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DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Man and Woman Looking at a Toy Train Set” painting by Russell Sambrook; BACK COVER = AD – Community Plate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “The Widow Cruse” by Mazo de la Roche - “The Good Head” by John Rhodes Sturdy - “Miracles For Sale” by Leslie Gordon Barnard; SERIAL “The Fourth Dagger” by Luke Allan; ARTICLES = Science Explains How To Make the Most of Your Sleep; Eyewitness Account of The “Pennyworth” the First Ship to Bring a Commercial Cargo to Churchill, Manitoba; The Mysterious Magdalens Islands; Vancouver Boxer Jimmy McLarnin; “This Money Matter – The Wages of Credit above the Wages of Men” by G.G. McGeer; Don't Axe the Teachers Wages”; “Some Favorite Recipies” by Helen G. Campbell;)

DECEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Merrie Christmas” painting by Russell Sambrook; BACK COVER = AD – Parker Pens; SHORT STORIES = “Blind Guess” by Valentine Williams - “The Road to Paradise” by Martha Banning Thomas - “April Interlude” by Katharine Dunlap - “The White Feather” by Ellis Parker Butler; SERIAL “The Fourth Dagger' by Luke Allan; ARTICLES = Petticoat Power in Ottawa by an Official Wife; They're News – Glimpse of the Great and Near Great; Five People on an Island – The Dingweel family of Bryon Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence; “Inflation” by G.G.McGeer; Heroic Tales of the West Coast Indians; “For the Christmas Party” by Helen G. Campbell;)


JUNE 15 (FRONT COVER = “Two Women in Bathing Suits Diving” painting by Eric Aldwinckle; BACK COVER = AD – Cellophane; SHORT STORIES = “”Devil Dog” by Max Brand - “Eve and Adam Inc.” by Graeme Darke - “Crime in Nobody's Room” by Carter Dickson – SERIAL “Looms of Conflict” by Burton L. Spiller; ARTICLES = “Look Out for Marijuana” by Jack Mosher; Portrait of Lord Halifax; “Arena Drama” part 1 by Elmer W. Ferguson; Who Was Yukon Colonel Joe Boyle – part 2; A Day in the Life of a Taxpayer; Stuart Wood the New Head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Vancouver News-Herald is Owned by the Staff; “Spending the Wedding Cheque” by M. Frances Hucks;)

JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = Trumpet Major of the Governor General's Horse Guards; BACK COVER = AD - Buckingham Cigarettes; SHORT STORIES = “The Wedding Present” by Margaret Nyren Hoffman - “Streamliner” by Ray Millholland; SERIAL “Looms of Conflict” by Burton L. Spiller; ARTICLES = Designs for a National Capitol – 50-year Plan for Ottawa; “29,000 Miles Over the Arctic” by Air Commodore H. Hollick-Kenyon; “Arena Drama” part 2 by Elmer W. Ferguson; Who Was Yukon Colonel Joe Boyle – Part 3 of 3;)

AUGUST 1 FRONT COVER = “Brunette in a Bikini” painting by Dan Osher; BACK COVER = AD – International Trucks; SHORT STORIES = “The Wreck of the Zephyr” by Julius Long - “Art and Elizabeth” by Velia Ercole - “Just Like a Son” by B.B. Fowler; SERIAL “Looms of Conflict” by Burton L. Spiller; ARTICLES = “I Don't Like Amazon Athletes” by Elmer W. Ferguson; Alcohol Smugglers vs. Mounted Police on the Canada – U.S. Border in Quebec; “Troops and Troupers” by Angus McStay; “Jew Baiting in Vienna” Beverley Baxter; What a Climate ! - Too Hot or Too Cold; “Picnic Lunch” by Helen G. Campbell;)

AUGUST 15 (FRONT COVER = Ferris Wheel; BACK COVER = AD – Sweet Caporal Cigarettes; SHOET STORIES = “ Young Man of the Sea” by Richard Howells Watkins - “Old Hari Badmash” by Paul Annixter - “Angie's Bushmen” by Laurie Hillyer; SERIAL “Looms of Conflict” by Burton L. Spiller; ARTICLES = Dr. Bob Manion the New Leader of the National Conservative Party; Spider Web in Steel – Vancouver's New Lion's Gate Bridge; Youth Hostels Have taken Root in Canada; “Czechoslovakia Powder Keg of Europe” by Beverley Baxter; General Knowledge Quiz with 100 questions;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Young Beat Up Boy Enter the House Surprising Mother” painting by R.J. Stuart; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “Fisher of Men” by Kenneth Payson Kemoton - “Of Such a Radiance” by Marion Greene - “Ginger” by Joel Barnett; SERIAL “Looms of Conflict” by Burton L. Spiller; ARTICLES = “Canada's Armament Mystery” by Lieut.-Col. George A. Drew; Hollywood Comedian Ned Sparks; Nebraska a State with No Debt or Bond Interest; Torture to Order – Modern Wrestling; “The Sandys Affair” by Beverley Baxter; “Jams and Jellies” by Helen G. Campbell;)

SEPTEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Lumberjack up a Tree with an Axe” painting by Eric Aldwinckle; BACK COVER = AD -Stetson Hats; SHORT STORIES = “Above Suspicion” by Harold Titus - “Largely Anna-Maloney” by Marion Greene - “From Whence Cometh my Help” by Alberta Hughes Wahl; SERIAL “Medicine Man” by George Edward Allen; ARTICLES = 2,000 Campers a day at Tourist Park of Midland, Ontario; One Country or Nine ?- Rowell Commission the Evidence Boils Down to This; “Hitler's Bid for Peace” by Beverley Baxter; Amazon Athlete Roxy Atkins in Defense of Female Athletes; “Typical Americans – The Acting Hardy Family” by John R. Woolfenden; Vivid Account of the Worst Forest Fire on Vancouver Island; “Graded Food” by Helen G. Campbell;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = A Wild Turkey; BACK COVER = AD – Buckingham Cigarettes: SHORT STORIES = “The Will and the Won't” by Margaret Lee Runbeck - “The Ship That Came Back” by Garnett Radcliffe - “Mr. Honey Skin and Bones” by Norman Matson; SERIAL “ Medicine Man” by George Edward Allen; ARTICLES = Canadian Football Forecast “West” by J. Norvil Marks “East” by Dink Carroll; “The 'Front Page' Parliament” by Beverley Baxter; Flin Flon is now Manitoba's Third City; “Whither our Capitalistic Civilization ?” by P.D. Ross; “I Became a Pulpwood Cutter” by W.A. Eaton; “A Week of Fish Dishes” by Helen G. Campbell;)


MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = Canada's Largest Ship “Empress of Britain”; BACK COVER = AD -Coke; SHORT STORIES = “Blue Ribbons for a Boy” by Roland Pertwee - “Sail, Baby, Sail” by Edwin Rutt - “Where was Conway Praed ?” by Benge Atlee; SERIAL “Deep Waters” by Ben Ames Williams; ARTICLES = “Hockey Playoffs are Tough” by H.H. Roxborough; Quick Look at Walt Disney – His Past and Hopes for the Future; “A National Health Program” by Hon. G.M. Weir; “Remaking Britain's Cabinet” by Beverley Baxter; What's Wrong with Canada's Parliament ?; Canada's Tobacco Belt Boom in Ontario; “Biscuits” by Helen G. Campbell;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “His Majesty King Edward the Sixth” portrait by Bertram Park – The Royal Visit Souvenir Edition; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “The Uphill Heart” by Perry Adams - “Detour to Mandalay” by Frank Leon Smith - “The Hermit of Dark Harbor” by Louis Arthur Cunningham; SERIAL = “Dark Waters” by Ben Ames Williams; ARTICLES = “Canada Greets Her King at the National Capital; Planning a Royal Tour; “The Crown – Symbol of the Nation” by Beverley Baxter; Preview of the Royal Train; A Pictorial of the Royal Journey;)


JANUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = Magician Pulling the Number 1940 from a Hat; BACK COVER = AD -Coke; SHORT STORIES = “None but a Woman” by Jack Paterson - “Never Say 'No'' by Devery Freeman - “The Pedlar” by William A. Breyfogle; SERIAL “Wings of Hazard” part 1 by Frank Bunce; ARTICLES = Canada's Fighting Forces part 1 – In the Air; “The Case Against Pacifism” by Claris Edwin Silcox; Ambitious City Makes the Grade – Hamilton; A Taxi Driver's Opinion on Passengers, Tipping and Other Drivers; “Dressing Up Simple Dishes” by Helen G. Campbell;)

MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = Air Vice- Marshall G.M. Croil A.F.C.; BACK COVER = AD – Canned Lobster; SHORT STORIES = “The Stars Hang High” by Martha Banning Thomas - “Five Wee Wimmen” by Kit Higson - “Feud on High Plateau” by Paul Annixter; SERIAL “Wakeville Awake !” part 1 by Leslie McFarlane; ARTICLES = “Lord Tweedsmuir's Vision of a New World” by Beverley Baxter; The Issue as I See It – Willian L. King – R.J. Manion – J.S. Woodsworth – John H. Blackmore; Canada's Fighting Forces part 6 – Pay and Records; War on the Parasite” by H.G. Cochrane; Cape Breton Allen Cup Challenge ?; “Soup's On !” by Helen G. Campbell;)

JUNE 15 (FRONT COVER = Viscount Gort Commander in Chief of the British Field Forces; BACK COVER = AD -Mobiloil; SHORT STORIES = “The Voice of Oomph” by Leslie McFarlane - “Money Golfer” by Ron Broom; SERIAL “Murder Off Stage” part 3 by Gavin Holt; ARTICLES = “Pilgim's Way” part i by Lord Tweedsmuir; Canadian Movie Censors; “What Price Neutrality” by Beverley Baxter; “Design for a New Dominion” part 2 by R.M. Fowler; “Secrecy Saves Ships” by a Naval Staff Officer; Russia's Three Roads to India; “This Little Pig Went to Market” by Helen G. Campbell;)

JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = The Earl of Athlone Canada's New Governor General; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “Highball Logger” by Jack Paterson - “You Can be the One” by Clara Wallace Overton - “Mr. Embury's Hat” by Thomas H. Raddall; SERIAL “Murder Off Stage” part 4 by Gavin Holt; ARTICLES = “Pilgrim's Way” part 2 by Lord Tweedsmuir; Backstage at Ottawa – a Politician with a Notebook; Canada's Fighting Forces part 9 – Base Post Office; “Who Lives if England Dies ?” by Beverly Baxter;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Gold Swimsuit on a Ladder; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “No Actresses” by Robert Carson - “The Return of Nur Din” by Garnett Radcliffe - “The Right Incentive” by William C. Ford; SERIAL “Murde Off Stage” part 5 by Gavin Holt; ARTICLES = Canadian Actor Director John Holden; “War Comes to Britain” by Beverley Baxter; Word-Picture story of Kitchener Waterloo; “Pilgrim's Way” part 3 by Lord Tweedsmuir; “Design for a New Dominion” part 3 by R.M. Fowler; “How About Lobster ?” by Helen G. Campbell;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Blonde in Yellow High Heels getting a Shoe Shine” by Mastri; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “ “No Heart at All” by Gladys Taber – 'North from Vinland” by Thomas H. Raddall; SERIAL “Murder Off Stage” part 6 by Gavin Holt; ARTICLES = “The Old Order in Britain Changes” by Beverley Baxter; Jay Pierrepont Moffat – United States Minister to Canada; Trainer Planes being Built Somewhere in Ontario; “Pilgrim's Way” conclusion by Lord Tweedsmuir; British Columbia's Okanagan Valley in Bloom Thanks to Irrigation; CBC's Percy Faith better Known in U.S.;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Britain's Air Chief Marshal Sir Cyril Newall; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “Two Eggs for Breakfast” by Benge Atlee - “Thoroughbred” by Newlin B. Wildes; SERIAL “El Dorado” part 1 by Allan Swinton: ARTICLES = The Story of the Making of “Hansard” the Official Record of House of Commons Debates; “Primers Of Treachery' by Roy Davis; Ships for the Canadian Navy 14,000 Canadian are Working on It; The Maple Leafs Tim Daly; “The Women of Britain” by Beverley Baxter; A Close Up of St. Catharines, Ontario;)

SEPTEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Rear Admiral P.W. Nelles – Canada's Chief of Naval Staff; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “Dust on My Shoulder” by Benge Atlee - “Grandpa Foglesby's Leg” by Leslie McFarlane; SERIAL “El Dorado” part 2 by Allan Swinton; ARTICLES = “Triumph of the R.A.F.” by Beverley Baxter; Chief of Staff Major General H.D.G. Crerar D.S.O.; “Wheels for the Army” part 1 – Military Vehicles; “Thrift by Co-operation” by Leslie Garden; A Close Up of Montreal's St. Lawrence Boulevard “The Main”; “Design for a New Dominion” conclusion by R.M. Fowler; “Geen Grow the Salads” by Helen G. Campbell;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = A Northern Lake in the Fall; BACK COVER = AD – Community Plate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “A Place for Everything” by Seymour Winslow - “Stranded” by Allen Vaughan Elston; SERIAL “El Dorado” part 3 by Allan Swinton; ARTICLES = The Battle of Narvikin the Fiords of Norway; “For Action This Day” by Beverley Baxter; Prodigy's Progress – Sir Ernest MacMillan; Canadian Football Seven Yards to Go – What about the East West Playoffs ?; Canada's New Mobile Army – Somewhere in England; “Wheels for the Army” part 2 – Military Vehicles; Duck Enemy No.1 the Northern Pike; “October's Fruit Basket” by Helen G. Campbell;)

NOVEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = British Admiral Sir Charles Morton Forbes; BACK COVER = AD – Prestone Anti-freeze; SHORT STORIES = “Triangle in Steel” by Thomas H. Raddall - “Echos Lack Character” by Kalman Phillips - “Residents Rule Revised” by Jack Paterson; SERIAL “El Dorado” part 5 by Allan Swinton: ARTICLES = The Double Cross in South America – The Fifth Column; “Wanted – A War Cabinet” by Grant Dexter; “London Carries On” by James W. Drawbell; “The Cabinet Reconstruction” by Beverley Baxter; Clothing Canada's Army; Hockey's Allan Cup – Enter the Paid Amateur; “Chowder Hits the Spot” by Margaret E. Smith and Mary MacPherson;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Major General H.D.G. Crerar Canada's Chief of General Staff; BACK COVER = AD – Canadian Apples; SHORT STORIES = “Salute to Youth” by Jacland Marmur - “For Susie was Ambitious” by Libbie Block - “Treasure from the Humble” by Francis Dickie; SERIAL “El Dorado” conclusion by Allan Swinton; ARTICLES = “How to Win – and What Then ?” by Douglas Reed; The Boys from Down Under – New Zealand and Australians Pilots Training in Canada; “That Decent and Dauntless Race” by Beverley Baxter; “How Do We Pay for War ?” by Floyd S. Chalmers; Canada Acquires U.S. Destroyers; Man Made Miracle – The Story of Plastics; “Roll Out The Barrel – Apples” by Helen G. Campbell;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Air Vice-Marshall L.S. Breadner D.S.C. Canada's Chief of Air Staff; BACK COVER = AD -Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “Riffin' the Blues” by Henry Anton Steig - “But Mr. Referee, You Lug---” by Leslie McFarlane; SERIAL “She Wrote Finis” part 1 by Q. Patrick; ARTICLES = Maclean's All-Star Football Teams for 1940; “Balkan Jigsaw – Italian Attack on Greece” by Sydney Morrell; “Hitler's Peace Feeler to Britain” by Beverley Baxter; Norway is Training Airmen in Toronto; Scientific Detection on the Arson Trail;)


FEBRUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = Ski Lodge in the Rockies; BACK COVER = AD – International Trucks; SHORT STORIES = “The Great Enrico” by Benge Atlee - “Stay Where You Belong” by Richard Connell; SERIAL “Kelsey Skates Again” by Leslie McFarlane; ARTICLES = A Democracy Speaks – President Roosevelt's Latest Aid for Britain Moves; “Science at War” by Beverley Baxter; Bend Zee Knees – A Skiing Expert's Do's and Don'ts; “The Turning Point – Italy May Be Knocked out of War” by Douglas Reed; This Is the Story of Kingston, Ontario; “Cereal Desserts” by Helen G. Campbell;)

MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = Canadian Destroyer Gun Turret's; BACK COVER- AD Swift's Premium Ham; SHORT STORIES = “Everybody Loves a Station Wagon” by Frank Leon Smith - “Jungle Feud” by Gordon MacCreagh; SERIAL “Spy Against the Reich” part 2 by Michael Annesley; ARTICLES = “Can the U.S. Arm in Time ?” by Bruce Hutchison; Britain's Merchant Fleet “In all Respects Ready for Sea” by Charles Rawlings; General Sir Archibald P. Wavell the Conqueror of Libya; “Communist Trouble” by Beverley Baxter; “Canada Carries On” Canadian Made Movie Shorts Tells of War Effort; “Eating Out” by Helen G. Canpbell;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = Apple Tree in Full Blossom; BACK COVER = AD – Chrysler; SHORT STORIES = “Scots Wha Ha'e” by Frederic F. Van de Water – The Judgment of Dan'l Bishop” by Fredrick Shore; SERIAL “Spy Against the Reich” part 6 by Michael Annesley; ARTICLES = Destoyer Patrol in the North Sea; “What Will Russia Do ? By G.E.R. Gedye; “The Mystery of Prince Paul” by Beverley Baxter; “Churchill” part 3 by John Coulter; Flower Bulb Business Boom in British Columbia;)

JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = The Peace Tower in Ottawa; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; SHORT STORIES = “The Catwalk” by Edwin Muller - “ D'ye Ken John Peel ?” by Helen Norsworthy Sangster; SERIAL “Turn Back the Clock” part 1 by John Wilstach; ARTICLES = In Canada “What Goes On Here?” by Bruce Hutchison; The Straits of Dover “So Small a Ditch” by Douglas Reed; How Nazi Plans for Greenland were Blocked by Canada and U.S.; “Wanted – An Imperial War Council” by Beverley Baxter; “Churchill” conclusion by John Coulter; Toronto among Top Convention Cities; “Jam Pot Specials” by Helen G. Campbell;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = On the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “The Affair of the Scarlet Band' by W.E. Johns - “Emergency Break” by W.H. Temple; SERIAL “Turn Back the Clock” part 2 by John Wilstach; ARTICLES = “The Dionne Quints Question” by Frederick Edwards; From Behind the Wall of Silence of Conquered Poland; Carnival King – Patty Conklin; Census Canada By Mechanized Arithmetic;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = The R.C.N.V.R. Ratings in Training; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “But I Married You” by Marion Valensi - “Operation Z” by Bartemeus - “Sooo Solly John !” by William Chamberlain; SERIAL “Turn Back the Clock” part 5 by John Wilstach; ARTICLES = “Pattern for Victory” by Douglas Reed; “What Goes On Here ?” by Benge Atlee; “The Germans Cracked” by Beverley Baxter; Invisible Driving Villain – Monoxide Pollution Fumes; Gun Builders for the War;)

NOVEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Cannon at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES - “In Whatever Shape” by Alan Sullivan - “The Jeep flies the Serum” by Peter van Dresser; SERIAL “Sneak Preview” part 2 by Mildred Gilman and Seymour Winslow; ARTICLES = “The Story of the Maine to Montreal Pipeline” by Leslie Roberts; Beverley Baxter's Canadian Letter; “New Deals for Health” by Dr. James B. McClinton; “The Third Winter” by Douglas Reed; “Carry On – Canada !” by Jack Mosher; Canada's Farthest East – Sydney and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia; How to Save Gasoline; “Easy and Economical Recipes” by Helen G. Campbell;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Lieutenant General A.G.L. McNaughton – Spacial Army Issue; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “Good-bye Baby” by A. Ross Annett; SERIAL “Sneak Preview” by Mildred Gilman and Seymour Winslow; ARTICLES = “Over There” by Wallace Reyburn; “Time to Start” by Douglas Reed; “Back to the Blackout” by Beverley Baxter; “Sweet Chariot – Tanks” by Frederick Edwards; “Travelling Oasis” by Major Gerald Oscar Holmes; Canadian Heritage of Fighting Men; This Man's Army – Pictorial; “Meals En Masse” by Helen G. Campbell;)


APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = Chanel Markers Being Readied for Navigation; BACK COVER = AD – Wabasso Cottons; SHORT STORIES = “Bugles, Blow for These” by D.K. Findlay - “A Bird Out of Hand” Thomas Dickey; SERIAL “Toast to Tomorrow” part 6 by Manning Coles; ARTICLES = “Gibraltar – Will Germany Attack ?” by Rosita Forbes; “The Rubber Crisis” by Kenneth R. Wilson; Rough and Tumble – The Story of the British Paratroopers; “Too Much 'Second Best' “ by Beverley Baxter; Buck Beaver's Loading Gangs in the Ontario Lumber Industry; Joe Noseworthy the New M.P. For York South;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Canadian Navy Person on Convoy Watch; BACK COVER = AD – General Motors Armoured Vehicles; SHORT STORIES = “Wimmen is Humans” by W.O. Mitchell” - “A Kind of Magic” by Christine Tapley; ARTICLES = “Arctic Convoy” by Taffrail; “Can the Conservatives Come Back ?” by M. Grattan O'Leary; “Listen Soldier” by Ralph Allen; All are for the State in Britain's War Effort; “Should We Hate the German's” by Beverley Baxter; “The Crucial Moment – North Africa” by Douglas Reed; Vancouver's Elissa Landi no Lady of Leisure;)


MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = Canadian Red Cross Nurse; BACK COVER = AD – Wabasso Cottons; SHORT STORY = “Johnny Comes Marching Home” by Clark Lewis - “Coffin Ship” by Reese Wolfe; ARTICLES = “A Tale of Two Cities” by Stephen Leacock; “His First Century – Sir William Mulock” by Thelma Lecocq; “Island at the Crossroads – Newfoundland” by Maxwell Cohen; “Bombs Away – Bombing Germany” by D.K. Findlay);

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = Young Woman Holding a Large Spring Bouquet; BACK COVER = AD – Studebaker Trucks; SHORT STORY = “Men are Kinder” by Mildred Walker; SERIAL “The Raiders” part 1 by Norman Collins; ARTICLES = “Roosevelt Close-up” by R.T. Elson; “High Tension Trouble – Duodenal Ulcer” by Dr. James B. McClinton; “These are the Russians” by Walter Graebner; “Civilians Who Fly From Factories to the Fighting Men; Who Will Succeed Churchill ?” by Beverley Baxter; Sisters in Arms in an Army Camp; “Cheese, it's Wonderful” by Helen G. Campbell;)
JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = British Flag; BACK COVER = AD – John Labatt Limited; SHORT STORIES = “Big Day” by Harold Channing Wire - “Paid in Full' by Frank Sheridan; Canada's Role in the Air Age – with Maps; “Where Now Canada ?” by Bruce Hutchinson; “Sabotage Front – Fifth Columnists” by Curt Riess; Montreal Boxer Johnny Greco; Canada's Assets for an Air Age; Baby Boom in Canada; “No Prouder Boast than This” by Beverley Baxter';


APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = Soldier Playing the Bagpipes” by A Bruce Spapleton; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “A Cup for the Mantle” by John and Ward Hawkins - “A Name for the Baby” by Arch Whitehouse; ARTICLES = “China's Inflation” by Robert B. McClure; “Ten Bucks on the Nose, Joe – Bookmaking” by Jim Coleman; “Garson the Great – Greer Garson” by May Mann; “Blitzed Berlin” by Walter Taub);


JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = Young Women with a Sled; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “Romance in the Dark” by Allan Swinton - “Fish 'n Ships” by Lloyd Smith - “Keep 'em Happy” by Lawrence Treat; ARTICLES = “We're Fumbling Victory” by Stephen King-Hall; “Tell Them the Truth – Children” by Dr. Brock Chisholm; Disease Killer from the Soil – Streptomycin; Prodigy at Sixty – Author Tom Costain; Building a Solar House; They Make Money – The Mint;)


JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = Sir John A. Macdonald” painting by Ernest Fosbery; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's; SHORT STORIES = “The Painted Clock” by Violet King - “Stardust” by Luella Markley Mockett - “Hard Luck Sailor” by Millard Ward; ARTICLES = Cover Story – “The Great and Gay John A.” by Blair Fraser; Canada - Mammoth or Milquetoast ?; Iron in the Land of Cain – Ungava Bay; The Lovable Cad – James Mason;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = Brunette in a Yellow Swimsuit; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “Stone Axe of Ulapa” by Louis Kaye - “The Big He-Coon of Laughing Falls” by Jim Kjelgaard - “Cynthia Inc.” Paul Ernst; ARTICLES = “War is a Prospect Canada Must Face” by General H.D.G. Crerar; Dream Walkers – Sleep Walking; CNR's 404 Run Across Canada; “Montreal is the Town for Me” by Elizabeth Leese; Fast Man with a Flash – News Photographer Fred Davis; “British Tories Gird their Loins” by Beverley Baxter; Slippery Business of Eel Fishing – Jean Thuot Fishes the Richalieu River; “Europe Democrats at a Price” by L.S.B. Shapiro; Timagami, Ontario a Tourist Destination;)


MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “On the Waterfront in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “Home's Where you Keep Your Heart” by Dorthea Malm - “The Visitors” by Willoughby Speyers - “Shoparoon for Maggie” by W.O. Mitchell; ARTICLES = Ex-Airforce Ace George Beurling – Eagle for Hire; “Cats are Better than Dogs” by Dorothy Sangster; The White House Sweepstakes – Republican National Convention; “The Capitol on a Cliff – Ottawa” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; “Crying for the Sun” by Beverley Baxter; Max Werner believes “War is Impossible”; The Moody Minstel Ed McCurdy; A Boost for Backward Brains – Glutamic Acid:)

JUNE 7 (FRONT COVER = “Just Married Young Couple at Train Station” painting by W.A. Winter; BACK COVER = AD- O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORIES = “No Home Should be Without One” by Richard B. Gehman - “Brothers” Christine Van Der Mark - “The Caged” by Paul Annixter; ARTICLES = We Can't Go Back – Displaced Persons” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; Toronto Vice Squad; “Want to be the Boss ?” by Pierre Burton; “Victory for the Vatican” by Matthew Halton; “A Long Vigil, A New Light” by Beverley Baxter; “A Tourist Talks Back” by James H. Gray; Lifesaver in a Lab Coat – Dr. Charles Best of the Banting – Best Insulin Team; “Mickey Mouse Comes of Age” by Kate Holliday;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = Woman in a Red Bathing Suit about to Dive; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORIES = “If It's a House You Want” by Carl Dreher - “The Human Factor” by Phyllis Lee Peterson - “Air-nest and the Child Harold” by W.O. Mitchell; ARTICLES = Pink Home in the West – How Socialist is Saskatchewan ?; Mabel Egan rules Room Service at the Chateau Laurier; Public Phony Number One – Criminal John “Mickey” MacDonald; “U.S.A. - The Giant with a Secret Soul” by Alan Moorehead; “Let's Drive to Alaska” by Pierre Burton; “Creeping Common Sense” by Beverley Baxter; Step Up and Meet Minnie the Mummy – Royal Ontario Museum; Melancholy Monarch King Leopold of Belgium; Whaling by Canoe in Churchill, Manitoba;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = School Crossing Guard and Children” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD -O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORIES = “Adam and the Sleepless Beauty” by Narda Stokes - “The Way Through the Wood” by Phyllis Hambledon - “High Sierras” by Edward A. McCort; ARTICLES = Quebec's Maurice Duplessis of the Union Nationale; “Monsters of the Klondike – Dredges” by Pierre Burton; “Boom in Spying” by L.S.B. Shapiro; Actress Grace Matthews the Queen of the Soap Operas; “This Man Called Atlee” by Beverley Baxter; White Hope on the Green – Golfer Stan Leonard; “the Village on the River – Lotbiniere, Quebec” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; Toronto's Mort Burns Babysitting Service; “Mad about Gambling” by George Kisker; Waldorf in the Wilderness Outfitter Jack Russell;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Harvest Supper Gathering” painting by W.A. Winter; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “Pint Sized Surf God” by Jon Cleary - “Turmoil” by Frank Levon; ARTICLES = “What this Country Needs is 10 New Provinces” by Arthur Lower; Big Business Executary Gladys Marsh; France Fears the Future; Pestalozzi, Switzerland a Village for War Orphans from all Countries; “Could You Save a Life ?” by Craig M. Mooney; World's Biggest Zoo the South African Kruger Park; Montreal's Harry Scherman has Sold 135 Million Booke Thru the Mail; “We Kept House in the Arctic” by Sam Dodds; Coast to Coast Coach in all Sports – Lloyd Percival; The Growlers are Here to Stay – Diesel Locomotives;)

NOVEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Small White Dog; BACK COVER = AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORIES = “Geoffrey and the Lady Gemma” by W.G. Hardy - “Air Nest and la Belle Dame” by W.O. Mitchell; ARTICLES = “No Jews Need Apply” by Pierre Burton; Lister Sinclair a Patriarch at 27; Loblaw's the Store with a Million Salesmen – The Housewife; The Taming of Atlantic No.3 Oil Well Fire in Alberta; “How We Faked Our Divorce” by Anonymous; Montreal Harbor the Port with a Past; Stalin's Problem Child – Marshall Tito; “I See 12 Movies a Week” by Movie Critic Clyde Gilmour; Cod gets a Man Up Early in Newfoundland;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Men Going Down a Mine Shaft Elevator” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd.; SHORT STORIES = “You Take the South Seas” by Owen Cameron”Give the Kid a Break” by Steve McNeil; ARTICLES = It's a Great Day for Alberta – Oil Under Foot; New Crop on the College Campus – War Veterans; “Does Our Education Educate ?” by Arthur Lower; “The Hopheads are Ahead” by former Mountie T.E.E. Greenfield; Royal Family on the Road – King Ephraim of Gypsy Canada; Boss of Loblaw's Milton Cook; “Only the Tourists Dance in Paris” by L.S.B. Shapiro; Vancouver's Suburb in the Sky; Chieftain of the Hockey Bently's Bill Bentley; )


JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Winter Sleigh Ride” painting by W.A. Winter; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “The Quarrel” by Ernest Buckler – Full Circle Around Shhli's” by McKenzie Porter; ARTICLES = “Will the Atlantic Pact Work ?” by Matthew Halton; The Amazing Career of George McCullagh; The Starling – Saint or Sinner ?; “Why They Won't let you Have Television” by Blair Fraser; Vancouver's Chinatown – What, No Opium Den's ?; Smallpox a Sleeping Killer; “Arrangements By Cable – Howard Cable” by June Callwood;)

MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = Man on a Golf Course in the Snow; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “The Sound of Yesterday” by Davis Grubb - “A Man of Principle” by Robert Zachs; ARTICLES = “Houses, Houses, Where are the Houses ?” by Blair Fraser; Mrs. Majesty the Queen Mother; “The Big Lies” by Bruce Hutchison; “Git Aloft, Little Dogie” by Pierre Burton; “I Quit !” the Swan Song of a 'Civilized' Drinker; “Ballet Rally” by June Callwood; “Pension Poverty” by Harold Dingman; Tip Top Tailors Founder Dave Dunkelman;)

APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = “Outport Village, Port de Grave, Newfoundland” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER= AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORIES = “The Lovers” by Mona Williams - “A Place for Children” bY Alec Rackowe; ARTICLES = “The Fabulous Shoemaker – Czech-Canadian Tom Bata” part 1 by Frank Hamilton; “Whirlaway to Work: by Ronald A. Keith; “Labor Cleans House” by Blair Fraser; The Man with the Mail from Minsk – Toronto Mailman Sammy the Mailman; They Pay as They Sway – Arthur Murray Dance Schools; “The Temptation of John Belcher” by Beverley Baxter; Wrestler Whipper Billy Watson; So You're Buying a Used Car; 10,000 Men for Dinner – Crawley and McCracken Bush Camp Caterers; Young Man of the World – Garry Davis; Now They get Medicine from Blood;)

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = “Spring Flowers” by Frances Anne Johnston; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Emotional Instability of Henry Perkins” by William Brandon - “Never Trust a Dame” by Kermit Jaediker; ARTICLES = “The Death Ray is Here” by John E. Pfeiffer; Wild Bill Paley the man Who Stole Jack Benny; The Little Red Sweatshop – Teachers Demand Higher Pay; “The Fabulous Shoemaker – Czech-Canadian Tom Bata” part 2 by Frank Hamilton; War in the Fur Country – Backwoods Bootleggers; Big City Smog there's Poison in Every Breath; Dr. Roy Merifield the Blind Doctor of Rocanville, Saskatchewan; Sonia Such is Canada's Fashion Model Queen;)

MAY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Young Boy Fishing” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORIES = “Red is for the Living” by Jean Howarth- “An Old Chinatown Custom” by Sidney Herschel Small; ARTICLES = The Sport of Death – Cockfighting in Canada; “My 24 Years with Claire Wallace” by Wally Belfry; “Make Way for Bold Brummel” by Peter Davidson; Front Line Mayor Ernst Reuter of Berlin, Germany; “It Should Happen to a Sick Dog – Modern Vets” by Ray Gardner; “The Fabulous Shoemaker – Czech-Canadian Tom Bata” part 3 by Frank Hamilton; Stanley Thompson Golf Course Architect n”He Built a Better Trap” by Richard Lawrence; “Are You a Heel at the Wheel ?” by Robert Thomas Allen;

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Gathering at the Outdoor Musical Pavilion in a Park” painting by W.A. Winter; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “Night Assignment” by Bert Sims - “The Heritage” by Joseph and Adeline Marx; ARTICLES = “Calgary – the Stampede City” by James H. Gray; “Why Hollywood is Scared” by L.S.B. Shapiro; A Canuck from Canton – Lem Wong of Richmond Street, London, Ontario; The Real McGruffey – Ted 'The Moaner' Reeve; “The Myth of Mass Imigration” by Arthur Lower; “The Wise Old Stupid Owl” by Fred Bosworth; “I Saw Europe on $190” by Ross Anderson; Brian W. Doherty of Canada's Theatre Amateurs:)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = Young Blonde Women Running an Outboard Motor in a Boat; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORIES = “The Night of Mr. Waddy” by Will F. Jenkins - “You and Nothing Else” by Paul Barbour; ARTICLES = “The Family in the Palace – Buckingham Palace” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; Los Angeles the Wackiest Town in the World; “Would You Live Better in the U.S. ?” by Sidney Margolius; Edmonton Airport the Runway to the World; Fisherman Red Edgar Success with Fishing Lures; The Bugs are Striking Back at DDT and Germs are Ganging Up on Wonder Drugs; Artists Model Helen Gaskin has a Career Without Clothes; “Fun Under the Sun” by Eric Nicol;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Scouts Starting a Fire” painting by W.A. Winter; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORIES = “Spinnaker Spinster” by Steve Hail - “The Wind in the Juniper” by Charles Bruce; ARTICLES = The Beaches and Beyond – The Battlefields Today; “How They Solved the Northern Lights Mystery” by Lister Sinclair; Beads to Billions – The Story of the Hudson Bay Company; “How to Save Your Husband's Life” by George Lawton; Impossible Films Inc.; “A Bush Wife's Life for Me” by Freda Woodhouse; Long Distance Swimmer George Young is Yesterday's Hero; Ten Ways to Save Money on Clothes; “The Land of Black and White – South Africa” by Alan Paton;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “People at a Sold Out Football Game Turned Away” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER =AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “Love Gets in Your Hair” by Jerome Barry - “Rig for Summer” by Travis Ingham; ARTICLES = “War is My Business” by James W. Pears of Mercenaries Inc.; Jean Nanson is Boss Queen of the Midway; Gerard 'Raffles' Dennis the Man Who Stole a Million in Jewels and Furs; “Everybody's Seeing Red” by Beverley Baxter; “Germany Dreams of the Next Time” George Herald; Flashback – When Blondin Walked the Falls with a Man on his Back; A Used Car Salesman says “Customers can be Crooked Too”; “Western Train Journey” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; “The Truth about Antabuse” by Peter Davidson;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “A Buck and a Doe in the Forest” painting by A.J. Casson; BACK COVER = AD – Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORIES = “Laugh 'En and Leave 'Em” by Burt Sims - “The Girl with the Teal Blue Eyes” by Eric Acland; ARTICLES = “The Battle of the St. Lawrence” part 1 – in 1942 German U-boats Scored 23 Kills; Straight Talk from Mike Pearson; Professor John Satterly and his Carnival in the Classroom; “Mid-Atlantic Logbook” by Beverley Baxter; “Those Middle Age Blues” by Sidney Katz; “Beauty Contests are the Bunk” by Gordon Sinclair; Halfbacks, Greenbacks and Red Ink – How to Win a Grey Cup; Hot Water Skipper Captain Norman Reoch of the Great Lakes; “I Went to a Nudist Camp” by Jack Scott;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Sibelius photo by Karsh; BACK COVER = AD – B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd.; SHORT STORIES = “Ordeal by Snow” by Burt Sims - “Beauty and the Brakeman” by James Carver; ARTICLES = Where the Yanks Rule a Part of Canada – Leased Bases in Newfoundland; How Karsh Photographed Europe's Greats; Canada's Biggest Construction Job – The Des Joachims Dam Project: Is there a Killer in the Crowd – Canada's 300 Murderers who've Never Been Caught; Rose Marx a Refugee 12 Years ago Now a Millionaire from Making Bras; After the 'Noronic” Fire Mightmare a New Round of Firetrap Probes; “My Papooses Got Pyjamas” by Helen Elliott of the Armstrong Red Cross Station; “I'll Bet on the British” by John W. Vandercook on British Socialism; How to Retire and Like It;)

DECEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Outdoor Winter Cityscape” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “Blow the Horn for Christmas” by Paul Ernst - “Small Miracle for Cora” by Jean Howarth: ARTICLES = New Brunswick Outlaw Dentist “Painless” Parker; “We Went Baby Hunting in the Arctic” by Richard Harrington; The Ship that was Cursed – the 1869 “Great Eastern”; “Open Letter to Amsterdam” by Beverley Baxter; “The Story of Criminal Lawyer Antoine Rivard” part 2 – The Case of the Beauty and the Boarder”; Warrior in the Vatican – Pope Pius the 12; “I Made a Sucker out of Santa” by John Largo; “The Movies of 1949” by Clyde Gilmour; Our Hush-Hush Censorshio – How Books are Banned;)



JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Older Woman Looking at an Abstract Painting” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “Tallyho Toronto” by Edwin Rutt - “Wake Up and Love” by Hal and Barbara Borland; ARTICLES = “How I Robbed a Bank” as told to Robert Thomas Allen; You Need a New Budget for 1950; “The Sport that Kills – Boxing” by Ray Gardner; “I Heard the Blues on the Danube” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; “Oh, How I Hate the Country”: by Bruce Hutchinson; “Old Warrior in the Winter – Winston Churchill” by Beverley Baxter; Radio's Multi-voiced John Drainie; “I'm Asleep on My Feet – Perils of Sleepwalking” by M.M. Musselman; Ballyhoo in Vancouver Wins a Long Movie Queue; “New Weapons in the War Against Cancer” by John E. Pfeiffer; In Montreal's Club 55 it's what Curnonsky says that Counts;)

FEBRUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “People Arriving at a Ski Villa” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORIES = “The Merciful Mission of General Kung” by Arch Whitehouse - “Flight Through Solitude” by Hal Borland; ARTICLES = “E.P. Taylor and hie Empire” part 1 by Pierre Burton; “I Say the Tories Will Win in Britain” by Beverley Baxter; The Most Glamorous Girls Live in Quebec; “But I Couldn't Find Picasso” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; Victoria British Columbia – Tweeds in Eden; “Don't Bottle Up Your Tears” by Ronald Hambleton;Toronto's Jarvis Street the Stately Street of Sin; Battles and Blunders in the Schools;)

MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = “Students Getting Ready for the play Hamlet” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORY = “A Gift for Prince Benny” by Irvin Block; ARTICLES = The Doukhobor – B.C.'s Holy Terrorists; Starlets in the TV Sweepstakes – Mavor Moore – Dianne Foster – Toby Robins – Pegi Brown; The King Who Gets What He Wants – Egypt's Farouk; Is the H-Bomb the Answer ?; “E.P. Taylor and his Empire” part 2 by Pierre Burton; Lester Patrick's 50 Years on Ice; The Riviera – Bare Skins and Bank Rolls; Montreal Fashion Designer Matilda Etches dresses the Famous; “Homes of Today – Slums of Tomorrow” by Dr. E.G. Faludi;)


JANUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Leaving the New Year's Eve Church Service” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORY = “A Letter from a Girl called Elsie” by John Watson; ARTICLES = “Are We Headed for a 20-cent Dollar ?” by Bruce Hutchison; “Win or Lose, the Russians may get Korea” by Blair Fraser; “It's a Tough Time to be a Kid” part 2 by Sidney Katz; Canadian Artist Emily Carr – The Genius we Laughed At; Look Out ! Here comes the Sergeant-Major Sam Heinrich; Clyde Gilmour Picks the Best and Worst Movies of 1950; Norman Bishop Hartnell the Queen's Dress Maker; How a Hearing Aid Works;)

JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Young Hockey Player being sent to the Penalty Box by Referee” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Black Six on Red Seven” by Vera D. Johnson; ARTICLES = “Is General MacArthur to Blame ?” by Blair Fraser from Tokyo; “What it's Like to be a Celebrity” by Barbara Ann Scott; “The Sober Truth about the Mormons” by Richard Lawrence; Flashback – What Really Happened to Ambrose Small ?; “It's a Tough Time to be a Kid” part 3 conclusion by Sidney Katz; The Duchess of Kent – The World's Most Glamorous Widow; Don't Call the Babbits – The Kinsmen; Lady You're Starving Yourself – Undernourished Canadian Women;)

FEBRUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Suburban Clean up After a Snow Storm” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORY = “A Hat for Billy Jim” by Lesley Conger; ARTICLES = “Watch Quebec's Smoke ! - Industrial Boom” by Fred Bodsworth; The Strangest Insurance Company in the World – The Independent Order of Foresters; “Rocky – Brigadier John Rockingham” by Pierre Burton; “I Live with Six Women” by Clif Greer; “Nehru – Asia's Troubled Giant” by Blair Fraser; The Hospital Prayer Built – Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children; Hockey's Happy Scapegoat Toronto Maple Leafs Turk Broda; “What's a Home Without a Cat ?” by Richard Lawrence;

)MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = “Curling Sweepers” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORY = “The Rocket Man” by Ray Bradbury; ARTICLES = “The Tragic Trek of the Mennonites from Manitoba to Paraguay” by W.O. Mitchell; Charlotte Whitton the Last of the Battling Suffragettes; Toronto Milk Delivery Horse Barney to Retire; The Strange Power Color has Over Us; What the Census Man will Find Out; The Unknown Star of the Metropolitan Opera is Prompter Otello Ceroni; “What TV Will do to You” by Don Magill;)

APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = “Workman Eating Lunch in Front of Billboard He's Putting Up” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORY = “Anniversary” by John Rhodes Sturdy; ARTICLES = “How a Red Union Bosses Atom Workers at Trail B.C. - Communist Harvey Murphy” by Pierre Burton; Jane Grey – Radio's First Lady; How Good is Your Credit ?; “The Russian Subs on our Coastline” by Gerald Anglin; “You're Lucky You don't live in New York” by Harry Henderson; “I Learned to Live with Diabetes” by Eleanor Burrell; Spuds can be Glamorous;)

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = “Church Letting Out on a Spring Sunday” painting by A.J.Casson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Jinker” by Joseph Schull; ARTICLES = Meet Mike Pearson – Canada's Next Prime Minister ?; “The Shacks we call Schools” by Fred Bodsworth; “When a Girl Becomes a Nun” by McKenzie Porter; Sudbury – Melting Pot for Men and Ore; “The Traffic Jam is here to Stay” by Robert Thomas Allen; “We Found the Last Wild West” part 1 by Richmond P, Hobson Jr.; The Pill that Rules the Waves – 'Mothersill's Seasick Remedy'; “How the Maybury's Saved Their Marriage” by Sidney Katz; The Earl Who came back to the Farm – Sir Frederick Perceval 11th Earl of Egmont from Alberta;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Young Couple Holding Hands Looking at a Harbour” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORY = The White Pagan” by Ward Holm Tanzer; ARTICLES = “Why Wives are Going out to Work” by Sidney Katz; Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park – The Fight to Keep Wilderness Wild; “Everybody's Playing the Stock Market Again” by Charles Neville; Why Uncle Sam has Blocked the St. Lawrence Seaway; “We Found the Last Wild West” part 3 by Richmond P. Hobson Jr.; “Milk Run to Korea” by Pierre Burton; Montreal's Fred White is the Toughest Man Afloat;)

JUNE 1 (FRONT COVER = Canadian Soldiers in Korea; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORY = “ To Paris, With Love” by Jean DeWitt Fitz; ARTICLES = “Canadians in Korea – Corporal Dunphy's War” photos and story by Pierre Burton; William Osler the Scamp Who became a Great Physician; Lake Erie's Crystal Beach Summer Playground; Robert Thomas Allen says “Women Have no Sense of Humor” and James Thurber says “But They don't Seem to know It”; “We Found the Last Wild West” conclusion by Richmond P. Hobson Jr.; Cecil Morrison the Happy Baker of Ottawa;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Summer Scenes” by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD – O'keefe's Brewing; SHORT STORY = “ Love is a Skin Game” by Kermit Shelby; ARTICLES = “We're Missing our Future in the North” by Vilhjalmur Stefansson; How Jessica Coulter won Winnipeg as the Mayor's Wife; “Don't Swat that Mosquito” by Ian MacNeill; “Will Hitler Have the Last Laugh ?' by Lionel Shapiro reporting from Germany; Grey Owl the Magnificent Fraud; Sardines the Fish that Paid for the Town of Black's Harbor, New Brunswick; Estoril Portugal – Full House of Kings in Exile;)

AUGUST 15 (FRONT COVER = “Family Mirrored by a Totem Pole” painting by Mel Crawford; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORY = “Me and my True Love” by Douglas Carmichael; ARTICLES = Thayer Lindsley the Unknown King of Canadian Mining; “Is a Sense of Duty Breaking our King ?” by John Cotton; Andrew Bahr five Year Great Arctic Reindeer Trek; What it's Like to Live with a Double – TwinSisters Betty and Victoria Johnson;F.D.R.'s Canadian Island of Campobello, New Brunswick; Ontario Scraps its Horse and Buggy Lights; How Ernie Douglass beat his Stutter;)
SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Packing Up to go Home from a Lake Resort” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Carling's Breweries; SHORT STORY = “The Riddle of the Viking Bow” by Farley Mowat; ARTICLES = “U.S.A. 1951” by John Clare; Don't Cuss the Traffic Cop – Patrol Sergeant Walter Porter; “Why They All Hate the Argos” by Trent Frayne; Should a Doctor Tell You if You're Going to Die ?; “How to Slay them with Small Talk” by Robert Thomas Allen; May Nicholls and Her Borrowed Brood – Nine Boys in Total; I've Won my War against the Weed – Cigarette Smoking;)

SEPTEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Indian with a Large Fish by the Harbor” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORIES = “The Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Known” by Douglas Carmichael - “Everybody Falls for Angie” by Stephen Marshall; ARTICLES = Sir James Dunn the Last of the Multimillionaires; “Held gon Suspicion” pictures and story by John Clarke; Mary Pickford's Amazing Mother Mrs. Charlotte Smith of Toronto; “Must Europe go Red From Hunger” by Lionel Shapiro; Streetcor Operator John Ewing “I've Quit the City for Keeps”; Tobacco Town – Delhi, Ontario;What You Should Know About Taking a Bath;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Artist Painting a Picture of a Church” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD – Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORIES = “You Laughed at My Father” by James Aldridge - “Footlights Round My Heart” by Ronald R. Smith; ARTICLES = “There'll Always be a Massey” by Pierre Burton; “I Guarded Winston Churchill” part 1 of 3 by W.H. Thompson; The Hottest Square Mile in the World – Saskatchewan's Uranium Mines; The West Coast's Worst Disaster – The Sinking of CPR Steamer “Princess Sophia”; Toronto's Frank and Helen Teskey – How to Raise Ten Kids in Six Rooms; Whitefish Falls One Man Powerhouse John Deagle and his Hydro Station; Sherbrooke, Quebec Where Two Live as Happily as One;”The Battle to Beat Leukemia;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Vancouver as Seen from the Harbor” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Margene Margarine; SHORT STORY = “The Rebellion of Young David” by Ernest Buckler; ARTICLES = The Tragedy of Toronto – How Not to Build a City; What Jacques de Bernonville did in France and How he Stayed so Long in Canada; Aimee Semple McPherson the High Priestess of the Jazz Age; Alberta Oil the Boom that Ran Away from Home; Montreal's Bargain Night Out at the Bellevue Casino;”The Great Vancouver Love Affair” by Pierre Burton; Alf Fuller of Nove Scotia – The First Fuller Brush Man; Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse ? - Government Inspected Horse Meat Sales; “I Guarded Winston Churchill” part 3 of 3 by W.H. Thompson;)


JANUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Two Boys Walking with a Girl Carrying Skates” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – International Harvester; SHORT STORY = “The Land of Might-Have-Been” by Lorenzo Semple Jr.; ARTICLES = The Warrior Who Fights from Paradise – The Muslims Revolt; Ten Ways to Save Money on Food; “Conn Smythe – That Man in the Greens” part 1 by Trent Frayne; “From Paris to Pusan with Penny” by Pierre Burton; The McCallums of Vancouver Little Boy Ricky is a Mongolian Idiot; Maclean's Flashback – The Rise and Fall of the Dumbells; The Philosophical Icelandic Fisherman of Gimli, Manitoba; Clyde Gilmour Picks the Best and Worst Movies of 1951;)

FEBRUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Younger Sister Watching from Stairs as Older Sister Leaves on a Date” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORY = “Phillipa Takes the Count” by Ronald R. Smith ; ARTICLES = Cobalt the Atom Bomb That Saves Lives; “A Butcher Talks Back – High Cost of Meat” by Len Edwards; Maclean's Flashback – The Riddle of Louis Riel part 1; What Kind of Canadians are We Getting ?; “Wild Animals I Have Known – Slightly” by Robert Thomas Allen; Fredericton, New Brunswick – The Aristocrat Under the Elms; “How to Miss the Mobs” by James Dugan;)

APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = “Spring Hat Sale” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORY = “No High Heels for May” by Robert J. Hogan; ARTICLES = “The Question Mark Above the White House” by Bruce Hutchinson; Eighteen Acre Corner Store – Vancouver's Woodward's; Maclean's Flashback – The Passionate Princess Pauline Johnson; “I Live in a Land of Giants” by Richard Thomas Austin a Dwarf; “Hindmarsh of the Star” conclusion by Pierre Burton; The Craziest Fishing in the World – The Miramichi Salmon Run; Otto Strasser the Last Survivor of the Hitler Gang;)

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = “Prairie Oil Rig” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “That Beautiful Black and White Pinto” by Elizabeth Ann Cooper - “The Courting of Jenny” by L. Johanne Stemo; ARTICLES = Who is to Blame for the Foot-and-Mouth Epidemic ?; The Hotel with the Elegant Air – Manoir Richelieu; “I Was a Prisoner of the Chinese Reds” by Dr. A. Stewart Allen; Maclean's Flashback – The Mulatto King of B.C. Sir James Douglas; Canadian Hard Rock Miner Dusty Miller; Mickey Spillane's Giving Murder a Bad Name;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Two Workmen Cleaning a Statue” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Lady in the Celeste” by Pat E. O'Neill; ARTICLES = Mavor Moore the Man Who's Going to Make Our TV when it Comes to Canada; “What it's Like to be Forty” by Robert Thomas Allen; Maclean's Flashback – The Nightmare Convoy of the Atlantic; Toronto Choirboys the Four Lads; The Ordeal of Seretse and his White Queen Ruth; Alberta's Acid Minded Professor Dr. William Rowan; “How to Save Your Child's Life” by June Callwood; They All Want to see the Paris Follies Bergere; Why Won't Canadians Eat Fish ?;)

JUNE 1 (FRONT COVER = “Young Boy Reading a Comic on the Back of a Horse Drawn Cart” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Old Dutch Cleanser; SHORT STORY = “Angel” by Albert Lefevre; Articles = The Cabinet Minister Who Never Sleeps – Minister of Defense Brooke Claxton; “Troubles of a Royal Dress Designer” by Marjorie Earl; Head Waiter Victor Prevost of Montreal's Normandie Room; Maclean's Flashback – The Strike that Terrified all Canada the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike; St. John's Newfoundland – North America's Oldest Boomtown; Vancouver's Jack and Leo Leavy the Biggest Twins in History; The Tent Caterpillars are Coming;)

JUNE 15 (FRONT COVER = The High Cost of Being Sick; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Katie's Choice” by Edna Deu Pree Nelson; ARTICLES = The High Cost of Being Sick a Maclean's Special Report – The Doctors – The Hospitals – The Health Plans; Maclean's Flashback – Charlie Millar's Million Dollar Joke; “I Was a Bird Dog” by Robert Thomas Allen; The Three Lives of Fiorenza Drew;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Lakeside Marina” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Listen to the Mockingbird” by Fred E. Ross; ARTICLES = “How Dr. Endicott Fronts for the Reds” by Blair Fraser; Maclean's Flashback – When Chautauqua came to Town in Tents; He Changed the Toronto Sunday – Mayor Allan Lamport; The Chateau Frontenac above the St. Lawrence; Quebec Couple Dirk and Truus Vandervalk want the Unwanted Children; Vancouver Island Revolution in Lotusland; Radio and Stage Star Francis Grove Peddie; Ten Percent of What ? - The Art of Tipping;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Woman Canning in the Kitchen” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD -Atlas Tires; SHORT STORIES = “Mary, Mary Quite Contray” by Ronald R. Smith - “An Ikon for Irena” by Richard Wilcox; ARTICLES = “Will Women ever Run the Country ?' by Charlotte Whitton; Canada Recruits the “Man Who Won the War” - Sir Robert Watson-Watt; The Silent Power Struggle between Church and State at Laval University; Dr. Alan Brown of Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital; “Who Wants to Kiss a man with a Beard ?” by Bob Collins;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Two Boys atop a Cannon on Signal Hill St. John's Newfoundland” paintingby Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Massey-Harris; SHORT STORY = “Guns are for Men” by L. Johanne Stemo: ARTICLES = “How Social Credit Took B.C.” by Mac Reynolds; “Warrior – Sgt. Tommy Prince” by McKenzie Porter; Quebec City Restaurant Le Bastogne – Got Two Hours for Dinner ?; Canadian Poet Edna Jaques – Rhymes in a Ten Cent Scribbler; The Roughriding Mayor of Dobberville – Saskatchewan Quarterback Glen Dobbs;The Ballet Star with Dishpan Hands – Winnipeg Ballet Eva von Gencsy;Secrets of a Supermarket Sleuth – Catching Shoplifters;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Clydesdale Mare and Foal” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Gyproc: ARTICLES = “The Last Days of Dr. Harry Cassidy” by Sidney Katz; Dorothy Walton Leads the Housewives Crusade in Shopping; This Article could Save your Life – How to Live Through a Car Crash; Maclean's Flashback – Father Coughlin the Holy Terror from Hamilton; The Hottest Spot in Canada – Point Pelee National Park; The Happily Married Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo; Hill the Mover moving Company;Leo the Moth Eaten Lion of the Toronto Zoo; “What Every Young Bridegroom Should Know” by Barry Mather;)

NOVEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Readying a Sleigh for the Winter” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Crane Heating; SHORT STORY = “Keep Away from Laura” by Morley Callaghan; ARTICLES = “What the Alexanders Remember of Canada – Former Governor General” by Eva-Lis Wuorio; Montreal's Benny Farm – One Big Happy Family; The Mysterious Kingdom of the Saguenay; Maclean's Flashback – How Mackenzie King Won his Greatest Gamble; They're Looting our History on Manitoulin Island; “When Sears Joins with Simpson's” by Eric Hutton; Why the Bradens Don't Come Home – Stars of British Stage, Screen and TV;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Back Yard Skating Rink” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs the Face of Canada in Charlottetown; ARTICLES = The Biggest Private Eye of them All – Second World War Cloak and Dagger Operations Directed by Winnipeg's William Stephenson; “Gordon Bell's School for Sobriety” by Sidney Katz; Maude Burbank and her Musical Moppets; The Eden Island of Evil Spirits – Manitoulin Island;”What the Boyd Gang Fiasco can Teach Us” by Toronto Mayor Allan. A. Lamport;Maclean's Flashback – The Slide that Shook the West when Turtle Mountain crashed into Crowsnest Pass;Peter Scott the World's Most Ardent Birdwatcher;)


JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Sunday School Children Acting Up” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Rory Peter's Last Run” by David MacDonald; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs Saint John – Youth and Age in a Timeless Sea Port; ARTICLES = “Our Sorry Record on Housing” by Sidney Margolius; Maclean's Flashback = Queen of the Sob Sisters Kit of the Mail; How Margery Anderson came back from Insanity;”Do Civil Servants Earn Their Salaries ?” by Blait Fraser;)

FEBRUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Showing Summer Vacation Home Movies” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – The 1953 Ford; SHORT STORY = “A Man's got to Lie Once in a While” by Vera Johnson; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs the Face of Canada – Regina; ARTICLES = “How Serious is the Defense Scandal ?” Fred Bodsworth; The Launching of Soprano Lois Marshall; Maclean's Flashback – 1918 the Year of the Killer Flu; “The Scenic and Succulent Okanagan Valley” by Mac Reynolds; CBC's Cross Country Neighborly News; “I Live in the Mau Mau Country” by Dudley Hawkins;)

MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = “The Rail Line to Ungava's Iron” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Weston's Bakery; SHORT STORY = “When the Redskins took over Twiggeville” by James Alverton; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs the Face of Canada – Montreal; ARTICLES = The Crisis in Education part 1 – The Teachers; Jerry Bull – Boy Rocket Scientist; “The Dumbest Cluck on the Farm” by Robert Thomas Allen; CBC Radio's Don Wright Chorus – The Neighbors who Sing for Canada; How the Boom Hit Seven Islands, Quebec;)

MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = “Parent and Teachers Evening” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “A Friendly Game of Cards” by Antony Ferry; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs the Face of Canada – Toronto; ARTICLES = “The Family in the Palace” part 1 of 7 by Pierre Burton; The Girl who became Ballerina Melissa Hayden; The Crisis in Education part 2 – The Row over the Three R's; Maclean's Flashback – William Aberhart the Man and the Shadow; “What Put Hockey on the Skids ?” by Trent Frayne;)

APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = “Four Regular and One Reversed Color Dalmatians” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORY = “The Bolshevik and the Wicked Witch” by J.N. Harris; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs the Face of Canada – Ottawa; ARTICLES = “How to Fix a Horse Race” by Ralph Allen; “The Family in the Palace – The Shadow of the Duke of Windsor” part 2 of 7 by Pierre Burton; Maclean's Flashback – Nova Scotia's Strangest Son is Joseph Howe; “Soups You can Cut with a Knife” by James Dugan; “You can't Beat Kelley's Bear Grease” by Don Delaplante;)

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = “Difference Between Afternoon, Evening and Night Movie Lineups” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Ballerinas; SHORT STORIES = “The Long Night” by Vera Johnson - “Subject; Centaur” by John Gray; ARTICLES = “The West Indies Wants to Join Canada” by Eric Hutton; “The Family in the Palace – How Elizabeth was Taught to Rule” part 3 of 7 by Pierre Burton; “Our Illegal Federal Elections” by Blair Fraser; The Scramble for New Brunswick's New Millions; “The Movies Stake their Life on a Revolution... and an Ex-King Returns” by Dorothy Sangster and James Dugan; “How to Live with a Woman” by Robert Thomas Allen; Director of Sports College Lloyd Percival “Our Flabby Muscles are a National Disgrace”; “... and now, a few Words from Mr. Brockington” by Eric Hutton; “Whitehorse is Heaven for a Single Girl” by Jack Scott; “Diamonds” by Max Collins;)

MAY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Motorcycle Cop Pulling over Woman Who Searches Through her Purse with his Help” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Snyder's Fine Furniture; SHORT STORY = “Take Care of Uncle Henry” Robert Zachs; ARTICLES = “The Boy Who Listened to Rockefeller – Cyrus Eaton” by McKenzie Porter; Glucosamine the Most Promising Key to Cancer; “The Family in the Palace – The First Taste of Queenship” part 4 of 7 by Pierre Burton; “Malenkov – The Machine Man whom Nobody Knows” by Lionel Shapiro; Antoinette Concello the Girl on the Flying Trapeze; Shakespeare gets a New Home Town in Stratford; The Duck Dish They Drool about – Brome Lake Duck;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = “A Fisherman's Trials” painting by Oscar; BACK COVER = AD – missing; SHORT STORY = “The Mermaid on his Stomach' by R.B. Irvine; ARTICLES = “The Spectre of Senator McCarthy” by Blair Fraser; “I Married a Corporation – Elizabeth Leese” by Ken Johnstone; “The Car of the Future” by Professor E.A. Allcut; His Eminence Paul-Emile Leger with Exclusive Full Color Portrait; “The Family in the Palace – Elizabeth's Sixteen Hour Work Day” part 5 of 7 by Pierre Burton; Maclean's Editor Fred Bodsworth took RCAF Winter Survival Course and Passed; The Biggest Brother Act in Pictures – Lou and Nat Turofsky;; “The Day I Ran Away” by Robert Thomas Allen; The Cursed Stones of Louisbourg, Cape Breton; George London the Tough Guy of the Opera;)
JUNE 1 (FRONT COVER = Franklin Arbunckle's “Coronation” Painting; BACK COVER = AD – Old Dutch Cleanser; Coronation Special - “The Family in the Palace – The Girl Behind the Mask” part 6 of 7 by Pierre Burton – The Strange Rites of Royalty – Must the Commonwealth Split Up ? - Map of the Royal Realm - “Crocus at the Coronation” by W.O. Mitchell; “The Met Cashes in in Canada” by June Callwood; “Should Edith Shinder get her Baby ?' by Dorothy Sangster; How Francis Xavier University Saved the Maritimes; Maclean's Flashback – Ned Hanlan the Forgotten Idol of the 1880's;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Boys in a Swimming Hole by the Train Tracks” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = missing; SHORT STORY = “Love is for the Birds” by Colin McDougall; ARTICLES = “Who's Going to Get the Polish Art Treasures ?” by McKenzie Porter; June Callwood Spends a Day in the Operating Room; Jacqueline Cochran the Fastest Woman in the World in a Canadian Sabre Jet Fighter; “Life with Five Governor Generals” conclusion by Col. H. Willis-O'Connor; “How to Kill Yourself this Summer” by Robert Thomas Allen; Mclean's Flashback – When Albani was Queen of Song; How Leo Dolan Lures the Yanks to Canada; )

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Giant Checkers Game in Stanley Park, Vancouver” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polymer Corp. Ltd.; SHORT STORIES = But You can Get a Man with a Gun” by Elda Cadogan - “Don't Put Your Heart on a Horse” by Isabel Baillie; ARTICLES = “The Party I'll Vote For” by Hugh MacLennan – Scott Young – Lister Sinclair – Bob bowman; The Hidden Menace of the Superhighway; “We can Learn about Romance from the Birds” by Norman J. Berrill; “Stop Hanging the Insane” by Sidney Katz; Maclean's Flashback – The Last of the Angry Newspaper Editors the Winnipeg Free Press John Dafoe;)

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Lock No.4 Welland Canal” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Mercury V-8; SHORT STORY = “The Two Millionth Customer of the Bank of Lower Canada” by Michael Sheldon; ARTICLES = Igor Gouzenko tells Exactly how he Hides Out in Canada; What parents Should Know About Tonsils; “The Dangerous Luxury of Hating America” by Bruce Hutchinson; June Callwood spends a day in the Sisters of St. John the Divine Anglican Convent; Jasper National Park Belongs to the Bears; The Worm that's Wrecking our Forests – The Budworm in New Brunswick; Maclean's Flashback – The Nightmare Story of the Irish Flight to Canada;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Woman Trying on a Hat picture Bordered by Man in Many Different Hats” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “When do we Kill ?” by Larry Finn; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs Victoria, B.C.; ARTICLES = Sir John Hunt describes “My Worst Hours on Everest”; “The Unholy Mess of our Charity Appeals” by Sidney Katz; It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Toronto Supermayor Fred Gardiner; How to Make a Reader of Your Child; Maclean's Flashback – Raalph Connor and his Million Dollar Sermons; “If You Cry They Will Get Us” Hungarian Couple Escaping the Iron Curtain; “Kid in the Klondike – Girls, Gold and Gamblers” conclusion by Bert Parker;The Toughest Boat Afloat is the “Abegweit” of Prince Edward Island;)


JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Art Gallery with Janitor's Closet Door Open Showing Good Girl Art” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Nurse; SHORT STORY = “The Message of the Drums” by W.O. Mitchell; PICTURE ESSAY = Karsh photographs St. John's, Newfoundland; ARTICLES = “My First Seven Days of TV” by Robert Thomas Allen; Who Will Win the Fight Between Landlord and Tenant ?; “It's 1 to 2 You've got an Allergy” by Fergus Cronin; Maclean's Flashback – That Chivalrous Savage Joseph Brant; Samuel Laycock the Bachelor who tells Parents How;)

MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = “Park Pavilions in the Spring” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “Are People Monkeys ?” by James McNamee: PICTURE ESSAY = “Maps of the Great Lakes” by Dr. A.E. MacDonald; ARTICLES = “The 7 Living Ghosts of Nuremberg – Behind the Bars of Spandau” by Jack Fishman; Athabaska's Atom Boom – Uranium City, Saskatchewan; The Brainiest School in the Country – Dalhousie Law School; How Montreal's Papa Masella Made his Boys make Music; In the Lost World of Cypress Hills;)

MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = “Tall Ship” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Brian Boru” by Sean O'Faolain; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part one – Champlain the Man Who came to Stay” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “Can McCarthy Happen Here ?” by Blair Fraser; Montreal Newspaper La Presse the Pulse of French Canada; Blanche and Alan Lund They're the Happiest Couple in Show Business; “The Waiting Wives of Spandau” by Jack Fishman; Glace Bay, Nova Scotia – A Coal Town Fights for its Life; Bob Kashower's Edmonton's Log Cabin Ritz Owner – Airlines Hotel;)

APRIL 1 (FRONT COVER = “Underground Subway Chaos” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORY = “The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw” by Jacob Hay; BOOK SERIAL =”The White and the Gold – part two – How Richelieu Spun his Web” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “Can Cigarettes Kill You ?” by Sidney Katz; “Growing Up with the Nehrus” by Nayantara Pandit; National Film Board vs CBC on TV Movies; In Manitoba Spring Really does Mean Music – Manitoba Musical Festival Competition; “Those Mouth Watering Mennonite Meals” by Edna Staebler; CFYK Radio in Yellowknife where even the Kids can be Disc Jockeys; The Used Car Kings of the Dazzling Danford Avenue in Toronto;Who Says They've Got No Chance ? – Teaching Retarded Children;

APRIL 15 (FRONT COVER = “World's Largest Totem Pole in the Royal Ontario Museum” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Strange Case of the Mail-Order Prophet” by Antony Ferry; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part three – Montreal can Never Survive” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “A New Senate – This is Why We Need It” by Blair Fraser; “I Married the Klondike” part 1 of 3 by Laura Beatrice Berton; “How to get Along with Older People” by Juliette K. Arthur; The Home Movies People Pay to See – Ottawa's the Crawley Family; What you Should Know about the Miracle Fabrics; “I Hate Dogs” by Robert Thomas Allen; Ben Kravitz Conquest of the New World;Mister McIntosh's Marvelous Apple; The Rabbit – Nature's Indespensible Fall Guy; Ex-Professor Connie MacFarlane her Garden is the Sea; BBC Radio's Gilbert Harding the Rudest Man in England;)

JUNE 1 (FRONT COVER = “Government Icebreaker D'Iberville near Craig Harbor in the Arctic” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “Shopping for Death” by Ray Bradbury; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part six – The Embattled Angel of Heaven” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “My Fight to Save an Innocent Man - Paul Cachia” by Fred Thompson; Can They Save Ontario's Algonquin Park ?; “Me and my Russian Wife” by Eddy Gilmoire; Maclean's Flashback - “The Story behind the Real Uncle Tom” by Margaret K. Zieman; Blind George Lafleur discovered What it's Like to See; The Private Life of the World's Strongest Man Doug Hepburn; Granby, Quebec's Walking Billboard the Mayor Horace Boivin;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Sailboats and Seagulls” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Race for the Donkerbos Diamonds” by John Carl; BOOK SERIAL = “The Whiteand the Gold – part nine – A Cargo of Brides” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES - “My Small War with the Educators” by Dr. Hilda Neatby; 4-H and the Haights of Floral, Saskatchewan; Where Everybody Wants to Own an Island – The Thousand Islands; “The Mounties – What it Takes to be a Mountie” part 2 by Alan Philips; “How I Became a French Chef” by Max Rosenfeld; What it's Like to be Half Divorced;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Man Reading a Newspaper in the Bathtub” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Atlas Tires; SHORT STORY = “The Best Way to Murder Aunt Maudie” by John I. Keasler; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part ten – The Outlawed Lords of the Forest” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “What Will the Seaway do to your Town ?” by Fred Bodsworth; The Amazing Career of Dr. Clare Hincks – Revolution in Canadian Mental Hospitals; The Lady Lawyers who are Fighting Quebec's Napoleonic Legal Code for Married Women; “Children are Monsters” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Mounties – The Public's own Private Eyes” part 3 by Alan Phillips; What It's Like to Live in a Lighthouse – The Bay of Fundy family the Tuckers;)

SEPTEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Producing a Live TV Show” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Shipwrecked Moneybelt” by Peter Freuchen; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part 13 – The Mad Visions of La Salle” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = Can Three Different Women Live in One Body ? - The Enigma of Eve White; “My Eighty Years on Wheels” part 1 by R.S. McLaughlin; “Will Your Youngster Turn to Crime ?” by June Callwood; Jean-Francois Pouliot the Wordiest MP in Ottawa; “My,uh, Dazzling Career as Miss Canada” by Marilyn Reddick; “Clinic for Marriage Counselors” by Robert Thomas Allen; The Private Empire we're Giving the Army – Gagetown, New Brunswick; Maclean's Flashback – Dr. Locke and his Million Dollar Thumbs; “We'd be Better Off on all Fours” by Norman J. Berrill; Ottawa's Rockcliffe the Haughtiest Suburb of Them All; “The Mounties – The Toughest Beat in the World” conclusion by Alan Phillips;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Fishing at the Dam” painting by Duncan MacPherson; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORIES = “The Richest Woman in Town” by James McNamee - “A Cage for the Bird Man” by David Stuart; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – part 14 – The Massacre at Lachine” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = What Two Canadian Asrtists Saw in Russia – Fred Varley and Eric Aldwinckle; The Weird and Woolly War against the Lobster Poachers; Six White Collar Voyageurs Followed La Verendrye's Route; “The Surest Way to Get a Job” by Robert Thomas Allen; “My Eighty Years on Wheels – How the Auto Beat the Horse” part 2 by R.S. McLaughlin; How Blind Emil Strand Runs his Farm;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Basket Weaving” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “What on Earth Happened to Fred ?” by John Barrett - “The Curse of the Mambo” by Victor Chapin; BOOK SERIAL = “The White and the Gold – conclusion - The Fabulous Family of Le Moyne” by Thomas B. Costain; ARTICLES = “What it's Like to be in a Prison Riot” by Ex-Convict No.1604; “My Slightly Shocking Life in High Fashion” by Elsa Schiaparelli; Digby, Nova Scotia the Seaboard's Sea Food Capital; June Callwood spends 17 hours in an Emergency Ward; They Like being Old Fashioned at the Montreal Ritz-Carlton; “My Eighty Years on Wheels – The Men Cars Made Famous” conclusion by R.S. McLaughlin; “How to get Along with your Neighbors” by Robert Thomas Allen; The High Flying Braves of Caughnawaga Mohawk Nation – Steel Workers;Maclean's Flashback – The Day a Whole Generation went Broke on Black Tuesday;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Photos of the North; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Golden Dragon of Yellowknife” by Frances Shelley Wees; ARTICLES = Maclean's Special Report on the North - “The Mysterious North” by Pierre Berton – The Truth about our Arctic Defense (we have none) – Keg River's One Woman Medical Clinic – A Gallery of Northern Paintings - “How I Became an Eskimo” by Doug Wilkinson – The Shaggy Saint of Labrador Wilfred Grenfell – The Yukon's coming Alive Again;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Santa Claus getting his Picture taken by Karsh” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Community Silverplate Cutlery; SHORT STORIES = “When the Women Went on Strike” by Elda Cadogan - “The Colossal C.O.D. Swindle” by John I. Keasler; ARTICLES = “Does Israel want to Start a War ?” by Blair Fraser; The Baby Bonus – Ottawa's Greatest Giveaway; How Plante and Drapeau Licked the Montreal Underworld; Europe's Great Faces in Color – Photo's by Karsh; “I'm Leaving Canada... and I'm Glad” by U.S. Vice-Consul Frank A. Tinker; The Crazy Career of Toronto's group the Crew-Cuts; Maclean's Flashback – Sir Sanford Fleming the Forgotten Whirlwind who put the World on Time; Dr. Norma Walker knows the kind of Children you'll Have; “Never ask a Woman the Way” by Robert Thomas Allen; “How TV is Changing your Life” by Max Rosenfeld; The Wily Wraith that Trappers Hate – The Wolverine;)


JANUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Couple in a Curio Shop” painting by Max Houstoun; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “Who Destroyed the Earth ?” by Robert Wolff Emmett; ARTICLES = “What is the Secret of Louis St. Laurent ?” by Ian Sclanders; “I Say Your Child Can't Read” by Dr. Rudolf Flesch; “The Man who Yearns for War – Chiang Kai-shek” by Blair Fraser; Quebec Laurentians with it's Forty Million Dollars Worth of Snow; Soviet Psychiatrist Dr. Nicol Ozeretsky discusses the The Russian Mind; “No Wonder Italians like to Eat” by Dorothy Sangster;Clyde Gilmour picks the Best and Worst Movies of 1954;)

JANUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Shovelling Snow at the Winter Cottage” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “A Card from the Comtesse” by Ronald R. Smith; ARTICLES = “Asia Tackles Birth Control” by Blair Fraser; The Day the Atom Ran Wild at Chalk River Reactor; How They Captured the King of Cheque Forgers Whitney Benoit; “What Makes Men go to War” by Bertrand Russell; Tony Leswick the Biggest Pest in Hockey; Jack Part's Million Dollar Medicine Show;)

MARCH 5 (FRONT COVER = “Lower Town, Quebec December 31, 1775” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “We Just had to be Alone” by Morley Callaghan; ARTICLES = “The Struggle for the Border – part 1 – The Escape that Saved a Nation” by Bruce Hutchison; “Does Worry Cause Cancer ?” by Sidney Katz; Jim Flynn's Private Army – Cowichan Commandos;l The Vancouver Ferry – The Best 10 cent ride in the World; “I Grew Up with Saskatchewan” by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell; Harold Metcalfe the Canadian Tourist in London that will Never Go Home;)

MARCH 19 (FRONT COVER = “Open Cut Mining in Knob Lake, Labrador” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Porky Proctor's Downfall” by J.N. Harris; ARTICLES = “The Struggle for the Border – part 2 – The Day They Carved up Canada” by Bruce Hutchison; Frank Joubin's Hunch about Uranium in Algoma will Pay Off in Billions; How the Disc Jockeys run the Record World; “What it's

like to Work Underwater” by John Sweeney; Hadassah women Members hold World's Biggest Bazaar in Toronto's CNE's Automotive Building; Douglas Campbell the Rugged Rebel of the Theatre; Maclean's Flashback – 1937 the Year it Didn't Rain; Yarmouth , Nova Scotia the Port That Sighs for Sail; “Why Big League Goalies Crack Up” by Trent Frayne; “The Art of Not Listening” by Parke Cummings;)

MAY 14 (FRONT COVER = “Three Young Sailors in a Naval Museum” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke: SHORT STORY = “Our Strange Stay at Miss Pickering's” by Eileen Johnston Bassing; SERIAL = “Not this August” part 1 by C.M. Kormbluth; ARTICLES = “What's Behind the Immigration Struggle ?; “Don't Let the Child Experts Scare You” by Dr. D.C. Williams;

The Importance of Being Wet” by Norman J. Berrill; Ottawa's Penny Pinching Champion – Watson Sellar; “Should Husbands and Wives take Separate Vacations ?” by Robert Thomas Allen; How the Seaway is Swamping the Fruitlands; “The Struggle for the Border – part 6 – The Two Peers who Launched the Commonwealth” by Bruce Hutchinson; “The Panic Over Halley's Comet” by Bill Stephenson; “Don't Answer that Martial Quiz” by Parke Cummings;)

AUGUST 20 (FRONT COVER = “Walking the Cattle, South Shore, St. Lawrence River, Quebec” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “The Burning Crusade of Andrew McNorran” by Doris French; ARTICLES = “Why have the Boy Scouts Survived ?” by David MacDonald; Ballet Star Celia Franca gambles on Canada; Canada's New Union Czar – Claude Jodoin; Look What's Happening to Labrador; “Who'd want to be a Jockey ?” by Trent Frayne;)

SEPTEMBER 3 (FRONT COVER = “Man Napping in a Hammock” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Canadian Oil Companies; SHORT STORY = “The Spirit of the Bank of Lower Canada” by Michael Sheldon; ARTICLES = Billy Graham's Campaign to Capture Toronto; “Food, Love and Madame Benoit” by Scott Young; “The Wilderness Home where our Buffalo Roam” by Mac Reynolds; Can Hypnotism get Respectable ?; “What Makes Children Laugh ?” by Robert Thomas Allen; McKenzie Porter spends a Night with Vancouver Police car Five;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = “Woman Sitting in an Attic Reading Maclean's Magazine” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “The Ardent Bigamist” by W. Somerset Maugham - “P. Tidmus and the Fish” by Robert Ayre - “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; ARFTICLES = Special Fiftieth Anniversary Issue – The Years Behind – The Years Ahead – A Nostalgic Album; 128 Pages including Covers; Mailing Label at upper right cover, VG+ = $25.00);

OCTOBER 29 (FRONT COVER = “Old Man outside his Home Gazing Up at a New Building being Built Next Door” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORIE = “The Only Woman Who ever Puzzled Me” by Barbara Grantmyre; ARTICLES = “Ottawa's Creaky Divorce Mill” by Blair Fraser; “A Fearless Attack on Party Games” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Myth that's Muffling Canada's Voice” by Lionel Shapiro; How Joe Hirshhorn hit the Uranium Jackpot; Maclean's Flashback – The Gloomy Renegade who Shaped our School's the Reverend Egerton Ryerson; “How Animals tell the Time” by Norman L. Berrill;)

NOVEMBER 12 (FRONT COVER = “Hunter and Guide” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “Uncle Charlie's Secret Treasure” by Illingworth H. Kerr - “Two Hunters” by Theon Wright; ARTICLES = “New Miracle Drugs that Fight Insanity” by Sidney Katz; Railroad President Buck Crump's Love Affair with CPR; The Cooney's and their Seven Adopted Children; Where to Buy an Ancestor Cheap – Ben Ward-Price's Auction House of Toronto; The Unconquered Iroquois Warriors of Ohsweken; How the Highlanders took Nova Scotia; Maclean's Flashback – The Tragic Death of the Great Elephant Jumbo at St. Thomas, Ontario; God's Little Fleet of the Columbia Coast Mission; Want a Moose in your Parlor ? - Ask Taxidermist Clifford McCutcheon;”What's your Day to Shine ?” by Parke Cummings;)

DECEMBER 10 (FRONT COVER = “Main Street, Uranium City, Saskatchewan” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Santa Claus; SHORT STORIES = “Vigil on the Rock” by Vera Johnson - “The Only Sensible Thing to Do” by Heather Spears; ARTICLES = “Was Princess Margaret Sacrificed to the Church” by Beverly Baxter – Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia; Is this Your Heart's Worst Enemy ? - Cholesterol; The Remarkable Flowering of Joe Bloor's Bog – Toronto's Bloor Street; “A Few Words from the Man in the Middle” NHL Refree Bill Chadwick; Maclean's Special Feature – How Early Mapmakers saw the West; The Atom is their Bloodhound – Isotope; Maclean's Flashback – The Ferocious Young Ladies from Edmonton Grads Basketball Team; Richard Baker insists he can Make the Sahara Desert Green; “They'd rather Sing than Eat – Barbershop Quartets; “How to Drive an Author Crazy” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

DECEMBER 24 (FRONT COVER = Detail from “Merrymaking” 1860 by Cornelius Krieghoff; BACK COVER = AD – 1956 Chrysler; SHORT STORY = “The Man Who Conquered Davy Crockett” by John Gray; ARTICLES = The Fairy Romance of the Canadian Shield; Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” part two – The Island; Maclean's Flashback – When Ballooning was the Craze; A &-page Christmas Album by Canada's First Old Master – Cornelius Krieghoff; Ganong Bros. - Candy Unlimited; Peter Whalley's Phantom Nursery Rhymes;)


FEBRUARY 4 (FRONT COVER = “21st Street at 3rd Avenue, Saskatoon” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Mobiloil; SHORT STORY = “Who Would Marry a Riverman ?” by Robert Kroetsch; ARTICLES = “Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” part Five – Industrial Quebec”; “Maclean's Flasback – The Rise and Fall of Tom Longboat”; “Canada's Biggest Landlords – The Bennett Brothers” by Peter C. Newman; “The Man with Acres of Lambs – William Hayward of British Columbia”);

APRIL 28 (FRONT COVER = “Doctor Visiting Children in a Hospital” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SERIAL = “The Face at the Window” part 2 by Dan Jacobson; ARTICLES = “Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” part Eleven – Alberta”; “Maclean's Flashback – “The Day I Fought Jack Dempsey” by Georges Carpentier; “The Genius Who Doesn't Want to Play – Glenn Gould” by Gladys Shenner; “You can't Make a Liar of a Saskatchewan Fisherman” by Robert Collins);

JUNE 9 (FRONT COVER = “Young Woman taking a Photograph of Red Coated Guards from Behind” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Secret of the Stolen Love Letters” by Robin White; ARTICLES = “Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” part Fourteen - The Coast of B.C.”; “Who Really Owns Canada ?” by Peter C. Newman; “How Man will Conquer Mars” by Willy Ley and Wernher Von Braun; “I Married a Count” by Catherine Cziraky; “The Most Baffling Show on Television – Holiday Ranch” by Dorothy Sangster);

JUNE 23 (FRONT COVER = “Truck Driver having a Roadside Picnic” by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD = Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “The Race for the Love of Mizpah Jenkins” by Vernon Hockley; ARTICLES = “A Maclean's Album – Canada in Color”; “Bruce Hutchison Rediscovers “The Unknown Country” part Fifteen – Ottawa”; “Joe McCulley – Can They make Him a TV Star ?” by Barbara Moon; “Where We've Gone Wrong on Defense” by Ex-Chief of Staff Lieut-General Guy Simonds; “How They're Solving the Mystery of Your Memory” by Janice Tyrwhitt);

AUGUST 4 (FRONT COVER = “Workmen Having Lunch atop the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = Missing; SHORT STORY = “The Secondhand Love Letter” by Edward Kaylin; ARTICLES = “Leon Koerner's One-man Giveaway Program” by McKenzie Porter; “A Blueprint to Stop our Cities Decay” by Sidney Katz; “Can Science Beat the Virus Diseases ?” Janice Tyrwhitt; “We're Wasting Millions on an Obsolete Air Force” by Lieut-General Guy Simonds; “The Town that Wants to Stay Old-Fashioned – Niagra-on-the-Lake” by Duncan McLeod; “The Private Lives of Byng Whitteker” by Barbara Moon);

AUGUST 18 (FRONT COVER = “August at Kildala Pass Weather Station, B.C.” by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Canadion Oil White Rose; SHORT STORY = “It Takes a Woman to Run a Railroad” by John Norman Harris; ARTICLES = “Where we Stand in the Fight to Conquer Cancer” a Maclean's Panel; “Who will the Liberals Choose after Louis ? - Pearson or Harris” by Blair Fraser; “How to be a Singing Star the Hard Way – Wally Koster” by June Callwood; “The Secret War of Charles Goodeve – part 1 of 3” by Gerald Pawle);

SEPTEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = “Edmontom Eskimos versus Montreal Alouettes in the Grey Cup in Empire Stadium, Vancouver” by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “What would Carrie Nation Do ?” by Vernon Hockley; ARTICLES = “Will They Ever Beat the Eskimos ?” by Trent Frayne; “The Revolution that's Changing your Shopping Habits” by Peter C. Newman; “We Adopted a Family of Criminals” by Bluebell Stewart Phillips; “Remember When we Raved about Radio ?” by Hugh Garner; “The Secret War of Charles Goodeve – part 1 of 3 “How They Opened the Door for D-Day” by Gerald Pawle);

SEPTEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Children on a Ferris Wheel” by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “She didn't Care what People Thought” by Ronald R. Smith; ARTICLES = “What will Robert Fowler say about TV ? - Head of the Royal Commission on Broadcasting” by David MacDonald; “Karsh Visits Hollywood – A Photo Album of Female Stars”; “Maclean's Flashback – Canada's Most Infamous Hatchet Man Harry Orchard part 1 of 2” by Stewart H. Holbrook; “Why we're getting More Disastrous Hurricanes” by Fred Bosworth; “The Secret Way of Charles Goodeve – Part 3 of 3 “The Weapons of Tomorrow” by Gerald Pawle; “Frank Merrill's Winning way with Horses” by Trent Frayne);

SEPTEMBER 29 (FRONT COVER = “A Town Moves from the Path of the St. Lawrence Seaway” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Harvester” by Robert Kroetsch; ARTICLES = The U.S. - Canada Battle for the Columbia River; Our Churches Swing to Cash Register Evangelism; What Our Newest Oil Boom is doing to Manitoba; “Our Most Neglected Treasure – French Cooking” by Ken Johnstone; “Is Noise Making you Sick ?” by Janice Tyrwhitt; “Maclean's Flashback – Canada's Most Infamous Hatchet Man Harry Orchard part 2 of 2” by Stewart H. Holbrook; “I've got Enough Insurance, Thanks” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

OCTOBER 13 (FRONT COVER = “Apple Harvest Completed, Okanagan Vall;ey, B.C.” by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; NOVELETTE = “The Killing Ground” by Elleston Trevor; SHORT STORY = “The Spectacular Farewell of Wellington Axminster” by Mort M. Horowitz; ARTICLES = “Your Stake in the U.S. Election” by Blair Fraser; “The Next Ten Years of TV” by Barbara Moon; “Our Hidden Canadian Art Treasures” by John Gray; “From the Notebook of Dr. Hans Selye”; “Imagine me Playing Shakespeare at the Old Vic ! - Jacqueline Ellis” by Marjorie Earl; “Maclean's Flasback – The Black Day the Quebec Bridge Fell” by James Bannerman; “Bill Dawes Amazing Trek to Feed his Mink” by Fred Bodsworth);

OCTOBER 27 (FRONT COVER = “History of Hunting” by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Next Stop; The Stars” by Ray Bradbury; ARTICLES = “Oral Roberts – Should he be Banned in Canada ?” by Sidney Katz; “We Bought a Race Horse” by W.G. Fordyce; “The Troubles of a Saturday Night Town – Durham, Ontario” by June Callwood; “Cyrus Eaton's Hideaway for Brains – Pugwas, Nova Scotia” by Ian Sclanders; “Maclean's Flashback – The Only Man the Allies didn't Beat – Franz von Werra” by Kendal Burt and James Leasor; “How Jimmy Watt saved his Crees” by Fred Bodsworth; “The World's Worst Tempered Lake – Lake Erie” by Duncan McLeod);

NOVEMBER 24 (FRONT COVER = Pre-1890 Photographs by William Notman; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; sHORT STORY = “The Double Cross” by Donald Heiney; ARTICLES = “Maclean's Album – A Priceless Collection of Photos by William Notman” 12-pages of Photos, text by Pierre Berton; “Bill Zeckendorf and his Big Plans for Canada” by Peter C. Newman; “Why the Conservatives are Swinging to Diefenbaker” by Blair Fraser; “Maclean's Flashback – How Percy Williams swept the Olympic Sprints” by Ray Gardner);


JANUARY 5 (FRONT COVER = “Commemorative Stamps” by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “Mr. Benturian and the Beautiful Palimpsest” by Donald Heiney; ARTICLES = “Maclean's Album – How an Arctic Priest sees his Parish – Photos by Father Bernard Brown; “Report from Israel” by Blair Fraser; “What's it Like to be Married to a Genius – Peter Ustinov's wife Suzanne Cloutier” by Marjorie Earl; “Frank McMahon's Five Lucky Lives” by McKenzie Porter; “Clyde Gilmour picks the Best and the Worst Movies of 1956”);

FEBRUARY 2 (FRONT COVER = “Buying a Sailing Dingy in Winter” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Mobiloil; ARTICLES = “Report from Baghdad” by Blair Fraser; “Shouls they let 'Mom' Whyte keep her Children ?” by Sidney Katz; “What you See and How you See” by Janice Tyrwhitt; “The Calmest Bombshell on Broadway – Diana van der Vlis” by June Callwood; “Will they Solve the Riddle of the Athabaska Tar Sands ?” by Alan Phillips; “My Last 17 days in Budapest” text and photos by Sandor Acs);

FEBRUARY 16 (FRONT COVER = Crisis 1957; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “A Selection of Fables” by Andreas Fay; “Our Daily Bread” by Ferenc Mora; ARTICLES = “Four Reporters on the Crisis of 1957 - “The New Nationalism” by Hugh MacLennan – In our Case is the East Hopeless?” by Blair Fraser - “The Western Alliancs has Vanished” by Lionel Shapiro - “The Commonwealth is Crumbling” by Lister Sinclair; “The Challenge of Soviet Education” by Dr. George S. Counts; “The Hungarians” by Peter C. Newman; “Maclean's Album – The Hungarians and what they Mean to Canada”);

MARCH 2 (FRONT COVER = “Ice-Canoe Racing at the Quebec Winter Carnival” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polysar Rubber; SHORT STORY = “The Inn of the Two Adventurers” by Lord Dunsany; ARTICLES = “Me and My Family... the Story of the Conachers” part 1 of 5 by Charlie Conacher with Trent Frayne; “I'm Sick of Being a Good Listener” by Robert Thomas Allen; “How Red Tape is Stalling our Refugee Program” by Blair Fraser; “Why Our Boom has the Experts Scared” by Bruce Hutchison; Robert Stanfield the Tory who Wouldn't Stay Dead; “Remember When Kids had Real Fun ?” by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell; Edith Read's Ungentle Formula for Raising Young Ladies – Branksome Hall in Toronto;)

MARCH 16 (FRONT COVER = “Blonde Amateur Girl Singer trying to Sing and Watch Herself on a TV Monitor” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Changing Face of Canada – Construction Boom” by Peter C. Newman; “She's TV's First Atlantic Commuter – Elaine Grand” by Barbara Moon; “What I saw on Red Election Day – Warsaw, Poland” by Blair Fraser; “Me and My Family...the Story of the Conachers – Big Moments I Remember” part 2 of 5 by Charlie Conacher with Trent Frayne; “History's Biggest Quiz Show – 5,000 Scientists from 50 Nations Lasting 18 Months” by McKenzie Porter);

MARCH 30 (FRONT COVER = “The Things my Kids Draw” by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Canadian Oil White Rose; ARTICLES = “Me and My Family...the Story of the Conachers – Lionel could do Anything” part 3 of 5 by Charles Conacher with Trent Frayne; “Report from Moscow” by Blair Fraser; “She Sells Glamoue with a Growl – Lillian Farrar” by Dorothy Sangster; “What Happened when we Threw out our TV” by Vivien Kimber; “Is Smog the Real Culprit in Lung Cancer ?” by Sidney Katz; “The Wonderland of Louis B. Mayer” part 1 of 2 by Bosley Crowthers);

APRIL 13 (FRONT COVER = “Western Meadowlark” painting by Fenwick Lansdowne; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; PICTURE ALBUM = The Bird Paintings of Fenwick Lansdowne; ARTICLES = “Is B.C.'s Fanfare for Wenner-Gren Another False Alarm ?” by Eric Hutton; Stratford Theatre's betting on Siobhan McKenna; “How the Russians are Trained to Hate the West” by Blair Fraser; “The Wonderland of Louis B. Mayer” part 2 of 2 by Bosley Crowthers; Was Our Biggest Historical Find our Biggest Hoax ? - Viking Relics in Northern Ontario; “Me and My Family... the Story of the Conachers – Why the Kid Line Became a Legend” part 4 of 5 by Charlie Conacher with Trent Frayne; Will the Nickel Boom make a New Man of Manitoba ?;)

APRIL 27 (FRONT COVER = “With Jasper's Apologies to the Group of Seven” painting by Simpkins; BACK COVER = Polymer Corporation; SHORT STORY = “How Bramford-Gordon Abolished the Income Tax” by John Gray; PICTURE ALBUM = The Iridescent Arctic photos of Father Maurice Metayer; ARTICLES = “I Still Remember...” the Memories of Mazo De La Roche; Blair Fraser reports from Peking; Television's Newest Suspense Sensation – Arthur Hailey; “The Lurking Death on our Crowded Skies” by Franklin Russell; “Me and My Family... the Story of the Conachers – How I'd Make Hockey a Better Game” part 5 of 5 conclusion by Charlie Conacher with Trent Frayne;)

MAY 25 (FRONT COVER = “Jockey's Playing Cards in the Locker Room” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polymer Corporation; SHORT STORY = “The Inter-Galaxy Beauty Contest” by Robert Zacks; ARTICLES = What's Happening to Cars – a Panel Discussion; “Now We're Finding Out how Children Think” by Janice Tyrwhitt; “My Six Furious Years as a City Father” by Ex-Mayor of Ottawa Charlotte Whitton; How Much Pain can you Stand ?; “Who Leads Asia ?” by Blair Fraser; In Mudhole in Alberta they Catch Large Trout; Maclean's Flashback – When Voting was High Adventure; Here's a Graphic Picture of Ontario's Elliot Lake – Our Wild Atomic City;)

JUNE 8 (FRONT COVER = “Wedding Party winding Down a Staircase on St. Urbain St. In Montreal” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; NOVELETTE = “Look Now, Horseman” by Edmund Gilligan; ARTICLES = Party Leaders Answer the Question “Why Should I Vote for You?; Will Harry Ferguson Revolutionize Car Industy Too ?; The Wonderful World of French Canadian Television; Muriel Sprague Richardson the Shy Baroness of Brokerage; Nathan Cohen the Embattled Ringmaster of Fighting Words; John D. Hayes – Bosses the Two Sweetest Women in the World – Laura Secord and Fanny Farmer;)

JUNE 22 (FRONT COVER = “Sous-le-cap, Quebec City – Narrowest street in North America” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polymer Corporation; SHORT STORY = “John Womble's Second Dream” by Robert Ayre; ARTICLES = “The Case History of One Used Car – 1918 Ford Model T” by Eric Hutton; Quebec Election – Is Drapeau a Match for Duplessis ?”; “The Facts about our High-Seas Battle for Fish” by Philip Chelsea; “I'm Saying Farewell to Broadway's My Fair Lady” by Robert Coote; What's so Funny about Gout ?; Hugh Garner gives Four Reasons Why “I've Sworn Off Parties”; What Shakespeare's Doing to Stratford; Will We ever Control the Bloodthirsty Black Fly ?;)

AUGUST 3 (FRONT COVER = “At the Drive-in Theater” by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “What Kind of TV will We get this Fall ?” by Eric Hutton; “Theo Parker's One Man War against the State – Hog Farmer” by Alan Phillips; “The Native Genius we've never Discovered – Montreal's Jean-Paul Riopelle” by Catherine Jones; “Vancouver's Enchanted evenings Under the Stars – Theatre Under The Stars” by Ray Gardner; “Maclean's Album – The Canada Douglas Kendall sees from the Sky”);

AUGUST 17 (FRONT COVER = “Tourists being Piped in and out of Nova Scotia” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Canadian Oil White Rose; SHORT STORY = “Rue Deschambault” by Gabrielle Roy; ARTICLES = “The Girls who Gatecrashed the Bot Scouts” by Barbara Moon; “How Ted Heinrich packe them into his Museum” by McKenzie Porter; “The Death of the Majestic Elm” by Duncan McLeod; “The Streets of Canada – Main Street, Winnipeg”);

AUGUST 31 (FRONT COVER = Canadian National Exhibition” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Night Grandma Swam the Lake” by John Clare; ARTICLES = “Can Diefenbaker Fufill his Election Promises ?” by Blair Fraser: “Dr. Humphrey Osmond's New Deal for the Insane; by Sidney Katz; “How to Live With a Teenage Daughter” by Robert Thomas Allen; “I Made Friends with My Burglar” by Jeann Beattie; Maclean's Picture Album – How Canada Looks to our Children;);

SEPTEMBER 14 (FRONT COVER = “Dog Trials at Frobisher, Saskatchewan” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Polysae Rubber; SHORT STORY = “Mr. Benturian buya a Jaguar” by Donald Heiney; “Mrs. Brennan's Secret” by Robert Kroetsch; ARTICLES = “Should the Protestant Churches Unite ?” by a Maclean's Panel; “The Scramble for the Teen-age Dollar” by John Clare; “Whitehead the Hitmaker” by June Callwood; “What the Pipeline will do for Canada” by Alan Phillips; “Maclean's Album – When Women Wore Clothes – Photos by William Notman; Maclean's Flashback – How George Washington Lost Canada” by Thomas H. Raddall);

SEPTEMBER 28 (FRONT COVER = “Red-shafted Flicker” painting by Fenwick Lansdowne; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Dance of the Bells” by Ann Maude Henry; PICTURE ALBUM = More Bird Paintings by Fewick Lansdowne; ARTICLES = “What Kind of Man was Herbert Norman ?” by Sidney Katz; Saskatchewan's Joseph Tucker's Triumphant Retreat from the Twentieth Century; Rosa Tremblay and her Seven Sets of Twins; “Hangover at the OK Corral” by Robert Thomas Allen; John Pratt the Comedian who Made the House of Commons; Maclean's Flashback – William Lawrence and his Wonderful Windjammer;”The Unseen World of Taste and Smell” by N.J. Berrill; A Radio Executive offers an Antidote to Rock 'n' Roll;)

OCTOBER 12 (FRONT COVER = “Picking New Brunswick Potatoes” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD -Polymer Corporation; MACLEAN'S NOVEL AWARD WINNER = “Florencia Bay” part 1 by James McNamee; ARTICLES = “How the Queen Talks and What she Says” by McKenzie Porter; “Canada's Biggest Big Businessmen – A Maclean's Survey” by Peter C. Newman; What Happened to the Toronto Suburb they called Crestwood Heights ?; “Why I'm Quitting Hockey for Football” by Gery James; How Teenager Roberta Meaxwell's Dream came True at Stratford;)

OCTOBER 26 (FRONT COVER = “Lloyd Grant cleaning the Beacon of Black Diamond Lighthouse in Cape Breton” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; MACLEAN'S NOVEL AWARD WINNER = “Florencia Bay” part 2 by James McNamee; ARTICLES = “Maclean's Album – A New Look at a Controversial City – Toronto” Photos by John DeVisser; “What I Rember of Hitler” by Putzi Hanfstaengl; “Nobody's too Big for Ted Lindsay – Detroit Red Wings” by Trent Frayne; “William Shatner's adventures in Hollywood” by Barbara Moon);
NOVEMBER 23 (FRONT COVER = “Inuit Mother and Baby at Frobisher Bay” painting by James Hill; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; MACLEAN'S NOVEL AWARD WINNER = “Florencia Bay” part 4 by James McNamee; ARTICLES = Rex Gibson's Ordeal on Mount Howson; Dr. Marion Hilliard the Spinster who Lectures Wives on Love and Childbirth; “Why the West will Win the Grey Cup thie Year” by John Kerns with Trent Frayne; Maclean's Flashback – The Great Birth Control Trial of Dorthea Palmer;”We Sailed our Kids to Florida” by Elinor Noble; “But I don't Want the New Leisure” by Robert Thomas Allen; The Reluctant Rise of Movie and TV Producer Arthur Hiller; Steve Juba the Rough and Always ready Mayor of Winnipeg;)

DECEMBER 7 (FRONT COVER = “Montreal Firehall 14 – Operation Santa Claus” panting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Watchmakers of Switzerland; MACLEAN'S NOVEL AWARD WINNER = “Florencia Bay” conclusion by James McNamee; ARTICLES = June Callwood looks back at the Royal Tour; The Nearsighted Mr. Magoo discovers Canada; Lois Smith and David Adams and Their Life Sentence with the Ballet; “Hans Lundberg the Hottest Treasure Hunter in History” by Peter C. Newman; Maclean's Flashback – Why Red Ryan's Shadow still Hangs over every Prison Yard;”How we Nursed a Farm back to Health” by Herbert Watson;)

DECEMBER 24 (FRONT COVER = “Montreal at Night” by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Santa Claus with a Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Bonnie Babes of the Bank of Lower Canada” by Michael Sheldon; SPECIAL CHRISTMAS ALBUM = A Wonderland of Children's Books; ARTICLES = “Olive Diefenbaker's not so Private Life” by Alan Phillips; Toronto Jazz Happy tailor Dave Caplan; “We Found our New World in the Arctic” photos and text by Helga Bading;”How Scrooge might spend Christmas 1957” by Robert Thomas Allen;)


JANUARY 4 (FRONT COVER = “The Quebec City to Levis Ferry” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – 1958 De Soto; ARTICLES = “How Mental Illness is Attacking our Immigrants” by Sidney Katz; The Brave New World of Trailer Living; How Paul Anka crashed Tin Pan Alley at Fifteen; Davie Fulton – the Second Most Powerful Tory; “The Toughest Flying Country in the World – British Columbia” by Ray Gardner; “My Recipe for Eating Out and Staying Alive” by Hugh Garner”How I became an Equal” by Canadian born Japanese Arthur Tateishi; The Town where Everybody Plays Something – Flin Flon, Manitoba; Clyde Gilmour picke the Best and Worst Movies of 1957)

JANUARY 18 (FRONT COVER = “Winter Twilight at Ox Bow, Saskatchewan” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Stowaway” by John Norman Harris; ARTICLES = The Next Problem for the World – Who Owns Space ?; Barry Morse – the Barrymore of Canadian TV; How you can Tell if your Child is Accident Prone; Montreal Sculptor Louis Archambault's “Wonderful Wall” for the Brussels World's Fair;Prime Minister Diefenbaker's home town of Prince Albert, Sask.;)

FEBRUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = “Indian Village in the Museum of Natural History in Regina, Sask.” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Watchmakers of Switzerland; SHORT STORY = “The Name Game” by Scott Corbett; ARTICLES = “What would Free Trade with Britain Mean ?” by Blair Fraser; A Big League Baseball Team for Canada ?; The Streets of Canada – Montreal's Sherbrooke; The Day the Iroquois Flew – World's Most Powerful Jet Engine; “How I became Unknown with my First Novel” by Mordecai Richler; The Changing Eskimos of the Mountain Sanatorium in Hamilton;)

FEBRUARY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Cornucopia Canada” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – EMCO Limited; MACLEAN'S ALBUM = 4-pages of paintings by Amateur Artists; ARTICLES = “Women Should Run the World” by Professor N.J. Berrill; How Canadian Veterans are Fighting the Peace; “A Noted Doctor Talks about Alcohol and Tranquilizers” by R. Gordon Bell;' Canadian Theatre's Fiery Godmother – Dora Mavor Moore;Maclean's Flashback – Canada's Last Great Train Robbery in 1920 the CPR's No. 63 in the Crowsnest Pass; How Hockey player Doug Harvey Loafed his way to Fame; “I Went around the World in Eighty Days” by Trevor Scott;)

MARCH 1 (FRONT COVER = “Sailors Beside a Photo Booth in Halifax Train Station” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Best Years of Their Lives” by John Norman Harris; ARTICLES = “The Inside Story of Maple Leaf Gardens” by John Clare; The Streets of Canada – Vancouver's Hastings;l “Where we Really Stand with the U.S.A.” by Blair Fraser; Exactly Who is the CBC's James Bannerman ?; “Why I Don't Like Speeches” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

MARCH 15 (FRONT COVER = “Counting Caribou from the Air” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Non-Taxable Loves of Mrs. Ollenberger” by P.D. Hughes; ARTICLES = How the Telephone Swindlers Operate; Bruce Hutchison leads a Revolt Against Leisure; What's Behind the Big Back-to-School Boom ? - Surge in Adult Education; How Laureete Faces Life – French Canadian Soap Opera; “We Took our girls on an Arctic Vacation” photos and text by Erik Watt;)

APRIL 26 (FRONT COVER = “The Maritime Museum, Halifax Citadel” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Mobile Oil; ARTICLES = Why the Traffic Jams are Getting Worse – a Maclean's Survey; Maclean's Flashback – 1919 the Year we Went Wild for Edward the Prince of Wales; “Is Democracy Obsolete ?” by Bruce Hutchison; Boxer Yvon Durelle is Different; Ed Lucas and the $64,000 Challenge TV Show; What's Out There ? - What Scientists Think they Know about Space; Why Should CBC's Juliette Knock them Dead ?; ”I'm Swearing off Bargains” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

MAY 10 (FRONT COVER = British Columbia 1858-1958; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “The Truth about the Sasquatch” by Vernon Hockley; MACLEAN'S ALBUMS = Cartoonists Len Norris B.C. Sketchbook = New Paintings by Nine B.C. Artists; ARTICLES = “A Native's Return to B.C.” by Pierre Berton; Streets of Canada – Victoria's Government St.; The Salty Princesses of the Pacific Coast; The Vanishing Giant that Built a Province – The Douglas Fir; The Rise and Fall of Social Credit; Eric Nicol's Short History of B.C.;)

JUNE 21 (FRONT COVER = “Oil Pump on Saskatchewan Prairie” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak Film; ARTICLES = Maclean's National Survey – The Truth about Teenage Drinking; Maclean's Flashback - “My Life with the Original Marks Brothers” by Kitty Marks; “The Fear behind Union Featherbedding” by Blair Fraser; “The Secret Life of a Pond” by Franklin Russell; Johnny Longden Tells his Own Story part 3 “The Price I've Paid to Stay in Racing”; In Praise of the Beard;)

JULY 5 (FRONT COVER = “Fiction of Men who Dress Shabby” painting by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “What's Behind the Pipeline Uproar ?' by Blair Fraser; Holiday Weekend in Vancouver; The Woman's Institute – The Biggest Country Club in Canada; Maclean's Flashback – The Man who Stayed Invisible for Thirteen Years in the B.C. Wilds – Gun-an-noot; “How to get the Most out of Summer... Stay Home” by Robert Thomas Allen; John Longden Tells His Own Story part 4 “How I Win Races”; “Why I Hate Doctors” by Hugh Garner;)

AUGUST 16 (FRONT COVER = “Kids Inside Watching TV not Outside Playing” painting by Peter Whalley; ARTICLES = Bachelor Girls – The Class Canadians Hate; “Report from the Mediterranean Tinderbox” by Blair Fraser; Streets of Canada – Saint John N.B. King St.; “The Stage Manager who looks like a Star – Grania Mortimer” by Barbare Moon; 29 Canadian Capitalists Bring Back an Unusual New View of Russia; “How to Win Friends and Really Learn French (or English)” by Eric Hutton; “The Awful Revelations of a Toronto Streetcar Driver” John Mowry as told to Robert Thomas Allen;)

AUGUST 30 (FRONT COVER = “Scoreboard at Maple Leaf Stadium” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD -Coke; Why do we Hate the Police – Maclean's National Survey; Holiday Weekend in Montreal; “Now evben the Conoe is going Modern” by Robert Thomas Allen; What is it About Budgies ?; The Double Life of Canadian Football's Fiercest Coach – Hamilton Tiger Cats Jim Trimble; “Women are Equal – Especially Ellen Fairclough” by Peter C. Newman; Bertrand Russell Warns – Stay off the Moon;)

SEPTEMBER 13 (FRONT COVER = The Terrible Climb up the Chilkoot Pass; BACK COVER = AD – Hertz Rent a Car: SERIAL = “Klondike !” part 1 by Pierre Berton; ARTICLES = “Syd Halter... Big League Football's First Czar” by Trent Frayne; “What Hope for the West in the Middle East ?” by Blair Fraser; Streets of Canada – Edmonton's Jasper Avenue; The Man Behind TV's “Jake and the Kid” - W.O. Mitchell; “I Want to be Friends with a 'Friendly Banker” by Hugh Garner; Deep River, Ontario – Almost the Perfect Place to Live; What Everybody Should know about Studying;)

SEPTEMBER 27 (FRONT COVER = “Canadian Art Through the Years” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SERIAL = “Klondike !” part 2 by Pierre Berton; ARTICLES = “Is the United Appeal too Big – or Just Big Enough ?” by Peter C. Newman; Larry Henderson the Man Behind Canadian TV's Most Famous Face; Streets of Canada – St. John's Water Street; Why the Amish want no Part of Progress; “What I Remember Most about School” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

OCTOBER 11 (FRONT COVER = “Autumn on Montreal's Rue De la Roche” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Aquascutum; NOVELETTE “Where did Rafe Madison Go ?” by Donald Jack; SERIAL = “Klondike !” part 3 by Pierre Berton; ARTICLES = The Cloak and Dagger Struggle to Keep New Cars Secret; The Memories of a Great Canadian Painter – A.Y. Jackson; “Dear Social Register” by Robert Thomas Allen; Holiday Weekend in Halifax; Opera's Happy Rebel is Herman Geiger-Torel;)

OCTOBER 25 (FRONT COVER = “Eel Weir near Baie St. Paul, Quebec” painting by Lorne Bouchard; BACK COVER = AD – coke; SHORT STORY = “How Much is an Englishman Worth ?” by Alan Scholefield; SERIAL = “Klondike !” conclusion by Pierre Berton; ARTICLES = A New Look at Man's Future – by the World's Top Genetics Scientists; “The Oscar Petersons at Home” by June Callwood; “The Gods Canadians Worship” by Arthur Lower; “A TV Repairman Talks Back” by Ed Reale as told to Robert Thomas Allen; “My Week on the Grand Banks” by John Clare; Canadian Roy Thomson's Invasion of Scotland Media;)

NOVEMBER 8 (FRONT COVER = “Pink Cheeked Majorettes passing Blue Faced Football Players” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Watchmakers of Switzerland; SHORT STORY = “The Holdup” by Ben Lappin; ARTICLES = “Why Life's Better in Britain” by Hugh MacLennan; Charles Templeton – From Evangelist to TV Star; “Where do we Stand in Defense ? part 1 – Our Airborne Maginot Line” by Blair Fraser; The Royal Family of the Laurentians – The Wheelers; Expropriation – The Fears and the Facts; Holiday Weekend in Quebec City; Maclean's Flashback - “When Vancouver turned back the Sikhs” by Ray Gardner; Courtroom Secrets of a Master Lawyer – Joe Cohen;)

NOVEMBER 22 (FRONT COVER = “Young Girl in Tack Room at the Royal Winter Fair” painting by Bruce Johnson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; MACLEAN'S ALBUM = The Days that are No More – Photos by William Notman; ARTICLES = “Is the Body its own Best Doctor ?” by Sidney Katz: “Where do we Stand in Defense ? part 2 – If War comes by Sea or Land” by Blair Fraser; A Better World for Retarded Children; “Is Jarvis Mis-spending our Art Millions – National Gallery” by Peter C. Newman; “Confessions of a Fellow Traveller” by Mordecai Richler; The Biggest Fair of them All – The Royal Winter Fair;The On and Offstage Life of French Canadian Playwright Marcel Dube;)

DECEMBER 6 (FRONT COVER = “A Couple in Summer and Winter Foolish Fashions” painting by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – 1959 Ford; SHORT STORY = “The Testing of Jerome Martell” by Hugh MacLennan; ARTICLES = “Jimmy Hoffa's plans for a Canadian Empire” by Peter C. Newman; Why Teachers are Tired of Critical Parents; “A Teacher Speaks to Parents” by Winnipeg's Sybil Shack;The Ship that Wouldn't Die – The “Bear”; The Happy Sequel to Quebec's 1939 Great Ballpark Wedding of 105 Couples; “Where do we Stand in Defense ? Part 3 – Could Canada Stay Out of a U.S. War ?” by Blair Fraser; “Who Says Forty is too Old ?” by pro golfer Stan Leonard;)

DECEMBER 20 (FRONT COVER = “Christmas on the DEWLINE watching Santa Claus on Radar” painting by Ed McNally: BACK COVER = AD – Santa Claus with a Coke; MACLEAN'S ALBUM = “Watch the Birdie” photos by William Notman; ARTICLES = Can Science Explain the Star of Bethlehem ? - What we Now Know; New Trends in Toys – What After Hula-Hoops?; Jacques Plante – The NHL's Haunted Goaltender; “Give Christmas back to the Kids” by Robert Thomas Allen; Maclean's Flashback – Sir Herbert Holt the Richest Canadian who ever Lived;)


JANUARY 3 (FRONT COVER = “Watching Hockey in an Ice-fishing Shack” by John Little; BACK COVER = AD -Renault Dauphine; ARTICLES = “Going Steady – Is it Ruining our Teen-agers ?” by Sidney Katz; “Holiday Weekend in Toronto” by James Dugan; “Bedford's Three Ring Dukedom – John Robert Russell” by Marjorie Earl; Famous Families at Home - The Dr. William Blatzes” by June Callwood; “Is it Possible to See Your Own Ghost ? - The Answer Seems to be Yes” by Barbara Moon; “Clyde Gilmour Picks the Best Worst Movies of 1958”;);

JANUARY 17 (FRONT COVER = “Constellations” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD -Coke; ARTICLES = “What Happens when Dulles Goes?” by Blair Fraser; Streets of Canada – Windsor, Ontario's Sandwich St.; A Fond Farewell to Toronto Casino hot Spot; “The Cruel Conspiracy of Public Speaking” by Bruce Hutchison; “An Even Break for the Peaceful Wolf” by Fred Bodsworth; “How to Talk to your Spouse – and When Not To” by Janice Tyrwhitt;)
JANUARY 31 (FRONT COVER = “National Boat Show, CNE Coliseum; BACK COVER = AD – CIL Paints; ARTICLES = “Inflation can Kill Our Nation” by Bruce Hutchison; “The Two Ordeals of Kikik” by Farley Mowat; Can you Loaf your way to a Better Figure ? - Exercise by Proxy; “How to Endure a Father” by Jane and Mary Allen; “I Kept House Behind the Iron Cutain” by Flora Lewis; “The Gay and Gusty World of the College Press” by Peter Gzowski;)

FEBRUARY 14 (FRONT COVER = “Fourteen People in an Elevator” painting by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “I Served on a Murder Jury” by Kim McIlroy; “How to Get your Bosses Job” by Peter C. Newman; The Precious Alma Mater of the Prairies – University of Saskatchewan; “How I got Mixed Up in the Cuban Revolution” by Tom Patterson; “Eat Fat and Grow Slim” by Dr. Ray N. Lawson; Maclean's Flashback – Stoker Mahoney and Pill No. 2-183; A Challengi ng New Concept of French Canada;)

MARCH 14 (FRONT COVER = “At the Dog Show” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Is Diefenbaker running a One Man Government ?” by Blair Fraser; Maclean's Flashback - “My Dad was King of the Medicine Men” by Leo P. Kelley; The Woman who can do Anything – Malvina Labine the Reeve of Rayside Township, Ontario; Holiday Weekend in Ottawa; “The Delicate Art of Giving the Sack” by Bill Longgood and Ed Wallace; “How I Beat My Middle Aged Spread” by Lloyd Percival;)

MARCH 28 (FRONT COVER = “Maurice Richard surrounded by Young Fans” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BAQCK COVER = AD – Mobile Oil; ARTICLES = “Does Canada Really Need a National Anthem ?” by Hereward Allix; The Ottawa Home that Rebuilds Children's Lives – Protestant Children's Village; Montreal's Mount Royal's Valiant Stand Against Progress; Maclean's Flashback – The Night the Empress of Ireland went Down; Chicago Black Hawks Coach Rudy Pilous recipe for Enjoying a Headache; “The Spring we knew When we were Kids” by Robert Thomas Allen; “What Politics needs most – More Laughter” by Tommy Douglas;The Art of Lunenburg Cooking and Eating;”A Day in the Life of a Spaceman” by Thomas Walsh;)

APRIL 11 (FRONT COVER = “Hi-Fi Addict Cranking his Stereo” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = MISSING; ARTICLES = “The Sleazy Grey World of the Call Girl” by Sidney Katz; The Poet who Outfought Duplessis – Professor Frank Scott; Rivers of Canada – The High and Mighty Mackenzie; “Common Sense won't Work with Children” by Dr. Smiley Blanton;The Complex Riddle of Missing Persons; Maclean's Flashback – “The Fur Trader who Grubstaked our Nation – Donald Smith” by Peter C. Newman;The Famed and Fearsome Mushellunge;Will Canada ever make Major League Baseball ?;)

APRIL 25 (FRONT COVER = “Geolettes on the Lower St. Lawrence” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – S.O.S.Scouring Pads; ARTICLES = “Natural Gas – Is it Safe for your Home ?” by McKenzie Porter; The University of Toronto – Can it Survive Sheer Size ?; “The Hectic Scramble for the Class of '59” by Eric Hutton; “Canada Needs a Lobby in Washington” by C. Knowlton Nash; The Sleuths who Probe our Air Disasters; James Wilson Morrice the Painter we Weren't Ready For; Should Religion be a Regular School Subject ?;)

MAY 9 (FRONT COVER = Quebec 1959; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORIES = “The Plouffes Visit Toronto” by Roger Lemelin - “Nathalie was my First Love” by Marcel Dube; MACLEAN'S ALBUMS = “A New Gallery of French Canadian Portraits” by Dube = Eight Artits Paint their Quebec; ARTICLES = “The Unconquerable French Canadians” by Bruce Hutchison; “The Maurice Richards at Home” by June Callwood; Rivers of Canada – The Incomparable St. Lawrence; “The Church – How Much Political Power does it Wield ?” by Donald Creighton;What Quebec Laughs At;)

MAY 23 (FRONT COVER = Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace; BACK COVER = AD – Bulova; Ontario's Leslie Frost's Masquerade as the Common Man; Bruce Hutchison in Hollywood part 1 – Zsa Zsa Gabor; “The Night of Terror we'll Never Forget” by Victor Desgroseilliers; “Can we Avoid a Shooting Battle for Berlin ?” by Blair Fraser; Montreal Phychiatrist Dr. Lloyd Hisey “Self Hypnosis could Help you beat your Tensions”;

What it's Like to have a Famous (but forgotten) Ancestor” by Peter Gzowski;Maclean's Flashback – Breakout at Amiens Prison February 18, 1944;)

JUNE 6 (FRONT COVER = “Children Planting a Garden by a Country School” painting by Rex Woods: BACK COVER =AD – Coke; MACLEAN'S ALBUM = An Artist Comes Home – Paintings and Photographs by Roloff Beny; ARTICLES = “Let's Apply for Admission as the 51st State” by Farley Mowat; Is Car Craziness a Menace to our Teenagers ? Maclean's Flashback – Ernest Thompson Seton the Backwoods Genius with the Magic Pen; Bruce Hutchison in Hollywood part 2 – Will the Whole Continent go Hollywood ?; “The Russian Ambassador Dr. And Mrs. Amasasp Aroutunian at Home” by June Callwood; Why singer Sylvia Murphy turns her back on the Big Time; “A Garbageman Talks Back” by Ray Stapely;)

AUGUST 1 (FRONT COVER = “Freighter 'Fort Henry' at Port Arthur” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; “Do Our Courts Dispense True Justice ?” part 1 of 2 by Sidney Katz; “The Lone Pine of Parliament Hill – Minister of External Affairs Howard Green” by Blair Fraser; Streets of Canada – Ottawa's The Driveway; Dorothy Sangster examines “The Tragedy of the Fat Child”; “Are you a Victim of Your Own Ambitions ?” by Dr. George S. Stevenson and Harry Milt; “The Heroes of my Boyhood” by Robert Thomas Allen;”I Survived the Sinking of the Lusitania” by Sir Harold Boulton;)

AUGUST 15 (FRONT COVER = “McGill University Tennis Courts” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Fleischmann's Yeast; ARTICLES = “Death is not Inevitable” by Dr. Hans Selye; Will our National Emblem Vanish – Mysterious Affliction of the Maple Tree; “ Do Our Courts Dispense True Justice ? - The Lonely, Troubled men on the Bench” part 2 of 2 by Sidney Katz; Holiday Weekend in Calgary; “How to Curb your Tensions” by Dr. George S. Stevenson and Harry Milt; Winnipeg's Jack Wells the Maverick of the Sports Mike;)

AUGUST 29 (FRONT COVER - “The Toronto Stock Exchange” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; Why Toronto's Stock Exchange is Cxanada's Biggest Gambling House; “Is Unemployment here to Stay ?” by Blair Fraser; Holiday Weekend in Stratford; The Shriners – The Most Praiseworthy Order of Playboys; “A New Theory about Mental Health” by Ken Lefolii; “The Day the Queen Resigned” by Charles Spencer; “The Trips we took when we were Kids” by Robert Thomas Allen; Dr. Boyd Neel's Prescrition for Musical Success;)

SEPTEMBER 12 (FRONT COVER = “Night Baseball in Montreal” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Hertz; ARTICLES = “The Day Canada went to War – September 10, 1939” by Eric Hutton; “My Strange Encounter with the World's most Mysterious Assassin -Leon Trotsky's Killer” by Terence Robertson; “How TV Writers get that Way – John Aylesworth and Frank Peppiatt” by Barbara Moon; Portrait of a High School – Vancouver's King Edward High; “Are the British Better Off than we Are ?” by Blair Fraser; “The Tragic Failure of Organized Medicine” by Dr. Harry Paikin; “My Week in and out of Modelling School” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

SEPTEMBER 26 (FRONT COVER = “CNR Scrapyard in Transcona, Manitoba” painting by Robert Bruce; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SERIAL = “The World of Duddy Kravitz” part 1 by Mordecai Richler; ARTICLES = Adoption Agencies – Are they Rejecting the Best Parents ?; How Millions are Made (or lost) in Penny Stocks; “The Bewitching Sights and Sounds of Autumn” by Robert Thomas Allen; The College where Joe College Wouldn't Fit – The University of Montreal; “We were Trapped by a Forest Fire” by Eric Collier;)

NOVEMBER 7 (FRONT COVER = “Noonday Gun on Citadel Hill, Halifax” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Shell Oil; SHORT STORY = “Put Away your Bugle, Soldier” by P.B. Hughes; ARTICLES = Previewing the 1960's; “Why Russia is Beating Canada in the North” by Peter C. Newman; “What the North Really looks Like” by Blair Fraser; TV's Shari Lewis – the Girl Who can do Everything; “My War beside – and Sometimes against Winston Churchill” by Field Marshall Alanbrook; “My Four lives as a Hairdresser” b6y Mary Burnell; Canadian Artist Frederick Horsman Varley; Famous Families at Home – Bernie and Barbara Braden; How Punch Imlach sets the Toronto Maple Leafs on Fire; “Can Science Win the coming Battle against Starvation ?” by Franklin Russell;)

NOVEMBER 21 (FRONT COVER = “Teenage Dance” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Grey Cup is an Over-Rated Circus; “My Part in the Stratford Adventure” by director Tyrone Guthrie; “A Plan to Protect our Savings from Inflation” by H. Scott Gordon; “Monty vs Ike” by Field Marshall Alanbrook; Rivers of Canada – The Fraser; “How I Sell pretty nearly Everything” by supermarket Manager Clifford V. French; “The Mystery of The 'Mice from the Sky' – Lemmings” by Sally Carrighar; Britain's National Marriage Guidance Council saving Marriages; ”How to lie Your way to the Grey Cup” by Trent Frayne; “I Watched the Titanic Rescue” by Sir James Bisset;)

DECEMBER 5 (FRONT COVER = “Skate Sharpening in Montreal's R. Clement's Shoe Shop” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Shell Oil; SHORT STORY = “The Bottomless Purse” by John Gray; ARTICLES; Let the Russians Share the DEW Line; The Vast and Turbulent Empire of the Swiftons; “The Secret Tragedy of the Alcoholic's Wife” by Sidney Katz; From the Theatrical Notebook of Tyrone Guthrie; “I Saw Gandhi Assassinated” by Urmila B. Valia; Maclean's Flasback – The Gallant Death of the ship Jervis Bay; Are We getting our Money's worth from the Canada Council ?; Why can't we stop the Slaughter and Waste of Fire ?; “My First Forty years Behind a Newsreel Camera” by Roy Tash; “We Liked Animals better than People” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

DECEMBER 19 (FRONT COVER = “Christmas Rush on the Toronto Subway” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Santa Claus; ARTICLES = “Kick South Africa out of the Commonwealth” by Terence Robertson; “How to get on Television” a behind the Scenes Report by Barbara Moon; “The Many Mighty Siftons – Six Generations in Canada” by Blair Fraser; The Awful Ups and Downs of Detroit Red Wings Goalie Terry Sawchuk; Why Don't we Send our Surplus Food to the Starving ?; Portrait of a Superhighway – Ontario's Highway 400; Holiday Weekend in London, England; Maclean's Flashback – When Mother was a War Worker;)


JANUARY 2 (FRONT COVER = “Falling Christmas Tree” painting by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – Mobil Oil; ARTICLES = “Is Anybody Winning the Trading Stamp War ?” by Alan Phillips; The Lavish and Lively Quebec Laurentians; “Can little Bill Smith lick the Heavyweights of Labor ?” by Peter C. Newman; “How I Learned about Strangers” by Robert Thomas Allen;Famous Families at Home – A Visit with Mr. And Mrs. Jan Rubes;How Loneliness can Wreck your Life; “Sir John A's First and Only Trip to the West” by Sir Joseph Pope; Clyde Gilmour picks the Best and Worst Movies of 1959;)

JANUARY 16 (FRONT COVER = “Man Leaving on a Winter Vacation throwing his Galoshes Away” by Don Anderson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Ross McLean – The TV Star you Never See” by Peter Gzowski; “I was Big Sister to the Saints – Toronto Street Gang” by Jeann Beattie; “Visit with Anthony Eden” by Blair Fraser; “Can Winnipeg's Wonderful Elm Survive a Second Century ? - Middle of Wolseley” by Robert Metcalfe; “Canada finds her own Pepys – the Diaries of Sir Joseph Pope”; “When Ballet come to the Bush – Les Grandes Ballets Canadiens in Sept Isles” by Ken Lefolii);

JANUARY 30 (FRONT COVER = Photo of the Capture Of Falaise; BACK COVER = AD – Parke-Davis Pardec Vitamins; ARTICLES = Canadian Army's Account of the Breakout at Falaise; C. Northcote Parkinson's Second Law “Expenditure Rises to Meet Income”; “What I Learned from the Magic World of Books” by Robert Thomas Allen; What Your Voice Reveals about You; Famous Families at Home – A Visit with Gratien Gelinas; “What it's Like in the Vast and Vibrant Cariboo” by Ray Gardner;)

FEBRUARY 13 (FRONT COVER = “Girls on Telephones in Various Poses” painting by Ed McNally; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Prison Psychiatrist Dr. John Cathcart of Ottawa on “What Makes a Man Kill'; Liz Brown explains “How I Run a Marriage Bureau”; “How is Ottawa Shaping Up as our National Showcase” by Blair Fraser; The Incomparable Emporium of Montreal's brothers Dupuis; Maclean's Flashback – Dr. Frederick A. Cook the “Humble” Fraud who Claimed the North Pole; Famous Families at Home – A Visit with the Foster Hewitts;)

APRIL 9 (FRONT COVER = “Supper being Served in a Galley” by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Finance Minister Donald Fleming – The Man who Spends your Money” by Peter C. Newman; “Our Bittersweet Romance with the Baltic Belle – Sailboat” by Ron Turner; “Rivers of Canada – The Saskatchewan”; “The Real-Life Game of Cops and Robbers” by Toronto Police Chief James Mackay; “Gisele Mackenzie tells her Story – What I like Most, and Least about Life in Hollywood”; “Maclean's Flashback – How did we ever get through The Depression ?” by Frank Croft);

APRIL 23 (FRONT COVER = “Car Transports looking each others Cars Over” painting by Ed McNally; BACK COVER = AD – The Toronto Dominion Bank; ARTICLES = “The Next President of the United States” by Bruce Hutchison; The Four Fabulous Lives of Samuel Zacks; “Will Charles de Gaulle Blow Up our chances for Peace ?” by Blair Fraser; “How I Switched from Shakespeare to Six-Guns” by Lorne Greene; Maclean's Flashback – The Weird and Savage Cult of Brother 12; “How an Immigrant Girl fell in Love with Canada” by Marika Robert;; “The Tough and Tedious Job of Catching a Killer” by Toronto Police Chief James Mackey;)

MAY 7 (FRONT COVER = “Man inside doing a Paint by Number as Outside is Perce Rock, Gaspe Peninsula” painting by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Is Air Travel Obsolete ?” by Ken Lefolii; “Quebec's Inimitable Gourmets” by Ken Johnstone; The Impish Artist who Draws on Everything – George Feyer; Why Credit Cards are Habit Forming – Will Cash ever Come Back ?; “I Went back to My Wartime Hide-out” by Corporal James N. Kirk, RCAF; Toronto Police Cheif James Mackey tells you how to Deal with the Criminals you Might Meet; Canadian Art Master Arthur Lismer meets and Teaches a New Generation; The Most Famous Unknown in TV – CBC's Larry Mann; “What it's Like to Tend Bar” by Charlie McCauley;)

MAY 21 (FRONT COVER = “Bonsecours Market, Montreal” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Avon: SERIAL = “The Mystery of the Merrifield” part 1 of 3 by Thomas Adams; ARTICLES = “New Face at the Paris Summit – U.S. State Secretary Christian Herter” by C. Nowlton Nash; RCN Lt. Ian Alcock the Commando who didn't Know the War was Over; “Does Man dare Tinker with his Own Shape ?” by Professor N.J. Berrill; Holiday Weekend in Rome, Italy; “Our High Schools are Headed for a Crack-up” by Robert Walker; “I'm Living with Leukemia” by J.A.D. McCurdy; “I Run a Hotel – Heaven Help Me” by Garner A. Havers of Montreal's Sheraton-Mt. Royal; Maclean's Flashback - “When Show Business was all Talk” by Frank Croft; How to Live with an Antique Fanatic;)

JUNE 4 (FRONT COVER = “Airstrip on the Eastern Shore of the Hudson's Bay” painting by Ed McNally; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SERIAL = “The Mystery of the Merrifield” part 2 of 3 by Thomas Adams; ARTICLES = What the Jews can Teach us about Sex and Divorce; “Ontario in the 1960's” by Peter C. Newman; Stratford”s gentle Julie Harris and hard bitten Bruno Gerussi; “The Wonderful things we Built in our Basements” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Trouble with Middle Aged Men” by Dorothy Sangster; Horse Show Jumping the Olympics Most Dangerous Game;)

JULY 2 (FRONT COVER = “Sailors in Phone Booth while a Pretty Girl Stands Outside” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Canadian Male is a Lout in Love” by Marika Robert; “Free Asia's Revolt against Western Ways' by Blair Fraser; “The Great First of July Foot Race in Fortune B.C.' by Bruce Hutchison; Chicoutimi the Medical Empire in the Quebec Bush; Can Frank Read's Oarsmen Outrace the World at the Olympics – Again; The Yankees go Home from St. John's Pepperrell Air Force Base; “Holiday Weekend in New York City” by Peter Gzowski;)

JULY 30 (FRONT COVER = “Young Native Couple at the Tourist Information in Port Arthur” painting by Rex Woods; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Is the U.S. Talking itself into Hot War ?” by Ian Sclanders; Beverly Baxter's last London Letter; Anxious Hour of a Musical Debut – Classical musicians Ken Perkins and Marylou Dawes; The Barefoot Boys of Golf – Seven sons of John and Mary Homenuik; “Our Eight Year Fight for our Daughter's Life – Cystic Fibrosis” by Marney Ivey; “Those Dear, Departed Roomers” by Robert Thomas Allen;; The Titled Handymen from Hungary; Maclean's Flashback – The Eleven Norwegians who Scuttled the Nazis bid to Build an A-Bomb;)

AUGUST 13 (FRONT COVER = “Fair Day at Three Hills, Alberta” by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Caterpillar; ARTICLES = “I was Sentnced to Hang” as Told to Sidney Katz; “Dogs – Their New, High Life” by McKenzie Porter; “Rivers of Canada – The Red River” Paintings by Robert Bruce; “How Football Madness Hit Vancouver” by Ray Gardner; “Maclean's Flashback – The Worl War Two battle they Fought in Canada” by Terence Robertson);

SEPTEMBER 24 (FRONT COVER = “Corner Store in Quebec City” painting by John Little; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Why Don't the Canadians Grow Up and stop Hating the States ?” by Robert Thomas Allen; “New Drugs are Making New Addicts” by Dr. Gordon Bell with Sidney Katz; “Driving a Hack is no Life for a Lady” by Vancouver cab driver Janet Robinson; “Why they Named a Mountain after George Podolsky” by Robert Thomas Allen; “How Man first came to North America” by Franklin Russell; Maclean's Flashback – Phrenology had all the Answers; “The Life of Alexander Graham Bell – The Fortune Nobody Wanted to Make” part 3 of 4 by Thomas B. Costain; The Violent Chess Player – the 1960 Football Quarterback;; Holiday Weekend in Mexico City;)

OCTOBER 8 (FRONT COVER = “Robert Goulet and Julie Andrews in Camelot” by Lewis Parker; BACK COVER = AD – Toronto-Dominion Bank; ARTICLES = “I Came Back from the Dead” byStroke Survivor Ivan Cormier with Derm Dunwoody; “Anatomy of a Prize Fight” by Herbert C. Manning; “The Working Actor – Lou Jacobi” by John Gray; “Florida – Canada's Hottest Province” by Robert Thomas Allen; “My Mother, Lilli Marlene” by Carmen-Litta Magnus as told to Robert Metcalfe; “Making it with the Chicks” by Mordecai Richler; “The Life of Alexander Graham Bell – A Voice from Far Away”part 4 of 4 by Thomas B. Costain);

OCTOBER 22 (FRONT COVER = “Dominion Observatory, Ottawa” painting by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Robert Sauve the Prisoner of Bordeaux Jail – a Sane Man's three years in a Prison Madhouse” by Peter Gzowski; “The Advantages of Being Black” by Alan Phillips; “Jack Pickersgill's third Contentious life on Parliament Hill” by Peter C. Newman; The Anatomy of a Television Commercial; “How Britain's National Health Service Works” by Leslie F. Hannon;”You can so Drive to Nicaragua” by Alaskan Housewife Lorna Whishaw; New York Rangers Rookie Goaltender Jack McCartan the one man American Invasion of Big Time Hockey;Maclean's Flashback – Epitaph on a Small Fleet the Brave Corvettes; “The Lost Lore of Childhood” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

NOVEMBER 5 (FRONT COVER = U.S.A. Special Issue: BACK COVER = AD – Great Books of the Western World; ARTICLES = A Search for American Excellence; Where the American Negro Stands in the Black Man's World; The Incredible Women of Madison Avenue – What it Costs to Out-Man Men; “Wall Street” by Peter C. Newman; “The Misjudgment of America” by Arnold J. Toynbee; Fads – The Froth on the Face of America; Pictorial Report on Middletown , U.S.A.; Four American Heroes – Babe Ruth, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Lindbergh and Marilyn Monroe; “An American's Last Word” by Richard H. Rovere;)

NOVEMBER 19 (FRONT COVER = “Calgary's Dinosaur Gardens” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Invisible Unemployed – Deep Distress that Looks like Prosperity; “The Rich Come out of Hiding” by Herbert C. Manning; “It's Telepathy that brings Lassie Home” by Frank Croft; Maclean's Flashback – HMCS St. Laurent's race to Rescue the Enemy; “Wev Adopted a Negro” by Joy Huyckes; Weekend on Baffin Island; The Fatal Fascination of Car Racing; John Fienberg the Biggest Little Man in Low Cost Housing; A Medical Diagnosis of the Links between Alcohol and Sex; In Wrestling all the Indians are Chiefs;)

DECEMBER 3 (FRONT COVER = “Two Pairs of Hockey Gloves and Sticks on the Ice” by Gabriel Bastien; BACK COVER = AD – Black Magic Chocolates; ARTICLES = “The Nuclear Dilemma of the Western Peoples” by Peter C. Newman; “The Second Coming of Morley Callaghan” by Barbara Moon; “An Interim Report on the next Ice Age” by Fred Bodsworth; “I Went back behind the Iron Curtain” by Marika Robert; “Montreal's Grey-Flannel Hockey Cartel” by Trent Frayne; “You too can have a Body Beautiful” by Mordecai Richler);

DECEMBER 17 (FRONT COVER = “Santa Claus in a Store Window” painting by Peter Whalley; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Santa Claus; ARTICLES = Why the Things you Buy don't Last – a Report on Planned Obsolescence; “Canada's Final Agonizing Choice on Nuclear Arms” by Peter C. Newman; Twelve Days of Christmas – 1170-1960; Yoga Anyone ?; “The Communists are Hard at Play” by Marika Robert; Maclean's Flashback – The Weirdest Secret Weapon on the War; The Raffish Tradition of the College Football Weekend;)


JANUARY 7 (FRONT COVER = Winter Festival Issue – Richardson Curling Team from Regina; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “Duel in the Kitchen” by Adele Wiseman; ARTICLES = What Winter does to Canada – and Vice Versa; What to Wear to a Fashion Opening; The Return of the Winter Carnivals; “The Simple Joys of Camping in a Snow Drift” by Fred Bodsworth; “My 43 Years in Hockey – Hockey isn't as Rough as it Used to Be” part 1 by Jack Adams with Trent Frayne; The Second Splendid Discovery of Spices; How to Gain Entry to the Social Pages; The Richardson Curling Team of Regina – Canada's World Champions of Curling; Population Explosion on the Ski Slopes; Skier's Dream – Whistler Mountain in B.C.; Clyde Gilmour picks the Best and Worst Movies of 1960; “Escape to the Sun” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

JANUARY 28 (FRONT COVER = “Feu d'Artifice” painting by Alfred Pellan; BACK COVER = AD – Mobil Oil; ARTICLES = “Why Castro's Cuba is Wrong about Canada” by Ian Sclanders; Maclean's Flashback – The Spring of the Newfoundland; Alfred Pellan – His Art came like a Blow; “What it's like to Spend the Night in an Elevator” by Barbara Moon; “My 43 Years in Hockey – The High Spots of a Lifetime with the Red Wings” part 2 by Jack Adams with Trent Frayne; “Space Travel is for the Birds” by N.J. Berrill; “My Son the African” by Hugh Vernon-Jackson; “The Short Reign of a Film Queen” by Danica D'Hondt with Hal Tennant; “The Beavers and I” by Ken Johnstone;)

FEBRUARY 11 (FRONT COVER = “Dog, Boy and School Bus” painting by Alex Colville of Sackville, New Brunswick; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Latin America – The Revolution has Begun; Belgium the Violence is Racial and Religious; The Man Who Invented Ted Allen is Ted Allen; “The Fear of Freedom” by ex-con Glen Hjalmarson; Canada's Next Look – Flat Chested Cities; The Crime of Keeping Worn Out Bodies Alive; “24 Hours on Parliament Hill” by Peter C. Newman;)

FEBRUARY 25 (FR4ONT COVER = The Hidden Failure of our Churches; BACK COVER = AD – Pepsodent; ARTICLES = “The Hidden Failure of our Churches” by Ralph Allen; Maclean's Survey in Guelph, Ontario – What the Church Means to You; In Four pages of Pictures how Frank Mahovlich Skates, Shoots and Scores; “The Hidden Persuaders at Home” by Mordecai Richler; “My Karsh Picture is Almost the Real Thing” by Norman Levine; What the Highway Detectives are Discovering about Highway Slaughter;

MARCH 11 (FRONT COVER = “The Two Bridges at New Westminster” painting by Joseph Plaskett; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “How the Poor Stay Alive” by McKenzie Porter; “A Southerner in Canada makes a Frightening Journey Home” by Aileen Taylor Smith; Live a Rented Life – You Don't Need to Own a Thing; The Three Seasons of a Limestone Lady – Sculptor E.B. Cox of Toronto; The Deadly Mystery of Teenage Smoking; “The Cheerful Children of Red China's Communes” by Dr. Denis Lazure;; Maclean's Flashback – The Late Tony Banks Perfect Alibi;)

MARCH 25 (FRONT COVER = The Young Canadians; BACK COVER = AD – Black Magic; SHORT STORY = “Ring Around October” by Adrienne Poy; ARTICLES = The Young Canadians - “The Stiffening Spine of a Soft Generation” by Peter Gzowski – Some Unusual (and one or two very ordinary) Faces Coming out of the Crowd – Politics Left of Right, they Like the Middle of the Road; “Tony Gregson's getaway – with Two Gold Bricks” by Ralph Hedlin; “The Sea Diary of a Gay Dog” by Colin Acton entertainment officer of the Queen Elizabeth; “Bouncing on a Trampoline can Teach a Child to Read” by Anne MacDermot; Georgetown, Washington – the Most Powerful Village in the World;)

APRIL 8 (FRONT COVER = “Catalpa Cat – a Summer Scene” painting by Franklin Arbuckle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = What the “end of the Gold Crisis” Means; “What the New Party wants that Tommy Douglas Has” by Ralph Allen; Why Britain has No Color Problem – Yet; “Suicide – a Disease that can be Treated” by Catherine Jones; “Holiday Weekend in Anthens, Greece” by Marika Robert; “The Last Choice of Western Society” by Dr. Arnold Toynbee;)

APRIL 22 (FRONT COVER = Peter Stollery in Africa; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “A Young Canadian Adventurer's African Diary – Nomad in the Sahara” part 1 by Peter Stollery; “The French Revolution – Quebec 1961” by Peter C. Newman; Bernard Glaum – The Man who was too Native for the Native Sons; “A Livelier Life for the Aged” by Dr. Samuel R. Laycock; Montreal the Last Bohemia; The Unsinkable Charlotte Whitton the Mayor of Ottawa; “My First Negro” by Peter Gzowski; What Television does to Children;; The Lady with a Mission – Ethel Grace missionary work with Hong Kong Boat People; “I Worked for Adolf Eichmann” by Valerie White; “A Doctor's Case for Private Medicine” by Dr. Harold Challis;)

MAY 6 (FRONT COVER = “Stairways” painting by Montreal's Ghitta Caiserman; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Case against the 21st Century – Fearless Forecast by a Scared Scientist” by N.J. Berrill; A Fond Last Look at Montreal; “It was Fun to be Poor in Paris” by Mordecai Richler; “Canada's a Nation of Dental Cripples” by Sidney Katz; “A Young Canadians Adventurer's African Diary – Hitch Hike to the Gulf of Guinea” part 2 by Peter Stollery; Two Million Illiterates – Canada's Obsolete Tenth; How Robert Morse the Third wages Corporate War; “Douglas Fisher – Dilemma of a Meverick Politician with too Many Ideas to be a Success” by Peter C. Newman; )

MAY 20 (FRONT COVER = Wounded Soldier being Helped; BACK COVER = AD – FTD Florist; ARTICLES = 'Ordeal By Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – In this Corner Sir Sam Hughes” by Ralph Allen; Woman's Fashion – Enter the Platypus, On Aching Feet; “The Apprenticeship of Mordecai Richler” by Mordecai Richler; Aksel Schiotz the Voice that came back from Silence; “Now I Too can Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie Graduate” by Ray Gardner; “A Young Canadian Adventurer's African Diary – Beggar in the Friendly Congo” part 3 by Peter Stollery;)

JUNE 3 (FRONT COVER = “Vancouver Harbor at Night” painting by Jack Shadbolt; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Gift of a Doomed Child; Learning from Retarded Children Doctors Teach Parents; Commercial Bailiff's Burglary by License; “The Great Columbia River Foul-up” by Bruce Hutchison; “A Young Canadian Adventurer's Africa Diary – Outcast in the Horn of Africa” part 4 of 4 bt Peter Stollery; “The Shocking Truth about the Undefended Border” by W.O. Mitchell; “Ordeal By Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – The Misfortunes of War” by Ralph Allen; Show Business Notes from Montreal – The Parks are Busting Out all Over; Dan Petrie the “Underground Railway” from Canada to Broadway;)

JUNE 17 (FRONT COVER = Faces from Africa; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Ralph Allen reports from Africa – Is this the U.N. Graveyard ? - Jungle War against Disease – Evolues and Recent Cannibals; “Enter Two Murderers” by Winnipeg Lawyer Vaughan Baird; Genius in Hiding – Canadian painter David Milne; What Peacetime Conscription is doing to thew U.S.; A New Type of Camera Photographs the Horseback View of a Jockey; “Foster Families Teach Sanity to the Mentally Ill – Huntington County, Quebec” by Anne MacDermot; MacKenzie Porter on Travel Agents;”Return to Berlin” by Ken Johnstone;)

JULY 1 (FRONT COVER = John and Jacqueline Kennedy; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Presidential Party Color Album for 1st-4th of July; “James Coyne and the Great Debate – Is Canada Possible ?” by Peter C. Newman; What the Music Monopoly does to – and Sometimes for – Young Canadians; “The Man who got Everything by Sending Away for It” by Mordecai Richler; “Why Both Sides will Lose the White-Black Struggle for Africa” by Ralph Allen; How Intelligence Tests Score Today – They do Measure Brains; “Ten Hours Alone with a Time Bomb – Gearge Cook” by Terence Robertson; A Fashion Expert Speaks her Mind “Women are Cowards about Clothes” by Jane Harris;; “A Gentile Girl's Life in Israel” by Joan Allen;)

JULY 15 (FRONT COVER = “Carnations in the St. Lawrence Market, Toronto” painting by William Winter; BACK COVER = AD – Kodak; ARTICLES = “The One Weight Control System that Works Every Time” by Eric Hutton; What Makes Success – Brains or Luck ?; “Why We're Finally Outlawing 'Goofballs' – Drug Addiction” by Cathy Breslin; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – Ypres the Price of Canada's First Glory in Battle” by Ralph Allen; “The Forest Path to the Spring” by Malcolm Lowry; “The Men who will Make or Break the One Party Rule In Britain” by Leslie F. Hannon;”Abduction on the Night Train to Lisbon” by Bruce Hutchison;)

JULY 29 (FRONT COVER = Extrasensory Perception; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Slow Comeback of Canada's Communists” by David Lewis Stein; Rivers of Canada – The Ottawa; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – Vimy and Passchendaele Canada's Bravest and Blackest Hours” by Ralph Allen; First Report on Extrasensory Powers among Canadians – “The Day the ESP Scientistsw Tested Me” by Barbara Moon – ESP Among Canadians a Gallery – Do You have the ESP Power of Precognition ?; “Can Everyone be Beautiful ?” by Marika Robert; “The High and Low Life of a Present Day Tramp” by Hugh Garner;)

AUGUST 12 (FRONT COVER = Racing Boat “Miss Superfast lll; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; Man's Next Great Scientific Breakthrough – Making Salt Water into Fresh Water; McKenzie Porter on Cliffdwelling – Apartment Life; “two Thousand Horsepower under me at 160 mph – Miss Superfast lll; The Safe Certain Method of Birth Control that Doctor's won't talk about – Vasectomy; Miracle at Changi Prison a Study in Survival – Ethel Mulvany of Toronto; Whiskey Valley of Spey in Scotland; “The Canadian Bill of Rights” by Peter C. Newman; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – The Princely Beggars of Mackenzie and Mann” by Ralph Allen;; “The Animals Who've gone to Town” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

AUGUST 26 (FRONT COVER = Special Report to Canada – Berlin; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Berlin the Crisis that Propaganda Built – What if Russians make Good Their Threat to Retreat ? - Roll Call of the Fast Growing War Minded American Right; “Long Live the Queen ! Long Live the Loyalists !” by Jane Becker; “One Canada – The Real Promise of Quebec's Revolution; Trent Frayne's Book on Bookies – How to Win Money Even when you Lose; “Three Blood Transfusions out of Four are more Likely to Harm than to Heal” by Dr. F.B. Bowman;; “Why Modern Novels all have the Same Swinging Hero” by Robert Thomas Allen; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – How Rum Running Corrupted Canada” by Ralph Allen;)

SEPTEMBER 9 (FRONT COVER = Forest Fire; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = 1961 the Angriest Summer – Three Million Acres of Forest on Fire; “Political Slush Funds Corrupt all Parties” by James Scott; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – The Year the Government Sold the St. Lawrence River” by Ralph Andrews; “Last Chance to Save the World's Rarest Birds – the Whooping Crane” by John A. Livingston; Another Incredible Canadian – Brock Chisholm; “A Disturbing Report from inside the Juvenile Courts” by Jane Becker; UNESCO the hope of the World – On Paper; Cherchez La Femme de Montreal; Maclean's Flashback – Portrait of a Royal Mistress Julie de St. Laurent; “What It's Like to Lose the Irish Sweepstakes” by Elsie Marsh;)

SEPTEMBER 23 (FRONT COVER = Surgeon with Operating Light behind Him: BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Why Surgeons Operate” by Dr. Benge Atlee; “The Late Tom Dooley's Left Hand Man – Ron Wintrob” by Cathie Breslin; “Trade Secrets of a Professional Fund Raiser” by Powell Smily; “Che Bella ! The Old World Pleasure Garden comes to the Suburbs” photostory by Kryn Taconis; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – Conscription” by Ralph Allen; All- Canadian Spectacle Charge of the War Canoes; “Clinic to Curb Sex Crimes before they Happen” by Franklin Russell;)

OCTOBER 7 (FRONT COVER = Falcon on a Man's Wrist; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; NOVELLA = “It's Harder to be Anybody” part 1 by Mordecai Richler; ARTICLES = Falconry in the Suburbs – New Uses of an Ancient Sport; The Nuclear Death of a Nuclear Scientist – Dr. Louis Slotin of Winnipeg; Eva Szulner was Den Mother to 24 Kids with I.Q.'s of 140 and Over on a Camping Trip; “The Anatomy and Aftermath of a Melodramatic Hoax – Judson Lowther” by Eric Hutton; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – R.B. Bennett's Noisy Collision with the Depression” by Ralph Allen; “Japan's Tragic Solution to the Population Crisis” by Knowlton Nash;How Seven Families Really got Away from it All;”The License to Defraud in Charity's Name” by Harry Bruce;)

OCTOBER 21 (FRONT COVER = Woman Scuba Diving; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Anxious Years of an Undergraduate; The Harmony and Discord of One Campus Marriage – John and Charlotte Swam of the University of Toronto; “To Oblivion and Back with a New Record – Woman's World Deep Water Diving Record” by Bette Singer; What Makes a Child Prodigy – Blair Milton; Allergies the Fast Growing Threat to Public Health; A Lifetime of Hiding – From the Light of Day; How to Tell the English from the French in Canada; “Ordeal by Fire – This Lifetime in Canada – The Turkish Incident that changed Canada's Destiny” by Ralph Allen; “Four Ways to make a Million” by McKenzie Porter;)

NOVEMBER 4 (FRONT COVER = Ships in Locks; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; SHORT STORY = “A Fall of Birds” by Ronald R. Jeffels; ARTICLES = Work Addiction – The Lethal Habit that Ruins more Lives than Narcotics; “The Undeserving Poor” by Jane Becker; “Why I Stole a Luxury Liner” by Henrique Galvao; “ A new Look at the Great Lakes” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Rise of the Tree Savers” by Franklin Russell; The Nightmare Life of a Hemophiliac; “My Secret Rendezvous with a Red Attache” by Harry Malcolmson; The West Indians – Our Loneliest Immigrants;; The Fifth Comeback of Quebec's Funnyman – Jacques Normand;)

NOVEMBER 18 (FRONT COVER = Boys Rowing; BACK COVER = Coke: ARTICLES = Fighting Words about House Pets – Are they a Threat to our Health ?; Why Some Teachers Earn more than they're Worth; Why Some Parents Start Schools; The Friendly way to Have Hair Raising Adventures at Home; A Quick Reliable Guide to the Little Scientists now know about Fallout; “The Real Point about Bruce Kidd – Track Star” by Dr. Roby Kidd;Electronics is Wonderful, all right, but What is It ?; “The Most Agonizing Hour of the War at Sea” by Terence Robertson; “The Man in the Middle of Quebec's New Deal – Rene Levesque” by Ken Johnstone;)

DECEMBER 2 (FRONT COVER = Artist Harold Town; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = The New Epidemics; “How One Family Lives Very Well Indeed on $58 a Week” by Robert Thomas Allen; Your Money and the Discount War; The Overnight Bull Market in Modern Painting – Harold Town; Maclean's Flashback – The Last Days of Frank Pickersgill the scholar Buchenwald couldn't Break; “The Anatomy of Escape – a Report from Just about Nowhere” by Ken Lafolii; Medicine Discovers the Teenagers;; Quebec's working Widows Join the Quiet Revolution;)

DECEMBER 16 (FRONT COVER = A Girls First Communion; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Santa Claus; ARTICLES = High Moment of Faith -Gallery of Children in First Communion – Confirmation and Bar Mitzvah; “We're Arming for the Wrong War” by Peter C. Newman; “Why We're Losing Laos” by Peter C. Newman; The Uncanny Art of 27 Drugged Painters; “A Mechanic tells Why we should Scrap 10-year Old Cars” by Ray Stapley; A Ten-day Trencherman's Tour of Winnipeg; “What it's like to Drive a Buick in Moscow” by A.J. Newlands with Peter Gzowski;)


JANUARY 6 (FRONT COVER = Winter Festival; BACK COVER = AD – COKE; FICTION SERIAL = “in High Places” part 1 by Arthur Hailey; ARTICLES = “Why Iran won't go Communist” by Peter C. Newman; How – and Why – the Peace Corps is getting Tougher; Why Bird Watchers watch Roger Tory Peterson; The Colorful Magnificence of Simple Frost; “Amateur Theatre's Cast of Thousands” by Janice Tyrwhitt; Why Doesn't Chicago Black Hawks Glenn Hall crack up, Too?; The Snowless, Shoeless Revels of the Snowshoe Clubs;)

JANUARY 27 (FRONT COVER = Robert Goulet; BACK COVER = AD – Canadian Industries Limited; FICTION SERIAL = “In High Places” part 2 by Arthur Hailey; ARTICLES = Is it the Boss that's Wrong with Business ?; “What a Decent Government can do in Latin America” by Ian Sclanders; gallery of Hobbies – The Curious Things People do for Fun; Unmarried Wives – a Report on Common Law Couples; Robert Goulet – the Life and Times of a Hot Property; “Memoirs of a Fortnight in French” by Peter Gzowski;)

FEBRUARY 10 (FRONT COVER = Child Survivors of Nazi Death Camps; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; FICTION SERIAL = “In High Places” part 3 by Arthur Hailey; ARTICLES = Cover Story – Redeemed Children; Friendly Enemy Aliens -What 972 have done for Canada Since being Released; The Public Crime that seems to Pay – Hit and Run; “Stop Whitewashing Black African Demagogues” by John Phillipson; How Spence Caldwell got a TV Network by the Tail;)

FEBRUARY 24 (FRONT COVER = Judges Gavel; BACK COVER = AD – Oldsmobile; ARTICLES = The Lottery in our Courts – Punishment too Often Fits Neither the Crime or the Criminal; “What the Common Market Means to Canada” by Leslie F. Hannon; Our Liveliest Longhairs the National Youth Symphony; The Man Who wants Peace – Norman Alcock; A Quick Tour of Cape Canaveral; Maclean's Flashback – The Short Heroic Cruise that Saved Halifax – Towing the Munition ship Volunteer as it Burns; The Pedigreed Forests of the Future; La Difference between Two Angry Young Canadians – Pierre Trudeau and Marcel Chaput; Leo Hodson's Hitch with the Red Army Singers;)

MARCH 10 (FRONT COVER = Young Girl with Wild Flowers: BACK COVER = AD -Coke; ARTICLES = A National Report on Municipal Corruption; “The Hidden Kingdom of B.C.'s Holy Terrorists” by Ralph Allen; The Prize Trophies of a Wild Flower Hunter; The Incredible Things the Thinking Machines are doing for us – and to Us; “Cuba's Program to Export Revolution” by William Eccles; “Ladies Day in Cuba” by William Eccles; How Wade Hampton found his feet – On Crutches;)

MARCH 24 (FRONT COVER = Road Racing; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Road Racing – Close Up of Canada's First Major League Track; Some of Johnny's Best Teachers are Machines; OAS how 1,500 Men are Warring ion France; “We're Still Wrong about the Russians” by Michael Barkway; Douglas Kendall and his War against Von Braun; “Around the World on a Package Tour” by Marika Robert;; S. Morgan-Powell the Last Tyrant of Taste;)

APRIL 7 (FRONT COVER = Hockey All Star Gordie Howe; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Cece Bennett the go for Broke Boss of B.C.” by Ralph Allen; The Criminal Society that Dominates the Chinese in Canada – The Tongs; York University – The Peril's and Pleasures of a Brand New University; NHL Players Name Their All Stars; “Why Doctors now Study Your Mind to Treat Your Body” by Peter Gzowski; Heights of Montreal's Glass Canyon; Woman's Clothes – The World Wide Conspiracy against Men;)

APRIL 21 (FRONT COVER = Missile Control Room; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = War and the Peace – Psychochemical Weapons – Norad we have No Defense against Missiles – Disarmament and the Pentagon; “What Wine Snobs don't Know about Wine” by Leslie F. Hannon; Sudbury the City that Loat a War between Unions; “How Phobic Fear makes Monsters out of Molehills” by Catherine Jones; “Hello, Broadway !” by Patricia McDonough; “Summer Cottages are Wasted as Status Symbols” by W.O. Mitchell; Earth's Mysterious Mantle – What's Down There ?; “The New Women in Politics” by Peter Gzowski;)

MAY 5 (FRONT COVER = Soldiers Face; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; NOVEL SERIAL = “Ask the Name of the Lion” part 1 by Ralph Allen; ARTICLES = “How to Tell the Grits from the Tories” by Peter C. Newman; Case History of a Drug Addict; More Laughs to the Square Review – The Spring Thaw; “Alberta's Affair with a Rainmaker” by Ralph Hedlin; Summer People VS Local People – Underground Warfare on the Holiday Front;)

MAY 19 (FRONT COVER = S.S. Tropic Sea; BACK COVER = AD – FTD Florist; NOVEL SERIAL = “Ask the Name of the Lion” part 2 by Ralph Allen; ARTICLES = The Slapstick Saga of the S.S. Tropic Sea – Mutiny, Gunplay and Piracy; The Unfolding Tragedy of Drug Deformed Babies; How the NAACP Plots the Negro Revolution; Norman Bethune the Only Canadian the Chinese ever Heard Of; How John Bassett, Corporate Executive, Became a Celebrity; The New Wave in Canadian Music – Zubin Mehta – Ronald Turini – Marek Jablonski – Boris Brott – Richard Gresko;)

JUNE 2 (FRONT COVER = RCMP Musical Ride; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; NOVEL SERIAL = “Ask the Name of the Lion” conclusion by Ralph Allen; ARTICLES = A New Look at the Musical Ride; Cannibal Cities – A National Report on Urban Sprawl; Chiropractors – Are 2 Million People Wrong to Trust Them ?; “Does Anybody here Speak Canadian ?” by Barbara Moon;Nights and Days of Montreal Ward Boss Frank “Banjo” Hanley;)

JUNE 16 (FRONT COVER = Campaign Buttons; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “The Sweaty Fight for a Single Seat – Backstage in the Campaign” by Peter C. Newman; The Merciful Aftermath of the Moroccan Oil Tragedy; The Crimes Parents Commit against Their Own Children; Jeannine Beaubien the Woman Who Stages Plays in Five Languages; “How the Animals in the Zoo Get Their Kicks” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Lost Art of Fishing for Fun” by Ralph Allen;)

JUNE 30 (FRONT COVER = Atomic Explosion; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Hiroshima Atom Bombers Speak – Duty – Guilt – The Next Bomb; “How Carl Goldenberg Breaks Strikes” by Grattan Gray; Art Discovery – The Michelangelos in Montreal Bank Vault; The Great Traffic Ticket Game; Holiday Weekend at the Seattle World's Fair; The Soviet's Floating Cities in our Atlantic Waters – 25,000 Fisherman; “We on the Right have no Vote” by Basil Dean;)

JULY 14 (FRONT COVER = Quebec Cardinal Leger; BACK COVER = AD – The Toronto Dominion Bank; ARTICLES = “The Cardinal Leger and his Church in a Year of Conflict” by Peter Gzowski; “Justice for the Victims of Crime” by Jack H. Batten; Chuckwagon Racing the Wildest Game on Wheels; “We're Arming against Ourselves if we take A-Arms for the Bomarc” by Paul Simon; The Strange Legacy of flight 810's Crash on Mt. Sleese;Canadian Entertainers Song and Dance on the Gaza Strip;)

JULY 28 (FRONT COVER = John Diefenbaker; BACK COVER – AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “What Pearson Won by Losing” by Blair Fraser; “Why Diefenbaker lost Canada” by Peter C. Newman; “A Strongman's Road to Power – Caouette” by Peter Gzowski; Tommy Douglas – The Birth of a Labor Party ?; The Health, Wealth and Happiness Pill – The Rosy World of Nutri-Bio; Trans-Canada Highway Spectacular Last Mile;)

AUGUST 11 (FRONT COVER = Kate Reid; BACK COVER = AD – Fiberglas Canada Limited; ARTICLES = The Young Hopeful Peace Party in the U.S.; A Boy's Strange Story – Old at the Age of 11; Bigamy – How to Spot the Marrying Kind; Christopher Plummer and Kate Reid are Top Stars with Tight Nerves; These are the Pictures most People Actually buy in 1962;)”A Fond Farewell to Toronto” by Blair Fraser; “Why More and More People go South in the Summer” by Robert Thomas Allen;”The Taste and Feel of Israel Today” by Mordecai Richler;)

AUGUST 25 (FRONT COVER = Teresa Stratas; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Teresa Stratas at the CNE – Canada's Biggest Show; Jehovah's Witnesses – The New Look of a Turbulent Sect; The Gains and Losses of a Midway Agent; Tiger Dunlop ESQ. King of Canada's Wild Frontier; Rick Logan a Boy in a Leg Brace goes to Camp; “City Man's Diary on an Eskimo Seal Hunt” by Ralph Hedlin; “This Year in Jerusalem – the Pleasures and Fueds of the New Jews” by Mordecai Richler;)

SEPTEMBER 8 (FRONT COVER = Woman on a Weight Scale; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = The Wild Weird Boom in Painless Diets; Jean Templeton Lampoon's the Sexy side of the Calorie Circus; “A Bolshevik Giant Recalls the Revolution” by Ilya Ehrenburg; “Westmount – a Portrait of the Capitol of English Quebec” by Peter Gzowski; “This Year in Jerusalem – The Anglo Saxon Jews” by Mordecai Richler; The Rat Race as the Animals Run It; The Working Atomisn't Just Ahead of us – It's Here;Susan Ringwood from the Rockies at the National Theatre School of Canada;)

SEPTEMBER 22 (FRONT COVER = Gratien Gelinas showing all Emotions from Joy to Fear; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Emotion – New Facts about the Passions that Rule Us; “What Went Wrong with Canada ?” by Peter C. Newman; The Last Days of the French in Algeria; The Savage Fight for Life above the Timberline; Bernard “Boom Boom” geoffrion the Highest Scoring Baritone in Hockey History; Vandalism the Kids Crime that no one Really Understands; Minute by Minute on the Day of Birth;)

OCTOBER 6 (FRONT COVER = George Nowlan and Wallace McCutcheon; BACK COVER AD = Great West Life; ARTICLES = George Nowlan and Wallace McCutcheon – Can these Men run Canada Better ?; The Richest Barnyard Philosopher in Show Business is Pere Gedeon; A Russian's Eye View of Russia – by Canadian Walter Soroka; “Ohe, les gars du Tour du St. Laurent” by Peter Gzowski; “One Canadians Plea for a New Canadian Purpose” by Robert Fulford; “The Private Life of Yousuf Karsh” by Yousuf Karsh;The Diary of an Operation; The Obsession of Albert Faille – The MczLeod Gold Mine in Headless Valley; “For Goodness Sake Stop Improving the Horse” Robert Thomas Allen;)

OCTOBER 20 (FRONT COVER = Pierre Berton; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Pierre's Adventure in Bertonland” by Sidney Katz; “Let's Banish Football and Hockey from our High Schools” by Professor John Farina; Oleg Popov a Soviet Funnyman in Canada; “The Counter Attack on Diehard Racism” by David Lewis Stein; “In Search of Greatness” by Yousuf Karsh; “My Two Years as a Reluctant Russian” by Walter Soroka; “The Emotions – Love” by June Callwood; “The Last Explorers - 19th Century Geological Survey of Northern Canada with Pictures” by Ralph Allen; Salute to a Stripper – Josephine Valli;)

NOVEMBER 3 (FRONT COVER = 40 Months to Make or Break Canada; BACK COVER = AD = Chrysler 1963; ARTICLES = “40 Months to Make or Break Canada – Preident Kennedy's Trade Act” by Peter C. Newman; “What Britain's Common Market Bid could do to Canada” by Blair Fraser; A National Report on the Abortion Mills and the Law; A Portrait of a Church that Swings – The Pentecostal Assemblies; “The Emotions – Hate” by June Callwood; A Japanese Canadian Goes Home – Frank Moritasuga;)

NOVEMBER 17 FRONT COVER = World Record Sprinter Harry Jerome; BACK COVER = AD – Boeing Jetliners; ARTICLES; “A Calm Report from inside Cuba” by Ralph Allen; How the Class System Works in Canada; “James Mutchmor God's Peaceable Angry Man” by Harry Bruce; Director Leon Major – There's a New One Man Band in Show Business; How Short can the Work Week Get?; Young and Fast Harry Jerome; “The Nazis Crime against Germans – The Next Mass Murder Trial” by John Gellner; Grey Owl's Adventures in England;)
DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER – Paul Anka; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Paul Anka the World's Reigning Juvenile; “Over Medication – Your Health and the Almighty Pill” part 1 by Sidney Katz; Will the Killers Come Here – French Algerian Refugees; “You Can Buy Your Way Through College !” by John James; Progress Report on Two Mysteries of the Bible – “How David took Jerusalem” and Where Christ Rose Again”; “Blow by Blow the Day Canada became a Nation” by D.J. Goodspeed; Your Passport is Suspect” by Alan Phillips;”Indian” a New TV Play to See and Read;

DECEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = TV's Elaine Bedard; BACK COVER = AD – Coke with Santa Claus; SHORT STORY = “Sister Finance” by Gabrielle Roy; ARTICLES = “Berlin – the False Quarrel” by Blair Fraser; “Cuba the Ominous Legacy” by Ralph Allen; Television's Talking Dolls – Talking Model Doll Elaine Bedard – Talking Singer Doll Denyse Ange – Talking Actress Doll Toby Tarnow – Talking Producer Doll Joan McCormick; Portrait of one of Canada's U.S. Ownres – John C. Doyle of New York; “How i Nearly Learned how to Ski” by Peter Gzowski; “This Man can Cook – Basil FitzGibbon” by Ken Johnstone; “How to be Merry even Though it's Christmas” by June Callwood;)


JANBUARY 5 (FRONT COVER = John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Kennedy Dynasty” part 1 by Ian Sclanders; “Overmedication – The Criminal Record of the Miracle Drugs” part 2 by Sidney Katz; Singer Pauline Julien – the Moods of a girl Who sings about Love; “The Emotions – Fear” by June Callwood; “Norman Jewison – the Stars Status Symbol” by Judith Krantz; “The Case for a Divided Germany” by Blair Fraser; “Some People Should Live in Sin” by Arthur Hailey; “Those Summers in Toronto” by Morley Callaghan's;)

FEBRUARY 9 (FRONT COVER = The Big Heat on the CBC; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Big Heat on the CBC” by Ralph Allen; Locker Room Talk with the Chicago Black Hawks; The ABC's of Rumour Watching; New Ways to Stop Youngsters from Quitting School; Early Canadiana Furniture – the Real Thing Before it's All Gone; “The Kennedy Dynasty – The Ambassador's Lean Hungry Sons” part 3 by Ian Sclanders; The Purple Prose and Purple Life of Arthur Stringer;)

FEBRUARY 23 (FRONT COVER = Downtown Montreal by Night; BACK COVER = AD – Chevrolet; ARTICLES = The New Cities – the Race to Remake Downtown Canada; “Our Schools are Loaded against Boys” by L.H. Garstin; “The Carnies on the Picture Tube – Junk Television” by Shirley Mair and Peter Gzowski; “The Kennedy Dynasty – The 13-year Blitz on the White House” part 4 by Ian Sclanders; “My First Fifty Years in Medicine” by Dr. Alton Goldbloom; Maclean's Flashback – The Great 1859 Balloon Voyage brought the Air Age to Canada; “Last Chance for the Deer Team” by Ralph Hedlin;)

MARCH 9 (FRONT COVER = NHL Player Lou Fontinato; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; The Nuclear Mess – Canada's 1963 War Machine; Policeman on Skates – The Maneaters of the NHL; “What do Woman's Pages Know about Women ?” by Christina Newman; “The Emotions – Anger” by June Callwood; “The Kennedy Dynasty – The Crowd around the Loneliest Man in the World” by Ian Sclanders; “Confessions of a Hotel Fancier” by Pierre Berton;)

MARCH 23 (FRONT COVER = John Diefenbaker; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Portrait of John Diefenbaker” by Peter C. Newman; James Beard's $30 Cooking Course; Roger Vadim – Judith Krantz has Words with the Man who Invented Women; “A Holiday Trip through our Magnificent National Parks” by Fred Bodsworth; “The Kennedy Dynasty – How Well does Kennedy run the U.S.A.” part 6 conclusion by Ian Sclanders; Why Dave Keon is the Best Player in Hockey; “The Naughty but Nice New Coffee Houses” McKenzie Porter;)

APRIL 6 (FRONT COVER = Lester B. Pearson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Portrait of Lester B. Pearson” by Robert Fulford; “Emotions – the Blues” by June Callwood; Spring Thaw's biting Election Satire; The Wasted Billions of Foreign Aid; “What Young French Canadians have on their Minds” by Peter Gzowski; “The Heyday of the Degree Mills” by Barbara Moon; “ Earl Anglin James the Prince of the Degree Merchants;)

APRIL 20 (FRONT COVER = Inside Canada's Secret Police; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “RCMP's Security and Intelligence Branch – Inside Canada's Secret Police” by Sidney Katz; A Cool Look at the Hot Race into Space; “A Black Man talks about Race Prejudice in White Canada” by Austin Clarke; “Who's Sophisticated Anyway ?” by Barbara Moon; “What Americans Really Think About Us” by Shirley Mair; “Life in Eaton's Catalogue” by Peter N. Allison;)

MAT 4 (FRONT COVER = Donna Reed – Dennis the Menace – Yogi Bear – Route 66 – The Flintstones – Naked City – Father Knows Best – Our Man Higgins; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Cover story – The TV Factory that Puts Everything on your TV Screen; What we can all Do About Fallout; Mordecai Richler reports from the World Hockey Tournament in Sweden; The Cottage Industry of Timmins, Ontario – Stealing Gold; McKenzie Porter among the Playboy Bunnies; The Enigma of MRA;)

MAY 18 (FRONT COVER = Harness Racing; BACK COVER = AD – Toronto Dominion Bank; ARTICLES = “Hal Banks – the Fight to Break Canada's Waterfront Warlord” by Peter Gzowski; Screen Gems TV Tastemaking Machine; The Deadly Journey of Frenchman Henri Meriguet; The Glamorous Present and Shady Past of Harness Racing; “My Quiet Passion for Hunting Mushrooms” by Sheila Burnford;)

JUNE 15 (FRONT COVER = Man can Triumph Over his own Nature; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “The Emotions – The Triumphant Spirit of Man” by June Callwood; “Portrait of a New Regime taking Power – Lester B. Pearson” by Christina Newman and Peter C. Newman; l'Ordre de Jacques Cartier – Powerful Secret Society that Pervades French Canada; “I Lived a Nightmare as a Convict's Go-between” by Jack Webster about B.C. Penitentiary; How Nuclear Fears Affect Children even in Peacetime; A Girl Watcher's Guide to Quebec City;)

JULY 6 (FRONT COVER = E.P. Taylor / Jasper the Bear; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; What Money can Buy – The Powers and Pleasures of E.P. Taylor; Anatomy of a World Wide Sensation – 48-days in the B.C. Interior for Downed Flyer's Ralph Flores and Helen Klaben; “What the New Drive for Church Unity means to Christmas; “How I was Trapped by Jasper the Bear for Maclean's Magazine” by James Simpkins; “The Tribal Customs of Space Age Children” by Robert Thomas Allen; Saskatchewan – Violence Break's out in Canada's own Race Struggle;)

JULY 27 (FRONT COVER = 3 ¼ millions in the U.S.A.; BACK COVER = AD – Honeywell; ARTICLES = “The Canadian Americans” by Christina McCall Newman; “Advance Report on Behavior Therapy - A New Faster Way to Treat Mental Trouble” by Sidney Katz; What Alexander H. Cohen is doing to Canadian Show Business; “The Man most Likely to Rule Britain Next – Harold Wilson” by Blair Fraser; The Six Basic Canadian Highway Holidays Coast to Coast Camping Guide; How Our Children learned French in Spite of Our School System;)

AUGUST 10 (FRONT COVER = Lynn Seymour; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Portrait of a Brilliant Young Dancer – Lynn Seymour; The Great Canadian Credit Spree; “Which Way will Mexico lead Latin America ?” Ian Sclanders; The New Assault on Smoking – Signs , Labels, Pamphlets, Comics and Words, Words, Words; “The Anatomy of John Prufomo's Big Lie” by Blair Fraser; “I was Ship Wrecked on a Corral Reef” by Myrna Birch;)

AUGUST 24 (FRONT COVER = The Black Hand Symbol – Mafia in Canada; BACK COVER = AD – Fiberglas Canada Limited; ARTICLES = “The Mafia in Canada” part 1 by Alan Phillips; McKenzie Porter looks at Golf; “How Alvin Hamilton keeps the Prairies in his Pocket” by Peter C. Newman; “Dr. Dave Lander – Portrait of a Doctor whose Speciality is People” by Sidney Katz; “Armament and Disarmament in Central America” by Ian Sclanders; “How to Work your Children's way through College” by Tom Nugent;; Now the Sculptors are Starting to Move;)

SEPTEMBER 7 (FRONT COVER = Mass by a Prince of the Church; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Conversations with Quebec's Revolutionaries” by Peter Gzowski; “The Savage Legacy of Columbia's Civil War” by Ian Sclanders; “The Life and Times of a Wheeler Dealer – Ralph Harris” by Alexander Ross; “The Wild Trade in New and Used Animals” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Gold Braid Mind is Destroying our Navy” by James Plomer; “What Jack McClelland has done to Book Publishing in Canada” by Marika Robert; “Portrait of a Great Modern Shrine – St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal” by Brian Moore;)

SEPTEMBER 21 (FRONT COVER = Toby Robins and Bill Freedman; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “The Mafia in Canada - Organized Crime's Grip on Ontario” part 2 by Alan Phillips; “Where the Boys and Girls Go – Third Annual Mariposa Festival” a Photo Story by Don Newlands and Peter Gzowski Portrait of a Man with a Very Nice Problem – Bill Freedman; “The Tragic History of a Sex Criminal – Leopold Dion” by Robert Fulford; “The Many Loves of J.B. McGeachy”{ by McKenzie Porter; “Why Brazil Hasn't Turned Communist – Yet” by Ian Sclanders; Maclean's Flashback – B.C.'s Lardeau Country Memories of a Great but Forgotten Goldrush;)

OCTOBER 5 (FRONT COVER = Fold out - “Canada's First World's Fair” by Duncan Macpherson; BACK COVER = AD – Fiberglas; SHORT STORY = “Melvin Arbuckle's First Course in Shock Therapy” by W.O. Mitchell; ARTICLES = + “The Big Circus in the St. Lawrence – Canada's First World's Fair” by Peter Desbarats; “Can We Save Latin America from Itself ?”by Ian Sclanders; “The Mafia in Canada – The Inner Workings of the Crime Cartel” part 3 by Alan Philips; “What's Behind the New Wave of TV Think Shows” by Robert Fulford; “The Case against Christian Unity” by Reverend Leslie K. Tarr; Boy Meets Girl in Naples on the Humbler- a Camera Crawl of Toronto after Midnight;)

OCTOBER 19 (FRONT COVER = Walter gordon; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Mask of Modern Marriage” by Sidney Katz; “The Craziest Kill of the U-boat War” by Harold Lawrence; “What Really Happened to Walter Gordon” by Peter C. Newman; “What was Behind the James Coyne Fiasco” by Peter C. Newman; “The Tragic Strength of Apartheid” by Blair Fraser);

NOVEMBER 2 (FRONT COVER = How Many Canadiens Want to Break up Canada ?; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “This is the True Strength of Separatism” by Peter Gzowski; “How Two Women Feel about One Canada – Or Two” by Gwethalyn Graham and Solange Chaput Rolland; “The Cult the Beaver Built – Lord Beaverbrook of New Brunswick” by Malcolm Muggeridge; “The Blacks Enemies are Black – Report from Africa” by Blair Fraser; “The Football Game the Fans don't See” by John McMurtry; “The New Soft Life of the Last Frontier – Wabush, Labrador” by Peter Gzowski;; A Moliere Play about Canada ? - See it on TV – in French; “Why Jean Gascon is our First man of the Theatre” by Barbara Moon;)

NOVEMBER 16 (FRONT COVER = Montreal's Grande Salle; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Canada's Next Big Boom – Robert Winters and Hamilton Falls Hydro Project; “Getting to know Wolves on a Personal Level” by Farley Mowat; Dr. Raymond Prince of McGill University “My Colleagues the Witch Doctors of Yoruba, Nigeria”; Grande Salle – The Triumphs and Troubles of a Great New Concert Hall; Maclean's Flashback – The Great Communist Scare of the 1930's; “To the Little Red (Canadian) School House” by John Keats; “My Long Search for a Cancer Serum” by Dr. Gordon Murray; “The Social Side of the Cold War – Germany” by Mordecai Richler; “Journey Down the Railway that Couldn't be Built – The Quebec North Shore and Labrador Line” by Peter Gzowski;)

DECEMBER 2 (FRONT COVER = Lorne Greene and Don Messer; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “An Opinionated American looks at Canadian Television” by Richard Gehman; “Rise of a Soft Spoken Liberal Strong Man – Mitchell Sharp” by Blair Fraser; “The Mafia in Canada – The Modernization of the Narcotics Trade” part 4 by Alan Phillips; A Portrait of the Quebec the Quiet Revolution hasn't Touched; “Wolves aren't as Wolfish as Some People” by Farley Mowat; “How Kibbutz Children Learn to Live Together” by Aviva Ravel; “What it's Like to Cruise Halfway across Canada” by Robert Thomas Allen;)

DECEMBER 14 (FRONT COVER = Gordie Howe; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Gordie Howe – Portrait of a Hero; How Canada is Winning a Small Part of the Space Race; “Backstage in one more American Takeover – Mercantile Bank of Canada” by Peter C. Newman; John Robarts the Most Powerful unknown in Canadian Politics; “Bargain Day comes to the Art Biz – or Does It ?” by Barbara Moon; “Why One Young Jew doesn't want to be Accepted” by David Lewis Stein; Maclean's Flashback – Reverend Isaac Barr the Clerical Con Man who Helped settle the West; “The Comrades come to Town – Russian Sailors in Canada” by Ken Johnstone;))


JANUARY 4 (FRONT COVER = Maclean's Names the Outstanding Canadians of 1963; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Outstanding Canadians of 12963; “The Growing Acceptability of a “Harmless” Narcotic – Marijuana” by David Lewis Stein; “How i Worked my way Though College peddling Pot” as told to David Lewis Stein; “Douglas Duncan – the Man who Discovered Canadian Paintings” by Barbara Moon; Maclean's Flashback – Madcap Assault on Everest by a Canadiaqn Engineer Earl Denman; “Old Books – The Fastest Growing Cult on the Cultural Front” by Robert Fulford;)

JANUARY 25 (FRONT COVER = Lyndon B. Johnson; BACK COVER = AD – Canada Packers; ARTICLES = Lyndon B. Johnson – Special report to Canadians on the new Leader of the Free World; An Inside Look at the Violent Art of the Rodeo; “Canada's New Defense Policy” by Blair Fraser; Two Kinds of Kids going Wrong – Slums and Suburbs; “A Little Honest Graft never hurt a Politician at the Polls” by Peter Bruton, John Downing and Fraser Kelly; Tony Frome the Poet Prince of the 1930's Airwaves Tells All – as Toronto Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg; Maclean's Flashback – Canada's first Foreign War Heroes of Khartoun;)

FEBRUARY 8 (FRONT COVER = Portrait of a Nation at the Bargaining Table; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = A Special Issue on Confederation Under Fire – The Men, the Mood, and a Province by Province Survey of What's at Stake for all of Us;)

FEBRUARY 22 (FRONT COVER = The Great Cuban Spy Caper; BACK COVER = AD – Ford Motor Company; ARTICLES = “The Great Cuban Spy Caper – Ronald Lippert ? William Milne ?” part 1 by William Milne; “The Homosexual Next Door” by Sidney Katz; “Shakeup in the United Church” by Robert Fulford; Three Hip Young Men put some Bite into Canadian Ballet - “The House of Atreus” by Grant Strate, Harry Somers and Harold Town; “Pension Plans – What you Get – What you Pay” by Blair Fraser; Maclean's Flashback – James Oliver Curwood the man who Invented God's Country;)

MARCH 7 (FRONT COVER = Pope Paul Vl; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Mafia in Canada – Gambling the Greatest Criminal Conspiracy of them All” part 5 by Alan Phillips; “The Harsh Facts of Life in the Gay World” by Sidney Katz; “The Untroublesome Canadians – the Germans” by Ralph Allen; A Protestant Minister Reports on the Pope – A.C. Forrest; “The Great Cuban Spy Caper – His Confession (1) Cleared Me (2) Thickened the Plot” part 2 by William Milne; Mrs. Lester Pearson's new Life in the Limelight;)

MARCH 21 (FRONT COVER = Toronto Maple Leafs George Armstrong; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “The Maple Leaf Money Machine” by Peter Gzowski; The Surprising new Users of new Birth Control Methods; Portrait of Toronto's Little Italy;”The Intimate Record of this man's Open Heart Operation – Sigismund Zippel” by James W. McLean; Report from Africa's unreported War in Angola; The Taping of “Hamlet” starring Christopher Plummer and Elsinore, Denmark;)

APRIL 4 (FRONT COVER = Ski Fanatics; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Greatness” by Dr. Hans Selye; “Your Guide to the New Split Level Cabinet” by Blair Fraser; “Let's Give the Police More Power” by Alan Phillips; Washington's Perle Mesta – the Return of the Old Frontier; “Your Health mat Depend on Where you Live” by Grattan Gray; A Weekend with the Ski Fanatics;)

APRIL 18 (FRONT COVER = Kate Reid; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “K.C. Irving – The Unknown Giant” part 1 by Ralph Allen; “The Sudden Death of Taste Taboos – Attack Anything” by Robert Fulford; “Is Everybody in Sports Crazy but Lloyd Percival ?” by Eric Hutton; “Kate Reid – Nice Girls don't make Great Stars but here's one Who just Did” by Barbara Moon; Does a Politician who Gets things Done have to be Democratic Too ? - Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau; The Whitepainters are Coming;)

MAY 2 (FRONT COVER = Indian Segregationist Kahn-Tineta Horn; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Cover Story - “Portrait of a Beautiful Segregationist” part 1 of 2 by Peter Gzowski; “A New Kind of Peace Force” a Proposal by Lester B. Pearson; “K.C. Irving – The Last of a Breed of Kings” part 2 by Ralph Allen; What's so Hot about being a Rich, Handsome Young Playboy ? - Race Car driver Peter Lerch; One Man's Public Nightmare – Professor Roland Haumont; “The Unfolding Drama of W.O. Mitchell” by W.O. Mitchell;)

MAY 16 (FRONT COVER = Rene Levesque; BACK COVER = AD – INCO; ARTICLES = “Rene Levesque – the Battle of Nouveau Quebec” by Blair Fraser; Can these Two Men Really Figure out Canada ? - Davidson Dunton and Andre Laurendeau; “K.C. Irving – The Art of Wielding Power” part 3 of 3 by Ralph Allen; “The Great Money Panic of 1963” by Peter C. Newman; “Biography of the Greatest Canadian Horse ever Bred – Northern Dancer” by Jim Coleman; “Portrait of a Beautiful Segregationist – How Kahn-Tineta Horn became an Indian” part 2 of 2 by Peter Gzowski; Marika Roberts goes to a Bachelor Party; “The Honorable Eustace and other imported Mounties” by Vernon A.M. Kemp;)

JUNE 6 (FRONT COVER = The U.S. And Us; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The U.S. And Us – Who's for Canada and Who's for the U.S.A. ? - An Advance Look at a New Kind of North America – What , if anything, is Wrong with U.S. Ownership – Why One Hustling American Chose Canada” by Peter C. Newman; “Can the Trains Come Back ?” by Alexander Ross; “How I made $14 in the Great Penny Stock Boom by Working at it Full Time” by David Lewis Stein; “Country Music is Sweeping the Cities and I Like It (Well, Some of It)” by Jack Batten;)

JUNE 20 (FRONT COVER = Heaven or Hell Drugs; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Heaven or Hell Drugs – The Strange Powers and Dangers” by Sidney Katz; “Fourteen Days in Cyprus” bt Ralph Allen; “The Segregationists Dig In” by Ian Sclanders; Who Pulled the Plug on the Great Lakes ?; Maclean's Flashback - “Why Edward Quit – Abdication” by Beverly Baxter; The Queen's Plate – the Prettiest event in Sports;)

JULY 4 (FRONT COVER = Eskimo Sculptor; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Holy War to Destroy Bill 99” by Ken Lefolii; “Jack Kent Cooke in Lotusland” by Barbara Moon; “These Magnificent Carvings may keep these Eskimos in the Stone Age – Where they Like It” by Edith Iglauer; “Portrait of the American Dollar Everybody Loves” by Robert Fulford; “The World of Can't – Cerebral Palsy” by David Freeman; “The Hottest Hand in Music – Conductor Zubin Mehta” by Harriet Graham;)

JULY 25 (FRONT COVER = Woman Clutching Briefcase on Subway; BACK COVER = AD – Fiberglas; ARTICLES = “The Second Revolt of 'Modern' Women” by Robert Fulford; “A Report from the Changing Heartland of Canada” by Peter Gzowski; The Triumphant Struggle to Rebuild One Boy's Damaged Mind – Noah Kronick; The Minimum Sailor writes about the Maximum Sailor; “The New Slick Quiet Soviet Spies in our Midst” by Blair Fraser; “Makarius lll Portrait of an Archbishop at War” by Ralph Allen; “Do You Admire, or Detest, The Scotch Streak in Upper Canada ? Here's Where it Came From” by John Kenneth Galbraith;)

AUGUST 8 (FRONT COVER = Peace March Canada 1964; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “The Love Story of Frances McKearney and Massachusetts Public Enemy Number One Joe Flaherty” by Sidney Katz; “The Peaceniks go to La Macaza” by David Lewis Stein and Don Newlands; “How I became a Solitary Noisemaker” by Sheila Burnford; The 401 – the Highway that is Changing Ontario; “How the Scotch talked the Family Compact to a Standoff” by John Kenneth Galbraith; Report on Two World's Fairs – New York's and Expo '67;)

AUGUST 22 (FRONT COVER = The Ottawa Establishment; BACK COVER = AD – Fiberglas; ARTICLES = “The Ottawa Establishment – Who's Who in the Power Elite” by Peter C. Newman; “The French, the English, the Jews... and What's Bugging Everybody” by Mordecai Richler; “How the Scotch Practised the Black Art of Education” by John Kenneth Galbraith; Maclean's Flashback – You Can't Tell the Canadian Big-League Heroes Without a Baseball Program;)

SEPTEMBER 5 (FRONT COVER = The 1940's Revisited – Special Issue; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “These Were the Years that Made our World – 1945-1949” by Blair Fraser; “The Invention of the Teenager” by Jack Batten; Four “Looks” from the 1940's; Photo Album from the 1940's – Remember the Rage for Streamlining ?; “The Man Who wasn't Brave enough to be a Coward” by Ralph Allen;)

SEPTEMBER 19 (FRONT COVER = China Diary; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “China Diary – New Look at an Unknown Country” by Roy A. Faibish; “The Greatest Canadian – How John A. Macdonald Conjured up Canada” by Bruce Hutchison; “Where Marriage Guidance goes Wrong” by Dr. John Cuber and Peggy Harroff; “Arnie recruits his Canadian Army – Arnold Palmer” by Peter Gzowski; Portrait of a Great Hearted Woman – Edmonton City Council's Julia Kiniski; Maclean's Flashback – Wartime Comic Books;)

OCTOBER 3 (FRONT COVER = Canada Track Star Jennie Wingerson; BACK COVER = AD – Naugahyde; ARTICLES = “Adrien Couture – The Ersatz Doctor of Burlington, Ontario” by Barbara Moon; “Seven Mackenzie Kings Canadians Never Knew” by Bruce Hutchison; Jeannie Wingerson – Our Beautiful chance in the 1964 Olympics; “How a Jet Set Diplomat Became the Fair's Super Salesman – 1967 Expo” by Terence Robertson; “Are People Obsolete Already ? - Automation” by John Maclure; “The Acadians Gentle Revenge” by Ian Sclanders;)

NOVEMBER 2 (FRONT COVER = A Newfoundland Harbor; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Come Johnson or Goldwater – Can Canada Win the U.S. Election ?” by Blair Fraser; “The Egg and Donald Shaver – World Wide Chicken Salesman”: by Alan Philips; “Newfoundland – the Happiest Canadians” by Richard J. Needham; “My Life and Hard Times as a Royal Babysitter – Exiled Court of Yugoslavia” by Norman Phillips; Comeback of the Six Day Grind – Bike Races in Montreal;)

NOVEMBER 16 (FRONT COVER = Alberta Premier Manning; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Ordeal by Rumour – The Skeletons in Manning's Alberta Cabinet” by Arthur Hailey; “Is the Family Doctor Vanishing ?” by Dr. Claude P. Gendron; “How I Found Out the Toronto Argonauts don't Really Lose Games on Purpose” by Peter N. Allison; “1967 are we going to be Late for our own Birthday Party ?” by Hal Tennant; “When Mama Cooked Solomon Grundy” by Helen Wilson; “The Killer that Could be Hiding in Your Car – Met5al Fatigue” by Ray Stapley; “The Many Worlds of Soviet Russia: by Kenneth Bagnell;)

DECEMBER 2 (FRONT COVER = Sky Diver; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “A candid New Report on the Teenager and the Car” by Sidney Katz; Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Winters ?; Cover Story – Falling out of the Sky is Their Idea of Fun; “Our Lovable Friend the Rat” by John H. MacDonald; “The Unsquelchable Rosa Brown” by Joan Walker; “The Unhidden Persuader – Public Relations Bob Gray” by Jack Batten; “Quebec City aftermath – a Confederation Crisis in 1965” by Blair Fraser;)

DECEMBER 14 (FRONT COVER = Woman Curling; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Today's Religion – Has it got the Message ? And is Anybody Listening ?; “The Guns of Christmas 1943” by T.J. Allen; “Two Solitudes Revisited” by Hugh MacLennan; “Walter Homburger the Modest Merchant of Music” by Clyde Gilmour; “Get into Curling and Fight, Fight, Fight” by Derm Dunwoody; “Report from Utopia – a Guidebook to Your own Paradise” by Alan Phillips;)


JANUARY 2 (FRONT COVER = Queen Elizabeth in Canada; BACK COVER = AD – Massey-Ferguson; ARTICLES = Maclean's Names the Outstanding Canadians of 1964; “The Villagers who went to War for their Trees – Lambeth, Ontario” by Professor Earle Beattie; “What Canada does to the English (and vice versa)” by Janice Tyrwhitt; How Allan Baker made a Million from your 50-cent Lunch – Vending Machines Manufacturer; The Strange Revival of Our Best Bad Poet – James McIntyre; Air Crash the Lingering Cost of Disaster - November 29,1963 Air Canada flight from Toronto to Montreal 118 Died; The Death and Rebirth of the Martyrs Capitol Ste-Marie-among-the-Hurons;)

JANUARY 23 (FRONT COVER = Maureen Forrester; BACK COVER = AD – Chevrolet; ARTICLES = Maureen Forester – Mama's Sideline is Stardom; “Crisis in the Classroom – Tomorrow's Here ans we're all set for Yesterday” by June Callwood; The Machine that puts the Nurses back into Nursing – Network of Computers called Hospital Information System; To Canada, with Love and Hisses – Harold Town's Book “Enigmas”; “The Return of Hockey's Proudest Warrior – Ted Lindsay” by Jack Batten; “Our Quiet War over Peace – Politicians VS. The People” by Blair Fraser; “Death Stalks our Last Wild Horses” by Robert Cleland Christie;)

FEBRUARY 6 (FRONT COVER = Toronto's New City Hall; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Can We Succeed in NATO without Really Trying ?” by Blair Fraser; How to Survive in the CBC Jungle – and Other Tribal Secrets; “Madman on the Bridge – Canadian Pacific's S.S. Beaverbrae” by Dr. Kenneth Walker; “A Churchman talks back to critic Pierre Berton: by Reverend A.C. Forrest; “Hello Toronto – My How you've Changed” by Ian Sclanders; Maclean's Flashback = “When Little Tommy Burns out slugged the biggest Brutes in Boxing” by Stephen Jones Gamester; How Canada Lives – The Winter Samaritan of Ile-aux-Grues:)

FEBRUARY 20 (FRONT COVER = 16-year old Bobby Orr of the Oshawa Generals; BACK COVER = AD – 1965 Buick; ARTICLES = “Our Invisible Poor” by Alan Phillips; Treasure's in your Attic ? Ask Mr. Gerald Stevens – Canadiana Expert; Who is Bobby Orr ? He's just Hockey's Hottest bet for Stardom; “Everybody's Guide to Happy Oblivion – Sleep” by Joan Weatherseed; “The Elegant Worlds of Elizabeth Arden;)

MARCH 6 (FRONT COVER = Girl Next Door Ready to Travel: BACK COVER = AD – 1965 Pontiac; ARTICLES = “The Travel Explosion – Now Everybody's Going Places” by Robert Thomas Allen; “The Pleasures of Failure” by Morley Callaghan; “When Sickness Strikes in the Night” by Dorothy Sangster; The Prickly Producer who makes Theatre Grow where none Grew Before – John Hirsch; “Montreal's Vieux Quarter” by Ken Johnstone; “A Hundred Years of War – the Salvation Army” by Alexander Ross;)

MARCH 20 (FRONT COVER = Dancing Teenagers; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Year 1 of President Johnson Era” by Ian Sclanders; “How to be a Widow” by Janice Tyrwhitt; “That ever Loving Web-footed Made in Canada – the Newfoundlander” by Jack Batten; “Our Second Chance at Public Housing” by Hal Tennant; The Hawk's Nest in Toronto – a Nightclub for Teenagers; Robert Thomas Allen's sentimental Journeys – England;)

APRIL 17 (FRONT COVER = Oscar Peterson; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Oscar Peterson – Canada's Golden Boy of Jazz; “The Truth about Parliament – The Politicians vs. The Press” by June Callwood; “Quebec's new Claim to be called New France” by Blair Fraser; The Airline that goes almost Anywhere and does Practically Everything – Eastern Provincial Airways; Robert Thomas Allen's sentimental Journeys – Old France;; Color Spring Flower Album – How the Provinces Proclaim Themselves with Flowers;)

MAY 1 (FRONT COVER = B.C. Premier Hal Bennett; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Anybody can have a Boom – but B.C.'s got Three” by Alexander Ross; Northern Dancer – a Second Chance at Greatness; Think You've got Problems ? Try Being your own Boss !; This is Sculptor – Will it Win us Customers in Japan ?; “The India boy who was Born a Grandfather” by Maurice DeCunha; Robert Thomas Allen's sentimental Journeys – Italy; Bonus Vacation Section – Explore Canada '65;)

MAY 15 (FRONT COVER = Nurse Joyce Relyea; BACK COVER = AD – Sun Life Assurance; ARTICLES = Frank Boucher's Plan for a World Hockey Comeback by Canada; Church Nurse Joyce Relyea – The Hardest Job to go Home From; “The Good Town that's Fighting a Bad Name – Chatham, Ontario” by Ian Sclanders; “My Global Quest for the Pleasure of Ruins” by photographer Roloff Beny; “The Race to Create a Space Superman” by Wesley Marx; “Some of my Best Canadian Friends are Beavers” by Dr. John Knox; Robert Thomas Allen's sentimental Journeys – Greece;)

JUNE 5 (FRONT COVER = Newfoundland Premier Joey Smallwood; BACK COVER = Coke; ARTICLES = Joey Smallwood's New, New , New Newfoundland; “Victims of this Affluent Society – Our Overgrown Children” by Nathan Dreskin; Holiday Trails of Canada – Hugh MacLennan on the Cabot; Your Handy Guide to Ottawa's Biggest Scandal; “The Professor's Wonderful Circus – Paul Bouissac” by Frank Rasky; “A Funny thing Happened on my way to rent a Summer Cottage” by Jeann Beattie;)

JUNE 19 (FRONT COVER = Susan Dexter at Charm School; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Will Charm School Spoil Susan Dexter ?; “The Built in Lie behind our Search for Immigrants” by Blair Fraser; The Stratford Star Everybody knows -Uh, What's his Name – Douglas Rain; Holiday Trails of Canada – W.O. Mitchell on the Kananaskis; “He's too Rich to be Cautious, Too Popular to be Fired – Toronto Coroner Dr. Morton Shulman; “Easter Island – A Forgotten Race is Overtaken by the Jet Age” by Dr. Helen Evans Reid;)

JULY 3 (FRONT COVER = Golfer George Knudson; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Golf Spectacular – George Knudson previews Canada's $100,000 Open; “The People who don'e Want Equality – Alberta's Hutterites” by W.O. Mitchell; “The High Priest of Pop Culture – Professor Marshall McLuhan” by Alexander Ross; “Life on Mars ? On July 14 we could Know – Mariner lV” by N.J. Berrill; “Wife Killer – or Fall Guy ? - Wayne Lonrrgan” by Gwyn Thomas and Jack Batten; Holiday Trails of Canada – Fred Bodsworth on the Bruce;)

JULY 24 (FRONT COVER = NDP's Tommy Douglas; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Black Label Beer: ARTICLES = “The Only Party nobody's Mad at – Will the NDSP turn Parliament Upside Down ?” by Blair Fraser; “A Phenomenon Named Jennings – Newscaster Peter Jennings in the U.S.” by Jack Batten; “The Black Ghetto that Fears Integration – Africville in Halifax” by Susan Dexter; Holiday Trails of Canada – John MacLure on the Gaspe;”The Backwater War that could Shake the World – Dominican Republic” by Ian Sclanders; Missionary James Evans gave Canada's Indian and Eskimos a Written Language;Dig those Crazy Skurfers – Skate Boarding in Canada;)

AUGUST 7 (FRONT COVER = Gordon Sinclair; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Promise of Estrogen – New Life for Women; Why Expo '67 isn't going to Flop; How to Eat the Scenery – New Brunswick artist Jack Humphrey; Montreal's Windsor Hotel the last of the Grand Hotels; “Some People are Beginning to like Him – Gordon Sinclair” by Alexander Ross; “Algeris where Freedom Rules with Fear” by Peter Stollery; A Midsummer Snowfield for Skiers who won't Call it Quits – New Hampshire's Mount Washington;)

AUGUST 21 (FRONT COVER = Ian and Sylvia Tyson; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Black Label Beer; ARTICLES = “Mr. Commonwealth the Enigmatic chores of a man named Swith – Secretary General of the Commonwealth Arnold Smith; A Writer's Long Desolate Journey to Hell and Back – Drugs and Alcohol – part 1 of 2; “The Real Meaning of Dreams” by Ben Rose; “Sweet Song of Success – Ian and Sylvia Tyson” by Jack Batten; “Quebec's New Power Elite” by Blair Fraser; Talk about a Sunday Driver – Canadian Racing Driver of the Year Al Pease; Is the Canada Council Squandering Your Money ?; How We'll talk to People from Outer Space; A New Health kick that's a Thousand Years Old – Tai Chi;)

SEPTEMBER 4 (FRONT COVER = Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Black Label Beer; ARTICLES = “The Emotions – Infatuation” by June Callwood; “A New and Surprising way back from a Heart Attack” by Dorothy Sangster; “Never give a Squirrel an even Break” by Robert Collins; Market Day in Kitchener Wonderful Mennonite Market; “Man's Mad Quest for the Prize that Never Was – the North Pole” by Farley Mowat; Royal Ontario Museum – Smile when you call it Museum; A Writer's Long Desolate Journey to Hell and Back – Drugs and Alcohol – Part 2 of 2;)

SEPTEMBER 18 (FRONT COVER = Troubadour Charlie Chamberlain; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = A Man is Hanged – Turpin – Lucas Executions could be the Last in Canada; “One Doctor's Lonely, Costly Battle for Medicare – Dr. Sam Wolfe” by Jeannine Locke; “Everybody here Loves Charlie Chamberlain” by Susan Dexter; “Why do we Laugh” by Joan Weatherseed; “Downtown in the Arctic – Norilsk, Siberia” by Jack Austin; “My 4 Hours as a Spy” by Wendy Michener in West Berlin; “Remember When People came First ?” by Robert Thomas Allen; “When Canada Built the Strongest Men in the World” by Gerald Godin;)

OCTOBER 2 (FRONT COVER = Cars Driving into the Sun; BACK COVER = AD – Sun Life Assurance; ARTICLES = Loyalists fight to save New Brunswick's Happy Valley; “The Car and You – a Maclean's Special Report” by Alan Edmonds; “George Chuvalo – My Job is to Kill the Guy” by Alison Grant; “A New Way to Rescue Suicides” by Ben Rose; How Maxime Samuels built her own Seaway – Canadian TV;)

OCTOBER 16 (FRONT COVER = Toronto International Airport; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Unspoiled Parks or Neon Jungles – Canada's National Parks” by Blair Fraser; Maclean's Flashback – Francis Bond Head the Hapless Hero who saved Upper Canada; Behind the Scenes at the Big Airport – Toronto International Airport; The Changing Church – Canadian Catholics welcome the “People's Mass”; “World War Two Front Line Letters to my Son” by Donald Pearce;”World Hopping it's for the Birds – Bird Watching in Japan” part 1 by Fred Bodsworth; Wrestler “Whipper” Billy Watson as Politician; Maclean's Leisure Living - a Seasonal Section for Active Canadians;)

NOVEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Election – Ten Million Voters in Search of an Issue; Canada's 10,000 Hippies and Why they live that Way; “Election – Who'll be Around after the Battle ?” by Blair Fraser; Hidden Treasures of a Shy Rebel – Artist J.E.H. MacDonald; “World Hopping it's for the Birds – Hong Kong the Land that Lives on Borrowed Time” part 2 by Fred Bodsworth; Lake Erie – Death of a Great Lake; “My Home away from Jail – Joe Bouchard” by Ken Johnstone;)

NOVEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = James Blair Seaborn; BACK COVER = AD – INCO; ARTICLES = Canadian Peacemakers part 1 – Our man in Saigon – James Blair Seaborn; Rich Little – Alias just about Everybody; “How Lesage unsettled the West” by Blair Fraser; “The Righteous Crusaders of the New Left” by Peter Gzowski; “The Sports Establishment” by Jack Batten; The Man who Copyrighted Passion – Poet Irving Layton; A Dancing New World for Deaf Children; “World Hopping it's for the Birds – What Happened after the Taj Mahalk ?” part 3 by Fred Bodsworth;)

DECEMBER 1 (FRONT COVER = Two Kids Dressed as Spies Photo cover - Agent OO7 puts his GOLDFINGER on KIDS TOYS; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Our New City of Science near Toronto; “Off Season Skiing in Winter ? - Canadians in the Alpines” by Blair Fraser; “World Hopping it's for the Birds – To Russia with Love” conclusion by Fred Bodsworth; Canadian Peacemakers part 2 – Our man in Geneva – General Tommy Burns; Agent 007 and the Great Christmas Caper 2 page article re Children's Toys with 2 PHOTOS including GI JOE, JAMES BOND, BARBIE, Happy Tigers etc; Our World Famous “Unknown” master Artist – Philip Aziz)

DECEMBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Genevieve Bujold; BACK COVER = AD -Coke; ARTICLES = “New Spectre on the Campus – Student Crackups” by Ben Rose; Time of Goodwill – Christmas; Canadian Peacemakers part 3 – Our man in Nato – George Ignatieff; Genevieve Bujold to Stardom on a new Path; Photo Story of What the World was Like the year Canada was Born; TV Union Boss Henry Connor – No.1 Troublemaker for CBC;)


JANUARY 1 (FRONT COVER = Atomic Explosion; BACK COVER = AD – 1966 Beaumont; ARTICLES = Maclean's Names the Outstanding Canadians of 1965; TV Commercials – Pop art we all Love to Hate; How the Chief Lost (and won the election) – John Diefenbaker; The New Gastronomy – Chef Coco Svetko and Restaurateur Cliff Missios; Mike Duff image maker on Wheels – Motorcycle Racing; “What's Causing this Crazy Weather ?' by Bill Stephenson; Canadian Peacemakers part 4 conclusion – Our man in New York – Paul Tremblay;)

JANUARY 22 (FRONT COVER = Chicago Black Hawks Bobby Hull; BACK COVER = AD – 1966 Buick Wildcat Sports Coupe; ARTICLES = The Other Lives of Bobby Hull; British Mortgage – The Crash that Stunned Stratford; Bob Dylan and What he's Doing to the New Pop Culture; The Grenadines – Paradise just over the Horizon; “The Three Quebec's new faces in Ottawa – Pierre Trudeau, Jean Marchand and Gerard Pelletier” by Blair Fraser; The Sleuths who Track Down Canadian Heroes;)

FEBRUARY 5 (FRONT COVER = Robert Goulet; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; ARTICLES = “The Menace of Insane Killers at Large” by Alexander Ross; TV's Newest Spy Hero – Robert Goulet; “New Orleans, Oui ! Mardi Gras, Non !” by Paul A. Gardner; Why Everybody Roots for unsteady Eddie Shack; Douglas Fisher rates our Best(and worst) MP's; “NATO – Divided it Stands” by Blair Fraser; Max Stern and his Montreal Dominion Art Gallery;)

FEBRUARY 19 (FRONT COVER = President Lyndon Johnson; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Vietnam – the American Agony” by Ian Sclanders; “One Woman's War – Canadian Filming the Vietnam Conflict” by Beryl Fox; Herbert Irvine – Benevolent Despot of Decor; “Where Disturbed Children Learn to Live Again – Warrendale Treatment Centre” by Sheila H. Kieran; “Journey to the Last Frontier – Peace River Country in Northern Alberta” by Stephen Jones Gamester;)

MARCH 5 (FRONT COVER = Cast of CBC Show “Seven Days” BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; ARTICLES = The Show that Survives by Success Alone – CBC's “Seven Days”; “Water Crisis Coming” by Blair Fraser; Toronto's Main Street School – a School without Textbooks; “How to get to Where the Girls Are” by Fred Bodsworth; Maclean's Flashback - “The Black Death at Drumheller” by Gertrude Charters; How I lost 40 Pounds on the Eating Man's Diet;)

MARCH 19 (FRONT COVER = Explore Canada '66; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “Explore Canada Special Section”; “Why Our Antiquated Laws Don't Work” by Allen Linden; “Return of the Old Invincibles – Batman and Superman” by Alexander Ross; “Ma Murray – The Salty Scourge of Lillooet” by Jackson House; “Inside a Fashion Preview” by Nancy Phillips);

APRIL 2 (FRONT COVER = The Queen's Consort Prince Philip; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Cover story “Is Philip really Necessary ?” by Dennis Eisenberg; “Will 4,877 CBC Executives Please Stand Up” by Jon Ruddy; “Exploring the World's Last Frontier – Undersea” by Wesley Marx; “Rhodesia is Brash Defiance the Prelude to Collapse ? - Ian Smith” by Blair Fraser; “Freeze Now Live Later – Immortality” by Alan Edmonds;”How this Mary Martin makes the Scene – New York City” by Susan Dexter;)

APRIL 16 (FRONT COVER = Bust of John F. Kennedy; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “The Kennedy Legend” by Ian Sclanders; Two Opposing Views on Kennedy as Leader - “The Man and the Myth” by Malcolm Muggeridge - “A Man for the Ages” by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.; The Torch Bearers – Brothers Bobby and Ted Kennedy; Jacqueline Kennedy keeper of a Legend – Her Triumph and Ordeal; The Kennedy Assassination – Some Unanswered Questions; When is a Happening not a Happening; “How Joe Greene figgers to keep 'em Happy down on the Farm – Minister of Agriculture” by Susan Dexter; Alan Edmonds asks economist W. Allan Beckett “How High can the Cost of Living Get ?”; A League of Women all Named Rose Kastner;)

MAY 2 (FRONT COVER = Carol Goss of TV's “After Four”; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewing; ARTICLES = “I'm Glad they didn't Hang my sister's Killer” by Wayne McLaren; “Junk in Your Parlor” by Joy Carroll; “The Absolutely Perfect TV Teenager Carol Goss” by Penny Williams; “Can the Young Turks seize Parliament Hill ?” by Blair Fraser; Scratch a Rebel, Find a Poet – The Unintentional Verse of William Lyon Mackenzie; Liu Nyan Tse of Shanghai – Millionaire among the Marxists;)
MAY 14 (FRONT COVER = The many Faces of Barry Morse; BACK COVER = AD - Oldsmobile; ARTICLES = A Pill for Schizophrenia ? - Dr. Abram Hoffer; Barry Morse playing Nine Characters in TV Drama “It's Murder, Cherie”; “What a Blind Baby needs more than Tender Loving Care” by Audrey Down; Brigantine “Pathfinder” a Floating Summer Camp for Teenagers; “The Death of Jock Turcot – Traffic Fatality” by Susan Dexter; Cassius Clay VS. George Chuvalo – How Chuvalo Won by Losing;)

JUNE 4 (FRONT COVER = Undergrads at Simon Fraser University; BACK COVER = AD – Coke: ARTICLES = The Knowledge Explosion – Canada is Building Universities; “My Baby Wears a Second Heart” June Parker tells Janice Tyrwhitt; Mavor Moore ponders Canada's Cultural Wasteland; A Startling new Novel from Quebec by Author Hubert Aquin “The Next Episode”; The Centennial Tycoons – Canada's Centennial is Making them Rich; “Hottest Tongue in the West Jack Webster – Vancouver Call-in Radio Host” by Jon Ruddy; “Is that really a Dead Pig ? And other Questions Children ask at Mealtimes” by Joy Carroll;)

JUNE 18 (FRONT COVER = Divers with Treasure on Cape Breton Coast; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Brewers; ARTICLES = “Chameau Treasure - How the frigate Chameau gave up its Fortune” part 1 by Alan Edmonds; “Harold Wilson – My how he's Changed !” by Lawrence Earl; “God” was a Hard act to Follow – Stratford's Michael Langham; How Children learn to Live with Alcoholic Parents; “What Next – a Canadian Tennis Star ?” by Grattan Gray; “Divorce Mexican Style” by Alan Edmonds;The Last Fatal Duel in Canada between Robert Lynn and John Wilson in 1833;)

JULY 2 (FRONT COVER = Joyce Davidson with new husband David Susskind; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Execution – Farley Mowat reports on an Eskimo Murder Trial that will Leave you feeling Guilty; Cancer Survivor Henry Garside repays his Debt to Medicine by Inventing Machine's to Help Others; “Chameau Treasure – Keeping it may be Tougher” part 2 by Alan Edmonds; Joyce Davidson – Who said she Ever stopped Competing ?; “Great man with the Groceries – Loblaws George Metcalf” by Stan Helleur;)

AUGUST 6 (FRONT COVER = Pierre Sevigny; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “Is God Obsolete ?” by June Callwood; “Banff's where Kids work for Fun” Jon Ruddy; Pierre Sevigny interviewed by Susan Dexter; How Sir John A. Macdonald passed out Patronage and Built a Nation all at Once; “The West is Wildest when Regina Cries 'Go Riders Go !'” by John Robertson; “John Valentine Clyne the Boss – Who needs Love ?” by Alexander Ross;)

AUGUST 20 (FRONT COVER = Mary Lou McPhee in a Toronto Record Store; BACK COVER = Carling Brewers; ARTICLES = “The Great Beer Scare – Quebec Dow Brewery” by Gerald Taaffe; How Carnaby Street invented “The Look” and How it's hitting Main Street; “Are they going to Throw this town Away ? - Happy Valley, Labrador” by Hal Tennant; “How to Cock a Snoot and Live, Live, Live – Richard J. Needham” by Nicholas Steed; T”The Church in Canada and the Catholic Thaw” by June Callwood; “Is this the Happiest man in the World ? - Scientology “Clear” John McMasters” by Wendy Michener;)

SEPTEMBER 3 (FRONT COVER = Quebec Premier Daniel Johnson; BACK COVER = AD – O'Keefe's Brewers; ARTICLES = “Where will Daniel Johnson Lead Quebec ?” by Blair Fraser; Calgary U.S.A. - Is our Town their Town Now ?; A Little Girl in a Big Big Town – Barbara Fulton in Toronto; “Like they said Sam, Opera Spells Big Trouble – Sam Olan” by Ken Johnstone; Canadian Artist Michael Snow – Where's the Woman Walking ? To the Bank;The Secret life of Eddie Shack the Gourmet;”One Man, One Wreck, One Cause – B.C. Business man Robert Malkin” by Barry Broadfoot on Changing Drunk Driving Laws;)

SEPTEMBER 17 (FRONT COVER = Race Car Driver – Stephanie Ruys de Perez; BACK COVER = AD -Great West Life; ARTICLES = The Queen's spirited Stand-ins the Vice-Regal Vaniers; “The Intelligent Addict's Guide to Color TV” by Toni Williams; Cover Story – All about the Great Women who Race Cars; “Let's Quit Worshipping the Kid with a B.A.” by Robert Thomas Allen; Two Stories about the Meaning of Death – Ian Adams – Malcolm Muggeridge;”God's Front Line Surgeon – Dr. Robert McClure in India” by Kenneth Bagnell;)

OCTOBER 1 (FRONT COVER = John Garrity – Undercover Agent for the Canadian Jewish Congress; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Brewers; ARTICLES = “My Sixteen Months as a Nazi” by John Garrity with alan Edmonds; Falsies Everywhere and Not just on the Girls; “Is the World (or anybody) Ready for Leonard Cohen ?” by Jon Ruddy; “What I Learned in a Borneo Classroom” by Manson Toynbee; Sex on the Campus – There's Less than you Think;)

OCTOBER 15 (FRONT COVER = Gordie Howe; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Gordie Howe goes home to Saskatoon; “My Life and Hard Times as a Hospital Strike Breaker in Quebec” by Ian Mayer; For 183 days Showplace of the World – Expo '67; The New Morality – Is What's Nice still Naughty ?; The Mouth that Roars – Montreal Talk Radio host Pat Burns; “The Land where Fear lays Siege – South Africa” by Dr. Helen Reid; Jail Break – The Convicts of Montreal's St. Vincent de Paul; “Will Success Spoil Prince Edward Island ?” by Dorothy Eber; Leisure Living – Seasonal Section for Active Canadians – Cameras for Happy Hunting – School for Sailors in Vancouver – Gliding the Silent Sport – Ski Fashion Forecast;)

NOVEMBER 5 (FRONT COVER = Frank Sinatra and Sid Furie; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “How LSD Saved my Marriage” by actress Pam Hyatt Foster; “Canada Rescued the Commonwealth – but was it Worth the Trouble ?” by Blair Fraser; COVER STORY – How a Canadian Boy Wonder “tamed” Frank Sinatra; The Private World of Emily Carr – Bold Brooding Paintings; “The Has Been who doesn't Know Enough to stop being Better than Anybody – Gump Worsley” by Trent Frayne; “You Have to Teach a Girl to Want something Better” by Sheila H. Kieran;)
NOVEMBER 19 (FRONT COVER = Woman's Fashion – The Susie Thing; BACK COVER = AD – Carling Brewers; ARTICLES = “We've made Prisons of our Schools” by Jon Ruddy; 22-year old Fashion Designer Susie Kosovic; Inflation and the Biebers – 1949 to 1966; “Two Views of Germany” by Irving Layton and photographer Horst Ehricht; The Glick who's about to Click – Canadian Film Maker David Secter; “They Learn to 'Cure' themselves with Shock Therapy” by Barbara Frum;)

DECEMBER 3 (FRONT COVER = Montreal at Night; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Montreal a Special Report – The Feel of the Place – The Look of the Place – Guide to Great Eating – Big Town Mayor Jean Drapeau – The New Montrealers – Montreal Style why it Swings – The Idler's Guide to Montreal; “Can Israel Cope with War and Peace ?” by Blair Fraser in Tel Aviv; “Notice to my Blackmailer – We're Through” by Powell Smily; “England Swings ?” by Alan Edmonds;)

DECEMBER 17 (FRONT COVER = Cast of TV's “Nightcap”; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Lost Children – the Real Tragedy of Warrendale; Nicholas Monsarrat's Farewell – Canada Can't Miss; “New Hustle in the Holy Land” by Blair Fraser; Harold Town creates the Connoisseur's Christmas Tree; “Nightcap” it's TV with a Leer and a Plunging Neckline; “A Surprising Second look at those Facts about Cancer and Smoking” by C. Harcourt Kitchin; The Brain Drain,'Prop Art' and George Freyer; If Houdini could do it – Montreal's Eric Levinson;)


JANUARY (FRONT COVER = Now 2067 or Bust ! - Sir John A's Birthday Party; BACK COVER = AD – St. Moritz Cigarettes; ARTICLES = The Outstanding Canadians of 1966; Why Our Schools don't Educate – June Callwood; Photographer Robert Freson's Canada – We see Ourselves as Others See Us; How Canada looks to Two Concerned Observers in Centennial Year - “We are an Echo of Washington” by David Lewis - “A Stranger in my own Country” by Solange Chaput Rolland; “Here's Looking at us” by Robert Thomas Allen; Morden, Manitoba warms up for the Centennial; If You can't Beat the Horses why is Mike Kolton so Rich ?; “Live from Vietnam – War could be Bigger than TV”s Bonanza” by Michael Carreck;)

FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Caribbean Woman in a Bikini on the Beach; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = The Caribbean – Our Sunny New Frontier; “Dalton Camp – the Man who Finally Belled the Cat” by Alexander Ross; Canadian Holsteins are Big Money Cattle; “Comeback for One Room Schools ?” by June Callwood; “Could India Feed Us ?” by Blair Fraser; Paper Makes the Fashion Scene; The Lonely Death of Charlie Wenjack – Kenora, Ontario Indian Residential School Student;)

MARCH (FRONT COVER = Chicago Blackhawks' Bobby and Dennis Hull; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = “China – Eyewitness to Frenzy” by Blair Fraser; “The Pill – A Revolution Begins” by Douglas Marshall; “Dennis Hull – Kid Brother Grows Up” by Susan Dexter; “Prince Charles – Groomed for Failure ?” by Alan Edmonds; “Is School Any Place for Parents ?” by June Callwood);

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Explore Canada 1967; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Quick Now – What's Your Doctor's first Name ?; The Vanishing G.P. - Dr. Bruce Crowe of New Germany, Nova Scotia; The Prairies Ukrainian Easter Breakfast Menu and Recipe; These Guys are trying to Sell you Something – MacLaren Advertising Co.; The Irish Sweepstakes – How Good is Your Ticket ?; Anatomy of a Love Affair; “A Bunny Turns Reporter in Vietnam” by Rena Briand; The Other Quiet Revolution in Premier Louis Robichaud's New Brunswick; Explore Canada 1967 – A West to East Coast Tour; Maclean's Cenrtennial Guidebook;)

MAY (FRONT COVER = Lorne Greene; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Lorne Greene the Sweet Life of TV”s “Bonanza” Big Daddy; Why Your House Costs too Much – the Lingering Death of the Family House; Skin is in with Summer Swimwear; “How the U.S. Could Ruin Canada” by Blair Fraser; Old Fashioned Picnic has Gone High-Hat; Leisure Living – Playing Cricket – The Boating Life; “Why Good Teachers don't 'Teach' anymore” by June Callwood; “The Worst Network of Criminals in Canada – Quebec” by Hal Tennant;)

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Pierre Berton at Expo '67; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Here's Expo '67 – A Worldful of Wonder's in Montreal; Pierre Berton Reviews the Fair; The Forgotten Miners of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland; “Political Party Puzzle – Follow what Leader ?” by Blair Fraser; Ronald Reagan – Is this Man the next President of the United States ?; Fashion – the Serendipitous Spoils of War; “The Unchaperoned Girl's Guide to Europe” by Bonnie Buxton; The Canadian Soldier who Conquered the Dutch – Wilfred Barry; “High Schools – Holdouts in thee Classroom Revolution” by June Callwood; Canada's Top Jockey – Avelino Gomez;)

JULY (FRONT COVER = Romance by Computer; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Long, Happy Life of Lester Pearson – Interview by Alexander Ross; Return to a Killing Ground – 25 Years after Dieppe; Sinclair Stevens of British International Fiance – How to Start a Bank and almost Lose your Shirt; Zoe Caldwell the Stratford Sex Queen; COVER STORY – the Meeting Game; Is this man Alreadt the most Dangerous Politician in Canada ? - Quebec Separatist Pierre Bourgault; “Why the Army took Over my Country – the CIA's Secret Stake in Greece” by Philip Deane; Woman's Punchy Fashions;)

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Vancouver Mayor Tom Campbell on a beach with Babes in Bikinis; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Special Section on Vancouver – It's Message is to Live ! - How the Town's Fighting the Dread Hippie Menace – The Super Citizens – Homey Fashions and Fashionable Homes; The Kids we Pay to Rock the Boat – Company of Young Canadians; “Can Israel convert Victory into Peace ?” by Blair Fraser; The Secret World of Kiddie Cult – The Captain Crunch Culture; Can Ontario MP Ralph Cowan rally the WASP's ?;)

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = The McLuhanmobile; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Our Happy Love Affair with the Automobile Special Section; Does Canada Need the Tories ? - Dalton Camp – Blair Fraser; A Fond look at Orillia, Ontario on it's 100th Birthday; Expose '67 – The People at Expo by artist John Raymond and writer Ian Adams; Ask any Hockey Boss this guy is a Trouble Maker – Alan Eagleson; Vancouver Medium James Wilkie; Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova and his War on Hunger and Want;)

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = Laurier Lapierre; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Laurier Lapierre and his Cocky Campaign to be the first Socialist Prime Minister; Bruce Hutchison's Unknown Canada; The Chuffers Ride Again – Early Steam Powered Farm Equipment; The Answer to Everything by Professor Clare Graves; Woman's Fashions – New Freedom for Furs; “Help me Father for I have Sinned...” Ian Adams talks to Father Pius Riffel - “Help me Doctor for I am Sick...” Nicholas Steed talks to Dr. Murray Wilson; “Does it Pay to go Bankrupt ?” by Jon Ruddy; The Salmon are back in the Great Lakes; There's a New way to Have a Baby ? - Psychoprophylaxia;)

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Female College Student – Campus 1967; BACK COVER = AD – Great West Life; ARTICLES = Special Section on Campus in 1967 – New Student Class has Emerged – The 20 Best Campuses – A Day in the Life of the University of Toronto; Woman's Fashion – Year for Crazy Legs; A Drama in Two Parts by Jon Ruddy “The Tories part 1 – The Day the Balloon went up for Wallace McCutcheon” - “The Tories part 2 – Stanfield in Ottawa the end of Obstruction”l; Annis Stukus going to bulldoze Vancouver into the National Hockey League; The Challenge to Cross the Atlantic Ocean in a Plane in 1919 from Newfoundland; Black Radical H. Rap Brown in Manacles; “Look there's a Flying Saucer !” by Jon Ruddy;)

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = “Republique du Quebec” on a Soldier's Helmet; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = The Day Quebec Quit Canada – a Semi-fictional History and why it can't Happen; “The Intimate Faces of Love” photo album by Arnand Maggs; The Beautiful People of Detroit – a Report on How it Feels to be Black; “The Bitter Taste of Money – Yukon Gold story of Al Kulan and Art Jellinek” by Catherine Breslin; Woman's Fashion – Fantasy Living; The NHL's Los Angeles Kings – The Team that Jack Kent Cooke; Royal Canadian Institute where Bright kids can Break the Classroom Barrier;)


JANUARY (FRONT COVER = Canadian actor John Vernon; BACK COVER = AD – Dunhill Cigarettes; ARTICLES = John Vernon – Hollywood came to Him; Cheer up Girls, Help is on the Way – Anne Francis the Chairman of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women; “Australia – What's up Down Under ?>” by Bruce Lawson; Hospital Emergency Wards – a Place of Life and Death; You too can be a Land Speculator and Get Rich; 1930's make Fashion News again – The Bonnie and Clyde Look; A Little Girl is Missing – 10-year old Marianne Schuett of Kilbride, Ontario; “How Canadians are Infiltrating Hollywood” by Hal Tennant;)

FEBRUARY (FRONT COVER = Vietnam Mother and Child; BACK COVER = AD – St. Moritz Cigarettes; ARTICLES = Special Section on Our War in Vietnam – How we Win their Hearts and Minds – Operation Zippo”Memoirs of a Nice Guy who just did his Job” by Lamar Cason – The Sexual Warfare of Saigon's Bar Girls; 16-year old Pool Shark John Romanelli – How to Hustle Johnny; Rock and Roll Music makes Fashion; Canada's Rock Scene – Going, Going...:)

MARCH (FRONT COVER = Roslyn Hees and Durward Taylor; BACK COVER = AD – Dunhill Cigarettes; ARTICLES = The Happy Marriage of Roslyn Hees (white) and Durward Taylor (negro); Maclean's Interviews Farley Mowat; Montreal ? Wrong – It's Edmonton that Swings; “Okay so he's Swingewr but... Robert Stanfield” by Douglas Marshall; “Why Pierre Berton works so Damned Hard” by Jon Ruddy; “How I Learned to Hate Hard Work” by Pierre Berton; Woman's Fashion – Rainwear that Doesn't need a Rainstorm; A Matter of Image – the Dull Canadian Politicians;)

APRIL (FRONT COVER = Russia's Superspy – Kim Philby; BACK COVER = AD – St. Moritz Cigarettes; ARTICLES = Maclean's Interviews Dr. Benjamin Spock; Kim Philby's Silent War with the West; The Great Canadian Film Saga (take 144); Simple Secrets for the Backyard Fellini; “The Sudden Rise of Pierre Elliott Trudeau” by Blair Fraser; “Touring England, by Dickens – London to Stratford-on-Avon by Stagecoach” by Douglas Marshall; Woman's Fashion – Alla Spiaggia (Swimwear at the Beach); “The Trials of Lloyd Percival” by John Robertson;)

MAY (FRONT COVER = Explore Canada 1968; BACK COVER = AD – Dunhill Cigarettes; ARTICLES = Explore Canada 1968 ten-page Special Section – Five Trips for 1968; Maclean's Interviews Norman DePoe; Green Power – The Trend back to the Soil; Retreat from the Rat Race – Anglican Monastery 4 Day Retreat; “The Girl who Lived more than Once” by Ian Adams; “Meet your Friendly local Abortionist – Dr. William McCallum” by Alexander Ross; Woman's Fashion – Back to the Virginal Look for Spring; That Big Coffee Party on Buckingham Drive – Commercial Filmed in Hamilton; How to Sail a House that Floats; Norman McCaud the Best “Jail House Lawyer” Around;)

JUNE (FRONT COVER = Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = “My Three Weeks with the Beatles, Mia Farrow, the Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation” by Paul Saltzman; Maclean's Interviews John Porter; The Rich in Canada – What it's Like to Live in Toyland; Gordon P. Osler a Member of the Rich Wasp Elite that Runs the Canadian Economy; Woman's Fashion – Invest in the Rich Look; Foxhounds and Tea Cosies in London (Ontario); “How to Get Paid for not Working” by Blair Fraser; “The Uncommon Cold and How I Cured It” by Robert Cameron;)

JULY (FRONT COVER = Wilson Sporting Goods – Jack Havey; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Golf – Four Pros (and a scientist) Tell How; Hippies VS Cops – Who's Winning ?; Hong Kong 1941 our Own Charge of the Light Brigade; “Life and Lunch with Doug and Hedda Johnson” by Marjorie Harris; Woman's Fashion – For Mornings with a Special Glow; Blair Fraser his Last Article for Maclean's Magazine – The State of Separatism and Rene Levesque in Quebec;)

AUGUST (FRONT COVER = Woman in Flying Goggles and Cap; BACK COVER AD = Coke; ARTICLES = Pauline Jewett – What makes MP's Run; Maclean's Interviews Nathan Cohen; How Six Girls Fled the Office Grind – Dini Petty – Mireille Mathieu – Doreern Kohl – Krista Soste – Madeline Kronby – Jenny Lyon; “Who's Downgrading Women ? Women.” by Sheila H. Kieran; Last Journey of Blair Fraser, Canadian; New Weaponry in the War on Ulcers; Rough ? Right. That's Lacrosse; The Sweet Smell of Charles Templeton; Woman's Fashion – A Brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women;)

SEPTEMBER (FRONT COVER = Gordon Lightfoot; BACK COVER = AD – Dunhill Cigarettes; ARTICLES = Gordon Lightfoot – Folk Singer with a Message; The Supernatural – Why Science is Finally taking it Seriously; How Emmett Hall is Shaking up our Schools; Maclean's Interviews the Gentleman Robber of Quebec; Eight Members of Vancouver's International Synetics Foundation – They Want to Drain Lake Erie; Woman's Fashion – 8 Canadians Design for a Takeover; “Let's see our Politician's at Work – Television” by Richard Nielsen; Pro Golfer Sandra Post;)

OCTOBER (FRONT COVER = John Turner; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Pauline Jewitt – What Every New MP Should Know; Maclean's Interviews Justice Minister John Turner; Travel – The Color and Cruelty of Peru; Hollywood's Hottest Director Norman Jewison; “The People of Canada VS the Crown – The Law on Trial” by Douglas Marshall; “Mutual Funds for People who aren't Terribly Hip about Money” by Alexander Ross; “Boil me no Melting Pots, Dream me no Dreams” by Larry Zolf; “Open Letter to the Mother of Joe Bass” by Margaret Lawrence; Complete Tape Recorders for Incompetents; Fashion – Skins;)

NOVEMBER (FRONT COVER = Toronto Mayor William Allen; BACK COVER = AD – Dunhill Cigarettes; ARTICLES = Special Report – Toronto the Cool; Pauline Jewitt – How to “Plug In” the People; Maclean's joins a Dialogue on Student Power; Can Jake Gaudaur save Football ?; “Lights ! Camera ! A Little Zap on the Buttock !” by Jon Ruddy; “Where can Ben Ginter make his Next $30 Million ?” by Allan Fotheringham; Tiny Tim – God Bless Him;)

DECEMBER (FRONT COVER = CBC script girl Jan Tennant; BACK COVER = AD – Coke; ARTICLES = Pauline Jewitt – Where were the Men ?; Maclean's Interviews Dr. Robert McClure; What the NHL wants – Dumb Obedient Superstars; Special Report on Satellites, You and the CBC – The Satellite Revolution – Meanwhile Back at the Studio – How the Actioneer was Born – Higgledy Piggledy CBC – Can Radio make a Comeback ? - The Way it Is – The Way it Is; Special Report on Winter and How to Escape it – The Unbearable Truth about Winter – A Groovy Way to get with the Sun Set – Take to the Hills with the Ski Set – 10 Ways to Stay Home and Enjoy it; Woman's Fashion – Go Exotic for Apres Ski;)


1969 (February – Hockey star Bobby Orr);

(March – Cello player at grain docks “New Life in the Near North”);

(April – Water Skier “Explore Canada”);

(May - “Man and Woman: What We're Learning from Animals”);

(July - Female scuba diver “The Rapture of Scuba”); (

September – Toronto Argonaut's quatrback Wally Gabler);

(December - “The Distinguished Ambassador from Canada ... Who Needs Him?”);



(April – Elaine Bedard; Joey Smallwood);

(August - “Love, Violence and the Family”);

(September – Donald Sutherland);

(October - “How to Keep up with Fashion's shifting Erogenous zone”);

(December – Genevieve Bujold/ Paul Almond);


(January - “The Battle to Keep Vancouver Livable”);

(March - “Toronto Must Room for People”);

(May – John Turner “The once and Future Contender”);

(June - “Class of '71; The Craduates Nobody Wants”);

(July – Chief Dan George);

(September – Montreal Alouettes Sam Etcheverry);


(January -”Emergence of the Hand held Neighborhood Film Stars”);

(February – Pierre Trudeau);

(March – Bruno Gerssi);

(April – Hockey's Derek Sanderson);

(June – Leonard Cohen);

(July – Corporal Jack Ramsay);

(August – Queen Elizabeth II/ John F. Kennedy);

(October – Margaret Trudeau);

(November - “Great God Bless America Issue”);

(December – Pierre Burton/ “Team Canada; Why big money won't buy us time”);


(January - “Election Stalemate; The day the king got His”);

(February – Hockey's Ken Dryden by Jack Ludwig);

(March – Murray McLauchlan);

(April - “Redefining our Past; MacKenzie and other Heroes”);

(May - “Death of a Great Spirit: Canada's Indians speak Out”);

(July -”Get out of Town – Run away to Sea');

(August – Olympic Swimmers; Pat McGregors/ Linda Cuthbert/ Cindy Shatto/ Beverly Boys);

(September – Queen Elizabeth Royal visit 1973);

(October – CFL's top quarterbacks; Joe Theismann/ Don Jonas/ Chuck Ealey);

(November – TV's Carole Taylor);

(December - “How Alan Eagleson plays Santa Claus);


(January – Sir Wilfred Laurier);

(February - “Curling as a way of life, Tricks of the Broom” by Ernie Richardson);

(March – Johnny Bassett);

(April – Karen Kain/ Rudolf Nureyev);

(May - “The bare facts about Acupuncture);

(June – Joni Mitchell);

(July – Chief Jutice Bora Laskin);

(August – Margaret Trudeau);

(September – Team Canada's Bobby Hull);

(October – Soprano Riki Turofsky);

(November – Anne Murray);

(December – Magician Doug Henning);


(January – John Diefenbaker);

(February - “Drapeau and the Selling of the Olympics”);

(March - “James Richard and ... Our Spent Forces”);

(April - “8 ways to save our Crumbling Economy”);

(May - “How the Land is Lost; Canada's Land Grab”);

(June – Golfer Sandra Post);

(July – Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed);

(August – Quebes Premier Robert Bourassa);

(September – Capitalist John Angus “Bud” Modougald);

(October 6 – Finance Minister Donald Stovel MacDonald),

(October 20 – Postmaster General Bryce Mackasey);

(November 17 – Malcolm Bricklin and his car);


(January – Jean Drapeau);

(February 9 – Pierre Trudea in Cuba/ Fidel Castro);

(March 22 – The Jackal; World's Most Wanted man);

(April 5 – Montreal Canadians; Guy Lafleur/ Rocket Richard/ Jean Beliveau),

(April 19 – Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead; “Marriage in Crisis”);

(May 3 - “Terror in Belfast; Northern Ireland at War”),

(May 17 - “Baseball and Beer; Why Labatt's wanted into the Majors”);

(May 31 - “The Case against the RCMP”);

(June 14 – Ontario MLA Roy McMurtry);

(July – Montreal Olympic review);

(September 6 – Canada Cup Star Bobby Hull);

(November 15 – President elect Jimmy Carter);


(January 10 - “News makers of 1977”),

(January 24 - “The Fitness Explosion”);

(February 7 - “Race: The Debate Becomes Violent”);,

(February 21 (“Canada's Battered Dollar: Will it drop to .85 cents?);

(March 7 – Pierre Trudeau & Jimmy Carter),

(March 21 – Mick Jagger & Margaret Trudeau);

(April 4 - “The Agony of English Speaking Quebec; Stay or Go”);

(May 2 – Israel's Days of Decision; Elecision),

(May 16 – Auto Mania; Great Canadian Love Affair),

(May 30 – Maggie Smith & Barry MacGregor at the Stratford festival);

(June 13 – Pierre & Margaret Truedeau),

(June 27 – Canada'a Pre-eminent historian Donald Dreighton);

(July 11 – Are the mounties out of control?),

(July 25 – Bob Blair; Aratic gas pipeline);

(August 8 – Fashion designer Kenzo),

(August 22 - “Metric Madness”);

(September 5 - “Tornonto; A walk on the wild side, Younge St.”),

(September 19 – Finance Minister Donald MacDonald);

(October 3 – Queen Elizabeth),

(October 17 – Liberal Jack Horner),

(October 17 – Liberal Jack Horner);

(October 31 – House of Commons);

(November 14 – RCMP; Spooks in Scarlet),

(November 28 – Canadian TV News ratings War);

(December 26 – Vancouver Conductor Kazuyoshi Akiyama);


(January 9 - “The Class of '78; Iintrocuding the New Elite”),

(January 23 – Canadian Rockers RUSH);

(February 20 – Ottawa confidertial);

(April 3 – 1968 to 1978 the Pierre Trudeau decade),

(April 17 - “The Perils of the Birth Control Pill”);

(May 1 – Gordon Lightfoot);

(June 12 - “the Singles Myth” Vicky Umlauf);

(July 24 – Janet Nutter at Edmonton Commonwealth games);

(August 7 – Older women/ younger men),

(August 21 - “Jimmy Carter's inferno; all the Presidnet's “Freinds”);

(September 4 - “In the Canadian Style; Fashion”);

(October 2 – The newest centurions; graduating police),

(October 9 – Pope John Paul I; 1912 – 1978),

(October 16 – Montreal Canadiens Guy Lafleur),

(October 23 – CBC's Al Johnson),

(October 30 – Tory Leader Joe Clark);

(November 6 - “Fighting Back; the Forces reborn”),

(November 13 – Celine Lomez),

(November 20 - “The Plight of Canada's Kids”),

(November 27 – Finance Minsiter Jean Chretien);

(December 11-Superman Christopher Reeves),

(December 25 – Hudson's Bay President Don McGiverin);


(January1 – The Turin Shroud “Is this Jesus?”),

(January 15 – Iran: Downfall of the Shan),

(January 22 - “The Rush to Indian Art”),

(January 29 – Peter C. Newman reviews the seventies/ Pierre & margaret Trudeau/ Farrah Fawcett);

(February 5 – British Colombia Premier Bill Bennett),

(February 12 – Chief Colombia Premier Bill Bennett),

(February 19 – The Constitution Debates),

(March 5 – China at war: Vietnam),

(March 12 – Toronto Dominion's Dick Thomson),

(March 19 – The Sun Seelers; a billion dollar Exodus to Florida),

(March 26 – Margaret Trudeau);

(April 9 – Election 1979; Pierre Trudeau/ Joe Clark/ Ed Broadbent),

(April 16 – Prince Charles),

(April 23 – NDP Leader Ed Broadbent),

(April 30 – New Hudson Bay boss Ken Thomson);

(May 7 – The undecided votes; Where will they go?),

(May 21 – Ontario; The keys to the kingdom, election),

(May 28 – The anatomy of happiness);

(June 4 – Conservative Prime Minister elect

(June 25 – Dressing the new woman);

(July 2 – Asian Holocast? Refugees in Malaysia),

(July 9 - Peter Bronfman),

(July 16 – Director George Romero),

(July 23 – Expos' catcher Gary Catcher),

(July 30 – Young Suicides);

(August 6 – Africa; the commonwealth's burden,

(August 13 – Quebes actress Carole Laure),

(August 20 – The nuclear power debate),

(August 27 – John Diefenbaker 1895 – 1979);

(September 3 – External affairs Minister Flora MacDonald);

(September 10 – Joe Clark; the first 100 days),

(September 17 – Toronto criminal Lawyer Edward Greenspan),

(September 24 – Television; the new season);

(October 1 – Peter Ustinov at Stratford,

(October 8 – Pope John Paul II as Superstar),

(october 15 – Author Margaret Atwood),

(October 22 – Joe Clark; The Tories get tough),

(October 29 – The fall kill; hunting season);

(November 5 – Is this Art?),

(November 12 – The Energy Crisis; a special report),

(November 19 – Iran boils again),

(November 26 – Mississauga Nightmare; Chemical Train wreck);

(December 3 – An Era Ends; Trudeau Resignes),

(December 10 – Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini),

(December 17 – Finance Minister John Crosbie),

(December 24 – Election 1980; Here we go again),

(December 31 – 1979 the year that was);


(January 7 – The 80's; the tightrope decade),

(January – 14 - Claude Ryan's natinoal dream),

(January 21 – Russian Preimer Brezhnev's gamble),

(January 28 – Election 1980; where have all the leaders gone?);

(February 4 – Election 1980; Wrestling for resources),

(February 11 – Ambassador Kenneth Taylor; the great escape),

(February 18 – Cruising; Lure of the love boats),

(February 25 – Pierre Trudeau; the second coming);

(March 3 – Silver Medalist Gaetan Boucher; the troubled olympics),

(March 10 – Squeezing the Middle Class),

(March 17 – Finance Minister Allan Maceachen),

(March 24 – Los Angeles Kings Marcel Dionne),

(March 31 – Teen Sex; Younger Gamblers, younger losers);

(April 7 – New wave music; no-star rock,

(April 14 – Quebeair President Alfred Hamel);

(April 21 – Inside Afghanistan's War);

(May 5 – Stress; the business of coping),

(May 12 – Referendum report; the fear merchants),

(May 19 – British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher),

(May 26 – Quebec Claude Ryan; non, now what?);

(June 2 – Mexico President Jose Lopez Portillo),

(June 16 – New life for sale; Biotechnology);

(July 14 – Cape Breton coal miner Bernie Gillis),

(July 21 - Ronald Reagan; can he run America),

(July 28 – Nursing Homes; everybody's nightmare);

(August 4 – Smile! Here come the tourists),

(August 11 – Canadian business goes South),

(August 18 – Screen wars; The future of TV),

(August 25 – Fred Johnsen; Millionaire's mysterious disappearance);

(September 1 – The big three fight back; GM, Ford, Chrysler),

(Septmber 8 – Eskimo's Quarterback Tom Wilkinson),

(September 15 – Alberta premier Peter Longheed),

(September 22 – Rewriting History; Costitution 1980),

(September 29 – Doctors in Crisis);

(October 6 – Iraq's President Hussein/ Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini),

(October 13 – Losing to the Yanks; fish, cars, trade, dams ...);

(October 20 – Anne Murray);

(October 27 – The Boat People one year later);

(November 3 – Brian Peckford; Crusade against Ottawa),

(November 17 – President elect Ronald Reagan),

(November 24 – The global struggle for human rights);

(December 1 – Western Separatism; fact of fad?),

(December 8 – The Mood Drugs; cure or curse?),

(December 15 – Making Canada work; Search for industrial strategy),

(December 22 - John Lennon 1940 – 1980),

(December 29 – Anne-Maire Sten; Canada's jet set);



(January 5 – 1980 the turbulent year that was),

(January 12 – Terry Fox and the Nature of Heroism),

(January 19 – The NHL comes of age),

(January 26 – Pierre Trudeau's quest for a foriegn policy);

(February 2 – Home free; Iran's American Hostage's go free),

(February 9 – Prima Ballerina Karen Kain),

(February 16 – Downhill skier Steve Podborski),

(February 23 – Trudeau & Margaret Thatcher; who will stand down),

(March 2 – The day Alberta turns off the oil),

(March 9 - Lady Diana Spencer; our next Queen),

(March 16 (The Happy Hoofers; Ontario provincial election),

(March 23 – Ronald Reagan & Pierre Trudeau),

(March 30 – Hunger for Housing);

(April 6 – The Science of Running,

(April 13 – America's high noon mentality and the shoting of Ronald Reagan);

(May 11 – The Press Barons; Southam's Gordon Fisher & Thomson's Kenneth Thomson),

(May 18 – Making of a Martyr; Republican funeral in Belfast),

(May 25 – Pope John Paul II shot; the ultimate blasphemy);

(June 1 – Cree Chief Billy Diamond; coming crunch on land claims),

(June 8 – High cost of money; interest rates),

(June 15 – El Salvador Soldier; war torn Central America),

(June 22 – Don't drink the water; Kitchen sink chemical cocktails);

(August 10 – Prince Charles & Princess Diana's wedding);

(September 21 – artist Christopher Pratt,

(September 28 – Nova Scotia's John Buchanan & Newfoundland's Brian Peckford);

(October 12 – Suprme Court Justice Laskins fateful legacy),

(October 19 – The murder of Anwar Sadat),

(October 26 – Rich vs. Poor; one last chance);

(November 2 – Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou),

(November 9 – Vicrail service cuts),

(November 16 – Pierre Trudeau & Rene Levesque),

(November 23 – Finance Minister Allan MacEachen's Budget 1981),

(November 30 – Manitoba Premier Howard Pawley);

(December 7 – A bold bid for Peace; U.S.S.R. & USA),

(December 14 – Pierre Trudeau; a special report on the Constitution),

(December 28 – Images of 1981);


(January 4 – God's new Warriors; Worldwide Religious fighters),

(January11 – The expanding Universe; Earth as seen from the Moon),

(January 25 – Ronald Reagan; the first year);

(February 1 – Why police pay criminals),

(February 8 – Mitel's Michael Cowpland),

(February 15 – Is World War III Inevitable?);

(March 1 – 84 die in Oil Rig Disaster off Newfoundland),

(March 8 – The challenge of Japan),

(March 15 – Living without the pill; other birth control methods),

(March 22 – The long shadow over Parliament),

(March 29 – Central America at the Abyss);

(April 5 – The gospel according to Northrop Frye),

(April 12 – The Struggle for the Holy Land),

(April 19 – Britain's call to war; the Falkland Islands),

(April 26 – Queen Elizbeth & Pierre Trudeau; rebirth of a nation);

(May 3 – The Economy in crisis),

(May 10 – The Battle for the Falklands);

((May 31 – Assault on the Falklands);

(June 7 – The bankruptcy crunch),

(June 14 – Economic summit under siege),

(June 21 – Israel's lightning strike into Lebannon),

(June 28 – The Global Peace Crusade);

(July 5 – Prince Charles & Princess Diana with Prince William),

(July 12 – Finance Minister Allan Maceachen vs. Clc President Dennis McDermott),

(July 19 – Disney's moive “Tron”),

(July 26 – Yasser Arafat's Plo);

(August 2 – 1920's fashion back in style),

(August 9 – After hours learning; our most popular pastime),

(August 16 – The new politics of pain; 6/5),

(August 23 – Lebanon; Flames and the future),

(August 30 – The Economy's flash of hope);

(September 6 – The New Medicines Grave Risks),

(September 13 - US Secretary of State George Shultz),

(September 20 – Canadian expedition on Khumbu icefall Mt. Everest),

(September 27 – UAW Canadian director Robert White); (

October 4 – Lebanon after the Massacre; Israel on trial),

(October 11 – Ousted German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt),

(October 18 - Glenn Gould 1932 – 1982),

(October 25 – USA & Canada friends again); ,

(November 8 – Finance Minister Marc Lalonde);

(Novmeber 29 – The future of Canadian culture);

(December 13 – accused spy Hugh Hambleton);

(December 27 – SCTV's Andrea Martin);


(March 14 – Queen Elizabeth II in America);

(April 25 – Power in High Places);

(May 9 – The war on Strokes; New insights into the brain),

(May 23 – Conservative John Crosbie);

(June 13 – Financier Leonard Rosenberg,

(June 20 – Brian & Mila Mulroney),

(June 27 – Prince Charles & Princess Diana);

(July 4 0 The new census; a portrait of Canadians),

(July 11 – All star Pitchers Dave Stieb & Steve Rogers),

(July 18 – The economic Recovery takes shape),

(July 25 – Dr. Henry Morgentaler);

(August 8 – U.S.S. New Jersey on route to Nicaragua),

(August 15 – Beer; the shakeup of the industry);

(December 5 – Pierre Trudeau's peace crusade);


(January 2 – Image of 1983),

(January 30 – Remona & Bert Vokey of St. John's; Canada's forgotten poor);

(April 16 – Germaine greer; life with less sex),

(April 30 – Chief Justice Brian Dickson);

(June 4 – Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones),

(June 11 – D-Day remembered);

(August 20 – Women and the election),

(August 27 – East German soldier at the Berlin Wall);

(September 3 – Election 1984; the day of decision);

(October 8 – Special report on Capitol Punishment; Hanging)

(November 26 – South African President Pieter W. Botha);


(January 14 – Canada's vanishing forests),

(January 21 – Rene Levesque; the eclipse of separatism);

(February 18 – New Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield);

(March 11 – The Ernst Zundel holocast trial);

(April 15 – Prostitution; moral dilemma facing Police & Lawmakers);

(May 20 – Baby Boomers bring up babies); (June 3 – The car at 100),

(June 24 – The price of power; Patronage in Ottawa);

(July 1 – TWA pilot John Testrake with gunman at Beirut airport last week),

(June 15 – Politics in the office);

(September 30 – Toronto Blue Jays Ernie Whitt);

(December 9 – For fun & profits; the wrinkle puppet);


(January 13 – Mary Tyler Moore),

(January 20 – Coretta King; lliving black in North America),

(January 27 – Finance Minister Michael Wilson; the dollar in danger);

(February 3 – New hope for starving children; Salvadoran child refugee in Honduran Mesa Grande Camp),

(February 17 – Margot Kidder filming in Banff),

(February 24 – How Ottawa lobbyists influence Marcos);

(March 10 – Jean Chretien's defiant departure), (March 17 – Brish Columbia's Expo Centre),

(March 24 – Brian Mulroney at Washington summit);

(April 7 – An epidemic of back pain),

(April 14 – Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford),

(April 21 – Cuban President Fidel Castro),

(April 28 – Libyan Leader Mohammed Khadafy);

(July 14 – George Netawastenum of Perrless Lake, Alberta);

(August 11 – BC, Premier William Vander Zalm),

(August 18 – Why Britain may abandon the Commonwealth);

(September 1 – Censored; a sweeping attack on explicit sex);

(October 6 – Making the best of growing old; a matter of care),

(October 13 – The Immigrants; a new campaign to open doors),

(October 20 – Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev; Iceland summit);

(November 3 – CBC President Pierre Juneau),

(November 10 – Parents, jobs & children),

(November 17 – Washington D.C.; the new capitol stars);

(December 1 – The New Joe Clark),

(December 8 – Ronald Reagan; Iran-Contra Scandal),

(December 15 – Barbie vs. Rambo; Warfare in Toyland),

(December 22 – West Edmonton Mall's Eskander & Nader Ghermezian),

(December 29 – The Maclean's 1986 honor roll; 12 who made a difference);


(January 5 – A volatile national mood in Canada),

(January 12 – Sex in the Eighties),

(January 19 – Brazil's new beat; on the brink of greatness),

(January 26 – Canadian Tire Co-Founder A.J. Billes);

(February 2 – Brian Mulroney; Days on scandal),

(February 9 – Michael J. Fox),

(February 16 – Canada's homeless; the search for a future),

(February 23 – Sandinista women troops on parade);

(March 2 – Comeback star Tina Turner);

(March 9 – A state of disgrace; Iran-Contra scandal),

(March 16 – The Debate over Capitol Punishment),

(March 23 – Selling Winter Olympics),

(March 30 – Rick Hansen; a hero comes home);

(April 6 – Free Trade; the biggest deal in history),

(April 13 – Supermodel Monika Schnarre),

(April 20 – Living the future now; high tech explosion),

(April 27 – Food that can kill; chemicals in what we eat);

(May 4 – Dome Chairman J. Howard MacDonald),

(May 11 – Behind the new Constitutional accord),

(May 18 – Gary Hart's downfall; Donna Rice),

(May 25 – The trial of Klaus Barbie; the Nazi Hunt);

(June 8 – Hollywood hits 100), )

(June 15 – Brian Mulroney with Ontario's David Peterson & Quebec's Robert Bourassa),

(June 27 – The crackdown on smoking);

(July 6 – Canadian superstar Bryan Adams),

(July 13 – Labor's fight to survive),

(July 20 – Lt. Col. Oliver North; Hero or Outlaw?),

(July 27 – Fabulous Fergie; the Duchess of York in Thunder Bay, Ontario);

(August 3 – NDP Leader Ed Broadbent),

(August 10 – Donald Sutherland as Norman Bethune),

(August 17 – Hong Kong's Li Ka-Shing builds a Canadian empire),

(August 24 – The Undeerground traffic in Human Beings),

(August 31 – Sex and Aids; a special report);

(September 7 – The new fears of the young),

(September 14 – Pope John Paul II; restless Catholics),

(September 21 – Ontario Premier David Peterson's stunning victory),

(September 28 – Movie mogul Garth Drabinsky);

(October 19 – Brian Mulroney; Canadians debate free trade),

(October 26 – New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna);

(November 2 – Living with the Wall Street crash),

(November 9 – Princess Diana; a royal scandal),

(November 23 – The transplant revolution; Ottawa's dr. Wilbert Keon),

(December 7 – Megan follows as Anne of Green Gables),

(December 14 – Candian speed skater Gaetan Boucher),

(December 21 – Mikhail & Raisa Gorbachev);


(January 4 – Canadian speak out; how we see ourselves),

(January 11 – Chief Justice Brian Dickson),

(January 18 – God's new militants; from Ireland Janet Jones),

(January 25 - Wayne Gretzky with fiancee Janet Jones);

(February – A Special Iuuse on teh Winter Olympics);

(February 1 – Flame of passion; the olympic torch odyssey),

(February 8 – Dr. Henry Morgentaler; abortion and the Supreme Court),

(February 15 – Calgary welcomes the world to Winter Olympics),

(February 29 – Figure Skater Katarina Witt dazzles the world),

(March 7 – The secrets of super Tuesday; a critical Presidental Vote),

(March 14 – Kurt Waldheim; Austria faces its Nazi past),

(March 21 – Nostalgia trips; relive golden memories),

(March 28 – John Turner; can he win?);

(April 4 – Director Norman Jewison),

(April 11 – Ottawa neurosurgeon Brien Benoit),

(April 18 – The Palestinian Rebellion; where will it end),

(April 25 – New blueprint for a nation; more than a war of words);

(May 2 – Paul Hogan & Linda Kozlowski),

(May 9 – Liberal Sharon Carstairs of Manitoba),

(May 16 – Almighty gold; the rush to mine),

(May 23 – Canadian Architect Moshe Safdie inside New National Gallery),

(May 30 – Mikhail & Raisa Gorbachev ready for summit);

(June 6 – Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis),

(June 13 – The Suns killing Rays; skin cancer),

(June 20 – Brian Mulroney at the Tornto Lakeside summit),

(June 27 – George & Joyce Frerichs near Rosetown, Sask; North America's Savage Drought);

(July 4 – Kevin Costner & Susan sarandon in “Bull Durham”),

(July 11 – Mikhail Gorbachev's Moscow revolution),

(July 18 – Killers at large; convicted sex killer Allan George Foster),

(July 25 – Jant Jones & Wayne Gretzky Wedding);

(August 1 – Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca),

(August 8 – Canadian Olympic Sprinter Ben Johnson),

(August 15 – Beyond reach; Skyrocketing home prices),

(August 22 – Reformist Hungarian leader Karoly Grosz),

(August 29 – Candian troops monitor Persian Gulf; CPL.W.T. Patchett leaving for Baghdad);

(September 5 – Our Threatened Planet; enviromental destruction);

(September 12 – the Summer Olympics; Seoul, South Korea),

(September 19 -Election fever; will free trade steal the show),

(September 26 – Northern Ireland's wave of terror; Belfast Street scene);

(October 3 – Canadian Olympic gold medal Sprinter Ben Johnson),

(October 10 – Brian Mulroney; decision 1988),

(October 17 - John Lennon; tampering with Beatles Legend),

(October 24 – Paul Reichmann; the roots with the polls),

(October 31 – John Turner; Uphill battle with the polls);

(November 7 – President Candidate George Bush sr.),

(November 14 – Canadian election; straight to the heart),

(November 21 – Election countdown; Brian Mulroney, Ed Broadbent & John Turner),

(November 28 – Ballet star Karen Kain);(December 5 – Brian & Mila Mulroney),

(December 12 – Mikhail Gorbachev on the road),

(December 19 – Mikhail Gorbachev/ Earthquake terror in Armenia),

(December 26 – The Maclean's 1988 honor roll; Canadians who made a difference);


(January 2 – A spotlight on Candians),

(January 9 – Police under fire; a Series of shootings and charges of Racism),

(January 16 – Patrick Watson 'The Struggle for Democracy”),

(January 23 – President George Bush Sr. Take over the White House), (January 30 –

(February 27 – Author Salman Rushdie; why Khomeini ordered him executed);

(March 6 – The Cher effect; stars in the boardroom),

(March 13 – The Steroid scandal; disgraced sprinter Ben Johnson),

(March 20 – Brian Mulroney; the divided nation),

(March 27 – Kymberley Huffman & Michael Burgess in “Les Miserables”);

(April 3 – A Deadly Plague of drugs; assassinations and gang wars),

(April 10 – Jack Nicklaus; the hottest game),

(April 17 – Polish Solidarity Union Leader Lech Walesa),

(April 24 – 150 years of photography);

(May 1 – Finance Minister Michael Wilson; What is Deficit?),

(May 8 – The Tax Squeeze; Burden will get heavier),

(May 15 – Celebrating Revolution; France at 200 years old),

(May 22 – Gang Terror; Teenage Gangs in Canada),

(May 29 – Thunder out of China; Stundents take control of Tiananmen Square);

(June 5 – Four Seasons founder Isadore Sharp's Luxury Empire),

(June 12 – Toronto open its giant Skydome),

(June 19 – China Massacre; the terror now), (June 26 – Acid Rain; can it be stopped);

(July 3 – USA & Canada; Portrait of two nations),

(July 10 – Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall; an angry racial backlash),

(July 17 – Media Wars; Publisher Conrad Black),

(July 24 – Andrew & Sarah; the Yorks battle the critics),

(July 31 – Barbara Dodd's change of heart; abortion of trial);

(August 7 – CBC Newsworld's Joan Donaldson),

August 14 – Hostages to terror; lonely prisoners of Beirut),

(August 21 – Transport Minister Benoit Bouchard; Will he stop the trains?),

(August 28 – Polish Solidarity Union Leader Lech Walesa);

(September 4 – Fifty years ago World War II; the legacy),

(September 11 – Tomorrow's world; fears of the coming millennium),

(September 18 – South Africa's rage; President Frederik de Klerk & Anglican archbishop Desmond Tutu),

(September 25 – Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa; Quebec election);

(October 2 – Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Mookie Wilson),

(October 9 – The Dangers of dieting),

(October 16 – Why thousands of East Germans are defecting),

(October 23 – Hiding the Drug money; Laundering),

(October 30 – San Francisco Earthquake; survivors Christi Virdee & Mark Armour);

(November 6 – Pierre Trudeau; Critical constitution debate),

(November 13 – To Russia with Cash; Canada's Business Deals),

(November 20 – Fall of Communism; Berlin Wall Celebration),

(November 27 – The Horror of Sex Crimes against children);

(December 4 – Prague's Autumn revolt; East European uprising),

(December 11 – New face of the NDP; Audrey McLaughlin),

(December 18 – Massacre in Montreal; Mass murder of 14 Women),

(December 25- The Maclean's 1989 Honor Role; Twelve who made a difference);


(January 1 - An uncertain Nation; Canada at a Crossroads),

(January 8 – Romania unchained; celebration in Bucharest),

(January 15 – Danger in the water; National anxiety over tap water),

(January 22 – An epic family struggle; Toronto Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard),

(January 29 – Fall of a Tycoon; Robert Campeau's US downfall);

(February 5 – Jean Chretien joins Liberal Leadership race),

(February 12 – South Africa tearing down the system; F.W. De Klerk),

(February 19 – Gorbachev's gamble; end of Communist Monopoly),

(February 26 – Author Margaret Atwood; Handmaid's tale “Opens at Berlin Film Festival”);

(March 5 – Brian Mulroney; taking the rap),

(March 12 – Canada in crisis; Meech Lake accord),

(March 19 – Germany reborn; West German's Helmut Kohl),

(March 26 – Mexican President Carlos de Gortari);

(April 2 – Pierre Trudeau & Brian Mulroney; the Meech Lake Discord),

(March 9 – Hockey Superstar Wayne Gretzky & wife Janet Jones),

(April 16 – The Jews; a rising tide of European Anti-semitism),

(April 23 – The Mysteries of sleep & Dreams),

(May 14 – Margaret Thatcher suffers a setback at home & abroad),

(May 21 – The James Bay Power Project; Power to burn),

(May 28 – The Cannes film festival; sex, sand and celluloid);

(June 4 – Brian Mulroney; Constitutional debate deadline),

(June 18 – Newfouundland Premier Clyde Wells),

(June 25 – Portrait of two nations; Canada & USA);

(July 2 – Brian Mulroney; facing the Perils after Meech Lake), (July 9 – Two faces of Israel),

(July 16 – The wonder drug; Asprin),

(July 23 – The battle of Oka; a Mohawk warrior at Barricade),

(July 30 – Banks New weapon; being nice; Bank of Montreal Chairman Matthew Barrett);

(August 6 – Rough Justice; after Oka will violence spread),

(August 13 – Tyrant of the Gulf; Iraq President Saddam Hussein),

(August 20 – The Gulf Crisis; Iraqi troops on an exercise),

(August 27 – Ontario Premier David Peterson);

(September 3 – Women executives having it all; Sherry Cooper & her son Stefan),

(September 10 – The Fury of Oko; a soldier faces off with Mohawk Warrior),

(September 17 – Ontario NPD Premier – Elect Robert Rae),

(September 24 – Brian Mulroney outside 24 Sussex; under the gun);

(October 1 – Preparing for War in the Gulf; CF-18's on Exercise),

(October 8 – How much can Canadians take; murmers of revolt),

(October 15 – The FLQ crisis 20 years later; Pierre Trudeau),

(October 22 – Food for living; the best and the worst),

(October 29 – Reform Party's Preston Manning);

(November 5 – A trillion dollar windfall – baby boomers inherit),

(November 12 – What does Canada want; Brian Mulroney in the Commons),

(November 19 – George Bush Sr.; fighting mad),

(November 26 - Working class hero; Polish Presidential hopeful Lech Walesa),

(December 3 – Margaret Thatcher; Prime Minister May 1979 – November 1990),

(December 10 – Jean Chretien; the lonely road home),

(December 17 – Canada's troops settle in for lonely Witer in Gulf),

(December 24 – Al Pacino in “Godfather III”),

(December 31 – The Maclean's 1990 Honor role; Twelve who make a difference);



7 – Annual Maclean's & Decima Poll; a shaken Nation bares its anger),

(January 14 – Wars on ice; figure skaters Katarina Witt & Elizabeth Manley),

(January 21 – After midnight; Canada and the World on the edge of Persian Gulf War),

(January 28 – Flames of War; special report);

(February 4 – Digging in for a ground war),

(February 11 - The Gulf War and Islam),

(February 18 – The choice Canadians have to make; Constitution),

(February 25 – The endgame; multiple launch rocket system);

(March 4 – The Gulf War final phase; General Norman Schwarzkopf),

(March 11 – Canadian Persian Gulf War soldier coming home; Captain Gerald Mackinnon in CF-18),

(March 18 – Giving up, moving out, firms relocating to United States and Mexico),

(March 25 – Terror in the streets; young Asian gangs);

(April 1 – Mikhail Gorbachev; when a nation breaks),

(April 8 – B.C. Premier William Vander Zalm Resigns),

(April 15 – G.M. President Lloyd Reuss with Saturn sports Coupe; the future of the car),

(April 22 – Canadian arms dealer Gerald Bull's secret – and fatal – deal with Saddam Hussein),

(April 29 – The borderline shopping binge; Canadian's flock to US);

(May 6 – Notre Dame's Rocket Ismail & Toronto Argonauts Part owner Wayne Gretzky),

(May 13 – Madonna; on the record),

(May 20 – The victims; world wide flood, famines and war),

(May 27 – The silencers; Politically correct crusaders);

(June 3 – Rajiv Gandhi 1944 – 1991),

(June 10 – Brian Mulroney; the private life in words and pictures),

(June 17 – Meaner and leaner; attack on armed forces budget),

(June 24 – The fight to find a job; Wayne Decker looking for fifteen months);

(July 1 – How Canadians can agree on their future),

(July 8 – Baseball's world of struggle and joy; Moose Jaw Astros vs. Kindersley Royals in Saskatchwan),

(July 15 – A genetic revolution; why Ashley Dyer hopes to survive cystic fibrosis),

(July 22 – The search for Ploitical Leaders),

(July 29 – B.C. Premier Rita Johnston); (

August 5 – Viking ship “Gaia” under sail for Newfoundland from Norway),

(August 12 – President of Alias research Inc. Stephen Bingham),

(August 19 – Mid-life Panic;taking care of your kids and parents),

(August 26 – Rating Ontario's Bob Rae);

(September 2 – The destruction of Soviet Communism; Boris Yeltsin),

(September 9 – Budding hockey superstar Eric Lindros),

(September 16 – The day the Soviet Union died; Sept 5, 1991, 11:40 A.M.);

(September 23 – Brian Mulroney vs. The Unions),

(September 30 – A pain in the back; new forms of treatment);

(October 7 – Constitutional affairs Minister Joe Clark),

(October 14 – The Private Life of Publisher Ken Thomson),

(October 21 – Ranking the Universities),

(October 28 – Canada welcomes Prince Charlie & Princess Diana);

(November 4 – NDP Premiers Roy Romanow, Bob Rae & Mike Harcourt),

(November 11 – Women in Fear; Caroline case of Etobicoke, Ontario),

(November 18 – 50 years after Pearl Harbor; miracle of modern Japan),

(November 25 – What If? Part 1 Quebecois leader Jacques Parizeau);

(December 2 – The Olumpic dream; World's best athletes),

(December 9 – Canadian supermodels; Linda Evangelista),

(December 16 – Special report; the fate of the earth),

(December 23 – Freedom's Year; images of 1991),

(December 30 – The Maclean's 1991 honor roll; Canadians who make a difference);


(January 6 – an action plan for Canada),

(January 13 – Medicare to the Rescue; Americans look to Canada for a cure),

(January 20 – Conservative's Chief of Staff Hugh Segal),

(January 27 – Canadian Rocker Bryan Adams);

(February 3 – Striking gold; readying for the Olympics),

(February 10 – How to beat hard times),

(February 17 – Mike Tyson; his word or hers),

(February 24 – Canadian Olympic gold Medal Skier Kerrin Lee-Gartner);

(March 2 – Canada's first hockey medal in 24 years; Goalie Sean Burke),

(March 9 – Beauty and the Breast; implants),

(March 16 – Assembly of first nations National Chief Ovide Mercredi),

(March 23 – Cleaning up the teamsters; Leader Diana Kilmury),

(March 30 – Sharon Stone & Michael Douglas in “Basic Instinct”);

(April 6 – Paul Reichmann; an outsider imported to help restore vast empire),

(April 13 – After the hockey strike, what? Wayne Gretzky),

(April 20 – Near-Death experiences Raising new Questions about Afterlife),

(April 27 – David Milgaard & Mom; his 23 years behind bars);

(May 4 – Space images show origins of Universe),

(May 11 – Genius at work; Microsoft's Bill Gates),

(May 18 – Young Black & angry; a Toronto riot),

(May 25 – On the ropes; Albert & Paul Reichmann);

(June1 – Canada's hottest star Celine Dion),

(June 8 – Mad as heck; why Canadians typically are repressing their rage),

(June 15 – The battered crown; Princess Diana's story),

(June 22 – Every parent's nightmare; Martensville child abuse scandal),

(June 29 – Who speaks for Canada? Brian Mulroney);

(July 6 – The storied land; discovering what shaped out nation),

(July 13 – Maj.- Gen. Lewis Mackenzie Commander of U.N. Forces in Yugoslavia),

(July 20 – A baby boom ticket; Bill Clinton & Al Gore),

(July 27 – Class of the field at summer Olympics; Silken Laumann);

(August 3 – Media world of Tycoon Corad Black),

(August 10 – Canada's Gold Medal Rowers Marnie McBean & Kathleen Heddle),

(August 17 – The new techno toys),

(August 24 - Special issue; British Columbia a state of mind),

(August 31 – The Fixers; what makes the first ministers);

(September 7 – The cry of a dying people; Somalia),

(September 14 – Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae's revolution),

(September 21 – Help for the heart; controlling dietary iron),

(September 28 – Referendum file; Pierre Trudeau speak out);

(October 5 – Wayne Gretzky; sidelined by a back injury),

(October 12 – Referendum file; the fear factor),

(October 19 – Secrets from the Back Room; Political Campaigns);

(October 19 – Special Issue; Referendum File; as time Runs Out),

(November 2 – Referendum File; why Canadians Voted No),

(November 9 – Ranking the Universities),

(November 16 – Bill Clinton & Canada),

(November 23 – Europe's Nightmare; Racism & Nazism),

(Novmeber 30 – A royal fire storm; Princess Diana);

(December 7 – Prime time Violence),14,21,28);


(January 4 – Hope in hard times; Canadians speak out),

(January 11 – Special report; What's wrong at School?),

(January 18 – Global cobs; Canada and the U.N. Police an explosive World),

(January 25 – My Canada includes Florida; Winter getaways);

(February 1 – Bill & Hillary Clinton in the White House),

(February 8 - Cult of Horror; Roch Theriault),

(February 15 – The New Russia),

(February 22 – The world of Teens; Portrait of Canada's Youth);

(March 1 – The Greatest Fear; Accused Rapist Paul Bernardo),

(March 8 – The Mulroney years; Brian & Mila Mulroney),

(March 15 – Where the Jobs are; Technology),

(March 22 – Tory front runner Kim Campbell),

(March 29 – Oscar Nominee Susan Sarandon);

(April 12 – The Religion Poll; God is Alive),

(April 19 – The Westray File; One year after the mine Explosion),

(April 26 – One Hundred Years of the Stanley Cup);

(May 3 – One lived, one died; Two Canadian women with David Koresh);

(May 10 – China; will they be Capitalists?),

(May 17 – The burning ambition of Kim Campbell),

(May 31 – Why National day cre is dead);

(June 7 – Tory Candidate Jean Charest & wife Michele Dionne),

(June 21 – Ms. Prime Minister Kim Campbell),

(June 28 – For Better and for Worse; high cost of saying “I DO”);

(July 5 – 100 Canadians to Watch),

(July 12 – A crisis within the NDP Rocks Canadian Socialism),

(July 19 – Unspeakable Crimes; Karla Homolka),

(July 26 – Canadian comedy stars; Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd & Lorne Michaels);

(August 2 – 1,550,000 unemployed; will they find work?),

(August 9 – How dodging taxes feeds a growing underground economy),

(August 16 – Vancouver Island showdown; Is Canada an environmental outlaw?);

(August 30 – CBC co-anchors Peter Mansbridge & Pamela Wallin);

(September 6 – Family Fued between Harrison & Wallace McCain),

(September 13 – The Party leaders face a grumpy electorate),

(September 20 – Election Focus; who will save your job?),

(September 27 – How Ottawa collects & specnds money);

(October 11 – Canadian porn chain owner Randy Jorgensen),

(October 18 – Jean Chretien; tomorrow's man?);

(November 1 – Jean & Aline Chretien; today's man),

(November 8 – Michelle Wright takes on Nashville),

(November 15 – Racking the Universities),

(November 22 – He's back; Trudeau on Trudeau),

(November 29 – Jean & Aline Chretien at Asia – Pacific summit);

(December 6 – Calgary Oilman Grant Billing),

(December 13 – The Bean Counter finance minister Paul Martin);


(January 3 – How we differ; Revelations about Canadians),

(January 10 – Actors Jessica Tandy & Hume Cronyn),

(January 17 – Wired World; Using computer networks),

(January 31 – The Male Myth; Hunt for a New Identity);

(February 7 – The lessons of Vancouver; Debating Immigration),

(February 14 – National Skating champions Elvis Stojko & Josee Chouinard),

(February 28 – Olympic figure skater Josee Chouinard, Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding);

(March 7 – Alberta Premier Ralph Klein; cutting to the bone),

(March 14 – Public schools; are we wheating out kids?),

(March 21 – Ted Rogers the New Media Czar),

(March 28 – Night of Savage Torture in Somalia; Guilty of Manslaughter Pte. Elvin Brown);

(April 11 – New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna),

(April 18 – Murder next door; 3 dead in Toronto),

(April 25 – From prisoner to President; South Africa's Nelson Mandela);

(May 2 – Body Obsession; the Tyranny of image),

(May 9 – Are they worth it? Soaring stars Salaries),

(May 16 – MP Svend Robinson; Gay and Proud),

(May 23 – Questioning Prozac);

(June 6 – D-Day Remembered; War Hero Charlie Martin returns to Normandy),

(June 13 – Lucien Bouchard; the man and his Seperation Strategy);

(July 18 – Montreal Comet Buff David Levy);

(August 8 - K.Richards & M.Jagger),

(August 15 – Special Report; Kids Who Kill),

(August 22 – Commonwealth Decathlon Champion Michael Smith);

(October 3 – Policing Haiti; RCMP Chief Supt. Neil Pouliot),

(October 10 – The New Spirituality; Hanne Strong),

(October 17 – Quebec's Cult of Death Leader Luc Jouret),

(October 24 – Dan Aykroyd & Rosie O'Donnell in “Exit to Eden”; the battle over censorship); ,

(October 31- Prince Charles & Princess Diana; Still be King?);

(November 14 – Ranking the Universities),

(November 21 – The Dionne Quints; a bitter family tragedy),

(November 28 – The death of Tracy Latimer; a father's “Mercy” killing);

(December 5 – Gretzky inc; Great One's Business Empire),

(December 12 – Lucien Buchard's Fight of his life; Amputation),

(December 19 – Sex and the Vatican; Canadian Catholics in crisis),

(December 26 – The 1994 Maclean's Honor role; Olympic double Gold winner Myriam Bedard);


(January 2 – Looking inward; examining the Canadian state of mind),

(January 16 – The War pf Fat; Bad diets and good alternatives),

(January 23 – How Bad can the Dollar get? Lining up for work at GM),

(January 30 – DNA on trial; helped free Guy Paul Morin & may convict O.J. Simpson);

(February 13 – To Tax or not to Tax),

(February 20 – Is dating Dead? No but it sure has changed),

(February 27 – Chief Matthew Coon come Challenges Quebec's separatists);

(March 6 – The Middle Class; Battle the tax crunch),

(March 13 – Finance Minister Paul Martin fashions a leaner nation),

(March 20 – When Money Traders rule the world old rules crumble),

(March 27 – Canadian Rock explodes?; Sloan, the Tragically Hip and The Crash Tet Dummies); (April 10 – The cast of “Stars on Ice”),

(April 17 – Inside stories; fired Pamela Wallin & CTV's Keith Morrison),

(April 24 – Is Separatism Dead?);

(May 1 – Oklahoma City April 19, 1995/ Charlottetown P.E.I. April 20, 1995; Is no place safe?),

(May 8 – The enemy within; The Ultra-right declares war),

(May 15 – Private Schools; Students at Lakefield College School),

(May 22 – Crime in Cybercity; Dark Side of internet),

(May 29 – The Case Against Paul Bernardo);

(June 5 – The angry revolt over gun control; Doug and Becky Middleton of Senlac, Sask.),

(June 19 – Ontario Premier Mike Hassis),

(June 26 – The Karla Homolka Enigma; To Testify);

(July 10 – Canada's Cocaine King Bernardo Arcila),

(July 17 – Corel's Michael Cowpland & wife Marilyn);

(August 7 – The Bomb fifty years later; Hiroshima);

(September 4 – Montreal's Jojo Savard; Late night TV Psychics),

(September 11 – Paul Bernardo; the untold story), (

September 18 – Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau Referendum Campaign);

(October 23 – Ed Schreyer and the Moonies),

(October 30 – Referendum Special; The Choice);

(November 6 – Quebec Votes; 49.4% yes, 50.6% no),

(November 13 – Bloc Quebecois leader Lucien Bouchard),

(November 20 – Ranking the Universites);

(December 4 – Brian Mulroney vs. The Mounties),

(December 11 – Franklin the Turtle with creators Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark),

(December 18 – The MacLean's Tenth Annual Honor Roll),

(December 25 – January 1/1996 – Can Canada survive/ National Poll results);


(January 8 – Coping with stress),

(January 15 – Can Fidel Castro change Cuba?),

(January 29 – How the Internet of tomorrow will transform lives);

(February 5 – Jean Chretien fighting back with new cabinet),

(February 19 – Izzy Asper forges New TV Empire),

(February 26 – Canadian Satire; Mary Walsh of “This hour has 22 Minutes”);

(March 4 – Montreal's uncertain Future; Anglo Angst),

(March 11 – Jobs; Cutbacks and layoffs create a mood),

(March 25 – Parole on Trial; Murderers early release?);

(April 15 – General Jean Boyle; What did he know?);

(May 6 – The Liberals GST flip flop; public cynicism on promises),

(May 13 – Sheila Copss; Cost to Liberals to save her career);

(June 10 – B.C. NDP premier Glen Clark),

(June 24 – Canadian animators make it big);

(July 22 – Canadian chairman sprinter Donovan Bailey),

(July 29 – Atlanta Olympics; on the go for gold);

(August 5 – Olympic Gold for sprinter Donovan Bailey, Rowers Heddle & McBean; bombing at the Olympics),

(August 12 – Olympic Gold for Canada's relay team),

(August 19 – Beyond abortion; New thinking about the first nine months of life);

(September 16 – How Clinton's bombing helped Saddam Hussein),

(September 23 – Canada's top novelist Margaret Atwood),

(September 30 – Is your job safe? Downsizing and outsourcing);

(October 14 – Jean Chretien's Ottawa; Who's up, Who's down),

(October 21 – Jean Chretien and Ontario Premier Mike Harris; Secret Summit on Constitution),

(October 28 – Leaving the fast lane behind; Elizabeth & Charles Long of Rideau Ferry, Ontario);

(November 4 – Poised for re-election; Bill Clinton with Hillary),

(November 11 – Conrad Black poised for larger print media empire),

(November 18 – Peter Gzowski battles to save CBC radio show “Morningside”),

(November 25 – Ranking the Universities);

(December 2 – radical Surgery from Ottawa on Medicare),

(December 9 – Peter Munk; World's biggest gold miner);


(January 20 – Brian Mulroney's revenge; airbus scandal);

(May 5 – Is Jean Chretien up to the job?);

(June 16 – Formula one driver Jacques Villeneuve);

(August 18 – Clifford Olson; Serial Killers Plea for Parole),

(August 25 - Princess Diana; Summer of Scandal);

(September 8 - Princess Diana of Wales 1961 – 1997),

(September 29 – Gettig ready for Retirement);

(October 13 – Paul Gross in TV's “Due South”);

(December 15 – Is Jesus really God? Battle over Christ's divinity);


(February 9 – Olympic speed skaters Jeremy Wotherspoon & Catriona Lemay Doan),

(February 16 – Elvis Stojko leads Canada's medal quest at Nagano Winter Olympics),

(February 23 – Olympic Gold for speed skater Catriona Lemay Doan);

(March 2 – Olympic Magic monents; Canada's six Gold Medals),

(March 23 - Shania Twain the Queen of Country Music);

(May 11 – The Curse of Casinos; VLT's the Deadly addiction);

(July 13 - Critics of military Justice system; Chief Warrant Office Everett Boyle);

(October 5 – The Dying Seas; Over fishing and Pollution);


(February 15 – U.N. Ranks Canada an No. 1; but for how long?);

(March 1 – The mother load; Supermowan is burned out);

(April 26 – Wayne Gretzky retires; end on an Era);

(May 24 – Star Wars the Phantom Menace; Pop Culture as Religion);

(June 7 – The Health Report; Rating 16 cities on health care),

(June 21 – Can Prince Edward & Sophine survive the spotlight);

(July 19 – Defborah Cox Canada's Queen of R and B),

(July 26 – John Jr. & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Missing);

(October 4 – Pierce Brosnan & Annie Galipeau in “Grey Owl”),

(November 22 – Wayne Gretzky's new world);

(December 20 – The Annual Canadian poll; the vanishing border);


(March 6 – Marty McSorley whacking Donald Brashear);

(March 20 – David Bowie & Sarsh McLachlan; music piracy on the internet);

(October 9 – Pierre Trudeau 1919 - 2000);

(November 6 – Robert Milton vows to fix Air Canada);

(November 13 – Election 2000; Jean Chretien & Paul Martin's uneasy alliance);

(November 20 – Ranking the Universities);

(November 27 – Election 2000; what you need to know);

(December 4 – Jean Chretien wins third term);

(December 11 – The smugglers' slaves; Chinese migrants);


(January 22 – Booming trade in exotic pets; lioness subira);

(February 5 – Faded glory; Montreal Canadians to be sold to Americans);

(February 12 – Alberta bound; the boom is on);

(February 19 – Protecting your privacy; who's watching you?);

(February 26 – Heather Reisman takes control of Booksellers Chapters Inc.);

(March 5 – Redesigning Work; less stress more options);

(March 12 – Canadian activist Naomi Klein Guru on Anti-Globalization);

(March 19 – Mystery of the first North Americans);

(March 26 – Rick rage; how parents are spoiling kids sports);

(April 2 – Figure Skaters Jamie Sale & David Pelletier);

(April 9 – The kids are alright; today's teens);

(April 16 – Soul searchers;growing variety of spiritual retreats);

(April 23 – Nunavut premier Paul Okalik);

(May 7 – Hell on wheels; traffic's bad, drivers are worse);

(June 11 – Ranking health care across Canada);

(June 18 – National gallery debating fate of Albrecht Durer's “Nude Woman with Staff”);

(June 25 – Prisoner of Riyadh; Bill Sampson);

(July 1 – Fifty people who chose Canada; Jazz great Charlie Biddle);

(July 9 – Cheating time; science struggles with aging);

(July 16 – Mordecai Richler 1931 – 20001);

(July 23 – The selling of Prince Edward Island);

(July 30 – Army brats in love; Troy McLean & Joanne Laird);

(August 6 – Reefer Madness the sequel; Ottawa debates legalizing marijuana);

(August 13 – Newfoundland ghost ports);

(August 20 – Zap! It's the future; Technology on the move);

(August 27 – Author Lawrence Hill; Biracial Canadians);

(September 3 – Provincial power; Does Ottawa matter?);

(September 10 – Pierre Burton on Canada's Great War);

(September 24 – Special Report; after the terror at ground zero);

(October 1 – War on terror; America's ready, are the rest of us?);

(October 8 – The economy after 9/11; what the fallout means to you);

(October 15 – War begins; October 7, 9 PM; Afghan Time);

(December 31 – January 7 2002 (Annual Canadian Pool; Now What?);


(January 14 – Team Canada's stand-up Guy Brendan Shanahan);

(January 21 – The happy divorce; how to break & make up);

(January 28 – The best & worst mutual funds);

(February 4 – Peter Gzowski 1934 – 2002; a tribute to Michael Enright);

(February 11 – Olympic speed skater Catriona Lemay Doan);

(February 18 – Fifty most influential Canadians);

(March 4 – Canadians soldiers in Afghanistans; Privae Angie Abbey);

(March 11 – Olympic hockey gold for Canada; Mario Lemieux);

(March 18 – Luc Ethier Murdered in Kuwait; crime of greed or act of terror);

(March 25 – Medical marvel; R.J. Brack two years after receiving mechanical heart);

(April 1 – Living the faith; Nine Canadians put beliefs into actions);

(April 8 – The Queen Mother 1900 – 2002);

(April 22 – Paradise found; Hidden gems in Canada's Hinterland);

(May 6 – World's new information King David Thomson; by Peter C. Newman);

(Who's my birth father? Canadian's conceived by donated sperm curious about genetic roots);

(May 27 – Jewish & Arab Canadians battle for public's ear; Montreal's Liela Mouammar & Gill Troy);

(June 3 – Saving our cities; how to fix what's broken);

(June 10 – Wendy Mathewson struggle to reclaim life after devastating brain injury);

(June 17 – Measuring health care across Canada);

(June 24 – Mordecai Richler remembered one year after death);

(July 1 – Special issue 2002 honour roll; Diana Krall);

(July 22 – Keeping the faith; Toronto world youth day);

(July 29 – Fouling our cities; Past time for clean up);

(August 5 – Growing up large; Obesity epidemic among kids);

(August 12 – Old flames; Newlyweds Ross Thomas & Eileen McGregor);

(September 2 – Jean Chretien; Going, going... but far from gone);

(September 9 – Leaders of tomorrow; 25 young Canadians who are changing the world; 17 years old Eva Vertes);

(September 16 – 9/11; one year after);

(September 23 – Canada won't escape an American War with Iraq; Jean Chretien, George W. Bush & Saddam Hussein);

(September 30 – From tots to teens; what parents don't know);

(October 2 – Queen Elizabeth's Canadian tour);

(November 4 – The politics of pork; Ottawa and patronage);

(November 18 – Ranking the universities; Kinston Ontario students Jody Louie, Michael O'Neill &j Nicolas Pratt);

(November 25 – American Lite; is that out future?);

(December 23 – Justin Trudeau “When I Run”);

2003 (January 13 – Avril Lavigne of Napanee Ontario);

(January 27 – How to protect your money; best and worst mutual funds 2003);

(March 3 – Retired Canadians reborn; former teacher Nora Perra as clown);

(March 10 – War; what is it good for?);

(March 17 – The pluck of the Irish immigrants; by Sharon Doyle Driedger);

B - TIME magazine


1924; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(April 21 – Mrs. Herbert C. Hoover);

(May 5 – William E. Borah);

(May 12 – Homer St. Gaudens);

(June 23 – Imperial Wizard Dr. Hiram Wesley Evans of the Ku Klux Klan);

(September 8 – China's General Mu);

(September 29 – Hiram W. Johnson);

(October 13 – Glenn H. Curtiss);

(November 17 – Frederick Huntington Gillett); (December 15 – Dwight F. Davis);


1926; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(June 7 – Josef Pilsudski);

(August 23 – Le Capitaine Rene Fonck);

(September 27 – Rudyard Kipling);

(October 4); (October 11); (October 18); (December 20 – Senator Charles Curtis);


1927; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 17 – Charles T. Copeland);

(January 31 – Pierre S. Dupont);

(February 14 – Mortimere L. Schiff);

(March 7 – James A. Reed);

(March 21 – French Ambassador Paul Claudel);

(April 18 – Melba of Melbourne);

(April 25 – Dr. Robert Andres Millikan);

(May 2 – Dikran “Green Hat” Kuyumjian);

(May 9 – Charles F. Hughes);

(May 16 – Julius Klein);

(May 23 – Andre Tardieu);

(June 13 – John Joseph Kennedy);

(June 20 – Smedley Darlington Butler);

(June 27 – N.M. Butler/ J.J. Mcgraw);

(July 11 – Jon Bratiano);

(July 18 – Ambassador to Belguim Hugh Simpson Gibson); (August 29 – Bishop Brent);

(September 19 – Roger Wolfe Kahn);

(November 21 – L.D. Trotsky);

(December 5 – Geraldine Farrar);


1930; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(July 21 – David Aiken Reed);

(August 18 – Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock Sr.);

(September 29 – Dwight Whitney Morrow);

(October 6 – Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick);

(November 17 – College football fans);

(November 17 – Ohio's Robert Johns Bulkley);

(December 1 – James John Davis);

(December 8 – Haakon VII King of Norway);

(December 22 – Frau Elsa Einstein Einstein);


1931; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(June 8 – Dr. David Starr Jordan);

(July 6 – Betty Nuthall);

(August 3 – Willa Sibert Cather);

(August10 – Paul Weeks Litchfield);

(August 17 – Samuel Seabury);

(November 30 – The right honorable Walter Runciman; back cover “Lucky Strike” with Kay Francis);

(December 7 – John Nance Garner);


1932; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(February 1 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt);

(February 8 – Hugh Simons Gibson; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with June Collyer);

(February 15 – Nicholas Murray Butler);


1933; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 23 – Japanese War Minister Sadao Araki);

(February 6 – Carter Glass);

(February 20 – William Wallace Atterbury);

(April 17 – Cordell Hull); (May 8 – Raymond Moley);

(May 15 – Cuban dictator Machado);

(June 12 – Fedinand Pecora; backcover “Coke” ad);

(July 17 – Curtis Bok);

(September 18 – US Commisstioner George Frederick Zook);

(October 2 – President of United Mine Workers of America John Lewis);

(October 9 – George Michael Cohan);

(November 6 – George Nelson Peek; backcover “Camel” ad with Billiard champion Erich Hagenlocher);

(December 4 – Setop Porter);


1934; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(March 12 – Gaston Doumergue);

(March 19 – Robert Ferdinand Wagner);

(March 26 – George Arliss);

(April 2 – Arturo Toscanini; backcover “Camel” ad with New York Rangers Captain Bill Cook and Ruth Dodd);

(April 16 – Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington);

(April 23 – Errett Lobban Cord);

(May 14 – Samuel Insull);

(June 18 – Princeton's Harold Willis Dodds);

(October 8 – Helen Rogers Reid/ Ordway Tead/ Valentine Chandor/ Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve/ Eleanor Roosevelt);

(November 5 – Republican National chairman Fletcher);

(November 19 – Wisconsin's Robert Marion LaFollette);

(November 26 – Justice Benjamin Nathan Cardozo);

(December 3 – Mexican President Lazaro Cardenas);

(December 31 – New York's Govenor Lehman);


1935; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(March 4 – Richard Berry Harrison);

(July 29 - Harvard's Harlow Shapley);

1936; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 13 – Arthur Holly Compton);

(February 3 – George Santayana);

(February 10 – Federal Reserve Board's Marriner Stoddard Eccles);

(March 16 – Martin Withington Clement);

(May 11 - Anthropologist Franz Boas);

(August 31- Clark Gable);

(October 26 - US Surgeon General Thomas Parran Jr.;

(November 2 - Publisher – Partners Patterson & McCormick);

(November 23 – Labor's Edward Francis McGrady);

(December 28 – Japan's Emperor & listening ears; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Santa Claus);

1937; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(May 10 -Matt Winn & Derby Favorties);

(June 7 – President Sidney Howard of the dramatists guild; backcover “Camel” ad with world's champion high-diver Dorothy Poynton);

(June 28 – Ethel DuPont/ Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.);

(July 5 – Pennsylvania's Governor George Howard Earle III);

(July 12 – Chief Scout Executive West; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Constance Bennett);

(July 19 – Labor's Harry Bridges; backcover “Coke” ad with soda jerk);

(August 9 – His Majesty Farouk I, Sovereign of Nubia, the Sudan, Kordofan and Darfur, King of Egypt; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Gary Cooper);

(August 23 – Kentucky Senator Alben Barkley);

(August 30 – Japan's Navy Minister Mitsumasa Yonai; backcover “Camel” ad with various Aquatic stars);

(September 13 – Germany's tennis star Gottgried Von Cramm);

(September 20 – Ontario's Mitchell Hepburn);

(November 29 – Speacker of the House William Bankhead; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Lauritz Melchior);

(December 13 – Colby Mitchell Chester);

1938; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 24 – Colored People's Walter White; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Myrna Loy);

(February 14 – Spain's Leftist General Pazas);

(February 21 – John G. Bates & Blarney's Bit O' Luck; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Dolores Del Rio);

(February 28 – Secretary James Roosevelt; backcover “Spam” ad);

(March 21 – Chancellor of Austria Ribbentrop; backcover Lucky Strike” ad with Claudette Colbert);

(April 4 – Albert Einstein);

(April 11 – G.O.P.'s Joe Martin);

(June 20 – Research Professor Robert Williams Wood);

(July 18 – Harry Hopkins; backcover “Coke” ad);

(November 28 – Britain Lord Beaverbrook);

(December 12 – Yugoslav Prince Paul);

1939; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 16 – Governor of Wisconsin Julius Peter Heil; backcover “Camel” ad with Rodeo star Carl Dossey);

(February 6 – Fechner of C.C.C.);

( February 20 – Navy's Charles Edison);

(February 27 – Ignace Jan Paderewski);

(March 6 – Josef Beck);

(March 27 – Spain's Francisco; backcover “Hormel Ham” ad);

(April 17 – Anna Eleanor Roosevelt);

(May 15 – Britain's King George VI);

(May 22 – Nelson Rockefeller);

(May 29 – Glenn Martin);

(June 5 – Edouard Daladier of France);

(July 3 – Biologist Conklin);

(July 10 – Indiana's Paul Vories McNutt);

(July 17 – Sonja Henie; backcover “Coke”ad);

(July 24 – Edda Ciano);

(July 31 – Wendell Wilkie);

(August 7 – Turfman William Woodward);

(August 28 – Frank Murphy);

(September 11 - Polant's Smigly – Rydz);

(September 18 – Joe Kennedy);

(September 25 – German General Brauchitsche);

(October 2 - Republican Arthur Vanderberg);

(October 9 – Queen Elizabeth; the Queen Mother);

(October 16 – Keller of Chrysler);

(October 23 – Allied Air Chief General Giulio Douhet);

(October 30 – Gustaf V of Sweden);

(November 6 – Michigan's Tommy Harmon);

(November 13 – Carol II of Romania);

(November 20 – Broadway's George S. Kaufman);

(November 27 – Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands);

(December 4 – Carl Sandburg);

(December 11 – U.S. Ambassador to China Nelson Johnson);

(December 18 – Herbert Hoover)

1940; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 8 – Cordell Hull; backcover Chesterfield ad with Donna Dae);

(January 15 – Britain's Viscount Halifax; backcover “Camel” ad with Boston Bruiin's Roy Conacher);

(January 22 – Heldentenor Melshoir);

(January 29 – Robert Alphonso Taft);

(February 5 – Finland's Marshall Baron Mannerheim; backcover “Chersterfield” ad with Miss America Patrcia Donnelly of Detroit);

(February 12 – Eve Curie; backcover “Camel” ad with sports writer Bill Corum);

(February 19 – Mayor of Miami Beach E.G. Sewell);

(February 26 – Thomas Edmund Dewey);

(March 4 – Japan's Admiral Mitsumasa Yonai; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Susann Shaw/ Florence Dornin/ Dana Dale);

(March 11 – Jerome Frank; backcover “Camel” ad with U.S. Antarctis Expedition);

(March 25 – Eamon De Valera);

(April 15 – Burt Wheeler);

(April 29 – Sweden's Royal Dynasty; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Elaine Shepard);

(May 6 – Joe Pew; backcover “Camel” ad with race car driver Bob Swanson);

(May 13 – Falkenhorst; invader of Norway);

(May 20 – King Leopold of Belgium);

(May 27 – Marshals of Royal Air Force; in Flanders Hell is over Earth);

(June 3 – Maxime Weygand; backcover “Camel” ad with test pilot Homer Berry);

(June 17 – Reynaud & Weygand & Petain);

(June 24 – Mussolini & Badoglio; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Marion Hutton);

(July 1 – Admiral Richardson U.S.N.; backcover “Camel” ad with swimmer Peter Fick);

(July 8 – British Ambassador Philip henry Kerr);

(July 15 – Russia's Molotov; backcover “Coke” ad);

(July 22 – Japan Prince Fumimaro Konoye);

(July 29 – Chief of staff George Marshall; backcover “Camel” ad with Florence Holliss); (

August 5 – Commander of Britain's Defense Alan);

(August 12 – Brazil's Vargas; backcover “Coke” ad);

(August 19 – William Allen White; backcover “Chesterfield” ad Dorothy & Grace Alexander Drum Majorettes);

(September 2 – Canada's Governor General Lord Athlone & wife);

(September 9 – Joe Martin; backcover “Spam” ad with George Burns & Gracie Allen);

(September 16 – Lord Beaverbrook);

(September 23 – Henry Wallace of Iowa; backcover “Camel” ad with golf champion Lawson Little);

(October 7 – Defense Commissioner Knudsen);

(October 14 – Sir Archibald Percival Wavell);

(November 4 – George II of Greece);

(December 9 - Mexico's President Avila Camacho);

1941; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 20 – King Boris III of Bulgaria);

(January 27 – C.I.O.'s Philip Murray);

(February 3 – Gertrude Lawrence & Dram figures);

(February 10 – Physiologist Carlson);

(February 17 – Cunningham, Admiral of the Mediterranean);

(February 24 – Defense buyer Nelson);

(March 10 – Ambassador Henry – Haye; backcover “Camel” ad with skier Dick Durrance);

(March 17 – Henry Ford);

(March 24 – Nazis Marchsl list);

(April 28 – Admiral Sir Percy Noble; backcover “Chesterfiel” ad with Ellen Drew);

(May 5 – Argentina's Castillo);

(May 12 – Leon Henderson); (

May 19 (painted cover of President Mustafa İsmet Inonu of Turkey by Ernest Hamlin Baker; Condition: G/VG=$14; G=$12; FA/G=$10)

(May 26 – France's Darlan; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Patricia Morison);

(June 2 – Admiral King; U.S. Commander in the Atlantic; backcover “Camel” with golfer Ben Hogan);

(June 16 – Chen Cheng; Defender of Chungking);

(June 23 – Navy air Chief Towers);

(June 30 – Russia's Marshall Timoshenko; backcover “Camel” ad with speed swimmer Ralph Flanagan);

(July 14 – Chief of the German High Command Keitel);

(July 21 – Secretary of Agriculture Wickard);

(July 28 - Boss of the R.A.F.: Portal);

(August 11 – Under Secretary of State Welles);

(August 18 – Van Mook of the Indis; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Vera Gilmer);

(August 25 – Secretary of War Stimson);

(September 1 – General Andrews, Commander of te hCaribbean);

(September 15 – Harold Icke; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth);

(September 22 – Japan's Nomura);

(September 29 – Champion boxer Joe Loiuis);

(October 6 – Isolationist Robert Wood);

(October 13 – Red Army's Budenny; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Angela Cummins);

(October 20 – Air Marchall Bowhill);

(November 17 – Planemaker Reuben Fleet);

(November 24 – Commander of the Asiatic Fleet Admiral Hart);

1941; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** (November 10 - Rita Hayworth by Vargas);

1942; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 19 – Brazil's Aranha);

(January 26 – Ter Poorten of the Indies);

(February 16 – Soviet strategist Shaposhnikov);

(March 2 – Japan's Yamashita);

(March 9 – Helfrich of the Indies);

(March 16 – The Viceroy of India Lintithgow);

(March 23 – Henry Ford);

(March 30 – General Douglas MacArthur; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Joan Bennett);

(April 6 – Mexico's Padilla; backcover “Camel” ad with Joe DiMaggio);

(April 13 – Sir Stafford Cripps);

(April 27 – The Fuhrer's Pierre Laval; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Rita Hayworth);

(May 4 – Air Force General);

(May 11 – Maxim Litvinoff);

(May 25 – Yugoslavia's Mihailovch; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Adrienne Ames);

(June 22 – Air Forces Henry Harley Arnold);

(June 29 – Hitler's Halder); (July 6 – American Flag);

(July 20 – Composer Shostakovish; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Deanne Fureau);

(July 27 – Marshal Timoshenko of Russia);

(August 3 – Japan's General Itagaki);

(August 10 – Canada's General Andrew McNaughton);

(August 17 – Vice Admiral Ghormley);

(August 24 – India's Nehru; backcover “Camel” ad with Trapeze Antoinette Concello);

(August 31 – Germany's Rundstedt);

(September 7 – Frank Knox; backcover “Coke” ad);

(September 14 – Alexander of Egypt);

(September 28 – Ship Designer Gibbs);

(December 14 – Russia's Zhukov; backcover “Camel” ad with Adeline Gray);

(December 21 – Katharine Cornell/ Judith Anderson/ Ruth Gordon; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 28 – General Lesley McNair);

1943; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 11 – Byrnes of War Economy; backcover “Camel” ad with Olympian Dick Durrance);

(January 18 – Air Commander Kenney of the South Pacific);

(January 25 – Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau);

(February 1 - Field Marchal Montgomery);

(February 8 – Britain's Anthony Eden);

(February 15 – Japan's Admiral Osami Nagano);

(February 22 – Russian General Filip Ivanovich Golikov);

(March 1 – Madame Chiang of China);

(March 8 – Harry S. Truman);

(March 15 – Elmer Davis of O.W.I.);

(March 22 – Carl Spaatz of Tunisia);

(March 29 – France's Giraud of North Africa);

(April 5 – Sir Thomas Beecham);

(April 12 – General George Patton);

(April 19 – Avila Camacho of Mexico);

(April 26 – Ohio Governor John William Bricker);

(May 3 – Britain's General Kenneth Anderson);

(May 17 – Sir Andrew Browne Cunningham);

(May 31 – Sweden's Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf);

(June 7 – Harris of the R.A.F. Bomber Command);

(June 14 – Harold Smith, Director of the U.S. Budget);

(June 28 – Bernard Baruch);

(July 12 – Premier of Turkey);

(July 19 – Georgia's Walter Franklin Geroge);

(August 9 – Major General Terry Allen of the 1st Division);

(August 16 – Pope Plus XII);

(August 23 – Red Army's Rokossovsky);

(August 30 – Brigadier General Ira Clarence Eaker);

(September 6 – Paul G. Hoffman);

(September 13 – General Dwight Eisenhower; backcover Chesterfield” as with Claudette Colbert/ Paulette Goddard/ Veronica Lake);

(September 27 – Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn);

(October 4 – Clark of the Fifth Army);

(October 18 – Franco of Iberia);

(October 25 – Stalin's Molotov);

(November 1 – Governor Thomas Dewey);

(November 8 – Japan's Admiral Koga); (November 15 – General John Pershing);

(November 22 – Planemaker Douglas);

(December 13 – Charles Edward Wilson; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 27 – Russia's Patriarch Sergei);

1943; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** (June 7 - Harris of the R.A.F. Bomber Command);

1944; TIME magazine (USA Editions); ** (January 17 – WAC's Colonel Hobby); (January 24 – Jimmy Durante);

1945; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 15 – Ninth Air Force's Vandenberg);

(November 12 – Army football stars junior Davis & Don Blanchard);

(November 19 – Sergei Prokofiev);

(November 26 – Cartoonist H.T. Webster; backcover “Camel” ad with Ballerina Gloria Nord);

(December 24 – The Christmas Event);

1945; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); **

(March 12 -Captain McAfee of the Waves);

(April 23 - President Harry S. Truman);

1946; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(February 11 – Poland's Mikolajczyk);

(February 18 – Britain's Ernest Bevin);

(March 4 – Chester Bliss Bowles);

(March 11 – Danny Kaye);

(March 25 – General George Catlett Marshall);

(April 1 – General Bradley);

(April 15 – Amadeo Peter Giannini; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Virginia Mayo);

(April 22 – Mohamed Ali Jinnah);

(April 29 – Iowa Farmer Gus Kuester);

(May 20 – John L. Lewis);

(May 27 – Memphis Boss Ed Crump);

(June 3 – French Communist Thorez; backcover “Coke” ad);

((June 10 – Lever Brothers' Chuck Luckman);

(June 17 – Union Leader Joe Curran);

(July 15 – San Francisco's Mayor Lapham);

(July 29 – Herbert Morrison);

(August 5 – Montreal's Mayor Houde);

(August 19 – Russia's Molotov);

(August 26 – Jerusalem);

(September 16 – Marshall Tito); (October 14 – Notre Dames Frank Leahy);

(October 28 – Pennsylvania's Governor Ed Martin);

(November 11 – The Metropolitan's Helen Traubel);

(November 18 – Republican Joe Martin; backcover “Coke” ad);

(December 2 – U.S. Ambassador to Argentina George Messersmith; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Santa Claus);

(December 9 – Russia's Andrei Zhdanov; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 16 – John L. Lewis);

1946; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); **

(January 28 - Author Craig Rice);

(October 21 - Eugene O'Neill);

(December 23 - Indonesia's President Soekarno);

1947; TIME magazine (USA Editions)**

(January 6 – Man of the Year James F. Byrnes);

(January 13 – Milton Caniff);

(January 20 – Senator Robert Taft);

(January 27 – India's Vallabhbhai Patel; backcoverChesterfield” as with Ann Sheridan);

(February 3 – Alleghany Corp's Robert Young);

(February 17 – Conductor Rodzinski; backcover “Coke” ad);

(February 24 – George II, King of the Hellenes);

(March 10 – Secretary of State Marshall);

(March 24 – International Oilman Eugene Holman);

(April 7 – Fred Allen);

(April 14 – Brooklyn Dodger's Leo Durocher);

(April 21 – United's Pat Patterson; backcoverChesterfield” as with Ted Williams & Stan Musial);

(May 5 – Italy's Togliatti);

(May 12 – Michigan Senator Arthur Vanderberg; backcover “Coke” ad);

(May 19 – J. Arthur Rank; backcoverChesterfield” as with Gregory Peck);

(May 26 – China's Chen Li-Fu; backcover “Camel” ad with Polo Player Cecil Smith);

(June 9 – Colonel McCormick; backcover “Coke” ad);

(June 16 – Alaska Governor Gruening; backcoverChesterfield” as with Bob Hope);

(June 23 – Chief of Staff Dwight Eisenhower; backcover “Camel” ad with diving champion Mildred O'Donnell);

(July 7 – zoo director Marlin Perkins);

(August 4 – David Lilienthal; backcover “Camel” ad with Fencer Elaine Decker);

(August 11 – The Queen Mary's Captain Illingworth; backcoverChesterfield” as with various sport stars, Star Musial, Ted Williams, Boby Riggs, etc.);

(August 18 – Russia's Gromyko; “Camel” ad with Midget Auto racer Walter Ader);

(August 25 – Presidential candidate Harold Stassen);

(September 1 – Tennis star Jake Kramer; backcover “Camel” ad with Rodeo star Jerry Ambler);

(September 15 – Fashion designer Sophie Gimbel; backcover “Camel” ad with table tennis star Mary Reilly);

((September 29 – Russia's Andrei Vishinsky; backcover “Camel” ad with trapeze artist Rose Gould);

(November 17 – France's Charles de Gaulle; backcover “Coke” ad);

((November 24 – New Orleans Mayor Morrison; backcover “Camel” ad with figure skater June Arnold);

(December 1 – Ambassador Lewis Douglas; backcoverChesterfield” as with Santa Claus);

(December 8 – Author Rebecca West; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 15 – King Ranch's Bob Kleberg);

1947; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); **

(April 14 - Brooklyn Dodger's Leo Durocher);

(May 19 - J. Arthur Rank);

(June 2 - Billy Rose);

(June 23 - Chief of Staff Dwight Eisenhower);

(July 28 - Hedda Hopper);

1948; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 19 – Secretary of US Air Force Symington; backcover “Camel” ad with New York Rangers Cal Gardner);

(January 26 – James Caesar Petrillo; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Rise Stevens);

(February 2 – Figure Skater Barbara Ann Scott; backcover “Camel” ad with various sport stars);

(February 2 – Barbara Ann Scott);

(February 9 – Astronomer Edwin Hubble);

(February 16 – Opera compser Benjamin Britten; backcover “Coke” ad);

(February 23 – Karl Heinrich Marx; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Gregory Peck/ Valli/ Louis Jordan/ Charles Coburn/ Ann Todd/ Ethel Barrymore);

(March 1 – France's Premier Schuman);

(March 8 -Theologian Reinhold Nieburhr);

(march 15 – Presidential Advisor Clark Clifford; backcover “Coke” ad);

(March 22 – Lavrenty Beria; backcover “Chesterfield” as with Claudette Colbert);

(March 29 – Under Secretary of State Lovett; backcover “Camel” ad with Water Ski Champion Nance Stilley);

April 5 ( Greek Guerrilla Chief Markos);

April 12 (Kansas City's Roy Roberts; backcover “Coke” ad);

April 19 (Ital's Premier De Gasperi; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Betty Hutton);

April 26 (Maestro Arturo Toscanini; backcover “Camel” ad with 1946-1947 National Hill-Climbing Champion Clem Murdaugh);

May 3 (Gesorge Gallup),

May 17 (King Abdullah of Transjordan; “Chesterfield” ad with Various sport stars, Joe DiMaggio, Bucky Harris, Ted Williams, etc);

May 24 (King Abdullah of Transjordan; backcover “Camel” ad with Roller Skater Raven Malone);

June 7(New York's Major O'Dwyer; backcover “Coke” ad),

June 21 (Pennsylvania's Governor Duff; backcover “Camel” ad with Rodeo star Ken Roberts);

June 28 (Jean Simmons as “Ophelia”);

July 5(Republican Thomas Dewey; backcover “Coke” ad),

July 12 (General Clay; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Rosalind Russell);

August 2(U.S. Sprinter Mel Patton),

August 9 (Henry Wallace; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with William Bendix),

August 16 (Israel's Ben-Gurion; backcover with diving star Jim Fairbrother);

August 30 (Governor Earl Long; backcover “Camel” ad with Stunt pilot Betty Skelton );

September 6 (Queen Juliana of the Netherlandsl backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Susan Hayward),

September 13 (Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam);

(September 20 – Communist Ana Pauker);

October 18 (Historian Douglas Freeman), ***

November 1 - Election USA; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Tyrone Power);

November 22 (Tallulah Bankhead),

November 29(Labor Boss Dave Beck);

(December 6 – Chiang Kai-Shek); (December 13 – Columnist Drew Pearson);

December 20 (Olivia De Havilland; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus),

December 27 (“The Night Before Christmas” by Arthur Rackham; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Dana Andrews);

1948; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 5 (Man of the Year George Marshall);

January 12 (Gregory Peck);

January 19 (Secretary of U.S. Air Force Symington);

January 26 (James Caesar Petrillo);

February 23 (Karl Heinrich Marx);

March 1 (France's Premier Schuman);

March 8 (Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr);

March 29 Under Secretary of State Lovett);

April 5 ( Greek Guerrilla Chief Markos);

April 12 (Kansas City's Roy Roberts);

April 19 (Ital's Premier De Gasperi);

April 26 (Maestro Arturo Toscanini);

May 3 (Gesorge Gallup),

May 10 (Belguim's Premier Spaak),

May 17 (King Abdullah of Transjordan);

May 24 (King Abdullah of Transjordan);

May 31 (Augustus John);

June 7(New York's Major O'Dwyer),

June 14 (Young Bull “Wall Street Breed”);

June 21 (Pennsylvania's Governor Duff);

June 28 (Jean Simmons as “Ophelia”);

July 5(Republican Thomas Dewey),

July 12 (General Clay);

July 19 (Howard Hughes);

July 26 (Igor Stravinsky);

August 2(U.S. Sprinter Mel Patton),

August 9 (Henry Wallace),

August 16 (Israel's Ben-Gurion);

August 30 (Governor Earl Long );

September 6 (Queen Juliana of the Netherlands),

September 13 (Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam),

September 27 (Earl Warren);

October 4 (New York Yankee's Joe Dimaggio),

October 11 (J. Strom Thurmond),

October 18 (Historian Douglas Freeman),

October 25 (Psychiatrist Will Menninger);

November 8 (Physicist Oppenheimer) ,

November 15 (Nicaragua's Somoza),

November 22 (Tallulah Bankhead),

November 29(Labor Boss Dave Beck);

December 20 (Olivia De Havilland),

December 27 (“The Night Before Christmas” by Arthur Rackham);

1949; TIME magazine (USA Editions)**

January 24 (Detroit's G.M. President Charles Wilson; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Dennis Morgan);

(January 31 – Cole Porter);

February 14(Hungary's Cardinal Mindszenty; backcover “Coke” ad);

February 21 (Louis Armstrong; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Joan Fontaine);

February 28 (Secretary of State Acheson; backcover “Camel” ad with Mezzo Soprano Gladys Swarthout & Coloratura Virginia MacWatters);

March 7 (John P. Marquand);

(March 14 – Washington hostess Perle Mesta; backcover “Coke” ad);

March 21 (Britain's Health Minister Bevan; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Linda Darnell);

March 28(Pan American's Juan Trippe; backcover “Camel” ad with Billiard Greats Millie Mosconi & Willie Hoppe);

April 4(Artist Diego Rivera's Self Portrait);

April 11(ECA's Paul Hoffman; backcover “Coke” ad),

April 18 (Test Pilot Chuck Yesger; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with with Joan Crawford);

April 25 (Eugene Dennis US Communist Boss; backcover “Camel” ad with Pitchers' Gene Bearden & Johnny Vander Meer);

(May 2 – Puerto Rico's Munos Marin);

May 9 (General Douglas MaCarthur; backcover “Coke” ad);

May 16 (TV's Milton Berle; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with John Lund);

May 23 (General Van Fleet; backcover “Camel” ad with Fencing stars Hugo Castello & Jane Gilbert);

May 30 (Horse Trainer Ben Jones);

(June 6 – Secretary of Defense Johnson);

June 20 (John Jay McCoy; backcover “Camel” ad with Pro Golfers Lew Worsham & Gene Sarazen),

(June 27 – Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads);

July 4 (Los Angeles Mayor Bowron; backcover “Coke” ad);

(July 18 – Belgium's Leopold & Mary Liliane);

July 25 (Harold Lloyd, Imperial Potentate);

(August 1 – General Jean De Lattre De Tassigny);

(August 15 – Architect Richard Neutra);

(August 29 – Labor's David Dubinsky); (Canda's Louis St. Laurent);

(September 5 – Cardinals' Stan Musial; bc/cv “Chesterfield” ad with Alexis Smith);

(September 19 – Lisa Fonssagrives);

(September 26 – Britain's Ambassador Franks);

(October 3 – Pittsburgh's Richard Mellon; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Glenn Ford);

(October 24 – Judge Medina);

(November 7 – Microbiolgist Waksman);

(November 28 (Gambler Frank Costello; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Arthur Godfrey);

(December 5 – Germany's Konrad Adenaure; backcover “Camel” ad with Fred Astaire);

(December 12 – Hotelman Conrad Hilton);

(December 19 – Boston's Charles Munch; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 26 – Salvation Army's Pugmire; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Bing Crosby);

1949; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 3(Man of the Year Harry S. Truman),

January 10(Golfer Ben Hogan);

January17 (Minnesota's Senator Hubert Humphrey);

January 24 (Detroit's G.M. President Charles Wilson);

February 7(China's Mao Tse Tung);

February 14(Hungary's Cardinal Mindszenty);

February 21 (Louis Armstrong);

February 28 (Secretary of State Acheson);

March 7 (John P. Marquand);

March 21 (Britain's Health Minister Bevan);

March 28(Pan American's Juan Trippe);

April 4(Artist Diego Rivera's Self Portrait);

April 11(ECA's Paul Hoffman),

April 18 (Test Pilot Chuck Yesger);

April 25 (Eugene Dennis US Communist Boss);

May 2 (Puerto Rico's Munos Marin);

May 9 (General Douglas MaCarthur);

May 16 (TV's Milton Berle);

May 23 (General Van Fleet);

May 30 (Horse Trainer Ben Jones);

June 6 (Secretary of Defense Johnson),

June 13 (Princess Margaret) ,

June 20 (John Jay McCoy),

June 27 (Cancer Fighter Cornelius P. Rhoads);

July 4 (Los Angeles Mayor Bowron);

July 11 (Albert Schweitzer) ,

July 18(Belguim's Leopold & Mary Liliane),

July 25 (Harold Lloyd, Imperial Potentate);

August 8(J. Edgar Hoover);

November 28 (Gambler Frank Costello);

1950; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 2 – Winston Churchill);

(January 16 – Illinois' Paul Howard Douglas);

(January 30 – Commerce Secretary Sawyer);

February 6 – Labor's Clement Attlee);

(February 20 – School Superintendent Oberholtzer);;

(February 27 – Arthur Godfrey);

March 13 – Admiral Sherman; bc/cv “Coke” ad);

(March 20 – Russia's Malenkov; bc/cv “Chesterfield” ad with Gregory Peck);

(April 3 – Siam's King Phumiphon);

(April 17 – Eddie Rickenbacker; bc/cv “Checterfeld” ad with Kirk Douglas);

(July 17 – Joseph Stalin; backcover “Camel” ad with Fran Warren);

(August – General Craig U.S.M.C.; backcover “Camel” ad with Nanette Fabray);

((August 21 – Russia's Malik);

(September 25 – General O.P. Smith U.S.M.C.; backcover “Camel” ad with Kyle MacDonnell);

October 2(Gerenal Lucius Harris Walker; backcover “Coke” ad),

(October 16 – Korea's Syngman Rhee);

October 23 (General Almond; backcover “Camel” ad with Martha Tilton);

(November 20 – Christopher Fry; bc/cv “Camel”ad with peter Lind Hayes);

(December 4 – CBS's Frank Stanton);

(December 11 – Red China's Mao);

December 18 (Airlifter – General Tunner; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 25 – Artist's Fred Meyer “The Gift”; backcover “Coke” as with Santa Claus);

1950; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 2(Man of the Half – Century: Winston Churchill);

January 23 (Mark III Computer);

February 27 (Arthur Godfrey);

May 22 (President Harry S. Truman),

May 29(Vietnam's Bao Dai);

June 12(Darryl F. Zanuck);

July 31(General Walton Harris Walker);

October 2(Gerenal Lucius Harris Walker),

October 23 (Gerenal Almond);

December 18 (Airlifter – General Tunner);

1951; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 8 – Secretary of State Acheson);

(January 22 – Senator Paul Douglas; backcover “Coke” ad);

(January 29 – Chrysler's President Colbert; backcover “Camel” ad with John Wayne);

(February 5 – Warren Austin);

(February 12 – Dwight Eisenhower);

(February 19 – Charles E. Wilson; backcover “Coke” ad);

(March 5 – General Ridgway);

(March 12 – Tennessee's Estes Kefauver);

(March 19 – Price Controller Disalle; backcover “Camel” ad with baseball stars Ed Sawyer, Jim Konstanty, Bob Lemon, Vic Raschi);

(April 2 – France's Auriol);

(April 16 – DuPont's Greenewalt; backcover “Coke” ad);

(April 30 – General Douglas MacArthur);

(May 21 – Argentina's Huan & Evita Peron);

May 28 (United Aircraft's Rentschler);

(June 4 – Iran's Mohammed Moddadeq);

(June 11 – Yale's President Griswold; backcover “Coke” ad);

(June 18 – Communist Chou En-Lai; backcover “Camel” with Paul Lukas);

(July 2 – The Pentagon);

July 16 (General Ridgway; backcover “Camel” ad with Rise Stevens);

(July 23 – RCA's Sarnoff);

(August 27 – Tennis Star Dick Savitt; bc/cv “Camel” ad with Joan Crawford);

(September 10 – King Farouk; backcover “Camel” ad with Robert Merrill);

((September 17 – Kremlin Courier);

(September 24 – General De Lattre De Tassigny; backcover “Camel” as with Vivian Blaine);

(October 1 – Bert Lahr; backcover “Coke” ad);

(October 8 – William Marshall Boyle);

(October 15 – Rabbi Finkelstein);

(October 22 – Senator Joe McCarthy; backcover “Camel” ad with John Wayne, Joan Crawford, Dick Powell);

(October 29 – Author Graham Greene; backcover “Coke” ad);

(November 12 – US Steel's Fairless);

(December 3 – Metropolitan Opera's Patrice Munsel);

(December 10 – The Dewitt Wallaces);

(December 17 – Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.; backcover “Camel” ad with Santa Claus);

(December 24 – Chartres' Madonna & Child; backcover “Coke” ad with Santa Claus);

1951; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 1 (Man of the Year: Name – American, Occupation – Fighting Man);

May 28 (United Aircraft's Rentschler);

(July 2 – The Pentagon); July 16 (General Ridgway);

(July 23 – RCA's Sarnoff);

(July 30 – Baudouin I of the Belgians);

(August 20 – Stalin's Son);

(December 3 – Metropolitan Opera's Patrice Munsel);

1952; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 14 – A.E.C.'s Gordon Dean; backcover “Camel” ad with Henry Fonda);

(March 31 (Charles Laughton);

(April 7 – Eleanor Roosevelt);

(April 28 – Baseball's Eddie “The Brat” Stanky);

(May 5 – South Africa's Malan);

(may 12 – General Hoyt Vanderberg; backcover “Coke” ad);

(May 19 – Candidate Senator Richard Russell of Georgia);

(June 2 – Robert taft);

(June 23 – Commodore Manning of the United States);

(July 28 – Alben Bakley); (

August 18 – Merck & Co.'s George Merck);

(September 1 – Katherine Hepburn; bc/cv “Coke”ad);

(September 8 – Egypt's Naguib);

(September 15 – Michigan's Governor “Soapy” Williams);

(September 29 – Texas Governor Shivers; backcover “Coke” ad);

(October 6 – Josef Stalin & Malenkov);

(October 13 – Senator John Williams);

(October 20 – Author Joyce Cary; backcover “Camel” ad with Ruth Hussey);

(December 1 – Amereca's Jacobsen);

1952; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

March 31 (Charles Laughton);

June 16 (Dwight Eisenhower);

July 7 (General Mark Clark);

September 15(Michigan's Governor “Soap” Williams);

November 3 (Candidate Dwight Eisenhower);

1953; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 12 – Thornton Wilder);

(February 16 – Attorney General Brownell; backcover “Coke” ad);

(March 2 – Westinghouse's Price);

(March 9 – Korea's Syngman Rhee);

(March 23 – Russia's Malenkov);

(March 30 – Rasalind Russell);

(April 6 – Germany's Bishop Dibelius);

(April 13 – Agriculture Secretary Benson; backcover “Coke” ad with Ballerina's);

(April 20 – Russia's Molotov);

(April 27 – Test Piilot Bridgeman);

(April 27 – Latin American Edition; Test Pilot Bridgeman);

(May 25 – Italy's De Casperi);

(May 25 – Latin American Edition; Italy's De Casperi);

(June 22 – Democrat's Lyndon Johnson);

(July 27 – Yachtsman Cornelious Shields; bc/cv “Camel” Ad with Marge & Gower Champion);

(August 17 – Massachusett's Governor Christian Herter);

(August 24 – Alfred Kinsey; backcover “Camel” ad with Maureen O'Hara);

(August 31 – West Germany's Konrad Adenauer; backcover “Coke” ad);

(August 31 – Latin American Edition; West Germany's Konrad Adenauer);

(September 14 – Latin American Edition; Mexico's President Ruiz Cortines);

(November 23 – harry Dexter White; backcover “Coke” ad);

(December 21 – Chief Justice Warren; backcover “Coke” ad);

1953; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** *** August 10 (Shirley Booth);

1954; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 11 – Atomic Submarine's Admiral Rickover; backcover Chesterfield” ad with Arthur Godfrey);

(February 1 – The Milwaukee journal's Harry Grant);

(February 8 – Air Force Chief Nathan twining; backcover “Lucky Strike” with Amy Vanderbilt);

(February 22 – Haiti's President Paul Magloire; backcover “Camel” ad with figure skater Donna Atwood);

(March 1 – Harvard's Presidnet Pusey);

March 15 (TV's “Joe Friday” Jack Webb; backcover “Coke” Bowling ad);

(March 29 – Polio Fighter Dr. Salk);

(April 5 – Britain's Rab Butler; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with designer Lilly Dache);

(April 19 – Theologian Van Dusen);

(April 26 – Road Racer Briggs Cunningham);

(July 12 – France's Premier Mendes – France);

(August 2 – Do-it-yourself; backcover “Parliament Cigarettes” ad);

(August 9 – Speaker of the House Joe Martin);

(August 23 – Atlantic edition; Secretary McKay);

(August 30 – Burma's Premier U Nu);

(September 6 – Archbishop of Canterbury; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Jean& Joan Corbett);

(September 27 – Social Scientist David Riesman);

(October 4 – Senator Watkins);

(October 18 – New Jersey's Clifford Case Jr.);

(November 15 – Pennsylvania's Governor – Elect Leader);

(November 22 – Indo – China's Ho-Chi-Minh);

(December 6 – Brazil's Cafe Filho);

1954; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

March 15 (TV's “Joe Friday” Jack Webb);

April 4 (South Vietnam's Diem);

1955; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 3 – John Dulles);

(January 10 – The Bull Market on Wall Street; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Rory Calhoun & Lita baron);

(January 17 – Senators from Oregon Wayne Morse & Richard Lewis Neuberger);

(January 24 – Presidential Advisor Joseph Dodge; backcover “Sheraton – Cadillac Hotel” ad);

(February 7 – Admiral Pride of the Seventh Fleet; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Van Johnson);

(February 28 – Venezuela's Perez Jimenez; backcover “Sheraton Plaza” ad);

(March 7 – Indiana Governor George Craig);

(March 14 – Japan's Premier Hatoyama);

(March 21 – A.F.L.'s George Meany);

(March 28 – IBM's Thomas J. Watson Jr.);

(April 4);

(April 18 – Chiang Kai-Shek);

(April 25 – Georgia's Senator George; bc/cv “Coke” ad);

(May 2 – Fashion Designer Claire McCardell);

(May 9 – Russia's Marshall Zhukov);

(May 16 – Caltech's Lee Dubriege);

(May 23 – Britain's Anthony Eden);

(May 30 – California Govenor Goodwin Knight & Daughters);

(June 6 – Yugoslovia's Tito);

(June 13 – Gwen Verdon of “Damn Yankees”);

(June 27 – The U.N.'s Dag Hammarskjold);

(July 4 – U.S. Presidnet Dwight Eisenhower);

(July 18 – France's Andre Malraux; bc/cv “Coke” ad);

(July 25 – Russia's Premier Bulganin);

(August 1 – The Big Four; Bulganin, Eisenhower, Faure, Eden);

(August 15 – A.E.C.'s Willard Libby);

(August 22 – Tammany's Carmine De Sapio);

(September 5 – Author Herman Wouk);

(September 12 - Space Surgeon Stapp);

(October 3 – New York Yankee's casey Stengel);

(October 17 – TV's Ed Sullivan);

October 24 (Star Farmer Joe Moore of Tennessee);

(October 31 – Heart Specialist Dr. Irvine Page);

(November 14 – New York's Governor Harriman);

(November 21 – New York Stock exchange president Funston);

(November 28 – Julie Harris as Joan as Arc);

(December 5 – Baptist President Theodore Adams);

(December 19 – Florida's Governor Collins);

(December 26 – FRA Angelico's Virgin & Child);

1955; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

July 4 (President Dwight Eisenhower );

October 24 (Star Farmer Joe Moore of Tennessee);

1956; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 9 – Sherman Adams; backcover “Sheraton Mt. Royal Montreal” ad);

(January 16 – Israel's Premier Ben-Gurion);

(January 23 – Budget Director Rowland Hughes);

(January 30 – The Missle; backcover “Coke” ad);

(February 6 – NATO's General Gruenther);

(February 13 – Brazil's Presidnet Kubitschek);

(February 20; Ohio's Governor Frank Lausche);

(February 27 – William Holden);

(March 5 – Red China's Police Boss Lo Jui-Ching);

(March 12 – G.O.P. Chairman Leonard Hall);

(March 19 – France's Pierre Poujade);

(March 26 – Mississippi's Senator Eastland);

(April 2 – Jordan's King Hussein);

(April 9 – American Express's President Reed);

(April 16 – Publisher Philip Graham)

(April 30 – Nikita Khrushchev);

(May 7 – Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson);

(May 21 – Admiral Arleigh Burke);

(May 28 – Pitcher Robin Roberts);

(June 4 – Defense Secretary Wilson);

(June 11 – Jacques Barzun); (Latin American Edition; Jacques Barzun);

June 18 (President Dwight Eisenhower);

(June 25 – World Bak's President Black);

(July 2 – Architect Eero Saarinen);

(July 9 – Steelworker's David McDonald);

(July 23 – Rex Harrison in “My Fair Lady”);

(July 30 – India's Nehru);

(August 13 – Harry S. Truman);

(August 27 – Egypt's Nasser);

(September 3 – Washington's Governor Langlie);

(September 10 – Federal Reserve's Martin);

(September 17 – Estes Kefauver);

(September 24 – John Davison Rockefeller Jr.);

(October 1 – New York's Mayor Wagner);

(October 8 – Michigan State's Coach Daugherty);

(October 15 – Georgia's Gene Talmadge);

(October 22 – Iowa's Governor Hoegh);

(October 29 – Soprano Maria Callas);;

(November 19 – Sir Anthony Eden);

(November 26 – United Nation's Hammarskjold);

(December 3 – Olympian Parry O'Brien);

(December 10 – Poland's Gomulka);

(December 17 – Weatherman Carl Gustaf Rossby);

(December 24 – Painter Edward Hopper);

(December 31 – Antarctic Explorer Siple);

(December 31 – Atlantic Edition; Antarctic Explorer Siple);

1956; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** (February 20; Ohio's Governor Frank Lausche); June 18 (President Dwight Eisenhower);

1957; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 14 – California's Governor Knowland);

(January 21 – Britain's Prime Minister Harold MacMillan);

(January 28 – Saudi Arabia's King Saud);

(February 25 – Admiral Arthur Radford);

(March 4 – Christian Dior);

(March 11 – Israel's Ben-Gurion);

(March 18 – Prudential's President Shanks);

(March 25 – Dr. Charles Bailey);

(April 1 – Air Force Major General Bernard Schriever);

(April 8 – Teamster Boss Dave Beck);

(April 22 – The Sultan of Morocco);

(April 29 – Engineers Woolridge & Ramo);

(May 6 – Atlantic Edition; Jordan's King Hussein);

(May 13 – Attorney General Herbert Brownell);

(May 20 – Poland's Cardinal Wyszynski);

(May 27 – Senator John McClellan);

(June 3 – Argentina's Aramburu);

(June 10 – Ford Foundation's Henry Heald);

(June 17 – Iraq's Premier Nuri As-Said);

(July 1 – Chief Justice Warren);

(July 8 – Cincinnati Reds' Birdie Tebetts);

(July 15 – Los Angeles' Norman Chandler);

(July 22 – Russia's Nikita Khushchev);

(August 5 – Canada's John Diefenbaker);

(August 12 – Georgia's Senator Russell);

(August 19 – Inductrialist Krupp);

(August 26 – Tennis Star Althea Gibson);

(September 9 – Teamster Union's Jimmy Hoffa);

(September 23 – Arkansas Governor Faubus);

(September 30 – TV's Edward R. Murrow);

(October 21 – Britain's Prince Philip);

(November 4 – Ford Stylist George Walker);

(November 11 – Morocco's Princess Aisha);

(November 18 – Nuclear Physicist Edward Teller);

(November 25 – Air Force Chief Thomas White);

(December 9 – Richard Nixon);

(December 16 – NATO's General Lauris Norstad);

(December 23 – Music in the Air);

(December 30 – Actress Maria Schell);

1957; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** *** February 11 (TV's Quiz Champ Van Doren);

1958; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 6 – Russia's Khrushshev);

(January 13 – Defense Secretary McElroy);

(January 20 – General Dynamics' Frank Pace);

(January 27 – White House Press Secretary Hagerty);

(February 3 – Turkey's Premier Menderes);

March 3 (President Teddy Roosevelt),

March 10 (Indonesia's Sukarno);

March 17 (Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson);

(March 24 – Wall Street Bull, Spring 1958);

(March 31 – Architect Edward R. Stone);

(April 7 – Lutheran Franklin Clark Fry);

(April 28 – The Dodges' Walter O'Malley);

(May 12 – Those cars 1958; Ford's Ford/ GM's Curtice/ Chrysler's Colbert);

(May 26 – France's Charles DeGaulle);

(June 2 – Soviet Scientist Nesmeyanov);

(June 9 – Alaska's Governor Stepovich);

(June 23 – Puerto Rico's Governor Munoz Marin);

(June 30 – Sherman Adams);

July 21(Movie “The Music Man”);

(July 28 – Egypt's Nasser);

(August 4 – Admiral Holloway); (August 11 – U.N. Ambassador Lodge);

(August 18 – Jack Paar);

(August 25 – Robert Murphy); (

September 1 – Admiral John Thach);

(September 15 – Democrat Pat Brown);

(September 29 – Charles Goren);

(October 6 – Nelson Rockefeller);

(October 13 – Algeria's Ferhat Abbas);

(October 27 – Michigan's Chamberlain);

(November 3 – Soprano Renata Tebaldi);

(November 17 – Cyrus Smith);

(December 1 – Chairman Mao);

(December 8 – Mexico's President Lopez Mateos);

December 15 – Author Boris Pasternok; backcover “Lucky Strike” ad with Jack Benny);

(December 22 – Pat Suzuki & Miyoshi Umeki in “Flower Drum Song”);

(December 29 - Wall Street Bull; backcover “Volkswagen” ad);

1958; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 6 (Man of the Year: Khrushchev);

March 3 (President Teddy Roosevelt),

March 10 (Indonesia's Sukarno);

March 17 (Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson);

July 21(Movie “The Music Man”);

November 24 (John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Stuart Symington, Lyndon Johnson, Pat Brown, Robert Meyner);

1959; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 5 – Charles De Gaulle);

(January 12 – General Electric's Ralph Cordiner);

(January 19 – Space Exploration);

February 2 (Texas's Sam Rayburn, Missouri's Clarence, Joe Cannon);

(February 9 – Squa Valley's Alec Cushing);

February 16 (Guinea's Sekou Toure);

February 23 (The Telephone Man);

(March 9 – Warren North, a Farmer);

(March 23 – Michiko Shoda; bc/cv “Coke” ad);

(April 6 – American Motor's George Romney);

(April 20 – The Dalai Lama);

(April 27 – State Department's Heater);

(May 4 – Physicist James Van Allen);

May 11 (General Lemnitzer);

(May 18 – Chris-Craft's Harsen Smith);

(May 25 – Berlin's Willy Brandt);

(June 8 – Minority Leader Halleck);

(June 15 – Lewis Strauss);

(July 6 – Oceanographer Columbus Iselin);

(July 13 – Russia's Frol Kozlov);

(July 20 – US Steel's Roger Blough);

(July 27 – National Cancer Institute's Dr. John R. Heller);

(August 3 – Vice-President Richard Nixon);

(August 10 – Hawaii's Governor Quinn);

(August 17 – Jacques Soustelle);

(August 24 – Cleveland Brave's Rocky Colavito);

August 31 (Teamster Boss Jimmy Hoffa);

(September 28 – Nikita Khrushchev);

(October 5 – Chevrolet's Edward N. Cole);

(October 12 – China's Liu Shao-Chi);

(October 19 – Britain's MacMillan);

(October 26 – TV's Private Detectives);

(November 2 – Morgan Guaranty's Henry Alexander);

(November 9 – Candidate Stuart Symington);

(November 16 – Robert Kintner of NBC TV);

(November 23 – Treasury Secretary Anderson);

(December 7 – General Foods' Charles Mortimer);

(December 14 – India's Nehru);

(December 21 – Actress Anne Bancroft);

(December 28 – The Nativity);

1959; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

February 2 (Texas's Sam Rayburn, Missouri's Clarence, Joe Cannon);

February 16 (Guinea's Sekou Toure);

February 23 (The Telephone Man);

May 11 (General Lemnitzer);

August 31 (Teamster Boss Jimmy Hoffa);

1960; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 25 – Japan's Kishi);

(February 1 – Hubert Humphrey);

(February 8 – Venezuela's President Betancourt);

(February 22 – US Airways Boss Quesada);

(April 18 – Christian Missionaries from St. Paul to 1960);

(May 9 – John H. Loudon of Royal Dutch Shell);

(May 16 – US Pilot Francis Powers);

May 23 (“Big Four Summit” by Ronald Searle);

May 23 (Latin American Edition; “Big Four Summit” by Ronald Searle);

(June 13 – Nikita Khrushchev);

(June 20 – The Suburban Wife);

(June 27 – US Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II);

(July 18 – Lyndon Johnson);

(August 1 – Richard Nixon & Nelson Rockefeller);

(August 8 Cuba's Che Guevara);

September 5 (Maine's Senate Race: Smith vs. Cormier);

(September 19 – New Products);

(September 26 – Henry Cabot Lodge);

October 3 (“Khrushchev and his Gang” by Herbert Lawrence Block);

(October 10 – Campaign Manager Bobby Kennedy);

(October 17 – Unversity of California's Clark Kerr);

(October 24 – Michigan Candidate Paul Bagwell);

(November 28 – Business Columnist Sylvia Porter);

(December 12 – Father John Courtney Murray);

(December 19 – West Germany's Franz Joseph Strauss);

(December 26 – Secretary of State Dean Rusk);

1960; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

March 21 (Caryl Chessman; Pacific Edition);

March 28 (Jacques Cousteau);

May 23 (“Big Four Summit” by Ronald Searle);

May 30 (Soviet Defense Minister Malinovsky);

July 11 (The Kennedy Family: JFK, Jackie, Rose, Joe Sr);

September 5 (Maine's Senate Race: Smith vs. Cormier);

(September 26 – Henry Cabot Lodge);

October 31 (Candidate Richard Nixon);

1961; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 2 – Men of the Year);

January 6 (Pacific Commander Harry Felt);

April 7(Defense Secretary Mcnamara),

(April 14 – Playwright Jean Kerr);

(April 21 – Russian Astronaut Yuri Gagarin);

(April 28 – Cuban Rebel Leader Jose Miro Cardona);

(May 19 – Travel; the Faraway Places);

(May 26 – Presbyterian Eugene Carson Blake);

(June 2 – Alabama's Governor Patterson);

(June 23 – Barry Goldwater);

July 28 (Presidental Advisor Taylor);

August 4 (South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem),

August 11 (Southern Pacific Rail's President Russell),

August 18 (Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon);

(August 25 – East Germany's Ulbricht);

(September 1 – Presidential Aide Larry O'Brien);

(September 8 – Nikita Khrushchev);

September 22 (Labor Secretary Goldberg),

September 29 (U.N. President Mongi Slim);

October 6 (Jean Monnet);

(October 20 – Civil Defenseman Virgil Couch);

(October 27 – Northrop's President Tom Jones);

(November 3 – Radcliffe's Mary Bunting);

November 10 (Atomic Energy Chairman Seaborg);

(November 17 – Virologist John Enders);

(November 24 – Aristotle Contemplating the bust of Homer);

December 1 (Red China's Economic Planner Li Fu-Chun);

(December 8 – World Churchman Visser T. Hooft);

(December 15 – Christmas Shopping);

December 22 (Katanga's Tshombe),

December 29 (Jackie Gleason);

1961; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 6 (Pacific Commander Harry Felt);

January 20 (Jacqueline Kennedy),

January 27 (Inauguration of John F. Kennedy);

February 10 (Speaker of the House Rayburn);

March 31(“The Cry” by Edvard Munch);

April 7(Defense Secretary Mcnamara),

April 14 (Playwright Jean Kerr);

May 21 (Astronaut John Shepard);

July 7 (A.M.A. President Leonard Larson);

July 14(Camping: Call of the not so Wild),

July 21 (Cartoonist Bill Mauldin);

July 28 (Presidental Advisor Taylor);

August 4 (South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem),

August 11 (Southern Pacific Rail's President Russell),

August 18 (Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon);

(September 8 – Nikita Khrushchev);

September 22 (Labor Secretary Goldberg),

September 29 (U.N. President Mongi Slim);

October 6 (Jean Monnet);

November 10 (Atomic Energy Chairman Seaborg);

December 1 (Red China's Economic Planner Li Fu-Chun),

December 22 (Katanga's Tshombe),

December 29 (Jackie Gleason);

1962; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 12 – US Ambassador's Reischauer, Kennan, & Galbraith);

(January 19 – Speaker of the House McCormack);

(January 26 – Algeria Terrorist Salan);

(March 30 – Arturo Frondizi);

April 13 (Soviet Poet Evtushenko),

April 27 (Communist Chief Blas Roca);

May 4 (Nuclear Test Director William Ogle);

(May 11 – US General Paul Harkins);

(May 18 – General Motors Chairman Frederic G. Donner);

(June 1 – Bear vs. Bull on Wall Street);

(June 8 – White House Advisor Walter Heller);

(June 15 – Nelson Rockefeller);

(June 22 – Spain's Don Juan);

June 29 (U.S. Open Champion Jack Nicklaus);

August 10 (Space Planner D. Brainerd Holmes),

August 17 (Virginia's Senator Harry Byrd),

August 24 (Russian Cosmonauts Nikolayev & Popovich),

August 31 (The Berlin Wall);

(September 7 – Banker; David Rockerfeller);

(September 14 – Senator Everett Dirksen);

(September 21 – President James Monroe);

(September 28 – Teddy Keddedy);

(October 26 – Andover's John M. Kemper; backcover “Marlboro” ad with Green Bay Packer Paul Hornung);

(November 9 – Nikita Khrushchev);

(November 16 – Republican George Romney);

(November 23 – Folk singer Joan Baez);

(November 30 – India's Nehru);

December 14 (Adlai Stevenson),

December 21 (Green Bay Packer's Coach Vince Lombardi),

(December 28);

1962; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

February 9 (Notre Dame's President Hesburgh),

February 16 (Robert Kennedy);

April 13 (Soviet Poet Evtushenko),

April 20 (Theologian Karl Barth),

April 27 (Communist Chief Blas Roca);

May 4 (Nuclear Test Director William Ogle);

June 29 (U.S. Open Champion Jack Nicklaus);

July 6 (Korvette Inc's. Boss Eugene Ferkauf),

July 13 (British Negotiator Heath),

July 20 (Mrs. Winston Guest: Blueblood),

July 27 (Published Sam Newhouse);

August 3 (Builder Del Webb),

August 10 (Space Planner D. Brainerd Holmes),

August 17 (Virginia's Senator Harry Byrd),

August 24 (Russian Cosmonauts Nikolayev & Popovich),

August 31 (The Berlin Wall);

December 7 (Funeral of Rene Coty),

December 14 (Adlai Stevenson),

December 21 (Green Bay Packer's Coach Vince Lombardi),

1963; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

January 11 (Congressman Wilbur Mills),

January 25 (Britain's Economic Woes);

February 1(Tax Collector Mortimer Caplin) ;

February 15 (Secretary of Defense McNamara),

February 22 (Cleveland Conductor George Szell);

March 1 (Labor Strike Leader Bert Powers),

March 8 (Physicist William Pickering),

March 15 (Chicago's Mayor Daley),

March 29 (Egypt's President Nasser);

April 5 (Agriculture Secretary Freeman),

April 12 (Mayalsia's Abdul Rahman),

April 19 (Canada's Prime Minister Pearson);

(April 26 – Richard Burton);

(May 3 – Surgeon Francis D. Moore);

May 10(Abraham Lincoln),

May 17(Author James Baldwin),

(May 24 – Astronaut Gordon Coope);

(May 24 – Latin American Edition - Astronaut Gordon Coope);

May 31 (The Rising U.S. Economy);

June 7(Pope John XXIII),

(June 14 – Barry Goldwater);

June 28 (Pope Paul VI);

July 5(The Peace Corps' Sargent Shriver),

July 12 (Irish Prime Minister Sean Lemass),

July 19(Conrad Hilton),

July 26 (Firemen's Gilbert: Railroad);

(August 2 – Averell Harriman);

(August 9 – South Vietnam's Nadame Nhu);

(August 16 – The Archbishop of Canterbury Ramsey);

(August 23 – The Sizy and Condition of the US Atomic Arsenal);

August 30 (Roy Wilkins of the N.A.A.C.P.);

September 6(City Planner William Pereira),

September 13 (Red China: the Arrogant Outcast),

September 20 (Lovers in Polish Film) ,

September 27 (Governor George Wallace);

October 4 (Litton's “Tex” Thornton),

October 11 (Britain's Harold Wilson),

October 18 (Navy's Quarterback Roger Staubach),

October 25 (Britain's Lord Home);

November 1 (Ludwig Erhard),

(November 8 – General Duong Van Minh);

November 15 (New York City's Superintendent Calvin Gross),

November 22 (Washington Hostess Nicole Alphand);

(November 29 – President Lyndon Johnson);

(December 6 – Secretary of State Dean Rusk);

December 13 (Archaeologist Nelson Glueck),

December 20 (Guy De Rothschild),

December 27 (Painter Andrew Wyeth);

1963; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 4 (Man of the Year: Pope John XXIII);

January 11 (Congressman Wilbur Mills),

January 18 (Arshitect Minoru Yamasaki),

January 25 (Britain's Economic Woes);

February 1(Tax Collector Mortimer Caplin) ,

February 8 (French President Charles Degaulle),

February 15 (Secretary of Defense McNamara),

February 22 (Cleveland Conductor George Szell);

March 1 (Labor Strike Leader Bert Powers),

March 8 (Physicist William Pickering),

March 15 (Chicago's Mayor Daley),

March 22 (Cassius Marcellus Clay),

March 29 (Egypt's President Nasser);

April 5 (Agriculture Secretary Freeman),

April 12 (Mayalsia's Abdul Rahman),

April 19 (Canada's Prime Minister Pearson);

May 10(Abraham Lincoln),

May 17(Author James Baldwin),

May 31 (The Rising U.S. Economy);

June 7(Pope John XXIII),

June 21 (Bobby Kennedy),

June 28 (Pope Paul VI);

July 5(The Peace Corps' Sargent Shriver),

July 12 (Irish Prime Minister Sean Lemass),

July 19(Conrad Hilton),

July 26 (Firemen's Gilbert: Railroad);

August 30 (Roy Wilkins of the N.A.A.C.P.);

September 6(City Planner William Pereira),

September 13 (Red China: the Arrogant Outcast),

September 20 (Lovers in Polish Film) ,

September 27 (Governor George Wallace);

October 4 (Litton's “Tex” Thornton),

October 11 (Britain's Harold Wilson),

October 18 (Navy's Quarterback Roger Staubach),

October 25 (Britain's Lord Home);

November 1 (Ludwig Erhard),

November 15 (New York City's Superintendent Calvin Gross),

November 22 (Washington Hostess Nicole Alphand);

December 13 (Archaeologist Nelson Glueck),

December 20 (Guy De Rothschild),

December 27 (Painter Andrew Wyeth);

1964; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

January 10 (R. Buckminster Fuller),

January 17 (Texas Governor Connally),

January 24(“Siesta” by John Koch),

January 31 (State Department's Thomas Mann);

February 7(French Foreign Minister Couve De Muville),

February 14( Marina Oswald Wife of Lee Harvey Oswald),

March 6 (Senate Witness Bobby Baker),

March 13 (Tanganyika's President Nyerere),

(March 20 – Majority Leader Mansfield);

March 27 (Author John Cheever);

April 3 (Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk),

April 17(Ford's Boss Lee Iacocca),

April 24(Russia's Lenin);

(May 1 – President Lyndon Johnson);

(May 8 – Methodist Bishop Gerold Kennedy);

(May 22 – Nelson Rockefeller in Oregon);

(May 29 – A.T. And T. Chairman Kappel);

June 12(Barry Goldwater),

June 19(Illinois Senator Dirksen),

June 26 (Laos General Kong Le);

(July 3 – Denmark's Princess Anne-Marie);

July 10(Dirksen & Goldwater In Chicago),

(July 24 – Barry Goldwater);

(July 31 – Harem, New York City);

(August 7 – South Vietnam Premier Khanh);

(August 14 – Pacific Commander Sharp);

August 21(Boston's Cardinal Cushing),

August 28(Lady Bird Johnson);

September 4(Lyndon Johnson & Hubert Humphrey),

September 11(Baltimor Orioles' Manager Bauer),

September 18 (Illinois Republican Percy),

September 25 (The Nuclear Issue);

October 2(Lee Harvey Oswald),

October 9(Supreme Court Justice Black),

(October 16 – Pierre Salinger);

October 23 (Harold Wilson/ President Johnson/ Kosygin/ Leonid Brezhnev),

October 30 (Candidate New York Senator Keatine);

November 4(President Johnson; Election Extra);

(November 6 – Philadelphia's Edmund Bacon);

November 13 (China's Chou En-Lai Greeted by Russia's Kosygin),

November 20 (Notre Dame Coash Parseghian);

(November 27 – DuPont's Copeland);

December 4(Congo Massacre Dr. Paul Carlson),

December 11 (Buddhism),

December 18(Los Angeles' Buff Chandler),

December 25 (Christian Renewal);

1964; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 3(Man of the Year: Martin Luther King Jr.),

January 10 (R. Buckminster Fuller),

January 17 (Texas Governor Connally),

January 24(“Siesta” by John Koch),

January 31 (State Department's Thomas Mann);

February 7(French Foreign Minister Couve De Muville),

February 14( Marina Oswald Wife of Lee Harvey Oswald),

February 21 (Soviet President Leonid Brehnev),

February 28 (Jazzman Thelonious Monk);

March 6 (Senate Witness Bobby Baker),

March 13 (Tanganyika's President Nyerere),

March 27 (Author John Cheever);

April 3 (Cambodia's Prince Sihanouk),

April 10 (Barbra Streisand),

April 17(Ford's Boss Lee Iacocca),

April 24(Russia's Lenin);

June 5(A Confidential Guide to the New York Fair),

June 12(Barry Goldwater),

June 19(Illinois Senator Dirksen),

June 26 (Laos General Kong Le);

July 10(Dirksen & Goldwater In Chicago),

July 17 (Writer William Faulkner);

August 21(Boston's Cardinal Cushing),

August 28(Lady Bird Johnson);

September 4(Lyndon Johnson & Hubert Humphrey),

September 11(Baltimor Orioles' Manager Bauer),

September 18 (Illinois Republican Percy),

September 25 (The Nuclear Issue);

October 2(Lee Harvey Oswald),

October 9(Supreme Court Justice Black),

October 16 (Queen Elizabeth II in Canada) ,

October 23 (Harold Wilson/ President Johnson/ Kosygin/ Leonid Brezhnev),

October 30 (Candidate New York Senator Keatine);

November 4(President Johnson; Election Extra);

November 13 (China's Chou En-Lai Greeted by Russia's Kosygin),

November 20 (Notre Dame Coach Parseghian);

December 4(Congo Massacre Dr. Paul Carlson),

December 11 (Buddhism),

December 18(Los Angeles' Buff Chandler),

December 25 (Christian Renewal);

1965; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

January 1,(Man of the Year: President Lyndon Johnson);

January 8 (Macy's Jack Straus),

January 15 (Majority Leader Carl Albert),

January 22 (Senator Fulbright),

February 5 (U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff),

February 12 (Soviet Economist Liberman),

February 19 (Commander William Westmoreland);

(February 26 – Red China's Foreign Minister Chen Yi);

(March 5 – Jeanne Moreau);

(March 19 – Martin Luther King);

(April 28 – King Constantine of Greece);

(June 4 – Norton Simon);

(June 11 – Ed White & Jim McDivitt);

(June 18 – Phyllis McGinley);

(June 25 – McGeorge Bundy);

July 2(Michael Anderson at Sea Island);

(July 9 – Champion driver Jim Clark);

(July 16 – Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh);

(July 23 – Mariner space craft's William Pickering);

(July 30 – Chagall self portrait);

(August 6 – President Lyndon Johnson);

(August 13 – India's Prime Minister Shastri);

(August 20 – Los Angeles Watts Riot);

(August 27 – Flight Director Chris Kraft);

(September 3 – Farm Bureau's Charles Shuman);

(September 10 – Secretary of the Treasury Fowler);

(September 17 – Pakistan's Ayub vs. India's Shastri);

(September 24 – Bust of Pope Paul);

(October 1 – Water: Worldwide use & misuse);

(October 8 – Cuba's Fidel Castro);

(October 15 – Education Commissioner Francis Keppel);

(October 22 – The turning point in Vietnam);

(October 29 – Bill Moyers);

(November 5 – Rhodesia's Ian Smith);

(November 12 – Republican John Lindsay);

(November 19 – The Biggest Blackout);

(November 26 – Cleveland Browns Jim Brown);

(December 3 – Millionaires under 40);

(December 10 – General Johnson Army Chief of Staff);

(December 17 – Arthur Schlesinger Jr.);

(December 24 – On the Road to the Moon);

(December 31 – John Maynard Keynes);

1965; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 1,(Man of the Year: President Lyndon Johnson);

January 8 (Macy's Jack Straus),

January 15 (Majority Leader Carl Albert),

January 22 (Senator Fulbright),

January 29 (Today’s Teenagers cover by Andy Warhol; Winston Churchill dies; Lyndon Johnson Inauguration; Mailing Label on cover, VG/FN = $14.00); ;

February 5 (U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff), February 12 (Soviet Economist Liberman),

February 19 (Commander William Westmoreland);

March 12(Peru's President Belaunde);

July 2(Michael Anderson at Sea Island);

December 31 (John Maynard Keynes)

1966; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 14 – President Lyndon Johnson/ Shelepin & Ho in Hanoi);

January 21 (Spain's General Franco);

(January 28 – Indira Gandhi);

(February 4 – Dean Rusk);

(February 11 – Lockhead's Courtlandt Gross);

(February 18 – South Vietnam's Premier Ky);

(February 25 – Arthur Rubinstein);

(March 4 – Secretary Weaver, First Negro in Cabinet);

(March 11 – Astronomer Maarten Schmidt; backcover “Ford Mustang” ad);

(March 18 – Rumania's Party Boss Ceausescu);

March 25(Broadway's David Merrick);

(April 1 – Hubert Humphrey);

(April 8 - -Is God Dead?);

(April 15 – London the Swinging City);

April 22 (South Vietnam's Thich Tri Quang);

(April 29 – Danny Escobedo);

May 6 (USA Universities Great Teachers),

May 13 (Sargent Shriver);

(May 20 – General Motors President Roche);

(May 27 – The King & Queen of Thailand);

(June 3 – Cal State's Gary Wilson);

(June 10 – Pitcher Juan Marichal of the Giants);

(June 17 – North Vietnam's General Giap);

(June 24 – Senator Jacob Javits);

(July 1 – Charles DeGaulle);

(July 8 – Defense Secretary McNamara);

(July 15 – Indonesia's General Suharto);

(July 22 – TWA's Tillinghast);

(July 29 – Lauren Bacall);

(August 5 – Luci Baines Johnson & Partrick Nugent);

(August 12 – Charles Whitman);

(August 19 – Shockbroker James Thomson);

(August 26 – South Africa Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd);

(September 2 – Los Angeles Mayor Yorty);

(September 9 – China's Defense Minister Lin Piao);

(September 16 – Senator Robert Kennedy);

September 23 (Metropolitan Opera's Rudolf Bing);

(October 7 – Ronald Reagan; California's Governor Race);

October 14 (TV's Walter Cronkite);

(October 21 – Philippine President Marcos);

(October 28 – Football Notre Dame's Terry Hanratty & Jim Seymour);

(November 4 – President Lyndon Johnson);

November 11(Bishop Pike);

(November 18 – Republican's Rockefeller, Reagan, Percy, etc.);

(November 25 – Julia Child);

(December 2 – Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller);

December 9 (German Chancellor Kiesinger);

(December 16 – Bennett Cerf); (December 23 – Julie Andrews);

(December 30 – Bank of America's Rudolph Peterson);

1966; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 7(Man of the Year: General Westmoreland);

January 14 ( Johnson & Advisers at Ranch; Shelepin & Ho In Hanoi)

January 21 (Spain's General Franco);

February 4 (Dean Rusk);

February 11 (Lockheed's Courtlandt Gross);

February 25 (Arthur Rubinstein);

March 4 (Secretary Weaver);

March 11 (Astronomer Maarten Schmidt);

March 25(Broadway's David Merrick);

April 1 (Hubert Humphrey);

April 15 (London: the Swinging City);

April 22 (South Vietnam's Thich Tri Quang);

April 29 (Danny Escobedo);

May 6 (USA Universities Great Teachers),

May 13 (Sargent Shriver);

May 20 (General Motors President Roche)

June 5 (Cal State's Gary Wilson);

June 17 (Premier Designate Daniel Johnson);

June 24 (Senator Jacob Javits)

July 1 (De Gaulle);

July 8 (Secretary McNamara);

July 15 (General Suharto);

July 22 (TWA's Tillinghast);

July 29 (Lauren Bacall)

August 5 (Pat & Luci)

August 12 (Charles Whitman);

August 26 (Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd)

September 2

September 9 (Defense Minister Lin Piao)

September 16 (Senator Robert Kennedy)

September 23 (Metropolitan Opera's Rudolf Bing);

September 30 (British Columbia's Premier Bennett)

October 7 (California's Governorship race, Ronald Reagan);

October 14 (TV's Walter Cronkite);

October 21 (Phillippine President Marcos);

October 28 (Notre Dame's Seymour & Hanratty);

November 4 (President Johnson)

November 11(Bishop Pike);

November 18 (Republican Resurgence)

December 2(Governor-Elect Winthrop Rockefeller),

December 9 (German Chancellor Kiesinger);

December 16 (Bennett Cerf)

December 23 (Julie Andrews)

December 30( Bank of America's Rudolph Peterson);

1967; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 13 – China's Chairman Mao);

(January 20 – H.E.W. Secretary Gardner);

January 27(Polluted Air: Los Angeles at 3:30P.M.);

February 3(Astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee);

(February 10 – Japan's Premier Sato; backcover “Ford Mustang” ad);

(February 17 – US Senator Edward Brooke);

February 24 (CIA Director Helms);

March 3 (Playboy's Hugh Hefner),

March 10 (Henry R. Luce);

(March 17 – Lynn Redgrave & Vanesse Redgrave);

March 24 (Protestant Martin Luther);

March 31 (Aerospaceman James McDonnell);

April 7 (The Birth Cotrol Pill);

April 14 (US Politics: Weighing in for 1968),

April 21 (Brazil's President Costa E Silva);

(April 28 – Greece King Constantine);

(May 5 – General Westmoreland Before Congress);

May 12 (Federal Judge Frank Johnson),

May 19 (Tonight Show's Johnny Carson),

May 26 (Sgt. Clide Brown Jr.; The Negro in Vietnam);

(June 2 – Robert Lowell);

(June 9 – Israel's Premier Eshkol);

(June 16 – Israel's General Moshe Dayan);

(June 23 – Yale President Kingman Brewster Jr.);

(June 30 – Kosygin & President Johnson at Glassboro);

(July 14 – Jordan's King Hussein);

(July 21 – Newark Cab driver John Smith);

July 28 (Urbanologist Pat Moynihan);

August 11(Urban League's Whitney Young);

(September 1 – Sandy Dennis);

September 8 (Conglomerate President Harold S. Geneen);

(September 15 – Vietnam's Thieu);

September 29 (Mr. & Mrs. Guy Smith, an Interracial Wedding);

(October 6 – Under Fire at Con Thien, Vietnam);

October 13(Sculptor Tony Smith),

(October 20 – Rockefeller for President, Ronald Reagan for Vice-President);

October 27 (Antiwar Protesters March at Lincoln Memorial);

(November 3 – William Buckley);

November 17(Cleveland's Negro Mayor Stokes);

(November 24 – Britain's Prime Minister Harold Wilson);

(December 1 – Fashioin Designer Rudi Gernreich);

(December 8 - “Bonnie and Clyde” Movie);

(December 15 – Dr. Christiaan Barnard);

(December 22 – Bob Hope);

(December 29 – Jersey Standard's Michael Haider);

1967; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 6

January 13 (Chairman Mao);

January 20 ( H.E.W. Secretary Gardner);

January 27(Polluted Air: Los Angeles at 3:30P.M.);

February 3(Astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee);

February 24 (CIA Director Helms);

March 3(Playboy's Hugh Hefner),

March 10 (Henry R. Luce);

March 17 (Lynn & Vanessa Redgrave)

March 24 (Protestant Martin Luther);

March 31 (Aerospaceman James McDonnell);

April 7 (The Birth Cotrol Pill);

April 14 (US Politics: Weighing infor 1968),

April 21 (Brazil's President Costa E Silva);

May 5( Canada's Prime Minister Pearson),

May 12 (Federal Judge Frank Johnson),

May 19 (Tonight Show's Johnny Carson),

May 26 (Sgt. Clide Brown Jr.; The Negro in Vietnam);

July 7 (Canada Begins it's Second Century, Celebration at Parliment Hill);

July 28 (Urbanologist Pat Moynihan);

August 11(Urban League's Whitney Young);

September 8 (Conglomerate President Harold S. Geneen);

September 15 (Tory Leader Robert Stanfield);

September 29 (Mr. & Mrs. Guy Smith, an Interracial Wedding);

October 6(Soldier Under Fire at Con Thien, Vietnam);

October 13(Sculptor Tony Smith),

October 27 (Antiwar Protesters March at Lincoln Memorial);

(November 3 – William Buckley);

November 17(Cleveland's Negro Mayor Stokes);

(December 8 – Premiers Johnson & Robarts);

(December 22 – Bob Hope);

1968; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

(January 5 – Man of the Year President Lyndon Johnson);

(January 12 – New York's Samuel B. Gould);

(January 19 – Conductor Zubin Mehta);

January 26 (Penn-Central's Stuart Saunders);

February 9 (Hanoi's General Giap);

February 16 (John Kenneth Galbraith);

(February 23 – Soviet Admiral Gorshkov);

(March 15 – Joffrey Ballet's “Astarte”);

March 29(Monetary Fund's Pierre – Paul Schweitzer);

April 19 (General Creighton Abrams in Vietnam);

(May 3 – Hurbert Hoover);

May 31( Charles De Gaulle);

(June 14 – Robert Kennedy);

June 28 (Aretha Franklin);

(July 5 – Justice Abe Fortas);

July 12(Commercials: The Best and Worst on TV);

(July 19 – Los Angeles Police Chief Reddin);

July 26(US Presidential Challengers);

(August 2 – Owings of “Skidmore, Owings and Merrill”);

August 9 (Republican Keynoter Dan Evans);

August 23(Biafra's Agony: Conlonel Ojukwu);

September 6 (The Democrats After Chicago);

September 13(Detroit Tiger's Denny McLain);

(September 20 – Spiro Agnew);

September 27 (Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn);

November 1 (New York Mayor Lindsay);

November 8(President Johnson; Bombing Decision);

(November 15 – Richard Nixon);

(December 13 – Fedayeen Leader Arafat);

1968; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

(January 5 – L.B.J. As King Lear);

(January 12 – New York's Chancellor Samuel B. Gould);

January 26 (Penn-Central's Stuart Saunders);

February 2 (U.S.S. Pueblo Lloyd Bucher);

February 9 (Hanoi's General Giap);

February 16 (John Kenneth Galbraith);

March 8 (the Race for the G.O.P. Nomination: Richard Nixon vs. Nelson Rockefeller);

(March 22 – Eugene McCarthy);

March 29(Monetary Fund's Pierre – Paul Schweitzer);

April 5 (Czechoslovakia Party Boss Dubcek);

April 12(Canada's New Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau);

April 19 (General Creighton Abrams in Vietnam)

April 26 (Author John Updike);

May 10 (Paris Peasce Talks; Cyrus Vance/ Xuan Thuy/ Averell Harriman/ Mai Van Bo);

May 17(Poverty in Ameria:It's Cause& Extent);

May 31( Charles De Gaulle);

June 7(The Graduate 1968 Brian Weiss of U.C.L.A.),

June 28 (Aretha Franklin );

July 12(Commercials: The Best and Worst on TV);

July 26(US Presidential Challengers);

August 9 (Republican Keynoter Dan Evans);

August 23(Biafra's Agony: Conlonel Ojukwu);

September 6 (The Democrats After Chicago);

September 13(Detroit Tiger's Denny McLain);

September 27 (Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn);

October 18(George Wallace & Curtis Lemay);

October 25(Jacqueline & Aristotle Onassis);

November 1 (New York Mayor Lindsay);

November 8(President Johnson; Bombing Decision);

November 22 (Pope Paul VI; Rebellion in the Catholic Church);

December 20(Secretary of State William Rogers);

December 27 (Johann Sebastian Bach);

1969; TIME magazine (USA Editions); **

January 10(Senator Edward Kennedy);

January 17 (Fiat's Giovanni Agnelli);

April 18(Rage & Reform on Campus);

(May 30 – Justice Warren Burger);

June 6(Supertourist Temple Fielding);

August 29(Defense Secretary Laird);

September 12 (North Vietnams Ho Chi Minh),

November 7(California: Here it Comes!),

November 14 (Spiro Agnew),

1969; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions); ** ***

January 3 (Men of the Year:” Astronauts Anders, Borman and Lovell);

January 10(Senator Edward Kennedy);

January 17 (Fiat's Giovanni Agnelli);

February 7(Dustin Hoffman & Mia Farrow);

February 21 (What's Wrong With US Medicine);

March 7(LTV's Ling/ Textron's Miller/ Gulf & Western's Bluhdorn),

March 14 (The Great Missle Debate) ,

March 21 (Astrologer Carroll Righter);

April 18(Rage & Reform on Campus) ,

April 25 (Ethel Kennedy);

May 2(Northwest Territories' Duncan Pryde);

June 6(Supertourist Temple Fielding);

June 27(PrinceCharles Necessary?);

July 4(Cesar Chavaz),

July 11(The Sex Explosian),

July 18(To the Moon Special Supplement),

July 25 (Man on the Moon Astronaut Neil Armstrong);

August 8(John Wayne),

August 22(The Mafia vs. America );

August 29(Defense Secretary Laird);

September 5 (New York Mets Baseball's Wunderkinder),

September 12 (North Vietnams Ho Chi Minh),

September 19 (Israel's Golda Meir),

September 26(Drugs and the Young);

October 3(Mario Procaccino: the Battle for New York),

October 10(Socialist Willy Brandt),

October 24 (Richard Nixon),

October 31(Prime Minister Trudeau);

November 7(California: Here it Comes!),

November 14 (Spiro Agnew),

November 21 (Counterattack on Dissent) ,

November 28 (Raquel Welch Epoxy Resin Sculpture by Frank Gallo);

December 5(Lieut. William Calley Jr.),

December 12 (The Consumer Report),

December 19 (Economist Milton Friedman),

December 26 (Is God Coming back to Life?);

1970; TIME magazine (USA Editions); ** January 19(Pan AM's Najeeb Halaby), March 16(Heroin Hits the Young); (December 28 – The U.S. Family; “Help!”);

1970; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

**January 5(Man and Woman of the Year: the Middle Americans),

January 12(The Band: Canada's Contribution to Country Rock) ,

January 19(Pan AM's Najeeb Halaby),

January 26 (Biafra: End of a Rebellion);

February 2(Ecologist Barry Commoner),

February 9 (The American Indian: Goodbye to Tonto),

February 16 (Jane, Henry and Peter Fonda),

February 23 (Anita Caspary & James Shannon: Why Catholic Priest & Nuns are Quitting);

March 2(Japan Shows Off at Expo 1970),

March 9 (Retreat from Intregration),

March 16(Heroin Hits the Young),

March 23 (Inefficiency in America),

March 30 (US Postal Strike: A National Crisis);

April 6(US Postal Strike: a National Crisis);

April 13(Author Gunter Grass), April 20(President Richard Nixon),

April 27 (Apollo 13 Astronauts: James A Lovell Jr./ Fred W. Haise Jr./ John L. Swigert Jr.);

May 4(Russian Leader Brezhnev),

May 11 (Quebec's Robert Bourassa), May18 (Protest),

May 25(Sex Researchers Masters & Johnson);

June 1(Federal Reserve's Arthur Burns),

June 8(President Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Mitchell, Haldeman, Ehrlichman),

June 15(Director Mike Nichols),

June 22( The LeDain Report & Canada's Drug Culture),

June 29( Canada's Threatned Enviroment);

July 6(Fight Over the American Flag),

July 13 (Washington Police Chief Wilson),

July 20(Henry Ford II);

July 27 (Alaska Last Chance for a Last Frontier);

August 3(Growing Old- the Unwanted Generation),

August 10(Secretary of the State Rogers),

August 17 (How to Educate Your Parents),

August 24 (Wall St.'s New Money Managers),

August 31 (Femenist Kate Millett);

September 14 (John Fairchild of “Woman's Wear Daily”),

September 21(Pirates in the Sky)

September 28(Actress Genevieve Bujold);

October 5 (President Richard Nixon),

October 12(Egypt's Nasser),

October 19( The New FLQ Terrorism: James Cross),

October 26(Prime Minister Trudeau);

November 2 (The Urban Guerrillas),

November 9(US Workers New Power),

November 16(New Faces in Washington: Tunney/ Brock/ Buckley/ Stevenson),

November 30 (Martha Mitchell);

December 7(The Plight of the Vietnam War Prisoners),

December 14(The Battle of the US Dollar),

December 21(Admiral Zumwalt),

December 28 (The US Family: “Help!”);

1971; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 4(Man of the Year: Willy Brandt),

January 11(Actress Ali MacGraw),

January 18(US Prisons: School for Crime),

January 25(Rebel Priests Philip & Daniel Berrigan);

February 1(House Speaker Carl Albert),

February 8(The Welfare Maze),

February 15(General Creighton Abrams),

February 22(The Cooling of America);

March 1(The New Rock: James Taylor),

March 8(Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier),

March 15(Prime Minister Trudea & His New Bride Margaret Sinclair),

March 22 (George C. Scott),

March 29 (Kremlin Roulette: New Faces);

April 5 (After Aerospace Industry SST),

April 12 (Lieut. William Calley Jr.),

April 19 (The New Genetics),

April 26(China: A Whole New Game);

May 3(Cana's New Democrats David & Stephen Lewis),

May 10 (Sony's Akio Morita),

May 17 (Egypt's President Anwar Sadat),

May 24(The Graduate 1971),

May 31(Canadian Novelist Mordecai Richler);

June 7(TV's Dick Cavett),

June 14(Tricia Nixon & Edward Cox),

June 21 (The Jesus Revolution),

June 28 (Canada's Finance Minister Benson);

July 5 (The War Expose: Daniel Ellsberg),

July 12 (The Mafia at War: Joe Colombo SR.),

July 19 (Golf's Lee Trevino),

July 26 (President Nixon/ Henry Kissinger);

August 2 (Pakistan's Agony),

August 9 (Apollo is Astronauts: Scott/ Irwin/ Worden),

August 16 (George Shultz/ Arthur Burns),

August 23 (Oakland A's Pitcher Vida Blue),

August 30(President Richard Nixon);

September 6(George Meany),

September 13 (Senator Edmund Muskie),

September 20 (B.F. Skinner),

September 27(Attica Prison Riots);

October 4 (Japanese Emperor Hiohito),

October 11 (The New Spy),

October 18(John Connally),

October 25(“Jesus Christ Superstar” Rocks Broadway);

November 1(Ontario Premier Bill Davis),

November 8 (China's Chou En-Lai),

November 15 (The US Battle Over School Busing),

November 22 (Queen of Opera Beverly Sills),

November 29 (Ted Kenndy: Can He Win in 1972?);

December 6 (Indira Gandhi/ Yahya Khan),

December 13 (Looking for Life Out There: Seti),

December 20 (The Bloody Birth of Bangladesh),

December 27 (Stained Glass: the Good Samaritan);

1972; TIME magazine (USA Editions);

September 4 (“The Global War on Heroin”);

1972; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 3(Man of the Year: President Richard Nixon),

January 10(Masked I.R.A. Fighter),

January 17 (Quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Bob Griese),

January 24 (Howard Hughes),

January 31 (Comedian Flip Wilson);

February 7(Henry Kissinger),

February 14(Canada's Master Architect Arthur Erickson),

February 21 (Clifford Irving by Elmyr De Hory) ,

February 28 (Liza Minnelli);

March 6(President Nixon's China Odyssey),

March 13 (Is the US Goiing Broke?),

March 20(Special Issue: the New Woman),

March 27 (Governor George Wallace);

April 3 (Jack Anderson, Supersnoop),

April 10 (What it Means to be Jewish),

April 17 (Vietnamese Soldier),

April 24 (Gang War: the How and Why of Murder);

May 1(President Richard Nixon),

May 8 (Senator George McGovern),

May 15 (North Vietnam's General Giap),

May 22 (Nixon Strikes Back),

May 29(Leonid Brezhnev);

June 5(President Nixon & Leonid Brezhnev),

June 12 (Innkeeper “Holiday Inns” Kemmons Wilson),

June 19 (The Occult Revival),

June 26 (Polaroid's Land);

July 3(Woody Allen),

July 10 (Cincinnati's Catcher Johnny Bench),

July 17 (Democrat Delegate Kenneth Elstein),

July 24 (George McGovern & Tom Eagleton),

July 31 (Boris Spassky vs. Bobby Fisher);

August 7(Tom Eagleton),

August 14(Sargent Shriver),

August 21(Sex and the Teenager),

August 28 (President Nixon and Spiro Agnew);

September 4 (The Global War on Heroin),

September 11 (The Phrenology of Prime Minister Trudeau),

September 18 (Murder in Munich Olympics),

September 25 (Red Foxx/ Carroll O'Connor/ Bea Arthur);

October 2 (The Two America's Nixon's and McGovern's),

October 9 (Hockey Phil Esposito),

October 16 (New York Jets Quarterback Joe Namath),

October 23 (An American Disgrace; The $400,000,000 Election),

October 30 (Canada's Campaign 1972);

November 6 (The Shape of Peace),

November 13 (Pierre Trudea/ Robert Stanfield/ David Lewis),

November 20 (President Richard Nixon),

November 27 (Ernest & Julio Gallo);

December 4 (Actress Liv Ulman),

December 11 (Miami Dolphin's Coach Don Shula),

December 18 (Eating May not be Good for You),

December 25 (Skier Linda Agustsson);

1973; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 1 (Men of the Year: President Richard Nixon & Henry Kissinger),

January 8(After the Bombs, What Peace?),

January 15 (Crisis in Congress),

January 22 (Marlon Brando),

January 29 (President Richard Nixon by Jack Davis);

February 5(Vietnam Cease Fire),

February 12 (Roberta Flack/ Carole King/ Ian Anderson/ Harry Nilsson),

February 19 (Vietnam Prisoners Return Home),

February 26 (George Shultz);

March 5 (Carlos Castandeda: Magic and Reality),

March 12 (Europe: America's New Rival),

March 19 (Immunologist Robert Good),

March 26 (Austalia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam);

April 2 (Libya's Strongman Gaddafi),

April 9 (Food Prices: The Big Beef),

April 16 (Watergate Prober, Sam Ervin),

April 23 (Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe),

April 30 (Watergate Breaks Wide Open);

May 7(Chicago Conductor Georg Solti),

May 14(President Richard Nixon),

May 21 (John Mitchell),

May 28 (Watergate Dynamite: How Much Damage?);

June 4 (President Richard Nixon Fights Back),

June 11 (Superhorse Secretariat),

June 18 (President Nxon's Other Crisis),

June 25 (Russia's Leonid Brezhnev);

July 2(John Dean),

July 9 (Can Nixon Survive Dean?),

(July 16 – Marilyn Monroe & Norman Mailer);

July 23 (John Mitchell),

July 30 (President Nixon & Tapes);

August 6 (Showdown in the West),

August 13 (Minnesota's Governor Wendell Anderson),

August 20 (President Nixon and Spiro Agnew),

August 27 (President Nixon Scrambling to Break Free);

September 3 (Henry Kissinger),

September 10 (Tennis Player Bobby Riggs),

September 10 (Tennis Player Bobby Riggs),

September 17 (McDonald's Hamburger Empire),

September 24 (Chile's President Salvador Allende Gossens);

October 1 (The Spiro Agnew Crisis),

October 8 (President Nixon & Spiro Agnew),

October 15 (War in the Middle East),

October 22 (New Vice President Gerald Ford),

October 29 (Egypt's Anwar Sadat);

November 5 (President Nixon: The Push to Impeach),

November 12 (President Nixon's Jury, the People),

November 19 (Saudi Arabia's King Feisal),

November 26 (TV's Peter Falk as “Colombo”);

December 3(The Big Freeze: Energy Crisis),

December 17 (Gerald & Elizabeth Ford: Special Report on Comet “Kohoutek”),

December 24 (The Child's World Christmas 1973),

December 31 (The Big Car: End of the Affair);

1974; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 7(Man of the Year: Judge John Sirica),

January 14 (Inside the Brain),

January 21 (Energy Boss William Simon),

January 28 (Nixon's Telltale Tape);

February 4 (House Leader Tip O'Neill),

February 11 (Defense Secretary Schlessinger),

February 18 (Exxon: Testing the Tiger),

February 25 (Alexander Solzhenitsyn);

March 4 (What Ails the CBC?),

March 11 (Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski),

March 18 (Robert Redford & Mia Farrow “The Great Gatsby”),

March 25 (Counsel for Nixon James St. Clair);

April 1(Henry Kissinger),

April 8 (World Inflation),

April 15 (President Nixon's Tax Scandal),

April 22 (Alcoholism: New Victims, New Treatments),

April 29 (Patty Hearst); May 6 (Merle Haggard),

May 13 (President Richard Nixon),

May 20 (Canada's Campaign),

May 27 (Mid-East Massacres);

June 3 (Oakland A's Reggie Jackson),

June 10 (Henry Kissinger),

June 17 (Middle Class Blacks: Making it in America),

June 24 (Presidnet Nixon and Anwar Sadat);

July 1 (President Nixon & Leonid Brezhnev),

July 8 (Pierre Trudea/ Robert Stanfield/ David Lewis),

July 15 (World Leaders),

July 22 (Pierre & Margaret Trudeau),

July 29 (Battle Over Cyprus);

August 5 (Alberta's Premier Peter Lougheed),

August 12 (Jack Nicholson),

August 19 (President Gerald Ford),

August 26 (President Ford on the Move);

September 2 (Nelson Roskefeller),

September 9 (The Big Headache: the Economy),

September 16 (The Falling US Birth Rate),

September 23 (President Ford Under Fire),

September 30(CIA Director William E. Colby);

September 30 (Britain Adrift; Europe Issue);

October 7 (Political Wives: Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Joan Kennedy),

October 14 (Canada vs. Russia: Hockey Melee 1974),

October 21 (British Prime Minister Harold Wilson),

October 28 (TV's Mary Tyler Moore & Valerie Harper);

November 4 (Pierre & Margaret Trudeau in Europe),

November 11 (Palestine Leader Yasser Arafat),

November 18 (The Democrateic Sweep, Now What?),

November 25 (The Big Raise: Labor and Inflation);

December 2 (Israel Premier Yitzhak Rabin),

December 9 (Inside Canada's Prisons),

December 16 (Joni Mitchell) ,

December 23 (The American Pet),

December 30 (How True is the Bible?);


1975; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 6 (Man of the Year: King Faisal),

January 13 (Dr. John Laragh Conquering Hypertension),

January 20 (President Gerald Ford),

January 27 (Doctoring the Economy);

February 3 (China's Premier Chou En-Lai),

February 10 (Detroit's Big Gamble: Rebatees and Smaller Cars),

February 17 (Immigration: What Kind of Canada?),

February 24 (Philadelphia Flyer's Goalie Bernie Parent);

March 3(The World Arms Trade),

March 10 (American Jews and Israel),

March 17 (Cher),

March 24 (The Dredging Scandal in Canada),

March 31 (Vietnam: The Last Retreat);

April 7 (America and th eWorld “A Moment of Danger”),

April 14 (Collapse in Vietnam),

April 21 (President Gerald Ford),

April 28 (Wages: The Scramble to Catch Up);

May 5 (Hanoi's Triumph),

May 12 (Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh),

May 19 (Mikhail Baryshnikov),

May 26 (President Ford);

June 2 (Old Age: How to Help Our Parents),

June 9 (Egypt's Anwar Sadat),

June 16 (Margaux Hemingway),

June 23 (Toronto's Mayor David Crombie),

June 30 (Crime: Why and What to Do);

July 7(Rock's Captain Fantastic Elton John),

July 14 (Adam Smith),

July 21 (Space Spectacular: Science, Politics and Show Biz),

July 28 (President Ford andn Family);

August 4 (Showdown in Helsinki: President Gerald Ford and Premier Leonid Brezhnev),

August 11 (Lisbon's Troika: Red Thread in Portugal),

August 18 (Oatland A's Charlie Finley),

August 25 (Mid-East: is Peace at Hand?);

September 1 (Forecast: Earth Quake),

September 8 (Air Force Sergeant Matlovich “I am a Homosexual”),

September 15 (The Girl who Almost Killed President Ford: Lynette Fromme),

September 22 (Busing Battle in US),

September 29 (Apprehended: Patty Hearst, Alias Tania);

October 6 (Canada's Finance Minister Donald MacDonald),

October 13 (The Maharishis: Meditation),

October 20 (New York's Mayor Beame),

October 27 (Strong Medicine for Canadian Economy);

November 3 (Canadian Author Robertson Davies),

November 10 (Music's Wonder Woman: Sarah Caldwell),

November 17 (President Ford “My Guys” by Jack Davis);

December 1 (Bloomingdale's),

December 8 (Pittsburgh Steeler's Front Four),

December 15 (Marisa Berenson in Stanley Kubrick's “Barry Lyndon”),

December 22 (The Truth About J. Edgar Hoover),

December 29 (Living Saints: Mother Teresa);


1976; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 5 (Women oft he Year: All of the Them),

January 12 (Soap Operas: Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes),

January 19 (China's Teng Hsiao – Ping: Chou's Successor),

January 26 (US Representative to UN Pat Moynihan);

February 2 (Olympic Preview: Skater Dorothy Hamill),

February 9 (Prime Minister Trudeau with Fidel Castro in Cuba),

February 16 (Patty Hearst & Defense Lawyer F. Lee Bailey),

February 23 Lockheed Scandal);

March 1 (Canada's New Tory Leader Joe Clark),

March 8 (Who is Jimmy Carter?),

March 15 (Americans on the Move),

March 22 (Model Carol Gustafson),

March 29 (Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford in “All the President's Men”);

April 5 (The Porno Plague in America),

April 12 (The Mideast Agony: How Israel Got the Bomb),

April 19 (Howard Hughes),

April 26 (“Baseball Springs Eternal” by Jack Davis);

May 3 (Modern Royalty),

May 10 (Jimmy Carter),

May 17 (Republican Rumble: Ronald Reagan vs. Gerald Ford),

May 24 (US Catholicism: a Church Divided),

May 31 (Paul McCartney);

June 7 (The West Point Scandal),

June 14 (Italian Communist Leader Berlinguer),

June 21 (Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reager, Gerald Ford),

June 28 (Travel '76: Rediscovering America);

July 5 (America's New Immigrant's),

July 12 (The Bugs are Coming: Killer Wasps),

July 19 (Democratic National Convention in New York),

July 26 (Jimmy Carter & Family);

August 2 (Rumania's Nadia Comaneci),

August 9 (Gerald Ford),

August 16 (Disease Detectives: Tracing the Philly Killer),

August 23 (“The Plight of the G.O.P” by Jack Davis),

August 30 (Gerald Ford and Bob Dole);

September 6 (Sex and Tennis: The New Battleground),

September 13 (US Campaign Kickoff),

September 20 (Chairman Mao TSE-Tung),

September 27 (The South Today: Jimmy Carter Country);

October 4(Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford),

October 11 (Rhodesia's Ian Smith),

October 18 (Gerald Ford's Setback),

November 1 (Voting Your Pocketbook),

November 8 (Jimmy Carter & Gerlad Ford by Jack Davies),

November 15 (Jimmy Carter “What I'll Do”),

November 29 (Artist Rauschenberg);

December 6 (Gambling Goes Legit),

December 13 (Howard Hughes: His Secret Life),

December 20 (Jimmy Carter's Great Talent Hunt),

December 27 (Stars: Where Life Begins);


1977; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

January 10 (The Great American Spectacle: Superbowl),

January 17 (Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch),

January 24 (America's Mood: Hopeful – Sort of),

January 31 (The Big Freeze: Record: Record Winter Cold);

February 7(Amy Carter and Her Dog Grits),

February 14 (“Roots” Author Alex Haley and Actor Levar Burton),

February 21 (Russia's Andrei Sakharov);

February 28 (Linda Ronstadt);

March 7 (Uganda's Idi Amin),

March 14 (“Total Joy” Author Marabel Morgan),

March 21 (Mao's Wife Tells Her Story),

March 28 (New Queen of Comedy: Lily Tomlin);

April 4 (James Schlesinger),

April 11 (Air Travel: How Safe?),

April 18 (The DNA Furor), April 25 (President Jimmy Carter);

May 2 (Uncle Jimmy Wants You: But Will America Enlist?),

May 9 (Richard Nixon, David Frost),

May 16 (The Mafia: Big, Bad and Booming),

May 23 (Defense Secretary Harold Brown),

June 6 (Hamilton Jordan, Jody Powell),

June 13 (Jockey Steve Cauthen, Peter Frampton, Cookie King Famous Amos, Novelist Colleen McCullough),

June 20 (James Earl Ray),

June 27 (Spanish Premier Adulfo Suarez);

July 4(Here Comes Summer: The New Swimsuits),

July 11 (Youth Crime),

July 18 (Minnesota Twin's Rod Carew),

July 25 (Blackout '77: Once More, with Looting);

August 1(Sociobiology: a New Theory of Behavior),

August 15 (New York Times Publisher Sulzberger),

August 22 (Getting Out of the Panama Canal),

August 29 (Minority Within a Minority: The Underclass);

September 5(ABC's TV Showman Fred Silverman),

September 12 (Sky-High Housing),

September 19 (The Lance Affair: What it Cost Jimmy Carter),

September 26 (Diane Keaton);

October 3 (Author John Le Carre),

October 10 (The battle Over Forced Retirement),

October 17 (President Jimmy Carter, Israel's Moshe Dayan),

October 24 (Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich),

October 31 (War on Terrorism);

November 7 (Anthropologist Richard Leakey, Homo Habilis),

November 14 (US High Schools in Trouble),

November 21 (South African Prime Minister John Vorster),

November 28 (Egypt's President Anwar Sadat);

December 5 (National Wopman's Conference 1977),

December 12 (Washington Governor Dixy Lee Ray),

December 19 (The Cooking Craze),

December 26 (The Evangelicals: New Empire of Faith);


1978; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);


1979; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);

June 4 (Columnist Russell Baker),

June 11 (West German Chancellor Schmidt),

June 18 (Pope John II in Poland),

June 25 (The Summit: President Carter & Leonid Brezhnev),

July 2 (The Energy Mess),

July 9 (Opec's Tighting Oil Squeeze),

July 16 (Here Comes Skylab),

July 23 (President Carter at the Crossroads),

July 30 (President Carter's Cabinet Shake-Up);

August 13 (Actress Diane Lane),

August 20 (Judging the Judges),

August 27 (The Topsy-Turvy Economy);

September 3 (Photograppher Ansel Adams),

September 10 (G.O.P. Candidate John Connally),

September 17 (Storm Over Cuba: Fidel Castro and US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance),

September 24 (Opera's Golden Tenor Pavarotti);

October 1 (“White House Years” Henry Kissinger),

October 8 (Mexico President Jose Lopez Portillo),

October 15 (Pope John Paul II),

October 22 (Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker),

October 29 (Expanding America's Arsenal: General David C. Jones);

November 12 (Starvation: Deathwatch in Cambodia),

November 19 (Iran Blackmailing the US),

November 26 (President Jimmy Carter, Ayatullah Khomeini);

December 3(Attacking America: Fury in Iran),

December 10 (Iran's Deposed Shah),

December 17 (Rock's Outer Limits: The Who),

December 24 (The Cooling of America: Cold Waves and Fuel Up),

December 31 (The Art and Antique Boom);


1980; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);


1981; TIME magazine (USA Editions);

(June 8 - “The Savings Revolution);

(July 27 – Defense Secretary Caspar Weiberger);

(August 3 – Princess Diana & Prince Charles);


1981; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);


1982; TIME magazine (CANADIAN Editions);