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EBONY Magazine (1946-1981; The preeminent Magazine for the BLACK / African-American Community;

John H. Johnson Publishing Company) For Sale;


SEPTEMBER (Front Cover; Esther Williams and Dr. Lois Evans; Back Cover; AD - Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robinson for Chesterfield Cigarettes; Cover Story - Dr. Lois Evans is the Foot Doctor to Hollywood Stars; A Look at Negro America's Leaders as Young Men and Women; International Harvester Policy Multiplies Negro Jobs Eight Times - Voluntary FEPC; Concert Singer Anne Brown becomes a Norwegian; Football Star Kenny Washington gets a Role in the Movie "Rogues Regiment"; Negro Schoolteachers needed to meet Shortage; Leading Negro Model Maker Orville Zachariah Frazier of Elkhart, Indiana; "The Real Truth about Marijuana" by Robert Lucas; Women's Fashion - Styles for the Not so Thin;Edward Stettinius hopes to Unlock Vast Riches of Liberia; Washington's Mrs. Alma J. Scott Chinaware Decorator;Ney York High School Youth Diving Champion Richard McGriff;)

DECEMBER (Cover Story; New York City Elementary Schoolgirl Camilla Church; Back Cover; AD - Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robinson for Chesterfield Cigarettes; Cover Story - Why Every Child needs a Doctor Today; "What I told Kinsey about my Sex Life" by Mary X; Will Boxer Joe Louis be Golf Champ Next ?; Alaskan Lady Jade Hunter - Grace Bahovec; Weird Dizzy Gillespie Mannerisms adopted by Bebop Devotees; 27-year old G.I. Business Wizard Dunbar McLaurin of Oklahoma; Philadelphia Rat Catcher Octavius H. Barksdale sparks Campaign to Wipe them Out; Women's Fashion - Mother and Daughter Ensembles for Christmas;Movie Review "The Boy with the Green Hair"; Harlem Globetrotter Sweetwater Clifton; Acute Shortage of Negro Dentists;)


JANUARY (Front Cover; Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and wife Hazel Scott and Son; Back Cover; AD - Seagram's Ancient Bottle Gin; Cover Story - "My Life with Hazel Scott" by Adam Clayton Powell Jr.; Cancer will Kill 1 out of Every 13 Negroes; Edith Mae Irby first Negro Girl to Attend University of Arkansas Medical School; Hot Springs Curative Mineral Waters and Gambling lure 6,000 Negro Visitors to Arkansas each Year; Denver Symphony Violinist Jack Bradley is the only Negro Musician in 25 Major American Orchestras; Movie Review "Knock on Any Door"; Songwriter Louis Jordan on his Inspiration;Chicago Randall House helps Detour Forgotten Boys from a Life of Crime; Antique Repairman Julien Ponceauis a Mastercraftsman; Madam Walker claims its Satin Tress will Revolutionize Beauty Industry; Negro Trombonist Stanley Morse wins Honors in "Horace Heidt Radio Show";)


JUNE (Front Cover; Angelle de Lavallade; Back Cover; AD - Maxine Sullivan for Chesterfield Cigarettes; Cover Story - Annual Vacatiopn Guide; "How we made Our Mixed Marriage Work" by Poppy Cannon; Can Chicago White Sox Star Orestes 'Minnie' Minoso beat the Sophomore Jinx ?; 13-year old Chicago Tennis Star Lorraine Williams; Lady Racketeers - New Crime Menace; Movie Review "Red Ball Express"; Gaston Monnerville is France's Negro Vice-President; Eartha Kitt sings with Voice, Body and Soul; San Francisco Church Muralist 24-year old Aaron Miller; The "Hambone Kids" of Chicago Music Scene; Women's Fashion - Petticoat Fever; Cleveland's Eddie Hilliard hosts Annual Wild Game Dinner; Overnight Singing Sensation Bobby Lucas; Africa's Gold Coast first native Prime Minister is Kwame Nkrumah; Chicago Bail Bondsmen Anthony Horton and Wassel Donaldson; SCARCE; G/VG = $59.00)

OCTOBER (Front Cover; Billy and June Eckstine; Back Cover; AD - Richard Carlson for Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - Their Dream House in Encino, California; Atlantic City Never Sleeps from June to October; Elusive and Finicky Wealthy Bachelors; Baha'Ism is a Color Blind Faith; Houston Texas Phillis Wheatley High School is One of the World's Finest; Tenor Sax Jazz Performer Illinois Jaquet; Ohio State Penitentiary Surgeon Dr. Watson H. Walker; 91-year Old Charles Anderson is Paris Oldest Negro American Expatriate; Women's Fashion - Autumn Accessories; James N. Littlejohn Mexican Rancher; Football Star Addison Hawthorne of the University of Southern California; 2-year old Texan Charley Harris finds Cigar Smoking Good for his Health; Paradise Night Club in Harlem attacks High and Low Society; Why Fight Managers Hate Women; Chicago Paraplegic Lawyer Harold 'Tippy' Tyler;)


JULY (Front Cover; Billy Eckstine and Family; Back Cover; AD - Lord Calvert Whiskey; Cover Story - The Three Worlds of Billy Eckstine; America's Many Faces - A Photo Essay; Exciting Discoveries of the African Past; Top 4-H'ers Score a Hit at Cairo Fair; Part-Time Inmates Hold Jobs outside Milwaukee County Jail; New Chicago Chapter of Co-Ettes Club Inc.; Eleanor Burrell is Hawaii's Busy Mother, Singer, Leader and Disc Jockey; Integrated Indiana Barber School teaches Cutting of White and Negro Hair; Boston's Gus Solomons Jr. an American in Munich; The Future of Private Negro Colleges; Earl Hines Sentimental Journey of Chicago's South Side; Women's Fashion - Hawaiian Fashions; Most Eligible Bachelors of 1961;)


JUNE (Front Cover; Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and wife Yvette holding son Adam Diago; Back Cover; AD - Marlboro; Cover Story - Enigma on Capitol Hill; Stewardess Veronica Gonzales of United Airlines; "Inside a Segregationist" by Sarah Patton Boyle; 1963 Baseball - Slim Picings for Rookies to get a Job; "If I were Young Today" by Austin T. Walden; St. Louis Charles Sumner High School was Cultural Center for Community;Cincinnati City Solicitor William A. McClain holds Highest Municipal Post ever held by a Negro; Miami's Cuban Refugee Crisis; Versatile folk singer Brock Peters hits big time in U.S. and British Motion Picture Roles; New Upsurge in Women's Track and Field brightens Hope for 1964 Tokyo Olympics; Negro Air Force Pilot Captain Joseph S. Grant Jr. in Anti-Red South Vietnam; Ebony Magazine's Annual Vacation Guide; Women's Fashion - Variety on the Beach;Most Eligible Bachelors for 1963;)

AUGUST (Front Cover; Nat King Cole and wife Marie with twins Timolin and Casey; Back Cover Ad - Salem; The Nat King Cole twins Keep the Household in a Dither; "A Letter from Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King Jr.; United Nations Tour Guide Supervisor Patricia E. Fagin; Retired Illinois House of Representative Arthur W. Mitchell still Active after 20 Years of Retirement; Government Peace Corps in Harlem; "If I were Young Today" by Paul R. Williams; D.C. Woman Welder Helen Yeargin operates a Shop; William Slaton Jr.a Los Angeles Chemists ignites kid Scientists; Food Expert Vance Christian teaches at Cornell University; Women's Fashion - Back to School Fashions; World Record Flight by HU-16 Albatross Amphibious Rescue Plane; Willie Mays new home in San Francisco;)

SEPTEMBER (Front Cover; Frederick Douglass - Special Issue in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation; Back Cover - AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - Frederick Douglass the Father of the Protest Movement; Presidential Messages from John F. Kenne3dy, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover; "A Relevant Celebration of the Emancipation Centennial" by Dr. Kenneth B. Clark; Ten Most Dramatic Events in Negro History in the United States; Tomorrow's Unpublicized Young Leaders; "Christ's Message to the Disinherited" by Dr. Howard Thurman; After Desegregation What Next ?; The Role of the Middle Class Negro; Negro in Literature Today; "The Price of Brotherhood" by Sarah Patton Boyle; The Negro Woman of Today; "The South Looks Ahead" by Ralph McGill; Handful of Monuments and Landmarks recall Deeds of Outstanding Negroes; How Sports Helped Break the Color Line; 100 Years of Negro Entertainment; Leading Negro Artists Talent Breaks Bias Bond; In Memoriam of Medgar Evers "Why I Live in Mississippi"; "My Last Will and Testament" by Mary McLeod Bethune; Interview with Carl Sandburg; John Hope Franklin at Cambridge; A New Dawn in Medicine for Young Negro Doctors; Women's Fashion - Sew Your Own Suede; Men's Fall Styles for 1963; Women's Fashion - Fashion Flair Americana; The Crusading Negro Press; The Negro in Business a Success Story; "The Constitution - Key to Freedom" by Constance Baker Motley; America's 100 Most Influential Negroes; President John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Message)

OCTOBER (Front Cover; Ebony Models Ann Porter and Jacy De Souza with Fashion Designer Mr. Schuberth; Back Cover; AD - Salem Cigarettes; Cover Story - Italian Styles join Fashion Fair Americana; Marlon Brando Fights for Civil Rights; Negro Political Progress in New England; Alaskan School Teacher from Oklahoma Mrs. Leora E. Grant; Delaware Fishing Boat Captain John Thomas Robinson; Skydiver Gloria Durham of San Antonio, Texas; Sidney Poitier star in the Movie "Lilies of the Field"; JFK Press Aide Andrew Hatcher makes Good; The Education-Employment program in Chicago gives New Hope for Teens; "If I were Young Today" by Judge Herman E. Moore; Florida Real Estate Agent Elizabeth Moore loses her Licence for Selling a House to a Negro; Los Angeles Angel Leon Wagner the Has-been who became a Star; U.S. Patent Office Seeks Negro Employees; Fund Raisers for Freedom - Celebrities Rally to Civil Rights Call; Women's Fashion - Hair the Ups and Downs; Arthur Ashe first Negro to join Davis Cup Team;)

DECEMBER(Front Cover; Nancy Wilson; Back Cover; AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story  Exciting Vocalist Nancy Wilson Hits Big Time; Ethiopia's Emperor Selassie's Message to the American Negro; Young man Dan Chatman Head's California Future Farmers of America Chapter; The New York Giants Em Tunnell Coaches and Scouts; "Let's put Christ in Christmas" by Dr. Eugene Carson Blake; Duke Ellington's granddaughter joins June Taylor Dancers on TV's "Jackie Gleason Show"; Chicago's Better Boys Foundation tackles Asphalt Jungle Syndrome with Gmynasium; Wendell Franklin and Otis Greene have a Breakthrough in Hollywood Film and TV Productions; Daredevil Auto Stunt Man Calvin King of Ohio; Cook County Sheriff's Police Captain Horace Noble; Howard University Students Organized a Steel Drum Band to pay Tuition; Savior of Alaska's Vital sled dogs - Air Force Captain Frazier Erich Hemphill of Washington D.C.; Ossie Davis in Otto Preminger Movie "The Cardinal"; John Scobell - Union Spy in the Civil War; Women's Fashion - Baubles, Bangles and Bangs; Women's Fashion - Gift Nightwear from Nice to Naughty; Christmas Dinner with Tommy Davis;Du Sable the Negro who founded Chicago;)


JANUARY (Front Cover; Former Miss Haiti Monique Cartwright; Back Cover; AD - Marlboro; Cover Story - High Fashion Hairdos for the Holidays; What Negroes can Expect from Lydon B. Johnson; Pro Football's Mightiest Player is Jim Brown; Will California send a Negro to the Senate ?; Miss Barbara McNair stars on stage in "No Strings"; Youngest U.S. Ambassador Carl T. Rowan; West Virginia Director of Mental Health Dr. Mildred Mitchell Bateman; Pro Basketball Roundup - Negroes provide 38 per cent of NBA Players; Women's Fashion - Cruise Wear; Negro Progress Report 1963;)

MARCH  ** SIDNEY POITIER Actor of the Year Photo cover, Maintains Stardom with Successive Film Hits, 5-1/2 Page Article with 19 PHOTOS Inside; John H. Johnson Publishing Company; Front Cover; SIDNEY POITIER Actor of the Year Photo cover, Maintains Stardom with Successive Film Hits, 5-1/2 Page Article with 19 PHOTOS Inside; (the 2022 Movie SIDNEY Stars; Denzel Washington, Halle Berry and Morgan Freeman; Film Follows the real life story of Sidney Poitier, the Oscar winner of 1964; Sidney Poitier was one of the most gifted and talented actors in the history of cinema. He set a new standard for Black actors in Hollywood as a leading man, becoming the first Black man to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Lilies of the Field (1963). He acted in the Golden Age of Hollywood, became a key figure in the civil rights movement, served as a diplomat, and directed and produced highly successful films)  ** 460 Grams; ** 156 Pages including covers;  Back Cover; AD - Seagram's Whiskey; ** How Republican Leaders View the Negro; Requiem for 'Queen' Dinah Washington; Investment Opportunities in Nigeria; "Pioneers in Protest - Benjamin Banneker" by Lerone Bennett Jr.; Los Angeles Policewoman Sgt. Vivian Strange Ambassador of Goodwill for Police Department; Blind Clinical Social Worker Geneva Harrison Washington of the Veterans Administration in New York City; Don Benning the New Wrestling Coach of Omaha University; The Swinging Aretha Franklin; "Let's Boycott the Olympics" by Olympic Champ Mal Whitfield; Multi-Million Dollar Building Boss in Detroit is Glenn Walsh of the Practical Construction Company; Top Judge William H. Hastie; Women's Fashion - Suit Up for Spring; March Hair Styles for Women - Lion to Lamb Like; ** NO Mailing Label,  VG = $79.00);

APRIL (Front Cover; Jeanette Dubois, Ketty Lester and Gloria Foster; Back Cover; AD - Winston Cigarettes; Cover Story - The Negro on 'Broadway'; The Ten Most Trusted Whites; "Pioneers in Protest - Prince Hall" by Lerone Bennett Jr.; Dr. Jocyelyn Elders the Chief Resident of Arkansas University Medical Center in Little Rock; Guerrilla Training the U.S. Special Forces for Southeast Asian Jungles;Fultz Quadruplets Debut at Zeta Cotillion; King of the Hurdlers Hayes Jones wants to Coach; Interior Designs by Harrison Taylor based out of Detroit; How Good is Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) ?; University of Michigan Basketball Sophomore Cazzie Russell; Fed Up Tenants Rent Strike in Harlem; Men's Summer Fashions; Sgt. Nolan D. Lewis a Pima County, Arizona Sheriff's Deputy enforces Law in the West; The Jingle Singing Saleswoman Laura Greene; One Million Students Boycott Classes in the North to Protest of De Facto School Segregation;Women's Fashion - Ruffles;)

DECEMBER (Front Cover; Sammy Davis Jr. and wife Mai Britt with children Tracey Hillivi and Mark Anthony; Back Cover; AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - The Home Life of Mai Britt and Golden Boy; "Pioneers of Protest - John Brown God's Angry Man" by Lerone Bennett Jr.; Rising Tide of Negro-Jewish Tensions; Syracuse girl Dawn Morgan the Girl with a Hole in her Heart; Modern Magician of the Soul - Nigerian Dr. Adeoya Lambo; Moon Shot Technician James E. Martin is Part of Ranger Team; 7th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival; Cleveland Browns Controversial Star Jim Brown; Detroit Baptists Convention Plan Progress Drive; Don Scott Clicks on TV Bowling Show; Retired Steelworker Stephen Ewing is Veteran Pigeon Racer; Harvard's Egghead Quarterback John McCluskey; Chicago Body Builder Rock Stonewall; Monsters Invade Toy Market; Hairdos for Christmas; Women's Fashion - Leggy Ideas for Christmas; Canada's Caruso - Tenor Ganet Brooks;)


JANUARY (Front Cover; Pope Paul Vl in St. Peter's Basilica; Back Cover AD - Marlboro; Cover Story - Pope Confers Sainthood on 22 African Martyrs; Toast of Europe - Nancy Holloway; Lt. Commander George L. Thompson Captains Navy Destoyer Escort on California Patrol Mission; 62-year old Dancer Bubbles Bounces Back; Baltimore Colts Rookie and the Vet - Lenny Moore and Tony Lorick; College Dropout Booker T. Washington Becomes Successful Agriculturist; A New Face in Congress - John Conyers Jr.; "Africa's Golden Past part 2 - Historical Facts Challenge Notion that Christianity is Religion of West"; Women's Fashion - Colorful Cruisewear; Progress Report 1964 - Year of Decision;)

MARCH (Front Cover; Mrs. Medgar Evans with children Rena, James Van Dyke and Darrell Kenyatta; Back Cover; AD - Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey; Cover Story - "Why I Left Mississippi" by Mrs. Medgar Evans; 10 Best Cities for Negro Employment; Johnny Mathis na Millionaire with Problems; "Dreams of Brighter Tomorrows" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; How to Tell your Child about Death; Rock and Roll Singer the Explosive James Brown; New York 21-year old Michael Stewart Ironworker on High; "Africa's Golden Past part 4 - Black Creativity has Enriched Various Western Civilizations"; Famed Coloratura Soprano Reri Grist - Toast of Two Continents; Chicago College Students SWAP Program offers Tutoring help to Children of Ghetto Schools; Rocket Age comes to Triana, Alabama; Illinois Unheralded High School Fencing Champions; Women's Fashion - Season Accents Dignified Look; Women's Fashion - Simple Chic Styles for Spring; "Pioneers in Protest - W.E.B. Du Bois Prophet of Protest and Pan-Africa;)

APRIL (Front Cover; Nat King Cole; Back Cover; AD - Salem; Cover Story - The Life and Death of Nat King Cole; Philadelphia Negro Women's Christian Alliance finds Happy Homes for Foster Children; Colleges, Foundations, Government Agencies are Seeking able Negro Students Needing Aid; World's Newest Religion Baha'i Stresses Brotherhood and Peace; Author Ronald L. Fair's Novel "Many Thousand Gone" Satire on Life in Mississippi; Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson sets Tone of Integration of Nation; Katheryn Patterson of Canton, Illinois Faith and Love Help with her Handicapped son Delbert on way to Becoming a Man; Basketball Ace of Evansville College is Larrt Humes; Lillian Roberts of Chicago is the Vice-President of the AFL-CIO; James Earl Jones - Actor Still Climbing; Young California Surfing Expert Frank Edwards of Hermosa Beach; New Yorker Richard Clarke Job Consultant for Big Business; Africa's Golden Past part 5 - Queen of Sheba's true Identity Confounds Historical Research; Kert Samples Teaches Skiing in France; Men's Fashion - Silk Look of Elegance for Suits; Women's Fashion - Designers Beautify Femine Sailors; States Boast Record number of Negro Lawmakers - 18 Senators, 76 Representatives serve in 24 State Legislatures; Movie Review "Nothing But a Man' with Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln;)

MAY (Front Cover; Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Mrs. Ralph Abernathy and Dr. Ralph Bunche; Back Cover; AD - Clairol Loving Care; Cover Story - 50,000 March on Montgomery, Alabama; 'Whirybird' Whiz of the Coast Guard LT. Robert C. Wilks only Negro Pilot; New York City's Avant-Garde New Lincoln School; New Orleans Jazz House- the Preservation Hall; "My Thirty Years with Father Divine" by Ruth Boaz; Marpessa Dawn an American Entertainer on the go in Paris; Big Muddle Among the Boxing Heavyweights - Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, Ernest Terrell and Floyd Patterson; Paraplegic Attorney Ernest Simmons overcame Handicap to Graduate from South Carolina State College; 1955-1965 the Golden Age of the NAACP; Washington's Civil Rights Maverick - Julius Wilson Hobson; A Mission of Mercy - Abraham Adedire's mother Flies 7,000 from Nigeria to Donate Kidney; Women's Fashion - The Best Dressed Women; Should Criminal Confessions be Outlawed ? - Innocent Men Convicted and Guilty ones go Free; Women's Fashion - The Bride is Star in Formal Wedding Gown;U.N.'s First Black President is Alex Quaison-Sackey; Million Dollar Negro Life Insurance Salesmen - Negro Firms Continue Growth;)

JULY (Front Cover; 20-year old Vera Lucia Couto dos Santos of Brazil; Back Cover; AD - Seagram's 7 Crown Whiskey; Cover Story - Does Amalgamation Work in Brazil ? - Interracial Marriage is their Answer to Race Problem; Controversial Movie "The Cool World" it's Harsh Depiction of Life in Harlem; Teen-age Driver Marty Payne first Negro in Transcontinental Mobile Economy Run; Wilmington, Delaware city Slavages Underprivileged Pupils; Miss Rochester Sarah Pener a Negro girl i9n the Miss America Pageant ;Adam Clayton Powell returns to Harlem; Why Negro Suicides are Increasing; Sherwood Dudley the Night Manager of the Hollywood Playboy Club; Churches and other Non-profit Groups enter Housing Market; Dr. Charles Earl Johnson of Chicago acts in Vienna TV and teaches Economics in Congo; Women's Fashion - Suddenly its Summer; SNCC - Rebels with a Cause;)

AUGUST (Front Cover; Special Issue - The White Problem in America; Back Cover; AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - White Hate Groups - "The White Man's Guilt" by James Baldwin - The High Cost of Discrimination - No Whitewask for U.S. Abroad - "The White Liberal" by Louis E. Lomax - What Motivates American Whites ? - "The Un-Christian Christian" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Would you Want your Daughter to Marry a White ? - Housing the Hottest Issue in the North - Humor in Black and White - One Fifth of Nation's Population Lacks Means for Minimum Standard of Living - Enviroment Traps Young Americans of Promise - The Typical White Suburbanite - Mayor John Holland of Trenton, New Jersey moves Family into Deprived Area - Inane Statutes Clutter State and Local Lawbooks - The White Power Structure - "The Great Society" by Simon Booker - "Some of my Best Friends are White" by Era Bell Thompson - Crime in the Suburbs - "Black Man's Burden" by John O. Killens;)

OCTOBER (Front Cover; Three Ebony Magazine Fashion Fair Models in "Fashions in Orbit"; Back Cover; AD - Winston Cigarettes; Cover Story - Travelling Fashion Fair Show is "Out of This World"; Paris Wedding joins two of Africa's Most Powerful Families - Guillaume Houphouet-Boigny weds Christiane Herve-Dupenher; CORE the Wild Child of Civil Rights; Dixie Born White Minister Ashton Jones leads One-Man Crusade for Interracial Brotherhood; Pro Football Stars from Negro Colleges - NFL now Counts some 140 Negro Players Among its Ranks; The Trials of an Interracial Couple - Vincent and Tamara Wright of East Meadow, Long Island; 1965 Olympics for the Deaf in Washington D.C.; Washington D.C. Detective Everett Cooper and daughter Officer Everene Cooper Johnson; Dr. Charles F. Whitten head of the General Clinical Research Center at Detroit's Childrren's Hospital of Michigan; Midgets, Dwarfs fight Size Discrimination; Police Action Ignites Los Angeles Watts Riot; Military Foreign Language Factory - Defense Language Institute West Coast Branch; "Who Killed Malcolm X ?" by Allan Morrison; Camera Safari to East Africa Game Preserves; Haitian born Dr. Monestine becomes Mayor of Mattawa, Ontario;)

DECEMBER (Front Cover; Eliana Pittman the Neweast Brazilian Bombshell; Back Cover; AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - Young Singer is Dazzling U.S. Audiences; "Black Power part 2 - New Laws for the Old South"; Elizabeth D. Koontz the President of the Department of Classroom Teachers; Negro Sports Stars Augument Salaries br Performing in Night Clubs; Negro Transit Firm "Safe Bus" Balks at Merger with Insolvent White Competitor; Philadelphia Paraplegic Ex-Dancer Princess Starletta DePaur Breeds Cats to Help the Handicapped; Syracuse All-American Floyd Little may Become Greatest Orandeman in School's History; Cassopolis, Michigan family business Japhia Interiors artistic Ornamental Ironworks; Negro Moves up in U.S. customs Agency; A New Life for Ron Sturrup - Convicted Murderer is Promising Writer; Washington Police Clerk John Grimes Coin Collection; Tragedy of a Compulsive Gambler; Assistant Junior High School Principal Burl Toler first Negro Official in Pro Football; The Military Ordeal of Sammy Davis Jr.; Women's Fashion - Flamboyant Furs; Rafer Johnson 1960 Olympic Decathlon Champ;)


JANUARY (Front Cover; Mrs. Nat King Cole; Back Cover; AD - Marlboro Cigarettes; Cover Story - "Why I am Returning to Show Business" by Mrs. Nat King Cole; Gale Sayers - Pro Football's Rambling Rookie; Illinois born Harvard Law Professor Patricia Roberts Harris the first United States Negro Women Envoy; Progress Report 1965 - The Year of the Vote; New York TV Teacher Norma Anderson is hit with Youths on America Samoa; Can Deep Freeze Conquer Death ?; Jim Roache CEx-Rodeo Star California Rancher turns Horse Breeder; Detroit Tenor George Shirley Leading Man at the New York Metropolitan Opera; Decisions Systems Inc. Computer Company President Thomas A. Wood; Women's Fashion - Skiing in Style; "Black Power part 3 - South Carolina Post Bellum Paradise for Negroes;)


FEBRUARY (Front Cover; Selections of Afro-American Art 1800-1950; Back Cover; AD - Camel Cigarettes; Cover Story - The Evolution of Afro-American Art 1800-1950: "Was Abe Lincoln a White Supremacist ?" by Lerone Bennett Jr.; Election of 22 Negroes to Public Office in Mississippi a Taste of Triumph; Military Waiting Wives on Lonely Kansas Outpost of Junction City, Kansas; Paris 'Soul Food' King Leroy King of Restaurant Haynes; Oldest VISTA worker Miss Mae C. Hawes still hard at work at 81; "My Country, My Hell" by Ernest Cole - South African Photographer and Author; Nebraska Vet Dr. Whit Dawkins  Rides on Horse 450 Miles to Call Attention to Forgotten Negro Cowboys; Martha and the Vandellas out of the Shadow of the Supremes;; A Farewell to an Astronaut - Major Roberet Lawrence the first Negro Astronaut; Brookly School the Waltann School of the Creative Arts; Women's Fashion - Make a Mini Dress;)


AUGUST (Front Cover; Special Issue - The Black Middle Class; Back Cover; AD - Winston Cigarettes; Cover Story - Class Patterns in Black Politics - The Black Middle Class Defined - Black Bourgeoisie Revisited - Putting Black Economic Progress in Perspective - Wellesley Class of 1973 - The 100 Most Influential Black Americans - Black Panther Image a Shift to the Middle - Striving Still in Harlem - Sex and the Black Middle Class - Young, Middle Class and Very Black - Going Broke on $30,000 a Year - "The Dilemma of the Black Middle Class" by Earl Ofari - "The Middle Class in the Black Struggle" by Bayard Rustin; Footballer George Seals Carves New Careers Commodities Broker; Women's Fashion - The Beautiful Feeling of Fur;Marriage and the Educated Black Woman;Flight to the White Suburbs; Cleavage and Conflict in the Black Middle Class;)

SEPTEMBER (Front Cover; Atlanta Braves Hank Aaron; Back Cover; AD - Salem Cigarettes; Cover Story - Catching Up to Babe Ruth; Suicide a Growing Menace to Black Women; Adoption Trends - The Fight for Black Babies; National Portrait Gallery - The Black Prescence in the Era of the American Revolution 1770-1800; Natalie Cole - Nat King Cole's Daughter of Sole; Atlanta the New Mecca for Young Blacks; North Carolina Correctional Center Warden Juanita Baker Reforms System; Miami mother of three Mrs. Ivory Strong - First Woman Telephone Installer Repairman in Southern Florida; Chicago's William S. White Heads Nation's Oldest Juvenile Court Division; Doris Davis her Honor the Mayor of Compton, California; How to Foil the Rip Off Man - Preventing Break Ins; Men's Fashion - An Expression of Lifestyle; Women's Fashion - The Mood of Luxury; Women's Fashion - Fashionable Jackets Top Everything this Fall;)

DECEMBER (Front Cover; Jermaine Jackson and Hazel Joy Gordy; Back Cover; AD - Salem Cigarettes; Cover Story - Love Comes to a Jackson Five; The Pointer Sisters Update the Past; Where are the Black Coaches in Pro Football ?; The Plight of Black Studies; The JPC Art Collection; The Number of Female Black Elected Public Officials Doubles in Fout Years; Men, Markets, Money - The Quest for Economic Security; Opera Star Grace Bumbry - Living is an Art; Chicago Students Visit to China; Eddie Lovett Arkansas Farmer-Librarian's Bumper Crop of Books; Alabama Federation of Co-ops Training Men for a Better Life; Inflation in the Ghetto - A Poor Man's Survival Kit; Ambassador Epiphane Mawussi from Togo Woos Big Business; Women's Fashion - Fabulous Loungerie; Josephine Baker at 67 Keeps on Going;)


AUGUST (Cover Story - Special Issue - The Black Child; Back Cover; AD - Salem Cigarettes; Cover Story - The Quality of Life - Teaching Your Child to Read - Children Speak out About What's Wrong with Adults - "Are we Failing Our Children ?" by Dr. James w P. Comer - Introducing Your Child to Sex - The Awesome Danger of I.Q. Tests - Today's Kids are Tomorrow's Champs - Caring for the Foster Child - The Gifted Child - Malcom Bailey finds a Father - "Frankenstein and the Booker Movie" by Bill Cosby - The Working Child - An Integrated Youngster  - Growing Up in the New South - A Child of the Streets - Building a Strong Self Image in the Black Child - Children's Fashions; Movie Review "The Education of Sonny Carson";)


MARCH (Front Cover; Jimmy Carter, HUD Secretary Patricia R. Harris and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young Jr.; Back Cover; AD - Zenith; Cover Story - Special Photo Section on the Inauguration; The 100 Best Careers for the Future; Chicago Teacher Emiel Hamberlin makes his Classes Come Alive; 23-year old Silvia Duckens carries on Casey Jones Tradition of Train Engineer; Ford Assembly Plant in Chicago Manager and Former Labor Leader - Louis M. Callaway Jr.; Black Models - More than Just Handsome Faces; Two Hobbyists Painstakingly Recreate the Magic of the Circus in Miniature - Martin Boyer and Rob Houston; Henry J. Parks gives his Rules for Success; Women's Fashion - The Working Woman's Wardrobe; Diana Ross as a Quartet of Stars in a Tv Special;)

OCTOBER (Front Cover; Donna Summer and 4-year old daughter Mimi; Back Cover; AD - Winston Cigarettes; Cover Story - Donna Summer talks about her Loves, her Child and That Rumor; How Long will You Live ?; "Ten Ways to Help Your Child Succeed" by Dr. Samuel L. Woodard; The Ups and Downs of New York Yankees Reggie Jackson; Sponsors Gobble Up Small Business Administration Contracts meant for Minorities; The Way they Were - Richard Pryor - Stevie Wonder - Andrew Young Jr. - Bill Cosby - Redd Foxx - Sidney Poitier - Jesse Owens - Jesse L. Jackson - Julian Bond - and others; Mary Fields a Gun Toting Black Woman Delivered the U.S. Mail in 1880's Montana; Mike Robinson Trains Animals for Show Business; Men's Fashion - Elegance without Exaggeration; Drastic Methods to Lose Weight; Former Long Jumper Henry Hines the Third Teaches the Pros in Tennis; LeVar Burton's Rise to Fame; Women's Fashion - Italian Couturiers Present Flowing, Moving Designs; Are Black Youth More Romantic about Love ?;)


JULY (Front Cover; New York Fashion Model - Phyllis Cuington; Back Cover; AD - Coke; Cover Story - Fashions for the Beautiful Big Woman; Whatever Happened to Jimmy Carter's Top Blacks ?; Oil Boom for Blacks in Louisiana; Are White's Retaking Baseball ?; Should Women have Babies after 35 ?; 23-year old Texan Little Willie Candy can Pass for an 8-year old; In Their Fathers Footsteps - Shari Belafonte - Gina Eckstine - Pamela Poitier; Irene Cara a Veteran Singer and Actress at 22; Beverly M. Daniel the only Black Woman heading a Commodity Firm; Mary Eugenia Charles is Prime Minister of Dominica;)



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