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SCANDAL, News & Exploitation - Mini Pocket Magazines & Digests for sale;

--- B ---

BACHELOR (Official Magazine Corp/ ATLAS; 655 Madison Ave, New York, NY) issues with ATLAS (Marvel) GLOBE Pub on Cover; 

1956 – September Volume 1 #2; Man Who was Jealous of JACK the RIPPER; Rusty Fisher pictorial; 3 pages BRIGITTE BARDOT; VG+ = US$18.00);

BEHIND THE SCENE (J.B. Publishing Co.)

1954 – November (Volume 1 #1 – Kathy Grandstaff front cover; white slavery; UFO Menace; Marilyn Monroe & Joe Dimaggio; Wally Cox);

December (Volume 1 #2, cover TV's star Roxanne; secret story Grace Kelly)

1955 - February Vol.1#3 (front cover; Connie Russell); Contents Zsa Zsa Gabor; "Candid Look at Burlesque"; "Big Hockey Freeze-Out");

1955; March Volume-1 #4, 5pgs Marlon Brando; Salvador Dali; Bungled Executions; 2 pages Mae West; Terry moore; Here Elaine; Jean Martin centerfold; Censors; Swimsuit PHOTO-c; G/VG $9];

1955; June Vol.1#7 (Contents; Greta Garbo; Jackie Robinson; Tempest Storm);

BOLD (Pocket Magazines Pub.)

1954 April Vol.1#4(front cover; Billy the Kid); (Back cover Jane Russell); Contents; "Mayhem on the Boards - Boston Celtics";

July Vol.1#7(front cover; Bullfighting); Contents; Dolores Donlon; 6 pages of "Mickey Spillane's Dames"; "The Bare -Knuckle Days - Boxing" (FN $12) ;

October Vol.1#10 (Contents; Jan Sterling; "School for Strippers"; "Runner John Landry"; "Notre Dame Can't Lose - Football"; G/VG $9);

November Vol.1#12 (Bace cover; Sophia Loren) Contents; Tallulah Bankhead; "Strange art of Tattooing"; "World's Roughest Sport- Hockey";

BOLD 1956

June (front cover Vicki Palmer; back cover Julie Newmeyer); Contents Bunny Yeager; "Wide Open U/S. Open-Golf";

July (front cover Sue Evans; back cover Vicki Lake); Contents Tina Louise; Joan Collins; Jane Russell; Marlon Brando; "Britain's Top Showgirls";

August (front cover Claire Fitzpatrick; back cover Cynthia Brooks); Contents "Mountain Patrol - Swiss Alps"

September (front cover Kay Douglas; Contents Betty Brosner ; 40 Grams; );

October (front cover Pat Newman; back cover Heather Christie); Contents Joan Collins; June McCall; "Journeyman of Baseball";

November (front cover Eve Meyer); Contents "Lizzie Borden"; "Baseball's Biggest Riddle"; "The Deadliest Game - Stunt Flying";

BOLD 1957

January (front cover Marlyn Maher); Contents 'Hockey - Legal Mayhem on Ice"; "Smyggler School"; "Scars of Honor - Heidelberg";

March (front cover Cleo Moore); Contents Joan Collins; "Savage Art - Australia Aboigines";

June (front cover Judy Bamber); Contents Roger Hornsby; "I Worship Satan";

July (front cover Anne Neyland) Contents "He Conquered the Antarctic - Richard Byrd"; 'I am a New York Call Girl";

October (Barbara Thomason front cover);

BOLD 1958

February (front cover Lynn Lampert); Contents "Flying Stretchers of the Alps";

April (front cover Sandra Milo), Contents Brigette Bardot; Ted Williams; Stan Musicl; 'Hell on Wheels - Newest Sport Motorcycle Scramble Races";

July (front cover Dolores Donlon); Contents; Juan Perron; Jean McCallen;

September (front cover Joan Morse); Contents; Rocky Marciano; Floyd Patterson;

BOLD 1959

April (front cover Dawn Richards); Contents; June Wilkerson; 'Judo"; "Danger Below - Deep Sea Divers"; "Florida - Where Women Chase Men";

June (Maurina Leigh front cover);

BOLD 1960

February (Tuckey Witteck photo front cover)

August (Shirley Jones)

BRIEF (Male Publishing Corp./ ATLAS; .655 Madison Ave, New York, NY) issues with ATLAS (Marvel) GLOBE Pub on Cover; 

1956; July (Volume-4 #4; front cover & pictorial-article on Carolyn Wynn; Contents Joan Collins; Grace Kelly; 2 x Dan DeCarlo cartoons; FN = $15.00):

--- C ---

CARNIVAL (Show Magazine Inc. Pub.)

1956; March (Volume-2 #3; front cover Jayne Mansfield; Contents; Jayne Mansfield Exposed = 8 page article with 6 Semi-Nude Photo's; Spanish actress, the exotic Sarita Monteil; "Sin City Outside Chicago - Calumet City"; Monte MacMurray; Jayne Hacklin; Saidaiji Japan giant New Years Party; Beetle Bailey cartoon by Mort Walker; Errol Flynn cameo;Lady Godiva's thru the ages; Sarah Dolley; Italian Film "The Swindler"; FN+= $22; FN=$18; VG=$14):

CELEBRITY (Magnum Publications Inc.)

1954 - June Vol.1#3(front cover Mara Lynn); Contents Cleo Moore; Zsa Zsa Gabor; Joan Crawford; 'Wtach Georges Simenon, He's the New Spillane"; "Circus fat Lady";

1955 -

May (front cover Gloria Pall); Contents; Ava Gardner; Sheree North; "Baseball Forecast";

December (front cover Norma Dean); Contents; Marilyn Monroe; Jimmy Dean; Marlon Brando; "Torture Chamber in America";

CHIC (Berkley Pub.)

1955 May (Woman Hormones);

June (Portable Trousseau);

CHICKS AND CHUCKLES (Pocket Magazine Inc. Pub.SCANDAL Magazines )

1955 - December Volume-1#4(front cover Lee Wilson; Contents Gloria Pall; VG $10)



January Vol.1#5(front cover Iris Bristol); Mara Lynn; Corinne Calvet;

February (front cover Iris Bristol; back cover Kath Marlowe; contents Marilyn Dean, Corinne Calvet, Mara Lynn, Mara Corday, Betty Hanson);

June (front cover Noreen Nash); Contents Bunny Yeager;

October (front cover Pat Parker); Contents Maria Stinger;

December (front cover Jeanne Mann), Contents Jackie Miles;



February (front cover Doreen Lord; Contents; Bunni Nelson;Back cover Eva Wild);

June (front cover Gia Scala; Contents; Marisa Rossi; 8 x BILL WARD cartoons as McCartney; Wenzel-a; G/VG $9 );

August (Volume-3 #4; Front cover Jenny Brown; back cover Carolyn Hughes; Contents – Betty Page, Mamie Van Doren, Lynn Lampert, Eve Meyer, Bunny Yeager; 7 x Bill WARD cartoons as McCarthy; 1 x Wenzel cartoon; 2x Dan DeCarlo cartoon; Army Daze cartoons; VG/FN = $18):



July (front cover Barbara Darrow); Contents; Marilyn Maher;

September (front cover Diana Crawford); Contents; Marge Moran;

November (front cover Carole Baker); Contents Jeanne Robbins; Dolores Donlon);



October (front cover Tucky Witteck);


1960 - February (front cover Judy Bamber); Contents; Sabrina;

--- D ---

DARE (Fiction Publications Inc.);


July Vol.1 #7(front cover Elaine Stewart); Contents; Lili St. Cyr; Patti Page;

September Vol.1#9 (front cover Juliana larson); Contents; "Devil Worship"; "Alcoholism";


January contents "Fifty Years of Disasters"; "Play by Play with Russ Hodges - Football";

April Contents "Rocky Marciano, is he a Fake?"; Tempest Storm; "Death by Decree";

June (front cover Lana Bashana); Contents; "Mickey Spillane's Dames";

August (Contents – Sophia Loren; High School Hooligans; Nejla Ates; Transvestite Crimals);

(October; Volume-1 #17; Cover Blurbs = "Mars invades Earth" & "Sex Hysteria"; contents; Jane Russell; Ginger Rogers; Marilyn Monroe; Virginia Hill; Moscow Death List; The Sexeteria - Jungle Strippers; Curse of the Pharohs - King Tut strikes again; Stay FAT & Happy; Peepshow; "Mars Invasion - I talked to a Martian"; FN = $14):

--- E ---

--- F ---

FOCUS (Leading Magazine Corp. Pub.);

FOCUS 1951

November (Volume-1 #4;Rozanne photo cover);

FOCUS 1952

July (Volume-2 #7; front cover Ursula Thiess; Contents; Jackie Robinson - Five Years in White Man's Baseball; "Cruelest Sport – Bullfighting"; G/VG = US$10.00); 

August – (Marilyn Monroe pre-Playboy (2 pages); article on Polio);

November (Volume-2 #11; front cover Mona Knox); Contents "Madrid Prostitution"; VG = US$12.00);

FOCUS 1953

February (Volume-3 #2; front cover Ann Baker; back cover Rita Gam; Contents; "Paris Nightlife - Nude and Crude"; VG = US$10.00);

June (Volume-3 #6; front cover Mona Knox; Contents; Liz Taylor; Rhonda Fleming; "Boxer Tommy Collius"; "Mickey Spillane Puts the Finger on Mike Hammer"; 10 Best 3-D GIRLS;  FN+ = US$16.00)

June 10 (Volume-3 #7; front cover Marion Brash; Contents; Bing Crosby; "Are Luftwaffe Acrea Flying Those Migs?"; FN/VF = US$16.00)

June 24 (Volume-3 #8; front cover Alice Kelley; Contents; "Baseball's Biggest Brawlers"; FN = US$14.00)

July 8 (Volume-3 #9; front cover Judy Hall; Contents; "Boxer Kid Gavilan"; FN = US$14.00)

July 22 (Marina Vlady photo cover; Kinsey Report);

August 19 (Volume-3 #12; front cover Mona Freeman); Contents "What 3-D TV Will Mean to You"; FN/VF = US$16.00)

October 14 (Volume-3 #16; Back cover Dawn Addams; Contents Gwen Verdon; Paris Showgirls; All-American Football Forecast; Iran's “Panther Squad”; Sheila Copelan; VG/FN $12);

November 11 (Volume-3 #18; Front Cover Lois Bishop; Contents Montreal's Racy Clubs; Trotsky's Killer; Betty Grable; Nudes vs. Prudes in New York; Salvador Dali; NUDES vs PRUDES; FN $14);

December 23 (Volume-3 #21; Front Cover Sara Shane; Contents – Frank Sinatra; Martha Hyer; Tombstone Arizona, Earl Bailley, Audrey Hepburn, Rocky Marciano Loses; VF = $16.00);

FOCUS 1954

January 6 (Volume-4 #1; front cover Mary Morlas); Contents; Sheree North; "Brooklyn's mangano Brothers-Mafia"; "Tennis Star-Pancho Gonzales"; "Singer Jonnie Ray"; ; VG/FN = US$10.00);

January 20 (Volume-4 #2; front cover Rossana Podesta; Contents Frank Sinatra; Orson Welles; "Blood, Guts and Girls - Mickey Spillane & John D. MacDonald"; G = $8.00);

February 3 (Volume-4 #3; front cover Genny Gaylor; Contents Groucho Marx; Marilyn Monroe; Gypsy Rose Lee;  VF= US$14.00);

May (Volume-4 #6; front cover & pictorial of Barrie Chase; back cover & centerfold of Elaine Stewart; Contents "Baseball's Bill Pierro"; the Men who hate Lindbergh; Marilyn Monroe 1/2 page Photo; Bombing Russia with Bibles; Latin Quaters show; FN = $12.00):

July (Volume-4 #8; front cover Betty Brosmer & 6 pages; back cover Irish McCalla; Contents; Marilyn Monroe; Kim Novak;40 Grams; FN/VF $18.00);

August (Volume-4 #9; Contents; Sophia Loren; "British Boxers are Lousy"; VG = US$9.00);

September (Volume-4 #10; front cover Irish McCalla; Contents; Marilyn Monroe; Kim Novak; "Baseball Owners Clamp Down on Fun Loving Stars"; VG = $15.00);

October (Volume-4 #11; front cover Connie Russell; Contents Janet Leigh; Dean Martin; Jerry Lewis; FN = US$12.00);

November (Volume-4 #12; front cover Venetia Stevenson; Contents; 1954 Focus All-America Football Team"; Ava Garner; Nudists Aren't Sexy; VG/FN = $10.00);

December (Volume-4 #13; front cover Georgine Darcy; Contents; Wilt Chamberlain; Bedroom Games of Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh; FN = US$12.00);

FOCUS 1955

May (Volume-5 #5; front cover Genie Stone; Contents; James Dean; Rocky Marciano; VG = US$10.00);

September (Volume-5 #9; back cover Marilyn Monroe and MIlton Berle; Contents; Davy Crockett; Wild French cartoons; Maneely illo; Bunny Yeager photo's; Russell Patterson fashion illustrator; D.J.D. Cartoons; VG/FN = $12.00):

FOCUS 1956

April (Volume-6 #4; front cover Elsa Martinelli; Contents; Jayne Mansfield; Sammy Davis Jr.; "Hollywood's War Over Dope"; FN/VF = US$14.00);

May (Volume-6 #5; front cover Jayne Mansfield; Contents; Gina Lollobrigida; "Will Jack Be Veep? = JFK article with Photo"; A.A. Milne; Pierre Poujade; Movie: Trapeze", Tony Curtis; Sara Dolley centerfold; Butchers of Men; Herblock cartoons; Club Orientale; Sally Todd; Do Blondes get bigger bonuses with Grable, Lilly, Sheree & Marilyn; FN = $15.00):

July (Volume-6 #7; front cover Betty Brosmer; back cover Shirley Jones; Contents; The Great New Orleans Lie; FN/VF $18.00);

November (Volume-6 #11; front cover Anita Ekberg; back cover Joan Collins; Contents; Sophia Loren; FN/VF $18.00);

December (Volume-6 #12; front cover Kay Douglas; Contents; Sally Todd; FN/VF $12.00);

FOCUS 1957

January (Volume-7 #1; front cover Diane Webber; Contents; Betty Rae; FN/VF $16.00);

February (Volume-7 #2; front cover Mara Corday; back cover Natalie Wood); Contents; Pat Boone; FN/VF $12.00);

March (Volume-7 #3; front cover Zahra Norbo; Contents; FN/VF = US$12.00);

May (Volume-7 #4; front cover Venetia Stenson; VG/FN = US$9.00);

FOTOCRIME (Digest Publications Inc.)

1954; December (Volume-1#1; Sex Mad Killer; Dope Trap; Ballerina & the Bluebeard; Women vs Law; Story behind the Syndicate; I shot a Woman; Homosexuality England's growing problem;PHOTO-c; VG/FN $22);
1955; February(Volume-1#2; A-BOMB Killer; Busty Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Torso Murder - Legless Blonde; Love Killers; Alligator Bait; VF $20),

1955; March (Volume-1#3; Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Ben Hecht cracks Crime; Kiss before Duing; Who Killed Two Smith's; Hillbilly Sex Slayers; Good Friday Bombing; FN/VF $18),

1955; May(Volume-1#4; Busty Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Dr Jekyll & Mr Stroud - Utterbach Case; Flesh-Eaters; NY's Thrill Killers; VG/FN $14);

FRAUDS 147 Pub. Corp.

1956 August (Vol.1#4), September (Vol.1#5), November (Vol.1#6), December (Vol.1#7);

1957 – April (Volume 1 #9 – Diana Dors front cover & 7 pages; Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller 6 pages; Joan Collins 5 pages; James Dean 4 pages);

-- G --

GIRLS AND GAGS (Pub. Management Corp.)

1959 November (Volume 6 #6; Judy O-Day photo cover);

1960 July (Venetia Stenson photo cover);

--- H ---

HE - the Magazine for Men

HE Publications Inc.


April Volume-1 #1 (front cover Lili St. Cyr; back cover photo of Lilly/Lili Christine of Cat Dance fame; Contents; "Trench Warfare in Korea"; Berlin on a Binge; Men's fashions for 1953; Photo Pin-Up Gallery with Lili St. Cyr(2 photo's), Lilly/Lili Christine, Patti Powers, Penny Page & Lili Dawn; Moulin Rouge; VG = $18.00);

June Vol.1#3 (front cover Helene Heydon); Contents; "Auto-King Midget";


April (Volume-1 #9; front cover Tempest Storm; Jerry Lewis back cover & 4 page article with 4 photo'; Contents; Lili St. Cyr; Lilly Christine 4 page article with 5 photo'; "IBC-Is it Killing Boxing?", with Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, Archie Moore; "Is Wrestling Going Straight?'; "Is Baseball for Sissies?"; Wives for Sale - Japan Slave Trade; Strip Row; Card Sharks; Haiti in Manhatten; Homosexualism can be Cured; Motor Fashions; G/VG = $12):

May (front cover Joy Reynolds; back cover Evangelina Elisando; Marilyn Monroe; Mae West; “Is Baseball for Sissies?”; Female Matadors, “Is Wrestling Going Straight?”);

June(front cover Drago); Contents; Ava Gardner; Lilly Christine; Rita Hayworth; Lana Turner;

August (front cover Margie Van); Contents; Bob Hope; Ava Gardner; Lana Turner; "The Big Golf Fix";

October (back cover Margie Van); Contents; "Should we Kill College Football?";

December (front cover Vicky Hayes; back cover Wanda Barbour); Contents; "I Killed Rommel!";


June (back cover Temtpest Storm); Contents"Palm Beach-Rich Man's Sex City"; "16 Pages of He Man Pin-Ups";

--- I ---

INSIDE Dodshaw Pub. Corp.


January (Volume 1 #3, Shocking orgies of Italy's Movie Stars);

August (Volume-1 #8; front cover & Articlews with photo's on Mario Lanza & Geroge Raft, Contents; "Killer Drug for Kids – Heroin"; Kazan, Gail Russell 5 page article with 4 photo'; Bing & Gary Crosby; Arthur Godfrey & Ed Sullivan; Tough Tony & Murder Inc.; John Jacob Astor III; FN = $12):


May (front cover James Dean, Marlene Dietrich); Contents; Jack Lord; Dionne Quint's; Ava Garnder;

August (Ursula Andreas photo cover; Lusiano);


June (Volume-2 #9; front cover & articles on Meg Myles & Natalie Wood; > Back cover & article on Guy Mitchell; Contents; Marlon Brando vs Ford in Teahouse; Jeanne Crain; Anita Eckberg; When Marion Marlowe stripped; Fernando Lamas; Ann Sheridan;Stalin murdered his wife; FN+ = $15):

June (Volume-2 #9; front cover & articles on Meg Myles & Natalie Wood; > Back cover & article on Guy Mitchell; Contents; Marlon Brando vs Ford in Teahouse; Jeanne Crain; Anita Eckberg; When Marion Marlowe stripped; Fernando Lamas; Ann Sheridan;Stalin murdered his wife; VG = $10):


March (front cover Kay Douglas); Contents; "Los Angeles"; "New York"; "Baltimore";

October (front cover Barbara Nichols); Contents; Tina Louise; Rita Moreno; Brigitte Bardot);

December ((Volume-3 #7; front cover Anita Ekberg; Contents; 7-1/2 pages of Sheree North; Sharon Baker; Revenge of a Sadist; Why i became a Stripper; Wild Men at Stag smokers; I was forced to sin; Ann Paige; Arlene Rogers; singer Ann Hathaway; dancer Barbara Carroll; 100 Pages; VG/FN = $13):

--- M ---

MALE LIFE Magnum Pub. Inc.

1955 September (front cover Tana Velia); Contents; Leo Durocher; Mickey Mantle;

1956 June Contents; Rita Moreno; Meg Myles; "How to Watch Baseball";

October Contents; Marilyn Monroe; "Is Floyd Patterson Over-Rated?"; "Weird Voodoo Orgy";

MALE POINT OF VIEW Point Magazine Inc. Pub.


November (front cover Corinne Calvet); Contents; Dorothy Dandridge; Vera Miles; Lee Sharon; "Hell Drivers Dare Death";

December (Volume-3 #6; front cover Dawn Oney; Contents; Sheree North; Liz Taylor; Donna Reed; Irish McCalla centerfold; Marilyn Monroe; College Basketball All-American Preview - Bill Russell; Black Jaguar; Sex indecent?; TV vs Movie Glamour; Wild Wild Women; Barnum & Bailey Elephant; Joyce Nizzari; VG$12):


April (front cover Camille Williams; back cover Carol Blake); Contents; June McCall; Tempest Storm; Diana Dors; Maria Stinger; "Time for Trout-Fishing";

May (front cover June Blair); Contents; Marilyn Monroe; Betty Page; Sophia Loren; Jayne Mansfield; "Candidates for Cooperstown - Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, Cy Young"; McCartney/WARD art (VG/FN $15);

November (front cover Eve Williams); Contents; "Cheesecake Champions - Models"; "Karate-Killer Sport"; "Jet Test Pilots";


January (front cover Iris Bristol); Contents; "Basketball Faces a Revolution";

March (front cover Mara Corday); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Sabrina; Glamour's Golden Age; McCartney/WARD art; "Top Pins-Ups of 1957" (FN/VF $15);

July (front cover Paulette Nelson); Contents; Jayne Mansfield, Duke Ellington, Sophia Loren, Brigite Bardot, "Baseball Rookie Dilemma";


May (front cover Cindy Fuller); Contents; Gina Lollobrigida, Dane Arden (FN $9);

July (Volume-9 #1; front cover photo of Marlinda Lee Fitzgerald of Van Nuys California in Swimsuit, "sweet Sixteen" the youngest covergirl in country & 2 page interior article with 2 Photo's; 72 pages including covers; Contents; Fishing Indoors - Oklahoma, John Cameron Swayzee; Hidden Mike; Fernandel, Anita Ekberg & Martha Hyer in Paris Holiday; How to smash a bootleggers still; TV's David Tyrell with Marla Vernay & Billy Nelson on double-date; 4 page pictorial of Joy Reynolds including centerfold; Slashed with Steel - Hindu in Singapore; Rock-a-Hooping in Norway = early Hulu Hoop; 5 page pictorial of Felicia Farr; FN/VF = $12.00)

October (front cover Ingrid Goude); Contents; Marlyn Maher, "Horse Racing's Secret Police";

MAN'S POINT OF VIEW (Publications Management Inc.)


June(front cover Julie Jacques); Contents; Joan Collins, Jane & Henry Fonda;

August (front cover June Wilkinson); Contents; "New War Between Mobs"; "Sins of Oscar Wilde";

MAN'S WAY (Magnum Publications Inc.)

1956 November (Volume-5 #6; front cover Vickie Hayes; Contents; Marla English - Body of the Year, Elvis Presley; Mamie Van Doren; She remembers Ancient Orgies; model Lee Wilson; Sara Dolley in 6 ways to take a bath; How to make a woman say yes; Hollywood's Red Hot Cat Girls; VG = $10):

1957 January (front cover Eve Meyer), Contents; Jayne Mansfield, "Acupuncture"; "1957 Pin-Up Calendar"; "Hotrodders - Hoodlums or Heroes";

--- N ---

THE NEGRO REVIEW (American Enterprises Inc. Pub.; Primarly on Negro / Black People )


May (Volume-1 #9; front cover Billie Holliday; Vivian Cervantes back cover; Contents; Joe Palooka; Josephine Premice in House of Flowers; Models forgotten by Fepc; Janet Sayres centrerfold; Butterbeans; Evelyn Robinson; VG/FN, but page 11-12 Missing, & 10% of 35-36 missing; = $5):

NEW REVIEW (Amercain Enterprises Inc. Pub.)


May Vol.1 #9(front cover Billie Holliday); Contents; Joe Palooka;

June Vol.1#10 (front cover Marilyn Meers); Contents; Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, "Girls Scouts U.S.A.";

August (front cover Mary Burns; back cover Josephine Baker); Contents; "Champion Fisherman Sam Miller";

September (front cover Lou Feurtado); Contents; Joe Louis, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Charlie Parker;

October (front cover Carol Carter); Contents; Lena Horne, Joe Louis;

NEW (Berkley Publishing Corp Pub.)


November 6 Vol.1#2(front cover Ava Gardner); Contents; "New Look in Pro Fotball"; "N.Y. Rangers";

December Vol.1#6(front cover Janet Leigh); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, John Wayne, "Hollywood Laughs at TV", "We Test Drove 1955 Rambler";

NewS - the Tabloid Weekly (Berkley Publishing Corp Pub.)

1954; December 04 (Volume-1#6; front cover Janet Leigh; Contents; Marilyn Monroe; Jack Palance; Betty Grable centerfold; John Wayne, "Hollywood Laughs at TV", "We Test Drove 1955 Rambler"; Senate - Should we blast Russia; Aristotle Onassis; film Track of the Cat; VG/FN = $12);

1955 January (Virginia Mayo photo cover);

--- O ---

OFFICIAL POLICE CASES (Official Publications Inc.; Each with Ten Complete Exciting Stories, plus Features)
1955; July (Volume-1#1; PHOTO-c; Are you a Sex Maniac?; Shall i Muder my Wife? Juvenile Delinquents below the Border; VG = $20);

1955; September (Volume-1#2; PHOTO-c; My Brother's Murderer - Cain & Abel Killing; Wabash Skeleton; Casanova of the Cornfields; I wanted a real Blood Thrill; She wouldn't stay dead; FN+ = $20);

1955; October (Volume-1#3; PHOTO-c; Sex a la MOTEL; Barbara Graham's Last Hours; Grandma hates Cops; One Drunken Night; Rubinstein was killed 34 Years ago; Tattooed Fiend; Corpse in a Green Bag; FN/VF = $20),

1955; November(Volume-1#4; Sexy Blonde Girl smoking Cigarette PHOTO-c; What Price ABORTION; If Harry Stein talked; Perfume & the Mad Killer; Murder in Hollywood; Are Baseball's World Series Fixed? Beast loves blood; Bluebeard's are rough Lovers; Devil's playground; VG/FN = $15);
1956; Janaury (Volume- 1#6; Sexy Girl in BONDAGE PHOTO-c; Dead don't Cry; Ogre of Merton St; what makes a Delinquent; Cop Killer; Some Beggars are smart Crooks; Torture Murder; She died at Whiskey Pass; Lake of Doom; Model died in Bed; Murder comes to a Beauty Queen; Fables of the old West; FN/VF = $18);

--- P ---

PEOPLE TODAY (Hillman Periodicals Inc. Pub.);


August 1 (front cover Cecile Aubry); Contents; Lili St. Cyr, Lucky Luciano;

September 12 (Volume-3 #5; front cover Denise Darcel; contents – New York's crime infested waterfront; Chicago race riot; ** Marilyn Monroe centerfold 27 months before Playboy; Opium Smokers in U.S.A.; Dope Dens 1880-1951; writer Racher Carson; Martine Carol; Bigotry; Cicero Hate Groups; Tiger-Man; VG/FN = $17):

December 19(front cover Beverly Michaels); Contents; Princess Margaret, Liz Taylor, Bud Palmer;


January 2 (Eva Gabor photo cover);

January 16 (Audrey Hepburn photo cover);

February 13(front cover Janice Rule); Contents; JFK, Audrey Hepbrun, "Miami Lifts Ban On Mixed Boxing Matches";

February 27 (Susan Hayward photo cover);March 12 (front cover Betsy Von Furstenberg); Contents; Audrey Meadows, "Britain's Downager Queen";

March 26 (front cover Janet Leigh); Contents; Tony Curtis, "Homosexuls in America";

April 9 (front cover Peggy Dow); Contents; Lili St. Cyr, Pablo Picasso, Earl Hines;

April 23 (front cover Sally Forrest); Contents; "TV Goes Hollywood";

June 4 (Rita Gam photo cover);

July 2(Volume-5 #1; front cover , centerfold & article on Betty Hutton, Box office bomb; Contents; "US-Canada Cigarette Smuggling Ring"; Lucille Knoch; Cocktailing Congressmen; Evelyn Nesbit; Miss Universe; VG/FN = $10):

July 2(Volume-5 #1; front cover , centerfold & article on Betty Hutton, Box office bomb; Contents; "US-Canada Cigarette Smuggling Ring"; Lucille Knoch; Cocktailing Congressmen; Evelyn Nesbit; Miss Universe; FN, with Store Stamp on cover = $9):

August 13 (front cover Polly Bergen); Contents; "Hunting Wetbacks with U.S. Borber Patrol";

August 27 (Smear against the F.B.I.)

September 24 (front cover Ava Gardner); Contents; Gypsy Rose Lee, "Bats About Bats";

October 22 (front cover Jean Moorehead); Contents Marilyn Monroe Calendar Pose, Mills Brothers (1/3 page 17/18 missing from Harry Vaughn story, o/w FN/VF $6);

October 27 (front cover Jean Moorehead); Contents Marilyn Monroe Calendar Pose, Mills Brothers;

November 19 (front cover Lili St. Cyr); Contents; Anita Ekberg, "All-Star Pro Basketball Team";

December 17 (Terry Moore photo cover)


January 14 (front cover Roberta Haynes); Contents; Albert Schweitzer, "Dime Novels";

February 11 (front cover Vanessa Brown & Tom Ewell, "Boxer Chuckdavey"; "Cub Scouts";

February 25(front cover Doris Day); Contents; "King Aroo Comic Strip"; "Mercedes Benz";

March 11 (Volume-6 #5; Virginia Mayo front cover, centerfold & article; Contents; 3pgs of NHL Hockey's Jean Beliveau; Paul White rubber faced black comedian back cover & artcle; Reds, Dope & GI's in Korea; Harold Lloyd; Using IBM Mechanical Brains for taxes; reporter Mike Connolly; VG/FN, store stamp on cover = $10):

March 25 (front cover Mara Corday); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, "Africa's Murderous Man Maus";

April 8 (front cover Elaine Stewart; contents Marilyn Monroe; Philadelphia's Zoo; cars of Tomorrow);

April 22 (front cover Lisa Howard); Contents; Dorothy Dandridge, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, "St Louis Cardinals' Coach Stanky";

May 6 (front cover Sheree North); Contents; Debbie Reynolds, "Race Horse-Native Dancer";

May 20 (front cover Gloria Grahame; back cover Jimmy Durante; contents – speed traps; Albania; Hawaii to Became newest State; Boxer Tommy Collins);

June 17 (Volume-6 #12; front cover Roxanne; Marilyn Monroe back cover & 3 page article with 3 photo's; Contents; 3pgs Mickey Mantle, Britgitte Bardot, British Royal Gossip = Elizabeth & Margaret; G.J. Van Dorp; German Valhalla awaits melting pot; cartoonist VIP; Riveria= Zsa Zsa Gabor & George Sanders, Brigitte Bardot, Martine Carol; Miss Laoma Byrd = negro / black girl & Boxing; Pet Cemetery's; Hartog's Bosomy Dame Ad's; FN = $15):

July 1 (Maureen O'Hara photo cover);

July 15 (Front cover Beverly Michaels; back cover Peggy Lee; contents Red Soviet Spy “Lucy”, Marilyn Maxwell, divorce detective);

August 12 (Volume-7 #3; Lili St. Cyr front cover & 5 page pictorial article including centerfold; Tv's Ray Malone back cover & article on Girls Beach Dancing; Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Nudist Jamboree with Nude Photo's; new Super Rocket; Broadway's Carnival in Flanders; swimmer Gail Peters; Joanne Dru - Miss Perfect Projector; Boss Cane, Trotters, Hambletonia & Horse racing; Fashion pirates; Ciro's Sunset Strip nightclub; FN+ = $14):

August 26 (front cover Julie Newmeyer; content – CPL. Deemer comes home from Kora; Yvonne de Carlo, Belly Dancer Nejla Ates; Frank Sinatra);

September 9 (front cover Rita Hayworth); Contents; Joan Caulfield, "Baseballs Milwaukee Braves", "Three Stooges Wreck 3-D";

October 7 (front cover & story on Mara Corday); Contents; Sophia Tucker, "Horse Race of Year Native Dancer vs. Tom Fool" (VG/FN $9) ;

November 4 (Ava Norring photo cover);

November 18 (Nejla Ates Turkish Delight photo cover);

December 16(front cover Joan Vohs); Contents; Grace Kelly, Eva Marie Saint, "Realistic Toys";


January 13 (front cover Martha Hyer); Contents; Ingrid Bergaman, Jack Webb;

January 27 (front cover Estelle Dru); Contents; Marlene Dietrich, "Reno Nevada";

February 24 (Mitzi Gaynor photo cover);

March 10(front cover Sally Forrest); Contents; Jane Russell, Debroah Kerr, "Astrologer Jeanne Dixon";

March 24 (Nanette Fabray; Eve - in a Tropical Eden);

April 7 (front cover Yvonne De Carlo); Contents; Marilyn Monroe;

April 21 (front cover Barbara Darrow); Contents; Marlon Brando, Eva Marie Saint, Sheree North, Gloria Saunders;

May 5 (front cover Dawn Addams); Contents; Joan Crawford, Liberace, Boxer-Nate Brooks, "CBS vs NBC for Breakfast Audience", Danny Kaye;

May 19 (front cover Penny Duncan); Contents; Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Sheree North, Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Reynolds, Nat King Cole, "Judo", Art Carney;

June 2 (front cover Dolores Donlon; back cover Jeanne Thompson); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Lili St Cyr, Pajama Game, Don Juanito; (FN $14) ;

June 16 (front cover Mara Corday); Contents; Marlene Dietrich, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Errol Flynn (VG/FN $10) ;

July 28 (Janis Paige, Pajama Game photo cover);

August 25 (front cover Abbe Lane); Contents; "Homosexuals Form New Organization"; "Skin Diving";

September 8 (front cover Sheree North); Contents; Frank Sinatra, "Who's Going to Win the Pennant?", Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper;

September 22 (front cover Marjorie Hellen); Contents; Joan Collins, Tony Curtis;

October 20(front cover Mary Murphy; back cover Sophia Loren); Contents; "Model Toys That Work";

November 3 (front cover Debbie Reynolds); Contents; Kim Novak, "Jet Pilots"; Eartha Kitt;, "Canadian Football - Is The Game The Same?", Marilyn Monroe, Joan Collins;

November 17(front cover Dawn Addams); Contents; Pier Angeli, Arlene Dahl, Katheerine Hepburn, "Wilt Chamberlain - Basketball Shooting Star"; "TV's Mandrake the Magician";

December 1 (front cover Jane Russell); Contents; Gloria Swanson, "Nobody Hexes Nino-Boxing", Mahalia Jackson, Jeanne Crain;

December 15 (Lana Turner photo cover; Miracle Atom);


January 12 (front cover Mara Corday); Contents; Mamie Van Doren, 'TV's Vampira - Chas Addams"(FN $12);

January 26 (Debra Paget photo cover);

February 23 (front cover Virginia Leith); Contents; "Las Vegas Lives It Up", Yehudi Menuhin on Yoga", "TV's Voluptua";

March 23 (front cover Jeanmarie); Contents; "The Phony Cigaret Scare", "Canadian Swimmer - Marilyn Bell", "Jackie Gleason's Dancers";

May 4 (front cover Marjorie Hellen); Contents; Sheree North, "Mighty Mouse", Milton Caniff;

May 18 (front cover Lita Baron); Contents; Gwen Verdon, Photo's of U.S. Army Executing Spies,Mailyn Monroe, Cleo Moore, Anita Ekberg;

June 1 (front cover Arlene Dahl); Contents; "Artist Vargas' Tomorrow Girl", Mickey Mantle;

June 15 (front cover Joanne Dru); Contents; "Big Rock N Roll Rumpus - Song Lyrics";

July 13 (Volume-11 #1; Cyd Charisse front cover & 5 page pictorial article including centerfold; Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Sally Mansfield of TV's Rocky Jones - Space Ranger = 4 pages with 11 Photo's; Jack Landy breaks 4-Minute Mile; Swiss Navy; Margaret Rowe Miss England; Ricki Corvette 6'8"

amazon showgirl; Behind the Iron Curtain; Fashion's Oleg Cassini; Broadway's Seventh Heaven; Toronto's J.V. McAree; FN = $14):

September 21 (front cover Rita Moreno); Contents; Gina Lollobrigidia, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Lili St. Cyr, Ava Gardner;

November 2 (front cover Larri Thomas); Contents; "What Happens When Abortion is Legalized?", Picasso: Joe Dimaggio, Robert Mitchum, Brigitte Bardot;

December 14 (front cover Martine Carol); Contents; Dolores Ventura, Howard Hughes, Abbe Lane, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jayne Mansfield, "Hypnosis";


January 11 (front cover Pat Parker); Contents; Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed, "Jazz N.Y.C.", "Japanese Tattoo's";

Janaury 25 (front cover Julie Padillo); Contents; Danny Kaye, Cartoonist - Phil Interlandi, Gloria Swanson, Jockey - Willie Hartack, Diana Ross, Vera Day, Debra Paget, Liberace;

March 21 (front cover Lee Sharon; back cover Barbara Nichols); Contents; Sean O'Casey, Rita Hayworth, "Flying Saucers"; Bob Hope;

April 18 (front cover Cara Lee; back cover Meg Myler); Contents "Baseball's Bob Feller - Herb Score", Mickey Spillane, "Hypnosis", Deboah Kerr, Ingrid Bergman;

May 30 (front cover June Blair; back cover Helene Stanton); Contents; Pat Boone, "Faith Healer-Oral Roberts", Janet Leigh, Rocky Marciano, Liberace, Buffalo Bill (name/date written on cover, o/w FN $9);

June 27 (front cover Jean McCallen; back cover Rod Steiger); Contents; Marilyn Monroe - "Bus Stop", Jayne Mansfield, Sid Ceasar, Marlon Brando, James Dean;

September (front cover Sally Forrest); Contents; Sabrina, Jane Russell, "Life on Other Planets"; Anita Ekberg, "Buzz Shank Quartet - Jazz";

October (front cover Yana); Contents; Gloria Grahame, James Dean, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Sophia Loren, Ventetia Stevenson;

November (front cover Marian Stafford); Contents; Joe Louis, Elivis Presley, Mara Lane, "Top TV Names - Rating Battle", "B-52 Bomber - Air Force", "What Makes Jazz Go-Dave Brubeck";

December (front cover Judy Tyler; back cover Gina Lollobrigida); Contents; "Broadway's Li'l Abner", Julie Newmar", Marliyn Monroe, "What's Wrong With 1957 Cars", Liberace;


July (front cover Rosanna Schiaffino); Contents; Tab Hunter, "Jazz Happenings - Ella Fitzgerald", Sabrina;

August (front cover Gus Thorner; back cover Janet Lake); Contents; Tommy Sands, "Preview - Ford Edsel", Francoise Sagan, Sabrina, "7 ways to Lick U.S. Dope Problems";

September (front cover Ziva Ro-Dann); Contents; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Willie Mays, "San Francisco DJ - Bill Weaver";

October (Sharlayne Ferraro photo cover);


April (front cover Venetia Steveson); Contents; Boxer - Henry Armstrong, Mamie Van Doren, Liz Taylor, Tina Louise, Doris Day, Dolores Donlon, "Is Rock 'N' Roll Dead?";

July (front cover Jan Valerie); Contents; Brigitte Bardot, Wrong Way Corrigan, "US Bullfight", Alfred Hitchcock;

August (front cover Mitzi Gaynor; back cover Abbe Lane); Contents; "Bardot's Sister - Mijanou;

November (front cover Joan Collins; back cover Gay Dawn); Contents; Brigitte Bardot, Elvis Presley;


November Contents; "Black Supremacy Movement", Fidel Castro, Hazel Sutton;


February (Kissing Carnival);

May(Volume-18 #4; Contents; Marilyn Monroe = 4 pages with 13 Photo's; Dancers Katja & Mrs Keeton; Roy Scarfo Science Fiction artist; Sexy Girls in news= 3 pages with 7 photo's; Elvis Presley war album = 3 pages with 10 photo's; Camel Fight; June Wilkerson= 4 pages with 7 photo's; Jack Parr, Jayne Mansfield, Mamie Van Doren; Inez Pinchot pictorial; Stars, Bluebell Girls & Night Life at Lido Club; 4 pages Richard Nixon with 10 photo's; VF, store stamp on cover = $15):

June (Christine Christy photo cover);

PICTURE LIFE: (Zenith Publishing Corp /ATLAS;; Publisher = MARTIN GOODMAN) issues with ATLAS (Marvel) GLOBE Pub on Cover; 


February (Volume-1 #1; front cover Charlane Jesmer; Contents; Clark Gable, Richard Nixon, "Hypnosis"; FN = US$22.00);

March (Volume-1 #2; front cover Lilly Christine; contents - “How Broadway Handles the Third Sex”; Abbe Lane; John Huston; Mau Mau Terrorists; Teenage female Dope Addict; G/VG = US$12.00);

September (Volume 1 #6; Contents; Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Mitzi Gaynor, JFK, Warren Spahn, Betty Brosmer; 40 Grams; VG = $14.00);

December (Volume 1 #7; front cover Dolores Donlon; Contents; Boxer - Jersey Joe Walcott, Brassiere business; FN =$14.00) ;


April (Volume-2 #2; front cover Jan Sterling, Contents; Marlon Brando, Debbie Reynolds; FN = US$12.00);

August (Marilyn Monroe 6 pages; Frank Sinatra back cover);

December (Volume-2 #6; Contents; Gina Lollobrigida, Venetia Stevenson; FN/VF = US$14.00);

PICTURE WEEK (Pocket Magazine Inc. Pub.)


March 5 Vol.1#2 (front cover Zsa Zsa Gabor); Contents; Joan Collins, Sophia Loren, Abbe Lane, Marilyn Monroe, "Moby Dick", Gregory Peck;

March 12 Vol.1 #3(front cover Cud Charissel; back cover Pat Gale); Contents; Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Rocky marciano, Sheree North, "Negro Talent Show Business Boom";

March 19 (Pier Angeli photo cover);

April 9 (Gloria Vanderbilt photo cover; Kathleen Hughes backcover);

April 16 (Rita Moreno photo cover; Pat Kelly Backcover);

April 23 Vol.1#9(front cover Antonella Lualdi; back cover Ava Norring); Contents; Jerry Lewis, Shirley MacLaine, Winston Churchill, Eva Marie Saint, "U.S. Sub Nautilus", Marilyn Monroe;

May 7 (front cover Gigi Reynolds, back cover Abbe Lane); Contents; Albert Einstein, Mara Corday, Boxer - Don Cockell;

July 30 (front cover Jean Simmons, back cover Brigitte Bardot); Contents Marlon Brando, Steve Allen, Roy Campanella, "Mr. Magoo";

September 24 (front cover Rita Moreno, back cover Barbara Loden); Contents; "Charles Schultz's Peanuts", "Baseballl's - Casey Stengel", Marilyn Monroe;

October 8 (front cover Rossana Podesta); Contents; Sid Ceasar, Pianist - Jorge Bolet;

October 25 (front cover Jackie Gleason); Contents Rocky Marciano, "Dick Tracy" Comics, Bess Myerson, Art Carney, Marlon Brando, Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain;

November 8 (front cover Kim Novak); Contents; Grace Kelly, Boxer - Archie Moore, Perry Como, Jackie Gleason, Harry Belafonte, Pat Parker, Burl Ives;

Novmeber 22 (back cover Nejla Ates); Contents; Ed Sullivan, Richard Nixon, Groucho Marx;

Decmeber 20 Contents; Jayne Mansfield, Johnny Ray "Ghould Old and New";


January 3 (front cover Karen Sharpe); Contents Mitzi Gaynor, Alistair Codke;

January 17 (Volume-1 #30; Anita Ekberg front cover & 2 pages photo's; Contents; Fran Allison; Ogdne Nash interview; Art Carney = 5 pages with 9 photo's; Frank Lloyd Wright interview; John Chapman & Broadway; Little Orphan Annie = 3pages; Cover Girls; What Russian's teach their children; Stop smoking cartoons; Jack Davis "Slow Motion" = 4 pages Comics; Josephine Berosini tightrope walker; VG, but inkstain at bottom left corner of book, thus G/VG = $12):

January 17 (Volume-1 #30; Anita Ekberg front cover & 2 pages photo's; Contents; Fran Allison; Ogdne Nash interview; Art Carney = 5 pages with 9 photo's; Frank Lloyd Wright interview; John Chapman & Broadway; Little Orphan Annie = 3pages; Cover Girls; What Russian's teach their children; Stop smoking cartoons; Jack Davis "Slow Motion" = 4 pages Comics; Josephine Berosini tightrope walker;G/VG = $12):

January 31 (front cover Elaine Stewart); Contents; Sugar Ray Robinson, Brigitte Bardot, Lili St Cyr, Marilyn Monroe, James Cagney;

February 14 Contents; Julie Newmeyer, Antje Rhee, "Le Mans Comes to Miami - Auto Racing";

February 28 (front cover Mitzi Gaynor); Contents; Jackie Lane, Ernest Hemingway, barbara Ann Scott;

March 13 (front cover Vera Myler); Contents; Julie London, Marla English, "Jazz Goes to College";

April 24 (front cover Linda Cristal; back cover Kim Novak); Contents; "Can Any Dirigible Be Safe", Frances Faye;

May 8 (front cover Diane Webber, back cover Frank Sinatra); Contents; "baseballs - Robin Roberts", Red Skeleton;

May 22 (front cover Pat Whitman; back cover Lillie Babs); Contents; Anita Ekberg, Sabrina;

June 19 (front cover Joan Morse, back cover Carolyn Clarke); Contents Shirley Jones, Jan Sterling, "Israel: Women go to War", "Scenes Censors found to Sexy";

July 3 (front cover Monique Van Vooren); Contents; "Pittsburgh Pirates - Baseball";

July 31 (front cover Claire Kelly; back cover Dottie Sykes); Contents; "50 Year Old Cars Still Running";

August 14 (Gwen Caldwell photo cover);

August 28 (front cover Shirley Lewis); Contents; "London Jazz", Ava Garnder;

POINT (Point Magazine Inc. Pub.)

1954 April Vol.1#2(front cover Shelley Winters); Contents Marlene Dietrich, Red Buttons;

November (Martha Hyer photo cover; Jane Russell glamorizes her home);

1955 July (back cover Gigi Reynolds); Contents; Shelley Winters, Jack Dempsey, Stephanie Griffin;

September (front cover Pat Parker, back cover Stephanie Griffin); Contents; Marlon Brando, Joy Lansing, "Sweden - Land of Sexual Freedom";

1957 February (June Blair photo cover);

POSE! (Dodshaw Pub. Corp.)

1955 January Vol.1#3(front cover Lita Milan); Contents; Sophia Loren, Mara Lynn;

February Vol.1#4 (front cover Marjorie Vann); Contents; Abbe Lane, "Circus Kids";

March (Volume-1 #5; Contents; Are we safe from RED {USSR/Russian} BOMBS?; Beaux Arts costume Ball; Mafia & Communism partners in crime; Hollywood's Bosom Boom = Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn; Theodora Slave Empress with Gianna Maria Canale; Woman Wrestles Man = 5 page Judo Wrestling battle with 5 photo's; Ted Evans = 9 foot & 3" World's Tallest Man; Betty Grable; VF = $14.00);

June Vol.1 #7(front cover Pat McKillop); Contents; "Sex U.S.A. - City by City";

August (Volume-1 #8; front cover Barbara Loden; ** Special Hollywood issue - Playgirls, Divorces, Suicides, Parties & Temperaments; Contents; Rita Moreno, Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida, Betty Grable, Sheree North, Kim Novak, Lana Turner, Jane Russell, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans,

Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo; Lupe Velez suicide & other stars attempts; Hollywood Has-Beens = Shirley Temple, Ann Sothern, Dom ameche & others; FN/VF = $15):

PREVUE (Gleneida Pub. Co. Inc.)

1952 August Vol.1 #3 (front cover Rita Hayworth, back cover Ava Garnder); Contents; Joan Crawford, Katharien Hepburn;

1953 March (Rhonda Fleming Winter Wonderland);

April (Volume-2 #3; Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin front cover & 2 pages on The Stooge; Elaine Stewart back cover & 4 page article on Glamour Business; Zsa Zsa Gabor=2pgs; Peter Pan Disney; Marilyn Monroe = 2 pages Niagara; Keith Andes fencing; Glenn Ford & Family; Dick Wesson; Joan Welton; starlet Polly Bergen; Moulin Rouge film= 4 pages; Mississippi Gambler; Danny Thomas & Peggy Lee; film= I Confess; Virginia Mayo, Come back little Sheba; VG= $15):

PULSE (Dodshaw Pub. Corp.)

1954 October Vol.1 #1 (front cover Audie Murphy); Contents; Danny Thomas, Marla English, Marilyn Monroe;

1955 March Vol.1#5(front cover Sheree North, back cover Sophia Loren); Contents; "The Man Mau Story";

May Vol.1#6 (front cover Pat Manning); Contents; Sheree North, Katharine Hepburn, John Wayne;

June Vol.1#7(front cover Marjorie Vahn); Contents; "Basketball's Harlem Globetrotters", "Deep Sea Divers";

--- Q ---

QUICK (Cowles Magazines Inc.)


October 3 (front cover Lana Turner); Contents; Guy Lombardo;

October 31 (front cover Princess Margaret); Contents; Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Clark Gable;

November 28 (front cover Bob Hope); Contents; Bette Davis, Kirk Douglas, Jackie Robinson;

December 19 (front cover John Wayne); Contents; Liz Taylor, Betty Grable, Jerry Lewis, Joe Louis;

QUICK 1950

January 2 (front cover & back cover Calender); Contents; Clark Gable, Shelley Winters, "Football Bowl Games";

February 13 (front cover Liz Taylor); Contents; Ed Wynn, Bing Crosby; FN = $16.00;

February 27 (front cover Margaret Truman); Contents; Jerry Lewis Betty Hutton, Bing Crosby, Groucho Marx;

March 6 (front cover Jeanne Crain); Contents; Kirk Douglas;

March 20 (front cover Maureen O'Hara); Contents; Sid Ceasar, Bucky Walters; FN = $12.00;

March 27 (front cover Jack Benny); Contents; Liz Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner; FN = $12.00;

May 15 (front cover Betty Hutton); Contents; Boxer - Kid Gavilan; VG/FN = $9.00;

September 18 (front cover Corinne Calvet; Contents Miss America Yolande Betbeze of Alabama);

October 9 (front cover Shelley Winters); Contents; Marlon Brando, Milton Berle, Joe Louis;

November 6 (front cover Gloria Swanson); Contents; Rocky Graziano, Ingrid Bergman;

QUICK 1951

January 29 (front cover Sen. Margaret Chase Smith); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Dagmar;

March 5 (front cover Rhonda Fleming); Contents; Jane Russell, Lili St Cyr; FN = $12.00;

March 19 (front cover Maureen O'Hara); Contents; Fred Astaire, Duke Snider - baseball;

May 14 (front cover Bathing Suits); Contents; Maureen O'Hara, "Bible and the Movies";

June 4 (front cover Arlene Dahl); Contents; Humphrey Bogart, Yvonne de Carlo, Jane Russell, Gil Hodges - Baseball;

July 2 (front cover J. Edgar Hoover); Contents; "Heroism - Dime Novels to Comics - Superman #69 cover" Repo, "Burlesque - Lili St. Cyr, Gypsy Rose Lee";

July 23 (front cover Betty Greable); Contents; Bing Crosby, Marlene Dietrich, "Movie - The Frogmen";

September 3 (Front cover Virginia Mayo; Contents Irving Berlin; Susan Heyward; Fur Jewelry Fashions; Movie Kind Lady);

October 1 (front cover Corinne Calvet; Content - What is Beauty; movie The Medium);

October 15 (US Plans to stop enemy Bombers);

November 5 (front cover Patti Page); Contents; Ingrid Bergaman, Duke Ellington, Willie Mays, Joe Louis; G/VG = $7.00;

November 12 (front cover Jane Russell); Contents; Queen Elizabeth, Greta Garbo, "Movie - Detective Story", Joe Dimaggio;

December 3 (front cover Dagmar); Contents; Johnnie Ray, Groucho Marx, James Cagney;

December 31 (front cover Elizabeth Taylor); Contents; "Movei-Death of a Sales Man"; FN = $14.00;

QUICK 1952

January 14(front cover Miss Sweden - Anita Ekberg); Contents; Joe Louis;

February 18 (front cover Betty Hutton); Contents; Hockey's Maurice Richard, Marlene Dietrich, "Ceceil B. Demille Greatest Showman", Ingrid Bergman - "Tody"; VG/FN = $12.00;

February 25 (front cover Mrs. Brien McMahon; back cover Red Skelton/ Ann Miller); Contents; Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart "The African Queen";

March 10 (front cover Queen Elizabeth); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Stewart Granger. Janet Leigh;

March 17 (front cover Maureen O'Hara); Contents; "Movie-Bend of the River";

March 24 (front cover Ursula Theiss; back cover Adm. W.M. Fechteler); Contents; Jimmy Durante, Marilyn Monroe, "Europe Films", "Movie - The Marrying Kind"; VG = $10.00;

April 14 (Ingrid Bergman photo cover);

May 26 (front cover New Beachwear Fashion); Contents; Sophie Tucker, Rin Tin Tin, Abbott & Costello, "Movie - The Man int he White Suit";

July 21 (front cover Johnnie Ray; back cover Jean Simmons); Contents; Movie - "Were Not Married";

September 22 (front cover Ann Blyth/ Gregory Peck); Contents; Rita Hayworth, "Movie - The World in His Arms"; FN+ = $12.00;

December 1 (front cover Mrs. Matthew Ridgway; contents Shirley Temple; Marilyn Monroe; Jane Russell);

December 15 (front cover Beach Fashion); Contents; Greta Clark, Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, "Movie - Million Dollar Mermaid";

December 29 (Front cover Jeanmaire; back cover Purdue Coach Stu Holcomb; contents Rita Gam; Bette Davis; Rita Hayworth; Monsters Movies);

QUICK 1953

January 19 (front cover President Eisenhower); Contents; Winston Churchill, Liz Taylor, Doris Day - "April in Paris";

February 2 (front cover Princess Margaret); Contents; Maureen O'Hara, Howdy Doody, 32 pg TV Guide;

February 9 (front cover Mamie Eisenhower); Contents; Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas;

February 23 (V8#8; front cover photo of Nehru; Contents; "Journey into Schizophrenia"; "Chuck Dave vs. Kid Gavilan"; 32 page bonus "TV Guide" for Chicago-Milwaukee; G/VG = $12.00);

May 18 (front cover Sheree North); Contents; "Movie - Titanic", "Broadway Bounces Back"; VG = $12.00;

--- R ---

1954; March (Volume-1 #1; Busty Sexy Girl with Cigarette in mouth PHOTO-c; Teenage Killer; I sold myseld to Cafe SEX-iety; Reward for Frederick J. Tenuto; FN+ $26),

1954; May (Volume-1 #3; Dead Sexy Blonde Girl PHOTO-c; Muder of Blonde Beauty-c/s; Man with Crimson Hands; I saw a Woman Electrocuted; Reward for Peter Edward Kenzik; Death of Dutch Schulz; Women vs Law; Little Girl Lost & Dead; FN $18),

1954; October (Volume-1#7; Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; White Slave Markets in USA; I've got to KILL a Girl; Death on Skid Row; Wanton Wife; Alice & the Mad Monster; Hermit vs Teenagers; Ma Barker; Tunnels of Sin; Reward for Otto Austin Loel; FN/VF $18),

1954; December(Volume-1#9; Nude in Barrel Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Reward for Walter Wilkinson; Death of a Nymph; new Sex Racket; Thrill-Kill Gang; Two-Gun Killer; DA & the Vice Girls; VG+ $12);
1955; February(Volume-1 #10; Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Reward for John Harry Allen; Baby-Faced Killer; Be Mine Darling or Die; Confession of a Hollywood Model; Babysitter & the Fiend; Murder of a B Girl; Sin on the Waterfront; Reefer Raid; FN+ $16);

1955; July(Volume-2 #3; Blonde in Lingerie Sexy Girl PHOTO-c; Reward for Jack Yacht; New Czar of Underworld; Truth about Sex Clubs; Passion Slaying of pretty Choir Singer; the Nude by the Roadside; Havana Vice Trap; FN $12);

--- S ---

SAY (Race Publishing Co.)

1954 November 11 (front cover Rosella Lawrence); Contents; Eartha Kitt, "Chicago Saturday Night";

SENSATION (Medalion Publishing Corp /ATLAS; 655 Madison Ave, New York, NY) issues with ATLAS (Marvel) GLOBE Pub on Cover; 


September (Volume-1 #7; front cover Mara Lane; Contents; Rita Hayworth, Mickey Rooney, Erroll Flynn, "What They Don't Tell You About Mixed Marriages"; VG = US$12.00);

November (Volume-1 #8; Contents; Russia Building a Space Station", Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Levant, Marlon Brando; FN/VF = US$16.00);

December (Volume-1 #9; front cover Gwen Caldwell); Contents; "Our G.I. Addicts", Pier Angeli, "Baltimore - Pig Town U.S.A.", Joan Collins; FN/VF = US$16.00);

SHE (Cape Magazine Management Corp.)


February (Volume-1#5; front cover Mamie Van Dorne; back cover Jayne Mansfield; Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg, Diana Dors; over 85 Photo's; FA/G, reading copy $7.00);

December Contents; Monique Van Vooren, "Napoleon";


February Volume-1#12; front ; Contents; Girls of New York; Showgirls, Models, Call Girls, Society, Teen-Agers, Zsa Zsa Gabor; FN $12);

March Contents; Boxer, Stanley Ketchel, Anita Ekberg, June Wilkinson, Bat Masterson, Louis Armstrong (FN+ $14);

July (front cover Julie Newmar); Contents; 'Special Pin-Up Issue", Jayne Mansfield, Joan Collins, Tina Louise;

September Contents; "Life of a Geisha Girl", Anita Ekberg, Barbara Nichols, Bob Hope, "Foreign Beauties', May Britt, Sabrina;

December (front cover Mmaie Van Doren); Contents; "Genghis Khan", Jill Ireland, "How to Torture a Woman", "Testimony of a Female Heroin Addict";

SHOW (Show Magazine Inc.)

1953 October (Volume-2 #2; front cover of Shelley Winters, plus 4 pages with 6 interior photo's; Contents; Turkish Belly Dancers of the Latin Quarter, with Nejla Ates; Eartha Kitt, Doris Day, Johnnie Ray, Jazz Sauter - Finegan; Gary Cooper, "TV Boxing", Danny Thomas, Richard Burton, Gina Lollobrigida, Monique Van Vooren, of Tarzan & the She-Devil; Daphnis and Chloe; Lizabeth Scott pinup for Scared Stiff; FN $12);

Volume-2 #4 December (color Photo front cover of Lilly/Lili Christine; Contents; Has 6 interior pages great photo's including centerfold on Cat Girl & Voodoo Love Potion star Lilly/Lili Christine; "How to Watch TV Hockey Game"; "Movie - Jezebel"; Kirk Douglas; "Tennis Stars - Davis Cup"; Joan Crawford, Hedda Hopper, Vanessa Brown, 3-D Comics & mags; 1 pg Marilyn Monroe; FN $14);

SHOW 1954

January(Volume-2 #5; front cover Jean Carmen; Cyclops from Ulysses film back cover; Contents; Kirk Douglas, Discovers for 1954 = Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra; Lili St. Cyr = 5 pages including Centerfold; Beat the Devil = 3 pages Humphrey Bogart & Peter Lorre; TV's Super Circus; Gina Lollobriga, Marlon Brando; Eartha Kitt = 4 pages; All-America Basketball Team, Marilyn Stone = 5 pages; VG/FN = $14):

April (front cover Mara Corday); Contents; Myrna Loy, Jane Russell, "Kabuki", "Movie - Caine Mutiny", Terry Moore, Boxer - Floyd Patterson, Harry Belefonte, Beauty & the Bath (1/2" tear, o/w nice VG $8);

May (front cover Joan Fetherston); Contents; Jane Russell, Lilly Christine, Pat Parker;

June (front cover Maria Stinger; back cover Wrestlers - Killer Kowalski/ Gene Stanlee); Contents; Liberace, "Baseball Parks Around the U.S.", Billie Holliday:

October (front cover Lilly Christine; back cover Mallia Phillips); Contents; Eartha Kitt, "Ladies Lingerie", "Movie - The Egyptian", "Contestants in Miss Universe Pagent", Jackie Gleason and Show Cast;

SHOW 1955

February (front cover Dawn Oney; back cover Joy Langstaff); Contents Marlon Brando, Perry Como, Mahalia Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West;

March (Volume-3 #7; Kim Wadsworth front cover & 4 pages; back cover Debra Paget; Contents; Gina Lollobrigida, "Italian Movie Queens", Sophia Loren,

Bing Crosby, Eddy Arnold, Danny Kaye, Bunny Yeager; Mitzi Gaynor = 9 pages including centerfold; Ray Bolger show; FN = $12):

May (front cover Dolores Wimberly, back cover Simone Silva); Cotents; Leslie Caron, "Gleason's Dancers", "What About Toll TV?", Harry Belafonte, Jane Russell, Diana Dors, Kim Novak, "Russian Jazz Bands";

SHOW 1956

January (front cover Denice De Lacey, back cover Jane Easton); Contents; 1956 Beauty Calendar, Sophia Loren, "Paris After Dark", Kim Novak;

February (front cover Marion Hanold, back cover Mra Lindsay); Contents; Jayne Mansfield, Tina Louise, "The Truth About Hollywood Playboys", Gina Lollobrigida(FN $10);

March (front cover Virginia De Lee, back cover Brigitte Bardot); Contents; Lili St. Cyr, Jayne Mansfield, Steve Allen;

April – Volume 4 #8 (Nudist Queen Diane Webber front cover; Lady Wrestlers 8 pages; Lee Sharon 6 pages; Marilyn Monroe);

SPEED (J.B. Publishing Corp.)

1955 February Contents; Cars, Boats & Planes;

SWANK  (Medalion Publishing Corp /ATLAS;4"x6" Mini Scandal mag; Martin Goodwin publisher; ATLAS Globe Logo on cover); issues with ATLAS (Marvel) GLOBE Pub on Cover; 

1955 July (Volume-2 #3; front cover Venetia Stevenson; Contents; "Foolish Cars"; Senator JFK - John F. Kennedy; Willie Mays; Army's war on Nudity; model Jean Lamont - the Wozzy Girl; model Mara Lynn; FN/VF = US$16.00);

--- T ---

TEMPO (Pocket Magazines Inc.)


June 15 (Jean Simmons photo cover);

July 6 (front cover Tilda Thamar; contents – Eddie Fisher, French Actresses, Italy's actresses, Movies “Stalag 17”);

July 13 (Volume-1 #6; front cover Leslie Caron; Contents; George Burns, Jack Benny, Marilyn Monroe, 'Movie - Return to Paradise", Dodgers Jackie Robinson Story - Baseball, 2 pages with 6 Photo's; VG = $12):

August 3 (Zsa Zsa Gabor photo cover);

August 10 (Billy Graham photo cover);

September 21 (front cover Gina Lollobrigida; back cover Rocky Marciano - Boxer); Contents; Jakcie Gleason, "Does the Red Army Rule Russia?", "Movie - The Robe", Mickey Mantle;

September 28 (front cover Mamie Van Doren); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, Cleo Moore, "Movie - Begger's Opera", Marla English;

October 5 (Volume-1 #18; Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis front cover & 2 pages on the Caddy; back cover Ruth Roman; Contents; Hollywood Discovers Canada, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, James Stewart, Kirk Douglas, Joe Dimaggio, Rocky Marciano vs. Roland Lastarza; Jackie Gleason & Chorus Call = 3 pages; FN = $15):

October 26 (Aurora de Alba photo cover);

November 2 (Sara Shane photo cover);

November 16 (front cover Kathleen Hughes); Contents; Gino Lollobrigida, Mariilyn Monroe, Lili St. Cyr, Zsa Zsa Gabor, "College Basketball Preview";

November 30 (Volume-1 #26; Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz front cover & 2 pages; Contents; Mitzi Gaynor, Marilyn Monroe, Roy Rogers, Judy Holliday, "Sweater Girls", "Movie - How to Marry a Millionaire"; VG/FN = $15):

December 7 (front cover Ruth Roman); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn, Elaine Stewart, Gina Lollobridgida, "Movie - Joe Louis Story, "Frank Sinatra";

December 14 (front cover Abbe Lane); Contents; Betty Grable, Janet Leigh, "Color TV - When, How Much?", Bathing Suit Fashions;

December 28 Contents; Richard Nixon, "Kukla, Fran and Ollie", Marlene Dietrich, Jane Russell, "Movie - Beneath the 12 mile Reef";

TEMPO 1954

January 18 (Gloria Grahame photo cover);

January 25 (front cover Lili St. Cyr; back cover British Royalty); Contents; Sophia Loren, Jane Russell, "Movie - The Greatest Love", Ingrid Bergman;

February 1 (front cover Susan Hayward); Contents; Esther Williams, "Indo-China GI's", Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Movie - Mickey Spillane's "The Long Wait";

February 15 (front cover Estelita, back cover Deborah Kerr); Contents; Danny Thomas, Sophia Loren, "On Broadway", "Movie's Pistol Totin Women";

February 22 (front cover Yvonne De Carlo); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, Joe Dimaggio, Constance Smith, Jennifer Jones, "Movie - Rob Roy", "Canada - New World Power";

March 1 (front cover Mitzi Gaynor); Contents; JFK, Jackie Kennedy, Marla English, Mamie Van Doren, Sheree North, "Movie - The Glenn Miller Story", "Canada's St. Lawrence Seaway";

March 15 (front cover Rhonda Fleming, back cover Tommy Cooper); Contents; Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, "The War Against the Irish", "Dracula Ogles Today's Movie Monsters", "All-American Basketball Team", "Eartha Kitt";

March 22 (Helene Ellis photo cover);

March 29 (Volume-2 #13; Gina Lollobrigida front cover & 4 pages; Contents; Roy Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, 'Tempo TV Poll", Japanese strippers; "Movie - Beat the Devil"; Eisenhower on TV; VG/FN = $12):

April 19 (front cover Audrey Dalton); Contents; Jack Dempsey, Gina lollobrigida, "Stars, Stars, Stars";

May 3 (front cover Joan Diener, back cover Mamie Van Doren); Contents; Marilyn Monroe, "TV Poll Results", "Does it Pay to be Blonde", "Movie - Carnival Story", Jane Russell, Audrey Hepburn, "Baseball's Baltimore Orioles";

May 10 (front cover Virginia Mayo); Contents; "Movie - Knock on Wood", Danny Kaye;

August 9 (Mitzi Gaynor photo cover);

August 16 (front cover Roxanne, back cover Cyd Charisse); Contents; Judy Garland, Joan Collins, Lili St. Cyr, Baseballs - Roy Campanella, Marilyn Monroe, "Movie-Brigadoon", Eartha Kitt;

TEMPO 1955

March 7 (front cover Ann Miller, back cover Barbara Osterman); Contents; "All-American Basketball Team", Jazz, "Movie - Hit the Deck";

April 4 (Terry Moore Photo cover);

July 11 (Abbe Lane photo cover);

July 18 (front cover Myrna Hansen, back cover Rosemary Bowe); Contents; Picasso, "Baseball - No Game for Sissies', "Your Life in 1975", "Movie - Pete Kelly's Blues", Gwen Verdon;

August 8 (front cover Gloria Dehaven); Contents; Boxer - Archie Moore, Sheree North, Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas, Mamie Van Doren, 'Chorus Girls in Vegas", "Movie - Girl Ruch", Anita Ekberg;

October 4 (front cover Joan Collins); Contents; "Comeback for Big Time Vice", Judy Garland, "German Volkswagen Beetles", Audrey Hepburn, "Can the Dodgers Finally win One - Baseball", Barbara Stanwyck, "Messages from Other Worlds", Yvonne Decarlo, Sally Forrest;

TEMPO 1956

February 21 (front cover Mara Corday, back cover Audrey Hepburn); Contents; Kim Novak, Grace kelly, Shirley MacLaine, Jayne Mansfield, "Basketball Robs Cradle - Wilt Chamberlain" (FN+ $12);

March 6 (front cover Venetia Stevenson, back cover Louis Armstrong); Contents; Alfreds Hitchcock, Shirley Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, "Scooters", "Movie - Carousel";

May 1 (front cover Gina Lollobrigida, back cover Susan Strasberg); Contents; Claire Bloom, Mamie Van Doren, Elaine Stewart, Salvador Dali, "Movie - Trapeze";

May 29 (front cover Kathleen Hughes); Contents; "Moslem World Marches", Briditte Bardot, Fess parker, "Who Will Break the Babe's Record? - Baseball", Frank Sinatra, Jayne Mansfield, Boxers - Kid Gavilan;

June 26 (front ocver Lita Baron); Contents; Dorothy Dandridge, "Franco's Spain", "Cannes Film Festival", "Rocky Marciano Retired - up and Comers - Boxing", "Cool Music - Jazz", Deborah Kerr, Diana Dors;

August 21 (front cover Eunice Gayson); Contents; "U.S. Women Olympian's", Julie Andrews, Joan Collins, Jayne Mansfield;

September 18 (front cover Zahra Norbo); Contents; "What Makes Tito Smile", "baseball - Cincinnati Red", "Anti-Missile Missile, ICBM", Laurence Olivier, Gina Lollobrigida, "What Makes Them Rock 'n' Roll" with Elvis photo; (VG/FN $9);

November 13 (front cover Carolyn Hughes, back cover Charlton Heston); Contents; James Dean, New Jazz, Boxer - Carmen Basilio;

TEMPO 1957

January 22 (front cover Elaine Stewart, back cover Marla English); Contents; "Wave Roller - Hot Rod on Water", Basketball - Small Players;

February 5 (front cover Dani Crayne, back cover Rita Gam); Contents Brigitte Bardot, 'Rock 'n' Roll All-Stars", Bullfighting, Kirk Douglas, Baseball - Don Larsen;

March 5 (front cover Jackie Monroe); Contents; "Guns that Kept America Free", "Baseball-Dodger Spring Training", "Movie - Above us the Waves";

May 28 (front cover Gloria Marshall); Contents; "Country Music", Mickey Rooney, "Baseball's Keystone Kops";

June 11 (front cover Dane Arden, back cover Judy O'Day); "Is Air Force Killing Our Pilots?", "Jazz - Don Friedman", Sabrina, "Baseball - Ticket to Cooperstown";

September (Joan Morse photo cover; Mike Wallace talks)

TEMPO 1958

April (front cover Tina Louise); Contents; "Should we Legalize Narcotics for Junkies?", "Baseball - Yankees Gil McDougald", "Pizza Craze", Burt Lancaster, "Rock 'n' Roll is Here to Stay", "Motor Scooters Buyers Guide";

June (front cover Molly Ann Bourne); Contents; "China's Utopia - Shanghai", "Better Fishing for '58";

September – Sabrina in colour; 1st colour photos

October (front cover Nicki Gibson); Contents; "Mountain Climbing - The Eiger", Roy Campanella, Tina Louise, Marilyn Monroe, Bunny Yeager, "War That Never Stops - Israel", Zsa Zsa Gabor, "Boom Year for Gunning";

TEMPO 1959

January (front cover Joy Jarmon); Contents; Venetia Stevenson, Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor, "Voodoo", Wilt Chamberlain;

March Contents; "German Teens Go Nudist", "Mafia Molls", "Are Hot Rods Sex Stimulus";

May (front cover Jackie Loughery); Contents; "False TV Ads", "Next Stop-Space Station", "Sportscars You Can Afford";

TEMPO 1960

March (front cover Bobby Craig)

THAT GIRL AVA (Literary Enterprises Inc.)

1955 (One-Shot Special issue; 68 page specail all on AVA GARDNER, with about 65 Photo's; VG/FN = $29):

TOPS in Human Highlights (J.B. Publishing Corp.)

1954 April Vol.1#2(front cover Elaine Stewart); Contents; "I Flew a Flying Saucer", "Cheap Florida Vacation", Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe;

May (Volume-1 #3; front cover Jan Sterling; Contents; "Baseball - Why the Dodgers Aleays Lose"; Kim Novak, Tony Bennett, Rita Gam, Mamie Van Doren, "Tennis Star - Jack Kramer"; Joe Palooka vs. Lil Abner = 4 pages; Senator Joseph McCarthy; Lethal Leather - Boxing; Rita Gam centerfold; VG, but with Pencil lines on both covers, thus G = $7):

September (front cover Honey Merrill); Contetns; Marilyn Monroe, "Baseball's Bob Turtley", "Sports Cars";

December (front cover Glynis Johns); Contents; "Canada-Where a Man Make His Fortune", Mamie Van Doren, "Rasslin' Racket", Rita Gam, Kim Novak, Ingrid Bergman, Roger Bannister;

1955 February (front cover Barbara Darrow, back cover Vivien Leigh); Contents; Humphrey Bogart, "Boxing Golden Gloves", "Smoke and Stay Heathly", "Northern Dancer", "Why Men Beat Their Wives";

March (front cover Beverly Michales,back cover Artie Shaw); Contents; "Hockey Goalie - Dangerous Job", Burt Lancaster;

TV GIRLS AND GAGS (Pocket Magazines Inc.)


January (Volume-1 #5; Maria Stinger in swimsuit front cover & centerfold; Back cover of Sheree North; Contents; Pinup Portfolio = Marilyn Monroe, Anne Bancroft, Lili St. Cyr; Wenzel cartoon; FN/VF = $18):


January (front cover Barbara Osterman; backcover Barbara Wilson; Contents – Marilyn Dean, Joy Langstaff, Irish McCalla);

May (front cover Cindi Gray, back cover Lynn Lampert); Contents; Maria Stinger;

July (front cover Madeline Castle, back cover Rena Steele/ Stella Lowe); Contents; Bunny Yeager;

September (Volume-3 #2; front cover Gwen Caldwell; back cover Dorothy Sykes; Contents – Betty Page, Kay Martins, Barbara Miller; Bill WARD as McCarthey = 6 Cartoons; VG = $15):


July (Front cover June McCall, back cover Diana Dors; contents Maris Stinger, Eva Meyer, Beth Miller);


January (front cover Jeanne Carmen, back cover Joanne Van Pelt); Contents; Carol Richards;

March (front cover Dawn Richards); Contents; Nona Von Tosh, Jayne Mansfield;


January (front cover Jonnie Jones); Contents; Mamie Van Doren;


1953; October (Volume 1 #1; front cover Pat Parker; back cover Wanda Lewis; contents - “TV's Bad Girls”= 4 pages; color TV's; “Are Quiz Shows Phony?”, Groucho Marx & Bud Collyer photo's; Jackie Gleason & 16 Clams dancing Girls = 4 pages; Perry Como; Joan Caulfield; Roxanne; Dean Martin;

Bess Myerson; Ding Dong School; Paul Dixon show; Greatest Boxing fights of the Century; Robert Montgomery; Ray Bolger; Wild Bill Hickok = 2 pages with Guy Madison; Ed Murrow on Nazi's Autralian Invasion; Sandra Spence; VG = $18):

WANTED - TRUE CRIME CASES (J.B. Pub.) 1955 June (Volume 1 #2; Alibi for a passion slaying!);


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