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MUSIC - Mass Market Paperbacks FOR SALE

(Rock N' Roll, Country & Western, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop, Heavy Metal, Beatles, Soul, & other Music; Trivia/Quiz, Groups, individual Stars, Biographies, Histories, Lyrics, etc) For Sale


American Ballads: Naughty, Ribald and Classic - Kennedy, Charles O'Brien (Compiled by); David Jordan( Assisted By) (Red Seal book #22 - Gold Medal/ Fawcett Pub; 1952 First Edition; 285 pages; Mass Market Paperback approx 110 stories; Condition = overall VG/FN, with minor creasing at upper right cover, thus still nice VG = $12; G/VG=$9; G=$6)

ANDERSON, MARIAN – My Lord, What a Morning (Autobiography);

APEL, WILLI/ DANIEL, RALPH T. - The Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music (An Illustrated Guide of Music);

ARMSTRONG, LOUIS – Satchmo (Autobiography; with photos);

ATKINSON, BOB (ed.) - Songs of the Open Road (Lyrics of folk Rock);

BACHARACH, A.L. (ed) – The Music Masters Vol. I; From the Sixteenth Century to the Time of Beethoven; *** Lives of the Great Composers Vol. 3 (Classical);

BAEZ, JOAN – Daybreak (Autobiography);

THE BEATLE BOOK (Biographies; with photos; 1964);

THE BEATLES – POCKET BEATLES FOR GUITAR (Music and Lyrics for over 120 songs);

THE BEATLES Lyrics Illustrated (With photos);

THE BEATLES UP To Date (With Photos; 1964);

BECKLEY, TIMOTHY GREEN (editor) (Reporters = Arthur Crockett; Barbara Leeds; Carol Rodridquez; Diane Quist; Bob Morse; David Stoller)Lennon: Up Close and Personal (Sunshine Pubications, 1980; PBO - Paperback Original; 164 pages including covers; Biography; with many B&W photos;  ** Includes; Rock's Peace Maker Is No More; The Chief Is Dead; The Formative Years: 1940 - 1964; The Beatles Around the World; John and the Beatles Split Up; A Man of Peace; The Headline Hunters; Back to John; Enter Bugsy and Rosie; John's Reincarnation; Deporatation Woes; He Love New York; Sex Drugs Politics and Controversy; The Lennon Estate and His Gift to Mankind; Don't Blame New York; The Long and Winding Road; and Days in the Life of John Lennon);

BEGO, MARK – Barry Manilow (Biography; with photos); *** Bette Midler Outrageously Divine (Biography; with photos); *** Captain and Tennille (Biography;with photos); *** The Doobie Brothers (Biography; with Photos); *** Ice Ice Ice, The Extraordinary Vanilla Ice (Biography, with Photos); *** Michael! (Michael Jackson Biography with photos); *** On the Road with Michael! (Michael Jackson's 1984 Victory Tor, with photos); *** Whitney! (Whitney Houston Biography / with Photos);

BERMAN, CONNIE – Diana Ross, Supreme Lady (Biography, with photos); *** The Shaun Cassidy Scrapbook (Biography; with photos);

BLOM, ERIC – Music in England (History);

BOECKMAN, CHARLES – Cool, Hot and Blue (A history of Jazz for Young People);

BOONE, DEBBY – Debby Boone so Far (Autobiography / with photos);

BRAND, OSCAR (ed) – Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads (Lyrics and Music); *** Folk songs for Fun (Lyrics and Music);

BROWN, LEN -/ FRIEDRICH, GARY – So you Think You Know Rock and Rock (Quizzes; with photos);

BROWN, PETER/ GAINES, STEVEN – The Love You Make; and Insider's Story of the Beatles (Biography; with Photos);

BUTLER, DOUGAL/ TRENGOVE, CHRIS/ LAWRENCE, PETER – Moon the Loon (Keith Moon Biography/ with Photos);

CAREY, GARY – Lenn, Janis and Jim (Biographies of Lenny Bruce, Janis Joplin and Jimi Jendrix);

CARPOZI JR. GEORGE – Cher (Biography; with photos); *** John Lennon; Death of a Bream (Biography; with Photos);

CASERTA, PEGGY/ KNAPP, DAN – Going Down with Janis (Biography of Janis Joplin);

CASH, JOHNNY – Man in Black (Autobiography; with photos);

CATALANO, GRACE – Leann Rimes; Teen Country Queen (Biography; with photos); *** New Kids on the Block (Biography; with photos); *** Paula Abdul, Forever Yours (Biography; with Photos);

CERULLI, DOM/ KORALL, BURT/ NASATIR, MORT (eds) – The Jazz Word (Cross Section of jazz as writer today, including fiction, poetry, prose and art);

CLARKE, DICK – Rock, Roll and remember (With Richard Robinson; (Autobiography; with Photos);

COHEN, BARNEY – Sting: Every Breath he Takes ( Biography/ with Photos);

COHEN, DANIEL & SUSAN – Rock Video Superstars ( front cover Prince, Madonna, David Lee Roth & Cyndi Lauper; Biographies of Dozens of stars; with photos); *** Rock Video Superstars II ( front cover John Cougar, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins; Biographies of Dozens of Stars; with photos);

COHEN, SCOTT – Boy George (Biography);

CONN, CHARLES PAUL – The New Johnny Cash (Biography; with Photos);

COPLAND, AARON – Music and Imagination (The Creative Process of Composition and Performance of Music); *** What to listen for in Music (Guide to Greater Musical enjoyment);

CREE MAGAZINE – Rock Revolution ( front cover Rolling Stones: The Story of Rock and Roll; with Photos);

CROSS, MILTON – Stories of the Great Operas (History);

CUNNIFF, ALBERT – Waylon Jennings (Biography; with Photos);

CUSIC, DON – Reba Queen of Country Music (Biography; with Photos);

DACHS, DAVID – John Denver (Biography; with Photos); *** 100 Pop and Rock Stars (Biography; with Photos); *** Pop/Rock Question and Answer Book (front cover Barry Manilow, Olivia Newton-John, the Jacksons, Donny & Marie Osmond; with photos); *** Rocks Biggest Ten (Interviews with photos; KISS, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac & others);

DAGUCON, LIZ – 10,000 Secrets about 101 Stars (How to meet them, where to write them; with photos);

DALTON, DAVID – Janis (Janis Joplin Biography with lyrics & music; with photos); *** The Rolling Stones; The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World (Biography; with Photos);

DALY, MARSHA – Pete Frampton (Biography; with Photos);

DARNTON, CHRISTIAN – You and Music (Classical Music other than the masters);

DARRELL, R.D. - Good Listening (A Guide to the world's best classical music);

DAVIES, HUNTER – The Beatles (Biography; with Photos);

DAVIS, STEPHEN – Hammer of the Gods; the Led Zeppelin Saga (Biography; with Photos);

DE BLASIO, EDWARD – All About the Beatles (Biography; with Photos);

DECK, CAROL – The David Cassidy Story (Biography);

DEMOREST, STEVE – Alice Cooper (SHOCK ROCK’s GLITTER KING a CIRCUS Magazine Biography Paperback with Photos)

(1974; Popular Library Books; First Time in Paperback;  159 Pages; VG+ = $29.00);

DE MOTTE, WARREN – The Long Playing Record Guide (Evaluation of More than 7000 Orchestral, vocal, & chamber music.);

DENT, EDWARD J. - Opera (The nature & development; illustrated);

DES BARRES, PAMELA – I'm with the Band; Confessions of a Groupie (Autobiography; with Photos);

DES CORDOBES, DOMINIQUE – Ratt; monsters of Metal (Biography; with Photos);

DE WITT, HUGH – Rawdy Barrack – Room Ballard's (Lyrics);

DILELLO, RICHARD – The Longest Cocktail Party (Autobiography of an insiders view of the Beatles; with photos.);

DITLEA, STEVE – Rock Stars ( front cover KISS, Billy Joel & others; (Biography; with Photos);

DONCASTER, PATRICK/ JASPER, TONY – Cliff (Biography of Cliff Richards; with photos);

DUNN, PAUL H. - The Osmonds (Biography; with Photos);

DUNPHY, EAMON – Unforgettable Fire; The Story of U2 (with Photos);

DWIGHT, BILL – Motley Crue: Monsters of Metal (Biography; with Photos);

DYLAN, BOB – Tarantula (A Novel);

EDGINGTON, HARRY – ABBA (Biography; with Photos);

EISEN, JONATHAN (ed.) - Altamont (Multiple view of Rolling Stones concert; with photos);

ELLIOTT, PAUL/ HOTTEN, JON – The Best of Metal; the essential Guide (Over 100 artists; with photos);

ELSNER, CONSTANZE – Stevie Wonder (Biography);

ELSON, LOUIS C. - Elson's Pocket Music Dictionary (1909);

EWBANK, TIM/ HILDRED, STAFFORD – Rod Stewart (Biography; with Photos);

FAST, JULIUS – The Beatles; The Real Story (Biography; with Photos);

FEATHER, LEONARD – The Book of Jazz (A Guide to the Entire Field);

FISSINGER, LAURA – Tina Turner (Biography; with Photos);


FRANCIS, CONNIE – For Every Young Heart (Autobiography; with Photos);

FRIEDMAN, MYRA – Buried Alive (Biography of Janis Joplin ; with Photos);

GABREE, JOHN – The World of Rock (Biggest Cultural Phenomenon of the Sixties; with photos);

GAMBACCINI, PETER – Billy Joel (Biography; with Photos); *** Bruce Springsteen (Biography; with Photos); *** (ed) Elton John and Bernie Taupin (Behind the Scenes with the song writing team; with photos);

GAMMOND, PETER – Bluff your way in Music (Know your classical music jargon.);

GARBARINI, VIC / CULLMAN, BRIAN/ GRAUSTARK, BARBARA – Strawberry Fields Forever; John Lennon remembered (Biography; with Photos);

GELDOF, BOB – Is That It? (Autobiography; with Photos);

GEORGE, NELSON – The Michael Jackson Story (Biography; with Photos);

GILBERT & SULLIVAN – Best Loved Gilbert and Sullivan Operas (Lyrics & Music);

GILLETT, CHARLIE (ed) – Rock File (Every Top 209 hit in the British charts 1955-1969; with photos); *** The Sound of the City: The Rise of Rock 'n' Roll;

GILLMAN, PETER & LENI – Alias David Bowie (Biography; with Photos);

GINSBERG, MERLE – Boy George (Biography; with Photos);

GLAZER, TOM – A New Treasury of Folk Songs (Lyrics & Music); *** Songs of Peace, freedom & Treasury (Lyrics * Music);

GOLDEN, ANNA LOUISE – Backstreet Boys ( Biography);

GOLDMAN, ALBERT – The Lives of John Lennon (Biography; with Photos);

GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD – The Poetry of Rock (Collection of Great Rock Lyrics; with photos);

GOLDSTEIN, TOBY – Duran Duran (Biography; with Photos);

GOLSON, G. BARRY (ed) The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono (with photos);

GOOCH, BRAD – HALL & OATES (Everything You Wanted to Know About...)  (1985; Ballantine Books; ISBN 0345322711;  Canada; PBO - Paperback Original; Biography of Daryl Hall & John Oates; Biography, with 16 extra Pages of B&W PHOTOS; ** Contents; H2O; Smalltown PA; Rock or Soul?; Chic to Chic: the Glitter Years; Finding their Voices; Public Eyes; One on One; 149 Pages including Discography, Videography & About the Author; VERY RARE Title; AS NEW = $44.00);

GOODGOLD, EDWIN/ CARLINSKY, DAN – The Complete Beatles Quiz Book (with photos);

GOODMAN, PETE – Our Own Story by the Rolling Stones (Biography; with Photos);

GRAHAM, SAMUEL – The Authorized History of Fleetwood Mac (With photos);

GREEN, JOHN – Dakota Days (John Lennon's Last Few Years in New York City's Dakota Hotel; with photos);

GREGORY, JAMES – David David David (David Cassidy Biography; with Photos); *** Donny! (Biography; with Photos); *** The Soul of the Jackson 5 (Biography; with Photos);

GRISSIM, JOHN – Country Music; White man's Blues (History & Biographies of country music; with Photos);

GROSS, MICHAEL – ROBERT PLANT - CIRCUS Magazine presents Led Zeppelin's Golden Boy - Rock's Heavy Metal Kid (1975; Popular Library, New York, USA; PBO - Paperback Original; CIRCUS Magazine presents the startling tale of the world's biggest rock group - Led Zeppelin - and a firsthand account of Robert Plant's ascent to super-stardom; 160 Pages; Biography, includes 16 pages of B&W Photos);

GROVE, MARTIN A. - Paul McCartney: Beatle with Wings! (Biography; with Photos);

GUTHRIE, WOODY – Bound for Glory (Autobiography);

HALLOWELL, JOHN – Inside Creedence (Creedence Clearwaer Revival Biography; with photos);

HANSON, KITTY – Disco Fever (History of Disco; latest Disco Dance Step with Drawings and Diagrams; with photos);

HARDY, PHIL/ LAING, DAVE (eds) – The Encyclopedia of Rock Vol. 1 *** The Age of Rock 'n' Roll (1976); *** The Age of Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 2 from Liverpool to San Francisco (1976);

HARMAN, CARTER – A Popular History of Music (From Greforian Chant to Jazz);

HASKINS, JAMES – I'm Gonna Make You Love Me; the Story of Diana Ross (Biography; with Photos); *** The Story of Steveie Wonder (Biography; with Photos);

HEMPHILL, PAUL – The Nashville Sound; Bright Lights and Country Music (History);

HENDERSON, DAVID - “Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky - the Life of Jimi Hendrix (BANTAM Books; 1983; 1st Paperback Printing; Biography; 410 Pages, with 16 Bonus Pages of B&W Photos);

HILL, RALPH (ed) Music 1950 (What's take place in the music world in 1950); *** 9ed) The Symphony (To guide the serious listener towards a deeper understanding.);

HINE, AL – The Beatles in “HELP!” (Novel; with photos);

HODENFIELD, CHRIS – Rock '70 ( front cover Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan; The year in music; with photos);

HOFFELT, ROBERT O. - How to Lead Informal Singing (1963);

HOFFMAN, ABBIE – Woodstock Nation (A talk rock album; with photos);

HOLIDAY, BILLY – Lady Sings the Blues (with William Duffy; Autobiography; with Photos);

HOLLARAN, CAROLYN – Your Favourite Country Music Stars (Various Biography; with Photos);

HOLMES, TIM – AC/DC; Monsters of Metal (Biography; with Photos);

HOPKINS, JERRY/ SUGERMAN, DANNY – No One gets Out of Here Alive (Jim Morrison Biography; with Photos); *** The Rock Story (History; with photos; 1970);

HOWARD, JOHN TASKER/ LYONS, JAMES – Modern Music (Guide to greater musical enjoyment; 1958);

HUDSON, JAMES A. - The Osmond Brothers (Biography; with Photos); *** Young Mr. Cassidy (Biography; with Photos);

IVES, BURL – Burl Ives Song Book (115 Songs with Lyrics & guitar chords, & piano arrangements);

JACKSON, MICHAEL – Moon Walk (AutoBiography/ with Photos);

JACOBS, ARTHUR (ed.) - Choral Music (History from 1000 A.D. To 1962);

JACOBS, ARTHUR/ SADIE, STANLEY (eds.) - The Pan Book of Opera;

JASPER, TONY (ed.) - 20 Years of British Record Charts 1955 – 1975;

KAHN, STEVE – Tops in Pops plus a Rock 'n' Roll Roundup (Biography; with Photos; 1961);

KAROLYI, OTTO – Introducing Music (The Grammer & Vocabulary of Classical Music);

KATZ, SUSAN – Frampton (Peter Frampton Biography; with Photos); *** Superwomen of Rock (Various Biography; with Photos; 1978);

KEETBASS, DIRK (ed.) - Classical Records; CBC Merchandising (The 1980/81 classical record reference book.);

KENNEDY, CHARLES O'BRIEN – American ballads, Naughty, Ribald and Classic (Lyrics);

KENT, CYNTHIA C. - Duran Duran (Biography; with Photos);

KIM, JAE-HA – Meet the New Kids on the Block (Biography; with Photos);

KING, B.B. - Blues All Around Me (With David Ritz; autobiography; with Photos);

KNIGHT, CURTIS – Jimi (Jimi Hendrix biography; with Photos);

KRAMER, DANIEL – Bob Dylan (biography; with Photos);

KRAMER, FREDA – The Glen Campbell Story (biography; with Photos);

KRULIK, NANCY E. - M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice: the Hip-Hop Never Stop! (Interviews; with photos); *** Pop Quiz; What's Your Music I.Q.?; *** Taylor Hanson, Totally Taylor! (biography; with Photos);

LAMBERT, CONSTANT – Music Ho! (How Music is Related to the Generation that Creates it; 1948);

LANDAU, DEBORAH – Janis Joplin; her life and Times (biography; with Photos);

LARKIN, ROCHELLE – The Beatles: Yesterday... Today ... Tomorrow (biography; with Photos);

LATHAM, CAROLINE – Michael Jackson Thrill (biography; with Photos);

LAURENCE, LESLIE – Today's Top Stars (Various biographies including KISS, Donny & Marie Osmond & Others; with Photos);

LAWRENCE, SHARON – So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star (Insider's Handbook for Getting Ahead; with Photos);

LEAF, DAVID – Bee Gees: the Authorized biography; (with Photos);

LEGGETT, CAROL – The Heavy Metal Bible (Various biography; with Photos);

LEISY, JAMES F. (ed.) - Hootenanny Tonight! (Bluegrass, Ballads and Blues Lyrics and Music);

LENNON, CYNTHIA – A Twist of Lennon (John Lennon's Ex-Wife tell of her life with John; illustrated);

LENNON, JOHN – In His Own Write (His first book); *** In His Own Write/ a Spaniard in the Works (His first & second books);

LEWIS, MYRA/ SILVER, MURRAY – Great Balls of Fire (biography; with Photos);

LOCKER ROOM BALLADS (Bawdy Rugby Song Lyrics);

LOGAN, NICK/ FINNIS, ROB (eds) – The New Musical Express Book of Rock (with Photos);

LYNN, LORETTA – Coal Miner's Daughter (Autobiography; with Photos);

MANDER, MARGARET – Suzi Quatro (biography; with Photos);

MARAIS & MIRANDA – Fold Song Jamboree (Lyrics & Music);

MARKS, J. - Mick Jagger (biography; with Photos); *** Rock and Other Four Letter Words (Rock stars in their own words and lyrics on the moods and thoughts of today's with photos by Linda Eastman; 1968);

MARSH, DAVE – Born to Run; the Bruce Springsteen Story (biography; with Photos);

MARSH, DAVE/ STEIN, KEVIN – The Book of Rock Lists (1984);

MARTIN, JAMES H. - John Denver: Rocky Mountain Wonder Boy (biography; with Photos);

MARTIN, NANCIE S. -Avon Superstars; John Lennon/ Julian Lennon ( Biography/ with photos); *** Eurythmics (biography; with Photos);

MATTHEWS, GORDON – Van Halen (biography; with Photos);

MATTHEWS, JILL – Hanson: MMMBop to the Top (biography; with Photos); *** The Lives and Loves of New Kids on the Block (biography; with Photos);

MAXWELL, WILL N. - The Country Music Guide to Life (Various Country Stars Words of Wisdow);

McCABE, PETER/ SCHONFELD, ROBERT D. - Apple to the Core; the Unmaking of the Beatles (The story of the beatles break-up.);

McEVOY, SETH/ SMITH, LAURA – The New Kids on the Block Novels; Backstage Surprise (fiction); *** The New Kids on the Block Novels; Block Party (fiction); *** The New Kids on the Block Novels; Workin' Out (fiction);

McKNGIHT, CONNOR/ SILVER, CAROLINE – The Who ... Through the eyes of Pete Townsend (biography; with Photos);

MEYER, MARIANNE – Bruce Springsteen (biography; with Photos);

MILLAR, BILL – The Drifters (biography; with Photos);

MOORE, MARY ELLE – The Linda Ronstadt Scapbook ( Biography/ with photos);

MOREHEAD, JAME & ALBERT (eds.) - 101 Best Loved Songs (Lyrics & Music);

MORE RUGBY SONGS (Bawdy Lyrics);

MORGAN, DAN – Playing the Guitar (Illustrated);

MORSE, DAVID – Grandfather Rock (Comparing Rock Lyrics & Classical Poetry);

MYERS, DONALS M. - Headliners: billy Joel (biography; with Photos);

NAHA, ED (ed.) - John Lennon and the Beatles Forever (biography; with Photos);

NASSOUR, ELLIS – Honky Tonk Angel: the Intimate Story of Patsy Cline (biography; with Photos); *** Patsy Cline (biography; with Photos);

NELSON, SUSIE – Heart Worn Memories: a Daughter's Personal biography of Willie Nelson; (with Photos);

NELSON, WILLIE – Willie: an Autobiography (with Bud Shrake; with Photos);

NETTER, MATT – Zac Hanson: Totally Zac (biography; with Photos);

NEWBERGER, DEVRA – The magic of Paula Abdul: From Straight Up to Spellbound! (biography; with Photos);

NEWMAN, GERALD/ BIVONA, JOE – Elton John (biography; with Photos);

NIOKART, RAY – Sting and the Police (biography; with Photos);

NORMAN, PHILIP – Symphony for the Devil: the Rolling Stones Story (biography; with Photos);

O'DONNELL, JIM – The Rock Book (1975; Pinnacle Books; From the Fifties to the Seventies; with illustrations inside; 277 pages; Painted cover by Leigh; VG = $6.00);

ORGILL, MICHAEL – Anchored in Love: the Carter Family Story (biography of the first family of Country music with Johnny Cash; with Photos);

PAGE, PATTI – Once Upon a Dream (Autobiography);

PATON, TAM/ WALE, MICHAEL -The Bay City Rollers (biography; with Photos);

PELLEGRINO, VICKI – Cher! (biography; with Photos);

PENNEBAKER, D.A. - Bob Dylan (Documentary Photo Book; 1968);

PHILLIPS, JOHN – Papa John; and autobiography (with Jim Jerome; with Photos);

PHILLIPS, MICHELLE – California Dreamin' (Autobiography/ with photos);

PIDGEON, JOHN – {SLADE IN} FLAME  (1975; Panther Books/Granada; Based on the Film starring Slade; with photos from the MOVIE; Stoker/Noddy Holder, Paul/Jimmy Lea, Barry/Dave Hill & Charlie/Don Powell; includes 8 pages photo’s insert inside; 158 Pages; VF = $10.00);

PLUTZIK, ROBERTA – Lionel Richie (biography; with Photos);

PRYCE, LARRY – The Bee Gees (biography; with Photos); *** Queen (biography; with Photos); &&& Thin Lizzy (biography; with Photos);

RANDOLPH, DAVID – This is Music (A Guide to the Pleasures of Listening);

REED, ROCHELLE – Making it Together! (The Insiders Stories of the Super Groups; with photos; 1974); *** Rock Idols then and now Vol. 1 ( front cover Donny Osmond & Paul McCartney; Various Biographies);

REES, DAFYDD (ed.) - Star File: the Ultimate Rock Reference (Record Information from billboard & music week; 1977);

RESFELD, RANDI – Nelson: Double Play ( Biography/ with Photos);

RESNICK, SYLVIA – Debbie Preston, Teenage Reporter in the Donny Osmond Mystery (Novel; with photos);

REYNOLDS, JACK W. - Michael Jackson (French language biography; with Photos);

RIBAKOVE, AY & BARBARA – Folk Rock: the Bob Dylan Story (biography; with Photos);

RICHARD, CLIFF – The Way I See It (Questions & Answers on his Christianity);

RIGHT ON EDITORS – Those Incredible Jackson Boys (biography; with Photos);

RITZ, DAVID – Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye (biography; with Photos);

ROBERTSON, ALEC (ed.) - Chamber Music (History) *** (ed.) Music 1952 (The Year in Music 1952);

ROBINSON, NANCY – Bruce Sprinsteen: the Boss (biography; with Photos);

ROEDER, LYNN & LISA – On Tour with Donny and Marie and the Osmonds (biography; with Photos);

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE – The Age of Paranoia (How the Sixties Ended) *** Knockin' on Dylan's Door; on the Road in '74 (Collected Rolling Stone coverage of 1974 tour; with photos); *** The Rolling Stone reader (A Cultural Composite of Articles); *** The Rolling Stone Record Review (1971); *** The Rolling Stone Rock 'n' Roll Reader (The Sounds, Spectacles and Personalities of an Era; 1974);

ROSENBAUM, HELEN – The Beatles Trivia Quiz Book (1001 Questions; with photos); *** The Rolling Stones Trivia Quiz Book (1001 Questions; with photos);

ROWES, BARBARA – Rock Talk (Trivia About Rock Stars; 1977);

ROWLAND, MARK – The Michael Jackson Trivia Book (with photos);

RUBLOWSKY, JOHN – Popular Music;

SALTER, LIONEL – Going to a Concert (Classical music for beginners);

SANCHEZ, TONY – Up and Down with the Rolling Stones (biography; with Photos);

SARLIN, BOB – Turn It Up: I Can't Hear the Words (The Best of the New Singer/ Songwriters; with photos; 1975);

SCARDUTO, ANTHONY – The Beatles (Their history & their future; with photos; 1968); *** Bob Dylan; an Intimate biography; (with Photos); *** Mick Jagger, Everybody's Lucifer (biography; with Photos);

SCHRUERS, FRED – Headliners Blondie ( Biography with Photos);

SCOBEY, LOLA – Willie Nelson Country Outlaw (Biography);

SCOPPA, BUD – The Rock People (Interviews with 13 top stars and groups; with photos; 1973);

SHAW, ARNOLD – Belafonte (Harry Belafonte biography; with Photos);

SHEPHERD, BILLY – The True Story of the Beatles (biography; with Photos; 1964);

SHIPPER, MARK – Paperback Writer: The Life and Times of the Beatles (Novel);

SHORT, DON – Engelbert Humperdinck: the Authorized Biography (with photos);

SIMON, HENRY/ VEINUS, ABRAHAM – The Pocket Book of Great Operas (Illx. Louis Glanzman);

SMELTZER, DAVE/ ABLETT, SHARON – Rockola Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Quiz (with photos);

SMITH, LEO – Musical Rudiments (Toronto Conservatory Text book series No. 1; 1920);

SOTKIN, MARC – The Official Rock and Roll Trivia Quiz Book #2 (with Photos; 1978);

SPAETH, SIGMUND – The Art of Enjoying Music (1949);

STASSINOPOULOS, ARIANNA – Maria Calas (biography; with Photos);

STEARNS, MARSHALL – The Story of Jazz (History; with photos);

STEIN, CATHI – Elton John (biography; with Photos);

STEVENS, DENIS/ ROBERTSON, ALEC (ed.) - The Pelican History of Music Vol. 1 (Ancient forms to polyphony);

STEVENS, KIM – The Bee Gees; a photo Bio (biography; with Photos);

SWANSTON, HAMISH F.G. - In Defence of Opera (1978);

SWENSON, JOHN – The Beatles Yesterday ad Today! (biography; with Photos); *** Headliners: Eagles (biography; with Photos); *** The John Lennon Story (biography; with Photos); *** Headliners: KISS (biography; with Photos); *** HEADLINERS: The WHO (biography; with Photos);

TABORI, PAUL – Song of the Scorpions (biography);

THOMPSON, DAVE – Never fade Away: The Kurt Cobain Story (biography; with Photos);

THOMPSON, OSCAR – How to Understand Music (with 500 recommended recordings of classics; 1958);

THOMPSON, TOBY – Positively Main Street; an Unorthodox View of Bob Dylan (Biography);

THOMSON, VIRGIL – The State of Music (Criticism and Evaluation; 1962);

TILLIS, MEL – Stutterin' Boy (with Walter Wagner; (Autobiography; with Photos);

TREMLETT, GEORGE – The David Bowie Story (1974; FUTURA Pub; UK British; PBO - Paperback Original; biography; 139 pages including Chronology, with 8 Bonus pages of B&W Photos); *** The Osmond Story (biography; with Photos); *** The Paul McCartney Story (biography; with Photos); ** The Rolling Stones (biography; with Photos); *** The Slade Story (biography; with Photos); *** The WHO (biography; with Photos);

TURNER, TINA – I, Tina: My Life Story (with Kurt Loder; autobiography; with Photos);

VECSEY, GEROGE/ FLEISCHER, LEONORE – Sweet Dreams (Novelization of Patsy Cline Life with photos from Movie);

VARE, ETHLIE ANN – Ozzy Osbourne (biography; with Photos);

VINTON, BOBBY – The Polish Prince (Autobiography; with Photos);

WALKER, JOHNNIE – Pop the Question Quiz Book (Illx. Trevor Christmas; 1975);

WALTERS, CHARLEY – Headliners; Fleetwood Mac (biography; with Photos);

WENNER, JANN – Lennon Remembers: the Rolling Stone Interviews (with photos);

WHITE, BETTY – Betty White's Teen-age Dance Book (How to Dance with Illustrations & Diagrams);

WILLIAMS, ALLAN/ MARSHALL, WILLIAM – The Man Who gave the Beatle Away (biography; with Photos);

WILLIAMS, PAUL – Outlaw Blues (The editor of Crawdaddy Magazome of two year period; 1969);

WILLIAMS, ROGERS M. - Sing a Sad Song; The Life of Hank Williams (biography; with Photos);

WILSON, MARY – Dreamgirl; My Life as a Supreme (Autobiography; with Photos); *** Supreme Faith: Someday We'll Be Together (Autobiography; with Photos);

WORTH, FRED L. - Thirty Years of Rock 'n Roll Trivia (1980);

WREN, CHRISTOPHER S. - The Life of Johnny Cash: Winners Got Scars To (biography; with Photos);

WYNETTE, TAMMY – Stand by Your man (Autobiography; with Photos);

YOUNG, SCOTT – Neil and Me (Neil You biography; with Photos);


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