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ALL STAR WRESTLING REVUE ALBUM (Champion Sports Pub.; over 100 of your favorites fight photos/ Meet the Girls/ Mat Midgets section)

Circa 1960's - #NN (Gene Kiniski/ Bill Watts/ Bruno Sammartino/ Bobo Brazil/ Fritz Von Erich/ backcover The Sheik)

Circa 1960's - #NN (Bruno Sammartino/ Gene Kiniski/

A.W.A. ALL STAR WRESTLING (Champion Sports Pub. Corp; 16 Pages each including Covers)

#135 ( January/1975; front cover = Billy Robinson/The Crusher; back cover = Horst Hoffman vs. Geoff Portz; Ivan Putski the Polish Hammer Centerfold Pinup Poster; VG/FN = $20.00);

#147 (August/1975; front cover = Chris Taylor; back cover Luscious Johnny and Handsome Jimmy Valiant; FN+ = $20.00);

#183 (March/1977; front cover = Pedro Morales; back cover = Bobby Heenan/ Nick Bockwinkel; Writing on page 6 inside; VG/FN = $20.00);

AWE MAGAZINE (Canadian Gold Media & Marketing Pub.) – 2006 – (Volume 1 #1; front cover = G-Man/ Speaks of Life on the Road/ Intro to AWE's promo team the Sirens );

Axl MAGAZINE (Intramedia Pub.) – 2006 September (front cover = Trish Stratus);



(#2; Special; McMahan vs Bischoff/ The Giant/ Sting/ Goldberg/ Stone Cold);

(#5; Bret Hart/ Stone Cold/ Hollywood/ Shamrock/ Scott Hall/ Mike Tyson/ DDP)

BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD - Jack Solomons presents (Programme Pub./ UK Edition)

1961 October 31 (Johnny Caldwell vs Alphonse Halimi/ Brian Curvis vs Mickey Leahy at Empire Pool)

BEN STRONG WRESTLING (Ben Strong Sports Series pub./ G.C. London Pub. Corp)-


August (Giant Special Issue/ Dory Funk, Jr vs Pedro Morales/ Andre the Giant/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Bill Robinson/ Buddy Colt);

November (Pedro Morales/ Mil Mascaras/ Billy Graham);


January (Bruno vs Kowalski/ Verne Gagne vs Mad Dog Vachon/ Victor Rivera/ Billy Graham);

March (Chief Jay Strongbow/ Jean Antone vs Betty Niccoli)

May (Your favorite wrestlers' careers in words & pictures/ Jerry Brisco/ Ernie Ladd/ Don Leo JOnathan/ Bruno Sammartino/ Maria Laverne/ Bruise)

July (Jim Valiant/ Kowalski/ Billy Graham/ Sammartino vs Gagne)

September (front cover = Jack Brisco/ The Crusher/ Bruno Sammartino; Chief Wahoo/ Billy Graham/ Terry Funk/ The Cage/

December (front cover = The Sheik: Sue Green; Paula Kaye);

1975 -

February (front cover = =Pedro Morales, Andre The Giant & Jack Brisco);

June (The Sheik/ Ivan Putski/ Dusty Rhodes/ Wolfman/ Superstar Graham/ Rocca)

Summer (Wrestling's Greatest Bouts/ Chicago's Biggest Bloodbath/ Eddie Graham/ Lou Thesz vs Edouard Carpentier/ Andre the Giant vs Don Leo Jonathan/ Bruno Sammartino vs The Sheik/ Bruiser vs Cowboy Bob Ellis/ Mil Mascaras vs Black Gordman/ Dory Funk Jr. vs Fritz Von Erich/ Assassins vs Eddie Graham & Don Curtis)


1998 July (Roy Jones Jr./ Mike Tyson/ Tony Ayala/ Lennox Lewis)

BIG BOOK OF BOXING (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1977 - July (How the Heavyweight champions compared physically!/ Jack Johnson/ Rocky Marciano/ Joe Louis/ Dempsey)

1980 March (Ken Norton/ Wilfredo Gomez/ Sugar Ray/ Leonard/ John Tate)


January (Sugar Ray Robinson/ Edges Duran/ Gomez Great)

May (Dream Team/ Sugar Ray Leonard vs Sugar Ray Robinson);


January (How the Champions compare against each other/ Rocky Graziano/ Salvador Sanchez/ Sandy Saddler vs Danny Lopez)

March (Big Fight Issue/ Larry Homes vs Renaldo Snipes/ Michael Spinks vs Vonzell Johnson/ Jimmy Young vs Franco Thomas/ Sean O'Grady vs Andy Ganigan/ Michael Dokes vs George Chaplin/ Johnny Bumpus vs Willie Rodrigues/ Randy Cobb vs Bernardo Mercado)

September (The Fights we'd Like to See/ Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard/ Michael Spinks vs Dwight Braxton/ Wilfred Benitez vs Tony Ayala Jr./ Alexis Arguello vs Salvador Sanchez/ Mike Weaver vs Michael Dokes)


January (Gerry Cooney/ Roberto Duran/ Carolos Palomino vs Kid Gavilan/ James J. Corbett/ Jake LaMotta)

July (Michael "Dynamite" Dokes/ Tommy Burns/ Aaron Pryor vs Henry Armstong/ The Hawk vs The Hurricane)

November (Experts rate today's fighters - the Best of the Best / Ray Mancini vs Ken Buchanan/ Larry Holmes)

BIG BOOK OF WRESTLING (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1971 -

September (front cover = Jackie Fargo/ Mario Galento);

December (Dick the Bruiser/ Strongbow vs Tyler/ Sickening horror of blood matches/ behind closed doors ... exclusive dressing room photos)


January (Bobo Brazil/ Ernie Ladd/ Ox Red Bastien Valiant/ Crazy Luke)

March (Cage Matches/ The Russians/ Victor Rivera)

May (The Scorching truth about Fred Blassie/ Memory Lane - Dressing Rom Pix)

November (Lou Albano/ Sammartino vs Stan Stasick/ Bobby Heenan/ Montero);


January (George Steele/ Jimmy Valiant in Japan/ Black Demon)

March (front cover = Chief Jay Strongbow; Partridge Family’s Danny Bonaduce; 7 bouts in Milwaukee; Gene Gordon; 20-Man Battle Royale in Philadelphia;DR. X; Ray Stevens; Tom Burke; G/VG = $8.00/ another copy = ask);

May (front cover = Rip Hawk; Sonny King; Baron von Raschke; Bruiser-Crusher vs the Black Jacks; Wahoo McDaniel vs Dirty Dusty Rhodes; the Sheik vs Bobo Brazil; Female stars = Banner vs Chrisrinello; FN = $14.00; another copy = ask);

July (The Great Gal Grapplers/ Tami Jones vs Joyce Becker/ Vicki Williams/ Paula Kaye/ Penny Banner/ Ernie Ladd/ Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk Jr./ Masked Man/ Pat Patterson vs The Great Mephisto/ Greg Moore)

September (The Sheik/ Greatest Villain ever/ Brand New Nostalgia Column by top reporter)

October (front cover = The Dick the Bruiser/ The Wolfman/ Bobby Heenan/ Baron Von Raschke; Cowboy Bob Ellis; Susan Green of Corpus Christi; Terrible Teddy Bear; Red Dupree; King Curtis; ASK);

December (Baron Von Raschke vs. Billy Red Cloud);


March (Bass Brothers/ The Sheik/ Judo Gents)

May (Rip Hawk/ Pedro vs Bruno Sammartino/ Geoff Portz/ Don Muraco/ Killer Kowalski/ Larry Hennig/ Billy Graham/ Pat Patterson/ Mighty Igor/ Rocky Johnson/ Dusty Rhodes)

July (Ruben Juarez/ Chief Ray Strongbow/ Earle Caddak)

September (Larry Hennig vs Verne Gagne/ Mike York/ Nick Bockwinkle/ Bob Ruiz);

November (Brisco vs Mil Mascaras/ Don Leo Jonathan/ Gilles Poisson wins Grand Prix title/ Tim Woods)


January (front cover = Paul Jones vs. Buddy Colt; WWWF Tag Team championship; Moondog Mayne; Sonny King meets Luke Graham; Gagne, Bockwinkle & Stevens lose crowns; Brute Bernard; John Heath – Florida’s Mr Wrestling; FN = $12.00/ another copy = ask);

March (front cover = Paul Jones; Also; Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson, Dale Lewis, Frank & Dalton Gang, Nikolai Volkoff, Girl Wrestling; George Gulas; Mike Mazurki; VG/FN = $9.00; another copy = ask);

July (Oriental Menace/ Sammartino/ Killer Kowalski/ Funk vs Thesz vs Brisco/ Pampero Firpo/ Sheik/ Jimmy Valiant/ Legionnaires/ Victor Rivera)

1976 March (Blackjacks' Feud courting Disaster/ Dr. Sam Sheppard/ Dan Cupid vs Stomper Michell/ Haystack)


March (Ali & the Sheik/ Blackjack Lanza/ Night Invader sought revenge)


March (Miracle that saved Carpentier's Career/ Mat Mayhem/ Sandy Parker's Grappling Goal)

May (George Steele/ Bikinied Beauties/ Teuton Terrors/ Nick Bockwinkle)

November (Why Strongbow's life is in Danger/ The Giant/ Earl Maynard)


May (Superstar Billy + Crazy Luke = Graham Mayhem/ Great John L. vs Ali/ Wrestler vs Karate Champ; Here's mud in Your Eye)

October (Ed Mansfield/ Matdom Masters/ Japanese Tornado/ Pretty Boy);



May(Nick Nozak/ Robert Duranton/ Killer Kowalski; back cover = Lou Thesz);

July (Lou Thesz/ Johnny Valentine/ Joe Tangaro/ Ray Stevens vs Pat O'Connor/ Edouard Carpentier "French Whiz Kid");

BOXING (Manvis Pub. Inc.)

1953 –

July (Floyd Patterson/ Bobo Olson/ Johnny Saxton/ Tommy Collins/ George Araujo/ Vince Martinez/ Joe Giardello)

September (front cover = Roland La Starza; Archie Moore; Kid Gavilan; Randy Turpin);

BOXING BEAT (Jems Inc.) 1987 -March (front cover = Thomas Hearns);


1981 -May (front cover = Salvador Sanchez vs. Roberto Castanon);

BOXING 87 (TV Sport Pub. Inc.);

1987 - Winter (Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali/ Michael Spinks vs Ken Norton/ Tyrell Biggs vs George Foreman/ Pinklon Thomas vs Larry Holmes)

BOXING 88 (TV Sport Pub. Inc.);

1988 -

July (Michael Spinks/ Mike Tyson/ Thomas Hearns/ Freddie Pendleton/ Pernell Whitaker)

November (Mike Tyson vs Heavyweight Greats/ Louis/ Marciano/ Julio Cesar Chavez vs Jose Luis Ramirez/ John Mugabi)

December (Sugar Ray/ Michael Nunn/ Julian Jackson/ Mad Bomber)

BOXING 89 (TV Sport Pub. Inc.);

1989 -

September (Sugar Ray Robinson/ Mark Breland/ Richard Steele/ Mike Tyson)

November ( Calvin Grove/ Billy Conn/ Morrison vs Foreman/ Oscar De La Hoya)

BOXING ILLUSTRATED (Champion Sports Pub. Inc.);

1972 - September (Mike & Jerry Quarrys/ Dempsey vs Firpo/ Napoles/ Pruitt/ Monzon/ Bouttier/ Foste/ Quarry Buchanan/ Duran Arcari/ Henrique/ Lewis/ Backus/ Gonzales/ Batoto/ Ohba/ Amores)

1973 February (The Two Faces of George Foreman/ Will B.I.'s "Fight of the Year" jinx be broken?);


1977 -

May (front cover = Muhammad Ali; Tiger Green; George Foreman);

Dec (front cover = Carlos Monzon);

1978 November (Ray Leonard: Sugar or Saccharin?/ Eddie Gregory "Flame" lacks the Spark);


September (B.I. Poll shows Ali is the Greatest/ Muhammad Ali/ Jerry Quarry/ Jack Dempsey/ Sean O'Grady: Bubble Gum Bomber)

November (Sugar Ray/ Stevenson/ Tony Galento/ Lew Eskin/ H.J. is on his way)

1980 March (Sugar Ray/ 1979 review: end of the Ali Era/ Championship Tripleheader)


November (Duran comes back ... but Why?/ Mike Spinks/ California Clouters/ Berbick/ Al Singer (Fallen Idol)/ Constantino Whitehurst)


March (Leonard/ Benitez/ Sanchez/ Arguello/ Spinks/Ali-Frazier comebacks/ Roddy Epps)

May (Arturo Frias/ Benites Heading/ Monzon/ Davey Moore/ Jose Becerra/ Gorilla Jones/ Tony Salvatore)

November (Roberto Duran career in worlds & pictures / Rocky Graziano/ Alex Ramos)

December (Sugar Ray Leonard Does it)


May (Marvin Hagler vs the Greatest middleweights: who would win?)

October (Hagler-Duran Special Edition)

1984 March (Leonard Sugar Ray's back and he's out to make history/ Joltin' Jeff/ Chandler - Muniz)


1982 -

October (front cover = Ray Mancini);


September (Hitman's Nack/ Blocker & Brown/ Bramble - Manchini/ Hatcher-Bumphus)


November (Cassius Clay "The Greatest in Olympic History);


February (Nunn Chavez Foreman/ George Goreman/ Larry Holmes advice to Mike Tyson)

May (Mark Brelan/ Joe Louis/ Mike Tyson)

1990 -

July (front cover = Don King; Ceasar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor);

November (Douglas - Holyfield, preview issue/ Irving Rudd);

1991 -

January (front cover = Hector Camacho/ Ceasar Chavez/ Meldrick Taylor/ Pernell Whittaker);

February (front cover = Evander Holyfield);


May (Tyson lost his biggest fight/ Inside the Tyson Trial)


February (Lennox Lewis: can he beat Bowe?/ How Bowe won the Title)


1975 (Weight = 135 Grams; VG/FN = $18);

BOXING ILLUSTRATED ALL STAR WRESTLING ( G. C. London Pub. ) 1965 (june (Volume 1 #6; Rocky Graziano pin-up);



April (Ali/ Griffith vs Archer/ Seki vs Saldivar/ Medel vs Harada)

July (Benvenuti vs Jolts/ Rouse/ Chuvalo)

September (Quarry - New title threat/ Saldivar vs Winstone/ Cooper vs Bodell)

November (Jimmy Ellis/ Thad Spencer/ Rip Randall/ Ortiz vs Laguna)

December (Bonavena's Big Punch pays Off/ Paul Fujii/ Nino-Emile "A Smasheroo")


July (Cokes potent punch provides thrills/ Carmelo Bossi/ Ramon Lecruz/ Evan Armstong/ Jack Delaney/ Johnny Clark)

September (Robert Conrad/ Sandro Mazzinghi the new Graziano/ Archie Moore/ Frazier - Ramos)


August (Jose Napoles/ Griffith vs Hayward/ Liston vs Johnson/ Lomeli vs Narvaez/ Dupree vs Persol/ Locche vs Hernandez/ Olivares vs Sakuari)

September (Fraser Scott Joe Bugner/ Jimmy Dupree/ Gomeo Brennan/ Bearcat Wright/ Frazier K.O. Stuns Fistic Fans)



Volume-1 #3 (February; front cover = Rocky Marciano; Chief Big Heart, Penny, Karl Von Hess, Morgan; Cover= VG; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $29.00; another copy = ask );

Volume-1 #4 (March; front cover = Archie Moore; Jerry & Ed Grahams, Don Curtis,Mark Lewin, Zebra Kid; Cover= FN; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $35.00 ;another copy = ask);

April – Volume-1 #5 (front cover = Nino Valdes; Valentine= 1/3 cover; Johnny Valentine,Sheik, Cover= FN/VF; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $35.00 ; another copy = ask);

May (Volume 1#6; Ray Robinson/ Gene Stanlee/ Billy Petrolle/ Jim Jeffries);

June (Vol.1#7; front cover = Gene Fullmer; Buddy Rogers; Don Leo Jonathan);

August – Volume-1 #8 (front cover = Drawing of Johansson vs. Patterson; Pepper Gomez 1/3-c; Gomez, Siki, Kowalski, Graham Bros; Cover= FN/VF; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $35.00; another copy = ask );

September (Volume 1 #9; ft/cv Carmen Basililio/ Edouard Carpenter/ Ricki Starr/ Enrique Torres);

October – Volume-1 #10 (front cover = Ingemar Johannson; Floyd Patterson vs. Ingemar Johansson; Byers, Bastine, Jacobs; Wrestling section inside; G/VG = $12.00; another copy = ask);

December – Volume 1 #12 (front cover = Sonny Liston; Dory Funk/ );


January – Volume-2 #1 (1st Anniversary-c; Romero,Hoffman,Varga; Cover= FN; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $25.00; another copy = ask);

February – Volume-2 #2 (Ingemar-Johansson/Marciano; Wright, Gunkel, Ski Hi Lee; Cover= VF; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $25.00 ; another copy = ask);

March – Volume-2 #3 (Sugar Ray Robinson-c; Yukon Eric, Neilson, Baillargeon, Neilson,O’Connor; Cover= FN+, but fold in back cover = VG+; Wrestling section inside= VF; Price = $17.00; another copy = ask );

April – Volume-2 #4 (Tom McNeeley-c; Gange,Orton;Cover= VF; Wrestling section inside= VF+; Price = $25.00; another copy = ask );

May (Carlos Ortiz/ Killer Kowalski/ Gorgeous George/ Harold Johnson/ Willie Ritchie);

July – Volume-2 #7 (front cover = Floyd Patterson/ Ingemar ; Eagle,Kiniski,Shire; Cover= G/VG; Folds in back cover; Wrestling section inside= centerfold detached, o/w FN; Price = $14.00; another copy = ask );

August (Joey Giardello/ Archie Moore/ Jack Dempsey);

November (Luis "Angel" Firpo 1896 to 1960/ moment of truth for the Wil Bull);

December (front cover = Archie Moore/ Jim Jefferies vs. Jim Corbett/ Denny Moyer/ Dulio Loi, Cassius Clay, Jack Dempsey/ Incredible Battling Siki);


January (Floyd Patterson/ Patterson's dramatic knockout of Johansson - June 20 1960/ Incredible Kid McCoy);

January (Special Issue/ Review of the Year/ Robinson - Fullmer/ Downes vs Pender/ Moore vs Rinaldi/ Patterson vs Johansson)

March (Rugar Ray Robinson/ Fullmer vs Robinson/ Ace Hudkins/ Chic Calderwood/ Paret-Griffith/ Cowboy Carlson/ Krusher Lisowski)

April (Big Fight Issue/ Can Johansson regain the title?)

June (Sonny Liston/ Henry Cooper - Patterson/ Magnificent Peter Jackson)

July (front cover = Gene Fullmer vs Paul Pender/ Tony Zale/ Jake LaMotta/ Dick Tiger/ Peter Jackson story part 2);

August (front cover = Floyd Patterson; “Fabulous Heavyweights 1919 – 1961” / Dempsey/ Louis/ Marciano; Writing on Cover at bottom right corner, Creasing to covers,  Good = $9.00; another copy = ask );

September (front cover = Ingemar Johansson/ Tom McNeeley/ Cleveland Williams/ Stanley Ketchel/ Jim Corbett/ Joe Brown/ Ed Carpentier/ Fred Blassie);

November (Fight of the Decade Archie Moore Kayoes Yvon Durelle);

December (front cover = Floyd Patterson vs Tom McNeeley);


January (front cover = Robinson vs. Fullmer/ Downes vs. Pender/ Moore vs. Rinaldi/ Patterson vs. Johansson);

April (Gene Fullmer/ Marcel Cerdan/ Eddie Machen/ Joey Giambra/ Joey Giardello/ Davey Moore)

July (front cover = Dick Tiger/ Gene Fullmer/ Paul Pender);

August (Champion Carlos Ortiz/ Harold Johnson);

September (front cover = Floyd Patterson);

October (front cover = Floyd Patterson/ Sonny Liston/ Ray Arcel);

November (Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali / Kenny Lane/ Skeeter McClure/ Randy Turpin)

December (Sonny Liston/ Exclusive coverage of the fight)


January (front cover = Dick Tiger vs. Gene Fullmer/ Joe Gans vs Terry McGovern);

February ( Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali and Old Archie/ Four rounds the man said - four rounds it was!)

March ( Dempsey vs. Firpo/ Schmeling vs. Baer/ Louis vs. Schmeling/ Marciano vs. Charles);

April (front cover = Sonny Liston vs Ingemar Johansson);

May (front cover = Floyd Patterson);

June (front cover = Eddie Machen; Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali vs. Doug Jones/ Emile Griffith vs Louis Rodriguez/ Davey Moore vs Sugar Ramos/ Tony Zale);

August (front cover = Sandro Mazzinghi vs. Don Fullmer);

October (front cover = Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson/ Special Heavyweight title issue/ next = Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali);

November (front cover = Sonny Liston; Joe Louis; Max Baer; Rocky Marciano; Jack Dempsey/ Jack Johnson/ Jim Jeffries);


February ( Sonny Liston/ Dan Donnelly/ Joey Archer);

April (front cover = Joey Giardello Floyd Patterson);

August (front cover = Floyd Patterson/ Eddie Machen; Billy Graham; Gus Lesnevich; Willie Pep);

September (front cover = Max Baer; Archie Moore; Jack Britton);

October (front cover = Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Janiro);

November (front cover = Dick Tiger/ Joey Giardello/ Rubin Carter);


(January; Set-ups & Up-sets);

March (Willie Pastrano/ Terris vs Goldstein/ Katie Jenkins/ Jess Willard/ Sam Taub/ Eddie Muller/ Charlie Vackner/ Nat Berg)

June (Clay/ Liston/ Sullivan/ Jeffries/ Johnson/ Dempsey/ Louis/ Marciano)

October (front cover = Joey Giardello/ Joey Archer/ Dick Tiger/ Nino Benvenuti);

November (front cover = “What Boxing Needs” by Lester Bromberg);


June (Big Cat Williams vs Alan Rudkin);

July (Emile Tames Tiger/ Ezzard Charles/ Amos Johnson/ Doug Jones/ Johnny Persol/ Griffith's Double Crown in Doubt)

August (front cover = International Championship Issue/ Big Guy Flops/ Bowtie Gypsy/ Teenage K.O. King/ Sandy Saddler/ Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali vs Cooper/ Torres vs Thornton/ Harada vs Jofre);

September (Ortiz-Bizzarro/ McGowan vs Burruni/ Terrell vs Jones/ Bona Vena/ "Wee Walter")

October (Champion Griffith/ Stan Hayward/ Jean Josselin/ Curtis Cokes/ Brian Curvis/ Manuel Gonzales/ Ali vs London/ Griffith vs Archie/ Accavallo vs Ebihara/ Soo vs Benvenuti)


1965 -

January (Special Championship Issue/ James J. Jeffries vs Jack Johnson/Kayoed Dempsey/ Joe Frazier/ pin-up = Joe Louis)

February (Volume 1 #3; front cover = Floyd Patterson vs George Chuvalo/ Leach Cross story/ Sugar Ray vs Fritzie Zivic/ pin-up = Rocky Marciano);

April (Volume 1 #5; front cover = Carmen Basilio/ Ray Robinson/ George McFadden/ Kid McCoy/ pin-up = Ray Robinson);

(June; Volume 1 #6; front cover = Floyd Patterson);

October (Chuvalo vs Clay/ Nino Benvenuti/ Dempsey vs Louis)

(November; Volume 1 #11 front cover = George Chuvalo; Muhammad Ali);

THE BOXING NEWS (The Boxing News);

1946 -

August 17 (Volume 1 #10; front cover = Cowboy Ruben Shank);

August 31 (Volume 1 #12; front cover =Charlie Hayes);

October 12 (Volume 1 #18; front cover =Tony Pellone);

November 2 (Volume 1 #21; front cover =Sammy Baroudi);

December 7 (Volume 1 #26; front cover = Marcel Cerdan);

1947 -

January 18 (Volume 2 #3; front cover = Billy Graham);

March 8 (Volume 2 #10; front cover = Rocco Rossano);

May 24 (Volume 2 #24; Melio Bettina; Cover Only);

BOXING SCENE (LOU SAHADI'S) (Hanna Pub) 1983 September (Aaron Pryor)

BOXING SCENE (Superstar Pub. Inc.) -

1985 – February (front cover = Muhammad Ali/ Larry Holmes/ Joe Louis/ Joe Frazier/ Rocky Marciano/ Max Baer);

BOXING SCENE (Tiger Press Pub. Inc.) -


November (Mike Tyson/ Federal Czar/ Glenwood Brown/ Michael Nunn/ Aaron Davis/ Sugar Ray Leonard);


May (Evander Holyfield/ Roy Jones/Iran Barkley/ Don King/ Tim Witherspoon/ Michael Nunn/ Buddy McGirt/ Muhammad Ali)


1998 – September (front cover = Lennox Lewis vs. Shannon Briggs/ Ceasar Chavez/ Felix Trinidad);

BOXING TODAY (Ideal Pub. Corp.) -

1980 - April (front cover = Larry Holmes);

1981 - October (front cover = Larry Holmes);

1982 -

February (front cover = Tony Ayala; Rocky Marciano);

March/April (Russians declare Jewish boxer security risk! Holmes vs Snipes/ Pryor vs Johnson/ Benitez vs Santtos/ Arguello vs Elizondo)

BOXING AND WRESTLING (Boxing and Wrestling Inc.) -


December (Joe Walcott vs Ezzard Charles/ Verne Gagne/ Randolph Turpin/ Sugar Ray Robinson/ Rocky Graziano)


January (Sugar Ray ; Joe Walcott; Rocky Marciano; Yvon Roberts);

February (Joey Maxim; Jersey Joe Walcott; Ray Robinson; Sandy Saddle; Vic Towell; Dado Marino; Kid Gavilan);

May (Harry Matthews/ Gavilan Mighty/ Charles still in the Run)

June (front cover = Gil Turner/ Lord Carlton/ Ernie Durando/ George Araujo cover designed by Dennis);

July (Joe Walcott; Ezzard Charles; Roy Robinson; Rocky Graziano; Lord Blears);

August (Marciano/ Dempsey/ Danno McDonald/ Schmeling/ Glen Detton)

September (Harry Matthews; Lauro Salas; Chuck Davey; Bobby Managoff);

October (Ray Robinson .. Victim of Fate/ Hombre Montana);

December (Johnny Saxton; Carl "Bobo" Olson; Johnny Bratton);


January (front cover = Joe Walcott vs. Rocky Marciano);

February (Rocky Marciano/ Joe Walcott/ Ezzard Charles/ Archie Moore)

March (Randy Turpin/ Robinson/ John Morrissey/ Kid Gavilan/ Chuck Davey/ Rex Layne/ Roland La Starza/ Jersey Joe Walcott/ Harold Johnson/ Willie Troy/ Chico Vejar/ Gil Turner)

May (front cover = Randy Turpin);

June (Harold Johnson; Bobo Olso);

July (front cover = Roland La Starza/ Jack Solomons - Czar of British Boxing/ Eddie Borden/ Paddy Young/ Chico Vejar/ Johnny Saxton/ Archie Moore/ Ernie Durando/ Vince Martinez/ Billy Graham/ Randy Turpin/ Walter Cartier/ Joe Giardello/ Gil Turner/ Joey Maxim);

August (front cover = Paddy Young/ Randy Turpin/ Billy Graham/ Carmen Basilio/ Johnny Bratton/ Charles Humez/ Willie Pep/ James Carter/ Vince Martinez/ Danny Giovanelli/ Johnny Saxton/ George Araujo);

October (Dan Bucceroni; Arthur Persley; Floyd Patterson)


January (front cover = Paddy Demarco);

March (front cover = Bobo Olson);

April (front cover = Ernie Durando);

May (front cover = Rocky Cassillo/ Stanley Ketchel the Michigan assassin);

June (Ezzard Charles vs Bobby Dykes/ Rocky Graziano story/ Pvt. Chico Vejar (the fighting soldier)/ Gene Jones/ Robert Christenberry/ McLarnin & Canzoneri/ Hans Schmidt/ El Hombre/ Ilio DiPaola)

July (Pierre Langlois; Jacques Royer; Hocine Khalfi)

August (front cover = Vince Martinez/ Marciano & Charles);

December (front cover = Cisco Andrade; Ezzard Charles);


>>>>> WEIGHT for Postage = 150 Grams each;

February (front cover = Nino Valdez; >> Also Contains; Carmen Basilio; Carl Bobo Olson, Billy Petrolle – the Fargo Express, Lou Stillman,Jim Corbett vs Joe Choynski, Jack Delaney, Friars Club, Negro Fighters, Baby Face McLarnin, Billy Varga, Rocky Brown & Leo Nomellini Tag Team,Verne Gangne, Sonny Myers – Missouri Meteor; VF $22);

March (front cover = Kid Gavilan);

April (front cover = Rocky Marciano; Archie Moore; >> Also Contains; Little Joe Choynski – Giant Killer, Gal Grappler – Girl / Female Wrestlers, Harold Johnson,Robert Cohen, Joe Rivers vs Ad Wolgast, Record Book of TV Fights & Championship matches, Paul Berlenbach, Frank Valois, Greg Jarque, Dave Jons; VG $14);

May (Fitzsimmons/ Ryff/ Norkus/ Robinson/ Dupas/ Villa/ inside story of Jimmy Carter)

July (front cover = Chico Vejar; Carmen Basilio; back cover Frankie Talabe; >> Includes; Rocky Marciano, Tony Canzoner, Jimmy Soo, Tad Dorgan vs Joe Walcott,Ludwig Lightburn, Benny Leonard vs Ever Hammer, Jack O’Brien; Wrestlers; Tiger Joe Marsh, Dr Timothy Geohagen, 10 Wrestling Stars,Yukon Eric, Henri Deglane & Frank James; VG/FN $16.00; another copy available);

September (front cover = Rocky Castellani; Rudy Garcia; Abe Atell; back cover Big Bill Miller; >> Includes; Mexico’s Rudy Garcia, Abe Atell, , Jim Norris, Wallace Bud Smih, Billy Graham, Terry McGovern vs Pedlar Palmer, Pat McMurty, Al Singer interview, Willie Jackson; >> Wrestlers; Leo the Lion Nomellini,Negro Wrestlers, Killer Kowalski, Kalmikoffs vs Togo Brothers, Hans Schnabel, Al & Tiny Mills; FN/VF $22.00);

October (front cover = Rocky Marciano; Archie Moore; Jack Dempsey; back cover Lord James Blears; >> Includes; Mystery Man Frankie Carbo, Jack Dempsey,Carmen Basilio, Joh L. Sullivan vs Charley Mitchell, Carmelo Costa, Billy McNeece, Joe Benjamin; >> Wrestlers; Hamering Hans Herman, Danno McDonald vs Leo Wallick Fardell, Ed Lewis, rating champs, Ski Hi Lee, etc; VG/FN $16);

November (front cover = Willie Pastrano; Bud Smith; Jack Dempsey; back cover Pat O’Connor; >> Includes; Rocky Marciano & Archie Moore, walloping Wallace Bud Smith, Joe Gans vs Rufe TurnerTony Puleo, Bimstein & Brown Inc – Cut-Men, Johnny Dundee, Johnny Kilbane, >> Wrestlers; Furious Tiger from Japan, Riki Dozan, Don Arnold, Hindu Gama, Chris Tolos, Malcolm Brenner; VG $14);

December (front cover = Vince Martinez; Tommy Jackson; back cover Lou Thesz; >> Includes; Jimmy Carter, Julius Helfand, Georges Carpentier, Tommy Jackson, Tom Gibbons, Jack Johnson;  >> Wrestlers; Larry Moquin, Wild Red Berry, Farmer Burns, Oriental Champs, Leo Thesz; decent VG, but 1” piece off upper right cover & first pages, thus Good = $9.00);


January (front cover = Ray Drake/ Joey Giambra);

February (front cover = Ralph Dupas; Willie Pep; Billy Conn; back cover Lou Thesz/Grim Reaper);

March (front cover = Chuck Speiser);

May (front cover = Floyd Patterson; Bob Murphy;Kid Lavigne vs Andy Bowen/ Sam Langford/ Jackie Berg; back cover wrestlers);

June (front cover = Cisco Andrade; Rory Calhoun; Tony Zale);

July (front cover = Rocky Marciano; Max Schmeling/ Joe Gans/ Miguel Barrios/ Johnny Saxton);

August (front cover = Cherif Hamia; Tony De Marco; Joe Choynski/ Johnny Holman/ Johnny Summerlin/ Jess Willard);

September (front cover = Hurrican Jackson; Floyd Patterson; Bob Baker; Archie Moore);

October (front cover = Willie Pastrano);

November (front cover = Tony DeMarco);

December (front cover = Gene Fullmer; Jack Dempsey; Ross vs. McLarnin by Damon Runyon/ Crowe Peele/ Oscar Miteff);


>>>>> WEIGHT for Postage = 150 Grams each;

January (front cover = Carmen Basilio; Joe Brown; Barney Ross, >> Also Contains; W.O. McGeehan, Stanley Ketche, Mike Gibbons, Bill Brennan; >> Wrestling; Carl Engstrom, Bronislaw Nagurski, Johnny BarendTito Carreon);

January (front cover = Carmen Basilio; Joe Brown; Barney Ross, >> Also Contains; W.O. McGeehan, Stanley Ketche, Mike Gibbons, Bill Brennan; >> Wrestling; Carl Engstrom, Bronislaw Nagurski, Johnny BarendTito Carreon; decent VG, but 1x2” piece off upper right cover & first pages, thus Good = $9.00);

February (My Fight with I.B.. by Ray Robinson/ John Lardner/ Larry Boardman/ Damon Runyon/ Jack London)

April (front cover = Jack Dempsey);

May (front cover = Floyd Patterson; >> Also Contains; Jack Dempsey, Luther McCarty, Stanley Ketchel, John L. Sullivan, Lou Nova, Jim Jeffries vs Bob Fitzsimmons, Buddy Turman, Dulio Loi, Joe Grim, Young Griffo; Willie “Midget” Smith; >> Wrestling; Lord Athol Layton, FN $16; another copy available);

July (front cover = Rocky Marciano);

August (front cover = Carmen Basilio; >> Also Contains; negro slave boxing champ Tom Molyneaux, Jimmy McLarnin, Meehan vs Jack Dempsey, Loland La Starza, Joey Donovan, Abe Attell, Billy Conn, Walter Byars, Eddie Machen, Michael Patrick McTigue; >> Yukon Eric, Mr. Moto & Mr. Hito, Carlos Moreno);


February (”The Lightweight Division”; TV Fights = Louis/Marcicano, Robinson/laMotta, Basilio/DeMarco; >> History of Light Heavyweight class from Jack Root to Archie Moore; >> Also Contains; Sugar Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney – Georges Carpentier, Alex Miteff, Joey Lopes, Future Champs, Al McCoy);


July (Gene Fullmer/ Emile Griffith/ Johnny Valentine)

August (Diminishing Cornermen/ Mickey Walker/Gene Ward/ Floyd Patterson/ Skull Murphy/ Brute Bernard)

October (Paret-Griffith fight/ Patterson/ Tommy Loughran/ Davey Moore/ Barney Ross/ Bob Ellis)


February (front cover = Sonny Liston/ Mannie Seaman/ Jackie Fields/ Johnny Addie/ Ray Stern);

March (front cover = Floyd Patterson);

June (front cover = Dick Tiger; Hot Pepper Gomez);

November (front cover = Willie Pastrano; Sailor Art Thomas/ Willie Pastrano/ Mrs. G. Ortega/ Wayne Thornton/ George Benton));


January (front cover = Sonny Liston);

March (front cover = Emile Griffith/ Liston - Clay/ TNT Napolitan/ Marty Weill/ Hiro Matsuda = Japan; FN  = $16.00);

May (front cover = Floyd Patterson; VG/FN = $16.00);

November (Ray Robinson/ Doug Jones/ Buster Mathis)


January (Floyd Patterson / Dick Tiger/ Chip Johnson/ The Executioners/ Ernie Terrell)

March (Emile Griffith/ Jack Dempsey/ Doug Jones/ Eddie Machen)

BOXING AND WRESTLING ANNUAL (Boxing and Wrestling Inc.) -

1953 (Rocky Marciano/ Archie Moore/ Ray Robinson/ Jimmy Carter/ Kid Gavilan/ Sandy Saddler)

BOXING & WRESTLING (World Distributors Pub/ British Edition)

1953 March (Johnny Saxton/ Carl "Bobo" Olson/ Johnny Bratton/ Norman Hurst/ Freddie Mills)

1953 March/April (Rocky Marciano/ Joe Walcott/ Ezzard Charles/ Norman Hurst/ Freddie Mills)

1960's circa - Volume 4 #5 (British Edition/ Ralph Dupas/ Billy Conn/ Pete Herman)

BOXING YEARBOOK (Fawcett Pub. Inc.) -

1953 (Marciano vs Walcott/ Chuck Davey/ Kid Gavilan/ Bobo Olson/ Archie Moore/ John L/ Sullivan/ Lauro Salas/ Jack Johnson);

1959 - (front cover = Carmen Basilio);

1963 - (front cover = Emile Griffith);

1990 – (front cover = Evander Holyfield; George Foreman);

BOXING YEARBOOK (Victory Sport Pub.)

1974 (#2; Muhammad Ali/ Dempsey to Foreman/ 1919 to 1973)

BRET "HITMAN" HART (Balmur Book/ 2000) by Perry Lefko

CELEBRITY WRESTLING (M and O. Communications Inc.) -

1987 November (Volume 1 #1/ Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Ken Patera/ Misty Blue)

1988 -

January (Bret "Hitman" Hart/ Hulk Hogan/ Jerry the King Lawler/ Lex Luger/ Nikita Koloff/ Kamala/ Rip Oliver/ Baron Von Raschke);

February (Vol.1#3; front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Mike Graham/ Dusty Rhodes/ Ox Baker/ Killer Khan);

July (Vol.1#6; front cover = Iron Sheik; Sting);

October (Randy Savage/ Lady Satan Sabrina/ Ric Flair)

CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (Modern Day Periodicals Inc.) -


July (Mike Rotundo/ Ric Flair/ Sgt/ Slaughter vs Iron Sheik/ Ted DiBiase/ Dick Slater/ Billy Jack);


August (Dusty Rhodes/ Tommy Rich/ Masked Avengers/ Sgt Slaughter/ Bob Backlund)

November (Wahoo McDaniel/ Andre the Giant/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Brutus Beefcake/ Hulk Hogan/ Tonga Kid/ Roddy Piper)

1988 – February (front cover = Ronnie Garvin vs. Ric Flair; back cover Michael Hayes/ Terry Gordy);


October (Gold Power! Larry Zbyszko/ Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Jason the Terrible/ Southern Rockers/ Slaughter vs DeBeers/ Flair vs Steamboat/ Great Muta)

1990 February (Ric Flair/ Lez Luger/ Rowdy Roddy Piper/ Terry Funk/ Jimmy Snuka/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Teddy Long/ Randy Savage)


1999 – Fall (front cover = The Rock; Hologram of Sable);

CNWA MAGAZINE (CNWA Live Pro Wrestling Pub.)


February/March (Premiere Issue/ Adam Pearce/ Vance Nevada/ Marty Sugar/ Gothic Knight)

April/May (Mr. Intensity/ Vance Nevada/ Young Guns/Great Gama/ Leo Burke/ Reggie Parks)

June/July (Michelle Starr/ K.C. Andrews/ Gene Kiniski/ Dave Ruhl/ Eric Froelich)

August/ September (Sexy Samantha/ Storm Warning/ Best in the Country compete for the National title)

October/ November (Mentallo/ Bobby Sharp/ Cuban Assassin/ Gil Hayes/ Kerry Brown)

December/ 2013 January (Bobby Sharp/ Top 110 stars of all time in the Canadian West/ Award Issue)


February/ March (Kat Von Heez/ Sexy Samantha/ Mildred Burke/ Velvet McIntyre/ Ronda Sing)

April/May (Jack Hammer/ Massics Damage/ Makkan Singh/ Danny Babich/ Bulldog Brown)

June/July (Bambi Hall/ Bret Hart "Hitman"/ Vance Nevada/ Stu Hart/ Davey Boy Smith/ Owen Hart)



April (Sammartino/ Moolah/ Jack Brisco/ Sheik/ Vivian Vachon);

August (Gorgeous George Jr./ John Tolos vs Suni War Cloud/ Great Indian Strap Match/ Dusty Rhodes vs Great Malenka)

October (Pampero Firpo/ Rene Goulet/ Nick DeCarco, Italian Star Skyrocket)

1975 – June (front cover = Dory Funk);

DOUBLE ACTION WRESTLING (M. And O. Communications Inc.) -

1987 -

April (Vol.1#4; front cover = Ron Bass; back cover Rowdy Roddy Piper);

June (Vol.1#5; front cover = Nick Bockwinkle; back cover Jimmy Valiant);

August (Midnight Rockers/ Dusty Rhodes/ Kevin Sullivan/ pinup = Barry Windham/ Flair vs Nikita/ Fabulous Ones/ George "The Animal"/ Paul Orndorff/ Jesse Ventura)

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan; back cover Kevin Sullivan vs. Dory Funk);

1988 -

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan; British Bulldog/ Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair/ Barry Windham vs Joe Leduc/ Jimmy Hart/ back cover The Barbarian vs. Jimmy Valiant);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair; back cover King Kong Bundy);

May (Ric Flair vs Midnight Rider/ Billy Graham & Butch Reed/ Slugfest in a Steel Cage/ "Hacksaw" Duggan vs Nicolai Volkoff)

DONOVANS FAN CLUB (The Donovans) -

1968(June; Vol.1#2); (July; Vol.1#3); (August; Vol.1 #4); (October; Vol.1 #6);

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (Entertainment Weekly Inc.)

1999 December 3 (#515; Stone Cold Steve Austin & Ivory)

FIGHT (Fawcett Pub. Inc.) -

1953 – Winter (front cover = Kid Gavilan);

THE FIGHT STUFF MAGAZINE (World Card Enter./ Winnipeg Magazine)

Circa 2007 (Premiere Issue/ Vanilla Gorillas/ Randy "Macho Man" Savage/ Randy Couture/ Jessica King (debuts));

FLASH (Boxing Update);

1988 (October 20; Volume 1 #11; front cover = Matthew Hilton);

GAMEPRO World's Largest Multiplatform Gaming Magazine (IDG Communications)

1998 August (#119/ Stone Cold Austin Steven in-depth interview)

THE GAMES (Michigan Athletic Association Inc.);

1993 (March 12-13; Individual Wrestling Lower Peninsula Finals Program);


1988 September (Volume 1 #6; Mt. Fiji/ Corporal Kelly/ Evandelina vs Satan Heiny)

GOLD BELT WRESTLING (Gold Belt Wrestling inc.) -

1987 -

June - (Volume-1 #1 front cover = Ric Flair; back cover Sgt. Slaughter; 8 pages of COLOR Pinups still intact at centerfold; VG/FN =$10);

June - (Volume-1 #1 front cover = Ric Flair; back cover Sgt. Slaughter; FA/G, reading copy, Waterdamaged & Wrinkled copy; 8 pages of Pinups at centerfold missing; =$3);

August - (front cover = Randy Savage; Von Erich & Cowboy Bill/ Hulk Hogan vs Bruiser Brody/ Kevin Sullivan; back cover Jesse Ventura);

September - (Vol.1#3; front cover = Roddy Piper/ Misty Blue/ Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentin vs The Rock 'n' Roll Express);

November (R'n'R RPM's vs The Fantastics/ Bob Backlund vs Hulk Hogan/ Soul Train/ Fabulous Von Erichs)

December – (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Macho & Jesse vs Lex & Ric Flair/ Misty Blue/ Buddy Landell/ Four Horsemen););

1988 –

February (Hulk Hogan/ Bam Bam/ Missy Hyatt/ Andre the Giant/ Rick Rude/ The Hammer)

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

August (GBW salutes the WWF);

October – (front cover = Sting, Hulk Hogan, Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage);

1989 - February (ft/cv Lex Luger);

1990 -

April (Hulk Hogan/ Macho Man/ Ultimate Warrior);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rock and Roll Express/ Grapplerettes/ Brian Pillman/ Curt Hennig/ Skyscrapers/ ; back cover Hulk Hogan);

October (Giant Baba vs Andre the Giant/ Jake Roberts vs Big Boss Man/ Randy Savage vs Tenryu/ Rick Martel vs Curt Hennig/ Hulk Hogan vs Stan Hansen/ Bret Hart vs Tiger Mask)

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Rick Rude vs Hennig/ Dusty Rhodes/ Four Horsemen/ Demolition vs Hart Foundation/ Misty Blue vs Linda Dallas; back cover Steve Dane);


January (Ultimate Warrior vs Hercules/ Bushwhackers/ Paul Orndorff/ Sting/ Ivan Koloff/ Steve "Dr. Death" Williams);

February (Macho Man/ Beefcake/ Rhythm & Blues/ Pat O'Connor/ Lex Luger/ Misty Blue/ Ric Flair/ "Trucker" Norman)

GREAT AMERICAN BASH - 88 (Major Events of Jim Crockett Promotions) - 1988


1960 March (Volume 1 #9; Sugar Ray Robinson/ Cousy vs Pettit/ Fontinato vs Howe/ Barney Ross/ Joe Lapchick/ Sticling Moss/ Max Schmeling)


1980 July (Roberto Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard/ Desire vs Talent/ Hilmer Kenty / Sharkey, Uzcudun, Chuvalo/ Jimmy Clark/ Ceferino Garcia/ Mr. Bolo)

1981 - December (Alexis Arguello/ Roberto Duran/ Results & fights action from around the world);


2011 June 28 (Sealed in original wrapper; John Cena/ Randy Orton/ Undertaker/ Triple H/ Rey Mysterio/ The Miz)


HULK HOGAN'S ROCK 'N' WRESTLING (Golden Pub.) 1985 (Coloring Book/ # 4010-38/ un-marked/ no colored pages)


1999 December (Premiere Issue/ The Rock / Wu-Tang Clan)

INSIDE BOXING ( MacFadden-Bartell Corp.)

1963 Winter (Sonny Liston/ Lee Balterman/ Cassius Clay/ Curt Gunther/ Emile Griffith/ Carlos Ortiz/ Dick Tiger/ Henry Armstrong)

INSIDE BOXING (Starlog Pub);

1990 (#1; Evander Holyfield/ Buster Douglas/ Tyson/ Chavez-Taylor/ Thomas Hearns/ Roberto Duran/ Sugar Ray Leonard)

INSIDE BOXING (Starlog Theater Merchandising Group);

1985 (February #8; front cover = Macho Camancho; back cover Thomas Hearns);

INSIDE SPORTS (Newsweek Inc.)

1980 June (Leonard - Duran/ Borg/ Brett/ Hollywood Henderson/ Umpire School)

1983 December (Hagler vs Duran/ A.J. Duhe/ NBA & NHL Previews)

INSIDE WRESTLING (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -


October (Notorious Chain Gang/ Sensational Hell's Angels/ Don Savage/ Midget Ace/ Dan Hodge/ Samartino/ The Sheik)


April (Only three men saw this Titlating Match/ Why Wrestling is drowning in its own blood)


December (Don Carson/ Al Torres/ Boby Shane/ Betty Niccoli)


March (The dramatic comeback of KOA Tiki/ the match that must never be made!/ Blood bath in Chicago)

April (Superstar Graham/ Maerick/ Dillinger on the Loose)

May (Frankie Laine/ Toronto Girls/ Pedro Morales/ Jack Brisco/ Red Bastien/ Chief Jay Strongbow)

June (Baron Von Raschke/ Bobby Shane/ Vickie Williams)

August (Carlos Rocha/ Mr. X/ John Tolos/ Sheik/ Johnny Valentine/ T.N. Turner)

September (Terry Funk/ Mil Mascaras)

November ( Sammartino vs Morales);

December (Jack Brisco/ Terry Funk/ Johnny Valentine)


January (Bruno vs Pedro/ He Paid his Dues in Blood)

February (Pedro vs Ernie Ladd/ Chris Colt/ Ray Stevens)

April (front cover = 1973 Battle Royal/ Terry Funk;

May (mil Mascaras/ John Tolos vs Ernie Ladd/ Buddy Rogers/ Lord Al Hays); FN+ = $12.00; another copy = Ask)

June (Strongbow/ Who Is Really Wrestling's Sex Symbol?)

July (Pedro Morales/ Vicki Williams/ Bobby Shane)

August (Bruno Unmasked the Invader/ Johnny Powers'/ Chief Jay Strongbow/ Ernie Ladd)

October (Gene Kiniski/ Harley Race/ Dory Funk Sr./ John Tolos/ Billy Robinson)

November (front cover = Jack Brisco);

December (front cover = Victor Rivera/ Pedro Morales vs. Stan Stasiak);


January (Lord Al Hays/ Johnny Valentine/ Bruno & Bruiser/ Bobby Heenan);

February (Pedro/ Bobby Heenan/ Jack Brisco/ Terry Funk/ Jerry Brisco);

October (front cover = Billy Graham vs Ivan Putski; Jim & John Valiant; writing on back cover, otherwise VG = $7.00);


January ( Bruiser/ Jack Brisco/ Rip Hawk/ Swede Hanson);

March (Joe LeDuc/ Superstar Graham/ Blackjack Lanza's);

May (front cover = Jim Valiant vs. Bruno Sammartino; Billy Graham);

July (The Valiants/ Superstar Graham/ Jack Brisco/ Night my girlfriend became an apartment house wrestler);

November (front cover = Mil Mascaras);


February (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Ernie Ladd; Chief Jay Strongbow);

August (front cover = Terry and Dort Funk; Ivan Putski vs. Billy Graham);

September (front cover = Andre the Giant; Terry Funk; Stan Hansen);


January (front cover = Bruno Sammartino/ Jack Brisco/ Terry Funk);

February (Sammartino & Mr. Wrestler II/ Terry Funk/ Executioner);

April (front cover = Baron Von Raschke/ Mil Mascaras/ President Jimmy Carter);

June (Valentine/ Wahoo/ Andre the Giant/ Superstar Graham/ Jack Brisco);

July (Dusty Rhodes/ Bob Backlund vs Baron Von Raschke/ Ivan Putski/ Ken Patera/ Lou Albano/ Joe LeDuc)

September (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Baron Von Raschke; Andre the Giant; Bob Backlund vs. Harley Race/ Ivan Putski);

October (front cover = Andre the Giant; Chief Jay Strongbow/ Dusty Rhodes/ Jack Brisco/ Ivan Putski/ Bobby Backlund);


August (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. Billy Graham; Andre the Giant; Dusty Rhodes);

October (front cover = Andre the Giant/ Bob Backlund; Nick Bockwinkle; Dusty Rhodes/ Bruno Sammartino);

November (Dusty Rhodes/ Harley Race/ Ric Flair vs Dick Slater/ Bob Backlund);

December (Dusty Rhodes/ Mr. Wrestling II/ Dino Bravo);


January (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham; Dusty Rhodes/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Bob Backlund);

February (Race & Bockwinkle vs Backlund/ Ernie Ladd/ Bruno/ Rick Steamboat/ Mr. Wrestling II)

March (front cover = Harley Race vs. Blackjack Mulligan; Dino Bravo vs. Billy Graham; Andre the Giant/ Ernie Ladd);

April (Andre the Giant/ Backlund vs Maivia/ Paul Jones: Rick Steamboat/ Ric Flair/ Peter Maivia/ Paul Jones)

May (front cover = Rick Steamboat; Dusty Rhodes/ Haryley Race/ Bobby Heenan/ Backlund vs Maivia);

June (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ole Anderson; Ivan Koloff vs. Ivan Putski);

July (Ernie Ladd/ Rick Steamboat/ Rhodes vs Koloff/ Harley Race)

August (Ric Flair vs Rick Steamboat/ Backlund/ Harley Race/ Sonny King/ Jim Garvin)

September (Dino Bravo/ Valentine/ Mascaras vs Funk/ Steamboat vs Bockwinkel/ Chief Jay Strongbow)

October (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Kox/ Tommy Rich/ Bob Backlund);

November (front cover = Ivan Putski/ Ken Patera vs. Jimmy Snuka/ Bobby Heenan);

December (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Harley Race/ - various/ Bob Backlund);


January ( Backlund vs Patterson/ Terry Funk/ Capt. Lou Albano);

February (Ken Patera/ Backlund / Bruno/ Ivan Putski/ Tito Santana/ Jimmy Snuka/ Ric Flair/ Dusty Rhodes)

March (Ric Flair vs Buddy Rogers/ Bobby Duncan/ Terry Funk/ Tommy Rick)

April (Hulk Hogan/ Tommy Rich/ Bob Backlund/ Dusty Rhodes/ Harley Race/ Mil Mascaras/ Globetrotting Troubleshooter)

May (Larry Zbyszko/ Bruno/ Ladd vs The Shiek/ Dick Murduck)

June Ivan Putski vs Hussein Arab/ Andre the Giant/ Koloff & Smirnoff)

July (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Kevin Von Erich/ Masked Superstars/ Brunovs Superstar Graham/ Verne Gagne/ Mad Dog);

August (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko; Mr. Wrestling II/ Ox Baker/ Bobby Heenan/ Lord Al Hays);

September (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Don Muraco; Ernie Ladd vs. Chief Jay Strongbow/ Larry Zbyszko/ Mil Mascaras);

October (front cover = Baron Von Raschke vs. Tommy Rich; Ken Patera vs. Pat Patterson/ Bugsy McGraw);


February (Gene Anderson/ Ted DiBiase/ Harley Race/ Bob Backlund/ Dino Bravo);

March (front cover = Tommy Rich; Jimmy Snuka/ Zbyszko/ Dusty Rhodes vs Dick Murdoch);

April (Bruno Sammartino Jr./ Bugsy McGraw/ Ric Flair/ Harley Race/ Capt. Lou Albano);

May (front cover = Hussein Arab vs. Ivan Koloff/ David Von Erich/ Harley Race/ Bob Backlund/ Bobo Brazil/ Dusty Rhodes);

June (front cover = Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes; Bob Backlund vs. Stan Hansen);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Backlund/ Tony Atlas/ mr. Wrestling II/ Backjack Mulligan/ Ted Dibiase/ Slater & Fernandez locked cage);

August (front cover = Mil Mascaras vs. Moondog King; Barry Windham);

September (front cover = Ken Patera vs. Ted Dibiase; Ivan Koloff);

October (front cover = Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes/ The Funks/ Harley Race/ Ivan Koloff/ Roddy Piper/ Jimmy Snuka/ Flair vs Koloff/ Jake Roberts/ Ken Patera);

November (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Austin Idol; Andre the Giant vs. Killer Khan/ Magnificent Muraco);

December (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Killer Khan; Ernie Ladd);


January (Ric Flair/ Fukji/ Saito/ New House of Humperdink/ Harley Race);

February (Bob Backlund/ Ric Flair/ Greg Valentine/ Dusty Rhodes/ Rick Steamboat/ Stevens & Kamata)

March (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. Greg Valentine; Jack Brisco vs. Ted Dibiase/ Tommy Rich);

April (Dusty Rhodes vs Nick Bockwinkel/ The Blackjacks big Gamble/ Andre vs Khan)

May (Adrian Adonis/ Bob Backlund/ David Von Erich vs Mike Graham/ Dusty Rhodes)

June (Blackjack Mulligan Jr./ Morales - Valentine/ Sgt. Slaughter)

July (Hulk Hogan/ Bob Backlund/ Adrian Adonis/ Rick Steamboat)

August (front cover = Andre the Giant; Bob Backlund vs. Blackjack Mulligan/ Backlund vs Mulligan Sr./ Bob Backlund/ Nick Bockwinkel);

October (Pat Patterson/ Roddy Piper/ Tommy Rich/ Blackjack the Giant Killer/ Magnificent Muraco/ James J. Dillon)

November (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Ted Dibiase; Ole Anderson; Stan Hansen/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Wahoo vs Slaughter/ Jimmy Snuka);

December (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Blackjack Mulligan; Tommy Rich vs. Bobby Heenan/ Jerry Lawler/ Grand Wizard);


January (Captain Lou Albano & Jimmy Sbuka/ Mr Wrestling II/ Jack Brisco vs Paul Jones/ Dusty Rhodes/ Bobby Heenan)

February (Rhodes vs Funk/ Bob Orton/ Hulk Hogan or Ken Patera/ Flair - Hansen brawl)

March (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Pedro Martino; Terry Funk; / Terry Funk/ Rocky Johnson/ Junkyard Dog vs Gino Hernandez; VG/FN = $8.00);

April (front cover = Ivan Koloff vs. Ken Patera; Lou Albano vs. Jimmy Snuka; Kabuki);

May (Rich-Sawyer Bloodbath/ Rick Morton & Ken Lucas/ Valentine vs Steamboat/ Snuka Superflys Stevens/ Kevin Sullivan);

June (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. John Studd; Jim Garvin/ Bockwinkel vs Lawler/ Buddy Rogers);

July (front cover = Butch Reed vs. Ivan Koloff; Steamboat; Youngblood; Sgt. Slaughter; Kemodle/ Freebirds vs Von Erich);

August (Nick Bockwinkel vs Jerry Lawler/ Jimmy Valiant/ Rocky Johnson vs Magnificent Muraco/ Junkyard Dog/ Larry Zbyszko);

September (front cover = Tommy Rich vs. Larry Zbyszko; Roddy Piper vs. Greg Valentine/ Andre vs Kamala);

October (front cover = Mr. Wrestling II vs. Larry Zbyszko; Dusty Rhodes vs. Nick Bockwinkel);

November (Hulk Hogan vs Wahoo/ Superfly Snuka vs Capt. Lou Albano/ Butch Reed/ Dusty Rhodes/ Harley Rave vs Kevin Von Erich)

December (front cover = Harley Race vs. Jim Valiant; The Wild Samoans/ Verne Gagne/ Kerry Von Erich);


January (front cover = David Von Erich; Tommy Rich vs. Wild Bill Irwin);

February (Abdullah vs Dusty Rhodes/ Buzz Sawyer/ Ric Flair Pedro Morales/ Jim Valiant/ Charle Brown/ Jim Garvin/ Kevin Von Erich)

March (front cover = Junkyard Dog; Tommy Rich vs. Jake Roberts);

April (front cover = Blackjack Mulligan vs. Masked Superstar; Rick Steamboat/ Chris Adams vs Jim Garvin/ Barry Windham/ Ric Flair);

May (front cover = Mike Rotondo; Iron Shiek; Rick Steamboat vs. Sgt. Slaughter);

June (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Mike Rotondo; Angelo Mosca Jr.);

July (front cover = Ric Flair; Rick Martel vs. Dino Bravo/ Jimmy Valiant vs Paul Jones/ Mr Wrestling II/ Jumbo Tsuruta);

August (front cover = Junkyard Dog/ Jim Valiant; Magnum T.A./ Mr Wrestling II/ Sweet Brown Sugar vs The Spoiler/ Larry Zbyszko);

September (front cover = Rick Martel vs. Jumbo Tsuruta; Jos Leduc vs. Bruiser Brody; Iron Sheik/ Kerry Von Erich);

October (front cover = Billy Jack vs. Billy Graham; Road Warriors; / Ric Flair vs Rick Steamboat/ Orndorff & Shultz vs Atlas & Johnson; VG/FN = $8.00; another copy = Ask);

November (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert/ Gino Hernandez/ Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed/ Road Warrior final shot);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Road Warriors; Kevin Sullivan/ Magnum T.A./ Wahoo McDaniel/ Mike Von Erich vs Gino Hernandez; FN = $10.00; another copy = Ask);


January (front cover = Magnum T.A.; Dusty Rhodes vs. Stan Hansen/ Tony Atlas/ J.J. Dillon/ Ron Bass & Black Bart/ Mike Von Erich/ Gino Hernandez);

February (front cover = Tommy Rich; Chris Adams/ Von Erich/ Ric Flair/ Harley Race);

March (front cover = Bob Backlund; Billy Jack; Ivan and Nikita Koloff);

April (front cover = Cyndi Lauper/ Hulk Hogan/ Lou Albano: Terry Gordy/ Road Warrior vs Bundy Blackwell);

May (front cover = Rick Martel vs. Jim Garvin; Sgt. Slaughter/ Koloff/ Capt. Lou Albano);

June (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ric Flair; Road Warriors; Andre the Giant & Junkyard Dog/ Kevin Von Erich/ Chris Adams; FN/VF = $10.00);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. David Shultz; Kerry Von Erich vs. Kamala/ Road Warrior vs Blackwell & Slaughter/ Nikita Koloff);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Tonga Kid/ Larry Zbyszko/ Roddy Piper/ Baby Doll Nickla Roberts/ Chris Adams);

September (front cover = Roddy Piper; Ric Flair);

October (front cover = Ivan & Nikita Koloff/ Krusher Khrushchev; Road Warriors/ Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik/ Kerry Von Erich);

November (front cover = Kabuki vs. Chris Adams; Magnum T.A./ Freebirds/ Road Warriors/ Jim Cornette/ Steamboat vs Santana);

December (front cover = Ole & Arn Anderson; Tito Santana/ Bruiser Brody/ Sgt. Slaughter vs Ric Flair);


January (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Magnificent Muraco; Mike Von Erich/ Jake Roberts/ Road Warrior/ Paul Ellering);

February (front cover = Road Warriors/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Iron Sheik/ Nikolai Volkoff/ Barry Windham; Blackjack Mulligan/ Kendell & Barry Windham; VG = $6.00; another copy = Ask);

March (front cover = Barry Windham/ Mike Rotundo/ Kendall Windham/ Hillbilly Jim/ John Studd/ Rick Rude/ Jerry Lawler);

April (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; Andre the Giant/ Bill Watts/ Scott Hall/ Von Erich);

May (front cover = Randy Savage; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Stan Hansen/ Lex Lugar/ Chris Adams);

June (front cover = Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair; British Bulldogs/ Road Warriors afraid of Nord the Barbarian/ Lance Von Erich);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Magnum T.A./ Ivan Koloff);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy; Jim & Ronnie Garvin/ Rick Martel);

September (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Magnum T.A./ Andre the Giant/ Barry Windham/ Chris Adams);

October (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair; Randy Savage/ The Fantastics vs the Sheepherders/ Road Warrior);

November (front cover = Road Warrior Hawk vs. Ric Flair; British Bulldogs/ Paul Ellering/ Road Warrior/ Rock'n' Roll Express/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Chris Adams);

December (front cover = Robert Gibson/ Rick Morton; Hulk Hogan vs. Adrian Adonis/ Lex Lugar/ Scott Hall/ Baby Doll Dusty Rhodes);


January (front cover = Robert Piper/ Terry Taylor/ Magnum T.A./ Rick Rude);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Paul Orndorff/ Midnight Rockers/ Terry Taylor/ Ric Flair/ Kevin Von Erich);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ronnie Garvin vs. Ric Flair/ Eddie Giilbert/ Nikita Koloff vs Ivan Koloff);

April (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Randy Savage/ Barry Windham/ Paul Ellering/ Jimmy Snuka vs Col. DeBeers);

May (front cover = Lex Luger/ Barry Windham; Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat/ Magnum T.A. & Erich Von Erich/ Hogan-Andre showdown/Midnight Rockers);

June (front cover = Nikita Koloff; Roddy Piper/ Chris Adams/ Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Andre the Giant/ Ted Dibiase; “Wreatlemania III”/ Midnight Rockers/ Mike Rotundo/ Ole Anderson vs Arn Anderson/ Danny Davis);

August (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Nikita Koloff; Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant/ Stan Lane/ Jim Corneete/ Mike Von Erich);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race; The New Breed; Tommy Rich & Austin Idol);

October (front cover = Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; Bam Bam Bigelow/ Lawler, Rich, Idol & Dundee/ Terry Taylor vs Chris Adams/ Kevin Sullivan);

November (front cover = Mr.T/ Kevin Von Erich vs Brian Adias/ "Original" Midnight Express/ British Bulldog);

December (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Lex Luger; Randy Savage vs. Harley Race/ Dennis Condrey vs Bobby Eaton);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin/ Rock 'n' Roll Express/ Four Horsemen/ Steve Williams);

February (front cover = Randy Savage; Jessie Ventura/ Tully & Arn/ Rock 'n' Roll Express/ Sting/ Kevin Von Erich);

March (front cover = Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Hercules Hernandez/ Chris Adams vs Al Perez/ Nikita Koloff/ Dusty Rhodes/ Honky Tonk Man/ Savage / Steamboat/ Verne Gane vs Larry Hennig);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Andre the Giant/ DiBase/ Ultimate Warrior/ Kevin Von Erich/ Lex Luger);

May (front cover = Ted Dibiase/ Road Warriors vs Warlord & Barbarian/ Midnight Rockers/ Fritz Von Erich/ Austin Idol vs Tommy Rich/ Baby Doll);

June (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth; Road Warrior Animal; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);

July (front cover = Kerry Von Erich/ Michael Hayes; Sting/ Rick Steamboat/ Eddie Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler/ Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ J.J. Dillon);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Randy Savage);

September (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Sting/ Lex Luger; “Wrestlemania IV”/ Jerry Lwler vs Curt Hennig);

October (front cover = Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ Ted Dibiase/ Andre the Giant);

November (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Barry Windham; Hart Foundation/ Lex Luger/ Don Muraco/ Freebird/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jerry Lawler);

December (front cover = Roddy Piper; Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger; Ultimate Warrior/ Bambi & Lady Mystic/ Kevin Von Erich vs the System);


January (front cover = Sting vs. Barry Windham; Hulk Hogan; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jerry Lawler/ Hulk Hogan);

February (front cover = Tully Blanchard/ Arn Anderson; Sting vs. Barry Windham; Hulk Hogan vs. Big Bossman);

March (front cover = Both Midnight Express Teams/ Kevin Von Erich/ Curt Hennig/ Ultimate Warrior);

April (front cover = Wrestling's Hot Winter Action/ Savage & Hogan/ Von Erich vs Lawler/ Rhodes vs Animal/ Steiner vs Flair/ Ric Flair);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Miss Elizabeth; Sting/ Rick Morton/ Rick Steiner/ Terry Taylor);

June (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan; Randy Savage/ Rick Morton & Robert Gibson/ Lex Luger);

July (front cover = Sting/ Ultimate Warrior; Jimmy Hart; Randy Savage; Smash vs. Barbarian);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rick Steamboat; Rick Rude);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage; Miss Elizabeth; Lex Luger; Dusty Rhodes/ Mil Mascaras/ Gen. Skandor Akbar/ Rick Flair vs Terry Funk);

October (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase; Kevin Von Erich/ Road Warrior & Paul Ellering/ Scott Hall, Brian Pillman, Sid Vicious/ Cuurt Hennig);

November (front cover = Miss Elizabeth/ Sherri; Sting);

December (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan/ Embry vs P.Y. Chu-Hi);


January (front cover = Sting/ Ric Flair; Jake Roberts vs. Ted Dibiase; Stan Hansen/ Rock 'n' Roll Revival/ Lawler vs Embry);

February (front cover = Rick Rude/ Roddy Piper/ Kerry Von Erich/ Woman vs Rick Steiner/ Road Warrior vs Skyscrapers);

March (front cover = Hogan vs. Andre the Giant/ Michael Hayes vs. Ric Flair/ Roddy Piper vs. Jimmy Hart/ Road Warriors vs. Stan Hansen/ Paul Orndorff/ Von Erich’s);

April (front cover = Sting vs. Ric Flair/ Scott Steiner vs. Road Warriors; Ultimate Warrior; VG/FN = $6.00; another copy = Ask);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior; Four Horsemen; “Wrestlemania VI”/ Lex Luger/ Jerry Lawler);

June (front cover = Sting; Ultimate Warrior/ Mr Saito vs Larry Zbyszko/ Jeff Jarrett);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior; Randy Savage; Rick Rude; Curt Henning; Earthquake);

August (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger; Hulk Hogan; Ultimate Warrior; Brian Pillman; Tom Zenk);

September (front cover = Lex Luger/ Sting/ Rick Steiner/ Scott Steiner/ Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Sting; Bushwhackers; Legion of Doom);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair; Four Horsemen vs Sid Vicious/ Mr Fuji/ Jeannie & Toni Adams/ Sgt Slaughter);

December (front cover = Sid Vicious; Hulk Hogan/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jim Cornette/ Midnight Express/ Larry Zbyszko);


January (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Legion of Doom; Rick and Scott Steiner/ Saba Simba/ Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk/ Chris Adams/ Paul E. Dangerously);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sting; Ron Simmons/ Iron Sheik/ Randy Savage);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake; Sting/ Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel/ Michael Wall Street);

April (front cover = The Steiners; Roddy Piper/ Larry Zbyszko/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Ric Flair);

May (front cover = Randy Savage/ Ultimate Warrior/ The Steiner);

June (front cover = Rick & Scott Steiners/ Legions of Doom/ Nikita Koloff);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan; The Steiners);

August (front cover = The Steiners; Rick Steamboat/ Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker);

September (front cover = Sid Vicious/ Hulk Hogan; Missy Hyatt);

October (front cover = Randy Savage and Elizabeth/ Hulk Hogan & Warrior/ Lex Luger);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage; Lex Luger/ Ric Flair);

December (front cover = Scenes from Summerslam/ Slaugher vs Hogan/ Legion of Doom/ Macho Man & wife/ Ron Simmons/ Lex Luger);


January (front cover = Sting; Bret Hart/ The Hitman/ Freebirds/ Dusty Rhodes);

February (front cover = Lex Luger/ Bret Hart; The Patriot);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair; The Steiners);

April (front cover = Bret Hart; Jake Roberts/ Jushin Liger vs Brian Pillman/ The Steiners/ Jake "The Snake");

May (front cover = Sid Vicious/ Hulk Hogan; Jushin Liger);

June (front cover = Sting; Hulk Hogan);

July (front cover = Undertaker; Van Vader);

August (front cover = Randy Savage; Ric Flair; Miss Elizabeth/ Macho Man/ Miss Hyatt vs Madusa/ Paul Ellering, Road Warriors/ Legion of Doom);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Big Van Vader/ U.K. catches wrestling fever);

October (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Randy Savage/ Bret Hart/ Davey Boy Smith; Scott Steiner vs. Muta/ Bulldog);

November (front cover = Van Vader vs. Sting; Ultimate Warrior; Madusa);

December (front cover = Ric Flair; Barry Windham; Dustin Rhodes/ Razor Ramon);


January (front cover = Randy Savage/ Ultimate Warrior/ Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog/ Animal vs. IRS/ El Matador vs. Papa Shango);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Bret Hart/ Ultimate Warrior/ Rick Rude);

March (front cover = Bret Hart/ Randy Savage/ Ric Flair/ Razor Ramon/ Vince McMahon/ Bobby Heenan/ Shawn Michaels/ Mr. Perfect);

April (front cover = The Steiners/ El Gigante/ Lex Luger/ Yokozuna/ Paul E. Dangerously);

May (front cover = Bret Hart vs Yokozuna; Andre the Giant/ Headshrinkers vs The Steiners);

June (front cover = Sting vs. Van Vader; Jimmy Hart/ Jerry Lawler);

July (front cover = Davey Boy Smith; Van Vader; Dino Bravo);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna / Ultimate Warrior/ Randy Savage/Cactus Jack Vader);

September (Razor Ramon/ Steiner/ Ron Simmons/ Bret Hart/ Sting & Davey Boy)

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant/ Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Zeus);

November (Marty Jannetty/ Lex Luger)

December (Hulk Hogan/ Lex Luger/ Yokozuna/ Steve Austin/ Luna-Cy/ Ric Flair vs Sting);


January (Hart vs Lawler/ Yokozuma vs Luger/ Rude "Dethrones" Flair);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Bret Hart/ Sting/ Jerry Lawler/ Lord Steven Regal);

March (front cover = Missy Hyatt/ Bret Hart/ Dustin Rhodes/ Steiner);

April (Special Edition/ Computer Tournament/ various)

May (front cover = Bret Hart/ Lex Luger/ Ric Flair vs Rick Rude);

June (Ric Flair/ Freebirds/ Alundra Blayze/ Irwin R. Schyster);

July (front cover = Bret Hart/ Wrestling's Future);

August (Roddy Piper/ Hulk Hogan)

September (Undertaker/ Nikolai Volkoff/ Ted DiBiase/ Abdullah/ Ric Flair vs Rick Steamboat)

November (DiBiase/ Razor Ramon/ Cactus Jack vs Sabu/ Sting)

December (Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Ian & Axl Rotten/ Bret Hart)

Winter (Hulk Hogan// Bret Hart/ OJ Guilty ot innocent/ woman of the half-decade)


January (Vadermania!/ Diesel & Razor/ Jimmy Hart/ Lex Luger);

February (Tatanka/ Backlund/ Beefcake/ Sting)

March (front cover = Undertaker/ Hulk Hogan/ Shawn Michaels/ Sting; Razor Ramon);

April (Lex Luger/ Diesel/ Bret Hart/ Hulk Hogan/ Jerry Lawler)

May (Diesel vs Shawn Michaels/ Wrestlemania XI);

June (Hulk Hogan / Macho Man/ Bret Owen)

July (Coolest Dareeevil/ Shawn Michaels/ Ric Flair/ Big Van Vader/ Tammy Fytch/ Power Bomb);

August (front cover = “Wrestlemania XI Winners and Losers”);

September ( Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan/ Dan Severn/ Psycho Sid)

October ( Savage vs Hogan/ Vader/ Sting/ Renegade)

November (Hulk Hogan/ Backlund - Clinton debate)

December (Undertaker/ Vader vs Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior)


January (Diesel/ The Steiners/ Hulk Hogan/ Shawn Michaels/ Lux Leger/ Psycho Sid)

February (Shawn Michaels/ Sting/ Diesel/ Hulk Hogan/ Sherri & Col. Parker)

March (Bret Hart/ Andre the Giant/ Bret Hart/ Jim Cornette/ Hulk Hogan vs Sting)

April (Hulk Hogan/ Shawn Michaels front cover & centerfold/ Horseman/ Bulldog/ Sabu);

July (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Diesel vs Hulk Hogan/ Inevitable Clash/ pinup = Shawn/ Sting/ Sabu);

August (Shawn Michaels vs Sting/ Bodydonnas/ Animal vs Scott Steiner);

September (front cover = Sunny/ Lawler - Jarrett/ Brian Pillman);

October (front cover = The Giant; Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair; Lex Luger; Sting/ Yokozuna/ Konnan/ Jake the Snake/ Ahmen Johnson);

November (The Steiners/ Sabu vs Shane Douglas/ Shawn Michaels)

December (3 Women for 4 Hoursemen/ Smokin's Gunns/ Sunny/ Goldust/ Bret Hart)

Holiday (front cover = The Tombstone/ Sid Vicious; “1997 Calender”/ Misterio);


January (front cover = Sunny/ Sting);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Scott Hall/ Kevin Nash; Bret Hart; Shawn Michaels/ Ric Flair/ Jushin Liger/ Chris Candido);

May (Undertaker/ Bret Hall/ Shawn vs Bret);

June (front cover = Lex Luger/ Ahmed Johnson);

September (The NWO Anniversary Reprot/ Shawn & Bret Hart/ Lex Luger/ Terry Funk/ Tyson/ Shamrock)

November (front cover = Chris Candido vs. Tom Prichard/ Jerry Lawler );

December (Dennis Rodman/ Hulk Hogan/ Jeff & Debra/ Harts vs U.S.A./ Terry Funk/ Steve Austin)

Holiday (The Steiners million-dollar gamble/ Sting/ Shawn Michaels/ The Patriot)


January (front cover = Sable/ Bret Hart/ Rey Misterio Jr./ Steve Austin);

February (front cover = Steve Austin/ Sting/ Dallas Page/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley/ Brian Pillman);

March (front cover = Bret Hart);

April (Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels/ Scott Hall/ Marlena/ Chris Benoit/ centerfold = Hart vs Michaels)

May (Bret Hart/ Steve Austin/ Rocky Maivia vs Faarooq/ Zbyzko)

November (Austin vs Goldberg/ Bret Hart/ Dude Love/ Junkyard Dog/ HHH vs Shawn)

Holiday (front cover = Kane/ Sting/ Marc Mero );


January (Severn & Shamrock/ Konnan/ Arn Anderson/ Undertaker & Kane);

February ( Rock/ Sting/ Undertaker/ Goldberg/ Hogan);

March (front cover = Vince McMahon/ Shane McMahon);

May (front cover = Mankind);

August (front cover = Wrestle Mania XV);

October (Page/ Ric Flair/ Nash/ Goldberg/ Steiner/ Sting)


April – (front cover = The Rock/ Goldberg);

October (WCW Midyear Report - various/ Kurt Angle/ Tori / Lance Storm)


February (Chris Benoit/ Shane Douglas/ Goldberg)


February (RVD the story you're been missing for 10 years/ Turnbuckle Turkey/ The Hardys);

October (Undertaker/ Ric Flair/ HHH/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Goldberg)

December (Impossible Dream Angle/ Vince McMahon/ Trish/ Shane O'Maci)


February (HBK's miracle comeback/ turnbuckle Turkey/ Edge)

April (Big Poppa Pump/ Record cards NWA Champ Ron Killings Big Show on the Hotseat);

INSIDE WRESTLING - EXTRA FANTASTIC FINISHERS 1998 Summer (Scott Hall/ Bret Hart/ Scott Steiner/ 32 bonus pinups)


1999 Summer (Randy Savage & Elizabeth/ Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior/ Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels)

INSIDE WRESTLING WRESTLING THE BEST OF THE 20TH CENTURY - 2000 Summer (100 Greatest Wrestlers of the Century - Various)

INSIDE WRESTLING PRESENTS WRESTLING YEARBOOK - 1996 Winter ( Inside Scouting Report/ 32 color pinups - various)


1971 November (Joe Louis/ 28 pages/ 100 illustrations)

1972 January (Rocky Marciano/ Joe Louis/ Jimmy Braddock/ Jack Dempsey/ Floyd Patterson/ Max Baer)

1973 February (Middleweight champions 1884 to 1973/ special championship issue)


August (Roberto Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard/ King Mike Weaver/ Leonard - Duran Championship issue)

October ( Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran/ Hamsho / Howard Davis Jr./ Duran vs Leonard)


June (Wilfred Benitez vs Marvin Hagler/ Mike Weaver)

August (Michael Spinks vs Howard Davis Jr./ John Tate/ Richard Sandoval/ Rocky III)

1983 October (Roberto Duran/ Michael Dokes vs Gerrie Coetzee/ Jack Dempsey)


1968 (Dempsey to Ali/ Bonnie Kirkman/ Forest Wars/ Sonny/ Joe Frazier/ La Dolce Vita)

INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING FAVORITES - As Seen on Your Favorite TV Station (Joe Daly Enterprises)

Volume-1 #1 (1960; Antonio Rocca & Miguel Perez cover; Kathy Starr Girls Wrestler back cover; 20+ Pages of Full Page Photo Pinups inside; FN = $49.00)


1998 July (Lennox Lewis/ Stevie Johnston/ Holyfield vs Akinwande)


2003 July (Torrie Wilson)


1946 -

September 7 (Volume 20 #36; front cover = Rusty Payne);

September 14 (Volume 20 #37; front cover = Fabella Chavez);

October 12 (Volume 20 #41; front cover = Chester Slider);

October 19 (Volume 20 #42; front cover = Chalky Wright; Enrique Bolanos);

November 2 (Volume 20 #44; front cover = Joe Kahut; Fred Schott);

KNOCKOUT (T.V. Sports Pub.)


Fall (Tyson/ Spinks/ Holyfield/ Leonard/ Ali/ Liston vs Patterson)

Winter (Sugar Ray Leonard vs The All-Time Greats/ Evander Holyfield/ Matthew Hilton/ Meldrick Taylor/ Michael Nunn/ Virgil Hill/ Simon Brown)


Fall (Hearns vs Leonard III/ Dazzling highlights of their controversial rematch)

Winter (Leonard vs Duran the Rubber Match/ Uno Mas/ Leonard-Duran I & II)

KO MAGAZINE (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -


Winter (Larry Holmes/ Ghetto// Roberto Duran/ pinup = Matthew Saad Muhammad)


February (Sugar Ray Leonard/ King Hagler/ Alexis Arguello/ Alex Ramos & Bobby Czyz/ pinup = Sean O'Grady; Poster missing, rest is VG = $4.00);

September (Alexis Arguello/vs Aaron Pryor/ Frias vs Mancini/ Sweet Saoul Mamby/ Greg Page/ Jimmy Young/ Bobby Chacon/ pinup = Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor)

October (Larry Holmes/ Randy "Tex" Cobb/ Ray Mancini/ Golden BOy Bobby Czyz/ pinup = Davey Moore)

November (Gerry Cooney/ Larry Holmes/ Mike Weaver & Michael Dokes/ Thomas Hearns/ Jaime Garza/ pinup = Holmes - Cooney);


January (front cover = Tony Ayala Jr.);

February (front cover = Gerrie Coetzee);

March (Sugar Ray / Pryor vs Arguello/ Boom Boom Mancini vs Howard Davis Jr./ Hilmer Kenty/ Don Curry/ pinup = Jeff Chandler)

October (front cover = Larry Holmes);

December (Marvelous Marvin Hagler/ Robin Blake/ Tony Baltazar/ Hamsho Buzzsaws Benitez/ Spinks - Mustafa Muhammod/ Jerry Quarry/ Pinup = Champ Thomas Hearns)


August (Tim Witherspoon/ Holmes vs Coetzee/ Super Rag Leonard/ Marvin Hagler/ pinup = Rocky Lockridge)

November (Thomas Hearns/ Livingstone Bramble/ Wilfredo Gomez vs Eusebio Pedroza/ Ray Leonard)


January (Pinklon Thomas/ David Bey/ Larry Holmes/ Gerrie Coetzsee)/ Pinup = Bill Costello);

March (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard/ Thomas Hearns/ Marvin Hagler);

April (front cover = Evander Holyfield/ Pernell Witaker/ Tyrell Biggs/ Meldrick Taylor/ Mark Breland);

May (front cover = Thomas Hearns);December (front cover = Pinklon Thomas);


October (front cover = Mike Tyson vs. Pinklon Thomas);


January (front cover = Marlon Starling vs. Mark Breland);

February (front cover = Vinny Pazienza/ Greg Haugen);

April (Michaels Spinks/ Julio Cesar Chavez/ Holyfield-Qawi/ Czyz / Prince Charles Williams/ pinup = Thomas Hearns)

October (front cover = Iran Barkley; Thomas Hearns; Sugar Ray Leonard; Marvin Hagler Pinup = Don Lalonde);


March (Sugar Ray Leonard/ Chavez/ pinup = Robert Duran);

June (front cover = Darrin Van Horn; Sugar Ray Leonard);

August (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard);

September (front cover = Carl Williams; Mike Tyson; Meldrick Taylor; Pernell Whitaker);

October (front cover = Thoams Hearns vs. Sugar Ray Leonard; Michael Nunn);


February (George Foreman/ Simon Brown/ John-John Molina/ Tony Lopez/ pinup = Brian Mitchell)

August (Meldrick Taylor/ Dokes - Ruddock/ pinup = King Buster Douglas)

September (Buster Douglas/ Tyson/ Foreman/ Holyfield/ pinup = Hector "Macho" Camacho)

November (front cover = Mike Tyson; Riddick Bowe);


August (front cover = Mike Tyson vs. Razor Ruddock; Michael Carbajal);

September (front cover = Evander Holyfield; George Foreman; Eddie Futch);

October (front cover = Thomas Hearns vs. Virgil Hill; Terry Norris vs. Donald Curry);

November (front cover = Mike Tyson vs. Razor Ruddock; Jeff Fenech vs. Azumah Nelson);

December (front cover = Mike Tyson/ Evander Holyfield; Michael Moorer vs. Alex Stewart);


1988 Fall (#2/ Tyson vs Spinks);

1989 Summer (#3/ Leonard vs Hearns/ Sugar Man & Hit Man)

LALONDE, DONNY VS. HIRTLE, DON – PROGRAM – September 8/1984; Winnipeg, MB;

LA LUTTE (Les Editions De La Competition Inc.) - #4(circa 1995; front cover = Ricky Martel; Hulk Hogan);

LEE'S GUIDE TO HASBRO WWF (Lee Pub.)- Toy Guide (Hulk Hogan/ Undertaker)

LETHBRIDGE LIVING (2R Inc.) 2008 Fall (Getting ready to rumble/ Southern Alberta's PowerZone Wrestling/ Jesse Christiansen);

LUCHAS 2000 (Editada Por-Shibalba Press/ Spanish language)


Mayo 22 (Santo/ Rey Misterio/ El Hijo/ Halcon Ortiz)

Julio 3 (Todo Sobre/ Triplemania VIII en Japan/ Tinieblas Jr./ poster = Lizmark Jr)

MACLEAN'S (Macleans Pub.)

1986 May 19 (Hulk Hogan)

MAD SUPER SPECIAL WRESTLING (Mad Pub.) 1992 March (Hulk/ Undertakes various painted by Mort Drucker)


#234 (1979; front cover = Verne Gagne; back cover Lord Alfred Hayes/ Super DestroyerII/ Adrian Adonis; FN = $20.00);

#254 (front cover = Andre the Giant; back cover Jerry Balckwell/ The Crucher; FN = $29.00);

MANITOBA “LET'S WRESTLE” 1976-77 (Manitoba Amateur Wrestling Association); - (Digest Size);

MATMANIA (M.F.C. Pub.) -

1968 – January (front cover has a Photo Bill Watts & is AUTOGRAPHED in Black Felt Pen "Yours in Sports Cowboy Bill Watts"; back cover photo of Geigel and Brown; the 12 Page 1968 Calendar with Pinup PHOTO'S of Popular Wrestlers is still included; G/VG = $18.00);

MUHAMMAD ALI; “ALI; A PHOTOBIOGRAPHY” written by Hal Lundgren (1976 Pictorial Pub. Inc.; Softcover Trade Paperback);

MUHAMMAD ALI; “BOXING SUPERSTAR” by Julian May (1975 Crestwood House Inc.);

MUHAMMAD ALI IN HIS OWN WORDS (Pinnacle Books Inc. Pub.)

1975; September; (100 Pages including Covers; MUHAMMAD ALI – COLLECTORS EDITION Cover & Articles; Giant Full Color Poster);

MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT (Strength & Health Pub.)

1964 October (Volume 1 #10/ Steve Reeves painted by Byong Sir Jung)

MUSCLE & FITNESS (Weider Pub.)

2000 August (Rena Mero);

2008 September

NEW WAVE WRESTLING (Combat Sports Magazine Group) –

1992 -

May (Vol.1#2; front cover = Sid Justice; Roddy Piper/ Sid Justice/ Owen Hart/ Madusa Miceli/ Jerry Lawler/ Bulldog Brower);

June (Hulk Hogan/ Steiners/ Adrian Street/ Thunderbolts/ Brittany Brown/ Bulldog Brower/ New Wave)

July (Ultimate Warrior/ Ric Flair/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Luna Vachon/ Johnny Hotbody).

August (Macho Man Randy Savage/ Shawn Michaels/ Mike Graham/ Bob Orton jr/ Mr Sandman/ Miss Texas)

September (Sting/ British Bulldog/ Steve Armstrong/ Pat Barrett/ Peggy Lee Leather/ Mongolian Mauler)

October (Steve Dr Death Williams/ Undertaker/ Phil Apollo/ Baby Doll/ Pat Barrett/ Rockin' Rebel)

December (Vol.1#8; front cover = Jake the Snake Roberts; Ron Simmons; Ultimate Warrior; Van Vader);

1994 –

January (front cover = Undertaker/ The Doink);

February (Flyin' Brian Pillman/ Linda Dallas/ Bob Backlund/ Fred Blassie)

April (Curt Hennig/ Kat Leroux/ Bret Hart/ Johnny Gunn)

July (Hulk Hogan/ Bret Hart/ Blond Amition/ Wendi Richter)


February (Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ Shawn Michael/ Yukon Erica/ Jacues Rougeau Jr./ Hulk Hogan)

April (Dusty Rhodes/ Grapplerette Bambi/ Disel/ Bob Backlund/ Ultimate Warrior)

September (Shawn Michaels/ Brandy Alexander/ Patriot/ Disel/ John Studd/ Eddie Gilbert)


September (Ultimate Warrior/ Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart)

November (Bret Hart/ Razor Ramon Dossier/ Hulk Hogan)


November (Steve Austin/ Chyna/ Brutus Beefcake)


April (Shawn Michaels/ DDP/ Bret Hart/ Brian Pillman)

September (Austin vs McMahan/ Hulk Hogan/ Sable/ Goldberg)

November (Goldberg/ Steve Austin/ Undertaker/ Bill Alphonso/ Junk Yard Dog)


April (Hulk Hogan/ Rock/ Steve Austin/ Goldberg/ Jesse Ventura)


February ( Steve Austin/ Chris Jericho/ pinup= Droz/ Gillberg/ Hulk/ Chyna/ HHH/ Jericho)

May (Steve Austin/ Goldberg/ Mankind/ pinup = Austin/ Goldberg/ Maivia/ Dawn Marie/ X-Pac);


January (Kurt Angles/ McMahan/ Austin/ Jericho/ Hulk/ Sunny_;

April (RVO/ Rock/ 10th anniversary SlamFest)

July (Hulk vs Vince/ Triple H/ Undertaker & Kane/ Bobcat)


January (Chris Jericho/ Antonio Inoki/ Sherri Martel/ Road Warrior)

April (Rosey/ Brock Lesnar/ Batista/ New Extreme/ Nicole Bass)

A NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS (Bruce SAllen & Jack McLaughin presents) 1985 October (Michael "The Silk" Olazide Jr. vs Wayne Caplette/ Tony Pep vs Ned Simmons/ Dale Walters vs Clint Hannah)

NINTENDO POWER (Nintendo of America) 1998 Febraury (#105/ Hulk)

NO HOLDS BARRED (Movie) (Shane Distribution Co. Inc.) -

1989 (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Tiny Lister);

N.W.A. OFFICIAL WRESTLING (N.W.A. Official Wrestling Mag. Inc.) -


April (Gene Tunney action photos personalities)

August (Lou Thesz/ Da Grosa/ Golden Dozen)

1952 -

April (Volume 1 #8; Antonino Rocca; Lou Thesz);

May (Volume-1 #9; front cover = Danny McShain; Also includes; Gene Tunney, Ignacio Pedro Martinez, Chief Don Eagle, Whipper Billy Watson, Shiek of Araby, Joe Championship Scarpello, Bobby Stewart, Mildred Burke, Nell Stewart, Manuel Cortez, Roger Mackay, Cowboy Bob Clay, Jules Strongbow, Suni War Cloud, Dom Papaleo, Al Spider Galento; VG = $29.00);

June (Gene & Steve)


January (Baron Leone, Wrestling's Nobleman)


1987 – May (front cover = Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat);

1991 –

February (Hulk Hogan/ Hart Foundation/ Black Scorpion/ Flying Brian/ Ultimate Warrior)

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Steve Ray; The Sheik);

OFFICIAL RINGSIDE & WRESTLING NEWS (Official Sports) 1964 November (Volume 1 #8; Cassius Clay; Willie Pastrano; Tony Marino-Pepper Martin-Joe Gump);

OFFICIAL WRESTLING (Official Wrestling Inc./ Charlton Inc) -


February (Rip Hawk/ Gallagher Brothers/ Dick the Bruiser)

March (Fred Blassie; Bruno Sammartino; Bob Ellis

August (Volume-1 #10; front cover = the Giant BABA; 84 pages including covers; ** Also Includes; Ernie Ladd, Fred Blassie, Art Neilson, Rita Cortez, the Shiek, Bill watts, Don DeNucci; VG/FN = $19.00);


September (Stan Vachon vs Paul Leduc/ Victor Rivera/ Verne Gagne/Lou Albano/ Swede Hanson/ Don Muraco/ Bruno Sammartino)

November (front cover = Johnny Weaver);


January (front cover = Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk);

March (front cover = Royal Kangaroos vs. Art Nelson);


September (Ric Flair/ Liz Chase/ Rocky Johnson/ Pinup = The Sheik)


January (Tommy Rich/ Bovee/ Rossi/ Terri/Pinup = Bobo Brazil)

May (Rowdy Roddy Piper/ Debbie Combs/ Fred Blassie Pin-up/ Primo Carnera/ Wizard/ Billy Vargas/ Tully Blachard/ Bill Robinson/ Joe Cagle/ Cow Palace)

September (Bockwinkel/ Leapin' Lenny/ Poffo/ Gorgeous George pinup/ Cindy Wills/ Jody Arnold/ Joe Powers Stan Stasiak/ Rock Jones/ Hans Schroeder)


November (Magnum T.A./ Giant 2'x3' poster of Road Warrior & Jimmy Valiant/ Hulk Hogan/ Fabulous Freebirds)


January Nikita Koloff/ Midnight Rockets/ The Dream team)

May (2'x3' poster of Nikita Koloff & Ted DiBiase/ Macho Man & Elizabeth/ Blood Bath in San Juan/ Ron Starr/ Midnight Rockers/ Wendi Richer)

July (Big Scott Hall/ King Kong Bundy/ Steve Simpson/ Jim Cornette/ Kremlin/ Petrov/ Larry Zbyszko)

August (2'x3' poster of Dingo Warrior & Lex Luger/ Rock 'n' Roll Express/ Barry Windham/ Hart Foundation)

September (2'x3' poster of Road Warrior & Brad Armstrong/ Barry Windham/ Nikita & Dusty)



April (#1; Heaven Help Me... I'm Bleeding to Death!/ Stan Stasiak/Dick the Bruiser/ Bobby Heenan/ Beautiful Bobby/ Mil Mascaras)

Official Wrestling Yearbook

#1 (Lou Thesz; Ron FGuller; Big John Vallen, Bull Curry; Arnold Skadland);

#3 June/1973 (Sports Buff illustrated / Jalart House pub; 196 Pages including covers; front cover = = Jay Strongbow/ Bobo Brazil/ Jerry Brisco; Back cover = Ray Stevens/ Paul Jones/ Ernie Ladd/ Dick the Bruiser; 196 pages including covers; weight = 140 Grams; Loaded with B&W Action Photo's & stories on every major Main Event Wrestling Star in country = 1-3 Photo's on almost every page; 5" x 7-3/4" softcover Digest/Paperback; SCARCE; SOLD OUT);


1975 June (front cover = Don Muraco vs. Mongolian Stomper);

PLAYBOY (Playboy Pub.)

1999 September (Sable II cover)

2000 March (Jesse Venture II)

2002 January (From Lady Wrestler to Warrior Princess Joanie Laurer)

2003 May (WWE Wrestling Goddess Torrie Wilson)


1976 May (Bugsy McGraw/ Ivan Putski pin-up/ Andre the Giant/ Tanaka vs Sammartino/ Susan Green/ Chief Jay Strongbow/ Fred Blassie)


February (Sammartino on Hansen/ Dusty Rodes/ Karl Von Brauner)

November (WWWF champ Billy Graham/ Von Raschke/ Jack Brisco/ Mercenaries/ Pepper Gomez/ Chavo Guerrero/ Bobby Heenan)


1990 November (Volume 1 #2; Hulk Hogan/ Rowdy Roddy Piper/ Ultimate Warrior/ Austin Idol/ Linda Dallas/ Larry Winters/ Road Warriors)

PRIMA'S OFFICIAL FAN BOOK (Prima Games; World Champion Wrestling) Written by WCW Insider/ Chad Damiani)

PRO WRESTLING BODY PRESS MAGAZINE (No Publisher Listed; Self Printed Fan Magazine; SCARCE)

No Date - Circa Maid 1980’s? (back cover Road Warriors; 24 Small Photo’s on Front Cover; VG/FN = $8.00);



September (Mascaras & Rhodes/ Rick Steamboat/ Harley Race/ Bob Backlund/ Bruno Sammartino)


January (Dusty Rhodes/ Bob Backlund/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Rick Steamboat/ Mil Mascaras);

March (Dusty Rhodes/ Sammartino vs Valentine/ Buddy Rogers/ Verne Gagne/ Terry Funk);

May (Greg Valenite/ Harley Race/ Hulk Hogan/ Funk Jr vs Murdoch);

July (#6; Sixth issue; front cover = Bruno Sammartino; Ernie Ladd; Nick Bockwinkel; Mr. Wrestling II back cover The Sheik; Wrestling Enquirer #5 Centerfold is intact; G/VG = $8.00)

August (Bruno goes bersek/ Zbyszko/ Austin Idol/ Steamboat & Youngblood/ Ric Flair/ Dusty Rhodes vs Andre the Giant)

September (Ander the Giant/ Mr Wrestling/ Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki)

November (#8 – Eight issue; front cover = Larry Zbyszko vs. Pat Patterson; Mil Mascaras; Centerfold Pinup is Intact; VG/FN = $12.00)

November (#8 – Eight issue; front cover = Larry Zbyszko vs. Pat Patterson; Mil Mascaras; Centerfold Pinup is MISSING; VG/FN = $6.00)


July (Tommy Rich giant full-color pin-up/ Sgt Slaughter/ Mil Mascara/ Mr Wrestling II/ Dusty Rhodes)

August (Dusty Rhodes giant full-color pin-up/ Tony Atlas vs Hulk Hogan/ Hitman Harley Race)

October (Ted DiBiase giant full-color pin-up/ Dusty Rhodes/ Roddy Piper/ Peter Maiver/ Victor Rivera/ Bruno Sammartino)

December (Bob Backlund giant full-color pin-up/ Tommy Rich vs Ken Patera/ Mil Mascaras/ Harley Race)


January (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; Bob Backlund; Magnificent Muraco full-color pin-up/ Von Erich/ Harley / Ivan Koloff/ Tony Atlas)

February (Tony Garea & Rick Martel giant full-color pin-up/ Ric Flair vs Harley Race/ Bob Backlund/ Ken Patera)

August (Dino Bravo giant full-color pinup/ Rick Streamboat & Tommy Rich Frineds or Rivals/ Ric Flair/ Martel & Garea/ Rodney Piper)

October (King Jerry Lawler giant full-color pinup/ Ric Flair/ Dusty Rhodes vs Rddy Piper/ Bobby Heehan/ Hulk Hogan)

November (Jimmy Sperfly Snuka giant full-color pinup/ front cover = Bob Orton vs. Jimmy Snuka; Hulk Hogan;

December (Rick Martel giant full-colr pinup/Hulk Hogan/Paul Orndorff/ David Von Erich/ Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman)


January (Ken Patera giant full color pinup/ Rick Steamboat/ Bruiser Brody);

February (Ivan Putski giant full-color pinup/ Dusty Rhodes/ Jimmy Snuka/ Captain Lou Albano/ Oliver Humperdink);

April (Superstar Graham Full-color pinup/ Mil Mascaras/ Crippler/ Ray Stevens/ Jay Strongbow/ Valentine vs Wahoo; Centerfold Missing)

May (Jimmy Valiant/ Jimmy Snuka/ Ric Flair/ Exorcise Jake Roberts/ Nick Bockwinkel)

July (Ivan Koloff/ Tommy Wildfire Rich/ Bob Backlund/ Jimmy Snuka)

August (Larry Zbyszko/ Rob=ddy Piper/ Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan/ Cowboy Bob Orton/ Kerry Von Erich)

September (Tommy Rich/ Kevin Von Erich/ Bruno Sammartno/ Roddy Piper Mr Wrestling II/ Junkyard Dog/ Rick Martel)

October (front cover = Tommy Rich/ Junkyard Dog/ Magnificent Muraco/ Rocky Johnson/ Adrian Adonis);


January 1984 (front cover = Rick Martel; Harley Race Centerfold Pinup ; Bob Backlund/ Snuka/ Freebirds/ Von Erich)

February 1984 (front cover = Greg "The Hammer" Valentine; Jim Garvin & Sunshine Centerfold Pinup is Intact; Harley Race/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Buzz Sawyer & Junkyard Dog ;VG = $8.00)

May (Hulk Hogan/ Hacksaw Butch Reed pin-up/ Rich & Sawyer vs Road Warriors/ Jimmy Hart/ Fabulous Ones/ Mike Rotondo)

June (front cover = Ted Dibiase);

July (Jimmy Valiant/ Paul Ellering Full-color pinup/ Rock 'n' Roll Express/ Junkyard Dog/ Skandor Akbar/ Sheik Al Kaissie/ Greg Gagne/ Barry Windham; Centerfold Missing)

August (Jerry Lawler/ Stan Hansen (pin-up)/ Angelo Mosca vs Sgt. Slaughter/ Kevin Sullivan/ Blackwell & Patera)

October Kerry Von Erich/ Billy Jack (pinup)/ Rick Martel/ Brad Armstrong);

November (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter; Rick Martel Centerfold Poster is Intact; FN = $8.00);

December (front cover = Barry Windham/ Kerry Von Erich (pin up)/ Rick Martel/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Tommy Rich);


January ( Road Warrior/ Tito Santana (Pinup)/ Billy Jack vs Dory Funk Jr/ Michael Hayes);

February (front cover = Rick Martel/ Magnum T.S. (pinup)/ Hulk Hogan/ Bob Backlund);

April (front cover = Jimmy Snuka/ Ronnie Garvin (pinup)/ Ric Flair/ Dusty Rhodes/ Goreous Jim Garvin);

May (Double Dynamite: TAG team Wrestling Explodes! Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Rick Morton) vs The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane)/ Road Warrior (pinup)/ Kerry Von Erich)

June (Dusty Rhodes/ Barry Windham pinup/ Ric Flair/ Kerry Von Erich/ Sgt Slaughter/ Hulk vs Nikolai Volkoff/ Magnum T.A.)

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Sgt Slaughte pinup/ Rick Martel/ Magnum T.A./ Madman);

August (front cover = Von Erich Family; Rock 'n' Roll express pinup/ Sgt Slaughter/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Tonga Kid; Centerfold Missing)

October (Rick Steamboat/ Chris Adam pinup/ Road Warriors/ Bruiser Brody)

November (Ric Flair/ Randy Savage pinup/ Sgt Slaughter vs Larry Zbyszko/ Greg Valentine vs Rick Steamboat)

December (Great American Batch/ Flair vs Nikita/ Dusty vs Tully/ Kamala vs Magnum/ Koloff vs Khrushchev/ Jess the Body Ventura (pinup);


January (Hulk Hogan/ Hacksaw Duggan pinup/ Gary Hart/ Ric Flair/ Magnum T.A./ Greg Gagne);

February (Mike Von Erich/ Nikita Koloff pinup/ Road Warrior/ Barbarian vs Butch Reed; Water-stain, G/VG = $6.00)

April (front cover = Wendi Richter; Ric Flair Poster Still attached, Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez/ Jim Crockett FN = $6.00; another copy = Ask);

July (front cover = Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ King Kong Bundy pinup/ Jesse Ventura vs Hillibillies/ Scott Hall & Curt Hennig);

August (front cover = Randy Savage/ Dusty Rohdes pinup/ Lex Lugar vs Harley Race/ Tully Blanchard vs Ris Flair/ Rick Rude);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy; Animal vs. Magnum T.A.; Stan Hansen vs. Nick Bockwinkel;

October (Nikita Koloff/ Big John Studd pinup/ Randy Savage vs King Kong Bundy/ Buddy Landell)

November (Bulldog vs Bulldog/ Baby Doll pinup/ Target vs Lance/ Four Horsemen/ Stan Hansen)

December (Dusty Rhodes/ American Bash pinup/ Road Warrior Animal vs Ric Flair/ Nikita Koloff vs Magnum T.A.; Baby Doll ^ The Rock 'n' Roll Express)


January (Rowdy Roddy Piper/ Fabulous Freebirds (pinup)/ T.A. Koloff/ Steve Simpson/ Jimmy Snuka);

February (front cover = “PWI’s $50,000 Challenge Tournament – Magnum T.A. pinup; Various)

March (1986 Year in Wrestling; various)

April (front cover = Nikita Koloff/ Dusty Rhodes/ Lex Luger pinup/ Ted Dibiase/ Dingo Warrior);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Andre the Giant/ Steve Williams pinup);

June (front cover = Magnum T.A./ Hulk Hogan pinup/ Rick Martel vs Tom Zenk/ Michael Hayes/ Terry Gordy/ Scott Hall);

July (front cover = Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat/ Midnight Express pinup/ Jim & Ronnie Garvin/ Hacksaw Duggan);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Jim Garvin & Precious pinup/ Road Warriors);

September (front cover = Hogan vs. Andre/ Rick Steamboat/ Koloff and Rhodes/ Midnight Express vs. Superpowers);

October (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ted DiBiase pinup/Horsemen/ Hogan vs Stemboat/ Steve William );

November (front cover = Nikita Koloff/ George "The Animal" Steele pinup/ Hulk Hoganvs Bruno/ Jimmy Hart/ Barry Windham);

December (front cover = 100th Issue Special);


January (front cover = Ted Dibiase/ Road Warrior pinup/ Jesse Ventura/ Ric Flair/ Larry Zbyszko);

February (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Ronnie Garvin pinup/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Ric Flair/ Kerry & Kevin Von Erich);

March (front cover = “1987 the Year in Wrestling- Hulk Hogan/ Dusty Rhodes/ Magnum & Nikita/ Blanchard vs Warrior Hawk/ Steamboat vs Savage);

April ( Lex Luger/ Strike Force Rick Martel pinup/ Kerry Von Erich/ Iron Sheik);

May (front cover = Andre the Giant/ Sting pinup/ Brutus Beefcake/ Ric Flair/ Mama Cornette/ Pitfalls Owen Hart);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Tully Blanchard pinup/ Magnificent Muraco/ Midnight Rockers/ Kevin Kelly vs Nick Kiniski/ Al Perez);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Andre the Giant/ Curt Hennig pinup/ Brutus Beefcake/ Al Perez/ Mike Rotundo);

August (front cover = Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ Al Perez pinup);

September (front cover = Hogan vs. Andre/ Nikita vs. Flair/ Savage and Elizabeth/ Sting and Luger);

October (front cover = Sting/ Ultimate Warrior pinup/ Jerry Lawler/ Dr Death/ Rick Steamboat);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Midnight Express pinup/ Jessica McClure vs Kevin Von Erich/ Warlord & Barbarian);

December (front cover = The Four Horsemen);


January (front cover = Miss Elizabeth; Hulk Hogan; Randy Savage/ Barry Windham pinup; VG/FN = $9.00)

February (front cover = Lex Luger/ Jake Roberts pinup/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Brutus Beefcake vs Ron Bass/ Kevin Von Erich/ Sting);

March (front cover = “1988 the Year in Wrestling – Savage & Elizabeth/ Lew Luger/ Hulk/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jerry Lawler/ Sting/ Road Warriors/ Madusa Miceli”);

April (front cover = Randy Savage/ Rick Steiner pinup/ Ted Turner/ Wendi Richter/ Madusa Miceli);

May (Hulk Hogan/ Missy Hyatt pinup/ Kerry Von Erich/ Ultimate Warrior/ Lex Luger

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Rick Steamboat pinup/);

July (front cover = Rick Steamboat; Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper pinup/ Hulk Hogan/ John Studd/ Diamond Dallas/ Don Muraco/ Paul E. Dangerously);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rick Rude; Road Warrior/ Lex Luger pinup/ Ultimate Warrior/ );

September (front cover = “10th Anniversary – Various”);

October (front cover = Lex Luger/ Hulk Hogan/ Rick Rude pinup/ Jimmy Snuka);

November (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair (pinup)/ Lex Luger vs Rick Steamboat/ Andre the Giant);

December (front cover = Lex Luger/ Sid Vicious/ Great Muta/ Sting/ JImmy Snuka pinup/ );


January (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Sid Vicious pinup/ Hulk Hogan/ Kerry Von Erich vs Clawhold/ Him Ross);

February (front cover = Lex Luger/ Bret Hart pinup/ );

March (front cover = “1989 the Year in Wrestling – Piper vs Savage/ Brain Busters/ Ultimate Warrior/ Lex Luger/ Ric Flair/ Steiners/ Hulk”);

April (front cover = Ric Flair; Lex Luger/ Dusty Rhodes pinup/ Lex Luger vs Ric Falir);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Gret Muta pinup/ Roddy Piper/ Rick Rude/ Eric Embry/ Rock 'n' Roll Express);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Sting pinup/ );

July (front cover = Lex Luger/ Rick Martel pinup/ Bobby Heena/ Mr. Saito);

August (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ SPECIAL EDITION/ Hulk Hogan);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Rick & Scott Steiner pinup/ Four Horsemen);

October (front cover = Sting/ Brutus Beefcake pinup/ );

November (front cover = Sting/ Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior (pinup)/ Ric Flair/ Legion of Doom);

December (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter/ Kerry Von Erich/ Legion of Doom/ Four Horsemen (pinup));


January (front cover = “Which is Better? WWF or NWA – Various”/ Sensational Sherri pinup);

February (front cover = “Wrestlemania VIII – Various”/ Scott Steiner pinup);

March (front cover = “1990 the Year in Wrestling – Various”);

April (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter/ Tom Zenk pinup/ Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Magnum T.A.);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Ultimate Warrior/ Roddy Piper/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Earthquake);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Hacksaw Duggan pinup/ Sid Vicous/ Ric Flair);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Brian Pillman pinup/ Lex Luger/Horsemen/ Sid Vicious);

August (front cover = “Supercards ‘91 – Various”/ Hulk Hogan pinup);

September (front cover = The Steiners/ Nasty Boys pinup/ Roddy Piper);

October (front cover = Sid Justice/ Lex Luger pinup/ Steve William/ Bam Bam Bigelow/ Terrence Taylor);

November (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Beautiful Bobby Eaton pinup/ Macho Man);

December (front cover = “The PWI 500 – Ranking Top Wrestlers”/ Hogan vs Flair/ Rick Steamboat pinup);


January ( Ric Flair/ Ron Simmons pinup/ Lex Luger/ Ultimate Warrior/ Rick Steiner)

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Abdullah & Cactus/ Rick Steiner);

March (front cover = “1991 the Year in Wrestling – Various”);

April (Lex Luger/ Ric Flair (pinup)/ Sting);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Rick Rude pionup/ Sting & Muta vs Steiners);

June (front cover = Roddy Piper/ Dustin Rhodes pinup/ Sting/ Sid Justice);

July (front cover = Undertaker/ Scott Steiner/ Rick Steamboat/ Randy Savage pinup);

August (Hail & Farewell/ Hulk Hogan centerfold);

September (front cover = Randy Savage/ Sting/ Nikita Koloff pinup/ Steiners triple crown);

October (front cover = Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage/ Cactus Jack Centerfold);

December (front cover = “The PWI 500-Ranking Top Wrestlers – Various”/ Bid Van Vader centerfold);


January (front cover = Ric Flair; Randy Savage/ Jeff Jarrett centerfold/ Ron Simmons);

February (front cover = Razor Ramon; Randy Savage; Undertaker; Bret Hart/ Mr Perfect centerfold);

March (front cover “1992 the Year in Wrestling – Various”);

April (front cover = The Steiners/ Barry Windham centerfold/ The Comeback/ Bob Backlund);

May (front cover = Lex Luger/ Mr. Perfect/ Giant Gonzales; Bret Hart; Yokozuna; Undertaker centerfold);

Junw (Ric Flair/ The Nature Boy/ Razor Ramon centerfold/ Curt Hennig);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan/Davey Boy Smith Centerfold/ Big Van Vader );

August (front cover = “Supercards ‘93 – Various”);

September (front cover = Sting/ Hulk Hogan/ Paul Orndorff centerfold/ Lez Luger);

October (front cover = “WWF Midyear Report – Sid Vicious/ various”/ Marty Jannetty centerfold/);

November (front cover = “WCW Midyear Report – Various”/ Rick & Scott Steiner centerfold/ );

December (Ranking the Top 500 Men in Wrestling today the PWI 500/ Bret The Hitman Hart Centerfold/ Bulldog


January (front cover = Doink/ Jerry Lawler centerfold/)Jim Cornette/ Steiners;

February (WWF vs WCW Which is better? We tell You!/ Sid Vicious centerfold/ various );

March (front cover = “1994 The Year in Wrestling” Various);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Jimmy Hart/ Nasty Boys centerfold/ Kevin Von Erich);

May (Yokozuna vs Lex Luger/ Wrestlemania 10/ Tatanka centerfold)

June (Sting vs Hogan/ Alundra Blayze centerfold/

July (Razor Ramon/ Rick Steamboat centerfold/ Yokozuna/ Jerry Lawler)

August (Bret Hart/ Doink & Dink Centerfold);

September (15 years a milesonte celebration of Wrestling's #1 Magazine/ various)

October (Randy Savage/ Sting/ Hulk Hogan/ Bret Hart)

November (Hulk Hogan/ Macho Man Randy Savage centerfold/ Shawn Michaels)

December (front cover = “The PWI 500 – Ranking the Top 500 Men in Wrestling Today” with #1 and #2 Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart on cover; 88 Page Collectors Special; VG/FN = $9.00);

Winter (Hulk Hogan/ Terry Funk centerfold/ / Vince McMahon)


January (front cover = Tatanka/ Razon Ramon centerfold/ Hulk Hogan);

February (front cover = “WCW Civil War! - Various”/ Johnny B. Badd centerfold/ Abdullah the Butcher);

March (front cover = “1995 The Year in Wrestling” Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Bob Backlund/ Nasty Boys/ Michaels vs Ramon);

April (front cover = Diesel/ Nakano vs. Alundra Blayze/ Sabu centerfold);

May (Diesel/ Sting centerfold/ Hogan Butchers Beefcake)

June (front cover = Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ George Foreman/ Owen & Bret Hart);

July (Hulk Hogan/ Bam Bam Bigelow centerfold);

August (front cover = Sherri/Woman/ Tammy/ Miss Texas);

September (Taylor/ Wrestlemania XI/ Diesel centerfold)

October (Razor Edge/ Harlem Heat centerfold/ Savage vs Hogan);

November (Razor/ Sabu vs Bret Hart/ Shawn Michaels/ Hulk Hogan centerfold)

December (Mabel is Diesel's nightmare/ The Bodydonnas centerfold/ Sting)

Winter (front cover = PWI 500; various);


January (It's full-scale war! WWF vs WCW Which is better? - various / Lex Luger)

February (Macho Man/ Shawn Michaels centerfold/ Hulk Hogan/ Mortal Combat/ the Gangstas/ Public Enemy/ Maximum Carnage)

March (front cover = “1996 The Year in Wrestling” Randy Savage/ Alex Wright/ Herry Lawler/ Harlem Heat/ Diesel);

April (Hulk Hogan/ 1-2-3- Kid centerfold/ Savage/ Flair)

May (Un-Natural/ Public Enemy centerfold/ Jeff Jarrett/ Tommy Dreamer/ Raven/ Dan Severn)

June (the 1996 PWI Poll/ Hogan/ Shawn Micheals)

July (front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Lex Luger centerfold/ Dungeon of Doom/ Ric Flair/ Hulk Hogan/ Goldust);

August (Shawn Michaels/ Sunny centerfold/ Warrior)

September (Jerry Lawler/ Piper vs Shawn/ Ultimate Warrior centerfold)

October (front cover = The Giant/ Goldust pinup/ Jeff Jarrett/ Lex-zilla)\);

November (The Giant/ Shawn Michaels/ Tommy Dreamer & His Dream Girls pinup/ Sunny/ Bret Hart)

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Stone-Cold Steve Austin centerfold/ Sting vs Hulk) );

Winter (PWI 500 6th annual special/ - various);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Bret Hart/ Sabu);

February (Mr Perfect Shawn Michaels/ Psycho Sid centerfold/ Vince McMahan/ Razor/ Diesel)

March (front cover = “1997 The Year in Wrestling” Shawn Michaels/ Sunny/ Hulk Hogan/ Ahmed Johnson/ The Giant/ Harlem Heat);

April (Hulk Hogan/ Hulk centerfold/ Jeff Jarrett/ Ric Flair);

May (March Madness/ Chris Benoit & Woman centerfold/ The Giant)

June (front cover = 1997 PWI Poll/ Various);

July (front cover = Steve Austin/ Diamond Dallas Page centerfold/The Eliminator/ Road Warrior/ Rocky Maivia);

August (Cupercards '97/ Austin vs Hart/ Rodman & Hogan/ Funk vs Richards)

September (Bret Hart centerfold/ Brian Pillman/ Terry Funk/ Piper & Flair);

October (Shawn Michaels/ The Giant centerfold/ Vader)

Novmeber (WWF - WCW Death Match/ PWI's plan to prevent Armageddon by Dave Rosenbaum/ Rob Van Dam centerfold);

December (Ken Shamrock/ Randy Savage & Elizabeth centerfold/ Perry Saturn)

Holiday (PWI 500 7th Annual Special - various)


January (Buff Bagwell/ Alex Wright/ Chris Jericho/ Dude Love centerfold/ The Giant);

February (Sting vs Hogan cover & poster/ Sting/ Leg Luger/ Randy Savage)

March (front cover = “1997 the Year in Wrestling”/ Bret Hart/ Sting/ Lex Luger/ Ken Shamrock/ Scott Hall & Kevin Nash);

April (Ken Shamrock centerfold/ Degeneration X debate/ Undertaker - Kane/ Melanie Pillman)

May (Starrcade Scandal! Hulk Hogan / Sting/ Ric Flair centerfold/ Marc Mero/ Taka Michinoku)

June (The 1998 PWI Poll/ - various)

July (WWF vs WCW which is better?/ Rocky Maivia centerfold/ Sabotages DDP vs Benoit/ Ahmed Johnson);

August (SUPERCARDS '98/ Sting vs Hogan/ Taz vs Bigelow/ Tyson Kayoes Michaels)

September )Steve Austin/ Chyna/ Bill Goldberg centerfold/ Hoagn/ Undertaker/ Booker T);

October (Bret Hart/ JIm Ross/ McMahan/ Bischoff/ Hogan/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley centerfold)

November (Vince McMaden/ Kevin Nash foul-color centerfold/ Neg age Outlaws/ Bret Hart/ Sting);

December (Gold Rush/ Undertake full-color centerfold/ The Giant/ Vader/ Eddy Guerrero/ Chavo Monster/ Ken Shammock)

Fall (The State of the Game/ The State of the WWF/ State of WCW)

Holiday (PWI 500/ Ranking the top 500 stars in Wrestling/ Stone Cold is the Man)


January ( No Evil/ Can today's fans accept The Warrior's Creed?/ Goldberg/ Sting/Chyna full-color centerfold);

February (front cover = “50 Most Beautiful people in Wrestling”/ Ninto Girl color pin-up);

March (front cover = “1999 The Year in Wrestling” New Age Outlaws/ Steve Austin/ Hollywood Hogan/ Bill Goldberg);

April (front cover = The Rock/ Wolfpac / Godlberg/ Chris Jericho Full-color centerfold/ Tommy Dreamer);

May (front cover = “Who Holds the Key to Wrestlemania XV ?”/ Austin/ McMahan/ Mankind/ Rock/ Undertaker/ Kane Konnan full-color centerfold);

June (1999 PWI Poll 50 hot questions/ Bischoff and McMahan)

July (front cover = Scott Hall and Kevin Nash/ X-Pac Centerfold/ Jesse James/ Bill Gunn/ Ric Flair);

August (SUPERCARDS '99/ Flair/ Austin vs Rock/ Taz vs Sabu)

September (front cover = Stone Cold Steve Austin/ Sting centerfold/ Kidman - Misterio team/ The Rock));

October (front cover = Scott Steiner/ Mankind centerfold/ Perry Saturn/ The Godfather/ X-Pac & Kane);

November (front cover = The Women of the WWF – Chyna, Terri and Debra/ Owen Hart centerfold/ Roddy Piper);

December (front cover = Steve Austin/ Rey Misterior Jr. centerfold/ Billy Gunn/ Macho Man);

Winter (PWI 2oth Anniversary Special a Celebration of PWI... and the sport of Wrestling - Various)

Holiday (PWI 500 9th annual special/ PWI 500 ranking the top 500 stars in wrestling - various)


January (front cover = Chris Jericho);

February (Stone Cold/ Kane centerfold/ Nature Boy 2000/ Hogan-Bret-Sting-Lew/ Paul Heyman);

March (front cover = “1999 The Year in Wrestling” Dallas Page and Kimberly/ Special Year-end Collector's Double Issue);

April (Stone Cold vs The Rock / Chris Benoit centerfold/ DDP/ Goldberg - Sid bloodbath)

May (The Y2K PWI Poll/ Goldberg/ Special PWI Insiders poll edition)

June (Just Wondering, Steph .. is he worth your billion-dollar inheritance?/ The Rock centerfold/ Paul E. Robbing)

July (Call it a Wrap Jack! You've done your share ... Go Home/ DDP/ Dusty/ Dudley-Hardys/ Vicious Pinup)

August (Supercards 2000/ Crazy/ Sid vs Jarrett/ Rock Rage/ Full-color coverage of Y2K's greatest cards)

September (Vince McMahan/ Dudley/ PWI doesn't go easy on Easy E);

October (Scott Steiner/ Rikishi centerfold/ Shawn Michaels);

November (Rock vs Triple-H/ Kevin Nash)

December (Head Hog! Can 'Taker Rumble back to the Top?/ Dallas Page centerfold/ Sting & Vampiro/ Kurt Angle/ Rikishi)

Holiday (PWI 500 10th Anniversary Special/ Triple H);


February (front cover = Steve Austin/ Lila/ Scott Steiner);

March (Hulk Hogan/ X-Pac/ Rikishi/ Mike Awesome/ Jerry Lynn);

April (front cover = “Achievement 2000 Awards”/ The Rock/ );

May (The Wrestlemania Curse! Rock/ William Regal/ Vince );

June (50 Sizzling questions answered!/ All-Color Special/ - various)

July (Women's Work it ain't what it used to be/ The Power/ The Glamour/ The Pain/ Buh Buh Ray)

August (Stone-Cold bloody betrayal!/ WM X-7/ NIhgt of Champs/ Super 8)

September (WWF-WCW the 10 questions that must be answered/ Triple-H/ various);

October (Kurt Angle);

November (front cover = Shane McMahon/ DDP buried Kimberly);

December (Angle climbs to the top/ ranking the top 500 stars in wrestling);

Fall (Stacy/ Women of Wrestling/ Collectors edition/ 350 photos in 180 pages);


January (Lita/ There's something about Lita what makes her the WWF it girl/ X-pac/ Triple-H/ Mark Henry);

February ( A New Era for Wrestling!/ Goldberg);

March (Bischoff/ Foley vs Regel/ Bradshaw)

April (front cover = Steve Austin);

May (The Mania to end all Manias!/ Trish Strat/ WWF comedy/ Russ Haas/ Ron Van Dam)

June (2002 Insiders' Poll/ 50 Red-Hot Questions answered!/ Goldberg)

July (Steph Infection! How can Triple-H keep his mind on his gam!/ Goldust - Marlena/ Spike & Tazz/ Jazz)

August (Supercards 2002/ Rock & Hogan make Mania Magic);

September (No Rock No Problem!/ Thesz, McDonald, Weston/ Billy Kidman/ Sean O'Haire)

October (Breakout star of the half-year Brock Lesnar);

November (Stone-Cold Meltdown!/ Heyman's History warns of trouble ahead!/ Vince McMahan/ Debra/ Lance Storm/ DDP)

December (front cover = PWI Collectors Special – Rob Van Dam);

Fall (Women of Wrestling/ Collector's Edition/ Stacy)


January (Brock After Shock/ Lesnar changed the Future of WWE/ Y2K must learn from Flair/ Misterio)

March (Rocky Horror! He won't forget what you did last summer/ The Rock/ Chyna & Sable = Victoria/ Eddie Guerrero/ Nicole Bass vs WWE Trial)

April (front cover = Brock Lesnar/ Achievement 2002 Awards);

June (50 Crucial Questions answered!/ Stone-Cold);

October ( Brock Lesnar Wrestler of the Half-Year/ Mid-Year report)

Summer (WW-Wlite/ Rock/ Hulk/ Stone cold/ Bret Hart)

Fall (PWI 500 F-500! Brock Locks up the top spot!)


January ( All Fired Up! Kane Blaze a trail to the Raw title?/ Ugliest man in wrestling/ Flair/ Goldberg/ Christian)

April (front cover = Kurt Angle vs. John Cena/ PWI Achievement 2003/ Supercards 2003);

May (Randy Orton/ Randy Orton's Dad speaks Out!/ Ric Flair/ Trish Stratus/ Kurt Angle/ John Cena)

October (Eugene: the Impossible dream/ Dudleys/ Edge)

November (Hulk Hogan (25th Anniversary/ 1979-2004 memorable years they've been./ The Hulkster Hogan braces our cover for a record 81st Time.)

December (Chris Benoit/ His 18-year journey to the pinnacle/ Achievement Award)


February (front cover = Ric Flair/ Triple-H);

March (2004 the year in Wrestling/ various)

April (Batista can he steal Wrestlemania's future from Orton?/ Jeff Hardy vs TNA/ JBL)

June (John Cena/ Our challenge to celebrate 2005... or we don't want to see you!/ Stone Cold/ Dig Show/ Ron Champ/ AMW);

July (Gold Strike!/ Cena & Batista change the face of wrestling/ Double issue)

August (Kurt Angle/ Benoit/ Christy Hemme/ DDP/ Alex Shelley)

October (Lita Love/ How many men can one woman ruin?/ John Cena)

November (15th Annual PWI 500 ranking the top 500 stars in wrestling/ Collector's Double Issue/ - Various)

December (Triple H / Dixie Carter/ Misterio vs Guerrero/ Mick Foley)


January (John Cena/ A.J. Styles/ WWE vs TNA let the war begin!/ Orton father-son Combo);

February (John Cena/ Losing Street Cred? Time is now for Cena to get tough/ Eddie Guerrero/ Team 3D/ Jerry Lawler/ Austin's last match)

March (Batista/ 2005 the year in Wrestling/ Double issue);

April (Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005/ Year in Review/ Lash LeRoux)

May (Samoa Joe/ Double Issue/ Roh-Czw/ Edge/ Angle Balista)

August ( Edge comes out swinging!/ Lashley/ Benoit/ Harly/ Foley/ Cena/ Triple-H)

September (Triple-H/ Double Issue/ RVD/ HBK/ Chris Daniels)


January (Sudden Impact!/ Kurt Angle/ TNA/ Hulk Hogan/ Raw vs. Smackdown vs TNA vs. ECW/ Four-way faceoff!);

February (Hollywood Ending/ John Cena/ Randy Orton/ Hardcore Holly/ Booker & Batista/ Angle)

April (Angle/ Year in review/ Collector's Edition)

May (2007 PWI Poll 50 burning questions answered/ Trish/ Cena/ Angle/ Joe/ Punk);

September (Orton/ Pays the price in the ring/ Edge/ MVP/ Jay Lethal/ Khali/ Elijah Burke)

November (John Cena/ Bret Hart/ Steve Austin/ 17th annual PWI 500 ranking the top 500 stars in wrestling)


January (Greats of the Game/ Triple-H/ Kurt Angle/ John Cena/ Batista/ Sting/ Edge)

February (HBK/ Feelin' Good - if you ask me, I'm younger than Randy Orton/ Nigel McGuinness/ Gail Kim/ Royal Rumble)

March (John Cena/ Year in Wrestling)

April (Grave-digger Year in review/ Lash LeRoux/ Ringside photos)

June (Ric Flair/ tribute to his 25 greatest covers/ Brock Lesnar/ UFC Flop/ Y2K - JBL stalemate/ Christian Hustle)

July (The A's have it!/ Legend/ Knockout/ Legacy/ - various)

November (Not the PWI 500, but the PWI Female 50/ Michelle McCool/ Beth Phoenix/ Beautiful People/ Awesome Kong)


February (Santino (Does he deserve a belt?/ TNA/ Matt & Jeff Hardy/ Bryan Danielson)

March (Triple-H/ Year in wrestling)

June (PWI Poll/ - Various/ Hardy vs Hardy)

August (Jacked Up! Old Pro, New era for TNA/ Batista/ Solo Homicide)

September (Randy Orton/ Mid-Year Report);

November (C.M. Skunk/ the stench of tainted success/ Mickie Tops/ Chris Jericho/ Tommy Dreamer/ DiBiase Sr. & Jr./ Hardcore Reunion)


February (Trinple H/ Wrestler of the Decade/ Hulk Hogan/ TNA/ Cena/ Paul Heyman/ Capt. Lou)

March (Randy Orton/ Year in Wrestling)

June (Can anyone stand up to Sheamus?/ 2010 PWI poll)

July (Chris Jericho Close to Perfection/ 50 top stars do they make the grade?/ HBK's grades year-by-year)

August HBK/ The bell tolls team coverage of WrestleMania 26/ Adam Pearce/ Red vs Mysterio/ Brisco Brothers)

September (Cena/ Kobashi/ Flair/ Race who would win the battle of the decades?/ Swagger/ Abyss/ McMahon)

October (AJ Number One stylishly Done/ NWI 500);

November (The NXT Invasion 5 Doomsday scenarios for WWE/ third annual Female 50 - Various)

December (Cena/ Danielson-Shingo/ Hardcore Justice/ Kane - Undertaker/ RA vs Smackdown vs TNA vs ROH!)


March (Randy Orton/ Chris Jericho/ 2010 year in wrestling/

September (John Cena/ Can Cena stay on top with Rock in his head?/ Macho-Man Randy Savage/ Christian-Edge/ RVD-Hulk/ Brie Bella/ Super 8)

October (Make no Miz-Take He's No. 1!/ 21st annual PWI 500)

November (Don't fire Vince Avenge Him!/ Ezekiel Jackson/ Brian Kendrick/ ROH-Sinclair)


September (What the Brock how Lesnar ruined his own WWE return - various)

November (CM Punk/ 22 annual PWI 500/ Best in the world)


January (Anti the Punk/ Sheamus/ Magnus vs Samoa Joe/ Antonio Cesaro/ The Miz)

July (John Cena/ Redemption they Name is Cena/ Jesse Sorensen/ Matt Taven/ Devon)

September (John Cena/ Would John Cena be Bullied?/ Mark Henry/ Curtis Axel/ Chris Sabin/ Mitb Rules)

November (John Cena/ The Joyful three-Timer!/ Cena leaves Hart/ Austin/ Triple-H)


January Daniel Bryan/ The Fans say Yes! Who do the McMahons say no?/ Adam Cole/ Punk-Heyman/ Magnus)

March (Daniel Bryan/ Reader's Champion)

May (Undertaker/ Toughest Wrestlemania opponents/ Randy Orton/ Batista)

September (Celebrate with us as PWI turns 35 - various)

December (Daniel Bryan/ Yes it's a lock! Daniel Bryan is No. 1)


February (Brock Lesnar/ Unstoppable/ Cesaro 8 page interview/ RPH Champ/ Jay Briscoe/ TNA Champ Bobby Roode)

June (Seth Rollins/ report card of the stars/ Alberto/ New Japan/ Severn)

December ( PWI 500 who is number 1?/ Seth Rollins/ AJ Styles/ John Cena)


December (Roman Reigns is #1/ Half of you will hate this!);


February (Beefy/ Strong Style/ Divaless/ Vertically Challenged/ Kenny Omega/ Punk/ TNA/ CWC/ Will Ospreasy)

October (Brck Lesnar - WWE's six million dollar man is woth every penny/ Bobby Roode/ Silas Young/ Tim Storm/ Super 8/ Moose)

December (Okada first Japanese wrestler)


April (AJ Styles/ wrestler of the year twice in a row)

June (Brock Lesnar/ Kazuchika Okada/ Asuka/ AJ Styles/ Bliss Hotseat/ Austin Aries/ Curt Hawkins)

August (Ronda Rousey/ Comes up big but is she really the big loser?)



Spring (Ric Flair/ Tommy Rich/ Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki/ Mascaras & Rhodes/ Andre the Giant pinup)

Summer ( Tommy Rich/ Ric Flair/ Jimmy Snuka vs Capt. Lou Albano/ Hulk Hogan/ pinups = Supefly Snuka/ Tommy Rick/ Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair);

Winter (Tony Atlas vs Hulk Hogan/ Ken Patera/ Bruno/ Larry Zbyszko/ Ric Flair vs Jimmy Snuka/ pinup = Kerry Von Erich/ Andre the Giant/ Jimmy Valiant)

1984 -

Spring (front cover = Rick Steamboat/ Tony Atlas/ Kevin Von Erich);

Summer (front cover = The Briscos/ Dusty and Andre/ Steamboat and Youngblood/ Mr. Wrestling II);

Fall (front cover = Andre the Giant/ Bob Backlund/ Dusty Rhodes/ Rick Steamboat);

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Barry Windham/ Greg Valentine vs. Wahoo McDaniel);

1985 -

Spring (front cover = Jimmy Snuka/ Mil Mascaras/ Bob Backlund);

Summer (front cover = Andre the Giant/ Hulk Hogan/ Dusty Rhodes);

1986 -

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sgt. Slaughter; Kerry Von Erich/ Billy Jack Hayes);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Ric Flair vs. Magnum T.A.);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Bruiser Brody/ Ted Dibiase/ Steve Williams);

Winter (front cover = Road Warriors/ Randy Savage/ Jim Duggan/ Kerry vs.Flair);

1987 -

Spring (Roddy Piper/ Ric Flair/ Lex Luger/ Tully Blanchard/ Dusty Rhodes/ Midnight Rockers/ Pin-up = Misty Blue Simmes/ Randy Savage/ Chris Adams/ Lex Lugar)

Summer (Tony Atlas vs Hulk Hogan/ Barry Windham/ Steve Simpson/ Mil Mascaras & Tito Santana/ Pinup = Dusty Rhodes/ Nikita Koloff/ Scott Hall/ Terry Gordy/ Andre the Giant)

Fall (front cover = Bruna Sammartino vs. Greg Valentine; Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair; Magnum T.A.);

Winter (front cover = Road Warriors; Dusty Rhodes; Killer Khan; / pinup = Sir Oliver Humperdink/ Steve Williams/ Curt Hennig/ Lazor/ Tron VG/FN = $8.00);

1988 -

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Nikita Koloff/ Dusty Rhodes/ pinups = Ronnie Garvin/ Midnight Express/ JimCornette/ Tommy Rich/ Honky Man & Jimmy Hart);

Summer (front cover = Road Warriors/ Rick Martel/ Ted Dibiase/ pinups = Jerry Lawler/ Barry Winham/ Kerry Von Erich/ Rick Rude);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Ric Flair vs. Sting/ pin-up = Rick Steamboat/ Midnight Rockers/ Al Perez/ Simpsons);

Winter (front cover = Lex Luger vs Ric Flair/Randy Savage vs. Ted Dibiase/ Bulldog/ pinups = Sting/ Raymond Rougeau/ Precious/ Kevin Von Erich);

1989 -

Spring (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Ric Flair/ Jerry Lawler/ Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Pinups = Eddie Gilbert/ Madusa Miceli/ Jake Roberts/ Bam Bam Bigelos/ Sir Oliver Humperdink);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Mr. T; back cover Rick Steiner/ pinup = Rick Steiner/ John Studd/ Samoan Swat Team);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/Sting/ Rick Rude/ Ultimate Warrior/ Rick Steamboat);

1994 – Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

1995 – Winter (front cover = “PWI 500 – Ranking Top Wrestling – Varous”);

1996 -

Winter (front cover = “32 Color Pin-UP5 and Profiles - “Various”);

Winter (front cover = “PWI 500 – Ranking Top Wrestlings – Various”);

1997 – Holiday (front cover = “PWI 500 – Ranking Top Wrestler – Various”/ 50 cutting-edge butt-kickin' attitude-filled profiles);

1998 – Holiday (front cover = PWI 500 – Stone Cold Steve Austin/ 50 attitude-laced profiles);

1999 – (front cover = “50 Profiles”);

1999 – Holiday (front cover = PWI 500/ Various);

2000 -

Fall (front cover = “Most Memorable Press Conferences”; Ric Flair; Jim Ross; Steve Austin; Brian Pillman);


Spring (McMahon/ Month-by-month recap of 2000)


Spring (The Rock/ A Look back at the year that rocked the sport);


Spring (Steiner/ Pumps up WWE/ recap of 2002)


(Winter 1996; Our Most Memorable ' Press Conferences Second Edition 1980-1996; front cover = Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ Steve Austin);

1997 (Volume II #1; Ric Flair/ Sting/ Scott Hall/ Most Memorable PWI Press conferences of all-time/ Roddy Piper/ Vince McMahon/ Terry Funk/ Eddie Gilbert/ Dallas Page)


Super Color Special #5 (Summer 1985; front cover = Hulik Hogan; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);

Super Color Special #9 (Summer 1987; Missy Hyatt/ Andre-Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Missy Hyatt centerfold)



(1996; Volume 1 #1; Meet the most gorgeous women in sports - various)


PHOTO ALBUM -1999 Edition (Wrestling's top stars/ Peak action photos/ women of wrestling/ Hardcore wars/ Mainstream infiltrators)

PRO WRESTLING REPORT (Verne Gagne Publications);

Volume 1 #10 (front cover = Jimmy Garvin);

Volume 2 #6 (front cover = Jerry Blackwell);


2001 September (Issue 49 Volume 5/ The Rock)

RAMPAGE ! THE SUPERSTARS OF THE WWF, WCW AND ECW (2001 H&S Media Inc.; Softcover Trade Paperback; 144-pages); front cover The Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H;

REAL RINDSIDE (Magazine of Wrestling & Boxing/ Universal Pub.)


July (Walt "Killer" Kowalski/ Sandy Saddler/ Verne Gagne/ Jim Braddock/ Cisco Kid/ NBA Prexy Radzienda)

November (Larry Boardman/ Ada Ash/ Ski Hi Lee/ Wilbur Smith/ Rory Calhoun/ buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers)


1946 -

October 7 (front cover = Fabela Chavez);

October 28 (front cover = Johnny Greco);

THE RING (Boxing Magazine; The Ring Inc.) -


February (Tony Zale/ outstanding fighters of 1941);

May (General Douglas MacArthur/ Boxing on War Program/ Pastor adds to Prestige)


January (Phil Terranova/ Boxing Camps at High Level/ Fight History in Films)

April (Jake LeMoite/ New York's star middleweight/ many more boxers join Armed Forces/ Battle across the Rio Grande)


February (Gus Lesnevich/ Tami Mauriello/ World's light-heavyweight champ/ Outstanding fighters of 1947/ annual rating of boxers)

April (Tom Molineaurs of America vs Tom Cribb of England (September 28, 1811/ Global boxing news and photos/ eternal hunt for talent)

May (Ezzard Charles (World's outstanding Light-Heavyweight/ A Day with the Matchmaker)

August (Zale vs Graziano/ painted by Weston/ Foreign boxers analyzed)

September (Louis vs Walcott/ Brown Bomber and Jersey Joe as they appeared in action);

October (Will this happen to Joe Louis?/ Kem Jeffries Kayoed by Jack Johnson/ painted by Weston/ Lesnevich-Mills pictures)

November (Freddie Mills of Great Britain/ World Light-Heavyweight champion/ Indoor season gets under way)

December (Ketchel vs Papke (San Francisco, California 1908 painted by Weston/ Thanksgiving menu - famous holiday fights)


February (Annual Rating 1948 painted by Weston)

March (Sandy Saddler world featherweight champ painted by Weston/ Busy world champions)

April (Dream fight Louis - Dempsey painted by Weston)

May (Kid Gavilan the Cuban Hawk )

July (Willie Pep the Hartford Tornado painted by Weston)

August (Tommy Yarosz, one of the world's best light-heavyweight)

September (Rocky Graziano painted by Weston)

November (Laurent Dauthuille of Paris)


January (Jack Broughton, father of boxing rules/ Will Louis fight again?)

February (Ratings annual of 1949);

March (Ezzard Charles international recognition 1950 painted by Stanley Weston)

April (Robert Villemain painted by Stanley Weston/ Mills-Maxim title fight!);

May (Joey Maxim world's light-heavyweight painted by Stanley Weston/ Louis ready for comeback)

June (Jersey Joe Walcott/ comebacks - where do they lead?);

October (Joe Louis, to whom cash and circumstances offer fresh opportunities painted by Stanley Weston/ inside story of Louis)


February (Jake LaMotta's knockout of Laurent Dauthuille in Detroit on Sept. 13 the Fight of the Year painted by Stanley Weston/ Annual Ratings)

March (Bob Murphy the Atomic Blond/ Charles showered with Honors)

May (Rex Layne the kid from Utah painted by Stanley Weston)

July (Harry "Kid" Matthews new light-heavyweight sensation)

August (Walter Cartier New York Middleweight star)

September (Louis & Charles/ fight pictures of century)

December (Jersey Joe Walcott newly crowned world heavyweight champion painted by F.R. Schaare/ Pep-Saddler fight pictures)


January (James Cartier, New York's lightweight ace);

June (Jersey Jones/ Joe Louis Will they meet the title? painted by F.R. Schaare);


April (Bobo Olson/ Randy Turpin/ Ernie Durando/ Chalres Humez painted by F.R. Schaare/ Who's be the next king?/ Gavulan-Davey photos)

May (Historic heavyweight Walcott vs Marciano by F.R. Schaare);

June (Randy Turpin/ Charley Humez offical ratings by F.R. Schaare international issue)

July (Paddy Young/ Carl "Bobo" Olson Official ratings by F.R. Schaare/ fighting for a crown)

August (Carl "Bobo" Olson US Middleweight contender by F.R. Schaare/ Inside Stories on title fights official ratings)

September (La Starza first New York heavyweight contender in 25 years by F.R. Schaare/ Who stands best chance against Marciano?/ official world ratings)

October Rocky Marciano, the Brockton block buster by F.R. Schaare/ Will La Starza beat Marciano? Official World Ratings)

November (Ralph Dupas/ Floyd Patterson/ Danny Giovaneill/ Alan Moody/ Luiu Perez/ Randy Sandy by F.R. Schaare)

December (Rocky Marciano by F.R. Schaare/ Turpin-Olson exclusives/ TV coverage/ title fights & photos)


March (Bobo Olson fighter of the year by F.R. Schaare/ Complete TV coverage/ Does Olson fear Gavilan?);

April Nino Valdes by F.R. Schaare/ Complete TV coverage)

May (Sandy Saddler/ Percy Bassett by F.R. Schaare/ How will Saddler's return affect featherweight?)

June (Paddy DeMarco by F.R. Schaare (Latest reports from Marciano - Charles training camps.)

July (Rocky Marciano/ Ezzard Charles by F.R. Schaare/ What's new on TV?/ Heavyweight issue)

November (Don Cockell British Empire heavyweight champion painted by Hoban/ Marciano-Charles fight pics)


January (Archie Moore light heavyweight champ of world/ Robinson's return latest TV news);

February (Annual Rating/ World boxing review)

March (Jimmy Carter, lightweight champion by F.R. Schaare/ Official world rating video news action photos)

April (Rocky Marciano heavyweight champion/ Boxing Hall of Fame opens)

May (Frankie Ryff eyes lightweight title by F.R. Schaare/ How I will beat Marciano by Don Cockell);

July (Marciano-Cockell fight/ His life story Welterweight champ Tony De Marco)

August ( Johnny Hollman 5-1 underdog, halted Ezzard Charles/ Who next for marciano?/ inside Olson-Moore fight)

September (Jim Norris says " won't let boxing be killed."/ Marciano will never hit me/ history repeats itself Carter loses title again.)

November ("Hurricane" Jackson on way to title/ will Robinson regain middleweight title from Olson?/ Nat Fleischer: Federal control for boxing/ Marciano - Moore fite pix)

December (Will DeMarco Regain Title?/ Who next for Marciano?)


January (Floyd Patterson lt. heavyweight contender/ exclusive! Marciano's wife tells all/ Does Moore fear Patterson?)

March ( Rocky, the Brockton blockbuster/ can a fighter be yellow? Is Marciano greatest of all Italian - American athletes?)

April (Will Marciano fight in 1956?/ Welter Champ Carmen Basilio/ Johnston-Daly indictment may change boxing set-up);

May (Jack Dempsey/ Johnny Summerlin heavyweight threat/ Bobby Boyd middleweight/ Johnny Holman heavyweight)

June (Whipper Watsonvs Lou Thesz/ Babe McCoy/ Ralph (Tiger) Jones/ Charles Humez/ L.C. Morgan lightweight)

July (Marciano/ Joey Giambra middleweight/ Robinson Ko's Olson/ Chuck Spieser/ Negro Boxers exploited)

August (Nat Fleischer picks next heavy champ/ Floyd survives Hurricane Patterson - Moore for title/ Larry Boardman/ Gene Fullmer/ Ray Robinson);

September (Archie Moore/ Rory Calhoun/ Art Aragon "The Golden Boy"/ Cherif Hamia vs Sandy Saddler)

October (George Dixon/ Jem Driscoll/ Jimmy McLarnin/ Barney Ross/ Tony Canzoneri/ Floyd Patterson - does caution pay off?)

November (Ray Robinson show up for the Fullmer fight?/ Joe Brown/ Miguel Berrios/ Paul Jordenson)

December (Carmen Basilio, welterweight champ/ Kenny Lane - Could be 1st Southpaw to win lightweight/ Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard)


February (Floyd Patterson, fighter of the year/ Biagraphical section of TV fighters)

March (Fullmer wins middleweight title/ Carnera Kayo Sharkey with Phantom Punch?/ Real Floyd Patterson & Gene Fullmer)

April (Eddie Machen "The Shasta Blaster"/ fights Norris wants to make/ "Hero Worshippers" is it the gravy train of sports?)

May (Ellsworth "Spider" Webb middleweight ladder/ Marciano/ The strange case of the dented cup)

June (Fullmer vs Robinson/ Walt Byars welterweight sensation/ Louis legend began story of Brown Bomber's rise to crown)

July (The New Robinson/ Giardello - man of confusion/ Anthony threat to Patterson)

August (Manager Cus D'Amato says "Patterson will fight anyone."/ Floyd Patterson vs "Hurricane" Jackson/ Floyd Patterson Kayoes Rocky Marciano in 7th?)

September (Monopoly shattered!/ Two title fights plus - ratings - TV-Wrestling)

October (Basilio - Robinson/ Bio = Peter Rademacher/ Larry Baker/ Harold Gomes/ Was Jackson Slughter the Worst?)

November (Gene Tunney/ Rocky Marciano/ Robinson vs Basilio/ Patterson vs Rademacher/ Moore vs Anthony)


January (Roy Harris/ Ernie Machen/ Pat McMurtry/ Willie Pastrano/ Zora Folley/ Kid Gavilan)

February ( Carmen Basilio fighter of the year)

March ( The Fighting DeJohns/ Wrestling profiles/ Will boycott on I.B.C. drive Patterson to England?);

May (Ray Robinson/ Carmen Basilio/ Jimmy McLarnin darling of the depression era)

June (Virgil Akins/ Vince Martinez/ Hogan Bassey retains title/ Mickey Crawford/ Tony Anthony Stefan Redl)

July (Floyd Patterson/ story of speed and teh Kayo../ Norris Empire/ Johnny Busso Jesse Bowdry)

August (Virgil Akins Murderous fist/ Dan Hodge/ Carlos Ortiz/ Basilio welterweight??/ Life stories of Dan Hodge & Carlos Ortiz)

September (Ray Harris vs Floyd Patterson/ Joe Jeannett/ Ruby Goldstein - jewel of the Ghetto);

October (Floyd does it again/ Ray Robinson/ Bobby Scanlon/ Yvon Durelle/ Tommy Loughran/ Rademacher hoax exposed/ Patterson-Harris title fight)

November (Carmen Basilio/ Dan Florio/ Don Jordan/ Solly Krieger/ Basilio defeats Aragon - Robinson next)

December (Lew Jenkins/ Ingemar Johansson will Patterson fight him?/ Frank Klaus/ Lenny Matthews/ George Courtney/ Kid Gavilan);


January (Floyd Patterson/ London/ Cooper/ Johansson/ Valdes/ One Round Kayoes)

February (Ray Robinson big fight 1959/ Ingemar Johansson/ Moore vs Durelle/ Perez vs Ursua/ Akins vs Jordan)

March (Nino Valdes/ London vs Cooper/ Lane vs Ortiz/ Maravilla vs Ray);

April (Ingemar Johansson heavyweight/ Patterson Kayoes Jackson/ Patterson vs Harris/ Ray Robinson)

May (Denny Moyer/ Mauro Vazquez/ Paul Armstead/ Reuben Vargas/ Sonny Liston/ Lenny Matthews/ Triple champ Armstrong has no regrets)

June (Archie Moore vs. Yvon Durelle/ Pascual Perez/ Sonny Liston/ Davey Moore/ Charley Powell)

July (Patterson Kayoes London in 11th/ Johansson/ 30 biographies)

August (front cover = Ingemar Johansson vs. Floyd Patterson);

September (front cover = Don Jordan/ Joe Beccera/ Ingemar Johansson);

October (Ray Robinson/ Enmity stalls million dollar fight/ Jim Jeffries doped before Jack Johnson fight/ Roughneck - Gallagher Brothers)

November (Corbett-McCoy case charges of fakery/ Roaky Marciano/ middleweight title Fite & Muddle)

December (front cover = Gene Fullmer/ Unvarnished facts by Nat Fleischer/ Dempsey-Miske was Hoax; VG = $16.00; G/VG = $12.00);

THE RING 1960 -

January (front cover = Floyd Patterson; Ingemar Johansson/ Was Sharkey robbed of heavyweight title?/Golden Gloves guilty?);

February (front cover = Johansson vs. Patterson/ Basilio/ exclusive photos two title fights);

March (front cover = Gene Fullmer);

April (Pender upsets Robinson/ Welt King cheese champ/ Becerra vs Halimi/ Ortiz vs Torres/ Robinson vs Pender)

May (front cover = Pascual Perez/ Joe Becerra);

July (Ring staff picks Johansson/ Ring detective exposes referee/ Is Liston in line for title shot?)

August (Johannsson Patterson fight with pictures/ Joe Louis ... Mr Dignity/ Becerra vs Yonekura/ Johansson vs Patterson/ Paret vs Jordon/ Pender vs Robinson/ Ortiz vs Loi)

October (Sonny Liston number one contender for world heavyweight title/ Investigates Moore vs Patterson fight)

November (Davey Moore world featherweight champ/ Liston vs Machen/ What kept Wilson champ after Kayo?)

THE RING 1961 -

January (front cover = Joe Brown vs. Cisco Andrade; “Elected to Hall of Fame”);

March (front cover = Paul Pender vs. Terry Downes; Basilio finished?/ Strange case of George Chip);

May (Johansson - Patterson fight complete with pictures/ Robinson-Fullmer)

July (front cover = Paul Pender/ George Chuvalo/ Frankie Burns/ Al Singer/ Jorge Fernandez/ Pender vs Basilio/ Johnson vs Clay);

August (Moore wins Patterson next/ Moore vs Rinaldi/ Griffiths vs Ortega/ Halimi vs Caldwell/ Gilroy vs Cossemyns);

September (Tom MvNeeley/ Ike Williams/ Next Opponent for Patterson)

October (Bonus Boy/ Around the world in 30 days/ Boxing series - phony?/ Title fights)

November (Alejandro Lavorante/ who was the champion faker of all time?/ Who was the perfect boxer?/ Hat Fleischer)

December (Sugar Ray Robinson - Finished?/ Firpo - Dempsey fight a complete picture story);

THE RING 1962 -

January (Dempsey - Over rated?/ Emile Griffith, ex welterweight champ of the world)

February (front cover = “Patterson Fears Me” by Sonny Liston);

April (Tony Canzoneri - champion to oblivion - exclusives pictures story/ Liston is next for Patterson)

May (Patterson - a Glass Jaw?)

June (front cover = Terry Downes vs. Paul Pender/ Willie Pep/ Paul Berlenbach deadly punches);

July (front cover = Floyd Patterson/ Carlos Ortiz writes inside story of lightweight title victory/ Braddock tells how Floyd will win);

August (front cover = Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson/ Ray Harris/ pictorial life story of Barney Ross);

September (front cover = Johnson vs. Scholz/ Griffith vs. Dupas/ Elorde vs. Copeland/ World Lt. heavyweight champ Harold Johnson);

THE RING 1963 -

January (Dick Tiger vs Gene Fullmer/ Jack Johnson photo exclusive)

March (Doug Jones vs Zora Folley/ Sonny Liston world heavyweight champion/ Doug Jones new heavyweight contender)

June (Gene Tunney picture story/ Sugar Ramos)

July [front cover = Carlos Ortiz; The Flaw in Cassius Clay {Muhammad Ali}];

September (Clay - full coverage heavyweight title fight)

October (front cover = Eder Jofre/ 500 issue of ring's);

December (front cover = Joey Giardello/ inside story of Johansson comback/ Liston; King or Clown?);

THE RING 1964 -

January (front cover = Joey Archer/ Dempsey vs Baer/ Dempsey vs Schmeling);

February (Clay's legs beat Liston's Fists painted by Ted Carroll)

March; (Cassius Clay aka MUHAMMAD ALI vs SONNY LISTON Cover & 10 pages of Articles; Also includes; Eddie Perkins, Sam Langford vs Jim Flynn, Mat World – Wrestling; SOLD OUT);

October (Liston couldn't be sidetracked/ Television really through with Boxing?)

November (Clay a one-shot champion?/ The Biggest fight! 20 tears of TV boxing story told in pictures)

December/January (Ray Robinson/ Clay vs Liston/ Heavyweight Terrell blasts other contenders; UK pound on front cover)


January (Carnera Horror-Scope/ Middleweights Blaze with new life/ Rich-Aging - Liston through?)

March (Emile Griffith - fighter of the year/ What is th ereal Clay story?/ souvenir edition)

May (Hane Liston boosters gone cold?/ Chuvalo/ Dempsey vs Wills)

July/August (Emile Griggith vs Dick Tiger - promotional brawl looms in New York/ Terrell sure of FBI OK?);


December/January (LeRoy Neiman cover Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali; British cover price)

September (front cover = Jean Josselin);


December/January (Jack Dempsey picks next heavyweight champion/ British cover price);

September (front cover = Painting of Nino Benvenuti);


January/February (Joe Louis/ George Carpentier/ James J. Corbett vs Jack Dempsey/ Emile Griffith British cover price);

June/July (Boone Kirkman heavyweight threat/ W.B.A. Frazier war gets hotter/ Sinatra Benvenuti's new Advisor?/ British cover price);


February (Is Madison Square Garden Boxing fighting for life? The Rape of Shelby/ Ali Criticized for passing up Norton);

June (front cover = “Ali Picks His Toughest Opponents” - Various);

October (front cover = “96 page Souvenir issue”);


January (front cover = “U.S. Tournament Preview Special Section”);

June (Willie Ritchie, the Ali American sub/ 12 pages of world wide fistic action/ Marvis Frazier/ Palomino/ What now George Foreman)

July (Carlos Monzon Argentina/ US tournament approaches climax)

August (United States championship tournament - the real story)

Novmeber (Carlos Monzon painted by Gabe Perily/ Monzon retires?)


May (Ali-Spinks the inside story/ Knoetze new heavyweight hope/ Monzon/ Robinson/ Ketchel/ Greb/ Graziano/ Walker)


January (Jose Cuevas - Mexican Sensation vs Teofilio Stevenson/ Floyd Patterson);

February (Larry Holmes powders Evangelista/ Gene Tunney story/ Joe Louis $1,000,000 dinner)

April (Carlos Palomino vs Wilfred Benitez/ Knoetze controversy/ Joe Louis contenders: 1937 - 1941)

May (Roberto Duran/ 13 Big Fights covered from Ringside; #1 the TV sponsor or the fight?);

August (Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes/ Jose Cuevas vs Roberto Duran/ Victor Galindez vs Matthew Franklin/ Hugo Corro vs Marvin Hagler/ Wilfred Benitez vs Sugar Ray Leonard/ Danny Lopez vs Wilfredo Gomez)

November (Sugar Ray Leonard / Willis Pep by Bill Heinz/ Papa Benitez/ Monzon's comeback/ Red Smith/ Jerry Izenberg)

THE RING 1980 -

March (Muhammad Ali vs Sugar Ray Leonard/ Gerry Cooney/ Rex Reed)

May (front cover = Rocky Marciano);

THE RING 1981 -

February (DeNiro as LaMotta - "Raging" is the "Bull"/ Leonard vs Duran/ Galindes: death in the fast lane; 59th anniversary issue);

October (front cover = Larry Homes);

THE RING 1982 -

March (front cover = Salvador Sanchez/ Sugar Ray Leonard);

May (front cover = Marvin Hagler);

April (Wilfred Bentley/ Cooney/ Latin Connection/ Leonard: the other face of Ray)

June (Aaron Pryon/ Jack Dempsey/ Braxton s. Saad/ Rocky Balboa)

July (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard);

August (front cover = Gerry Cooney);

October (front cover = Alexis Arguello);

November (front cover = Alexis Arguello/ Aaron Pryor);

December (front cover = Tony Ayala);

THE RING 1983 -

February (front cover = Michael Dokes);

March (front cover = Larry Holmes);

April (front cover = Randall “Tex” Cobb);

May (front cover = Michael Spinks);

June (front cover = Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini);

July (front cover = Jeff Chandler);

August (front cover = Roberto Duran/ Arguello);

September (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard);

October (front cover = Marvin Hagler/ Roberto Duran);

November (front cover = Gerrie Coetzee);

THE RING 1984 -

February (front cover = Don King/ Sugar Ray Leonard);

March (Marvin Hagler/ Ring's annual award);

April (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard);

May (front cover = Larry Homes);

June (front cover = Johnny Bumphus/ Lou Duva/ Rocky Lockridge);

July (front cover = Wilfredo Gomez vs. Juan Laporte);

August (front cover = Mark Breland);

September (front cover = Livingstone Bramble);

October (front cover = John Mugabi);

THE RING 1985 -

February (front cover = Greg Page vs. Gerrie Coetzee);

March (front cover = Thomas Hearns);

June (front cover = Larry Holmes);

August (front cover = “Seven Elected to Ring Hall of Fame”);

November (front cover = Marvin Hagler; John Mugabi);

December (front cover = Michael Spinks);

THE RING 1986 -

July (Spinks - Holmes II/ book bonus Excerpt from "Papa Jack" by Randy Roberts)

THE RING 1987 -

February (front cover = Mark Breland; Bobby Czyz);

April (front cover = Marvin Hagler/ Sugar Ray Leonard);

July (front cover = Michael Spinks and George Cooney);

August (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard);

THE RING 1988 -

January (Darrin Van Horn)

March (Thomas Hitman Hearns)

September (Sugar Ray / exclusive book excerpt Don Dunphy at Ringside);

October (Mike Tyson/ Iran Barkley boxing's New Miracle Man);

November (Sugar Ray / Four elected to hall of fame);

December (Leonard vs. Lalonda/ Jeff Fenech: The Thunder from down Under);

THE RING 1989 -

January (front cover = Meldrick Taylor; Marvin Hagler);

February (Julip Cesar Chavez)

March (front cover = Sugar Ray Leonard; Thomas Hearns);

THE RING 1990 -

January (Mike Tyson Do ya Wanna Fight?);

February (Mike Tyson/ Olympians as Pros);

March (front cover = “The 80’s Great Fighters, Great Fights – various”);

July (Muhammad Ali/ Jorge Paez/ Buddy McGirt/ Michael Carbajal/ Evander Holyfield)

August (Mike Tyson/ Chavez: Is he the Best Mexican Fighter Ever?);

September (Thomas Hearns/ The Puncher vs The Chin/ Salvador Sanchez vs Sandy Saddler/ Leonard - Hagler)

THE RING 1991 -

January (front cover = Nigel Benn);

February (front cover = “Boxing on Pay-TV”);

March (front cover = Evander Holyfield);

June (front cover = Meldrick Taylor; Terry Norris vs. Sugar Ray Leonard);

July (front cover = Mike Tyson vs. Razor Ruddock; Thamas Hearns; Virgil Hill);

August (front cover = Evander Holyfield vs. George Foreman);

September (front cover = George Foreman; Ray Mercer; Tommy Morrison);

October (front cover = Thomas Hearns; Muhammad Ali);

November (Mike Tyson fight for Greatness/ Joe Luis Kayos Max Schmeling/ Rocky Marciano vs Ezzard Charles/ Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman);

December (front cover = Mike Tyson/ Evander Holyfield);

THE RING 1992 -

January (front cover = “Annual Report, The State of the Game – Various”);

June (Mike Tyson/ Don King/ What Now?);

THE RING 1998 -

December (front cover = Mike Tyson; Oscar De La Hoya);

THE RING 1999 -

June (Fans have Spoken/ Jones/ Gatti/ Mosley/ Oscar/ Tyson)

THE RING 2003 -

April (Arturo Gatti/ Barrera- Morales III/ Evolution of Laila Ali/Ndou & Mabuza)

THE RING BIG FIGHT COLOR SPECIAL #5 (London Pub.) 1985? (Volume III, #1; Chavez vs Whitaker);

THE RING EXTRA (London Pub.)

Volume 1 #1 (June 19/ ?year/ Mike Tyson Special/ Read to Rage Again)




October (Topless Suits for women wrestlers/ Muscualr Mortiers strongest wrestlers)


August (Is Judo a threat to wrestling?/ Tag team Legalized Murder/ Rocca Regain)


March (Super issue for girl wrestling fans/ Bruno Series prove Futile/ exclusive pictures! Story of Chain Wrestling);

June (Woman Wrestler beats cancer/ Will Lou Thesz quit?/ Mona Baker/ Pat Sherry);


October (Fabulous Moolah/ Vicki Williams/ Kangaroos leap to all time marks/ Kusatsu brings Asian fury);


February (Donna Lemke/ New Russian Mat Revolution/ Morales, Bruno, Eternal Standoff??)

July (Wrestler and the Drug Problem/ Sabrina / McGuire Duo - 1300 pounds of mayhem)

October (Does Hypnosis work in ring?/ Indian Girl gets revenge/ Dillinger & Manson- Diabolical Duo/ Debbie Johnson)


March (Atlas in death march/ Big Sumo Match/ Marva Scott/ Kay Noble)


August (Debbie Combs/ JOhn Studd/ Chief Jay Strongbow/ Fred Curry/ Joey Rossi/ Flying Fred/ John Studd);

November (Backlund/ Bockwinkel/ Race Heavyweight champions)


January (Ivan Putski/ Tito Santana/ Colonel Buck Robley & Cowboy Bill Watts);

June (Andre the Giants/ Debbie Harry/ Tito Santana/ Paul Christie/ Bunny Love/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Kandi Maloy/ Japanese Stars);

December (Verne Gagne/ Pedro Morales; back cover Lars Anderson);


February (front cover = Tommy Rich/ Bob Backlund vs. Harley Race; back cover Ivan Koloff/ Boris Smirnoff);

April (front cover = Mr. Wrestling II/ The Crusher/ Bob Backlund vs. Antonio Inoki; back cover Bulldog Bob Brown);

June (front cover = Bruno Sammartino/ Pedro Morales; back cover Jerry Lawler);

August (front cover = Tommy Rich; Moolah; The Moon Dogs; back cover Kandi Maloy);

October (front cover = Baron Von Raschke/ Special Delivery Jones; back cover Dory and Terry Funk);


March (Pedro Morales/ Ken Patera/ Bobby Duncum/ Jay Youngblood/ Dutch Mantell - Tennessee Justice)

June/July (front cover = Chief Jay Strongbow/ Steve Keirn/ Tito Santana/ Junkyard Dog; back cover Andre the Giant);

August (front cover = Rick Martel/ Bob Backlund/ Bill Duncee/ Cowboy Bill Watts; back cover Wendi Richter);

October (front cover = Bab Backlund/ Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow/ Brad Rheingans/ Scott McGhee/ Mr. Olympia/ Junkyard Dog; back cover Bill Dundee);

December (front cover = Tony Garea/ Rick Martel/ Kerry Von Erich/ Laurent Soucie; back cover Le Lani Kai);


February (Jimmy Snuka/ Adrian Adonis/ Brad Pheingans/ Jerry Lawler/ Ric Flair/ Kimala/ Billy Graham/ Candi Divine);

June (Nick Bockwinkel/ Buddy Rogers)

September (front cover = Mr. Wrestling II; Wahoo McDaniel; back cover King Kong Bundy);

November (front cover = Magnum T.A./ Zum Hofe/ Mr. Saito; back cover The High Flyers);

RINGSIDE WRESTLING (Starlog Pub./ Wrestling Scene)


September (Barry Windham/ Jimmy Garvin/ Tony Atlas/ Ric Flair)


July (#14; Mr. T/ Terry Allen/ Sheik Adnam/ Billy Haynes)

September (#15; Paul Orndorff/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Tux Newman/ Jim Cornette/ Buzz Sawyer/ Abdullah the Butcher)


January (#17; Big John Studd/ Jerry Crusher Blackwell/ Kremlin/ John Studd vs Paul Orndorff/ Road Warrior/ Terry Taylor/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Jim Cornette)

March (#18; Roddy Piper/ Paul Orndorff/ Hacksaw Duggan/ The Fuse/ Bobby Heehan/ Sam Houston/ Long Riders/ Billy Graham)

May (#19; Ricky Steamboat vs Magnificent Murado/ Sheik Adnan/ Lex Luger/ Ronnie Garvin/ Jimmy Hart/ Tom Zenk)

September (#21; Animal vs Nikita Koloff/ Koloffs/ Ultimare Warriors/ Macho Man vs Sanata/ Candi Devine/ Sherri Martel/ Pedro/ Brian Adidas)

November (#22/ Ric Flair vs Hawk/ Midnight Express/ Johnson Brothers)


January (#23; Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat/ Ric Flair/ Rose, Sommers, Martel/ Midnight Express)

March (#25; Terry Taylor/ Piper vs Orndoroff/ Piper & Hogan/ Hart Foundation/ Kendall Windham);

August (#28; Andre the Giant/ Crockett Cup winners Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff/ Bulldogs/ Windham)

September (#29; Uncle Ivan vs Nikita Koloff/ Luger/ Ricky Morton/ Rhodes & Murdoch/ Blanchard/ Luger/ Flair)

November (#31; Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard/ Rhodes, Garvins/ Dr. Death/ Mad Dog Drake/ Jules Strongbow)


January (#32; Tama vs Rick Martel/ Garvin grabs Flairs Belt/ Wendi Richter/ McDaniel / Zuchoff);

October (#43; Freebirds/ Luger/ Muta vs Sting/ Kabuko/ Dynamic Dudes/ Rocker Michaels/ Valiant/ Ron Simmons)


June (#46; Hulk Hogan/ Steiners/ Johnny Valiant/ Gorilla Monsoon);

July (#47; Hulk/ Ultimate Warrior/ Norman Cactus Jack/ Iron Mike Sharpe);


January (#2; Bushwaker/ Giant vs Flair/ Nick Patrick/ Malenko vs Jericho)

May; #4; front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Sycho Sid/ Steve Austin/ Bret Hart/ Undertaker);

(July; #5; front cover = Undertaker);

1998 (September; #12; front cover = NWO );




ROAD WARRIOR Poster with HILLBILLY JIM on Flip-Side (16” x 22” Folded Two-Sided Color Poster Removed from Unknown Magazine circa later 1980s; Only the Poster, NO Magazine; VF = $5.00)

SMOKE AND THUNDER RUMBLE UNDER THE DOME PROGRAM – MAY 11, 1991; Conroy Nelson vs. Bert Cooper (Regina Agridome, Saskatchewan);

SPORT (Macfadden Pub.) 1954 June (Canadian Edition; Terry Brennan);

SPORT (MVP Sports Inc.) 1977 August (Boxing - a Special Section/ Davey Lopes/ Death of the Don King Tournament);

SPORTS ACTION MAGAZINE (Cape Magazine Corp.) 1962 (February; Volume 1 #4;Champs of Boxing; Gene Fullmer/ Floyd Patterson/ Archie Moore/ Paul Pender)



October 28 (Pro Basketball Special/ The Fight in Africa/ Foreman Muhammad Ali);

November 11 (Taking back the Title/ How Ali Fooled them Muhammad All; Boxing cover)

December 23 (1954-74; the Booming Years/ Muhammad Ali sportsman of the Year; boxing)


September 15 (Boxing's New Barnum/ Promoter Don King and the stars of the Thrilla in Manila)

October 13 (The Epic Battle; Muhammad Ali/ Boxing)

December 15 (I want Ali Again/ George Foreman plots his comeback)/ boxing)


January 12 (Ken Norton/ the Champ's first defense/ boxing)


September 29 ( Muhammad Ali cover/ He's no liston. He's no Frazier. He's only Larry Holmes, and he's nothin'. I can see it now. Pop!op! Bam! Holmes is down.../ boxing)

October 13 (The Last Hurrah/ Muhammad Ali/ Boxing)


April 29 (Mat Mania!/ Hulk Hogan Pro Wrestling's top Banana)


April 13 (Chocker/ Sugar Ray Leonard beats Marvin Hagler))


February 1 (Too Much/ Mike Tyson KO's Larry Homes/ Dr Z's pick : The Broncos/ Boxing)


February 17 (Guilty/ Mike Tyson/ Boxing/ Winter Olympics? Bonnie Blair Blazes to the Gold);

SPORTS REVIEW BATTLING GIRLS (G.C. London Pub.) - 1976 (Spring);



January (front cover = the Sheik vs Freddie Blassie, Bloodbath of the Century/ Souvenir Issue)

December (front cover = Wahoo McDaniel/ Mad Dog Vachon);


October (The Legend lives on Muammad Ali/ Collector's golden Souvenir Issue/ Full Color posters Ali & Spinks/ Ali regains heavyweight title)


March ( Is Billy Graham quitting Wrestling?/ Blassie starts a riot in Japan/ Johnny Valentine);

May (front cover = Mil Mascaras; VG/FN $8);

July (front cover = Victor Rivera/ Apartment House New Wrestlers);

September (Dory's Jr's new pledge "I'll do anything - and I mean anything - to get Brisco's title!"/ Night Chief Jay Strongbow wanted to die/ Billy Graham)

November (Commissions warn the Sheik "If you keep throwing fire.. You're banned for life!"/ Andre the Giant/ Inoki vs Muhammad Ali)


January (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Bobby Duncum);

March (Valiants - Billy Robinson/ Verne Gagne/ Greg Valentine on cover; Cynara's apartment house wrestling career partial cover an 6 page article; VG/FN = $12.00)


February (Dusty Rhodes/ Sheik/ Andre the Giant prepare for battle of his life!)

March (Mil Mascaras/ Andre the Giant bloodbath against Ric Flair/ woman wrestling)

April (Dusty Rhodes/ Mascaras!! Another Stunning WWWF Triumph/ Harley Race/ Tribute to Chief Jay Strongbow/ Dic Slater vs Dino Bravo)

June (Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera Making of a Champion!/ Ricky Steamboat/ woman wrestling)

Augus (Dusty triblue to a star/ Oriental terror which drives Andre Berserk/ woman wrestling);

September (Andre the Giant says "I understnad you, Luke Graham!"/ Greg Valentine blond terror; woman wrestling);

October (Six million dollar beauty who dare not lose!/ Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera/ Dino Bravo/ Bobby Duncan/ Dick Murdoch/ woman wrestling)

November (Dusty Rhodes/ Bob Backlund vs Spiros Arion/ woman wrestling)

December (Dusty Rhodes/ Bob Backlund's championship report card/ woman wrestling)


January (Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk are a tag team!/ Wahoo McDaniel's dream come true/ Ivan Koloff: i made Bob Backlund cry like a baby!/ woman wrestling)

February (Fiery Vixens/ Bob Backlund/ Blackjack Mulligan's message to Greg Valentine / woman wrestling);

March (Andre the Giant vs Race/ Dusty Rhodes and the lone star bloodbath/ woman wrestling);

April (Ivan Putski/ Harley Race/ Rick Steamboat/ woman wrestling);

May (Andre the Giant/ Billy Graham/ Rick Steamboat/ woman wrestling)

June (Dusty Rhodes vs Mark Lewin/ Nick Bockwinkle survive without Bobby Heenan?/ woman wrestling)

July (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Harley Race; Ric Flair vs. Blackjack Mulligan);

August (Bruno Sammartino trapped by the Koloff Syndrome/ Ric Flair/ Paul Orndorff/ Tery Funk/ woman wrestling)

September (front cover = Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ric Flair; VG/FN $6);

November (Strongbow vs Valentine/ Jack Brisco/ Mr. Wrestling/ David Von Erich/ woman wrestling);

December ( Brisco vs Spoiler: savage feud resumes/ Ox Baker/ Jimmy Snuka; woman wrestling)


January (Brutal battle of the Amazon Prinsesses/ Lou Albano managed Andre the Giant/ Flair/ Jones/ Steamboat/ Snuka/ Mulligan/ woman wrestling)

February (Dusty Rhodes to wrestle Terry Funk/ Harley Race/ woman wrestling);

March (Patterson vs DiBiase rematch/ Tommy Rich new king of Georgia wrestling? woman wrestling)

April (Mulligan vs Studd/ Curse of Jerry Lawler/ Andre the Giant; woman wrestling)

May (Ivan Koloff vs Ole Anderson/ Bruiser Brodie's courage tamed the Spoiler/ Savagery/ woman wrestling)

June (Will Texas be superstar Bill Gram's graveyard/ Dusty Rhodes/ Ken Patera: Hit man for Captain Lou Albano)

September (Tag Team champions the Samoans/ Austin Idol doesn't want to you to know/ woman wrestling)

October (Fred Blassie running Hulk Hogan's career/ Mr Wrestling II/ Dory Funk Jr.; Ric Flair/ woman wrestling)

November (Tommy Rich/ Muraco blasts "Bugsy McGraw is a disgrace to America!"/ Tito Santana/ Abdullah the Butcher mission of a madman/ woman wrestling);


February (Dick Murdoch carring out Dusty Rhodes glories mission/ Andre the Giant/ Voilent Nightmare/ Tony Atlas)

May (Greg Valentine - Ric Flair wars/ Windham vs Jaggers/ Dusty Rhodes Mission break Gino Hernandez's Hart)

June (Million Dollar Wildcat/ Bruisers & Behemoths/ Bob Jaggers & R.T. Tyler: cousins in Mayem/ Bob Duncum/ woman wrestling);

July (Tommy Rich/ Voilent Clash/ Kevin Sullivan/ Sir Oliver Humperdink/ Captain Lou Albano; woman wrestling)

September (Bob Backlund/ Junkyard Dog/ The Freebirds, Inc./ Ric Flair/ woman wrestling)

October (Tommy Rich/ Hulk Hogan vs Stan Hansen/ Fred Blassie/ Dusty Rhodes shocking admiration for Don Carson/ Brutal Rise/ woman wrestling)

November (Rhodes vs DiBiase/ Wahoo McDanield/ Roddy Piper/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Rick Steamboat/ Sultry Beauties/ woman wrestling);

December (Magnificent Muraco/ Bob Backlund/ Ken Patera/ George Steele/ The Savage/ woman wrestling);


January (Bob Backlund vs Magnificent Muraco/ Chavo Guerrero/ Andre the Giant/ Reckless Beauty/ woman wrestling );

February (Mil Mascaras/ Kiwis vs Colon & Apollo/ Jerry Brisco/ Bruno Sammartino jr./ woman wrestling)

March (Greg Valentine/ Jack Brisci/ Ivan Putski/ Savage War/ woman wrestling)

April (Spoiler/ Austin Idol vs Michael Hayes/ Super Destroyer/ Pedro Morales regains intercontinental title/ woman wrestling)

May (Ric Flair/ Tommy Rich/ Blackmail Battle/ Bob Backlund - Mosca wars/ woman wrestling)

July (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Austin Idol; Lou Albano);

August (Ric Flair vs. Dick Slater Champion's hold on the NWA title weakens/ Piper - Rich feud/ woman wrestling)

September (front cover = David Von Erich vs. Mr. Wrestling II; Nick Bockwinkel);

November (front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Jack Brisco/ woman wrestling);

December (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. Bundy Rose; Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair/ woman wrestling);


January (Tommy Rich/ Mahoo McDaniel/ Geg Valentine/ How Vicious can two women be?/ woman wrestling );

February (Ric Flair/ Harley Race/ Pedro Morales vs Buddy Rose/ woman wrestling)

March (Cowboy Ron Bass vs Ric Flair/ Buddy Rogers save Jimmy Snuka/ Savage Wildcat/ woman wrestling)

April (Bob Backlund/ Billy Graham/ Briscos / Six Million Dollar Beauty/ woman wrestling);

May (Magnificent Muraco/ James J. Dillon/ woman wrestling);

June (front cover = Roddy Piper; Pat Patterson vs. Nick Bockwinkel);

July (Jimmy Valiant carves up Rooster in Roanoke / Strange Odyssey/ Rick Martel/ Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham reunited/ Gino Hernandez/ Orgy of Violence)

August (front cover = Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch vs. Iron Sheik/ Freebirds/ David & Kevin & Kerry Von Erich);

September (front cover = David & Kevin & Kerry & Fritz Von Erich; Dusty Rhodes vs. Adrian Street);

October (front cover = Greg Valentine vs. Rick Martel; Blackjack Mulligan);

November (Andre the Giant vs Blackjack Mulligan/ Kamala the Uganda Giant: Bruiser Brody/ Rick Martel/ Dino Bravo/ Samoans)

December (Barry Windham vs Jos LeDuc/ Tito Santana/ Kevin Sullivan/ Roddy Piper/ Ronnie Garvin/ Mil Mascaras & Mr Wrestling II);


February (front cover = Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer; Austin Idol vs. Stan Hansen);

March (Ric Flair/ Steamboat & Youngblood/ Piper-Valentine bloody dog collar match/ Von Erichs/ Freebirds/ Tommy Rich/ Buzz Sawyer/ Butch Reed)

May (Jos LeDuc vs Buzz Sawyer/ Paul Ellering/ Mad Dog/ Paul Jones/ Rocky Johnson/ Greg Gagne)

June (front cover = Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair; Eddie Gilbert);

July (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Terry Gordy; Greg Gagne; Jim Brunzell);

August (front cover = Chris Adams/ Tommy Rich/ Eddie Gilbert; King Kong Bundy);

September (Larry Zbyszko/ Rci Flair vs Rick Steamboat/ The Freebords vs the Von Erichs)

October (front cover = Kevin Sullivan vs. Dusty Rhodes; Michael Hayes);

December (front cover = Rick Martel vs. Nick Bockwinkel; Tommy Rich vs. Eddie Gilbert);


January (front cover = Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ric Flair; Bob Backlund; Missing Link);

February (Gino Hernandez/ Mike Von Erich/ Billy Graham/ Kevin Sullivan/ David Sammartino/ Rick Steamboat/ Road Warrior/ Sheepherders/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Killer Brooks);

March (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; Rick Steamboat vs. Tully Blanchard; Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Jones);

May (Lou Albano/ The Freebirds Michael Hayes vs Ric Flair/Freebird Terry Gordy vs Ric Flair);

June (front cover = Harley Race vs. Ric Flair/ Rick Martel vs. Jimmy Garvin/ Sgt. Slaughter);

July (Blood Money Goriest Moments/ Paul Jones/ Bob Backlund/ Mike Von Erich)

August (Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff/ David Von Erich legacy to greatness continues/ Sgt. Slaughter);

September (front cover = Chris Adams vs. Kevin Von Erich; Paul Orndorff);

October (Buddy Landell is not Ric Flair/ Michael Hayes vs Rick Martel/ Wendi Richer)

November (front cover = Road Warrior Hawk vs. Terry Gordy; Kamala; Kareem Muhammad);


January (Butcher carves up the Bull; Abdullah has gone too far/ Randy Savage/ Macho / Tito Santana/ Comiskey Park);

February (front cover = Junkyard Dog; Rick Rude);

April (Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan/ Rick Martel vs Stan Hansen/ Kevin Sullivan & Maha Sigh/ Road Warriors)

June (Hulk Hogan/ Midnight Express/ Road Warriors/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Terry Taylor)

July (front cover = Magnum T.A. Vs Tully Blanchard; Roddy Piper; Paul Orndorff);

August (Road Warriors/ 23 Tag Teams - 20 Matches 7 hours of excitement/ Midnight Rockers/ Mr. Wrestling II/ Kerry & Lance Von Erich/ Steve Simpson)

October (front cover = Paul Orndorff; Rick Rude vs. Bruiser Brody; Magnum T.A. vs. Nikita Koloff);

November (front cover = Ole Anderson vs. Rick Morton; Terry Gordy);

December (Bobby Fulton vs Michael Hayes/ Sam Muchnick/ Road Warrior/ Jim Cornette/ Midnight rockers);


January (front cover = Ivan Koloff/ Krusher Khrushchev; Missy Hyatt vs. Dark Journey);

February (Randy Savage/ Steamboat/ Hawk's leg broken in 2 places/ Road Warrior/ Barry Windham/ Lex Lugar/ Ric Flair/ Brian Adidas)

March (Kamala/ Tony Atlas/ Hulk Hogan/ Midnight Express vs Road Warriors/ Rock 'n' Rolls vs Andersons/ Nikita Koloff vs Ric Flair);

April (front cover = “1986 the Year in Review – Scott hall/ Lex Luger/ Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant”);

May (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Nikita Koloff; Lou Albano/ Jimmy Snuka/ Danny Dais/ British Bulldogs);

June (Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant; Scott Hall/ Iceman Parsons);

July (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Randy Savage/ Bobby Eaton/ Jim Cornette/ Big Bubba Rogers/ Stan Lane);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ken Patera/ Kevin Von Erich vs. Nord the Barbarian/ Rick Rude vs. Dusty Rhodes);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff; Hulk Hogan for President);

October (front cover = Barry Windham; Bam Bam Bigelow/ J.J. Dillon Interview/ Wendell Cooley - Dutch Mantel Wars );

November (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Road Warrior Hawk/ Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard/ Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff/ Steve Williams vs. Dick Murdock/ Honky Tonk Man; VG/FN = $8.00);

December (Hulk Hogan ruins Andre the Giant/ Lex Luger Nikita Koloff no longer a challenge)


January (front cover = Honky Tonk Man; Ronnie Garvin);

February (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Strike Force);

March (Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan outsmart Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair / Dusty Rhodes vs Lex Luger)

May (front cover = Road Warrior Hawk vs. Ric Flair; Jim Duggan; Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant; FN = $8.00);

July (front cover = Randy Savage; Hulk Hogan; Ted Dibiase);

August (front cover = Lex Lulger/ Sting/ Magnum T.A./ Ted Dibiase/ Ultimate Warrior);

September (Elizabeth/ Hulk Hogan join the Four Horsemen/ Road Warriors/ Dusty Rhodes interview)

October (front cover = The Midnight Rockers/ Terry Taylor/ Adrian Adonis/ Nikita Koloff);

December (Andre the Giant/ Road Warrior/ Buddy Roberts/ Michael Hayes/ what 10 wrestkers would do if they were president/ Jimmy Hart)


January (front cover = Jake Roberts/ Rick Rude/ Cheryl Roberts; Ric Flair);

February (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ultimate Warrior/ Jerry Lawler/ Randy Savage; Jim Duggan);

March (front cover = “1988 the Year in Review – Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair vs. Sting/ Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Jerry Lawler/ Kerry Von Erich);

April (Savage or Hogan/ Starrcade '88 - True Gritt/ Lex Luger vs Ric Flair/ Hercules, Studd, Patera/ Abdullah the Butcher)

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Demolition; Jerry Lawler);

June (front cover = Lex Luger/ Rick Steamboat; Hulk Hogan vs. Twin Towers);

July (front cover = “Wrestlemania V – Randy Savage/ Ultimate Warrior/ Hogan / Hacksaw Duggan/ Rick Rude/ Demolition);

August (front cover = Lex Luger/ Sting; Ultimate Warrior);

September (front cover = Hacksaw Jim Duggan; Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage; Lex Luger vs. Rick Steamboat);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Bic Bossman; Snuka vs. Honky Tonk Man; Sting);

December (front cover = Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan vs. Zeus; Randy Savage);


January (front cover = Randy Savage; Woman);

February (front cover = Roddy Piper; Great Muta vs. Ric Flair; Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair);

March (front cover = “1989 the Year in Pictures – Sting vs Muta/ Jerry Lawler/ Ultimate Warrior vs Andre/ Lex Luger/ Steamboat vs Flair”);

April (front cover = “Starrcade – Rick Steiner/ Ric Flair vs Lex Luger/ Scott Steiner/ Sting vs Great Muta);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Roddy Piper; Road Warriors; VG/FN = $8.00; another copy = Ask);

June (front cover = Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan);

July (front cover = “Wrestlemania VI – Various”);

August (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

September (front cover = Legion of Doom/ Demolition; Lex Luger);

October (front cover = Sting; Legion of Doom);

November (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Sting);

December (front cover = Hart Foundation/ Kerry Von Erich/ Rick & Scott Steiner);


January (front cover = Sting/ Lex Luger; Hulk Hogan);

February (front cover = “Halloween Havoc ‘90 – Various”; back cover Jesse Ventura);

March (front cover = “1990 the Year in Pictures – Various”; back cover Jesse Ventura);

April (front cover = Bret Hart; “Starrcade ‘90”; back cover Jesse Ventura);

June (front cover = Undertaker; Sting; Lex Lugar; back coer Rick Rude);

July (front cover = Lex Luger; Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage);

August (front cover = “A Look at Wrestling A to Z – Various”);

September (front cover = Sid Vicious; Undertaker; Earthquake; Ric Flair; Curt Henning; back cover Bruno Sammartino);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Robert Gibson; back cover Lou Albano);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ The Ultimate Warrior/ Lex Luger);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sid Justice);


January (front cover = Undertaker vs. Ultimate Warrior; Scott Steiner; back cover Lou Albano/ Bruno Sammartino);

March (Year in Pictures/ Luger/ Flair/ Steiner & Justice Sidelined/ Hugan)

April (front cover = “Are You a Real Wrestling Fan? - Various”);

June (front cover = Sting; Arn Anderson vs. Rick Steiner; Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Liger; Sting vs. Lex Luger; Undertaker);

July (Rick Steamboat/ Hogan & Piper vs Justice & Flair/ Ronnie Garvin interview)


March (Nanny Simpson/ Chris Adams/ Yokozuna/ Sid/ Sting/ Bret Hart)

September (Lex Express/ Luger refuel on Diesel/ Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan/ Luna/ Alundra Blayze)

November (Hulk Hogan/ Big Van Vader/ Rick Rude/ Diesel/ Sherri/ Jake Roberts/ Owen Hart)


January (front cover = Bob Backlund/ Jerry Lawler/ Sting vs. Ric Flair);

May (Hulk Hogan/ 911/ Dean Malenko/ Bushwhackers/ Diesel/ Aldo Montoya/ Power Ranger)

September (Greatest OJ story ever told/ O.J. on trail/ Ron Simmons/ Mr Fuji/ Ric Flair/ Sister Sherri/ Brian Pillman)

Winter (Backlund study guide/ Hulk Hogan/ Psycho Sid/ Yokozuna/ King Mabel/ Bret Hart/ Big Van Vader)



Annual #1 (Ernie Ladd/ Mascaras vs Destroyer/ Brisco vs Funk/ Gagne vs Robinson/ Shiek);

1978 –

Summer Exclusive new champion (Bob Backlund/ / The Men Who Can Take His Title)

Fall (front cover = Superstar Billy Graham, Backlund – Andre the Giant, Mascaras & Maivia; ** Also with; Dave Moll's Women Apartment Wrestlers; FN $12);

Winter (front cover = Rick Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Dave Moll's Women Apartment Wrestlers);

1979 –

Summer (front cover = Rick Steamboat, Bob Backlund, Dave Moll's Women Apartment Wrestlers; FN $12);

November (front cover = Bob Backlund);


February (Mil Mascaras Painful Vlimb to the Top/ Catfight with Love & Glory/ Ringside seat at Madison Square Garden)

Spring (Ivan Putski & Tito Santana tag team/ Special Issue year in review/ Rhodes wins NWA title/ Harley Race/ Greg Valentine/ Ted DiBiase; Cynara's apartment, 12 photos on six pages inside; VG/FN = $12.00)

Summer (Does Bob Backlund pay promoters to keep Tanaka out of the WWF?/ Hogan aims for Backlund's Belt/ Bruno & Zbyszko battle/ Rhodes/ Mascaras/ Bockwinkel )

Fall (Blood in te Garden: Bob Backlund's most violent title defense/ Steamboat & Youngblood champion again/ woman wrestling)

Winter (Zbyszko/ Does Bruno want Backlund next?/ Spotlight on Ken Patera/ woman wrestling)


Winter (Ken Patera/ Kerry Von Erich/ Bruiser is teaching me things my father won't/ woman wrestling)


Spring (Harley Race's plan to control wrestling/ Ric Flair/ Bob Backlund/ Trial by Torture/ woman wrestling/ Ivan Putski)

Summer (Rocky III previews Hulk Hogan tackles Hollywood/ Austin Idol force Ray Steves to retire/ woman wrestling)

Winter (Mr Wrestling II vs Masked Superstar; the faceless feud/ Bob Backlund my five toughest title matches/ 10 most insane men/ woman wrestling)


Spring (Why the threat of superstar Bill Graham terrifies Bob Backlund/ Kernodle & Slaughter Tag Team/ Chain of Command/ woman wrestling)

Fall (Killer Brooks, Larry Zbyszko, & Buzz Sawyer/ Did Ric Flair order this hit squad to attack Tony Atlas?/ Bugsy & Boogie Woogie Man: Blood Brothers; woman wrestling)

Winter (Larry Zbyszko: a look back/ Sgt Slaughter "I'll whip Angelo Mosca back into shape!"/ Abdullah the Butcher will never receive a world title shot);

1984 – Summer (front cover = Bruno Sammartino Jr. vs. Larry Zbyszko; Carlos Colon; Tommy Rich);


1977 -

July (front cover = “Greatest Stars in Battle – Various”);

Fall (Wahoo McDaniel vs Dusty Rhodes/ Moondog Mayne vs Pedro Morales/ Super Graham vs Bruno Sammartino/ Sheik vs Bruiser);

Winter (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes);

1978 -

Spring (Superstar Bill Graham back down/ Andre the Giant gets bloodied by a Madman/ Sheik set the arena on fire);

Fall (front cover = Ivan Putski vs.Ivan Koloff/ Ric Flair vs. Andre the Giant/ Sue Green);

Winter (front cover = Mil Mascaras/ The Sheik/ Andre the Giant vs. Don Leo Jonathan);

1979 -

November (front cover = Terry Funk vs. Mr. Wrestling II”);

Spring (front cover = Andre the Giant; Nick Bockwinkel; Bobby Heenan; Dusty Rhodes);

Summer (Night Superstar Bill Graham wrestles Mil Mascaras/ The Valiants / Match that may change Ernie Ladd's Life/ I watched my manager nearly bleed to death!);



July (Mr Wrestling II: his 10 greatest triumphs/ Ken Patera/ Bruno Sammartino/ Andre the Giant future is even brighter than the past/ Bill Graham);

August (Superstar Bill Graham: Now Bruno is second best/ Andre the Giant's greatest triumph/ Bob Backlund day in the life/ Ivan Putski/ Mil Mascaras fear behind the mask);

October (Mil Mascaras 10 greatest triumphs/ Bill Graahm proving greatest/ Brisco Brothers tag team killing wrestling);


April (Win a genuine Mil Mascaras Mask/ Bruno Sammartino tribute to a living legend/ The Sheik bewars wrestling's most dangerous snake);

1979 –

April (Dino Bravo How Bruno's comeback will break his heart/ Rick Steamboat/ Dusty Rhodes the truth behind his million dollar smile)

October (front cover = Rick Steamboat);

1980 -

January (front cover = Mil Mascaras);

Fall (Bruno Sammartino 10 toughest matches/ Bruno vs Stasiak/ Bruno vs Graham/ Bruno vs Koloff/ spotlight on Dusty Rhodes)

Winter (front cover = Tommy Rich/ Ken Patera/ Austin Idol/ Dusty Rhodes);

1981 -

Spring (front cover = Bob Backlund; Bruno Sammartino; Ric Flair; Harley Race; Mil Mascaras);

Fall (Rick Steamboat, 2 matches that made him a superstar/ The Freebirds Inc./ Bruno Sammartino interview)

Winter (front cover = AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle; WWF Champion Bob Backlund; NWA Champion Dusty Rhodes);

1982 -

Spring (Mil Mascaras vs Magnificent Muraco/ Sensational battle of the 2 men Bob Backlund fears most/ Universe World champion fan Ballot);

Summer (Everything you always wanted to know about Tommy Rich/ Saito, Albano & Fuji: can Garea & Martel stop this 3-Headed Monster?/ Night with superstars in St Louis);

Fall (Rick Martel/ Rick Steamboat/ Tommy Rich/ The votes are in wrestling's sexiest superstar revealed)

Winter (Backlund vs Flair title vs title/ Wrestling II vs Masked Superstar Perennial grudge match/ Firebirds vs Samoans; battle for the National title/ Paul Orndorff vs Jimmy Snuka/ John Studd vs Bad Leroy Brown/ Dusty Rhodes vs Magnificent Muraco)

1983 -

Summer (front cover = Bob Backlund);

Fall (front cover = Tommy Rich/ Larry Zbyszko; Iron Sheikl Tony Atlas; Paul Ellering);

Winter (Bobby Heenan's most wanted list/ Jimmy Snuka/ Barry Windham/ Greg Gagne/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Roddy Piper/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Sgt. Slaughter/ The Samoans/ David Von Erich/ Larry Zbyszko)

1984 -

Spring (Andre the Giant/ Jimmy Snuka/ Dusty Rhodes/ Tommy Rich/ Bruno Sammartino's scrapbook/ Bruno with Larry Holmes/ Tommy wildfire Rich )

Fall (Kerry Von Erich/ Mr Wrestling II/ Kevin Sullivan/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Andre the Giant full-color gallery)

Winter (Tommy Rich/ Kevin Von Erich/ Hulk Hogan/ Rick Martel/ Billy Jack/ wrestling's sexiest superstar/ Billy Jack full-color gallery)

1985 –

Spring (Wahoo McDaniel/ King Kong Bundy/ Chris Adams/ Von Erichs/ Rowdy Roddy Piper full-color gallery)

Fall (Nikita Koloff vs Dusty Rhodes/ Magnum T.A. vs Wrestling II/ Terry Taylor vs Brad Armstrong/ King Kong Bundy vs Magnificent Muraco/ Nikita Koloff full-color gallery);

Winter (Dream Tag Teams Hulk Hogan & Kerry Von Erich / Chris Adams & The Great Kabuki/ Roddy Von Erich & Greg Valentine/ Terry Taylor & Magnum T.A./ Adrian Adonis & Magnificent Muraco/ Bob Backlund & Sgt. Slaughter/ King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd/ Kevin Von Erich full-color gallery)

STRENGTH & HEALTH ( Strength & Health Pub.) 1948 November (Pepper Gomez; photos of the best built men in the World!)

SUCCESS RANKING THE DECADE'S OF 50 (Microsoft Corp.; World Championship Wrestling Magazine) 1999 August/ #53; Various)

SUPER FIGHT (North American Edition Pub.) 1974 (Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman/ Ali and Foremand / Jerry Quarry analyes the fight - picks the winner/ Joe Louis/ Boxing)

SUPERSTAR WRESTLER(S) (Comics World Corp.) -


June (#1; front cover = Hulk Hogan; Giant Poster );

July (Magnum Ta/ Magnum vs Flair/ Rock-n-Roll Express poster/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Kevin Sullivan/ Hulk Hogan/ Billy Jack/ Wahoo scalp reward 20000)

September (Kerry Von Erich/ King Kong Bundy/ Miss Hiatt & Sunshine mud match/ Sheepherders vs Fantastic/ Hennig & Hall/ Barbarian/ Road Warriors)

October (Freebirds/ Cowboy Ron Bass/ Hacksaw Duggan/ Chris Adams/ Terry Taylor/ Bruiser Brody)

December (Ric Flair/ Tully's illegal interference helped him clobber Rhodes/ Dr. Death/ Raven warns Sunshine/ Abdullah vs Brody/ Savage vs Santana)

1987 -

January (Hulk HOgan/ Parade of Champs/ Snuka swears revenge on Piper & Hogan/ Lou Albano as Honeymooners/ Col. DeBeers/ Koloff whips Magnum);

February (Rock-n-Roll Express/ Freebirds to R-N-R Abdullah / Jake the Snake Roberts/ Midnight Rockers/ Scott Hall)

March (Roddy Piper/ Horsemen to R-N-R/ Hart Foundation/ Dusty teams with Nikita/ Terry Gordy/ Pollside with Misty Blue)

May (Andre the Giant & Hulk set to Collide/ Scott Hall/ Mr. Fiji & Hillbilly Jim tuxedo Match/ Hulk wows Joan Rivers/ Tiger Chung Lee in Eddie Murphy blockbuster)

June (Kamala/ Road Warrior/ Chris Adams/ Terry Taylor/ Kat Laroux/ Linda Dallas/ Mcho Man/ Steamboat/ Dingo Warrior)

July (front cover = Barry Windham/ Rock-n-Roll Express; back cover Rick Rude vs. Ricky Morton);

August (Hulk Hogan; Henning will dethrone Bockwinkel/ Bull power Leon White/ Andre the Giants/ Chris Adams)

September (#15; front cover = Nikita Koloff; back cover Magnum T.A. ; FN/VF = $10.00; another copy = Ask);

October (Lex Luger vs Nikita Koloff/ Luger stalks Nikita/ Horseman/ Sherri Martel/ Jesse Ventura - movie star)

December (Robert Gibson/ Beefcake/ Honky Tonk/ Macho Man/ Jake the Snake/ Hulk/ Dr Death Steve Williams/ Murdoch & Gilbert)

1988 -

January (Warrior go Wild!/ Sheepherders down on the Farm/ Luger dodging Nikita/ Beefcake Bonanza)

May (front cover = Ric Flair; back cover Bobby Eaton);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; back cover Ric Flair);

September (Honky Tonk/ Terry Taylor/ Road Warriors & Sting/ Dr. Death/ Curt Hennig/ Horsemen/ Dusty/ Sting)

October (front cover = Rock-n-Roll Express/ Fantastics; back cover Terry Gordy vs. Terry Taylor);

December (#28; Duggan declares War/ 6-man champs Warriors & Rhodes batter Horsemen/ Kerry Von Erich/ Ricky Morton/ Paul Jones/ Heenan);

1989 –

February (Ultimate Warrior/ Grand Wizard/ Scott Casey/ Midnight Express chase Tully & Arn);

1990 –

May (Ultimate Warrior/ Bob Backlund/ Red Rooster/ Tony Atlas/ Genius/ Dusty Rhodes);

October (front cover = Randy Savage; Sensational Sherri);

1992 – August (front cover = “Wrestlemania Bloodbath – Various”);

1993 – August (front cover = “Wrestlemania – Hulk/ Lex Lugar/ Ric Flair/ Bret Hart/ Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji”);


November (Hulk Hogan/ WWF Champs Bret Hart & Pedro Morales/ Funk & Anderson vs Sabu & Eaton/ Chief Jay Strongbow)

1995 – August (front cover = “Wrestlmania XI – Various”);

1997 – January (front cover = Steve Austin/ Bret Hart; Sting; Sunny; Undertaker; Sycho Sid; Michaels);



#1 (Sunny/ Stone Cold Steve Austin/ Bret Hart/ Sting/ Shawn Michaels/ Sycho Sid/ Undertaker)

#2; front cover = Sable/ Terry Funk/ Wolf Pack/ Sting);

#4 (8 fantastic Foldouts/ Taz/ Giant Nitro Girls/ Degeneration X/ Bret Hart/ Untertaker/ Sting/ Sharock/ Flair/ Owen Hart)

#5 (Sting/ Rock/ Steiner vs Bagwell/ Mike Tyson/ Stone Cold/ Goldust)

7 (Undertaker vs Austin/ Shawn Michaels/ Goldberg/ Rodman & Hogan/ Jay Leno/ Sting)

8 (Sting/ Hart/ Rock/ X-pac/ Bret Hart/ Chyna)


#2 (Koloff/ Kerry Von Erich/ Road Warriors/ Ric Flair/ Piper vs Orndorff/ Magnum TA)


Winter (#4; The Fantastics/ Rock-n-Roll Express/ Lance Von Erich/ Terry Taylor/ Ted DiBiase/ Chris Adams/ King Kong Bundy)

April (#5; Rock-n-Roll Express/ Road Warriors/ The Fantastics/ Midnight Rocker/ Lex Luger/ Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff/ Krusher Khruschev/ Ivan Koloff)

June (#6; Rock-n-Roll Express/ Sam Houston/ Chris Adams/ Hillybily Jim/ Dingo Warrior/ Midnight Rockers/ Road Warriors)

1988 January (#9; Hulk Hogan/ Road Warrior/ Lethal Luger/ Beefcake Blize/ Up & Adams/ Dr Death/ Hulkamania)

SUPERSTAR WRESTLERS PRESENTS - #1 ULTIMATE WRESTLING (Starlog Enter.; 1999) Stone Cold/ Ken Shamrock/ Ric Flair Rock)

TELEVISION BOXING GUIDE (Windsor Press; by Ed Pazdur/How to score fights / Ed Sullivan/ JImmy Powers/ Jack Gregson/ Jack Drees/ Chris Schenkel)

TITLE BOXING & MMA SUMMER 2012 CATALOG (front cover = Tyron Woodley);

T.K.O. (T.K.O.);

1946 – September 2 (Volume 1 #9; front cover = Pat Byers);

TOXXXIC (Fanzine International Inc.);

2000 (January; front cover = The Rock; Hulk Hogan; Chyna);


1975 (Floyd Patterson/ Patterson vs Harrison/ Patterson vs Ferdinand/ Sugar Ray Robinson come back/ Stanley Frank/ Al Stump/ John Lardner)

1960 (John=ansson Destroys Patterson/ How the mob tried to cut up Don Jordan/ My advice to young fighters by Willie Pep)

1963 (Emile Griffith comes back fighting/ Jack Dempsey's plan to save boxing/ Carlos Ortiz/ Harold Johnson/ Cassius Clay/ Joey Giardello/ Eddie Machen/ Skeeter McClure/ Gene Tunney)

TV WRESTLING (O’Quinn/Starlog/Allure Pub. Co.) -

1961 #NN (#1; Buddy Rogers; All Pin-up photos);

1990 –

July (#5; Hulk/ R&R Express/ Sulliva vs Norman/ Madusa Miceli/ Buzz Sawyer/ Boob Tube Brawl);

January #2 (front cover = Bushwhackers; back cover Fabulous Freebirds);

1991 -

#9 (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ultimate Warrior; Sting; Rick Rude; Ric Flair; back cover Sid Vicious);

#10 (front cover = Randy Savage; Ultimate Warrior);


January (WWF champ Bret Hitman Hart/ Son of Santo/ Dunk the Dumpster/ Tatanka revenge/ Jimmy Hary/ Yokozuna vs Typhoon);

1998 –

February (front cover = Cactus Jack/ Dude Love/ Mankind: Lex Luger);

May (#31; Stinger puttin' the hurt on Hollywood/ Gunn & Dog vs Legion OF Doom/ WCW vs NWO/ Taka Michinoku/ Diamond Page/ Degeneration X; Bret Hart)

October (Stinger/ Goldberg/ The Giant/ Undertaker/ Chyna)


June (#35; Big Poppa/ Debra/ Val Venis vs Ken Shamrock/ Rey Misterio Jr. Unmasked)

VICTORY SPORTS WRESTLING (Jalart/TV Sports Inc./ Victory Sports) -

1984 – Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Jimmy Snuka/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Jimmy Valiant; Tommy Rich vs. Ric Flair);

1985 -

Spring (front cover = Road Warriors/ Kerry Von Erich/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Bob Backlund);

Fall (Cyndi Lauper brought Lou Albano & Hulk together/ Jimmy Snuka/ Kerry Von Erich)

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Kerry Von Erich/ Sgt. Slaughter vs. Larry Zbyszko);

1986 -

Summer (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ric Flair/ Magnum T.A./ Road Warriors/ Bob Orton;

Fall (The Rock 'n' Roll Express/ Barry Windham/ Miss Hyatt vs Sunshine/ Jake Roberts Slither)

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair/ Fabulous Freebirds/ Scott Hall);

1987 -

July (Missy Hyatt; Jim Cornette; Lex Luger; Stan Hansen);

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Magnum T.A.; Scott Hall; Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat);

Fall (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff; Magnum T.A.; Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant; Hart Foundation);

Winter (front cover = Kerry Von Erich/ Dusty Rhodes vs. Lex Luger/ Ric Flair/ Hulk Hogan);

1988 -

Spring ( Nikita Koloff/ Andre - Hogan rematch/ Road Warriors/ Randy Savage/ Jesse Ventura);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting vs. Ric Flair/ Missy Hyatt/ Eddie Gilbert);

Winter (front cover = Rhodes Piper/ Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair);

1989 –

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Jerry Lawler/ Blue Blazer/ Rick Steamboat);

Summer (Lex Luger/ Megapowers II/ Sting/ Ulitmate Warrior/ Hulk Hogan twin towers will pay for the megapower meltdown!/ super centerfold = Lex Luger & Sting)

VICTORY SPORT WRESTLING ANNUAL (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1972 (20 greatest Wrestlers of Modern Times/ Computer gives the answer after an elimination tournament - various);

1973 (Pedro Morales/ Lord Al Hays/ Battle Royal/ Bruiser & Cruser/ Rene Goulet/ Ernie Ladd/ Billy Graham)

1973 (#5; Special Issue; Mil Mascaras/ The Funks/ Bruno Sammartino/ Fan's guide to the bloodiest matches);

1974 (#7; Wrestler of the year/ Most Popular of the Year/ Tag Team of the year..)

1974 (#8; Jack Brisco/ Harley Race/ Crusade to wip out dirty wrestlers/ can wrestler whip a boxer?)

1974 (#10; Bobby Shane/ Wrestlers must be Banned/ east/west Coast whihc has the better wrestling?);

19745 (#12; Jack Brisco/ Joe the Gypsy/ Mr Wonder/Superstar Graham/ Moolah - Vicki Williams)

1975 (#14/ Tony Garea/ Gorgeous George Jr./ Fabulous Moolah)

1977 (Andre the Giant/ Greatest stars in wrestling rated by our exclusive "Stat-o-Chart");

1978 (Ric Flair/ full color pinup = Dusty, Andre the Giant/ Mascaras/ Bruno)

1979 Summer (Muhammad Ali/ Dusty Rhodes vs Superstar Graham/ Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff/ Andre the Giant vs Ernie Ladd/ Nick Bockwinkle vs Verne Gagne/ Dory Funk Jr. vs Jack Brisco/ Rick Steamboat vs Ric Flair/ Harley Race vs Wahoo McDaniel)

1979 October (Harley Race vs Ted DiBase/ Bob Lacklund vs Greg Valentine/ Ivan Putski)

VICTORY SPORT WRESTLING YEARBOOK (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1972 (The Original Kangaroos/ Greatest tag team of all time)

1973 (#3; Shieik vs Bruno Sammartino/ Bruiser vs Cowboy Bob Ellis/ Mil Mascaras vs Black Gordman/ Dork Funk Jr. vs Fritz Von Erich/ Funk Jr/ Morales/ Gagne)

1973 (#5 (Women Wrestlers/ Indian Wrestlers/ Sexiest Gals/ Strip Wrestling/ Football players become wrestlers)

1974 (#6; Andre the Giant/ Gladiator/confessions of a self-admitted villain!)

1974 (#7; Chief Jay Strongbow/ Kiniski Whitps Dory Jr./ Danny Hodge/ Tokyo Joe/ Cowboy Bill Watts)

1975 (#10, Johnny Valentine/ Girl Wrestling)

1975 (#11; Jack Brisco/ Johnny Powers/ Ernie Ladd/ Mark Lewin/ Jerry Lawler/ Legionnares)

1975 (#12; Andre the Giant/ Jack Brisco/ Mr. Wrestling II)

1978 (Andre the Giant/ Dusty Rhodes);

1978 (Fall; Bob Backlund/ Andre the Giant vs Dusty Rhodes/ Superstar Graham)

1979 (September; Bulldog Brower/ Lou Albano/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Greg Valentine)

1979 (December; Ric Flair/ Dino Bravo/ Nature Boy/ Greg Valentine)

1979 (Spring; Dino Bravo & Andre the Giant/ Dusty Rhodes/ Rick Steamboats)

1979 (Winter (Brisco, Keirn, & Muraco/ Greg Valentine)

WCW MAGAZINE (G.C. London Pub. Enterprises) –

1991 –

November Vol.1 #1 (front cover = Rick & Scott Steiner/ El Gigante);

December( Lux Luger; Sting poster)

1992 -

February (Special Holiday Issue; Cactus Jack/ York Foundation/ Lex Luger)

March (Lex Luger/ Rick & Scott Steiner; Sting/ Dustin Rhodes poster)

April (Super Brawl II, Luger vs Sting; The Dragon; Paul E. Danderously/ Johnny B. Badd; Steiners poster)

May Vol.2 #5 (front cover = Rick & Scott Steiner); Flyin' Brian poster;

July (front cover = Sting; “Rick Rude-Insert poster”);

September (front cover = Rick Rude/ Nikita Koloff; “Rick Rude/ Missy Hyatt – Insert Poster”);

October (front cover = Williams vs. Steiner; ‘Barry Windham Insert Poster”);

December (front cover = Jake Roberts; “Nikita Koloff – insert Poster”);


April (Rick Rude/ 2 Cold Scorpio Poster)

August (Davey Boy Smith/ Sting/ Ric Flair/ Davey Boy Smith poster)

September (Ric Flair/ Sting - Davey boy team/ Big Van Vader/ Col. Robert Parker/ Hollywood Blonds poster)

November (Cactus Jack/ Big Van Vader/ Rick Rude/ Sting & Davey Boy Smith poster)

1994 -

February (Ric Flair/ Ron Simmons/ Ricky Steamboat/ Gebe Okerlund/ Maxx Payne poster)

April (front cover = Ric Flair; Missy Hyatt);

May (front cover = Bobby Heenan);

June (front cover = Sting; Rick Rude; Ric Flair vs Rick Steamboat; Vader/ Vader vs The Boss/ Steve vs Great Muta );

WCW MAGAZINE (World Championship Wrestling Inc.);


February (#12; 4 Horsemen/ Hogan vs sting)

July (#17; Lex Luger/ Road Warrior/ Nitro)

August (#18; Rick & Scott Steinerized);

September (#19 (Hogan destroyers Hulkamania; Bash at the Beach)

October (#20; Countdown to Havoc/ Macho Man)


January (Time to Pay the Piper/ Hogan/ Roddy Piper);

October (#32; The Giant/ Road to Sturgis/ Nitro Girls)


March (#36; From a Page to a King/ See the Match of the Century)

April (#37; Does WCW really support Sting?)

June (#39; Bret Hart demands Justice!)

July (#40; The Future)

August (#41; Who can you Trust/ Hogan/ Bret Hart/ Undertaker)

September (#42; Mercenaries)

October (#43; SlamDunk/ Hogan & Rodzilla vs DDP & Malone)

1999 -

January (#46; On the road with Big Sexy)

February (#47; Hogan retires leaves Hollywood for Washington)

March (#48; Luger sells out again!)

April (#49; Hail to the Chief)

May (#50; The Man the Myth the Legend; Sting; Undertaker);

June (#51; the Perfect Macho);

July #52 (front cover = Goldberg's Generation);

August #53 (front cover = Ranking the Decades Top 50);

October #54 (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Goldberg);

November #55 (The Dark Side; Sting; Brett Hart and Interview);

2000 –

February #58 (front cover = Sid Vicious; Vampiro and the Misfits);

March #59 (front cover = NWO);

May #61 (front cover = Jeff Jarrett);

June #62 (front cover = New Blood);

July #63 (front cover = Scott Steiner);

August #64 (front cover = Goldberg);

September #65 (front cover = Booker T.);

#67 (Major Gunns DA Bomb/ Kevin Nash/ Goldberg/ Franchis & Torrie/ Jindrak & O'Haire)

WCW / NWO (G.C. London Enterprises) -

1998 – August (front cover = “Who Can You Trust? - Various”):

WCW MAYHEM - PRIMA'S OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE (Covers Playstation & Nintendo 64; Prime Pub; 1999; David Gibbon cover)

WCW NWO STICKER BOOK (Panini; 1999; no stickers) (Goldberg/ Hollywood Hogan/ ODP/ Ric Flair)

WCW / NWO SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION - The Year in Review - 1998 (Bret Hart/ Bret Demani/ Hogan)


1999 November (Austin 3:16/ The Rock/ Hulk Hogan)

2000 November (Rock & Triple H Feud/ Undertaker)

2001 September (The Rock/ Lita and the Hardy Boyz/ Austin/ Jerry the King Lawler)


Fall (Vince/ Chris Jericho/ Jeff Jarrett/ NWA-TNA/ Triple H/ RIP 3:16)

WORLD BOXING (Victory Sports Series)


November (Larry Holmes/ Saad Muhammad Kayoes Yaqui Lopez)


January (Salvador Sanchez/ Boom Boom Mancini/ Sugar Ray Leonard/ Angelo Dundee)

July (Eddie Mustafa Muhammad/ Michael Dokes/ Gato Gonzales/ Vilomar Fernandez)


January (Sugar Ray Leonard/ Claude Noel/ Saad Muhammad - Jerry Martin)

March (Alex Ramos/ Pryor Kayoes Johnson/ Golden Boy)

September (Super Ray Leonard/ Earnie Shavers/ Mike McCallum/ Alex Ramos)


January (Thomas Hearns/ Wilfred Benitez/ Michael Spinks vs Dwight Braxton/ Dick Tiger/ Roger Mayweather)


February (Marvin Hagler/ Thomas Hearns/ Thomas hearns vs John Mugabi/ Sugar Ray Seales)

March (Larry Holmes/ Barza & Rosario/ Pinklon Thomas vs Mike Weaver);

April (Greg Page/ Gerry Cooney)

May (Harry Arroyo/ Superfight '85/ Who's the Baddest Hager / Bearns)

June (Donald Curry/ Boom Boom Mancini/ Greg Page/ Gerrie Coetzee)

WORLD CHAMPION (World Champion Inc.);

1977 – May #3 (front cover = Danny Lopez “Fighter of the Year”);


1999 – August (front cover = “Ranking the Decade's Top 50” - Various);

WOW MAGAZINE (H and J Media, Inc.) -


May (Volume 1 #1; front cover = Bill Goldberg/ Steve Austin/ Rob Van Dam; back cover Tammy Lynn);

June (Volume 1 #2; front cover = Ric Flair; back cover Gorgeous George);

July (Volume 1 #3; front cover = The Rock; back cover Tammy Lynn Bytch);

August (Volume 1 #4; front cover = Sting; back cover Francine);

September (Volume 1 #5; front cover = Rina Mero Part I);

October (Volume 1 #6; front cover = Rina Mero; Part II; 3 Different Covers);

November (Volume #7; front cover = Steve Austin; back cover Kimberly);

December (Volume 1 #8; front cover = Kane; back cover Shawn Michaels);

2000 -

January (Volume 1 #9; front cover = The Rock; back cover Sid Vicious);

February (Volume 1 #10; front cover = “Who's #1?”; Various);

March (Volume 1 #11; front cover = Rock vs Goldberg; back cover triple H and Chyna);

April (Volume 1 #12; front cover = Triple H);

May (Volume 2 #1; front cover = Rikish/ The Rock);

June (front cover = Mick Foley; back cover Sting);

July (front cover = The Dudleys);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Eric Rischoff/ Vince Russo);

September (front cover = Chris Jericho; back cover Sting);

October (front cover = Kane);

November (front cover = Kurt Angle);

December (front cover = Stone Cold Steve Austin);

2001 -

January (front cover = Rob Van Dam);

February (front cover = Triple H);

March (front cover = Scott Steiner);

April (front cover = Rock vs. Steve Austin);

May (front cover = Steve Austin);

June (front cover = The Undertaker);

July (front cover = Shane McMahon);

August (front cover = William Regal);


2001(no month; back cover Bill Alfonso/ Rob Van Dam);

WOW PRESENTS SPECIAL EDITION - WRESTLEMAINA (H and S Media, Inc.) - 2001 April 24 (Mania Marches On/ Look at the past/ Look to the Future/ Our picks to Click)


2000 (no month; front cover = Pamela Paulshock);

WRESTLE AMERICA (G.C. London Pub. Associ.) -

1992 -

August (Sting/ Ultimate Warrior/ Jerry Lawler)

September (front cover = Papa Shango; back cover Kamala);

October (front cover = “Summerslam – Various”; back cover Sting);

November (Steiners/ Gordy & Williams/ Ultimate Warrior/ Big Van Vader/ Mondo Kleen/ Papa Shango/ Moondogs vs Lawler & Jerrett)

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan in a Pink Tutu);

1993 -

February (front cover = Bam Bam Bigelow);

April (Macho Man/ Dusty Rhodes/ Undertaker Johnny B. Bado Luge vs Steamboat);

May (front cover = Doink);

August (Big Van Vader/ Chris Benoit/ Sherri & Savage/ Hawk-Funk & Kid-Sabu/ Bulldog/ Luger)

October (Luger/ Ric Flair vs Big Van Vaden)

November (front cover = Jerry Lawler);

December (Lex Luger/ Rick Rude/ Irwin R. Schyster/ Ultimate Warrior)

Winter (Vicious vs Vader)

1994 –

Spring (Owen have more Hart the Bret/ Saluting a decade of Hulkamania)

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

Fall (Luger/ Sting)

Winter (front cover = Ric Flair/ Curt Henning);


Spring (Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan)

Summer (Megawar Hogan vs Vader)

Fall (Diesel vs Yoko/ half-ton of holy Hell!)

Winter (Shawn Michaels/ Luger/ Bret Hart)

1996 -

Spring (front cover = Bret Hart/ Randy Savage);

Winter (front cover = “Special Report: Who’s Winning Match of Century?”);

Summer (Twisted Steel/ Wrestlemania XII/ Michaels/ Bodydonna Bliss/ Ultimate Warrior)

Fall (front cover = Diesel/ Razor Ramon);

1997 –

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

Summer (21st Century Promotions?/ NOD: Stregthening Militant Force/ BWO: This isn't a joke)

Fall (Hulk Hoga/ Psicosis / Rob Van Dam/ T. Rantula)

Winter (Chris Benoit/ Ken Shamrock/ TAZ)

1999 –

February (Goldberg/ Raven/s Flck Freed/ Giant Silva)

April (Chavo Guerrero Jr. / Pepe/ Al Snow & Head/ Mankind & Socko)

August (McMahan/ Bob Holly/ Rock vs Sting)

October (front cover = Kevin Nash; Hollywood Hogan; Ric Flair; Eric Bischoff);


August (Vince/ Stone-Cold)

2001 - ANNUAL (Shane & Steph guide wrestling into a new era?/ You Guide to Professional Wrestling)

THE WRESTLER (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -


October (#1; Batman - Vashon/ Gene Kiniski/ Bruno Sammartino/ John L. Sullivan/ Mildred Burke? Princess Toma)


March (front cover = Bill Miller vs. Ray Stevens);


December (Bruno/ Mil Mascara/ Vickie Williams/ Sandy Parker)


February (Dory Funk)

March (Mil Mascara/ Sensuous Wildcat/ Dory Funk Jr.)

April (Pedro Morales/ Fred Blassie)

May (Bruno Sammartino)

June (Indian War Dance/ Vivian Vachon/ The Sheik)

July (Haystacks Calhoun/ Womans mix matches/ Gorilla Monsoon)

August (Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk Jr./ woman wrestling)

September (Bobby Heenan/ Golden Goddess/ Sheik/ Jim Valiant)

October (Billy Graham/ Shiek/ J.C. Dykes)

December (Ghost of the Mummy/ After Moolah/ Bobby Heenan);


January (Eric Froelich/ Ernie Ladd);

February (Billy Graham/ Pampero Firpo/ Red Devil/ Chief Jay Stongbow/ Lord Al Hays/ Dory Funk Jr.)

March (Bruno/ Natasha the Hatchet Lady/ Bulldog)

April (Bruno/ Bruiser gets his revenge/ Think today's matches are Wild? You ain't seen nothing yet!!);

May (Terry Funk/ Ricky Romero/ Hank James/ Billy superstar Graham/ Bobby Heenan);

June (Gals tag team that's driving 'em wild/ Moose Morowski/ Jack Brisco)

July (front cover = Ernie Ladd/ Killer Brooks vs. Jerry Brisco/ Dory Funk Jr.);

August (front cover = Jack Brisco vs. Terry Funk; Dotty Downs vs. Jan Sheridan);

September (front cover = Pedro Morales vs. Don Leo Jonathan/ Harley Race vs. Dory Funk Jr./ Abdullah Farouk/ Jim Valiant);

October (Jack Brisco/ Billy Gram charges Jealousy did this to Me!);


March ( Andre the Giant/ Vivian Vachon/ Bruiser breaks Ernie Ladd's leg/ Jack Brisco)

April (front cover = Bobby Shane/ Pedro Morales/ Dory Funk Jr);

June (John Tolos/ Bruno/ Bruiser/ Billy Graham)

July (front cover = Billy Graham);

August (Donna Middle Name/ Mil Mascara/ Explosion in Atlanta)

September (front cover = Jack Brisco v. Dory Funk Jr.);

November (Andre the Giant/ Big Bad John/ Jerry Brisco)

December (Bruno & Strongbow/ Stop It! They're bleeding to Death! Thrilling upset! Firpo wins America's belt)


February (front cover = Antonio Inoki; Chief Jay Strongbow);

May (front cover = Andre the Giant);

November (Andre the Giant/ Sammantino/ Mil Mascara)


January (Bruno Sammartino/ Ivan Putski/ Mask of Blood);

June (front cover = Mil Mascaras/ Paul Jones; G/VG, centerfold missing = $4);

August (front cover = Bruno Sammartino; Billy Graham; Ivan Koloff);

December (Terry Funk/ Chief Strongbow/ Billy White)


March (Stan Stasiak; Bruno Sammartino; Mike Graham);May (front cover = Mil Mascaras/ Chief Jay Strongbow/ White Wolf/ Andre the Giant vs. The Valiant Brothers);

July (Sammartino vs Von Raschke/ Bruno's last great match/ Bob Baklund/ Dusty Rhodes);

October (Bruno/ Billy Graham/ Dusty Rhodes vs Ernie Ladd/ Tony Garea/ Bobby Heenan/ Jose Lothario)

December (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ric Flair);

Summer (Fantastic selection fo the greatest wrestling stories eve published)


January (front cover = Superstar Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes);

February (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Superstar Graham; Greg Valentine);

May (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. Superstar Graham);

September (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Andre the Giant);

October (front cover = Bruno Sammartino; Dusty Rhodes; Bob Backlund);

November (Ric Flair/ Erine Ladd/ Andre the Giant/ Ivan Putski)

December (front cover = Andre the Giant; Jack Brisco vs. The Spoiler; Dino Bravo);

Winter (Ivan Putski/ Ivan Koloff)


January (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes);

February (front cover = Ernie ladd vs. Dusty Rhodes; Ric Flair);

March (front cover = Nick Bockwinkel/ Ducty Rhodes; Bob Backlund vs. Ernie Ladd);

April (front cover = Bob Backlund; Bruno Sammartino; Nick Bockwinkel vs. Jim Brunzell);

May (Paul Jones-Rick Steamboat fued/ Harley Race/ Valiants)

June (front cover = Mr. Wrestling II; Andre the Giant vs. Ernie Ladd; Bulldog Brower);

July (front cover = Ernie Ladd vs. Mr Wrestling II; Bob Backlund; Harley Race);

August (front cover = Nick Bockwinkel vs. Bob Backlund);

September (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Ernie Ladd; Ivan Putski vs. Greg Valentine);

October (front cover = Paul Jones vs. Ric Flair);

November (front cover = Pat Patterson/ Bob Backlund);

December (front cover = Andre the Giant/ El Halcon vs. Harley Race);


January (Harley Race/ Bob Backlund/ the Sheik/ Snuka vs Steamboat);

February (Special Feature; Andre the Giant/ Ric Flair/ Ted DiBiase);

March (Bruno Sammartino/ Dick Murdoch/ Harley Race/ Nick Bockwinkel);

April (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ken Patera; Jay Younblood; Rick Steamboat; Mr. Wrestling II);

May (Andre the Giant/ Mil Mascaras/ Nick Bockwinkel)

June (Ken Patera/ Bob Backlund/ Ric Flairs/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Jim Brunzell/ Ray Stevens)

July (front cover = Mil Mascaras vs. Harley Race; Tommy Rich);

August (front cover = Ray Stevens/ Greg Valentine; Larry Zbyszko);

September (front cover = Ernie ladd; Ken Patera vs. Pat Patterson; Bugsy McGraw);

October (Dusty Rhodes/ Mr Wrestling II/ Ken Patera/ Kevin Von Erich)

November (Dusty Rhodes/ Bugsy McGraw/ Tommy Rich/ Fred Blassie/ Hulk)

December (Bruno vs Zbyszko/ Last Tangle in Tampa Rhodes wrestles race in front of 20,000)

Spring (Dusty Rhodes vs Ernie Ladd/ The Sheik/ Dory Funk Jr/ Mil Mascaras)

Summer (Ken Patera/ Bruno Sammartino/ Mil Mascaras/ The Valiants/ Andre the Giant)

Fall (Was Bruno Koloff's 5 year exile from the WWF?/ Mil Mascaras/ Ivan Putski)


January (Valentine vs Flair/ Dusty & Andre vs the Andersons);

February (Tony Garea/ Larry Zbyszko/ Dino Bravo/ Race vs Patera);

April (Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper/ Dick Murdock/ Barry Windham)

June (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Stan Hansen; Roddy Piper vs. Masked Superstar);

August (front cover = Ted Dibiase; Andre the Giant vs. Sgt. Slaughter);

October (front cover = Terry Funk vs. Dory Funk jr.; Killer Khan vs. Dusty Rhodes);

November (Bruno & Mascaras/ Andre the Giant/ Harley Race/ Dusty Rhosed/ Ken Patera Tommy Rich is Through);

December (front cover = Dory Funk vs. Dusty Rhodes; Bob Backlund vs. George Steele);


January (front cover = Tommy Rich vs. Masked Superstar);

March (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter vs. Harley Race; Fuji; Saito; Lou Albano; FN = $8.00);

April (Jack Brisco/ Ric Flair/ Greg Valentine/ Tony Atlas/ Armstongs/ John Studd)

May (Bob Backlund 4th anniversary as WWF champion);

June (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Ric Flair);

July (front cover = Tommy Rich vs. Harley Race);

August (Nick Bockwinkel/ Rick Steamboat/ Blackjack Mulligan Jr./ Roddy Piper);

September (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Kendo Nagasaki; Fred Blassie vs. Blackjack Mulligan);

October (Piper/ Bob Backlund/ Jimmy Snuka/ Dusty Rhodes/ David Von Erich)

December (front cover = Pedro Morales vs. Jimmy Snuka; Dusty Rhodes; Tommy Rich);


March (Roddy Piper/ Ric Flair/ Butch Reed Powers);

April (Dusty Rhodes/ Ernie Ladd/ Sensational Tiger Mask/ Dory Funk)

May (front cover = The Samoans/ Lou Albano; Kerry Von Erich vs. Harley Race);

June (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham; Rick Martel);

July (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Bruiser Brody; Ivan Putski vs. Adrian Adonis);

August (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Greg Valentine; Tully Blanchard vs. Gino Hernandez);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Nick Bockwinkel/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Barry Windham);

October (Harley Race/ Mr. Olympia/ Briscos/ Buzz Sawyer/ Mad Dog/ Dick Murdoch)

November (Greg Gagne/ Jim Brunzell/ Tito Santana/ Ted DiBiase/ Von Erich/ Fritz Von Erich/ Dusty Rhodes)

December (Larry Zbyszko/ Dino Bravo/ Jim Garvin/ David Von Erich/ Stein Keirn/ Stan Lane/ Mil Mascara)


January (front cover = Greg Valentine vs. Rhodes Flair; Hulk Hogan vs. Crusher Blackwell);

February (front cover = David Von Erich vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan);

March (front cover = Tito Santana vs. Leo Burke; Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race; Paul Ellering; Mike Von Erich);

May (front cover = Dirty Yellow Dog vs. Ron Bass; Cowboy Bob Orton; Don Kernodle);

June (front cover = David Von Erich);

July (front cover = Tommy Rich; Billy Jack);

August (Freebirds/ Ronnie Garvin/ Jake Roberts/ The Snake/ Brett Sawyer/ Kevin Sullivan/ Jerry Lawler/ J.J. Dillon)

September (front cover = Kerry Von Erich; Ric Flair);

October (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin; Dusty Rhodes vs. Adrian Street);

November (front cover = Billy Jack vs. Billy Graham);

December (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Tully Blanchard; Tito Santana);


January (front cover = Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair; Cyndi Lauper; Lou Albano);

February (front cover = Greg Valentine; Ronnie Garvin);

March (front cover = Rick Martel vs. Harley Race; Sgt. Slaughter);

April (front cover = Road Warrior Animal vs. Tommy Rich; Chris Adams vs. Kevin Von Erich);

May (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Road Warrior Hawk; Billy Haynes vs. Kamala);

June (front cover = Barry Windham; Tully Blanchard vs. Dusty Rhodes);

July (front cover = Junkyard Dog; Bob Backlund vs. Rick Martel);

August (front cover = Road Warrior/ Magnum T.A. vs. Nikita Koloff);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Kerry Von Erich vs. One Man Gang);

October (front cover = David Shultz vs. Ric Flair; Misty Blue);

November (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. Fuji; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);

December (front cover = Rick Rude vs. Billy Jack Haynes; Ric Flair vs. Nikita Koloff);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Dusty Rhodes/ Bruno Sammartino);

February (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes; Paul Orndorff; Hulk Hogan);

March (front cover = Lance Von Erich vs. Ric Flair; Greg Valentine; Brutus Beefcake);

April (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth; Magnum T.A. vs. Nikita Koloff);

May (front cover = Kevin & Lance & Kerry Von Erich; Tito Santana vs. Jesse Ventura);

June (front cover = Kerry Von Erich/ Magnum T.A. ; Hulk Hogan);

July (front cover = King Kong Bundy; Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin);

August (front cover = The British Bulldogs; Road Warrior Hawk);

September (front cover = Rick Morton vs. Ric Flair; Adrian Adonis);

October (front cover = Nikita Koloff vs. Magnum T.A.; Bruno Sammartino);

November (front cover = Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff);

December (front cover = Ric Flair; Roddy Piper);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Bobby Heenan; Misty Blue);

February (front cover = Magnum T.A.);

March (front cover = Ivan Koloff/ Krusher Khrushchev; Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Hercules Hernandez; Kevin Von Erich);

May (front cover = Andre the Giant vs.Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. Nikita Koloff);

June (front cover = Hart Foundations/ Can-Ams/ Ric Falir vs. Barry Windham);

July (front cover = Missy Hyatt; Jim Cornette; Nikita Koloff);

August (front cover = Can-Ams; Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff);

September (front cover = Ivan Koloff vs. Nikita Koloff; Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

October (front cover = Randy Savage);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan);


January (front cover = Road Warriors; Ted Dibiase vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

February (front cover = Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger vs. Sting);

April (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Bam Bam Bigelow/ Ric Falir vs. Ronnie Garvin/ Kevin Von Erich);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson);

June (front cover = Sting vs. Ric Flair; Andre the Giant; Ted Dibiase);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Barry Windham vs. Mike Rotundo; Fantastics);

August (front cover = Barry Windham/ Lex Luger; Demolition; Jerry Lawler);

September (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan; Barry Windham);

October (front cover = The Fantastics/ Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude);

November (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair/ Ted Dibiase; Big Bossman);

December (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger/ Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jerry Lawler);


January (front cover = Midnight Express; Andre the Giant vs. Randy Savage; Ultimate Warrior);

February (front cover = Raod Warriors; Hulk Hogan; Ultimate Warrior);

March (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Jake Roberts; Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Barry Windham);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage; Kerry Von Erich vs. Jerry Lawler; Lex Luger vs. Road Warrior Animal);

May (front cover = Rick Steamboat; Hulk Hogan; Randy Savage);

June (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; LexLuger vs. Barry Windham; Sting; Larry Zbyszko);

July (Paul Ellering/ Road Warrior/ Hulk Hogan/ Dino Bravo/ Ric Flair/ Rhodes & Perez)

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage/ Rick Steamboat vs. Ric Flair; Great Muta);

September (front cover = Ric Flair/ Terry Funk; Zeus);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Brutus Beefcake/ Randy Savage/ Zeus; Michael Hayes);

November (front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Randy Savage; Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk);

December (front cover = Great Muta vs. Sting; Ultimate Warrior; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger vs. Tommy Rich);

February (front cover = Sting/ Lex Luger; Hulk Hogan; Bad News Brown);

March (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk; Sting);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger; Roddy Piper; Bobby Heenan);

May (front cover = Sting/ Ultimate Warrior; Hulk Hogan);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger);

July (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger; Dusty Rhodes);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior);

September (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Earthquake; Sting);

November (front cover = Sting/ Lex Luger; Brutus Beefcake);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake/ Kerry Von Erich vs. Curt Henning/ Ultimate Warrior; Stan Hansen);


January (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sting; “Survivor Series”);

February (front cover = Barry Windham as Sting; Sid Vicious; Hulk Hogan; Jimmy Hart);

March (front cover = Roddy Piper/ Ultimate Warrior; The Stieners; back cover Jesse Ventura);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Earthquake; Bruno Sammartino; Sgt. Slaughter);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sgt. Slaughter; Ric Flair);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. El Gigante);

July (front cover = Ric Flair; Fujinami);

September (front cover = Sting & Lex Luger vs. The Steiners; Undertaker);

October (front cover – 25 Years);

November (front cover = Lex Luger; Barry Windham; Roddy Piper);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair);


January (front cover = Legion of Doom; Mr. Hughes);

February (front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair; Vince McMahon);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker; Rick Rude vs. Sting);

April (front cover = Jushin Liger/ Rick Stamboat vs. Arn Anderson/ Lex Luger/ Sting; Paul Bearer);

May (front cover = Ric Flair; Dangerous Alliance);

June (front cover = Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice; Ultimate Warrior);

July (front cover = Rick Rude);

August (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

September (front cover = Legion of Doom);

October (front cover = British Bulldog/ Ultimate Warrior; Scotty Flamingo);

November (front cover = Curt Henning; Buddy Rogers; Crush; Dan Spivey; Sting);

December (front cover = Jake Roberts; Hulk Hogan);


January (front cover = Sting vs. Jake Roberts; Randy Savage; Razor Ramon);

February (front cover = Bret Hart; Undertaker; Davey Boy Smith; Razor Ramon; Terry Taylor; Ric Flair; Rick Steiner);

March (front cover = “’92 the Year in Pictures – Various”);

April (front cover = “What’s in? What’s Out? - Various”);

May (front cover = Yokozuna; Barry Windham vs. Dusty Rhodes);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Bret Hart; Kerry Von Erich);

July (Sting/ Vader/ Lex Luger/ Four Horsemen/ Bob Backlund/ Jim Cornette/ Steiners/ Brutus)

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan);


January (Hulk Hogan/ Marcus Bagwell/ Hansen / Funk);

February (front cover = Sid Vicious/ Arn Anderson; Crush; Yokozuna);

March (front cover = “1993 the Year in Pictures – Various”);

May (front cover = “How the Royal Rumble Shook up Wrestlemania”);

July (Ric Flair/ Hulk Hogan/ We Preview the Inevitable Battle/ Ted DiBiase);

August (front cover = Owen Hart/ Yokozuna);

September (WWF Mid Year Report!/ Bonus Color Section/ Bret Hart/ Blayze)

November (Hulk Hogan/ Bret & Owen Hart/ Say Prayers.. Take Vitamins.. and Kick Butt!);

December (Hulk Hogan/ Lex Luger/ Vader/ Dustin/ Hulkster under Siege!)


February (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair; The Steiner);

March (front cover = “1994 the Year in Pictures – Various”);

April (front cover = The Von Erichs/ Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair/ Undertaker/ Ted Dibiase);

June (front cover = British Bulldog);

July (Hulk Hogan contract with America/ Lawrence Taylor)

August (front cover = Diesel/ Shawn Michaels; Hulk Hogan);

September (WWF Mid Year Report/ Bret Hart/ Sid Psycho/ Jeff Bona/ Undertaker/ Diesel)

October ( Bob Backlund/ Mr Backlund Wants You! President Backlund)

December (Shawn Michaels/ Mama Cornette/ Special Section the Wrestling Rulebook for the '90s)


January (Wrestler Reviews/ Three decades of Pro Wrestling!/ 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition);

February (front cover = Bret Hart/ Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan);

March (1995 the Year in Pictures/ Ramon/ Sabu/ Luger/ Hogan/ Bret Hart)

May (front cover = Vader/ Razor Ramon/ Bret Hart/ Shawn Michaels; Public Enemy);

September (WWF Midyear Report/ Shawn Michaels/ Sunny/ Goldust/ Ultimate Warrior/ Ahmed/ Vader)

October (Muscling Back to the Top/ Ultimate Warrior/ Razor/ Diesel/ WCW reviving the Six-Man Championship);

November (Giant/ Brian Pillman/ Bodydonna/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Dick Murdoch/ Dusty Rhodes);

December (front cover = Undertake/ Hulk Hogan/ Shawn Michaels/ The Giant);

Holiday (front cover = Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan);


February (front cover = Sunny/ Sting/ Hulk Hogan/ Shawn Michaels; Bret Hart);

March (front cover = “1996 the Year in Pictures – Hulk/ Bad & Lovin/ Sid/ Sting/ Shawn Michaels/ Sunny);

May (Shawn Bret/ Hogan/ The Guerreros Gang/ Maro Mero)

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Giant; Sid Vicious);

July (front cover = “Is the NWO Losing Its Edge ?”);

August (Ah-Med/ Hulk/ Dream Match/ Sting/ Kimberly & DDP/ Jeff Jarrett/ Jimmy Snuka)

October (Kimberly/ Shawn & Bret Hart/ Dusty & Dustin/ Muto & the NWO/ Paul E. Dangerously)

November (Tommy Dreamer ECW career nearly ended/ 10 year grudge Lex Luger/ J.J. Dillon/ Bret & Shawn Hart/ Brian Pillman/ Jeff Jarrett/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

Holiday (front cover = “Who's Gonna Go Next ?”/ Ric Flair/ First Owen Hart the Undertaker then Hogan/ Dean Malenko/ Patriot/ Ultimo Dragon);


March (front cover = Jacquelyn/ Sting/ Bret Hart/ Taz/ Rey Misterio Jr.);

April (front cover = The NWO; Ken Shamrock);

May (front cover = Mike Tyson/ Steve Austin; Bret Hart vs. Eric Bischoff);

June (Hulk Hogan/ Jim Cornette/ Macho Man Randy Savage)

October (front cover = Vince McMahon/ Eric Bischoff);

Holiday (front cover = Mick & Collette Foley );


February (front cover = The Rock/ Shamrock/ Perry Saturn);

May (front cover = NWO Reunion);

June (Ric Flair/ Juventud Guerrera/ Q&A Billy Gunn/ The Rock)

July (front cover = Steve Austin and Vince McMahon);

August (Hulk Hogan/ This man is pure Evil!/ Owen Hart/ Vader/ Q&A Buff Bagwell)

September (Midyear Report/ Austin/ Hunter/ Rock/ Debra/ Mankind/ Vince)

October ( Shawn Michaels' Game of Corporate Chess!/ Are the McMahons his pawns/ Steiners/ Bill Gunn/ Randy Savage/ Gorgeous George)

November (Austin's new Powers Shag Vince? Yeah Baby!/ Hardy Boys/ Ernest Miller Q&A Curt Hennig);

December (Top 10 Faceoff/ Hollywood Hogan vs Steve Austin/ Randy Savage vs The Rock/ Jarrett vs Nash/ Undertaker vs Sid/ B.A. vs Sting/ Kane vs Buff/ Big Show vs DDP/ Shamrock vs Steiner/ Triple-H vs Hak/ Godfather vs Misterio)


July (Torrie what's the Story? Tori/ Abbott/ Dusty)


January (Can the Rock handle the unrelenting pressure of Fame?/ Alliance)

March (OUtsiders Looking In!/ Hall & Nash take aim at the WWF/ Austin/ Angle)

September (Hulk Hogan's 5 remaining tasks/ Misterio/ Kurt Angle/ WWF draft)


March ( Wrestlemania XIX/ Main Event Steve Austin vs Bill Goldberg/ Eric Bischoff vs Vince McMahon/ Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar)

May (A Permanent replacement for the Rock/ Book It!/ Syxx-Pac/ Joanie/ Q&A Victoria)

September (front cover = Goldeberg);


July (Stop right there! RVD won't let the young studs pass him by!/ HHH vs HBK)



Winter (Roddy Piper/ Ric Flair/ Andre the Giant vs Sgt Slaughter/ Tommy Rich);

1984 -

Spring (front cover = Harley Race);

Summer (front cover = Rick Steamboat; Bruno Sammartino);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rick Steamboat vs. Ric Flair);


Fall (The Road Warriors/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Cowboy Bob Orton/ Kerry Von Erich/ Jimmy Valiant/ Dusty Rhodes/ Boogie Woogie Brigade)

Winter (Hulk Hogan/ Harley Race/ Nikita Koloff/ Road Warrior vs the Sheepherders)

1986 –

Spring (Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Billy Jack/ Road Warrior invade Japan)

Summer (front cover = Magmum T.A. vs. Ric Flair; Rick Rude; Junkyard Dog);

1987 -

Spring (front cover = Roddy Piper; Ric Flair; Jimmy Snuka);

Fall (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat; Ken Patera);

Winter (front cover = Ric Flair/ Bruno Sammartino);

1988 -

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair vs. Steve Williams);

Summer (front cover = Rick Rude; Hulk Hogan vs. Nick Bockwinkel; Ric Flair);

Fall (front cover = Randy Savage/ Sting/ Hulk Hogan/ Robert Gibson; Fantastics; back cover Rick Rude);

Winter (front cover = “Summerslam – Various”);

1989 -

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Magnum T.A.; back cover Randy Savage);

Summer (The Rick Steamboat - Flair Wars/ Dusty Rhodes/ Blackjack Mulligan/ Barry Windham)

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Randy Savage; Paul Orndoff; Andre the Giant; Terry Funk; back cover Dusty Rhodes);

THE WRESTLER, THE BEST OF - (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1976 – Spring (front cover = Various Mag Covers);

Winter (front cover = various Magazine covers);

1977 – Summer (front cover = various Mag covers);

Fall (front cover = Mil Mascaras, with 6 older issue covers)

1978 – Summer (front cover = Andre the Giant);

1979 -

Spring (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Andre the Giant; Bruno Sammartino; Paul Jones);

Summer (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Stan Stasiak; Bulldog Brower);

November (Ric Flair a coward of a Hero?/ Title match which turned Dusty Rhodes into a Madman)

1980 -

February (front cover = Bob Backlund);

Fall (front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Ivan Koloff; Mil Mascaras vs. Ernie Ladd);

1981 –

Spring (Dusty Rhodes vs Superstar Graham/ Bob Backlund/ Ric Flair/ Andre the Giant);

Winter (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes);

1982 -

Spring (front cover = Tommy Rich; The Spoiler; Andre the Giant; Bobo Brazil);

Summer The treachery that has made Ric Flair a killer/ the mistake that almost cost Bob Orton Jr. his life)

Fall (Bob Backlund vs Nick Bockwinkel/ Ernie Ladd/ Billy Graham)

Winter (front cover = Andre the Giant; Greg Gagne; Jim Brunzell);

1983 – Spring (front cover = Ivan Putski vs. Greg Valentine);

WRESTLER EXTRA - True Life Stories (London Pub.)


Summer (DDP/ Sunny/ Chyna/ Rey Misterio Jr.)

Winter (The Rock/ Goldberg/ Kevin Nach/ Jacquelyn/ Owen Hart/ Mick Foley/ Buff Bagwell)

1999 Fall (True Life Stories Volume 3; Shawn Michaels/ Francine/ Chris Jerico/ Blue Meanie/ Disciple/ Dean Malenko/ Al Snow)

WRESTLING (Wrestling Inc.) -

1951 -

January Vol.1 #1 (front cover: introducing the Amazing Antonion Rocca; *** Article by Joe Weider; Also with; Toots Mondt, Andrew Drapp, Clarence Ross, Women Wrestlers, Frank Gotch, Hackenscmidt vs Ahmed Madralia, etc.; VF = $79.00; FN = $59.00);

March (Volume 1 #3; Yukon Eric);

May (Gene Stanlee the Golden Apollo)

September (Max Baer's Great Comeback)

WRESTLING (TV Sports Inc./Victory Sports/Jalart) -


Annual (January; Bob Backlund)

Annual (Spring; Dusty Rhodes)

Annual (Summer; Andre the Giant);

Yearbook (Andre the Giant)


Winter (Hulk Hogan)


Spring (front cover = Jimmy Snuka);

Summer (front cover = Kevin Von Erich);

Winter (Fabulous Freebirds)


Spring (front cover = Dusty Rhodes);

Summer (Sgt. Slaughter)

Winter (Rick Steamboat)


Spring (front cover = Barry Windham);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

Winter (front cover = Vince Mcmahon; Hulk Hogan; Jimmy Snuka; Ric Flair);


Spring (front cover = Nikita Koloff);

Summer (front cover = Lex Luger);

Fall (front cover = Rick Steamboat vs. Randy Savage);

Winter (Four Horsemen)


Spring (Hartbreaking Heartthrobs)

Summer (front cover = Lex Luger/ Sting);

Fall (front cover = Randy Savage Macho Man );

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Missy Hyatt);


Spring (front cover = Sting);

Summer (front cover = Miss Elizabeth/ Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan);

Fall (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ted Turner/ Hulk Hogan);

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Ric Flair; Lex Luger; Randy Savage; Sting; Ultimate Warrior);


Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Earthquake);

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan);


Spring (front cover = Sting/ Ultimate Warrior/ The Steiners);

Summer (front cover = Ric Flair/ Tatsumi Fujinami/ Lex Luger/ Sting/ The Steiners/ Sid Vicious/ El Gigante);

Fall (front cover = Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker);

Winter (front cover = Sting/ Lex Luger; Sid Justice);


Spring (front cover = Dangerous Alliance; Legion of Doom);

Summer (front cover = Sting vs. Rick Rude);



1972 (Spotlight on the Other Champions)

WRESTLING ACTION (Harris Pub. Inc.) -

1987 -

April Vol.1 #1 (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Wahoo McDaniel; back cover Fabulous Freebirds);

June Vol.1#2 (front cover = Ricky Morton vs. Ric Flair; Magnum T.A.;back cover Bobby Eaton vs. Robert Gibson);

September Vol.1#3 (front cover = Ric Flair; back cover Lex Luger);

December Vol. #4 (front cover = Nikita Koloff vs. Lex Luger; back cover Midnight Express);

WRESLING ALBUM (Boxing Illustration) 1965 (Bruno Sammartino; Ray Stevens; Ed Carpentier; Lou Thesz; Bob Ellis)

WRESTLING ALL STARS (O’Quinn/Starlog/Allure Pub. Co.) -

1983 December (Black Jack Mulligan / Purple Haze );

1984 -

August (Hulk Hogan);

December Vol.1#8 (front cover = Fabulous Freebirds; Back cover Sheepherders);


June (#11; Cyndi Lauper, Lou Albano, Hulk Hogan);

July (#12; Mike, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich);

August (#13; Sgt. Slaughter & Rick Martel);

October (#14; Ricky Steamboat);

WRESTLING ALL STARS - HARDCORE (O’Quinn/Starlog/Allure Pub. Co.) - 2000 October (Jasmine St. Claire; Sabu);



December (#1; Hulk Hogan & Joan Rivers);

1986 -

February (#2; Hot Rod Roddy Piper);

April (#3; Junkyard Dog);

July (#5; R-N-R vs Midnight Express);

September #7 (front cover = Tully Blanchard; Mike Rotundo; back cover Fabulous Ones);

October (#8; Kerry Von Erich);

December (#10; Dusty Rhodes)

1987 -

February (#11; Superfly Snuka);

June (#14; The Fantastics);

July (#15; Lex Luger);

August ( #16; Hulk Hogan);

September (#17; Brutus Beefcake; Road Warriors; back cover Kevin Sullivan and Tijo Kahn vs. Dusty Rhodes);

October (#18; Mike Rotunda vs. Ric Flair)

November (#19; Road Warriors)

December (#20; Arn Anderson vs. Nikita Koloff)


June (#23; Luger)

December (#26; Ric Flair)


February (#27; Hulk Hogan);

1990 -

February (#35; Warrior );

June (#37; Hulk; Warrior)

September (#40; Demolition; Ultimate Warrior; back cover Flyin’ Brian Pillman);

October (#41; Sting; Junkyard Dog; Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff)

December (#42; Rick Rude; Bobby Heenan; Mr. Perfect);


February (#51; Hogan vs. Flair)

July (#54; Sting)

August (#55; Hulk; Savage; Roddy)

September (#56; Savage)


February (#59; Razor Ramon);

April (#60; Shawn Michaels);

June (#61; Mr. Perfect vs Lex Luger);

July ( #62; Ander the Giant/ Kerry Von Erich);

August (#63; Hulk Hogan; Sting vs. Muta);

September (#64; Hulk Hogan);

October (#65; Bret Hart/ Yokozuna)

December (#66; Lex Express; Steiner)


July (#70; Yokozuna/ Ramon/ Bret Hart);

September (#72; Diesel; Flair; Bret Hart);

October (#72; Owen Hart)

December (#74; Hogan; Son of Santo vs. Psicosis);


February (#75; Hulk; Flair)

October (#79 ; Shawn/ Flair)


February (#81; Bret Hart; Classy Freddie Blassie)

March (#82; Hulk; Jimmy Hart; Goldust);

August (#85; Shawn; Jose Lothario; Brian Pullman)

September (#86; Headhunters; Gangstas; Bruise Brothers)

October (#87; Taz/ Bill Alphonzo);

November (#88; Hulk; Shawn);


April #91 (front cover = Sid Vicious; Snuka; Ultimo Dragon vs. Misterio);

June #93 (front cover = Shawn Michaels);  

September (#96; Stone Cold);

November (#98; Dennis Rodman; Tommy Dreamer)


February #101 (front cover = Legion of Doom; Steve Austin; Taka Michinoka);

April (#103; Abdullan the Butcher; Ken Shamrock)

November (#110; Goldberg)


October (#121 (Billy Gunn);


August (#129; Chris Jericho)

WRESTLING ALL STARS SCRAPBOOK (O’Quinn/Starlog/Allure Pub. Co.) -

Volume 1(1985; Road Warrior/ Mike Von Erich/ Chris Adams

Volume 2 (Hulk/ Captain Lou Albano/ Kerry Von Erich/ Road Warriors)

Volume 12 (Lex Luger)

Volume 14 (Bret Hitman Hart; Missy Hyatt);

Volume 15 (Papa Shango; Bret Hart; Razor Ramon);

Volume 16 (Yokozuna; Shawn Michaels; Lex Luger);


#1 (Special; Hulk/ Martel/ Ric Flair/ Kamala/ Kerry Von Erich/ Roddy Piper; 52 trading cards intact & uncut)



January (Owen & Bret Hart);

July (Vince)

WRESTLING ANNUAL (Jalart/TV Sports Inc./Victory Sports) -

1972 - #2 (front cover = Killer Kowalski vs. Bruno Sammartino);

1974 -

#8 (front cover = Jack Brisco/ Harley Race/ "Crusade to Wipe Out Dirty Wrestlers");

#9 (front cover = Ernie Ladd/ Jim Valiant/ Lou Albano);

#10 (front cover = Bobby Shane; The Sheik; Billy Graham; Abdullah; Swede Hansen);

1975 -

#12 (front cover = Jack Brisco vs. Dick Murdoch/ Moolah vs. Vicki Williams; Billy Graham);

#14 (front cover = Tony Garea/ Gorgeous George Jr./ Moolah; FN $10);

1977 – Fall (front cover = “Who is Top Wrestler Today? - Various”);

1978 -

Winter (front cover = Ivan Putski vs. Billy Graham; Dick Murdoch vs. Harley Race; Nick Bockwinkel);

1979 -

Spring (front cover = Andre The Giant; Dusty Rhodes; Dino Bravo);

Summer (front cover = Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Peter Maivia; Billy Graham vs. Harle Race; Dusty Rhodes);

October (front cover = Bob Backlund vs. Greg Valentine/ Ivan Putski vs. Peter Maivia);

1980 -

January (front cover = Nick Bockwinkel);

Spring (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Harley Race; Bob Backlund);

Summer (front cover = Andre the Giant; Mil Mascaras; Bruno Sammartino);

WRESTLING ARENA (Dojo Incorporated) 1990 December (Volume 1 #1;Sgt. Slaughter/ Ultimate Warrior/ Sensational Sherri);

WRESTLING AS YOU LIKE IT (Wayli Inc.) Volume 5 #48 (Pat O'Conner; 25% Backcover missing)

WRESTLING BAD GUYS (London Pub. Co.) -

1994 Winter (King Kong Bundy);

1995 Spring (front cover = Van Vader);

WRESTLING BASHERS & BEAUTIES (Publications International Ltd.) 1987 (August;Hulk/ Roddy Piper/ Missing Link/. Kamala/ Fallen Angel);

WRESTLING THE BEST AND THE BADDEST (Entertainment Today Magazine)

1985 (June; #1; Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Sergeant Slaughter)


1989 November (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

1990 -

January (front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan vs. Crusher Blackwell);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Backlund/ The Sheik vs. Jose Lothario/ Abdullah vs. Red River Jack/ Stan Hansen vs. Masked Superstar/ Killer Kowalski vs. John Tolos);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff; Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine; Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino/ Haystacks Calhoun/ Terry Funk);

July (front cover = “Wrestlemain – Various”);

September (Dusty Rhodes/ George the Animal Steele/ Pampero Firpo/ Abdullah the Butcher)

November (Capt. Lou Albano)

1991 -

January (front cover = Andre the Giant/ John Studd/ Sylvester Stallone vs. Hulk Hogan);

March (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Sting);

May (Jerry Sags/ Brian Knobs)

September (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ted Dibiase vs. Pat Patterson/ Hulk Hogan vs. Dominic Denucci/ Barry Windham vs. Sgt Slaughter);

November (front cover = Harley Race vs. Hulk Hogan/ Greg Valentine vs. Ultimate Warrior/ Dick Murdoch/ Dick Slater);

1992 –

March (Bodies Beautiful; Lex Lugar; Superstar Graham; Sid Justice; Hulk Hogan);

Spring(Magnificent Mimi/ Elizabeth/ Madusa/ Ann Casey/ Missy Hyatt)

Summer (front cover = Randy Savage);


Fall (Yokozuna/ Big Van Vader)



May (1st Issue; Eddie Graham)

July (The Shiek);

Septmber (Cowboy Bob Ellis/ Fabulous Moolah);

November (Jilly Rizzo/ Bruno Sammartino)


April (Danny Hodge/ Johnny Powers/ Eddie Graham)

December (Catalina Drake Hawalian Paradise/ Killer Austin)


1991 -

January Volume 1 #1 (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Sting; Donald Trump; back cover Hulk Hogan);

No Month Volume 1#3 (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant/ Carlos Colon/ Lex Luger/ Superfly Snuka vs. Col. DeBeers; back cover George “The Animal’ Steele);

March (Lex Luger/ Buster)

November Volume 2 #11 (front cover = Steve Williams; Hulk Hogan; Sabu; back cover Ultimate Warrior);

WRESTLING 86 - 1986 Spring; Volume 4 #1; Barry Windham);

WRESTLING EYE (Jems, Inc.) -


November (Ric Flair / Hulk Hogan);

1986 -

January (Sgt. Slaugher/ Andre the Giant);

February (Kerry Von Erich)/ Tony Atlas Roddy Piper Paul Ornforff);

March Volume-1 #4 (front cover = Sylvester Stallone; Jerry Lawler;)

April (Hulk Hogan)

May Volume 1 #6 (front cover = Rick McGraw);

June (Randy Savage; Roddy Piper);

July (front cover = Ric Flair);

August Volume 1 #9 (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

September Volume 1 #10 (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth; Hulk Hogan; back cover Col. Debeers);

December (front cover = Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Baby Doll);

1987 -

January (front cover = Ric Flair);

March (front cover = Paul Orndoff);

April (front cover = Roddy Piper);

May (front cover = Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; Randy Savage; Rick Steamboat);

July (front cover = Jake Roberts);

August (Ric Flair/ R'NR Express/ Road Warrior)

September (front cover = Hart Foundation; Roddy Piper);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

November (front cover = Predictions for 1988);

December (front cover = Ric Flair);

1988 -

January (Randy Savage/ Paul Orndorff)

February (3rd Annual Award Issue);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Miss Elizabeth);

April (front cover = Brutus Beefcake; Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

May (front cover = “Wrestlemania – Various” ; FN/VF = $12.00; another copy = Ask);

June (front cover = Randy Savage; Hulk Hogan);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Barry Windham);

October (front cover = Brutus Beefcake; Sting vs. Ric Flair);

November (front cover = Lex Luger; Bret Hart);

December (front cover = Roddy Piper/ Randy Savage);

1989 -

January (front cover = The Rockers; Lex Luger);

February ( 4th Annual Awards; Barry Windham/ Curt Hennig/ Misty)

March (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Sting; Madusa Miceli);

April (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth/ Hulk Hogan);

May (Jake Roberts/ Brandi Mae)

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage);

1990 –

January (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Ax);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Lex Luger/ Misty Blue);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan: Roddy Piper: Ultimate Warrior);

April (Hulk/ Ric Flair)

May (front cover = The Great Muta; Sting; Lex Luger);

June (Roddy Piper/ Fabulous Blondes)

July (Hulk/ Ultimate Warrior)

August (Hulk)

September (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Lex Luger; Rick Martel);

October (Ultimate Warrior/ Tommy Rich);

December (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Brutus Beefcake; Kerry Von Erich);

1991 –

January (Hulk/ Ultimate Warrior);

February (Warrior/ Macho/ Sting/ Perfect);

July (Roddy Piper/ Ric Flair);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Wendi Richter);

December (front cover = “1991 Wrestling Year in Review – Various”);

1992 –

January (Ric Flair/ Hulk Hogan);

February (Hulk Hogan; 7th annual awards);

March (Bobby Eaton/ Davey Boy Smith/ Jeff Jarrett/ Brian Pillman);

April (Ricky Steamboat);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Randy Savage);

November (front cover = Shawn Michaels);

December (Ultimate Warrior)

1993 -

January (Bret Hart/ Chris Champion/ Rock 'n' Roll Express);

March (front cover = Undertaker/ Papa Shango/ Kamala/ Nailz);

April (front cover = Brian Pilman/ Johnny Gunn/ Scotty Flamingo);

May (front cover = The Stieners);

June (front cover = Yokozuna; Shawn Michaels);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

WRESTLING FEVER (M. Morse Pub. Inc.) -


May Volume 1 #1 (front cover = Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan; Debbie Combs; back cover Andre the Giant);

July (J.T. Souther Kevin Kelly/ Ric Flair)

September ( Ric Rude/ Lex Luger/ Ultimate Warrior)

December (Road Warrior/ Ultimate Warrior/ Hulk/ Lou Albano/ Honky Tonk Man)


April (Ric Flair; Ted Dibiase

May (Andre the Giant/ Kevin Sullivan/ Eddie Gilbert);



December (Premiere Issue; Ric Flair/ Hulk/ Bruno Sammartino);

1987 -

February (Savage/ Macho Mania/ Hulk/ Brutus Beefcake);

April (Bundy: a King Kong/ Flair/ Hogan/ Nick Bockwinkel)

June (Jake the Snake/ Scott Hall/ Tito Santana/ Don Muraco)

August #5 (front cover = Road Warrior Hawk);

October (Flair/ Rhodes/ Don Muraco)

December #7 (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan);

1988 -

February (front cover = “1987 the Year in Review”);

April (front cover = Ted Dibiase/ Hulk Hogan);

June (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);

October (Barry Windham/ Brutus Beefcake/ Jake Roberts/ Madusa Micel/ Bunno Sammartino)

December (Lex Luger/ Diamond Dallas Page & Bad Company)p;

1989 -

February (front cover = “Predictions for 1989”);

April (front cover = Sting; Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan);

June (Randy Savage/ Bret Hart/ Tom Zenk/ Greg Valentine)

December (Savage/ Martel)


June (Lex Luger/ Hulk)

August (Lex Luger/ Brutus Beefcake/ Steiners)

1991 -

April (Lex Luger/ Jim Cornette);

August (Undertaker; Four Horsemen);

December (front cover = Sting; Sid Vicious; Lex Luger);


June (Saga of Wrestle-mania IX);


1975 Summer (front cover = Eddie Graham/ Nick Bockwinkel vs. Ray Stevens/ The Sheik vs. Bruno Sammartino);

WRESTLING GUIDE (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1972; December (front cover = Karl Von Hess);


February (Jack Brisco);

April (front cover = Mike York/ Pedro Morales/ Kurt Von Steiger);

June (front cover = Tommy Kay/ Killer Karl Krupp/ Toru Tanaka/ Kurt Von Steinger/ Dingo the Sundowner/ Paula Kaye; G = $6.00);

August (Superstar Billy Graham/ Chief Billy Red/ Sheik)

November (front cover = Chris Colt/ Ron Dupre/ Ron Pritchard/ The Sheik);


February (front cover = The Sheik; Jack Brisco; Cover features Wrestling trading card of Paul Jones);

April (front cover = Mil Mascaras; Bruno & the Cowboy; Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Valiant; Royal Kangaroos; Kabooki; Morales loses title;

June (The Sheik/ Dory Funk Jr.)

August (front cover = Nick Bockwickel/ Ray Stevens; Iron Mike McCord; Bruisher & Gagne);

October (front cover = Victor Rivera vs. Big Bad John; Also; Ivan Putski, Tex McKenzie, Bearcat Wright; VG/FN = $10.00; another copy = Ask); ;


February (front cover = Ernie Ladd; Also with; Bobo Brazil, Freddy Sweetan dies, Chief Strongbow, Belle Starr, Penny Banner, Peter Maivia; FN = $12.00);

April (front cover = Sheik vs. The Bruiser; Dottie Downs; Also; Tony Garea, Victor Rivera, Pampero Firpo; FN/VF = $12.00);

August (front cover = Sailor White; Gypsy Joe; Harley Race; Dory Funk Jr.; VG = $7.00);

September (Bob Backlund);

December (front cover = Terry Funk/ Fabulous Moolah/ Laura Del Rio);


November ( Storm Troopers);

WRESTLING HEROES AND VILLIANS (Publications International Ltd.) -

1986 September (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

1989 No Month (front cover = Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes);

WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED ( Monthly Magazine for Mat Fans; London Pub.)


January (Antonino Rocca/ Bruno Sammartino)

February (Pepper Gomez)

March (Graham Brothers; Vittorio Apollp)

May (Buddy Rogers; Killer Kowalski);

June (Bruno Sammartino; Lou Thesz);

September (Verne Gagne; The Bruiser; Jessica Rogers);


1965 (November; Red Bastien; Gregg Petterson; Fred Blassie)


January (Bobo Brazil/ Mario Galento/ Midget Sonny Thomas)

April (Brenda Scott/ Cowboy Bill Watts/ Rene Goulet)

WRESTLING LIFE (Wayli, Inc.) -

1957; November (Volume-3 #8; front cover = Edouard Carpenter vs Reggie Lisowskis; Also includes; Killer Kowalski, Lisowskis Brothers Tag-Team; Dick the Bruiser vs Colossus Jonathan; nice copy with light subscription crease = VG+ $15);

1958; October (Volume-4 #7; front cover = Farmer Marlin vs Hermann; Also includes; Live Studio Wrestling, Bruiser vs Johnny Gilbert, Bobby Manafoff, Edouard Carpenter vs.Gorgeous George, Billy Goelz, Ricki Starr, Wally Karbo; nice copy with light subscription crease = VG $15);

WRESTLING LIFE (M. Morse Pub, Inc.) -


October (Hulk Hogan/ Elizabeth);

1989 –

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Bruno Sammartion; Debbie Combs;back cover Davey & Johnny Rich);

WRESTLING MADNESS! MEET THE STARS (Tiger Books; by Della Rowland) 1999 (Stone Cold/Undertaker/ Kane/ Rock/ Triple H Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

WRESTLING’S MAIN EVENT (Pumpkin Press, Inc.) -


August (Ivan Putski/ Adonis/ Ventura/ Rick McGraw)

1983 -

April (front cover = Don Muraco vs. Bob Backlund; back cover Antonio Inoki vs. Killer Khan);

May Volume 1 #9 (front cover = Paul Orndorff vs. Ivan Koloff; Don Muraco; back cover Tito Santana vs. Iron Sheik);

June (front cover = Mil Mascaras; Ric Flair; back cover Ole Anderson vs. Tommy Rich);

September (Hulk Hogan/ Adrian Adonis/ Austin Idol)

1984 -

February (Brett Wayne/ Ivan Putski/ Mike Rotundo/ Ox Baker)

March (Ted Dibiase/ Mike Graham/ Jimmy Garvin)/ Ric Flair);

June (front cover = Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair; back cover Alex Perez vs. Killer Brooks);

July (Special Anniversary Issue; Billy Jack/ Ronnie Garvin/ King Kong Bundy)

August (front cover = Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair; back cover Stan Lane vs. Butch Miller);

November (Hulk Hogan/ Roddy Piper/ Rick Martel)

1985 -

January (front cover = Billy Graham vs. Kevin Sullivan; Freebirds; back cover Stan Hansen vs. Colon);

March (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; Tonga Kid; back cover Greg Valentine vs. Dick Slater);

April (front cover = Andre the Giant; Hulk Hogan; back cover Dusty Rhodes);

May (front cover = Sgt. Slaughter);

August (Paul Orndorff/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Hulk)

October (Hercules Hernandez/ Ric Flair/ Jesse Ventura)

November (Road Warriors/ Randy Savage/ Kendall Windham)

1986 -

February (King Kong Bundy/ Irwin Bros.; Sgt Slaughter);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; back cover Randy Savage vs. Pedro Morales);

April (front cover = Barry Windham; Jesse Ventura; back cover Stan Hansen);

May (front cover = Roddy Piper; Rick Rude);

June (front cover = Magnum T.A,; Hulk Hogan; back cover Rick Stamboat vs. Mr. Fuji);

July (Barry Windham/ Ric Flair/ King Kong Bruiser Brody/ Andre the Giant)

August (Hulk/ Road Warriors)

September (front cover = Lex Luger; Junkyard Dog; back cover Nikita Koloff vs. Ricky Morton);

October (front cover = Paul Orndoff; Dusty Rhodes; back cover Ric Flair vs. Ronnie Garvin);

November (Hulk/ Bruno Sammartino/ Chris Adams)

December (front cover = Roddy Piper; The Machines; back cover Andersons vs. Ricky Morton);

1987 -

January (front cover = Rick Steamboat; Randy Savage; back cover Ric Flair/ baby Doll);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Jake Roberts; The Rebel);

Marfch (Roddy Piper/ Bob Orton/Ric Flair)

April (front cover = Randy Savage; Andre the Giant; Hulk Hogan; back cover Hulk Hogan vs. Brutus Beefcake);

June (Andre the Giant; Hulk/ Piper)

July (front cover = Nikita Koloff; Hulk Hogan; back cover Killer Bees);

August (front cover = Hart Foundation; Mike Rotundo vs. Ric Flair; back cover Brutus Beefcake vs. Dynamite Kid);

September (front cover = Brutus Beefcake; Hulk Hogan; back cover Lex Luger);

October (front cover = Robert Gibson; Jesse Ventura; Arnold Schwarzenegger; back cover Ric Flair vs. Nikita Koloff);

November (Hulk Hogan/ Brett Hart/ Dr. Death/ David Shultz)

December (front cover = Road Warrior Animal; Ronnie Garvin vs. Ric Flair; back cover Islander Tama vs. Rick Martel);

1988 -

April (Rick Rude/ Horsemen's Apocalypse/ Lou Albano);

June (front cover = Lex Luger; Bam Bam Bigelow; Hulk Hogan; Andre the Giant; back cover Rick Steamboat vs. Ted Dibiase);

October (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ultimate Warrior; back cover Black Bart vs. Wild Bill Irwin);

December (Dusty Rhodes/ Jake the Snake/ Barry Windham)

1989 -

March (front cover = Sting/ Randy Savage/ Midnight Express; back cover Rockers vs. Demolition);

May (Ric Flair/ Andre the Giant/ Superclash III);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rick Steamboat; back cover Sting vs. Kevin Sullivan);

1990 -

January (front cover = Road Warriors/ Hulk Hogan; back cover Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk);

May (Lex Luger/ Ultimate Warrior)

September (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; The Steiners; back cover Kevin Sullivan vs. Norman);

November (Jim Cornette; Larry Zbyszko/ Curt Hennig/ Ultimate Warrior)

1991 –

March (Steiners/ Sgt. Slaugher/ Eddie HOtstuff Gilbert/ Lex Luger);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan; back cover Sting vs. Ric Flair);

December (front cover = Barry Windham/ Lex Luger/ Roddy Piper; back cover Ultimate Warrior vs. The Undertaker);

1992 – February (front cover = Sid Justice; Randy Savage; back cover Cactus Jack vs. Sting);

December (front cover = Ric Flair/ Ron Simmons; back cover Demolition Ax vs. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka);

1993 -

April (Sting/ Bob Backlund/ Ultimate Warrior);

August (front cover = Lex Luger; Sting; back cover Doink);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Jerry Lawler; back cover Rick Steamboat vs. Barry Windham);

1994 –

February (Bret Hart; Yokozuna/ Shawn Michaels);

April (front cover = Sting; Bret Hart; back cover Sabu vs. Taz Maniac);

WRESTLING MONTHLY (Champion Sports Pub. Corp.) -

1971 -

October Vol.1 #1 (front cover = Pedro Morales/ Verne Gagne/ Dory Funk Jr.; “Patroit vs. Von Brauner Brothers”= 3 pages Comics by Jerry Lawler; NWA,AWA,WWWF; Fred Bassie, Billy “Red” Lyons, Ann Casey, Hans Schmidt, Pepper Gomez, Ronnie Etchison, Moolah, Sue Britain, Black Jack Lanza & Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan, Bob Roop; VG=$29; or G/VG =$22);

November (Von Brauners/ The Destroyer/ Ray Stevens/ Graham & Tyler Bronko Nagurski/ Marie Vagnone)

December Vol.1 #3 (front cover = Lars Anderson/ Larry Henning/ Java Ruuk/ Marie Laverne “Comic 4 pages by Jerry Lawler - “Patroit vs. John Tolos”);

1972 -

February (Red Bastien & The Crusher/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Sweet Daddy Siki)

April (Irrepressible Garvins/ Kangaroos);

May (Bobby Heenan/ Black Jacks/ Jerry Brown/ Buddy Roberts);

June (Patriot Unmasked/ Big K / Ivan Koloff/ Frankie Hester-Kevin Sullivan/ Fred Ward - Wee Willie Wilson);

July (Don Leo Jonathan/ Danny Hodge/ Dirty Dusty Rhodes/ Pretty Boy Hennig);

September Vol.2 #9 (front cover = Bruiser/ Crusher; Jimmy Valiant “Come 2 pages by Jerry Lawler - “Patriot vs. Baron Von Raschke”);

October Vol.2 #10 (front cover = Verne Gagne; Moolah vs. Vicki Williams);

November (front cover = Sheik/ Dusty Rhodes/ Bobby Shane/ Pampero Firpo/ Ivan Koloff “Comic 2 pages by Jerry Lawler - “Patriot vs Bobby Shane”);

December (Carpentier & Robert Tag Team/ Bullinski/ Santa Claus/ Fargos/ Paul Jones);

1973 -

January (Pedro vs Bruno)

March (Gagne & Morales at the Garden/ Luis Martinez/ Tom Jenkins/ Dick the Bruiser)

April (Shane & Stevens Florida/ Wahoo McDaniel/ Great Mephisto/ Ox Baker)

May (Pedro, Verne, Bruiser/ Bruno);

June (Grandma Mildred/ Bruno/ Raymond Rougeau/ Bruiser)

September (Prison gates slam shut on 12 Wrestlers.. and inmates enoy a Sports Parole)

1974 --

April (front cover = “Can Kung Fu Master overcome Wrestler ?”);

June (Lola Kiss/ Exorcism/ Sheik/ Chris Taylor/ Pepe Di Pasquale)

July (front cover = Bruce Lee/ Dory Funk Jr);


April (Jack Brisco/ George Steele/ Sammartino/ Jim Londos);

May (Terry Funk; Bobby Heenan);

October (Chavo Guerrero/ Rocco/ Pork Chop);


February (front cover = “The Freaks, Good or Bad for Wrestling – Various”; );

June (Student ready to tackle teachers/ Brain Claw)

July (Mad Dog);

September (Sammartino/ Pepper Gomez/ Nikolai Volkoff)

ANNUAL (Terry Funk; A.W.A. Inside dope on superstar Graham's suspension/ W.W.W.F. Sammatino king of the ring.);


January (Bruno Sammartino; Modesto)

March (Kevin Sullivan/ Bobby Heenan);

August (Blacklund/ Garea/ Zbyszko);

September (Modesto/ Iron Greek/ Lars Anderson)

November (Bob Backlund/ Gino Brito; Mexican Death Match)

December (Andre the Giant; Ken Patera; S.D. Jones)

SPECAIL ANNUAL (Bob Backlund/ Rockwinkle/ DeNucci-Braco)


January (Lou Albano/ Dino Bravo/ Matdom);

March (The Russian Bear wants his title back/ Twilight for a Grappling Great);

May (Blassie Troop/ Tennessee Tag-Team);


1975 (front cover = Various; NWA,AWA,WWWF,NWF; Moolah, Janet Boyer, Jack Brisco, Gagne, Bruno, Inoki, Sheik; VG =US$9);

1976 (front cover = Various);

1978 (front cover = Bob Backlund);

THE WRESTLING NEWS (Pro Wrestling Enterprises; The Official Magazine of Wrestling)

** (W.W.W.F. Edition = The World Wide Wrestling Federation)

1969 - #14 (front cover = Verne Gagne; back cover Hard Boiled Haggerty/ Anthony Quinn);

1970 - #17 (front cover = Billy Red Lyons/ Red Bastien; back cover Edouard Carpentier vs. Pretty Boy Henning);

1973 - #19 (front cover = Betty Niccoli; Pedro Morales; Mr. Wrestling; back cover Ken Patera);

1975; COMBO EDITION (AWA Stranglehold & WWWF Combo Edition; Verne Gagne, Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino cover; John & Jim Valiant back cover; VF = $28.00)

1976:  #33 (Bruno Sammartino vs Koloff cover; Haystacks Calhoun back cover; G/VG = $15.00)

1976:  #38 (WWWF Edition; Bobo Brazil cover; Jose Gonzales back cover; FN/VF = $24.00)

1977:  #41 (WWWF Edition; Bob Backlund & Larry Zbyzko cover; Billy White Wolf & Chief Jay Strongbow Tag Team Champs back cover; FN/VF = $24.00)

1977:  #42 (June-July; WWWF Edition; Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Antonio Rocco cover; Bob Backlund back cover; VG/FN = $20.00)

1977:  #44 (WWWF Edition; Billy Graham - Champ and Bruno Sammartino - Living Legend cover; Fred Blassie & Baron Von Raschke back cover; FN/VF = $28.00)

1977:  #45 (WWWF Edition; Peter Maivia of Samoa & Jay Strongbow of Oklahoma - Hail to the Chiefs cover; Ivan Putski Polish Hammer back cover; FN = $22.00)

1977:  #46 (WWWF Edition; Superstar Billy Graham and Grand Wizard cover; Strongbow, Maivia, Toru & Fuji back cover; VF = $28.00)

1978 – #49 (front cover = Billy Robinson/ Steve Olsonoski' backcover Greg Gagne/ Jim Brunzell);

1979 – #51 December – January (Steve Olsonoski/ Verne Gagne);

1980 - #63 (front cover = Bruno Sammartino; Junkyard Dog; Les Thornton; Bill Dundee; back cover Hulk Hogan/ Ricky Morton/ Joyce Grable/ The Bruiser);

1986 – #121 May /June (front cover = Rick Flair/ Stan Hansen/ Jerry Lawler/ Dutch Mantell);

THE WRESTLING NEWS A.W.A. PHOTO ALBUM (Pro Wrestling Enterprises) –

1974 – No# (front cover = Billy Graham; back cover Ivan Putski);

THE WRESTLING NEWS - SPECIALS (Pro Wrestling Enterprises; The Official Magazine of Wrestling)

** BRUNO (Sammartino) - LIVING LEGEND Special  (1974;  FN = $39.00)

** BRUNO (Sammartino) - LIVING LEGEND Special All Star Edition No. 1 (10-11/1976;  VG/FN = $32.00)


1975 – Winter (front cover = Andre the Giant/ Billy Graham/ Mil Mascaras/ Bruno Sammartino/ Ernie Ladd);

1977 –

Fall (Giant Issue; Various)

Winter (front cover = Mil Mascaras/ Andre the Giant/ Billy Graham/ Dusty Rhodes);


April (Ivan Putski/ Dick Slater/ Superstar Graham/ Tony Garea)

1979 -

Summer (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Nick Bockwinkel; Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat);

Fall (Mil Mascaras/ Backlund/ Graham/ Andre the Giant)

October (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Koloff; Greg Gagne; Jim Brunzell; VG/FN $7);

WRESTLING POWER (M and O Communications Inc.) -

1986 –

September Volume 1 #1 (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Rick Martel vs. Nick Bockwinkel/ Road Warriors; back cover Steve Regal);

November (Ric Flair/ Graham Zombie/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Hulk)

1987 -

March (Volume 1 #4; Kendall & Barry Windham)

May (Roddy Piper/ Garvin Brothers)

July (front cover = Nikita Koloff vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan; back cover Ric Flair);

August (Jesse Ventura/ Jake the Snake/ Fallen Angel/ Ric Flair/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Arn Anderson)

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndoroff; The Southern Boys; back cover Rick Steamboat);

October (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan; back cover Paul Orndorff);

1988 -

January (Billy Graham/ George the Animal Steele/ Ken Patera/ Hercules Hernandez)

June (front cover = Ken Patera; King Kong Bundy vs. Hulk Hogan; back cover Jim Neidhart);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Kevin Von Erich; Rick Flair vs. Road Warrior Hawk; Back cover Jim Cornette and Co.);

1989 -

March (Ric Flair/ Doug Sommers/ Buddy Rose/ Hacksaw Duggan)

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage);

WRESTLING REVUE (Champion Sports Pub.)

1959; Fall (Volume-1 #1; Graham Brothers main image on cover; Eddie and Jerry Graham the Stinkers back cover; ** Smaller insert images on cover of; Karl Von Hess/ Antonino Rocca/ Buddy Rogers/ Yukon Eric/ Chief Big Heart; HIGH DEMAND and SCARCE; VG/FN = $199.00)

1959; Fall (Volume-1 #1; Graham Brothers main image on cover; Eddie and Jerry Graham the Stinkers back cover; ** Smaller insert images on cover of; Karl Von Hess/ Antonino Rocca/ Buddy Rogers/ Yukon Eric/ Chief Big Heart; HIGH DEMAND and SCARCE; G/VG = $129.00)

1960; Summer (Volume-1 #3; Johnny Valentine cover; Edouard Carpentier armlocked Gorgeous George insert; Gorgeous George color centerfold pinup; FA/G = $18.00)

1960; Fall (Volume 1 #4; Sensational Bastien Brothers cover and Color Centerfold; ** Smaller insert images on cover of; Buddy Rogers/ Pat O'Connor vs Killer Kowalsk/ Would you marry a Girl Wrestler?; FN/VF, 7.0 = $49.00);

1961; Winter (Volume-2 #1; Buddy Rogers cover; Al Costello and Roy Heffernan color centerfold pinup poster; VF = $79.00; FN = $59.00)

1961; Spring (Volume-2 #2; Pat O'Connor and Don Leo Jonathan cover;  Chief Big Heart Color Centerfold; Sweet Daddy Siki signature scotch taped onto page 47 under photo; Overall FN/VF, but because of the tape call it VG/FN = $32.00)

1961; Summer (Volume-2 #3; Antonino Rocca main image on cover; ** Smaller insert image on cover of  Wladek Killer Kowalski; Johnny Valentine color centerfold pinup poster; FN/VF = $49.00; G/VG = $25.00)

1961; Fall (Volume-2 #4; Ray Shires vs Lou Bastine cover; Ray Shires color centerfold pages; VG/FN = $32.00; VG = $27.00)

1961; December (Volume-3 #1; Pepper Gomez cover; Mark Lewin and Don Curtis Color Centerfold; overall FN/VF, but 25% of Tile page 3-4 is clipped out an missing = $15.00)


February (Vittorio Argentine Apollo)

April (Wilbur Snyder; Bizarre world of Midget Wrestlers)

June (Gagne/ Rocca-Carpentier/ Crusher Lisowski)

August (Johnny Valentine/ Moolah)

October ( Buddy Rogers/ Pepper Gomez/ Bruiser/ Wilbur Snyder)

December (Ed Carpentier/ Silento Rodriguez/ Brenda Scott/ Nick & Jerry Kozak)


February (Graham Bros./ Whipper Watson/ Gene Kiniski/ Buddy Rogers/ Verne Gagne/ Dory Dixon);

April (Sensational Destroyer/ Killer Kowalski/ Karl Gotch/ Karen Kellogg);


February (Carpentier/ Kowalski/ Fabulous Moolah/ Mad Dog/ Von Erich/ Bruno Sammartino)


April (Lou Thesz/ Kiniski);


April (Von Stroheims/ Danny Hodge/ Mighty Yankees/ Ricki Starr/ Whipper Watson/ Bobby Shane/ Garibaldis)


January (The Assassins/ Dick Brower/ Che Che Paris/ Volkoffs/ mae Young);


September (Torres Brothers/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Matdome's Mad Man/ Bob Ellis/ Hirsch/ Lord Littlebrook/ Mummy/ Joe Blanchard/ Prince Maivis/ Don Greene/ George Cannon);

October (The Antone-Niccoli Feud/ Chain Gang/ The Scotts/ Donna McCoy/ Ben Justice/ Klondyke Bill/ Billy Spears/ Hines Boys);


June (Ray Stevens/ the Viking/ Rocky Montero/ Bobo Johnson/ Danny Hodge/ Vivian Vashon);

July (Funk/ Demarco)

August (Verne Gagne/ Donna Christantello/ Hurricane Hunt/ Bob Ramstead/ Bob Armstrong/ Patti Stevens/ Buddy Wayne/ Crusher/ Herb Welch);

September (100th Issue; Mario Milano/ Paul Jones/ Bruce Kirk/ Hahn Lee);

December (Randy Curtis/ Donna Cristanello/ Victor Rivera/ Bill Watts/ Dr. X/ Tojo Yamamoto);


January (Brisco);

October (Brisco-Funk/ Betty Niccoli/ Jimmy Valient/ Suni War Cloud/ The Claw/ Mitzi Mueller/ The Ox/ Whipper Watson/ Lord Layton/ The Rock)

November (Valentine/ Bob Finnigan/ Lil Abner/ Len Rossi/ Frank Morrell/ The Mummy/ Dick Steinborn);

December (Waldo Von Erich/ Pepper Gomez/ Sherry Lane/ Cisco Grimaldo)


January (Domenic DeNucci/ Vittorio Apollp/ Bob Orton/ Wayne Bridges/ Patty Neff/ Beverly Long/ Pretty Boy Bobby Heenan/ Dr. Ken Ramey);

February (Bobo Brazil/ Ann Casey/ John L. Sullivan/ Bronco Jack Cassidy/ New Alaskans/ Great Kusatsu/ Vern Gagne);

March (Mil Mascara/ Other Funk/ George Strickland Tiger Jeet Singh/ Louis Tillet/ Ronnie Garvin/ Kay Noble/ Jay Strongbow/ Jerry Brisco/ Lou Albano)

April (Destroyer/ Buddy Colt/ Pat O'Connor);

May (Chief Jay Strongbow/ Cowboy Bill Watts)

June (Bulldog Brower/ Sheik/ Eddis Sullivan/ Sabu Singh/ The Professor/ Infernos/ Bruno Sammartino/ John Tolos/ Mil Mascaras/ Sandy Starr/ Ray Stevens/ Nick Bockwinkel)

July (Gentleman Saul and his Germans/ Pampero Firpo/ Johnny Eagles)

October (Fritz Von Erich/ Ernie Ladd/ Larry Hennig);

November ( Bruno/ Billy Robinson/ Jack Brisco/ Mil Mascaras/ The Crusher);


January (Leduc Brothers/ Antonio Rocca/ Valentine vs Powers);

February (Texas Outlaws/ Dirty Dusty Rhodes/ Dick Murdock/ Chuck O'Connor)

May (Pedro Morales/ Paul Christy/ Billy Robinson)


June (Moolah/ Sammartino/ the Sundowner Les Roberts)

July (Lucille Dupre/ Mat Marvel/ Texas Red/ Pampero Firpo)


August (Jekyll & Hyde/ Tolos/ Ali vs Inoki)


October (Russian Roulette/ Japanese Assassin)


August(Butcher Vachon/ Lou Albano/ Kevin Sullivan);

October (Dusty Rhodes)


February (Jack Brisco/ Sheik)

April (Mr Hyde/ Steve Keirn)

August (Backlund/ Matdom Mystery Men)

October (Bulldog/ Chief Joe War Eagle/ Lord Alfred Hayes);

December (MadMan/ Chief War Eagle/ Ted Dibiase)


February (Igor/ Mr X.)

April (Matdom's Mad Dog/ Dixie Pinero)

June (Sammartino/ Ali)

October (Bob Backlund/ Bruno Sammartino/ Kelly Twins/ Darlin' Debbie/ Gordon's Grapplin' Gems/ Mike Master/ Sterling Golden/ Killer Kowalski)


July (Carolina Connection/ Scott Casey/ Jerry Lawley/ Hulk battles Stallone in Rocky III Movie/ Rick McGraw/ Steve Travis)

September (Ric Flair/ Bob Backlund/ NIck Bockwinkel)


January (Ted DiBiase/ Mat Man/ Nature Boy Buddy Rogers/ Dick Slater)

March (Strongbow Borthers/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Bob Sweetan/ Hackswa Duggan/ Roddy Piper/ Harley Race/ Steve Keirn)

June (Tommy Rich/ Tiger Mask/ Rick Martel)

July (Bob Backlund/ Hackswa Jim Duggan)

August (Jimmy Superfly Snuka/ Baron Von Raschke/ Junkyard Dog/ Mr. Piledriver Bob Sweetan)

September (front cover = Junkyard Dog; Sheik El Kaissey vs. High Flyers; back cover Mr. Saito); = $8.00

October (Incredible Hulk Hogan/ Hacksaw Reed/ Junkyard Dog)

August (#110; Baron/ The Crusher/ Rock & Roll Express/ The King)

October (Harley Race/ Ric Flair/ Nick Bockwinkel/ Hulk Hogan// Dusty Rhodes/ Dick Slater)

WRESTLING RINGSIDE ( London Pub.; British Edition)

1991 (#1;Ric Flair/ Lady Blossom/ Ric Flair/ultimate Warrior/ Undertaker)

WRESTLING RINGSIDE (O'Quinn Studios Inc./Starlog) -

1986 –

March (#18; front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Paul Orndorff);

July (#20; front cover = Paul Orndorff vs. Big John Studd);

1988 -

March (#33; front cover = Honky Tonk vs. Ricky Staemboat);

1991 –

January (#50; front cover = Sid Vicious);

May (#52; front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sgt. Slaughter; Randy Savage; Ultimate Warrior);

July (#53; Honky vs Hammer/ Flair vs Fujinami/ Abdullah vs the Sheik)

September (#54; Return of the Dragon/ Cactus Jack vs Eddie Gilbert/ Dustin the Natural Rhodes)

1992 –

January (#56; front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair);

March (#57; Flair/ Hulk/ Cactus & Abdullah/ Killer Kowalski)

May (#58; front cover = Hulk Hogan);

July (#59; front cover = Ric Flair; Sid Vicious; Hulk Hogan; Bret Hart);


May (#64; Mr. Perfect; Shawn Micheals)

July (#65; Hulk/ Bret Hart/ Brutus Beefcake/ Jimmy Hart/ Jeff Jarrett/ Eddie Gilbert)

September (#66; Hacksaw/ Beefcake/ Hulk);

November (#67; Mr. Hughes/ Undertaker/ Terry Funk/ Lex the Express/ Paul E. Dangerously)


January (#74; Steamboat/ Bret & Owen Brothers/ Diesel)


February ( WWF Blood War!/ Bret Hart/ Chyna/ Eddie & The Ho's);


1993 - Fall (Yokozuna)

1994 Spring (Forget about those other guys here are the Real Year-End Awards)

WRESTING SCENE (O'Quinn Studios Inc.);

1982 -

April ( Backlund/ The Great Gama/ Mil Mascaras/ Curt Hennig/ Eddie Gilbert/ King Kong Bundy);

August (Billy Graham/ Bob Backlund vs Jim Superfly Snuka/ Ric Flair/ Briscos vs Funks)


May (Butch Reed vs. Ric Flair/ Soul Man Rocky Johnson/ Greg Gagne/ Jim Brunsell/ Dick Murdock/ Victor Jovica)

1984 –

March (Buzz Sawyer/ Pat Patterson/ Jake Roberts)

August (Buzz Sawyer/ Brad Armstrong/ Angelo Mosca/ Matt Borne/ Crusher/ Mad Dog)

November (#18; front cover = Wahoo McDaniel vs. Tully Blanchard);


April (#21; Baron Von Raschke/ Ricky Steamboat/ Ric Flair/ Rick Martel/ Hulk/ Kerry Von Erich/ Chris Adams)

November (Dusty Rhodes vs Tuffy Blanchard/ Garvins/ Ron Bass/ Magnum Ta Terry Allen)


February (Khruschev/ Zuchoff & the Koloffs/ Kevin Sullivan/ Greg Valentine/ Tito Santana/ Kevin Von Erich/ Roddy Piper)

July (Magnum Ta Koloff/ Lady Maxine/ Peggy Lee/ Bill Dundee vs Jerry Lawler/ Moondog Moretti/ Nagasaki & Ninja)

September ( Bruiser Brody & Terry Gordy/ Ric Flair/ Stan Hansen/ Ron Bass/ Kiniski Dynasty)

1987 -

June (#39; front cover = Abdullah vs. Tony Atlas);

September (#42; front cover = Ric Flair vs. Jimmy Garvin);

1988 –

February (#45; Luger-Mania/ Hulk Hogan/ Luger vs. Rhodes)

September (#47; front cover = Sheepherder);

November (#48; Mike Rotunda vs. Dusty Rhodes);


1984 (Volume 2; Road Warriors/ Superfly Snuka/ Fabylous Ones/ Ric Flair/ Hulk/ Rick Martel/ Kerry Von Erich/ Mike Rotundo)

WRESTLING SUPERSTARS (G.C. London Pub. Corp./DELL/TV Sports Inc/London Pub);


Fall (Nikita Koloff; Magnum T.A.; Terry Taylor; King Kong Bundy);

1986 –

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Greg Valentine/ Rick Martel vs. Bob Backlund/ Kevin Von Erich vs. Ric Flair);

Summer (NWA Champion Ric Flair/ WWF Champion Hulk Hogan/ AWA Champion Stan Hansen/ Road Warrior full-color gallery)

Fall (Hulk Hoagn vs Antonio Inoki/ Hacksaw Duggan vs Dick Slater/ Nikita Koloff vs Rick Morton/ Bruiser Brody full-color gallery);

Winter (Dream Math Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan/ Handsome Garley Race beat the odds/ Krusher Khrushchev: American Medicine heals the Red Menace)

1987 -

Spring (front cover = Rick Morton/ Robert Gibson; Col. Debeers; Jake Roberts; Missy Hyatt);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Road Warriors/ Nikita Koloff/ Kevin Von Erich/ Steve Williams);

Fall (front cover = Randy Savage/ Road Warriors/ Abdullah/ Jake Roberts/ Ric Flair/ Bruiser Brody);

Winter (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Randy Savage; Road Warrior Animal vs. Stan lane; Rick Morton vs. Arn Anderson);

1988 -

Spring (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Bruno Sammartino; Nikita Koloff vs. Lex Luger);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Road Warriors/ Sting/ Ultimate Warrior);

Fall (front cover = Mike Tyson/ Hulk Hogan);

Winter (Ric Flair vs Randy Savage)

1989 -

Spring ( Sting vs. Ultimate Warrior);

Summer (front cover = Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash/ Huk Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase/ Barry Windham vs. Bam Bam Bigelow; Road Warriors);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Ric Flair/ Rick Steamboat; Road Warriors);

Winter (front cover = Miss Elizabeth/ Sensational Sherri; Road Warriors; Demolition; Great Muta);

1990 -

August (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Ric Flair; Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Kerry Von Erich/ Ultimate Warrior/ Hulk Hogan);

December (front cover = Miss Elizabeth/ Missy Hyatt/ Lex Luger/ Sting/ Ultimate Warrior);

Spring (front cover = Sting/ Sid Vicious/ Flyin’ Brian Pillman/ Lex Luger/ Ultimate Warrior);

Summer (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Lex Luger; Ultimate Warrior);

1991 -

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sid Vicious/ Randy Savage/ The Steiners; Sting vs. Lex Luger);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior; Lex Luger vs. Stan Hansen);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Steve Williams/ Sid Vicious; Ric Flair);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan vs. Curt Henning/ Sid Vicious vs. Brian Pillman/ Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair);

October (front cover = Sting vs. Nikita Koloff/ Earthquake/ Rick Morton/ Sgt. Slaughter);

December (front cover = Ric Flair/ Hulk Hogan; The Steiners);

1992 -

April (front cover = Sid Justice/ Hulk Hogan; Lex Luger);

June (Hulk vs. Supersta Graham/ Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Chris & John Tolas)

September (front cover = “The Most Complete Wrestlers in the Sports – Various”);

October (front cover = “Wrestling’s 10 Most Overrated and Underrated – Various”);

1993 -

January (front cover = Undertaker; Ric Flair; Rick Steamboat);

March (front cover = Bret Hart/ Ron Simmons; Mike Tyson);

April (Big Van Vader/ Mr. Perfect vs. Razor Ramon)

June (Missy/ Big Van Vader vs. Yokozuna)

August (Rick Rude vs. Madusa/ Curt Hennig/ Bret Hart)

October (Sid Vicious/ Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Sting & Davey Boy Smith)

1994 –

Spring (Cactus vs. Doink; Hulk Hogan );

Summer (front cover = “Hulk Hogan’s Wrestlemania Memories – Various”);


Spring (Diesel/ Tamara Murphy Fytch)

Summer(Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart)

Fall (Hogan vs. Flair; Bigelow's Career)

Winter (Paul E./ Diesel/ Undertaker vs Big Van Vader/ Bret Hart)

1997 – Spring (front cover = Roddy Piper/ Hulk Hogan; Ahmed Johnson);


October (Hogan vs Warrior/Michaels vs. Helmsley)

1999 –

August (Ric Flair/ Shane Douglas/ Dirt on the Dirtiest Player!);

December (front cover = Goldberg; Rob Van Dam; Taz; Dawn Marie);

WRESTLING TODAY (Ideal Pub. Corp.) -

1979 –

August, #11 (front cover = Greg Valentine);

October (#12; Bob Backlund)

1980 -

January (#13; Hossien Arab vs Tito Santana)

April, #14 - (front cover = Ivan Putski);

July (#15; Antonino Inoki)

October (Kerry Von Erich)

1981 (January; Pat Patterson)

1988 – April (front cover = Dusty Rhodes; Ted Dibiase; back cover Hulk Hogan);

WRESTLING TODAY (Tiger Press Inc.) -

1983 – Volume 1 #1(front cover = Hulk Ho; Ric Flair; Marie Randolph; back cover Rock ‘n’ Roll Express);

1988 Volume 5 (Jesse the Body Ventura/ Hulk Hogan/ Road Warriors)

1989 ANNUAL (Hulk Hogan/ Jake the Snake Roberts/ Ultimate Warrior/ Ricky Steamboat)

1992 Spring (Sting/ Warrior/ Jake Roberts/ Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair)


1976 -

June (Fred Blassie/ Superstar Billy Graham)

December (Indian Billy White Wolf; Steve Strong; Ernie Ladd; Pistol Pez; Grahams; George Cannon; Pete Reeves; Ali Pasha)


February ( Chief Strongbow; High Flyer; Pat Patterson; Bo Orton Jr.; Victor Rivera; Stan Stasiak; Bull Gregory);

April (Bob Backlund/ Ox Baker/ Pampiro Pirpo/ Chavo Guerrero/ Larry Hennig/ Billy Gaham)

June (Ox Baker/ Terry Funk/ Superstar Billy Graham/ Kanji Antonio Iinoki/ Bulldog Don Kent/ Ivan Putski/ Bob Roop)

1982/83 Winter Strongbow Brothers Jay & Jules // Hulk Hogan in Rocky III/ Superfly Jimmy Snuka/ Bob Backlund)


1980 –

Spring (#1; front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Billy Graham);

Fall (Bob Backlund/ Terry Funk/ Verne Gagne/ Greg Gagne/ Pepo Bolo/ Bulldog Browe/ Mr Wrestling II/ Baron Von Raschke)

1981 – Spring (#3; front cover = Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko);


1951 March (Mr. Universe; Chief Don Eagle; Lace Panties; Joe Louis; Boryla);

1951 - April, Volume-1 #3 (front cover = Gene Stanlee vs. Primo Carnera; G = $16.00);

1951 – April Volume-1 #3 ( Contents; Mars Bennett Wrestling Girl with the Iron Jaw; Newcomer Joyce Ford Wrestling pinup; Andre Drapp - A Frenchman Wrestles; Golden Superman pinup; Arlynne Buchmann - Queen of the Roller Derby; Nell Stewart - Wrestling Girl; Lou Little football; Lord Leslie Carlton - UK Wrestler;  Wrestlers are No Dopes; Packy O-Gatty - Boxing; Wrestling Villains; Wrestling Amazons of the Mat; Gene Mr America Stanlee Wrestling pinup;  1/2" Corner Chewed at upper right thus G/VG = $29.00);
1951 - June, Volume-1 #4 (front cover = Hardboiled Haggerty vs. Larry Mouquin; Good+ = $18.00);

1951 - August, Vol.1 #5 (front cover = Betty Boyd of Roller Derby);

1951 November (Roller Derby; Ted Williams; Lady Wrestlers)

WRESTLING U.S.A. (TV Sports Inc./Jalart/Victory Sports) -

1984 -

Summer (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Harley Race; Chris Adams vs. Jim Garvin; Junkyard Dog; Jimmy Snuka);

Fall (front cover = Ric Flair vs. Bruiser Brody/ Billy Jack; Hulk Hogan; David Von Erich);

1985 -

Spring (front cover = Road Warrior Hawk vs. Baron Von Raschke/ Billy Jack/ Kerry Von Erich/ Kevin Sullivan/ Hulk Hogan);

Fall (Von Erich Dynasty/ Nikita Koloff/ Paul Ellering/ Lou Albano)

Winter (front cover = David Shultz/ Bruiser Brody/ Paul Orndoff);

1986 -

Spring (front cover = Road Warriors/ Hulk Hogan/ Tito Santana/ Ivan Koloff vs. Robert Gibson);

Summer (front cover = Kevin Von Erich/ Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair/ Road Warriors/ Russians; Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan);

Fall (front cover = Midnight Express; Randy Savage; Rock 'N' Roll Express);

Winter (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Jimmy Snuka/ Four Horsemen);

1987 -

Spring (front cover = Ric Flair/ Nick Bockwinkel vs. Col Debeers; Missy Hyatt; Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff);

Summer (front cover = Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair/ Miss Elizabeth/ Randy Savage/ Steve Williams/ Dusty Rhodes/ Nikita Koloff);

Fall (front cover = Midnight Rockers/ Midnight Express/ Rick Steamboat vs. Randy Savage/ Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham);

Winter (front cover = Lex Luger vs. Nikita Koloff/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Express/ Jimmy Hart/ Hulk Hogan vs. Harley Race);

1988 –

Spring (front cover = Magnum T.A./ Ted DiBiase/ Kerry and Kevin Von Erich);

Fall (front cover = Sting vs. Ric Falir/ Hulk Hogan/ Ted Dibiase/ Kerry Von Erich/ Michael Hayes);

Winter (front cover = Missy Hyatt/ Hulk Hogan/ Sting);

1989 -

August (front cover = Miss Elizabeth/ Hulk Hogan/ Sting vs. Ric Flair/ Bret Hart/ Rick Martel);

October (Randy Savage/ Rick Steamboat/ Dusty Rhodes)

December (front cover = Roddy Piper vs. Randy Savage/ Ric Flair vs. Sting/ Road Warriors/ Bushwhackers);

Spring (Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Lex Luger/ Barry Windham)

Summer (Hulk Hogan/ Rick Steamboat/ Mike Rotundo/ Curt Hennig)

1990 -

February (Savage vs. Hogan/ Dusty Rhodes/ Lex Luger/ Paul E. Dangerously vs Jim Cornette);

April (front cover = Sid Vicious/ Danny Spivey/ Dusty Rhodes/ Destruction Crew/ Hulk Hogan vs. Dino Bravo);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sting vs. Lex Luger);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair; The Steiners);

August (Hulk Hogan)

October (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Lex Luger);

December (front cover = “Special Face Paint Issue”);

1991 -

February (front cover = Sting/ Kerry Von Erich; Ric Flair; Sgt. Slaughter; Hulk Hogan);

April (front cover = Sting; Ultimate Warrior);

June (front cover = Sid Vicious; Sting; Hulk Hogan; Ultimate Warrior; Jesse Ventura);

August (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Sting/ Ric Flair/ Ultimate Warrior; The Steiners);

1992 –

February (front cover = Roddy Piper; Rick Steamboat; Diamond Studd);

September (Hulk/ Stiger/ Moondog/ Jim Neidhart);

October (Randy Savage/ Dusty Rhodes/ Terry Gordy/ Steve Williams)

November (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Rick Steamboat; Legion of Doom; Jerry Lawler; Sting);

Spring (Scott Steiner/ Roddy Piper/ Bret Hart/ Mr. Hughes/ Rick Steiner)

1993 –

January (front cover = Huk Hogan/ Dangerous Alliance/ Sting/ Ric Flair/ The Steiners; back cover Jake Roberts);

Fall (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ric Flair/ Jerry Lawler/ The Hollywood Blonds; backcover Marty Jannetty);

Winter (Four Horsemen/ Bid Van Vader);

WRESTLING WORLD (Complete Sports Pub. Inc.) -

1954 -

April (Buddy Rogers);

September (Lou Thesz)

October (Dick Hutton);

November (Lou Thesz)


January (Dick the Bruiser/ Mike Shape/ Millie Stafford/ Scufflin Hillbilles/ Yukon Eric)

March (Leo Nomellini/ Rikidozan/ Destroyer/ Bobo Brazil/ Johnny Marend/ Sir Alan Garfield/ Kangaroos)

May (Dory Dixon/ Verne Gagne/ Sheik/ Kay Noble/ Ray Stevens)


February (Bruno Sammartime/ Fabulous Moolah/ Olga Martinez/ Ann Casey/ Jean Lane);

December (Karl Gotch/ Linda Carroll/ Hans Mortier/ Don McClarity/ Big Bob Orton);


April (Gene Kiniski/ Viking/ Tex Mackenzie/ Sam Steamboat/ Funks/ Destroyer/ Peewee Lopez);

October (Don Manoukian/ Dick the Bruiser/ Wilbur Snyder/ Haystack Calhoun/ Yukon Eric)

1966 –

April (Crusher Lisowski/ Nikita Mulkovich/ Millie Zec/ Eddie Graham/ Tarzan Tyler);

October (front cover = Pepper Gomez vs. Race Stevens);


October (Wonderful world of Midgets/ Johnny Valentine/ Sammartino)


February (Sheik/ Frankie Laine/ Dick the Bruiser/ Kowalski/ Midget Muscle/ Blood Ran Red);


January/February (John Tolos/ Sheik/ Earl Maynard/ Jim Valient/ Gypsy Trucker)

October (Killer Brooks/ Sheik/ Pedro Morales/ Fabulous Moolah/ Hans Schmidt);

1974 –

Fall (front cover = Andre the Giant; Sheik);


Spring (Giant Baba/ Jos LeDuc/ Ken Patera/ Bob Bruggers/ Danny Hodge/ Black Jack Lanza/ Gene Kiniski/ Mighty Igor);


Special (Bruno/ Ric Flair vs Harley Race/ Dick the Bruiser/ Don Muraco/ Mike Graham/ Peter Maivia)


Winter (Billy Graham/ Harley Race/ Japanese Connection/ Big John Studd/ RTed DiBase);

Special (Greg Valentin/ Bruno Sammartino/ Ric Flair/ Joyce Grable/ Bugsy McGraw/ Magnificent Muraco vs Bob Backlund)

1983 -

August (Rick Martel/ Kevin Sullivan/ Ernie Ladd/ Ivan Koloff/ The Avenger)

December (front cover = Tommy Rich vs. Larry Zbyszko; back cover Dusty Rhodes);


July (Hulk Hogan/ Chief Jay Strongbow/ Dick Slater/ Carlos Colon/ Billy Jack/ Jack Brisco)

1985 –

August (front cover = Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair/ Mr. T; back cover Road Warrior Animal);

September (Road Warrior/ Sgt. Slaughter/ Big John Studd/ Andre the Giant/ Hooded HItman/ Dixie Wildman Bugsy McGraw/ Crippler Ray Stevens)

November (front cover = Magnum T.A. vs. Ric Flair);

1986 –

April (Brutus Beefcake/ Greg the Hammer Valentine/ Kevin Sullivan/ Stan Hansen/ Boris Zuchoff)

June (Iron Sheik/ Lex Luger/ Von Erichs/ Hart Foundation/ George Welles/ Pacific Northwest/ Tarzan Tyler)

August (Ric Flair/ Bob Orton/ Don Muraco/ Jesse Barr/ Koloffs/ Khrushchev)

October (front cover = Road Warriors; back cover Nikita Koloff);

November (Mad Russian Nikita Koloff/ Harley Race/ Ric Flair vs Lex Luger/ Road Warrior/ King Tonga/ Buddy Rose/ Ox Baker)

December (Hulk Hogan/ Jake Roberts/ barry Windham/ Ed Gantner/ Tony Lanza/ Brutus Beefcake)

1987 -

February (Ric Flair/ Davey Boy Smith/ Ricky Morton)

April (Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair/ Dino Bravo/ CPL. Kirchner/ Rick Martel / Tom Zenk. Midnight Rockers)

August (front cover = Jim Neidhart; Junkyard Dog; Barry Windham; back cover Barry Windham);

October (Road Warrior/ Hulk Hogan/ Macho Man Randy Savage);

1988 -

February (Lex Lugar/ Jacques Rougeau/ Road Warrior/ Ted Dibiase)

March (front cover = Sting; Randy savage; back cover Ivan Putski);

April (Hulk Hogan/ Honky Tonk Man/ Animial & Hawk/ Sting/ Bam Bam Bigelow)

June (Kevin Kelly/ Road Warriors/ Bam Bam Bigelos)

August (front cover = Lex Luger; Randy Savage; back cover Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

December (front cover = Andre the Giant vs. Bam Bam Bigelow; Hulk Hogan; back cover Road Warrior Animal);


Randy Savage/ Ultimate Warrior/ Hullk/ Sting/ Hercules/ Road Warrior/ Akeem. Curt Henning/ Coal Miner's Daughter/ Brandi Mae)

1990 -

January (front cover = Sting; Davey Boy Smith; back cover Randy Savage);

March (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Rick Martel; back cover Hulk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man);

May (front cover = Lex Luger; Curt Henning; back cover Hulk Hogan);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Sting; back cover Randy Savage vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

September (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; back cover Randy Savage);

1991 –

January (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; back cover Randy Savage);

March (Randy Savge/ Hulk/ Sting/ Rockers/ Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ Demolition/ Sid Vicious);

May (Ultimate Warrior/ Texas Tornado/ Paul Orndorff/ Mat Maniacs)

July (Hulk Hogan/ Ted DiBiase/ Virgil/ Lex Lugar/ Z-Man/ El Gigante/ Dustin Rhodes)

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan; back cover Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth);


November (Ultimate Warrior/ Hulk HOgan/ Macho Man/ Ric Flair vs Undertaker/Hacksaw)

1993 -

March (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Razor Ramon; Bret Hart; back cover Hulk Hogan);

May (Bret Hart/ Tatanka/ Max Moon/ Ultimate Warrior/ Randy Savage)

September (Hulk Hogan/ Doink the Clown/ Tatanka/ Dick Murdoch/ Lex Luger)

November (Razor Ramon/ Yokozuna/ Paul Bearer/ Jeff Jarrett/ Hulk/ Bam Bam Bigelow)


March (Bret Hart/ Hulk/ Jim Cornette/ Razor Ramon/ Sid Vicious/ Lex Luger)

May (Bret Hart/ Razor Ramon/ Undertaker/ Ric Flair/ Cactus Jack)

August (Hulk Hogan/ Ramon/ Tatanka/ Lex Luger/ Bret Hart);

November (Hulk/ Bret Hart/ Sting/ Paul Bearer/ Tatanka)

1995 –

February (Bret Hart/ Razor Ramon/ Hulk/ Shawn Michaels/ 1-2-3 Kid)

April (Hulk/ Kevin vs Dave Sullivan/ Terry Funk/ Bob Backlund/ Bet Hart/ Razor Ramon)

June (Hulk/ Diesel/ Randy Savage/ Bob Backlund/ Jim Duggan)

August (front cover = Bret Hart; Jeff Jarrett; Vader; Diesel; Shawn Michaels; back cover Psycho Sid/ Shawn Michaels);

October (Psycho Sid/ Hulk/ Hakushi/ Smoking Gunns/ Diesel);

December (Shawn Michaels/ Bam Bam/ Alex Wright/ Road Warrior Hawk);

1996 -

February (Hulk/ Diesel/ Shawn Michaels/ Hitman Bret Hart/ Dungeon of Doom)

April (Hulk/ Shawn Michaels/ Mabel/ Diesel)

June (Undertaker/ British Bulldog/ Bob Backlund/ Bret Hart/ Alex Wright)

August (front cover = Shawn Michaels; The Giant; Public Enemy; Ultimate Warrior; back cover Jeff Jarrett);

October (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Bret Hart; Roddy Piper; Shawn Michaels; back cover Hulk Hogan);

December (front cover = Shawn Michaels; Golddust; Kevin Nash; Isaac Yanker, DDS.; back cover Ultimate Warrior);

1997 -

February (front cover = Sycho Sid; Sunny; Hulk Hogan; Shawn Micheals; NWO; back cover Lex Luger/ Sting);

April (front cover = Vaper; Kevin Nash; Steve Austin; Bret Hart; back cover Shawn Michaels);

June (front cover = Bret Hart/ Sting/ Roddy Piper/ Hulk Hogan);

August (front cover = Undertaker/ Hulk Hogan/ Chris Jericho/ Flash Funk/ Steve Austin; back cover Psycho Sid);

October (Steve Austin/ Undertaker/ Lex Luger/ Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart)

December (Rocky Maivia/ Ahmed Johnson/ Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart/ Roddy Piper)

1998 –

February (Steve Austin/ Ted DiBiase/ Bret Hart/ Goldust/ Hulk)

April (Hulk/ Dean Malenko/ Shawn Michaels/ Dude Love/ Steve Austin);

June (Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart/ Goldust/Ken Shamrock/ Hulk Hogan/ Stone Cold)

August Austin/ Dusty Rhodes/ Mike Tyson/ Sable/ Marc Mero/ Kevin Nash/ Legion of Doom)

September (front cover = Who's Who in Wrestling);

October (McMahon/ Austin/ Val Venis/ Goldberg/ Dan Seven)

December (Goldberg/ Gang Warfare/ Ken Shamrock/ Steve Austin/ Chris Jericho)

1999 –

February (Warrior/ Undertaker/ Val Venis/ Steve Austin/ Jay Leno/ Goldberg)

April (Rocky Maivia/ Goldber/ Ric Flair/ Stone Cold/ Al Snow)

July (front cover = Stone Cold Steve Austin; ManKind; Scott Hall);

November (front cover = Stone Cold Steve Austin; The Rock);

2000 -

June (Goldberg/ Mankind/ Sting/ Austin/ Undertaker/ Rock)

August (front cover = Who's Who in Wrestling 2000 – Various);

December (Top 20 Heavyweight Champions of all time!/ Goldberg/ Scott Steiner/ Chris Jeincho/ Vamprio/ 3 Count/ Kristi Myst)

2001 -

April (Brian Blair/ Dudley Boyz/ FBI/ Kronik/ Acolytes/ Richt to Censor/ Hardy Boys)

June (Front cover = “Special Blood Issue” - Ric Flair/ Steve Corino/ Tommy Dreamer);


1976 - (Chief Jay Stongbow/ Billy White Wolf/ Stan Hansen/ Terry Funk/ Super Graham Bob Backlund)

1978 (Billy Graham vs Bob Backlund/ Harley Race/ Andre /Flair/Ladd)

1979 - (front cover = Nick Bockwinkel vs. Bob Backlund);

1980 - (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Volkoff);


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (January 1999; Sable/ DDP & Malone/ Goldberg/ Rodman)

WRESTLING MANIACS (June 1999; Chyna/ Mankind/ Abdullah the Butcher/ Diamond Dallas Page/ Steve Austin/ Rocky Maivia/ Blue Meanie/ Undertaker/ Saturn/ Gangrel/ Tommy Dreamer/ Goldberg)

SABLE (August 1999/ Nitro Girls/ Chyna Terri Runnels/ Tammy Sytch/ Miss Hyatt)


Volume 2 (September/1999; Undertaker/ Sable/ Goldberg/ Mankind/ Kevin Nash/ Bret Hart/ Steve Austin/ Rock/ Hogan/ DDP/ Billy Gunn/ Paul Wight);

Volume 3 (August/2000; Steve Austin/ Hulk/ Goldberg/ Keven Nah/ Rock/ Rikishi/ Sid Vicious/ Chyna & The Kat/ Bret Hart/ Triple H & Stephanie/ Buff Bagwell/ Sting)

WRESTLING YEARBOOK (Jalart House Inc. / Victory Sports Series / TV Sports Inc) -

1973 #4 (front cover = Dory Funk Jr; Morales; Gage; The Shiek vs Bruno Sammartino; Mil Mascaras vs Black Gordman););

1974 -

#7 (front cover = “Royale Rumble – Andre the Giant – Various”);

#8 (front cover = “Dirtiest Matches Ever – Various”);

#9 (front cover = Buddy Colt; VG/FN $12);

1975 -

#10 (front cover = Pampero Firpo vs. John L.; Johnny Valentine);

#11 (front cover = Jack Brisco vs. Baba; The Legionnaires; ** Also with; Jerry Lawler - 1st Nude centerfold; FN $14);

#12 (front cover = Andre the Giant, Jack Brisco & Mr Wrestling II the Masked Wrestler; FN/VF $16)

#13 (front cover = Andre the Giant vs Harley Race; FN $14)

1978 –

Spring (front cover = Dusty Rhodes/ Andre the Giant/ Billy Graham);

Fall (front cover = Dusty Rhodes vs Billy Graham/ Andre the Giant; Spoiler; Bob Backlund; FN $10);

1979 – September (front cover = Greg Valentine; Wahoo McDaniel vs. Harley Race);

1980 – Spring (front cover = Andre the Giant; Rick Steamboat; Ken Patera);

WWF MAGAZINE (Titan Sports Pub. Inc.; 1984 to July 2006; ** August 2006 up becomes WWE Magazine) -

WWF Magazine; 1984 -

October/November (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

WWF Magazine; 1985 -

April/May (front cover = Hillybilly Jim);

WWF Magazine; 1986 -

April/May (front cover = Jesse);

WWF Magazine; 1987 -

June (Hulk Hgan; Andre the Giant)

August (Ken Patera)

September (Honky Tonk);

October (front cover = Bobby Heenan);

November (front cover = Bam Bam Bigelow);

December (front cover = Randy Savage);

WWF Magazine; 1988 -

January (front cover = Ted Dibiase);

February (front cover = Jake Roberts; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; )

March (front cover = Andre the Giant);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

May (front cover = Miss Elizabeth; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; NO Mailing Label;

June (front cover = “Wrestlemania IV – Various” ; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; )

July (front cover = Randy Savage WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; NO Mailing Label;

August (front cover = Bret Hart);

September (front cover = Brutus Beefcake);

October (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

November (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

December (front cover = Road Warriors);

WWF Magazine; 1989 -

January (front cover = Brother Love);

February (front cover = Hacksaw Jim Duggan; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; NO Mailing Label;

March (front cover = Demolition);

April (front cover = Miss Elizabeth);

May (front cover = Ted Dibiase);

June (front cover = “Wrestlemania V – Various”);

July (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

August (front cover = The Rockers);

September (front cover = Hacksaw Jim Duggan);

October (front cover = Bushwhackers);

November (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

December (front cover = Roddy Piper);

WWF Magazine; 1990 -

January (front cover = Jake Roberts);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Rick Rude; Ultimate Warrior; Randy Savage; Dusty Rhodes);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

April (front cover = Big Boss Man);

May (front cover = Brutus Beefcake);

June (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

July (front cover = Randy Savage);

August (front cover = Hart Foundation);

September (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Legion of Doom);

November (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

December (front cover = Texas Tornado);

WWF Magazine; 1991 -

January (front cover = Mr. Perfect);

February (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior);

March (front cover = The Rockers);

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

May (front cover = Undertaker);

June (front cover = “Wrestlemania VII – Various”);

July (front cover = Jake Roberts);

August (front cover = British Bulldog);

September (front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth);

November (front cover = Bret Hart; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; VF, but with minor residue from removed Mailing Label,

December (front cover = Sid Justice);

WWF Magazine; 1992 -

January (front cover = Undertaker);

February (front cover = Ric Flair);

March (front cover = Ric Flair; Sid Justice; Undertaker; Randy Savage; Roddy Piper; Hulk Hogan; Miss Elizabeth);

April (front cover = Ric Flair/ Randy Savage/ Sid Justice/ Hulk Hogan);

May (front cover = Miss Elizabeth);

June (front cover = “Wrestlemania VIII – Various”);

July (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

August (front cover = British Bulldog);

September (front cover = Papa Shango);

October (front cover = Tatanka);

November (front cover = Bret Hart);

December (front cover = Shawn Michaels; WWF Insert Merchandise Catalog is intact at Center; NO Mailing Label;

WWF Magazine; 1993 -

January (front cover = Undertaker/ Nailz);

February (front cover = Mr. Perfect);

March (front cover = Razor Ramon);

April (front cover = Yokozuna);

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

June (front cover = Hulk Hogan; Bret Hart; Yokozuna);

July (front cover = Undertaker; Hulk Hogan; Bret Hart);

August (front cover = Bret hart; Adam Bomb);

September (front cover = Lex Luger; Hulk Hogan);

October (front cover = The Steiners; Undertaker);

November (front cover = Lex Luger; Adam Bomb);

December (front cover = Razor Ramon; Doink);

WWF Magazine; 1994 -

January (front cover = Crush; Lex Luger);

February (front cover = Shawn Michaels; Doink);

March (front cover = Undertaker; Bret Hart);

April (front cover = Yokozuna/ Bret Hart/ Lex Luger);

May (front cover = Adam Bomb; Undertaker);

June (front cover = Bret Hart; Tatanka; Roddy Piper);

July (front cover = Diesel; Shawn Michaels);

August (front cover = Yokozuna; Doink);

September (front cover = Owen Hart/ Jim Neidhart);

October (front cover = Doink; 1-2-3 Kid);

November (front cover = Bret Hart vs.Owen Hart; Undertaker);

December (front cover = Randy Savage; Davey Boy Smith – British Bulldog);

1994 – Bodyslams and Memories – Year in Review – Various);

WWF Magazine; 1995 -

January (front cover = King Kong Bundy/ Ted Dibiase; Paul Bearer);

February (front cover = Diesel; Chuck Norris);

March (front cover = Bret Hart; British Bulldog);

April (front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Pam Anderson);

April 2nd (front cover = Lawrence Taylor);

June (front cover = Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels; Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Lawrence Taylor);

July (front cover = “Knights of the Squared Circle – Various”);

August (front cover = Bret Hart/ Razor Ramon/ Diesel/ Alundra Blayze);

September (front cover = Shawn Michaels; Undertaker);

October (front cover = Bret Hart);

November (front cover = Undertaker/ Paul Bearer);

December (front cover = Bret Hart/ Diesel);

WWF Magazine; 1996 -

January (front cover = Goldust; Marty Jannetty);

February (front cover = Bret Hart);

March (front cover = Sunny; Mr. Perfect);

April (front cover = Shawn Michaels);

May (front cover = Jake Roberts);

June (front cover = “Wrestlemania X – Various”);

July (front cover = Ultimate Warrior; Bret Hart);

August (front cover = Marc Mero/ Sable; Undertaker);

September (front cover = Sunny/ P.I.G. Godwinns);

October (front cover = Goldust/ Mankind; Sycho Sid);

November (front cover = Undertaker/ Paul Bearer);

December (Sycho Sid)

WWF Magazine; 1997 -

January (Stone Gold )

February (Shawn Michaels)

March (front cover = Ahmed Johnson);

April (front cover = Wrestlemania 13);

May (front cover = Bart Simpson/ Bret Hart);

June (front cover = The Undertaker);

July (front cover = Legion of Doom);

August (front cover = Bret Hart);

September (front cover = Sable);

October (front cover = Dude Love);

November (front cover = Shawn Michaels);

December (front cover = British Bulldog/ Bret Hart/ Owen Hart);

WWF Magazine; 1998 -

January (front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Triple H);

February (front cover = “Royale Rumble”);

March (front cover = Paul Bearer/ Kane);

April (front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Steve Austin/ Mike Tyson);

May (Paul Bearer)

June (front cover = Steve Austin);

July (front cover = Yank-R-Doodle);

August (front cover = Sable);

September (front cover = Shamrock);

October (front cover = Shaun Michaels);

November (front cover = Val Venis);

December (front cover = Oddities/ Insane Clown Posse);

WWF Magazine; 1999 -

January (front cover = The Rock);

February (front cover = Mankind/ Al Snow/ Head);

March (front cover = Mankind);

April (front cover = Triple H);

May (front cover = Stone Cold Steve Austin);

June (front cover = “When Fiction Becomes Reality”):

July (front cover = The Rock);

August (front cover = The Brood);

September (front cover = Road Dogg);

October (Hardcore Holly Smokin')

November (front cover = Mr. Ass);

December (front cover = Mankind);

WWF Magazine; 2000 -

January (front cover = Kane's Burning Desire);

February (front cover = DX);

April (Too Phat);

May (front cover = Chris Jericho);


August (Chyna Secret)

September (Edge & Christian)

October (Hardy Boyz);

November (Stephanie Triple H Unleashed)

December (Electrifying Lita)

WWF Magazine; 2001 -

January (Tazz)

February (front cover = Jeff and Matt Hardy);


April Kane)

May (front cover = Buh-Buh Ray/ D-Von);

June (front cover = Vince McMahon);

July (front cover = Chris Benoit);

August (E & C McGee)

September (Rock)

October (front cover = Steve Austin);

November (front cover = Stephanie McMahon);

December ( Lita )

WWF Magazine; 2002 -

January (front cover = Lita/ Matt Hardy);

February (Ric Flair);

March (Undertaker)

April (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Scott Hall/ Kevin Nash);

May (front cover = The Rock/ Hulk Hogan);

June (front cover = The Rock/ Steve Austin);

July (front cover = Brock Lesnar);

August (Chris Jericho)

September (front cover = The Rock/ Brock Lesnar);

October( Booker T)

November (Kane)

December (front cover = Edge);

Holiday (GM Stephanie)

WWF Magazine; 2003 -

January (front cover = Scott Steiner);

February ( Trish Stratus & Brock Lesnar)

March (Rock)

April (Hurricane)

May (front cover = Goldberg);

June (front cover = Brock Lesnar);

July (Mattitude)

August (Freddie Blassie; Tribute Inside);

September (front cover = Lita);

October ( Red Rage);

November (Zach Gowen)

December (Goldberg; Vince; Nidia)

WWE MAGAZINE (Titan Sports Pub. Inc.; formerly WWF Magazine from 1984 to July 2006);

WWE Magazine; 2006

August; (PREMIERE issue)

September (Randy Orton)

October (John Cena the Marine)

November (Maria )

December ( Jerry Lawler)

Holiday (Maria, Mickie, Melina, Ashley)

WWE Magazine; 2007 -

February (John Cena);

February 12 ( Best of WWE);

March (Batista)

April (front cover = Undertaker);

May (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

June (Kings of the Ring)

July (Matt & Jeff Hardys)

August(Rey Returns);

September( Triple H);

October (Mr. Kennedy)

November 27 (500th Anniversary Issue)

December (John Cena);

Holiday (Chris Jericho);

WWE Magazine; 2008 -

March ( John Cena);

March (Triple H Hammer)

March (Batista)

April (Wrestle Mania XXIV);

May (Judgment);

June (Triple H);

July (Mysterio);

August(Jeff Hardy);

September( Undertaker)

October (Batista)

October 28 (300 WWE Stories)

November (Winners & Losers of the Year; Batista; Cryme Tyme; CM Pubk), Cody Rhades);

November/December (front cover = “The Greatest Photos of All Time in 3-D”);

December (Rey Mysterio)

December 29 (3-D Issue);

Holiday (Cena);

WWE Magazine; 2009 -

February (Jeff Hardy);

March (Triple H);

March ( Jeff Hardy);

March 2 ( Back Stage Special Issue);

April (front cover = “Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary”);

May (front cover = The Deadman);

June (front cover = Batista);

July (front cover = Randy Orton);

July 14 (Bid Book of Wrestling);

August (front cover = Rey Mysterio);

September (front cover = Jeff Hardy);

October (John Cena)

November (front cover = 'The End of DX?');

Holiday (front cover = “Tomorrow's Champions”);

WWE Magazine; 2010 -

January (front cover = 'Best of 2009');

February (Avenging Angel);

March ( Vince McMahan)

April ( Bret Hart)

May (Edge)

July (Viper; Randy Orton)

August (Triple H);

September (John Cena);

October (front cover = Wade Barrett);

November (Undertaker)

December (Randy Orton)

Holiday (Mysterio)

WWE Magazine; 2011 -

January (John Cena Hologram cover);

March (front cover = CM Punk);

April/May (front cover = The Rock);

June (front cover = Randy Orton);

July (front cover = John Cena);

August (front cover = Rey Mysterio);

September (101 WWE Secrets revealed);

October (front cover = CM Punk);

November (front cover = Triple H);

December (front cover = The Rock);

Holiday (front cover = John Cena);

WWE Magazine; 2012 -

January (front cover = The Rock; John Cena);

February (front cover = Randy Orton);

March (front cover = Triple H);

April (front cover = WrestleMania XXVIII);

May (front cover = Undertaker);

June (front cover = “The Power Issue – The 20 Toughest Superstars of All Time”);

July (front cover = John Cena);

August (front cover = Triple H);

September (front cover = Mysterio);

October (front cover = Randy Orton);

November (front cover = CM Punk; Dolph Ziggler; Daniel Bryan; Kane; The Miz);

December (front cover = John Cena);

WWE Magazine; 2013 -

January (front cover = Daniel Bryan and Kane);

February (front cover = The Rock);

March (front cover = Brock Lesnar);

April (front cover = The Rock; Undertaker; CN Punk; John Cena);

May (front cover = Undertaker);

June (front cover = Dolph Ziggler);

July (John Cena);

August (Randy Orton)

September (AJ Lee)

October(Daniel Bryan)

WWE Magazine; 2014 -

March( Batista)

April (30 Wrestlemania XXX)

May (Undertaker)

June (The Power Issue)

July (John Cena)

August ( Summer Slam; Wyatt Family)

September (Randy Orton)

October (Rollins Ambrose)


WWF Andre the Official Biography of Andre the Giant (June/1985)

WWF AUSTIN 3:16 (1999; RAW Magazine);

WWF BATTLEMANIA (Valiant Comics Pub; Color Magazine sized Comic Books) #1(8/1991; Ultimate Warrior), 2, 4(Undertaker);

WWF Best of 2000 (February 19 2001; Triple H & Rock);

WWF Best of 2004 (April 11/2005; Superstars of the Year)

WWF Best Of 2005 (April 3/ 2006; Batista & John Cena)

WWE Best of WWE 2010 (August 30, 2010)

WWE THE BEST OF WWE MAGAZINE (August 30,2011; Limited Edition; giant size Raw & Smackdown poster);

WWE The Best of WWE Magazine 2012 (8 mini posters)

WWE - Special Collector's Edition (The Best of WWE; 2016); (Best of WWE; February 10, 2018) (Best of WWE (February 2, 2019)

WWE Big Book of Wrestling (July 14, 2009);

WWF Bodyslams and Memories (1994);

WWE Bret Hart (Hit Man; February 6, 2006);

WWF CAGED 1994 – Vol.1 #1 - (front cover = “Caged” – Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart; Limited Edition Collectors Series);

WWE Collectors Series (Small booklets; 3" x 4") #1(Ric Flair); 2 Hulk Hogan); 3 (Jimmy Superfly Snuka); 4 (Divas)

WWF DIVAS – 2001 (July 3 2001; Lita);

2002 (July 3 2002; Trish Stratus);

2003 (July 7, 2003;Trish Stratus);

2005(February 2, 2005; Christy Rocks);

WWF Divas Undressed (January 6, 2003; Stacy Keiber);

WWF EXTREME (December 4, 2001; Hardy Boyz & Lita);

WWF The Game (2002; front cover = Triple H);

WWE The Greatest (March 16, 2004; 50 superstars of all time)

WWF The History of WrestleMania I-VII (Hulk Hogan)

WWF Hulkamania; Official Biography of Hulk Hogan (June/85; Hulk Hogan);

WWE HULKAMANIA - THE MAN THE MYTH THE ICON (Special Collector's Issue; August 20, 2002; Giant Poster; Hulk Hogan);

WWF In Your Face Attitude: Best of '99 in 3-D (February 21,2000);

WWE JUMBO COLORING & ACTIVITY BOOK (Bendon Pub.; 2013; CM Punk, Kane, Rock)

WWE Kane “See No Evil” (July 24,2006; Kane);

WWE Kids.Com (March 2009) (June, 2009); (Summer, 2010)

WWE Kofi Kingston: Nice Guys Finish First (Grosset & Dunlap; 2012)

WWE Legends of WrestleMania (April 7, 2015);

WWE The Many Faces of Rey Mysterio (December 19, 2005)

WWF Monday Night Raw (1996; Limited Edition Collectors Series);

WWE Official WWE Superstar 2012 Calendar (December 20, 2011; Stone Cold, Rock, HBK, Undertaker)

WWE Photos of the Year (Collector's Edition; February 3, 2015);


1991 -

#1 (front cover = Various);

#4 (front cover = Randy Savage/ Hacksaw Jim Duggan/ Crush/ Ric Flair);

#6 (Undertaker; Yokozunia; Gonzalez, Steiners);

#9 (Macho Man; Andy Savage)

WWF PROGRAM (Titan Sports Inc.,)

#151 (front cover = Miss Elizabeth; back cover Strike Force; VG, NO merchandise catalog = $8.00);

#152 (front cover = Don Muraco; back cover Harley Race; FA/G, NO merchandise catalog = $5.00);

#157 (1988; front cover = Randy Savage; back cover Demolition; NO merchandise catalog; VG/FN = $10.00);

#160 (front cover = Jake Roberts; back cover Big John Studd; 32 Pages including Covers, with 12 page merchandise catalog; G/VG = $12.00);

WWF/WWE RAW Magazine (Titan Sports Inc.) -

WWF/WWE RAW 1996 -

May/June (front cover = Vader vs. Gorilla; Sunny);

July/August (Vince & Diesel)

September/ October (Stone Cold);

WWF/WWE RAW 1997 -

January/February (front cover = Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart; Heidi T. Roth);

March/April (Goldust & Marlena)

May/June (front cover = Vader; Centerfold out);

July/August (Hart reunion)

November/December (Titan)

WWF/WWE RAW 1998 -

January (front cover = Sable Swimsuit Edition; 2 Different Covers);

February (front cover = DX);

March (front cover = Animal/ Hawk);

April (front cover = Kane);


June (Sable's Fury);

July (front cover = Mick Foley);

August (Stone Cold)

September (front cover = The Rock);

October (Chyna);

November (Sable);

December (Kane)

WWF/WWE RAW 1999 -


February (Conscience Police)

March (front cover = Terri Runnels/ Jacaueline/ Chyna/ Debra McMichaels/ Sable/ Luna);

April (Sable)

May (" @?#% You!!")

June (front cover = “Get It ?”);

July (front cover = Charles Wright);

August (front cover = Debra);

September (front cover = Members of “DX”);

October (One-on -One with the Great One!!)

November (front cover = Chris Jericho);

December (front cover = Triple H);

WWF/WWE RAW 2000 -

January (front cover = Rising Stars – Edge, Christian and the Hardys);

February (front cover = Mick Foley);

March (front cover = Chyna);

April (Exodus)

May (The Kat in the Caribbean);

June (Austin Texas)

July (front cover = The Dudley Boyz);

August (Tazz ready to Explode)

September (Hangin' with the Hardys)

October Jericho Rocks)

November (Out of this World 9th Wonder Playboy Shoot)

December (Debra - Wild, Wild West)

WWF/WWE RAW 2001 -

January (The Life of Foley);

February (front cover = Kurt Angle);

March (Rock)

April (Trish)

May (Stone Cold)

June (Triple H

July (London Calling - Lita)

August (Regal Rules Goodwill Ambassador is enjoying a career renaissance in the Federation)

September (front cover = Chris Jericho);

October (front cover = Rob Van Dam/ Torrie Wilson);

November (Rock)

December (Torrie & Stacy Double Trouble)

WWF/WWE RAW 2002 -

January (Stone Cold Jim Ross)

February (front cover = Lita/ Steve Austin);

March (front cover = Ric Flair);

April (Val Venis, the Godfather & Goldust; Stacy Keiber)

May (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

June (The Hardys)

July (Torrie Wilson)

August (front cover = Steve Austin);

September (Trish Stratus)

October (Eric Bischoff)

November (Rosie & Jamal; Shawn Michaels)

December (Rey Mysterio);

Holiday (10 anniversary; Vince Pride; Chairman)

Holiday (10 anniversary; Vince; Chairman)

Holiday (10 anniversary; Undertaker)

Holiday (10 anniversary; Rock)

WWF/WWE RAW 2003 -

January (Kurt Angle);

February (front cover = Steve Austin);

March (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Vince McMahon);

April (John Cena)

May (Scott Steiner)

May (Here's Your Issue of Raw; with Cover)

June (Sable)

July (Austin)

August (Bill Goldberg)

September (Dudley Boyz)

October (Front cover one = Stacy Keibler;);

October (front cover three = Trish Stratus);

October (#4 of 4; Lita; Special Collector's Issue WrestleMania Poster #3)

November (Randy Orton)

December (McMahan)

Holiday (Stacy Keibler; Kane Apocalypse Now)

WWF/WWE RAW 2004 -

January Scott Steiner; Mark Henry)

February (Matt Hardy)

March ( Sheriff Austin; Mick & Foley)

April (Benoit hits the Prime Time)

May (Trish & Christian)

June (Chris Benoit)

August (Ric Flair; King of the Ring);

September (front cover = Eugene);

October (Shawn Michaels)

November (Triple H ; Evolution Reign)

December (Trish Stratus & Lita)

Holiday (Triple Threat)

WWF/WWE RAW 2005 -

January (Royal Rumble);

February (Muhammad Hassan);

March (Stone Cold);

March (Here's Your Issue of Raw; with Cover)

April (Hulk Hogan);

May (Batista)

June (Batista vs. Triple H III)

July (John Cena)

October (Carlito Cabana)

October (Here's Your Issue of Raw with Cover)

November (Triple H)

December (HBK )

Holiday (John Cena)

WWF/WWE RAW 2006 -

January (Here's Your Issue of Raw with Cover)

February (Rob Van Dam Returns)

May (Shelton Benjamin)

July (Rob Van Dam ; Samoan Bulldozer)



15 YEARS OF RAW (February 12/ 2008)


PRIMA OFFICIAL X-BOX STRATEGY GUIDE (RAW 2; Season Mode Strategies; (2003);

SMACK DOWN ( 20 Giant superstar posters; Hornswoggle) (July 29, 2008)

SUPPPLEMENT TO RAW MAGAZINE (March 14, 2004) (2 different covers)

SUPERSTAR YEARBOOK (Limited Edition; June 17, 2008)

WWF PRESENTS THE ROCK (Special Collector's Issue) (December 17 2000)


WWF ROYAL RUMBLE (Titan Sports Inc.) -

*** (Weight for Postage Purposes = 100 Grams Each);

1989 (January 15; The Summit, Houston Texas);

1991 (January 19, Miama Arena, Miami Florida;

1992 (January 19, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany New York;

1993 (January 24, Arco Arena, Sacramento California;


WWF SHOWDOWN! - Volume 3 (1996)

WWE SLAM CRATE (Lootcrate; Dream Big; 2016)

WWE SLAM CRATE - EXTREMES (Volume 3; 2017)

WWE SLAM CRATE - EXTREMES (Dean Ambrose; 2017)


WWE SLAM CRATE - ROAD TO WrestleMania (2017)

WWE SLAM CRATE - STABLES (Volume 2; 2017)



WWE SMACKDOWN MAGAZINE; 2003 Holiday (John Cena);


January (Eddie Guerrero);

February (Rey Mysterio);

March (He's Back);

April (Rikishi; Eddie Guerrero)

May (Chris Bnoit & Eddie Guerrero);

(July; John Bradshaw);

August ( RVD Fists of Fury)

September (JBL vs. Undertaker)

October (Kenzo Suzuki; Angle's Anger)

November (Think Big; tribute to Andre)

December (Latino Legacy; Eddie Rey Carry)

Holiday (Torrie, Miss Jackie, Dawn Marie)


January (10 questions what does 2005 hold in store?)

March (Undertaker)

April (JBL vs. Cena)

August (Batista)

September (Mercury, Nitro & Melina)

October (Road Warrior)

November (Batista)

December (Deadman)(


January (Booker T & Sharmell)

January (Here's Your Issue of Smack Down with cover)

February (Randy Orton)

March (Kurt Angle)

May (Lightning Rod)

June (Who will be champ?)

July (Great Khali)


(#1 of 5); (#2 of 5); (#4 of 5); (#5 of 5);

WWF SPOTLIGHT (Titan Sports Inc.)-

#1 ( Fall 1988; Randy Savage; Premiere Issue);

#3 – (front cover = Brutus Beefcake);

#4 - (1989; Ultimate Warrior; Weight = 90 Grams;
#5 - (1989; Bret the Hit Man Hart; Weight = 90 Grams;

#7 – (front cover = Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts);

#8 – (front cover = Ted Dibase’ The Million Dollar Man’);

#9 – (front cover = ’The Rockers’);

#10 – (front cover = ’Big Boss Man’);

#11 – (front cover = ’Hart Foundation’);

#12 – (front cover = Rowdy Roddy Piper);

#13 – (front cover = ’Macho Man’ Randy Savage);

#16 – (front cover = ’The Undertaker’);

#17 - (1992; Ultimate Warrior; Weight = 130 Grams );

#18 – (front cover = Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart);

#19 – (front cover = ’Mr. Perfect’);

#21- (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

#22 – (front cover = Jimmy ‘Mouth of the South’ Hart);

#23 – (front cover = The Steiner Brother);

#24 – (front cover = Lex Luger);

#25 – (front cover = Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart);

#26 – (front cover = Diesel);


WWF SUMMER SLAM (Titan Sports Inc.); (Souvenir Program Magazines)

1989(August 28, Meadowlands Arena; East Rutherford, New Jersey front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Randy Savage/ Zeus/ Brutus Beefcake/ Sensational Sheri );

1990(August 27, The Spectrum; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Ultimate Warrior/ Earthquake/ Rick Rude/ Tugboat);

1991(August 26, Madison Square Garden; NY, NY; front cover = “Text Only”);

1992(August 31, Wembly Stadium; London, England front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Randy Savage);

WWE Summer Special Issue with Torrie 2006; July/August ;

WWF SUPERSTARS (Titan Sports Inc.) -

1986 ((Hulk Hogan);

1987 - II

1988 - III

1989 – IV (front cover = Hulk Hogan);

1990 – V (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

1992 – VII (front cover = Ultimate Warrior);

1993 - VIII


1995 – Book 1 (front cover = Diesel/ Shawn Michaels);


WWF SURVIVOR SERIES - (Souvenir Program Magazines)

1989 (November 23, Rosemont Horizon; Rosemont, Illinois front cover = Ted Dibiase/ Hulk Hogan/ Rick Rude/ Ultimate Warrior/ Andre the Giant/ Randy Savage/ Roddy Piper/ Randy Savage/ Big Boss Man);

1991(November 27, Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Undertaker);

1992(November 25, Richfield Coliseum; Richfield, Ohio front cover = Ultimate Warrior/ Randy Savage/ Ric Flair/ Razor Ramon);

WWF TOMBSTONED (Titan Sports Inc.) -

1994 (front cover = Undertaker);

WWE Trivia Blowout (2009)

WWE UNDERTAKER (April 14/2003);

WWF 1999-2000 MILLENNIUM STUDENT PLANNER (Titan Sports Inc.) 1999

WWF WRESTLING SUPERSTARS HOGAN HOGAN'S ROCK 'N' WRESTLING (Titan Sports Inc.; 32 page collector's sticker album; 1986 ; Hulk Hogan cover)


WWF WrestleMania THE CROWN JEWEL OF SPORTS-ENTERTAINMENT (Special Collectors Issue; May 22 2000)

WWF WRESTLE-MANIA / WRESTLEMANIA (Souvenir Program Magazines)

WRESTLEMANIA VII = March 24/1991 (Los Angeles Sports Arena; Sgt. Slaughter/ Hulk Hogan);

WRESTLEMANIA VIII = 1April 5/1992 ( Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana front cover = Ric Flair/ Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan/ Sid Justice);

WWF WrestleMaina x8 (Bonus autograph section inside; May 5 2002);


WRESTLEMANIA XXVI ALMANAC = (John Cena; Chris Jericho; Stone Cold; April 27 2010)

WRESTLEMANIA XXVII = Atlanta 04.03.2011 (John Cena, Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker);


WRESTLEMANIA XXX = 30 Years of WrestleMaina (Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Rock, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals; July 7 2014);

WRESTLEMANIA 34 = (Interviews with Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke Nakamura; AJ Styles; May 19 2018);

WRESTLEMANIA YEARBOOK (Backstage pass to the show of shows; May 5 2015)


WWE WrestleMania BACKSTAGE PASS (June 23 2015)


1990 - #I - V (front cover = Various);

1992 - I-VII (front cover = Hulk Hogan/ Big Boss Man/ Randy Savage/ Miss Elizabeth);


WWE WrestleMania 25th Anniversary Blowout !” (May 5 2009)

WWE WrestleMania 3-D - As you've Never Seen if Before (April 27 2004);

WWE WrestleMania - THE ULTIMATE PHOTO COLLECTION , VOLUME 1 (featuring WrestleMania I-X; May 8 2005)

WWE WrestleMania - THE ULTIMATE PHOTO COLLECTION , VOLUME 2 (featuring WrestleMania XI-XX; May 30 2005)

WWE WrestleMania - THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE WWE (Mr. McMahon reveals everything; November 3 2009);

WWE WrestleMania - THE YEAR IN PHOTOS (2011 Most Epic Pictures Inside; February 14, 2012)

WWE WrestleMania 2014 YEARBOOK (Special Edition; October 7 2014);

WWE WrestleMania YEARBOOK - Your Backstage Pass to the Show of Shows (Collector's Edition; May 5 2015);

YOUR GUIDE TO EVERYTHING WRESTLING (Tiger Book; by Daniel Stephens; 1999; Hulk/ Undertaker/ Stone Cold)




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