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TRUE WEST & Old American West / WESTERN MAGAZINES - For Sale (1950's - 1990's) --


1964 - (Fall #2; Famous Outlaws of the West- "Billy the Kid"/ "the Younger Gang"/ "The Dalton Boys"); (Winter #3; Wars of the American Indian- "Crazy Horse"/ "Pawnees"/ "Apache"/ "Pueblos")

1965 - (Fall #5; Famous Lawmen of the West- "Wyatt Earp"/ "Pat Garrett"/ "Temple Houston"/ "Tom Smith"/ "Chris Madsen")

AMERICAN COWBOY ( American Cowboy LLC Pub.) -

1995 - (August; Front cover Rod Hays Takes a Spill 1994 Reno Rodes); (October; "Red Ryder Rides Again"/ "The Great American Cattle Drive"/ "Ben Johnson"); (December; "National Finals Rodeo Preview"/ "Wild Bill Engvall"/ "Richard Farnsworth");

1996 - (February; "last Days of the Doolin Gang"/ "Western Art Bonanza"/ "Jim Shoulders"); (August; "Annual Rodeo Issue"/ "Doug Supernaw"/ "Marion Hedgepeth - Debonair Killer"); (October; "James Bama's Searching Portraits"/ 'Bob Moorehouse Cowboy Photography"/ "Mortin Grelle Serene Imagery");

1997 - (February; Front cover Buster McLaury of Benjamin, Texas/ "Cowgirl Hall of fame"/ "Bull Rider Ted Nuce"/ "Emmylou Harris");

THE AMERICAN WEST ( American West Pub. Co. ) -

1965 - (Summer; Front cover Mountain Quail by artist Andrew Jackson Grayson);


2004 - (April; Front cover Viggo Mortensen - Lord of he Rings to Hidalgo; "Roy Rogers and Trigger Remembered");

2005 - (January; Front cover Ralph Lauren; "Johnny Cash - Sotheby's Auction");

BEST OF THE WEST (Stagecoach Pub. Co.) -

1974 YEARBOOK ("Pawnee Bill Oklahoma Giant"/ "George Melvin Miller"/ "Diamondfield Jack - Cheap Killer)

BIG WEST (Century Distributors Inc.)

1967 - (Vol 1 No 1 August;front cover "the General" by artist Charles Sultan); (Vol 1 No 2 October; front cover art by Les Stevens)

1968 - (Vol 2 No 1 February; "Three frontier artists of the Old West"); (Vol 2 No 2 April; "Skirts, Powder Puffs and Rodeos"/ "The Bloody Scars of Pea Ridge")

1969 - (June; "Special Indian Issue")

1970 - (April; front cover photo from "Major Dundee")



1974 - (Fall; "Ghost Towns of Alberta"/ "Upper Canada's Dens of Infamy")


1955 - (June; Front cover Painting by Clarence Doore; stories by Will Cook; Richard Ferber, Clark Gray & others);

FRONTIER TIMES ( Western Pub.) -

1959 - (Fall, Front cover art by Al Martin Napoletano; "Thunder on the Arickaree"/ ""Massacre at Wickenburg"); (Winter; "They Killed Pancho Villa !"/ "Which Indian Killed Custer?)

1961; Spring (Salmon Falls Massacre/Indian Sign Language/Frederic Remington cover; VG/FN $15)

1962 - (Spring; Front cover photo "Panhandle Sunset" by George Williams; "The Fabulous Silver Tabors"); (Fall; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Geronimo !")

1963 - (January; "Special photo feature-"Seminoles in the West"/ "Will Rogers Boyhood"); (July; Front cover art "Old Homestead" by Josef Muench)

1964 - (January; Front cover photo Monument Valley in Winter by Josef Muench; "Forty Times a Killer - the Story of John Wesley Hardin"); (March; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Willian F. 'Doc' Carver); (July; Front cover photo by Bob Taylor; "James Kane's Stage Line") (September; Front cover Photo Padre Island by William Mahan; "Annual Treasure Edition"); (November; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Missionary to the Apaches")

1965 - (January; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "The Bonney Brothers); (March; Front cover photo "Mark Twain's Office"; "Meet Mark Twain") (May; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Henry Plummer's Golden Loot"; / "Harry Plummer's Golden Loot"/ "Harry Oliver - Desert Rat"); (July; Front cover art by Richard M. Moore; "Founder of the Cowboy Camp Meeting") (September; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "the Bad Lands Gumbo Lily"; "Following the Gold Rush Trail Today")

1966 - (January; Front cover art "the Coming of the Dragoons-1834" by Joe Grandee; "George R. Stewart's- California Trail"); (March; Front cover art by B.J. McCausey; 'Tom Jeffords and Cochise"); (July; Front cover art by Larry Smitherman; "The Ballad of Buchwhacker Bend by Raymond W. Thorp"/ /"He Saw the Posse Die by William B. Secret"); (September; Front cover photo by Spring in he Superstition Mountains by Josef Muench; "Twenty Years among our Hostile Indians Part I"/ "Cullen Baker - Purveyor of Death"); (November; Front cover Painting by Joe Grandee; 'Twenty Years Among our Hostile Indians Part 2"/ "Cowboy Gunfighter Clay Allison"/ "Leechtown Legens");

1967 - (January - Front cover art by B.J. McCausey; "Twenty Years among our Hostile Indians part 3"/ "Silver Queen of the San Juans"); (March; Front cover photo by William Mahan; "Twenty Years among our Hostile Indians Part 4"/ "How do you like your Treasure?"); (May; Front cover art by W.J. Wilwerding/ "Twenty Years among our Hostile Indians Part 5"/ "Gypsy Knives"/ "Indian Fight at Battle Flat"); (July; Front cover art "The Smoke Signal" by Dan Muller; "Will Rogers and Charlie Russell"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book"/ "Doctor Grandma French"); (September; Front cover photo by Ray Atkeson; "Chief Joseph as seen by the Nez Perces"); (November; Front cover art by Chuck Dehaan; "The Carlos Blanchard Chronicle"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book"/ "Targhee's Gold Caches");

1968 - (January; Front cover art by White Buffalo (Bobby Hill); "Billy the Kid's Last Christmas"/ "The Canyon Springs Robbery by Anges Wright Spring"); (March; Front cover Photo "Winter Comes to Canyon De Chelly" by Ray Manley"; "Bill Wilson's Getaway"); (May; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "A Rumanian Queen in the West"/ "The Bayhorse Treasure by Maurke Kildare); (July; Front cover art by Victor Drake; "A Bunkhouse Confidence Man by Walt Coburn"/ "Stope Maravel's Unlucky Find"); (September; Front cover art "Bolting Loose "by Joe Grandee; "Tom Mix Last Sundown by Walt Coburn"/ "45th Anniversary Special"); (November; Front cover art "The Rim Rocker" by James E. Bramlett; "The Dewey-Berry Feud"/ "Frost Bite and Shenanigans of the Zortman - Malta Line");

1969 - (January; Front cover art "A Line Camp Christmas" by Victor Drake; "Bill Stiles Story"/ "A Second Look at the Blazer's Mill Affair"); (March; Front cover art "Gun Battle at Roscoe" by Harvey W. Johnson; "How Wild West Shows Operated"/ "Ghost Fort in Grapevine Canyon"/ "He Hated the Blackfeet"); (May; Front cover art "Smallpox-the White Man's Gift"by Bud Breen; "Siege of the McSween House"): (July; Front cover photo "Yucca Quartet"by Darwin Van Campen; "Tom Mix was my Boss"/ "Outlaws Black and Yeager") (September; Front cover art of Indian Warrior by Gregory Perillo; 'Special Feature - Apache Vengeance"/ "Tombstone Typos");

1970 - (January; Front cover art by Gary Van Ilg; "Old Spook-the Durndest Horse"); (March; Front cover art "the Long Cold Wait"by Bob Day; "Robbery of the Denver Mint"/ "Motion Pictures Vignettes"); (September; Front cover photo of Three Sisters Peaks in Oregons Cascades by Ray Atkeson; "Railroading in the Cascades"/ "Lost Arch Nuggets");

1971 - (May; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Sitting Bull-last Sioux to Lay Down his Gun"/ "Arkansas Tom Daugherty"/ "Ghosts of the Rio Puerco"); (July; Front cover Photo of Various Coinage by Ford Green; "Clues to Frontier Treasure"/ 'Last Rails Across North America - The Grand Trunk"); (September; Front cover art by Ancel E. Nunn; "Kit Joy's Gang"/ "Chuckawalla Wilson"); (November; Front cover Photo Near Rock Point Arizona by Darwin Van Campen; "Martial Law in Coeur D'Alenes"/ "Rodeo Sugar and Spice - Cowgirls");

1972 - (march; Front cover photo near Stafford Arizona by Darwin Van Campen; "Mormon's vs. Navajos"/ "Mesa Negra's Golden Statues"/ "Henry Plummer's Second in Command");

1974 - (July; Front cover photo of Washington Sunset, San Juan Islands by Ed Cooper; "Badman - lawman Special"/ "Spaghetti Western"/ "Life on an Idaho Cattle Ranch");

1976 - (January; Front cover art "Winter Shoes" by L. Markos; "Tools of the Blacksmith"/ "Sheiffs pat & Mike Sughrue");

1977 - (January; Front cover art "Winter Wagon Wheel Ranch" by Bob Taylor; "The Incredible Polly Pry"; "Treasure Ships at the tip of Texas");

1978 - (January; Front cover art "What the Hell!" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Cowboys and Wild Stallions"/ "Yocum's Inn - The Devil's Own Lodging House");

1979 - (November; Front cover photo of Mt. Hood by William D. McKinney; "Tunneling the Sierra with Nitro"/ "Manitou's Ghosts"/ "Dread of the Villa Raiders");

1980 - (July; Front cover photo of Fireweed on Molas Divide Colorado by Lester Tinker; "Plenty Fires - Fort Sill Indian Scout"/ "Jim Roberts - Old Hand with a Gun");

1981 - (March; Front cover "El Desperado" by M.H. Bradshaw; "Of Prairies and Oxcarts"/ "The Abercrombie Phantom");

FRONTIER WEST ( Reese Pub. Co. Inc. Pub.) -

1971 - (October vol 1 no 4; "the Wild Bunch's $137,000 Buried Fortune"/ "John 'Portugee' Phillips Desperate Ride")

1972 - (June; "How the Mormons Pushed their Handcart Train to Glory"/ "Lynch Law Tamed the West"); (October; "Indian Slave Traders Private War against the Mormons"/ "Massacre at Adobe Walls"); (December; "Cherokee Forced March on the Trail of Tears"/ "The Day the Mormons Learned to Fight Indian Style");

1976 - (January; "last Battle of the Rocky Mountain Railroad War"/ "Blood Vengeance of the Peace Loving Piegans"); (April; "Frontier Terrorist White Horse"/ "The Apache Peace Conference That Set the Southwest Aflame");

GOLD ! ( Western Pub. Inc. )

1969 - (Volume 1 #1 annual; Front cover art "the Old Prospector" by Ben Carlton Mead; "Lost mines, Gold Rush, Buried Treasure")

GOLDEN WEST ( Maverick Pub. Inc. Pub.)

1964 (November; Volume 1 #1; Front cover art by Douglas Rosa; "Bill Pickett-the Man Who Developed Bulldogging"/ "When Nevada Hung a Woman")

1965 (January; Volume 1 #2; Front cover art by Frederic; "Ben Ash-Dakota Trail Blazer"/ "Emma Nevada - The Comstock Nightingale"/ "The Last Indian War"); (March; Volume 1 #3; Front cover art by Charles M. Russell; "John Hailey-Stagecoach King of Idaho"/ "Courage of a Covered Wagon Girl"); (May; Volume 1 #4; Cover photo from Movie "Cheyenne Autumn"; "the Real Molly Brown"/ "Ben Snipe's Beef Bonanza"); (July; Volume 1 #5; Front cover art "A Running Bucker"by Frederic Remmington; "Sam Houston and his Battles"/ "the Capture nd Execution of Juan Flores"); (September; Volume 1 #6; Front cover art "Not-Chi-Mi-Ne"an Iowa Chief; "Edward Creighton- Singing Wire Chief'): (November; Volume 2 #1; Front cover art "A Trapper"by Frederic Remmington; "Fritz Truan- Hall of Fame Cowboy"/ "the Covered Wagon Grows Up")

1966 -(May; Front cover art "Buffalo Hunt"by Frederic Remington; "Oliver Loving's Last Stand"/ "the Cardboard Cowboy"); (July; Front cover art "Trail of the Iron Horse"by Charles M. Russell; "Broncho Charlie Miller"/ "Andrew Voight- Cow Country Stalwart"); (September; Front cover art "the Quarrel"by Frederic Remington; "the Law vs. Dutch Henry"/ "Legend of Crazy Horse"); (November; Front cover art "A Sunset in the Southwest"by Henry Raschen; "Flore Quick- Alias Tom King"/ "Amadeo peter Giannini- Banking Genius")

1967 - (January; Front cover art by Virginia Taylor; "Doc Orvis of Hereford Haven"):(May; Front cover art "Streets of El Dorado"by Ted Caluza; "Hill Beachy's Nightmare"/ "Cushing's Life with the Zunis") (July; Front cover art by Leonard H. Reedy; "Kinkaid's Nebraska Kingdom"/ "Circuit Vet - Last of His Kenyon; "the Assassination of Parson Tolby"/ "Justice on the Sooner Border"); (September; Front cover art "Wagon Train West"by Chris Kenyon; "Assassination of Parson Tolby"/ "Justice on the Sooner Border"); (November; Front cover art "Longhorn Saloon"by Bob Day; "Arizona Ranger Burt Mossman"/ "Father Dyer- the Snowshoe Itinerant")

1968 - (January; Front cover art by Donald White; "Saga of Patrick Floyd Garrett"/ "How to Tweak a Killer's Nose"); (March; Front cover art "Indians and Scouts Talking" by Charles M. Russell; "The Lost Lemon Mine"/ "Nibs and His Good Squaw Min"/ "Plummer's Horrendous Masquerade"); (May; Front cover art "When Horseflesh Comes High"by Charles M. Russell; "Big Foot Wallace of Texas"/ "Adventures of William Bent");

1969 - (January; Front cover art "Fight Between Blackfeet and Piegans"by Charles M. Russell; "Ewing Younger- Pathfinder and Pioneer"/ "the Four Onyx Miners of Pipes Canyon"); (March; Front cover art "Stagecoach"by Charles M. Russell; "Wandering Skull of Chief Com-Comly"/ "Black Robe Father De Smet");(July; Front cover art 'Surrounded' by Johnnie C. Walker; "the Mystery of Steamboat Spring"); (September; Front cover art "Shadow of Justice" by Johnnie C. Walker; "Lola Montez - a Most Notorious lady"/ "How the Logan Boys got that Way");

1970 - (January; Front cover art "The Ribs of History"by Fred Lammert; "the Weapons of Wyatt Earp"/ "Billy Gohl Launched a 100 Murders"); (March; Front cover art "Winter on the Prairie"byVictor Drake; "Jack Hale of Scooptown"/ "Baylor Walton's Last Gunfight"); (September; Front cover art "The Casualty" by Victor Drake; "Cattle King John Chisum"/ "Crazy Snake"/ "the Fredonian Rebellion");

1971 - (January; Front cover art"Let it Rain"by F.R. Lammert; "the Taming of Tex Moore"/ "How to Foil a Stage Robber"); (March; Front cover art "Attack on the Stage Coach"; "the Perils of James Ohio Pattie"/ "the Destiny of Buffalo Jones"); (May; Front cover art "The Hardcase"; "the 'Peg Leg' Smith Story"/ "Invasion of the Whalers");

1972 - (January; "the Terrifying Story of Nancy Holloway"/ "the Chinese Were More Abused Than the Indian"); (May; Front cover art "Custer's Demand"by Schreyvogel; "Samuel Brannan- California's First Executioner"); (June; Front cover photo of Dodge City, Kansas; "Clay AAllison Psychopathic Killer"/ "the Survivor of Wounded Knee"); (August; "Noble John Otherday- the Sioux Savior"/ "Bronc Rider Billy McGinty")

1973 - (July; "Chuck Colcord - Scourge of the Cattle Rustlers"/ "The Secret That Died With Belle Starr"/ "Personal Recollections of Chief Washakie"); (December; "Albert Mobride King of the Oil Drillers"/ "Santa Fe's Original Trading Post");

1974 - (March; "Pat Garrett's Sidekick ash Upson"/ "The Men who Built the Denver Post");


GREAT ROBBERIES OF THE OLD WEST ( Stagecoach Pub. Co.) - 1974 - (June; "The Infamous Northfield Raid"/ "The San Joaquin Train Holdups");

GREAT WEST ( M.F. Enterprises Inc. Pub.) -

1967 - (April; "Legend in her own Lifetime- Belle Starr"/ "Perfumed Miners 49'rs"); (Sept; "Teton Jackson and his 300 Outlaws"/ "Up From Texas Came the Hired Killers"); (Nov; "Hangman From Hell"/ "the Oregon Trail")

1968 - (July; "The Saga of Jack Slade"/ "Gambling Gunslinger"); (Oct; "the Lady from Virgin Alley"/ "They Hung Tom Horn")

1969 - (February; "Kelley Canyon Outlaws"/ "the Madam Who Switched"); (May; "Legend of Annie Oakley"/ "Barney Ford the Baron of Colorado"); (July; "Gunslinger Johnny Ringo"/ "Calamity Jane'/ "the Texas Rangers")

1970 - (February; "the Lee Brothers- Wanted Dead or Alive"/ "Massacre at Salt River Canyon"); (June; "Gunfighter Jim Courtright"/ "Fight at Soldier Spring"); (August; "Little Wolf's Fight"/ "Texan Lottery of Death"); (December; "Bloody Alf Boulder"/ "Bert Casey Outlaw"/ "The Hennessey Massacre")

1971 - -(April; "the Nitro Gang"/ "They Hung Billy Brooks"/ "the Mariposa Slaughter"); (June; "Outlaw who ran for Governor- Al Jennings"/ "Revolt in Taos"); (August; "Warcry at Puget Sound"/ "Jim Masterson");

1973 - (December; "Battle at Big Hole Basin"/ "Owlhoot Medico");

GREAT WEST (UK Edition; M.F. Enterprises Inc. Pub.) -

1973 - (June; Volume 1 #1; "the Indian Who Plundered Texas - Chief Skywalker"/ "The First Train Robbery"/ "Doc John Marsh"); (Volume 1 #3; "The Infamous Murder of Sitting Bull"/ "Sam Bass - Outlaw"/ "Thunder Over Hornitos");

THE GUNFIGHTERS (Mike Roberts Color Production Pub.; Paintings & Text by Lea Franklin McCarty);

GUNSLINGERS OF THE WEST ( Westerama Pub. Inc. ) -

1966 - (Winter; Front cover art by Frederic Remington; "Doc Holliday"/ "Joe Ringo"/ "Sam Bass"/ "Bonus - Wanted Posters);


1982 (Volume 1 #1; Front cover art 'The Yell of Triumph" by A.J. Miller; "The Pioneer Smelters of B.C."/ "Fisgard Lighthouse"/ "Collin's Overland Telegraph");

LAWMEN OF THE OLD WEST (G.C. London Pub. Corp. Pub.) -

1973 - (March; "The Story of the Pinkertons"/ "Chris Madsen - The Man Who Fought 100 Outlaws"/ "Sheriff Bill Cozens"/ "Big Foot Wallace of Texas");

LOST GOLD AND HIDDEN TREASURE OF THE WEST ( Charlton Pub.) - 1964 (Summer; Volume 1 #1; "Fantastic True Stories of Lost and Hidden Millions");


1995; (March; Front cover art by Mort Kunstler; "Interview - Terry Johnston"/ "The Truth About Black Bart");

1995; (July; Front cover art "Freedom" by Nelson Boren; "Interview Judy Alter"/ "The Story of Kit Carson"/ "Custer and the Little Bighorn Revisited");

1995; (September; Front cover art "Jack Lloyd's Freight Office" by Robert McGinnis; "Interview - Baxter Black"/ "Profile of Buffalo Bill Cody");

MAN'S WESTERN ( MTB Pub. Inc. Pub.) -

1959 (August/September;; Volume 1 #1; "TV's Gunslingers in Action"/ "Wyatt Earp's Own Vice Madam");

1960 - (January; Volume 1 #2; 'The Untold Story of Zane Grey"/ "Doc Holliday - Deadliest Dentist of the West");

MONTANA: THE MAGAZINE OF WESTERN HISTORY ( Montana Historical Society Pub.) -

1976 (Spring; Front cover art "Indian Encampment in the Rockies" by Albert Bierstadt);

1977 (Spring; Front cover art "Camp of the Gros Ventres of the Prairies" by Karl Bodmer);


1989 - (March/ April; Front cover art "Winter on the South Slope" by David Wright); (May/June; Front cover art "Warning" by Dan Deuter); (July/ August; Front cover Photo 18th Century Pistols Reproductions); (September/ October; Front cover art "Dawn" by Lee Teter of Cumberland, Maryland); (November/December; Front cover art "The Scouts" by David Wright of Tennessee);

1990 - (January/ February; Front cover art "In the High Country" by Don Farmer of Elko, Nevada); (March/ April; Front cover "Mossasin Stew" by J.B. Clemens); (May/ June; Front cover art "Waugh! I Ain't Ironhand" by Norman Adams); (July/ August; Front cover Photo of two Hand Forged Knives by William White of Morgantown, Kentucky); (September/ October; Front cover Photo of David Clark of Danville, Virginia); (November/ December; Front cover art "The Highlander" by Don Hickmott);

1991 - (January/ February; Front cover "Course Vers Leh Fort" by J.B. Clemens); (March/ April; Front cover art "Too Long in the Mountains" by David Wright); (May/ June; Front cover art "A Bent's Fort Trapper - Gary Wilder" by Tim Tanner of Danbury, Connecticut); (July/ August ; Front cover Photo of Double Pouch by Ken Scott); (September/ October; Front cover art "Seneca Scouts" by Robert Griffing); (November/ December; Front cover art "Northwoods Trappers" by David Wright);

1992 - (January/February; Front cover art "Day of Many Songs" by Ken Schmidt); (May/June; Front cover Photo of Equipment Made by Bladesmith Daniel Winkler); (July/August; Front cover "Col. Daniel Boone" from the Rare 1820 Engraving by Chester Harding and James Otto Lewis); (September/ October; Front cover photo of Various Equipment);

1993 - (January/ February; Front cover art "In the Shadow of the King" by Robert Griffing); (March/ April; Front cover art "Skirmish" by Rex Norman); (May/June; Front cover art "A Warning for General Braddock" by Robert Griffing); (September/ October; Front cover art "The Scout" by David Wright); (November/ December; Front cover art "The Over-Mountain Man" by Gary S. Zaboly);

1994 - (January / February; Front cover art "Portrait" by Dave Wolford); (March/ April; Front cover art "The Blue Belt" by David Wright); (May/ June; Front cover art "The Crossing" by Robert Griffing); (July/ August; Front cover art "White Cherokee" by Daniel N. Bode); (September/ October; Front cover Beaded Work by Various Artisans); (November/ December; Front cover Photoprint "The Woodsman" by V.J. Fairbrother);

1995 - (March/ April;ft/cv art "camp Follower" by Pamela Patrick); (May/June; Front cover art "The Victory Coat" by Robert Giffing); (July/ August; Front cover art "The Sound of Distant Hoffbeats" by Kirk Stimweis); (November/ December ;ft/cv art "Shawnee Hunter - Pause at the Creek" by David Wright);

1996 - (January/February; Front cover art "A Fearful Noise" by John Buxton); (March/ April; Front cover art "Instinctive Aim" by Jack Paluh); ( May/June; Front cover art "The Reunion" by Robert Giffing); (July/August; Front cover art "October Twelve, 1758" by John Buxton); (September/ October; Front cover art "Painted and Proud" by Craig Tennant); (November/December; Front cover Photo of "Fortune Favors the Brave" by Jim W. Filipski);

OLD WEST ( Western Pub. Inc.) -

1964 - (Fall; Volume 1 #1; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "The Life of Big Foot Wallace"/ "Blizzard Bull"/ "The Rifle That Opened the West - Hawken Rifle"); (Winter; Volume 1 #2; Front cover art by Randy Steffen; "The Other World of the Superstitions"/ "A pair of Outlaws" by Charles M. Russell);

1965 - (Spring; Volume 1 #3; Front cover Western Ways Features; "The Most Dangerous Game by A. Kinney Griffith"/ "Mysterious John Ringo"); (Summer; Volume 1 #4; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Mule Talk by Fred Gipson"/ "Texas Ranger Jack Hays"/ "Trail Drive on the Rio Conchos by Milt Hinkle); (Fall; Volume 2 #1; Front cover Photo of Virginia City, Nevada; "Bass Outlaw - The Little Wolf"/ "No Re-Ride by Walt Coburn); (Winter; Front cover art by Gene Shortridge; 'Early Days on Fort Scott"/ "The Medicine Wheel");

1966 - (Summer; Volume 2 #4; Front cover art by Gene Shortridge; "J.W. Cooper- California Sheep Baron"/ "Denton- Twiggs Feud") (Fall; Volume 3 #1; Front cover art by Dan Muller; "Recollections of Old Milestown by S. Gordon"/ "Sky of brass, Earth of Iron by David lavender"); (Winter; Volume 3 #2; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; 'The Life of Joseph Reddeford Walker);

1967 - (Spring; Volume 3 #3; Front cover photo of Colorful Corns; "J. Wright Mooar"/ "Walt Coburns Tally Book"); (Summer Volume 3 #4; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Special Ghost Town Issue"); (Fall; Number 4 #1; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Oregon; There and back in 1877 by Wallis Nash"; "The Treasure's Still on Sawtelle"); (Winter; Volume 4 #2; Front cover art by Ruth Bruner; "Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier by Captain John M. Elkins"/ "Apache Tears by Nino Cochise and A Kinney Griffith");

1968 - (Spring; Volume 4 #3; Front cover art "Easy Money" by Dan Muller/ "Rube Burrow and his Band of Train Robbers"/ "Frontier Cameraman Noah H. Rose"); (Summer; Volume 4 #4; Front cover art by Ruth Bruner; "Mikey Free - Manhunter"/ "Echoes of the Plains by Ida Canada Miles"/ "Red Hills People"); (Winter; Volume 5 #2; Front cover art "A Raise in Pay"by Larry Smitherman; "The Old Guide by Jose Policarpo Rodriguez");

1969 - (Spring; Volume 5 #3; Front cover art "The Orphan Maker" by Gary Von Ilg; "Land of the Noose - Yegua Knobbs by G.K. Martin"/ "A Drummer's Experience" by J.S. Dearing); (Summer; Volume 5 #4; Front cover Photo of Hamilton, Nevada; "Experiences of a Forty-Niner During a Third of a Century in the Gold Fields by Charles D. Ferguson"/ "Special Mining and Ghost Town Issue"); (Winter; Volume6 #2; Front cover Photo of Bryce Canyon, Utah; "Indian Raids in Lincoln Country, Kansas 1864 and 1869 by Christian Bernhardt"/ "Were Vikings in Oklahoma?");

1970 - (Spring; Volume 6 #3; Front cover art by Gregory Perillo; "Perils of Waters by Harriet Tolman Seccombe"/ "How the Calgary Stampede Began"); (Summer; Volume 6 #4; "Crimson TRail of Qual-chan"/ "Joaquin Murieta's Last Victim) (Fall Volume7 #1;"Special Treasure Issue !")

1971 - (Summer; Volume 7 #4; Front cover art by R.L. McCollister; "1967 Apache raid"/ "Railroading in Cripple Creek"); (Fall; Volume 8 #1; Front cover art "Post Hole Cache" by Larry Smitherman; "Cowboys and Cattleland by H.H. Halsell"); (Winter; Volume 8 #2; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "A Cowpuncher of the Pecos by F.S. Millard"; "Frederic Remington and Henry Worrall"/ "Elk City, Idaho");

1972 - (Summer; Volume 8 #4; Front cover art by Dan Muller; "The Agony of a Mormon Polygamist by Kerry Ross Boren"/ "The Disasterous Dietz Expedition"); (Winter; Volume 9#2; Front cover art by Gregory Perillo; "A Night on the Prairie by Robert Dezell"/ "Missouri Steamboat's Treasure by K.D. Curtis"/ "Artist Joe De Yong");

1973 - (Fall; Volume 10 #1; Front cover art by Gary Von Ilg; "California's Prince of Rascals - Ned McGowan"/ "The Wells Fargo Forgeries"/ "Sylvan Grove Bank Robbery");

1975 - (Fall; Volume 11 #5; Front cover art "Two Worlds by Gregory Perill; "The Bland - McElroy Feud"/ "Joshua Creffield - a Tragedy of Religious mania"); (Winter; Volume 12 #2; Front cover art "Stopping the train" by Joe Rader Roberts"/ "Early Days of a Cowboy on the Pecos by James F. Hinkle"/ "The Infamous Plan of San Diego");

1976 - (Spring; Volume 12 #3; Front cover art by L. Markos; "Cattle trails of the Old West";/ "The Chinese Woman of the 90's); (Summer; Volume 12 #4; Front cover art "Later on" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Six Horses by captain William and George Hugh Banning"/ "Bill Box Didn't wear a Gun");

1978 - (Summer; Volume 14 #4; Front cover art "The Desperado" by Jimmy Walker; "The Monarchs by Tom M. Marks"/ Bulkeley Wells - Polite and Lethal"/ "Tragic Punishment of James Black"); (Fall; Volume 5 #1; Front cover Photo of Red River Crossing Near Sedona, Arizona; "Military Ghost by Nell Murbarger"/ "Oklahoma Scout by Theodore Baughman");

1980 - (Spring; Volume 16 #5; Front cover Photo of Mount Olympus Washington; "Rekindling Camp fires by Lewis Crawford"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book); (Fall; Volume 17 #1; v art 'A Man Turned Wolf" by Michael Schreal; "Daniel - Potter Feud"/ "A Frontier Doctor by Henry F. Hoyt"/ "Seeking the Lost Adam");

1986 - (Summer; Volume 22 #4; v photo of Superstition Mountain, Arizona; "Comstock; The Man Behind the Name"/ "Camels Across the Southwest"/ "Colorado Burnham and the Jackass Mail"); 9Winter; Volume 23 #2; Front cover art "Cold Saddles" by M.H. Bradshaw; "Henry Starr's Aborted train Robbery"/ "Dr. Charlotte's Private Practice"/ "Rio Grade Southern and the Gallopin' Goose");

1987 - (Winter;; Volume 24 #2; Front cover art 'Tales of bear Step" by Gary Carter; "Caddo George - The Civilized Indian"/ "Dr. Handy and Mr. Hyde"/ "The Palisade Massacre");

1988 - (Spring; Volume 24 #3; Front cover Photo of Storefront in Mogollon, New Mexico; "Cherokee Bob's Last Gunfight"/ "Fiery Demise of the Frontier Index"/ "Brazos River Skirmish");

1989 - (Spring; Volume 25 #3; Front cover art "Western Sunset" by John D. Cogan; "When Women held the Whip"/ "Victorio's Lost Gold"/ "Mackenzie's Madness");

1990 - (Fall; Volume 27 #1; Front cover art by John D. Cogan; "Eliza Farnham and the California Gold Rush"/ "Three-Fingered Smith - Mountain Man"/ "Story of the Bow and Arrow"); (Winter; Volume 27 #2; Front cover photo of Sunset on Flathead lake, Montana; "Murder of Warren Baxter Earp"/ "Steam Boat Days of Flathead Lake"/ "Ghost of Fort Phantom Hill");

1994 - (Spring; Volume 30 #3; Front cover art by John D. Cogan; "Sundance; the Missing Years"/ "Makah Indians of Cape Flattery"/ "Scofield Mine Disaster"); (Winter; Volume 31 #2; Front cover photo of Marble Canyon, Arizona; "Sheriff Whitehill and the Kit Joy Gang"/ "Three Lives of Chris Madsen"/ "Perils of Peg Leg Shannon"/ "Bisbee's Busy Beerhalls");

1995 - (Fall; Volume 32 #1; Front cover art "Lewis and Clark Salt Makers" by John Clymer; "Wild Bunch Badman Will Carver"/ "Ghoul of Grays Harbor"/ "Pecos River Outlaw Haven"); (Winter; Volume 32 #2; Front cover "Raiding Comancheros" by Chuck Dehaan; "Wild Bunch Woman Annie Rogers"/ "Reddy Wilson's Fatal Encounter"/ "First Execution in Oklahoma Territory");

1996 - (Winter; Volume 33 #2; Front cover art "Waiting for a Winner" by Arthur Mitchell; "Southern Utes Last Stand"/ "Kid Curry at parachute"/ "Hash Knife Cowboy"/ "Red Light Ladies of Saltese");


1975 (September; "The Dalton Brothers"/ "The Story of John Wesley Hardin"/ "Etta Place - She Rode with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid");

PIONEER WEST (Century Dist Inc. Pub.) -

1967 - (May; Volume 1 #1; Front cover art "The Outcast" by Charles Sultan; "the Feathered Horse Soldiers"/ "Last of the Wests Desperadoes"); (July; Volume 1 #2; Front cover art "Pony Express" by Les Stevens; "The Villanova Curse"/ "Ordeal of Frederick Curtiss"): (September; Volume 1 #3; Front cover art Hostile Country"/ "When Lee and Grant were Allies"/ "Buffalo Guns Along the Adobe Walls"); (November; Volume 1 #4; Front cover art "U.S. Army Camel Corps Trooper" by Les Stevens; "Diary of a Cowboy About to Die")

1968 - (January; Volume 2 #1; "Suicide Braves"/ "Jail Breaking Cowgirl") (march; Volume 2 #2; Front cover art 'Why Dream of Things past" by Sam Clark; 'Custer was not Massacred Says Eastman"/ "The Outlaw Houdini of the West-Climax Jim"/ "The Boomarang Necktie party"); (May 2 #3; "Plunder and Pillage at Fort Defiance"/ "Arizona's Bloodiest Feud"/ "TV Western Close-Up");

1969 - (March; "Special Indian Issue); (May; "Outlaw Issue"); (July; "Mountain Men Issue"); (September; "Frontier Issue"); (November; "the Charles M. Russell Story"/ "Bushwhackers at Black Rock")

1970 (January; "Frontiers Fabulous Women"/ "The Texas Rangers"); (April; "the Ferguson Rifle"/ "Sun Warrior's Race With Death"); (July; "Paintings by Russ Vickers"/ "10 Tales of Buried Treasure"); (October; "Artist Alfred Jacob Miller"/ "Strange Murder of Col.Fountain"/ "Bawdy Houses of the West");

1971 - (January; "Female Captive of the Kiowa"/ "Frontiers First Lady"/ "Apache Fight at Dry Wash"); (April; "The Frederic Remington Story"/ "Pioche- Big, Bad Boomtown");

1972 - (February; "The American Cowboy"/ "Millionaire Indian Matthias Splitlog"/ "Painter of the West William R. Leigh"); (April; "Laramie's Women Auctions"/ "Pistol Pete Eaton"/ "Ely Parker")

PIONEER WEST ( Quebecor Pub.) -

1979 (November; #4; Front cover art by Andrew Berrick; "Buffalo Bill and the Death of White Chief"/ "Dr. Gatling's Diabolical Machine"/ "Hunting Willcoe's Gold);

REAL FRONTIER ( Major Magazines Inc. Pub. ) -

1970 - (March; Volume 1 #1; "The Making of an Outlaw Queen"/ "Professor Marsh Goes West- the Yale Expedition"/ "Lawman Bill Tilghman"); (April; Volume 1 #2; "The Mystery of Dad Underwood"/ "Boldest of the Buffalo Scouts - Billy Dixon"/ "Sacajawea; Shoshoni Maiden Guide"/ "Blow Up on Bull Hill"); (June; Volume 1 #3; "The Tombstone Lynching of John Heath"/ "Nemesis of the Apaches - Tata Pfeiffer"/ "Charity Lamb - Murder on a Summer Night"); (August; Volume 1 #4; "The James Gang and the Bounty Hunters"/ "Those S.O.B.'s at Tarryall"/ "Tsusick - Conqueror of Washington"); (October; Volume 1 #5; "the Red-headed Witch of Labette"/ "Jim Bridger- the Blanket Chief"/ "the Curse of Black Rock");

1971 - (February; Volume 2 #1; "Joaquin Murietta- Man of Hate"/ "the Battle of Salt River Cave"); (April; Volume 2 #2; "Geronimo- Terrible Avenger"/ "Antelope Abe"); (August; Volume 2 #3; Front cover art "the Poker Players" by John J. Coleman; "Mountain Whirlwind Jim Beckwourth"/ "Gunfight on the Sunset Limited")

REAL WEST ( Charlton Pub.) -

1960 - (January; "the Man Who Killed Pat Garrett"/ "Sherlock Holmes of the West"/ "True story of Calamity Jane"); (May; "I Knew Bat Masterson"/ "Cannibals in the Sierras"/ "Queen of Sin and Death"); (July; "The Incredible Sam Bass"/ "Crusading Sinner- Carry Nation"); (September; Front cover art "Sitting Bull" by John Duillo; "Hanging of Henry Plummer"/ "Legend of Jim Bowie's Lost Silver Mine"): (November; Front cover art by John Duillo; "Hank Tracy Killed for Fun"/ "Soapy Smith Greatest Hoax"/ "Pony Express - The Magnificent Failure");

1961 - (March; Front cover art "Plains Indians"; "Prince of Robbers"/ "When Death Came to Quantrill");

1962 - (May; "Horror of Rachel Plummer"/ "The Winchester Story"/ "Colorado's Stockade of the Dead"); (September; Front cover Photo of Henry .44 and Volcanic .38 Pistol; "Nellie Cashman's Secret Mine"/ "Bloody Tragedy of the Germaine Family"/ "When Hell Came to Rawhide"); (November; Front cover art "Starting the Range Fire" by Frederic Remington; "Comic Opera Bandit Al Jennings"/ "2 Bodies of Tom Gorman");

1963 - (January; Front cover photo of Saddle with Winchester Saddle Gun; "Saga of Silver jack Driscoll"/ "Billy Tilgham Buffalo Hunter Supreme"/ "Making of an Indian Warrior"); (May; Front cover art "Crazy Horse" by Robert Stanley; "Saga of the Amazing Pete Kitchen"/ "The Mighty Missouri"/ "When Apache Vengeance Failed"); (July; Front cover photo "Still Life of a Poker Table"; "Polly Bartlett- Wyoming's Amazing Poisoner"/ "Indian Torture Dances"/ "Bloody Fued at Hays City"); (September; Front cover art "Mountain Man" by Robert Stanley; "Saga of the Colt Revolver"/ "Weird Indian Burial Customs"/ "Fanny Kelly Saved Fort Sully from the Sioux"/ "Hangings Were Exciting Holidays"); (November; "Who was the Real Billy the Kid?"/ "Heroine of the Chisholm Trail"/ "Sacrifice of Falling Leaf");

1964 - (January; Front cover art "U.S. Cavalryman" by Frederic Remington; Trial of Nellie bailey"/ "Bill Dalton/ Horror of the Giant Indian Cannibals"); (March; Front cover photo of Inside a Saddle Shop; "They hung Up Murietta's Head"/ "Strange Moral Code for Indian Wives"/ "Choctaw Law of Death"/ "The Day Billy the Kid Died"); (May; Front cover "The Charging Pawnee" by Brummett Echohawk; "I Saw the Dalton's Die by Dr. W.D. Chesney"/ "Teddy Roosevelt and the Three badman"/ "Mad Killer of the West Harry Tracy"/ "Ben Smith's Lost Mine"); (July; Front cover art "Indian Trapper" by Frederic Remingtom; "Abigail Gardner Captive of the Sioux by Fred Harrison"/ "Picture Gallery of Indian Army Scouts"/ "Oliver Loving - Texas Trail Driver"); (September; Front cover art "Custer's Last Moments at Little Big Horn" by Robert Gleason; "Slaughter at Fort Kearney"/ "Weird Powers of Indian Medicine Men"/ "Big Nose Kate and Doc Holliday"); (November; Front cover art by Frederic Remington; "Sibley's Army of the Dead"/ "Jeff Turner- Indian Killer"/ "Tragic Saga of the Babb Family");

1965 - (January; Front cover art "Billy the Kid" ; "Colonel Wright's Savage Revenge"/ "Captain Jack the Poet Scout"/ "the Scalping of Matilda Friend"/ "Nevada's Empire Builder Bill Stewart");March (Front cover art = Oglala Sioux Chief American Horse; Bob Dalton’s Bandit Bride/ Jacob and the Mormon Murder/ Marshall Tom Cullnan; FN/VF $16); (November; Front cover art "The Scout" by Frederic Remington; "The Bloody Captivity of Urania White"/ "Aftermath of the Bisbee Hanging");

1966 - (January; Front cover art "Dakota Chief Painted Horse" by Unknown; "American Negro Cowboys"/ "Hunt for Indian Simon"/ "Fanny Porter's Army of Sinners"/ "Last of the Six-Gun Marshals; Jim Roberts"/ "I Took Part in Wounded Knee Massacre by Hugh McGinnis and Oliver Glasgow"); (March; Front cover art by Frederic Remington; "Missouri's Mad Cannibal"/ the Truth about Emmett Dalton"/ "Picture Story- the Hangman's Art"): (May; Front cover art "Mandan Man With Yellow Hair"; "Senator from Texas 'Mad Bob' Potter"/ "Bandit Milton Sharp"); (September; Front cover art "Pat Garrett Surveys the Rookery" by Unknown; "Lone Star Giant Rip Ford"/ "Did pat Garrett Kill Billy the Kid?"/ "Arizona Hell-Hole; Yuma Prison"/ "Secret Life of Buffalo Bill"/ "Frontier Artist Edgar Paxson"); (November; Front cover art "Sitting Bull" by Earl Norem; "Chipeta- Only Women Ever Hanged in Texas"/ "the Trial of Jack McCall");

1967 - (January; Front cover art "Lieutenant Casey" by Frederic Remington; "Cannibal of Donner pass-Lewis Keseberg"/ "My First Years as a Homesteader by Mrs. M.A. Vassar"/ "Navajo vs. Ute last Battle"); (March; Front cover art "Doc Carver" by Earl Norem; "Doc Carver vs. Buffalo Bill"/ "Indian Tortures and Ordeals"/ "Canada's Murdering McLean's" /"Hanging Bee at Virginia City"); (May; Front cover art "The Iron Mountain man of Hoh" by Earl Norrem; "Bloody Monster of Palo Flechado"/ "Surgeons of the Seventh"/ "Last Voyage of the Brother Jonathan"/ "The Joy of No-Nose Maggie"); (September; Front cover art "Geronimo" by Earl Norem; "Hanging of Paula Angel"/ "Texas Hero Ben Milam"/ "Graveyard of San Sebastian"); (November; Front cover art "Annie Oakley"; "Life of Thomas Meagher"/ "Missouri Outlaw Charley Pierce");

1968 - (January; Front cover art "Indian Warriors" by Earl Norem; "Jesse James in Mexico"/ "Tragic Life of Pat Garrett"/ "Father Ricklin and the Kiowas"/ "The Men of Lewis and Clark"); (May; Front cover art "Brahman Bull" by Earl Norem; "Indian's Strange Sex Code"/ "Hangman From Hell Killed 87 Men - George Maledon"); (June; Front cover art "A Man Don't Qui9t" by Earl Norem; "Gold Rush Girls of the Klondike"/ "Erastus Beadle - legend Maker"/ "Willcox Double Robbery"); (July; Front cover art "The Trooper" by Frederic Remington; "Remington - Master Painter"/ "Poineer Without a Gun - Elijah Schofield"/ "Who Killed Rogers and Wingfield"); (August; Front cover art "Chief Plenty Coups - Savior of the Crows" by Earl Norem; "Buckskin Frank Leslie"/ "Gallant Westener Texas Jack"); (September; Front cover art "Arizona's Great Train Robbery" by Earl Norem; "Memoirs of my Rodeo Days by Milt Hinkle"/ "Red Cloud Chief of the Sioux"/ "King of the Scalpers by Kit Carson"); (October; Front cover art "Mexican Mood" by Ed Vebell; "God Created man and Colt Made Them Equal"/ "Western Hero on Stage by Paul T. Nolan"/ "Pioneer Wife of Goldfield by Harriet Farnsworth"); (December; Front cover art "Wagon Journey" by Earl Norem; "The Sensation Sin Sisters"/ "The Desperado Kids"/ "Wakara; Napoleon of the Desert");

1969 - (February; Front cover art "Mustang massacre" by Earl Norem; 'Special 1969 Illustrated calender Section"/ "Bloody Trail of Steve Venard"/ "Rudyard Kipling in Colorado"/ "Bill Longky - 30 Notch Gunman"); (March - Front cover art "Theodore Roosevelt Man of Action" by Earl Norem; "Jesse James last Train Robbery"/ "The Most Famous Cowgirl Lucile Mulhall"/ "Ace Bandit - Black Bart"); (April ; Front cover art "4th Calvary and Apache Scout" by Peter Copeland; "Henry Brown - Fake Lawman"/ "Queen of the Yukon Molly Walsh"/ "The Man Who Killed Bob Ford"); (May; Front cover "Glory of the South" by Ed Vebell; "Terrors of the Yukon"/ "Texas Civil War Hero Dick Dowling"/ "Mystery of the Tipi Rings"); (June; Front cover art "Chief Kicking Bear" by Earl Norem; 'John Selman - Lone Wolf Killer"/ "Mr. Rodeo Milt Hinkle"); (August; Front cover "Echoes From the Past" by Earl Norem; "Ed Lyon- Scar Faced Avenger"/ "Bombing of Castle James"): (September; Front cover art "Trail Blazer" by Earl Norem; "the Lynching of Sanford Dougan"/ "Yoscolo Fighting Alcade"); (October; Front cover art "Ambush" by Earl Norem; "Judge Rope- Vigilantes of the Old West"/ "Broncho Bill Walters"/ "Jesse James Russelville Bank Robbery"); (November; Front cover art "Comanche Warrior" by Peter Copeland; "Lawman Bat Masterson"/ "Joaquin Murietta and Lola Montez");(December; Front cover art"Toss Down the Strongbox" by Earl Norem"/ "Dick Fellows - Comic Opera Bandit"/ "The Hanging Windmill of Las Vegas");

1970 - (January; Front cover "The Greatest Wild West Show" by Ed Vebel; "the Johnson County War"/ "Cherokee Bill Goldsby"/ "How I Killed Jesse James- Bob Ford"); (February; Front cover art "Wyatt Earp and the O.K.Corral" by Earl Norem; "Plains Warriors and THeir Guns"/ "Belle Starr Saved My Life"); (March; Front cover art "Rain in the Face" by Earl Norem; "Saga of Wild Bill Longley"/ "the Horse of the Real West"/ "Truth About the Dodge City War"); (April; Front cover art "Sheriff Owens" by Ed Vebell; "The Hanging of Big Ned Wilson"/ "Witchcraft Among the Indians"); (May; "Cannibals of the Frontier"/ "the Man and Legend of Jesse James"/ "Frontier Forts of Nevada"):(June; "the Man and Legend of Jesse James part 2"/ "Outlaw Lady Pearl Hart"/ "/ "Rape and Death of Ella Stevens"); (September; Front cover art "General Custer" by Unknown" Will Rogers Revisited"/ "Temple Houston - Swift Mind and Fast Gun"/ "Nevada's Prehistoric Cannibals");

1971 - (April; Front cover "Lawman Drawing!" by Unknown; "Will Bill - Guardian Angel of Hays City"/ "The Missing Money of Custer's Lost Command"); (May; Front cover Photo of "The Wild Bunch"; "Long Riders of the Outlaw Trail - Bunch Cassidy and Co"/ "Mangus Colorado Giant of the Desert"); (June; "Jesse James Terror of the Union Pacific"/ "Western Lawman Jim East"/ "Mysterious Mountaineer Michael Bourdon"/ "Montana's Ghost Fort Camp Baker"); (August; Front cover art "Man Staring up at Noose" by Earl Norem; 'The Bisbee Massacre Hangings"/ "Kiowa Chief Lone Wolf"/ "Beyond the Law by Emmett Dalton"); (September; Front cover art by Ed Vebell; 'Kansas Firebrand Jim Lane"/ "Owl Woman's Son George Bent"/ "The Railroad Comes to Arizona'); (October; Front cover photo "Dime Novels"; "The Dime Novel That Created Living Western Characters"/ "Mr. Rocky Mountains Jim Bridger"/ "Jesse James and the Gallatin Bank Robbery");

1972 - (March; Front cover art "Indian Warriors" by E.H. Hart; "Sydney Edgerton - Forgotten Man of Montana"/ "Bethsheba, Oklahoma - No Men Allowed"/ "Cowboy Movie Hall of Fame - Tom Mix"); (May; "Pierre Laverdure Metis Wanderer of the Far West"/ "Ernie Cashel- Born to be Hanged"/ "Oklahoma Train Robbery"); (June - Front cover art "Indians on a Buffalo Hunt"; "The Story of Jim Bowie"/ "End of the Shaggy Herds"/ "The Phantom Mail Robbery"); (August; Front cover art by Ed Vebell; "Coleman of the Vigilantes"/ "Abraham "Bullet Hole" Ellis"/ "Jesse James and the Liberty Bank Robbery"); (November; Front cover art 'Chief High Hawk"; 'The Magnificent Sioux"/ "Jack McCall-Frontier Enigma"/ "Thomas Tibbles - Champion of Indian Rights");

1973 - (May; Front cover art "Cowboy on Horse in Blizzard"; "Dakota's Paul Revere - Sam Brown"/ "The Day They Shot Quantrill"); (August; Front cover 'Buffalo Hunt"; "The Day They Hanged Gus Mentzer"/ "Shoshone Mike's Last Warpath"/ "The Bloody Brother Harpe"); (December; "The Cherry Creek Vigilantes"/ "Shooting Pool Out West"/ "Little Brother of the Wolves');

1974 - (October; "John Evans - Colorado Pioneer Activist"/ "O Henry in Texas"/ "Montana Trail Drive"); (December; "Black Cowboy Charley Glass"/ "Bloody Comanche Moon"/ "Mormons and Gold"/ "The Day Billy the Kid was Killed");

1975 - (March; Front cover art "mark Twain"/ "The Death of Frank James"/ "Six-Gun Senator Bill Stewart"/ "The Sorrows of Chief Charlot"/ "Johnny Mack Brown"); (April 'The Day Pat Garrett was Killed"/ "Neo Mountainman Billy Hamilton"/ "West Painter Charles Schreyvogel"/ "The Death of Crazy Horse"); (June "The James Gang at Bardstown"/ "Exit-Bill Doolin and Bill Dalton"/ "Those Other Buffalo Bills"/ "Tex Ritter"); (July; Front cover art by Earl Norem; "Massacre of Ludlow Siding"/ "Custer City Justice"/ "Last Words From the Scaffold"/ "The Slickest of the Bad Men");

1976 - (May; Front cover art "Wagon Train" by Earl Norem; "Ben Clark - Chief of the Scouts"/ "Pioneering with the Needham Families"/ "The Bannack Stage Robbery");

1978 - (May; 'Adventures of Watt Earp by Wyatt Earp"/ "Frontier Justice at Lookout"/ "Arbuckles Branded the West");

1979 - (March; Front cover art "John Wayne" by Earl Norem; "Interview John Wayne"/ "Tom Nance - a Dangerous Man"); (September; 'The Death of Nate Champion and Nick Ray"/ "The Attack on Two Moons Village"/ "Riot at Round Rock");

1980 - (July; Front cover art "Johnson Country War" by Earl Norem; Jim Parker - Good Cowboy Gone Bad?"/ The Secret of Kate Sweeney Bend"); (September; Front cover art "laying Railway Track" by Earl Norem; "A Homestead on the Cimarron"/ "Last Indian Raid in Kansas"/ 'A Man Called Tough); (December; 'Gunfighters of the Real West-Tom Horn"/ "An Expedition into the Sierre Madre");

1982 - (March;'Gunfighters of the Real West - John Slaughter"/ "Border Lawman Cash Hollister/ "Buffalo Bill in Arizona"); (April; "Jim Burnett - The Law in Charleston"/ Gus Jones From Texas Ranger to Special Agent in Charges"/ "Wild Bill and the Timber Thieves"); (June; Front cover art "Indians Attacking train" by Earl Norem; "Southwestern Indian Fighter Captain Henry Carroll"/ "Pierceville - The Other Dodge"); (October; "The Oatman Massacre"/ "Commodore Perry Owens Revisited"/ "J.R. Couts - Gunslinging Banks");

1985 - (April; "The Lynching of Gus Mentzer"/ "Gunfighters of the Real West - Johnny Ringo");(June; Front cover "Indians Attacking a Stagecoach" by Earl Norem; "Iron Concords on Plains"/ "Buffalo Jones - a Man Who Cared" / "The Terrible Taylor Brothers");

1986 - (February; "I Shot Bronco Bill"/ "The Curse of Sun Mountain"/ "West of San Francisco"); (August; 'The Riverside Stage Robbery"/ "Death Merchants of White River"); (October; Front cover 'The Plains Archers" by Earl Norem; 'The Blizzard of 1886"/ "The Locke-Jones war");

1988 - (January; 'Murder Among the Sioux"/ "Massacre on Beaver Creek"/ 'Turkey Leg Raid"); (October; 'The Exploits of Edward Rose"/ "Women Warriors of the Plains Tribes"/ "The Only Legal Hanging in Custer County");

REAL WEST ANNUAL ( Charlton Pub.)

1967 - ("Geronimo"/ "O.K.Corral"/ "Doc Holliday"/ "Buffalo Bill")

1973 - ("Grand Portage of the Canadian Northwest"/ "Western Artist karl Bodmer"/ "Joaquin Miller - Western Hero or Fraud?"/ "A Legend Named Black Jack"/ "Western Heroes in Dime Novel Dress");

1980 - ("Those Fighting Murdocks"/ 'The Clantons of Apache County"/ "The Saga of the Rocky Boy Indians"/ "Kamoose - Wife Thief");

1982 - (Spring; 'When the Dalton Brothers Wore the White Hats"/ "North Platte and the Nebraska Frontier"/ "Pineridge Standoff");

REAL WEST SPECIAL ( Charlton Pub.)

1970-1971- ("East to West- 1791 to 1880"/ "Bonus 1971 Indian Calendar")

1972 - ("Great Indians of the West")

1982 (Theodore Roosevelt and the Land Grabbers"/ "Santiago McKinn Indian Captive"/ "The Vin Fiz Hop");

1986 - (Spring; "Cowboy Cooking"/ "Bat Masterson"/ "Buffalo Jones"/ "Custer's Last Stand Marine');


1982 - (Fall ("Isaac Gravelle - Dynamiter"/ California Bungling Outlaw Dick Fellows"/ "The Wind Wagoners"/ "Wozencraft"/ "Davy Crockett");

TRUE FRONTIER ( Major Magazines Inc Pub.) -

1967; October (Volume-1 #2; John Wilkes Booth - Did he Really Escape? / The Outlaw who ran for Governor; SCARCE; VG/FN = $18.00);

1967; November (Volume-1 #3; Legendary Texas Big Foot Wallace / The Terrors of Frontier Medicine / The Silver Strike that built Tombstone Arizona; VG/FN = $18.00);

1968 - (March; Volume 1 #4; "the Greatest Woman Gambler in the West"/ "Doolin Gang's Last Shootout"); (September; Volume 1 #5; "The Guns that Won the West"/ "Luke Short Gambling Gunman"); (November; Volume 1 #6; "Frontier Lawman Bill Tilghman"/ "Red Cloud- Napoleon of the Sioux"/ "Utah's Strange Alphabet");

1969 - (January; Volume 1 #7; "Utah's Mountain Lake Monsters"/ "When the Hangman Ruled San Francisco"); (March; Volume 1 #8; 'The Lynching of Killing Miller"/ "Jacob Hamblin - Cowardly Saint in Buckskin"/ "The Great Texas Cattle Drives");(May; Volume 1 #9; "Wild Bill's Wild Women"/ "Roy Bean- Law West of the Pecos"/ "6 Ghost Towns and How They Died"); (July; Volume 1 #10; "When the Russians Ruled California"/ "Rancher VS. Farmer- the Great Plains War"); (September; Volume 1 #11; "Cattle Kate- Queen of the Rustlers"/ "Lawman Heck Thomas"/ "the Most Murderous Fued in Texas History"); (November; Volume 1 #12; "Abigail Scott- Fighting Northwesr Suffragette"/ "Saga of the Deadly Cook Gang"/ "The Story of Negro Pioneers");

1970 - (January; Volume 2 #1; "Hangtown Blacksmith to AutoKing - The Studebaker Story"/ "Comanche Jack Stillwell"/ "When Virginia City ran Raw and Wild"); March; "the Last Days of Calamity Jane"/ "Mary Pell- Frontier Teenager"/ "the Great Galveston Flood"); (September; "Special Gold Rush Issue"/ "the Spider Lady Lola Montez"/ "Complete list of Lost Arizona Mines");

1971 - (January; "the Mystery of Death Valley Scotty"/ "the Hell Ships"); (September; "Tom Mix"/ "Complete List of Lost Nevada Mines"/ "the Silver-Encrusted Skull");

1973 - (February; "Tom Tobin- Sack Full of Heads"/ "the Outlaw Who Couldn't Ride a Horse"/ "Utah's Strange Alphabet"); (April; "Charles Russell" Hell Bent Fer Leather" Artist/ "Belle Star as her Doctor Knew Her"/ "He Fired President Lincoln - Emperor Norton");(June; "The Red - Headed Witch of Labette"/ "Wagons Over the Sierras"/ "Professor Marsh Goes West; The Yale Expedition"/ "The Curse of Black Rock"); (September; "The Coming of the Scalphunters"/ "Utah's Mountain Lake Monsters"/ "Standing Bear: Ponca Peacekeeper");

1976 - (April; "Special Issue - Frontier Women"/ "Pearl Hart; Last Lady Road Agent"/ "Love and Marriage Old West Style"/ "Molly Walsh"/ "Rebels in Petticoats"); (October; "Special Issue - California "/ "Six-Guns and Printers Ink"/ "Shanghai Terror in San Francisco");

1978 - (January; "Old Posey Rengade Paiute"/ "Massacre at Crooked Creek"/ "The Glory Days of Leadville");

TRUE FRONTIER SPECIAL ( Major Magazines Inc Pub.) -

#1 (1971; "Best of the Bad Men")

#4(1972; "Treasure: Your Guide to Lost Treasures of the West");

#7 (1973; "The Ornery Ones; Pioneers Who Did Their Own Things");

#8 (1973; Treasure; Your Guide to Lost Treasures of the West");

#11 (1974/75; Winter; "The Ornery One; Pioneers Who Did Their Own Thing");

#16 (1976; Fall; "Treasure; Your Guide to Lost Treasures of the West");

#18 (1977; Summer; "Indian Drums"; VG/FN, but 5% of first page missing thus G/VG = $8).

TRUE WEST ( Wester Pub.) -

1956 - (June; Front cover art by Gene Shortridge; "Uranium;1956"/ "Victorio- Apache Siege at Alma"/ "Hickock- Hero or Heel?");

1957 - (August; Front cover art "Medicine- Dog Girl" by B.J. McCausey; 'Seven Cities of Sin and Silver"/ "The Great Diamond Hoax"/ "Buffalo Bill as I Knew Him");

1958 (August; Front cover art "Sacajawea; Heroine of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" by B.J. McCausey; 'Robinhooding of Sam Bass"/ "Kickapoo Horse Race");

1959 - (February; 'Jim Bridger King of Mountain Men"/ "Long Rope's Last Guard"/ "Choctaw Execution"); (April; Front cover art "End of the Trail for a Buddy" by M.B.Cole; "Supreme Master of Western Art- Charles M. Russell"/ "the Mountain Meadows Massacre"); (June; "Why was There No Help for the Alamo"/ "At San Jacinto Santa Anna Took the Costliest nap in Military History"/ "I Knew Jesse James Mother"); (August; Front cover art by Buck Reilly; "Massai- Broncho Apache"/ "How Sam Houston Hill Killed Sam Bass"/ "Montana Ghost Towns"); (December; Front cover art by Echohawk; "Unbelievable Ranger Neal"/ "Charlie Goodnight"/ "The Devil's Highway"/ "We Outwitted Pancho Villa");

1960 - (February; Front cover art "Doc Holliday" by Ben Carlton Mead; "Cannibal Ally"/ "Yogo !"); (April; Front cover art by Clay McGaughy; "the West's Bloodiest Pass"/ "the Greatest Medicine Man"); (June; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Fabulous Gambler by Tom Baily"/ "Revenge at Wagon Box Corral"); (August; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Sitting Bull's Picture Story"/ "Steamboat Through Hell's Canyon"/ "Buried Treasure of the Little Big Horn"); (October; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "the Day Crazy Horse Got Whipped"/ "the Tubac Massacre"/ "the Mighty Miller Empire"); (December; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Lost Bonanza of the Santa Rosas"/ "Richard Willoughby")

1961 - (June; Front cover art by Buck Reilly; "Boss of the Maltese Cross - Teddy Roosevelt"/ "The Lost Crazy Woman Mine"/ "Up the Chisholm Trail"); (August; Front cover art "Joaquin Muriella" by Lea McCarty; "Memories of the Horse Age"/ "Buggies are Back");

1962 - (April ; photo of "Sam Tilden - Sumken in Indian"; "Chief Tendoy and his Band"/ "Ned Buntline the Wests First Press Agent"/ "The Shooting of Maurice Barrymoore");

1963 - (June; Front cover art "Wild Horse Hunters" by Charles M. Russell; "the Sharps by Norman Wiltsey"/ "the Fence Cutters"); (December; "Medio Dia Massacre"/ "Cap Guleke- River Rat Pioneer"/ "10th Anniversary Issue");

1964 - (February; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Cattle Kings Profiled"/ "Fight at Salt River Cave"); (April; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton: "More Cattle Kings"/ "the Quiet Lawman Buckie O'Neill"/ "War on the Cibicu"); (August; "Ghost Town Special"); (December; Front cover art by Gene Shortridge; "Pete Kitchen's Road of Dead Men"/ "Author Andy Adams"/ "Can the Gila Monster Kill?")

1965 - (February; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Border Trading Posts"/ "Cowboy Charley Siringo"/ "Pawnee Scouts"); (April; "Last of the Old Time Plainsmen- White Eye"/ "Shanghai Pierce"/ "I Married a Crow"); (June; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "The White Red man Ollie Stewart"/ "With the Osages at Grayhorse"/ "The Brew of the Southwest - Mr Arbuckle's Coffee"/ "Where the Rain Gods Live"); (August; Front cover art by Gene Shortridge; "The Saga of Hackberry Johnson"/ "Punch Choisser's Wild Ride"/ "Fort Selkirk; Yukon Series"); (October; Front cover Photo of Judge Roy Bean's Courthouse; "Liver-Eating Johnson's Last Trail"/ "Dawson City-Paris of the North"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book"); (December; Front cover art by Ben Carlton Mead; "Wild Bill Hickok's Final Hour's/ "Wild Goose Bill"/ "Salt Lake City Grave Robber");

1966 - (February; Front cover Photo of Mystery Mine Near Silverton Colorado; "Tales of Colorado Mining Camps"/ "Bard of the North - Robert W. Service"/ "Bows and Arrows vs. Muzzle Loader"/ "My Fried Crazy Horse");(April; Front cover Photo of "The Superstitions" by Josef Muench; 'Ghost Walk Through the Superstitions"/ "I Saw the Whitman Massacre"); (June; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; :The Making of a Scout""/ "Cheyenne to Deadwood by Stage"/ "Black Gold in Borego Desert"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book"); (August; Front cover art "Tarantula Guarding Gold Coins" by Gene Shortridge; "Special Treasure issue"/ "Buck Jones - Hero" "The Boom Days of Staging"/ "Walt Coburn's Tally Book"); (October; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Paulina - Deadly Raider"/ "Cowboy's Cowboy Richard Merchant"/ "A Visit with Peter Hurd by Fred Gipson"); (December; Front cover by Gene Shortridge; "Informal History of the Frontier Saloon"/ "The Indestructible Johnnie Mullens"/ "Old Time Medicine Men");

1967 - (April; Front cover photo "Louise Ninepipe and Orlaine Findlay" Flatheads; "Blue-Eyed Herman Wolf"/ "Indian Saddle Makers"/ 'Powder River Expedition"); (June; Front cover art "Ripe for a Flip" by James E. Bramlett; "My Winter with Death Valley Scotty"/ "The Scalping Knife"/ "Captain Sam Grant"/ "Submarine of the Rockies"); (August; Front cover art by Larry Smitherman; "My Thirty Years as a Pulp Writer by Walt Coburn"/ "Tom Mix"/ "A Cherokee Account of Sequoyah"/ "Coe's Castle on the Carrizo"); (October; Front cover photo "Autumn in Colorado" by Ray Atkeson; "Renegades or Slaves"/ "Will Crawford - Wizard of Pen and Ink"/ "Strange Murder of the Spicer Family"/ "The Bartered Bones of William Quantrill"); (December; Front cover art "Finding a Treasure cave" by Taylor Oughton; "Painter N.C. Wyeth"/ "Lawman Tilghman last Assignment"/ ""Lost Gold of the Lavas");

1968 - (February; Front cover art "In Bonnet and Paint" by Gerard Curtis Delano - and an Article on the Artist; "He Lost his Youth in the Deer Lodge Pen"/ 'Black Hawk Rode with Manuelito"); (April; Front cover art by Taylor Oughton; "Line Camp Outlaw by Walt Coburn"/ "Mu Mother" by Frank Dobie"/ "Lure of the Gold camps"); (June; "Arizona in the 1850's by James H. Tevis"/"It's Death for Bonnie and Clyde"/ "Wyatt Earp's letters to Bill Hart"/ "The Apemen of Mt. St. Helens"); (August; Front cover photo of "Havasu Halls, Grand Canyon"; "Arizona in the 1850's a Paradise of Devil's"/ "Camp Cook Turned Buffalo Hunter"/ "Doolin-Dalton Outlaws"); (October; Front cover art 'Cowboy Chores " By Fred Harman; "New Tracks in Old Trails by Fred Harmon"/ "The West's Most Eccentric Gunman - Clay Allison"/ "The Butterfield Overland Stage"/ "Mormon Mountain's Silver Mystery by Maurice Kildare"); (December; Front cover art by Gary Van Ilg; "Special Treasure Issue"/ "The Fabled French - Indian Chris Colombe"/ "The Utes Ten Sacks of Gold);

1969 - (February; Front cover art "Buffalo Hunters" by Joe Grandee; "Charlie Russell and Walt Coburn"/ "Belle Star's Killer"/ "Oklahoma's Jenning Brothers"/ "Butch Cassidy"/ "Northwest Lumbering"); (April; Front cover photo "Spring's Drama in the Desert"/ "The Story of Zane Grey"/ "The Loner" by Walt Coburn"/ "Navajo Traders for Many Moons"); (June; Front cover art by Dan Muller; "Charlie Siringo as Remembered by Frank Coe's Daughter"/ "The Cowboy from Yorkshire - Frank Collinson"/ "Did Russia Introduce the Horse?"); (August; Front cover photo "Navajos in Monument Valley" by Josep Muench; "Fabulous Quarter Horse - Steel Dust"/ "Ruckus at Old Fort Musselshell by Walt Coburn"/ "1874 Year of the Grasshopper"); (October; Front cover art "Mountain Man" by Joe Grande; "Molly Maguires in the Southwest"/ "Dutch Henry"/ "Bill Williams"); (December; Front cover art "Devil Sam Nomad of the Desert" by Joe Grandee; "Special Treasure Issue";"Nightmare of Old Folsom Prison"/ "Russell Watersolors Found");

1970 - (February; Front cover art "Tom Horn - Gun for Hire" by Byron B. Wolfe; "The Fiery Daughter of Mickey Free"/ "Walt Coburn on a Trial Drive"/ "Aarmore Lawman - Buck Garrett'); (April; Front cover art "Billy the Kid - One Moment from Freedom" by Mark Storm; "Undercover Agent for Wells Fargo"/ "Bob Olinger as I Knew Him"); (June; Front cover photo of "Waterfall in San Juna Mountains"; "Vacation Special"/ "Black Jack Pershing"/ "The End of Will Carver"); (August; Front cover art by Joe Grandee; "Mercy Express to Dragon Springs"/ "The Claim Jumpers by Walt Coburn"/ "I Danced with Belle Starr by Ramon Adams"); (October; Front cover photo "Lizard Head Pass, Colorado"; "Devils in Sombreros - Comancheros"/ "Curse of the Sanchez Treasure"); (December; Front cover art by Gary Von Ilg; "the West of Gary Cooper"/ "When Siringo was Marked for Death")

1972 - (August; Front cover art "Mason's Cattle Drives" by Bob Dale; "Honor Among Horse Thieves by Walt Coburn"/ "Idaho's Last Indian Scare"); (October; Front cover photo "Mountain Man - His Look at the Pacific"; "A Family Letter Regarding the Youngers"/ "Frenchy the Bronc Rider"/ "The Last Rebel- Crazy Snake");

1973 - (February; Front cover photo "Winter Morning in Arches National Monument, Utah"; "Elza Lay of the Wild Bunch"/ "Fastest Ox Train on the Santa Fe Trail");

1974 - (June; Front cover art "Changing Mounts" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Harry Carey - Western Natural"/ "The Saddle Tanker of Turkey Trail");

1975 - (February; "Wanted Posters"/ "Razorbacks"/ "The Saga of Signal Hill"/ "The Secret of the Grosches"); (April; Front cover art "Rascals and Rangers" by Joe Grandee; "Great Falls First Black Cowboy"/ "Frying Pan Charlie"/ "Under the Devil's Blanket"); (October Front cover art "Snow at Station No. 2" by L. Markos; "Frederic Remington and Bone Mizell"/ "Early Days on the Wichita");

1976 - (August; Front cover photo "The Maxwell House, Georgetown Colorado"; "Wyoming Horses and Mules"/ "When the Buck Gang Rode"/ "The Hollywood Posse");

1977 (February; Front cover art "How many More?" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Clay Allison & Mr. Recos"/ "Spotted Wolf and the Dodge City Toughs"/ "New Slant on the Murder of Julia Bulette");

1978 - (February; Front cover art "The Poker Game" by Joe Grandee; "Ambrose Bierce - A Man with a Sword in his Side"/ "They Hanged Joe North"/ "The Great Blizzard of 1889");

1979 (June; Front cover art "The Wishing Well" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Rodeo's Bertha Blancett"/ "Ed McGivern Pistoleer Supreme"/ "Burro Schmid's Obsession");

1981 - (February; Front cover art "Cold Night Coming" by Joe Rader Robert; "Utah's lawless Mining Towns"/ "Robbing and Army Mud Wagon"); (July; Front cover photo "Picacho Peak Arizona"; "Red Palmer of the Lu, Tl, and the Pitchfork"/ "Queen of the Cog Railway");

1982 - (June; Front cover art "Temptation" by Joe Rader Roberts; Bronc Rider for Buffalo Bill"/ "Lyndon Johnson 3rd Generation Rancher"/ "Death at the Washita"); (September; "The James Gang - Hickock Deal"/ "The Story of a Frontier Surgeon"/ "How Belle Starr Became a Desperate Woman"/ "Lion Hunting With Teddy Roosevelt");

1987 - (March; Front cover art "Soap Creek Cowboy" by Buckeye Blake; "Oklahoma Outlaw Al Spencer"/ "Richard Fields Cherokee Chief"/ "Murder Trial of Laura Fair"); (June; Front cover photo "The Daisy Hotel, Jerome Arizona"; "Special Summer Travel Section"/ "Frank Hogan - Oregon Thief Taker"/ "Kansas City's Matronly Madam - Annie Chambers"); (September; Front cover art "Mustanging in Texas" by Mick Harrison; "Lottie Deno - Prettiest Gambler"/ "Big Charlie Irwin; Cattleman and Rodeo hand"/ "Sam Bass's Hidden Treasure"); (November; Front cover Photo "Old Log Barn at Hermosa Cliffs"; "Russia's California Colony"/ "The Mother and Marshal Plummer"); (December; Front cover art "Watchin' His Backtrail" by Chuck Dehaan; "Tom Goff - Texas Ranger"/ "Baron De Bastrop - Con Man or Hero?"/ "The Taos Ghost");

1988 - (February; Front cover photo "Old Homestead by Billing Montana"; "Mysterious Joe Hardin"/ "Indian Outlaw on the Run"/ "Cowboy art of Tillman Goodan"); (April; Front cover photo "Old Mining Buildings at Garnet, Montana"; "Gold Fever Issue");

1989 - (February; Front cover art "Working the Round Pen" by Chuck Dehaan; "Bloody Knife - Custer's Favorite Scout"/ "Man of Mystery Scott Kelly"/ "Billy the Kid at Stinking Springs"); (April; Front cover art "Grand Canyon" by John D. Cogan; "Boss Hunter of the Plains - Jim White"/ "Rodeo Photographer R.R. "Dub" Doubleday"/ "Mystery of Sinker Creek"); (June; Front cover Photo "Santiago McKinn - Apache captive"; "Court - Martial of Henry Flipper"/ "Killer with Two faces - Ben Cravens); (September; Front cover art "Los Borrachos" by Hal Empire; "Gunfights of Cockeyed Frank"/ "Red Robber of the Rio Grande"/ "Confrontation with Cochise"); (November; Front cover art "Through the Pines" by Gary Lynn Roberts;"White hair vs. Sitting Bull"/ "Ghost Town with a Dark Past- Ludlow, Colorado"/ "Man Who was Hanged Twice");

1990 - (May; Front cover art "Sitting Bull Meeting with James Morrow Walsh" by Mick Harrison; "Sitting Bull in Canada - part 1 of 4"/ "Kit Carson's Fort on the Santa Fe Trail"/ "The Man with Fifty Brides - Asa Mercer");(June; Front cover Photo "Narrow Guage Train in Colorado Mountains"; "Sitting Bull in Canada part 2 of 4"/ "Black Pioneer George W. Bush"/ "Gene Ross-Rodeo Cowboy"/ "Historic San Juan Mountains"); (August; Front cover art "Bad Month for Badmen" by Joe Rader Roberts; "Sitting Bull in Canada part 4 of 4"/ "Man Killer - Hank Vaughan"/ "1874 Grasshopper Plague"); (December; Front cover art "Red Dog Saloon" by Gary Carter; "Lawless Trail of Fleming Parker"/ "Western Artist Gary carter"/ "Old-Time Texas haunts");

1991 - (January;ft/cv photo "Mount Evans, Colorado; "Last Of the Lady Buckaroos - Vera McGinnis"/ "Case of the Mesa Encantada"/ "The Invisible Man and the Golden Spike"); (February; Front cover photo "Cowboy Gear"; "Free the Youngers!"/ "Mystery of Frank Fish"/ "Locked up in the Laramie Penitentiary"); (September ; Front cover art "Song of Defiance" by Richard Luce; "Mystic Indian War Shields"/ "Mountain Men Zeke Williams"/ "Manhunt for Alexander Jester");

1993 - (January; Front cover art "Kiowa Chief Kicking Bird" by Tom Simonton; "Augusta Tabor's Pioneer Years"/ "Legend of China Basin"/ "Naturalist David Douglas"); (April; Front cover art art "Buckaroo" by Don Gray; "Alamo Survivor Susanna Dickinson"/ "Tom Horn's System that Never failed"/ "Forsyth's Scouts");(September; Front cover art by Tom Simonton; "Wyatt Earp's Youth on the Middle Border"/ "Tenth Calvary Suicide Charge"/ "Texas Ranger's Badge");

1994 - (January; Front cover Photo "Superstition Mountain"; "Wyatt Earp the Wichita lawman"/ "Fur Trader Antoine Robidoux"/ "Colorado's marble Mountain") (February; Front cover art "Romans 15:21" by Chuck Dehan; "Wyatt Earp Comes to Dodge City"; "Chief of the Utes Colorow"/ "Mysterious Jeremy Pinch"); (April; Front cover art "Slim" by Don Gra; 'Wyatt Earp - Trouble in Tombstone"/ "Golden Vug of Cripple Creek"/ "Hallie Daggett - Forest Guardian"/ "Cow Creek Murder Mystery"); (May; Front cover art "U.S. Cavalryman 1876 'By Michael Schreck; "Wyatt Earp - Tombstone 1881 "/ "Two Quail Woman and the Mimbres Culture"/ "Frank Jackson Texas Bandit"); (June; Front cover art "Grand Canyon" by John D. Cogan; "Wyatt Earp - Gunfight at the OK Corral"/ "Ordeal at Rock House Cave"/ "Cherokee Clave Revolt"); (August; Front cover art "Night Call" by M.H. Bradshaw; "Wyatt Earp - OK Corral's Legacy of Revenge"/ "Pioneer Woman Hannah Rebecca Perris"/ 'Old Time Cowboy Addison Jones"); (October "Kid Curry's Lost Papers"/"Legend of the lariat"/ "Judge Roy Bean and the Prizefight on the Border"); (November; Front cover art by Juan Crass; "Twisted trail of Billy Stiles"/ "Tom Custer - In His Brother's Shadow"/ "Frontier Army Doctor");(December; Front cover art 'Break of Dawn" b M.H. Bradshaw; "Border Outlaw Dutch Henry"/ "Wanted: Friends of the Wild Bunch"/ "Sternwheelers on the Saskatchewan'0;

1995 - (January; Front cover art "Spirit Wind - John 3:8 "By Chuck Dehaan; "Quickshot Davis and the Cheyenne River Robbers"/ "Choctaw law"/ "Montana Photographer - Mountain Goat Hileman"); (February; Front cover art "With Pistol in Hand" by Tom Simonton; "Crazy Horse - The Man Behind the Myth"/ "Bob Olinger - Blowhard or Badman?"/ "Buffalo Hunt with Bear's Rib"); (March; Front cover Photo "Mustang Roping"; "Mystery of Young Doc Holliday"/ "Juggernaut of the Plains - Buffalo"/ "Springfield Trapdoor Carbine"); (April; Front cover art by Juan Crass: "Lincoln Country's L.G. Murphy"/ "The Cheyenne - Arapaho Transportation Company"/ "Big Ed Burns - Leadville Badhat"/ "Helena, Texas - Toughest Town on Earth"); (June; Front cover photo 'Red Cliffs, Sedona, Arizona"; "Shootist Dave Neagle"/ "The White Man's Brother - Civilizing Geronimo"/ "The True Story of Russian Bill"); (October; Front cover photo "Saguaro Cactus"; "Special Outlaw - Lawman Issue"/ "Judge Lynch Rides the Rails"/ "Rhyming Robber Red McNeil"); (November; "Execution of Augusta Chacon"/ "Who Killed Frenchy Rochas?/ "Frontier Wit of William Wallace Kennedy"); (December; Front cover "Young Jesse Applegate Encounters an Indian" by Gary Zaboly; "Owen Wister's West"/ "Dangerous Dunns and the Dim Line");

1996 - (March; Front cover photo "Wild Bill Hickok" and 4-page Pull-out Section; "Gunslinger Mary Fields"/ "Wagon Traveler's Western Guide"/ "Actress Lillian Russell"); (May; Front cover photo "The Colt Lightning"; "John Wesley Hardin"/ "The Ordeal of Henson Wiseman"/ "Magical Fort Assiniboine"/ "The M and W Railroad Scam");(June; Front cover art "Billy the Kid" by Bob Boze Bell; "Soldiers of the Canadian West - Major Bolton"/ "Madam Mayor Susanna Salter"/ "Comstock Bandit Jack Harris"); (July; Front cover art "Cattle Drive" by Tom Simonton; "True West Legends - Calamity Jane - Bonus poster"/ "Soap Lake Cowboys"); (August; Front cover art by Kim MacKey; "The Shooting of Pegleg Johnny"/ "True West Legends - Pancho Villa"/ "Oregon's Farquhar McRae"); (September; Front cover art "John Kinney and Gang-Lincoln, New Mexico" by Gary Zaboly; "She Paints Indians - Grace Hudson"/ "Texan Jack Watson"); (October; Front cover photo 'Elizabeth Town, South Dakota 1876"; "Butch Cassiday's Peaceful Years"/ "The Last Pawnee Buffalo Hunt"/ "True West Legends - Black Bart");

1997 - (March; Front cover art "Murderess Belle Gunnes" by Al Martin Napoletano; "True West Legends - Mace Bowman"/ "Saga of Terrible Fred Wittrock");


1959 - (February; #6; "Billy the Kid" by Frank McCarthy); (August; #9; "Kid Curry - Alias Harvey Logan" by Frank McCarthy); (December; #11; "Last of the Buffalo Hunters"/ "Elza Lay- Intellectual Gunman")

1960 - (February; #12; "Cole Younger - Outlaw King" by Frank McCarthy); (June; "Milton Sharp- Gentle Highwayman"/ "the Fabulous Pony Express"); (August; "Johnny Ringo- Cultered Killer"/ "the Murdering Martins"/ "the Man Who Made Montana"); (October; "Texas Heller Kinh Fisher"/ "Sabres and Colts"); (December; Front cover art by Frank McCarthy; "Tiburcio Vasquez- Terror of California"/ "Henry Starr"/ "Arapaho Joe"/ "Harry Morse")

1961 - (Front cover art by Frank McCarthy; "Johnny-Behind-The-Duece"/ "Stuart's Stranglers");

THE WEST ( Western Periodicals Inc. Pub.) -

1964 - (March; Volume 1 #1; "the Lynching of Cattle Kate"/ "New Facts About Kid Curry"/ "Judge Parker's Last Hanging"); (May; Volume 1 #2: Front cover art by Frederic Remington; "Strange Truth about Print Olive"/ "the Apaches- Greatest Scouts of them All"): (July; Volume 1 #3; Front cover art "Cowboy on Rearing Horse" by Douglas Rosa; "Tragic Mystery of Lizzie Fletcher"/ "Indian Medicine"/ "Freak Guns of the Old West"); (October; Volume 1 #5; Front cover art by Thomas Beecham; "Was Mrs. Weldon Sitting Bulls White Squaw"/ "How Red Jack Almer Died"); (November;Volume 1 #6; Front cover art by Douglas Rosa; "Strange Curse of the Bruguier Brothers"/ "Deadwood Dick- the Man Who Never Was"); (December; Volume 2 #1; Front cover by Douglas Rosa; "Grat Dalton's Fatal Looking Glass"/ "Jim Kirker - King of the Scalper's"/ "The Indians Amazing Travel Instinct");

1965 - (January; Front cover art by Douglas Rosa; "The Truth About Wyatt Earp's Mystery Marriages"/ 'Strange Saga About George Northrup" 'Courage of Alice Fletcher"/ "Being an Indian Wife Wasn't Easy"); (February; Front cover art by Thomas Beecham; "Kit Carson's Strange Romnce"/ "the Sweet Grass Hills Massacre"); (March; Front cover art "Jailbreak" by Douglas Rosa; "Tragic Sorrow of Anna Morgan"/ "Tom Horn - Killer or Martyr?"/ "The Priest and the Bloody Benders"); (April; Front cover art "A Sioux Chief" by Frederic Remington; "Sally Skulle - Horse Trader"/ "Yellowstone Kelly - Indian Fighter"/ "How Men Died at Whiskey Flat"); (May; Front cover art by Douglas Rosa; "Killing of Mike McCluskie"/ "Brit Bailey - The Fiery First Texas"/ "Captain Jack - Villian or Martyr?"); (June; Front cover "Squaw Travois" by Charles M. Russell; "The hanging of George Johnson"/ "Buffalo Horn's Revenge"/ "Death at the Platte River Bridge"); (July; Front cover art by Thomas Beecham; "Moman Pruitt, Genius of Hate"/ "Angel of Goliad"); (August; "Prehistoric Hunters of the Plains"/ "When Potatoes Were Bullets"); (September; Front cover art "Buffalo Hunt" by John Dare Howland; "Ned Buntline - King of the Dime Novel Writers"/ "Killing of Dannie Clay"/ "Bread Riders at Alder Gulch"); (October; Front cover art by Carl Hantman; "the West's Greatest Detective"/ "Saga of Millie Durgan"/ "Dead Horse Trail"); (November; Front cover art "Surprise Attack" by Charles M. Russell; "Why Annie Oakley Hated Guns"/ "Master Killer- Chief Scarbreast"); (December; Front cover art "Wagon Train Under Indian Attack" by Frederic Remington; "The Legend of Lottie Deno"/ "The Mysterious Etta Place"/ "Slavery in the West");

1966 - (January; Front cover art by Carl Hantman; "West's Forgotten Artist - Rudolph Kurz"/ "Who Was Jacques Laramess?"/ "Courage of the Mennonites"/ "Saga of King Sam Woolsey"); (February; Front cover art by Virginia Taylor; "Jim Bridger and the Buffalo Skulls"/ "Hanging on the Teton"); (March; Front cover art by Carl Hantman; "Henry Plummer's Promise"/ "Prophesy of Chief Dragon Fly's Son"); (April; Front cover art "Retun of the Navajos" by Charles M. Russell; "James Marshall's Account of Gold at Sutter's Mill"/ "the Salmon River Saga"); (May; Front cover art "The Renegade" by H.W. Hansen; "Henry Starr and the Rough Ones"/ "Pioneers in the Panhndle"); (June; Front cover art "The Last of the Buffalo" by Albert Bierstadt ;"the Incredible Jane Barnes"/ "Early Life in the Sand Hills"/ "Shoot-out on Gunman's Walk"); (July; Front cover art "Breaking Horses in the Corral" by H.W. Hansen: "Saga of Barrett Scott"/ 'Jack London's Forlorn Dream"/ "Treasure of the Rifle Pits"); (August; Front cover art "Sign of Peace" by Leonard H. Needy; "Strange Life of Mickey Free"/ "Bubbling Cauldren at Sutter's Fort"); (September; Front cover art by Edgar S. Paxson; "Pioneer Days in Kansas"/ "Quaker Agents to the Kiowas"/ "Terlingua is a Ghost Town"); (October; Front cover art "Flatheads Leaving Their Bitter-Root Home, October 1891" by Edgar S. paxson; "the Vengeance of Marshall Franf Eaton"/ "Ed Teagle's Quart of Whiskey"); (November; Front cover art "Olive Trail Herd" by George Phippen; "Historical Badges of the Texas Rangers"/ "Herman Behn's Strange Empire"/ "Hell to Pay at Pierce City");

1967 - (January; Front cover art "The Last Shot" by Edgar S. Paxson; "Scourge of the Apaches - Albert H. Pfeiffer"/ "The Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver"/ "Dr. Lucy Hobbx Taylor"); (March; Front cover art "Trail of the California Pioneers" by Reuel Deckard; "Soldiers in War Paint"/ "Oklahoma Whirlwind Belle Starr"); (May; Front cover art "Signaling" by Edgar S. Paxson; "Urling C. Coe- Adventures of a Range Doctor"/ "Of Squaws and Squawmen"/ "King of the Bandits- Jesse James"); (June; Front cover art "Old '97" by Ted Kaluza; "Cannibal Tribe of the Old West"/ "the Johnson Legend"); (August; Front cover art "The Sun Worshippers" by Chris Kenyon; "Kicking Bird- Kiowa Martyr"/ "Cattle to the Railroad"); (September; Front cover art "Cattle Drive" by Bob Day; "the Last Days of John Wesley Hardin"/ "John Kleven- Nebraska Pioneer"/ "the Dedication of Father Junipero");

1968 - (February; Front cover art 'The Lookout" by Elsie Hanauer; "1850 Slow Trek to California"/ "Hazards of the Pioneer School Teacher"); (April; Front cover art by Charles M. Russell; "the Fabulous Cowboy Race"/ "Bloody Fued in Yellville"); (June; v art "When a man Needs a Friend" by Guy Carriero; "Where Burnett Got the 6666 Brand"/ "Quanah Parker's Magic Buttons"); (July; Front cover art "At he a Intruders" by Charles M. Russell; "The Jennings Gang Versus Progress"/ "The Many Careers of Sheriff Buck Garrett"/ "Bird Woman's Real Story"); (August; Front cover art "In Hostile Country" by P. Moran; "Amazing Exploits of Jim Bowie"/ "A Dog Called Pancho"); (October; Front cover art "Apache" by Frederick Ray; "James Chiles- AMissouri Badman"/ "Tuscon's Feast of the Jugly Smust"); (November; Front cover art "Stampede" by Leonard H. Reedy; "the Mystery of Tom Horn"/ "Origin of the Indian Police"/ "Indian Genius- Henry C. Holderman");

1969 - (January; Front cover art "Death Takes a Hand" by James E. Collender; "the Life of William Mathewson"/ "The Wolf That Polkey Got"); (February; Front cover art "Apache Chief Alchesay" by Henry Farny; "Shoni Joe and the Crooked Horse Trader"); (March; Front cover art "A Stop on the Oregon Trail" by Frederic Ray; "the Twilight Days of Kit Carson"/ "Memoirs of E.S. Tutt"); (April; Front cover art "The Wanted Desperado" by James E. Collender; "Diamond Lil's Sparkling Smile"/ "Don Santiago Querque- Reckless Adventurer"); (May; Front cover art "The Scouting Party" by Bob Day; "Quantrill and his Raiders"/ "the Showdown on Cameron Dam"); (June; Front cover art "Portrait of Chief Weasel Tail" by Nancy McLaughlin Powell; "Texas Bloody Taylor-Sutton Fued"/ "Saga of Thomas 'Broken Hand' Fitzpatrick"); (July; Front cover art "They all Knew Buffalo Bill" by Fred Lammert; "Them Damn Cats"/ "They Wanted to Hang Steve Meek"); (August; Front cover art "Danger in the Shadows" by Johnnie C. Walker; "River Full of Whiskey"/ "Massacre at Caborca"); (Sept; Front cover art "Pretty Indian Squaw Likum Wrong Chief" by Fred Lammert; "Noah Ross- A Great Photographer"/ "Josiah Gregg- Frontier Scientist:); (October; Front cover art "the Run For Home" by James E. Collender; "the Regeneration of Harry Orchard"/ "Granville Swift and his Frontier Friends"/ "Indian Traders Were Tricky"); (November; Front cover art "To Please His Current Love" by Victor Drake; "Squaws- Versatile and Valiant"/ "Sad Songs the Cowboys Sang"/ "White Avenger of the Chippewas"); (December; Front cover art "Custer at Little Big Horn" by Frederic Ray; "Peg Legs and Poultices"/ "the Bloody Fence-Cutting War")

1970 - (January; Front cover art "The Trigger-Finger Calamity" by Fred Lammert; "Fred Lambert - New Mexico Lawman"/ "The Daltons and Bill Doolin"/ "Memoirs of a Sandhill Homesteader"); (February; Front cover art "Heading for the Border" by James E. Collender; "Lincoln's Friend Sculptress Vinnie Ream"/ "Saga of Governor Lew Wallace"); (March; Front cover art "He Went That-a-way" by Frederic Ray; "Bullwhacking for Uncle Sam"/ "the King of Cripple Creek"); (April; Front cover art 'The Trackers" by Frederic ray; "Nelson Story Outfought Crazy Horse"/ "Cow Country Vigilantes of 1884"/ "Soto's Shootout with Sheriff Morse"); (November; Front cover art "The Doc or the Undertaker?" by Fred R. Lammert; "Remarkable Max Brand"/ "The Truth about Panning for Gold"/ "The Mysterious Elbridge Gerry"/ "Quantrill at Richmond");

1971 - (May; Front cover art "Indian Scouts" by James Collender; "Charley Glass- Lazy "Y" Foreman"/ "Men and Varmints"); (December; "Doc Holliday"/ "Wild Bill Hickok"/ "the Lynching of "Killing" Jim Miller")

1972 - (February; "Edward Creighton- Builder of thr Singing Wire"/ "the Legend of Lottie Deno"); (May; "Cullen Baker- First of the Gunfighters"/ "Yellowstone Kelly- Indian Fighter"/ "Hazards of the Pioneer School Teacher"); (June; "the Real Story Behind the Northfield Raid"/ "West's First Woman Gambler");

1973 - (May; Front cover art "Seige at Battle Rock" by Unknown; "Oracle of the Plains - Satanta"/ "When the Klondike Nearly Starved"/ "Choctaw Bill Robinson");

ANNUAL 1971 - ("The Best From the Past Issues")

WESTERNER ( Behn-Miller Inc. Pub.) -

1969 - (March/April; Volume 1 #1; Front cover art "In Without Knocking" by Charles M. Russell; "Calamity Jane- Wildcat's Kitten"/ "Jehu of the Stage Lines"); (May/June; Volume 1 #2; Front cover art "Buffalo Hunt" by Lloyd Harting; "Slaughter at Rock Creek Station"/ "Ben Holladay's Overland Stage"): (July/August; Front cover art "Crow and Pinto" by W.H.D. Koerner; "Chief Big Foot"/ "Last Stand of the Modocs"/ "Special Color Section"); (September/October; Volume 1 #4; Front cover art "Masked bandit" by W.H.D. Koerner; 'The Death trail of Wauba Yuba"/ "Poker Alice"/ "The Legacy of Buffalo Bill"); (November/December; Front cover art "Custer's Last Stand" by Frederic Remington; "A Spy for Pinkertons"/ "Siege at Fort Utah"/ "Color Prints")

1970 - (January/February; Front cover art "Sneak Attack" by Will Timpe; "the Cimarron Kid's Fancy Funeral"/ "Cowboy With a Camera"/ "Spotted Tail's Daughter"); (September; Front cover art "Apache Vengeance" by Francis Beaugureau; "the Day they Hung Black Jack Ketchum"/ "Custer and the Kidder Massacre");

1971 - (August; Front cover art"The Gunrunners" by Harold Von Schmidt; "Yankee Indian General - Yaholo"/ "Camera West - A.J. Russel"/ "Hickock - Heel or Hero?'); (October; Front cover art by Charles Jellicoe; "Fighting Sheriffs of the Old West"/ "Lizard Bill's Silver");

1974 - (September/October; Front cover art "They Looted Stages" by Jim Daly; "Attack on Wells Fargo"/ "Gene Autry- Back in the Saddle Again"); (November/December; Front cover art "Stopover at Hoxie Junction" by Joe Hobbs; "Special Issue - the Hunted Ones" The Real Milt Hinkle"/ "Western Artist Joe Hobbs");

WESTERN FRONTIER (G.C. London Pub. Corp.) -

1976 - (March; Front cover art; "Custer's Last Stand" by Unknown; The Day Denver Buried Buffalo Bill"/ "Yellowstone Kelly - Indian Fighter"/ "The day Wyatt Earp Died");

1977 - (May; Front cover art "Custer's Last Battle" by Unknown; "The San Joaquin Train Holdups"/ "Westward - The Mercer Girls"/ "Big Ed McGowan's many Feud's);

1978 - (July; Front cover photo "Cast of Little House on the Prairie"; "Trail to Cherokee West"/ "Origin of the Indian Police"/ "Courage of the Grand Island People"); (September;"Special Issue - Searching for Buried Treasure");

1980 - (January; "On the Warpath with Geronimo"? "General Crook's Campaign"/ "Snowshoes for Horses"/ "Carajou - the Devil's Sqawn"); (July; "Golden Secrets of Souls Rest"/ "The Fort Churchill Story"/ "Tragic Ordeal of Frances Grummond"/ "Train Holdup at Blackstone Switch"); (September; "The Northfield Raid"/ "Oliver Lovings Last Stand"/ "Texas Pioneer George Slaughter"/ "Did Nellie Casman Find Gold?"); (November; "Nevada's Worst Killer - Hank Parrish"/ "Sam Houston and his Battles"/ "Samuel Brannan - California's First Executioner");


1975 - (#1; "Clay Allison - Psychopathic Killer"/ "Story of an Indian captive"/ "Levi's - Style Setter of the West"/ "King of the Dime Novel Writers - Ned Buntline");

1976 - (#3; "Butch Cassidy's Outlaw Horsemen"/ "Barney L. Ford - From Slave to Millionaire"/ "Bronco Charley Miller"/ "Hanging on the Teton");

BADMAN AND THE OLD WEST - (1974; fall; "John Wesley Hardin/ Tom Horn/ Clay Allison/ Geronimo/ Jesse James/ Black Bart/ Sam Bass/ Kid Curry);

WESTERN TALES (Great American Pub.) -

1960 - (April; Volume 1 #1; "Russian Bill- Tombstone's would-be Outlaw"/ "Deadly Gunman- Marion Alonzo Hedgepeth"); (June; Volume 1 #2; "The Strange Life of Dora Hand"/ "The Real Story of Kit Carson"/ "Executioner George Maledon");

WILD WEST (Century Distributors Pub)

1969 - (June; Volume 1 #1; "American Bronco"/ "Day the West Went Fence Crazy"/ "Massacre at Bear River"); (August; Volume 1 #2; "First Massacre of U.S.Troops"/ "White Captive of the Savage Sioux");

1970 - (March; Volume 2 #1; "Olaf Seltzer the Artist Montana Almost Forgot"/ "Coming of the Christian General"/ "Massacre of the Mustang"); (September; Volume 2 #3; "Gallery of Civil War Greats"/ "Lost Squaw Mine"; "the Great Renegade Oualuck");

1971 - (September; "Trail City- the West's Worst Sin Town"/ "Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face")

1972 - (January; "Indian Scout Horace Pope"/ "Yahola's War"/ "Jacksonville- Town of Lively Ghosts")

WILD WEST ( Empire Press Pub.) -

1988 - (June; Volume 1 #1; Front cover art "Calvaryman Rescues Comrade"; "Warrior Tactics Adopted"/ "Trainload of Hired Guns");

1990 - (April; Front cover art "The Admirable Outlaw" by N.C. Wyeth; "Westward Exodus"/ "Rain-In-the-Face's Revenge"/ "Wagon Box Fight"/ "Cavalry Sabres");

1992 - (August; Front cover art "The Custer Fight" by William Herbert Dunton; "Killin' Jim Miller"/ "Yakima War"/ "Elfego Baca"/ "Peacemaker Crowfoot");

1994 - (February; Front cover art "Local Sheriff" by John Duillo; "Trail of Jesse and Billy"/ "First Black West-Pointer"/ "Little Bighorn Survivor"); (June; Front cover art "Give the Critter the Rope Instead of the Rope" by Bob Coronato; "Legendary Bowie Knives"/ "Western Legends Fall Hard"/ "Creek Indian Woman's Act of Courage"); (October; Front cover "Portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody"; "Buffalo Bill - The Legacy Lives"/ "Tombstone's Bird Cage Theater"/ "Silver Screen's Cowboy Pioneers"/ "Will Rogers and Tom Mix"); (December; Front cover "Closing In" by William C. George; "Western Mythmaker Zane Grey"/ "Women of the Wild Bunch"/ "Mysterious Dave Mather"/ "The Defeat of the Mohave");

1995 - (February; Front cover art by Bob Coronato; "Blacks in the West"/ "On the Orphan Trains West"/ "Abilene's Toughest Marshall Tom Smith"/ "Dinosaur Wars"); (June; "Old West in Comic Strips by Ron Goulart"/ "On the Trail of Early Six - Shooters"/ "Oregon's Mission Massacre"); (August; "Western Artist James Bama"/ "The Outlaw Ruggles Brothers"/ "Apache Ghost dance and the Battle of Cibecue Creek"/ "Revisiting Yuma Territorial Prison"); (October; Front cover art "Gunfight at the OK Corral" by Dan Mieduch; 'America's First train Robbery"/ "Pawnee Ambush on the Platte"/ "The Dalton gang's Mystery Rider"); (December; Front cover art "Surprise Attack" by Mort Kunstler; "Sioux Stalk Missouri River Steamboat"/ "Espinosa Brother Murder Spree"/ "Wyoming's Rowdy Hog Ranchers");

1996 - (June; Front cover art "George Armstong Custer" by Joe Umble; 'Special Custer's Last Stand Issue" / "Outlaw Dirty Dave Rudabaugh"); (August; Front cover art "Wild Bill Hickok" by Bob Boze Bell; "James-Younger Gang in Northfield"/ "175th Anniversary of the Santa Fe trail"); (October; Front cover art "Out of the Rising Mist" by Frank C. McCarthy; "Ken Burns Goes West - Interview"/ "Fighting the Plains Indians with Fire"/ "Killer Hermit of El Dorado"/ 'The Walapai War");

1997 - (February; Front cover art "Butch and Sundance the last Days" by Joe Umble; "Buffalo Soldier Emanuel Stance"/ "The Unsung Black Infantry"/ "Chief Kicking Bird"); (April; Front cover art "Plains Indian Buffalo Hunt" by Harry Schaare; "Special Western art Issue"/ "Sod Homes on the Range"/ "Chief Little Crow"/ "When Buffalo Ruled the Plains");

ZANE GREY WESTERN ( Zane Grey Western Magazine Inc. Pub.) -

1971 - (December; "The Best of the West Fact and Fiction);



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