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Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Magazine List FOR SALE --


**** A ****

ABORIGINAL SCIENCE FICTION (Absolute Entertainment Inc.)

1989 (January/February);


ADASTRA (Rowot Ltd.) - Circa 1980 #9;


THE ADDAMS FAMILY (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1991;

ALIEN POSTER MAGAZINE (Paradise Press Inc.) - 1979;

ALGOL (Andrew Porter Pub.) - 1973 #20;

AMAZING CINEMA (Cinema Enterprises Pub.) - 1981 - May #1; June #2; July/August #3;


1991 – June #559;

2000 – Special Edition Spring #601;

AMERICAN FANTASY (Robert and Nancy Garcia Pub.)

1986 Vol.2 #1(Fall);

1987 Vol.2 #2(Winter); Vol.2 #3(Spring);

1988 Vol.2 #5(Winter);

AMRA (G.H. Scithers Pub; 1959-1981; Terminus, Owlswick, and Ft. Mudge Electrick Street Railway Gazette, Philadelphia; Robert E. Howard, Conan the Cimmerian & his Hyborean Age; Fanzine)

#47 (Cover art “Pellucidarian Hunt” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#50 (Cover art “Sorcery” by Dennis N. Smith);

#52 (Cover art “Darkhouse of Alexandria” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#55 (Cover art “Entrance” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#58 (Cover art “Jurassic Scene” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#60 (Cover art “The Aposteosis of St. John (J. Allen that is)” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#61 (Cover art “Contemplative Conan” by B.B. Sams);

#62 (Cover art “The Gorge of the Dragon” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#63 (Cover art “Heroic Fisherman” by Alex Nino);

#64 (Cover art by Ray Garcia Capella);

#65 (Cover art by Phil Hawkins and Roy G. Krenkel);

#66 (Cover art “Auld Dinosaur” by Roy G. Krenkel);

#67 (Cover art by Roy G. Krenkel);

#68 (Cover art by Roy G. Krenkel);

#69 (Cover by Roy G. Krenkel);

#70 (Cover art “Spearman and Dinosaurs” by Roy G. Krenkel;1981; 2nd Last issue);


#4 1974 July (Cover art “Elric in a Charlton Heston mood” by Jim Cawthorn);

ANGEL (Titan Magazines Pub.)

2003 (#1 November/December)

2004 (#3 March/April) (#4 May/June); (#5 July/August); (#6 November/December);

2005 (#7 January/February); (#8 March/April);

ANGEL Yearbook – 2004;

ARQUIVO X AND SERIADOS (Spanish; Mythos Editora Pub.) - 1999 (Volume 1 #4; X-Files);


1978 (Fall, #1);

1979 #2(Spring); #3(Summer); #4(Fall);

AURORA SF (SF Pub.) - 1982 #21(Summer);

**** B ****

BABYLON 5 OFFICIAL FAN CLUB KIT (Pictures, Notes, Various Stuff);

Babylon 5: Official Collector's Magazine #NN(Sendai Media Group pub 1995) Weight = 125 Grams; VF = $8.00



(#1 July; Tracy Scoggins);

(#2 September; Bruce Boxleitner);

(#3 October; Richard Biggs);

(#6 December; Bruce Boxleitner);


(#8 March; Dureena);

(#10 April);

(#11 Early May; Claudia Christian);

(#12 Late May; Peter Woodward);

(#13 June; Gary Cole);

(#14 Juy; G'Kar);

(#15 August);

(#16 October);

(#19 November);

(#18 December; Carrie Dobro);


(#19 January; Michael O'Hare; Front cover Says 1999);

(#20 February);

(#21 March; Mira Furlan);

BATTLEFIELD EARTH (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 2000;

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Grosset and Dunlop Pub.)

- Activity Book (1978);




1978 #1;

THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STORYBOOK (MCA Publishing 1979) – Over 100 Full Color Pictures;

THE BAUM BUGLE (International Wizard of OZ Club Inc.)

1966 (Autumn);

BLOODSONGS (Implosion Pub.) - 1997 (#9; Front cover “Ms. Patricia and Her Flies” by Jimmie Arroyo Guzman);

BORDERLAND (Artimus Pub.) - 1986 Vol.1 #4;


1998 (#1 Fall); (#2 Winter);

1999 (#3 Spring); (#4 Summer); (#5 Fall); (#6 Winter);

2000 (#7 Spring); (#8 Summer); (#9 Fall); (#10 Winter);

2001 (#12 Summer);

2002 Volume 5 (#1 March); (#2 April); (#3 May); (#4 June); (#5 December);

2003 Volume 5 (#6 February); (#7 April); (#8 June/July); (#9 August/September); (#10 December);

2004 Volume 5 (#12 April/May); (#13 June/July); (#14 August/September); (#15 October/November); (#16 December);

2005 Volume 5 (#17 February February/March);

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (MVP Licensing Inc.) YEARBOOK – (1998) (Fall 2000); (2002); (2003);

THE BURROUGHS BULLETIN (Vern Coriell Pub.) - Circa ? #10; #20(Fall/1970; The Cave Girl Movie Mystery);

**** C ****

CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Mostly Text & Photos; some Comics; Gothic Castle Pub; All are SCARCE in Strict FN/VF or Better)

Volume-1 #1(Volume-1 #1; Cover dated 1-2/1962; Actually released in 11/1961; Frankenstein-c; Larry Ivie-c; Frankenstein, Mummy, George Pal's Time Machine, Three Stooges, Jack the Ripper, Mysterians, Boris Karloff; Edagar Allan Poe's Pit & the Pendulaum; FN/VF, 7.0 = $75);

Volume-1 #2(1962; Christopher Lee-c/s; Early years of Frankenstein; Dr Caligari; Hammer's new Phantom of the Opera; Vampires & Capt Marvel; 6 pages of VAMPIRE comics by Larry Ivie; FN/VF, 7.0 = $45; G/VG =$20);

Volume-1 #3(1963; MUMMY-c by Larry Ivie; Forgotten Frankenstein; Frankenstein movie guide; Boris Karloff; Raven, Captain Sindbad, Lon Chaney Jr, Day of the Triffids, Hands of Orlac, Dr Syn, Baby Jane; VF+, with 1" chew at bottom of Spine to cover thus FN/VF = $45);

Volume-1 #4(1963; DRACULA-c; Specail VAMPIRE issue; Lon Chaney Jr story; Frankenstein movie guide; Freaks, Haunting, Blood of Vampire, Kiss of Vampire, Nosferatu, Curse of Vampire, Black Sunday; Legend of Mummy; World of George Pal; VF+, with 1" chew at bottom of Spine to cover thus FN/VF = $30);

Volume-1 #4(1963; FN with Piece off Back Cover = Good = $12);

Volume-1 #4(1963; FA/G, Back Cover is Missing $8);

#5(Volume-2 #1; 1964; Edgar Rice Burroughs' Frankenstein/Monster Men-c/s; Peter Lorre story);

#6(Volume-2 #2; 1965; GORGON photo-c; Hitchcock, Lon Chaney Jr, Dracula, Wolfman);

#7(Volume-2 #3; 1965; Frieda Jackson in Die Monster Die photo-c; Lugosi vs Lee; Karloff);

#8(Volume-2 #4; 1966; Christopher Lee as Dracula photo-c; Lugosi, David McCallum, Fu Manchu, Batman);

#9(Volume-2 #1; 11/1966; Cesar Romero as JOKER photo-c; Batman, Karloff);

#10 = ASK;

#11(Volume-3 #3; 1967; Nimoy as SPOCK photo-c; Star Trek, Dr Faustus; Men behind MARVEL comics; Talk with Christopher Lee);

#12(Volume-3 #4; 1968; SPOCK speaks; Stan Lee interview; Frank Brunner-a; ABC-TV's Spider-Man; Christopher Lee interview; Planet of the Apes);

#13 = ASK;

#14(Volume-4 #2; 1969; SPOCK & KIRK of Star Trek Photo-c; Karloff; Ray Bradbury);

#15(Volume-4 #3; 1970; Beneath the Planet of the Apes; Christopher Lee as Dracula; Frank Brunner-a);

#16(Volume-4 #4; 1971; Satanism & Vampires issue; Ken Kelly painted-c; Barnabas Collins-c; Robert Bloch; "A case of Conscience" = 10 pages of comics, with Early art by BERNI WRIGHTSON);

#17(Volume-5 #1; 10/1971; Magic & Occult issue; Painted-c by Frank Brunner; Mephisto Waltz, Dracula, Harryhausen;

THX-1138; Robert Bloch);

#18(Volume-5 #2; 1972; Frankenstein painted-c, by Ken Kelly; Night of the Living Dead; Robert Bloch; Karloff's last movie; El Topo; John Carradine interview; H.P. Lovecraft on film; Tarzan; Cameo art by; Wally Wood, Roy Krenkel, Jim STERANKO, Neal ADAMS, Ken Barr; Tales from the Crypt EC film);

#19(Volume-5 #3; 1972; Harryhausen; New Hammer films; Clockwork Orange; Dracula today);

#20(Volume-5 #4; Summer/1973; Harryhausen; Vault of Horror EC film; Soylent Green; Vincent Price);

#21,23,24 = ASK;

#22(Volume-6 #2; 1974; EXORCIST-c & Article; interview with Peter Cushing; Zardoz; Mutations; Madhouse; Hell House; Frankenstein TV Movie Guide; SOLD OUT);

#25(Volume-7 #1; 1975; Andy Warhol's Frankenstein & Mel Brooks' Frankenstein; George Pal; Texas Chain Saw Massacre; Phantom of the Paradise; Night Stalker; Wraparound painted-c);

Annual/Yearbook/Fearbook (#1; SCARCE; 1967; nice VF copy, but water damage at top, thus VG = $25);

CHACAL (Fanzine/Magazine; Nemedian Chronicles Pub. Magazine of Fantasy & SF) -

#1(1976; 60 pages; Hannes Bok, Corben, Fabian, Frazetta, C.L. Moore interview, Robert E. Howard, Reamy, Karl Edward Wagner, Waldrop; Jeff Easley-c & Portfolio);

#2(Spring/1977; 76 pages; Cadigan, Fabian, Frazetta, Robert E. Howard, Steranko, Utley, Karl Edward Wagner, Manly Wade Wellman interview, Phillipe Druillet; Jeff Easley-c; Jim Fitzpatrick Portfolio; Manitoba; VF, 8.0 = $26.00);


CHILLLER MONSTER TALES magazine (M.M. Pub.; Famous Monsters imitator;  Photo’s & Articles; Comic-Type Pinup illos by comic artist Chic Stone)  

Volume 1 #1(8/1966; 68 Pages; Frankenstein, Dracula & Giant Ant Painted-c by Chic Stone; 7 page interior Monster Gallery = Chic Stone-a; Dracula’s Guest; Monster Plants; THEM Giant Ants; House of Frankenstein; Island of Dr Moreau; Day of the Triffids; Murders in the Rue Morgue; VG = $24.00; Another Copy = ASK);

CHILLLER THEATRE MAGAZINE (Chiller Theatre Inc.) - 1994 Winter (Volume 1 #1);

CINEFANTASTIQUE (Frederick S. Clark Pub.)


Volume 1

(#1; Fall; Alan Arkin in “Catch-22”);

(Volume 1 #3; Summer; James Olson “The Andromeda Strain”);


(Volume 1 #2 Winter; Front cover Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott “House of Dark Shadows”;

(Volume 1 #4 Fall; Front cover – Rod Taylor “The Time Machine”);


Summer (Volume-2 #2; Special Planet of the Apes issue; Also with Silent Running; Interview with Peter Cushing re Dracula Today; VF minus = $15.00);


(Volume 2 #3 Winter Front cover “The Other”; Back cover Robert Mulligan);

(Volume 2 #4 Summer Front cover Stephanie Beacham “... And Now the Screaming Starts”);

(Volume 3 #1 Fall; Christopher Lee);

Volume 3 (#2 Front cover “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad;” Back cover Linda Blair);

(#3 Zardoz; Back cover Fantastic Planet);

(#4 Front cover “The Exorcist”; Back cover “Flesh Gordon”);

1975 -

Volume 4 -

(#1 Front cover Christopher Lee; Back cover “Phantom of the Paradise”);

(#3 Front cover Films of Terence Fisher; Horror of Dracula);

(#4 Front cover The day the Earth Stood Still; Back cover Linda Carter as Wonder Woman);

1976 -

Volume 5

(#1 Front cover A Boy and His Dog);

(#2; Logan's Run; Back Cover Flesh Gordon);

(#3 Front cover the Omen);

(#4 Front cover The War of the Worlds; Back cover Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger);

1977 --

Volume 6

(#1; Sissy Spacek “Carry”; Back cover Land of the Lost);

(#2; Front cover Ray Harry Hausen; Back cover Star Wars)p;

(#3 Front cover The Wicker Man);

(#6 / Volume 7 Front cover #1 Star Wars);

1978 --

Volume 7

(#2 Front cover Hans J. Salter);

(#3/4 Front cover Close Ensounters of the Third Kind);

1979 --

Volume 8

(#1 Front cover Preproducing the Primevals; Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings);

(#2/3 Front cover Forbidden Planet);

(#4 Front cover Richard Donner; Back cover Timewarp);

1980 --

Volume 9

(#1 Front cover Aliens; Back cover Flesh Gordon);

(#3/4 Front cover The Black Hole);

Volume 10

(#1; front cover John Carpenter; back cover Dark Star = SOLD OUT

1981 --

Volume 10

(#2 Front cover The Birds; Back cover Tippi Hedren);

(#3 Front cover Clash of the Titans);

(#4 Front cover David Cronenberg);

Volume 11

(#1 Front cover Dick Smith);

(#2 Front cover The Filming of Altered States);

(#3 Front cover Conan the Barbarian);

(#4 Front cover Ray Harryhausen);

1982 --

Volume 12

(#1 Front cover Ghost Story);

(#2/3 Front cover Conan the Barbarian);

(#4 Front cover Paul Schrader);

(#5/6 Front cover Star Trek II; The Wrath of Khan);

Volume 13

(#1 Front cover Stephen King, George Romero, Tom Savini);

(#2,3 Front cover Rob Bottin);


Volume 13

(#4 Front cover The Dark Crystal);

(#5 Front cover Jack Clayton);

(#6/ Volume #1 Front cover #D Effects);

Volume 14

(#2 Front cover The Dead Zone);

1984 --

Volume 14

(#3 Front cover 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea);

(#4/5; front cover Dune);

1985 --

Volume 15

(#1 Front cover The Last Star Fighter);

(#2 Front cover Peter Kuran);

(#3 Front cover Tobe Hooper);

(#4 Front cover The Return of the Living Dead);

1986 --

(#5 Front cover Legend);

Volume 16

(#1 Front cover Psycho III);

(#2 Front cover Highlander);

(#3 Front cover Invaders From Mars);

(#4/5 front cover Alfred Hitchcock);


Volume 17

(#1; front cover Little Shop of Horrors);

(#2; Star Trek 20th Anniversersary Retrospect);

(#3/4; 9.95-c; Front cover Star Trek the Movie Trilogy; VG $8);

(#5 Front cover Ellen Greene, Lyle Conway)

;Volume 18

(#1 Front cover Robocop);

1988 -- (

#2/3 Movie Poster Artist of the Fifties);

(#4 H.R. Giger);

(#5 Front cover Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger);

1989 --

Volume 19

(#1/2; front cover Vincent Prince);

(#3 Front cover Star Trek; The Next Generation);

(#4; front cover The Adventure of Baron Munchausen);

(#5 Front cover Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell);

Volume 20

(#1/2 Front cover Batman; The Movie);

1990 --

(#3 Front cover Tales from the Crypt);

(#4 Front cover The Handmaid's Tale);

(#5 Front cover The She-Creature);

Volume 21

(#1 Front cover Robocop 2);

(#1 Front cover Dick Tracy);

(#2 Front cover Star Trek; the Next Generation);

(#3 Front cover Dark Shadows);

(#5 Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2);

(#6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II);

Volume 22

(#1 Front cover Rocketeer);

(#2 Front cover Star Trek; the Next Generation );

(#3 Front cover Gene Roddenberry);

1991 --

Volume 22

(#4 Front cover Silence of the Lambs);

(#5 Front cover Star Trek VI);

(#6 Front cover Aliens 3);

Volume 23

(#1 Front cover Evil Dead III );

(#2/3 Front cover Star Trek; the Next Generation);

(#4 Bram Stoker's Dracula);

1992 --

Volume 23

(#6 Front cover Star Trek; Deep Space Nine);

Volume 24

(#1 Front cover Ren and Stimpy);

(#2 Front cover Jurassic Park);

(#3/4 Front cover Star Trek; the Next Generation);

(#5 Front cover Demolition Man);

1994 --

(#6/Volume 25 #1; 10.95-c; Front cover Batman from Comics to Movies; FN/VF $11);

Volume 25

(#2 Front cover Babylon 5; Stephen King “The Stand”);

(#3 Front cover The Flintstones);

(#4 Front cover The Shadow);

(#5 Front cover Tim Burton);

(#6/ Volume 26 #1 Star Trek; The Next Generation);

1995 --

Volume 26

(#2 Star Trek VII; Generations);

(#3 Front cover Clive Barker);

(#4 Front cover Stuart Gordon's Shadow over Innsmouth);

(#5 Front cover Judge Dredd);

Volume 27

(#1; front cover X-Files);

(#2 Toy Story);

(#3 Front cover Goldeneye; FN/VF $7);

1996 --

Volume 27

(#4/5 Front cover Star Trek Voyager);

(#6 Front cover Twelve Monkeys);

(#7 Front cover Species' Sil);

(#8 Front cover Dario Argento Horror's Bloody Artiste);

(#9 James and the Giant Peach);

(#10 Front cover Walt Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame);

(#11/12; 11.95-c; Star Trek the 30th Anniversary; FN/VF $11);

Volume 28

(#1 Front cover = The CROW the City of Angels; FN+ = $8.00);

(#2 Front cover Escape from L.A.);

(#3; front cover The X-Files);

(#4/5 Front cover Star Trek; Deep Space Nine);

(#6 Front cover Star Trek; First Contract);

1997 --

Volume 28

(#7 Front cover Mars Attacks!);

(#8 Front cover Star Wars the 20th Anniversary);

(#9 Front cover The Special Visual Effects of the Empire Strikes Back);

(#10 Front cover Stuart Gordon's Space Truckers); (#11 Front cover Stephen King's and Shining);

(#12 Front cover Walt Disney's Hercules);

Volume 29

(#1; front cover; Batman and Robin);

(#2 Front cover Jodie Foster in Contact);

(#3 Front cover Todd McFarlane's Spawn);

(#4/5; front cover The X-Files);

(#6/7 Front cover Star Trek Deep Space Nine);

(#8 Front cover Starship Troopers);

1998 --

Volume 29

(#9 Tomorrow Never Dies);

(#11 Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Sarah Michelle Gellar);

(#12 Front cover Lost in Space);

Volume 30

(#1 Front cover Giger Species 2);

(#2 Front cover x-Files; the Movie);

(#3 Front cover Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes in the Avengers);

(#4 Front cover Virus);

(#5/6 Front cover Outer Limits);

(#9/10 Front cover Avery Brooks in Star Trek; Deep Space Nine);

(#11 Front cover Mighty Joe Young);

1999 --

Volume 30

(#12 Front cover Star Trek; Insurrection);

Volume 31

(#1/2 Front cover Ray Harryhausen);

(#3 ( Front cover Buffy, Vampire Slayer);

(#4 Front cover George Lucas);

(#5 Front cover Xena Warrior Princess);

(#6 Front cover The Mummy);

2000 --

Volume 31

(#10; front cover The Green Mile);

(#11 Front cover Star Trek Voyager);

(#12/ Volume 32 #1 Front cover Babylon 5);

Volume 32

(#2 Front cover X-Men the Movie);

(#3 Front cover the X-Files);

(#4/5 Front cover Star Trek; Deep Space Nine);

2001 --

Volume 32

(#6 Front cover Hannibal);

Volume 33

(#1/2 front cover Farscape);

Volume 33

(#4 Front cover Planet of the Apes);

(#5 Front cover Ghosts of Mars);

2003 – (October/November; Alias);

CINE FANTASTIQUE MAD MOVIES (French; ? Pub.); - #56 (Beetlejuice/ Freddy Krueger);


CINEFEX (Don Shay Pub.; 1980 ) #4-7,10,12,##13(7/1983; Star War Return of the Jedi cover & special issue; SCARCE issue; FN/VF $19);

#14,18,20,#21(4/1985; Termintor-c & Article; DUNE; SCARCER issue; FN/VF = $18)



CINEMACABRE - an Appreciation of the Fantastic (Digest Magazine) - #7(1988; Jean Marsh as evil Queen Bavmorda in Willow-c; Leslie Nielsen interview; Bride of Frankenstein; Blood Massacre; VF $10);


(Cinebug Production Inc/ Cinema Ent Pub; Donald Dohler editor; all LOW Print Run & SCARCE;

Weight for Postage = 110 Grams each) - #1(Winter/1972; FN $49); 2(FN/VF $39); 3(1973; FN/VF $35); 4(VF/NM=$49; FN/VF $29);

5(VG/FN $20); 6(FN/VF $24); 7(FN $19); 10(1977; VG/FN $18);


(O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) ; Weight for Postage = 75 Grams each)

#1(1979; FN=$18; VG=$12); #2(FN=$12; VG=$9; G=$6); #3(VF=$12; FN=$9; VG=$6);#4, #5,

#6(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4); #7(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4); #8(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4);

#9(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4); #10(FN=$9; VG=$6); #11(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4);#13,

#14(VF=$9; FN=$6; VG=$4); #15(VG/FN = $8); #16(FN/VF=$12; VG/FN=$8);

#17(FN=$10; VG=$6); #18(FN=$10; G/VG=$5); #19(FN = $10); #20(1983; VG = $6), #22,23, #25,26,28,30,


CINESCAPE (Sendai Publishing Group)

1994 October, November;

1995 August, October, November, December;

1996 – January, February,April, May, June, July, August ;

1997 – (March/April); May/June; September/October;

1998 - January/February; March/April ;

1999 – September/October;

2000 - January/February; (November/December);

2001(March/April); (November);

2002 (January); (February); (July); (September);

CINESCAPE INSIDER: STAR WARS AND SCI-FI CINEMA (MVP Entertainment Inc.) - Volume 4 #7(1998);

CINESCAPE PRESENTS; MOVIE ALIENS (MVP Entertainment Inc.) - Volume 3 #9 (1996);


CLIVE BARKER'S NIGHT BREED CHRONICLES (Titan Books Pub.) - 1990 #NN (February; TPB);

COBBLESTONE (Fragment West Pub.) - 1977 (Winter #28 Volume 2; Conversation with Harlan Ellison/ George Lucas Interview);


1971 -

(#6; The Time Machine);

(#7; Buck Rogers);


(#10; Prince Valiant);

(#11; Dinosaur by Al Williamson);

(#12; “Golden Blood” );

(#13; Saturn);

1972 -

(#14; Space Monster); (#16; Mars Spacecraft from the Film “War of the Worlds”);

(#17; Captain Kirk, Spock and Bones);

#18; Movie Poster “The Lost Planet”);

Collector's Guide to Monster, Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Magazines (#1) by Bob Michelucci (ISBN: #0-911137-06-8; Imagine, Inc., 2/1988., Pittsburgh, PA, USA; 1988. 6 x 9" Trade Paperback. First Edition. 216 pages; Jack DAVIS Cover;. Perhaps the most Important Early Price Guide on Monster Mags; Includes :Listings for; Castle of Frankenstein, Cinefantastique, Cinefex, Cinemagic, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fangoria, Fantastic Films, Future, Monster Times, Monster World, Prevue, Screen Thrills, Spacemen, Starburst, Starlog & MANY More mags; Nearly 200 pages of Cover PHOTO's, including 8 pages of Color Plates; VF+, 8.5=$79; FN/VF=$59);

COLOR COLLECTORS GUIDE (Archival Photography) #1(Winter 1990; Forward by Forrest J. Ackerman; Loaded with Color / B&W Photo's of Horror & SF Movie Posters & Lobby Cards; FN/VF $15);


COSMOS (Baronet Publication Co.) - 1977 May(Vol.1 #1); July (Vol.1 #2), September (Vol.1 #3), November (Vol.1 #4);


2003 - #29 October;

2004 - #32 January;

CREATION (Creation Pub.); - 1986 (#NN);

THE CROW; CITY OF ANGELS OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - (1996);

CULT MOVIES (Cult Movies Pub.)

1995 - #16,17;

1996 - #18;

#27,#28 (20 Million Miles to Earth, Harryhausen; VF = $10.00)

CULT TIMES (Visual Imagination Ltd.) -

1996 May #8, July #10;

1999 (#41 February; Red Dwarf); (#47 August; Stargate SG-1); (#51 December; Star Trek; Voyager);

2000 (#54 March; The X-Files); (#57 June; Farscape); (#58 July; Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1); (#60 September; Stargate SG-1); (#62 November; Farsacpe);

2001 (#65 February; The X-Files); (#69 June; Amanda Tapping);

2003 (#91; Angel);

2004 (July; Stargate SG-1); (August; Farscape); (December; Amanda Tapping);

2005 (April; Doctor Who);

CULT TIMES SPECIAL (#6; Lost in Space/ The Avengers/ The X-Files); (#10; Xena; 50 Fantasy Females); (#19(1989); (#21;1989); (#23 Buffy the Vampire Slayer); (#26 Sarah Michelle Gellar/ William Shatner); (#27 Buffy the Vampire Slayer);; (#31 Stargate SG-1); (#35 Stargate SG-1); (#52 (August/1994);

CULT TV (Future Pub.; British);

1998 (#11; June; 50 Greatest TV Moments of All Time);

**** D ****

DAWN OF THE DEAD, a Screenplay, (MOVIE SCRIPT) by George A. Romero (Dawn Associates, Laurel Group Inc; NY, NY, USA; Rubber stamped Script City of Hollywood on cover; Movie Script, with dialogue & scene descriptions & directions; 1977; Massive 8-1/2" x 11" book, white paper stock printed on one side only; Stiff Orange Colored wrappers, metal clasps. Unpublished filmscript. Sequel to the classic 1968 horror film "Night of the Living Dead." over 1" Thick; Weighs 1185 Grams, or nearly 3 pounds; 253 pages; VG = $75.00);

DEEP RED MAGAZINE (Fantaco Enterprises Inc.; 1987-1989)
#1(December/1987; Movies with GUTS; Argento's Inferno; Fulci, New Gore FX; Last House on the Left; FN/VF = $16.00);
#2(March/1988; Zombies!, Foreign Gore, Dr. Butcher, Clive Barker raises Hell!, Fanzines A-Z, Horror from Hollywood;  FN/VF = $12.00);
#4(September/1988; Street-wise Monsters of Frank Henenlotter, The Last Cannibal Film you'll ever need to see, Street Trash, Document of the Dead, The Blind Dead;  FN/VF = $12.00);
#6(March/1989; Goblin music to bleed by, Foreign Gore, SPAWN 2, FantaCon '88, Bisette Draws the Line, Splatter art, Director's Fourm, Ninth & Hell Street;  FN/VF = $12.00);

DEMONIQUE -- the JOURNAL OF OBSCURE HORROR CINEMA (Fantaco Enterprises Inc.) - #4(1983; Pasolini's sadistic work of art - SALO, or 120 DAYS OF SODOM and more.; VG = $10)

DIMENSAO X (Brazil; Escala Pub.); - 2001; Volume 1 (#1, #3);


Doctor Who; The Companions (Random House; 1986);

Doctor Who; Dimension Four (Nadwas; 1982) - #1 (Doctor Who Fanzine);

Doctor Who; Discovers the Conquerors (Target Books; 1977);

Doctor Who; Discovers Early Man (Target Books; 1977);

Doctor Who; Discovers Prehistoric Animals (Target Books; 1977);

Doctor Who; Discovers Space Travel (Target Books; 1977);

Doctor Who; Discovers Stranger and Mysterious Creatures (Target Books; 1977);

Doctor Who; Dinosaur Book (Target Books; 1976);

Doctor Who; DWB (Gary Leigh Pub.) 1992 - August #104; October #106;

Doctor Who; Files Magazine Spotlight (PSI Movie Press Inc.)

- The First Baker Years Part One (1986);

- The First Baker Years Part Two (1986);

-The pertwee Years (1985);

- Season One: Part I (1986);

- Season One: Part II (1986);

- Season Three: Part I (1986);

- Season Three: Part II (1986);

- Season Six: Part I (1986);

Season Eight (1986);

- The Fourteenth Season (1985);

- The Fourteenth Season (1987; Different cover);

The Fifteenth Season (1985);

- Season Sixteen (circa 1985);

- Season Seventeen (circa 1985);

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DRACULA; THE COMPLETE VAMPIRE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1992 (Previews of 25 New Fanged Flicks);



DRACULINA (Draculina Pub.) - #27 (1996; Jewel Shepard; Debbie Rochon; Lina Romay; Maila Nurmi; VF = $12.00); #50,51;

DRAGONHEART Press Book (1996) Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery and Dina Meyer

DRAGONTALES (Dragon Pub.) - 1980 August;

DREAMWATCH (Dreamwatch Pub. Ltd.) -


(#1 October);

(#2 November; Jan Chappell);

#3 (12/1994; Sontarans for the ninties; Majel Barrett interview; Dr Who - Planet of Giants; Dark Shadows; Robin of Sherwood; "Man from UNCLE the definitive article"; VF = $8.00);


(#5 January; Christopher Lee in the Tomorrow People);

(#6 February; Captain Kirk);

(#7 March; Tom Baker);

(#8 April; Armin Shimmerman as Quark);

(#10 June; Danny John-Jules);

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(#14 October; The X-Files);

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(#16 December; Gillian Anderson);


(#17 January; Robert Beltran);

(#19;March; The X-Files ),

(#20; April; Lois & Clark;

(#21; May; Paul McGann);

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(#61; Sarah Michelle Gellar);


(#67; The X-Files);

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(#121; New Season TV);

DREAMWATCH (Titan Magazine Pub.) - 2005 (#7 (May; Evangeline Lilly);

DYNATROPE (Robert Franks Pub.) - 1983 (January #5; Doctor Who Fanzine; Print Run of 150);

**** E ****

EAGLE; 1 (Curtis Duckworth Pub.) - 1978 (Volume 1 #6; July/August; Space 1999 Fanzine);

ENLIGHTENMENT (Doctor Who Information Network Pub.); -


(#116 June/July; Dangerous Davison);

(#117 August/ September; The Best of Who);


(#120 February/March; Scream of the Shalka);


(#127 April/May; Revolution 9);

(#128 June/July); Season One);

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(#130 October/November; Doctor Who and Doctor Who Fandom for Newbies);

(#131 December; The Christmas Invasion)


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EPI-LOG (William E. Anchors, Jr. Pub.)

1990 - Summer #1,

1991 - November #12;

1992 - July #20, September #22, #24;

1993 - January #26; February #27; May #30; June #31;


(ERB - Edgar Rice Burroughs Fanzine/Magazine Size; CAZ - Camille Cazedessus Jr./Opar Press Pub; 8-1/2"x11")

#7(7/1973; John Carter of Mars-c; RARE; 20 pages; color felt pen coloring to cover & 4 pages, rest of mag VG, call it "G" $18)

#8(12/1963; Minor color felt pen coloring to cover & 2 pages, rest of mag VG, call it "G/VG" $22)

ERB-dom (ERB - Edgar Rice Burroughs Fanzine/DIGEST Size; 5-1/2"x8-1/2"; CAZ - Camille Cazedessus Jr./Opar Press Pub)

#30(1970; 44 pages; Stout-a; Barsoom Glossary; Atlantis; VF $15);

#30(1970; 44 pages; Stout-a; Atlantis; VG, writing at top of cover = G $5);

#30(1970; 44 pages; Stout-a; Atlantis; >> Fantasy Collector AD section pages 9-36 Missing, rest is VF = $5);

#31(2/1970; >> Fantasy Collector AD section Missing, rest is VG/FN = $5);

#31(2/1970; VF $12); #42(2/3pg Jeff Jones sketch; VF $12);

#32(3/1970; >> Fantasy Collector AD section Missing, rest is VG/FN = $5);

#38(9/1970; >> Fantasy Collector AD section Missing, rest is VG = $5);

#39(10/1970; bonus Outer shipping envelope=VG; Magazine=VF $12);

#59(6/1972; Jeff Jones-c; VG $7); #67(Tarzan-c; G.M. Farley back-c; John Carter; A.Merritt; VF $9);

#68(Tarzan painted-c; Zdenek Burian-a; Privitera-a; VF $9); ##69(Jungle Girl; VF/NM $11);

#70(5/1973; Tarzan-c; VF+ $10); #70(5/1973; FN/VF $7);

ERB-dom #71 (Part-1 of 3 parts; of "Terrible Tenderfoot" Western Novel-c/s; VF $14);

#71-73 (3 issues as a SET; Complete part-1-3 of "Terrible Tenderfoot" Western Novel-c/s by ERB; #73=LAST Digest Sized issue; 9/1973; FN/VF $50);

ERB-dom (ERB - Edgar Rice Burroughs Fanzine/Magazine Size; 8-1/2"x11"; CAZ - Camille Cazedessus Jr./Opar Press Pub)

#78(color Manning Tarzan strips; Frazetta centerfold; FN/VF $8);

#79(11/1974; John Coleman Burroughs-a; color Manning Tarzan strips; Rubimor-a; Crandall back-c; VF $10);

EXPLORERS, OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (Comics World Corp.; 1985);

EXTRAPOLATION (Thomas D. Clareson Pub.)

1969 (December);

1970 (May);

**** F ****

FANFARE (Bill Spicer Pub.); - 1978 (#2 Winter; Movie Poster Art of Frank Frazetta);

FANGORIA (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

#1(8/1979); #2-20,24-30, 32,33,35-39,41,45,48,



#161,168,174,177, 185,196, 198,200, 201,204,211,

#215-220,222,224,226-229,231,238-240,243-246,248,253,256,258,259,264,266,267,,272,273,275,283,303,305,312(VF/NM $12), 325,337,338 ;

FANGORIA: THE BLOODY BEST OF (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - #1(1982),2-5,7-11,13;

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FANGORIA; 101 BEST HORROR MOVIES YOU'VE NEVER SEEN (Three Rivers Press Pub./ O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 2003 (TPB);

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FANTASTIC FILMS (Blake Pub. Corp.)

1978 (April #1); (June #2); (August #3); (October #4); (December #5);

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1984 (January #37); (March #38); (May #39); (July #40);(September #41); (November #42);

1985 (January #43); (June #44); (August #45); (October #46);

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #1-190+ = Listed at the WARREN Magazines Link on our Homepage

FANTASTIC MONSTERS {of the FILMS} (Black Sheild pub);

Volume-1 #6 (1963; VG/FN $35);

Volume-2 #1 (1963; Foldout painted-c #1 of Karloff & Lugosi as Son of Frankenstein by Larry Bird; inner Foldout-c #2 of King Kong with Karloff Photo on back; ** Includes; Bob Hope in Ghost Breakers; Vincent Price Opium eater; Metalogen Monster; X, the Man with X-Ray Eyes; Black Sleep; Twilight Zone; Son of Frankenstein ; Tarantula; Faceless man; VG/FN $35);

FANTASTYKA (? Pub.; Foreign Language; ? Polish);

1984 (#19,21,22);

1985 (#36);

1986 (#41,43,50,51);

1987 (#53,57,63);

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1984 (March);

1986 (June); (December);

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FANTASY CROSSROADS (Stygian Isle Press Pub.)

1978 (June #13); (September #14);

1979 (January #15);

FANTASY EMPIRE (New Media Publishing Inc.; 1983-1984); - #1-15;

FANTASY EMPIRE COLLECTOR'S EDITION (New Media Publishing Inc.; 1983/84); - #1, 3;

FANTASY EMPIRE LTD. (New Media Pub. Inc. Pub.) - 1984 (Volume 1 #1; April); (Volume 1 #2; June);

FANTASY FILM PREVIEW BOOK (Creation Pub.) - 1977 (Christopher Reeve as “Superman” front cover);

FANTASY MODELING (Fantasy Modeling Inc. Pub.)

1980 (Volume 1 #1; Fall); (Volume 1 #2; Winter);

1981 (#3,4,5);

1982 (#6);

FANTASY MONGERS (Weirdbook Press);

#2 (1979; The Magazine for Collectors – Pulps, Books, Fanzines,Paperbacks etc.);

FANTASY NEWSLETTER (Paul and Susan Allen Pub.)

1980 -

(February #21; Cover art by Stephen Fabian);

(March #22; Cover art “An Incident on Barsoom” by Roy G. Krenkel);

(April #23; Cover art “Rescue in Lankhmar” by Stephen Fabian);

(May #24; Cover art “Tower of Power” by Stephen Fabian); (

September #28; Cover art “Jungle Girl” by Stephen Fabian);

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1981 -

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(August #39; Cover art “The Sacrifice” by Randy Broecker);

(September #40; Wraparound Cover art “Swan Ship” by Stephen Fabian);

(October #41; Cover art “Witchstone” by Robert Arrington);

(November #42; Cover art “Robot and Dragon Playing Chess” by Raul Garcia Capella);

1982 -

(January #44; Cover art “Star of Babalon by Sam Adkins);

(February #45; Cover art “Army of the Woods” by Sabrina Jarema);

1984 Vol.4 #7(July);

FANTAZONE (Tigerbeat Presents Pub.) - 1989 (Summer) #1, #2, #24,;


2002 (#4 January/February); (#10 December/ January 2003; 2 different covers);

2003 (#11 March/April; 2 different covers); #12 April/ May);

FATE MAGAZINE ( Press Books Ltd.; UK)

1954 November (Volume 1 #1);

FEAR (Newsfield Publication)

1988 (July/August #1);(November/December #3);

1989 (January/February #4); (March/April #5); (May/June #6; Anne McCaffrey, Evil Dead III, Linda Blair / Exorcist, Dean Koontz; VF $10); (July #7);(September #9); (November #11);

1990 (January #13); (February #14);

1991 (October #34);

FEMME FATALES The Luscious Ladies of HORROR, Science Fiction & Fantasy (Slick Professional Magazine; Color)

Volume 1 #1 (Summer 1992; Brinke Stevens, Kim Cattrall, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rachel Ward, Linnea Quigley);

Volume 1 (#2 Fall/ 1992; Sybil Danning; Sharon Stone; Brigitte Nielson; Elvira; Carolone Munro; Monique Garielle; Joe Bob Briggs; Delia Sheppard; Kathleen Kinmott; Julie Strain);

Volume 1 (#3; Winter 1992/1993; Michelle Pfeiffer – Catwoman; Kathy Ireland; Elvira; Ingrid Pitt; Vivian Schilling; Lana Clarkson);

Volume 1 #4 (Spring 1993; Traci Lords; Robey; Dee Wallace Stone; Raquel Welch; Suzanne; Debra Lamb);

Volume 2 #1 (Summer 1993; Monique Grassmick; Sarah Douglas; Ava Cadell; Rhonda Shear; Ginger Lynn Allen; Becky Lebeau);

Volume 2 (#2; Fall 1993; Monique Gabrielle; Brinke Stevens; The Women of Dinosaur Island; Sheena Easton; Candice Rialson);

Volume 2 #3 (Winter 1994; Ludie Denier, Tracy Scoggins, Teri Hatcher, Brooke Shields, Rhonda Shear);

Volume 2 (#4; Spring 1994; Debbie Rochon; Rebecca Ferratti; Maryam D'abo; Melanie Shatner; Phyllis Davis);

Volume 3 #1 (Summer 1994; Sally Kirkland, June Wilkinson, Cameron Diaz, Jewel Shephephard, Donna Jason; FN $14);

Volume 3 (#2; Fall 1994; Julie Strain; Kathleen Turner; Vivian Schilling; Shannon Whirry; Action Heroines of Asia);

Volume 3 #3 (Winter 1995; North, Susan Backlinie, Kelly Lebrock, Vanessa Angel, Lois Hamilton);

Volume-3 #4 (Spring/1995; Valentina Vargas, Cenobite in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. >> : Famke Janssen / Golden Eye; Brigitte Nielsen; VF $9);

Volume 4 (#1 (Summer 1995; Cynthia Rothrock; Bridgette Wilson; Diane Lane; Lara Parker; Linnea Quigley);

Volume 4 (#2; Fall 1995; Jeanne Carmen – 50's Model Turned Actress; Tura Satana; Brinke Stevens; Michelle Bauer; Vampire Vixens from Vixens);

Volume 4 (#3 October 1995; Barbara Leigh – Vampirella; Stella Stevens; Locky Lambert; Tina Desiree Berg; Valerie Leon; Julie Strain – Heavy Metal III);

Volume-4 #4(December/1995; Elvira; Nicole Kidman; Julie Strain = Heavy Metal II; Janet Leigh; VF=$9; FN=$6);

Volume 4 #5 (January 1996; Famke Janssen, Izabella Scorupco, Talisa Soto, Lucy Lawless);

Volume-4 #6(March/1996; Women of Mars Attacks; Rebecca DeMornay, Outer Limits; Roger Corman on women in sci-fi; VF $9);

Volume-4 #7(April/1996; Karen Allen, Margot Kidder; Sean Young, Annette O’Toole; Ladies of Barb Wire; VF $9);

Volume-4 #8(June/1996; Natasha Henstridge – Species; Pam Anderson – Barb Wire; Hilary Swank; Kari Salin – Cybertech PD; VG/FN= $6);

Volume 5 #1 (July 1996; Pamela Green, Pam Anderson, Nicole Eggert, Mary Woronov, Elizabeth Kaitan; SOLD OUT);

Volume 5 #2 (August 1996; Pam Grier, Kristy Swanson, Pamela Franklin, Hajime Sorayama's Sexy Robots);

Volume 5 #3 (September 1996; Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, Angie Everhart);

Volume 5 #4 (October 1996; Sigourney Weaver, Madeleine Smith, Adrienne Barbeau);

Volume 5 #5 (November 1996; Cristva Turner, Gina Gershon, Joan Severance);

Volume 5 #6 (December 1996; Julie Strain, Alice Krige, Connie Conehead, Darcy Demoss, Laurene Landon);

Volume 5 #7 (January 1997; Elvira A.K.A. Cassandra Petersen, Krista Allen, Sophia Shinas, Thuy Thrang);

Volume 5 #8 (February 1997; Mamie Van Doren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kari Wuhrer);

Volume-5 #9(March/1997; London Night’s comic book femmes; Carmen Electra, Vanesa Talor; 20 years of Emmanuelle; Geena Davis, Neve Campbell on Wes Craven; Leprechaun IV; VF $9);

Volume-5 #10(April/1997; Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst; Kira Reed; Poltergeist’s Helen Shaver; Lynsette Anthony; Thersa Lynn of Private Parts; Shirley Easton; Candy Clark; Killer Tongue; VF $9);

Volume-5 #11(May/1997; Teri Hatcher cover; Jennifer Lopez, Maria Ford, Susan Swift / Audrey Rose; Girls of Mommy 2; VF $18);

Volume 5 #12 (June 1997; Natasha Henstridge, Cynthia Geary, Alice Krige, Sabrina Lloyd, Kristen Cloke);

Volume-6 #1(July/1997; Hammer Heroines. Catherine Munro. Barbara Shelley. Hazel Court. Ingrid Pitt. Christopher Lee; Sarah Michelle Gellar, Babes of Baywatch Nights; VF $16);

Volume-6 #2(August/1997; Chase Masterson; Star Trek’s Sexy Fifty; Donna D’Errico on Baywatch Nights; Kari Wuhrer on Anaconda; La Femme Nikita; Tia Carrere; VF=$16; FN=$10);

Volume-6 #3(September/1997; Flesh Gordon special edition; Annabeth Gish, Traci Lords, Ungela Brockman; Vixens of The Hunger; Penelope Ann Miller; Tane McClure; Marilyn Chambers; VF $9);

Volume-6 #4(October/1997; Vampire Femmes past & present; Roger Corman; Austin Powers; Uma Thurman – Poison Ivy; Tia Carrere – Kull’s queen; VF $9);

Volume-6 #5(November/1997; Melinda Clarke & Theresa Randle in Spawn; Jayne Mansfield; Top TEN femmes of the 1950’s; Ralph Bakshi on Spicy City; Milla Jovovich – Fifth Element; Juianne Moore – Lost World; VF $9);

Volume-6 #6(December/1997; Dina Meyer, Starship Troopers; Femmes of Cannes; Xena’s Hudson Leick. Cameron Diaz; Tammy Lauren; Rose McGowan; VF $9)

Volume-6 #7(January/1998; Elvira; FN $14);

Volume-6 #8(February1998; Ursula Andress / James Bond; 50 Sexiest Jame Bond Girls; Natasha Henstridge, Avenger Diana Rigg; Law & Order’s Cary Lowell, & Margaret Nolan; Angie Dickinson; Kiss me Deadly; Carnival of Souls Remake; VF=$18; VG=$10);

Volume 6 #9 (March 1998; Lora-Lyn Peterson, Molly Ringwald, Famke Janssen, The Femmes of “Nick Fury”);

Volume-6 #10/11(Double issue; April/1998; tribute to Bettie Page; 50’s Erotica; Karina Lombard, Angie Dickinson, Kiss Me Deadly, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jennifer Love Hewitt; VF $16);

Volume-6 #12(May/1998; Gillian Anderson; The X-Files; Chase Masterson – DS9’s Leets; Murphy Brown goes Rambo;Fiona Lewis; VF $9);

Volume-7 #1(June/1998; Barbara Carrera and Lynn Holly Johnson. Marta Kristen and Heather Graham from Lost in Space, and B5’s Patricia Tallman; VF $9);

Volume-7 #2(July/1998; Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager, Natasha Henstridge and Marg Helgenberger or Species 2, Rebecca Hobbs, Sharon Stone, Linda Harrison; VF $35);

Volume-7 #3(August/1998; Bruno Bernard of Hollywood; Tea Leoni, Robbi Chong, the femmes of F/X and Wild Things, and Xena’s Renee O’Connor. VF $9);

Volume-7 #4(September/1998; Ladies of The Avengers – Dianna Rigg, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson, Joanna Lumley, and Uma Thurman; VF $9);

Volume-7 #5(October/1998; Babes of BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER; VF $35);

Volume-7 #6(November/1998; Vampire Femmes – Sandy King and Anita Hart. Ladies of Halloween H20: Jamie Lee Curtis, Jodi Lynn O’Keefe, Michelle Williams. VF $9);

Volume 7 (#7 December/1998; Elvira; Urban Legend's Foxy Teens; Sandra Bullock; Palymate Shae Marks; Yvonne Craig; Lara Croft Tomb Raider; The Femmes of Mickey Spillane);

Volume-7 #8(1998 ANNUAL; December/1998; Phantasm IV phemmes Cindy Ambuehl, Samantha Phillips, Paula Irvine, Kathy Lester, Gloria Lynn Henry. Jennifer Tilly and Carmen Electra; VF=$9; VG/FN=$5);

Volume 7 (#9 (January 1, 1999; Jennifer Love Hewitt; Traci Lords; Kristin Lehman; Jessica Steen; Amber Smith; Brinke Stevens);

Volume-7 #10(January 22/1999; BATGIRL Cover; Sci-Fi’s all-time 50 Sexiest; Carrie Fisher, Nichelle Nichols, Julie Newmar, Kate Mulgrew, and Jodie Foster; >> Anne Heche – Psycho; Clea Duvall – Faculty; VF $30)

Volume-7 #11(February 12 /1999; Carrie II = Amy Irving; Elizabeth Gracen = Highlander; Terry Moore, Clea Duvall – Faculty; Annabella Sciora, Jane Sibbett, and Diana Dors; Terry Moore – Mighty Joe Young; VF $9);

Volume-7 #12(HBO’s The Sex Files);

Volume-7 #13(March 26/1999; Asia Argento = B Monkey & Phantom of the Opera; Radha Mitchell – Pitch Black; Troma Babes Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Sherpis; Cindy Sherman – Office Killer; VF $9);

Volume-7 #14(April 16/1999; Girls of Free Enterprise; Deborah Van Valkenberg, Peta Wilson; Ladies of Carrie II; Gretchen Mol - 13th Floor; Saffron Burrows – Wing Commander; VF $15);

Volume-7 #15(May 07/1999; Kelly Hu & Martial Law; Tammy Lauren, Black Scorpion, Linda Lawson – Nightr Tide; Elke Somme; VF $18);

Volume-7 #16(May 28/1999; Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion, with Michelle Lintel, Sherrie Rose, Anthena Massey, Lisa Boyle, and Nancy Valen; James Warren – Vampirella; Mimi Rogers; VF $9);

Volume-7 #17(June 18/1999; Carrie Anne Moss / The Matrix; Rachel Weisz, Julie Strain, Sally Kirkland, and Veronica Cartwright; VF $15);

Volume-8 #1(July 9/1999; Carrie Fisher on Princess Leia & Star Wars; .Star Wars Greedo by Maria de Aragon; Austin Powers; Elizabeth Kraft; Francois Yip, Karen Mok – Black Mask; VF $12);

Volume-8 #2(July 30/1999; Denice Duff – Subspecies Vamp; Wild Wild West = Salma Hayek, Musetta Vander; Jacqueline McKenzie = Deep Blue Sea; Barbara Alyn Woods; VF $15);

Volume-8 #3(August 20/1999; Sarah Michelle Gellar cover = vamping for TV & Film – BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER; Sophia Crawfoed on Buffy’s stunts; Nichole DeBoer – Trek’s new trill; Charlize Theron; Mamie Van Doren; Blair Witch – Heather Donahue; VF $25);

Volume-8 #4(September 10/1999; Scream Queens the Musical – Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quiqley; Candyman III; Vanesa Taylor meets Jerry Springer; VF $9);

Volume-8 #5(October 01/1999; Julie Strain in Heavy Metal II: FAKK2; Animating Gen 13; London Knights Supervixens; VF $9);

Volume-8 #6(October 22/1999; XENA Warrior Princess – Lucy Lawless; Ta Carrere – Relic Hunter; Christina Fulton – Lucinda’s Spell; VF $18);

Volume-8 #7(November 12/1999; Heather Langenkamp with Freddy Kruger cover; House on Haunted Hill; Re-Animator; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Lost Souls; Children of the Corn 666; VF $9);

Volume-8 #8(December 03/1999; Linda Blair Exorcist Babe; Wes Craven; Hellraiser; Dina Meyer goes Bats; Sissy Spacek & Amy Irving on Carrie; VF $9);

Volume-8 #9(January 14/2000; Jame Bond 007 / World is Not Enough; Denise Richards, Sophie Marceau, Serena Scott Thomas, & Maria Grazia Cucinotta; Diamonds are Forever = Lana Wood);

Volume-8 #10(January 14/2000; Sigourney Weaver – Galaxy Quest; Asia Argento; Famke Janssen; Ta Carrere; Dead Hate the Living; VF $14);

Volume 8 (#11; February 4/2000; Brandy Ledford – First Wave; C.C. Costigan; Lori Dawn Messuri; Emmanuelle Beart; Keegan C. Tracy; Claudette Mink; Sexy Lingerie);

Volume 8 (#12; February 25/ 2000; Heather Donahue – Blair Witch Project; Robin Tunney; Angela Bassett; Cameron Diaz; The Bare Wench Project; The Erotic Witch Protect; the Bare Tits Project);

Volume 8 (#13; March 17/ 2000; Neve Campbell – Scream 3; Kristin Cloke – Final Destination; Witchy Women of Witchracft);

Volume 8 (#14; April 7/2000; Jeri Ryan – Star Trek Voyager; Trek's Sexy Fifty; Roxann Dawson; Marina Sirtis; Nana Visitor; Terry Farrell);

Volume 8 (#15; April 28/2000; Kirsten Dunst – From Ann Rice to James O'Barr; Aaliyah and Jet Li – Romeo Must Die; Laurie Fortier; The Cinema's Curvaceous Cavewomen);

Volume 8 (#16; May 19/2000; Shauna O'Brien – Zorrita; Venessa Blair; Erinn Bartlett; Katherine Towne; Lori Heuring; Kim Murphy; Rebecca Grant – Throut and Neck; Kara Styler; Brandy Davis);

Volume 8 (#17; June 9/2000; Gaelle Comparat – Hot Wax Zombie; Monique Parent; Cleopatra 2525; The Babes of Beastmaster; Cult Classic – The Sore Losers);

Volume-9 #1(June 30/2000; Sarah Michelle Gellar as BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER; Marti Noxon = Buffy Producer; Chrisma Carpenter; Kristy Swamson; Eliza Dushku; Sophia Crawford = Buffy Stunts; VF $25);

Volume-9 #2(July 21/2000; Marvel’s X-Men Babes = Famke, Halle, Rebecca; >> Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1 and Claudia Jennings; VF $16);

Volume 9 (#4/5; Sepmtember 1/2000; Hammer Vamps; Ingrid Pitt; Martine Beswicke; Veronica Carlson; Caroline Munro; Hazel Court; Valerie Leon; Collinson Twins; Victoria Vetri; Madeline Smith; Yutte Stensgaard);

Volume-9 #7(November/2000; Dave DeCoteau & Rapid Hearts Pictures, B-bombshells; Michelle Nordin from MTV’s Undressed;Winona Ryder; Jessica Alba – Dark Angel; Stargatew SG1 – Vanessa Angel; VF $6);

Volume-9 #8(December/2000; Kelly Hu cover; Drew Barrymore; Carrie-Anne Moss on Red Planet, and Asia Argento on Scarlet Diva; VF $9);

Volume-9 #9(January/2001; Babes of Dungeons & Dragons = Thora Birch, Kristen Wilson, & Zoe McClellan; Brinke Stevens Stars of Battle Drone; Babes of Dracula 2000; Robin Tunney; Brinke Stevens; Robocop; Crusing Purgatory; VF $9);

Volume-10 #1(March-April/2001; Traci Lords / First Wave; Julianne Moore / Hannibal; Jodie Foster / Silence of the Lambs; VF $9)

Volume-10 #2(May-June//2001; Gena Lee Nolin / Sheena: Queen of the Jungle; Tanya Roberts, Eve Brent, Michelle Yeoh, Lee Meriwether; Josie & the Pussycats; VF $6)

Volume-10 #3(July-August/2001; Debbie Rochon = American Nightmare; Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider; Films of Rolfe Kanefsky; VF $6);

Volume-10 #4(September-October/2001; Pin-up work of Carlos Cartagena; Girls of Fast and the Furious; Karen Black, and Mamie Van Doren; Jessica Alba; the Brotherhood; VF $9);

Volume-10 #5(November/2001; Elvira, Jeepers Creepers, Ginger Snaps; Final Stab; MTV’s Julie Brown; Films of Sam Irvin; VF $9);

Volume-10 #6(December/2001; Women of Asian Cinema; Anime & Asia Pulp Cinema; VF $6);

Volume-11 #1(January/2002; J.R. Bookwalter – King of Guerella Filmaking; Brinke Stevens, Jo Beth Williams, Carla Gugino; VF $9)

Volume-11 #2(February/2002; Doris Wishman; Explotation Cinema; Troma; Jill Haywood; VF $9);

Volume-11 #3(March/2002; Women of MARVEL Comics; Tomb Raider’s Joe Jusko; Elektra’s Brian Michael Bendis; VF $20);

Volume-11 #4(April/2002; Tammi Sutton – Killjoy 2; Becky Lebeau; Matrix – Belinda McClory; Celeste Yarnall; Kathleen Kinmont; VF $9);

Volume-11 #5-6(10th Anniversary Double issue; May/2002; Scream Queen resurrection; Ladies of Horror; VF $20);

Volume-11 #7(June/2002; Women of VIP – Pam Anderson; Kelly Hu – Scorpion King American Pie – Shannon ElizabethV Michelle Yeoh; Return of the Killer Tomatoes; Superman – Phillis Coates; VF $9);

Volume-11 #8(July/2002; Tanya Dempsey; Kirsten Dunst; Tane McClure; Nikki Fritz; Ward Boult; Allison Mack; Devra Mayer; Joyce Meadows; VF $9);

Volume-11 #9(August/2002; Women of RUSS MEYER Films; Retro world of Seduction Cinema; XENA foe Claire Stansfield; VF $20);

Volume-12 #1(March-April/2003; Jennifer Garner; Girls of Charmed; Women of House of the Dead = Erica Durance and Ona Grauer. >>: 69 Sci-Fi Seduction Lines, and 32 Women We’d Like to Clone; VF $9);

Volume-12 #2(May-June/2003; Rebecca Romaijn-Stamos; >> Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter and the Women of ANGEL; Laura Harring, Kelly Goldsmith, Jamie King, Karen Cliche, and the first chapter of Femme Fatales’ exclusive comic The Armageddon Gang; 25 Girls who can Kick Our Ass; Paget Brewster; RARE & High Demand issue; Weight = 200 Grams; VF/NM $25);

Volume-12 #3(July-August; The Women of “Creature Unknown”; 6-pages of Traci Lords);

Volume 13 (#4; May/2004; Kate Beckinsale; Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill; Jolene Blalock; Tanya Dempsey; Misty Mundae, Linda Park, Elisha Cuthbert; Danny Trejo – ToughLove; Weight = 180 Grams; VF/NM = $9.50);

Volume 13 (#5; June/2004; Kelly Carlson – Nip/ Tuck; Traci Bingham; Rebecca Romijn; Colleen Porch; Heidi Fleiss);

Volume 13 (#6; July/August 2004; Halle Berry – Catwoman; Alexa Davalos; Christina Cox; Mia St. John; Paget Brewster; Traci Bingsham; 25 Sexiest DVD's ever; Weight = 175 Grams; VF/NM = $9.50);

Volume 13 (#7; September/October 2004; Amanda Tapping; Milla Jovovich; Blanchard Ryan; Jennifer Garner – Elektra; Sienna Guillory; Laura Weintraub);

Volume 13 (#8; November/2004; Bai Ling; Jennifer Tilly; Jamie Sweers; Kristanna Loken; 25 Hottest Virtual Vixens);

FILMFAX (Filmfax Pub.; the magazine of unusual Film & Television; Classic CULT Horror mag; Edited by Michael Stein);

#5 (1987 January-February; Little Shop of Horrors);

#6 (1987 March-April; Bevery Garland the Queen of the B-Movies);

#14 (1989 March-April; The Marx Brothers);

#22 (1990 September; I Was a Teenage Werewolf)

#33 (1992 June-July; This Island Earth);

#35 (1992 October-November; Frankenstein and Dracula);

#58 (1996 October-1997 January; Elsa Lanchester “The Bride of Frankenstein”);

#67 (1998 June-July; Frankenstein);

#75/76 (1999 October-2000 January; Rod Serling);

#87/88 (2001 October-2002 January; The Mummy);

#92 (2002 August-September; The Green Slime);

#98 (2003 August-September; Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy);

#103 (2004 July-September; Laurie Mitchell “The Queen of Outer Space”);

#104 (2004 October-December; It ! The Terror from Beyond Space);

#105 (2005 January-March; Barbara Leigh the Original “Vampirella” Model);

#106 (2005 April-June; Invaders from Mars);

#107 (2005 July-September; Star Wars);

#110 (2006 April-June; Art of Mike Kaluta);

#114 (2007 April-June; The Visionary Art of Ed Emshwiller);

#116 (2007 October-December; I Was a Teenage Werewolf);

#119 (2008 Winter; The Twilight Zone);



FOR MONSTERS ONLY = See CRACKED's FOR MONSTERS ONLY (in the Cracked & Sick magazines Link on our Homepage)

FRAME (Dr. Who Fanzine) (Frame Pub.)

1987 (Volume 1 #1; February);

1990 (November #16);

1991 (Summer #18);


FRANKENSTEIN CLASSIC (Modern Day / EERIE pub); #02984 (1976; One-Shot; 68 pages; all Photo's & Articles; Karloff as Frankenstein PHOTO-c);

FREDDY: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1991;

F & SF BOOK COMPANY CATALOG (Magazine;, F&SF Book Co. Pub., 1973-1981; all #NN);
Winter 1973-1974 (B&W; 6" x 9" Booklet; List #108; NO illustrations, except on Cover; 16 pages; VG = $10);
1977 Annual List #1 (8-1/2" x 11"; List #119; 56 pages; Color Covers & Centerfold; Cover illo from Donald Grant's Dream of X; Back Cover illo from REH's Marchers from Valhalla; VG/FN = $12);

1980 Annual List #3 (8-1/2" x 11"; 52 pages; Color Covers; C.L. Healy-c; VG = $8);

1981 Annual List #4 (8-1/2" x 11"; 60 pages; Color Covers; Vincent DiFate painted-c; VG= $8);


1998 (November/1999 January (#13 Stargate SG-1);

1999 (October/December (#17 A Century of Science Fiction);

2000 (January/March (#18 Jack and Aliens of Stargate SG-1); (April/June (#19 3rd Rock from the Sun); (October/December (#21 Star Wars Episope II);

2001 (July/September (#22 Big Movies; Lara Croft Tomb Raider); Oct-Dec (#23; Lord of the Rings; VF/NM $7);


FUTURE ((#9 up = FUTURE LIFE; 1978-1981; O'Quinn Studios /Future Magazine Inc)


(April #1); (May #2); (July #3); (August #4); (October #5); (November #6);


(January #7); (February #8); (March #9); (May #10); (July #11); (August #12); (September #13); (November #14); (December #15);


(February #16); (March #17); (May #18); (June #19); (August #20); (September #21); (November #22); (December #23);


February #24); (March #25); (May #26); (June #27); (August #28); (September #29); (November #30); (December #31);

FUTURE FANTASY (Cousins Publications Inc.) - 1978 (February #1); (April #2); (June #3);

FUTURE THREADS (New Media Books Inc.) - 1985;

FXRH (Talos Pub.; Fanzine/Magazine) - 1974 – Spring (Volume 1 #4; Last Issue; Ray Harryhausen Special; 92 pages including covers; SCARCE; VG/FN = $32.00);

**** G ****

GALILEO (Galileo Magazine Pub.)

1976 Volume 1 (#1, 2);

1977 Volume 1 (#3,4,5);

1978 - #6,7,8,9,10;

1979 - #11&12, #13,14,15;

1980 - #16;

GALAXY (Idhhb Inc.) - 1994 (September/October #5);

GIANTS IN THE EARTH (Palmer Publications Inc.; TPB) - 1973;

GODZILLA Press Book (1998) Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno and Maria Pitillo

GORE CREATURES (Gary J. Svenla Pub.) - 1972 (July #21);

GOREZONE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1988 ; #4(November);

1989; #8(July); #10(November);

1990 #12(March); #14(July); #15(September); #16(Winter);

1991 #18(Summer); #19(Fall);

1992 (Winter #20); (Spring #21); #22, #23, #24 (Special #25);

1993 - #26, #27;

GOREZONE (Odyssey Pub. Ltd. U.K.);

#20 (2007 June);

#21 (2007; July);

#22 (2007; August);


GOTHIC STORIES (Dell Publishing Co.; 76 Pages; B&W; TEXT stories with Painted illustrations inside; Preceded the Seaboard Gothic Title by over 3 Years) 
#6 (September/1971; Gothic Painted cover; Stories by; Jean Francis Webb, Clarissa Ross, Dorothy Eden, Richard Posner; RARE; Multiple Creases to Covers, Good, 2.0, Reading Copy = $35.00);

GRANDE ILLUSIONS (Imagine Inc.; TPB) - 1983;

**** H ****

HAUNTED TIMES (Ingram Periodicals );

Volume 2 #1 (2007 Winter; Did Demons force Mark David Chapman to Murder John Lennon ?);

Volume 2 #2 (2007 Spring; The Vampire Nation Steps out of the Shadows);

Volume 2 #4 (2007 Fall; Rites of Passage);

Volume 3 #1 (2008 Summer; The Top Haunted Locations Worldwide);

Volume 3 #2 (2008 Fall; No Rest for the Wicked);

Volume 3 #4 (2009 Spring; Ghost Hunter Exposed – Brian Harnois);

Volume 4 #2 (2009 Fall; The Halloween Issue);



HERCULES AND XENA POSTERBOOK (Scholastic Inc.) - 1996 (February);

HERCULES AND XENA YEARBOOK (Topps Publishing Co. Inc) - 1998;

HEROES ON FILM (Draculina Pub.) - 1996(June #3);


THE HIVE BY ROBERTA DEBONO (Ankh Press Pub.) - 1987;

HORROR FAN (Charlotte Magazine Corp.)

1988 (December #1);

1989 (Summer #2); (Fall #3); (Winter #4);


#31 (1994 May);

#34 (1996 June);

#35 (1996 December);

#37 (1997 November);

HORROR FX {FANGORIA PRESENTS CINEMAGIC...} (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1989 - #1;

HORRORHOUND (Horrorhound Pub.)

2006/2007 (#4 Winter; Saw);

2007 (#6 Summer; Grindhouse);

2007 (#7 Fall; Eli Roth);

2008 (#10 March/April; Child's Play);

2008 (#12 July/August; Halloween);

2009 (#15 January/February; Voorhees – a History of Violence);

2011 (#31 September/October; The Thing);

2012 (#36;  July/August; VF+ = $10.00);

2014 SPRING ANNUAL (25 Years of TV’s Tales From the Crypt; V F+ = $10.00);

HORROR MONSTERS [Charlton Pub; 1961-1964/65; B&W Magazine; CASH ONLY {No Store Credit accepted} on these scarce Mags; Photo's & Articles of Movie Monsters];

#NN (Volume-1 #1; says "First issue" on cover; 1961; Painted-c by Frank DeMarco; Curse of the Werewolf; Frankenstein; VG/FN $49);

Volume-1 #2(1961; Painted-c by Frank DeMarco; I was a Teenage Werewolf; I was a Teenage Frankenstein; Edgar Allan Poe's Pit & the Pendulum; Gigantis; Weird drawings of Krucher; House of Fright; FN/VF, 7.0 = $59);

Volume-1 #3(1961; Frankenstein painted-c by Frank DeMarco; the Mask; Devil's hand; Bloodlust; the Stein of Frankenbride; Body Snatchers; "Northland Collection" with S&N Certificate of Authenticity; VF, 8.0 = $59);

Volume-1 #4(1962; Lon Chaney Jr's MUMMY's Curse painted cover; Bela Lugosi; Frankenstein Forever; Cat Creeps; Bob Burns, Man of Horror; "Northland Collection" with S&N Certificate of Authenticity; NM-, 9.2 = $99);

Volume-1 #4(1962; Lon Chaney Jr's MUMMY's Curse painted cover; Bela Lugosi; Frankenstein Forever; Cat Creeps; Bob Burns, Man of Horror; VG = $29);

Volume-1 #5(1962; Decapitated Head painted cover; Burn Witch Burn; the Head movie-c/s; Peter Lorre; Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror with Vincent Price, Lorre, Rathbone & Debra Paget; VF-, 7.5 = $55);

(Volume-2) #6(1963; Painted-c & stories inside featuring; Frankenstein 1970, Black Zoo, Return of Dracula, Cry of the Wolfman; VF, 8.0 = $59);

(Volume-2) #6(1963; Painted-c & stories inside featuring; Frankenstein 1970, Black Zoo, Return of Dracula, Cry of the Wolfman; FN+, 6.5 = $45);

(Volume-2) #7(Winter/1963; Lon Chaney Sr as Phantom of the Opera Painted-c; Lon Chaney Sr the Man of 1000 Faces; Werewolf in Girls Dorm; Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein; Man Made Monster; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49);

(Volume-2) #7(Winter/1963; Lon Chaney Sr as Phantom of the Opera Painted-c; Lon Chaney Sr the Man of 1000 Faces; Werewolf in Girls Dorm; Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein; Man Made Monster; G = $19);

(Volume-3) #8(Summer/1964; Brain that Wouldn't Die Painted-c; Vincent Price in the FLY; Where Nonsters Walk; MUMMY'S-s; Invisible Man; FN+, 6.5 = $45);

(Volume-3) #9(Fall/1964; Neanderthal man from Valley of the Dragons Painted-c; House on Haunted Hill; Lon Chaney in Devil's Messanger; George Zucco; the Black Sleep; Rathbone, Chaney, Lugosi & Carradine; Mothra; FN+, 6.5 = $45);

(Volume-3) #9(Fall/1964; Neanderthal man from Valley of the Dragons Painted-c; House on Haunted Hill; Lon Chaney in Devil's Messanger; George Zucco; the Black Sleep; Rathbone, Chaney, Lugosi & Carradine; Mothra; VG = $29);

(Volume-3) #10(Winter/1964-1965; LAST issue; Painted-c; Dr Kalman; Curse of Frankenstein; Black Sabbath; Frozen Ghost; Monster in the Tomb; Vincent Price; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49);

HORROR MONSTERS Presents BLACK ZOO (Charlton Pub; B&W Magazine)

#NN("1st Edition; Fall 1963; Adapts "Black Zoo" Film with PHOTO's & Word Ballons; G = $20);

THE HORROR SHOW (Phantasm Press Pub.; Weight for Postage = 130 Grams each)

THE HORROR SHOW 1986; Fall; (Volume-4 #4; Includes stories by Steve Resnic Tem, Poppy Z. Brite, Joe R. Lansdale and others; Interviews with; Steve Resnic Tem & T.E.D. Klein; FN=$10; VG=$7; G=$5);

THE HORROR SHOW 1987; January (Volume-5 #1; Interview with Joe R. Lansdale, J.K. Potter. Stories by Elizabeth Massie, Peter Heyrman, Joe R. Lansdale, David Daniel, Bentley Little, Poppy Z. Brite, A.R. Morlan, Paul F. Olson; FN, but small ¼” x 2” sliver off upper Right cover thus G/VG = $7.00);

THE HORROR SHOW 1987; Winter (Volume-5 #5; Interview with Dennis Etchison. Stories by Dennis Etchison, Brian Hodge, Bentley Little, Gary A. Braunbeck, Kevin Lenihan, John Strickland, Larry Tritten, A.R. Morlan, Kevin J. Anderson, G. Wayne Miller; FN+ $10);

HORROR STORIES (Stanley Pub. Inc.) - 1971 October (Volume 1 #7);

HOTDOG (Paragon House Pub.; British); - 2003 (November; #42; Aliens);


**** I ****

IMAGI – MOVIES (Titan Pub) –

1993 (Volume 1 #1; Fall; Max Von Sydow as Stephen King's Leland Gaunt); (Volume 1 #2; Winter; Mindy Clarke “Return of the Living Dead Part 3”);

1994 (Volume 1 #3 Spring; H.R. Giger); (Volume 1 #4 Summer; Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer “Wolf”); (Volume 2 #1 Fall; Nightmare on Elm Street Part VII); (Volume 2 #2 Winter; Robert Deniro “Frankenstein);

1995 (Volume 2 #3 Spring; Harryhausen); (Volume 2 #4; Summer; Fant-Asia); (Fall; Volume 3 #1; Val Kilmer as Batman);

INCREDIBLE SCIENCE FICTION (Science Fantasy Films Classics Inc.) - 1978 (August #1);

INFINITY THE WORLD OF SCI-FI ENTERTAINMENT (Starlite Publications Ltd.) - 1996 (September; #2); (December #5);


INTERZONE (Interzone Pub.)

1987 (Autumn #21);

1988 (Summer #24);

1997 (April #118);

**** J ****


1979 (#12);

1981 (#13);

Jasoomian - # 11 (10/1973; Jesse Santos cover; Art by Alex Nino, Alcala, Redondo; ERB, Hercules; VF =US$19);

JUXTAPOZ Art & Culture Magazine #64(5/2006; Nay=than Cabrera on Island of Misfit Toys; FN/VF $8)

**** K ****

KONG {the Most Famous Monster of all Time} [Countrywide pub; 1976];

#K49037(One-Shot; King Kong B&W Magazine by John Thomas Chrurch; all Photo's & Articles; 68 pages; FN $14);

**** L ****

THE LITERARY MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND TERROR (The Fellowship of Odysseans Pub.) - 1973 (#1);



January (#218; Nebula Award Nominations/ “Dune” to Make into Movie/ Jove Books Co. Sold);

February (#219; New Robert Heinlein Novel to be auctioned/ Putnam warehouse flood);

April( #220; Photo of Jupiter close-up/ “The View from SRI Lanka” by Arthur C. Clarke);

May (#221;1979 Nebula Award winners/ Hugo Award nominations);

June (#222; Robert Heilein “Number of the Beast” Sold for Record Amount/ “On writing” by Algis Budrys);

July/August (#223; Ted White to edit Heavy Metal/ Page Cuddy is Avon's new S.F. Editor);

August (#224;1979 Huga Award winners/ World Fantasy nominations/ “Stayin' Alive” by Norman Spinrad);

September (#225; Seacon 37th World Science Fiction Convention/ Kelly Freas quits Starblaze);

October (#226; 1979 World Fantasy Award winners/ interview Betty Ballantine);

November (#227; Robert Sheckley new Fiction Editor of Omni Magazine/ 1979 World Fantasy Convention – Stephen King);

December (#228; Galaxy Magazine sold to Galileo/ “A Chinese Perspective” by Brian Aldiss/ Interview Stanton A. Coblentz);


January (#229; Bay are Meetings Highlight S.F./ American book Awards/ SF in Yugoslavia);

February (#230; 1979 sets book pub. Record/ Harlequin Books to try pub. SF again);

March (#231;1980 Nebula nominations/ Bantam Books recalls Boris Strugatsky novel “The Snail of the Slope”/ Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova Plagiarism suit);

April (#232; 1980 Hugo Award nominations/ Fritz Leiber reviews Fantasy Books – Stephen King);

May (#233; 1980 Nebula Award winners/ Harlan Ellison & Ben Bova win Plagiarism suit);

June (#234; Frank Herbert New Dune Book Sets record for Advance/ Eurocon 5 Held); J

uly (#235; 1980 Lucus Award Resuilts/ Amazing and Fantastic Digests to Merge);

August (#236; Thomas Disch wins 1980 Campbell award/ world fantasy award nominations);

September (#237; 1980 Hugo, Campbell and Gandalf awards/ Noreascon 2 draws records crowds/ “The uncertain edge of reality” by Kate Wilhelm);

October (#238; Galaxy & Galileo Go Under/ 1980 World Fantasy Award winners/ “Not Quite Fantasy Books” by Fritz Leiber);

November( #239; Saturn color cover/ Sixth world Fantasy Convention – Stephen King accepts award);

December/January 1981 (#240;Kris Neville Dies/ Fritz Leiber at 70/ “Agents corner” by Richard Curtis);

1981 -

February (#241; Twilight Zone Magazine Premieres/ Terry Carr to Edit New Ace Books Specials);

March (#242; 1980 Nebula Award nominations/ The 1980 year in books/”It Takes Guts to Build a Universe” by Paul Preuss);

April (#243; 1981 Hugo Award nominations/ Dell Cancels SF line. “SF in France” by Pascal J. Thomas);

May (#244; 1980 Nebula Award winners/ James Schmitz dies/ first Israeli SF convention);

June (#245; Astounding/ Analog 50th Anniversary/ Isaac Asimov sells new “Foundation” novel);

July (#246; 1980 Locus Awards winners/ George O. Smith dies/ Ace Books win rights to Conan Books);

August (#247; Metz Festival with Richard Matheson & Jack Vance/ SF at the A.L.A./ “Fantasy Books” by Fritz Leiber);

September (#248; Robert Heinlein sells new novel/ Denver to host Worldcon/ 1981 World Fantasy Award nominations);

October (#249; 1981 Hugo Award winners/ “Speech” by Clifford D. Simak/ Denvention 39th World Science Fiction Convention);

November (#250;Magazine changes – Future Life Folds, Beyond Appears, Twilight Zone & Questar revamped/ “SF in China” by Ye Yong – Lie/ Ace Books start New Juvenile Fantasy Line);

December (#251; World Fantasy Winners/ SF at Frankfurt Book Fair/ Berkeley Expands SF Line);


January (#252, Philip Jose Farmer “Riverworld” to TV/ PBS starts SF TV Series/ George H. Scithers quits Asimov's as Editor);

February (#253; 1981 the Science Fiction year in review/ Anne McCaffrey sells New Dragon Novel);

March (#254; Philip K. Dick “Blade Runner” Movie nears completion/ “Orientation” by Elizabeth Anne Hull”);

April (#255; Philip K. Dick dies/ Frank Herbert sells New “Dune” novel/ Nebula award nominations);

May (#256; Amazing stories sold/ Grosset-Ace sale to Simon and Schuster near/ Philip K. Dick appreciations);

June (#257; 1981 Nebula Awards winners/ Ace Books deal falls through/ Hugo Nominations);

July (#258; Robert A. Heinlein at the A.B.A./ 1982 Locus Awards/ Isaac Asimov “Foundation” Series sold to Del Rey);

August (#259; Harlan Ellison” Spider Kiss” Recalled/ Ace Books sold to Berkeley/ SF in the Soviet Union Part 1);

September (#260; Russell Hoban wins Campbell award/ “A Russian Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke);

October (#261; Robert A. Heinlein wins “Tomorrow starts Here” award/ Chicon IV Report/ John Gardner dies);

November #262;


January (#264; “Robert A. Heinlein in China” by Ye Yonglie/ Stephen King gets 1 million advance/ 1982 World Fantasy convention);

February (#265;1982 The Science Fiction year in Review/ Piers Anthony “Night Mare” on Times List/ “SF report from China” by Wu Dingbo);

March (#266; L. Ron Hubbard alive or dead?/ Mack Reynolds dies/ “Soviet Science Fiction: Origin of the Species” by Vladimair Gakov);

April (#267; Mark Marlow Science Fiction collection auction/ “On the Screen” by Craig Miller);

May (#268;Rudy Rucker wins first Philip K. Dick memorial award/ “SF magazines in China” by Ye Yonglie/ 1983 Hugo nominations);

June (#269; Nebula Award winners/ Lisa Goldstein wins Aba Award/ Isaac Asimov “The Robots of Dawn” Sold);

July (#270; 1983 Locus Award winnners / New Fantasy magazine “Imago” to appear/ “Foreign SF in Chinese” by Ye Yonglie/ Zenna Henderson dies);

August (#271; Frank Herbert “Heretics of Dune” Finished – Shooting of “Dune” Movie/ Stephen King at Deepsouthcon 21);

September (#272; Robert A. Heinlein “Job: a Comedy of Justice” finished/ Brian Aldiss wins Campbell Award);

October (#273; 1983 Hugo Award winners/ Constellation 41st World Science Fiction Convention/ World fantasy Award Nominations);

November ( #274; The Once and Future Frederik Pohl/ William Golding wins Nobel Prize/ World Science Fiction Convention review);

December (#275; 1983 World Fantasy awards/ Science Fiction out sells Horror/ British Fantasy Award winners);


January (#276; Chicago 1983 World Fantasy Convention/ 1983 Best year in Science Fiction ever/ Interview Stephen R. Donaldson);

February (#277; 1983 Science Fiction year in review/ interview Anne McFaffrey/ Isaac Asimov recovering from triple bypass);

March (#278; Baen Books first schedule/ interview R.A. Macavoy/ “Chinese SF in Trouble” by Wu Dingbo/ SF in Japan/ “Soviet Science Fiction the Golden Age Part 1” by Vladimir Gakov);

April (#279; Warner Books New SF Line/ Janet Morris & the High Tech now/ “Soviet Science Fiction the Golden Age Part 2” by Vladimir Gakov);

May (#280; interview Brian Aldiss/ Tim Power wins Philip KI. Dick memorial award/ Stephen King article);

June (#281; Nebula award winners/ Norwescon 7/ interview Christopher Priest);

July (#282; Interview Frank Herbert/ 1984 Locus awards/ Chesley Bonestell at 96);

August (#283; Interview Harlan Ellison/ A. Bertram Chandler dies; Jean Auel on her “Earth's Children”);

September (#284;Interview Ursula K. Le Guin/ Gene Wolfe wins Campbell Award);

October (#285; 1984 Hugo winners/ L.A.Con 42nd World Science Fiction Convention/ Interview C.J. Cherryh; Start of color photos on cover);

November (#286; World Fantasy Awards/ Interview Jack Vance/ Clayton Bailey Industrial Dr. Frankenstein);

December (#287; World Fantasy Awards/ Pacific Comics goes Under/ Last report on 42nd World's);


January (#288; Special International Issue/ “SF in France” by Pascal Thomas/ 1984 World Fantasy Convention/ Bantam Spectra – New SF Imprint);

February (#289; 1984 a Great Year for Science Fiction – Cinema, Books, Magazines/ Robert Silverberg on Book Contracts/ “In the Once Upon a Time City” by Samuel R. Delany);

March ( #290; Robin McKinley wins Newbery Award/ Dan Reeder the Seattle Monster Man/ Stephen King admits to Pseudonym);

April (#291; Robert A. Heinlein Million Dollar Advane/ Daw starts hardcover line/ Interview Somtow Sucharitkul);

May (#292; William Gibson wins Philip K. Dick Award/ Ace announces hardcovers/ interview Tim Powers);

June (#293; Nebula Award winners/ Theodore Sturgeon dies/ 1985 Locus Awards);

July (#294; New Magazines on the Way/ Theodore Sturgeon Memoriam / SF at Sf ABA);

August (#295; 1985 World Science Fiction meeting held in Italy/ Major shuffle at Daw Books/ 1985 Metz Festival);

September (#296; Frederik Pohl wins Campbell Award/ interview John Varley/ artist Jack Gaughan dies);

October (#297; 1985 Hugo winners/ Aussieson 2 World Science Fiction Convention/ Interview Lee Harding);

November (#298; Autin, Texas Nasfic & Chili Cookoff/ World Con Photos/ Interview Chad Oliver);

December (#299; 1985 World Fantasy Awards/ Judy-Lynne Del Rey in Coma/ Interview Robert Holdstock/ Interview Barry Hughart);

1986 -

January (#300; World Fantasy Convention held in Tucson, Arizona/ Robert Graves & Walter Gibson die/ Harlan Ellison quits “Twilight Zone”);

February (#301; 1985 a Record Year in Science Fiction/ Aboriginal SF Magazine in the Works);

March (#302; Frank Herbert dies/ L. Ron Hubbard dies/ News from the Soviet Union);

April (#303; Judy-Lynn Del Rey dies/ Frank Herbert memoriam/ Interview Beth Meacham);

May (#304; SF writers at NASA/ Tim Powers wins Philip K. Dick award/ Manly Wade Wellman dies);

June (#305; 1986 Nebula award winners/ 1985 Lucus awards/ Thomas N. Scortia dies/ “The State of the Art” by Tappan King); J

uly( #306; Clive Barker banking on Blood/ New Orleans low key ABA/ Tappan King New “Twilight Zone” editor/ Science Fiction in Japan);

August (#307; Science Fiction at New Orleans ABA/ interview Jim Baen/ World Science Fiction meets in Canada);

September (#308; David Brin wins Campbell Award/ Robert A. Heinlein sells new book/ Interview Keith Roberts);

October (#309; 1986 Hugo winners/ Atlanta confederation 44th World Science Fiction Convention); N

ovember (#310; Five Views of Confederation/ Major Publishing Changes – Doubleday, Dell, Nal Dutton Sold);

December (#311; World Fantasy Award winners/ Interview Malcolm Edwards/ “On Tour in Yugoslavia” by Joe Haldeman);


January (#312; Rhode Island World Fantasy Convention/ St. Martin's to buy Tor);

February (#313; 1986 Another Record Year for Science Fiction/ John D. MacDonald dies);

March (#314; Nebula Award nominations/ interview Boris Strugatsky/ SF in Sweden);

April (#315;Diane Duane Marries Peter Moorwood/ interview C.J. Cherryh);

May (#316; Terry Carr dies/ James Blaylock wins Philip K. Dick award/ 8th international conference of Fantastic);

June (#317; 1986 Nebula Award winners/ Interview Orson Scott card/ 1987 Eaton conference);

July (#318; James Tiptree Jr. Suicides/ 1987 Locus Awards/ Interview Raymond E. Feist);

August (#319; Robert A. Heinlein at 80/ Locus best All-Time Award/ Interview Piers Anthony);

September (#320; Joan Slonczewski wins Campbell Award/ L. Ron Hubbard controversy continues/ interview Gregory Benford);

October (#321; 1987 Hugo Award winners/ Conspiracy 45th World Science Fiction Convention/ Interview Bob Shaw/ Interview Arkady Strugatsky);

November (#322; Alfred Bester dies/ The nature of Conspiracy World Con);

December (#323; World Fantasy Award winners/ Frankfurt Book Fair/ Patrick Tilley – Mutants & Mysticism);

1988 -

January (#324; Frank Frazetta in Hollywood/ Part of Forrest J. Ackerman Movie Props ar Auction/ 1987 World Fantasy Con in Nashville);

February (#325;1987 still another record year for Science Fiction publishing/ Randall Garrett dies);

March (#326; Andre Norton stilll spirited at 76/ Lin Carter & C.L. Moore die);

April (#327; 20th Anniversary issue/ interview Clive Barker/ “The British Scene” by Mike Ashley);

May (#328; Patricia Geary wins Philip K. Dick Award/ interview Lewis Shiner/ interview Bruce Sterling);

June (#329;Robert A. Heinlein 1907 – 1988/ Clifford Simak dies);

July (#330; 1987 Nebula Award winners/ Robert A. Heinlein memoriam/ interview Kim Stanley Robinson);

August (#331;1988 Bram Stoker Awards/ 1988 Nebula weekend/ Writers of the future/ Interview Howard Walkrop);

September (#332; 1988 Locus Award/ Interview J.G. Ballard/ Connie Willis wins Campbell Award);

October (#333; 1988 Hugo Award winners/ Nolacon 2 46th World Science Fiction Convention/ Interview Octavia E. Butler);

November (#334;Photos & Reviews of 46th world con/ interview Ursula K. Le Guin);

December (#335; 1988 World Fantasy Award Winners/ Interview Michael Bishop);

1989 -

January #336;

February #337;

March (#338; interview Terry Prachett/ Jonathan Carroll);

April (#339; interview Diana Wynn Jones/ Mary Gentle);

May (#340; interview Joe Holdeman);

June (#341; interview Brian Aldiss/ George Alec Effinger);

July (#342; Interor Greg Bear);

August (#343; interview Lois McMaster Bujold/Connie Willis);

September (#344; interview Lucius Shepard);

October (#345; interview C.J. Cherryh);

November (#346; interview Frederik Pohl);

December (#347; interview David Brin);


January (#348; interview Ursula K.Le Guin/Charles Sheffield);

February (#349; interview Pat Cadigan);

March (#350; interview Dan Simmons);

April (#351; interview Peter Straub);

May (#351; interview Suzy McKee Charnas/ Walter Jon Williams);

June (#353; interview Stephen R. Donaldson/ Philip Jose Farmer);

July (#354; las Vegas Aba);

August #355; interview Robert Silverberg/ Mike Resnick);

September (#356; interview Kristine Kathryn Rusch/ Megan Lindholm);

October (#357; interview David Wingrove);

November (#358; interview Wolfgang Jeschke);

December (#359; interview Guy Gavriel Kay);


January (#360; interview Jane Yolen/ Cecelia Holland);

February (#361; interview Samuel R. Delany/ Alis A. Rasmussen);

April (#363; interview Ben Bova/ Gordon R. Dickson);

May (#364; interview Dan Simmons/ Bruce Sterling/ William Gibson);

July (#366; interview Terry Bisson);

August (#367; interview Sheri S. Tepper/ Brian Stableford);

September (#368; interview Alan Dean Foster/ Elisabeth Vonarburg);

October (#369; interview Roer Zelazny/ Tom Maddox);

November (#370; interview S.P. Somtow);

December (#371; interview Lisa Goldstein);


January (#372; interview Orson Scott Card/ Kathe Koja);

February (#373; interview Paul J. McAuley/ Allen Steele);

March (#374; interview Joan Vinge/Alexander Jablokov);

April (#375; interview Emma Bull/ Ellen kushner);

May (#376; Isaac Asimov 1920 – 1992);

June (#377; interview Paul Park);

July (#378; interview Connie Willis/ Brian Aldiss);

August (#379; interview Patricia K. McKillip/ Kim Stanley Robinson);

September (#380; interview Suzy McKee Charnas/ Michael Swan Wick);

October (#381; Fritz Leiber 1910 – 1992);

November (#382; interview; pat Cadigan/ Joe Haldeman);

December (#383; interview Lucius Shepard/ Nancy Kress);


January (#384; interview Michael Whelan/ C.J. Cherryh);

February (#385; interview Ron Goulart/ Vincent Di Fate);

March (#386; interview Anne McCaffrey/ James White);

April (#387; interview Harry Turtledove/ Dave Duncan);

May (#388; interview; Poppy Z. Brite/ Ursula K. Le Guin/ Bob Eggleton);

June (#389; Lester Del Rey/ Avram Davidson Pass Away);

July (390; interview Peter S. Beagle/ David Gerrold/ Michaela Roessner);

August (391; interview David Zindell/ John Kessel);

September (#392; interview Karen Joy Fowler/ Neal Barrett Jr.);

October (#393; interview Michael Moorcock);

November (#394; interview; Gregory Benford);

December (#395; interview Maureen F. McHugh/ Jack Williamson);


January (#396; interview Tim Powers/ Peter Straub);

February (#397; interview Terry Brooks);

March (#398; interview John Crowley/ Steve Brust);

April (#399; interview Patricia Anthony/ Mary Rosenblum);

May (#400; interview Joe Haldeman/ Lisa Mason);

June (#401; interview Dan Simmons/ Terry Dowling);

July (#402; interview Sheri S. Tepper/ Tom Shippey);

August (#403; interview Charles Sheffield);

September (#404; interview Greg Bear);

October (#405; interview Nina Kiriki Hoffman/ Delia Sherman);

November (#406; interview Dean Koontz);

December (#407; interview Nancy Collins/ Sean Stewart);


January (#408; interview Tad Williams);

February (#409; interview Jack McDevitt/ Allan Cole/ Chris Bunch);

March (#410; interview Elizabeth Moon/ Wihelmina Baird);

April (#411; interview Clive Barker);

May (#412; interview George R.R. Martin/ Donald E. McQuinn);

June (#413; interview Nancy Springer/ Jack Womack);

July (#414; interview Pat Cadigan/ John Clute);

August (#415; interview Lois McMaster Bujold);

September #416; interview Brian Aldiss/ Kathleen Ann Goonan);

October #417; Interor Elizabeth Hand);

November (#418; Interor Samuel R. Delany/ Brian Jacques);

December (#419; interview Gwyneth Jones/ Kevin J. Anderson);


January (#420; interview C.J. Cherryh/ Paul J. McAuley);

February (#421; interview Alexander Jabokov);

March (#422; interview Kim Stanley Robinson/ Kate Elliott/ Melanie Rawn/ Jennifer Roberson);

April (#23; interview Stephen Baxter/ Robert Holdstock);

May (#424; interview Bruce Sterling/ Sharon Shinn);

June (#425; interview K.W. Jeter/ William Tenn);

July (#426; interview Michael Bishop/ Patricia A. McKillip);

August (#427; interview ray Bradbury/ John Barnes);

September (#428; interview Nicola Griffith/ Walter Jon Williams);

October (#429; interview Frederik Pohl/ Jack Williamson);

November (#430; interview Robert Silverberg);

December #431; interview Paul Preuss/ Joan D. Vinge);


January (#432; interview Connie Willis/ Bradley Denton);

February (#433; interview Larry Niven/ Linda Nagata);

March (#434; interview David Brin/ Michael Kandel);

April (#435; interview Poul Anderson/ Garth Nix);

May (#436; interview Dan Simmons/ Sean Russell);

June (#437; interview Daniel Keyes/ John Kessel);

July (#438; interview Joe Haldeman/ Eric S. Nylund);

August (#439; interview Jane Yolen/ Steven Gould/ Laura J. Mixon);

September (#440; interview Kim Stanley Robinson);

October (#441; interview Elizabeth A. Lynn/ Jonathan Lethem);

November (#442; interview Michael Moorcock/ Algis Budrys);

December (#443; interview Gardner Dozois/ Boris Strugatsky);

1998 -

January (#444; interview robin Hobb/ Sarah Zettel);

February (#445; interview Vonda N. McIntyre/ Vincent Di Fate);

March (#446; interview Tim Powers/ Michael Swanwick);

April (#447; Tanith Lee/ Robert Reed);

May (#448; interview Peter F. Hamilton/ Joan Aiken);

June (#449; interview S.P. Somtow);

July (#450; interview Stephen Baxter/ Tricia Sullivan);

August (#451; interview James Morrow/ Paul J. McAuley);

September (#452; interview Sheri S. Tepper);

October (#453; interview; Allen Steele/ Nelson Bond);

November (#454; interview Lucy Taylor/ P.D. Cacek);

December (#455; interview Peter Straub/ Charles L. Harness);


January (#456; interview Melissa Scott/ Nalo Hopkinson);

February (#457; interview Norman Spinrad);

March (#458; interview Gaham Wilson/ Sean Stewart);

May (#460; interview Lisa Goldstein/ Jack Dann/ Janeen Webb);

June (#461; interview Frank M. Robinson/ Howard V. Hendrix);

July (#462; interview Pat Murphy/ Karen Joy Fowler);

August (#463; interview Neal Stephenson);

September (# 464; interview Arthur C. Clarke C. Clarke/ Patrick O'Leary);

October (#465; interview Maureen F. McHugh/ katie Waitman);

November (#466; Marion Zimmer Bradley 1930 – 1999; interview Catherine Asaro);

December (#467; interview Terry Pratchett/ Louise Marley; Weight =200 Grams; G, Ex-Library = $3);


January (#468; interview Gregory Benford/ Geoffrey A. Landis);

February (#469; interview Greg Bear);

March (#470; interview Robert Jordan);

April (#471; interview Leo & Diane Dillon);

May (#472; interview Guy Gavriel Kay/ Sean McMullen);

June (#473; interview Octavia E. Butler/ David Zindell);

July (#474; interview Nancy Kress/ David Marusek);

August (#475; interview Brian Aldiss/ Candas Jane Dorey);

September (#476; interview Laurell K. Hamilton/ Terry Bisson);

October (#477; interview Frederik Pohl/ Ken MacLeod);

November (#478; Ben Bova/ Linda Nagata);

December (#478; interview George R.R. Martin/ Philip Pullman);

2001 -

January (#480; interview Vernor Vinge/ Wil McCarthy);

February (#481; interview Terry Brooks/ Lois Mcmaster Bujold);

March (#482; interview Frank Kelly Freas/ Ellen Datlow);

April (#483; interview Bruce Sterling);

May (#484; interview; John Crowley/ Steven Erikson);

August (#487; interview Bob Eggleton/ Andy Duncan);

September (#488; interview Ursula K. Le Guin);

October (#489; interview Joe Haldeman/ Nalo Hopkinson);

November (#490; interview Lucius Shepard/ Jack Zipes);

December (#491; interview; Shaun Tan/ Walter Mosley);

2002 -

January (#492; interview Kim Stanley Robinson);

February (#493; interview Tim Powers);

March (#494; interview China Mieville/ jan Siegel);

April (#495; interview Barry Malzberg/ Stephen Baxter);

May (#496; interview Graham Joyce/ Tamora Pierce);

June (#497; interview Paul McAuley/ Nina Kiriki Hoffma);

July (#498; interview Elizabeth Hand/ Kelly Link);

August (#499; interview Kinoko Y. Craft/ Ted Chiang);

October (#501; interview Dan Simmons/ Jeff Vandermeer);

November (#502; interview Betty Ballantine/ James Patrick Kelly);

December (#503; interview Orson Scott card/ Jacqueline Carey);


January (#504; Iterior Connie Willis/ Garth Nix);

February (#505; interview Harry Turtledove/ Robert J. Sawyer);

March (#506; interview Michael Moorcock/ Steven Barnes);

April (#507; interview Ramsey Campbell/ Robert Charles Wilson);

May (#508; interview William Gibson/ Karl Schroeder);

June (#509; interview Charles De Lint/ Kage Baker);

July (#510; interview Alan Moore);

August (#511; interview Alastair Reynolds/ Charles Stross);

September (#512; interview Robert Sheckley/ Paul di Filippo);

October (#513; interview Jonathan Carroll/ Tom Doherty/ Terri Windling);

November (#514; interview Howard Waldrop/ Ian R. MacLeod);

December (#515; interview M. John Harrison/ Jon Courtenay Grimwood);


January (#516; Int. Nancy Farmer/ Gwyneth Jones);

February (#517; int. Spider Robinson/ The Year In Review); March

(##518; Int. Arobert Silverber/ Elizabeth Moon);

April (#519; Int. Guy Gavriel Kay/ Gordon Van Gelder/ Charles Coleman Finlay);

May (#520; Int. Terry Pratchett/ Liz Williams); June

(#521; Int. Michael Swanwick/ Sean Williams);

July (#522; Int. Jeffrey Ford/ Alexander C. Irvine);

August (#523; Int. Neal Stephenson/ Stephen Baxter; Science Fiction Museum);

September (#524; Int. Stephen R. Donaldson/ David G. Hartwell/ Richard K. Morgan);

October (#525; Int. John Varley/ Eileen Gunn; Hugo Award Winners);

November (#526; Int. Anne McCaffrey/ Michael Bichop);

December (#527; Michael Chabon/ Karen Joy Fowler; World Fantasy Award Winners);


January (#528; Int. Cory Doctorow/ Charles Stross; World Fantasy Convention);

February (#529; Int. Neil Gaiman);

March (#530; Int. Clive Barker/ Malcolm Edwards);

April (#531; int.; Susanna Clarke/ Beth Meacham/ Laurel Winter);

May (#532; Int. Sean Stewart/ Chris Robertson/ Rosemary Kirstein);

June (#533; Int; Margo Lanagan/ Cecelia Holland);

July(#534; Int. Lois McMaster Bujold);

August ( #535; Janice Ian - The Songs of S.F.);

September (#536; Int; Rudy Rucker/ Hugo Awards);

October (#537; Int. jack McDeitt);

December ( #539; Int. Robin Hobb/ Paul McCauley);


January (#540; Int. Geoff Ryman/ Dave Duncan/ Canadian S.F./ Robert Sheckley 1928-2005);

February (#541; int. Neil Gaiman/ Terry Pratchett);

March (#542; Int. Robert Jordan; Harry Harrison);

April (#543; Int.; Elizabeth Bear/ Justina Robson);

May (#544; Int. Scott Westerfeld/ Kenneth Oppel/ Holly Black; Young Adult Fiction);

June (#545; Int. Christopher Priest/ Betsy Wollheim/ Jay Lake);

July (#546; Int. Peter Straub/ Joe Hill);

August (#547; Int. Ian McDonald/ John C. Wright);

Septmber (#548; Int. James Patrick Kelly/ Ken Macleod);

October (#549; Int. Paul Park/ Mary Anne Mohanrat; The Hugo Awards);

November (#550; Int. China Mieville);

December (#551; Int. James Morrow; Remembering Jack Williamson);


January (#552; Int. Naomi Novik/ Allen Steele/ Ginjer Buchanan);

February (#553; Int. John Barnes; the Year in Review);

March (#554; Int. Tim Powers/ Ellen Klages);

April (#555; Int. Kim Stanley Robinson/ Mary Rosenblum);

May (#56; Int. Joe R. Lansdale; Horror Special);

June (#557; Int. Nalo Hopkinson/ Holly Phillps);

July (#668; Int. Peter S. Beagle/ Paolo Bacigalupi);

August (#559; Int. John Scalzi; Celebrating Robert A. Heinlain);

September (#560; Int. Guy Gavriel Kay/ Kathleen Ann Goonan);

October (#561; Int.; Bruce Sterling/ Walter John Williams; Hugo Award Winners);

November (#562; William Gibson/ Kelly Link);

December (#563; Int. Elizabeth Hand/ Nnedi Okorafor);

2008 -

January (#564; Int; Brian Aldiss/ Arthur C. Clarke at 90);

February ( #565; 2007 the Year in Review/ Lucius Shepard/ Maureen F. McHugh / Philip Jose Farmer at 90);

March (#566; Int. Charles Stross/ Peter Watts);

April (#567; Int. Terry Pratchett/ Sarah Monette/ Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008);

May (#568; Int. Catherynne M. Valente/ Theodora Goss);

June (#569; Int. Daniel Abraham/ Jeffrey Ford);

July ( #570; Int. Garth Nix/ Christopher Barzak);

August (#571; Int. Michael Chabon/ Thomas M. Disch 1940-2008);

September (#572; Int. Neil Stephenson/ Gregory Frost);

October ( #573; Int. Tobias S. Buckell / Ursula K. le Guin);

November ( #574; Int. Greg Bear/ Gardner Dozois);

December ( #575; Int. Vernor Vinge/ Caitlin R. Kiernan);

2009 -

January (#576; Int. Frederik Pohl/ Daryl Gregory/ Forrest J. Ackerman 1916-2008);

February ( #577; Int. Jonathan Lethem/ Edd Cartier 1914-2008/ Year in Review 2008);

March (#578; Michael Swanwick/ Ken Scholes/ Neil Gaiman);

April (#579; Int. Graham Joyce/ Ekaterina Sedia/ Philip Jose Farmer 1918 - 2009);

May (#580; Int. Patricia Briggs/ Int. Marjorie M. Liu/ J.G. Ballard 1930-2009);

June (#581; Int. Robert Charles Wilson/ Kay Kenyon);

July (#582; Int. Tad Williams & Deborah Beale/ David Eddings 1931-2009);

August ( #583; Charles N. Brown 1937 - 2009/ Mary Robinette Kowal);

September ( #584; Int. John Clute/ Larry Niven);

October ( #585; Int. Connie Willis/ David J. Schwartz);

November ( #586; Int. Cory Doctorow/ 70 Years of A.E. Van Vogt/ Jack Skingstead);

December ( #587; Int. Michael Dirda/ Nina Kiriki Hoffman);

2010 -

January (#588; Int. Charles Coleman Finlay/ John Crowley/ Robert Holdstock 1948-2009);

February ( #589; Int. Jo Walton/ Int. Felix Gilman/ year in Review 2009);

March ( #590; Int. Samuel R. Delany/ William Tenn 1920 - 2010/ Kage Baker 1952 - 2010);

April ( #591; int. James P. Blaylock/ David Anthony Durham/ Robert T. McCall 1919 - 2010);

May (#592; Poe and the Fan Tas Tic/ Brian Evenson/ George H. Scithers 1929 - 2010);

June ( #593; Frank Frazetta 1928 - 2010/ Kit Reed/ M.K. Hobson);

July ( #594; Int. Laurence Yep/ Jedediah Berry);

August (#595; Int. Patrick Rothfuss/ M.K. Jemisin);

October ( #597; Int. Barry N. Malzberg/ Pulp Fiction - A Round Table Discussion);

November ( #598; Int. Mercedes Lackey/ Greg Van Eekhout / Ralph M. Vicinanza 1950 - 2010; 68th World Science Fiction Convention - Aussiecon 4);

December (#599; Int. Nancy Kress/ Robert V.S. Redick);

2011 -

January (#600; Int. Robert J. Sawyer/ Science Fiction in the Digital Age);

February ( #601; Int. Alastair Reynolds/ Int. Sharyn November/ The Year iin Review 2010);

March (#602; Int. Gene Wolfe / Int. Alaya Dawn Johnson);

April ( #603; Int. Shaun Tan/ Int. Dani An Eytan Kollin);

May ( #604; Int. David D. Levine/ Theodore Sturgeon/ Diana Wynne Jones 1934 - 2011);

June ( #605; Int. Patricia A. McKillip/ Saladin Ahmed/ Joanna Russ 1937 - 2011);

July ( #606; Int. Lev Grossman/ ted Chiang/ Jeff Jones 1944 - 2011);

August ( #607; Int. Paolo Bacigalupi/ Karen Lord/ Martin H. Greenberg 1941 - 2011);

September ( #608; Int. Jay Lake/ Int. Alex Bledsoe);

October ( #609; Int. Margo Lanagan/ Beth Bernobich);

November ( #610; Int. Geoff Ryman/ Andy Duncan);

December ( #611; Int. Charles Stross/ Gemma Files);

2012 -

January (#612; Anne McCaffrey 1926 - 2011);

February (#613; Int. Joe Haldeman/ Year in Review 2011);

March ( #614; Int. Paul Di Filippo/ Sarah Pinborough);

April ( #615; Int. Brom/ Moebius 1938 - 2012/ Ralph McQuarrie 1929 - 2012);

May (#616; Int. Seanan McGuire/ Int. Nick Mamatas);

June ( #617; Int. William F. Nolan/ Genevieve Valentine);

July ( #618; Ray Bradbury 1920 - 2012; Int. Holly Black/ Int. Tamora Pierce/ Int. Rae Carson);

August ( #619; Int. Jack Vance/ Int. Ann & Jeff Vangermeer);

September ( #620; Harry Marrison 1925 - 2012/ Int. John Scalzi/ Int. Nancy Pearl);

October ( #621; Int. Kij Johnson/ Int. Stanley Schmidt);

November ( #622; Int. Tim Pratt/ Int. Gregory Benford);

December #623; Int. Elizabeth Bear/ Int. Ted Kosmatka);

2012 -

January ( #624; Int. Delia Sherman/ Int. James S.A. Corey ( a.k.a.) Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck);

February ( #625; int. Catherynne M. Valente / Int. Brian Slattery/ Year in Review 2013);

March ( (#626; Int. Isobelle Carmody / Int. Lavie Tidhar);

April ( #627; int. Terry Bisson/ Int. Libba Bray);

2013 -

May (#628; Int. tim Powers/ Int. Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden);

June (#629; Int. Rudy Rucker/ Sofia Samatar);

July ( #630; Int. Neil Gaiman/ Int. Maria Dahvana Headley/ Jack Vance 1916 to 2013/ Iain Banks 1954 - 2013);

August ( #631; Int. Kim Stanley Robinson/ Int. Aliette De Bodard);

September ( #632; Int. Nalo Hopkinson/ Int. Jack Skillingstead);

October (#633; Frederik Pohl 1919 - 2013/ int. Scott Lynch/ Int. G. Willow Wilson);

LORE (Jerry Page Pub.) - 1966 (Volume 1 #7; September; Fanzine);

LOST IN SPACE ANNIVERSAY TRIBUTE (Schuster and Schuster, Inc) - 1987 (Vol.1);


- Fugitives in Space (1987);

- Space Destruction (1987);

War of the Robots (1986);

LOST IN SPACE FOREVER (Bruce Fedow Pub.) - 1975 (August #4);

LOST IN SPACE (Scholastic Inc.) - 1998 (April);

LOVECRAFT, H.P.: HERBERT WEST REANIMATOR (Necronomicon Press Pub.) - 1977;


#21 (1994 Winter; Star Wars' Boba Fett);

#22 (1994 Spring; Special Star Wars Issue);

**** M ****

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: The Storybook by Ann Matthews

(Simon & Schuster / Wanderer Books, 1985. Soft Cover; Based on the motion picture from Warner Bros. Mel Gibson & Tina Turner; Painted Cover by Amsel from the

Movie Poster; interview has Color Photo's on almost every page);

Magazine Pure Images (Pure Imagination Pub)

Volume-1 #1(Spring/1977; Sindbad and the Eye of the Tiger-c/s; James Bond Spy who :Loved Me; Wizards; Cassandra Crossing; Demon Seed; Survival Run; Colr Farrah Fawcett photo back-c; VF/NM $20);

MAD MONSTERS [Charlton Pub; 1961-1965; B&W Magazine; CASH ONLY {No Store Credit accepted} on these scarce Mags; Photo's & Articles of Movie Monsters];

#1(1961; Steve DITKO-c & 3 pages Satire-a; Konga, Reptilicus, Mummy, Black Sunday; VG = $39);

#1 (2010?; 80 pages; Slick Mag; Color; VF/NM = $10.00)

#2(1961; CREATURE From the BLACK LAGOON Painted cover; Foto-Album Werewolves; Bela Lugosi; Hollywood's House of Horrors; Brides of Dracula; Thing that wouldn't Die; Little Red Riding Hood & the Werewolf = 3 pages of Horror parody comics; FN/VF, 7.0 = $59)

#3(1962; Painted cover; She-Beasts on the Prowl - Female Fiends; Boris Karloff interview; Immortal Monster Cal Tiki; Mysteries of Black Magic; Gorilla my Dreams; Joe Krucher portfolio of Horror; Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; Attack of the Mad Monsters; 3 pages of Horror parody comics by W.E. Kuk; VF, 8.0 = $69)

#4(11/1962; House of Frankenstein; Beast of Yucca Flats; Invason of the Body Snatchers; 3 pages of BEN CASEY parody comics; VF-, 7.5 = $59);

#4(11/1962; House of Frankenstein; Beast of Yucca Flats; Invason of the Body Snatchers; 3 pages of BEN CASEY parody comics; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49)

#5(1963; Lugosi & Chaney in FRANKENSTEIN Meets the WOLF MAN Painted Cover & Article; Three Stooges in Orbit; Journey to the 7th Planet; Abbott & Costello meet the Monsters; Monster Cometh = 3 pages of Horror parody comics; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49)

#6(1963; True Life story of Boris Karloff, Man of a Million Horrors painted cover & article; Hunchback of Notre Dame with Anthony Quinn as Quasimodo; Day of Triffids; Monster on Campus; Black Zoo Party; Horrorwood TV; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49)

#6(1963; True Life story of Boris Karloff, Man of a Million Horrors painted cover & article; Hunchback of Notre Dame with Anthony Quinn as Quasimodo; Day of Triffids; Monster on Campus; Black Zoo Party; Horrorwood TV; VG+ $32);

#7(Spring/1964; I Married a Monster from Outer Space-c; King Kong vs Godzilla; Corridors of Blood; Deadly Mantis; FN+, 6.5 = $39);

#8(Summer/1964; Lon Chamey; the Strangler; Giant Behemoth; Devil Bat; Monster of the Deep; Vampire & the Ballerina; Moon Monsters; VF $49),

#9(Winter/1964; Vincent Price in Masque of the Red Death painted cover & article; Devil Wolf of Shadow Mountain; Goliath & the Vampires; the Bat; John Carradine; VF $49),

#10(Winter/1965; Incredibly Strange Creatures; Cult of Horror; Horror of the Blood Monster; Basil Rathbone; original classic MUMMY; FN/VF, 7.0 = $36);

#10(Winter/1965; Incredibly Strange Creatures; Cult of Horror; Horror of the Blood Monster; Basil Rathbone; original classic MUMMY; G/VG = $19);

MAGICAL BLEND (Magical Blend Pub.) - 1980 - #1, #3(Summer);



[#1-7=ComixScene; #7-40=MediaScene; #41-92=Prevue; SuperGraphics Pub; #1-40=Tabloid Newspaper Magazine; #41-92= becomes regular Format Magazine]; >>> (Jim Steranko publisher; Newspaper Tabloid Magazine / Fanzine;Originally issued as 11”x17” Flat Tabloid, but made to be Folded in half; Thus Most used copies on the market are Folded; Worth slight premium Un-Folded; Some issues have Two Covers = The 11”x17” Tabloid Cover, plus the 8”x11” Cover Once Folded; Other issues have Two Covers = Section-1 cover & Section-2 cover);

#1 (11-12/1972;Scarce; Doc Savage-c by Steranko; Doc Savage issue; 24 pages; Doc Savage centerfold by Stranko & Ploog; Full page Shadow pinup by Steranko; 1/2pg Tarzan in comics; Full page Thongor pinup by Steranko; Chaykin illo; News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics;Stamp & hand written mailing Address, Folded, FN = $45);

#2 (1-2/1973; Big Shazam issue; Shazam-c, ½ page on FOOM; GA Capt Marvel; Marvel & DC Heroes Spider-Man Batman etc cartoon parody centerfold by Steranko; 2 pages Edgar Rice Burrougs novels; Spider Pulps article & pinup; 2 pages on Kitchen Sink;News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics; Scarce; Stamp & hand written mailing Address, Folded, FN = $30);

#3 (3-4/1973; all HORROR issue; Dracula-c; Horror comics on the newstand of 1973; Fanzines; Cultism vs Consumerism by Byron Preiss; FROGS = 48 Comic Panels on 2 page centerfold original comic story with no text by STERANKO; Terror Tales Pulps article & pinup; Horror comics of the 1950’s; News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics; Scarce; = SOLD OUT);

#4 (DRUGS in Comics; Steranko-c; 5-6/1973; Anti-Drug article with Steranko-s/a; Byron Preiss-s; “The Block”-c & 8 page anti-drug original comic by Steranko; Steranko’s tribute to magician and Shadow author Bruce Elliott; 1/2pg on Marvel B&W Mags; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Gold Key & Paperbacks;Folded, FN/VF = $25);

#5 (7-8/1973; Special Double issue; 1st issue with 2 sections;Giant Sword & Sorcery issue; 36 pages; Section-1 = KUBERT Tabloid-c; KIRBY folded-c; exclusive full page Barry Windsor-Smith preliminary no text Conan drawing for his cover painting to Savage Tales #3;News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Movies& Paperbacks; Section-2 = Steranko Painted-c, Red Sonja back-c by Estaban Maroto; Conan of the Pulps; Jesse Santos full page Pinup & art; Trials of Gold Key’s DAGAR article; 2 page Joan of Arc comics by Wally Wood; original 2 page centerfold poster by Steranko; Evolution of Heroic Fantasy article; Haxtur by Victor de la Fuentes preview; Sword & Sorcery in comics; Scarce issue; Scarce; Stamp & hand written mailing Address, Folded, FN $35);

#5 (7-8/1973; Special Double issue; 1st issue with 2 sections;Giant Sword & Sorcery issue; 36 pages; Section-1 = KUBERT Tabloid-c; KIRBY folded-c; exclusive full page Barry Windsor-Smith peliminary no text Conan drawing for his cover painting to Savage Tales #3;News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Movies& Paperbacks; Section-2 = Steranko Painted-c, Red Sonja back-c by Estaban Maroto; Conan of the Pulps; Jesse Santos full page Pinup & art; Trials of Gold Key’s DAGAR article; 2 page Joan of Arc comics by Wally Wood; original 2 page centerfold poster by Steranko; Evolution of Heroic Fantasy article; Haxtur by Victor de la Fuentes preview; Sword & Sorcery in comics; Scarce; Folded, FN/VF = $42); #5 (Section-2 ONLY, missing section-1, FN $9)

#6 (7-10/1973; John Carter of Mars issue; 24 pages; article on the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars novels; 2-page Mars World map centerfold, Mars chronology & paperback cover-a; Robert Weinberg on ERB of the Pulps; Scarce illustrations;untold stories on Burroughs heroes; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC & Paperbacks; LAST ISSUE of “Comixscene”; Folded, FN/VF $20);

#7 (11-12/1973; FIRST issue as “Mediascene”; Crime & Violence issue; Clint Eastwood folded-c; GGA Girl Tabloid open cover by Steranko; Don Pendelton interview, Executioner vs Mafia; 24 pages;Max Collins: Confessions of a Crime Writer; Clint Eastwood article;Humphrey Bogart centerfold poster by Steranko; Violent Pulps; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC & Paperbacks; Scarce issue;>>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $25; >>> Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $30);

#8 (1-2/1974; Pin-Up Girls of 1900-1973; Steranko-c; Vargas/Varga, Petty, Moran, Elvgren; Milton Caniff’s Dragon Lady, Barbarella, BiII Ward’s Torchy, Katy Keene,Girls of the Movies; Betty Grable, Brigitte Bardot, Betty Page & More;Marilyn Monroe centerfold by Steranko; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC & Paperbacks; Scarce; Folded VF with Mailing Label = $39);

#9 (3-4/1974; Special All-Hero issue; Tabloid-c= Doc Savage movie Photo-c & Article; Folded-c= Sean Connery as Zardoz photo-c & Article; Talon original centerfold poster by Steranko; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC & Paperbacks; Flash Gordon, Phantom, ERB Paperbacks; Scarce issue; >>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $25; >>> Folded FN/VF, NO mailing Label = $25);

 #10 (1974; Science Fiction Double issue; Printed in 2 sections, 36 Pages in Total; Flash Gordon / Planet of the Apes folded-c; Wallace Wood painted-c; STERANKO back-c; Planet of the Apes film series article; Harlan Ellison re the Terminal Man; Sci-Fi on TV; Six Million Dollar Man color centerfold poster by Mike Hinge;EC’s Sci-Fi comics; Robbie:SF strip by Len Brown & Al Williamson; Flash Gordon; Super Science Pulps; Full-page Hunt Bowman poster by Steranko; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC & Paperbacks; Scarce issue; >>> Folded FN/VF, NO mailing Label = $25);

 #11 (1-2/1975; 32 pages; Folded-c= Charles Bronson illo, by Steranko?; Tabloid-c= Towering Inferno, by Steranko?; Return of the Adventure Hero Pulps article = Shadow, Doc Savage, The Avenger,etc;Disaster films = Earthquake, Juggernaut, Towering Inferno, Poseidon Adventure; Behind the scenes at National Lampoon; Leigh Bracket on Planet Stories; 2 pages on Charles Bronson with 19 photo’s; Leigh Bracket’s Stark centerfold poster by Steranko; News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Atlas/Seaboard, Movies & Paperbacks; >>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $18; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $25);

 #12 (3-4/1975; Movie GANGSTERS; Folded-c= Roger Moore as James Bond; Tabloid-c of Godfather Part II by Steranko; Making of The Godfather Part II with 19 photo’s; History of the James Bond Films with 20 photo’s & illustrations; Roger Moore and Susannah York in Gold; Mad’s Mort Drucker; Lenny Bruce Article & centerfold Poster by Steranko; Sean Connery in Murder on the Orient Express, with 5 photo’s;News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Atlas/Seaboard, Movies & Paperbacks; 32 pages; >>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $15; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $20);

 #13 (5-6/1975; Special Film PREVIE issue; 32 pages; Tabloid-c= Great Waldo Pepper by Steranko; Folded-c= Phantom of the Paradise Photo-c; Articles on;Robert Redford in Great Waldo Pepper, with 7 photo’s & illustrations;Brian DePalma’s Phantom of the Paradise with 9 photo’s; The Legend of Billy Jack, with 7 photo’s & illustrations; One Column previews, with 2-3 Photo’s each on: Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in Shampoo, Burt Reynolds & Cybill Shepherd in At Long Last Love, ERB’s Land that Time Forgot, Stepford Wives, Raquel Welch in Wild Party;; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $20; >>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $15);

 #14 (7-8/1975; 24 pages; Shadow cover & centerfold paintings by Steranko; Shadow & the great PULP Heroes article; Article on Clint Eastwood in Eiger Sanction with 10 photo’s; the Who’s “Tommy” filmwith Roger Daltrey with 6 photo’s News with illustrations on Marvel, DC, Atlas/Seaboard, Movies & Paperbacks; >> One Column previews, with 2-3 Photo’s each on:Mandingo; Funny Lady; Rosebud; Steppenwolf; Prisoner of Second Avenue; >>> Folded VF with Mailing Label = $15; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $20);

#15 (9-10/1975; Double-Sized COMICS issue; Vaughn Bode; Barry Windsor-Smith article & centerfold Poster; Berni Wrightson; Jack Kirby returns to Marvel; Capt America Bi-Centennial Pinup by Kirby; the Art of Neal Adams; Tarzan pinup by Adams; Scarce issue; = SOLD OUT);

#16 (11-12/1975; Double-Sized COMICS ARTISTS issue; Printed in 2 sections, 36 Pages in Total; Cover #1 by Corben; Cover #2 by Wrightson; Graphic Novel by Richard Corben; Vaughn Bode tribute; Mad’s Jack Davis; Gil Kane’s Flamehorse centerfold Poster; Malcolm McDowell in Royal Flash; Shadow Pulps with 12 vintage covers; Full page Shadow pinup by Steranko; Marvel comics news with illos; 3 page Bernie Wrightson interview with 11 illustrations; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $26; >>> Folded VF, NO Label = $20);

#17 (Correctly dated 1-2/1976 inside & on Cover too; Printed in 2 sections, 36 Pages in Total; AIR WAR in Films, Pulps & Comics issue; Battle Ace-c by Steranko; Section Two-c= Tarzan by FRAZETTA; Edgar Rice Burroughs Portfilio by FRANK FRAZETTA; 4 full page FRAZETTA illos including the cover to section-2; LOGAN RUN film, 2pg Report with 9 Photo’s; Jerry Siegel talks about case against Superman=3pgs; Company of Eagles centerfold poster by Steranko; Scarce issue; First issue to sell out in Supergraphics back issue department back in 1977; UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $39);

#18 (Cover Date = 3-4/1976; MIS-NUMBERED as #17 inside; SHADOW Cover by STERANKO; Printed in 2 sections, 36 Pages in Total; Origins of PULP Heroes;Cover & “How I Paint The Shadow” by Steranko; Shadow in comics, Bob Powell-a; Chandler article & centerfold poster by Steranko; The 50 Rarest Pulps with cover repro; Hitchcock’s Family Plot;Logan’s Run preview; SCARCER issue; Folded, FN/VF = $29.00);

#19 [5-6/1976; 2-Sections, 36 pages;Movie Serial Heroes, with 48photo’s, including; Flash Gordon, Superman, Blackhawk, Captain Marvel, Batman, Spy Smasher, Captain America, Lone Ranger,etc; Ralph Byrd in Dick Tracy Returns serial poster centerfold; Story of Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art; Cover #1= Flash Gordon photo-c; Cover #2= Superman vs. Muhammed Ali by Kubert (not Adams, as in final version); News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics; SOLD OUT);

#20 (7-8/1976; SWORD & SORCERY Spectacular issue; 2-Sections, 36 pages;Cover by Neal Adams; Section-2 Conan cover poster by Barry Windsor-Smith; Swords & Sorcery in Film with 20 Photo’s; Color Centerfold Poster by Steranko; First Kingdom with Jack Katz; Wally Wood on Wizard King; “I Created Conan” = 2pgs by Robert E. Howard; Tolkein the Magician of Middle Earth; >>>  SOLD OUT);

#21 (9-10/1976; Special ANIMATION issue; Cover #1=Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck by Chuck Jones; Section-2 cover= John Carter of Mars by Bob Clampett; >>> Great Animators & Cartoon History including; Windsor McCay, Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Ub Iwerks, Tex Avery, Willis O’Brien, Max Fleisher, Little Nemo, Fritz the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Hanna Barbera, Popeye, etc; >> color Looney Tunes centerfold poster; >> Jay Ward & Friends= 2pg article on Rocky & Bullwinkle, etc; King Kong preview with 5 photo’s; Bob Clampett’s animated John Carter of Mars = 3pgs; >> News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; Film Previews; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $16);

#22 (11-12/1976; Sci-Fi Spectacular issue; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Early Pre-Release STAR WARS coverage; Star Wars cover; Making of Star Wars with production & storyboard art, Star Wars Darthvader Centerfold Poster by Ralph McQuarrie; Star Wars Centerfold Poster#2 with 23 Storyboard illos; Roy Thomas on Marvel’s Star Wars adaptation; Art of King Kong with 4 illos; Movie SF heroes; Section-2 cover= Wizards by Bill Stout; Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards; News with illustrations on Marvel,& DC comics; Film Previews; Uncommon issue; >SOLD OUT );

#23 (1-2/1977; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman photo & illustrated-c; Section-2 cover= Batman by Steranko; Super WOMEN of TV = Diana Rigg of TV’s Avengers, Charlie’s Angels, Bionic Woman; Article on Philippe Druillet with color centerfold poster; Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art; Once & Future Batman; Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy 5 page interview, re Master of Kung-Fu, & Martial Arts with 9 Gulacy illos; Movie Previews = Superman, Island of Dr Moreau & the Deep; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; Film Previews; Collecting Original Art; >SOLD OUT );

#24 (3-4/1977; Special FANTASY issue; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger-c by Steranko; Section-2 cover= Conan by Nebres; >> Screen heroes; Conan, Sinbad, Uiysses, etc; Alfredo Alcala profile with Voltar centerfold poster; ** 2 pages featuring 6 photo’s of 6 different girls as Red Sonja; ** Preview of James Bond in Spy Who Loved Me, Alien Encounters, etc; Metal Messiah = 2pgs with 13 Photo’s of Rock film; Conan Speaks = mediascene interviews CONAN, 3 pages with large STERANKO illo; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $15);

#25 (5-6/1977; Funny Animals issue; Waddler Duck-c by George Chastain; Barrymore Duck centerfold poster by Chastain, plus 5 more pages of Barrymore Duck, spoofing classic films including Citizen Kane, X, Stagecoach, Sherlock Holmes; Italy’s Allegro Non Troppo = Color Back-c pinup; Section-2 cover = full page Carl Barks photo; Steve Gerber on Howard the Duck with full-page pinup by Gene Colan; Carl Barks profile, with 14 illos; Vintage Frank Frazetta text illo funnies of the ‘40s = with 16 illos; 2 page article on Allegro Non Troppo with 16 illos; News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics; 2-Sections, 36 pages; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $20);

#26 (7-8/1977; McQuarrie STAR WARS cover; Printed in 2 sections, 36 Pages in Total; Section-2 cover = Superman the Movie;Star Wars That Never Was = original working scripts, behind the scenes, unseen/unused material, with Photo’s & illustrations; Star Wars centerfold poster by Tom Jung; the Art of Star Wars; Profile of Christopher Reeve re Superman film; Superman vs Muhammad Ali article with illos; Spider-Man& HULK on TV; UFO & Alien Encounters article; Druillet’s Lone Sloane on film; 2-Sections, 36 pages; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $15);

#27 (9-10/1977; Serpent Slayer-c by Steranko; Section-2 cover= Steranko Escapes; 2 pgs on Animated magic of Metamorphoses, plus centerfold poster; Centerfold Poster #2 = Buscema’s new CONAN comic strip, with 49 illos; 1-¾ pages on Don McGregor’s Dragonflame, with small Gulacy illo; Tour of Hollywood’s Magic Castle; >> Steranko the Magician = 2-½ page article with 10 Photo’s; Norgil the Magician by Walter Gibson; Harry Houdini as the Man from beyond = with 10 Photo’s; Sword & Sorcey in cinema = Conan, Thongor, Sagan; full page illo “Fate sowing the stars” ad by Barry Windsor-Smith; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; 2-Sections, 36 pages; SCARCE issue; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $22);

#28 (11-12/1977; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Fantasy & SF Spectacular issue;Sentry-c by Kaluta; Guns of Avalon centerfold poster by Gray Morrow; Section-2 cover= Close Encounters poster by Mike Hinge; “PRISONER” = 2 pages of the unfinished JACK KIRBY strip with 19 panels of KIRBY-a; Illustrated Zelazny by Gray Morrow; 5 page Mike Kaluta interview with rare art; Behind-the-scenes coverage of Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Wally Wood 3 page Bucky & the Christmas Caper comic story; 2 pages Elric by Bob Gould and Eric Kimball; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $15);

#29 (1-2/1978; Science Fiction special issue; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Making of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, with Ralph McQuarrie’s Star Warfare cover, Galactica centerfold poster, articles, illos, production art & more; Alien Encounter centerfold poster by Joe Johnston; Preview of Delany and Chaykin’s Empire with Section-2 cover poster; Christopher Reeve in Superman II; Caroline Munro in Starcrash; Neal Adams on comics and copyrights; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $15);

#30 (3-4/1978;all Science Fiction issue; 2-Sections, 36 pages;Star Wars folIow-up & first news of the sequel; Star Wars cover; Section-2 cover = Battlestar Galactica; McQuarrie centerfold poster of Mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Behind scenes & Making of Battlestar Galactica with McQuarrie portfolio centerfold poster; interview with Star Wars production artist RalphMcQuarrie; 2 page Preview of Jack Kirby and Lee’s Silver Surfer, with 16 Kirby illos; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#31 (5-6/1978; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Star Trek cover; First preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Color centerfold HULK poster by Adkins; Section-2 cover = Ticktockman by Steranko; 3-D Future by Steranko & Harlan Ellison, with Steranko illos; 4-½ pages on breaking into the comics by Steranko; Roy Thomas on Marvel’s TV heroes with 3 pages Jack Kirby storyboard art ;Sabre 2pg preview by McGregor and Gulacy, with 20 Gulacy illos; Mike Gold on DC explosion; Comic Creators vs establishment; News with illustrations on Marvel,& DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $19);

#32 (7-8/1978; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Brainstorm by Bryant Eastman cover; Section-2 cover = Princess Aura from Flash Gordon animated TV special; Meteor film centerfold poster by Bob McCalI; Fantasy Film previews; Harry Harrison’s Mechanismo with art by Giger, McQuarrie, Achilleos; Rathole on Park Avenue; 3 pages on breaking into the comics by Steranko, with illos; Flash Gordon animated on TV with photos, storyboards & model sheets;>> DC’s JLA / Justice League of America & other DC Heroes/Villians in pair of Legends of the Superheroes Hanna-Barbera Live-Action TV specials = 1-½ pages with 2 Photo’s, includes; Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Huntress, Black Canary, Capt Marvel, Solomon Grundy, Riddler & More; News with illustrations on Marvel, & DC comics; Scarcer issue; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $24);

#33 (9-10/1978; 2-Sections, 36 pages; ALL-ART POSTER SPECIAL; Color Marvel superheroes centerfold poster with Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Hulk, etc by Steranko; >>> Full Page illustrations Including; 2x Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith; Voltar by Alfredo Alcala; Spider-Man by Steranko; Nick Fury & Agent of Shield by Steranko; Siegfried by P. Craig Russell; HULK by Nebres; Marcus Boas; Jungle Queen by Steranko; Beauty and the Beast & Sheltered Corner by Jeff Jones; Ghita of Alizarr by Frank Thorne; 3 more Steranko illos; 2 x Berni Wrightson illos;Dan Adkins; 2 x Mike Kaluta illos; Rudy Nebres; >>>> Full page Women of the Ages Ad illo by Frazetta; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $18);

#34 (11-12/1978; 2-Sections, 36 pages; SF PREVIEW issue; Buck Rogers cover & centerfold poster; The Making of Buck Rogers, with 31 Photo’s & illustrations: >> “Meteor” film, with production art & storyboards, 21 Photo’s & illustrations in all; >> Preview remake of H.G.Wells Shape of Things to Come with 23 Photo’s & illustrations; Preview of Time After Time, H.G.Wells vs Jack the Ripper, with 9 photo’s: >>>Art of Joseph Clement Coll, with 13 illustrations; artbook on World of Faeries, with 13 illos; Section-2 cover = Buck Rogers pinup by Bill Stout; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#35 (1-2/1979;2-Sections, 36 pages; ALIEN Cover & Centerfold Posterby Moebius; Preview & extensive coverage on “ALIEN” with many early Photos & illustrations; Interviews with Dan O’Bannon; Ridley Scott’s storyboards; Pre-production Art by Giger, Ron Cobb; >>> Section-2 cover= Star Wars by Russ Manning; The syndicated Star Wars comic strip, with Russ Manning interview & art; Brothers Hildebrandt; Weirdworld by Buscema; Shogun Warriors toys & cartoons; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#36 (3-4/1979; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Martian Chronicles cover by Steranko; RAY BRADBURY Martian Chronicles SF TV Mini-Series; The Stars My Destination: interview author Alfred Bester and art & centerfold poster by Chaykin;Art of Buck Rogers = 6 pgs production art of William Stout; Preview of Roger Moore as James Bond in Moonraker,with 10 Photo’s; 2-page section of the unpublished Martian Chronicles newspaper strip by Doug Wildey; Martian Chronicles screenplays; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#37 (5-6/1979; 2-Sections, 36 pages; Color GGA centerfold poster by Bill Ward; Caroline Munro photo-c & 4 page article with 14 Sexy Photo’s; Comic Girls from Blondie to Torchy by Ward, including; Milton Caniff, Al Capp, Alex Raymond’s women, Frazetta, Robbins, Lubbers, Patterson’s Mamie, etc; Preview of Star Trek: The Movie; >Section-2 photo cover features Rocky Horror Picture Show, plus 3 additional pages with 13 more Photo’s; 2 pages on Virgil Finlay with 6 illustrations; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#38 (7-8/1979; 2-Sections, 40 pages; 1st coverage of the CONAN movie; CONAN cover by William Stout; CONAN interview with storyboard artist William Stout; CONAN art director Ron Cobb interview with pre-production art & color centerfold Poster; 2 pages on Jack Kirby’s comic adaptation of Disney’s Black Hole, with 12 Kirby illustrations; 21st Century by SF artist Syd Mead; Section-2 cover= Childhood’s End by Neal Adams, plus 5 pages Childhood’s End book to film with Neal Adams pre-production art; The Portfolio Explosion article will art by; Redondo, Frazetta, Stout, Eisner, Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith, Nino, Thorne; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; SOLD OUT );

#39 (9-10/1979; 2-Sections, 40 pages; Black Hole cover by Mattingly; Black Hole director Gary Nelson interview; Black Hole storyboards; Black Hole Art of Black Hole & Centerfold poster by Peter Ellenshaw; Section-2 photo cover= Many Faces of Dr. Who, plus 4 page DR WHO article with 23 Photo’s; Michael Moorcock & Chaykin’s Swords of Heaven; P. Craig RusselI interview with 17 illustrations; Preview of Marvel’s Epic illustrated magazine, with art by Jusko,Starlin, Sudam, etc; News with illustrations on Marvel & DC comics; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $14);

#40 (11-12/1979; 2-Sections, 40 pages; ALL-ART POSTER SPECIAL; Scheherezade color-c by Steranko; Color Swords of Heaven Back-c by by Howard Chaykin; Section-2= Conan cover by Neal Adams; Color centerfold poster by Mattingly; Batman parody centerfold poster by Recchia; >>> Full Page illustrations Including; 2x Al Williamson, Richard Corben, 2x Nebres, Sheild Black Hood & Steel Sterling by Novick, Black Cat by Lee Elias, Boyette, Redondo, Batman by Nebres, Heimbach, Steve Fabian, Batman by Frank Miller and Dan Adkins, Spacehawk by Basil Wolverton, Micronauts by Golden, P. Craig Russell, Blonde Phantom by Syd Shores, Jim Fitzpatrick, Sub-Mariner vs Human Torch by Bill Everett, Captain America by Steranko; >>> LAST Tabloid Newspaper Magazine Format; LAST issue as MediaScene; >>> UN-Folded VF, NO mailing Label = $16);

>>> #41-92 becomes PREVUE in Regular Magazine Format = ASK;

MEDIA SIGHT (Media Sight Pub.) - 1983 (Winter #4);

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT (Irjax Enterprises Inc. = STAR TREK and STAR WARS Magazine)

1976 #2(Fall);

1977; #3(March); #4(May); #5(October);

MEGAVORE; THE JOURNAL OF POPULAR FICTION (Grant Thiessen Pub.) - 1980 (August 1; #10); (October 1 ; #11);

MIDNIGHT GRAFFITI (Midnight Graffiti Pub.) - 1988 (June #1) (Fall #2);

MIDNIGHT MARQUEE MONSTERS ( Midnight Marquee Press);

#64 (2001; Spring; Frankenstein Revisited);

MIRIAD (Miriad Pub.) -

1981 (Autumn #5; Cerebus by Dave Sim); (#6; Winter);

1982 (Spring #7);

MODERN MONSTERS (Prestige Pub; 1966; Photo's & Articles; B&W Magazine)

#3(8/1966; MUMMY painted cover by Larry Byrd; Shadow, House of Usher, Wasp Woman, Elmer Ulmer interview, Cats, Giant Behemoth, Capt Marvel, One Million BC; VG/FN $29);

#4(10-11/1966; LAST issue; INVISIBLE MAN painted cover; King bKing, Green Hornet strikes, Spy Smasher, Jack the Giant Killer, Glenn Strange interview, Circus of Fear, Invisible Man, War eagle; FN $32);

MONSTERAMA {FORRST J. ACKERMAN'S...} (1991-1992; Fantagraphics / Gary Groth - Monster Comics Pub; Slick Paper Pro Fanzine B&W Movie Monsters Horror magazine with Photo's & Articles; 68 pages)

#2 (Spring/1992; LAST issue; Many faces of LON CHANEY Painted cover & Article; Bela Lugosi; Boris Karloff; Golem; 4-D Man; Return of Frankenstein; Ygor's Brain - Frankenstein meets Wolf Man; SCARCE; VF/NM, 9.0 = $22);

#2 (Spring/1992; LAST issue; Many faces of LON CHANEY Painted cover & Article; Bela Lugosi; Boris Karloff; Golem; 4-D Man; Return of Frankenstein; Ygor's Brain - Frankenstein meets Wolf Man; SCARCE; VF, 8.0 = $15);

MONSTER BASH ( Creepy Classics Pub.) -

#1 (2004; The Legacy of Frankenstein);

#11 (2011; "Invasion of the Saucer Men"; 1957);

#17 (2012; "Curse of the Werewolf" 1961);

MONSTER FANTASY (Mayfair Pub. Inc.; all SCARCE in VF or Better) -

Volume-1 #1(April/1975; VAMPIRE Book Special issue; Vampires Painted-c; 100 pages including covers; Peter Lorre interview; Dracula; Horror of Dracula; Frankenstein; Young Frankenstein; Sea Creatures; Space Ghouls);

Volume-1 #2(June/1975; ASK); Volume-1 #3(August/1975; States #4 inside, but actually the 3rd issue; ASK);

Volume-1 #4(October/1975; Painted-c by Gentile; 100 pages including covers; Zombies; Horror Films of Jack Nicholson; Abbot & Costello meets Monsters; LON CHANEY JR Special issue; Dinosaur Girls; Origin of Wolf Man; House of Dark Shadows; Bug);

MONSTER FROM THE VAULT ( Monster From the Vault Pub.) -

Volume 15 #27 (2010; Spring; "The Monster of Pierdras Blancas" by Daniel Horne);

Volume 16 #16 (2012; Spring; "Vincent Price as Dr. Anton Phibes" by Daniel Horne);


MONSTERLAND (New Media Pub. Inc; #4 up = Forrest J. Ackerman's Monsterland.)

1984; #1(December; VF=$20; VG=$10);

1985; #2(April; Scarcest issue; VG/FN $18); #3(June; FN $15); #5(October;FN/VF $12); #6;

1986; #8(March; VF $12); #9(April; FA/G $3); #11(July; FA/G $3);

1986; #12(August; FN $10); #13(October; FN+ $9.00);

1987; #16(Spring; G #4); #17(Spring; Scarcer; FN+ $12);

MONSTER MAG (Top Sellers Ltd.; UK/British Fold-Out Poster Magazine) - 1974 (#13; Giant Christopher Lee as Dracula Poster; ** Also with; Blacula, Torture, Death Curse of tartu; VG = $10.00);

MONSTER MAKER JOURNAL (Davis Enterprises Pub.) - 1995(February #1);

MONSTER MANIA (Renaissance Productions Pub.); - 1967 (January #2; Frazetta Front Cover);

MONSTERS (Wonder Books Inc.) - 1965;


Volume 1 #1 (1/1959; RARE; Half Human; Frankenstein 1970; Rodan; the VA<PIRE LEGION Comics Strip; Bellman's Voodoo Head;Revenge of the Were-Thing; VG minus = $149.00);

Volume 1 #2(4/1959; RARE; MUMMY-c; Story of Frankenstein; Undertakers Sideline; Low Priestess of Hell; Monster from Green Hell; 7pgs Comics = Pirates in Curse of the Living Crossbones; Appears VG, but with Magic tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus Good+ = $109.00);

MONSTERSCENE (GOGO Entertainment Group Pub; Monster Comics Pub; Slick Paper Pro Fanzine B&W Movie Monsters Horror magazine with Photo's & Articles; includes BASIL GOGOS Famous Monsters & other Paintings);

#3 (Fall/1994; Christopher Lee as Hammer's DRACULA Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS; Christopher Lee as Hammer's DRACULA article; BASIL GOGOS Portfolio; Frankenstein, Tower of Terror; Bob Burns; White Zombie; Wolff & Byrd Councelers of the Macabre comics by Batton Lash; Lake of Dracula; SCARCE issue; 68 pages; NM-, 9.2 = $35);

#4 (March/1995; Boris Karloff as FRANKENSTEIN Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS = Collage with Dracula, Mummy, Bride of Frankenstain, etc; 84 pages; Frankenstein in the Cinema 1910-1995; Boris KARLOFF interview; BASIL GOGOS Sketchbook; Frankenstein Files; KARLOFF & Universal - the Frankenstein Trilogy; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein film; Wolff & Byrd Councelers of the Macabre comics by Batton Lash; RAREST issue; NM-, 9.2 = $65);

#5 (Summer-Fall/1995; 84 pages; Flip-Book with "Fantastic Monsters of the Films" on Back side; MUMMY painted cover by Preston; Goeore pal; 3-D Horro/SF Films; Route 66; Dawn Age Beasts; Vampire Victims; She-Creature invades TV; VF, 8.0 = $18);

#9 (Fall/1996; FRANKENSTEIN Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS; Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstain; Mad Monster Party & Monsters of Rankin / Bass; Richard Matheson interview; Gamera 2 & Ultraman; Frankenstein & Me; SCARCE issue; 48 pages; NM+, 9.6 = $65);

#9 (Fall/1996; FRANKENSTEIN Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS; Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstain; Mad Monster Party & Monsters of Rankin / Bass; Richard Matheson interview; Gamera 2 & Ultraman; Frankenstein & Me; SCARCE issue; 48 pages; VF/NM, 9.0 = $25);

#10 (Summer/1997; Vincent Price as Abominable Dr Phibes Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS; Dr Phibes article; 6 pages on TV's BUFFY the Vampire Slayer; Horror Hotel; 4 pages on Japanese Monsters; NM-, 9.2 = $29);

MONSTER SCENE JOURNAL (Gogo Entertainment Group Pub.) - 1992 (Volume 1 #1; October);



(The Monster Times Pub.; 8-1/2" by 23" Tabloid Newspaper, comes folded to 8-1/2"x11-1/2" size; "the World's first newspaper of Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy; Scarce in VF or better due to the format & newsprint paper; COMICS articles in most issues)

#1(January 16/1972; King Kong cover by Gray Morrow; 17"x22" centerfold Frankenstein Poster by Berni WRIGHTSON; Golem, Buck Rogers; 2 pages Nosferati comics by Berni WRIGHTSON; 32 tabloid size pages);

#2(Star Trek cover, special issue & 17"x22" centerfold Poster by Morrow; Shatner interview; Scarcer issue);

#3(Bugs on Parade issue; King Kong 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Small Spider-Man image on cover & cameo inside; 1 pg Stan Lee interview; Them; Super-Heroes; 2 pages comics by Richard Buckler & Marv Wolfman; Uncommon issue);

#4(Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein cover; Green Lantern & Green Arrow by Neal Adams; 2 pages comics by JEFF JONES; Pulps, Dracula, Tales form the Crypt film; Edgar Allan Poe; Roger Corman);

#5(Creatures from Black Lagoon-c, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; DC's Tarzan; 2 pages comics by JEFF JONES; Star Trek revisited; Dr X; Edgar Allan Poe; Roger Corman);

#6(ZOMBIE issue; Dan Green-c & 2 pages comics; EC & Pre-Code Horror comics; Edgar Allan Poe; Roger Corman; Berni WRIGHTSON = 2 pages on Badtime Stories with art);

#7(RARE issue; GODZILLA cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; King Kong; Gray Morrow; Spider-Man cameo; King Kong comics parodyspoof with Steve Hickman-a);

#8(All-HAMMER, all-Horror issue; Dracula cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Wertewolf; Christopher Lee interview; 2pg Werewolf comics by Carlos Garzon);

#9(special Sci-Fi issue; Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, This Island Earth, 2001, EC & Sci-Fi comics; 3 pages comics = Paul Neary-a);

#10(May 31/`1972; special EC Comics issue; Uncommon issue; Gaines & Feldstein interviews; Tales from the Crypt 17"x22" centerfold Poster);

#11(Scarce & HOT issue; POTA - Planet of the Apes cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster;CONAN/Barry Smith; Dracula interview; Fritz the Cat, Robert Crumb; full page Dracula poster by NEAL ADAMS; 2pgs Horro comics = Dan Green-a = SOLD OUT);

#12(GORGO Apes cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; POTA - Planet of the Apes cover, article;Steranko's History of Comics; movie "Ben"; 2 pages RAT comics = Armstrong-a; Kaluta-a);

#13(SCARCE & HOT issue; SPIDER-MAN cover, articles, Romita interview & 17"x22" SPIDER-MAN centerfold Poster; UFO; Dr Phibes; 2pgs comics; SCARCER issue);

#14(WEREWOLF cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Peter Cushing interview; Dracula, Godzilla, Lee Falk's Phantom, POTA - Planet of the Apes;"Liana" = 2 pages comics with Bruce Jones art);

#15(Uncommon issue; Vampires in Comics; Valley of Gwangi; Alfred Hitchcock; Godzilla; Blacula); Plant Monsters; Mighty Joe Young; Dr Phibes; Count Yorga; GODZILLA for President 17"x22" centerfold Poster; 2pgs Horror comics);

#16 = ASK;

#17(Scarce issue; SCIENCE FICTION issue; Forbidden Planet; Flash Gordon;Rod Serling);

#18(Scarce issue; Dracula cover; Monster of Piedras Blancas 17"x22" centerfold Poster; King Kong comics; Perry Rhodan; SOLD OUT );

#19(Dr Death; Dr Shock; Tarantula article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Gargoyles; 2pgs comics = Armstrong-a; EC Comics);

#20(March/1973; 2pags Comics = JIM STARLIN art; :Scarcer issue; 20 Million Miles to Earth; STAR TREK; "Keep on Trekkin" 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Fu Manchu; 1 page on Warp & NEAL ADAMS);

#21(RARE issue; all FRANKENSTEIN issue; SOLD OUT);

#22(Scarcer issue; Vault of Horror; Godzilla vs Ghidrah; 2pgs Horror comics = Janes-a);

#23(Scarce issue; GODZILLA cover & Special issue; NON tabloid regular format issue; 40 pages;"RAT" = 7 pages Comics by SUTTON);

#24(POTA - Planet of the Apes; Rodan; Basil Wolverton; Lon Chaney Jr; 2pgs WEREWOLF comics = BRUNNER art);

#25(Star Trek; Superman & Batman; Horror Heroines; King Kung Fu; Werewolves on Wheels; the FLY; Shazam & C.C.Beck; Broom Hilda);

#26(Uncommon issue; Destroy all Monsters cover & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Star Trek animated; Superman; Rondo Hatton; 3 pages horror spoof comics bt Dean Latimer);

#27(Uncommon issue; DRACULA cover; All-VAMPIRE issue; Bela Lugosi; Blacula; Worlds worst Vampire story; Maroto art; DRACULA 17"x22" centerfold Poster by NEAL ADAMS);

#28(Wolfman Jack; Plastic Man; Hammer's House of Horrors; great Death Scenes; Lon Chaney; Black Scorpion; 2 pages Hunchback of Notre Dame comics by Bill Nelson);

#29(Scarcer issue; 2pgs EC SF comics; Sinbad; House of Frankenstein; Abominable Snowman; TV Catoon guide; Japanese Monsters; Frankenstein 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Godzilla);

#30(2/1974; WEREWOLF cover; Horror of Party Beach; Worlds Worst Comics; I was a Teenage Werewolf; Inferior Five; "I drink your blood & Eat your Skin" 17"x22" centerfold Poster; 2pg Hugo Headstone comics = Bojak-a);

#31(All MARTIAN issue; War of the Worlds; RAY BRADBURY interview; Invaders from Mars comics; 3 Stooges; Martians in comics);

#32(Beast from 20,000 Fathoms cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster;; Bruce Lee; Marvel's Mightiest Monsters; Werewolf of Washington; Mexican Monsters; Questor);

#33(5/1974; All APES issue; Uncommon issue; POTA - Planet of the Apes cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Kamandi & Jack Kirby; Komga; King Kong; 2 page King Kong parody comics = Hickman-a);

#34(Swamp Thing & Swamp Monsters; Star Trek's Capt Kirk Shatner interview; Star Trek 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Time Machine; underground Horror comics; Zardoz; Female fiends; Wasp Woman);

#35(GODZILLA cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Female fiends; Japanese Monsters; Supernatural Superheroes in comics; FRAZETTA book club at & article);

#36(Curse of WEREWOLF cover; Robot Monsters; Martians Attack cards; Leonard Nimoy interview; Super Heroines; 2 pages Horror/Love comics = Dave Gibbons-a;Mutations);

#37(12/1974; GAMMERA cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; partial POTA cover - Planet of the Apes on TV; SPECTRE comics; Flesh Gordon);

#38(Sinbad's Golden Voyage cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster;; BLOB maker; Film GIANTS; Makeup Master Roy Ashton interview; CONAN in comics; Mad Ghoul; Capt Video);

#39(GODZILLA cover; Scarcer issue; Double Size issue = Folds out to 16" x 22" Size; Destroy All Monsters 22"x32" centerfold Poster; *** GIANT 16" x 22" Size page, BIO & Large Photo Pinup page each on = Godzilla, King Komg, Dracula, Frankenstein, POTA - Planet of the Apes, Ghidrah, Wolfman,Gammera, Rodan, Mummy & Creature from Black Lagoon);

#40(Dr Spektor & the Monsters; Son of Kong; Fay Wray; Phantom of Opera cover; Bela Lugosi;Caveman/Woman & Dinosaurs 17"x22" centerfold Poster =BRUNNER art; Hugo Headstone comics = Bojak-a);

#41(5/1975; Frankenstein & Dracual cover; Young Frankenstein; Andy Warhol's Dracula; how to make a MUMMY; 6 Frankenstein's of Filmdon; IT the terror from beyond space article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Werewolf comics; John Zacherly interview);

#42(Godzilla vs Thing; Star Trek; Operator-5; worst Werewolf; Incredible Shrinking Man 2 page photonovel 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Blood Feast & Herschell Gordon Lewis interview; Horror movie comics);

#43(DEMON issue; Star Trek Capt Kirk; Excorcist; Demon's in comics; Witchcraft; H.P.Lovecraft; Rosemary's Baby);

#44(Scarcer issue; 11/1975; Double Size issue = Folds out to 16" x 22" Size; GODZILA 22"x32" centerfold Poster; *** GIANT 16" x 22" Size page, BIO & Large Photo Pinup page each on = Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Black Scorpion, King Kong, Dinosaurs, Reptilicus, Giant Behemoth, Gorgo, Godzilla, Valley of

the Gwang, When Dinsaurs ruled the Earth, Land Unknown, Land the Time Forgot);

#45(Scarcer issue; BARBARELLA cover & article; JAWS; King Kong; Shriek of the Mutilated; John Caradine; Bill Shatner; Atlas/Seaboard Comic Monsters; BUG);

#46(All-VAMPIRE & Dracula issue; Christopher Lee interview; Star Trek; Dracula comics; 1/2 page Vampire comic = Gerry Mooney-a);

#47(STAR TREK vs SPACE: 1999 cover & article; Flash Gordon; Uncommon issue; Sci-Fi comics; Metropolis; Thunder Agents);

#48(July/1976; LAST issue; Scarcer issue; Uncommon issue; Special BIONIC issue; Six Million Dollar Man cover, article & 17"x22" centerfold Poster; Bionic Woman; Deathlok);

MONSTER TIMES SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S ISSUE #1(1973; STAR TREK LIVES-c/s; Sci-Fi Super TV Special; UFO, Space Giants, Lost in Space, Outer Limits;

Six x STAR TREK Color Portraits inside; VF = $22.00);

MONSTER WORLD (Mayfair Pub. Inc; 100 Pages including covers; SCARCE in VF or Better; #3-8 = titled changes to "QUASIMODO'S MONSTER MAGAZINE");

Volume-1 #1 (March/1975; Painted-c; Dracula-c & Article; Kolchak the Night Stalker = 6 page Articel with 6 Photo's & 1 illo; Jose Delbo bio; 6 pages comics = Delbo-a; Frankenstein through the Years = 12 page Article; Demons; KORG: 70,000 B.C. = 9 page Article with illos by Pay Boyette & Photo's from the Live-Action Hanna-Barbera ABC TV Series; Vampires of the Scrren; Mummy; FN/VF=$18; VG/FN=$12; VG=$10);

Volume-1 #2 (May/1975; Painted-c; Making of King Kong; Phantom of the paradise; Young Frankenstein; Frankenstein & the Monster from Hell; Captain Kronos; House of Whipcord; Vincent Price Unmasked; Lon Chaney, Man of 1000 Faces; Norman Nodel bio; Hydra Horror = 8 pages Comics with Nodel-a; Nightmare Theatre; FN=$14; VG=$10);

MONSTER WORLD #1-10 = See the WARREN Magazines Link on our Homepage

MOVIE MONSTERS magazine (Atlas/Seaboard; B&W Film Magazine)

#1 (Dec/1974; Photo & article Magazine; 84 pages; PHOTO'S and Articles on; PLANET OF THE APES - King Kong & other film apes; Plus; The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad & Ray Harryhausen, Christopher Lee DRACULA, TV's Original crew STAR TREK, The Monsters of HERCULES, Curse of the Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Hammer's MUMMY, GORGO, & Exorcist! VF+=$35; VF=$29; FN/VF=$21; FN=$16; VG=$10 ]

#2 (2/1975; 2001: Planet of the Apes-c; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Doc Savage; Frankenstein; Rodan; One Million Years BC; Lower Print & Scarcer; FN=$22; VG/FN=$18; VG=$14);

#3 (4/1975; Phantom of the Opera-c; Wolfman, Godzilla, Boris Karloff, Batman, Forbidden Planet, Jack the Giant Killer; FN/VF $29);

#4 (8/1975; Thing, Flash Gordon, Lon Chaney Jr, Lost Worlds, Loch Ness Monster, 20 Million Mailes to Earth,Day the Earth stood still, Star Trek; Rare; FN=$24; VG=$16)


Volume-1 #1 (1965). Original Munsters Episode - Not Seen on TV "The MUNSTERS Go House-Haunting"

Illustrated by Painted Front Cover & PHOTO Back Cover! >>> New York, NY, USA.: Twin Hits. 1965 Soft Cover. Good to Very Good. First Edition By This Publisher. Magazine. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 68 pages including covers;

CONTENTS - (1) Herman Munster - The Story of my Birth;(2) Lily Munster – The Life of a Lady Vampire; (3) Grandpa Munster – Have Crypt, Will Fly; (4) The Munster Brood – One Normal, One?; (5) Brand New Original Munsters Episode – Not Seen on TV “The MUNSTERS Go House-Haunting” ; (6) Behind the Screams with the Munsters; (7) Herman Munster Picks his Favortie Horror Films; (8) Join the Munsters Fan Club; (9) Exclusive! The Munster Family 5 months Pullout Calendar = still INTACT; (10) Yor Own Private Roadmap to Transylvania; (11) Munster Quiz; (12) An Episode in teh Life of Little Eddie; (13) Win a Phone Call from Herman or Lily Munster; (14) The Munster Menu;History of the Munster Family; (16) Grave Jokes You’ll Dig; (17) All About the Munster Koach; (18) A Visit to the Grandpa’s Crypt; (19) The Day Lily Went Shopping; (20) Grandpa Munster in a Time Machine; (21) Teaser Flicks; (22) Munsters Pinup Gallery;

>>>> Over 40 Photo’s & MANY illustrations; [FN/VF=$90; VG/FN=$59; G/VG=$39];

**** N ****

THE NATIONAL FANTASY FAN (National Fantasy Fan Federation; Digest Size Fanzine);

1967 February/March (Volume 26 #2);

(Volume 26 #3);

(Volume 26 #4);

(Volume 26 #5; Hugo Gernsback August 16,1884-August 19,1967);

(Volume 26 #7);

NICKELODEON (Nickelodeon Graphic Art Service Pub.) - 1976 (#2);

NORWESCON 5, SEATTLE MARCH 19-21,1982 PROGRAM – Gatefold Front Cover “The Mad Poet” by Michael R. Whelan; Back Cover “Kutath” by Michael R. Whelan;


1993 (October #1);

1995 (#NN);

NOVA (Starshine Design Pub.) - 1989 – Fall (Volume 1 #1)

**** O ****

ODYSSEY (Gambi Pub. Inc.) - 1976 (Spring #1); (Summer #2);

One Hundred Years of Science Fiction illustration 1840-1940 by Anthony Frewin (Pyramid Books, 1975. Soft cover. Trade Paperback; The fusion of fantasy and prediction with science in the last one hundred years gave birth to a unique literary genre. the first comprehensive collection to document fully the rich and rewarding subject of 'future art'. Beginning with the work of Isidore Grandville. Albert Robida. Frank R. Paul. Hans Wessolowski. and a myriad of others. VF+ = $12.00)


- Fun and Games (No date);

- The Human Factor (circa 1986);

-Nightmare (No date);

Specimen: Unknown (Circa 1986);

OUTWORLDS (Bill and Joan Bowers; Fanzine);

#19 (1974 First Quarter; Cover art “The Robot, of course...” by Grant Canfield);

#20 (1974 Second Quarter; Cover art by Dan Steffan);

#21/22 (1974; 2 Issues Making Up 1 Double Issue);

#23 (1975; Cover art by Stephen Fabian);

**** P ****

PARSEC (Parsec Pub. Co.) - 2001 (Volume 4 #3; Spring/ Summer; Lisa Ryder “Andromeda”);

PENNY BLOOD (Penny Blood);

#10 (2008 Summer; Dario Argento's Three Mothers Trilogy);


#21 (1997 Winter; Pam Grier);

#27 (1998 Summer; The Monster of Piedras Blancas);

#28 (1998 Fall; Phantasm; Oblivion);

#29 (1999 Winter; Razor Blade Smile);

#30 (1999 Spring; Jennifer Tilly “Bride of Chucky”);

#33 (2000 Winter; Phantom of the Opera);

#38 (2001 Spring; Killer Klowns from Outer Space);

#63 (2007 Summer; Kelli Maroney, Catherine Mary Stewart “Night of the Comet”);

#64 (2007 Fall; Vampira The Movie);

#66 (2008 Spring; Christopher Lee as Dracula);

#67 (2008 Summer; Jamie Lee Curtis “Prom Night”);

#68 (2008 Fall; Chandu the Magician);

PLANET OF THE APES (Harper Collins Pub.) - 2001 (Leo's Logbook; a Captain's Days in Captivity);

THE PREHISTORIC TIMES (The Prehistoric Times Pub.) - 1996 (May/June #18);

PRIZE GHOST STORIES (League Pub. Inc.) - #NN(#1; 1963; SKULL Photo-c; 15 Horror Stories with Photo's & Illustrations; Man who Died Twice; Voodoo & the Virgin; Phone Call from the Dead; Seduced by an Invisible Lover; Case of the Laughing Coffin; TIGER WOMAN; VG=$32; G/VG = $24);

PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO magazine #2(Spring/1989); #7(Fall/1990); #10(Summer/1991); #13(Summer/1992);

PURE IMAGES (Pure Imagination);

Volume 1 #1 (1977 Spring; Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger);

**** Q ****

QUASIMODO'S MONSTER MAGAZINE (Mayfair Pub. Inc'; all 100 Pages including covers; SCARCE in VF or Better; #1-2 = Formerly titled "MONSTER WORLD");

(Volume-1) #3(July/1975; First issue with new "Quasimodo" Title; Christopher Lee as Vampire cover & interview; Bela Lugosi the Man & Vampire; VF=$20; FN/VF=$16; VG/FN=$12; VG=$10; G/VG=$8);

(Volume-1) #4(September/1975; Quasimodo cover; Doug McClure in Edgar Rice Burroughs "Land that time forgot" & interview; The Lon Chaney Jr story; Excorcist; Space 1999; Roger Corman; 4 pages Wolfman comics; FN=$14; VG=$10; G/VG=$8);

(Volume-1) #5(November/1975; Space 1999; The Peter Lorre story; Lee Majors of Six Million Dollar Man; CBS radio's Mystery Theatre; Jekyll & Hyde through the years; VF+=$24; VF=$20; VF-=$17; VG/FN=$12; G=$7);

(Volume-2) #6(February/1976; Boris Karloff; William Shatner of Star Trek; Story of Hammer films; introducing Esmeralda cover & story; Death Race 2000; VF+=$24; VF=$20; VG/FN=$12; G/VG=$8);

(Volume-2) #7(April/1976; Wolfman cover; Leonard Nimoy - Spock, of Star Trek; D.W.Griffith; 8 pages Parody of Star Trek comics; VF+=$22; Scarce; G, back cover missing $6.00);

(Volume-2) #8(May/1976; MUMMY painted-c; Invisible Man; MUMMY thru the Years; Transylvania; Star Trek; Star Trek vs Space 1999 Parody comics; SHARK Fever; the Spider; VF/NM, 9.0 = $24; VG/FN=$12);


QUESTAR, Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure (William G. Wilson Pub.)

#3 (3/1979);

#4 (8/1979; STAR = 6 pages of comics by STEVE DITKO; Larry Niven & George Romero interviews; Tom Savini profile; Just Imagine: Jeanie = Forrest J Ackerman story, James Warhola art; James Bond, Buck Rogers; Fantasy Film Celebrity Con 78 report. SOLD OUT);

#5 (11/1979; ALIEN the Movie cover & article; Robert Bloch letter; Mike Gornick interview;  Just Imagine: Jeanie = Forrest J Ackerman story, James Warhola art; Kirk Alyn interview, The Rescue = 2 pages of comics by STEVE DITKO; James Bond: Moonraker;  Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley of KISS interview; Star Trek movie preview;  SOLD OUT);

#6 (2/1980; Walt Disney’s BLACK HOLE cover & article; John Norman interview; Frank Langella vs. Bela Lugosi; Don Post & Jack Davis interviews; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Just Imagine: Jeanie = Forrest J Ackerman story, James Warhola art; Star Trek—The Motion Picture feature; SOLD OUT);

#7 (6/1980);

#8 (8/1980; Volume-2 #4; Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back cover & article;  Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane interview, Robert Bloch interview; Chuck Jones interview; Mark Hamill interview;, Bigfoot Lives;  Just Imagine: Jeanie = Forrest J Ackerman story, James Warhola art; ASK);

#9(10/1980; FRAZETTA-c), 10(12/1980), 11(2/1981; ART of BORIS Vellajo), 12(6/1981), 13(10/1981)

**** R ****

REALMS Magazine (Antope Pub; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 12 page Promo/Giveaway, folded Tabloid Newspaper); -

Volume-2 #42 (Jan.28/1998; Approx 6000 copies printed; Lance Henderickson Millennium cover & article = TV Episode Guide; Star wars, Vampire supplement, Canuck Wolf Comics, M'Bock; VF = US$5.00);

REALMS OF FANTASY (Sovereign Media Co. Inc.)


(December; Cover art “Kai-Feng” by Don Maitz);


(February;Cover art “Dragons Anthology” by Bob Eggleton);

(April; Cover art “Song of Seashell Archives” by Broeck Steadman);

(June; Cover art “Firebrathing Dragon guarding the Stronghold” by Michael Whelan);

(August; Cover art “Darkness at Sethanon” by Don Maitz);

(October; Cover art “War Dragon” by Bob Eggleton);

(December; Cover art “Dragonsbane” by Michael Whelan);


(February; Cover art “The Light Bearer” by Steven Assel);

(April; Cover art “Half-Elf Warrior” by Brom);

(June; Cover art “Valshea the Half-Elf Magic User” by Keith Parkinson);

(August; Cover art “Warrior of Light” by Tim Hildebrandt);

(October;p Cover art “Sundown Brings the Vampire” by Sanjulian);

(December; Cover art “Dragonfire” by Michael Whelan);


(February; Cover art “The Ice Dragon” by Keith Parkinson);

(April; Cover art “Knight at Sunset” by Don Maitz);

(June; Cover art “Warrior riding a Dragon” by Sanjulian);

(August; Cover art “Elric of Melnibone” by Michael Whelan);

(October; Cover art “Raven” by Luis Royo);

(December; Cover art “Wizard's First Rule” by Doug Beekman);


(February; Cover art “Exile's Children” by Stephen Youll);

(April; Cover art “Raven the Warrior Woman” by Luis Royo);

(August; Cover TV's Xena Warrior Princess);

(October; Cover art “Memory in White” by Luis Royo);


(April; Cover art “Dragon” by Boris Vallejo);

(June; Cover art “Sugar Rain” by Gary Ruddel);


(February; Cover art “Multiplied by Ice” by Luis Royo);


(December; Cover art “Warrior Woman in the Rain” by Luis Royo);


(August; Cover art “Fissures of the Breeze” by Luis Royo);

REEL FANTASY (Reel Fantasy Inc. Pub.) - 1978 (Volume 1 #1; January);

REQUIEM (? Pub.; French); - 1974 (Volume 1 #2);

REVENGE OF DRACULA (Eerie Pub. Inc.) - 1977 (Winter);

REVOLT (Simulated Pub.) - 1991 #3(Winter)

RIGEL SCIENCE FICTION (Aesir Press Pub.) - 1983 (Summer #8)


Volume-1 #2(August/1966; Shrunken Head Photo-c; illustrated Text Stories; Text stories with Photo's; "The $120,000,000 Ghost" = 6 page Comics story; Full page illustrations with text, as in newspaper strips; Scarce; VG/FN = $29.00);


2000; #17(September/ October; 3rd Anniversary Halloween issue; Poe, Stephen King, House of Leaves; SOLD OUT);

2002; (May/June); #29(September/ October; 5th Anniversary Halloween issue; Vincent Price-c; Elvira, Return of Living Dead);

2003; #32(March/April; Ray Bradbury, Freddy vs Jason); #35;

2004; #38(March/April; HELLBOY; Dawn of Dead); #39(May/June; Cronenberg's Rabid); #40(July/August; Ju-On, Grudge, Takashi Shimizu, Harryhausen);

2004;#41(September/ October; 7th Anniversary Halloween issue; GIANT; Clive Barker, George Romero;, Friday the 13th, Troma, Ed Wood; SOLD OUT);

2004;#42(11-12; 30 Years of Texas Chainsaw Massacre-c/s; Rob Zombi; SOLD OUT);

2005;#NN(1-2; Special Collector's Edition; with RUE MORGUE #1-3 from 1997-1998; SOLD OUT);

2005; #43(March; Manson Family, Shudder Pulps; SOLD OUT);


#46(June; 100 Years of War of the Worlds; Land of the Dead; SOLD OUT);

#47(Horror from Spain; Nacho Cerda's aftermath; Jess Franco); #49;

2006; #53(January; Roger Corman; SOLD OUT);

#54(March; Hills Have Eyes; Wes Craven; SOLD OUT);

#55(April; Eurotic Horror; Marvel Zombies; Slither; SOLD OUT);

#57;#58(July; Descent; Adrienne Barbeau; Chet Zar; Fantasia 2006)

2006; #59(Takashi Miike; John Carpenter; Pete Walker; SOLD OUT);

#60(September; Godzilla-c; Bollywood; Japanese Lovecraft Lit; SOLD OUT

2006 - #61(October; 9th Anniversary Halloween issue; Lucio Fulci; GIANT; SOLD OUT);

#63(December; Pan's Labyrinth; Black Christmas);

2007; #64(1-2; the Host);

#65(March; Phantasm; Hellboy animated; Ghoultown );

2007; #71(September; Return of the Living Dead; death photography; Hatchet; VF = $10);

2007; #72(October; 10th Anniversary Halloween issue; the Thing; John carpenter; Clive Barker; Black Metal; GIANT; SOLD OUT);

#73(November; Stephen King's the Mist)

2008; #75(1-2; Sweeny Todd; Romero);

#77(April; Vampira-c; SOLD OUT);

#79(June; Underage rage in Japan; Lollywood; Decadent Literature); #82(September; Alice Cooper);

2008; -

#82(September; Alice Cooper; Vincent Castiglia; Horror on TV);

 #83(October; 50 Years of Famous Monsters; Forrest J Ackerman; 50 Essential GORE Films; 11th Anniversary Halloween issue; GIANT;);

#84(November; Year of the Vampire); #85; #87; #88;#89

2009; #90,91(Blair Witch Project revisited); #93(September; America Werewolf in London);

2009; #94(12th Anniversary Halloween issue; Edgar Allan Poe turns 200; GIANT = $15); #95(November; Left 4 Dead);

2010; -

#98(March; Paul Naschy Howls; SOLD OUT);

#99; #101(6/2010; Danzig-c; VG = $7.00; another copy available = ask); #102(July; REC2 =Unholy Face of New Spanish Horror);

2010; #105(13th Anniversary Halloween issue; PSYCHO turns 200; GIANT; SOLD OUT);

2012; #123(Junr; the Loved Ones; VF/NM = $12.00);

2012; -#128(11/2012; Prince of Dakness turns 25; Antichrist apocalypse; Silent Hill Revelation; VF/NM = $12.00)

2013; #130(1-2/2013; John Dies at the End; Gein on Screen; RIP 2012; Blacket than Noir;VF/NM = $12.00)


**** S ****

SALARIUS (J and R Pub.) - 1987 (March #3); (#4);

SALVAGE-I Poster Book (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications; from the Sci-Fi TV Series that starred; Andy GriffithJoel HigginsTrish Stewart)

1979 (Episode Guide with Cast & Credits; Blueprint of the Vulture; Special Effects; Interview with Mike Allen Ross);

SATELLITE SCIENCE FICTION (Renown Pub.)- 1959 (February);

SCARLET STREET (Scarlet Street Inc.)

1994 (Fall #16);

1995 (Winter #17);

1999 (#36; House of Wax);

SCARS MAGAZINE (Scars Magazine);

2007 (Volume 1 #3; Hatchet);

SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE (Dennis Druktenis Pub.) –

Volume-1 #1 (10/1991; Limited Collector's Edition Magazine);

#7 (1999 Yearbook; Hammer Horror issue; VF = $12.00)

#13 (2005 Yearbook; Dracula vs Wolfman, with Frankenstein cover; VF = $12.00)

#15 (1995; June; Son of Dracula; VG = $7.00);

#18 (1996; March; Revenge of the Men in the Creature {from the Black Lagoon} Suit; VG = $7.00);

#22 (1997; March; Karloff, Apes, Harryhausen and Zackerley);

#30 (March/2000; Jeepers Creepers Theatre Tribute)

#82 (4/2012; Outer Limits; Shock Theatre; VF = $10.00)

1999 YEARBOOK: MONSTER MEMORIES - #7 (1999; Hammer Horror);


1977 (Winter #1);

1978 (Spring #2); (July #3); (October #4);

SCIENCE FICTION AGE (Sovereign Media Co. Inc.)


(Volume 1 #1; November; Cover art “Robot Explorer” by Michael Whelan);


(January; Cover art “Interplanetary Mona Lisa” by Jim Burns);

(March; Cover art “Space Traveller” by Les Edwards);

(May; Cover art “Two Warweary Female Starfighters” by Steve Hickman);

(July; Cover art “Mournful Alien Carrying a Dead Human” by Michael Whelan);

(September; Cover art “Humanity's Future Home in Space Station” by John Berkey);

(November; Cover art “A Robot Considering Eternity” by Michael Whelan);


(January; Cover art “Beautiful Female Space Explorer” by Luis Royo);

(March; Cover art “Multi-Level Space Craft” by John Berkey);

(May; Cover art “Future of Space Travel” by Chris Moore);

(July; Cover Computer art “The Face of Tomorrow” by Jim Zuckerman);

(September; Cover art “Manned Space Station” by George Krauter);

(November; Cover art “Faster than Light Space Travel” by John Berkey);


(January; Cover art “Aesha Devora awakened from Cryosuspension” by Broeck Steadman);

(March; Cover art “Baroque Spaceship” by Bob Eggleton);

(May; Cover art “Non Human looking Humanity” by Chris Moore);

(July; Cover art “Space Fleet departing a Defeated Deathstar” by David Mattingly);

(September; Cover art “Space Station keeps an Eye on Alien World” by George Krauter);

(November; Cover art “Trio of Interstellar Craft” by John Berkey);


(January; Cover art “Enter the Traitor” by Chris Moore);

(March; Cover art “The Positronic Man” by Stephen Youll);

(May; Cover art “Spaceship using Chaos Theory Propullsion” by Vincent Di Fate);

(July; Cover art “Deadly Descent” by John Berkey);

(September; Cover art “Starship on Exploration Voyage” by George Krauter);

(November; Cover art “The Last Spaceship Escapes a Dying World” by Chris Moore);


(January; Cover art “Intergalactic Ship Scoops Energy from a Sun” by David Mattingly);

(March; Cover art from Star Wars Novel “Shield of Lies” by Drew Struzan);


(November; Cover art “X-Files Fox Mulder and Dana Scully”);

THE SCIENCE FICTION BOOK CLUB (Science Fiction Book Club);


(June); (July); (August; Cover art by Chris Moore); (September; Cover art by Jim Burns); (October); (November; Cover art by Jael); (December; Cover art by Chiodo); (Summer; Cover art by Siudmak); (Mid-Summer; Cover art by Dennis Nolan); (WinterCover art by John Zelezink);


(January; Cover art by Marc Fishman); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August; Cover Illustration by John Harris); (Sepmtember; Cover art by Tom Canty); (October); (November); (December); (Collector's Issue #1; Cover art by Matt Stawicki); (Collector's Issue #2; Cover art by Donato); (Mid-Winter Special Collectors Issue; Cover art by Luis Royo); (Spring; Cover art by Mark Fishman); (Late Spring); (Summer); (Fall);


(January; Error – Missing Cover Image); (February); March; Cover art by Rick Berry); (April); (May; Cover art by Bruce Jensen); (September); (October); (November): (December): (Collectors Issue; Cover art by Don Maitz); (Summer); (Fall; Cover art by Bruce Jensen); (Winter; Cover art by Donato); (Holiday);


(January; Cover art by Jill Bauman); (February); (March; Cover art by Alan Pollack); (April; Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet); (May); (June; Cover Photo of Stephen King and Jack McDevitt); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November; Cover art by Don Maitz); (December); (New Year's 2001; Cover art by Vincent DiFate); (New Year's 2001); (Spring; Cover art by John Jude Palencar); (Summer): (Fall; Cover art by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt): (Holiday);


(February); (March); (July); (Collector #1); (Spring; Cover art by Stephen Hickman);


1987 (November); (December);

1988 (January); (March); (August); (September);

1989 (April);

1990 (July);

1994 (August);

2000 (June/July); (August/September);

2001 (February);


#1 (1976; Ace Book Index); #2 (Cover of Jack Vance “The Dying Earth”);


1978 (May/June #2);



(#44 Fall; Cover art by Stephen Fabian; Interview – Anne McCaffrey);

(#45 Winter; Cover art by Brad W. Foster; Interview – Terry Carr);

SCIENCE FICTION WORLD (UK; M.S. Pub. Ltd.) - 2000 – June(Volume1 #1); July (Volume 1#2); August (Volume 1 #3);

SCI-FI COLLECTOR (Beckett Pub.) - 1999 (Volume 1 #1; April);

SCI-FI ENTERTAINMENT (Sovereign Media Co. Inc.)

1994 (June; Volume-1 #1; WOLF / Jack Nicholson-c); (August); (December);

1995 (February); April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1996(February); (April); (August);

1997 (February); (April); (November);

1998 (February); (June); (November);

SCI-FI AND FANTASY MODELS (Next Millennium Pub. Ltd. Pub.) - 1996 (#12 May/June); (#13 July/August);

SCI-FI FLIX (Sovereign Media Co. Inc.) -


1999 (Winter);

SCI-FI INVASION (Wizard Press Pub.)

1997 (Special); (Summer); (Fall);

1998 (Spring); (Summer);

SCI-FI MONTHLY (Sportscene Publishers Ltd.) - 1976 - #1-8;

SCI FI NEWS (Brazil; Meia Sete Design Pub.) -

1997 Volume 1 (#1; September); (#2; October); (#3; November);

1998 (#6; February); (#8; April); (#9; May); (#12; August);

2001 – December;

SCIFINOW (Image Pub.; British);

2007 (#10; Iron Man);

2008 (#13; Battlestar Galactica);


2003 (April; Susan Sarandon as Princess Wensicia);

2004 (October; Angelina Jolie); (December; Kristin Kreuk);

2005 (February; Jennifer Garner); (April; Over 100 Great Twists Revealed);

2006 (February; Natalie Portman);

2008 (April; Laura Vandervoort); (June; Harrison Ford);

SCI-FI TV (Starlog Comm International Inc. Pub.);

1999 (#3; February; Star Trek Voyager); (#5; June; 7 Days); (#7; October; Stargate SG-1); (#8; December; Roswell);

SCI-FI TV FALL PREVIEW (Sovereign Media Co. Inc.) - 1995 – October;

SCI-FI UNIVERSE (H G Publications Inc.)



1996 (December);

1997 (July);

1998 (February); (April);

1999 (June);

SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED -- SEXY STARLETS (1993-1995; Market Square Productions inc; Slick Paper & Stiff Covers; Pro Fanzine/Magazine COLOR GIRLS & WOMEN of Movie Monsters Horror magazine with Photo's & Articles; ADULTS ONLY = LOTS of NUDE PHOTO'S; 72 pages);

#1 (Fall/1993; Linnea Quigley's SKIN the Book - Hot NUDE Pictorial; Brinke Stevens centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Rhona Shear; John Russo; Zombies invade London; LOW PRINT RUN; RARE Due to HIGH DEMAND; NM-, 9.2 = $99);

#2 (Winter/1993-1994; Monique Gabrielle - Hot NUDE Pictorial; Michelle Baur centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Kent Steine's Hollywood Glamour; John Carpenter's Body Bags; OLIVIA - Fantasy Artist portfolio; NM+, 9.6 = $39);

#3 (Spring/1994; Covergirl JASAE; Workout with Jasae, Melissa Moore & Veronica Carothers; Stacy Warfel centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Fred Olen Ray & the Girls of BIKINI DRIVE-IN; Terri & Christine - Mom & Daughter Scream Queens; Stars of Night of the cat, plus Director Jay Lind speaks out; NM, 9.4 = $29); #3 (Spring/1994; Covergirl JASAE; Workout with Jasae, Melissa Moore & Veronica Carothers; Stacy Warfel centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Fred Olen Ray & the Girls of BIKINI DRIVE-IN; Terri & Christine - Mom & Daughter Scream Queens; Stars of Night of the cat, plus Director Jay Lind speaks out; VF+ = $19);

#4 (1994; Melissa Moore cover & NUDE pictorial; JULIE STRAIN centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Joe Mickey's painted ladies; Becky Le Beau & her Soft Bodies; NM, 9.4 = $29);

#5 (1994 Debbie Dutch's Wild Fantasies cover & NUDE pictorial; Becky LeBeau centerfold & NUDE pictorial; SEX & Special Effects; Fantasy Artist Cylde Caldwell; Golden Girls of Moscow; Bram Stoker's Burial of Rats; NM+, 9.6 = $39; VF/NM, 9.0 = $18 );

#6 (1995; Brinke Stevens cover & NUDE pictorial; Sassy Lee Varga centerfold & NUDE pictorial; filmaker Tom Brown; Larissa - From Russia with Love; Girls of Doublevision; NM, 9.4 = $29; VF, 8.0 = $14 );

#7 (1995; JULIE STRAIN cover & NUDE pictorial; Monique Gabrielle the Teen Years centerfold & NUDE pictorial; Naked Horror - NUDE pictorial; RED Lips - Erotic Vampire Fantasy; VF+, 8.5 = $14);

#9 (1995; Michelle Bauer cover, Interview & NUDE pictorial; Becky Sunshine centerfold & NUDE pictorial; School Girl - NUDE pictorial; Naked Movies - NUDE pictorial; Debbie D ... Legend of the Brown Haired Mermaid; NM-, 9.2 = $22);

#9 (1995; Michelle Bauer cover, Interview & NUDE pictorial; Becky Sunshine centerfold & NUDE pictorial; School Girl - NUDE pictorial; Naked Movies - NUDE pictorial; Debbie D ... Legend of the Brown Haired Mermaid; NM-, 9.2 = $22);

#12(1996; JULIE STRAIN cover with BLACK Background - Julie holding her Breast & Croch; NM-, 9.2 = $18.00);

#12(1996; JULIE STRAIN cover with RED Background - Julie sucking her Middle Finger; VF/NM, 9.0 = $14.00);

#13(1996; Lorissa McComas; June Wilkinson; VF, 8.0 = $);

#14(1997; Tammy Parks; Julie Strain, Linnea Quigley, Rhonda Shear, Dian Parkinson, Monique Gabrielle; Debbie D and Debbie Dutch; NM-, 9.2 = $18.00);

#14(1997; Tammy Parks; Julie Strain, Linnea Quigley, Rhonda Shear, Dian Parkinson, Monique Gabrielle; Debbie D and Debbie Dutch; VF/NM, 9.0 = $14);

#15(1997; JULIE STRAIN cover; NM-, 9.2 = $16.00);

#17(1997; Cyber-Babes; Countess Vladimira; NM-, 9.2 = $16.00); #17(1997; Cyber-Babes; Countess Vladimira; VF/NM, 9.0 = $13.00);

#18(1998; MONIQUE cover; Chaos Comics; VF/NM, 9.0 = $13.00);

#19(1998; Julie Wallace Topless in Boxing Gloves PHOTO cover; VF/NM, 9.0 = $14.00);

#19(1998; Julie Wallace; TopleGirl Wrapped in Black Tape PAINTED cover; VF+, 8.5 = $12.00);

SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED POSTERBOOK (Market Square Productions inc; ; Pro Fanzine/Magazine COLOR GIRLS & WOMEN of Movie Monsters Horror magazine with Photo's & Articles; ADULTS ONLY = LOTS of NUDE PHOTO'S; 72 pages); -

#1 (1997; All JULIE STRAIN issue; Folds Out to a 21"x33" Poster; FN/VF, 7.0 = $12);

#1 (1997; All JULIE STRAIN issue; Folds Out to a 21"x33" Poster; VF+, 8.5 = $16);

#2 (1997; All TAMMY PARKS issue; Folds Out to a 21"x33" Poster; VF+, 8.5 = $13);

SCREEM Magazine #4(1994), 8, 9, 11,12,13,#25(2012; Universal Monsters Photo-c; VF/NM = $12);

SERENDIPITY (Solarquest Pub.) - 1988 – October (Volume 1 #1);


1985 (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

S F T V (HJS Publications)

1984 (December #1);

1985 (January #2);

S F T V COLOR POSTER BOOK (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1978 - #1,2,3;


1974 #50;

SFX (SPECIAL EFFECTS) (Starlog Communications International Inc.) - 1992 - #3;

SFX (Future Pub. Ltd.) -

1996 (August #15);

2002 (November; Farscape/ Harry Potter 2);

2004 (April; Sarah Michelle Gellar);(July; (Spider-Man 2);

2008 (February; Primeval); (March; Heroes);

SHADOWS OF... (Dawn Press Inc.) - 1982 (Spring #6);

SHAYOL (Flight Unlimited Inc.)

1977 (#1 November; Cover art “Flight” by Roger Stine);

1978 (#2 February; Interview Tim Kirk);

1980 (#4; Cover art by Roger Stine);

SHIVERS (Visual Imagination Ltd.)

1992(October #3);

1993 (March #6); (#32 No date);

#37, #61, #62; (#64; Sarah Michelle Gellar); (#69; The Making of the Modern Vampire); (#116; Sarah Michelle Gellar);

SHRIEK - the Monster Horror Magazine (Robin Bean / House of Horror pub)

#1(May/1965; Horror Hags = Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, & Tallulah Bankhead; Vincent Price; Soverign of the Sinister; Flesh Eathers; Witchcraft; Girl-Vampire; Secret of Blood Island; Die Die my Darling; Harakiri; Painted-c);

#2(October /1965);


#4 (Winter/1967);

SHOCK XPRESS (Airgedlamh Pub.) - 1988/89 (Winter Vol.2 #5);

S.I.G. (Engale Marketing Pub.) - 1985 (Spring #12);

SILVER SCREEN (Combined with Screenland) [GLOBE Communications Corp Pub; B&W Photo & Articles Magazine];

May 1977(Special HORROR issue; 68 pages; Vincent Price, Fly, etc; the Originals: Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, etc; the Creatures: Godzilla, Cyclops, Gorgo, etc; The Giants: King Kong, etc; the Occult: Excorcist, Crowly, etc; 113 Monster Photo's; VF, 8.0 = $18);

SILVER SCREEN HORROR (Globe Communications Corp) - 1977 (May);

SLAUGHTER HOUSE (HCS Assoc.) - 1988 #1-4;


2005 (January; #4; Tom Welling); (March; #5; Lana Lang); (April; #7; Clark Kent); (June; #9; Allison Mack & Erica Durance); (September/ October; #10; Erica Durance); (November/December; #11; Season 5 News);

2006 (January/February; Kristin Kreuk); (May/June; #14; Erica Durance/ Annette O'Toole); (July/August; #15; interviews with entire cast); (September/October; #16; Episode Guide); (November/December; #17; Smallville 101);

2007 (March/April; #19; Tom Welling/. Erica Durance); (May/June; #20; Green Arrow/ Impulse/ Aquaman/ Cyborg); (July/August; #21; Chloe & Jimmy); (September/October; #22; Lex Luther); (November/December; #23; Erica Durance);

2008 (May/June; #26; Justin Hartley);


THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER (Osiris Pub.) - 1986 (Volume 1 #1; Doctor Who Fanzine);

SORCERER'S APPRENTICE (Flying Buffalo Inc.) - 1980 (Fall #8);


1993 (September/October; Volume 2 #5);

1994 (March/April Volume 3 #2); (May/June; Volume 3 #3; Double Issue);

1995 (Volume 4 #18);

SPACE TREK (Stories, Layouts and Press Inc.)

1978 (Winter #1);

1979 (Spring #2); (Summer Vol.2 #2);

SPACE VOYAGER (Argus Specialist Pub.) -

1982 (No Date);

1984 (#12 December/ January 1985);

1985 (#13 February/March); (#15 June/July); (#16 August/September); (#17 October/ November);

SPACE WARS (Stories, layouts and Press Inc.)

1977 (October); (December);

1978 (February); (April); (June); (August); (December);

1979 (March); (May); (July); (September);(November);

March 1980 (Volume-4 #1; DARTH VADER, William Shatner & ALIEN Photo cover; FA/G, Low Grade Reading copy = $5.00);

SPACE WARS HEROES; ANCIENT ASTRONANTS SPECIAL EDITION (Stories, Layouts and Press Inc.) - 1979 (Spring);

SPAWN: OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1997 - #NN;

SPECTRUM (Win-Mill Productions Pub.) -

1995 (Volume 1 #4 July; X-Files);

2002 (#32; November Alias/ Smallville);

SPECIES; OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1995;

THE SPINTRIAN (Speculative Fiction Society Pub.); - 1988 (Volume 1 #1; January Fanzine);

STAR BATTLES (Stories, layouts and Press Inc.)

Volume-1 #4(Winter/1978; Superman & Battlestar Galactica-c/s; Also with; Buck Rogers, Jane Seymour interview; Watership Down; George Romero's Living Dead; VF = $12);

Volume-2 #1(Spring /1979; Star Wars, Superman, Battlestar Galactica-c/s; Day the Earth Stood Still; VF = $12);

Volume-2 #2(Summer/1979;Star Wars Empire Strikes Back-c/s; Also with; Superman II, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, China Syndrome; VF = $12);

STAR BLASTER (Windsor Communications pub)
Volume-1 #1 (January/1983; E.T. the Extraterrestial, Superman III, Star Wars Return of the Jedi & Star Trek III-c/s; Also with; Rocky; VF = $15);

STARBLASTER SPECIAL (Windsor Communications pub)
Volume-1 (August/1986; Darth Vader, Rambo & Indiana Jones-c/s; Also with; Supergirl, James Bond, Spock & Kirk; VF = $14)

Volume-1 (October/1986; all-new Darth Vader, Slyvester Stallone as Cobra & Arnold Schwarznegger as Commando-c/s; Also with; Q gives James Bond 007 secrets; Star Trek IV; VF = $12)

Volume-1 #10 (December/1986; Darth Vader, Superman, Star Wars-c/s; Also with; Aliens, Slyvester Stallone as Cobra, James Bond, Supergirl; VF = $12)

STAR BLAZER (Special) (Liberty Communications Inc.)
1984; (July; Volume-1 #1; Supergirl & Indiana Jones-c; full Indiana Jones painted back-c; FN = $12);

1985; (Spring; Volume-1 #2; Steven Speilberg's INDY III / Indiana Jones issue; also with James Bond; FN = $12);

1984; (November; Volume-1 #3; Star Trek IV & Indiana Jones-c; full Indiana Jones photo back-c; FN = $10);

1985; (January; Volume-1 #4; EWOKS Photo-c; Star Trek photo back-c; Helen Slater Supergirl movie; DUNE vs Star Wars; V - Space Creatures attack;l Arnold Schrarzenegger interview; FN+ = $10);

1985; (Autumn; Volume-1 #5; FIRST BLOOD II Rambo's Revenge & JAMES BOND's Harem Girls-c; FN = $10);

STARDATE (Associates International Inc.);

1986 (#10 February; Cover art by David Mattingly);

STAR ENCOUNTERS (Stories, Layouts and Press Inc. - Myron & Irving Fass publishers; 68 Pages including Covers) -

Volume-1 #1 (April/1978; 8 pages in color; Super UFO / Close Encounters issue; An Innocent's Vengeance = 6 page Comics story by Steve Clement, with Brian J Buniak art; Underground Comix Review; Astronauts & UFO'S; Mars the Mysterious Planet; LASERIUM The Cosmic Laser Concert; Making of King Kong, Pyramid Power; Inside Star Wars; V isitors from the Stars);

Volume-1 #2 (June/1978;  8 pages in color; Brains and Blobs from Outer Space; Star Wars; Close Encounters; 2001: A Space Odyssey revisited; Rocky Horror Picture Show - Cult Screamer with Meatloaf; Capricorn 1 sneak preview;  War of the Worlds; Professor Quatermass; Destination Moon);

Volume-1 #3 (August/1978; Gene Roddenberry: Beyond Star Trek; preview of Irwin Allen's Swarm; The Films of Ray Bradbury; Tales of Sci-Fi Conventions; Jason and the Argonauts - Ray Harryhausen; Strange Apes in Science Fiction; Screen Adventures of Flash Gordon; The Thing from Another World; Age of the Clone = 3 pages of Comics with GENE DAY story & art);


1980 – Volume 1 (#1; August); October;

STAR FORCE (SJ Publications Inc.)
1980; (October; Volume-1 #2; Star Wars Empire Strikes Back issue; FN/VF=$12; G/VG= $6);

1980; (December; Volume-1 #3; Star Wars issue; VG/FN = $10);
1981; (February; Volume-2 #1; Star Wars issue; G/VG = $6);


2004 (November/December; #1);

2005 (January/February; #2); (March/April; #3); (May/April; #4); (July/August; #5); (September/October; #6);


2005 (November/December; #7);

2006 (January/February; #8); (May/June; #10); (July/August; #11); (September/October; #12); (November/ December); #13);

2007 (January; February; #14); (July/August; #17); (September/October; #18);

2008 (January/February; #20); (July/August; #23);


STAR INVADERS (Liberty Communications Inc.)
1984; (Winter; Volume-1 #2; DUNE & STAR WARS issue; VG/FN, but Centerfold Poster is missing = $5);
1985; (Spring; Volume 1 #3l Dune); (Summer; Volume-1 #4; T2; Terminator II Special Effects issue; FN+ = $12);

STARLOG (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1976 (#2(November);

1977; #3(January); #5(May); #6(June); #7(August); #8(September); #9(October);#10(December);

1978; #11(January); #12(March); #13(May); #14(June); #15(August); #16(September); #17(October); #18(December);

1979; #19(February); #20(March); #21(April); #22(May); #23(June); #24(July); #25(August); #26(September); #27(October); #28(November); #29(December);

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1997; #234(January);

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1999 #258 (January);

2000; #274(May); #275 (June);

STARLOG - THE BEST OF; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1980(#1); 1981 (#2); 1983 (#4); 1986 (#7);

STARLOG - FANTASY WORLDS; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 2001(#1);

STARLOG - 100 YEARS OF SCIENCE FICTION ; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1999(NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) FANTASTIC 3-D (1982);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) FANTASTIC WORLDS; 1978 (NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SCIENCE FICTION ALIENS ; 1977 (NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SCIENCE FICTION HEROES ; 1980 (NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) Science Fiction TOYS & MODELS - Volume-1 {STARLOG Photo Guidebook} (Starlog Press; 1980; 36 pages; by Stephen J. Sansweet; RAY GUNS, Robots, Action Figures, Flying Saucers & Rocketships-c & vintage Toys articles with Photo's; VG/FN = $15; VG=$12);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SCEINCE FICTION VILLAINS ; 1980 (NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SCIENCE FICTION WEAPONS ; 1979 (Vol. 1);

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STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SPACESHIPS ; 1977 (#NN);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) SPECIAL EFFECTS ; - (1979; Volume 1); (1980; Vol.2; TPB);

STARLOG - PHOTO GUIDEBOOK; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) TV EPISODE GUIDE – Volume 1 (Science Fiction, Adventure & Superheroes; 1981);

STARLOG - PLATINUM EDITION (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1993 (Volume 1);

1994 (Vol.2);

1995(January; Vol.5);

STARLOG - POSTER MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1983 (Vol.1);

1985 (Vol.4);

1988 (Special #1);

STARLOG - PRESS CATALOG ; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1980;

STARLOG - SCIENCE FICTION EXPLORER (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) ; 1995 (#9);

STARLOG - SCIENCE FICTION YEARBOOK (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1979 (#1);

STARLOG - SCRAPBOOK (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1983 (Vol.2);

1984 (Vol.3);

1987 (Vol.6);

STARLOG SPECTACULAR (1990) (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) #1,4,6;

STARLOG YEARBOOK (1987) (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) #1,4,6,8,9,11,14;

STARLOG BRASIL (? Pub.; Brasil) (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) – 1998 (#8);


#1(12/1976; G/VG $10)

#2(4/1977; VG $12);

#3 (June/1977; number written on cover o/w FN $14);

#4(August/1977; number written on cover o/w VG $10);

#5(October/1977; number written on cover o/w VG $10);

#6(December/1977; number written on cover o/w G/VG $8);


(1974-1978; Listed in the PROMO section of the Overstreet Guide; In Overstreet #35 in Promo section under "Power Record Comics", they are listed on page 307; Peter Pan Records; NEW Material Comics & Stories NOT published elsewhere They were released with a STICKER that had the Price on upper

right cover corner; The Upper Right corner was released from publisher "scored" so that the Merchant could rip or break off the price if they wanted to alter it; MANY copies on the market were remaindered by clipping off the corner, or putting a Die-Cut thru one edge of the book; NONE of these copies are Die-Cut

nor clipped; NM copies are Extremely Rare, as the RECORD leaves dents & creases in the comic; ALL are scarce in Strict VF or better);

(PR-25 - STAR TREK - Passage To Moauv; 1979; PHOTO cover; Comic=VF/NM; Vinyl Record =Unplayed, VF/NM, 9.0 = $39);

(PR-45 - STAR TREK - Dinosaur Planet; 1979; PHOTO cover; Still Factory Sealed in original Cello-Plastix Shrinkwrap, causing a slight curl in the comic over record, on back ONLY, o/w would be higher grade; Record= New Un-Played & Assumed NM, 9.4; Comic= VF/NM, 9.0; = $49);

(PR-46 - STAR TREK - The Robot Masters; 1979; PHOTO cover; Still Factory Sealed in original Cello-Plastix Shrinkwrap, causing a slight curl in the comic over record, on back ONLY, o/w would be higher grade; Record= New Un-Played & Assumed NM, 9.4; Comic= VF/NM, 9.0; = $49);

STAR TREK - COLORING BOOK #C1862 (Spock on cover; Saalfield Pub.; 1975);

STAR TREK - COLORING BOOK #C1856 (Spock and Captain Kirk on cover; Saalfield Pub. Co.;1975);


STAR TREK - COLOR AND ACTIVITY BOOK (Merigold Press Pub.) 1982;


STAR TREK - COMIC ALBUM (BBC) (World Distributors Pub.) 1974;

STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR: OFFICIAL FAN CLUB (The Official Fan Club Inc.) - #103(July/August 1995),104,106,107, 114, 119,120,122,123;

STAR TREK - CONVENTION PROGRAM (International Star Trek Convention)

1975 (Star Trek Lives! Philadelphia; International Star Trek Convention; SPOCK Photo-c; FN $25);

STAR TREK : DEEP SPACE NINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) #1(1993),2-16,22;

STAR TREK - ENTERPRISE (HJS Pub.) #8(February 1985);


1984; (May #17); (June #18); (July #19); (August #20); (October #22); (November #23);

1985 (January #25); (February #26); (March #27);






STAR TREK - ENTERPRISE SPECIAL (New Media Pub.) Circa 1979 #1-3;


STAR TREK - V; OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1989;

STAR TREK - FILES MAGAZINES series (PSI FI Movie Press Inc./ Pop Cult Inc/New Media; Designed and Edited by HAL SCHUSTER; Trade Paperback / Magazine/ Fanzines; Loaded with Photo's & Articles)

- Animated Voyages Begin (1985) by John Peel; (VG=$8; G/VG=$6);

- Focus on Chekov --- Flip Book, with - Uhura on Reverse side (1986) by John Peel; VF/NM=$15; VG=$8);

- Harry Mudd File (1987) by Edward Gross; (VF/NM=$20; FN/VF=$15);

- Spotlight on Klingons (1986) by Edward Gross; (VF/NM $15);

- Focus on McCoy (1987) by John Peel; (VF/NM=$15);

- The Monsters and Aliens of Star Trek Volume-1 (1987) by John Peel; (VF+ $15);

- Star Trek That Almost Was (1985) by John Peel; (FN/VF $12);

- Star Trek 20th Anniverary Tribute; the Voyage Continues (1986; 84 pages including covers; VF/NM=$20);

- Star Trek Villains - Computer Menaces (1987; by John Peel; VF/NM $15);

- Star Trek Year Two (1987) by John Peel; (Complete Review & Analysis of the Critical First Voyages; SPOCK Photo-c; 148 Pages; VF/NM $24);

- That Which Survives (1985) by John Peel; (G/VG $7);

- the THOLIAN WEB (1986) by John Peel; (G/VG $7);

- Spotlight on Time Travel (1985) by Ed Gross; (VF/NM $18);

- Focus on Uhura --- Flip Book, with - Chekov on Reverse side (1986) by John Peel; (VF/NM $18);

- Undiscovered Star Trek; Book One (1987) by Edward Gross; (VF/NM $15);

- Undiscovered Star Trek; Book Two - Dagger of the Mind (1987) by John Peel ;VF/NM $18);

- Undiscovered Star Trek; Book Three (1987) by Edward Gross; (VF $15);

- Undiscovered Star Trek; Book Five (1987) by Edward Gross; (VF $15);

- Spotlight on Whom Gods Destroy (1986) by John Peel; (VF/NM $15);


(United Federatoin of Planet and Starfleet Command; SCARCE Fanzine, with many articles & illustrations on STAR TREK; Rudy Link editor; >>>Editiorials, letters, stories, Analysis, Treknology, Trivia etc);

1977 (June; #12; FN/VF $10); (July; #13; FN/VF $10); (August; #14; FN/VF $10);(September; #15; all Art issue; FN/VF $10);

1978 (April #20; FN/VF $10); (April #21; FN/VF $10); (No Date; #26; FN/VF $10);

STAR TREK - GENERATIONS; OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1994 (Regular); (3-D);


STAR TREK GENERATIONS Press Book (1994) Patrick Stewart, William Shatner

STAR TREK - GIANT POSTER BOOK (Paradise Press Inc.; 8-1/2" x 11" Magazine, with great

Photo's & Articles; unfolds to a 22"x34" Color Poster);

- Voyage One (1976; VG $12)

- Voyage Two (1976; FN/VF $14);

- Voyage Three (1976; VG/FN $10);

- Voyage Four (1976; VF=$15; FN/VF=$12);

- Voyage Seven (1977; G/VG $6)

STAR TREK - THE HISTORY OF STAR TREK (Superstar Facts and Pix) (The Sterling

MacFadden Partnership) 1993;

STAR TREK INTRAGALACTIC PUZZLES by James Razzi -- gathered from All Over the Galaxy - Spaced-out Puzzles to Mystify Amuse and Enlighten Star Trek Fans (ISBN: 0553010832; Bantam Books, Inc. 1977, NY, USA, 1977. Soft Cover Trade Paperback; pencil writing on some pages, VG/FN $10)

STAR TREK - MAPS (Bantam Books Pub) 1980;


STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE PUNCH-OUT BOOK, by Lokvig, Tor and Chuck Murphy (Make your Very Own Starship without Scissors or Glue; Soft Cover Trade Paperback; Wanderer pub; Scarce; FN $25);



STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) #1(1987),2-30;



1993 #46-48,51,56,57,62;



STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION WRITE'S TECHNICAL MANUAL (Paramount Pictures Corp.) 1989 (Third Season);

STAR TREK - THE OFFICERS OF THE BRIDGE [Fanzine, New York, 1976., 1st edition. Souvenir of 1976 Star Trek convention in New York. Articles about the original show's stars and the characters they played. PLUS A portfolio of full page color artwork by noted science fiction artist Kelly Freas of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Lt. Sulu (based on a scene from the episode The Naked Time). Seven pages in all of fantastic color art. Also photo's from the show and photo's & Biographies of the stars at various Trek conventions; VG/FN $15];

STAR TREK - OFFICIAL FAN CLUB MAGAZINE (Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Pub.)

1986(January/February #48);

1987 (April/May #55); (June/July #56);

1989 (April/May #67); (December/January #71);

1990 (August/September #75);

1991 (August/September #81); (December/January #83);

1992 (March/April #84); (May/June #85); (July/August #86); (September/October #87);

(November/December #88);

1993 (January/February #89); (March/April #90); (May/June #91);

STAR TREK SCENE; (Kevin Cook Pub.; 25 cent cover price; 1973 Fanzine; Spock cover; Articles & illustration; Very Low print run & Scarce; G $10);

STAR TREK - THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK; OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (Starlog Tether Merchandising Group) 1984;


STAR TREK LIVES - STAMPS (Circa mid-1970's; PROMO from International Star Trek convention; SHEET of 36 Yellow colored illustrated STAMPS depicting Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov; Measures 6"x9"; VF = $10);

STAR TREK - STAR FLEET TECHNICAL MANUAL by Joseph Franz (Ballantine Books; Trade Paperback; 11/1975; 1st Printing; This is a manual from the "Training Command .Star Fleet Academy." Descriptions of male and female uniforms, shuttlecraft, and various starships. Oversized Softcover/ HC. This edition has the original Plastic casing/folder that the softcover manual sits nside. Very official. It also has the orginal $6.95 price on the front of the plastic folder; Loaded with awesome illustrations; FN $18);

STAR TREK - TOUCHSTONE by ROBYN BERKELEY (Riah Press Pub.; 1990; Trade Paperback NOVEL;

RARE; VF=$30; FN=$24);

STAR TREK - TREK TIMES (Trek Times Pub.; SCARCE Newsprint Fanzine; Photo covers on all; Photo's Articles, Interviews, etc)

1976; #3(August; 32 pages; FN $12); #4(September; 24 pages; FN/VF $12); #5(October; 32 pages; FN $12);

STAR TREK - TREK, the Magazine for Star Trek Fans (G.B. Love Pub.; #1-3= Folded Tabloid Newspaper format; Others= Pro Fanzine format)

1975; #1(24 pages; Scarce; FN $35); #2(24 pages; Photo-c; Scarce; VG $20);

1975; #3(24 pages; Scarce; Fabian-c; VG=$20; G=$13);

1980; (Summer; #16; Uhura photo-c; 40 pages; many Photo's & articles; G/VG $12);

1978; (November; Special #2; Kirk photo-c; Slick paper; 52 pages; many Photo's & articles; FN $25);

STAR TREK - 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1991; 100 pages including covers; Slick magazine;. Includes a synopsis of each of the episodes in the original series, much more. LOADED with Full Color Photo's; VF/NM $15);

STAR TREK - THE UNDISCOVERED COUNRTY; OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1991;

STAR TREK - U.S.S. ENTERPRISE OFFICER'S MANUAL -- Constitution Class NCC-1701 / OM 1701-CEC/REV CLASSIFIED TERRA 2217. by Mandel, Geoffrey and Drexler, Doug (1980; Star Fleet Publications Office/United Federation of Planets Pub; This manual is for eyes of Star Fleet Officers of Lieutenant Grade or above only. It is intended to familiarize new personnel with the critical components and general routine of Constitution and Enterprise Class Starships, and should not supplant other manuals providing more detailed information on Starship Operation. Refer all questions to the Star Fleet Chief of Operations, Star Fleet Command; FN+ $22);

STAR TREK - STAR TREK VOYAGER (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

1995 (April); (June); (August); (October);

1996(February); (April); (June); (September);

1998 (February); (April); (June); (November);



STAR TREK - WALTER KOENIG FAN CLUB '75 (April/1976 YEARBOOK; 76 pages including covers; Fanzine; Many Photo's, Articles, illustration & letters on KOENIG; Rare; G/VG $22);


STAR TREK - WHO'S WHO IN STAR TREK (by John Townsley; April Pub Inc; 1982; Rare Spiral Bound Fanzine; 40 pages including covers; RARE in this Original Printing; VG/FN $25);


STAR TREK - THE WRATH OF KHAN (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1982;

STAR TREK SCRIPT'S (Fanzines / Magazines; One-Sided pages, with Outer Covers, 3-Ring Binders Holes, held together with Round Head Fasteners);

- By Any Other Name (by D.C. Fontana and Jerome Bixby);

- Catspaw (by Robert Block and D.C. Fontana);

- The City of the Edge of Forever (by Harlan Ellison);

- The Corbomite Maneuver (by Jerry Sohl);

- Court Marshal (by Don M. Mankiewicz & Steven Carabatsoo);

- Dagger of the Mind (by Shimon Wincelberg);

- The Deadly Years (by David P. Harmon);

- Friday's Child (by D.C. Fontana);

- The Galileo Seven (by Shimon Wincelberg & Oliver Crawford);

- The Immunity Syndrome (by Robert Sabaroff);

-  Star Trek: The Motion Picture II, the Undiscovered Country (written by Harve Bennett, with Jack B. Sowards & Samuel A. Peeples; Paramount Pictures; Revised Final Draft; January 18/1982; 120 x One-Sided pages including covers; VF = $15.00);

- Mudd's Women (by Unknown);

- The Naked Time (Part 1) (by John D.F. Black);

- Obession (by Art Wallace;

- Operation - Annihilate! (by D.C. Fontana);

- Return to Genesis (by Harve Bennett);

- The Squire of Gothos (by Paul Schneider);

- This Side of Paradise (formelry "Way of the Spores") (by D.C. Fontana);

- Tomorrow is Yesterday (by D.C. Fontana);

- Star Trek IV: The Trial of James T. Kirk (Story Treatment by John L. Flynn; Second Revision October 1/1984; #129 in a Limited edition Serially Numbered edition of only 500 Copies; 35 x One-Sided pages including covers; Minor staining to covers, thus FN = $12.00);

- The Trouble with Tribbles (by David Gerrold);

- What are Little Girls Made Of (by Robert Bloch);



1983 (August; #21);

1984 (Winter; #23);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub.; Darth Vader Frontcover; #19090; 1982);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub.; Princess Leia Frontcover; #19130; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COLORING BOOK (Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca; Princess Leia, Han Solo; #19140; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COLORING BOOK (Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca; R2-D2; #19110; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COLORING BOOK (Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca; Yoda; #19090; 1982);


THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK NOTEBOOK (Ballantine Pub.; 1980; Diana Attias, Lindsay Smith (eds.);


THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK OFFICIAL POSTER MONTHLY - #1 Back in Action. (Paradise Press Inc.; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK OFFICIAL POSTER MONTHLY - #2 The Dark Lord; The Forces of the Empire. (Paradise Press Inc.; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK OFFICIAL POSTER MONTHLY - #3 The Mysteries of Yoda; The Indignites of Artoo. (Paradise Press Inc.; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK OFFICIAL POSTER MONTHLY - #5 Han Solo – Hero and Scoundrel; Laser Weapons. (Paradise Press Inc.; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK STORYBOOK (Scholastic Pub.; Full Color Photographs; 1980);

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK STORYBOOK (Scholastic Pub.;1997; by J.J. Gardner; Frontcover Yoda);

FOURTH DRAFT October 24, 1978; EPISODE V OF THE “JOURNAL OF THE WHILLS”; Fourth Draft Shooting Script; (Fanzine/Magazine; One-Sided pages, with Outer Covers, 3-Ring Binders Holes, held together with Round Head Fasteners);

FALL OF THE REPUBLIC MOVIE SCRIPT (Fanzine/Magazine; One-Sided pages, with Outer Covers, 3-Ring Binders Holes, held together with Round Head Fasteners);


RETURN OF THE JEDI COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub.; Band From the bar; #18410; 1983);


RETURN OF THE JEDI; JEDI COMPENDIUM (Paradise Press Pub.; 1983; 8 color Posters; Jedi Fact File; Behind the Scenes; FN $8);

RETURN OF THE JEDI MOVIE SCRIPT (Fan Club Reproduction Pub.; Episode VII of the “Journal of the Whills”); (Fanzine/Magazine; One-Sided pages, with Outer Covers, 3-Ring Binders Holes, held together with Round Head Fasteners);


RETURN OF THE JEDI POSTER FOLD-OUT FACT SHEET - #1 At Last the Waiting is Over; (Paradise Press Inc.; 1983);

RETURN OF THE JEDI POSTER FOLD-OUT FACT SHEET - #2 Inside Jabba the Hutt's Court! (Paradise Press Inc.; 1983);

RETURN OF THE JEDI POSTER FOLD-OUT FACT SHEET - #3 Double Poster Issue; Close-Up Look at transport and Weapons; (Paradise Press Inc.; 1983);

RETURN OF THE JEDI POSTER FOLD-OUT FACT SHEET - #4 Double Poster Issue; In Depth Look at the Space Battle; (Paradise Press Inc.; 1983);

RETURN OF THE JEDI POSTER SKETCHBOOK (Ballantine Pub.; 1983; by Joe Johnston & Nilo Rodis-Jamero);

RETURN OF THE JEDI; THE STORYBOOK ON THE MOVIE (Scholastic Pub.; 1983; Softcover & Hardcover);

STAR WARES (Topps Pub.; The Catalog of Star Wars, Star Trek Merchandise #5; 1996);

STAR WARES (Topps Pub.; The Catalog of Star Wars, Star Trek Merchandise #6; 1996);

STAR WARES (Topps Pub.; The Catalog of Star Wars, Star Trek Merchandise #9; November/1997);

THE STAR WARS ALBUM (Ballantine Pub.; 1977);

STAR WARS; ATTACK ON READING Comprehension #1 (Random House Pub.; 1979);

STAR WARS; ATTACK ON READING Comprehension #2 (Random House Pub.; 1979);

STAR WARS BLUEPRINTS (Ballantine Pub.; 1977; Completely detailed designed for the sets and effects; actual size 13-19 inches);

STAR WARS COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub/ Chewbacca; #38485; 1977);

STAR WARS COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub/ Luke Skywalker; C-3PO; #38485; 1977);

STAR WARS COLORING BOOK (Kenner Pub/ R2-D2; #38485; 1977);

THE STAR WARS COMPENDIUM (Paradise Press Inc.; 1982);


STAR WARS INSIDER (The Fan Club Inc. Pub)





STAR WARS KIDS (The Fan Club Inc. Pub.; Sampler Issue; September/October/1998);





#17(December/1998-January/1999; with Princess Leia Poster);

#18(February/March/1999; with Ewan McGregor Poster);







#25(April/May/2000; with Mara Jade Poster);



#28(October/November/2000; with Episode II Poster);

#29(December/2000 – January/2001; with Star Wars Classic Villians poster);

#30(Christmas 2000);


#2(1997; Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader);

#3(1977; Han Solo);





THE STAR WARS STORYBOOK (Random House Pub.; 1978; with Full Color Photographs);

STAR WARS TECHNICAL JOURNAL – Volume 1 Of the Planet Tatooine; 1993; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

STAR WARS TECHNICAL JOURNAL – Volume 2 Of the Imperial Forces; 1994; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)

STAR WARS TECHNICAL JOURNAL – Volume 3 Of the Rebel Forces; 1994; (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications)



THE WORLD OF THE STAR WARS (Paradise Press Inc. Pub.; 1981; A Compendium of Fact and Fantasy from Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back);

STAR WARP (Stories, Layouts and Press Inc.)

1978; #1(April); #2(June); #3(August); #4(Winter);

1979; (Spring); (Summer); (Fall);


The Count Down (1986);

STOP MOTION ANIMATION (Cinema Enterprises Pub.)

1980 – (Compiled and Edited by Don Dohler);

SUB-TERRENEA #6(1990; VF/NM $8);

SUPERSTAR FACTS AND PIX (Sterling/Macfadden Pub.)

1994 (#33; Starbase); (#32);

SUPER STAR HEROES -- Ideal All-Star Series; (Ideal Pub. Corp) (Weight for POSTAGE = 125 GRAMS each); 1978; (#2; December; Superman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Lord of the Rings, Black Cauldron, Star Wars); 1979; (#7; May; Muppet Movie, Star Trek, UFO, Black Hole, Nightwing, Dr Who, Salvage-1);

1979; (#10; October; Star Trek, Superman, Body Snatchers, Doc Savage, HULK, Swartzenegger as Conan, Close Encounters, TV's Brave New World; Mummy movies, Amityville Horror, etc); 1980; (#11; January; Black hole, Meteor, Star Trek TMP, Nosferatu, Time after Time, Arabian Adventure, Buck Rogers);


1995 (July);

**** T ****

TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE OFFICAL MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1995;

TANGENT (David A. Truesdale Pub.) - 1977 (Winter #6);

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY; OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1991;

THRILLER (Tempest pub; Weist Guide says that ALL issues are "EXTREMELY RARE in Higher Grades"; Interior Stories are SEX / SATIRE with use of Modeled Photo's; Some Monster Pix);

Volume-1 #2 (5/1962; "Classic" Woman Vampire PHOTO cover; VF+, 8.5 = $199.00);

Volume-1 #3 (7/1962; Screaming Woman threatened by blue-faced monster PHOTO cover; VF, 8.0 = $179.00);


1986 (Vol. 2);

International Rescue (1986);

TIME SCREEN (Engale Marketing Pub.)

1991 (Spring #17);

1992 (Autumn #19);

TOTAL RECALL; THE OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) 1990;

TOXIC HORROR (Starlog Telecommunications/ O'Quinn Studios Pub; Slick COLOR Magazine; Monsters Horror magazine with Photo's & Articles)

#1 (December/1989; Freddy Krugger from Nightmare on Elm Street 5 cover; ** Includes; Frankenstein; Booger Man; Teens Run Wild - Lurid 50's Fiction; Horror Comix; Phantom of the Opera; SOLD OUT);

#2 (2/1990; Toxic Avenger III cover; ** Includes; Club Undead; Stephen King new Novel; Freddy Krugger; Horror Comics; 15 Years of TROMA; VF, 8.0 = $12);

#3 (4/1990; Clive Barker's Night Breed cover; ** Includes; Monster City; Basket case II; Human Fireballs - Tobe Hooper; Toxic Toon Comics; SOLD OUT);

TRASHFIEND – Horror & Exploitation Fare from 1960's & 1970's (Stigmata Press) #3(Barnabus Collins / Dark Shadows-c; VF+ $9);

TRUE TWILIGHT TALES (League Pub. Inc.) #NN(#1; Fall/1963; 15 Horror Stories with Photo's & Illustrations; Case of the Passionate Ghost; Banquet for 11 Corpses; I'm Dead & It's beautiful; Curse of the Violated Virgin; Night Death pitched a No-Hitter; Invisible Scratcher; G/VG $29);

TRUE WEIRD {Stories} .. Strange, Fantastic, True! (Weider Periodicals Inc; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Squarebound; 84 pages including covers; Occult & Fantasy magazine; Text Stories, with either illustrations or Photo's, on almost every page; all Scarce)

Volume-1 #2 (February/1956; President Abe Lincoln Painted Cover by Clarence Doore; ** Includes; Rasputiin Death of the Holy Devil, Harry Truman & Lincoln's Ghost, the Fakir who really preformed miracles, Indiana farmer vanished into Space, Weird Tableaus from nowhere, Bell Witch, Zombies' secret hideout, Canada's paradise of Death, Ghost who stopped clocks; FA, Back cover missing $9);

TRUMPET - the Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy Hyperbole (Tom Reamy Trumpet Pub.; SF Fanzine);

#10 (1969; 52 pages; George Barr-c; D. Bruce Berry back-c; Down in Flames by Larry Niven; Gormenghast - a Portfolio by Tim Kirk; Tod Slaughter article by James Michael Martin; Porongraphic Soapbox by Phillis Eisenstein; the CASTLE = 2 pages comics by Stave Kelez; Logic of the Law by Everett E. Smith; Folio by Jim Nielson; Medusa Oblongata by Joseph Jones; Films Revisited = Black Zoo, Hypnotoic Eye, Untamed Women & Assignment Outer Space; small Steve Fabian illo; Wally Wood-a?; VG/FN = $22)

#12 (Summer/1981; 52 pages; Art by Jim Steranko, Doug Potter, Frank Brunner & Jeff Easley, Doug Potter, John Severin; tribute to Tom Reamy; Frank Frazetta & Steve Fabian illos; Solar Wind by Ken Keller; Article by Algis Budrys; the Deep world of William Hope Hodgson's Night Land by Richard Hodgens; Lost City illustrated Text story by Jim Fitzpatrick; unpublished M.M. Moamrath; Franklin Booth - art Retrospective; It Can't happen here by Ronald Anthony Cross; Lin Carter in the Land of Lost Boys by James K. Burk; William Rotsler; VF $18);

TV GREATS; SPACE STARS OF MOVIES AND TV (Sterling's Magazine Inc.) - 1978 (#3);

TV ZONE (Visual Imagination Ltd.)


#1(September/October; Star Trek/ Doctor Who),


#3(January/February; Dr Spock);

#5(April; Tasha Yar); #6; May; Doctor Who); (

#12; November; Star Trek; The Next Generation);


(#17; April; The Tripods);

(#25 December; V);


(#27; February; Michael Keating; “Blake's 7”);

(#28; March; Doctor Who/ Avengers);

(#30; May; Doctor Who “The Tomb of the Cybermen”);

(#31; June; Dr. Crusher);

(#32; July; Tom Baker);

(#33; August; Thunderbirds);

(#34; September; Brent Spiner);

(#36; Novmeber; Kristian Schmid);

(#37; December; George Takei);



(#38; January; Doctor Who);

(#39; February; Patrick McGoohan);

(#41; April; Dr. Spock);

(#42; May; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine);

(#44; July; Captain Kirk & Shahna);

(#46; September; Star Trek; Deep Space Nine);


(#50; January; Land of the Giants);

(#52; March; Star Trek; The Next Generation);

(#54; May; New Avengers);

(#55; June; Patrick Stewart/ Avery Brooks);

(#56; July; Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen);

(#57; August; Lois & Clark);

(#60; November; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine);


(#63; February; Jon Pertwee The Third Doctor Who);

(#64; March; Star Trek: Voyager);

(#65; April; New Pictures from Lost Doctor Who Story);

(#66; May; Doctor Who);

(#67; June; The X-Files);

(#68; July; Roxanne Biggs-Dawson of Star Trek; Voyager);

(#71; October; X-files);


(#75; February; Claudia Christian of Babylon 5);

(#76; March; The X-Files);

(#78; May; Paul Mogann of Doctor Who);

(#79; June; Jerry Doyle of Babylon 5);

(#81; August; The X-Files);

(#83; October; Babylon 5);

(#84; November; The X-Files);


(#88; March; The X-Files);

(#89; April; Star Trek: Voyager);

(#93; August; Babylon 5);


(#103; June; Stargate SG-1);

(#105; August; Patrick Stewart);


(#111; February; Earth: Final Conflict);


(#123; February; Stargate SG-1);

(#126; May; Charmed);

(#128; July; Star Trek: Voyager);

(#129; August; Farscape);

(#131; October; Andromeda);


(#134; January; Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1);

(#137; Roxann Dawson of Star Trek: Voyager);

(#140; Doctor Who);


(#150; Angel);

(#154; Jennifer Garner);


(#172; Amanda Tapping);

(#173; Andy Hallett of Angel);

(#177; Stargate SG-1 Atlantis);

(#178; Farscape);

(#179; Doctor Who);

(#182 Farscape);


(#192; Ben Browder of Stargate);

(#194; Amanda Tapping);


(#224; Torchwood);

TV ZONE SPECIAL (Visual Imagination Ltd)

1991(August #2; Star Trek 25th Anniversary);

1992 (April #5; Doctor Who);

1994 (September #14; Doctor Who/ Seaquest DSV);

1996 (May #21; The X-Files);

1997 (March #24; The X-Files);

1998 (June #29; Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Voyager);

1999 (July #34; Deep Space Nine the Farewell Special);

2000 (August #38; Stargate SG-1 Special); (November #39; Yearbook 2000);

2001 (#42; Stargate SG-1 Special);

2002 (#47; New Season Special);

2003 (#51; Farscape Special); (#53; New Season Special); (#54; Yearbook);

2004 (#55; Stargate SG-1); (#60; Yearbook from Farscape to Stargate);

2005 (#61; Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis); (#67; Stargates);

2008 (#80; Stargate Atlantis);



#1(April; Cover art “The Pleasure Principle” by Rene Magritte);

#4(July; Cover art by Linda Lippa);

(August; Cover art by Tito Salomoni);

(October; Cover art by Tito Salomoni);


(January; Cover art by Carl Chaplin);

(March; Cover art by Tito Salomoni);

(April; Cover art by Kevin Larson);

(May; Cover art by William Stoneham);

(June; Cover art by Malcolm McNeill);

(July; Cover art by David White);

(August; Cover art by Ralph Mercer);

(September; Cover art by James Nazz);

(October; Cover art by Rob Sauber);

(November; Cover art by Bruce Heapps);

(December; Cover art by David Christiana);


(February; Cover art by Walter Velez);

(April; Cover art by Karl Brayman);

(June; Cover art by Artifact);

(August; Cover art by Joe Burleson);

(October; Twilight Zone – The Movie);

(December; Timothy Hutton in “Iceman”; Filming Stephen King's “Dead Zone”);


(February;Stephen King's “Christine”);

(April; David Patrick Kelly in “Dreamscape”);

(June; William Shatner in “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”);

(August; Cathie Shirriff in “Star Trek III”);

(October; Cover art “The Rocking Horse” by Joe Burleson);

(December; Sting in “Dune”);


(February; Cover art “Stephen King and Peter Straub” by David Shannon);

(April; Cover art “Rod Serling” by Luke Ryan);

(June; Cover art “Jungle Eyes” by Josie Yee);

(August; Cover art by Gahan Wilson);

(October; Cover art “The Vampire Lestat” by Josie Yee);


(April; Interviews with – Peter Straub and Ramsey Campbell);

(June; Richard Matheson and his son Richard Christian Matheson);

(August; Interview – Whitley Streiber);

(October; Interview – T.E.D. Klein);

(December; Interview – Stephen King);


(February; The Best and Worst of 1986);

(April; Cover art “Devil Doll” by David Dircks);

(June; Story and Interview – Clive Barker);

(August; Cover art by Norm Walker);

(October; Cover art by Peter Goodfellow);

(December; Cover art by Mark A. Caparosa);


(February; Cover art by Jim Warren);

(April; Cover art by H.R.Giger);

(June; Cover art by Kelly Freas);

(August; Cover art by Marvin Mattleson);

(October; Cover art by Richard Newton);

(December; Cover art “Rod Serling” by Alan Reingold);


(February; Cover art by Hajime Sorayama);

(April; Cover art by Marvin Mattelson);

(June; Cover art by Gottfried Helnweinn);



2010: THE OFFICIAL ART (Wallaby Books Pub.) 1984 (December; TPB);

**** U ****

UFO UNIVERSE PRESENTS SPACE MONSTERS (Condor Books Pub.) - 1990 (Volume 1 #1; February);

UNDYING MONSTERS ( Undying Monsters) -

#1 (2011; Front cover art by Mark Maddox);

#4 (2012; Spring; "From Hell it Came");

**** V ****

VERTEX MAGAZINE (Mankind Pub. Co.)


Vol.1 #1(April; Ivterview – Ray Bradbury; Robert A. Heinlein on Science Fiction);

Vol.1 #2(June; Interview – Robert Silverberg);

Vol.1 #3(August; Interview – Poul Anderson);

Vol.1 #4(October; Interview – Frank Herbert);

Vol.1 #5(December; Interviews – Dr. Gregory Benford and Dr. Sidney Coleman; Short Story by Robert A. Heinlein “No Bands Playing”);


Vol.1#6(February; Interview – Philip K. Dick);

Vol.2 #1(April; Interview – Harlan Ellison);

Vol.2 #2(June; Harlan Ellison previews the movie “The Teminal Man”);

Vol.2 #3(August; Interview – Erich von Daniken);

Vol.2#4(October; Interview – William Rotsler);

Vol.2 #5(December; Interview – Ursula K. LeGuin);


Vol.2 #6(February; S-F Retrofire – The Golden Age of Pulps);

Vol.3 #1(April; Interview – Judy Lynn Del Rey);

Vol.3 #2(June; Newspaper Format; Interview – Harry Harrison; Interview – Leonard Nimoy; Harlan Ellison's “In Fear of K”);

the "V" FILES: {FILES MAGAZINE SPOTLIGHT ON...} (PSI FI Movie Press Inc.) Book Six: A New Beginning, by Edward Gross (1986; Detailed Look at 5 Episodes = Liberation Day, Dreadnaught, Breakout, the Deception, the Sanction; ** Plus; Intro & Lesson in History; With 43 Photo's from the TV Series inside; VG = $12.00);

VISIONS (Paranoid Pub) - 1976; (Fall #1);



**** W ****


#1 (Nov/Dec 2012);

#2 (Jan/Feb 2013);

#3 (Spring 2013);

#4 (Summer 2013);

Wasn't the Future Wonderful: A View of Trends and Technology from the 1930's by Tim Onosko (Trade Paperback; E. P. Dutton & Co. , Inc,, New York, NY, 1979. Profusely illustrated in color and black and white. " Taken directly from issues of Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and Modern Mechanix magazines of the 1930s, this book presents an interesting, bizarre and often funny portrait of the future--- in many cases a "future" that never happened: a world of fabulous ocean-going vessels, boxing robots, rocket ships and giant transatlantic airliners with shuffleboards". Softcover. VF = $12.00)

WEIRD WORLDS (Scholastic Magazines Inc) - 1980 #1,5,-8;

WEREWOLVES and VAMPIRES - (Charlton Pub; B&W Magazine) - Volume-1 #1(1962; One-Shot; SCARCE; 68 pages; Dr Baji; I was a Teenage Werewolf; Curse of the Werewolf; Beal Lugosi; VG minus = $35);


WICKED (Fandom Inc) -

2000 (Spring; David Boreanaz);

2001(May/June; Vol.3 #2);

WILLOW; OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (O'Quinn Studio Inc /Starlog Communications) - 1988;


1971(January/February #5); (May #6); (#8);

WIZARD (Alma Hill Pub.) - 1966(May #1); (July #2);

WORLD OF FANDOM (Al Shevy and Chris Mygrant Pub.);

1990 (Spring; Volume 2 #9; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle; the Movie); (Fall/ Winter Volume 2 #11);

1991 (Winter/ Spring; Volume 2 #12; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle); (Summer; Volume 2 #13; Terminator 2); (Fall; Volume 2 #14; Tales from the Crypt);

1993 (Spring Volume 1 #18; Evil Ernie); (Fall Volume 2 #19; Cadillacs and Dinosaurs);

1994 (Summer Volume 2 #21;Mask);

1995 (Winter; Volume 2 #23; Faust by Tim Vigil); (Winter; Volume 2 #25; Nocturnals by Felice Dela Dos Muertos);

1996 (Spring Volume 2 #26; The Crow; City of Angels); (Summer Volume 2 #27; The Island of Dr. Moreau); (Winter Volume 2 #28; 1996/1997 Crimson Ghost Santa);

1997 (Summer Volume 2 #29; Spawn); (Fall; Volume 2 #30; Chaos! Comics by Bernie Wrightson);

1998 (Summer Volume 2 #32; Blade); (Winter/ 1999 Spring; Julie Strain as Bride of Electric Frankenstein);

WORLDS OF HORROR (Eclectic Pub.) - 1989 (August #2);


1973 – Torcon Progress Report Two (Toronto);

1973 – Torcon Progress Report Four (Toronto);

1977 – Suncon Convention Program Book (Miami Beach);

1978 – Iguanacom Convention Program Book (Phoenix);

1979 – Seacon Convention Program Book (Brighton, England);

1980 – Noreason Two Convention Program Book (Boston);

1980 – Noreason Two Progress Report One (Boston);

1980 – Noreason Two Progress Report Two (Boston);

1980 – Noreason Two Progress Report Five (Boston);

1981 – Denvention Two Convention Program (Denver);

1981 – Denvention Two Progress Report (Denver);

1982– Chicon IV Convention Program (Chicago);

1984 – L.A. Con II Convention Program (Los Angeles);

1985 – Aussiecon Two Convention Program (Melbourne);

WRAPPED IN PLASTIC Win-Mill Productions);

#27 (February 1997; Jack Nance 1943-1996);

**** X ****


1997 (#1);

1998 (#2);

No date (#3);

XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS/ HERCULES; THE OFFICIAL CATALOG (Davis/ Panzer Merchandising Corp.) - 1999;

THE X-FILES “DARKNESS FALLS” SCRIPT by CHRIS CARTER - (1995; 20th Century Fox Pub.);

THE X-FILES MAGAZINE (The Topps Co. Inc.) - 1996 (Winter #1); (Summer #2);

X-FILES: THE MAKING OF THE X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE (Harper Prism Pub.; 1998; Oversize; TPB);

THE X-FILES; OFFICIAL MAGAZINE (MVP Licensing Inc.) - 1997(#4); 1997 – (Fall); 1998 (Spring; #5); 1999 (Summer #10);

XPOSE (Visual Imagination Pub.)

1996 (December #5; Millennium);

1998 (August #25; Armageddon); (October #27; Earth Final Conflict);

1999 (February #31; Buffy the Vampire Slayer);

2000 (April #44; Bruce Campbell);

2003 (April #78; Harry Potter; the Prisoner of Azkaban);

2002 (#21; New Season); (#22; Yearbook 2002-2003);

2004 (#26; a Farewell to... Angel);

XPOSE SPECIAL (1999 #9; New Season Preview Issue); (2000 Spring #11; Xena Warrior Princess);

**** Y ****

YANDRO (Fanzine; Robert and Juanita Coulson);

1974 September;

YESTERDAY (Charles R. Herndon Pub.) - 1970 (#1);


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