); September(front cover; Rich Gaspari; Tonya Knight; ** Also with; Victor Richards, Dave Pasanella, Joe Bucci, Jerry Brainium, Lou Ferrigno, Joe Sanceri; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Weight = 410 Grams; G/VG = $5);

October(front cover; Kathy Stangel; Berry Demey); November(front cover; Lee Labrada); December(front cover; Frank Zane; Cameo Kneuer; ** Also with; Eddie Robinson, Everson, Hnatyscbak, USA Championships, Mike Quinn & John Defendis, Brainium, Jackie Paisley; Weight = 420 Grams; G = $4);

1990 January(front cover; Bob Paris; Chris Sare); February(front cover; Mike Quinn; Deborah Smith); March(front cover; Deborah Smith; Richard Ciotti); April(front cover; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; Penny Price; Troy Zuccolotto); June(front cover; Joe Piscopo); July(front cover; Joe Piscopo); July(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); August(front cover; “Love, Lust, Muscles”); September(front cover; Joe Bucci; Michelle Eveland); October(front cover; “Fat Loss Special”); November(front cover; Lyle Alzado; Cyndi Pass); December(front cover; Swimwear; “Strong Bodies are Sexier”);

1991 January(front cover; Clint Eastwood); February(front cover; “Mr. Olympia Coverage”); March(front cover; “Bodybuilding for Beginners”); Aprl(front cover; Swimsuit Issue); May(front cover; “Your Sex Hormone”); June(front cover; “USA Military Muscle”); July(front cover; “Sexual Fitness”; “Your Best Summer”); August(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); September(front cover; Jean Claude Van Damme; Cory Everson); October(front cover; Dolph Lundgren; Tia Carrera); November(front cover; “Stay Energetic and Shapely”); December(front cover; Rachel McLish);

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1996 January(front cover; “Sexercise”); February(front cover; Lenda Murray); March(front cover; “Hot Bodies/ “Creatine or Protein”); April (front cover; Lou Ferrigno); May(front cover; Jay Cutler);October(front cover; “Steroids Special Report”); November(front cover; Dennis Newman); December(front cover; “Zone Diet, Fact or Fiction”);

1997 January(front cover; “Secrets of Olympia Winners”); March(front cover; “AB Express”); April(front cover; “Bigger Biceps, Thicker Chest”); May”Muscle Gets Sexy”);

1998 February(front cover; Cory Everson); March(front cover; Roland Kickinger); April (front cover; Mike O'Hearn); June(front cover; Lena Johannesen); ; September(front cover; Brook Burns/ Gunter Schlierkamp); December (Great Glutes)

1999 (December (Sharon Moore/ Brad Baker);

2000 January (Arnold Schwarzengger); (February; Maria Ford/ Michael O'Hearn); March(front cover; Pasi Schalin; Latonia Galloway); September(front cover; Lee Labrada); May (Monica Brant/ Brad Baker); June (Clark Bartram/ Angela Chittenden); July (World's Hardest Workouts); August (Rena Mero); October (Roland Kinckinger/ Rachel Moore);

2001 (February; Frank Sepe/ Kristia Knowles); (April; Frank Sepe/ Kristia Knowles);

2003 (November (The Rock);

MUSCLE AND FITNESS HERS (Brute Ent Ltd.); - 2000 (Fall; D.J. Wallis);


(MUSCLE AND FITNESS/ FLEX PRESENTS)... Arnold Schwarzenegger the Icon - Special issue #1 (1994; I, Brute Ent. Inc.; >>>> Weight = 355 Grams ; 186 pages including covers; Pictorial History of Arnold; Bonus Giant POSTER is intact);

MUSCLEMAG INTERNATIONAL { Robert Kennedy's ...} (Health Culture Pub.)

1979; May (Volume-4 #2; whole #14; front cover; Serge Nubret; Sandra Kong);

1980; July (#19; front cover; Serge Nubret; FN = $12.00);

1980; September (#20; front cover; Mike Mentzer; Mike Torchia; FN = $12.00);

1980; November (#21; front cover; Frank Calta; Dave Spector; FN = $12.00);

1981 July (front cover; Kal Szkalak); September (front cover; Boyer Coe);

1982; September (#31; front cover; Frank Zane; Tom Platz; VG/FN = $10.00);

1983; January (#33; front cover; Tom Platz; G/VG = $8.00);

1983; March (front cover; Chris Dickerson; VG = $10.00);

1984 January (front cover; Samir Bannout);

1985 January (front cover; Jusup Wilcosz); April (front cover; Samir Bannout; Lori Labratto); September (front cover; Tom Platz; Erika Mes);

1986 February (front cover; Rich Gaspari); June (front cover; Frank Richards; Cory Everson);

1987; August (#67; front cover; Arnold Schwarzenengger; Marjo Selin; Weight = 195 Grams; FN/VF = $12);

1987; September (#68; front cover; Anja Langer; Gunter Kuhni; Weight = 195 Grams; VG/FN = $7)

1987 - October (front cover; Gary Strydom);

1988 April (front cover; Cory Everson);

1989; June (front cover; Anja Langer; Luis Freitas; Weight = 235 Grams; VF= $10);

1989; October (front cover; Gary Leonard; Krota Anderson; Weight = 260 Grams; FN = $8)

1990; March(front cover; Tonya Knight; Troy Zuccolotto; Weight = 270 Grams; VG/FN = $7);

1990; December(front cover; Berry Demey; Shelley Beattie; Weight = 330 Grams; page 37/38 missing, rest is FN = $5);

1991 April(front cover; Dorian Yates; Linda Middleton); September (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); October (front cover; Mike Matarrazo; Raye Hollitt); November (front cover; Roger Stewart; Lysa Darden); December (front cover; Bob Paris/ Rod Jackson);

1992; January (front cover; Lisa Lorio; Milos Sarcev; Weight = 360 Grams);

1992 - February (front cover; Joe De Angelis; Debbie Kruck); April (front cover; Francis Benfatto; Anja Schreiner); May (front cover; Lee Labrada; Marla Duncan); 1992; June (front cover; Bob Cicherillo; Michelle Andrea; Weight = 410 Grams); July (front cover; Andreas Munzer; Diane Garrity); August (front cover; Sonny Schmidt; Mo Switzer); 1992; September (front cover; Dave Hawk; Juliette Bergman; Weight = 415 Grams );October (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); November (front cover; Lee Apperson; Debbie Kruk); December (front cover; Dennis Newman; Raye Hollitt);

1993 January (front cover; Raye Hollitt; Mike Matarazzo); February (front cover; Lee Labrada); March (front cover; Paul Demayo; Denise Rutkowski; Weight = 465 Grams);

April (front cover; Dave Fisher; Sue Price; Weight = 465 Grams; FN/VF = $8); May (front cover; Mike & Judy Scarcella); June (front cover; Nancy Georges; Terry Mitsos); July(front cover; David Dearth; Debbie Kruck); August(front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); September(front cover; Erika Andersch; Stephan Hartl); October (front cover; Lee Priest; Laurie Donnelly); November Craig Titus; Lisa Ibarra); December (front cover; Jason Boorman; Debbie Dobbins);

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1996 February(front cover; Craig Titus; Amy Fadhli; Swimsuit Issue); April (front cover; Jason Arntz; Amy Fadhli); October (front cover; Bill Davey; Dawn Parado); December (front cover; Craig Titus; Angelique Beltier);

1997 March (front cover; Kim Paul; Swimsuit Issue); April (front cover; Cori Nadine; Grant Henderson); June (front cover; Dena Doster); July (front cover; Cori Nadine; Flex Wheeler);

1998 April (front cover; Milos Sarcev); May (front cover; Mike O;Hearn; Christina Bybee); June (front cover; Francis Benfatto; Jennifer Goodwin; Lingerie Issue); July (front cover; Frank Sepe); August (front cover; Milos Sarcev; Cori Nadine); October (front cover; Gunter Schlierkamp); November (front cover; Vicky Pratt);

1999 April (front cover; Joey Mansfield);

2000 (November; Frank Sepe/ Stacey Lynn/ Angel Teves/ Rachel Moore);

2001 February (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); September (Victoria Pratt);

MUSCLE MEDIA (Muscle Media Inc.);

1998 March (front cover; Roger Applewhite); August (front cover; Dan Blakely); October (front cover; Greg Dowd; Mike D'Angelo; Robert Amstler; Caprice Fisher);

2000 March (front cover; “Take the 12-Week Challenge”); May (front cover; Mary Queen); June/July (front cover; Morisa Kaplan; Jonathab Aube); August (front cover; David & Tammy Waite);

MUSCLE TRAINING ILLUSTRATED (Don Lurie's ...) ;(Muscle Man Inc)

1980; October (front cover: Ron Teufel);

1983; January (front cover; Lance Dreher; FN/VF = $12.00);

1983; September (front cover; Boyer & Valerie Coe; Two page LOU FERRIGNO Centerfold as HERCULES; FN = $12.00);

1985; August (#124; front cover; John Hnatyschak; FN = $10.00);

1986; March (front cover: Pat Lanzillo);

1989; April (#149; front cover; Sandy Riddell; James Demelo; FN = $8.00);

1992; August (front cover; Rich Gaspari; FN = $8.00);

MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT (Strength and Health Pub. Co.)

1964; September (front cover; Mr Universe Joe Abbenda; Volume 1 #9; FN/VF = $19.00);

1964 December (front cover John Decola);

1965 January (front cover; Timmy Leong); February (front cover Jerry Wallace); July ( front cover Bill St. John); November ( front cover Millard Williamson); December ( front cover John Corvello; VG/FN = $13.00);

1966 February ( front cover Elmo Santiago); December ( front cover Will Whitaker);

1967 April ( front cover Val Vasilieff); June (front cover; Hassein Shokouh); November ( front cover Ralph Kroger);

1968 May ( front cover Chuck Collras); June ( front cover Dan MacKay); July ( front cover Steve Reno); November ( front cover Vic Downs);

1969 January ( front cover Al Keene); March ( front cover Roy Perrott); July ( front cover Boyer Coe); August ( front cover Mike Dayton); September ( front cover Paul Hill); November (Bill Pearl); December (Franco Columbo);

1970 February ( front cover Ken Waller); March ( front cover Veronica Chaco/ larry Scott);

1971 June ( front cover Ken Waller);

1972 April ( front cover Boyer Coe);

1974 May/June ( front cover Paul Hill);

1977 December (front cover; Dave Johns; Manuel Perry; Ron Teufel);

1988 June (front cover; Joe Bucci);

1990 May (front cover; Sandy Everson); June (front cover; Shawn Ray; Laura Creavalle); July (front cover; Drorit Allen; Steve Henneberry); September (front cover; Sonny Schmit; Tonya Knight);

1991 January (front cover; Sandy Riddell); June (front cover; Shawn Ray; Tonya Knight); October (front cover; Steve Brisbois; Diane Garrity); November (front cover; Milos Sarcev; Lisa Lorio);

1992 February (front cover; Anja Schreiner); April (front cover; Dean Caputo; Debbie Muggli); August (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); September (front cover; Milos Sarcev; Sharon Bruneau); November (front cover; Rich Gaspari);

1993 January (front cover; Lee Haney); March (front cover; Lenda Murray); July (front cover; Arnold Schwarzenegger); August (front cover; Shelley Beattie; Frank Hillebrand); November (front cover; Max Pep; Quadra Blue);

1994 February (front cover; Raye Hollitt; Erika Andersch; Shelley Beattie); April (front cover; Charles Clairmonte; Marla Duncan; Evander Holyfield; Lee Haney); June (front cover; Kim Paul); July (front cover; Craig Titus; Debbie Dobbins); October (front cover; Montel Williams; Diana Dennis; Shelley Beattie);

1995 January (front cover; Sherilyn Godreau; Roger Stewart); February (front cover; Michael O'Hearn; Christy Walker); March (front cover; Craig Titus; Deddie Halo); April (front cover; Paul DeMayo; Paglia); July (front cover; Milos & Ursula Sarcev); November (front cover; Monica Brant; Tom Platz); December (front cover; Craig Titus; Creasing & Water Damage to covers, Foldout Poster is missing, G = $3);

1996 - May (front cover; Rachel McLish); June (front cover; Juliet Holleran); August (front cover; Deidre Pagnanelli); September (front cover; Jacquie Wang); October (front cover; Ursula Sarcev); November (front cover; Brandi Carrier);December (front cover; April Moore; Wrinkled covers thus G/VG, but Poster is Missing = $3.00);

1997 - March (front cover; Cindy Margolis; Swimsuit Issue); April (front cover; Shonna McCarver); June (front cover; Theresa Hessler; Weight = 380 Grams; Creasing to covers, Foldout Poster is missing, G = $3);

1998 March (front cover; Michelle Sharp; Frank Sepe); April (front cover; Shonna McCarver; Swimsuit Issue); May (front cover; Michael & Midajah O'Hearn); June (front cover; Frank Sepe; Tori Wilson); July (front cover; Tito Raymond); August (front cover; Roger Asmus); September (front cover; Frank Sepe); October (front cover; Roger Asmus); November (front cover; Bill Davey); December (front cover; Frank Sepe);

1999 January (The Future of Drugs in Sport); March (front cover; Shonna McCarver); April (front cover; Terrell Davis); May (front cover; Mark McGwire); June (front cover; Oscar De La Hoya); August (front cover; Mike Piazza); Collector's Edition (front cover; Ryan Anderson);

2000 June (front cover; “The AB Issue”);

NATURAL BODY AND FITNESS (Natural Body and Fitness Inc.)

1989 (January; Volume 1 #4; K.C. Winkler/ Gerard Dente/ Cindy Brooks);

NATURAL BODYBUILDING - for Fitness and Health (Chet Yorkton & Mike Dayton Ent.)

1982; December (Volume-2, issue #5; front cover photo & article on Bill Pearl; >>> Also with; Joe Cunha, Gary Hunnicut, Heidi Miller, Natural Universe results, 1st Natural AAU contest, Vic Tanny Jr, Dave Beals, Steve Reeves, Keysone classic, Navy bodybuilding, Jack Delinger, Julie Strain; Overall VF, but cover detached from staples, thus VG/FN $10);

1983; April (Volume-2, issue #7; front cover; Rod Koontz; >>> Also with; Bill Pearl, NSCA Strength clinic, Couples champions = Jeff & Cory Everson, 1983 Ironman, Ironwoman, Men of Olympia, Steve Reeves, Mr America, Mr World, Mr Universe, Chris Dickerson, Super Bowl of Bodybuilding, Nancy Dixon, Giant Insert POSTER; VF = $12);


1994 May (front cover; Dave Brehm);

NATURAL LIFE MAGAZINE (Roland Designs Inc.);

1985 (September/October); (November/December);


1991 (October);

NEW BODY (Carnegie Pub. Inc.)

1985 December/January (front cover; Raquel Welch);

1995 February (front cover; Kathy Smith); April (front cover; “Sexy Swimsuit Preview”);


1983 (Summer);

OXYGEN (Canusa Products Inc. Pub.);

2001 (August; Colleen Sauve);


1995 Winter (front cover; Mark Kubr);

THE RUNNER (New Times Pub. Co.);

1978 November (front cover; Len Dewey; Volume 1 #2);

1979 June (front cover; “Motion Studies”; Volume 1 #9); November (front cover; Kenny Moore);

1980 April (front cover; Marty Liquori); August (front cover; Lasse Viren); December (front cover; Bill Rodgers);

1982 July (front cover; Rod Dixon); August (front cover; “10th Anniversary of the Running Boom”); November (front cover; Dee Anne Butler);

1984 April (front cover; “Weight Training”);

1985 May (front cover; Gayle Barron); July (front cover; “Nutrition Test”); August (front cover; “Running and Pregnancy”); September (front cover; Missy Kane); October (front cover; Carlos Lopes); December (front cover; Cathy Benoit);

1986 April (front cover; Joanne Ernst); May (front cover; “Kids Fitness Top Priority”); June (front cover; “Body Tuning for Better Running”); October (front cover; Will & Laura Albers);

1987 January (front cover; Josie Bell); February (front cover; “Need for Sleep”); April (front cover; “Our Farewell Issue”);

RUNNER CANADA (Publisystem Inc.);

1979 Summer (front cover; Karen Homann; Michel Daigle; Ian MacDonald; Volume 1 #1);

RUNNER'S WORLD (World Pub. Inc.);

1979 August (front cover; Susan Anton);

1984 July (front cover; “Stomach Muscle Exercises”); November (front cover; “Concerning Jim Fixx's Death”);

1986 February (front cover; “Power Running”); March (front cover; Ingrid Kristiansen); April (front cover; Lisa Martin; Craig Virgin); July (front cover; Ceci Hopp);

1987 February (front cover; “Shape Up In Half the Time”); August (front cover; Chris Curtin); September (front cover; Nancy Ditz);

1988 March (front cover; Linda Sheskey); April (front cover; Bill Cosby); June (front cover; Carol Aldred); July (front cover; Carl Lewid); December (front cover; Jeanie Jones);

1989 January (front cover; Anne Hannam); February (front cover; Steve Scott); March (front cover; Vicki Huber); April (front cover; Colette Goudreau-Murphy); May (front cover; Mark Allen); June (front cover; Chris Gregorek & Daughter Rachel); July (front cover; Kristen Dilworth); August (front cover; Ken Baker); September (front cover; Kathy Ireland); October (front cover; Jeff Atkinson); November (front cover; Ed Eyestone);

1990 January (front cover; Lisa Weindenbach); February (front cover; Keith Brantly); March (front cover; Lisa Martin); April (front cover; Ranza Clark); September (front cover; Lynn Jennings); November ( front cover Ken Martin);

1991 January (front cover; Uta Pippig); March (front cover; Barry Brown); April (front cover; Lareine Chabut); June (front cover; Scott Tinley); July (front cover; Suzy Favor);

1992 August (front cover; Carl Lewis);

2002 January (front cover; Gretha Lewis);

2006 (November; Lance Armstrong);

RUNNING (Nike Inc. Pub.);

1982 (April; Fukuoka);

RUNNING (UK: Stonehart Leisure);

1990 August (front cover; Audrea Wallace);

RUNNING TIMES (Fitness Pub. Inc.);

1995 June (front cover; Marc Davis);

SHAPE { Joe Weider's ...}(Shape Magazine Inc.)

1983 April (Rachel McLish); July (front cover; Donna Mills);

1984 October (front cover; Susan Anton);

1985 November (front cover; Diahann Carroll);

1986 April ( front cover Jenilee Harrison);

1989 October (front cover; Kristina Malandro);

1990 March (front cover; Gloria Estefan);

1992 May (front cover; Monika Schnarre);

1993 February (front cover; Jill Goodacre);

1994 December (front cover; Jennifer Riley);

1995 January (front cover; Elle MacPherson); February (front cover; Manon); March (front cover; Kathy Ireland); April (front cover; Gin Miller; Tamilee Webb; Kathy Smith; Candice Copeland; Kari Anderson); May (front cover; Gabrielle Reece); October (front cover; Tyra Banks);

1996 May( Daniela Pestova); (August; Teal); (October; Gloria Estefan); (November; Kathy Ireland); (December (front cover; Oprah Winfrey);

1998 March (front cover; Yasmeen Ghauri); (April; Anja Kneller); (June; Yasmeen Ghauri); October (front cover; Basia);

1999 January (front cover; Camilla Vest); (February; Manon Von Gerkan); ( March (front cover; Camilla Vest); April (front cover; Niki Taylor); May (front cover; Malia Jones); June (front cover; Portia De Rossi); July (front cover; Andrea Nemcova); August (front cover; Malia Jones); September (front cover; Halle Berry); October (front cover; Josie Maran); November (front cover; Scarlett); December (front cover; Valeria Mazza);

2000 March (front cover; Yamila Diaz); April (front cover; Sarah O'Hara); August (front cover; Gabby Reece);

2001 January (front cover; Yamile Diaz); February (front cover; Basia); March (front cover; Magdalena); April (front cover; Kristy Hinze); May (front cover; Tatiana Z.); June (front cover; Christy Turington); July (front cover; Nathalia Costa); September (front cover; Bieves Alvarez);

2002 (April; Cindy Taylor); (August; Yamila); (September (front cover; Marissa);

2003 (August; Kristanna Loken); (September; Vanessa Lorenzo);

2004 (January; Anouk); (March; Marisa Miller); (June Petra Nemcova); (July; Olga Pavlova); (August; Daniella Pestova); (October Emma Heming); (November; Marisa Miller); (December; Eugenia Silva);

2006(May; Eva Longoria); (June; Daniela Pestova);

SHAPE { Joe Weider's ...} --- ULTIMATE MAKEOVERS -- 2004 (175 Ways to Look Better) ;

SLIMMER (Ritter Geller Comm.);

1982 December (front cover; Heather Thomas);

1985 February (front cover; Suzanne Somers);

1987 June (front cover; Rachel McLish);

SPORTS FITNESS (Sports Fitness Inc.);

1985 September (front cover; “Muscle Up Your Midsection”);

1986 November (front cover; “Your Wildest Dreams”);

1987 May (front cover; Heidi Helmer; Dan Smith);

1994 August (front cover; Pat Burns);

STRENGTH ATHLETE (Bodyshop Studios; UK);

#241 (front cover; Rick “Grizzly” Brown);

STRENGTH AND HEALTH (Strength and Health Pub. Co.)

1939 – December (The Man who licked infantile paralysis);

1940 – May (Dick Falcon); July (Chick Deutch, New York City); September (John Gallagher, Bayonne, N.J.); November (Louis Abele, Philadelphia); December (Siegmund Klein/ Jo Ann Dean);

1941 – January (Joe Mandalla/ John Davis); February (Walter Baptiste, San Francisco); April (Jules Bacon/ Constantine Kositis); May (Al Berger); December (John Grimek);

1942 – February(Ludwig Schusterich); April(Frank Giardine, Brooklyn New York); June (Terry Robinson, Brooklyn New York); July (Frank Leight Mr. America 1942); August (Howard Eastman New York); November (John Grimek);

1943 – January (Private Marvin Urvant, Brooklyn New York); March (Santo Leone of New York); December (John Grimek);

1944 – January (Private Victor Nicoletti); February (Siegmund Klein, New York City); March (Jules Bacon); April (Paul Atanasio, New York City); May (Fred Currie, Santa Monica California); June (Tony Terlazzo); July (Dick Bachtell of York Barbell Club); August (Bill Barad, Pittsburgh); September (Steve Stanko Mr. America 1944); October (Sgt. Gene Jantzen); November (Phil Coutois, Oakland California); December (Al Steponaitis);

1945 – January (John Grimek);February (Siegmund Klein, New York); March (Sam Loprinzi); April (John Gallagher, Bayonne N.J.); May (John Terpak of York Barbell Club); June (Sgt. Kimon Voyages, Bronx New York); July (John Terlazzo); August (PFC. Clarence Ross Mr. America 1945);

1946 – February (Sgt. Joseph Peters); July (Bob Higgins, Indianapolis Indiana);

1947 – January (Jack Lalanne, Oakland California; G/VG = $13.00); February – John Grimek of York Barbell Club); April (Eric Pedersen, Hollywood California); May (Pete Jacobs of Yaco's Gym, Detroit); June (Harold Zinkin);

1947; July (front cover; Clarence Ros; ** Also with; Bob Hoffman, Stanczyk, Terpak, Spellman, McCune, Lauriano, Stanko, Arvid Andersson, Venables, Steve Reeves, VG $20);

1947; November (Rene Leger, Montreal Canada); December (front cover & article on Mr Universe = Steve Stanko; ** Also with; Father B.H.B. Lange, VG $20);

1948 – January (John Grimek); March (Abbye Stockton, Santa Monica California); September (Jack Delinger); November (Pepper Gomez; Los Angeles); December (Manuel Drown, Los Angeles);

1949 – February Robert Duranton “Mr France”); March (Val Pasqua “Mr New York City”); October (Phil Courtois, Oakland California);

1950 April (front cover; Malcolm Brenner); May/June (front cover; John Farbotnik);

1952 – September ( front cover Keith Stephan); December (Dick Manson);

1953 February (Vic Seipke); August (front cover; Al Scharchiapone); September (Bill Pearl Mr. America 1953);

1954 March (front cover; Don Van Fleteren); April (front cover; Bert Elliott); August (front cover; Paul Waldman); September (front cover; Al Christensen); October (front cover; Dave Sheppard); November (front cover; Dick Dubois);

1955 January (front cover; Enrico Tomas); February (front cover; Glenn Bishop);

1956 – (August; Monte Wolford);

1958 February ( front cover Grimek family); May (front cover; Irwin Koszewski); June (front cover; Mike Ferraro); August (front cover; Ronald Lacy); October (front cover; Tom Drescher); November (front cover; Tom Sansone);

1959 March (front cover; Vern Weaver); May (front cover; Tom Sansone); July (front cover; Bert & Beverly Elliott); August ( front cover Terry Robinson); September ( front cover Bud Counts); November (front cover; Billy Cannon);

1960 March (El Wood Holbrook); October ( front cover Hugo la Bra);

1961 January ( front cover The Andy Gropp family) March (front cover; Red Lerille); July (front cover; Bill Pearl); August ( front cover Bill Stathes and Lana Greene); October ( front cover Hussein Shokouh); November ( front cover Isaac Berger);

1962 May ( front cover Vic Nicoletti); June ( front cover Gary Gubner); July ( front cover Brenda Miller/ Bill March); August ( front cover Bev & Bert Elliott);

1963 February (front cover; Dr. Craig Whitehead); April ( front cover Al Souza); May ( front cover Leroy Saba); June ( front cover Tom Sansome); September ( front cover Bill Golumbick); October ( front cover Jack La Lanne); November ( front cover Randy Watson); December ( front cover Vern Weaver);

1964 January (Mickey Hargity); MAY(Tommy Kono); September (front cover; Chester Yorton); November(Dr Craig Whithead); December (front cover; Bill March);

1965 January (front cover; Frank Farmer); February (front cover; Bill Pearl); March (John Decola; VG $15) May (front cover; Timmy Leong);

1966 December (front cover; Ken McCord);

1967 March (front cover; John Decola); June (front cover; Dr. Craig Whitehead); August ( front cover Irvin "Zabo" Koszewski);

1969 October (front cover; Cindy Curran; Jacques MacKinnon); November (front cover; Painting by Frank Hummel); December (front cover; Curt & Sharon Haywood);

1970 February ( front cover carl & Bobbi Smith);

1978 May (front cover; Bruce Wilhelm); July (front cover; Nina Edwards; Mark Cameron);

SUPER FITNESS EXCEL (Kuliaikanuu Inc.)

1990 September (front cover; Lee Labrada; Rebecca Ferratti; Volume 1 #1);

1990; October (front cover; Lyle Alzado; Cyndi Pass; Volume 1 #2);

1990; November (front cover; Fitness Stars of the 90's; Volume 1 #3);


1955 November (Cy La Tour/ Gunther Rosen);

TRIATHLETE (Triathlete Prod. Inc.);

1990 January/ February (front cover; Mark Allen); March (front cover; Mark Allen; Erin Baker); April (front cover; Lance Armstrong); May (front cover; Scott Tinley); June (front cover; Miles Stewart); July (front cover; Scott Molina); September (front cover; Collenn Cannon); October (front cover; Mark Allen; Dave Scott); November/December (front cover; Ray Browning; Scott Tinley);

1991 January/February (front cover; Mark Allen); April (front cover; Melissa Patterson); June (front cover; Dirk Aschmoneit); July (front cover; Scott Tinley);

1992 March (Jeff Devlin);

1993 March (front cover; Andrew Carlson); April (front cover; Mark Allen); August (front cover; Greg Welch);

1994 March (front cover; Nancy Riedel); April (front cover; Michelle Jones); May (front cover; Carol Montgomery; Karen Smyers; Michellie Jones);

1995 January (front cover; Julieanne White); March (front cover; “Age-Group Annual Plan”); May (front cover; Spencer Smith); July (front cover; Cameron Widoff); August (front cover; “Top 20 Bike Speed Boosters”);

1996 August (front cover; Gina Derks);

TRIATHLON (Triathlon Magazine Ltd.);

1985 September (front cover; Scott Tinley); October (front cover; Dave Scott);

TRIATHLON (UK; Stonehart Leisure Magazines);

1990 (August);

VERVE (Southam Communications Ltd.);

1986 April (front cover; Carolina Heins);

WALKING (Walking Inc.);

1992 October (front cover; Rhonda Pierson);


1991 November (front cover; Mike Quinn);

1992 January (front cover; Jim Quinn); May (front cover; Lou Ferrigno); June (front cover; Mike Christian; Gary Strydom; Berry De Mey; Eddie Robinson; Jim Quinn);

WEIGHT WATCHERS (W/W/ Twenty First Corp.);

1979 (June; Marie Sieber);

1980 (October; 17 Soups that Make the Meal);

1981 February; Diet of the 80's);

1983 (March; Spring Beauty Guide); (May; Pam Harvey);

1984 (January; Lynn Redgrave); (February ; Michele Lee);

1985 (March Marvelous Meatless Meals);

1988 (August Luscious Dessesrts);

19993 (October; Fun Fall Jackets);

2002 January/February (front cover; Sarah, Duchess of York); (March/April);

2007 (May/June; Jenny McCarthy);


1994 - August; Marla Duncan);

WOMEN'S HEATH (Rodale Pub.);

2008 (March; Theresa Aline); (December);

2013 (March; Jessica Alba);


2002 April/May (front cover; Danica);

WOMEN'S SPORTS AND FITNESS (Women's Sports and Fitness Inc.);

1995 March (front cover; Maire Varis);

1998 September/October (front cover; Leilani Bishop);

1999 September/ October (front cover; Christy Turlinton);

2000 January/February (front cover; Kristen Hendrickson);

YOUR HEALTH (Globe International Inc.);

1991 November 5 (front cover; Elizabeth Taylor);


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