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Women's Fashion & Style Magazines For Sale ;

--- (A) ---

ALL ABOUT YOU (Petersen Pub. Co.)

1996; January (Jennifer)

1997; (May; Summer Altice); October (Shana Crossaboom);

1998; (January; Marisa Ericson); February; (Covergirl = K.C. Frederic; Incomplete, but the Outside COVER is Still in NICE "Very Good" condition; Coupons Cut out of pages 31-34, 73/74, 87-92, 95/96; ** Pages 35-38 are Missing = $2.00); (April; Leonardo Dicaprio);

2000; Winter(Britney Spears);


1991; (June; Linda Evangelista);

1994; (April; Claudia Schiffer); (July; Bridget Hall);

1995; (November; Cindy Crawford);

2002; (January; Liv Tyler); (April; Jessica Alba); August (Beyonce Knowles);

2003; (August; Naomi Watts); (October (Penelope Cruz);

2005 – (June; Ellen Degeneres);

2006; (January; Gwyneth Paltrow); (August; Kate Hudson);

2007 (April; Jennifer Garner); (June; Katherine Heigl);

ALL YOU (Time Inc Pub.)

2004; September (Volume 1 #1);

AMBIANCE (Lalinea USA Pub.)

1979 (March – Marthe Keller);


2005; (June; Paris Bell); (August; Alysha Catonguay); (October; Amy Draper);

2006; (June; Jessica Spitale); (August; Anastasia Zisko); (October; Megan Martz);

THE AMERICAN GIRL (Girl Scouts of America Pub.);

1950 (September, December);

1951 (May; Cheryl Archer); (June; Helen Ryan); (September; Brenda Gahan); (October Cheryl Archer);

1970 (March; Aimee Liu);

AMERICAN SWIMWEAR (GCR Pub. Group) – 1989; (Spring);

ASTRO GIRL! - 2012 -- September 30

AVON BEAUTY GUIDE (Avon Pub.) - 1979;

--- (B) ---

BEAUTY DIGEST (Mass Media Associates Pub.) -

1983; (November);

1984; (July; Georgia Davis); (September; Donna Clement); (November; Suzy Pemberton);

1985; (May; Holly Hammond); (July; Jennifer Chance); (September; Ronni Lane);

BEAUTY GUIDE (World of Beauty Club Pub.) - 1974;

BEAUTY TIPS (Reese Pub. Co. Inc.)

1969 (August);


1993; (Volume-1 #2; Weight = 85 Grams; G/VG = $6); 1995; (Volume-2 #3; Weight = 85 Grams; VG/FN = $7);

BRIDAL FAIR MAGAZINE (Fair Communications Inc.) - Summer 1989;

BRIDAL GUIDE (World of Beauty Club Pub.) -


1988; (November/December; Laurie Gehen);

2002; (January/February);

BEAUTY IDEAS (Charlton Pub.) - Volume 1 #3(Spring 1969);

BLACK HAIR CARE (Beauty Secrets Inc. Pub.) - 1988; (Spring);


2011 - August;

2012 - March;

BRIDAL FAIR MAGAZINE (Fair Communications Inc.) - Summer 1989;

BRIDAL GUIDE (Globe Communications Inc.) -

1988; (November/December);

1989; (March/ April);


1976; December – 1977; January;

1998; (Oct/Nov; Tine Staplefeldt); (December/1999; January; Barbara Stoyanoff);

--- (C) ---

CAMPUS LIFE (Christianity Pub.);

19998 (September/October - “Sharing Faith with Your Friends”);

CANADIAN BRIDES BEST CHOICE (Pub. ?) - 1999; (Summer: Kate Lewis);


2002; (May; Jaime Pressly);

2006; (May; Jennifer Aniston);

Special Shorthair 2005; (Fall; Jessica Alba); 2006; (Fall; Ashlee Simpson);

Special Color and Style 2006; (Winter; Calista Flockhart);

CELEBRITY STYLE SHORTCUTS (Multi-media International Pub.);

2004; (#12; 5000 Plus Cuts, Colors and Trends);

2005; (#10; 72 Star Styles);

CHARM the Magazine for Women who work; (Street and Smith Pub.; Combines with CHARM Magazine) -

1944 (October);

1955; August (Back to Business; Fall Fashions; 150 pages including covers; Weight = 350 Grams; FN $24);

1955; October (Success on the Job; Different woman after five; weekends on the go; She works in Kansas City; 5 Women in white = uniforms; Weight = 400 Grams; 192 pages including covers; VG $19);

1955; November (Paris Look; Clothes for triple roles; Jobs with wings; After Five; 52 weekends on the go; 172 pages including covers; Weight = 450 Grams; VG $19);

1955; December (236 fashion Christmas gifts; 152 pages including covers; Weight = 350 Grams; VG/FN $24);

1956 (February, May, September, October, November);

1957 (January, February, March, April);


1954 (November; “A Different Woman After Five, Part II”);

1955 (March; “How to Look This Spring”);

CHATELAINE (Maclean - Hunter Ltd. Pub);


MARCH (FRONT COVER = Young Girl Holding Two Puppies; BACK COVER AD = Coca-Cola; SHORT STORIES = “Time; Early Spring” by Ruth Ellen Storey; “Vindication” by Anne Homer Warner; “Somebody Loves Me” by Mildred P. Hall; “John's Wife” by Velia Ercole; ARTICLES = “Meet Mr. and Mrs. Ivanovich” by Raymond Arthur Davies; “Making Your Will”; Hgealth in the Backwoods”);


OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Brunette in Pink Evening Wear; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate; SHORT STORY = “Maybe Not for Linda” by Kalman Phillips; “Someone to Lean On” by Ina Singleton Stovell; “The Girl with the Future Features” by Robert Thomas Allen; SERIAL = “The Brilliant Match” part 1 by Mildred P. Hall; ARTICLES = “The New Clothes for All Occasions”; India's Silent Minority – It's Women”; Hollywood Kids Have a Real Life Too”; ArthritisOur Most Neglected National Health Problem”);


JUNE (FRONT COVER = Blonde in a Flowered Hat by Michael; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate with Barbara Ann Scott; SHORT STORY = “To be So Young” by Gertrude Schweitzer; “Five and Five Make Ten” by Louis Brennan; “Home Town Girl Makes Good” by Mae Cooper; “Love Must be Blind” by Mary Van Fossen Schwab; SERIAL = “The Farnsworth Case” part 1 by Anne Homer Warner: ARTICLES = “It Happens to Men Too ! - The Change of Life” by Peter Davidson; “Clothes to Take You Places”);


OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip with Prince Charles by Karsh; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate; SHORT STORY = “A Trip for Mrs. Taylor” by Hugh Garner; “The Millionth Man” by Frances Malm; ARTICLES = “Elizabeth the Woman” part 1 by Marion Crawford; “A Letter to Princess Elizabeth” by Bruce Hutchison; “Singing Cinderella – June Kowalchuk”; “Royal Portraits” by Karsh);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Little Brunette Girl with a Doll; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate; SHORT STORY = “The Boy Who Threw a Snowball at Santa” by Scott Young; “Timothy's Christmas Rose” by Violet King; ARTICLES = “How Much Freedom Should a Teen-ager Have ?” by Dorothy Sangster; “I Can See Again – After 16 Years and 24 Operations” by Muriel Phillips; “Elizabeth the Woman” part 3 by Marion Crawford; “The Fabulous Lillian Foster” by June Callwood);


MAY (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Pink Evening Gown; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate; SHORT STORY = “Hats on Her Head” by Edith Brecht; “The Unsteady Character” by Hester E. Reina; “The Fishy Mr. Kessinger” by Julie Prise; ARTICLES = “How to Fight the Other Woman” by Dorothea Goetz; “The Miracle of Donny Morton” by Alma Edwards Smith; “Anna has Everybody Laughing – Musical Comic Anna Russell”; “The Rebel Queen of the Northwest – Ma Murray” by Earle Beattie);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Pretty Blonde Watching Seagulls as she Walks on a Beach; BACK COVER AD = Heirloom Sterling; SHORT STORY = “A Little Like a Honeymoon” by Anne West; “Tomorrow is Soon Enough” by Bianca Bradbury; ARTICLES = “The Mystery of Migraine” by Helen O'Reilly; “Clothes to Take You Anywhere” by Rosemary Boxer; “Kate Aitken Tells You How to Travel Without Trouble”; “Can the Duchess of Windsor Ever Live in England ?” by Terence Hamilton);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Ballerina- Marilyn Young; BACK COVER AD = Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORY = “Afternoon of Love” by Vinia Hoogstraten; “Kissing Cousin” by Dick Ashbaugh; “And All of Them So Handsome” by Winifred Ross; ARTICLES = “The Great Hollywood Glamour Hunt, from Garbo to Gabor”; How to Lead a Happy Double Life”; “Young Canadians Pick Their Fall Fashions”; “How Charlotte Bosses Ottawa – Mayor Charlotte Whitton” by Francis Baldwin);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Canada's Sweater Queen – Betty Neden; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverplate; SHORT STORY = “A Present for Miss Mirriam” by Ernest Buckler; “Fifteen Borrowed Dollars” by Violet King; ARTICLES = “Special Ten Page Package of New Christmas Ideas”; “A Visit to Princess Margaret's New Dressmaker – Victor Stiebel”; “The Night the Burglar Came to Our House” by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell);


APRIL (FRONT COVER = Sandy Mann; BACK COVER = Old Dutch Cleanser Flower Seed Offer; SHORT STORY = “The Five Beautiful Smith Sisters” by Isabel Stewart Way; “Abbie Ann and the Archangel” by Zoa Sherburne; “Where's that Man I Married ?” by Norma Mansfield; ARTICLES = “How to Tell Love from Springtime” by Eileen Norris; “The Queen Looks West” by Hector Bolitho; “There Ought to be a School for Frances – a Blind Retarded Girl” by Lillian Collier Gray; “I Was a Counter Spy – Secret Shopper” by Lenore Reinke);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Mary Pickford, Picnic Buffet, Kids Nylon Clothes; BACK COVER AD = Margene; SHORT STORY = “She Couldn't Ask for More” by Harriet Shiek; “Home on the Midnight” by Walter A. Dales; ARTICLES = “I Remember Mary – Mary Pickford” by Lucita Squier; “Whwn Polio Hit Saskatoon” by Alma Edwards Smith; “Why Men Fear Women Voters” by Arthur L. Phelps; “White-Collar Wife Vivian Markham” by Zoe Bieler);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Tartan; BACK COVER AD = Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORY = “I'll Remember You” by Maxine Lane; “The Reluctant Father” by Nancy Cardozo; “With a Heart on Her Sleeve” by Jean Eaton; ARTICLES = “Your First Russian Housewife – Portrait of a Soviet Woman” by Mary Anne Phillips; “There's a Man in the Kitchen – Bevis Walters” by Marie Holmes; “Just a Little North of Broadway – Toronto Exhibition's Melody Fair” by June Callwood);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = 9-Month Old Gigi Russell; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “The Chair Flower” by Robert Fontaine; “Portrait of Libby” by Jacqui Heruteau; NOVELETTE = “Summer's End” by Dorothea Malm; ARTICLES = “Look What's Happening to Living” by Kay Darcy; “The Pill that Could Shake the World – Birth Control” by Gerald Anglin; “They All Want to Walk Like Willy – Willy Blok Hanson” by Doris McCubbin; “I'd Want My Husband to Marry Again” by Eileen Morris);


FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = 1-Year Old Gigi Russell; BACK COVER AD = Canada Packers Domestic Shortening; SHORT STORY = “The Roots of the Heart Grow Deep” by L. Johanne Stemo; “An Eye to See” by Roberta Engle Peters; ARTICLES = “The Women of Winnipeg” by Doris McCubbin; “What Every Young Woman Should Know About Neighbors” by June Callwood; “Everyone Wants to Raise the Queen's Children” by Marjorie Earl; “Never Dawned a Day so Bright – The Fall Fair” by Kate Aitken);

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Marion Clarke – Chatelaine Spring Beauty Contest Winner; BACK COVER AD = Weston's Bakery; SHORT STORY = “City Boys are Different” by Joan Walker; “The Last Door” by Phyllis Lee Peterson; NOVELETTE = “A Life of Her Own” by George Newton; ARTICLES = “The Women of London, Ontario” by Doris McCubbin; “Spring Always Went to Our Heads” by Kate Aitken; “My Second Marriage – A Divorcee's Story”; “Best Seller Girl Suzanne Butler” by Francis Oakes Baldwin);

MAY (FRONT COVER = Young Mother with Two Girls; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “The Menace of Mr. Samson” by Dorothy Roberts; “Love Me, Love Our Baby” by Charlotte Edwards; ARTICLES = “The Intimate Story of the Royal Tour” by Jim Henderson; “A Minister's Frank Talk to Brides and Grooms” by Rev. E.S. Lautenslager; “The Night Our House Burned Down” by Mary-Jo Burles; “The Questions Teen-Agers Ask About Etiquette” by Claire Wallace);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Dress by Lady Anne Sportswear; BACK COVER AD = Heirloom Sterling; SHORT STORY = “Why Did This Happen to Me ?” by Mary Freels Rosborough; “Love is the Surest Gamble” by Charles Bruce; ARTICLES = “The Women of Halifax” by Doris McCubbin; “A Widow Writes an Open Letter to Wives” by Isabel Turnbull Dingman; “Don't Shoot... It's the Hiking Housewife” by Joan Greenwood; “What You Should Know About Polio” by Dr. Elizabeth Chant Robertson);

JULY (FRONT COVER = Toby Robins at Stratford; BACK COVER AD = Coca-Cola; SHORT STORY = “The Other Woman in His Life” by Zoa Sherburne; “All for the Love of an Artist” by Henrietta Bruce Sharon; ARTICLES = “Don't Let Your Husband Teach You How to Drive” by Bill McKinley; “Is There Any Way Out of this Jungle ? - The Hydrogen Bomb Age” by Hugh MacLennan; “An Actress Tells Her Beauty Secrets – Toby Robins; “The Harsh and Happy Life of Lilla Boutilier” by Doris McCubbin);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = The Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra drawn by Grant Macdonald; BACK COVER AD = Weston's Bakery; SHORT STORY = “The Covenant” by Muriel Saint McKay; “I'm Not the Marrying Kind” by William Cole; ARTICLES = “But What is Philip Really Like ? - The Duke Of Edinburgh” by Marjorie Earl; “The Women of Vancouver” by Doris McCubbin; “How You'll Meet the Man You'll Marry” by Isabel Dingman; “39 Ways to Make the Most Out of Tomatoes”);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = University of British Columbia students Mary Schaffer and Barbara Johnson; BACK COVER AD = Barrymore Flooring; SHORT STORY = “The Secret of the Rosewood Chairs” by Lucy Cundiff; “It Might Even Be Love” by Chris Richards; ARTICLES = “I Faced Up to Cancer – Jean Shaw” by Dorothey Sangster; “Princess Margaret Dances Again” by Marjorie Earl; “Don'e Educate Your Daughter” by Phyllis Lee Peterson; “Memories of My Quebec Kitchen” by Madame Henri Vautelet);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Easy Deserts for this Fall; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “Never Pick Up Strangers” by Dick Ashbaugh; “The Threatening Storm” by Leslie Gordon Barnard; ARTICLES = “The Women of Calgary” by Doris McCubbin; “The Truth About the Dior Furore in Paris and Rome” by Rosemary Boxer; “Uphill All the Way” part 1 of her Life by Edna Jaques; “Don't Let Your Girlfriends Ruin Your Marriage” by Eileen Morris);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Children of Christ Church, Deer Park, Toronto Nativity Play; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “The Boy Who Understood Christmas” by Barbara Engle Peters; “Christmas at Home” by Margaret and Leslie Gordon Barnard; ARTICLES = “Our First Canadian Christmas” by Dr. Nadine Hradsky od Czechoslovakia; “I'm Over Forty and I Hate It” by Phyllis Lee Peterson; “The TV Hostess with the Mostes' – Elaine Grand” by June Callwood);


JUNE (FRONT COVER = Blonde in Ballooning Blouse by Miss Sun Valley; BACK COVER AD = Gattuso Vegtable Oil; SHORT STORY = “The Biggest Wedding of the Season” by Phyllis Duganne; “No Room to Grow” by Helen Burgess; ARTICLES = “Who has Won the War Between the Sexes ?” by Gerald Anglin; “Mixed Marriages Do Work” by Stephen King; “I Quit My Job to Save My Marriage” by Dorothy Manning);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Young Girl Watching Baking; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “Which Way My Heart ?” by Marion La Mountain; “This Stranger, My Mother” by Adeline Attwood; ARTICLES = “206 Famous Recipes”; “Fashion Forecast from Paris” by Rosemary Boxer; “The Greatest Menace to Marriage Today – Finances” by Dr. William E. Blatz; “Juliette Would Rather Eat than Sing – Canadian Singer” by Trent Frayne; “How We Penalize our Brightest Children” by Gerald Anglin);


MARCH (FRONT COVER = The Products of the Top Five Recipes; BACK COVER AD = Coca-Cola; SHORT STORY = “The Day John Foley got Fired” by Earl Fultz; “How Could I Do That ?” by Alice Laidlaw Munro; ARTICLES = “50 Favorite Family Recipes”; “Why You Bore Your Husband” by Dr. William E. Blatz; “Why I Hate Wives – A Single Girl Tells” by Jeannine Locke; “How Caledon East got a Doctor” by Christena Farrell; “Have Corsage Will Speak” by Kate Aitken);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Food for a Barbeque; BACK COVER AD = Sanderson Wallpapers and Fabrics; SHORT STORY = “Tea with Miss Mayberry” by Hugh Garner; “Very Special Anniversary” by Jean Leslie; ARTICLES = “The Fight to Save Babies Who may Never be Born” by Joan Morris; “What New Role for this Prince ? - Duke of Kent Edward” by Marjorie Earl; “How to Cut an Apron String” by Dr. William E. Blatz);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Pretty Blonde Head Shot; BACK COVER MISSING; ARTICLES = “Take a Fresh Look at Yourself – Your House – Your Meals”; “Stop Being Just a Housewife” by Dr. Marion Hilliard; “The Tragedy of the Dionne Quintuplets” by Jeannine Locke; “Don't Make Your Daughter Popular” by Dr. Mary Northway);

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = “How to Make Your Parties Go”; BACK COVER AD = Coca-Cola; SHORT STORY = “The Dream and the Triumph” by Ernest Buckler; “The Brazen Kind” by R.Z. Cooper; ARTICLES = “Complete Guide to Your Next Big Appliance Buy”; “Why You Should Never Quarrel with Your Husband” by Dr. William E. Blatz; “Let's Stop Talking About the School Crisis and Try These New Ideas” by Dr. Mary Winspear; “How to Buy Hi-Fi” by Clyde Gilmour);


APRIL (FRONT COVER = “How Do You Look to Men ? Spring Beauty Guide”; BACK COVER AD = Barrymore Flooring; SHORT STORY = “Nothing But the Truth” by Elda Cadogan; “The Day of Abbie's Great Decision” by June Grant; ARTICLES = “A Bride's Guide to Cooking” by Elaine Collett; “I Live Again After eleven Years of Insanity” as told to June Callwood; “What Should You Tell Your Child About Sex ?” by Dr. Marion Hilliard; “Should You Take a Happy Pill ?” by Dorothy Sangster);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = The Queen Mother; BACK COVER AD = Sunkist Oranges; CONDENSED NOVEL = “The Stars Make Room” by Nancy Jones; ARTICLES = “Latest Fashions for the Older Woman”; “How Many Friends Does a Woman Need ?” by Dr. Alastair MacLeod; “Should the Queen Mother be the Next Governor-General ?” by Anne Francis; “When Should You Take Your Child to a Psychiatrist ?” by Joan MacKenzie);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = “Decorating Ideas” ; BACK COVER AD = Tanners Association of Canada; SHORT STORY = “A Bargain Without Love” by Ethel Edison Gordon; “Object; Matrimony” by Winifred Wolfe; ARTICLES = “11 Pages of Ideas from Top Canadian Decorators”; “Why Aren't Canadian Femmes More Fatales ?” by Eric Nicol; “The Hardest Working Career Woman in the World – Queen Elizabeth” by Helen Cathcart; “Talk Can Save Your Marriage” by Dr. William Blatz);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Little Girl Looking at Christmas Ornaments; BACK COVER AD = Community Silverwear; SHORT STORY = “Four Christmas Legends” adapted by Mark and Suzanne Gayn; “Anything Can Happen at Christmas” by Ernest Buckler; ARTICLES = “How These Woman Mother Your City – Visiting Homemaker” by Dorothy Sangster; “My Most Memorable Christmas” by Mazo de la Roche; “127 Gifts We Liked Best”);


MAY (FRONT COVER = Mother Holding a Baby; BACK COVER AD = Barrymore Flooring; SHORT STORY = “Centenary at Jalna” by Mazo de la Roche; “Gifts from a Stranger” by Virginia B. Feine; ARTICLES = “Recession or Boom; How to Live with Either” by Jean Edmonds; “Is the Heyday of the Woman Commentator Over ?” by Jeannine Locke; “Help Your Child to develop a Sense of Responsibility” by Evelyn Hamilton; “Must a Wife Do all the Adjusting ?” by Violet Munns; “20 Stand-Out Recipes for Sausages”);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Goofy Hat; BACK COVER AD = Woodbury Cosmetics; SHORT STORY = “The Boy who Hated Girls” by Alec Rackowe; ARTICLES = “Chatelaine's Special Report; The Wife with a Job”; “The Invisible Barrier Between Canadian Men and Women” by Evelyn Hamilton; “Fashion – Sunburst Color Florals”; “He Won't Accept Responsibility – Better Marriage” by Violet Munns);

JULY (FRONT COVER = Young Mother with Toddler at the Beach; BACK COVER AD = Woodbury Cosmetics; SHORT STORY = 5 Authors Pick the Favorite Short Story They Have Written - “The Snob” by Morley Callaghan; “An Orange from Portugal” by Hugh MacLennan; “A Trip for Mrs. Taylor” by Hugh Garner; “Last Spring” by Phyllis Lee Peterson; “Point of View” by Frances Shelley Wees; ARTICLES = “The Perfect Woman Makes a Poor Wife” by Violet Munns; “How Healthy is the Royal Family ?” by Graham Fisher; “Young John Diefenbaker... From the Family Album” by Jeannine Locke; “Summer is Fun Time – 9 Idea Packed Pages”);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Sandwiches for August; BACK COVER AD = Sunkist Lemons; CONDENSED NOVEL = “Portrait of Peter West” by Suzanne Butler; ARTICLES = “Do Women Like Other Women ?” by Margaret Mead; “How to Meet Princess Margaret – A Guide of Do's and Don't”; “London's Teen-age Hitmaker – Laurie London”);


SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Woman Decorater; BACK COVER AD = Kitten Sweaters; FICTION = “Alive Again” by Evan Hunter A.K.A. Ed McBain; ARTICLES = “How Pure is the Food Your Family Eats ?” by Robert Fulford; “Have the Dionnes Found Happiness in Marriage ?” by Monique Bernard; “Your Easy Guide to Jazz” by James Marshall; “The Child who Adopted Me” by Rose Barton; “How to Talk to a Man About Football” by Trent Frayne);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Woman Lighting Candles on a Dinner Table; BACK COVER AD = Kitten Sweaters; CHATELAINE BONUS = “Discover the Wonderful World of Crafts”; ARTICLES = “Why Men Fall in Love with You” by Dr. Ashley Montagu; “The Sickness of Our Suburbs” by Dr. Alastair MacLeod; “The Busiest Worrier in TV – Fred Davis” by June Callwood; “How to Watch the World Series” by Trent Frayne; “Are We Winning the War Against Cancer in Women ?” by Leonard Bertin; “You Can't be Indifferent to Cats” by Joan Finnigan);

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Man Holding an Umbrella over a Pretty Redhead; BACK COVER AD = Wabasso Sheets; FICTION = “Bachelor in Eden” by Willard Temple; ARTICLES = “Latest News about Having Your Baby” by Joan Morris; “A Victorian Upbringing for a Space Age Princess – Princess Anne” by Mollie McGee; “The Scandal of Women's Prisons in Canada” by Gladys Shenner; “The Wife Who Expected Too Much” by Violet Munns; “Grey Cup Fashions and Food”);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Young Couple with a Little Girl; BACK COVER AD = Kitten Sweaters; CHATELAINE BONUS = “All About What to Do About Christmas”; ARTICLES = “The 25 Women who Control the Most Money in Canada” by Peter C. Newman; “Are Canadians Coldhearted ?” by Ellen McKay Trimmer; “Toys of Christmas Past”);


JANUARY (FRONT COVER = Brunette Leaning on a Rocking Chair; BACK COVER AD = Columbia Record Club; FICTION = “The Lovable Thief” by Norma Jean Beck; CHATELAINE BONUS = “20 Money Making Businesses You Can Start”; ARTICLES = “Women to Watch in '59”; “What Our Readers say about Suburbia”; “What it's Like to be Mrs. Wayne and Mrs. Shuster” by Dorothy Sangster; “Are Our Sunday Schools Failing Our Children ?” by Rev. William C. Bothwell);

FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Blonde Making a Salad; BACK COVER AD = Woodbury Cosmetics; FICTION = “Flavia and the Beautiful Professor” by Anne H. Littlefield; “Bitter Harvest” by Sheila MacKay Russell; ARTICLES = “What the Queen's Job Should Be” by Lord Altrincham; “How Good – Or Bad – Are TV's Shows for Children ?” by Dorothy Sangster; “My Daughter was a Hopeless Cripple – Polio Victim” by Janet Craig James; “Best Fashion Buys for Spring '59”);

MARCH (FRONT COVER = Brunette Cleaning House; BACK COVER AD = Lux Soap; FICTION = “Night of Fear” by Claire James; “The Big Leaguer” by Arlene Hale; ARTICLES = “The Role of Sex in Happy Marriage” by Dr. Alastair MacLeod; “Shirley Harmer's First Day in the Movies”; “Canadians at Home in Elliot Lake – Doris Joyal; Pioneer Wife on a New Frontier”);

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Joyce Davidson; BACK COVER AD = Aylmer Foods; FICTION = “The Outsider” by Elizabeth Inskip Wye; “Martha” by Phyllis Lee Peterson; ARTICLES = “Aggie Was a Terror – Agnes Macphail” part 1 of 2 by Margaret Stewart and Doris French; “The Truth about Anastasia – Russian Tsar's Youngest Daughter” by Jeannine Locke; “How Much are You Worth to Your Husband ?” by Cynthia Steers; “Glass Treasures from Colonial Cupboards” by Doris Thistlewood; “Four TV Beauties and How They Stay Beautiful – Joyce Davidson, Juliette, Katharine Blake and Toby Robins”);

MAY (FRONT COVER = “Fashion Salutes the Seaway”; BACK COVER AD = Avon Cosmetics; FICTION = “Bright and Shining Promise” by Mildred North Slater; “That Beautiful Experience” by Al Hine; ARTICLES = “My Daughter Married a Negro” by Rita Cummings; “How to be More Vital than You Are” by Christina McCall; The Split-Level World of Gordie Tapp”{ by Jeannine Locke; “Is Hollywood a Jinx to Marriage ?” by Michael Sheridan; “A Great Crusader Steps Down – Agnes Macphail” part 2 of 2 by Margaret Stewart and Doris French);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip; BACK COVER AD = Aylmer Peaches; FICTION = “My Husband, My Enemy” by Sheila MacKay Russell; “So Little Time” by Ethel Edison Gordon; ROYAL FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE = “What Does the Queen Look Like ?' - Six Artists Portraits”; “Food Fit for a Queen”; “Royal Collectors China”; ARTICLES = “I Learned to Live with Cancer” by Kathleen E. Nouch; “Fashion – Flying Down to Rio”; How Do You Know Your Normal ?” by Dr. Alastair W. MacLeod);

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Chatelaine's Twelfth Annual Family Favorites Recipe Contest”);

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FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Queen Elizabeth II; BACK COVER AD = Red Rose Tea; FICTION = “The Hated Stranger” part 2 of 2 by Doris Hume; “The Decision” by Sheila MacKay Russell; ARTICLES = “The Queen's Private World” by Helen Cathcart; “Pesticides – Are they Destroying Our World ?” by Sheila H. Kieran; “Why are Women so Hard on Each Other ?” by Eileen Morris; “Did You Marry the Wrong Man ?” by Dorothy Sangster);

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OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Pixie Looking Blonde; BACK COVER AD = Red Rose Tea; FICTION = “Where is Lisa Lane ?” part 2 of 2 by Alec Rackowe; “New Man in Town” by Dorothy Curnow Handley; “The Wedge” by Roger Fournier; ARTICLES = “My Fight Back from Skid Row” by Marie Smith; “The New Women in Ottawa – Judy LaMarsh – Pauline Jewett – Jean Casselman – Margaret Konantz”; “How to develop Your Children's Hidden Talents” by Eileen Morris);

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DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Marg Osburne; BACK COVER AD = Bulova; FICTION = “Two Extra Places for Christmas” by Mary Higgins Clark; “Kristy” by Sheila MacKay Russell; ARTICLES = “New Hope for Canada's Homeless Children” by Beth Ross; “Famous Families of Canada – The Booths of Ottawa” part 1 of 2 by Doris French; “TV's Marg Osburne – The Housewife Who Beacame a Household Word” by Shirley Mair);


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by Mollie Gillen; “I Love Everything Except the Boards – Kate Reid” by Catherine Breslin; “Chatelaine Poll – Does Canada Have Any Heroes ?”; “How to Solve the Housing Crisis” by Constance Mungall);

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OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = 10 Potential Women Members of Parliament; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Security” by James Brunswick; “Too Many Parts” by Marian Engel; ARTICLES = “The Etiquette of Divorce” by Merle Shain; “Why There are so Few Women in Ottawa – 105 Potential Women Members of Parliament” by Barbara Frum; “When Patients Help Run their own Mental Ward” by Michele Landsberg; “The Joy of Being Margot – Margot Kidder” by Eve Rockett; “The Truth about being Single” by Louise Beatty);

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JUNE (FRONT COVER = Blonde on a Motorcycle; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “My Daughter's Teacher” by Jan Truss; ARTICLES = “Special India Feature – It's Women, Fashion and Food”; “The Argument against Trial Marriage” by Sharon Carter; “How to Survive in a Hospital” by Michele Landsberg; “Great Family Eating – Best Restaurants from Coast to Coast” by Sondra Gotlieb; “Michael Sarrazin – Candid Canadian Movie Star” by Eve Rockett);

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NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Burnt Orange Top and Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Everybody Else is Running” by Margaret Curtis; “Games Couples Play” by Will Stanton; ARTICLES = “New Marriage Life-styles” by J.D. Diamond with Michele Landsberg; “Best Apartment Buys for Families” by Mollie Gillen; “Famous Families of Canada – The Woodsworths” part 1 of 3 by Mollie Gillen; Peter Gzowski – Growing Up Means Never Having to say Your Perfect” by Pat Annesley; “Our Shocking Failure in Birth Control” by Michele Landsberg);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Ostrich Feathered Trim Dress; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Third Poinsettia” by Rachel Wyatt; ARTICLES = “Special Section – Let Christmas be Natural”; “Famous Families of Canada – The Woodsworths” part 2 of 3 by Mollie Gillen; “What You don't Know about Today's Pill” by Dr. James C. Paupst; “How I Met My Husband – Janet Berton, Linda Espisito etc.”);


JANUARY (FRONT COVER = Woman in Orange Ski Goggles and Orange and White Polka Dot Jacket; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Perfect Catch” by Margaret Drury Gane; ARTICLES = “Special Beat the Cost of Living Feature”; Famous Families of Canada – The Woodsworths” part 3 of 3 by Mollie Gillen; “Current Swindles to Beware Of” by Geraldine Coombe; “Who Does the Dishes Tonight ? You or He ? - Marriage Contracts for Liberated Couples” by Marjorie Harris);

FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Blue-eyed Brunette in a Green Plush Jacket; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Spring Comes” by Sheila MacKay Russell; “The Beautiful Couple” by Gloria Goldreich; ARTICLES = “Will He Make a Good Father ?” by Michele Landsberg; “Windsor – Could You Live There ?” by Dawn MacDonald; “Indian Women – Most Unequal in Canada” by Elizabeth Dingman; “How to Get Started in Yoga – Before You Really Get Started” by Eve Rockett);

MARCH (FRONT COVER = Redhead with Green Eye Shadow; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “A Lovely Place to Visit” by Anne Hart; ARTICLES = “What Every Young (or Old) Couple Should Know About Sex” by Michele Landsberg; “Birch Hills, Saskatchewan – Cameo of an Innocent Past” by Fredelle Maynard; “Black Women in White Canada – The Lonely Life” by Linda Diebel; “How to Raise Kids Without Tears or Tantrums” by Sandra Shiner; “Travel – Le Camping is Booming in Europe” by Dennis Eisenberg);

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Panama Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “City Girl” by Rosemary Hamilton; “The Good Neighbor” by Marian Williams; ARTICLES = “A Woman in Politics” by Mary M. Conroy of Sudbury, Ontario; “Why Some Women are More Married than Happy” by Merle Shain; “Barbara Frum – Are Canadians Ready for Her ?” by Michele Landsberg; “Swedish Women – How Far Ahead are They ?” by Anne Francis; “Is the Time Ripe for Kids Lib ?” by Erna Paris; “The Other Maritimes” by Bonnie Buxton);

MAY (FRONT COVER = Princess Anne; BACK COVER AD = Taster's Choice Instant Coffee; FICTION = “Marriage is a Lonely Game” by Sheila MacKay Russell; ARTICLES = “Princess Anne – Which One Will She Marry ?” by Helen Cathcart; “Why Some Marriages are More Perfect than Others” by Merle Shain; “Four Myths about Mothering” by Michele Landsberg; “The Cowans Fight for a Dying Way of Life – The Canadian Family Farm” by Myrna Kostash; “Mrs. Chatelaine 1973 – Carole Anne Soong of Vancouver, British Columbia);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Genevieve Bujold; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Nothing at Face Value” by Margaret Drury Gane; “Kamouraska” by Anne Hebert; ARTICLES = “I Was an Extra in 'Kamouraska with Genevieve Bujold” by Nettie Harris; “What's a Nice 32-year Old Girl like You Doing in Grade 13 ?” by Carol Ann Wilson; “New Faces – Children of Famous Parenst – Marty and Mark Howe – Paul Saltzman – Teddie Moore etc.”; “Great Summer Fashions to Sew”; “Now the Good News about Breast Cancer (of all things) – New Breakthroughs” by Derek Cassels);

JULY (FRONT COVER = Woman in a High Fashion White Turban; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Thr Ten-Year Gap” by Sheila MacKay Russell; ARTICLES = “Maud Montgomery – The Girl Who Wrote 'Green Gables'” by Mollie Gillen; “How to Start Your Family Tree” by Isabelle Yahemech with Penelope Horton; “What Most Doctors won't Tell You about the Menopause” by Dr. James C. Paupst; “St. John's, Newfoundland – Where the Living is Special – Population 131,814” by Mollie Gillen; “Our Gourmet Reports on Fast Foods” by Sondra Gotlieb);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Super-Brimmed Orange Straw Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Wives, Girls and Lovers” by Vicky Martin; ARTICLES = “God (and Scotland Yard Special Branch, Military Intelligence 5, and the RCMP) Save the Queen)” by Helen Cathcart; “Girls Without Fathers” by E. Mavis Hetherington; “Kingston, Ontario – Could You Live There ? - Population 59,000” by Dawn MacDonald; “Your Gynecologist – Does he Hate Women ?” by Michele Landsberg);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Grey Fedora and Yellow Scarf; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Groovy Baby” by Dori White; “Breaking Free” by Constance Beresford-Howe; ARTICLES = “Dead Marriage – Collection of Roles and Habits” by Dr. Elizabeth Brodie with Michele Landsberg; “There's Catherine and Me, and Charlie makes Three... - Catherine McKinnon and DonHarron a.k.a. Charlie Farquharson” by Merle Shain; “How are Nice Girls Doing in Places like – The Banks – The Bell – Air Canada ?” by Erna Paris; “Virginia Woolf – a Liberated Woman ?” by Anne Montagnes);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Man and Woman Facing each Other; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Delicate Balance” by Janice Blue; ARTICLES = “Why Hasn't the Pill Stopped Illegitimacy ?” by Rosemary Lane; “Housework Gives Me the Crazies” by Marian Engel; “So, Judy LaMarsh What are You up to Now ?” by Eve Rockett; “What Kind of Love are You Looking For ?” by John A. Lee; “Restaurants – How to Tell the Good from the Merely Mediocre”);

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Woman in an Irish Knit Toque and a Curly Lamb Coat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Summer Aunt Rose came from Paris” by Cicely Louise Evans; ARTICLES = “Behind the Scenes at the Wedding – Princess Anne” by Dennis Eisenberg; “Confessions of an Intuative Matchmaker – Marthe Gaudet of Montreal” by Adrian Waller; “Abortion – Two Views” by Isabel LeBourdais and Vivian Macdonald; “Looking for a Dead-End Job ? - For a Start Try Department Stores and Supermarkets” by Erna Paris; “Pierre Berton takes his Family Home” by Pierre Berton; “Women of Vancouver – The Pattern Breakers” by Lisa Hobbs);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Karen Kain in her Ballerina Costume from the Snow Queen; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “For Christmas, a Decision” by Rachel Wyatt; ARTICLES = “Now Women are Singing for Women – Joni Mitchell – Carly Simon – Bette Midler – Carole King etc” by Jack Batten; “Super Books and Toys” by Michele Landsberg; “Celebrated Fantasies – Christmas Recipe Favorites of Karen Kain – Farley Mowat – Betty Kennedy – Stompin' Tom Conners – Nancy Greene – Karen Magnussen etc.”; “A Frank Report on Some Diet Doctors” by Sheila Kieran);


JANUARY (FRONT COVER = Karen Magnussen; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “And They Lived Happily Ever After” by Melinda McCracken; ARTICLES = “Karen Magnussen – The Girl Who Won't Lose” by Eve Rockett; “What Makes a Couple Marry ?” by Mollie Gillen; “The Truth about Women's Sexuality” by Judith Rascoe; “I Married a Stone Age Woman – Eskimo Jeela” by Tony Moss-Davies; “What it's Like to be English in Montreal” by Dawn MacDonald);

FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Butter-cup Yellow Sweater and Blouse; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Girl in a Blue Shirtwaist” by Marian Engel; “Escape by Night” by Mary Hazell; ARTICLES = “The Single Girl Rip-Off – The Not so Glorious and Free Swingleland” by Myrna Kostash; “Women of Montreal – Pattern Breakers” by Dawn MacDonald; “Unmasking the 'Curse'” by Michele Landsberg; “Hey Superkids, Where Did You Go ?” by June Callwood);

MARCH (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Brown Straw Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Tell Me Yes or No” by Alice Munro; “That Sensual Music” by Fredelle Maynard; ARTICLES = “How to Raise Liberated Children” by Sherrill Cheda; “Celia Franca – Tartar in a Tutu” by Don Rubin; “Thunder Bay – A Super Friendly City – Population 112,000” by Mollie Gillen; “What Women Could Tell Men about Work” by Sarah Davies);

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Black and White Polka Dot Rain Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Name Game” by Dorothy Mountain; “The O-Basan” by Betty Collins; ARTICLES = “”Do-It-Yourself Handywoman's Cope-Kit” by Joan Nankivell; “Dr. Morgentaler – The Real Life Man Behind the Abortion Trial” by Eleanor Pelrine; “Are Men Obsolete ?” by June Callwood; “Women in Polotics – Good News and Bad” by Michele Landsberg);

MAY (FRONT COVER = CBC's Adrienne Clarkson and CTV's Carole Taylor; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The First Girl He Kissed” by Jon Ruddy; “A Day Off in the Life of Connie Rime” by Margaret Drury Gane; ARTICLES = “TV Women – How They're Doing in Male-Chauvinist TV-Land” by Michele Landsberg; “Mental Retardation can be Prevented” by Leah Abrams; “Police Wives” by Eve Rockett; “Fringe Benefits – Women Lose Out” by Michele Landsberg; “Famous Families of Canada – The Maritime Olands” part 1 of 3 by Jan Forster; “Our Ms. Chatelaine 1974 is Jean Fowlow of Stephenville, Newfoundland; “I'm a Happy Househusband” by Peter Davies);

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Blue and White Halter and Skirt; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “They're Asking for You, Bettina” by Sorryl Hoffer; ARTICLES = “Famous Families of Canada – The Maritime Olands” part 2 of 3 by Jan Forster; “Why Secretaries get Mad” by Erna Paris; “The Legers of Government House” by Jack Batten; “Why We Have No Children” by Bonnie Buxton);

JULY (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Pale Summer Hat; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Monent of Truth” by Marian Engel; “Cry Wolf !” by Valerie Elliston; ARTICLES = “Famous Families of Canada – The Maritime Olands” part 3 of 3 by Jan Forster; “Margaret Mead Speaks Out – On Marriage, Sex and the Family” by Maryanne Raphael and Charlotte Hastings; “King Carl of Sweden” by Dennis Eisenberg; “How 'Just Two Housewives' Won a Great Ecology Victory – Thelma MacAdans and Merriam Doucet”);

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “That Extra Dimension” by Florence King; “Genevieve” by Rachel Wyatt; ARTICLES = “An Opinionated Woman's Guide to Toronto”; “Princess Margaret's Unconventional Marriage” by Helen Cathcart; “Incest – The Coverup Crime” by Jocelyn Dingman; “The Pattern Breakers – Women of Ottawa” by Sarah Redmond and Eileen Turcotte);

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Blonde in a Rust Colored Hat and Tweed Suit; BACK COVER AD = Vitabath; FICTION = “To Wake From Dreaming” by Sallie Bingham; “The Rich Girls of Rosedale” by Margaret Drury Gane; ARTICLES = “Chatelaine's Inflation Cope-Kit”; “The New Dutch Dating – Freedom to Ask a Man Out” by Maggie Siggins; “Which Professions Pay Off for Women – If Any” by Erna Paris; “Kids TV the Best ond Worst” by Michele Landsberg; “The Human Stories Behind the Irene Murdoch / Helen Rathwell Cases” by Eve Rockett);

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Toronto Housewife Sally Ballantine; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “Sweater-To-Round” by Gloria Goldreich; Woman to Woman” by Florence King; ARTICLES = “How Not to be an Ugly Stepparent” by Yvonne Crittenden; “The Day I Ran away to Paris” by Sheila Kieran; “Should You Sue your Doctor for Malpractice ?” by Tori Salter; “Abortion – The Issue Hots Up – Who's Who in the Pro's and Cons” by Jack Batten; “Pauline McGibbon – The Woman Behind all those 'First Woman Jobs” by Marian Engel; “Going Back to Work – Sally Ballantine” by Marjorie Harris);

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Woman with the New Curly Hairdo; BACK COVER AD = Vitabath; FICTION = “Music Hath Charms” by Anne Montagnes; “The Time of Hummingbirds” by Ted Wood; ARTICLES = “Love and Affairs” by Joan Sutton; “Women and Business – Some Conclusions” by Erna Paris; “St. Catherines and Environs – Could You Live There ?” by Constance Mungall; “The Best and Worst of Women's TV” by Michele Landsberg; “No 'Nice Nelly” was Nellie McClung” by Gwen Matheson and V.E. Lang; “On the Way to Liberation” by Sherrill Cheda);

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = Green-eyed Brunette in a White Dress; BACK COVER AD = 2nd Debut Make-up; FICTION = “The Santa Claus Syndrome” by Marian Engel; ARTICLES = “Sondra Gotlieb's Adventures in Cookbookland”; “One Woman's Search for Herself – Dottie Carroll” by Maggie Siggins; “Women of Halifax – The Pattern Breakers” by Harry Bruce; “The Sad Lonely Life of the Seperated Father” by Pat Annesley; “Best Christmas Buys in Books and Toys” by Michele Landsberg);


(JANUARY (Joyce Carol Oates; Anne Murray; Weight=150 Grams; VG/FN, but centerfold missing$3.00; another copy available);

(February; Joyce Davidson ); (March); (April; Lynn Redgrave); (May; Princess Anne/ Mark Phillips); (June); (July);(November); (December);


(January; Sylvia Tyson); (February); (March); April); (May; Graham & Treena Kerr); (June; Queen Elizabeth II); (July; Pierre & Margaret Trudeau, sons); (August; “Top Trends from Canadian Fall Fashions); (September; “What to Expect fro a Hospital Nurse”); (October; Maureen McTeer); (November; “What's Worth Watching on Television); (December; Anne Murray);


(January; Karen Kain); (February; “What To Do About an Alcoholic Teenager”); (March; “Spring Fashion 1977”); (May; “Paris Couture”); (September; “Fall Fashion 1977”); (October; “First Time Motherhood After 35”); (November; “Great Canadian Furs”); (December; “10 Most Powerful Women in Canada”);


(February; Mary Mueller); March; Cathy Reid of Toronto); (April; Dayle Haddon); (June; Sylvie Garant); (July; Gabrielle Lazure); (August; Marie Josee St. Antoine); October (Sheryl Rice); November (Kathi Gunther);


((January; Diane Jones Konihowski); (February; Maureen McTeer); (April; Ann Ditchburn); (May; Kerry Jewitt); (June; Leslie Humphreys); (July; Debbie Van Kiekebelt); (August; Lisa Dal Bello); (September; Fern Schiller);(October; Kathi Gunther); (November; Julie Elmitt); (Decemver; Kerry Jewitt);

CHATELAINE (Maclean - Hunter Ltd. Pub);


(January; Flora MacDonald); (February; Carolyn Patterson); (March; Carolyn Patterson); (April; Sonia Zimmer); (June; Dorothy Goulah); (July; Laura Hall); (August; Cathy Hall); (September; Iona Campagnolo); (October; Laura Morton); (November; Suzanne Somers/ Ana Hamel); (December; Deborah Collette);


(January; Margaret Atwood); (February; Laura Morton); (March; Shannon Tweed); (April; Laura Morton); (May; Lisa Reines-Foster); (June; Shannon Tewwed); (July; Michelle Martin); (August;Babette Remmes); (September; Sylvie Garant); (October; Laura Morton); (November; Susie Power); (December; Susie Power);


(January; Barbara Frum); (February - Margaret Trudeau cover); (April; Kim Alexis); (May; Margot Kidder); (June; Terry Poulton); (July; Princess Diana of Wales); (September; Debarah Ducharme);


(January; Judy Erola); (February; Channah); (March; Laura Morton); (April; Channah); (May; Iona Campahnolo); (June; Sue Power); (August; Carling Bassett); (November; Kilauren Gibb);


(January; Maureen McTeer); February; Channah); (May;Laura Morton); (June; Jeanette Hallen; WEIGHT= 305 Grams; 1"x2" paper pull from Mailing Label Removal otherwise VG = US$8); (July - Princess Diana); (August; Susie Power); (September; Britt Oldenburg); (October; Violet Wilson); (November; Sara Rafuse); (December; Jenifer Lass);


(January; Canadian Cabinet Minsters, Monique Vezina, Barbara McDougall, Pat Carney, Flora MacDonald, Andree Champagne, Suzanne Blais-Grenier); (February); (March;Meredith Lesley); (April; Jenifer Lass); (May; Rhonda D'Amour); (June; Margaret Trudeau);(July; Jenifer Lass); (August; Mila Mulroney); (September;Tracey Cook); (October; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 360 Grams; Sexy Young Royals; Michael J. Fox; Tina Turner; Julie Christie; Jerry Hall; Jane Wyman; Cheryl Tiegs "Homespun Colours" for Cover Girl back cover ad; NO Mailing Label; VF = US$12); (November; Tracey Cook); (December; Daphne Pittana/ Olympia Bermann/ Santa Claus);


(January; Mila Mulroney/ Caroline Mulroney); (February; Martha Gibson/ Louis Del Grande "Seeing Things"); (March; Jennifer Last); (April; Paula Devicq; WEIGHT= 375 Grams; Corey Hart; Dave Stieb of Blue Jays; Elmore Leonard; 2nd annual Best & Worst dressed Canadians; small Christie Brinkley photo in back cover ad; 1"x2" paper pull from Mailing Label Removal otherwise VG = US$8); (May; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 345 Grams; 1"x2" paper pull from Mailing Label Removal otherwise VG/FN = US$9); (June; Tracey Cook); (July; Jenifer Lass); (August; Jenifer Lass); (September; Barbara Frum); (October; Jenifer Lass); (November; Monkia Schnarre; WEIGHT= 390 Grams; Cheryl Tiegs "Moisture Wear" for Cover Girl back cover ad; Chatelaine rates Mulroney; 1/4"x2" paper pull from Mailing Label Removal otherwise VG/FN = US$9); (December; Gillian Mather);


(January; Sandy Wilson); (February; Monika Schinarre); (March; Josephine Tantalo); (April; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 345 Grams; 3rd annual Best & Worst dressed Canadians; Margaret Atwood & Margaret Drabble; L.R.Wright; Renee Simonsen Cover Girl back cover ad; Has Mailing Label; G/VG = US$7); (May; Jacquie Page; WEIGHT= 295 Grams; Barbara Klunder; Ronald Pryce Family Massacre; 6 pages Girls in Swimsuit's photo's; Has Mailing Label; FN+ = US$10); (June; Hayley Mortison); (July; Jacquie Page; WEIGHT= 230 Grams; Helen Shaver; Jo Ghiz; Has Mailing Label; G/VG = US$7);(August; Sheila Copps); (November - Sarah Duchess of York); (December; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 295 Grams; Queen Mother; Victorian Christmas special; Rosalie Bertall; NO Mailing Label; VF = US$12);


(January - K.D. Lang); (February; Paula Devicq; WEIGHT= 240 Grams; downhill skiier Liisa Savijarvi; Mary Jane Mossman; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG = US$8);

(March; Gala 60the ANNIVERSARY issue; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 330 Grams; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; Two x 1/2 pages clipped out; 2"x2" coupon out; VG = US$4); (April; Linda Evangelista; WEIGHT= 415 Grams; 4th annual Best & Worst dressed Canadians; Ben Johnson; Princess Di; Peter Mansbridge; Patricia Rozema; Has Mailing Label; VG/FN = US$8);(May; Paryse Allen); (June; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 335 Grams; Le Decollete; Frank McKenna; Margaret Thtcher; Ana Perez; Joni Mitchell; Degrassi High's crusading couple; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG/FN = US$8); (July; Paula Devicq; WEIGHT= 235 Grams; ROSES; Elizabeth Manley & Karen Percy; Jenny Green death; Vicki Gabereau; Christie Brinkley Back cover ad for cover girl colour-moist lipstick; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG/FN = US$8); (August; Paula Devicq; WEIGHT= 225 Grams; So CHIC Pants; Carol Alt back cover ad; Kiefer Sutherland at 21; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG/FN = US$8);(September; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 415 Grams; Canada's 10 Sexiest Men; Wooing Women: Mulroney & Patronage; Anne Murray; Fall Fashion forcast; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; FN+ = US$10);

(October- Sarah Duchess of York); (November; Monika Schnarre; WEIGHT= 385 Grams; Sexy new Dinnersuits; Karen Kain; West Edmonton Mall; NO Mailing Label; FN+ = US$10); (December; Sara Rafuse);


(January - Elizabeth Manley); (February; Sara Rafuse); (April; Alexa Singer; WEIGHT= 420 Grams; 5th annual Best & Worst dressed Canadians; Retro Chic Blonde; Vicki Keith; Donny Lalonde; Has Mailing Label; VG = US$7); (May; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 465 Grams; Swimsuit Sizle; Princess Diana; lesbian Sally Boyle; Jackie Burroughs; Has Mailing Label; VG/FN = US$7); (June; LIsa Kauffman; WEIGHT= 330 Grams; Margaret Trudeau at 40; 4 Top Canadian Models; Has Mailing Label; FN = US$8); (July; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 245 Grams; Wee Beatrice, Fergie';s darling; Barbara McDougall; Summer EXOTICA; Renee Simonsen Cover Girl back cover ad; Has Mailing Label; VG = US$7); (August; Bellodgia); (September; Tara Westwood); (October; Melissa McKnight); (November; Melissa McKnight); (December; Naomi Hume);

CHATELAINE (Maclean - Hunter Ltd. Pub);


(January; Chantale Daigle); (February; Dini Pety); (March; Jenifer Lass); (April; Cathy Fedoruk; WEIGHT= 320 Grams; Women in TV; Clyde Wells; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG = US$6);

(May; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 320 Grams; Last year in Tiananmen Square; Gerda & Ramon Hnatyshyn; NO Mailing Label; VG = US$6); (June; Sheila Copps); (July - Sarah Duchess of York); (August; Cathy Fedoruk; WEIGHT= 185 Grams; Di's boys & Fergie's Girls; Has Mailing Label; FN/VF = US$7); (September; Maylen Pierce); (October; Sherry Abbott); (November; Matesi); (December; Lisa Rogers and Family);


(January; Ontario's 11 New Female Cabinet Members); (February; Lusy Cunningham); (March; Shirley Soloman); (April; Lucy Cunningham); (May; Samantha Stratton); (June; Hunter Reno; WEIGHT= 225 Grams; Mailing Label removed, with minor markings; VG = US$6); (July - Princess Diana); (August;Olga Fogerty); (September; Nikki); (October; Sara Dawson); (November; Cecilla Nord); (December; Patricia Harris/ Sally Berretta/ Donna Coughlin);


(January; The Bernard family: Diane Francis); (February; Cecilla Nord); (March; Kirsten Remmers); (April; Kirsten Remmers); (May; Hunter Reno); (June; Kirsten Remmers); (July; Hunter Reno); (August; Michelle Blatchford); (September - K.D. Lang); (October - Cynthia Dale); (November; D'Arcy Shaw);


(January; The Finley Family of Halifax); (February; Cathy Taylor); (March; Pamela Wallin); (April; Serena Rojas); (June; Serena Rojas); (August; Nahani Johnston); (September - Princess Diana ); (October; D'Arcy Shaw);


(January - Kim Campbell); (February - Valerie Pringle); (March; D'Arcy Shaw); (April); (May; Moe Kelso); (June; Sarah Corey); (July - Myriam Bedard); (September; Sarah Corey); (October; Cara Leigh; Princess Diana); (December - Karen Kain);


(January; Peggy White); (February; Joslyn Wenn); (March; Claire Cantlie); (April; Renee Pietrangelo); (May; Meredith Epp); (June; Nikki Novak); (July; Sarah Brown); (August; Renee Pietrangelo); (September;Dylan); (October; Cynthia Belliveau); (November;Susan Aglukark); (December; Tanya & Sylvain Cardinal);


(February; Dylan); (March; Stephanie Adey); (April; Natashia Cotroneo); (May - Shania Twain); (June - Pamela Wallin); (July; Joanna Bacalso); (August; Pheona Vickeks); (September; Tracey Maksym); (October; Sonja Smits); (November - Sarah McLachlan); (December; Joanna Bacalso);


(February; Marie-Claude Hamelin); (March - Lynn Johnston); (April; Elizabeth Schlegel); (May; Marion Walsh); (June; Karen Kain); (July;: Mikka); (August; Gabriela Berlinghof); (September; Ola Danilina); (October - Susie Moloney); (November; Tracey Makaym); (December; Monica Winger);


(January; Moe Kelso); (February - Cassie Campbell); (March; Sandra Bezic); (May Martha Adu/ Lisa Killam/ Marion Kandilas); (June - Ann-Maire MacDonald); July (Nalalie MacMasters); (August - Cathy Jones); (September – Marie-Claude Hamelin); (October - Molly Parker); (November – Elizabeth Schegel); (December – Meredith Epp);


(January – Amanda Rotko); February – Melissa Pedlar); (March; Gloria Reuben); (April; Paulina); (May; Phenoa Vickers, Meredith Epp); (June; Belinda Riding); (July; Angela Stephenson); (August;Elizabeth Schlegel); (September; Ursula Manitius); (October; Tereza Srbova); (November; Canada's Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs); (December);

CHATELAINE (Maclean - Hunter Ltd. Pub);


(January – Melissa Browning/ Vivia Wilks); (February; Heidi Meek); (March; Janie Jang); (April; Escape Your Routine); (May; Elizabeth Schlegel); (June; Lorca Moore); (July;Kiley Wirtz); (August; Easy Summer Cooking); (September; Jodi Malinson); (October; Karine Tousignant); (November; Canada's Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs); (December; Annual Gift Guide);


(January; Paryse Allen); (February; Elaine Euwen); (March; Create Your Beroom Oasis); (April; 15 Easy Meals in 15 Minutes); (May; Jodi Mallinson); (June; Marie Claude Guy); (July; Marnie Herald); (August; Easy Dining Outdoors); (September; Meredith Epp); (October; Great Harveest Recipes); (November; Elizabeth Schlegel); (December; Gift Guide);


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(January; Paula Patrice); (March; Suzanne Lanza); (April; “New for Spring; Style, Food, Home); (May; Genevieve Brabant); (June; Cathy Fedoruk); (July; Cathy Fedoruk); (August; “Simple Cooking”); (September; “50 Great Ways with Tomatoes”); (October; “50 Delicious Fall Recipes”); (November - “152 Best Shortcuts”); (December; “63 Merry Recipes”);


(January “34 Looks for Less”); (February; “Lower Fat Comfort Meals”); (March; “Eat for Energy”); (April - “203 Bright Spring Ideas”); (May; Meredith Epp); (June; “Get Grilling”); (July; Viola); (August - “Easy Summer Cooking”); (September; Jo Swain); (October; “32 Harvest Recipes”); (Novmeber - “When Someone You Love is Depressed”); (December; “65 Festive Recipes”);


(January; “98 Simple Pick-Me-Ups”); (February; Carly Bentall); (March; “Go Colour Crazy”); (April; “Our Best Chicken Recipes Ever”); (May; “Is Organic Food Worth the Money?”); (June; 'Easy Summer Meals”); (July; Berit Bech); (August; “Foods That Fight Fat”); (September; “20 Minute Meals”); (October; “32 Simple Fall Recipes”); (November; “Best Holiday Cookies & Squares”); (December; “No-Fuss Holiday Recipes”);


(January; Andie Lieferink); (February; “Easy Comfort Food”); (March; Kari Lokomski); (April; “Easy Meals You'll Love”); (May; Jennifer Wells); (June; “Detox Diets; Worth te Effort?” (July; Angela Perzow); (September; “Delicious 20-Minute Meals”); (October – Sophie Gregoire); (November - “37 Festive Recipes”);


(January – Jann Arden); (February – Nigella Lawson); (March - “Comfort Foods”); (April - “Go Green – Your Guide to a Better World”); (May – Janet Gretzky with Daughters Paulina & Emma); (June – Cassie Campbell); (July - “The Great Canadian Barbecue”); (August – Jorha Oke); (September – Steph Song); (October – Lisa Ray); (October II – Sarah Carter); (November – Sandra Oh); (December – Debbie Travis);


(January – Measha Brueggergosman); (February – Chantal Kreviazuk); (March – Carrie-Anne Moss); (April – Alanis Morissette); (November Michael Buble);

CHATELAINE Holiday 1996; - Marnie Herald;

CHATELAINE Holiday 1997; - Stpehanie Adey;

CHATELAINE GOOD HEALTH 2007 (Summer “Take Control of Your Health”);


1986; (March; Peggy);

1999; (September; Sylvie Leonard);

2001; (January; Sophia Lorain); (February; Nathalie Sanschagrin); (March; Juliette Binoche) (April; Leanne Spencer); (May; Karine Vanasse); (June; Audrey Benoit); (July; Leanne Spencer); (August; Leanne Spencer); (September; Caroline Neron); (October; Elise Guilbault); (November; Lorca);

CITY WOMAN (Comac Communications Ltd.);

1985; (Fall);

CLIN D'OEIL (French; Quebecor Media Inc.) -

1987; (June; Alexandra McLeysh);

2001; (December; Lara Fabian);

2002; (February; Stephanie Cloutier/ Montreal Canadiens Goaltender Jose Theodore); (April; Dominique Bertrand/ Genevieve Borne/ Gabrielle Destroismaisons); (May; Nadine Picard); (June; Stephane Rousseau);

CO-ED (Scholastic Magazines Pub.)

1977 (March; Ellen Parmelee);

1979 (September (“Peter Framton Interview”);

COLLEZIONI ALTA MODA (Zanfieditori Pub.) - #30 (Autumn/Winter1992-93);

COMPANY (UK; National Magainze Ltd.) - November 1979; - Angela Robinson;

COMPLETE WOMAN (Associated Pub. Ltd.) -

1994; (August - Lisa Rinna "Days of our Lives");

1995; (February - Diana Barton "Young and Restless"); (August/September - Yasmine Bleeth);

1996; (February/ March - Augie Everhart); (April/May - Julia Roberts); (October/November - Kristian Alfonso "Days of Our Lives");

1997; (August/September - Julia Roberts); (October/November - Cindy Crawford);

December/1997- January/1998; (Cover = Kim Delaney "NYPD Blues"; Also; Suzanne Somers; VG/FN = $6.00);

2000; April/May (Alyssa Milano); (August/Septemer; Nancy O'Dell);

2002; August/Septmeber (Mandy Morre);

CONFIDANTE (Multi-Vision Pub. Inc.) - 1999; (Spring - Celine Dion);

COOL! (French; Trustar Ltd.)

1999; (June; Drew Barrymore);

2000; (September; Britney Spears); (November; Christina Aguilera);

2001; (December; Harry Potter);

COSMETICS (Cosmetics Magazine Pub.) - 2006 (November/December; Elizabeth Taylor);

COSMETICS BEAUTY GUIDE (Clarco Communications Ltd.) - 1988; (Summer; Shannon Corns);

COSMOGIRL! (Hearst Communications Inc.) -

1999; August/September (Volume 1 #1; Melissa Joan Hart); October/ November (Volume 1 #2; Jessica Biel);

2000; (February – Selma Blair); (March - Christina Aguilera) (May; N'Sync); (June/July; Britney Spears); (August; Gwen Stefani); (September – Rachel Leigh Cook); (October – Leslie Bibb); (November – Justin Timberlake); (December/2001; January – Sarah Michelle Gellar);

2001; (February; 98 Degrees); (March – Jessica Simpson); (April – Destiny's Child); (May – Eminem); (June/July - Blink-182);(August - Reese Witherspoon); (September; Freddie Prinze Jr.);(October - Mariah Carey); (November - Shirley Manson);

2001; December/2002; January (Gew Stefani);

2002; (February – N-Sync); (March; Mandy Moore Jr.); (May – Tara Reid); (June/July (Jennifer Lopez); (August; Kelly Osbourne); (September; Beyonce Knowles); (December/January 2004 – Kirsten Dunst);

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2006 – (February; Sophia Buch); (March – Alicia Keys); (April – JoJo); (May – Jessica Simpson); (June/July – Nicole Richie); (August – Keira Knightley); (October – Kristin Cavallari); (December/ January 2007 – Christina Aguilera);

COSMOPOLITAN magazine (The Hearst Corp.);

Cosmopolitan 1936 (June; NOVEL “Halfway House” by Ellery Queen; SERIALS - “White Banners” by Lloyd C. Douglas; “Gold is Where You Find It” by Clements Ripley; SHORT STORIES – by Vina Delmar/ Edison Marchall/ Fannie Ferber Fox/ Fannie Hurst/ David Garth; NOVELETTE - “Rhododendron Walk” by Beatrice Blackmar);

Cosmopolitan 1937 (March; Front Cover, Olivia De Havilland by Bradshaw Crandell; NOVEL “Sister Act” by Fannie Hurst; NOVELETTES - “Angle Shooter” by Adela Rogers St. Johns; “Comet Over Broadway” by Faith Baldwin; SERIALS - “Bitter Lotus” by Louis Bromfield; “I've Been to London...” by Temple Bailey; SHORT STORIES – by David Garth / A.J. Cronin/ Donlad Barr Chidsay/ “Tried in the Furnace” by P.G. Wodehouse);

Cosmopolitan 1940 (August – NOVEL “Nobody's Girl” by Fanny Heaslip Lea; SERIALS – The Strange War of Hiram Holliday; Part 3” by Paul Gallico, “And New Stars Burns; Part 2” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES - “My People” by Max Brand/ “Legacy; Rocket” by Lloyd C. Douglas/ Edna Ferber/ Nancy Titus/ Marion Lloyd);

Cosmopolitan 1941 (July; NOVELS “The Marriage Ring” by Ann Pinchot; “Temporary Address – Reno; The Long Journey” by Faith Baldwin; NOVELETTE - “Extreme Penalty” by Rita Weiman; SERIALS - “Saratoga Trunk: Part 4” by Edna Ferber; 'The Other Woman; Part 3” by Isabel Moore; SHORT STORIES - “Panama Stopover” by Paul Gallico/ James Street/ William R. Cox/ Dorothy Banning/ Ron Broom);

(December – NOVELS - “Eagle Squadron” by C.S. Forester; “Judge Not” by Mildred North Slater; SERIALS - “Blue Norizons; Part 3” by Faith Baldwin; “Wild is the River; part 5” by Louis Bromfield; SHORT STORIES – by Kathleen Norris/ Richard English/ Ann Pinchot/ Robert Wilder; ARTICLES – Booth Tarkington/ A.J. Cronin/ Paul Gallico/ Ogden Nash);

Cosmopolitan 1942 (January; NOVELS - “Marion Alive” by Vicki Baum; “This Too is Love” by Helene Manard; NOVELETTES - “Merry Christmas, All” by John P. Marquard “New Evidence” by Rita Weiman; SERIALS - “Blue Horizons; Part 4” by Faith Baldwin; “Wild is the River; Conclusion” by Louis Bromfield; SHORT STORIES – by Nancy Titus/ Corey Ford/ Ruth Lyons; ARTICLES – William L. Shirer/ Paul Gallico/ Robert Benchley/ Clarence Budington Kellard);

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(April – NOVELS - “Spencer Brade, M.D.” by Frank G. Slaughter; “Don't Promise Too Much” by Eustace L. Adams; NOVELTTE - “Soldier's Serenade” by I.A.R. Wylie; SERIALS - “Haunted Lady; Part 3” by Mary Roberts Rinehart; “I'll Never Let You Go! Part 1” by Isabel Moore SHORT STORIES – by Kathleen Norris/ Frances Reid/ Paul Gallico/ Joseph Harrington);

(May – Front Cover Gloria Callen by Bradshaw Crandell; NOVEMS - “Catch a Falling Star” by Ruth Power-O'Mallet; “All My Love” by Nelia Gardner White; SERIALS - “I'll Never Let You Go!; Part 2” by Isabel Moore; “Haunted Lady; Conclusion” by Mary Roberts Rinehart; SHORT STORIES – by Paul Gallico/ Helene Manard/ Faith Baldwin/ Vina Delmar);

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(September – NOVELS “Come Back to Me, Beloved” by Kathleen Norris; “Families are Like That” by Nancy Titus; SERIALS - “Mrs. Parkingotn; Part 4” by Louis Bromfield, “The Long Way Round; Part 1” by Pearl S. Buck; SHORT STORIES - “The Doctor Makes it Murder” by George Harmon Coxe/ Edna Ferber/ Charles Bonner);

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Cosmopolitan 1943 (February; NOVELS - “In the Name of Love” by Allene Corliss “I Heard Somebody Say “ by Anne Homer Warner; NOVELETTE” “The Wildsrnan” by Louis Bromfield; SERIALS - “The Long Way Round; Conclusion” by Pearl S. Buck; “Understudy; Part 3” by Mary Hastings Bradley; SHORT STORIES - “All Wives are Angels” by Sinclair Lewis/ Sallie Belle Cox/ Joseph Harrington);

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(May – NOVELS - “Air Surgeon” by Frank G. Slaughter; “Return to Love” by Corliss Frost; NOVELETTE - “What Kind of Girl was Julie?” by Catharine Barrett; SERIALS - “The Sin of Angels; Part 3” by Adela Rogers St. Johns; “What Became of Anna Bolton” by Louis Bromfield; SHORT STORIES – by Gertrude Schweitzer/ Booth Tarkington/ Gladys Taber/ Margaret Cousins);

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(July – NOVEL “A Woman's Place” Mildred North Slate; NOVELETTE - “Gift of Love” by Sophie Kerr; SERIALS - “The Sins of the Angels; Conclusions” by Adela Rogers St. Johns 'What Became of Anna Bolton; Part 3” by Louis Bromfield; SHORT STORIES - “Nobody to Write About” by Sinclair Lewis/ Wilbur Daniel Steele/ John Randolph Phillips);

(August – NOVELS - “Hold to the Channel” by James Street; “You Can't Go Back Again” by Isabel Moore; NOVELETTE - “The Streets of Oran” by Marjorie Worthington; SERIALS - “What Became of Anna Bolton; Conclusion” by Louis Bromfield; “He Married a Doctor;; Part 1” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES - “The Payoff” by Will F. Jenkins/ Gerald Mygatt/ Joseph Harrington/ Dale Eunson);

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Cosmopolitan 1944 (January – NOVELS “The Yearbook” by Lester Atwell; NOVELETTES “The Golden Land” by Michael Foster “Miracle Mountain” by Vina Delmar; SERIALS - “He Married a Doctor; Conclusion” by Faith Baldwin; “Boardwalk; Part 3” by Libbie Block; SHORT STORIES - “You Seem to Forget” by Sinclair Lewis/ Frederick Nebel/ Maude Parker/ Kathleen Norris);

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(May – NOVELS - “Homeward the Heart” by Margaret Mackay; “The Box That Wouldn't Open” by Peter Heggen Matson; NOVELETTE - “Thief is an Ugly Word” by Paul Gallico; SERIALS - “The Real Thing; Part 4” by Pearl S. Buck; “Our Moment is Swift; Part 1” by Dale Eunson; SHORT STORIES – by Dorothy Kilgallen/ Alec Rackowe/ Vina Delmar/ Michael Foster);

(June – NOVEL “You Can't Trust Anybody” by George F. Worts; NOVELETTES - “To Live or Die” by Rita Weiman; “There Would be Music” by Elisabeth Shoemaker; SERIALS - “The Real Thing; Conclusion” by by Pearl S. Buck; “Our Moment is Swift; Part 2” by Dale Eunson; SHORT STORIES – by James Ramsey Ullman/ Mary Roberts Rinehart/ Edith S. Campbell/ Louis Bromfield);

(August – NOVELETTE - “The Pond” by Louis Bromfield; SERIALS - “Midnight Alley; Conclusion” by Sinclair Lewis; “Who Killed ny Buddy? Part 1” by Paul Gallico; SHORT STORIES - “Good-Bye, My Darling” by Jon Cleary/ Tom Lennon/ Eleanor Coates/ Sara Sandt);

(September – NOVEL - “Appointment for Tomorrow” by Grace Sartwell Mason; NOVELETTES “Southwest Symphony I; Put Your Little Foot Forward” by Faith Baldwin; “Her Last Scene” by Anita Rowe Block; SERIAL - “Who Killed my Buddy? Part 2” by Paul Gallico; SHORT STORIES – by Jerrod Beim/ Eleanor Coates/ Libbie Block; back cover - “Chesterfield” ad with Bing Crosby);

(October – NOVELETTE - “Southwest Symphony II; This Obligation” by Faith Baldwin; SERIALS - “Who Killed my Buddy? Conclusion” by Paul Gallico; “Great Son; Part 1” by Edna Ferber; SHORT STORIES - “Probe” by Walt Grove/ Frederick Howard/ Sophie Kerr/ Eleanor Mercein; NONFICTION PREVIEW - “Lost in the Horse Latitudes” by H. Allen Smith);

(November – NOVEL - “The Gate” by Betty Coe; NOVELETTE - “Stopover” by Anita Rowe Block; SERIALS - “Great Son; Part 2” by Edna Ferber; “Couple No. 6; Part 1” by Katharine Brush; SHORT STORIES – by Booth Tarkington/ Claire Wallis/ Kathryn White/ Isabel Moore);

(December – NOVEL - “Man Wanted” by Philip Wylie; NOVELETTES - “A Dispatch from Santa Rosa” by Arthur Tuckerman; “Southwest Symphony III; Time Out from Life” by Faith Baldwin; SERIALS - “Great Son; Part 3” by Edna Ferber; “Couple No.6; Conclusion” by Katharine Brush; SHORT STORIES – by Dorothy Parker/ Temple Bailey/ Elizabeth Seifert/ Capt. William Allyn);

Cosmopolitan 1945 (JanuaryNOVELS “Fly Away Home” by Katherine Albert; NOVELETTE - “Southwest Symphony IV”; Call Me But Love” by Faith Baldwin; SERIALS - “Great Son; Conclusion” by Edna Ferber; “Retread; Part 1” by Loius Bromfield; SHORT STORIES - “U.S.S. Cornucopia” by C.S. Forester/ Stewart Beach/ Ann Head/ Phyllis McGinley);

(February NOVEL - “Ten-Cent Wedding Ring” by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; NOVELETTE - “Southwest Symphony V; Hostess to Heartache” by Faith Baldwin; SERIALS - “Retread; Conclusion” by Louis Bromfield; “Mimi Foster; Part 1” by Mary Hastings Bradley; SHORT STORIES - “Clouds in the Sun” by Jon Cleary/ Paul Gallico/ Ann Head/ Belva Plain/ Harold Goldman);

(MarchNOVEL - “Johnny Piper, Jr” by Patterson Dial; NOVELETTE - “Pygmalion Jones” by Dorothy Kilgallen; SERIALS - “Mimi Foster; Conclusion” by Mary Hastings Bradley; “And Throw the Key Away; Part 1” by Ursula Parrott; SHORT STORIES – by Mary Chase/ Temple Bailey/ Leslie T. White/ Matt Taylor/ Sophie Kerr);

(AprilNOVEL - “Before I Wake” by William E. Barrett; NOVELETTE - “Southwest Symphony VI; The Boss of the Flying Bar” by Faith Baldwin; SERIES - “And Throw The Key Away; Part 2” by Ursula Parrott; “With All My Heart; Part 1” by Betty Coe; SHORT STORIES – by Paul Gallico/ Edison Marshall/ Hagar Wilde/ Edith S. Campbell; backcover - “Chesterfield” ad with Joan McCracken);

(MayNOVEL “The Empty Heart” by Sylvia Thompson; NOVELETTE - “The Maple Tree” by Elizabeth Enright; SERIALS - “And Throw the Key Away; Conclusion” by Ursula Parrott; “With All My Heart; Conclusion” by Betty Coe; “Cass Timberlane; “Sinclair Lewis; SHORT STORIES – by Jon Cleary/ Frederick Nebel/ Harold Goldman/ Rosamund Du Jardin/ Paul Gallico);

(JuneNOVEL - “The Woman on the Bridge” by Jan Leman and Stuart Engstrand; NOVELETTE - “Say No to Yesterday” by Frances Malm; SERIALS - “Cass Timberlane; Part 2” by Sinclair Lewis; “I Weep for You; Part 2” by Daphne Alloway McVicker; SHORT STORIES - “Million Dollar Phony” by Louis Sobol/ Maclane Stewart/ Howart Hunt/ Nancy Barnes);

(JulyNOVEL - “The Mink Coat” by Kathleen Norris; NOVELETTE “You Can't Have Everything” by Frederick Nebel; SERIALS - “I Weep for You; Part 2” by Daphne Alloway McVicker; “Cass Timberlane; Park 3” by Sinclair Lewis; SHORT STORIES – by Mary Brinker Post/ Thrya Samter Winslow/ Howard Hunt/ Ann Maulsby);

(August/ 1945 (NOVEL - “A Letter to Five Wives” by John Klempner; NOVELETTE - “Be Just and Fear Not” by Rita Weiman; SERIALS - “Cass Timberlane; Part 4” by Sinclair Lewis; “I Weep For You; Conclusion” by Daphne Alloway McVicker; SHORT STORIES – by Williams Forrest/ Claire Pomeroy/ Ellen Gatti/ Kenneth McCracken; Condition = Overall Very Good, but with 2"x3" Piece out of Cover thus FA/G = $10.00); (OctoberNOVEL - “The Wagon and the Star” by I.A.R. Wylie; NOVELETTE - “Crosstown” by George Zuckerman; SERIALS - “Cass Timberlane; Conclusion” by Sinclair Lewis; “Dangerous Ground; Part 2” by Francis Sill Wickware; “Peabody's Mermaid; Part 1” by Guy & Constance Jones; SHORT STORIES – Belva Plain/ Kathleen Norris/ Claire Laidlow);

(November NOVEL - “Murder by Request” by Marie Bryle; NOVELETTE - “The Bell's of St. Mary's” by Vina Delmar; SERIALS - “Dangerous Ground; Conclusion” by Francis Sill Wickwar; “Peabody's Mermaid;Conclusion” by Guy & Constance Jones; “The Lonely; Part 1” by Paul Gallico; SHORT STORIES - “Passengers” by Philip Wylie/ Edith Bristol/ Ann Head/ Rose Rochman; back cover “Chesterfield” ad with Signe Hasso);

(DecemberNOVEL - “Dream House” by Adela Rogers St. Johns; NOVELETTE - “Legacy” by Betty Coe; SERIALS - “The Lonely; Part 2” by Paul Gallico; “Woman on her Way; Part 1” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES – by Sophie Kerr/ Temphle Bailey/ Gerold Mygatt/ Harold Goldman);

Cosmopolitan 1946 (JanuaryFront Cover Betty Hutton by Bradshaw Crandell; NOVEL “The World in his Arms” by Rex Beach; NOVELETTE - “Sleeping Beauty” by Dale Eunson; SERIALS - “The Lonely; Conclusion” by Paul Gallico; “Woman on her Way; Part 2” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES – by Jane Hall/ H. Vernor Dixon/ I. William Hill/ Cpl. William Munroe; Back cover - “Maybelline” ad with Joan Crawford); (FebruaryNOVEL - “Here is my Life” by Rita Weiman; NOVELETTE - “Return to Danger” by Arthur Tuckerman; SERIALS - “Woman on her Way; Part 3” by Faith Baldwin; “Our Footsteps Echo; Part 1” by Ursula Parrott; SHORT STORIES – by Charles Mergendahl/ Hamlen Hunt/ Evelyn Murray Campbell; ARTICLE - “Hysteria in the Atomic Age” by Admiral Halsey);

(MarchNOVEL - “They Won't Believe Me” by Gordon McDonnell; NOVELETTE - “Escape from a Dream” by maude Parker; SERIALS - “Woman on her Way; Part 4” by Faith Baldwin; “Our Footsteps Echo” by Ursula Parrott; SHORT STORIES – by John Harriman/ Nelia Gardner White/ Alec Rackowe/ Elizabeth Enright);

(April - “I Know You” Ketti Frings From an Idea by Fritz Rotter; NOVELETTE - “She had it Coming to Her” by Phyllis Moore Gallagher; SERIALS - “Woman on her Way; Part 5” by Faith Baldwin; “Lucky Streak” by Laura Z. Hobson; SHORT STORIES – by Gerald Kersh/ Edith Morgan/ Leonard Carlton/ Gordon Malherbe Hillman);

(MayFront Cover Jennifer Jones by Bradshaw Crandell; The Blue Ribbon Story; “The Terrified Doctor” by Ben Hecht; NOVELETTE - “The Victims” by George Zuckerman; SERIALS - “Then and Now; Part 1” by W. Somerset Maugham; “Woman on Her Way; Conclusion” by Faith Baldwin; “Lucky Streak; Conclusion” by Laura Z. Hobson; SHORT STORIES - “The Wine Glass” by A.A. Milne/ Mary Orr/ Robert Carson/ Elva Williams);

(JuneNOVEL - “The Borrowed Summer” by Elizabeth Enright; NOVELETTE - “Extra Woman” by Claire Wallis; SERIALS - “Then and Now; Conclusion” by W. Somerset Maugham; “The Governor's Lady; Part 1” by Mignon McLaughlin; SHORT STORIES – by Victoria Lincoln/ Paul Ernst/ Ruth Lyons/ Alan Nelson);

(JulyNOVEL - “Passport in Purple” by MacKinlayKantor; NOVELETTE - “The Quiet Kind” by Sophie Kerr; SERIAL - “The Govenor's Lady; Conclusion” by Mignon McLaughlin; SHORT STORIES - “The Son of the Condor” by Stuart Cloete/ F. Hugh Herbert/ Dawn Powell);

(AugustNOVELETTES - “Everything to Live for” by Gertrude Schweitzer; “Strange Legacy” by Peggy Wright; SERIAL - “Moonrise; Part 1” by Theodore Strauss; SHORT STORIES – by John Richard Humphreys/ Charles Bonner/ Ernes Haycox/ Louis Kamp; ARTICLES - “The Klan Rides Again”; “How Dead Is Hitler”);

(SeptemberNOVELETTES - “Temporary Wife” by Alec Waugh; “Sad Road to the Sea” by Gerald Kersh; SERIALS - “Moonrise; Conclusion” by Theodore Strauss; “The Other Mrs. Minor; Part 1” by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; SHORT STORIES - “No Little Passion” by Robert Carson/ “Night of the Fire” by Morley Callaghan/ Mackinlay Kantor/ Allan Paris); (

(#724; October – NOVEL - “The Way it Used to Be” by Sarah-Elizabeth Rodger; NOVELETTE - “Kenny” by Louis Bromfield; SERIAL - “The Other Mrs. Minor; Part 2” by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; SHORT STORIES; “The Miracle of Sable Island” by Edmund Gilligan; “Lost” by Stuart Cloete/ Georges Surdez/ Allan Paris; overall VG, but with 3" x 2" Piece missing out of Bottom Right Corner of Cover, thus FA/G = $12.00); (November NOVELETTE - “A Letter of Endorsement” by Grace Amundson; “The One You Love” by Naomi Lane Babson; SERIALS - “The Other Mrs. Minor; CONCLUSION - “Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; “Gentleman's Agreement; Part 1” by Laura Z. Hobson; SHORT STORIES – by Lawrence Williams/ Hollis Alpert/ Jane Rice/ Basil Heatter/ Barbara Dickinson);

(DecemberNOVEL - “The Showpiece” by Booth Tarkington; NOVELETTE - “The Beautiful Time” by Czenzi Ormonde; SERIALS - “Gentleman's Agreement; Part 2” by Laura Z. Hobson; “Portrait From Life; Part 1” by Margaret Culkin Banning; SHORT STORIES – by Eric Linklater/ Gladys Schmitt/ Mark Brandel; ARTICLE - “Men vs. Women” by W. Somerset Maucham);

Cosmopolitan 1947 (JanuaryNOVELS “The Marriage” by Nelia Gardner White; NOVELETTE - “The Women Who Changed Her Mind” by Frederick Nebel; SERIALS - “Gentleman's Agreement; Part 3” by Laura Z. Hobson; “Portrait from Life; Conclusion” by Margaret Culkin Banning; SHORT STORIES – by Neil Paterson/ David Chandler/ Dorothy Black/ Roul Tunley; Back Cover “Maybeline” ad Hedy Lamarr);

(February NOVEL “Mr. Whittle and the Morning Star” by Robert Nathan; NOVELETTE - “It's Never Too Late” by Mildred Cram & Harwood White; SERIAL - “Gentleman's Agreement; Conclusion” by Laura Z. Hobson; SHORT STORIES – by Vincent Sheean/ Loretta Burrough/ D.D. Beauchamp/ Lyn Arnold);

(JuneNOVEL - “A Matter of Life and Death” by John & Ward Hawkins; NOVELETTE - “The Diary of Dexter Franklin” by F. Hugh Herbert; SERIAL - “Colorado; Part 4” by Louis Bromfield; SHORT STORIES - “Battle Stations” by Peter B. Kyne/ John Hersey/ William E. Barrett/ Irvin S. Cobb);

(july; Front Cover Gree Garson by Coby Whitmore; NOVEL - “Be Careful Mrs. William” by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; NOVELETTE - “A Dangerous Man” by Lawrence Williams; SERIALS - “Colorado; Conclusion” by Louis Bromfield; “The Enchantress; Part 1” by Audrey De Graff; SHORT STORIES – Max Steele/ Sinclair Lewis/ Robert Carson/ Seymour Cai/ Back Cover “Chesterfield” ad with Bob Hope);

(AugustNOVEL - “The Last Minute Miracle” by Martin M. Goldsmith; NOVELETTE - “A Present for the Bride” by Czenzi Ormonde; SERIALS - “The Enchantress; Conclusion” by Audrey De Graff; “The Sealed Verdict; Part 1” by Lionel Shapiro; SHORT STORIES – by Phyllis Bottome/ Frank Stevens/ William O'Farrell/ Georges Surdez);

(SeptemberNOVEL - “The Circus in the Attic” by Robert Penn Warren; NOVELETTES - “Song for September” by Mignon Mclaughlin; “The Wonderful Day” by Czenzi Ormonde; SERIAL - “The Sealed Verdict; Part 2” by Lionel Shapiro; SHORT STORIES – by Richard Sullivan/ Edward Fielding/ Hector Chevigny; Back Cover “Chesterfield” ad with Stan Musial, Ted Williams, Bobby Riggs & other Sports Stars);

(October NOVEL - “The Enemy” by Nelia Gardner White; NOVELETTE - “Unless Love is Music” by Libbie Block; SERIAL - “The Sealed Verdict; Part 3” by Lionel Shapiro; SHORT STORIES - “In Touch” by John Hersey/ “Joy Bells for Barmy” by P.G. Wodenhouse/ “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” by Ernest Hemingway/ Edna Ferber);

(November NOVEL - “A Soujourn in Neutralia” by Evelyn Waugh; SERIALS - “The Sealed Verdict; Conclusion” by Lionel Shapiro; “The Invisible Key; Part 1” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES - “The Lottery Ticket” by Graham Greene/ “Poor Baby” by Dorothy Parker & Ross Evans/ Frances Bolton/ Manuel Komroff; back cover “Chesterfield” ad with Perry Como, Jo Stafford & Arthur Godfrey);

(December(NOVEL The Inverted Forest” = Complete Short Novel, 18+ Pages by J.D. Salinger; CHRISTMAS Cover; SERIAL - “The Invisible Key; Part 2” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES – by Edva Williams/ Vincent Sheean/ Sidney Carroll/ Robert Blees; 206 Pages; RARE; Mailing Label removal area at bottom right cover, VERY GOOD Minus = $89.00);

Cosmopolitan 1948 (JanuaryNOVELS “The Long Run” by Jerome Weidman; SERIALS - “The Invisible Key; Part 3” by Faith Baldwin; SHORT STORIES – by Daivd Davidson/ Elliott Chaze/ Saul Levitt/ Katharine Brush; ARTICLE - “Mardi Gras” “The University of Minnesota”);

(FebruaryNOVEL - “Dealers in Illusion” by Hugh Pentecost & Blake Cabot; NOVELETTES - “Of Good and Evil” by George Bradshaw; “The Ghost of Cherry Street” by Czenzi Ormonde; SERIAL - “Aphrodite in Pine Springs; Part 2” by Elizabeth Janeway; SHORT STORIES - “Pickup” by John D. MacDonald/ “Out of the Past” by Elick Moll/ Knox Burger/ Paul Annixter; back cover “Camel” ad with Ballerina Kathryn Lee);

(MarchNOVEL “The Girl in the Post Office” by Nelia Gardner White; SERIAL - “Peony; Part 1” by Pearl S. Buck; SHORT STORIES – by Wallace Stegner/ Edward Fielding/ Ken W. Purdy/ Robert Wallsten; ARTICLE - “I Knew Milton Caniff When” by Al Capp);

(AprilNOVELETTES - “Second Marriage” by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding; “The Crystal Years; “Daniel Doan; SERIAL - “Peony; Part 2” by Pearl S. Buck; SHORT STORIES – by James Ramsey Ullman/ Belva Plain/ George Loveridge/ Julien Field; Interview with Thorton Wilder);

(May; Cover Girl painted art by Coby Whitmore; NOVEL - “Three Blind Mice” by Agatha Christie; NOVELETTE - “The Middle of Nowhere” by Georges Surdez; SERIAL - “The Blue Sleep” by William E. Barrett; SHORT STORIES – by Charles Cooke/ “Wild Leather” by Norman A. Fox/ Mary Sellars/ Anthony Abbot; How to Stop Worrying by Dale Carnegie;  White House Diary Part III by Henrietta Nesbitt);

(June; Cover Girl painted art by Coby Whitmore; NOVEL - “Remember, My Love?” by Alec Rackowe; NOVELETTES - “The Last of Montparnasse” by Louise Bromfield; “The Suitcase from Heaven” by Czenzi Ormonde; SERIAL - “The Blue Sleep; Part 2” by William E. Barrett; SHORT STORIES – by Dick Pearce/ L.L. Biddle Jr./ Lester Atwell/ Mosser Mauger; ARTICLE - “Hot Rodders” by Daniel P. Mannix; “U.C.L.A.”; Seven Ways to Find Peace & Happiness by Dale Carnegie;  White House Diary Part IV by Henrietta Nesbitt);

(July; Cover Girl painted art by Coby Whitmore; NOVELETTES - “Who is Your Judge?” by Paul Gallico; “The Double Corner” by Wallace Stegner; “The Temptation of Anthony Sloan” by Carl Dreher; “Moonlight Behind You” by Robert Wallsten; “Incident in a Blizzard” by Ruth McCoy Harris; SERIAL - “The Blue Sleep; Part 3” by William E. Barrett; SHORT STORIES – by W.C. Heinz/ Elise Jerard; I knew Gypsy Lee Rose When, by Fannie Brice; *** What’s RIGHT with America? By PHILIP WYLIE);

(October – NOVEL - “Crooked House” by Agatha Christie; SERIAL - “The Master of Harrow; Part 1” by Frank Yerby; FICTION – by Ken Purdy/ Elick Moll; ARTICLE - “Ten Greatest Crimes of the Century” by Raymond Chandler; “My Favorite Believe it or Nots” by Ripley);

(November – NOVEL - “Cory” by Leo Rosten; SERIAL - “The Master of Harrow; Conclusion” by Frank Yerby; FICTION - “Honor Bright” by Max Brand/ Albert Williams/ John Godey; ARTICLE - “Ten Rules for a Happy Marriage” by James Thurber; “How Houdini Did it!” by Joe Whitley);

(December – NOVEL “Fairy Gold” by Gerald Kersh; FICTION - “The Game” by Dorothy Parker & Ross Evans/ Martha Gelhorn/ Max Shulman; ARTICLE - “Cosmoolitan's Christmas Message” by Sinclair Lewis);

Cosmopolitan 1949 (February – NOVELS “The Good Family” by Mackinlay Kantor: FICTION - “A Table Near the Band” by A.A. Milne/ Norman Katkov/ Sophie Kerr/ Henry Denker; ARTICLE - “The Greatest Sea Disaster” by C.S. Forester);

(March – NOVEL “Beau James “Gene Fowler; FICTION - “Alibi” by Nathaniel Benchley/ Jerome Weidman/ John Godev/ Margaret Bonham; ARTICLE “An Open Letter to Dr. Kinsey from Mae West”);

(May – NOVEL - “Magdalen '49” by Adela Rogers St. Johns; FICTION - “Writer's Son” by William Saroyan/ “Babies are Born at Night” by Henry Kane/ Frederic Wakeman/ Timothy Fuller; ARTICLE - “Why You are Single” by Hilda Holland);

(June – NONFICTION SPECIAL FEATURE – 'A Writer's Notebook; Part 1” by W. Somerset Maugham; NOVELETTE - “Night Without Sleep” by Elick Moll; FICTION – Jerome Weidman/ George Bradshaw/ Charles Hoffman/ Jack Finney; ARTICLES - “I Don't Like Shmoos” by Al Capp; “Why You Are Single; Part 2” by Hilda Holland);

(July; NONFICTION SPECIAL FEATURE - “A Writer's Notebook; Part 2” by W. Somerset Maugham; NOVELETTE - “The Heart of C.C. Corwin” by Carl Dreher; FICTION – by Nancy Shores/ Richard Sherman/ Sidney Carroll/ Ernest Lehman);

(August – NONFICTION SPECIAL FEATURE - “A Writer's Notebook; Conclusion” by W. Somerset Maugham; FICTION - “Daisy” by Stuart Cloete/ William B. Mahoney/ Elva Williams; ARTICLE - “Pickpockets” by Captain William J. Raftis);

(September – FICTION - “The Cardinal; Part 1” by Henry Morton Robinson/ “Forty Days and Forty Nights” by A.A. Milne/ Nathaniel Benchley/ David Westheimer; ARTICLE - “Pinch Hitters – The Fall Guys of Baseball” by Bob Considine); (October – FICTION - “The Cardinal; Part 2” by Henry Morton Robinson/ Eddie Cantor/ Jerome Weidman/ Rachel Thornton; ARTICLES - “The Case for Chastity in 1949” by Margaret Culkin Banning);

(November – FICTION - “The Cardinal; Part 3” by Henry Morton Robinson/ “The Other Father; Part 1” by Laura Z. Hobson/ Henry Norton/ Harlan Ware/ Meyer Levin; ARTICLE “Murder by Courtesy of the Coroner” by Lawrence Galton; “Those French Postcards”; “A Day in the Life of a Bookie”);

(December - “The Cardinal; Part 4” by Henry Morton Robinson/ “The Other Father; Part 2” by Laura Z. Hobson/ John Klempner/ John Cheever/ Robert Terrall; ARTICLES - “The 25 Questions Most Asked in 1949” ; “College Cheating”);

Cosmopolitan 1950 (JanuaryNOVELETTE - “Just This Once - “ by Max Trell; FICTION - “The Cardinal; Part 5” by Henry Morton Robinson/ “The Other Father; Part 3” by Laura Z. Hobson/ Peggy Mann; ARTICLES - “I Predict for 1950” by Drew Pearson; “50 Immortals f the Century”);

(FebruaryFICTION - “Across the River and into the Trees; Part 1” by Ernest Hemingway/ “The Cardinal; Part 6” by Henry Morton Robinson/ “The Other Father; Part 4” by Laura Z. Hobson/ Allan Seager; ARTICLES - “The Very Very Rich”; “Custard's Last Stand”; “So You Want a Foreign Car”);

(MarchNOVEL - “The Sunnier Side” by Charles Jackson; FICTION - “Across the River and Into the Trees; Part 2” by Ernest Hemingway/ “The Cardinal; Conclusion” by Henry Morton Robinson; “The Other Father; Conclusion” by Laura Z. Hobson/ Stuart Cloete/ “Offer Withdrawn” by A.A. Milne; ARTICLES - “The Oscar Myth” by Humphrey Bogart; “How I christened Li'l Abner” by Al Capp);

(April NOVEL - “Tell Me About It Tomorrow!” by Ernest Lehman; FICTION - “Across the River and into the Trees; Part 3” by Ernest Hemingway/ William Iversen/ John Hersey/ Max Shulman/ Susan Yorke; ARTICLE - “How to Make a Movie” by Abe Burrows “Books They Don't Want You to Read” “New York Without Water”);

(MayNOVELETTE - “Sun, Sea and Sand” by John P. Marquand; FICTION - “Across the River and into the Trees” by Ernest Hemingway/ Max Shulman/ Richard Stern/ Joseph Carroll; ARTICLES - “How I Became a Girl Reporter” by Hyman Goldberg; “School for Bartenders”; “What Mind Readers Really Do”);

(JuneNOVELETTE - “Washington Hostess” by Bob Considine;FICTION - “Across the River and Into the Trees; Conclusion” by Erneest Hemingway/ Clint Macaulay/ Max Shulman/ Jerome Weidman/ Frederic Wakeman; ARTICLES “Elephant Bill” by J.H. Williams; “If I Were a Republican Today” by Eleanor Roosevelt; “Why I Wrote 'The Cardinal'” by Henry Morton Robinson);

(JulyFICTION - “Blandings 'Way; Part 1” by Eric Hodgins/ Pat Frank/ John D. Hess/ Frank Rooney/ George Bradshaw; ARTICLES - “Judith Coplon; “The Girl who Grew up to Be a Spy” by James Dugan; “A Night in the Life of a Disc Jockey”);

(August FICTION - “Blandings' Way; Conclusion” by Eric Hodgins/ “Nearly Perfect – Shortest Mystery Ever Written” by A.A. Milne/ B.J. Chute/ Leonard Lyons/ Maurice Sandoz; ARTICLES - “Why You Pay More for That Paris Label”; “At Home with Mohammed”);

(OctoberNOVEL - “A Kindred Spirit” by Richard Sherman; FICTION – by Ruth Lamson/ John D. Hess/ Donald Hough/ Laurence Critchell; ARTICLES - “The British Empire and the Apes of Gibraltar” by John Kobler “Girl Gangs” by Inez Robb);

(December; Novel "Who saw the Man Die" by Geoffrey Hall; Kirsten Flagstad story; Blind Dates; Park Avenue; Winter Cruises; 182 pages including covers; Weight = 400 Grams; VG/FN $24);

Cosmopolitan 1951 (April – NOVEL “Shanghai Affair” by Ahmad Kamal; FICTION – by Sheila Sibley/ Lawrence Williams/ Michael Fessier/ Samson Raphaelson; ARTICLES - “Maxim's – Most Famous Night Spot in Paris”; “What Will Happen to Television”; “The Last of the Movie Queens”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Lilli Palmer; NOVEL - “Broad way Columnist” by Bob Considine; FICTION - “More About Eve” by Mary Orr/ Sheila Sibley/ John & Ward Hawkins/ Rachel Thorton; ARTICLES - “My Lost City” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; “Tangiers – The Wickedest City in the World”);

(August – NOVEL - “The Glass Web” by Max Ehrlich; FICTION – “Hero on the Draft Board” by Don Tracy/ Sidney Carroll/ John D. Hess/ Max Shulman; ARTICLERS “The World's Most Interesting Diamonds”; “Young Girl vs. New York City”);

(October – FICTION - “The Signing Sound: Part 2” by Jerome Weidman/ Stuart Cloete/ Katharine Brush/ Ralph Berton/ Edward Fielding; ARTICLES - “What Today's College Girls Believe About Sex”; “Eight Best Girl Singers”; “The Lady Privates of Company D”);

Cosmopolitan 1952 (January– NOVEL “The Comedian” by Ernest Lehman; FICTION - “Rupert Hughes/ Howard Breslin/ William Noble/ Jesse M. Watkins/ Frances Shields; ARTICLES - “What I Intend to Do About the Atom Bomb” by Beatrice E. A. Miller; “Can-Opener Cookbook”);

(April - NOVELS - “Murder With Mirrors” by Agatha Christie; “The Glass Wall” by John C. Fleming & Lois Ebt; FICTION – Adela Rogers St. Johns/ William Bruckner/ John Prescott; ACTICLES - “They Sell Romance to the World”; “New Places to Go”);

(June – NOVELS - “The Clock Strikes Thirteen” by Herbert Brean; “Honeymoon for Five” by S.W.M. Humason; FICTION – by John & Ward Hawkins/ Stanley Ellin/ Edward Hope/ Sophie Kerr/ Susan Yorke; ARTICLES - “Summer Care of Your Hair”; “Does Your Name Fit Your?”);

(July – NOVELS - “Black Widow” by Patrick Quentin; “It Grows on Trees” by Leonard Praskins & Barney Slater; FICTION – by Gene Caesar/ Arnold B. Horwitt/ Leslie Waller; ARTICLES - “God Loves You – The Story of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen” by Bob Considine; “Can Astrology Guide Your Life?” by Etiquette for the Lady Drinker”);

(August – Front Cover Julie Harris; NOVEL - “Mr Lonely Hearts” by Hugh Pentecost; FICTION – by Robert Wallsten/ Elliott Chaze/ Robert Fontaine/ George Sumner Albee; ARTICLES - “Seven Art Wonders of America”; “Where Circus Freaks Come From”; “The Sinatra Saga”);

(September; Front Cover Maggie McNamara; NOVEL - “Catch a Tiger” by Owen Cameron; FICTION – by Judith Carr/ Ted O'Gorman/ Edwin A. Peeples; ARTICLES “The Town That Defeated the Sex Criminal”; “America's Elegant Crooks”; “Alcoholics – Born or Made?”; “The Wacky World of Left-Handers”);

(October – Front Cover Queen Elizabeth II – How a Queen is Crowned; NOVEL - “Jeweled Butterfly” by Erle Stanley Gardner; FICTION – by Margaret Cousins/ Walt Grove/ Helen Eustis/ Emily Neff; ARTICLE - “Escape from Godless China” by Father Frederick J. Becka; “The New Era of Freak Singers” Featuring Johnnie Ray, Billy Daniels);

(November – Cover Story Gene Tierney; NOVELS - “The Doll”by John D. MacDonald “Lover for the Marquise” by Daphne Du Maurier; FICTION – by Louise Lee Outlaw/ William Kingsfield/ Roderick Lull; ARTICLES - “Perry Como, a Perfectly Normal Guy”; “Psychiatry and the Other Woman”);

(December – Front cover Arthur Godfrey; NOVELS - “Other Sins Only” by Henry Kane; “O'Shaughnessy and the Old Maid” by Adela Rogers St. Johns; FICTION – by James Atlee Phillips/ Dave Grubb/ Bruce Marshall; ARTICLES - “Do Our Armed Forces Waste Manpower”; “A Christmas Trip to Bible Land” photos by George Pickow);

Cosmopolitan 1953 (January – Front Cover Lucille Ball; NOVEL - “Thorn in the Flesh” by Thomas B. Dewey; FICTION – by Ann Head/ Patricia Gilmore/ Nathaniel Benchley/ Isabella tavis; ARTICLES - “The Facts About Intelligence Test”; “Are Marriage Counslers Any Good?”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Ballerina Tanaquil Lecercq; NOVEL “Kill and Run” by Frank Ward; FICTION – Glendon Swarthout/ Naomi John White/ Mary Hastings Bradley; ARTICLES - “Violence on TV – Entertainment or Menace?” ; “Man of our Century – Dr. Albert Schweitzer” by Anthony Lewis “America's Top Saleswoman – Betty Furness);

(March – FRONT COVER Vanesse Brown; NOVEL - “Experience with Evil” by John Ross MacDonald; FICTION – by George Sumner Albee/ Mary Verdich/ Dorothy M. Johnson; ARTICLES - “Are Patent Medicines Dangerous?”; “America's Top Saleswomen – Dorthoy Collins”; “The Urge to Steal”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Connie Dickman; NOVEL - “Combination for Murder” by Patrick Quentin; FICTION – by James Atlee Phillips/ William Brandon/ Susan Weyer; ARTICLES - “Interview with a Nude”; “Man Against the Kremlin”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Eve Arden; NOVEL - “Prowler at Nightfall” by Herbert Brean; FICTION – by Halstead Welles/ Kenneth E. Shiflet/ Thomas Heggen/ Chales Mergendahl; ARTICLES - “The Case History of a Deserter”; “The Man Inside the Clown” “What America Eats”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Marge & Gower Champion; NOVEL - “A Kiss Before Dying” by Ira Kevin; FICTION – by Don Stafford/ Charles Robbins/ Roy Young/ Gene Piller; ARTICLES - “Gary Moore – TV's Busiest Man”; “The Case for Natural Childbirth”; “Who Really Runs the White House”);

(October – NOVEL - “Thin Air” by Howard Browne; FICTION – by Nard Jones/ Denis Plimmer/ William Bruckner; ARTICLES - “Hysterectomy” “Al Parker – Illustrator” “Wally Cox – The man Behind Mr. Peepers”);

Cosmopolitan 1954 (January – FRONT COVER – Joan Caulfield; NOVEL - “Suicide Hour” by Mildred Davis; FICTION – by Edward Lindall/ Charles Hoffman/ Charles Mercer/ Colin G. Jameson/ Charles Williams; ARTICLES - “Why Keep Paroling Sex Offenders?”; “When Women Invade the Race Tracks”);

(February – Front Cover – Rossana Podesta; NOVEL - “Six Golden Pennies” by John D. MacDonald; FICTION – by Goerge P. Morrill/ Richard Yates/ James Norman; ARTICLES - “Italian Movie Stars – Sex Without Glamour”; “Mary Chase – Success Almost Ruined Her”);

(March – Audrey Meadows; NOVEL - “The Butcher” by7 Owen Cameron; FICTION – Robert Standish/ Standley Ellin; ARTICLES - “How to Start a Crusade”; “Romance can Ruin Your Marriage”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Deborah Kerr; NOVEL - “The Rogue Cop” by William P. McGivern; FICTION - “Adam” by Kurt Vonneget Jr./ Marc Brandel/ Stanley Kauffmann/ Harriett Pratt; ARTICLES - “To Smoke or Not to Smoke”; “Steve Allen Intellectual Night Owl”);

(May – FRONT COVER – Terry Moore; NOVEL - “My Son, The Murderer” by Patrick Quentin; FICTION – by Evan Jerome Weidman/ Marjorie McIntyre/ Mary Stolz; ARTICLES - “How to Exercise Without Moving”; “My Wife is in a Mental Hospital” Picture Essay “The Jack Webb Story”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Clark Gable; NOVEL - “The Missing Witness” by John & Ward Hawkins; FICTION – by Peg Bracken/ Lee Runbeck/ Charles Hoffman/ Joan Dickinson; ARTICLES - “Rocky Marciano – Brockton's Boy”; “Are We Afraid of Our Children”; “A Survey of the American Marriage”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Elizabeth Montgomery; NOVEL - “The Mean Streets” by Thomas B. Dewey; FICTION – by David E. Walker/ John Cunningham/ Jean Potts; ARTICLES - “Is The Family Doctor Obsolete?”; “John Daly”);.

(September – FRONT COVER – Pier Angeli; NOVEL - “The Blunderer” by Patricia Highsmith; FICTION - “The Swan” by Ray Bradbury/ Mel Heimer/ Mary Knowles/ Richard Yates; ARTICLES - “A New Heart for Pamela”; “Garroway Today”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Jane Russell; NOVELS - “Hitchhiker” by Charlotte Edwards; “Wistful, Delicately Gay” by Irwin Shaw; FICTIO - “Bagombo Snuff Box” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr./ James Norman/ Frances Shield/ Laura Clandon; ARTICLES – “Stars of the Deep”; “Cinderella in the White House”; “John Whitcomb Visits TV's Hit Parade”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Imogene Coca; NOVEL - “Take the Stand, Mrs. Langtry” by Angela Rogers St. Johns; FICTION – by Max Hampton/ Whitfield Cook/ William Iversen; ARTICLES - “Hotel Excelsior”; “A Walk With Helen Keller”; “Bradley Smith”; “Liberace”);

Cosmopolitan 1955 (January – FRONT COVER – America's Ice Queen Donna Atwood; NOVEL - “A Morning – After Murder”; “Lindsay Hardy; FICTION – by Faith Baldwin/ Matt Taylor/ Donald Asher; ARTICLES - “Les Paul and Mary Ford”; “Henri Rousseau”; “The Charm of Ike Eisenhower”);

(February – FRONT COER – Peggy Lee; NOVEL - “Violent Saturday” by William L. Heath; FICTION – by Colin G. Jameson/ Clint Macauley/ Thomas Nord Riley/ Donald Asher; ARTICLES “George Gobel”; “The Amazing Dr. Cureton”);

(March – FRONT COVER – Eva Marie Saint; NOVEL - “Tooth and Nail” by Bill S. Ballinger; FICTION - “Unpaid Consultant” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr./ Marian Gavin/ Joe McCarthy/ John I. Keasler; ARTICLES - “Bad Boy Makes Good – Jackpaar”; “Runaway”; “Husband and Wife Diet”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Shirley Jones by Whitcomb; NOVEL - “Beast in View” by Margaret Millar; NOVELETTE - “The Impulse” by John D. Macdonald; FICTION – by David Estes/ Susan Weyer; articles - “The Pathologist”; “Turnstile TV”; “The American Weekend”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Kim Novak; NOVEL - “All Through the Night” by Whit Masterson; FICTION – by Robert Fontaine/ Muriel Roy Bolton/ Edwin A. Peeples; ARTICLES - “The Many Lives of Don Ameche”; “Blair House Hostess”; “Why Men Pay for Love”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Dinah Shore, Burt Lancaster etc.; NOVEL - “So Soon to Die” by Jeremy York; FICTION – by Noel Clad/ William Saroyan/ Robert Standish/ Walter Kaylin; ARTICLES - “You and Your Dog”; “Big Top's Royal Family – Chrisiani”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Janis Paige; NOVEL - “The Man With Two Wives” by Patrick Quentin; FICTION – by Mark Stearns/ Owen Cameron/ Timothy Fuller; ARTICLES - “William Holden, Hollywood's Golden Boy”; “How to Handle Your Teenage Daughter”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Edie Adams, Patty Craft, photo by Karsh; NOVEWL “The Brave Girls” by Thomas B. Dewey; FICTION – by George Johnston/ Pat Frank/ Willard Temple; ARTICLES - “Photographed by Karsh”; “The New Husband and Wife Disease”);

Cosmopolitan 1956 (March – FRONT COVER – Ava Gardner; NOVEL – 'The Dying Animal” by John Ross MacDonald; FICTION – by Donald Heiney/ Owen Cameron/ Eva-Lis Wuorio; ARTICLES - “The Gamblers of Monaco”; “The Dorsey Story”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Doris Day; NOVEL - “The Blind Window” by William P. McGivern; FICTION – Frank Ward/ George Loveridge/ Barbara Aldrich; RTICLES - “Our Changing Bodies”; “Father of Two Families – Robert Young”);

(May – FRONT COVER – Circus Girl Marion Seifert; NOVEL - “The Men in Her Death” by Stephen Ransome; FICTION – by Donn Baylon/ Melissa Mather/ John Knowles; ARTICLES - “Rumor and Truth About Cancer”; “The Nine Lives of Frank Sinatra”; “Circus Girl” Picture Essay);

(July – FRONT COVER – Nancy Berg; NOVEL - “House of Numbers” by Jack Finney; FICTION - “Hangover” by John D. MacDonald/ Stephen Birmingham/ Alec Coppel/ Lester Atwell; ARTICLES – 'A Day with Dwight D. Eisenhower”; “Handsome Bad Boy of the Boston Red Sox – Ted Williams”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Elizabeth Taylor by Jon Whitcomb; NOVEL - “The Picture Window Murder” by Lionel White; NOVELETTE - “Trees Die at the Top” by Edna Ferber; FICTION – Robert Paul Smith/ George Sumner Albee/ John Keasler; ARTICLES - “Cosmetic Surgery”; “How a Pope is Elected”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Patti Page; FICTION – Charles Einstein/ Donald Asher/ Leo Rosten/ Oliver Wyman; ARTICLES - “How to Have an Affair”; “The Red Skelton Star”; “Psychic Phenomena” by Caroline Bird; “The New Drugs That Make You Feel Better”);

(October – Marilyn Monroe/ Sophia Loren/ Clark Gable; NOVEL - “My Husband is a Redhead” by Bill S. Ballinger; FICTION – Pat Frank/ John Keasler; ARTICLES – Alfred Hitchcock; INTERVIEW “Hollywood Tragedies”; “Why Movies are Censored”)

Cosmopolitan 1957 (January – FRONT COVER – Gaby Rodgers; NOVEL - “The End of Her Life” by John D. MacDonald; FICTION - “A Crowded Void”; by Hank Searles/ John Keasler/ Edwin A. Peeples; Special Broadway Section; Picture Essays “New Mantle of TV”; “The Network Stars”; “The Record Crowd”; “The Land of Jazzy”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Victoria Shaw by John Whitcomb; NOVEL - “Taste of Ashes” by Howard Browne; FICTION - “The Man Who Liked Dickens” by Evelyn Waugh/ Morton Fineman/ Charles Hoffman/ John Keasler; The Literary Life”; “Hemingway at Work”; “Gore Vidal's Visit to a Small Planet – a Television Play”; “How a Best Seller Happens”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Charles Sidwell & Betty Edge of William & Mary Campus; NOVEL - “The Frame” by Richard Wormser; FICTION – Edward Hope/ Lyn Arnold/ Meyer Levin; SPECIAL SECTION - “What Your Brain Can Do”; “The Real Meaning of Intelligence”; “Test That Tell All About You”; “Your Mind and Love”; “When You Are Asleep”);

(October – Kim Novakl NOVEL - “Odds Against Tomorrow” by William P. McGivern; FICTION – Anne H. Littlefield/ Elick Moll; ARTICLES - “Special Section – Crime, the Law and You”);

(November – Carol Lynley; NOVEL - “The Bartender Bit” by H. Vernor Dixon; FICTION – Richard Wormser/ Charles Hoffman/ ruth Sears; ARTICLES - “Special Teenage Section”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Polly Bergen; NOVEL “The House on the Beach” by E.L. Withers; FICTION – Harvey Turner/ Mona Williams/ Archie Oldham/ Anita Rowe Block; ARTICLE - “How Many Americas Really Believe in God?” by T.F. James; TELEVISION SECTINO - “Treasure Chest or Idiot Box?”; “The Adult Gunslingers”; FEATURING - “Gunsmoke”; “Have Gun Will Travel”; “The Lone Ranger”; “Cheyenne”; “Wyatt Earp”; and many more);

Cosmopolitan 1958 (January – FRONT COVER – Mary Jane Russell; NOVEL - “Riot at Willor Creek” by James McKimmey Jr.; FICTION – Cecily Crowe/ Allan Seager/ Nancy Burrage Owen; SPECIAL SECTION - “The American Wife”; “Widowhood”; “The American Wife”; “When a Wife is Second Best”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Sophia Loren; NOVEL - “Asleep in the Deep” by Donald M. Douglass; FICTION - “College Man”by John D. MacDonald/ Michael Shaara/ Isabel Langis; SPECAIL SECTION - “How to Live with Success”; “How to Invest”; “Help Your Husband get Ahead”; “Thriving on Tension”; “Executive Spies”);

(March – FRONT COVER – Mylene Demongeot by Jon Whitcomb; NOVEL - “Taint of the Tiger” by John A. MacDonald; FICTION – by Noel Clad/ Alan Jenkins/ Mary McSherry; SPECIAL SECTION - “Romance is the Place to Go”; “many Articles on Romantic Destination Around the World”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Ivy Nicholson; NOVEL - “Stain of Suspicioin”; by Charles Williams; FICTION – by Anne Sayre/ Mel Heimer/ Eileen Jensen/ E;;iott Chaze; SPECIAL SECTION - “The Modern Mind”; “Mechanical Brians, Automation and Outer Space”; “Sex Cutism in America”; “Your Pet Gives You Away”; “The Drive Toward Self-Destruction”);

(June – NOVEL - “The Fifth House” by John Godey; FICTION – Stephen Birmingham/ Roger Kahn/ Gene Caesar; SPECIAL BEAUTY SECTION - “The Truth About Falling in Love”; “Men and Beautiful Women”; “Sun Worship in 1958”; “The Child Women of Europe” photo cover);

(September – FRONT COVER – Don Murray & Hope Lange; NOVEL - “The Chaste and Unchaste” by Thomas B. Dewey; FICTION – by Bob Bristow/ Marian Gavin/ Maurice Zolotow/ Howell White; ARTICLES - “The Ten Most Vital Years of Your Life”; “Church Help for Marital Problems”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Judy Frank, Golf Champ; NOVEL - “The Burning of Troy” by Malcolm Gair; FICTION – by Winfred Van Atta/ Maurice Zolotow/ Maragaret Cousins; ARTICLES - “Lonelinels and Boredom”; “Dentistry for Beauty”; “Asprin; Everybody's Wonder Drug”; “Hectic Life of a Hypochondriac”);

Cosmopolitan 1959 (February – FRONT COVER – Sandy Hill; NOVEL - “The Dark Fantastic” by Whit Masterson; FICTION – by Charlotte Armstrong/ Eileen McDonald/ Macdonald Harris; SPECIAL SECTION - “The Romantic World of Art”; “How Fine Art Affects Your Life”; “Artists at Wor Around the World”; “Andrew Wyeth – Modern Master of Realism”);

Cosmopolitan 1960 (February – FRONT COVER – Carla Marlier; NOVEL “Green-Eyed Monster” by Patrick Quentin; FICTION – by Alberto Moravia/ Ruth Lyons/ John Durham; SPECIAL SECTION - “A Diary of Fashion”; “Seventh Avenue”; “A Psychoanalyst Looks at Womens Cloths”; “How Fashion is Sold”);

(July – Jane Fonda/ Henry Fonda; NOVEL - “Aground” by Charles Williams' FICTION – Jack Dillon/ Paul Olsen; ARTICLES - “Special Section – The Will to Win”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Zsa Zsa Gabor; NOVEL - “The Sun is my Shadow”; by Robert Wilder; FICTION – by Paul Olsen/ Ward Hawkins/ Merle Constiner; SPECIAL – SUMMER FICTION ISSUE - “A Story Without Words” by Margery Sharp; “How to Read Faster”; “The Man Who Talks Back to John Wayne”);

Cosmopolitan 1961 ((January – FRONT COVER – Princess Margaret & Tony Armstrong – Jones; NOVEL - “The Long Ride” by James McKimmey; FICTION - “Travel Light and Travel Far” by John D. MacDonald/ David Delman/ Lesley Conger; SPECIAL SECTION - “The International Set”; “The Royal Chambermaids”; “The Sport Royalty Loves Best”; “Pretenders to the Throne”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh; NOVEL - “Footsteps in the Dark” by Dolores Hitchens; FICTION - “Find Me a Dream” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr./ Walter Meade/ William Corbin/ Robert Standish; SPECIAL SECTION - “Success With Your Emotions”; “Family Therapy”; “Myths About Sex”; “Envy Versus Happiness”; “Famous Neuroses”);

(April – Jackie Kennedy; NOVEL - “Take My Daughter Home” by Ross MacDonald; FICTION – Philip MacDonald/ Herbert Gold/ William Safire; ARTICLES - “Special Section – When Your Dreams Come True”); (June – Audrey Hepburn; NOVEL - :Murder Clear, Track Fast” by Judson P. Philips; FICTION – Patricia Farrell/ Kem Bennett; ARTICLES - “Special Section – Beauty Can Be Bought”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Ingrid Bergman by Jon Whitcomb; NOVEL - “Abductor! Abductor! Abductor!” by Dolores Hitchens; FICTION – by Dorothy B. Hughes/ James Warner Bellah/ Richard Yates; SPECIAL SECTION - “How to Change Your Personaity”; “Alcoholism; an Agonized Plea for Love”; “What Sound can Do to You”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Elizabeth taylor & Eddie Fisher; NOVEL - “Second Wife” by Hugh Pentecost; FICTION – Harvey Swados/ Mary Lavin/ William Maner/ Patricia Farrell; SPECIAL SECTION - “Vacation Fiction Festival”; “The Most Popular Characters in the World”; “You Can Market Your Dream Life”; “Literary Holiday”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Queen Elizabeth II; NOVEL “The Genial Stranger” by Donald MacKenzie; FICTION – by Eugene Burdick/ John Durham/ William Maner/ Leonhard Douty; SPECIAL SECTION - “Fashion”; “Queen Elizabeth's Fabulous Wardrobe”; “Crash Diets and You”; “The Sewing Machine Set”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Peter Lawford & Wife; NOVEL - “The Long Saturday Night” by Charles Williams; FICTION – by Hugh B. Cave/ Donald Culross Peattie/ Ursule Molinaro/ John Durham; SPECIAL SECTION - “How to 'Get With It' Creatively”); (

November – FRONT COVER – Charlton Heston; NOVEL - “One Monday We Killed Them All” by John D. MacDonald; FICTION – by Stuart Cloete/ Muriel Spark/ Thomas J. Fleming/ Jim Bishop; SPECIAL SECTION – The Movies);

(December – FRONT COVER – Princess Grace of Monace; NOVEL - “Back to Life” by Jonathan Wade; FICTION – by Margaret Norris/ Leonhard Dowty/ Guy Bolton/ Elizabeth Savage; SPECIAL SECTION - “Marriage and the Family”);

Cosmopolitan 1962 (JanuaryDoris Day; NOVEL - “They Never Die by Ivan T. Ross; FICTION – Victor Canning/ Herbert Gutterson; ARTICLES - “Special Section – How to Protect Your Family”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Doris Day by Jn Whitcomb; NOVEL “They Never Die” by Ivan T. Ross; FICTION - “The Eye of Eve” by Victor Canning/ Leonhard Dowty/ Herbert Gutterson/ Eileen Jensen; SPECIAL SECTION - “How to Protect Your Family”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Arlene Francis; NOVEL - “The Gimlet Affair” by Fetcher Flora; FICTION- by Alma Scott/ Merle Constiner/ Peter S. Feibleman; SPECIAL REPORT – Televisioniti);

(March – FRONT COVER – Iran's Empress Farah Diba; NOVEL - “The Old Lover” by Hugh Pentecost; FICTION - “Wild Orchich” by Stuart Cloete/ Kit Reed/ William Fain/ Walter Meade; SPECAIL – The Royal Issue); (April – FRONT COVER – Mannequins at Bonwit's; NOVEL - “Dread the Sunset” by Marjorie Carleton; FICTION – by Walt Grove/ Barbara Wippler Germond/ Speed Lamkin; SPECIAL ISSUE – Women in New York); (June – FRONT COVER – Sophia, future Queen of Spain; NOVEL - “Death Trap” by James McKimmeu; FICTION – Victor Chapin/ Bruce McKeon/ Marion Gavin/ Morris L. West; SPECIAL ISSUE – Beauty);

(July – FRONT COVER – Britain's Prince Philip – NOVEL - “Penthouse A” by Judson P. Philips; FICTION – by Andrew Garve/ David Ely/ Speed Lamkin/ Ryunosake Akutagawa; SPECIAL ISSUE – Man Talk); (August – FRONT COVER – Sue Lyon; NOVELS - “Where the Body Lies” by John D. MacDonald; 'The Creative Urge” by Margery Sharp; FICTION - “Butch” by Rona Jeffa/ Mary Lavin/ James Purdy/ Gloria Vanderbilt/ Brooks Baldwin; ARTICLES - “Four Lousy Husbands Tell Why the Failed”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Unveiled Pakistani Woman Mrs. Talat Bashir; NOVEL - “A Zebra Stripped Hearse” by Rosee MacDonald; FICTION – Louis Auchincloss/ James McKimmey/ Stephen Birmingham/ Garson Kanin; SPECAIL ISSUE – Fashion);

(December – Hayley Mills; NOVEL - “Snow Job” by Malcolm Gair; FICTION – Louis Auchincloss/ Wolf Mankowitz; ACTICLES - “Special Holiday Reading”);

Cosmopolitan 1963 (November – FRONT COVER – Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni; NOVEL - “Only the Rich Dir You” by Hugh Pentecost; FICTION – Kit Reed/ Victor Chapin/ Anne Hobson Freeman/ Walter Meade; SPECIAL ISSUE - “The Make Believe People”);

Cosmopolitan 1974; (June; Rene Russo); (November; Kathy Davis);

Cosmopolitan 1975; (August; Susan Kent);

Cosmopolitan 1976; (January; Patty Hansen); (February; Beverly Johnson); (March; Denise Hopkins); (May; Angeleen); (June - Jerry Hall); (August - Rene Russo); (October; Susan Kent);

Cosmopolitan 1977; (January; Dale Haddon); (February; Christina Ferrare); (March - Rene Russo); (April; Kathy Speirs); (May;Julie Woodson); (September; Valentine Monnier); (October; Clotilde); (December - Rene Russo);

Cosmopolitan 1978; (February; Maggie Fahy); (April; Janice Dickinson); (August; Susan Purdy); (September; Christina Ferrare); (November - Rene Russo);

Cosmopolitan 1979; (January; Lisa Cummins); (March - Rene Russo); (May; Michelle Stevens);(September; Janice Dickinson; VG/FN $10); (October - Rachel Ward);

COSMOPOLITAN magazine (The Hearst Corp.);

Cosmopolitan 1980; (February; Kelly Emberg; Paul Newman & Jackie Bisset; VG $10); (May; Lisa Cummins); (June - Kim Alexis);(November; Lisa Vale);

Cosmopolitan 1981; (April – Lisa Cummins);

Cosmopolitan 1982; (July; Rosemary McGrotha); November (Lisa Vale)

Cosmopolitan 1983; February (Covergirl = Kathy Ireland; Jack Nicholson; Leslie Glass; Jeffrey Archer; Isabella Rossellini; Weight = 500 Grams; FN+ = US$18); (March; Paulina Porizkova); May (Kelly Emberg on cover; >> Also with; 6pgs on Raquel Welch with large color photo; Mel Gibson, Joy Fielding; Lynda Carter full page color Mabelline ad; Miss America, = Susan Perkins Antron/Lycra swimsuits ad; Kathy Rinaldi Lee jeans ad; Joy Fielding; Lawrence Block; >> page 233/234 has 2"x2" coupon out; NO mailing Label; FN = US$15);

Cosmopolitan 1983; (July; Nancy Deweir); October (Covergirl = Patricia Van Ryckeghem; Nick Nolte; Jackie Collins; Weight = 600 Grams; FN = US$12); October (Covergirl = Patricia Van Ryckeghem; Nick Nolte; Jackie Collins; another copy available);

November (Lea Sorensen; Also with; 2 page Jaclyn Smith max factor ad; 6 page article on Brooke Shields, with 5 photo's; 2 page Cheryl Tiegs cover girl ad; Christie Brinkley cover girl ad; Sophia Loren ad for Coty; Jaclyn Smith ad for Epris; Kevin Kline article; Tai Babilonia Lee jeans ad from waist down, & with small photo; Hawey Conant ad; Laura Branigan Zodiac ad; full page color Lynda Carter moisture whip ad; Helen Gurly Brown; Paparazzi; Morgan Fairchild = 4 pages with 4 photo's; Candice Bergen ad for Cie; Cheryl Tiegs ad for Sears; >>> Page 153/154, 205/206 missing; all listed items intact; NO mailing label; VG = US$13.00; another copy available));

1983 - December (Brooke Shields);

Cosmopolitan 1984; January (Anette Stai on cover; >> Also with; Jane Seymour le jardin ad; Susan Sarandon article; 1pg Tom Cruise article with 4 photo's; Peter Pan syndrome; Victoria Principal ad for jhirmack; CHER = 6 page article with 8 photo's; Women & Erotica; Fatal Vision; Bonus 74 page booklet = Bedside astrologer; VG/FN $16); (February; Nicollette); (March; Michelle Johnson); April (Renee Simonsen on cover; >> Also with; Candice Bergen);

May (Paulina Porizkova on cover; >> Also with; Joan Collins; Joyce Carol Oates); (June; Francoise Moens); (July;Tomilyn Richardson); (August - Kim Alexis); (September - Elle McPherson); (October; Kelly Emberg);

Cosmopolitan 1985; January (Elle McPherson on cover; >> Also with; Jane Fonda; Eddie Murphy); March (Renee Simonsen);

(April;Ashley); (July; Joana Pacula); (September; Renee Simonsen); (October; Terry May); (November; Paulina Porizkova); December (Brooke Shields);

Cosmopolitan 1986; (January; Melanie Kremser); February (Covergirl = Ashley; Chuck Norris; Lea Thompson; Bryant Gumbel; Julie Christie; Rock Stars = Madonna, Lauper, etc; Ken Follett; Palm Beach by Pat Booth; Weight = 475 Grams; VG/FN = US$12);

(March; Renee Simonsen); April (Covergirl = Alexa Singer; Elizabeth Taylor interview; Janet Dailey; Ed Harris; Michael Keaton;Bob Mackie; Weight = 570 Grams);

(May; Christine Bolster); (June; Jill Goodacre); (July; Paulina Porizkova); (August; Estelle); (September; Laurie Shoemaker);

1986; (October; Covergirl= Khadija; Also with; Kathleen Turner, Lee Iacocca, Jay Leno, Cathy Tyson, Jackie Collins; Weight = 620 Grams);

1986; (December; CHRISTMAS issue; Covergirl= Ashley; Also with; Big DRESS-Up section; 4 pages with 5 Photo's of Never Published until Now of Norma Jean Baker

= Young MARILYN MONROE Photo's, re book Marilyn Mon Amour; Philip Michael Thomas; Tom Berenger; Diane Sawyer; Elizabeth Villars; Weight = 500 Grams);

Cosmopolitan 1987; (February - Kim Alexis); March (Paulina Porizkova on cover; >> Also with; Tom Hanks, Jackie & JFK; Kevin Bacon); May(Tatjana Patitz (June; Frederique); (July - Madonna); (August; Carine Holties); September(Christy Turlington); December (Frederique);

Cosmopolitan 1988; January(Cindy Crawford); (July; Paulina Porizkova); (September - Cindy Crawford);

1988; October (Covergirl= Cindy Crawford; >> Also with; Geraldo Rivera; Nicolas Cage; Elizabeth Perkins; Donna Karlan; Judith Krantz; 2 page Christie Brinkley AD for Cover Girl with 3 Photo's; Weight = 595 Grams; SOLD OUT);

1988 December (Paula Abbott);

Cosmopolitan 1989; January (Irene Copeland); February(Rachel Williams);(March; Lara Naszinski); April (Julie Anderson); May(Elaine Irwin); (June; Carre Otis);

1989; ; (July; Covergirl= Stephanie Seymour; Also with; Melanie Griffith; Alec Baldwin; Joy Fielding; Marlene Dietrich remembers Ernest "Papa" Hemingway; Weight = 470 Grams; Pamtene Shampoo sample insert; SOLD OUT);

COSMOPOLITAN magazine (The Hearst Corp.);

Cosmopolitan1990; (January; Cathy Fedoruk); (February; Naomi Campbell); (March - Linda Evangelista); (April; Christy Turlington); (May - Madonna); (August - Linda Evangelista); (September; Yasmin); (November; Frederique); (December; Tatjana);

Cosmopolitan 1991; (January; Daniela); February (Covergirl = Kim Basinger; Joan Collins; Anthony Hopkins; Lena Olin; John Shea & Vanilla Ice; Weight = 470 Grams; FN/VF = US$12); (March - Cindy Crawford); April (Covergirl = Linda Evangelista; Michael J. Fox; Mario Puzo; Pia Zadora; Patrick Bergin; Mary-Chapin Carpenter & Richard Lewis; Weight = 470 Grams);(June; Christy Turlington); (July - Claudia Schiffer); August (covergirl = Rachel Williams; Take-out HUNK poster featuring Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Grieco, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Nicolas Cage & Matt Dillion is still intact, ASK); August (covergirl = Rachel Williams; Take-out HUNK poster is Missing, Creasing to front covers, G = $4.00). (November; Paulina Porizkova);

Cosmopolitan 1992; (February - Claudia Schiffer); (March; Jennifer Flavin); (April; Daniela); (May; Paulina Porizkova); (June; Karen Mulder); (July - Cindy Crawford); (September - Claudia Schiffer); (October; Yasmeen Ghauri); (December; Frederique);

Cosmopolitan 1993; (February; Daniela); (March - Linda Evangelista); (April - Claudia Schiffer); (May; Kate Moss); (June; Christy Turlington); (July; Paulina Porizkova); (October; Frederique); (December: Claudia Schiffer);

Cosmopolitan 1994; (January; Sarah O'Hare); (February - Stephanie Seymour); (March; Magali Amadei); August (Claudia Schiffer); (November - Cindy Crawford); (December; Bridget Hall);

Cosmopolitan 1995; (March - Claudia Schiffer); (April - Heather Locklear); (May; Gerogia Goettmann); (July; Valeria Mazza); (October; Bridget Hall); December (Kirsty Hume);

Cosmopolitan 1996; (March; Svetlana); (April; Niki Taylor); (July; Trish Goff); (August; Liv Tyler); (November; Georgina Grenville); (December - Brooke Shields);

Cosmopolitan 1997; (January; Stephanie Seymour) (February - Claudia Schiffer); (April; Shirley Mallmann); (May; Elsa Benitez); (June - Cindy Crawford); (July - Claudia Schiffer); (August - Jennifer Aniston); (September; Laetitia Casta); (October - Elizabeth Hurley); (November; Aurelie); (December - Mariah Carey);

Cosmopolitan 1998; (January - Cindy Crawford); (February - Ashley Judd); (March - Niki Taylor); (April: Cindy Crawford); (June; Claudia Schiffer); (July; Beri Smither); (August; Minnie Driver); (September; Bridget Hall); (October - Pamela Anderson); (November - Heidi Klum);

Cosmopolitan 1999; (January; Laetitia Casta); (February; Shania Twain); (March - Jennifer Lopez); (April; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos); (May; Fernanda Tavares); (June; Sarah Michelle Gellar); (August; James King); (October; Neve Campbell); (November – Heidi Klum);(December; Denise Richards);

COSMOPOLITAN magazine (The Hearst Corp.);

Cosmopolitan 2000; (February; Jennifer Love Hewitt);(March; Hollyanne); (April; Minnie Driver); (May; James King); (June; Mena Suvari); (August; Laetitia Casta); (September; Bridget Hall); (October ; Lisa Kudrow); (November; Alyssa Milano ); (December; James King);

Cosmopolitan 2001; (January; Hollyanne); (February; Debra Messing); (March; Vanessa Lorenzo); (April; Kirsen Dunst); (May; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos); (June; Claudia Schiffer); (July; Reese Witherspoon); (August; Laetitia Casta); (September; Vanesse Lorenzo); (October; Estella Warren); (November; Hollyanne); (December; Julia Stiles);

Cosmopolitan 2002; (January; Molly Sims); (February; Britney Spears); (March; Cameron Diaz); (April; Vanessa Lorenzo); (May; Jennifer Lopez); (June; Denise Richards); (July: Molly Sims); (August; Sarah Michelle Gellar); (September; Laetitia Casta); (October; Katie Holmes); (November – Jolijn Spek); (December; Halle Berry);

Cosmopolitan 2003; (January; Molly Sims); (February; Sandra Bullock); (March – Kate Hudson); (April – Renee Zellweger); (June – Brittany Murphy); (July – Drew Barrymore);(November – Molly Sims); (December; Christina Applegate);

Cosmopolitan 2004; (January – Mandy Moore); (February – Alicia Silverstone); (March – Julia Stiles); (April: Mischa Barton); (May; Jessica Simpson); (June – Gwen Stefane); (July – Angelina Jjolie); (August – Keira Knightley); (September; Brittany Murphy); (October – Katie Holmes); (November – Sarah Michelle Gellar);(December; Sharon Van Der Knapp);

Cosmopolitan 2005; (February – Ashlee Simpson); (March – Jessica Alba); (April – Avril Lavigne); (May – Jennifer Lopez); (June – Jessica Simpson); (July – Jessica Biel); (August – Kate Hudson); (September – Scarlett Johansson); (October – Cameron Diaz); (November – Flipbook – Sharon/ Matthew McConaughey); (December – Eva Longoria);

Cosmopolitan 2006; (February – Beyonce); (March – Hilary Duff);(April – Lindsay Lohan); (May – Mandy Moore); (June – Sharon); (July – Brittany Murphy); (August – Fergie); (September – Tori Praver); (October – Christina Aguilera); (November – Rachel Bilson); (December – Katherine Heigl);

Cosmopolitan 2007; (February – Eva Mendes); (March – Praver); (May – Carrie Underwood); (July – Jessica Biel); (August – Julia Stiles); (September – Jessica Alba); (October – Ali Larter); (November – Alex Brown); (Decemer – Beyonce);

Cosmopolitan 2008; (January – Hilary Duff); (March – Rihanna); (April – Hayden Panettiere); (May – Kristen Bell); (June – Carmen Electra); (July – Carrie Underwood); (August - Scarlett Johansson);

Cosmopolitan 2006; (UK EDITION) (June – Dannii Minogue);


1980; (Spring/Summer; Carol Alt; Lynda Carter =4 pages with 14 photo's; VF $18),

1984; (Summer; Paulina Porizkova);



2004 – (Summer/Fall – Jennifer Aiston);

2005 – (Summer – Gwyneth Paltrow);

COSMOPOLITAN – STYLE AND BEAUTY – 2006 (Summer/Fall; Jessica Alba);

--- (D) ---


1992; (October);


--- (E) ---

ELLE magazine (Elle Pub. Co.) -

1990; (July; Judit Masco); (December; Roberta Chirko);

1991; (April; Emma S.); (June; Lana Ogilvie);

1993; (June; Manon Von Gerkan);

1994; (April; Gabrielle Reece);

1997; (January: Cindy Crawford); (July - Cindy Crawford);

1998; (September - Cindy Crawford); (Laetitia Casta);

2000; (Decmber; Shahrukh Khan/ Sheetal Mallar);

2001; (September; Jennifer Aniston); (October; Charlize Theron);

2003; (September: Renee Lacombe);

2004; (May; Rebecca Romijn – Stamos);

2007; (January – Jennifer Garner); (September – Lindsay Lohan);

2008; (February – Jessica Alba); (March – Amy Adams); (April – Natalie Portman);

ELLE CANADA (Les Publicatinos Transcontinental - Hachette Pub.) -

2001; (Spring; Claudelle; Volume 1 #1); (Summer – Rachel Roberts);

2002; (January – Sarina Arnold); (February; Daniela Pestova); (March; Marie-Eve Nadeua); (May - Kate Winslet); (June - Celine Dion); (July; Camilla Thorsson); (August; Christy Turlington); (September; Kim Lemanton); (October; Karen Ferrari); (Novmeber; Marie-Eve Nadeau); (December; Linda Nyvtova);

2003; (January – Laura); (February – Lonneke Engel); (May; Rachel Roberts); (June; Ivana Vancova); (July; Cameron Diaz); (August; Malgosia Bela); (September; Rene Lacombe); (October; Liv Tyler); (November Gisele Bundchen); (December Linda Nyvltova);

2004; (January; Sharon Van Der Knapp); (February; Ines Sastre); (March; Vanessa Perron); (April; Monica Bellussi); (May; Pam Anderson); (July; Sophie Hahl); (November); (December; Diane Kruger);

2005; (January; Raquel Zimmerman); February; Jennifer Garner); (March; Vanessa Perron); (April; Radha Mitchell); (June; Mini Anden); (October – Sheryl Crow); (December – Keira Knightly);

2006; (January – Elsye Taylor); (February – Marla Boehr); (March – Tasha Tilberg); (April – Gwen Stefani); (May; Jennifer Aniston); (June; Noot Seear); (July; Heather Marks); (September – Avril Lavigne); (October; Hiilary Swank); (November; Maria Bello); (December; Penelope Cruz);

2007; (January; Michelle Buswell); (February; Kylie Minogue); (March – India Hicks); (May – Chantal Kreviazuk); (June – Jovita Miseviciute); (August – Linda Evangelista); (September – Cate Blanchett); (October – Naomi Watts); (November – Iman);

2008; (February – Ashley Hart); (March – Pamela Montage); (April – Kate Beckinsale); (May – Natalie Portman); (June – Mini Anden);

ELLE GIRL (Elle Pub. Co.)

2001; (Fall; Vol. 1 #1; Julia Stiles);

2004; (September; Drew Barrymore); (December/2005; January; Gwen Stefani);

2005; (March – Lindsay Lonan); (April; Angelina Jolie); (June/July – Amber Tamblyn); (August – Hilary Duff); (September – Rachel Bilson); (October – Mischa Barton); (November – Alexis Bledel);

2006; (March; Nicole Richie); (April – Amanda Bynes); (May – Emma roberts); (June/July – Adam Brody);

ELLE QUEBEC (French; Les Publications Transcontinental - Hachette) -

2001; (December; Tasha Tilberg);

2002; (January - Jennifer Aniston); (February; Veronique Cloutier); (April); (May; Marie-Eve Nadeau);

2004; (April; Britney Spears); (September; Zoe); (October; Lynda Lemay);

2005 – (January – Pascale Bussieres); (February – Anne Dorval/ Marc Labreche); (March – Vanessa Perron);

2006 – (June – France Beaudoin); (July – Kelly Scott);

2007 – (May- Sylvie Leonard/ Marc Labreche/ Macha Grenon); (July – Linda Evangelista); (December – Julie Perreault);


1972; (September; “Fall Fashionscope”; (November; Yvonne De Lainy);

1973; (January; Lydia Abarca/ Ed Grant);

1975; (March; Mary Ann Mickens); (May; Rosalind Cash/ Minnie Gentry/ Melba Englander/ Shana Bowles);

1997; (February; Julie Woodson);

1980; (June; Michele Shay);

EVE (Communication Management Ltd)

1994; (November – Miranada);

EXPRESSION (Telemedia Pub.) -

1989; (May/June);

--- (F) ---

FASHION (Toronto Life Pub.) -

2000; (March – Tarina Young); (April; Jenny Kopp); (October; Adele McClain);

2001; (March; Carrie); (May; Carrie-Anne Moss); (September; Rachel Roberts); (November; Rhea Durham);Winter (Daria);

2002; (March; Liisa Winkler); (Summer; Tasha Tilberg);

2003; (September – Chloe Sevigny);

2004; (February; Kelly Rowan); (March; Jessica Stam); (April; Liisa Winkler); (May; Neve Campbell); (June – Rachel Weisz); (Summer; Christina Applegate); (September; Diane Kruger); (October; Daria Werbowy); (Novmeber; Jessica Pare);

2005; (February; Jessica Stam); (March; Liya Kebede); (April; Mischa Barton); (November; Agnieszka Wichniewicz); (Winter; Cindy Crawford);

2007 (April Caroline Francischini); (May Darla Baker) Summer Britni Stanwood); (August Emina Cunmulaj); (September Hilary Duff);

2009 (March – Mary-kate Olsen);

FASHION ALMANAC (Fashion Almanac Pub.) - 1997; (Winter; Diana Petra);

FASHION 18 (St Joseph Media Pub.)

2004; (Spring; Mischa Barton);

2005; (Spring; Sarah Taylor/ Devon Soltendieck); (Summer; Alexis Bledel/ Amber Tamblyn); (Fall; Nicole Richie);

FASHION SHOPS (St. Joseph Media Pub.);

2004; (Fall/ Winter; Volume 1 #1; Eve);

FILLLES; CLIN D'OEIL (Quebecor Media; French);

2005 (February – Paris Hilton); (April Mary-Kate Olsen) (June Chad Michael Murray); (August Alexis Bledel); (September Jessica Simpson); 9october Ashton Kutcher); (December Alyssa Milano/ Rose McGowan/ Holly Marie Combs);

2006 (January Jessica Alba); (April Beyonce); (May Paul Walker); (October Rihanna);

2007 (March Cast of “The O.C.”); (April Nelly Furtado);

FILLES D'AUJOURD'HUI (French; Quedecor Inc. Pub.)

1993; (April; Isabelle Blais); (September; Kathleen); (October; Isabelle Cyr); (November; Catherine Senart);

1994; (May; Marie-Claude Lefebvre); (July; Francis Martin); (August; Veronique Cloutier); (September; Joane Labelle);

FIRST FOR WOMEN (Bauer Pub Co.) -

1989; (March; Volume 1 #3; Marie Sylvia); (July; Audrey Klebahn); (August; Will Russell); (September; Yasmine); (November; Andra); (December; Erika Klein);

1990; (January 1; Leslie Salling); (February 26; Lisa Kay Palmer); (March 26; Carolyn Effer); (April 30); (June 4; Ginger Alden); (July 2 Theresa Quirk); (July 30; Kathryn Greco); (August 27; Lisa Kay Palmer); (October 1; Karen Kaynor); (November 26; Janice Brock);

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1993; (January 11 - Olivia Newton-John); (February 1; Maureen O'Boyle); (April 26; Kathie Lee Gifford); (May 17; Deidre Hall); (June 7; Deborah Norville); (June 28 - Dolly Parton); (July 19 - Joan Rivers); (August ( - Marie Osmond); (August 30 - Princess Diana); (September 20 - Jane Fonda); (December 13 - Liz Taylor);

1994; (January 24 - Connie Sellecca; 200 Grams; VG = $5);

1994; (February 14 - Suzanne Somers; 200 Grams; VG/FN = $6);

1994; (March 7 - Mariel Hemingway; 200 Grams; VG = $5);

1994; (June 20 - Dolly Parton; 200 Grams; Food / Recipe pages 57-66 are Missing, rest of mag is G/VG $2);

1994; (August 22 - Rosie Vela; 200 Grams; VG = $5);

1994; (December 26; Christmas issue; 200 Grams; FN = $6);

1995; (March 20);

1996; (February 19); (March 11 - Suzanne Somers); (August 5);(October 7);

1999; (October 25);

2000; (March 20);

2001; (April 23);

2002; (May 6); (October 12: Lauren Graham);

2003 (June 9 Josie Bissett);

2004; (July 12 “Your Best Summer Look”); (August 2 Kate Hudson); (November 15);

2005 (February 28 “Can't Lose Belly Fat?”); (March 21 “Feeling Sluggish?”);

2006; (April 24); (October 30 “Are Parasites Making You Fat?”);

FLARE (MacLean - Hunter Ltd.) -

1979 (September Deborah Varig); (October Deborah Varig); (November Laura Morton); (Holiday Laura Morton);

1980 (May Laura Morton);

1981; (November; Jodi Mallinson);

1983; (October; Ann Spence);

1984; (June Angela Alvarado);

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1989; (January - Cindy Crawford); (February; Hunter Reno); (April; Estelle Lefebure); (May - Cindy Crawford); (June; Mette Jorgensen); (July;Claire Cantlie); (August; Jacqueline Fedorink); (October; Annabel Reyes); (December; Naomi Hume/ Liskula Gentile);

FLARE (MacLean - Hunter Ltd.) -

1990; ( February; Audrey Benoit); (July; Elaine Irwin); (August; Annabel Reyes); (September; Daria Blott); (October; Mary-Lu James); (November; Sofia Coppola); (December; Lana Ogilvie);

1991; (January; Alie Cross); (March; Cathy Fedoruk); (May; Alexis Jardine); (June; Alie Cross); (August - Claudia Schiffer);

1992; (January; Cathy Fedoruk); (April; Nikki Novak); (May Nikki); (July - Linda Evangelista);

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1999; (January – Tatjana Dragovis); (February; Tricia Helfer); (March – Peta Wilson); (April – Tatiana Nikforova); (June; Sarah Mclachlan); (July – Jollyanne); (August – Tomiko);(September – Hollyanne); (October – Pamela Anderson); (November – Melanie McJannett); (December – Amanda Moore);

FLARE (MacLean - Hunter Ltd.) -

2000; (January; Fabiane Nunes); (March; Vanessa Stone/ Winter Lunde/ Sara Powell); (April; Marie-Eve Nadeau); (May – Svetlana Griaznova); (June; Hila Marin); (July – Noemie); (August; Lisa Peake); (Septmebe – Lisa Winkler); (October: Courtney Herron);(November; Isabella Rossellini); (December – Claudia Winkler);

2001; (January – Beri Smither); (February; Rachel Blanchard); (March; Maggie Rizer); (April; Hollyanne Leonard); (June – Danusahka); (August – Caroline Eggert); (October – Destiny's Child); (November – Monica Vaughan); (December – Zoe);

2002; (January; Zoe); (February – Melanie Venne); (March; Molly Parker/ Paul Gross); (April; Alanis Morisset); (May: Kim Cattrall); (August - Mia Tyler); (September; Hollyanne Leonard);(November – Tasha Tilberg); (December – Naomi Campbell);

2003; (February – Melanie McJannett); (April; Pamela Anderson); (May; Elisha Cuthbert); (June; WWE's Trish Stratus); (July; Linda Evangelista); (August; Sam Payette); (September; Carolyn Murphy); (October – Jessica Pare); (November – Carrie-Anne Moss/ Keanu Reeves); (December – Estella Warren);

2004; (January Eva Mendes); (February: Katharina Scola); (March; Daria Werbowy); (April Linda Evangelista); (May; Bailey Gould); (June; Avril Lavigne); (July; Hollie Witchey); (September; Lisa Cant/ Heather Marks); (October; Daria Werbowy); (November; Jessica Stam);

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2008 (March Alicia Keys); (April Gwen Stefani);

2009 (January Liv Tyler); (February Isla Fisher);

FLARE AND CO. (Rogers Media Pub.)

2001; (Fall/Winter (Volume 1 #2);

FOR ME (H.F.M.U.S. Pub.)

2005; (May; Julia Roberts); (August; Angelina Jolie);

--- (G) ---

GIRL'S LIFE (Monarch Services Inc.)

2000; (August/September - “Back to School”); (December/January; 8 pages "Spider-Man" comic);

2004; (October/November; Raven-Symone);

GLAMOUR (Conde Nst Pub.; Incorporating CHARM magazine);

Glamour 1966 (June – Penny Ashton); (November – Lisa Palmer);

Glamour 1969 (November; Lorena Wood);

Glamour 1970 (July; Cheryl Tiegs);

Glamour 1976; ( February); (March; Shaun Casey); (May - Christie Brinkley); (October - Christie Brinkley);

Glamour 1977; (March - Christie Brinkley); (April; Charly); (October; Beverly Johnson); (November; Micaela Sundholm);

Glamour 1978; (February; Shaun Casey); (September - Cheryl Tiegs); (October; Covergirl = Bitten Knudsen; Weight = 650 Grams; Condition= VG/FN; Price = US$14); (December - Kim Alexis);

Glamour 1979; ( February - Cheryl Tiegs);(July - Christie Brinkley); (November; Carey Lowell);

Glamour 1980; ( February; Covergirl = Bitten Knudsen; Weight = 440 Grams; Condition=VG; Price = US$10);

Glamour 1980; (September; Kim Alexis);

GLAMOUR (Conde Nst Pub.; Incorporating CHARM magazine);

Glamour 1982; (May; Julie Wolfe); (November; Gail Kendrick);

Glamour 1983; (January; Kim Alexis); (February; Covergirl = Bitten Knudsen; Valentine special; Weight = 500 Grams; Condition= VG; Price = US$10 ); (August - Brooke Shields); (October; Kim Alexis; FALL Fashions & Beauty issue; Weight = 575 Grams; VF=$15);

Glamour 1984; (January; Paulina Porizkova); (May; Julia Wolfe); (November; Christie Johnson; Holiday Fashions; Weight = 605 Grams);

Glamour 1985; (January; Jacki Adams); (March; Paulina Porizkova); (April; Kim Alexis); (August; Shari Belafote-Harper; College issue; Weight = 595 Grams);

Glamour 1986; (January; Kim Alexis); (February; Paulina Porizkova); (March; Kim Alexis); (April; Sandra Freeman); (May; Karen Alexander); (June; Kim Alexis); (July - Christie Brinkley); (August; Louise); (September; Paulina Porizkova); (October - Cybrill Shepherd); (November; Alexa Singer); (December; Paulina Porizkova);

Glamour 1987; (January; Louise); (February; Kim Alexis); April (Rosie Vela); (May - Cindy Crawford); (August; Kim Alexis);

Glamour 1989; (January; Cathy Fedoruk); (June; Talisa Taylor);

Glamour 1990; (July; Niki Taylor); (September - Niki Taylor); (December – Madonna);

GLAMOUR (Conde Nst Pub.; Incorporating CHARM magazine);

Glamour 1991; (January - Claudia Schiffer); (December - Jodie Foster);

Glamour1992; (March; Jade);(June; Estelle); (November; Estelle);

Glamour 1993; (May Angie Everhart); (July; Karen Mulder);

1993; (October; Daniela Pestova = Covergirl plus 8 pages of Full page color fashion photo's inside; ** Also with; Weight = 530 Grams);

1993;(December; Angie Everhart);

Glamour 1994; ( February; Manon); (March - Claudia Schiffer);1994; (April; Covergirl= Angie Everhart; Weight = 475 Grams);

Glamour 1995; (September; Karen Mulder);

Glamour 1996; (January; Ines Sastre); (April; Nieves); (May; Valeria); (June; Rebecca Romijn);

Glamour 1997; (May; Bridget Hall);

Glamour 1998; (March; Valeria); (June: Josie Maran);(November - Halle Berry); (December; Valeria);

Glamour 1999; (February - Claudia Schiffer); (April - Cindy Crawford); (July; Salma Hayek); (August; Catherine Zeta-Jones);

Glamour 2000; (Fall; Claudia Schiffer/ Tim Jeffries);

GLAMOUR (Conde Nst Pub.; Incorporating CHARM magazine);

Glamour 2001; (February - Charlize Theron); (July; Halle Barry); (October; Jessica Alba); (December; Vanesse Lorenzo);

Glamour 2002; (January; Debra Messing); (February; Kate Winslet); (March; Emma Hening); (April; Josie Maran); (May; Yamila Diaz-Rahi); (June; Calista Flockhart); (July; Lauren Bush); (August; Emma Heming); (September; Diana Kovalchuk); (October; Ashley Judd); (November; Molly Sims); (December; Yamila Diaz-Rahi);

Glamour 2003; (January; Julia Stiles); (February; Jenniger Garner); (March; Vanessa Lorenzo); (August: Josie Maran); (September Beyonce);

Glamour 2004; (February: Fernanda Motta); (March – Drew Barrymore); (April – Bridget Hall); (May – Queen Latifah); (June; Katie Holmes); (July Molly Sims); (August Laetitia Casta); 9September Penelope Cruz); (October Ashley Judd);

Glamour 2005; (January Josie Maran); (February Kelly Ripa); (March Naomi Watts); (April; Meg Ryan); (May Mischa Barton); (June Debra Messing); (July Jessica Simpson); (August Nicole Kidman); (September; Jennifer Connelly); (December Catherine Zeta-Jones);

Glamour 2006; (January Salma Hayek); (February Mandy Moore); (March Sarah Jessica Parker); (May Alessandra Ambrosio); (June Halle Berry); (August; Ashley Judd); (November Faith Hill);

Glamour 2007; (April Drew Barrymore); (June; Sarah Jessica Parker); (July Katherine Heigl); (December Jennifer Garner);

Glamour 2008; (July Charlize Theron);

Glamour 2009; (May Miley Cyrus);


2001 (Fall Britney Spears);

GLOW (Rogers Media);

2002; (May/June; Stephanie March); (July/August; Regina Hall); (September; Ashley Scott);

2002/03 (Winter; Shannyn Sossamon);

2003; (March/April; Estella Warren); (May/June; Angie Harmon); (July/August; Famke Janssen); (September: Marley Shelton); (October; Denise Richards);

2003/2004; (Winter; Lauren Granham);

2004; (March/April; Amy Smart); (May/June: Iman);(July/August – Mena Suvari); (September; Rachel Griffiths); (October/November; Christina Applegate);\2005; (March/April; Mia Maestro); (May/June; Marisa Miller); (July/August; Jodi MacInnis); (Septemer; Miss Universe Natalie Glebova); (October/November; Maggie Grace); (Winter 2005/2006; Aisha Tyler);

2004/2005; (Winter; Rosario Dawson);

2006; (March/April; Kelly Carlson); (May/June; Brooke Burke); (July/August; Kelly Rowan); (September; Mariana Rocha); (October/November; Emily Procter); (December; Hilary Duff);

2007; (March/April; Amber Tamblyn); (May/June; Anna Paquin); (July/August; Molly Parker); (September; Cheryl Hickey); (October/November; Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann); (December Lisa Ray);

2008 (February/March Taryn); (April Sarra Neil); (May Damaris Lewis);

GLOW HEALTH – (Roger Media)

2004; (Spring/ Summer; premiere issue);\

--- (H) ---

HAIRDO (Dell Pub. Co)

1966 February;

HAIRDO IDEAS (Jove Pub. Inc.)

1978; (July);

HAIRSTYLE (Harris Pub. Inc.) -

2006; (Summer);

HARPER'S BAZAAR (Hearst Corp. Pub.) -

1983; (August - Victoria Principal);

1984; (January - Kim Alexis);

1985; (February - Kim Alexis, April);

1986; (January; Kim Alexis); (February; Renee Simonsen); (June; Kirsten Allen);

1989; (August - Candice Bergen);

1990; (February); (April - Cindy Crawford); (October; Isabella Rossillini);

1992; (August - Cindy Crawford);

1994; (June; Naomi Campbell);

1997; (August - Demi Moore);

2000; (March; Julia Roberts); (April; Gisele); (May; Frankie & Missy Rayder); (June; Caroline Ribeiro); (July; Carolyn Murphy); (August; Winona Ryder); (September; Amy Lemons); (October; Cameron Diaz);

2004; (January; Julia Roberts); (March; Sarah Jessica Harper); (May; Courtney Cox); (July; Ashley Judd); (August; Halle Berry); (September; Gisele Bundchen); (October; Kate Winslet);

2007 (October October Mary-Kate Olsen);


1986; (May, August);

1977; (August);

2002; (March; Gwyneth Paltrow);

HARRODS MAGAZINE (UK; Harrods Pub.) - 1986; (Spring/Summer);

--- (I) ---

I-D (Terry Jones Pub.) - 1984(March/April – Madonna);

IMAGES (M.A.G. Communications Ltd.) -

1985; ( February/March, April/May);

1987; (June/July); (September; Chantal); (October);

1989; (April/May, September, October, November/December - Madonna);

1990; ( April/May, September);

1991; (September);

1992; (October);

1993; (Winter; Kim Renneberg);

1994; (Summer; Catherine McCord; WEIGHT= 200 Grams; Gerard Depardieu; Jon Secada; Sass Jordan; 1/3 of Title page torn out, otherwise FN = US$4); (Fall; Lana Ogilvie; WEIGHT= 200 Grams;VF = US$7);

1995; (Spring; Nathalie Sanschagrin); (Winter; ; Rizia);

1996; (Spring; Eugenia Silva); (Summer; Tarina Tyniel); (Fall; Lorca Moore); (Winter; Mella);

1997; (Spring); (Summer; Tiff); (Winter; Carrie Tivador);

1998; (Spring; Leanne Spencer of Winnipeg, Manitoba);

1999; (Spring; Amanda Hoover); (Summer – Emme);(Fall – Mary Edwards); (Winter; Toronto's Christina);

2000; (Spring; Nathalie Sanschagrin); (Fall – Liz Peace); (Winter Janie Jang);

2001; (Spring; Elaine Caron);(Summer; Sorrell); (Fall; Illustration by Jennifer McCracken); (Winter - “Thanks for the Memories – Last Issue”);


1987; (July/August - David Bowie/ Tina Turner);

INGENUE (Dell Pub.)

1967 (May); (June);

1968 (January);

IN STYLE (In Style Pub.) -

*** 1998 Up are VERY HEAVY (Average WEIGHT for Postage = 700 GRAMS or over 1-1/2 Pounds Each);

1994; (June; Volume 1 #1; Barbra Streisand; RARE; Overall FN but UPC Code 2" x 2" Piece Torn out of Cover at lower right, thus GOOD = $15);
1995; (September; Cindy Crawford; RARE; VG = $18);
1996; (July - Christie Brinkley; SCARCE; VG/FN = $16);
1998; (May - Sandra Bullock; VG = $10); (June - Gillian Anderson; VF = $12); (October - Sharon Stone; FN = $10); (November; Oprah Winfrey; FN/VF = $10); (December - Julia Roberts; VG = $9);
1999; (January - Gwyneth Paltrow; FN = $9); (March - Drew Barrymore; FN/VF = $10); (April - Charlize Theron; VG/FN = $9);(May - Calista Flockhart; FN/VF = $8); (June - Jennifer Lopez; VG/FN = $10);
2000; (March; Julianna Margulies; Lauren Holly; VG = $7); (May; Heather Locklear; G = $5); (July; Halle Berry; VG = $8); (September; Drew Barrymore; VG = $9);
2001; (January; Madonna; FN/VF = $10); (February; Jennifer Lopez; VG = $8); (May – Renee Zellweger); (July); (July – John Travolta/ Kelly Preston; VG/FN = $8); (August – Hilary Swank; FN, but BACK cover Missing = $5); (October – Heather Graham; VG/FN = $8);
2001; (December – Will Smith & Wife Jada; FN = $8);
2002; (February – Michelle Pfeiffer; FN = $7); (March; Debra Messing; VG/FN = $7); (April – Ashley Judd; VG/FN = $7); (May; Sela Ward; VG = $6); (June – Sarah Michelle Gellar; VF = $10);(July); (July = ABEbooks #6581-1 Brittany Spears; 1/6 page cut out, VG/FN = $7);
2002; (August – Gwyneth Paltrow); (September; Jennifer Aniston; VF = $9);(October; Reese Witherspoon; VG/FN = $8); (December; Courteney Cox; VF = $9);
2003; (March; Sheryl Crow); (April; Meg Ryan); (May; Renee Zellweger); (June; Debra Messing); (July; Lisa Kudrow; FN/VF = $6); (August: Kate Hudson); (October; Ashley Judd); (November; Gwyneth Paltrow);
2004; (January; Beyonce Knowles; FN = $7); (January); (February; Liv Tyler; VF = $7); (May; Jennifer Garner); (June; Charilze Theron); (September; Halle Berry); 2004; (October; Rees Witherspoon); (December; Renee Zellweger; VF = $8);
2005; (February; Nicole Kidman); (May; Teri Hatcher); (July; Kate Hudson); (August; Courteney Cox); (September; Jennifer Garner); (December; Gwyneth Paltrow);
2006; (February; Uma Thurman); (March; Julianne Moore); (April Rebecca Romijn); (May; Denra Messing; VG/FN = $5); (June; Heidi Klum); (July Keira Knightly); (October; Scarlett Johansson); (December; Kate Winslet);

2007; (March Sandra Bullock); (April Halle Berry); (October Katherine Heigl);

2008 (February Halle Berry); (March Eva Longoria Parker); (April Renee Zellweger); (August Rihanna); (November Beyonce);

IN STYLE MAKEOVER - 2001; (Spring; Jenna Elfman); 2004 – Fall(Faith Hill);


2000; (spring (Debra Messing);

2001; (Spring; Courtney Thorne-Smith);

2002; (Spring; Andie MacDowell);

2003; (Spring; Jessica Simpson); (Summer; Megan Mullally);

2004; (Spring; Kevin Costner/ Christine Baumgartner);

--- (J) ---

JANE (Fairchild Pub.)

1999; (September – Natalie Portman);

2001; (April; Liv Tyler);

2002; (May; Christina Ricci);

2003; (January/February (Lyler); (April; Naomi Watts);

2005 (April; Brittany Murphy); (May; Pamela Anderson); (September; Hilary Duff);

J-14 -

2011 - February,May/June, July, September;

2012 - August;

JUMP (Weider Pub. Inc.)

1998; (July; Iva Baretic);

2000; (June/July – No Doubt); (August; Thora Birch);

2001; (March; Thora Birch); (Spring; O-Town);

JUST SEVENTEEN (UK, EMAP National Pub.) - 1984; (November 29);

--- (L) ---


1975; (April - Maud Adams); (October; Elizabeth Taylor); (November; Barbara Walters); December (Carol Burnett Christmas cover & 1 page with 9 photo's; Rose Kennedy by Ted Kennedy; Patty Herst's parents; Richard NIXON interview; President Ford's prayers; Nancy & Frank Sinatra; Weight=200 Grams;FN $12)

1976; (January; Jacqueline Onassis); (February - Caroline Kennedy); (March; Valerie Harper TV's "Rhoda"); (April - Sophia Loren); (May; Marlo Thomas); (June); (July; Liza Minnelli); (September; Barbara Walters);

1977 (April; Lindsay Wagner);

1979; (February - Suzanne Somers); (Jaclyn Smith); (September; Shelley Hack); (October; Marlo Thomas); (November; Princess Caroline of Monaco);

1980; (February; Bo Derek); (May; Cheryl Ladd); (September - Sally Field); (November - Marlo Thomas);

1981 (August; Katharine Hepburn);

1983; (September: Christina Delorean); (November; Linda Evans);

1984; (April - Linda Evans);

1985; (March - Paul Newman, June - Bill Cosby/Phylicia Ayers - Allen, September - Katherine Hepburn, November - Princess Diana);

1986; (September - Katherine Hepburn);

1987; (May - Vanna White);

1988; (May; Ted Danson/ Kirstie Alley);

1989; (February - Princess Diana/ Prince's Charles and Harry & William, Novmeber);

1990; (June: Candice Bergen); (November);


1991; (march - New Kids on the Block, November - Liz Taylor);

1992; (April - Rosanne Barr);

1994; (January - Dolly Parton);

1995; (August - Meryl Streep, September - Julia Roberts);

1996; (March - Michelle Pfeiffer); (June – Rosemary Barr); (September - Bette Midler/ Goldie Hawn/ Diane Keaton); (December - Joan Lunden);

1997; (May - Glenn Close);

1998; (March - Wynonna, Ashley, Naomi Judd);(September - Malanie Griffith); ( October - Christie Brinkley);

2000; (March - Candice Bergen); (September - Jennifer Aniston/ Brad Pitt); (November; Rosie O'Donnell);

2001; (January: Catherine Zeta-Jones); (February: Melina Kanakaredes); (April - Tom Hanks); (May: Barbara Walters); (July - Jennifer Aniston/ Brad Pitt); (August; Caroline Kennedy); (October; Reba Roberts);

2002; (February: George and Laura Bush); (March: Ray Romano/ Patricia Heton); (April - Julia Roberts); (June: McCaugheys Sextuplets);

2003; (February - Sara Duchess of York); (April: Sheryl Crow); (May: John Travolta/ Kelly Preston); (June: Celine Dion); (August – Sharon Osbourne); (December – Kelly Ripa/ Faith Ford);

2004; (January – Diane Keaton);

2005 (September; Christie Brinkley with her children, Jack & Sailor); (October; Katie Couric);

2006 (February; Kirstie Alley); (March; Teri Hatcher); (April; Diane Sawyer); (September; Michael J. Fox/ Tracy Pollan); (November Wynonna Judd);

2007 (February; Sally Field);

Special (May 1994; - Liz Taylor, Portrait of a Legend); (1997; Diana, a Personal Picture Album);

Special (no date; 100 Most Important Women of 20th Century);

LA SENZA – (2006 Holiday);

LA SENZA GIRL – (2006 Fall);


2003; (Fall);

LEARS (Lear Pub. Co.) - 1993; (November);

LES AILES (Les Editions San Francisco Inc.);

2000; - (#65 - Isabelle Marechal);

2001; - (#69 - Dominique); (#72 - Olivier); (#73 - Eliane);

2002; - #74, #76, #77;

L'OFFICIEL/ U.S.A. (L'Officiel Associates)

1978; (August);

1979; (November);

LOOK NOW (Carlton Magazine Ltd.) - 1985; (February);

LOU LOU (Rogers Media Pub.

2004 ((Fall Volume 1 #1; Ainsley McWha); ( (Winter; Volume 1 #2; Amanda Huras); (Holiday; Volume 1 #3; Marie-Helene McCormak);

2005 (May; Judith Bedard); (June; Paula); (September; Monica Vaughan); (October; Chritine St. Pierre); (November; Genevieve); (Holiday; Twyla Hayes);

2006 (January/February; Monica Vaughan); (April Aude Valois); (August Monica Vaughan); (September; Santa Auzina); (November Tanya Kim/ Ben Mulroney); (December Pamela);

2007 (January/February Adrienne Lenehan); (March Kaitlyn); (April; Erica M.); (May; Twyla Hayes); (June; Ainsley McWha); (September Anais Pouliot); (October Virginie Briand); (November Billie-Jazz);

2008 (May Sarra); (November Marine); (December Lydia Nyilasi);

2007 (September Sarah Michelle Gellar);

LUCKY (Lucky Magazine)

2001; (August – Renata);

2005 (May; Evangeline Lilly);

2006 (May; Keri Russell);

LUXE (Style Communications Inc.) - 1995; (Winter; Volume 1 #1; Donald & Ivana Trump);

--- (M) ---

M - 2011 - May;

MADEMOISELLE magazine (Conde Nast Pub. Inc.) -

1952 (November; “Skirts – The Full Story”);

1953 (October; “Tall Fashions; Paris Report”);

1955 (February; “The Heart of Fashion”);

1968 (June);(July); (August - Tina Lund); (December - Susan Forristal);

1970 (December);

1973 (July; “Brand New Fall Clothes”);

1977; (January; Cheri La Rocque); (September - Lena Kansbod);

1978; (January - Lena Kansbod); (February - Michelle Stevens); (July - Lovey Marino); (August - Nancy Donahue);

1979; (November - Kim Alexis);

1980; (April - Carol Alt); May/1980(Kelly Emberg Cover; Weight = 465 Grams; VG/FN = $14.00) (July - Carrie Nygren);

1981; (October - Covergirl = Andrea Malkiewicz; Ellen Burstyn interview; Golden Girl by Janette T. Hospital; Victoria Principal AD; Weight= 430 Grams; G/VG, pages 16/17, 41-44, 189-200, 207-212, 230/231,253-260 missing = $4)

1983; (February - Jenny Howorth); (April - Carol Alt);

1984; (April - Brooke Shields); (June - Renee Simonsen); (August - Renee Simonsen);

1985; (January - Paulina Porizkova); (February - Renee Simonsen); (March - Kim Alexis); (April -Shari Belafonte-Harper); (May - Paulina Porizkova); (June - Alexa Singer); (July - Kim Alexis); (August - Renee Sionsen); (September - Shari Belafonte-Harper);

1986; ( February - Paulina Porizkova); (July - Paulina Porizkova); (August - Renee Simonen); (September - Monika Schnarre); (October - Cindy Crawford); (November - Reno Fuller); (December - Christy Turlington);

1987; (January - Hunter Reno); (June - Estelle Lefebure); (July - Kersti Bowser);

1988; (February - Kersti Bowser);

1989; (September);

MADEMOISELLE magazine (Conde Nast Pub. Inc.) -

1991; (January - Nikki Taylor);

1992; (March - Anna Koch); (April - Daniela Pestova); (May - Toneya Bird); (September - Cindy Crawford);

1994; ( July - Claudia Mason);

1995; (December; Amber Valletta);

1996; (December; Tasha Tilberg);

1997; (July - Julia Roberts, December - Cameron Diaz);

1998; (February - Drew Barrymore); (September; Neve Campbell); (November; Mira Sorvino);

2000; (September; Molly Sims);

2001; (February; Kirsten Dunst); (July; Colleen Haskell); (September; Heidi Klum); (October; Ben Stiller/ Christine Taylor); (November; Keri Russell);

MARIE CLAIRE (Hearst Corp.) -

1995; (August; Elle Macpherson);

1996; (March – Cindy Crawford); (April – Amber);

1997; (January – Christy Turlington); (August - Elsa Benitez); (November - Laetitia Casta); (December - Elsa Benitez);

2000; (November – Elizabeth Hurley);

2001; (February – Jennifer Lopez/ Matthew McConaughey); (March – Claire Danes); (April Camryn Manheim/ Lara Flynn Boyle/ Kelli Williams/ Lisagay Hamilton/ Marla Sokoloff); (July - Angelina Jolie); (November - Penelope Cruz);

2002; (April - Cameron Diaz/ Christina Applegate/ Selma Blair); (May; Sandra Bullock); (October; Salma Hayek);

2003; (February - Heather Graham); (March - MTV's Molly Sim); (August – Reese Witherspoon); (November; Angelina Jolie); (December Tom Cruise);

2004 (February Nicole Kidman); (September Jennifer Lopez);

2005 (March; Debra Messing); (July; Angelina Jolie); (December; Rosario Dawson);

2006 (January Faith Hill); (February Penelope Cruz); (May Molly Sims); (June Julia Stiles); (December Ashley Judd);

2007 (March Hilary Swark);

2008 (September Eva Mendes);

McCALL'S magazine (McCall Pub. Co.) -

1971; (September);1972; (January – Gloria Steinem);

1973 (January; Caroline & John Kennedy Jr.);

1974; (February, April - Princess Margaret, October - Ingrid Begman);

1976; (August - Shirley MacLaine);

1978; (September - Kate Jackson);

1980; (May - Bo Derek); (December; “The Joy, Wonder and Glory of Christmas);

1981; (December);

1982; (March - Sophia Loren, April - Victoria Principal, July);

1983; (November - Linda Evans);

1984; (March - Princess Diana/ Prince William); (July - Princess Diana); (September - Kenny Rogers); (October - Sally Field); (November - Larry Hagman);

1985; (May - Jaclyn Smith);

1987; (November - Princess Diana/ Duchess of York/ Farrah Fawcett);

1990; (May); (September); (December);

1991; (February - Sissy Spacek, September - Demi Moore);

1992; (May - Dolly Parton);

1993; (July - Jaclyn Smith, August - Melissa Gilbert, October - Julia Roberts);

1994; (February - Kathie Lee Gifford);

1995; (September - Fran Drescher);

1996; (January - Dolly Parton, March - Demi Moore, June - Heather Locklear, July - Meg Ryan, August - Fran Drescher, September - Reba McEntire, December - Jane Seymour);

1997; (February - Christie Brinkley) (March - Oprah Winfrey); (October - Julia Roberts);

1998; (June - Celine Dion); (May - Nicole Kidman);


1964 (Spring);

McCALL'S STARSTYLE (GJ Magazines) - 1999; (Fall; Volume 1 #2 - Sandra Bullock);

MIRABELLA (Hachette Filipacchi Inc.) -

1991; (June - Airman First Class Tracy Walker); (October - Joanna Pacula); (November); (December - Kim Nye);

1992; (May - Isabella Rossellini); (May - Sharon Stone); (November - Jane March);

1993; (December - Kelly Klein);

1998; (July/August - Jennifer Lopez);

MISS CHATELAINE (Maclean – Hunter Ltd.)

1979 (May/ Spring into Summer – Susan Rodomar); (June/July Elizabeth Tonge-Edwards); (August Mary Mueller);

MODERN BEAUTY SHOP (Kutill/ Callahan Pub; PHOTO Covers on all; Slick Paper; LOTS of Photo's & illustrations) -

>> All are "Section ONE" (the MAIN Magazine = Professional Shop Journal);

(Unsure what section Two is?); Most of the Mags are about 100 to 140 Pages each;

>>> Weight for Postage = 400 Grams each;

1950 (March Swirl-a-Way);

1952 (May); (June Little Pomp); (November Dramatic Simplicity); (December Christmas Issue);

1953 (May Curlaway); (June);

1954 (January); (February); (May); (October);

1955 (January); (March); (June); (October); (December);

1956 (January); (February); (March); (April); (August); (October); (December);

1957 (May); (June); (November); (December);

1959 (August); (November) (December);

1960 (March);

1962; (December; Christmas issue; VG $15);

1963 (August);

1964 (November);

MODERN BRIDE (Ziff-Davis Pub. Co.) -

1981 - June/july;

1987 (February/March);

1991; (February/March);

MODERN SALON (Vance Pub.) -

1993; (December);

1994; (January, May);

MODERN WOMAN (McLean-Hunter Pub.) -

1995; (June - Candice);

1999; (February - Andrea); (April - Laury); (June – Karen);

MORE (Meredith Corp. Pub.)

2000; (December: Cheryl Tiegs with her Twins);

2004 (July/August Sigourney Weaver);

MORE (Transcontinental Media Pub.);

2007 (Volume 1 #1; Spring Virginia Madsen); (Summer Katie Couric); (September Jodie Foster); (October Marg Helgenberger); (November Diana Krall); (December/2008 January Dana Delany);

2008 (April Helen Mirren); (Summer Governor General Michaelle Jean);

--- (N) ---


2005 (June);

NEW WOMAN (New Woman Inc.) -

1973; (September/October - Palyboy's cartoon Editor Michelle Urry);

1974; (March/April);

1981(September/October - Kim Neblett);

1983; (March - Lisa Vale); (October - Terri Farrell);

1984; (February - Deidre Hall); (August - Rosemary McGrotha); (October - Julie Wolfe);

1985; (April - Kristen Allen; WEIGHT= 265 Grams; NO Mailing Label; VF = US$10);

(June- Maria Johnson; WEIGHT= 255 Grams; NO Mailing Label; VG/FN = US$8);

(July - Nancy Donohue); (August - Rosemary McGrotha);

1986; (August - Melanie Kremser; WEIGHT= 215 Grams; NO Mailing Label; Crease in cover, VG minus = US$7);

1989 January (Anuschka);

1990; (February - Josefina); (April - Mitzi Martin; WEIGHT= 300 Grams; Barbaea Walters; NO Mailing Label; FN = US$6); (August - Colleen Kaehr); (November - Nastasia; WEIGHT= 255 Grams; NO Mailing Label; FN = US$6);

1992; (February - Cybill Shepherd); (April - Carrie Miller); (August - Sela Ward); (September - Carrie Miller);

1993; (February - Princess Diana); (April); (May - Julianne Phillips); (June - Janine Turner); (September - Patti Hansen); (October - Annie Potts);

1994; (February - Jane Seymour); (March - Hether Locklear); (April - Paulina Porizkova); (August - Claudia Schiffer); (September - Melanie Griffith);

1995; (October - Christie Brinkley, November - Josie Bissett);

1996; (January - Brenda Schad); (April - Angele Blankenstein);

1997; (October Jimmy Smits);

1999; (September - Carre Otis);

2000; (January - Kristy Hinze);

19 (UK; IPC Magazine Ltd.) - 1984; (May);

N MAGAZINE (Nygard International Pub.) -

1998; (Fall/ Holiday - Kim Basinger);

2001; (October; Suzanne Somers);

--- (O) ---

OPTIONS (UK; IPC Magazines Ltd.) - 1993; (June);

--- (P) ---

POINT OF VIEW (Holt Renfrew Pub.) - 1998; (Fall);

POP STAR - 2011 (June; back cover missing);

PURSUIT (Multi-Vision Pub. Inc.) - 2002; (Spring: Halle Berry); (Summer: Jennifer Lopez); (Fall: Mark Wahlberg);

--- (Q) ---

QUAKE (Welsh Pub.) - 1993; (Fall; Volume 1 #1 - Winona Ryder);


2011 - August 1;

2012 - May 21;

--- (R) ---

REDBOOK the Magazine for Young Adult's (McCall Corp; Articles, Novels, Fiction, Articles & Features) -

1936 – December – NOVEL “Second Honeymoon” by Philip Wylie”; NOVELETTE - “Exactly the Right Girl” by Lucian Cary; FICTION - “The Hollow Dragon” by Ellery Queen/ Baird Hall/ Alec Rackowe/ Nancy Barnes/ Chapin Howard);

1937 – (October – NOVEL - “She Married for Money” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – by Bernice Brown/ Mazo De La Roche/ Fannie Ferber Fox/ Charles L. Clifford/ Zona Gale);

1939 – (June – FRONT COVER – Katharine Aldridge; NOVEL - “Suburban Idyll” by F. Hugh Herbert; NOVELETTE - “Doctor Dogbody's Leg” by James Norman Hall; FICTION – by David Partrige/ George Frazier/ Virginia Hale);

1941 – (June – NOVEL - “Marry Me Before You Go” by Ursula Parrott; NOVELETTE - “The Demigoddess” by Rufus King; FICTION – by Vincent Sheean/ Eric Hatch/ “Look, Stock and Barrel” by Stuart Cloete/ John C. Emery);

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(September – FRONT COVER – Katherryn Hernan; NOVEL - “In Less Than Three Days” by Harlow Estes; NOVELETTE - “A Man Who Didn't Belong” by Joseph Harrington; ; Encore of the Month; “The Fighting Angel” by Pearl S. Buck; SERIALS - “The Empty Room; Part 1” by Charles Morgan; “Wakefield's Course; Part 5” by Mazo De La Roche; FICTION – by Rufus King/ Q. Patrick/ Peter Paul O'Mara/ Q. Patrick); (October – NOVEL - “Spenlove in Arcady” by William McFee; NOVELETTE - “Broad and Alien is the World” by Ciro Alegria; Encore Book of the Month; “Hove You a Religion” by Henry James Forman; SERIALS - “The Empty Room; part 2” by Charles Morgan; “Wakefield's Course; Conclusion” by Mazo De La Roche; FICTION – by Rose Franken/ Duane Decker/ Rube Goldberg/ Margery Sharp/ Andrew Geer; BACK COVER - “Chesterfield” ad with Angela Cummins);

(November – FRONT COVER – Suzanne Sommers; NOVEL - “War and Peace; Great Moments from” by Leo Tolstoy; NOVELETTE - “Gods of Darkness” by F.Scott Fitzgerald; Encore of the Month “Bright Scalpel” by Elizabeth Seifert; SERIALS - “The Empty Room; Conclusion” by Charles Morgan; “Somewhere East of Sunrise; Part 1” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION - “Young Agains” by Stuart Cloete/ Hugh Walpole/ Whitfield Cook/ Edward Streeter/ William E. Barrett; BACK COVER - “Chester” ad with Marjorie Woodworth);

1942 – (December – NOVEL - “The Last Best Hope” by Helen Deutsch; NOVELETTE - “There'll Always be Beauty” by Elizabeth Goudge; SERIALS - “This is my Husband; Part Two” by Mignon McLaughlin; “All Night Long; Part 2” by Erskine Caldwell; “City of Women; Conclusion” by Peter Paul O'Mara; Encore Fiction; “Mr. Miniver” by Jan Struther; FICTION – by Hugh Bradley/ Leonard L. Hess/ Edmund Ware/ Zachary Gold);

1943 – (January – NOVEL - “Very Young and Very Sure” by Whitfield Cook; NOVELETTE - “The Song in the Park” by Franz Hoellering; SERIALS - “All Night Long; Part 3” by Erskine Caldwell; “The Best People; Part 1” by Rose Franken; “This is my Husband; Conclusion” by Mignon McLaughlin; FICTION – by Peter Paul O'Mara/ Ross Santee/ Jerrold Beim/ Edward Streeter);

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(April – NOVEL - “Yes is a Little Word” by Harlow Estes; SERIALS - “The Last Time We Meet; Part 2” by Ursula Parrott; “The Case of the Rich Reculuse; Part 3” by Rufus King; FICTION – by Philip Wylie/ Hugh Bradley/ Whitfield Cook? George W. Campbell; ARTICLES BY – W. Somerset Maugham/ Max Werner/ Ira Wolfert);

(May – NOVEL - “Two Parts of 'Hungry Hill'” by Daphne Du Maurier; NOVELETTE - “Dead Soldier” On Furlough” by Franz Hoellering; SERIALS - “The Last Time We Meet; part 3” by Ursula Parrott; “The Case of the Rich Recluse; Conclusion” by Rufus King; FICTION – by Philip Wylie/ Louis Paul/ John Hawkins/ Frank Brookhauser);

(June – NOVEL - “Victoria Grandolet” by Henry Bellamann; NOVELETTE – 'A Good Cook” by Elizabeth Siefert; “The Last Time We Meet; Conclusion” by Ursula Parrott; “The Gods are Veiling Their Faces; Part 2” by Fran Hoellering; FICTION – by Eric Hatch/ Frank Brookhauser/ Whitfield Cook);

(October – NOVEL - “One Day, There You Will Be!” by Ursula Parrott; NOVELETTE - “The Paradise Hunter; Conclusion” by Wallace Stegner; SERIALS - “The Gods are Veiling their Faces; Part 6” by Franz Hoellering; “The Case of the Dowager's Etchings; Part 4” by Rufus King; FICTION – by Rose Franken/ Philip Wylie/ Henrietta Ripperger);

(November – NOVEL - “No Sad Songs for Me” by Ruth Southard; SERIALS - “The Gods are Veiling Their Faces; Part 7” by Franz Hoellering; “The Case of the Dowager's Etchings; Conclusion” by Rufus King; “I Won't Take Second Best; Part 1” by Mignon McLaughlin; FICTION – by Rose Franklen/ Parke Cummings/ Joseph Harrington);

(December – NOVEL - “Marriage is for Two” by Natalie Shipman; SERIALS - “The Razor's Edge; Part 1” by W. Somerset Maugham; “I Won't Take Second Best; Part 2” by Mignon Maclaughlin; “The Gods Are Veiling Their Faces; Part 8” by Franz Hoellering; FICTION – by Eric Hatch/ Kathleen Coyle/ Louis Paul/ John S. Denison);

1944 – (January – NOVEL - “A Bargain with Happiness” by Ruth Power-O'Malley; NOVELETTE - “The Lighted Windows” by Leonard L. Hess; SERIALS - “The Razor's Edge; Part 2” by W. Somerset Maugham; “I Won't Take Second Best; Part 3” by Mignon McLaughlin; “The Gods are Veiling Their Faces; Part 9” by Franz Hollering; FICTION – by Philip Wylie/ Francis Ensign Greene/ Gladys Hasty Carroll);

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(July – NOVEL - “Until Some Other Year” by Ursula Parrot; SERIAL - “The Green Years; Part 2” by A.J. Cronin; FICTION – by Harlow Estes/ Eric Hatch/ Gale Wilhelm/ Basile Yanovsky/ Parke Cummings);

(August – NOVEL - “Dreams Aren't Enough” by Cecile Gilmore; SERIALS - “The Green Years; Part 3” by A.J. Cronin; “Berlin is Burning; Part 1” by Franz Hoellering; FICTION – by Louis Paul/ Kathleen Coyle/ Harlow Estes/ Gladys Hasty Carroll; ARTICLES - “This can Be The Last War”; “The Ghipholm”);

(September – NOVEL - “They dare Not go A-Hunting” by Dorthea Cornwell; SERIALS - “The Green Years; Part 4” by A.J. Cronin; “Berlin is Buring; Conclusion” by Franz Hoellering; FICTION – by Beatrice Burton Morgan/ Frances Ensign Greene/ Frank Brookhouser);

(October – NOVEL - “Fortune is Often a Girl” by George F. Worts; SERIALS - “The Green Years; Part 5” by A.J. Cronin; “Cronin” by Goodby at the Station; Part 1” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – by Philip Wylie/ Rosamond Du Jardin/ Hugh Bradley);

(December – NOVEL - “Never Half a Heaven” by William E. Barrett; SERIALS - “The Green Years; Conclusion” by A.J. Cronin; “Family Hearthstone; Part 1” by Gladys Hasty Carroll; FICTION – by Reuben Maury/ Lawrence Williams/ Dorothy Meyersburg);

1945 – (January – NOVEL - “Life Plays Strange Tricks” by Ruth Wolff; SERIAL; “Family Hearth; Part 2” by Gladys Hasty Carroll; FICTION – by Nancy Cardozo/ Joseph Harrington/ Louis Paul; ARTICLE - “Night Flight of a Hellcat”);

(February – NOVEL - “Never Let Me Go” by Gale Wilhelm; SERIALS - “Family Heathstone; Part 3” by Gladys Hasty Carroll; “Claudia's Brief Heaven; Part 1” by Rose Franken; FICTION – Elick Moll/ Leonard L. Hess/ Frances Ensign Greene);

(March – NOVEL - “And Then for Always” by Ursula Parrott; SERIAL - “Claudia's Bried Heaven; Part 2” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Harlow Estes/ Whitfield Cook/ Parke Cummings; PICTORIAL - “Charles Dana Gibson; Artist of an Era”);

(May – NOVEL - “The Pleasure of the Time” by Virginia Dale; SERIALS - “Claudia's Brief Heaven; Conclusion” by Rose Franken; “The Beauty of the Familiy; Part 1” by Ursula parrott; FICTION – by Peter Paul O'Mara/ Nancy Cardozo/ Lawrence Williams);

(June – NOVEL - “Guests Out of the Night” by George Worts; SERIAL - “The Beauty of the Family; Part 2” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – by Henrietta Ripperger/ Kathleen Coyle; ARTICLE - “How Hitler Lost the War”; “What You Can Do To Protect Your Child From Polio”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Constance Joannes; NOVEL - “You Have To Find Your Dream” by Franz Hoellering; SERIEAL - “All I Care to Remember; Part 2” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by Frederick A. Keene/ Alice Lent Covert/ Rose Franken; ARTICLE - “Those Girls in Navy Blue”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Madelon Mason; NOVEL - “Time Is Long at Twenty” by Alice Lent Covert; SERIAL - “The Number of my Days; part 2” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by peter Paul O'mara/ Elizabeth Delehanty/ Orsula Parrott/ ARTICLES - “Football Men in War”/ “The Fighting Third”);

1946 – (January – FRONT COVER – Adrian Storms; NOVEL - “Happiness Shall Not Escape” by August Derleth; SERIALS - “The Girl on the Train; Part 1” by Franz Hoellering; “Your Picture and my Love; part 2” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – by L.L. Forgman/ Alec Maugh/ Virginia Dale; ARTICLES - “Quizmasters of the Luftwaffe”; “The United States; a new Type of World Power”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Christine Mott; NOVEL – “How Soon Will You Forget?” by Ruth Power-O'Malley; SERIAL - “Claudia and Her Looking Glass; Part 4” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Sally Lorimer/ Elizabeth Foster/ Williams Forest; ARTCLES - “How Safe is Flying Now?”; “The Chief Faults of Wives – and husbands”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Anita Colby; NOVEL - “So Joined” by Harlow Estes; SERIALS - “Claudia and Her Looking Glass; Conclusion” by Rose Franken”; “The Man who Couldn't Spend Money; Part 1” by A.J. Cronin; FICTION – by L.L. Foreman/ Steve McNeil/ Mildred P. Hall/ Alec Waugh; ARTICLE - “What They Plan for the Future”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Virginia Dewitt; NOVEL - “No Free pass to Happiness” by Paul Ernst; SERIALS - “The Man Who Couldn't Spend Money; Conclusion” by A.J. Cronin; “The Secret She Tried to Keep; Part 1” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by B.J. Chute/ Joseph W. Hotchkiss/ Margaret Ayer Barnes; ARTICLES - “New Progress in Cancer Research”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Jinx Falkenburg; NOVEL - “Only What the Heart Can Possess” by William E. Barrett; SERIALS - “The Secret She Tried to Keep; Conclusion” by Virginia Dale; “The New Neighbors; Part 1” by Gladys Hasty Carroll; FICTION – by Putnam Fennell Jones/ Paul Ernst/ Sylvia Joan Shirley; ARTICLES - “The Spell of Gregory Peck”; “How to Have Sex Appeal”);

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(November – FRONT COVER – Georgia Hamilton; NOVEL - “Kindness isn't Romance” by Natalie Shipman; SERIAL - “The New Neighbors; Part 3” by Gladys Hasty Carroll; FICTION – by Charles Ellsworth/ B.J. Chute/ Sylvia Joan Shirley; ARTICLES - “We, the People of the United Nations...”; “How Some GI's are Reconverting”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Arline Dahlman; NOVEL - “A Girl Must be Realistic” by George F. Worts; SERIALS - “The New Neighbors; Conclusion: by Gladys Hasty Carroll; “Of Course, She's Older; Part 1” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – by Peter Stirling Cardozo/ Virginia Dale/ Whitfield Cook; ARTICLES - “The Man Behind McCarthy”; “What are the Changes of War?”);

1947 – (January – FRONT COVER – Eunice Sherman; NOVEL - “Let Yesterday Go” by Peter Paul O'Mara; SERIAL - “Of Course, She's Older; Part 2” by Ursula Parrott; FICTION – Stephen Cole/ Natalie Shipman/ Joseph Harrington; ARTICLES – 'A Divorce Every Minute”; “More Quiet, Please!”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Adrian Storms; NOVEL - “No Two Girl are Alike” by Loring Brent; SERIALS - “Of Course, She's Older; Conclusion” by Ursula Parrott; “The Marriage of Claudia; part 1” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Steve McNeil/ Joseph W. Hotchkiss/ Grace Lewis Shea; ARTICLES - “They're America's Top Dogs”; “Arthritis; a Mystery Malady”; BACK COVER – 'Chesterfield” ad with Ann Sheridan);

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(May – FRONT COVER – Pat Boyd; NOVEL - “The lady Said 'If - '” by Rufus King; SERIALS - “His Very Successful Wife; Conclusion” by Margaret Ayer Barnes; “The Marriage of Claudia; part 4” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Katrina Van Tassel/ Lawrence Williams; ARTICLES - “Elizabeth; The Girl Who Will Be Queen”; “How Superstitious Are You?”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Mary Shaw; NOVEL - “Lest We Lose Our Eden” by Loula Grace Erdman; SERIALS - “The Marriage of Claudia; Part 5” BY Rose Franken; “So Very Like Lovella; Part 1” by Joseph W. Hotchkiss; FICTION – by Ruth Wolff/ Don Stanford/ Dorothy McDowell/ ARTICLES - “Jimmy Stewart's Wonderful Life”; “I Use Contact Lenses”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Suzanne Sommers; NOVEL - “Love Should be Laughter” by Frances sarah Moore; SERIALS - “The Marriage of Claudia; Part 6” by Rose Franken; “So Very Like Lovella; Conclusion” by Joseph W. Hotchkiss; FICTION – Hugh Bradley/ Joseph Graham/ Paul Ernst; BACK COVER - “Chesterfield” ad with Bob Hope);

(August – FRONT COVER – Jean Brown; NOVEL - “Sometimes It Strikes Like Lightning” by Katrina Van Tassel; SERIALS - “The Marriage of Claudia; Conclusion” by Rose Franken; “The Least Gift; Part 1” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by Eric Hatch/ B.J. Chute/ Loula Grace Erdman; ARTICLES - “If You Were a Russian”; “Four Ways to Fame”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Jane Cartwright; NOVEL - “Remember and Cherish” by Natalie Shipman; SERIALS - “The Least Gift; Part 3” by William E. Barrett; “The Girl They Looked for; Conclusion” by Virginia dale; FICTION – George Wylie Henderson/ Paul Ernst/ Eric Hatch; BACK COVER - “Chesterfield” ad with Dorothy Lamour);

(November – FRONT COVER – Maureen Harnett & Jimmy Engler; NOVEL - “Let's Just marry” by Ursula Parrott; SERIALS - “The Least Gift; Conclusion” by William E. Barrett; “The Need for Love; part 1” by peter Paul O'mara; FICTION – by Don Stanford/ Robert O. Ballou/ Fannie Kilbourne; ARTICLE - “Do Your Dreams Foretell Your Future?”; BACK COVER - “Chesterfield” ad with Perry Como, Jo Stafford & Arthur Godfrey);

(December – FRONT COVER – Eunice Sherman; NOVEL - “Happiness Isn't an Illusion” by George F. Worts; SERIAL “The Need for Love; Part 2” by Peter Paul O'Mara; FICTION – by Alec Maugh/ Frank Bennett/ Louis Paul – ARTICLES - “He's Tops with Teenagers – Cartoonist Harry Hoenigse Creator of “Penny” & “Our Bill”);

1948 – (January – FRONT COVER – Ann Klem; NOVEL - “Wives Shouldn't Wear Hats” by Frances Sarah Moore; SERIAL - “The Need for Love; Part 3” by Peter Paul O'Mara; FICTION – Gina Allen/ Frank Bennett/ Don Stafford/ Paul Ernst; ARTICLES - “Why It's Smart to be Thin”; “Now We Have 'Drive-In' Banks”);

(February – FRONT COVER – Suzanne Sommers; NOVEL - “Happiness is a Gift” by August Derleth; SERIALS - “The Need for Love; Conclusion” by Peter Paul O'Mara; “Not to Be Alone; Part One” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by Gertrude Schweitzer/ Alec Waugh/ Steve McNeil; ARTICLES - “What the Russians Think of Us”; “What's Wrong with our Schools?”);

(March – FRONT COVER – Madelon Mason; NOVEL - “Mobody Else-Ever!” by Roger Garis; SERIAL - “Not to Be Alone; Part 2” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by Elizabeth Foster/ Don Stanford/ Whitfield Cook/ ARTICLES - “The Women Americans Admire Most”; “Attractive Daughters of Official Washington”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Constances Joannes; NOVEL - “Gilt-Edged Marriage” by Paul Ernst; SERIAL - “Not to Be Alone; Part 3” by Virginal Dale; FICTION – by Nancy Cardozo/ Dorothy Meyersburg/ Williams Forrest; ARTICLES - “Pets are Big Business!”; “The Daughter of the President”);

(May – FRONT COVER – Eunice Sherman; NOVEL - “Let the Heart Answer” by Frances Sarah Moore; SERIAL - “Not to Be Alone; Part 4” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by Roy Hilligoss/ Dorothy Miles/ Joseph Graham; ARTICLES - “The Road to Dementia”; “Are You a Deadly Driver?”; “The Flight of the Lone Eagle”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Carole Crowther & Penny Sweet; NOVEL - “Once Upon a Summer” by Natalie Shipman; SERIALS - “Not to be Alone; Conclusion” by Virginia Dale; “Once Before in the Moonlight; Part 1” by Naomi Lane Babson; FICTION – Spain Sire/ Eric Hatch/ Steve McNeil);

(July – FRONT COVER – Jean Brown; NOVEL - “Secret Between Women” by Mary Bickel; SERIALS - “Once Before in Moonlight; Conclusion” by Naomi Lane Babson; “Moment of Storm; Part 1” by Peter Paul O'Mara; FICTION – by Rose Feld/ Robert Fontaine/ Katherine Greer; ARTICLES - “How I Used Color in 'Melody Time'; “Walt Disney Strength-For Peace”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Georgia Hamilton; NOVEL - “The Stairway to Dreams” by William E. Barrett; SERIAL - “Moment of Sdtorm; Part 2” by Peter Paul O'Mara; FICTION – by Robert Carse/ Frank Bennett/ Paul Ernst; ARTICLES - “Our Boom in Babies”; “What You Should Know About Sleep”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Madelon Madon; NOVEL - “A Woman Forgives – a Man Forgets” by Don Stanford; SERIAL - “Moment of Storm; Part 3” by Peter Paul O'Mara; FICTION – by Alec Waugh/ Kathleen Coyle/ Frank Bennett; ARTICLES - “Arguments For and Against Mercy Deaths”; “The New Rules for Contract Bridge”);

1949 – (February – FRONT COVER – Georgia Hamilton; NOVEL - “Life is a One-Way Street” by Baynard Kenrick; SERIAL - “Her Secret Challenge; Conclusion” by Frances Malm; “Angels Tread Lightly; Part 1” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – 'The Ember” by Pearl S. Buck/ Frank Brookhouser; ARTICLES - “Why Some Men Are Unfaithful”; “Fun at the Mardi Gras”; “God of Chaos”);

(March – FRONT COVER – Elouise Sahlen; NOVEL - “After She Marries” by Natalie Shipman; SERIAL - “Angels Tread Lightly; Part 2” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by A.J. Cronin/ Roy Hilligoss/ Frances Sarah Moore; ARTICLES - “It's Maple Syrop Time”; “Anethesia”);

(April – FRONT COVER – Grace Kelly; NOVEL - “the Girl Who Couldn't Say 'Yes'” by Alec Rackowe; SERIAL – 'Angels Tread Lightly; Part 3” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by marjorie Holmes/ Frank Bennett/ Don Stanford; ARTICLES – 'Sophisticates – Old and New”; “Brighten Up Your Easter Eggs”);

(May – FRONT COVER – Ann Klem; NOVEL - “Personal – Do Not Forward” by Mary Bickel; SERIALS - “Angels Tread Lightly; Conclusion” by Paul Ernst; “From Claudia to David; Part 1” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Arthur Gordon/ Catherine Hubbell/ Steve McNeil; ARTICLE - “What is a 'Legal' Divorce?”; “So this is Television!”);

(June – FRONT COVER – Bobbie Moore; NOVEL - “Career Wife” by Don Stanford; SERIAL - “From Claudia to David; Part 2” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Rose Feld/ Robert Carse/ May Sarton/ Ruth Adams Knight; ARTICLES - “New Summer Lingerie”; “Things You Should Know About Diamonds”);

(July – FRONT COVER – Alma Carroll; NOVEL - “Another Kind of Love” by Alice Lent Covert; SERIAL - “From Claudia to David; Part 3” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by C. William Harrison/ Roy Hilligoss/ Catherine Hubbell; ARTICLES - “The Next Ten Yeears”; “Polio Detectives”; “New York on $75”);

(August – FRONT COVER – Eloise Sahlen; NOVEL - “The Bright Coin” by Elizabeth Seifert; SERIAL - “From Claudia to David; Part 4” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Robert Carse/ Jerrold Beim/ Frank Bennett; ARTICLES - “Home Glamour Party”; “What We Can Do About Cancer”);

(September – FRONT COVER – Georgia Hamilton; NOVEL - “Dreams Bought and Paid For” by William E. Barrett; SERIAL - “From Claudia to David; Part 5” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Claire Wallis/ Don Stanford/ Elizabeth Foster; ARTICLES - “Your Feet”; “A Perfect Lady”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Grace Kelly; NOVEL - “O Mortal Love!”; by Peter Paul O'Mara; SERIAL - “From Claudia to David; Part 6” by Rose Franken; FICTION – by Robert Carse/ Octavus Roy Cohen/ Arthur Gordon; ARTICLES - “New Stars Over Hollywood”; “Want To Buy a Monkey!”);

(November – FRONT COVER – Patcy Shally; NOVEL - “I Love You, Buy - “ by Natalie Shipman; SERIALS - “From Claudia to David; Conclusioin” by Rose Franken; “With Marriage in Mind; Part 1” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by Steve McNeil/ Neil O'Day; ARTICLES - “These Littest People”; “The Greatest Show on Earth”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Pat and Petrea Wolcott; NOVEL - “Never Call Her Yours” by Don Stanford; SERIALS - “With Marriage in Mind; Part 2” by Virginia Dale; FICTION – by Carol Vance/ Faith Baldwin/ Kate Thompson; ARTICLES - “It's a Tough Life for Santa”; “The Knack of Picking Toys”);

1950(March (Vacation by Air = Stewardess cover; "Book of Laughter" novel by May Mellinger; 150 pages including covers; Weight = 275 Grams; Photo cover; G/VG = $15);

(AprilFRONT COVER – Mary Hartig; NOVEL - “At Her Own Risk” by Mary Bickel; FICTION – by Bruce Brigham/ James Ronald/ Monica Ewer/ Isabel Moore/ Michael Foster; ARTICLES - “Kitchen Table Jewelry”; “A Faith for Young Americans”);

(MayFRONT COVER – Dolores Dalzell; NOVEL - “The Tentacles” by Dana Lyon; FICTION – by Hal & Barbara Borland/ Richard Stern/ Edwin Lanham/ Alec Waugh/ Bruce Brigham; ARTICLES - “What Kinsey Will Tell” by Morris L. Ernst & David Loth; “Are You Getting Too Much X-ray?”);

(July; "Extra Woman" novel insert by Isabel Moore; 136 pages including covers; Weight = 275 Grams; Photo cover; Good = $12.00)

(August;  FRONT COVER – Maggie McNamara; NOVEL - “Decree of the Heart” by Alice Lent Covert; FICTION – by Laura Loudon/ William E. Barrett/ Wyatt Blassingame/ Florence Jane Soman; ARTICLES - “V-J day Plus Five Years”; “Now Science, Too, Join the Church”; Good = $12.00);

1951 – (March NOVEL - “Pattern of Marriage” by Alec Rackowe; FICTION – Pearl S. Buck/ Muriel Bradley/ Don Stanford; ARTICLES - “Great Religious Holidays – Easter”; “1951 Family Vacation Planner”; “12th Annual Movie Award”);

(August – NOVEL – “Streets of the Town” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by Elick Moll/ Adele S. Osherson/ Frank Bennett/ Paul Ernst; ARTICLES - “Can Divorce Be Civilized?”; “Back Yard Barbecue”);

1952 – (May – NOVEL – “The Web Men Weave” by Hal & Barbara Borland; FICTION – Rebecca Shallit/ Steve McNeil/ Lily K. Scott; ARTICLES - “Wives Wanted”; “Baseball's Ugly Duckling – Gil McDougald”; “Filth in Our Food”);

(July – FRONT COVER – June Allyson & Family; NOVEL - “Return to Danger” by Arthur Gordon; FICTION – by Edward S. Fox/ Ted O'Gorman/ Jeremy Gury; ARTICLES - “What's in Store for Johnnie ray”; “How to Watch the Political Conventions on Television”; “Travel Guide Florida – Fountain of Youth”);

(August – NOVEL - “Preview of Marriage” by Don Stanford; FICTION – Edith Jakobsson/ Helen Cotton/ Arthur Gordon/ Cecilia Bartholomew; ARTICLES - “The Taffeta Dress”; “Let's Be Sane About Mental Illness”; “They Called Him Weedhead – Tex Foster Houston Police Officer”);

(September – NOVEL - “Her Word of Honor” by Mary Bickel; FICTION – by Bentz Plagemann/ Verne Athanas/ Michael Foster/ Helen Cotton; ARTICLES - “Thar's Gold in Them Hillbillies! - The Grand Ole Opry”; “Let's Be Silly”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Kathryn Grayson; NOVEL - “A Way of Life” by Alec Backowe; FICTION – by Roderick MacLeish/ matt Taylor/ Arthur Gordon; ARTICLES - “Honeymoons are Hell”; “Which is The Weaker Sex?”);

(November – NOVEL - “You've Got to Show Me” by Charles Mercer; FICTION – by Faith Baldwin/ “Too Much to Lose” by Don Jackson/ George Perth; ARTICLES - “The Mad, Mad Lives of Martin and Lewis”; “The Right Ring for the Right Girl”; “The Call to Young Voters”);

(December – NOVEL - “Isabel's Sister” by Muriel Roy Bolton; FICTION – Edward S. Fox/ Marian Gavin/ Colin G. Jameson/ Francis K. Allan; ARTICLES - “Why Legalized Gambling Won't Work”; “What are These New Virus Diseases?”);

1953(JanuaryNOVEL – “Man in the Moonlight” by Cecile Gilmore; FICTION – by John Reese/ Lucy Cundiff/ Desmond Hall/ Helen Davis Szold; ARTICLES - “What Men Really Think of Women!”; “Pattern for Revolt”; “Champions on Ice – Ice Capades”);

(FebruaryNOVEL - “Shadow of Truth” by Alice Lent Covert; FICTION – by Sue Kaufman/ Norton Weber/ Decla Dunning/ Edward Fielding; ARTICLES - “Women Who Can Hurt You”; “What Women Really Think of Men!” “Faith Rebuilds a Town – Pulaski, Wisconsin”);

(AprilNOVEL - “Walk the Blue Garden” by Jan Fortune; FICTION – by James Hensel/ Bentz Plagemann/ Timothy Fuller/ Williams Forrest; ARTICLES - “Can You Inherit Cancer”; “Don't Believe Astrologers”; “Cinerama for Everbody”);

(MayNOVEL - “Three at the Wedding” by Loula Grace Erdman; FICTION - “The Three Daughters” by Pearl S. Buck/ Paul Ernst/ Helen Cotton; ARTICLES - “Science Puts Love Under the Microscope”; “Marriage is Here to Stay”; “Elizabeth; Wife and Mother – Queen Elizabeth II”; “What are Your Chances of Having Twins”; Golden 50th Anniversary issue; 136 pages including covers; Photo cover; Weight = 275 Grams);

(June - "Girl of Tomorrow" novel by Alec Rackowe; Painted cover; 136 pages including covers; Weight = 275 Grams; VG/FN = $18);

(OctoberNOVEL - “Beyond this day” by Edwin Balmer; FICTION – by Martha Ostenso/ Joan Vatsek/ James Hensel; ARTICLES - “People and Mules Love Don – Donald O'Connor”; “Your Secrets are in Your Dreams”; “Answers to the 8 Biggest Lies About the United Nations”);

(NovemberFRONT COVER – Elaine Stewart; NOVEL - “Lonesome Road” by Anne Wormser; FICTION – by Lucy Cundiff/ Vinnie Williams/ Williams Forrest; ARTICLES - “How Much Do College Students Drink”; “Big Boom in Jazz”; “How to Watch Sports on TV”);

(DecemberFRONT COVER – Herb Shriner and Family; NOVEL - “The Avenues of Escape” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by Zoa Sherburne/ Don Stanford/ Roland Blackburn; ARTICLES - “What Make Women Love The Wrong Men?”; “Glenn Miller – a Living Legend”; “What You Should Know About Sanza Claus”; “Tomorrow's New Trains are Here”);

1954 – (February – NOVEL - “Letter to a Second Husband” by Hal & Barbara Borland; FICTION – by Faith Baldwin/ Velda Johnston/ Paul Ernst; ARTICLES - “Redbook's 15th Annual Movie Awards”; “A New Way to Get Better Teachers”);

(May – Terry Moore; NOVEL - “Gentle William” by Nona Coxhead; FICTION – Robert Zacks/ Harriett Pratt/ Lucy Cundiff; ARTICLES - “Your Child and the Doctor”; “More Vacation for Your Money”);

(June – NOVEL - “Dream of a Woman” by Jay Dratler; FICTION – Matt Taylor/ Letitia Beliveau/ Charles Caruer/ Octavus Roy Cohen; ARTICLES - “Billy Grahams, God's Angry Young Man”; “Miss Baxter Rebels – Abbe Baxter”; “Life at Home Plate – Eddie Stanky”);

(August – NOVEL - “Marriage for Three” by Alice Lent Covert; FICTION – by Winifred Wolfe/ Jo Lundy/ Bentz Plagemann; ARTICLES - “Fear on Campus”; “No Home Like This House”; “Editorial – Let Eighteen Year Old Votes”);

(September – NOVEL - “Harvest of the Heart” by May Mellinger; FICTION – by Zoa Sherburne/ Harriett Pratt/ William Iversen; ARTICLES - “Jon Lindergh; How He Met the Challenge of His Father's Fame”; “Getting to Know Mary Martin”; “What Every Man Should Know About His Wife”);

(October – NOVEL - “Shadow at his Shoulder” by Harriet Shiek; FICTION – by Hartzell Spence/ Betsy Emmons/ Gertrude Layden Brown; ARTICLES - “The Schools That Broke The Color Lines”; “Why Notre Dame Picked Bennam”; Four Footed Stars”);

(November; Grace Kelly);

(December – NOVEL - “Stranger on the Beach” by Don Stanford; FICTION – by Mary Lange Jones/ James Hensel/ Arthur Gordon; ARTICLES - “The Professor is a Pin-up Girl – Pat Gale”; “God's Foreign Agents”; “The Girl They Couldn't Spoil – Debbie Reynolds”);

1955 – (January – FRONT COVER – Jean Simmons; NOVEL – “The Big Store” by Oscar Schisgall; FICTION – by Charles Mercer/ Lois T. Henderson/ Florence Jane Soman; ARTICLES - “Garry Moore; The Man Who Speaks His Mind”; “Mexican Holiday”; “Six Keys to a Successful Marriage” “Norman Vincent Peale”);

(February – NOVEL - “Secret Wedding” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by Winnifred Wolfe/ Nona Coxhead/ Pat Frank/ Marian Gavin; ARTICLES - “How Your Town Can Tame the Hot Rods”; “Gloria Vanderbilt; Rich Little Rich Girl?”; “How a Working Wife can be Happy”);

(March – NOVEL - “Better is the End” by Wylly Folk St. John; FICTION – by Robert Zacks/ Verne Athanas/ Jean C. Clark; ARTICLES - “Do Foreign Women Make Better Wies”; “When Your Child Uses Bad Language”; “Bread Stuff”);

(June – NOVEL - “Travel at Your Own Risk” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by Harriett Pratt/ Norma Patterson/ Lois T. Henderson; ARTICLES - “The Secret Life of Mickey Spillane”; “How Much Freedom Do Married People Need”; “Can Your Family Doctor Save You From Cancer?”);

(August – NOVEL - “Wings of Glory” by Anne Wormser; FICTION – by Matt Taylor/ Russell Beggs/ Isabel Langis/ Robert Fontaine; ARTICLES - “Oklahoma”; “What Make's a Fighting Man”; “The Men Who Can Make You Believe Anything”);

(October – FRONT COVER – Jackie Gleason; NOVEL - “The Empty Vessel” by Don Stanford; FICTION – Hamlen Hunt/ R.B. Irvine/ Lucy Cundiff/ Zoe Sherburne; ARTICLES - “My Husband Avoids Making Love to Me”; “The Books They Won't Let You Read”; “Why Some Wives Feel Cheated”);

(November; Cover Painting by Lynn Buckham);

1956 – (August – NOVEL – “Hurricane” by John D. MacDonald; FICTION – by Cqarol Vance/ Charles Einstein/ Jean C. Clark/ Renecca/ Shallit; ARTICLES - “The Ordeal of Ingrid Bergman”; “How Safe is the Poultry You Eat?”; “Your Family Car; What's Coming in the Next Five Years?”; “A Night Out at the Drive-In”);

1957 – (February);

(March – NOVEL – “Shadow of Suspicion” by Frances Malm; FICTION – by Ruth Tempeest/ Georges Carousso/ Harriett Pratt; ARTICLES - “I Grew Up Stealing – Tony Curtis” ; “The Sexual Responsibility of Women”; “The Flavor of New England”);

(May – FRONT COVER – Yul Brynner; NOVEL - “Price of Scandal” by Harriet Frank Jr.; FICTION – by Frank Benntt/ Martin Aver Cohen/ Arthur Gordon; ARTICLES - “The Battle Over Religion in Schools”; “Childbirth Under Hypnosis”; “The Enchanted Provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island”);

1958 – (March – Lauren Bacall – NOVEL - “The Miracle Factory” by Mona Williams; FICTION – Paul W. Fairman/ John Savage/ Bernard Taper; ARTICLES - “How Safe is Your Hospital?” “Wonderful Week in New York”);

(April – NOVEL – “Dangerous Encounter” by Mitchell Wilson; FICTION – by Don Stanford/ Basil Heatter/ William Heuman; ARTICLES – Red Skelton; A Father's Hardest Test”; “When Does It Pay a Wife to Work?”; “Montreal – City of These Faces”);

(May – NOVEL - “The Faithless” by John D. MacDonald; FICTION – by John Reese/ Jean Z. Owen/ John Savage; ARTICLES - “The Stormy Success of Harry Belafonte”; “What Husbands Must Understand About Their Wives”; “Are Daughters-in-Law Fair?”);

(June – NOVEL - “Commencement” by John Klempner; FICTION – by Steve Hail/ David Alexander/ Catherine Boyd; ARTICLES - “The Case for Abolishing the Draft”; “Elizabeth Taylor's Tragedy”; “Soft Skies and Blue Waters – Lake Regions of Ontario, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin”);

(July – FRONT COVER Kathy Crosby; NOVEL - “Tender Journey” by Hal & Barbara Borland; FICTION – by Edward S. Fox/ Keith W. Jennison/ Bernard Glemser; ARTICLES - “”The Shocking Facts About the Friuts and Vegetables You Eat”; “How High Pressure Sports Can Hurt Your Child”; “Slow Down for Fun in the Great Smokies of North Carolina”);

(August – NOVEL - “Strange Inheritance” by Frank Bennett; FICTION – by Bob Bristow/ Michael Shaara/ Berard Glemser/ Harriett Pratt; ARTICLES - “Pioneer into Space – Captain Iven Kincheloe”; “Women with Part Time Husbands”; “Living High in Colorado”);

(September – NOVEL - “A Time to Marry” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by Hugh B. Cave/ John Dunkel/ Robert Knowlton; ARTICLES - “Two Dionne Quintruplets; From Loneliness to Love”; “What You Should Know About Self-Treatment Medicines”);

(October – NOVEL - “Peril in the Night” by Wylly Folk St. John; FICTION – by Nancy Ferard/ William Holder/ Lesley Conger; ARTICLE - “Dinah Shore; I Had to Be Loved”; “How Honest Are Congressmen?”; “Summer Lingers Along the Gulf – Florida to New Orleans”);

(November – NOVEL - “The Amber Light” by William E. Barrett; FICTION – by Ken Kraft/ Max Gunther/ Millie McWhirter; ARTICLES - “How Much Does Your Vote Count”; “The Pressures on Princess Grace”; “How Women Really Feel About Pregnancy”);

(December – FRONT COVER – Pat Boone; NOVEL - “Stormy Prelude” by Susan D. Winkler; FICTION – by Faith Baldwin/ Robert Fontaine/ Paul W. Fairman/ Hugh B. Cave; ARTICLES - “A Picture Album of Pat Boone's Family Christmas”; “Debbie and Eddie Fisher – the Full Story”; “How Safe are the Chemicals in Your Food?”);

1959 – (March – Kim Noval – NOVEL “Strange Courtship” by Elizabeth Stowe; FICTION – Bernard Glemser & Virginia Lee/ Russell Beggs; ARTICLES - “Is the Salk Vaccine Good Enough?”; “Tragedy of our Youngest Marriages”);

(June – NOVEL – “No Child of Mine” by Harriet Shiek; FICTION – by Peg Bracken/ Ann Kennedy/ Glen & Jane Sire; ARTICLES - “The Strange Exile of Ava Gardner”; “What You Must Know About X-Ray Dangers”; “Big Country for Big Fun – Ontario”);

(July – NOVEL - “Legacy of Truth” by Wylly Folk St. John; FICTION – by Carol C.B. Savage/ Virginia Laughlin/ Josephine Bentham; ARTICLES - “Prince Philip; The World's Most Unusual Husband”; “How Safe is Your Car?”; “Beach Lover's Guide to the U.S.A.”);

(September – NOVEL - “Marriage of Strangers” by Forrest Rosaire; FICTION - “Honeymoon in the Off Season” by John D. MacDonald/ John F. Wallace/ M.J. Arden; ARTICLES - “The May-December Wedding of Charlie Chaplin”; “Why Young Mothers are Always Tired”; “What's Really Happening in our Schools”);


1960 – (May – FRONT COVER – Jackie Kennedy; NOVEL - “The Right Man” by David Delman; FICTION – by Marian Gavin/ Lesley Conger/ Ross Kearney; ARTICLES - “Senator Kennedy's Wife – If He Wins, How Much Does She Lose?”; “The Academy Awards”; “Contagious Diseses – How to Protect Your Family”);

(October – NOVEL - “The Wives” by Julie McDonald; FICTION - “When the Bough Breaks” by Mary Higgins Clark/ Robert Burch/ Jule Lange/ Bernard Sabath; ARTICLES - “Jokes I Couldn't Tell on TV” by Steve Allen; “The Revolt of Joan Crawford's Daughter”; “Your Child and Deadly Weapons”);

(December – NOVEL - “Debt of Love” by Harriet Shiek; FICTION – by Margery Finn Brown/ Susan Weyer/ Arthur Gordon; ARTICLES - “The Christmas Wreckers” by Vance Packard; “Children and Santa Claus”; “I Know it's Christmas” by Jean Stafford);

1961 – (January – NOVEL – “Summer of Pride” by Elizabeth Savage; FICTION – by Louise Burr Gerrard/ Eileen Jensen/ Lesley Conger; ARTICLES - “Margaret Truman and Margaret Mead”; “What Not to Tell a Child About Sex”; “A Wonderful Week in San Francisco”; “How Good are 900-Calorie Liquid Diets?”);

(February – NOVEL - “No Wider Than The Heart” by N.B. Lamont; FICTION – by Harriett Pratt/ David Delmon/ Josephine Bentham; ARTICLES - “Mike Nichols and Elaine May”; “American Morality”; “Why Husbands and Wives Can't Talk to Each Other”; “The Small World of the Pennsylvania Dutch”);

(March – NOVEL - “Strange Homecoming” by Phyllis A. Whitney; FICTION – by Doris Hume/ Anne Sayre/ Sam F. Ciulla; ARTICLES - “Elsa Maxwell and Harry Golden; a Dialogue”; “How to Protect Your Unborn Child”; “Happier Marriages”);

(April – NOVEL - “Tangle of Truth” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by Leland Webb/ Williams Forrest/ Mary Lange Jones; ARTICLES - “What's Delaying the New Polio Vaccine?” ; “Huntley and Brinkley”; “Princess Margaret; The Crucial First Year”; “Diane Varsi's Escape From Success”);

(May – NOVEL - “The Golden Charm” by Anne Sayre; FICTION – Violet Wood/ Mary Jane Waldo/ Camilla R. Bittle; ARTICLES - “Debbie Reynolds and Billy Graham; a Dialogue”; “Elizabeth Taylor's Fight for Survival”; “The Ordeal of Southern Women” by Lillian Smith);

(June – JFK and Daughter Caroline; NOVEL “The Guardians” by Helen Tucker; FICTION – Seymour Epstein/ Jim Dilles/ Doris Betts; ARTICLES - “My Son Tom Dooley”; “How Strict are Parents Today?”; “All About Mortgages”);

(July – NOVEL - “The Unsuspecting Wife” by Peter Stone; FICTION – Lee Colgate/ Marnie Ellingson/ Susan Weyer; ARTICLES - “Edward R. Murrow and Maria Schell; a Dialogue”; “We're Winning the Battle Against Children's Diseases”; “Frozen Foods”; “Hollywood's Most Unconventional Mother – Shirley MacLaine”);

(August – NOVEL - “So Brief a Journey” by Margaret Echard; FICTION – by Ethel Edison Gordon/ Dorothy Gilman Butters/ Lee Colgate/ Gary Jennings; ARTICLES - “The World's Most Beautiful Woman – Suzy Parker”; “The Surprising Beliefs of Our Future Ministers”; “The Survivors of Hiroshima”; “A Vacationers Guide to Country Fairs”);

(September – NOVEL - “Each Heart Has Its Secret” by Loula Grace Erdman; FICTION – by john E. Simmons/ Eleanor K. Wollvin/ Allan Seager; ARTICLES - “The man who Fights Hate with Love – Martin Luther King”; “How 10,000 Young Mothers Feel About Their Marriages; Their Children, Themselves”; “Quebec”);

(October – NOVEL - “the Weight of Love” by Seymour Epstein; FICTION – Peg Bracken/ “Pleace Don't Kill Anything” by Arthur Miller/ Paul Edmondson/ J.J. Godwin; ARTICLES - “The Dionne Quintuplets and Their Seven Children”; “Dave Garroway's Search for Himself”; “How to Ignore Advice”);

(December – NOVEL - “The Runaways” by Barbara Corcoran; FICTION – by Ann Scott/ Stanley Ellin/ Mia Howard; ARTICLES - “What You Should Not Tell a Child About God”; “A Child's View of Christmas”; “Are We Overworking the Holiday Spirit?”);

1962 – (January – NOVEL – “The Other Woman” by Alec Rackowe; FICTION – byAubrey Dahl/ Rita Eng/ Betty Ren Wright; ARTICLES - “Is College Wasted on Women?” by Margaret Mead; “Ingrid Bergman and Van Cliburn; a Dialogue”; “New Orleans”);

(February – NOVEL - “Love, Honor and Money” by Glen and Jane Sire; FICTION - “An Island of Her Own” by John D. MacDonald/ Mia Howard/ David Delman; ARTICLES - “A New Kind of First Lady” by Margaret Mead; “How Congressmen Make Up Their Minds”; “New Way to See New York”);

(March – NOVEL - “Detour from Love” by Paul Ernst; FICTION – by Wade H. Mosby/ Hertha Pretorius/ Louise Burr Gerrard; ARTICLES - “Arlene Francis and Simone Signoret; a Dialogue”; '”The Sad Success of Teddy Nadler”; “Must Our Children Fear the Future?” “Our Unused Medical Discoveries”);

(May – NOVEL - “A World Apart” by Noal Gordon; FICTION – Helen Hughes/ Babs H. Deal/ Lucinda Baker; ARTICLES - “What Does the American Man Expect of a Wife?”; “The Crusading Minister in the Rockefeller Family”; “Santa Fe and Taos”);

(September – NOVEL - “The Long Dream” by Ethel Edison Gordon; FICTION – Elizabeth Spencer/ Rick Pearson/ Eleanor Glaze; ARTICLES - “Edie Adams; How I Survived”; “What We Are Not Being Told About Fallout Hazards”; “California's Royal Road”);

(December – NOVEL - “Course of True Love” by Edwin Lanham; FICTION – by Edwin P. Hicks/ Rose Million Healey/ Margaret Mayosmith/ Mary Lange Jones; ARTICLES - “Christmas With the Kennedys”; “Christmas with the Royal Family”; “Will Your Child Grow Up To Be Like You?”);

1963 – (January – NOVEL – “A Test of Faith” by Theodore Taylor; FICTION – Julia Whedon/ Leland Webb/ Susan Kuehn Boyd; ARTICLES - “Mrs. Roosevelt” ; “The Conflict Between Churchgoers and Their Ministers”; “Adventure in Florida”);

(September – NOVEL - “When We Say Good-Bye” by Phyllis Graison; FICTION – by Jane Rule/ Mary E. Nutt/ B.J. Watson/ H.B. Mills; ARTICLES – by Robert Graves & Gina Lollobrigida; a Dialogue”; “Do Teaching Machines Really Teach?”; “An Answer to Some Foolish Theories About Women”);

1964 – (January – NOVEL – “Search for a Man” by Joseph Harrington; FICTION – by Barbara Holland/ Merrill Joan Gerber/ Walter Meade; ARTICLES - “Quintuplets and Other News from Aberdeen, S.D.”; “Psychology Can't Substitute for Morality”);

(May – NOVEL - “In Memory of our Marriage” by Jean Z. Owen; FICTION – by Babs H. Deal/ Naomi A. Hintze/ Michael Rubin/ Merrill Joan Gerber; ARTICLES - “Sex and Violence in Books, Magazines and Television”; “Children's Letters to Jacqueline Kennedy and her children”);

(October – NOVEL - “Love's Season” by Mary Stolz; FICTION – by Elizabeth Enright/ Alec rackowe/ Ann Chidester; ARTICLES - “Marya Mannes and Pierre Salinger; a Dialogue”; “Can American Teachers Teach?”; “The Protestant Debate Over Sex”);

(November - John F. Kennedy 14 page Section);

1965 – (January – FRONT COVER – Julie Andrews; NOVEL - “The Summer Husband” by Ethel Edison Gordon; FICTION - “The First Day” by Sue Kaufman/ Gerald Stein/ Walter Meade; ARTICLES - “Why Clergymen are Against School Prayer”; “Scott Glenn; Aftermath of a Bad Year”; “What Can We Do to Keep Peace on Earth?”);

1966 (January); (February); (November);

1967 (January - Bunny Spangler);

1968 (February);

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1978; (October; Marlo Thomas);

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REDBOOK the Magazine for Young Adult's (McCall Corp; Articles, Novels, Fiction, Articles & Features) -

1981; (April - Cheri Larocque);

1982; (October – Carol Alt);

1983; (November);

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1988; (July - Dolly Parton);

1989; (April - Candice Bergen, September - Sarah Duchess of York);

1992 (September Cindy Crawford);

1993; (February; Cover features = John Travolta/ Kelly Preston; >> Mag Weight= 300 Grams; G/VG = $6);

1993; (June; Cover features = Roseanne Barr; >> Mag Weight= 300 Grams; VG = $6);

1994; (February; Cover features = Kim Basinger; >> Mag Weight= 275 Grams; VG = $6);

1995; (May; Cover features = Whitney Houston; >> Mag Weight= 300 Grams; VF = $8);

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--- (S) ---

SALON MAGAZINE (Salon Communications Inc.) - 1994; (April/March);

SASSY (Fairfax Pub. Inc.);

1988; and 1989; Issues = WEIGHT for POSTAGE = 240 GRAMS Each;

1990; & NEWER Issues = WEIGHT for POSTAGE = 165 GRAMS Each;

1978 - Volume-1 #2 (December/1978; covergirl = Stephanie Zimbalist; Black Forest Mystery by Theodora Marquand; Scott BAIO interview; VG/FN $14);

1988; (Volume-1 #7; September; Covergirl= Jennifer Shirck; Kevin Dillon; FN/VF $10);

1988; (Volume-1 #8; October; Brian Bloom; VG $7);

1988; (Volume-1 #9; November; Covergirl= Wendy Blair; INXS; FN/VF $10);

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1989 December -1990; January - Hannah Lord;

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1991; (January, December(Reader produced issue; Henry Rollins of Black Flag; FN+ = $7.00);

1992; (March - Nancy Brensson covergirl; Prom Spirit; Li Zhi = chinese rock star; FN+ = $7.00);

(May); (June - Emma Snowball); (July - Lisa Joy); (August - Gina Marie) (October); (November - Mayim Bialik); (December - Ceylone Boothe);

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1951 (March; Tippi Hedren);

SEVENTEEN magazine (Triangle Communications Inc.) -

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1977; (February - Micaela Sundholm); (March - Mariel Hemingway; 188 Pages; Swimsuit Preview; Romantic PROM looks; Weight = 345 Grams ); (April); (May - Cassandra);

(June - Micaela Sundholm; ** Summer Beauty Special; Eleanor Mondale 17 writes about life as Vice President's daughter ; Weight = 370 Grams; 204 Pages; VG = $12);

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1978; (January - Kim Charleton); (February - Helen Gleason); (March - Donald McLean); (April - Alexandra); (June - Cheri La Rocque); (July - Cheri Larocque); (August - Lari Jane Taylor); (November: Helle); (December: Bill Cosby & Daughter Erika);

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1980; (January - Tara Fitzpatrick cover; "You in the year 2000"; Rock/TV Star Rex Smith; FN+ $12); (June: Tennis Star Tracy Austin); (July: Tara Fitzpatrick);(August: Sarah McClintock); (September: Amy Lumet); (October - Sara Duffy cover; "My Mother's an Alcoholic"; "Super Beauty issue"; Nice copy, but with some Moisture damage causing some wrinkling, thus G/VG $6); (November; Phoebe Cates);

SEVENTEEN magazine (Triangle Communications Inc.) -

1981; (January: Covergirl = Tracy Fitzpatrick; Gilder Radner of Saturday Night Live; Mariel Hemingway AD; Cheryl Tiegs = 2 pgs ADS; Priscilla Presley AD; Cathy Rigby AD; Weight= 250 Grams; G/VG, page 65/66, 113-115 are missing = $5);

1981; (February: Covergirl = Lisanne Falk; Kelly Reno of Black Stallion; Christopher Cross; Mariel Hemingway AD; Weight= 285 Grams; G, pages 7/8, 45-48, are missing = $4);

1981; (April: Covergirl = Caitlin Abramovitz; Tennis Tournament; Mellisa Gilbert of Little House on the Prarie; Brooke Sheilds in Calvin Klien Jeans AD; Cheryl Tiegs = 2 pgs ADS; Weight= 370 Grams; G/VG, pages 54-57, 188-191 are Missing = $4);

1981; (October - Willow Bay cover; Stepparent; Birth Control; Beauty Special; 2 page photo AD spread with Jaclyn Smith; Teen Fire Fighter; VG/FN $10);

1982; (January - Nicolle Ward cover; REO Speedwagon; Fashions in Blue; With some Moisture damage causing some wrinkling, thus "G"; Coupon out of back cover; Reading Copy $4); (March: Brooke Shields);

1982; (April - Marilyn Clark cover; Action Looks for sports & Sun; A-Z skin care guide; Tennis Tournament; 2-1/2 Page Article on RICK SPRINGFIELD with photo's; VG/FN $12);

1982; (September - Tara Fitzpatrick cover; FALL issue; Dresses, Coats & Blouses; 1 page Christie Brinkley photo AD for Cover Girl; FN $10);

1982; (October - Wendy Rossmeyer cover; Fabulous Sweaters; Herpes; 1 page Cheryl Tiegs photo AD for Cover Girl Lip Blush; VG/FN $9);

1982; (December - Hillary Young cover; Think Pink; Cliques; VALLEY GIRL Handbook; Kids of NBC TV's FAME; VG/FN $9);

1983; ( August: Tara Fitzpatrick); (September - Pia Lind cover; Best of FALL, Dresses, Blouses & Coats; Cheerleading; Acne; Dana Hill of Cross Creek; 2 page Cheryl Tiegs photo AD spread for Cover Girl Homespun colors; FN $9);

1984; (February: Diane Lane); (August: Courtney Wolfsberger); (November: Anna Magnusson);

1985; (February; Terry Farrell); (April; Heather Kampf); (June - Heather Kampf; Hottest ideas under the sun; 1 page Joan Collins photo AD for Scoundrel Musk; 2 page Priscilla Presley photo AD spread for Quencher; Andrew McCarthy; decnet VG, but 2/3 of first page out = $5);

1985; ( August - Heather Kampf cover; 400 Pages; U2 of Fire; Back-To-School; Weight = 700 Grams; Moderate Creasing to Covers, Good+ = $12.00); ( August - Heather Kampf cover; 400 Pages; U2 of Fire; Back-To-School; Weight = 700 Grams; Heavier Creasing to bottom right Cover Corner, BACK cover is Missing, FA/G = $9.00);

(December; Tracy Fitzpatrick);

1986; (February: Alison Cohn);

1986;(October - Holly Bolles cover; early 3 page MADONNA article & interview with Photos; Tracy Pollen, the girl who jilted Michael J. Fox; VG/FN $14);

1987; ( May - Jacqueline Crevatas cover; Surf's Up; Hot Tropical fashions; Prom Night; Best Bathing Suits on the Beach; Surfer Girls; 2 different Christie Brinkley Photo AD's for Cover Girl = Pro-Lining & Clean Make-Up; FN = $10.00); (October - Angie Harmon cover; Natural Beauty; Best of fall Sweaters; 2 Page Christie Brinkley Photo AD spread for Cover Girl; 1 page Lynda Carter photo AD for Mabelline Perfect Pen Eyeliner; VG = $8.00); (December: Rochelle Hunte);

1988; (January: Debi Small); (February: Meighan Williams Leibert); 1988;(March: covergirl = Meighan Williams Leibert; 298 pages including covers; Spring Fling; In memory of Peter Tosh; PROM Special – Dresses with Pizzazz; overall VG, but pages 91-94 are torn out but still present; Pages 95-98 are Missing = $5.00); (October: Amy Elmore); (November: Isa); (December: Jennifer Connelly);

1989; (January: Jennifer Barragan); (February: Aloka Kloppenberg); (April: Erin Payne); (May: Beverly Peele);

SEVENTEEN magazine (Triangle Communications Inc.) -

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1997; (January - Aaliyah); (February - Jennifer Love Hewitt); (March - Jenny/ Jonny Lang); ( April - Thania); (May - Ivanka Trump; Mailing Label, VG = $6.00); (July - Brad Renfro); (September - Reese Witherspoon); (August – Alicia Silverstone); (October - Katie Appleton); (November - Lydia Hull/ Matt King);

1998; (January - Natalie Portman); (March – Katie Holmes); (April – Tyra Banks); (May - Leonardo Dicaprio); (July; Zoila Algorin); (August – Drew Barrymore); (September - Brandy); (October - Keri Russell ); (November - Erin Sweers); (December – Danielle Fishel);

1999; (January - Jordana Brewster); (February - James Van Der Beek); (March - Lonneke); (April - Kirsten Dunst); (May - Jewel); (June - Selma Blair); (August – Katie Holmes); (December – Drew Barrymore);

2000; (January - Kirsten Dunst/ Brittany Murphy/ Jessica Alba); (March - Shiri Appleby); (April: Jessica Simpson/ Nick Lachey); (June - Natalie Portman); (August – Jennifer Aniston); (September - Julia Stiles); (October – Drew Barrymore); (November – Mandy Moore); (November – alternated cover Carly Pope/ Leslie Bibb); (December – Kirsten Dunst);

2001; (January - Jennifer Lopez); (February: Carson Daly); (March - Shiri Appleby/ Majandra Delfino); (May - Courteney Cox/ Lisa Kudrow/ Jennifer Aniston/ Tara Reid/ Rosario Dawson/ Rachel Leigh Cook); (July – 'N Sync); (August - Sarah Michelle Gellar); (September – Destiny Child); (October: Mila Kunis); (November; Rose McGowan/ Alyssa Milano/ Holly Marie Combs); (December: Britney Spears);

2002; (February - Katie Holmes); (March - Jennifer Garner); (May; Laurie Graham/ Alexia Bledel); (July – Sarah Michelle Gellar); (August - Selma Blair); ( October- Reese Witherspoon); (December - Kell Osbourne);

2003; (January; Avril Lavigne); (March - Smallville's Lana Lang - Kristen Kreuk; partly removed Mailing Label, VG/FN = $6.00); (April - Kate Hudson);(June Beyonce); (July – Drew Barrymore/ Lucy Lui/ Cameron Diaz); (August Mandy Moore); (September Brittany Murphy);

2004; – (February; Jessica Simpson); (March; Drew Barrymore); (May Mischa Barton); (June Lindsay Lohan); (July; Ashley Olsen); (August; Hilary Duff); (September Natalie Portman); (November Ashlee Simpson); (December Ashanti);

2005; – (January Gwen Stefani); (June; Hilary Duff); (October Kristin Cavallari);

2006; – (August; Lauren Conrad);

2007; – (June Fergie)

2008; – (August Blake Lively);

GUYS ISSUE – 1998; (Spring/ Summer: Jonny Lang);



2004 (Winter/Spring; Hilary Duff);

2005 (Winter/Spring; Jamie Lynn Spears);


SHE (The National Magazine Co.) - 1990; (May - Janice Dickinson);

SHOPPERS DRUG MART BEAUTY (Shoppers Drug Mart) - 1981; (Fall); 1982(Spring);

SHOP TILL YOU DROP (ACP Pty Ltd.) - 2000 (Vol. 1 #3; Jennifer Aniston; (Volume1 #4; Gisele);

SOPHISTICATE'S HAIRSTYE GUIDE - 2000 (June/July; Jenna Elfman);

SUEDE (Essence Comm. Pub.); - 2005 (April Tyra Banks);


1999; (December - Comp Compere);

2001 (June; Kate Martin); (July; Nick Cole);

2003; (November); (December);

2006 (March Rachel Bilson);

STYLE MANITOBA (Rare Communications Inc.) -

1997; (Winter - Loreena McKennitt);

1999; (Winter - Scott Bairstow);

2002; (Summer; Remy Shand);

SWIMSUIT INTERNATIONAL (Swimsuit Publishers Inc.) -

1987; (July);

April 1988; (Volume-1 #6; Weight=240 Grams; 100 pages including covers; G/VG = $8); November 1988; (Volume-2 #2; Weight=200 Grams; 100 pages including covers; FN/VF = $12);

SWIMWEAR GIRLS (Ace Pub, Inc.) -

1987 (March);

1990; (May);

SWIMWEAR ILLUSTRATED (Bob Anderson Publications) -

1986; (June, October);

1987; (February);

1989; (March);

1991 (February; Dawn Keefer);

--- (T) ---

TATTLER (Tatler Pub. Co. Ltd.) -

1984; (September - Farida);

1987; (October; WEIGHT= 675 Grams; Paris match: Christian Lacroix vs Yves St Laurent; Rags to Rothschild; VG/FN = US$10);

TAXI (Taxi Pub. Inc.) -

1986; (December - Volume 1 #4);

1987; (January - Volume 1 #5, April, November);

1988; (November);

'TEEN (Petersen Pub. Co.) -

1969 (February; Lee Michaels/ Nancy Coors);

1972; (July - Ann Azama); (October; Cathie Mann);

1973 (November; Gena Gibbs);

1974 (April; covergirl = Gena Gibbs; Also with; 1 page Chi Coltrane; 1-1/3 pages on David Bowie; 3 pages Cyndee Bostick; 3 pages BOB DYLAN article with 4 Photo's; Women Athletes 7 page article with 5 Photo's including Billie Jean King, Olga Korbut, Cathy Rigby; Weight=170 Grams; with Pages 7-8, 17-18 missing; all Listed articles are complete; rest is G/VG = $6);

1976; (April; Kathy Allen); (August - Jayne Modean);

1977 (April; Laura Robinson); (May; Cindy Harrell); (September; Lindsey Erwin);

1979; (August - Tina Tyson; Scott Baio, Sally Field; VG $7);

1979; (September - Rhea Deszcz; Donna Pescow, Nick Nolte, Rex Smith; Page torn out, but still present, o/w VG+ $6);

1979; (November - Rhea Deszcz; Rod Stewart, Doobie Brothers; tear in cover with tape repair = G/VG $5);

1981; (January; Cheryl Tiegs inside; Waterdamage & creases = FA/G $3);

1985; ( July - Wendy Rossmeyer); (October - Mara Nesemann/ Kenny Rensing);

1986; (August);

1987; (March - Tara Morris);

1989; (May - Tiffani-Amber Thiessen);

1994; (February Paul Korver/ Lindsay Bryan); (May - Amanda Aadsma); (December - Tiffani-Amber Thiessen);

1995; (February - Kristin Gottwald/ Fred Miranda); (March - Lorene Fields/ Kevin Zernickow); (June - pages missing);

1996; (January - Andrea); (February - Devon Sawa); (March - Maleah); (April); (May); (June - Tiffani - Amber Thiessen); (October – Jenny Murphy/ James Marsden); (December);

1997; (January); ( March - Amy Smart); (May – Alison/ Scott Malone/ Chris McLaughlin); (June - Alicia Silverstone);

1998; (March – Sashc Barrese/ Will Friedle); (May - Jennifer Love Hewitt); (June – Melissa Joan Hart); (September - Backstreet Boys); (October - Danielle Kinnen);

1999; (January - Drew Barrymore); (August - Britney Spears); (November – Freddie Prinze Jr.);

2000; (February – Melissa Joan Hart/ Emily Hart); (March - Leslie Bibb/ Carly Pope); (April – N'Sync); (May – Shiri Appleby); (June – Hanson); (July - Jessica Simpson); (August: Kirsten Dunst); (September: Christina Aguilera); (November – Katherine Heigl/ Jason Behr/ Brendan Fehr); (December – Blink – 182);

2001; (January – Mandy Moore); (February - “The Guy Issue”); (March - Pink); (April – Drew Barrymore); (May - Barkstreet Boys); (June – male Cast of “American Pie 2”); (July - Britney Spears); (August – Destiny Child); (September – Reese Witherspoon); (October - Sisqo); (November - Tara Reid); (December/ 2002; January – Mandy Moore);

2002; (March - Pink); (May – Shakira);

2003; (Spring Everwood's Gregory & Emily); (Fall; Brittany Snow);

2004; (Winter – Kristin Kreuk);

2005 (Spring Jamie Lynn Spears);

2006 (Summer Zac Efron/ Ashley Tisdale); (Fall Miley Cyrus);

TEEN GLOW (Rogers Pub. Ltd);

2005 (Fall; Mischa Barton);

2006 (Spring Akii);

2007 (Spring Eva Avila);

'TEEN GREAT LOOKS (Petersen Pub. Co.) -

1984; (Volume 1 #2; Petra Gunther);

1985; (Volume 2 #2; Meilani Figalan);

TEEN GENERATION (Quadrelle Pub. Inc.) -

1983; (September - Susan Breathet/ Glenn Watson); (October - Don Cashin);

1984; (April - The Puntous Twins); (May/June); (October);

1985; (May/June - Billy Idol); (September - Tina Turner); (October - Rebecca Paterson/ Bruce Springsteen);

1986; (February);

1989; (June);

TEEN PROM (Hearst Pub.);

2005 (Diana Degarmo);

TEEN VOGUE (Advance Magazine Pub. Inc.);

2003 (August/September Li'l Eve);

2005 (February; Scarlett Johansson/ Topher Grace); (May; Elisha Cuthbert/ Chad Michael Murray); (October; Orlando Bloom); (December/ January 2006; Hilary Duff);

2007 (August Lauren Conrad/ Whitney Port);


2011 - March,July;

TODAY'S BRIDE (Mackie Communications) -

1985; (Summer);

1986; (Winter);

1995; (Fall/Winter);

1997; (Spring/ Summer);

2003; (Spring/ Summer); (Fall/ Winter);

TODAY'S WOMAN the Magazine Young Wives live by... (Fawcett Pub.; Fiction, Articles, Features, FASHIONS,Home Furnishings, Beauty, Needlework, Food & Recipies, Shopping);

1952; June (Great Linda by Herman Wouk; Bathing Beatuties of Summer 1952 = 2pgs with 6 Photo's;

Cover Model= June Cross; 156 pages including covers; Weight = 300 Grams; VG $20);

1952; July (140 pages including covers; Weight = 300 Grams; G $12);

1952; October (184 pages including covers; Weight = 400 Grams; VG $16);

1953; January ("the Strangest Story Ever Written" by Daphne Du Maurier; 9 pages of Poodle-Knit Fashions; "Discovery issue"; Cover Model= Jessica Paz; "Fear in the Night" by Roibert Sheckley; 3 pages on Walt Disney; 6 pages on Woman of Fashion in USA; 124 pages including covers; Weight = 250 Grams; VG $15);

1953; February (Bishop Sheen's advice; "H" {Heroin} by Adela Rogers St. Johns; "the Man i Married - Ernest Hemingway" by Mary Hemingway; Stay-at-Homes in bright cottons = fashions; 152 pages including covers; Weight = 300 Grams; FN $22);

1953; May (Fiction by Faith Baldwin & Charles Jackson; "the Man i married - Leo Durocher" by Loraine Day; Jack Benny; Fashions = Red, White & Blue / Sand & Sea Beauties in Denim / Sand Shades / Candy Colors/ Country Fair Clothes/ Bright Belts for summer; 172 pages including covers; Weight = 350 Grams; VG $14);

1953; July (Eleanor Roosevelt; "Blonde on the Two-Burner Stove" by Robert Sheckley; I married Leonard Lyons; Fashions = Glasses / Maternity; Yarn Toys & Dolls; 132 pages including covers; Weight = 250 Grams; G/VG $12);

1953; September (Kinsey Report & Marriage; 152 pages including covers; Weight = 300 Grams; I married Peter Lind Hayes; We decorate America's most modern small house; 8 pages on Casual clothes Main Street USA fashions; Dream Kitchen; FN $14); 1953; October (Bright Girls guide to Furniture values, 14 pages of Modern & Traditional rooms; "I married MICKEY MANTLE"; Fashion = the New American look from head to toe; 164 pages including covers; Weight = 325 Grams; G/VG $16);

1953; November (Profane Love by Adela Rogers St Johns; Clare Booth Luce; I married JERRY LEWIS; 164 pages including covers; Weight = 325 Grams; G/VG $13);

1954 (January, April, June);

1993; (September/October - Christie Brinkley, November/December);

1994; (January/February, May/June, September/October);

1996; (September - Kristina Wagner);

Today's Woman – CHRISTMAS IDEAS BOOK (1954);

Today's Woman - LOVE AND SEX SPECIAL (1995) Volume 1 #1;

TOP MODEL (Hachette Filipacchi Magazines Inc. Pub.) -

1995 (Fall Linda Evangelista);

1996; (May/June: Cindy Crawford);


1980 (Fall);

1986; (Holiday);

1987; (Spring - Shelley Young); (Summer);

1988; (Fall - Maura Peters); (October; Winter Edition; Lana Ogilvy; WEIGHT= 270 Grams; Sigourney Weaver; Yves St Laurent; Has Mailing Label; VG/FN = US$9);

1990; (Summer - Christine Harwood); (November: Shalom Harlow);

1991; (Summer - Gail Woods); (September);

1993; (November - Johanna Black);

1994; (March); ( November - Valeria);

1997; (April - Leanne Spencer); (May - Maud Arnold/ Derek Hebner);

1998; (April - Tarina Young);

TWIST (Heinrich Bauer Pub.) -

1997; (October/November - Jeremy London);

1998; (February/March - Rebecca Gayheart); (June/July - Kirsten Dunst); (August/September - Serena Altschul/ Carson Daly); (October - Michelle Williams); (November - Jacinda Barrett);(December - Neve Campbell);

1999; (January - Monica); (February - Meredith Monroe/ Kerr Smith); (March - Laura Prepon of "That 70's Show"); (May - Danielle Fishel); (June - Usher); (August - Backstreet Boys); (September - Britney Spears); (October - Ricky Martin/ Jennifer Love Hewitt); (November/December - Andrew Keegan/ Theresa Aline);

2000; (January - Meredith Monroe); (February - Mila Kunis of "That 70's Show"); (March - Christina Aguilera); (May - Freddie Prinze Jr./ Christina Aguilera); (June - Jessica Simpson); (July - LFO); (Auust - 'N Sync); (September - Mandy Moore); (December - (8 Degrees);

2001; (January - Backstreet Boys); (April Blink-182); (May; Katie Holmes); (June; Mandy Moore); (July Britney Spears); (August Jessica Simpson); (September Sarah Michelle Gellar); (October Jessica Biel);(November – Destiny Child);

2002; (July N'Sync); (August – Jennifer Aniston); (September – Jennifer Lopez);

2003; (March - Jennifer Aniston); (May/June Avril Lavigne); (December: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen);

2004; (April; Hilary Duff/ Paris Hilton/ Adam Brody); (May/June; Hilary Duff/ Lindsay Lohan); (August; Ashley Olsen/ Justin Timberlake/ Lindsay Lohan); (December; Eminem/ Lindsay Lohan/ Hilary Duff);

2005 (January; Gwen Stefani/ Mischa Barton/ Mary-Kate Olsen); (February; Usher/ Chad Michael Murray/ Lindsay Lohan/ Hilary Duff); (March; Hilary Duff/ Chad Michael Murray/ Jesse Mccartney); (April; Jessica Simpson/ Eminem/ Hilary Duff/ Chad Michael Murray); (August Jessica Simpson/ Hilary Duff/ Jojo); (September; Jesse McCartney/ Hilary Duff/ Lindsay Lohan);

2006 (January Mischa Barton/ Ashlee Simpson/ Hilary Duff); (April; Chris Brown/ Jojo);

2003; Guys Decoded - (2000; Spring - 8 Degrees)

2011 - May/June,July,September;

Vanity Fair (Conde Naste Pub. Inc.) = is found in our “ INVENTORY - NEWS & CURRENT EVENTS MAGAZINES “, on www.dougcomicworld.com

--- (V) ---

VENUS (Venus Swimwear Inc. Pub.)

2008 (3 Different Catalogues);

VERVE (Youth culture Media) -

2001; (May/June); (September);

2002; (March; “Teen Nation Survey”); (April; “Annual Enviro Issue”); (June; “The Unforgettable Glenn Lewis”); (August); (September; “Denim Diversity”); (November; “Designer Labelling”); (Holiday; “Trends of 2002”);

2003 (Spring; “Industrial Design”); (March; “Job Guide”);

2004; (Planning Ahead Special); (Prom Special);

VERVEGIRL (Youth Culture Group Pub.);

2005 (May/June; “Surf's Up!”);

2006 (March; “Denim Divas”); (April; Melissa O'Neil); (May/June; “10 Beach Beauty Must Haves”);(August; Hilary Duff); (Holiday; Canadian Models Michelle & Irina);


1996; (Summer Two); (Swim Edition); (Swim Sale);

2001; (Gift Book);

2002; (Semi-Annual Sale);

2003; (Between Seasons Sale & Specials); (Casual Sale); (Christmas); (Fall Casual); (Fall Fashion; Volume 1 #1); (Fall Fashion; Volume 1 #2); Fall Fashion; Volume 2 #1); (Fall Fashion; Volume 3); (Fall Sale & Specials); (The Fashion Issue; Volume 2 #1); (The Fashion Issue; Volume 4); (Preview Our Semi-Annual Sale); (The Shoe Book); (Spring Clearance Sale; Volume 1); (Spring Clothing Sale; #1); Spring Semi-Annual Sale; Volume 1 #1); (Spriing Special; Volume 1); (Summer Casual Sale Sale; Volume 1 #1); (Swim Volume 1 #1); (Winter Look Book; Volume 2 #1);

2004; (Preview Our Semi-Annual Sale); (Resort; Volume 1); (Spring Casual; Volume 1); (Spring Clearance Sale; Volume 1); (Spring Fashion; Volume 1 #1); (Spring Fashion; Volume 2 #1); (Spring Fashion; Volume 3 #1); (Spring Lookbook; Volume 1); (Spring Preview; Volume 1); (Spring Specials; Volume 1); (Summer Casual; Volume 1); (Summer Casual; Volume 1 #1);(Fall; Volume 1); (Fall; Clothing Sale Volume 1); (Swim; Volume 2 #1); (Swim; Volume 3 #1); (Swim Sale; Volume 2);

2005 (Between Seasons Sale & Specials Volume 1); (Fall Casual Sale Volume 1); (Fall Fashion Volume 3); (Fall Fashion Sale & Specials Volume 1); (Fall Semi-Annual Sale Volume 1); (Spring Semi Annual Sale Volume 1);

2006 (Resort Volume 1); (Spring Preview Volume 1);

VOGUE (Conde Nast Pub.) 1977-1981;

1977; (January; Roseanne Vela; Weight= 350 Grams; VG = $15.00);

1977; (January; Roseanne Vela; Weight= 350 Grams; G/VG = $12.00);

1977; (October Roseanne Vela); (November - Rene Russo; Weight= 650 Grams; FN = $16.00);

1978; (March - Jacqueline Bisset; Weight= 550 Grams; FN/VF= $18.00);

1980; (October; Special Beauty issue; *** Brooke Shields Photo Cover, 2-Page Kelvin Klein Jeans ad inside & 16 Pages of Saint Laurent Fashion Photo's; ** Gia Carangi ?; Weight= 750 Grams; VG/FN = $29.00) = TWO copies in stock;

1981; (February - Kim Alexis; Gia Carangi 1/3 page Royal Silk Ad; Weight= 600 Grams; FN = $25.00);

1981; (March - Carol Alt; Weight= 700 Grams; FN = $14.00);

1981; (May - Brooke Shields; Weight= 625 Grams; Gia Carangi 1/3 page Royal Silk Ad; VG/FN, mailing label = $15.00);

1981; (June - Kim Alexis; The Women of TV's "Dallas" = Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal;Also includes; Alan Alda, Tanya Roberts, Gia Carangi, Kelly LeBrock, Jerry Hall; Weight= 500 Grams; VG/FN, with mailing label = $18.00);

1981; (September - Brooke Shields; Weight= 1100 Grams; New York collections Special; Kelly LeBrock, Kim Alexis, Blackglama AD with Natalie Wood; VG, mailing label = $15.00);

VOGUE (Conde Nast Pub.) 1981-1984;

1982; (January - Rosemary McGrotha; Weight= 450 Grams; Kelly LeBrock, Kelly Emberg, Andie McDowell, Diane Sawyer VG/FN, with mailing label = $12.00);

1982; (February - Mariel Hemingway; Weight= 700 Grams;Kelly Emberg, Kelly LeBrock, Isabella Rossellini, Andie MacDowell, Mick Jagger;

VG/FN, with mailing label = $15.00);

1982; (March; Isabella Rossellini; Weight= 800 Grams; Kelly Emberg, Kelly LeBrock, Phil Donahue; FN, mailing label = $16.00);

1982; (March; Weight= 800 Grams; Kelly Emberg, Kelly LeBrock, Phil Donahue; VG, NO mailing label = $9.00);

1982; (October - Isabella Rossellini; Weight= 1200 Grams; Allure; Best of France; Kelly LeBrock, Catherine Deneuve, Kelly Emberg,

Julie Andrews, Kim Basinger, Jerry Hall; FN = $14.00);

1982; (December - Shar Belafonte; Weight= 650 Grams; VG/FN = $12.00);

1983; (January - Isabella Rossellini; Weight= 500 Grams; FN+ = $14.00);

1983; (February - Alexa Singer; Weight= 700 Grams; Spring Beauty; VG/FN = $12.00);

1983; (February - Alexa Singer; Weight= 700 Grams; Spring Beauty; VG = $10.00);

1983; (March - Lauren Helm; Weight= 800 Grams; John Malkovich , Twiggy; Accessories; VG = $10.00);

1983; (May - Weight= 650 Grams; Richard Burton, Debbie Harry/Blondie, Norman Mailer; VG/FN, mailing label, but 1"x1" UPC

Code cut out of cover, thus G/VG = $7.00);

1983; (June - Alexa Singer; Weight= 500 Grams; Kelly LeBrock, Kathy Ireland; FN = $12.00);

1983; (July - Nastassia Kinski; Weight= 500 Grams; Fall Fashion; FN/VF = $15.00);

1983; (July - Nastassia Kinski; Weight= 500 Grams; Fall Fashion; VG, mailing label, but 1"x1" UPC Code cut out of cover, thus G = $7 );

1983; ( August - Isabella Rossellini; Weight= 700 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1983; (October - Brooke Shields; Weight= 1200 Grams; VG/FN = $16.00);

1984; (January - Jacki Adams; Weight= 450 Grams; VG/FN = $12.00);

1984; (February - Shari Belafonte -Harper; Weight= 750 Grams; Jane Fonda interview; Meg Tilly, Frank Sinatra. FN = $14.00);

1984; (March - Beth Rupert; Weight= 950 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1984;(April - Renee Simonsen; Weight= 750 Grams; Brooke Shields = 1pg; VG/FN = $12.00);

1984; (July - Kim Alexis; Weight= 550 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1984; (August - Isabella Rossillini; Weight= 800 Grams; FN+ = $14.00);

1984; (September - Kim Alexis; Weight= 1200 Grams; New York collections Special; VG = $15.00);

1984; (November - Alexa Singer; Weight= 950 Grams; Andie MacDowell, Linda Ronstadt, Lucille Ball; FN = $14.00);

1984; (December - Renee Simonsen; Weight= 750 Grams; FN = $13.00);

VOGUE (Conde Nast Pub.) 1985-1989;

1985; (February - Brooke Shields; Weight= 800 Grams; Spring; FN = $14.00);

1985; (March - Alexa Singer; Weight= 1100 Grams; Paulina Porizkova; Cast of Desparately seeking Susan = Madonna, Rosanne Arquette, Aidan Quinn; Early 2pg Cindy Crawford ad; FN = $14.00);

1985; (March - Alexa Singer; Weight= 1100 Grams; Paulina Porizkova; Cast of Desparately seeking Susan = Madonna, Rosanne Arquette, Aidan Quinn; Early 2pg Cindy Crawford ad; VG = $10.00);

1985; (April - Kim Alexis; Weight= 800 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1985; (July - Isabella Rossillini; Weight= 450 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1985; (August - Alexa Singer; Weight= 750 Grams; Paulina Porizkova, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Farrah Fawcett; VG = $10.00);

1985; (October - Alexa Singer; All-Out issue; Weight= 1200 Grams; FN = $16.00);

1985; (November - Renee Simonsen; Weight= 900 Grams; Brooke Shields, Mikhail Baryshnikov/; FN = $12.00);

1985; (December - Alexa Singer; Weight= 750 Grams; Cindy Crawford; FN = $13.00);

1986; (January - Linda Spierings; Weight= 500 Grams; Paulina Porizkova; FN+ = $15.00);

1986; (March - Alexa Singer; Weight= 1100 Grams; VG = $10.00);

1986; (July - Estelle Lefebure; Weight= 500 Grams; FN+ = $10.00);

1986; July (UK/ British Edition; Weight= 500 Grams; VG/FN = $12.00);

1986; (August - 1st Cindy Crawford cover on Vogue; Weight= 750 Grams; Paulina Porizkova Christy Turlington, Sigourney Weaver; FN+ = $20.00);

1986; (September - Paulina Porizkova; Weight= 1200 Grams;New York collections Special; Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Kathleen Turner, Michelle Pfeiffer VG/FN = $16.00);

1987; (March - Estelle Lefebure; Weight= 1000 Grams; VG/FN = $10.00);

1987; (August - Estelle Lefebure; Weight= 750 Grams; VG/FN = $10.00);

1988; (May - Estelle Lefebure; Weight= 700 Grams; VG = $8.00);

1988; (August - Stephanie Seymour; Weight= 750 Grams; Jill Ireland; VG/FN = $10.00);

1988; (December - Linda Evangelista/ Carre Otis; Weight= 750 Grams; FN = $12.00);

1989 January (Karen Alexander);

1989; (February - Elaine Irwin; Weight= 750 Grams; All-American issue; Spring looks; G/VG = $6.00);

1989; (May - Madonna; Weight= 850 Grams; Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Tracey Ullman; creasing at right cover edge, thus VG minus = $14.00);

1989; (December - Paulina Porizkova; Weight= 900 Grams; Holiday issue; Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Mike Tyson, Cindy Crawford; FN+ = $12.00);

VOGUE (Conde Nast Pub.)1990; to Date;

1990; (February - Cindy Crawford; Weight= 800 Grams; Man behind Anne Klein; 100 Spring looks; VG = $10.00);

1990; (February - Cindy Crawford; Weight= 800 Grams; Man behind Anne Klein; 100 Spring looks; G/VG, back cover missing = $6.00);

1990; (February - Cindy Crawford; Weight= 800 Grams; Man behind Anne Klein; 100 Spring looks; FN = $15.00);

1990; (March - Elaine Irwin; Weight= 1200 Grams; FN/VF = $12.00);

1990; (April - Christy Turlington; Weight= 900 Grams; VG/FN = $9.00);

1991; (June - Tatjana Patitz; Weight= 500 Grams; Special Summer Fashion issue; Elizabeth Taylor; VF = $12.00);

1991; (September - Linda Evangelista; Weight= 1200 Grams; Special Fall Fashion issue; Katherine Hepburn, Bryan Ferry, Harry Connick Jr, Kenneth Branagh; VG = $10.00);

1991; (September - Linda Evangelista; Weight= 1200 Grams; Special Fall Fashion issue; Katherine Hepburn, Bryan Ferry, Harry Connick Jr, Kenneth Branagh; VG, 1" Tear with magic tape repairs inside, light creasing, thus G/VG = $8.00);

1991; (November - Claudia Schiffer; Weight= 800 Grams; Winter & Holiday issue; FN/VF = $12.00);

1992; (May - Claudia Schiffer; Weight= 700 Grams; Sharon Stone, Mary Robinson, Robert Altman, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Niki & Krissy Taylor; VF = $12.00);

1993; (February - Amber Valletta; Weight= 550 Grams; Christy Turlington, Clint Eastwood, Juliette Lewis; G/VG = $6.00);

1993; (March - Karen Mulden; Weight= 900 Grams; Barryshnikov; FN = $9.00);

1993; (August - Cindy Crawford; Weight= 700 Grams; Barbra Streisand, Janet Reno; VG/FN = $10.00);

1993; (October - Winona Ryder; Weight= 1200 Grams; Piece off inside flap of foldout back cover, rest of mag is VG/FN, thus G/VG = $7.00);

1993; (October); (November - Meg Ryan; Weight= 850 Grams; VG = $8.00);

1995; (April - Kristen McMenamy; Weight= 850 Grams; Linda Fiorentino; VG/FN = $7.00); (October; Claudia Schiffer);

1996 (January; Amber Valletta);

1998 (May; Elizabeth Hurley);

1999; November (A Century of Vogue - Millennium Issue; .Weight= 1400 Grams; Mailing Label removed, VG/FN = $18.00);

2000; (January - Gisele/Carmen Kass); (February - Angela Lindvall); (March - Amber Valletta); (April - Carolyn Murphy); (May - Gisele); (June); (August - Carmen Kass);

2001; (November; Britney Spears);

2002; (April; Angelina Jolie); (May – Natalie Portman); (September - Kate Hudson); (December; Halle Berry);

2003; (April - Brooke Shields); (August: Sarah Jessica Parker);

2004; (Janaury; Jennifer Aniston); (April; Gwen Stefani); (June; Kate Hudson); (July; Kiera Knightley); (July; Kirsten Dunst); (August; Priscilla, Lisa Marie & Riley Presley); (October; Charlize Theron); (November; Jennifer Connelly); (December; Cate Blanchett);

2005; (January; Jennifer Lopez); (July Kate Winslet); (September; Sarah Jessica Parker); (December; Kiera Knightley);

2006 (March; Natalie Portman); (June; Uma Thurman);

2007 (January; Angelina Jolie);

2008 (February Kate Bosworth); (September Keira Knightley);

VOGUE BEAUTY/ HEALTH GUIDE (Conde Nast Pub.) - 1980/81(Special issue; 1000 Tips from Experts; Weight for Postage = 400 Grams; VG/FN $12);

VOGUE PATTERN BOOK (Conde Nast Pub.; Bi-Monthly FASHION Magazine, thus 2 months per issue);

*** Great PHOTO covers of Ladies wearing current Fashions on all covers;

** Interiors of Typical issues contain about 30+ Pages of great PHOTO's of Ladies wearing current Fashions;

** Interiors of Typical issues contain about 20+ Pages of illustrstions of current Fashions;

1958; October-November(Weight=180 Grams; Fashion Arrivals; Paisley; Paris Originals; Suburbia USA; Mrs Exeter; Hat News;

Jumper; Mohair Knits; Teen-Age Wardrobes; VG = $15);
1958-1959; December-January(Weight=190 Grams; Femininity after Five; Party Dresses; Empire influence; Paris Original

Models; Couturier Designs; Winter Vaction in Sun & Snow; Rectangle & Triangle Coats; 10 pages of Holiday Separates;

news in Hats; 48 Dresses to wear now; VG = $15);
1959; June-July(Weight=165 Grams; Photo's by Francesco Scavullo; Vacation Wardrobe; Patchwork; Accessories;

Prettier in Prints; Wider shoulders; Look-Alike fashions; Paris Profile = Guy Laroche; Night & Day Looks; Organdy;

Summer warerobe for Teens; VG/FN = $15);
1959-1960; December-January(Weight=165 Grams; Holiday Fashions; Daytime & Evening Fashions; Beauty is my

Buisness = fashion model Jessica Ford; intro 3 Dior patterns; Russian Wardrobe; Paris Profile = Jean Patou;

Christmas Luxuries; VG = $15);
1960; February-March(Weight=225 Grams; Spring Looks; VPB's year-round Wardrobe; Polka-Dot Pillbox pattern;

5 new Paris Originals; G/VG=$13);

1960; February-March(Weight=225 Grams; Spring Looks; VPB's year-round Wardrobe; Polka-Dot Pillbox pattern;

5 new Paris Originals; FN+ = $20);

1960; June-July(Weight=165 Grams; Summer Fashions; Appliques; Vacation Cottons; bright Beach Looks; Summer

Evenings; Barbecue fashions; accessory accents; Daytime & Evening fashions; Lingerie; G/VG=$13);

1960; August- September(Weight=200 Grams; 100 new FALL Designs; Versatile Overblouse; the BIG Change = Fluid Lines,

Softened Fabrics & Smoldering Colors; Paris Report = Gem Colors, Couturier collections & Burnished browns; VPB 1960

Wardrobe plan; G/VG=$13);

1960; October-November(Weight=195 Grams; Suburbia; 152 Fashions for Now; G/VG=$13);
1960-1961; December-January(Weight=200 Grams; Over 300 Designs; Complete Year-round wardrobe; Warm weather clothes;

Party Dresses for Winter; 32 page Capsule Cataloge of Vogue favorites; VG = $15);
1961; April-May(Weight=165Grams; SPRING sewing spree; New Color Chemistry; new Pastels; Prints = Nouveau art;

Color Profile pn Black & White;VPB 1961 Wardrobe plan; 110 bright Fashion Ideas; FN = $18);

VOGUE PATTERN BOOK (Conde Nast Pub.) -

1988; (July/ August; WEIGHT= 200 Grams; NO Mailing Label; FN+ = US$6); (October );

1992; (July/August);


--- (W) ---


2006 (Celebrity Special #2);


1979; (October);

1980; (January/February);

2003; (Winter – Gail Asper); (Spring – Manitoba's Women Entrepreneurs of the Year);

2004; (Spring – Sharon Riches);

WISH (St. Joseph Media Pub.)

2005 (May); (Summer); (September); (October); (Winter 2005/2006);

2006 (March); (October); (November); (Winter 2006/2007);

2007 (March); (April); (May);

WOMEN (UK; IPC Magazines) -

1972; (February 19, April 1, June3, December ( - Liz Taylor);

1973; (January 6, January 13, February 10, February 17,, March 3, July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11 - Agatha Christie Short story, August 25,, September 1, September 8, September 15, October 20, November 3, November 10, November 17);

1974; (January 19, January 26, February (, February 16 - race car driver Jackie Stewart, February 23);

1985; (June 15 - Princess Diana);

WOMAN AND BEAUTY (Amalgamated Press) - 1937 (December);

WOMEN'S HOME COMPANION HAIRDO TRENDS 80 (Stories, Layouts and Press Pub.);

WOMAN'S LIFE (Harris Pub. Inc.) -

1995; (April);

1996; (May, October);

1997; (February);

WOMAN'S OWN (IPC Magazines) -

1973; (October 13);

1975; (October 4);

1976; (March 20);

1978; (August 26);


--- (Y) ---

YIKES! - 2011 - October 17;

YOU (Family Communications Pub.);

1993 (Autumun; Charlotte); (Wintere; Melanie);

YOU (Imprint Caribbean Ltd. Pub.)

1980; (Volume 1 #4: Melanie Gilbert);

1981; (Volume 2 #6: Jennifer Kallipersad/ Christopher Pinheiro); (Volume 2 #7: Charisse Parsons/ Roger Melizan); (Volume 2 #8: Deborah Bapitiste/ Selwyn Ross);

YOUNG MISS (Parents Magazine) -

1982; (April); ( August - Brooke Shields); (Judy Blume; Cover=Missy Hughes; Cast of FAME; Weight=150 Grams; FN+ $9); ( December - Susan Walters);

1983; (January/February - Susan Duffy); (August - Marilyn Clark);

1985; (April - Lynn Wise); (July - Joyce Hartestein); (August - Anita Crane); (October - Sally Wyesthoff);

YOUNG & MODERN – YM Magazine (Parents Magazine) -

1991; (June/July (Claudia Schiffer); September (Cast of “Beverly Hills 90210”); November (Melissa Billingsly); December/1992; January (Cindy Crawford);

1992; ( February - Christian Slater); (April - Mariah Carey); (July - Tom Cruise); (August - Shannen Doherty); September (Luke Perry); (October - Claudia Schiffer); November(Audrey Anderson);

1993; (January - Madonna); (February - Mark Walhberg); (March - Niki Taylor); April (Andrew Shue/ Grant Show);( May- Elaine Irwin Mellencamp); (June/July - Janet Jackson); (August - Dan Cortese); (September - Christian Slater); (October - Niki Taylor); (November - Diana Gettinger); December/1994; January (Elaine Irwin Mellencamp);

1994; (February - Antonio Sabato Jr.; 200 Grams; FN = $6);

1994; March (Luke Perry; 200 Grams; G/VG = $4);

1994; (May - Andrew Shue; 200 Grams; VG/FN = $5);

1994; June/July (Brendan Fraser/ Larissa B.; 200 Grams; VG/FN = $5);

1994; (August - Eddie Furlong; 200 Grams; G/VG = $4);

1994; (September - Laura Leighton; 200 Grams; FN = $5);

1994; (October - Stephen Dorff; 200 Grams; G/VG = $4);

1994; (November - Rhonda Willoughby; 200 Grams; VF = $6);

1995; (January Christian Slater);(February); ( March - Ricki Lake); ( April - Jonathan Brandis); ( May - Tiffani-Amber Thiessen); July (Chris O'Donnell; BONUS "Say Anything" & " Tampax Cool & Confident" insert Booklets are still intact; Creasing to front cover, G = $5.00). August (Drew Barrymore); (September - Niki Taylor); October (Matt Leblanc); (November - Summer Altice);

1996; (January - Christopher Douglas/ Patrick Muldoon/ Antonio Sabato jr.); (February - Scott Wolf); March (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen); ( April - Cameron Bancroft); ( May - Dean Cain); (July - Yasmine Bleeth); (October - Antonio Sabato Jr.); ( November - Tiffany Wray);

1996; December/ 1997; January - Austin Peck/ David Chocachi/ Tyson Beckford;

1997; February (Liv Tyler); March (Toni Braxton); (April - Gwen Stefani); (May - David Charvet); (June/July - Alicia Silverstone); August (Spice Girls); September (Carmen Electra); (October – Gavin Rossdale of Bush); November (Anne Marie Kortright Martinez);

1998; February (Prince William); (March - David Boreanaz/ Devon Sawa/ Mekhi Phifer);April (Cast of TV's “Dawson Creek's”); (May – Leonardo Dicaprio); (July - Jennifer Love Hewitt); August (Sarah McLachlan); (September - Katie Holmes);(October - Nina Arduz/ Mase); (November - Monica);

1999; (January - Cast of TV's "Felicity"); (March - Drew BarryMore); (? month - Ben Affleck/ Matt Damian); July (Meredith Monroe);(August: 98 Degrees); (October - Scott Foley of "Felicity"); (December/ January 2000; - Backstreet Boys);

2000; (March - Jessica Simpson/ TLC's Chilli/ Enrique/ Glesias); (April - James Van Der Beek); (May - TLC); (June/July - NSYNC/ Dream); (August: Enrique Igle Sias); (September - Cast of "American Pie 2"; Britney Spears); (October: 98 Degrees); (November: Ryan Phillippe); (December/January 2001; - Jessica Simpson);

2001; January (Jessica Simpson);(February - Backstreet Boys); (March - Gwen Stefani); (April: O-Town);(May - Mandy Moore); (June/July - Dream); (May - Mandy Moore); August (98 Degrees); (September - Cast of "American Pie 2"); October (Britney Spears); (November - Drew Barry more); (December/ 2002; January - Justin Timberlake);

2002; (February – Josh Hartnett) (June - Nelly Furtado); (July – Brandon Boyd); (August – Josh Hartnett); (September - Ashanti); (October - Avril Lavigne); (November - Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini)); (December - Christina Aguilera);

2003; (January - Elijah Wood); (January - alternate cover Orlando Bloom); (February; Julia Stiles); (March - David Gallagher); (May Ashton Kutcher); (July; Michelle Branch); (August; Shane West); (September; Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen); (November; Amanda Bynes);

2004; (March; Chad Michael Murphy); (April; Britney Spears/ Nick & Jessica/ Beyonce Knowles); (May; Jennifer Garner); (June; Orlando Bloom); (July; Kate Hudson); (August; Lindsay Lohan); (October; Avril Lavigne); (September Ashlee Simpson);

YOUNG & MODERN SPECIALS; – YM Magazine (Parents Magazine) -

SPECIAL: FIND THE REAL YOU - 1998; (Spring);

SPECIAL: FIND THE REAL YOU - 1999; (Spring);

SPECIAL: GET GORGEOUS – 1999; Spring (Alyssa Milano);

YM SPECIAL: HAPPY - 2001; (Weight = 190 Grams; Laura Prepon/ Mila Kunis of that '70s Show cover & 6 page Article; pages 11-14 missing, '70s Show article complete, G/VG $3);

YM SPECIAL LOVE - 1993; (Summer/Fall; Weight = 190 Grams; FN = $6);
YM SPECIAL LOVE - 1993; (Summer/Fall; Weight = 190 Grams; page 73/74, 93/94 missing, rest is VG/FN = $3);
YM SPECIAL LOVE - 1994; (Summer/Fall; Weight = 185 Grams; VF= $7);
YM SPECIAL LOVE - 1995; (Summer/Fall; Weight = 180 Grams; 20% of BACK cover missing, pages 51/52, 89/90 are missing, 5 pages with Clippings Cut Out, rest is G/VG = $2);




SPECIAL PROM - 1998; Spring;

SPECIAL PROM - 2001; - Leslie Bibb;

SPECIAL: STARS – 2001; (Jimmy Fallon);

--- (Z) ---

ZELLERS FAMILY (Today's Parent Group)

1999 (Spring Celine Dion & Her Children); (Fall Delta Burke);

2000 (Spring/Summer; Shania Twain);

2001; (Spring/ Summer Megan Follows); (Fall - Valerie Pringle);

2002; (Fall - Shae-Lynn Bourne);

2003 (Spring/Summer Mossimo Giannulli);


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