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SCIENCE Mass Market PAPERBACK Books (1940's thru 1990's; Includes; Chemistry, Physics, Scientists etc) In Stock & For Sale;

ADLER, IRVING - Inside the Nucleus (1964); *** Stories of Hoaxes in the Name of Science ( 1962);

ALEXANDER, PETER - Atomic Radiation and Life ( 1957);

ALLEN, JAMES A. - An Outline of Polymer Chemistry ( 1968);

ONDRADE, E.D. DA C. - An Approach to Modern Physic ( 1957);

BASALLA, GEORGE/ COLEMAN, WILLIAM/ KARGON, ROBERT H. (eds) - Victorian Science (1970);

BEADLE, GEOGE & MURIEL - The Language of Life ( 1967);

BECK, WILLIAM S. - Modern Science and the Nature of Life ( 1964);

BEHRMAN, A.S. - Water is Everybody's Business ( 1968 );

BEISER, GERMAINE & ARTHUR - Physics for Everybody (1960);

BEVERIDGE, W.I.B. - The Art of Scientific Investigation;

BURLINGAME, ROGER - Scientists Behind the Inventors (1960);

CALDER, NIGEL - Technopolis: Social Control of the Uses of Science (1970); *** (ed) The World in 1984 Volume 1 (1965); *** (ed) The World in 1984 Volume 2 (1965);

CALDER, RITCHIE - Science in our Lives ( 1955; 1962);

CARRINGTON, RICHARD - A Guide to Earth History (1961);

CARTER, DYSON - Men Machines and Microbes ( 1942);

CLINE, BARBARA LOVETT - Men who Made a New Physics ( 1969);

COHEN, I. BERNARD - The Birth of a New Physics (1960);

CONANT, JAMES B. - Modern Science and Modern Man; *** On Understanding Science ( 1951);

CRAMMER, J.L./ PEIERLS, R.E. (eds) - Atomic Energy (1950);

CROSLAND, M.P. (ed) - The Science of Matter (1971);

CORWTHER, J.G. - British Scientists of the Nineteenth Century Volume I (1940);

DAVIS, HELEN MILES - The Chemical Elements (1961);

DEASON, HILARY J. (ed) - A Guide to Science Reading;

DENES, PETER B./ PINSON, ELLIOT N. - The Speech Chain: the Physics and Biology of Spoken Lnaguage (1973);


DIETZ, DAVID - Atomic Energy in the Coming Era (Avon 76 );

DURY, G.H. - The Face of the Earth;

ENGEL, LEONARD (ed.) - New Worlds of Modern Science (1956);

FEARNSIDES, W.G./ BULMAN, O.M.B.- Geology in the Service of Man;

FORGES, R.J./ DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J. - A History of Science and Technology 2: the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries;

FRANK, PHILIPP G. (ed.) - The Validation of Scientific Theories;

GAMOW, GEORGE - Biography of the Earth (1948); *** One Two Three... Infinity; Facts and Speculations of Science;

GARARD, IRA D. - Invitation to Chemistry (1970);

GARDNER, MARTIN - Fads and Fallacies in the name of Science; *** (ed.) Great Essays in Science (1957);

GOLDSMITH, MAURICE/ MACKAY, ALAN (eds.) - The Science of Science (1966);

GORDON, J.E. - The New Science of Strong Materials ( 1968);

HABER, HEINZ - The Walt Disney Story of our Friend the Atom;

HATFIELD, H. STAFFORD - Inventions and their Uses in Science Today ( 1940; Pelican Book; with dust jacket);

HEALET, PETER - Microscopes and Microscopic Life ( with photos);

HOTTON, NICHOLAS III - Dinosaurs ( 1963; with photos);

HUFF, DARRELL - How to Lie with Statistics ( Illustrated by Irving Geis);

HURD, D.L. / KIPLING, J.J. (EDS.) The Origins and Growth of Physical Science Vol. 1 ( 1964);

HURLEY, PATRICK M. - How Old is the Earth? (1959);

HUTTON, KENNETH - Chemistry: the Conquest of Materials;

HUXLEY, JULIAN - Essays in Popular Science ( with dust jacket);

INGRAM, JAY - The Science of Everyday Life ( 1990);

ISAACS, ALAN - Introducing Science (1963);

JEANS, SIR JAMES - The Growth of Physical Science (1958);

JUNGK, ROBERT - Brighter than a Thousand Suns ( Moral and Political History of Atomic Scientists);

KALMUS, H. - Genetics (1950);


LEET,L. DON AND FLORENCE - Earthquake: Discoveries in Seismology (1964);

LESSING, LAWRENCE P. - Understanding Chemistry;

MATTHEWS, WILLIAM H. - Invitation to Geology (1971);

METRAUX, GUY S./ CROUZET, FRANCOIS (eds.) - The Evolution of Science (1963);

MEYER, JEROME S. - The ABC of Physics (1965);

MICHIELS, DR. J.L. - Finding out about Atomic Energy (1957);

MONTAGU, ASHLEY - Human Heredity ( 2nd Revised Edition);

MOORE, SHIRLEY (ed.) - Science Projects Handbook ( Science Clubs of America);

MOORE, SHIRLEY/ VIORST, JUDITH (eds.) - Wonderful World of Science ( illustrated by Don Trawin);

MOORE, W.G. - A Dictionary of Geography ( 1952;1970; 1978);

MORONEY, M.J. - Facts from Figures (1957);

MOTTRAM, V.H. - The Physical Basis of Personality (1946);

NEWMAN, JAMES R. (ed.) What is Science?;

OTTO, MAX - Science and the Moral Life;

PANATI, CHARLES - Breakthroughs ( 1981);

PATTERSON, WALTER C. - Nuclear Power;

PENQUIN SCIENCE SURVEY 1961; 2 (with photos & illustrations);

PENQUIN SCIENCE SURVEY 1964; A (with photos & illustrations);

PENQUIN SCIENCE SURVEY 1966; 2B(with photos & illustrations);

PIERCE, JOHN R. - Electrons and Waves (1964);

PYKE, MAGNUS - The Boundaries of Science (1963); *** What Scientists are Up To; (1966);

RAPPORT, SAMUEL/ WRIGHT, HELEN (eds.) - Science: Method and Meaning;

ROSTAND, JEAN - Human Heredity (1961);

SAGAN, CARL - Braca's Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science;

SCHLEGEL, RICHARD - Inquiry into Science: It's Domain and Limits ( 1972; with Photos);

SCIENCE AND THE NATION ( 1947; Pelican Books; A170);

SCIENCE NEWS ( with photos and illustrations; Penguin); #3(1947);#5(November/1947); #6(January/1948); #8(1948); #9(October/1948); #10(January/1949); #14(December/1949); #17September/1950); #20(May/1951); #21(August/1951); #23(February/1952); #26(November/1952); #28(May/1953); #29(August/1953); #30(November/1953); #41(August/1956);

SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Life of the Past; an Introduction to Paleontology (1968);

SMITH, E. SHELDON - The Atom and Beyond (1967; Illustrated by Feodor Rimsky);

SMITH, KENNETH M. - Beyond the Microscope (1945);

SNOW C.P. - Science and Government (1962);

SOLOMON, A.K. - Why Smash Atoms? (1959);

STAMP, L.DUDLEY - Applied Geography ( Illustrated);

STANDEN, ANTHONY - Science is a Sacred Cow ( Debunking of Science);

SULLIVAN, J.W.N. - The Bases of Modern Science (1938); *** Limitations of Science (1938; with Dust Jacket; Various Dates);

THOMSON, SIR J. ARTHUR - Riddles of Science ( 1958);

THOULESS, ROBERT H. - Experimental Psychical Research;

TOLANDKY S. - Revolution in Optics (1968; with photos);

TOPPING, J. - Errors of Observation and their Treatment ( third Edition);

UBBELOHDE, A.R. - Man and Energy ( 1963; illustrated);

OVAROV, E.B. - A Dictionary of Science (1944);

UVAROV, E.B./ CHAPMAN, D.R. - A Dictionary of Science (1951);

VAN BERGEIJK, WILLEM A. / PIERCE, JOHN R./ DAVID, EDWARD E. - Waves and teh Ear (1960; illustrated);

WADDINGTON, C.H. - The Scientific Attitude;

WALKER, KENNETH - Meaning and Purpose ( Scientific Theories Impact on Religious Thought and Belief);

WENDLAND, RAY T. - Petrochemicals: the New World of Synthetics (1969);

WEST, D.J. - Psychical Research Today (1962);

WHITEHEAD, A.N. - Science and the Modern World;

WOLFF, PETER - Breakthroughs in Chemistry (1967);

ZUKAV, GARY - The Dancing Wu Li Masters: an Overview of the New Physics ( illustrated);


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