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SELF HELP - Mass Market Paperbacks for sale ( Improve Yourself, Personal Growth, Marriage, Popularity, Assertiveness,

Aggression, Personal Power, Tests, Self Analysis, Happiness, Intimacy, Transitions, Hypnosis, Nerves, Stress, Confidence, Guides,Self Respect & Esteem, Memory, Feedback, Compulsion, Creativity, Jobs, Living, Success, Thinking, Disciplines, Body Language,Depression, Meditation, Improve Health, Speaking, Attitude, Behavior, Personality, Alcoholism, Live Longer ) For Sale

ABRAHAMSE, DR. DAVID – The Road to Emotional Maturity;

ADAMS, DR. CLIFFORD R./ PACHARD, VANCE – How to Pick a mate (A guide to happy marriage);

ADDEO, EDMOND G./ BURGER, ROBERT E. - Egospeak: Why No One Listens to You;

AKERET, DR. ROBERT U. - Photo analysis (with photos);

ALBERTI, DR. ROBERT E./ EMMONS, DR. MICHAEL L. - Stand Up, Speak Out, Talk Back! The Key to Self Assertive Behavior;

ALLEN, GLORIA – 365 Ways to Become the Complete Woman;

ALLEN, ROBERT THOMAS – Today is the first Day of the Rest of your Life;

ARCHER, ALMA – Your Power as a Woman: How to Develop and Use It;

ARNOLD, PAULINE – Rate Yourself: Your Children, Your Relatives and your Friends;

AUGSBURGER, DAVID W. - Caring Enough to Control: the love-fight; *** Cherish able: Love and Marriage;

AURANDT, PAUL – Destiny: From Paul Harvey's the Rest of the Story;

BACH, DR. GEORGE R./ GOLDBERG, DR. HERB – Creative Aggression; the Art of Assertive Living;

BACH, DR. GEORGE R./ WYDEN, PETER – The Intimate Enemy; How to Fight Fair in Love and Marriage;

BENDER, JAMES/ GRAHAM, LEE – Your Way to Popularity and Personal Power;

BERGSON, ANIKA/ TUCHACK, VLADIMIR – Zone Therapy (A step by step guide to appiled pressure therapy);

BERNARD, JESSIE – The Future of Marriage;

BERNARD, WILLIAM/ LEOPOLD, JULES – Test Yourself (Scientifically constructed system of self analysis);

BERNIE, DR. ERIC – Beyond games and Scripts (Finding happiness and intimacy through transactional analysis); *** What Do You Say After You Say Hello;

BERNHARDT, DR. ROGER/ MARTIN, DAVID – Self-mastery Through Self-Hypnosis;

BIRREN, FABER – Color in Your World (Theories of the Interrelation of Color Preference and Personality);

BISCH, DR. LOUIS E. - Be Glad You're Neurotic *** Cure Your Nerves Yourself;

BITS AND PIECES (September/1978);

BJORNSTAD, JAMES – The Transcendental Mirage;

BLOOMFIELD, DR. HAROLD H./ KORY ROBERT B. - Happiness: The TM Program, Psychiatry and Enlightenment;

BLOOMFIELD, DR. HAROLD H./ CAIN, MICHAEL PETER/ JAFFE, DENNIS T./ KORY, ROBERT B. - TM: Discovery Inner Energy and Overcoming Stress;

BODY TALK: Includes Body Language, Sleep Positions and face reading;

BOETTINGER, HENRY M. - Moving Mountains: or the Art of Letting Others See Things Your Way;

BOSWELL, DR. NELSON – Inner Peace, Inner Power (Using creative meditation with positive programming);

BOTWIN, CAROL/ FINE, DR. JEROME L. - The Love Crisis: Hit and Run Lovers, Jugglers, Sexual Stingiest, Unreliable, Kinkies, and Other Typical Men Today;

BOVET, THEODOR – A handbook to Marriage;


BRANDE, DOROTHEA – Wake Up and Live!; a Formula for Success that Works;

BRANDEN, NATHANIEL – Honoring the Self; the Psychology of Confidence and Respect; *** The Psychology of Self-Esteem (The Revolutionary Approach to Self-Understanding);

BRENTON, MYRON – The American Male (Towards and Understanding; 1966);

BRISTOL, CLAUDE M. - The Magic of Believing;

BROTHERS, DR. JOYCE – How to Get Whatever You Want out of Life; *** 10 Days to a Successful Memory;

BROWN, DR. BARBARA B. - New Mind, New Body: Bio-Feedback, New Directions for the Mind; *** Stress and the Art of Biofeedback;

BROWN, JR., H. JACKSON – Live and Learn and Pass It On;

BROWN, HELEN GURLEY – Having It All; *** Outrageous Opinions; the Games Men and Women Play;

BROWNS, HARRY – How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World;

BUCHMAN, DIAN DINCIN – How to Make Your Dream Work for You;

BURNS, DR. DAVID D. - Feeling Good; The New Mood Therapy;

BUSCAGLIA, LEO – Love; *** The Way of the Bull;

CAIN, DR. ARTHUR H. - Young People and Drinking; the use and Abuse of Alcohol;

CAMMER, DR. LEONARD – Freedom from Compulsion; *** Up From depression;

CAMPELL, DR. DAVID – Take the road to Creativity and Get Your Dead End

CARLINSKY, DAN – Stop snoring Now!;

CARNEGIE, DALE – How to Enjoy your Life and Your Job; *** How to Stop Worrying and Start Living; *** How to Win Friends and Influence People; *** Little Known Facts About Well Known People; *** Public Speaking (How to Develop self confidence);

CARNEGIE, MRS. DALE – How to help your Husband Get Ahead;


CHARELL, RALPH – How to get the Upper Hand;

CHESSER, DR. EUSTACE – How to Make a Success of Your Marriage; *** Love Without fear: How to Achieve Sex happiness in Marriage; *** Successful Living;

CLARKSON, ADRIENNE – True to You in My Fashion (A woman talks to men about marriage);

CLASON, GEORGE S. - The Richest Man in Baylon (Success Secrets of the Ancients);

COBLEIGH, IRA U. - Live Young as Long as You Live;

COHEN, DANIEL – Biorhythms in Your Life;

COLE, EDWIN LOUIS – The Potential Principle: Living Life to Its Maximum;


COLMAN, CAROL/ PERELMAN, DR. MICHAEL – late Bloomers: How to Achieve Your Potential at Any Age;

COOPER, PAULETTE – The Scandal of Scientology (A chilling examination of the nature, beliefs, and practices.);


COUDERT, JO – Advice from a Failure;

COURTNEY, PHOEBE – Beware Sensitivity training!

COWAN, DR. JOHN/ GUERARD, DR. ARTHUR ROSE – Love Health and Marriage: the Science of a New Life;

COY, STANLEE MILLER – The Single Girls Book: Making it in the Big City;

CRAIG, ELEANOR – P.S. Your Not Listening;

DANCER, JAY – The Transcendental Meditation Experience;

DANIELS, DR. ANNA K. - It's Never Too Late to Love;

DAVIS, ALAN – What Your Dreams Mean;

DAVIS, DEXTER – The 7-Day System for Gaining Self Confidence, Popularity and Financial Success;

DAY, BETH – No Hiding Place (Alcoholism);

DENES, GYULA – The Sex-conscious and the Love-Shy;

DENNISTON, DENISE/ McWILLIAMS, PETER – The TM Book: How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life (Transcendental Meditation);

DE BONO, EDWARD – The Five-Day Course in Thinking;

DE ROPP, ROBERT S. - The Master Game: Beyond the Drug Experience;

DIMNET, ERNEST – The Art of Thinking;

DODSON, DR. FITZHUGH – How to Discipline with the Love: From Crib to College; *** The You That Could Be;

DON, FRANK – Color Your World (Enter the Secret Sensory World of Color.);

DONLEAVY, J.P. - The Unexpurgated Code: a Complete Manual of Survival and Manners;

DOUGLAS, ALFRED – The Oracle of Change: How to Consult the I Ching;

DOUGLAS MACK R. - How to Make a Habit of Succeeding;

DOWLING, COLETTE – The Cinderella Complex: Women's Hidden Fear of Independence;

DYER, DR. WAYNE – Pulling Your Own Strings; *** The Sky's the Limit; *** Your Erroneous Zones;

EAGAN, ANDREA BOROFF – Why am i so Miserable if These are the Best Years of my Life?;

ELWOOD, CATHARYN – Feel Like a Million!

EMMETT, MARTHA WILEY – I Love the Person You Were Meant to be;

ENGSTROM, TED W./ MACKENZIE, R. ALEC – Managing Yor Time: Practical Guidelines on the Effective Use of Time;

EPSTEIN, JOSEPH – Divorced in America: Marriage in an Age of Possibility;

ETTINGER, ROBERT C.W. - The Prospect of Immortality;

EYRE, LINDA & RICHARD – Life balance: Being Harmony to Your Everyday Life;

EYSENCK, H.J. - Check You Own I.Q.; *** Know You Own I.Q.; *** with WILSON, GLENN – Know Your Own Personality;

FAGAN, JOEL/ SHEPHERD, IRMA LEE (eds.) - What is Gestalt Therapy?

FARADAY, DR. ANN – Dream Power;

FARRELL, WARREN – The Liberated Man;

FAST, JULIUS – Body Language; *** The Body Language of Sex, Power and Aggression; *** The Incompatibility of Men and Women and How to Overcome It; *** with BERNSTEIN, MEREDITH – Sexual Chemistry: What it is – How To Use It; *** with FAST, BARBARA – Talking Between the Lines: How we Mean More Than We Say;

FEINMAN, JEFFREY – How to Stop Being Shy;

FIELD, JOANNA – A Life of One's Own;

FINK, DR. DAVID HAROLD – Release from Nervous Tension;

FLACH, DR. FREDERIC F. - The Secret Strength of Depression;

FLETCHER, PETER – Emotional Conflict;

FOREM, JACK – Transcendental Meditation: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Science of Creative Intelligence;


Your Destiny is in Your Name Volume-1 (the Numerological Significance of Over 8,000 Names from Aaron to Zack Paperjacks Pub; 310 Pages; G/VG = US$6.00 ; FA/G= US$4.00)

Your Destiny is in Your Name Volume-2 (Numerology – 2500 Famous or Well Known People; Paperjacks Pub; 171 Pages; FN+=US$9; VG/FN=US$7; FA/G=$4)

FREEMAN, LUCY – Search for Love;

FREUDERBERGER, DR. HERBERT J. - Burn Out: How to Beat the High Cost of Success;

FRIEDMAN, MILTON & ROSE – Free to Choose;

FROOM, ERICH – The Art of Loving; *** The Revolution of Hope: Toward a Humanized Technology;

FULGHUM, ROBERT – All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things;

GALLUP, LAWRENCE – The Silent Disease: Hypertension;

GARN, ROY – The magic Power of Emotion Appeal;

GARRETT, EILEEN J. - Awareness;

GAWAIN, SHAKTI – Creative Visualization;

GENDLIN, DR. EUGENE T. - Focusing;

GISH, ARTHUR H. - Beyond the rat race;

GITTELSON, BERNARD – Biorhythm: a Personal Science;

GOLAS, THADDEUS – The Lady Man's Guide to Enlightenment;

GOLDBERG, HERB – The New Male: From Macho to Sensitive But Still All Male;

GOMEZ, DR. JOAN – How Not to Die Young;

GREENBERG, DR. SAMUEL I. - Neurosis is a Painful Style of Living;

GREENWALD, DR. JERRY – Be the Person You were Meant to Be;

GUITAR, MARY ANNE – The Young Marriage;

GUNTHER, MAX – The Luck Factor;


HALSELL, GRACE – Los Viejos: Secrets of Long Life From the People of the Sacred Valley;

HARMIN, MERRILL – How to Get Rid of Emotions That Give You a Pain in the Neck;


HARRIS, DIANE – The Woman's day Guide to Organizing Your Life;

HARRIS, SYDNEY J. - Winners and Losers (illx. Nicole Holander);

HARRIS, DR. THOMAS A. - I'm O.K. - You're O.K.;

HARRISON, PHYLLIS/ MATCHAN, DON C. - Helping Your Health Through Handwriting;

HARTLEY, WILLIAM & ELLEN – Your Important Years: the Beltone Book of Golden Age Living;

HAUSSER, GAYELORD – Be Happier, He Healthier;

HAVARD, ALAN & MARGARET – Death and Rebirth of a marriage;

HELDMANN, MARY LYNNE – When Words Hurt: How to Keep Criticism from Undermining Your Self-Esteem;

HELMAN, PATRICIA KENNEDY – Free to be a Woman;

HIBBITT, GEORGE W. - How to Speak effectively on all Occasions;

HILL, NAPOLEON – Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind *** Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion; *** with STONE, W. CLEMENT – Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude; *** You Can Work Your Own Miracles;

HILLS, CHRISTOPHER/ STONE, ROBERT B. - Conduct Your own Awareness Sessions;

HILTS, PHILIP J. - Behaviour Mod;

HINDY, DR. CARL G./ SCHWARZ DR. J. CONRAD/BRODSKY, ARCHIE – If This is Love, Why Do I Feel So Insecure?

HOLZER, HANS – Speed-think



HUBBARD, L. RON – Dietetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health;

HULL, RAYMOND - How to Get What You Want;

HUNT, MORTON M. - The World of the Formerly Married;

HUXLEY, ALDOUS – The Art of Seeing;

ILLICH, IVAN D. - Celebration of Awareness: a Call for Institutional Revolution;

JACOBSEN, MARION LEACH – How to Keep Your Family Together and Still Have Fun;

JAFFE, DR. DENNIS T. - Healing From Within: How to Gain Greater Control Over Your Own Health;

JAMES, MURIEL M. - Born to Love; *** with JONGEWARD, DR. DOROTHY – Born to Win: Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments;

JAMPOLSKY, DR. GERALD G. - Love is Letting Go of Fear;

JESSEL, GEORGE – You Too can Make a Speech;

JONES, CHARLEIS – Life is Tremendous! Enthusiasm Makes the Difference;

JOHNSON, DR. STEPHEN M. - First Person Singular: Living the Good Life Alone;

KARLINS, MARVIN/ ANDREWS, LEWIS M. - Biofeedback: Turning on the Power of Your Mind;

KARPMAN, DR. BENJAMIN – The Alcoholic Woman;

KATZ, ELIA – Armed Love: Inside America's Communes;

KEEN, SAM/ FOX, ANNE VALLEY – Telling Your Story: a Guide to Who you are and who You Can Be;


KETTLE, JAMES – The EST Experience;

KEYSOR, CHARLES W. - Come Clean: How to Deal with Guilt;

KIKI – Confidential from Kiki: New Ideas from Teens;

KILEY, DR. DAN – The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up;

KLING, SAMUEL G. - How to Win and Hold a Mate;

KNAUTH, PERCY – A Season in Hell;

KNICHERBOCKER, DR.CHARLES H. - Hide and Seek: The Game People Play all Their Lives, and How to Win at It!

KOHLER, WOLFGANG – Gestalt Psychology;

KOPP, SHELDON – An End to Innocence: Facing Life Without Illusions; *** If You Meet Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!; The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients; *** the Pickpocket and the Saint: Free play of Imagination;

KORDA, MICHAEL – Male Chauvinism! How it Works and How toget Free of It; *** Success!;

KRANTZLER, MEL – creative Divorce: a New Opportunity for Personal growth; *** Learning to Love Agai;

KRICH, ARON (ed.) - Facts of Love and Marriage for Young People;

KURTZ, RON/ PRESTERA, DR. HECTOR – The Body Reveals (Body language Reading);

LA BARRE, HARRIET – Live Alone and Be Happier Than Anybody;

LAHAYE, TIM – How to Win Over Depression;

LAING, R.D. - Do You Love me?

LAIR, DR. JESS - “I Ain't Much, baby – But I'm all I've Got”;

LAKEIN, ALAN – How to Get Control of your Time and Your Life;

LANDERS, ANN – Ann Landers Speaks Out;

LANGONE, JOHN – Bombed, Buzzed, Smashed, or... Sober

LARSON, BRUCE – Ask me to dance: a Guide to become More Than You Are; *** The One and Only You;

LAWRENCE, JODI – Alpha Brain Waves (Biofeedback);

LECRON, LESLIE M. - Making Your magic Mind Power Work for You;

LEEPSON, MARC – The Alive and Well Stress Book;

LETERMAN, ELMER G. - Personal Power Through Creative Selling;

LEVENKRON, STEVEN – treating and Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa;

LEVINE, DAVID L. - How to get a Divorce With or Without a Lawyer;

LEWIS, GORDON R. - What Everyone Should Know About Transcendental Meditation;

LEDIS, HOWARD R./ STREITFELD DR. HOWARD S. - Growth Games: How to Tune in Yourself, Your family, Your Friends;

LEWIS, HOWARD R. / LEWIS, MARTHA E. - Psychosomatic: How Your Emotions can Damage Your Health;

LISWOOD, DR. REBECCA – First Aid for the Happy Marriage;

LOPEZ, VINCENT – Numerology;

LORAYNE, HARRY – How to Develop a Super-Power Memory;

LOEWENSTEIN, PRINCE LEOPOLD/ GERHARDI, WILLIAM – Analyze Yourself: How to See Yourself as You really Are;

LOWEN, DR. ALEXANDER – Pleasure: a Creative Approach to ife;

LUCE, GAY GAER – Body Time: Physiological Rhythms and Social Stress; *** with SEGAL, DR. JULIUS – How to Avoid insomnia: the Guide for troubled Sleepers;

LURTON, DOUGAS – The Power of Positive Living;

LUSCHER, DR. MAX – the Luscher Color test: Reveals Your Personality Through Color;

MACE, DAVID R. - Success in marriage;

MAGER, N.H. & S.K. (eds.) - A Guide to Better Living;

MAKOW, HENRY – Ask Henry: Advice to parents;

MALTZ, DR. MAXWELL/ BARKER, RAYMOND C. - The Conquest of Frustration: Psycho-Cybernetics in Action;

MALTZ, DR. MAXWELL – Creative Living for Today; *** The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology; *** Psycho-Cybernetics; *** Psycho-Cybernetics and Self-Fulfillment; *** Thoughts to Live By;

MANDINO, OG – The Choice; *** The Greatest Salesman in the World; *** The Greatest Secret in the World; *** A Treasury of Success Unlimited;

MARCUSE, IRENE – Guide to Personality Through Your Handwriting;

MAUROIS, ANDRE – The Art of Living;

MAXWELL, RUTH – The Booze battle (Alcoholism);

McDONALD, PAULA & DICK – Loving Free;

McGINNIS, ALAN LOY – The Friendship Factor: How to Get Closer to the People You Care For;

McGOUGH, ELIZABETH – Understanding Body Talk;

McLAUGHLIN, MIGNON – The Neurotic's Notebook;

MEARES, DR. AINSLIE – Relief Without Drugs;

MEDAWAR, JEAN/ PYKE, DAVID (eds.) - Family Planning;

MEININGER, JUT – Success Through Transactional Analysis;

MILLER, DR. SHEROD/ WACKMAN, DR. DANIEL/ NUNNALLY, DR. ELAM/ SALINE, CAROL – Straight Talk: a New Way to Get Closer to Others by Saying What You Really Mean;

MOLLOY, JOHN T. - Dress For Success;


MORF, DR. GUSTAV – Let's Face It: We're All Growing Older, So Here's What To Do About It;

MORGAN, ELAINE – The Descent of Woman (Female Sexuality);

MORGAN, MARABEL – The Total Woman;

MORRIS, DESMOND – Intimate Behaviour;

MORRIS, DR. SARAH – Grief and How to Live with It;

MUMEY, JACK – Loving and Alcoholic: Help and Hope for Co-dependents;

MURPHY, DR. JOSEPH – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind;


NARRAMORE, DR. HOWARD M./LEE, MARJORIE – Winners and Losers: the Art of Self-Image Modification;

NEWMAN, JAMES W. - Release Your Brakes!; The Pace Owner-Operator Manual for the Human System;

NEWMAN, MILDRED/ BERKOWITZ, BERNARD – How to be Awake and Alive; *** How to Be Your Own Best Friend; *** How to Take Charge of Your Life;

NICHOLS, R. EUGENE – The Science of Mental Cybernetics;

NIERENBERG, GERARD I./ CALERO, HENRY H. - How to Read a Person Like a Book;

OAKLEY, GILBERT – Analyze Yourself and Solve Your Personal Problems;

OLEKSY, WALTER G. - The Power of Concentration;

O'NEILL, NENA/ O'NEILL, GEORGE – Shifting Gears: Finding Security in a Changing World;

OSBORN, ALEX – Your Creative Power;

OSBORNE, CECIL – The Art of Understanding Your Mate; *** The Art of Understanding Yourself;

OVEERSTREET, BONARO W. - Understanding Fear in Ourselves and Others;

PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE – Mrs. Parkinson's Law;

PAUL, PASTOR – Alcoholism;

PAULING, LINUS – How to Live Longer and Feel Better;

PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT – The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking; *** with BLANTON, DR. SMILEY – The Art of Real Happiness; *** Enthusiasm Makes the Difference; *** A Guide to Confident Living; *** The New Art of Living; *** One Man's Way; *** The Power of Positive Thinking; *** Sin, Sex and Self-Control; *** Stay Alive All Your Life; *** The Tough Minded Optimist; *** You Can if You Think You Can;

PECK, DR. JOSEPH H. - All About Men;


PERCIVAL, JULIA/ BURGER, PIXIE – The Busy Woman's Almanac;

PEMBER, ALEXANDER W. - Character, Key to Success; *** Making the Most of Your Minutes; *** Speaking Successfully; *** Success Through Speaking;

PERLS, DR. FREDERICK S. - Gestalt Therapy Verbatim;

PETER, DR. LAURENCE J./ HULL, RAYMOND – The Peter Principle: Why Things Always go Wrong;

PETER, DR. LAURENCE – The Peter Prescription: How to Make Things Go Right; *** The Peter Plan: How to Get Things Straight, an Optimistic Proposal for Survival;

PETRIE, SIDNEY/ STONE, ROBERT B. - Hypno-Cybernetics: Helping Yourself to a Rich New Life;

PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON – Marriage: The Bride's Edition;

PHILLIPS, DR. MICHAEL – Your Hidden Powers;

PIKE, DIANE KENNEDY – Life is Your Victorious!: How to Grow Through Grief;

PITKIN, WALTER B. - Life Begins at 40;

POWELL, JOHN – The Secret of Staying in Love; *** Why am I Afraid to Love?; **** Why am I Afriad to Tell You Who I Am?

PROCHNOW, HERBERT V. - Effective Public Speaking;

RABKIN, BRENDA – Loving and Leaving: Why Women are Walking Out on Marriage;

RADL, SHIRLEY L. - Mother's Day is Over;

RAY, MARIE BEYNON – The Importance of Feeling Inferior;

READER'S DIGEST (eds.) - Organize Yourself;

RIDENOUR, FRITZ – I'm a Good Man, But...;

RINGER, ROBERT J. - Looking Out for #1; *** Winning Through Intimidation;

ROBBINS, JHAN/ FISHER, DAVE – How to Make and Break Habits *** Tranquillity Without Pills: all About Transcendental Meditation;

ROBERTS, DR. DOUG – To Adam with Love: a Married Man's Guide to Loving the Woman You Live With;

RODERICK, W.S. - Love Misunderstood?: a Book About the True Meaning of Love;

RORIE, DR. R.A.B. - Do Something About Those Nerves;

ROSS, JOHN A. - How to be Happily Divorced: the Ex-Husbands Guide to Pleasure;

RUBIN, DR. THEODORE ISAAC – Compassion and Self-Hate: an Alternative to Despair; *** Dr. Rubin, Please Make Me Happy: the Common Sense Book of Mental Health; *** One to One: Understanding Personal Relationships; *** Reconciliations: Inner Peace in an Age of Anxiety; *** The Winner's Notebook;

RULE, LA REINA/ HAMMOND, WILLIAM K. - What's in a Name?; Surnames of America;

RUSSELL, BERTRAND – The Conquest of Happiness;

SARA, DOROTHY – The Complete Book of Handwriting Analysis; *** Handwriting Analysis: How to Discover the Truth About People;

SARNOFF, DOROTHY/ MOORE, GAYLEN – Never be Nervous Again;

SCHATAKI, MICHAEL/ COFFEY, WAYNE R. - Negotiation: the Art of Getting What You Want;

SCHIFFERES, DR. JUSTUS J. - How to Live Longer;

SCHINDLER, DR. JOHN A. - How to Live 365 days a Year;

SCHREIBER, CHARLES/ MALTZ, DR. MAXWELL – Live and be Free thru Psycho-Cybernetics;

SCHULLER, ROBERT H. - The Be Happy Attitudes: 8 Positive Attitudes That Can Transform Your Life! *** Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!

SCHUTZ, WILLIAM C. - Joy: Expanding Human Awareness;


SELYE, HANS – Stress Without Distress;

SHAIN, MERLE – Some Men are More Perfect Than Others;

SHEDD, CHARLIE W. - The Best Dad is a Good Lover; *** Letters to Karen: On Keeping Love in Marriage; *** Letters to Philip: On How to Treat a Woman;

SHEEHY, GAIL – Pathfinders (Overcoming Crisis of Adult Life and Finding your own Path to Well Being.);

SHERMAN, HAROLD – Know Your Own Mind; *** Your Key to Happiness;

SHOSTROM, EVERETT L. - Man, the Manipulator: The Inner Journey from Manipulation to Actualization;

SILVA, JOSE – The Silva Mind Control Method;

SINCLAIR, UPTON – The Cup of Fury (Alcoholism);

SINGLETON, MARY ANN – Life After Marriage: Divorce as A New Beginning;

SKINNER, B.F. - Beyond Freedom and Dignity;

SMEDES, LEWIS B. - Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts we Don't Deserve;

SMITH, ADAM – Powers of Mind (Every Mind Trip There Is.);

SMITH, DR. MANUEL J. - When I Say No, I Fell Guilty;


SPACKS, PATRICIA MEYER – The female Imagination;

SPOCK, DR. BENJAMIN – Decent and Indecent: a Prescription for Hope and Survival;


ATART, CLARISSA – On Becoming a Widow;

STERN, JEDD – The Power of Alpha-Thinking: Miracle of the Mind;

STEBBING, L.SUSAN – Thinking to Some Purpose;

STEINER, DR. CLAUDE – Games Alcoholics Play;

STEINCROHN, DR. PETER J. - How to get a Good Night's Sleep; *** How to Stop Killing Yourself;

STEINMETZ, URBAN G. - “I Will” The present and Future of Marriage;

STEPHENS, DR. OVERTON – Today is all You Have;

STEWART, MARJABELLE YOUNG – The New Etiquette Guide to Getting Married Again;


SUGARMAN, DR. DANIEL A./ FREEMAN, LUCY – The Search for Serenity;

SUTTON, JOAN – Lovers and Others;

SWINDOLL, CHARLES R. - Strengthening Your Grip: Essentials in an Aimless World; *** Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Persevering Through Pressure;

TAYLOR, HENRY – The Statesman;

TEEAR, C.H./ McBRIDE, W.J. - Conquer Your Fears and Overcome Shyness;

THOMMEN, GEORGE – Is This Your Day?; Biorhythm;

THOULESS, ROBERT H. - Straight and Crooked Thinking;

TOMKINS, CALVIN – Living Well is the Best Revenge;

TRAFFORD, ABIGAIL – Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce;

TUBESING, DR. DONALD A. - Kicking Your Stress Habit: a Do-It-Yourself Guide for Coping with Stress;

TUROW, RITA – Daddy Doesn't Life Here Anymore;

VAIRO, DR. LINDA VALERIE – S.O.S. Stamp Out Stress: Stress Control and Biofeedback;

VAN BUREN, ABIGAIL – The Best of Dear Abby;

VISCOTT, DR. DAIVD – The Language of Feeling;

WAITLEY, DR. DENIS – The Double Win (How to get to the Top Without Putting Others Down.);

WAKIN, EDWARD & ELEANOR – Turn Down Into Up!... Making the Most of Your Life.;

WALKER, GLYNNIS – Second Wife, Second Best?... Managing Your Marriage as a Second Wife;

WALTERS, BARBARA – How to Talk with Practically Anybody About Practically Anything;

WARNER, LUCILLE/ REIT, ANN – Your A to Z Super-Personality Quiz;

WATERMAN, JR., ROBERT H. - The Renewal Factor: How the Best Get and Keep the Competitive Edge;

WEBSTER, DORIS/ HOPKINS, MARY A. - Instant self Analysis;

WEBSTER, NELL – Eating and Living the TM Way (Transcendental Meditation Cookbook);

WEEKES, DR. CLAIRE – Hope and Help for Your Nerves; *** Peace from Nervous Suffering;

WEINBERG, DR. GEORGE – Self Creation;

WHEELER, ELMER – How to Sell Yourself to Others;

WHITE, FRASER – Handwriting Secrets;

WHITE, JOHN – Everything You Want to Know About TM – Including How to Do It (Transcendental Meditation);

WHITESIDE, ROBERT L. - Face Language (with photos);

WIDBY, BETH – A Basic Guide to Self-Improvement for Women;

WIGGAM, ALBERT EDWARD – Let's Explore Your Mind;

WILKE, RICHARD B. - tell me Again, I'm Listening;

WILLIAMS, DR. ROGER J. - the Wonderful World Within You; *** You are Extraordinary;

WILSON, JOYCE – The Complete Book of Palmistry;


YOGI, MAHARISHI MAHESH – Transcendental Meditation: Serenity Without Drugs;

ZABRISKIE, JAMES – The Handbook of Inner Sporks;

ZIMBARDO, PHILIPS G. - Shyness: What it is, What to do About It;

ZUNIN, DR. LEONARD/ ZUNIN, NATALIE – Contact: the First Four Minutes (An Intimate Guide to First Encounters.);


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