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(2)US magazine weekly FOR SALE

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1974; FIRST Year = All LOW Print & SCARCE) -

*** Average Weight for Postage (on 1974 issues) = 125 GRAMS each;

1974; March 4 (Volume-1 #1; Cover= Mia Farrow in Gatsby; ** Also with; William Peter Blatty re Exorcist; Jim Croce; Richard Petty; the Hearsts; FN/VF = $49);

1974; March 11 (Volume-1 #2; Cover= Martha Mitchell; ** Also with; Bobby Fischer, Neil Simon, Norman Mailer, Carradines, James Cagney, Connie Stevens; VG/FN = $25);

1974; March 18 (Volume-1 #3; Cover= J. Paul Getty; ** Also with; Lucille Ball, Carl Sagan, Billie Blair; G = $16)

1974; April 1 (Volume-1 #5; Cover= Gerald Ford; ** Also with; Alice Cooper, Johnny Miller, Chris Evert & Jimmy Connors, Minnir Pearl, Claude & Paloma Picasso; G/VG = $15);

1974; April 8(Volume-1 #6; Cover= Ted Kennedy & Ted Kennedy Jr.; ** Also with; President Nixon, Edgar Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Halston, Cleo Laine, Dan Rather; VG = $19);

1974; April 29 (Volume-1 #9; Cover= Joan Baez; ** Also with; Symbionese Liberation Army, Bruce Dern, Jan Morris - Sex Change, Nixon, Sinatra, Brando & Brynner, Marilyn Monroe, Cheech & Chong, Andes survivors, Sally Struthers; VG = $19);

1974; May 6(Volume-1 #10; Cover= George & Cornelia Wallace; ** Also with; Beatles, Dr John Knowles, Frank & Sue Borman, Kenzo Takada, Mayor Alioto, Charlie Rich, Cinda Firestone; G/VG = $15);

1974; June 3(Volume-1 #14; Cover= Cicely Tyson gets Emmy; ** Also with; Zero Mostel, Marion Javits, Peggy Lee, Hefner, Abzug, Haig & Blatty, Redd Foxx, Pam & Bob Sakowitz, Josiaj Bunting;  VG = $16);

1974; June 24(Volume-1 #17; Cover= Joan Kennedy; ** Also with; Thomas Noguchi, James Earl Jones, Jimmy the Greek, Maria Muldaur, Cujo re Patty Hearst, Terrance McNally; VG/FN = $19);

1974; July 8(Volume-2 #2; Cover= Suzy & Mark Spitz; ** Also with; Gene Kelly, Charles Colson, Ross MacDonald, Quacky Duck, Kissinger's Party; G/VG = $13);

1974; July 22(Volume-2 #4; Cover= Miami Dolphin's Larry Csonka; ** Also with; Jean Stapleton, Robert Maheu, Chris & Jimmy, Edgar Winter, Russian Ballet defector, Hal Prince; G = $10);

1974; August 5(Volume-2 #6; Cover= Tom Eageton & Wife Barbara; ** Also with; Scene at Newport, George C Scott, Anita Loos, Muhammad Ali, Kathryn & Arthur Murray, Goprdon Lightfoot, John Doar, Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins;  VG/FN = $18);

1974; August 19(Volume-2 #8; Cover= Charles Bronson; ** Also with; Cartoonists re Jerry Ford, John Le Carre, Donna Fargo, Pacemaker Baby, Cyclops & Tiana: the John Leonards, Diuane Von Furtstenberg;  VG = $20);

1974; September 9(Volume-2 #11; Cover= John & Mo Dean; ** Also with; St Laurent, Paul Anka, Happy Rockefeller, Valerie Harper - TV's Rhoda; G/VG = $13);

1974; September 16(Volume-2 #12; Cover= Joe Namath; ** Also with; Ronald Reagan, Betty Ford, Lindbergh's friend, Angela Landsbury - Gypsy; VG = $20);

1974; September 23(Volume-2 #13; Cover= Gloria Steinmen; ** Also with; Three Sinatra's on one stage, Bill Simon, Rodney Allen Rippy, Ford's Iacocca, Previn; G/VG = $13);

1974; September 30(Volume-2 #14; Cover= Mary Tyler Moore; Philip Buchen & Ford, Soviet Astronauts, Roy Clark, Birch Bayhs; ** Also with; G/VG = $13),

1974; October 7(Volume-2 #15; Cover= Paul Newman; ** Also with; psychotherapist who treated Nixon, Siamese Twins, Kissinger & Ford, Col. Sanders; G/VG = $15);

1974; October 14(Volume-2 #16; Cover= Jackie Onassis/Kennedy; ** Also with; Betty Ford, Michael Landon, Joe Hirshhorn, ex-POW gunning for McGovern; G = $12);

1974; October 21(Volume-2 #17; Cover= Susan Ford - presidents daughter; ** Also with; Art Carney, Duchess, Arnold Palmer. Lady Bird; G/VG = $13);

1974; October 28(Volume-2 #18; Cover= Burt Reynolds/ Dinah Shore; ** Also with; Wilbur Mills, John Prine, Isabel Peron; VG minus = $18);

1974; November 4(Volume-2 #19; Cover= Richard Burton; ** Also with; Nureyev, John Glenn, Isis: 9 Girls in search of Rock stardom, Johnny Miller; VG minus = $16);

1974; November 11(Volume-2 #20; Cover= Prince Charles turns 26; ** Also with; Saslvador Dali, Bottoms Brother, Caroline Kennedy, Heorge Harrison of Beatles, Mickey Cohen & Patty Hearst; G/VG = $13);

1974; November 18(Volume-2 #21; Cover= John Wayne & Katherine Hepburn; ** Also with; Muhammad Ali, Carl Albert, John & Bonnie Raitt, Margaret Trudeau, Billy Baldwin, Pope Paul VI, Betty Ford the Pavlova of Grand Rapids; VG = $22);

1974; November 25(Volume-2 #22; Cover= Johnny Carson & wife; ** Also with; Nixon, Debbie Reynolds, Rockefellers, Halston's skimp - the Mini lives; Mailing Label at lower left cover, VG/FN = $18)

1974; December 9(Volume-2 #24; Cover= Cloris Leachman; ** Also with; Ford, Arthur Fiedler, Kathryn Kuhlman, Bill Watson; FN+ = $19);

1974; December 16(Volume-2 #25; Cover= Kathy & Bing Crosby in TV special; ** Also with; fight for H.L. Hunt's billions, Nixon's men on trial, Liz & Phil Berrigan, Chet Atkins; G/VG = $13);

1974; December 23(Volume-2 #26; Cover= Dustin Hoffman; ** Also with; Margaux Hemingway, Agnew, Paul Williams; G/VG = $14);

1974; December 30(Cover= 25 most intriguing people of 1974; ASK);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1975) - JANURARY13(Elvis Presley), 20(Judge Sirica), 27(Liv Ullman), FEBRUARY 3(Chris Evert/ Billy Jean King), 17(Happy Rockefeller), 24(Olivia Newton-John), MARCH 3(Christina Onassis), 10(James Cann/Barbara Streisand), 17(Alan Alda (Mash), 24(Ann-Margaret), 31(Jackie Onassis), APRIL 7(Henry & Peter Fonda), 21(Paul & Linda McCartney), 28(Ellen Burnstyn), MAY 12(Lauren Hutton), (May 26 – Nancy Walker); JUNE 2(Clint Eastwood), 9(Mick Jagger), (June 23 – Jane Fanda, Tom Hayden); (August 4 – Peter Sellers); AUGUST 18(Elton John), 25(Roy Scheider), SEPTEMBER 1(Princess Grace), 15(Valerie Harper), 22(Rose& Ted Kennedy), 29(Howard Cosell), OCTOBER 6(Henry & Nancy Kissinger), (October 13 – Marlon Brando); October 20(Julie & David Eisenhower), October 27(Robert Redford), NOVEMBER 3(Gene Hackman), 10(Bob Dylan), 24(Jennifer O'Neill), DECEMBER 1(Julia Child), 15(Roger Daltry), 22(Billy Graham);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1976) - JANUARY 12(Liza Minneli), 26(Diana Ross), (February 2 – Sophia Loren & Sons); FEBRUARY 9(Mary Tyler Moore), 16(Chris Evert), MARCH 1(Michael Caine), 8(Marisa Berenson), 15(Liz Taylor), 22(Rob Reiner/Penny Marshall), 29(Glen Campbell), APRIL 5(Beatles), (April 19 – Telly Savalas); MAY 3(Redford/Hoffman) 10(Truman Capote), (may 24 – Henry Winkler); May 31(Frank Sinatra), JUNE 7(Paul McCarthney), 14(Jerry Brown), (June 21 – Raquel Welch) June 28(Nureyev), JULY 5(Louise Lasser), 12(Fliip Wilson/ Sonny Bono), 19(Jimmy & Amy Carter), AUGUST 9(Peter Falk),16(Carol Burnett),23(Beach Boys), SEPTEMBER 6(David Bowie), 13(Paul Lynde), (September 20 – Phyllis George); OCTOBER 4(Woody Allen), 11(Barbara Walters), 18(The Captain and Tennille), 25(Stevie Wonder), (November 1 – Lee Radziwill); NOVEMBER 8(Tony Randall), 15(Roalynn Carter), 22(Marjorie Wallace(Miss World), DECEMBER 6(Charlie's Angels), 13(Robert Wagner/ Natalie Wood), 20(Led Zeppelin);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1977) - JANUARY 17(Ringo Starr), 24(Claudine Longet), (January 31 – Jessica Langa, King Kong); FEBRUARY 7(George C. Scott), 14(Liz Taylor), 21(Rod Stewart/ Britt Ekland), (February 28 – Ralph Nader); MARCH 7(Bjorn Borg), (March 21 – David Carradine); APRIL -11(Bruse & Chrystie Jenner), 18(Jackie Onassis), 25(Sally Field), (May 2 – Bianca Jagger); MAY 9(Alex Haley), (May 23 – David Frost, Richard Nixon); JUNE 6(Fleetwood Mac), 20(Liza Minneli/Liz Taylor), 27(Peter Frampton), JULY 18(3CPO(Star Wars), 25(Tom & Nancy Seaver), (August 1 – Jacqueline Bisset); AUGUST 8(Barry Manilow), 15(Charlie's Angels) 22(Sissy Spacek), 29(Ann-Margaret/Marty Feldman), (September 5 – Dan Rather); SEPTEMBER 12(Susan Saint James), (September 19 – Robert Blake); (October 3 – Tony Orlando); OCTOBER 10(Elvis Memorbillia), 17(O.J. Simpson), 24(Linda Ronstadt), NOVEMBER 7(Three's Company), 14(Michelle Phillips), 21(Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards), 28(Al Pacino), DECEMBER 5(Gilda Radner), 12(Crosby, Stills & Nash), 19(Marlo Thomas), 26(25 Most Intriguing People of 77);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1978) - JANUARY 16(Elton John), (January 23 – Helen Reddy); (January 30 – Cast members of “Laverne & Shirley”); FEBRUARY 6(Bee Gees), 13(Clint Eastwood/ Sondra Locke), (February 20 – Henry Winkley); (February 27 – Fritz & Joan Mondale); MARCH 6(Goldie Hawn), (March 20 – Genevieve Bujold); APRIL 3(Oscar Fever), (April 17 – Pat Boone, Debbie Boone); 24(Linda Lavin), MAY 1(Steve Martin), 8(Sylvester Stallone), 22(John Ritter), May 29/1978 (12 year old Brooke Shields photo cover & 4 page article including furor over child porn in films re Pretty Baby, with 8 photo's inside; Weight = 170 Grams; FN $14)

(June 12 – Ron Howard), JUNE 19(Cheryl Tiegs), (June 26 – Jane Fonda, Jon Voight), JULY 3(Princess Caroline), (July 10 – Ed Asner); (July - 17(Carly Simon), 24(Ali MacFraw/ Kristofferson), (August 7 – Joan Kennedy); AUGUST 14(Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), 21(Elvis Presley), SEPTEMBER 11(Little House on the Prairie), (September 25 – Joe Namath); OCTOBER 2(Battlestar Galactica), 16(Chicago), 23(Liz Taylor), (November 6 – Patty Hearst & Fiance); (November 20 – Kristy McNichol, Jimmy McNichol); (December 4 – Priscilla Presley); (December 18 - Ann-Margaret); DECEMBER (25 Most Intriguing People of 1978);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1979) - JANUARY 8(Superman (Chris Reeve), (January 15 – Diana Ross); FEBRUARY 5(Rod Stewart), (February 19 – Barbra Streisand, Jon Peters); (February 26(John Denver), MARCH 5(Reader's Poll), 12(Loretta Swit (Mash), (March 19 – Billy Joel); (March 26 – Betty Ford); APRIL 2(Warren Beatty), 9(Donna Pescow), (April 16 – Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas); (April 30 – Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Brown); (May 7 – Lee Marvin, Michalle, Triola, Peter Frampton, Penny McCall, Nick Nolte, Karen Eklund); (May 21 – Johnny Carson); (May 28 – Dan Rather, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Morley Safer); (June 11 – Mariel Hemingway); (June 18 – carl Reiner, Rob Reiner); (July 30 – Cheryl Tiegs, Stan Dragoti); (August 13 – Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Richard Kiel “Moonraker”); (August 27 – Phil Donahue); AUGUST 6(Bee Gees), (September 3 – Miss Piggy); SEPTEMBER 10(Rock Stars), 17(Amityville Horror), (October 1 – Carol Burnett, Carrie Burnett); OCTOBER 8(Nick Nolte), 22(Cher), (October 29 – Robin Williams); (November 5 – Jill Clayburgh, Burt Reynolds); (November 12 – Loni Anderson, Howard Hesseman “WKRP”); NOVEMBER 26(Fleetwood Mac), DECEMBER 3(Eight is Enough), 10(Kenny Rogers), 24 - 31(24 Most Intriguing People of 1979);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1980) - JANUARY 7(Bette Midler), (January 14 – Lee Majors; inset photos Farah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal); (January 28(Elvis Presley), (February 4 – Chris Evert Lloyd, John Lloyd); FEBRUARY 11(Bo & John Derek), (March 17 – Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips “One Day at a Time”); MARCH 24(Second Reader's Poll),31(Kristy McNikol/Tatum O'Neal), (May 5 – Jacqueline Bissel, Paul Newman); MAY 12(The Who), (May 26 – Mad Davis); (June 9 – Yoda “Empire Strike Back”); JUNE 23(John Travolta), (July 21 – Ronald & Nancy Reagan); AUGUST 4(The Blues Brothers; John Belushi / Dan Aykroyd),11(Brooke Shields / Chris Atkins "Blue lagoon"), (August 25 – John Davidson); SEPTEMBER 1(Willie Nelson and Family), (September 8 – Cast of movie “Airplane!”); (September 22 -Richard Chamberlain "Shogun"), OCTOBER 6(Carly Simon),13(Cathy Lee Gifford),20(Elizabeth Taylor / Sen. Warner),27(Torrid Teens on the Soaps), NOVEMBER 3(Paul Simon),10(Linda Gray "Dallas"), (November 17 – Nancy Reagan); (November - 24(Melissa Gilbert), DECEMBER 1(Kenny Rogers),22(John Lennon / Yoko Ono),29(The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1980);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1981) - JANUARY 12(Yoko Ono),26(Charlene Tilton "Dallas"), FEBRUARY 2(Frank Sinatra),23(Ringo Starr / Barbara Bach), (March 2 – Mackenzie Phillips, Papa John Phillips); MARCH 9(The Soaps Lovable Cads),16(Debbie Harry "Blondie"), 23(Jackie Onassis),30(Victoria Principal "Dallas"), APRIL 6(Catherine Bach "Dukes of Hazzard",13(Ronald Reagan),20(Jodie Foster),27(Cast of "Archie Bunker's Place"), (May 4 – Tanya Tucker); MAY 11(Farrah Fawcett Majors), 25(Billie Jean & Larry King), JUNE 1(Phyllis George),8(Lauren Bacall),22(Princess "Lady" Diana), JULY 6(Christopher Reeve),13(Morgan Fairchild),20(Harrison Ford / Karen Allen "Raiders of the Lost Ark"), (July 27 – Bo Derek); AUGUST 10(Brooke Shields),24(Margot Kidder),31(Mark Hamill), (September 14 – Dudley Moore, Susan Anton); (September 21 – The 29 best & worst Dressed in the World); SEPTEMBER 28(Pat Benatar), OCTOBER 5(Faye Dunaway),12(Justice Sandra Day O'Connor),19(Jaclyn Smith), NOVEMBER 9(Valerie Bertinelli),16(Anthony Geary / Genie Francis / Elizabeth Taylor "General Hospital"),23(Princess Diana), DECEMBER 14(Cast of "Three's Company"), (December 21 – Larry Hagman); (December - 28(The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1981);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1982) – (January 11 – Richard Thomas & his young triplets); JANUARY 25(Cher), (February 1 – Patty Hearst & Daughter Gillian); FEBRUARY 8(Timothy Hutton), (February 22 – Daniel Travanti, Veronica Hamel, Michael Conrad “Hill Street Blues”); (March 15 – Elizabeth Taylor); MARCH 22(John Belushi), APRIL 12(Henry & Jane Fonda),19(Reader's Poll; Brooke Shields; Princess Diana), (April 26 – Cheryl Tiegs); MAY 3(Tom Selleck/ Bess Armstrond "High Road to China"),10(Pamela Sue Martin / John James "Dynasty"), (May 17 – Tony Geary “General Hospital”); (May 24 – Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden); JUNE 7(Loni Anderson / Burt Reynolds),14(Are Soaps to Sexy?),28(Henry Thomas/ET "ET"), JULY 5(Princess Diana),12(Aileen Quinn "Annie"),19(John Belushi), (July 26 – Mickey Mouse, Richard Simmons); AUGUST 2(Dolly Parton; NO address Label; FN/VF = $12 ), AUGUST 2(Dolly Parton; NO address Label; FN/VF = US$10.00) (August 9 – John Ritter with wife & family); (August - 16(Princess Diana / Prince William), (August - 23(ET "ET"), (August 30 – Jill St. John, Robert Wagner); (September 6 – Olivia Newton-John); SEPTEMBER 13(Robin Williams),20(The 30 Best and Worst Dressed; Brooke Shields; Sophia Loren),27(Grace Kelly), OCTOBER 4(Ted Knight/Nancy Dussault "Too Close for Comfort"),25(Why the Famous Date the Famous), NOVEMBER 8(John Delorean and Family),15(The Royal Family of Monaco), (November 22 – Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger); (November - 29(Christina Delorean), DECEMBER 13(Yoko Ono andSon Sean),20(Joan Collins),27(The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1982);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1983) - JANUARY 10(Clint Eastwood and son Kyle),17(Dustin Hoffman "Tootsie"),24(Roxanne Pulitzer / Marvin Mitchelson),31(Princess Diana / Prince Charles), FEBRUARY 7(Princess Stephanie / Paul Belmondo),14(Robert Mitchum / Ali MacGraw "The Winds of War"),21(Karen Carpenter),28(Brooke Shields), MARCH 7(John Travolta / Sylvester Stallone),14(Reader's Poll; Prince William; Victoria Principal),21(Bing Crosby),28(Richard Chamberlain / Rachel Ward "The Thorn Birds"), APRIL 4(Oscar Dramas),11(Linda Evans),18(David Soul),25(Joan Rivers), MAY 2(Dena Al-Fassi), (May 9 – Kristy McNichol); (May 16 – Helen Reddy); (May 23 – Victoria Principal); (may 30 – Mr T 'The A-Team”); JUNE 6(Carrie Fisher / Jabba the Hutt "Return of the Jedi"),13(Anthony Perkins "Psycho II"),20( Sally Ride),27(Prince William), JULY 4(Robert Wagner),11(Eddie Murphy / Richard Pryor),18(James Bond's Babies),25(John Travolta "Staying Alive"), AUGUST 1(Goldie Hawn),(August 8 – Diana Ross); (August- 15(Farrah Fawcett / Ryan O'Neal),22(Kenny Rogers / Linda Evans "The Gambler II"),29(Fall TV Preview; Kate Jackson; "Aftermash"; David Bowie), SEPTEMBER 5(Grace Kelly),12(Chevy Chase and Daughter Cydney),19(Korean Airlines Tragedy; Brooke Shields),26(30 Best and Worst Dressed; Princess Diana; Mr. T; Christie Brinkley), OCTOBER 3(Bobby Kennedy Jr.; Vannese Williams),10(Natalie Wood),17(Michael Jackson; Sean Conners; Kim Bassinger),24(Cast of "Aftermash"), NOVEMBER 14(Paul McCartney),DECEMBER 5(Jane Pauley; Mary Tyler Moore), (December 12 – Barbra Streisand); (December – 19 – Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta); (December- 26(The 25 Most intriguing People of 1983);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1984) - JANUARY 9(Princess Caroline),16(The Beach Boys), 30(Mr. T; Lindsay Smith), FEBRUARY 13(Michael Jackson),20(John Lennon / Yoko Ono),27(Bo Derek; Princess Diana), MARCH 5(Our First 10 Years),12(Tom Selleck),19(Paul Newman; Michael Jackson),26(Gary & Lee Hart; Linda Ronstadt), APRIL 2(Kevin Bacon "Footloose"),9(Daryl Hannah "Splash"),16(John Delorean and Family),26(Boy George), MAY 7(Michael Jackson; The Jacksons),14(Ethel and David Kennedy),21(Inside Country Musice: Dolly Parton; Crystal Gayle),28(Robert Redford "The Natural"), JUNE 4(Ryan & Griffin O'Neal; Andy Kaufman),11(John Belushi; Michael Jackson),18(Jackie Onassis; Boy George),25(Princess Caroline; Prince William), JULY 2(Harrison Ford / Kate Capshaw "Indian Jones and theTemple of Doom"),July 9(Sylvester Stallone / Dolly Parton "Rhinestone";  Elizabeth Taylor; NO address Label; VG = US$7.00 ;16(Mick Jagger / Christie Brinkley / Boy George),23(Michael Jackson; Nastassja Kinski),30(Geraldine Ferraro), AUGUST 6(Vanesse Williams),13(Inside Comedy),20(Richard Burton; Prince; Mary Lou Retton),27(Fall TV Preview), SEPTEMBER 3(Bruce Springsteen; Bo Derek),10(Vanessa Williams; Truman Capote),17(Cyndi Lauper; Elizabeth Taylor),24(The Best & Worst Dressed; Bo Derek; Raquel Welch), OCTOBER 1(Princess Diana / Prince Henry; Mary Tyler Moore),8(Farrah Fawcett "Burning Bed"),15(Sally Field; Farrah Fawcett; Prince),22(Sophia Loren & son Edoardo; Barry Manilow),29(Boy in a Bubble; Princess Diana; Prince Harry), NOVEMBER 5(Diane Sawyer; Nick Nolte),19(Prince; Princess Stephanie),26(Liza Minnelli); DECEMBER 3(Baby Fae & Mother),10(Joan Rivers; Bill Cosby),17(Linda Evans),24(The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1984);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1985) - JANUARY 7(Jamie Lee Curtis / Mariel Hemingway / Olivia Newton-John),14(Princess Diana / Prince Harry; Sting),21(30 Hardest Working Celebs; Cyndia Lauper; Eddie Murphy),28(The Kennedy's Ethiopian Journal), FEBRUARY 11(Sharon Gless / Tyne Daly "Cagney & Lacey"; David Lee Roth),18(Molly Ringwald / Zach Galligan "Surviving"; Farrah Fawcett),25(The Night Rock Cried), MARCH 4(TV's Rerun Madness),11(Madonna; Elizabeth Taylor),18(Cher),25(Are They Worht It? Celebs Salary's), APRIL 1(Jacqueline Bisset / Alexander Godunov),15(Dr. Ruth Westheimer),22(James Garner; Wham; Annie Lennox),29(Cathleen Webb; Tina Turner; Linda Evans; Readers Poll), MAY 6(Bette Davis; John Lennon; Emma Samms),13(Madonna; Elizabeth Taylor; Patrick Duffy),20(Princess Diana / Prince Charles / Ronald & Nancy Reagan),27(Bruce Springsteen / Julianne Phillips), JUNE 10(Sam & Patti Frustaci Sertuplet's parents; Stacy Keach),17(Claus Von Bulow and family),24(Josef Mengele; John Travolta; Jamie Lee Curtis), JULY 1(Cyndi Lauper),8(Jack Nicholson / Angelica Huston; Madonna),15(Tina Turner),22(Princess Diana; Duran Duran),29(Stars of "Live Aid"; Madonna; Bob Dylan; Mick Jagger), AUGUST 5(Ali MacGraw; Bob Geldof; Nancy Reagan),12(Rock Hudson),19(Ann Killian; Tom Seaver; Bruce Springsteen),26(Simon Le Bon "Duran Duran" / John Kennedy), SEPTEMBER 2(Madonna / Sean Penn),9(Priscilla Presley),16(Madonna / Prince / David Lee Roth),23(Fear and Aids in Hollywood / Rock Hudson),30(Olivia Newton-John / Matt Lattanzi; Princess Stephanie), OCTOBER 7(Don Johnson),14(Arnold Schwarzenegger "Commando"; Heather Thomas),21(Marilyn Monroe / Rock Hudson),28(Best & Worsted Dressed / Princess Stephanie; Madonna), NOVEMBER 4(Cybill Shepherd; Prince Charles; Princess Diana),11(Princess Diana),25(Linda Evans / Barbara Stanwyck), DECEMBER 2(Raisa Gorbachev),9(Philip Michael Thomas; Whitney Houston; Katherine Hepburn),23(Don Johnson; Princess Diana; Bruce Springsteen);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (1986) - JANUARY 13(Ingrid Bergman),20(Ricky Nelson),27(Mark Harmon; Donna Reed), FEBRUARY 3(Bette Midler; Jessica Lange; Liz Taylor; Stevie Wonder),10(Christa McAuliffe),17(Diana Ross's Wedding),24(Patti Davis; Michael J. Fox), MARCH 3(Imelda Marcos / Michele Duvalier),10(Who Makes What / Whoopi Goldberg; Barbara Streisand),17(Caroline Kennedy; Clint Eastwood; Katherine Hepburn),24(George Harrison; madonna; Molly Ringwald) 31(Linda Ronstadt / Donna Mills / Diane Sawyer / Sharon Gless), APRIL 1(Prince Andrew / Sarah Ferguson),14(Lionel Richie; James Cagney; Ron Howard; and Griffith),21(Ed McMahon & Family; Tony Danza; Liz Taylor),28(Avenging Sgt. Ford; Cast of "Moonlighting"), MAY 5(Dolly Parton),19(Whitney Houston; Princess Diana; Cybill Sheppard; Readers Poll), JUNE 9(Rock Hudson; Kathleen Turner), 16(Rock Hudson / Linda Hudson; Howie Mandel),23(John Kennedy Jr.; Bruce Willis; Mikhail Baryshnikov),30(Uncle Sam's Dirty Book; Cast of "Karate Kid"), JULY 7(Princess Diana / Prince Charles / Prince's Harry & William),14(David Letterman),21(Prince; Boy George; Robert Redford),28(Rodney Dangerfield / Danny Devito; Christie Brinkley), AUGUST 4(Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson's Wedding),11(Pierce Brosnan),18(Jack Nickolson / Meryl Streep "Heartburn"),25(Vanna White; Max Headroom; Paul Shaffer), SEPTEMBER 8(Priscilla Presley; Elton John; Sigourney Weaver),15(Frank Sinatra; Ava Grdner; Liz Taylor),22(Sinatra & Women Part II / Lauren Bacall; Victoria Principal),29(Patrick Duffy; David Lee Roth), OCT 6(Liz Taylor / Robert Wagner),27(Joan Rivers; Ricky Nelson's Children), NOVEMBER 3(Kathleen Turner),10(Princess Stephanie / Rob Lowe),17(David & Julie Eisen Hower; Tom Selleck; Angela Lansbury),24(Carol Burnett; Boy George; Jon Bon Jovi), DECEMBER 1(Best & Worst Dressed; Cher; Cybill Sheppard; Liz Taylor),15(Cary Grant),22(25 Most Intriguing People of 1986);

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PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (2003) - JANUARY 20(Catherine Zeta-Jones; inset photo Brooke Shields); (February 10 – Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker); (February 17 – Crew of Shuttle 'Columbia”); (March 3 – Zora Andrich, Evan Marriot “Joe Millionaire”); (March 10 – Joan Lunden & her Surrogate Mother Deborah Bolig; inset photo Faith Hill); (March 17 – Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, George Foreman, Reese Witherspoon); (April 21 – P.O.W. Jessica Lynch; inset photo Liv Tyler); (April 28 – Madonna; inset photo['s Laci Peterson, Ashton Kutcher & Brittany Murphy); (May 19 – Matt LeBlanc's Wedding); (May 26 – Cast of “American Idol”; Inset photo Keanu Reeves); (June 30 – Prince William; Gregory Peck; Renee Zellweger); (July 28 – Julia Roberts; inset photo Jamie-lynn Sigler); (August 4 – Angelina Jolie; P.O.W. Jessica Lynch; Kobe Bryant); (August 11 – Bob Hope 1903 – 2003); (August 18 – Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck; inset photo's Renee Zellweger, Kate Hudson); (September 6 – Lindsay Lohan; Paul Hamm; Britney Spears); (September 15 – Brooke Shields & Daughter Rowan Francis);

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PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (2007) – April 2(Angelina's New Son/ Angelina Jolie & Pax/ Brady Bunch stars); May(Your Best Hair Ever!/ Jennifer Aniston/ Kate Holmes/);

PEOPLE magazine weekly -- (2009) – July 13 (The Talent and Tragedy of Michael Jakcson 1958 - 2009/ Farrah Fawcett);

PEOPLE - (Time Inc. Pub) - EXTRA:

BEFORE THEY WERE STARS - March 5 2007 (Oprah/ Brad Pitt/ Julia Roberts/ Jessica/ Clay/ Lindsay Lohan/ Madonna/ Will Smith/ Tom/ Matthew Jennifer);

Celebrates the 80's (Tom Cruise/ Dr. Ruth/ E.T./ Madonna);

1988(Spring - Princess Diana),

1989(Summer - Television's 50th Anniversary),(Fall - The 80's; Madonna; Princess Diana; Mike Tyson),

1990(Spring - Dazzling New Styles for the 90's; Madonna; Paula Abdul), (Summer - 50 Most Beautiful People in World / Michelle Pfieffer), (Fall - A Decade of Princess Diana),

1991(Spring - Women, Sex & Power in Hollywood), (Spring/Summer - Heroes of the War), Summer - 50 Most Beautiful People in World/ Julia Roberts), (Fall - Amazing Americans),

1993(Winter - A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn),

1994(Fall - At Home with Country Music's Hottest Stars!),

1998 (Spring - “Seinfeld”);

2000(Winter - Hollywood Hosts with the Most!);

2002 (Spring – Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow);

2004 (Fall – Style Watch; Jennifer Aniston; Beyonce Knowles);

30 Years of Seeing Stars (Drew Barrymore);

Tribute (Jerry Garcia 1942 – 1995);

Yearbook 1995;

PEOPLE - CELEBRATES THE 70'S - (2000) Cover Photo of John Travolta; Special Collectors Edition; 140+ pages; Weight = 525 Grams; VG/FN = $10.00


(1998) – FEBRUARY (Volume1 #1; Jennifer Love Hewitt); MARCH – (Volume 1 #2; Drew Barrymore); APRIL (Volume 1 #3; Puff Daddy); OCTOBER (Sarah Michelle Gellar); NOVEMBER (Celebrity Style Awards); DECEMBER - - JANUARY/1999 (Matthew Settle/ Jennifer Love Hewitt/ Brandy/ Mekhi Phifer);

(1999) - MARCH (Alicia Silverstone); MAY (Drew BarryMore); JUNE/JULY(Britney Spears/ Monica/ Nick Carter); SEPTEMBER (Sarah Michelle Gellar); NOVEMBER (Jennifer Love Hewitt); DECEMBER/JANUARY 2000 (Christine Aguilera);

(2000) – FEBRUARY – Britney Spears); MARCH (N'Sync), APRIL (Blink-182); MAY(Jennifer Lopez), JUNE/JULY (Justin Timberlake, Eve, Mandy Moore), AUGUST(SISQO), SEPTEMBER(98”); OCTOBER (Eminem), NOVEMBER (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui “Charlie's Angels”); DECEMBER/ 2001 JANUARY (Backstreet Boys); SUMMER (Backstreet Boys);

(2001) – FEBRUARY (N'Sync), MARCH (Destiny Child), APRIL (Carson Daly), MAY (Pink, JC, Sisqo), JUNE/JULY(Freddie Prinze Jr.);AUGUST (Nelly/ Shaggy/ Kevin Richardson/ Nick Lachey/ Enrique Iglesias); SEPTEMBER (Jessica Simpson), OCTOBER (Mark McGrath, Aaliyah), NOVEMBER (N'Sync); NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2002 (flip book; Alicia Keys, Ja Rule, Craig David, Nellie Furtado, James King, Ashton Kutcher, Hayden Christensen); SUMMER (Special Music Issue; Eminem);

(2002) FEBRUARY (Josh Hartnett); MARCH (Britney Spears); APRIL (Pink); MAY (Cast of “Friends”); JUNE/JULY (Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen), AUGUST (No Doubt; Usher); AUGUST (Usher, Eminem); SEPTEMBER (Flipbook; Josh Hartnett/ Mandy Moore); OCTOBER (Eminem);

(2003) MARCH (Jennifer Bloom); DECEMBER – JANUARY/2004 (Clay Aiken/ flipbook/ 50 Cent);

(2004) FEBRUARY (Orlando Bloom); MARCH (Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey); MAY (Usher; Jennifer Aniston); AUGUST (Kirsten Dunst); SEPTEMBER (Chad Michael Murray); OCTOBER (Orlando Bloom); NOVELMBER (Hilary Duff); DECEMBER/ JANUARY 2005 (flip book; Cast of “The OC”/ Destiny's Child”); SUMMER (Hilary Duff/ Justin Timberlake/ Britnery Spears/ Good Charlotte);

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TWENTY FIVE AMAZING YEARS COLLECTOR'S EDITION; PEOPLE (Time Inc. Pub) - Yearbook 1995(Jackie Onassis); Yearbook 2002(American Flag Drapped from Skyscraper);


US magazine weekly

US magazine weekly -- 1977 May 17(Grace Kelly),

US magazine weekly -- 1978 March 7(Suzanne Somers), March 21(Paul & Linda McCartney), April 4(Diane Keaton; Woody Allen), May 2(Suzanne Somers/ Shaun Cassidy/ Bee Gees/ John Travolta), May 30(Olivia Newton-John/ John Travolta "Grease"),August 8(Bee Gees), September 5(Joyce Dewitt; "Three's Company'), October 3(Mick Jagger), October 31(Burt Reynolds), December 26(Cheryl Tiegs/ John Belushi/ Muhammad Ali/ "Grease');

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US magazine weekly -- 1983 January 3(HOT SUITS = US Swimsuit Preview/ Donna Mills; Lisa Hartman; Page 26/27, 57/58 Missing, G, reading copy= $2.00), January 17(Young Stars of "Dynasty"), February 14(Linda Evans/ John Forsythe "Dynasty"), February 28("Bare Essence II"), March 14(Best, Worst, Least Dressed), March 28(Tatum O'Neal; Koo Stark), April 11(50 Hottest Couples), May 9(Reader's Poll Tops and Flops), May 23(Charlene Tilton; Princess Diana; Prince William; Lindsay Wagner), June 20("Return of the Jedi"), July 4(Christie Brinkley; Mr.T; Donna Dixon), July 18(may pang), August 1(Heroes & Heavies/ Jabba the Hutt), August 15(John Travolta 'Staying Alive"), August 29(Johnny Carson; Eddie Van Halen, Valerie Bertinelli), September 12(Joan Collins; Tanya Roberts; landers Sisters), September 26(Natalie Wood; Micheal Jackson), October 10(Christina Delorean; JFK; Carol Burnett), November 7(Linda Gray/ Chris Atkins "Dallas"), December 5(Hollywood Divorce Wars), December 19(Year Heroes, Hunks & Hussies);

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US magazine weekly -- 2009 July 13 (His Final Days / Michael Jackson/ Kendra wedding/ Melissa Rycroft);


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