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PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINES and DIGESTS = FOR SALE (Camera's, Equipment, Exposures, Film, Framing, Glamour, Lens, Lighting, amateur & professional Model's, Nude Studies, Peoples, Photo's, Photographers, Pictures, Places, etc);

AMERICAN PHOTO (Hachette Filipacchi Magazines Pub.) - 1998 - January/February; Front cover Nadja Auermann;

AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY (American Photography Pub.) - 1950 - September; Annual Salon Issue;

AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY (Imagenation Co. Pub.) -

1979 - August; Front cover Susan Blakely;

1980 - March; ("Scandalous Nudes from the 1930's/ Paul Outerbridge); July (Front cover Karen Bjornsen);

1981 - March; Front cover Gery Carranza;

1982 - March (Front cover Nastassja Kinski nude with snake gatefold cover); June (Front cover David & Anne Doublet);

1983 - January; Front cover Colette Cristie); February (Front cover Henry Wolf self portrait); December (Front cover Ernst Haas);

1984 - January (Front cover Annie Leibowitz); July (Front cover Marilyn Monroe as Lillian Russell); August (Front cover Jill Goodacre); September (UWE Ommer - fashion Meister); October (Irving Penn analysis of his career); November (Front cover Paulina Poriskova);

1985 - February (Front cover Sam Jenkins); April (Pompeo Posar & Playmate candidate Sharon Smith); September (Front cover Joan Severance);

1986 - November (Front cover Anna Juvander);

1987 - July (Front cover Air Force SR-71 by George Hall);

ART PHOTOGRAPHY Art Photography Pub.) -

1952 - June (Annual Fashion Issue); September (Front cover ; Redhead in fishnet stockings by Bernard of Hollywood);

BEAUTY AND THE CAMERA (Digest; Whitestone Pub.) - 1957 - #21 (Front cover Elsa Martinelli);

BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHY #2 (Digest; Maco Pub. ) - 1965 - (More than 150 photos of women by Jerry White);

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Digest; Trend Book Pub.) - 1957 - #157; Front cover Venetia Stevenson;

BETTER MOVIE MAKING (Photo Topics Inc. Pub.) - 1959 (November/ December #1; Football Filming);

BILL HAMILTON PHOTOGRAPHS WORLD BEAUTIES ( Digest; Whitestone Pub.) - 1965; #65; Front cover Elke Sommer);

THE CAMERA (Digest; Frank V. Chambers Inc. Pub.) -

1944 - July (Front cover ; Sailboat by John S. Rowan); December (Front cover "Immaculata" by Olga Emma Irish);

1946 - January ("Observers" by John H. Vondell); July("Water Bugs" by H.J. Enserberger); August (Tree pattern Photography);

1947 - March (Front cover by John Reiner); April (Front cover "Getting Acquainted" by Jack Wright); May (Front cover "Ocean Ballet" by A. Aubrey Bodine); June (Front cover "Ho-Hum" by Clarence H. Bock); Augusy (Photographic Dictionary); October (Kaden's Negative & Print Control); November (How to Make Character Portraits);

1948 - January ("Welcome 1948" by Jack Archibald); February ("Sad Sack" by Paul F. Lockett); March (Golden Anniversary Year); April (Photographs for Teaching); May (Front cover Triple Clown Head by Boris Dobro); June (Front cover "What a Revolting Development" by John O. Hay); July (Commercial Photography); August (Shooting Covers); September (Cropping for Unusual results); October (Dark Room Issue); November (Ideas for Christmas Cards); December (Planning Successful Pictures);

1949 - January (Using Sheet Glass in Photography); February (Mounting & Displaying Photographs); March (Front cover Baby by Josef Schneider); April (Front cover Lion Cubs by Don Davenport); December (Front cover Beagle Pup by William D. Barkley);

1950 - June (Photographing Indians); July (Front cover Fireworks by Samuel W. Flannery); October (How to Photograph Texture);

1951 - (January; Front cover Basketball Star George Mikan); February (High-Key Photography); April (Front cover Mary Martin); May (Front cover Ilene Howe); June (Pet Photography); July (Sea and Shore Photography); September (Make-up for Character Portraits); October (Front cover Charles Rivers near Boston by A.C. Shellton);


1957 - (#343; Front cover French Nightlife/ Famous landmarks/ backstage candids);

1962 - (#592; Front cover Night Life);

CAMERA STUDIES BY ANDRE DEDIENES (Whitestone Pub.) - 1958 (#22; Technique of Glamour);

CAMERA STUDIES OF FIGURE BEAUTY (Whitestone Pub.) - 1962 (#62; Front cover Blonde Babe by Paul Morton Smith);

CANADIAN CAMERA (S. Pott Pub.) - 1946 - (Volume 1 #1; March/April; Front cover River Valley Scene by Nicholas Morant);

CANADIAN PHOTO ANNUAL (Maclean-Hunter Ltd. Pub.) - 1973 (Volume1 #1; Buying guide to products available in Canada);


1957 - May (Front cover Young woman with blossoms by Fred Gorman);

1958 - August (Are filters for color photos necessary?);

1959 - January (Annual Directory Issue); April (Front cover "Perspective" Wolf Wehran); May (Nature photography);

1961 - July (Canadian Camera Fair 1961);

1962 - January (Front cover "Blow by Blow" by Chua Suy Kue); February (Front cover Child by D. Richard Houlding); May (Front cover "Proud Poodle" by Arthur Barsky); June (Front cover Bette Milne); July (Contrast & Speedlight); August (Front cover Charming Young Lady by Paul Fitzsimons); September (Front cover Bermuda by Rex Frost); October (Front cover Lise Roy-Montreal TV Singer); November (people of Naples, Italy);

1963 - January (Harry Belafonte); February(Front cover Elsa Martinelli by Frank Grrant);

CANADIAN PHOTOGRAPHY ( Maclean-Hunter Ltd. Pub.)

1970 - June (Front cover "Rails of Gold" by Duncan McDougall); September (Nude in Forest by Bert Hoferichter);

1972 - November (Winnipeg, MB P.P.O.C. Convention); December (Frank Grant; Photographer by the Year);

1973 - January (Front cover Sensitive Young Man by David Lyseng); February (Front cover Lady Susan Agnes MacDonald); March (Professional Photography in England); April (Buying guide 1973); May (Front cover Owl face close-up by J.M. Templeton); June (Front cover Mervyn Blake as Dogberry in Stratford Festival Production of "Much Ado About Nothing"); July (Front cover WWII Coastal Battery); August (Front cover Sunset over lake by Budd Watson); September (Front cover Ancient Camera by Peter Croydon); October (Front cover Newfoundland scene by Ben Hansen); November (Front cover Calgary Stampeder by Anthony Attanyi); December (Front cover Bridal portrait by Albert Gilbert);

1974 - January (Old Alberta print of Indian Chief; 1973 article index); February (Front cover Strange plant close-up by John Barras Walker); March (Front cover Girl in Wheatfield Fisheye shot by Walter Petrigo);April (Buying Guide 1974); May (Vancover's Toby Rankin); June (Front cover Fish close-up by Charles E. Doucet); July (Front cover Tokyo's Ginza District by Irving Brace); August (Front cover Cowboy by Ted Grant); September (Front cover John Rodgers indoor Studio); October Front cover Children in Meadow by Sherman Himes); November (Front cover Photokina Lake, France); December (Front cover nature Scene by Freeman Patterson);

1975 - January (Front cover Canadair CL-215 by Gord Tottle); February (Rene Delbuget of Montreal); March (Front cover Lightbulb mid-shatter by Bruce Kane); April (Buying Guide 1975); May (Front cover Young boy by John Evans); July (Photography by Canadian National Railway); August (Front cover Nepal Mountain Child by Mike Rojik); September (Vermillion Lakes Banff by Jean Irvine Walker); October (Front cover CNTower by Andrew Smith); November (Front cover Newfoundland Oldtimer by Sherman Hines); December/January 1976 (Robert F. Calnen Portfolio);

1976 - February (Bob Fisher Portfolio);

1977 - February (Frederick Dally's B.C. Photos 1866-1872);

1978 - February (Front cover the Bluenose Schooner by Sherman Hines);

1982 - February (Great Canadian Talent cover-up);


1955 - October (Volume 2 #1; Front cover Mexican Village by Bert Hazen); November (Volume 2 #2; Front cover Baby with Football and Helmut on by Fred Gorman); December (Volume 2 #3; Front cover Christmas Carol! by Jerry Field);

1956 - February (Volume 2 #5; Front cover Woman skier by Mike Roth); Annual Directory issue 1956 Volume 2 #4);

CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY ( Digest; Fawcett Pub.) -

1956 - #318 ("Water Glamour" by Bunny Yeager);

1958 - #369 (Front cover ; partial nude by Desmond Russell);

1959 - #405 (Front cover Bruette on Ladder by Russ Meyer);

1961 - #482 (Front cover Blonde in Blue/Green Bodysuit by Don Ornitz);

1962 - #523 ("Candid and Formal Movie Stars" by Peter Basch);

CANON AE-1 (26 page color catalog; circa 1990's);

CHARM PHOTOGRAPHY ( Literary Ent. Inc. Pub.) - 1956 (#3; over 100 top Glamour photos);

CLASSIC PHOTOGRAPHY (Arnold Magazines Inc. Pub.) -

1956 - #2(Winter; Women - a portfolio of Beauty by Grundy, Meyer, Wagner & More);

1957 - #3 (Spring; Front cover ; Blonde in Beach Towel by Jack Nelson; Bunny Yeagar - "Beauty on the Beaches"); #4 (Summer; Front cover Marla English);

COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS REVIEW (Collector's Editions Review Inc. Pub.); - 1986 (Volume 2 #1; Front cover Legs and Bum in body stocking by Jeff Dunas);


1987 - (June; Front cover Susan Wilson by George Holz); August (Front cover Kathy Law by Marco Glaviano); October (Front cover Victoria Lockwood by David Bailey); November (Front cover Angi by George Holz);

1988 - February (Front cover Sophie Billard by Craig X. Sotres); June (Front cover Jenny Kapitan by Helmut Newton; special Black & White issue); August (Front cover Sutseso 1985 by Chris Callis);

CONSUMER GUIDE MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY ( Consumer Guide Pub.) - 1979 (December; Pose, Light and Photography People like a Pro);

CREATIVE CAMERA ( Maco Magazine Corp Pub.; Digest) - 1960 (#87; Three Portfolios of Beauty by Ferenc Berko, Peter Basch and Wynn Bullock);

CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY ( Challenge Pub. Inc. ) - 1970 (October; Volume 1 #1; Preview Glamour Issue);

EASTIN FILM CATALOG (Eastin Film Pub.) - 1944 (Supplement to 1943 Calalog);

EDIGITALPHOTO.COM ( Primedia Pub.0 - 2001 (November/December; Holiday projects);

ENGLISH GLAMOUR MODELS ( Whitestone Pub.; digest) - 1966 (#72; Front cover Fay Richards by Ed Alexander);

FAMOUS FIGURE PHOTOS BY ANDRE DE DIENES (Whitestone Pub.; Digest); - 1966 - (#67; Front cover Jungle Babe with Male Lion);

FIGURE STUDIES BY FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHERS ( Whitestone Pub.; Digest) - 1965 (#57; Front cover Kathy Kersh by Frank Bez);

FORM PHOTOGRAPHY (Maco Magazine Corp. Pub.) - 1960 (#90; More Than 100 studies of great beauty);

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY (Fawcett Pub.; Digest) -

1956 (#297; Brunette in Teddy by Peter Gowland);

1957 - (#346; Front cover Redhead in body suit in field by Russ Meyer);

1958 - (#387; Front cover ; Brunette in Bikini laying in the surf by Russ Meyer);

1960 - (#461; Front cover Redhead by Vincent Duillo);

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY'S DARKROOM GUIDE ( Fawcett Pub.; Digest); - 1957 - (#332; by Simon Nathan);

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY'S 35mm HANDBOOK ( Fawcett Pub.; Digest) - 1958 - (#392; by Simon Nathan);

GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY ( Whitestone Pub.; Digest);

1965 - #61 (Front cover redhead in bikini by L. Willinger);

1966 - #70 (Front cover Blue-eyed blonde in water by Dennis Hallinan);

HERE'S HOW: TECHNIQUES FOR OUTSTANDING PICTURES ( Eastman Kodak Co. Pub.; Digest); - 1971 - #7(Spiral Bound);

HOLD IT! (Marr Pub. Co.; Digest) - Circa late 1950's (Volume 1 #1; Front cover Blonde stripping and inside pictures by Marno; all black and white nudes);

HOW TO MAKE HOME MOVIES BY JACQUES DELANGRE ( Trend Book Pub.; digest) - 1957 - #165; Front cover Tracy Morgan by Jacques Delangre);

HOW TO PHOTOGRAPHY BEAUTY BY ZOLTAN GLASS ( Whitestone pub.; digest) - 1959 - #28(Blonde in yellow swimsuit jumping);

IMPROVE YOUR ENVIROMENT: FIGHT POLLUTION WITH PICTURES ( Eastman Kodak Co. Pub.) - 1970 ( AC-26; Car Graveyard);


LIVING PHOTOGRAPHY BY DON ORNITZ (Maco magazine Co. Pub.; Digest) - 1959 - #76(Over 100 studies of world's most exciting women);

MASTER PHOTOGRATHY ( Arnold Magazines Inc. Pub.) - 1957 (Summer; Volume 1 #1; Tina Louise; Bunny Yeager);

MINICAM ( Automobile Digest Pub. Corp.; Digest); -

1938 - September (Volume 2 #1; Front cover ; Bicycle built for one by Frank Randt); November (Volume 2 #3; Front cover Brunette by Nickolas Muray);

1939 - December (Volume 3 #4; Redhead with Minicam by Henry Clay Gipson);

MINICAM PHOTOGRAPHY ( Automobile Digest Pub Corp. ; Digest); -

1940 - March; Front cover Who's the fairest by Allan Richardson); April (Front cover how we Photographed Dr. Cyclops); November (Front cover Woman in Press hat by Henry Clay Gipson);

1941 - January (Front cover ; Woman in Parka); October (Front cover Edna Munson by Avery Slack);

1943 - December (women gazing at Christmas ornaments by Alan Fontaine);

1949 - March (Front cover Basketball action by R. Perlee);

MODERN CAMERA MAGAZINE ( UK; Surridge Dawson Pub.) - 1956 - December (Front cover Ducks over lake by A.M. Carlsson);

MODERN PHOTO ALMANAC '67 ( Billboard Pub. Co. Pub.; Digest) - 1967 (Compiled by Edward Meyers);

MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY ( Automobile Digest Pub. Corp) -

1949 - September (Front cover Girl on Teeter-Totter by Harold F. Lambert)

1950 - March (Front cover Brunette through Glass by Steve Heiser); May (Front cover Woman in red and White striped bathing suit by Peter Gowland); June (Front cover Girl on Swing by Angus McDougall & Henry Larson); July (Front cover Eagle by Fritz Henle); August (Front cover Girls water Skiing by Trammell Pickett); September (Special Portrait Issue);

1951 - January (Front cover Trick Skier by Ray Atkeson);

1952 - August (Front cover Woman with Flowers by Maurice Bauman); September (Front cover Chimpanzee by David Peskin); October (Front cover Glamour Pose by Peter Basch);

1955 - June (Front cover Blonde in Profile by Dan Wynn); December (Front cover Redhead in Fishnet stockings by Bud Fraker);

1957 - May (Front cover Brunette Multiple poses by Hal Reiff);

1959 - October (2 1/4 x 2/1/4 Section);

1960 - January (Here's How to - Finest enlarger, 35MM color, make your own Super reflex etc); May (35 MM & 2 1/4 Lens Directory); July (The Perfect Exposure issue);

1961 - August (Long Exposures at Night; Dynamic Framing);

1964 - November (Eisenstaedt-Fabulous Pictures & How he Makes them);

1967 - July (Lens Meters Weston System); October (Directory Special over 700 -- 35mm lens);

1970 - December (1971 camera Report);

1973 - March (Good Color with Fluorescent Light);

1974 - June (Polarizers);

1977 - July (Newest Trend in Today's Creative Work);

1978 - September (Currents in American Photography);

1981 - August (Guide to all types of zoom lenses);

1982 - March (Front cover layered photos by Mitchell Funk); May (Front cover Jeannie Kincer by Mark Heayn); June (Front cover Wild Irises by Gary Braasch); August (Front cover Zoom picture from Hollywood Hills by Lee McElfresh); September (Front cover Rock formation in Moeb, Utah by Tim Thompson); October (Front cover Jane Lee Salmons by Pete Turner); November (Front cover marigolds & Zinnias by Jon Ortner); December (Top Cameras for 1983);

1983 - January (Front cover Triple layered picture by Mitchell Funk); February (color films compared);

1985 - November (Try Painting Photos);

1986 - January (Tripods/ Contax 159mm/ Daylab 300); February (Tough exposures made easy); march (Front cover Nations capitol by Mitchell Funk); April (Front cover Pinnacles Desert Western Australia by Pete Turner); May (Kodak Fighting Mad with Fuji);June (High Magnification Macro Shots with Simple Rig);

1988 - July (Color Your Subject for Graphic Effects);August (Front cover Seashells by Kit Kittle); September (Get the best out of Black & White); October (Front cover Autumn Leaves by John Netherton); November (Front cover New York City's Flatiron at 23rd & fifth avenue by Nina Prantis); December (Top camera for 1989);

1989 - January (Our First ever Good stuff section); March (Modern test Nikon F4); April (test & compare 13 high speed color print); May (Test Pentax SF10); June Front cover Windsurfer by Elan Sunstar); July (Fourth of July tips) ANNUAL 1970 (The First Annual published);

The World's Best Cameras (1980; Fall);


OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER ( Werner and Werner Pub.) -

1985 - December( Front cover Skier on Bell Mountain, Aspen by John Kelly);

1986 - February (Front cover Moon over Superstition wilderness, Arizona by Frank Zullo);

1987 - April (Front cover ; Mountain Lion by Ron Sanford);

1990 - (April (Front cover Himalayan Aerial by William Thompson);

1992 - August (Front cover Great Horned Owl by Art Wolfe);

PENTAX FAMILY ( Pentax Family Pub.) -

No date - #11; Front cover Out of Focus Brunette by David Bailey; circa 19770;

1982 - #26 (Front cover see through Blonde tights by Sam Haskins); #28 (Front cover Amazingly beautiful Japanese woman by Hideki Fujii);

PETER BASCH'S CAMERA RECORDS THE BEAUTY OF WOMAN ( Whitestone Pub.) - 1959 - #25(Front cover Ursula Andress);

PETER BASCH'S GLAMOR PHOTOS ( Whitestone Pub.; Digest) - 1966 - #66 (Front cover Brigitte Skay);

PETER BASCH'S NEW PHOTO IDEAS ( Whitestone Pub.) - 1967 - #74 (Front cover Paola Bossalino);

PETER BASCH PHOTOGRAPHS BEAUTIFUL WOMEN (Whitestone Pub.) - 1964 - #50(Front cover red Head in White Sheath Dress);

PETER GOWLAND'S GLAMOUR CAMERA ( Fawcett Pub. ) - 1959 - #430 (European & American Beauty);

PETER GOWLAND'S HOW TO TAKE BETTER HOME MOVIES ( Fawcett Pub.; Digest) - 1956 (#325; tips from Alfred Hitchcock; George Sidney etc.);


1972 - May (Front cover Woman in diffused pink by Ken Biggs); June (One Room schoolhouse by Guy Draughon); July (Sunsets - Tripods & Telephotos); September (Front cover Pam Whorf by Ken Biggs); October (Focus on one Color); November (Front cover Sailboat in the Red Sea by Ken Biggs); December (Front cover Mary Pat Bonney by Jim Cornfield);

1973 - January (Front cover Andrea Catalina by David Brooks); February (Front cover Kristin Wilson by Jim Cornfield); (March (Front cover Janice Baker by Mike Laurence); April (Front cover Beth Thind by Jim Cornfield); May (Front cover Pamela Miller by Lee Lawrence); June (Front cover Jeanette Brown by Paul Farber & Jim Cornfield); July (Front cover Duchess Dietz by Jim Cornfield); August (Front cover Mary Pat Bonney by Jim Cornfield); September (Special Telephoto lens issue); October (Front cover Marcia Nebergall by David Brooks); November (Front cover Suzanne Copeland by Jim Cornfield); December (Front cover Jennifer Richards by Mike Scardino);

1974 - January (Front cover Suzanne Copeland by Jim Cornfield); February (Front cover Craig Ainsworth as a clown); May (Front cover Linda Larsen); June (Front cover Elaine Augustin); July (Front cover Michelle Della fave with tiger); August (Front cover Mary Lou Groner); November (Front cover Aurora Clck Close-up by Ben Halprin);

1975 - January (Special color printing series begins); August (Front cover building in Annecy, France);

1977 - July (Front cover Girl in White Bikini by Peter Gowland);

1978 - February (indoor Special Issue); April (Portraits in the Sun); August (Front cover Marianne Marks);

1979 - August (Customized Portraiture); October (Front cover Sue Houle);

1980 - November (Front cover Lena Pousette); December (Front cover Peggy Moffitt);

1981 - January (Basic Color Printing); April (Front cover Leslie martin);

1982 - July (Front cover Space Shuttle); August (Kodachrome); September (Zoom Lenses); October (Ericksenn-Ricoh KR-5 Super); November (Front cover Skateboarder by Robert Rode);

1983 - January (Front cover Rome); February (Front cover Ballerina Kelly Maclennan);

1985 - October (Front cover Emily Hafford); November (Front cover Statue of Liberty in Flames);

1986 - June (Front cover race care Driver Danny Sullivan); October (Front cover Kym Malin);

1987 - February (Front cover American Gothic Redone); March (Front cover Wet Kitten by Carol Gandolfo); April (Front cover Tom Selleck); May (Front cover "Twins" by Pete Turner); June (Front cover Joan Collins); July (Front cover Tammy Brewer);

1990 - December (10 Best Compact Cameras for 1991);

1991 - June (10 Best Color Print Films); September (Compact Camera Roundup);

1995 - March (Super AF SLR Buyer's Guide); May (25 Great Pro Tips);

THE PHOTO ( UK Weekly Series; Marshall Cavandish Pub.) -

1981 - #1; Front cover Hang Gliders by Gianni Ferro); #5 (Front cover Trick Planes by Jerry Young); #6 (Front cover Old Man with Hunting gear by Clay Perry); #7 (Front cover Nude Study by Lucien Clergue); #7(Front cover girl in Swimsuit by Don Sparks; same interior contents as above); #8(Front cover Eruption of Kilauea-iki Hawaii); #9(Front cover Willie Christie by John Bates); #10(Front cover Exotic Asian woman); #13(Front cover naked brunette by John de Visser); #20 (Front cover Debbie Harry); #55 (Front cover Woman in white bikini by Michael Busselle); #56 (Front cover outside staircase by John G. Ross); #57 (Front cover Marylin Monroe); #63 (Front cover PIA Costa Freighter); #68 (Front cover Snake eating frog); #74 Front cover Highway at night by Pete Turner); #75 (Front cover Red capped Mushrooms by Robin Fletcher);

PHOTO AGE (Photo Age Pub. Ltd.) -

1966 - June (How 4 color print making is done); July (Front cover Children and pets); October (Front cover Girl on Horse in Autumn Forest);

1967 - March (Natural Nudes by Andre de Dienes);


1995 - January (Special Effects Feature); March (Front cover Lena Headey & Iggy the Iguana); July (Front cover Sandra Bullock);

PHOTO CANADA ( MacLean-Hunter Ltd.) -

1977 - April ( Volume1 #1; Dr. Wayne Tester Portfolio); October (Front cover Girls in a Window by Jerry Riley);

1978 - June (Front cover Sunset by Allan Wu); October (Front cover Little Girl in Bus Window by Garth Scheuer); December (Front cover Joggers by Tom White);

1979 - February (Front cover Jamacian Boy on a horse in the water by Mike Gluss); April (Front cover Blonde smoking by Douglas Fisher); October (Front cover sailor at Fort Chimo by Rudy Christ); December (Front cover Young boy by Harold Green);

1980 - April (Front cover Beautiful woman's face by Garth Scheurer); August (buyer's Guide 1980); September (Front cover Neon Skyline 82nd floor Empire State Building by Jan Johannessen); October (Front cover Autumn Leaves by Freeman patterson); November (Front cover Rollerball Babe by Steven Amini);

1981 - July/August (Buyer's Guide 1981); October (Front cover Close-up of Pencil Sharpener); November (Front cover Sunset by Mitchell Funk); December (Front cover Blonde Skier by Russell Kelly);

1982 - February (Front cover Woman's face close-up by harry Bleyenberg); April (Front cover Julie Murphy by Gunther Nocon); May (Front cover Woman Smelling flowers by John O'Hara);

PHOTO COMMUNIQUE ( Fine Art Photography Pub. Ltd.) -

1982/83 - Winter (Front cover Lightning by Arjen Verkaik);

1983 (Spring (Front cover Old Women by Mario Giacomelli) Summer (Front cover lettuce field in Holland marsh by Ed Burtynsky); Fall (Front cover Model Plane by Michael Mitchell);

1983/84 - Winter (Hollywood Studio Portraits);

1984 - Spring (Front cover Children at play Pamela Harris);

PHOTO CRAFTSMAN ( Science and Mechanics Pub. Co; Digest) - 1953 - #1(Making Home Movies Talk);

PHOTO DIGEST (APEX Pub. Inc.) - 1995 - June(Front cover Peacock by Peter K. Burian);

PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOWPLACE ( Creative Pub. Inc.) - 1957 - November #4 (Weegee's Satirical New Photo Book "Naked Everything");

PHOTOGRAPIC QUARTERLY (Petersen Pub.) - 1971 - Fall (Special Effects/ Home Movies/ New Lenses);

PHOTOGRAPHING GLAMOUR ( Fawcett Pub.; Digest) - 1959 - #412 (Redhead by Peter Gowland);

PHOTOGRAPHING WOMEN OF THE WORLD BY EARL LEAF ( Trend Book Pub.; Digest) - 1958 - #173 (Front cover Joan Bradshaw);

PHOTOGRAPHY (Ziff-Davis Pub.) -

1952 - March (Dali like woman's face by Alan Fontaine); April (Front cover Baby Kathleen Greene by Leo Aarons); May (Giant directory Crystal Jubilee issue); August (Front cover Audry Murphy by Howell Conant); September (Front cover Nova Gilmer by Erwin Blmenfeld); December (Front cover Benita Goldberg by Virginia Goldberg);

1953 - January (Front cover Diana Stevens by Hal Reiff); April (Front cover Phyllis Walker by Howell Conant); September (Front cover Barbara Osterman by Peter Gowland); October (Front cover Vera Miles by Randolph & Delong); November (Front cover baby portrait by Doris Pinney);

1954 - March (Front cover Brunette in Red Leotard by Hal Reiff); April (Front cover Dorothy Adamson by Harold Lloyd); May (Front cover Barbara Osterman by Peter Gowland); June (Front cover Dee Dee Wood by Ormond Gigli);July (Front cover Judy Fishback with Dalmation by Glen Fishback); August (Front cover Nancy Gaggin by Ormond Gigli); September (Front cover Woman in striped sunglasses by Bert Stern); October (Front cover Linda Harper by Sharland);

PHOTOGRAPHY FOR PROFIT ( Trend Books Pub.) - 1956 - #139 (By C.A. Peterson);

PHOTOGRAPHY HANDBOOK (Fawcett Pub.; Digest) - 1959 - #410 (Women in Bathing suits by John Duilo);

PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO ( MACO Magazine Co. Pub.; Digest); - 1961 - #95 (Brunette nude by Gerry Low);

PHOTO LIFE ( Andreas Industries Corp Pub.) -

1977 - April (Front cover Sunset at Dundarave Pier, West Vancouver by Bill Staley); September (Front cover Virginia Paul by Andrzej Pluta); October (Front cover Vancouver model Heide); November (Telephoto Special); December (Front cover Virginal Paul by Andrzej Pluta);

1978 - February (Front cover Khatakali dancer by Dick De Graaf); March (Front cover Black women in profile by Carl Fisher); September (Front cover Michele Martine by Andrzej Pluta); November (Front cover girls laying on their tummy's in the water); December (Front cover boy on Suicide Hill, Toronto by Ron Watts);

1979 - March(Front cover Buddhist Monk by Katherine Smalley); May (Front cover Virginia Paul by Andrzej Pluta Duvel); June (Front cover Hot air Balloons by J.H. Geddes); July (Front cover Michele Martin); October (Front cover Zebras through yellow filter);

1980 - May (Front cover soaring planes by Frank Delory); September (Front cover Close-up Racing Driver Nelson Piquet); October (Front cover Rod Stewart); December (Front cover Two Inuit girls by Jim Ford);

1981 - March - (Front cover Acropplis by Pete Turner); June (Front cover Yanka by Yuri Dojc);

1982 - March (Front cover Maribeth by Joseph Ciancio); May (Front cover Kathren Jackson by Rob Mitchell); June (Front cover Pat Brentnell by Jim Kozmik); July/August (Front cover Glass Skull by Joseph Ciancio); September (Front cover Julie Smith by Pasqual of Studio X); October (Front cover Leslie St. Nicholas); November (Front cover Dolls Fantasy World by Rudi Christie); December (Front cover Edna Hobbs & Eric Munshow by Richard Wright);

1983 - January (Front cover Daffolil in Fishbowl by Don McPhee); February (Front cover Teapot by Gregg Eligh); November (Front cover Hungarian Steelworker by Charles Bisztray);

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PHOTO WORLD ( Penthouse Photo World Ltd. Pub.) -

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1983 - January (Front cover Persis Khambatta by Bob Kiss); February (Front cover New York financial District by Peter B. Kaplan); November (Front cover Full Moon beside building by Andy Levin);

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1987 - July (Front cover Canon New Dawn SLR);

1988 - April (how to Shoot the Great American Landscape); November (Front cover Fall White Pine Branches by Ron Thomas);

1990 - April (Front cover Torch Festival in China's Szechuan Province by Nevada Weir); June (Will your pictures fade with time?) November (SQF - New way to test lenses);

1992 - March (How to Photography People);

1994 - May (Point & Shoot Compact SLR); August (Front cover Canyonlands of Austalia by Art Wolfe); September (Which Compact is really Best);

1998 - February (Front cover Snowboarder by Jess Stock);


ANNUAL 1958 (Front cover Venetia Stevenson by Don Ornitz);

ANNUAL 1959 (Front cover marcel Marceau by Bob Ritta);

ANNUAL 1961 ( Front cover Lola Matta by Erwin Harris);

ANNUAL 1967 (Front cover Monica Ekman by Jerome Ducrot);

ANNUAL 1969 (Front cover Gayle Hunnicutt by Chester Maydole);

ANNUAL 1973 (Front cover by Jerome Ducrot);

ANNUAL 1974 (Front cover Jane Hitchcock by Ryszard Horowitz);

ANNUAL 1985 (Front cover Vivienne Lynn by Grant Mudford);

BUYER'S GUIDE 1986 (Complete Equipment Directory);

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY '68 (Front cover Candice Bergen by Otto Storch);

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 1972 ( Front cover Exotic Girl in Yellow Gossamer by Anthony Barboza);

HOW TO GUIDE (1978 Fall; Front cover Carol Di Grappa);

INVITATION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 1969 (Front cover Little girl holding black & white cat by Bob Witt);

INVITATION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 1970 ( Front cover baby eating Ice Cream by Phoebe Dunn);

SLR TEST REPORTS 1983 ( Buyer's Guide);

SLR PHOTOGRAPHY 1985 (10 Beest New Zooms);


1995 - February (Front cover by Bob Carlos Clarke); March (Front cover by Gio Barto); July (Front cover by Boothy);

PRIZE WINNING PHOTOGRAPHY ( Fawcett Pub.; Digest); -

1957 - #340 (Front cover by Peter Gowland);

1958 - #380 (Front cover by John Duillo); #415 (Front cover by John Duillo);

1963 - #541 (Front cover by R.J. Mason);

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1959 - #434 (Front cover by Hugh Bell)

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U.S. CAMERA the Great Photo-Picture Monthly ( U.S. Camera Pub. Corp.)

1949 - September (Woman with Irish Setter by L. Willinger); November (Front cover Pretty Blonde by James Neill);

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1971 ANNUAL (Front cover by Herb Breuer);


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