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-- (A) --

ABBOTT and COSTELLO Comics (St. John Pub. Co; 1948-1956) -

#7(5/1949; Costello & Blonde Girl as Vikings in Opera-c/s; Football-s; GGA/Good Girl Art; Lily Renee & Eric Peters-c/a; Creasing & edge tears to covers, thus G = $28);

#7(5/1949; Costello & Blonde Girl as Vikings in Opera-c/s; Football-s; GGA/Good Girl Art; Lily Renee & Eric Peters-c/a; Magic Tape repairs to multiple Tears, thus FA+ = $19);

#9 [2/1950; Nice Polar Bear & Eskimo's at the North Pole-c; Witch/Knights/Dragon-s; Cowboys-s; Hazy Daisy{Movie Starlet}; Discover America-s; Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover thus FA/G = $24];

#11(10/1950; only the FRONT COVER, NO contents, Magic Tape repairs to multiple Tears, thus FA = $4);

#22 (11/1953; PRE-CODE; Pararchuting-c; Mort Drucker cover & art; VG = $32)

#25 (7/1954; PRE-CODE; How to Train Dogs/Costello being bitten by Dog cover by Peters; Contents is a Reprint of issue #4; Tape repair to edges of cover, NO Back cover, FA = $10);

#32 (10/1955; A&C in Semi-Private Eyes-s; Admiral's Darling Daughter-s; A&C as Soldiers at Carnival-s; Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover thus FA/G = $10);

#38 (5/1956; A& C in Space holding giant Star / Science Fiction-c; Terror of the Mat/ Wrestling-s; the Ape-s; Circus-s; Minor Magic Tape repairs inside, & minor color touches, thus G/VG $18);

ACE COMICS (David McKay Pub., 1941) - Katzenjammer Kids cover on ALL issues below, with Story inside;

>>> [Jungle Jim in all; Blondie in all; Katzenjammer Kids in all; Prince Valiant=most 26-134; 128up=Brick Bradford; 135up=Lone Ranger; 11-151=Phantom]; >>[ Series variously Includes; Also; Tim Tyler's Luck, Tillie the Toiler, Just Kids, Pete the Tramp, Curly Harper,Teddy & Sitting Bull, Elmer, Barney Google, They'll Do it Every Time by Hatlo, Henry etc];

#46 (January/1941); #79 (10/1943; G/VG, but About 50% of Pages missing; 32 pages including covers remain including covers; Complete stories include = Phantom, Pete the Tramp, Jungle Jim Just Kids, Curley Harper, Barney Google; $6.00);

#82(1/1944; G/VG $25);

#90(9/1944; VG+ $32);

#92(11/1944; VG/FN $39);

#98(G/VG, but Centerfold Missing $6);

#103(10/1945; FN $34);

#114(FA/G, but Centerfold Missing $4);

#117(12/1946; Phantom, Katzenjammer Kids, Tim Tyler, Jungle Jim by Alex Raymond, Barney Google, Blondie,Teddy & Sitting Bull, Tillie the Toiler, Prince Valiant by Foster; G/VG $20);

#138(9/1948; FA+ $8)

ADVENTURES IN THE BREAKFAST ZONE (General Mills Inc. 1990; Giveaway) #1 (28-pages Including Covers);

ADVENTURES IN ELECTRICITY (General Electric Company Adventure Series; Giveaway)

#1 (“The Generation Of Electricity”; 1946 GEC-174);

#4 (“X-Rays in Medicine, Industry and Science”; 1947 APG-17-3);

#5 (“Electricity in Railroading”; 1948 APG 17-4);

#6 (“The Story of Light”; 1949 APG 17-7

ADVENTURES IN ELECTRONICS (Adventures in Science Series) -

#NN (1955 APG 17-8A; Pictorial Media Pub, Promotional/ Giveaway for General Electric Company);

#NN (1955 APG 17-8B; Pictorial Media Pub, Promotional / Giveaway for General Electric company, N.J. USA; 16 Pages in Color; NOT listed in Overstreet; VG = $12.00);

ADVENTURES IN JET POWER (Genral Electric Company; Adventure Series/Adventurers in Science Series; Giveaway);

#NN (1950);

#NN (1955 APG-17-2B);

#NN (1958 APG-17-2-C);

#NN (1961 APG -17-2-D);

ADVENTURES IN JET PROPULSION (General Electrical Company; Giveaway; New York, USA; 1947); #NN;

ADVENTURES INSIDE THE ATOM (General Electric Company; Adventure Series; Giveaway); #NN (1948 APG 17-5);

ADVENTURE INTO THE FUTURE (General Electric Company; Adventure Series; Giveaway); #NN (1952 APG-17-10);

ADVENTURE INTO THE PAST (General Electric Company; Adventure Series; Giveaway); #NN (1949 APG17-6);

ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (Junior Readers' Guild, Inc; 1955); #2 (June);

THE ADVENTURES OF ALICE (.. IN WONDERLAND) (Civil Service Pub., 1945) - #1(G.O. Munhfield art; G/VG $20.00);


THE ADVENTURES OF KOKO AND KOLA (ME - Magazine Enterprises; Superior Pub./Canadian) - #6(1950; A-1#28);

ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE (St John Pub., 1952-1955) - #3 (3/1952; FA/G $14); #8;

ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE (Pines Pub.; 1955-1959; Backup-s include; Heckle & Jeckle, Sidney, Dinky, etc)

#141(G/VG $10); #142(G/VG $10); #143(G $7); #144(8/1959; LAST Pines issue; G=$7; FA/G=$5);

ADVENTURES OF THE O (Voyager Communications/Campbell's Soup Inc; USA) - #NN(1993; the Great Ballistic Park Challenge; Where's Waldo activity inside; From Spagetti Os pasta; 20 pages including covers; VG/FN = US$5.00);

THE ADVENTURES OF OSTER SUPER PAN (Oster Corp.; 1972 Giveaway) #NN (Comic Book Cookbook with Games and Puzzles);

THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (Magazine Enterprises; based on Richard Greene TV show) - #6;

ADVENTURES OF SHONEY'S BIG BOY (Paragon Products, Giveaway, 1978) - #76,171,172,187,190,254;


ADVENTURES OF THE BIG BOY (Robert C. Wian Enterprises Inc.; Promotional-giveaway comics, color comic)

#103(1965; BB with BLONDE Hair)

>>>> [All UN-Marked issues below (#165 up) feature Big Boy with BROWN colored HAIR on cover; Variants are as marked];
#165, 171,172,175(1980),179,181,189,190, 192,193, 195, 203, 220, 229,235, 236(1976), 252,255, 265,#270(Universal City California & Buck Rogers-c), 274(Donny & Marie Osmond-c), 275(Sesame Street & Miss Piggy-c), 282,305,310(Valentine issue), 315,317, 320(Christmas issue), 322(1983), 331, 337, 339(1985), 349,350, 351(1986), 358;492(1999);


THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERCAT (Farrell / AJAX Pub., 8/1957) - #1;

AGGIE MACK (Four Star Pub./Superior – Canadian Publisher; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Teenage Humor) - #1(1/1948; Scarce Canadian Variant Edition; GGA = Good Girl Art; FELDSTEIN art; “Johnny Prep”; VG=$59; or FA/G=$29);

AIRBOY COMICS (Air Boy; Hillman Pub., 1945-1953) -

Volume-5 #6(7/1948; Volume-5 #6; Airboy-c/s; Tiger-c; Zolne-c; the HEAP = 8 page-s; Flying Fool = GGA; Swivel-Gun Leslie = Western-s; Hustler Burns Soldier of Fortune; overall a nice glossy FN/VF, but 3/4 Cover = Title cut off; Also first & 2nd pages cut but still present; $18),

Volume-5 #6(7/1948; Volume-5 #6; Airboy-c/s; Tiger-c; Zolne-c; the HEAP = 8 page-s; Flying Fool = GGA; Swivel-Gun Leslie = Western-s; Hustler Burns Soldier of Fortune; VG $42);

Volume-7 #10(11/1950; 52 pages; 7 pages Origin of HEAP, vs Werewolf-s; Airboy-c/s; Jockey's Dream-s; Gotch the Big Indian = Wrestling-s; G/VG, but heavy writing in borders of page-3, thus G $22);

Volume-8 #9(10/1951; Volume-8 #9; Airboy-c/s; HEAP = 7 pages-s; Hippos of Jewel River = Pirates-s; Cowtown Rookie; Baseball-s; FA/G $17),

Volume-9 #11(12/1952; Volume-9 #11; Wheels of Eboli-c/s; Airboy-s; HEAP-s; VG, but 3 pages missing = $6);

Volume-10 #3(4/1953; Volume-10 #3; Pre-Code; 2nd Last issue; HEAP vs the Hammer of Otzberg & Vampire Bats-c & 7 page-s; Airboy-s; FA/G $14);

AL CAPP'S DOGPATCH comics (1949; L'il Abner; SCARCE; nice GGA) - #2(8/1948; Daisy Mae-c/s; Moonbeam McSwine app; Kid Science-s; FN/VF, with 1-1/2" Tear in Last 2 pages thus FN+ = $65);


AL CAPP'S WOLF GAL (Toby Press Pub.1951; L'IL ABNER related; SCARCE; GGA = Good Girl art) - #1(Overall VG but cover is faded, thus G/VG $59);

ALL ABOARD, MR. LINCOLN! (Assoc. of American Railroads, Giveaway, 1959) - #NN;

ALL GREAT COMICS (Fox Feature Syndicate Pub., 1946) -

#1 (1946; Berty Benson boy detective, Icky, Gussie the Gob, Crazy House & O'Brine Twins; FN/VF $120);

#14(10/1947; with Brenda Starr; also with; Texas Slim, Steamer Kelly, Surgeon Stone, Ned Handy, John West & Mighty O'Malley; Listed as "SCARCE" in Overstreet;G/VG = $99.00);

All-Picture COMEDY CARNIVAL (St John Pub); #1(10/1952; 100 pages; 27 pages of CANTEEN KATE, Matt BAKER art; Dinky Duck, Little Roquefort; Paul Terry's Three Bears; Gandy Goose, Heckle & Jeckle; overall VG/FN copy, but 1/2" tall x 2-1/2" long rodent chewed cover at bottom right & partial corners of first 12 pages = still looks decent; G+ $60);

ALL TOP COMICS (Fox Feature Pub., 1945) - #1,6;

ALPHA AND THE LETTER PEOPLE (New Dimensions in Education Inc.; 1977 Giveaway; Story and Art by Wayne Howard); #1 (“The Friendly Forest”); #2 (“Heat Wave”); #4 (“The Smoke Monster”);

AMERICAN GRAPHICS (Henry Stewart Pub) – #1(1954; Indian Legends of the Niagara = Maid of the Mist and The Last of the Eries; by Robert F. Yates & Robert B. Bean; Nice Painted Cover; at Niagara Falls; VG/FN, but 1/3 Page Missing = $10);

ANCHORS ANDREWS (The Saltwater Daffy) (St John Pub.; NAVY Cartoon Humor) -

#1(January 1953;Canteen Kate by Matt Baker = 9 pages; VG = $50), ;

#3(5/1953; DINAH-s; GGA = Good Girl art; FA/G $8);


Andy (Capp) Goes to the Parks (1975; National Park Service; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; U.S. Department of the Interior;Stars Andy Capp with art by Reg Smythe. Andy and his long suffering wife go camping. Warned by a park warden; Andy feeding a bear, swimming in fast currents /excessively cold water, placing his camp fire too close to the tent,drinks while boating, doesn't wear a life jacket. Color, 16 pages, newsprint covers; G/VG $10);.

ANIMAL FAIR (Fawcett Pub.) - #6(August/1946); 8(October 1946), #11(February 1947);

ANIMAL FABLES (E.C. Educational Comics / Fables Pub; 1946-1947; Scarce Early EC comic series);

#1 (7-8/1946; 1st app Freddy Firefly = HUMAN TORCH Swipe & Parody; Little Danny Demon-s; Hector the Inspector = Bulldog as Sherlock Holmes parody; Wilie the Weasel-s; BOZO the bowlegged Bull-s; VG minus = $96.00);


A-1 COMICS (Compix / ME - Magazine Enterprises) -

#6(circa 1945; Walking the Plank with Shark-c; Texas Slim & Dirty Dalton-s; Corsair-s = Ghost-s; George & the Dragon-s; Mr. In-Between-s; Tugboat Tim-s; Tommy Tinker-s; VF/NM, 9.0 = $85);

APPROVED COMICS (ST John's) - #3(WILD BOY OF THE CONGO; Great GGA Painted BONDAGE-c; 4/1954; VG/FN $30)

ASTRONOMY AND YOU (Edmund Scientific Co., 1970, USA Giveaway; 16 pages) - #NN(VG, but with piece off upper right cover & Magic Tape down Pines = G $4);

AVENGER (ME - Magazine Enterprises) - #1(A-1 #129; Origin; 1955);

-- (B) --

BACHMAN the Master Railroad Man - #NN (Philadelphia, PA, USA color Comics Promotional Giveaway; Dan Danglo-c/a; Color; 1988; 12 pages; Bachmann Industries;VG $5.00);

THE BARKER (Bell Features Pub., Canadian Variant Edition of the Quality Comics Pub) - #15(LAST issue; Jack COLE art; 12/1949; FA/G, Centerfold Missing $4);

BARNEY GOOGLE SNUFFY SMITH (Toby Press) - #1(June/1951);

BARNYARD COMICS (Nedor/Polo Mag./Standard Pub.) - #7,13(Frazetta Tex illos), 21Frazetta Tex illos), #20(10/1948; 36 pages; CANADIAN Variant Ed; 7 pages Frazetta-a; Jack Bradbury-a; G = $10),

BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL (Consumer’s Power Company; Promo Giveaway; Custom Comics; NYC; 1971; 16 pages; Color; War against Environmental Pollution; Two-Headed Dragon-c/app; VG $12);

BATTLE HEROES (Stanley Pub.; Squarebound Giants; Low print & Scarcer); - #1 (September 1966; Japs; Bunker Hill; Mine Sweeper; Buddha; Blitzkreig); #2 (November/1966; Gyrenes-s; Sniper-s; Bluff; Navy; Grenade);

BEE-29 THE BOMBARBIER (Neal Pub.) - #1(Feb/1945);

THE BERRYS (Field Enterprises) - #1(5/56);

BETTY AND BOB'S ADVENTURES IN TOYLAND (McKesson & Robbins, Incorp.; 1956; giveaway; full color; 20 pages) - #NN(VG/FN $12);

BIG BEN BOLT (Gordon & Gotch, Australian, B&W) - #33;

BIG SHOT COMICS (Columbia Comics Group)-

#44(3/1944; Sparky Watts, SKYMAN, Dixie Dugan, Joe Palooka, Charlie Chan & the FACE; FA, complete reading copy $16);

#64(3/1946; 1st Appearance of Cranberry Boggs; Also with; Joe Palooka, Charlie Chan, SKYMAN,Dixie Dugan, Hollywood Husband, Tony Trent VG/FN, but with 2 x Centerfolds Missing;All listed stories are complete = $9)

#71(11/1946; Cranberry Boggs, Joe Palooka, Sparky Watts, Charlie Chan, SKYMAN, Bo,Dixie Dugan, Hollywood Husband, Tony Trent, & Brass Knuckles; VG+ $32);

#73(1/1947; VG $30); #81, 97;

BILLY BUNNY (Excellent Pub.) - Volume 1 #2 ((April/May 1954);

BILLY THE KID AND OSCAR (Fawcett Pub) - #3(Fall/1946);

BLACK COBRA (Ajax/Farrell Pub.) - #1(10-11/1954; Re-into Black Cobra & the Cobra Kid, costumed heroes; G+= $52; FA/G=$36);

THE BLACK KNIGHT (Toby Press Pub.)- #1(1953, Bondage cover; Canadian Variant Edition – Superior Pub);

BLACKSTONE, MASTER MAGICIAN COMICS (Vital / Street & Smith Pub.) - #3 (7-8/1946; LAST issue; G $25);

BLONDIE (David McKay Pub) #1-15 = LISTED in the HARVEY section of our Website;

BLONDIE COMICS - (Harvey Pub., Giveaway, NY, USA Dept of Mental Hygiene, 1950; 20 pages) #NN(3rd Printing; G $9);

BLONDIE COMICS - (Harvey Pub., Giveaway, NY, USA Dept of Mental Hygiene, 1961; 20 pages) #NN(FA/G $4);

BLONDIE -- FEATURE BOOK (David McKay Pub) - #29(4th Blondie issue; SCARCE;Home Sweet Home”; 68 pages; 1942; Blondie brings baby Cookie home from Hospital) ;

BLONDIE (King Pub; Mental Hygiene giveaway; adapted by Joe Musial; 1961; New York, New York) #NN;

BLONDIE (King Pub; Mental Hygiene giveaway; adapted by Joe Musial; 1950; Ohio) #NN;

BLUE BEETLE (FOX / Holyoke Pub; 1939-1950; Original dan Garret Blue Beetle) - #33(8/1944; Woman in Bondage panels; VG/FN $84);

BLUE BOLT (Novelty Press Pub.) - Volume-3(#10), Volume-4(#9); Volume-5(#2); Volume-5 (#3); Volume-(#6); Volume-6 (#6); Volume-6(#10); Volume-7(#1, 6/46); Volume-7(#5); Volume-7(#5, #10); Volume-8(#5); Volume-8(#6,coverless); Volume-8(#12); Volume-9 #1(Canadian Variant Edition – Cosmicolor Pub; Baseball cover);

BLUE BOLT ADVENTURES (Star Pub., Cole Cover, Target Appearance,1949) - #103;

BLUE CIRCLE COMICS (Enwil Associates/ Rural Home Pub.) - #1(June 1944; The Blue Circle begins (1st app); origin & 1st app Steel Fist.);

BLUE RIBBON (St. John Pub./Blue Ribbon; 1949) - #3(HECKLE & JECKLE / Terrytoons);

BOBBY COMICS (Universal Phoenix Feature Pub., 5/46) - #1;

BOB SWIFT Boy Sportsman (FAWCETT Comics Pub);

#1 (5/1951; Great SAUNDERS Painted Cover of a Boy in the River Fishing with his Dog;  Big Horn Bonanza = Hunting a Big Horn Sheep in the Rocky Mountains story; King of the Lake = Fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Eagle Lake in the North Woods story; Creasing to Covers, Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus FA/G = $12.00);

BOY COMICS (Lev Gleason Pub.; USA Editions) - #33(April 1947), 39,42-45,,48,52,57,58, 60-65,67,69, 70, 74,77,80,82,83,86, 87, 88, 90, 92,93,94, 98,101-103, 109,110,119;

BOY COMICS (Lev Gleason Pub.; SUPER / SUPERIOR Pub – Canadian Variant Editions) - #43,47, 56, 77,94;

BOY COMICS [Lev Gleason] = COVERLESS ISSUES; #76, 81, 87, 102 (No Covers, o/w nice VF $5 each); #89-92 (4 issues Sold as a SET only; With CLAW SERIAL Part 1-4; all NO Covers, o/w rest is nice VF = $25); #A??? (Probably one of these issues = 96,97,99,100,104; ROCKY X story "Horror on Kallaxyn"; No Covers, o/w nice VF $5); #B??? (Probably one of these issues = #96,97,99,100,104; ROCKY X story "D'Day from Space" No Covers, o/w nice VF $5);

BOZO the CLOWN in the Mystery of Missing Point; (DELL Pub; APSCO Products; Copyright Capital Records; Larry Harmon; TV; Promotional / Giveaway color comics); #NN(One-Shot; 1961; 3-1/2”x7-1/4”; Wacko Wolf app; BOZO as Sherlock Holmes Parody-c; VF+, 8.5 = $50);

THE BRAIN (M.E. – Magazine Enterprizes / Sussex pub) - #6 (1/1958; DAN DeCARLO art; FA/G = $6.00);

BREAKING FREE (American Cancer Society; Giveaway) #NN (Circa 1985);

BRUCE GENTRY (Better/Four Star/Standard/Superior Pub.; GGA = Good Girl Art; KAMEN-ish c/a ) - #8(Superior Pub/Canadian Variant Edition);

BUCCANEERS (Bell Features Pub., Canadian Variant Editions, of the Quality Comics) - #1(Crandall-c/a); #2;

BUCCANEERS (Quality Comics Pub.; USA editions) - # 23 (9/1950; CRANDALL-a; FA/G $39);

BURGER KING KIDS CLUB COMICS (Affinity Communication Corp.; Giveaway); #4 (Jan/1994; by Mark Evanier and Scott Shaw);

BUCK ROGERS (Famous Funnies Pub); - # 5 (No Date, 1942/1943; Classic Dick Calkins newspaper comic strip reprints; Plus Skyroads newspaper comic strip reprints; Overall a beautiful VF range example, but with GLUE Residue on Spine, probably removed from a bound volume; Still an attractive copy; Scan on request; Call it G/VG $149);

BUSTER BEAR (Quality Pub) - #5(GOLF-c);

BUSTER BROWN COMICS (Brown Shoe Co.) - #9,12-14,16-33,37,38,41,43;

BUSTER BROWN IN “BUSTER MAKES THE TEAM!” (Jacobus Shoes Giveaway; 1959; color);

BUSTER BROWN OF THE SAFETY PATROL (1960 Custom Comics; Giveaway) - #NN;


Buster Brown Safety Coloring Book (Promotional / Giveaway; Brown Shoe Co;1958; FA/G $9);


BUSTER BUNNY (Standard Comics/Pines; November 1949),4,7,15;

BUZ SAWYER (Standard Pub.1948-1949; Better Pub; Toronto, Ontario, Canadian Variant Edition) - #2(intro Sweeney; 36 Pages; VG $18);

-- (C) --

CALLING ALL BOYS (Parents Magazine Institute) - #8(Oct-Nov/1946),

#10 (March 1947; Cover Gary Cooper; Contents - Tex Granger; 13 Rue Madeleine ; Suicide Run (short story by Donovan Fitzpatrick; Hector; Coach's Corner by Nat Holman; Son of Thunderer by Hal Goodwin (Short Story); Dig Bailey “Salvage of the Santa Maria!”; “The Adventures of 'Bigbrain Billy'”; Hockey Marathon; );

#12 (July 1947; Cover Bob Hope; Contents – Streaky Smith of Essex High; Coach's Corner “How to Play Baseball by Bucky Harris Manager , N.Y. Yankees; Tex Granger; Flailing Flukes by Glem Philbrook (Short Story); Hector; My Favorite Brunette; The Adventures of “Bigbrain Billy”);

#14 (November 1947; J. Edgar Hoover photo cover; Contents – Tex Granger; Get a Big Kick out of Football by Bernie Bierman football coach, Minnesota (Short Story); Howard Hughes Sky Pioneer; Tiger Bait by Rutherford Montgomert (Short Story);Hector; Magic Town by Phil Wilcox; The Sandbar Mystery; The Adventures of “Bigbrain Billy”;

#15(1948; included Tex Granger, Hector, Edward Moose Krause Basketball, Mission to Mars, and Streaky Smith Skiing story);

CALLING ALL GIRLS (Parents Magazine Institute Pub.) - #2(12/41), Volume-3(#5), Volume-3(#19), Volume-3(#23), Volume-4(#26),

CALLING ALL KIDS (Parent Magazine Institute Pub.) - #1(1945),2,7,22,(Christmas issue), 25;

CANDY (Quality Comics Pub.) - #2(Gustavson art),3,9,10,12,17,20,28(FN $22),30,34(FA $4), 44(tear last pg G$8),46(GVG $12),48(VG $15);


CAPTAIN AND THE KIDS (United Features Syndicate Pub; 1947-1955) - #22(VG $18); #23(1951; VF+, 8.5 = $43); #23(1955; VG $15); #23(1955; appears VF+, but right page edges are tanned & Fragile, thus call it FN $22);

CAPTAIN D'S EXCITING ADVENTURES (Paragon Products Inc.;Giveaway); #4 (“The Blockade Runners”; 1977);

CAPTAIN EASY (Hawley/Standard/Visual/Argo Pub.; USA editions; GGA = Good Girl art in all; Roy Crane-a in most?) -

#11(1/1948; 52 pages; GGA / Good Girl Art = Girl in striped Dress with “Legs” cover; Mummy-s; Bondage Panels; Amazon-s; Burmese Idol-s; Gangsters-s; G+ = $15.00);

#15(2/1949; 36 pages; Gagged Girl panels; Alias the Duke-s; FA/G $10);

#17(9/1949; 36 pages; TRAIN-c/s; WASH TUBBS WEDDING-s; Man in DRAG in Women’s Lingerie-s; FA/G $10);

CAPTAIN EASY (Hawley/Standard/Visual/Argo Pub.; Better Pub; Toronto; Canadian Variant Editions)

#15(2/1949; 36 pages; Gagged Girl panels; Alias the Duke-s; Same cover/contents as US edition; G/VG $10);

#17(9/1949; 36 pages; TRAIN-c/s; WASH TUBBS WEDDING-s; Man in DRAG in Women’s Lingerie-s;Same cover/contents as US edition; FN/VF $27);

CAPTAIN FLASH (Sterling Comics Pub., Superhero; 1954-55) -

#1 [11/1954; Origin & 1st app Capt Flash & his sidekick Ricky; Sekowsky art; Tomboy (female super hero) begins; Villians Iron Mask, Mirror Man & Claw app; only PRE-Code issue; ATOMIC Rocket cover; Interior a nice VG with Off-White to White pages; Front cover appears G/VG; But with; 3 small 1/2" pieces off BACK cover, Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus FA/G = $39),

CAPTAIN GALLANT (of the Foreign Legion) (Carlton Comics Pub.) - #1;


#48(August-September 1945; 2 x Sivana-s; G/VG $68),

#57(March 1946; Haunted Girl-s; VG/FN $99),

#61(May/1946; Cult of the Curse serial Begins; Oggar; Mental Monster; Overall VF, but Title off = 2/3 Cover remains; First 2 pages cut, but still present = $35),

#63(July 1946; Cult of the Curse serial Oggar-s; CM as Stunt Man-c/s; G/VG $59),

#66(10/1946; ATOMIC WAR-c/s; 20% of Front Cover missing; 3 x Centerfolds Missing; 10-20% of Six interior pages missing; POOR, as is = $6)

#78(11/1947; Origin MR. ATOM-c/s; VG/FN $99);

#83(4/1948; Canadian Variant ed; World of Tommorrow; Indian Chief-c/s; FA/G, centerfold missing, 3 of 4 stories are complete $12);

#85 (October 29 1946; 4 Part story = Freedom Train issue-c/s, with SINANA & Abe Lincoln; FA $27);

#107(Space Hunter-s; PR/FA, reading copy $13);

CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES -- (Fawcett Pub.; 32 pages; Full Color; Newsprint covers; 6-1/4"x8-1/4") -

#NN(Promo/Giveaway from Wheaties; "Threads of Life", "Bridge of Sighs", "Man who made Earthquakes"; overall VG+, but 1-1/2"x3/4" piece off upper left cover, 1"x3/4" piece off upper right cover, ALL copies have tape, as issued taped to Wheaties box, thus tape does not affect grade; 1" tape at bottom left & right cover corners = thus G minus $75.00);

CAPTAIN MARVEL (M.F. Enterprises) - #1(April/1966), 2,3,4;

CAPTAIN MARVEL PRESENTS THE TERRIBLE 5 (MF Enterprises) - #1(Aug/1966), 5

CAPTAIN MARVEL JR.(Fawcett Pub.) -

#59(3/1948; Sivana Jr app; USA Edition; G/VG $49);

#61(June 1948; CM Jr vs CM Jr-c/s; Canadian Variant Edition pub by AA Anglo America; 1/6 page missing, o/w FA+ $18);

#64(8/1948; Sivana Jr app; Enchanted Castle-s; VG/FN $79);

#73(May/1949; Classic Freddy Freeman with Lightning Bolt & change to CM Jr cover; Rich Robot-s; Hakir the Fakir-s; Sivana Jr-s; FA/G $24);

#81(January 1950; Mr Mirage-c/s; VG/FN $69)

#90(10/1950; Magic Trunk-c/s; FA/G $24);

#94(2/1951; GENIE-c/s; Indian Medicine Man-s; Lords of the Underworld-s; G/VG $42);

#104(12/1951; Queen of the Witches-c/s; Used in Parade of Pleasure; G/VG $42);

#104(12/1951; Queen of Witches-c/s; Palace of Lost Ideas-s; FA/G $24);

#111 (7/1952; Day in the Life of CM Jr-c/s = Cover shows CLOCK with 12 scenes from CM Jr's day; PLUTO-s; Menace of the Miser-s; Decent complete FA/G copy, but mis-cut at factory, with Top of book being 6-3/8 wide & Bottom of book being " 7-1/8" wide, with about 1-2% of text loss in upper right panels, thus FAIR = $14);

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (Fawcett Pub.) - #10(July/1943; Classic Mac RABOY FLAG Cover; FA/G $79); #19(April/1944; FA/G, NO back cover $45);


Captain Zilog (1979; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Zilog Inc; Westcom '79 Collectors Item); - #1(Joe Kubert pencils in Cartoons style; Low Brooks-s;16 pages color; VG/FN $13);

CARVEL Comics (Carvel Corp; Yonkers, NY, USA Ice Cream Company Promotional Giveaway Comic with 25 cents cover price) - #1(1973;  36 pahes, Color; Games & Puzzles are NOT marked, VG = $8.00);(Another Copy = ASK);

CENTENNIAL OF CANADA (Manitoba, Canada Centennical Corp., giveaway) - #NN(1970; 16 pages; Color; VG+, but with 1/3 Back cover missing = $3.00);

CHARLIE CHAN (Crestwood/Prise) #1 (6-7/1948; Simon & KIRBY cover & 2 pages art; Infantino-a; Scarce; Appears VG, but has Large Tears in cover with Magic Tape Repairs inside, thus FA/G $85);

CHILDREN'S PLAYMATE MAGAZINE (A.R. Mueller Printing Pub.) - Volume-29 (#12) 8 pages color comics, 1 page paper doll with Bobo the Elephant; digest size; Volume-8(#25) Coo Coo Comics;

CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL (Ziff-Davis Pub) #NN(#1; 1952; 100 Page Squarebound GIANT; SANTA stories; Dragon-s; Geller-a; Nordling-a; RCMP/Mounties cameo; VG minus = $70);

CHUCKLE COMICS (Showtime Pizza Time Inc; Chuck E. Cheese Collector Comic; Promo / Giveaway Comic; Color) #1 (”Limited Print Run”; 9/1996; 16 pages; Computer Cowboys: Showdown in Cyberspace; G/VG $4);

CHUCKLE, THE GIGGLY BOOK OF COMIC ANIMALS (R.B. Leffingwell Co.; 1945; 132 pages; one-shot) - #1(Funny Animal; other all VG/FN but about 25% of the paper missing off the spine thus Gd+ $33);

CIRCUS COMICS (Farm Women's Pub./DC Pub) - #1(April/1945),2(June/1945);

CIRCUS OF FUN - #1(1945);

CLEAR THE TRACK ! (Association of American Railsroads; Giveaway; 16-pages Color Comics) #NN (“How Railroads Fight Snow, Flood, Fires, and Other Emergencies”);

CLIFF MERRITT and the Very Candid Candidate -- Cartoon story of the Election of a Union Officer (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainsmen; Circa 1960's ; Promotional / Giveaway; Color; 28 Pages; 24 pages of Art by Al Williamson; FN=$16; or G=$8);

CLUBHOUSE KIDS – The Adventures of Rod Edna & Holly (1st Edition; Ministry of Health Ontario Canada; 1990; 28 pages; color comic; Capt Dynamo-s; Time Travel-s; VG/FN $5);

CLUE COMICS (Hillman Periodicals) - #8(Fall/1944; Palais-c/s);

CLYDE BEATTY (Commodore Productions & Artist Pub., 10/53) - #1;

COCOMALT BIG BOOK OF COMICS ( 1938; Harry A Chesler Pub; Cocomalt Premium / Promotional / Giveaway - 52 page Regular Size Color comic); -#1(Overstreet lists as “SCARCE” = 20-100 Copies existing; BIRO-c/a; “featuring JOE PENNER”-c; GOOBY LAND DWARF's-c/s; Little Nemo by Windsor McKay; Dan Hastings SF-s = Fred Guardineer-a; George Nagle-s; King Kole's Kourt = Jack Cole-a; Cowboy Joe Penner-s; Gustavson, & Bob Wood art; 2page HOOT GIBSON comics AD for Cocomalt at centerfold; Round Table adventures-s; Lucky Coyne mystery-s = Frank Frollo-a; Sky Menace-s; nice Off-White pages, G/VG = $350);

COMIC COMICS (Fawcett Pub.) - #5;

COMICS ON PARADE (United Features Syndicate Pub.; 1938-1955) - >>> [ #82-103 = all NANCY and SLUGGO issues];

Special Issue #NN(7/1946; CAPTAIN and the KIDS; VG = $23);

#56(3/1947; Capt & Kids-c; FA+ $8);

#70(2-3/1950; VG $20); #70(2-3/1950; NANCY-c/s; Fritzi Ritz app; G $12); #70(2-3/1950; G/VG $15);

#70(Nancy & Fritzi Ritz; G/VG, but 20% of first page missing $6);

#82(FA/G, but bottom middle 1/3 front cover missing $5);


#98(G/VG $15);

#101(10% cover off at bottom, FA, reading copy $6); #103(1/1955; G/VG $15);

CONQUEROR COMICS (Albrecht Pub.) - #NN(Winter/45);

COOKIE (Michel Pub/ Regis Pub = see ACG Pub, on separate Link on www.dougcomicworld.com )

COO COO COMICS (Standard Pub.; 1942-1952; Supermouse = 1st Funny Animal superhero = Cloned from Superman ) -

#25(5/1946; Supermouse, Bruno Bear, Fritz, Fathead, Daffy & Dilly, Butch; G $12);

#27,28,32, 36(Frazetta Text illos), #41(9/1948; 6 pages Frazetta-a plus 2 Text illos; FN $69),

43(Frazetta Text illos), 44(3/49; Frazetta Text illos), 45(Frazetta Text illos), #47(9/1949; 5 pages Frazetta-a plus 3 Text illos; VG/FN $45),

48(Frazetta Text illos),56 (FA/GD), 57, 62(LAST issue);

COSMO CAT (Fox Pub; Superhero Funny Animal);

#10(10/1947; Overall FA/G, but most pages are MISSING; only 8 interior pages remain; thus POOR = $1.00);

COSMO CAT (Norlen Magazines Inc; 250 West Broadway; NY, NY; Superhero Funny Animal) -

#2(1959; TOM the All American Cat; Rock & Rollo; Atomic Mouse; Little Amigo's Fables text-s; Goofy; Dog Daze; VG/FN $15);

#4(1959; Punchy & the Black Crow; Tubby & Scout; Leon the Lyin' Lion; Short; Nip the Cat; Rock & Rollo; Atomic Mouse; PR/FA = $3);

COWBOYS 'N' INJUNS (ME - Magazine Enterprise) - #2,3,5(1947);

COWGIRL ROMANCES (Fiction House Magazine; 1950) = see "Western comics on www.dougcomicworld.com ;

CRACK COMICS (Quality Comics Group Pub.) - #45(11/1946; Capt Triumph-c/s; Beezy; Pen Miller; Hack O'Hara; Floogy the Fiji; Molly the Model; Inkie; FA/G $22);

THE CROP THAT DID NOT FAIL (International Paper Company; Giveaway); #NN (1951);

CROWN COMICS (Golfing/McCombs Pub.) - #9(May/1947), 14(Aug/1948);

CURLY KAYOE (United Features Syndicate) - #2,6;

-- (D) --

DANDY COMICS (E.C. Educational Comics / Fables Pub; 1947-1948; Scarce Early EC comic series); - #1 (Spring/1947; Funny Animals; Vince FAGO-a; Dandy the Rabbit, Bull Bowser, Tumbles the Clown, Tuffy; G/VG $69);

DANGER (Comics Media Pub.) - #1(1/1953; Don Heck-c/a; Sandhog, Black Gold, Blubber; Steel Girder; VG minus = $56); #10;

DANGER IS OUR BUSINESS! (Toby Press Pub.) - #1(1953), 11;

DAREDEVIL (Lev Gleason Pub.; USA Editions) -

#42 (5/1947; Intro Kilroy in DD; VG- $50);

#52 (1/1949; FN+, but light waterstain at top, thus VG/FN $50); OR #52 (1/1949; G/VG $32); #53 (3/1949; G $22);

#59,62-68,70-72,75, 77,78,81,88,93,93(coverless), 98,100,100(coverless),107,107(coverless),109,112,112(coverless), 119,120,122,123, 126, 132,134;

DAREDEVIL (SUPER / SUPERIOR Pub.;Canadian Variant Editions of the Lev Gleason comics) - #64(36 Pages with 2 Daredevil stories, & a Sniffer story; VG+ $26); # 69, 86, 92;

DARING ADVENTURES (St. John Pub., 3-D Comic) - #1(11/1953; VG/FN, No Glasses = $65);

DESIGN FOR SURVIVAL (GENERAL THOMAS S. POWER'S) (American Security Council Press; Promotional) #NN (1965; 25 Cent Cover Price);

DICK COLE (Curtis Pub./Star Pub.)(circa 50's) - #7(with #6 on cover, LB Cole cover);

DICK COLE (Accepted Pub; NO date; 1950's) - #6(States #6 on front of cover, and #7 on inside front cover; L.B. Cole-c; FA/G $8);

"DICK" HANOVER BOY-CHAMPION (Promotional - giveaway; USA circa 1950's; baseball cover & story; NOT listed in Overstreet; Appears FN+, but with 6" tear in front cover, repaired inside with magic tape, thus G $6);

DICK TRACY (Chicago Tribune Pub.) - #NN(1958);

DICK TRACY (Esso Service Station Salesmen; Chicago Tribune; 1958) - #NN;

DICK TRACY (Famous Artists Syndicate, 1940) - #1;

DILLY (Lev Gleason Pub.) - #1(May 1953);

DINKY DUCK COMICS (St John Pub.) - #2(Jan/1952),7,8,10,16,17;

DISCOVERING DINOSAURS (True North Comics; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; art by Michael Dixon; story by Martyn Godfrey) #3(1998);

DIXIE DUGAN (Prize Pub./Headline Pub.) - Volume 4 (#1), Volume 4 (#8);

DIXIE DUGAN (McNaught Syndicate/ Columbia/Publications Ent.) - #7,10;


DO-DO FUNNY ANIMAL CIRCUS STORIES (National-Wide Pub.; 1950; size 7 ¼ “ x 5 “) - #1;

Doll Man (Quality Pub) - #43(12/1952; the Thing that Killed-c/s; 4 page TORCHY-s = GGA / Good Girl art by FOX; G/VG = $45);

DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY = see "WAR COMICS" listings on out Website www.dougcomicworld.com ;

DOUBLE TROUBLE (St John Pub.) - #2(Jan/58);

DRIVING LIKE A PRO (Greyhound Corp.; Giveaway) #NN (1958; 16-pages Color Comic);

DUTCH BROS. FREEDOM FIGHTERS (Dutch Bros. Coffee; Promotional Giveaway) #3 (2012);

-- (E) --

EAGER BEAVER IN NEW YORK CITY 1964 (Cities Services Oil Co.; Promotional – giveaway) #NN (1964);

THE EAGER BEAVER - Story of the Wheel (Cities Services Oil Co., 36 pages, Promotion - giveaway) #NN(1963; VG/FN $10);

THE EAGER BEAVER - Story Book (Cities Services Oil Co., 36 pages, Promotion - giveaway) #NN(1959; G $6);

THE EAGER BEAVER SPACE BOOK (Cities Service science fun; USA, 36 pages, Promotional - giveaway) - #1(1962; G/VG ¼ page cut $3; VG/FN $10);

EGBERT (Arnold Pub./Quality Comics Group) - #1(Spring/46), 10(Autumn/48);

ELECTRIC SAFETY FROM A TO ZAP ACTIVITY BOOK (Manitoba Hydro, giveaway; 1986; J. Sheriiaii art; 16 pages);

ELLA CINDERS (United Features Syndicate) - #3(Aug/1948);

ELSIE'S FUNBOOK Cut Out Toys & Games (Elsie the Cow Promotional Giveaway) #NN(Overal G, but Bottom 10% of First page missing thus FA $5);

ENGINEERING IN YOUR FUTURE (General Electric Company; Adventures in Science Series; Giveaway) #NN (1957 APG 17-10A);

ETTA KETT (King Features Syndicate/ Standard) - #11(December 1948; Teenage);

EVA THE IMP (Red Tio Comics/Decker) - ##1(8/1957); 2(Nov/1957);

EXCITING COMICS (Nedor/Better Pub./Standard Comics) - #47(May/1946; BLACK TERROR-c/s; SCHOMBURG-c; FA/G $57), #67 (All Western issue; VG $50);

EXPLORER JOE (Ziff-Davis) #2(Painted-c)

-- (F) --

FAIRY TALES (Ziff-Davis Pub.) - #10(April-May/1951);

FAMOUS FUNNIES (Eastern Comics; 1934-1955 ) -

#49; 53, 109,;

#122(September/1944),131(June/1945),134,135, 137,138,140,142,144,145,158,159,163,183,

#199(4/1952; Pre-Code; SCORCHY SMITH-c/s, with GGA/Good Girl Art; Dickie Dare; Steve Roper; Napoleon; Bobby Sox; Oaky Doaks; VF+, 8.5 = $59);

#206 (FA/GD); 207 (FA/GD);

FAST WILLIE JACKSON (Fitzgerald Periodicals = aka ARCHIE Comics??; Archie-Style Teen-Age Humor with almost all BLACK Characters; Covers & Art by Gus Lemoine an African-American comic artist that worked at ARCHIE Comics; Bertram Fitzgerald-s; all LOW PRINT and SCARCE to RARE) -

#1(10/1976; First appearance of the Brothers & Sisters of MOCITY USA; Fast Willie Jackson, Frankie Johnson, Dee Dee Wilson, Jo-Jo, Hannibal & Jabar, with White Police Officer "The Man"; SOLD OUT );

FAT AND SLAT Joke Book (Ed Wheelan's...; All-American/Wm H. Wise pub; One-Shot, later becomes an EC Comic) #NN(Summer/1944; 52 pages; Appears VG/FN, but with Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover = FA/G $29);

FATMAN THE HUMAN FLYING SAUCER (Lightning Comics, Milson Pub. Co; all 68 Page GIANTS; Stories by O.O.Binder; Art by C.C.Beck) *** Count each GIANT comic as TWO comics for Postage Purposes;

#1(April/1967; 1st app & ORIGIN of FATMAN and TINMAN; FATMAN vs Anti-Man the Monstorous Sea Horror-c/s);

#2(June/1967; 5-Part Serial complete in this issue = Fatman vs Awesome Foursome-c/s; 1st Brainman, Syntho, Lunita & Grollo)

#3(8-9/1967; Squarebound; Overstreet notes "Scarce"; LAST issue; Fatman vs the Shroud-c/s);

FAWCETT MOVIE COMIC (Fawcett Pub.) - #18(Aug./52, "The Brigand");

FAWCETT'S FUNNY ANIMALS (Fawcett Pub./ Charlton Comics; Humor Parody Funny Animal with cartoon Super-Heroes) #13,25-29,31, 35,37,38,44, 46,50,55,60,67;

FEATURE COMICS (Quality Comic Group; USA editions; #81-135 = DOLL MAN cover & story);-

#81(9/1944; VG $39); #87(4/1945; VG/FN $49); #88(5/1945; G/VG $29);

#100(7/1946; Doll Man, Lala Palooza, Rusty Ryan, Blimpy, Perky, Mickey Finn, Swing Sisson, Spin Shaw, Poison Ivy, Big Top; G/VG $42);

#105(12/1946; VG $30); #108(nice VF, but with rusty staples & light waterstain at top edge, thus FN+ $55);

#110(5/1947; VF minus = $72); #135(1949; DOLLMAN-c; front cover ONLY; NO comic; tattered cover edges = FA $4);

FEATURE COMICS (Canadian Variant Editions of the Quality Comics - Bell Features Pub)

#136(DOLLMAN-c; 7/1949; BONDAGE-c; G, Centerfold missing; "Rims" story not complete; Doll Man story is complete; $6);

#139(10/1949; Stunt Man Stetson-c/s; looks VG, but magic tape on spine,thus G, but 2" piece off first page inside; 2 x Centerfolds missing; Stunt Man Stetson is complete $4);

#140(11/1949; Stunt Man Stetson-c/s; looks G/VG, but magic tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus FA/G, but 3 x Centerfolds missing $3);

#143(3/1950; Stunt Man Stetson-c/s; G $13);

FELIX THE CAT (Toby Pub.) #20(May/51), 23,26,28,31-33, 35,36,40,42,48,50, 52,57,59,60;

FELIX THE CAT (Toby Pub.) - #43 (CANADIAN Variant Edition; G, 4 pages missing $5);

FELIX AND HIS FRIENDS (Felix Comics) - #1(Dec./53);

FELIX THE CAT 3D (Three Dimensions; Toby Press; 1953) - #1(No Glasses; Poor/Fair $18);

FELIX THE CAT 3-D (Toby Pub.) - #1(1953; VG minus, 3.5 with 3-D glasses detached, but still present = $75.00);

FIGHT COMICS (Fiction House Pub; GGA = Good Girl Art in all issues; all pre-code);

#54(Tigergirl with WHIP, Man in Bondage to alter-c; Matt BAKER-a; G/VG = $39);


#80 (5/1952; Whitman-c; Tiger Girl-c/s; Famous Fighters; Life on other Worlds - Venus & Mars; Kayo Kirby; Rip Carson; VG minus $34),

FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! (National Assoc. of Mfgrs/ General Comics, giveaway) - #NN(1951);

FIGHTING AMERICAN (Headline Pub./ Prize) -

#1(4-5/1954; ORIGIN & 1st appearance of Fighting American & Speedboy; First Superhero satire series; Simon & Jack KIRBY-c & 3 x art; SCARCE; FA/G = $173.00)

#3(8-9/1954; Simon & Jack KIRBY-c & 3 x art; G/VG = $110.00);

FIRST CHRISTMAS (in Super Panoramic 3-D) (Real Adventures Pub);

#NN (#1; 1953; KELLY FREAS Painted cover; BIRTH of JESUS CHRIST; Biblical Theme; Overstreet lists as SCARCE; Original 3-D Glasses are Included; Very Good, 4.0 = $85.00);

FLASHBACK series (Alan Light/Dynapubs; Golden Age Comic Reprints) = SEE “Comic Magazines” (MISC);

FLINTSTONES FUN BOOK {Hanna-Barbera Presents...} [1988-1990; DENNY'S Promotional Giveaway series; Strottman Marketing Inc Pub; 12 pages; Full color; COMICS, Puzzles & games; 6-1/2" x 8-1/4" Size; SCARCE; NOT Listed in Overstreet]; -- Volume #1, 2, 3(Sherlock Holmes parody-c), 5, 6, 8, 9, 10-13, 21, 22;

FOOD AND LAND (Soil Conservation Society of America; Giveaway); #NN (“The Role of Soil and Water Conservation in the World Food Crisis; 1967);

FOREST FIRE (Commercial Comics Inc.; Giveaway) #NN (“A True Story of our Forests by Smokey the Forest Fire Preventing Bear”; 1950);

4 MOST COMICS (Novelty Pub./Star Pub.) - Volume-3(#3); Volume-4#1(Winter/45), Volume-4#4, Volume-5#1, Volume-5#2, Volume-6#2, Volume-6#3, Volume-7#2, Volume-7#3, #40;

4MOST (Bell Features; Canadian Variation Edition) - #20(Circa 1946; Joe Certa cover; Toni Gayle; Edison Bell; The Cadet featuring Kit Carter; FA/GD = $12);

4 MOST BOYS COMICS (Star Pub.) - #37(Nov-Dec/1949), 38;

FRANK BUCK (Fox Features Syndicate) - #70(May/50);

FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS (Standard; 1947-1949; Teenagers; Classic Newspaper Strip reprints; USA Editions);-


#7 (5/1948; 52 Pages; Airbrush cover by Alex Schomburg?; FN/VF=$32; VG=$20);

#11(Record Player & Dancing-c; Lingerie Panels; G/VG $12);

FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS (Standard; 1947-1949; Teenagers; Classic Newspaper Strip reprints; Better Pub, Toronto, Canada; Canadian Variant Editions);-

#10(Carousel Horses-c; G/VG $12);

FRIENDS KEEP FRIENDS ALIVE! (Custom Comic Services; TX, USA) - #NN(1989; distributed by MADD = Mothers against Drunk Driving; Soccer & Skateboard pages; VG $4);

FRISKY ANIMALS (Star Pub.) - #53(front & back cover only);

FRISKY FABLES (Premium Group/Novelty Pub/Star Pub.) - Volume 2 (#6); Volume-2#7(Oct/1946), Volume 2 #8; Volume-3#9, Volume-3#12, Volume-4 #2, #41;

FRITZI RITZ (United Features Syndicate Pub/ St. John's Pub.) - #37(1955; 4 pages early PEANUTS; G/VG $16); #49(Peanuts; Nancy; Cheerleader-c; FA/G $8);

CS (Hillman Periodicals) - #7(Jan/53);

FUNLAND COMICS (Croyden Pub.) - #1(1945);

FUNNY BOOK (Parents Magazine Press Pub.) - Volume-1(#4; Summer 1943), #8;

FUNNY FILMS (Michel Pub/ Titan Pub = see ACG Pub, on separate Link on www.dougcomicworld.com )

FUNNY TUNES (Avon Periodicals) - #3(Dec-Jan/1953-54);

FUN TIME (Ace Periodicals) - #4(Winter-1953-54; 100 Page Squarebound Giant; Pen scribbles on cover, FA/G $15); #4(Winter-1953-54; 100 Page Squarebound Giant; G $19);


Fun with Basky and Robin (Promotional; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Stores; 3D Cosmic pub; Comics, Puzzles, games, and trivia; 16 pages, color, newsprint; ** Basky, Robin, & magical Pink Goose app in all; ** Manny Stallman-c/a)

#NN(#3; 1/1980; Sea Monster-c/s; VF $10); #NN(#4; 2/1980; VF $10); #NN(#5; 3/1980; VF $10);

#14(12/1980; young Dinny and Myna & Mr. Shelduck; VF $8);

THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WETLANDS WIZARD (Duck Unlimited Canada Pub.; Circa 1990's; with the Junior Bluejay's; Giveaway) - #NN;

-- (G) --

GABBY {Louder and Funnier; Gabby Hyatt, the Teen-Age Laugh Riot}

(Quality Comics Pub.; 1953-1954; formerly "Ken Shannon"; Teenage Humor series; Teen Style GGA / Good Girl Art; All PRE-CODE) -

#3 (11/1953; EZRA story; Good, 2.0 = $9.00);

#5 (1/1954; EZRA in Tennis Match story; Horse Riding Hunt Club story; CANDY story; Good+, 2.5 = $10.00);

#9 (9/1954; LAST issue; GABBY in Carnival story; JITTERS story; GABBY and his High Hatters Band story; GABBY in Love Potion story; JONESY in Collector’s Item story; Good, 2.0 = $8.00);

GANDY GOOSE (Pines Pub.) - #5(Fall/1956);

GEORGE FOSTER – Man Of Dreams; Man With a Purpose (1982; USA; 20 pages) #NN;

GEORGE PAL'S PUPPETOONS (Fawcett Pub); #1 (12/1945; Captain Marvel cover; 2 x Jasper & the Scarecrow-s; 2 x Punchy & Judy-s; 2 x Jim Dandy-s; Sgt Jan; Rusty - Flying Broomstick; Rusty - Pirates Island; G+ = $59); #16(Oct/47),18;

GET LOST (Mikeross Pub/ New Comics) - #1( Andru/Esposito in all; February/ March 1954); #2(Andru/Esposito-c; has 4 pages E.C. Parody featuring “The Keeper”; VG);

GIANT COMICS EDITIONS (128 pages) - #2 (1947-48; 128 pages; stories of Iron Vic, Abbie an’ Slats, Jim Hardy, Ella Cinders Gordo, Virgil, Bill Bumlin, Mopsy; Back cover missing; 5% of front cover off at bottom left, 5% of one page out, rest is FA+ $23);

GIGGLE COMICS (1-63=Creston Pub; #64 up =ACG Pub; = see ACG Pub, on separate Link on www.dougcomicworld.com )

THE GHOST TOWN THAT CAME TO LIFE (1955; Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co.; 16 pages; giveaway);

GOLDEN AGE REVIEW (Superlith Inc; Kenneth Robert Seppi; 1978; $5.00 Original cover Price; 100 Pages including covers; B&W ) - #NN(Bulletman, Silver Streak, Blue Beetle, Skyman, Black Hood, Airboy, Green Lama, Black Terror; SCARCE; Overall VG/FN, but with 1/2” x 4” Triangle shaped piece clipped off upper left back-c, thus G/VG $10);


GOLDEN LEGACY  ILLUSTRATED History Magazine; (Fitzgerald Comics Pub = ARCHIE Comics Related publisher, Specialized in Comics about BLACK PEOPLE; Original Series = 1966-1972; Reprints are those dated 1976 and 1983; Color Comics);

** (This Series was Dedicated to telling the Biographies of Famous BLACK PEOPLE throughout History);

#1 (Toussaint L'Ouverture & Birth of Haiti; 1966 Original; Letters Back-c Variant; Leo Carty-c/a; Perlin-a; Tallarico-a; Bacchus-s/a; VG=$12; G=$8);

#1 (Toussaint L'Ouverture & Birth of Haiti; 1966 Original; Photo COKE Ad Back-c Variant; VG = $14);

#1 (Toussaint L'Ouverture & Birth of Haiti; 1966 Original; 1976 = 2nd Printing; VG/FN $6);

#2 (the saga of Harriet Tubman "the Moses of Her People"; 1967 Original; FN/VF=$20; VG/FN=$12; VG=$10; G/VG=$8; G=$6);

#2 (the saga of Harriet Tubman "the Moses of Her People"; 1967 Original; Photo COKE Ad Back-c Variant; G/VG = $9);

#3 (Crispus Attacks & the Minutemen; 1967/68 Original; FN/VF=$20; FN=$15; VG=$10; G/VG=$8; FA/G=$4);

#3 (Crispus Attacks & the Minutemen; $1.00 Cover Price; 1983 = 3rd Printing; FN/VF $10);

#4 (the Life of Benjamin Banneker; 1968 Original; G/VG=$8; FA/G=$4);

#4 (the Life of Benjamin Banneker; 1968 Original but with 1970 Photo COKE Ad Back-c Variant; FN/VF = $24);

#4 (the Life of Benjamin Banneker; 1983 = 3rd Printing; VF $12);

#5 (the life of Matthew Henson; 1969; Original; G = $6.00);

#5 (the life of Matthew Henson; 1976 = 2nd Printing; SOLD OUT);

#6 (Alexander Dumas & Family; 1969 Original; FN/VF=$20; FN=$15; VG=$10);

#6 (Alexander Dumas & Family; 1969 Original; DOUBLE COVER = Outer-c=FN+ with INNER-c=VF $30);

#7 (Frederick Douglass, Part-1; 1983 = 3rd Printing; VF $12);

#8 (Frederick Douglass, Part-2; 1970 Original; FN/VF=$20)

#8 (Frederick Douglass, Part-2; 1976 = 2nd Printing; SOLD OUT);

#9 (the Life of Robert Small; 1970 Original; Don Perlin-c/s; VG=$10; G/VG=$8; G=$6);

#9 (the Life of Robert Small; 1970 Original; Don Perlin-c/s; G, 2/3 Last page missing = $3);

#9 (the Life of Robert Small; 1976 = 2nd Printing; VG/FN $6);

#10 (Joseph Cinque & the Amistad Mutiny; 1970 Original; FN/VF=$20; FN=$15; VG/FN=$12; G/VG=$8; G=$6);

#10 (Joseph Cinque & the Amistad Mutiny; 1976; 2nd Printing; FN/VF=$10)

#11 (Men of Action - White, Wilkins & Marshall; 1970 Original; FN=$15);

#12 (Black Cowboys; 1972 Original; SOLD OUT);

#12 (Black Cowboys; 1976 = 2nd Printing; SOLD OUT);

#13 (1972 Original;  the Life of Martin Luther King Jr; Includes appearances by; Martin Luther King Sr.,  Coretta Scott, President John F. Kennedy, Pope Paul VI, Dr. Spock, Jesse Jackson, Senator Robert Kennedy & President Lyndon B. Johnson; Art by Don Perlin; VF = $39.00);

#14 (Life of Alexander Pushkin; 1972 Original; G/VG=$8);

#15 (Ancient African Kingdoms; 1972 Original; FN/VF=$20);

#16 (The Black Inventors - Latimer & Woods; 1972 Original; SOLD OUT);

#16 (The Black Inventors - Latimer & Woods; 1976 = 2nd Printing; FN=$12; G/VG = $7);


GILBERT TOYS present ADVENTURES in SCIENCE (A.C. Gilbert Co; Digest Sized Color Comic; Promotional / Giveaway; 36 pages; VG/FN $15);

GOOFY COMICS (Nedor/Standard Pub.) -

#12,19(Frazetta Text illo-a);

#23(Frazetta Text illo-a);

#24(2/1948; Frazetta-a; VG $27);

#26(6/1948; 52 pages; 3 x Frank FRAZETTA art Text illo Panels; Name written on cover; overall VG, but with 2 x small Binder Holes thru book thus G $14);

#27(Frazetta Text illo-a); #28(10/1948; Vince Fago-a; 52 pages; 3 x Frank FRAZETTA art Text illo Panels; Jack Bradbury-a; Goofy Gander-s; Uncle Pigley-s; Wilbur Fox-s; Hubert-s; Doremus Dormouse-s; Katnapped-s; Cub Scouters-s; Roscoe W. Rabbit-s; VG/FN = $33);

#43(Leprechaun cover), #44, 45;

Great Exploits (Red Top/Deker Pub) #1(10/1957; Krigstein-a; Frog Men-s; Marco Polo-s; Explorer Joe-s; Son of Robin Hood-s; VG/FN $24);

THE GREAT SOCIETY COMIC BOOK (Pocket Books) - #NN(1966; 60's Politicians appear as superheroes; Humor/parody; Super-LBJ-c/s; ASK);

THE GUMPS (Bridgeport/ Herald Corp Pub) - #1(March/April 1947; Fair/Good; $16);

-- (H) --

HA HA COMICS (1-80=Creston Pub/Scope mag; #81 up =ACG Pub; 10/1943 thru 1/1955 = see ACG Pub, on separate Link on www.dougcomicworld.com )

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN starring danny Kaye (Ziff-Davis Comics);

#NN(#1; 1953; One-Shot; starring Danny Kaye; 100 Big Pages; Movie Classic; PHOTO-c; ASK);

#NN(#1; 1953; One-Shot; starring Danny Kaye; 100 Big Pages; Movie Classic; PHOTO-c; FA/G, but 34 of the 100 Pages are MISSING, As Is = $3.00);

HAP HAZARD (Ace Periodicals Pub.; 1944) -

#1(1944; Magician-c; G/VG $28);

#6,9(ASK); #10(Roller Staking cover);

HAPPY Comics

(1943-1950; NEDOR/Standard Pub; Animated Cartoons; Funny Animals; Companion to Goofy comics; #20-#37 all have Frazetta art; Vince FAGO art in many) -

#1(1943; Gandy & Sourpuss, Oscar Pig in Arabians Nites-s, 2pg Oscar Pig Detective illustrated Text-s = Sherlock Holmes parody with Deerstalker cap & Magnifying Glass; Frenchy Rabbit & Flippit; Andy Wolf & Bertie Mouse; Great Ginch & E. Claude Pennygrabber; Wacky Willy; Dinky; 68 Pages; G, 10% of Page 6/7 missing = $24); #24(Frazetta Text illo; G $14);

#25(3 x Frazetta Text illos; FA/G $10); #26(3 x Frazetta Text illos; racist OMPAH Black Jungle Boy-s; G/VG $17);

#27(9/1948; 3 x Frazetta Text illos; G $14);#35(2 x Frazetta Text illos; 1/1950; Canadian Variant Edition; G $10); #36;#39(10/1950; 2 page Supermouse illustrated text-s; FA+ $6);

HAPPY HOSPITAL COMICS (Texas Health Careers Pub; Promo / Giveaway; B&W; Austin, Texas, USA); - #NN(Captain Super-c/s; Lovely Leticia Larue-s; No Date, Cica 1970’s; VG $10);

HAPPY JACK (Red Top/Decker) - #1(Aug/57);

HAPPY RABBIT (Standard Comics; 1952) - # 48;

HECKLE AND JECKLE COMICS (St. John / PINES Pub.; 1952-1959) - #3 (2/1952; First issue; Pre-Code; Hockey & Ice Skating-c; Dinky, Sourpuss & Dingbat app; Magic Tape down Spine, FA/G = $24); #7,13(9/1953),19,20,29, 32,33,34;

HECKLE AND JECKLE = see also; Paul Terry, Blue Ribbon & Terrytoons; (and also; Dell & Gold Key listings)

HE-MAN (Toby Press) - #1(Painted-c); #2(July, 1954; Painted-c);

HE-MAN (Ziff-Davis) - # 1(Painted-c; 1952);

HENRY BREWSTER (Country Wide Pub) - #1(Feb/1966), #2(April 1966), #3(June 1966), (Aug/1966), (Oct/1966), (Dec/66) (September 1967; Volume 2 #7; scarce);

HEROES, INC. PRESENTS CANNON (Wally Wood/CPL/Gang Pub.) - #NN(#1; 1969; Ditko, Reese & Wally Wood art; VF = $10.00);

HIT COMICS (Quality Comics Group) - #34(Winter/1944; Kid Eternity-c/s; Last Stormy Foster; VG $69);

#61(11/1949; Jeb Rivers begins-c/s; CRANDALL-c/a; Nice VG copy, but large rip in cover with Tape, thus FA/G $22);

HOPALONG CASSIDY (Whitetower Giveaway; 1946 starring William Boyd) #NN;

HOPALONG CASSIDY (Grape-Nut Flake giveaway; 1950; 9'x6'; starring William Boyd; 24 pages) #NN;

HOPPY AND MILLIE IN MUSICAL EVENING (Fawcett Pub.) - #3(Tippy -Toy, Pop-up paper toy, in Original Envelope; circa 1945 era);

HOT DOG (ME Pub - Magazine Enterprise) - #1(June-July/1954), 2,4;

HOT ROD and SPEEDWAY COMICS (Hillman Periodicals) - #2(9-10/1952), 4;

HOT ROD COMICS (Fawcett Pub..; POWELL art in all) - #5(VG $32); #6(FA/G, centerfold missing, 2 stories complete $7),#7;

How MONEY Grows on Trees – the Story of the Crop that Grows 80 Feet High (1949; General Comics Pub / International paper Co; Promotional / Giveaway;

Ken Bald-c/a; 16 pages Color; NOT listed in Overstreet; VG/FN $15);


(8/1957-1958; Humbug Pub; Classic Satire by Harvey Kurtzman; #1-9=COMIC format; #10,11 = Magazine Size);

#1(FN+, with 1-1/2" tear in cover = VG/FN $55);

#2(VF=$89; FN/VF=$69; VG=$35),

#3(G/VG $22); #4(FN=$44); #5(G/VG = $22);

#6(Christmas Issue; G=$16); #7(Nude Women cover; G/VG=$22);

#8(G=$16); #9(G=$16);

#10(June/1958; 1st Magazine format issue; KURTZMAN editior; Davis-a, Arnold Roth-a; Heath-a, Elder-a; Flash Gordon parody; Looks VG, but with 3" tear in cover & Magic tape repairs inside thus G+ $25.00);

-- (I) --

IBIS THE INVINCIBLE (Fawcett Pub.) - #5(Fall/1946; Nice BONDAGE-c by RABOY; FA/G $50);

IBIS THE INVINCIBLE ( Samuel E. Lowe Co.; Miniature) #11 - SEE "Mighty Midget"

IDEAL ACTION COMIC – EVEL KNIEVEL (Promotional / Giveaway; One Large page folded into 4 regular comic sized pages, with Poster on reverse side; 1979; FN $18);

IMPACT (E.C. - EC Comics) - #5(Nov-Dec/1955);

INSIDE THE ATOM (General Electric Company; Adventures in Science Series; Giveaway); #NN (1955 APG 17-5B);

INVISIBLE BOY (Approved) #2(Painted-c)

IT'S FUN TO STAY ALIVE (Clinton County Automobile Dealers Giveaway; 1948; with Henry, Bugs Bunny, Berrys, Dixie Dugan, Elmer, Tim Tyler, Bruce Gentry, Abbie an' Slats, Joe Jinks, Toodlers, Cokey);- #NN;

-- (J) --

JACK ARMSTONG (Parents Institute Inc.) - #5(March/1948; FA/G $15); #11(FA/G $12); #13(9/1949; LAST issue; FA, reading copy $10);

JACKIE GLEASON (St John Pub.; TV) - #2(October/1955; Scarce; VG/FN $122);

JACK IN THE BOX (formerly Yellow Jacket Comics; #1-10; becomes Cowboy Western Comics #17 on; Frank Communate; Charlton Comics) - #1((Stitches, Marty Mouse & Nutsy McKnow; February 1946);

JACK THE GIANT KILLER (New Adventures of ...) (Bimfort & Co.) - #1(Aug-Sept/1953);


JIGGS AND MAGGIE (Standard Comics; Bringing Up Father comic strips by Geo McManus; Canadian & USA Editions = all 36 Pages each) -

#14(Canadian Edition; 4th issue; May/1950; FAIR, reading copy = $6); #16(Canadian Edition; Scarce; Wally WOOD text illos; FA/G $10);

#17(Canadian Edition; FA/G $8); #20(USA Edition; PR/FA, reading copy $6); #21(USA Edition; FA, reading copy $8);

JIMMY DURANTE (ME - Magazine Enterprises) - #NN (FIRST issue; A-1 one shot #18; 10/1948; PHOTO cover & inside front & back-c; CIRCUS & Clowns-c & Booklength storyline; Durante as Sherlock Holmes Photo on inside front-c; Dick Ayers-c/a; G/VG=$66; FA/G, complete reading copy = $42; FA, reading copy = $33);

JINGLE BELLS CHRISTMAS BOOK (Montgomery Ward Pub.; Giveaway; 1971; USA) - #NN;

JINGLE JANGLE Comics (Famous Funnies pub);

#10(8/1944; classic George Carlson-a; FN = $50.00);

#40(8/1949; classic George Carlson-a; VF-, 7.5 = $50.00);

JING-PALS COMICS (Victory Pub.; Funny Animals) -

#1 (2/1946; Wishing Willie, Puggy Panda, & Johnny Rabbit begin; Magic Book Shop-s; VG = $36.00); #2

#3 (8/1947; Wicky-Wacky, Lonnie the Burro, Impie & Rex, Talking Dog, Pussy, Sheppy & his fairy Godmother;  VG = $22.00); #4;

JOE PALOOKA COMICS (Family Comics Inc. Pub.) - #4(May/June 1946);

JOE THE GENIE OF STEEL #NN (1950; USS - United States Steel Corporation; Promotional Giveaway; 16 Pages including Covers; Story of JOE MAGARAC the Paul Bunyan of Steel;  Overall FN, but with 2 x Tears thru Book at bottom edges, several pages inside repairs with Magic Tape, thus G/VG = US$10.00)

JOHNNY HAZARD (Better pub of Canada) - #6 (Canadian Ed.)

JONESY (Wits and Half-Wits - Gags and Gals and Teen-Age Pals; All PRE-CODE; Teen Style GGA / Good Girl Art)

(Quality Comics Group; 1953-1954; formerly Crack Western; Comic Favorite) -

#85 (#1; 8/1953; Teenage Humor series Begins; Jalopy Car cover; SCOOTCH story; G/VG, 3.0 = $18.00);

#2 (10/1953; Girl dancing the Jitterbug to the Juke Box cover;  SCOOTCH story; G/VG, 3.0 = $10.00);

#3 (12/1953; SCOOTCH in Jive Daze story; JONESY in Hot Rod Hop; GABBY Story; G/VG, 3.0 = $10.00);

#6 (6/1954; JONESY  in Fishing story; CANDY story; GABBY in Dentist story; VG-, 3.5 = $12.00);

#8 (10/1954; LAST issue; JITTERS story; JONESY in Track & Field story; GABBY Story; G/VG, 3.0 = $10.00);

JON JUAN (Toby Press) - #1(Spring 1950; All Schomburg-a (signed Al Reid on cover); written by Siegel;used in SOTI, pg 38; SCARCE; G/VG $115);

JUDO JOE (Jay-Jay Corp Pub) - #2(FA/G, but with Judo Lesson page missing; Stories complete $6); #3(Dec/1953; FAIR, centerfold missing; 2 out of 3 stories are complete $3.50);

JUKE BOX COMICS (Famous Funnies Pub) - #5 (11/1948; Alvino Rey cover; Lawrence Welk, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellinton, Randy Brooks, Charlie Spivak, the Three Suns, Carmen Cavallaro, Sam Donahue, Morey Amsterdam; Jivey & Groovy-s; FN = $66.00);

JUMBO COMICS (Fiction House Magazine) -

#71(cover only),

#99(5/1947; SHEENA-c/s; Great GGA; Lingerie panel; Robert Webb-a; Ghost Gallery-s; Hawk-s; ZX-5 private eye-s; Stuart Taylor-s; Jack Kamen -a; Sky Girl-s, 6 Lingerie Panels = Matt Baker-a; Masking Tape down Spine = FA/G, last page missing, but 5 stories complete = $15);

#153(11/1951;Maurice Whitman-c; SHEENA-c/s; HAWK-s; Ghost Gallery-s; Long Bow-s; overall VG, but small 3/4” x ½ piece out of cover at top staple, thus Good+ $27);

#156(2/1952; Maurice Whitman-c; SHEENA-c/s; HAWK-s; Ghost Gallery-s; Long Bow-s; G/VG $32);


Jungle Comics (Fiction House; USA editions) -

#29 (covers only);

#122(2/1950; 12 page Ka'a'nga-s = Maurice Whitman-a; Capt. Terry Thunder-s; Tabu-s; Simba-s; Wambi-s = Henry Kiefer-a; 2pg Clyde Beatty Text-s; Camilla-s = Ralph Mayo-a; VG/FN $54);

#131(11/1950; 14pg Ka'a'nga & Jungle Girl-c/s = Maurice Whitman-a; Capt. Terry Thunder-s = Jay Disbrow-a; Tabu-s; Wambi-s = Henry Kiefer-a; 2pg Clyde Beatty Text-s; Camilla-s = Ralph Mayo-a; VG = $39);

Jungle Jim (Standard / Best Pub) #12,13,15

-- (K) --

Ka’a’nga Jungle King (Fiction House Pub; nice GGA = Good Girl Art) #11(Maurice Whitman cover; Spring/1952; Jungle Girl-s; VG/ FN = $36);

KATZENJAMMER KIDS (Kings Features) #6(Autumn/1948; FA+, reading copy $8);

KING COMICS (David McKay Pub./Standard) -

#23(2/1938; Popeye & Henry-c; >> Popeye, G-Man, Flash Gordon, Henry, Bringing up Father, King of the Royal Mounted, Hall of Fame of the Air, Frank Buck, Redmen, Brick Bradford, Little Annie Rooney, Sports & News in pictures, Mandrake the Magician, Radio Patrol, Sentinel Louie; VG $115);

#33(12/1938; LAST Popeye by Segar; VG+ $110);

#42(October/39), 65,84,87,100, 111,135,#139 (11/1947; Popeye-c/s; Blondie, Lone Ranger, Barney Baxter, Mandrake, Flash Gorden, Phantom; Spanking Panel; Bondage panels; appears G/VG, but with pieces missing of Back cover & last 6 pages inside, thus FAIR = $7),

#139 (11/1947; Popeye-c/s; Blondie, Lone Ranger, Barney Baxter, Mandrake, Flash Gorden, Phantom; Spanking Panel; Bondage panels; VG minus = $20)

147, 151,159;

KOKO AND KOLA (Com/Magazine Enerprise) - #1(Fall/1946);


Kool-Aid Komics (Catroons, Jokes, Riddles & Games; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; General Foods Corp.) - #1(1975; 20 pages; G/VG $9), #2(1975, 20 pages; G $8),

-- (L) --

LATEST COMICS (Spotlight Pub/Palace Promotions) -

#1(3/1945; Super Duper-s; Wolfgang-s; Chippie Chipmunk-s; Cats Meow-s; Paddy & Chuck-s; Blackie & Bingo-s; Stein-s; JCA-c/a; FA/G $17); #2;

LAUREL AND HARDY (Larry Harmon Pictures Corp/ TOP SELLERS Pub; UK/British comics) - - #5(1969), 27,42;

LI'L ABNER (Al Capp's ...; Toby Press Pub.) - #70,74,80,(Jan/1951), 81,86,93,95; >>> See other AL CAPP comics above;

LI'L ABNER & THE CREATURES FROM DROP-OUTER SPACE (HARVEY Pub; Job Corps Promotional / Giveaway; 36 pages in color; entire book has All-New made for this book Art by FRANK FRAZETTA; Al Capp cover art; NO Date, circa 1960's; Sloppy-Belle-c/app; Bouncy-Belle & Daisy Mae app; Includes 10 pages of Full page illustrations, and 16 pages of pages with Two illustration panels per page; Still has the bound-in Job Corps insert Card to mail away, VF, 8.0 = $165.00);

LITTLE ANGEL (Standard/Visual Editions/ Pines) - #8,9(Aug/1957);

LITTLE EVA (St John Pub.) - #1,2(July/1952),#10,11,12, #14(1/1954; VG = $16.00); ,26;

LITTLE EVA (3-D COMICS) (St. Johns Pub.) - #1(10/1953; G/VG, no glasses = $22; another copy = ask );

LITTLE JOE (St Johns Pub.) - #1(April/1953);

LI'L MENACE (Fago Magazine) - #1(Dec/1958);

LITTLE MISS SUNBEAM COMICS (ME - Magazine Enterprises/Quality Bakers of America; 1950-1951; Frank Carin-c/a) -

#1(6-7/1950; Introducing her Gang = Munch, Tilly, Weegee, Googy & Tinker; Toothy Snyder-s; Uncle Teddy app; G/VG $29);

#2(Out WEST-s; Toothy Snyder-s; Fishing-s; Presto the Magician-s; GUS the Grocer-s; Circus-s; G/VG $18; another copy = ask );

#3(10-11/1950; Cowboy & Indian Kids at Carnival-c; Ranch-s; Carnival-s; GUS the Grocer-s; Toothy Snyder-s; 1pg Powell-a; Mongol Treasure-s; FN/VF $45; another copy = ask );

#4(1951; Cowboy & Indian Kids on Horses-c/s; GUS the Grocer-s; Toothy Snyder-s, with Mr Doom; Blackbeard Pirate-s; G $13);

LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND (McCay Features/Nostalgia Press) - #NN(1945);

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE COMICS (1941, Scarce; Promotional/Giveaway Comic);

LITTLE ROQUEFORT (St Johns Pub., Paul Terry's; 1952) #4,7,8(Aug/1953),9;

LONE RANGER (DELL Pub; Promotional / Giveaway color comics);

Lone Ranger, His Mask and How he met Tonto (1954; Cheerios giveaway #1; 16 pages; 2-1/2” x 7”; overall VF-, BUT 6 pages are Mis-Cut, so that the Top edge slightly show up at bottom edge, thus call it FN+, 6.5 = $69);

Lone Ranger, and the Story of SILVER (1954; Cheerios giveaway #2; 16 pages; 2-1/2” x 7”; FN/VF, 7.0 = $79);

Legend of Lone Ranger, with Tonto & Silver (1969; Wrather Corp; 16 pages, Color; 5”x7”; Origin of Lone Ranger; VF, 8.0 = $30);

LONE RANGER IN MILK FOR BIG MIKE #NN = Dairy Association giveaway. (1955; Dell Pub; Original USA Color Comic); Listed in Overstreet #38 on page 305, in the promo/giveaway section, at $150 for an Unslabbed NM example! ; CGC 9.4 (Off-White to White pages; PRICE = US$199.00);

LUCKY DUCK (Standard Pub.; Funny Animals; Irving Spector-a) - #7(5/1953; Playing CARD Game cover vs Octopus; SCARCE; FN+ = $39);

-- (M) --

MAD comics & magazines (E.C. - EC Comics Pub) - See MAD INVENTORY on dougcomicworld.com;

MAGIC COMICS (David McKay Pub.) -


#58(5/1944; Blondie, Mandrake the Magician, Tippie & Capt Stubbs, Lone Ranger, Barney Baxter, Secret Agent X-9, Popeye, Henry, etc; G, but 1/3 page missing in Mandrake-s & Centerfold missing = $6);

#75; #94;

MAJOR INAPAK the SPACE ACE (ME- Magazine Enterprises Pub.; 1951; Promotional/Giveaway) - #1 (20 pages; Nice Science Fiction comic, with Bob Powell-c/a; VG = $5.00);

THE MALTESE FALCON (David McKay Pub.) - Feature Book #48(1946; Adapted the Classic Novel by Dashiell Hammett; Basis for the classic Humphrey Bogart movie; 52 pages; Some magic tape repairs inside, o/w decent = FA/G $69.00);

MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN (King Features Syndicate) – FEATURE BOOK #52(1948; VG/FN $110);

MAN-MADE MAGIC! -- The Generation of Electricity; (Adventures in Science Series) #NN (1953; Pictorial Media Pub, Promotional / Giveaway for General Electric company, N.J. USA; 16 Pages in Color; NOT listed in Overstreet; VG = $12.00);

MARCH OF COMICS = SEE LISTING in this section of our WEBSITE under Miniature / MINI - COMICS (Promotional - Giveaway Comics)

(1946-1982; KK Pub/ Western Pub; Same publisher as Whitman, Dell & Gold Key; Most 1952 up= Approx. 5" x 7" Promotional Giveaway Comics; Full Color; 1952-1958 = 36 Pages including covers; 1959 up = 20 Pages including covers; 1952-1959= Stories read Oblong; 1960 up = Upright stories; Almost all NEW Stories)


Mark Steel fights Pollution (Promotional / Giveaway Comic; America Steel & Iron Institute; SCARCE; NEAL ADAMS-a; VF, but cover detached at bottom staple; $24);

MARK STEEL...(Journey of Discovery with...; American Iron & Steel institude; NY, USA; 24 pages) - #NN (1967-68, 24 pages of Neal Adams Cover/Art; FN/VF=$30; G=$10.00);

MARMADUKE MOUSE (Quality Comic Group; 1946-1956; King Louie the Lion-c/app in most)- #3,

#7(Autumn/1947; 52 pages; King Louie-c/app; Cholly Chipmunk-s; Frowsy & Fuzzy-s; Sad Sam Skunk-s;Giddy Goose-s;Bugsy Corners-s; GVG $14);

#8(Winter/1948; 52 pages); #15(11/1949); #21(11/1950; 52 pages; “Combined with Egbert”; G/VG $13);

#27(11/1951; Goofy Goose; Twisted Tales; G $10); #37(5/1953; FA+ $7); #43,44,64;

MARVEL FAMILY (Fawcett Pub.; Includes; Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, etc) -

#34(4/1949; Sivana app; G/VG $39);

MASTER COMICS (Fawcett Pub.) -

#9(12/1940; BULLETMAN-c/s; Nice FN/VF, but TITLE Off = Bottom ¾ Cover remains = $110);

#10(1941; BULLETMAN-c/s; Appears G/VG, but Magic tape repairs inside Spine to Cover, thus FA/G $129);

#18(BULLETMAN-s; Coverless, Good $49);

#60(4/1945; Vinyl Record "Blackmail Boogie" Captain Marvel Jr-c/s; Radar, Bulletman, Nyoka; G $39);

#66(3/1946; Secret of the SPHINIX Captain Marvel Jr-c/s; Radar, Bulletman, Nyoka; G/VG $39);

#110(12/1949; Capt Marvel Jr on top of spinning Record & Record player-c; Capt Marvel Jr-s; Nyoka Jungle Girl-s; Ozzie & Babs-s; Colonel Corn & Korny Kobb-s; Tom Mix-s; G/VG copy, but Magic Tape down spine & waterstain at top, thus G $25);

#130(Captain Marvel Jr vs Sivana Jr-c/s; Tom Mix, Nyoka, Ozzie; "LOWER PRINT RUN"; G+ = $30);

MAZIE (National Wide Pub.) = see HARVEY listings on our web site dougcomicworld.com;


(Fox Feature; USA; Based on the character created by F. Hugh Herbert; Teen-Age Radio & Screen Star);

#2(May 1948; great GGA = Good Girl Art; Lingerie Panels; Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover; Pencil lines withing title; Moderate creasing to cover; Still a decent "G" = $60);

MERRY MOUSE (AVON Pub) #2(8/1953)

MICKEY FINN (Eastern Color; 1942-52) - #2(FA/G, CFO $7); #4,6;

the MIGHTY ATOM starring Reddy Kilowatt - the Story of Electricity from Amber to Atoms #NN [1959; Promotional Giveaway comic; 36 pages; Color; VG $10]

THE MIGHTY ATOM (ME - Magazine Enterprise) - #6(1949);

MIGHTY GHOST (Ajax/Farrett Pub.) - #4(June/1958);

MIGHTY MIDGET COMICS, THE (Miniature; Samuel E. Lowe Co.; B&W and red; 36 pages; approx. 5x4") - ibis the Invincible

#11(1942; Origin; reprints cover to Ibis #1; Predates Fawcett's Ibis the Invincible #1); #12 (“The One Man Army”; 32 pages; 1943; motorcycle cover);


(St. John Pub= 8/1947-11/1955; #62-71= “Paul Terry's; #68-83= becomes PINES Pub)

#7(3rd issue; Oct/1948; VG minus $40); #12(8/1949; G/VG $24);#19(10/1950; Canadian Variant Edition; FN/VF $36);

#50(2/1954; Pre-Code; Alien Invaders-s; Percy Puss-s; Spanking panel; FA+ = $8);

MIGHTY MOUSE COMICS (Pines Pub; 1956-1959.; formerly St John's=1947-1955; #72-83 = TV issues) -

#75(G/VG = $18); #76(VG = $24); #81(12/1958; VG/FN = $29; G/VG = $18)

 #81(12/1958; FN, title cut off = 3/4 Cover $8);

#82(3/1959; Infinity-c; G/VG = $18);

#83(6/1959; Scarcer last issue; Robert Ship-c; vs the Whisker Gang; Rebel Mouse; Heckle & Jeckle-s; Dinky Duck-s; Sourpuss text-s; G/VG = $18);


#2(Winter 1957; 100 Page Giant; Mighty Mouse; Gaston Le Crayon; Tom Terrific; Terry Bears; Heckle & Jeckle-s; Dinky Duck-s; Sourpuss; Gandy Goose; Crabby Appleton; Clint Cobbler; Flebus; Good+ = $17);

#4(Summer/1958; Mighty Mouse; Tom Terrific; Sick Sick Sidney; Terry Bears; Clint Cobbler; Heckle & Jeckle-s; Gaston Le Crayon; Dinky Duck-s; Sourpuss; Gandy Goose; G/VG $19);

#5(Fall/1958; Tom Terrific-s; 84 pages;FN $52) #6(Winter/1958; Tom Terrific-s; 84 pages; VG $36); # 6(Winter/1958; Tom Terrific-s; 84 pages; Moisture damage, thus G/VG $19); #6(Winter/1958; Tom Terrific-s; 84 pages; VG, title cut off = 3/4 Cover $10);


#1(9/1953, 1st 3-D in Comics; Oversized Variant; without 3-D glasses; FA/G $25);

#1(10/1953; Regular Size 2nd Printing; without 3-D glasses; G/VG $36);

#2(11/1953; without 3-D glasses; VG $39);

#2(11/1953; without 3-D glasses; FA $18);

MILITARY COMICS (Quality Pub; #44 Up = Becomes Modern) - #42 (9/1945; BLACKHAWK-c/s; 2nd LAST issue; G+ = ASK);

MODERN COMICS (Quality Comic Group; formerly MILITARY Comics; USA editions) -

#57(1/1947; BLACKHAWK-c/s; FA/G, but centerfold missing = $19);

MODERN Comics (Quality Comic Group; formerly MILITARY Comics; 1944-1950; SCARCE Canadian Variant Editions)

#93 (1/1950; BLACKHAWK-c/s; BLACKHAWK-c/s; Blackhawk in Black Pilgrimage; Reed CRANDALL-c; Blackhawk in Jungle Death text-s; TORCHY in Swimsuit/Bikini story = GGA / Good Girl Art by GILL FOX; Will Bragg-s; Ezra-s; Canadian Edition published by BELL Features; Writing on covers, FA/G = $24.00);

#94 (3/1950; has the cover & contents of the US #95 edition; BLACKHAWK-c/s; Blackhawk vs King Earthquake-c/s; Reed CRANDALL-c; Blackhawk Challenge = text-s; Will Bragg-s; Ezra-s; Canadian Edition published by BELL Features; Last page of Blackhawk-s & Torchy-s are Missing; FA/G, 2 x Centerfolds Missing = $8.00);

MONKEYSHINES COMICS (Ace Periodicals/ Publishers Specialists/Current Books/Unity Pub.) - #3,4,6,16(Sept/1947),22,27;

MOTION PICTURE COMICS (Fawcett Pub.) - #108(coverless), #113(Nov/52);

MUGGSY MOUSE (ME Pub - Magazine Enterprise) - #1(1951), 3-5;

MULLIGAN STEW (Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service Promotional - Giveaway, USA; TV circa 1970's; 60 pages) - #NN (Writing inside, o/w VG/FN $9.00);


Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (circa 1965; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Western Printing, Co; True Adventures of Marlin Perkins & Jim Fowler; Based on the NBC-TV Series; Perkins & Fowler PHOTO-c; 20 pages; Color; Geese, Mule Deer, Elephants, & Sea Turtle; VG $12)

-- (N) --

NANCY AND SLUGGO (St John; 1955-1957; formerly Sparkler comics; next becomes Gold Key #146 up) -

#102; 125; 129(Basil, King of Cats-s; 2/1956; G $10);

NATIONAL CHILDREN'S CLASSICS - (The Adventures of 3 Little Pigs) (National Book Store Inc, B&W; Philippines) - #594;

NATIONAL COMICS (Quality Comics Group; USA editions) - #62(10/1947; VG/FN $44); #75(LAST issue; 12/1949; BARKER-s = Nordling-a; Sally O'Neill-s = GGA; VF-, 7.5 = $80);

NATIONAL COMICS (Quality Comics Group; Canadian Variant Edition; Bell Features pub) - #75(LAST issue; 12/1949; G/VG, 4 x Centerfolds missing $5);

NATURAL DISASTERS! (Civil Defense Headquarters Giveaway; 1956; Al Capp art); #NN;

NAVY HISTORY AND TRADITION (Stokes Walesby & Theodore Roscoe; 1958 – 1961; NN; Giveaway);

#NN (1772-1778 The Daring and Diplomacy that Built a Great Nation and Navy);

#NN (1782-1817 The Daring and Diplomacy that Built a Great Nation and Navy);

#NN (1865-1936 The Daring and Diplomacy that Built a Great Nation and Navy);

#NN (1940-1945 The Daring and Diplomacy that Built a Great Nation and Navy);

NERO and ASHCAN on the Farm #NN (Canadian color Comics Promotional Giveaway; ESSO imerial Oil, Engro & Manitoba Labour; introducing Ninelives the Cat-c/s; 36 pages; Circa 1980's; VG = US$7.00);

NETWORK OF POWER (General Electric Company; Adventures in Science Series; Giveaway) #NN (1953 APG-17-1A);

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SPARKY THE FIRE DOG (National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, Quincy MA, USA; 1996; giveaway);

NEW NORTH (Written & illustrated by Nick Burns; Inuktitut translation by Michael Kusugak; flip comic; English/ Inuktitut; Government of Canada Giveaway; Message from Susan Aglukark);

NET PROFIT - #NN (#1; 1974; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Underground Related; Ecomix is a non-profit book for Project Jonah: Save the Whales and Dolphins.Re the needless killing of dolphins that become caught in tuna-nets. Michael J. Becker-s/c/a;. Dolphin related tales; Story by a former Tuna fisherman who became an activist. 36 pages, B&W; Whales appear too; Mermaid story; VF=$17);

NOODNIK (Comic Media/ Mystery/ Biltmore); - #1 (12/1953; Little Eskimo Boy; Frank Roberge-c/a; Polar Bear, Igloo, Wales, etc; Sherlock Holmes parody-s; 3-D Comics; VG, No Glasses $49);

NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL (Fawcett Pub.; 1945-1953; Movie Serial) - #18(4/1948; Canadian Variant Edition; Krigstein-a; VG+ $40); #34,51,54(coverless), 60,61;

-- (O) --

OMAR SUPER-BOOK OF COMICS (Walter Lantz Prod.) - #8(1943);

OPERATION SURVIVAL! (Graphic Information Service Inc. Promotional - Giveaway, Li'l Abner cameo on cover by Al Capp) - #NN(1957);

OUR LAND BEAUTIFUL (Help Keep...) (SCSA = Soil Conservation Society of America; Better Enviroment Booklet Promotional - Giveaway; USA, 1971) - #NN (16 pages; VF+ $8);(Another Copy = ASK);

OUR PLACE IN SPACE (General Electric Company; Adventures in Science Series; Giveaway) #NN (1959 PRD-7-2)

OZARK IKE (Better./ Standard Comics) - #14(Canadian Variant Edition; May 1949; Ray Gotto art; baseball cover), #22(USA edition);

OZZIE AND BABS (Fawcett Pub) - #2(Spring; go-cart cover); 3(Summer 1948), 4(Roller Skating & Ice skating cover), 8,10,(graveyard cover), 11(sking cover), 12;

-- (P) --

Panhandler Pete and Jennifer (J. Charles Laue Pub);

#1 (7/1951; Pre-Code; Early TV Western Comic, Based on the early TV Series starring Johnny Coons & Jennifer Holt; Elizabeth Marshall Holt, made her film debut using the stage name "Jacqueline Holt" in a 1941 western starring Hopalong Cassidy. During the remainder of the 1950s she made occasional guest appearances on television western series such as The Gabby Hayes Show and Tales of Wells Fargo starring Dale Robertson. In 1984, she was posthumously honored by the Golden Boot Awards for her contributions to western cinema. L’il Wigman – INJUN story; Dinosaur story; Bill Newton-c/a;  B&W Photo’s on inside front & inside Back covers; VG, 4.0 = $39.00);

PANIC (E.C. - EC Comics Pub.; 1954) - #8,10,11;

PAUL TERRY'S COMICS (St John Pub; formerly Terry-Toons comics; 1951-1955) ->>> SERIES Includes;

Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Teddy Bears, Gandy Goose, Dinky, Little Roquefort, etc; #98(2/1953; FA+ $7); #107(11/1953; G/VG $15); #107(11/1953; G $11);

#114(6/1954; G/VG $15);

Paul Terry's Terrytoon Comics (St John) - #85 (3/1951; "Dolls of Doom"; appears VG, but with some magic tape repair inside spine = G+ $16);

PENNY (Avon Pub; from the Newspaper Comic Strip) -

#3 (1948; Haenigsen art; VG = $33.00);

#6 (9-10/1949; Perry Como photo on cover; Haenigsen art; 5 pages of Girls in Swimsuits; VG/FN = $42.00);

PERRY MASON – (David McKay Pub) Feature Book #50(Paul Norris-c/a; based on Earl Stanley Gardner novels; 1947; G $39);

PETER RABBIT COMICS (Avon Periodicals; THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ...) -  #3(1948; VG/FN = $59.00) #7(1950; "Adventures of..." on cover; Vincent FAGO-c/a; Canadian RCMP Mountie appears on 3 Puzzle pages; FA/G = $10); 8,11,14,16,19,21;

PETE THE PANIC (Stanmor Pub.) - ##NN(11/1955; One-Shot; GD+, but with 2" x 1" piece off lower right cover, thus FA/G $5);


THE PIXIES (Magazine Enterprises)

#1(Winter/1946; 52 pages; Mighty Atom app; G/VG $15);

PINHEAD and FOODINI (Fawcett Pub; Early TV comic, based on Puppet show); - #1 (7/1951; PHOTO Front-c; PHOTO Back-c; 52 pages; Scarce; Interior of comics is in excellent shape with Off-White pages; Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus FA/G $39);

PIONEERS OF CONSERVATION IN AMERICA (Soil Conservation Society of America promotional - Giveaway, USA, 1980) - #NN;

PLANTS HOW THEY IMPROVE OUR ENVIRONMENT (SCSA = Soil Conservation Society of America Promotional - Giveaway, USA, 16 apges, USA) - #NN (VF+ $10.00; VG minus $5.00);

PLASTIC MAN (Quality Comics; USA editions) - # 24(VG/FN $130); #57(FA, reading copy $25);

PLASTIC MAN (Quality Comics; Canadian Variant Edition; BELL Features Pub) - #22 (36 pages; G, but 2/3 page missing $22);

PLAYING IT SAFE (The Standard Oil Company (Ohio); Giveaway); #NN (1954);

POLICE COMICS (Quality Comics; USA editions) -

#15(1/1943; PLASTIC MAN and SPIRIT-c; PLASTIC MAN-s; SPIRIT-s by EISNER; Jack Cole-c/a; Manhunter;-s Last 711-s; Destiny begins; Human Bomb; Chic Carter-s; PHANTOM LADY-s = GGA; FA/G $95);

#27(2/1944; PLASTIC MAN and SPIRIT-c; PLASTIC MAN-s; SPIRIT-s by EISNER; Jack Cole-c/a; Manhunter;-s Destiny-s; Human Bomb; Good = $80);

#37(12/1944; Plastic Man-c/s; Jack Cole-c/a; Manhunter; 1st app Candy by Sahle with GGA Lingerie panel; Human Bomb; Flatfoot Burns = Sherlock Holmes parody; SPIRIT by EISNER; G/VG $89);

#116 (6/1952; Ken Shannon-c/s; CRANDALL-c/a; Appears FINE, But Tanned Inside Cover Edges, 50% of Spine to Cover is SPLIT, Cover is almost detached, thus GOOD Minus = $20);

POLL PARROT (1959-1962; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; K.K. Publications, Poll Parrot Shoe Stores; 20 pages; Color) -

#2(1959; Secret of Crumbley Castle; G/VG $7);

#3(1959; Kangaroo Hullabaloo);

#5(1959; Bandit Busters; G/VG $7); #9(1960; Whale of a Tale; FA+ $5); #10(1960; the Frightful Flight; G $6);

#12(1961; Menace of Mubu Island; G/VG $7); #13(1961; & the Runaway Genie; G/VG $7);

#14(1961; Bully for You; VG+=$10; G=$6); #15(1961; Trapped in Tall Timber; G $6);

#16 (1962; ... & the Rajah's Ruby; last issue; VG+ $10);

POLLY PIGTAILS (Parents Magazine Institute) - #14(March/47),15,16,28,38;

POPEYE (David McKay Pub)

Feature Book #2 (circa 1937; 52 pages; SEGAR-a; Swee' Pea & Popeye on cover; Scarce; Decent Off-White Paper Quality; G/VG $145);

Feature Book #5 (circa 1938; 76 pages; SEGAR-a; Pappy & Popeye on cover; Scarce; Decent Off-White Paper Quality; Store stamp on cover;Cover creases and Tape repairs to spine Overall FA/G; BUT with 20% near Bottom of pages 35-42 Torn out & Missing, thus Poor = $25);

POPEYE Kite Fun Book featuring the Kid from Outer Space (King Features/ Western Pub; Promotional Giveaway Color Comic);

#NN (1977; 16 pages; Oblong, 6-1/2" Wide x 5" Tall; Distributed by Winnipeg Hydro/ Manitoba Hydro, Canada; SCARCE Canadian Comic; Alien & UFO-c/s; Includes; Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Bluto, Wimpy; >> With Alice the Goon Game, Sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
POPPO OF THE POPCORN THEATRE (Fuller Pub. Co.; Fuller Pub Co; Charles BIRO; 10 cents cover prices, but a Promotional / Giveaway Comic at supermarkets such as IGA; Poppo the CLOWN-c/s; Color; 36 pages; 1955)Volume 1 #1 (October 29/1955; Charles Biro-c/a; FN+ $39; VG/FN=$27);

Volume-1 #3 (November 12 1955; Charles Biro-c/a; VG+ $20);

Volume 1 #4 (November 19/1955; Charles Biro-c/a; ; VG/FN=$22; FA+ $6),

#11(Charles Biro-c/a; FA/G $7); #12(Charles Biro-c/a; G $9);

PRIZE COMICS (Feature Comic Pub.) - #45 (September/1944; great knock-out cover);

PUNCH JUDY COMICS (Hillman Per.) -


Volume-1(#5), Volume-1(#8),

Volume 2 #2(Kirby art; FN+= $105); Volume 2 (#9; VG/FN),


-- (R) --

RAILS ACROSS AMERICA (giveaway for Association of American Railroads; USA) - #NN(1955?; UNCLE SAM cover & appearance);

RAILROADS DELIVER THE GOODS (Association of American Railroads; Giveaway); #NN

RAILROAD FUN BOOK (Sugar Crisp giveaway) - #NN;

RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE (Toby Press Pub.) - #1(1954);

RANGERS COMICS [Fiction House Pub; Lots of GGA {Good Girl Art}, Bondage panels, etc];

#30(8/1946; Firehair; Sky Rangers; Crusoe Island begins; 3rd Tiger Man; Werewolf Hunter; Bondage panels; Glory Forbes; GGA; Larsen-a; Lubbers-a; Celardo-a; Anderson-a?; G+ $39);

#32(VG $59);

#33(2/1947; Firehair; Sky Rangers; Tiger-Man; Werewolf Hunter; Glory Forbes; Crusoe Island; Lingerie, Girl Fight & Woman in Bondage panels; VG, 4.0 = $59.00),

#65(Firehair-s; Suicide Smith-s; Cowboy Bob-s; The Eye-s; Famous Fighters-s; COVERLESS, o/w VG $7.00);

#67(Commando Rangers-s; Suicide Smith-s; G.I.Jane-s; Space Rangers-story; Famous Fighters-story with John L. Sullivan boxer; COVERLESS, o/w VG $7.00);

#69(Winter/1953; LAST issue; G/VG $24);

Real Fun of Driving - (1966; Chrysler Corporation Promotional / Giveaway Comic; 16 pages Color; Newsprint-c; Back cover has AD for Chrysler Corporation Cars = Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 380, Imperial Crown Convertible; Schaffenberger-a; overall VF, with small waterstain at upper right cover corner thus FN = $10.00)


RED BALL - COMIC BOOK (Ripple's Shoe giveaway) - #NN;

REDDY GOOSE (International Shoe Co.; Western Printing; 1958-1961; Promotional Giveaway color comic; Eager Beaver costars in all) -

#7(1960; the Mum Myna; VG $10); #8(Foreign Legion Fracas; 20 pages; Color; VG $10); #14(What Price Fame; 20 pages; Color; VG/FN $12);

"RED" RABBIT COMICS (Dearfield Comics/J. Charles Laue Pub.) - #15(March-April/1950); #17 (October);

REX MORGAN, M.D. TALKS... ABOUT YOUR UNBORN CHILD! (Field Newspaper Syndicate; USA; giveaway; 1980; 16 pages) #NN;

RIBTICKLER (Fox Feature Syndicate; Cartoon Humor & Funny Animals) -

#1(1945; Icky by Jay Abboy; Flash Lyte by Pat Parrish, Ghost-s; Pussy Katnip by Len Short; Snooky by Toby; Jerry Jinkle by Don Drew; FN = $49);


ROBIN HOOD'S FRONTIER DAYS #NN (Mork's Shoe Store / Grand Forks, North Dakota; 1956; Color Promotional Giveaway; 20 pages; 2x Lawmen-s;

Stagecoach-c; Painted-c; NON-Crandall issue; ** One page illustrated Profiles on; Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, X.Beidler, Bill Tilghman; = VG $12)

ROBIN HOOD'S WESTERN TALES #NN (Victor Clothing Co Store Giveaway, Little Falls, MN; 1956; Color Promotional Giveaway; 20 pages;

Dangerous Dispatch-s; Guns in the Night-s; Indians on Horses attacking-c; Painted-c; NON-Crandall issue; ** One page illustrated Profiles on; US Marshal, Buffalo Bill Cody, George Gibbons; VG minus $12)

ROBIN HOOD TALES (Quality Comic) - #1(February/1956); 3(June/56),4-6;

RUBERT (Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd.; UK/British) - #NN(1973, 2 stories – "Rupert in Mysteryland", "Rupert & the Missing Pieces");

RUSTY Boy Detective (GOOD Comics Pub) #2(5/1955; Carel Hubbell-c/a; SHERLOCK O'Shea-s; 2pg Clancy the Clown text-s; Mark Legion-s; Martinott-a; G = $9);

-- (S) --

SAMSON (Ajax/Farrell Pub./ Four Star) - #13(June/1955);

SANTA CLAUS PARADE (St John's Pub.) - #2(1952; 100 page), #3(1954);

SANTA CLAUS PARADE (Ziff-Davis Pub.; Christmas Special);

#NN(#1; 1951; 116 pages; Painted-c; Lou Myers back-c; Jingle & Bell the Eskimo Twins; Crystal the Snowflake; Pampas & Pancho; Golden Fish; Cuckoo Clock Princess; Boswell the Brat; VG $69);

Santa's Surprise (Giveaway / Promotional comic, made for Newberrys Dept Store; Probably K.K. Pub/Western Pub; 1946; Rare, this Variant NOT listed in Overstreet)

#NN (20 Pages; B&W; Early Variant of MARCH OF COMICS #13?? Full page illos & text like a Coloring Book; Reindeer & 2 Kids on cover; FN $24);

SAVING CAN BE FUN! (Custom Comics; 1968; Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation Giveaway; Washington DC) #NN;

SCHWINN (Printed in USA) #NN (“Bike Thrills”); #NN(“Bicycle Book”);




SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Man's Discovery That Changed the World.! U.S. Voyager I looks at Jupiter 422 million miles from Earth; For Young Science Explorers! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(7/1974; Third Edition; USA Edition; VG/FN $6);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Man's Discovery That Changed the World.! U.S. Voyager I looks at Jupiter 422 million miles from Earth; For Young Science Explorers! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(1/1975; scarce VARIANT = "First Canadian Edition"; VG = $6);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - and Remember, the Young Science Explorers of Today will help shape the World of TOMORROW. (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(USA Edition; Indicia says = "First Printing November /1978; SOLD OUT);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - U.S. Voyager I looks at Jupiter 422 million miles from Earth; For Young Science Explorers! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(USA Edition; Indicia says = "First Printing July/1979 - Fall-Winter 1979, Spring 1980"; Cover says Fall 1979; G/VG = $6);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - U.S. Voyager I looks at Jupiter 422 million miles from Earth; For Young Science Explorers! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(VARIANT edition; Indicia says = Printed in Canada. First Printing. December 1979. Spring 1980 edition"; VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4; G=$3);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - The U.S. NASA Space Telescope. (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall-Winter 1980, Spring/1981 edition, First Printing September 1980; Printed in USA"; VF+=$12; FN=$7; VG=$4);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - America's Space Shuttle! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall-Winter/1981, Spring/1982, First Printing September 1981; Printed in USA"; FN=$6; FA/G=$3);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - America's Space Tug! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1982, Spring/1983, First Printing October 1982; Printed in USA"; VF=$9; FN/VF=$7);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - Passengers on Spaceship Earth!. (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1983, Spring/1984, Second Printing, November 1983; Printed in USA"; SOLD OUT);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - Traveler from Spaceship Earth!. (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1984, Spring/1985, First Printing October 1984; Printed in USA"; VG/FN=$6; FA=$2);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - Visitor from Outer Space! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1985, Spring/1986, First Printing September 1985; Printed in USA"; FN/VF=$9; VG/FN=$6; VG=$5);

SCIENCE FAIR STORY OF ELECTRONICS - Discovery that Changed the World! - Spaceplanes! (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1986, Spring/1987, First Printing October 1986; Printed in USA"; FN/VF=$9);

(SCIENCE FAIR) RADIO SHACK Presents the HISTORY OF ELECTRONICS - 111 Years on Planet Earth. (Tandy Electronics, Giveaway from Radio Shack - #NN(Indicia says = "Fall/1987, Spring/1988, First Printing September 1987; Printed in USA"; FN/VF=$9);


SCIENCE IN YOUR FUTURE (General Electric Company; Adventures in Science Series; Giveaway); #NN (1956 PRD-7-1);

SCREAM COMICS (Humor Pub./ Current Books/ Ace Mag.) - #4 (Summer 1944);7 (July 17 1944);11(Nov/1946);

SEA HOUND (Avon Pub.) - #2(Sept-Oct/1945);


SHADOW COMICS (Street & Smith Pub; Original USA Color Comic);

Volume-4 #1; April/1947; Doc Savage story; SHADOW vs GHOST-c/s; Chick Carter-s; G = $56.00);

Volume-9 #4; July 1947; Second LAST issue; Doc Savage story; Bob Powell cover & art; SHADOW appears on Cover; *** ( PGX Graded; VG/GN, 5.0, with OFF-WHITE TO WHITE pages); >>> PRICE = US$149.00;

COVER SCAN = =http://www.dougcomicworld.com/00007-12.jpg>

SHEENA, Queen of the Jungle (Fiction House Magazine; 1942-1953; GGA = Good Girl art); - #8(1950; Robert Webb-c/a; G/VG $72);

Sheriff of Cochise (1957; Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Mobil Oil; Ghost Town, Buckskin Bandit, & Menace at Miller Peak;16 pages, color, newsprint;

Based on the Western TV Series starring John Bromfield; John Bromfield PHOTO on inside front-c; Schaffenberger-a; G/VG $10);


SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES (E.C. - EC Comics; 1952) - #8 (Williamson art; coverless);

SHONEY'S FUN AND ADVENTURE MAGAZINE (Paragon Product; 1984; 16 pages; giveaway) - #10;

SKIPPER'S ADVENTURE BOOK (Paragon Products/Skipper's Fish and Chips; Giveaway); #1 (“Danger at Rocky Strait”; 1977);

SKYMAN (Columbia Comics) #1(1941; Origin SKYMAN-c/s; Sparky Watts app; Ogen Whitney-c/s; the FACE app; Good+ $175);

SMASH COMICS (E.M. Arnold Pub.) - #32(march/1942; Fair);

SMILIN' ED'S OWN BUSTER BROWN COMICS (Lingren's giveaway; story by Hobart Donovan) - #11 (cover art by Dan Barry; stories included – “Tiger”, “The Jinni in the Jug”, “Gremlin Land”);

SMILIN' JACK (Dell Pub., giveaway for Popped Wheat, Chicago Tribune N.Y. News Syn.) - #NN;

SMOKEY THE BEAR (True story of ... The U.S. Forest Service giveaway, Western Printing Pub.) - #NN(1959; USA), (1964; USA), (1969; USA);

SMOKEY THE BEAR (True story of ... The U.S. Forest Service giveaway, Western Printing Pub.) - #NN (1969; Printed in USA for Canadian distribution; Says Canadian on Back cover at bottom; SCARCE);

SNIFFY THE PUP (Standard Pub) - #7(June/1950),8,9,12,15,16;

SOLDIER COMICS (Fawcett Pub.) - #2(March/1952);

SPACE COMICS (Avon Periodicals) - #4(March-April/54);

SPACE MOUSE (Avon Periodicals) - #1(April/53), #5;

SPARKLE COMICS (United Features Syndicate Pub; 1948-1954) - >> Series includes; Captain & the Kids, Nancy & Sluggo, Ella Cinders, L'il Abner;

Volume-2 #7(2/1942; SPARK MAN / Nancy & Sluggo-c/s; Capt & the Kids; TARZAN by Hogarth; Abbie and Slats; Bronco Bill; Ella Cinders; Dynamite Dunn; FA/G $54);

#7(Nancy-c/s; Capt & Kids, Dink O'Day, L'il Abner; G $11);

#8(12/1949-1/1950; VF $44); #8(12/1949-1/1950; FN/VF $35);

#13(FAIR, but with 3 coupons clipped out of centerfold thus PR/FA $4);


#22(Nancy-c/s; Capt & Kids, Little Coronado, L'il Abner; VG $15);


#30(8-9/1953; VG $15);

SPARKLER COMICS (United Features Syndicate Pub; 1941-1955); >>[ Series includes; Captain & the Kids= All issues; Nancy & Sluggo= All issues; Ella Cinders= most/all #1-90; Abbie & Slats= most/all #1-90; L'il Abner= #57,59-83; Tarzan by Hogarth= #1-90; #22-44=Race Riley; #1-52=Spark Man-s;Casey Ruggles by Warren Tufts= #97up; Also variously includes = El Bombo, Hap Hopper, Dink O'Day, Bronco Bill, etc]

#14(9/1942; TARZAN Cover & Story by HOGARTH; SPARKMAN-s; Capt & Kids, Abbie 'an Slats, Hap Hopper, Ella Cinders, Brono Bill, Frankie Doodle; El Bombo; Nancy; VG/FN $175);

#20(NANCY War-c; TARZAN Story by HOGARTH; SPARKMAN-s; Capt & Kids, Abbie 'an Slats, Hap Hopper, Ella Cinders, Race Riley, Brono Bill, El Bombo; G/VG $69);

#25 (TARZAN Cover & Story by HOGARTH; SPARKMAN-s; Capt & Kids, Abbie 'an Slats, Hap Hopper, Ella Cinders, Brono Bill, Race Riley; 9/1943; G/VG = $69);

#32(4/1944; G/VG, centerfold missing $10);


#56 (6/1946; TARZAN by HOGARTH; SPARKMAN-s; Capt & Kids-c/s; Nancy, El Bombo, Abbie & Slats, Hap Hopper, Broncho Bill; overall VG/FN, but with 2" Tear to first six pages, thus G/VG = $24);

#98(3-4/1951; Nancy & Sluggo with Casey Ruggles-c & stories; Captain & the Kids-s; Warren Tufts-a; FN/VF $39);

#103(1-2/1952; Nancy & Sluggo-c/s; Captain & the Kids-s; 10 page Casey Ruggles story = Warren Tufts-a; FA/G=$7);

#109(1-2/1953; Nancy & Sluggo-c/s; Captain & the Kids-s; 10 page Casey Ruggles story = Warren Tufts-a; FA+ $6);

SPALDING SPORTS SHOW (1952; Giveaway); #NN;

SPARKLING STARS (Holyoke Pub.) - #4,12,13,15(July/46),22;

SPARKY (National Fire Association giveaway, printed in USA) - #NN(1978);


SPECIAL AGENT (Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Associational of America Railroads); - #NN (October/1959; Story of the Railroad Police; Bill Bunce-c; VF+, 8.5 = $40.00);

SPIRIT SECTION (16 page CHICAGO SUN Color Comics Section) – April 28, 1946 (Spirit-s = Will Eisner-a; Wendy the Waitress-s; Flatfoot Burns Star Detective-s = Sherlock Holmes parody by Al Stahl; G/VG = $12);

SPUNKY (Adventures of a Junior Cowboy) (Standard Comics Inc.; Cartoon Western with Little Injun, Cora Sue & Stanley the talking Horse) -

#2(Jack Bradbury-a; Ghost Town-s; text illos by Frazetta; FA/G $10);

#3(Bucky the Burro-s; VG $15); #4(Pepito-s; G/VG $12); #7(11/1951; G/VG $12);

STAMPS COMICS {Thrilling Adventures in ...} (Youthful Magazine/Stamp Comics, Inc.) - #1(Oct/1951; Birth of Liberty-c; Heavy Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover = FA+, reading copy $25); #7 (10/1952; Stamps & their STORY told in comics; LAST issue; B&O Railroad-c/s;Canadian Mountie-s; U.S.Army-s;William Tell-s; Palais-a;Oddiities in stamps; Eroor & Rare stamps text-s; Battle of Fallen Timbers-s = Indians & Northwest Territories; Francis Scott Key/Star Spangled Banner-s; Newfoundland Dog-s; Joan of Arc/Orleans-s;4 pages Roy KRENKEL-a; glossy VF minus $99)

STEEL ! (American Iron and Steel Institute, New York; Giveaway); #NN

STEVIE (Magazine Pub.) = see HARVEY listings;

STONE PROTECTORS - #NN "Premiere issue"; (Harvey Pub; 1993; 36 pages; Full Color; No Ads, except for the Ace Novelty Action Figures that are the basis for the comic; No Cover Price; Promo/Giveaway comic; Peter Lawrence-s; Bill Vallely-a; 7 pages of Pinups; NOT listed in Overstreet; Apparently this comic was withdrawn from the market, thus Limited Distribution & Scarce; FN/VF = $7.00);

THE STORY OF ELECTRICITY (Commonwealth Edison; N.Y.C.; 1969; Custom Comics);

THE STORY OF ELECTRICITY (Pennsylvania Power and Light Company; Giveaway); #NN (1975);

THE STORY OF LAND ITS USE AND MISUSE (Soil Conservation Society of America, Inc.; Iowa; 1955; 16 pages; color comic);

THE STORY OF LAND (Soil Conversational Society Promotional - Giveaway, 1979, USA, 16 pages) - #NN;

THE STORY OF LIGHT (Adventures in Science Series) #NN (1954; Pictorial Media Pub, Promotional / Giveaway for General Electric company, N.J. USA; 16 Pages in Color; NOT listed in Overstreet);

THE STORY OF MONEY (Whitehall laboratories Promotional - Giveaway, USA, 1965, 16 pages) -# NN;

SUGAR BOWL COMICS (Famous Funnies Pub.) - #1 (May/1948; FA/GD);

SUMMER FUN with the California Summer Fruits (Custom Comic Services Pub.,Sacramento, California, USA; Tree Fruit giveaway) - #NN(1988; 20 pages; VG+ $5);

SUPER CAT (Ajax/Farrell Pub.) - #1(Aug/1957);

SUPERKERNEL COMICS (by Guy Gilchrist, color by Brad Gilchrist; Printed in USA; 1978; Featuring Humpty Dumpty; 16 pages of comics, games, puzzles, etc.) - #7,8, 9,10,11,12

SUPER MAGICIAN COMIC (Street & Smith Pub.) - Volume-1 #5 (May/1942); Volume 4 #3 (July/1945);

SUPERMOUSE .. the Big Cheese (Standard Comics/ Pines; see also Coo Coo comics) -

#5(Nov/1949, Text illos by Frazetta), #6(Text illos by Frazetta),

#8 (Canadian Variant Edition; Pieces off cover at upper right & lower right, thus about 8% cover missing; Magic Tape down spine; PR/FA = $4.00);

#9, 12, 28,31,32, 34,37,38,41-43, 45;

SUPER MOUSE THE BIG CHEESE (Standard/Pines Pub.,100 pages) - #1(Summer holiday Special Issue/1957), #2(Summer holiday Special Issue/1958);

SUPERSNIPE Comics (Street & Smith Pub); - Volume-2 #11 (10/1945; George Marcoux-c/a; Sea Monster-c; 7 page Herlock Domes app = Sherlock Holmes parody character; G/VG, but 3 x Centerfolds missing; 40 of the 52 pages remain $15);

SWEENEY (Standard Comics; Formerly Buz Sawyer) -#4(June/1949; FIRST issue with New Title; CRANE-a; FA/G $9);

SWEET SIXTEEN (Parents Magazine Institute) - #5(May/1947);

-- (T) --

TAFFY (Rural Home/Orbit Pub.) - #9(Lon McCallister part photo-c & story; G/VG $26); #11(Mort Leav-c; Mickey Rooney-c/app; G/VG $26);

TARGET COMICS (Funnies Inc./ Novelty Pub./ Star Pub.) -

Volume-2 #1(Uncle Sam FLAG Cover; Target by Bob Wood; FA, reading copy = $79);

Volume-2 #6(July/1941; Target & the Targeteers; Bonus text story of Origin how Targeteers meet;Girl in BONDAGE panels; Chameleon; the CADET; White Streak; Lucky Bird flyer of G-2; Speck Spot & Sis; Bulls-Eye Bill; RL Stevenson's Treasure Island; 8pgs SPACEHAWK by WOLVERTON; FA/G, coverless $19),

Volume-7 #5(7/1946; 52pgs; FA/G $10);

Volume-7 #10(12/1946; 52pgs; Cadet with Kit Carter; Gary Stark; Chameleon; Dan'l Flannel; Target & the Targeteers; Bulls-Eye Bill; Rico-c; FN minus=$30; VG+=$25);

Volume-8 #5(7/1947; 52pgs; Cadet with Kit Carter; Candid Charlie; Chameleon; Gary Stark; Target & the Targeteers;; Bulls-Eye Bill; VG+ $26);

Volume-8 #7(9/1947; Black Man with Whip-c; KRIGSTEIN-a; FA $10),

Volume-8 #8 (G/VG $20);

Volume-9 - #3(Girl in Bondage & GOLF-c; 5/1948; appears VG+, but damage to top of BACK-c thus G = $14); Volume-9 #5 (Baseball-c; G/VG $20);#7(9/1948; Bulls-Eye Bill; Cadet with Kit Carter; Gary Stark; VG $25);

Volume-10 #1(4-5/1949; Cadet with Kit Carter; Gary Stark; Target & the Targeteers; VG $25);

TARGET COMICS (Bell Feature; Canadian Variant Edition) - #49(Joe Certa cover; Circa 1948; Cadet with Kit Carter; Heathcliff the Hobo; Gary Stark;

FA/G, centerfold missing; Listed stories complete $5);


TARZAN ADVENTURES (based on Edgar Rice Burroughs; Westworld Pub.; 1951-1959; UK / British; B&W; 28 pages including covers; This series waspublished with LEAD Staples & thus RUSTY Staples are a VERY common Flaw; All below have RUSTY Staples; >> VF & FN/VF copies with only minor Rust) -

Volume-4 #6 (May 12/1954; Johnny Weissmuller in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan and the Mermaids" Cover; LUBBERS; Arziona Bill = Movie stills Photo-s;

Sister Planets-s, by Al McWilliams; FN/VF $24);

Volume-4 #9 (June 02/1954; Lex Barker in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan's Savage Fury" Cover; LUBBERS-a; Arziona Bill = Movie stills Photo-s;

Sister Planets-s, by Al McWilliams; FN $21);

Volume-4 #10 (June 09/1954; Johnny Weissmuller in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan and the Huntress" Cover; LUBBERS-a; Arziona Bill = Movie stills Photo-s;

Sister Planets-s, by Al McWilliams; VF $28);

Volume-4 #13 (July 03/1954; Lex Barker in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan and the Jungle Queen" Cover; LUBBERS-a; Dave Logan Trail scout-s;

Chris Welkin Planeteer-s, by Russ Winterbotham; FN/VF $24);

Volume-4 #18 (August 07/1954; Lex Barker in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan and the Jungle Queen" Cover; LUBBERS-a; Dave Logan Trail scout-s;

Chris Welkin Planeteer-s, by Russ Winterbotham; VF $28);

Volume-4 #19 (August 14/1954; Elephants scene from "Tarzan the Ape Man" Cover; Rex Maxon-a; Dave Logan Trail scout-s;

Chris Welkin Planeteer-s, by Russ Winterbotham; FN=$21; VG/FN=$18);

Volume-4 #26 (October 02/1954; Lex Barker in Sol Lesser's / RKO's "Tarzan and the Jungle Queen" Cover; Rex Maxon-a; Dave Logan Trail scout-s;

Chris Welkin Planeteer-s, by Russ Winterbotham; VG/FN $18);


Teen Touch presents Not Fakin' It (Teen Touch / Health & Welfare Canada & Alcoholism Foundation of Manitoba pub; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 32 pages; Color; Anti-DRUGS & Alcohol promo giveaway comic); #NN(#1; 1989; One-Shot; FA/G = $5);

TEENA (ME Pub - Magazine Enterprises/Standard comics; from the Kings Feature Syndicate newspaper Comics Strip by Hilda Terry; Teen-Age humor);

(A-1 #15; Teena #3; 1945; Soda Fountain-c; all Teena issue; G $12);

TERRY AND THE PIRATES (Dell Pub., Popped Wheat giveaway, reprints in full color)- #NN(1938);

TERRY-TOONS Comics (1st Series; #1-59=Timely / #60-86=St John; 1942-1951) - >>> SERIES Includes; Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Gandy Goose, Dinky, etc;

#76(10/1949; FA/G $12); #78(1/1950; Heckle & Jeckle-c/s; Mighty Mouse-s; VG/FN $42);

TERRY-TOONS Comics Giant Summer Fun Book (2nd Series; St John/Pines; 1952-1953) - >>> SERIES Includes; Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, Gandy Goose, Dinky, etc; #102(Summer/1958; TV; Tom Terrific-s; 84 Page GIANT; nice FN, but paper loss at top 2-1/4" of spine thus G/VG $26);

3-DIMENSION COMICS - JUNGLE THRILLS - (Star Pub.) - #1(December 1953);

THREE DIMENSION COMICS - THREE STOOGES (St John Pub.; all have Joe KUBERT & Maurer art, with Maurer covers) - #2(10/1953);

3-D CIRCUS (Fiction House Mag.) - #1(1953, Jerry Iger-s; Pirates & Ghosts-s; Dragon app; appears G/VG, but with Magic Tapes repairs inside spine to cover, thus FA/G, NO glasses = $34);


THREE STOOGES (Jubilee/St John Pub., 3-D Comics) - #2(Oct/1953, no glasses);

THRILLING COMICS (Better Pub/ Nedor/ Standard Comics) -

#54(pages out), #60(June/1947);

THE THRILL OF POWER (Toledo Police Department; Giveaway): #NN (Teen-age Drivers Safety Manual; 1952);

TICK TOCK TALES (Magazine Enterprises) - #4(April/1946),9,10,13,16,18;


(E.C. Educational Comics / Fables Pub; 1946-1947; Scarce Early EC comic series; Burton Geller-c/a;** With; Dunny the flying Donkey, Peter & Pinky, Clippety Clop, Smoky the Snake, Tommy Turnip & Carry Carrot, Tales from Fairy-Land);

#2(5-6/1946; 52 pages; G, One page missing = $16); #3(7/1946; Jack & the Beanstalk-s; Eskimo-s; VG minus = $39);

#4(9/1946; 52 pages; Back to School-c; Alem & the Camel-s; Tomb Thumb; G minus $22);

#6(Spring/1947; Dairy Land; Elves & the Shoemaker; Pierre & Marie of Canada & Lumber Camp-s; Vegetable Village; VG minus = $39)

TIP TOP COMICS (#1-187 = United Features Syndicate Pub); >> (188-210 becomes St John pub; #211-225 becomes Dell pub);

*** #110 Up = Most/all issues contain; Captain & the Kids, L'il Abner, Fritzi Ritz, Nancy

#10 (2/1937; LIL ABNER-c/s; 5 pages TARZAN; Ella Cinders, Captain & the Kids, Broncho Bill, Joe Jinks, Benny, Fritzi Ritz, Looy, Little Mary Mixup, Danny Dingle, How it Began, Peter Pat; Hawkshaw the Detective = Sherlock Holmes parody; G = $89);

#26 (6/1938; LIL ABNER-c/s; 5 pages TARZAN by Hal Foster; Hawkshaw the Detective = Sherlock Holmes parody; Jim Hardy, Captain & the Kids, Broncho Bill, Bumps, Joe Jinks, Frankie Doodle, Ella Cinders, Benny, Fritzi Ritz, Looy, Little Mary Mixup, Mr & Mrs Beans, How it Began; G = $49);

#40 (8/1939; Captain & the Kids-c/s; 7 pages TARZAN by Hal Foster; Hawkshaw the Detective = Sherlock Holmes parody; Lil Abner, Jim Hardy, Ella Cinders, Frankie Doodle, Broncho Bill, Fritzi Ritz, Little Mary Mixup, How it Began, Joe Jinks & Dynamite Dunn; VG/FN = $109);

#53 (9/1940; Captain & the Kids-c/s; 6 pages TARZAN by Hal Foster; Four Aces, Abbie & Slats, Lil Abner, Jim Hardy, Ella Cinders, Frankie Doodle, Broncho Bill, Fritzi Ritz, Little Mary Mixup, How it Began, Joe Jinks & Dynamite Dunn; VG minus = $59);

#61 (5/1941; Captain & the Kids-c/s; TARZAN by Hogarth; Hawkshaw the Detective = Sherlock Holmes parody; Lil Abner, Abbie & Slats, Jim Hardy, Frankie Doodle, Ella Cinders, Fritzi Ritz, Triple Terror, Mirror Man, Looy dot Dope, Iron Vic - Baseball-s, Broncho Bill, Tailspin Tommy, Frankie Doodle, Little Mary Mixup; overall G/VG, but top 2-1/2" of BACK cover is missing, thus FA/G = $32);


#79 (11/1942; Fritzi Ritz, Nancy, Capt & Kids, Triple Terror, Hawkshaw the Detective = Sherlock Holmes parody, Looney, Strange as it seems, Iron Vic, , Jim Hardy, L'il Abner, Tailspin Tommy, Mirror Man; Page 5/6 is Missing, rest is G/VG = $12);

#81 (1/1943; Capt & Kids, Triple Terror, Hawkshaw, Looy, Strange as it seems, Iron Vic, Fritzi Ritz, Nancy, Jim Hardy, L'il Abner, Tailspin Tommy = stories complete; G/VG, but Centerfold missing, affects Jim Marsh-s = $9.00);

#92 ; #107;

#117(4/1946; L'il Abner; Curly Joe, Nancy, Fritzi Ritz, Jim Hardy, Capt & Kids, Ella Cinders, Bill Mumlin, Triple Terror; G/VG $18);

#124 (11/1946; Fritzi Ritz in Swimsuit, with Nancy-c/s; Captain & the Kids, Curly Joe, Jim Hardy, L'il Abner, Bill Bumlin; Abbie an' Slats; G/VG $16);

#127; 130,#132(7/1947; Captain & the Kids -c/s; L'il Abner, El Bombo, Abbie an' Slats; Nancy, Fritzi Ritz, Curly Joe, Gordo; VG+ $24);

#134; #135(Captain & the Kids-c/s; G/VG $17);

#136(Fritzi Ritz-c/s; G/VG, but 1/2 Page out of each of last 2 pages, affects only the Abbie an' Slats-s; $7);

#141; #144(7/1948; FN $28);

#153(Spanking cover; Captain & the Kids/Nancy-c/s; VG $20); #153(Spanking cover; Captain & the Kids/Nancy-c/s; G+ $13);

TIP TOPPER COMICS (United Features Syndicate Pub);

#4;(April/May 1950);

 #16 (4-5/1952; FRITZI RITZ-c/s by Ernie Bushmiller; SECOND appearance of PEANUTS in Comics = Issued & Dated in-between United Comics #21 and #22; TWO pages of Early PEANUTS, with Charlie Brown, Patty & Snoopy by Charles SCHULZ;  Includes; L'il Abner by Al Capp, Curly Kayoe by Sam Leff; Ferd-Nand by Mik = Sherlock Holmes cameo; SCARCE; *** 1-1/2” Piece Missing at bottom right cover Corner, FA/G, reading copy = $35.00);

#19 (10-11/1952; FRITZI RITZ by Bikini / Swimsuit cover, with inside Strips by Ernie Bushmiller; 2 pages of Early PEANUTS, with Charlie Brown, Patty, Shermy, Lucy & Snoopy by Charles SCHULZ;  Includes; L'il Abner by Al Capp, Curly Kayoe by Sam Leff, Willie, & Ferd-Nand by Mik; SCARCE; FA/G, reading copy = $25.00);

T-MAN {Treasure Agent Pete Trask - World-Wide Trouble-Shooter} (Quality Comics Group; 1951-1956; Spy/Mystery/Suspense stories; COLD WAR, Anti-Communism stories in many issues; nice GGA / Good Girl art in Many issues) -

#7(9/1952; Pre-Code; REED CRANDALL-c; Dan Zolnerowich-a; Dope Ring-s; Narcotics-s; DRUG Stories;  G, 2.0 = $27.00);

#9(1/1953; Pre-Code; REED CRANDALL-c; Dan Zolnerowich-a; Baghdad-s = Pete Trask as Frank Maston communist in IRAQ; G/VG, 3.0 = $35.00);

#18(10/1954; Pre-Code; G, 2.0 = $18);

#19(11/1954; Pre-Code; G/VG, 3.0 = $24);

#28(10/1955; COMMIE Paymaster-c/s = Greek Communists doing Spy work for Russia; W. G. Hargis-a; RED Racket = Russian Communists in Paris; nice GGA / Good Girl art; G, 2.0 = $18);

#30(12/1955; Girl with Doom in Her Hands-c/s = nice Oriental Chinese GGA / Good Girl art = W. G. Hargis art ; Heart of a Cop = Boxing-s; Bull Fighting-s; Elephant who Loved Flowers = India, Moslems. Hindus & Volpu the Red Agent; G/VG, 3.0 = $24.00);

#31(1/1956;Girl in Jeep-c = GGA / Good Girl cover & art; Trouble's Double = MOSLEMS storyline; DOPE RING and REVOLUTION = 4 page US Treasury Agents True Story of HEROIN Narcotics Drug Ring in Honduras; Arrival Date written at top right cover, Minor rubbing wear to Glossy Cover,  VF+, 8.5 = $99.00);

#33(3/1956; RED MERMAID with SHARK-c = Japanese Sumo Wrestlers-s; Terror Behind the Lines = Woman in BONDAGE Splash Page, KOREAN War Commies-s; VG, 4.0 = $33.00);

#34(4/1956; ADOLPH HITLER-c; the Man who Could be HITLER-c/s = NAZI Storyline; Escape to Danger = Blonde Girl in Communist Red China = nice GGA / Good Girl Art; Appears VG/FN, but with; Water Stain on Spine to Cover & at Bottom of Back Cover; Moderate Wrinkling thru Book, call it VERY GOOD Minus, 3.5 = $44.00);

#38(12/1956; Scarce LAST issue; Trouble in Bavaria-c/s = NAZI'S and HITLER imitator; appears FN/VF, but with;   Arrival Date written at top right cover, Tiny paper-pul on T in title, 1/2" Split at Bottom on spine to Cover, light creasing at bottom left corner of BACK cover, thus still nice  FN-, 5.5 = $48.00);

TOMMY LOOKS AT FARMING (B.F. Goodrich Company Giveaway);

TOMMY OF THE BIG TOP (King Feature Pub.) - #11(December/1948;Nice John Lehti cover & art);

TOM TERRIFIC! (Pines Comics; CBS TV Cartoon) - #2(Fall/1957; Overstreet lists as “Scarce”; FA/G $20);

TOM-TOM, THE JUNGLE BOY (Magazine Enterprise)- #1(1947),2;

TOM-TOM AND ITCHI THE MONK (Magazine Enterprise) - #1(Nov/1957);

TONY TRENT (Big Shot/ Columbia Group) - #3(FIRST issue; 1948; The Face app. By Mart Bailey; GOOD minus = $22);


TOR (St John Pub., 3-D Comics) - #2(with, & without glasses),

TOYLAND COMICS (Flying Stories Inc.) - #3(July 1947);

TRAPPED (HARVEY Pub / Columbia University Press/ Periodical House Magazine; 1951; Giveaway; 16 pages; Softcover) - #NN (DRUG Education Comic; 30,000 Printed; Distributed to Schools; Mentioned in SOTI = Seduction of the Innocent; VG=$6);

TREASURE COMICS (Prize Pub.) - #1(June-July/1945); #3; #4(FA/G $20); #8;

A TRIP TO OUTER SPACE WITH SANTA (Sales Promotions, Inc/ Peoria Dry Goods; 1950s; paper cover; 16 pages) - #NN(Comics, Race to Mars Game at centerfold, Paper Doll cutouts & Planet Puzzles; writing on puzzles, o/w FN/VF $18);

TRUE COMICS AND ADVENTURE STORIES (Parent Magazine) - #1(1965, Giant);

TUFFY (Standard Pub.) - #7;

TWIRLY-TOY (Fawcett Pub inc / Reed & Associates - the Dime Line)

#NN (Circa 1945?; featuring SHERLOCK THE MONK & Chuck, as they appear in Fawcett Funny Animals; Punch-Out Cardboard Toy in original envelope; Sherlock Twirls & Chuck whirls; Illos of Sherlock the Momk on both covers & on the Toy; Envelope = VG/FN; Interior Toy = Un-Used, Un-Punched, VF; Price = $19.00);

TWO BIT THE WACKY WOODPECKER (Toby Press) - #2(April/1952);

-- (U) --

UNCLE CHARLIE'S FABLES (Lev Gleason Pub; All-New & Original Stories; 1952) - #5 ;

UNITED COMICS (United Features Syndicate Pub; formerly Fritzi Ritz; 1950-1953) - >>>> Fritzi Ritz cover & stories in all issues; >>> Abbie an' Slats = in ALL issues; >>> #20-26 = Mamie, by Russell Patterson= nice cheesecake GGA {Good Girl Art};

#11(Name written at top of cover, VG/FN $21; another copy = ask ); #12; #20(G/VG $14);

#24(2pgs early PEANUTS = 3rd in Comics? VG $20); #25(2pgs early PEANUTS; VG $20);

THE UPSY DOWNSY COLORING BOOK (Mattel, Inc; 1970; USA; Giveaway

-- (V) --

VACATION COMICS (Magazine Enterprise) - A-1 #16(1948);

VALOR (EC Comics) - #3(August 1955; Joe Orlando cover art), 4(October/1955);

VIC VERITY MAGAZINE (Vic Verity Pub.) - #1((1945), 6(Aug/1946);

-- (W) --

WAMBI JUNGLE BOY(Fiction House Magazine) - #4(Fall/1948); #17 (Fall/1952; Overall G/VG byt 2-1/4"x2-1/4" Piece off cover at lower right; Large 3" x 6" Promotional Shoe Store Sticker in middle of cover = thus FAIR, reading copy $10);

WATER GIVER OF LIFE (giveaway for F.E. Myers & Bro Company) - #NN(circa1955);

WEATHER-BIRD Comics (International Shoe Co/Western Pub; Promotional/Giveaway Comic Series; 1958-1962);

#3(1959; The Bayou Bandits);

#4(1959; Knight Flight);

#6(1960; “The Musical Monkeys”; VG/FN $10);

#8(1960; Mischievous Mansion; FN/VF $15),

#12(“The Money Making Machine”; VG/FN $10);

#16 (“The Desert Dilemma”; FN $12);

WHACK 3-D COMICS (St John Pub.) - #1(10/1953, Joe KUBERT-a; Maurer-c; VG/FN, no glasses = $59);

WHACK (St. John Pub.) - #3(1954; Kubert & Maurer; Prince Valiant-c/s parody; Little Orphan Annie, Jeckyl & Hyde & Cinderella parodies; VG $39);


WHAM-O GIANT COMICS (1967; HUGE Oversize 14” x 21” color comic. 52 pages. Wham-O Pub);

#1 (1967; Includes; The Origin of Radian = 3pgs Wally Wood-s/a; 1st app TOR Man From Aeons = Lou Fine-a; Young Eagles =WWI Pilots; Experiment In Shock; Kelp People; Mark of the Sun; Unexplored; Menace of the Kaleids – Kaleidoscope of Fear = Ernie Colon-a; 1st app Galaxo the Cosmic Agent; The Unhumans; Stellar Apes; Challenge of Captain Blud; Wrath of Rufus Rottenbad; 1st app Goody Bumpkin = 3pgs Wally Wood-s/a; Captain Valoren – The Toad; Gladiator’s Triumph; Diary of Ty Locke – Condition Red On Vortex Z = 3pgs Warren Tufts-a; Super Sibling; Klunker the Misfit Monster; Origin of Clyde King of the Jungle; Wham-O Fun Factory = 1pg Virgil Partch-a; Bridget and Newton = 1pg John Stanley-s/a; Sorceror’s Apprentice – Melvin the Magician; Wild Earth Child; Helping Handsome; Flabby and Gabby = Ward Kimball-a; Flying Saucer reports; Wraparound-c; SCARCE; Comes Folded, Good+ = $36);

WHERE THERE'S SMOKE... (giveaway for American Cancer Society, Washington DC) - #NN(1965);

WHITE RIDER (AND SUPER HORSE) (Accepted Publications); #6;

WHIZ Comics (1940-1953; Fawcett Pub; Captain Marvel, etc) -

#2 (Reprint; 1980's; B&W; FN/VF);

#67(9-10/1945; Stamp collecting story; Mummy-s; G/VG $50);

#84(4/1947; Boy Pirate-s; King of Darkness horror-s in Ibis; 1/2 page Wolverton-a; G/VG $49);

#96(April/ 1948; FA $20);

#97(May/1948; Captain Marvel visits Mirage City; 1 page Sherlock the Monk; Golden Arrow; Ibis the Invincible; FA, reading copy $20);

#141(1/1952; Captain Marvel, Lance O'Casey, Ibis the Invincible, Golden Arrow; Glue repairs inside spine = G $36);


WHIZ KIDS - (Promotional / Giveaway Comic; Radio Shack / Archie Publications; Color)

#NN -(#1; 1984; TRS-80 Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in The Computer trap”; Cover & art by Chic Stone & Dick Ayers; Kupperberg-s; 36 pages; VG/FN $9);

#NN -(#2; 1985; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in “The Computers that Said NO to Drugs”; Cover & art by Chic Stone & Dick Ayers; Kupperberg-s; 36 pages; FN $8);

#NN -(#3; 1986; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "News by Computer Foils Kidnappers". Cover & art by Chic Stone & Infantino; William Palmer-s; 36 pages; FN+ $8);

#NN -(#4; 1987; 2nd Printing; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "Answer to a Riddle". Cover & art by Chic Stone & Dick Ayers; William Palmer-s; 36 pages; VG $7);

#NN -(#5; 8/1988; 2nd Printing; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "In Action Again". Art by Chic Stone & Dick Ayers; William Palmer-s; 36 pages; Cat. No. 68-2021; VG $7);

#NN -(#7; 8/1990; 3rd Printing; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "A Deadly Choice". Cover & Art by Howard Bender & Mike Esposito; 36 pages; Cat. No. 68-2001; SOLD OUT);

#NN -(#8; 1991; 2nd Printing; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "Safeguarding the Environment". Cover & art by Howard Bender & D'Agostino; Pellowski-s; 68 pages; Includes 32 page ARCHIE story; G/VG $7);

#NN -(#9; 7/1992; 1st Printing; Tandy Computer WHIZ KIDS: “Alec & Shanna starring in "the Community Action Program". Cover & art by Stan Goldberg & Mike Esposito; Pellowski-s; 68 pages; Includes 32 page ARCHIE story; G/VG $7);

WHO LIVES ON THE FOREST FARM ? (International Paper Company; Giveaway); #NN (1954);

WINGS COMICS (Fiction House) = see the "War - Vintage 1940's & 1950's Comics For Sale doc " link on our dougcomicworld.com;



WISCO - WACKY QUACKY "ALL ABOARD" (Vital Pub.) - #NN(1950);

WISCO - TEX TAYLOR "GOLD MINE" (Vital Pub.) - #NN(1950);



WONDER BOOK OF RUBBER (B.F. Goodrich Promotional - Giveaway, 1947, USA, 36 pages) - #NN;

WONDER BOOK OF RUBBER (B. F. Goodrich Promotional - Giveaway, 1973, 32 pages) - #NN;

WONDERLAND COMICS (Feature Pub.; 1945-1947) - #2(Fall/1945; Neighbors = FOX and the CROW Prototype; Howie Post-c/a; FN = $39);

#2(Fall/1945; Neighbors = FOX and the CROW Prototype; Howie Post-c/a; G = $18); #4, 5, 8;

WORLD FAMOUS STORIES (Croyden Pub.) - #1(1945);

WOTALIFE COMICS (Fox Feature Syndicate/ Norlen Mag.; 1959) #4,5;

WOW COMICS (Fawcett Pub.) - #62(1/1948; Ozzie, Mr Scarlet & Pinky, Phantom Eagle, Commando Yank; VG $39); #65(Ozzie-s; Tom Mix-s; FN $55);

-- (Y) --

YARNS OF THE YELLOWSTONE (World Color Press) - #NN(1972, Illustration by Bill Chapman);

YOUNG KING COLE Detective Tales (Premium Group/Novelty Press; USA editions)
Volume-3 #4(11/1947; 52 pages; vs TIGER-c; Toni Gayle-s = GGA, Good Girl Art; Dr Drew the Zoo Man-s; Homer K. Beagle Demon Detective-s; G/VG = $18);

-- (Z) --

ZIP COMICS (MLJ Pub) #39 [August/1943; 1st app & Origin Red Rube & Begins = Whipping & Male spanking panels; Steel Sterling cover & story by Irv Novick, Slap Happy Applejacks, Senor Banana, Chimpy & Wilbur stories; Ginger = GGA {Good Girl Art} story, with Girls Fighting & Lingerie panels; VG-, 3.5 = US$99.00];


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