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SPORTS - Mass Market Paperbacks FOR SALE ( Baseball, Basketball, Boxing & Martial Arts, Football - NFL & CFL, Golf, Hockey; >>> Assorted and MISC Sports; Car Racing, Olympic Games, Tennis, Wrestling, etc, >> Professional & Amateur; Biography & Autobiography; Trivia, Records, Handbooks ) For Sale;


AARON, HANK – I Had a Hammer: the Hank Aaron Story (with Lonnie Wheeler; autobiography; with photos );

ACOCELLA, BART/ ACOCELLA, NICK/ DEWEY, DONALD – The all-time baseball book (1985)

ALLEN, MAURY – Where have you gone, Jo Di Maggio? (Joe Dimaggio biography; with photos)

ALOMAR, ROBERTA – Second to none: The Roberto Alomar story (with Stephan Brunt: autobiography; with photos)

ALOU, FELIPE – My life and baseball (with Herm Weiskope: autobiography)

ANGELL, ROGER – Five Seasons, A baseball companion (1978)

ARCHIBALD, JOE – Baseball talk (F/CV Hank Aaron)


BASEBALL LEGENDS: 100 all time greats (F/CV Babe Ruth)

BECKETT, DR. JAMES – The official 1993 price guide baseball cards

BELINSKY, BO – Bo: Pitching and wooing (with Maury Allen:autobiography)

BENAGH, JIM – Incredible baseball feats (with photos)

BERRA, YOGI – Behind the plate (with Til Ferdenzi: novel: with tips for catchers)

BERRA, YOGI – Yogi it ain't over (with Tom Horton: autobiography: with photos)

BORTSTEIN, LARRY – Great moments of baseball (1973)

BOUTON, JIM – Ball four plus ball five: an update 1970 – 1980

BOUTON, JIM – “I managed good, but boy did they play bad” (1974)

BOUTON, JIM – I'm glad you didn't take it personally (1972)

BOYD, BRENDAN C./ HARRIS, FRED – The great american baseball card flipping, trading and bubble gum book (with photos of over 200 cards)

BRENNER, RICHARD J. -- The whole series: the great contests (1989)

BRENNER, RICHARD J. -- The whole series: the great contests (1990)

BRENNER, RICHARD J. -- The whole series: the great contests (1993)

BRENNER, RICHARD J. -- The whole series: the great contests (1994)

BRESLIN, JIMMY – Can't anybody here play this game? (The saga of the first year of the New York mets)

BROSNAN, JIM – The long season (autobiographical journal of the 1959 baseball season)

BROSNAN, JIM – Pennant race (autobiographical journal of the 1961 Cincinnati reds)

CAMPANELLA, ROY – It's good to be alive (autobiographical; with photos)

CARAY, HARRY – Holy cow! (autobiography)

CARMICHAEL, JOHN P. -- My greatest day in baseball (players tell their story of their best day)

CHILD, MALCOLM – Batting (illx. Tyler Micoleau)

CONSIDINE, BOB – Baseball stars of 1950 (illx. Lenny Hollreiser)

DAVIS, MAC – Baseball's unforgettables (1966)

DEVANEY, JOHN – The baseball life of Mickey Mantle (biography; with photos)

DEVANEY, JOHN – Tom Seaver: An intimate portrait (biography)

EMERT, P.R. -- Sports heroes: great hitters (with photos)

FAMOUS SLUGGER YEARBOOK 1970 (F/CV Pete Rose and Rod Carew with photos)

FELLER, BOB – Strikeout story (autobiography)

FISCHLER, STAN – Amazing trivia from the world of baseball (1984)

FITZGERALD, ED (ED.) -- The story of the Brooklyn dogers (with photos; 1949)

FLOOD, CURT – The way it is (autobiography)

FORKER, DOM – Baseball braw teasers (illx. Sandy Hoffman)

GARAGIOLA, JOE – Baseball is a funny game (autobiography)

GAULT, CLARE AND FRANK – How to be a good baseball player, tips on battling, pitching, fielding (illx. Dick Ericson)

GEHRIG, ELEANOR/, JOSEPH – My Luke and I (biography of Lou Gehrig; with photos)

GIBSON, BOB – From ghetto to glory: The Bob Gibson story (with Phil Pepe: autobiography: with photos)

GOLENBOCK, PETER – Dynasty: The New York yankees 1949 – 1964 (with photos)

GOODMAN, IRV – Stan the man musical (biography)

GUIDRY, RON – Guidry (with Peter Golenbock: autobiography: with photos)

GUTMAN, BILL – Bo Jackson (biography): with photos)

GUTMAN, BILL – Giants of baseball (Ty Cobb: Babe Ruth: Joe Dimaggio: Jackie Robinson)

GUTMAN, BILL – Henry Aaron (biography)

GUTMAN, BILL – Sports illustrated great moments in baseball (with photos)

HANO, ARNOLD – Roberto Clemente: battling king (biography: with photos)

HANO, ARNOLD – Willie Mays (biography)

HERSHISER, OREL – Out of the blue (with Jerry B. Jenkins: autobiography: with photos)

HERZOG, WHITEY – White rat: a life in baseball (with Kevin Horrigan: autobiography: with photos)

HEWARD, BILL – Some are called clowns (the last year of the Indianapolis clowns)

HOLLANDER, ZANDER (ED.) -- The Complete Handbook of Baseball 1974-1985 editions;
THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1976 EDITION - 300 Stars Photos & Career Records! Seaver, Lynn, Morgan, Palmer, Madlock; Stan Musial's All-time National League Team; 24 Scouting Reports/ Predictions/ Rosters Player Profiles/ World Series History;
Book Description: Signet Book - NAL / New American Library, New York, NY, USA., 1976. Soft Cover. PHOTO Front & Back Covers From the TV Series. (illustrator). PBO (Paperback Original) True First Ed. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" Tall. 320 pages. THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1976 EDITION - 300 Stars Photos & Career Records! Seaver, Lynn, Morgan, Palmer, Madlock; Stan Musial's All-time National League Team; 24 Scouting Reports/ Predictions/ Rosters Player Profiles/ World Series History; Do you agree with Stan Musial's picks for the National League's centennial dream squad? Boston pitcher Bill Lee sounds off. Ruth, Ott, Aaron, Jackson, Schmidt, Kingman and the rest of the great sluggers - Does the big swing mean the big strikeout? These features - Plus the one guide you'll need to the big leagues in '76. SPECIAL BONUS: Year-by-Year Records and Photos of 300 stars! In Depth Analysis of all NL & Al Teams" *** RARE Title; Mass Market Paperback.

*** Weight = 165 Grams; *** Bookseller Inventory # 11422-2 Book Condition: Creasing in Front cover, thus Good; Price: US$ 19.00
THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1980 SEASON - 300 Stars Photos & Career Records! Joe Dimaggio as a Manager?; Pete Rose's Impossible Dream; Willie Stargatell's All Family;24 Scouting Reports/ Predictions/ Rosters Player Profiles/ World Series History;
Book Description: Signet Book - NAL / New American Library, New York, NY, USA., 1980. Soft Cover. Book Condition: Fair to Good, Reading Copy. PHOTO Front & Back Covers From the TV Series. (illustrator). PBO (Paperback Original) True First Ed. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" Tall. 384 pages. THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1980 EDITION - 300 Stars Photos & Career Records! Joe Dimaggio as a Manager?; Pete Rose's Impossible Dream; Willie Stargatell's All Family;24 Scouting Reports/ Predictions/ Rosters Player Profiles/ World Series History"Don Drysdale wings 'em from the TV booth; Pittsburgh Pops World Series Concert; Touring New York with the Major leaguers; Imagine Joe DiMaggio as Yankee Manager; a Guide to baseball films; Pete Rose's relentless pursuit of Ty Cobb;" ***
Mass Market Paperback; *** SCARCE Title; *** Weight = 195 Grams; Bookseller Inventory # 11424-1 Price: US$ 8.00
THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1984 SEASON - *** Mass Market Paperback; *** SCARCE Title; *** Weight = 210 Grams; Book Condition: Very Good; Price: US$ 8.00
THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF BASEBALL 1985 - 15th Edition; *** Mass Market Paperback; *** SCARCE Title; *** Weight = 210 Grams; Book Condition: FINE; Price: US$ 10.00

HOLLINGSWORTH, HARRY – The best and worst baseball teams of all times (from the '16 A's to the '27 yanks to the present; 1994)

JACOBS, BRUCE – Baseball stars of 1956 (F/CV Duke Snider by Robert Engle)

JORDAN, PAT – A false spring (autobiography)

KAHN, ROGER – The boys of summer (the story of the Brooklyn dodgers of the 1950's)

KAHN, ROGER – Good enough to dream (a year of the ultra blue sox)

KAYE, ALLAN/ MCKEEVER, MICHAEL – Baseball card price guide 1994; the confident collectors

LEE, BILL “SPACEMAN” -- The wrong stuff (with Dick Lally: autobiography)

LEFLORE, RON – One in a million: the Ron Leflore story (with Jim Hawkins; autobiogrpahy: with photos)

LEWIS, JERRY D. (ED.) -- Great baseball stories (memoirs by famous authors)

LINN, ED – Ted Williams, The eternal kid (biography)

LUCIANO, RON – Baseball lite (the funniest moments of the 1989 season; with photos)

LUCIANO, RON – Remembrance of swings past (with David Fisher: memoirs: with photos)

LUCIANO, RON – Strike two (with David Fisher: memoirs: with photos)

LUCIANO, RON – The umpire strikes back (with David Fisher: memoirs: with photos)

LYLE, SPARKY/ GOLENBOCK, PETER – The bronx zoo (day by day account of the 1978 yankees)

MANTLE, MICKEY – The education of a baseball player (autobiography: with photos)

MANTLE, MICKEY – The mick: an american hero the legend and the glory (with Herb Gluck: with photos)

MANTLE, MICKEY – The quality of courage (true stories of heroism and bravery)

MARTIN, BILLY – Number 1 (with Peter Golenbock: autobiography)

MASIN, HERMAN L. -- Baseball laughs (illx. Charles Beck and Harry A. Schneider)

MASIN, HERMAN L. -- Curve ball laughs (1955/1958)

MAYS, WILLIE – Say hey, the autobiography of Willie Mays (with Lou Sahadi: autobiography: with photos)

MCCARVER, TIM – Oh baby, i love it! (autobiography)

MEANY, TOM – Babe Ruth (biography: with photos)

MEANY, TOM – Baseball's greatest players (1955)

MEANY, TOM – Baseball's greatest teams (1950)

MERCURIO, JOHN A. -- Babe Ruth's incredible records and the 44 players who broke them (with photos)

MITCHELL, JERRY – The amazing mets (illx. Willard Mullin)

MITCHELL, JERRY – Sandy Koufax (biography)

MOSEDALE, JOHN – The greatest of all, the 1927 yankees (with photos)

MUSICK, PHIL – Hank Aaron: the man who beat the babe (biography: with photos)

NEMEC, DAVID – Great baseball feats, facts and firsts (1989)

NETTLES, GRAIG – Balls (with Peter Golenbock: autobiography)

NISENSON, SAM – A handy illustrated guide to baseball (1950)

THE OFFICIAL 1984 PRICE GUIDE TO BASEBALL CARDS (The house of collectibles)


OKRENT, DANIEL – Nine innings (anatomy of baseball as seen through the playing of a single game)

OPPENHEIMER, JOEL – The wrong season (1972 New York Mets season)

ORR, JACK – Baseball's greatest players today (1963)

PAIGE, LEROY “SATCHEL” -- Maybe i'll pitch forever (with David Lipman: Autobiography

PEPE, PHIL – No-hitter (history of no-hitters 1865 through 1968: with photos)

PEPE, PHIL – The wit and wisdom of Yogi Berra (memoirs: with photos)

PIERSALL, JIM – Fear strikes out (with Al Hirshberg; autobiography)

PLIMPTON, GEORGE – Hank Aaron: one for the record (inside story of basball's greatest home run with photos)

PLIMPTON, GEORGE – Out of my league (account of his day in major league baseball with the yankees: with photos)

POPE, EDWIN – Ted Williams: the golden years 1957 (memoirs of 1957)

RAPPOPORT, KEN – Doubleheader; yankees, dodgers (from the early 1900's to the present; 1982)

RICHARDSON, BOBBY – The Bobby Richardson story (autobiography; with photos)

ROBINSON, JACKIE – I never had it made (with Alfred Duckett: autobiography: with photos)

ROBINSON, RAY (ED.) -- Baseball stars of 1960 (with photos)

ROBINSON, RAY (ED.) -- Baseball stars of 1969 (with photos)

ROBINSON, RAY (ED.) -- Baseball stars of 1972 (with photos)

ROBINSON, RAY (ED.) -- Baseball stars of 1975 (with photos)

RUTH, MRS.BABE – The babe and I (with Bill Slocum: biography: with photos)

RUTH, BABE – The Babe Ruth story (with Bob Considine: autobiography)

RYAN, NOLAN – Throwing heat: the autobiography of Nolan Ryan (with Harvey Frommer: with photos)

SCHAAP, DICK – Steinbrenner! (biography of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner)

SCHIFFER, DON (ED.) -- The 1956 pocket baseball almanac

SCHIFFER, DON (ED.) -- The 1961 major league baseball handbook (with photos)

SCHIFFER, DON (ED.) -- World series encyclopedia (illx. Willard Mullin)

SCHOOR, GENE – The Jim Thorpe story: America's greatest athlete (biography: with photos)

SCHOOR, GENE – The story of Ty Cobb: baseball's greatest player (biography; with photos)

SHAPIRO, MILTON J. -- Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn dodgers (biography: with photos)

SHECTER, LEONARD – Roger Maris, home run hero (biography)

SILVERMAN, AL – Joe Dimaggio, his golden year... 1941 (biography)

SILVERMAN, AL – Warren Spahn, immortal southpaw (biography)

SMITH, DON – The glory years of baseball (with photos)\

SMITH, KEN – Baseball's hall of fame (1970)

SMITH, ROBERT – Hits, runs, and errors (1949)

SNYDER, JOHN S. -- World series! Great moments and dubious achievements (baseball shaped book)

SPERLING, DAN – A spectator's guide to baseball (with photos)


STERN, BILL – Favorite baseball stories (illx. Louis Glanzman)

TRIMBLE, JOE – Yogi Berra (biography: with photos)

UECKER, BOB – Catcher in the wry (with Mickey Herskowitz; autobiography: with photos)

VAN RJNDT, PHILIPPE/ BLEDNICK; PATRICK – Fungo Blues (the story of the Toronto blue jays)

VEECK, BILL – The hustler's handbook (with Ed Linn; memoirs)

VEECK, BILL – Veeck as in wreck ( with Ed Linn: autobiography)

VECSEY, GEORGE – The baseball life of Sandy Koufax (autobiography: with photos)

WEBER BRUCE – All-pro baseball stars 1976 (with photos)

WEBER BRUCE – All-pro baseball stars 1980 (with photos)

WEBER BRUCE – Inside baseball 1986 (with photos)

WHITT, ERNIE – Catch a major league life (with Greg Cable; autobiography: with photos)

WILLIAMS, TED – My turn at bat, the story of my life (autobiography: with photos)

WILLS, MAURY – It pays to steal (with Steve Gardner; autobiography)

YOUNG, B.E. -- The picture story of Frank Robinson (biography: with photos)

ZANGER, BRENDA/ KAPLAN, DICK – Major league baseball 1971 (with photos);


AUERBACK, ARNOLD “RED” - Basketball: For the Player the Fan and the Coach (Head Coach of the Boston Celtics);

BARRY, RICK – Confessions of a Basketball Gypsy (with Bill Libby; Auto Biography; with photos);

BELL, MARTY – The Legend of Dr. J. ; The Story of Julius Erving (biography; with photos);

BIRD, LARRY – Drive; The Story of my Life (with Bob, Ryan; autobiography; with photos

BRADLEY, BILL – Life on the Run (Autobiography);

CHAMBERLAIN, WILT – A View from Above (Autobiography; with photos *** Wilt (with David Shaw; autobiography; with photos);

CHAPIN, DWIGHT/ PRUGHT, JEFF – The Wizard of Westwood (biography of UCLA's Coach John Wooden; with photos

COUSY, BOB – Basketball is my Life (with Al Hirshberg; Autobiography);

FRAZIER, WALT/ BERKOW, IRA – Rockin' Steady (A Guide to Basketball and Cool; with photos);

GELMAN, STEVE – Bob Cousy, Magician of Pro Basketball (biography);

GOLDAPER, SAM – Hot Shots, Havlicek, Barry Monroe, Acchibald (1975);

GUTMAN, BILL – Pistol Pete Maravich (biography; with photos *** This is David Robinson (biography; with photos

HALBERSTAM, DAVID – The Breaks of the Game (1983);

HOLLANDER, ZANDER (ed.) - (ed.) Basketball 1989 Season (with photos);

LIBBY, BILL/ HAYWOOD, SPENCER – The Spencer Haywood Story (Autobiography; with photos);

LISS, HOWARD – Basketball Talk (illx, Frank Robbins.);

MOKKAY, WILLIAM G. - Basketball Stars of 1961 (with photos); *** Basketball Stars of 1962 (with photos); *** Basketball Stars of 1963 (with photos);

NIESENSON, SAM – 9ed) – A Handy Illustrated Guide to Basketball (1949);

PEPE, PHIL – Stand Tall, the Lew Alcindor Story (biography);

RODMAN, DENNIS – Bad as I Wanna Be (autobiography; with photos

RUSSEL, BILL – Go Up for Glory (Autobiography; with photos *** Second Wind; the Memoirs of an Opinionated Man (with Taylor Branch; Autobiography);

SABIN, LOUIS – Basketball Stars of 1970 (with photos); *** Pete Maravich Baskball Magician biography; with photos);

STAINBACK, BERRY – Basketball Stars of 1968 (with photos);

SULLIVAN, GEORGE – Wilt Chamberlain biography; with photos

VECSEY, GEORGE – Harlem Globetrotters (with photos); *** Pro Basketball Champions (with Photos);

ZINKOFF, DAVE/ WILLIAMS, EDGAR – Go Man, Go! (Around the World with the Harlem Globetrotters);


BORTSTEIN, LARRY – Ali (biography of Muhammad Ali; with photos);

CONSIDINE, BOB/ SLOCUM, BILL – Dempsey (biography of Jack Dempsey ; with photos

COOPER, HENRY – An Autobiography (biography; with photos);

DECOY, ROBERT H. - The Big Black Fire (biography of Jack Johnson);

DOMINY, ERIC – Karate (Illx. Peter Johnson);

FLEISCHER, NAT – Jack Dempsey (biography of Jack Dempsey);

HELLER, PETER – In this Corner! (biography of 41 Champions; with photos);

JOHNSON, JACK - “Jack Johnson is a Dandy” (Autobiography; with photos);

LA MOTTA, JAKE – Raging Bull (with Joseph Carter and Peter Savage: Autobiography);

LIPSYTHE, ROBERT – Free to be Muhammad Ali (biography);

MAILER, NORMAN - “King of the Hill” (The Ali-Frazier Fight; with photos);

MEYERS, HAROLD (ed.) - The Big Fights (26 Championship Fights; with photos);

NAKAE, KIYOSE – Jiu Jitsu Complete (with Charles Yeager; Over 450 Easy to Follow Instructions);

NICOL, C.W. - Moving Zen; karate as a Way to Gentleness (Personal Account of Karate as it's Taught in Japan.);

OLSEN, JACK – Black is Best; The Riddle of Cassius Clay (biography of Muhammad Ali);

PATTERSON, FLOYD – Victory Over Myself (with Milton Gross; autobiography);

SCHIFFER, PAUL – Never a Champion (Autobiography);

SCHULBERG, BUDD – Loser and Still Champion; Muhammad Ali (biography; with photos);

SKEHAN, EVERETT M. - Rocky Marciano; Biography of a First Son(biography);

STERN, BILL – Favorite Boxing Stories (illx. Louis Glanzman);

TEGNER, BRUCE – Book of Kung Fu and Tai Chi; Chinese Karate and Classical Exercises (with photos); *** Complete Book of Judo (with photoss); *** Complete Book of Jukado Self-Defense (with photos); *** Complete Book of Self-Defense (with Photos); *** Karate (with photos);

TORRES,JOSE – Fire and Fear; the Inside Story of Mike Tyson (biography; with photos); *** Sting Like a Bee; the Muhammad Ali Story (biography);

VECSEY, GEORGE – Frazier/ ali (March 8, 1971 Heavy-weight Title; with photos);


ALLAN, TONY *** FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS (Harlequin #622); *** FOOTBALL TODAY AND YESTERYEAR (Harlequin #694); *** GREY CUP CAVALCADE (Harlequin #480);

BERGER, PHIL – Great Moments in Pro Football (with photos);

BLEIER, ROCKY – Fighting back (with Terry O'Neil; autobiography; with photos);

BLOUNT JR., ROY – About Three Bricks Short of a Load (A year With the Pittsburgh Steelers);

BOCK, HAL/ OLAN, BEN – Football Stars of 1974 (with photos);

BORTSTEIN, LARRY – Football Stars of 1969 (with photos); *** Football Stars of 1970 (with photos); ***Football Stars of 1971 (with photos); *** Len Dawson; Superbowl Quarterback (biography); *** Superbowl; the Joe Namath Story (biography; with photos);

BOSWORTH, BRIAN – The Boz (with Rick Reilly; autobiography; with photos);

BROCK, TED/ CAMPBELL, JIM – The First Offical NFL Trivia Book (1970);

BRODIE, JOHN – Open Field (with James D. Houston; autobiography; with photos);

BRONDFIELD, JERRY – Woody Hayes and the 100 Yard War (biography of Ohio State Coach);

BROWNE, LARRY/ FRANCIS, PAUL – Juice; the O.J. Simpson Tragedy (biography; with photos);

BUTKUS, DICK – Stop Action (with Robert W. Billings; a Year with the Chicago Bears; with photos);

CERASINI, MARC – O.J. Simpson; American Hero, American Tragedy (biography; with photos);

COHEN, JOEL H. - Johnny Unitas (biography; with photos);

CSONKA, LARRY/ KIICK, JIM – Always on the Run (with Dave Anderson; Miami Dolphins running backs on Football);

CURRIE, GORDON – 100 Years of Canadian Football (with Photos);

DALEY, ARTHUR – Pro Football's Hall of Fame (with photos);

DAVIS, MAC – Football's Unforgettables (illx. John Floherty jr.);

DEVANEY, JOHN – Bart Starr (biography); *** O.J. Simpson; Football's Greatest Runner (biography; with photos);

DOBLER, CONRAD – They Call Me Dirty (with Vic Carucci; autobiography);

DONOVAN JR., ARTHUR J. - Fatso; Football When Men Were Really Men (with Bob Drury; Autobiography);

DUFRESNE, JIM – Take to the Air (Pro Football pass Catchers; with photos);

ESKENAZI, GERALD – There wqere Giants in those Days (New York Giants 1954-1963; with photos);

FITZGERLAD, ED – Johnny Unitas (biography); *** (ed.) Kick Off!! (Great Moments in Football; pub. 1948);

FURMAN, JOSH (ed.) - Football Stories (1976);

GELMAN, STEVE – Pro Football Heroes (with photos);

GILDEA, WILLIAM/ TURAN, KENNETH – The Future is Now (biography of Redskin Coach George Allen);

GLASS, BILL – Get in the Game (Autobiography; with photos );

GOODMAN, MURRAY/ LEWIN, LEONARD – My Greatest Day in Football (1949);

GREEN, TIM – The Dark Side of the Game; my Life in the NFL (autobiography);

GUTMAN, BILL – Football's Fantastic Four; Payton, Jones, Haden Dorsett (biographies); *** Great Linebackers #1; Curtis, Buoniconti, Butkus, Lanier (biographies); *** The Great Quarterbacks; Stabler, Kilmer, Bradshaw, Staubach (biographies); *** The Great Quarterbacks #2 ; Kilmer, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Lamonica; ( biographies); *** Sports Illustrated Great Moments in Pro Football (with photos);

HARRIS, DAVID – The League; Inside the NFL (1987);

HERNDON, BOOTON – Football's Greatest Quarterbacks ( biographies);

HIGDON, HAL – Inside Pro Football (Interviews and Analsis; 1970);

HILL, BOB – The Making of a Super Pro (Personal Glimpses of Some of Footballs Greats);

HOLLANDER, ZANDER (ed.) - The Complete Handbook of Pro Football 1985 (with photos); *** The Complete Handbook of Pro Football 1986 (with photos); *** The Complete Handbook of Pro Football 1987 (with photos);

HUTTNER, RICHARD – Super Bowl Highlights (Stories and Stats; with Photos);

ISAACS, STAN – Jim Brown ( biography of 1964; with photos);

IZENBERG, JERRY – Championship; the Complete NFL Title Story (with Photos);

JONES, TERRY – Canadian Pro Football '85 (with photos);

KARRAS, ALEX – Even Big Guys Cry (with Herb Gluck; autobiography)

KIROW, BEAR – Pro Football 1984 (with photos);

KLEIN, DAVE – The Game of their lives (December 1958, New York Giants vs. Baltimore Colts);

KOPAY, DAVID – The David Kopay Story (with Perry Deane Young; Autobiography of Gay Football Player; with photos ); *** Instant Replay; The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer (Autobiography; with photos); *** (ed.) Lambardi; Winning is the Only Thing (Various Memoirs of Lombardi; with photos);

LISS, HOWARD – Football Talk (A to Z on the Basic Rules and Strategy, with illustrations); *** Playoff! (Great Championship Games);

LOMBARDI, VINCE – Run to Daylight! Behind the Scenes with Coach Lombardi; with photos);

MACCABE, EDDIE – Profile of a Pro; the Russ Jackson Story (biography of Ottawa Roughriders Quarterback; with photos);

MADDEN, JOHN – Hey, Wait a Minute (I Wrote a Book) (With Dave Anderson; autobiography); *** One Size Doesn't Fit All (with Dave Andersson; autobiography); *** One Knee Equals two Feet; and Everything Else you Need to Know About Football (with Dave Anderson);

MASIN, HERMAN L. - Football Laughs (1972);

MEGGYESY, DAVE – Out of Their League (Autobiography; with photos);

MERCHANT, LARRY - ... And Ever Day You Take Another Bite (Behind the Scenes; with Photos); *** The National Football Lottery (winning Money on Pro Football);

MORRIS, JEANNIE – Brian Piccalo; a Short Season (biography; with photos);

MORRISON, FRED “Curly”/ LISS, HOWARD – The Strategy of Pro Football (with photos);

NAMATH, JOE WILLIE – I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow ... (with Dick Schaap; autobiography; with photos);

NFL Reprot '80; Official NFL Television Guide (with photos); *** NFL Report '82; Official NFL Television Guide (with photos); *** NFL Report '85; Official NFL Television Guide (with photos); *** NFL Report '86; Official NFL Television Guide (with photos);

NISENSON, SAM – A Handy Illustrated Guide to Football (1949);

OFFICIAL National Football League Guide 1973 (with photos);

OFFICIAL National Football League Record Manual 1972 (Stats); **** OFFICIAL National Football League Record Manual 1973 (Stats); **** OFFICIAL National Football League Record Manual 1975 (Stats);

O'Rourke, Frank *** THE FOOTBALL GRAVY TRAIN (Harlequin #402; cover by Norm Eastman; RARE);

PARRISH, BERINE – They Call is a Game (Expose of the NFL);

PLIMPTON, GEORGE – Mad Ducks and Bears (Autobiography); *** One More July (NFL from 1965 to 1975); *** Paper Lion (Autobiography);

PLUNKETT, JIM – The Jim Plunkett Story; The Saga of a Man Who Came Back (with Dave Newhouse; autobiography; with photos );

PLUNKETT, JOHN J. - 1970 Pro Football Forecast (with Photos);

RAPPOPORT, KEN – Great College Football Rivalries (with Photos);

RENTZAEL, LANCE – When al the Laughter Died in Sorrow (Autobiography);

RESCINITI, ANGELO G. - Super Bowl Victories (with Photos);

RICHTER, ED – The Making of a Pro Quarterback (with photos);

RUBIN, BOB – Football's Toughest Ten (The Ten Most Feared Men in Pro Footbal; Pub 1973; with photos);

SAMPLE, JOHNNY – Confessions of a Dirty Ballplayer (Autobiography);

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STAUBACH, ROGER – First Down, Lifetime to Go (with Sam Blair and Bob St John; autobiography; with photos );

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TATUM, JACK – They Call Me Assassin (with Bill Kushner, autobiography; with photos );

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TWOMBLY, WELLS – Blanda Alive and kICKING (biography of George Blanda; with photos );

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WALKER, GORD (ed.) - CFL 74 Official Yearbook;

WEBER, BRUCE – Inside Pro Football 1991 (with Photos);


ARMOUR, TOMMY – How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time (illx. Lealand Gustavson);

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EDITORS of Golf Digest Magazine – Arnold Palmer (biography; with photos );

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HOGAN, BEN – Power Golf (A Proven Method to Reduce Your Score; illustrated);

LEMA, TONY – Champagne Tony's Golf Tips (with photos); *** Golfers' Gold (An insiders view of Pro Golf and Pro Golfers; with photos);

NICKLAUS, JACK – Play Better Golf: the Swing from A to Z (with Ken Bowden; illx Jim McQueen);

PALMER, ARNOLD – The Arnold Palmer Method (illustrated);

RULES OF Golf Effective 1950 (Royal Canadian Golf Association);

SNEAD, SAM – Natural Golf (illustrated Instructions);


AASENG, NATE – Hockey; You are the Coach (with Photos);

ALBERT, MARV/ FISCHLER, STAN – Ranger Fever (History of the new York Rangers; with Photos);

BATTEN, JACK – Hockey Dynasty (The Inside Story of Conn Smythe's Toronto Maple leafs; with photos);

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BOCK, HAL – Dynamite on Ice; the Bobby Orr Story (biography; with photos ); *** Hockey '75 Stars and Records (with photos); *** Save! Hockey's Brave Goalies (biographies of Sixteen Greatest Goalies; with photos );

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CHERRY, DON – Grapes; a Vintage View of Hockey (with Stan Fischler; Hockey Memoirs);

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ESPOSITO, PHIL AND TONY – The Brothers Esposito (with Tim Moriarity; autobiography; with photos );

FACE-OFF '74 – '75 (with photos);

FACE-OFF '75 – '76 (with photos);

FISCHLER STAN – All Time Hockey Trivia Book (pub. 1979); *** Amazing Trivia From the World of Hockey (pub. 1983); *** Bobby Clarke and the Ferocious Flyers (with Photos); *** Bobby Orr and te Big Bad Bruins (biographical); *** Gordie Howe (biography; with photos ); *** Hockey Stars of 1969 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1971 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1972 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1973 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1974 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1975 (with photos); *** Hockey Stars of 1976 (with photos); *** Phil Esposito (biography); *** Strange but True Hockey Stories (pub. 1971); *** The Zany World of Hockey (pub.; 1979);

FITKIN, ED – Come On Teeder! (biography of Ted Keddedy; Castle Pub. 1950); *** Footloose in Hockey (Stories of Hockey Stars; Castle Pub.; No Date);

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GUTMAN, BILL – The Hockey Explosion (The Growing Popularity of Pro Hockey; pub. 1973);

HANKS, STEPHEN – Wayne Gretzky ( biography; with photos);

HOCKEY '76-'77 (with photos);

HOCKEY '77-'78 (with photos);



*** The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1984 (with photos);

**** The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1987 (with photos);

**** The Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey 1988 (with photos);

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HOUSTON, WILLIAM – Ballard (biography of Harold Ballard; with photos);

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IIHF, Official Yearbook 79-80 (with photos);

IMLACH, PUNCH – Hockey is a Battle (with Scott Young; autobiography; with photos);

IRVIN, DICK – The Habs; an Oral History of the Montreal Canadiens 1940-1980 (with photos);

JONES, TERRY – The Great Gretzky (biography; with photos);

KAYE, ALLAN / McKEEVER, MICHAEL – Hockey Card Price Guide; the Confident Collector (with photos);

LEAH, VINCE – Manitoba Hockey, a History (100 Years of Manitoba Hockey; with photos);

LUDWIG, JACK – Hockey Night in Moscow (Canada vs. Russia, 1972 Series; illx. Aislin);

McFARLANE, BRIAN – All-Pro Hockey 83 – 84 (with photos); *** All-Pro Hockey 84 – 85 (with photos); *** All-Pro Hockey 85 – 86 (with photos); *** Everyting You've Ever Wanted toKnow aabout Hockey (with Photos); **** 50 Years of Hockey (Intimate History of the NHL; with photos); *** Hockey Quiz (1001 Questions and Answers; with photos); *** The Lively World of Hockey (A History of the National Hockey League; with photos);

McGUIRE, TOM (ed.) - The World Almanac Guide to Pro Hockey 1974 – 1975 (with photos);

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O'BRIEN, ANDY – Fire-Wagon Hockey; The Story of the Montreal Candiens (with photos); *** Superstars; Hockey's Greatest Players (with photos);

OFFICIAL Rule Book of the National Hockey League (pub. 1960);

ORR, BOBBY – Orr on Ice (with Dick, Grace; Instructional; with photos);

PARK, BRAD – Play the Man (with Stan Fischler; Memoirs; with photos);

THE PROFESSIONAL Hockey Handbook (pub. 1970); **** THE PROFESSIONAL Hockey Handbook 1971-72; *** THE PROFESSIONAL Hockey Handbook 1972-73; *** THE PROFESSIONAL Hockey Handbook 1973-74;

PROUDFOOT, JIM – NHL PRO Hockey '81-'82 (with photos); *** NHL PRO Hockey '82-'83 (with photos); *** NHL PRO Hockey '83-'84 (with photos); *** NHL PRO Hockey '85-'86 (with photos);

SALMING, BORJE – Blood, Sweat and Hockey (with Gerhard Karlsson; autobiography; with photos);

SANDERSON, DEREK – I've Got to Be Me (with Stan Fischler; autobiography);

SCHULTZ, DAVE – the Hammer, Confessions of a Hockey Informer (with Stan Fischer; autobiography; with photos);

SELKE, FRANK J. - Behind the Cheering (with Gordon Green; autobiography);

SINDEN, HARRY – Hockey Showdown; the Candada – Russia Hockey Series (Memoirs of 1972 Series; with photos);

SLOMAN, LARRY – Thin Ice; a Seaso in Hell with the New York Rangers (Pub. 1983);

SMYTHE, CONN – If You Can't Beat 'en in the Alley (with Scott Young; Memoirs of the NHL; with photos);

VIPOND, JIM – Gordie Howe; Number 7 (biography; with photos);

WHITEHEAD, ERIC – A Hockey Legend “Cyclone Taylor” (biography; with photos);


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ALEXANDER, BOB – Benchwarmer's Sports Trivia (Various; 1978);

ANDRETTI, MARIO – What's It Like Out There? (Car racing; with Bob Collins; Autobiography; with photos);

THE ARGOSY Book of Sports Stories (various; Rogers Terrill (ed.); 1954);

ASHE, ARTHUR – Off the Court (Tennis, with Neil Amdur; autobiography; with photos);

ATHLETIC Handbook with Rules (Various 1942); **** ATHLETIC Handbook with Rules (Various 1965);

BARRETT, TOM – Darts (Darts; Rules and History; with photos);

BEHME, BOB – Handbook of Snowmobiling (with Photos);

THE BIKE BOOK (Illustrated);

BORTSTEIN, LARRY – Great Racing Drivers (Car Racing; biographies of Race Drivers);

BOYCOTT, GEOFF – Put to the Test (Crickett, autobiography; with photos);

BROWN, LYLE – Sports Quiz (Various; 1954);

CANADA 1972 XX Olympiad, Munich, Germany (Olympics; Athletes biographies; with photos

CANAIAN Volleyball Annual and Rule Book 1971 – 1972;

CHEERLEADING AND Baton Twirling (Illustrated);

CHESTER, DAVID – The Olympic Games Handbook (Olympics; history of the Games; with photos);

COE, SEBASTIAN – Running Free (Running; with David Miller; autobiography; with photos);

COHEN, CARL – Sports Great of the'70s (Various; with photos);

COHEN, DANIEL & SUSAN – Wretling Superstars (with Photos); *** Wrestling Superstars II (with Photos);

COMPLETE Guide to Tennis (Tennis; Consumer Guide pub. 1975 with photos);

COSELL, HOWARD – Cosell (Autobiography; with photos); ** Great Moments in Sport (Various; Career Highlights); *** I Never Played the Game (Autobiography);

CURLING at a Glance (Instructions and Rules);

CUTHBERTSON, TOM – Anybody's Roller Skating Book (with Photos); *** Anybody's Skateboard Book (with photos);

DALEY, ROBERT – Cars at Speed; The Grand Prix Circuit (Auto racing; illx, George Janes);

DAVIS, MAC -Sports Shorts (Astonishing and Strange But True);

DIXON, PAHL/ DIXON, PETER – Hot Skateboarding (Instructional with photos);

DIXON, PETER L. - The Complete Book of Surfing (with photos); *** Men Who Ride Mountains (Surfing; with photos); *** The Silent Adventure (Scuba Diving; with photos); *** Soaring (An Introduction to Motorless Flight; with photos);

EARNEST, DON – The Backpocket Bicycle Book (Fixing, Riding and Buying; with photos);

EDELMAN, SCOTT – Texas Rattlesnake (Wrestling; biography of Steve Austin; with photos);

FARRELLY, MIDGET/ McGREGOR, CRAIG – How to Surf (Surfing; withphotos);

FOYT, A.J. - A.J. (with William Neely; Autobiography; with photos);

FRIEDBERG, ARDY – My Greatest Day in Sports (Various);

GAULT, CLARE & FRANK – How to Be a Good Soccer Player (illx. Toni Goffe);

GELMAN, STEVE – Young Olympic Champions (biography; with photos; Pub. 1968);

GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT/ WOHL, GARY – The Greats of Soccer; Beckenbauer, Rote, Banks, Best (biography);

GOULD, DICK – Tennis, Anyone? (Instructional; with photos);

GRANATELLI, ANTHONY-They Call Me Mister 500 (Auto Racing; Autobiography; with photos);

GREEN, GEOFFREY – Soccer; The World Game (History; with photos);

GREEN, LEE – Sportswit (Various; quotes, quips and retorts);

GREENE, NANCY- An Autobiography (with Jack Batten);

GROMBACK, JOHN V. - The 1964 Olympic Guide (History); *** Olympic Cavalcade of Sports (History; with photos; 1956); *** The Olympics 1960 Editions (History; 1960);

GUINNESS – Book of Olympic Records (With Photos; 1967); **** Book of Olympic Records (With Photos; 1976); **** Book of Olympic Records (With Photos; 1976 Winter Games Results); **** Book of Olympic Records (With Photos; 1984); **** Book of Olympic Records (With Photos; 1988); **** Sports Record Book (With Photos; 1972); **** Sports Record Book (With Photos; 1974);**** Sports Record Book (With Photos; 1977);**** Sports Record Book (With Photos; 1979);**** Sports Record Book (With Photos; 1980);**** Women's Sports Records (With Photos; 1980);

GUTMAN, BILL – Strange and Amazing Wrestling Stories (with photos);

HARDWICK, RICHARD – Skin and Scuba Diving (Instruction; with photos);

HARMON, TOM – Book of Sports Information (1001 Quizzes of Various Sports);

HAWTHORN, MIKE – Champion Year (Aurobiography of 1958 AutoRacing Year; with photos);

HOCH, PAUL – Rip Off thee Big Game (The Explotatioin of Sports by the Power Elite);

HOLLANDER, ZANDER- Amazing But True Sports Stories (with photos); *** (ed.) The Complete Handbook of the Olympic Winter Games 1980 Lake Placid (with photos); *** with SCHULZ, DAVID – The Illustrated Sports Record Book (with photos; 1987); *** More Amazing But True Sports Stories (with Photos); *** with SCHULZ, DAVID – The Sports Nostalgia Quiz Book (1975);

HONIG, DANIEL – How to Bike Better (Bicycling; illx. Jack Eckstein);

HUNTER, JIM-A Man Against the Mountain (Sking; autobiography);

KING, BILLIE JAN – Billie Jean (Tennis; with Kim Chapin; autobiography; with photos);*** Billie Jean King's Secret of Winning Tennis (with Joe Hyams; Instructional; with photos); *** Tennis to Win (with KimChapin; Guide to Shot Making and Strategy);

KIRSCHNER, ALLEN (ed.) - Great Sports Reporting (Stories about Various Sports Greatest Stories);

KIRKLEY, GEORGE W. - Weight Lifting and Weight Training (with photos);

KOPPETT, LEONARD – Guide to Spectator Sports (Rules and Strategies in Various Sports; with photos);

KUPECKY, JERE/ MARLIN, JEFFREY – 1980 Winter Olyympic Action Guide (with Photos);

LICHTENSTEIN, GRACE – A Long Way, baby (TheInside Story of the Women in Pro Tennis; with photos);

MAGNUSSEN, KAREN (with Jeff Cross; Figure Skater's Autobiography; with photos);

MARDER, TERRIN – Tennis Basics (1973; Petersen Mini-Manual - Spotlite Booklet #681; 68 pages including covers; Instructional; with photos & illustrations; VG = $8);

MASIN, HERMAN L. (ed.) - Sports Laughs (Various Anecdotes);

McTAGGART, LT.-COL. M.F. - The Art of Riding (Concise Handbook for Beginners and Advanced Horsemen; with photos);

MENKE, FRANK G. - The Encyclopedia of Sports (The “Bible” of All Sports);

MINNESOTA FATS - “Minnesota Fat” on Pool (Complete Guide for the Pool Enthusiast);

MICHENER, JAMES A. - Sports in America (History);

NASH, BRUCE/ ZULLO, ALLAN – The Sports Hall of Shame, Young Fans Edition (with photos);

NAVRATILOVA, MARTINA – Martina (Tennis; with George Vecsey; with photos);

THE NEW York Times Official Sports Record Book 1967 (with photos);

THE NEW York Times Official Sports Record Book 1968 (with photos);

NISENSON, SAM – A Handy Illustrated Guide to Bowling and Duck Pins (1949);

THE OFFICIAL Associated Press Sports Almanac 1974 (with photos);

THE OFFICIAL Associated Press Sports Almanac 1975 (with photos);

THE OFFICIAL Associated Press Sports Almanac 1978 (with photos);

OFFICIAL Standard Sports Dimensions (Pamphlet; A.J. Reach, Wright and Ditson);

OLNEY, ROSS R. - Daredevils of the Speedway (History of the Indianapolis 500; with photos);

OWENS, Jesse; the Man who Outran Hitler (with Paul Neimark; Runner's autobiography);

PARKER, DAN – The ABC of Horse Racing (How to Lose as Little as Possible);

PEPE, PHIL – Winners Never Quit (various Biographies of Sport Stars who Overcame Obstacles.);

PRATT, J. LOWELL – Sport, Sport, Sport (Various; Informal biographies);

PUTNAM, WILLIAM LOWELL – A Climber's Guide to the Interior Ranges of British Columbia North 1975 (Mountain Climbing; with photos and maps);

PUTNAM, WILLIAM LOWELL/ KRUSZYNA, ROBERT/ JONES, CHRIS – Climber's Guide to the Rocky Mountains of Canada North 1974 (Mountain Climbing; with photos and maps);

RAINE, AL -Sking with Al Raine (Instructional; illustrated);

RAVELLE, LOU – Body Building for Everyone (Instructional; with photos);

RICE, GRANTLAND – The Tumult and the Shouting (Sports Writers autobiography);

RICHARDS, BOB – The Heart of a Champioin (Various biographies);

RIGGS, BOBBY – Court Hustler (Tennis;with George McGann; autobiography);

RIPLEY'S Believe It or Not! Sports Oddities (illustrated);

ROSS, GORDON(ed.) - The Gillette Book of Cricket and Football (Cricket and Soccer Histories; with photos);

RUDOLPH, WILMA – Wilma (Runner's Autobiography; with photos);

THE SATURDAY Evening Post Sport Stories (Red Smith (ed.); 1950);

SCALZO, JOE – Evel Knievel and Other Daredevil (biographies);

SCHAAP, DICK – The Perfect Jump (Long Jumper Bob Beamon biography; with photos);

SEAGRAM'S Sports Almanac (A Manual of Interesting Facts About the Leading Sports; 1955);

SEWELL, ALBERT- The Observer's Book of Association Football (Soccer; History and Club Guide; with photos; 1972);

SHECTER, LEONARD – The Jocks (The Seamier Side of Pro Sports);

SILVERMAN, AL (ed.) - Best From Sport (Sport Magazine's 15th Anniversary Anthology);

SINCLAIR, IAN – Tenpin Bowling (Instructional; illustrated; pub. Four Square 625; 1962);

SMITH, HARVEY – Harvey (Show Jumper and Wrestler's Autobiography; with photos);

SMITH, RED – The Best of Red Smith (The Best of His Columns; illx. Willard Mullin);

STEEN, DAVE/ CRAIG, JOHN – Canada's Olympic Chances (1976);

STERN, BILL – Favorite Sport Stories (150 True Stories);

STEWART, JACKIE – Faster: a Racer's Diary (Auto Racing; with Peter Manso; Autobiography; with photos);

STUMP,AL – The Champion Breen (Behind the Scene Struggles of Sports Greatest Heroes);

SYLES, SHOWELL – The Arrow Book of Climbing (Mountain Climbing; Instructional; with photos);

SUGAR, BERT RANDOLPH/ NAPOLITANO, GEORGE – The Pictorial History of Wrestling (with photos);

SULLIVAN, GEORGE – Great Sports Hoaxes (1983);

TALENTINO, JIM – Free Agents (How Various Athletes Found God.);

TEMPLE, CLIFF – Nadia Comaneci (Gymnastics; biography; with photos);

THOMPSON, AL – A Complete Guide to Snorkel and Skin Diving (with photos);

VEECK, BILL – 300 Tons a day (with Ed, Linn; Jockey's autobiography);

WATERMAN, FRANK – Swimming (Instructional; illustrated);

WATSON,KEN – Curling to Win (Curling Instructional);

WEBER, BRUCE – TV Olympics Program Guide (1980; with photos); *** Weird Moments in Sports (illx. Howard Katx);

WOOLF, BOB – Behind Closed Doors (Agent's Behing the Scenes Look at Contracts in Sports; with photos);

YOUNG, DERRICK – The Ten Greatest Races (Foot Races);


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