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HISTORY and ARCHAEOLOGY -- Mass Market Paperbacks for sale - [ World History & Related including; Politics, War, Science, Technology, Peoples, Cultures, Countries, Economics, Prehistory, Religions, Literaure, Arts, Rise & Declines, Civilizations, Progress, Society, Mythology, Scholars, Governments, Ancient thru Modern, Prehistoric, Middle Ages, Medievil, Exploration, Revolutions, Essays, Geology, Folklore, Genealogy --- Archaeology with Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ancient Lands, Far East, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Antiquity, & More];

AITKEN, JAMES (ed.) - "English Letters of the XIX Century" (Various writers illuminating life in England in the first half of the nineteenth century.);

ALBRIGHT, W.F. - "The Archaeology of Palestine" (A survey of the ancient peoples and cultures of the holy land; with photos);

ALLEN, FREDERICK LEWIS - "The Big Change" (Informal history of change in American life in the first half of the Twentieth Century.); *** "Only Yesterday Volume I" (Informal history of the 1920"s in America); *** "Only Yesterday Volume II" (Informal history of the 1920"s in America); *** "Only Yesterday Volume I and Volume II" (Informal history of the 1920"s in America);

THE AMERICAN HERITAGE READER (Selections from the magazine of history of United States; eight pages of illustrations);

AMERICAN LITERATURE; THE 17TH & 18TH CENTURIES (The most significant achievements in American literature);

ANDREWES, ANTONY - "Greek Society" (During the late archaic and classical eras; with photos);

ARMITAGE, ANGUS - "The World of Copernicus" (The Life and work of the great 14th century astronomer);

ASHLEY, MAURICE - "England in the Seventeenth Century" (The Pelican history of England Volume 6);

ATKINSON, R.J.C. - “Stonehenge” (Account of the monument & its significance within the wider framework of British prehistory; with photos);

AUSUBEL, HERMAN - “The late Victorians; a Short History” (Social, Economic, Political & Religioos problems of late Victorian England.);

BAILEY, A.G. - “Culture and Nationality” (Essays on problems of culture contact in North America; Maritime economics & politics; literary history in Mid-nineteenth century Ontario & the Mar-times.);

BAINTON, ROLAND H. - “The Age of Reformation” (The Christian faith in the Sixteenth Century.);

BALSIGER, DAVE/ SELLIER JR., CHARLES - “In Search of Noah"s Ark” (Atop a mountain in Eastern Turkey is a giant 5,000 year old wooden ship; with 32 pages of photos);

BARRACLOUGH, GEOFFREY - “An Introduction to Contemporary History” (Politics, the impact of science, spread of technology, and the arts, since the closing of the nineteenth century.);

BARROW, R.H. - “The Romans” (Analysis of Rome"s achievement and of her contribution to the founding of Western civilization.);

BEALES, DEREK - “From Castlereagh to Gladstone 1815 – 1885” (Nineteenth Century Britians Developments in the economy, society & institutions.);

BERRILL, N.J. - “Journey into Wonder” (Man"s exploration of the natural world and his great voyages of discovery.); *** “Man"s Emerging Mind” (The story of man"s progress through time.);

BILLINGTON, RAY ALLEN - “The Westward Movement in the United States” (Settling the Western United States from the early 17th Century to the 1890"s.);

BINDOFF, S.T. - “Tudor England” (Pelican history of England Volume 5.);

BOLAND, CHARLES MICHAEL - “They all Discovered America” (An account of the explorers who came to America centuries before Columbus.);

BOTKIN, B.A. (ed.) - “The Pocket Treasury of American Folklore” (The jests & anecdotes, tall tales, songs & ballads.);

BOWLE, JOHN - “The Imperial Achievement” (The rise and transformation of the British Empire; with photos);

BREBNER, JOHN BARTLET - “The Explorers of North America 1492 – 1806” (From Columbus to Lewis and Clark); *** “The Neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia” (Why Nova Scotia did"t become the fourteenth colony in the American Revolution.); *** “North Altantic Triangle” (The inteplay between the United States & Canada.);

BROOKS, VAN WYCK - “The Flowering of New England” (History of the Golden age of American literature in the nineteenth century.);

BRONOWSKI, DR. JACOB - “The Absent of Man” (Man"s Scientific progress form pre-history of Modern Ties.);

BROWN, DR. GEORGE W. - Building the Canadian Nation; Volume I ; 1492 – 1849” (From the discovery of the new world to the settlement by the British & French also encompassing the Indian Wars.);

BROWNE, G.P. (ed.) “Documents on the Confederation of British North America” (A compilation based on Sir Joseph Pope"s confederation documents supplemented by other official material);

BRUUN, GEOFFREY - “Revolution and Reaction 1848 – 1852” (Critical epoch in Western Europe.);

BRYANT, ARTHUR - “English Saga” (England from the 1840"s to the 1940"s);

BUCK, PAUL H. - “The Road to Reunion 1865 – 1900” (Reconciliation of the North & South in the United States.);

BULFINCH, THOMAS - “The Age of Chivalry/ The Legends of Charlemagne” (Medieval tales of Kings & Knights.); *** “The Age of Fable” (Classic tales of Greek, Roman, Norse & eastern mythology.); *** “The Age of Fables/ The Legends of Charlemagne/ The age of Chivalry” (Classic tales of Greek, Roman, Norse & Eastern Mythology; Medieval tales of kings & knights.);

BURKE, EDMUND - “Reflections on the Revolution in France” (edited by Conor Cruise O"Brien.);

BURROUGHS, PETER - “The Colonial Reformers and Canada 1830 – 1849” (Collection of documents by englishmen of Canadian questions & imperial relations.);

CANDY, COURTLANDT/ GROSS, NANCY E. (eds.) “The World of History” (Great historical writing by various authors.);

CARR, E.H. - “The Bolshevik Revolution 1917 – 1923” (History of Soviet Russia Volume 3); *** “What is History?” (Showing that the facts of history are simply those the historians have chosen for scrutiny.);

CERAM, C.W. - “Gods, Graves and Scholars” (The story of archaeology from the unearthing of Ancient Troy to the discovery of Tutankhamen"s tomb; with photos.);

CHENEY, L.J. - “A History of the Western World” (The men and nations who shaped Western Civilization from the stone age to the twentieth century.);

CHILDE, V. GORDON ** “What Happened in History” (A study of the rise & decline of cultural & moral values in the old world up to the fall of the Roman empire.);

CIPOLLA, CARLO M. - “The Economic history of World Population” (A global view of the demographic & econimic development of mankind.);

CLEUGH, JAMES - “Love Locked Out” (A Survey of Love, licence & restriction in the middle ages.);

CLOUGH, SHEPARD B./ MOODIE, CAROL GAYLE - “European Economic History” (Documents & residing from the end of the middle age to the end of world war II in Western Europe.);

COBBAN, ALFRED - “A History of Modern France Volume I 1715 – 1799”; *** “A History of Modern France Volume II; 1799 – 1871”; *** “A History of Modern France Volume III; 1871 – 1961;

COFFEY, THOMAS M. - “Agony at Easter” (The 1916 Irish uprising);

COLE, G.D.H. - “Persons and Periods” (Essays dealing with social change in 18th and early 19th century England.);

A CONSPECTUS OF CANADA; CENTENNIAL YEAR 1967 (A survey of our land, its economy, its culture, its people.);

COOK, RAMSEY/ SAYWELL, JOHN T./ RICKER, JOHN C. - “Canada a Modern Study” (History of Canada from 1763 to present.);

CORWELL, JAMES - “Where did They Go?” (Lost cities & vanished peoples from around the world.);

CORNWALL, I.W. - “The World of Ancient Man” (Prehistoric communities and their environments.);

COTTRELL, LEONARD - “The Bull of Minos” (The story of the great archaeological discoveries in Crete & Greece.); *** “Life Under the Pharoads” (Accounts of the daily life of the ancient Egyptians.); *** “Lost Cities” (How, why, and who lived in them, ten cities across the world; with photos); *** “The Lost Pharaohs” (Treasures & discoveries from Ancient Egypt, with photos); *** “Wonders of Antiquity” (The Buildings & Monuments of the Ancients world with photos.); *** “Wonders of the World” (The Seven ancient and modern wonders of the world with photos.);

CRAIG, GERALD M. (ed.) “Lord Durham"s Report” (Document of the Establishment of Government in Canada and an Analysis of Life in the 1830"s);

CROCE, BENEDETTO - “History as the Story of Liberty” (Discussion of History & the writiong of history.);

DE BURGH, W.G. - “The Legacy of the Ancient World Volume 2” (Legacy of faith, freedom, & Law, which came from Israel, Greece & Rome.);

DEETZ, JAMES - “Invitation to Archaeology”(The Principles, Methods & problems of the presents – day archaeologists.);

DE VACA, CABEZA - “Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America” (The first expedition to the interior of Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & Northern Mexico.);

DIMONT, MAX I. - “Jews, God and History” (The 4,000 Year history of the Jewish people and their contributions of history.);

DOANE, GILBERT H. - “Searching for your Ancestors” (Guide for amateur genealogists.);

DOBREE, BONAMY/ MANWARING, G.E. - “The Floating Republic” (The story of the 1797 naval mutiny at the Nore & Spithead; with dustjacket.);

DONTAS, GEORGE - “The Acropolis of Athens” (An historical & aesthetic tour in text & photos.);

DUNHAM, AILEEN - “Political Unrest in Upper Canada 1815 – 1836” (Political struggles prior to the 1837 rebellion.); *** “Tiger dunlop"s Upper Canada” (Life in 19th century Canada.);

EDWARDS, I.E.S. - “The Pyramids of Egypt” (The story of how & why the kings of Egypt built their Pyramids.);

ELVIN, LIONEL - “Men of America” (Some of the most famous men in United States history from Ben Franklin to Franklin D. Roosevelt, with illustrations & maps.);

ENTERLINE, JAMES ROBERT - “Viking America” (The Norse crossings & their legacy.);

ESCHER, JR. FRANKLIN - “A Brief History of the United States” (From the Norsemen to the Eisenhower era.);

EVAN, B. - “Ifor – a Short History of English Literature” (A survey from beowulf to James Joyce.);

FAIRSERVIS, JR. WALTER A. - “The Origins of Oriental Civilization” (Prehistoric Civilization in China, Japan, Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia & Eastern Sibera with photos.);

FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN - “Greek Science” (Scientific thought from 600 B.C. To the time to Ptolemy and Galen.);

FITTING, JAMES E. - “The Development of North American Archaeology” (History of Idea in Regional Archaeology.);

FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - “Inventors in Action” (The story & history of the steamboat.);

GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - “The Great Crash 1929” (An account of the financial insanity of 1929.);

GEORGE, CHARLES H. - (ed.) - “Revolution: Five Centuries of Europe in Conflict” (Cultural, economic & political upheavels.);

GHIRSHMAN, R. - “Iran” (The story of Persia from earliest times until the Islamis conquest, with 48 pages of photos.);

GIBBONS, EDWARD - “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” (And other selected writings.);

GLAZEBROOK, G.P. - “A History of Transportation in Canada Volume I” (Continental Strategy to 1867); *** “A History to Transportation in Canada Volume 2” (National Economy 1867 – 1936);

GLOVER, T.R. - “The Ancient World” (Various Discoveries and Achievements of the Greeks & Romans.);

GOAD, HAROLD - “Language in History” (Language & Culture are interdependent in Western Civilization.);

GOODRICH, NORMA LORRE - “Ancient Myths” (The Great myths of mankind from ancient Sumer to Imperial Rome.); *** “The Medieval Myths” (The great myths from Beomulf to the Cid.);

GOMEZ, ERMILO ABREU - “Canek” (History & legend of a Maya hero.);

GRAY, JAMES H. - “Booze” (The impact of whiskey on the Canada Prairies.);

GURNEY, O.R. - “The Hittites” (The art, achievements, & social organization during the second millennium B.C.);

HALEVY, ELIE - “A History of the English People in 1815 Volume I” (Political institutions, with dust jacket.);

*** “A History of the English people in 1815 Volume 2” (Economic life, with dust jacket); *** “A History of the English People in 1815 Volume 3” (Religion & Culture, with dust jacket); *** “History of the English People Epilogue 1895 – 1905 Book I” (Imperialism);

HAMILTON, EDITH - “The Greek Way to Western Civilization” (An interpretation of Ancient Greek Culture); *** “Mythology” (Timeless Tales of Gods & Heroes); *** “The Roman Way to Western Civilization” (The heritage of Rome through their writers.);

HAMMAND, J.L. & BARBARA - “The Bleak Age” (England working class in the first half of the 19th century.);

HARRISON, J.F.C. - “Early Victorian Britain 1832 – 1851” (A thorough survey of this crucial phase.);

HATFIELD, H. STAFFORD - “The Inventor and his World” (British steps to take.);

HAWKES, JACQUETTA - “A Land” (Britain from the Geological shaping of the land to the development of its civilization.); *** (with Hawkes, Christopher) “Prehistoric Britain” (Life of the stone age hunters to the arrival of the Anglo-saxons.);

HEFFNER, RICHARD D. - “A Documentary History of the United States” (How great documents fave shaped America"s life, thought & history.);

HERSKOWITZ, HERBERT/ MARLIN, BERNARD – “A Guide to Reading in America History: The Unit Approach” (Bibliography of more than 1200 books ranging from the discovery of America to the nuclear age.);

HEYERDAHL, THOR - “Aku-Aku” (Secret of the Easter island statues.);

HOBSBAWM, E.J. - “The Age of Revolution 1789 – 1848” (Industrial & political in England & France.);

HOLT, SOL - “The Dictionary of American History”

HOW TO TRACE YOUR FAMILY TREE (A complete and easy to understand guide.);

HUGHES, JEAN/ ELLIOTT, CHRISTINA - “Shropshire Folklore Ghost and Witchcraft” (History, Legend & Folklore.);

HUIZINGA, J. - “The Waning of the Middle Ages” (Forms of Life, thought and art in France and the Netherlands.);

HUNTINGTON, ELLSWORTH - “Mainsprings of Civilization” (Heredity, geography, climate and how they determine a nation"s history & shape its culture.);

HORSTFIELD, JOEL - “Elizabeth I and the Unity of England” (The Queen"s Personal & Political, religious outlook.);

HUTCHINSON, R.W. - “Prehistoric Crete” (Social Organization, trade, Merchant Navy, art & Religion.);

JACKSON, HOLBROOK - “The Eighteen Nighties” (A review ar art & ideas in Britain at the close of the Nineteenth century with dust jacket.);

JAMESON, ANNA BROWBELL - “Witer Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada” (Life in upper Canada in the Pre-Confederation era.);

KARAGHIORGA, THEODORA G. - “Ancient Olympia” (Pictures of the treasures of Olympia.);

KILBOURN, WILLIAM - “The Firebrand” (William Lyon Mackenzie & the rebellion in Upper Canada.);

KITTO, H.D.F. - “The Greeks” (The character and history of an ancient civilization, and the people who created it.);

KLINCK, G.A. - “Down to the Sea” (Simon Fraser"s Voyage.);

KOCHAN, LIONEL - “The Making of Modern Russia” (A broad outline of Russian history.);

KOHN, HANS - “Living in a World Revolution” (The historical forces of revolution.); *** “Nationalism: Its Meaning and History” (World wide status today and its historical background.);

KOMROFF, MANUEL - “Gods and Demons” (Greek, Roman, Nordic, Celtic & Indian);

LANG, DANIEL - “From Hiroshima to the Moon” (Chronicles of life in the Atomic age.);

LEFEBVRE, GEORGES - “The Coming of the French Revolution” (Introduction to the study of the French Revolution.);

LINTON, RALPH - “The Tree of Culture” (From Prehistory to the Modern Era the History of how Societies begin.);

LLOYD, ALAN - “Marathon: the Story of Civilizations on Collision Course” (Battle Between Greeks and Persians that Decided the course of Western Culture.);

LORD, WALTER - “The Good Years 1900 – 1914” (American prosperity at the beginning of the twentieth century.);

MACKENDRICK, PAUL - “The Mute Stone Speaks” (The story of Archaeology in Italy with photos.);

MARTIN, KINGSLEY - “The Crown and the Establishment” (History between the people and the Monarchy.);

MARTIN, MICHAEL RHETA/ CROWE, CHARLES - “Picture History of the Modern World” (From the age of Exploration to the age of Space.);

MASSINGHAM, H.J. & HUGH (eds.) - “The Great Victorian Volume 2” (Nineteen biographical studies with dustjackets);

MASTERS, D.C. - “A Short History of Canada” (From 17th Century fur trading settlements to a Dominion.);

MAXWELL, GAVIN - “Lords of the Atlas” (The rise and fall of the house of Glaoua 1893 – 1956.);

McNEILL, DON - “Moving Through Here” (A history of modern culture in the 1960"s);

McNAUGHT, KENNETH - “The Pelican History of Canada” (From the earliest European expeditions to Pierre Trudeau.);

MIOLLARD, JOSEPH - “No Law but Their Own” (Biographies of Lafayette C. Baker, Joseph Whiteside Boyle, & George Wellington Streeter);

MINER, HORACE - “The Primitive City of Timbuctoo” (Sociology & history of this African trading city.);

MISHIMA, YUKIO - “On Hagakure” (The Samurai ethic & modern Japan.);

MOFFETT, CLEVELAND - “The Reign of Terror” (In the french revolution the execution & mod violence.);

MONTAGU, ASHLEY - “The Human Revolution” (From Ape to Man, afar ranging study of the origins of mankind.); *** “Man: His first Million Years” (Man"s cultural & physical development from prehistoric times to the present day.);

MOOREHEAD, ALAN - “The Russian Revolution” (The before & after events);

MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - “The Oxford History of the American People Volume I” (From prehistory to 1789.);

MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER - “The Tudors” (Culture, Politics & the Tudors 2th photos.);

MORRIS, RICHARD B. - “The American Revolution” (A short history);

MUGGERIDGE, MALCOLM - “The Thirties” (Great Britain from 1930 – 1940);

MULLER, HERBERT J. - “The Uses of the Past” (Profiles of former societies and an analysis of the meaning of history.);

MYERS, A.R. - “England in the Late Middle Ages 1307 – 1536” (The Pelican history of England Volume 4.);

NAMIER, LEWIS - “1848: The Revolution of the Intellectuals” (Europe"s losing battle of political Liberatism with reactionary governments.);

NEATBY, H. BLAIR - “Laurier and a Liberal Quebec” (The transformation from Conservation to politically Liberal.);

NEUBERT, OTTO- “Tutankhamun and the Valley of the Kings” (Tutankhamun and Egypt of his time.);

NEVINS, ALLAN/ COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE - “A Pocket History of the United states” (From the earliest settlements to the rise of the USA as a world power.);

NEW, CHESTER - “Lord Durham"s Mission to Canada” (Report on Politics in Canada after the 1837 rebellion.);

NICHOLAS, H.G. - “The American Union” (A short popular history of the USA.);

NOHL, JOHANNES - “The Black Death” (The Bubonic Plague that ravaged Europe for five centuries.);

NYE, R.B./ MORPURGO, J.E. - "A History of the United States Volume I” (The birth of the USA); *** “A History of the United States Volume II” (The Growth of the USA);

PAINE, THOMAS - “Common Sense and the Crisis” (The spirit of the American Revolution.);

PALLOTTINO, M. - “The Etruscans” (The people, culture, and language of the pre-roman civilization in Italy.);

PARES, SIR BERNARD - “The fall of the Russian Monarchy” (The causes and outbreak of the Russian revolution of 1917.);

PARKHILL, FORBES - “The last of the Indians Wars” (The final, heroic fight of the American Indian for independence.);

PARRINGTON, VERNON L. - “Main Currents in American Thought Volume I” (The Colonial mind 1620 – 1800.); *** “Main Currents in American Thought Volume 2” (The romantic revolution 1800 – 1860);

PIGGOTT, STUART - “The Druids” (This shadowy Celtic priesthood.);

PIKE, E. ROYSTON - “The Strange Way of Man” (Rites and rituals & their incredible origins.);

PIRENNE, HENRI - “Medieval Cities” (Trade & Urban life in the 10th & 11th centuries Europe.);

PLUMB, J.H. - “England in the Eighteenth Century 1714 – 1815” (The Pelican history of England volume 7);

POTTER, STEPHEN - “The Sense of Humour” (A history & analysis of the english sense of humour.);

POWER, EILEEN - “Medieval People” (A study of the common man & his place in society.);

PRESTON, JOHN HYDE - “A Short History of the American Revolution” (The people, battles, and sacrifices to make the colonies independant of England.);

RALPH, PHILIP LEE - “The Story of our Civilization” (10,000 years of Western man.);

RAPPORT, SAMUEL/ WRIGHT, HELEN – (ed.) “Archaeology” (Anthology of vivid accounts about the people who have brought history to life.);

RAWLYK, G.A. - “Historical Essays on the Atlantic Provinces” (The Peculiar Flavour of the Historical Experience of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.);

REED, JOHN - “Ten days that Shook the World” (First hand account of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution.);

RETROSPECT 1964 (The United Press International photographic review of 1963 with photos.);

RETROSPECT 1965 (The United Press International photographic review of 1964 with photos.);

RIBAKOVE, BARBARA & SY - “The Happy Years; American Graffiti 1950” (A nostalgic look at America in the 1950"s in pictures & text.);

RICHMOND, I.A. - “Roman Britain” (The Pelican history of England volume I.);

RIOUX, MARCEL/ MARTIN, YVES - “French Canadian Society Volume I” (The development from agricultural & rural to urban & industrial forms of today.);

RIVERAIN, JEAN - “Concise Encyclopedia of Exploration” (Biographies are accompanied by articles with maps.);

ROBBINS, MICHAEL - “The Railway Age” ( Railways & Society in Nineteenth Century England.);

ROSENTHAL, A.M. / GELB, ARTHUR (ed.) - “The Night the Lights Went Out” ( The 1965 power failure that spread over nine States & three Canadian provinces with 32 pages of photos.);

ROSSITER, CLINTON - “The First American Revolution” (The American Colonies on the eve of independence.);

ROTHSTEIN, ANDREW - “A History of the U.S.S.R.” (Post Russian Revolution political & society with its import of world order.);

RUDE, GEORGE - “Revolutionary Europe 1783 – 1815” (The social & Economic aspects of their period.);

SAGAN, CARL - “The Dragons of Eden” (Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence.);

SANN, PAUL - “The Lawless Decade” (An Intimate Look in text and pictures of America in the 1920"s).;

SCHURZ, WILLIAM LYTLE - “The Manila Galleon” (Spanish Galleons trading between Manila & Acapulco between 1565 to 1815.);

SCHUYLER, ROBERT LIVINGSTON/ WESTON, CORINNE COMSTOCK - “Cardinal Documents in British History” (With main emphasis upon constitutional, political, & legal aspects of history.); *** “British Constitutional History Since 1832” (As much a way of life as a set of rules.);

SEDILLOT, RENE - “The History of the World in Two Hundred and Forty Pages” (From prehistoric times to the present the achievements of one hundred and fifty generations.);

SELLERS JR., CHARLES GRIER (ed.) - “The Southerner as American” (Nine Historians Analyze the Complexity of Southern United States History.);

SELTMAN, CHARLES - “Women in Antiquity” (The Life of Women in Mediterranean civilizations.); *** “The Twelve Olympians” (A new and fascinating view of the gods & goddesses of ancient Greece.);

SENNETT, RICHARD - “Families Against the City” (Middle Class Omes of Industrial Chicago 1872- 1890.);

SHARP, ANDREW - “Ancient Voyagers in the Pacific” (Man"s arrival & early development in the islands of the Pacific.);

SHEPHERD, WALTER - “Archaeology” (What Archaeology is, what is teaches, how to pursue it.);

SISSONS, MICHAEL/ FRENCH, PHILIP (ed.) - “Age of Austerity 1945 – 1951” (Britain"s Post World War II Political, economic & soical upheavals.);

SMITH, HENRY NASH - “Virgin Land” (The American west as symbol & myth.);

SNYDER, LOUIS L. - “Basic History of Modern Germany” (Major Period in German history in the 19th & 20th centuries.); *** “Fifty Major Documents of the Nineteenth century” (Major movements of modern history with their effects around the world.); *** “The World in the Twentieth Century” (The Basic important historical occurrences from 1900 to the present.);

SOLOMON, BARBARA H. (ed.) - “Ain"t We Got Fun?” (Essays, lyrics, and stories of the 1920"s in America);

SOUTHWORTH, JOHN VAN DUYN - “The Story of the World” (From the stone age to the atomic age.);

STENTON, DORIS MARY - “English Society in the Early Middle Ages 1066 – 1307” (Pelican history of England Volume 3.)

STIMPSON, GEORGE - “A Book About American History” (Startling facts you never knew about the United States history.);

STOBART, J.C. - “The Glory That Was Greece” (Survey of the hellenic culture & civilization.);

SWAINSON, DONALD - “Historical Essays on the Prairie Provinces” (Canada"s Prairie provinces their settlement & developments.);

TALMAN, JAMES J. - “Basic Documents in Canadian History” (Canada emerging role in the world.);

THOMAS, GORDON/ WITTS, MAX MORGAN – "The Sun Francisco Earthquarke” (The largest natural disaster in the United States history on April 18,1906.);

THOMAS, DAVID - “England in the Nineteenth Century 1815-1914” (Pelican history of England Volume 8.); *** “England in the Twentieth Century” (Pelican history of England Volume 9);

TOMAS, ANDREW - “Atlantis from legend to discovery” (The legacy of the lost continent.);

TOYBEE, ARNOLD J. - “Greek Historical Thought” (From Homer to the age of Heraclitus.);

TRAIL, CATHERINE PARR - “The Canadian Settler"s Guide” (Classic of Canadian literature.);

TREVELYAN, G.M. - “British History in the Nineteenth Century and After: 1782 – 1919” (Focused on the Politics); *** “England Under the Stuarts” (The political, social, and constitutional history of England in the 17th Century.); *** “English Social History” (A survey of six centuries from Chaucer to Queen Victoria.);

TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - “The Proud Tower” (A portrait of the world before the First World War 1890 – 1914 with photos.);

ULLMANN, WALTER - “A History of Political Thought: the Middle Ages” (From the Fifth to the Twelfth Centuries.);

URE, PERCY NEVILLE - “Justinian and his Age” (The life and achievements of the sixth century ruler.);

VAILLANT, G.C. - “The Aztecs of Mexico” (Their institutions, religion, arts, buildings & daily life with photos.);

VAN EVERY, DALE - “A Company of Heroes” (The American Frontier 1775 – 1783); *** “Forth to the Wilderness” (The first American Frontier 1754 – 1774.);

VAN LOON, HENDRIK - “The Story of America” (From Columbus to Modern times.); *** “The Story of Mankind” (Recounts history as living news.);

VON HAGEN, VICTOR W. - “The Aztec: Man and Tribe” (An Archaeological history.); *** “Realm of the Incas” (An Archaeological history.); “World of the Maya” (Civilization in the jungles of South America.);

WADDELL, HELEN - “The Wandering Scholars” (The story of the Vagantes, the Latin Poets of the Middle ages.);

WADE, MASON - “The French Canadian Outlook” (Their historical struggle to retain their identity.);

WAITE, P.B. (ed.) - “The Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada 1865” (Classic of Analysis of Federation.);

WALLACE, SIR DONALD MACKENZIE - “Russia on the Eve of War and Revolution” (From the Emancipation of the Serfs in 1861 to 1912.);

WALLBANK, T. WALTER - “A Short History of India and Pakistan” (The political, economic, and social forces from ancient times to present.);

WALTERS JR., RAYMOND - “The Virginia Dynasty” (The United States 1801 – 1829.);

WARKENTIN, JOHN - “The Western Interior of Canada” (Excerpts, from journals, diaries, and reports of geographical explorations.);

WELLS, H.G. - “Pocket History of the World” (With maps, charts, & chronological table.);

WERTEIN, IRVING - “This Wounded Land” (The era of reconstruction in the United States 1865 – 1877.);

WHITEHEAD, A.N. - “Adventures of Ideas” (A study of the concept of civilization and how it is that civilized beings arise.);

WHITELOCK, DOROTHY - “The Beginnings of English Society, the Anglo-Saxon Period” (The Pelican history of England Volume 2.);

WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - “Culture and Society 1780 – 1950” (English industry, democracy, class, art and culture.);

WILLIAMS, ROGER L. - “The World of Napoleon III 1851 – 1870” (Portrayed through the lives of Offenbach, Courbet, Pastuer and others.);

WILSON, JOHN DOVER - “Live in Shakespeare's England” (Life in Elizabethan England.);

WINBOLT, S.E. - “Britain Under the Romans” (From the first landing of Julius Caesar in 55 B.C. To 450 A.D.);

WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD – "Digging up the Past” (How Archaeology has grow from treasure hunting to a science.); *** “A Forgotten Kingdom” (Record of the excavation of Athchana and Al Mina IIV the Turkish Hatay with photos.);

WYNNE, BARRY - “Behind the Mask of Tutankhamen” (The greatest archaeological discovery of our time with photos.);

ZINSSER, HANS - “Rats, Lice and History” (Infectious diseases and medical responses, and society in history.);


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