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PLAYS Mass Market Paperbacks Inventory -FOR SALE; -- (MOVIE, THEATRE & ACTING SCRIPTS -- Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, Tennessee Williams, etc)

AESCHYLUS – The Oresteian Trilogy: Agamemnon/ The Choephori/ The Eumenides;

ALBEE, EDWARD – The American Dream/ The Zoo Story; *** A Delicae Balance; *** The Sand Box/ The Death of Bessie Smith; *** Tiny Alice; ** Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

ARDEN, JOHN – Waters of Babylon/ Live Like Pigs/ The Happy haven;

ARISTOPHANES – The Clouds; *** Lysistrata;

ARMOUR, RICHARD – Twisted Tales from Shakespeare;

AUDEN, W.H./ ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER – The Ascent of Flo/ On the Frontier;

AXELROD, GEORGE – The Seven Year Itch (Photo cover Marilyn Monroe);

BARNET, SYLVAN/ BERMAN, MORTON/ BURTON, WILLIAM (eds.) - Eight Great Comedies; *** (eds.) Eight Great Tragedies; *** (eds.) The Genius of the Irish Theater;

BEAUMACHAIS – The Barber of Seville/ The Marriage of Figaro;

BEEBE, M.N. - Rooms to Let;

BENTLEY, ERIC (ed.) - From the American Drama;

BERMEL, ALBERT – The Genius of the French Theater;

BOLT, ROBERT – A Man for All Seasons;

BRADLEY, A.C. - Skapespearean Tragedy;

BRECHT, BERTOLT – The Threepenny Opera;

BRIGHOUSE, HAROLD – Converts (Repertory Plays No.16);

BROOK, PETER – The Empty Space;


BROWNE, E. MARTIN (ed.) - Four Modern Verse Plays; (ed.) Gow, Ronald – Gallows Glorious/ Hsiung, S.I. - Lady Precious Stream/ Daviot, Gordon – Richard of Bordeaux;

CARTER, CONRAD/ BRADBURY, A.J./ HOWARD, W.W.R.B. - The Production and Staging of Plays;

CERF, BENNETT (ed.) - The Pocket Book of Modern American Plays; Behrman, S.N. - No Time for Comedy/ Boothe, Claremargin for Error/ Odets, Clifford – Awake and Sins/ Rice, Elmer – Street Scene;

CHEHOV, ANTON – CHEHOV Plays: Ivanov/ The Cherry Orchard/ The Seagull/ Uncle Vania/ Three Sisters; *** The Cherry Orchard; *** The Seagull/ Uncle Vania/ The Bear/ The Proposal/ A Jubill; *** Three Plays: The Cherry Orchard/ Three Sisters/ Ivanov;

CLURMAN, HAROLD (ed.) - Famous American Plays of the 1930's;

COHEN, LORRAINE (ed.) - Scenes for Young Actors;

CONGREVE, WILLIAM – The Way of the World;

CONNELLY, MARC – The Green pastures;

CORNFORD, FRANCIS MACDONALD – The Origin of Attic Comedy;

COWARD, NOEL – Collected Sketches and Lyrics; *** 8 Great Plays: Family Album/ Red Peppers/ Still Life/ Fumed Oak/ The Astonished Heart/ Hands Across the Sea/ Ways and Means/ We were Dancing; *** Short Stories, Short Plays and Songs by Noel Coward;


DRINKWATER, JOHN – Abraham Lincoln;

ELIOT, T.S. - The Cocktail Party; *** Murder in the Cathedral;


ESSLIN, MARTIN – The Theatre of the Absurd;

EURIPIDES-Alcestis/ Hippolytus/ Iphigenia in Taurus; *** The Bacchae and Other Plays; *** The Electra; *** Medea/ Hecabe/ Electra/ Heracles; *** Medea/ Hippolytus/ Alcestis/ The Bacchae; *** Three Great Plays of Euripides; Medea/ Hippolytus/ Helen;

FEIFFER, JULES – Carnel Knowledge (with photos from the Film.);

FERGUSON, JOHN (ed.) Seen Famous One-Act Play;

FERGUSSON, FRANCIS – The Idea of a Theater; the Art of Drama in Changing Perspective;

FOREMAN, CARL – Young Winston (with photos from the Film.);


FREEDLEY, GEORGE (ed.) Three Plays About Crime and Criminals; Kesselring, Joseph – Arsenic and Old Lace/ Chodorov, Edward – Kind Lady/ Kingsley, Sidney – Detective Story;

FRENCH, SAMUEL – Basic Catalogue of Plays;

FRY, CHRISTOPHER – The Firstborn;

GALSWORTHY, JOHN – The Silver Box; *** Three Plays: Escape/ The Eldest Son/ The Skin Game;

GELINAS, GRATIEN – Bousille and the Just; *** Yesterday in Children Were Dancing;

GHEON, HENRI – The Art of the Theatre;

GIBSON, WILLIAM – The Miracle Worker;

GOLDMAN, JAMES – They Might be Giants (With photos from the film.);

HALL, WILLIS – The Long and the Short and the Tall/ Pinter, Harold – The Dumb Waiter/ Simpson, N.F. - A Resounding Tinkle;

HAMPDEN, JOHN (ed.) - Four Modern Palys: Malleson, Miles – A man of Ideas/ Johnson, Philip – The Spinsters of Lushe/ Rubinstein, H.F./ The Theatre/ Napier, Margaret – Wayside War;

HAZLITT, WILLIAM – Hazlitt on Theatre;

HELLMAN, LILLIAN – The Children's Hour;

HEWES, HENRY (ed.) - Famous American Plays of the 1940's;

HIRSON, ROGER O. - Pippin;

HOFFMAN, WILLIAM M. (ed.) - New American Plays Volume 2 (1968);

HOPPER, VINCENT F./ LAHEY, GERLAD B. (eds.) - Medieval Mystery Plays, Morality Plays and Interludes;

HOUGHTON, NORRIS (ed.) - Great Russian Plays; *** (ed.) Seeds of Modern Drama;

IBSEN, HENRIK – Brand; *** A Doll's House, and Other Plays; ** Four Great Plays by Ibsen: a Doll's House/ The Wild Duck/ AnEnemy of the People/ Ghosts; *** Four Major Plays: A Doll's House/ The Wild Duck/ Hedda Gabler/ The Master Builder; *** Ghosts; *** Ghosts and Other Plays; *** Hedda Gabler/ The Pillars of the Community/ The Wild Duck; *** Peer Gynt; *** Plays; *** Three Plays:The Pillars of the Community/ The Wild Duck/ Hedda Gabler;

INGE, WILLIAM – Bus Stop (Photo cover Marilyn Monroe); *** the Dark at the Top of the Stairs; *** A Loss of Roses; *** Picnic;

IONESCO, EUGENE – Rhinoceros/ The Chairs/ The Lesson;

JONSON, BEN – Three Comedies: Volpone/ The Alchemist/ Bartholomew Fair; *** Volpone or the Fox;

KNIGHT, G. WILSON – Principles of Shakespearian Produciton;

KOPIT, ARTHUR – Indians;

KOZELKA, PAUL – Fifteen American One-Act Plays;

LAWLER, RAY – Summer of the Seventeenth Doll;

LAWRENCE, D.H. - Three Plays: a Collier's Friday Night/ The daughter-in-law/ The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd;

LAWRENCE, JEROME/ LEE, ROBERT E. - Inherit the Wind;

LERNER, ALAN JAY – My Fair Lady;


MACGOWAN, KENNETH (ed.) - Famous American Plays of the 1920's;

MAETERLINCK, MAURICE – Alladines and Palomides;

MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER – The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus;

MATTHEWS, BRANDER (ed.) Papers on Playmaking;

MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET – Selected Plays: Sheppy/ The Sacred Flame/ The Circle/The Constant Wife/ Our Betters ; *** Three Dramas: The Letter/ The Sacred Flame/ For Services Rendered;

MAYSLES, ALBERT & DAVID/ZWERIN, CHARLOTTE – Salesman (with photos from the film);

MERSAND, JOSEPH (ed.) Three Dramas of American Realism: Sherwood, Robert E,- Idiot's Delight/ Rice,Elmer L. - Street Scene/ Saroyan, William – The Time of Your Life;

MILLER, ARTHUR – The Crucible; *** Death of a Salesman; *** The Price;

MILNE, A.A. - Four Plays: To Have the Honour/ Belinda/ The Dover Road/ Mr. Pim Passes By;

MODERN PLAYS (Written By) Bennett, Arnold/ Milne, A.A./ Coward, Noel/ Sherriff, R.C./ Maugham, W. Somerset;

MOLIERE-FIVE PLAYS: The Would-Be Gentleman/ That Scoundral Scapin/ The Miser/ Love's the Best Doctor/ Don Juan; *** The Misanthrope and Other Plays; *** Tartuffe and other Plays;

MORRELL, J.M. (ed.) Four English Comedies; Jonson, Ben-Volpone/ Congreve, William – The Way of theh World/ Goldsmith, Oliver – She Stoops to Conquer/ Sheridan, R.B. - The School for Scandal; *** (ed.) Four English Tragedies: Marlowe, Christopher – Edward The Second/ Heywood, Thomas – a Woman Killed with Kindness/ Webster, John – The Duchess of Malfy/ Dryden, John – All for Love;

NEW ENGLISH DRAMATIST VOLUME 2 – Wesker, Arnold: The Kitchen/ Simpson, N.F. - A Resounding Tinkle/ Osborne, Jhn, and Creighton, Anthony – Epitaph for George Dillon; *** Volume 4 Shaffer, Peter – Five Figer Exercise/ Arden, John – The Hapy Haven/ Hastings, Michael – Yes and After; *** Volume 5 – Livings, Henry – Stop it, Whoever You Are/ Owen, Alun – Progress to the Park/ Whiting, John – Marching Song; *** Volume 6 – Bolt, Robert – A Man for All Seasons/ Whiting, John – The Devils/ Livings, Henry – Nil Carborundum; *** Volume 8 – Wood, Charles – Cockade/ Lynne, James Broome – The Trigon/ Orton, Joe – Entertaining Mr. Sloane; *** Volume 10 – Wesker, Arnold – Their Very Own and Golden City/ Pinner, David – Dickon/ Taylor, Cecil – Bread and Butter;

O'CASEY, SEAN – Three Plays: Juno and the Paycock/ The Shadow of a Gunman/ The Plough and the Stars;

OLFSON, LEWY (ed.) - 50 Great Scenes for Student Actors;

OLIVER, DONALD – The Greatest Revue Sketches;

O'NEILL, EUGENE – Desire Under the Elms (with photos from the Film.); *** A Moon for the Misbegotten; *** Three Plays: Desire Under the Elms/ trange Interlue/ Mourning Becomes Electra; *** The Iceman Cometh;

OSBORNE, JOHN – The Entertainer; *** Look Back in Anger; *** Luther;

PASOLLI, ROBERT – A Book on the Open Theatre;

PEACOCK, RONALD – The Poet in the Theatre;


PIKE, FRANK/ DUNN, THOMAS G. - Scenes and Monologues from the New American Theatre;

PINTER, HAROLD – Plays: One – The Birthday Party/ The Room/ The Dumb Waiter/ A Slight Ache/ A Night Out;

PIRANDELLO, LUIGI – Naked Masks, Five Plays: Liola/ It is So! (If you Think So)/ Henry IV/ Six Characters IN Search of an Author/ Each in his Own Way;

RATTIGAN, TERENCE – Separate Tables (with photos from the film);

RESTORATION PLAYS – The Reheasal/ The Country Wife/ The Man of Mode/ All for Love/ Venice Preserved/ The Relapse/ The Way of the World/ The Beaux Stratagem;

RIGG, DIANA (ed.) - No Turn Unstoned: The Worst Ever Theatrical Reviews;

ROBINSON jr., C.S. (ed.) - An Anthology of Greek Drama;

ROSTAND, EDMOND – Cyrano de Beregerac; *** The Fantasticks;

RYGA, GEORGE – The Ecstacy of Rita Joe, and Other Plays;

SARTE, JEAN PAUL – Kean/ Nekrassov/ The Trojan Women;



SCHROEDER, ROBERT J. (ed.) - The New Underground Theatre;

SCHULMAN, MICHAEL/ MEKLER, EVA (eds.) - The Actor's Scenebook: Scenes and Monologues from Contemporary Plays; *** (eds.) Contemporary Scenes for Students Actors;

SEVEN FAMOUS ONE-ACT PLAYS – Sutro, Alfred – A marriage has Been Arranged/ Bax, Clifford – The Cloak/ Herbert, A.P. - Two Gentlemen of Soho/ Ferguson, J.A. - Campbell of Kilmohr/ Down, Oliphant – TheMaker of Dreams/ Houghton, Stanley – The Dear Departed/ Jacobs, W.W. - The Monkey's Paw;


SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM – All's Well That Ends Well; *** An Age of Kings: Richard II/ Henry IV/ Henry V/ Henry VI/ Richard III; *** An Approach to Shakewpeare (Written By) Travesi, D.A.; *** Antony and Cleopatra; *** As You Like It; *** Coleridge's Writings on Shakespeare (ed) Hawkes, Terence; *** The Comedy of Errors; *** Complete Sonnets and Poems; *** Coriolanus; *** Five Great Comedies: As You Like It/ A Midsummer Night's Dream/ The Merchant of Venice/ Twelfth Night/ the Tempest; *** Four Great Comedies: The Tempest/ Twelfth Night/ A Midsummer Night's Dream/ As You Like It; *** Four Great Historical Plays: Richard III/ Henry IV part I/ Henry IV part 2/ Henry V; *** Four Great Tragedies; Hamlet/ Romeo and Juliet/ Julius Caesar/ Macbeth; *** Hamley; *** Henry IV; *** Henry V; *** Henry VII; *** Introducing Shakespeare (Written By) Harrison, G.B.; *** Julius Caesar; *** King Henry IV; *** King Henry V; *** King Ler; *** The Living Shakespeare (ed.) Gittings, Robert; *** Love's Labour's Lost; *** Macbeth; *** The Merchant of Venice; *** A Midsummer Night's Dream; *** Much Ado About Nothing; *** Othello; *** Preface to Hamlet (Written By) Granville-Barker, Harley; *** Richard II; *** Romeo and Juliet; *** Shakespeare (Written By) Van Doren, Mark; *** Shakespearean Tragedy (Written By) Bradley, A.C.; *** Shakespeare for Everyman (Written By) Wright, Louis B.; *** Shakespeare Series Volume I: King Lear/ Twelfth Night/ Antony and Cleopatra; *** Shakespeare'a Sonnets (ed.) Rowse, A.L.; *** Shakespeare's Tragedies: An Anthology of Modern Criticism (ed.) Lerner, Laurence; *** The Sonnets, and a Lover's Complaint; *** Stories from Shakespeare (Written By) Chute, Marchette; *** Talesfrom Shakespeare (Written By) Lamb, Charles and Mary; *** The Taming of the Shrew; *** The Tempest; *** Three Tragedies: Hamlet/ King Lear/ Macbeth; *** The Tragedy of Julius Caesar;*** The Tragedy of King Lear*** The Tragedy of Macbeth*** The Tragedy of Othello*** The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet*** Troilus and Cressida; *** Twelfth Night; *** Two Gentleman and Verona; *** What Happens in Hamlet (Written By) Wilson, John Dover; *** The Winter's Tale;

SHAW, BERNARD – Androcles and the Lion; *** The Apple Cart; *** Arms and the Man; *** Back of Methuselah; *** The Doctor's Dilemma; *** Heartbreak Hotel; *** Major Barbara; *** Man and Superman; *** Plays Pleasant: Arms and the Man/ Candida/ The Man of Destiny/ You Never Can Tell; ** Plays Unpleasant: Windowers' Houses/ The Philanderer/ Mrs. Warren's Unpleasant; *** Pygmalion; *** Saint Joan; *** Three Plays for Puritans; The Devil's Disciple/ Caecar and Cleopatra/ Captain Brassbound's Conversion;

SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY – The Rivals; *** The School for Scandal;

SIMON, NEIL – Brighton Beach Memoirs; *** The Odd Couple;

SIX GREAT MODERN PLAY: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE – The Glass Menagerie/ Miller, Arthur – All My Sons/ Chekhov, Anton – Three Sisters/ Ibsen, Henrik – The Master Builder/ Shaw, George Bernard – Mrs. Warren's Profession/ O'Casey, Sean – Red Roses for Me;

SIX MODERN AMERICAN PLAYS: O'NEILL, EUGENE – The Emperor Jones/ Anderson, Maxwell – Winterset/ Kaufmam, George S., And, Hart, Moss – The Man who Came to Dinner/ Hellman, Lillian – The Little Foxes/ Williams, Tennessee – The Glass Menagerie/ Heggen, Thomas, and , Logan, Joshua – Mister Roberts;

SLONIM, MARC – Russian Theatre: From the Empire to the Soviets;

SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER – The Love-Girl and the Innocent;

SOPHOCLES – The Antigone; *** The Complete Plays of Sophocles; *** Electra and Other Plays; *** The Oedipus Cycle; *** Oedipus theKing; ***The Oedipus Plays of Sophocles; *** Sophocles I; *** The Theban Plays;

STAVIS, BARRIE – Lamp atMidnight;

STEFFENSEN, jr., JAMES L. (ed.) - Great Scenes from World Theatre Volume I; *** Great Scenes from World Theatre Volume II;

STEIN, JOSEPH – Fiddler on the Roof;

STOPPARD, TOM – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead;

STRINDBERG, AUGUST – Six Plays of Strindberg: The Father/ Miss Julie/ The Stronger/ Easter/ A Dream Play/ The Ghost Sonata; *** Three Plays: The Father/ Miss Julia/ Easter;

SYNGE, JOHN M. - Collected Plays: The Shadow of the Glen/ Riders to the Sea/ The Tinker's Wedding/ The Well of the Saints/ The Playboy of the Western World/ Deidre of the Sorrows; *** The Playboy of the Western World; *** The Playboy of the Western World/ Riders to the Sea;

TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL – Anger and After: A Guide to the New British Drama;

THOMAS, DYLAN – Under Milk Wood;

THREE EAST EUROPEAN PLAYS: Hay, Julius – The Horse/ Havel, Vaclav – The Memorandum/ Mrozek, Slawomir – Tango;

THREE EUROPEAN PLAYS: Anouilh, Jean – Ring Roung the Moon/ Betti, Ugo – The Queenand the Rebels/ Sarte, Jean Paul – In Camera;

THREE IRISH PLAYS: Johnston, Denis – The Moon in the Yellow River/ O'Conor, Joseph – The Iron Harp/ MacDonagh, Donagh – Step-in-the-Hollow;

THREE SOVIET PLAYS:Mayakovsky, Vladimir – The Bedbug/ Babel, Isaac – Marya/ Schwartz, Yevgeny – The Dragon;

TYNAN, KENNETH – Oh! Calcutta! (With Photos);

VIRGIL – The Aeneid;

WASSERMAN, DALE/ Darion, Joe/ Leigh, Mitch – Man of La Mancha;

WESKER, ARNOLD – The Wesker Trilogy: Chicken Soup with Barley/ Roots/ I'm Talking About Jerusalem;

WHITE, EDWIN/ Battye, Marguerite – Acting and Stage Movement;

WILDE, OSCAR – The Importance of Being Ernest; *** The Importance of Being Ernest/ lady Windermere's fan; *** Plays:The Importance of Being Ernest/ An Ideal Husband/ Lady Windermere's Fan/ A Woman of No Importance/ Salome;

WILDER, THORNTON – Our Twon; *** Three Plays: Our Town/ The Skin of Our Teeth/ The Matchmaker;

WILLIAMS, RAYMOND – Drama in Performance;

WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE – Babby Doll; *** Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; *** Four Plays: Summer and Smoke/ Orpheus Descending/ Suddenly Last Summer/ Period of Adjustment; *** The Fuditive Kind; *** The Night of the Iguana; *** Period of Adjustment; *** The Rose Tattoo; *** A Streetcar Named Desire; *** Suddenly Last Summer; *** Sweet Bird of Youth; *** Three by Tennessee; Sweet Bird of Youth/ The Rose Tattoo/ The Night of the Iguana;

WRIGHT, LOUIS B. (ed.) - Four Great RestorationPlays: Dryden, John – All for Love/ Farquhar, George – The Beaux Stratagem/ Congreve, William – The Way of the World/ Wycherley, William – The Country Wife;

WYKES, ALAN – The Pan Book of Amateur Dramatics;

ZINDEL, PAUL- The Effect of Gamma Ray on Man in-the-Moon Marigolds;


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