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(A) - UK British War, Mystery, Western & Misc.

(B) - Miscellaneous Comic Digests

**** A ****


#3 (September/ 1969; Tiger Trap); #4(September/1969; At Gunpoint);; #5 (October/ 1969; Voodoo!); #6(October/1969; Taken for a Ride!); #7 (November; Wall of Death);


#21 (1960; U-Boat Hunters; VG/FN = $15.00); #69(Seafire); 145(Winged Fury), 150(One-Way Ticket), 194 (Wings O' War); 211 (Bombs Away!); 212 (633 Squadron); 303(Find and Engage); 304 (The Mark of Doom); 389 (Battler Britton and the War Criminal); 427(Bandits High!); 455 (Nightmare Spin); 499(The Gipsy's Warning);

Holiday Special (1970); (1972);


#2 (Who Dares, Wins);

**** B ****


28 (Proud Heritage); 92 (One Man's Glory); 218 (Forbidden Glory);

(1966)( Issues in Stock, between #237 - 899);

#237(Ball of Fire); 258(The Deadly Fish); 261(Roll of Traitors); 263(Desert Prize); 264(Spirit of Defiance); 281(Sabotage Unlimited); 283(The Shadows are Hostile); 284(Gun Duel); 413(Prize of War); 461 (U-Boat's Grave); 475 (Captain Stingo); 487 (Death List); 490 (Fire One); 495 Dangerous Constant); 519 (Rescue Tug); 553 (Blood Sport); 623 (Crete in Flames); 629 (Duel in the Sky); 633 (The Executioner); 643 (Seeds of Panic); 658 (Attack!); (Breach of Trust); 710 (Last Ditch);711 (Mission Completed); 713 (Tank Crew); &15 (False Colours); &16 (The Tall Shadows); 717 (Lost Jungle); 721 (Honour Bound); 722 (A Truce with Death); 723 (Winner-Loser); 724 (Escort); 725(Macey's Mob); 726 (The Highest Standard); 727 (Nightmare Mission); 732(Fear is the Enemy); 735(Jungle Lifeline); 737(The Wild Unknown); 739 (The Trouble Sea); 740 (Raider Alert!); 743 (Sea Commando); 744 (High Vendetta); 753(Penal Squadron); 754(Never Say Die); 755(Colonel Decoy); 756 (The Bridge at Verano); 759(Last of the Gladiators); 761 (The Curse of 85th); 764 (Tower of Strength); 767 (The Last Move); 812(Dealine at Dawn); 815(The Duel); 816(Map of Treachery); 817(Fighting Eagles with Battler Britain); 818(Tough Guy); 820(Brush with Death); 821 (Rogue Lancaster); 822(Double Image); 823(Jungle Green);824(The Blind Eye); 826(Mosquito Squadron); 828(The White Flag); 834(Murder Charge); 836(Stop for Nothing!); 837(The Ugly Ducking); 838(Marooned!); 839(A Debt is Paid); 840(The Fire-Eaters); 844(Under Siege); 845(Shot in the Dark); 846(Fire All guns); 849(Terror Strikes); 850(Wings Over the Navy); 852(Blast Bomb); 854(Guns of Sorrella); 856(Up Periscope); 858(The Gallant Few); 861(Daggers Drawn); 864(Day of Judgement); 868(Night Hawks); 869(Broken Jinx); 870(High Courage); 874(Radio Silence); 876(Four of a Kind); 877(Pirates with Wings); 885(Into the Darkness) 886(A Deadly Sting); 888(Tinfish with Wings); 890 (Hold that Flank!); 891(Up in Arms); 892(Sky Warriors); 893(Who Dares, Wins); 894(The Survivors); 895(Call of the Sea); 897 (Sudden Death); 898 (D-Day Alliance);

BATTLE PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between # 900 - 997);

900(Tide of Conquest); 903(A Load of Dynamite);905(Broken Truce); 906 (The Final Proof); 907(Song of Hate); 909(Lethal Plunder); 910(War Smoke);915(Deadline heroes); 916(Roar of Defiance); 917(Finger of Suspicion); 918(Gremlin Squadron); 919(Blood and Thunder); 921(Ghost Rockets); 928(Rival Aces); 929(The Man Who Died); 930(Forewarned - Forearmed!); 934(The Full Treatment); 936(Taught to Kill); 938(The Conflict Within); 939(Suicide Squadron); 941(Borrowed Time); 945(The Last Jump); 946(Top the death); 947(Sitting Duck); 948(Paly Havoc); 949(Fortress Command); 950(Desert Wings); 952(The Angry Skies); 953(The Inferno); 954(Cut Off!); 955(Target Ahead!) 956(Turn of the Tide); 957(Frontline Deadline); 958(Ace of Cowards); 959(Cry Quits); 960(Mission to Tokyo); 962(Runaway heroes); 963(U-Boat Hunters); 965(The Hard Way); 966(Landfall - Russia); 968(Bale Out!); 971(Brand of Courage); 977(Knight's Cross); 978(Ship Buster); 979 (Flying Squad); 981(Burma Guerilla); 984(Close Contract); 986(Tiger in the Sky); 990 (Mortal Enemy); 991 (Forbidden Target); 994(Broken Swastika); 997(Clipped Wings);

BATTLE PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between # 1000 - 1326);

1000(The Secret Enemy); 1001(The Fiery Cauldron); 1004(Night Bomber) 1010(The Iron Cross); 1011(Hard to Kill); 1014(Checkpoint); 1015(E-Boat Alley); 1016(Bolt from the Blue); 1018(Zone of Conflict); 1019(Killer Sub); 1020(War in the Air); 1021(The Real Enemy); 1022(End of the Line); 1023(The Buccaneers with Battler Britton); 1024(Rage to the Rhine); 1025(Glory Boy); 1028 (Blockade Runner); 1031(Stand Up and Fight); 1033 (Landslide); 1037(Killer at Large); 1039(Atlantic Patrol); 1041(Theirs the Glory); 1043(Spy in the Sky); 1049(Distress Signal); 1056(Ordeal by Fire); 1057(Strike Dead); 1059(Wings of the Fleet); 1965(Private War); 1067(Identity Unknown); 1068(A Taste of Glory); 1091(Bombs Gone!); 1101(Soldier Breed); 1105(Old Enemies); 1107(Desert Strike); 1111(Mosquito Mission); 1116(Dawn Attack); 1118(The Law of the Jungle); 1120(Duel at Dawn); 1121(Danger Zone); 1125(Winged Commando); 1131(Seize - and Hold); 1132(Top Priority); 1147 (Volcano); 1148(The Spark of Anger); 1150(Red Beach); 1152(The Vicious Circle); 1160(Dangerous Intruder); 1166(Action this Day); 1169(The Guns of Tournebeek); 1181(Crash Dive); 1183(The Hoodoo Bomber); 1214(Bomb-Run); 1220(Rough Passage); 1223(To the Victor); 1227(Flying Junkheads); 1229(Viper's Nest); 1239(Foxhole Glory); 1240(Divided Destiny); 1242(Dive-Bomber); 1244(Heat of Battle); 1262(Strike Terror); 1289(Death Patrol); 1290(One Survived);1294(Ship O' the Line); 1324(The Iron Whale); 1326(One Cause - One Victory);

Holiday Special (Vol.1) 1968; 1972; 1973;

1448 (Assault Group); 1520 (Jungle Bridgehead); 1550 (The Iron Fusiliers); 1559 9High Explosive); 1561 (Hold the Pass); 1562 (Mailed Fist); 1564 (The Cold War); 1573 (Grounded!); 1575 (Outlaw Tank); 1598 (Mark of Respect); 1650 (Blood Ridge); 1668 (Gun Deck);


#5(Enemy Agnet); 6(A Chance to Die); 7(Tracks of a Killer); 8(Collision Course); 9(Danger Man); 17(The Hand of Fate); 25(Cottonwool Commandos); 26(Last Ditch); 28(Foxhole Glory); 29(Call to Arms); 30(Crack of Doom); 32(Suicide Squad); 33(D-Day Deadline); 34(Unknown Hero); 72(The Taste of Fear);


#602 (February 12/ 1937; Chums of the Islands by Charles Hamilton);

**** C ****


#216 (6/1/1938; Dreadnought Donovan the Wiliest Man in the Legion by Donald Dane); #219 (3/3/1938; The Flying Outlaw by Donald Dane);#223 (5/5/1938; Husky & Co the Toughest Trio of the Turf by Cecil Fanshaw) #231 (1/9/1938; The Down-But-Not-Out Rangers by John Marshall) #244 (2/3/1939; Don Sabre - The Desert Robin Hood by Edwin Dale);


#9(Pursuit Corps); 375 (Traitor at Large); 385(Ashes of War); 605(Forward Allies); 623 (Life Belongs to Them); 624 (Important Objective); 644 (The Devil Himself); 645 (Escape from Terror); 647 (Frightened to Death); 704 (Virtue in War); 706(Complete Failure); 739(Courage and Distinction); 740(Traitor or Hero); 751(Nominated for Mission); 765(Once and for All); 771(Bold Attempt); 1082(Jungle Saboteurs); 1984(The Last Frontier); 1094(Gallant Adversary); 1095(The Battle of Toka)

COMMANDO - War Stories in Pictures (D.C. THOMPSON & CO, LTD Pub); ( Issues in Stock, between # 7 thru #700);

>>> Average weight for Postage Purposes = 55 Grams;

#344(Attack and Destroy; G/VG $5); #362 (Forgotten Few);

#363(Jungle Phantom; 1968; VG $6); #396(Spy Trap; 1969; VG $6);

#401 (Terror Team; 1969; FN $7); #403(River of No Return; 1969; G/VG $4);

#463(Midnight Menace; 1970; VG $5); #490(Six of the Best; 1970; VG/FN $6); #513(Phantom Pilot);

#515(Jungle Duel; 1970; FN $6); #531 (Tank Buster Ace);

#555(Sky Drop); #556(Two Men Went to War...; 1971; VG $4); #565 (Zero Smasher - Ace of the South Pacific);

#577 (Soldier from Space); #587(Jump - or Die!);

#605(Hi-Jack!); #610(Company of Heroes);#625(Attack by Night);

#630(None So Brave); #631 (Sudden Death);

#633 (Last Chance for Glory);#642 (The War Devil);#644(Sands of Doom); #651(Doorway to Danger);

#655 (Portrait to Death); #658 (Silver Ghost); #659 (Killer Gun);

#663 (Scourge of the Desert); #664 (Attack! Attack!); #665 (Stone of Blood); #668 (Fight to the Finish); #681(Beware the Wolf); #686(Typoon Strike);

#692 (Night of Vengeance); #696 (Suicide Mission);

COMMANDO - War Stories in Pictures (D.C. THOMPSON & CO, LTD Pub); ( Issues in Stock, between # 701 thru #1048);

>>> Average weight for Postage Purposes = 55 Grams;

#707(Black Ace); #710(Boy Hero); #716(Battle for Burma); #724(Abandon Ship!; 1972; G $3);

#724(Abandon Ship!; 1972; FN/VF $6); #726 (North to Danger); #727(Dead of Night); #729(Bring on the Tanks!); #730(Son of a Traitor);

#747(Fighting Fury!); #748(Week-End Warriors);

#751(Burma Johnny); #753(Castle Sinister); #754(Secret Agent); #755 (Jungle Sniper); #757 (Pirate!);

#758(The Cage); #760(Ten Days to Live); #761(The Heroes of San Marco);

#763(The Desperate Hours);

#766 (Roaming in the Gloaming); #771(Giant-Killer);

#772(The Circus Went to War); #780 (Big Gun); #783(Lone Eagle);

#793 (Nerves of Steel); #799(Jungle Fighter); #803(The White Feather);

#809 (Brand of Hate);

#836(Nothing but Trouble!); #839(The Silver Spitfire); 850(Danger in the Deep);

#853(Corporal Courage); #854(Enemy Skies); #855(Floating Fortress); #858(Medal for a Coward);

#860(Massacre at Mendhi Pass); #861 (Strike by Night);

#862(Suicide Island); #863(Space Pilot); #864(Counter-spy); #881(Fire of Fear); #891(Hong Kong Hooky); #904 (Launch the Longship!); #905(Sub-Chaser);

#908(Danger all the Way); #909(U-Boat Hero); #911(Flying Flea);

#913(Walrus to the Rescue!);

#920(Project “Doomsday”); #930(Cave of Secrets); #935(Stringbag Ace); #939(Flying Phantom);

#940(The Little Ships); #955(... And One was Traitor);

#964(Demons of Darkness); #967(Clash of Eagles); #972(Run for Your Life);

#974(Three... Two... One... Zero!); #975(Jet Menace);

#977 (O for Orange); #978(Riders of Terror); #979(Walrus Patrol); #982(The Cop who Went to War);

#986 (Desert Treachery); #990(Rogue Sub);

#992(One Man and his Goat...); #996(The Lance-Corporal); #998(Hurricane Fury); #999(Desert Warrior); #1000(Traitor From the Sky);

#1002(On the Run); #1003(Night Ace);#1016(Vanishing Trick);

#1018(Danger Ahead);

#1036(Danger in the Hills); #1038(One-Way Ticket);

#1043(The Human Torpedo); #1045(Wings of the Army);

#1048(Coward in Command); #1099(Dangerous Dawn); #1108 (Fight to the Last);

COMMANDO - War Stories in Pictures (D.C. THOMPSON & CO, LTD Pub); ( Issues in Stock, between #1115 thru #1449);

>>> Average weight for Postage Purposes = 55 Grams;

#1116(Burning Skies); #1123(The Fighting Few);

#1135(No Time for Fear!); #1150(Sea Dragon); #1164(Ground Attack);

#1168( Thunderbolt!); #1174(Wiley's Warbirds); #1182(Colours of Courage); #1187 (Jonah in the crew); #1198(Doomed Squadron);

#1207(Lair of the Leopards); #1248(Curtain of Fire); #1249(Raise the Alarm!);

#1257(Jinx Gunner); #1265(Bad Company); #1275(Cossack); #1276(Operation Eagle); #1279(The Fugitives);

#1281(Hit and Run); #1283(The Sword Shall Decide); #1286 (Trail of Destruction);

#1287(Strike Swift – Strike Sure); #1289 (The Ghosts); #1290(A Nice Quiet Island); #1313(He Can Not Kill);

#1327(Hail of Steel); #1329(One False Move...); #1330(Forward the Guns); #1373(The Champions); #1375(Stolen Spitfire); #1376(The Survivor); #1377(Spearhead);

#1384(Brothers - In - Arms);

#1386(Breakout!); #1387(Dressed to Kill...); #1390(The Tank-Men); #1391(Black Arrow);

#1392(dead or Alive!); #1393(One Bad Turn);

#1394(Hunt the Bandits); #1398 (Fangs of Fear); #1399(High-Flying Spy); #1401(Tiger, Tiger!);

#1404(Shooting Star); #1405(men of Action); #1407(A Time for Justice); #1408(Life-Line to Tobruk); #1409(Into Danger!); #1411(The Desperate Men);

#1412(The Hero Was a Fake); #1413(Joker's Justice); #1414(Game of Bluff); #1416(Seek Out the Enemy); #1417(Red Cloak);

#1418(Snow Patrol); #1420(Friend or Foe?); #1421(Last Man Out); #1422(The Fighting Swordfish);

#1423(Nothing Could Stop Him!); #1424(Behind the Lines);

#1425(Hard as Nails); #1426(Sands of Death); #1427(Last Laugh); #1428(Terror of the Japs);

#1429(War of the Fox); #1430(A Soldier's Duty);

#1431(Two Brave Men); #1432(Trapped); #1433(The Fighting Fishermen);

#1435(The Mad Major); #1436( Aces Wild); #1437(New Guinea Gold);

#1438(The Light Bridgade); #1439(Witch-Doctor); #1440(Fire in the Forest); #1441(The Fortunes of War); #1442(Into the Jungle); #1443(Battle Buggy);

#1444(The Hijackers); #1445(Fire-Power!); #1446(Do or Die!); #1447(Roar of the Tiger); #1448(The Bulldog Breed);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1450 - 1499);

1451(Medal for a Mule); of Sergeant Smith); 1456(Danger in the Shadows); 1457(Crossed Swords); 1458(The Long Way Back); 1459(Desert Fox); 1460(Hide and Seek); 1461(Stowaway!); 1462(Fly to Freedom); 1463(Jungle Patrol); 1464(Rocket Raider); 1465(Wings of Hate); 1466(The Man With No Shadow); 1467(Sea Snatch); 1468(Operation Caveman); 1469(Fight or Die!); 1470(Running Scared); 1471(Against All Odds); 1472(Boy's War); 1473(Air Gunner); 1475(Phantom Pilot); 1476(Jungle Duel); 1477(Coward's Battle); 1478(Target-Crete!); 1479(Intruder Squad); 1481(Kali's Warriors); 1482(Act of Courage); 1483(Arctic Ace); 1484(Deat Trap); 1485(The Fake General); 1486(Say Nothing!); 1487(A Race Against Time); 1488(Blood Red Rock); 1489(Crooks in Khaki); 1492(The Night the Tow Rope Broke); 1493(Entry Forbidden); 1494(Deadly Decoy); 1495(Out of the Future); 1496(The Unknown Enemy); 1497(Thunder and Lightning);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1500 - 1549);

1500(Trail Blazers); 1501(Desert Ordeal); 1502(Always a Prisoner); 1503(The Bridge Must Fall); 1504(Treason); 1505(The Face of Courage); 1506 (Shoot-out); 1507(Big Mike); 1508(The Killing Skull); 1509(Deadly Secret); 1510(Sink That Ship!); 1511(Man of Mystery); 1512(Escape from Burma); 1513(The Snow Wolvers); 1514(Hidden Danger); 1519(U-Boat Menace); 1521(The Reckoning); 1522(Die Like a Hero); 1523(The Deadly One); 1524(Suicide Strike); 1525(The Roar of the Guns); 1526(A Sergenat's War); 1527(Secret Cargo); 1529(No Way Out); 1530(Father and Son); 1532(Tank Buster Ace); 1534(Double Exposure); 1536(Defend to the Last); 1538(Devil Fish); 1539(Sea Strike); 1540(Sky Pirate); 1541(Take Any Risk!); 1542(Find the Treasure); 1544(On Target!); 1545(Demolition Squad); 1546(Forward the Tifers!); 1547(valley of Flame); 1548(Find the Traitor);1549(Into the Attack);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1550 - 1599);

1550(The Man Who Killed the General); 1551(The Sharp-Shooters); 1552(Behind Enemy Lines!); 1553(Hold the Bridge!); 1555(Diary of a Hero); 1557(Nowhere to Hide); 1558(Trigger Trap); 1559(Squadron of doom); 1560(Castle in the Jungle); 1561(The Desert of No Return); 1561(The Desert of No Return); 1562(Hunt Them Down!); 1563(The Spy That Never Was); 1565(The Line-Shooter); 1566(Fighting Fool!); 1567(Vulkan Group); 1568(Butterfield's Battle); 1569(The Secret Heroes); 1570(The Treasure of Devil Island); 1571(Trap for a Jap); 1572(Wear a Nazi Jacket); 1573(Legion Vendetta); 1574(Danger in the Jungle); 1575(Shoulder to Shoulder); 1576(Bravery!); 1578(The Will to Win); 1580(Battle Drop); 1581(The Fighting Fugitives); 1582(Convoy Patrol); 1583(None Tougher!); 1584(The Secret of the Desert); 1585(They fought by Night); 1586(Cowards Always Run); 1587(Shoot to Kill); 1588(Grudge Fight); 1589(Beware the Walrus!); 1590(Code of Honour); 1591(Renegade Sergeant); 1593(Danger All Around); 1594(The Flying Avengers); 1596(Sniper!); 1597(Rescue Patrol); 1598(Super Spy);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1600 - 1649 );

1600(Don't Shoot); 1601(Moment of Danger); 1603(Operation Firebrand!); 1604(Upside Down Ace); 1605(Men of War); 1606 (In the Enemy Camp);1607(The Two Deserters); 1608(Spear-Piont); 1609(The Jets From Nowhere!); 1610(The Commando and the Pilot); 1611(Japanese Jinx); 1612(Date with Destiny); 1613(The Secret Torpedo);1615(Take a Chance); 1616(Some Kind of Hero); 1617(Combined Operation); 1618(Enemy City); 1619(The 8.15 to Glory); 1621(Escape to Freedom); 1622(They Called Him Traitor); 1623(Fight Back!); 1624(On Silent Wings); 1625(Crime in the Sands); 1626(Enemies all Around); 1627(Noose for a Hero); 1928(Marked Man); 1629(Jungle Raiders); 1630(A cargo of Gold!); 1631(Desert Mystery) 1632(The Cave of Hercules); 1634(Winners Losers); 1635(Blade of Glory); 1636(Last Chance); 1637(Saved From the Desert); 1638(Time -Bomb); 1639(Traitor to His Country); 1640(Shoot Him Down!); 1641(Free the Wolf!); 1642(Castle of Darkness); 1643(Hun in a Hurri); 1644(The Sands of Fear);1646(Heart of a Lion); 1647(To Catch a Spy...); 1648(Call to Victory); 1649(Winter War);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1650 - 1709 );

1650(Time for Heroes); 1651(The Rifleman); 1652(Mighty Maguire); 1653(A Boy's Hero); 1654(Depth - Charges Awat!); 1655(Death Flies High); 1656(Guns Along the River); 1657(Courage!); 1658(Borrowed Wings);1661(Revenge of the Ruby); 1663(Drive into Danger); 1665 (Mue Train); 1667(River of Death); 1668((Sky of Flame); 1669(The Condor Flies Again); 1670(Missing, Believed Sunk); 1671(On the trail of the Treasure); 1672(Three Times Lucky); 1673(Fear in the Jungle); 1674(Stranded!); 1675(Torpedo Strike); 1676(The Pirates From Sub 13); 1677( It Takes Courage...) 1679(Hunters of the Night); 1680(Find the Raiders!); 1681(Out of the Sun); 1682(Runaway!); 1683(Escape!);1684(Vengeance Squad); 1685(Heroes are Human); 1686(A Fighting Chance); 1687(Desert War); 1688(Island of Mystery); 1689(Fight On!); 1690(Revenge of the Ghost); 1691(Mystery Mountain); 1692(Hijack!); 1693(Never Give Up!); 1694(The Keeper of the Castle); 1695(The Traitor); 1696(Dead Man's Diamonds); 1697(Ratso and the Sergeant); 1703(Someone Must Lead); 1704(Count-Down to danger); 1706(In Enemy Hands); 1707(Swamp of Terror); 1708(Dive After Dark);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1710 - 1749);

1710(Obey Orders!); 1711(The Monster); 1713(The Enemy Within); 1714(Shipwrecked!); 1716(The Haunted Jungle); 1717(Flying High!);1718(The Conquerors); 1719(A man Needs Luck); 1720(Stop The Panzers!); 1721(Their Target - A Traitor); 1722("Take Over Corporal!") 1723(Assassin!); 1724(Attack by Night); 1725(Run, Rabbit, Run!); 1726(Eye in the Sky); 1727(A Man Afraid); 1728(The Warbirds); 1729(A True Hero); 1730(Desert Showdown); 1732(The Black Eagle); 1733(Hunt the Pirates!); 1734(Moving Targets); 1735(The General Goes to War); 1736(Flying Circus); 1737(Twenty Thousand Feet); 1738(Get That Man!); 1940(Buccaneer Bob, R.N.); 1741(The Hawk and the Dove); 1742(Hold the Fort); 1743(Hour of Reckoning); 1744(Tank Killer); 1746(Face the Demon); 1747(Flash-Point!); 1748(The War Devil); 1749(No Mercy);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1750 - 1824);

1750(A Born Leader); 1751(The End of the Line); 1752(Pop's Army); 1753(The Secret War of George Smith); 1754(Mighty Midget); 1755(The Squadron That Wouldn't Die); 1757(Who Needs Luck?); 1758(Find Them, Sink Them!); 1759(The Spoils of War); 1760(Ghost Stuka); 1761(The Golden Eagle); 1762(Soldier of Fortune); 1791(Killer Sub); 1792(Flames of Fear); 1793(Once an Engle); 1794(The Berlin Secret); 1795(The Fighting Major); 1796(The Tin Grasshopper); 1797(Band of Warriors); 1798(Never Say Die); 1799(Somehwere a Traitor); 1800(Glide into Battle); 1801(Film Star Hero); 1802(The Chase Is On); 1803(The Ship Busters); 1804(Bill the Bowman); 1805(Raider on the Prowl); 1806(The Hard Case); 1807(The Strongpoint); 1808(Terror Troops); 1809(Thunderbolt); 1810(Bridge of Fate); 1812(The Warriors) 1820(Fight of the Finish); 1823(Lionheart); 1824(Big Bob and Little Pete);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 1825 - 1918);

1826(Cook-House Heroes); 1827(Where the Action Is!); 1830(When Lightning Strikes!); 1833(The Piot was a General!); 1834(Two of the Bravest); 1835(The Last Gun); 1836(Scarface); 1837(Bomber Crew); 1838(Traiter in the Sky); 1839(Firing Zone); 1840(Unwilling Heroes); 1841(Blood on Their hands); 1842(The Ace); 1843(Dynamite Dan); 1845(Island of Heroes); 1846(Island of Heroes); 1847(The Five Tests); 1848(The Short and the Tall); 1849(In the Shark's Lair); 1852(Wall of Death); 1853(Deadly Marauders); 1855(Spaceman in a Spitfire); 1856(Escape from France); 1857(Stop Them!); 1858(Swamp Strike); 1859(Mustang Patrol); 1860(Battling Brady); 1862 (Ice-Cold Courage); 1863(The Fighting Gipsy); 1864(Spring the Trap); 1866(Scorching Sand); 1869(Enemy from the Deep); 1870(The Hunter and the Hunted); 1872(He Could Not Kill); 1873(Bundy's Secret Weapon);1874(The Sleeping Tiger); 1879(Suicide Mission); 1881(Caught in the Trap); 1885(Heroes and Cowards); 1889(The Private War); 1894(Sergeants Don't Run); 1897(The Fighting Men);1898(Keep Running!); 1904(Target Destroyed!); 1905(Code of the Jungle); 1911(Trail of Treachery); 1912(Killer from Nowhere); 1913(Proved in Battle); 1914(Return of a Hero); 1915(Steel and Sand); 1916(The Curse of Nanga-Jevi); 2264 (Phantom Panthers); 2287(Mountain of Fire);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 2295 - 2449 );

2295(The Hunt Begins...); 2296(His Worship Goes to War);2297(Night of No Return); 2298(Killer Punch!); 2300(Rescue Mission); 2302(Marooned); 2303(Circus at War); 2304(To the Death!); 2305(Nightmare Flight); 2306(The Invisible Warrior); 2307(Jungle Madness); 2308(Riders of Terror); 2309(Phantom of the Ice); 2310(Smash Those Tanks!); 2311(Attack at Zero Feet!); 2312(Mark of a Killer); 2319(Fighting Team); 2321(Sabatage Mission); 2324(Night of Fear); 2341(Fighting Millionaire); 2355(Appointment in Cairo); 2359(Duel in the Snow); 2385(Top Squadron); 2386(Gladiators!); 2387(No Way But Down); 2388(Here Comes Trouble); 2389(Behind Jap Lines); 2390(War Games); 2391(River Pirates); 2392(Ring of Fire); 2393(The Big Push); 2394(Born Lucky?); 2395 (The Gold of Greece); 2396(Convoy Killer); 2397(Deadly Midget); 2398(Days of Fear); 2399(Close Combat); 2400(King of the Sky); 2401(A Trooper's War); 2403(The Flying Blowlamp); 2405(Andy's Armt); 2407(The Legion Breed); 2408(Yankee Destroyer); 2410(Ninja Warrior); 2411(Wagons ... Ho!); 2412(Colours of Courage); 2413(One-Way Warriors); 2414(Headline Heroes); 2415(Shadow of Evil); 2416(A Testing Time); 2417(Doomed to Die); 2418(Spy Hunt); 2419(Prisoners of War); 2421(Field Gunner); 2422(The Battle Bus); 2423(Act of War); 2424(Tiger Hunt); 2426(Lone Warrior); 2427(Sniper Section); 2428(Flak Fever); 2430(They Came from the Sea); 2432(False Heroes); 2433(Death on the Wind); 2434(Nazi Hijack); 2437(Depths of Danger); 2438(The Bomb Gang); 2440(Branded a Coward); 2441(Ghosts from the Deep); 2443(Fight to the Last); 2444(Kill Me if You Can!); 2445(Iron-Cross Yank); 2446(Seconds From death); 2447(The Lost Bomber); 2449(Freedom Run);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 2450 - 2559 );

2450(Flying Viper); 2451(Coward in Khaki); 2452(Revenge of the Shadow); 2453(Very Important Passenger); 2454(Pirate Patrol); 2455(Ivan's War); 2456(At Ground Level!); 2457(The Pony Soldiers); 2458(U-Boat Curse); 2460(The Cairo Secret); 2461(Raid by Night!); 2462(Nazi Fortress);2464(The Pioneers); 2465(The Accused); 2466(Deadly Triangle); 2467(Trail by Combat); 2468(The Diamond Smugglers); 2469(Another Tight Spot...); 2470(Dive and Kill!); 2473(Battle of the Antarctic); 2475(Double Bluff); 2477(Fighting Return); 2539(A Guy Needs Guts); 2540(Beaufighter!); 2541(Fathers and Sons); 2544(The Paras are Here!); 2545(Killer Commando); 2546(Plum's War); 2549(Operation Jailbreak); 2550(Raiders From the Sea); 2551(Starr's War); 2554(Four Volunteers); 2556(Big Friends and Little Friends); 2557(Dagger of Doom); 2558(The Baker Boys); 2559(Warriors of the Wilderness);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 2560 - 2629);

2560(Brotherhood of Evil); 2561(Kill the Fuhrer!); 2562(The Big Game); 2568(Bugle Call!); 2569(Jungle Warriors); 2570(Go Down Fighting!); 2571(The Ship They Couldn't Sink); 2572(Revenge!); 2573(Jungle Manhunt); 2574(Giant Duel); 2576(Channel Clash); 2577(Follow the Drum!); 2578(Treasure Hunt); 2582(Nightmare Mission); 2584(Second Best?); 2587(Jungle Fury!); 2589(Pirates on Parade); 2590(Too Many Heroes); 2592(An Inch From Death); 2593(Strange Allies); 2594(Trouble Trooper); 2595(Hun Bait); 2596(Winged Wolves); 2597(Rag-Tag Army); 2598("Let Me Fly!"); 2599(R.A.F. Commando!); 2600(Hired Guns); 2601(lst-Ditch Defenders); 2602(Spy in the Sky); 2604(Time-Warp Warrior); 2608(Never Volunteer!); 2609(Lone Sniper); 2611(That man's a Menace); 2612(Enemy in Sight!); 2613(Cold Sweat); 2614(Bailey's Raiders); 2615(Guided Missile); 2617(Kidnap!); 2618(Battling Rust-Bucklet!); 2619(The Magic Blade); 2620(Life-Line to Tobruk); 2622("Squadron-Scramble!"); 2623(Warrior Tradition); 2624(Enemy Waters!); 2627(A Bullet for the Major); 2629(Sewer Rat);

COMMANDO ( Issues in Stock, between # 2630 - 3080 );

2630(Miles to Freedom!); 2632(The Lion's Den); 2635(One False Move...); 2636(The Fighting Swordfish); 2637(Death Camp); 2628(Viking Breed); 2639(Safety First); 2640(Grenade!); 2641(Jinx and Jonah!); 2642(Every Kill Counts); 2645 (Squadron Pride); 2646(Renegade Army); 2647(Dead Men's Revenge); 2648(Time to Pay!); 2649(Bad Blood); 2650(Escape Line);2652(Forward the Guns!); 2653(Air Kommando); 2654(Blind Gurkha); 2655(Action Team); 2656(Secret Soldier); 2657(False Glory); 2658(Once a Hero...); 2659(The Camera Never Lies); 2660(Bulldog Breed); 2661(Special Delivery); 2664(Action at Last!); 2708(Intruders Beware!); 2767(Three Times Lucky); 2779(Crossed Swords); 2787(Air Gunner); 2849(Outcasts!); 2915(King Tiger); 2952(Shadow of the Spider); 2956(The Monster); 2958(Riddle of the Kalahari); 2959(deadly Decision); 2960(Born to Battle); 2968(Secret in the Jungle); 3009(Night of Reckoning); 3020(When Time Runs Out); 3022(The Black Boar); 3025(Battle Honours); 3028(Never Say Die!); 3031(Programmed to Destroy); 3047(Evil Ace); 3062(Metcalf's Medal); 3063(Change of Plan!); 3080(Operation "Book-Worm";


# 370(“Fighting Lady”);

*** O ***


#414 (Bad Loser by Ray Bentinck);

**** M ****

The MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. -- World Adventure Library series

(U.N.C.L.E. = United Network Command for Land & Enforcement)

[World Distributors; all SCARCE to RARE; UK British B&W; 5"x7" Digest Comics Magazine; 68 Pages; Based on the USA TV Series; NEW Material NOT seen in USA]

#1 (The Ten Little Indians Affair; G/VG = $35.00);

#4 (The Ten Floating People Affair; FN/VF = $45.00);

**** P ****


#6(Preparing D Day); #25(The Last Fight); #40(Enemy Ghost Patrol); #69(Break Out); #70(Phantom Fighters); #131(Laughing at War); #175(First to Die);

PICTURE STORIES OF WORLD WAR II  (Arthur PEARSON’S Libraries Pub; Cahill & Co Ltd)

- Bandits Over Burma (1961; No Number; FN = $20.00);

- Demons of the Deep (1960; No Number; FN = $20.00);

- Perilous Patrol (1962; No Number; FN = $20.00);

- War After Sunset (1960; No Number; FN = $20.00);

**** S ****


#45 (Rendezvous With Death); #49(By the Sword of Samurai); #67(Men of Courage); #73(Surrender or Die); #118(The Road to Glory); #119(Assignment with Death);


#158 (The Mystery of the Whitehall Bomb by Anthony Parsons); #222 (The Case of L.A.C. Dickson by John Drummond); #520 (5/3/1936; The Secret of the Tong by Hylton Gregory);

**** T ****


#311(Dogfighter Dixon R.F.C.; 1960);


#656 (June/69; Kissin' Cousins); #657 ( June/69; Lover's a Loser); #658 (June/69; Be My Guest); #659 (June/69; Last Time Round); #662 (July/69; One and Two Make Three); #664 (July/69; Danger Date); #665 (July/69; Cool Fool); #667 (July/69; Notice Me!); #668 (August/69; The Cure That Kills); #671 (August/69; Tomorrow Came); #672(August/69; Trouble Stop); #674; September/ 69; Don't Take Me Back!); #676(September/ 69; Only Human); #678 (September/69; Can't Fall in Love); #679(September/69; Go, Go, Girl); #680 (October/69; This is my Life); #681(October/69; Hour of Need);

**** V ****


#110 (Snarl of Battle);

**** W ****

 WAR PICTURE LIBRARY (IPC Magazines Ltd;  Fleetway Library; B&W Comics Digest; London England, UK)

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #1-50);

2 (Wings of Victory); 3(Action Stations); 5(The Ship That Ran Away); 6(For Valour);

8(Wings Over the Navy); 10(Up Periscope); 11(Tracy of Tobruk); 12(Course for Danger); 13(Special Force Burma); 15(No Quarter); 18(Suicide Squardron); 19(The Call of Duty); 21(Airborne); 22(The Invisible Enemy); 24(V 1); 26(Attack and destroy); 27(Battleground); 29(Tank Alert); 30(Soldier of Fortune); 32(Convoy); 34(Fix Bayonets); 35(Full Steam); 37(Fire One); 38(Desert Patrol); 39(Bomb Alley); 40(Pathfinder); 41(Red Cross of Courage); 42(Phantom Force Five); 43(Three-Two-One-Zero!); 44(Raven Over Berlin); 46(Operation Fury); 47( The Green Hell); 49(Broken Wings);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #51-100);

51(Destination Alamein); 52(Air Commando);

54(Umbella in the Sky); 55(The Iron Fusiliers); 56(The crowded Sky); 57(Killer Sub); 60(Gun Deck); 63(Close Range); 64(Breaking Point); 65(Danger Dives Deep); 66(Task Force);

68(Enemy Ebgaged); 69(The Hungry Guns); 70(The Whispering Death); 71(Zero Hour); 72(Bombers Moon); 73(Those in Peril); 74(Front Line); 75(Blood Ridge); 76(They Shall Not Die);78(Aces High); 80(Banzai!); 81(Hell's Mouth); 82(Floating Coffins); 83(McMain's Marauders); 84Strike Squadron); 85(Break-Through); 86(Field of Valour); 87(Colours Flying); 88(Clash of Steel); 89(Blitzkrieg!); 90(Five Seconds to Live); 93(Force of Arms); 94(The Railway of Death); 95(Flash-Point); 96(The Thin Blue Line); 97(Loser Takes All); 98(No Man's Land); 99(Spearhead); 100(Violent Destiny);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #101-150);

101(The Shadow of Death); 102(Desert Furies); 104(Bulldog Breed); 105(Collision Course); 106(Roll of Honour); 107(Death Tool No Side); 108(The Killing Ground); 109(Claws of the Tiger); 110(Badge of Courage); 111(The Red Duster); 112(Ceiling Zero); 113(Attack!); 115The Ranks of the Damned); 117(The Troubled Sea); 118(Heat of Battle) 119(Thunder in the Desert); 120(The Valley of Death); 121(Hell's Hottest Acre); 122(The Savage Island); 123(Vulture in the Nest); 124(Lucky Strike); 125(The Taste of Fear); 126(The Fires of Hate); 127(Divided We Fall); 129(Fire Power); 130(Debt of Honour); 131(Line of Fire); 132(Rapid Fire); 134(Too Tough to Handle); 135(The Roots of Evil); 136(Last Ditch); 137(Cottonwool Commandos); 139(Raw Courage); 140(The Dead Keep Faith); 142(The Scent of Danger); 143(The Tall Shadows); 144(Chain of Command); 146(Missing, Believed Killed); 147(Company of Heroes); 148(The Unexpected); 149(The Sky's the Limit); 150(The Mark of the Eagle);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #150 - 200 );

152(Honour the Brave); 153(Storm Troop); 154(Road From Tobruk); 156(Raider Alert!);158(Paratroop); 159(Ties of Blood); 162(Snarl of Battle); 163(Hell's Heroes); 164(The Last Round); 166(Massacre Mountain); 167(The Brave and the Damned); 169(Crossfire); 170(Foxhole Glory); 172(Suicide Squad); 173(The Warrior); 174(Never Say Die); 175(Finest Hour); 176(The Bridge of Verano); 178(Pact of Death); 179(Shot In the Dark); 180(The Big Game); 182(Devil's Playground); 183(Tower of Strength); 184(Danger No Object); 185(Lost Jungle); 186(The Blood of Heroes); 188(They Also Serve); 189(The Silent Witness); 190(Jungle Aflame); 191(Fight - Or Die!); 192(The Unguarded Hour); 193(Clipped Wings); 194(Sky Troop); 195(Live Bait); 196(Murder Mission); 197(Brink of Danger);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #201 - 250 );

201(Fire-Fight); 202(The Iron Cross); 203(Under Two Flags); 205(Jump to Glory); 206(The Long March); 207(Be Tough, Be Cunning); 208(Taken by Storm); 209(Desert Duel); 210(To the Victor); 211(Comrades in Arms); 212(Sound the Alarm); 213(Where Danger Stalks); 214(Rough Justice); 216(The Last Command); 217(Teeth of the Shark); 218(Strike Silent); 220(The Atlantic Wall); 221(H-Hour); 222(Road to Berlin); 223(Storm in the East); 224(Advance); 225(Surprise and Kill); 226(Rough Passage); 227(Devil's Island); 228(Crash Landing); 229(Trail of the Avenger); 230(A Cage of Tigers); 231(No Retreat); 232(Mission-Survival) 233(Up in Arms); 234(To Strike Again); 235(Ghost Panzers); 236(Lost Commando); 237(Over the Top); 238(Outcast Platoon); 239(Last Man, Last Round); 240(Last Charge); 242(The Secret Enemy); 243(Troubles Squad); 244(The Siege); 245(Blind Judgement); 246(Trail Blazers); 247( The Dark Alflame); 249(The Phantom Sergeant); 250(Shadow of the Eagle);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between # 251-300);

252(Battle Deadline); 253(Man of Action); 254(Hell Run); 257(The Common Foe); 258(Second to None); 259(The Brave and the Bold); 260(Brothers in Arms); 261(Glory Road); 262(Untamed); 263(Nothing to Lose); 264(U-983); 265(Total War); 266(Devil's Tattoo); 267(Primed to Kill); 268(The Hand of Fate);

270(At Batonet Point); 271(No Holds Barred); 272(E-Boat Alley); 273(Dangerous Contact); 274(Sacrifice Supreme); 276(The Winning Round); 277(The Patroit); 279(Strong in Battle); 280(The Last Stand); 281(Shellfire); 282(Due North - to Death!); 283(Counter Attack); 284(Enemy in Sight); 285(Betrayed!); 287(Warrior's Moon); 288(The Hidden Strength); 289(Last Campaign); 290(Finlay's Furies); 291(Mission for Heroes); 292(Undaunted); 293(The Lionhearts); 294(Floating Bomis); 296(The Veterans); 297(Chain Reaction); 299(Long Odds); 300(Trusted Enemy);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #301-350);

301(Doomed Squadron); 302(Flag of Truce); 303(Death or Dishonour); 304( Battle Drill); 305(Thunder Island); 306(At the Kill); 308(The Last Frontier); 309(Phantom Flotilla); 310(Burden of Guilt); 311(Rogue Company); 312(Learn Fast - and Live!); 313(A Stubborn Streak); 314(Code of Honour); 315(Cross for Courage); 316(Honours Even) 317(Last Parade); 318(Landfall); 319(The Firing Squad); 320(Go Out Fighting!); 321(Counter - Stroke); 322(Danger Deep); 323(Passage of Arms); 328(Seeds of Panic); 329(D-Day Deadline); 330(Keep Faith!); 331(Crash Action); 333(The Long Shadow); 336(Deed of Valour); 337(The Sleeping Tiger); 339(Battle Fleet); 340(Final Victory); 341(The Blockhouse); 342(No Escape); 343(Convict Commando); 345(Castle of Blood); 346(Breach of Trust); 347(Too Tough for Sergeants); 348(Unholy Alliance); 349(Spike the guns); 350(Enemy Unknown);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #351-400);

351(The Exiles); 352(Beam Attack); 353(War Without End); 354(The Executioners); 355(The Lost Platoon); 356(Mission Completed); 357(The Highest Standard); 358(Hold to the Last); 359(heartbreak Hill); 360(Without Fear or Favour); 361(The Full Treatment); 362(Colonel Decoy); 363(Thunderflash); 365(Thunder Over Normandy); 366(Winner-Loser);372(A Shot at Random); 373(The Broken Lance); 374(Island of Warriors); 375(The Eagle's Eyrie); 376(The Last Move); 377(Project "Disaster"); 378(Obey - Without Question); 379(China Mission); 381(Shoot Straight!); 382(War Drums); 383(D-Day Alliance); 384(Opposite Sides); 386(Backs to the Wall); 387(Friend of Foe?);390(Tide of Conquest);392(Phantom Raiders); 393(torpedo Attack); 394(the Winning Shot); 395(Strange Heritage); 396(Action - Tanks!); 397(Mistaken Identity); 398(On the Warpath)l 399(United in Battle); 400(Suspicioin);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #401-450);

401(Bruch with Death); 402( Tough Guy!); 404(Double Image); 405(The Duel); 407(The Steel Coffin); 412(Murder Charge); 413(The White Flag); 414(The Iron Forest); 415(Key to Victory); 416(The Last Laugh); 417(Stop for Nothing!); 418(Traverse and Fire!); 419(Daggers Drawn); 420(Devil's Cavldron); 422(Tunnel of Death); 423(Broken Jinx); 424(Marooned!);425(Crash Course); 426(Shoot First...); 427(Blaze of Glory); 428(Battle Strike); #429 (Steelback Johnson; 1968; G/VG = $5); 431(Cue for Action); 432(Crack of Doom); 433(Wings in the Night); 434(Shoulder to Shoulder); 436(Four of a Kind); 438(Heat of Battle); 440(Cry Vengeance); 441(The Lost Cause); 442(A Deadly Sting); 443(Hold That Flank!); 444(Blood on the Sand); 446(Single Combat); 447(Who Dares, Wins); 448(Stone of Evil); 449(Up in Arms); 450(Q-Ship);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #451-500);

451(Tiger Moth); 452(Fight - With Honour); 454(Fortress Command); 455(A Lord of Dynamite); 457(Shock Tactics); 458(The Final Proof); 459(No-One Lives for Ever!); 460(Win or Lose); 461(The Heroes of Dieppe); 462(The Thunder of Guns); 463(Silent Wings); 464(The Conflict Within); 465(Lethal Plunder); 466(Rangers - Advance!); 467(Fire Call); 468(The Price of Glory); 469(Into the Darkness); #472(The Survivors; VF+ 9);

473(Gremlin Squadron); 474(Hit Back); 475(The Blind Eye); 476(Blood and Thunder); 477(Double Trouble); 478(Day of Liberation); 479(Forward to Victory); 480(Storm Centre); 481(Digger Breed); 482(Last of the Line); 483(Forewarned - Forearmed!); 485(Unknown Hero); 486(No Higher Stakes); 488(Courage Beyond Price); 489(The Fatal Mistake); 490(Strange Allies); 491(Fire All Guns); 492(Map of Treachery); 493(Flame of Anger); 494(Nightmare End); 495(Cold Steel - Hot Lead); 496(Prison Commando); 497(Green for Go); 498(Cover of Darkness); 500(Fight On!);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #501-550);

501(Out of Disaster); 503(Into the Breach); 504(Deadline at Dawn); 505(Wolf Pack); 506(Outcast Island); 507(To the Death); 508(Cut Off!); 509(Jungle Green); 510(Next to Kin); 511(Killer Peak); 512(Turn of the Tide); 514(Frontline Deadline); 515(Battle Royal); 516(Hard to Kil); 517(Nightmare Jungle); 519(Runaway Heroes); 520(Cry Quits); 521(The Lonely War); 524(The Hard Way); 525(Hellfire Highway); 526(Varney's Villain's); 528(Explosive Fury); 529(A Medal for Kamyros); 530(Hook, Line and Sinker); 531(Duel to the Death); 532(Yellow Streak); 533(Stalk - and Kill); 534(Jungle Pick-up); 535(Zone of Conflict); 536(Final Objective); 537(The Volunteers); 538(Flying Squad); 540(Deadline Heroes); 541(Into the Fire); 542(Operation Swindle); 543(Forbidden Target); 545(Fortress Europe); 546(Steel Helmet); 547(Sitting Duck); 548(The Real Enemy); 549(These Men are Dangerous!); 550(Desert Legion);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #551-600);551(Shock Troops); 552(On target); 554(Battle Leader); 555(Fighting Miners) 556(The Misfits); 557(Traitor Brand); 558(Those Who Dare); 559(Fortunes of War); 560(The Colours); 561(Treachery Below); 562(Stay of Execution); 563(Hold Until Relieved); 564(Lash of Steel); 565(Danger Zone);568(Terror Troop); 569(Line of Advance); 578(End of the Line); 579(Race to the Rhine); 580(Jungle Patrol); 581(Onslaught); 582(Life or Death); 583(Thick as Thieves); 585(Death's - Head General);587(The Scorpion's Sting); 588(Rule of Tyranny); 589(Flood - Tide); 590(A Taste of Glory); 591(Call of Courage); 592(Danger Ahead); 593(Fighting Command); 594(Honours Even); 595(Viper's Nest); 596(Forest of Fear); 597(The Fortress); 598(The Bogus General) 599(Heroes All); 600(The Lost Leader);

WAR PICTURE LIBRARY ( Issues in Stock, between #601-1249);

601(Old Battle Wagon ); 602(Enemy Coast); 603(Rags of Glory); 604(Trouble-Makers); 605(Close Support); 606(A Fighting Chance); 607(The Doomed); 608(Hue and Cry); 609(Account Settled); #611(Gauntlet of Fire; VF+ $8); 616(False Pretences); 617(Lone Wolf); 618(The Jaws of Death); 620(Rearguard Action); 621(Fortune's Fools); 622(The Massacre); 623(Invasion); 624(Blood Pact); 625(The Liberators); 629(The Island of Guilt); 634(The Lion and the Eagle); 647(Close Contact); 695(Battle Order); 697(Murder Weapon); 725(All or Nothing); 728(Sea Chariots); 735(The Scorched Earth); 742(Gunflash); 744(One Cause, One Victory); 747(Scrambled); 750(Killer Fish); 752(battle School); 754(Jaws of Hell);760(A Wall of Steel); 765(Objective Destroyed); 767 (Dawn Attack); 777 (Strike Power); 783(Red Beach); 788(The Vicious Circle); 797(The Spark of Anger); 798(The Outcast); 803(The Nelson Touch); 809(Open Conflict); 814(Snake Column); 819(Challenge); 822(Safe Conduct); 839(Repel Boarders); 843(Raven's Revenge); 844(On Guard); 847(We Shall Fight!); 848(Battle Group); 850( Duffy's Kingdom); 853(The Crimson Sea); 855(Fire Hazard); 858(Target of Hate); 859(Storm Troop); 860(Bomb-Run); 861(Cargo of Death); 865(Target of Fate); 866(Forced March); 872(Marked for Death); 873(Return of the Hun); 876(Anzio Ambush); 877(Ship O' the Line); 879(Snarl of Battle); 902(The Dead have and Alibi); 905(Doodlebug); 932(The Relic of the Sands); 937(Force X); 941(Die-hard Deserters); 942 (Green for Go); 943(Cover of Darkness); 945(Island Trap); 946(Gun Duel); 952(Gatling Gun); 953 (Raw Deal); 954(Key Weapon); 955(Teeth of Battle); 959(Steel Bats); 961(Hit That Beach!); 967(Flight Deck);971(Panzer Target); 977(Hoodoo!); 991(A Band of Warriors); 992(Battle Stations); 1003(Moment of Truth); 1007(Fight Back to Dunkirk); 1017(Island of Slaves); 1022(The Iron General); 1224(Mission – Survival); 1026(Run Amok); 1027(Skymarker); 1947(Blood Feud); 1049(Pipeline to Peril); 1059(A Force Divided); 1073(Lone Wolf Pilot); 1077(Under Fire); 1100(Raven Over Berlin); 1114(The Call of Duty); 1119(Stand By); 1136(Endless Battle); 1137( The Ship That Ran Away); 1185( Sky Giants); 1227(Sound the Alarm); 1230(The Invaders); 1231(Gunfire); 1232(The Big Drop); 1233(Wing Leader); 1234(Lifeline); 1237(Counter-Strike); 1238(Stand Fast); 1241(Time Fuse); 1242(The Hill); 1243(Fighting Retreat); 1244(Lightning Flash); 1246(The Atlantic Die Hard); 1249(The Hero); 1257(The Phantom Sergeant); 1265(Bombers Moon); 1286(Fortress Gunner); 1305(Run for Cover); 1340(Strike Squadron); 1353(The Flying Fox); 1354(A Tight Spot); 1360(The Broken Link); 1361(The Course of Justice);1362(Hellfire Hill); 1366(One-Way Ticket); 1391(Collision Course);1439(Counter-Stroke); 1442(Fire Power); 1448 (The Unexpected); 1451(The Black Ace); 1465(Line of Fire); 1472(Cottonwood Commandos); 1474(Ram-and Wreck); 1506(Death Run); 1568(Last of the Gladiators); 1592(Bandits one Five); 1598(Tank Buster); 1957(The Whispering Death); 1958((Varney's Villains); 1959 (Burma Guerilla); 1960 (Fighting Blood); 1961(The Fatal mistake); 1962(Fire Trap); 1963(The Face of the Enemy); 1964 (Strong point); 1965 (The Wolf's Lair); 1966 (Operation Swindle); 1968(Forced to Kill); 1969(Cruel Harvest); 1970(The Colours); 1972(Mountain Warfare); 1973(The Waiting Steel); 1990 (The Guns of Tournebeek); 2045(Captain Stingo);

Vol.2 #8(The Cruel Jungle);

Vol2 #21(Those About to Die);

Vol.2 #31(Go Out Fighting!);

Vol.2 #32(The Tall Shadows);

Vol.2 #33(Breach of Trust);

HOLIDAY SPECIAL (1968); (1971); (1973); (1976); (1982);



#10(Call of the Sea; Circa 1990's);

#11(None But the Brave);

#12(The Driving Force);

#13(Battle School);


#67(Men of Courage; 1974);

#118(The Road to Glory);

119(Assignment With Death);


#67 (February/69; Renegades); #68(February//69; Tough Company); #69(March/69; The Trap); #70(March/69; Valley of Death); #71(April/69; False Scent); #72(April/69; Trouble-Shooter); #73(May/69; Hot Money); #74(May/69; Power Keg); #75(June/69; Warrant for Murder); #76(June/69; Broken Peace); #77(July/69; Outlaw Bait); #78; July/69; Gold Fever); #79 (August/69; The Wreckers); #80 (August/69; Mutiny!); #82 (September/ Tularosa Star); #83(October/69; Motive for Murder); #84(October/69; Redskin Blood); #85(November/69; A Man Called Nevada); #86(November/69; The Long Trail West); #87(December/69; Outside the Law); #106 (September/70; Jesse James); 108 (October/70; Kit Carson - Frontier Scout);

************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ************************************************************

(B) - Miscellaneous Comic Digests


#23(Drama At Sea);





#54(Little Plum “Railway Injun”);


#69(Minnie the Minx “Time Traveller”);

#77(Gnasher “Family Tree”);

#80 (Little Plum “Injun Guide”);

#129 (Rasher in “Oinkety Oink”);


#617 (Never Return);

#698(Careful, Yankee!);

#754(Blazing Fire);

#854(Low - Down Lawman; 1981);

#861(Morgan's Marauders);

#866(Extraordinary Man);

#879(face of Stone);

#896(You Coyote!);

#897(Rope for the Judge);

#898 (Killer Hunt);

#904(The Death Train);

#905(The Brave and the Strong);

#906(One Foot in Hell);


#46 (Kit Carson; circa Mid 1950's; G/VG = $14.00);

#56 (Kit Carson; circa Mid 1950's; G/VG = $14.00);

#57(Buck Jones);


#266 (Buck Jones);



#11(The Burrd in “Feeling Seedy!”);

#16(Foxy Versus the Crafty Cockerel);

#18(Bully Beef and Chips “Boxing Chumps”);

#30 (Tricky Dicky in “Magic Circle”);

#32 (Foxy in “Fowl Play”);

#41(Harry and his Hippo Meet the “Hipponotist”);

#46 (Foxy “Chickenitis”);

#55(Desperate Dan Handyman);

#62(Foxy “Nest Boxer”);

#63(Bananaman “National Hero”);

#65 (Korky the cat “Santa Claws”);

#70(Foxy in “Chicken Feed”);

#72(Mitch and his Mummy “Mummy's Boy”);

#91(Ali Ha'Ha and the Forty Thieves in “The Shriek of Arabeee”);

#94(The Hillys and the Billys “Hoe-Down Show-Dowb”);

#96(Korky the Cat's “Fish Farm”);

#104 (Tally-Ho-ho-ho-! With John Squeal and his Hopeless Hounds);


#39(The Grapevine Girl);

#155(The Menace of the Manor; 1976);


#575 (The Kids in Haunted Castle);


#109(Love In Doubt; circa early 1960's);


#36(Mystery of the Manor);


#1 (1966; The March of the Boneless Ones; 68 pages including Covers; VG/FN = $49.00);

PICTURE STORIES (Printed by Overland Productions in USA & Cumberland Newspapers Pty Ltd in Australia for Distribution by Gordon & Gotch in Australia) - #NN (1962; Man From Wells Fargo; Photo Cover Dale Robertson; 68 pages including Covers; G/VG = $12.00);

PICTURE STORY POCKET WESTERN  (World Distributors Pub; UK/British; B&W Comics Digest; 5-1/4" x 7");

#11 (1958; MAVERICK in "Stage West"; WDL Television Heroes; 68 pages including Covers; James Garner & Jack Kelly PHOTO cover; SCARCE; VG = $22.00);

POCKET CHILLER LIBRARY (Top Sellers Pub; UK British HORROR B&W Comics Digest; 68 Pages including covers)

#62(No Date; Circa 1974?; Face in the Fog; ZOMBIE-c; VG/FN = $10.00);

#81(No Date; Circa 1976?; Execution of Sinners; NUDE GIRL in Wheelchair-c; NUDE GIRL in BONDAGE Burning at Stake Splash Page; FN/VF = $14.00);


#7(The Deadly Professor);


#15 (Outlaws Revenge);

#64(He Hung up His Guns);


#153 (Exciting Quiet Holiday; circa early 1960's);


#26 (Spring is for Lovers);


#8(Death and the Moon; 1976);


Space Fiction Adventures in Pictures (D.C. THOMPSON & CO; B&W Comic Digests; 68 pages);

>>> Weight for Postage = 50 Grams each; #11(The Purple Planet; 1979; FN/VF $9); #15(Algol the Terrible; FN/VF $8); #16(The Secret of Soma; VF $9) #17(The Caverns of Korad; VF $9); #18(Abandon Earth...; VF $9); #19(Sinister City; VF $9); #20(The Doomsday Machines; VF $9); #21(Robot Rebellion; VF $9); #22(The Pirates of Vega III; VF $9); #23(Slaveship of Simala; VF $9); #24(Avenging Angel; VF $9); #25(Galactic Shootout; VF $9);

TALES OF TERROR ( FAMEPRESS LTD; M.V. Features Ltd/ Rogan Press; England, UK);

#9 (1966; The Experiment; 68 pages including Covers; FN/VF = $22.00);


#62(Jungle Mystery; 1972);


#236 (Robin Hood);


#59(Gun Runner; 1974);


Holiday Special 1982;


#NN (Jim Bridger Mountain Man”The Highland Hunter”);

#561(The Gold Prospectors);

#562(Fame of the Fastest);

#563(The Golden Scorpion);

#643 (The Rope Awaits; 1981);

#663(He Hung Up His Guns);

#664(Six-Gun Revenge);

#679(Lazy K);


#2(Twisted Trails; 1966);

#5(Outlaw Gold);

#6(Cattle Drive)


#225(Mirage; 1964);


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