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LOOK Magazine

(1937-1971; Cowles Media Pub; Oversized 11" x 14" General Interest Magazine published in Des Moines, Iowa Articles, Photo's, News, Celebrities, Fiction, Politics, TV,  Movies, People & Places; Stanley Kubrick was a staff photographer); FOR SALE 

1939 *******************************

FEBRUARY 28 (Front Cover) Child Wearing a Gas Mask Kneeling Beside the Bed Saying Prayers (Back Cover) AD - The Literary Guide (Contents) America in the Next World War/ Hollywood Off-Guard at Earl Carroll's Night Club/ Human Models Used for Dancing Insects in an Animated Cartoon/ The War on Syphilis/ Ice Skater Mae Ross/ Movie - "The Son of Frankenstein" with Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff;

APRIL 11 (Front Cover) Charles Lindbergh... International Man of Mystery (Back Cover) AD -Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) Walter Winchell Fights for Democracy/ Ten Major Problem the New Pope Facws/ The Truth About Cancer/ Top Fashion Photographer Toni Frissell/ Astroleger Norvell Prediction for 1940/ Pitcher Lefty Gomez/ Movie - "The Hound of the Baskervilles" with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce;

APRIL 25 (Front Cover) Bride Jane Wyman (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Why Colleges Teach Facts of Marriage/ How Germany and Italy can Win the Next War/ 1939 Fashion Play Clothes/ Charles McMahon and Family in their New York Slum Dwelling/ Camera Catches Spirits at Work/ Movie - "Dodge City" - with Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland and Ann Sheridan;

SEPTEMBER 26 (Front Cover) Joan Crawford (Back Cover) AD - Book Coupon Exchange (Contents) Coughlin and the Nazi Bunds/ Los Angeles - Wickedest City ?/ Calgary Stampede/ "My Past Present and Future" by Joan Crawford/ Poison Ivy League Football/ Hat Designer Lilly Dache/ WW 1 Ace Billy Bishop Helps Canada Prepare for War/ Movie - "The Real Glory" with Gary Cooper, Andrea Leeds and David Niven;

1940 ******************************

JULY 30 (Front Cover) Pretty Girl in Swimsuit Sitting Cross Legged (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Why Hitler Laugha at our Army/ War Map of the British Isles/ The Private Life of Katherine Brush/ Paulette Goddard Adventure in Mexico/ The Case of the Ragged Stranger by Alexander Woollcott/ Camera Artist - Arnold Genthe/ Baseball's Medicine Man Joe Engel/ Movie - "Tom Brown's School Days" with Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Freddie Bartholomewand Gale Storm;

AUGUST 27 (Front Cover) Ann Rutherford (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Joe DiMaggio, Bucky Walters and George Case (Contents) Hitler's Latest Lesson for the United States - Why Fraqnce Fell/ Catalina Honeymoon/ New Fall Fashions/ Movie Glamour to Order - George Hurrell/ America's Top Political Cartoonists/ Strange Success Story of Pitcher Bucky Walters/ Movie - "Boom Town" with Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert and Hedy Lamar;

SEPTEMBER 10 (Front Cover) Wendell Wilkie and Franklin d. Roosevelt (Back Cover ) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "i Challenge Roosevelt" by Wedell Wilkie / America's Women Pilots Prepare for War/ The Hitler Nobody Knows/ Cavalcade of Old Advertising/ War Map Of Canada/ Picture Story of Publicity Photograph/ Around Hollywood with Hedda Hopper/ Hollywood Showgirls Baby Pictures/ Movie - "The Sea Hawk" with Errol Flynn, Flora Robson and Claude Rains;

DECEMBER 17 (Front Cover) Vivien Leigh (Back Cover) AD - Camels And Prince Albert with Santa Claus (Contents) Why Hitler's Airplanes Failed to Beat England/ 10 Pages of Christmas Gifts/ Patrioc Song "God Bless America"/ Army Without Guns - CCC Camps/ Italian Fascist Propaganda in the U.S./ Look Calls on Norma Shearer/ Football Coach Clark Shaughnessy/ Linda Darnell Movie Costumes;

1941 ******************************

JANUARY 28 (Front Cover) M-G-M's Loraine Day in Nurse Uniform (Back Cover) AD - Ivory Soap (Contents) The Ten Most Powerful People in Washington/ Brazil on the Fence/ Sidney Hillman Labor's Leader for U.S. Defense/ Top Photographer Nicholas Murray/ Look Calls on a Jack Benny Rehersal/ Medical Miracles of the Year/ Look Calls on George Raft/ The Students of Hollywood High School/ 102 Graduating Flying Cadets on a Blind Date - Luck of the Draw;

FEBRUARY 11 (Front Cover) Henrietta Clark of South Gate California (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "I Saw Mussolini Humbled" by Leland Stowe/ German Fear Propaganda/ Los Angeles Lead's America's Aircraft Build-up/ Look takes Claudette Colbert to Sun Valley/ "Are We in Peril ?' by Dorothy Thompson/ Photographer Paul Hesse/ Helen Hayes Goes on the Air/ Argentina is Fertile Groend for Nazis/How Basketball Players Beat the Rules/ Movie - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery and Jack Carson;

MARCH 11 (Front Cover) Figure Skater Dorothy Lewis (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "Hitler's Plans to Invade England and how Churchill Expects to Stop Him" by Vincent Sheean/ How Good is the Russian Army ?/ U.S. Marines Training/ First Color Pictures of the R.A.F./ Wives Who Work - Mrs, Hallowell Factory Worker/ Can Baseball's the Yankees Come Back / Trailer Vacation in Florida/ "Ziegfeld Girls' Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner and Judy Garland/ Movie - "Meet John Doe" with Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold and Walter Brennan;

MARCH 25 (Front Cover) Army Test Pilot with Plane (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Patsy Garrett;

(Contents) "An Open Letter to Anne Lindbergh" by Dorothy Thompson/ Look Calls on Clarence Budington Kelland/ U.S. Blitzkreig Army/ Wives Who Work - Mrs. Margaret Penta Secretary/ Young Love In Hollywood - Jackie Cooper and Bonita Granville/ Why Pro Football Hired a Czar/Gertrude Lawrence sings "The Saga of Jenny"/ How tom Wear Your New Spring Collars/ Movie - "The Lady Eve" with Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck, Charles Coburn and William Demarest;

APRIL 22 (Front Cover) Carol Bruce (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "The New Roosevelt" by Dorothy Thompson/ How a Woman Looks at a Man/ "Must We Fight Japan ?" by Ernest O. Hauser/ Each Night Fire Fighters Save London/ Look Examines Pitcher Bob Feller The Star Spangled Banner Girl - Lucy Monroe/ How To Select Your Spring Suit/ Look Takes Trudy Marshall and Jane Plowman on a Vacation in Hollywood/ It Pays to Modernize Your Home/ Baseball Forecast by George Kirksey/ Movie - "The Great Lie" with Bette Davis, Mary Astor and George Brent;

MAY 6 (Front Cover) Anita Symson and a Beechcraft Biplane (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents0 The War at Sea/ New York's Blueprint for National defense/ Decorate Your Own Home/ Color Photos From Inside Russia/ A Rainy Day with Judy Garland/ Booming Bicycle Business/ Women's Sports Clothes/ The Kentucky Derby's Three Old Men - Matt J. Winn, Daniel E. O'Sullivan and Charles F. Price/ Movie - "The Devil and Miss Jones" with Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings,Charles Coburn and Spring Byington;

MAY 20 (Front Cover) Gale Storm in Yellow Bikini (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston with Dumb Dora (Contents) "Why We are Going to War" by Vincent Sheean/ Defense Housing - Too Little and Too Late/ The Wade-Hour Law and Defense/ Gene Autry at Home/ 1941 Womens Bathing Suits/ Harold Davis the World's Fastest Human Being/ Look Takes 4 Airline Stewardesses on a Camping Trip / Baseball's Jimmy Wilson - a Study in Cussedness/ Look Calls on Ballerina Zorina/ Movie - "Flame of New Orleans" with Marlene Dietrich;

JUNE 3 (Front Cover) Jeanne Rankin with Palomino (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Girls of the R.A.F. in Color/ Look Photographer Dives in a Submarine/ Free China America's Ally Against Japan/ The Fabulous Jinx Falkenbergt and Family/ A "Cutie" Becomes a Star - Lana Turner/ Boxer Joe Louis is Going to Retire - Maybe/ Brooklyn Dodgers Must Win - Or Else !;

JULY 29 (Front Cover) Ann Rush and Judy O'Brien in Loop-a-Plane Carnival Ride (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Articles) Is America Worth Fighting For ?/ Look Takes Lana Turner to the Rocky Mountains/ The Story of American Nurse Trudi Trotter In a British Hospital/ Cleveland Indians Harmont Boys/ "A challenge to the War Lords" by George Bernard Shaw/ Private Elton Lord gets 12 Hour Leave/ Black is Back in Fashion/ Movie "Tom, Dick and Harry" with Ginger Rogers and Burgess Meredith;

AUGUST 12 (Front Cover) Douglas B-19 Bomber (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "What India Wants from England" by Mahatma Gandhi/ "Why Congress Should Investigate Charles Lindbergh" by Samuel Grafton/ Hollywood Stars Test Show for Soldiers in Fort Ord/ What's Wrong With our Army and How to Fix It/ Models Marjorie Stanley and Loretta Robb in Northern Minnesota/ These are the Men Who Rule Russia/ America's Top Jockey Eddie Accaro/ Movie - "The Bride Came C.O.D." with Bette Davis and James Cagney;

AUGUST 26 (Front Cover) Starlets Peggy Moran and Elaine Morey in Bathing Suits (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "Inside South America" by John Gunther/ What Bombing Does to British Babies/ Young Radio Actresses Bonnie Donahue and Ann Eden in Nantucket/ Models, Marines and Morale/ America's Hell on Wheels - Armoured Divisions/ August is the Month for Brides/ Movie - "Sergeant York" with Gary Cooper and Joan Leslie;

SEPTEMBER 9 (Front Cover) Gale Storm and Betty Ann Anderson on the Porch of Many Glacier Hotel (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth (Contents) "Why we will fight Japan - Soon" by Hallett Abend/ Roosevelt's 10 Greatest Mistakes/ Gale Storm and Betty Ann Anderson in the Yukon/ Cartoonist David Low on the War/ Detroit in America's Greatest Arsenal/ Hollywood Goes Back to Work Making New Movies/ The Story of Helen Nolan Neil an American Widow/ 1941 Football Forecast/ How to Watch a Horse Race/ Movie - "Unfinished Business" with Robert Montgomery, Irene Dunne and Paulette Goddard;

SEPTEMBER 23 (Front Cover) Captain Charles W. Stark jr. leaving the Cockpit of his Curtiss P-40 (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "44 Way to Beat Hitler - Short of Shooting" by Edgar Ansel Mowrer/ How Bad is U.S. Morale ?/ Broadway Actress Betsy Blair/ America Was Built by Immigrants/ City Bombed to Flame - Chungking/ Orson Welles and Dolores Del Rio go Fishing/ Boxer Lou Nova/ Movie - "The Little Foxes" with Herbert Marshall, Bette Davis and Teresa Wright;

1942 ******************************

JANUARY 13 (Font Cover) 2nd Lt. Erastus Charles Deal with Browning 30-cal. Aircraft Machine Gun (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "Our War with Japan" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Is John L. Lewis Washed Up ?/ Hollywood Farmers Alan Curtis and Ilona Massey/ Defense Workers Swing Shift/ New Painless 8 Day Diet/ Betty Cordon is New Number 1 Glamour Girl is a Quick Change Artist/ Spitfire Fighter Plane/ Carmen Miranda returns to Broadway/ Movie Reviews - "The Man Who Came to Dinner" and H.M.Pulham, Esq." and "Ball of Fire";

JANUARY 27 (Front Cover) U.S. Navy Bugler (Back Cover) AD - Ivory Soap (Content) "Our War with Germany" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Models Timmy Kilmer, Marti Hazlett and Janet Marks on a Florida Vacation/ "The Truth About the Japs" by Ernest O. Hauser/ "Anti-Semitism is a Danger to the Nation" by Vincent Sheean/ Miami Sunshine Fashions on Mary Joyce Walsh/ Grantland Rice Sports Writer No.1/Look's Film Achievement Awards of 1941What the U.S. Army can Learn from Russia's Defense/ Movie Reviews - "Babes on Broadway" and "Playmates" and "Sullivan's Travels";

FEBRUARY 10 (Front Cover) Model Elyse Knox on Skies (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Mussolini - Hitler's Number 1 Prisoner/ "Why America Can't Lose" by Raymond Clapper/ The New Death Battle Between Planes and Ships/ Careers for Youth Today/ First U.S. Woman Test Pilot - Alma Heflin/ The War in the Pacific/ William Debetaz Trains Seeing Eye Dogs/ "Date Leaves" in Hollywood as Coeds Help Out/ Movie Reviews - "Johnny Eager" and "The Shanghai Gesture";

FEBRUARY 24 (Front Cover) Model Elsye Knox Surrounded by Sailors (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Lois January (Contents) The New War of Hide and Seek in War/ A Permanent Solution for America's "Labor Problems"/ Hitler's New Scapegoats - the Catholics/ Gloria Vanderbilt Hollywood Bride/ Womens 1942 Swim Suits/ Gay Spring Modes Boost Morale/ Kipling's "Jungle Book" Finally Made into a Movie/ 12 Do's and Don't's For College Girls/ Movie Reviews - "Joe Smith, American" and "Joan of Paris" and "Ride En', Cowboy";

MARCH 10 (Front Cover) Joan Fontaine in British WAAF Uniform (Back Cover) AD - Literary Guild (Contents) "Hitler's Next Move" by Leigh White/ How America is Escaping War Nerves/ What We Owe to the Russian Army/ Venezuela One of Our Best Neighbors/ Meet the Mormons/ Playground in the Desert - Palm Springs/ Kay Medford Hollywood's Newest Cinderella Story/ "Donald Duck Pays His Income Tax" 3 pages of Comics/ Kentucky Derby Winner "Whirlaway" Million Dollar Home/ Movie Reviews - "Kings Row" and "Woman of the Year" and Captains of the Clouds";

MARCH 24 (Front Cover) Ensign of the United States Coast Guard (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Our Coming Invasion of Europe" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ How Far Behind Schedule is Hitler ?/ Are We Repeating England's Mistakes ?/ Columbia Flanks the Canal/ Nurse Alice Pearsall a Modern Florence Nightingale/ So Baseball's Cardinals are the Favorites are They ?/ Top Model Jinx Falkenburg/ Look Calls on an Enemy Alien - American Japanese/ Pro Woman Golfer Betty Hicks Newell/ Divorce Booms in Wartime/ Movie Reviews - "Reap the Wild Wind" and "The Invaders" and "We Were Dancing";

APRIL 7 (Front Cover) Evelyn Freyon a Florida Beach (Back Cover) AD -Shredded Ralston Cereal with Dumb Dora (Contents) Wendell Wilkie Answers 18 Blunt Questions/ Meet the Real Stalin/ Dorothy Thompson's House of Maps and Words/ Details and Prices of the Arms for the War/ Look Takes Janet Blair to Arizona's Sunshine Belt/ Youth's Year on Broadway - Rising New Stars/ Boxer Ray Robinson/ Drama of Montana Ranch Life/ Movie Reviews - "Song of the Islands" and "To Be or Not To Be" and "The Fleet's In";

APRIL 21 (Front Cover) Donald C. Hay Working at General Electric (Back Cover) AD - Oneida Silversmithe with Rita Hayworth (Contents) Life, Love and Death in Nazi Germany/ "Why Our Civilian Defense is a Mess" by Vincent Sheean/ High School Girl - 1942 Model/ Look's Military Map of the War in Russia/ Trudy Marshall a Look Girl Makes Good as a Starlet/ Marine Corpd Toughest of the Tough Parachutists/ Slacks Relax Dinah Shore/ Movie Reviews - "The Magnicent Ambersons" and The Male Animal" and "This Gun For Hire";

MAY 19 (Front Cover) Marine Corps SergeantOtto Nuske (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal with Dumb Dora (Contents) "A Plan for Attacking Japan" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Stalin Wants no Peace with Hitler/ Mother India's Threatened Millions/ Gene Tierney Bicycles to the Beach/ The Mighty Comedian Fred Allen/ The Japanese Army of 1905/ Mel Ott Becomes New York Giants Boss/ Actors in Hollywood's Mobile Theater/ Movie Reviews - "Jake Girl" and "In This Our Life" and "My Favorite Blonde" and "Tortilla Flat" and "Rio Rita";

JUNE 16 (Front Cover) Merchant Seaman Francis Eagan (Back Cover) AD - Borden's Hemo (Contents) "Do You Know Why We are Fighting in Asia ?" by Raymond Clapper/ "There is a War Job for You" by Paul V. Mcnutt/ Ed O'Hare - 5 Jap Planes in 5 Minutes/ Australia's Miracle Man Prime Minister Curtin/ America's Burma Road/ Look Plays Host to the Chinese Air Force/ Vacation Guide for Americans in War Time - Big Week in Arrowhead/ College Girl 1942 Model/ Parenthood U.S.A. - The Story of New York City/ The Career Boy of Baseball Lou Boudreau;

AUGUST 11 (Front Cover) Brigadier General James H. Doolittle (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal with Dumb Dora (Contents) "How Russia will Defeat Germany in 1942" by Pierre Van Paassen/ America's Unsung Battle Heroes/ What to do when Your Husband Goes to War/ Naval Academy Annapolis at War/ American Women at Work - Office Girl Mary Maybeck/ Toots Shor's New York Restaurant "Toots Shor"Movie Review - "Mrs. Miniver" with Greer Garson, Teresa Wright, Walter Pidgeon and Richard Ney/ Five Men who Rule Japan - Yamamoto - Sugiyama - Suetsugu - Toyama - Tojo Fashion - Investing in Furs this Year ?;

AUGUST 25 (Front Cover) Tanya Widrin of California Swimming (Back Cover) AD - Oxydol and Camay Soap (Contents) Hitler's Plan to Attack the U.S./ California - Arsenal of our Air Power/ Jinx Falkenberg takes a Canoe Vacation Trip/ "10 Americans who run the War" by Raymond Clapper/ School Teacher in War Time - Vera Rushforth in Croton New York/ Comic Actor Victor Moore/ Fred Warder Submarine Ace/ Warner Brothers 21 Year old Alexis Smith/ Movie Review - "Tales of Manhattan" with Rita Hayworth, Charles Boyer, Henry Fonda, Ginger Rogers, Paul Robeson and Charles Laughton;

SEPTEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Apprentice Seaman from Great Lakes Naval Training Station (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Hitler can Invade America by Air" by Paul Corey/ Our Family Serial - Part 1 Mrs. Hock takes a War Job/ Ike Eisenhower the One Man General Staff/ Gil and Audrey Stratton Great Lakes Honeymoon Cruise/ "Hitler's Butchers" by Pierre Van Paassen/ Steeplechase Park Coney Island/ Students at Union Theological College/ Football's "Touchdown" Tommy Phillips/ Star of Stage, Screen and Radio - Ilka Chase/ Newest Movie Star Jane Russell/ Movie Review - "Holiday Inn" with Fread Astaire, Marjorie Reynold and Bing Crosby;

SEPTEMBER 22 (Front Cover) Miss Shelia Johnson (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Women in the War (Contents) "Are we to Humane to Win the War ?" by Marquis W. Childs/ Why we Have a Women's Army/ Are you Falling for Hitler's Lies ? - His 20 Biggest Lies/ The American Farmer at War - Raising Food/ Our Family Serial - Part 2 Mr. Hoch Changes Shifts The Story of the Battle for Wake Island/ Fun at Home Serial - Part 1 Parlor Picnic/ Comic Artist H.T. Webster/ Newark's Bill Meyer is Baseball's Busiest Farmer/ Football's Evansville Express Billy Hildenbrand/ Movie Review - "The Talk of the Town" with Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman;

NOVEMBER 3 (Front Cover) U.S. Paratrooper (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Rosalind Russell (Contents) "What's Wrong with the Draft ?" by Marquis W. Childs/ Henry Wallace - Roosevelt's Choice for President/ Movie Director Gregory Ratoff/ Our Family Serial - Part 5 The Story of Jackie's Tooth/ Fun at Home Serial - Part 4 Hen Party/ Minnesota 35 Year Old Governor Harold Strssen/ Dartoonist Paul Webb/ Arctic Rescue Ace - DickParunak/ Boxer Tami Mauriello/ Columbia Football Coach Lou Little/ Movie Review - "Now, Voyager" with Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Charles Drake;

NOVENBER 17 (Front Cover) Physical Training Instructor U.S. Army Air Corps Corporal John Kornoff (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Must We Draft Women ?/ "Hitler's Coming Winter in Russia" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Army Nurse Intensive Training/ Fun at Home Serial - Part 5 Punchboard Party/ Cartoonist Richard Taylor/ Hollywood Actor Walter Pigeon/ Our Family Serial - Part 6 Slim is 1A/ "Make Yourself Lovely" by Joan Bennett/ George Gay - He Made his Run In Torpedo Plane Attack/ Movie Review - "Once Upon a Honeymoon" with Ginger Rgers and Cary Grant;

DECEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Sailors, Soldiers and Marines Smiling (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Santa Claus (Contents) "What i Learned About the Nazis from Stalin" by Wendell Willkie/ "Servicemen's Follies" with Bob Hope - Ray Bolger - Rita Hayworth - Janet Blair - Betty Grable - Paulette Goddard - Ogden Nash and All-Service Football Team/ Woman Surgeon Dr. Anita Figueredo/ "How to do Your Hair" by Joan Bennett/ Our Family Serial - Part 7 To Spend or Not To Spend/ Harry Tully Ashore in the First Wave On Solomon's Island/ Rhode Island Basketball Coach Frank Keaney/ Movie Review _ "Road to Morocco" with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour;

DECEMBER 15 (Front Cover) Figure Skating Star Carol Lynne (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "What's Right with the War Effort ?" by Raymond Clapper/ All American Women 1942 VS 1941/ Farming Manpower a Critical Shortage/ Pianist Hazel Scott/ The Look - Bill Stern All American Football Team/ "How to Take a Bath" by Joan Bennett/ Our Family Serial - Part 8 Helen Hoch 100 Hours a Week/ Cartoonist Charles Addams/ Stanford's Basketball Coach Everest Dean/ Adolf Hitler's 23 year Snapshot Diary/ Movie Review - "The Black Swan" with Tyrone Power,Maureen O'Hara and George Sanders;


JANUARY 12 (Front Cover) Hollywood Goes to War - Lieut. James Stewart (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "The War is Proving Seversky Wrong" by Paul Schubert/ Predictions for 1943/ Wanted - 100,000 Nurse's Aides/ Look's Film Achievement Awards for 1942 with Janet Blair - Greer Garson - James Cagney - Walt Disney and more/ Hitler's War on the Catholic Church/ Psychiatry in War - the Secret Weapon we aren't Using/ Our Family Serial - Part 10 Marie Makes a Dress/ Charlie Paine - One Against Forty Nazi Fighter Planes/ Movie Review - "The Palm Beach Story" with Claudette Colbert, Mary Astor, Rudy Vallee and Joel McCrae;

FEBRUARY 23 (Front Cover) Admiral William F. Halsey by John Falter (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "How Hitler keeps his Secrets and how you can keep Yours" by Wallace R. Deuel/ Reducing Diet for Rationed Days/ The Farmer Finds a Way to Produce/ The Truth about Your Income Tax/ Hollywood's Maria Montez/ Rex Stout - the Quaker who is Heckling Hitler/ John Smith Marine Ace/ Cartoonist Fred Neher/ Our Family Serial - Part 13 A Big Day for the Hochs/ Punches don't Make Fighters "Punch Drunk"/ Movie Review - "Star Spangled Rhythm" with Many of the Days Top Hollywood Talent;

MARCH 9 (Front Cover) Candy Jones Modeling a Dutch Headdress (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Navy Test Pilot Red Hulse (Contents) Wendell Willkie Crusader for Peace/ Beware of the Black Market/ Fred Allen calls on Jack Benny/ "The Catholics War against Hitler" by Edwin Hartrich/ Pennsylvania Station Busy 24 Hours a Day/ The B-17 Flying Fortress/ Gene Tierney - Made for the Movies/ Dan Deleo - Paratrooper in Tunisia/ Our Family Serial - Part 14 See Here, Private Rauber/ Jockey Conn McCreary/ Movie Review - "Air Force" with Actual Footage of Pearl Harbor Attack;

APRIL 6 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "What's Wrong with the Home Front ?" by Marquis W. Childs/"How to Avoid the Next World War": by Raymond Clapper/ Cartoonist Hilda Terry/ Revolution in Home Sports/ Ingrid Bergman Visits a Minnesota Farm/ Blood Plasma Saves American Flier/ Seabees "We Defend what we Build"/ Alaska's Short Cut to Tokyo/ American Heroes - Eddie Rickenbacker/ Our Family Serial - Part 16 The Hagerstown System/ Movie Review - "Hangmen Also Die" with Brian Donlevy, Anna Lee and Walter Brennan;

APRIL 20 (Front Cover) Susann Shaw wearing Spring Bonnet (Back Cover) AD -Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Truth About American Air Power/ "Do We Need 11,000,000 Men Under Arms ?" by Paul Schubert/ Hollywood Easter Fashions/ Dublin's Dream Girl - Ruth Doud/ Tommy Gatch Battleship Skipper/ Hollywood's Teresa Wright/ U.S. Trains China's Fighting Veterans/ Our Family Serial - Part 17 The Sun Shines on a War Bride/ Baseball Czar Landis/ Movie Review - "The Human Comedy" with Mickey Rooney, Frank Morgan and Van Johnson;

MAY 4 (Front Cover) Family in Church Singing (Back Cover) AD Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "What We Won at Guadalcanal" by Ira Wolfert/ Manpower Problem Solved - Story of New Britain Conn./ 5 Pulitzer Prize Winning Editors on What's Wrong With the Home Front/ What to Tell Your Child About the War/ The Story of Veronica Lake/ Phillips Exeter Academy Prep School in Wartime/ Our Family Serial - Part 18 The Hochs Join the Minute Men/ War Saving Clothes -Less Waer and Tear/ Roller Skating/ Cartoonist Willard Mullin/ Baseball's Luke Sewell/ Movie Review - "The More the Merrier" with Jean Arthur, Charles Coburn and Joel McCrae;

MAY 18 (Front Cover) Eugene Forsyth Aged 11 Inherits the Future (Back Cover) Ad - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) The School of Tomorrow in Winnetka Illinois - Crow Island School/ After the War What ? 15 Leaders of Government and Public Opinion Give Their Views/ Your Car of the Future/ Medicine Looks Ahead/ A City Plans - Better Housing Better Living/ Our Family Serial - Part 19 The Hoch Family Faces the Future/ Walt Disney has Donald Duck Explain About Synthetic Rubber/ A New Postwar Golden Age of Sports/ Movie Review - "Lady of Burlesque" with Barbara Stamwyck and Michael O'Shea;

JUNE 1 (Front Cover) General George S. Atton by Emery Clarke (Back Cover) AD -Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "When We Invade Europe" by Paul Schubert/ New York's Archbishop Spellman Parrish is the World/ "Miss Ideal America" Betty Grable/ American Hero Doug Monro of the Coast Guard/ Our Family Serial - Part 20 The Hochs Plant a Victory Garden/ Baseball Career Umpire Al Barlick/ Comedian Jimmy Durante/ Movie Review - "This Land is Mine" with Charles Laughton, Walter Slezak, Maureen O'Hara and George Sanders;

JUNE 29 (Front Cover) General Arnold by Ray Prohaska (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "Hitler Wants Italy out of the War" by Pierre Van Paassen/ Woman War Workers Can Be Glamorous/ Will Your Husband's Furlough be Happy ?/ Sea Food - Plenty of Fish in the Sea/. Actress Carole Landis back Home/ Army Jungle Hospitol in New Guinea/ Our Family Serial - Part 22 The Hochs Keep Fit/ Cleveland Boxer Jimmy Bivins/ Movie Review - "Mission to Moscow" with Walter Huston, Felix Basch and Eleanor Parker;

JULY 13 (Front Cover) Children Saluting the American Flag (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Our Number One Enemy Is -"Germany" By Major George F. Eliot - "Japan" by Hallett Abend/ When the Yanks Take Over Once held Axis Territory/ Cartoonist Xavier Cugat - As well As Band Leader/ Sikorsky's Helicopter/ Movie Star Jane Wyman gives a Hen Party/ Walt Disney Envisions Victory Through Air Power/ Our Family Serial - Part 23 Our Family's Favorites;

JULY 27 (Front Cover) Starlet Beverly Loyd (Back Cover) AD - "Attack can Win in 1943" by Max Werner/ "Inside Norway" by Marquis W. Childs/ Army Nurses in Action/ No Rubber Womens Swim Suits/ Walt Disney Introduces Donald Duck to Electricity/ Movie Star Betty Hutton/ Our Family Serial - Part 24 All-American Boys/ World's Greatest Swimmer Bill Smith/ Movie Review - "Dixie" with Bing Crosby anf Dorothy Lamour;

AUGUST 10 (Front Cover) General; Montgomery by Carolyn Edmundson (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) Paulette Goddard on the Farm/ "How Hitler Lost the War" by Vincent Sheean/ What Made Rommel Run ?/ Our Family Serial - A Year with the Hochs/ Hugh Robinson's PT's in Guadalcanal/ Look's All American High School Track Team;

AUGUST 24 (Front Cover) Bevy of Babes in Bathing Suits (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Trgedy of John L. Lewis/ How Hitler can Bomb the Middle West/ Aircraft Carrier "Hornet" Chaplin Edward B. Harp Jr. Stuck with the Wounded - In Comic Strip Form by Henry Luhrs/ Hollywood Actor Helmut Dantine/ Women's Wartime Wardrobe with Loraine Day/ Sports Photographers Catch Baseball Drama/ Broadway's "Ziegfield Follies" Girls go on a Bicycle Outing/ Movie Review - "For Whom the Bell Tolls with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman;

SEPTEMBER 7 (Front Cover) War Worker in a Nursery School (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Hitler's Headaches" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Ernie Pyle's Favorite War Story/ Don't Visit Your Husband in an Army Town/ Winston Churchill's Successor Anthony Eden/ What Makes a Fifth Avenue Window/ How the Americans Took Hill 473 in Tunisia/ Baseball's No.1 Screwball Bill Veeck/ Deanna Durbin gets Kissed by Joseph Cotten in "Hers To Hold"/ Cartoonist Sergeant Larry Reynolds/ Movie Review - "So Proudly We Hail" with Claudette Colbert, George Reeves, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake;

SEPTEMBER 21 (Front Cover) War President Roosevelt (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Are These our Children ? - Can We keep them Out of Trouble ?/ Russian War Posters/ The Forgotten Man of Today 1943 College Preview/ Band Leader Harrey James/ Jitterbugs/ Movie Review - "Corvette K-225" with Randolph Scott;

OCTOBER 5 (Front Cover) Wendell Willkie by John Falter (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake (Contents) "How the Republican Party can Win in 1944" by Wedell Willkie/ Air Transport in New Guinea/ Football Professor Ohio State's Paul Brown/ Comediene Kay Kaiser/ Cartoonist Chon Day/ Movie Review - "The Phantom of the Opera" with Claude Rainsn Nelson Eddy and Susanna Foster;

OCTOBER 19 (Front Cover) Any All American Family Portrait (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Flight Officer Gay Gahagan (Contents) "Why Don't Our Women Really go to War ?" by Leland Stowe/ How Healthy is Our Army ?? Why Your Child Needs Sex education/ One of our Bombers is Missing - After Downing a Record 11 Nazi Planes on one Mission/ Betty Bach's Odd Jobs at a Cape Cod USO/ Free Lance Star Anna Lee/ Shirley Temple Grows Up/ Cartoonist Chic Young and "Blondie and Dagwood" Movie Review - "Johnny Come Lately" with Jimmy Cagney, Grace George,Marjorie Lord and Marjorie Main;;

NOVEMBER 2 (Front Cover) General Chennault (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfirld Cigarettes with The Duchess of Windsor (Contents) "How Long will it Take to Beat Japan ?" by Ira Wolfert and Majoe George Fielding Eliot/ "Soldier on Leave" by Vincent Sheean/ America Eats - Rationing and Belt Tightening/ Lord Louis Mountbatten/ Li'l Abner Strips "menace" model Pat Hall/ Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson Make a Movie "Hellzapoppin"/ Northwestern University's Football Star Otto Graham/ Glamour on Wheels - Roller Skatings Glooria Nord/ Jazz Pianist Maurice Rocco/ Movie Review - "The North Star" with Walter Huston, Farley Granger, Anne Baxter and Dana Andrews;

NOVEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Beautiful Young Woman Gazing Up at Serviceman - Special Issue for Servicemen

Overseas (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "So You Want to Copme Home, Soldier ?" by John Gunther/ Two Years After Pearl Harbor/ Sergeant George Baker Draws "Sad Sack"/ Look's "Servicemen's Follies of 1943" with Danny Kaye and the Pin-up Girls/ Comic Strips at War "Joe Palooka' - "Superman" - "Wash Tubbs" - "Tillie the Toiler" - "Barney Baxter" - "Barney Google" - "Alley Oop" - "Don Winslow" - "Jane Arden"/ Pin-up Girls From Bustles to Bathing Suits/ Boxer Joe Louis will Fight Again/ Who was Sport's No.1 Wrecker ? - Ty Cobb or Don Hutson/ Movie Review - "Sweet Rosie O'Grady" with Betty Grable and Robert Young;

DECEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Captain of a Merchant  Marine Ship by Harold Von Schmidt (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Truth about the Merchant Marine/ Bob Hope - G.i. Gag Man/ Does General MacArthur want to be President?/ Home Front Couriers - U.S. Postal Workers/ Claytoons in Fairyland Setting/ Bill Stern All American Football Team/ Movie Review - "Old Acquaintance" with Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins;

DECEMBER 28 (Front Cover) Jennifer Jones "Song of Bernadette" (Back Cover) AD - Camel and Prince Albert Tabacco with Santa Claus (Contents) How General Marshall Views the War/ Eleanor Roosevelt - the Woman Nobody Understands/ San Francisco Shriner's Hospitol for Sick Children/ The Making of "Song of Bernadette"/ Bowling Green Basketball Coach Ed Diddle/ Movie Review - "Song of Bernadette" with Jennifer Jones and Charles Bickford;


JANUARY 11 (Front Cover) Wounded U.S. Navy Ensign by Albert W. Hampson (Back Cover ) AD - Chesterfield with Betty Grable (Contents) "I Predict for 1944..." by Leaders of Different Parts Of Society - Politics - Sports - Food - Broadway/ Walt Disney Presents Mickey Mouse and 100-Octane Gasoline/ A Cartoonist Almanac for 1944 by Chon Day/ Movie Review - "Madame Curie" with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon;

JANUARY 25 (Front Cover) Anne Baxter and Farley Granger (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Clare Boothe Luce - What She is and Why/ Look's Film Achievement Awards for 1944/ Look's Film Forecast for 1944/ David Selznick and his Girls - Shirley Temple - Joan Fontaine - Ingrid Bergman - Dorothy McGuire - Jennifer Jones - Vivian Leigh/ Manila John Turns the Tide - John Basilone/ Movie "the North Star" with Anne Baxter and Farley Granger and Walter Bennan/ Movie Review - "Destnation Tokyo" with Cary Grant, John Garfield and Allan Hale;

FEBRUARY 8 (Front Cover) Lord Louis Mountbatten (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Can we Avoid another Depression ?/ Walt Disney's Donald Duck Dodges Depression/ Movie Star Merle Oberon/ Children of Total War - Theirs to Rebuild/ Movie Review - "Tender Comrade" with Ginger Rogers and Robert Ryan;

FEBRUARY 22 (Front Cover) Dancer - Lois Barnes (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Ernie Pyle (Contents) "The Future Of Britain and America" by Lord Halifax/ American Women - Envy of the World/ Heroes Without Medals - U.S. Army Engineers/ Admiral King of the Seven Seas/ Winter Sports Action Photos/ Fashion for Ginger Rogers/ Cartoonist Reamer Keller/ Movie Review - "The Sullivans" with Thomas Mitchell and Anne Baxter;

MARCH 7 (Front Cover) Governor Thomas Dewey - Possible President (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Super Salesman Frank Sinatra/ Our Wartime Governors/ Governor Earl Warren of California/ Cary Grant is Mr. Lucky in Hollywood/ Louella Parsons, Gay Illiterate/ Movie Review - "Lifeboat" with Tallulah Bankhead, Hume Cronyn and William Bendix;

MARCH 21 (Front Cover) U.S. WACS in Canada (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Invasion - Will the Second Front Crush Hitler ?" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Eisenhower's Invasion Team/ U.S. WACS on Holiday in Canada/ How Did the Russians Whip the Nazis/ Five All-American Entertainment Teams - Ingrid Bergman and Gary Cooper - The Music Hall Rockettes - Fibber McGee and Molly - Jose Ferrer and Uta Hagan - Nadine Gae and Tommy Wonder/ Escape from a Prison Train/ Indiana Basketball with Anderson/ Movie Review - "Passage to Marseille" with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre and George Tobias;

MARCH 18 (Front Cover) Forward Walking American Youth (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents)"Who will get to Berlin First ?" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ "The War - and Your Man" by Ira Wolfert/ Airline Pilot Eugene Kruse/ Enemy Booby Traps/ Tennis Champion Pauline Betz/ A Hometown Fights the War - Glen Falls New York/ Bill Hawkins and his Scouts Clear the Way at Tarawa/ Cover Girl Cheryl Archer/ Russia takes Prisoners Too/ Cartoonist Tony Barlow/ Movie Review - "Voice in the Wind" with Francis Lederer and Sigrid Gurie;

MAY 2 (Front Cover) Chiang Kai-Shek by Harold Von Schmidt (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "inside Bombed Berlin" by Walter Taub/ Marriage is a Serious Business/ Hometown, China - Pishan/ Should Mothers Have Careers ?/ Impish Blonde - June Havoc/ Feeding our Invasion Army/ Honolulu Barn Dance/ "The Fighting Scots" by Lowell Bennett/ Kentucky Derby Winner "Whirlaway"/ Movie Review - "See Here, Private Hargrove" with Robert Walker and Donna Reed;

MAY 16 (Front Cover) Winston Churchill by Ray Prohaska (Back Cover) Ad - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) Washington's 10 Most Useful Officials/ Rommel's Defense Team/ Youth can Solve its own Problems/ Movie Star Gary Cooper/ Hometown, England Newark-on-Trent/ The Gun Crew that Saved Salerno/ Frank Sinatra's first Kiss/ Movie Review - "It Happened Tomorrow" with Dick Powell, Jack Oakie and Linda Darnell;

JUNE 13 (Front Cover) War Bonds Piercing Hitler and Tojo by Fred Chance (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Why we are Winning the War in the Pacific/ Picture Story of Painless Childbirth/ "My Husband" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Walt Disney Presents Plastics with Donald Duck - 2 pages of Color/ Lady Marines See "Action"/ Back Yard Beauty Treatment with Linda Darnell/ Movie Review - "The Hitler Gang" with Robert Watson, Martin Kosleck, Victor Varconi, Alexander Pope and Luis Van Rooten;

JULY 11 (Front Cover) General Dwight Eisenhower by Carolyn Edmundson (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Tom Dewey and Company/ Backstage of Battle - Behind Canadian Soldiers in Italy/ Invasion Heroine the Flying Nurse/ All America is a Fashion Center/ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Durocher/ New Swimsuits are Bare and Brief/ Life Without Father a Mother Must Cary On/ Movie Review - "Mark Twain" with Fredric March, Alan Hale and Alexis Smith;

AUGUST 8 (Front Cover) Army Surgeon General Ralph G. Devoe (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "The Five Greatest Problems of the World" by John Gunther/ Sex Fidelity in Wartime/ Cartoonist Phil Swanson/ Picture Story - America Prays/ Waves in Warnerville - Studio/ General Bradley - A Man who Wins Battles/ Five First Novelists - Charles Jackson - Elizabeth Janeway - Betty Smith - John Hersey - Lillian Smith/ Look's All American Track Team/ Movie Review - "Christmas Holiday" with Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly;

AUGUST 22 (Front Cover) Betty Cornell age 17 (Back Cover) AD- Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "Hitler is Running Out of Men" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Fred Allen Radio's Sour Clown/ Young America Eats Outside/ Showgirls in Action/ Hometown, Russia - Noginsk Cadet Nurse Margaret Steckle/ Girls Fashions -Bye Bye Bobby Socks/ Actor William Bendix/ Movie Review - "Wilson" with Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ruth Nelson and Charles Coburn;

SEPTEMBER 5 (Front Cover) U.S. Coast Guard Spar Eileen Van Dree (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Carole Landis (Contents) "What the Nazis Think of Us" by John Gunther/ Is there a Labor Vote ?/ Five Years of War/ Hometown U.S.A> helps win the War with Paper Drives/ Actress Joan Blondell/ Baseball's Bill Voiselle/ Movie Review - "Dragon Seed" with Katharine Hepburn and Akim Tamiroff;

SEPTEMBER 19 (Front Cover) Governor and Mrs. Dewey (Back Cover ) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) How to Elect a Republican President/ Fun in Hometown U.S.A. - Glens Falls New York/ Captain Jimmy Denig Led the Fight on Kwajalein/ Children's Party in Wartime Hollywood/ Underwater Ballet with Esther Williams/ G.I. Ambassadors of Good Will/ Ansonia Conn. Reverend Arnold Alexander Fenton Teaches Football Punting/ Movie Review - " Casanova Brown" with Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright;

OCTOBER 3 (Front Cover) President Roosevelt by Carolyn Edmundson (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Bing Crosby (Contents) "Hitler's Biggest Mistake" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ "Roosevelt's 10 Biggest Decisions" by Richard Wilson/ Baby Photographer Constance Bannister/ Dancer Joan McCracken/ "How to Lose a World Series" by Stan Lomax/ General Saunders B-29's Blasted Japan/ G.I. Joe takes a Bath - Anywhere/ Cartoonist Vic Herman/ Movie Review - "Hail the Conquering Hero" with Eddie Bracken, Ella Rains, Freddie Steele and William Demarest;

OCTOBER 17 (Front Cover) Admiral Chester W, Nimitz (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "Our Coming Conquest of Japan" by Paul Schubert/ Look Suggest a Cabinet for Dewey/ Westbrook Pegler - Tonic or Poison ?/ $15,000 Worth of Clothes for Gene Tierney/ A Soldier comes Home - John Weiss of Soth Bend Indiana/ Ginger Rogers - Evolution of a Movie Star/ Look Photocrime "Murder at Midnight" Comes to Television/ "Bantam Football" by Frank Graham/ Cartoonist Roberta Macdonald/ Movie Review - "The Seventh Cross" with Spencer Tracy, Ray Collins and Agnes Moorehead;

NOVEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Joan Caulfield Modeling a Lilly Dache Hat (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Pilot Captain Charles Sharkey in Comic Strip Style (Content) How to Keep Peace with Germany/ Hometown, Mexico - Taxco/ Cartoonist Marge with "Little Lulu"/ World's Fastest Fiction Writer Erle Stanley Gardner/ The Marines Inseparable Twins Paul and Leslie Hansen/ National Football League's Brookly Tigers/ Movie Review - "To Have and Have Not" with Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Walter Brennan;

DECEMBER 12 (Front Cover) Soldier Home From the War Picking up Infant (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Content) The American Family - Hope of the Postwar World/ Cartoonist George Wolfe/ The Army's Mr. Fixit Corps of Engineers/ Sex Symbol Frank Sinatra/ School Lunch with the Quiz Kids/ The Eisenhower Family/ The Cristianis the Biggest and Oldest Circus Family/ The Look-Bill Stern All American Football Team/ Movie Review - "Mrs. Parkington" with Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold and Agnes Moorehead;


JANUARY 9 (Front Cover) Returning Soldier Reunited with his Wife (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Predictions For 1945 Experts from Several Fields/ Resort Fashions Inspired by South America/ Movie Review - "Guest in the House" with Ann Baxter, Ralph Bellamyand Ruth Warrick;

JANUARY 23 (Front Cover) Alice Wallace in Fur Hat (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) President Roosevelt's Fourth Term Plans/ General Patton - Heel or Hero ?/ Land of Plenty America's Farms and Orchards/ Kentucky Mountains Frontier Nurse Nancy Wilson/ Current Fashions in New York and Hollywood/ Musical Comedy Composer Jerome Kern/ Movie Review - "A Song to Remember" with Cornel Wilde, Paul Muni and Merle Oberon;

FEBRUARY 6 (Front Cover) Flight Officer Richard W. Simmons (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) What are you Afraid of ? - This is the Meaning of Fear/ "the Road to Serfdom" by F.A. Hayek/ Cartoonist Richter/ American Air Commandos Snatching Wounded oput of Burma/ Henry Kaiser - the Man Behind the Job/ 20th Century-Fox View of Betty Smith's "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"/ Lt. Nathan G. Gordon Rescues Our Airman From the Seas/ Perdue's Basketball Coach Piggy Lambert/ Movie Review - "The Keys of the Kingdom" with Gregory Peckand Vincent Price;

FEBRUARY 20 (Front Cover) General George C. Marshall (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Meet The Wounded - They are your Conscience/ How the New Congress will Vote/ Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo/ Cartoonist Roy Williams/ Glamour for Hedy Lamour with New Pinups/ Pheasant Hunting is a Sportsman's Sport/ Pitt's Basketball Coach Doc Carlson/ Movie Review - "National Velvet" with Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney;

MARCH 20 (Front Cover) General Douglas MacArthur by Harold Von Schmidt (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "We'll be Fighting the Germans for Years" by MajorGearge Fielding Eliot/ Mr. Saltonstall Goes to Washington/ Do we know There's a War On ?/ New Disney Film "The Three Caballeros"/ June Haver Sitting Pretty at 18/ Joan Fontaine gets Four Men/ Golfer San Snead Comes Back/ Movie Review - "Roughly Speaking" with Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson and Donald Woods;

APRIL 3 (Front Cover) Joan Gladding 19 Year Old Chorus Girl (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) How can we Keep the Peace ?/ Texas Tom Connally Fights for World Peace/ City Without Food Shortages - Abilene, Texas/ Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart/ Youngest General is 29 year old Dick Sanders/ The B-29 and its Men/ Nat Fleischer Preserves Boxing History/ Movie Review - "Objective, Burma" with Errol Flynn and Henry Hull;

MAY 1 (Front Cover) General Pat Hurley U.S. Ambassador to China (Back Cover) Ad - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "What the G.I. Really Thinks About" by Master Sergeant Joe McCarthy/ Our Postwar Battle - Prejudice/ Marriage is a Challenge/ Look Surveys Teen-Agers Likes and Dislikes/ Furlough - on Greasy Ridge - on Park Avenue/ Roy Rogers Rides Again - and Again/ James Cagney Learns Judo/ Running Machine - Gunder Hagg Shatters Distance Records/ Movie Review - "The Corn is Green" with Bette Davis, Joan Lorring and John Dall;

MAY 29 (Front Cover) Armed Forces Appeal to Buy War Bonds by Frederick Chance (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents)"Is the Jap Army a Hollow Shell ?" by Major George Fielding Eliot/ Bob Patterson the man Behind the Economic Sqeeze/ American Beauty - Different Types of Women/ Hollywood Dances - Yvonne de Carlo and Vera-Ellen/ George Stirnweiss of the Yankees is Base Stealing King/ Chappaqua New York Summer School Camp Program/ Movie Review - "Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe" with Betty Grable, Dick Haymes, Phil Silvers and Beatrice Kay;

JULY 10 (Front Cover)  Young Woman and Soldier on a Balcony (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "How Great was Roosevelt ?" by Gerald W. Johnson/ The Great U.S. Food Mystery Maureen O'hara Pirate Pin-up/ Southern Alabama Preacher William Lyon/ 19 Year Old Angela Lansbury/ Ella Raines Washes her Dog/ Movie Review - "Conflict" with Humphrey Bogart, Alexis Smith and Rose Hobart;

JULY 24 (Front Cover) Chiang Kai-shek (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Marshall Field - Crusader with Cash/ Audrey Young in Four Fashions in One/ "How Eisenhower Did It' by Merrill Mueller/ A Boy and His Dog the First 8 Months/ Behind the Scenes with Chiang Kai-shek/ Life and Death in a Hospital/ Hollywood Bit Actors Beach Picnic/ Cardinals Mister Shortstop Martin 'Slats' Marion/ Movie Review - "Incendiary Blonde" with Betty Huttonand Billy Goodwin;

AUGUST 7 (Front Cover) Marine General Vandegrift (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) A G.I. Views his Future The Nature of Human Behavior - Morbid Curiosity/ You Don't Have to be Gypped by Retail Chislers/ Linda Darnell Dresses for Drama/ Can De Gaulle Revive France ?/ The Marines Paint Their own History/ Heart Throb at forty - Joseph Cotton/ Research Makes Jobs/ Backyard Yachtsmen in New York's Central Park/ $10 Dollar Date in New Orlans/ Look's All American Track Team/ Movie Review - "A Bell for Adano" with John Hodiak, Gege Tierney and William Bendix;

AUGUST 21 (Front Cover) Lizabeth Scott (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Look Forum Answers Question About - Taxes - Meat - Price Controls/ Sergeant Francis M. Nevitt Back from Germany and Now on the Way to the Far East/ Girls Fashions for School/ 6 Minutes on Screen, 9 Weeks of Work with Betty Grable and June Haver/ The Men around Truman/ The World's Biggest Sports Program For G.I.'s around the World/ How to Train a Hunting Dog/ Movie Review - "Captain Eddie" with Fred MacMurray,James Gleason and Lynn Bari;

SEPTEMBER 4 (Front Cover) Baby Photographed by Constance Bannister (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "How Did Russia get that Way ?" by Vincent Sheean/ Fortunetelling - $200,000,000 Racket/ The Air Transport Command New York to China/ Womens New Fur Coats are Bight... and Plastic/ Admiral Mitscher Boss of the Flat-tops/ Ninth Armoured Division Broke the Rhine Line/ Cheesecake Champion Ann Miller/ Movie Review - "Over Twenty-One" with Irene Dunn and Alexander Knox;

SEPTEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman as a Nun (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Job Problem - Postwar Employment Crisis/ Mary Lou Schnier Works at the Stork Club/ Breeds of Hunting Dogs/ Money is Confetti in China/ New Haven Conn. Fire Department/ Teen-age Weekend with 2 Girls/ Alfred Hitchcock at Work/ Movie Review - "Lady on a Train" with Deanna Durbin, David Bruce and Ralph Bellamy;

OCTOBER 2 (Front Cover) Beautiful Blonde in Sweater Seperates (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Jan Clayton (Contents) Look Forum Answers these Questions - Should we Fight the Spread of Communism - Must Labor Unions Incorporate - Should Women Quit their Jobs/ The Nature of Human Behavior - Grief/ Saturday Night in New York, Chicago and Brookville Has the Same Meaning/ Judy Garland Hits the Top/ Movie Review - "Love Letters" with Joseph Cotton and Jennifer Jones;

OCTOBER 16 (Front Cover) Teen-age Girl in New Pants Fashion of Skin Tight and Brief (Back Cover) AD -Camel Cigarettes With Trapeez Artist Ernestine Clarke (Contents) Will we Have to Fight Russia ?/ "Happy Chandler -Clown or Commissioner ?" by Happy Chandler and Shirley Povich/ New Frontier in Northwest Columbia Valey, Washington/ It's a Thrill to Be thirteen - Peggy Ann Garner/ Virginia Snake Religion/ Movie Revie - "Saratoga Trunk" with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman;

OCTOBER 30 (Front Cover) Young Couple Embracing (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) How to Hold a Wife/ The Roosevelt Children/ Working Girl Evelyn Kerr Wants to Get Married/ Have we Already Forgiven the Germans ?/ Hollywood's Newest Cinderella Girl Barbara Hale/ The Story of Coffee/ Washington's 10 Most Influential Women/ Movie Review - "Mildred Pierce" with Joan Crawford, Jack Carson and Ann Blyth;

NOVEMBER 13 (Front Cover) Actor Van Johnson (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 25 Years of Radio/ "Can i say Good-bye to Politics ?" by Fiorello Laguardia/ Behind the Scenes with a Horse Opera - Hollywood Staple/ Football - Why Navy Switched to the T Formation/ Cartoonist Cpl. Tom Flannery/ Movie Review - "The Lost Weekend" with Ray Milland,Jane Wyman and Philip Terry;

NOVEMBER 27 (Front Cover) Twin Models Connie and Gloria O'Connor (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Signe Hasso (Contents) Bsaeball's First Negro the Dodgers Jackie Robinson/ Should we Give the Russians the Atom Bomb ?/ Rich Refugees - 18 Karat Headache/ On Trial Hermann Goering No. 1 Living War Criminal/ War Blinded Learn to "See"/ Jane Russell on View at Last/ The Nature of Human Behavior - Hysteria/ Biggest Man in Football Army Line Coach 290 pound Herman Hickman/ Movie Review - "Week-end at the Waldorf" with Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers, Van Johnson and Walter Pidgeon;

NOVEMBER 11 (Front Cover) Barbara Wooding and son Paul in Bermuda (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Roller Skating Star Gloria Nord (Contents) "Is Mother a Failure ?" - YES by Philip Wylie - NO by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Cartoonist Otto Soglow/ Veterinarian Thomas H. Ferguson of Lake Geneva Wisconsin/ Hedy Lamarr and her Baby/ Youth U.S.A. No.1 - Country Kids/ Football California Golden Bears Coach Buck Shaw/ Movie Review - "The Bell's of St. Mary's" with Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby;

DECEMBER 25 (Front Cover) Glamour Around the Clock (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Content) "We Must Unify Our Armed Forces" by John Cowels/ "My Wife Gracie Allen" by George Burns and Gracie Allen/ Look's All American Football Team/ The Southern Pacific - Railroad Giant/ Chinese Embassy in Washington for 5,000 Guests/ Breakfast with "Blondie" by Chic Young/ Radio's Busiest Teen-Ager Louise Erickson/ Movie Review - "Spellbound" with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman;


JANUARY 8 (Front Cover)Youth Ponders an Atomic Future - 17 Year Old Tom Bergstedt (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Predictions for 1946 by Experts from Several Fields/ America's Top 10 Men/ Look Predicts in Entertainment - Barbara Bel Geddes - Clark Gable - Joan Caulfield - Cass Daley - Stan Kenton/ Predictions in Sports - Boxing - Baseball - Football - Horse Racing - Auto Racing/ Movie Review - "The Harvey Girls" with Judy Garland, Angela Lansbury and John Hodiak;

JANUARY 22 (Front Cover) June Allyson (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes (Contents) What we have in Common With - Russia - Britain - China - France/ The Mental Road Back from War/ Alaska Opportunity/ Women's Dude Ranch Clothes/ Rodeo at Madison Square Gardens/ Movie Review - "A Walk in the Sun" with Dana Andrews, John Ireland and Norman Lloyd;

FEBRUARY 5 (Front Cover) 17 Year old Coed Colleen Townsend (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Claudette Colbert (Contents) "How Roosevelt Would Answer His Pearl Harbor Accusers" by Roscoe Drummond/ Are we Bemobilizing too Fast ?/ Traveling the Lincoln Trail/ Top Jazz Money Maker Woody Herman and his Herd/ Ballet Fashion Show for Teen-Agers/ Hollywood's Redhead Joan Leslie/ Movie Review - "Leave Her to Heaven" with Gene Tierney,Cornell Wilde and Vincent Price;

FEBRUARY 19 (Front Cover) Ray Milland (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) The Film Industry Looks Ahead/ Look's Movie Awards - Movies of the Year - Ray Milland - Ingrid Bergman/ Two Midwester Girls Tour M-G-M Lot with Van Johnson/ How the Movie Stars would Cast Themselves/ Hollywood Fashion Designers;

MARCH 5 (Front Cover) Photographe'sr 3 Year Old Son Bobby (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Your Last Chance to Avoid Atomic Destruction/ Broadway's Newest Thrill Dolores Gray/ Argentina's Juan Peron Tomorrow's Hitler ?/ Hot Drummers - Ray Bauduc - Sid Catlett - Buddy Rich - Gene Krupa/ Florida's Everglades/ Comic Strip Characters Eat Too - Popeye, Li'l Abner, Dagwood Bumstead and Others/ Movie Review - "Adventure" with Greer Garson Clark Gable and Joan Blondell;

MARCH 19 (Front Cover) Dorothy McGuire (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Do You want to Live 200 Years / Mass Murder American Style - Car Accidents/ There Coming Home in Russia Too/ Wild Horse Roundup in Wyoming/ Branch Rickey Champion of the Negro in Baseball/ G.I.'s Visit Lourdes Shrine/ Movie Review - "Tomorrow is Forever" with Orson welles, Claudette Colbert and Natalie Woods;

APRIL 2 (Front Cover) Gregory Peck (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "President Truman's first Year - How big a Failure ?" by Marquis W. Childs/ The G.I. Balance Sheet/ Basketball Action in Color Photos/ Youth U.S.A. No.3 - College Freshman/ i-Page Ad "Tarzan and the Leopard Woman"/ Seagoing Texans Coastal Playground/ What Kind of Wife are You ? - Quiz/ Woman's Double Duty Dickeys/ Movie Review - "The Seventh Veil" with Ann Todd and James Mason;

APRIL 16 (Front Cover) Joan Caulfield (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes "More Doctors Smoke Camels than any Other" (Contents) "What will Happen to Churchill" by Vincent Sheean/ Women's Dresses are being Worn Long Again/ Remember Corregidor/ Walt Disney Present's "Peter and the Wolf" 2-pages Color/ Do you Want to Buy a Plane/ Prize Boxing Photos/ Manhattan's Last El/ Radio's Mystery Thrillers - The Shadow - Mr. District Attorney - Adventures of the Thin Man - Inner Sanctum/ Movie Review - "Road to Utopia" with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour;

APRIL 30 (Front Cover) Detroit Tigers Hank Greenberg (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) 1946 World Series Preview/ "Evil Over Germany - Nuremberg Trials" by George Biddle/ Mrs. Mesta Hosts a Party for Magaret Truman Guest of Honor/ Lt. General Walter Sith Ambassador to Moscow/ Weekend with Joan Fontaine/ Quick on the Trigger - Gary Cooper - Roy Rogers - Wild Bill Elliott - Johnny Mack Brown/ Lorraine Miller - Captain of the Chorus Line/ The Nature of Human Behavior - Suicide/ Movie Review - "Devotion" with Ida Lupino, Olivia de Havilland, Nancy Coleman and Paul Henreid;

MAY 14 (Front Cover) Dolleen Day Riley (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) Arthur H. Vandenberg - Man in the Middle/ Jean Peters - Miss Ohio State goes to Hollywood/ The San Fernando Valley/ Kentucky Derby Horse from Birth to Retirement/ What Kind of Husband are You ? - Quiz/ Movie Review - "Specter of the Rose" with Ivan Kirov and Viola Essen;

MAY 28 (Front Cover) College Student Bill Penn of the University of Arizona (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Failure of American Education/ "Mr. and Mrs. Ickes - A Love Story" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Nagasaaki Ruins - One Atomic Bomb did This/ New Bathing Suits Modeled by Cyd Charisse, Jacqueline Smith and Lina Romay/ Capi Flynn is Iowa's Campus Queen/ New York City School for Hypnotists/ Vacation by Air - 7,000 miles in Two Weeks/ Chicago Cubs Manager Charlie Grimm/ A Tiger Cub Grows Up/ Movie Review - "The Green Years" with Charles Coburn, Dean Stockwell and Hume Cronyn;

JUNE 11 (Front Cover) Group of All American Looking Girls (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Bungling in Boston Leads to School Revolt/ That American Beauty Look/ John F. Kennedy Runs for Congress/ The Press Agent is a Lady - Edith Allen/ The World's Worst Famine/ Can Billy Conn Beat Joe Louis ?/ 50 Years of Automobiles/ Movie Review - "Cluny Brown" with Jennifer Jones, Charles Boyer and Peter Lawford;

JUNE 25 (Front Cover) Rockey Graziano Knocking Out Marty Servo (Back Cover) AD - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "Mike Jacobs - Boxing Dictator" by Dan Parker/ Lifa and Death in Indiana Dunn Memorial Hospital/ Holiday Playclothes with Ella Raines and June Allyson/ Hitler's Ghost still Haunts Europe/ 1-page Ad for "The Outlaw" with Jane Russell/ Soap Box Racer/Movie Review - "To Each His Own" with Olivia de Havilland and John Lund ;

JULY 9 (Front Cover) That American Look - the Eyes (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Why I Choose not to Run" by Eleanor Roosevelt/ Do You Know How to Relax ?/ North Carolina Cape Fear River Vacation/ Water Beauty Barbara Brewer/ Duel with Whips from Universal's "Shahrazad"/ Hollywood Chorus Girl Dancer Chris Henry/ Movie Review - "The Stranger" with Orson Welles, Loretta Young and Edward G. Robinson;

JULY 23 (Front Cover) Frances Ramsden with her Two Poodles (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) One Day of U.S. Accidents - 155 Dead, 805 Injured/ Death and Birth of Our Air Force/ Ingrid Bergman Kisses Cary Grant/ Harold Lloyd Comes Back/ New York Off Guard and Relaxing/ Women's Tennis Champion Sarah Cooke Shows how to pl;ay Tennis/ Ray Bolger Dancing/ Movie Review - "Anna and the King of Siam" with Rex Harrison and Irene Dunn;

AUGUST 6 (Front Cover) That American Look - Hair (Back Cover) AD - Borden's Food (Content) Bette Davis - Normal "neurotic" by Bette Davis and Frances Sill Wickware/ Blue Ridge Motor Holiday/ Ballerina on the Beach - Cyd Charisse/ Wayne Morse Bad Boy of the Senate/ Hot Trumpeters - Louis Armstrong - Harry James - Bunk Johnson - Cootie Williams - Rex Stewart - Roy Eldridge - Bobby Hackett - Dizzy Gillespie and Pete Candoli/ Shopping at Macy's/ Look's All American High School Track Team/ Van Johnson Dances with Lucille Bremer/ Admiral Nimitz Predicts Atom-Driven Navy/ Movie Review - "The Searching Wind" with Douglas Dick, Robert Young and Ann Richards;

AUGUST 20 (Front Cover) Gene Kelly (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Harold E. Stassen Fights the Old Guard Republicans/ Cartoonist Alex Raymond at College getting Background for a New Comic Strip "Rip Kirby"/Gene Kelly Dances in Strobo-Color/ New York's Central Park/ Revolt for Academic Freedom at University of Texas/ Success from Snoqualmie - Ella Raines/ New Campus Clothes/ Movie Review - "Till the End of Time" with Guy Madison, Dorothy Mcguire and Robert Mitchum;

SEPTEMBER 3 (Front Cover) That American Look - Complexion (Back Cover) AD -Chesterfield Cigarettes with Yankees Manager Bill Dickey and Giants Manager Mel Ott (Contents) "Roosevelt vs Churchill" by Elliott Roosevelt/ Tyrone Power Pin-up Boy/ Goering Tells How the Nazis did It/ Ethel Merman - She turns Brass into Gold/ Cape Cod Excursion/ Danger ! Pickpocket at Work/ Queen of Blues Billie Holiday/ Laurence Olivier Presents "Henry V"/ Big Money Horse - Assault/ Movie Review - "Notorious" with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant;

SEPTEMBER 17 (Front Cover) 18 Month Old Donald P. Jacobsen of Brooklyn (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Roosevelt and Churchill Quarrels at Casablanca/ 1946 College Football Preview/ Fire - an American Tragedy/ Food for the Starving America's Biggest Wheat Crop in History/ Minnesota"Queen of the Lakes" is Ruth Tolman/ Exploring California by Private Plane/ Bob Hope wins a Duel in "Monsieur Beaucaire"/ Movie Review - "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" with Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, Kirk Douglas and Lizabeth Scott;

OCTOBER 1 (Front Cover) That American Look - Lips (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes The Hopes of American Education/ Bing Crosby in the Alps/ Washington Women Pick the Capitol's Most Exciting Men/ "How Churchill Fought with Stalin" by Elliott Roosevelt/ Hollywood Puzzle Jennifer Jones/ Songs for the United Nations/ Army Wife in Germany - Mrs. Charles McFadden of Richmond, Indiana/ I Scout Blanchard and Davis for Notre Dame/ Movie Review - "Holiday in Mexico" with Jane Powell , Walter Pidgeon and Roddy McDowell;

OCTOBER 15 (Front Cover) Boston Red Sox Star Ted Williams (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "Did we Forge the Iron Curtain ?" by Elliott Roosevelt/ The Trouble with Robert A. Taft/ American Girl in Tokyo - Mary Kunkler Glasses go Glamorous/ Guy Madison a new Heart Throb/ Flying Priest Father Stadtmueller of New Mexico/ A Days Work for Gary Cooper/ Danny Kaye Returns to Brooklyn/ Marty Links Teen-agers Cartoonist/ How do you Rate as a Parent ? - Quiz/ Movie Review - "Sister Kenny" with Rosalind Russell, Dean Jagger and Alexander Knox;

OCTOBER 29 (Front Cover) Tenth Anniversary Issue 1939 - 1947 with a Cover from Each Year (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes (Contents) Truman Brings back Boss Jim Pendergast/ The Inside Diary of the Nuremberg Trials/ 10 Years of Look - The Best and Most Important/ Unhappy Success Joan Crawford/ Arizona "Kenyon Dude Ranch" Vacation/ How to Train your Dog/ G.I. Bud Mayer new Business "Frostmobile" Frozen Food Grocery Store on Wheels/ Movie Review - "The Jolson Story" with Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes and Bill Goodwin;

NOVEMBER 12 (Front Cover) Quarterback Johnny Lujack of Notre Dame (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "Does Washington Think War with Russia is Inevitable ?" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ The University of Notre Dame/ Hollywood Party at Jack Warner's Home/ "You are Neurotic" by Walter Walker/  Sweaters for Sports/ Woman Zoo Doctor - Dr. Patricia O'Conner/ Author Janet Lambert and Her Stories for Teen-agers/ Look's All American Amateur Swing Band/ Life in Germany One Year After/ Westerchester, New York's Model Clubs Eastern Lines/ Movie Review - "Two Years Before the Mast" with Alan Ladd, Brian Donlevy and Esther Fernandez;

NOVEMBE 26 (Front Cover) That American Look - Hands (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Drew Pearson - He's Sometimes Wrong" by Richard Wilson/ Nevada's Lake Mead Vacation/ Peggy Lee - A Cinderella Grows Up/ Robert Cummings Date for a Day/ Oklahoma Celebrates Cherokee Strip Race/ Actress Jeanne Crain/ Michigan Deer Hunt/ Movie Review - "Deception" with Bette Davis Paul Henreid and Claud Rains;

DECEMBER 10 (Front Cover) Maureen O'Hara (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "More Production Means Better Living for You" by Eric Johnston/ We're Getting Ready for War in Alaska/ The Next Time You See Paris/ Ingrid Bergman on Broadway in "Joan of Lorraine/ Japanese Women - Can They be Free ?/ Toys Are Coming Back/ Cecil B. DeMille's Newest Bathtub Scene - Gary Cooper Splashes Paulette Goddard/ New York's Bronx Zoo Ten Favorite Animals/ Negro Boy in a White Land - Kelcy Siddall Jr. in Springfield Illinois/ Alabama's Quarterback Harry Gilmer/ Movie Review - "My Darling Clemintine" with Henry Fonda, Victor Mature and Linda Darnell;

DECEMBER 24 (Front Cover) New Disney Stars Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten (Back Cover) AD - Camel and Prince Albert Tobacco with Santa Claus (Contents) Peace on Earth - Dream or Possibility ?/ Florida Key West Vacation/ Look All American Football Team/ The Veteran - New Style Campus Hero/ $20,000,000 Worth of Holiday Movies - Duel in the Sun - It's a Wonderful Life - The Best Years of Our Lives - The Razor's Edge - The YearlingThat American Look - Figure/ New XS-1 Jet goes 1,700 MPH/ Pope Pius Xll Saintly Diplomat;


JANUARY 7 (Front Cover) Susan Hope Smith - Baby Model (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Perry Como and Jo Stafford (Contents) 1947 Predictions From Many Experts in Various Fields/ What you can Buy in 1947/ Entertainment in 1947 - Louis Jordan - Peggy Cummins - Elliot Lawrence - Patricia Neal - Henry Morgan - Television will Startto Grow/ New War Terror Germs/ Movie Review - "Humoresque" with Joan Crawford and John Garfield;

JANUARY 21 (Front Cover) Osa Massen (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) What Stalin Tells the Russians About Us/ Veteran Edward J. Devitt goes to Congress/ Nursing Shortage a National Problem/ Perry Como and Jo Stafford Biggest Radio Audiences/ California Colors Men's Clothes/ Ohio State Celebrates Sadie Hawkins Day/ Artist and Model Maaron Glemby/ That American Look - Legs/ Virginia Mayo Makes Good as a Bad Girl/ Movie Review - "The Best Years of Our Lives" with Fredric March, Myrne Loy, Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright, Virginia Mayo and Harold Russell;

FEBRUARY 18 (Front Cover) Jennifer Jones (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Virginia Mayo (Contents) "The Russians are Tough" by Eleanor Roosevelt/ Divorce is America's Growing Tragedy/ Look's Annual Movie Awards - Hollywood Extras - Jennifer Jones - Gregory Peck - Samuel Goldwyn - and Many Others/ Stars Favorite Baby Pictures of Themselves/ Razzle Dazzle Movie Premiers are Back/ Kentuckey Wildcats Aces in Action/ Your Money Bought These Modern American Art Paintings/ Capture of a Nazi Werewolf;

MARCH 4 (Front Cover) Little Girl Sticking Her Tongue Out (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "My Greatest Fights" by Joe Louis/ "How to Spot a Communist" by Leo Cherne/ Ginger Rogers Meets her In-Laws/ Cover Up On the Beach Fashions with Ava Gardner and Francis Gifford/ Sweden Sensa Another Star - Vivica Lindfors/ Life and Love on the New York Subway/ Movie Review - "Stairway to Heaven" with Kim Hunter, David Niven and Roger Livesay ;

MARCH 18 (Front Cover) General Eisenhower (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "Why Eisenhower Won't Run" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ "Can Dewey be Stopped ?" by Richard Wilson/ Charleston, South Carolina - Show Window for Spring/ Success Becomes Olivia de Havilland/ Clothing Designer Henry Rosenfeld/ Billy Herman, Baseball Brain/ State of the Nation - STRIKES - SLUMS - LOOSE MORALS - CRIME - POLITICAL CORRUPTION - FORGOTTEN VETERANS/ The Airphibian Auto-Plane Air and Road Worthy/ Feeding time at the Zoo/ Movie Review - "The Farmer's Daughter" with Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten;

APRIL 1 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Sims with Easter Hat (Back Cover) Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) "Why We Hav a Housing Mess" by Thurman Arnold/ Graduation at Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Texas/ 25 Years of Jim Williams "Out Our Way" Daily Cartoon/ Broadway Show "Burlesque" with Bert Larh and Jean Parker/ Prize Boxing Photos/ The Planned Parenthood Federation/ Historic Easter Service at Moravian Church in Winston-Salem/ Douglas Fairbanks Senior and Junior/ Movie Review - "Pursued" with Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright, Dean Anderson and Judith Anderson;

APRIL 15 (Front Cover) Clare Boothe Luce (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The New Clare Boothe Luce/ How You Look to the Bartender/ Government's Food Dumping Program/ Dallas Biggest Fashion Show/ Why There's a War in Palestine/ Babe Ruth Sport's Greatest Figure/ Motorboat Daredevils/ Are You Grown-up ? - Quiz/ Bob Hope, Producer/ Movie Review - "My Favorite Brunette" with Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour and Peter Lorre;

APRIL 29 (Front Cover) Twins Betty and Virginia Baker (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "How to Wreck a Labor Union" by Victor Riesel and Aaron Levenstein/ "The Gambler's Fix Menaces Sports" by Tim Cohane/ Lana Turner Takes to the Woods for Filming "Green Dolphin Street"/ High Speed Photography Freeze Frame of "Drugstore Ballet"/ Cedric Adams - Mr. Minneapolis/ Airplane Fishing Trip in Quebec Canada/ 1947 Baseball Forecast/ Million Dollar Clown Milton Berle/Movie Review - "The Late George Apley" with Ronald Coleman, Peggy Cummins, Vannesa Brown and Richard Haydn;

MAY 13 (Front Cover) Pretty Brunette (Back Cover) Ad - Ralston Shredded Cereal (Contents) How Europe Looks Two Years after V-E Day/ What's Wrong with Annapolis and West Point/ What is our Stake in Starving Europe ?/ Prom Week End at Yale/ You Have a Sixth Sense - ESP/ How a Race Horse Trains for the Kentucky Derby/ Storm Over Princess Elizabeth - Will She Marry Philip of Greece ?/ Roy Roberts Boss of "Kansas City Star" Newspaper/ Opera Star Lauritz Melchior/ Eager Beaver Mickey Rooney/ German Girl Edelgard Lietz now a U.S. Bride/ Movie Review - "The Egg and I" with Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray and Marjorie Main;

MAY 27 (Front Cover) Model Cyd Charisse in One Piece Bathing Suit (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Polo Star Cecil Smith (Contents) Our Growing West/ Honeymoon Vacation in the West/ California Summer Fashions/ The Real Howard Hughes/ Catalina - Island of Fun/ Norman Chandler - Heir to an Empire/ A.P. Giannini Banker to the West/ California Grows Tennis Champions like Jack Kramer/ The Perils of Betty Hutton Movie Serial Queen;

JUNE 10 (Front Cover) Bride in Pink - Paule Croset (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Champion Diver Mildred O'Donnell (Contents) The Years Hottest Novel Condensation of "gentleman's Agreement" by Laura Z. Hobson/ "God Helped me Stop Drinking" by Lillian Roth/ New York Park Avenue Celebrity Costume Ball Theme "Sinners"/ General Douglas MacArthur a God to the Japanese/ Memorial Day Reminder by Battle Front Artists/ Movie Kisses - Now and Then/ "Cleveland Clergy Fight Divorce" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Show Stoppers from Two Broadway Hits "Street Scene" and "Finian's Rainbow"/ Baseball - The Road to the Big Leagues/ Navigator's Diary of Newfoundland Plane Crash/ Chicago's Municipal Court's Full of Trouble/ Artists Salvador Dali - Crazy like a Fox/ Movie Review - "Duel in the Sun" with Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotten, Jennifer Jones, Lillian Gish and Lionel Barrymore;

JUME 24 (Front Cover) Red Head Babe in Stripped Bathing Suit (Back Cover) Ad - Shredded Ralston Cereal (Contents) England is Dying - What is it Worth to Us to Save Her ?/ John L. Lewis New Drive for Power/ Tulsas University Students Throw a 'Kid" Party/ The Story of Monsignor Fulton Sheen/ Broadway Success Story - Billie Lou Watt/ America's 10 Favorite People/ "How my Views on the Russians Changed" by Arthur Rothstein/ Bathing Suit Restrictions are Off/ Admiral Byrd's Expedition to the Antarctic/ Fun at Palisades Amusement Park , New York/ Nantucket Holiday Island/ Big League Managers choose - Stan Musial over Ted Williams - Bob Feller over Hal Newhouser/ Movie Review - "Carnegie Hall" with Concert Artists Presenting Familiar Classics;

JULY 22 (Front Cover) Lizabeth Scott (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with World Outboard Speed Champion Don Whitfield (Contents) 80 Years of Chorus Girls/ How to Drive Across the U.S./ Misery Still Haunts Europe/ Field Commanders of Communisn in Europe/ "My Husband Manages the Boston Red Sox" by Mrs. Joe Cronin/ The Sleepy Little Lion Dixie/ Duke Ellington Stays Hot/ Do Women Dress For Women ?/ Chicago gets an Honest Mayor - Martin H. Kennelly/ Preview of the Secret Abraham Lincoln Papers/What's Left of Cafe Society/ Movie Review - "Life With Father" with William Powell and Irene Dunn;

AUGUST 5 (Front Cover) Toddler Having a Bath (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Charles Boyer (Contents) New York Mayor William O'Dwyer - Mon on the Spot/ Roosevelt's Quarrel with Stalin/ Ambulance Crew of New York's Knickerbocker Hospital/ Rocket Trip to the Moon Within our Grasp/ Religion Returns to Russia after a 25 year Absence/ Radio Lady Huckster - Florence Pritchett/ What Will Frank Sinatra do Next ?/ Home Sewing the Number 1 Hobby of America's Women/ Scenes from the Hit Play "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland"/ Pittsburgh University "Panther Party"/ Will These War Orphans Become War Lord's/ Look's All American Track Team/ Movie Review - "The Hucksters" with Sydney Greenstreet, Clark Gable, Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner;

AUGUST 19 Model Jackie Michel in Fringed Stocking Cap (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Ace Midget Auto Racer Walter Ader (Contents) Two Years After V-J Day We're Defenseless in the Pacific/ Back to School Clothes/ Look's Best Bet from Last Year Makes Good - Actress Barbara Bel Geddes/ 1-page ad Disney's "Fun and Fancy Free"/ "Orson Welles - Still a Four-Ply Genius" by Herbert Drake/ Gertrude Lawrence and husband Richard Aldrich at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Mass./ How a Boy's Club Builds Men/ How to Race a Snipe/ Cartoonist Ding Darling/ Muscleman Gene Jantzen and Family/ Movie Review - "Lured" with Lucille Ball, George Sanders and Boris Karloff;

SEPTEMBER 2 (Front Cover) Model Bettina Bolegard in Long Red Suede Gloves (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Ted Williams, Stan Musial,Bobby Riggs, Sid Luckman (Contents) "How to Understand the Russians" by Pearl S. Buck/ The American Legion 1919-1947/ What Kind of Drinker are You ?/ The World's Most Generous Man - Charlie Ward/ Clear Plastics Reach New High/ What to See in Washington/ New Planes for Our Air Forces/ Baptism in Akron Ohio with the Reverend Dallas F. Billington/ The Five and Dime Store/ New York Herald Tribune's Sports Writer Stanley Woodward/ Eddie Cantor Star in a College Show at Fresno State College/ Movie Review - "Welcome Stranger" with Bing Crosby, Joan Caulfield and Barry Fitzgerald;

SEPTEMBER 16 (Front Cover) Around the Clock with Shoes and Stockings (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with International Table Tennis Star Mary Reilly (Contents) "I Tll My Life Short in Pictures" by Eleanor Roosevelt/ 1947 College Football Preview by Grantland Rice/ Shoe Trends Sharp Fashion Ideas/ The Arab League Powered by Azzam Pasha/ The U.N. and You in Cartoons/ Edgar Bergen - Target for Charlie McCarthy/ Canada's Governor General Alexander Returns in Triumph from Battlefield/ Girls Fight in a Reformatory in Movie "Good-time Girl"/Hot Rod Racing in California/ Movie Review - "Body and Soul" with John Garfieldand Lili Palmer;

SEPTEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD - Old Dutch Cleanser (Contents) The Strange Case of the Taft-Hartley Law/ Condensation with Pictures of Novel "Knock on any Door" by Willard Motley/ Washington's Most Discussed Woman is Mrs. John Davis Lodge/ Argentina's Dictator's Wife Evita Peron/ Best Liked Paintings of the Britannica Collection/ Larry Parks and Betty Garrett Honeymoon in Mexico/ What's Happened to Baseball ?/ Walkathon the World's Wackiest Show/ Movie Review - "Arch of Triumph" with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer;

OCTOBER 14 (Front Cover) Rosemary Colligan, Terry Thomas and Diane Gump in Pink Sleep Wear (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Trapeze Artist Rose Gould (Contents) Communist Hunter No.1 - J. Edgar Hoover/ Newborn Babies Death Through Neglect/ Smith College Celebrates 75th Birthday/ Society Photographer Jerome Zerbe/ Labor Still Hasn't Cleaned House/ American Navy Family on Guam/ Teen-agers take over Radio Station WTAG in Worcester Mss./ Agnes de Mille Puts the Bounce in Ballet/ Al Pollard - High School Football Prize/ This is How the FBI Broke the Barker-Karpis Gang/ How a Movie Star Spends Her Money - Ann Sheridan/ Joe Palooka Life Story with 2-pages of Comic Strips/ Hollywood Rebel Rosalind Russell/ Movie Review Disney's Animated - "Fun and Fancy Free" with Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck;

NOVEMBER 11 (Front Cover) Lex Barker and Charmienne Harker On a Toboggin (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Dog Handler Johnny Murphy (Contents)"Our Years of Peace" A Picture History by Frederick Lewis Allen/ Winter Ski Wear/ Miss Ohio State Jean Peters in Hollywood Movie/ Ford Motor Company -Young Henry Wants to be First/ Can we Solve our Health Problem ?/ Elsie's Calf Begins to Grow Up and Other Characters who Seem as Real - Superman, Mickey Mouse Donald Duck/ Communist Headquarters for the Americas is Cuba/ England's Future Queen Elizabeth Inherits the Past/ Joan Bennett and Her Duaghter's Glamour Secrets/ Why Army is Dropping Notre Dame/ Movie Review - "Gentleman's Agreement" with Gregory Peck, Dorothy Mcguire and John Garfield;

NOVEMBER 25 (Front Cover) Linda Darnell (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como and Jo Stafford (Contents) Stassen Takes his Stand on Labor - Taxes - Housing - Public Health/ Our Fight Against Europe's Hunger/ A Day in the Life of No.10 Downing Street/ Kansas DR. M.J. Renner Flies his own Plane to Patients/ 10,000 Lillys Hold a Family Reunion in Flat Top, West Virginia/ Model Plane Meet in Detroit/ Quarterback and his Lady - Bob Waterfield and Jane Russell/ Movie Review - "Forever Amber" with Linda Darnell, George Sanders, Cornell Wilde and Richard Haydn;

DECEMBER 9 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with International Ski Star Blanche Christian (Contents) "We're Preparing for the Wrong War" by Major Alexander P. Seversky/ Should Church Property Be Taxed ?/ Conquest of Mount McKinley/ Broadway Musical "High Button Shoes" with Phil Silvers and Nanette Fabray/ Young Ladies Ballerina Dancing Dresses/ Anything for Publicity - Gregg Sherwood/ Teen-age Stars - Elizabeth Taylor - Jane Powell - Vanessa Brown - Ann Blyth/ Burt Lancaster Demonstrates Double Bar Gymnastic Move/ Doc Rogers Pioneer News Photographer/ Movie Review - "The Bishop's Wife" with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven;


JANUARY 6 (Front Cover) Models Lisa Fonssagrives and Meg Mundy (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Gary Cooper (Contents) Predictions for 1948 From Various Expert/ Jackie Robinson's First Year as a Dodger/ The Man Behind The Best Seller "Piece of Mind" Joshua Loth Liebman/ They Don't Escape from Joliet State Prison/ Famous Cartoonists Salute Mickey Mouse 20th Anniversary/Men and Politics in 1948/ Exeter Drops the Old School Tie/ Chicago Santa Claus Mystery/ Movie Review - "Mourning Becomes Electra" with Rosalinl Russell, Raymond Massey, Michael Redgrave and Katina Paxinou;

JANUARY 20 (Front Cover) No.1 Debutante Virginia Leigh (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Ballet Star Kathryn Lee (Contents) "Communism vs. Christianity" by Dorothy Thompson/ Bill Mauldin's Cartoons - 29 Selections from his New Book/ Music Czar Petrillo on the Way Out ?/ Winter Cruise Travel And Fashion with Models Diane Chadwick and Joan Cresswell in Cuba and Nassau/ How to Prevent Crime in Washington D.C./ Artist Edgar Degas Painting/ Wyoming Ranch Party in Jackson/ Are Divorcees Dangerous ?/ Boston Bruins Goaltender Frank Brimsek/ Movie Review - "The Paradine Case" with Valli,Gregory Peck, Ann Todd and Charles Laughton;

FEBRUARY 3 (Front Cover) Junior Leaguer Sissie Dreisbach (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Rise Stevens (Contents) how to Help Europe Back on Her Feet/ Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walsh of Quincy Mass. Have had Twins in October of 1945-1946-1947/ Self Torture in South Africa in a Forbidden Moslem Ritual/ Fashion - The Handknit Look/ Hobo Party at Iowa University/ Are These Men the Best Painters in America Today ?/A look at Race Horse "Man O' War/ New Hope for Helpless Children/ 16-Year Old Diver Zoe Ann Olsen Aims for the Olympics/ Movie Review - "I Walk Alone" with Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Lizabeth Scott;

FEBRUARY 17 (Front Cover) Little Girl Having a Bubble Bath (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Gregory Peck and the Rest of the Cast From "The Paradine Case" (Contents) The Navaho Indians "Starvation Without Representation" by Will Rogers Jr./ Look Annual Movie Awards - Darryl F. Zanuck - Rosalind Russell - Michael Curtiz - Dore Schary - Gregory Peck - Year's Best Picture's - James Wong Howe - Edmund Gwenn - George Seaton -Ava Gardner/ Sculptor Jo Davidson/ College Humor It's Raw-Raw-Raw/ 40 Years of Bobby-Soxers/ 50 Years of the Fraternal Order of Eagles/ Basketball Coaches are Nuts/ Texas Covicts Prison Rodeo/ Movie Review - "The Lady From Shanghai" with Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth;

MARCH 2 (Front Cover) Barbara Bates Wearing Ranch Shirt (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Gary Cooper Goes Hunting in Idaho/ Can de Gaulle Stop the Communists/ Florida Returns to Normal/ Woman Run Grass Lake Michigan/ Marlon Brando a Legend in the Making/ Fashion - Ranch Clothes Craze/ Do We Want a General for President ?/ Queen of the Bird Brains - Marie Wilson/ New Movie "A Fatal Fight" Starts a War on Prejudice/ Movie Review - "Call Northside 777" with Richard Conte, James Stewart and Lee J. Cobb;

MARCH 16 (Front Cover) Little Barbara McMillen Holding a Puppy (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Claudette Colbert (Contents) When Will Russia Get the Atomic Bomb ?/ Boston - New Baseball Empire/ Marge and Gower Champion Danced iinto Marriage/ Argentine Embassy Party in Washington/ Who Gets our National Income ?/ The Joan Fontaine Fable/ Miss America 1947 Barbara Jo Walker goes to the Methodist Youth Conference/ "I lived With Ghandi" by Louis Fischer/ Movie Review - "The Naked City" with Barry Fitzgerald and Don Taylor;

MARCH 30 (Front Cover) Blonde Woman in Easter Bonnet (Back Cover) AD - Old Dutch Cleanser (Contents) Can We Escape War in Palestine ?/ Chicago Businessman George Moyers Flies to Tokyo/ Surrealist Salvador Dali Latest Show in New York's Bignou Gallery/ Italy Facers Her Worst Crisis - Communist vs. Christian Democrats/ Broadway Show - "Make Mine Manhattan" with Sheila Bond, Danny Daniels, Ray Harrison and Nellie Fisher/ The Case Against Universal Military Training/ Prize Boxing Action Photos of 1947/ College Wonder Girl - Barbara Ann Frank/ Movie Review - "The Miracle of the Bell's" with Frank Sinatra, Fred MacMurray and Valli;

APRIL 13 (Front Cover) New Face through Plastic Surgery (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Water Skiing Champion Nance Stilley (Contents) Brooklyn Dodgers - A 50 Year Album/ Should We Allow More Immigrants in the U.S. ?/ Truman and Pendergast and the Kansas City Vote Fraud/ Who Will be the Next First Lady ?/ "ilka Chase" by Ilka Chase/ Box Office Tough Guy - John Garfield/ Movie Review - "Sitting Pretty" with Clifton Webb, Maureen O'Hara and Robert Young;

APRIL 27 (Front Cover) Starlet Shirley Johns (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Joe DiMaggio and Ewel;l Blackwell (Contents) "What's Become of the New Dealers ?" by Richard Wilson/ How Your Candidate Will Look on TV/ Tennessee River Cruise/ The 1948 "Look: House - A Pl;ace to Live In Now/ Lana Turner Cools Off on Location in California/ 1948 Baseball Forecast/ Movie Review - "I Remember Mama" with Irene Dunne, Philip Dorn and Barbara Bel Geddes;

MAY 11 (Front Cover) Tabak Sunback Dresses (Back Cover) AD - Coke (Contents) Why Don't We Prepare for Marriage ?/ Report from Vienna - Why We Tangle with the Russians/ Columbia University and it's New President - Eisenhower/ Off-campus Capers at Minnesota/ Washington Correspondents "Gridiron Club"/ West Coast Fashions with Models Diane Gump and Alice Bruno/ Behind the Scenes of a Paris Fashion Show/ Hollywood Animated Propaganda Film "Make Mine Freedom"/ Movie Review - "The Big Clock" with Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Sullivan and Rita Johnson;

MAY 25 (Front Cover) Gregg Sherwood in Diaper Bathing Suit (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Motorcycle Hill Climb Champion Glen Murdaugh (Contents) What's Right with the U.N./ How the Circus Gets Set/ Student Head Of Wellesley Nancy Bartram/ George Horace Lorimer the Man Who Made "The Saturday Evening Post' Powerful/ "Dale Carnegie Sells Success" by Harold R. Clemenko/ Ozark Float Fishing on the Buffalo River/ Lehigh University Students do a Parody of Paris Night Life/ America's All Time Best Selling Books/ Will Ralph Kiner Break Babe Ruth's Record?/ Movie Review - "State of the Union" with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy;

JUNE 8 (Front Cover) Shirley Modell and Lee Donahue in Bathing Suits (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Roller Skating Star Raven Malone (Contents) "Life Story of Stalin" by Louis Fletcher - part 1/ Texas City makes Comeback after Harbor Explosion/ Mooseheart Illinois - The Child City/ Jean and David James Honeymoon in Chicago/ The Mystery of the Missing G.I.'s - George Beyerle/ Cooler Clothes for Men/ Million Dollar Mermaid - Esther Williams/ Irving Mondschein is a One Man Track Team/ Movie Review - "Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House" with Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Melvyn Douglas;

JUNE 22 (Front Cover) Harold Stassen - Can He Win ? (Back Cover) AD - Coke (Contents) 50 Years of Great Events in New York City/ Air Force Plans for Bombing Russia/ Society Scavenger Hunt/ "Life Story of Stalin" by Louis Fletcher - part 2/ "Children of Europe" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Hawaii Greets the "Lurline" Most Luxurious Cruise Ship/ Odd Eyeglasses for Fun and Sun/ The Sullivan vs. Kilrain Fight/ Movie Review - "Another Part of the Forest" with Fredric March, Ann Blythe and Edmund O'Brien;

AUGUST 3 (Front Cover) Phyllis Ernst - Summer Beauty for Your Hair (Back Cover) AD - Coke (Contents) Could Reds Seize Detroit ?/ Jan and Bill Cook Holiday in Portugal/ Look's Annual All American High School Track Team/ Reort on the 1948 "Look" House/ Reverend Bill Alexander the Happy Preacher of Oklahoma/ Des Moines has its First Big Art Show/ "Wine, Women and Words" by Billy Rose - part 3/ Walt Disney Presents "Pecos Bill"/ It's Campaign Time in the U.S.A./ Movie Review - "Key Largo" with Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor and Lauren Bacall;

AUGUST 17 (Front Cover) Bumper Baby Crop Now Gets Its First School Clothes (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Diving Star "Jim" Fairbrother/ "We Can Build a Better Tomorrow" by Arnold J. Toynbee as told to Gretta Palmer/ University of Wisconsin/ "Re3publicans and Democrats are Stealing From My Socialist Platform" by Norman Thomas/ Harry Grayson - The Sportswriter from Mars/ "Wine, Women and Words" by Billy Rose - part 4/ New Look Fashion for Men/ New York City Washington Square Open Air Art Show/ "Stalin's Problem Son Vassily" by Sergei Malakhov/ Movie Review - "Hamlet" with Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons and Basil Sydney;

AUGUST 31 (Front Cover) Brunette Babe with a Red Umbrella (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with William Bendix (Contents) "Hollywood's Ten Richest Women" by Hedda Hopper/ Dewey's Cabinet - A Pre-Election Forecast/ Wi Roundup on the Joyce Ranch in Idaho/ Miss America Barbara Walker's Honeymoon/ "Wine, Women and Words" by Billy Rose - part 5/ Colorado Prison Break in New Movie "Canon City"/ Free and Accepted Masons - Modern Masonry/ What it Takes to Make a Doctor/ In the Ring With Boxer Tony Zale/ Home Sewing Still No.1 Hobby With Women/ Movie Review - "A Foreign Affair" with Marlene Dietrich, Jean Arthur and John Lund;

SEPTEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Football's Doak Walker and Norma Peterson (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Stunt Pilot Betty Skelton (Contents) Grantland Rice's Football Forecast/ The Changing Female Figure/ "The Women Around Dewey" by Mrs. Raymond Clapper/ Clarence Little's Research Center is Cancer';s No.1 Enemy/ "Wine, Woman and Words" by Billy Rose - part 6/ All-Night Prom Keeps Kids out of Trouble/ San Diego Holiday/ Movie Review - Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" with James Stewart, Farley Granger and John Dall;

SEPTEMBER 28 (Front Cover) Jinx Falkenburg (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Susan Hayward (Contents) Comic Strip Ball at New York's Hotel Plaza/ "Is Disunity Wrecking Our Defense ?" by William B. Arthur/ Television Shocker - Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"/ Earl Warren - His Life in Pictures/ The New Gypsy Rose Lee/ Betty Betz - Teenagers are her Business/ New Men's Clothes/ "The Presidency Part 1 - Our First Ten President's" by Stefan Lorant/ Brash Beauty Hazel Brooks/ Should Your Boy Play Football ?/ Movie Review - "Sorry, Wrong Number" with Barbara Stanwyck, Burt Lancaster and Ann Richards/ "How to Have a Baby and Stay Attractive" by Jinx Falkenburg;

OCTOBER 12 (Front Cover) General Eisenhower (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Trapeze Artist Harold Alzana (Contents) "My Boss General Eisenhower" by Kay Summersby/ The Virgin Islands Reno's Newest Rival - Divorcee Lenore Munroe/ World's Fastest Fighter Pilot Marine Lt. Col. Marion Carl/ John Gunther Reports on Italy/ Lex Barker the Tenth Tarzan in Motion Pictures/ "The Presidency Part 2 - From Polk to Lincoln" by Stefan Lorant/ Movie Review - "Good Sam" with Ann Sheridan and Gary Cooper;

OCTOBER 26 (Front Cover) Nanette Fabray (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Jane Wyman (Contents) "Eisenhower Had His Troubles in Africa" by Kay Summersby/ Broadway Musical "Love Life" with Nanette Fabray and Ray Middleton/ "Can the Russians Revolt Against Stalin ?" by Richard Wilson/ Bing Crosby Story Told in Pictures/ Ann Sheridan Solves her Hair Problem/ Gallup Poll Finds How to Sell a Movie/ John Gunther Reports on Greece/ The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida/ "The Presidency Part 3 - Lincoln and the Reconstruction Period" by Stefan Lorant/ Buffalo Bills Quarterback George Ratterman/ Movie Review - "One Touch of Venus" with Ava Gardner, Robert Walker and Eve Arden;

NOVEMBER 9 (Front Cover) Lenore Munroe in Sunhat (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Zoo Curator Clyde Gordon (Contents) "War Was Hell on Eisenhower" by Kay Summersby/ John Gunther Behind the Iron Curtain/ New Season Opens in Palm Springs/ Ray Bolger Spoof's "Charley's Aunt" iTo Music/ The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks/ Pictures of the Earth Taken from a Camera on a Rocket 60 Miles Up/ "White" Child in a Negro World/ "The Presidency Part 4 - Two Presidents are Assassinated" by Stefan Lorant/ Uncle Lou Little - Football's Dale Carnegie/ Movie Review - "Apartment for Peggy" with Jeannie Craine, Edmund Gwenn and William Holden;

NOVEMBER 23 (Front Cover) Model Wendy Burden (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Tyrome Power (Contents) John Gunther Reports on Tito/ Soviet Citizen's in Western Europe Fight to Stay/ The Camera Sties Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt/ Beauty and Fashion - Heads, Elbows, Hands and Feet/ Children's Books/ "Top Drawer Stories" by Bennett Cerf/ Football Player Day of the Game/ "The Presidency Part 5 - From Roosevelt to Roosevelt" by Stefan Lorant/ 1300 Teenagers Harvest Tobacco Crop in Tobacco Valley/ Thanksgiving as Painted by Grandma Moses/ Movie Review - "Joan of Arc" with Ingrid Bergman and Jose Ferrer;

DECEMBER 7 (Front Cover) Barbara Ann Scott No.1 Skater (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Magic of F.D.R. 12 Years of Presidency - 10 Pages of Pictures/ The Truth About Santa Anita - the World's Richest Race Track/ John Gunther Reports on Turkey/ Alan Ladd the Scrfeen's No.1 Tough Guy/ Kids Mimic Models in Swim Suits/. "They Can't Pull Their Puchlines" by Bennett Cerf/ What King of a Football Player was Eisenhower ?/ "The Presidency Part 6 - The Roosevelt Era" by Stefan Lorant/ Japanese Born American Artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi/ Movie Review - "Miss Tatlock's Millions" with Wanda Hendrix and John Lund;

DECEMBER 21 (Front Cover) Jane Greer (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Santa Claus (Contents)Atomic Ore Discovered in Colorado - High Grade Uranium/ Grantland Rice Picks the "look" All American Football Team/ Winter Vacation in Canada's Mt. Tremblant/ Twin Female Commercial Artists Lucerne and Suzanne McCulloughs/ John Gunther Reports on Vienna/ Broadway Play "As the Girls Go" with Bobby Clark and Irene Rich/Boston Red Sox Outfielder Dom DiMaggio/ How 8 Photographers See Jane Greer/ Movie Review - "The Snake Piy" with Olivia de Havilland and Celeste Holm;


JANUARY 4 (Front Cover) June Thompson in Shepherd Sweat Shirt (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Dana Andrews (Contents) Why Free Ilse Koch - Mistress of Buchenwald ?/ 1949 Predictions - No War with Russia - Joe Louis and his Title - Wild Colors in Men's Clothes/ Theatre Guild Cradle of the Stars/ "A Plan for Peace" by Hamilton Fish Armstrong/ The 14 Mrs. Vanderbilts/ "Look" Entertainment Predictions for Success - Patricia Neal, Rossano Brazzi, Allyn Ann McLerie, Milton Berle,Benny Goodman and Lucille Ball/ Ten Top Dog Breeds/ 6-pages of Picasso and His Family/ Football's Most Worth While Game - Annual East West Game in San Francisco for Charity/ Big Game Hunting in Canada Yukon Territory;

JANUARY 18 (Front Cover) Anne Burr of Radio's "Big Sister" Introduces New Game (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Strange Case of General MacArthur in Japan/ The Wonder of Birth/ Is Our Government to Big ?/ Brandeis University is Born/ The Brooklyn Nobody Know's/ Prizefighter Walter Cartier/ Women of Dayton Ohio Move in on Home Building/ Elizabeth Taylor Grows Up/ Movie Review - "So Dear to My Heart" with Bobby Driscoll, Burl Ives, Beulah Bondi and Harry Carey;

FEBRUARY 1 (Front Cover) Bobbi Dugan (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Joan Fontaine (Contents) America's Man Arthur Godfrey/ Fashion - Necklines Drop Lower and Lower/ Revolutionary Food Discovery - Food Yeast Powder/ Symphony Boom in America/ This Family Was White for 20 Years - the Johnstons of Keene New Hampshire/ The Cissie Patterson Heiress Ruckus/ World's Greatest Basketball Player George Mikan/ Smith College Women Students Draft Amherst Boys for a MuiCal "Heads you Win"/ Bot Scout Merit Badges/ Hollywood Bit Player Breaks Into Television - Helene Stanley/ Movie Review - "A Letter to Three Wives" with Ann Sothern, Jeanne Crain and Linda Darnell;

FEBRUARY 15 (Front Cover) Shirley Temple and her Daughter Linda Susan (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Linda Darnell (Contents) "How We can Win the Cold War with Russia" by Eric Johnston/ The Truth About Roosevelt's Health Year by Year/ Madeleine Carroll Comes Back to Broadway in "Goodbye, My Fancy"/ Miss America BeBe Shopp/ Spike Jones Spends a Wacky Weekend at California's Del Mar Hotel/ The Deb Who is Different - Sue Mason Kendall/ Raymond Loewy Designs for Living/ Fight Night at New York's Madison Square Garden/ Toronto Maple Leafs Max Bentley/ Movie Review - "Portrait of Jennie" with Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten;

MARCH 15 (Front Cover) Dorothy Sparkman (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Joan Crawford (Contents) "Russia is Losing the Battle of Berlin... But Can We Win It ?" by John Gunther/ is Rita Hayworth Washed Up in Hollywood ?/ A Doctor Tells What's Wrong With Doctors/ Can a Freshman Baseball Manager Win ?/ "i am Following Christ" by Student Minister Allen Miller/ Television's "Truth or Consequences" with Ralph Edwards/ The American Look Begins with Diet and Exercise/ "My Favorite Wits on and off Broadway" by Leonard Edwards/ " Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" Wows Them on Broadway/ Movie Review - "Knock on Any Door" with Humphrey Bogart and John Derek;

MARCH 29 (Front Cover) Pamela Curran in Summer Hat (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "I'll Never Fight Again" by Joe Louis/ Florida - Polluted Paradise/ Radio's Ma Perkins Throws a Party/ "Why I Turned Against Russia" by Louis Fischer/ How to Live Longer/ The "Look" All American Basketball Team/ Margaret Schelstedt Becomes a Nun/ Wooden Buckets Make Handbags/ Judy Garland's Baby Liza Minnelli Takes a Bow/ Austria's Homeless Art Masterpieces May Come to U.S./ Movie Review - "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" with Bing Crosby and Rhonda Fleming;

APRIL 12 (Front Cover) President Franklin Roosevelt (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Gladys Swarthout and Virginia MacWatters (Contents) Five Ways F.D.R. Changed Your Life/ The Story of Christian Science/ Chicago City of Extremes/ Teenagers Hold a Roman Banquet in Kingsport Tennessee/ Cope City Nightclub in Florida/ 7 Rules for Good Health/ The Anatomic Bomb Linda Christian is Mrs. Tyrone Power/ "What's Wrong with Baseball" by Bill Veeck/ Movie Review - "Little Women" with Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, June Allyson and Margaret O'Brien;

MAY 10 (Front Cover) Girls in California Swimsuits by Cole and Jantzen (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) 7 Pages of California Fashions and Homes/ "Why We're Fighting Truman" by Sen. Robert A. Taft/ University of Michigan/ Walter Huston's Bad Boy John Huston/ "I Saw Red Spies at work in Washington" by General Izydor Modelski/ Broadway Hit "South Pacific" with Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza/ Pint Sized New York Sculptor Koren der Harootian/ Prize Boxing Photos/ Radio's King of Corn Don McNeill/ St. Louis Stages it's own Gridiron Show/ Citation the Greatest Race Horse of them All/ Hero's Honeymoon - Audie Murphy and Wanda Hendrix/ Movie Review - "City Across the River" with Peter Fernadez and Al Ramsen;

MAY 24 (Front Cover) Pink Bride Wedding Dress (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Baseball's Gene Bearden and Johnny Vander Meer (Contents) "The Pope's War on Communism" by Cardinal Spellman/ 10 Ways to be a Good Parent/ Emily Post Writes a Book on Traffic Etiquette/ Beverly Hills where the Stars Shine/ Canasta - Wild South American Card Game Invades the U.S./ Picture Album of George Bernard Shaw/ Walter Winchell Leads Dramatic Fight Against Cancer/ Britain's No.1 Bachelor Marquess of Mulford Haven Writes about the U.S./ Boston Braves Pennant Man Billy Southworth/ The Really New Car Models Since the War/ "Look" Cover Girls Invade Princeton/ Movie Review - "Mr. Belvedere goes to College" with Clifton Webb and Shirley Temple;

JUNE 21 (Front Cover) Society-deb Kit Curran (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Picture Story on Ingrid Bergman and Rossellini at Stromboli/ "What F.D.R. and Stalin Really did at Yalta" by Edward R. Stettinius/ "The Lone Ranger" Campaigns for Good Citizens/ School is Fun in California at the Los Angeles Art Center School/ Socialized Medicine ? Senator Murray vs. A.M.A./ Father's Day for Milton Berle/ Camping in Comfort in the Colorado Rockies/ Gladys Gooding the Noisiest Brooklyn Dodger/ Movie Review - "Home of the Brave" with James Edwards and Jeff Corey;

JULY 19 (Front Cover) Mary Martin and Fashion Fad from "South Pacific (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Golfers Lew Worsham and Gene Sarazen (Contents) "How Celebrities Stay Thin" by Walter Winchell/ "Wanted; a MacArthur Plan to Save Asia" by Dr. Daniel A. Poling/ Midsummer Nights in New York City/ The Problem of Unwed Mothers/ The Quakers/ How the FBI Traps Communists/ Glamour Bot in Baggy Pants - Montgomery Clift/ Holiday in Nova Scotia Canada/ Radio's "When a Girl Marries"/ Photographic Proof That a Baseball Curves/ Needed 1,000,000 Teachers/ Movie Review - ""Sorrowful Jones" with Bob Hope, Tom Pedi and Bruce Cabot;

AUGUST 2 (Front Cover) Ginger Rogers Lands a Fish (Back Cover Chesterfield Cigarettes with Yvonne De Carlo (Contents) "Why Protestants Need to Wake Up" by Agnes E. Meyer/ The Other Woman - a Wife's Problem/ The Plant That Runs on Happiness - Avondale Mills in Alabama/ "How to Get the World on Our Side" by Joseph Laffan Morse/ Guy Lombardo Has Played Sweet Music for 20 Years/ What is an Alcoholic ?/ Baseball's Nature Boy Yogi Berra/ Looks All American High School Track Team/ Russian Born Dress Designer Valentina/ 2-page Color Photos of "Samson and Delilah" with Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr/ Broadway Hit "Miss Liberty" with Mary McCarty, Eddie Albert and Allyn McLerie;

AUGUST 30 (Front Cover) The American Look Tight Sweaters (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Yvonne De Carlo (Contents) Has Science Conquered the Color Line ?/ The Battle Over Sex Education/ America's Happiest Town - Fort Wayne, Indiana/ Can Tito Wreck Stalin ?/ Y.M.C.A. International Network of Social Service/ "Why the Reds Won't Scare Us Any More" by Attorney General Tom C. Clark/ Wild West Lives Again at Chicago's Railroad Fair/ Native Art Flourishes in Haiti "Black Republic"/ New York Yankees Winning Pitcher Vic Raschi/ Deep Sea Sailfishing/ Louis Bromfield Shows Off Malabar Farm/ Bumper Baby Crop Enters Grade Two/ Super Modern - Eavey's Super Market in Anderson, Indiana/ Anne Baxter as a Flaming Flapper;

SEPTEMBER 13 (Front Cover) Vanderbilt Sophomore Quarterback Bill Wade (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents0 Grantland Rice's Football Forecast/ The Most Dangerous Year of Marriage is the First/ Howard Duff is Radio's "Sam Spade"/ "The Fallacy of the Atlantic Pact" by Bruce Barton/ Philadelphia's First Beaux Arts Ball/ Baseball Fan Who Gets Paid to Talk - Mel Allen/ Bill Hing and John Lange Two Navy Boots on Leave/ The Vatican - 8 pages of Exclusive Photos/ Pocket Books Publishers Sell Out of 25-cent Edition of "Old Masters Paintings"/ Movie Review - "Jolson Sings Again" with Larry Parks and Barbara Hale;

SEPTEMBER 27 (Front Cover) Pretty College Girl with a Orange Scary Around Head (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Lucille Ball (Contents) Harvard - Aristocrat of Universities/ Baseball Player of the Year Jackie Robinson/ "A Woman for President" by Vincent Sheean/ Van Johnson Goes Home to Newport, Rhode Island/ "The Case Against Wire Tapping" by James Lawrence Fly/ Sophisticated Cartoonist Peter Arno/ Alice Faye and Phil Harris Radio's Happy Family/ Marines Practice Assault by Helicopter/ Movie Review - "Come to the Stable" with Loretta Young and Celeste Holm;

OCTOBER 11 (Front Cover) Corinne Calvert (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "How Protestants Fight Communism" by Bishop Oxnam/ Inside the American Medical Association/ 15 Years of Lux Radio Theatre/ Why You Can't Buy a World Series Ticket/ England's Princess Margaret Rose Worries the King and Queen/ Can Any Football Coach Win at Wisconsin ?/ Arthur Godfrey and Bob Hope Steal the Show/ at Chuck Sanders Minneapolis Restaurant/ Movie Review - "The Heiress" with Olivia de Havilland,Ralph Richardson and Montgomery Clift;

OCTOBER 25 (Front Cover) Woman in Fur Stole the Sum of Evening Elegance (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Glenn Ford (Contents) "The Roosevelt Myth" by Marquis W. Childs/ How to Handle Your Mother-In-Law/ Revolution in Woman's Make-up/ 500 Partygoers on Hitler's Yackt/ Football Big Game Weekend - North Carolina vs. Duke/ ABC Television "Super Circus" from Chicago/ "My Cousin Margaret Truman" by Jeanne Rogers/ Onaway Michigan's Home Town Hero Lou Maxon/ Movie Stars Romp at Beverly Hills Pool/ Lucky Luciano Gangster in Exile/ America's First Pioneer in Modern Art Rediscovered - Alfred Maurer/ Radio's "My Friend Irma" and the "Look" photographer/ Negro Football Captain Levi Jackson of Yale/ Movie Review "Intruder in the Dust" with David Brian, Claude Jarman jr., Elizabeth Patterson and Juano Hernandez;

NOVEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Joy Maxwell in Revesible Ski Cape holding 2 Husky Pups (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) "israel Reborn" by Robert Capa/ Why City Dogs are Happier/ Designers Raid Parsons School Show for Fashion Talent/ Stage Stars, Models and Philippe Halsman's Camera Entertain New York Magazine Photographers at a Party/ "How Truman Stays Healthy" by Burnat Hershey/ Terry Thomas the Most Beautiful Girl on Television/ Aspen Colorado a Boom Town/ "West Coast Football is Getting Well" by Dick Hyland/ Dinah Shore Home Town Girl/ Unlimited Substitution is Ruining College Football/ Movie Review - "Battleground" with Van Johnson, Ricardo Montalban and Denise Darcel;

DECEMBER 6 (Front Cover? Harry and Margaret Truman (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Negro Problem - South the Klan - North Harlem/ Pery Como Super Song Salesman/ Polish Wedding in New England/ "Is Truman Winning Again ?" by Richard Wilson/ Pro Football's Most Famous Team the Chicago Bears/ 2 page Centerfold Ad for Walt Disney's "Cinderella"/ New York Society Wedgwood Ball at the Waldorf Astoria/ The Woman Franco Fears - The Duchess of Valencia/ Do Gentlemen still Prefer Blondes ?/ Play "That Lady" with Katharine Cornell/ Chicago Art Institute/ Christmas Toys for all Ages/ Movie Review - "Adam's Rib" with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy;


JANUARY 3 (Front Cover) Pretty Blonde Model with a Pair of Weimaraner (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Bing Crosby (Contents) The American Look - Diet/ "I Predict We can Stop the Red Army at the Rhine" by Edward K. Nellor/ Dallas - The Cotton Bowl City/ "The 20 Who Shaped the 20th Century" by Arthur Schlesinger jr. and Marquis Childs/ Predictions for 1950 Big Time Hits - Julie Harris - Wendell Corey - Ruth Roman - Mindy Carson - Robert Montgomery - ed Wynn/ Boxing - Legalized Murder ?/ "The Problem of Second Marriages" by Jacques Bacal/ The Story of Betty Hutton/ The Mid-Century Look is the American Look/ Movie Review - "Samson and Delilah' with Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr;

JANUARY 17 (Front Cover) Bing Crosby (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps (Contents) Eisenhower is Open to G.O.P. Draft/ Why They Sling Mud at Army's Football Team/ What's Wrong with Hospitals // Mama and Her Twin Lion Cubs in Paris Zoo/ Naughty 90's Party Launches Spicy Cookbook "Rector's Naughty 90's Cook Book"/ Russian Sergei Malakhov Explains Soviet Psychology to America/ A Torrid Ballet Version of "Carmen" by Les Ballets de Paris/ The 3 Bing Crosbls - Father - Rancher - Business Man/ Artist Henri Matisse at 81/ University of Minnesota/ Movie Review - "My Foolish Heart" with Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews;

JANUARY 31 (Front Cover) Pat Curran (Back Cover) Chesterfield Cigarettes with Barbara Hale (Contents) Gambling is Basketball's No.1 Menace/ Frank Sinatra and Dorothy Kirsten at Richmond Virginia for the Tobacco Bowl/ The Pension Preacher George Mclain Wants to be President/ Hawaiian Holiday/ Babies by Proxy - Texas Experiments/ Opening of the "George Eastman House' Photography Gets a Museum/ Walt Disney's "Cinderella" 2 pages of Color/ 600,000 Acre Sportsmen's Heaven in Vermejo Park in New Mexico/ How Good are the Miracle Drugs ?/ Movie Review - "Thelma Jordon" with Barbara Stanwyck and Wendell Corey;

FEBRUARY 14 (Front Cover) Ann Blyth on a Toboggan (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Gregory Peck (Contents) "the British Plan to Socalize Everything" by Fulton Oursler/ "Why Should American Soldiers Live like Pigs ?" by Dr. Daniel A. Poling/ Party Games - New York Beats Hollywood/ Janette Davis - What it Takes to be a Radio Star/ Connie Macks Last Year Coaching the Philadelphia Athletics/ Rocky Graziano's a Good Boy Now/ The American Woman is No Slouch/ The Lincoln's in the White House/ Are Group Medical Practices an Answer to Socialized Medicine ?/ Italy Sculptor Marini Has his First U.S. Show/ Movie Review - "Twelve O'Clock High" with Gregory Peck and Dean Jagger;

FEBRUARY 28 (Front Cover) Liz Hastings (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Secretary Rita Tennant (Contents) "Crime in Los Angeles" by Albert Q. Maisel/ Ohio State Football's High Pressure Area/ Katharine Hepburn Returns to Broadway in "As You Like It/ Lady Lecturer Emily Kimbrough Hits the Road/ The Differences Between Men and Women/ Montreal Canadiens Lightning on Ice - Maurice Richard/ Amos 'n' Andy still Going Strong after 22 Years/ Mid-Winter Nights in New York City/ "The Baptists" by Lewis W. Gillenson/ Movie Review - "Stromboli" with Ingrid Bergman;

MARCH 28 (Front Cover) Marjorie Winters and her Dachshund (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Are You the Woman Your Husband Married ?/ Esther Williams Teaches her 5 month old Son to Swim/ "Inside F.D.R." by John Gunther/ Theatre Kids - Talented Youngsters Steal the Show/ Don't Kid Yourself About Pensions/ Early American Artist Charles Demuth/ Groucho... the Man From Marx/ The Look All America Basketball Team/ Helen Hayes Returns to Broadway in "The Wisteria Tree"/ Southern Catholics Fight Race Hatred/ Movie Review - "Young Man with a Horn" with Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, Lauren Bacall and Hoagy Carmichael;

APRIL 11 (Front Cover Elizabeth Ball, Pamela Curran, Janet Simms, Phyllis Bergquist, Liz Hastings and Mary Gardner all in Strapless Gowns (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with 20 Game Winners Bob Lemon, Vic Raschi, Howard Pollet and Mel Parnell (Contents) Can Russia's Subs Attack Our Coasts ?/ Adolescence a Time of Trial and Tragedy/ What are we Doing About Cerebral Palsy ?/ Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town/ "Inside F.D.R. - From Mama's Boy to Manhood" by John Gunther/ Michelangelo Sculptures Come Aline in Film "The Titan"/ "Look" and Macy's Cover Paris Openings/ Baseball's Next 30 Game Winner Don Newcombe ?/ Movie Review - "Riding High" with Bing Crosby, Frances Gifford and Coleen Gray;

MAY 23 (Front Cover) Janet Simms in Strapless Dress (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Tenor Lanny Ross (Contents) The Truth about Shirley Temple/ "We did not Need to Drop the A-Bomb" by Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias/ U.S. Crime Bosses are Making Millions/ 1949 Prize Boxing Photos/ "My Fabulous Mother" by Cornelius Vanderbilt jr./ You Name it Broadway Plays Have It/ Raid on a Moonshiner in Florida/ Cape Vincent Where the Fish Really Bite/ Movie Review - "No Sad Songs for Me" with Margaret Sullivan and Wendell Corey;

JUNE 6 (Front Cover) Lana Turner (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Opera Star Nadine Conner (Contents) How We Bungled the Japanese Surrender/ The Great Vivisection Dog Fight/ Jimmy Roosevelt Battles Earl Warren in California/ Dixieland Jazz is Hot Again - George Lewis, Eddie Condon, Phil Napoleon, Oscar Celestin, Louis Armstrong and Pee Wee Russell/ "Why the U. S. and Canada Should be One Country" by George E. Shea Jr./Baseball Pitcher's Killjoy George Kell/ Young American Chefs Dangerous Homewrecker "The Other Man" by Jacques Bacal/ Movie Review " The Big Lift" with Paul Douglas, Montgomery Clift and Cornell Borchers;

JUNE 20 (Front Cover) Liz Hastings in Bikini (Back Cover) Lucky Strike Cigarettes with Marlene Dietrich (Contents) The Case Against Psychoanalysis/ Can We Afford Truman-Government Cost Would Be 65 Billion a Year/ How Prepared are we if Russia Should Attack ?/ That Evil Los Angeles Smog/ Wisconsin Wonderland Great North Woods/ Discovered Arthritis Remedy - Pregnenolone/ Nazi SS Man Cracks as Found Guilty of Murder/ Jane Russell Personal Appearance in San Francisco/ Book Seller and Artists Angel - Erhard Weyhe and HIs Manhattan Book Store/ Whither go the New York Giants ?/ Lockheed's Penetration Fighter F-90/ Movie Review - "The Asphalt Jungle" with Marilyn Monroe, Sterling Hayden, James Whitmore and Jean Hagen;

JUNE 4 (Front Cover) June Allyson (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Marta Foren (Contents) Let's Help People Quit Being Reds/ The Fight for Philadelphia - Political Corruption/ Business Trip to Puerto Rico/ Nobles of the Mystic Office - The Shriners in Los Angeles/ Box Office Bonanza - June Allyson/ Red Sox Manager Joe McCarthy he Hates to be Second/ Wendy Warren and the News/ Photographer Edward Weston/ Inside Washington's Embassies/ Movie Review - "The Next Voice You Hear" with Nancy Davis, James Whitmore and Gary Gray;

AUGUST 1 (Front Cover) Debby Reynolds (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes with Janet Blair (Contents) What Teenagers Should Know About Dating/ FBI Revels How Many Reds Live in Your State/ Ruth Roman at the Arrowhead Hot Springs Mineral Bath/ "How Truman got to be President" by Jonathan Daniels/ Sailing on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota/ Detroit Tigers Art Houtteman - Pitcher with a Future/ The Lions Clubs - Roaring Do-Gooders/ Millionaire Cowboy Gene Autry/ Movie Review - "The Men" with Marlon Brando, Teresa Wright, Jack Webb and Dick Erdman;

AUGUST 15 (Front Cover) Television Glamour Girl Faye Emerson (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Vaughn Monroe (Content) Russia Today - Can it Win a War Against the U.S. ?/ Washington's Eugene Meyers Hosts Party During the National Celebrities Golf Tournament/ Diana Lynn and Husband on a Columbia River Vacation/ Sports Broadcaster Walter "Red" Barber/ Y.M.C.A. in San Francisco Bay Area Career Girls Club/ Three Young Italian Artists - Vespignani - Urbinati - Muccini/ Hair Coloring Become a Part of the American Look/ "Canasta Mistakes you can Avoid" by Ely Culbertson/ Movie Review - "Sunset Boulevard" with Gloria Swanson and William Holden;

AUGUST 29 (Front Cover) Hopalong Cassidy Public Hero No.1 (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Gene Tierney (Contents) How Russia Could be Stopped in Europe/ Will California Legalize Gambling ?/ How Kansas Finds Country Doctors/ Ralph Flanagan's Band/ Post-Prom Fun Kep Teenagers out of Trouble at West Allis Wisconsin/ The Phillies are the People's Baseball Choice/ Paris again a Mecca for Young American Artists/ Movie Review - "Edge of Doom" with Frances Morris, Farley Granger, Mala Powers and Dana Andrews);;

SEPTEMBER 12 (Front Cover) Notre Dame Quarterback Bob Williams (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Can We Stop the Reds in Asia ?/ Grantland Rice's Football Forecast/ How to Quarrel and Stay Married/ How the FBI Conducts a Loyalty Investigation/ Carol Lane Women's Travel Director Vacations are her Job/ Popular Television Quiz Show "Break the Bank'/ Primer for Americans/ The New Look in the Presbyterian Church/ Janet Leigh Takes Tuscon/ Movie Review - "No Way Out" with Sidney Poitier, Richard Widmark and Linda Darnell;

SEPTEMBER 26 (Front Cover) Dorothy Grover "sigma Chi's Sweetheart" (Back Cover) AD - Marie Wilson (Contents) "What Psychoanalysis does for You" by Margaret Mead/ Fashion Model Joyce Lear Turns Actress/ "The Reds can take Berlin in 5 Hours" by Robert Montgomery/ "Our Last, Best Hope for Peace" by Bernard M. Baruch/ California University the World's Largest/ Crazy Charleston Dance? Red Rolfe, the Heart of the Detroit Tigers/ How an American Nurse Lives, Works and Plays - Alice McGurk/ Real and Fake Fur Fashions/ Televisions "Hollywood Screen Test" Winners are Sent to Hollywood/ Movie Review - "Summer Stock" with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly;

OCTOBER 24 (Front Cover) Television's Latest Team - Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Patricia Neal (Contents) "How Good is MacArthur" by John Gunther/ How to Play 3-pack Canasta/ "My Dog is Blind" by Teenager Janice Ann Smith/ Ballet Isn't High-Brow Anymore/ Irving Berlin Keeps America Singing/ "My Daughter is Recovering from Polio" by Basil O'Connor/ Kansas City - the Beauty or the Beast ?/ Picture History of Trojans Football st Southern California/ Radio's Ozzie and Harriet Nelson at Home/ In the Catholic Youth Organization/ New One World Fashion Look/ Al Pollard goes to West Point/ "Has Truman Lost the South ?" by Samuel Lubell/ Picasso Designs Plates for the Table/ Matisse Makes Rug Designs/ Jealousy a Threat to Marriage/ Movie Review - "Mister 880" with Edmund Gwenn, Burt Lancaster and Dorothy McGuire;

NOVEMBER 7 (Front Cover) Linda Darnell (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Mario Lanza (Contents) "Will Europe Fight on Our Side ?" by Eleanor Roosevelt/ What College Girls ask about Marriage/ Girl Scouts of America/ "Inside Look at the National War College" by Sidney Shalett/ Television's "Your Show of Shows"/ Prizefighter Billy Miske Fought on Heart Alone/ Radio's "My Friend Irma" to be a Comic Strip - Marie Wilson/ "General MacArthur as a Soldier, Executive and Family Man" by John Gunther/ Cleveland Browns Wizard Coach Paul Brown/ Gallery of Women by Famous Painters/ Movie Review - "All About Eve" with Bette Davis, Anne Baxter and Marilyn Monroe;

DECEMBER 19 (Front Cover) Ava Gardner, Jackie Robinson and Quarterback Johnny Karras (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Santa Claus (Contents) Franz J. Polgar - New Type of Hypnotist/ "A Stern Program for Survival" by President of Harvard James Bryant Conant/ 1950 Look All America Football Team/ Frank Sinatre Celebrate's an Opening Night at Toot Shor's/ Secretary of Defense George C.Marshall at Home/ Radio's "Life with Luigi"/ Road Racing - Death Rides the Wheels/ In a Little Spanish Town with Ava Gardner/ Nehru - Loneliest Man in India/ Youngstown Shows How to Lick the Racketeers/ "How to Get a Husband" by Cora Carlyle/ Movie Review - "The Jackpot" with James Stewart and Barbara Hale;


JANUARY 2 (Front Cover) "Copa" girl Pat Hardy (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Mona Freeman (Contents) New Orleans Sugar Bowl City/ Television's "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"/ John Gunther Reports on Asia's Danger Spots/ New York City New Nightclub Boom/ The Fashion for Toulouse-Lautrec/ Arthur Godfrey Gets his Naval Reserve Wings/ A Religious Revival Stirs America/ "Total Consciption Will Hurt America" by Charles Woolsey Cole/ Movie Review - "Cyrano de Bergerac" with Jose Ferrer and Mala Powers;

JANUARY 16 (Front Cover) Jean Simmons (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Dick Powell (Contents) "We Can't Save Asia by War Alone" by Justice William O. Douglas/ Conspiracy Against Chastity/ What Every G.I. Should Know About Gambling/ Why There Talking about Dagmar/ A Saint may rise from the California Missions/ Roller Derby Queen Arlynne Buchmann/ Gene Melchiorre Basketball's little Whirlwind/ Beach Fashions - Strapless and One Piece/ Movie Review - "Born Yesterday" with Judy Holliday, William Holden and Broderick Crawford;

JANUARY 30 (Front Cover) Gloria Swanson, Irene Dunne, Greer Garson, Gertrude Lawrence, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck and Claudette Colbert -Glamorous after 40 (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Virginia Mayo (Contents) President Truman Chooses not to Run Again/ Franco's Spain is Poorhouse of the West/ Television's "Original Amateur Hour"/ New Hampshire Dartmouth Winter Carnival/ Corinne Calvert Stars for Camera Bugs/ Philadelphia Phillies Manager Eddie Sawyer/ Hot Rod Addicts are Killing Their Own Sport/ Movie Review - September Affair" with Joan Fontainw and Joseph Collen;

FEBRUARY 13 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Richard Widmark (Contents) Behind the Plot to Kill Truman/ The Tragedy of the U.S. Army/ Elizabeth Taylor Story - Can Child Stars Stay Married ?/ Chorus Girl Caren Preiss Florida Holiday/ Massachusetts General Hospital Prepares for Atomic Disaster/ Detroit Red Wings Rookie Goalie Terry Sawchuk/ The Fabulous Tallulah Bankhead/ Italy at Work/ Long Island University Basketball Coach Clair Bee/ Denver Colorado Christian Home Orphanage/ Movie Review - "Storm Warning" with Ginger Rogers, Steve Cochran and Doris Day;

FEBRUARY 27 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman, Boxer Joe Louis,Eisenhower and Lassie (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Patrice Munsel (Contents) A Nuclear Physicist Epoxes Flying Saucers/ Letters to Ingrid Bergman/ "We're Wide Open for Disaster" by Fletcher Knebel/ The Unpredictable Mike Todd of Broadway/ The Sad Story of Joe Louis/ Charity Balls Prove the High Cost of Mercy/ New Emphasis on Drawing/ Sex Education For What ?/ New York City Radio Station WNEW Boss Bernice Judis/ New Fashion Color - White Wine/ Lassie at work with Trainer/ Movie Review - "Molly" with Gertrude Berg and Philip Loeb;

MARCH 13 (Front Cover) Bob Hope and Bette Davis (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Donna Reed and John Derek (Contents) Not so Private Lives of Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison/ "How the Poliburo Thinks" by Leo Rosten/ Idaho's Sun Valley Ski Boom/ Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Coach Adolph Rupp/ Old Art Collector Richard Goetz/ Baseball's Washington Senators Language Problem/ Dope is Menacing our Youth/ Look Annual Film Awards -Bette Davis - James Stewart - Gloria Swanson - Darryl Zanuck - Judy Holliday - Marlon Brando - Best Pictures of the Year/ Ten Year Look Award to Walt Disney;

MARCH 27 (Front Cover) Faith Domergue (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Everglades Fishing/ Mexican Americans - Texas Forgotten People/ A Bouquet for Margaret Truman/ The Vesatile Druggist Dispenser of Health, Beauty and Advice/ "Germany; We Are Playing with Fire" by Stephen White/ Gloria Swanson Reverts to Type/ Italian Artist Giorgio Morandi/ Look All America Basketball Team/ Howard Hughes Newest Discovery Faith Domergue/ Movie Review - "Royal Weddind" with Peter Lawford, Jane Powell, Fred Astaire and Sarah Churchill;

MAY 8 (Front Cover) Lena Horne, Jack Benny, Mary Livingston and Bob Lemmon (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Exclusive First Pictures of the Atom Bomb/ Baseball's Top Pitcher Bob Lemon/ How the Marines Build Fighters/ The Rebellion of Jack Benny/ Can your Diet Prevent Cancer ?/ Song for Lena Horne/ What Dr. Kinsey is up to Now/ Cleveland Indians Pitcher Bob Lemon/ "Our Intelligence Blunders Can Destroy Us" by Richard Wilson/ Gary Cooper Joins the Navy - For 3 Weeks/ Teenagewrs Delight - Debbie Reynolds/ How the A-Bomb is Dropped;

JUNE 5 (Front Cover) Hedy Lamarr (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) High Dive Champion Patricia McCormick/ 'Should We Wage Secret War on Russia ?" by Hubert Pryor/ Cecil B. DeMille Films "The Greatest Show on Earth" with Gloria Grahame, Dorothy Lamour, Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Jimmy Stewart and Mona Knox/ The Great Sorority Swindle/ "How Eisenhower Really Feels about Running for President" by Harry C. Butcher/ Hedy Lamarr writes on the Curse of Beauty/ Heavyweight Boxing Champ Ezzard Charles - The King can do no Right/ Television's "The Fred Waring Show'/ Where, Oh Where are the Chicago Cubs ?/ Radio Stars are Human Alarm Clocks - They Wake Up Beaming;

JUNE 19 (Front Cover) Martin and Lewis - Corrine Calvet - Eddie Stanky - Mrs. F.D.R. - J. Edgar Hoover (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) The Full Story of Red Spies in the U.S./ Why People go to Dude Ranches/ Russ Hodges - Voice of the Baseball Giants/ Eddie Stanky Sparks the Giants/ Migrant workers are Children of Misfortune/ Television's New Generation of Comics - Dean Martin - Jerry Lewis - Sid Caesar - Alan Young - Jerry Lester - Victor Borge - Sam Levenson and Steve Allen/ Beach Party at Ohio State/ Teenage Morals - City vs. Small Town/ Movie Review - "On the Riviera" with Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney and Corinne Calvet;

JULY 3 (Front Cover) Gene Tierney in Veil Specs - Winston Churchill - Mario Lanza (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Pro Golfer Ben Hogan (Contents) Television's Animals Class of 1951/ Latest Secret Weapon is Death-Ray Warfare/ School for Teenage Models in Pasadena/ "They Still Lie About Hollywood" by Rosalind Russell/ Water Skiing Aquabats in the Cypress Swamps/ Boston Red Sox Billy Goodman/ Sunglasses the New Cosmetic/ Josephine Baker World's Top Exotic Dancer/ Mario Lanza - Music with Muscles/ Winston Churchill - Old Warrior with New Crisis;

JULY 17 (Front Cover) MGM's Dancing Daughters (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Paul Lukas (Contents) Surf Fishing Growing Sports Mania/ "How We can Crack the Iron Curtain" by Drew Pearson/ The Well Primped Poodle/ Paulette Goddard at New York Art Students League Diamond Jubilee Ball/ Racketeer Edward J. Florio takes Over Hobokon New Jersey/ "Baseball's Bad Blood" by Tim Cohane/ "I'm Tired of Women's Problems" by Robert Ruark/ MGM's Dancing Daughters 1951 Style - Debbie Reynolds - Leslie Caron - Cyd Charisse - Monica Lewis - Sally Forrest/ Movie Review - "Captain Horatio Hornblower" with Gregory Peck;

JULY 31 (Front Cover) Marlene Dietrich - Billy Graham - Stan Musial - Fred Vinson (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "We Could Wage a War from Man Made Stars" by Willy Ley with Illustrations by Bonestell/ Stan Musial Ace of Diamonds/ The Carnival Comes to Town - Prell's Broadway Shows/ "Our Not So Supreme Court/ Marlene Dietrich 21 Years Being in Movies/ Billy Graham Summer Sawdust Revival Trail/ Movie Preview of Lavish "Quo Vadis" with Deborah Kerr, Robert Taylor, Peter Ustinov and Patricia Laffan;

AUGUST 14 (Front Cover) Universal Starlets - Piper Laurie - Peggy Dow - Joyce Holden (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Rise Stevens (Contents) Tarzan and his Mate in the Ozarks - Lex Barker and Arlene Dahl/ "Look" rides the B-47 our Hottest Bomber/ The U.N. Story of Faith/ 2-page Centerfold Ad for Walt Disney's "Alice in Wonderland"/ The Pope's Secret Plans in Case of War/ Deep Lustre Satin Fashions/ Art Larsen the Terror of Tennis/ "What Makes Men Poor Lovers ?" by Helen Lawrenson/ Sculptorer Lipchitz "The Birth of the Muses" from Start to Finish/ What Your Dollar Will Buy In December - Inflation/ America's Most Televised Women the Commercial Charmers/ Movie Review - "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando, Karl Malden and Kim Hunter;

AUGUST 28 (Front Cover) Vivian Blaine - Clark Gable - Pearl S. Buck - Chico Crrasquel (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Rhonda Fleming (Contents) "Why Asia Hates Us" by Pearl S. Buck/ Why Does Clark Gable Leave his Women ?/ New Hope for Troubled Women st the Sinai Hospitol in Baltimore/ Chicago White Sox Pennant Bid with Chico Carrasquel/ Navy Frogmen's Hell Week Initiation/ A Few Kind Words for Harry Truman/ Stretch Your Dollars on a New York City Vacation/ Movie Review - "David and Bathsheba" with Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward;

SEPTEMBER 11 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor - Sugar Ray Robinson - Anita Colby - Mimi Benzell - General Van Fleet (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Joan Crawford (Contents) Billions on the Atom and What are We Buying ?/ Hollywood' Ciro's Nightclub Cigaret Girl Margaret Barstow/ "i'll Be Back" by Sugar Ray Robinson/ Grantland Rice's Football Forecast for 1951/ Oklahome - College Football's Newest Empire/ Anita Colby's Recipe for Well Dressed Beauty/ "The Saga Of Mimi" by Ed Sullivan/ When Should Teenagers Fall in Love ?/ Movie Review - "A Place in the Sun" with Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters;

SEPTEMBER 25 (Front Cover) Jeanne Crain (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "What the G.O.P. Needs to Win in 1952" by George Gallup/ Walt Disney Rides His Giant Litte Railroad at Home - Built 1?8 Size/ Sisters Under the Spotlight - Ann and Pat Crowley/ Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn on Location Filming the "The African Queen"/ Hollywood's Most Glamorous Women - Jeanne Crain - Piper Laurie - Marta Torens - Arlene Dahl - Virginia Mayo - Jane Russell - Corrine Calvet - Elizabeth Taylor - Vivian Leigh - Pier Angeli and Hedy Lamarr/ ;

OCTOBER 9 (Front Cover) Jane Russell (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Vivian Blaine (Contents) "How We're Bungling the Peace" by Senator Kefauver/ ":Air Power's Decisive Role in Europe" by General Hoyt S. Vandenberg/ The Hollywood Kiss in Cinema/ Case of a Tenage Bad Girl - Janice M./ Milton Berle's Big Blowout for the Damon Runyon Fund/ Minnesota Football Coach Wes Fesler/ The "Look" All American Baseball Team/ How Should Ginger Rogers Wear her Hair ?;

NOVEMBER 6 (Front Cover) Elaine Stewart (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with John Wayne, Joan Crawford and Dick Powell (Contents) Everything's Super About Supermarkets/ "The Shame of New York" by Rudolph Halley and Ed Reid/ Wiltwyck Interracial School for Bad Boys in Esopus N.Y./ TV's Busiest Dramatic Actress Mary Sinclair/ Roman Sculptor Pericle Fazzini/ Teenage Vice Begins at Home/ College Football Next on the Sports Fix List/ Movie Review - "Decision Before Dawn" with Hildegarde Neff and Oskar Werner;

NOVEMBER 20 (Front Cover) Maureen O'Hara (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Gloria DeHaven (Contents) Art Linkletter's 5 Kids Turn the Table on him at Home/ U.S. Agents of Foreign Governments - Washington's Next Scandal ?/ Maureen O'Hara is a Swashbuckler in Skirts/ So You Want to be a Cowboy/ Motorcycle Mudfest - the 500 mile Jack Pine Run in Michigan/ University of Pennsylvania Football Program/ The Negro Pastor of Staffordville, Conn./ Harry Wismer Sportsman on the Spot/ Painter and Designer Gilbert Adrian/ Anita Loos Compiles Goddard's Guide to London/ "Thanksgiving Service" by Dore Schary/ "the Southern Belle" by Rosanne Smith Robinson and Tallulah Bankhead/ Movie Review - "An American in Paris" with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron;

DECEMBER 4 (Front Cover) Doris Day - Billy Eckstine - Earl Warren - Dolores Gray (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Doris Day - Bounce and Freckles/ The Mob in Earl Warren's California/ "Inside Ike - part 1" by John Gunther/ Bergdorf Goodman the Royal Family of Fashion Gives Anniversary Ball for Cancer Research/ Dutch Meyer Texas Christian University Football Coach/ Anita Loos Compiles Goddard's Guide to Paris/ Look's 1951-52 Basketball Forecast/ Singer Billy Eckstine Sings for Golf/ Christmas Fun with Paper/ Movie Review - "Detective Story" with Kirk Douglas;

DECEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Ava Gardner (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Santa Claus (Contents) "i'm Not Afraid Anymore" by Ava Gardner/ "My Day with Fala" by Eleanor Roosevelt/ Milton Berle Reviews Play "Top Banana" starring Phil Silvers/ Bernard Baruch Proposes a General Staff for Peace/ Two Natives of San Francisco Show Look Why They Love It/ "Inside Ike - part 2" by John Gunther/ 12 Year Old Bardie Patton is ABC TV's Clown Scampy of "super Circus"/ John L. Willians - the Man Who Broke the Tax Scandal/ Troubled People Meet in Group Therapy/ Abercrombie and Fitch a Toy Shop for Adults/ What Teenagers Should Know About Narcotics/ Bal Fantastiquue by Students of Los Angeles Chouinard Art Institute/ 1951 Look All America Football Team/ Clear Candy Tots/ Movie Review - "The Blue Veil" with Jane Wyman, Charles Laughton and Vivian Vance;


JANUARY 1 (Front Cover) Blonde Model in a Blue Bathing Suit (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Willian Lundigan (Contents) 44-pages of Vacation and Travel - The West - Florida - Caribbean - Ski Fashions -Food and Travel - Vacation Calendar -Wherever You Go You Need a Bathing Suit/ John Lardner's New York/ "Red Blueprint for Terror" by John W. Riley Jr. and Wilbur Schramm/ Ventur into Forbidden Napal/ Saul Steinberg's Cartoon of Europe/ Basketball's Goodwill Ambassadors the Harlem Globetrotters;

JANUARY 15 (Front Cover) Rocky Marciano - Groucho Marx - General LeMay - Betsy von Furstenberg (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Henry Fonda (Contents) The South - How Far fron Slavery ?/ Electricity from the Atom a Reality in 1952/ Rocky Marciano - A Poor Man's Dempsey/ "The Secret Letters of Julius Marx" by Leo Rosten/ Beachcomber Hats Fashion/ General Curtis LeMay's Strategic Air Command/ Second Annual Look Television Awards - Your Show of Shows - Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca - Milton Berle - Cavalcade of Sports/ Betsy von Furstenberg the Capricious Countess/ Trappers Festival in The Pas Manitoba;

JANUARY 29 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Contents) "Is Stalin in Trouble ?" by Edward Crankshaw/ "i Saw Them Die in Korea" by Major William D. Clark/ "Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini a Love Story - part 1 of 2" by Howard Taubman/ The Santa Fe Railroad Binds the Southwest/ How Basketball Players are Bought/ "The Fourposter" with Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison in the Movie and Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn in the Broadway Play/ What the Loyalty Oath Did to the University of California/ Jerry Lewis Directs a Home Made Movie with Janet Leigh, Mona Freeman, Tony Curtis, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis;

MARCH 11 (Front Cover) Vivien Leigh and Frederic March (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Dale Robertson (Contents) What Happens when Bob Hope Hits Bellaire,Ohio/ Should We Fear the Military ?/ Living in Space - Concept of Space Station/ Cleveland Indians Pitcher Bob Feller Piching Secrets/ "This ... is Morrow" by Leonore Silvian on Edward R. Morrow/ The Wounded Soldiers in Korea Are Flown Home/ Naked Shoes Fashions/ The Big Business of Little Books - Pocket Books/ Look Annual Movie Awards - Vivien Leigh - Fredric March - Best Movies of the Year - Danny Thomas - Mitzi Gaynor - Kim Hunter - Eddie Mayehoff - Gene Kelly - Samuel Goldwyn/ Meet Bonnie Charlie the Prince of Wales;

APRIL 8 (Front Cover) Susan Hayward (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Dick Haymes (Contents) 1951 Prize Boxing Photos/ "The Negro Problem Moves North" by Hodding Carter/ Rebirth of the Symphony in Detroit/ Booming Dallas-Fort Worth Plants Make Acres of Planes/ "Why the Dodgers Blew the Pennant" by Clyde Sukeforth/ Exploring Venezuela's Mystery River the Orinoco The World that Henry Ford Made - part 2/ The Greatest Circus Fashion Show on Earth/ What do you know about Marriage ? - Quiz/ Movie Review - "With a Song in My Heart" with Susan Hatward;

JUNE 3 (Front Cover) Marilyn Monroe - Lucille Ball - Gov. Stevenson - Harry Matthews (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Debut of Commuter Trains - New 18-car Congressional and New 14-car Senators/ West Point's Class of 1950 - Graduation to Korea/ Prince of Wails Johnnie Ray/ Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis at Remote Desert Oasis near Palm Springs/ Eisenhower's Wife Mamie/ "Can Hurley Make Harry Matthews Boxing Champion ? by Tim Cohane/ TV's Laughing Lucille Ball/ Salvador Dali Designed Rugs/ Six Elwood, Indiana Men Killed in Vehicle Crash - Six Widows and Twenty Children Left Behind/ Russia's Newest Threat is A-Bomb Supremacy/ Movie Review - "Clash by Night" with Marilyn Monroe, Robert Ryan, Barbara Stanwyck and Paul Douglas;

JULY 1 (Front Cover) Janet Leigh - Rosamond Peterson - Sugar Ray Robinson - Gen. MacArthur (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "The Feud Between Eisenhower and MacArthur" by Robert E. Sherwood/ Invasion by Invitation - U.S. Troops back in France/ Co-ed Rosamond Peterson an a Working Vacation in Aspen Resort/ "Hunt for the Flying Saucer" by J. Robert Moskin/ Spike Jones - There's Method in his Madness/ The Curse of the Boston Red Sox/ Errol Flynn and Patrice Wymore in Their Jamaica Refuge/ Cut-throat Canasta/ "It Hurts to Grow Old" by Sugar Ray Robinson/ Summer at the Movies - There's Something for Everyone/ Look's National Poll - Who Will be Nominated and Who Will Win ?;

JULY 29 (Front Cover) Pier Angeli (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) "The Democrats" by Fletcher Knebel/ Vacation in Denmark/ All Types of Helicopters - Whirly Birds/ High Tension in South Africa over Segregation Laws/ Dr. Jeanne Bradley of George Washington University Hospital/ New York Giants Pitcher Sal Maglie/ Polish Born Artist Czermanski Turns Art Against Artists/ Un-Identical Twins Pier and Marise Angeli/ "The Role of Modern Women" by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

AUGUST 26 (Front Cover) College Senior Jean Zahorsky (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Report on Guided Missiles/ Can a Divorced Man be Elected President ?/ Marilyn Monroe Shows How To Walk/ TV's "Strike it Rich" Game Show/ Sacramento Music Circus Traveling Tent Theater/ Oil Rich Saudi Arabia/ Prisoner's are People... Let's Treat Them That Way/ Mexico's Art goes to Europe/ U.S. Air Force Private Shirley Starrett/ Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial at Gallup, New Mexico/ The Valiant Little Southpaw Bobby Shantz/ Movie Review - "Son of Paleface" with Bob Hope, Jane Russell and Roy Rogers;

SEPTEMBER 23 (Front Cover) Ava Gardner - Susan Hayward - Richard Nixon - Billy Wolliams (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Jews in Germany 7 Years Later/ Excerpts from "Good for a Laugh" by Bennett Cerf/ Irene Blomgren Starts Her Nurse Training/ "Dempsey Could Flatten Today's Heavies all in One Night" by Gene Tunney/ Why Richard Nixon was Nominated/ Garment Model Former Miss Germany Jutta Parr/ TV's Billy Willians in "Show of Shows"/ Championship High School Football Weymouth High, Mass./ Artist Donati/ Movie Review - "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" with Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward and Gregory Peck;

OCTOBER 7 (Front Cover) Double Exposure Redhead Hair-do (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Opera Star Dorothy Kirsten (Contents) Bishop Ford's Slow Death in Red China's Jail/ Birth Control By Pill ?/ To Ike and Adalai "Win the Negro Vote or Lose" by Walter White/ Italy Fashion Designer Countess Visconti Brings her Style to New York/ "My Plan for a GOP Foreign Policy" by Senator Alexander Wiley/ Martha Ray Bounces from Night Clubs to TV/ Something for the Boys - Starlets in Alaska to Entertain Troops/ The Look all America Baseball Team/ Tv Model Marge Grady 9 Hours in a Bath for a Commercial/ Movie Review - "Moulin Rouge" with Jose Ferrer, Christopher Lee, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Colette Marchand;

OCTOBER 21 (Front Cover) Roxanne (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Going Broke on $10,000 a Year/ Good Old High School Hazing/ Nurse Officers in the Royal Canadian Air Force Parachute to Disasters in the North/ The New Audrey Hepburn/ Tennessee Artist Edmondson's Visions in Stone/ "Is Notre Dame Football going to Pot" by Tim Cohane/ "What is a Catholic?" by John Cogley/ Guided Missles - From Science Fiction to Fearsome Fact/ Donald O'connor 25 Years in Showbiz/ Alabama's "Our John" Sparkman/ Who Makes the Clothes that Make the American Woman ?/ Machine Made Lawn - Power Mowers/ Revised Standard Version of the Bible/ Bea Lillie one Woman Show;

NOVEMBER 4 (Front Cover) Anita Ekberg (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Ruth Hussey (Contents) "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White/ "Asia 1952 - part 1" by Justice William O. Douglas/ Rosemary Clooney Rising/ Baylor Baptist Halfback Jerry Coody/ Las Vegas Where Marriage and Money go Quickly/ "What I Won't Live to See" by Bertrand Russell/ A Young Man's Fancy - Model Doris Erwin/ The All American Look/ The Shame of Our Infantry - Young Men with Old Guns/ Movie Review - "The Lusty Men" with Arthur Kennedy, Robert Mitchum,Susan Hayward and Eleanor Todd;

NOVEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Carol Reidy and Bob Douglass - The Problems of Young Love (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "The U.S. Must Merge with Europe or Perish" by Arnold Toynbee/ What is a Christian Scientist?/ The Best from "Punch" British Humor Magazine/ Godfrey's Man Tony Marvin on CBS Radio and Television/ "Asia 1952 - part 2 Jungle Treachery in Malaya" by Justice William O. Douglas/ Argentina Actor Fernando Lamas/ "This is Lucy" by Desi Arnaz/ Dressed to Cook - Fancy Aprons/ The Big Men of New York's Blue Angel Night Club/ Los Angeles Rams Elroy Hirsch/ Movie Review - "Limelight" with Charlie Chaplin and Claire Bloom;

DECEMBER 2 (Front Cover) England's Princess Margaret Rose (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Farley Granger (Contents) 20th Century Princess Margaret Rose/ My Eyes for God - author John Howard Griffin/ The Tyrone Powers Pose for their Portraits/ 2-page color ad Walt Disney's "Peter Pan"/ "Asia 1952 - part 3 Revolution in Burma" bt William O. Douglas/ Elizabeth Taylor the Girl Who Has Everything/ Peter Hunt Shows How To Make Mery Christmas Gifts/ Who Says Women are the Weaker Sex ?/ Look's 1952-53 Basketball Forecast/ TV's Big Boy Jackie Gleason/ College Football's Last Stand - Yale vs. Harvard/ Inside Russia - They Never had it so Good;

DECEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Three Bathing Girls (Back Cover) AD - Chris-Craft Motor Boats (Contents) 2nd Annual Vacation Issue - Canada - North Africa - Tipping - Paris -Sun Fashions - Snow Sports - New York - U.S. Food - Italian Beaches - Florida - Fishing/ "Asia 1952 - part 4 Choice in Korea to Recognize or Crush Red Chine" by William O. Douglas/ "What's Wrong with U.S. Men ?" by Marilyn Monroe and Zsa Zsa Gabor/ Wherever you go Take a Swim Suit/ West Coast Rose Bowl Blues/ Movie Review - Walt Disney's Animated "Peter Pan";


JANUARY 13 (Front Cover) Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in Kilts (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfields Cigarettes (Contents) "How I Fell for the Basketball Bribers" by Gene Melchiorre/ Spare Parts for the Human Body/ America's Favorite Movie Stars - The Top 20/ "What's Become of the Oakies" by Dan Fowler/ Third Annual Look TV Awards - Show of Shows - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - Robert Montgomery Presents - What's My Line - Blue Ribbon Bouts - Zoo Parade - See It Now - Kukla and Ollie/ The Merritt Parkway is Queen of the Toll Roads/ "The Windsor Dilemma" by Sir Compton Mackenzie/ "What is Realism in Art ?" by Ben Shahn/ Fashion _The Everall All Purpose Coat/ 10 Year Old George Sylvester Sattler, North Dakota Farm Boy/ Stigmata of Theresa Neumann/ Paula Stone Show/ Movie Review - "Against All Flags" with Maureen O'Hara and Errol Flynn;

JANUARY 27 (Front Cover) Rita Hayworth - Gloria Grahame - Rocky Marciano - Bishop Sheen (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Alan Ladd (Contents) Argentina's Peron's Plot Against the U.S./ Teenage Killers - Who's to Blame ?/ The Virgin Islands - Frontier in the Sun/ Red Buttons Lampoons Hollywood Muscle Men/ "A Talk With Bishop Sheen" by Joseph Roddy/ Fashion - Jungle Feathers Make Wild Hats/ General Motors Motorama of 1953/ 1953 All America Flowers/ "The Rocky Marciano Story - With Heart and Hands" part 1 of 2 - by Tim Cohane/ Transocean TV is on the Way/ Cancer the Child Killer/ Movie Review - "The Bad and the Beautiful" with Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell and Gloria Graheme;

FEBRUARY 10 (Front Cover) Arthur Godfrey and Joan Walden on Skates (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Ed Sullivan (Contents) Mentally Retarded Children out of the Shadow/ Friend on Ice - Joan Walder/ TV's "Meet the Press" - Bigwigs Under Fire/ The All America Cities/ Why is a Movie Star ?1953 Prefab Houses/ Hunger in India/ Women's Fashion Under Garments/ Movie Review - "Above and Beyond" with Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker;

FEBRUARY 24 (Front Cover) Richard Nixon and Family (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Arthur Godfrey (Contents) Is NiXon Fit to be President ? - Copies of Hie Income Tax Returns/ G.I. Cartoons from Korea/ Scientist World Search for Miracle Antibiotics/ "Profile of a President" by Benjamin P. Thomas - Excerpts from his New Book on Abraham Lincoln/ Hoopla Over Movie "Hans Christian Anderson" Premiere on TV/ Tallulah Bankheads 5 Livesa - TV - Radio - Theater - Movies - Glamour/ America Hails a New Art Form - TV Wrestling Programs with Baron Arena - Gorgeous George - Antonio Rocca - Marco Polo - Primo Carera - Gene Stanlee/ Bob Hope - Gags and Riches / Basketball's Bob Cousy Court Magician;

MARCH 24 (Front Cover) Joanne Gilbert (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Perry Como (Contents) John Davis the Strongest Man in the World/ "You May Live Forever" by William L. Laurence/ Sophie Gamble Designing Woman/ Jane Froman Dances/ Cobalt for Cancer/ 100 Years of Van Gogh/ A Kid Heads for the Big Leagues - Pitcher Russell Johnson/ "A New Way to Fight Communism" by Morris L. Ernst and David Loth/ Toy Tycoon John Burton Tigrett/ Gene Kelly's Invitation to the Dance/ How to Handle Women/ The Look all America Basketball Team/ Excerpts from "This I Believe" by Edward R. Morrow/ TV's Sam Fuller Keeps Them Happy - Forestalling Any Crisis;

APRIL 7 (Front Cover) Debbie Reynolds (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Telemeter at Palm Springs Ushers in Coin-Box TV/ American Korean War Aces Warn - Red Jets can Rule the Skies/ Husbands in Korea - Lonely Wives/ Gary Cooper Filming in South Seas Paradise/ Policeman's Daughter Elaine Stewart/ Milton Berle by his Chief TV Writer/ "The Story of the Resurrection' by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen/ St. Louis Browns Satchel Paige Still Winning at 46/ Could You get a Job as a Housewife ? - Quiz/ Easter Hats are Works of Art/ Rocky Marciano as Walcott will see Him/ Movie Review - "I Love Melvin" with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor;

APRIL 21 (Front Cover) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and Their Children (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “How Hellish is the H-Bomb ?” by William L. Laurence/ “What the GOP Must Do to Win in 1954” by Senator Taft/ Cock Fighting in Haiti/ Mermaid on Skis – Esther Williams/ Joni James of the Juke Boxes/ “Pity the Poor Peer of the Realm” by John Godley who is Lord Kilbracken/ 2-page Centerfold Color Ad of the 1953 Nash Cars/ What is a Baptist ?/ Little Kids on Muscle Beach/ Tim Cohane 1953 Baseball Forecast/ “Fish Story (Women Only)” by Chisie Farrington on Deep Sea Fishing/ Cronation Fashions/ New Blood “Substitutes” End Risk of Plasma/ Radio's Don McNeill/ Movie Review - “I Confess” with Montgomery Clift,O.E. Hasse and Anne Baxter;

MAY 19 (Front Cover) Adlai Stevenson (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) “Peace Showdown to Come in Germany” by Walter Lippmann/ Adlai Stevenson Reports on Japan – Korea – Formosa and Hong Kong/ Broadway Play “Can Can” with Gwen Verdon, Peter Cookson and Lilo/ Rita Gam Seeks Film Stardom as a Berber Girl/ “The Unfair Sex” by Nina Farewell/ “Raise Your Boy to Be a Catcher” by Tim Cohane/ Clothes Designer Claire McCordell' One Woman Show in California's Frank Perls Gallery/ Boxers Training at Stillman's Gym on 8th Avenue New York/ TV's Ozzie and Harriet's Ricky and David/ What is an Episcopalian ?/ Master of the Macabre – Chas Addams/ H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” gets the Hollywood Treatment/ Movie Review - “Shane” with Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin and Jack Palance;

JUNE 2 (Front Cover) Dorian Leigh (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes with Charlton Heston (Contents)How U.S. Prisoners Broke Under Red Brain Washing/ Adlai Stevenson Reports on Indochina and the Philippines/ Golfer Ben Hogan Shows How to Break 90/ Art Linkletter Give-Away Zany/ Ava Gardner and Clark Gable Filming “Mogambo” in Africa/ What Parents Should Know About Polio this Summer/ Movie Actress Joanne Gilbert in 9 Different Bathing Suits/ “The Young Stay Young at Dartmouth College” by John Lardner – Illustrated by Walt Kelly/ “Dennis the Menace” and Family go on The Great American Weekend/ The Picture of Dorian Leigh/ 1-page ad with Marilyn Monroe for “Lustre-Creme”/ Catholic Festival in Granada, Spain;

JUNE 16 (Front Cover) Senator Joe McCarthy (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Dan Duryea (Contents) Cartoonist Ding Decorates a Building/ What Does Senator McCarthy Really Want ?/ Broadway Musical “Me and Juliet” with Isabel Bigley, Joan McCracken, Bill Hayes, Ray Walston and Mark Dawson/ Adlai Stevenson Reports on Fight for Freedom in Southeast Asia/ Deluxe or Budget Vacation in Nantucket/ Tax Road or Toll Road/ TV's Paul Winchell and his Dummy Jerry Mahoney/ “Idiots for Hire” Hollywood Stuntmen/ If You Marry – Primer for Honeymooners/ Innocence Regained – Primitive Painters/ Broadway Actors on Their Favorite Scene with Sheree North, Rosalind Russell, Tom Ewell and Others/ Movie Review - “Young Bess' with Jean Simmons, Elaine Stewort, Charles Laughton and Deborah Kerr;

JULY 28 (Front Cover) Olga Nicholasin Cover-up Bathing Suit (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes with Charlton Heston - Eva Gabo - Tyrone Power - Patrice Munsel - Alan Ladd - Jane Greer (Contents) Hitler's Secret Conversations a Stenographic Record/ "What is a Communist ?" by Whittaker Chambers/ The Puzzling Age of Puppy Love/ Tony Accardo the New Mr. Big in Crime/ Artist Hans Hofmann Lives in Color/ "What to Watch for in Big League Baseball" by Rogers Hornsby/ 10 Year Old Toby Friedlander at the National Music Canp near Interlochen Michigan/ Who are Jehovah's Witnesses ?/ Top Diver Pamela Jean Myers;

AUGUST 11 (Front Cover) Cyd Charisse (Back Cover) AD - Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Have Atom Bomb Tests Fouled up the Weather ?/ "No Peace for Israel" by Adelai Stevenson/ "The Beginning of Revolt Against Red Tyranny - Czech Workers" by Seymour Freiden and William Richardson/ Secret Military Bases on Arctic Watch/ Renee Du Rant Beauty Contestant at Myrtle Beach Beauty Pageant/ Floyd Patterson Boxing Champ for Tomorrow/ Hot Rods on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats/ Big John Wayne is 46 and no Beuty/ Movie Review - "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck;

AUGUST 25 (Front Cover) Roxanne at New York's Jones Beach (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Tony Curtis (Contents) Coast to Coast Auto Vacation for $439/ "Atomic Miracles you will see in Ten Years" by Gordon Dean/ Vacationer Boom in Colorado/ Censored Photos "From Here to Eternity" with Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster/  Prince Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend/ "The West Builds a Balkan Barrier" by Adilai Stevenson/ Henri Matisse answers Twenty Questions;

SEPTEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Richard Burton and Jean Simmons (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Pro Golfer Ben Hogan (Contents) Within In Ten Years Cures For Cancer, Polio and Heart Disease/ Larchmont Race Week -Sail Racing on the Long Island Sound/ "I was a Slave in Siberia" by Henryk Zaborski/ Las Vegas Hits the Talent Jackpot - Milton Berle - Red Skelton - Betty Hutton - Spike Jones - Anna Maria Alberghetti and Many Others/ Fashion - Night Life Leathers/ Gwen Verdon - The New Eve/ "Here Come the Brooklyn Dodgers Again" by Frank Graham/ Adilai Stevenson Answers 5 Question About Europe/ Could You Get a Job as a Husband ? - Quiz Movie Review - "The Robe" with Richard Burton and Jean Simmons;

OCTOBER 6 (Front Cover) Ava Gardner with Grenadier Guardsman on Duty at the Tower of London (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) "After 11 Years in Russia - It's Great to be Home" by Eddy and Tamara Gilmore/ A Gallery of Americans Posed by Fernandel/ Arthur Godfrey Himself part 2 - No Business like his Business/ "Ladies, let the Chemicals do Your Housework"/ Flying Speed Trap in Oklahoma/ American Kennel Club's Top Ten Dogs/ Fifth Amendment Pleaders "What are They Hiding ?" by Fletcher Knebel/ Portrait of an Actress - Eartha Kitt/ Notre Dame's Frank Leahy vs. Oklahoma's Bud Wilkinson on the Return of One Platoon Football/ Fashion for "Dennis the Menace"/ New Train Flaycars put Truck Trailers on Rails/ Look's All America Baseball Team/ "How to Enjoy Your Food " by Charles Laughton/ What is a Methodist ?/ Movie Review - Gaudy Western Musical "Red Garters" with Guy Mitchell, Rosemary ClooneyGene Barry and Joanne Gilbert;

OCTOBER 20 (Front Cover) University of Minnesota's Paul Giel and Margaret Ellefson (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Mickey Mantle - Zoe Ann Olsen - Julius Boros - Pauline Betz (Contents) "Will the New Joint Chief's Gamble on Peace?" by Homer Bigart/ Landlubbers on a Yankee Schooner off the Coast of Maine/ Horse Racing Yearling Sale at Saratoga/ Arthur Godfrey Himself part 3 - Friend of the Mighty/ Fancy Feet - High Fashion Shoes/ Three Designing Women fron Seventh Avenue Fashion District/ Father John A. O'brien Heads South to Street Preach/ How Does Your Income Rate?/ Burt Lancaster - The Story of a Hard Man/ Italian Artists Paint an Imaginary U.S.A./ "Flying Saucers from Outer Space" by Major Donald E. Keyhoe/ Modern Monarch Queen Frederika of Spain/ Movie Review - "Melba" with Patrice Munsel and Alec Clunes;

NOVEMBER 3 (Front Cover) Red Square in Moscow (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Cigarettes with Paul Douglas (Contents) Moscow - Exclusive Color Pictures of Life in the Communist Capitol/ Milton Berle's 40 Years in Show Business/ Kansas City's American Royal Live Stock and Horse Show/ Muscular Dystrophy "My Son Dies a Little Every Day" by Helen Boerner/ New York Giants Master Lineman Arnold Weinmeister/ Brokerage Firm Neuberger and Berman 's Wall Street Art Collection/ Plastic Bodied Custom Cars From Detroit - First Corvette/ Hollywood Foto Fun Fest/ "What is an Agnostic" by Bertrand Russell/ Coley Wallace Plays Joe Louis in the Movie "The Joe Louis Story"/ Movie Review - "The French Line" with Mary McCarty and Jane Russell;

DECEMBER `1 (Front Cover) Perry Como (Back Cover) AD - Chesterfield Ci;garettes (Contents) The Ring Around Senator Joe McCarthy - Money, Men, and a Smart Young Wife/ Navy New Jet Fighter the Douglas XF4D-1 Skyray/ Halfback Johnny Lattner of Notre Dame/ The American Dream of Christmas - Presents for the Whole Family with 1-page of Marilyn Monroe/ What is a Quaker ?/ Perry Como Durable Dreamboat/ The Sumner Gerads of Swapped Manhattan For Montana Ranch Life/ TV Families Album/ Movie Review - "Kiss Me Kate" with Ann Miller, Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson;

DECEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Bishop Fulton J. Sheen (Back Cover) AD Camel and Cavalier Cigarettes with Santa Claus (Contents) "I Knew Soviet Spy Harry Dexter White" by Whittaker Chambers/ "Christmas is for Children" by Mrs. Peter Marshall/ New 3-D Movie Blends Fact and Fiction About the Korean War "Cease Fire"/ Willie Shoemaker - A Jockey Whom Knows How a Horse Thinks/ Art Book Boom/ New Parlour Game Scrabble/ Fashion - White Leopard Cotton Print/ Fourth Annual Look TV Awards - Studio One - Toast of the Town - Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca - What's My Line ? - See It Now - Omnibus - Blue Ribbon Boxing Bouts - Ding Dong School - Bishop Fulton J. Sheen/ Betty Betz's Teenage Holiday Party/ Movie Review - "Prince Valiant" and :Knights of the Round Table";


JANUARY 12 (Front Cover)Pat Crowley (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Arthur Godfrey (Contents) 1954 Travel Issue – Hawaii Two Weeks in an Island Paradise – California Highway Holiday – Florida Keys Fighting Fish and Sunken Treasure – 10 Best Motels Picked by Duncan Hines – Bathing Suits Knitted to Cling – Canada Ski Guide to the Laurentians – New York by Walter Winchell – Chicago by Irv Kupcinet – San Francisco by Herb Caen – West Indies Ho ! - Central America - North American Game Fish;

FEBRUARY 9 (Front Cover) Howard Hughes (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Deborah Kerr (Contents) The Howard Hughes Story part 1– The Fabulous Lone Wolf/ “An Armistice in the Cold War ?/ Bowls, Baskets and Bags Chairs/ Broadway 1954 the Star's the Thing-Alfred Drake, Margaret Sullivan, Victor Borge - Julie Harris and Many More/ Eleven All American Cities – Canton Ohio – Daytona Beach Florida – De Soto Missouri – Flint Michigan – Park Forest Illinois – Peoria Illinois – Petersburg Virginia – Port Angeles Washington – Scranton Pennsylvania – Richmond California – Shreve Port Louisiana/ Fashion – Women's White Coats/ NBA New York Knickerbocker's Dick McGuire/ Mamie Van Doren not Another Marilyn Monroe/ Martha Raye at Home/ Somerset Maugham at 80;

MARCH 9 (Front Cover) Jeanmarie (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes with Opera Star Eleanor Steber (Contents) “Are Our Teachers Afraid to Teach ?” by Robert Hutchins/ Fun on Snow at Lake Placid New York/ Doc Witten of Virginia has Fostered almost 200 Boys/ “How Labor Bosses get Rich” by Clark Mollenhoff/ Rehearsal Club in Manhattan – House of Dreams/ “14 Years a Bum” by Pee Wee Reese of the Brooklyn Dodgers/ The Little Middle – New Girdles and Corselets/ The French Firecracker Jeanmarie/ Pity the Poor Pro Wrestler – The Big Fix/ The Howard Hughes Story part 3 – A Star and a Plane/ Viewing the TV Audience/ Jitterbug with Jerry Lewis and Sheree North ;

APRIL 6 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes with Lilly Dache (Contents) The Boy Who Married the Queen – Life Story in Pictures and Text/ :Who Censors our Movies ?” by Milton Lehman/ Kate Smith's TV's Richest Woman/ The Private Life of TV and Radio's Jaye P. Morgan/ A Mother's Letter from Red Poland “Save Our Souls”/ The Year's Best Sports Pictures/ Middleweight Champion Bobo Olson;

APRIL 20 (Front Cover) Ernest and Mary Hemingway (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with John Cameron Swayze (Contents) “The Christmas Gift” by Ernest Hemingway on his Two Plane Crashes in Africa part 1/ TV's Dana Wynter the Girl Britain Lost/ “The Baltimore Orioles are Still the Browns” by Tim Cohane/ Dorothy Kilgallen Career Mother-to-be/ They Love TV's Ruth Lyons of Ohio/ “I Do Strange Things in my Sleep” by Ione Wier/ Audrey Hepburn Enchants Broadway in “Ondine)/ Eisenhower Has Decided There Will be No War/ Canada's New Baby Story – Paul-Emile and Rosa Tremblay Six Sets of Twins in Eight Years/ Movie Review - “Knock on Wood” with Danny Kaye;

JULY 13 (Front Cover) Couple Kissing Underwater (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with John Hodiak, John Payne and Robin Chandler (Contents) The Double Cross That Gave Russia the H-Bomb/ Fairyland Clinic for Handicapped Children in Meadville Pa./ Virginia Fishermen Sea Pony Round-up/ Newest Contact Lenses – Micro Lenses/ “Jack Dempsey Today” by Tim Cohane/ A Day with MGM's Movie Stars/ Princess Margaret part 2 – The Queen's Little Sister/ Everybody's Going Underwater – America's Diving Craze/ Margo and Eddie Albert – New Husband and Wife Hit/ Motor Mayhem Jalopy Derby in Culver City, California;

JULY 27 (Front Cover) Janet Leigh (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with John Wayne (Contents) The Private Life of Vice-President's Wife – Pat Nixon/ Why Does a Man Vote Communist ?/ Philadelphia Phillies Richie Ashburn/ Fashion – Summer Nonsense/ Grandma Moses on Eisenhower's Art/ Will the Russians Beat Us to the Moon ?/ America's Top Model Lisa Fonssagrives Diet and Beauty Secrets/ Baseball Texas League Dallas Eagles Owner Dick Burnett/ “The Sad Story of Barbara Hutton” by Eleanor Harris/ Visiting Mexico by Trailer/ Movie Review - “The High and the Mighty” with John Wayne, Robert Stack and Jan Sterling;

AUGUST 10 (Front Cover) Man Battling Giant Squid from “20,000 League's Under the Sea” (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Exclusive Pictures from Walt Disney's Undersea Man Against Monster Battle in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”/ “Should the Clergy Stay Out of Politics ?” by Bishop Bernard Sheil/ Great Plains Dust Bowl Story/ Another Roosevelt wants to be President – F.D.R. Jr./ Bing Crosby's Boy Gary/ Now They can Map Your Brain/ Two Little Bears and How They Learned/ Kay Winsor Launches a New Career – Play Wright/ “Will the Cleveland Indians Fold Again This Year ?” by Tim Cohane/ Movie Review - “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando, Karl Malden and Eva Marie Saint;

AUGUST 24 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and Baby (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Edward R. Murrow – the Man, the Myth and the Joe McCarthy Fighter/ Four California Models on a Vacation in Palm Springs – Ginger Dubberly, Beverly Mulvany, Sandy Haines and Bonnie Zornow/ “Should we Support an Attack on Red China ?” by William C. Bullitt/ Baseball in Finland/ Hollywood Mothers – Elizabeth Taylor – June Allyson – Jeanne Crain – Lauren Bacall/ The Boss of Quebec Maurice Duplessis/ “How Close are we to Space Travel ?” by J. Gordon Vaeth/ Cincinnati Reds Jim Greengrass, Gus Bell and Ted Kluszewski/ American Art and Tradition go Abroad/ Movie Review - “Magnificent Obsession” with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman;

SEPTEMBER 7 (Front Cover) Clark Gable (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Roxanne, Stan Musial and Russ Hodges (Contents) Clark Gable Life in Pictures/ “Is Fear Destoying Our Freedom ?” by Leo Rosten/ Houston, Texas Population hits a Million/ Fashion – Day and Night Life for the Jumper/ The Great American Bath/ New Medical Miracles to Save Your Heart/ What Should Children be Told about Sex ?/ Brooklyn Dodgers Shouldn't Have let go of Charlie Dressen/ In the Far East the Flying Tigers can Do it Again;

OCTOBER 5 (Front Cover) Doctor and Nurse with a Baby (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Jean and Joan Corbett (Contents) Are Your Doctor Bills Padded ?/ America's Wickedest City is Phoenix City, Alabama/ High School Football Dallas Texas Back Paul Delfeld/ “Can We Stop Communism in Africa ?” by John Gunther/ What is a Mormon ?/America Baseball Team/ TV's Addled English Teacher Marion Lorne/ Standards of Living For City Cats/ Movie Review - “Brigadoon” with Van Johnson, Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse;

OCTOBER 19 (Front Cover) Liberace at his Piano (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Douglas Leigh (Contents) The French are Facing Disaster Again in Morocco/ Mystery of Bee's Royal Jelly/ Young Comedian Dick Shawn/ Washington State's Superintendent of Education Pearl Wanamaker/ “Eisenhower and the Next Congress” by Thomas E. Dewey/ Fashion – The Tall Girl/Do Farm Price Supports Make Sense ?/ Why Women Idolize Liberace/ Notre Dame Football Coach Terry Brennan/ Movie Review - “A Star is Born” With Judy Garland;

NOVEMBER 2 (Front Cover) Maryland Fullback Dick Bielski and Pretty Cheerleader (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Jack Webb and Ben Alexander of TV's “Dragnet” (Contents) How Maryland Became a Football Power/ “I Never had to Scream” by Bing Crosby/ India's Nehru Interview/ Janice Easton a British Nurse had Surgery Under Hypnosis/ Katharine Hepburn Plunge into Venice Grand Canal/ Family Life of King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece/ First View of “Disneyland'/ Election Forecast – Democrats Will Gain Control/ Railroad Nurse Dorothy Stazak/ The Americanized Pizza/ Self-Portrait of an American Druggist/ The Case of the Teenage Brooklyn Thrill Killers;

NOVEMBER 16 (Front Cover) Model Jeryl Johnson in a Nightgown (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Maureen O'Sullivan (Contents)”Must we have War ?” by Adlai Stevenson/ “The 80 Years of Winston Churchill” by Robert E. Sherwood/ Fashion – Cover up Lingerie/ Ezio Pinza back on Broadway in “Fanny” with Florence Henderson and Walter Slezak/Steve Allen a Clown with a Conscience/ Will Canadian Football Change our Game ?/ Bill Ford Builds the Lincoln Continental/ “For all the World's Children” by Danny Kaye/ Attack Jets the Douglas Skyhawk and Douglas Skywarrior/ The World of Dolls/ Ohio Born Stephanie Griffin Makes the Old Hollywood Try;

NOVEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Gina Lollobrigida (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Gina Lollobrigida “I'm not a Body... I'm an Actress”/ U.S. Navy on Guard off Formosa/ “The Fight of My Life” by Rocky Graziano – part1/ Test Pilot Herman Salmon – The Fish that Flies/ Detroit Lions Halfback Bill Stits of U.C.L.A./ Joan Brownell the Attorney General's Daughter/ The Case of the Billionaire Bachelor Oilman Sid Richardson/ Who are the Disciples of Christ ?/ Women Russia's Second Class Citizens/ Chrysler's Styling Director Virgil Exner/ Movie Review - “There's no Business Like Show Business” with Marilyn Monroe, Mitzi Gaynor, Johnnie Ray and Ethel Merman;

DECEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Norman Vincent Peale and Bishop Fulton Sheen (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Teresa Wright (Contents) U.S. Air Force “Operation Mercy”: in Flood Ravaged Pakistan/ Religion Reaches Out by Radio, TV and Movies/ The 1954Look All America Football Team/ Mary Martin Sings “Peter Pan” on Broadway/ For Girl's it's Still Sweet Sixteen/ Husbands – the New Servant Class/ Post Office Unclaimed Articles Auction/ “The Fight of My Life” by Rocky Graziano – part 2/ 13 New Americans – Dutch Family Starts Life in Minnesota/ Looks Picks for Christmas Gifts/ The Girl Behind the Jackie Gleason Girls is June Taylor/ Teenage Fashion – Mostly Legs/ Movie Review - “The Country Girl” with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby;


JANUARY 11 (Front Cover) Grace Kelly (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Rory Calhoun and Lita Baron (Contents) Predictions for 1955 by Various Experts in Many Fields/ Bright New Stars of 1955 – James Dean – Julie Andrews – Shirley MacLaine – Grace Kelly/ Color TV Controversy/ A Prediction for 1965 – San Francisco to New York in 75 Minutes by Rocket Transport/ Caribbean Cruise – a New World Riviera;

JANUARY 25 (Front Cover) Ava Gardner (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) What's Behind the German Comeback ?/ “Jackie Robinson Story – Now I Know Why They Boo Me !” by Jackie Robinson – part 1/ Ike's Grandchildren/ What is Sex Appeal / - Ava Gardner – Gina Lollobrigida – Marlene Dietrich – Greta Garbo and Many Others/ To win in Indochina We Must Win the People/ Fashion – Girls Dress Like Grease Monkeys/ Tom Ewell's Summer Bachelor's Dream with Marilyn Monroe, Roxanne and Carolyn Jones/ “The Welfare State is Here to Stay;

FEBRUARY 8 (Front Cover) Suzy Parker in France (Back Cover) AD – Land M Cigarettes (Contents) Gary Cooper his Life in Pictures/ We Nearly Went to War 3 Times Last Year/ How Americans feel About Big Business/ Our Iron Curtain is Turning Friends into Enemies/ Navy's Newest Seaplane the Corvair R3Y-1 Tradewind/ A Treasury of Art Found in a Russian Attic/ The Early Rising Jack Paar/ Fashion The Bride Wore Print/ Broadway Musical “Silk Stockings” with Hildegarde Neff and Don Ameche/ All America Cities – Chicago, Illinois – Decatur, Arkansas – Maricopa County, Arizona – Mexico, Missouri – Modesto, California – Newark, New Jersey – Pueblo, Colorado – Richfield, Minnesota – Rock Island Illinois – Warren, Ohio/ “The Jackie Robinson Story – A Kentucky Colonel Kept me in Baseball” by Jackie Robinson – part 2;

FEBRUARY 22 (Front Cover) Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher Learn to Dance “The Champion Strut/ The Army that can Stop the Russians – Germany Based U.S. Seventh/ Medical Electronics/ Will this be our First Helicopter Bus – Twin Engine H-16 Transporter/ Cooking Fun of a Barbecue Indoors/ Esther Williams Underwater Industry/ “Jackie Robinson Story – Your Temper can Ruin Us !” by Jackie Robinson – part 3/ Rotary – the Big Wheel of the Service Clubs/ Love and Old Lace – Valentines/ “How Good is Big 10 Basketball ?” by Gil McDonald/ S.S. United States Luxury Liner Executive Purser Henry Mareno;

MARCH 8 (Front Cover) President and Mrs. Eisenhower (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “The Eisenhower I Know” by Merriman Smith/ “Why No American can be Elected Pope” by Francois Mauriac/ Fashion – Colorful Stockings/ Montreal Canadiens Rocket Richard/ Inside Red China/ American Population Getting Bigger Every Day/ Social Graces for Children/ What is an Unitarian ?/ Washington's Hostess with the Mostest – Mrs. Perle Mesta/ Nanette Fabray is Caesar's TV Wife;

MARCH 22 (Front Cover) Stars of the Year Judy Garland and Bing Crosby (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Report to the American People part 1 – What are we Worried About ?/ A Wave of Terror Threatens the South Over Segregation/ 64,000,000Americans Don't go to Church – What do They Believe ?/ Skiing at Squaw Valley, California/ St. Patrick's Day in Ireland/ Polly Bergen Girl Near the Top/ “Arnold Johnson Baseball Athletics Owner” by Tim Cohane/ Look Annual Movie Awards – Judy Garland – Bing Crosby – Edmond O'Brien – Eva Marie Saint – Jack Lemmon – Walt Disney – Alfred Hitchcock/ Martha Raye TV's No. 1 Female Clown/ Look All America Basketball Team;

APRIL 5 (Front Cover) Ed Sullivan (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) With the Seventh Fleet off Formosa/ “can a Scientist Believe in God ?' by Warren Weaver/ “Ed Sullivan Story – That No Talent” - part 1/ Senator William Knowland Would Rather be Right and President/ The Year's Best Sports Pictures/ Report to the American People part 2 – Communism and Civil Liberties/ Winter Sailing in the San Juan Islands/ Fashion – California Clothes Strike it Rich/ Shirley Jones – the Girl From “Oklahoma !”/ At 38 Archie Moore Wants to Fight Rocky Marciano/ Movie Review - “East of Eden” with James Dean, Julie Harris and Raymond Massey;

APRIL 19 Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Princess Margaret Least Eligile Girl in the World/ Queen Elizabeth Reigns but Philip has Become the Boss/ The Sioux Indians Their Plight is our Worst Disgrace/ “Why Russia Doesn't Want to go to War Now” by Charles W. Thayer/ Susan Strasberg Teenager with the Magic Touch/ “What is Human Nature?” by Margaret Mead/ First Photos of Africa's Rarest Animal the Giant Sable Antelope/ “Ed Sullivan Story – He Smiles Back at Fortune” - part 2/ Lucky Understudy Shirley MacLaine/ Four Air Force Good Boys on a Cuba Vacation/ The Melancholy Monarch – Nat King Cole/ “Confessions of an Umpire” by Bill Stewart;

MAY 3 (Front Cover) Willie Mays (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Leo Durocher (Contents) The Mystery of Willie Mays/ Surprise TV Star Gisele MacKenzie/ It's Tulip Time in Holland/ The U.S. Has a Defense Against Atomic Attack/ Private Life of Millionaire Louis Wolfson/ “What is Normal ?” by Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie/ Twin 20 Year Old Nurses Betsy and Barbara Ball/ Fashion Designer Jane Derby/ Singer Jo Stafford Lives a Love Song/ “War won't Solve the Formosa Crisis” by Barbara Ward Jackson/ Greta Garbo's “Camille” Sets a Fashion Trend/ A Century of Kitchen Inventions/ Movie Review - “Blackboard Jungle” with Vic Morrow and Glenn Ford;

JUNE 14 (Front Cover) Jackie Gleason and Art Carney (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Gleason's Pal Art Carney/ Captain Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret/ “High School Seniors know where They're Going” by Jack Star/ Lest We Forget Hiroshima/ How Much do we Know about Marriage ?/ A Blueprint for Flying Saucers/ Fashion – Translations from the Orient with Marilyn Monroe/ Rev. Reuben Youngdahl Built the Biggest Lutheran Church in America/ “How J. Edgar Hoover Rules the FBI” by Fletcher Knebel/ “Have the Boston Red Sox Rounded the Corner” by Tim Cohane/ Movie Review - “Love Me or Leave Me” with James Cagney and Doris Day;

JULY 12 (Front Cover) Young Couple Hugging in a Swimming Pool (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) “All About L:ove” by Julian Huxley/ Gloria Vanderbilt Starts a New Life/ Exclusive Pictures – Tito and the Russians/ Hollywood Fathers – Bob Hope – Groucho Marx – William Holden – Van Johnson – Jerry Lewis – Dean Martin – John Wayne – Dana Andrews/ TV's Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney/ “A New Look at Americans” by William Attwood/ America is Bit by the Barbecue Bug/ Gwen Verdon – Beauty and Baseball/ Leisure - How Does America Relax ?;

AUGUST 9 (Front Cover) Hiroshima Aftermath of A-Bomb (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) “Hiroshima Diary” by Dr. Michihiko Hachiya/ Utopian Promise of Peacetime Atomic Power/ Bob and Carol Douglass of New York City Have Their First Baby/ Movie Star Laraine Day the Umpire Leo Durocher Married/ Another Crosby Another Crooner – Lindsay Crosby/ Look Reports on Teenage Sewing/ How Much do we Know About Jealousy ?/ 32 Year Old George Raborn of Waco, Texas has seen 5,592 Movies;

SEPTEMBER 6 (Front Cover) Frank Sinatra (Back Cover) AD – Land M Cigarettes (Contents) Inside Story of the Eisenhower – Truman Feud/ John and Mary Walker Adopt a Five Year old Boy/ Presenting England's Joan Collins/ Baseball's Paul Dean Jr. - The Greatest Dean of them All/ Juke Box U.S.A. - Nat King Cole – Kitty Kallen – Eddie Fisher – Les Paul and Mary Ford – Perry Como – Rosemary Clooney – The Crew Cuts – Frank Sinatra – Joe Turner – Kay Starr – Hank Snow/ That Restless Conrad Hilton/ Greta Garbo in Capri/ “I'll Beat Rocky Marciano” by Archie Moore/ Movie Review - “Night of the Hunter” with Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters;

SEPTEMBER 20 (Front Cover) Billy Graham (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Brian Keith (Contents) Is the Religious Boom a Spiritual Bust ?/ Dolly Fritz the Prettiest Millionaire in California/ The Mentally Ill Tell their own Story – part 1/ Sheree North Gives Acting a Try/ “Ike's Big Failures” by Adlai Stevenson/ Emcee Hal March the Man Behind TV's “$64,000 Question”/ Fashion – Paris and Italy Styles in the U.S.A./ How Your State Ranks in Education/ “”I'll Beat Rocky Marciano – part 2” by Archie Moore/ The New Craze for James Cagney/ 1955 Football Forecast by Tim Cohane;

OCTOBER 4 (Front Cover) Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gable (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Clark Gable part 1 – His Whole Strange Life Story/ World's 100 Most Important People/ Look 1955 Baseball All; America Team/ What Love Means to a Child/ The Secret Life of Dave Garroway/ Stars in the Kitchen ? - Shirl Conway – Hildegarde Neff – Pat Marsahall – Anne Kimbell/ America's Young Fashion Designers/ “A Wife's View of Notre Dame Football” by Mrs. Terry Brennan/ / The Mentally Ill Tell Their Own Story – part 2/ Look All America Baseball Team;

OCTOBER 18 (Front Cover) Princess Margaret (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Princess Margaret Puts Duty above Desire/ Eisenhower will not Run in 1956/ What I tell my Child about Color” by White James W. May and Negro William Gordon/ “Football made a Gentleman out of Me” by John Polzer a Subsidized Athlete/ Sigma Chis Fraternity a Sweetheart/ TV's Jeannie Carson a Restless Redhead/ The Sad Story of the Gentle Lion Tyke/ Henry Ford's Second Grandson – Benson Ford/ Clark Gable part 2 – The Five Wives of Clark Gable/ America's Favorite Foods/ Movie Review - “The Last Command” with Sterling Hayden, Fess Parker and Shelley Winters;

NOVEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Jack Benny (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) “Beware of the new Soviet Smile” by Seymour Freidin/ Ducks and Decoys/ “Jack Benny's 39 Years” by William Saroyan/ Why Doctors Face so Many Lawsuits/ Paul Brown Football's Winningest Coach/ “Why I Quit Tournament Golf” by Ben Hogan/ Clark Gable part 3 – How he became King of Hollywood/ 19 Year old Blonde German Twins in the Paris Lido Club Chorus Line/ This is “Mr. Egypt” Gamal Abdel Nasser/ Fashion – Country Look comes to Town/ Movie Review - “Trial” with Glenn Ford and Arthur Kennedy;

NOVEMBER 15 (Front Cover) African Mother and Child (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “Africa- World's Most Explosive Continent” byJohn Gunther, Adlai Stevenson, Robert Ruark and Edward M. Korry/ The Perils of Lucille Ball/ These Scandalous Years in Texas/ A Sister from Maryknoll Becomes a Doctor/ Herb Shriner Branches out into TV, Night Clubs and Recording Artist/ Roxanne at One Month until Child Birth/ Italian Actresses – Anna Magnani – Marisa Pavan – Elsa Martinelli – Gina Lollobrigida – Sophia Loren and Many Others/ The Mystery of Author Margaret Mitchell/ Christmas Gifts from around the World;

NOVEMBER 29 (Front Cover) Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Position of the Jews in America Today/ “In Defense of the Single Woman” by Anita Colby/ The Case for Richard Nixon as GOP Candidate/ Pamela Gross goes to Stephens College/ The Strike That may Never End – Kohler Bathroom Fixture Company near Sheboygan, Wisconsin/ Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis on a Parisian Picnic/ Who are America's real Santa Clauses ?/ Fashion – Brown in the Boudoir/ Broadway Musical “The Vamp” with Carol Channing/ All about Steve Allen/ Football's Last Big Time Game – Army vs, Navy/ Movie Review - “Guys and Dolls” with Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando and Vivian Blaine;

DECEMBER 13 (Font Cover) The War Among The Doctors (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Tyrone Power (Contents) “Soviet Colonialism – Product of Terror” by Justice William O. Douglas/ The Stars of Eisenhower's Team – George M. Humphrey/ A Poodles Life in Paris – Misty/ Blonde Beauty Actress Sara Shane/ The Inside Story of Edward R. Morrow TV Show “Person to Person”/ Fashion – Scene Stealers with Marilyn Monroe/ Lourdes the town Built on Faith/ Pre-Fab School Construction/ TV's Happiest Outlaw's are Spring Byington and Verna Felton/ Movie Review - “I'll Cry Tomorrow” with Susan Hayward;

DECEMBER 27 (Front Cover) Painting of Virgin Mother and Christ Child by Hans Erni (Back Cover) AD – Camel, Winston and Cavalier Cigarettes (Contents) Women in the Time of Christ with Six Original Paintings by Hans Erni/ Inside Story of Eisenhower's Heart Attack/ Gordon MacRae's Beautiful Morning/ Who Needs Tax Relief Most ?/ Basketball Crazy Teenage Fans/ Winsted, Connecticut Fights Back after Record Flooding/ Fashion – The Modest Bikini/ Look TV Awards - “Peter Pan” with Mary Martin - $64,000 Question – Omnibus – Climax – Alfred Hitchcock – Ed Sullivan Show – Disneyland – Meet the Press – Cavalcade of Sports – George Gobel/ The Education of Dr. Fuchs at Manhattan's Beth David Hospital/ Movie Review - “The Rose Tattoo” with Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani;


JANUARY 24 (Front Cover) U.S. Teenagers Susan and Caryl Volkmann (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The U.S. Teenager Most Maligned Generation in U.S. History/ A negro boy Whistled at a White Woman and Was Killed for it in Mississippi – Verdict Not Guilty of Killing Emmett Till/ Fashion – a Snow White Summer/ “War or Peace with Russia” by Justice William O. Douglas/ Winthrop Rockefeller Turns Arkansas Farmer/ GM's Harlow Curtice answers 15 Questions About Europe's Future/ TV's Peggy King/ Baseball's Casey Stengel dazes Japan/ Movie Review - “Picnic” with Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell and William Holden;

FEBRUARY 7 (Front Cover) Jackie Gleason (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “The Life Story of Jackie Gleason part 1” by Jim Bishop/ Billy Graham Answers his Critics/ America at it's Best in India – Twelve U.C.L.A. Students/ “The Politics of Peace” by Chester Bowles/ Spanish Dance Variations/ Fashion – Dresses that Button in the Back/ Eva Marie Saint Starring in the Movie “That Certain Feeling” with Bob Hope/ Nice Guy in a Tough Business – Boxer Carmen Basilio/ Snowbound in Montana;

MARCH 6 (Front Cover) Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Cary Grant (Contents) “The Life Story of Jackie Gleason part 3 – Nothing fails like Success” by Jim Bishop/ Los Angeles the World's Worst Growing Pains/ the Living Faith of Mrs. Peter Marshall/ “Bob Feller Story part 1 - Baseball a Game ? What a Laugh !” by Bob Feller/ Walter P. Chrysler Jr. Exhibits Art Collection/ Los Angeles Police Woman of the Year is Fransis Sumner/ America Dances Big Boom/ Debbie and Eddie Fisher – No Time is Their Time;

MARCH 20 (Front Cover) Susan Hayward and James Cagney (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) “Florida – Paradise Gained or Paradise Lost ?” by Philip Wylie/ “Bob Feller Story part 2 – I'll Never Quit Baseball” by Bob Feller/ Lost Childhood a New Crisis in France/ “What's the Matter with France?” by Edward M. Korry/ Look Movie Awards – Susan Hayward – James Cagney – Jack Lemmon – Jo Van Fleet – Fess Parker – Kim Novak – Anna Magnani/ Let's give the Public a Chance at Paid TV/ Sid Caesar 7 Years on TV/ Look All America Basketball Team;

MAY 1 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Queen Elizabeth the World's Richest Woman ?/ “How Ike Made Up His Mind” by Fletcher Knebel/ Grace Kelly, the Prince Rainier and The Man with the Money Aristotle Onassis/ “My Batting tips for Little Leaguers” by Ted Williams/ How Your TV Heroes look to Weegee's Magic Camera/ Fashion From Italy/ “Must our Air Force be Second Best ?” by Trevor Gardner/ “How to Win the Kentucky Derby” by Eddie Arcaro/ The Many Lives of a Protestant Ministers Wife;

MAY 15 (Front Cover) Gina Lollobrigida Joins the Circus (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Look Report on the Policemen/ What Eisenhower Doesn't Like/ Our Guided Missle Crisis/ Filming of “Trapeze” with Gina Lollobrigida/ Julius La Rosa's Life Since Godfrey/ Fashion – New Swim Suits up in Front and down in Back/ Four Year old Emily Burns on a Dairy Farm by Milford, New Hampshire/ “Who Will be the Next Pope ?” by Geoffrey Bocca/ Baseball's Hank Aaron Swings a big Stick/ Movie Review - “The Harder They Fall” with Humphrey Bogart, Rod Steiger, Max Baer and Mike Lane;

JUNE 12 (Front Cover) Janet Leigh in Stripped Bathing Suit (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Janet Leigh Lights up Africa/ “Can a Catholic Become Vice-President/ Revolutionary Rockefeller Diet/ Eric Hoffer is Eisenhower's Favorite Author/ Princess Margaret Next Goal is America/ Our Highway War of Nerves/ Boxer Joe Louis Returns to the Ring as a Wrestler to pay the Taxman/ Tennessee Ernie Ford Sixteen tons of Success/ Fashion - A Romantic Summer/ “Why we Buy What we Buy” by Ben Duffy/ Teenager Dennis Powers Big Decision – Shall I Wait to be Drafted?/ Baseball's Noisiest Dynamo Frank Lane/ Movie Review - “The Searchers” with John Wayne, Natalie Wood and Jeffrey Hunter;

JUNE 26 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) The Elizabeth Taylor Story part 1/ The Russian People are taking Sides Again/ The Great Rock 'n' Roll Controversy – Bill Haley and the Comets – Elvis Presley – Lavern Baker/ Segregation in the North/ 3-page fold-out ad for “Trapeze” in Color/ Art Invades the Apostle Islands/ Victor Borge – There's Nothing like a Dane/ Prisoner's in Korea – Were they really Brainwashed ?/ TV's Captain Kangaroo/ Movie Review - “The Eddy Duchin Story” with Kin Novak and Tyrone Power;

JULY 10 (Front Cover) Ed Sullivan (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Elizabeth Taylor Story part 2 – the Men in her Life/ Fraud or Science ? - Facts about Hypnotism/ Ed Sullivan in Japan/ Vin Scully the Voice of the Brooklyn Dodgers/ Watch the Wheaties Champions in the Baseball's All-Star Game/ Calcutta Metropolis of Misery/ The Great American Week End at Home or Away/ Boxing Champion Gene Tunney Today/ The Cutest Crosby Cathy Crosby/ A Visit with Carl Sandburg;

AUGUST 7 (Front Cover) Prince Philip (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Prince Philip the Queen's Controversial Husband/ Elvis Presley – What / Why ?/ Hitchcock Discovers a new Star Vera Miles/ Abstract Art Shell Chairs/ Meet a Real Parisienne – Salome Chalandon/ Inside the West Coast Football Scandal/ Karen Hantze Tennis Star at 13;

AUGUST 21 (Front Cover) Maureen Swanson (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Football Scandal Hits the Big Ten/ Discovery – British Women are Beautiful – Maureen Swanson – Jill Adams – Claire Bloom – Jackie Lane – Yana – Jo Ann Matthews and others/ The Harry Belafonte Boom/ New Facts Come to Light about Gauguin/ Why Stalin had to Die/ Fashion – Medieval Hods Revival/ “Will Stevenson be Stopped ?” by Fletcher Knebel/ Humphrey Bogart on Hollywood with a very Young Dennis Hopper in Attendance/ The Bums hit the Road – Brooklyn Dodgers Road Trip/ Movie Review - High Society” with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby;

SEPTEMBER 4 (Front Cover) Clark Gable (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Mr. Jazz – Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong/ A Visit with Hemingway – In Pictures/ Only Hollywood Actress from Peurto Rico – Rita Moreno/ Clark Gable filming the Movie “The King and Four Queens” with Barbara Nichols, Jean Willis, Eleanor Parker and Sara Shane/ Preparing for the Melbourne Olympics/ God's Doctor to the Navajo Dr. Vincent Garner/ Philadelphia 10:30 Curfew for Teenagers;

SEPTEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Jo Anne Aehle of California in Red Bathing Suit (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 28-pages on the West – New Frontiers in Living – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Palm Springs – Colorado Coed – Seattle Accountant – Arizona Cowgirl – Western Fashion - Houses – Western Wine/ Hal March got a $64,000 Break/ “1956 Football Forecast” by Tim Cohane/ Ingid Bergman a Fresh Start at 40;

OCTOBER 30 (Front Cover) The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 'Did Ike Really want Richard Nixon” by Fletcher Knebel/ “Our Life Today” by the Duchess of Windsor/ Exclusive – the Big Ten's Secret Report/ Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier in London/ The Fabulous Art of a Master Jeweler Russian Carl Faberge/ Millionaire American Dr' William Mellon in Haiti/ The Young Have New Ideas -Level Headed and Well Mannered/ French Model Colette Duval and Fiance Gil Delamare Sky Diving/ “Why Rocky Marciano will Never Fight Again” by Tim Cohane/ Movie Review - “Friendly Persuasion” with Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire;

NOVEMBER 27 (Front Cover) 1957 Model of a Ford, Chevrolet and Plymouth (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) The American Auto 1896 to 1957 – 38 Pictures in Color of the Newest and Oldest Cars/ The Plight of the Jews in Soviet Russia/ Mr. DeMille and Moses 1923 and 1956 with Charlton Heston/ Christmas Toys for the Whole Family/ Fence Lake, New Mexico Population 197/The Story Behind the Painting Goya - the Painter and the Duchess/ Los Angeles Rams Pro Football's most Hectic Team/ “The Private Hell of Ava Gardner” by Joe Hyams;

DECEMBER 11 (Front Cover) Princess Grace and Prince Rainier (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents)

Tito's Secret Role in the Satellite Revolt” by Edward M. Korry/ The Prince and Princess of Monaco Pose for Karsh/ Prince Charles a Royal Problem/ America's Oldest Practicing Doctor John B. Cummins is 98/ Air Force Jet – The Fabulous F-104/ “The Babe and I” by George Zaharias/ Ava Gardner in Search of Love/ “The Case for Big Time Football” by Dr. Joseph Kaplan/ Ski Bum Bartie Barlett in Vermont/ Rembrandt the Laughing Philosopher;


JANUARY 8 (Front Cover) F.D.R. - Vivien Leigh – Jack Benny and Rochester – Queen Elizabeth – Bishop Sheen – Elizabeth Taylor – Eisenhower (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Look's 20th Anniversary Story – These were the Children 1937 to 1941 – This was the Big War 1941 to 1945 – The New Era Began 1945 to 1950 – These Were the Fears 1945 to 1956 – These Were the Controversies 1945 to 1956 – These Were the Athletes 1945 to 1946 – These Were the Entertainers 1948 to 1956 – The Children made Headlines Again 1956 – This is What 20 Years Mean 1937 to 1957/ The Look Geophysical Atlas/ Modigliani the Rage to Paint – Winning Coach will get new Rose Bowl Trophy/ Annual Look TV Awards – Playhouse 90 – See it Now – Life is Worth Living – Caesar's House – I've Got a Secret – Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Omnibus – The Phil Silvers Show – NCAA Football – Person to Person – The Ed Sullivan Show – The Perry Como Show – Disneyland/ 20 Years of Fashion;

JANUARY 22 (Front Cover) New Born in Doctors Arms (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Civil Engineer Murray Golub (Contents) Why too Many Babies Die / 11 All America Cities/ Fashion – the Poured in Look in Bathing Suits/ The Presidency's Office/ From Hungary New Americans/ What's Happened to the Emmett Till Killers ?/Van Gogh – Mystery of “Study by Candlelight”/ The Stories Postage Stamps Tell/ Pat Boone the Quiet Man/ “Why I'm Quitting Baseball” by Jackie Robinson;

FEBRUARY 19 (Front Cover) Erin O'Brien (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) “Intruder in the South – John Kasper” by Arthur Gordon/ Russia's Privileged Few/ The Separation of Siamese Twins/ The Irish Beauty of Erin O'Brien/ The Lutherans big TV Hit “This is the Life”/ Doctors are Learning More About the Heart – Worry, Smoking and Diet/ Fashion – Japanese Designer Goes American/ The Life Story of Pope Pius Xll – part 2/ Rousseau – The Couch in the Jungle/ Complete Mystery Novel “Murder on Skis” by Gordon Gaskill/ Basketball Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain;

MARCH 5 (Front Cover) Princess Grace and her Baby Princes Caroline (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “in Hungary Communism's Dry Rot” by Leslie Balogh Bain/ Exclusive Pictures of Princess Grace and Princess Caroline/ Hockey Montreal Canadiens Jean Beliveau/ Paul McCobb the Man who wants to Modernize your Living Room/ First Look at World's Largest Airplane Douglas XC-132/ The Life Story of Pope Pius Xll – part3/ Fashion – Big Beautiful Necklaces/ 18 Year old Jean Seberg Lands Role of Joan of Arc/ Diana Barrymore Story part 1 “I had Everything but Love” by Diana Barrymore ;

MARCH 19 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes with Al Capp, Richter and Steig (Contents) Los Angeles a Race Relations Success Story at U.C.L.A./ Luxery Liner “Stockholn” Goes back to Sea/ A Look Cover puts Twin Sisters Susan and Caryl on Road to Fame/ “Death of a Man – Cancer” by Lael Tucker Wertenbaker – His Wife/ Fashion – How to Catch a Man/ Diana Barrymore Story part 2 “My Battle with my Father” by Diana Barrymore/ Clouet – Lady of the Ice Cold Bath/ Tom Meany's 1957 Baseball Preview/ Look Movie Awards – Ingrid Berman – Rock Hudson – Oscar Homolka – George Stevens – Carroll Baker – Marie Windsor – Anthony Perkins – Tennessee Williams;

APRIL 2 (Front Cover) The Kremlin (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) “Inside Russia” by John Gunther/ Red Skeleton still fighting for Laughs/ Look All America Basketball Team/ Th Wonderful World of Charles F. Keating/ Christian Dior Stages a Dress Rehearsal/ Emergency Angel Nurse Betty Eby of Los Angeles/ Bosch – Geographer of Heaven and Hell/ Diana Barrymore Story part 3 “I was a Has-Been at 22” by Diana Barrymore/ Broadway Musical Al Capp's “Li'l Abner” with Peter Palmer, Tina Louise,Perry Como “Is he really Mr. Nice Guy?”Edith Adams and Julie Newmar;

APRIL 16 (Front Cover) Perry Como (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Marguerite Higgins (Contents) Picture Story of inside Red China/ Diana Barrymore Story part 4 “My Day of Reckoning” by Diana Barrymore/ Year's Best Sports Pictures/ Van Eyck – Wedding Certificate/ The Trouble with having a Beautiful Wife/ Fashion – The New Spring Hats/ Complete Mystery Novelette“The Easter Parade Murder” by Rex Stout;

JULY 9 (front Cover) Boating (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) How Corrupt is Texas ?/ Mary Martin Watching a Bullfight where the Man Loses/ The Secret of Groucho Marx/ Boats are Busting out all Over? Fashion – Gone with the Wind Dresses/ The Double Life of Red Barber/ Complete Mystery Novelette “The Labor Union Murder” by Rex Stout/ Jacques Louis David – Painter in Prison/ Who are the Shriners;

AUGUST 20 (Front Cover) President's Pilot Col. William Draper (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Cleveland Pitcher Herb Score on Being hit in the Eye with Baseball/ “I Fly the President” by Col. William Draper/ Retreat House of the Sacred Heart for Brides-to-Be/ Are TV Quiz Shows Fixed ?/ Convention Queens Alice and Rhae Bielfeldt/ How Trujillo spends a Million in the U.S.A./ Fashion – The Knitted Look/ The Life Story of Baseball's Branch Rickey/ Duke Ellington – a Living Legend Swings On/ Movie Review - “A Hateful of Rain” with Don Murray, Eva Marie Saint and Anthony Franciosa;

OCTOBER 1 (Front Cover) Missile Launch (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) The Coming Death of the Flying Air Force/ Fraud, Graft and Folly in the Farm Program/ Fashion – Extremes in the New Paris Fashions/ Coach Bud Wilkinson Discusses Oklahoma Football/ Star of TV's “Susan's Show” 13 Year Old Susan Heinkel/ Red China Clings to Ancient Medicine/ Look All America Baseball Team/ TV's Tennessee Ernie Ford/ Titian – The Grand and the Opulent/ Marilyn Monroe's New Life with Arthur Miller;

OCTOBER 29 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Queen Elizabeth – Her Travels, Poor Public Relations and Declining Country/ Model T Rally from Chicago to Milwaukee and Back/ Fashion – Fake Fur/ Americans Overseas part 2 – East meets West in Japan/ The Atomic Bomb – The People who Stole it from Us/ Bihzad – Master of the Miniature/ TV's Jim Arness the Hero of “Gunsmoke”/ New Italian Actress Giorgia Moll/ Movie Review - “Sayonara” with Miiko Taka, Red Buttons and Marlon Brando;

NOVEMBER 26 (Front Cover) 1958 Cars – Imperial, Lincoln and Cadillac (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) “My ten years as a Counterspy” by Boris Morros – part 1/ The Plight of the Gifted Child/ Alfred Hitchcock's World/ Fashion – Party Nights Black and White/ Torrance, California Growth without Strain/ Chagall – The Blue Air of Love/ Thanksgiving Dinner U.S.A./ Youth Masters the Big Brains of Modern Computers/ Americans Overseas part 4 – Babies and Biscuits in South Vietnam Jungle/ The New Cars of 1958 – The Battle of the Stylists/ All American Halfback Jon Arnett “Why Should we be the Scapegoats?”/ Hollywood's new French look – Christine Carere/ Movie Review - “Pal Joey” with Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak;


FEBRUARY 4 (Front Cover) Ingrid Goude (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) Hollywood's Hidden Beauties – Kathleen Richmond – Diane Varsi – Carol Lynley – Barbara Lange – Jacquie Bellon – Ingrid Goude – Theona Bryant – Nancy Marshall – Joanna Moore – Susan Oliver – Jill St. John – Gail Land/ The Jazz Showcase in San Francisco a Non-Alcoholic Teenage Club/ Veronese – Light and Color/ The Ted Husing Story/ Patrice Munsel – Glamour with a Voice/ The American Male – Why do Women Dominate Him ?/ Pro Basketball the Toughest Big League of them All;

FEBRUARY 18 (Front Cover) This is New York City Smog Filled Sky (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) This is New York City/ - My New York – Tourist's Manhattan – Real New Yorker Blaine Littell – A Kid's New York – A Snob's Guide – The Taste Shaper – Dog's Life – Manhattan Women Best Dressed – Changing Face of New York – Slums and Segregation – Violence, Pain and Compassion -New York Underground/ The American Male – Why is he Afraid to be Different ?/ Patti Page's New Life”The Iron Curtain in America” by V.M. Newton Jr.;

MARCH 4 (Front Cover) Steve Allen and Wife Jane Meadows with Son Billy (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Lineman Joe Gilbert (Contents) “The Seven Men in My Life” by Jane Meadows/ Thousands are Leaving the Economically Shrinking South/ Fashion – Capricious Beach Cover-ups/ Broadway Success Story of the Year - Robert Preston in “The Music Man”/ The American Male – Why Does he Work so Hard ?”/ “A Priest's Own Story” by Father Ralph S. Pfau/ Basketball's Frank McGuire and his Yankee Tar Heels;

MARCH 18 (Front Cover) Rock Hudson (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) Lack of Military Manpower Scandal/ George Burns the Improbable Tycoon/ Why Rock Hudson is No.1/ Danish Modern Furniture/ Swedish Fashion Designer Katja Geiger Makes a hit in U.S./ Tom Meany's 1958 Baseball Preview/ Vermeer – The Sphinx of Delft/ “Out of the Shadows” by Father Ralph S. Pfau and Al Hirshberg/ “The “Peyton Place” Story” by Patricia Carbine/ At 19 Susan Strasberg is Broadway's Youngest Star;

APRIL 1 (Front Cover) Portrait of Princess Margaret by Pietro Annigoni (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Strike Cigarettes (Contents) A Visit with J. Robert Oppenheimer/ Eva Marie Saint and husband Jeffrey Hayden – Can Actors be Parents ?/ Look All America Basketball Team/ Cover Story – The Princess, the painter and the Showgirl/ Fashion – Mother and Sons Matching Easter Suits/ Carol Heiss Rules the World of Skating/ The Lutherans in America/ Six American Men Ordeal in the Antarctic;

APRIL 15 (Front Cover) Elvis Presley – Frank Sinatra – Johnny Mathis – The McGuire Sisters (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) “The Big Leagues are Killing Baseball” by C. Leo DeOrsey/ The Big Revolution in Records/ The Plastic Age in Furnishings/ Rouault - “I believe in Suffering”/ The Woman behind Khrushchev – Wife Nina/ Dr. Norman Gottreich at 28 becomes a Psychiatrist/ Exclusive Interview with Ben-Gurion/ Brooklyn Actress Lita Milan/ Movie Review – “The Young Lions” with Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin;

APRIL 29 (Front Cover) Winston Churchill Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes with Jack Webb (Contents) “The Cold 'Peace' and our Future” by Winston Churchill/ Reducing at $500 a week – Maine Chance Farm/ Polly Bergen can't make up her Mind on What Career to Choose/ Detroit Attacks city Blight/ Americans without a Delinquency Problem – Chinese Ancestry/ Raphael – The Name on the Bracelet/ Peter Ustinov – A Country Called Ustinov/ Willie Mays and his Giants teammates go West to California/ Movie Revie - “Marjorie Morningstar” with Natalie Wood, Gene Kelly and Ed Wynn;

MAY 13 (Front Cover) Bing and Kathryn Crosby (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Bing Crosby Talks about his Wife, Life and Future/ The Jews in America/ The Coming Death of the Surface Navy/ Jimmy Hoffa – The Man who Outsmarted Himself/ Fashion – Summer Hot Colors with a Cool Look/ Teenagers Favorite “American Bandstand” with Dick Clark/ Diane Varsi the girl Who Walks Alone/ The Year's Best Sports Pictures;

MAY 27 (Front Cover) Princess Grace and New Prince Albert (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes with Bob Cummings (Contents) “The Fight to Kill the Draft” by Fletcher Knebel/ India 1958 Freedom's Last Chance in Asia – 17-pages/ Fred Cole Woman's Figures are his Business/ Fashion – Sacks to See Through/ It's Time for Tina Louise/ TV's “Leave it to Beaver” Jerry Mathers/ Monaco gets a New Prince / “how it looks from the South” by Florida Governor Le Roy Collins on Integration/ Billy Pierce Chicago's South Side South Paw;

JUNE 10 (Front Cover) Bob Hope (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Arizona Wheat Farmer Tom Howell (Contents) “I Found the Russians can Laugh Too” by Bob Hope/ 50 Fish, 50 Lures in Colors/ How Doctors use Hypnosis/ “Why we Marry as we Do” by Vance Packard/ Miro-World Beyond Reason/ Who Runs our Schools ?/ “Why I am Quitting College” by Wilt Chamberlain/ How to Cook Mexican/ Fashion – Legs Stage a Comeback;

JUNE 24 (Front Cover) Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Fluoridation – Why all the Controversy ?/ The Strange Boom at Cocoa Beach – Missile Launching/

What they did to me in Little Rock” by 16 year old Negro Minnijean Brown/ Lonely Actor Tony Perkins/ Fashion – TV Westerns Inspire New Sportswear/ Beef Stew Richard Boone Style/ TV”s Western Craze – How Long will it Last ?/ The Seventh Day Adventists in America/ The Lennon Sisters big Sister Dianne/ Baseball's Frank Malzone's Battle to the Big Leagues;

JULY 8 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor Photographed by Mike Todd (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes with James Arness (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor as Mike Todd Saw Her/ “It's Later than we Think in Latin America” by Luis Munoz Marin the Governor of Puerto Rico/ Dr. Alan Cheesebro of San Diego Minister to Modern Youth/ “Why Dulles won't Quit” by Richard Wilson/ TV and Radio's Bill Cullen the Busiest man on the Air/ Report from Utica, New York – Showing that Apathy will get you Nowhere/ The News we get from Outer Space/ Boating Picnics/ Russian Girls in New York City – The Moiseyev Dance Company of Moscow/ “What would you Rather be than Lucky ?' by Baseball's Fred Haney/ Renoir – The Sorcery of Light;

JULY 22 (Front Cover) Bing Crosby and his Brother Bob (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “I Hated Being Bing's Brother” by Bob Crosby/ is there a Lady in the House – Our Changing Perception/ American Fair Sex Diplomacy at the Brussels World Fair by Frances Farrell/ “Eisenhower the Boy and the Man” by Marquis W. Childs/ British Girl Janet Munro in an Irish Role in Disney's “Darby O'Gill and the Little People”/ Fashion – Paisley in the Parlor and on the Go/ Actor John Gavin a Non-neurotic Newcomer/ Charles Schulz's Comic Strip “peanuts” is loved by Children and Adults/ “Fear is my Enemy” by Director Joshua Logan/ “Double Death in the Bull Ring” by Barnaby Conrad on the death of Manolete the Matador;

AUGUST 5 (Front Cover) Pat Boone (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) All American Boy Pat Boone/ The Tragedy of our Military Air Crashes/ A Visit with Bertrand Russell - “Mankind Does not Have to Die of Radiation”/ New York Yankees Phil Rizzuto “The Scooter is still Scooting”/ The Color that is Rome – Vitality amongst the Ruins/ “My Greatest Crisis” by Director Joshua Logan/ True Story of a Youth Sex Killer – Ronald Marrone/ Durer – The Secret Treasury of the Heart ;

SEPTEMBER 2 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) Ingrid Bergman part 1 – The Whole Story of a Troubled Life/ Do Americans really want Smaller Cars ?/ Must we Always have a Mess in Washington ?/ “Jimmy Hoffa's Unholy Alliance” by Robert F. Kennedy/ Fashion – The Shaggy Look/ An American Artist looks at Mexico – Harvey Schmidt of Bryan, Texas/ Ballets de Paris – A French View of New York City / TV's Raymond Burr “Perry Mason's Prisoner”/ Teenage Trouble when the Family Setup Breaks Down/ Baseball's Red Schoendienst the Glue that made Milwaukee more Famous/ The 18th Summer of Patricia McMahon/ Movie Review - “The Old Man and the Sea” with Spencer Tracy;

SEPTEMBER 30 (Front Cover) Ellen Herman of the University of Wisconsin (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes with James Arness (Contents) 60-pages on America's New Middle West – Progress – Prosperity – Beauty – Elegance – Tension and Violence/ Catholic – Protestant – Jew – Conflicts that divide Us;

OCTOBER 14 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor from Tragedy – New Fame/ “Yalta, Hiss and the Atom Bomb” by James F. Byrnes/ Education 1958 – I am a Student – Challenge of Russian Schools – Forecast/ Ingrid Bergman part 2 – The New Troubles and Triumphs/ Fashion – Rage for Colors/ Duck Hunter's Paradise in the Klamath Basin/ Nelson Rockefeller runs for Governor of New York/ Look 1958 All America Baseball Team/ Bob Cummings – The Life and Times of a Perennial Juvenile;

OCTOBER 28 (Front Cover) Rear Ends of New Cars (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) The 1959 New Cars Big Changes/ The Baptists in America/ The Year's Most Important Election is in California/ Tom Buck and Family from New Jersey spend Their Summer Vacation taking a Covered Wagon Trip/ Here's Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go/ Fashion – Fabulous Furs with Sophia Loren/ Why Nevada's Gamblers toe the Mark/ Captain Kangaroo Idol of the Young/ Johnny Mathis – He Doesn't Need Rock 'n' Roll/ San Francisco 49er's Quarterback Y.A. Tittle/ Movie Review - “The Defiant Ones” with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis;

NOVEMBER 25 (Front Cover) Adlai Stevenson in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) Russia's Two Faces - “Why her People are Smiling” by Adlai Stevenson - “Why her Captives Don't” by William Attwood/ Football Oklahoma vs. Texas – Wilkinson's Lost Battle Royal/ The Private Life of Amanda Blake – TV's “Gunsmoke” Kitty/ Fashion – Glitter Shoes Star at Night? What Ministers are Learning about Sex/ Auto Accidents through a Policeman's eyes/ Jacques Soustelle “Most Dangerous Man in France ?”/ Senator Muskie the Miracle Man from Maine/ Movie Reviews of Director John Huston's “The Roots of Heaven” and “The Barbarian and the Geisha” ;

DECEMBER 9 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Book Condensation “Elizabeth ll Her Job, Income. Wealth and Importance/ The Christian Scientists in America/ Dixie's Newest Rebels – Teenagers Against Segregation/ Safari for a School Teacher – 22 year old Billie-Marie Gannon from Seattle/ “To Football Coaches – Clean House or Else” by Dr. Joseph Kaplan/ A Visit with America's Great Sculptor Alexander Calder/ Fashion – Vacation on Skis/ Shari and Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy from TV/ Sweden's Heavyweight Contender Ingemar Johansson;

DECEMBER 23 (Front Cover) Jerry Lewis with wife Patti and son Chris (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Jerry Lewis – Always in a Crowd – Always Alone/ “The Life of Christ” - 30 Masterpieces in Full Color/ Ann Holmgren of Madison Wisconsin Home for Christmas/ Sixty Days Underwater in the Nuclear Submarine “Seawolf”/ Christmas in West Berlin/ Fra Angelico – The People Made him a Saint/ Look 1958 All America Football Team/ Elvis Presley and the Frauleins in Germany;


JANUARY 20 (Front Cover) Kathryn Crosby and Little Bing Jr. (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Bernard Goldfine part 1– a Story of Money, Influence and Arrogance/ Meet Mrs. Crosby and “Little Bing”/ The Man Behind “Auntie Mame” - E.E. Tanner lll alias Patrick Dennis Alias V. Rowans/ “The Epileptic – a Useful Human in need of a Break” by Dr. Howard A. Rusk/ “Hockey is Rougher off the Ice – Players vs. Owners” by Tim Cohene/ Fashion – Polka Dots coming on Strong/ Cranach – The Impish Nude/ “The Menace of One Billion Chinese” by Victor Zorza/ Future King of Spain Juan Carlos meets France's Isabelle/ What a Car means to a Boy;

FEBRUARY 3 (Front Cover) Three in Cap and Masks Peering Down (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) A Searing Report on Hospitals the Doctors tried to Suppress/ A Different Kind of Princess – Desiree of Sweden/ “A Hard Look at High Schools' by Dr. James Bryant Conant/ Fifth Avenue Fights for Fashion Supremacy/ Bernard Goldfine part 2 – The Further Adventures of Mr. Goldfine/ Oscar Robertson the Hottest Hands in Basketball/ Psychiatry, Sin and Father Devlin/ TV's Kathy Nolan – She's Never Herself;

MARCH 3 (Front Cover) Pretty Brunette behind Superimposed Bullseye (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “The Case for the American Woman” by Diana Trilling/ Democratic Forecast – a Catholic in 1960/ Memo From Havana - “A Reporter Raises Some Questions” by William Attwood/ The Not So Lonely Travels of Peter Townsend/ How to Stay Alive on the Turnpikes/ Child of TV Betsy Palmer/ “Do they Expect to Win them all at Notre Dame ?” by Tim Cohane/ A Canadian Town Fights to Live – Springhill, Nova Scotia;

MARCH 17 (Front Cover) Steve Allen (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Steve Allen part 1 - “I Grew up Late” by Steve Allen/ The Nazis Human Guinea Pigs/ “Little Rock from the Inside” by Brooks Hays/ The Most Beautiful Girl in Ireland is 18 year old Susan Riddell/ Hollywood Stars as seen from Samuel Goldwyn's Office Window – Frank Sinatra – Marilyn Monroe – Marlon Brando – Sammy Davis Jr. - Sidney Poitier – Tony Curtis – John Wayne and others/ Commercial Jets a Four Nation Race/ Tom Meany's 1959 Baseball Preview/ Apartment House Living in New York City with Dominique and Alexandra Gignoux/ Meet the Archbishop of Controversy – Canterbury's Geoffrey Francis Fisher/ ”How our Air Force “Invaded” Russia” by Captain George E. Johnson/ Botticelli – A Strange and Special Beauty;

MARCH 31 (Front Cover) Pope John 23rd (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Pope John 23rd Changes at the Vatican may Affect the Christian World/ “The South can Integrate its Schools” by Raymond Gary/ The Big Farm Surplus Problem/ What is a Professor ? Dick Jessor of Colorado/ All America Basketball Team/ Steve Allen part 2 - “It's Easy to be Funny” by Steve Allen/ Bardot's Ex-Husband Remarries – Which is Brigitte Bardot or Annette Stroyberg ?/ A Visit with Poet Robert L. Frost/ Minor League Umpire – Toughest Job in Baseball's;

MAY 26 (Front Cover) Watching a Submarine from the Air (Back Cove) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The War Russia Could Win Now – the Shocking Hole in Our Defense/ Hitlerism in 1959 – a Jew's Fate in Germany/ Polly Bergen on Broadway In “Pride and Prejudice”/ “Did I go to Jail for Nothing ?” by Marie Torre/ Tuesday Weld at 15 she's Past the Awkward Age/ Fashion – Two Piece Swimsuits/ Boston Red Sox Strong Boy Jackie Jensen/ Charlie Weaver TV's Smart Bumpkin/ Movie Review - “The Diary of Anne Frank” with Millie Perkins and Richard Beymer ;

JUNE 9 (Front Cover) Richard Nixon (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Whole Story of Richard Nixon – part 1/ Fashion – Bloomer Girls/ TV's Garry Moore Turns Failure into Success/ New York Yankees Infielder Gil McDougald/ A City House with Perfect Privacy/ The Presbyterians in America/ Actress Connie Towers Big Break/ Look Reader Bonus - “Fire at Sea” by Thomas Gallagher Golf's Heartbreak Hole – the 16th at Cypress Point Club in Pebble Beach ;

JULY 7 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) “The Queen and the Canadians” by June Callwood/ How Hospitals can Give Patients a Break/ Margherita Roberti – Soprano from Iowa/ Dolores Hart and her Toy Poodle named Pogo/ The Whole Story of Richard Nixon – part 2/ Edward Byrnes is Kookie of TV's “77 Sunset Strip”/ In the Middle of the U.S.A. In the Mid 20th Century/ Will San Francisco Giants Orlando Cepeda Surpass Willie Mays ?/ Uccello – A Passion for Perspective;

JULY 21 (Front Cover) Jack Paar (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “What Jack Parr is Really Like” by Jack Paar – part 1/ Can the Catholics and the Protestants Unite ?/ A Visit with Dr. Spock/ The Political Decline of Dixie/ Mime Marcel Marceau Interprets a Story of Chairs/ What the Russians will See – Miracle Kitchen U.S. Exhibit in Moscow/ Tales of the Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island/ Fashion – the Young Tennis Look/ Velazquez – They Seem to be Looking at Us/ Cleveland Indians Rocky Colavito – The Indian War Club;

AUGUST 4 (Front Cover) Sports Cars Including Corvette, Triumph, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Sports Cars – The Rage – The Rally – The Race – The Reasons/ “What Jack Parr is Really Like” by Jack Paar – part 2/ Revolution in Texas Industry, Ranching, Politics, Society and Race Relations/ Texas Political Powerhouse – Lyndon Johnson/ Sandra Church in Broadway Musical “Gypsy”/ American Drugstore Astonishes the Poles at Communist Trade Show/ Chicago White Sox Bill Veeck;

SEPTEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Adolf Hitler and General von Brauchitsch (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Untold Stories of World War Two No. 1 – How Hitler Launched World War Two/ Poland Now 1959 – and Then 1939/ Andy Williams TV's Summer Troubadour/ Democratic Fat Cats still prefer Adlai Stevenson/ Cecil Beaton Photographs Japan/ “The Curious Story Behind the new Cary Grant” by Laura Bergquist/ Fashion – The 1930's Look/ “What's wrong with American Business” by J. Paul Getty/ American Tennis Star Alex Olmedio;

SEPTEMBER 15 (Front Cover) Shirley MacLaine (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Shirley MacLaine Hollywood's Free Spirit/ Trips to Shake the World – Khrushchev in the U.S.A. - Eisenhower in Russia/ Fall TV Forecast - New Shows – New Names – Old Troubles 7-pages/ 3-page Foldout Ad for movie “The Blue Angel” with May Britt/ 1959 Football Forecast by Tim Cohane/ “The Tragedy of Fidel Castro” by William Attwood;

SEPTEMBER 29 (Front Cover) Palm Trees (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Special All California Issue – New Faces – New Wealth – New Power – New Problems ;

OCTOBER 13 (Front Cover) Detroit's New Small Cars – Corvair – Valiant – Falcon (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Senator Jack Kennedy – Front Man for a Dynasty/ Red Skeleton – What Keeps him Going ?/ Fashion – New Paris Styles/ Oklahoma Sooners fullback Prentice Gautt first Negro to Play for Them/ Look Baseball All America Team/ Moving Day At Picasso's 11-pages/ Father Myers of Lower East Side Manhattan and the Gangs/ Untold Stories of World War two No. 2 – Fox Company Reluctant Warriors/ A Star by Instinct – Lee Remick/ Movie Review - “Pillow Talk” with Cary Grant and Doris Day;

OCTOBER 27 (Front Cover) TV”s Ward Bond of Wagon Train” with Ann Blyth, Bette Davis and Virginia Mayo (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) TV's “Wagon Train” is Loaded with Success/ All the 1960 Cars in Color/ Russia's Amazing New Surgical Techniques by Dr. Blair O. Rogers/ Red Blaik Speaks out on Army Football/ Fashion – Penthouse Pajamas/ “Jack Kennedy – Heir to Power” by Joe McCarthy/ The Disciples of Christ in America/ More Married Students in Graduate Schools/ The Splendid American Dr. Tom Dooley;

NOVEMBER 10 (Front Cover) Fred Astaire (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Fred Astaire Just Beginning to Live at 60/ Adolf Hitler's Eva Braun from her Own Photo Albums/ The Russians Eisenhower Won't Hear – Average People/ Fashion – Shooting Clothes/ America's Guns, Game and Game Birds/ Teenage Gang Murder Weapons/ Red Blaik tells Why Army Broke with Notre Dame/ Jack Kennedy – His Religion may Elect Him/ How the Newest Compact Car was Born – Chrysler Valiant/ New Actress Jane Fonda;

NOVEMBER 24 (Front Cover) Dick Clark (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Exodus Revisited – a Picture Story on Israel by Leon Uris/ “Our Great Military Fallacy” by General Maxwell D. Taylor/ Mentally Retarded Children can be Helped/ Dick Clark Talks to Teenagers/ Four American Masters of Modern Art Select New Talents to Watch/ The Story of Bread in America/ “Fred Astaire – the Five Women in his Life” by Bill Davidson/ Portrait of a Professional – Arlene Francis/ Cleveland Brown's Fullback Jim Brown/ Red Blaik Offers his Cures for College Football's Major Abuses/ The Love Story of Carroll Baker;

DECEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Babies for Adoption (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Revolution in Adoption/ The Louisiana Political Story – Clowns – Complacency – Corruption/ New York Congressman John V. Lindsay/ The World's Most Beautiful Glass by Modern Masters/ Fashion – Ski Fashions/ The Congregationalists in America/ Harry Belafonte Transatlantic Troubadour/ Memories of Mayor Fiorello La Guardia/ “I was the Quarterback Nobody Wanted” by John Unitas/ Joanne Woodward the Fugitive Kid/ Movie Review - “Operation Petticoat” with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis;

DECEMBER 22 (Front Cover) Arthur Godfrey (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “The Untold Story of Christ's World” by Dr. Nelson Glueck/ “A Boy Discovers Rome” words by Bishop Sheen and Photos by Karsh/ Untold Stories of World War Two No.3 – The Hero who Disappeared/ Christmas in San Francisco/ Enchanted Village at Jordan Marsh Store in Boston/ The Littlest boy on Broadway – Paul O'Keefe/ “The Arthur Godfrey you don't Know” by Andrew A. Rooney/ Look 1959 All America Football Team/ Millionaire with a Mania for Fast Cars – Lance Reventlow/ Our Critical Military Need of One Defense Chief;


JANUARY 5 (Front Cover) Launch of a Lunar Probe (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) A 10-year Space Timetable/ Nationwide Poll of your Hopes, Plans and Fears for the Decade Ahead/ Fashion – the Italian Influence/ A Visit with Somerset Maugham/ Piero della Francesca – A Gentle Grandeur/ “I Had to Fight” by Jack Dempsey – part 1/ 1959 Television's Troubled Year/ Annual Look TV Awards – Khrushchev Visit Coverage – An Evening with Fred Astaire – Red Skeleton – Rod Serling – The Garry Moore Show – The Untouchables – 77 Sunset Strip;

JANUARY 19 (Front Cover) Franklin D. Roosevelt (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Franklin D. Roosevelt – a New 23-page Picture Biography/ “We Can't Survive as we Are” by Gen. Maxwell Taylor/ New U.S. Capitol for the Performing Arts The Lincoln Center/ Confusing World of the Color Blind Child/ Lisa Mitchell a College Girl in the Can-Can/ “I Had to Fight” by Jack Dempsey – part2/ Simone Signoret – Sex Appeal Grown Up;

FEBRUARY 2 (Front Cover) Betty Skelton in Space Suit (Back Cover) AD – Duke Cigarettes (Contents) Betty Skelton Wants to be an Astronaut/ Psychiatry the Troubled Science 21-pages/ New Singer in Town – South Africa's Miriam Makeba/ Elgin Baylor of the Minneapolis Lakes of the NBA/ Brains Plus Beauty Equals Big Business by Sue Seay/ Fads of the Fifties/ “I Had to Fight” by Jack Dempsey – part 3;

FEBRUARY 16 (Front Cover) Blonde Seen thru Heart Shaped Cutout (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) “Can Catholics Separate Church and State ?” by Reverend John A. O'Brien/ The Real West Side Story of our Slums of New York City/ San Francisco TV Station KQED Noncommercial Station/ Fashion – New Classic White/ American Olympic Skier Penny Pitou/ “What ever became of Romantic Love?” by Diana Trilling/ Ed Sullivan's Changing Show/ Bruegel – Affection and Irony/ Hollywood's Little Princess Yvette Mimieux;

MARCH 1 (Front Cover) TV's Roger Smith and wife Victoria Shaw (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) TV's Roger Smith and how he Survived his Doctors Mistakes/ Our Unprepared and Forgotten Army in Korea/ First Japanese-American in Congress Daniel Inouye/ U.S. Ambassador to Britain John Hay Whitney – Costliest Job in the World/ Big Stick for the Detroit Red iWings Gordie Howe/ Marjorie Ward – Danny Thomas TV Wife/ “Pro Basketball has Ganged up on Me” by Wilt Chamberlain/ Brasilia a South American Adventure in Architecture/ Look Salutes Winners of All America Cities/ Jo Morrow an up and coming New Face/ Movie Review - “Home From the Hill” with Robert Mitchum, George Hamilton, George Peppard and Eleanor Parker ;

MARCH 15 (Front Cover) Adolf Hitler (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Adolf Hitler - “A Personal Story” by William L. Shirer/ Where Does your Charity Dollar Go ?/ The Changing American Family – the George Bulls of Palo Alto, California/ Chicago Journalist Irv Kupcinet – the World of the Whisper/ Fashion – Viennese Sweater Girls/ The Strange Lonely Life of the Richest American J. Paul Getty/ French Beauty under Wraps – Capucine/ Basketball's Jerry West/ Everybody's Favorite Nurse Barbara Lloyd Of Boston;

APRIL 12 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor's Toughest Job – Growing Up/ Atomic Tragedy – A Texas Family's Ordeal – Radiation Exposure/ Nelson Rockefeller – Who Lives Behind the Image ?/ “Sex Facts and Fiction” by Dr. Sylvanus M. Duvall/ Fashion – the Young Bride/ Adolf Hitler - “How his Insanity Forced him to War” by Willian L. Shirer/ Bookmobile in the Mountains of West Virginia/ Seurat – A Technique of Fatal Intricacy/ Tom Meany's 1960 Baseball Preview/ Young Dodger Farm Hand Tim Harkness;

APRIL 26 (Front Cover) The Lincoln Memorial (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Special All Washington, D.C. Issue – Big Parties – Big Wheels – Beauty – Meaning of Democracy's Home Town – Lesson in Integration – Politics – Working for the Government – David Brinkley – Embassy Glamour;

MAY 10 (Front Cover) Princess Margaret (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Royal Rebel – an Inside Story on Princess Margaret/ A Protestant View of a Catholic for President/ Mark Twain's Life/ William P. Rogers Nixon's Best Friend/ Fashion – California's New One Piece Bathing Suits/ Adolf Hitler - “Hitler's Last Days” by William L. Shirer/ American Model Living in Paris – Ivy Nicholson/ How to Save 19,000 Lives a Year on our Roads/ Arthur Godfrey Sounds Off on Television/ A Big League Manager's Agony – Chicago White Sox Al Lopez;

MAY 24 (Front Cover) Gordon Hill in a “Hot Cat” Boat (Back Cover) Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 16-pages on Boats/ “The Day Ike Snubbed Me” by Harry S. Truman/ Fashion – a New Look in Boating Clothes/ Jimmie Driftwood the New Arkansas Traveler/ The House that Ben-Hur Built – Charlton Heston/ “What is Prejudice ?” by Dr. Marie Jahoda/ The Toughest 18 Holes in Golf/ Abby Dalton a Television Original;

JUNE 7 (Front Cover) Bing Crosby and Family (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) First Picture Story of Bing Crosby and his Family/ “Stevenson let me Down” by Harry S. Truman/ “Hiroshima – the Decision that Changed the World” by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey/ “What Happened to Freedom of Speech ?” by Dave Garroway/ Fashion – Reflects Modern Art/ To Wear or not To Wear Contact Lenses/ The Chic Leslie Caron/ “The Other John F. Kennedy” by Don Murray/ Los Angeles Dodgers Pitching Ace Don Drysdale/ The Year's Best Sports Pictures;

JUNE 21 (Front Cover) Moscow's Red Square (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (C0ntents) The Big Changes in Russia/ Mike Nichols and Elaine May – How they Mirror our Madness/ The Coming Battle in Atlanta over Integration/ Chuck Connors – a Man of Dimension/ Japan's Teen Idol Actress Junko Kano/ “They'll Never Make an Elder Statesman out of Me” by Harry S. Truman/ Boxer Ingemar Johansson the man Behind the big Right Hand/ New York City Amusement Park “Freedomland”/ Movie Review - “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine;

JULY 19 (Front Cover) 1960 Election Candidates (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 16-pages of Complete 1960 Convention Guide/ A Picture Story on the Kennedy Family Political Machine/ Edgar Labat the Man who may break Chessman's Death Cell Record/ Water – the World Wide Problem that Needn't Be/ Milwaukee Braves Hank Aaron Portrait of a Hitter/ Ruth Lyons TV Powerhouse/ The Circus Comes to New York City/ “Albert Lasker the Ideas that Earned him $45 Million” by John Gunther/ Actress Linda Cristal the Girl who Travels Alone/ Movie Review - “Elmer Gantry” with Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons and Shirley Jones;

AUGUST 2 John Wayne and Pilar Wayne (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) John Wayne his True Story is Stranger than Fiction/ Fun and Fury of 15 Presidential Campaigns 1900-1956/ “Visit to Nepal” by Janet H. Alexander/ Alexander Girard and his Wonderful World of Light/ The Untold Story of Adolf Eichmann Nazi Butcher – part 1/ “Albert Lasker Money Alone was never Enough” by John Gunther/ Toulouse-Lautrec – No Sun, No Shadows;

AUGUST 16 (Front Cover) Hugh Downs (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “What I Think Jack Paar is Really Like” by Hugh Downs/ Brigitte Bardot Problem Child/ American Tourists in Europe/ The Untold Story of Adolf Eichmann – part 2 “The Chase that Doomed Eichmann”/ Radio and TV Commentator Alex Dreier/ Fashion – French Work Clothes become American High Fashion/ “Albert Lasker – His Crusade against Disease” by John Gunther/ The Magic Glove of Chicago White Sox Luis Aparicio/ Hogarth – A Man's Painter/ ;

SEPTEMBER 13 (Front Cover) Betsy Fernald of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 60-pages on New England – What's New – What's Great – What's Good – What is Bad/ “A Day I'll Remember” by Senator John F. Kennedy/ 1960 Footbal Forecast by Tim Cohane;

SEPTEMBER 27 (Front Cover) Robert Stack and Lucille Ball (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) “How to Rescue our Defense Effort” by Maj. Gen. John B. Medaris/ Ten Years of TV – How it's Better – How it's Worse – What's Ahead – The Specials – Weekly High Jinks – Fresh Faces/ How TV's “Untouchables” Hypoed TV's Crime Wave/ The Myth of Russia's Productive Power/ Women of American Art – Georgia O'Keeffe – Grace Hartigan – Louise Nevelson – Helen Frankenthaler – Claire Falkenstein – Joan Brown – Lee Bontecou/ Baseball's Most Controversial Voice – Ed Allen;

OCTOBER 11 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Kennedy Women as Formidible as the Men/ 19-pages on Israel Today/ Steve McQueen – Rugged, Tormented and Thrill-happy/ Solar Powered House at M.I.T./ Bill William's Mountain Men from Williams, Arizona/ Pro Football Baltimore Colts Lineman Gino Marchetti/ Fashion – U.S. Designers Fall Fashions/ Let's Take Pride in American Science – Interview with Crawford H. Greenewalt/ Look Baseball All America Team;

NOVEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Cuba's Fidel Castro (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “30 Days in Castro's Cuba” by Laura Bergquist/ Interview with Che Guevara/ Dean Martin the Man Behind the Myth/ Al Hirschfeld has Seen 3,500 Plays/ Fashion – Big Ring Craze/ “How Eisenhower Views his Presidency” by Richard Wilson/ Audrey Hepburn and her new son Sean/ Eastern College Football's Big and Little Giant -Syracuse and Delaware/ A Negro Runs for State Office in Massachusetts – Boston Lawyer Edward Brooke;

NOVEMBER 22 (Front Cover) Civil War Confederate Bugle (Back Cover) AD -0 L and M Cigarettes (Contents) “If the South had Won the Civil War” by MacKinlay Kantor/ Lisa Lane the U.S. Women's Chess Champion/ Phyllis Diller Spoofa 1960 Fashions/ “Our Plight in Latin America” by Adlai Stevenson/ The Tafts Hold a Family Reunion/ “Men without Women” by Eleanor Harris/ Alabama vs. Georgia – Football Southern Saturday/ Movie Review - “Spartacus” with Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier, Charles Laughton, Tony Curtis and Director Stanley Kubrick;

DECEMBER 6 (Front Cover) Dinah Shore (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Dinah Shore – How She Grew, Lives, Dresses and Drives Herself/ How to get into College in the Sixties/ Giants Quarterback Charlie Conerly/ Trick Horse Riding Family the Kirby's of Woodstown, New Jersey/ New Bridge System – Rex/ Fashion – Clothes to say Goodbye In/ “{My Son is a Prisoner in Red China” by Mrs. Mary Downey/ The Eastern Orthodox in America/ The First Negro in Clarion, Iowa is teacher Richard Adams/ Movies Review - “Butterfield 8” with Elizabeth Taylor -”The World of Suzie Wong” with Nancy Kwan;


JANUARY 3 (Front Cover) Young Brunette Woman (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 50-pages on the Explosive Generation of Youth of the Sixties – Their Drives – Changing Tastes – Sex Tensions – Early Marriages – Behind Bars/ The Kingston Trio – Pied Pipers to the new Generation/ How “American” are Young Europeans ?;

JANUARY 17 (Front Cover) Mrs. Dana Sosa Kennedy in Water at Puerto Rico Beach (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 19-pages on Puerto Rico – Boom and Beauty – Catholic Conflict – the Cuban Threat – the U.S. Dilemma/ Shirley Bonne TV's “My Sister Eileen”/ Klee – The Land of Deeper Insight/ Athletics – the Poison Ivy in our Schools/ Fashion – Italian Snob Appeal/ Why Hospitals Lock Out Doctors/ “What You don't know about John F. Kennedy” by Fletcher Knebel/ Leontyne Price – From Mississippi to the Met;

FEBRUARY 14 (Front Cover) Text – “All About Money” (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) 21-pages All About Money – How it;s Made – How it Grows – How it's Spent – Can we afford to be Rich ?/ Fashion – Bare One Shoulder Swim Suits/ “how to Steal an Election” by Richard Wilson/ Memling – The Maiden and her True Love/ Japan's Spectacular Art of Karate/ Jay North – the Dream World of Dennis the Menace;

FEBRUARY 28 (Front Cover) John and Jacqueline Kennedy with Daughter Caroline (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) An Exclusive Visit with our new First Family/ Will we Fight for Berlin ? - A City of Growing Despair 14-pages/ West Berlin's Young Mayor Willy Brandt/ Fashion – Skirts Reach new Heights/ Steve and Eydie Gorme Mr. and Mrs. Singing Team/ Chinese New Year Junket/ A Quarter Century - “It's Great Decisions” by John Gunther/ Ohio State Buckeye High Jumping Jerry Lucas;

MARCH 14 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) “New Views and Impressions of Ingrid Bergman” by Philippe Halsman/ Irish Origins of President Kennedy/ The Secrets of Successful Retirement/ Manhattan Troubadour Burl Ives/ “The Roots of Bias” by Reverend James A. Pike/ Daisy Gabrielle's Exodus from New Orleans/ Fashion – Bright Pink for Gray Days/ Omaha girl Vicki Trickeyy breezes through Hollywood/ “It's Time to Raise the Baskets in Basketball” by Pete Newell;

APRIL 11 (Front Cover) Princess Grace with her children Caroline and Albert (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Princess Grace after Five Years/ Iron Curtain Next Door – U.S. Naval Base in Cuba Guantanamo Bay/ The Battle for your Health Dollar/ “A Negro Takes Over Federal Housing” by Sam Castan/ Fashion – Exotic Flower Prints/ Tom Meany's 1961 Baseball Preview/ Can City Churches Survive ?/ All America Cities Awards/ Natalie Wood at 22 a Veteran of Beauty and Violence;

APRIL 25 (Front Cover) Ancient Cannon and Shot “Two Battles of Atlanta” (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) The Second Battle of Atlanta – Human Rights/ Atlanta 1864 – A Man's Battle fought by Boys/ Our Biggest Strike Peril – Fear of Automation/ Chicago White Sox Old Pro in the Bullpen – Gerry Staley/ A Visit with Walter Lippmann/ “Kennedy and his Pals” by Fletcher Knebel Ann Southern helps her Daughter Grow Up;

MAY 9 (Front Cover) John F. Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) “Inside Kennedy's Election” by James A. Michener/ Algeria is de Gaulle's Biggest Gamble/ “A Deal with Eichmann” by Ira Hirschmann/ America's Biggest Bulb Garden – Sterling Forest Gardens in New York/ Jerry Lewis Spoofs the World's Great Lovers/ The Dangerous World of Danny and the Pittsburgh Pirates;

MAY 23 (Front Cover) Large Sailboat (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 14- pages on Sailing – 9 Small Boat Classes – Ocean Racing – Sailboat Dining – Sailing Clothes/ The Catholic Bishops vs. President Kennedy/ National Teacher of the Year “Our Missy” Helen Adams of Cumberland, Wisconsin/ Gheel, Belgium – A Town that Cares for the Mentally Ill/ Richard Burton Hottest Actor Around/ 'Family Doctor's Fight against Socialized Medicine” by Dr. Joseph R. Mallory Tommy Tucker of Ormond Beach< florida Caught Between a Boy and a Man/ TV's Carol Burnett America's Greatest Face Maker;

AUGUST 15 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor Talks of – Living – Dying – Acting – Loving/ The Flood of Entertainment – More Room at the Top in Acting – The Spectacle – Dance Movement Full of Meaning – Comedy/ Is South America Going Castro's Way ?/ The Life and Hard Times of Pitcher Robin Roberts;

AUGUST 29 (Front Cover) Kathleen Gable and John Clark Gable (Back Cover) AD – Oasis Cigarettes (Contents) “Clark Gable as I Knew Him” by Kathleen Gable/ Polaris Class Submarines on War Patrols/ Country Fair in Mifflinburg, P.A./ A New Face in Two Weeks without Surgery -Chemical Facelift/ Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy's French Cousins/ Cincinnati Reds Vada Pinson;

SEPTERMBER 12 (Front Cover) “Condensation of 3 Important new Books” (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Hemingway – A Personal Story by his wife Mary with color Photos/ “President's in Danger” by U.E. Baughman/ The look 1961 Football Forecast/ Dennis Weaver TV's Chester from “Gunsmoke”/ “Suicide, Surrender or Survival” by Arthur T. Hadley/ Paula Prentiss with Take-offs on Classic Movie Roles/ “Death Watch in the Pacific” by John Toland;

SEPTEMBER 26 (Front Cover) Young Charmer in the White House Caroline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Robert Welch – The Man Behind the John Birch Society/ Big Trouble in Our Schools/ Family Fun on Wheels Vehicles Made for Camping/ Fashion – the Look of the Irish/ A Quarter Century - “It's Human Tragedies” by Pearl S. Buck/ Leo Nomellini of the 49ers Pro Football's Hard Rock ;

OCTOBER 10 (Front Cover) Raymond Burr as TV's “Perry Mason” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Raymond Burr – How he Lives/ U.N. Can it Survive – New Nation Rule – Russian Attack – Fight Over China – U.S. Frustration ?/ Red China in the U.N. ?/ “Let's Take Birth Control out of Politics” by Reverend John A. O'Brien/ Fashion – the Classic Cape/ Actress Brigid Bazlen Lucky ay 17-years/ “The Defense in the Pacific Crumbles” by John Toland/ Look Baseball All America Team;

NOVEMBER 21 (Front Cover) Two of the New Cars for 1962 (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) The 1962 Cars a 24-page Pullout of all New Models in Color/ Jack Paar and His Future/ America's Population Crisis – Is Here and Now/ The Bright Young World of the Freshman – Sarajane Kramer/ Marine Helicopters will Bring the Astronauts Back Alive/ Fashion – French Designer Givenchy/ “I Saw Castro Change” by Teresa Casuso/ “Ralph W. Sockman – the Man and the Minister” by James B. Simpson/ Shirley Jones – the Good Life of a Hollywood Bad Girl;

DECEMBER 5 (Front Cover) Mitch Miller (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Mitch Miller “Sing Along” Success Story/ The Great Fallout Shelter Panic/ Birth Control – The Problem we Fear to Face/ 3,600 Nuns Descend on Kennywood Park to Ride Roller Coasters and Shoot Metal Ducks/ A Quarter Century - “It's Human Triumphs” by Catherine Drinker Bowen/ Robert Morse of Broadway Musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”;


JANUARY 2 (Front Cover) President Kennedy and the Younger Clan Members (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The New Frontier – Its Big Wheels – Its Changes – Its Headaches – Its Elegance – Its Breezy Style/ President Kennedy One Year Later/ A Quarter Century - “Where has it Left Us ?” by John Gunther;

FEBRUARY 13 (Front Cover) Woman on Prow of Boat in Yellow Sailing Fashion (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Palm Beach – the Rich – the Poor - the Tourists – the Servants – the Parties – the Snobs – the Poodles/ “A Visit with Tito” by William O. Douglas/ The Cardinal Spellman Story – part 1/ Fashion – the Leather Dress/ “Behind the Basketball Scandal” by Tim Cohane;

MARCH 13 (Front Cover) The Back of James Arness in Western Gear Ready to Draw (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) The Western – The Legend and the Cardboard Hero/ Who's on the Far Right and Why ?/ TV's Beauties – Carole Wells – Angela Dorian – Maggi Brown – Brooke Hayward – Karyn Kupcinet – Brenda Scott – Joan Freeman/ Pitcher Herb Score walks the long comeback Trail/ The Cardinal Spellman Story – part 3/ Art Buchwald – Funnyman in Paris/ Movie Review - “Lover, Come Back” with Rock Hudson and Doris Day;

MARCH 27 (Front Cover) Girl Skiing Wearing Shorts and a Sweater (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) 50-pages on the Pacific Northwest – The Untamed Politicians – Trouble – Fun – Food -Fashion – Fishing/ Basketball All America Team;

APRIL 24 (Front Cover) Queen Elizabeth (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) 15-year Old Cuban Ramona Crashes Cuba's Iron Curtain to Come To Florida/ Is Queen Elizabeth Under Fire ?/ “The Righest Crisis in our Churches” by Louis Cassels/ Fashion – New Paris Youth Fashions/ Shirley Anne Field – A Cockney Makes Good/ Tom Meany's 1962 Baseball Preview/ “My Husband” by Mrs. Roger Maris/ May Craig TV's Most Unusual Star;

MAY 8 (Front Cover) Vince Edwards TV's Dour Ben Casey (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) A Way out of our Welfare Dead End/ Ben Casey – TV's Dour Doctor/ Actress Dahlia Lavi Ex-Ballet Dancer/ San Francisco Giants Manager Alvin Dark/ A Strange Tale of Tragic Politics in Columbia/ The Secret History of the U-2 – Its Successes and Failures/ Fashion – the New Feminine Look;

MAY 22 (Front Cover) Lenin (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Lenin – New Complete Pictorial History/ New Arthritis Controversy/ Teacher of the Year is Marjorie French of Topeka, Kansas/ “Big Business – is it too Big ?” by Senator Hubert Humphrey/ Show Stopper Diahann Carroll/ Driver education Saves Lives/ The U-2 Failure - Who was Responsible ?/ Year's Best Sports Pictures;

JUNE 5 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Dramatic Pictures of Babies Before Birth/ A Doctor Speaks out on Women and Pregnancy/ “An Editor Reports on Europe and Russia” by Gardner Cowles – President of Look/ Antique and Classic Automobiles – The Harrah Collection/ TV's Triple Threat Durward Kirby/ Sonny Liston the Heavyweight Nobody Likes/ Jacqueline Kennedy Inspires the International Look/ Christine Kaufmann Movie Veteran at 17/ New York Yankees Pitcher Whitey Ford;

JUNE 19 (Front Cover) Surgeon in Gown and Mask (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) The Great Highway Scandal/ Three Weeks on a Nightmare Island – Dominican Republic Unrest/ Fashion – Latest Lightweight Fabrics/ “How They Booted me out of Baseball” by Bill Veeck/ Rubens – She Would not Blush/ Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett – A Wacky TV Caper/ “Fee Splitting, Knife Happy Surgeons and Mercenary Doctors” by Dr. Virgil G. Damon/ Clamor over Claudia Cardinale;

JULY 3 (Front Cover) Blonde Babe in Blue Bathing Suit in Water (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) John Clark Gable his Life and his Future/ what has Happened to Law and Order in the United States ?/ Haiti a Sad, Sad Neighbor/ The Restyling of Jean Seberg/ Bonnard – The Savor of things/ Fashion – Cool Blue Summer Clothes/ Barry Goldwater Predicts - “A Conservative Sweep in 1962”/ The Wonderful World of Uncle Wiggily – Howard R. Garis/ “Walter O'Malley Boss of Baseball” by Bill Veeck;

JULY 17 (Front Cover) Bing Crosby and Second Family (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Exclusive New Pictures of Bing Crosby's Second Family/ New Attack on Dread Parkinson Disease/ The Big March for Peace/ What is the Common Market ?/ The Collier Trophy Award – X-15/ Sue Lyon Stars in “Lolita”/ Why Baseball is in Dager of Becoming “The Great National Bore” by Tim Cohane;

JULY 31 (Front Cover) Princess Grace of Monaco (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) Monaco Where a Throne is in Peril/ A Problem for America's Conscience – Franco's Spain/ Boston Red Sox Chuck Schilling the Surest Hands in Baseball/ Fashion – White Sporty Summer Wear/ The Living is Easy in Portofino/ Pecos Texas – the Town that made the Billie Sol Estes Scandal Possible/ Al Hirt and his Hot Trumpet ;

AUGUST 14 (Front Cover) Doris Day and Martha Raye in “Billy Rose's Jumbo (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes with Roger Maris (Contents) Hollywood Musicals are Big Again – Jumbo -Gypsy – Music Man – Bye Bye Birdie/ White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger Mission to Moscow/ “My Daughter is in Trouble” by Dr. Virgil G. Damon/ Fashion – News in Knits/ Pro Wrestling's Rocca the Magnificent/ Caroline Kennedy's Wonderful Summer/ The Story of Helen Keller;

AUGUST 28 (Front Cover) Two High School Girls at a Desk (Contents) A Way out of our Parochial – Public School Conflict/ The Danger in High School Football / President Kennedy vs. the Press/ World's Biggest Business – A.T.& T./ Fashion – Clothes to Bring Out the Beast with Sophia Loren/ Redon – The Magic Casements/ Kim Novak in Fight Scene from Movie “The Notorious Landlady”/ She's “Mama” to a Family of 100 – Saida Rashid of Fort Madison, Iowa;

SEPTEMBER 11 (Front Cover) Romy Schneider (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Romy Schneider gave up “Royalty” to Become a Woman/ Military Control – Can it Happen Here ?/ What Happened to the Nurses ?/ “The 1962 Football Forecast” by Tim Cohane/ Bathrooms the New Status Symbol/ “We're Talking Ourselves into a Water Crisis” by Gilbert F. White/ “Walter Schirra – Our Man in Orbit” by Walter Cronkite/ Sam Fishman the Face of a Union/ Fashion – California Designer Maggy Reese Creates Snappy Young and Elegant/ Tribute to Marilyn Monroe from a Friend – Carl Sandberg;

OCTOBER 9 (Front Cover) Jackie Gleason, Jack Paar and Lucille Ball (Back Cover) AD- Winston Cigarettes (Contents) A Preview of TV's Comeback Season/ Jackie Gleason and New Comedy Partner Sue Ann Langdon/ Lucille Ball has a new Outlook/ Jack Paar has a new Approach/ The Catholic Church in Latin America/ Another Lincoln in the White House – Kennedy's Personal Secretary Evelyn Lincoln/ West Point's new Football Coach Paul Dietzel/ First Ascent of Mt. McKinley's Southeast Side/ Look Baseball All America Team;

OCTOBER 23 (Front Cover) Front Grills of Some 1963 New Cars (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) 32 New 1963 Car Models in Full Color/ The Nazis of Argentina/ The Vatican Council – Interview with Bishop John Wright/. Irving Berlin is back with new Musical “Mr. President”/ Look Visits Fashion Designer Coco Chanel/ Swinging Suzanne Pleshette is Back/ El Greco – The Light Shining Within Me/ Football's Most Popular Coach – Duffy Daugherty of Michigan State;

NOVEMBER 6 (Front Cover) Renoir's “Girl Wiping her Feet” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarette's (Contents) 20-page Preview of new book “Renoir My Father” by Jean Renoir/ “One Election J.F.K. Can't Win” by Joe McCarthy/ Russia Could Pass the U.S. In Industrial Production by 2000/ George C. Scott “Don Quixote” on Broadway/ Washington Huskies Coach Jim Owens;

NOVEMBER 20 (Front Cover) Anne de Zagheb (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Why Beauty Means Trouble from an Early Age with Model Anne de Zagheb/ The Menace of Russia's Sea Power/ Voice of America Announcer Willis Conover Beams Big Jazz Behind the Iron Curtain/ Golf's Greatest Year – Jack Nicklaus – Arnold Palmer – Gary Player/ Fashion – Ski Clothes go to School/ Father Wasson's Mexican Boys Town/ British Accent on Broadway - “Stop the World” - “Beyond the Fringe” - “Oliver !/ “I saw Soviet Cuba” by Keith Morfett/ Help Wanted – Ministers, Priests and Rabbis/ Green Bay Packers Paul Hornung “How Winning Improved my Image”Richard Chamberlain TV's “Dr. Kildare”;

DECEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Outside the Oval Office Window (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Washington in Crisis – Untold Story of our Plan to Invade Cuba – 154 Hours on the Brink of War/ Nelson Rockefeller how far from the Presidency ?/ Connie Stevens Knows What she Wants/ Strange Facts about Small Import Cars/ Bette Davis Daughter – B.D. Merrill/ Fashion – Country Furs/ “The Arts in America” by John F. Kennedy/ Eleanor Roosevelt 1884 – 1962Look Visits Supreme Court Justice Brennan/ 1962 All America Football Team;

DECEMBER 31 (Front Cover) Child on a Carousel (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) 12-page Wonderful World of Children/ Christmas in Crisis – Comments by Famous World Figures/ How a Secret Deal Prevented a Massacre at Ole Miss/ Girl with a Purpose – Sister Jean Marie of the Order of the Sisters of the Holy Nativity in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin/ Ursula Andress of James Bond Movie “Dr. No”/ Walt Bellamy Chicago Zephrys “Big Bell”;


JANUARY 15 (Front Cover) “Where We Stand” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “Where We Stand” by John F. Kennedy/ “We are Winning the Cold War” by John Gunther/ The South 100 years after Emancipation/ Amazing new Surgery inside the Heart/ The Boom in the Southwest/ The Revolt against Rural Rule/ Teenagers turn against “Going Steady/ Our Retreat in Berlin;

JANUARY 29 (Front Cover) Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Shirley MacLaine tries a Rough Role as Prostitute in the Movie “Irma La Douce” with Jack Lemmon/ “My Side of the Steel Fight” by Roger Blough/ India Prepares for the Long War/ India's Nehru on the Spot/ Fashion – Far East influence/ Michael Rockefeller own Story of the Asmat People of New Guinea/ “The Dillinger Days” by John Toland – part 1;

FEBRUARY 26 (Front Cover) Joan Kennedy in Washington (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) A New Mrs. Kennedy in Washington/ “Churchill” by C.P. Snow/ Unlocking our Mental Hospitals/ Hollywood Costume Designer Edith Head Lives a Fine Full Life/ “Birth Control in Japan” by William Clifford/ Grace Bumbry – a Singer Comes Home/ The G.I.'s War in Europe/ England's off beat Star Susannah York/ Fashion – the Shirtwaist Suit/ How to Pitch a Baseball Game in 5 Hours/ Movie Review - “To Kill a Mockingbird” with Gregory Peck and Brock Peters;

MARCH 12 (Front Cover) Two Women Sitting at a Blackjack Table (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Weird World of Gambling – Who Wins ? - Who Loses ? - Why do we bet so Much ?/ Musical Nuns – Diocesan Teachers Symphony of Pittsburgh/ College Fraternities – the Perils of big Brotherhood/ Tragedy at Leige, Belgium – Mercy Killing of a Thalidomide Baby/ The Day the Money Stopped in 1933/ Small Men win for UCLA's John Wooden/ Mrs. Bing Crosby Student Nurse;

MARCH 26 (Front Cover) New York Sky (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) 60-pages on the New New York City – Brittle Beauty, Scandal, Excitement, a City bent on Self-destruction ?/ New York a Tough Place to Visit/ Fashion – Cocktail Party/ Rebel in a New York Pulpit – Reverend William Bell Glenesk/ New York's Victims of Welfare/ The Rockefellers New York/ Basketball All America Team;

MAY 7 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Back Cover) AD – Land M Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor has her say on “Cleopatra”/ The Bitter Battle over Capitol Punishment/ The Audacious World of Adam Powell in Washington/ Classic Food of France/ An Intimate Portrait of Charles de Gaulle/ The Ordeal of Blacklisted John Henry Faulk/ Teacher of the Year – Elmon Ousley of Washington's;

MAY 21 (Front Cover) Bobby Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) Bobby Kennedy Hates to be Second/ The South's War against Negro Votes/ “A Study in Courage – Judge Robert Bastien” by Chester Morrison/ Rhodes Scholar the Astonishing John Wideman/ Judy Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli/ Spring Comes to England/ Jury Tampering in Tennessee of Jimmy Hoffa Trial/ San Francisco Giants Orlando Cepeda/ “How Red is Brazil ?” by Leonard Gross;

JUNE 4 (Front Cover) Girl of Rio de Janeiro in Water (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The People of Rio – Fun Loving – Beauty Loving – Life Loving/ Washington D.C. Crime Sick Capitol City/ The Lonely Life of an Air Force Wife – Mrs. Jean Davis/ America's First Turbine Car from Chrysler/ Crisis in Education – Still/ Anti-Defamation League 50 year Fight Against Prejudice/ Those Mighty Minnesota Twins Sprout Muscles;

JUNE 18 (Front Cover) Cliff Robertson as J.F.K. In “PT-109” (Back Cover AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Cliff Robertson – The Man John F. Kennedy picked to Play him in the Movie “PT-109”/ Behind the Fight against School Prayer – A Christian View/ West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt “The Wall has cut my City in Half”/ They Made Our World part 1 – Socrates/ Rex Harrison and his Own Fair Lady – Rachel Roberts/ Golf Pro Gary Player – Fatalist with Finesse/ I'm Jonathan Winters – Come on In;

JULY 2 (Front Cover) Pope John 23rd (Back Cover) AD – Kent Cigarettes (Contents) The Astonishing Catholic Pontiff and why he Stirs the World/ “Why there's Trouble on the New Frontier” by Sidney Hyman/ A Walk with Thoreau – Cape Cod Revisited/ Big Folk Singers on Campus – Peter, Paul and Mary/ “Why Pro Football Must live with Sin” by Tim Cohane/ New York Mets Youngest Player Ed Kranepool;

JULY 16 (Front Cover) Two Girls in a Boat (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) 15-pages on Boats and Boating/ Radical Right Invades the GOP/ Russian Top Male Ballet Star Rudolph Nureyev in the West/ Fashion – Ship to Shore/ “The Coming Showdown in the Race Crisis” by Harry S. Ashmore/ Pygmy Goats/ New York Yankees Blockade – The Infield/ ”Five Days in Mississippi” by Thomas R. Morgan;

JULY 30 (Front Cover) Brunette with Long Braid in the Water (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Do We Need the Draft/ Crime in London and New York City/ The Revolt against Fancy Hairdos/ They Made Our World part 2 – Thomas Jefferson/ Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Walt Alston/ Bill Mauldin – The Idea Factory/ “Britain's Biggest Scandal – John Profumo” by Laura Bergquist;

AUGUST 13 (Front Cover) “Secret” (Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) Look Lifts the Secrecy Over the A-Bomb Fight – Scientists Wanted to Warn the Japanese – President Never saw their Protest – General Marshall Opposed Surprise Attack – Ignored Forecast of Missile Dropped Super-Bombs/ Hot Dog Diet for Summer/ Jeffrey Marmer becomes a Man – His Bar Mitzvah/ Louisville Kentucky Integrated without Strife/ The Busy Life of a British Ambassador's Wife – Mrs. Evangeline Bruce/ Personal Tragedy of Del Crandall of the Milwaukee Braves/ Child of Change – Natalie Wood;

AUGUST 27 (Front Cover) “The Tense Generation” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Shocking Report on Teenagers – Why they Steal – Why they Destroy Property – Why they Take Dope – Why they War on Society/ Communist Poland in 1963/ The Alfred Hitchcock Dinner Hour/ Folk Singers and their Fans – Miriam Makeba and Molly Scott – Chad Mitchell Trio – Joan Baez – Bill Monroe and Doc Watson – Pete Seeger – Odetta – Jean Ritchie/ “Why Israel Wants Peace” by David Ben-Gurion/ Fred Hutchinson Angry Boss of the Cincinnati Reds/ Our Defense Secrets are for Sale Cheap;

SEPTEMBER 10 (Front Cover) Japanese Woman (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) 27-pages on Japan – Prosperity – Beauty – Ugliness – New Religion that wants to Conquer the World/ “Why the Negro Revolt goes On” by Louis Lomax/ Fashion – Elegance of the Kimono/ 1963 Football Forecast by Tim Cohane/ Mary Martin in Perpetual Motion/ Scuba Fire Fighters;

SEPTEMBER 24 (Front Cover) “Morality U.S.A.” (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Morality U.S.A. - New Code to Solve our Crisis of Immorality? - Churches Failed ? - Has Money become God ? - Is Sexual Morality Gone ?/ Five Year Journey of Paralyzed old man and his Son from South America to a New York Hospital/ President Kennedy's Campaign Manager Stephen E. Smith/ They Made our World part 3 – Sir Isaac Newton/ The George C. Marshall Papers part 1 - “The Making of a General”/ Detroit Lion's Linebacker Joe Schmidt/ Fashion – Focus on Tweed/ The Adventures of Carol Burnett in her first Movie ' Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed ?”;

OCTOBER 8 (Front Cover) Southwest Desert Scene (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Special Southwest Issue – Arizona Land for Sale – Politics is Barry Goldwater – New Mexico Growing up in Atomland - Indian Art – Scottsdale Arabian Horse Sale – Oklahoma – Cattle Barons – The Other Texans – Texas Sized Beach Padre Island – Oklahoma vs, Texas Football Feud/ Fashion – Black and White Texas Style/ Look 1963 Baseball All America Team;

OCTOBER 22 (Front Cover) Mother and Daughter in New Car (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 1964 Cars -Inside and Outside and Under the Hood/ Trouble Ahead for Catholic Schools – the Vanishing Nun/ What TV Violence can do to Your Child/ “I was the Target of a Hate Campaign” by Tom Braden President of California State Board of Education/ Elke Sommer the Movies new Wonder Child/ Memo from a Mormon – Church's Attitude Towards Negroes/ An Insider Talks about the Mafia/ They Made our World part 4 – Columbus/ “We are Poisoning the Air”{ by Abraham Ribicoff/ Collier Award Winner – Project Mercury/ Georgia Tech's Football Yellow Jackets;

NOVEMBER 5 (Front Cover) Ursula Andress (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Ursula Andress the Story of a Lazy Beauty/ Weird Story of Harvard's Drug Scandal/ “We Face a new kind of World” by William Atwood/ A Life in Photography by Steichen/ Our Neighbor the Moon/ Why Father Can't do Johnny's Math/ Red Blaik Predicts Two-Platoon Football is Coming Back/ Fashion – Velvet Suits/ Dick Van Dyck TV Family Man ;

NOVEMBER 19 (Front Cover) Nikita Khrushchev (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Nikita Khrushchev the Red Riddle/ “Our Foreign Policy is Paralyzed” by J. Robert Moskin/ England School in Leiston run by the Children/ New York's World Fair Site taking Shape/ Fashion – Spanish Drama and Femininity/ British Actor Albert Finney/ “Football Players Must be Students” by Dave Nelson/ The Movie “Seven Days in May” the White House was Pleased the Pentagon was Irritated/ “It's Time to face the Future” by Swedish Economist Gunnar Myrdal/ They Made our World part 5 – Machiavelli? Julie Andrews goes to Hollywood;

DECEMBER 3 (Front Cover) The President and his Son (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) President Kennedy and son John Jr./ “I Saw a City Die – Birmingham, Alabama” by Charles Morgan Jr./ Scarlett O'Hara's Millions/ Hugh Downs and the Common Man/ Fashion – New French Designer Emmanuelle Khanh/ Football Madness is a Game on Sunday/ 17 States Vote to Destroy Democracy as we Know It/ French Canada's Strange Revolt/ Trapeze Artist 11-year old Cookie Arturo;

DECEMBER 17 (Front Cover) Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Cary Grant the Legend and the Ladies/ Konrad Adenauer om Nazism, de Gaulle, Russia and the Future/ When the Negro Faces North – Through a Black Man's Eyes/ Fashion – Romantic Heroine/ Preview Poll – President Kennedy Could Lose the Next Election/ Carol Todd Opera Star and Mother/ Look1963 All America Football Team/ In the Garden of Eden with Doris Day;

DECEMBER 31 (Front Cover) Christmas Outside the White House (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “In Memory of John F. Kennedy” by William Attwood/ “The Story of the President's at Christmas” by Fletcher Knebel/ “Lyndon Johnson – Trained for Power” by Fletcher Knebel/ Side Effects a new Worry for Doctors/ They Made our World part 6 – Saint Paul/ Christmas in Wales/ “I'm Only Human” by Sandy Koufax/ Cardinal Cushing of Boston/ Daniela Blanchi Secret Agent James Bond's Second Girl Friend;


JANUARY 14 (Front Cover) “How We Live” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) How We Live – Down on the Farm – Out in the Suburbs – In Homes packed with Pride, Prejudice and Love/ The Long Lazy Weekend/ Houseful of Roommates;

JANUARY 28 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Valiant is the word for Jacqueline/ What President Johnson Faces in Vietnam/ Richard Burton and the Girls Filming “Night of the Iguana” with Ava Gardner, Sue Lyons and Elizabeth Taylor/ York Castle in the Casbah/ Bob Beattie U.S. Olympic Ski Coach/ “Are Our Children Half Educated ?” by Luther H. Hodges/ Montreal Mohawk Indian Model Kahn-Tineta Horn is a Beauty with a Mission;

FEBRUARY 11 (Front Cover) World's Fair Model Bianca Benedict (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) New York World's Fair Preview Special Issue with Pocket Sized 36-page Bonus Guide to the Fair/ Walt Disney the Giant at the Fair/ Bridges of New York City/ U.S. Olympian Swimmer Donna de Varona/ Fairest of the Fair – New York's Beauties/ Brash Boss of a Billion Dollar Faie - Robert Moses/ Broadway Play “The Ballad of the Sad Cafe” with Colleen Dewhurst/ “We can Prevent Presidential Assassinations” by John H. Walker;

FEBRUARY 25 (Front Cover) Pope Paul Vl (Back Cover) AD – Lark Cigarettes (Contents) “A Nephew's Portrait o9f Pope Paul” by Giovanni Battista Montin with Family Photos/ Robert Kennedy's Tribute to JFK/ David Brinkley and his Golden Key/ Fashion – Kenya Cottons/ Scenes from “My Fair Lady” with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn/ Heavyweight Sonny Liston – King of the Beasts/ Eisenhower's Adventure in Nostalgia – D-Day plus 20-years/ Russia's Greatest Failure – Her Farming Practices/ They Made our World part 7 – Thomas Edison;

MARCH 10 (Front Cover) President Johnson's Official Portrait (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Johnsons in the White House/ After the Shots the Ordeals of Lyndon Johnson/ “A Negro View – Johnson can Free the South” by Louis E> Lomax/ Danish Girls – Blunter than American Girls/ Two Republican Hopefuls – Pennsylvania Governor Scranton and Michigan Governor Romney/ “My Search for Faith” by High Jumper Brian Sternberg/ Comedienne Tammy Grimes;

MARCH 24 (Front Cover) Brunette in a Bathing Suit Reading in a Chair in the Ocean at Puerto Rico (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Puerto Rico – It's New Problems – It's New Leaders – It's Beauty, Old and New/ “Death of an Innocent – 11-year old Carol Denise McNair Victim of the Birmingham Church Bombing” by William Bradford Huie/ Fashion – Blazers/ The Making of a Surgeon at the Mayo Clinic – Dr. Michael P. Levis/ The Noble Prize Ceremony/ 1964 Basketball All America Team/ “Memo from a Dallas Citizen” by J.M. Shea Jr./ Married Roman Catholic Priests in Europe;

APRIL 7 (Front Cover) Prince Philip and Prince Andrew (Back Cover) AD – Kent Cigarettes (Contents) Prince Philip the Man and the Rumors/ “Inside England 1964” by John Gunther/ They Made our World part 8 – Emperor Constantine/ A Photographic Tribute on Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary by Dennis Stock/ Birth Control and the Poor – A Solution/ The Changing Days of Stan Musial/ Why We Need a Vice-President Now/ Movie Review - “Captain Newman, M.D.” with Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis and Angie Dickinson;

APRIL 21 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and her Daughter Liza (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor and Liza in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico/ Integration in Reverse -White 7-year old Susan Beer in a Black Slum School in San Francisco/ Commodore John W. Anderson of the S.S. United States has to Retire/ Washington's Official Hosts the Angier Biddle Dukes/ “Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater Speaks” by Fletcher Knebel/ All America Cities Winners/ America's Favorite TV Wife Mary Tyler Moore/ “The Man Behind the Man” by Stan Musial;

MAY 5 (Front Cover) The Newlywed Brent Bradfords (Back Cover) AD – Lark Cigarettes (Contents) 21-pages of Travel U.S.A. - Honeymoon Trip Georgia to Wisconsin – The Northwest by Car and Sailboat – An English Couple Tours New England/ An Inside Report – the African Revolt in Russia/ Toughest Marine Sgt. Donald Hamblem of Recon/ The Vanishing American Jew/ A Visit with Dr. Erich Fromm – Influential and Controversial Psychoanalyst/ Los Angeles Engine Company 21 Dalmatian Champ the fire Dog;

MAY 19 (Front Cover) Carol Channing (Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) Carol Channing's Comeback in “Hello Dolly”/ New Advance in Female Fertility/ Behind the Plot to Assassinate Robert Kennedy/ Teacher of the Year – Lawana Trout of Sand Springs, Oklahoma/ What de Gaulle Really Wants/ Boston Red Sox Reliever Dick Radatz/ Fabulous, Feudal Portugal/ “As I see the First Lady” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh/ Pierre Salinger the Salty Senate Candidate;

JUNE 2 (Front Cover) Air Force One (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Exclusive Picture Story of the Flying White House Air Force One/ The Christian War against Anti-Semitism/ “The Challenge of Communism” by Nelson A. Rockefeller/ Cyprus – A Tormented Island Shakes up the West/ Yogi Berra takes over as Manager of New York Yankees/ Fashion – Swimsuits More or Less ?/ “My Impractical, Impossible, Infuriating, Irresistible Friends the South Americans” by Leonard Gross/ Italy's Rita Pavone her singing Starts Riots;

JUNE 16 (Front Cover) Ingrid Bergman (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Ingrid Bergman's Strange New Role in the “The Visit”/ C.I.A. The Invisible Government/ D-Day Plus 20 Years/ Hong Kong Doctor with 1,000 PatientsSister Mary Fidelis of Maryknoll/ “The Tragic Rebirth of the Chicago Cubs/ Peace Corps 1964 – What Next for Sgt. Shriver?/ Fashion – The Doll Baby Look/ They Made our World part 9 – Voltaire/ Broadway Play “Any Wednesday” with Sandy Dennis;

JUNE 30 (Front Cover) Surgeon in Mask and Gown (Back Cover) AD – Kent Cigarettes (Contents) Medical Frontiers – Rebuilding the Human Body – New Uses for X-Rays/ The Strange Case of the C.I.A. Widows/ The Growing Kennedy Legend/ Leslie Uggams – the Little Girl Grows Up/ The Worlds of Two Cats – Country and City Dwellers/ West Coast Surfers – the look – the Living – the Lingo/ “The Secret Life of Dag Hammarskjold” by John Lindberg/ ;

JULY 14 (Front Cover) “Convention” (Back CoverZ) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) Convention – Can the GOP Survive Goldwater ? - Why Elections are no fun Anymore – The Best Man Seldom Wins/ Latin American Catholics and Birth Control/ “great Presidents are Lucky Accidents” by Margaret L. Coit/ Fran Jeffries the Performer/ Fashion – Yves Saint Laurent/ Gil Hodges – the Most nice guy in Baseball;

JULY 28 (Front Cover) Nancy Maureen Smith (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Hot Summer in New York – Exploding Harlem – World's Fair Baby Sitter – The New Night Life – Manhattan Sundays/ What is a Liberal ? - What is a Conservative ?/ The Ordeals of New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner/ Fashion – Teenage Rage Swamp Coats/ New York City Landmark “The Dakota”;

AUGUST 11 (Front Cover) German Helmet on a Post (Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) 1914 – 1918 The Bloody Years/ A Southerner Appeals to the North – Don't Make Our Mistake !/ First Communion Of Georgia Anne Flegal of Pittsburgh/ Marcello Mastroianni – Latin Lover New Style/ Fashion – Clothes to Sleepwalk In/ “Memo about a Dallas Citizen” by T> George Harris/ “Baseball is Inviting a Beanball Homicide” by Tim Cohane/ From New York to L.A. Society can't wait to read What “Suzy” says;

AUGUST 25 (Front Cover) Robert Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Ambitions of Robert Kennedy/ The Cuban Crisis – How Close we were to War/ “Traitor to my Class” by Fletcher Knebel/ A Star in Eleven Minutes – Julie Christie/ Fashion – The International Sweater Set/ They Made our World part 10 – Gandhi/ Close-up on Poverty – Five Million American Families/ Walter Cronkite – Why won't he be Himself on TV ?/ Teenage Wedding in Russia/ The Philadelphia Phillies Take Off;

SEPTEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Boris Karloff (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Monsters – Why our Children are wild about Horror in the Movies, TV, Toys and Games/ Catholics take a new look at the Birth Control Pill/ Crime Victims Cry for Help and Society Turns Away – Who Cares ?/ The Attack on Bigotry in Mississippi/ 1964 Football Forecast by Tim Cohane/ A Visit with John D. Rockefeller 3rd/ Sean Connery the Reluctant James Bond;

SEPTEMBER 22 (Front Cover) College Freshman Linda Greer (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Class of 1968 – How 1,255,000 Freshmen Got into College this Year/ “It's no Fun to be Famous” by Gary Marshall/ Race Riots – Barry Goldwater Boon/ Fashion – Red, Red, Red/ They Made our World part 11 – Montaigne/ Roger Staubach of Navy – Humility Under Pressure/ The Friendly Royal Sisters – Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret;

OCTOBER 6 (Front Cover) New And Old Car (Back Cover) AD – Lark Cigarettes (Contents) 1965 Cars – 31 New Models Put the Accent on Fun and Luxury/ “Protestant Hopes for the Vatican Council” by Robert McAfee Brown/ Football as the Trainer Sees IT/ “My case Against Paul Brown” by football's Jimmy Brown/ Actress Senta Berger of Vienna/ Governor of Iowa Harold E. Hughes “One Man's Triumph” by Fletcher Knebel/ Fashion – Pants in Town/ TV's “Mr. Novak” with James Franciscus;

OCTOBER 20 (Front Cover) People Shooting Craps (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Illegal Gambling Casinos in the U.S.A. - Where the Law Ends/ What is an Extremist ?/ Senator Pierre Salinger and the Asians/ The Candidates Paintings in Color by Norman Rockwell/ Fashion – Fancy Legwork in Stockings/ Look 1964 Baseball All America Team/ An Informal Visit with Hubert Humphrey/ Actress Samantha Eggar/ Chuck Percy of Illinois the Man in the Middle/ “Football Bruisers I've Bumped Into” by Jim Brown/ Illinois Youngsters Stage their own Olympics;

NOVEMBER 3 (Front Cover) “The Challenge to Our Doctors” (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) The Presidential Campaign and the Candidates/ The Medical Profession is in Turmoil – Why ?/ “The Men behind Barry Goldwater” by Robert G. Spivack/ Goldwater People/ Teenage Movies and Morals – Hollywood's Teenage Gold Mine/ “Why I Can't join the John Birch Society” by Richard G. Bacon/ Dartmouth College Football Coach Bob Blackman and his Big Green/ “My Advance View of the Cuban Crisis” by Senator Kenneth Keating/ Television's New Bad Boy – Les Crane;

NOVEMBER 17 (Front Cover) Jacqueline and John Jr. Kennedy – The J.F.K. Memorial Issue (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917 – 1963/ Hyannis Port Revisited – A Lonely Summer for Jacqueline/ The Unknown J.F.K./ Eight Views of J.F.K. - The Competent American/ Ireland – the Kennedy Cult/ Arlington Cemetery/ The Words J.F.K. Loved Best/ Pages from a Kennedy Family Album/ What Happened to the Kennedy Plan;

DECEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Chinese Lion Sculpture (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) “Red China” by Tung Chi-pimg a Defector Diplomat tells what it's Really Like in Red China Today/ “The Chinese Bomb Menace” by T. George Harris/ Retarded Child in a Home Full of Love – The Ravenel Family of Charleston, South Carolina/ A New Fight Against Sudden Death – Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation/ Shaker Revival Furniture and Fashion/ The Friar Who Saved 5,000 Jews – Rufino Niccacci/ Actress Mia Farrow – in Search of a Character/ TV's “Bonanza” with – Lorne Greene – Dan Blocker – Michael Landon – Parnell Roberts/ Fashion – New Hair Lifts/ The Bicycle Boom;

DECEMBER 15 (Front Cover) People Dancing the Twist (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) Ex-Pro Football Player gets his Medical Doctor's Diploma – James Bailey/ The Twisted Age – A Mad and Frightening Era of Morals/ The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler/ Buffy Sainte-Marie – the Cree with a Kink in her Voice/ Bulova Watches the Birth of Excellence/ Christmas on Nantucket/ “The Case for the New South” by Governor Terry Sanford of North Carolina/ “Stage Struck – the Romance of Alfred Lunt and Lynne Fontaine” by Maurice Zolotow/ Fashion – Seaside See-Throughs/ They Made our World part 12 – Copernicus/ The Look 1964 All America Football Team;

DECEMBER 29 (Front Cover) Young Child with her Doll (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Christmas is for Children/ What the Beatles have done to Hair/ A New Conservative Manifesto/ Swinging Prison Priest Father Carl J. Breitfeller/ “Why the Yankees Fired Yogi Berra/ Mr. Coin Collector Louis E. Eliasberg/ 21-year old Girl Spy against Fidel Castro – Mirtha Margarita Borras y Almanza/ Grandmother and her Dolls – Sascha Morgenthaler/ Christmas in Moscow;


JANUARY 12 (Front Cover) “Inside the Twentieth Century” - Queen Victoria – Adolf Hitler – Marilyn Monroe (Back Cover) AD – Kent Cigarettes (Contents) The Twentieth Century – Special Issue Devoted to the Century that has Produced the Worst Wars – the Worst Depressions – the Greatest Prosperity – Biggest Revolutions in all Human History/ They Made our World part 13 – Sigmund Freud;

FEBRUARY 23 (Front Cover) Dancer Gloria Becht in Swimsuit in Shallow Water (Back Cover) AD – Problems in Paradise – 10-pages on Honolulu/ Behind California's Campus Revolt/ “What's Ahead for the F.B.I.” by Miriam Ottenberg/ Georgia Governor Carl Sanders and Miss Emma his 7th Grade Teacher/ Fashion – New Role of the Makeup Man/ “Mickey Mantle – Oklahoma to Olympus/ Winston Churchill – a Newly Discovered set of Camera Close-ups;

MARCH 9 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) 26-pages on the New Movie Boom – The Out is In – After Nudity What – The Old Pro Bette Davis – New World of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – The Agony and Ecstasy of Michelangelo/ A School for the Future – Garden Springs Elementary School in Lexington Kentucky/ New York's Senator Robert Kennedy Answers some Blunt Questions/ Bad Moment on Broadway with Joanna Pettet Reading Reviews of Play “Poor Richard”/ A Visit with Africa's Most Hated Man – Tshombe/ New York's St. John's University Basketball Coach Joe LapChick/ Ancient Spanish Mint Ship yields Richest Treasure to Date off Bahamian Islands;

APRIL 6 (Front Cover) The White House (Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) The Big Change in Washington/ The Texanization of Washington/ Offbeat Guide to Washington/ Washington's Negro Elite/ The President's Favorite Lobbyist – Dale Miller/ Washington's Biggest Problem – Vietnam/ Hubert Humphrey advance man for the Great Society/ New GOP Hope – John Lindsay/ Jo Ann Christiansen in Georgetown, Washington's Oldest Quarter ;

MAY 4 Front Cover) Carnival in Munich (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Germany 20 years after Hitler/ Chicago's Troubled Schools Segregation Crisis/ On the Set with Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau/ A New World of Surgery – Hottest Heat and Coldest Cold/ 1964 All America Cities/ Boston Red Sox Tony Conigliaro;

MAY 18 (Front Cover) Virna Lisi (Back Cover) AD – Kent Cigarettes (Contents) Virna Lisi – Experiment in Star Making/ Mussolini – Dramatic new Evidence on his Flight, Capture and Death/ “My Life in the White House” by Lynda Bird Johnson/ “Our Churches Sin against the Negro” by Robert W. Spike/ Fashion – Beachwear Ballet/ “How Russia has Changed and what it means to Us/ Baltimore Orioles – Birds on the Road/ Car Safety – Miracles or Mayhem ?/ A Walk with the Birdman Roger Tory Peterson/ Whatever Became of the Class of '55 ?;

JUNE 1 (Front Cover) Princess Grace and Princess Stephanie (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) U.S. Attorney General Katzenback Talks About – Crime in our Streets – Racial Violence – Business and Trust Busting – Children and Punishment/ The Problem of our Early School Dropouts/ A New Princess in Monaco/ Fashion – Summer of Sheer Delight/ A Visit with Mrs. Medgar Evers widow or Civil Rights Worker/ “The End of the Hitler Gang” by John Toland/ They Made our World part 14 – Saint Erasmus/ The Minnesota Twins Lonely Star Tony Oliva/ Sister Stars of France – Catherine and Francoise Dorleac/ Poet Grower to the World is University of Iowa's Paul Engle/ TV's “Gomer Pyle” with Jim Nabors;

JUNE 29 (Front Cover) Patti Chandler and Aron Kincaid) Back Cover) AD – Newport Cigarettes (Contents) Special Gallup Poll Reveals – Birth Control Question – Negro as Neighbor – New Morality – Threat of Big Government/ A New kind of Doctor – Emergency Room Doctors in Wesson Memorial Hospital in Springfield Mass./ Success overtakes Patti Chandler/ Fashion – Les Girls whip up Fashion Frenzy in Paris/ The Sound of Salzburg, Austria/ “My Life as Trujillo's Prisoner” by his Daughter Flor Trujillo/ “Southern Justice” painted by Norman Rockwell/ Do we really Need the U.N./ TV's “The King Family” with Laurette Kristine Conkling;

JULY 13 (Front Cover) Sean Connery and Claudine Auger (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) Ted Kennedy on his Own – Coming Up Strong in the Senate/ The Man Behind our Mission to Mars – Dan Schneiderman/ Movie Review - “Thunderball” with Sean Connery, Claudine Auger and Martine Beswick/ Welcome New World for a son of Gauguin/ Going Together in California/ “Jennie Grossinger” by Quentin Reynolds/ Fashion – the Courreges Controversy/ 17-year old Suzy Sterling of Raleigh North Carolina Diary of Discovery;

JULY 27 (Front Cover) Church Spires (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Battle of the Bible – Blunt Report on Protestant Turmoil – Is Your God a Myth ? - Can the Church Survive ?/ Literal View of the Bible in John Huston New Movie “Noah”/ “How Goes the War on Poverty ?” by Sargent Shriver/ What Happens when Sigma Chi pledges a Negro – Ken Washington/ America's Most Wanted Students – Well Trained Office Workers/ Fashion – Wear White to Show Off Tan/ “The Girls and I” by Paul Hornung/ TV's “Man From U.N.C.L.E” with David McCallum;

AUGUST 10 (Front Cover) President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) “Kennedy' by Theodore C. Sorensen – part 1 Kennedy's Worst Disaster the Bay of Pigs/ “Why I Gambled and What it Cost Me” by Paul Hornung/ A Lady Doctor Defies her Church – Dr. Anne Biezanek Operates a Birth Control Clinic in Wallasey, England/ How Tough is Union Boss Walter Reuther ?;

AUGUST 24 (Front Cover) New Wave Movie Actress – Mako Midori (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) 19-year old Marine Dave Beauchemin in Vietnam/ The American Princes of the Church/ “Kennedy” by Theodore C. Sorensen – part 2 the Kennedy I Knew/ The Changing World of the Japanese Women/ Adlai Stevenson's Last Article “Outline for a New American Policy”/ Fitness Should be Fun – Olympic Gymnast Muriel David Grossfeld;

SEPTEMBER 7 (Front Cover) Candice Bergen (Back Cover) AD – Masterpiece Cigarettes (Contents) “Kennedy” by Theodore C. Sorensen – part 3 Kennedy vs. Khrushchev the Showdown in Cuba/ 20-pages on Long Island, New York/ The Plot to Take Over the P.T.A./ Mary McCarthy novel “The Group” gets Cleaned Up for the Big Screen – Candice Bergen/ College Football Forecast by Tim Cohane/ Fashion – Soft, Seductive Leather;

OCTOBER 5 (Front Cover) The Kennedy Children Caroline and John Jr. (Back Cover) AD – Masterpiece Cigarettes (Contents) 6-pages of Color Photos of the Kennedy Children/ Israel – Its Treasures and Its Prejudice/ The Stories of Three Who Died in the August Los Angeles Race Riots/ The TV Networks Turn to Teenage Audiences/ Fashion – Way Out with Rudi Gernreich and model Peggy Moffitt/ They Made our World part 15 – Adam Smith/ New York Jets Fullback Matt Snell;

OCTOBER 19 (Front Cover) Two of the New 1966 Cars (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Preview the 1966 New Car Models in Color/ Chicago Shows a Way to Police Reform/ “Kennedy” by Theodore C. Sorensen – part 5 If Kennedy Had Lived/ Nine Fresh Talents in U.S. Fashion Design/ TV's “Peyton Place” Tales of the Town where Virtue Triumphs/ “A Bold Proposal for Vietnam” by Geroid Tanquary Robinson/ Anatomy of a Bank Robbery/ “The Many Wives of Mickey Rooney” by Mickey Rooney/ The Growing Tragedy of Illegal Abortion/ Perils of a Professional Quarterback – Operation Meat Grinder;

NOVEMBER 2 (Front Cover) “Red China” (Back Cover) AD – Chesterfield Cigarettes (Contents) 18-pages on the Beauty, Poverty and Growing Power of Red China/ Kids and Money – Are they Getting and Spending too Much ?/ The Rich, Restless Life of Rex Harrison/ Collier Trophy Winner General Curtis LeMay/ Fashion – New Stencils for Fur Patterns/ Notre Dame Football Coach Ara Parseghian/ Two Nuns in Geargia – Gentle Crusaders/ A Tough Day in New York – Electing a Mayor;

NOVEMBER 16 (Front Cover) “The Fast Changing South (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) The Fast Changing South – Booming Business – Boiling Politics – Cowardice – Unsung Resorts/ Southern Minister “Return tom Georgia” by Robert B. McNeill/ Southern Football the Bear of Alabama – Coach Paul Bryant/ Fashion – Southern Futures in Cotton/ The 11-year Siege of Mississippi Lady Editor – Mrs. Hazel Brannon Smith/ Mississippi Gulf Coast an Unsung Riviera;

DECEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Frank Sinatra at 50 (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Frank Sinatra a New Look at the Old Pro/ The Pearl Harbor Blunders – Official General George C. Marshall Story/ Louisville, Kentucky Police Run Ambulance Service/ Skiing in America/ Fashion – Style on the Slopes/ Danger in Germany – the Rise of a New Nationalism/ A Cry from Harlem – Author Claude Brown/ Broadway New Funny Girl Barbara Harris/ The Look 1965 All America Football Team;

DECEMBER 28 (Front Cover) Julie Andrews and Daughter Emma (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) The Mad, New World of Julie Andrews/ The Anti-War Marches and the Draft Resisters 1965/ Christmas Without Santa Claus for the Poor of West Virginia – the Coleman Currence Family/ “The Jews and Christmas” by Leonard Gross/ Christmas in England/ Fashion – Pajamas to go to Bed In/ Second Chance for a Dying Heart – Canadian Surgeon Arthur M. Vineberg/ The GOP Attacks the John Birch Society/ They Made our World part 16 – Julius Caesar/ Michigan State and Hawaiian University Rose Bowl Game;


JANUARY 11 (Front Cover) The American Woman (Back Cover) AD – Lucky Strike Cigarettes (Contents) 50-pages on the American Woman – the Hex of the Single Girl – Dilemma of a Young Divorcee – the War Between Mother and Daughter – Famous Doctor's Key to Staying Young – Do Men Really Like Women ?;

JANUARY 25 (Front Cover) Gert Probe as German General von Choltitz (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking/ Vietnam War Widow Shirley Isaacs Must Learn to Pick Up the Threads of her Life/ America's Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1965The Defeat of Hitler's Orders to Burn Paris/ The General Who Defied Hitler – General von Choltitz/ The New Mexico – Tradition Takes on Today's Tempo/ “Shooting is the Least Important part of Basketball” by John Wooden/ Debbie Watson of TV's “Tammy” Oklahoma's Education War/ Johnny Carson the Prince of Chitchat is a Loner;

FEBRUARY 8 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Taryton Cigarettes (Contents) Movie Review - “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?” with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton/ A Student Doctor Learns to Care at the University of Kansas Medical School/ Larry O'Brien Takes on the Post Office/ Fashion – The New Boutiques/ Pro Basketball Dynasty the Boston Celtics/ An American Defector Comes Home from Red China -Morris Wills/ A Visit with Vladimir Horowitz/ Joey Heatherton – Heavenly Body Entering Orbit;

MARCH 8 (Front Cover) Julie Christie (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) Movies Great New Face – Julie Christie/ Sex Education Comes of Age?/ Mississippi Tent City – the Strike that Failed at the A.L. Andrews Plantation in Greenville/ A Marine Comes Home from Vietnam – 19-year old Dave Beauchemin/ Norman Rockwell “Silent Film Star”/ “Willie Mays – My Story” by Willie Mays -part 1/ They Made our World part 17 – George Washington/ Bob Dylan Folk Rocks Tambourine Man/ Disco Fashion Show/ ;

MARCH 22 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Jacqueline Kennedy Today/ Our Hospitals are Killing Us – Alarming Report on Conditions in Many American Cities/ School Tests – Helpful or Invite Cheating ?/ Photographer Dorthea Lange – Friend of Vision/ Actor George Hamilton – Elegant Young Rebel/ The Big Flower Boom/ Lauren Bacall comes back to New York City/ Look Basketball All America Team/ “Willie Mays – My Story” by Willie Mays – part 2/ The Return of the Superhero with Batman and Robin;

APRIL 19 (Front Cover) Sophia Loren and Charlie Chaplin (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Charlie Chaplin Directs Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando in “A Countess from Hong Kong”/ How Fair is the Draft ?/ You and the Battle for Traffic Survival/ Hubert Humphrey takes time Off/ Goodby to the Met in New York City/ Ireland Fifty Years after “The Troubles”/ “In Defense of God” By John C. Bennett/ Fashion – Fair Weather Raincoats/ Teacher of the Year – Mona Dayton of Walter Douglas School of Tucson, Arizona/ Movie Review - “Born Free” with Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers/ Arthur Ashe Hottest New Tennis Star;

MAY 3 (Front Cover) Ku Klux Klan (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) “Southern Plain Talk about the Ku Klux Klan” by Richmond Flowers/ Why our Foreign Policy is Failing – Eric Sevareid Interviews with Senator Fulbright/ Senate Revolt – A Heated Search for a Vietnam Policy/ Fashion – Italian Rustic/ Home are the Braves – in Atlanta/ The Supremes -Hottest Trio on Records/ The 1965 All America Cities/ Joyce Hoffman Number 1 Surfer Champion ;

MAY 17 (Front Cover) Dean Martin (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Dean Martin Cools it... and Makes It/ “The Discarded Third – Negro Families Going Downhill” by Daniel P. Moynihan/ Pope Pius the Xll and the Third Reich/ Saigon – Stained Pearl of the Orient/ The Surprising Facts about Medicare/ Return of the Lip – Leo Durocher Manager of the Chicago Cubs/ Fashion – Eyes on Knees/ “What Better Schools will Cost” by John W. Gardner/ Bronx Zoo Nursery/ Lee Remick soars in a Sightless Role in “Wait Until Dark”;

JUNE 14 (Front Cover) President Kennedy and Peace Corps Members by Norman Rockwell (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) J.F.K.'s Legacy – the Peace Corps/ “Why Hospitals Overcharge Patients” by Roland H. Berg/ They Made our World part 18 – Aristotle/ The Moppets – College Ladies of Rock/ “What Next for the Civil Rights Movement – Requiem or Revival ?” by Thomas B. Morgan/ Monica Vitti as “Modesty Blaise”/ Fashion – Merle Oberon in Cool Tropical Whites/ The Sandy Koufax Story “My Salary Fights” by Sandy Koufax? Big Family Dog – 165 Pounds of Newfoundlander named Hardy/ Small Band, Big Brass – the Tijuana Brass;

JUNE 28 (Front Cover) “California” (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) An Entire Issue on California – A New Game with New Rules – the Turned on People – the First Mass Aristocracy – A Vision of Heaven and Hell – California Food; Hamburgers – Fashion dressing for the Strip – The Berkeley Girl – the Swinging Voters – In Burned Out Watts – the Minuteman – Where the California Game is Taking Us;

JULY 12 (Front Cover) Nancy Sinatra (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Nancy – Another Swinging Sinatra/ India Today – Too Poor to be Effective – Too Big to be Ignored/ The Dandy Koufax Story “How I Battled Arthritis” by Sandy Koufax/ Mrs. L.B.J. Country – My Texas/ Fashion – Men's Mod in America/ The Warren Commission Report a New Wave of Doubt/ In Vietnam Father Tom Confroy – Church is in his Combat Pack;

JULY 26 (Front Cover) Cary Grant (back cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Cary Grant and his Baby/ Robert Friede and Celeste Crenshaw “Death of a Hooked Heiress” by Dick Schaap/ Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen a Mighty Minority of One/ The Sandy Koufax Story “What Baseball Mean's to Me” by Sandy Koufax/ Paris in July by Photographer Irving Penn/ Young Winston Churchill Reports on Vietnam;

AUGUST 9 (Front Cover) Luci Baines Johnson and Patrick John Nugent (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Preview of Luci's White House Wedding/ Arnold Palmer gives Advice to the Weekend Golfer/ Big Business Do-Gooders Private War on Poverty/ Vietnam – What Should we do Now ?/ Three Auto Makers bring back an age of Super Elegance/ Texas Greenhouse – a Diet and Fitness Haven for Rich Females/ The Big Top goes to College – the University of Florida/ Fashion – Pants Suits/ Nat King Cole's Daughter Carol – New Actress with Talent/ TV's “The Mike Douglas Show”;

AUGUST 23 (Front Cover) Senator Robert F. Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) “Suppose God is Black” by Robert F. Kennedy/ “The Hidde3n Battle for Power in Red China” by Victor Zorza/ Australia is Much More than just Kangaroos/ Fashion – Bare Facts for Fall / Suicide – a New Attack against an old Killer/ How Good are our Juries ?/ Young and Single and a Stranger to New York City ;

SEPTEMBER 6 (Front Cover) Julie Andrews (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) A Movie Based on James A. Michener's “Hawaii” Caps a Hectic Year for Julie Andrews/ Secretary of State Dean Rusk – Cool Man in a Hot World/ Look Previews the New Met in New York/ Fashion – Vibrations from Britain/ “Interview with Lillian Smith – Not Black Power but Human Power” by George B. Leonard/ “Interview with Mary Hemingway – My Husband Ernest Hemingway” by Oriana Ffallaci/ Pro Football Forecast 1966;

SEPTEMBER 20 (Front Cover) “Youth 1966” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Youth 1966 the Open Generation – Their New Morality – Conversations Parents Never Hear – Early Sex and Marriage – London's Cutting Edge – Russia's Cool Communists – the Look Youth Survey – Young Marines Grow Up Fast ;

OCTOBER 4 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Filming “The Taming of the Shrew”/ The Case for the Small College – Cornell College/ “Cora Walker of New York Fights back at City Corruption” bt Julius Horwitz/ Aboard a Flying Saucer part 1 – The Adventures of Two Kidnapped Humans/ Fashion – Bonnie Cashin's One-World Fashions/ Memories of a Mother's Summertime Helper – 18-year old Anita Poluga of Wheeling, West Virginia/ 63 Years of Yanks at Oxford College/ Joe Pyne – Anatomy of a TV Bully/ President Johnson and the Electipons – Trouble Ahead/ Baseball's Ultra Umpire – Emmett Ashford;

OCTOBER 18 (Front Cover) 1967 New Car Preview (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Look 1967 New Car Preview – The Big Swing to Sport/ A Sunday with General Westmoreland who Runs the Vietnam War/ “The Twisted Marriage of Somerset Maugham” by Beverley Nichols/ Stephanie Powers is TV's “Girl from U.N.C.L.E.”/ Nelson Rockefeller fights for his Political Life/ Second Decade for the Ann Landers Style/ What's Happened to Latin ?/ Aboard a Flying Saucer part 2 – Abducted Woman describes her Incredible Experience/ The Richey Kids – Tennis is Their Business/ The St. Louis Cardinals Pat Fischer;

NOVEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Ronald Reagan and Pat Brown (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) California Bitter Governor Race between Ronald Reagan vs. Pat Brown/ The Grim new Grab for Gold Threatens your Dollars/ The Facts behind the Green Beret Myth – the Special Forces in Vietnam/ The Bold New Style of Spain/ Fashion – Spanish Fashion's Vigorous Trio – Pertegaz – Rovire – Berhanyer/ Rock 'N' Roll Sweetner – The Lovin' Spoonful/ A Chicago Catholic Asks – Where does my Church Stand On Racial Justice ?/ Syracuse Halfback Floyd Little – Portrait of an All America/ Budapest Ten Years after the Hungarian Revolution ;

NOVEMBER 15 (Front Cover) Jackie Gleason and Art Carney (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) A Second Time Around for “The Honeymooners” with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney/ Sweden and Sex – What 10 years of Sex Education have Taught the Swedes/ “China after Mao – Do the Red Guards Point the Way ?' by A. Doak Barnett/ Who is the Real James Bond Anyhow ? - with David Niven – Woody Allen – Orson Welles – Ursula Andress/ Fashion – Feather Bred Fashions/ The Waiting Wives of Schilling Manor – Worrying About Husbands in Vietnam/ 5 Million Brain Damaged children can be Helped/ “Our Secret Eye on Space” by Donald Robinson/ Washington Redskin's Place Kicker Charlie Gogolak;

NOVEMBER 29 (Front Cover) Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Lloyd at “The Pair of Shoes” in London (back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) England's Gamble to Survive – High Life, High Stakes and High Hopes/ J.F.K. Stamps – 56 from Around the World/ Russia's Jews – Ia their Time Running Out/ Jean Shrimpton – the Star Model makes her Movie Bow/ Fashion – Skirts hit the Ski Slopes/ “What Happened to the Children of Prince Edward County, Virginia, Closed its Public Schools” by Joseph P. Blank/ Truman Capote's “A Christmas Memory”/ The Case for not Going to College/ New York Jets Quarterback Joe Namath;

DECEMBER 27 (Front Cover) Vietnamese War Widow and Madame Ky (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Vietnam Women – Terror, Hardships and life without Men/ The 15th Avenue School in New York the Children do what they Please/ Reverend C.B. Burt of Grenada Mississippi Warns Christians “Stand up or get Out”/ Christmas in Austria/ “With Oppenheimer on an Autumn Day” by Thomas B. Morgan/ Judy Lewis a Vista Volunteer on Harlem's East 118th Street/ Las Vegas Wins, Worries and Weeps and fights Robert Kennedy's Vendetta/ TV's “Monkees” Latest Craziest Sensations;


JANUARY 10 (Front Cover) “The American Man” (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) An Entire Issue About the American Man – The Games Men Play – A Father in Charge – Divorced Sunday Daddy – The Sad “Gay” Life of the Homosexual – Man on the Moon painted by Norman Rockwell – New Breed of Frontiersman – Hugh Hefner the Playboy Man – The Fighter in Vietnam – The Negro Man – The Student – The Social Dropout – To Keep Men Sexually Active – The Hero – to Keep the Body Fit ;

JANUARY 24 (Front Cover) “The Death of a President” (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) “The Death of a President” By William Manchester – part 1/ Fashion – Mongolia/ Air Academy's Cheating Scandal/ Nancy and Dennis Cochrane's Mission to the Stone Age Duna Tribes in New Guinea/ Mongolia an Odd Prize in the Red Tug-of-War/ Melina Mecouri Rehearses “Never on a Sunday” for Broadway/ Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1966/ Pro Basketball's Tall Men;

FBRUARY 7 (Front Cover) “The Day J.F.K. Died” (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) “The Death of a President” by William Manchester – part 2 Parkland Hospital Case No. 24740/ The Restless Clergy – Why Some Priests and Ministers Organize against their Bosses/ French Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson's “Japan”/ George Romney's Secret Weapon – Wife Lenore/ Fashion – Cut Out Space Swim Suits/ Jack Lemmon – Most Serious Funnyman in the Movies/ Will Russia win the Supersonic Transport Race ?/ Korea's 2 ½ year old Genius Kim Ung Yong/ They Made our World part 19 – Winston Churchill/ Andrea Dromm top New York Model Turned Actress;

FEBRUARY 21 (Front Cover) “Flight from Dallas” (Back Cover) AD – Tempo Cigarettes (Contents) “:Death of a President” by William Manchester – part 3 a Troubled Flight from Dallas/ The Future of Education – the Class of 1989/ The Generation Gap/ Fashion – Let Yourself go Gypsy/ The Undiscovered Caribbean Eight Islands in the Sun/ Combat Medics use an Instant Hospital in Vietnam/ Basketball's 19-year old Lew Alcindor;

MARCH 7 (Front Cover) Conclusion “The Death of a President” (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) “The Death of a President” by William Manchester – Conclusion The Jarring Change in Washington/ Our Draft Dodgers in Canada – They can't go Home Again/ The Quiet Revolution in our National Parks/ Broadway Play “Cabaret” Where the Pre-Nazis Play/ Fashion – Paper Posh Disposable Elegance/ “We are Losing the War against Hunger” by George McGovern/ Chairman of the National Crime Commission Answers Tough Questions about Crime/ Pat Buckley Oasis for a Caustic Conservative – William F. Buckley;

MARCH 21 (Front Cover) Performing Surgery (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) The Big Change in Medicine/ Is Nazism Surfacing Again ? - The Germans Worry the World/ New York's Republican Mayor John Lindsay/ Crisis in Britain's Health Care System / A Lusty New Role for Julie Christie in “Far From the Madding Crowd”/ Look All America Basketball Team/ Flying Saucers – Why the Pentagon was Forced to Call for Scientific Help;

APRIL 4 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) William Manchester Writes of the Clash with the Kennedy Clan over his Book/ Preview of Montreal Expo '67/ “What we should do Next in Asia” by Edwin O. Reischauer/ Oklahoma Senator's wife Mrs. Harris and the Indians Predicament/ “The Tragedy of Bertrand Russell” by Flora Lewis/ Jamaica Holiday for Princess Grace/ When an American Negro returns to Africa/ Fashion – How to Woo the Sandman/ Brilliant 18-year old Carol Chinberg of Albuquerque New Mexico/ The Young Washington Establishment/ Fashion Model Twiggy;

APRIL 18 (Front Cover) Prince Charles and Prince Philip (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Prince Charles and his Father a Royal Contrast/ “The Turmoil in Higher Education” by Clark Kerr/ Vietnam's War Ravaged Children – How can we Undo the Awful Damage ?/ Margaret Truman's New Life/ “The Dublin Where James Joyce Lived” photographed by John Vachon/ Yaacov Agam's Art in Motion/ Emile Griffith – a Most Unusual Middleweight Champion1966 All America Cities/ Triumph of TV's Square – Dick Van Dyke;

MAY 2 (Front Cover) Vanessa Redgrave (Back Cover) AD – Benson and Hedges Cigarettes (Contents) The American Era Ends in Germany/ A marine's Longest Night – Corporal Williams shot in chest and Brought to Surgery/ Can Christians talk to Communists ?/ The Variety of Vanessa Redgrave/ London as Seen through the Lens of young Photographer Irving Penn/ Teacher of the Year – Roger Tenney of Owotonna, Minnesota/ The Truth About L.B.J.'s Credibility/ The New Yorker who shook up Central Park – Thomas Hoving/ All Girl Rock Band “The Luvs” of Greernwich Conn./ How to Watch TV”s newest Sport “Soccer”;

MAY 16 (Front Cover) Scenes from Suburbia (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) A Report on Suburbia – Parties and Prejudices – New Styles and Status – Morals and Divorce – Teenagers in Trouble – Fashion High Style in the Sticks – Politics on the Split-Level Frontier ;

MAY 30 (Front Cover) Michael Caine (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) Michael Caine talks about – American Men and Women – Bunnies and Sex – A Prince and a President – Poverty and Success/ Report on the U.S.A. In Asia – Why are we There ? - Vietnam is there any Way Out – How Long Must We Stay ?/ San Francisco's rock group Jefferson Airplane/ The Pirates – Pittsburgh's Confidence Guys/ Memo from Cleveland “You can't stop the Riot that's Coming”/ Ex-Nun Jacqueline Grennan;

JUNE 13 (Front Cover) Gale Warren in back of a Boat (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) 18-pages of Wild, Wet Wonderful Boating/ When College Students Crack Up/ The War on Poverty Andy Miller Moves Up – The Rougher Road of Russell Hicks – We Can't Quit Now/ “Modern Priest looks at his Outdated Church” by Father James Kavanaugh/ The Smothers Brothers the Naughtiest Boys on TV/ Fashion – Boating Wear/ Two Unknown Actors Robert Blake and Scott Wilson in the Movie”In Cold Blood;

JUNE 27 (Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) On Location with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Africa/ Quakers Troubling Voyage to Bring Medicine to North Vietnam/ The Power of Blackness – is the Race Problem Insoluble ?/ Russia's Five Year Fashion Leap/ New York Mets Second Draft Pick Byron Von Hoff his Summer of Decision/ The White House's Able Mrs. Abell – Social Secretary/ A Visit with the King and Queen of Thailand/ Why Not a Draft of College Students to Get More Teachers ?;

JULY 11 (Front Cover) Johnny Carson (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Battle for TV's Midnight Millions – Johnny Carson Still Champ/ 18-pages of Southeast Asia Spectacular Color/ “Why Vietnam Worries the Russians” by William Attwood/ A Last Visit with Two Undimmed Stars – Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy/ Report from Colorado “We'll be the Abortion Mecca for the Nation” by Jack Star/ The Running Man Jim Ryun/ Fashion – The Hat Scene;

JULY 25 (Front Cover) Barbra Streisand/ North Vietnam Soldiers/ A-Bomb Explosion (Back Cover )AD – Winston Menthol Cigarettes (Contents) How Chine got the Bomb – Why two U.S. Trained Scientist Brought China the Secrets/ First Photos of Barbra Streisand and Her Baby/ Picture Report from North Vietnam/ Runaways – Why 500,000 Kids leave home every Year/ Fashion – Africa Abstracted Prints/ Are U.S. Prisoners Mistreated in North Vietnam ?/ “The Future of Sex” by Marshall McLuhan and George B. Leonard/ California Angels Rick Reichardt;

AUGUST 8 (Front Cover) a Town in Israel (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) James A. Michener writes about Israel – A Nation too Young to Die/ The Mounting Menace of all Forms of Drug Abuse/ The Visions of Saint Timothy Leary – a Religion out of LSD/ “Midway” by Walter Lord part 1/ Baseball – Pop ! Goes the Ball Game/ Gypsies a Living Satire on Civilization;

AUGUST 22 (Front Cover) General Moshe Dayan and his daughter Yael Dayan (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “Father and Hero General Moshe Dayan” by Yael Dayan/ This Proud Land... This Canada/ “Midway” by Walter Lord part 2/ On Turning 13 – Dionis Lindsay of North Branford, Conn./ “Inside the Hippie Revolution” by William Hedgepeth/ Pro Football's Player Mutiny/ Campers – Roughing it in Style;

SEPTEMBER 19 (Front Cover) Julie Andrews (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Julie Andrews Dazzling New Look/ Murder – Reasons for its Shocking Rise/ “What Choices do we have in Vietnam” by Edwin O. Reischauer/ “Topaz” by Leon Uris part 2/ Searle's Cats/ “Secrets of Winning Football” by Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi College Football Forecast by Gerald Astor/ TV's Andy Williams – Boy in the Mansion Next Door;

OCTOBER 3 (Front Cover) Hotel Rossiya in Moscow (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Russia Today 50 Years after the Revolution that Changed the World – The New Freedoms – Fear of China – Upheaval in Education – A Taste of Profit – Siberia Since Stalin – How we look to Them – Bikinis and Ballerinas – Fashion Furs;

OCTOBER 31 (Front Cover) Frank and Mia Sinatra (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow their two Careers Together and Apart/ Nancy Reagan – What Ronald Reagan's Wife is Really Like/ The Black Revolt Hits the White Campus/ Because of Vietnam I must Break the Law – Stanford Professor Brown/ Chicago Bears Running Back Gale Sayers/ Chaplain to the Cool World – Michael Allen of St. Mark's in New York's East Village;

NOVEMBER 14 (Front Cover) Shirley Temple/ General Omar Bradley (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) How U.S. Indifference Aided Nazi Murder of Six Million Jews – Based on Documents Concealed for 25 Years/ See How Shirley Temple Runs for Congress/ General Omar Bradley in Vietnam/ Miseries of an Overweight Child/ Astrology Influences Fashion/ Marisol – a Brilliant Sculptress Shapes of the Heads of State/ Biba – London's Mini Mecca/ The Spanish Scene/ Kansas City Chiefs Mike Garrett;

NOVEMBER 28 (Front Cover) Wild New Face and Body Fashion (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) “The Case Against an Antiballistic Missile System” by Dr. Jerome B. Wiesner/ A Draftee i9s Sent to Fight in Vietnam – Steve Stone/ “What we can do to end the Agony of Vietnam” by Senator Robert F. Kennedy/ Fashion – Party Face Put-on/ “Voyage to Doom” by Arthur D. Morse/ TV's Barbara Bain a Computer Age Mati Hari/ In Praise of Older Men – How Six Younger Wives feel about their Famous Husbands/ Pablo Picasso – the Ninth Decade/ Tom Cahill Army's Accidental Coach;

DECEMBER 12 (Front Cover) Lynda Bird Johnson and Charles Robb (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Lynda Bird Johnson Bride to Be/ The Dangerous World of Walt Rostow/ Cuba 1967/ What Now, Jack Paar ?/ Fashion – Clothes to Meet Men In/ Dr. Doolittle's World of Delightful Nonsense – Rex Harrison/ “What Makes Romney Run ?” by T. George Harris/ Everett Dirksen is a Happening/ The Look 1967 All America Football Team;


JANUARY 9 (Front Cover) John Lennon by Avedon (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) A Special on Sound and Fury in the Arts from Sex and Violence in the Movies to Madness in the Galleries from Leonard Bernstein to a Pullout Portfolio on the Beatles;

FEBRUARY 6 (Front Cover) Maharishi and Meditators at Yale (Back Cover) AD Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Hindu Monk Maharishi and now Meditation hits the Campus/ The White Cop and Black Rebel in Grand Rapids/ “Why I'm Battling L.B.J.” by Eugene L. McCarthy/ “This Stranger, My Son” by Louise Wilson a Mother's Harrowing story of the Emotional and Financial Strain of Her Son's Mental Illness – part 1/ Fashion – Alp High Ski Fashions/ Movie Review “The Charge of the Light Brigade” with David Hemmings/ Marisa Mell – The Beauty Broadway Won't See;

FEBRUARY 20 (Front Cover) Model Anne Cosyns wearing a Trikini (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) France an Enemy ?/ France's Daredevil Ski Champion Jean-Claude Killy/ U.S. Olympic Skier's Uphill Fight – Suzy Chaffee/ “This Stranger, My Son” by Louise Wilson a Mother's Harrowing story of the Emotional and Financial Strain of Her Son's Mental Illness – part 2/ Fashion – Exposure '68 Swim Suits/ What Makes Dr. Spock March ?/ New Top Dog at the White House – Yuki/ The New Soul Sound of Aretha Franklin/ A Visit with Ex-Priest James Kavanaugh;

MARCH 5 (Front Cover) Girl Shooting Up in her Leg (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) The Horror of Growing Drug Abuse – Follow 3 Pounds of Speed from Canada to a Big U.S. Dealer and Down from There/ Ingrid Bergman talks of her Past, of Love,Hate/ The Puzzling Case of Richard Nixon/ “The Hidden Problems in Negotiating with Asia's Reds” by Kenneth T. Young/ Unexpected Treasure Found in the Sacred Well of Sacrifice At Chicken Itza/ Jane Hitchcock a Teenage Model in the Making/ Dear Abby – Salty Oracle on the Agony Beat/ Hockey Old And New – Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr;

MARCH 19 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Bisset (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Jackie Bissett – the Actress who Replaced Mia Farrow in Frank Sinatra's New Movie/ Egypt's Leader Nasser Talks about Israel, War U.S. And Russia/ India Farming Practices Revolution/ David Parks Vietnam Diary of a Solder's Ordeal/ The “Mad” Magazine Miracle/Fighter Jet F-111 Showing in Vietnam/ “My Fourteen Years on Death Row” by Edgar Labat/ Look All America Basketball Team;

APRIL 2 (Front Cover) Students Kevin Goff and Nancy Thomas of UCLA (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Campus Moods, Spring 1968 – How Students Feel About the Draft, Parents, Sex,Drugs and Violent Protest/ First Showing of John F. Kennedy Portrait by James Wyeth/ Draft Board No. 13, Springfield, Ohio/ England's Mellow Yellow Minstrel Donovan/ Interview – Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk/ Mike Nichols Wizard of Wit/ First Film for a Fresh Young Pro – Sondra Locke/ Another Junket with the Beautiful People/ Neil Mahoney Scout for the Boston Red Sox;

APRIL 16 (Front Cover) Robert Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) How Robert Kennedy Made up his Mind about Running in 1968/ Why Pope Paul Courts the Russians/ “Showdown for Non-Violence” by Martin Luther King Jr./ Cleaning the outside of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome/ An Interview with a Viet Cong Terrorist/ Fashion – Blossoms in Spring Fashions/ Sweden's Schoolgirl Movie Star – Pia Degermark/ 1967 All America Cities/ TV's Merv Griffin – They Talk and he Listens;

APRIL 30 (Front Cover) Catherine Deneuve (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Catherine Deneuve might be the World's Most Beautiful Woman/ Do We Owe People a Living ?/ Israel – 20 Years of Siege and Struggle/ Alabamians against George Wallace/ Fashion – Hip Chic Fashions with the Duke/ A Frank Talk with a Powerful Woman – India's Indira Gandhi/ Joe Torre Atlanta's Baseball Quarterback/ Choppers and the New Kind of War;

MAY 14 (Front Cover) Governor and Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) Nelson Rockefeller where he Stands On – Racial Riots – His Split with Richard Nixon – Fighting in the Primaries – Peace in Vietnam – with a Portrait by Norman Rockwell/ French Combat Photographer Catherine Leroy Pictorial on the Vietnam War/ Teacher of the Year – David Graf of Sandwich Illinois High School/ “The Spies around Charles de Gaulle” by John Scali/ 18-year old Swedish Actress Ewa Aulin/ “The Condon Committee Flying Saucer Fiasco” by John G. Fuller/ How Much Jogging is Good for your Heart?;

MAY 28 (Front Cover) Hayley Mills/ Joey Bishop/ Maurice Chevalier (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Maurice Chevalier at 80/ 22-year old Hayley Mills and her 54-year old Lover Roy Boulting/ TV's Joey Bishop tries Harder/ A New Liberal Manifesto/ Tragedy of Thalidomide Babies – Preview of German Horror Trial/ San Antonio's own World's Fair/ Fashion – Jewelry in the Raw/ America's Concentration Camps – The Rumors and the Realities/ An Informal Visit with Henry Ford/ Olympic Swimmer Claudia Kolb;

JUNE 11 (Front Cover) “Cities” (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Our Cities – the Uptight Life – Black Anger and White Fright – Street Crime – the Joys – the Frustrations – the Beauty – the Filth – Bewildered Urban America – Riots Past and Future/ Fashion – Romance Restored;

JUNE 25 (Front Cover) Ethel Kennedy and Children (Back Cover) AD - Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Ethel Kennedy – Robert Kennedy Wife the Least known Kennedy/ The Computer Data Bank – Will it Kill your Freedom ?/ The Town that went Mad” by John G. Fuller – Baffling Medical Mystery in Pont-Saint-Esprit, France/ Fashion – Decorated Jeans/ The 'Apostle' and the 'Fool” - Comedian Dick Gregory and White Organizer Saul Alinsky Teaches how to make Black Power Work/ Chicago Cubs Adolfo Phillips/ The Prime Mover Eugene McCarthy – with Portrait by Norman Rockwell/ Movie Review - “Rosemary's Baby” with Mia Farrow, Ruth Gordon and John Cassavetes;

JULY 9 (Front Cover) Hubert Humphrey (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) This is Hubert Humphrey – with Portrait by Norman Rockwell/ “The American Dream” by Eric Sevareid/ “The World still goes Our Way” by Eric Sevareid/ “The Bobby Kennedy we Knew” by Warren Rogers and Stanley Tretick/ Tapping the Resources of the New York's Ghetto/ Shirley ManLaine as Sweet Charity on Broadway/ New Era in Industry “It's OK To cry in the Office/ New York City Nuttiest Rich Kid – Cathy Macauley;

JULY 23 (Front Cover) Sidney Poitier (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) “Sidney Poitier” by James Baldwin/ The Beatles and their new Breakthrough Movie “The Yellow Submarine”/ “The Ghosts that Haunter L.B.J.” by Drew Pearson/ Quakers in South Vietnam strive to make Children Whole Again/ “The Wasps 1968” by Fletcher Knebel/ What about Ronald Reagan ? - with Portrait by Norman Rockwell/Cinderella Story of Israel Singers Abi and Esther Ofarim;

AUGUST 6 (Front Cover) Katharine Hepburn (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) The Unsinkable Katharine Hepburn/ “A European looks at America” by Michel Gordey a French Journalist/ The Anger and Ferment of Black Chicago/ “Krupp” by William Manchester/ Fashion – The Young West/ “The Revolt of the Black Athletes” by Dick Schaap/ Whatever Happened to Twiggy ?;

AUGUST 20 (Front Cover) Drawing of Chaotic Political Convention (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 36-pages on Politics - 1968 the Abandoned Generation – Why I Want the Job; Humphrey, McCarthy, Nixon, and Rockefeller – the End of our Two Party System ? - If You want to run for President first find $25 Million/ The Political Issues – War and Peace – Black and White – the Ghetto – Violence and Crime – the Troubled Dollar/ Fashion – the Political Poster Dress/ “Green Bay Diary” by Jerry Kramer part 1;

SEPTEMBER 3 (Front Cover) Babe in a Bikini Laying on the Beach (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) “Under The Shadow of the Bomb” by Robert S. McNamara/ Durable Dick Daley Mayor of Chicago/ Mexico – a Different Journey on the Eve of the Olympics/ Pro Football Forecast 1968/ “Green Bay Diary” by Jerry Kramer part 2/ Janis Joplin – Big Brother and the Holding Company''s White Soul/ Our Angry Teachers and Why They will Strike;

SEPTEMBER 17 (Front Cover) Dustin Hoffman (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Dustin Hoffman turns creep in the Movie “Midnight Cowboy”/ The Case of the “Lost” Arabs – How Israel found Refugees are Pawns/ Last Try for Utopia – Prague/ “100 Years of College Football” by Robert Blair Kaiser/ “Education and Ecstasy - How School Stunts your Child” by George B. Leonard part 1/ Fashion – Afghanistan Crossroads of the Silk Route

OCTOBER 1 (Front Cover) Dan Rowan and Dick Martin (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Rowan and Martin's Sock it ti 'Em Show “Laugh-in”/ Vanguard of the Campus Revolt – Students for a Democratic Society/ Lord Harlech talks about the Kennedys/ “Education and Ecstasy – Visiting Day 2001 A.D.” by George B. Leonard part 2/ Fashion – the New Sheik of Chic Italy's Valentino/ Jewish Mayor of the New Jerusalem – Teddy Kolleck;

OCTOBER 15 (Front Cover) “1969 Cars” (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) 1969 New Car Models Preview/ “Education and Ecstasy – The Future Now” by George B. Leonard part 3/ The Military's New Dilemma – Protest in the Ranks – AWOL in Berkeley – Deserters in Stockholm/ “Who can Afford to be Sick ?” by Roland H. Berg/ Movie Review - “Funny Girl” with Barbra Streisand/ “The New War in Korea” by Denis Warner/ After Chicago – Where will the Young People Go ?/ USC's Jet Speed Powerhouse Running Back O.J. Simpson;

OCTOBER 29 (Front Cover) Diahann Carroll (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) Diahann Carroll a new kind of Glamour on TV/ “Law and Order – Has the Supreme Court gone to Far ?” by Nicholas Kaztenbach/ The Private World of Leonard Bernstein/ Bishop Pike's Son's Experiments with LSD and Suicide - “The Other Side” by Bishop James A. Pike with Diane Kennedy part 1/ Those Weak Kneed New York Jets/ The New Congress – Another Move to the Right/ Muriel – Hubert Humphrey's Staunch and Gentle Half;

NOVEMBER 12 (Front Cover) James Earl Ray (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) “The Story of James Earl Ray and the Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King” by William Bradford Huie part 1/ A National Disgrace – What Unions do to Blacks/ The Young Germans – The First Generation Without Guilt/ “The Other Side – He's Here” by Bishop James A. Pike and Diane Kennedy part 2/John Huston's Latest Discovery – Angelica Huston/ “The United States and Europe after Vietnam” by Jacob K. Javits

NOVEMBER 26 (Front Cover) Rose Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Rose Kennedy – the Agony and Ecstasy of her Life/ Snowmass, Colorado – Sky High Ski Town/ Doris Day – Miss Apple Pie Hits TV/ Pro Football War on Sunday/ “The Story of James Earl Ray and the Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King” by William Bradford Huie part 2

DECEMBER 10 (Front Cover) Pope Paul (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Catholic Agony Over Birth Control – Should Pope Paul Retire ?/ Rare Interview with Pablo Picasso/ “The Artist Behind the Greatest art Swindle of the 20th Century Elmyr Dory-Boutin” by Clifford Irving/ Fashion – Pop Way to Look at Parties/ Immortal Isadora Duncan/ Can the South Vietnamese Army Replace our GI's ?/ Look 1968 All America Football Team;

DECEMBER 24 (Front Cover) “Man and Woman” (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) The Man and Woman Thing – Learning New ways to Make Marriage Work/ “Not long ago a Magic Island – Ellis Island” by Leo Rosten/ In Stockholm Gunnar Myrdal talks about the American Conscience/ Movie Review “Ice Station Zebra” with Rock Hudson, Patrick McGoohan and Ernest Borgnine/ Electric Teen Scene/ Playwright Harold Pinter - “A Mystery – Pinter on Pinter” by Judith Crist/ Movie Magic – Ian Fleming's “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with Dick Van Dyke;


JANUARY 7 (Front Cover) Black Woman Silhouette (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Special Issue on the Blacks and the Whites – Can we Bridge the Gap ? - Norman Mailer on Black Power – Black and White Pro Football – Black Power Shakes the White Church – Black America's African Heritage – Godfrey Cambridge Declares Peace – Jimi Hendrix socks it to the White Cats – Black and White Sex Hang-ups;

JANUARY 21 (Front Cover) North Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Exclusive from Hanoi – What's Behind Ho Chi Minh why his Peoploe won”t Give In/ Abortions – 282Women tell what Happened to Them/ Fashion – Sandals and Leg Coverings/ Faye Dunaway and Marcello Mastroianni making the Italian Movie “A Place for Lovers”/ America on the Rocks – the Wild Story of Prohibition/ Astronaut Scott Carpenter and the Great Sealab Adventure/ Basketball Battle of the Bay – Nate Thurmond vs. Rick Berry;

FEBRUARY 4 (Front Cover) Woman on a Beach wearing Low Cut Swimwear (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Fashion – Swimwear takes a Plunge/ President Lyndon Johnson for Richard Nixon on what it is to be President/ No More Heart Attacks – A Diet to Save Your Life/ Peggy Guggenheim's Art Collection Comes to America/ “The New Contraceptive Society” by J. Robert Moskin/ Unmarried Women for Adoption Problem/ Arlo Guthrie the Successful Anarchist/ The Disappearing World of a New York Jew/ The New York Rangers Boom Boom Geoffrion/ Movie Review - “Skidoo” with Jackie Gleason and Groucho Marx;

FEBRUARY 18 (Front Cover) Senator Edmund Muskie/ Singer James Brown (Back Cover) AD – Silva Thins Cigarettes (Contents) Senator Edmund Muskie – Close-up of the Loser as Winner/ James Brown – Is he the Most important Black Man in America ?/ Yugoslavia – Karl Marx in a Mercedes/ Uproar hits the Campus Press/ “My Four Years in a Vietcong Prison” by Sgt. Daniel Lee Pitzer/ Fashion – His and Her Hair/ Comedienne Joan Rivers Delivers/ Baseball Players vs. the Owners and Contract Rules/ Patricia Neal Back in Hollywood/ Movie Review - “Mayerling” with Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve, Ava Gardner and James Mason;

MARCH 4 (Front Cover) Ted Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Ted Kennedy talks about the Past and his Future/ Appalavchia George's Branch, Kentucky – American Peasantry in the Making/ The Making of a Saint – Mother Teresa of India/ Maple Syrup Harvest- Sweets from a Tree/ The Taylor Girls Rae and Kae – Nitty Gritty Twins/ A Visit with the Widow of Malcolm X Mrs. Betty Shabazz/ Basketball Titan from Olympus Spencer Haywood/ Jimmy Durante at 76/ Movie Review - “Faces” with Gena Rowlands and John Marley;

MARCH 18 (Front Cover) John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) John Lennon and Yoko Ono Inc./ “Peace, Power, Race in America” by Arnold Toynbee/ “mickey Mantle's Decision” by Mickey Mantle and Gerald Astor/ Windswept Irish Aran Islands on the edge of Europe/ Fashion – Bare Midriffs 1930's Takeoff/ Radio's Long John Nebel/ The Nuclear Battle inside the Kremlin/ New Orleans Jazzman George Lewis his last Ramble;

APRIL 1 (Front Cover) Couple in New York City (Back Cover) AD – Silva Thins Cigarettes (Contents) New York City Now – Has the Dream City turned into a Nightmare ?/ “Senator Eugene McCarthy Talk” by Joseph Roddy/ Biafra – Despair, Hope on the Edge of Extinction/ Fashion – Yachting Attire/ University of Minnesota Sex Education Credit/ The Loving World of Actor Anthony Quinn/ Cesar Chavez talks about a new kind of Unionism – Nonviolence Still Works/ Jules Feiffer Cartoonist – the Little Murderer with the Acid Line1969 All America Basketball Team/ German Born Model turned Actress Astrid Heeren ;

APRIL 15 (Front Cover) Raquel Welch (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Raquel Welch how not to be a Sex Goddess/ “Why James Earl Ray Killed Dr. Martin Luther King' by William Bradford Huie, Arthur J. Hanes and Percy Foreman/ Dr. Martin Luther King one Year After - “He Lives Man !”/ Rumania – the Game they Play/ How Kids are Turning Off Drugs/ Case of the Jail Bound Jesuit – Father Daniel Berrigan/ Ford's New Maverick – Mustang Man Lee Iacocca/ Fashion – Yesterday's Classic Today's Together Look/ Will Success Spoil Detroit Tigers pitcher Dennis McLain ?/ 1968 America All America Cities;

APRIL 29 (Front Cover) Cynthia Rhys in a Bikini in the Water (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Hawaii – Paradise in Peril ?/ Jay Rockefeller – Tall Talent for the new Democrats/ “Why I'm Leaving the Church” by Bishop James A. Pike/ Fashion – Inspired by Folklore and Fairy Tales/ The Restless Ballad of Johnny Cash/ “How we almost went to War with China” by Allen S. Whiting/ Movies – After Nudity What Indeed/ Baseball Washington Senators Coach Ted Williams;

MAY 13 (Front Cover) Arab Guerrilla Fighters (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Why Israel Faces a New War with the Arab Guerrilla Forces – Revolt of Arab Refugees/ Astrology – Fun, Fraud or Keyhole to the Future ?/ Jane Fonda – Barbarella becomes a Mother/ The War for Control of City Schools/ Teacher of the Year – Barbara Goleman of Florida's Miami Jackson High/ Republican the Majority Party ? - Depends on Richard Nixon/ “Have the Baseball Hitters Really Gone ?” by Jim Brosnan;

MAY 27 (Front Cover) Murder Victims Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “The Victims” by Bernard Lefkowitz and Kenneth G. Gross – part 1/ The Amazing 1865 Moon Shot of Jules Verne/ Norman Mailer – Talkiest Writer Anywhere/ Weight Watchers – Why a Million Heavies are Shedding and Cheering/ Greece Military Regime Government by Torture/ Willem De Kooning Dutch Born U.S. Painting Master/ San Francisco State College Battle for Control;

JUNE 10 (Front Cover) Student in Cap and Gown and Gas Mask (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) A Bold Plan to Stop Campus Chaos/ “Violence – We can End It” by John Poppy/ The Bloodless Riot/ Katharine Ross the Elegant Tomboy/ “The Victims – The Accused” by Bernard Lefkowitz and Kenneth G. Gross – part 2/ Crash Route U.S.A. - Funky Fashions and Food and Luggage for Young Nomads/ “My Longest Day – June 6, 1944” by Cornelius Ryan/ Leonard Cohen Songs Sacred and Profane/ Wedding Racket – Father of the Bride Goes Broke;

JUNE 24 (Front Cover) The Smothers Brothers (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (*Contents) The Smothers Brothers Censorship – Who Controls TV ?/ Between Terror and Hope Israel Uptight/ “The Victims – Guilty ?” by Bernard Lefkowitz and Kenneth G. Gross – part3/ Charles the New Prince of Wales/ “Who Cares about Wales ? - I Do” by Richard Burton/ New York City's Gung-Ho Mayor Lidsay/ Lucille Ball with Lucie and Desi Arnaz Jr. - Our Mother the Boss/ Six State Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier;

JULY 15 (Front Cover) American Flag (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) “Apollo 11 – What's Beyond Our Flag on the Moon ?” text by Arthur C. Clarke Fold-out Painting by Norman Rockwell/ American Images in Photos and Text/ From Hanoi North Vietnam Oriana Fallaci Interviews Two American POW's – Maj. Roger Dean Ingvalson and Lt. Robert Franchot Frishman/ Nixon's Former Doctor writes about the Mental Health of our Leaders/ TV's Dick Cavett is back on Late Night TV/ How Hippies Raise their Children/ Little White Ball – Golf Madness in the States;

JULY 29 (Front Cover) Man walking on a Beach carrying a Surf Board (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Our American Madness – Why We Work so Hard at Fun/ “How the U.S. Spurned three Chances for Peace in Vietnam” by Norman Cousins/ Interview with Deposed Czech Leader Alexander Dubcek by Danielle Hunebelle/ The Danes Bold Experiment with Legalized Pornography/ Fashion – Great Sports Look and Prints/ “Why the Brushback Pitch ?” by Bob Gibson – St. Louis Cardinals Ace Pitcher/ Author Gore Vidal – the Elegant White Knife/ Texas Albino Johnny Winter and the Blues;

AUGUST 12 (Front Cover) Big Business and Military Dancing (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) The Big Business of American Militarism part 1– Who Profits ? - Who Pays ? - Who Commands ? - Who Dies ? - with a Foreword by Eric Sevareid/ Pleasure Loving Millionaire named Michael Butler who made “Hair”/ Charlotte Ford the Most Eligible girl in the U.S./ Henry Kissinger the Strategist in the White House Basement;

AUGUST 26 (Front Cover) Mia Farrow (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) The Big Business of American Militarism part 2 – The Defense Establishment – The Power People – Defense Contract Money Web – The Waste – The University Arsenal/ Jacques Levy of Off-Broadway play “Oh ! Calcutta !”/ Fashion – Electrinkets Fantasy Jewelry Electronic Parts/ Actress Mia Farrow is a Trip/ The Persecution of Clay Shaw of New Orleans/ Pete Seeger's Voyage to Save the Hudson River/ “The Moon Landing” by C.P. Snow;

SEPTEMBER 9 (Front Cover) Adolescent Boy and Girl “Storm Over Sex Education” (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) Sex in School – The Birds, The Bees and the Birchers/ The Suburbanization of Stalin's daughter Svetlana/ Joe Namath's Mother Explains her Son/ The Guns of Fear – Why some Whites are Arming/ A death to Remember – Czechoslovakia Democratic Hopes and Reforms/ Is There Time to Stop the Assault on the Florida Everglades Ecology ?/ The Salty Socking Soul of 19-year old Brooklyn singer Lotti Golden;

SEPTEMBER 23 (Front Cover) Diana Ross (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) The Supremes Diana Ross/ San Francisco Mayor Alioto and his Mafia Ties/ New Hang-up for Parents Co-ed Campus Dorms/ “The Fall of France” by William L. Shirer/ Identity – The Black Woman's Burden/ 1969 College Football Forecast;

OCTOBER 7 (Front Cover) “U.S. Cars 1970” (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Annual U.S. New Car Model Preview/ Brother A.A. Allen on the Gospel Faith Healer Trail/ “Youth, Love and Sex – The New Chivalry” by John D. Rockefeller lll/ Petula Clark – New Kind of Stardom/ Her Husbands story of Judy Garland and her last Tragic Months/ Israel's Premier Jewish Mother Golda Meir/ Mad Dogs and Football Men – Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Dave Hill;

OCTOBER 21 (Front Cover) Young Japanese Boy and Girl (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Japan 1970 – New Face of World Power – Widest Generation Gap – Kabuki – Osaka and Expo 1970/ Fashion – Ode to the Orient/ “The Underground Church Nonsense” by Donald B. Ward/ The Lennon Sisters – Tragedy Touches their Triumph/ Pro Football does Money Run the Game ?/ Are the Catholic Schools Dying ? - Interview with Msgr. James C. Donohue;

NOVEMBER 4 (Front Cover) Pregnant Woman (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Medical Breakthrough of Surgery on the Unborn/ Tom Jones – He Sings, he Sweats, he Turns Women On/ America the Beautiful ? - How we Destroy it – What we can Still Save – Why Time is Short/ A Little Girl Asks “Why Must They Die ?” - Baby Seal Hunt/ Bill Cosby on Chicken Football;

NOVEMBER 18 (Front Cover) Antonioni's new stars Daria Halprin and Mark Frechette (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Filming Italian Director Antonioni's Movie “Zabriskie Point”/ “The Mood of America” by Fletcher Knebel/ Notre Dame President Hesburgh hits Nixon on Civil Rights/ The Most Hated Winner in Football Oakland Raiders Coach Al Davis/ The Waters of Venice may Cover it All/ “Vietnam – Get Out Now” by J. Robert Moskin/ Will Debbie Reynolds Make it as TV's New Lucy ?/ Joan Cooney the Mastermind of children TV Show “Sesame Street” ;

DECEMBER 2 (Front Cover) Goldie Hawn/ Mister Rogers/ Lance Alworth (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Candid view of President Lyndon Johnson - “My Brother Lyndon part 1” by Sam Houston Johnson/ Goldie Hawn Goofs her way to Glory/ Why TV's Mister Rogers clicks with Kids/ New Film “Boys in the Band” Raises new Questions about Homosexuals/ Seven Dobbs against the Odds – Story of a Remarkable Black Family/ Fashion – 1776 look for 1970/ San Diego Charger Wide Receiver Lance Alworth/ Is TV Brutalizing your Child ?;

DECEMBER 16 (Front Cover) Princess Grace with daughters Caroline and Stephanie (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Princess Grace at 40-years Old/ Candid view of President Lyndon Johnson - “My Brother Lyndon part 2 – How Lyndon got himself in Trouble” by Sam Houston Johnson/ “The Rage of Women” by Richard E. Farson/ A Call for Help From Vietnam by two Army Doctors/ Fashion – Smoother Ski Clothes/ Barbra Streisand – on a Clear day you can see Dolly/ A Killing Shame – Chemical Biological Warfare/ Gambling College Football Coach Eddie Robinson – Where Stars are Made/ “Who is the man in the White House ?” by Russell Baker;

DECEMBER 30 (Front Cover) “The Sixties” (Back Cover) AD – L and M Cigarettes (Contents) The Unbelievable Decade of the Sixties – Dreams Unfulfilled – Repeated Kennedy Tragedy – The Electronic Art Beat – Micro Minis and Mini Morals – Man's Tracks on the Moon/ The Tense Vigil of Mrs. O'Grady – 32 Months of Waiting to Find out if Air Force Husband alive in North Vietnam/ Children of the World/ Black Actor-Comedian Godfrey Cambridge turns White for a Role/ Minnesota Viking Quarterback Joe Kapp;


JANUARY 13 (Front Cover) “Special Issue about the 1970's” (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) “Mankind's Last Best Chance” by George B. Leonard/ “New Schools” by John Holt/ “New Politics” by Fletcher Knebel, Gloria Steinem and William F. Buckley Jr./ The Human Revolution” by John Poppy, William Hedgepeth, Paul Fusco and Art Kane;

JANUARY 27 (Front Cover) Steve McQueen (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Steve McQueen plays the Tough-guy Good-guy Game/ “Mr. President Bring Us Together Again” by David R. Maxey/ A Visit with Sir Laurence Olivier/ The Trans-Sexuals are they Male or Female ?/ Joni Mitchell – Songs for Aging Children/ France's First Lady – Madame Pompidou/ Fantastic Fashions from a Commune – New York City's “O” Boutique/ “How to Win at Basketball – Cheat” by Bill Cosby/ Movie Review - “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”;

FEBRUARY 10 (Front Cover) Model in a Bikini in the Surf (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Fashion – The Big Beach Take Off/ A New Look into Mao's China/ The Beatles Ringo Starr goes Solo/ Nixon's Youth Corps/ Housing – From Crisis to Disaster/ The Making of a Hockey Slave – From the Cradle to the NHL;

FEBRUARY 24 (Front Cover) Glen Campbell (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) “Glen Campbell” by Tom Smothers/ Draft Dodger's Diary of Exile in the U.S. - Rich Gooding/ Yale and Female – Coeducation at Last/ Back at Vassar – Coeducation Also/ Movie Review – D.H. Lawrence Novel -”Women in Love” with Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed and Alan Bates/ Canada's Pierre Trudeau – After the Kissing Stops/ Fashion – Ban the Bra/ Basketball Team of the 1970's – New York Nicks/ New Way to Raise Children – an American Kibbutz ?/ “How I Didn't Make it in the Women's Army of Israel” by Betty Rollin;

MARCH 10 (Front Cover) Young Couple in Bathing Suits on a Caribbean Beach (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Beautiful Seething Caribbean – Sweet Smell of Hibiscus – Languid Vacationers – Blue Water – Exploitation – Anger – Change/ “Does the U.S. Need a King ?” by George E. Reedy/ Cooking – the Spicy Side of Danny Kaye/ “Why Doesn't the U.S. Outlaw Genocide ?” by Arthur D. Morse/ “Murder New Jersey Style – Trials of Five People for Murders they Didn't Commit/ Fellini Shoots Dreams on Film/ “How the Chicago Cubs Leo Durocher Blew the Pennant” by William Barry Furlong/ All America Cities 1969;

MARCH 24 (Front Cover) Raquel Welch (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) Raquel Welch and Mae West talk about Men, Morals and the Movie “Myra Brechinridge”/ Texas Billionaire Ross Perot – Can one Texan save the U.S.A. ?/ David Frost – What ?? Brains on TV ?/ How to Pay Half your Income in Taxes and Still Smile – Live in a Livable City/ Fashion – Sunclothes Wing into Baja/ 1970 All America Basketball Team/ Trouble – the High School Radicals;

APRIL 7 (Front Cover) Young Female Drug Addict named Terry (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) How Can you tell if your Child is Taking Drugs ?/ What the British are doing about Heroin/ “Do Drugs Lead to Violence ?” by David M. Rorvik/ Improve Your Golf Game by 10 Strokes with Arnold Palmer/ Full Color Guide to Foreign New Model Cars/ Cuba Revisited – How to see Havana without getting Hijacked/ Music of the 1970's – Moog is More than a Vogue/ French Actress Claude Jade;

APRIL 21 (Front Cover) Naked Baby (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) How to Choose your Baby's Sex/ Earth Day April 22 – Ecology Crusade to Clean up America/ Ecology's Angry Lobbyist – Dr. Paul Ehrlich/ Five who care Write about what we can do For the Environment – Senator Gaylord Nelson – Dr. Rene Dubos – Dr. Margaret Mead – Roderick A. Cameron – Henry Ford ll/ New York Mets 1970 – Trouble in Paradise;

MAY 5 (Front Cover) Joan Baez and David Harris (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) We're just Non-violent Soldiers/ President Nixon's Big Gamble – No More Rule by Minorities/ We Have a Chance to beat Leukemia Now/ “A Year with Queen Elizabeth part 1” by Andrew Duncan/ Fashion – Replay of the 1930's Look of the Damned/ “Lindsay for President” by Democrat Rep. Richard Bolling/ Flip Wilson – He's Just Funny/ Frank Robinson' Cool Assault on the Black Baseball Manager Barrier;

MAY 19 (Front Cover) Reflection of Cards in Sunglasses (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) The Secret World of the Real Gambler/ “Should we Tax Wealth ?” by Kenneth G> Gross/ Far Out Bensalem College in New York's Bronx/ “A Year with Queen Elizabeth part 2 – Margaret and Tony the Royal Black Sheep” by Andrew Duncan/ Our Asian War Widens – The CIA in Laos/ The Birth of the Bikini/ PGA Golf's Lower Depths – The Rabbits on Tour/ Fashion Funnies take a Swing at Fashion with Walt Disney Characters ;

JUNE 2 (Front Cover) Pretty Girl in See- Through Crochet Cover-up (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) American Indian's Reawakening of a Conquered People – Timeless People in a Changing World – America's Colonial Service – Let the Indians Run Indian Policy – Alcatraz the Indian Uprising that Worked/ Teacher of the Year – Johnnie T. Dennis of Owl Hollow, Mississippi/ Hugh Hefner's Jet Black Bunny in the Sky – His Private DC-9/ Ex-Yankee Star Jim Bouton Diary of his 1969 Baseball Season - “My Love/Hate Affair With Baseball” part 1;

JUNE 16 (*Front Cover) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Burton Buys Liz the World's Most Expensive Fur Coat/ The Worldwide Debate Over Who is a Jew/ America's Volunteers/ The East Germany we don't Know – Surprising Report/ Ex-Yankee Star Jim Boulton Diary of his 1969 Baseball Season - “My Love/Hate Affair with Baseball” part 2/ Ex-Army Doctor's Report on Addiction in Vietnam – Does our Army run on Drugs ?;

JUNE 30 (Front Cover) Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “Jackie's Fabulous Greek” by Doris Lilly/ Israel's Air Force – Is it the World's Best ?/ Top Medical Expert – The Pill is Safe/ Oriana Fallaci Interviews Abu Lotuf Arab Guerrilla Leader/ Princess Elizabeth of Toro now a New York Fashion Model/ Mike Nichols tries the Impossible – Making a Movie of the Novel “Catch 22”/ Bill Veeck is off to the Races at Suffolk Downs;

JULY 14 (Front Cover) Beautiful Blonde's Head Just Above Water (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) The Joys of Clear Water/ “Is Freedom Dying in America ?” by Henry Steele Commager/ Black Mayor of Fayette, Mississippi after First Year - “Black, Sassy and Still Trying to be Independent”/ New York Summer Front Stoop Fashions/ A Soviet Scientist Forecast of the World in 1991 – Professor Nikolai Amosoff/ Little Dr. Reuben and his Big Sex Book/ Dyan Cannon out of Cary Grant's Shadow ;

JULY 28 (Front Cover) Princess Anne (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Anne Britain's Un-Fairy Princess/ New York City Cops up against the Wall/ Washington's Amazing Martha Mitchell/ The Coming Revolt of the Athletes/ Your friendly Neighborhood Betting Shop in Britain/ “What Kids Still don't know about Sex” by Thomas and Alice Fleming/ Britain's most Popular Singer – Lulu;

AUGUST 11 (Front Cover) Ali MacGraw (Back Cover) AD – Tareyton Cigarettes (Contents) Ali MacGraw Moving on at 31/ The Presbyterian Debate over Sex/ The Vietnamese GI – Can he Win his own War ?/ How Nixon Decided to Invade Cambodia/ Hiroshima is a Fated City/ Miles Park Racetrack – the Tacky World of/ Experimental School in Simpsonville, Kentucky – Lincoln School Closing;

AUGUST 25 (Front Cover) “Music Where the Big Money is Now” (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Why Woodstock can't happen Again/ The Jackson Five – Bubblegum Soul Takes Off/ The Band - $25,000 a Night – When they feel like it/ Pied Piper of the new Children's Crusade – Congressman Allard Lowenstein/ Fashion - A Bloom in Appalachia Patchwork/ “The Short Courageous Life of Brian Piccolo” by Gale Sayers/ General Motors John De Loren – Powerhouse behind the Vega/ New York City's Maggie Baran the Cat Sitter/ When you get Mugged – Give up Shut up Pay up;

SEPTEMBER 8 (Front Cover) Greta Garbo (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Greta Garbo is 65 – Most Mysterious Woman of our Times/ Hank Stram's Guided Tour of Pro Football's Dazzling New Plays/ “Do Most Americans Secretly Want Segregation ?” by Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff/ Our Uptight Troops in Europe/ Toledo Museum of Art – its Glass Treasures/ Baja Experienced Photographically/ Broadway Odd Hit “Company” about Bachelorhood/ Ike and Tina Turner- They're too Much !;

SEPTEMBER 22 (Front Cover) Blonde Mother and Child (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) The Motherhood Myth – Who Needs Motherhood ?/ A Catholic Priest runs for Congress – Father Robert Drinan/ 29 Years after Pearl Harbor the Movie “Tora ! Tora ! Tora !” brings it Back to Life/ “The Fall of Japan part 1 – The Secret Attempts to Surrender” by John Toland/ Will Mia's Sister make it ? - Tisa Farrow/ The Secrets of TV's “Sesame Street”;

OCTOBER 6 (Front Cover) “U.S. Cars 1971 (Back Cover) AD – Multifilter Cigarettes (Contents) Annual U.S. New Car Models Preview/ Why would a kid go to West Point Today ?/ The good life of the Blakely Babcocks/ “The Fall of Japan part 2 – My God What have we Done ?” by John Toland/ Adlai Stevenson lll – His Startling New Politics/ Brain Waves – the Key to Mastering Mind and Body/ Drugs – We are just Plain Ignorant – Take the Quiz;

OCTOBER 20 (Front Cover) High Style American Indian (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) The Indian Fashion Ablaze in the Grand Canyon/ What Ever Happened to Sexual Privacy ?/ The Luck of Prince Philip Photographing Wildlife/ An All Republican Senate ? - Jim Allison's Working on It/ “The Fall of Japan part 3 – The Conspiracy to Continue the War” by John Toland/ Small College Football Green and Leafy/ A Scientist Revives the Debate about Reincarnation/ Lenore Romney Fights Alone – Michigan Senate Race;

NOVENBER 3 (Front Cover) Samantha Jones holding an Oscar (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Special Issue the Now Hollywood – The Rating Mess from G to X – New Faces – Dirty Movies – Girls ! - New Gossips – New Sex Styles – And Orson Welles Raps it Up;

NOVEMBER 17 (Front Cover) Walter Cronkite (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) Walter Cronkite says What he Can't say on TV/ The American South – Rise of a Surprising New Confederacy/ Yvette Mimieux now a TV Star ?/ “Out of Their League part 1 – The Football Racket” by Dave Meggyesy/ Television is Alive and Well in San Francisco on Station KQED;

DECEMBER 1 (Front Cover) Dustin Hoffman (Back Cover) AD – Maryland 100's Cigarettes (Contents) Dustin Hoffman and the Filming of “Little Big Man”/ Face-Lifts for Men – How to Look Younger Longer/ The Pilgrim Fathers a Startling New View/ “Do We need a New Pledge of Allegiance ?” by Leonard A. Stevens/ “Hope for America” by C.P. Snow and Philip Snow/ Fired ay 49 – Scary World of the Slightly Aging Executive/ “Out of Their League part 2 – Sex and Racism in the NFL” by Dave Meggyesy;

DECEMBER 15 (Front Cover) P.O.W. Wife Mrs. Charles Parish and Son Hunter (Back Cover) AD – New Leaf Cigarettes (Contents) Special Report – Christmas for the P.O.W. Wives/ Health Food Boom – The New Nutrition Religion/ The Nuclear Threat Inside America/ A Musical Movie “A Christmas Carol” with Albert Finney/ The Beautiful Barkeep of Bequia – Molly Burke from Kankakee Illinois/ The Counter-Establishment – Joan Baez – Jann Wenner – Muhammad Ali – Julian Bond – Rosalind Prophet – Sam Brown – Dr. Andrew Weil/ Leo Rosten's Wild Plan to Save our Colleges/ A Father tells how he faced his Son's Drug Arrest/ 1970 Look All America Football Team;

DECEMBER 29 (Front Cover) Child by Candlelight (Back Cover) AD – Lark Cigarettes (Contents) The Children of Christmas/ Whatever Happened to Mankind's Dream of Peace ?/ Report from Hanoi – The Hard Line Demand Victory/ Mayhem on the Line – Football Scrimmage/ They Hardly ever make a Pass at Glenda Jackson/ Heart Transplants do Work;


JANUARY 12 (Front Cover) “Rebirth” (Back Cover) Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Special Issue Rebirth – Creation – Birth – Out of Troubles Hope – Growth – The Mark of Man – Transformation;

JANUARY 26 (Front Cover) Young Couple with Baby (Back Cover) AD – Vantage Cigarettes (Contents) Special Issue the American Family – Is the Family Obsolete ? - Why Kids Blame Parents – Why Parents Blame Kids – Don't Blame Me ! Says Dr. Spock – Happy Families – Married Homosexuals – Unwed Couples;

FEBRUARY 9 (Front Cover) Barbara Carrera in Swimsuit (Back Cover) Fashion – 1971 Beach Wear but Barely/ Today's Kids Turning from Drugs to Jesus/ Surprising Study of the Skyjacker/ Hockey the Bloodiest Game/ Barbara Walters of TV's “Today Show”/ Ruby Keeler in Broadway Play “No, No, Nanette”;

FEBRUARY 23 (Front Cover) Cary Grant (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Cary Grant – The New Women in his Life/ A Progress Report on the Drug Problem – What 10 Cities are Doing/ Can you Count on an end to the Draft ?/ Susan Hampshire of “The Forsyte Saga”/ Those Beautiful New Ski Bums/ Young People are Turning to Hermann Hesse's Novel “Siddhartha”/ How to Stop Inflation – Stop Raising Wages;

MARCH 9 (Front Cover) Blonde Woman in Pigtails Naked Except for An Apron (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Backlash Against Women's Lib - “They're a Bunch of Frustrated Hags”/ High School Principal – Toughest Job in Education/ Muhammad Ali his Rise and Fall/ The Anatomy of Beauty with Britt Eklund – Pictorial – But can she Act ?/ Foolproof Birth Control For Men – a Vasectomy/ A Visit with 84-year old Pianist Artur Rubinstein by Canadian Pianist Glen Gould;

MARCH 23 (Front Cover) Robert Young (Back Cover) AD – Marlboro Cigarettes (Contents) TV's “Marcus Welby, M.D.” - Why is he Family Doctor for 40 Million Fans ?/ Jam-up Crisis in our Criminal Courts/ Ireland of the Spirits/ The Big Hassle – Your Car vs. Clean Air/ The Commune Ways Keep Spreading/ All America Cities 1970;

APRIL 6 (Front Cover) Mickey Mouse (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) First Look at Magical New Disney World in Florida/ Florida the Sweet Life and the Powder Keg/ Carrie Snodgrress – Can a Nice Girl with Ideals find Happiness as Hollywood Star ?/ Silent Vietnam – How we Invented Ecocide and Killed a Country/ Yale Professor's authors Erich Segal and Charles Reich;

APRIL 20 (Front Cover) “Money” (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Look Special on Your Money – Who's Fooling with It? - How Much is your Job Really Worth? - Where are the Buys in Your Food Market – 106 Ways to Make Money on the Worst Team in Baseball/ George C. Scott – Nothing Ever Really Helps ;

MAY 18 (Front Cover) Hand Holding a Human Embryo (Back Cover) AD – Kool Cigarettes (Contents) Historic Step – Test Tube Babies are Coming/ 9 Bid Do's and Don'ts for Job Hunters in 1971/ How to Tie-Dye your Own Beachwear/ Chicago Cook County Hospital – A Terrible Place/ Harold Prince's Broadway Play “Follies” / “Elvis part 2 – The Five Million Dollar Year” by Jerry Hopkins/ LPGA Ladies of the Links;

JUNE 1 (Front Cover) Howard Hughes (Back Cover) AD – Doral Cigarettes (Contents) “What Happened to Howard Hughes ?” by Benjamin F. Schemmer/ Mega-Vitamins a Wonder Cure or a Sorry Waste?/ Norman Rockwell his 78th Spring/ How Good are Organized Sports for your Children ?/ Together at Last Warren Beatty and Julie Christy/ The Dump Nixon Campaign/ Alan Lee Kirkendall of Cincinnati and his Trumpet are off to Carnegie Hall/ Movie Review - “Speed is of the Essence” with Jacqueline Bisset and Michael Sarrazin/ Boxing Promoter Jerry Perenchio;

JUNE 15 (Front Cover) President Nixon and daughter Tricia (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Father and the Bride – Nixon and Tricia/ Beyond the Pill – Three Ways to Easier Safer Birth Control/ The Coming Explosion among Israeli Youth/ “I'm Glad you Didn't take it Personally” by Jim Bouton/ Ann-Magaret the Prude and the Passion/ The Worst Massacre of all – 3,000 Vietnam Males in Pnompenh/The De-Escalation of Dr. Gerber;

JUNE 29 (Front Cover) “The Peddling of Sex” (Back Cover) AD – Camel Cigarettes (Contents) The Peddling of Sex – A Dirty Business Booms/ Why you Can't get a Doctor/ A Car Thief talks about Stealing your Car/ New York's Rescue Company 1 – Firefighting at its Hardest/ Legal Prostitution Spreads in Nevada/ Marriage the new Natural Way/ How to Make a Criminal out of a Child – 100,000 in Jails/ B.B. King – Overnight Success after 21 Years of the Blues/ Olympic Swimmer Hopeful Deena Deerdurff;

JULY 13 (Front Cover) Kris Kristofferson (Back Cover) AD – Laredo Tobacco (Contents) Country Music Sweeps the U.S.A. 24-pages on the Phenomenon and its Stars/ “Hank Williams Remembered” by David Halberstam/ Before Jackie Robinson they Had Major League Baseball Talent but Wrong Colored Skin/ The Big Scream for Ice Cream/ The Unfinished Political Business of America/ Ingrid Bergman's daughter Pia Lindstrom a CBS TV Correspondent;

JULY 27 (Front Cover) “Piece of Mind” (Back Cover) AD – Vantage Cigarettes (Contents) Peace of Mind – 16 Prominent Americans give their Personal Key to It/ Elton John at 24-years old – How to Make $15,000 per Hour/ A Cop Named Joe from Asbury Park, New Jersey/ Ballet Dancers in the Movie “Peter Rabbit and the Tales of Beatrix Potter/ Fashion – Sea Shell Jewelry/ “Why don't we Tear Down our Prisons ?” by Ronald L. Goldfarb/ What Makes Jim Ryun Run Again ? - A Special Need to be the Faster Miler/ Becoming Susan Day – TV's Laurie Partridge;

AUGUST 10 (Front Cover) Senator Edward Kennedy (Back Cover) AD – Pall Mall Cigarettes (Contents) Kennedy's Comeback – Will He or Won't He ?/ A Bookie Rates Off-Track Betting/ The Great Purple Martin Controversy/ That Magnificent Girl in the Movie “The Love Machine” - Jodi Wexler/ The Electric Power Crisis in America/ Antique Orange Crate Art/ The Berlin Wall Ten Years Later/ What Happened to a Teacher Who Touched Kids ;

AUGUST 24 (Front Cover) Anton LaVey High Priest of the First Church of Satan (Back Cover) AD – Salem Cigarettes (Contents) Witchcraft is Rising – East Coast White Witches and West Coast Black Magic/ The Summer Jobs your Kids could of Had/ Nixon's Harry Robbins Haldeman – Power is Proximity/ What makes Dorothy DeBolt a Supermother ? - “Selfishness”/ Woodstock discovers Washington, Who ? - George Washington/ Canada gives Youth Its Head – and Bread (Money)/ Two Wary Rivals Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte make a Movie - “Durango;

SEPTEMBER 7 (Front Cover) TV Turn-on or Turn-off ? (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Special Issue on TV – The Old and New of It – The Flicks, Soaps and Talk Shows – Will Watching Sports Cost You ? - Gene Shalit gets Nostalgic – Lucille Ball the Star that Never Sets – The Girls Who try to Make It – And Where is Dagmar;

SEPTEMBER 21 (Front Cover) “U.S. Cars 1972 (Back Cover) AD – Doral Cigarettes (Contents) All the New Model 1972 U.S. Cars Preview/ Remarriage – is the Second Time Around Better ?/ “A GI's Photo Book” by Mark Jury/ A Taste for the Orient in Fashion and Fabric/ Where Vida Blue Grew – Mansfield, LA.;

OCTOBER 5 (Front Cover) Hugh Downs and Frank McGee (Back Cover) AD – Benson and Hedges Cigarettes (Contents) Interview with Hugh Downs and Frank McGee of TV's “Today Show”/ Reverend Jesse Jackson – a New kind of Black Cat/ Dr. Daniel Ellsberg on why he Leaked the Pentagon Papers about Vietnam/ Patrick Macnee is the Best Dressed Man in the World/ The 50/50 Marriage – Does it Really Work ?/ French Actress Dominique Sanda/ College Football – Goodbye to all that Rah, Rah !;

OCTOBER 19 (Front Cover) The White House (Back Cover) AD – Winston Cigarettes (Contents) “Inside the White House 1971” by Allan Drury/ The Vatican – The Power and the Glory are Passing/ Audubon Observing the Passenger Pigeon painting by Norman Rockwell/ Actor Tom Baker as Rasputin in the Movie “Nicholas and Alexandra”/ Confessions of the World's Lousiest Spy Peggy Lee – The Name is Woman/ The Making of the Movie - “Fat City” with Stacy Keach;


FEBRUARY 19 (Front Cover) Nelson Rockefeller (Back Cover) AD – Seagram (Contents) Nelson Rockefeller – End of an American Dynasty/ China's Teng and the Days of November/ A Revealing Last Interview with Marilyn Monroe/ Fashion – Brooke Shields Make Believe Weekend/ The Secret Wildenstein art Collection/ Interview with Patty Hearst/ The 24 Hours Before the Jonestown Suicides/ Dazzling Array of new Medical Machines/ Beverly Hills – A Colony Thriving on Gilt/ Roman Polanski's “Tess” - Nastassia Kinski/ The Birth of the Blues Brothers – John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd/ Stuntman Fred Waugh as Spider-man;

MARCH 5 (Front Cover) Ted Kennedy and His Sons (Back Cover) AD – Viceroy Cigarettes (Contents) Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy Clan/ The Acupuncture Facelift/ “Why I Got Married, Even Though...” by Betty Rollin/ Princess Caroline Nude Diving off a Sailboat/ Nelson Rockefeller – How he Lived and How he Died/ China's Teng Traveling Circus, Rodeo and Barbecue/ Pope John Paul the Second Photo Album/ Iran in Holy Rage/ Women of Iran – Fighting to be Slaves ?/ China's New Revolution/ Review of What's Up in Entertainment/ Rising Star Richard Gere/ Bianca Jagger Shapes Up;

MARCH 19 (Front Cover) Cheryl Tiegs (Back Cover AD – Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey (Contents) Cheryl Tiegs in Africa/ Triumph Over Leukemia/ Today's Violent Children/ Cher's New Life/ The Great Airport Robbery/ Jimmy Carter's Worst Week/ Replacement Parts for Humans/ India's Guru Boom/ Jon Voight Worries his way to Success/ Asia – The War that Threatens the World/ 190-mph Grudge Match – Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison/ Revenge Rules Iran/ Meryl Streep – Its her Year;

APRIL 2 (Front Cover) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner (Back Cover) AD – Faberge Organics Shampoo (Contents) Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner are Hollywood's most Exciting Couple/ The Unknown Einstein/ The Unseen Elvis Presley – at 21-years Old/ Lisa Halaby the American Queen of Jordan/ Billy Carter's Trouble/ Michael Douglas – Success Story/ Exclusive Preview of Patty Hearst Wedding/ The Colonies of Space/ Klansmen and Nazis Shake up a Southern Town – Winston-Salem, North Carolina/ Death in Chad/ A Car is Born – The DeLorean;

APRIL 16 (Front Cover) Margaret Trudeau (Back Cover) AD – Perrier (Contents) Margaret Trudeau her Life And Loves/ Exclusive Pictures of John Wayne/ Reaching Retarded Children/ Mideast Peace and Terror/ Exclusive – John Sirica's Controversial Watergate Judgments/ New Era for Women in the News/ Salvaging an Alitalia DC-9 That Crashed into the Palermo Sea on December 23, 1978/ A New Life for Patricia Hearst Shaw/ iJeffrey Rignall was Kidnapped and Tortured by John Gacy/ The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rushes into the 20th Century;

APRIL 30 (Front Cover) Jane Fonda (Back Cover) AD – Le Car by Renault (Contents) Jane Fonda a Life on Film/ Willie Nelson – The Outlaw Breaks Out/ Exclusive – Patty Hearst's Wedding/ Sirica Judges Nixon for Watergate/ A Robot for Every Home/ Training Monkeys to Help the Paralyzed/ Sister Models – Janice and Debbie Dickinson/ The Making of Truman Capote's “The Onion Field”/ The Fallout from Three Mile Island/ Emmett Kelly – The Spotlight Finally Disappears/ East Germany's Secretaries who Spy for Love/ Voyager's Close-up Pictures of Jupiter/ Dyan Cannon is Back with a Bang/ Robert Silwa - New York Street Vigilante/ Gary Busey – The Great Pretender;

JUNE 11 (Front Cover) Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters (Back Cover) AD – Canadian Club (Contents) Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters make a Movie “The Main Event” with Ryan O'Neal/ General Alexander Haig – Running for President ?/ New Hope for Child Cancer Victims/ The Tormented Life and Death of a CIA Man – John Paisley/ Burt Rutan Designs Build-It-Yourself Light Planes/ The Game of War – Recreation of the Battle of Monmouth/ The SALT 2 Treaty Talks/ Power Struggle in the Kremlin/ Margaret Thatcher is Britain's New Leader/ San Antonio Battle of Flowers Parade Sniper Shooting by Attebery on the Drug Angel Dust/ China Today – America is :IN”/ Fashion – Swimwear Takes a Plunge/ Michelle Phillips Flies High/ Top Singing Group in Japan – Pink Lady;

JULY (Front Cover) Clint Eastwood (Back Cover) AD – Seagram's Gin (Contents) Clint Eastwood Speaks Candidly/ Hot New Tennis Star John McEnroe/ Appolo Astronauts Ten Years Later/ Jimmy Buffet goes to Paradise/ Behind the Victory in the Silkwood Case/ Ali McGraw's Treasured Spaces/ The Dawning of Lake Placid's Winter Olympics/ The Inside Story of the Bay of Pigs/ ;

LOOK SPECIAL – APOLLO 11 ON THE MOON (Text by The New York Times / Photographs by The Astronauts – 1969)

LOOK SPECIAL – FLYING SAUCERS (Twenty Years of Flying Saucer with Dozens of Photographs and Interviews – 1967)

LOOK SPECIAL – JFK MEMORIAL BOOK (New Color Pictures of his Family – a Color Visit to his Ireland – Pages from a Family Album – the Unknown JFK - 1964

LOOK SPECIAL – KENNEDY (John Kennedy and his Family in Pictures with Exclusive Pictures from the files of LOOK – 1963)

LOOK SPECIAL – THE LOOK YEARS (A View of our Tumultuous 35 years of LOOK – 1972)

LOOK SPECIAL – RFK (The Bobby Kennedy we Knew - 1968)

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(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa