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LOVE, ROMANCE & Confessions MAGAZINES (1940's thru 1990's; TRUE

Stories, Non-Fiction & Fiction; Photo's, Articles, Stories & illustrations; USA & Canada; ** Published by;

Charlton, Countrywide, Crestwood, Dell, Emtee, Fawcett, Hillman, Marvel, MacFadden/Cadrant, Standard, Stanley)

ACTUAL ROMANCES (Medalion Pub.) 1950 May (Volume 1 #3; Nightmare Honeymoon/ Novelettes - She Lured my Husband// My Secret Shame // Trial Wife // Wrong Kind of Love/ feature article Should I have a Love Affair? by Ethel Barron);


1962 (Cary Ramey “Illegitimate”/ Velma Cole “Everybody's Girl”/ Stone Alexander “My Love Goes Naked”/ Anonymous “Just Ask for Maggie”; with photos);


1979 (April);


1960 (May);


1974 (October);


1957 (October; Tramp at Fourteen/ I Confessed before we Married/ My Dangerous boy Friend/ Not Legally our Child);

1969 (May);


1980 (#2);


1955 (January);

HEDWIG COURTHS-MAHLER (Bastei Pub.; ? German Language) Band 1073(Seine groBe Liebe); Band 1153 (Heide Rodenaus Kampf ums Gluck)



August (Petting Party/ I was His Partner in Shame; Miracle of Love);


1980 June (I was the bride in a Lesbian Wedding/ Raped by my Uncle- and I can't Tell!/ Single vs Married Sex> Which is Best)

INTIMATE STORY (Romance Pub. Corp.)

1956 (August); 1961 (April);

1974 (May);

1975 (July); (September);

1980 May (Every night I wake up in a Stranger's Bed/ Dirty thing I do in the Dark/ I asked a man to Rape Me)

1981 (May); 1984 (December);

LIFE STORY MAGAZINE (Country Press Inc.)

1940 (September; Volume 2 #11);


1958 (May; Volume 1 #3);


1964 October( Volume 3 #2; Spend the Night With My Boyfriend/ One Man is Not Enough)

1968 (December);

MODERN LOVE ( Gold Star Pub.)

1977 (Volume 1 #9; Intimate Stories/ boy meets girl behind closed door);

MODERN LOVE CONFESSIONS (Sterling's Magazine Inc.)

1975 (January);

1978 September (Love with a Married Man/ Are You my Daddy/ Jealous of my Mother)

MODERN ROMANCES (Dell / MacFadden/Cadrant)

1938 July (Life Guard Lover, true story);

1939 January (The Way Men Love);

1941 (January);

1946 (August);

1947 (January; Back Cover Hedy Lamarr “Maybelline” ad); (June; Back Cover Ida Lupino “Drene Shampoo” ad);

1950 (April; Back Cover Connie Schwoeglger 1949 Bowler of the Year); (July; Back Cover Jean & Jo Ann Corbett “Toni” ad); (November Back Cover Alan Ladd “Chesterfield” ad); (December; She used the surest weapon of her sex - Lure of my Lips/ Baby Needn't Cost Much by Annis M. O'Neal);

1951 (February; Back Cover Dick Powell “Camel” ad); (August; Back Cover Paul Lukas “Camel” ad); (October; Back Cover Joan Crawford “Camel” ad);

1952 (April; Back Cover Dennis O'Keefe “Camel” ad); (October; Patrice Munsel “Camel” ad);

1953 (March; Back Cover Ed Sullivan “Camel” ad); August (Christine Jorgensen/ Marital Infidelity by Frank S. Caprio); (November; Back Cover Paul Douglas “Chesterfield” ad);

1954 February (Dr Caprio's 7 tested rules/ Sadist and the Coed / Princess Margaret's Love affair)

1955 (March; Back Cover Diana Lynn, Mr & Mrs Stu Erwin, Mrs Laddie Sanford); (April); (December);

1956 (March); (October); (November);

1957 (March); (September);

1958 (March);

1961 (June);

1963 (May);

1964 (January); (May (Love Life of the Beatles/ My husband isn't White)

1968 (October) (December; LSD Story);

1973 (May; Stop a pregnancy without an abortion!); (October); (November);

1974 (May); (June); (December; Why must be protect the man who raped me?/ What Clergymen say for and against abortion);

1975 (March; Trading my Husband for a perfect lover/ child's father is a homosexual)

1976 (June); (November);

1978; (June; House of Unseen Evil/ Pay our bills with Blood)( November; Wife never gave up her lover/ Cries of terror that haunt my nights/ ) (December; Grandpa for my kids at Christmas/ Lingering evil in our dream house)

1979 (September);

1981 (January); (March); (July);

1982 (June); (December);

1983 (April) (June; Night I Opened the door to the Spirit World/ My Husband won't give me a cent for our kids!); (August); (December);

1984 (July; Married woman on a single weekend/ The girl I can't get out of my Heart); (November); (December);

1985 (February); (March); (May);

1986 (January);

1987 (July);

1995 (October);

MY LOVE SECRET (Hillman Periodicals Inc.);

1995 (February; Volume 1 #8); (December (Volume 2 #6);


1965 (July);


1955 (#6);

1974 (#45);

PERSONAL CONFESSIONS (Standard Magazines Inc.)

1956 (Winter);


1946 (February; So Deep is Desire);

1953 (September; A Boy's Sex Problems/ The Devil Within Me/ High-School Shame Club)

1959 (June);


1989 (March);


1955 (March);

REAL CONFESSIONS (Serling Group Inc.)

1959 (March; Volume 2 #3); 1966 (December);

1974 (July);

REAL LOVE CONFESSIONS (Stanhope Comn. Inc.);

1982 (August; Volume 1 #6);

REAL LOVE SECRETS (Modern Day Periodicals Inc.);

1979 (March); (November);

1980 (January); (May; Viciously raped by Sex-Mad Brutes/ Don't let my innocent babies suffer for my sins/ Abnormal Sex)

1981 (January); (November);


1970 (September);

1974 (May);

1975 (September);

1977 (September);

REAL MEDIC STORIES (Crestwood Pub. Co.);

1959 (June; Volume 1 #5);


1955 (March);

1975 (April);

1980 (September);

REAL STORY (Hillman)

1953 (October);

1954 (February; New Methods of Birth Control; FN = $16.00)

1955 (February; Good+ = $11.00);

1955; (March ; Sex Thrill Seekers/ Whistle-Bait Wife/ She was a Man-trap; VG = $12.00)

1956; (January; FN/VF = $18.00);

1956; (August; VG = $12.00);

1958; (June; VG = $12.00);

1958; (August; VG = $12.00);

1959; (August; G/VG = $10.00);

1959; (December; VG/FN = $14.00);

1961 (April);

1974 (November);

1975 (June);

1977 (February);

ROMANCE CONFESSIONS (Feature Story Corp./ Magazine Managment AKA Marvel Comics/ Sterling Library);

1969 (May; See-Through Panty Hose Party/ They All wanted to touch my big bosom/ God gave my baby special Powers);

1980 (February ; I've got to be more than his Love Toy/ He wants me to adopt his illegitimate child/ Marriage begins in the Bedroom)

ROMANCE TIME (Actual Pub. Co. Inc.)

1961 (January; Everyone Married Me!)

SECRET LIFE (formerly Diary Secrets; Secret Life Pub.)

1955 (October; Volume 1 #31; How I trapped my cheating Husband; The Girl who Married a Girl; Plot to keep Marilyn Monroe out of movies (5 pg story; Rita Hayworth/ Martha Raye/ Godfrey)

SECRETS (Periodical House Inc./MacFadden/Cadrant)

1947 (July; Glamour Mother);

1949 (April; Patched-Up Marriage/ She Made me Hate Myself/ Temptation Dates);

1950 (August; Man Grabber Quicksand Infatuation/ New Hope for Frigid Woman by Dr. Lena Levine);

1951 (April);

1952 (October);

1953 (May); (June);

1954 (March);


(January ;Sex and the Unmarried Girl/ He took Advantage of me unwanted Bride because I needed Love);

(August; Is Physical Incompatibility spoiling your Marriage?; Dangerously Innocent ;He wanted to much from Me; I Dare not Accuse Him);

1956 (August);

1957 (November; I was Dead for 35 Minutes/ Stranger in my Bedroom; They Called it a Teen-age Orgy);

1959 (February; My Husband changed into a Woman/ They Made me their Bride - victim of a teen-age Love Club);

1961 (May);

1969 (June);

1979; (April)

1978 (November; Even before I was born, You knew We'd be lovers/ Love calling - Are you There?; Man Should be the Chasing);

1979 (April; I was the First Soul he Saved; Stranger who Knocked at my door; My Daughter must have her bay for Me/ Black Magic put love back in my Marriage)

1981 (January); (May);

1982 (August); November);

1983 (March);

1984 (January); (February; Attic Room/ His son - and out daughter I can't raise them together/ Adoption heartbreak); (August);

1985 (March); (May); (June);


1955 (July; In Love with my Teacher/ Night of Shame/ Tempted by a married man);


1959 (November; Volume 1 #1; Sex Advice for your Marriage/ I Lied my way into Marriage/ Pregnant Bride/ Sin of a lonely Wife);

TRUE CONFESSIONS (Fawcett/MacFadden/Cadrant)

1932 (February);

1943 (August);

1947 (September);

1948 (July);



(April; Back Cover Joan Crawford “Chesterfield” ad);

(June; Back Cover Bob Hope “Chesterfield” ad);

1950 (February; Barbara Hale “Chesterfield” ad);


February; Front Cover Barbara Darrow);

(March; Front Cover Jean Broaw; Back Cover Patrice Munsel “Camel” ad; Slave Wife);

(May; Front Cover Peggy O'Connor; Back Cover Anne Jeffrey “Camel” ad);

(June; Front Cover Alice Kelly; Back Cover Dan Dailey “Chesterfield” ad);


(August; Front Cover Shirley Ingram; Back Cover Hogam “Chesterfield” ad);

1952 (January; Front Cover Pamela Vickers; Back Cover William Lundigan);

1953 (June; Front Cover Gloria Marchall; Back Cover Peggy Lee “Chesterfield” ad);

1954 (February; Truth about the Third Sex);

(June; She had no right to wear white/ Scarlet Bride);

(October; Would any Woman forgive?; Girl can win any Man she wants);


1955 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May; Pat Ward story I lived by night in the Wickedest City);(December);

1956 (March); (April); (May) (August; Locked-Out Heart/ I'm the Other Woman/ Ghost Hunters);; (September);

1957 (January); (March); (September; My Name is Scandal/ Alibi Kisses); (October);

1958 (August; Abused Teenage Problems/ My Baby was Born of Sin) (October);

1959 (March); (May); (June); (August); (October);

1960 (February); (May); (June); (September); (December);

1961 (May); (June); (July);

1962 (February);

1967 (September);

1974 (June); (August);

1975 (January; (February); (March); (May);

1976 (August); (October);

1977 (October); (December; Kick God out of Christmas/ Can a woman be too good to her in-laws?; 10-year-old kid taught me how to be a man)

1978; (September; Dead Woman at my Window/ Secret of a perfect love life/ Only God could bring my husband out alive);

(October; Marriage made in Heaven/ Ghost is trying to destroy me);

(November; Miracle Named Jenny/ I Never thought marriage would be like this/ Tiny cries that haunt my dreams/ Disease that wreaks families);

(December; 7 Beautiful nights that saved out marriage/ How to escape the loneliness trap);

1979 (August; Husband's secret life/ Night we kissed Good-Bye/ That Man who Followed me Home);

1980 (August; My Husband can't make love to a working wife!/ Share my home with my child's killer);

1981 (January); (August); (September); (November);

1982 (February); (March); (August); (December);

1983 (January);


(June; Haunted nightmares that always come true; After saying good-bye to my first Lover/ Wild love gamble we have to Take);


(November; Is your diet a cry for Help?; As Long as You're Here Beside Me);

1984 (February; After Scool, at my Teacher's Place/ Couldn't afford a divorce/ You Belong to Me..) (May); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1985 (January); (February); (April); (May); (June);

1986 (January); (September (October); (November); (December; When my Boyfriend finds out what I do for a living/ I Just Wanted to feel happy one more time); (Spring; Minister begged Don't Tempt Me/ Pregnant with my Stepson's Child/ Where is my Wife?)

1987 (March);

TRUE EXPERIENCES (MacFadden/Cadrant)

1941 (April; She Wanted her Fling)

1943 (April; Love Never Says Good-bye); (June; Proud of my Soldier)

1951 (May);

1953 (January);

1954 (February); (April); (December; Disowned Daughter/ Tempted and Impatient - Teenage Story/ Our House of Hate);

1955 (February); (March); (April);

1956 (January); (September);

1957 (March; (April);

1959 (February); (April); (August);

1961 (November (December);

1962 (January);

1966 (February);

1967 (July); (September);

1968 (September; The Night I was Raped/ Before I can marry I must sign a death contract/ My Crazy husband kidnapped me);

1969 (April); (November); (December);

1970 (February); (March);

1971 (September);

1974 (January); (March); (April); (October);

1975 (July);

1976 (February); ((August); (October);

1977 (February) (June; I Sold my Baby/ 14-year-old terrorized our neighborhood)

1978 (May; I was at Graceland the day they buried Elvis/ Justin is Lost!/ Swinging Single);

(August; I can't afford to keep my Wife/ I'm a different woman with my Magic pills);

(November; My Daughter's lies sent my husband to Prison/ Our Family is Hexed/ Types of men to avoid);

1979 (December);

1981 (July); (October);

1982 (May); (July); (August); (September); (October);

1983 (September); (October);

1984 (January); (April); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1985 (January); (February); (May); (August);

1986 (January);

1987 (August

TRUE LOVE STORIES (Constructive Pub./MacFadden/Cadrant)

1950 (May); (December);

1952 (October); (November);

1953 (July); (August);

1954 (September); (October);

1955 (June; Guide for Newlyweds/ Forbidden to Love/ I Marries a Millionaire);

1956 (October);

1959 (January); (May);

1960 (May; The Third You/ I Can't Stop Wanting You/ A Date every Night)

1968 (June; My Baby isn't a boy and isn't a girl/ Our Drunken Wedding Orgy!);

1970 (April);

1973 (May; My Baby is bewitched/ I didn't know he was that way);

1974 (October); (November);

1975 (February); (April);

1976 (October);

1977 (March);

1978 (August; My Heart is always married to my first love/ Our moment for love/ Unexpected family hero);

(December; Forget we met... forget we fell in love/ Little girl I pretended was mine/ Face of Evil);

1979 (April); (May);

1980 (August);

1981 (January); (November);

1982 (May); (June); (November);

1983 (February); (November);

1984 (January); (February; Doesn't he realize I'm only 14?; Tornado destroyed our Town);(August); (September);

1985 (March); (May); (September); (November);

1986 (January);

1987 (September);

1988 (January);

1993 (September);

1995 (October);

TRUE MEDIC STORIES (Feature Pub. Inc.)

1959 (March; Cardiac surgery to save a young bride/ Young nurse face her ordeal/ the Man I love is dying);


1937 (October);

1941 (February; coverless; Right of Choice/ Shipwrecked Marriage/ Married an Heiress)

1943 (January; Love for Christmas)

1951 (April);

1952 (February; Born to Evil/ My Twin was my Love Rival); (May); (October);

1953 (February);


(August; A Jilted Woman is a devil/ Wild for Boys/ Discontented Bride);

(September; My Sister stole my Sweetheart/ Teenage Runaway/ Betrayed the girl I loved)



(January; We were forced to Elope/ No Steady Boy Friend/ I hid my Love-child);

(February; I Wanted my Daughter's Man/ Daytime Marriage/ Disowned by my Parents/ Love-Huntress);

(June; missing backcover; Truth about Sex Education/ I Traded my Child/ He won't stay faithful);


1955 (September; I was a Bought Woman/ Father for Joey)

1958 (September);

1967 (December);

1969 (December);

1973 (December);

1974 (July);

1975 (February); (March); (April); (July); (October);

1976 (July); (September);

1977 (August; Who cares about a kid like me?/ New drug that's taking over my life/ 16-year-old homewrecker)


(December; Elvis Presley was the other man in my life/ Wendy, the Wonder Dog/ Angel led my back to life);

1978 (August; Our Secret Love/ My boyfriend belongs in Jail/ Battered Babies);

(September; Love is solving the biggest problem I ever faced/ When 2 lovers meet again/ Daughter for sale);

(November; Mom left me her lover's Baby/ Someone is trying to stop my wedding/ Who do I really belong to?);

(December; Mother bought a baby for Christmas - Me/ Has your marriage lost its magic?; No Woman's going to push me around!)

1979; (March; UFO saved my family; Weekend my love affair ended/ Mother came back from the grave & changed my life)

1980 (June); (September);

1981 (March); (May);

1982 (August);

1983 (March);(October; His sexy kisses drive me Crazy/ Why don't his parents like me?/ I'm going to be a rock star) (November); (December);

1984 (February; Love Me .. Until I go home to my husband/ Unborn baby that's wrecking our family/ Just when I found a man I could Love)

(March; Moment we met I knew we'd become lovers/ My parents hid me away from everyone!/ Now That my Lover's Gone););


(July; Precious Love Promise he made to me/ Summer I discovered Boys)


1985 (March); (May); (July); (October);


1972 (September);

1976 (December);

(1979 (June);

TRUE SECRETS (Perfect Film & Chemical Corp.)

1969 (December; Was a Black Man marrying my blind daughter out of pity/ I couldn't arouse my husband - till a strange pill made me sexy)

TRUE STORY (MacFadden/Cadrant)

1933 (February); (April);


(April ;They Let Themselves Go Until by Pat Ryan/ Billionaire playboy and south sea Island beauty tell own stories/ Jean Rogers front cover)

(October; The Devil in my Marriage/ Revelations of a woman's fight for her husband's Love - Wise Wife)

1938 (July; backcover missing; I was a Nazi Wife!/ Family Problems in the White House/ Private lives of the Roosevelts)

1940 (January); (July); (August);

1943 (January; Forever in Love With You - True story); (April); (May); (June); (July); (October); (November);

1944 (May);

1945 (February); (June);

1947 (March; Love's Triangle - True short story)

1949 (November);

1950 (February; Back Cover Barbara Hale; “Chesterfield” Ad); (August; Back Cover Fran Warren); (September; Back Cover Joan Caulfield “Chesterfield” Ad); (October); (November; Back Cover Ezio Pinza “Camel” ad);

1951 (May; Back Cover Anne Jeffreys “Camel” ad); (December);

1952 (January); (February; Back Cover Barbara Hale “Chesterfield” Ad); (April); (May; Back Cover Dick Haymes “Camel” ad); (July; Back Cover Linda Darnell “Camel” ad); (December);

1953 (January);

(February; Miss True Story of 1953 front cover; The Devil in my Husband - novel/ Scandal Marriage)

(March; Back Cover Rise Stevens “Camel” ad);

(May; Back Cover Jane Greer “Camel” ad);

(June; Back Cover Peggy Lee “Chesterfield” Ad);


(August; Back Cover Charlton Heston/ Eva Gabor/ Jane Greer/ Tyrone Power “Camel” ad);

(September; Back Cover Rhonda Fleming “Chesterfield” Ad; High School Hate Club/ Women's Hidden Fear);

(October; Girls in Hell - reform school teens/ truth about pregnancy/ Men were my Enemies/ Slave Wife/ Marriage Meddler);

(November; Story = Not Like Other Girls/ What Women Should Know about Men);

(December; Girls against the world/ Too fat for Love/ I Cheated my Wife);

1954 (January; Street-Corner Girl/ The Seed of Life/ Old Man's Bride);

(February; Back Cover Deborah Kerr “Chesterfield” Ad/ Facts of Life all girls must know/ Reefer Party/ Straying Wife);

(March; Back Cover William Holden “Camel” ad; Devil on Wheels - story of Hot-Rod Teens/ Have Babies and keep your looks);

(April; Truant Teens/ Women's secret Health Worries/ Man Fever);


(June; Back Cover Jan Sterling/ Michael O'Shea/ Ray Anthony “Chesterfield” Ad);

(July; Can I Keep my Daughter Safe?/ Shut Out of Life/ High School Hoodlum);

(November/ Fifteen - and too Innocent/ My Son's Devil Bride/ Love in Marriage)


1955 (January);

(February; Back Cover Rory Calhoun/ Lita Baron “Chesterfield” Ad);

(March); (June; Back Cover Leila Holliday “L and M” ad);



(September; Wives Confess/ Too Young for such Passion/ One Prayer Changed my Life);

(October; 10 Steps to Fulfillment/ Back-Alley Girl/ Ape Man's Wife/ My Baby is Blind);

(November; Are your Morals Old-Fashioned?/ Teenage Bottle Party/ Story = Idle Wives);

1956 (June; Are Good Girls Old-Fashioned?/ Tempted Wife/ I had a Soldier's Baby);

(July; Wild Prom Party when Parents Fail You/ Summer Love Affair/ Mother by Force);


(December; Need Marriage be a Gamble?/ Frank Teen-age story = You Have to Lie/Their lives in my hands - step-by-step story of a nurse's training)

1957 (February); (May); (July);

1958 (January); (October); (November; What Makes Judy Garland Cry?/ Twin Beds); (December);

1959 (March; 10 health ways to talk about sex/ I delivered my own Baby!); (April); (July); (August); (October);

1960 (March; Restless Wives/ Will my baby be born normal?/ Motorcycle Crowd - Teenage Love Story);


(May; You Don't Need to Fight About Money/ I'll never go steady again!/ One Child Drowned)

(October; Book = You Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt)

(December; Babies Can be Planned/ Prince Philip cousin Queen Alexandra/ Old Folks in the Family)

1961 (March ; Moonlighting/ Janet Leigh & Tony Curtis secrets of a love that last/ Why I left the convent);

(April; Nobody's Children/ Courage in Knee socks: Kids & Integration)

(June; Our Jobless Year/ 8 thrilling true stories);

(July ; How to win back a straying husband/ Medical marvel that saves babies)

(August; (The Faces of Love/ Do Your Children Bully You?/ Don't let the dental Racketeers rob you)

(September; Women death couldn't kill/ Make Your own "Fur" Coat/ I married a beatnik);

(December; Danger Year in your Marriage/ Charity Racketeers are robbing You/ Miss Pilgrim's Progress);

1962 (March; Split-Level Blues/ Love Knows no Boundaries - haunting story of interracial marriage);

(April; Love behind Hospital Doors/ Food Fakers are threatening your life; First Baby - Poignant story);


(June; What Makes a Man Tick/ Death is my Lover/ Castles in the Sand/ Bachelor Mother)

(July; Operation no Woman Talks about/ The Devil in our Family/ Marriage made us strangers);

(August; Billy Graham speaks out on : Love Abortion Illegitimacy)

(September; Doctor in Love/ I Delivered my own Baby/ Should I refuse my husband's demands?)

(December; You're Not Sexy Enough/ Pill Victim - Please do away with my Baby/ Dream Kiss)

1963 (January; The Night I said Yes to Santa/ An Affair might be good for You/ Was I a Murderer of Mercy Killer/ story = I Fell for the Stranger who Delivered my Baby!);

(May; Pill that gives New freedom for living & Loving/ My Baby is Deaf!);

(June; Murder in the Delivery Room/ When Kisses are forbidden);

(August; Men Say I'm Easy because I'm a Nurse!/ You're not modest - You're Frigid!/ Novel = Let me Love Before It's too Late)

1964 (January);

(April; I weighed 180 - and won a beauty contest/ I won't have this baby/ Hold out for a wedding ring!);



(September; I failed as a Nun .. can I succeed as a Woman/ Novelette = Paradise on the pillow/ Are You Destined to Commit Adultery by Dr Robert L. Wolk)

(November; He Won't marry me Until I Have His Baby; What I Found in my Husband's pocket - made sex a nightmare)

1965 (May; We went to a school for lovers/ You're not pure - You're Prudish!);

(June; I Eloped with my Boy Friend's Father/ Company';s Shocking Policy);

(July; My Husband is always to tired/ Minister warned us = Without a Wedding Don't);


1966 (February);

1967 (March); (May); (July); (October);

1968 (October);

1969 (January); (May); (October);

1970 (January); (June); (November);

1972 (April);

1974 (March); (June);

1975 (March); (July); (August); (December; Brother gave me back my Ex-wife for Christmas/ Abused, Abandoned baby's courageous fight for life);

1976 (January; Husband-to-be delivered my Baby/ I live next door to an exhibitionist/ I Joined an Abortion Club);

(February; Secret in my Son's bedroom/ Miracle at Lourdes saved my Child's Life)

(April; Some Woman is making Obscene phone calls to me; Help me find my Mother/ Moving -day Orphan);

(May; Shocking things I see in the House Next door; Kidnapped my dead sister's child; the ghost who stole my mind for two days);

(June; Wedding for a pregnant bride - me; Our first baby had four legs and a tail);


(October; Love Game I played on my Bingo Nights Out; I still hear my first baby crying; Skateboards - danger underfoot)

1977 (January); (April); (November); (December);

1978 (November; Hypnotist tought me to enjoy married love; Adopted girls story of too many Mothers);


1979 (March);

(April; Those 3 minutes before my baby was born/ Promiscuous Girl/ Wife abandoned Me);

(May; I Have to forgive Him/ Loneliness in America - the Alcoholic Women);

(June; 60th Anniversary Issue; Margaret Gardiner Miss Universe cover; Husband forced me to give up my Baby/ Love Now ... Pay Later romance);

(August; Elvis was so nice to me (with photos)/ We moved into a house of horror/ Nun saves minister's wife);

(September; Thrilling mystery = Murderer in White/ No Foster Homes for my Girl/ Husband & children helped me go back to School);

(November; My Ex-husband escaped from prison; stories = As Much Part of Me as my Own Heart... & Adopted for all the Wrong Reasons)

(December; Till the day I die, I'll hear my little boy's sobs; Story = I wish I could tell her I'm Sorry; My Baby spent his first year in prison)

1980 (May; Drug I took to save my baby threatens her life now/ why do they crucify my children for their father's crime?)

(September; Raped in broad daylight in my own backyard/ They Killed my baby - horrendous facts behind the death of a 2-year-old);


1981 (June; Dark-ages evil lives today - Gave my Soul to Satan/ Double Length = I Wish I'd Died Too!);

(July; Night Visitors Satan sent to torment Me/ We prayed together for our daughter's life/ My affair cost me everything);

(August; Sobs from our empty nursery/ Those nights my mother isn't Home/ Innocence tainted by mob hatred - Klan Baby);


(October; My Wife doesn't know about that other baby/ The Haunting/ Karen Gardner is Missing);

(December; Those nights when I'm Sorry I'm a Mother!/ The man I see when I kiss my Husband/ husband put me in jail)

1982 (January; Chance meeting with my first love/ Triumph of family closeness Ice Storm);

(February; I agreed to have another woman's baby/ the haunted pool/ Is this child my son?);

(March; My Patient or my Lover? now he's both!/ Mother's darkest fear - what did he do to my little girl?);

(April; The Lover I should have waited for/ Easter without a Daddy/ Guilt Trip);

(May; Story = With his hand on my shoulder, I'm strong/ I Stole from the collection plate);

(June; Our Lost Hours of Loving/ Army Nurse - How can I forget all we meant to each other?/ I Like being divorced/ Hooked on pills);



(November; Story = The House in Lonesome Hollow/ Now that he's free I don't want him/ What did they do to my 3-week-old baby);

(December; Our Very special time for Loving/ Santa's Private Life by Alice E. Chose/ Christmas Cactus);

1983 (January; Too Much in Love to Use my Head/ Lonely Teenage; The year the worst time of my life became the best!/ things no little girl should see);

(May; Story = Day my Son went to Heaven; Note he left on my dresser; book-length = Within the Circle of his Arms)

(June; Graduation heartbreak - I thought he wanted to marry me/ Story = Don't Count me Out Yet!);

(July; I stole the key to my husband's other life/ Story = No Room in Our House for Him);

(August; My Sister's wedding broke up my marriage/ story = The Things I Had to Do in the Name of Love);

(September; Those memories that keep me from my lover's arms/ True story = The Miracle of Sugarlove);

(October; Halloween nightmare - I can't find my little daughter!/ story = Someday I'll forget the Bad Times);

(November; Story = Hold me! Hold me really tight!/ story = House without an address);

(December; Story = That Long Winter evening in his arms.../ Double-length - My Man-My Love/ Runaway teens in love - Getting Married)

1984 (January; Story = My lost Love Still Lives With Me/ Kisses Mask Violence - Didn't really know the man I married)

(March; story = The Thrill and Pain of Loving the Wrong man/ story = His Kisses offered me a whole new life)

(April; Story = The Day we Escaped the Black Cloud of Death/ story = If We get Married can We ever Know the Beauty of Sex?);

(July; Love Bully sometimes I think he likes to see me cry!/ Double-Length story = Cradle in my Lover's Arms/ story = I Can't go it Alone Anymore!);

(August; My Week Alone with the man my mother loves/ story = At Last I Know What belonging really Means/ ESP Experience a friendly Ghost saved out Lives)

(September; On Trial for my Life/ book-length = They took my Unborn Baby without Telling Me.. The World Can't Hurt Me Anymore);

(October; Please Say You Want to See Me Again!/ Book-Length = Available for Night Work/ story = A Mother, A widow, A Bride/ story = After Ten Years of Waiting);

(November; Story = Not Enough Hours to be together/ Book-Length = Why Can't I Believe There'll be a tomorrow for Us?)

(December; story = Don't Let Me Lose my New Love this Christmas/ All I Have left is her Doll/ One Step away from Marrying Me);

1985 (January; Will I ever Stop Seeing Her in his Arms?/ story = I Made my Little Girl Face her Attacker);

(February; Come Back to my Loving Arms/ story = Love Memories Aren't Enough for Me!/ My two lovers);

(March; Secrets of a wife with a roving eye/ book = This Lover is my Last Love/ Evil I cradle in my Arms/ stories = Phone Call from my Ex-wife);

(April); (May);

(June; My Husband Saw Into Eternity!/ super-length = Cherished, a love story one woman never thought she'd live/ story = The Fun Side of Loving);

(July; The Summer we fell I Love.. for the Second time/ novels = Tangled family passions - That Dark Path in the Woods/ Will we ever share this bed Again?)

(September; Book Bonus = The Best of my Three Lovers/ Story = I'm too Good to Live with a Man);

(October; After He Held me in his Arms all Night/ Novel = If Love Can Come/ Troubled? by Dr. Roberta)

(November; The Day I Lost 25 Years of my Life/ novels = Close Again with our love last this time? & That's Not My Daughter - the midnight shock that changed three lives);

(December; Book -Length = Yesterday's Tears Can't Touch my Second-Marriage Happiness/ Two Weeks to choose between my lover and my Baby);

1986 (January; It's So Good to be Held by a Man Again!/ story = The Three Men in my Life - secrets of a teenager's dark past!/ book-length = Stay Out of Her Bed! Scandal of Family Adultery);


(April; I Want to be more than just a one-night memory to him!/ story = The House on the Hill/ Book-length = Can't You tell How Much I Need You?)

(May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November);

(December (Nurse's passion after the Loving, There'll be tears/ story = So Close to Being a Bride - in 5 terrifying minutes, my dreams were shattered/ book-length = I Won't Let My Daughter-In-Low have my Baby!);

1987 (February); (March); (May); (June); (September);

1988 (January); (August);

1989 (October); (November); (December);

1990 (January); (March); (April);

1993 (August); (October);

1995 (October); (November); (December);

2000 (July (He Beats me But I Love Him/ Sex with my Lover's Son - I was blackmailed into it/Forced to have an abortion)

TRUE STORY ROMANCE SPECIAL (MacFadden/Cadrant/ Enterprises Inc.)

#4 (Summer/1978; 27 complete stories = Dream Lover/ Silence that Shrieks/ We Cried away the Past/ Love is a Gingerbread man/ Terror by Night/ Secret Drinker);

#5(Volume-2 #3; Holiday 1978; 25 complete stories; Which Child Should I Give Away?/ Our Love and Each Other/ Warned Against Him/ Behind the Closed Door/ Torn Between my Mother and My Husband/ My Young Lover)); #9(Holiday/1979); #18(Spring/1982); #19(Summer/1982); #22(Spring/1983); #29(Holiday/1984);

(#32; Autumn 1985; Book Length = I thought he was marrying me for love, but all he wanted was a Cover-Up Wife/ So Innocent... Or so Evil/ She's Going to Kill my Baby!);

#33(Holiday/1985; True Story = My Son Calls Me Sister/ Book-length = From the Moment she Came to Live with Us/ Call-girl Nurse - blackmailed into prostitution);


UNCENSORED CONFESSIONS (Hillman Periodicals Inc.)

1956 (September; Volume 1 #5; Front cover June Blair);

1957 (October);

1963 (August);

1968 (October);

1974 (July);


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