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CAR / Automobile, HOT ROD, TRUCK, Car RACING, VAN, Car Dealership Promo Pamphlet & Misc VEHICLE Magazines INVENTORY FOR SALE -

ABC'S OF HOT RODDING (Argus Pub. Corp.)

1975 - (Performance Basics and Speed Secrets);


1973/74 (Wholesale Catalogue);

1979/80 (Wholesale Catalogue);

ALL CHEVY (McMullen Pub. Inc.)


(August; Volume 1 #1 Chuck Vahldick's 1969 Camaro/ Connie Woods/ Anneamrie Driscoll);

(November; Volume 1 #2 Dave & Donna Cook's 1957 Bel Air/ 1987 Camaro);


(April; Volume 2 #2 Jim Hendrick's 1968; Z2B/ Shelby Jeanne Snyder);

(June; Volume 2 #3 - 1955 Nomad/ Jill Castellano);

(August; Volume 2 #4 - Frank Whitlock's 1970 SS396 Chevelle Convertible/ Launa Moroson);

(October; Volume 2 #5 Joan & Jerry Perkin's 1955 Convertible/ Shannon Rae);

(December; Volume 2 #6 Rick Dehlinger's 1968 Corvette/ Annmarie Driscoll);


(February Tom McEwen's 1957 Funny Car/ Nadine Skomski);

(April 1959 Impala/ Sandra Wild);

(October Leonard Orozco's 1951 Woodie/ Stacy Canchola);


(February Jeniceks' 1957 Bel Air);

(June Bill Bush's 1967 Chevelle SS/ Laura Primeau);

(October Mike Artman's 1964 Chevy II);

(November - A Look at 1991 Z28/Monte Carlo Aero Kits);

(December Roger Baumister & Rick Runa restoring 1956/ Annmarie Driscoll);


(January 1963; Corvette/ Kelly Bratten/ Albert Nicholson);

(October - 1955/57 Club directory/ Tri-Five Engine and Trans Upgrade);

(November Gary Irwin's 1969 Corvette/ Mary Schreiber/ Kelli Shaffer/ Ken Finocchio/ Anthony Bonaparte);


(January - Nova/ Laurie Lammens/ “1992 Pin-up Calendar”);

(March – Terry & James Riker 1967 Camaro);

(June – Fran Kachaturian's 1966 Nova II/ Killee Inglish/ Daniel Earle);

(August – Richard Hyder's 1956/ Brandi Downes);


(March - “South East Camaro Nationals”/ “Tilt Columns for Classics”);

(June - “Bowtie Beasts; Pro Street; Custom; Stock”/ 1955 Chevy “Disc Brake Conversion”);

(July – 1955 Nomad/ Tonya Poole);

(September - Peter Dyer's 1955/ “1955 Fender Repair”);

(December – Steve Enright's 1957 Bel Air/ Valerie Bird);


(February – Debbie Kline/ Beverly Murphy/ Eddie Van Halen's 1956 Pro Street Chevy);

(March - Mike Paluzz's 1957 Bel Air);

(June – Bill Verboon's 1957/ Janette Noland);

(July - “55/57 Cooling Techniques”/ “F-Body Traction Aids”/ “Cam Selection Guides”);

(August – Low Budget Performance / East bolt on 680+ Horsepower 502)

(October - “Gary Harmon's 1963 Impala SS”/ “Power Vent Windows”);

(December – Tom Evan's 1954 Corvette/ Tiffany Richardson);


(March - “Camaro Performance”/ “Paxton's Suspension Products”);

(April – Callaway C8 Camaro / 4th Generation Camaro Tech)

(June – Interview – Super Trucks Mike Skinner)


AMERICAN RODDER (Paisano Pub. Inc.)


(April – Volume 1 #4; - Tom Senter's 1932 Ford Roadster);

(June – Volume 1 #5 – Sharon Kolmos' 1932 Ford Sedan);


(April – 1932 Highboy Roadster/ 1932 Ford Coupe/ 1932 Ford Sedan/ 1947 Chevy Convertible);

(June - “Swim Suit Issue”/ “1933 Ford Coupe”/ “1933 Ford Phaeton”);


(March - “Chassis Buyer's Guide”/ “1948 Ford Pickup”/ “1941 Willys Coupe”);

(June - “Swim Suit Issue”);

(August - “Exhaust Systems”/ “1948 Buick”/ “1946 Ford Sedan”/ “1939 Ford Sedan”);

(September – Kimberlee Kline/ “1951 Mercury”/ 1956 Chevy”/ “1935 Chevrolet Coupe”);

(December – Charlie Baucom's 1941 Willys);


(September – Jim Bouchard's 1946 Ford Coupe / Shannon Rae);

(December – Stacy Baum/ Christy Patrick/ “101 cars from Louisville Nationals”);


#47(April/1993; FN, but centerfold missing = $3.00);

(July – Mike Solak's 1934 Ford/ Stacy Scholl);

(October – Butch Martino's 1934 Ford Coupe/ Midi Miller);


(August – Bill Thomas' 1932 – 3 Window Highboy/ Doug Jerger's 1965 Chevy II);

1997 (October - 10th Anniversary Issue)


(July - “Hot Rods and Swimsuits”);


(May – Steve Silver's 1932 Ford Roadster);

(September – Swimsuit Special)


(January – Louisville 2000)

(March – Bonneville Blast)

(May – Don Anglin's 1932 Ford);

AMERICAN RODDING (Popular Library Inc.);

1966 (March – United States Grand Prix);

1969 (June – Gene Snow's Fastest Funny Car 205.46 MPH);


1986 (Volume 1 #1 - “Custom Mania”);

AMERICA'S BEST HOT STREET CARS (Modern Day Periodicals Inc.)

1984 (Volume 1 Number 1; Jack Oriente's 1956 Chevy Bel Air);

ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE (The Antique Automobile Club of America Inc.)


(March / April – 1957 Chevrolet)

(May / June – 1961 Cadillac Convertible)

(July / August – 1939 LaSalle Coupe and 1940 Buick Special)

(September / October – 1960 Corvette)

(November / December – Christmas Caravan painting by Ken Eberts)


(January / February – 1937 Dueaenberg Model J Convertible Coupe)

(March / April – 1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet)

(May / June – 1940 Packard Convertible Sedan)

(July / August – 1925 Model T Coca-Cola Delivery Truck)

(September / October – 1937 AC Ace)

(November / December – Christmas Time 1942 painting by Ken Eberts)


(March / April – 1912 Cadillac)

(May / June – 1954 Pontiac)

(July / August – 1907 Chadwick)

(September / October – 1931 Model A School Bus)

(November / December – Town and Country Christmas painting by Ken Eberts)


(January / February – 1915 Mercer Model 22-70 Sporting)

(March / April – 1946 Delahaye)(May / June – 1930 Model A Ford)

(July / August – 1952 MG)
(September / October – 1934 Packard)

(November / December – Jr's Red Convertible; painting by Ken Eberts)


(January / February – 1914 Ford)

(July / August – 1934 American Austin Wagon)

(September / October – 1969 AMX)

(November / December – An Old Fashioned White Christmas painting)

AUTOBUFF - the Magazine for the Adult Auto Enthusiast (Carnaby Communications Corp.; SEXY GIRLS on Cover & Centerfold of all);

1984 (Volume-3 #1; Whole #8; January – Sean Conway's 1974 Mustang II/ Renee Jackson; RENEE JACKSON = Cover, Centerfold & pictorial with Nudity; VG = $8.00); (May – Brian Twilla's 1962 Chevy II/ Tina/ Miss Autobuff Tina);

(September – L-88 Corvette/ Valerie);

1987; (Volume-6 #5; Whole #47; May – John Boyle's 1932 Ford Roadster/ Crystal of Mesa, Arizona as Police Woman = Centerfold & pictorial; VF = $9);

THE AUTOCAR (Dorset House Pub.)


(March 5 “The Dagenham Constellation”);

(March 12 – Jaguar);

(March 19 - “The Search for Safety”);

(April 23 – The Humber Hawk);

(June 25 – Jaguar);

(August 20- Clock at Abinger Hammer);

(August 27 - “Happiest Days of Their Lives”);

(September 3 – Humber Super Sniper);

(November 19 – 1955 Jaguar);

(November 26 – Austin Cambridge);


(July 27 – Austin Seven A.30);

(November 23 - “New A.95 with New Extra Power”);


(January 3 – Consul De Luxe);

(February 14 – Lockheed Hydraulic Disc Brakes);


(February 27 – Hillman Minx);

(March 27 – A.40);

(April 17 – Hillman Minx);

(May 1 – Prefect De-Luxe);


(November 8 - “Turn and Tokyo Shows”);


(December 26 - “Get a Christmas Lift');


(June 11 - “Escaping with Six Soft Tops”);

(August 6 - “New BMW Seven Series Ready for V12”);

(November 5 – Lamborghini);


(January 14 - “The Morgan that eats Porsches”);

(March 11 - “Corvette Cruising USA”);

(December 16 - “Fast Fun in Citroen's Ax GT”);


(January 6 - “Esprit: 750 Miles in the New Turbo”);

(January 13 - “New Sierra Cosworth”);

(January 27 - “How Fiat's New Tips Tops Golf and Escort”);

(February 10 - “Audi Quattro”);

(March 2 - “The Capri in Back”);

(March 9 – Lotus Piazza);

(May 4 - “16 V Astra steals the Gti Crown”);

(July 13 - “Audi Quattro”);

(July 27 – Lancia Delta Integrale/ Ferrari Testarossa);

(August 3 – XR2);

(August 31 – Range Rover);

(September 14 – Lotus Elan);


1957 (Decmber – Revamped 1950 Ford);

1958 (June-July; Digest Size – '58 Plastic Parade; William Scott's revamped Victress Roadster/ Bill Borgan's Olds-Deuce Pickup Truck);

AUTO MECHANICS (Ziff-Davis Pub Co.)

1956 (August – Souping the Rambler Wagon);

(September – Sound Proof You car);

(October – The Complete Engine Overhaul);

(November – Nitro Fuels; for Weekend Warriors);

1957 (January – Stroker Crankshaft for added Power);

(February – 1957 Plymouth Complete Owner Maintenance);

(March – 1957 Chevy Complete Home Maintenance);

(April – Special Hot Rod Issue);

(May/June – Bill Carroll Reports on the 1957 Buick);

AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE (Murdoch Magazines Pub.);


(April;Volume 1 #1 – Toyota MRZ/ Ferrari 308);

(May – Volume 1 #2 – Autokraft MK IV);

(June ; Volume 1 #3 – Lotus Esprit Turbo);

(August – Porsche 959);

(December – 156-MPH Supra Turbo)


(January – Range Rover/ 87' All Stars);

(February – Porsche vs. Audi vs. TVR vs. Lotus);

(April – Mustang GT/ First Anniversary);

(May – Camaro or Firebird?);

(June – Porsche 911);

(August - BMW M5);

(September – Renault Alpine);

(October – New Cars 1988);

(November – Car of the Century Porsche 959);

(December – Pontiac SSE);


(January – America Picks it's Favorite car);

(February – Buick's Reatta);

(March – Ford Probe 1989);

(April – Corvette/ Jeep/ Harley Davidson Sporteter);

(May – Callaway Corvette);

(August – Ferrari F40 vs. Porsche 959);

(November – Corvette ZRI);

(December – Ferrari);


(January – 1989 Automobile Magazine All-Stars);

(February – Porsche 911);

(April – Luigi Chinette Jr. Ferrari Dream Convertible);

(May – Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo);

(July – Mercedes SL);

(August – Ferrari Steers A Course for the 1990s);

(September – 10 Candidates for best car in the World);

(October – New Cars 1990);

(November – Infiniti/ Lexus/ BMW/ Audi/ Mercedes);

(December – Pontiac Firebird);


(January – Mazda Miata MX-5);

(February – Cizeta Moroder/ Ferrari F40/ 25th Anniversary Countach/ Porsche 959);

(March – Dodge Stealth);

(April – Toyota MR2 Turbo/ Ferrari 348);

(May – Eight Great Convertibles);

(July – 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix);

(October – New Cars 1991);

(December – Porsche 911 Turbo);


(January – Car of the Year/ 1991 All-Stars);

(February – Nissan 300ZX Turbo);

(March – Rod Millen's Mazda Magic Creates a Killer Capri);

(April – Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette);

(May -Cadillac STS);

(June – Lexus SC400);

(August – Dodge Stealth Convertible);

(September – Porsche 968);

(October – New Cars 1992);

(November – Dodge Viper);

(December – 1993 Mazda RX-7 Turbo);


(April – Mercedes 500E);

(May Dodge Viper/ Lamborghini Diablo/ Porshe 911 Turbo/ Ferrari 512 TR/ Bentley Turbo R/ Mercedes 600 SEL);

(September – Best Cars for less than $25,000);

(October – New Cars 1993);

(November – 1995 Mustang);


(March – Dodge Viper Coupe);

(October – New Cars 1994);

(November – 1994 Mustang);


(January – BMW M3);

(February – 1995 Automobile Magazine All-Stars);

(March – Chevrolet Blazer);

(May – Porsche 911 Turbo);

(November – Ferrari F50);

1997 (February – 172-MPH Corvette);

1998 (May – Cabriolet 911);

2000 (June – Lexus IS300);

2001 (October – Aston Martin V12 Vanquish/ Porsche 911 Turbo);

2002 (November – Infiniti 635 Sport Coupe);

2003 (February – 2005 Mustang);

(March – Infiniti FX45/ Cadillac SRX);

(June – Porsche 911 GT3/ Chrysler 300C);

AUTOMOBILE DIGEST (Automobile Digest Pub. Co.);

1940 (November - “Servicing Plymouth Engines”; “1940 Steering Gears”);

1941 (January - “A.S.I. Show Review”; “1941 Service Data”);

(November - “What Effect cast Iron Pistons”; “Hudson Brakes”);

(December - “Hudson'd Vacuum Clutch Control”; “Replacing Coil Springs”);

1942 (January - “1942 Service Yearbook”; “1942 Service Data”);

(February “1942 Spark Timing” ; “Ford Distributor”);

(May - “Bombers and Tanks Roll from Auto Plants”);

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE DIGEST (Automotive Service Digest Pub.);

1958 (August – George Yount of Eagle Machine Co. Indianapolis);

1959 (August – Dynamometer Testing of GMC's 351 CV. IN.);

(September - “Service Practice and Pricing”);

(October – Cooling System Research);

(December – Forestalliing Carburetor Icing);

1960 (January – crankshaft Journal Reconditioning);

(February – Used car Reconditioning);

(March – Engine Bearing Service);

(April – Limited or Minor Tune Up);

(May – Body Work);

(July – Vacation Time Check Up);

(August – Treadmill Road Load Carburetor Tests);

(September - “Detroit's First National Show”);

(October - “!961 American Cars”);

(December – Speeding Up Service Work);

1961 (January – Basic Principles of Sheet Metal Repair);

(February - “making the Most of Diagnostic Instruments”);

(March - “Collision Diagnosis and Correction”);

(April - “Electronic Highway');


1964 (April; Volume 1 #6 – Maserati 3.5)

AUTO RACING (Performance Pub. Inc.)

1969 (December – Al Unser Sets record at Milwaukee; Jackie Stewart);

1970 (August – Indianapolis 500; Peter Revson);

AUTO ROUND-UPS ANNUAL CAR SHOW (The Round-up Magazine Pub.)

1989 (Volume 8 #3 - “Complete car Show Inside”);

1990 (Volume 8 #4 - “Complete car Show Inside”);

1991 (Volume 8 #5 - “Complete car Show Inside”);

AUTOROUTE (Morris Marketing Pub.)

1993 (Spring - “The World's Wonkiest Wheels”);

(Summer - “Canadians Race to the Top”);

1996 (Summer - “Convertibles for Summer Fun”);


1990 (November; Volume 1 #1 - “Complete 1991 Buyer's Guide”);

1993 (December - “Christmas Buyer's Guide”);


1952 (April - “Mercedes Type 300”; “Ferrari Auto Trial”);

AUTOSPORT (Autosport Pub.);

1958 (August 1 – Bill Harris Sand Racing in New Zealand);

AUTOSPORT (Haymarket Pub. Ltd.)


(September 8 – Kaliber at Fina TT at Silverstone);

(September 15 – Gerhard Berger taking the Flag at Monha);

(September 22 – Martin Brundle in a Jaguar at Spa 1000 kms);

(September 29 – Two McLarens side by Side at Estoril);

(November 11 – Al Unser Jr. Wins Cart/ PPG Indy cat at Miami);


(February 9 – Jan Lammers & Geoff Brabham at Daytona);

(February 16 – Michael Shield at Brands Hatch);

(February 23 – Nascar Datona 500);

(March 2 – Colin McRae at Cartel Rally);

(March 9 – Audi 200 Quattros);

(March 16 – Rio Debut for New UK FI Team/ Fiorio joins Ferrari);

(March 23 – Who can beat Senna in Brazil?);

(March 30 – Brazilian Grand Prix/ Thruxton F3 Showdown);

(April 6 – Derek Warwick);

(April 13 – Mercedes at Suzuka);

(April 20 – Nigel Mansell/ Indy Cars/ Honda Racers);

(April 27 – Ayrton Senna at Imola/ Berger Update);

(May 4 – Sierra on Corsica/ Olivier Grouillard);

(May 11 – Monaco Grand Prix);

(May 18 – Porsche Power at Silverstone/ Stefano Modena);

(May 25 – Porsche Sounds Le Mans Warning);

(June 1 – Al Unser Jr's Dramatic Indy 500 Finish/ Ayrton Senna Wins Mexican Grand Prix);

(June 8 – Alain Prost in Phoenix Gran Prix);

(June 22 – Williams – Renaults of Boutsens Wins at Montreal Grand Prix);

(June 29 – Sauber wins again at Jarama/ Gary Brabham second British F3000 Win);

(July 6- Lotus at Silverstoe/ Fittipaldi at Cleveland);

(July 13 – French Grand Prix Chaos/ Pike's Peak);

(July 20 – Nigel Mansell at Silverstone/ Alain Prost);

(July 27 – Sprint thrills at Brands Hatch);

(August 3 – Ayrton Senna at German Grand Prix);

(August 17 – Nigel mansell wis in Hungary);

(August 24 – Donnelly stars at Brands Hatch);

(August 31 – Jean Alesi wins Birmingham Grand Prix);

(September 7 – Mercedes charges to World title);

(September 14 – Alain Prost wins Italian Grand Prix/ Gary Brabham Brand F3000);

(September 21 – Toyota Dominates rally Australia);

(September 28 – Mansell faces one race ban);

(October 5 – Ayrton Senna);

(October 12 – Saloons thrill to the finish);

(October 19 – Biasion charges to world title);

(October 26 – Ayrto Senna);

(November 2 – Formula Ford brands Festival);

(November 9 – Alain Prost);

(Novemer 16- Rac Rally special issue);

(November 23 – Llewellin flies for Britain on the Rac Rally/ Herbert's Karting victory/ Alesi wins F3000 Crown);

(November 30 – Rac Rally/ Macau F3/ Prost Testing);

(December 7 – Stig Blomqvist at Nurburgring/ Wellington Group A);

(December 14 – Audi's Fastest Quattro tested/ Le mans in Trouble/ Formula 3 Review);

(December 21/28 – Nigel Mansell at Ferrari/ Alain Prost 1989 World Champion);


(January 4 -London Racing car show/ Paris-Dakar Rally);

(January 11 – Autostort Awards/ Al Unser Jr.);

(January 18 – Ayrton Senna);

(January 25 – Monte Carlo Rally/ Jackie Stewart at Donington);

(February 1 – Scandal at Monte Carlo Rally/ Martin Brundle);

(February 8 – Jaguars Blitz Daytona 24 hours/ Arrows F1);

(February 15 – Peugeot's Group C Car/ Ford Sapphire Cosworth Rally Car);

(February 22 – Last Lap Drama in Daytona 500/ Ayrton Senna/ New Lotus-Lamborghini);

(March 1 – McLaren's FI Title Challenger/ The Cartel Rally/ National Racing Preview);

(March 8 – Nigel Mansell: Ferrari/ Ayrton Senna: McLaren/ Thierry Boutsen;Williams/ Nelson Piquet; Benetton);

(March 15 – Ayrton Senna & Jean Alesi star in Phoenix);

(March 22 – Nissan steals Sebring glory/ Brands Rallycross/ Pierluigi Martini);

(March 29 – Brazilian Grand Prix/ James Hunt Racing Center);

(April 5 – British Formula 3 Championship/ National F3000 Championship/ Sapphire 4x4 Cosworth track test);

(April 12 – Radical Tyrrell for Imola/ Schlesser's Sportcar Victory/ Silverstone);

(April 19 – Safari Rally Report/ Lotus 72);

(April 26 – Tragedy sours Donington F3000/ Nigel Mansell);

(May 3 – Monza Sportscars/ Jean Alesi);

(May 10 – Alain Prost; Life at Ferrari);

(May 17 – Patrese Savours Imola Victory/ Christie's Ferrari Auction/ Tour de Corse);

(May 24 – Jaguar Returns to Silverstone/ F3000);

(June 7 – Sportcar Focus; Spa & Le Mans/ Acropolis Rally);

(June 14 – Winners of Montreal Grand Prix/ Jaguar at Le Mans/ Scottish Rally);

(June 28 – Mexican Grand Prix/ Mondello Park 2CV's/ Willhours 24 hours);

(July 5 – Silverstone FI testing/ New Zealand Rally);

(July 12 – French Grand Prix/ Ivan Capelli/ Ferrari's 100th Grand Prix Victory);

(July 19 – Nigel Mansell);

(July 26 – Keke Rosberg);

(August 2 – Ayrton Senna wins German Grand Prix/ Ulster Rally/ Silverstone historic cars);

(August 9 – Martin Donnelly/ Snetterton BTCC);

(August 16 – Hungarian Grand Prix/ Oulton Park Gold Cup);

(August 23 – Stirling Moss/ Nigel Mansell/ Brands F3000);

(August 30 – Belgian Grand Prix/ 1000 Lakes Rally/ Birmingham Superprix);

(September 6 – Jaguar at Donington/ Ron Dennis/ Nascar);

(September 13 – Italian Grand Prix/ Derick Warwick/ World Oval Series);

(September 20 – Escort Rally Car/ Mika Hakkinen F3 Champion/ Formula Vauxhall Junior);

(September 27 – Jigel Manell wins at Estoril);

(October 4 – Nigel Mansell joins Williams);

(October 25 – First Corner collision in Japan/ Piqnet & Moreno for Benetton);

(November 1 – Louise Aitken-Walker/ Derek Warwick/ Formula Ford Festival);

(November 8 – Nelson Piquet/ Nigel Mansell);

(November 15 – Ayrton Senna/ Derek Warwick);

(November 29 – Derek Warwick on the Rac Rally/ Macau Formula 3);

(December 13 – Lotus is Saved; Hakkinen signs);

(December 20/27 – Ayrton Senna);


(January 3 – Mark Blundell at Brabham/ Carlos Sainz);

(January 10 – Auto Sports International at Birmingham);

(January 17 – Citroen Racing at Paris-Dakar);

(January 24 – Nigel Mansell fastest in FI testing);

(January 31 – Michael Andretti/ Francois Delecour at Monte Carlo);

(February 7 – Ford Heartbreak at Monte Carlo Rally/ Jordan FI/ Derek Warwick);

(February 14 – Michael Andretti in McLaren/ Nasca Busch Clash);

(February 21 – Mats Jonsson Swedish Rally runner-up/ Ernie Irvan wins Daytona 500);

(February 28 – Nigel Mansell debuts Williams FW14/ McRae's Talkand Rally);

(March 7 – Nigel Mansell ready for Phoenix);

(March 14 – Ayrton Senna wins Phoenix/ Tino Makinen);

(March 21 – Ayrton Senna/ Silverstone);

(March 28 – Nigel Mansell & Ayrton Senna Brazilian Grand Prix Duel/ Jaguar);

(April 4 – Lancia at Safari Rally/ Benetton – Ford B191);

(April 11 – World's Greatest drivers);

(April 18 – Alain Prost in Ferrari/ Crashes at Hockenheim);

(April 25 – San Marino Grand Prix Showdown);

(May 2 – Senna & Berger winners at Imola);

(May 9 – Nigel Mansell in Williams/ Jaguar);

(May 16 – Senna & Modena at Monaco Grand Prix);

(May 23 – Jaguar at Silerstone/ Manx National Rally);

(May 30 – Rick Mears fourth Indy 500 Win);

(June 6 – Nigel Mansell at Canadian Grand Prix);

(June 13 – Jaguar ready's for Le Mans/ Coulthard);

(June 20 – Ayrton Senna crashes at Mexican Grand Prix);

(July 4 – Andrea de Cesaris in Jordan);

(July 11 – Nigel Mansell wins at Magny Cours);

(July 18 – British Grand Prix);

(July 25 – Ferrari back in Hunt/ Paul Warwick);

(August 1 – Mansell & Patrese in Germany/ Argentina Rally);

(August 8 – Frank Williams of Williams-Renault);

(August 15 – Senna & Mansell/ Rothmans Mitsibushi Rally Raider);

(August 22 – Alain Prost/ Nurburgring Sportscars);

(August 29 – Senna & Mansell battle for win at Spa-Francorchamps/ Kankkunen on1000 Lakes);

(September 5 – Nigel mansell);

(September 12 – Mansell at Italian Grand Prix/ Latest Toyota Rally Car);

(September 19 – Donington/ BTCC Report);

(September 26 – Nigel Mansell Pit Stop panic in Portugal);

(October 3 – Mansell vs. Senna in Spain);

(October 10 – Formula 1 going broke?);

(October 17 – Ayrton Senna/ Nigel Mansell/ German touring cars come to Donington);

(October 24 – Ayrton Senna FI World Champion);

(October 31 – McLaren vs/ McLaren in lastlap in constructors championship);

(November 7 – Downpour at Adelaide);

(November 21 – Sainz Rac rally showdown);

(November 28 – Colin McRae on the Lombard Rac Rally; Al Unser Jr.);

(December 5 – Juha Kankkunen triple world champion/ Williams test driver Damon Hill);

(December 12 – Ayrton Senna at the Autosport Awards/ Oliver Gavin);

(December 19/26 – 1991; the year in pictures);


(January 2 – Tiff Needell drives Mansell's Williams/ Auto Sports International at Birmingham);

(January 9 – Team Lotus/ Auto Sports International Review);

(January 23 – Alain Prost in the Ligier);

(Janaury 30 – Lancia's new Integrale at the Monte Carlo/ Jordan – Yamaha);

(February 6 – Christian Fittipaldi/ Giovanna Amati; FI's first Woman driver in a Decade);

(February 13 – Ferrari F92A/ Michael Schumacher);

(February 27 – Nigel Mansell/ Murray Walker Previews 1992);

(March 5 – Nigel Mansell wins South African Grand Prix/ Johnny Herbert);

(March 12 – Riccardo Patrese/ James Hunt);

(March 19 – Alain Prost);

(March 26 – Schumacher & Mansell & Patrese Celebrate in Mexico/ Colin McCrae in Wales);

(April 2 – Ayrton Senna/ Giovanna Amati);

(April 9 – Nigel Mansell wins in Brazil/ Bjorn);

(April 16 – Johnny Herbert Britain's F1 Future)

(April 23 – Williams – Renault);

(April 30 – Mark Blundell/ Damon Hill);

(May 7 – Nigel Mansell & Michael Schumacher & Jean Alesi at Olympic Grand Prix Barcelona);

(May 14 – Nelson Piquet Indy 500 Tryout Crash);

(May 21 – Nigel Mansell wins fifth straight);

(May 28 – Al Unser Jr. Wins Indy 500);

(June 4 – Ayrton Senna/ Free poster mark 25th Anniversary of Cosworth DFV);

(June 11 – Juha Kankkunen in World Rally Championship);

(June 18 – Nigel Mansell crashes in Canadian Grand Prix, Berger wins);

(June 25 – Peugeot wins at Le Mans);

(July 2 – Nigel Mansell/ Capital FM Bug Prix);

(July 9 – Nigel Mansell wins French Grand Prix);

(July 16 – British Grand Prix winner Nigel Mansell);

(July 23 – Future of McLaren-Honda?);

(July 30 – Nigel Mansell wins German Grand Prix);

(August 6 – Niki Mansell ready's for Hungarian Grand Prix);

(August 13 – Nigel Mansell ready's for Hungarian Grand Prix);

(August 20 – Nigel Mansell wins Hungarian Grand Prix);

(August 27 – Nigel Mansell/ Alain Prost/ Ayrton Senna);

(September 3 – Michael Schumacher wins First FI at Spa/ Derek Warwick);

(September 10 – Michael Andretti/ Nigel Mansell);

(September 17 – Nigel Manssell quits Formula I);

(September 24 – Indy 500/ British touring Car Championship);

(October 1 – Nigel Mansell wins Ninth Race of Season);

(October 8 – Cleland & Soper in dramatic final at Silverston/ Alain Prost);

(October 15 – Ron Dennis on McLaren Future);

(October 22 – Nigel Mansell in America);

(October 29 – Patrese wins Japan Grand Prix/ Formula Ford Festival);

(November 5 – Formula I in Crisis);

(November 12 – Berger wins Australian Grand Prix/ Toyota Celica GT-Four);

(November 19 – Carlos Sainz at Rac Rally/ Gil De Ferran tests Williams);

(November 26 – Colin McRae at Lombard Rac Rally);

(December 3 – Carlos Sainz wins Lombard Rac Rally/ Rubens Barrichello sing for Jordan);

(December 10 – Autosport Award winners);

(December 17 – Damon Hill/ Derek Warwick poster);

(December 24/31 – 1992 year in review);


(January 7 – Nigel Mansell in Indey Car/ Auto Sports International);

(January 21 – Damon Hill, Williams Grand Prix Driver);

(January 28 – Ford Escorts in Monte Carlo/ Rally Calendar);

(February 4 – Gerhard Berger/ Didlier Auroil);

(February 11 – Nigel Mansell at Laguna Seca/ Ice Racing at Chamonix/ Mark Blundell at Ligier);

(February 18 – McLaren-Ford MP4/8; Colin McRae at Swedish Rally/ Alain Prost);

(Febrruary25 – Damon Hill at Estoril/ Ron Dennis);

(March 4 – Formula I Preview);

(March 11 – Ayrton Senna/ Ford at Portugese Rally);

(March 18 – South African Grand Prix/ Rally Poster);

(March 25 – Nigel Mansell wins Indycar Bedut at Surfer's paradise/ Brazil Grand Prix);

(April 1 – Hill & Senna in Brazil Grand Prix)/ Andretti & Berger in First Lap Crash);

(April 8 – Nigel Mansell's Oval Debut Crash/ Donington Grand Prix Review);

(April 15 – Ayrton Senna wins European Grand Prix/ Donington British touring cars);

(April 22 – Nigel Mansell at long beach/ Nelson Piquet);

(April 29 – San Marino Grand Prix/ Ferrari F130 GT);

(May 6 – Tourig car racers at Snetterton / Tour de Corse);

(May 13 – Spanish Grand Prix/ Nigel Mansell/ Jaguar XJ220);

(May 20 – Monaco Grand Prix Preview/ Luyendyk for Indy 500 Pole);

(May 27 – Senna smashes Monaco Grand Prix record/ Nigel Mansell/ Damon Hill in Monaco);

(June 3 – Fittipaldi at Indy 500/ British Touring Cars);

(June 10 – Mansell wins Milwaukee/ Alain Prost/ Scottish Rally/ Canadian Grand Prix Preview);

(June 17 – Alain Prost wins Canadian Grand Prix/ Le Mans Jaguars);

(June 24 – Le Mans 24 hours/ James Hunt/ Goodwood Festival of Spped);

(July 1 – Formula I Preview/ Ford Mondeo);

(July 8 – Damon Hill/ French Grand Prix Record);

(July 15 – Damon Hill's British Grand Prix Heart Break/ Silverstoen);

(July 22 – Paul Tracy wins Toronto Indycar/ McIaren F1);

(July 29 – Damon Hill at German Grand Prix/ British Hatch Idycar Race/ Talledega Nascar);

(August 5 – Nigel Mansell wins Michigan Indycar/ Ulster Rally);

(August 12 – Colin McCrae wins New Zealand Rally/ Alain Prost/ Nigel Mansell);

(August 19 – Damon Hill wins Hungarian Grand Prix/ Paul Tracy/ Tiff Needell);

(August 26 – Ford Mondeo wins brands Hatch/ Ayrton Senna interview);

(September 2 – Damon Hill wins Belgian Grand Prix/ Kankkunen at 1000 Lakes);

(September 9 – Michael Schumacher/ Silverstone Formula 3);

(September 16 – Damon Hill wins Italian Grand Prix/ Nigel Mansell);

(September 23 – Nigel Mansell wins Indycar Championship);

(September 30 – Portuguese Grand Prix/ Ayrton Senna/ Nigel Mansell poster);

(October 7 – Jos Verstappen/ Testing at Estoril);

(October 14- Ayrton Senna/ Damon Hill);

(October 21 – Pacific Formula I/ Monza Tourig Cars);

(October 28 – Japanese Grand Prix/ Eddie Irvine);

(November 4 – Nigel Mansell crashes at Donington);

(November 11 – Prost & Senna at Australian Grand Prix);

(November 25 – Rac Rally Special Issue/ Derek Warwick);

(December 2 – Ayrton Senna/ Rac Rally);

(December 9 – Prost's Williams FW15C/ Autosport Awards);

(December 16 – We test Mansell's Champion Indycar/ Senna still angry after FIA Verdict);

(December 23/30 – The best of 1993);


(Janaury 6 – Formula I in 1994/ Mario Andretti profile);

(January 13 – Autosport International Show/ Indycar Analysis);

(January 20 – New Williams Formula I/ World Rally Championship Preview);

(January 27 – 1994 Ferrari/ Ayrton Senna Interview);

(February 3 – McLaren-Peugeot FI Insight/ Colin McRae);

(February 10 – New Ferrari FI/ Nigel Mansell);

(February 17 – Barcelona Testing/ Alfa Romero Returns to touring car Racing);

(February 24 – Damon Hill/ Ford's Mondeo Tourer);

(March 3 – Senna's New Williams-Renault);

(March 10 – Toyota at Portugal Rally/ Nigel Mansell);

(March 17 – Grand Prix 1994);

(March 24 – Michael Andretti/ Brundle gets McLaren);

(April 7 – Gabriele Tarquini in Alfa win Thruxton/ Jean Alesi);

(April 14 – Fittipaldi wins in Phoenix);

(April 21 – Michael Schumacher/ Alfa's at Brands Hatch);

(April 28 – Ayrton Senna/ Ford Mondeo);



















AUTO SPORT (Wheelspin News Inc.)

1983 (September – LeBaron Convertible)


AUTOSPORT CANADA (Wheelspin News Inc. Pub.)


(September – Tambay and Ickx Win at the Glen)

(October – Villeneuve Grand Prix Debut)


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(August – Rosberg at Quebec City)

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1963 (July 1963Buick Riviera/ Monza GT);

AUTO TOPICS (Cymer Pub.)


(March – Volvo Road Test)

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(February – Spirit of America at Bonneville)


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(February 3 – Carroll Shelby Dodge Omni GLH-S);

(February 10 – Toyota Supra);

(February 17 – Honda Acura);

(February 24 – Buick Grand National);

(March 3 – Dan Gurney);

(March 10 – Camaro Iroc Z-28);

(March 17 – Mercedes Automatic 4 Wheel Drive);

(March 24 – Ferrari 328 GTSI);

(March 31 – Brazil Grand Prix);

(April 7 - “New Porsche 9285”);

(April 14 – Alfa Romeo Milano);

(April 21 – Ferrari Testrossa/ Lamborghini Countach);

(April 28 - “Weird World of Celebrity Drivers”);

(May 5 – Porsche 911 Circa 2001);

(May 12 – Porsche 959);

(May 19 – Jeep YJ);

(June 2 – Dodge Conquest);

(June 16 – Porsche 9245);

(June 23 – AMG Benz 300);

(June 30 – Buick Reatta);

(July 21 – Ferrari GTO II);

(July 28 – Porsche 944S);

(August 11 – Mazda RX-7 Turbo);

(August 18 – BMW M3);

(August 25 – Lamborghini Countach);

(September 1 – Pontiac Trans AM GTA);

(September 8 – Mercedes 1988 560SL);

(September 15 – New Cars 1987);

(September 22 – Ford Mustang);

(September 29 – 55 M.P.H. Speed limit under fire);

(October 6 - BMW ZI Roadster);

(October 13 – Toyota MR2);

(October 20 – Bobby Rahal wins Laguna Seca);

(October 27 – Porsche 944 Turbo/ Porsche 911 Carrera/ Porsche 928S 4);

(November 10 – Porsche 959 Racer);

(November 17 – 1989 Corvette);

(November 24 – Toyota Supra Turbo);

(December 1 – Alain Prost Interview);

(December 8 – Oldsmobile Aerotech);

(December 15 – Range Rover);

(December 22 – Texas Taurus);

(December 29 – Gemballa 560 Kurz);


(January 5 – Ford Corisca);

(January 12 – Ferrari Evoluzione GTO);

(January 19 – Volkswagon GTI);

(January 26 – Shelby's New Lancer);

(February 2 – Pontiac's newest Concept car, Pursuit);

(February 9 – Jack Telnack Ford's Chief Designer);

(February 16 – Buick GNX);

(February 23 – Bill Elliott wins Daytona 500);

(March 2 – The Return of the V8);

(March 9 – Honda Acura);

(March 16 – BMW M6);

(March 23 – Would be American Supercar, Vector);

(March 30 – Chrysler 4x4);

(April 6 – Porsche 911 Turbo);

(April 27 – Ford RS200 at Baja);

(May 4 – BMW 735 i/ Mercedes 420Sel/ JaguarXJ6);

(May 11 – Honda Prelude);

(May 18 – Pontiac Firebird Restyled by ASC);

(July 6 – 1990 Jaguar XKF);

(July 13 – Corvette GTP);

(July 20 – 1989 Corvette GTP);

(July 20 – 1989 Corvette 400 Horsepower);

(August 3 – Ferrari GTO/ German Grand Prix);

(August 10 – Ferrari Le Mars);

(August 17 – Lotus Turbo Esprit);

(August 24 – BMW 735i/ Elkhart Lake, Wisc.);

(September 7 – Ferrari Daytona Spyder/ James Bonds New Aston Martin);

(September 14 – Oldsmobile Aerotech/ BMW ZI);

(September 21 – Banks Pontiac Trans AM);

(October 5 – Chrysler – Lamborghini Portofino at Frankfurt car show);

(October 19 – Audi 90 Quattro/ Porsche Indycar Debut);

(October 26 – 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo);

(November 2 – Ferrari's 40th Anniversary);

(November 9 – Nissan Testarossa MID4);

(November 16 – Mitsubishi HSR);

(November 23 – Porsche Speedster);

(November 30 – 1966 Pontiac 6TO);

(December 7 – Day in the Life of a Car);

(December 14 – Chrysler-Mitsubishi H24S);

(December 21 – The Story of John Paul – Drug Bust)

(December 28 – Ex-Porsche Chariman Peter Schutz);


(January 4 – 1988 Buick Reatta/ IMSA's GT Series);

(January 11 – 1989 ½ Ford Thunderbird);

(January 18 – Carroll Shelby);

(January 25 – Pontiac Banshee Show Car);

(February 1 – Al Holbert and Porsche 959);

(February 8 – Ford Probe);

(February 15 – Cadillac Voyage Concept car);

(February 22 – BMW Five Series/ Daytona 500);

(March 7 – 1987 Cobra still under wraps/ Camel Grand Prix of Miami);

(March 21 – Mercedes CIO/ Geneva Auto Show);

(March 28 – Gas Crunch; ZR-1 Corvette);

(April 4 – 1989 Porsche 911; 1989 ½ Grand Prix Turbo);

(April 11 – Late Great Jim Clark);

(April 18 – Giugiaro's 250HP 4WD Aztec);

(April 25 – AMG's Version of Mercedes 190E);

(May 2 – Oldsmobile Cutlass Turbo Quad 4);

(May 9 – V12 Bertone Genesis/ San Marino Grand Prix);

(May 16 – The Africar/ Indianapolis 500 Preview);

(May 23 – Ferrari Testarossa/ Indy 500 Qualifying);

(May 30 – Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette);

(June 6 – Mears Third Indy 500 Win);

(June 13 – Ferrari F40);

(June 20 – 1953 Ferrari 340MM);

(June 27 – Saleen Mustang Convertible/ United states Grand Prix);

(July 4 – The Movie “Tucker”);

(July 11 – Ferrari 328 GTS);

(July 18 – Lamborghini LM002/ GM Saturn Coupe);

(July 25 – Last Race at Riverside International Raceway);

(August 1 – Lamborghini Diablo);

(August 8 - “Peugeot 405 Mi16/ Nascar Talladega 500);

(August 15 – 1989 Nissan 240SX / Hungary Grand Prix);

(August 22 – Enzo Ferrari Passes Away);

(August 29 – Ford Probe/ Mazda MX-6);

(September 5 – Corvette ZR-1);

(September 12 – 1991 Cadillas Seville);

(September 19 – Jean Behra, Zandvoort, 1958);

(September 26 – Ford Taurus SHO);

(October 3 – A.J. Foyt);

(October 10 – Maserati in Crisis);

(October 17 – Peugeot Oxia at Paris Auto Show);

(October 24 – The Best and Brightest of the 1989's);

(October 31 - “Jaguar XJ220/ Sports Cars at Del Mar);

(November 7 – 1962 Ferrari 250 P);

(November 14 – 1988 PPG Indy car champ Danny Sullivan);

(November 21 – Plymouth Laser/ Mitsubishi Eclipse);

(November 28 – Mazda MX-5/ Toyota Lexus);

(December 5 – Infiniti Q45 Sedan/ 1988 FI Season in Review);

(December 12 – Radar Detectors);

(December 19 – Porsche Carrera 4);

(December 26 – Kit Car Industry);


(January 2 – Dodge Viper);

(January 9 – 1991 GM Saturn);

(January 16 – Jackie Stewart in the Penske PCIT);

(January 23 – Detroit Auto Show);

(January 30 – March Scar Prototype/ Benetton FI);

(February 6 – Nissan 300 ZX/ Nascar Preview);

(February 13 – Honda Acura Coupe/ Maxda MX-5 Miata);

(February 20 – Cougar XR7/ Thunderbird SC/TWR Jaguar);

(February 27 – Darrell Waltrip wins Daytona 500/ Shelby CSX VNT);

(March 6 – 1990's Honda Acura Integra/ Giorgio Giugiaro/ Marcello Gandini);

(March 13 – Toyota MR2/ IMSA in Miami);

(March 20 – Mazda MX-5 Miata/ Formula I Season Preview);

(March 27 – Mercedes SL/ Geneva Auto Show/ Nascar in Atlanta);

(April 3 – Two die in La Carrera Classic);

(April 10 – Mercedes S-Class/ IMSA in Atlanta);

(April 17 – Twenty Five Years of Mustang);

(April 24 – Corvette ZR-I/ Indycars in Long Beach);

(May 1 – 1991 Dodge Daytona Conquest/ 1993 Camaro/ FI San Marino Grand Prix);

(May 8 – 1990 Honda Acura Integra GS/ Indy 500 Preview);

(May 15 – Lotus Esprit SE/ Nascar at Talladega);

(May 22 – Eagle Talon TSi)

(May 29 – Eagle Skyline GT-R/ Indy 500 Preview);

(June 5 – Indy 500);

(June 12 – 1990 Mercedes SL Convertible/ FI in Phoenix);

(June 19 – Cobra);

(June 26 – Lexus LS 400/ Cart in Detroit);

(July 3 – Infiniti Q45/ Nascar Michigan 400);

(July 10 – Audi Coupe Quattro);

(July 17 – 1971 Barracuda/ French Grand Prix);

((July 24 - “Cart Meadowlands” “Audi New V8”);

(August 7 – Lamboughini Diablo);

(August 14 – 1990 Ferrari 328GTS/ 1990 Mazda Miata);

(August 21 – 1990 Protege LX/ 1990 Cosmo);

(August 28 – GMC S-15 194 MPH at Boneville);

(September 11 – Stirling Moss & Sir David Brown in Aston Martin DB3S/ Cart: Buckeye Brouhah);

(September 18 – Dr. Porsche turns 80);

(September 25 – Ford's GT40 Silver Anniversary/ 1990 Accord);

(October 2 – Ferrari 348 TB at Frankfurt Auto Show/ Nascar at Martinsville);

(October 9 – Nissan 300ZX/ IMSA in Tamba Bay);

(October 16 – Ford Taurus Sho);

(October 23 – Ferrari 348 TB);

(October 30 – Pininfarina Mythos Concept Car);

(November 6 – 1990 New Cars);

(November 13 – Mazda Euros Cosmo at Tokyo Auto Show);

(November 20 – Porsche's Second Coming)

(November 27 – 1995 Corvette/ Nascar Goes Down to Wire);

(December 4 – Range Rover/ Pontiac Stinger);

(December 11 – VW Passat/ Rusty Wallace wins Nascar);

(December 18 - “Mazda 929S” “Honda Accords”);

(December 25 – Mazda Miata Turbo);


(January 1 – Caprice Classic/ Firebird gets face lifted);

(January 8 – Toyota MR2);

(January 15 – Cerv III concept car at Detroit Auto Show);

(January 22 – Toyota Previa/ Pininfarina Mythos);

(January 29 – Lamborghini Diablo);

(February 5 – Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4);

(February 12 – Jaguar wins Daytona 24 hours/ Carroll Shelby awaits heart transplant);

(February 19 – Winter Rental Getaway Cars);

(February 26 – Dale Earnhardt breaks down cope wins Daytona 500/ Lamborghini Diablo at Chicago Auto Show);

(March 5 – Ferrari F40);

(March 12 – GM Micro Show Car with two Stroke Engine);

(March 19 – 1991 Lotus Elan/ FI in Phoenix);

(March 26 – Bertone Nivola ZR-I Based);

(April 2 – 1969 Mustang/ Chrysler Viper);

(April 9 – Isuzu Impulse XS/ IMSA in Atlanta);

(April 16 – Storm/ GTI/ Z24/ Cart in Phoenix);

(May 7 – Alfa Romeo 164);

(May 14 – Mercury Capri XR2/ Bretone Nivola ZR-1 Corvette Powered);

(May 21 – Touring Super Leggera 328 Coupe/ Viper V10);

(May 28 – BMW M5/ Indy 500 Time Trials);

(June 4 – Arie Luyendyk);

(June 18 – Tom Cruise “Days of Thunder”);

(June 25 – Acura NSX/ Cart in Detroit);

(July 2 - “Auto Week Readser Survey”/ “Detroit's Seven Best”);

(July 9 – Ford Taurus Wagon/ Jeep Cherokee/ Chrysler Minivan);

(July 16 – Daring Andes Adventurers);

(July 23 – Porsche 944);

(July 30 – GM Chairman Roger Smith resigns);

(August 6 – Dodge Stealth/ Mitsubishi 3000);

(August 13 – Mark Donohue's 1966 Lola T-70);

(August 20 – Driver Eddie Cheever in Ferrari 348);

(August 27 - “Lexus Coupe” “Nascar at Michigan”);

(September 3 – Ralph Lauren & his Laguna Show winner Bugatti);

(September 10 – Chrysler Minivans 1991);

(September 17 – Aston Martin Virage);

(September 24 - “1991 Nissan Sentra” “Mercury Capri”);

(October 1 – 4 Door 4x4);

(October 8 – Saturn is Launched);

(October 15 – Renault Laguna at Paris Auto Show);

(December 24 – Porsche 911 Turbo);

(December 31 – Fuel Economy Debate);


(January 7 – 1992 BMW 3-Series/ Semi Racing in Eurpe);

(January 14 - “Selling Used Luxury Cars” “Gas Cost Woes”);

(January 21 – Pontiac Protosport 4 Concept Car at Detroit Auto Show);

(January 28 – Car Company Mergers);

(February 4 – Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4/ Porsche Carrera 4/ Acura NSX);

(February 11 – Ford Lumina/ Daytona 24 Hours);

(February 18 – GM Electric Vehicles HX3 & Impact);

(February 25 – Ernie Irvan wins Daytona 500);

(March 4 – American Lotus Elan);

(March 11 – Acura Vigor);

(March 18 – Ford Force 5/ FI in Phoenix);

(March 25 – Bentley Continental R at Geneva Auto Show);

(April 1 – Mitsubishi Diamante);

(April 8 – 1992 Cadilla Seville);

(April 15 - “BMW 850i/ Porsche 928/ Jaguar XJ-s”);

(April 22 – 1992 Mercedes S-Class);

(April 29 – 1993 Pontiac Firebird);

(May 6 – Chrysler V-10 300);

(May 13 – Lexus SC400/ Talladega);

(May 20 – Infiniti Coupe Convertible/ Indy 500 Time Trials);

(May 27 – Indy Pace Car Viper);

(June 3 – Rick Mears wins fouth Indy 500);

(June 10 – Millen 220 HP Probe/ FI in Montreal);

(June 17 – 1971 Pantera/ 2nd Annual Old Car Issue);

(June 24 – Pininfarina Chronos);

(July 1 – 24 Hours of Le Mans);

(July 8 – Bonneville SSEi);

(July 15 – Corvettes Descend on Bloomington);

(July 22 – Nissan 240SX/ Mercury Capri/ Mitsubishi Eclipse);

(July 29 – 1993 Mazda MX-6/ Mazda MX-3);

(August 5 – 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII/ Lexus ES300);

(August 12 – Subaru SVX);

(August 19 – Porsche 968/ Stock Cars at Watkins Glen);

(August 26 – Hot August Nights in Reno);

(September 2 – 1992 Corvette/ Belgium Grand Prix);

(September 9 – Fangio Art and Magic);

(September 16 – Audi 100 V6);

September 23 – BMW M1 Concept Car Reborn with V12);

(September 30 – Mercedes C112 Concept car at Frankfurt Auto Show);

(October 7 – Dodge Viper/ 1992 Honda Prelude);

(October 14 – Bugatti FB 110);

(October 21 – Monster Trucks);

(October 28 – Infiniti J30 V6 Sedan/ Cart Laguna Seca);

(November 4 - “Performance Review Corvette”/ “SCCA Runoffs”);

(November 11 – Audi Avus Concept Car at Tokyo Auto Show);

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(August – Ford Granada”; “Fiat X19”; “Plymouth Valiant Brougham”; “Lotus Elite”);

(October – New Cars for 1975 including all Technical Highlights; “SS Sedan Challenge III”);

(November – Chrysler Cordoba; “Fiat 124TC”; “Toyota Celica Suspension Tune”; “Vega GT”; “Datsun 710”; “Corolla 1600”);

(December – VW SCIROCCO; “Pinto Squire”; “Datsun 710”; “1948 Chrysler Windsor”; “Evel Knievel”);


(January – 1975 Ford Capri II; “Plymouth Road Runner”; “Mercedes 300D”; “1964 Pontiac GTO”; “The Making of Car and Driver”);

(April – Triumph TR7; “VW Rabbit”; “Buick Skyhawk”; “Driver Lella Lambardi”; “Project Van”);

(July – Cadilla Seville; “BMW 5301”; “Toyota Corolla SR-5”; “Cadillas-Allard J2X”; “Lessons Old Cadillac's Can Teach Us”);

(September – Special Tire Test; “Pontiac Firebird Trans-AM”; “Audi Fox”; “Nova LN”; Saab 99EMS”; “Opel 1900”; “Mazda RX-4”);

(November – Lancia Beta Coupe/ Alfetta GT; “1976 Chrysler's”; “Closer Look at 1976 Technology”; “Nascar's Soapy Castles”);


(January – Jaguar XJ-S; “Chevette”; “Renault R5 GTL”; Ferrari Boxer Berlinetta”; GM President E.M. Estes”);

(February – Corvette; “VM Rabbit”; “Ford Ltd”; “Mazda Cosmo”);

(May – Dodge Bullring Special Kit Car; “Toyota Celica Liftback”; “Buick Century Regal”; “AMC Pacer”);

(June – Lancia Scorpion; “Plymouth Arrow GT”; “Pontiac Sunbird”; “Panther J72”);

(August – Comparison Test 12 Convertibles)

(September – Chevy Mazda Spyder; “Lotus Sprint”; “High Performance Tire Test”; “Edsel Bryant Ford II”);

(October – New Cars Detroit 1977 & Technological Highlights; “Chevrolet Caprice”; “Triumph TR-6”);


(January – Capri II R/S; “Lancia Bete HPE”; Toyota Corolla Liftback”; “Ford LTD vs. Pontiac Catalina”);

(February – AMC Hornet AMX; “Pontiac Astre”; “Vega Rally Car”; Citroen LN”);

(March - AMC Cherokee Chief; “Mercedes 280E”; “Fuel Injection Made Easy”);

(April – Camaroe Z28 vs. Firebird Trans-AM”; Aston Martin V8”; Dodge Colt”; Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon”);

(May – BMW 630CSi; “Buick Lasabre Sport Coupe”; “Datsun 200-SX”; TVE 2500M”; AMC Gremlin X”);

(June – Porsche 928; “VW Rabbit Diesel”; “International Diesel Scout Traveler”; Peugeot 504D”; “Project Car, Doktor Diesel”);

(August – Firebird Trans-AM vs. Kawasaki KZ1000; “Peugeot 604SL”; Mazda GLC”; “Triumph TR7”);

(September – Ford Fairmont; “Buick Regal Sport Coupe”; “Radar Detector Tests”; “Project; Turbo Granada”);

(December – Volvo 242 GT/ Project Boss Volvo Wagon III”);


(January – Ford Bronco XLT; “Toyota Celica GT Liftback”; “Fiat x 1/9”; “Dodge Omni”; “Plymouth Horizon”; “Porsche Speedster Replica”);

(February – Skyhawk Turbo; “AMC Concord DL”; “Oldsmobile 4-4-2”; “Honda Accord Turbo”; “Twin-Turbo Firebird”; “Frankfurt Auto Show”);

(April – Porsche 928/ Porsche 930; “Dodge Magnum X”; Honda Accord LX”; “Bill Harrah's Car Collection”);

(May – Mazda RX-7; “BMW 7331”; “Mercedes 300D”; “Ope; Sport Coupe”; “Plymouth Volare Street Kit Car”; “Chevy CIO Fleetside Diesel”);

(June – Ferrari 380 GTS; “Cadillac Coupe De Ville”; “Limousine Literal”; “Audi Fox GTI”; “Ford ESS Granada”; MG's & Mini's”);

(July – Seven Econoboxes; “Chevrolet Impala 9CI”; “Datsun 280-Z”; “Pinzgauer”; “Dodge Aspen”; “Toyota Celica”);

(September – Maserati Khamsin; “1979 Ford Ltd”; “Mazda RX-7”; “Chevrolet Malibu Classic”; “Fiat 131 Super Brava”; “Dodge Diplomat”);

(December – Corvette; “Plymouth Champ”; “Jaguar XJ6L”; “Pontiac Grand Prix LJ”; “Audi 5000”; “Lancia Beta Coupe”);


(January – Firebird Trans-AM; “Datsun 210”; “BMW 3201”; “Russian Lada 1500S”; “Zephyr ES”; “Alfa Romeo Automatic Sport Sedan”);

(March – Aston Martin Lagonda; “Honda Accord 4 Door”; TVR 3000S”; “Olds Cutlass Diesel”; “Dodge St. Regis”; “GMC Transport Van”);

(April – Mazda RX-7; “Lincoln Versailles”; “Saab 900 Turbo”; “Plymouth Fire Arrow”; “Fiat Strada”; “The Dean Moon Story”; “Chrysler 300”;);

(May – Chevrolet Citation XII; “Datsun 310 GX”; “Lancia Zagato”; “Cadillac Eldorado”; “Mazda 626”; “Land Rover”; “Tony Hulman”);

(June – BMW MI; “Buick Century Turbo Coupe”; “Fiat X 1/9”; “Toyota Corona Le Liftback”; “VW Dasher Diesel”; “Suspension Made Easy”);

(July – Project Fairmont; “Toyota Celica Supra”; “Pontica Sunbird V8”; “Audi 4000”; “1980 Thunderbird”);

(August – Porsche 930 vs. Kawasaki ZI-R TC; “Pontias Phoenix SJ”; MG Midget”; “Dodge Aspen Sport Wagon”; “Alfa Romeo 6”; “Datsun 810”);

(November – Porsche 924 Turbo; “Audi 4000”; “Toyota Tercel”; “Jeep Wagoneer Limited”; “Top Ten Top Fuelers”);

(December – Datsun 200-3X; “Dodge Mirada”; “Ferrari Dino 3086T4”; “Saab 900EMS”; “Kit Cars”);


(January – VW Rabbit Convertible; “Toyota Tercel SR5”; “Kelmark GTS”; “Sbarro Royale”; “Dodge Omni Detomaso 024”; “BMW 733i”; “Peugeot 504 Diesel”);

(February – Buick Dinapoli; “Subaru 1600 GL-5”; “AMC Eagle”; “VW Vanagon L”; “Monte Carlo Turbo”; “Ford Fairmont Squire”; “Scout II Turbo Diesel”);

(April – Camaro Z28/ Datsun 280-ZX; “Volvo GL”; “Pontiac Grand AM”; “Audi 5000 Diesel”);

(July – Twenty-Fifty Anniversary Issue; “Thunderbird”; “VW Jetta vs. VW Rabbit”; “Saab Super Turbo”);

(August – Triumph TR8; “Audi 5000 Turbo”; “Peugeot 505S”; “Porsche 911SC”; “Subaru 1600 4WD”; “Alternate Fuel Sources”);

(September – Plymouth Reliant SE; “VW Scirocco”; “Mini Truck Comparison”; “AMC Eagle SX-4 Sport”; “1983 Pontiac P car”; “Scarab Turbo”);

(October – Ford Escort; “1981 New Car issue”; “Ferrari 308GTBi”; “Ferrari Test Track”; “Audi 4000 Automatic”; “Porsche 924 Turbo S”);

(November – Mercedes S-Class/ 1982 Camaro; “Buick Skylark Long Term Test”; “Jeep CJ-7”; “Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham”);


(January – Mazda RX-7 GSL; “Ford Escort CLX”; “ Chrysler Imperial”; “Peugeot 505S Turbo Diesel”; “Saab 900 Turbo”; “Toyota Corolla SR-5”);

(February – Project Le Car; “Volvo GLT Turbo”; VW rabbit LS”; “Special Report; Fuel Economy”);

(April – GM J-Car Engineering Analysis; “Cobra Special Report”; “Saab 900 Turbo”; “Cadillac Sedn De Ville”; “Fiat Turbo Spider 2000”; “Datsun 810 Maxima”);

(June – 1983 Corvette; “1984 Mercedes W201”; “Plymouth TC3 Turismo”; “Alfa Romeo GTVG”; “Electric Cars Special Report”);

(July – Ten Small Cars; Fuel Savers; “Pontiac Grand Prix LJ Diesel”; “Jeel Scrambler”; “Ford Mustang 5-Speed”; “Project car Jetta”);

(August – Cadillac Cimarron; “Toyota Cressida”; “Plymouth Horizon Miser”; “KS Audi 4000”; “Ameritech Ferrari 308 Turbo”);

(September – Corvette; “1982 Continental”; “Dodge Challenger”; “Project Car Jetta Part II”; “Testing 28 Shock Absorbers”);

(October – Toyota Supra GT; “Mercury Capri RS”; “Bitter SC”; “Chrysler Lebaron”; “Csaba's Capri”; “Renault Fuego TX”; GMC S-15 Pick-up”);

(November – Detroit Auto Show 1982; “1982 Lynx”; “Escort XR3”; “Ferrari Report's; “Jaguar XJ6”);


(June – Audi Quattro; “Oldsmobile Omega ES2800”; “Renault Feugo Turbo”; “Nissan Sentra”; “Geneva Auto Show”; “Toyota Celica GT-8”0;

(July – Boss's Wagen/ Deloren Gull-wing; “Volvo 760GLE”; “Chevrolet Caprice”; “Subaru Brat”; “Ford Mustang Convertible Preview”; “Chicago Auto Show”);

(August – America vs. Porsche: Camaro Z28, Mustang GT, Trans-AM; “1983 ½ Corvette”; “Maserati Quattroporte”; “Peugeot 505STI”; “Mitsubishi Starion Turbo EX Preview”);

(September – Tire Test; “Renault Alliance Limited”; “1983 Ford Escort 6T”; Chevy S-10 4x4”; “Mazda B2200 Diesel Pickup”; “Rise and Fall of Ralph Nader”);

(October – 1983 New Cars; “Mitsubishi Starion Turbo LS”; “Audi 5000S Turbo Diesel”; “Gale Banks Trans-AM”);

(December – 1984 Chrysler G24; “Ferrari 400i”; “Ford Sierra”; “VW Quantum Turbo Diesel Preview”; “Mazda 626 Preview”; “Frazer Tickford Metro”);


(January – Ten Best of Everything Cars; “Toyota Cressida”; “BMW 3-Series Preview”);

(February – Porsche 930S Turbo; “Dodge 600ES”; “BMW 533i”; “Saab 900 Slide car”; “Porsche 911SC Cabriolet”);

(March – Corvette; “Toyota Tercel 4WD SR5”; “Ford Temp Preview”; “Mitsubishi Tredia LS”; “Mercedes 190/190E Preview”; “Callaway Turbo Scirocco”; “Chevrolet Cavalier CL Type-10”);

(April – Lotus Turbo Esprit; “Pontiac 6000STE”; 1984 Pontiac 2000 Turbo Preview”; “Dodge Shelby Charger”; GM's New S-Car Preview”; “AMG Mercedes 500SEL”);

(May – Chrysler T115 Minivan; “Monte Carlo SS”; “Honda Prelude”; “Ford Ltd”; “Mitsubishi Montero”; “Toyota Camry Le”; “VW Quantum GL5”);

(June – Camaro vs. Mustang; “Audi 5000S”; “Isuzu Impulse”; “Renault 11 Preview”; “Trihawk”; “Toyota Starlet”; “Mazda 626LX”);

(July – Greetings from Baja; “BMW 318i”; “Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe”; “Dodge Daytona Turbo Z”; 1984 GM C-Cars Preview”; “Chicago Auto Show”);

(August – Pontiac Fiero; “Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole”; 1984 Continental Mark VII LSC”; “TVR Tasmin Convertible”; “Nisson Pulsar NX Turbo”);

(September – Dodge Dayton Turbo Z; “Pontiac Fiero 2M4”; “Subaru Turbo Wagon”; “Ford Tembo/ Mercury Topaz”; “Jeep Cherokee”; “Porsche 9285 Automatic”);

(December – Lamborghini Countach; “Pontiac Fiero 2M4 SE”; “Plymouth Horizon”; “Honda Civic CRX Preview”; “Special Report Europe”; “Buick Regal T Type”);


(January – The 10 Best Best; “Camaro Berlinetta”; “Audi 5000S Turbo”; “Honda A/T Prelude”; “Suzuki Cultus Preview”);

(February – Porsche 911 Carrera; “Nissan 300ZX Turbo”; “Jeep Wagoneer Limited”; “Ferrari Daytona”; “VW Jetta GLI”; “Toyota Tercel SR5”);

(March – Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE; “Avanti”; “Honda Civic S”; “Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport”; “Audi 4000S Quattro”; 1985 Toyota SV-3 Preview”; “BMW K100 Preview”; “AC Mark IV”; “Hartge BMW H5S”);

(April – GTO vs. GTO; “Plymouth Voyager Le”; “Toyota Corolla Le”; “Maserati Biturbo”; “Preview 1985 GM Luxury Cars”; “Pfaff Fiero Turbo”; “Super Ciera Diesel”);

(May – The Best Handling American Car is... ; “Mercedes 500SCE”; “Buick Electra T Type”; Nissan 200SX Turbo”; Isuzu Trooper II”; “Peugeot 505S Wagon”; “VW Jetta Preview”; “Cougar XR-7”; “Audi 5000S Wagon”); (June – 200 MPH Trans-AM; “BMW 325E”; “Chevrolet Sprint”; “Toyota Van Le”; “Lancia Rally 037”; “Ford Ltd LX”; “Dodge Omni GLM”; “Dodge 600ES Turbo”);

(July – 1985 Pontiac Grand AM; “Dodge Lancer ES Turbo”; “Best Handling Importing Imported Car is...”);

(August – Chevrolet Citation IV/ Ford Probe IV: 'Pontiac 2000 Sunbird SE Turbo”; “DE Tomaso Pantera 6T5”; “Honda Civic Wagon”; “Continental Mark VII LSC”);

(September – Ferrari GTO; “Cadillas Fleetwood”; Merkus XR4Ti;” Peugeot 505 Turbo”; Saab 9000 Turbo 16”; “Toyota Corolla GT-S”; “Hartge BW H2G”);

(October – Iroc Camaro Z28; “1985 New Cars”; “Mitsubishi Galant”; “Toyota 4 Runner”; “Nissan 300 ZX Turbo”; “Toyota Sarizer”);

(December – Ford Ghia Roadster; “Corvette”; “Subaru 4WD Turba”; “Jaguar X-SC”; “VW Gold and Jetta”; “Dodge Shelby Charger”);


(January – Third Annual Ten Best Issue; “Audi Coupe GT”; Ferrari Testarooa; “Pontiac 6000STE”; “Ford Mustang GT”);

(February – Toyota MR2; “Chevrolet Spectrum”; “BMU 635CSI; “Astro vs Aerostrar, Minivan Test”; “Escort Impara 9CI”; “Richard Noble”);

(March – 1986 Mercury Sable; “VW GTI”; “Chevrolet Cavalier Z24”; “Nissan Maxima SE”; “1986 Mazda B2000 Pickup Preview”);

(April – Porsche 944 Turbo Firebird Trans-AM”; “Toyota Cressida”; “Volvo 740 Turbo”; “Jeep Cherokee”; “Mitsubishi Turbo Tredia”);

(June – Fired Up Fiero; “VW Jetta GLI”; “Renault Alpine GTA”; “Chrysler Lebaron GTS”; “Subaru XT 4WD Turbo”; “KS Audi 5000S Turbo”; “BMW 325E”);

(July – Monte Carlo SS/ Buick Brand National/ Olds 442; “Chevrolet Nova CL”; Ferrari Testarossa”; “Toyota Cressida”; “1935 White Motor Coach”);

(August – 1986 Olds Toronado/ 1966 Olds Toronado; “Honda Accord SE”; “1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro”; “Nissan Stanza Wagon”; “Alfa Romeo 75 Preview”; “Colt Premier Turbo”; “Renaut Encore 65”);

(September – Ferrari Testarossa/ Ferrari GTO; “Ford Tempo Sport GL”; Suzu I-Mark”; “1986 Buick Lesabre”; “Ford Escort GL”; “Toyota SR5 Turbo Pickup”; “1934 De Soto Airflow”);

(November – Mazda RX-7; “Mercury Lynx XR3”; “Honda CRX”; “Honda Accord Lxi”; “Japan 1986”);

(December – 1987 Chrysler Maserati; “Porsche 944 Turbo”; “Saab 9000 Turbo”; “Honda Prelude 2.0 Si”; “Cadillacs Eldorado & Seville Preview”; “Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon”);


(February – Tire Test with a Porsche 944 Turbo; “Corvette Convertible”; “Toyota Celica GT-S”; “Pontiac Fiero GT”; “Volvo 480ES Preview”);

(March – Nissan MID4; “Cadillac Touring Sedan”; “Toyota Supra”; “Hyundai Excel GL”; “Dodge Dakota Preview”; “Modena Spyder California”);

(April – Lambourghini Countach; “Yugo GV”; “Ford Taurus LX”; “Maxda RX-7 Turbo Preview”; “Buick Regal Grnad National”; “Dodge Shelby GLHS”; “26th Toyko Auto Show”);

(May – American Dreams Concept Cars; “Mercedes 300E”; “Ferrari 328GTS”; “Dodge Shadow Espreview”; “Maserati Biturbo 425”; “Mazda 323LX 1.6i”; “Saab 900S”; “Peugeot 505 Turbo”);

(June – Cadilla Allante; “Mazda 626GT”; “Olds Cutlass Ciera GT”; “Lamborghini Jalpa”; “ATV's”; “Jeep Wrangler Preview”; “Panther Kallista”);

(July – Porsche 924S/ Porsche 959; “Lotus Esprit Turbo”; “1958 Pontiac Bonneville”; “1987 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible Preview”);

(September – Ferrari Testarossa; “Buick Riviera T Type”; “Acura Integra LS”; “Toyota Corolla FX16 GT-S”; “Buick Wildcat”; “Olds Delta 88 Royale”);

(October – 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe; “1987 New Cars”; “Porsche 944S Preview”; “Nissan Stanza GXE”; “Vixen 2I TD”; “Cartech RX-7 Turbo”; “Classic Roadster 2I TD”; “Cartech RX-7 Turbo”; “Classic Roadster Sebring 5000”);

(November – Bobby Rahal Tests Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette; “Plymouth Sundance Turbo”; “Ford Scorpio Preview”; “Japan 1987”; “Honda's Today”);

(December – AMG Hammer/ Mazda RX-7 Turbo/ Porsche 928S4; “1987 European Preview Issue”; “Mitsubishi Pickups Preview”; “Honda HT3813”);


(January – Fifth Annual Ten Best Issue; “Buick Rivera”; “Sterling 825SL”; “BMW 735i”; “Jaguar XJ6”);

(February – Chevrolet Beretta GT; “Nissan Pulsar NX SE”; “VW Fox GL”; “Citroen CX25 GT”; “1988 Pontiac Lemans Preview”; “Dodge Shelby Charger GLHS”);

(March – Hot Shot Shoot Out; “Pontiac Bonneville SE”; “Mercury Tracer”; “Cadillas Allante”; “Mitsubishi Wagon LS”; “Nissan 200 SX SE”; “Olds Ninety Eight Touring Sedan”);

(April – Zimmer Quicksilver; “Toyota Supra Turbo”; “Subura Justy GL”; “Lincoln Town Car”: “1988 Renault Medallion LX”; “Chevrolet Sprint Turbo”);

(May – Olds Aerotech/ Pontiac Pursuit/ Dodge Daytona Concept; “Ford Festiva LX”; “Acura Legend Coupe”; “Volvo 780”; “Porsche 928S4”; “Chrysler Lebaron Turbo”; “Buick GNX”; “Plds Calais Supreme Preview”); (June -Ford Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Firebird; “BMW 735i”; Merkur Scorpio”; “Range Rover”; “Toyota Camry”; “Jaguar XJ6”; “Dodge Raider”; “Mera”);

(July – BMW M6; “Lincoln Mark VII LSC”; “Plymouth Grand Voyager Le”; “Toyota Tercel”; “Mercedes 560SEL”; “Jeep Wagoneer Limited”);

(August – 1988 Honda Prelude; “VW GTI I6V”; “Ford Taurus LX Wagon”; “Porsche 944S'; “Bugatti Royale”; “Toyota Celica GT Covertible”);

(September – Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet”; “Buick Regal Limited Preview”; “Mazda MX-6 GT Turbo Preview”; “Bentley Eight”; “Maserati Biturbo Spyder”; “Pontiac Pursuit”; “Ford Tempo All Wheel Drive”)

(October – Pontiac Grand Prix SE' “1988 New Cars”; “Lamborghini LM0002”; “Saleen Mustang”; “Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport VR”; “Corsica LT”; “Ford Sierra RS Cosworth”);

(November – Ferrari F40; “Porsche 959”; “BMW M3”; “Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo”; “Mitsubishi Galant”; “Shelby CSX”; “VW Jetta GLI 16V”;

(December – Fastest in the Land; “Toyota MR2 Supercharged”; “Lincoln Continental Signature Series”; “BMW M5”; “Mercedes 190E 2.3”);


(January – Sixth Annual 10 Best Issue; “Mazda RX-7 Convertible”; “Daihatsu Charade CSX”; “Panther Solo 2 Preview”);

(March – Ford Probe GT; “Olds Cutlass Supreme”; “BMW 325iX”; “Mazda 929”; “VW Beetle”; “Pontiac 6000STE AWD”; “Ford Tempo GLS”);

(May – Corvette; “BMW 5-Series Preview”; “Mazda 323GTX” “Toyota Corolla”; “Chrysler's TC by Maserati Preview”; VW Golf”; “Pontiac Lemans GSE”);

(June – Lotus Esprit Turbo; “Pontiac Grand AM SE”; “Volvo 760 GLE”; “Porsche 944 Turbo S”; “Nova Twin Cam”; “Peugeot 405 Preview”);

(July – 19889 Thunderbird; “Cadillac Eldorado”; “Toyota Camry V6”; “VW Passat Preview”; “Range Rover vs. Grand Wagoneer”);

(August – Ferrari F40; New Jaguar XJ-S Convertible)

(September – Porsche 911 Club Sport; “S-10 Camaro”; “Nissan 240 SX Preview”; “Nissan Maxima Preview”; “Audi 100/200 Preview”; “AMG Mercedes 300CE 3.2);

(October – Corvette ZRI; “Thunderbird Super Coupe”;”1989 New Cars”; “Cadillas Seville Touring Sedan”; “Milsubishi Galant GS”; “Richie Ginther”);

(November – Lamborghini Countach; “1989 New Car Imports”; “Peugeot 405Mi16”; “Honda Civic LX”; “Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix Preview”);

(December – Ford Taurus Sho; “Mitsubishi Eclipse”; “Geo Tracker”; “Plymouth Laser”; “Dodge Spirit ES”; “Saab 9000CD”; “1969 Dodge Daytona Charger”; “Toyota Corolla All-Trac SR5 Wagon”);


(January – Seventh Annual Ten Best Issue; “Infiniti Q-Series”; “VW Corrado G60”; “BMW 535i”; “Lexus ES250 and LS400”; “Audi V8”);

(February – Buick Reatta Roadster; “Special Convertible Issue, Infiniti M30, Jaguar XJ-S, Koenig Cabrio, Saab 900 Turbo, Dodge Dakota, VW Cabriolet, BMW ZI, Cadillas Allante, Merceds 560SL”, “Porsche 911 Carrera 4”; “Suzuki Swift GTI”);

(March – Nissan 300ZX/ Mazda MX-5 Miata; “Subaru Justy GL ECVT”; “Thunderbird Super Coupe”; “Cizeta Moroder V16T”; “Aston Martin Virage”; “Jaguar XJ220; “Ital Design Aztec”);

(April – Honda Acura NS-X; “Nissan Axxess Preview”; “Cadillas Fleetwood”; “Geo Prizm Lsi; “Shelby CSX Preview”; “Mustang Silver Jubilee”);

(June – Corvetti ZR-I; “Acura Integra GS”; “Lada Samara”; “Subaru Legacy LS 4WD”; “Isuzu Amigo XS 4WD”; “Laforza Preview”; 20th Anniversary Trans AM”);

(July – Eight Great Super Coupes; “Pontiac Trans Sport Preview”; “Shelby Dakota Preview”; “BMW 525i”; “Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Preview”);

(August – Prosche 911 Carrera 4; “Nissan 300ZX”; “Chevrolet Lumina Euro”; “Acur Integra GS”; “Jaguar Vanden Plas”; “Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo”; “Toyota 4Runner Preview”);

(September – Mazda MX-5 Miata; “Acura NS-X Preview”; “Olds Touring Sedan”; “Audi Coupe Quattro Preview”; “Lexus LS400”; “Infiniti Q45”;

(October – 1990 New Cars; “Audi V8 Preview”; “Mazda 323 Protege”; “Nissan Pathfinder SE”);

(November – 1990 Honda Accord; “1990 Import Cars”; “VW Corrado”; “All Season Tires Test”);

(December – Ferrari 348TB; “Lexus LS400”; “Infiniti Q45”; “Cadillas STS”; “BMW 735i”; “Mercedes 420SEL”; “Jaguar XJ6”; “Audi V8”);


(January – Eighth Annual Ten Best Issual; “Lotus Elan SE Preview”; Porsche 911 Carrera 2”);

(February – Corvette Z51/ Nissan 300ZX Turbo; “Honda Accord EX”; “Pontiac Trans Sport”; “Lincoln Town Car Signature Series”; “AMG 300TE 6.0”; “Toyota Previa Preview”; “Mercury Sable LS”);

(March – Lamborghini Diablo; “Dodge Stealth R/t Turbo”; “Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4”; “VW Passat GL”; “Caprice Classic”; “Chevy Camaro”; “Pontiac Firebird”);

(April – 4-Wheel Drive Supertest, Cherokee, Explorer 4Runner, Montero, Pathfinder, 5-15 Jimmy, Trooper);

(May – Seven Standout Best Buys 1990; “Geo Storm Gsi”; “Infiniti M30”; “Lexus ES250”; “Stealth Corvette”; “Chrysler Imperial”; “Nissan Pao and S-Cargo”; “Cadillas Eldorado Touring Coupe”);

(June - $13000 Sportsters Compared; “Alfa Romeo 164S”; “Buick Park Avenue Ultra Preview”; “Toyota Celica GTS”; “Mercedes 300D 2.5 Turbo”);

(July – 1995 Corvette; “35th Anniversary Issue”; “Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet”; “BMU M5”; “Mercury Capri XR2”; “Porsche 928GT”; “Camaro Z28”);

(August – BMW 850i; “Acura NSX”; “Toyota MR2 Turbo”; “Ford Escort GT”; “Caprice Classic”; “Dodge Daytona ES”; “Isuza Impulse XS”);

(September – Acura NSX/ Corvette ZR-1/ Porsche 911 Carrera 4/ Ferrari 348TS/ Lotus Esprit Turbo SE; “BMW 318iS”; “Toyota Previa LE”; “Buick LeSabre Limited”; “Isuzu Rodeo LS Preview”)

(October – Dodge Viper; “1991 New Cars”; “Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo”; “Pontiac Grand Prix GTP”; “Straman 300ZX Convertible”; “Mazda Navajo”);

(November – The 1991 New Imports; “Saturn Preview”; “GMC Truck Syclone”; “American Dream Cars”);

(December – Six Cars for the Coming Gas Crisis; “Acura Legend”; “Lamborghini Diablo”; “Mercedes 500E”);


(January – Ninth Annual Ten Best Issue; “Mercury Capri XR2”; “GEO Metro Lsi Convertible”; “The Year in Racing”);

(February – Ferrari F40; “Olds Ninety Eight Touring Sedan”; “Mazda Protege LX”; “Audi Coupe S2 Preview”; “Saab 9000 Turbo”; “Subura Legacy Sport Sedan”; “Ford Crown Victoria Preview”);

(March – Can the U.S. Build Super Sedans?; “BMW 325i”; “Nissan Sentra SE-R”; “Buick Park Avenue Ultra”; “Lotus Elan Preview”; “Peugeot 605 SR3.0”; “Porsche Carrera 2 Tiptronic”);

(April – Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Corvette ZR-I; “Nissan NX2000”; “Acura Legend LS”; “Toyota Tercel DX”; “Buick Regal GS”; “Olds Bravada”; “Infiniti G20”);

(May – Maserati Chubasco; “The 24 Wonders of the World, Most Expensive Cars”; “Aston Martin Virage”; “Saturn SC”; “Cadillas Seville”; “Acura Vigor GS”; “Mitsubishi Diamante LS”);

(June – Mazda Navajo – Built by Ford; “Lexus SC400 Preview”; “Mercedes S-Class Preview”; “Toyota Pasec Preview”; “Formula Firehawk”; “Cutlass Supreme”; “Mercury Cougas XR7”);

(July – Super Sedan Comparion; “Dodge Caravan SE”; “Jaguar XJS Preview”; “Schuppan Porsche 962 Preview”; “Lingenfelter Corvette ZR-I”);

(August – Mazda MX-3; “Lotus Elan”; “Lamborghini Diablo”; “Stealth vs. 300ZX”; “VW Passat VR6”; “SWB Thunderbird”; “Eight Convertibles, Cavalier RS, Infiniti M30, Trans AM, Celica GT, Miata, Shadow SE, Saab 900S, BMW 318i”);

(September – GMC Syclone vs. Ferrari 348TS; “BMW 325i”; “Mitsubishi Diamante LS”; “Subaru SVX”; “Corvette ZR-I Spyder”; “caprice LTZ”; “Olds Cutlass Supreme Convertible”);

(October – 1992 Olds Achieva; “1992 New Cars”; “Lexus SC400”; “Consulier GTP Sport”; “Nissan 300ZX 2x2”; “Range Rover County SE”; “Volvo 850GLT Preview”);

(November – 1992 Honda Prelude; “1992 Imports”; “Mazda 929”; “Toyota Camry”; “Honda Civic”; “Porsche 968”; “Lexus ES300”; “Toyota Paseo”; “Nissan Maxima SE”; “Crown Victoria LX”; “Bonsai GT Camparo – Storm, NX2000, MX-3”);

(December – Cobra; “Maxda RX-7 Preview”; “Corvette”; “Mercedes 400 SE”; “Audi 100CS”; “VW Golf”; “Cadillas Deville TS”; “Chevrolet Suburban 4x4”; “Buick Roadmaster”);


(January – Ten Best Annual Issue; “Pontiac Grand AM SE”; “Renntech 600E”; “Toyota Previa”);

(February – Mazda RX-7; “Cadillac STS”; “Mazda 929”; “Honda Civic Si”; “Pontiac SSEi”; “Infiniti J300”; “Volvo 960”; “Lexus ES300”; “Cadillac Allante Northstar Preview”; “Mitsubishi Montero Preview”);

(March – Dodge Viper; “Porsche 968”; “Ferrari 512TR”; “GMC Typhoon”; “Audi S4 Preview”; “Bently Continential R Preview”; “Buick LeSabre”; “Ford Escort LX-E”);

(April – Dodge Intrepid; “Detroit Auto Show”; “Buick Skylark Gran Sport”; “Honda Civic EX”; “Isuzu Trooper Preview”; “Ford Tempo GLS”; “Hyundai Elantra”);

(May – Hyundi HCD-I; “Infiniti J30”; “Saturn SL”; “Mazda MX-6 Preview”; “Lexus SC300”; “VW Jetta Preview”; “Toyota MR2 Turbo”; “Pontiac Trans Sport SE 3800”);

(June – Honda CRX Del Sol; “Mercedes 600SEL”; “Olds Achieva SC”; “VW Corrado SLC”; “Suzuki Sidekick JLK”; “Mazda MX-3”; “Concorde Lumina APV”);

(July – One Dozen New Cars for Under $10000; “Cobra vs. Viper”; “Mercury Villager”; “Porsche 911 American Roadster”; “AM General Hummer Preview”);

(August – 1993 Ford Probe GT; “McLaren FI Preview”; “BMW 318iS”; “Mazda MX-6 LS”; “Eagle Summit Wagon AWD”; “Cougar XR7”; “Stillen Roadster”);

(September – Lingenfelter – Shinoda Corvette LTI; “Audi 90CS Quattro Sport”; “Mazda 626ES”; “Lotus Esprit Jim Clark Edition”; “Comparision of Ten Sedans”);

(October – 1993 Camaro Z28; “1993 New Cars”; “Mustang Cobra”; “Geo Prizm Lsi”; “Cadillac STS Northstar”; “Dodge Colt GL”; “Dodge Daytona Iroc”; “Cutlass Convertible”; “Saturn Wagon”);

(November – 1993 – Nissan Altima SE - “1993 Import Cars”; “Honda Prelude Vtec”; “Volvo 850 GLT”; “BMW 525i Touring”; “Nissan 240.5X Convertible”; “Toyota Corolla Le”; “Porsche 911RS America”; “Toyota Camry Le Wagon”; “Mercedes 300CE Cabriolet”);

(December – Lincoln Mark VIII; “Dodge Intrepid ES”; “Range Rover County LWB”; Olds Achieva SLX”; “1993 New Trucks, Toyota T100 SR5, GMC Sonoma GT, Ford Ranger XLT”);


(January - Ten Best Annual Issue; “Ferrari 456GT”; “Mazda MX-3 GS”; “Pontiac Firebird Formula”; “Racing Review and Preview”);

(February – Camaro Z28/ Mustang Cobra/ Firebird Formula; “Jaguar Xjr-S”; “VW Passat GLX”; “Saab 9000CS Turbo”; “Porsche 911 Turbo S2”; “Lexus 6S300 Preview”);

(March – Toyota Supra Turbo; “Mercedes 500SEC”; “Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V8”; “Ferrari 348TB”; “Subaru Impreza LS AWD”; “Lebaron GTC Convertible”);

(April – Ford Taurus SHO Wagon; “Mercedes 600SL”; “PFS RX-7”; “Citroen XM”; “Eagle Vision Tsi”; “Ferrari 348 Spider Preview”; “Ford Ranger Splash”);

(May – Spider Veloce/ Del Sol/ Miata/ Capri XR2; “Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 Preview”; “Corvette ZR-I; “Infiniti Q45 Preview”; “Toyota MR2 Automatic”; “Mirage LS”);

(June – BMW 325iS/ Subaru SVX/ Lexus XC300/ Thunderbird SC; “Porsche 986 Boxter”; “Audi Cabriolet Preview”; “Cutlass Ciera S”; “Jaguar XJ12”; “Camaro V6”);

(July – The Best Family Sedan in America Comparison; “Chrysler LHS”; “Dinan BMW 850i”; “Infiniti Q45T”; “Mercedes 300CE Cabriolet”);

(August – Plymouth Prowler; “Olds Aurora Preview”; “BMW 325i Convertible”; “Acura Integra Preview”; “Dodge Ram Preview”; “Stillen Chevrolet C2500” Dualie”; “Cavalier VL”; “Buick Regal GS”);

(September – Toyota Supra; “Alfa Romeo 164LS”; “Porsche 911 Speedster”; “BMW 540; “Cadillac Deville Concours Preview”; “Hennessey Dodge Viper Venom”);

(October – Chrysler Neon; “1994 New Cars”; “Honda Accord”; “Camaro Z28 Convertible”; “Capri XR2”; “Buick Roadmasrer Limited”; “Ford Mondeo”; “Pontiac Trans Sport”; “GMC Sonoma SLS”; “Cadillac Sedan Deville”; “Olds Achieva SL”; “Lincoln Continental”);

(November – Toyota Celica GT; “1994 Import Cars”; “Ferrari 456GT”; “VW Jetta III GT”; “Volvo 850 Turbo”; “Mazda Miata”; “Saab 900SE”; “Mustang GT”; “Jaguar XJ 220”);

(December – Camaro Z28 V3. Mustang GT; “Mercedes C280”; “BMW 325; Convertible”; “Porsche 911 Carrare Preview”; “Mercedes 600SEC”; “Ferrari 348 Spider”; “Honda Prelude S”);


(January – Ten Best Annual Issue; “Honda Accord Ex”; “Buick Riviera Preview”; “Talbo”; “Mitsubishi Galant GS”; “VW Jetta III GLX”; “BMW 530i”);

(February – Renntech's Mercedes; “Old eighty Eight LSS”; “Volvo 850 Turbo Sportwagon”; “Toyota Celica GT”; “Land Rover Defender 90”; “Honda Civic Del Sol Vtec”; “Toyota Camry SE Coupe”);

(March – Dodge Venom; “Ford Winstar Preview”; “Bentley Turbo R”; “Chrysler Cirrus Preview”; “Dodge Stratus Preview”; “Toyota Avalon Preview”; “The Electric Tropica”; “Toyota Supra”; “Michael Andretti”);

(April – Olds Aurora; “Dodge Neon”; “BMW 850CSi”; “SLP Firehawk”; “Mustang Cobra”; “The Behring Museum”);

(May – Mitsubishi Eclipse; “Eagle Talon”; “Acura NSX”; “V6 Camaro vs. V6 Mustang”; “Audi Cabrilet”; “Ford Aspire”; “Nissan 240X SE”; “Minivan Comparison, Quest Grand Voyager, Windstar);

(June – 1995 Nissan Maxima; “Porsche 911 Carrera”; “Chevy Impala SS”; “Mazda Millenia S”; “Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder Preview”; “Honda Passport EX”; “Acuda Integra LS”; “Chevrolet S-10 ZR2”);

(July – BMW M3; “Audi A8 Preview”; “Chrysler Cirrus”; “VW Cabrio”; “Ford Contour Preview”; “Mercury Mystique Preview”; “Lingenfelter GMC Suburban”);

(August – Buick Riviera 1995; “New Cars 1995 Sneak Peek”; “Monte Carlo Z34”; “Subaru Legacy Lsi”; “Mustang Cobra Convertible”; “Pontiac Firebird Trans AM”; “Toyota Previa LE S/C”; “Infiniti G20T”; “Porsche RSR 3.8”);

(September – VW GTI VR6; “Ford Contour SE”; “Land Rover Discovery”; “Saleen Mustang S351”; “Buick Park Avanue Ultra”; “Lamborghini Diablo VT”; “Alfa Romeo Spider Preview”; “Ferrari F355”; “Bugatti EB110”); (October – Pontiac Sunfire GT; “1995 New Cars”; “Chevy Blazer LS”; “Mercury Mystique GS”; “Olds Eighty Eight LCS”; “Neon Sport Coupe”; “Geo Metro LS”; “Olds Achieva Quad 4”; “cavalier LS”; “Mazda Miata”; “Eclipse GS”);

(November – Honda Odyssey LS; “1995 Import Cars”; “Jaguar XJ6”; “Lexus LS400”; “Range Rover”; “Mazda Protege ES”; “Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale”; “Chevy Lumin LS”);

(December – Honda Accord/ Ford Contour/ Chrysler Cirrus; “Dodge Avenger ES”; “Cadillacs Eldorado Touring Coupe”; “Porsche Carrera 4”; “Mazda Millenia”; “Buick Rivera”; “Jaguar XJS 4.0 Convertible);


(January – Ford GT90; 13th Annual Ten Best Issue”; “Dodge Neon Sport Coupe”; “Jaguar XJR”; “Ferrari F512M”; “Chevy Cavalier”; “Volvo 960”);

(March – Corvette G590/ 1996 Ford Taurus; “Honda Odyssey EX”; “Ferrari F355”; “Peter Farrell Miata SC”; “Mitsubishi Montero SR”; “Lincoln Town Car Signature Series”);

(April – Mustang Cobra R; “Pontiac Grand Prix 300G PX”; “Range Rover 4.0 SE”; “Toyota Avalon XL”; “Saab 900SE Turbo”; “Audi A6 Quattro”; “Lingenfelter Firebird 383”; “Subaru Impreza L”);

(May – Mini-utes, Suzuki X90; “Porsche 911 Turbo”; “Chevrolet Tahoe LT”; “Infinite 130T”; “Acura 2.5TL”; “Volvo 850 T-5R Wagon”; “Pontiac Grand AM GT Coupe”; “Toyota Tercel”; “Celica GT Convertible”);

(July – Acura NSX-T/ Dodge Viper/ Ferrari 355/ Porsche 911 Turbo/ Lotus Esprit S45”; “Dodge Stratus ES”; “Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon”; “Ford Taurus Sho”; “Toyota T100”; “Camaro”; “Renntech SL700”; “40th Anniversary Issue”);


(May – Volvo G70 Coupe; “Corvette”; “1998 Subura Forester S AWD”; “Olds Intrigue GL”; “RUF 993BTR”; “Hennessey Venom 550GTS”; “Acura NSX-T”);

(December – Toyota MR-S/ Mazda Miata; “Camaro Z28”; “1969 Camaro ZL-I”; “Mazda B-Series Pickup”; “Lincoln Town Car Signature Touring Sedan”);


(February – Plymouth Pronto Spyder; “Isuzu Rodeo LS”; “VW New Beetle Preview”; “Dodge Neon R/T”; “1999 Cougar Preview”);


(December – Heavy 100; “Seven Coupes Comparison”; “Mercedes ML55 AMG”; “Saab 9-5 Aero”; “Mitsubishi Montero Sport Limited”; “Dodge Dakota Sport Quad Cab”);


(February – Ford GT40; “2003 Pontiac Vibe GT”; “2003 Toyota Matrix”; “2003 Toyota Corolla”; “Hyundai Sonata GLS”; “Acura NSX”; “Porsche 911 Targa”);


(March – Mitsubishi Evo; “2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5SE”; “GM Hy-Wire”; “Audi S4”; “2004 Cadillac SRX”; “Pontiac Sunfire”; “Mitsubishi Endeavor”);


(April – Road Test – 425-HP Dodge Challenger SRT8 and 361-HP Pontiac G8 GT)

1986 BUYERS GUIDE (Complete Guide to every 1986 Car, Van and Pickup);





1967 YEARBOOK – (Shelby American's Mustang GT-500)


1992 (May - “7 Stero Amps & 6 Radar Detectors”);

2004 – (September – Chip Foose and Alphasonik Overhaul an El Camino)

CAR CLASSICS (Ames Pub. Co.);

1967 (June; Volume 1 #2; 1931 Chrysler; “1915 Model T”; “1915 Pierce Arrow”; “1913 Chalmers”; “1929 Model A Ford”; “1930 Cadillas V16”; “1930 Windsor”; “1922 Duesenberg”);

1969 (September; 1928; Buick Roadster; “Special Buick Issue”; “1910 Baby Tonneau”; “1927 Four Door Sedan”; “Abadal Buick”; “Herbert Royston Car Auction”);

1972 (October; cover story = the indomitable TUCKER - a full report on history's most controversial car; 1929 Cadillac dual-cowl Phaeton; Model T hill climb; Racing  Driver Barney Oldfield; Jouvin-Desrosiers Buick; dodge Brother Pumpkin; Frontenac Catalog 1929; John B. Beltz; VG = $10.00);

1973 (April – 1913 Scripps-Booth; “1910 Auburn To Uring”; “Pungs-Finch Limited Salon”; “1940 Brewster Buick”);

1977 (June – Lincoln Model L; “1933 Judkins KB”; “The Prewar Astons”; “Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion”);



(March – 1925 Hispano-Suiza H6; “Studebaker Hawk”; “1957 Bentley Continental S-I Coupe”; “1964-1970 GTO Performance Years”; “Kookie Kaisers”);

(April – 1954 MG-TF 1250; “1957 Mercedes 300SL Roadster”; “Nomads and Safaris”; “Customs Bugatti”);

(June – Model J Duesenberg; “1967 Maserati Mexico Tipo 112/1”; “London Vintage Auto Dealers”);

(July – 1969 AMX; “1938 Packard Twelve Coupe-Roadster Model 1607”; “Model A Fords, New Wood for Old Wagons”);

(September – 1954 Jaguar XK-120M; “1953 Studebaker Coupes”; “1934 Cadillac 452D Aerodynamic Coupe by Fleetwood”; “1955 Lincoln Capri”);

(October – 1970 Plymouth Superbird; “1956 Packard Caribbean”; “1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith”; “1961 BMC Mark II Formula Junior”);

(December – 1929 Ford Model A Town Car; “1931 Studebaker President Four Season”; “Forest Grove's Concours VII”);


(January – 1941 Ford Convertible; “1956 Mercury Custom Convertible”; “M6B Now a Collector Car”; “Corsairs”);

(June – 1948 Mercury Convertible Coupe; “1935 Auburn 8 Sport Coupe”; “1946-48 Mercury”; “Schlumff Museum”);

(July – 1965 Mustang GT Convertible; “1938 Cadillac Sixteen Formal Sedan by Fleetwood “The Cars of Ray Dietrich”);


(January – (1960 Mercedes 190SL; “1934 Hispano-SuizJ-12”; “1980 Crawford Concours D'Elegance”; “Duesenberg Chadbourne Roadster”);

(February – 1940 Buick Super Convertible”; “1910 Isotta-Fraschini”; “1966 Shelby GT350H”; “1930 Ruxton”; “1961 Chevy Super Sport”; “Retromobile Show in Cannes”);

(April – 1922 Ahrens-Fox Model K-S-4/ Rolls Royce Phantom I; “Briggs Cunningham Interview”; “All Chevy Meet at Walnut Creek”);

(June – 1930 Cadillac V16 Madam X Club Sedan/ 1919 Ford Model T/ 1955 Mercedes Gullwing”);

(July – 1973 Dino 246GTS Spider; “1963 Pontiac Grand Prix”; “{Mount Equinox Hillclimb”);

(August – 1956 Jaguar XK-SS/ 1930's Morgan Three Wheeler; “Brooks Stevens Excalibur J”; “I Page ad for Ozark '81 with Elly May Clampett”);

(September – 1951 Alfa Romeo GC2500/ 1928 Cunningham V-7 Dual Cowl Phaeton/ 1929 Ford Model A Mail Truck”);

(December – 1963 Corvette; “1947 Delahayne 135MS Convertible Coupe”; “VCCA 20th Anniversary Meet”);


(January – Auburn V12 Roadster/ 1952 Kaiser Manhattan/ 1973 Opel Manta Luxus);

(March – 1939 Ford Deluxe Convertible Sedan; “1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale”; “1922 Lincoln Dual Windshield Phaeton”; “XP-755 Corvette Shark”);

(May – 1974 Trans AM SD-455; “1948 Pontiac Streamliner”; “Knight Sleeve Valve Engine”);

(June – Boss Mustang; “Olds Toranado”; “Forest Grove 1981);

(July – 1951 MG TD; “1940 Packard 1807 Convertible Sedan”; “25 Years of Auto Art by Keith Kohler”);

(September – 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Roadster; “1937 Cadillac Fleetwood Series”; “Mercedes 300 Sel6.3”);

(November – 1928 Alfa Romeo GC1500 Sport Zagato Spider/ 1924 La Fayette; “Buick's 1971-73 Rivieras”);


(January – 1963 Ford Galaxie 500XL Convertible; “1910 Pierce Arrow Touring car”; “1970 Maserati Ghibli Spyder”);


(December – 427 Cobra; “1930 Chevrolet Dunbar Popcorn Wagon”; “1939 Cadillac 75 Formal Sedan”; “Hitler's Cars”);


(May – 1962 Olds 442 hardtop; “1934 Packard 1106 Sport Coupe”);


(October – 1955 Thunderbird/ 1959 Impala/ 1958 Lincoln/ 1935 Duesenberg/ 1962 Cadillac/ “1995 Continential”);


(March – 1947 – Cadillac/ A.C. Ace/ 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS409; “1929 GM Yellow Coach”);

(April – 1958 Edsel/ 1954 Buick Skylark/ 1948 Packard/ 1933 Stutz Monte Carlo);

CAR CRAFT (Trend Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


April (George Smith's 107mph Fordilliac Pickup);

September (Don Carroll's 1949 Ford Custom Convertible);


February (Building the Engine for Modified Stock);

July (Dave Burgarin's 1951 Mercury Custom);


February (Interviewing “Von Dutch” Southern California Striping King; Installing Olds Engine in '49-'51 Ford);

July (Warren Gonzales' Wild Customized Ford);


February (How to Buy Used Engines);

May (12-Pge Pictorial of Chevrolet Customs);

October (Secret Formula for Coloring Grille, Hubcaps, Chrome Trim);

November (Special Issue of Crazy Painting);


February (Eddy Ducazau's 1929 Model “A” Roadster Pickup);

May (Betty Ann Mott in Bill Carr's Custom Chevrolet);

June (Special Pick-up Issue);

October (16-Page Custom Upholstery Pictorial);

November ('40 Ford Issue 16-Pages of Prize Winning Street Rods and Customs);

December (Romeo Palamides' Slingshot-Type Dragster; 16-Page Racing Section);


May (Pickup Parade – Early Models at Their Best);

CAR CRAFT (Peterson Pub. Co.);


(April – Interiors 10 pages Pictorial; “Norm Marolla 1940 Ford”; “Restyling 1953-54 Chevy”; “1959 Chevy Face Lift”; “1957 Plymouth Glamourized”);


(February – 10 Best Customs)

(June – Darryl Starbird's Futuristic Three-Wheeled Sensation)

(October – Roadster Roundup 13 pages of Wild One; “Ford V8, 221, 260, 289”; “1955-1956 Chevy's”; “Tail Light Tricks for Chevy”);

(December – Car Craft's Dream car by Bill Cushenbery/ Nhra's Ninth Annual “Big Go”; “1955-56 Mercury”; “1948 Plymouth V8 Rocket”);


(February – Dave Crook 'Kandy Lime Gold 1958 Pontiac'; “Ten Best Customs”; “Brand New Chevrolet Chevelle”; “Tony Torr Duece Coupe”; “1955 Buick with Oriental Flair”);

(March – Carl Casper's The Undertaker Barris Built 1964 Mercury Marauder)

(April – Hot Performance Options for Mercury Engines; Radical Riviera)


(January – Carl Jasper “The Ghost” Winner at National Custom Auto Fair; “Bill Moore Restyles Plymouth Barracuda”; “Icca's Custom Auto Fair, Seattle”);

(December – 1966 Pontiac GTO Tiger; “Mopar 4 Speed Shift”; “Jack McClure Hot Chevelle”; “Dick Brannan Mustang Funny Car”; “Dick Branster Dart Charger”);


(March – Gerald McBee 1928 Ford A Coupe Custom; “1966 Comet Cyclone GT”; “1966 Fairlane GT-X”; “Inventive Ram Injection”);

(April – Dickie Harrell Chevy II; “Ernest Seelesi 1933 Ford Cabriolet”; “Hemi Spark Plug Seals”; “Basic Fuel Systems and How They Work”; “Super Hss Mustang”); (December – Chevy 427 Made Hotter; “Camaro SS 350”; “1929 Chevy Sedan”; “Fenner Tubb Super Stock 1965 Plymouth”; “1936 Willy Panel Truck”);


(January – 1966 Ten Best Rods; “Pontiac's John Delorean”; “Barb Hamilton First Women to Get NHRA License”; “Hollier Swindle “Backup Pickup” Dewayne Creighton 1931 Ford Roadster”);

(February – Sneak Preview 1967 Funny Cars; “Camaro Boss 427”; “1966 Dodge Dart 383”; “Bell and Zalewski Anglia 'Bee/ Gasser'”; “Don Brusseau 1925 Model T Roadster”);

(April – Super Mustang Funny Car-Dragster; “Gene Chan 1932 Ford Model T “Special T' Roadster”; “Tony Nancy New Slingshot Rail”; “7th Annual NHRA Winternationals”);

(September – Geore Montgomery 'Malco Gasser'/ Miss Linda Vaughn Drag Racing's First Lady”; “Arlen Vanke Plymouth 440”; “1967 Springnationals”);

(October – Chevy 427; “Detroit's 1968 Drag Stockers”; “Checy Powered 1915 Model T”; “Pisano Brothers Camaro Funny Car”; “Al Coffern 1933 Ford Pickup Hot Rod”);

(November – Shel Konblett 'Snoopy' Jaguar Funny Car; “1967 NHRA National Championships”; “1968 Dodge Charger”; “1967 AHRA National Championships”);

(December – 1968 GTO Drag Test/ Build a Hot Rod Snowmobile; “SS/B Plymouth Road Runner”; “Doug Header Corvair Funny Car”; “Wally Booth”);


(January – 1967 Ten Best Rods; “1968 Plymouth GTX”; “NHRA World Championship Finales”; “Paul Lohrey 1923 T Roadster”);

(February – Pete Seaton 'Shaker' Funny Car; “1968 Sneak Preview Drag Racing”; “Chevelle SS 396”; “Norm Dyer 1968 Charger Funny Car”; “Mopar Windage Tray”);

(March – Bill Fredericks Street Drager; “1968 NHRA SS Controversy”; “Chevy's Little 301 Giant”; “Torino GT”; “396/427 Chevy Head Package”; “New Javelin Street Package”);

(April – Spending Your Hot Rod Bucks; “Cobra Jet 428 Mustang”; “New GTO Ram Air Kit”; “Twin Disc Street Clutch”; “AHRA Winter Nationals”; “Chicago Auto Show”);

(May – 1968 All Star Drag Racing Team; “428 Ram Air Cougar”; “Scoop for Camaro”; “383 Mopar”; “Clutch Modification for Mustang”; “Modified Production”);

(June – Nelson Carter 'Imperial Kustoms' Funny Car; “El Camino Road Test”; “Ed Iskenderian 427 Chevy”; “390 Javelin Drag Test”; “Camaro Tube Axle Kit”; “5th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Meet Riverside”);

(July – Big John Barkley M/SA Chevy; “1922 Ford Model T Fire Truck”; “Low Down on Pontiacs”; “”Factory Stocks”; “Mallicoat Brothers A/GS Barracuda Funny car”);

(August – Mongoose McEwens 1968 Championship Fuel Dragster; “Oldsmobile Drag Tests”; “Ron Root Super Stock Javelin”; “Bill Jenkins Chevy 396” “Corvette 'Mako Shark' Funny Car”; “Washington Auto Show”); (September – 1969 Drag Stocks; “Mercury's Wild C-J 428 Ram Air”; “Cyclone and Cougar Hi-Permanence Street and Strip Test”; “351 Ford/ Mercury 1969 Engine Report”; “Doug Header Javelin Rear Engine Funne Car”);

(October – 1969 Drag Stocks; “More Roar for Big Block Chevy's”; “2nd Annual PDA Championships”; “Ron Pellegrini 'Beware' Buick Gran Sport Funny Car”; “Herrera and Sons 1950 Austin Gas Class”);

(November – Ford 429 Racing Engine; “Hot Parts by Chevy”; “14th Annual NHRA National Championships”; “Fontanini and Nannini 1968 Charger Funny Car”);

(December – Dick Landy 1969 Dodge 440 Magnum; “Ron Goodsell Futuristic AA/ Fueler”; “Factory 'Go' Packages from Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick”; “1969 International Car Shows”; “Tom Prock, Jay Howell 'F Troop' Funny Car”);


(February – Joe Allread 1957 Chevy Ultimate Jr. Stock; “Blueprinting Mopar 340”; “Ram Air for all Cars”; “Ford's New Boss 429 Mustang”; Racing Cam Guide”);

(March – Gary Klecknew 1955 Nomad Chevado; “Power Printing Chevy 350”; “Pontiac 1969 ½ Supercars”; “428 CJ Mustang Drag Test”; “Blueprinting 428 Cobra Jet”);

(April – AMC Hurst Built SC/ Rambler; “Drag Test 428 CJ Mercury Cougar/ 340 Dodge Dart Swinger”; “Ford Super Drag Clinics”; “Mopar Ramchargers New Hemi A/Stock”; “GM TRW Chevy Buget Strokers” “Larry Shinoda”; “Winter Drags Coverage”);


(August – Legal Street Races ?)

(September – 1971 Chevy Vega/ 1971 Ford Pinto; “Boss your 289 Ford”; “Lowriders”; “Bill Blandings on Drag Racing”; “NHRA Springnationals, Dallas Texas”);

(November – Street Funny Car and Freaky Street Machines)


(January – 454 chevelle VS 440 Road Runner; VW 235-HP How To)

(February; Special Chevy Issue; “Chevy 400 Inch Z-28”; “1971 Drag Preview”; “A Chevy-Porsche 911”; “Brand X Camaro Funny Car”; “Bill and M.A. Madden 1940 Wills D/Gasser”);

(March – Mickey Thompson 'Titanium' Funny Car; “Special Ford Issue”; “Tex Collins Allison-Mustang”; “Barrie Poole New Pro Stocker 1954 Ford”; “1971 Boss 351 Mustang”);

(May – Garlits Rear Enging Rail/ Breedlove 'Moon Rocket' Dragster/ Shinoda Streamliner Rail; “Trupp/ Kling 454 Chevelle”; “Reworking the 455 Pontiac”; “Hurst Shifter Tricks”; “1971 Winternationals”);

(July – Wild Weslake 340 V8 Colt Wagon; “Ford 351 Cobra Jet”; “Giant Engine Swapping Guide”; “The Rod Shop Goes Dodge for 1971”; “Pinto”; “Drive-In U.S.A. Los Angeles and San Diego”);

(October – Therwhanger Chevy Powered Camaro; “1972 Performance Car Guide”; “Latest Chevy Parts Numbers”; “Hickey 1972 Chevy Half Ton”; “Drive-In U.S.A. Kansas City and St. Louis”);

(December – Gary Gabelich Rear Engine Vega Funny Car; “Funny Car Issue”; “V8 Maverick/ Comet 4 Speed Bolt In”; “Drive-In U.S.A. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, El Paco”);


(February – Mag Wheel and Fat Tire Section; “1972 Drag Preview”; “Twin Chevy II Test”; “1972 Chevy Rally Nova”); “Drive-In U.S.A. Indianapolis, Dayton, Cincinnati”);

(April – Bill Jenkins 327 Vega Pro Stock; “Pro Stock Issue”; “454 Small Block Chevy”; “Wally Booth Gremlin”; “Don Nicholson Pinto”; “Ronnie Sox Duster”; “Drive In U.S.A. Seattle, Portland”);

(May – Vince Rossi Semi-Streamliner; “Dragster Revolution”; “Bill Jenkins 327 Vega Pro Stock”; “Don Prudhomme 'Yellow Feather' “; “John Weibe Slingshot Dragster”; “Drive-In U.S.A. Nashville, Atlanta Winston-Salem”);

(July – Don Garlits Streamlined Dragster Aims for 275 MPH; “Z28 and Boss 302, Three Years After”; “Bobby Yowell 1972 Duster Pro Stock”; “Drive-In U.S.A. Milwaukee, Chicago”);

(August – Barry Setzer Vega Funny Car; “1972 Funny Cars”; “Ahra Nationals”; “Pontiac Aluminum V8”; “Martin Brothers Chevy Powered Gremlin Modified”; “Drive-In Canada, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal”);

(September – First Look 1973 Chevy Nova Hatchback; New York Street Racing Expose; Drive-in U.S.A. - Hawaii)

(October – Billy Shepp 1973 Dodge Demon Pro Stock; “1973 New Car Specifications”; “VW Suspension”; “NHRA Summernationals”; “Turbocharger Pinto Kit”);

(November – Car Craft 'CC Rider' Vega Panel; “426 Hemi-Colt Pro Stocker”; “Indy-Tulsa Special Section”; “Lou Barney”; “Bob Callahan Camaro”);

(December – Wide Tires Special; “Boss 351 Parts”; “John Kinsel 'Drummer' Funny Car”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Alabama, Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi”);


(January – Pisano and Matsubara Vega Funny Car; “Street Stuff for 340 Mopars”; “Bruce Larson Camaro Pro Stock”; “Scott Shafiroff GT Camaro”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Taxas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma”); (February – Sien and Lankford 'Brand X' Mustang Funny Car; “Drag Racing Preview”; “LAPD Matador”; “Farewell to Lions Drag Strip”; “1973 Auto Show Calender”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. California, Arizona, Nevada”); (March – Mopar Missle' Pro Stock; “Subcompacts – Suspension Kits – Mag Wheel Guide – Dress Up Ideas”; “Camshaft Installation Tips”; “J.P. Keck Pinto”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Missoutri, Kansa, Arkansas”);

(April – Rod Gainer Blown Street Corvette; “Drag Tests L-82/ LS-4 Corvettes, Chevy Van, Mazda RX-2”; “AHRA Winter Nationals”; “1973 Corvettes”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland”);

(May – Ken Van Cleave Pro Stock Dodge; “Special Pro Stock Section”; “1973 Winternationals”; “Teenage Pros in Drag Racing U.S.A. The Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota”);

(July – 230 MPH Funny Cars; “Camaro Z28 vs Camaro 350 LT”; “Install a VW Clutch”; “1900 HP Fuel Hemi Tech Analysis”; “Will Ford, Dyno Don Rule Pro Stock in 1973?”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington”);

(August – Ed White 1955 Blown Chevy; “Freaky Street Machines”; “Chevy – Latest Factory Parts – 12 Bolt Rear Setup – Hi Dome Pictons”; “Mini Cars Invade Drag Racing”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. New England”); (September – 1974 Mustang II V6; “1957 Chevy Super Stock”; “Harry Luzader E/G Opel”; “IHRA Spring National”; “NHRA Springnationals”; “1957 Chevrolet is Really a 1962 Corvette”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado”);

(October – John Lingenfelters SS/NA Camaro; “1974 New Cars, AMC, Ford, GM, Mopar”; “Super Stock Section”; “1960 Production Line Race Cars”; “NHRA Summernationals”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey”);

(November - 'CC Rider II' Chopped GMC Picked; “Drag Team All-Star Winners”; “Funny Car Chassis Science”; “Indy Nationals”; “Vans and Pickups”; “Drag Racing U.S.A. Canada?”);

(December – Dave Lewis 'The Goose' Camaro; “Aluminum V8 Vega”; 351 Ford Buildup”; “Sizemore's Ford vs. Self's Chevy”; “Rockford Gas Coupe and Sedan Nationals”; “Dennis Ferrara M/P Camaro”);


(January - Bill Calvert's Shop Scene; “Head Porting Templates”; “Chevy 454 Vega Swap”; “VW Put-Ons” “Mopar Engine Swapping Guide”; “Street Freak U.S.A. New York vs. Los Angeles”);

(February – 1974 Drag racing Update; “383 Mopar Carb Modifications”; “New Super Stock Series”; “Ford Hemi-6?” “Freaky Sand Dragsters”; “Street Freaks, Detroit vs. San Francisco”);

(March – Is Auto Racing Doomed?; “1974 Camaro V28”; “Bolt On Mustang Parts”; “Bob Toyer 'Vintage GTO'”; “All About Specialty Tools”; “Street Freaks, Seattle vs. Boston”);

(April – Van Put-Ons; “Engine Swapping Basics”; “Economy Used Car Guide”; “Drag Report-Cosworth Dohc Vega”; “Egloff M/P Camaro”; “AHRA Winter Nationals”; “Street Freaks, Phoenix vs. Newark”);

(May – 1974 Pro Stock, Bill Jenkin Vega, Capp and Roush Ford 351, Paul Blevins Chevy 331; “Van Put-Ons, Interiors”; “Hand Tool Basics; Wrenches”; “Intake Manifold Porting Templates”; “Street Freaks, D.C. vs. Denver”);

(June – Mickey Thompson Grand AM Funny Car; “Funny Cars Special Section”; “How To Tune Small Block Ford”; “Hand Tool Basics; Screwdrivers”; “Improve Camaro Suspensions”; “Street Freaks, Miami vs. Ohio”); (July – Rick Voegelin M/P Chevy/ John Dianna Plymouth Gasser; “Mini Car Accessories”; “Hand Tool Basics; Pliers”; “Body Work Make Easy”; “Truck-In U.S.A. Pliers”; “Body Work Make Easy”; “Truck-In U.S.A. Rocky Mountain States”);

(August – Mike Minette Street Freak; “360 Duster”; “Hand Tool Basics”; “Cutting Tools”; “fat Tires and Wheels Special Section”; “How to Tune Big Block Mopar”; “Truck-In U.S.A. Great Lakes”);

(September – Chevy Monza V8; “1975 Pontiac Ventura”; “302 V8 Mustang II”; “Street Nuildups – 396 Chevelle – 360 Duster – 350 Camaro”; “Indy Nationals Predictions”; “Trucks-In U.S.A. Missouri, Kansas”); (October – Funky Pickups and Vans; “How to tun Big Block Ford”; “1975 New Car Tech Report”; “M/P Corvette”; “Spearco's Mustang II Kit”; “Truck-In U.S.A. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania”);

(November – Don Prudhomme and Bob Brandt; “1974 All-Star Block Modifications”; “Allread 360 Mopar”; “Chapman 350 Chevy”; “Truck-In U.S.A. California”);

(December – Sonny Bryant Big Block Pro Camaro; “Instant Iroc Camaros; “Penske/ Donohue, Z28'S”; “Giant Chevy Issue”; “Bill Bagshaw”; “Truck-In Canada”);


(January – Bill Jenkins on Horsepower; “Front-End Trouble Shooting”; “Mopar Styling for Dodge and Plymouth”; “Ford Grandada”; “Precision Tool Guide”);

(February – Shirl Greer's Fire at Supernationals; “Super Street Suspensions”; “Chevy II M/P Tech”; “Ford 351 Buildup”; “Rick Voegelin Builds Pro/Mod Camaro”; “Micrometers”; “Street Freaks California”; “Pacer”); (March – Bill Mitchell Pinto 302 V8/ Bram Frank 1973 Beetle; “Mini Cars Issue”; “Pinto Tech Tips”; “Small Car Buyer Guild”; “Pinto Blueprints P.I.);

(April – Butch Leal “California Flash'; “Mopar Parts Guide”; “Ahra Winter Nationals”; “Chrysler Performance Parts”; “Pinto Blueprints PII”; “Jersey John's Small Block Hemi”);

(May – 'Sundance' Monza Funny Car; “Ten Most Powerful Men in Drag Racing”; “Electroni Ignitions”; “Bob and Etta Glidden”; '15 Years of Pomona, California”);

(June – Gary and Eddie Hansen Pro Stock Vega; “Van Bolt Ons”; “AMC Pacer”; “Dial Indicators”; “V8 Chevy Rocker Shafts”; “Ed McCulloch”; “NHRA Gatornationals);

(July – Crider and Desantis 340 Colt; “Used Car Guide”; “All About Pistons”; “Dennis Ferrara Camaro”; “Ford Vans”; “Pacer Plans”);

(August – Bob Raines 1962 Corvette Street Freak; “Street Freak Issue”; “Basic Ignition Wiring”; “Street Blowers That Work”; “Ted Dzus Vega”; “VW Automatic Modifieds”);

(September – 1976 Firebird Formula; “Turbocharged Datsun 260Z”; “Camshaft Tech”; “Low Buch Engine Build Ups, Chevy, Mopar, Pontiac”);

(October – Freaky Vans and Pickups; “Holly Carb Magic”; “New Car Tech Preview”; “CB Radio Guide”; “1955 Chevy”; “IHRA Bristol”);

(November – CC Project Corvette; “Wild Street Vettes”; “Mopar 360 Super Stock Tech”; “1975 All Star Winners”; “Soft Tool Guide”);

(December – Street Legal Road race Monza; “CC Project Corvette; Chassis”; “Van Cabinets”; “Honda Styling Ideas”; “NHRA Fall nationals”);


(January – Cindi Carson Beside Pacer; “CC Project Corvette; Chassis Buildup”; “100 Home Workshop ideas”; “Racing Valve Springs”; “427 Ford Engine Tech”);

(February – Flame Painting How to; “Wild Street Freaks”; “Pontiac 400 Engine Tips”; “CC Project Corvette; Engine Buildup”; “1976 Pro Stock Camaros”);

(March – Raymond Beadle and Harry Schmidt 'Blue Max' Funny Car; “Five Second Funny Cars”; “Trucks-Mini Stepsides”; “Ten Second Corvette”; “Nine Second Vega”; “CC Project Corvette; Transmission Buildup”); (April – Fat Tires and Wheels; “Jeep Street Freak”; “IHRA Super Modified”; “Alcohol Funny Car”; “CC Project Corvette; Wiring and Plumbing”; “Tommy IVO”);

(May – Scott Shafiroff 7 Second Pro Stock; “CC Designs Ultimate Street Machines”; “Falcon Bracket Racer”; “Yuill Brothers Pro Stock”);

(June - Chevys Street Freaks to Pro Stock; “Mopar Bracket Racer Project”; “Gatornationals”; “CC Project Corvette; Detailing”);

(July – Vans and Trucks Paint and Interiors; “Mopar Bracket Racer Project”; “1970 Cuda GT”; “Camaro GT”; “CC Project Corvette; Convertible Top”);

(August – Street Freaks; “Cobra II vs. Shelby GT 350”; “Road Runner and Pinto Projects”; “Monza Styling”);

(September – Butch Leal 'California Flash'; “Bracket Racing, How to Succedd”; “V8 Vegas”; “360 Cuda”; “Turbo Chevelle”; “Honda Accord”; “Springnational”);

(October – Match Racers Return; “Street Engine Specials – Chevy, Ford, Mopar”; “1977 Performance Preview”; “Project Pinto”; “Ronnie Sox”; “Pro Stock Chevette”);

(November – CC Project Mini van; “Stocker Curvey – Ford, Chevy, Mopar”; “Turbocharged Chevette”; “Road Runer Project”; 'Street Freak Revue”; “Four Barrel Manifold System”);

(December – Corvette Special Issue; “1977 All Star Racing Calendar”; “GMC 454 Pickup Mini Test”; “Chevy Camaro Z28”; “McGrath Super Stock Camaro”; “Fall Nationals”; “1976 All Star Awawards”);


(January – 101 Car and Shop Tips; “How to – Install Intake Manifolds – Hop UP Ignitions – Build Chevy Rearends”; “Car Craft 25th Anniversary”; “Bill Jenkins”; “Funny Car Preview”; “van Paepeghem s/s Chevy II”); (February – Complete Guide to Drag racing; “New Chevy Aluminum Block”; “Pontiac Turbocharging”; “Best Bracket Racer”; “Timing Chain Basics”);

(March – Hemi Cuda/ GT 350/ LS-6 Camaro; “Drag Testing Pontiacs New 301”; “Clutch Tips”; “Sixties Supercars”; “Street Machine Nationals Preview”; “Street Clutch Tips”);

(April – Racing on a Budget – Econo Altered vs. Econo Funny Car; “Auto Sound Systems”; “Ventura 400”; “Pro Winter Nationals”; “Chevy Super Modified”; “860 HP Chevy”; “Street Machine Nationals”);

(May – Fat Tires and Trick Wheels; “Ventura 400; The New GTO?”; “The Newest Funny Cars”; “Performance Tune Ups”; “Winternationals”; “Fender Flares”; “Street 5 Speed”);

(June – Trucks – Supercars of the 1970's?; “Big Block Trucks – 454 Chevy, 440 Dodge, 460 Ford”; “Chevy Gasket Guide”; “Gatornationals”; “Pinto Panel”; “Frank Bradley Fueler”; “Dave Wren Hemi Super Stock”); (July – Lee Hunter – Lightning Strikes in Pro Stock; “Street Super Engines; Reher and Morrison Chevy and Bob Glidden Ford”; “Chevy Performance Pistons”; “Supercharged Mustang”);

(August – Ron Russell 1966 Corvette/ Bob Brandt 1972 Datsun; “Nick Zuk Boss 429 Mustang”; “Merrill Bumstead 1970 Cuda”; “Pro Style Vega”; “Leal Street 360 Mopar”; “Miller and Moore Fuel Altered Fiat”); (September – Steve Wiencek High Performance Vega; “Special Section of Home Built Supercars”; “Pontiac's Factory Firebird Racer”; “New Chevy Rocker Arms”; “Wild Street Machines”; “Big Block Camaro”; “Engine Swapping Guide”);

(October – Best Cars from Street Machine Nationals; “1978 Performance Cars – Turbo Buicks, Nascar Plymouths, King Cobras”; “Dodge Pickup Project”; “Lowdow Nova”; “Bob Thompson Monza”; “John Stewart 1970 Mustang”; “Bruce Rebechini 1972 AMC Gremlini”);

(November – Street Cars vs. Bracket Racers; “Big Block for Duster”; “318 Mopar Performance”; “Ed and Jan Findlay 1963 Plymouth 440 Bracket”; “Paul Wiechman 1956 Chevy Pickup Brackley”; “Charlie Smith Camaro 4 Speed Brackey” “Gene Pudlo 1970 Opel GT”);

(December – Corvettes; “Chevy Mid Engine GT Kit”; “440 Mopar Build Up”; “How to Install – Custom Shifters, Performance Clutches, adjustable Spoilers”; “Supernova Chevy II”; “Tom McEwen Corvette 'Mongoose' Funny Car”; “California Corvettes”);


(January – Chevy Camaro Special - “Fiesta Drag Test”; “Dave Smith 1971 Vega Panel”; “Joe Amato Firebird Funny Car”; “1967-69 Camaros”; “Basic Engine Blueprinting”);

(February – Mustang Roundup; “Ford Street Freaks”; “Famous Ford Racers”; “Miniature Grand Prix”; “Condit Brothers Arrow Bodies Funny Car”; “E.L. Williams Henry J. Altered”; “Drag Test 1978 Firebird”);

(March – Hot 'n' Nasty Street Freaks; “1978 Street Machine Nationals Entry Details”; “New Chevy Parts”; “Mopar-Engine Swapping Guide, Small Block Science”; “B.J. Kennamore 1957 Thames Panel Truck”; “Mickey and Romana Clack 1970 Challenger”);

(April – Jack Davis 1967 Nova; “Chevy Special Issue”; “Pinto Showdown – Glidden Pro Stock vs. 1978 Runabout”; “Twin Turbo Small Block Vega”; “Paul Trembacki 1977 Z28 Camaro”; “Turbo Kit for Chevy Big Block Halftons”);

(May – Road Racer Street Machines; “Chevy and Firebird Suspension Tips”; “Carb Tech – GM Quadrajet”; “IROC Camaro test Drive”; “Jerry James Datsun Z”; “Bruce Shively Manta Kit Car”; “Jim Cox 1967 Firebird”); (June – 1955-57 Chevy Revival; “Dyno Don tests King Cobra”; “Gatornationals”; “1978 Ford Fairmont”; “Larry Kopp 1961 Corvette”; “Dale Armstrong”);

(July – Bolt on Horsepower; “Carb Tech; Holley Double Pumper”; “Pro Stock Spectacular”; “Special Rick Delisi Monza Pro Stock”);

(September – V8 Pinto/ 1979 Turbo Mustang; “Camaro Supercars”; “Carb Tech; Holly 4BBL”; “Mopar Engine Swapping Guide”; “NHRA Springnationals”; “Corvette Collecting”; “Terry Solesbee Pinto”; “NHRA Sportnationals”);

(October – Fast and Freaky Street Machines; “1979 New Performance Cars”; “World's Fastest Camaro Z28”; “1978 Street Machine Nationals”; “NHRA Summernationals”; “1964 – 1969 GTO's”; “Richard and Debbie Hall 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge”);

(November – Saturday Night Street Fever; “Dyno Don and Glidden Fairmont Pro Stockers”; “Mopar Big Block Heads”; “454 Stocker Secrets”; “1964-1977 Chevelles”; “Ken Veney Challenger Funny Car”);

(December – Vega Street Legal Pro Stocks; “Aluminum 350 Camaro Z280”; “Chevy Head Guide”; “Vega V8 Conversion”; “NHRA Fall Nationals”; “Sam Gianino Monza”; “All Star Drag Racing Team 1978”);


(January – Home Built Supercars; “Don Prudhomme Arrow Test”; “Special Section; Shop Tips”; “Pinto Roundup 1971-1978”; “Yuill Brothers Camaro Pro Stock”);

(March – Sally Annette 1971 Trans AM; “Racer Test Pontiac Bracket”; “Chevy Street Machines”; “Bob Glidden Amazing Mopar”; “Olds 442”; “Rat Pack”; “Mickey Sacks 1968 Olds 442 Hemi”; “Rick Iacono Pro E.T. Firebird”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Dayton”);

(April – Roy Demars Jr. 1962 Corvette/ Dave Carron 1966 Corvette; “Corvettes 1953 – 1979”; “454 Chevy Pickup Test”; “Pete Williams Drives Dodge Challenger 'Hustler' Funny Car”; “Cruisin U.S.A. St. Louis”);

(May – William Jenkins 1979 Pro Stock Camaro; “Chevy-Small Block Guide – Super Street Machines”; “Super Novas”; “NHRA Winternationals”; “Jim Willoughby 1970 Camaro Z28”; “GM X-Bodies”; “Crusin U.S.A. Van Nuys Blvd”);

(July – Bolt on Power Parts; “Special Ford Section – Street Supercars – Small Block Guide”; “Corvette L-82 Test”; “Street Machine Nationals Mustang”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Fort Lauderdale”);

(August – Steve Fagan V8 1976 Chevette/ Richard Meyers Vega; “Mini Car Street Machines”; “Chevy Big Block Guide”; “Street Gasser's”; “Jim Kennett Pro Stock Hemi”; “1979 AMX”; 'Cruisin U.S.A. Northern California”);

(September – 1955-1957 Chevy Special Section; Mopar Power Guide; Chevy Supercars)

(October – Solesbee 1967 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet; “Street Machine Nationals”; “1980 New Performance Cars”; “650 hp Camaro Build Up”; “Summernationals”; “Scott Sullivan 1967 Nova”);

(November – How to Build a Street Machine; “Turbo Corvette Test”; “Boss Ford Performance Guide”; “Joe Flowers 1969 Mustang”; “Ford Concept Car Futura”; “25th Anniversary U.S. Nationals”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Cleveland”);

(December – Camaro Supercars; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 2”; “NHRA Fallnationals”; “Highway Patrol Camaro Z28”; “Tim Leech 1969 Camaro”; “Jim Schmitt 1974 Camaro Z28”; “Bob Pfeffer 1970 Camaro”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Chicago”);


(January – Randy Plotz 1967 Chevelle; “1979 Hurst/ Olds”; “Leon Hoffman 1973 Trans AM”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 3”; “Mark Pawuk Plymouth Arrow”; “Kurt Neighbor Mustang Cobra”; “NHRA World Finals”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Dallas”);

(February – Tim Schmackpfeffer 1966 Mustang 428; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Henry Orlowitz Monte Carlo”; “409 Chevy”; “Charles Lewis 1962 Impala”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 4”; “Cruisin U.S.A. San Diego”);

(March – Mopar Spectacular; “Twin Turbo Camaro”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 5”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Detroit”);

(May – Cruising Las Vegas Strip; “Wheel and Tire Special”; “NHRA Winternationals”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part Part 7”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Los Vegas”);

(June – Rob Cook 1970 Camaro Z28; “Cruising into the 1980's”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 8”; “NHRA Gatornationals”; “Street machine Nationals West”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Hawaii”);

(July – Bolt on Performance Parts; “Camaro Spectacular Issue – Z28 Test – Bow Tie Head Guide – Suspensions”; “Larry Hollanger 1969 Chevelle SS”; “Jim Ischer 1955 Chevy”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 9” “Budweiser's Funny Cars”);

(August – Russ Stift Blown Camaro; “Mopar Muscle Cars”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 10”; “Dan Eby 1972 Nova”; “Richard Langson Altered Pro”; “Faberge Brut Funny Car 'Super Brut'”);

(September – Corvette Dream Machines; “World's Greatest Corvette Race Cars”; “NHRA Springnationals”; “Bill Meyer 'Hawaiian Tropic' Citation Funny Car”; “Dodge Mirada Test”; “Carroll Shelby Mustang Cobra”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Walnut Creek, California”);

(October – 1980 Pontiac Firebird; “Chevy Small Block How to”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “NHRA Summernationals”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 12”; “Doug Ganschow 1957 Chevy Station Wagon”); (November – Ford Fever; “Camaro Engine Build Up”; “Chevelle Supercars”; “1981 New Cars Preview”; “Mustang Cobra”; “How to Build a Street Macine Part 13”; “NHRA U.S. Nationals”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Kansas City”); (December – Mileage Special Issue; “1980 All Star Drag Racing Team”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 14”; “Gary Kampman 1957 Chevy”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Rockford”);


(January – Shop Tips/ Lonie Mysiar; “630 HP Chevy V6”; “Camaro – Firebird Suspension Tricks”; “Three Heavy Hitting Camaros”; “Al Hanna and Don Orwat Mustang 'Eastern Raider' Funny Car”; “John Goar Mid Sixties Nova”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Asbury Park N.J.”);

(February – Street Machine Nationals West; “Mopar Small Block Engines”; “Chevy Muscle cars”; “Tom Jambeck Fiat Topolino 'Altered Ego'”; “Laser 917”; “Ray Cook” “Larry Bowser 1972 Cuba”);

(March – Citation X-11/ Camaro Z28; “Street Machines for the 1980's”; “Chris Morgart 1974 260Z”; “Street Legal Cheverra”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “Rich Hays 1971 Pinto”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Mesa, Arizona”);

(April – 1966 Chevell; “Chevelle/ 6 to Handling Tricks”; “Chevy Bow Tie Rods”; “Gary Visser Blwon 1970 Chevelle”; “How to Build a street Machine Part 17”; “Dennis Mitchell 1972 Vega”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Colorado”); (May – Mike Huston 1972 Corvette; “Chevy Head Guide”; “Ford Fairmont and Escort How to's”; “NHRA Winternationals”; “Ford's New Escort”; “Hal Butler 1970 Corvette”; “Mike Hamby 'War Eagle' Funny Car”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Sydney, Australia”);

(June – Header Special; “Greatest Camaro Race Cars”; “Mazda RX7”; “Wayne Mullen 1971 Camaro”; “Gatornationals”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Rockville, Maryland”);

(July – Hot Street machines; “Chevy Big Block Head Guide”; “Camaro – Firebird Suspension Tricks”; “Pro Street Futura”; “How to Build a Street Machine Part 20”; “Alston Brothers 1967 Camaro SS”; “Cobra Mustang”);

(August – James Ellenberger Hemi Vega; “All About Street Blowers”; “Street Machines of the Stars”; “Amy Faulk Driver”; “NHRA Southern Nationals”; “Datsun SX”; “Turbo Trans AM”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Toronto, Canada”);

(September – Supercar Showdown; “Which Car is Really Best? Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Pontiac, AMC”; “IHRA Pro AM Nationals”; “Chevy Malibu”; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Roland Leong Hawaiian Funny Car”); (October – Jim Oranje 1969 Camaro/ Charles Aimo 1967 Camaro; “Big Block Chevy Head Tricks”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “Lastest Performance Cars From Ford and Chrysler”; “NHRA Summernationals”); (November – Rick Hunt 1974 Vega 454; “Pro Street Special”; “Faberge Brut Funny Car”; “U.S. Nationals”; “Stickshift Science”; “V6 Engine Spotter's Guide”);


(January – Lou Pelsor 1968 Camaro; “1982 Camaro Z28”; “Ford Mini-Hemi How to”; “Street and Shop Tips Section”; “David Schele 1972 Corvette”; “Brett Noseworthy 1967 Corvette”);

(April – Corvette Special Issue; “830 HP Big Block Chevy”; “1982 Street Machine Nationals”; “Kenny Bernstein Mercury LN7 Funny Car”; “Mike Ralston Chevy Powered Gremlin”);

(May – Ford Pro-Formance; Pinto Pro Streeter; Restoration Guide to Chevy Supercars)

(June – Ron Scanton 1967 Camaro; “Chevy Spevial Issue 1955 – 1982”; “Raymond Beadle 'Blue Max' Funny Car”; “Gatornationals”; “Import Flyweights”; “Buttera Buick Regal”);

(July – Robert Flora 1967 Nova; “1982 Camaro Pro Streeter”; “Outrageous Chevy Special”; “1982 Mustang”; “Leatherworks Pro Street Monza”; “Ford Supercars”);

(August – Wendell Solesbee 1968 Mustang; “Camaro-Mustang Engine Swapping Guide”; “1982 Camaro Z28 Turbo”; “Camaro Pro Street Build Up”; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Brad Dixon 1971 Vega Pro Gas”); (September – 1982 Camaro Z28 Pro Street; “Street Machine Craziness”; “Pontiac Restoration Guide”; “Bill Meyers Funny Car”; “NHRA Springnationals”; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Mike Mendenhall 1964 Nova”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “Chevy V6 Street Engines”; “Craig Solovieff 1969 Chevelle SS 396”; “Rick Dobbertin 1965 Nova”; “Clutch Linkage Basics”);

(December – Supercar Showdown; “All Star Team Winners”; “Ford Fairmont Pro Street Machines”; “Ford Ranger Newest Mini Truck”);


(February – Bill Roinestad 1971 Camaro/ Paul Allen 1968 Camaro; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Dodge Cars for 1983”; “Mike Steiner 1970 Mustang Mach I”; “Dan Lukanec Monte Carlo”);

(March – Michelle Gardner 1966 Mustang Fastback; “1984 Corvette”; “Street Machine Nationals/ West”; “Freeland Tanner Phase I Camaro”; “Raul Cornejo 1969 Camaro”);

(June – Summer Bonanza Performance Tips; “NHRA Gatornationals”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “Bob Maloy Cosworth Vega”; “Mike Bozard 1973 Vega Panel”; “Bob Schuller 1970 Cuda”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Los Gatos California 1978-82”);

(July – Street Machine Detailing; “Chevy Spectacular Section”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “Stephen Russell 1969 Camaro”; “Tim Richmond `967 Malibu”; “1969 Camaro SS Convertible”);

(August – Best Buys in Bolt Ons; “Turbo Mopar SVO Mustangs”: “V6 Vega”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “1983 Thunderbird Pro Street”; “Morley Brown 1959 El Camino”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Clarksville, Tennessee”); (November – Jerry Douthit 1972 Nova; “NHRA U.S. Nationals”; “Mike Solis 1967 Mustang”; “Mike Defazio 1967 Mustang Notchback”; “Cruisin Canadian Chevys”);

(December – Engine Exotica; “New Chevy Alloy Heads”; “Pontiac Fiero”; “1983 All Star Drag Racing Team”; “Bob Boen 1978 Chevy Monza”; “Joe Knox 1967 Chevy II Wagon”);


(January – Street Machine Nationals East; “NHRA Winston World Finals”; “Tim Grose Corvette Funny Car”; “Buick GSX”: “Cruisin U.S.A. Dayton Ohio”);

(April – All About Headers; Cruisin' U.S.A. - Pottstown, Pa.)

(May – Paint and Body Special; “1972 Camaro Z28”; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “NHRA Winternationals”; “Jim Cropanese 1970 Cuda”);

(July – The Performance Year 1962-71; “Rare Mopar Protypes”; 1962 Corvette”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “1974 GTO”; “Jim Farrell Mustang Mach I Cobra”);

(August – Street Superchargers – Cragar 6-71; B and M; Martin/ Paxton; “Performance Year 1962”; “1972 Nova”; “1982 Camaro”; “Top Fueler Darrell Gwynn”; “Martin Hughes Hemi Collection”; “Buzz Leonard 1956 Chevy”; “Street Machine Nationals East”);

(September – Building Big Block; “Chevy 454; Ford 460; Mopar 440; “Street Machine Nationals West”; “Performance Year 1963”; “Chuck Thomas 1975 Vegas”; 'Gary Mills 1973 Vega Wagon”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Livermore California”);

(October – Pontiac Fiero and GTO; “Special Pontiac Special”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “1985 Hottest New Cars”; “Performance Year 1964”; “Walt Knabb 1972 Camaro”; “Sean Renteria Maverick”);

(November – Dennis Brinson 1965 Mustang; “Mustang Special Section”; “Performance Year 1965”; “1966 Nova”; “Doug Phillip 1967 Camaroe”; “Randy Williams 1970 Chevelle SS”; “Cruisin U.S.A. Modesto California”);

(December – Mid-Size Muscle-Chevy, Ford, Mopar; “Bill Meyers Funny Car”; “Terry Testimeyer 1963 Chevy II”; “Laurence Perry 1965 Corvette”; “Randy Byrd 1969 Opel GT”; “Cruisin U.S.A. New Jersey”);


(March – Shannon Ashley 1967 Nova/ Jack Pochvatilla Blown Nova; “Performance Year 1969”; “1972 Flip Front Duster”; “Pontiac V6 Fiero”; “Street Machine Nationals”);

(April – Richard Whipple Blown Camaro; “Backyard Bolt on Special Section”; “1985 Camaro Iroc vs 1967 Camaro Z28”; “Performance Year 1969”; “Pro Street Monza”; “Rick Northrop 1969 Mustang”);

(May – Glen Jones 1967 Chevelle; “Tire and Wheel Section”; “Performance Year 1971”; “Winternationals”; “Charlie Arnold 1967 Camaro RS”; “Gregg Petersen 1976 Chevette”; “Rick Dyer 1959 Corvette”);

(June – Ten Hot Cruisin Spots Nationwide; “1985 Monte Carlo SS”; “Gatornationals”; “1985 Mustang 5VO”; “Ron Meyer 1968 Charger R/t”; “1964-65 Chevelle”; “1965 GTO”);

(July – Paint Tricks; “429/460 Mustang Engine Swap”; “Pontiac 1985 F-Body Trans AM”; “Chrysler 1985 Turbo Twins; Shelby Charger; GLH”; “Mike Fujita 1983 Camaro”; “1972 Chevelle”);

(October – Street machine Nationals; “1986 Performance Cars”; “Ken Wallace 1965 Mustang”; “Carl Lanclo 1966 Nova”; “Plymouth GTX 511”; “1971 Cutlass”);

(December – Joe Gallagher 'Mr. Roboto' Camaro; “World's 3 fastest 1955 Chevys”; “1970 Boss 429 Mustang”; “1969 Road Runner”; “Mike Bunde 1970 Nova”; “Brad Anderson 1968 Mustang”);


(January – Americruise 1986 in 1970 Camaro SS; “1970 Buick GSX”; “Al Barbage Lata 1973 Camaro”; “John Vermeersch Thunderbird”; “John Salisbury 1977 Trans AM”);

(February – Greg Lees 1969 Mustang; “Ford Performance Special”; “1968 Superbee”; “1986 Camaro 350”; “Americruise 1986 Part II”; “440 Dart”; “1970 Challenger”; “Jack Lind 1966 Nova”);

(March – Paul Thomas Jr. 1967 Camaro SS 396/ Rick Tyler Pro Street Nova”; “1966 Chevelle”; “1986 ½ Fiero GT”; “Craig Breedlove Bonneville AMC”; “Americruise 1986 Part 3”);

(April – Mike Gnoss 'Rad Max' 1970 Camaro; “1986 Camaro Iroc”; “1965 Chevelle Z-16 SS 396”; “Road Test Turbo Thunderbird”; “Americruise 1986 Part IV”; “Glen Jaques 1967 Nova”; “1967 Mustang”);

(May – Real Street Eliminator; “Americruise 1986 Part V”; “Road Test Z24”; “Winternationals”; “Shelby GT 350”; “{Joe Laughlin 1967 Camaro”);

(June – Matt and Debbie Hay Pro Ciera/ Warren Johnson Firenza Pro Stock; “Americruise 1986 Part VI”; “Dr. John Craft 1969 Mustang 466”; “Steve Eubank 1968 Camaro”; “454 Monza”; “1972 Boss Mustang 302”; “Scott Tooney 1981 Buick Regal”);

(July – Phil Dolman 1955 Chevy/ Cathy Dye; “1970 Hemi Cuda”; “Americruise 1986 Part VII”; “Gatornationals”; “Fred Lizardo 390 AMX”; “Charles Pertiles 1970 Nova”);

(August – Rick Dobbertin Pontiac J-2000; “Americruise 1986 Part VIII”; “1969 Camaro Z28”; “Road Test 1986 Mustang GT”; “Jerry Isler 1971 Camaro”; “Barry Gall 1974 Capri”);

(September – 496 Fat Rat/ Jim Petersen 1968 Camaro; “1968 AMX 390”; “Americruise 1986 Part IX; Route 66”; “Scott Sullivan 1966 Chevelle”; “1970 Cougar”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “Americruise 1986 Part X”; “Rick Dyer 500 Olds Pro Street”; “1967 Corvette 427”; “Ed Swisher 1969 Firebird”; “Gint Raciunar 1971 GTO”; “1987 Performance Cars; Ford, Chevy, Chrysler”);

(November – Restoring Muscle Cars; “Americruise 1986 Part XI”; “Truman Field 1968 Firebird”; “Roger Callaway GTO”; “Terry Dierk 1972 Challenger”; “1967 Fairlane GT”;

(December – Twenty Years of Camaro; “U.S. Nationals”; “1969 Brickyard Special Camaro”; “1969 Camaro ZL-I”; “Pro Street 1964 Savoy”; “George Zouganelis 1967 Gran Turismo”);


(January – 101 Street Machine Tips; “1969 Judge”; “Brian Twilla 1963 Nova”; “Steve Visvadra 197 Camaro Z28”; “Clay Phillips 1969 Firebird”; “Jody Guirino Chevette”);

(February – Beginner's Guide to Street Machining; “Vern Young 1967 Cougar”; “1967 Cuda 383”; “1970 Nva”; “NHRA World Finals”; “1970 Chevelle 408”; “John Schulz 1969 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner”);

(April – Paint and Body Showcase; “Rod Saboury 1963 Corvette”; “Dan Burkitt 1974 GTO Ram Air”; “1967 SS 396 Chevelle”; “Gregg Knobbe Hemi Cuda”; “Paxton Shelby 1967”);

(May – Wheel and Tire Special; “1987 Factory Supercars”; “Mike Whitworth 427 Camaro”; “Winternationals”; “1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda”; “Bruce Butler 440 1965 Coronet”; “David Ulisky 1967 Mustang”);

(June – 1970 Mustang/ 1968 Chevelle/ 1968 Road Runner; “1987 Aerostar”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “Tony Thornton 1971 Cuda”; “Yenko 1969 Camaro 427”);

(July – Mark Mahood 1967 Camaro; “1967-69 Camaros”; “1987 Corvette Roadster”; “1971 Boss Mustang 351”; “Gatornationals”; “Todd Harper 1969 Malibu”);

(August – Ray Llody 455 Firebird/ Craig Lauricella 440 Challenger/ Richard Small 383 Chevelle; “Dodge Shadow”; “1970-74 Cudas and Challengers”; “1971 440 Road Runner”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “Hot New Cars for 1988”; “Tracy Blain 1955 Chevy”; “1967-1972 Buick GS”; “Jeff Ritter 1957 Chevy Belair”; “1969 Shelby GT350”; “Howard Bannister 1963 Chevy II”; “1969 Camaro S”);

(November – Ten Best Muscle Cars – 427 Camaro – Buick GSX Stage I – Pontiac GTO Judge – Chevelle LS-6 – Shelby GT500 – Charger Daytona; “1970 Plymouth Superbird”; “1964-67 GTO”; “1967 Camaro Z28”; “1964 Ford Falcon”);

(December – Mark Grimes 1965 Malibu; “Testing New 1988 Mustang GT”; “1968-71 Ford Torino”; “U.S. Nationals”; “Americruise 1988 Buick GSX”; “1964 Chevy II Nomad”; “1966 421 Pontiac 2+2”; “Bill Cline 1968 Camaro”; “1970 Hemi Road Runner”);


(January – 1970 Buick GSX; “Pontiac Firebird Trans AM 1970-81”; “Mike Yarbrough 1970 Camaro”; “Tim Hendrick Chevelle LS-7 454”; “New car test Beretta GT”; “Americruise 1988-Down South”);

(February – Wild Street Trents; “1967-76 Chrysler “A” Bodies”; “1968 Pro Street Camaro”; “1978 Mustang”; “1988 Olds Calais Quad 4”; “1968 Firebird 400”; “1988 Harley FXRS Low Rider”; “Americruise 1988; Southern Cooking”);

(March – 1972 Camaro Z28; “Americruise 1988; From D.C. To Ohio”; “1969 Boss Mustang”; “Profile of Dick Lahaie”; “Pro Street Vega”; “Testing 1988 Firebird Formula”; “1968-72 Chevy Nova”; “1984 Camaro Z28”; “1966 Ford T5 Mustang”; “Street Suspensions”)

(April – Bob Kee El Camino; “Americruise 1988; Chicago”; “1988 Chrysler Conquest Tsi”; “1964-74 Old 442”; “1969 Road Runner”; “Doug Manville 1970 Road Runner”; 1986 Blazer S-10”);

(May - 35th Anniversary Issue; “Test Toyota MR2”; “Americruise 1988; Northeastern Tour”; “1970-73 Camaros”; “Road Test 1988 Camaro Iroc-Z 350”; Gerry Lum Camaro 1971 Z28”; “1972 Hurst/ Olds Pace Car”; “Jim Illingworth 1972 Camaro RS/SS”);

(June – Pete Haldiman Hemi Challenger/ Rich Peralta Boss Mustang 302/ Lisa Auld/ Madelaine Parker; “1964 ½ – 66 Mustang”; “1970 Cougar Eliminator”; “Road Test 1988 Thunderbird 5.0L”; “GMC'S New C-1500 Sport Truck”; “Muscle Cars at Muscle Beach”);

(July – Ten Hot Power Parts; “Americruise 1988”; “Street Machine Nationals East”; “Road Test 1988 Grand Prix”; “Je Hidalgo 1969 Mustang 351”; “1969 Trans AM”; “1968-72 Pontiac GTO”);

(September – New vs. Old Performacne Cars; “1967 Mustang”; “Detroit's Street Freak Festival”; “1970 Charger”; “1964-67 Chevelle”; “Test 1988 Chevy S-10 Sport Truck”; “Wally Nelson 1970 Charger SE”; “Rod Truck”; “Wally Nelson 1970 Charger SE”; “Rod Dunne 1964 Corvette”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “1989 Hot New Cars”; “Test 1989 Toyota Celica A/T”; “1963-65 Ford Falcon”; “1966 Nova SS L79”; “Steve Reinero 1967 Camaro SS/RS”; “Michael Collier 1970 Challenger”); (November – Kings of Pro Street; “1972 Camaro”; “1970 Boss 302”; “1969 Yenko Chevelle”; “Road Test Saleen Mustang”; “1961-65 Chevy Impalas”; “1988 Corvette”; “1988 GMC C1500 Truck”);

(December – Bob Kyle 1970 Hemi Cuda/ Emmett Barr 1969 Shelby GT350”; “Bob Hickman 1969 Camaro Pro Street”; “1972 Nova”; “1967-70 Mercury Cougar”; “1970 Olds 442”; “Gary Wake 1964 GTO”; 'Dave Heuring 1973 Mach I”);


(January – Camaro LS-6/ Buick V6 Turbo/ Ford Turbo Four Cylinder; “Late Model Performance Cars”; “1967 Pro Street Mustang”; “Road Test 1989 Corvette”; “1964 Pontiac GTO”; “Troy Trepanier 1966 Chevelle”; “Street Machine Nationals East”);

(February – Hottest New Craze; Street/FX; “Road Test Plymouth Laser RS”; “NHRA Winston World Finals”; “1971 Mustang 429 CJ”; “Bill Farmer 1983 S-10 Sport Truck”; “Randy Manning 1972 Nova”; “Ford Engine Tech Guide”);

(April – Quickest Cars Ever Built; “1955-57 Chevys”; “Collector's Spotter Guide – Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Camaro ZL-I, Hemis, Cobas, Corvette L88, Shelby, Buick GNX, Boss 429 Mustangs”; “Road Test 1989 Camaro Iroc-Z”; “1969 El Camino SS 396”);

(August – Mike McLaughlin Camaro Z28; “Salvage Yard Treasure Hunting”; “Road Test 1990 Shelby CSX-VNT”; “Test Ford Ranger 5.0L”; “1968 Shelby Mustang GT500 KG”; “Camaro Z28 Spotter's Guide”; “Michael Bray 1961 Corvette”; “Brian Davis 1969 Mustang”);

(September – Tools, Tips and Tech; “Barbara Drew 1971 Road Runner”; “Jim Moseley 1987 Sundance”; “1970 Boss 429 Mustang”; “Art Chapman 1979 El Camino”; “1963 Studebaker Lark Daytona R2”);


(January – Ty Knutson 1969 Hemi Road Runner; “Muscle car Building Basics Section”; “1970 Buick GSX Stage II”; “Rod and Angela Snyder Pro Street Fiero”; “1963 Nova”; “Pontiac Stinger Concept Car”; “1971 Hemi Cuda”; “Ford GT-40 Replica”; “Jay Fleming 1982 S-109”);

(February – Mark Mahood 1967 Camaro Pro Street; “1967 Dodge Dart GTS”; “Dwane Ong 1966 Chevelle”; “Dan Freitas 1955 Chevy”; “Sal Munoz 1967 Camaro”; “Rick and Kim Cox 1988 Cavalier Z24”);

(August – Giant Wheel and Tire Guide; “Crane Cams Street Machine Spring Nationals”; “Tamara Wheeler 1979 Blown Malibu”; “Kenny Martin 1975 Camaro”; “Bill Krucenski 1965 Mercury Comet”);

(September – The Best in Induction; “Detroit Street Machine Nationals”; “1965 Pontiac GTO”; “Ed Gularte 1970 Chevelle”; “Keith Taig 1963 Falcon”; “Joe Jenkin 1968 Mustang 460”);

(November – Mail Order Horsepower; “Troy Trepanier 1960 Impala”; “Paul Ford 1954 Ford Victoria”; “1970 Olds 442”; “Dave Town 1969 Buick GS Stage I”; “Kenny and Denise Vickroy 1985 Camaro Iroc”; “Gary Arnold 1970 Nova SS”);


(January – Randy Turco 1969 Camaro Pro Street/ Christine Adkins; “Street Machine Summer and East Nationals”; “1965 Olds 442”; “1991 Camaro Z28 ILE”; “Bob Meshey 1966 Charger 383”; “Randy Turco 1969 Camaro”; “Dan Knoles 1964 Galaxie 500”);

(March – Walt Chase 1962 Chevy Impala SS 409 Convertible/ Mike Venarde 1970 Plymouth Superbird 440/ Isabelle/ Heidi Raven; “Muscle and Beauty Issue – 1969 Boss Mustang 429, 1970 Buick GSX, 1970 Cuda 440 Six Pack, 1965 Pontiac GTO, 1971 Camaro Z28, 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT350”; “1990 Olds Cutlass”);

(May – 75 Muscle Car Restoration Tips; “1986 Camaro Iroc”; “Ron Tegland 1957 Chevy”; “Ron Tegland's Other Car 1948 Ford”; “1969 ½ Trans AM”; “Bob and Debbie Maynard 1971 Camaro Pro Street”; “Joel Marquez Mustang Power Pony”; “Bob Zenz 1979 Trans AM”);

(August – Mark Mahood 1967 Camaro Pro Street/ Jerry and Pam Dodd 1967 Camaro RS/SS 350 Convertible; “25th Anniversary for Camaro”; “Road Test SLP Firehawk 350”; “1964 Tri Powered GTO: “Street Machine Nationals”; “Thom Taylor 1961 Biscayne”);

(September – Chevy Small Block LTI; “1991 Pontiac GTA vs. 1969 Trans AM”; “Street Machine Nationals”; “Jack Siegman 1957 Ford 427”; “Jay Reichenthal 1984 Monte Carlo Bracket”; “Jim Dixon 1971 Camaro Z28”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “Hot New Cars for 1992”; “Danny Taylor 1978 Malibu”; “Richard Boyd 1985 T-Topped Pro Street Camaro Z28”; “Kevin Peeler 1970 Satellite”; “Scott Dillingham 1978 Mustang Pro Street”; “Dave Pleasant 1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery”);

(December – Merle Goldesberry 1990 Beretta; “Ten Top Ten Lists for 1991”; “Road Test Chevy Camaros B4C and 9CI”; “Thom Taylor Ultra Street Firebird Ideas”; “Randy and Vicki Williams 1989 Daytona Pro Streeter”; “Randy Hardy 1963 Fairlane”);


(January – Hottest Cruise Spots for 1992; “1970 Corvette LTI vs 1992 Corvette LTI “; “Bert Eckert 1983 Thunderbird”; “Stan Shaw 1957 Chevy Pro Streeter”; “Lance Bower 1965 Mustang”; “Rod Millen Capri XR2”; “Barry Cieslewicz 1963 Impala”; “Jim Zimmerman 1974 Nova”);

(February – Camaro – Firebird Muscle Parts 3rd Generation; “1969 Mustang Boss 302 vs. 1992 Mustang LX 5.0”; “Milestone Boss 302 vs. 1992 Mustang LX 5.0”; “Milestone F-Bodies”; “Hal Bankhead 1954 Studebaker”; “Camaro 25th Anniversary Z28”; “Steve Boender 1991 Trans AM Pro Streeter”; “Mike Jamieson 1955 Nomad”);

(March – 573 Cubis Inch 750 hp Engine; “Viper vs. Cobra”; “Keith Eickert 1987 Monte Carlo SS”; “1992 Iroc Racing”; “Chassis Builder Jerry Hass”; “Jesse Alba 1950 Ford”; “Richard Buschbom 1966 Chevelle”; “Jim Baker 1955 Chevy”);

(May – 1992 Mustang GT/ 1992 Camaro Z28; “Mustang Parts Pony Express”; “Camaro vs. Mustang the 25 Year War”; “Donald Check 1974 Ford Maverick”; “Craig Pai 1989 Camaro RS 1200 hp”; “Jeff Miller 1969 Camaro Pro Streeter”; “1992 Laser vs. 1970 AAR Cuda”);

(June – Mark Hendricks 1969 Camaro 396/ Ricky Simmons 1970 Boss Mustang 302; “”Muscle cars Special Sections”; “Street Test Eagle Talon”; “Rats with Wings”;; “1992 Suzuki Swift GT”; “GM Small Block Parts Guide”);

(July – Engine Swaps Basics; “360 V8 Daytona Conversion Kit”; “Bill Harrelson 1986 El Camino”; “Chevy's Experimental Corvette Snake Skinner”; “Dodge Stealth RT Turbo vs. GMC Syclone Truck”; “Bob Meeh 1957 Chevy Bel Air”; “1992 Tampa Street Machine Nationals”; “Les Heilman 1961 Impala”);

(August – Chuck Watson 1991 Thunderbird/ Tom Schauppner 1956 Chevy/ Al Hinds 1992 Lumina; “Baddest cars of 1992”; “Dario Orlando Ex-Florida Highway Patrol Mustang 5.0”; “David Boss 1967 Chevelle Pro Street”);

(September – Mike St. Angel 1969 Camaro 505hp/ John Fendel 1968 Mustang 302; “1964 GTO 455 vs. 1992 Corvette ZRI”; “Jeff Taylor Olds Achieva Super Stocker”; “1992 Chevy Suburban”; “Rick and Karen Stillman 1988 Toyota Supra”; “1962 Corvette”);

(October – Street Machine Nationals; “Tom Henry 1982 El Camino SS”; “Mike Buzzello 1973 Road Runner”; “Mark Grimes 1962 Nova”; “Street Test 1990 Adrian SS. 454”);


(August – America's Hottest Bodies, Cars and Babes; “Randy Thomas 1955 Chevy”; “Hot Rod and Street Machine Spring Nationals”; “Bill Mitchell 1967 Chevelle”; “1993 Cavalier Z24”; “Chip Fosse 1969 Firebird”; “Centerfold Pullout of Tawny Cable”);


(April – Paint and Body Special/ Lori Leonelli; “Chuck Maclardie 1967 Camaro”; “Tom Hammonds 1969 Camaro”; “Al Holloway 1967 El Camino”; “Ron Tegland 1951 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible”);

(October – car Craft Summer Cruise; “1965 Pontiac GTO; 1990 Mustang; 1967 Chevelle; 1968 Mustang; 1970 Chevelle; 1962 Nova”; “Connie Kalitta Sohc Ford Dragster”; “Todd Hansen 1989 Camaro”; “Milton Robson 1971 Hemi Cuda”; “Jack Baldwin Camaro Z28 'Hot Wheels'”; “Steve Allen 1970 Monte Carlo”);


(May – Budget Tech; Fuel Injection; Clutch; Suspension; “Jay Leno Goes Pro Stock Racing”; “Terry Steinfeld 1968 Plymouth GTX”; “1995 Cobra R vs. 1965 GT350 R”; “Ron and Luann Carlson 1969 Camaro SS 396”; “Rarest Muscle Cars Evr Built”);


(November – Darrell Criswell 1969 Camaro; “Car Craft Summer Cruise”; “Tim Allen's Binford 6100 Impala SS Street Machine”; “Larry Love 1966 Nova”; “Don Gray 1955 Chevy Super Gas”; “Mike Phelan 1987 Trans AM GTA”; “Joel Rosen 1970 Motion Phase III GT Corvette”);


(January – Brad Fanshaw 1971 El Camino; “25 Hottest New Parts Guide”; “Street Tess 1998 Trans AM WS6”; “Hottest cars 1998”; “1999 Galaxy 500?” “Roger Grotyohann 1994 Camaro Z28”; “Hot Wheels Turn 30”);

(August – Engine Special, 32 Pages; “Denny Long 1966 Impala”; “Rick Head 1973 Corvette”; “Welding Basics”; “Steve Cagle 1970 Buick GS455”;);


(June – Steve Ehrle 1967 Mustang; “1982-1992 Camaros and Firebirds”; “30 Years of Pro Stocks”; “Buick 455 Swap”; “Mark Prince 1972 Olds Cutlass”; “Mike Adcock 1969 Camaro”);

1983 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft);

1984 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft)

1985 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft);

1986 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft);

1987 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft);

1988 ANNUAL (Best of Car Craft);


1986 YEARBOOK (Best of Car Craft);



(April – Caterham Sevens; “Lotus FI Peter Wright Interview”; “Le Mans Mazda”; “Toyota Carina E”);

THE CAR ECONOMY BOOK (Energy, Mines and Resources Canada; 1986; Digest Size);

CAR EXCHANGE (Krause Pub. Inc.)


(February – 1971 Boss 351 Mustang; “Mercury Cougars 1967 to 1971”; “Woodies”; “GHIA Cobra”; “1963 ½ Falcon Sprint”; “Mustang Special Section”; “1953-56 Ford F-100 Pickups”);

(March – 1969 GTO Judge; “1948 Ford Convertible”; “AMC Javelins”; “1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham”; “1956 Chevy”; “1966 Mustang Shelby GT 350”; “Fiat Dino 1967-69”; “1954 Ford”);

(August – 1948 Tucker; “Dream Cars – Concept Cars 1955-1979”; “1963 Avanti”; “1957 Golden Hawk”; “1955 Studenbaker”; “1953 Hudson Hornet Sedan”; “Aussie AMX”);

(November – 1966 Corvette Coupe; “1956 Lincoln”; “1953 Ariel Square Four”; “Corvette Special Section”; “1951 Ford Crestliner”);

(December – 1970 Plymouth GTX; “Ford GT 70”; “Chevy Nova 1962 – 1979”; “Datsun 240Z”; “1956 Pontiac's”; “Cosworth Vega”);


(January – 1956 Fairlane Town Victoria; “1964 Pontiac GTO”; “1956 Packard”; “Sports Wagons 1957-58 Olds Fiesta and Buick Cabellero”; “History of Victorias”; “Buicklin's”);

(February – Carroll Shelby with New GT 350; “1964 ½ to 1974 Mustang”; “Mustang Special Issue”; “1956 Olds 88's”; “1957 Imperial Southampton”; “1954 Hudson”; “Old cars in Mexico”);

(April – 3 Decades of Chevy; “1954 Packard Clipper”; “1953 Hudson Jet”; “Tire Ad Billboards of the 1950's”; “Corvair Corsa”);

(July – 1957 Eldorado Brougham; “Ford Aurora”; “1969 GTO Judge”; “1953 Studebaker”; “1950 Chrysler Woodie”; “Buick 1954”; “1970 El Camino”);

(December – 1962 Pontiac Tempest Convertible/ 1962 Olds F85 Cutlass Convertible”; “Pontiac GTO Part I”; “Test Drive 1955 Thunderbird”; “1969 Torino GT Fastback”; “1950 Nash Sedan”; “1949 Cadillac Fleetwood”; “1962 Nova II Convertible”; “1962 Buick Special Convertible”; “1952-53 Chrysler Ghias”);


(November – Olds 442 1964-1970; “1968 Bonneville”; “1963 Ford Falcon Convertible”; “1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk”; “The Ten Ugliest Cars Ever Built”);

(December – 1970 Hemi Cuda; “1967 Grande Parisienne”; “AMC vs. AMC?”; “1955 Packard”; “President Kennedy's Lincoln”; “Ford Sportman”; “AMC Gremlin”);


(May – 1952 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton/ 1947 Buick Super/ 1958 Chevy Impala; “1968 Mercury Montego”; “1951 Ford Woodie”; “AMC Rambler American”; “1967 Caprice”; “Imperial Palace Auto Collection”);

CARGUIDE (Formula Pub. Ltd.);


(Fall – Chrysler Concorde; “Road Test – Ford Probe GT – Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon – Infiniti J30”; “Willistead Antique and Classic Car Show”);


(March/April – Subaru Legacy Wagon; “Road Tests – MX-6 Mystere – Toyota Avalon – Chrysler Cirrus – GMC Sonoma”; “Honda Odyssey”; “New Car Models”);


(October – Nissan 350Z; “Test Drive – Ford Focus SVT – Mini Cooper”; “Hyundai Tiburon”; “Mazda B3000”; “Honda Pilot”; “Viper SRT-10”; “Porsche Boxter”; “Honda Accord”);


*February – Honda Accord; “2003 Buyers Guide – Prices, Specs and Photos of all 2003 Models”);

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(October – Chrysler's Secret Turbine cars; “Europe's New Cars – Citroen – Daupnine – Borgward Isabella – Ford Zephyr – Rapier – MG Magnette”; “Facts About Ford's New Mystery Car the Edsel”);


(April – Your Best Buy of Plymouth, Ford,, Chevy”; “Best Buy in New Tires”; “Consumer Analysis – Buick – Nash – Hudson – Chrysler”; “Convertibles are Kaput”;)

(May – Buyer's Guide to Station Wagons; “Luxury Car Guide – Cadillac – Imperial – Lincoln”; “Unsolved mystery of Preston Tucker”; “Russia's Car of the Future”; VG/FN = $12);

(July – Your Best buys in Used Cars; “1958 Chevy's Comeback Plans”; “Desoto Firesweep”; “Repair cost Guides for all car Company's”; VG = $10);

(August – Plymouth Fury; “Sports cars Detroit Style”; “Ford Fliptop Shakedown”; “The New Edsel?”; “Is Time Running out for Independents”; G/VG = $9);

(September – Advance Styling Drawing from Desoto; “Sneak Preview of the 1958's”; “1958 Accessories Roundup”; “Today's Forgotten V6's”; VG/FN = $12);


(January – Rates and Tests of Scooters; “Consumer Analysis of 1958 Chevy Impala and 1958 Lincoln”; “On the Road Repairs”);

(May – 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible; “Best Buys in Stattio Wagons; “Imported and American”; “Consumer Analysis – Chrusler Windsor V8 – Saratoga V8 – New Yorker V8”);

(June – Fiats at Dockside for Import to the U.S.; Buyers Guide to Imported Cars)

(July - Best Buys Today; “Comparative Check List – Ford – Ambassador – Buick – Cadillac – Chevy – Chrysler – De Soto – Dodge – Edsel – Imperial – Lincolln – Olds – Mercury – Pontiac – Plymouth – Rambler – Studebaker”);

(October – 1985 car Designed by Jon Hauser; “What Your car Would Look Like”; “Consumer Analysis – Corvette – Thunderbird”; “care and Feeding of Small cars”);


(March – Kaiser all Aluminum Car; “Consumer Analysis – Ambassador – Dodge – Edsel”; “Misleading Car Ads”; “International Auto Shows From Europe”);

(April – Should You Buy a Convertible?; “Consumer Analysis of 1959 Station Wagons – 30 Different”; “Japan's Datsun”; “GM's Firebird for Tomorrow”);

(November – Introducing the 1960's; “Concumer Analysis – Chevy Corvair – Ford Falcon”; “New Model Introductions from – GM – Ford – American Motors – Chrysler – Studebaker – Packard”; “Special Dodge Section”; New Scooter Section”);


(January – Pontiac Bonneville; “Consumer Analysis – Chrysler Valiant – Mercury Montclair – De Soto Fireflite – Toyopet Crown Custom”; “Mobile Phones”; “Buyer's Guide for Tires”; “Pontiac Special Section”; “Scooter Section”);

(February – De Soto Fireflite; “Consumer Analysis – American Motors Rambler – Studebaker Lark – Olds”; “De Soto Special Section” - “Scooter Section”; “1960 Berkeley B-95 Sports Roadster”);

(March – 30 Days Road Tests – Corvair 4 Door 700 – Ford Galaxie 4 Door Hardtop; “Consumer Analysis – 3 Litre Rover – Ambassador – Uni Body Chrysler's”; “Scooter Section”);

(April – First of the Super Compacts Ford Comet; “Consumer Analysis – Lincoln – British Ford Anglis – Comet”; “Valiant V-200”; “Peugeot 403”; “Scooter Section”;);

(May – Autos for Outdoor Living; “Consumer Analysis – 1960 Station Wagons”; “Chevy Impala V8”; “Plymouth Savoy”; “Tokyo Auto Show”; “Hillman Husky”; “Scooter Section”);

(September – Compact car – Lloyd Arabella; “Best Used Car Buys”; “Road Test – BMC 850 – DAF Dutch Car”; :Lancia Zagato GTE”; “Compact Pontiac for 1961”; “Harley Davidson Duo Glide FLH”);


(February – Dodge Dart; “Buyers Guide to All Compacts”; “Specifications of 1961 Cars”; “Road Test – VW Bug – Pontiac Tempest – Ford Galaxie”; “1929 Auburn Speedster”; “Foreign Auto Shows”);

(March – Lincoln Continental; “Road Test – Chevy Impala – Lark Cruiser”; “1930 Cadillac V-16”; “History of De Soto”; “Ghia IXG”: “Designs for Tomorrow”; “Compacts – Olds F85 – Pontiac Tepest – Lark – Corvair – Comet – Valiant – Lancer – Falcon – Rambler American”);

(May – Ford Gyron Concept Car; “Road Test – Olds F85 – Rambler American Custom – Mercedes 220SE – Chrysler Newport”; “Chrysler's Aluminum Slant 6”; “1931 Chrysler Lebaron Roadster”);

(June – Coventry Climax Engine; “Road Test – Buick Special – Volvo 122S – Cadillac Coupe De Ville – International Harvester Scout “; “Corvette Italiano”; “1930 Dupont Town Car”);

(July – Thunderbird; “Road Test – Thunderbird – Comet – Imperial Crown – Studebaker Lark 6”; “Disc Brakes”; “Corvettes at Sebring”; “Home Made Gran Turismo”);

(October – 1915 Model T/ Ford 196?; “Road Test – Catalina – Rambler Classic 6 – Chrysler Enforcer”; “Pikes Peak”; “Renault 4L”);

(November – 1962 Plymouth Savoy V8; “Road Test – Ford Fairlane – Chevy II”; “Guide to the cars”; “1937 Cord 812-S”; “Mercedes New Models”);

(December – Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Convertible; “Road Test – Buick Invicta – Dodge Dreamer – Tempest”; “1930 Franklin Pursuit Phaeton”; “Index to Contents of 1961 Issues”);


(May – GM Shark Prototypes; “Road Test – Corvette 360 BHP – Rambler Ambassador 400 – Olds F85 Jetfire Sports Coupe – Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk – International Harvester Travelall”; “1936 Packard”; 'California Winternationals”);

(June – Indianapolis 500 Preview; 360-HP Chevy ll Corvette)

(July – Studebaker Avanti; Road Test – Buick Wildcat and Thunderbird Roadster)

(August – Corvair Super Spyder; Special Corvair Issue)

(September – Dragmaster Dart – Road Test and Technical Analysis; Road Test – Mercury 406S-55 and Chevrolet 409 SS /S)

(October – Buick Riviera; “Road Test – Falcon Convertible – Mercedes 300SE – Buick Riviera”; “1932 Ford V8 Cadriolet”; “Louis Meyer”);


(January – Big New Engines; Road Test – Tempest Le Mans V-8, Chevrolet Biscayne and Rambler Classic 660)

(February – Plymouth Sport Fury; “Road Test – Pontiac Grand Prix – Cadillac Park Avenue – Plymouth Sport Fury”; “1933 Cadiallac V16”; “Dario Resta”; “Fastback Fords”; “Checker Texan-Willys Wagoneer – Dodge 800 – Chrysler 300J”; “Cadillas V8”);

(April – Mercury 427 Super Marauder; Road Test – Oldsmobile Jetfire and Willys Wagoneer)

(May – Monza GT – Tomorrows Corvair ?; Complete Specs 1963 U.S. Cars; Road Test – Olds Starfire and Chrysler 300-J)

(June – Studebaker – How Far Forward ?; Road test – Foed Galaxie 500 / XL Sports Hardtop)

(July – Ford Turbine 300-bhp Model 704; Road Test – Comet V8 and Pontiac Catalina)

(August – Pickup Trucks as Surfwagons; Sneak peek at 1964 Cars)

(September – New Engines and Transmissions for Dodge; EMPI Modified Corvair)

(November – Special 1964 New Car Show Issue – Facts and Photos)

(December – 1964 Olds Cutlass 330cu. in. V8; Road Test – Dodge Polara)


(February – Testing the NASCAR 410-bhp Ford Fastback; Road Test – Buick Electra 225, R-4 Studebaker Super Daytona and 110-bhp Corvair Monza)

(April – Dodge Dart GT-V8 – Test and analysis; Complete Specs all 1964 U.S. Cars)

(July – Barracuda; Road Test and Technical Review of Valiant's Fastback V8; U.S. Luxury Cars)

(October – 1965 Mustang Fastback and Galaxie Limited; the Striking 1965s)

(November – 1965 Corvair Corsa – Technical Review and Driver's Repot; Test – Disc Brake Thunderbird)

(December – Test and Technical – Pontiac 2 + 2; Road Test – Ford LTD)


(May – GTO, G5, 442,42G5; “Olds Cutlass 442”; “Buick Skylark Gran Sport”; “Dodge Coronet 426S”; “Pontiac Tempest GTO”; “Winternationals”; “1965 ½ at Chevy”);

(July – Ford GT-40; Road Tests – Chevrolet 396 Caprice, Chrysler Windsor and Citroen DSM)

(September – Ford Bronco; “Road Test – Mercedes 190D – IECO Corvair – Chevelle 396”; “Big Daddy Don Garlits”; “Indy 1965”; “Diesels for Cars?”);

(October – 1966 at Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler; Race Prepping the 427 Chevrolet)

(November – Technical Analysis – Olds Toranado Front Wheel Drive; The 1966 Cars are Here)


(February – Buick Rviera Vs. Olds Toronado; Turbo Charged Chevelle; Road Test – Ranchero V8)

(March – Chevrolet Panther; Road Test – Plymouth Satellite and Ford GTA)

(April – Comet Cyclone GT; “Road Test – Comet Cyclone – Chevy Bel Air – Ford Custom 500 – Opel Kadett S – Chrysler 300 – Ford Custom 500 – Opel Kadett S – Chrysler 300 – Ford Bronco”; “1930 Dupont Speedster”; “AMC Ramble Seat”);

(July – Tests – Plymouth Street Hemi and Mustang GT-350)

(August – Corvette and Kathy Padon; “Road Test – Olds 442 – Corvette – Cadillac Calais – Pontiac Sprint – Rambler American Rogue”; “What's Coming in 1967?”);

(September – Sedan Racing at Stockton California; “Road Test – VW's”; “Buick's New V8”; “Ned Jarrett”; “Ford Le Mans Victory”);


(June – Road Test – Buick California GS; Young Tigers of USAC)

(July – Camaro SS; Jim Hall – Designer and Driver)

(September – 1968 AMC Javelin; Road Tests – Wildcat, Ranchero and Jeepster)

(October – Dodge Charger; ;”Road Test – Ram Air Pontiac GTO”; “1968 Cars – GM – Ford – Chrysler – American Motors”; “1908 Stearns 45-90 Light Touring”; “24 Hours of Le Mans”);

(November – Corvettes from 1954 to 1968 -History and Tech Analysis)

(December – Road Tests – 1968 Javelin and Barracuda; Wild and Wonderful Concept Show Cars)


(January – Road test – Ford 428 XL and 140-bhp Corvair)

(February – Mustang Mach 1 and Charger lll; Dragsters – Inside Story of a 7-second Blast)

(March – 2-Seat AMX; Road Test – Buick GS 400, Ford Torino and Toyota Corona)

(April – The Dodge Scat Pack; Chevelles; Car Life Discovers a Forgotten Hoard of Antiques)

(June- Corvette Search for Perfection Goes On; Semi-Supercars – There is a Substitute for Cubes)

(July – Mercury Cyclone Wins Daytona 500/ Mercury Cyclone 428/ Cougar 427; “Road Test – El Camino 396 SS – Camaro Z28”; “Stirling Moss”; “World's Ten Greatest Car Collections”);

(August – Techna by Ford; Bargains Today in Tomorrow's Collector Cars; Road Test a Dozen Japanese Cars)

(October – All the 1969 Cars; Shelby's GT-500 KR – Was it Worth Stealing ?)
(November – What's Right and Wrong With the 1969 Cars; Road Test – 1969 Barracuda 340 and Cortina)

(December – Mario Andretti; “Road Test – Opel Kadett Rallye – Airscat”; “Detroit's Styling Timetable for the Next 10 Years”);


(January – Dodge Swinger, Ford Fairlane and Plymouth Road Runner; VW Engines – Timepieces or Timebombs ?)

(April – Improbable Cars; Road Test – Dodge Hemi Charger 500 and Maradauder X-100)

(May – Pontiac Cirrus and AMX ll; Maverick Special)

(June – Showdown for Spoilers; Test – Opel GT, 440 Barracuda, 429 Ford LTD, 383 Fury lll, 427 Caprice and 440 Monaco)

(July – Wildest Corvette Test Yet)

(December – Road Tests – Challenger 440, Javelin 390, BuickGS 455 and Rover V8; The Next Crash You Hear Will be Evel Knievel)


(March – Racing's Fastest Corvette; Road Test – Duster 340, Olds 4-4-2 and Toyota Crown)

(May – Front End of Camaro Z28; “Road Test; Camaro Z28 – Charger 440 – Olds Rallye 350”; “1970 Capri” - “NHRA Winternationals”; “Slant Six Power Pack”);

(June – First Annual Showroom Trans Am Championship; Jimmy the Greek Sets the Odds at Indianapolis)

(July – Chevy's Aluminum Four; Magic Numbers for Small Block Mopars)

(August – Parnelli Jones Mustang; “Road Test – Corvette LTI – Chrysler 300H”; “Pinto Power”; “Camaro Z28”; “Holley 500 Two Barrel”);

(October – Swede Savage and his Trans Am Barracuda; 21 Pages of New Cars)

CARMAG (Carm Pub.)


(August/September – 1983 Cougar; “1965 Corvair”; “Sneak Peak at the 1983's”; “Toyotas”; “Alliance”; “Ford Ranger”);

CARS MAGAZINE (Royal Pub. Inc.);


(January – Volume 1 #2; Parker Scherrer Olds 1956 Roader and 1932 Victoria”; “Road Test – Plymouth Fury – Dodge Dart – Corvette – Corvair 700”; “Karting Section”; “NHRA Championships”);

(March – Volume 1 #3; Star Kustom Shop's; 1959 Buick/ Martin Ribits 1934 Convertible; “Road Test – Lark 4 Door Station Wagon – Peugeot 6 Passenger Station Wagon – Valiant – Volvo 122S”; “Desoto Adventurer”; “Ed Kaiser 1957 Chevy”; “Jay Fishburn 1957 Corvette”);

(May – Volume 1 #4; Ford Parisienne; “Road Test – 1960 Thunderbird – Chrysler 300F – Shamrock Prototype – Comet”; “Fred Gage 1948 Lincoln Continental”; “Jerry Titus Picks GM's Best”);

(June – Volume 1 #5; Experts Rate All the 1960 Models; “Road Test – Jaguar 3.8 – Rover”; “Custom Shops from Coasts to Coasts”; “Fred Altshuler 1957 Ford Convertible”; “Larry Smith 1931 Model A”);

(July - Volume 1 #7; Dodge Police Cruiser; “Bob Selix Home Built Roadster”; “Road Test – Rambler American Custom – Fuji Prince Skyline”; “John Liptak 1953 Commander”; “Leo Ongaro 1956 Mercury Monterey”; “Stan McKiearnan 1956 Buick”);

(August – Volume 2 #1 – Champ Pickup/ Convertible Lincoln/ Cee Camp Amphibious Camper”; “Road Test-Porsche 356B”; “New Compacts for 1961”; “1964 cars Asymmetrical Look”; “1932 Ford Coupe”; “1929 Model A Dragster”);

(September – First Look at 1961 Models)

(October – Test Drives – 1961 Dodge, Lancer, Dart and Plymouth;Tech Report – Ford 390 and GM'S Aluminum V8)


(January – 1961 Thunderbird Convertible; 'Road Test – 1961 Corvette”; “Saab 95 Station Wagon an 96 Sedan”; “Gary's Auto Body 1949 Plymouth”; “Jerry Kollman X-2”; “Cole-Wilkinson 'Cog' Dragster”; “How to Chop Your Hard Top”);

(March – Kal Tenk 1955 Mercury/ Chrysler 300G; “Road Test – Galaxie 390 – Chevy Impala 388 – Pontiac Bonneville – Studebaker Hawk”; “”Volvo P1800”; “Harold Rains 1956 Chevy Pickup”; “Don Hurst 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe”; “Danny Hall 1940 Ford”; “Les Dunham 1951 Ford Ragtop”);

(May – The Best Buys for 1961; Chevy's New 409 Engine)

(July – Russell Grady 1957 Olds 'Oriental'; “1961 Super Stocks”; “Road Test – 1961 Rambler Classic – Lincoln Continental”; “Jerl Shipley 1934 Ford Coupe”; “Slant Six Hyper-Pak”; “Ed Roth 'Beatnik Bandit”);


(January – Bill Whestone Custom Ford 'Adonis'; “1962 Ford Fairlane and Mercury Meteor”; “1962 Rambler's”; “1961 Bonneville”; “1962 Super Stock Engines”; “Dick Gausco A-Bodied Duece Coupe”; “Eddie Schwartz 1953 Mercury”; “Bill Smith 1934 Tudor”);

(February – Customized 1953 Studebaker Sports Coupe; “Road Test – Dodge Polara”; “St. Louis Custom Show”; “Leonard Banocos 1934 Ford Convertible”; “Tom Biles 1958 Ford 'Perfidia' Convertible”; “Don Turner 'Thumper' Roadster”);

(September – Harold Rains 1961 Ford Convertible; “Road Test – Buick Skylark – Olds Jetfire F85 – Corvair Sprint”; “Renault Caravelle S”; “Bill Kuczmarski 1954 Olds Convertible”; “Renee Lussier 1934 Ford 'Ice Box' Coupe”; “David Keating 1950 Ford Business Sedan”);

(October – 5 Original Designs for a Rod Pickup; The Holman-Moody Falcon Challenger)


(December – Harvey Crane Rolling Test Lab 'Last Minute' Dragster; “AHRA AND NHRA Nationals”; “Road Test 1964 Mercury Marauder”; “Jim Zollinger 1955 Olds Convertible”; “George D'Esposito 1961 Galaxie”);


(April – Ford's New DOHC Indy Mill; “Road Test – 1964 Studebaker Daytona R4”; “Bob Cirritos 1929 Ford Model A Touring Roadster”; “Lowell Roemer 1932 Olds Powered Duece Coupe”; “Tom Williams 1933 Ford 3 Window Coupe”; “2nd Annual National Custom Car Show”);


(February – Ernie Lentz Chrysler Powered T Roadster; “Road Test – 1965 Corvair Corsa”; “AHRA National”; “Dodge A100 Compact Pickup 'Little Red Wagon' Hemi”; “Top Fuel 'The Vandal'”; “1955 Thunderbird 427 Comet Engine”);


(February – Pontiac GTO Factory Soup-Up; Do It Yourself Zoom Headers)1967

(April – Supercar Test Issue)

(May – Corvette 435-HP; Mustang Bolt On Performance Guide)

(September – 390 Mustang; 428 Pontiac; Mustang and Firebird Drag Setups)


(November 1968 Shelby Mustang 427 GT-500; Semi-Hemi Corvair)


(March – Top Performance Car 1968; 68 ½ Super / Stock; Road Test – 383 Road Runner)

(September – Road Tests – 455-inch Olds 4-4-2 and Shelby GT-350 Mustang; 1969 Mustang Preview)


(August – 14 Pages Chevy Comp Setups; Drag Tests – 401 AMX and 340 Demon)


(March – 427 Pro-Stock Street Corvette; Top Ten Fuel Funny Cars)


(March – Project Pontiac – Super Duty 455 Build Up; Road Test – 455 Cutlass and 360 Road Runner)

(September – Corvettes past, Present and Future; “NHRA Springnationals”; “Fiat X1/2”; “Bricklin vs. Corvette”; “Len Gasper 1931 Ford Victoria”; “Custom Vans”);


(January – 1975 Chevy Monza; “Jesse James Green 1927 Model T”; “NHRA Supernationals”; “Ford Econoline Van”; “Larry Payne Big Block Chevy Roadster Rat”);

(June – Ed Newton Monza – Fications; “Road Test – Olds Starfire Manual V6”; “Gatornationals”; “Steve Tansy 1973 Plymouth Satellite 'The Man' Pursuit Cop Car”; “Harry Fields Dodge B100 'Bunny Kart' Tradesman”; “Art Kebo Ford C-Car Custom”);

(July – John Luna Funny Car/ Ron Colson Mustang II 'Chicago Patrol 'Funny Car; “Sam Biondo 1967 Firebird”; “Nifty Fifty of Denver, Colorado”; “Bill Peponis 1929 Ford Model C Closed cab Pickup”; Gary Tavares 1923 Ford Model T”; “Jerry Wessling 1971 Dodge Van”);

(September – Sam graves 1968 Corvette/ Larry and Jean Kite Issue”; “Road Test – Olds Omega V8”; “'U.S. Male' Funny Car”; “Fuel Pump Basics”; “Cars Annual Championship Drag Race”);

(November – Pat Musi Camaro Pro Stock; “Mephis Street Rod Nationals”; “Firebird HO 455”; “O.J. Schultes 1948 Anglia”; “Jim Dutra 1932 Ford Victoria”; “Mike Mavrigian 1972 Camaro Street Tripper”; “Older Corvettes Becoming Collectors Items”);

(December – John Greenwood 'Old Blue' Corvette; “Budget Street Sweepers – 1972 Challenger – 1972 Camaro”; “Indy tech and Trackside”; “Lee Pontius 1941 Hudson Pickup”; “Jim Mosher 1923 T Roadster”; “Gerald McFarlins 1930 Model A Roadster”; “Bud Bloomquist Cadillas Powered 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe”);


(May – Rose and Al Hulsey 1964 Corvette/ Jody Pemberton Olds 350 Circle Track; “Road Test – Olds Cutlass 455 – Subaru 4WD Wagon”; “Bill Hair 1929 Ford Pickup Roadster”; “Mickey Thompson 'U.S. Marine' Funny car”; “IMSA GT Monza”; “Ken Woodruff T Tub Touring Roadster”; Weight = 150 Grams; overall VG, but with 1" x 2" piece off lower right cover corner, thus G = $4);

(October – 1967 Shelby Mustang 428; “Road Test – Lancia Beta Scorpion – Honda Accord – Porsche 924”; “Steve Furukawa 'Jap Van' 1969 GMC Custom Van”; “Charles Cheshier Model T Mopar 426 Hemi”; “Billy Merritt 1932 Chevy 5 Window Coupe”; Weight = 150 Grams; FN/VF = $8);


(January – Cookie Passannante 1975 Corvette; “Road Test – Mazda Cosmo”; “Special Street Machine Special – Vega – Corvette – VW – 1953 Kaiser”; “Indy Nationals”);

(April – Bill Mitchell and Richie Sullivan Bracket Racer; “Bracket Racing Special Section”; “UBRA Fall Bracket Nationals”; “History of the Mopar 340”; Tom Ellington 1918 Model T 'C' Cab”; “Jim Cortesi 1940 Willys Coupe”);

(August – Tom McEwen Corvette 'The Mongoose' Funny Car; “Funny Car Special Section”; “Road Test – Pontiac Can AM”; “1977 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II”; “Camaro Z28, Still the One”);

(September - 14th Annual Cars National Championships; “NHRA Sportsnationals at Beech Bend”; “Bob Long 1956 Chevy”; “1977 Hurst/ Olds Cutlass 403”; “History of Pontiac Performance”; “Road Test – Hornet AMX”);

(December – 1978 Camaro Z28; “How to Buy Used Cars”; “AMC Javelin History”; “Who Really Builds Detroit's Muscle cars?”; “Indy Nationals”; “Road Test – Buick Regal Sport Coupe”);


(January – Dave Hough Fuel Altered; “Fuel Altered Special Section”; “NHRA/ Winston World Championships”; “Road Test – 1978 Pontiac Trans AM”; “Rocket Car 'The Motivator'”; “Phil DeJohn 1962 Impala Super Sport”; “Kevin McDonald 1923 Ford Roadster”; “Mike Dickson 1970 Cuda”);




CARS ILLUSTRATED (Country Wide Pub. Inc.)


(April/May – On the Cover and Road Tests – VW 1600 Fastback – Volvo 142 S – Toronado – Chrysler TNT 300 – GTO Royal Bobcat; “1968 Winternational Custom Show”);



(Volume 5 #4; Vince Collins Blown Rat Chevelle/ 455 Lemans Street Racer; “1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z”; “John Friel 1968 Hemi Dart”; “Rod Saboury 1963 Corvette”; “NHRA Winternationals”; “Jim Wisneski 1965 Chevelle”);

(Volume 5 #10; Racing to Win; “Profile – Jim Harrington”; “Road Test Lincoln Mark VII LSC”; “Car Craft Street Machine Nationals East”; “New Muscle Cars for 1988”; “Dave Phillip 1966 Chevy Biscayne”; “Rick Dyer 1969 Camaro 427”; “Ken Montgomery 22 Year Old Race Hemi Plymouth”; “Sam Biondo's Racing Secrets”);



(September – Jaguar XJ-S 6.0; “Road Test – Audi Quattro – Lancia Thema 16V – Mazda RX7 Turbo – Nissan Maxima – Nissan 300ZN Turbo”; “5 Mini Variants”; “New Car Guide”; “Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 Twin Spark”);


(November – 1994 Metro Bravo/ 1992 Tomcat; “Road Test – Peugeot 106 – Lotus Esprit – Honda Civic – Lancia Delta Integrale – Toyota Camry – Saab 9000CS – Mitsubishi Space Runner/ Wagon – Cadilla Seville STS – Mercedes 600SEL V12 – Bentley Turbo R – Lexus – Jaguar Sovereign”; “Mini Coopers” - Michael Schumacher”);


(March – AC Ace Prototype/ New Golf GTI”; “Road Test – Alfa 155 – Ford Escort XR3i – Jaguar XJR S – BMW 3 Series Coupe – Mercedes 400E – Audi 80 – Renault 17”; “Detroit Auto Show”; “Ford Probe”; “Honda Civic Vti”);

CARS AND PARTS (George Slankard Pub.)


(March – 1931 Buick);

(June – 1930 Lincoln);

(July – 1910 Delaunay – Belleville);

(August – 1939 Packard V12 Coupe);


(January – 1929 Ford Town Car)

(February – 1939 B.M.W.)

(March – 1914 Dodge)

(April – 1933 Brunn Lincoln Brougham)

(May – 1920 Hudson Doctor's Coupe)

(June – 1912 Stanley Steamer)

(July – Mercedes Benz)

(August – 1909 Hudson)

(September – 1931 Pierce Arrow)

(October / November – 1931 Chrysler Imperial)

(December – 1923 Haynes)


(April – 1929 Hudson)


(June – 1929 Mack Truck)


(July – 1930 Cadillac V16);


(May – 1953 Buick Skylark; “Plymouth in the Fifties”; “1939 Packard”; “1910 Stanley Steamer”; “1961 Alfa Zagato”; “1942 Chevy Blackout”);

(June – 1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible; “Collecting car Literature”; “1937 Cord 812”; “1948 Chrysler Town and Country”; “Pierce-Arrow”; “The United States Long Distance Automobile Company”);

(August – 1936 Packard Dietrich Victoria Convertible; 1960 Studebaker Hawk; “Essex Boattail”; “1941 Plymouth Convertible”; “Pierce-Arrow”);

(December – 1935 Auburn 851 Boattail Speedster; 1957 Ford Ranchzro; “1954 Kaiser-Darrin”; “1937 Chevy Cabrilet”);


(January – 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible)

(April – 1929 Dodge Da Sport Roadster; 1957 Morgan Plus Four; “1959 Ford Retractable”; “1927 Chevy Truck”; “1953 Kairer Manhattan”; “Restoration of 1911 Robinson Fire Truck”; “Bullet Nosed Studebakers”); (December – 1955 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe; 1918 Grant Six Touring; “1908 Model K Stanley Stemaer”; “1948 Nash Convertible”; “1952 Studebaker Commander Starliner”; “1948 Nash Tow Truck”; “1953 Hudson Sedan”);


(January – 1932 Frontenac RS Coupe; 1940 Cadillac 62 Touring Sedan; “1927 Bugatti 43 Roadster”; “1953 Buick Roadmaster Convertible”; “1955 Pontiac Star Chief”; “Dodge Early Sixes”);

(February – 1940 Packard 180 Darrin Convertible; 1914 Olds 54 Touring; “1956 Ford Parklane Wagon”; “1930 Buick 69 Phaeton”; “1954 Willys Lark”; “Harrah's Auto Collection”; “The Duesenberg Story”);

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(June – 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Convertible: 1941 Chevy Cabriolet; “1916 Pierce-Arrow 48”; “1941 hevy Special De Luxe Convertible”; “1963 Ford XL 427”; “GTO The Great One from Pontiac”; “1966-69 Corvair”);

(July – 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Convertible))

(July – 1929 Pierce Arrow Model 133 Runabout)


(January – 1928 Jordan Playboy Roadster; 1940 Mercury Convertible”; “1954 Dodge Indy Pace car Convertible”; “A History of Tires”);

(July – 1957 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible)

(October – 1931 Chevy Independence AE Sport Roadster; 1962 Cadillac Convertible; “1969 Hurst/ Olds”; “1938 Pontiac Sport Coupe”; “Corvette Evolution”; “History of GMC Trucks”; “1909 Buick Toy Tonneau”); (November – 1948 Packard Custom 8 Convertible; 1909 Brush Model D Runabout; “1927 Ford Model D Touring”; “A History of General Motors”; “Used car Lots of Yesteryear”; “An American Original the Corvette”);


(February – 1960 Corvette Convertible; 1934 Packard 1100 Sedan; “Apperson the Jack Rabbit Car”; “1983 California the Blackhawk Champagne Invitational”);

(June – 1932 Hupmobile 216 Roadster; 1961 Chevy Impala Convertible; “1911 Robinson Fire Truck”; “1959 Ford Retractable”; “American 3 Wheeler the Davis”; “1914 Lozier Type 77”; “Stearns-Knight”);

(September – 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302; 1913 Apperson Jack Rabbit; “Nash – The Man and His Car”; “1956 Desoto Fireflite Convertible”; “1956 Desoto Fireflite Hard Top”);

(November – 1930 Buick 45 Phaeton; 1968 Camaro SS/RS; “1904 Franklin Type A”; “Nash-Birth of AMC, Demise of Nash”; “Pebble Beach Concours”);


(January – 1954 Hudson Hornet Convertible Brougham; 1939 Cadillac Sixty Special; “1964 Chevy SS”; “1911 Ford Jitney Bus”);

(April – 1970 Plymouth Superbird; 1933 Buick Model 57 Sedan; “1947 Packard Sedan”; “Austin Healey Best Loved Sports Cars”; “Mercedes – The 1914 Grand Prix”);


(September – 1933 Chevy Sports Roadster; 1954 Packard caribbean Convertible; “1961 Plymouth Fury Convertible”; “1969 Chevelle SS 396”; “1987 Bloomington Gold Corvette Only Show”);

(November – 1932 Hudson Greater Eight Special Coupe; 1970 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429; “1910 Stanley Steamer”; “1957 Buick Century Convertible”; “1957 and 1967 Corvette”; “1987 Pebble Beach Concours – Bentleys and Cords”);

(December – 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible; 1948 Packard Station Sedan; “1964 GTO”; “1967 Corvette”; “1915 Jeffery Chesterfield Six”; “Auto Shows – Hoosier – Pebble Beach – Auburn”; “Monterey Historic Races”);


(February – 1957 Chrysler 300-C Convertible; 1923 Star, Depot Hack; “Henry Ford Museum”; “Cadillacs V16”; “V12 Lincolns”; “1963 Corvette”; “Marmon Model 34 Speedster”; “Rebuilt Y-Block V8”);


(March – 1949 Mercury Station Wagon; 1934 Packard Convertible Victoria; “1965 Chrysler 300L Convertible”; “1957 Metropolitan”; “Rebuilding a Marmon V16”);

(September – 1929 Ford Model A Town Car; 1964 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible”; “1967 Mercury Park Lane Convertible”; “Vintage Harley Davidsons”; “Junkyard Tour – Stark's Auto Salvage”);


(June – 1934 Auburn 654 Convertible Sedan; 1955 Chrysler Falcon Idea Car; “1951 Jowett Jupiter”; “1953 Ford Victoria”; “Pomona Swap Meet”);

(July – 1967 camaro Z28 Sport Coupe; 1930 Ford Model a Pickup”; “1954 Chevy Pickup”; “Auto Shows – Virginia Beach – Pate – Charlotte”; “Cadillac 2nd Generation V16”);

(August – 1960 Chrysler 300F Convertible; 1930 Lincoln L Touring; “1957 Hudson Hornet”; “1953 Olds Fiesta Convertible”; “Cadillac – The War Years”);

(November – 1948 Buick Super Estate Wagon; 1957 Ford Thunderbird; “1902 Packard Model F”; “1972 Malibu”; “Willie's Auto Salvage in Eugene, Oregon”);


(March – 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible; 1966 Plymouth Satellite Hemi; “1929 Pontiac Coupe”; “Jim's Auto Salvage in Sturgis S.D.”);


(January – 1947 Ford Sportsman/ 1955 Pontiac Star Chief; “1967 Yenko Camaro 427”; “Classic Auto Parts in Kentucky”);

(May – 1957 Desoto Adventurer/ 1949 Mercury Convertible; “1925 Pierce – Arrow Series 80 Coupe”; “Swartz Salvage in New Lebanon Ohio”; “Oakland-Pontiac Story”; “Barrett-Jackson Auction”);

(June – 1930 Cord L-29/ 1950 Olds 88; “1957 Chevy Restoration Car”; “1965-67 AMC Marlins”; “Corvette Expo in Knoxville”);

(July – 1941 Buick Phaeton/ 1970 Hurst Camaro; “1934 Pontiac Sport Coupe”; “Pontiac – Oakland History”; “Spring Corvette Expo”; “Charlotte Auto Fair 1993”; “Rony's Auto Sales in Taylor Michigan”);

(August – 1966 AC Cobra 427 Roadster/ 1929 Ford Model A Woodie Wagon; “1940 Buick Phaeton”; “1935 Graham Model 73”; “1993 Corvette Nationals”; “Larry's Auto Wreckling in Las Vegas Nevada”);

(September – 1941 Graham Hollywood/ 1949 Olds 88 Convertible; “1993 Barrie Canadian Swap Meet”; “1959 Pontiac Bonneville”; “1993 Bloomington Gold Corvette Meet”);

(October – 1948 Tucker/ 1958 Buick Roadmaster Convertible; “1931 Chevy Phaeton”; “1925 Davis Brougham”; “1910 Knox wins Great American Race 1993”);

(November – 1963 Studebaker Avanti/ 1958 Ford Edsel Convertible; “1932 Ford Model B”; “8th Annual Desoto Convention in Dayton Ohio”; “1955 Pontiac – Fresh Styling New V8”);

(December – 1953 Corvette Convertible/ 1946 Hudson Convertible; “1961 Ford Starliner”; “1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible Coupe”; “Hoosier Auto Show”);


(January – 1969 Dodge Charger/ 1935 Ford Coupe; “Auto Shows – Fall Carlisle – Hoosier – Auburn”; “Pontiac 1974 GTO”; “Why Original Lafayette Failed”);

(February – 1931 Packard Sport Phaeton/ 1969 Camaro Z28; “1956 Dodge Coronet”; “1946-47 Lincoln's”; “Ron Fawcett Motor Carriage Company in Whitby Ontario”);

(March – 1962 Thunderbird Sport Roadster/ 1942 Desoto Coupe; “1967 Hemi Satellite”; “1938 Ford Deluxe Coupe”);

(April – 1930 Duesenberg Murphy/ 1966 Mustang GT Convertible; “1963 Impala 409”; “1954 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible”);

(May – 1970 Mustang 302/ 1958 Chevy Impala Convertible; “1948 Chrysler Town and Country Convertible”);

(June – 1941 Packard One-Sixty Deluxe Convertible/ 1950 Buick Super Convertible; “1969 Yenko Nova”; “25 Years of Trans AM Firebirds”; “Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix Arizona”);

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(December – 1957 Chryysler 300 Convertible/ 1953 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible; “1963 Corvette Restoration”; “Auto Show – Pebble Beach”; “1965 Ramble Classic”; “Haynes – Apperson History”; “National Corvette Museum”);

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1981 (Datsun 810/ Ford/ AMC Eaglet/ GM's 1981 ½ J-Cars);

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(October – Jim Paternoster 1970 Superbird/ Kenny Coleman 1962 Tri-Power Galaxie/ George Doughtie 1969 SC Rambler/ Glenn Wonnacott 1969 Charger 500/ Wesley Lucas 1962 Chevy SS409”; “Muscle Car Nationals”; “Ed Geisel 1957 Chevy”; “19867 Fairlane GTA 390”);

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(April – Shelby's Supercars; Small Block Ford Rebuild)

(August – Ultimate Supercars – Hemi Cuda, 427 Fairlane and Royal Bobcat GTO)

(September – SS 409 Impala; 427 Corvette; 1969 Firebird)

(November – 1969 Yenko SYC 427 Camaro; “The 50 Fastest Muscle cars”; “1970 Buick GS Stage I”; “1966 Ford 7 Litre”; “George Harrison 1970 Plymouth GTX”; “Diane Lawson 1969 Cougar XR7 CJ 428 Ram Air”; “1961 Catilina 389”);

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February; (Plymouth Customs Coast-To-Coast);

April; (Restyling the 1956 Chevy – Four California Treatments);

May; (Low Cost Customs fron the Junkyard);

June; (Scalloping Round-Up and How To);

July; (1953 Olds 98 Custom; Contest Winning Ideas You Can Use);

August; (Milton Lamb's 3-Window 1935 Chevrolet Coupe; Your First Look at '59 Styling);

October; (26-Page Custom Pictorial);

December; (Harold Kite's '55 Buick Special);


February; (Starbird Customizes the '53 Chevy);

March; (1956 Mercury California's Best Custom ?);

November; (Rod and Custom Pictorial -35 Years of Fords);


January; (Easy Dash Deluxe for Custom or Rod);

March; (Andy Southard's Scalloped Chevy Custom);

May; (16-Page Pictorial of Standout California Customs);

July; (Custom Corvettes and T-Birds);

August; (Valiant Styling for your Custom);

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(September – Larry Perry 1965 Corvette/ Dean Kirkman 1950 150 Sedan; “1987 Corvette”; “Wade Robertson 1967 Acadian”; “Gary Anderson 1955 210”; “Chip Miller 1969 Corvette L88”);


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(May – Mark Buzie 1969 Nova/ Kevin and Gwen Rinkel 1975 Luv/ Patricia Halstead”; “Bob Mehler 1977 Stepside”; “Douglas Prellwitz Chopped 1984 Jimmy”; “Gregg Russell 1981 El Camino”; “Roger Ward 1954 Sedan Delivry”; “1964 Cheetah”; Jim Casey 1969 El Camino”);

(July- Frank Cerutti 1955 210 Pro Street; “Gatornationals”; “Nova SS 396”; “Test Drive-1988 Corvette”; “Joel Latorre 1969 Camaro”; “C.K. Spurlock Performance Collection”; “Doug McCoy 1966 Corvette Pro Street”; “Robbie Bennett 1965 Malibu SS”);

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(December – Terry Butler 1961 Corvette/ Marty Kane 1962 Vega Pro Stock/ Johnny Burge 1969 Yenko Camaro”; “1967 Camaro Indy Pace Car”; “NHRA U.S. Nationals”; “Bob Baumann 1971 Chevelle SS 454 LS5 Sport Coupe”);


(February – Malcolm Durham 1963 Impala Z-11/ Raul Esamilla 1955 210 Del Ray/ B and M Automotive 1983 Camaro Z28”; “Tom and Linda Jacobson 1962 Bel Air Bubble Top”: “1961-1969 Impala”; “Jeff Poore 1988 Celebrity Eurosport Pro Street”);

(April – Tim Hasselbach 1978 Camaro Z28 Pro Street; “Charles Pettit 1957 Bel Ait”; “Tom Leatherwood 1970 El Camino SS 454”; “Robert and Susan Ashley 1967 Corvette Roadster”; “Anne Brantley 1967 Chevy II”); (June – Ted Dzus 'Good Vibratios' Shoebox/ Gregg and Vicki Mason 1967 Camaro Convertible; “1989 Camaro's”; “Special Shoebox Section”; “Paul Kessler 1972 Chevelle SS454”; “Gregg Adam 1976 Monte Carlo”; “Art Chapman 1979 El Camino Pro Street”; “John Danos 1967 Corvette 427”);

(October – Larry Mason 1956 210 Sedan/ Rob Vandergriff A and M Soffseal 1957 Bel Air; “1990 S-10 Super Truck”; “Expanded Race Coverage”; “Chuck Smith 1967 Camaro RS”; “Marc and Shane Christopher 1967 Corvette”; “Doug Williams 1973 Camaro Z28”);

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1985 – (Volume 2 #3 – Jeff Smith V6 Vega; “Engine Swaps”; “Everything You Need to Know About Chevy Engines”);

1985 – (Volume 3 #2 – Lulloff 1984 Corvett Super Gas/ Iroc Z28's/ Randy Williams 1970 Chevelle SS; “Engine Tech”);


1976 – (Summer – Everything and Anything About Chevys);

CHEVY ACTION (Popular Pub. Inc.)


(September – Pro Stock Vega and Camaro/ 1973 Camaro; “Road Test – 1974 Blazer 4WD”; “1974 Turbocharged Vega Export Wagon”; “Jim Hall Chaparral 2J”; “Lamar Walden Automotive”; “1974 Nova SS 350”); (November – Camaro Z28 at ATCO Raceway; “Road Test – Monte Carlo 454 – Corvette 350”; “XP-64 Corvette SS”; “Special Camaro Section”; “1975 Performance Cars – Monza – Monza I – Corvette – Nova – Chevelle – Monte Carlo – El Camino – Blazer”);


(July – Ralph Eckler Corvette Hatchback; “Special Corvette Issue”; “427 Nova Street Rat”; “331 – Inch V8 Vega”; “Road Test Blazer 400 4WD”);


(October – Ultimate Camaro's; “Special Camaro Section”; “Cary Johnson 1956 Shoebox”; “Chevy's of Tomorrow”; “Next Generation Trucks”; “Rick Lance 1951 Pickup Pro Street”; “David Radu 1970 1970 LSG Chevelle SS”; “Dan Becklehimer 1968 Impala”; “Brian Conley 1963 Nova”);

(Winter – Travis Weaver 1967 Camaro RS-SS 396/ Mike Todd 1957 Pro Street; “25 Years of Camaro”; “Monte Carlo Nationals”; “Inside Nascar – Darrell Waltrip”; “Mark Hueffman 1966 Chevelle Super Sport Pro Street”; “John Foxley 1955 Sedan”; “Dennis Quin 1966 Nova Sedan Delivery”);

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1980 (#2 – Eddie Leabo 1969 RS/ Bob Pfeiffer 1970/ Dave Woodman 1974);

1981 (#3 – 1982 Car Craft 'Underground'/ Kenny William 1967);

With issue #4 Title changes to “Chevy Camaro and other High Performance Chevrolets;


(#4 – Street Machines and Race Cars; “How to Spectacular”; “Scott Meneely 1955 Bel Air”; “Camp Stanley 1969 Camaro 448”; “Jack Seidner 1970 Camaro Pro Stock”; “Donald Sander 1957 Nomad Wagon”; “Gary Lee Lewis 1977 Nova”; “Kurt Wagner 1969 Chevelle”);


(Volume 2 #2 – Rod Saboury 1969 Camaro Super Stock; “Ron Didonato 1972 Vega V8”; “Bob Boen 1978 Monza”; “1955 – 1957 Chevy's”);


(Volume 3 #2 – Jason Koukis 1970 Camaro/ Laurence Perry 1965 Corvette/ Andy Granatelli 1982 Camaro Z28; “Evolution of the Camaro”; “Preview Test-1985 Camaro Iroc-Z”; “Paul Spiers 1966 Acadian Canso”; “Ralph and Patty Soto 1955 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop”);


(Volume 4 #4 – Scott Budisalich 1969 Camaro Z28/ Les Doane 1966 Chevelle/ “Iroc-Z Convertible”; “Dominick Rubino 1967 Camaro 496”; “Kirk Kenton 1964 Corvette Roadster”; “Keith Taylor 1962 Corvette Roadster”; “Ernie Warner 1955 Nomad Wagon”);



(Volume 3 #5 – Don Partridge 1955 Chevy/ Chris Buttera 1964 SS Chevy II Nova/ Rick Brantley Trio of Chevy II's; “Dan McCoy 1957 Corvette Convertible”; “Steve and Terri Beck 1957”; “gary Smith 1970 Corvette”);


(Volume 4 #2 – Nick Lippa 1955 Semi Pro Street/ Loren and Clara Cawaling 1969 Camaro/ carl Mitcham 1957 Bel Air; “Rick Davis 1967 Nova SS”; “Jay Fell 1956 Sedan Delivery”; “Rudy Soto 1950 Pickup”; “1970 Chevelle SS”; “Johnstad 1957 Chevy Nomad”; “Mike Farese 1968 Camaro”; “Denny Dunton Intergalictic Nova”);


(Volume 5 #4 – Pat Coyle 1955 396/ Harold Tudor Sedan; Nova 350/ Richard Corbitt 1937 Chevy Tudor Sedan; “Pat Hendrix 1966 Corvette”; “Dan Botos 1957 Bel Air”; “Leonard Mcelmurry 1956 Convertible”);



(Volume 1 #3 – How to Buy a 1955-1957 Chevy; Chevy Parts Guide)


(Volume 1 #4 – Frank Marino 1957 Chevy/ John Lowbach 1968 El Camino; “Jon Anderson 1955 Delray Sedan”; “Nomad Madness”; “Scott Warren 1955 210 Station Wagon”; “Valerie Smith 1957 Bel Air Hardtop”; “Pat Shaw 1957 1957 Bel Air”; “Scott Pavey 1956 Chevy 210”; “Ron Channel 1956 Chevy Chopped and Channeled”);


(Volume 2 #4 – Pat Toot 1967 Nova SS Blown 350/ Shane Dewitt 1957 Sedan Delivery; “Camaro Special Section”; “Start to Finish Classic Rebuild 1957 Bel Air”; “harry Bradley 1951 La Jolla”; “John Thuman 1947 Stylemaster Coupe”);

CHEVY CLASSICS (McMullen Argus Pub. Inc.)


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CHEVY CUSTOMS (Engeldrum Pub. Corp.);


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(October – Mark Fuss 1968 ½ Nova 427 Harrel/ Cliff Ernst 1969 Yenko Camaro/ Cliff Ernest 1970 Yenko Nova Duece; “Glenn Wolf 1971 Corvette LT-I”; “1967 Dana 427 Camaro”; “John Chamber 1955 Nomad”);


(June – Gary Stift 1970 Chevelle 454; “Chevelle Special Section”; “Jan and Penny Freiberg 1967 Nova Pro Street”; “Larry Borneman 1955 Blown Bel Air”; “Rick Newton 1965 Suburban”; “Gordon Radke 1967 Camaro 396 Pro Street”);

(August – Scott Mittelsteadt 1957 Blown Pro Street 210; “Road Test – 1991 Beretta”; “Ken Asche 1965 Chevelle”; “Dick Bordonaro 1938 Coupe”; “Dan Nardi 1967 Camaro Pro Street”; “Mike Whitworth 1968 Camaro Pro Street”);

(October – Dennis Quin 1966 Nova Sedan Delivery”; “15th Annual Duquoin Street Machine Nationals”; “Johnny Thomas 1967 Camaro Ralley Sport”; “Alton Love 1955 Shoebox”; “Ted Swartz 1964 Nova SS”; “Todd Matteson 1874 Pickup”; “Sam Monda 1968 Biscayne”);


(February – Jim and Marie Dipietro 1980 Camaro Z28/ Diane Street; “Road Test – Corvette LT-I”; “Road Test – 1992 Lumina Z34”; “Mike Jamieson 1955 Chevy Nomad”; “Bobby and Doris Snead 1957 Chevy 210 Sport Coupe”; “Big Block Special Section”);

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(October – Rick Dyer 1969 Camaro/ Denny Kajfasz 1971 Camaro Z28/ 1992 Camaro Z28; “Camaro Special”; “1965 Cheetah”; “Carmine Lovershio 1979 Malibu Pro Street”; “Dan Scott 1967 Yenko Like Set Up Camaro”);

(December – Rod Pearce 1955 Chevy Sport Coupe/ Jim Martin 1955 Chevy Sport Coupe/ Guyanna Gill; “1955 Chevy's Then and Now”; “Ted Boyer 1983 Camaro Pro Street”; “Bill Burton 1955 Copo 427 Shoebox”; “Scott Hughes 1965 Nova Pro Street”);


(October – Kevin Meredyk 1955 Chevy/ Tracy Burton; “New for 1994 – Camaro Convertible – Impala SS – Beretta Z26 – S10 Trucks – Tech Highlighs”; “Tim Knaebel 1972 Nova SS”; “Ray Braatz 1955 Corvette Convertible”; “Ron Beets 1958 Impala”; “Jeff Elasser 1972 Chevelle”; “Donald Steelfox 1955 Chevy Pro Street”);

(December – Frank Talarico 1969 Camaro Z28/ Mickey Hale 1968 Biscayne/ Bob Egley 1968 Yenko Camaro/ Tom Harhart 1965 Nova SS/ Bob Strickland Chevelle LS-6/ Peter Simpson 1970 Copo Nova/ Mike McCagh 1957 Corvette; “Jerry Vida 1969 Camaro Z28/ Todd Clark 1968 Pro Street Camaro”);


(February – Norm Grant 1968 Camaro/ Tonya Poole/ Michael Martenson 1965 Chevelle/ Stan Shaw 1957 Chevy/ Tommy and Barbara Gann 1988 Beretta Pro Street; “Jim Houston 1966 Chevelle 396”; “Kevin Terrell 1970 Chevelle Pro Street”);

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(August – Stephenie Sparling/ Scott Smith 1967 Nova Pro Street; “Jef Fern 1970 ½ Camaro Pro Street; “Larry Lindgren 1969 Chevelle Convertible”; “1993 – 1994 Camaro Performance Parts”; “Randy and Laura Baker 1961 Corvette”);

(September – 25 Most Asked Tech Questions; Mail Oder Engines)

(November – We Pick the Best of the Bow Tie; 100 Trick Parts Buyers Guide)


(February – Backyard Paint and Body; GM's Latest Power Parts)

(March – Superchargers; Giant Induction Guide – Carbs, Manifolds and EFI)

(December – Thunder Cruise 1996; GTP Spayed Valve Street Chevelle)


(January – 10 Chevelle / Camaro Weekend Projects; Build Your First Engine)

(April – Small Block Power Secrets; How to Select the Right Camshaft)

(December – Best Small Block Buildups; 50 Holiday Gift Ideas)


(February – Supercharger Special; Wild Paint Tricks)

(March – 20 Hot New Bow Tie Parts; Small Block Power)

(April – Killer Camaros – 10 Best Mods and 10 Coolest Camaros)

(June – Budget Performance Easy Bolt Ons; Simple Auto Overdrive Swap)(July – Big Block VS Small Block; 1967-69 Indy Pace Car Cameros)

(October – 167 MPH Street Chevelle; 1969 Camaro Buildup)


(December – Monster 7-Carb Test; High Horsepower Cylinder Head Section)

CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE ANNUAL 1995 (Buyers Guide 100 Great Chevy Parts)


1977 (Racing Tips; How To Build – Small Blocks, Big Blocks, Rearends and More)


1982 (Turbocharging; Camaro Drag Chassis Kit)

1986 (Restoration Basics; Power Parts)

1987 (Bolt On Performance; Muscle Car Warfare)

CHEVY POWER QUARTERLY (Title Changes a Few Times; Engeldrum Pub. Corp.)


(April – Corvette Section – New and Used Wholesale and Retail Price List; Killer Vega)

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(February – Chevy Hot Stock Parts; Suspension Specials)

(September – Best Chevy Rat Street Combos; Price Guide to Used Chevy Super Cars)


(April – Hot Vette and Camaro Issue; Speed Equipment Preview – What's Really New for 1975)
(June – Best Chevy Small Street Combos; 350 inch C-10 Pickup VS 350 Camaro)

(September – Chevy Hot Stock Parts Guide; Photo How To – Build a Vette Wagon for the Street)


(June – Wild Vette and Camaro Issue)

(December – 12-pages of Color Features of the World's Greatest Cars – Chevrolets)


(April – Giant Corvette Color Section; How to Install a Front Drive Ignition)

(June – Chevy Street Freaks; Buyers Guide – Carbs, Ignitions and Cams)

(October – Custom Vette Issue – Best Examples of the King of the Road)


(January – New Small Block Products That Work; How to CC Your Own Heads)


(March – 1955-1957 Chevy Special Roundup; Camaro Street Racer Section)


(March – 50 Choice Corvettes, Camatros and Early Chevys in Action)


(Summer – Monte Carlo SS-Z65; Awesome Power Specials)


(June – Giant Performance Parts Preview and Speed Equipment Company Directory)

CHEVY RUMBLE (Buckaroo Communications)


(December – Camaro Comparison 1969 VS 1997; Special Section – 1955-1957 Retro Chassis Guide)

CHEVY TRUCK (Dobbs Pub. Group Inc.)


(November – 1997 Chevy Trucks Complete Coverage; 1967-1972 Suspension Lowering)


(March – Brizio Big Block; Best Truck Accessory Catalogs)


(March – 25 Do-it- Yourself Engine Building Tips; Swap It – Giant Parts Guide)

CHEVY TRUCKIN' (Mcmullen and Yee Pub.)


(October – Preview 1994 Chevy S-10; More Than 60 Radical Rides)


(November – 40 Custom Truck Tricks; Goodwrench's Mike Skinner)

CHILTON'S MOTOR AGE (Chilton Co. Inc.)


(April – Servicing the Plymouth Hy-Drive)

(September – New Styling for 1956 Lincoln)


(January – January is Plantin' Time)

(February – A Salute to the West)

(March – Cover Contest Re-opens)

(April – Work-A-Day Specs on 1956 Cars)

(June – Indianapolis Photorama)

(July – Annual Body Shop Roundup)

(September – Know Your Brake System)

(December – Christmas)



(# 108 December – The Magazine of Porsche)


(# 109 – February)

(# 110 – April)

(# 111 – June)

(# 112 – August)

(# 113 – October)


(# 115 – February)

(# 116 – April)

(# 117 – June)

(# 118 – August)

(# 119 – October)

(# 120 – December)


(#121 – February)

CHROME AND FLAMES (Custom Partner's Inc.)


(April – Mercedes 170; The Lowest Mini Custom)

(July – Volvo Amazon Wing Door; Porsche 911 Custom)


(May – 1971 Buick Riviera Low Rider; Wild Baja Convertible VW)

(July – Volvo Low Rider Convertible; Opel Kadett “look” Testarossa)



(January – Ten Best Mopar Muscle Cars)

(July – Shaker Hood Tech; Mopar Exhaust Systems)



(Chevy Small Block Racing Secrets; Special Oval Track Buyers Guide)


(January – Penske PC-10 X-ray; Fuel Injection Science; How Safe is Refueling ?)

(July – Ken Brenn's Dirt Modified; Chassis Tech and Upgrade)

(August – Darlington Race Fan Guide; Late Models; Modified at the Sizzler)

(September – Neil Bonnett – NASCAR Next Superstar ?; The World 600; NASCAR V-6 Sportsman)

(October – Richard Petty Pontiac X-Ray; Butch Miller's 1983 Camaro)

(December – Profile – Johnnie Parsons; Duesenberg X-Ray; Racing Gas Science)


(January – Nazareth and Syracuse Modified and Sprint Action; Hobby Stock Buildup)

(February – Sportaman Champ Sam Ard; Sprint Car Assembly Tech; Nashville All Pro-ASA Action)

(April – Late Model Racing – World Crown 300; Dick Trickle; Tony Siscone's NASCAR Modified)

(May – Charlotte Race Fan Guide; Buck Baker's 1950 Olds Stocker; GM's Indy engines)

(June – Michigan International Race Fan Guide; Cale Yarborough – King of Daytona; Chuck Miller's San Jose Super)

(August – Knoxville Race Fan Guide; Fran 'Junior' Colson's Blue Thunder Pro Stock; Pavement Modifieds)
(October – Richard Petty – His 27 Year Career; Jim Sauter at Milwaukee)

(November – Fireball Roberts Tribute; Dale Earnhardt at the Talladega 500)

(December – Bentley Warren – Oswego's Classic; Richie Evens Modified; IROC Series Wrap Up)


(January – Sam Ard – Will He Move up to Grand Nationals ?; 1984 Sportsman Champ)

(March – Rockingham Race Fan Guide; Profile – David Pearson; Cale Yarborough 1985 Thunderbird)

(April – Special High Tech Issue; Profile – Bobby Jones; Bob Senneker)

(August – Profile – Curtis Turner; NASCAR – Sportsmen, Modified and Late Models)


(September – Oil and Lube Science; Charlotte and Indy Coverage)


(March – 1989 Racing Guide ;New Chevrolet Lumina; Safety Equipment Showcase)

(April – How to Start Entry Level Racing; Special Karting Section)

(May – 12 Indy Car Classics; Daytona Speed Week; Race Tire Science)

(June – 27 of the Weirest Race Cars Ever; Profile – Louie Meyer; Profile – Cale Yarborough)

(August – Top 10 Tow Vehicles; Talladega Coverage – Launching the Lumina)

(September – Special Section Head Science; Latest Tech Buyers Guide)

(October – Buick Ford and Chevy V-6 Revolution; Race Coverage – Pocono Winston Cup, Portland Indy Cars and Myrtle Beach GN)


(February – Hanging Out With A.J. Foyt; Special Special Daytona Bonus Issue)

(May – Winning Engine Tech for 1990; Engine Coatings)

(July – Michael Waltrip Crash at Bristol; Future Tech Materials)


(November – Best of Readers Tech Tips; Special Header Tech)

CIRCLE TRACK AND HIGHWAY (Circle Track Pub. Corp.)

1971 (December – New England's Bob Santos; Michigan's Flying Dutchman)



(February – 1955 Chrysler C-300)

(April – 1963 Corvette Convertible)

(August – All About Two Seat Thunderbirds)

CLASSIC AND CUSTOM (Rogelio Cevallos)


(November – 1937 Ford Convertible Custom Rod)


(January – Lead Sled Nationals Springfield OH.; Street Rod Nationals Olklahoma City)

(May – 1951 Mercury Coupe)

(July – 1957 Chevrolet 2-Door)

CLASSIC MOTORBOOKS 1978 CATALOG – (World's Largest Selection of Automotive Literature)



(Spring – MG's at the Monterey Historic; 1940 Packard; 1923 Morris Cowley; 1915 Ford Town Car )

(Winter – Clenet Series lll Asha; Bugatti – Art Deco on Wheels; The Merle Norman Classic Beauty Collection)


(Fall – 1936 Bentley 3-1/2 liter; 1966 Shelby GT 350; 1937 Delage D.8; Aurora GRX Cobra)

(Winter – 1931 Framklin; 1940 Cadillac; 1924 Ford Speedster)

CLASSIC AND SPORTSCAR (Haymarket Pub. Ltd. U.K.)


(July – Maserati 200S; Lanborghinis Old and New ;Lotus Elan +2 – Profile)

(August – Traditional Triumph TR's)


(January -Fiat X1 / 9 – Profile)

(June – Jaguar VS Ferrari Vs Aston Martin)

(July – In-Depth Study of the XK Jaguar)

(August – Maserati VS De Tomaso VS Lanborghini)

(September – Harold, Minor, Beetle and Super Minx Pop Drop Tops)

(November – Big Healey Superprofile; Bugatti Supplement)


(March – Honda S800, Sprite and Spitfire)

(June – Porsche 911)

(July – Moss Stars in the Mille Miglia; British V-8 Compared)

(August – Alfa Romero Sportiva; Michael Turner Le Mans Poster)


(July – Porsche 911; Bentley Vs Merceds)

CLASSIC VW's (Link House Magazines Ltd.)

1993 (Volume 1 # 1 – Vintage Volkswagons at Their Best)


2011 (Summer – 2011 Corolla)

COLLECTIBLE AUTOMOBILE (Publications International Ltd.)


(April – 1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible)


(February – 1971 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 Holiday Coupe)

(October – 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible)


(October – 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Convertible)


(August – 1995 Dodge Royal Lancer Convertible)


(June – 1970 Buick GSX Sport Coupe)


(August – 1948 Pontiac Deluxe Torpedo Eight Convertible Coupe)


1985 (Special – Vintage Racing; 10 Best Buys)





CONSUMER REPORTS (Consumers Union of U.S. Inc.)

1959 (April – Auto Issue)

2003 (April – 2003 Cars)


1992 (Volume 1 – Polo White 1953 Corvette and 35th Anniversary Edition Coupe)

CORVETTE FEVER (Dobbs Pub. Inc.)


(March – L88 Retrospective; LT5 – Building the King)


(September – How To Buy a Corvette)


(January – 30 top Performance Tricks; 1967 Big Block; 1965-1982 Brake Upgrade)

(February – 1984-1996 Complete Review; Fuel Injection Secrets)


(January – Suspension Tech Secrets; Cruisin' Route 66)

(February – The Great 1968; Hot C5 Hop-Ups)

CORVETTE NEWS (General Motors)


(Aug / Sept – 1962 Corvette)


(Dec / Jan – Rocky Mountains Western Rides)


1997 (Special Collectors Issue; 1997 Corvette)

CRUISER QUARTERLY (Media Source Motorsports)

Volume 1 # 1 (Al Jardine Goes Cruisin' California Style)

Volume 2 # 3 (Woodward Dream Cruiser)

CUSTOM CARS ('Teen Pub. Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


November Vol.1 No.3; (Hersh Conway's 1950 Ford Club Coupe);

December; (Custom Ideas for '55-'56-'57 Chevrolets);


March; (Ed Russell's '52 Mercury Custom);

September; (Tony Carposa's '46 Chevy and LeRoy Goularts '51 Ford);

November; (Dick Del Curto's '50 Ford);


June; (Sharon Warner's '55 Chevy and Bob Sanchez '54 Mercury);

July; (Jerry Anolik's Radically Restyled T-Bird);

November; (John Hychko's '56 Studebaker Golden Hawk);

December; (New Ideas for Grilles; New England's Best Show Cars);


January; (10 Best Customs);

February; (Leo Lyon's '50 Mercury);

July; (Clayton Crow's '59 Olds and Jack Bissinger's Green Chevy);



(June – How To Special; 1955 Chevy and 1956 Ford Extended Cab; 1955 – 1959 Chevy Retrospective)

(August – Show Coverage; Tilt Hood Easy How-To)

(December – Special Section Wheels and Tires – Giant Buyers Guide)


(February – Paint and Body; F-100 Super Nationals; F-100 Suspension Secrets)


(April – Body Basics; How To – El Camino Engine and F-100 Suspension)

CUSTOM CRAFT (Harle Pub. Inc.)



April #2; (Bob Carducci's 1948 Chevrolet's);


July #8; (Frank Morano's Henry J. and Jack Karp's 1954 Buick Convertible);

November #11; (Andrew Abbate's 1951 Mercury Monterey);


March #15; (Pete Marcello's '59 buick Convertible Custom; 16-Page Model Car Section);

May #16; (Bob Canova's '57 T-Bird; 16-Page Model Car Section);


January #20; (Pete Russo's '49 Ford Convertible);



(June – 1958 Pontiac Chieftain Convertible; Installing Canted Quads For Your Custom)

(September – 20 Top Street and Show Wheel Treatments; Tops in Interior Car Interiors)


(April – Mustang Fastback; Midwest 14 Finest Trophy Winners; Make Your Own Fiberglass Body Molds)

CUSTOMS ILLUSTRATED (Universal Pub. And Dist. Corp.; Digest Size Magazine);


September Vol.1 No.2; (Perry Hansen's '39 Ford Roadster);

November Vol.1 No.3; (James Montesanto's 1950 Ford Convertible; “Phil's Phrantics” - Weird Art by King Phil);


March Vol.2 No.1; (John Hychko's Ford-Caddy-DeSoto Custom);

September Vol.2 No.2; (Special Section Up-To-The-Minute Interiors);

December Vol.2 No.3; (Ron Gunya's 1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible);


September; (Richard Piscatelli' 1954 Mercury);


January; (Leslie Dunham's 1951 Ford Convertible);

May; (Don Fletcher's 1957 Chevy by Sam Barris);


January; (Paul Shedlik's 1957 Oldsmobile “Spectron”);

September; (Don Kilby's 1951 “Slick Vic”);

November; (Russ Grady's 1957 Oldsmobile “Golden Sahara”);


1966 (September – Batmobile; AMX 300X Escapade; Build a Mini Bike)


1965 (Jimmy Darren's Villa Riviera and Don Caspers Wild T Roadster)

CUSTOM RODDER (Magnum Pub. Inc.)



May Vol.1 No.1 (Tommy Edwards' Supercharged Deuce “Blown Banshee”; “The 7 Top Styling Ideas for '57” by George Barris);

October Vol.1 No.4; (Johnny Johnson's 1951 Kaiser and Carolyn Waltenburger's 1953 Ford; 20-Page Fiberglass Section);

November Vol.1 No.5; (John Walsh's Hi-Boy Roadster; 16-Page New Trends in Fins Section);

December Vol.1 No.6; (Phil macchiarella's 1955 Plymouth 4-Door Sedan);


January Vol.2 No.1; (Ronnie Meservey's Custom Rod from Cape Cod made from 4 1947 Lincoln Hoods);

March Vol.2 No.3; (Gavin Ruotuolo's 1949 Mercury Sedan);

April Vol.2 No.4; (Stewart Evans' Model T Coupe Hot Rod);

May Vol.2 No.5; (Joe Pamatto's 1936 Ford “The Fishing Rod”);

August Vol.3 No.2; (George Barris Customized 1949 Olds 98 and 1951 Mercury Convertibles);

September Vol.3 No.3; (Dave Quesada's 1954 Chevy and Bob Zender's1934 Chevy Coupe);

December Vol.3 No.6; (Joe Brienza's 1934 Ford Roadster Convertible);


January Vol.4 No.1; (Patterson, New Jersey's “The Chauffeurs” Car Club Cars);

February Vol.4 No.2; (Niel Emery's 1950 Oldsmobile);

March Vol.4 No.3; (Rich Bonnell decorated Art Desin's 1956 Chevy with Modern Scalloping);

April Vol.4 No.4; Ron Fagundes's 1952 Vicky Custom);

May Vol.4 No.5; (Bob Hybl's 1956 Chevy Convertible);

June Vol.4 No.6; (Jerry Koller's 1955 Ford);

July Vol.5 No.1; (William Lewis's 1953 Ford);

August Vol.5 No.2; (John Nadzon's 1954 Mercury by Korky's Kustom Shop in New Jersey);

October Vol.5 No.4; (Hank Barnum's 1950 Mercury Coupe by Joe Bailon of Hayward, California);

November Vol.5 No.5; (Art Guglielmi's 1955 Ford Vickie with Carson Two-Piece Top);

December Vol.5 No.6; (Engine Custom Parts;Parker Scherrer's 1956 Ford);


January Vol.5 No.7; (Terry Browning's 1958 Ranchero “The Ruby Ranch”);

May Vol.6 No.5; (Glamour Grilles; Get with The Name Craze);


April Vol.8 No.4; (Dick Schenck's 1955 Chevy Convertible “The Hawaiian”);

September Vol.9 No.3; (Don Igel's 1956 Olds Custom “White Cloud”);


April Vol.10 No.4; (Pete Pettas' 1955 Chevy Hardtop “Green Emerald”);

October Vol.11 No.4; (Jim Harrison'd 1929 Model 'A' Pickup);



(March – 1950's Custom Bel Air; Fairlane with 406 Ford Power; New Upholstery Trends)

(September – 1961 Corvette Bozza Nova; Dress Up Your Trunk for Show)


(March – Drag / Road Testing New Dodge 426; Stroke the Fairlane V-8 to 352 cu. in.)

(September – Preview – 1965 Factory Dragsters; 1964 Gasser Photo Gallery)

CUSTOM HANDBOOK NO.5 – How to Design and Build Front Ends (1962; Digest Size Magazine)l

CUSTOM RODDER (T. Michaels Inc.)


(January – ICAS'S Grand Finale Show; Special Section on Chopped Tops)


(November – Mustang Mania; How to Identify Ford Engines)

(December – Special All Blower Issue)


(March – 1949 Cadillac Sedanette; 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo Low)


(May – Tech Special; Hottest Trend is Wagons)

CUSTOM VANS (Twentieth Pub. Inc.)


(December – 1200-HP 4 X4 Puller; Hart's Audio How-To Cartoon Strip)


(January – Neon Revival; Hi-Backs from Booze Barrels)


1981 (Winter – Vince Granitelli's Turbine Vette; Custom Vette of the Year)

DAYTONA SPEED WEEKS SOUVENIR PROGRAM 1971 (Tenth Annual 24b Hours of Daytona ; World's Championship for Prestolite Trophy; ARCA 300)


DO IT YOURSELF NO.2 – How to Keep Your Car in Racing Condition (circa 1961; Natlus Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);



(July – Super Group Team Strange; New Funny Cars; “Wild Bunch” Blown Camaro)

(November – Heads Up Action – Pro Gas, Super Comp and Super Street; Build a 502 Yenko Chevy)


(January – Nitro Cars of the Year; 1985 Race Parts Buyers Guide; Hottest New Jets)

(May – Funny Cars ! ; Last of the 200-MPH Small Block Chevys; Special Section “Little Guy” Fords)

(July – Hot New Cars; Low Buck Strut Suspension)

(September – Interview – Shirley Muldowney; Bolt On Parts for Automatics)

(November – Pro Stock – The Race to 200-MPH; Summernationals)


(March – Super Gas Special Issue; Event Coverage – Pomona Finals and Nostalgia Drags)

(September – Bunny Burkett with her Funny Car; The Gwynn Family)


(January – Indy Nationals; 1955 Chevy Tube Chassis Kit; On the Road With Dan Pastorini)

(March – Outlaws ! ; Della Woods on Fire; New GM Small Block Heads)

(August – 200-MPH Doorslammers; 730-HP Budget Chevy Kit; Carey Team's Twin Top Fuelers)

(October – Nitro Fever ! ; Shirley Muldowney X-Ray)

(November – Shoebox Chevy King; Facts About Dry Lubricants)


(March – Fords ! : Interview – Billy Meyer)

(June – John Force's 5.30 Funny Car; Multi Stage Clutches; Castol GTX Oldsmobiles)

(July – World's Quickest and Fastest; 200-MPH Beretta Buildup)

(August – 427 Chevy Blower Motor; World's Fastest 1955 Chevy Shoebox)

(September – U.S. Nationals; Indy History; 605-inch Nitrous Ford Wedge; World's Fastest Corvette)


(February – McEwen's 1957 Chevy Fuel Funny Car; Bunker's Blown 1955; Norwood's Ferrari)

(May – 50 Power Tuning Tips; Eddie Hill's Wild Ride; Racer's Guide – Safety Equipment)

(August – Nitrous – Buyers Guide, Installation Tips and State of the Art Systems)

(October – Top Alcohol Funny Cars; Gary Ormsby – Winning with Electronics)

(November – The Look of the 1990s)


(September – Lori Johns Taking the Boys to School; Indy Nostalgia; Hardcore Tech – Bracket Engine Buildup)


(March – Interview – Dale Armstrong; 1991 Racing Picks; Bracket Tricks From A to Z)

DRAG STRIP (Kimtex Corp.)


(January – AHRA's Green Valley Action; Psychedelic Centerspread)

(November – Complete Super Stock Coverage)

DRIVE (Manitoba Motor League)


(Sept / Oct – My First Car)

(Nov / Dec – The Ultimate Safe Car)

DRIVING (Groupmark Canada Ltd.)

1974 (September – Fiat 124TC; Gremlin X; Mercedes Benz 450SE)

DUNE BUGGIES AND HOT VW (Wright Pub. Co. Inc.)


(July – Trishia Dressler with 1949 Hebmuller)


(January – Bug In 31; The 1984's; Basic Driveway Tuneup)

(May – The Ultimate Drag Sedan “Parker 400”; New Mallory Distributor)

(June – Hugo Rodriguez and Tina Jeanette with Radical 1964)

(July – Vintage Special Type 2 History; Installing a Street Rod Dash)

(August – Type 2 History Part 2 ; Custom Trends)

(September – 930 / vee Kit; Baja Bug Long Travel Suspension)

(December – Clem Bentley VW Sedan and Model Debbie Heltsley)


(February – Tom McEwen's Got the Bug; California's Most Beautiful Bug)

(May – Right Stuff Ghia; Eddie Van Halen's Bug)

(June – Quartermile Record Holder; Autostick Conversion)

(August – VW Sring Champs; Ghia Greats; Electrical Basics)

(September – Baja 500 Bug-O-Rama; First Look New Street HP heads)

(October – 8 th Annual Sand Special)

(November – New VW Hot Rod Kit; Installing a Sunroof)

(December – Customize Your Taillights; Mail Order Motor Update)


(January – 1986's VW s :Space Age Type 3; The Second Longest Ghia)

(February – 40 Low Buck Tips; Scat Split Port Heads)

(December – History of the Thing; Awesome Altered)


(January – Treasure Hunting in Costa Rica; Electric Convertible Top)\

(May – Make Your Bug Into a Split Window; Colortune – Tune Your Engine by Color)

(June – Safari Grande Type 181 Limousine; Put a Bus Transaxle in Your Bug)

(August – Ghia Flip-Top Funny Car; Installing Caster Shims)

(October – Sand Special)


(January – Color Centerspread Calendar; Brake Systems Improvements)

(February – Street Smart Sedans; Semaphore Installation)

(May – The Ultimate Custom; Do-It-Yourself Suicide Doors; Turbocharging Tips and Tricks)

(June – Do-IT-Yourself Suicide Doors Part 2 ; Turbocharging Tricks Part 2 ; Pro Sedan Quartermilers)

(October – Sand Special Issue)

(December – Type 3 Takeover; Aluminum Fabrication basics)


(February – Hydraulic Lifters For Type 1s ; Aluminum Fabrication)

(October – Sand Special; Sand Tires Buyersw Guide)


(April - $20,000 Ghia Copupe; Tailor Made Type 2)

(December – Bus 5-Speed Conversion; Year Round Beach Cruiser)


(April – Gino Sepe's Candy 'Vert; Project 1967 Door Alignment)


(February – California Look Special)

(May – Street Trans Rebuild; Shifter Maintenance)

(September – Hi-Flow Street Heads; Building Pauter's Big Block)


(February – Anniversary 1967 – 1997)


(September – Millennium Oval; Engine Blueprinting – High—Rev Setup)

(December – Holiday Buyers Guide; Baja Special; New Limo)


(April – Big Boy's Toys)

DU PONT REGISTRY (Do Pont Pub. Inc.)


(May – Special California Section)


(April - Vanilla Ice';s Gemballa Cyrrus)

1994 (November)

1995 (February)

EARLY CHEVYS (Argus Pub. Corp.)

1984 (1962 A /FX 409 Bel Air; 1955 – 1964 Chevys)

ENGINE MASTERS (Source Interlink Media)

2009 (Fall – 667-HP Dart SHP Small Block; Dyno Tested 496 Chevy Big Block)

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(May – Pair of Porsche Turbos)

(October – BMW 3 Series)


1986 (November – 1966 Mustang Pro Streeter; 1970 Boss 429)

1987 (March – Power Building the 460 Ford Big Block)

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(June – Ferrari 512TR)

(September – Aston Martin 6.3)

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1990 (# 6 - )

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1994 (# 4 April – Schumacher's Shocker)

5 6 7 NEWS (Fifty 5 6 7 Club)


(December – 1956 Chevrolet 1 / 2 Ton – Allen R. Dyck #510)


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(March – Happy 10 th Anniversary)

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(June – 1956 Chevrolet 210 2-DR HDTP – Paul Streisel #1413)

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(March – Anniversary Issue)

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1983 (# 2 – Ford Family Styling; Quick Fixes For Sloppy Front Ends)

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(March – The Lincoln Zephyr)

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(August – Two Weeks in the Indian Country)

(September – Angell Hall at the University of Michigan)

(November – Colors at the Navy Service School)

(December – Merry Christmas)


(January – Wonder in Arizona)

(February – Truck Unloading Dockside)

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1942 (February); (May / June)

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2003 (August – Ford F-Series; First Anniversary Issue)


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1959 (July – The New Ferrari Coupe)

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2004 (November – Playing on the Red Rock in Arizona)

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(June – Bigger than ever – Bear Foot; Vacation Special)


(February – 1984 Four Wheeler of the Year Nominees)

1985 (April – All New 1986 Jeep Pickup; High Performance Electrical Systems)

(September – The Great Canadian Off Road Hunt; Truck Pulls Sweeping North America0


(January – Monsters 1986; Toyota's All New independent 4 X 4S)

(May – World's Hottest High Tech; Japan's Kamikazi Off-Roaders)

(August – Collector's Special – Best of Crushing)


(April – Suspension Special; Ford Ranger VS Jeep Comanche)

(June – 60 Great Off Road Parts Sources; Tests – Dodge Ramcharger and Mazda B2600)

(October – Hard Core Hardware; The Art of Vehicle Recovery)

(November – Engine Swaps; Reading Spark Plugs)


(February – 26 th Anniversary Issue; Big Chevy Wins 9 Truck Battle)

(March – 454 Powered Chevy Shortbed “Kandy King”; Suspensions That Work)

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(January – 1979 Ford Bronco “Shadow” ; V-8's For Off Road Power)

(July – Sexy Swimwear Spectacular; Bolt On Power Kits)


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(April – Heavy Duty Upgrades for Strength; Bolt On Torque)

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(September – Affordable V-8 Heads; Suspension Tech; 10 Most Stolen Trucks)

(October – Bronco Turns 25 ; Special How To Issue)


(March – Special Anniversary Issue; Suspension Guide 1993; 30 Year Road Test Index)

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(November – 1995 Truck Guide; All New Chevy Tahoe)


(January – 4 X4 Buyers Guide 1995; Indy National Jamboree)

(February – 1995 Pickups Specs and Prices; Gearing and Traction)

(March – Special Anniversary Issue; Jeep Origin Proved; Suspension Tech Tips and How To)

(April – 1995 Sport Utility Tests – Blaqzer, Explorer and Grand Cherokee; Power Upgrades and Swaps)

(May – Road Tests – Chevy S-10 ZR2, Honda Passport and Montero; Special Section – Trailers and Towing)

(July – 10 Best Buys in Four Wheel Drive)

(October – Tough Truck Tech – Rebuilds, Suspensions and Projects)

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(September – Backwoods Bonanza; Tests – Jeep XJ and Dodge Ramcharger)


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(October – 10 Best Ever 4 X 4s; Muscletruck Shootout)

(November – Super Tech – Transs Buildup, 12-inch Lift How to and Winch Update)


(January – Jamboree 1984; Chevy Big Block Balancig)

(February – 10 Top 4 X 4s of 984; Special Toyota Section)

(June – V-6 Power Parts Matchup; U.S.A. VS Japan EFI Shootout)

(October – 4 X 4 of the Year Playoff – Chevy VS Jeep VS Isuzu ; 25 Top Tech Tips)

(November – Ms. Bigfoot Flies; Gearing For Low End)

(December – Art of Off Road Driving; Big Block Engine Swap; Road Test – Chevy K20)


(February – Battle of the Monster Trucks; Tall Truck Steering Fix)

(March – Bear Foot is Back; 4 X 4 Of the Year – You Figure it Out)


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(December – Four Wheeling the U.S.A.; Big Block Detailing)


(January – Sport Truck Special; Jamboree 1987)

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(December – 10 Best Custom Trucks; 4 X Fords)


(March – Complete 1989 Vehicle Guide; Isuzu's New Amigo Sport)

(June – Winch Wisdom; Customs Galore)

(July – Trail Ride Spectacular; 20 Hot New Homegrown How To)

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(June – Custom Truck Special Issue; Jeep 50 th Anniversary Celebration)

(September – 20 Easy Bolt Ons; Transmission Guide – Models, Ratios and Where to Find Them)

(October – 100 Readers Rides; Toyota Locker How To)


(October – 100 New Readers Rides; Sport 4 X 4 Tests – Jeep, Geo, Isuzu, Suzuki and Daihatsu)


(February – Special Section How To Paint; 4 X 4 of the Year – Who Builds the Best ? )

(June – Show Truck Spectacular; Explorer VS Grand Cherokee; no centerfold)


(July – Toyota Special – Coolest Parts, Hottest Events and Buyers Guide; Beefy Drivetrain Upgrades)

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(September – Hot Electric Upgrades; In Depth Tire Test – BFG Krawler T / A )


(July – Where to Wheel – 9 Best American Trails to Conquer)

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(February – 2010 4 X 4 of the Year; Readers Rides; 40 Best of the Best 4 X 4)

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1993 ANNUAL – (Best of the Best)

4WD ACTION (Mcmullen Inc.)


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(Volume 1 #2 November – Wide Wheels and Tall Tires; Off Road Fashion Update)


(January – California Truck Jamboree; Nissan Hardbody Lift)

(November – Grave Digger; Transfer Case Tech; FN/VF = $9.00)


(January – California Truck Jamboree ll ; Vibration Trouble Shooting)

(March – Monica Quist Graces her Husband Ryan's 1981 Chevy Stepsid; Road Tests – Suzuki Sidekick and 1989 Blazer)

(April – Project Super CJ; Jeep Buyer's Guide;)

(May – Project CJ-7 Build up; Samurai Suspension Secrets)


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1989 (Cars Illustrated Special Edition Vol.4 # 1 – The Class of 1965; Testing 1990's – Beretta GTZ, Quad 4-4-2 and Lumina)


2002 (October – Jeff Bush's LSI-Powered ATI-Supercharged Firebird Formula)


1941 (April – Pictorial News; Service Meeting Pictures; Service Man's Guide)

GOING PLACES – YOUR C.A.A. MAGAZINE (Canada Wide Magazines and Communications Inc.)


(Oct / Nov / Dec – Cadillac Evoq.)


(November – Buick Blackhawk)

GOODYEAR NEWS (Goodyear Tire and Rubber of Canada Ltd.)


(July – Goodyear Blimp Reliance)

(August – Mountain Goats atop a Rocky Mountain Crag)

(October – Canadian Painter Finishing a R.C.A.F. Bullseye on an Airplane)


April – Airman Waving as he Boards an Airplane)


(March – Tapping Maple Trees)

(May – Pretty Girl in Apple Blossoms)

(August – Young Boy Putting Air into a Whitewall Tire)

(September – Huge Parking Lot at the Canadian National Exhibition)

(October – Arranging Duck Decoys)

(Nov / Dec – Children Hanging Christmas Stockings)


(June – Father Teaching Son About Baseball)

(July – Children Walking Down a Back Country Road)


(Oct / Nov – Two Men With Guns Going Hunting)


(Feb / Mar – Children Racing Down a Hill)

(May / June – Man in Stream Fishing)

(September – Young Boys Playing Football)

(November – Man with # Dogs Going Hunting)


(Aug / Sept – 4-Year old Boy Filling Gas Tank With Water Hose)


(January – Ice Skating Picture by Faulkner)

(March – Season of Lions and Lambs by Faulkner)
(June – Troubles With Gardening)

GRAND PRIX LABATT DU CANADA PROGRAM – 15, 16 ET 17 JUIN 1984 (French and English Language)



(Summer – Rally Sport Camaro; Rebuilding the Carter AFB; Buick's GS 400; Best Muscle Car Iinvestments)

(Fall – History of the Chevelle; Buick GS Revival; Pontiac Tri-Power)


(April – 454 Chevelle; 1969 Road Runner; Tech – Calculating Real Horsepower; Boss 429 Engine Numbers)

(August – Muscle Cars – Hemi Cuda, 1970 Judge, 396 Chevelle, GS 455, 957 Fuel-Injected Chevy; Tech – 351 Head Tricks, Chevy Bore and Stroke Guide)

(October – 1970 GTO; 1970 Buick GSX; History of the Trans Am)


(April – Muscle Cars – 1970 W-30 Olds, 427 Impala, 1967 Impala, 1970 Buick GSX, Prototype, 1963 F.I. Corvette, 1966 Buick GS and Tri-Power Gran Prix)

(June – Ram Air lV Convertible; Muscle Cars – Dart GTS 340, 427 Cougar, 409 Impala and Hemi Super Bee)

(December – 1970 GTO; Shelby History; 1987 Mopar Nationals)


(August – 1966 396 Chevelle; Ford 427 VS Mopar 426 from 1964; Mustang 5.0 GT)
(December – 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible; 1988 Mopar Nationals; Muscle Cars – 1967 Chevelle 396, 1966 Olds 4-4-2, 1965 Riviera GS)


(June – 1971 Mustang Boss 351; Shelbys at Sears Point; Muscle Cars – 1970 GTO Judge, 1970 AAR Cuda, 1967 440 GTX and 1966 SS 396 Malibu)


(June – Code Busting Your Chevelle; Muscle Cars – 1970 440 GTX, 1967 Gto Convertible, 1970 Monte Carlo)


(June – Restoring a 1968 GTO; Muscle Cars You Can Afford)


April – Dodge V-10 Viper; Trans Am History; Super Suspension Special)



(June – Honda Power Special; Supercharging How To; Cold Air Intake Install)

(Eibach Lowering How To; Integra Vtec Engine Swap; Low Cost Turbo Boost)


(October – How To Fix a Bad Engine Swap; Focus Bolt In V-8 Kit; Malibu Air-Spring Install)


(January – 150 Quick and Easy Tuner Tech Tips; Turbo Tech)

(May – Seven of Hawaii's Finest Rides; Tokyo Autp Salon; Fuel System Basics)

HIGHBEAMS (Paisano Pub.)

2003; # 1 (March; FOR MEN - Sexy GIRL Models, Mostly in BIKINI Swimsuits; Cover Model Rosanna Jaski; Road Test – Ford Focus SVT; VG = $14.00)

2004; # 5 (January; FOR MEN - Sexy GIRL Models, Mostly in BIKINI Swimsuits; Cover Model Sara Johnson; So California Custom Culture; VG/FN = $10.00)

2004; #6 (March – Robert Pir His 1998 Honda Accord “Marble Addiction” ; VF = $12.00)

2004; # 7 (May – Fernando Diaz 1999 Honda Accord; FN/VF = $10.00)


1993 (Nov / Dec – 1966 Shelby Mustang GT 350; All New Price Guide)



(December – 1984 Super Duty Fiero and Trans Am; Pontiac Oakland club Nationals)


(April – Convertible Trans Am; Fiero – Fastest Indy Pace Car ?; GTO Street Cruiser VS Stock)

(August – 2-Seater Trans Am Roadster; 1970 GTO Goat)

(August – 1965 GTO and 1982 Trans Am; Golden Years for GTO 1964-1967)

(October – 1979 Blown Trans Am and 1968 ½ Ram Air GTO)

(December – 1987 350 GTA Trans Am and 1969 Ram Air V GTO Judge)


(June – Pontiac Power Past Present and Future; 1990 Fiero Preview)

(December – 1988 Turbo Grand Prix; Muscle Lineup 1988)


(October – Pontiac Fever at Raceway Park; 1965 Tripower GTO All Time Favorite; Hot Pontiac Pro Stocks)


(August – 1968 GTO Convertible; Turbo Bonneville SSE; Turbo Fiero V-6)

(November – Barry and Susie Mehring's 9.6 Second Gas GTO)


(October – John Pinno 1964 GTO “Loco Motion”)


(October – Matching Numbers 1971 GTO; 1970-1973 T / A Buyers Guide)


(February – 1995 Sunbird Lineup; 12-Page Le Mans Section)

(April – 1971 ½ GT-37and 1987 Fiero GT)


(February – Lingerfelter's One Lap of America T / A0


1969 (January; Z-28 Camaro; Holley Quad Speed Secrets; L-88 Gas Dragster);

1973 - (September – Corvette 20th Anniversary Issue; Complete Corvette History 1953-1973; Tests – L-48, L-82 and LS-4)


(January – 1974 Firebird Super Duty 455 Tech; Test – First 454 Street Vega; First Report – Mid-Engine 1975 Corvette)

(March – Irv Beringhaus Pinto Pro; Turbocharging V-8s for the Street)


(October – Chuck and Tina Baird's Blown Chevy ll ; 1979 New Cars Preview)

(November – The 1955-1957 Chevy Nationals; Chevy's Aluminum Small Block)


(January – 1980 Z28 Camaro; New Cars 1980 Preview; Ford's Supercharged Thunderbird)

(March – World's Most Outrageous Vette; 25 Years of Drag Racing; Pontiac GTO Pickup Truck)

(November – Nitrous V-8 Vega; Quickest 1981 Cars and New Tech)


(January – 1955-57 Chevy Nationals; Step By Step How To – Supertune the Small Block 1967-1981 Chevy)

(June – Complete guide to the Pontiac Trans Am; We Remember Supercars)

(October – 1950's Chevy Special Issue; Bonanza of Bowtie Beauties; Chevy Cowl Induction Capers)


(April – 455 Bandit T / A; 427 Vette Roadster; High Performance Tips for the Olds Rocket V-8)

(June – 1982 Cars Wheel Weigh-In; AC Cobra Lives Again; ^-Pack Road Runner; Engine Basics – What Makes it Go ?)

(September – Color Camaro Section; Mopar Budget B-Block Build)


(May – Making the 400 Chevy Mouse Motor Perform; Swap Shop – Small Block Fords)

(July / August – 1984 Corvette; Index to Aftermarket Catalogs)

(December – The 1984 Mustangs; Bernie Linsley 1964 Chevelle; 1964 Chevy ll “Shmoo”)

HI-PERFORMANCE CARS (Challenge Pub. Inc.)

1986 (July / Aug – SCCA Sports Renault; Competion Cars You Can Build)

HI-PERFORMANCE KIT CARS BUYERS GUIDE 1985 (Challenge Pub. Inc.) - (Ferrari; Porsche; Jaguar; Mercedes Benz; Street Rods)


1993 (May – 1970 AAR Barracuda and 1970 Challenger T / A; Viper GTS Coupe)

HI-PERFORMANCE RODS (Stories, Layouts and Layouts Inc.)

1979 (Summer – Ultimate Street rod El Crown Coupe; Streetwise Flywheels and Clutches)


1955 (December – Convert Your Car into an 1956 Model; Winter Projects Issue)

HONDA TUNING (Mcmullen Argus Pub. Inc.)


(Summer – World's Quickest Honda's)


(Spring – How To Build a Honda)

(Summer – Show Special)

(Fall – Everything Integra – Past, Present and Future)


(Winter – Supercharged S2000)

(August / September – 19 Show Car Tips)

HONK !; Custom Cars – Hot Rods (Trend Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


June Vol.1 No.2; (Bill Irwin's 1949 Ford Convertible Coupe);

July Vol.1 No.3; (Chester Carter's 1922 Model T Roadster);

August Vol.1 No.4 (Max Balchowsky's 1932 Roadster with his Dog Ted in the Driver's Seat);

September Vol.1 No.5; (Kent Enderle's Drag Racer “Frightening Four”);

HOP UP (Enthusiasts Pub. Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


August Vol.1 No.1; (Les Callahan Jr.'s 1932 Ford Raodster and Bill Taylor's Chevrolet by Barris Kustom Shop);

November Vol.1 No.4; (Dick Flint's Model A Roadster and 230-mph KENZ; 17-page Bonneville Story);

December Vol.1 No.5; (Walt Gussenbauer's 1934 Coupe and Moon Bros. 141-mph Sedan);


January Vol.1 No.6; (Coverless);

February Vol.1 No.7; (Norm Taylor and Jot Horn's 1927 Model T Airoadster and Kingdom Drag Races);

March Vol.1 No.8; (Jerry Quesnel's 1940 Mercury by Barris Kustom Autos and Eddie Dye's 1929 Roadster);

October Vol.2 No.3; (131-mph Yellow Custom);

HOT CAR POWER AND CUSTOM (Mercury House Pub. Ltd. U.K.)

1975 (April – Beef-Up Brake Guide; Scrapyard Custom Mods)

HOT CARS (Bruce-Royal Pub. Corp.) 1964 (Spring # 1 - )

HOT CARS The Street Freaks’ Guide (Engledrum Pub. Corp.)

1982 (October – Lead Foot American Power Features; VG/FN = $8.00 )

1983 (March – New Mopar D / C Parts Look Strong; Chevy Dyno Secrets)

1984 (July – Mike Ragusa Nine-90 1967 Pro Gas Nova)

HOT 4S (Express Pub.; Australian Magazine)

2004 (March # 107 – World's Quickest WRX)



(February – California's Most Customized Coupe; What to do About Fenders ?)

(March – Butane 3,000 Mile Road Test Bares Facts On Fuel by Don Francisco)

(October – Last of the Ford Aluminum Block Engines)


(March – Firepower Street Roadster; True Facts About Horsepower)

(April – LT. Harvey Haller with his Lakester in Hawaii)

(May – Tom Kelly's GMC Engine; 1934 Roadster)

(June – Big Bill Edwards 1940 Ford Coupe; Dual Exhaust Systems)

(July – Glamorized 1929 Pickup Truck; Studebaker V-8 Siata; Arline Hunter with Pontiac Catalina)

(August – Previewing America's Hottest Automobiles; Soap Box Derby Secrets)

(September - Jack Stewart's Olds 88; How To Build a Fuel Injector)

(November – Flat-Heads Battle Rocker-Arms For Supremacy; How To Stage a High School Auto Show)

(December – Bonneville Pictorial 1953; 1932 Roadster; Cars in the Mexican Road Race)


(January – 1927 Model T Roadster; NHRA Presents Revised Rules And Regulations)

(February – Chrisman 163-mph Coupe; Ford Forsakes the Flatheads)

(March – Modern Trends in Styling Transforms the Family Car; Coupes in Competition)

(April – Custom Tips on Pickup Trucks; Modernize your Fuel System for Street and Strip)

(June – Super Styled Studebaker; 1934 Coupe Invades Sports Car Circle)

(July – Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Test a Rod; Souping the 1954 Ford V-8)

(October – Dick Kraft's Roadster; Supercharging)


(January – TV's Dragnet “Big Rod”; Analyzing the Chevrolet V-8)

(March – Special Truck Issue; Pontiac V-8 Engine Analysis)

(April – Fuel Injection for Your Car?; Battery Ignitions)

(August – Ed Losinski's 1929 Roadster; How Potent is Packard's New V-8 ? )


(January – 220-hp Chevy Street Engine; 181-mph Glass Slipper Dragster)

(February – 1955 Chevrolet V-8 Engine Swap; What's With the 1956 Cadillac ?; Studebaker Gets a Face Lift)

(April – Building a Flathead the Right Way – Part 1 ; Rodders Test Golden Hawk)

(May – Building a Flathead the Right Way – Part 2 ; Storming the Beach at Daytona; Road Test – Plymouth V-8 and Dodge 500)

(June – Building a Flathead the Right Way – Conclusion; Indy Pace Car De Soto V-8 Sedan)

(July – Thunderbirds – Street. Strip and Straightaway; Dave Marquez Roadster)

(August – Power Steering Pros and Cons; Gearing for Tops and Torque)

(September – Hot Buick V-8 Engine for Competition; Stock Cars Challenge Pikes Peak;)

(October – 152-mph Prototype Mercury; Test – Stock Corvette)

(November – De Soto Dragster; Revolutionary 1957 Plymouth; World's Fastest 1 / 4 milers in Action)


(February – Engine Adaptors; Test – New Olds 88)


(April – 16-page Roto Pictorial; Test – 300-hp 1958 Ford; Blower Installation)

(July – 6,000 Mile Test – 1958 Olds; Overdrive for Automatics)

(August – 140 More HP for Ford's V-8; Boat Drag Racing)

(October – Mercury's New Pursuit Cars; Superchargers Servicing and Tune-up Tips)

(November – 1959 Plymouth Preview and Test; 1958 National Drags and Bonneville Speed Trials)


(January – Chrisman and Cannon's Award Winning Chrysler Dragster; Ike Iacono's GMC-6; Studebaker New Lark V-8)

(March – Testing the 1959 Buick; Swap Chrysler For Mercury 300-D)

(June – Oldsmobile's Hottest for 1959; Indianapolis 500 Pre-Race Pictorial)

(September – Pontiacs Gun For 400-mph; Pikes Peak on the Spot Coverage; Power Boats Special Section)

(October – Model T Supercharged Showpiece; Chevy V-8 in a Studebaker; 2000-hp Gold Cup Boats)

(December – Mickey Thompson's Challenger l ; Road Test – 1960 Ford Interceptor; Records Breakers Pictorial)


(January – Road Test – Super 88 Oldsmobile; Drag Racing New Rules for 1960)

(February – Road Test – Corvair, Falcon and Valiant; Special Pictorial Coverage – Cars, Boats, Bikes and Karts)

(April – Road Test – Chrysler 300-F; 1960 Land Speed Challenger – 6900 Horsepower Jet Rod)

(May – High Horsepower Falcons; Road Test – Pontiac Tempest 425-A; Make a 400-Incher of Your 283 Chevy)

(June – Hot Chevys For Indy; Road Test – Comet VS Rambler; Latest VW Hop-up Kit)

(July – Best Roadster in the Nation Chuck Krikorian's 1929 Ford; Supercharging the Compacts; Install a V-8 in Your Falcon)

(August - Special Big Engine Section; Chevy V-8 in a Comet; Stroker Kit for Corvair)

(September – Oakland Show Street Roadster Champ; Pikes Peak Race Pictorial; Top Contenders for 1960 Nationals)

(October – Joe Cruces Model T Coupe; V-8 for a Valiant; Jet Car Shadoff Special Assaults World Record)

(November – Impala Customs; Bonneville America's Fastest Rods; Road Test – Pontiac's Hot Compact Tempest)

(December – Complete Coverage National Drags; Road Test – 1961 Ford 375-hp V-8)


(January – 1927 T Roadster; Road test – Lancer 225 Aluminum 6)

(March – Roto Pictorial Movietown T's; Dune Buggies; Pontiac Optional Big V-8)

(April – Charles Kearney Model T Roadster Best Appearing Car; Chevy New 409 cu. in. V-8)

(June – A.J. Foyt in Bowes Seal Fast Special; Modifying GM's Little V-8; Road Test – Triumph 500cc)

(November – 1961 National Championship Drags; Ford New 221-inch V-8; Bonneville Results)

(December – Tommy Ivo's 32 Cylinder Roaring Dragster; Buick's all New V-6; Pictorial – Bonneville)


(January – 134-mph Chevy Powered Street Pickup; Road Test – 1962 Corvette 327 cu. in. 360-hp)

(February – Bob Tindle's 1934 Ford Sedan “orange Crate”; 1962 Drag Race Rules; Road Test 405-hp Chrysler 300H)

(March - The Highland Plating Special; 106-mph Corvair; Chevy ll 360-hp Exclusive Details)

(July – Ford Cougar 406 Details; How To – Buick Aluminum V-8 in a Comet; Low Down on 4-Speeds)

(October – Bob Urquhart's T-De Soto; First Report – 1963 Corvette Sting Ray)


(August – XR-6 and Lockheed F-104 Jet; What Really Happened at the Indianapolis 500; Fairlane V-8 in a Healy)

(October – 407-mph Spirit of America; 1964 Cars Tech Analysis)


(June – Craig Breedlove Builds a Dragster Spirit ll; Comerts on the African Safari; Road Test – Ford's Hottest Mustang)

(September – Big John's 150-mph Coupe; Hot Ones Ready for the Nationals; Pikes Peak Hillclimb)

(October – Preview the 1965 New Cars; Modifying the V-8 Mustang; V-8 Power for Corvairs)

(November – Don Garlitts 200-mph Top Fuel and his Speed Secrets; Bonneville and the National Drags; Supercharging the Mustang)

(December – Steve LaBonge's 1929 Model A Touring; Forg 289 to Volvo Swap)


(January – Full Details on Ford's Overhead Cam 427 Hemi; World Record Jet Cars in Color)

(February – 200-mph Top Fuel Action; Barracuda Formula S; Newest Drag Boat Engines)

(May – Fred Marasco Perfect to a T Roadster; Daytona 500; Road Test Buick Gran Sport)

(June – Bill Burke's Streamliner for 300-mph; Cross Country Test – 327 Marlin Fastback; Landry's 140-mph A / FX Dodge)

(August – Connie Kalitta's Dragster in the Wind Tunnel; How Ford Broke rhe Offy Grip;)

(September – Complete Tech Analysis of Pontiac Tempest Belt Driven OHC-6; Hot Rod's 2nd Annual Drags)

(December – Is This the 1967 Corvette ? ; Road Test – Dodge Street Hemi; Plymouth Fast and Funny Cars)


(January – Breedlove's 600-mph Record and Other Bonneville Giants; Road test – Dodge Charger)

(February – John Dallafior Smokes Off the Line; Mopar 273 V-8; Road Test – 396 Chevelle S / S)

(April – Mercury Comet 1700 lb. Super Funny Car; Auto shop Series – Engine Bearings; Road Test – 289 V-8 Ranchero)

(May – Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile Twin Engine 4-Wheel Drive Fuel Burning Smoker; Street and Strip Test – 327 Chevy El Camino)

(June – Car Creator George Barris – Batmobile, Fireball 500, Out of Sight ZZR and F.L.U.S.H. Cycle)

(July – Special Oval Track Issue; Test and Tech Anallysis – Ford Street 427 Fairlane)

(August – Special Section on Dune Buggies, 4-Wheel Drive and Home Built Cars; NHRA Spring Nationals)

(September - Special Section on Ski Boats; Blueprinting Chevy 327; Sneak Preview of 427 Ranchero)

(October – Tom “Mongoose” McEwan Top Fuel Hot Rod Drags; The Swingin' 1967 Cars – a New Heard of Sporty Models)

(November – New Car Performance Guide; Racing Wrap-up – Bonneville, NHRA and NASCAR Drags)

(December – Special Section on Street Roadsters; Exclusive Test – 383 V-8 Barracuda)


(January – 520-hp from 305 Ford on Gas With Bolt On Gurney Weslake Heads; Chevy Hottest Camaro S / S 350)

(February – Ford Indy V-8 Powers 1967 Mustang to New FIA Speed Records; Dodge 440 R / T; Firebird 400)

(March – Paula Murphy in “Miss STP” Mustang Funny Car; Performance Test – Mustang 390 GT 4-Speed)

(April – Jim Bishop's 1955 Chevy D / Gasser; 427 Chevy Aluminum Heads; NASCAR Mercury Specialist Bud Moore)

(May – Vincent and Joseph Granatelli With Indy Car; 435-hp Vette – Hottest Stocker)

(June – Mickey Thompson 565-hp from 350-in.Chevy Indy Engine; AM's High Performance Rambler)

(July – America's Most Beautiful Roadster – Bob Reisner's Twin Pontiac V-b Roadster; Chrysler Magic from Keith Black)

(August – Hot Rod Drag Top Fuel Eliminator “Hawaiian”; A.J. Foyt and Ford at Indianapolis Win Again)

(September - “Biig John” Mazmanian's New AA / GS Threat; Tech Interview – Chevrolet's Zora Arkus-Duntov; NHRA Spring Nationals)

(October – Full Details of the Race Styled 1968 Corvette; Tech Analysis of the 1968 Cars)

(November – Gas Ronda's 1968 Mustang Top Fueler Funny Car; : Beep ! Beep ! Plymouth Road Runner)

(December – Chevrolet's Zora Arkus-Duntov and Secret Engines; Shop Series – Ignitions)


(January – Special Anniversary Issue – 20 Years of Hot Rodding !)

(February – Mopar Clinic Team of Sox and Martin Gears for 1968; GTO VS Firebird)

(March – Pontiac's McKellar Reveales Why OHC V-8 May Be in Production Again; Mustang 428 Cobra Jet )

(April – John Dianna and the Trend in Stock Cars; NHRA and AHRA Winter Championships; Road Test – Dart GTS 340)

(May – Granatelli and Lotus Turbine at Indy 500 by artist Joe Henning; Chevy's 1968 1 / 2 Hot Options)

(June – Ford's Exotic New V-8's for all Racing Clesses; Interview – Dave Zeuschel)

(July – Hot Rod Magazine Drags Top Fuel win for Steve Carbone; Project Car – Road Runner; Test – 390 Ranchero)

(August – Dirt Track Racing Midwestern Style; Art Afron's Supersonic Jet Car; Performance Test – 390 AMX)

(September – Don Nicholson's Mercury Cougar Funny Car “Eliminator”; 600+ From Chevy's 427; Interview Chris Karamesines)

(October – Mickey Thompson Proves 1968 Mustang Mach 1 Performance With Bonneville Endurance Tests; Performance Analysis of 1969 New Cars)

(November – Vic Hickey's “Boot” Off Road Runner; Road Test – Shelby Mustang GT 500-KR;NHRA Nationals)

(December – Chevy's all Aluminum 427; Test – 4-Speed Barracuda 340;Dick Smothers on Racing)


(February – Chrysler 1969 Hemi Charger; Low Budget 396 Chevy Tricks)

(March – Valuable Dune Buggie Building Tips; Interview – Andy Granatelli; Strickler's Chevy Tricks)

(May – Pontiac's New Tunnel Port 400; Power By Flow Testing; Action at Daytona 500)

(July – Oldsmobile Aluminum Can-Am 455; Exclusive Look at Oldsmobile Experimental Engines; Interview – Mickey Thompson)

(September – First of the 1970 Muscle Cars – Ford Torino – Plymouth Barracuda – Dodge Challenger – Montego Spoiler)

(December – Automatic Transmission Dyno Simulates Racing Abuses; Test – Dodge Challenger 440)


(March – 1970+ Camaro 350 Z / 28; Budget Performance – Duster 340)

(April – Mickey Thompson's Monocoque Mach 1 Funny Car; AHRA and NHRA Winter Nationals)

(May – Exclusive – Buick's Experimental V=8's; How To 572-hp from 32-Chevy)

(June – Exotic Racing Carburetors: Profile – Eric Rickman)

(July – Grumpy Jenkins New Pro Camaro; Profile – Gas Ronda; VW Big Bore Kits)

(September – Buggies – New Generation of Street Roadsters; Inside an Indy Ford; USAC Doubleheader Championships and Stocks)


(March – Mickey Thompson Titanium Pinto Funny Car; Huff and Sanders Vega Funny Car; Potent Pintos for the Street)

(April – Super All Star Scene 1971 Funny Car Issue)

(May – Don Garlits Three Rules of Rear Engine Design; First Tech Report – 366 Chevy and Ford Drag Engines)


(July – Tocco, Harper and Garten's Rat Powered Roadster; 2nd Annual Street Rod Nationals)

(August – Moser Dual Overhead Cam Heads for Small Block Chevy; Street Rod Nationals; Wild West Coast Vans)

(September – Barry Setzer and Kelly Brown 220-mph Vega Funny; Best New Car Buys of the Year)

(October – Mallicoat Brothers Twin Turbo Hemi Barracuda BB / A; Street Rod of the Year; Best of the 1972 New Cars)

(November – Jack Chrisman's Rear Engine Sidewinder Funny Car; Shop Series – Manifolds; Street Rod Nationals)


(January – Ted Spehar's “Motown Missile Pro Stock Barracuda; Shop Series – Rings; Turbo Chevy 898-hp Gas Rat)

(February – Racings New All Aluminum Engine; Street and Race Carburetion Guide; Road Test – Buick 1972 Stage 1)

(March – Wild West Coast Vans; Roadsters – Street Drag, Bonneville and Show; Shop Series – Connecting Rods)

(April – All the 1972 Funny Cars; Sneak Peek – 1973 Chevelle; Interview – Shirley Muldowney)

(May – Don Nicholson 351 Pinto Pro Stock; Shop Series – Ignitions; Speed Equipment Outlawed ? - Pennsylvania Crisis)

(June – Sam Gianino's New Drag Team; Giant Chevy Section; Shop Series – Exhaust Systems; NASCAR Roundup)

(July – Aluminum V-8 Vega; Junkyard Buyer's Guide; Special Subcompact Roundup; Shop Series – Rearends)

(August – Special Wild Street Corvette Section; Ford's 351 Engine Family; How To Build Your First Engine – Part 1)

(September – Barry Setzer Space Era Dragster; Aluminum Big Blocks – 426 Hemi VS Chevy 430; How To Build Your First Engine – Part 2)

(October – Best Buy of the 1973 New Cars; Street Rod Nationals Detroit; How To Build Your First Engine – Part 3)

(November – Harold Buckley's 1969 Falcon – Hot Rodder's Most Common Mistakes; Used Muscle Car Buyer's Guide; How To Build Your First Engine – Part 4)

(December – Grumpy Jenkins Vega Funny Car; 1973 Performance Parts Preview; Shop Series – Clutches)


(June – Junior Johnson's NASCAR Chevy and Pit Crew; Van Test – Chevy, Ford and Dodge; How an Engine Works – Part 2 ; Shop Series – Painting Your Car)

(August- Special Section Trucks and Vans; How an Engine Works – Part 4 ; Shop Series – Basic Engine Physics and Math)

(November – Don Schumacher's New Wonder Wagon Funny Car; VW Low Buck Hop-up; Shop Series – Headers)

(December – Model Colleen Camp and Performance Parts for 1974; New Rotary Corvette; Shop Series – Ignition Trouble Shooting)


(January – Mopar Engine Swapping Guide; Project Chevy ll; Shop Series – Bolts and Torquing)

(February – First West Coast Van Nationals; NASCAR – Wood Brothers; Shop Series – Carburetor Trouble Shooting)

(March – 1955 – 1957 Chevy Special Section; What to do When Your Car Won't Start; Shop Series – Shock Absorbers)

(May – Chevy 4-Valve Small Block Heads; How To Build Car Ramps; Shop Series)

(June – Andy Brizio's Twin Mazda Instant Deuce; Car Show Toronto; Ford V-8 Mustang ll; Shop Series – Automatic Transmissions)

(July – Corvette Special Section; Datsun B210 Supercar; Shop Series – Emission Systems part 1)

(August – Trucks and Vans Special Section; Antique National Drags; Shop Series – Emission Systems part 2)

(September – Those Awful, Awful Fuel Altered Fuels; Special Paint Section; Shop Series – Emission Systems part 3)

(November – Wild Street Freaks; 1974 Street Rod Nationals; Shop Series – Wheel Alignment)

(December – John Buttera 's 1926 T Sedan SRN Prizewinner; Wild 26tth Bonneville; Shop Series – Carb Tuning Tips)


(February – Jet Dragster Are Back After a 12 year NHRA Ban; Shop Series – Arc Welding part 2)

(March – Stan Alexanders 1909 V-8 Model T; 560-hp from a 302 Chevy; Shop Series – Gas Welding)

(April – Richard Petty the Man and His Cars; The Death of the Z / 28;Detroit Car Show; Ignition Buyers Guide and How To)

((May – TV Tommy Ivo IN Top Fuel at Winternationals; Vega Engine Mods; Daytona 500)

(June – Don Blair's C.R.A. Champion Sprint Car; Dodge Project Van; )

(July – Harris Kern's 12-Second Chevelle; Racers and the Metric System; Street Rod West Nationals)

(August – Trucks and Vans Special Section; Corvair Dyno Series; Experts Show How 600-hp Chevrolet Heads)

(September – Dick Landry's 575-inch Milodon Mastodon; Mongoose VS F-14 Tomcat; 428 Cobra Jet Blueprint)

(October – Brogie and Silvera's C / Altered Anglia; Chevy Racing Parts Book; Summernationals)

(November – Special Vans Issue; 1976 Car Report; Indy Nationals)

(December – Grumpy Jenkins Pro Stock Monza; 1975 Street Rod National; Bonneville Speed Week)


(January – Corvettes and Vans Special Issue)

(April – Buying (the right way) Performance Parts; How To Set Up a Home Workshop)

(May – Jeff Scozzaro's 1969 Road Runner Street Freak; Wild Street Machines Issue)

(June – George Harrrington's Monza “fever”; History of GTO; Upholstery for Beginners)

(July – Tale of Two Capris; 10 Greatest Rods; Tune-up Tools for Beginners)

(August – Vans Special Section; Pinto Handling Parts; 351 Ford Engine Hop-up)

(September – Pontiac all New 302 V-8; Street Freakout Section; How To Build a 355-inch Street / Track Chevy)

(October – VW Rabbits; 1977 New Car / Street Freak Preview;Bowling Green Van-in 1976)

(November – Spectacular Events Coverage; Street Rod Repro Parts Guide)

(December – Chevy and Corvette Giant Section; Van Interiors; Paint Detailing)


(January – Big Stan Johnson 1955 Chevy Shoebox; Drag Racing Calendar Centerfold; New Street Rod Repro Parts)

(February – Junkyard Jamboree – How To Find Select and Adapt Used Parts; Goodyear Blimp Fly Test)

(March – All New Pontiac Cam Am and Packer GT; Backyard Fiberglass Bolt-ons)

(April – Gratiot's Easy To Assemble Track-T Kit; Chevy 501-hp Screamer; Buick 350-inch Bracket Buildup)

(May – 16-pages Backyard How To's; Daytona 500 Race Report; 4 X 4 Tests – Chevy, Ford and Dodge)

(June – Those Fabulous Fords; How To Select Street Carbs and Manifolds)

(July – Pickups, Vans and 4 X 4 Highriders; NASCAR's Petty's Dodge; King of the Funny Cars Don Prudhomme)

(August – 3 – 1 Chevy ll; New Series – Bracket Racing America – This Month Ohio; Tool Guide)

(September – Corvette Special Section; Street Guide to Turbos; Bracket Racing – Michigan)

(October – Special How To Section – Backyard Tech Tips; Blown Chevy Engine Buildup; Bracket Racing – Indiana and Illinois)

(November – Street Freaks and Rods 20-page Photo Coverage; Small Block Chevy Guide ; Bracket Racing – Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas and Louisiana)

(December – Wild Chevys and Corvettes Special Section; How To Build a Street Freak; Bracet Racing – Maryland, New Jersey ,New York and Pennsylvania)


(January – 30 th Anniversary Issue – The Hot Rod Story part 1; Buick's 355-hp V-6 Tech Buildup; Fat Tire Buying Guide; Bracket Racing – California, Oregon and Washington)

(February – New Look Street Machines; 10 Best Street Rods; Hot Rod Story part 2)

(March – Fun Truck Buildups; Top 40 Bracket Cars; Street Rod of the Year)

(April – Supercars 1960-1980's; Pontiac Turbo Trans Am; Turbo How To Chevy 454)

(May – Giant Corvette Section ; America's Best Roadster;The First Offy V-8)

(July – Phil Cool's 1932 Highboy Roadster; Sneak Preview – 1979 Ford Turbo Cobra; Street Rods and Mean Machines Kit Cars)

(August – Carroll Shelby and the 1979 Mustang; Street Freaks – The Blown, The Bad and the Outrageous)

(September – Chevy Fever ; 611-hp Small Block Chevy; First Coverage – Street Machine Nationals)

(October – Bill Porterfields Mid Engine Oldsmobile 442; Street Machine of the Year; George Barris – King of the Customizers)

(November – Steve Group's Outrageous Street Rod; 10-Second Street Corvette; The Wild Bunch – Super Street Section)

(December – Mustangs Facts and Photos and Buyers Guide; Guide To Bracket Race Kit Cars; NHRA / Winston World Finals)


(January – Chevy Supercars; Chevy Performance Parts Guide; Test – Mustang Turbo; New Hot Rod Shop Series)

(February – Pontiac Trans Am; How To Build a Street Camaro;Back to Basics Carb tuning)

(March – Flames – Hot Licks and Paint Tricks; Super Section – Headers and Mufflers)

(April – Shawn Steele's 1955 Chevy Bracket; Test – Z28 Camaro; NHRA Winter Nationals)

(May – Craig Dodd's Early Supercharged Corvette; Project Mustang – Ford 289 Blueprint; Hot Rod Nationals)

(June – Tom Hoover's Corvette Funny Car; Factory Exclusive Fuel Injected Turbo Corvette; Hot Rod Nationals; Shop Series – All About Clutches)

(July – Gary Kollofski's 1936 Willy and Bill Porterfield's 1924 Model T ; special 1955-1957 Chevy Section)

(August – 1965 Mustang Fastback and Mustang Project Car; Rod Test – Blown Street Test; Shop Series – Fuel Injection)

(September – Camaros – The Full Story 1967-1980; Ford Turbo V-8 Mustang; Street Machine and Rod Nationals; Shop Series – Supercharging)

(October – All Aluminum Chevy V-8; Top 10 Street Machines; Mopar – Project Road Runner)

(November – Muscle Car Madness; Street Rod Parts Roundup; 25 th Indy Nationals; Shop Series – Ignition Basics)

(December – Street Buildups Rod and Machine; 10 Best Musclecars; Giant Christmas Buyers Guide; NHRA World Finals)


(January – Chevy Nomads 1955-1957; Complete Engine Swapping Guide; Project Mustang – Road Test; Shop Series – Hot Rod Math)

(February – Corvette Fever; Beginner4's Guide to Drag Racing; Shop Series – Suspension Basics)

(March – Trans Ams – 1980 Turbo Test, 301-455 Power Mods and The Trans Am Story; Top 10 Street Rods)

(April – 1955 Chevy Kit Car; Exhaust Systems; How To Use Tune-up Instruments)

(May – Don Hardy's Blown V-8 Vega; 675-hp Small Block Chevy; Super Tuning Holley Carbs)

(June – 9 Second Arntz Cobra Replica; Muscle Cars Past Present and Future; Chevy Factory Performance Update)

(July – How To Paint Your Car; World's Fastest Street Camaro; Ford Street Blower Kits)

(August – Mail Order Street Rod; Vega 4-Cylinder Hop-up Tricks; Chevy Big Block Bracket Racers)

(September – 1981 Z28 Camaro and 1969 Z28 Camaro; Street Machine and Hot Rod Nationals)

(October – Complete Guide to Fuel Economy; 1980's Top0 Show Cars; All About Clutches)

(November – Street Freaks Super Section; How To Buy a Used Supercar; Shop Series – Fuel Economy)

(December – Mustangs – GT350 History, Restoration and Road Test; Top 10 Small Block Supercars)


(January – Model Louann Fernald with 1955 Chevy; Chevy Classics; Ford Performance Parts Guide)

(March – Ford's 1981 1 / 2 EXP Notchback and Mercury LN7 Bubbleback; Special Section – Tool and Workshop Ideas)

(April – Angelika Storm and Ted Mahon with 1934 BFGoodrich Delivery Sedan; Budget Kit Cars; Pro Gas Mopar part 1)

(May – Mean Street Corvettes; Street Twin Turbo Setup; Pro Gas Mopar part 2)

(June – Herb Evan's Cheverra; Super Section – Handling, Mods and Parts; Indy Stock Block Chevys; Pro Gas Mopar part 3)

(July – Cruisin'; Parking Lot Racing; Return of the Yenko Camaro;)

(August – Rebirth of Supercars – Mercury LN7, Dodge Charger, Chevy Cavalier and AMC Spirit; New Street Superchargers)

(September – Wild Street Chevys; Street Machine and Hot Rod Super Nationals)

(October – How To Build Street Engines for the 1980's; Road Test – Mustang 302 4-Speed; Super Hot Street VW's)

(November – Mustang Magic – Heritage, Street and Handling; Mustang Guide 1964 1 / 2 To 1981;Shop Series – Clutch Basics)

(December – 1982 Camaro Z28; Street Customs; New Holley Carb Kit)


(January – Tribute to the 1957 Chevy; New Chevy Performance Parts Guide)

(February – Street Heroes – Mean Machines; Aluminum Ford and Chevy Small Block Engines; How To Blueprint Your First Engine part 1)

(March – Chip Hornbeck's 1971 Nova; 1982 Street Rtod Buyers Guide; How To Blueprint Your First Engine part 2)

(April – Saturday Night Specials at Orange County's Angelo's Drive-Thru; Don Garlits Wild Top Fuel Sidewinder; How To Blueprint Your First Engine part 3)

(May – Trans Ams – Don Prudhomme Funnt Car, 1971 Muscle Car Test and Trans Am Heritage; Giant Ignition Buyers Guide; Inside Look Daytona 500)
(June – June – Likttle Guy Racers Bracket Cars; Z28 Camaro Indy Pace Car; Giant Intake Manifold Guide)

(July – Home Built Supercars – 1933 Ford Roadster and Contemporary Classics Cobre Kit Car; Z28 Vs Mustang GT VS Trans Am Vs Capri)

(August – 50 Golden Years of Dueces; Trans Am and Mustang Suspension Mods)

(September – Mean Muscle Machines; Street Machine and Hot Rod Super Nationals; 75-hp Chevy Bolt On)

(October – New Engine Swaps – Big Block Camaros and V-6 Performers; 1983's Hottest cars)

(December – Greg Rea's Super 1968 Camaro; 1983 Thunderbird New NASCAR Bullet; 1983 Factory Power Parts)


(January – Chevy Cruisers; Bow Tie or Turbo – Which Chevy Head is Best? ; How To Narrow Rearends)

(February – Mike Mattern's 1971 Satellite; New Chevy Parts; Exotic Banzai Runners)

(March – Arnold McKee's 1969 Camaro Z28 in Action; New Ford Race Parts; 20 Race and Street Tips; Test Flashback – ZL-1 Camaro)

(April – George Boskovich's 1969 and 1970 Mustangs; Street Machine of the Year; Test – Paxton Blown Nova)

(June – 1950's Flashback – Classic Chevys and Early Fords; 10 Best Mustangs Ever)

(July – Super Street 1969 Chevelle Concept; Giant Bolt On Parts Issue; Pro Gas NORCAL Style)

((August – Street Blowers; Aluminum Engines – Parts and Pieces for all Makes)

(September – Saturday Night Specials at Rae's in Santa Monica; Street Machine Nationals; Twin Turbo 10-second GTO)

(October – Street Supercars – Wally Larsen's 1982 Camaro, Rick Dyer's 1959 Corvette, Greg Csernai's 1967 Mustang and Ken Gold's 1970 Plymouth Cuda)

(November – Who's the New Chevy King – Lee Shepherd or Frank Iaconio ?; Carter Carb Tuning Tips)


(January – Tom and Cindy Rice's 1968 Camaro; High Tech Parts Guide; All About Nitrous Kits)

(May – Mustangs – SVO Test, Customs and Engine Swaps; Muscle Car Club Directory)

(August – Andy Granatelli's 220-mph Street Sleeper; How To Build a Street Machine part 1 ; Pontiac Engine Tips)

(September – The T-Bird is Back; How To Build a Street Machine part 2)

(October – Can They Outlaw Hot Rodding ?; What's Hot For 1985; Hot New Cars; 100 New Parts; How To Build a Street Machine part 3)

(November - Mr. Gasket's Aero Comaro – How To Build a Street Machine Conclusion; Return of the Ohio Gassers)


(January – Hot Trucks ! ; What's New in Street Cams; Roadster For Oakland “Black Fog” part I)

(February – Speedway Motors Lo-Buck Lo-Bot Kit part 1; Race / Street Road Test – IROC Camaro; Roadster For Oakland “Black Fog” part 2)

(March – How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 1; Speedway Motors Lo-Buck Lo-Boy Kit part 2)

(April – Race Car Tech Hits the Streets; Hot Rod Super Nationals; Speedway Motors Lo-Buck Lo-Boy part 3;How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 2)

(May – Engine Swaps – Basic How To, Complete Kit Directory and Chevy-Datsun 240Z Engine Swap; Speedway Motors Lo-Buck Lo-Boy part 4; How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 3)

(July – Fat (1936-1948) Attack; Hot Custom Wheel Ideas; How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 5)

(September – 1986 Ford Mustang GT VS 1986 Chevy IROC Camaro; New Mopar 426 Hemi Tech; How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 7)

(October – 1986 Muscle Cars – What's Hot and What's Not; Blowers VS High Compression; How To Paint Your Car Start to Finish part 8)

(November – Pro Street – Who's Kidding Who ?; Sema Show Edition – Hot New Parts for 1986; New Mopar Aluminum Heads)

(December – 10 Most Overlooked Street Machines; Sneak Peek – Dodge Dakota; Bonus “Ford Motorsports” T-Shirt Transfer)


(February – Outrageous Trucks Color Section; New NASCAR Fastbacks)

(March – 10 Easy Do It Yourself Modifications; 350 IROC Camaro VS Mustang GT)

(April – Carroll Shelby's GLHS and GT 350; Mustang Mania; 1986 Turbo Car Tests)

(May – Custom Paint – New Designs; Oldsmobile's “W” Machines; Buick's 1986 Turbo Regal is Fastest Production Car)

(July – Power Tuning – Giant How To Section; Battle of the Mini GT's – Chevy Z24, Escort Gtand Toyota GT-S)

(September – Chris Cole's 1969 RS Camaro, Jody Davis 1955 210 Post and Milton Ledford Jr. 985 Corvette- Chevy Super Cars; Bolt On Disc Brakes for Chevelles)

(October – 1987 Hot New Performance Cars – Dodge Daytona, Ford Mustang GT and Firebird Formula; Indy Super Nationals)

(November – Special Issue – Auto Electronics; New Dodge Shadow; Brent and Terrie Hajek;s Fabutous Ford Collection)

(December – The Top 10 Cars of 1986; 10 Best Hot Rods Ever; Road Test – Shelby Charger GLHS and Toyota Supra Turbo)


(January – Happy Birthday Chevrolet 75 Years – Special Issue)

(March – Gas War – Living With Unleaded; 650 Olds Big Block; 9-Second Factory Mustang)

(April – First Swimsuit Issue; Octane Boosters – What Works; Don Garlits Races Navy F-18 and Wins)

(July – 1966 Mustang; Milestone Muscle Cars – 1970 Dodge Challenger T / A and 1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR; Road Test – Fiero GT and Mazda RX7)

(August – Street power combos; “black Widow” Chevy's 1957 Race Car; Scott DaPron's1970 428 SCJ Cobra Torino; Road Test – 1987 Trans Am GTA and 1987 Nissan 300ZX Turbo)

(September – Blueprint for Pro Street 1969 Camaro; Super Nationals; 1966-1967 396 Chevelles)

(November – Super Car Summer Coverage; 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge; Road Test – 1988 Shelby CSX)

(December – Hot Rod's Route 66 Tour in a 1962 Corvette; Hot Rod's Annual top10 Cars of the Year)


(January – 40 th Anniversary Special Issue; Route 66 Tour part 2)

(February – Fat Attack – Ford and Willys; Gassser History; Trick Street Cars; Route 66 Tour part 3)

(March – Graphic Attack; 383 GTS Dart; Route 66 Tour Conclusion)

(April - 2nd Annual Swimsuit Issue; Bracket Racing Basics; 10-Second 5.0-Liter Street Mustang)

(May – Bill Bagshaw's 440 Duster; Engine Swaps How To; Hot News for the 1990's)

(June – Horsepower Shootout – Superchargers, Nitrous and Turbos; The Bogus Parts Scam; Centerfold – Penskie-Donohue Trans Am Camaro)

(July – New Trend – Mini Trucks Galore; Over 50 Slick and Simple Tricks; 1966 Fairlane GT 390 / 427)

(August – Randy Hanshaw's1983 Blown Rat-Motored Camaro; Hottest Acts in Drag Racing; Smog Legal Hi-Performance Parts)

(September – Super Nationals Celebrate 10 Years – Over 75 Full Color Photos)

(October – Judd Brunner's Chevelle; Giant Preview – 1989 Performance Cars; Road Test – Ford's New Supercharged T-Bird)

(November – Supercar Summer 2 – Season's Greatest Events; New 4-Cam 1989 Corvette Engine; 1968 ½ 428 Cobra Jet Mustang)


(January – Pontiac Banshee Firebird; Future Rod Concepts; Hi-Tech Horsepower and Suspensions)

(February – Power Combos; Bolt On Street Electronic Fuel Injection; Flow-Testing Heads)

(March – 25 Years of Mustang Mania; Budget Chevy 350 Hi-Powered 372-cid Ford)

(July – ZZ Top Cadzzilla; Road Test ZR-1 Corvette; Evolution of the Custom Car)

(September – Best of the Super Nationals 1989; The Truth About Camshafts; 1962 409 Chevy)

(October – Easy Engine Building Ideas; 679-ci 1949 Ford; Street Machine Nationals)

(November – Muscle Car Summer; More Readers Rides; Supercar Collection)

(December – Best of Hot Rod 1989; The Best of the 1980's; Ignition Curve Basics)


(January – Collectibles – Automobilia, 1950's Flashback and 1960's Stuff; Wild Street Truck Special Section)

(March – Pavement Buckling Power Plans; Thumper Factory Torque Engines; Mike Cook's 1989 Thunderbird)

(April – Swimsuit Issue; 1932 ZR-1 Roadster; Best of Street Rodding)

(May – Wheel and Tire Roundup; Chevy GTZ- Indy Pace Car;NHRA Winter Nationals)

(June – Mark Shaffer's 1968 Camaro; Homegrown How To's; 1932 ZR-1 Rod Test)

(August – More Readers Rides and Terror Trucks; Super Truck Centerfold – 1956 F-100)

(September – Best of the Super Nationals; ZZ Top Cadzzilla; Centerfold – 1960 Chevy Impala)

(December – Best of Hot Rod 1990; Swimsuit of the Year; Street Grand Nationals)


(February – Wild Street Outlaws; 10 Most Affordable Muscle Cars;Jim Wise's 1932 Deuce)

(March – Special Paint and Body How To; New 32-Valve Rat Motor; Electronic VS Point Ignition)

(April – Swimsuit and Rock and Roll Issue; Special How To Section; Degree your Cam; Free Swimsuit Poster)

(June – Hot Terror Trucks; 10 Best Bolt On's; More Paint Tricks)

(July – Modified Muscle Cars; 75 Best Ever Tech Tips; Hot Metal Cruisers; Used Parts Buyers Guide)

(October – Budget Power Combos; Giant 1955 – 1957 Chevy Section; 1992 Performance Car Preview)

(November – Giant Street Engines; New Paint Stripping How To; Carl Kamin's 1965 Nova)

(December – Best of Hot Rod 1991; How to Build Your Own Street Machine; 700-hp Street Corvette)


(January – 1933 Willys; Emissions Survival Guide; Muffler Shootout)

(March – Big Block VS Small Block; New Parts for 1998; Tech – Interior How To and Legal Exhaust Systems)

(April – Swimsuit Spectacular Issue; How To Pass a Smog Test; New Ford Aluminum Heads)

(May – Blueprints For Speed; Homemade Tools for Pennies; Lightweight Parts for the Street)

(June- Giant How To Section; Bolt On Fuel Injection; Wild Street Trucks)

(September – Best of the Super Nationals; Fastest Street Cars in America; Hot Camaro Tech Info)

(October – Factory Engine Shootout – Chevy VS Ford VS Mopar; Street Machine Nationals; 1993 New Car Preview)

(November – More Pages of Street Machines and Trick Trucks; Easy How To Section)


(January – 1957 Chevy Chezoom; What's Hot for 1993; First Look – 1993 Camaro and Firebird)

(February – Tech Special Issue; 20 Hottest Street Rods of All Time; Ford's Best Musclecars)

(June – Special Driveway How To and Prep and Paint at Home; Rearend Buyer's Guide; How It Works – Transmissions)

(July – Learn From the Legends – Boyd Coddington; At Home Bodywork; How It Works – Rearends Explained)

(September – Brizio's Bitchin' SVO 1932; Best of the Super Nationals; How It Works – Suspensions)

(December – C.K. Spurlock's 1949 Mercury; What's Hot for 1994; 1993 Top 10 Hot Rods)


(February – 1955 Chevy; Pro Advice – Engine Buildind, Drivetrain , Suspension and Handling; Mopar Nationals; 1994 NASCAR Season Preview)

(May – Budget Paint and Body; Indy Car Season Preview; How It Works – Canshafts)

(June – 1971 Plymouth Duster; Pro Street Buyers Guide and Tech; Mig Welding Tips; How It Works – Lifters)

(July – Dave Jensen's 1968 RS / SS Camaro; Power Tuning Camshafts; Cylinder Head Prep; How It Works – Bearings)

(October – 1969 Camaro – Build Your First Car; Induction Buyers Guide; A.j. Foyt's Street Rod;16-page Engine Building Booklet)

(November – 1957 Chevy; Centerfold Calendar Poster; Hot Summer Events;Special Catalog Section)


(March – Complete How To Paint and Body Start to Finish; New Performance Parts for 1993; Camshaft Tech and Buyers Guide)

(April – Swimsuit Spectacular; Tire and Wheel Tech and Buyers Guide; 520-inch Ford Big Block Buildup)

(May – Coolest Street Rods of All Time; Street Rod Parts Buyers Guide; Special Catalog Section)

(July – 519-inch Ford VS 511-inch Chevy VS 499-inch Dodge; 10 Most Common Hot Rod Foul-ups; Induction System Buyers Guide)

(September – Power Festival 1995; 50 Customizing Tips and Tricks; 1961 Oldsmobile 88)


(January – ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons 1950 Ford; Whats Hot for 1996; Special Parts Buyers Guide; 1996 Power Tour Map)

(March – GM's All New Performance Engines; New Performance Parts Guide; Inside a NASCAR Supertruck)

(June – Paint and Body Tips and Tricks; Dodge 450-hp Viper Coupe; Driving an IROC Firebird)

(October – 50 Custom Tips and Tricks; 1955-1957 Chevy Spotter's Guide; Power Tour Photo Album; Exhaust Buyers Guide)


(November – Max Power Street Cars – 967-hp Buick Grand National, 930-hp 1932 Ford, 833-hp-1965 Mustang, 545-hp C4 Corvette and 450-hp Lingenfelter C5 Corvette)


(April - Parts With Appeal – 50 Years of Speed and Beauty; Basic Engine Tech)

(June – Baddest Factory Camaros – 1969 ZL1 Camaro and 1998 SS Camaro; Our Best Photo Outtakes; Secret Chevy's You've Never Seen)

(August – 408 Big Block VS 408 Small Block; 50 All Time Best Hot Rods;Crate Motor Guide – Chevy, Ford and Mopar)

(November – Camaros – LS1 402-ci 530-hp, 1982 Ground-up Restomod, 725-hp 1994 ZL1,5120-ci Generation 4 and 1969 LT1 Ragtop)


(April – Vote for Miss Hot Rod – Pin-ups; Horsepower VS Torque)


(April – Miss Hot Rod 2002 Lisa Ligon with Millennium Kid 1934 Coupe; Top 10 Bargain Project Cars; Paint and Body on a Budget)

(May – Hot Rod Tv's 1966 Chevelle with Candace Clapp; Best Bolt On's; Barry Grant's Newest Demon Carb)

(June - Gray Baskerville 1935-2002; Special Section – Go On Power Tour; Chicago Auto Show)

(July – Bolt On 750-hp; 1974 Bonneville by Baskerville; Inside Chevy's All; New Indy V-8)

(August – 25 New Ways to Build a Small Block Chevy; Rod Test – 2003 Mustang Cobra; Hot Rod Legend Ray Brock 1926-2002)

(September – Limited Edition Hot Rod Magazine 2002 Camaro; LS1Swap for 1967-1969 Camaros; Pick the Perfect Cam)


(January – 1932 Chevy Roadster; 55 Years – Inside the Hot Rod Magazine Archives)

(July – The World's Fastest Cars- NASCAR, Imports, NHRA and More; First Pro Mod in the 5's)


(May – 220-mph 1969 Camaro; 2006 440-hp Cad Blown Northstar V-8; Rat Rods VS Show Cars)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Annual 1982 (The Complete Automotive Directory; 100-page How To Section)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Annual 1983 (Special Car Building Issue – Street Machines, Street Rods, Kit Cars and Bracket Racers)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE - Annual 1984 (Build a Low Dollar Street Machine; Bolt On Parts Guide)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Annual 1985 (Build-ups – Street Machine, Budget Chevy Small Block, Street Rod, Kit Car and Bracket Racer)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Annual 1995 (Budget Builder's Guide; Giant Performance Directory – Parts, Shops and Services)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1982)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1982)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1983)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1984)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1986)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1987)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – The Best of Hot Rod Show World (1988)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Bodywork and Painting (Volume 1 # 6 Performance Series)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Bodywork and Painting (Volume 3 # 3 Performance Series)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Corvette (1977 -1953-1977 Corvette Buyers Guide; Super Features – Street, Competition and Show)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Corvette (1984 – Special Accessory Buyers Guide; How To – Restore, Dress Up, Interiors and Engines)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Cruisin' U.S.A (1986 – 10 of the Hottest Cruise Spots)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Cruisin' U.S.A. (1988 – California Street Mania; Hot Ideas for the Street)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Custom Cars (1982 – The Mild Custom Craze; Special Low Rider Section)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Custom Cars (1984 – George Barris King of the Customizers; Giant Lead Sled Section)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Custom Painting (1983 – Giant Detailing Section; Do It Yourself Spray Booth)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Custom Painting (1984 – Custom Paint and Bodywork Showcase)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Custom Painting (1987 – Super Show Case – Paint and Bodywork Ideas)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Engines (# 2 1978 – Chevy Performance Secrets; Turbocharging Section; Carb Tuning Tricks)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Engines (# 3 1979 – Blown Chevy 350; Mopar 360 Performance Basics; Ford 428; Olds 403)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Engines (1984 – Complete Build-ups – Small and Big Block Chevy's, Ford 302 and Mopar 360; Turbocharging)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – 4 Wheel and Off-Road (1977 – Off-Road Driving Secrets; Bolt On Power and Economy)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Hot Chevys (1994 – Giant 1955-1957 Section; Special Chevelle and Nova Sections)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Hot Customs and Fat Fender Rods (1993 – Giant Rod and Custom Parts Guide; 1950's Styling Ideas)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – How to Build a Street Rod (1999 – 1936 Ford and Rolling Chassis; 100's of Sources for Bodies, Frames Engines and Wheels)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Junior (Rad Racers; Video Games; Go-Karting)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Junior (1995 – Rad Racers; Video Games; Go-Karting)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Junior (1995 – Quick Kids and Cool Cars)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Street Performance Product Guide (1996 – 175 Hot New Products; Hands On Tech for Street Cars)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Street Rod Pictorial (1974 – Many of the Worlds Finest Street Rods)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Basic Bodywork (1965 – Spotlite Book No.557; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Basic Brakes and Suspension (1965 – Spotlite Book No.558; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Basic Cams and Valves (1965 – Spotlite Book No.556; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Basic Fuel Systems (1965 – Spotlite Book No.555; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Basic Steering and Chassis (1964 – Spotlite Book No. 553; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Carburetion Systems by Don Francisco (1961 – Spotlite Books No.516; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Custom Car Engines by George Barris (1963 – Spotlite Book No.530; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Custom Painting Techniques by George Barris (1962 – Spotlite Book No.525; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Library; Custom Upholstering by George Barris (1962 – Spotlite Book No.524; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Technical Magazine; Hot Rod Engine Swaps by Don Francisco (1961 – Spotlite Book No.510; Digest Size Magazine);

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Vans (1976 – How to Custom Build Your Van)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Volkswagen Classics (1981 – Pages of Outrageous Beetles)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Yearbook # 7 (1968 – All the Best From the Year)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Yearbook #13 (1973 – Recapping 25 Years of Hot Rod Magazine)

HOT ROD MAGAZINE – Yearbook (1987 – Giant Chevy Section;Street Rods; Late Models; Pro Street)


2008 – (Spring – Comeback Issue – 1940's 1950's 1960's Rods Kustoms Racers)



# 15 Annual (Killer Rat Motor Vega; Smod Controls – a National Disaster)


# 16 Annual (Spring - Street Blower Special; Milodon Aluminum Small Block; B and M Street Supercharger)

# 17 Annual (Fall – Monster How To Do It Issue – 100 pages of Specs and Analysis)


#18 Annual (Summer – The Complete Book of Super Bolt On Performance Specials)


# 19 Annual (Winter – 1970 Blown Small Block Nova; 1970 440 Fury; 1969 Blown LS-7 454 Camaro; 1967 Shelby GT-350)


1985 (Drags; Track; Off-Road; Motorcycles; Bonus Pull-out Calendar)

HOT ROD SHOW WORLD (International Championship Auto Shows)

1977 Annual (Western Edition – Jack Keef's “Stagefright”)

1979 Annual (Western Edition – Dan Woods “The Mafia Mixer”)

1980 Annual (Western Edition )

1981 Annual Western Edition – The Red Baron Roadster)

1983 23 rd Annual (Western Edition – English Leather Turbo 'T' )

1984 24 th Annual (Western Edition – Knight Rider Trans Am)

1984 / 85 25 th Annual (Western Edition)

1985 26 th Annual (Larry and Judy Murray's Altered 1933 2-door Phaeton)

1986 27 th Annual

1988 28 th Annual (Pete and Jake “Limefire” Roadster)

1989 29 th Annual (Matt and Debbie Hay Pro Street 1988 T-Bird)

1990 30 th Annual (Charles Pettit's 1957 Chevy)

1990 30 th Annual (The New Batmobile)

1990 31 st Annual

1992 32 nd Annual (Gerald Goad's 1934 Chevy Coupe “Stainless and Glass” )

HOT STREET CARS (Harris Pub. Inc.)

1997 Vol.1 # 1 (World;s Quickest and Fastest Car; Mike Moran's 1995 Camaro; Street and Strip Test – Camaro Z28 SS)

HOT STREET AND STRIP CARS (Modern Day Periodicals Inc.)

1988 (April – 1970 468 Nova; 1964 455 GTO; 196128 Falcon; 1970 440 6-pack Challenger; Road Test – Pontiac Firebird and Mustang 5.0 GT)

1989 (April – Wild New York Street Rats; 1989 5.0 Mustang Drag Test; ZR-1 Corvette)

HOTTEST CARS POSTER BOOK (Willowisp Press 1989) – 15 posters)

HOT TRUCK (Petersen Pub. Co.)

1990 August – Mark ans Cathy Cline's 1975 Chevy; New Wave Styles – Body, Graphics and Paint; VF = $10.00)

(December – Dawn Mangrum and Shannon Rae with 502-ci Mark V Chevy Project Truck; 50 Backyard Projects; VF = $10.00)


(February – Kimberly Werden with John Spreitzer's 1956 Chevy Pickup; Lady Truckers)

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR VAN (Daisy / Hi-Torque Pub. Co.)

1978 (November – Complete Guide to Paneling, Grilles, Carpeting, Wheels, Wiring, Insulation and Sub-flooring)

HOW TO DRIVE (C.A.A.) - 1967 (Driver's Handbook)


1974 (Cavalier Texaco Servicenter)

HOW TO HOP-UP YOUR ENGINE (Harle Pub. Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);

1960; (November No.5; Roger Huntington answers Speed Questions; Swapping a Buick into a Mercury);

IMPORT RACER (V-Visionary Pub.)


(June – 1999 Honda Civic EX coupe; HKS Subaru; Head Unit Buyers Guide)


(April – 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse and 1994 Honda Civic; Hollywood New Movie “The Fast and the Furious; FN = $10.00)

(June – Wing's West New Focus; 1000-hp Veilside Supras Unveiled; Citrus Turbo with Nitrous Boost)

(August – APC's Honda Civic; Tuned Luxury Car – Lexus SC400; Interview – Gagu; FN = $10.00)

(October – R.J. De Vera's Latest Creation NSXtreme; Test Drive – Acura RSX Type 5; Evolution Tuned – Luxury Car Performance)

(December – Team Bergenholtz New Race and Show “Enter the Dragon”; Meguiar's M3 Evolution; FN/VF = $10.00)


(April – Audi A4; Essen Motor Show; Interview – Paul Walker)

IMPORT TUNER (McMullen Argus Pub.)


(May – Kyleah Belle with Honda Civic Si; Tokyo Auto Salon 2000; Hot Import Nights)

(June – Jillian Hogan with SR20 Turbo Powered 1995 Nissan 240SX; West Coast Nationals; Veilside Japan Exposed)

(July – Catherine Nguyen with Greddy Turbocharged Street Civic; 100 of the top Tuner Wheels; Skyline GT-R VS The Dynojet)

(August – Aiko Tanaka with 1995 Honda Accord “Kash Money”; Showoff – Hot Import Nights – IAS2000)

(September – Alley Baggett with Her Street Tuned 1993 Mazda RX-7; 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo)

(October – LaKisha Yvonne with Invidia Celica; Bolt Ons for the GS-R and Supra)


(May – Cherie Roberts with 240SX American Silvia; Bolt On Turbo Kits)

(July – Tammy Simone with R2 Autodesign MR2; Annual Wheel Guide;)

(August – Christine Mendoza with American Silvia Conversion; 2001 Acura RSX 200-hp)

(September – Kristen Muranaga with 1997 RX7 Twin Turbo; Body Kit Guide; IDRC East Coast Nationals)

(October – Sharon Sotto with Second Generation Eclipse GS-T; Civic Coupe; Eclipse Spyder; Civic Hatchback)

(September – Tammy Newcomer with Thumpin Integra; Seattle Hot Import Nights; IDRC Palmorle)


(January – Lisa Arroyo with Eastside Eclipse; Exclusive Debut – Acura RSX; NHRA Import World Finals)

(February – Saraq Mitry with Mazda Miata; San Mateo Hot Import Nights)

(March – Mia Guzman with Late Model Prelude; 2002 Race and Show Schedule)

(April – Flo Jalin with CRX “Golden Child”; 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder; 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse)

(September – Lisa Ferrouge with 1995 Integra LS; Back 2 School Issue)

(October – Monica Sylvestre with SX with an SR20; NHRA Houston; NDRA Palmdale; Los Angeles Hot Import Nights)

(November – Tila Nguyen with Typse S takes I-VETC; Idiots Guide to Engines; On the Set and Behind the Scene “Fast and Furious @”)


(February – Sara with 1996 Civic Ex with 18 Best of Show Wins; Coast to Coast Event Special)



1993 (April – Paul Tracy; Complete 1993 Season Preview; Al Unser Junior at Daytona)

INDY CAR SERIES (Haymarket Worldwide Inc.)

2005 (Season Review – Dan Wheldon; Inside Story of Danicamania; The Stars Pick Their Number 1)


2000 (March – Preview Issue – Can Gordon Dominate Again ?; Preview – NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and NASCAR Busch Series)

KART MAGAZINE; CUSTOM CARS (Teen Pub. Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


September Vol.1 No.1; (Detroit's Firebird X-100; 'Villiers' Hop-Up; New Experimental 'Climax');

October Vol.1 No.2; (C-Class Champion Yamaha; Custom Race “Bug”);

KARTING INDUSTRY BUYERS GUIDE 1996 – Covering the Entire Sport of Go-Karting)

KARTING MAGAZINE (Karting Magaqzine U.K.)


(June – Brits do Well at Montpellier 100 and 135)

(September – World Junior Champs; U.K.Cup Snetteron)

(November – World Champions at Laval – 100ccEmmanuel Collard and 135cc Mike Wilson)

(December – RAC Long Curcuit and Super 1 ; Championship Final Rounds; New Kobra Formula E )


(January – Top Junior Technicalities; Indoor Kart Racing)

(February – Rotax 100 Investigated; Hong Kong Kart Prix; TKM 125cc in Production)

(March – Record Breaking Triple Daytone; Focus on 100 and 125 World Champs; USA VS USSR Match)

(April – Trentham Gardens Kart Show; Red Dragon at Home; Titan Racing Bits)

(May – Dino Reveal All; Ope3n Dqay in Denmark; Sirio 50 Zenith)

(June – Euro Champs Round One; Silverstone at Easter; Tecno RV Motor)

(July – Jesolo and Parma European Championships; PCR Atomikart Engine)

(August – Super One Champs – Langbaurgh and Clay Pigeon; Wigan Festival of Speed)

(September – Junior World Champs Zaragoza; Six Wheeled Kart; RAC Open Day)

(October – Silverstone Kart Grand Prix; Physics of Tyres)

(December – Super One Felton Pembrey RAC Champs Final; Latest 250 From Rotax)

KARTING WORLD (Midget and Karting World Inc.; Digest Size Magazine);


April Vol.3 No.2; (Ingels-Borelli Caretta);

May Vol.3 No.3; (R-1 McCulloch Corp.);

KART RACER (Challenge Pub. Inc.)


(Spring – Debut Special Collector's Issue; Richie Hearn Karting Superstar to Indy Racer; Kart Club Association Directory)

(May – Pioneer – Gil Horstman; Product Review – EXAC-TOE alignment Gauge)

(June / July – Patrick Long; Chassis Buyers Guide; Special Dirt Report)

(October – KMI Expo Preview; Racing Tire Tips)



(June – Bill Mathews Diamante; How TO Buy a Used Kit Car; Dallas Kit Car Show)

(August – Radical Chevy Powered Montage; The AHA / Knott's Berry Farm Kit Car Show)

(October – New Spyder California; Special Cobra Replicas; Canadian Kit Car Show)

(December – Corvette Repli-Racer; Motown Magic – The Kit Car Nationals)


(February – 1936 Auburn; Replica – Mercedes 300 SLR; Giant Wheel Guide)


(February – Christie Rodgers With 427 Cobra; The Boston Kit Car Show)

KIT CAR; PETERSEN'S (Petersen Pub. Co.)


(January – Marauder Lola; Duesenberg ll ; Build a Kougar Monza Roadster)

(March – Propane Powered ICG Manta Montage; Driving the Westfield Lotus ll;Wild Cars – The World's Largest Kit Club)

(May – Cobra Fever; Special – Porsche Intermaccanica “D”; Scorpion Camaro Can-Am Kits)


(March – Build a 150-hp VW Engine; Roaring Twenties Stiletto; Custom Seat Buyers Guide)

(May – Cobra – Features, Track Test, Kits and Accessories; Driving – Manta 1955 Corvette and Mazda / Magnum GT)

(September – Garage Scene U.S.A. ; Roaring Twenties Corsair; AHA-Knotts and Eloy Gran Prix)


(May – Cobras – Buyer's Guide, Aluminum Bodied Kits; Rare Early Model Kit Cars)

(September – The Miami Vice Car Start to Finish; 1986 Eloy Gran Prix; Southern California Kit Car Show)

(November – GT-40 Replicas; SAMA Nationals; Columbus Kit Car Show)


(September – NAF 427 Cobra, Exotic Coachcraft Daytona, Antique and Classic 1939 Jaguars and 1936 Mercedes)


(March – Mercedes 300SLR Replica; New 359 Porsche Speedster; Boston Exotic Car Expo 1988; Cruisin America)

(September – 34 Years of Porche; 125+ Kit Cars Buyers Guide; Jaguar XK120)

(November – Cobras – Design for the Future, History GT40 and Daytona Coupe, Replicas from the U.K. And U.S.A.)


(September – Porsche Then and Now; 150 Kit Cars Buyers Guide)


(September – New 928 Spyder; Porsche Replicas – 550 Spyder Turba, 944 Wide Body and 356 Cabriolet)

(November – Cobra Shootout – Shelby VS Replicas; Nostalgia Kits – 1955 Chevy, 1955 T-Bird, 1955 Mercedes and 1936 Ford Pickup)


(January – Ford GT40s; 275+ Kits Buyers Guide; The T-Bucket is Back)

(July – New Cheetah Repro; Classic Replicas – 1932 Ford Woodie, 1934 500K Mecedes; 1955 T-Bird and 1934 Ford Coupe)

(November – Exotics Corvettes Cobras; New British Kits; Past and Future Kits; Parts Catalogs)


(January – Special How To Issue; Thunderbolt Fairlane; Camaro Conversions; 50+ Build-Up Tips)

KIT CAR QUARTERLY (McMullen Pub. Inc.)

1985 (Sping – Camaro Based Stiletto and 1935 Auburn Speedster; Instrumentation Buyers Guide)


1980 (Kelmark GTS, Motorcar Classics Lance and American Fibercrafts Aquila)


1955 (June – Winners All the Way – Popular, Anglia, Prefect, Consul, Zrphyr-6 and Zodiac)


LOWRIDER (Park Avenue Pub. Inc.)


(December – Monique Morales with Joe Mora's 1964 Impala; Mini Trucks I*nternationals Taken Over by Lowriders)


(July – Raquel Maldonado with Luis Orellana's 1985 Cutlass “The Punisher”; Cruisin' Into the Future)

(October – Dee Munoz with Ruben Cadena's 1964 Chevy Impala SS; Show Info – Houston, Fresno, Denver Los Angeles and San Diego)

(November – Claudia Torres with Aldo Saldana's 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo; Show Info – Oregon, Texas, Arizona and California)


(February – Angelica Pamintuan with Carlos Hernandez “House of Pain” Lincolm Mark Vl; Show Info – Japan, Florida Slamfest and El Paso)


(April – Connie Fregoso with DJ's 1963 Chevy Impala; Hot Show Action; Club of the Year)

(July; Snoop Dogg – a Day in the Life; 2004 Car Care Guide)


(July – Lucia Tover with Tim Rodriguez 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible; 2005 Car Care Guide)

LOWRIDER PRESENTS THE GIRLS OF LOWRIDER (2006 – Model Search Winner – Cindy Aguiar)

LOW RIDER TRUCKS; ACTION WHEELS (Starlog Communications)

1990 (1940 Pro Street Chevy; 1950 Chopped Mercury; 1953 Chevy Pickup)


1981 (Fall – Zippin' Zee Camouflaged Corvette; Covina High Roller; Chevy City 1962's)

THE MACK BULLDOG (Mack Trucks Inc.)

1989 Vol.19 # 1 (1990CH600)

MANITOBA MOTORIST (CAA Manitoba Motor League)

1979 (Jan / Feb – Flight of Fancy)


2000; (August – Greenspeed's Jetta Dressed Golf lV; How to – Supercharge Your BMW, Makeover Your Audi Interior and Upgrade Your Volkswagen Intake; FN+ = $10.00)

2001; (May – Supercharged 2000 VW Golf; Events – C.F.S., Essen< Dubfest and Club H2O; VG = $8.00)

2001; (June – Steve Brown's BMW M3; Ultimate Guide For Sonic Excellence; FN/VF = $10.00)

2001 (July – 2001 VW Passat Wagon; Car Shows – L.A., Detroit, Tokyo and Detroit)


1977 (April – Magazine for the Friends of the Three Pointed Star)




1980 (December – Drive Tersting 1981 Chevy LUV; How to Raise a Brat)



(October – Toyota Supra Truck; 1984 Chevy and Ford Trucks; 138-mph Dodge Rampage)


(January – Ford Courier Craze; 4 X 4 Toyota Axle Mod)

MINI TRUCKIN' (McMullen Pub. Inc.)


(Fall – Ana Lewis and Monica Milone with Florida Minis; Invisible Convertible Top Kit; Nationwide Club Listings)


(Winter – Las Vegas Rally; S-10 Bolt On Performance; Events Guide)

(November – Hot Events of 1990; Gas Door Replacement; Centerforce Clutch)


(March – Lisa Martinez with Craig Konno's V-8 Blazer; Bolt On Graphics; Molding Your Bed)

(September – Kristi Garan with Derrick Jhagroo's 1985 Nissan King Cab “24 Karat Cruiser”; Chevy Pickup Trick-up Show)

(November – Rae Beth Plitt with Sam Truitt's Blown 1986 Chevy S-10;Wheel Buyers Guide; West Coast Mini-Truck Nationals)


(November – Brian Jendro's 1975 Toyota Hilux; 1994 Chevy Super Sport S-10; West Coast Mini Nationals; Catalog Buyers Guide)


(February – Yvette Gonzales with 1995 Chevy S-10; Corolina Jamboree; Super Nationals Show)

(March – Ileene Voss with Randy Riggs Nissan 720; First Look – Resolutions 1995; Events – Florida, North Carolina, Nevada and California)

(August – Karen Martin with Craig Howard's 1989 Chevy S-10; Spring California Jamboree; Tech – Walk Thru Jacobs Ignition)

(September – Jenny Anders with Tom McMurdo's 1986 Mazda B2000; Events – Summer Slam, Coalfield Nationals and West Coast 1995)

(October – Kim Hitchcock with Jeff Roberts1991 Toyota; Sizzlin' Summer Events Issue)

(November – Dana Hamilton With Mini Truckin' 1994 Chevy S-10 “Agression”; California Truck Jam 1995)

(December – Rhonda Koch with 1993 Chevy Astro Van; Mini-Van Special Issue; National Events Coverage)


(January – Tonya Poole with Brett Grant's S-10 Pickup; Isuzu's New Hombre Pickup; Coast to Coast Events)

(February – Maribel Lopez with Mjike Murray's 1984 Toyota; Best of Summer Events Issue)


(July – Custom Wheel and Tire Special; Spectacular Shows – Slamboree OK, Halloween Bash TN. And Midwest Truck Nationals KY.)


(June – Shira Moss with Erik Koski's B2200 Mazda; Events – Slam Session, Truckin' Nationals and Southern Showdown)

(October – Candace Clapp with Doug Peliemeier's 1997 Chevy Blazer)


(January – Nikki Zeno with Anthony Chiodo's 1995 Blazer; Best of the Year – Mini-Truck, Show and Club)

(August – Angel Cassidy with Project Desert Dragger; 16-page Suspension Guide)

(October – Coast to Coast Show Special Issue)

(November – Tabitha Taylor with Brent Zuehhlke's1985 Toyota Standard Cab; Events – Slammin' and Jammin' TN., Severed Ties NV. And Summer Madness CA.)

(December – Jeremy English's 1994 Nissan Hardbody; Events – The Big Show VA. Drop Zone 2004 WA. and Mini Truckin Nationals TN.)


(January – Amanda Lee With Jeff Strout's 1995 Toyota Standard Cab; West Coast's Finest Daily Driven and Show)

(February – Chris Starr's 1986 Mazda B2000 Cab Plus Longbed; Events – California, Indiana, Virginia and Hawaii)

(March – Sandee Westgate with Shane Shaffer's 1997 Nissan King Cab; 20+ Hot New Products)

(April – Trent Van Arsdalen's 2004 Chevy Colorado Extended Cab; 2005 Model Year Dream Buildups)

(May – Hayley Schumaker with Marlin Winik's 2000 Nissan Frontier; 13-pages of Show Trucks)

(June – Brad Speir's 1997 Chevy S-10 Extended Cab; 10-Pages of Insane Customs)

(July – Carl Arft's 2002 Ford Ranger; 56 Custom Wheels and Tires for 2005Boyd Coddington – Birth of a Billet Wheel)

(August – Scott Harris's 1994 Chevy S-10; Show Winning Compression Upgrades)

(September – Patrick Reid's 1994 Ford Ranger; Full Blown Custom Chassis Buildup)

(December – Josh Poston's 1997 Nissan Hardbody; 31-pages of Imports)


(February – Brandt Fuqua and Shelly Mayes 1998 Nissan Frontier King Cab; Wildest Shows From All Over the Country)

(March – Shawn Altermott's 1992 Mazda B2200; Learn How To Mount a Motor)

(April – Silver Star Customs Creation “Blazerado”; 24 Must Have Products for 1994)

(May – Masario Shirato' 1973 Toyota Stout From Japan; Worldwide Coverage from Austrailia, Canada and Japan)

(June – Lee Farmer's 1986 Mazda B2200; Suspension Buyers Guide And Tech)

(July – Brian Gillespie's 2005 Chevy Colorado; Midsize Special and Buyers Guide)

MODEL A CLUB OF AMERICA MEMBERSHIP ROSTER(1972); (1974); (1975); (1976 part-1); (1976 Part-2)

MODEL “A” NEWS (Official Publication of the Model “A” Restorers Club)


(Jan / Feb – Robert Hanselman;s 1929 Oval Window Business Coupe)

(Mar / Apr – Harold Smith's 1929 Roadster)

(July / Aug – David Allen Pals 1931 Deluxe Roadster)

(Sept / Oct – Bill Pressprich's 1931 Fordor Phaeton)


(Jan / Feb – 1928 Touring Given to Thomas Edison By Henry Ford)



(February – Special Issue – Sema Show Coverage; World's First RX-8 3-Rotor; NHRA World Finals)

(June – Veilside D1 Silvia S15; Vigoras RX-7; Silforty S13)


2006 (July – Steve Shrader's 1999 GT Coupe; 2005 Handling What you Need to Know)

MOPAR ACTION (Harris Pub. Inc.)


(June – 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger; Road Test – 1970 Dodge Charger Hemi and 440; 1970 Hemicuda)


(December – Race Fever – Drags, Stock Cars and One Lap Of America; 25 th Anniversary Hemi Dart / Barracuda Super Stocks)


(October – Big Block Convertibles; Daytonas and Superbirds at Talladega; Chrysler's NASCAR Secrets)


(April – 500 Mile Hemicuda; Unusual 1969 Plymouth; 200-hp Supercharged Neon)



(July – 1969 Hemi GTX; Coronet R / T Convertible; Gran Coupe Ragtop)


(August – 1970 440 Charger; 1970 Challenger R / T)

MOPAR MUSCLE (Dobbs Pub. Group Inc.)


(Oct / Nov – Top 10 Mopars)


(Feb / Mar – Barracuda's and Challengers; Super Stock Internationals; Mopar Nationals Highlights)

MOTOR (Hearst Magazines Inc.)


(September – A Look at Cars of the 1950's; Service – Hydra-Matic Springs and Shocks)

(October – Owner Criticisms Indicate New Cars Need to be Kept Sold; Different Slant on Winter Service)

(December – Management in a Buyers Market Trade Housecleaning Needed)


(March – Trade Groups Fight to Keep Country on Wheels)

(June – How Dealers Prepare for Sudden Changes; Indianopolis Race)


(June – Here Come Glass Bodies)

THE MOTOR / MOTOR (Temple Press Ltd. U.K.)


(Aug / 11 - Jaguar)

(Dec / 29 – The Standard Eight)


(Mar / 9 – Ford)

(Aug / 10 – Winners All the Way – Popular, Anglia, Prefect, Consul, Zephyr-6 and Zodiac)


July / 10 – Humber Hawk)


(Mar / 25 – New Morris Oxford)

(Apr / 1 – New Zodiac)


*** all dates are for the week ending date***


(Mar / 13 – Used Car Number; New Triumph Sports Cars)

(Mar / 27 – Spot Check Renault 4L)


(December 26 – Model T Streetcar with 300-hp)


(January 2 – 1970 Competition Results; 1971 Calendar of Events)

(January 23 – Karting for Kicks; Vauxhall Viva Tested)

(January 30 – Wankel Engined Mazda R100 !2,000 Mile Report; Simca 1204 Tested)

(February 6 – Fiat 124 Sports Coupe Tested; Motor Test Saloon Car Champion)

(March 6 – Lotus Elan Tested; Hemiheah Cuda)

(March 13 – Owners Survey – Capri 3000 GT; Safety Cars of the Future)

(March 23 – Avenger 12,000 Mile Report; Two Capris Tested)

(April 3 – Jaguar V-12 – Fisrt Full Description)

(April 10 – The Opel Scene; BOAC 1000 Report)

(May 15 – Compare British Middleweights with Continental Competition)

(May 22 – The Turbine Lotus Described; Road Test – Mazda 1300 and Europa)

(May 29 – New Vauxhall Firenza; Monaco Gran Prix)

(June 19 – French Car Number – Le Mans Race)

(July 17 – Britain's Motorways in 1980; Road Test – Mazda RX2 Rotary Saloon)

(August 14 – 24,000 Miles in a Wankel Mazda; Inside Ford's AVO Centre; East European Cars ?)

(September 4 – One Man's Ferraris; New Four Door Toledo)

(September 11 – Alfa Rmeo Supplement; )

(September 25 – We Group Test the Audi NSU Range; Canadian Gran Prix)

(October 23 – Show Issue – Complete Car By Car Guide)

(November 13 – Road Test – Mark lll Austin 1300; Turin Show Report)


(January 8 – Triumph Dolomite; Sir Alec Issigonis Retires)

(January 29 – Test – Porsche 911S)

(February 5 – Renault 5; Peugot 504 Estate)

(February 12 – Test – Ford Cortina)

(December 9 – Test – Mazda RX3 and Capri 1600GT)


(January 20 – Two Tests – DAF 66 and VW-Porsche 914 2-0)

(February 17 – Road Test – Mini 1275 GT; New Generation Rotaries)

(March 17 – Test Year – Some Good Some Bad)

(June 2 – Test – Datsun 100A, Renault 5, Fiat 127, Hillman Imp and Mini)

(June 30 – Test – Ford Escort 1300E, Uren's Escort Navajo and Toyota 2000)

(August 11 - Test – Allegro 1500, Renault 12TL, Cortina 1600 and Avenger GLS)

(September 15 – The New Jaguars; Test – Renault 12TS and BMW 520i)

(October 13 – First of the Big Show Numbers)

MOTORCADE (Coronado Book Corp.)


(October – First Look at the 1965's – Fastback Mustang, Plymouth Fury and Comet)


(July / Aug – Ford's Magic Cruiser Concept Car; Forecast From Detroit)

(September – Chevy Camaro; Special Issue – 1967 Cars)


(October – 1969 Exciting New Cars From Detroit )

MOTOR GUIDE (Motor Pub. Inc.)


(March – Exclusive First Test Report – A-Bomb VS Your Car; Tech Test – Mercury, Dodge and Pontiac)


(May – Road Test of All the 1960 Cars)

MOTOR HOME (TL Enterprises Inc.)


(January – Discovery 36)

(May – Idaho Adventure)


(May – Wyoming – Yesterday's Trail, Today's Adventure)


(June – Test Journey – Winnebago's 36 Diesel Pusher)

(July – Bike Carriers That Work)

(August – A Gulf Stream Summer)

(September – R-Vision's First Coach Condor 33)

(October – Exploring Hillerman Country)

(November – Forest Camping in the Northwest – Idaho, Oregon and Washington)

(December – Michigan Test Cruise – Damon Escaper 39)


(February – Classy New Class C's from Jayco and Shasta)

(March – Rexhall's Midsize Diesel RoseAir 36)

(May – Newmar's Next Generation)

(June – California's Cascades Lush Mountain Getaway)

(July – Safari's Zanzibar 38)

(December – Dynamax Grand Sport 35)


(January – New 2002 Models)

(February – New Hights for Western RV Alpine 40)

MOTOR IN CANADA (Motor in Canada)


(March – Firestone)

(April – Veedol Motor Oil)

(December – Season's Greetings)


(March – Firestone)


(April – Wixite)

(June – Philco Radios)

(July – Raybestos)


(July – Raybestos)

(December – Merry Christmas)


(February – Marquette)

(April – Wix Contains Trycite)

(May – McQuay Norris Auto Parts)

(July – Raybestos PG Sets)

(August – Motor rhythm / Venus Car Finish)

(October – Wix Filters)

(December – Season's Greetings)


(September – Willard Battery)


(August – Profit Packed Hollingdhead Firsts)


(August – Whiz / Hollingshesd Products)

MOTORING (The Nuffield Corp.)

1955 (March – Riley Pathfinder)

MOTOR MAGAZINE INTERNATIONAL (Motor Magazine International Inc.)


(July – Mazda RX4 Gran Turismo)

(September – Honda Civic CVCC GF)

MOTOR LIFE (Quinn Pub.)


(June – How Cars Are Customized)


(February – Ford's New “E” Car; Special Painting foe any Car)

(May – Something New in T-Birds; Study of Ford Styling)

(June – The Best of the 1957 Cars; Complete Car by Car Report; Custom Interiors)

(September – First Report All 1958 Cars; Thunderbird Becomes a Family Car)

(October – The 1958 Edsel; Why 1958 Cars Will Have Air Suspension)

(December – 1958 Pontiac Bonneville and 1958 Chevrolet Impala; Complete coverage 1958 Cars)


(January – Customizing Wheels With Color; 1958 Road Test – Chevrolet and Plymouth)

(April – Wildest Custom of the Year; Inside Chevrolet All New V-8)

(May – Chevy Impala Favorite with Customizers; Ford's Styling for 1959)

(June – 20 pages of Road Tests; Performance Comparison of all V-8 Engines)

(July – The Top Customs of the Year)

(August – Forecast From Detroit; 16-page Custom Pictorial)

(October – Studebaker's All New Small Car; Advance Reports – 1959 Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler. Desoto and Imperial; Windsor X-3)

(November – 1959 – Pontiac, Plymouth, Olds, Rambler, Cadillac, Buick, De Soto, American, Imperial and Ambassador)


(January – 1959 Impala; Ford's All New Small Car)

(February – Kaiser Aluminum Dream Car; Plymouth;s Coming Small Car for 1960)

(March – 30 Imported Car Road Tests Reviewed; Candy Color Painting)

(May – New Ramblers for 1960 ? ; New Ideas in Show Cars)

(July – Top Custom of the Year; New Ford Falcon)

(August – Seven all New Small Cars for 1960)

(September – Chrysler's Ghia Built Dart; First Reports on all 1960 Cars)

(October – 1960 Pontiac in Action; “I Drove Ford's New Falcon”)

(November – Special New Car Issue – 1960 Cars Complete Coverage)

(December – Chrysler Valiant; Driver's Reports on All1960 Cars)


(January – Truth About all the New Small Cars; 1960 Car Buyers Handbook)

(February – Compact or Big Car ? Test Analysis of the New Choice)

(March - & Medium Priced Cars Tested – Pontiac, Mercury,Oldsmobile,Dodge, Chrysler, Buick and De Soto)

(April – 7 Hottest Cars of 1960; Test Reports on all Sixes)

(May – Reviewing All 1960 Tests; Power Options for Dart and Plymouth)

(June – Stock Car Drag Racing – Fastest Cars – High Performance Parts)

(July – The Best Custom Car of the Year)

(August – What's Coming in Cars – Forecast From Detroit)

(September – First Report All 1961 Cars; Corvettes for Street, Drag Strip and Road Circuit)

(October – The Terrific Tempest; The First Transaxle Car)

(November – Complete Report – The New Compacts; What to Look For in the 1961 Cars)

(December – Dr. Ostich in “Flying Caduceus”; Racing – Bonneville, National Drags, Darlington and Milwaukee)


(January – Road Test – Plymouth Fury, Buick Invicta, Buick Special, 1961 Volkswagen, Hillman Minx and Toyopet Tiara)

(February – 1961 Corvette; Road Test – Fiat Abarth and Mercedes 220-S; Testing Lancer's 3 Engine Options)

(March – Import Test – Sunbeam Alpine and Renault Caravelle; 3000 Mile all Weather Test – Tempest 4)

(April – Road Test – Oldsmobile Super 88 and F-85, Chrysler 300-G, Dart D-500 and Daimler SP-250; Racing's Men of the Year)

(May – Road Test – Pontiac Ventura, Thunderbird, Corvair Monza and Saab GT-750; Stockers at Daytona)

(June – Road Test – Mercury Monterery, Rambler American, Studebaker Hawk and Maserati 3500; Indianapolis 500)

(July – Bocar Stiletto; Road Test – Corvette, Lancia Flavia and Porsche Super 90)

(August – Road Test – Peugeot 404 and Renault Gordini; Racing – Indy 500, Rebel 300 and world 600)

(September – 330-hp Dodge Police Pursuit; Road Test – Fiat Cabriolet 1200 and Volvo P-1800)

(October – First Look 1962 Cars; Road Test – VW-1500, Renault 4-L and Austin Healey 3000)
(November – Road Test – Ford Fairlane and Chevy ll; Dodge's Plush Polara 500)



(January – Reminds You to Buy War Bonds)

(February – Jack Sumner; Dan G. Sunderland; E.I. Innes)

(March – Complete Service Data on all Popular 1941 Cars)

(April – Boats Sell Service; Easy Welding Money; Brakes – Big Business)

(May – Regulators; Polishing)

(Nov / Dec – 11 New Models for 1942)


(February – 1942 Service Data for – Chrysler, De Soto, Mercury, Plymouth And McLaughlin-Buick)

(March – Service Data For – Hudson Six, Nash, Studebaker and Packard)

(April – Oil Hogs; Tune Up or Down ?; Valves)

MOTOR SERVICE MAGAZINE (Ambrose Boyer; Digest Size Magazine);


September 15; (Shop Edition);

October 15; (Shop Edition);


May; (Shop Edition);

June 15; (Shop Edition);

August 15; (Shop Edition);


September 15; (Shop Edition);

October 15; (Shop Edition);


March; (Shop Edition);


January; (Shop Edition);

MOTOR SPORT (Motor Sport Magazine Ltd. U.K.)


(December – Louis Holland's 1903 20-hp Berliet; Cars of 1986; Road Test – Honda CRX)


(January – Ferrari 288 GTO VS BMW M1; Test – Mercedes 560 SEC; Macau Grand Prix)

(March – Biasion Bias on Monte; Jaguar XJ6 – Marks out of 10; Bell's Daytona)

(May – Tom Walkinshaw Racing Jaguars; Test – BMW 735i ; Brooklands Campbell Circuit)

(June – Stewart Matched at Last; Audi Topples Toyota on Safari; Test – Mazda RX7)

(September – Piquet's Lucky Breaks; Aston Martin Zagato on Trial; Profile – 1903 Napier; Biturbo by Maserati)

(October – Birmingham's Carnival; V-12 Ferrari VS Fiat-12; Test – Astra GTE)


(August – Senna – Master in the Wet; Marathon – Alpine Classics; Snetterton – 24 Hours)

(November – Jaguar – Two World Crowns; Morgan – Power Plus; Prost – Back to the Fore)



(June / July – Road Test – Chrysler 300B, 1956 Ford Fairlane, 1956 Mercury and the Borgward Isabella)

(Aug / Sept – Daytona Speed Week Scenes; Road Test – Porsche Carrera and Lincoln Continental Mark ll)

MOTOR SPORT ILLUSTRATED (Motor Sport Illustrated Pub.)


(October Volume 1 # ! - Road Test – Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, Thunderbird, Datsun SPL 310 Fair Lady and Ford Cobra)

1964 – Duesenberg Model J ; Road Test – Corvette Stingray, Pontiac GTO and Renault)

MOTOR THRIFT (Automotive Periodicals Inc.)

1958 (Economy Handbook For Your Car)

MOTOR TREND (Trend Inc.)


(July – Johnny Zaro;s Mercury Powered 1941 Ford Convertible “The Merc of Zaro”; Rebuitl Engine Racket; Customize Your Cars Interior)

(November – What Do the Proving Grounds Prove ?; Streamlined MG Storms at Bonneville)


(June – Road Test – Kaiser Manhattan and Lincoln; Indianapolis 500 Preview)

(October – Unique Cars for Sportsmen; Road Test – Chrysler, Henry J, Mercury and Packard)

(November – Custom Car Pictorial; Road Test – Oldsmobile Super 88, Buick Roadmaster and Nash Ambassador; How Practical is a TV in Your Car ?)


(June – Road Test – 1953 Studebaker V-8; Has the Customizing Art Come of Age ? )

(July – Road Test – Buick V-8, Willys and Chevrolet; 1920 Mercer Raceabout; “Manta Ray” Custom)

(August – Waly Woron Tells You About the 1953 Cars; The Woodill Wildfire; Ogle-Orbed Oldsmobile; Road Test Mercury)

(September – One Man's Dream Sports Car; Full Story of Gas Turbines; Road Test – De Soto, Kaiser, Studebaker Champion; World Car Survey)

(November – Austin Healey 100; Road Test – 1953 Chrysler New Yorker and Buick Special; How To Prepare Your Car For Winter)


(February – Complete Facts 1954 Buick All Models; Progress in Performance 1951-1954)

(March – Road Test – Plymouth and Hudson; 1954 Auto Directory; 1954 Engine Analysis)

(April – Annual Buyers Guide Issue; Regular VS Ethyl Gas)

(May – Venus Fiberglass Sports Car; Road Test – Pontiac Stsr Chief, Mercury Monterey and De Soto V-8)

(June – Performance Figures – Ford Thunderbird and Chevy Corvette; Used Car Buyers Guide)

(July – Detroit Car Stylists Tell All; Road Test – Nash Metropolitan, Cadillac 62 and Ford 6 Customline)

(October – X-Ray Special Sports Car; Road Test – Buick Special, Nash Ambassador Custom and Studebaker Champion Regal)

(November – The Story Behind the Road Tests; 175-hp Studebaker President; Winterizing)


(February – Spotlight on Detroit; 1955 Packiards; Road Test – Plymouth V-8 Belvedere and Ford V-8 Customline)

(March – Buyers Guide to the 1955 Cars; One Body Shell – Two Cars – Nash and Hudson)

(June – Buyers Guide to Imported Cars; Road Test – Packard Clipper, Hudson V-8 and Cadillac)

(July – Various Suspensions From Detroit; Road Test – Buick Special, Buick Roadmaster and Nash Ambassador V-8)

(September – Detroit's Best Looking Cars – Ghia-X and Flajole Forerunner; The Top Cars of 1955)

(November – Pushbutton Driving; Driving the New Cars – Continental, Chrysler Cars, Mercury and Ford)


(January – Annual Buyers Guide; Road Test – 1956 Rambler and Ford V-8)

(February – 1956 Chevy Corvette; Road Test – 1956 Plymouth, 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk and Studebaker President)

(April – Lifting the Lid on the Firebird ll; Road Test – 1956 Oldsmobile 88 and 1956 De Soto)

(May – Road Test – How Does Volkswagen Compare With Renault; Road Test – Chrysler and Pontiac)

(August – The Top Cars of 1956; Sports Car Test – Lancia Spyder; Restoring a 1908 Reo with Fiberglass)

(September – El Morocco; Facel Vega; Road Test – MG Magnette and Simca Vedette)

(October – The 1957 Cars ? ; Road Test – Bristol 405 and Triumph TR-3; 1925 Lincoln)

(November – Sneak Preview – 1957 Plymouth Mechanical Features; Performance Test – 1957 Ford and Lincoln)

(December – The 1957 New Cars – 14 Driver Reports; 1919 Lanchester Forty)


(February – First Look at Ford's 1958 “E” Car; Road test – Buick Century, Dodge D-500 and Olds Super 88)

(April – Rambler Rebel; First Look at Saab; ALL Cars Buyers Guide; 180-mph Mercedes SLR Test)

(May – 8-pages of Custom Cars; Chrysler Wins 1957 Motor Trend Award)

(June – Seat Belts – Death Traps ?; Indianapolis Pictorial; The Hottest Cars and who Builds Them)

(July – 1935 Delage Roadster; Type 37-A Supercharged Bugatti; Custom Car Contest)

(August – Previewing the 1958's; Chrsyler 500-hp 4-Cam V-8 Engine; More Detroit Sports Cars)

(September – Illustrated Car by Car Report on all 1958 Makes; 9 Foreign Car Tests)

(October – Appraising the New Edsel; Bigger Fins for Chrysler ?; Tomorrow's Stylist Today)

(November – First Test – 1958 Studebaker and Rambler; We Flew and Drove the Flying Car)


(January – How Do the 1958 Cars Compare ?; The 1958 Foreign Cars; Road Tests – Chevy, Plymouth and Ford)

(February – Customize Your Car with Color; Buyers Guide 1958 Plymouth and Pontiac; Legend of the Magician of Maranello)

(March – Masten Gregory and Maserati 4.7; Sam Hanks Tries Out 4 Corvettes; Road Test – 1958 Dodge and Oldsmobile)

(May – TV's Paladin and Custom Porsche; Car of the Year - Thunderbird;Comparative Road Test – Buick Super and Buick Century)

(August – What You're Getting in 1959; Station Wagons Road Test – Ford, Rambler, Oldsmobile and De Soto)

(September – Detroit's 1959 Cars – Secrets From the Styling Studios; Road Test – Super Marauder, Cadillac, Imperial and Lincoln)

(October – First Test – 1959 All New Buick, Austin Healey Sprite, Volvo Four Speed. Toyopet Crown and Ford Taunus)

(December – Studebaker Small Car as Good as Rambler and Other Cars Under $2000; Road Test – 1959 Mercury, Edsel and Lincoln)


(January – World Show Issue – Facts, Figures, Features of Alll 1959 Cars)

(February – Electric Cars are Coming Back; Road Test – Chevy, Ford and Plymouth and how they Compare)

(March – Best of the Mid-Price – Dodge, Mercury and Pontiac;l The Best Looking Cars Of 1959)

(April – Car of the Year – Pontiac; Road Test – Corvette VS Porsche)

(May – Best Western Customs – Corvette; What Does Daytona Prove About the Stocks?)

(June – Blown Chevy 415-hp Engine; Testing the 160-mph Bocar)

(July – Custom Interiors; Best Buys in Used Cars; Road Test – Studebaker Hawk)

(August – Special Reports – Air Cars, Gas Turbines and Electric Cars; Road Test – Renault Caravelle)

(September – Special Report – How Ford's Falcon was Styled; Detroit's Plans For You in 1960)

(October – Road Test – Ford Falcon; Import and Domestic Compacts; New Europe Sports Cars)

(November – 1960's Top Two Engines – Corvair and Chrysler; Detroit's Rear Engine Corvair )

(December – Chrysler Valiant; Test – Detroit to L.A. In the Ram Tuned Dodge Dart;Thompson Record Run at Bonneville; Compact Cars – How They Compare)


(January – 2500 Mile Test – Corvair, Falcon and Valiant; Car Shows Issue)

(February – 1960's Hottest – Chevy or Ford ?; First Test – Kerosene Powered V-8; Road Test – Chrysler 300)

(March – Test Engines for Tomorrow's Cars; Road Test – Plymouth Fury and Oldsmobile Dynamic 88)

(April – Car of the Year – 1960 Corvair; Road Test – Rambler 6, Mercury Montclair, Pontiac Bonneville and Dodge Polara)

(May – Analyzing 50 Foreign Car Makes; Experimental Plymouth XNR; Road Test – NSU Prinz)

(June – Daytona's 150-mph Stock Sedans; Corvette Show Stoppers; Road Test – Buick Invicta and Lark Convertible)

(July – GM's Experimental Sport Car XP-700; Comparing Cadillac, Lincoln and Imperial; Road Test 1960 Corvette)

(August – Corvair Super Monza Sports Coupe; Don't Sell the Six Cylinders Short; Compacts With Bigger Mills)

(September – Illustrated Car by Car Coverage on all 1961 Makes; Pontiac's Coming Big 4-Cylinder Engine)

(October – Preview 1961 Tempest; First Complete Reports – Ford, Dart, Plymouth, Falcon<doge, and Comet)

(November – 1961 Auto Show – All the New Cars Complete With Specifications)

(December – A Criticism of 1961 Styling – Car by Car Review; Special Report 1961 Thunderbird;Coverage of Bonneville Speed Runs)


(January – What's Right and What's Wrong with 1961 Cars; Full Range Road Test – Ford V-8s. Chevy V-8s and Dart V-8s)

(February – Road Test Manual and Automatic Transmissions 0f V-8 Compacts – Buick Special, Olds F-85, Pontiac Tempest, Rambler V-8 and Lark V-8)

(March – 1961 Car of the Year – Pontiac Tempest; Road Test – Buick Le Sabre, Chrysler New Yorker, Dodge Polara, Mercury Monterey, Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 and Pontiac Bonneville)

(April – Imported Car Issue – 95 New Cars for 1961; Road Test – Cadillac, Lincoln and Imperial)

(May – First Report -Jaguar XK-E; Road Test – Thunderbird; Road Test Compact Cars – Falcon, Comet, Corvair, Tempest, Lancer, Valiant, American and Lark)

(June – Impala Super Sport with 409; Buick Skylark; Ford Falcon Futura; Pontiac Tempesr Coupe; Road Test Compact Station Wagons – Falcon, American, Lark, Corvair, Olds 88; Buick Special, Tempest, Valiant, Lancer and Comet)

(July – Buyers Guide 1961 – Road Test Facts, Options, Specifications and Prices; New Cars – Corvair SS and Olds Cutlass)

(August – Forecast From Detroit – What's Coming in Cars; Chevy and Ford V-6 and V-8 Tests)

(September – 1962 Car by Car Preview; Road Test – Chevrolet 409, Falcon Futura, Buick Skylark, Jaguar, A-H Sprite ll and Corvette)

(October – First 1962 Cars – Pontiac, Plymouth, Dodge Tempest, Chrysler and 300, Dart, Imperial, Lancer, Valiant and Studebaker Hawk)

(November – Special 1962 New Car Issue – Over 30 Makes and Models)

(December – New look for T-Bird; First Test – 1962 Buick Special V-6; Coverage – Bonneville Speed Week, Stacks at National Drags and Darlington 500; Road Test – Datsun Sport Car and Sedan)


(June – New Cars for Indy 500; Jet Propelled “Cyclops”; Road Test – Rambler American and Rover 3-Liter Sedan)

(July – First Test – 1963 Studebaker Avanti; Road Test – Impala, Impala SS 409, Hillman Super M and Supercharged Monza)

(August - Compact Super Stocks; Indianapolis 500; Road Test – Fuel Injected Corvette, Buick Wildcat, Renault 1093 and 1931 Ford Model A)

(September – 1963 Cars Preview; Road Test – Olds F-85 Jetfire, Thunderbird, Chrysler Newport and Merceds 190-d)

(October – 1963 Cars on Parade; Buick Riviera; Road Test – Mercury S-55, MG-1600 and Midget)

(November – 1693 Auto Show Issue – All the New Cars Complete with Specifications)

(December – Salt Flats Record Season; Christmas Gift Section; Road Test – Triumph Sports Six, Falcon Convertible and Renault R-8)


(January – Corvette Suspension Analysis; Road Test – Plymouth Sport Fury, Cadillac, Buick Wildcat and Studebaker Wagonaire)

(February – 1963 Car of the Year – Rambler; Rambler History; Road Test – Rambler Classic 660, Rambler Ambassador 990 and Dodge Dart)

(March – Ford's Secret Racing V-8 ?; 1963 NASCAR Modification and Safety Rules; Road Test – Mercury Monterey, Impala and Willys Jeep Wagoner)

(April – Racing Debut 1963 Stock Cars; Road Test – Ford Galaxie XL-500, Buick Riviera, Valiant Signet Convertible and Chrysler 300-J)
(May – 1965 Thunderbird Forecast; Road Test – Corvette Stingray, Dodge 880, Chevy ll Nove and Pontiac Grand Prix)

(June – A Helicopter on every Roof; Accessory Air Conditioners; Road Test – Simca 1000 Deluxe, Olds Dynamic 88, Corvair Spyder Convertible and Studebaker Super Hawk)

(July – Empi's Impish Sporteter Kit Car; New Concept – Belted Tires; Road Test – Lincoln Continental, MG's Water Suspended 1100 Olds F-85 Cutlass and Toyota Land Cruiser)

(August – 1964 Predictions; Factory Show Cars; Road Test – Dodge Polara 500, Studebaker Avanti, Comet S-22 V-8, Imperial Le Baron and VW 1500 and VW 1100)

(September – 1964 Cars Styling and Engineering; AC Ford Cobra; Road Test Dodge Dart GT, Fiat 1500 Cabriolet and Buick Special Skylark)

(October – More 1964 New Models Cars; 25 Years for Mercury; Dodge Golden Anniversary;Road Test – 1964 Mercury Montclair, 1939 Mercury Volvo 122-S and Volvo P-1800S)

(November – 1964 Auto Show Issue – All the New Cars Complete with Specifications)

(December – Coverage – Bonneville Speed Weekend Stock Cars at the National Drags; Road Test – Buick Skylark, Rambler American and Studebaker Super Lark)


(January – Clinton Reynold's Strange Car Collection; Road Test – Mercedes 300-SE, Tempest G.T.O., Chevelle and Plymouth Fury)

(March – Rise and Fall of Studebaker; 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle Roundup; Road Test – Valiant V-8, Buick Skylark and Olds Vista Cruiser)

(April – Road Test – Lincoln Continental, Opel Kadett, Opal Caravan 1000,Olds Jetstar 88, New Yorker Salon, Cortina GT and Cortina Estate Wagon)

(May – Plymouth Barracuda; Ford's all New Mustang; Road Test – Buick Le Sabre, Impala Sports Coupe, Pontiac Catalina and Simca 1000 Coupe)

(June – Corvair Wins in Canada; Comets on Safari; Road Test – Plymouth Savoy, Buick Wildcat, Chevy ll V-8,Chrysler Newport and Dart V-8)

(July – Cobra VS Ferrari; Station Wagon Section – Load and Road Test the Top 10 Station Wagons)

(November – 1965 Auto Show Issue – All the New Cars Complete with Specifications)

(December – Special Engine Issue – New Powerplants for 1965; First 1965 Road Test – Impala, Galaxie 500 and Plymouth Fury ll )


(January – World Speed Records; U.S. Sports Cars VS Import Sports Cars; Road Test – Mustang 2+2, Barracuda and Corvair Corsa)

(February – Car of the Year – The Pontiac Lineup)

(March – A.J. Foyt – Racing is His Business; Road Test – 1965 ½ Marlin Fastback, Chrysler 300-l and Olds Delta 88)

(April – Are Custom Wheels Safe ?; Chevy New 396 V-8; Road Test - Corvette, Lincoln and Monaco)

(May – Comets – Hot and Cool; Winternational Drags; Road Test – Mustang GT-350, Skylark Gran Sport and Olds4-4-2)

(June – Special Used Car Section; Indy Preview; Road Test – Chevy Caprice 396, Renault Gordini and Dodge Coronet 426)

(July – What Will 1966's Look Like ?; Russia's Cars – What's Ivan Drivin'; Road Test – 396 Chevelle, Falcon Ranchero V-8, Ambassador, American and Imperial Le Baron)

(August – 1966 Cars Styling and Major Changes Forecast; Road Test – Cadillac, Plymouth Belvedere and Plymouth Sport Fury)

(September – First Photos of 1966 Cars; 1966 Chrysler Engineering; Road Test – Ford Bronco, Checker V-8, Kaiser Wagoneer and Cord 8 / 10)

(October – Big Changes for 1966 – New Photos; 1966 ½ Dodge Charger; Road Test – Fairlane 390 and Belvedere Hemi 426)

(November – Special Buyers Guide Issue – Complete Reports on all 1966 Cars)

(December – Car of the Year – Oldsmobile Toronado; Speedsters with Sterns; Road Test – Austin Cooper-S)


(January – Can Hybrids Survive – Appola, Avanti, Cobra, Shelby GT-350 and Others; Roaf Test – Dodge Charger, Ambassador DLP, Cadillac, Chrysler 300 and Tempest OHC-6)

(February – Special Engine Issue; Road Test – Blown and Stock Barracuda, Riviera Lincoln Continental, Volkswagens Plymouth VIP, Chevelle Malibu and Chevelle SS 396)

(March – Special Racing Issue; Road Test – Olds 88, Corvette 427, Thunderbird and Falcon Futura)

(April – Special Styling Issue; Imports go Automatic; The Harrah Collection; Road Test – Caprice 427, Ford LTD)

(May – Assembly Line Quality Control – Fact or Fiction; Road Test – Dart GT, BMW 1800-TI, Pontiac Tempest GTO and Buick Electra 225)

(June – Used Car Buyers Guide; What Police Cars are Made Of; Road Test – Citroen DS-21, Olds 4-4-2, Jeep Wogoneer, Mustang V-8 and Mustang 6)

(July – 1967 Cars Facts and First Photos; Road Test – Chevy ll Nova 327, Skylark Gran Sport, Corvair Sprint and Cord 8 / 10)

(August – 1967 Cars More Pictures; Indy 500; World 600; Road Test – Shelby Gt Stock and Supercharged, Mercury S-55, Ford Cortina, Rover TC-2000 and Valiant Signet Six)

(September – How Much Better – 1967s VS 1966s; Road Test 6 Station Wagons; Road Test Shelby Cobra 427 and Bronco V-8)

(October – Driving the Hot 1967s – Mustang, Mercury Cougar and Chevy Camaro; Road Test – Pontiac GTO, Buick GS 400, Olds 4-4-2 and Chevelle SS 396)

(November – Special Buyers Guide Issue - Complete Report on all 1967 Cars)

(December – New Accessories for 1967; Federal Safety Czar's Tough View on Cars; Road Test – Chevy Camaro, Barracuda and Mustang)


(January – Special Engine Issue; The Electric Car Myth; Road Test – FWD Eldorado, Mercury Cougar, Porsche 911-s and Pontiac GTO's)

(February – Car of the Year – Mercury Cougar; Road Test – Olds Cutlass,Plmouth GTX and Satellite)

(March – Ralph Nader Pans the 1967s; The Billion Dollar Smog Hoax; Road Test – Galaxie 390, Impala 396, Fury 383, The Jeepster and Pontiac Firebird)

(April – Sex... and the Single Car; Shelby GT-500 VS 427 Corvette Sting Ray; Road Test – Buick Skylark and GS-400)

(May – Drugs and Driving a Deadly Mix; Daytona 500; Road Test – Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, Cougar, Firebird, Marlin, Charger Corvette and Shelby American GT)
(June – Used Car Buyers Guide; Road Test – Dodge Hemi Coronet, Coronet Magmun R/T, Rambler Rouge and 3 Fairlane)

(July – First Look at the 1968 Cars; Road Test – Chevelles, 396 El Camino, 427 Camaro ans 3-Weber Carb Firebird Sprint)

(August – 1968 Cars First Photos and More Facts; All New 1968 Corvette Inside and Out; Road Test – Firebirds 400s, Dart GT, Eldorado, Grand Prix, Thunderbird, Riviera and Toronado)

(September – 1968 VS 1967 Cars – How Much Better; AMC's Exciting New Styling; Road Test – Barracuda 383, BMW 1600 and Volvo 144S)

(October – 1968 Cars – Photos, Facts and Features and all the New Ones – Javelin,Mercury Montego, Road Runner, Ford Torino Charger R /T and More)

(November – Special Buyers Guide Issue Foe 1968 – 46 New Models Complete Report)

(December – 1968 Cars Road Test – Chevelle SS 396, Buick GS 400, Charger R /T, Road Runner, Pontiac GTO, Olds 4-4-2, Dodge R /T and Torino GT)


(January – How the New Cars Perform – Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, Javelin, Cougar and Firebird)

(February – Car of the Year – Pontiac GTO; Top Cars in their Class Awards; Road Test – Toyota Corona)

(March – 1968 ½ First Look – AMC's AMX and Lincoln Mark lll; 428 Cobra VS 427 Corvette; Comparison Test – Galaxie 500XL, Impala SS Sport Fury and Ambassador DPL)

(April – 1969 The Year of the Electric Car ?; Super Compacts Road Test – Chevy ll Nova SS, Dart GTS, Falcon Futura and Rambler American Rogue)

(May – Breedlove's Record Runs; Daytona 500 Too Fast ?; Special Accessories Section; Road Test – Lincoln Continental, Ford LTD, Plymouth VIP, Imperial, Caprice and Cadillac Coupe DeVille)

(June – Special Used Car Buyers Guide; 1968 Indy Preview; VW Fuel Injected VS Chevy ll)

(July – First Look at the 1969 Cars; Road Test – Hemi Dart, BMW 2002, VW goes Automatic, Toyota Corolla1100 and Camaro 2-Step)

(August – A Closer Look at the 1969 Cars; Knudsen Talks About Ford's Future; Mustang Mach 1)

(September – All New 1969's -Pontiac Grand Prix, Mercurys Fresh Image, Dodge's Super Lightd and Chevy' New Automatic)

(October – Road Test – Mustang Mach 1, 396 Chevy ll, Charger 500, GTO, Chrysler 300, Corvette, GS-400 and Marauder X-100)

(November – 1969 Buyers Guide – Specifications and Prices; Road Test – Plymouth Fury lll; Impala; Ford LTD; Ambassador SST)

(December – Pontiac's John DeLorean; Comparison Road Test – Buick Wildcat, Olds 88, Newport and Bonneville)


(January – Battery Powered Car Designed for an Electric Car Land Speed Record; Sneak Look at 1970 Ford; Road Test – Plymouth GTX 440, Charger RT 440, Cobra 428 CJ, GTO 400, Chevelle SS 396)

(February – 1969 Car of the Year – Road Runner; VW 411; Road Test – Riviera, Toronado, Thunderbird, Grand Prix and Marauder)

(March – New 302 Mustang; Diesel Power for Your Car; Road Test – Camaro RS 350, Firebird 350, Cougar XR-7 351, Mustang Mach 1 351 and Javelin SST 343)

(April – Off Road Chevy Blazer; Ford V-8 Club Wagon; Road Test – Cadillac, Imperial and Lincoln Continental)

(May – London and Brussels Car Show; Maverick Challenges Imports; Road Test – Chevy Nova, Falcon, Dart and Rambler)

(June – Hurst / Olds 455 Rich Man's Hot Rod; Interview – Bill Lear; Road Test Chevelle, Coronet, Fairlane and Rebel)

(July – Road Runner for show – Duster 1; Sneak Preview of 1970 Cars; Simca's Front Wheel Drive GLS)

(August – All New 1970's; Lincoln Continental; Ford Torino GT Fastback; Plymouth Barracuda; AMC Hornet)

(September – Blasting Off in the Hot 1970's -GTO, Hemi Cuda, Challengers, AMC Hornet, Ford, Mercury and Plymouth)

(October – 1970 ½ King Cobra; Chevy's Secret Corvette ZL-1; 303 Trans Am Firebird; Gm in the 1970's; First Driver Reports – Chevy, Pontiac, Olds, Buick and Cadillac)

(November – Hot 1970 Engines; Interview – Steve McQueen; Monte Carlo VS Thunderbird VS Grand Prix)

(December – 1971 Mid-Engine Cars – Ford's Mach 2 and Chevy Astro ll; Mort Sahl on Ralph Nader, Status Symbols and Cars; Comparison – Torino, Chevelle and Plymouth)


(January – Road Runner Superbird; Sneak Preview -1970 ½ Camaro and Firebird; Corvettes That Didn't Make It; Duster VS Hornet VS Maverick)

(February – Car of the Year – Ford Torino; Propane Gas for High Performance; Peugeot 504; 1970 ½ Pontiac Firebird Road Test)

(March – 1970 Sneak Racing Preview; 1970 ½ Corvette and Camaro; American Motors Gremlin; Road Test – Impala, Ambassador, Ford XL and Dodge Polara)

(April – Special Auto Show Issue – Experimental Cars; Chrysler 300H; Road Test – 429 Cyclone, 455 Cutlass and 440 Charger)

(May – The Engine that Changed Racing – OFFY; LT-1 Corvette VS Posche 911E; Indy 500 Preview; Comparison Barracuda – Hemi, 340 and340 6-Pack; Road Test – T-37 Tempest, Skylark, Satellite and Rebel)

(June – Special Used Car Buyers Guide; Import Car of the Year – Porsche 914 – 914 / 6 ; Mid-engine Corvette; 1970 ½ – Saab Sonett lll and AMX-3)

(July – Hurst's SSJ Grand Prix; 1971 New Cars Preview; How to Buy Your Corvette; BMW 2002 VS Alfa Berlina VS Fiat 124S)
(August – Interview – Paul Newman; More New 1971 Cars; Moon Cars That Didn't Make It; 1975 Vega)

(October – 1971 New Car Buyers Guide; 1971 Cadillac – Over 300 Model Choices; 1971 Cadillac Eldorado; GM 1971 First Test – Pontiac, Buick, Chevy and Olda)


(November – Cerv 2 Corvette Experimental; Special Ferrari Section; Commuter Minis – Honda 600 and Fiat 850; Comparison Test – LTD, Fury and Ambassador)

(December – 10 Best Cars for 1971; Dodge's 1971 Scat Pack; Toyota Corona VS Plymouth Cricket and Dodge Colt)


(January – Catalytic Mufflers and Reactors; Comparison Test – Vega, Pinto and Beetle; Road Test – Hornet, Comet, Demon and Nova; Mustang Test – 302-351-429CJ)

(February – Car of the Year – Vega 2300; Lear's New Steam Turbine; Road Runner Comparison -383 and 440 / 6; Road Test – Toyota Corolla, Datsun 1200, Subaru Star and Peugeot 304)

(March – Special 1971 Racing Preview; Pontiac 1971 ½ Ventura ll; Buick Centurion VS Mercury Monterey)

(April – Special International Auto Show Issue; Jaguar XKE V-12 VS Corvette LT-1 V-8; Van Comparison Test – VW, Ford, Chevy and Dodge)

(MAY - Safety Cars – How Sound are They ?; Cadillac VS Caprice; Pickup Truck Comparison – Ranchero, Datsun, El Camino and Toyota)

(June – 1972 Mercedes 450 SL B-8; Used car Buyers Guide; Recreational Vehicle Craze – Blazer, Bronco and Jeepster Test; Road Test – 350 Chevelle, 351 Torino and 318 Satellite)


(July – Sneak Preview 1972 Detroit Cars; Buyer's Guide – 40 Cars Under $2500; Road Test – Road Runner 340 and Fiat 128)

(August – Super New 1972 Car Issue – Lincoln Continental Mark lV, Olds 98, Buick 225 and Mercury Marquis; First Test – Toyota Celica)

(October – 1972 All American New Car Buyers Guide; 1972 Super Car Comparison – GTO, Mazda RX-2, Camaro Z-28, Mustang Bss 351 and Turbo Vega GT)

(November – Road Test a Turbine Hornet; 1972 ½ Olds F-80; Road Test -Montego, Monte Carlo, Charger and Cutless)

(December – 1975 Wankel Corvette ?; 1972 7 Best Cars; Cars of Germany; Road Test – T-Bird, Jaguar XL6 and Riviera)


(February – Car of the Year – Citroen SM; Road Test - 2600 Capri, LTD, Caprice and Jensen Interceptor lll)

(March – 1972 Racing Preview; Exclusive – 1973 Monte Carlo and Grand Prix and Cutlass; Road Test – Gran Torino Coupe amd 4-door, Chevelle Coupe and 4-Door)

(April – Special Auto Show Issue – Vector Show Car; GM's 1973 A-Team – Chevelle, El Camino, LeMans ,Cutlass Wagon and Special; Road Test – Monaco, Marquis and Grand Ville)

(May – Parnelli Indy Cars; 1973 Chevy Recreational Vehicles; 2-Door V-8 Road Test – Nhova, Maverick, Valiant and Hornet; Comparison Test – Porsche 911T, 911E, 911S and 914)

(June – Used Car Buyers Guide; 1973 Ford's First Look; Corvette Comparison Test- 350 Coupe, LT-1 and 454 Coupe; Road Test – Heavy Chevy, Torino Gran Sport, Charger and Pontiac GTO)

(July – Chevy's Wild 1973's; Cadillac Eldorado VS Lincoln Continental Mark lV; Mini Wagon Test – Pinto Squire, Toyota Mark ll, Vega GT and Plymouth Cricket)

(August – Oldsmobile Omega; Giant Import Buyers Guide; Olds 75th Anniversary; Road Test – Datsun 240Z and Camaro Z / 28; Part 2 Mini Wagon Test – Opel, VW, Fiat, Colt and Mazda)

(September – Sneak Preview 1973 Pontiac Grand Am; Sneak Previews – Ford, Chevy, American Motors, Pontiac and Lincoln Mercury; Road Test – Toyota Carina, Fiat and Subaru)

(October – Guide to Hatchbacks; New Car Buyers Guide; New Car Previews1973 Cars Mini Test – Corvette, Chevelle Laguna, Pontiac Trans Am and Pontiac Gran Am)

(November – Special – The Wankel Rotary Engine; Road Test – Jaguar XJ-12, Lotus Plus 2, Lotus Twin Cam Europa; Ponycars Test – AMX, Cuda, Firebird and Camaro)

(December – GM Builds a Mercedes you can Afford; Road Test – Datsun 610, Ferrari Dino, Saab 99EMS and Toyota Mark ll)


(January – Corvettes – 1973 Road Test, 1954 Retrospect and Owners Survey; New Volkswagens and Porsche 914S; Car Telephones and CB Radio Guide)

(February – Very Special Section – Love and the Automobile; 1974 Camaro and Firebird; Road Test – Ford LTD, Caprice, Jensen Healy, Dart Sport, Hornet and Nova Hatchbacks)

(March – Car of the Year – Monte Carlo; Volkswagen's Jeep 1943 – 1973; Trucks For Work and Fun)

(April – Fiat's New Mid-Engined X1-9; The Last Four Cars Under $2000 – Datsun 1200, Pinto 1600, Toyota 1200 and Honda Civic; 1973 ½ Buick Apollo)

(May – First Look 1974 – Mustang, Impala and Chrysler Corp.; Gas Rationing – Fact or Hoax; VW Super Beetle Convertible; Road Test – Chevelle, Torino, Grand Am and Charger)

(June – 1974 Mustang – What Happened ?; 1973 ½ Hurst Olds; 1974 Twin Cam Vega; Road Test – Thunderbird, Toronadon Gran Prix and Riviera)

(July – 1974 Previews – Corvette, Matador, Cougar and Torino; Motor Trends Flat Out Classic Test – Fir3ebird, Charger, Laguna, Mustang, Century GS and Javelin AMX)

(August – First Test of the 1974 Cougar; Gas Crisis – 15 Cars to Own; Best Used Cars in America; Mark lV Vs Eldorado)

(September – 1974 Cars New Surprises; 1974 Hottest Muscle Car is GTO; 1974 Corvette Vs Pantera; Rebirth of the Mustang; Road Test – Honda Civic and Jaguar XJ-12)

(October – Giant Buyers Guide to all the New Cars; How the 1974s Stack Up: Road Test – Audi Fox, Mercedes Benz 220 Sedan and MG's New V-8)

(November – Corvette Goes Rotary; 1975 Surprise – GM's all New Compacts; 1974 Cars from Japan; Road Test – Fury, LTD and Caprice)

(December – Can We Survive Without Cars ?; 4-rotor Corvette is Here; 30-Day Road Test – Mustang ll; Are Big Cars Really Safer ?)


(January – Is VW Dumping the Bug ?; Mid-Size Cars Road Test – Torino, Matador, Chevelle Malibu and Cutlass S; Cheapest American Cars Road Test – Vega, Pinto, Gremlin and Colt)

(February – Car of the Year – Mustang ll; 20 Ways to Better Gas Mileage; Hot Sports Compacts Road Test – GTO, Hornet, Apollo, Maverick, Nova, Datsun 260-Z and Toyota Corona SR5)

(March – John Wayne Is “McQ”; Cars of the Stars; Luxury Cars Road Test – Thunderbird, Riviera, Toronado, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Cougar; Cassini Matador and Torino Elite)

(April – Economy Cars Road Test – Datsun 710, Fiat 128,Honda Civic, Mazda 808, Toyota Corolla and Corona; Mid-Engine Road Test – Ferrari Dino, Fiat X1/9, Lotus Europa, Maserati Bora, Pantera and Porsche 914; Road Test – Challenger, Camaro, Firebird and Javelin)

(May – Golden Wheels Awards Introduction; Corvette Retrospective; Gangster Great Getaway Cars; 45-mpg Vega; Off Road 4-Wheel Drive Test – Bronco, Blazer, Cherokee, CJ5, Toyota Land Cruiser)

(June – Upheaval at General Motors; The Truth About Mercedes Benz; Road Test – Cadillac, Lincoln Continental and Imperial)

(July – 1975 New Cars Preview; 1975 Mercury Monarch; Bricklin SV1; Road Test – Duster 360, Hornet, Sportabout and Valiant Brougham)

(August – Special Section – Mercury Monarch and Ford Granada; Road Test – Buick Century, Chevelle, Dodge Coronet, Matador and Torino)

(September – 1975 New Cars Preview; Chevy's New Monza V-8; The New Nova; Road Test -Vw Golf, Porsche Carrera and Maserati Merak)

(October – 1975 New Cars Giant 20-page Buyers Guide; European Sedans Road Test – Audi 100 LS, Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina, Saab 99 LE and Volvo 144 GL)

(November – 25 Years With Porsche; Vw's New 16-Seater Van; Monza V-8 VS Mustang V-8; Lowest Priced Cars Road Test – Toyota Corollo 1200, Gremlin, Vega and Pinto)

(December – The Car Price Crunch; Road Test – Capri lll; Mercury Bobcat; Cadillac Coupe De Ville and Lincoln Town Coupe; Sport Cars Test – MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire, MGB, Fiat X 1 / 9 and Triumph TR6)


(January – 25TH Anniversary Special Issue; The Jensen Interceptor Convertible; Road Test – Apollo, Skylark, Omega, Nova LN,Monarch Valiant Brougham and Duster)

(February – 1975 ½ AMC Pacer; Gas Crisis #2 – Back to Gas Lines ?; Road Test – Monza, Skyhawk, Starfire, Sirocco, Celica GT, Corlla SR-5 and Honda CVCC Civic)

(March – The Electric Cars are Here; New Triumph TR-7; Personal Luxury Cars Road Test – Charger SE, Cordoba, Cougar, Elite, Grand Prix and Matador)

(April – The 10 Best Selling American Made Cars Road Test – Chevrolet, Ford, Chevelle, Pinto, Nova, Valiant, Olds Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Vega and Torino)

(June – 1976 – 1977 New Cars – Detroit's Penny Pinchers ?; 1975 VW Spotter's Guide; Road Test – Astre, Bobcat, Capri ll and Pacer)

(August – 1976 Pinto Stallion; Mazda's New X-208 GT Sports Car;Road Test – Monza Towne Coupe, Mustang ll, Monte Carlo, Laguna S-3 and Vega Wagon)

(September – 1976 Detroit New Car Preview; Road Test – Opal Special Edition Manta, Peugeot 504 and Toyota Corona Mark ll)

(October – 40-mpg New Chevette; GM 1976 New Car Preview; 1976 Import Preview; Road Test – Datsun Honey Bee,Olds Starfire Stock VS Racing)

(November – 1976 Ford Cobra ll; 1976 New Car Buyers Guide;Chrysler 1976 Compacts Aspen and Volare)

(December – Corvette – Complete Story and History; Road Test – Jaguar XJ6C, BMW 530i, Buick Century Custom V-6 and Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan)


(January – 50 Year History of Pontiac; Comparison Test – Datsun B-210, Renault R-5 and Chevette; Road Test – Jaguar XJ-S, Toyota Corona and Datsun 610)

(May – Preview 1977 From AMC, Ford and Chrysler; Ford Prima; Road Test – Sunbird, Cutlass and Saab EMS)

(June – Buick's Turbo V-6; 1977 General Motors Preview; Comparison Test – Impala, Fury and LTD; Road Test -Plymouth Arrow)

(July – Special Van Section; Corolla Sportwagon; Road Test – Datsun F-10 and Maverick LDO)

(October – All the New Cars – GM, Chrysler and AMC; Ford Fiesta; Road Test – Toyota Corolla Liftback)

(November – Sterling Rotary Powered GT; New Car Specs; Road Test – Sebring CitiCar Electric, Datsun B-210 5-Speed, Super Sirocco, Chevy LUV Pickup, Datsun Pickup, Ford Courier Pickup, Mazda Pickup and Toyota Pickup)


(February – Car of the Year – 1977 Chevrolet Caprice; 1977 NASCAR Preview; Road Test – 4-Cylinder Gremlin and T-Top Mustang)

(April – Import Car of the Year – Mercedes Benz 280E; 1977 Import Car Buyers Guide; Road Test – Pontiac Firebird Formula, Ferrari 308GTB, Datsun 810 and 200 SX)
(June – Pontiac Firebird Type K; Road Test – BMW 630Si, Porsche 928, Mazda Cosmo, Cadillac Seville and Dodge Royal Monaco Wagon)

(July – Richard Petty and Dodge; Volvo's First 50 Years; The New Convetibles are T-Tops; Road Test – VW Diesel Rabbit and Chevelle)

(August – First Look 1978 Grand Am; Ford Fiesta; Road Test – Chrysler Le Baron, Mercedes Benz 6.9 and Olds Cutlass Salon)

(October – 1978 New Cars; Plymouth Sapporo; Buick turbo V-6 and Olds V-8 Diesel; Road Test – Audi Fox and Ford Zephyr)

(November – Complete 1978 Specs; Datsun 200 SX; Chrysler's Custom Coupes Kit Cars; Road Test – Nova and Impala)

(December – Corvette Silver Anniversary 1953-1978; Road Test – Mercedes Diesel, Mazda GLC Sport and Triumph TR7 %-Speed)


(January – 1978 Import Car of the Year – Toyota Celica; Chrysler Sub-Compact Omni and Horizon; Road Test – Ford Bronco)

(February – 1978 Car of the Year – Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon; Road Test – Plymouth Volare Load Runner and Jaguar XJ 12L)
(June – Super Coupes Road Test – Ford Fairmont ESO, Honda Accord LX and VW Sirocco Sidewinder ll; Road Test – Turbo Skyhawk, Monte Carlo, V-6 Bobcat and Dodge 4 X 4 Diesel)

(July – 1979 Mustang Design Evolution; 24 Truck Comparison; Road Test – Seville Diesel, Challenger, Alfa Spider, Chevette 4-Door and Turbo Mercedes)

(September – First of the New 1979 Cars; Future of the Automobile; Comparison Test – Mazda RX-7, Porsche 924 and Datsun Z)

(October – 1979 New Cars – AMC, GM and Chrysler; First Test – 1979 Pontiac Firebird; GM's Luxury Front Drives Test – Eldorado, Riviera and Toronado)

(December – Trans Am – It's Ups and Downs; Road Test – Colt; Wee Station Wagons Test – Datsun 210, Honda CVCC, Mazda GLC, Chevy Monza, AMC Pacer, Pinto and Subaru DL)


(March – Import Car of the Year – Datsun 280ZX; Road Test – Malibu Classic, Camaro Z28, Mustang Cobra V-8, Dodge D-50 Pickup, Mazda 626 Coupe and Sedan)

(April – 1979 Import Car Buyers Guide; New Honda Prelude; Road Test – Plymouth Horizon TC3, Monte Carlo, Mustang Turbo and BMW 320i)

(May – Turbo Shootout – Saab 900 VS Riviera; 980 Road Test – Chevy Citation, Buick Skylark, Olds Omega and Pontiac Phoenix)

(June – Cadillac Coupe De Ville VS Diamante; Megabuck Buyers Guide and Road Test; Road Test – 1980 Olds Omega Brougham, Jaguar XJS, Chrysler 300, Supra and 280ZX 2+2)

(August – Diesel Road Test – Mercedes 240 and 300 Turbo and Wagon, 260 Cutlass, 350 Eldorado, Peugot 504; Rabbit 5-speed and Dasher Sedan)

(September – First of the 1980 New Cars; 1980 Thunderbird; 1980 Turbo Fairmont; Road Test – TR7 Convertible, Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta and Pontiac Diesel Bonneville)

(October – 1980 New Cars – All the Domestic and Imports; First 1980 Test – Corvette, Dodge Mirada and Peugot 604)

(December – Fantasy Flagships Road Test – Porsche 928, Corvette L82 and Ferrari 308 GTS; Road Test – Audi 4000 and 1980 Honda Civic)


(January – The Automobile and the Decade Ahead; Top Ten Gas Misers – VW Rabbit, Fiat Strada, Toyota Tercel, Ford Fiesta, Datsun 510, Honda Civic, Renault Le Car, Chevette, Mazda GLC and Plymouth Champ)

(February – Toyota Targa – New Convertible Craze; Car of the Year 1980 Chevy Citation; Road Test – Ford LTD, Chevrolet Caprice, 25TH anniversary Thunderbird,BMW 320i Turbo and Audi 5000 Diesel)

(March – Briggs and Stratton Chrysler Built Hybrid Gas and Electric; Import Car of the Year – Honda Civic; Road Test – Doval Shadow, Gougar XR-7, Chrysler Cordoba and 4-Door Zephyr)

(April – Will This 1981 K-Car Save Chrysler ?; Road Test – Buick Century 4-Door, Rover 3500 Sedan and Dodge Diplomat)

(June – America's Sweetheart – Olds Cutlass; 1982-84 GM Styling Preview; Seville VS Lincoln Mark Vl VS %TH Avenue; Road Test – Caprice Classic, Caprice Classic Diesel and V-8 Triumph TR8)

(July – New 1981 Fords Front Drive Escort and Lynx; GM X-Car Owners Survey; Road Test – Audi 5000 Turbo, Plymouth Torismo and Renault Le Car)

(August – 1981 AMC-Renault Connection – Renault 18i; MPG Test – Chevette VS Caprice; Collector Cars – Have Profits Peaked ?)

(September – 1981 Chrysler Cars Preview; 1981 New Cars Road Test – Pontiac Grand Prix, Plymouth Reliant and Eagle Kammback)

(October – All the New 1981 Cars; Road Test – Toyota Corolla, Chrysler imperial and Datsun 4 X 4 King Cab)

(November – First Full Road Test – Ford Escort; Mustang VS Mustang Then and Now; Road Test – Volvo Bertone Coupe, Colt RS, Tercel SR-5 Black Package and VW Rabbit Roadster)

(December – M81 McLaren Mustang; All the New 1981 Imports; New Car Road Tests – VW Jetta, Mazda GJC, HO660 Citation, M-B 4-Speed Diesel and Turbo Monte Carlo)


(January – Road Test – V-8-6-4 Cadillac Eldorado, Turbo GLT Volvo, 2.2 -Liter Plymouth Turismo, Datsun 810 Maxima, Granada GLX Econo-6 and Special Edition Porsche 911 sc)

(February – Car of the Year – Chrysler's Reliant and Aries; The Other Niminees – Lynx, Escort, Imperial, Granada and Cutlass; Caprice VS Jetta VS Rover VS Corolla)

(July – 924 Porsche Carrera; Dodge Charger 2.2 VS Ford EXP; Station Wagon Test – Datsun 810 and Chevy Malibu)

(August – Grownup's Guide to Underground Cars; Road Test – Pontiac J2000, Jeep Scrambler, Chevette, Irabbit and Isuzu)

(September – 1982 Sneak Preview; 302 GT Mustang; Mazda RX-7 Turbo; Road Test – Alfa Romeo GTV-6 2.5 Renault 181 Sportswagon Deluxe; Saab 900 Turbo and Volvo GLT Turbo)

(October – Preview Test – 1982 Toyota Supra; 1982 First Drive Test – Escort 5-Door, Dodge 400, VW Jetta Diesel, Granada Wagon, Chrysler LeBaron Chevy S-10 Pickup and Ford EXP)

(November – 1982 Honda Accord; First Drive Test – 1982 Ford Ranger; Road Test – Cavalier, Pontiac J2000 and VW Golf GTI)

(December – 1982 Import Car Preview; 1982 Chevy Celebrity; 1982 First Drive Test – Eldorado Touring Coupe; Road Test – Nissan Stanza, Volvo GLT Wagon and Buick Century)


(January – 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and 6000 Sedan; Road Test – Camaro Z28, BMW 528e, Honda Accord Sedan and Cavalier Wagon)

(February – Chrysler Front Wheel Drives; Convertibles Making a Comeback; Road Test – Mercedes 380SEC, Toyota Supra, Nissan 280ZX Turbo,Scirocco and Chevy S-10)

(March – 1982 Car of the Year – Chevy Camaro; Road Test – VW Rabbit, Subaru GL Sedan, Buick Skylark Pontiac Bonneville G and Datsun Maxima)

(July – Pontiac Trans Am Convertible and 12000 SC; 10 Car Supertest – Chevette VS Colt VS Escort VS Civic VS GLC VS Sentra VS Le Car VS Subaru VS Tercel VS Rabbit)

(August – 1983 Buick T-Types; 1983 Detroit Preview; Track Test – Gordy Oftedahl 1982 Trans Am; Road Test – Sentra MPG, Civic FE, Citation HO 660 and Saab APC Turbo)

(September – Mitsubishi Starion Turbp; Road Test – Renault Alliance, Audi 5000 Turbo Diesel, Plymouth Gran fury Police Special, Eldorado Touring Coupe and BMW 633 Csi Turbo)

(November – Nissan Pulsar NX; 1983 First Drives – Firebird S / E V-6, Ford LTD and Chevy S-10 Blazer; Road Test – VW Rabbit GTI, Renault 18i, VW Quantum and Volvo 760 GLE Turbo Diesel)

(December – Chrysler G-24; 1983 Import Buyers Guide; Road Test – Toyota Tercel, Fiat X1 / 9, Chrysler Town and Country, Jeep Wagoneer, volvo GLT Turbo and Mercedes 300 TD)


(January – Cobra Car Kits; Road Test – Riviera T-Type and Renault Fuego Turbo; 4 X 4 Road Test – Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi TD, Range Rover and GMC Jimmy)

(February – Chrysler Convertibles – LeBaron, Dodge 400 and Town and Country; Car of the Year – AMC-Renault Alliance; Road Test – Porsche 911SC Cabriolet, Toyota Celica GT-S and Accord)

(April – 1983 Import Car of the Year – Mazda 626; Road Test – Montre Carlo SS, Honda Prelude, VW Quantum GL5)

(May – Corvette VS Porsche 928S VS Ferrari 308GTS VS Jaguar XJ-S; Road Test – Toyota Camry LE, Ford Escort GT, Mazda GLC Sport and Mitsubishi Montero 4 X 4)

(June – Datsun 280ZX Turbo VS Mazda RX-7 VS Mitsubishi Starion VS Toyota Supra; Roar Test – Mercury Marquis, Pontiac Bonneville, T-Bird Turbo Coupe, Bronco ll and Isuzu Impulse)

(July – Comparison Test – Daytona Turbo Z, Mustang GT, Camaro Z28,Mercury Capri RS and Trans Am; Every Production Convertible You Can Buy)

(August – 1984 Lincoln Mark Vll LSC; 1984 American Cars Sneak Preview; Comparison Test – Honda Prelude VS Shelby Charger VS Scirocco 1.8; Road Test – 1983 ½ Nissan Pulsar NX Turbo and 1984 Ford EXP Turbo)

(October – 1984 Mustang SVO; All the New 1984 U.S.A. Cars; Road Test – Dodge Caravan, Ford Tempo and Mazda 626)

(November – 1984 Datsun 300ZX Turbo; First Test – Mustang GT, Toyota Corolla Dodge 600ES Turbo and Cadillac Eldorado Convertible)

(December – 1984 Honda Civic CRX ; 75 Years of GM; 1984 Import Car Buyers Guide; Road Test – Audi 5000 Turbo, 4-Speed Corvette and Buick Regal GN)

(January – Top Secret $4500 Chevrolet Sprinter; Road Test – Porsche 911 Carrera, Olds Tuned Induction Diesel, Renault Alliance Turbo, $-Wheel Test – Blazer S-10, Montero and Cherokee)

(March – Nissan 200SX Turbo; Import Car of thew Year – Honda Civic CRX; Road Test – Cavalier, Pontiac Fiero Turbo, Maserati Biturbo)

(September – 1985 Merkur XR4Ti; First Test – Saab 900 Turbo 16 and 9000 Turbo 16, Peugeot 505 Turbo and 205 GTI; Road Test – Toyota Corolla GT-s and Pontiac 6000 Wagon)

(October – Port Injected Trans Am 215-hp IROC-Z; All the New 1985 U.S.A. Cars; Preview Test – Cavalier Z24 V-6 and Shelby Charger Turbo)

(November – Pontiac Fiero V-6; Road Test – 1985 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo and Galant)

(December – 1985 Pantera GT5; 1985 Import Car Buyers Guide; Road Test – Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, Nissan Maxima SE, VW Golf and Jetta)


(March – 1986 Ford Taurus; 1985 Import Car of the Year – Toyota MR$2; Road Test – 1985 Honda CRX Si and 1985 BMW 535i)

(May – Ital Design Maya; Pontiac Grand Am VS VW Scirocco VS Honda Prelude; Road Test – Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon, Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport Wagon and Trihawk 304)

(June – Chevy Unveils 1988 Camaro GTZ; Special Used Car Issue; Corvette Owners Survey; Honda Accord VS VW Jetta GLI; First Look – Renault GTA)

(August – 1988 Pontiac 6000 STE and Grand Am and Trans Am Sport Wagon; 1986 New Car Preview; Road Test – 1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon, 1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro and Maserati Biturbo E)

(September – Inside Story of Porsche 959; Thumper 200-mph Corvette; Road Test – BMW 524td and Isuzu Impulse Turbo)

(October – 1986 Corvette Convertible; All the New 1986 U.S.A. Cars; 1986 Preview Test – Buick Riviera T-Type, Chevy Z24, Olds Delta 88 Coupe, Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Escort GT and Mercury Lynx XR3)


(February – 1986 Car of the Year – Ford Taurus; Volvo 480; Road Test – Porsche 911 Turbo, Ford Escort GT, Bitter SC and Corvette Roadster)

(March – Import Car of the Year – Mazda RX-7; Korea's Generic Car – Hyundai Excel; Road Test – 1986 ½ Fiero GT, Acura Legend and Subaru XT Coupe)

(September – First Test – 1987 Cadillac Allante; 1987 U.S.A. Car Preview; Fastest Convertibles in America – Corvette Roadster, Porsche 91 Cabriolet and Mercedes 560 SL)

(October – Lamborghini Countach VS Chopper; 1987 Newest of the New Preview Tests; Road Test – Mercury Sable Wagon, Prelude Si, Nissan 200SX and Toyota Celica GT-S)

(December – Renault Turbo Alpine; Mustang – Performance Legend for 20 Years;Porsche 928S-4; 1937 Mercedes-Benz W-125)


(January – Lamborghini Countach VS Ferrari Testarossa VS Lotus Esprit Turbo VS Porsche 928S 4; GM's All New Beretta; 1987 Car of the Year Nominees)

(February – 1987 Car of the Year – Thunderbird Turbo Coupe; Test Results of Car of the Year Nominees – LeBaron Coupe, Dodge Shadow ES, Plymouth Sundance and Pontiac Bonneville SE)

(March – Truck Test – Nissan Pathfinder; Road Test – Toyota Tercel, Ford Tempo, Renault Medallion, Shelby Charger GLH-s, Mitsubishi Galant and Buick Riviera T-Type)

(April – Preview 1991 Dodge Daytona X91; 987 Import Car of the Year – Acura Legend Coupe; Road Test – Shelby Lancer, Olds Delta 88 and Isuzu Impulse Turbo RS)

(May – 1987 Affordable Convertibles; Road Test – Acura Legend Coupe, Camaro RS, Ford Festiva, Porsche 928S 4 and Toyota Camry)

(July – Corvette VS Cobra – 25 Years of History; Road Test – Nissan 200SX SE, Chevy Corsica CL, BMW 735i and Dodge Daytona Shelby Z)

(August – Tech Data – Buick Regal Grand National, Mustang GT, Camaro IROC 350 Z, Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Corvette, Firebird GTA and Dodge Daytona Turbo)

(October – 1991 LT-5 Corvette Concept Car; Maserati Spyder; 1988 First Test – Buick Regal, Dodge Dynasty, Lincoln Continental and Renault Premier)

(November – Ferrari Duels Ducati; All the 1988 Imports; First Drives – Mazda 929, BMW 750iL V-12, Toyota MR2 Supercharger and LeBaron Convertible)

(December – Farrari GTO VS Aston Martin Zagato; Road Test – Toyota Corolla GT-S, Mazda 626 4WS, BMW M3, Porsche 944 Turbo and Eldorado)


(January – Porsche 911 Turbo VS Porsche Powered Cessna; Nominees for 1988 Car of the Year;Road Test – Jetta GLI Turbo; Olds Cutlass Supreme and Nissan Maxima GXE)

(February – Lotus Esprit Turbo; 1988 Car of the Year – Pontiac Grand Prix; Road test – Saleen Mustang, Isuzu Impulse Turbo, Honda CRX Si, Buick Reatta and VW Fox Wagon)

(April – BMW M6 VS Porsche 928S 4; 1988 Import Car of the Year – Honda CRX Si; Road Test – Subaru XT Coupe, Cadillac Allante and Pontiac Bonneville SSE)

(May – Lamborghini Portofino; Sport Coupe Test – Honda Prelude, Isuzu Impulse, Mazda MX-6, Mitsubishi Cordia, Nissan 200SX, Subaru XT6 and Toyota Celica GT-S)

(June – Porsche Spexter; Kingray – Corvette on Steroids; Road Test – Honda Accord LXI Coupe, BMW 750iL and Merkur Scorpio)

(July – Ferrari F40; Road Test – Corvette GTO, Acura Integra LS, Pontiac Trans Am GTA and Cartech Toyota Supra)

(August – Corvette Collector Car Explosion; Road Test – Lincoln Mark Vll LSC, Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo, Toyota Camry All-Trac Deluxe, Audi 80, GMC S15 Jimmy and Porsche 911 Club Sport)

(September – 1989 New Car Preview; Top Speed Cars – Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 928S 4, BMW M6, Mustang GT, Camaro IROC-Z, Firebird GTA, Mercedes-Benz 560SEC, Corvette, Toyota Supra Turbo)

(November – Top 10 Lists Issue; 1989 Imports – Porsche 911 Cabrio, Audi 200 Turbo, Mazda MPV, Peugeot 405 Mi 16, Mercedes 260E and Montero LS 4-Door)

(December – Lotus Esprit and Porsche 911; 25 Years of Lamborghini; Road Test – Toyota MR2 Supercharged, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Plymouth Laser Yugo and Hyundai)


(January – Mercury Cougar XR-7; 1989 Car of the Year Nominees; 50 Years of Mercury; Road Test – Isuzu I-Mark RS,and Mazda 323 GTX)

(March – Cizeta-Moroder V16T; 1989 Import Car of the Year – Mitsubishi Galant GS; Road Test - 20th Anniversary Trans Am, Mazda 323GTX and Olds Cutlass Calais International Coupe Series)

(May – Special 40th Anniversary Issue – Future Fantasies, Hits and Misses, Exotic Excess and Fads, Fashions and Flops)

(June – First Road Test – Corvette ZR-1; Fastest American Cars the Sequel – Trans Am Turbo, Taurus SHO, Plymouth Laser Turbo, Mustang, Shelby CSX, Camaro IROC-Z and Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo)

(August – Mercedes-Benz 500SL; Road Test – Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix, Porsche 944 S2, Dodge Daytona CS, Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX, Chevy Caprice Classic BroughamLS and Mazda RX-7s)

(September – Acura NS-X; Road Test – BMW 525i, Nissan 300ZX, Suzuki Swift GTI, Audi Coupe Quattro and Pontiac Sunbird Turbo)

(October – Giant New Car Prev