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Video Games & Computer Magazines FOR SALE-

AHOY! COMMODORE USERS (Ion International Pub. Inc.) -

1986 (February; Build an Auto-Exec Cartridge);

1989 (January; Fifth Anniversary Special!);

AMIGA ACTION (Interactive Pub. Inc.) -

1991(January); (February); (May); (June); (July);

AMIGA FORMAT (Future Pub.) -

1991(January); (March); (June); (July); (August);

AMIGA WORLD (IDG Communications Pub.) -


1991(February); (March); (May); (June);




1983(June); (August); (September);


1985(July; November);


1988 (June); (August);(October); (November); (December);

1989(January); (February); (March); (April, Mermaid); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September);

ATARI 400/800 SPACE INVADERS (Taito America Corp.) -

1981 (No Number);

ATARI CONNECTION (Atari Pub. Inc.) - 1983 (Summer);



the Book of ATARI SOFTWARE 1983 - Edited by; Jeffrey Stanton, Robert P. Wells & Sandra Rochowansky (347+ Pages; Oversize Trade Paperback; The Book Company Pub.; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Contents = Intro, Games & Entertainment, Busness, Education, Utility Programs, VCS Games, Atari 5200, Atari Hardware, Software Houses, Index; Weight = 790 Grams; RARE = $29.00)

BOOT (Image Media Inc.) -

1998(July-August, #23);

BYTE (Byte Pub. Inc.) -


1978(June); (July); (October);

1979(January); (September);

1980(January); (April); (June);


1990(February); (March); (April);

1992(January); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (October); (December);

1993(January); (February); (June); (July);

1994(May; July);

Castlevania 64 Official Strategy Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo of America; 1999; Good-Very Good; $33.50; C-1230-1)

CD-ROM TODAY (GP Pub. Inc.) -



2004 (March; The Legend of Zelda; Collector;s Edition);

2006 (Winter; 2600+ Cheats);

COMMODORE POWER/PLAY (Contemporary Marketing Inc.) -



COMMODORE MICROCOMPUTERS (Contemporay Marketing Inc.) -

1986(April); (October);

COMMODORE MAGAZINE (Commodore Magazine Inc.) -

1987(July); (August);



1983(May); (September); (October); (November-December);

1984(February-March); (November-December);

COMPUTE! (Compute! Pub. Inc.) -


1984(January; Report on IBM's PC Jr); (February); (June); (July);(October);

1985(January); (April); (May); (June); (December);

1986(February); (June);


1988 (July);

1989(June); (July); (August);

1990(April; November);


1992(May); (July); (August); (November);

1993 (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1994(January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September);

COMPUTE!'S GAZETTE (Compute! Pub. Inc.) -

1984(July); (August); (September);

1985(February); (June);

1986 (December);

COMPUTER ARTS (Future Pub. Inc.) -

2001 (May; 3DS Max 4!);



COMPUTER BATTLEGAMES (Trade Paperback) (Usborne Pub. Ltd.) -

1982(No Number);

COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT (Formerly Electronic Games) - 1985 (August; Halley's Comet)


1992(June, Batman);

1993(January; Dune II); (November; Star Wars; Rebel Assault);

1994 (February; Ravenloft); (March; 1994 Preview); (April; Tie Fighter); (June; Outpost);(August; 1995 Preview); (September; Lords of Midnight); (November; Dennis Hopper Goes to Hell); (December; DoomII vs. Dark Forces vs. Rise of the Triad);

1995 (February; Magic Carpet); (April; Mission Critcal); (May; Witchhaven; with 32 page Terror from the Deep); (June; Frankenstein); (July; 1995 Holiday Preview Special);

COMPUTER GAMES (Carnegie Pub. Corp.) -

1983 December/ 1984 January (Which Computer Plays Games Best);

1984 (February; 34 New Game Reviews); (April; Are you Ready for the Videodisc Explosion?); (November/December; Welcome Lucasfilm!);

1985 (January/ February; How to Beat Infocom!);


2000(January; Deux Ex; The Next Generation of RPG's); (October; Myst III);

2001 (February; Mech Madness; Battletech);

2002 (March; 11th Annual Awards Issue); (July; Swat; Urban Justice);


1995 (April; A-IV Networks);

1998 (December; Might and Magic VIII);

COMPUTER GAMING WORLD (Golden Empire Pub. Inc.) -

1990(November; Battle tech; The Cresent Hawk's Revenge);

1991(July; Mindcraft's Magic Candle II); (August; Chuck Yeager's Air Combat); (September; The Adventures of Willy Beamish - From Dynamix);

1992(January; Strategic Studies Group; Carries at War); (February; Sir-Tech's Wizardry VII; Crusaders of the Dark Savant); (March; Aces of the Pacific - From Dynamix); (May; Darklands - From Micropose); (June; The Dagger of Amon-Ra); (August; Walt Disney Software's Stunt Island); (September; Amazon; Guardians of Evil); (October; Lucas Arts X-wing Fighter); (November; 100th Issue); (December; Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space);

1993 (January; Ultrabots); (February; Betrayal at Krondor); (March; The Iron Helix); (April; SSI's Tony La Russa Baseball II); (May; EA's Seal Team); (June; Warner New Media's Hell Cab); (July; Companions of Xanth); (August; Papyrus' Indycar Racing); (September; Mircosoft Flight Simulator 5.0); (October; Shaodwcaster Transforms Role Playing); (November; Gabriel Knight); (December; Arena-From Bethesda);

1994; January (#114; Target Seawolf; 100 Games Rated);

1994; February (#115; Simulations issue; Star Wars Empire Strikes Back);

1994; April (#117; Star Trek Next Generation; 100 Games Rated; 80 CD-ROM Product Reviews);

1994 (May; Battlecruiser 3000 A.D.);

1994; June (#119; Wings of Glory; 100 Games Rated);

1994 (July; #120; Doom II);

1994; August (#121; Nascar cover; 100 Games Rated; Weight = 275 Grams);

1994; September (#122; Master of Magic cover; 100 Games Rated; Weight = 275 Grams);

1994 (October; #123; Stonekeep);

1994; November (#124; Full Throttle; Doom II; Star Trek Games; 292 pages including Covers);

1994; December (#125; USS Ticoneroga; 354 pages including Covers);

1995(January; Daggerfall); (February; Johnny Mnemonic); (March; New Games of 1995); (April; Victory in Europe; Wargames Special); (May; Confirmed Kill with CD-ROM Preview Star Trek the Next Generation); (June; Magic; The Gathering); (July; Mechwarrior II); (August; Special Fall Preview); (September; Are DOS Games Dead? (October; Advanced Tactical Fighters); (December; Wing Commander IV);

1998 (April; 3-D Exposed!); (May; Star Trek);

2000 (May; The Sims; New American Gothic); (June; Diablo II/ Warcraft III); (October; Fallout); (December; Return to Castle Wolfenstein);

2001 (June; Age of Mythology); (September Aliens vs. Predators II);

2002 (January ; Holiday Gift Guide); (May; Simcity 4);

2003 (November; Jedi Knight; Jedi Academy); (December; 101 Free Games);

2004 (February; Medal of Honor; Pacific Assault); (March; Game of the Year Award); (June; Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - the Sith Lords); (September; F.E.A.R.); (October; Medal of Honor; Pacific Assault); (November; The Sims 2);(Holiday; The Lord of the Rings; The Battle for Middle - Earth);

2005 (January; What is the Matrix Online?); (March; Game of the Year Awards);




COMPUTER LANGUAGE (Miller Freeman Pub.) -

1992(January); (April); (June); (July); (August); (September);

COMPUTER LIFE (Ziff-Davis Pub. Group) -


COMPUTER MUSIC (Future Pub. Group; UK) -

2001 - May;

COMPUTER OLYMPICS (Trade Paperback) (Scholastic Inc.) -

1984((No Number);


1994; (June; Volume-1 #1; 11th Hour; Alone in the Dark 2; FN = $16.00);

1994; (July; Volume-1 #2; Star Wars: TIE FIGHTER; VF = $14.00);


1983(February); (March); (April); (August);

1984(January); (March); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November);


COMPUTER SPACE ADVENTURES (Trade Paperback)(Scholastic Inc.) -

1984(No Number);


1982(no Number);



COMPUTER SHOPPER (Ziff-Davis Pub. Co.) -

1992(June); (July);


2002 (August);

2003 (June, July);


1994(May; Rise of the Robots); (June; Theme Park); (July; Bloody Hell... Harvester's in Town!); (August; Mortal Combat II); (September; Donkey Kong Country);


1990 (Summer);

CONSUMER'S GUIDE (Publications Internations Ltd.) -

Hot Tips for the Coolest Ninetendo Games (1990);

More Hot Tips for Nintendo (1991);

More Nintendo Fun (1991);

More Strategies for Nintendo Games (1989);

Playaction Strategies Super Nintendo (1992);

Strategies for Nintendo Games (1989);

Super Strategies for Nintendo (1991) #1,#2:

Winner's Guide to Nintendo (1991);

Winning at Nintendo (1990);

Winning Tips for Nintendo: Newest Game Strategies (1990);




1985 (February, March);


DATAMATION (Technical Pub.) -


1992(June 1);


DIE HARD TRILOGY 2: VIVA LAS VEGAS (Trade Paperback; 2000) -

DIMENSON PS-X (Dimension Pub. Inc.) -

1995(November, Vol.1 #1), (December Vol.1 #2);

DONKEY KONG 64, Official Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo of America; 1999; Good-; $5.50; C-1179-1);

DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST: PLAYER'S GUIDE (Trade Paperback/Magazine) (Nintendo of America Inc.) - 1995(No Number; SCARCER; Weight = 250 Grams; near FN = $15);

DRAGON'S LAIR 3-D; RETURN TO THE LAIR (Trade Paperback; 2002) -

EARTHWORM JIM OFFICIAL GAME SECRETS (Trade Paperback) (Prima Pub. Inc.) -

1994(No Number);

80 MICRO COMPUTING /MICRO (Wayne Green Pub.) -

1981(March); (December);

1982(February); (November);

1983(February); (July);


EGM-2 {From the editors of ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY} (Sendai Pub. Group Inc.) -

1994; (Volume 1 #1; July; Street Fighter II vs. Mortal Kombat II); Volume-1 #2; August; Daytona USA); (Volume-1 #3; September; Darkstalkers; The Night Warriors); (Volume-1 #4; October; Blackthorne); (Volume-1 #5; November; Sonic & Knuckles); (Volume-1 #6; December, Adventures of Batman & Robin);

1995; (January; Volume 1 #7; Eternal Champions); (February; Volume 1 #8; 1995 Preview Issue; Over 100 Games); (March, Volume 1 #9; X-men, Wolverine); (April; Volume 1 #10; Night Warriors; Darkstalkers Revenge); (June, Volume 1 #12; Virtua Fighter 3); (July; Volume 2 #1; Killer Instinct); (August; Volume 2 #2; Tekken 2); (September; Volume 2 #3; Street Fighter Alpha); (October; Volume 2 #4; Yoshi's Island/ MK3/ Arcade Wrestlemania); (November; Volume 2 #5; Marvel Super Heroes); (December; Donkey Kong Country 2);

1996; (January; Street Fighter Alpha); (February; Killer Instinct 2); (March; Resident Evil); (April; Street Fighter Alpha 2); (May; Ultimate Mortal Kombat); (June; War Gods); (July; Virtual On/ Gumblade/ Star Gladiator); (August; Super Mario 64); (September; Tekken 2); (October; Die Hard Trilogy); (November; Fighting Strategy Special); (December; Best of the Year; Tricks, Codes and Strategies);

1997; (January; Tomb Raider); (February; #32; Star Wars Shadows of the Empire/ Mario Kart 64/ Donkey Kong Country 3); (March; #33; Turok/ Spider/ Mechwarrior 2); (April; #34; Fighting Special); (July; Star Fox 64); (August; Hands-On E3); (September; Final Fantasy VII); (November; Mortal Kombat 4); (December; Strategy Special);

1998; (January; Tomb Raider 2); (February; Resident Evil 2); (March; Yoshi's Story); (April; 1000 Greatest Tricks); (May; Tekken 3); (June; Banjo-Kazooie); (July; Mortal Kombat 4/ NG4/ Special); (August);

EGM-3D (Sendai Pub)

1995(#NN; Killer Instinct/ Mortal Kombat III/ Mega Man 7; 3-D Glasses are Missing; Pages 95-98 + back cover are Missing, FA/G, Reading Copy  = $3.00);


1994; (January; 101 Top Tech Toys); (November; Interactive Star Trek);

1995 (January; 25 Top Flight Flight Sims); (March; Doom II Strategy Guide/ Magic Carpet); (May; Greatest Multiplayer Games with CD-ROM Demo Disc); (August;; Sex in Mainstream Games);

ELECTRONIC FUN with Computers and Games (Fun and Games Pub. Inc.) -

1983;(February; Volume 1 #4; Super Zaxxon/ Q-Bert/ Quantum); (September; Volume-1 #11; How to build your own super control console; Games get smart, keyboards from the big-3; NASA & the ultimate video game; Reviews = Mission X, White Water, Necromancer, Robot Tank; VZ200 computer; Weight = 200 Grams; VF $12); (December; Volume 2 #2; Best Games of 1983);

ELECTRONIC GAMES (Reese Pub. Company inc / DELL Pub.) -

1982/1983 issues = WEIGHT for POSTAGE = 250 Grams each;

>>> Atari, Odyssey, Intellivision, Astrocade, Coleco, Vextrex, Computer, Vic-20, Arcade games, etc;

>>> ALL 1982-1984 issues are SCARCE to RARE;

1982 (#5; July; Player Guide to Electronic Sport Games; Tron Exclusive Preview); (#6; August; Players Guide to New Coin-Op Games); (#10; December; Players Guide to Programmable Videogames);

1983 (#11; January; Players Guide to Climbig Games); (#12; February; Players Guide to Computer Games); (#13; March; Players Guide to Science Fiction Games; Flash Gordon);

1983; (#14; April; Players guide to new coin-ops; Tracball; Arcading in Europe; Articles of War; Hand Held Games; VG/FN $12);

1983 (#15; may; Players Guide to Those Cute Games);

1983; (#17; July; Players guide to Arcade Combat; Stand-Alone preview; Video Casino; FN $14);

1983 (#18; August; Players guide to Summer Coin-ops); (#21; November; Players Guide to Videogame Systems);

1983; (#22; December; Players guide to Microcomputers; Letters to Pacman; 136 pages including covers; G/VG $10);

1984; (#23; January; Players Guide to Games for Atari Computers; 1984 Arcade awards; Ultimate computer gaming section; Kideo - games for kids; 132 pages including covers; Coupon out of page62; Centerfold missing G $6);

1984 (July; Players Guide to Electronic Baseball Games); (November; Computers Make you a Martial Arts Expert);

1984; (December; Montezuma's Revenge; Archon; Players guide to Microcomputers; 100 pages including covers; Weight = 170 Grams; VG $10);

1985 (January; The Year's Best Software);(February; Make Millions in Computer Money Games);(March; Mac Magic-Apple's Toys for Adults);(April;Author Douglas Adams);

ELECTRONIC GAMES (Decker Pub. Inc.) -

1993(January; 1992 Game Awards); (April; Sega Reaches New Frontier); (May; Street Fighter II vs. Mortal Kombat); (June; Players Guide to Baseball); (July; Players Guide to Adventure and RPG's); (October; Players Guide to Sci-Fi Game); (November; 3Do-Super System or Super Hype?); (December; Special Report on Censorship);

1994 (January; Gamer of the Year - Tom Kalinske); (March; Volume-2 #6 #18; 1994 Gaming Preview); (April; Volume-2 #7 ; #19; Charles Barkley); (May; #20 the New Look of Gaming; );

1995 (February; Cyberspace Superstars); (June; Sega Saturn);


>>> For; Nintendo, Sefa, Super Nes, Turbografx, Genesis, Gameboy, Game Gear, Lynx, Arcades, Neo Geo, etc;

1990; #11 (150 Grams; Golgo 13 - Mafat Conspiracy cover; VG $12);

1990; #12 (150 Grams;Ninja Gaiden 2 cover; VG+ $12); 1991; August (250 Grams; Special Issue = "Super NES Buyer's Guide"; 100 Game Reviews; Info on new Jaguar system; VF $12);

1991 (June; Volume 4 #6l #23l Hudson Hawk-Bruce Willis);

1991; (August; Volume 4 #8; #25; Super Nes Buyer's Guide; VF+ = $16.00);

1991; OCTOBER (400 Grams; Super Mario 4 cover; Includes Bonus 96 Page SEGA-Force magazine inside with interior SONIC the HEDGEHOG cover, plus 7 page SONIC the HEDGEHOG comics, TWO YEARS before the SONIC #1 comic by Archie  pub =  art by Francis Mao; = SOLD OUT);

1991; November (400 Grams; TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-3 cover; VG = $10.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992 (January; Volume 5 #1; #30; Star Trek VI; ; FNVF = $12.00);

1992; February (V5#2; #31; 400 Grams; Street Fighter-2 cover; Mailing Label on cover, FNVF = $10.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; March (V5#3; #32; 400 Grams; 1992 Video Game Preview issue; Street Fighter-2, SONIC the Hedgehog & TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cover; with Bonus 32 page Booklet = 1992 Video Game PREVIEW Guide;  VF = $15.00; ; Another Copy = ASK);

1992 (April; Volume-5 #4; #33; Street Fighter 2 for Super Nes; FNVF = $10.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; May (Volume-5 #5; #34; 400 Grams; Super Double Dragon cover; FNVF = $10.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; June (Volume-5 #6; #35; TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-4 cover; 400 Grams; 16 Page NEO GEO insert Booklet intact; FNVF = $12.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; July (Volume-5 #7; #36; 400 Grams; Batman Returns cover; VGFN = $8.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; August (Volume-5 #8; #37; 400 Grams; SONIC-2 Preview cover; 16 page Action Packed TIP Booklet intact; VG/FN = $10.00);

1992; September (Volume-5 #9; #38; 400 Grams; 1992 FALL Preview; Cover depicts; SONIC the Hedgehog, Ren & Stimpy, Street Fighter-2; VG/FN = $10.00);

1992; October (400 Grams; V5#10; #39; TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Genesis & Alien-3 partial cover; VG/FN = $10.00);

1992; November (500 Grams; V5#11; #40; Super STAR WARS cover; 276 Pages including Covers; VG = $10.00; Another Copy = ASK);

1992; December (500 Grams; 290 page issie; Road Rash-II Hologram & cover; VG $8);

1993 (January; #42; TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Waynes World & Bubsy cover;  GVG = $8.00);

1993; (February; #43; Bubsy cover; VG = $8.00);

1993 (April; #45; Bram Stokers DRACULA cover;  VG = $8.00);

1993; May (#46; Street Fighter II Championship edition cover;  GVG = $8.00);

1993; July (#48; Jungle Strike & Jurassic Park cover;  VG = $8.00);

1993; August (#49; Aero the Acro-Bat cover;  VF = $12.00);

1993; September (#50; Turbo SF 2 vs Mortal Kombat cover;  VF = $12.00);

1993; October (#51; Street Fighter II cover;  VF = $10.00);

1993; November (#52; ASK);

1993; December (#53; Eternal Champions  cover; 388 Pages;  FNVF = $10.00);

1994 (January; #54; Mortal Kombat II cover; FNVF = $10.00);

1994; (February; #55; NBA JAM & SONIC-3 cover;  VF = $10.00);

1994; (March; #56; Star Trek the Next Generation cover;  FNVF = $9.00);

1994; (April; #57; Beavis & Butt-Head cover;  VF = $10.00);

1994; May (#58; Street Fighter II Turbo cover; VG = $7.00);

1994; June (#59; Virtua Fighter cover; FNVF = $8.00);

1994; July (#60; Mortal Kombat II cover; FNVF = $10.00);

1994; August (#61; STAR WARS Return of the Jedi cover;  VF = $12.00);

1994; September (#62; Primal Rage cover;  FN = $8.00);

1994; October (#63; ASK);

1994; November (#64; 32X DOOM cover; 388 Pages;   VG = $8.00);

1994; December (#65; ASK);

1995 (January; Killer Instinct); (February; Mortal Kombat III); (March; 1995 Fighting Game Preview; Tekken); (April; Mortal Kombat III vs. Street Fighter Legends); (May; Mortal Kombat III); (June; Earthworm Jim 2); (July Batman Forever); (August; Mortal Kombat III); (September; Mortal Kombat III Major Upgrade); (October; Street Fighter the Movie/ Kano of MK3); (November; Twisted Metal); (December; Alien Trilogy);

1996(January; Ultra 64 Debut; Mario); (February; Batman Forever); (March; Tekken 2); (April; Street Fighter Alpha 2); (May; 1996 Preview); (June; Sonic the Hedgehog/ Action Game Special); (July; Star Wars; Shadow of the Empire); (August; Street Fighter Alpha 2); (September; Soviet Strike); (October; Tomb Raider); (November; Twisted Metal 2); (December, Street Fighter III; 2 different covers);

1997(January; Mechwarrior 2); (February; Tekken 3); (March; Independence Day); (April; The Lost World; Jurassic Park); (May; Final Fantasy VII); (June; Crash Bandicoot 2); (July; Apocalyse); (August; Star Wars; Masters of Teras Kasi); (September; Tomb Raider 2); (October; Mortal Kombat 4); (November; 100th Issue Gala Spectacular); (December; Diddy Kong Racing);

1998 (January; Resident Evil 2); (February; James Bond - Pierce Brosnan); (March; Yoshi's Story); (April; Tekken 3); (May; Zelda 64/ Parasite Eve); (June; Turok 2); (July; Parasite Eve); (August; Tomb Raider 3); (September; Metal Gear Solid); (October; Star Wars; Rogue Squadron); (November; Sonic Adventure); (December; The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time);

1999 (January; South Park; 3 different covers); (February; Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver); (March; Mario Party); (April; Gamer's Choice Awards); (May; Star Wars Episode I; The Phantom Menace); (June; Gran Turismo 2); (July; WWF Attitude; Sable); (August; Resident Evil Everything); (September; Dreamcast); (October; Spider-Man); (November; Pokemon); (December; Donkey Kong 64);

2000(January; Should You Buy a Dreamcast or Wait?); (February; Crazy Taxi); (March; Driver 2); (April; Perfect Dark); (May; Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2); (June; Sega Strikes Back; Sonic); (July; Final Fantasy IX); (August; Soul Reaver 2); (September; Pokemon); (October; Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask); (November; Play Station 2); (December; Unreal Tournament);

2001 (January; Twisted Metal Black); (February; Xbox revealed); (March; Final Fantasy X); (April; Gran Turismo 3); (May; Crash Bandicoot PS2); (June; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3); (July; Game Boy Advance); (August; Nintendo Gamecube); (September; Final Fantasy X); (September; Final Fantasy X Limited Edition cover); (October; Metal Gear Solid 2); (November; Zelda/ Mario Sunshine/ Metroid Prime); (December; Xbox vs. Gamecude);

2002 (January; Too Many Games!); (February; Final Fantasy X); (March; Maximo); (April; State of Emergency); (May; Resident Evil Gamecube); (June; Socom; U.S. Navy Seals); (July;Stuntman); (August; Mario Sunshine); (August; Metriod Prime Cover); (September; Resident Evil Zero); (October; Your Guide to PS2 Online); (November; Halo 2); (December; Grand Theft Auto; Ice City; cover 1 of 3; cover 3 of 3);

2003 (January; 55 Best Games); (February; The Sims); (March; Driver 3); (April; The Legend of Zelda; The Wind Waker); (May; Enter the Matrix); (June; Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3; Rebel Strike); (July; Castlevania; Lament of Innocence); (August; Sonic Heroes); (September; Soul Caliber 2; 2 different covers); (October; Socom II); (November; Final Fantasy Everything); (December; Lord of the Rings; Return of the King);

2004 (January; The Ultimate Reviews Issue); (February; The Top 15 Games); (March; Splinter Cel; Pandorra Tomorrow); (April; The Getaway 2); (May; Metal Gear Solid 3); (June; Star Wars; Knight of the Old Republic 2); (July; Driver 3); (August; Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS); (September; Lord of the Rings; the Third Age); (October; Scareface); (November; Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas); (December; Halo 2);

2005 (January; Top Secrets; with DVD 2005 Preview Feature; no DVD); (February; Year of the Portables); (March; The Godfather; The Game); (April; Jade Empire); (May; Phantasy Star Universe); (June; The Legend of Zelda); (July; Xbox 360); (August; The Next Generation Console War); (September; Soul Caliber III); (October; Final Fantasy VII); (November; The Ultimate Xbox 360 Launch Guide);

2006 (January; The Year in Preview); (March; Kingdom Hearts II - cover 4 of 4); (April; Rainbox Six; Vegas); (May; Too Human); (June; The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess/ Revolution); (July; Call of Duty 3); (September; Mass Effect); (October; Guitar Hero II); (November; Gears of War); (December; Halo 3);

2007 (January; PS3 and WII); (February; 2007 Best Year Ever); (March; Playstation 3 Under Attach); (April; Ratchet and Clankfuture); (May; the Future of Videogames); (June; Tom Clancy's Endwar); (July; Bioshock); (August; Soulcalibur IV); (September; Halo 3); (October; Silent Hill 5); (November; Saints Row 2); (Holiday; Games Overload);

2008 (January; Street Fighter 4); (February; Super Smash Bros. Brawl; with Special cover); (March; Revenge of the PS3); (April; Grand Theft Auto 4); (May; Socom; Confrontation); (June; Splatterhouse); (July; Gears of War 2; cover 2 of 2 - Locust); (August; Killzone 2); (September; Soulcalibur 4); (October; Mirror's Edge); (November; Resident Evil 5);

2013 (Preview Issue; Welcome to the end of the World);


1994 (The Video Year in Review);

1995 (Over 900 Games Reviewed);

1996 (Over 800 Games Reviewed; Tekken 2, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 3, Twisted Metal; FN = $10.00);

1997 (1100 Games Reviewed);

1998 (1100 Game Reviews and Tricks);

1999 (Over 2200 Game Reviews and Tricks; Metal Gear Solid, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 2, Sonic Adventure, Banjo-Kazooie; FN/VF = $9.00);

2000 (Over 1000 Hot Tricks Inside!);

2001 (Playstation 2 of Dreamcast?);


ELECTRONICS TODAY (Electronics Today International Ltd.) - 1979(June);

EXPERT GAMER - (ZD Inc. Pub.; Formerly EGM2) -

1999 (July; Ape Escape); (October; Final Fantasy VII); (November; Dino Crisis);;

2000 (April; Syphon Filter 2); (December; The Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask);;

2001 (March; Phantasy Star online); (October; Mario Kart; Super Circuit);


FABLE: Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 2004; with Giant Poster);

FAMILY COMPUTING - (Scholastic Inc. Pub.; ) -

1985 (June; Buyer's Guide to Computers);

1986 (January; Building Your Software Library); (February; Improve Your Job; Put your Computer to Work at Home); (June; Buyer's Guide to Computers); (July; How to Shop for IBM Compatables); (August; Writing with Computers); (September; Word Processing; Add-ons to Improve Your Writing); (October; Apple CEO John Sculley & Apple IIg's); (November; Buyer's Guide to Computers); (December; 3rd Annual Shopping Guide);

1987 (January; Personal Finance); (February; Computer Care - A step by Step Guide); (March; A Guide to IBM Compatibles); (April; How to Start Your own Home Business); (May; The Used Computer Market); (July; Home Business; Four Profiles of Success); (August; The Mail Order Buying Boom); (September; Tandy Chairman John V. Roach); (October; Women in Business at Home; becomes "Family and Home Office Computing"); (November; Buyer's Guide to putters); (December; 4th Annual Shopping Guide);

1988 (January; Taking Control of your Money); (February; Hard Disk-Drives); (March; Solving the IBM Compatibles Puzzle); (April; Desktop Presentations); (May; Building a Home Business); (June; Buyer's Guide to Computers); (July; Desktop Publishing Success); (August; Making the Leap from Corporate to Home); ;




GAMEBOY - NINTENDO PLAYERS GUIDE (Trade Paperback/Magazine) (Nintendo of America Inc.) - 1991(No Number; Weight = 450 Grams; FN/VF = $15);

GAME BUYER (Imagine Media Inc.; formerly "Ultra Gameplayers") -

1998(July; #1; Final Fantasy VII); (August; #2; Mortal Kombat 4; VF/NM = $9.00); 

(September; #3; X-Files/ Parasite Eve); (October; #4; WWF vs. WCW);

** GAME FAN; [Magazines = average Weigh 400 Grams each for Postage Purposes]

Volume-2 #8 (July 1994; Street Fighter-II cover;

Volume-2 #9 (August 1994; Dynamite Headdy cover;

Volume 2 #11 (November/1994);

Volume-3 #2 (February1995; Earthworm Jim SE cover);

Volume-3 #3 (March 1995 (Skeleton Krew cover);

Volume-3 #3 (March 1995 (Skeleton Krew cover);

Volume-3 #6 (June1995; BUG 3-D cover;

Volume-3 #9 (September 1995; Sony machine cover;

Volume-3 #9 (September 1995; Sony machine cover);

Volume-3 #10 (October 1995; Vectorman cover);

Volume-3 #10 (October 1995; Vectorman cover);

Volume-3 #11 (November 1995; (Skeleton Warriors cover);

Volume-4 #1 (January/1996; Mario & N64 cover);

Volume-4 #2 (February/1996; Amok & Scorcher cover);

Volume-4 #6 (NO Date; assumed June/1996; Crash Bandicoot cover);

Volume-4 #7 (NO Date; assumed July/1996; Turok cover);

Volume-4 #10 (NO Date; assumed October/1996; Legend of Kain cover);

Volume-4 #11 (November/1996; Waverace 64 cover);

Volume-5 #2 (1997 February; Mario Cart 64 cover);

Volume-5 #6 (1997 June; Mortal Combat mythologies cover);

Volume-5 #7 (1997 July; GEX Enter the Gecko);


1992 - Summer (Stanley; the Search for Dr. Livingston);

1993 (March/ April (Claws Encounter of the Furred Kind); September/ October ( Mortal Kombat cover);

1997(April; NBA Shoot Out '97); (May; Fighters Megamix); (June; Star Fox 64); (July; Treasures of the Deep); (August; Oddworld; Abe's Oddysee); (October; Madden 64); (November; Crash Bandicoot 2); (December; Tomb Raider 2);

1998 (February; Yoshi's Story); (March; GEX; Enter the Gecko); (April; 1080 Snowboarding); (May; Tekken 3);

1999 (December; Resident Evil 3; Nemesis);

GAME MASTER (Future Pub.) -

1993(September; Mega Drive);

1994(June; Dragon); (July; Street Fighter II); (August; Mortal Kombat II); (September; Stargate);

2002 (May; Resident Evil - On Gamecube);

GAME NOW (Ziff-Davis Media Pub.) -

2002(January; Harry Potter);

October (Sly Cooper & the Thievius Raccoonus);

GAME ON! USA (VIZ Communications) -

1996(No Month) -Volume 1 (#1; Street Fighter Saga); (#2; Virtual Combat); (#4; Project Horned Owl);

GAME PLAYER'S (Signal Research Pub.)

Volume-1 #2

1989 (Volume 1 #3; August/September; Legend of Zelda II); (Volume 1 #4; October; Ninja Gaiden);

1990; (January; Volume-2 #1; Double Dragon II ); (February; Volume-2 #2; Robocop Cover); (March; Volume-2 #3; A Boy and his Blob); April (Volume-2 #4; Ironsword; Wizard's & Warrior II); May (Volume-2 #5; Super Mario Bros. 3 cover); June (Volume-2 #6; Ninja Gaiden II); August (Volume-2 #8; Super C); September (Volume-2 #9; Skate or Die 2); (October; Mega Man 3); (December; Dragon's Lair);

1991 (January; Volume-3 #1; The California Raisins); February (Volume-3 #2; Top Games of the Year); April (Volume-3 #4; Double Dragon III); (May; Volume-3 #5; Robocop2); (June; Volume-3 #6; Star Tropics); (July; Volume-3 #7; Super Mario 3); (August; Volume-3 #8; The Rocketeer); September (Volume-3 #9; Final Fight/ Sonic the Hedgehog); (October; Volume-3 #10; Star Trek); December (Volume-3 #12; Super Mario World cover; numbering reflects merger with GP Strat Guide);

1992(January; Volume-5 #1; Mega Man 4; VG = $8.00);  October (Simpsons cover);December (Wing Commander);

1993(January; The magical Quest: Mickey Mouse); March(Mega man Cover); April ( StarFox Cover); (June; American Gladiators); (August; Alladin); (September; Star Trek; The Next Generation; ST; TNG cover); October ( really fun Ren & Stimpy cover); (November; Volume-6 #11; Mega Man X/ Sonic CD; Ren & Stimpy Bonus insert Poster is intact; VF+ = $10.00); (December; Star Wars Special);

1994 (January; Total Carnage); (February; Sonic 3); (March; Virtua Fighter); (April; Rise of the Robots); (May; Super Metroid); (June; Earthworm Jim); (July; Super Street Fighter II); (August, Maximum Carnage - Spider-man/ Venom); (September; Special Issue; Ultimate Winter Preview); (October; Sonic & Knuckles); (November; Donkey Kong Country); (December; 32X & Games Reviewed);

1995(January; Sonic vs. Super Mario); (February; Eternal Champions CD); (March; Playstation Toh Shin Den); (April; The X-Men Arcade Game); (May; The Secret of Evermore); (June; Sega Saturn Preview/ Judge Dredd); (July; Sony's Playstation); (August; Killer Instinct); (September; Mortal Kombat 3); (October; Loaded/ Weaponlord); (November; Virtua Fighter 2/ Toshinden 2); (December; Special Arcade Preview); (Holiday; Extra Special Super Duper Holiday Spectacular);

1996(January; Ultra 64 Revealed/ Super Mario); (February; First Look at AE Sports 32-Bit Games/ Donkey Kong Country 2); (March; Panzer Dragoon II Zwei); (April; Next Generation of RPG's); (May; Virtua Fighter 3); (June; Sonic the Hedgehog; for Saturn); (July; Wipeout XL); (August; Mario 64); (September; Crash Bandicoot);


Encyclopedia of Game Boy Games: Volume 2 (1990; Huge Thick Magazine / Trade Paperback; 3” Tear in Cover with Tape repair, G = $9.00);

Encyclopedia of Nintendo Games: Volume 3 (1991; Huge Thick Magazine / Trade Paperback; Simpsons: Bart Simpson vs Space Mutants; VG = $12);

Encyclopedia of Sega Games; Volume 5 (1993; Mortal Kombat; Huge Thick Magazine / Trade Paperback; VG/FN = $12);


1992 (January; Volume-5 #1; Mega Man 4);

1992;(February; The Simpsons; Bart vs. The World

1992;  (April; The Legend of Zelda III; Mailing Label at Bottom edge of Cover, VG/FN = $10.00);

1992;  (May; Street Fighter II; Mailing Label at Bottom edge of Cover, VG/FN = $9.00); 

 1992; (June; TMNT IV; Turtles in Time; VG = $8.00); 

1992;  (July; Super Battletank; War in the Gulf; VF = $9.00); 

1992;  (August; Robocop 3; VF = $9.00); 

1992;  (September; The Young Indiana Jones; VG = $7.00); 

1992;  (October; The Simpsons; Bart's Nightmare; ; FN = $8.00); 

1992; (November; Sunsoft's Looney Tunes);

1992;  (December; Wing Commander; VG/FN = $6.00);

1993;  (January; The Magical Quest - Starring Mickey Mouse; VF = $8.00); 

1993;  (February; Battletoads in Battlemaniacs; Centerfold pages 35-38 are Missing VG/FN = $3.00); 

1993;  (April; Starfox;  VF = $8.00); 

1993;  (May; Aliens vs. Predator; ; VG/FN = $8.00);

(GAME PLAYER'S); PC Strategy Guide - 1991(May-June); 1991 (Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge);

(GAME PLAYER'S); Strategy Guide to Game Boy Games

Issue #1 (Premiere Issue; Castlevania Adventure);

1990 (Vol.1 #2; Disney's Duck Tales; G/VG = $8.00); 

1990 (Vol.1 1 #3; TMNT; Fall of the Foot Clan; ; G/VG = $10.00); 

1991(Vol.2 #1; Dr. Mario; G/VG = $8.00); 

1991(Vol.2 #2; Operation; FA/G/= $5.00); 

(GAME PLAYER'S); Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games --

1989; Volume-1 (May #2; Castlevania II); (#3; Double Dragon/Iron Tank/Gauntlet)

1989; Volume-2 (#3; Bionic Commando); (#4; September/October; Baseball Star/Bad Dudes); (#5; November/December; 125 Hot Games; Clash at Demonhead/Dragon Warrior);

1990; (Volume-2 #6; Double Dragon 2; The Revenge);

1990; Volume 3 (#1; March/April; Godzilla); (#2; May/June; Maniac Mansion); (#3; Rad Racer II); (#4; Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers); (November; #6; Super Mario 3 on cover); (December #7; Back to the Future Part II & III) on cover ;

1991; Volume 4 (January; #1; Dragon Warrior II cover); (#2; The Simpsons; Bart vs. the Space Mutants); (March #3 ; Ultima; Quest of the Avatar); (April; #4; Gauntlet II); (#5; Turtlemania!); (#6; June; 10 All-Star Sports Games); (#7; July; Black Belt Bonanza-Fighting Games; ; VG/FN = $10.00); (#8; August; Exploring New Fantasy Worlds); ( #9; September; Ninja Gaiden III; ; FN = $12.00); (October #10; Bill & Ted cover); (#11; November; Home Alone; FN/VF = $12.00);

Super Guide - 1993(Vol.5 #13; Home Alone 2);

(GAME PLAYER'S); Strategy Guide to Sega Genesis

Issue #1 (Premiere Issue; Phantasy Star II);

Volume 2 #4 ( Spider-Man Cover);

GAMEPRO Magazine (IDG Communications Publications/Peterborough Inc.;

For; Nintendo, Genesis, Turbografx-16, Sega, Atari, Game Boy & Lynx) -

>>> Weight for Postage = 275 Grams for EACH magazine;

1990; February (Sports Issue); March(Phantasy Star II); April (Double Dragon III);

1990; (May; 100 pages including covers; Gamepro comics chapter-9; Cyberpunk on Skateboard cover; FN/VF $6);

1990; (August; 100 pages including covers; Michael Jackson Moonwalker cover; FN/VF $7);

1990; (September; 116 pages including covers; DINOSAUR cover; FN=$5; or VG=$4);

1990; (October; 134 pages including covers; 5 x Monsters cover; VF=$7; or G=$3);

GAMEPRO Magazine (IDG Communications Publications/Peterborough Inc.;For; Nintendo, Genesis, Turbografx-16, Sega, Atari, Game Boy & Lynx) -

>>> Weight for Postage = 275 Grams for EACH magazine;

1991; (January; 132 pages including covers; Annual Superstar Sports issue; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-2 color comic book insert section is still intact; ASK

1991; (February; 124 pages including covers; CD ROM Games cover; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-3 color comic book insert section is still intact; ASK)

1991; (March; 100 pages including covers; MICKEY MOUSE cover; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-4 color comic book insert section is still intact; ASK)

1991; (April; 84 pages including covers; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-5 color comic book insert section is still intact; DOUBLE DRAGON III cover; SOLD OUT);

1991; (May; 84 pages including covers; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-6 color comic book insert section is still present; BATTLETOADS cover; ASK);

1991; (June; 84 pages including covers; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-7 color comic book insert section is still present; SONIC THE HEDGEHOG cover; SOLD OUT);

1991; (July; 84 pages including covers; Plus BONUS 16 Page "Flying Warriors" Chapter-8 color comic book insert section is still present; Plus BONUS 16 Page ATARI LYNX Catalogue INSERT section intact; ROCKETEER cover; ASK);

1991 (August; Spider-Man cover with unique art);

1991 (November; The Addams Family);

1991; (December; 172 pages including covers; BART SIMPSON cover, art by Matt Groening; Double-Gatefold Centerfold Poster AD insert is intact; ASK);

GAMEPRO Magazine (IDG Communications Publications/Peterborough Inc.) -

1992; (January; Hook); (February; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle III); (March; Street Fighter II); ((May; Spatterhouse 2); (June; Taz-Mania for Genesis); (July; Alien 3);(August; Universal Solider); (September; Spider-Man/ The Uncanny X-men); (October; Street Fighter II); (November; Sonic the Hedgehog II; with Street Fighter II Poster ); (December; Chester Cheetah; with Street Fighter II Poster

1993; GAMEPRO Magazine (IDG Communications Publications/Peterborough Inc.;

For; Nintendo, SNES, NES, Duo, CD's, Genesis, Neo-Geo, Game Boy, Game Gear & Atari Lynx);

>>> Weight for Postage = 300-525 Grams EACH (see below) for EACH magazine;

1993; (January (BATTLETOADS cover; Weight = 290 Grams; *** Condition: BONUS Poster is Missing; small 3/4" x 5/8" piece off lower right cover corner, G/VG = $4.);

1993; (February; DATA of STAR TREK Next Generation cover; Weight = 350 Grams; VG=$4; OR G=$3);

1993; (March; Shinobi cover; Weight = 350 Grams; VG/FN = $5.00; ASK );

1993 (April; Star Fox with Poster);

1993; (May; SPORTS Games cover; BONUS "Sports Guide; MUTANT League Football CARDS intact; Weight = 350 Grams; FN+ = $7.00; ask);

1993; (June;YOSHI's COOKIE cover; BONUS = MUTANT League Football CARDS intact; Weight = 350 Grams; VG=$6; OR G=$4);

1993; (July; JURASSIC PARK cover; BONUS Super Street Fighter-II C.E.POSTER; Weight = 350 Grams; VG=$5; ask);

1993; (August; Super Street Fighter-II Turbo; Weight = 300 Grams);

1993 (September; Mortal Kombat);

1993; (October; Super Street Fighter-II; Weight = 350 Grams; VF $7);

1993 (November; Sonic the Hedgehog; Spinball and Chaos!);

1993; (December; TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters cover; Weight = 525 Grams; FN/VF =$7; ask);

1994; GAMEPRO Magazine (IDG Communications Publications/Peterborough Inc.;

For; Nintendo, SNES, NES, Duo, CD's, Genesis, Neo-Geo, Game Boy, Game Gear & Atari Lynx);

>>> Weight for Postage = 350-600 Grams EACH (see below) for EACH magazine;

1994; (February; Stars of '93 cover = Sonic Hedgehog, Mortal Combat, Star Fox, Star Wars, & Street Fighter; Weight = 400 Grams; VF=$8; FN=$6; ask);

1994; (March; Weight = 350 Grams; NBA JAM cover; With MORTAL COMBAT-II Poster; FN/VF $7; ask);

1994; (March; Weight = 350 Grams; NBA JAM cover; Poster missing, o/w FN/VF $4);

1994; (April; Weight = 400 Grams; Incredible HULK cover; with NBA JAM poster, VF=$10; FN/VF=$8; ask);

1994; (April; Weight = 400 Grams; Incredible HULK cover; NO poster, o/w VG = $4);

1994; (May; Weight = 350 Grams; MORTAL COMBAT-II Cover; SONIC Stategy Guide at center intact, VF = $7);

1994; (May; Weight = 350 Grams; MORTAL COMBAT-II Cover; SONIC Stategy Guide at center pages 81-96 MISSING, VG = $3);

1994; (June; VIRTUA RACING cover; Weight = 400 Grams; VF=$8; OR FN=$6; Or VG=$4);

1994; (July; Super Street Fighter-II cover; Weight = 350 Grams; VF=$8; FN=$6; VG=$4;G=$3);

1994; (August; Weight = 350 Grams; MORTAL COMBAT-II; VF $7; ask);

1994; (September; Weight = 350 Grams; Death & Return os SUPERMAN cover; FN/VF=$8; VG=$5; ask);

1994; (October; Weight = 350 Grams; SONIC & Knuckles cover; VG=$5; G=$3; ask);

1994; (November; Weight = 550 Grams; BEAVIS and BUTT-HEAD cover; 284 pages including covers;VF=$9; FN=$7; VG=$5; ask);

GAMEPRO Magazine 1995;

(January; Earthworm Jim);

(February; Weaponlord);

(March; Killer Instinct;

(April; Mortal Kombat III);

(May; Comix Zone - You Become a Comic Book Hero);

(June; New Game Systems are Born);

(July; Judge Dredd);

(August; Next Generation Fighting Games - Tekken/ Virtua Fighter/ Toh Shin Den);

(November; Virtua Fighter 2);

(December; Donkey Kong Country 2);

GAMEPRO Magazine 1996; (January; Mortal Kombat 3) (February; Street Fighter Alpha); (March Killer Instinct 2); (April; Resident Evil); (May; Killer Instinct 2); (June; War Gods/ Crash Bandicoot); (July; Ultimate mortal Kombat 3/ Robotech); (August/ Tekken 2); (September; Doom 64); (October; Star Wars games); (November; Turok Dinosaur Hunter); (December; Mortal Kombat Trilogy);

GAMEPRO Magazine 1997; (January; Reloaded); (Febraury; Killer Insinct Gold); (march; Doom 64); (April; Soul Blade); (May; The Lost World; Jurassic Park); (June; Tekken 3); (July; Starfox 64); (August; Mortal Kombat 4); (September; Castlevania; Symphon of the Night); (October; Final Fantasy VII); (November; Tomb Raider II); (December; Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi; with Saga 1998 Calendar Poster);

GAMEPRO Magazine 1998; (January Mortal Komba 4); (February; Resident Evil 2); (March; Duke Nukem: Time to Kill); ( April; Tekken 3); (May; Gex; Enter the Gecko); (June; Mortal Kombat 4); (July; Banjo-Kazooie/ Mortal Kombat 4/ Fighter's Edge/ Tekken 3); (August; WWF; War Zone); (September; NFL Blitz); (October; Metal Gear Solid); (November; Turok 2; Seeds of Evil); (December; Tomb Raider III);

GAMEPRO Magazine 1999; (January; Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time); (February; Syphon Filter); (March; WWF Attitude - The Rock); (April; Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver); (May; Super Smach Bros - Mario); (June; Star Wars Episode 1; The Phantom Menace); (July; WWF Attitude); (August; Mortal Kombat Gold); (September; Dino Crisis); (October; Dreamcast's Souls Calibur/ Ready 2 Rumble Boxing/ Sonic Adventure); (November; Resident Evil 3; Nemesis); (December);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2000; (January; Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation); (February; Pokomon Stadium); (March; WWF Smack Down - The Rock); (April; Syphon Filter 2); (May; Resident Evil: Code Veronica); (June; Perfect Dark); (July; X-Men: Mutant Academy); (August; Dino Crisis2); (September: Spider-Man; Pro Skater); ( October; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater); (November; Playstation 2 Launch); (December; Final Fantasy IX);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2001; (January; Half-Life) (February; Onimusha: Warlords); (March; Gran Turismo 3); April; Portal Runner); (May; Oddworld; Munch's Oddysee); (June; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/ WWF Raw os War); (July; Sonic Adventure 2); (Augsut; SSX Tricky/ Twisted Metal Black/ NBA Street); (September; Soul Reaver 2/ Blood Omen 2);October; WWF; Raw is War); (November; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3); (December; Luigi's Mansion);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2002; (January; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone); (February; Final Fantasy X); (March; Dragonball Z); (April; Virtua Fighter 4); (May; Metal of Honor Frontline); (June; Spider-Man - Reviews for All Systems); (July; The Sims); (August; Super Mario Sunshine/ Metroid Prime); (September; Tekken 4); (October; Shinobi); (November; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4); (December; Dragonball Z; Budokai);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2003; (January; The Hottest Games for the Holidays); (February: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker); (March; Devil May Cry 2); (April: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell); (May; Deus Ex: Invisible War/ Enter the Matrix/ Star Craft Ghost); (June; lara Croft Tomb Raider; The Angel of Darkness); (July; Jak II); (August; Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2); (September; Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake eater); (October ; True Crime; Streets of L.A.); (November; Ratchet & Clank; Going Commando); (December; Final Fantasy X-2);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2004; (January; Max Payne 2); (February; NFL Street); (March; Hitman; Contracts); (April; Doom 3-For X-Box); (May; Gran Turisom 4); (June; Spider-Man 2); (July; Def Jam Fight for N.Y.); (August; X-Men Legends); (September; Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake Eater);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2005; (January; The Best Games for 2005); (February; Final Fantasy XII/ 2005; The Year of the RPG);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2008; (April; Gears of War 2); (May; Star Wars; The Force Unleashed); (June; Iron Man/ Hulk); (July; Halo Wars/ Halo Chronicles); (August; Resistance 2 - with Gatefold Cover); (September; Prince of Persia/ Fall Guide); (October; Call of Duty; World at war); (November; Gears of War 2); (December; 2009 Preview Guide);

GAMEPRO Magazine 2009; (January; Resident Evil 5); (March; Terminator Salvation); (April; G.I. Joe);


GREATEST STRATEGIES - 2003 (Fall/Winter; Grand Theft Auto; Vice City);



1992 (May; WWF Super Wrestlemania - Hulk Hogan);

1993 (January; Simpsons; Bart's Nightmare);

VIDEO GAME GREATEST HITS - 1991 ( July/August; TMNT );

GAMEPRO'S OFFICIAL NBA JAM (Trade Paperback) (Infotainment World) - 1994(No Number);

GAMER'S REPUBLIC - (Millennium Pub. Inc.) -

1998 - #1(June; Forsaken); #2(July; Metal Gear Solid); #3(August; Final Fantasy VIII); #6(November; Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver);

1999 - #8(January; Tonic Trouble); #9(February; Silent Hill); #10(March; Rayman 2); #11 (April; Smash Bros.); #12 (May; Lunar; Silver Star Story); (July; Sega's NFL 2000); (August ;Ready 2 Rumble Boxing); (September; Gaming's Treasure First Look); (October; Jet Force Gemini);

2000 - January; MDK2); (March; Arc Collection); (August; Evil Twin; Cyprien's Chronicles); (September; Cannon Spike); (October; Silpheed; The Lost Planet);

GATEWAYS (Gateway Pub. Inc.) - 1986(December, #2);

GMR (Ziff-Davis Pub.)

2003 - #1 (February; DOA; Xtreme Beach Volleyball); 9#2; march; The Legend of Zelda; The Wild Taker); (#3; April; Z.O.E.; The 2nd Runner);(#4; May; fast and Furious); (#5; June; Star Wars Galaxies); (#6; July; Metal Gear Solid 3); (#7; August; Ninja Gaiden); (#8; September; Soul Calibur II); (#9; October; F-Zero GX); (#10; November; SSX3); (#11; December);

2004 - (#12; January; Ninja Gaiden); #14; March; Republic Commando); (#15; April; Astro Boy); (#16; May; Tekken's Nina); (#17; June; Onimusha 3; Demon Seige); (#18; July; Magic Kingdom); (#19; August; Cover 3 of 4); Final Fantasy XI; Chains of Bromathia); (#19; August cover 4 of 4; Online Attack; Monster Huter); (#20; September; Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas); (#21; October; dead or Alive; Ultimate Fable); (#23; December; Need fo rSpeed; Underground 2);

2005 - (#24; January; Giant Review Blowout);

THE GRANSTREAM SAGA : PRIMA'S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE - (Trade Paperback; 1998);2004; (January;

HI-RES MAGAZINE (Compupress Inc.) - 1983(#1);



1988 (September; The New American Dream; Working on Your Own) ; (October; How Small Businesses Borrow Big Money); (December; The Best Hardward & Software of the Year);

1991(September); (October);


HOME PC (CMP Pub. Inc.) -

1994(August, Vol.1 #2);

INCITE PC GAMING (Computer Media) -

1999(December; #1; Tomb Raider; The Last Revelation);

2000(January, KISS; Victoria Silvstedt); (February; #3; KISS; The New Game); (March; #4; Tiger Woods 2000); (May; #6; Racing Games - Juan Montoya); (June; #7; Trent Reznor - Music for PC Games); (July; #8; V.I.P. Games - Pam Anderson);

INCITE VIDEO GAMING (Computer Media) -

1999 (#1; December; WWF Wrestlemania 2000 - The Rock);

INFOAGE (Plesman Pub. Ltd) -

1983(January; Peripherals & Utilities); (April; Networking);

1984 (July/August; 1984 Buyer's Guide); (September; Souping up the IBM PC); (October; Software Integration); (November; Unix); (December; Storage);

1985(January; New Technology - Space Age Micros); (February; Graphics; The State of the Art); (April; Add-Ons); (May; Intro to Data Communications); (June; The CBC and Mainframe Link); July; Apple Blossoms); (August; 1985 Annual Buyer's Guide); (September; a Preview of Commodore Amiga); (October; hard Disc); 9december; Buiding Expert Systems);

INFOSYSTEMS (Hitchcock Pub. Co.) -

1982 (June); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1983(January); (March); (April); (May); (July); (August); (September); (December);

1984(February); (April); (November);

INTERACTION (Sierra On-Line Inc.) -

1992(Summer; Sneak Peek Fall 1992); (Winter; computer Football);

1993(June; Space Quest V); (Holiday; Don't Buy an Obsolete CD-ROM);

1994(Spring; Gabriel Knight; Sins of the Fathers); (Fall; Outposts Strategy Guide); (Holiday; King's Quest VII);

1995(Spring; with Poster - The Lost Mind of Dr. Brian); (Fall; Roger Wilco); (Holiday; Torin's Passage);

1996(Spring; Earthseige 2);

INTERFACE AGE (McPheters, Wolfe & Jones) -


I WAY (Time Inc.) -


JAMES BOND 007 - TOMORROW NEVER DIES: Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 1999);

JAMES BOND 007 - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH: Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 2000);

Joy Stik
1982 --

Volume-1 #2; (November 1982; Tutankam cover; SCARCE; Issac Asimov; Defender, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug; FN/VF $15);
1983 --

Volume-1 #4; January 1983(SCARCE; Donkey Kong Jr, Tron, Centipede, Joust; Moon Unit & Zappa on Games; VF $14);

December (Electronic Arts/ Gyruss patterns/ Crystal Castles);

KILOBAUD (1001001, Inc.) -




Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Official Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo of America; 1989; C-259-1)

LINUX JOURNAL (SSC Inc. Pub.) -- 2001 ( March; Consulting);;

LINUX MAGAZINE ( UK; Linux New Mediz UK Pub.) - 2001 (June; Which Linux ?);

THE MAC (Dennis Pub. ) - 1996(February);

MACADDICT ( Imagine Media Inc. Pub.) -

2001 (April; 10 Things Your Not Supposed to Do);

2002 (March; Meet the World's Greatest Computer);

MAC HOME JOURNAL (Mac Home Journal) - 1995(March);

THE MACINTOSH BUYER'S GUIDE (Redgate Pub.) - 1985(Fall);

MACUSER (Ziff-Davis Pub. Co.) -



MACWORLD (PCW Communications Inc.) -





MARIO MANIA NINTENDO PLAYER'S GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Nintendo of America Inc.) - 1991(No Number);


MAXIMUM PC (Imagine Media Inc. Pub.) -

2001 (March; Ultimate MP3 Showdown); (April; 3D Gaming);

2002 (October; Ultimate Gaming Hardware );

2003 (April; Maximum Upgrades at Minimum Costs);

MEAN MACHINES (Emap Images) -

1992(April, #7);

1993(January #15); (July, #22);

MEGAFAN (Megafan Inc. Pub.) - 1997 (Volume 1 #2; July/August; Tekken 3);



[ these magazines = weigh 200 Grams each for Postage Purposes]

1992 (August; Volume 3 #4; Sonic the Hegehog 2);

1993(January; V3#6; Streets of rage 2 cover; 84 pages; GVG $6); (August; Volume 4 #4; Strider Returns);

MEGATECH (Maverick Magazines Ltd.) - 1994(February);


1999 (November; Selling Management on Windows 2000); (december; Your map to Windows 2000);

2000 (January; IIS 5.0); (February; Piloting Your Enterprise); (March; Win2K Security); (May; Intergrate Windows 2000 DNS with Unix DNS);

MORTAL KOMBAT II KOLLECTOR'S MAGGAZINE (Sendai Pub.) - 1994 (November; 1 of 4);

MORTAL KOMBAT 3 KOMPLETE (Trade Paperback) (Diehart Gamefan Inc.) - 1995;

MPC WORLD (PC World Communications Inc.) - 1992(June-July);


1998 (January/ 15; Routers); (May/15; Products of the Year);

1999 (January/11; Disaster Recover Strategie); (July/12; Next Generation Carriers);

NEXT GENERATION (Imagine Pub. Inc.) -

1995(January; #1; Video Game Wars of 1995); (February; #2; Gaming of the Information Superhighway); (March; #3; Does Playstation Live up to the Hype); (April; #4; Jaguar); (May; #5; Ultra 64 the Story so far); (June; #6; Graphics to Die for); (July; #7; Can 3Do Keep Up?); ((8; August; Sega Saturn Facts); (#9; September; Playstation's destruction Derby); (#10; October; Madden NFL 96); (#11; November; Virtua Fighter); (#12; december; 32-Bit Systems-Which is Best);

1996(January; Year of the Video Game); (February; Nintendo's Ultra64); (March; Hyperbalde); (April; Jaguar Extinct); (May; Virtua Fighter 3); (June; Bill Gates on Games); (July; Sega's Secret Weapon-Nights); (August; Super Mario 64); (September; Top 100 Video Games of all Time); (October; lara Croft Tomb Raider); (November; Interstate 76); (December; Playstation vs. Nintend vs. Sega Saturn););

1997(January; Sony's New Playstation); (February; Unreal); (March; Online Gaming Explodes); (April; Super GT Arcade Game); (May; Nintendo 64 Super Mario); (June; Sierra's 3D Game); (July; Sony's Blasto); (August; AM3's Lost World: Jurassic Park); (September; Shiny's Messiah); (October; Battlezone); (November; 25 Breakthough Games); (December; the Game Machine of the Year - the PC);

1998 - (January; Terminus - Never Released); (February; You are Not a hardcore Gamer Unless...); (March; Ultima IX); (April; Metal Gear Solid); (May; Prince of Persia 3D); (June; Legend of Zelda); (July; Ea Sports Knockout Kings); (August; The Next Console War is Here); (September; Sega Dreamcast); (October; Star Wars); (November; Ridge Racer Type 4); (December; Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time);

1999 - (January; Tomb Raider 3); (February; Final Fantasy 8); (March; Sega Dreamcast); (April; Unreal Tournament); (May; Star Wars Episode 1); (June; Dino Crisis); (July; Soul Calibur); (August; Resident Evil 3); (September; All New Look-Title Change to "Next Gen"; Ready 2 Rumble); (October; Sega's Shenmue); (November; Playstation 2 in Here); (December; The Console War Explodes!);

2000 - (January; Resident Evil; Code Veronica); (February; Tekken tag Tournament); (march; Playstation 2 Bond); (April; Playstation 2 Hands on Report); (May; Dreamcast - Sonic); (June; Onimusha); (July - Metal Gear Solid 2); (August; Microsoft's X-box); (September; Ready 2 Rumble; Round 2); (October; The Bouncer); (December; Crash Bandicoot);

2001 - (January; Babes of Video Games); (February; Lara Croft and Duke Nukem - Censorship in Games); (March; Metal Gear Solid 2); (April; the Games of XBox); (June; Star Wars; Rogue Sqyadrib II); (July; Jak and Daxter; The Precursos Legacy); (August; Luigi's Mansion); (September; Devil May Cry); (October; Dead or Alive 3); (Novmeber; Maximo); (December; Soul Calibur 2);

2002 (January; Ultimate Xbox Review Guide);

N-FORCE (Europress Impact Pub.) - 1992(December);


NINTENDO POWER (Nintendo of America Inc.) -

>>> Weight for Postage = 250 Grams for EACH magazine;

1990 (#19; STRATEGY GUIDE issue; Power Bowl Football cover; Includes Strategy for; NEW Play Action Football, Gauntlet-II, World Cup, Swords & Serpents, Super Spike V'Ball Super Off Road; 1991; January (#20; Mega Man-III cover; BONUS Poster of Bart SIMPSON vs Space Mutants is intact

1991; February (#21; Star Tropics Cover; BONUS Poster of MetalStorm with Star Tropics Tips is intact;

1991; April (#23; Power Blade cover; Giant Special GAME BOY section; BONUS Poster of SIM CITY is intact;

1991; April (#23; Power Blade cover;Giant Special GAME BOY section; BONUS Poster is missing;

1991; May (#24; Vice Project Doom cover; 8 pages Battletoads color comics; BONUS Poster of Disney's Tailspin is intact;

1991; May (#24; Vice Project Doom cover; 8 pages Battletoads color comics; BONUS Poster is missing,

1991; June (#25; Battletoads cover;BONUS Poster of Super Spy Hunter is intact;

1991; June (#25; Battletoads cover; BONUS Poster of Super Spy Hunter is intact; BONUS Poster is missing, o/w

1991; July (#26; Robin Hood Prince of Theives cover;BONUS Poster of METROID is intact;

1991; August (#27; MEGA MAN in Dr Wily's Revenge cover;BONUS Poster of STAR WARS is intact;

1991; August (#27; MEGA MAN in Dr Wily's Revenge cover; BONUS Poster is missing, o/w

1991; October (#29; STAR TREK cover; BONUS Poster of FLINTSTONES is intact;

1991; October (#29; STAR TREK cover; BONUS Poster is missing, o/w

1991; November (#30; FINAL FANTASY-II cover; BONUS Poster of FACEBALL-2000 is intact;

1991; November (#30; FINAL FANTASY-II cover; BONUS Poster is missing, o/w

1991; December (#31; METROID cover; BONUS Poster of TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-3 is intact;

1991; December (#31; METROID cover; BONUS Posteris missing, o/w

1992(January; Super Castlevania IV); (February; #3; TMNT III; The Manhattan Project); (May; #36; Darkwing Duck); (June; #37; Lemmings); (July; #38; Street Fighter II); (August; #39; Mario Paint); (September;#40; Felix the Cat); (October; #41; Super Mario Kart); (November; #42; Super Star Wars - Darth Vader); December; #43; Road Runer's Death Valley Rally)

1993(January; #44; The Magical Quest - Starring Mickey Moose); (February; #45; The Addams Family; Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt; ); (March; #46; Tiny Toon Adventures; Buster Busts Loose);

(April; #47; Star Fox); (May; #48; Batman Returns); (June; #49; Battletoads/ Double Dragon);

(August #51; Street Fighter II Turbo);

1993; (October; #53; YODA Cover, from Super Star Wars; The Empire Strikes back; STARFOX Color Comics section; Foldout Secret of Mana Poster is Intact; Bonus Insert Nintendo Power Club 6 Trading Card page is intact; VG = $10.00; ; Another Copy = ASK);

(November; #54; Secret of Mana);

1994;  (January; #56; Mega Man X; Includes a poster for "Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage"; (February; #57; Bugs Bunny; Rabbit Ramage; With a "Super Metroid" poster);

1994; (April; #59; Ken Griffey Jr. Presnets major league baseball; SUPER METROID Color Comics section; Foldout Barkley Shut Up and Jam Poster is Intact; Bonus Insert Nintendo Power Club 6 Trading Card page is intact;

(May; #60; Super Metroid); (June; #61; Donkey Kong for Gameboy; Poster for "Street Fighter II"); (July; #62; Super Street Fighter II; with "The Itchy and Scratchy Show " poster); (August #63; Stunt Race FX; with "The Incredible Hulk" poster); (September; #64; Mortal Kombat II; with "Donkey Kong Country" poster);

1995;  (January; #68; The Adventures of Batman and Robin; with "Mega Man X2" Poster); (February; #69; Mega Man X2; with. "Donkey Kong Land" Poster); (March; #70; NBA JAM Tournament Edition; with "Star Trek, Deep Space 9" poster); (April; #71; Star Gate; with "Weapon Lord" poster); (June #73; Weaponlord); (July #74; Donkey Kong Land); (August; #75; Virtual Boy); (September; #76; Killer Instinct); (November; #78; Mortal Kombat 3); (December; #79; Donkey Kong Country 2; Diddy's Kong Quest);

1996 - (January; #80; Happy New Year); (February; #81; Killer Instinct 2 Arcade); (March; #82; Super Mario RPG; Legend of the Seven Stars); (August; #87; Tetris Attack);

1997 - (October; #101; Extreme-G); (November; #102; NFL Quarterback Club '98);

1998 (March; #106; 1080' Snowboarding); (April; #107; Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside); (may; #108; Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.); (June; #109; Banjo-Jazooie);

1999 - (April; #119; Beetle Adventure Racing); (June; #121; Pokemon Snap);

2001 - (February; #141; Paper Mario);

2002 - (April; #155; James Bond 007; Agent Under Fire); (May; #156; Spider-man);

2003 - (April; #167; Pokemon Ruby & Pokemon Sapphire);

2004 - (August; #182; Resident Evil 4); (December; #186; Metroid Prime 2 Echoes);

2005 – (March; #189; Star Fox Assault); (April; #190; Killer 7); (May; #191; The Future of Hand Held games); (June; #192; Pokemon Emerald Version); (July; #193; The Legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess); (August; #194; Mario kart;; Ready for Wi-Fi; with DVD Legend of Zelda Trailer); (September; #195; Sonic Three New Games); (October; #196; Harry Poter; Goblet of Fire); (November; #197; Pokemon XD; Gate of Darkness); (December; #198; Fire Emblem; Path of Radiance);

2006 - (January; #199; Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection); (July; #205; Legend of Zelda; Phantom Hourglass); ; (October #208; Final Fantasy III); (November; 209; Pokemon Mystery Dungeon); (December; 210; WII Launch Guide);

2007 – (February; #212; Mario Ware – Smooth Moves); (March; #213; Sonic and the Secret Wings); (April; #214; Wii the Sims); (June; #216; Nights – Journey of Dreams);(July; #217; Resident Evil – Umbrella Chronicles);(September; 219; Metroid Prime 3; Corruption); (October; #220; Super Mario Galaxy); (November; #221; Final Fantasy 12 – Revenant Wings); (December; #222; Super Smash Bros. Brawl); (Holiday; #223; No More Heroes);

2008 – (February; #225; Sonic Chronicles – The Dark Brotherhood); (March; #226; Tales of Symphonia – Dawn of the New World); (April; #227; Mario Kart Wii); (May; #228; Final Fantasy 4 is Reborn on DS); (June; #229; Music Games); (July; #230; Castlevania – Order of Ecclesia); (August; #231; Mad World); (September; 232; Sonic and the Black Knight);(Holiday; #236; Year-End Reviews Blowout); (Holiday – Subscriber Edition; #236; Year-End Reviews Blowout);

2009 - (January; #237; The Year in Review; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cover); (January – Subscriber Edition; #237; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); (February; #238; RPG Special; Dragon Quest V); (February – Subscriber Edition; #238; RPG Special; Dragon Quest V); (March #239; Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings); (March – Subscriber edition; #239; Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings); (April; #240; Pokemon Platinum Version); (May #241; Silent Hill: Shattered Memories); (May – Subscriber Edition; #241; Silent Hill; Shattered Memories); (June – Subscriber Edition; #242; Red Steel 2); (July; #243; Kingdom Hearts); (July – Subscriber Edition; #243; Kingdom Hearts; 358/2 Days); (August – Subscriber Edition; #244; Mario and Luigi – Bowser's Inside Story);

2010 – (January – Subscriber Edition; #250; Mega Man 10); (February – Subscriber Edition; #251; NBA Jam; 2010 Year in Preview);


NINTENDO - Power Advance - 2001(Volume-1 #1; 132 pages including covers; Weight = 310 Grams; Strategies, Maps, Buyers Guide, etc; VG/FN = $15);

NINTENDO - Power Advance - 2002(Super Mario World; Super Mario Advance 2);

NINTENDO - Power Flash - 1989; (Spring; 12 pages; Weight = 50 Grams; Cobra Triangle cover; VG $5);

NINTENDO - Power Flash - 1989; (Summer/Fall; 16 pages; Weight = 50 Grams; Power Glove cover; Writing on BACK cover, rest is VG $5);

NINTENDO - Power Index - 2nd Edition (1994; 28 pages including covers; Weight = 75 Grams; List of dates / Cover features to Nintendo Power magazine #1-60 + Players Guide to date; Listing if NES / Nintendo GAME TITLES & Tech info; FN/VF = $8);

NINTENDO STRATEGY GUIDE (64 pages; spiral bound) -

1988 (Volume 1 #2; Flying Dragon);

1989 (Volume 1 #3; Irontank/ Double Dragon/ Gauntlet);

NINTENDO - Strategies - 1989 (#1; 28 pages including covers; Strategies for 30 NES Games; Weight = 135 Grams; G/VG = $10);


2000; (#3; January; Dead or Alive 2);

2000; (#4; March; Space Channel 5's Ulala);

2000; (#5; May/June; Resident Evil: Code Veronica; Zombie Death; Power Stone 2; DOA2 rated; Shenmue explained; Barry Bonds; Weight = 250 Grams; VF+, demo disc missing = $8);

2000; (#6; July/August; Jet Set Radio; special On-Line issue; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater; Fight Club; Weight = 300 Grams; VF+, demo disc missing = $8);

2000; (#8; November; Shenmue);

2000; (#10; Holiday; Grandia II);

2001; (#12; March/April; SPIDER-MAN cover & game article; 150 Games Rated; Daytona USA Network Racing; Commandos 2; Sakura Taisen 3; Project Justice; Weight = 250 Grams; FN $7);


OFFICAL STRATEGY GUIDE TO TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER (Trade Paperback) (Metropolis Pub.) - 1997;


(Volume 1 #2; November; Parappa the Rapper; with Demo Disc - Crasy 2/ Madden 98/ Cool Boarders 2...);

(Volume 1 #3; December; Crash Bandicoot 2; with Demo Disc - Star Wars; Masters of Teras Kasi/ Cardinal Syn...);

1998 - (Volume 1 #4; January; Resident Evil 2); (Volume 1 #5; February; Dead or Alive); (Volume 1 #6; March; Final Fantasy-Tactics); (Volume 1 #7; April; Vigilante 8); (Volume 1 #8; May; Tekken 3); (Volume 1 #9; June; Gran Turismo); (Volume 1 #10; July; Legacy of Kain; Soul Reaver; with Demo Disc - Gran Turismo/ Speed Racer/ Jersey Devil/ Blasto...); (volume 1 #11; August; Metal Gear Solid); (Volume 1 #12; September; parasite Eve; with Demo Disc. - The Unholy War/ Duke Nukem'; Time to Kill/ Spyro the Dragon...); (Volume 2 #1; October; Spyro the Dragon; with Demo Disc. - Metal Gear Solid/ Test Drive 5/ Cool Boarder 3...; No Disc); (Volume 2 #2; November; Tomb Raider III; with Demo Disc - Medievil/ Dragon Seeds/ 6 Darius/ Wargames Defcon 1...); (Volume 2 #3; December Crash Bandicoot 3; Warped);

1999 - (Volume 2 #4; Gex; Deep Cover Gecko; with Demo Disc - Silent Hill/ Moto Racer 2/ Apocalyse...); (Volume 2 #5; February; Ridge racer Type 4; with demo Disc - NFL Gameday 99/ NHL faceoff 99/ NHL Faceoff 99/ Twisted Metal III...); (Volume 2 #6; March; Silent Hill; With Demo Disco - Syphon Filter/Bust a Groove/ Shadow madness/ Fisherman's Bait...; No Disc);(Volume 2 #7; April; 13 New RPG's with Demo Disco - Rollcage/ Warzone 2100// Ridge racer Type 4...); (Volume 2 #8; May; Star Wars Episode 1; The Phantom Menace;); (Volume 2 #9; June; Resident Evil 2; Nemesis; with Demo Disc - Bust-a-Move 4/ Abe's Exodus/ NFL Blitz); (Volume 2 #10; July; 25 Games you Must Play in 1999; with Demo Disco-Ape Escape/ MLB 2000/ The Next Tetris/ Croc 2...; No Disc); (Volume 2 #11; August; Disney's Tarzan; with demo Disc-Final Fantasy VIII/ Jade Cocoon/ Centipede/ Tiny Tank...); (Volume 2 #12; September; Final Fantasy VIII; with Demo Disc-Sled Storm/ Um Jammer Lemmy/ Pong...; No Disc); (Volume 3 #1; October; Spyro 2; Ripto's rage); (Volume 3 #2; Novmeber; Crash Team Racing); (Volume 3 #3; December; Playstation 2; with Demo Disc - Gran Turismo 2/ Cool Boarder 4/ Demolition Races...); (Volume 3 #5; February WWF Smackdown - Chyna & Triple H; with Demo Disc - Super Cross Circuit/ Tomb Raider; The Last Revelation/ Ballistic..); (Volume 3 #6; March; Syphon Filter 2); (Volume 3 #7; April; Star Trek Invasion); (Volume 3 #9; June; x-men; Mutant Academy; with Demo Diss - X-men; Mutant Academy/ Gauntlet Legends/ Grind Session... ); (Volume 3 #10; July; Metal Gear Solid 2); (#35; August; Who Wants to be a Millionaire?); (#36; September; Soul Reaver 2); #37; October; Star War Games - a New Hope); (#38; Novmeber; PS2 launch; with Demo Disc - Incredible Crisis/ Ultimate Fighting Championship/ Crash bash...; No Disc); (#39; December; Crash Bash; with demo Disc - madden NFL; 2001/ Star Wars; Demolition/ Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX...);

2000(June); (July); (August);

2001 - (#42; March; SSX-DVD); (#43; April; Twisted Metal Black); (#44; May; Medal of Honor; Frontline); (#45; June; Dark Cloud); (#46;July Tomb Raider - Angelina Jolie); (#47; Final Fantasy - The Movie, The Games, the History); (#48; September;; ICO - The Best game You've Never Heard of); (#49; October; Silent Hill 2; with Demo Disc - Spy Hunter/ Gauntlet Dark Legacy/ Soul Reaver 2/ ICO...; No Disco); (#50; November; Grand Theft Auto 3); (#51; December; Metal Gear Solid 2; with Demo Disc - NBA Street/ Kinetica/ Gallop Racer 2001...);

2002 - (#53; February; Final Fantasy - 2 different cover; with Demo Disc; Dynasty Warriors 3/ Final Fantasy X/ Time- Spitters 2 ..); (#54; march; Tomb Raiders; The Next Generation; with Demo Disc - Batman; Vengeance/ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3...; No Disc); (#55; April; Virtua Fighter 4; with Demo Disc - Guitaroo Man/ Maximo/ Soul Reaver2/ Airblade/ Drakan...) (#56; May; Spider-Man; with Demo Disc; Hot Shots Golf 3/ Jak and Daxter/ SSX Tricky/ Rez...); (#57; June; Star wars Bounty Hunter; with Demo Disc - fatal Frame/ Medal of Honor; Frontline/ Herdy Gerdy... No Disc); (#58; July; Everquest and the PS2 Online; with Demo Disc - Star Wars; Jedi Starfighter/ Army Men RTS/ World of Outlaws; Sprint cars 2002); (#59; August; Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus; with Demo Disc - Street Hoops/ UFC; Throwdown/ Stntman...); (#61; October; Kingdom Hearts; with Demodisc - Need for Speed/ The Mark of KRI/ Downforce / Rad...; No Disc); (#62; November; Grand Theft Auto; Ice City; with Demo Disco - Wild Arms 3/ MX Superfly/ Dr. Muto/ Siltent Scope 3...); (#63; December; Shinobi; with Demo Disc - Superman; Shadow of Apokolips/ Disney's Treasure Planet/ Contra; Shattered Soldier...; No Disc);

2003 - (#64; January; War of the Monsters; with Demo Disc - Socom; U.S. Navy Seals/ war of the Monsters/ Reign of Fire/ Shinobi/ haven; Call of the King..); (#65; February; the Getaway; with demo Disc - the Getaway/ Dark Cloud 2/ NBA Shootout 2003...); (#66; March; DEF Jam Vendetta - Method Man; with Demo Disc - Zone of the Enders; the 2nd Runners...); (#67; April; Midnight Club 2; with Demo Disc - Amplitude/ rayman3; Hoodlum havoc/ Zapper...); (#68; May; Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell; with Demo Disc - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell/ My Street/ Gran Prix Challenge/ High Heat 2004...); (#69; June; Socom 2; U.S. Navy Seals; with Demo Disc - Smash cars/ War of the Monsters/ X-Men; Next Dimension...; no Disc); (#70;; July; Hulk; with Demo Disc - MLB 2004/ NBA Street Vol. 2/ Dynasty Warriors 4/ Freaky Flyers...); (#71; August; Need for Speed; Underground; with Demo Disc - Alter Echo/ Silent LIne; Armored Core/ Fugitive Hunter...); (#72; September; Medal of Honor; Rising Sun; with Demo Disc - Soul Calibur II/ Silent Hill 3/ Sphinx and the Shadow of Set/ Warhammer 40,000; Fire Warrior); (#73; October; SSX 3; with Demo Disc - SSX 3/ True Crime/ Hulk/ Roadkill/ Racket and Clank 2... No Disc); (#74; November; Prince of Persia; with Demo Disc - Prince of Persia/ Pitfall Harry/ Chaos Legion/ Cy Girl); (#75; December; Final Fantasy


2004 - (#76; January; The Big Games for 2004); (#77; February; Syphon Filter; The Omega Strain; with Demo Disc - Syphon Filter; The Omega Strain/ MTX Motocross/ Crash Nitro Cart/ Maximo vs. Army of Xin...); (#78; March; Final Fantasy XI; with Demo Disc - Beyond Good and Evil/ NFL Street/ Drakengard...; No Disc); (#79; April; Sly 2; Band of Thieves; with Demo Disc- Lifeline/ Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon; Jungle Storm/ Castlevania: Lament of Innocence...); (#80; May; Killsone; with Demo Disc - Syphon Filter; The Omega Strain/ Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3/ Terminator 3; Redemption...); (#82; July; Champions; Return to Arms; with Demo Disc - MVP Baseball 2004/ Scooby-Doo; Mystery Mayhem/ Rabbit King/ Smash TV); (#83; August; Madden NFL 2005; with Demo Disc - Siren/ NBA Ballers/ Metal gear Solid 3; Snake Eater/ Serious Sam; Next Encounter...); (#84; September; the road Ahead for racing Games; with Demo Disc - Bornout 3/ Astro Boy/ Van Helsing/ Test Drive; Eve of Destruction...); (#85; October; Def Jam; Fight for N.Y.; - Method Man/ with Demo Disc - Def Jam; Fight for N.Y./ Ace Combat 5; The Unsung war/ Forgoten Realms; Demon Stone...); (#86; November; Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake Eater; with Demo Disc - Metal Gear Solid 3; Snake Eater/ Area 51/ Silent Hill 4; The Room/ Robotech; Invasion/ Neo Contra...); (#87; December; Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas; with Demo Disc - Killzzone/ Jak 3/ King Arthur/ Suikoden IV...);

2005 - (#88; January; Gran Turismo 4; with Playable PS2 Demo Disc still intact; Socom II; After Hours/ Prince of Persia 2/ Mega Man X8... ; VF/NM = $10.00); (#89; February; PSP; with Demo Disc - Mercenaries/ Virtua Quest/ Full Metal Alchemist/ Sly 2...); (#90; March - #89 on cover; Area 51; with Demo Disc - Area 51/ The Punisher/ Musashii Samurai Legend/ Death by Degrees/ MX vs. ATV Unleashed); (#91; April; PSP Launch; with Demo Disc; Cold Winter/ Shining Tears/ Tenchu; Fatal Shadows...); (#92; May; Burnout 4; with Demo Disc - Full Spectrum Warrior/ Darkwatch/ devil may Cry 3/ Star Wars; Episode III...); (#93; June Need for Speed; Most Wanted; with Demo Disc - lego Star Wars/ Star Wars; Battlefront/ Stolen/ Juiced...); (#95; August; Grand Theft Auto; Liberty City Stories; with Demo Disco - Destroy all Humans!/ Rise of the Kasai/ Flipnic...); (#97; October; Shadow of the Colossus); (#99; December; peter Jackson's King Kong; with Demo Disc - peter Jackson's King Kong/ Chronicles of Narnia/ Shining Force Neo/ Total Overdose...);

2006 - (#101; February; Hideo Kojima 'A Videogame is not Art"; with Demo Disc - Socom 3; U.S. Navy Seals/ 24; The Game/ Battlefield 2; Modern Combat/ Heroe of the Pacific...); (3102; March; Black for PSP; with Demo Disc - Teen Titans/ Shadow Hearts; From the New World/ Sonic Riders/ Shadow the Hedgehog/ Draken gard 2...); (#103; April; The Darkness; with Demo Disc - Black/ Okami/ Genji; Dawn of the Samurai/ Beatmania ...); (#104; May; PSP New Games; with Demo Disc - Tomb Raiders; Legend/ Fight Night Round 3/ Rez/ Frequency...); (#105; June; Tony Hawk; Next Generation; with Demo Disc - Steambot Chronicles / Maximo vs. Army of Xin/ MLB 06; The Show / R-Type Final..); (#106; July; The PS3; with Demo Disc - Cars/ Killswitch/ Medal of Honor; Frontline/ Mercenaries...); (#107; August; Final Fantasy XII; with Demo Disc - Lego Star Wars II/ Cool Boarders/ Jet X20 / Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4...); (#109; October; Army of Two; with Demo Disc - Lego Star Wars II; The Original Trilogy / One Piece Grand Adventure/ Okami...); (#110; November; The Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion; with Demo Disc - Need for Speed; arbon/ The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy/ Monster House...); (#111; December; Resistance; fall of Man;with Demo Disc - Bionicle Heroes/ Destroy all Humans 2/ Fifa 07...);

2007 - (#112; January; Final Issue; Motorstorm; with Demo Disc - Arthur and the Invisibles/ Flushed Away/ Monster House...);

OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE ( Imagine Media Pub.) -

2001 - (November; Special preview Issue; Every Single Xbox Game Detailed); (#1; December; Dead or Alive 3);

2002 - (#2; January; Halo); (#3; Febuary; Lord of the Rings); (#4; March; Tony Hawk Pro Boarder 3); (#5; April; Star Wars RPG); (#6; May; Superman); (#7; June; Brute Force); (#8; July; James Bond 007; Nightfire); (#9;August, Metal Gear Solid 2; Substance); (#10; September; Halo 2); (#11; October; Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or Alive; Xtreme Volleyball); (#12; November; Project Gotham racing 2); (#13; December; Tom Clancy's Spinter Cell);

2003 - (#14; January; The Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers);(#15; February; The Best Games of 2003); (#16; march; Enter the matrix); (#17; April; True Crime; Streets of L.A.); (#18; May; Return to Castle Wolfenstein; Tides of War); (#19; June; Halo 2); (#20; July; Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell; Pandora Tomrow); (#21 (August; Star Craft; Ghost);

2005 - (#40; January; Star Wars; Knights of the Old Republic; the Sith Lords); (#45; June; Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas); (#52; Holiday; Peter Jackson's King Kong);

2006 - (#55; March; Scarface);

ONE OMEGA (Emap Images) -

1994(February; Skeleton Krew);

1001 MORE SECRET CODES FOR THE HOTTEST VIDEO GAMES ( Trade Paperback; Brady Games Strategy Guide; 1996);

ONLINE ACCESS (? Pub.) - 1995(May);

ORACLE MAGAZINE ( Oracle Corp. Pub.) - 2000 (July/August; Albert Einstein);

PC ANSWERS (Futures Pub.) - 1996(March);

PC COMPUTING (Ziff Communications Co.) -

1992 - (March; Special Upgrade Issue); (June; PC Computing 200); (July; DOS Power Tools); ((August; Working Smarker); (September; The Best Windows PC); (October; Windows Power Pack); (November; Windows Superguide); (December; Annual Awards);

1993 - (January; Hottest hardware); (February; 201 Windows Secrets); (March; Fastest PC's Ever); (May; Pentium); (October; Multimedia PC's);

1994 - (February; Power PC); (March; Windows 4.0); (April; Color Subnotebooks); (May; Pennywise Pentiums); (July; Windows 4.0 Hands on Test Drive); (August; 1,001 tips); (September; 1-ways patrol Internet, Online Services); (October; Windows Superguide); (November; Cutting Edge CD-ROM fast Drives Not Discs); (December; Annual Best Awards);

1998 - (December; Windows 2000);

2000 - (April; Wireless Revolution);

PC ENTERTAINMENT (IDC Communications Inc.) -

1996(February; Dungeon Keeper; with Demo Disc - The Hive/ Cybermage/ Crusader; No Remose...);

PC FORMAT (Future Pub.) -

1994 - (July; The American Dream/ 1942 - The Pacific Air War); (August; Gunnig for Trouble/ Fifa International Soccer); (September; Get A-Life/ Tie Fighter);

1995 - (November; Reality Sucks);

PC GAMER - the Worlds Finest PC and CD-ROM Games Maazine (GP Pub. Inc.) -

1995; (Volume 2; #4; April; Interplay's Descent);

1995; Volume-2 #5 (May; Ripley's Believe it or Not the Riddle of Master Lu; Not Sealed, but still has Original Factory Polybag with Bonus HD Disc #6 still included, VF/NM = $10.00);

1995; Volume-2 #5 (May; Ripley's Believe it or Not the Riddle of Master Lu; Bonus HD Disc is Missing, VF = $6.00);

1995; Volume-2 #6 (June; The New Bullfrog);

1995; Volume-2 #11 (November;Shadows over Riva; Killer; Reviews 177 Games from 1995, VG/FN = $6.00);

1997; Volume-4 #8 (August; Edio's Tomb Raider 2); (#12; December; Holiday Extravaganza; 456 pages);

1998 - Volume-5 - (#5; May; Star Wars; Force Commander); (#8; August; Activision's Civilization); (#9; September; Top 10 Games of 1999); (#10; October; 50; Best Games Ever);(#11; November; Quake III); (#12; December; Indiana Jones);

1999; Volume-6 (#1; January; South park); (#2; February; Ultimate Strategy Guide 1999); (#3; march; 5th Annual PC; Gamer Awards);

2000; Volume-7 (#4; April; Make Your Own Quake); (#8; August; Diablo II);

2001; Volume-8 (#2; February; World War 2.0); (#4; April; Unreal II); (#5; May; Max Payne); (#6; June; Star Wars; Battleground);

2002; Volume-9 (#4; April; Dungeon Seige); (#8; August; Warcraft III);

2003; Volume-10 (#10; October; Shooter Shootout);

2004; Volume-11 (#12; December; Half-Life 2);

PC GAMER (UK) (Future Pub.) -

1994(August; Star Wars; Tie Fighter); (October; Doom II);

1995(December; Duke Nukem 3D);

PC GAMES (IDC Communications Pub.) -

1993 (February-March; Top Sound Cards Compared);

1997(March; Star Trek; Generations);

PC MAGAZINE (Ziff-Davis Pub.) -

1986 -(March 25; Color Monitors);

1987 - (September 29; 386-Based PCs);

1988 - (November 29; Lan Gateways);

1991 - (November 26; 8th Annual Printer Issue); (December 17; Multimedia PCs/ Easy Data Bases);

1992 - (January 14; 40-MHz 386's/ 1991 Index/ Best of 1991); January 28; Low-cost Notebooks/ Disk Utilities); (February 11; 33-MHz; 486 PCs/ Memory managers), (February 25; Windows Word Processors); (March 31; Multimedia/ Multiuser Databases); (April 14; Notebook Computers/ tape Backup), (April 28; Windows 3.1/ OS/2 2.0/ 386SX/ 25X); (May 26; Service and Reliabiliity); (June 16; Visual Programming; (June 30; 17 Inch Monitors/ COMM Software); (July; The Perfect PC/ OCR Software/ Index 1/92 to 6/92);

(August; Portable Computing Issue/ 2D Animation); (September 15; Integrated Software), September 29; Windows Desktops/ Image Editing); (November 10; Spredsheets/ Windows vs. OS/2); (November 24; Ninth Annual Printer Issue); (December 8; Upgradable PCs/ Fax/ 24-BIT Paint), (December 22; 1992 Technical Exellence Awards);

1993 - (January 12; The best of 1992; Video Boards); (January 26; Nonprogrmmable Databases); (February 9; Application ADD-INs/ Service and Reliability), (February 23; Low Cost PCs/ CAD Software); (April 27; Pentium/ Graphical COMM Software); (May 11; Relational Databases/ Statistics Software), (May 25; Politically Correct PCs/ Writers Tools); (June 15; Platforms/ Groupware, (June 29; Pentium PCs/ Modems); (October 12; SQL Servers/ Big Hard Discs);

1994 - (January 25; Pentium PCs/ Illustration Software); (February 26; CD-ROM/ PowerPC);

2002 - (December 24; Awards for Technical Excellence);

PC SOURCES (Coastal Associates Pub.) -

1990 - (November; The Battle of the SXs); (December; hard Drive mania);

1991 - (January; Software Buyer's Guide Premiere); (February; Warrantier that Work); (March; Laser Printer Upgrade); (April; Buy the Right Monitor); (May; Power Notebooks); (June; Custom Built PCs); (July; New 40MHZ Systems); (August; The New 486SX); (September; Over 80 Hot New Products); (October; Shop for 486s); (November; Palmtop PCs); (December; Notebooks);

1992 - (February; Backup Devices); (June; Motherboard Upgrades); (July; Multiscanning Monitors);

1993 - (January; 486/66 Systems); (April; Serial Port Upgrade); (June; Color Notebooks);

PC UTILITES (Live Pub.; UK); - 2001 (May; 1001; Essential Programs);

PC WORLD (PCW Communications Inc.) -

1987 - (March; Programming and Utilies);

1988 - (May; Desktop Publishing);

1991 - (April; CD-ROM Drives/ 33 MHZ 386s); (September; 286 Notebooks/ High-Speed Modems); (December; Special Hardware Issue);

1992 - (January; DOs and Windows Tips); (March; Windows Video hardware/ Quattro Pro 4.0); (April; Excel 4.0/ Windows Word processors); (May; CD-ROM Drives/ Color Laptops); (June; Dot matrix Printers/ 9600-Baud Modems); (July; Quattro Pro for Windows/ Disk Optimizers); (August; 486SX Overdrive Systems/ 200 MB Harddisks); (September; Windows Utilies/ Portable Hard Disks); (October; Windows Alternatives/ Work Group lasers); (November; Best Upgrades/ Troubleshooting Windows 3.1); (December; 1993 Hardware Buyer Guide);

1993 - (January; Windows and DOs Speedup tips); (February; Mixed 486 Roundup/ Word Processing Tips); (March; DOs 6.0/ City Guide and Mapping Programs); (April; Hard Disk Buyers Guide/ Windows Notebooks); (May; CD-ROM Drivers/ DOS 6.0); (June; 1-2-3 for Windows); (July; Pentium PCs/ 486 Notebooks); (August; Complete 486 PCs/ Windows PIMs); (November; Word 6.0 Wordperfect 6.0/ Windows COMM Software);

1994 - (February; Top 20 PCs/ Windows Spreadsheets); (April; Tripled 486 PCs/ 15 and 17 inch Monitors); (October; Windows database Shoot-out); (December; Best CD's of 1994/ CD-ROM Drives);

1995 - (February; laser Printers/ Best Home PCs);

1999 - (December; Ultimate Buyers Guide);

2001 - (April; Ultimate PC Trouble Shooting Guide); (June; One-Stop Tech Support Guide);

2002 - (May; The Trouble Free PC);

2007 - (April; Windows Tips for Everyone);

PC ZONE ( Dennis Pub. Ltd.; UK); - 1993 (#7; October; Lands of Lore);

PERSONAL AND BUSINESS COMPUTER HANDBOOK (The Complete Factory Inc.) - 1983(No Month);


1983; July(Volume-7 #7; 240+ Pages; Weight = 390 Grams; VG/FN = $9.00);

1989(June); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1990(January); (February); (March); (April); (May);

PLATINUM SPORTS (Paragon Pub. Ltd.) - 1995(Vol.2);

PLAYSTATION: THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE ( Future Media Pub.) - 2007(#1; Holiday; Gran Turismo 5);

POJO'S VIDEO GAME REVIEW ( H and S Media Inc. Pub.) -

2001 (Gran Turismo 3);

2001 (Special; Playstation 2 Blowout);




POKEMON STADIUM OFFICIAL BATTLE GUIDE ( Brady Games; Trade Paperback; 2000);


1983 - (January; Do Women Resist Computers);

1985 - (June; AT and T's Unix PC); (July; Telecomputers Hybrid Machines); (August; Desk Accessories); (November; Desktop Publishig); (December; (Compatible Mac?);

PS EXTREME (Dimension Pub.) -

1996 - Volume 1 (#4; February-March; King's Field); (April; #5; Return Fire); (August; #9; Crash Bandicoot);

1998 - (Volume 3 #10; September; Medievil); (Volume 4 ;#1; December; Kagero Deception II);

PSM (Imagines Media) -

1998 - (#5; January; Preview 98); (#13; September); (#16; December; Naughty or Nice?);

1999 - (#20; April; Wipeout 3); (#21; May; Street Fighter Alpha 3); (#22; June Ridge Racer 4); (#23; July; Mortal Kombat Special Forces); (#28; December; Resident Evil 3);

2000 - (#29; January; PS 2K Feature); (#33; May; Playstation 2 Wrestling); (#38; December; DOA2; Hardcore);

2001 - (#45; May; Sega on PS2); (#49; September; The Rock); (#51; November; Devil May Cry);

2002 - (#55; February; Maximo; Ghosts to Glory); (#58; May; Onimusha 2); (#60; July; James Bond 007; Nightfire); (#61; August; Tombraider; the Angel of Darkness); (#63; October; Grand Theft Auto; Vice City);(#65; December; Midnight Club 2); (#66 Holiday; Final Fantasy X-2);

2003 - (#67; January; Resident Evil Online);(#79; Holiday; Beyond Good & Evil);

2004 - (#82; March; Onimusha 3); (#84; May; DefJam II); (#90; November; JAX Versus Ratchet); (#92; Holiday; Goldeneye Rogue Agent);

P.S.X. (Sendai Media Inc.) - 1996(January);

Q64 (Dimension Pub. Inc.) - 1998 (Spring);

RAZE (Newsfield Pub.; UK) - 1991 ( #9; July; Shadow Dancer);


ROM (ROM Magazine Corp.) - 1985(December-January);

RUN (Wayne Green Pub.) -

1984 - (January; C-64 Word Processing);

1987 - (November; Explore the Games You Can Play); (December; Fast Load For Your 64);

SEGA FORCE (Europress Impact Ltd.) -

1992(May #5);

SEGA FORCE MEGA (Impact Magazines (UK) Ltd);


SEGA VISIONS (Sega of America Inc.);

1993(October-November; Sonic Spinball); December 1993/ January 1994 ( Eternal Champions);

1994(February-March; Sonic 3); (April-May; 32-Bit Play Sega Genesis);

SEGA XS (Paragon Pub. Ltd); - 1993(August; Virtua fighter);


2007 - (April; Windows Vista); (July; Improve System Performance);

SOFT SIDE ( Softside Pub.) - 1984 (january; Buyers Guide to games);

SOFTWARE NOW (Moorshead Pub. Inc.); - 1985(August);


(STAR WARS) LEGO STAR WARS II: the Original TRILOGY Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 2006);

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT: Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 2004);

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II: Prima Official Game Guide ( Trade Paperback; 2005);



STATION (Metropolis Pub.) - 1997 (Premiere Edition; 50 Best Playstation games);


STREET FIGHTER II STRATEGY GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Gamepro Pub. Inc.); - 1992;

SUPER GAME BOY PLAYER'S GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Nintendo of America Inc.) - 1994;

SUPER GAMING (Sendai Pub. Inc.) - 1991(Summer);

SUPER MARIO 64 NINTENDO PLAYER'S GUIDE ( 1996; Trade Paperback);

SUPER MARIO 64 STRATEGY GUIDE ( 1996; Trade Paperback)

SUPER MARIO BROS 2 (Nintendo of America Inc.) -

1989(Part 1); (Part II);


1991 - Winter ( #1 (Premiere Issue; Zelda 3);

1992 (July; TMNT cover);

1994 - (May; Volume 4#3; Super Metroid); (September/ October; Volume 4 #5; Mortal Kombat II);

SUPER NES PLAYER'S GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Nintendo of America Inc.) - 1992;

SUPER NES POWER PLAYERS GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Infotainment World Inc.) - 1995(Vol.I);

S.W.A.T. PRO (Infotainment World Inc.) -

1990 - (Fall; Hot Tips and Tactics & Passwords);

1991 - (June; Mega Man 3);

1992 -(June-July; Street Fighter II); (August/ September; TMNT IV; Turtles in Time); (October/ November ; Super Double Dragon);

1993 -(March; Sonic the Hedgehog 2); May (Mega Man 5; VF = $9.00); (September; X-Men-Wolverine); (November; Bubsy; Claws Encounter of the Furred Kind);

1994 - (March; Mega Man X); (May; Sonic the Hedgehog 3); (July; NBA Jam Tournament Edition); (September; Super Street Fighter II); (November; Mortal Kombat II);

1995(May; X-Men 2; Clone Wars); (July; Eternal Champions); (October; Tekken);

SYMPATICO NETLIFE (Telemedia Publications) -



2000(January/February); (March/April); (May/June); (September/October); (November/December);

2001(January/February); (March/April); (May/June); (September/October);



3D WORLD ( Future Pub.) - 2001 (February; Killer Bean);

TIPS AND TRICKS (VideoGames presents...)

(LFP Inc Pub; Larry Flynt publisher; Weight for Postage = 180 Grams each) -

1995 = Genesis, Super Nes, Sega CD, Jaguar, 3DO, Game Gear;

1997 = Arcade, Genesis, Super Nes, Playstation, Saturn, 3DO, Nintendo 64, Game Gear, Game Boy;

1994 (Volume 1 #1; Mortal Kombat II);

1995; (May; Volume-1 #5; Donkey Kong Country cover; FN+ = $12.00);

1995 (July; Volume 3, #7; x-men 2; Clone Wars);

1995; (December; Volume-2 #6; Tekken - Iron Fist cover; VG/FN = $10.00); 1996; (May; Volume-3 #5; Killer Instinct 2 cover; VG/FN = $7.00);

1996; (August; Volume-3 #8; Special Arcade issue; VG/FN = $6.00);

1996; (September; Volume-3 #9; Virtual On - Cybertroopers cover; FN = $6.00);

1996; (October; Volume-3 #10; Super Mario 64 cover; VG = $6.00);

1996; (December; King of Fighters cover; FN/VF = $6.00); 1997; (January; X-Men with Wolverine vs Street Fighter cover; VF = $7.00);

1997; (February; Virtual Fighter 3 cover; FN = $6.00);

1997; (March; Mario Kart 64 cover; VF = $8.00);

1997; (May; Real Bout Fatal Fury cover; FN/VF = $6.00);

1997; (June; Street Fighter III cover; VG/FN = $5.00);

1997; (July; Tekken 3 cover; VG/FN = $5.00);

1997; (November; Fighting Force cover; VF = $6.00);

1997; (December; Diddy Kong Racing cover; VF = $7.00);

1998 (January; Mortal Combat-4 cover; nice Resident Evil 2 Ad on Back cover; FN/VF=$9.00; G/VG=$6.00);

1998; (February; Bloody Roar); (March; Resident Evil 2); (April; Rival Schools Arcade); (May; Mega Man Legends; FN/VF = $8.00); (June; Tekken 3); (July; Mortal Kombat 4); (August; Mission: Impossible); (September; Parasite Eve/ Bomberman Hero/ Pocket Fighter); (October; Thrill Kill); (November; Tenchu: Stealth Assassins); (December; Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time);

1999 - (January; Tomb Raider 3); (February; Gauntlet Legends); (March; Syphon Filter/ Castlevania/ Carnevil); (April; Street Fighter Alph 3); (June; Super Smash Bros.);

2000 - (January; Toy Story 2);

2004 - (September; Spider-man 2);

2005 - (April; Fight Night; Round 2); (November; Marvel Nemesis; rise of the Imperfects); (December; Call of Duty 2; Big Red One);


TODAY (Compuserve Inc.) - 1983(November);


TOP DECK (Wizards of the Coast Inc.) - 2000(May; Pokemon Team Rocket);

TOP SECRET NINTENDO PASSWORDS PLAYER'S GUIDE (Trade Paperback) (Nintendo of America) - 1992;

TOTAL GAMER ( Total Gamer pub.; Giveaway) -

2003 - (July; Final Fantasy X-2); (September; Prince of Persia);

2004 - (February; Ninja Gaiden); (march; Crystal Chronicles);



THE TRANSACTOR (Transactor Pub. Inc.) -

1986(Vol.5 #1); (Vol.5 #5);

**** TURBOFORCE (Sendai Pub. Group Inc) - [ magazine = weighs 100 Grams for Postage Purposes]

ULTIMATE FUTURE GAMES (Future Pub.) - 1995(August);

ULTIMATE GAMER (LFP Inc.; Larry Flynt publisher ) -

1995 - (July; #1;Volume-1 #1 Sega Saturn Sports); (Volume-1 #2; September; Ultra 64);(Volume-1 #4; November; Bad Boys);

THE ULTIMATE PC GAMERS GUIDE (Infotainment World Inc.) -


ULTRA GAME PLAYERS (Image Pub. Inc.) -

1996 - (#89; October; Tobal No.1); (#90; November; Wild 9's); (#91; December; Waverace); (#92; Holiday);

1997 - (January; #93; Videogames 1997); (February; #94; Turok; Dinosaur Hunter); (March; #95; Street Fighter III/ Tekken 3); (April; #96; Tomb raider 2); (May; #97; Bushido Blade); (June; #98; Crash Bandicoot 2); (July; #99; Mortal Kombat 4); (August; #100; Resident Evil 2); (September; #101; Cros Crash 2); (October; #102; San Francisco Rush); (November; #103; legend of Zelda 64); (December; #104; Diddy Kong Racing); (Holiday; #105; Tomb Raider 2);

1998 - (January; #106; Strategy Blowout); (February; #107; Resident Evil 2); (March; #108; Tekken 3); (April; #109; GEX 64); (May; #110; Turok 2); (June; #111; massive Gamegirl Piotorial);

UNIFORM MONTHLY (Uniforum Pub.) -


1993(February); (March); (April);

UNIXWORLD (McGraw-Hill Inc.) -

1993(April); (May);


VIDEO ACTION (Video Action Inc.) -

1981 - (February; Sid Vicious & Malcolm McLaren in "The Greaat rock 'n' Roll Swindle"); (March; M.A.S.H.);

VIDEO GAMES (Pumpkin Press Inc.) -

>>> Atari, Apple, Vic-20, Commadore-64, Coin-Ops, etc;

1982; (December; Review - Tron/ Caveman/ Pitfall/ Arcadia 2001);

1983; (February; Volume-1 #5; New in '83; Games Network; Super Pac-Man; Savior One; Atari 5200; 3-D Everything; Home Computer section; Ralph Baer interview; RARE mag; 108 pages including covers; Weight = 200 Grams; VG $12);


1993 - (December; Clay Fighter);

1994 - (January; Mortal Kombat II); (February; NBA Jam); (March; Sonic 3); (May; Hulk); (June; Alien vs. Predator); (July; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers); (August; Double Dragon: The Shadow Falls); (September; Special Fight Issue); (October; Mortal Kombat II); (Novmber Donkey Kong Country);

1995 - (January; Clay Fighter 2); (March; Justice League Task Force); (April; Mortal Kombat III); (May; Spider-man); (June; GEX); (July; Mortal Kombat III); (August; Rage); (September; Killer Instinct); (October; Sony's Playstation); (November; Super Mario RPG); (December; Donkey Kong Country 2);

1996 - (January; Toy Story); (February; Ultra Killer Instinct); (March; X-Men);(May; Fighting Vipers/ Ultimate MK3); (June; Sonic vs. Crash Bandicoot); (July; Mortal Kombat/ Mario 64); (August; Mortal Kombat Trilogy); (September; Independence day);

**** Video Games and Computer Entertainment ; [ these magazines = weigh 350 Grams each for Postage Purposes]

1989; (February (#2; World War II Games); June ( Robocops cover); December; First Anniversary issue; Clash of Titans cover; Nintendo, Sega, NEC, Atari, IBM, Apple, Commodore, Amiga; the Best-Selling Games of All-Time; Maps & Tips for; Sega's Altered Beast & Capcom's MegaMan-2; FN = $14);

1990 (January; New Arcade Colume "Destination Arcadia"); (Volume-2); (February; Best Games of 1989 issue; 132pages; FN $12); (March; Batman cover); (April; Best Mystery Software); (November; Elvira); (December (Strange TMNT cover);

1991 (Volume-3); (February; Bart SIMPSONS cover by Groening; VG+ $12); (April; Nintendo Super NES); (May; Battletoads cover); (June; great, unique Sonic the Hedgehog cover); (July; G.I. Joe Snake Eyes cover); (August; Little mermaid cover); (September; Rocketeer cover); (November; Faceball 2000); (December; Joe Montana);

1992 (January; It came from the Desert); (February Best games of 1991); ((Volume-4); (March; Contra III Alien Wars cover; VG $6); (April; Super Adventure Island cover; VF $10); (May; Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird); (June; Street Fighter II World Warrior cover; VG+ $7); (July ; Simpsons cover); (August; Wings 2 Aces High cover; FN $8); (September; SNES Dungeon Master cover; VG $7); (October; Sonic the Hedgehog hologram cover); (November; Prince of Persia cover; VG+ $7);

1993 - (February; Hot New Hardware from 3DO); (May; Star Fox); (June; Street Fighter II Champion Edition);

Videogaming Illustrated

Volume-1 #1; August 1982(SCARCE; TRON cover; Star Wars, Star Raiders, Smurf Wars; FN = $18.00);
February 1983 (Darth Vader cover; Jedi Arena; SCARCE; 1-1/2" Writing on cover, FN = $12);
January 1984 (Predictions for 1984; Atari's surprise for Coleco; Kaboom, Laser Pinball; Mattel & Odyssey; FA/G $5);

VIDEO GAMES (Pumpkin Press Inc.) - >>> Atari, Apple, Vic-20, Commadore-64, Coin-Ops, etc; - #16 (January 1984; Pichman's Dr Slye cover; VF = $12);

VIDEOTEX CANADA (Videotex Canada) - 1983(Fall);

VIDIOT (Creem Magazine inc.) - WEIGHT for POSTAGE = 135 Grams each; >>> Atari, , Intellivision, Coleco, Arcade games, etc; - Volume-1 #1; (Sept/Oct 1982; G/VG = $9.00)


1992 - (February; WIN Awards/ Word Processors/ Bill Gates on the Futre of Windows); (April; Focus 3.1); (June; Pen Computing Software & Hardware);

1993 - (February; 100 Best Products);

1994 - (May; Energy Star PCs);(August; Power Macros/ OLE 2.0); (September; 17 inch Pixel perfect Monitors); (October; Power tools / Networks); (November; 90 MHZ Pentiums); (December; 64-bit Video/ Beyond Today's Windows);

1997 - (September; Top 100 Freeware & Shareware); (October; NT 5.0 the Best Windows Yet);

1998 - (January; NT5 Beta Arrives);


1997 - (June; NT Clusters/ Merchant Server); (September; Thin is in/ Telephony); (October; Security/ System Policy Templates); (November; NT vs. Netware/ Migrating Templates);

1998 - (May; SQL Server 8-Way Scalability/ Soup Up System Performance); (June; NT Clusters/ Load Balancing Web Servers); (July; Sorting Out TCO on NT/ NT Server Sequrity Checklist); (August; NT Hardware; What You'll Need/ Clustering Options); (September; SOL Server 7.0 - NT Business Application Platform); (October; Multiprocessor Tuning/ NT Security); 9November; NT 5.0 Network Management/ Thin Client - Server); (December; Is NT Windows?/ UNIX Interoperability);

1999 - (January; NT Innovators/ performance); (February; E-Commerce/ Messaging); (March; performance Tune-Up/ Service pack 4); (April; Linux/ Deployment tactics);

WINDOWS VISTA MAGAZINE (Future Media Pub.) - 2007 (Fall; Spider-Man);

WIRED (Wired USA Ltd.) -

1993(May-June; Crypto Rebels);

1994(April; Bill Gates); (May; Here Comes the Zippies!); (July; John Malone on he Telco - Cable Wars); (August; Myst Creators Robyn & Rand Miller);

1998(February; James Cameron);

1999(May; George Lucas);

2000(February; Matt Groening's "Futurama" Sneak Peek (June; 40 Companies Driving the Future); ); (July; The Ultimate Offshore Startup - Quest to Build a fat-Pipe Data Haven); (August; marc Andreessen of Loudcloud);

2001 (May; How We'll Get Broadband for a Price);

2002 (June; The Dark Side of Steven Spielberg);

2003 (march; Russ Wicks - Hydroplane racer); (April; How Hydrogen Power Can Save America); (July; the Next Space Race will be won by Rich Geeks with the Right Stuff); (October; Timaland - Superproducer); 9November; Linus Torvald/ "How Philip K. Dick Conqured the Movie World 20 Years After his Death);

2004 (January; the Making of a Human Clone); (February; The New face of the Silicone Age - tech Jobs are Fleeing to India); (April; Film Rave Awards - Peter Jackson); (May; The Future of Food - Super Organics); (June; The Wonderful World of Pixar - the Incredibles); (July; Human Being 2.0 - I, Robot); (August; Craig Venter Now He's Chasing Darwin); (September; Arnold Schwarzenegger); (October; the Plot to Kill Evolution); (November; The Beatie Boys - the Free Music Revolution); (December; James Cameron - the New Age of Exploration);

2005 - (May; George Lucus - Unmasked); (June; Steve Spielberg - Remaking "the War of the Worlds); (July; Neil Gaiman's the Gorillaz); (August; Netscape Going Public - 10 Years that Changed the World); (September; Jon Stewart - TV of Tomorrow); (October; King Kong's Jack Black, Naomi Watt's and Adrien Brody); (November; the Phone of the Future); (December; Why High Oil Prices are Good for America);

XBOX NATION (XBN) (Ziff-davis Pub.) -

2002 - (January; #1; Jet Set radio Future/ Premiere Issue); (#3; Summer; Panzer Dragoon Orta);

2004 - (#21; December; Halo 2; the Verdict);

XML MAGAZINE ( Fawcette technical Pub.) - 2001 (March; Web Services to Open Source);



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I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an OVERSTREET Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 44 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972); >> Read my Annual OVERSTREET MARKET REPORTS;  (Overstreet #45 = AD on pages 228; ** See my 10 Page Market Report on Pages 171-180);  (Overstreet #44 = AD on pages 228 & 1092; ** See my 11 Page Market Report on Pages 163-174);  (Overstreet #43,  Market Report on pages 138-142,  AD on page 194); (Overstreet #42 AD on page 188 & 250); (Overstreet #41,  AD on page 184 & 236);  I am an original member on the Board of Advisors to CBCA {Comic Book Collecting Association} Comic Pros with the common-sense Code of Ethics, in the Comics Community.



We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2010, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2010 ] [250,000 MAGAZINES, ALL types] [250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [60,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 x 33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP Records] [40,000 x 45 RPM Vinyl 7 Single Records] [8,000 Music Cassette Tapes] [15,000 VHS Movies] [15,000 POSTERS; MOVIE One Sheets (1950's-1990's), VIDEO Store (1980s-1990's) & 10,000 Chain store types (1970's-early 1990's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! >> 600,000 Pounds of inventory jam packed into an 8000 Square Foot Warehouse! So much material, we will NEVER get it all catalogued! BUT you can view our HUGE inventory lists at our website =

SEND YOUR WANT LISTS [Please Limit to SERIOUS WANTS & Limit the number of items, to 30 or Less MOST WANTED items; Filling Want Lists is Time Consuming, We reply ASAP;

ORDER Multiple Items ALL from one seller; (1) SAVE on POSTAGE; (2) SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive Items PROPERLY GRADED by Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed;



Please allow 7-10 DAYS for your Snail Mail LETTERS to arrive since you are sending to Canada. (MOST arrive in 7 days average); We ship Mail orders within 24 hours of Payment

(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa