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OUR INVENTORY lists of COMIC BOOKS, MAGAZINES & other items, IN STOCK & ready to sell!

We have in Stock; [1 Million Comics, 1960-2010, & some older, 95% of ALL Publishers & titles] [250,000 Magazines, ALL types] [250,000 Paperbacks, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [50,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 Records] [8000 Music Cassette Tapes] [8000 VHS Movies] [10,000 POSTERS; Movie(50's-90's), Video store (1980's & 90's) & chain store types (70's-early 90's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! ***** SEND YOUR WANT LISTS; [Please limit to SERIOUS WANTS & limit the number of items to your 25 or less MOST wanted items! Filling want lists takes time! Thanks!] Add to your order & save on postage! Why order 10 books from 10 sources, when you can get MOST of them from ONE dealer??? [SAVE time! SAVE postage! Top service!]

>>> IMPORTANT; We have been Bombarded with Requests for all the MARVEL and DC Comics Red-Hot FILM / MOVIE Related KEY Issues; *** Thus ALL prices are Subject to Chance without Notice (but mainly & especially applies to Comics & Items that Skyrocket in Value Overnight on eBay); *** We Reserve the Right to DECLINE a Purchase Request at OLD Prices Listed on our Website, whenever we deem it Warranted; *** We also reserve the Right to LIMIT the Purchase to ONE Copy of any RED HOT items, whenever Warranted;

ACE DOUBLES (Vintage 2-Sided Mass Market Paperbacks; 1952 thru 1960; D-Series, and F,G,H,K,M & 441, 020 Series; SF, Mystery, Western & Misc Fiction)= For Sale HTML

ACG (American Comics Group; 1940's thru 1960's) Vintage COMICS/ For Sale ]; HTML

AIRCRAFT & AVIATION Magazines 1920's to 2000+ (Aerial Warfare, Airplanes, Bombers, Defense, Fighters, Flight, Flying, Jets, Military, Missles, Pilots, Planes, RAF, RCAF, USAF) - For Sale HTML

ALTERNATIVE /INDEPENDANT COMICS 1970's thru 2009 [ A+, AC, Ace, Acclaim, Aadrvark-Vanheim, ACG {Newer version company}, Adventure, Aircel, Amazing, Americomics, Antarctic Press, Armada, Apple, Awesome, Berkley,Blackout, Blackthorne, Boneyard, Bongo, Brainstorm, Broadway, Caliber, Capital, Chaos, CFD/Cry for Dawn, Cliffhanger, COMICO, Conquest, Continuity, Crossgen, Crusade, DARK HORSE, Defiant, Dynamic Forces, Eclipse, Eros, Eternity, Extreme, Event, Fantagraphics, Fictioneer, FIRST, Fleetway,Gladstone, Grearter Mercury, Hamilton, Harrier, Harris, Hero Graphics, High Impact, Homage, IMAGE, Immortelle, Innovation, Jademan, Kitchen Sink, Last Gasp, Lightning, London Night, MALIBU, Maximum Press, Millennium, Mirage, New Engalnd, Night Wynd, Now, Oni, Pacific, Parody Press, Pioneer, Quality, Rebel, Renegade, Rip Off Press, Russ Cochran, Sal Q/Sal Quartuccio, Silverwolf, Slave Labor, Solson, Spoof, Steeldragon, Tekno, Tome, Top Cow, Topps, TSR, Tundra, VALIANT, Viz, Vortex, Warp Graphics, Wildstorm {Pre-DC}, Wizard Limited editions & MANY other MISC publishers ]; For Sale HTML

ARMED SERVICES (Editions for the..); (Oblong Mass Market Paperbacks, distributed to Soldiers in the Post-WW2 American Armed Forces) For Sale HTML

Anthropology, People & Places, Non-Fiction Paperback For Sale [People, Cities & Countries of the World; Civilization, Atlas, Culture, Travel, Tourism, Society]; HTML

ANTHOLOGY DIGEST Magazines; [CORONET Digest Magazine 1930's-1960's; READER'S DIGEST Magazines 1922-Present]; For Sale HTML

ARCHIE COMICS PUB (1940's thru 2010+; Includes Red Circle, Katy Keene COMICS )For Sale HTML

ASTRONOMY & SPACE EXPLORATION Mass Market Paperbacks;(Black Holes, Comets, Einstein, Planets, Science, Space Travel, Stars, the Universe) For Sale; HTML

ATARI 2600 & 5200 (1978-1988) COLECO – ColecoVision (1982-1986) INTELLIVISION (1979-1989) VIDEO GAME System Cartridges PRICE LIST of IN-STOCK & For Sale HTML

ATLAS/Timely/Marvel (1940's thru 1962 - Vintage COMICS) For Sale HTML

ATLAS / SEABOARD (1975 Comics & Magazines) For Sale HTML

Ballantine "Adult Fantasy" Series (1970's Mass Market PAPERBACKS) For Sale HTML

BECKETT SPORTS MAGAZINES (Baseball, Basketball, Collectibles & Autographs, Football, Future Stars, Hockey, Racing = Sports Card Related Price Guides) For Sale HTML

BETTIE (or BETTY) PAGE -- Collectibles in stock (Comics, Magazines, Cards, etc) For Sale HTML

Big Little Books, BLB's, Better Little Books,and similar format books (1930's thru 2000+; WHITMAN, Modern, Moby Books, etc.)In Stock HTML

BIOGRAPHY, Autobiography & Related (Mass Market PAPERBACKS, HARDCOVER & Trade Paperback Books) For Sale HTML

Biology, Ecology, Environment, Nature, Nuclear, Zoology + Related Paperback Books for sale HTML

BLOWOUT Comics SALE; comics OVERSTOCK clearance SETS & Starter Sets (Marvel, DC & MISC) For Sale HTML

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs & Related (Handbooks, Guides, Jamboree's, Leaders, Rally's, Scoutmasters, Song Books, Tests & Troops = NON-FICTION and Fiction) For Sale HTML

BUSINESS and FINANCE - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Money, Power, Jobs, Economy & Economics, Success, Management, Salesmen, Stock Market, Entrepreneur, Careers, Investments, Monetary Crisis, Marketing, Strategy, Ethics, Profits, Benefits, Fraud, Inflation, Recession, Taxes, Insurance, Automation, Executives, Analysis, Productivity, Capitalism, Wages, Wealth, Traders, Wall Street, Banks, Currency, Corporations, Buying & Selling, Consumers, etc ) For Sale HTML

CANADIAN COMICS = (Vintage 1940-1960) For Sale HTML

CANADIAN Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (1940's-1950's; Publishers = Crow,Derby, News Stand Library, Pony); HTML

CAPTAIN CANUCK (1975-2010+ Canadian Comics & Related Items) For Sale - Price List HTML

CAR toons (Petersen Pub) / Pete Millar's DRAG Cartoons (Millar Pub) / HOT ROD CARtoons (Petersen) = Comic Magazines For Sale HTML

CAR / AUTOMOBILE, HOT ROD, TRUCK, CAR RACING, VAN & Misc VEHICLE Magazines (Also includes; Dealership Promo/Promotional Pamphlets & related items) For Sale HTML

CARTOON and COMIC - (Vintage Mass Market PAPERBACKS; Andy Capp, Archie, B.C., Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Broomhilda, Dennis the Menace, Doonesbury, Family Circus, Hagar the Horrible, Heathcliff, Hi and Lois, Marmaduke, Tumbleweeds,Wizard of ID, Ziggy and MANY more; 1950's-1990's) For Sale HTML

CASSETTE TAPES; Audio MUSIC Cassettes (Albums & Singles) For Sale HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, A thru B For Sale/Price List HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, C For Sale/Price List HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, D For Sale/Price List HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, E thru L For Sale/Price List HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, M thru R For Sale/Price List HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, Sa - Ss For Sale HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, St - Sz For Sale HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, T thru V For Sale HTML

CGC Graded Comics & Magazines, W thru Z & New Arrivals For Sale HTML

CHARLTON Comics, Magazines & Related items - (Vintage 1940's-1980's) For Sale HTML

CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATED Books (Hardcover & Softcover) (1) CHARACTER and SERIES Books; (2) WALT DISNEY Related Books; (3) Assorted illustrated & Picture books by Title & Author; [Includes; GOLDEN BOOKS, Little Golden Books, Golden Shape Books, Whitman Tell-A-Tale, Wonder Books, Look-Look Books, Ladybird Books, etc] For Sale HTML

CHILDREN'S, KID'S & JUVENILE Text Novels / Chapter Books (Hardcover's & Trade Paperback's; Many have illustrations) FOR SALE; HTML

Children's / KIDS -- COLORING, Activity, Game & Sticker Books; [Character, TV, Movie, Cartoons, Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera, Fairy Tales, TOYS (Action Figure & Doll Related, etc) & other similar] For Sale HTML

CHRISTIAN & RELIGIOUS Vintage Comics (Crusaders, Jack Chick Tracts, SPIRE, Sunday Pix,Treasure Chest, etc.)For Sale HTML

CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED Comics(1941-1971)and RELATED COMICS - (Classic Comics, Junior, Special & Giants, Gilberton Pub.), plus (RELATED Vintage Comics by MISC. Publishers) For Sale HTML

COLLIER'S Magazine; 1907-1957 (the American Vintage illustrated Oversized Magazine; Fiction, Fact, Humor, News, Investigative photo journalism, Serialized Novels, the Short-Short Story & Cartoons) For Sale HTML

Collins WHITE CIRCLE; 1942-1952 Vintage Canadian Mass Market PAPERBACKS For Sale HTML

COMIC DIGESTS 1960's thru 2009(Archie, Charlton, DC National comics, Dennis the Menace, Gold Key, Harvey, Marvel)For Sale HTML

COMIC MAGAZINES (ASSORTED & MISC) >> Including; FANZINES, Graphic Novels, Hardcover Editions & TRADE Paperbacks & other RELATED COMICS Items; (1940's thru 2010+) For Sale HTML

COMIC STRIPS = Newspaper Color Weekend / Sunday Pages; Full Complete Magazines & Single Pages; (Mostly 1960-1980, but newer & older too) = For Sale; HTML

Cookbooks, Bartending, Winmaking & Related Paperbacks For Sale [Chef's, Cooks, Cooking, Desert's, Diet's, Dining, Recipes, Spices, Restaurant's, Alcohol, Bartender's, Beer, Wine, etc]; HTML

CRACKED and SICK 1950's thru 2000+(Humor Parody Spoof Satire Comics Magazines) For Sale HTML

CRIME, MYSTERY & Detective - (MISC publisher, Vintage 1940's thru 1960's COMICS) For Sale HTML

Customer Comments & Praise for Comic World HTML

DC COMICS / National COMICS (MAIN LISTING) & Related Items (1940's thru 2010+)>> [ Including these DC Comics Imprints; America's Best, Cliffhanger, Helix Press, Homage Comics, Impact, Milestone Press, Paradox Press, Piranah Press, Vertigo, Wildstorm ]; for Sale HTML

DELL COMICS PUB. - (Vintage Comics 1940's thru 1970's; TV, Movie, Cartoons, Westerns, Popular & Original Characters) For Sale HTML

DENNIS The MENACE Comics & Giant Specials - (1950's-1970's Vintage Fawcett Pub Comics) For Sale HTML

DIME NOVEL'S (thick Digest Sized PULP Novels; Circa 1885-1925 era); (Includes; Dick Merriwell, Ted Strong, etc; >> Published by Street and Smith, Arthur Westbrook Co., J.S. Ogilvie, Howell, etc) - For Sale HTML

DVD Movies For Sale HTML

DYNAMITE, Bananas, Hot Dog, Sesame Street & OTHER Misc. KIDS Children's Magazines - 1970's-1980's, For Sale HTML

EBONY Magazine (1946-1981; The preeminent Magazine for the BLACK / African-American Community; John H. Johnson Publishing Company) For Sale HTML

EC COMICS -- (E.C. / Educational Comics / Fables Pub; 1940's thru 1950's Vintage Comics) For Sale HTML

8-TRACKS / 8 Track (Audio Music Cassette Tapes; 1970's-1980's) For Sale; HTML

ELECTRONICS Magazines (1950's thru 1980's) For Sale; HTML

FAWCETT Western Comics - (Vintage 1940's & 1950's) For Sale HTML

Firemen Magazine For Sale HTML

FOREIGN LANGUAGE COMICS & Digests (Assorted, DC Comics Related, MARVEL, Walt Disney); For Sale HTML

GAMES, Quiz and PUZZLES Mass Market PAPERBACKS (Adult Comic Magazines 1950's-2000+) For Sale HTML

GENERAL FICTION PAPERBACKS (1930's - 2000+ Mass Market PAPERBACKS; >> Epic's, Drama, Classic's, Literature, Comedy & Humor, Movie, and MORE) For Sale HTML

GOLDEN AGE Comics, SILVER AGE Comics,& MISC COMICS, with GIVEAWAY / Promotional & Oddball MISC. Related items [1930's-1970's - Vintage Comics] For Sale HTML

GOLD KEY COMICS (Including Whitman; NON Walt Disney - Vintage 1962-1980's) COMICS For Sale HTML

GOLF Magazines (Golf Magazine, Golf Digest & other assorted titles) For Sale For Sale HTML

HARDCOVER and TRADE PAPERBACK BOOKS; Assorted FICTION - (General Fiction, Epic's, Drama, Classic's, Historical Fiction, Love & Romance, Literature, Western, Adult Sexy, Comedy & Humor, TV, Movie, and MORE); For Sale HTML

HARLEQUIN (#1-2000 Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks; 1949 - 1977) For Sale HTML

HARVEY Vintage COMICS (Richie Rich, Casper, Sad Sack, etc.; 1950's thru 1990's) For Sale HTML


HEAVY METAL (Adult Comic Magazines 1977-2000+) For Sale HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - A thru C "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - D thru F "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS G thru L "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - M thru R "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - S thru T "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH GRADE Comics, KEY Issues, Investment Quality, & Manitoba Collection COMICS - U thru Z "Investment Quality" ("Raw" & Un-Slabbed) Comics & Related items = FOR SALE HTML

HIGH TIMES (and Related; Marijuana & Drugs) MAGAZINES For Sale HTML

HISTORICAL FICTION Mass Market Paperbacks For Sale; [Africa, America, British Empire, Canada, China, Civil War, Crusades, Dark Ages, Egypt, France, Indian/Aboriginal, India, Japan, Medieval, Middle Ages, Napoleonic, Orient, Pirates, Regency, Roman Empire, Royalty, Russia, Scotland, Slavery, Spain, Victorian, Vikings, etc]; HTML

HISTORY and ARCHAEOLOGY -- Mass Market Paperbacks INVENTORY - [ World History & Related including; Politics, War, Science, Technology, Peoples, Cultures, Countries, Economics, Prehistory, Religions, Literature, Arts, Rise & Declines, Civilizations, Progress, Society, Mythology, Scholars, Governments, Ancient thru Modern, Prehistoric, Middle Ages, Medieval, Exploration, Revolutions, Essays, Geology, Folklore, Genealogy --- Archaeology with Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ancient Lands, Far East, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Antiquity, & More]; For Sale HTML

HORROR and Science Fiction COMICS (Misc. Vintage 1940's & 1950's Comics) For Sale HTML

IW Pub. & SUPER Pub. COMICS - (1958-1964 - Vintage COMICS) For Sale HTML

JOKE BOOKS (Non-Cartoon; Humor, Boners, Riddles, Puns, etc)Mass Market PAPERBACKS For Sale HTML

JUVENILE DELINQUENCY & DRUGS - Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (BAD Girls & Boys; Teenagers; Reform School; Beat Generation; Gangs; Runaways; Narcotics; Marijuana; Hemp; Hashish; Addicts; LSD; Weed; Heroin; Needles; Junkie's; Cocaine) For Sale HTML

KING, SKYWALD (color comics), TOP/KK(1967; variants of Gold Key), & TOWER (Thunder Agents, Tippy Teen etc)- [Vintage Comics] For Sale HTML

LOOK Magazine (1937-1971; Cowles Media Pub; Oversized 11" x 14" General Interest Magazine published in Des Moines, Iowa Articles, Photo's, News, Celebrities, Fiction, Politics, TV, Movies, People & Places; Stanley Kubrick was a staff photographer); FOR SALE HTML

LOVE & ROMANCE COMICS - (Vintage 1940's-1950's COMICS) For Sale HTML

LOVE & ROMANCE Mass Market PAPERBACKS; (Standard, Historical, Series, Harlequin, Non-Series, Gothic etc.) HTML

MAD magazine(1953 thru 2010+; Parody, Satire, Humor, Spoof Comics - Magazines, Paperbacks & Related Items For Sale HTML

Marilyn Monroe - Magazines, Paperbacks; Hardcover Book, Trade PaperBacks, Related Items For Sale HTML

Market Reports (for the Annual Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide's) by Douglas W. Sulipa HTML

MARTIAL ARTS Magazines & Related Items (BRUCE LEE, Black Belt, Jeet Kune-Do, Judo, Karate, Kick-Boxing, Kung-Fu, Ninja, Self-Defense, Zen, etc) in stock HTML

MARVEL COMICS PUB; (MAIN Listing); COMICS, Magazines & Related Items (1961-2009+) For Sale HTML

MARVEL & DC COMICS Mass Market PAPERBACKS (1960's thru 2005+; Illustrated Comics & Text Novels) For Sale HTML

MEDICAL Related Hardcover & Trade Paperback Books; (Health, Medicine, Surgery, Doctor's, Nursing, Anatomy, Disease, Diet & Nutrician, etc) For Sale HTML

MEN'S ADVENTURE & Exploitation Magazines (1950's thru 1970's) For Sale HTML

MEN'S Style, Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture (Details, Esquire, FH, GQ, Maxim, Stuff, etc.) Magazines For Sale HTML

Miniature / MINI - COMICS (Promotional - Giveaway Comics; He-Man & She-Ra, MARCH OF COMICS, etc); For Sale HTML

MOTORCYCLE / BIKER magazines (1960's thru 2000+; Biker, Chopper, Custom, Cycle, Easyriders, In the Wind, Iron Horse, Outlaw, Rider, Supercycle) & Biker Magazines For Sale HTML

MOVIE POSTERS - Inventory (POSTERS Vintage and Out of Print (Original ONE-SHEET Movie Theatre Posters, Original Movie Theatre Half-Sheets, Video Store Posters, Vintage Chain Store Posters - Celebrities, TV/Television Stars, Comic Book Related, Science Fiction & Fantasy, ART Posters & Prints + other related items) For Sale HTML

MUSCLE, FITNESS & HEALTH Magazines (1950's thru 2000+; Fitness, Flex, Health, Iron Man, Physique, Runner, Shape, Slimmer, Strength, Triathlete, etc) For Sale HTML

MUSIC - Mass Market Paperbacks (Rock N' Roll, Country & Western, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop, Heavy Metal, Beatles, Soul, & other Music; Trivia/Quiz, Groups, individual Stars, Biographies, Histories, Lyrics, etc) For Sale HTML

MUSIC and ROCK Magazines (1940's thru 2000+; Circus, Crawdaddy, Creem, Rolling Stone, & MANY many more) For Sale HTML


MYSTERY, CRIME FICTION & Related Mass Market PAPERBACKS, HARDCOVER & Trade Paperback Books - 1930's thru 2005+;(Fiction & Non-Fiction; Detective, Action, Adventure & Suspense; 1940's-1990's For Sale HTML

NATIONAL LAMPOON (1970 thru 1990's - vintage Adult HUMOR, Parody, Satire, Spoof, & Comic Magazines 1970's-1990's) For Sale HTML

NON-FICTION Assorted Mass Market PAPERBACKS (Beauty & Dating, Camping/Hiking/Fishing,Hunting, Cars & Trucks, Martial Arts, Pets, Plants & Gardening, Photography, Video Games & Computers; 1940's-2000+) For Sale HTML

NEWS & Current Events Magazines - 1930's thru 2000+ (LIFE MAGAZINES, Macleans, NEWSWEEK, New Yorker, TIME magazine, Vanity Fair)For Sale HTML

OCCULT mass market PAPERBACKS (Astrology, ESP, Flying Saucers/ UFO, Ghosts, Horoscope, Monsters, Mystic, Numerology, Palmistry, Paranormal, Prophecy, Psychic, Satanism, Supernatural, Tarot, Telepathy, Witchcraft etc) For Sale HTML

OMNI magazine (Science & Science Fiction; 1978-1995 Magazines) For Sale HTML

ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART (Archie, Captain Canuck, Harvey, Marvel, etc) For Sale HTML

PARENTING, & CHILDREN & CHILD REARING (Baby, Child & Kids – Names, Emotions, Education, Development, Adolescent, Motherhood, Teenagers, Discipline, Nutrition, Health, Nursery, Problems) Mass Market Paperbacks For Sale HTML

PEANUTS, Charlie Brown & Snoopy, & Charles SCHULZ collectibles; Mass Market Paperbacks, Trade Paperbacks, Peanuts Classics Series, Peanuts Parade Series, Books, Comics & Misc. items. For Sale HTML

PEOPLE WEEKLY Magazine & " US " Magazine Weekly (1974 thru 2009) For Sale HTML

PERSONALITY & Character COMICS (1990's - Celebrity, TV, Movie, Music & Sports Stars) For Sale HTML

PHILOSOPHY Mass Market Paperback Books (Love of Wisdom; Study of the General and Fundamental Questions about Existence, Knowledge, Values, Reason, Mind, and Language); For Sale HTML

PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINES and DIGESTS = FOR SALE (Camera's, Equipment, Exposures, Film, Framing, Glamour, Lens, Lighting, amateur & professional Model's, Nude Studies, Peoples, Photo's, Photographers, Pictures, Places, etc) For Sale HTML

PLATINUM AGE vintage COMICS (1900 - 1935; Comics & Cartoon Books) For Sale HTML

PLAYBOY (1954-2010+) and PENTHOUSE (1966-2009) - [Magazines, VHS Video Tapes, SPECIAL's, Books & Related Items] For Sale HTML

PLAYS; -- (MOVIE, THEATRE & ACTING SCRIPTS -- Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, Tennessee Williams, etc) Mass Market Paperbacks Inventory - FOR SALE; HTML

POETRY & PROSE Books(Mass Market Paperbacks) For Sale HTML

POLITICS - Mass Market Paperbacks (Socialism, Democracy, Communism, Capitalism, Terrorism, Labour, Parties, Politicians, History, Government, Nationalism, Revolution, etc) For Sale HTML

PORTFOLIO'S and CALENDAR'S (Comics, Science Fiction, Music, Character, Advertising Promo items, and Misc. General items);For Sale; HTML

PSYCHOLOGY – Mass Market Paperbacks Books ( the Mind / Brain, Emotions, Therapy, Therapists, Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis, Insanity, Freud, Mental illness, Theory, Life & Death, Schizophrenic, Sleep, Personality, Human Behavior, Brainwashing ) For Sale; HTML

PULP Magazines [1800's thru 1950's PULPS; Adventure, Air Aces/Aviation, Anthology, Argosy, Atlantic, Blue Book, Golden Book, Love/Romance, Mystery, Railroad, Science Fiction, Sports, Western's, etc] FOR SALE HTML

PULP Related & Comics Text Novel Mass Market Paperbacks (Doc Savage, Doctor Death, Dusty Ayers and His Battle Birds, Flash Gordon, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Lone Ranger, Operator 5, Phantom, Phantom Detective, Secret Agent X, Shadow, Spider, etc) For Sale HTML

RACE RELATIONS – Mass Market Paperbacks (Black People, Negro, Prejudice, Discrimination, Segregation, Aboriginal, Indian, Natives, Jews, Jewish, Slaves & Slavery, Racism, Riots, etc) For Sale HTML

Railroad Magazines For Sale (1959 - 1993; Railway, Trains, and related) For Sale HTML

RECORDS;LP Long Play; 33-1/3-RPM, 12 inch Vinyl Records (1950's thru early 1990's; ALL Types of Music; Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Obscure & Rare; Many Tunes Permanently Out-of-Print; USA, Canada & Foreign; 12” Singles, Promotional Labels, etc) – Blues, Big Band, Bluegrass, Bubble Gum music, Comedy & Humor, C&W - Country & Western, Crooners, Dance music, Disco, Easy Listening, Ethnic Music, Folk, Funk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Instrumental, Jazz, New Wave, Opera, Polka, POP, Progressive, Punk, Rap, Rock N Roll, R&B – Rhythm & Blues, Show Tunes, Soft Rock, Soul, Square Dance, ETC -- For Sale; HTML

Records: CLASSICAL and Related Vinyl LP Records (Vintage 33-1/3 RPM, 12" Vintage Vinyl, and Assorted Formats; Composter's, Conductor's, Orchestra's, Compilations and More); For Sale HTML

RECORDS; (33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP's); Compilations/ Various Artists (Best of, Greatest Hits, K-Tel, Collections, Themes etc.)For Sale HTML

RECORDS; 45-RPM, 7 inch SINGLE Vinyl Records (45's); (1950's thru early 1990's; ALL Types of Music; Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Obscure & Rare; Many Tunes Permanently Out-of-Print; USA, Canada & Foreign; With & Without Picture Sleeves; Promotional Labels) For Sale HTML


RELIGION - Mass Market Paperbacks inventory; (all Relgions & Related; Devotional, Inspirational, Spiritual, Theology, Ethics, Morality, Apologetics, Biography, Autobiography, Documentary, Missionary, History, Nuns, Bishops, Priests, Preacher, Devil, Satan, God, Alcoholics, Clergy, Rabbi, Yogi, Crusades, Vatican, Ministry, Armageddon, Apostles, Saints, Angels, Popes, Swami, Budda, Zen, Buddists, Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Penrecostal, Jehovah's Witness, Cults, Evangelist, Anglican, Sermons, Cardinals, Jewish, Israel, Hebrew, Jesus Christ, Psychology, Philosophy, Belief & Faith, Methodology, Miracles, Testimonials, Prayers, Prophecy, Prophets, Occult & Mysticism, Afterlife, Nazi's, Churches, Scripture, Gospel, Bible, Bible Studies, Old & New Testaments, and MORE) For Sale HTML

ROLE PLAYING GAMES & Related - Magazines, Modules, Handbooks, Sourcebooks, Strategy, Supplements, Mass Market Paperbacks (AD&D, Avalon Hill, Champions, Choose Your Own Adventure, Dragonlance, Dragon magazine, Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy, Find Your Fate, Forgotten Realms, Star Fleet, Star Trek, Star Wars, Steve Jackson, TSR, War/Military, Which Way, White Dwarf. & Assorted Quest & Game Books) For Sale HTML

ROMANCE, LOVE & Confessions MAGAZINES (1940's thru 1990's; TRUE Stories, Non-Fiction & Fiction; Photo's, Articles, Stories & illustrations; USA & Canada; ** Published by; Charlton, Countrywide, Crestwood, Dell, Emtee, Fawcett, Hillman, Marvel, MacFadden, Standard, Stanley) For Sale HTML

SATURDAY EVENING POST Magazine - (1930's-1960's; Large Oversized Magazines) For Sale HTML

SCANDAL Magazines - MINI News & Exploitation = Mini Pocket Size Magazines (1950's; TV & Movie Stars, Personalities, Entertainment, NEWS, Current Events, etc; Loaded with vintage Photo's & Articles) For Sale HTML

SCIENCE Mass Market PAPERBACK Books (1940's thru 1990's; Includes; Chemistry, Physics, Scientists etc) In Stock & For Sale HTML

SCIENCE FICTION, Fantasy & HORROR MAGAZINES & Fanzines (1950's-2005+; Fiction, & TV - Movie Related) For Sale HTML

SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY and HORROR (Mass Market PAPERBACKS, DIGESTS, Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks; Vintage 1940's thru 2000+) For Sale HTML

SELF HELP - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Improve Yourself, Personal Growth, Marriage, Popularity, Assertivness, Aggression, Personal Power, Tests, Self Analysis, Happiness, Intimacy, Transitions, Hypnosis, Nerves, Stress, Confidence, Guides, Self Respect & Esteem, Memory, Feedback, Compulsion, Creativity, Jobs, Living, Succcess, Thinking, Disciplines, Body Language, Depression, Meditation, Improve Health, Speaking, Attitude, Behavior, Personality, Alcoholism, Live Longer ) For Sale HTML

SEX - ADULT DIGEST Magazines [ (A) Adult CARTOON DIGEST Magazines {1930's-1970's Cartoons, Jokes, illustrations & Humor} and (B) ADULT DIGEST Magazines {1940's-2000+; Text, Photo's & illustrations} including Penhouse Forum, etc. ] For Sale HTML

SEX - ADULT Related Magazines (Vintage 1950's thru Modern 2010+ Mags; NON-Playboy/Penthouse Titles; GIRLIE Mags, SKIN Mags, Nudity, Adult Film Mags, Homosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Big Breasts; Including; Adam, Advocate, Celebrity Skin, Cheri, Chic, Club, Dude, Gallery, Genesis, Gent, High Society, Hustler, Mayfair, Mr., Nudist, OUI, Out magazine, Playgirl, Rogue, Stag, Swank, Transformation, Velvet & MANY more) For Sale -HTML

SEX - ADULT Mass Market Paperbacks INVENTORY; SLEEZE / ADULT Mass Market Paperbacks (vintage novels, Sexy Fiction, Sex related Non-Fiction; GGA = Good Girl Art covers on many; Erotic, Seduction, Bad Girls, Hetrosexual, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Lust, Prostitution, Adultery, Mistress, Stud, Orgy, Nymphomaniac, Swapping, Sensual, Exoteric, etc; Mostly 1950's thru 1970's) in Stock HTML


SKYWALD B&W Comic Magazines (Nightmare, Psycho, Scream, etc)-and- Squarebound COLOR Comics (Western, Jungle, Heap, etc)For Sale HTML

SOCIOLOGY - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Society, Culture, Community, Civilization, Population, Origins, Growth, Peoples, Countries of the World, Elite & Poverty, Revolution, Cults, Humanity, Therapy, Urban Problems, Behavior, etc) For Sale HTML

Soda Pop Bottles – Vintage Painted Labels (mostly 1930's to 1960's) for Sale; HTML



SPORTS MAGAZINES (1940's thru 2000+; Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL & CFL Football, NHL HOCKEY, Mixed Sports magazines, MISC Sports mags) FOR SALE; HTML

SPORTS - Mass Market Paperbacks (1950's thru 2000+; Baseball, Basketball, Boxing & Martial Arts, Football - NFL & CFL, Golf, Hockey; >>> Assorted and MISC Sports; Car Racing, Olympic Games, Tennis, Wrestling, etc, >> Professional & Amateur; Biography & Autobiography; Trivia, Records, Handbooks ) For Sale HTML

STAR WARS and STAR TREK Mass Market Paperbacks (Original Crew, TV, Movies. Deep Space Nine, New Frontier, Next Generation, Voyager) FOR SALE; HTML

STAR WEEKLY NOVELS (1941-1973 Canadian Newspaper Weekend Supplement Magazines; Most from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) = FOR SALE; HTML

STEPHEN KING - (Magazines, Books & Collectibles) = In Stock, & Price List HTML

SUPER-HERO, Comics & Character - MEMORABILIA & Collectibles For Sale; Price List HTML

Tattoo, Ink, Skin Art Magazines in stock; For Sale HTML

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The CPV Price Guide for 1980's Canadian Price Variants (Type 1A)">>The 2020 Price Guide for 1980’s - 1990's ARCHIE, DC, Gladstone, MARVEL and Modern Newsstand Canadian Cover Price Variants (Type 1A)

1,300,000 COMICS 40,000 Comics & other DIGESTS 250,000 MAGAZINES 250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS 60,000 HARDCOVER Books
100,000 Vinyl RECORDS 40,000 45-RPM Singles 10,000 MOVIE POSTERS 5,000 Chain Store POSTERS vintage VIDEO GAMES
1951/52-1994 HOCKEY CARDS 10,000 VHS Video Tape MOVIES 8,000 MUSIC Cassette tapes AVON Bottles Newspaper Comic Strips
vintage SODA POP painted label bottles TOYS, Action FIGURES 1,000 vintage BOARD GAMES TV GUIDES Whitman KIDS Hardcover Books
Comic Promotional items UK / British Comics & Mags French & Foreign Comics STORE STARTER Lots WE TRADE



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CONDITION: Contrary to POPULAR belief, I estimate that the AVERAGE EXISTING condition for Bronze Age comics is (A) FINE for superhero titles (B) VERY GOOD for NON-superhero titles and for superhero reprint titles  

  Most VF copies are VERY NICE, ABOVE AVERAGE.   Most traditionally NON collected titles are SCARCE in VF or better, especially GIANTS, & all ODD formats.  Most of our stock is in GOOD, VERY GOOD and FINE.  If you are ordering VF or NM, please state if you will take next best copy.    If highest grade sells out (many, we have only one of each)  If you are NOT EXTREMELY HAPPY with our STRICT GRADING, you can get an Easy REFUND;    We are very proud of our LOW return rate (ONLY $40 in Returns per $10,000 in SALES for the Last TEN Years!)

Very STRICT GRADING (with CGC range strictness in mind); Mail Order since 1971; SEE the COMIC & Magazine Condition GRADING GUIDE (further down if required); In my LAST batch of 145 items that i did submit to CGC; >>> 4% of my grades came back ONE grade LOWER from CGC. >>> 55% of my grades were exactly the same as CGC grades; >>> 35% of my grades came back ONE grade HIGHER from CGC. >> 6% of my grades came back TWO grades HIGHER from CGC.



We are a FULL-TIME MAIL ORDER ONLY WAREHOUSE (NO Retail Storefront).  Serious want lists treated seriously and fast.   Send your MOST WANTED list.  Try to limit it to 25 items or less (unless common newer titles).  Good customers treated like royalty (small and big buyers alike).   We are so busy filling want lists, we do not have time to make snail-mail catalogs, as we did from 1971-1996.    .   We have been selling by mail order since 1971 and yet many say we are among fandom's "best   kept secret"  Try us!   Our SPECIALTY is HUGE VARIETY on $1.00 thru $100.00 items - all types

600,000 pounds of inventory, all types are in our very tightly packed 8,000 square foot WAREHOUSE!


1,300,000 COMICS & RELATED ITEMS (1960-2010, and Many Older too)

We have about 95% of ALL comics printed since 1960 (and many older too).  We specialize in UNDER $100 items.  But have a GOOD selection of over $100 items.   We have Comics / Digests / Magazines / Fanzines /Treasuries / Kids books / British / Foreign / Canadian / Graphic Novels / Paperbacks / Cards / Games / Posters/ PROMO items, etc!   


>450,000+ MARVEL Comics

>350,000 DC Comics

>200,000 Alternate / Independant Comics 1960's-2000+

>20,000 DELL Comics 1940's thru 1970's

>30,000 GOLD KEY (with Whitman) comics

>20,000 WALT DISNEY Comics from all companies

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>10,000 HARVEY (NON Richie Rich)Comics

>4,000 Hanna Barbara from all companies

>35,000 Charlton Comics

>40,000 Archie Comics

>10,000 Archie DIGESTS

>5,000 other COMIC DIGESTS

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>2,000 CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED & Related Comics

>2,000 TREASURE CHEST Comics

>1,000 UNDERGROUND Comics

>1,000+ UK / British COMIX and other hardcover ANNUALS;

PLUS; ACG (American Comics Group), Tower, King, Spire Christian, Fawcett and misc. westerns, Mad, Sick, Cracked, Skywald, Adult Cartoon (pre-1980 - no XXX), IPC/British, Captain Canuck, Gladstone, Atlas/Seaboard, TRIB comics, Red Circle/JC, Star, Help, Heavy Metal, National Lampoon and more.  PLEASE SEND SERIOUS WANT LISTS!

100,000 RECORDS - Most standard issue LP's frm 1970-1990 in stock, good selection 1950-1969

NON SPORTS CARDS - Decent selection of 1950-1980's Singles (most Good-Excellent). including lots of 1975-1990 scarcer OPC versions of Topps Cards.  Good selection of sets/inserts of 1990-94.  No wax packs or foil boxes!

COLLECTIBLE CARD GAMES:  Singles only!  From MAGIC (Unlimited, Revised, 4th, Arabian, Dark, Fallen, Ice, Home, Legends, Antiquites, Chronicles)  Marvel Overpower (1st 3 series), Jyad, Illuminati, Star Trek TNG (1st series limited and unlimited), Star Wars

SCIENCE FICTION / FANTASY / HORROR - 50,000 Mass Market Paperbacks & Digests 1940-1990's

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VINTAGE HARDCOVERS - 60,000 all types 1900-1955

MAGAZINES - 250,000 all types 1940-2000 (especially 1960 up and some older) - 70,000 comic related, 15,000 science fiction/horror/fantasy related, 10,000 sport, 10,000 music, 10,000 car/hot rod/harley/car, 10,000 playboy/penthouse/mens adventures/adult, no XXX)

Plus Life, Look, Post, Time, Macleans, Ebony, National Geographic, 5,000 TV/Movie, TV Guides, Esquire, Fashion, Teen, Kids, Modeling (air, rail etc), RPG, Aircraft, Military, Readers Digest, Coronet, Scandal (Digest, magazines, tabloids), Beckett, Price Guides, Hobby, News, Popular Mechanics, Mechanics Illustrated, Womens, Western, True Crime, UFO, Pulps, Digets, Humor, Parody, Political, Science, Mystery, Fanzines, Video Game, Newspapers, Kiss, Bruce Lee, Beatles, Elvis Presley, JFK, Star Wars, Star Trek, Personalities and more!

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DOUG SULIPA:  45 years buying and selling comic books

Doug Sulipa: My dad bought me a couple of Walt Disney Comics and Stories for kids. That was 1964 or somewhere around there. Then my dad started buying comics off the stands for me. Then we discovered the secondhand stores in 1966, and that was around the advent of the Batman TV series. I remember finding an 80-page Giant Batman number five.  I wanted to further my collection. I started with my friends, and after that I put a table out on the street corner on Pasadena Avenue in Fort Richmond. That would have been around 1968, I would’ve been about 12.   By 1970, ’71, I was already selling back issues through mail order. I’d read all my comics cover-to-cover and was always looking at the ads, so I started ordering back issues over the mail to get all the older stuff. In the 1960s comics that were over five years old were so scarce you couldn’t find them. That’s why I started buying back issues through mail order. And I thought, I could do that too.   I think my first catalogue was in 1970. I’d originally called it KK Comics. And then I just started using “Comic World” rather than “KK”. I think I only used that for one catalogue. In ’74 I opened up my first store.   My first catalogue was 30 or 40 pages long. By 1970 I already had about 10,000 comics. It did quite well. Then, in 1974, I opened my first store, on Carlton Street. I was 17, going on 18. I opened it after school. I would get there by about 4:30, from Fort Richmond all the way to downtown.   I had the first retail comic store in Winnipeg. Within a month I probably had about fifty customers per week. There was actually quite a counterculture in Winnipeg at the time. The collectors were interacting and making fanzines as early as the mid-’60s in Winnipeg. Some of the biggest mail-order dealers in the country were there. Per capita, it was probably the number one comic city in Canada for 30 to 40 years.   Back then I was doing newspaper articles, TV and radio would get ahold of me and then people would get ahold of me. The National Film Board even did a biography of me and my comics, and added some cartoons. It was called His First Million, The Tale of a Comics Czar [1981], because in the late ‘70s I’d gotten my first million comics.

2 HOUR INTERVIEW with Doug Sulipa on DVD - Doug recollects his years in the comic business from the growth of the hobby in the 1960's to the present day.  He also talks about rare books and trends over the years.

Order the brand new DVD for $19.99 at  



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