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Canadian Magazine (Weekend Section from Winnipeg Tribune Newspaper) - (1956 thru 1988; Bonus Insert Magazine, that came with the Newspaper ) for sale;


OCTOBER 13 ( Cover; Female Archer Betty McKeown; Paris Sets the Fall Fashions; Swimmer Marilyn Bell on her Crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria; Atomic Age Temple - England's Calder Hall the First Full Scale Atomic Power Plant; Dutch Movie Star Antonia "Toos" Hertz; James Cagney on Vacation; Japanese Fighting Dogs)

OCTOBER 20 (Cover; Gridiron Glamour Girl Dorothy Hill; "We Crossed the Atlantin on a Raft" by Henri Beaudout; Merchandising Political Candidates; The Sorrow of Anna Magnani her Polio Stricken Son; Canada's Answer to Davy Crockett - Pierre Radisson; Hollywood Shoots for Size in Big Budget Epics)

NOVEMBER 3 (Cover; Ballerina Celia Franca; Covict Bob Graham Donates his Eyes a Week Before his Execution; University of King's College at Halifax; Canada's National Ballet is Winning International Fame; Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh; The Petticoat Vote Can Swing the U.S. Election; Color TV's on the Way; Cartoonist Normand Hudon; "Why I Pick Patterson" by Sports Writer Andy O'Brien)


JULY 27 (Cover; Young Girl Darlene Gessner Holding an Umbrella; Estevan Saskatchewan Enjoys it's Growing Pains; Northern Birds in the Midnight Sun - photos by Dalton Muir; Ben Alexander of TV's "Dragnet"; Canada's Golf Driving Ranges; Canadian Centurion Tanks to Join NATO; Mrs. Oliver Smith Makes Silks for Race Tracks all Over Canada; Frank Filchock "Eastern Canada Plays Dumb Football")

SEPTEMBER 7 (Cover; Model and Mother - Mary Lou Dryden; Hollywood Goes Hemingway; TV Star Basset Hound Cleo of "The People's Choice"; Leopold Fischer of Austria "I Became a Hindu Monk"; Montreal the Mat Mecca of Wrestling; Prince Charles at his School's Annual Sports Day; Montreal Alouettes Hal Patterson; United Church Minister Anne Graham; Do-It-Yourself Rocket Enthusiests)

SEPTEMBER 21 (Cover; Duck Decoy Carver Montreal's Robert Paquette; Mitzi Gaynor Wins Role in "South Pacific"; Alberta's Singing Cabinet Minister Alf Hooke; Queen Elizabeth Starts Tiara Fashion; Baby Elephant is Rescued from Mud by British Soldiers in East Africa; 52 World Seriies Give Baseball Fans Something to Remember them By; Ottawa Rough Riders Bob Simpson; Kitchener Ontario's Market Day)


AUGUST 23 (Cover; Teenagers Anne Bilawski and Peter Martin at the Canadian National Exhibition; WW ll Sailor Thomas Fuller was Pirate of the Adriatic; Why Men fall for Ingrid Bergman; Dynamite Demolition in Washington D.C.; Royal and Ancient Golkf Course in St. Andrews Scotland)

NOVEMBER 29 (Cover; Beagle Puppy Butch and Kitten Minnie; Would you Marry your Husband Again ?; Mackenzie King a Political Biography; Pope John 23rd Succeeds a Beloved Pope; Barbara Hutton's son Lance Reventlow Grows Up; Yvon DurelleAims to Knockout Archie MooreMontreals's Lively Theatre du Nouveau Monde)


MAY 9 (Cover; Vancouver's Lorraine Smith; 8-year old German boy Lutz Nickel and Parents Escape to West Berlin; There's no one Finer than Dinah Shore; William Merritt Built Canada's First Welland Canal; How can Sports Stars Enjoy Life ?; The Panghorns 380 lb. Baby Elephant)


NOVEMBER 26 (Cover; 7 1/2 year old Toni Tata's Expressive Face; Canadian Race Car Driver Peter Ryan; Canada's Changing City Skylines Painted by John Walsh; Jimmie Rodgers has Plenty to Sing About; Treasure Hunt in a Pirates Haunt the Mahe Island; Feast of Beauty for Rose Lovers; Montreal's Micheline Beauchemin New Twist on Tapestry; Hockey Linesman George Hayes Has Weathered 125 Brawls)


OCTOBER 7 (Cover; Margo Manings Toronto Pukka polo Player; Why the Police are Losing Prestige; Twins for Dionne Quint Cecile Langlois; Common Male Foilbles; Bill and Pauline Childs Adopted a Negro Child and Would Again; Mystery of the "Babes in the Wood" Murder in Vancouver; What's Wrong with Plump Women ?; Robert Restall and Family Treasure Hunting for 2 Years on Oak Island off Nova Scotia; Louis St.Laurent looks back over His Career; Gary Cooper's Daughter Maria; The Moose - Giant of the Woods; Hockey's Maurice Richard was the Best of them All; Magic of the Mountains Paintings by Lorne Bouchard)

OCTOBER 14(Cover; Forest of Masts in Vancouver Harbour; How Court Prices Your Injuries; "The Uninvited Envoy" Part 1 of 3 - The Mystery Flight of Rudolf Hess; Rare Glimpses of a Silent World of the Carmelites paintings by Gabriel Bastien; Policewoman Sally Krowchynski joins Edmonton Police Flying Club; Explosion Test of 100 Tont Of TNT at Suffield Alberta;Willis Boshears of the U.S.A.F. Aquitted of Murder in England because he Killed the 20-year old Jean Constable in his Sleep; "We Flew into Hurricane Carla" by Patrick Nagle; The Lynx his Winters are Lean painting by George McLean; NHL President Clarence Campbell Weathers Storms)

OCTOBER 21 (Cover; Ottawa Rough Riders Majorette Annabelle Boucher; The Race for the Moon; Filming "West Side Story in New York City with Natalie Woods; "The Uninvited Envoy" Part 2 of 3 - Hitler gets the Astonishing News; Across Canada 380,000 Guns are Booming in Duck Season; The White Tailed Deer ever Alert painting by George Mclean)

OCTOBER 28 (Cover; Halloween Costumed boys Stephen as a Ghost and Brian as a Devil; CBC Broadcaster J. Frank Willis "My Life on the Air"; Big Changes in Fur Fashions; Thge Otter painting by George McLean; To Ottawa's Frank Clair Canada's Schools Spell Strong Kids and Weak Coaches; "The Uninvited Envot" Part 3 of 3 - How Churchill Shattered Hess's Plan)

NOVEMBER 4 (Cover; Allen Farrell Boatbuilder Sailing to Adventure on the "Ocean Girl"; India Prime Minister Nehru the Lonely Leader of 500 Million; "I Love Having my own Zoo" by Gerald Durrell; Actress Dianne Foster Deplores the Loss of Glamour in Films; Lord Martin Cecil - Rancher Bishop of the Cariboo; Can You Judge People ?; Memorial to Stephen Leacock at McGill University; Boys Meet Girls in Los Angeles Traffic Jams; Longshot Boxer Tom McNeeley; Montreal's Ginette Letondal Promising Star of French Show Business; Busman's Holiday for Artists paintings by Gabriel Bastien)

NOVEMBER 11 (Cover; Canadian Fashions make a Hit in the U.K.; Fallacies of Fallout Shelters; 9-year old Walter Sedor of Flin Flon Alone in the Bush for 15 Days by Crashed Plane; Canadian Who Liberated a French Village - Gordon Sim of Kitchener Ontario; "Learn How to L:ive with your Middle Years" part 1 of 3; Indian Lassies Take to the Pipes - Cariboo Indian Girls Pipe Band; Anything Goes on the Riviera; The Life and Loves of George Raft; Shattering Eddie Shack Plays Hockey the Hard Way)

NOVEMBER 18 (Cover; Scruff the Boxer Dog Leaping in the Air at a Balloon; Canadian Football's 1961 All Canada 12; "Learn How to Live with your Middle Years - What's Behind that Last Fling ?" part 2 of 3; Corinne Calvert Keeps her Secrets; National Film Board Sells Canada to the World; Wanted - a Break for the Left Handed in a Right Handed World; Regina Honors the Whooping Crane - Sculpted by John Nugent; The Artless Art of Dr. Seuss; Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Hit the Road again in " Road to Hong Kong"; Montreal Nurse Vicki Schacter spent 6 Months in india Aiding Tibetan Refugees)

DECEMBER 2 (Cover; Scilla Gabel is Stand-in for Sophia Loren; St. John's Newfoundland Memorial University; "The Fantastic Mountbattens - How Lord Louis Avenged his Father" part 1 of 2; "Why I fled Russia" part 2 of 4 by Dr. Klochko; 2000 Feet from Canada is U.S. Nuclear Missle Base Launch Complex No.1; Lion Tamer Evelyn Currie; Pond Inlet Teacher Carl Reid; Visit to Grandmother the Princess Royal of Harewood; Archie Moore's 25th Anniversary in the Ring)

DECEMBER 9 (Cover; Brunette in Red Dress playing a Flute; Crowded World of Christmas Shoppers; Canada's African Student Foundation has 63 African Students at Canadian Universities; Sam Bronston the new DeMille; "The Fantastic Mountbattens - Dickie Keeps his Promise to the King" part 2 of 2; Fashions that add Pleasure to Leisure; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Claude Provost; Favorite Yarns of N.H.L. Tub-Thumpers; "Why I fled Russia" part 3 of 4 by Dr. Klochko; The Many Lives of the Capricious Cat)

DECEMBER 16 (Cover; Cat beside a pot of Azaleas; The Dramatic Voyage of the Leicester; Women's Prison Fashions; "Why I fled Russia" part 4 of 4 by Dr. Klochko; Hockey Stars - Chicago Black Hawks Elmer Vasko; Now Montreal Loves Leaping Lou Fontinato; Flowers Fit the Festive Season)

DECEMBER 23 (Cover; Christmas on the Cookes Farm near Calgary; Hong Kong 1941 - Christmas of Defeat; Home Grown Dancers with a Modern Touch - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet; "The Fourth Wise Man" by Mairuth Hodge; Western Style Christmas; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Dave Keon; 1-page "Nipper" Comic Strip)

DECEMBER 30 (Cover; Queen Elizabeth in Ghana; Andy O'Brien "My Favorite Sports Moments During 1961"; Salute to the Photographers Art; Weekend Magazine 1962 Centerfold Pull-out Calendar; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Warren Godfrey; Englishman Barry Ashton ius King of the Showgirls; Mdic-Alert Life Saving Bracelets)


JANUARY 6 (Cover; Young Girl Heather Young in Rain Fashion; When Will We Cheer Brains Too ? - Education; Saint or Sinner ? - Evangelist Ainee Semple McPherson; Minature Shetland Ponies the Smallest Horses in the World; Kingston Royal Military College Launches Sports Adventure; Hockey Stars - New York Rangers Lorne Worsley; Arabic Dancer and Montreak Night Club Sahara owner Fawzia Amir)
JANUARY 20 (Cover; Brunette in Swimsuit with a Collie; Montreal Policeman Inspector Joe Bedard " I've Never Met a Smart Holdup Man"; What's New in Swim Suits; The Dance The Twist lands in Canada; Bette Davis Speaks her Mind; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Marcel Bonin; Andy O'Brien "How College Hockey can Come Back")

JANUARY 27 (Cover; Young Boy Learning to Ski in Jasper; Wacky Ways of Wasting Government Money; How British Acors Conquered Broadway; R.C.M.P. Pilot Staff Sgt. Robert Lorne Fletcher Saved 8 Lives in Rescue Wins U.S.A.F. Citation; Tahitian Bride Suzanne weds Canadian Wayne Dewar of Nova Scotia; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Allan Stanley; Andy O'Brien "Only a Miracle Scorer Will Pass Gordie Howe")

FEBRUARY 3 (Cover; Judith Evelyn as Queen Elizabeth the First; It Takes 20 Crews to Keep Train 901 Rolling 2,700 Miles Across Canada; How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty - part 1 of 2; Immigrant's Son Bernard Kliger Founder of Speedy Auto Glass; Paul Anka Aweigh; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Johnny Bower; Andy O'Brien "In Heavyweight Title Boats Few Haven't Been Mismatches"Retiring in Tax Free Bahama Hill's Island)

FEBRUARY 10 (Cover; Quebec Winter Carnival's Bonhomme Carnaval with Beth and Randy Brooks; Canadians in a Great Adventure part 1 of 2 - WW ll French Resistance; How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty - part 2 of 2; Can the European Kings Make a Comeback ?; Ingvard Nielsen Teams Up with Actor Son Leslie Nielsen for a TV Series "The New Breed"; Hockey Stars - Chicago Black Hawks Stan Mikita; Andy O'Brien "Olympic Barometer Tells Real Story")

FEBRUARY 17 (Cover; Mrs. Dot Wallis goes Bowling; U.S. Crime Syndicates are Moving in on Canada - part 1 of 2; Crystals Viewed Under a Microscope; Canadians in a Great Adventure part 2 of 2 - WW ll French Resistance; Northern Eskimo Dolls are a Hit Down South; Hockey Stars - Boston Bruins Don McKenney; Top Hockey Clutch Scorers)

FEBRUARY 24 (Cover; 3-Year Old Hockey Player Ken Linseman; Prairie Winter - A Land Asleep Under Snow; Love Brings Canada a Soviet Ballerina - Galina Samtsova; Crime Syndicates are Moving in on Canada - part 2 of 2 "How Gambling Finances Big Time Crime"; Summer Resort as Tourists Never See It - paintings by Gabriel Bastien; Gene Schoor at the Wheel of his Custom Car the Astro-Gnome; Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke Filming "The Miracle Worker"; Hockey Stars - New York Rangers Doug Harvey; Marie Claire Kirkland Casgrain First Woman in Quebec Legislature; The Canada Library at Philipps University in Marburg Germany; Roger Maris Takes Us Backstage on Batting; Maternity Clothes Designer John Fenney)

MARCH 10 (Cover; 19-year old Arlene Phillips; "My Holiday in Prague Ended in a Red Jail" by Milorad Cop; Marie St. Laurent Helps Canadians in Florida; Skiing on a Budget with the Moore Family of Islington; Melina Mercouri "I Live for Work and Love"; Andy O'Brien "Two Goalies put Spectacle in Stops - Gump Worsley and Jacques Plante; The Rockefellers Change with the Times)

MARCH 17 (Cover; Rosemary Galloway and her Guinea Pig; How Auto Seat Belts Could Save Thousands of Canadian Lives; Betty Betz Writes Another Book on Manners; Ralph Vardy Fell into the Atlantic and was Rescued; Andy O'Brien "How Good was John L. Sullivan ?"; Jeep for the Jet Age; Donna Heald's Crow Herky from Victoria B.C.; Komoka School with Syrup for Sale)

MARCH 24 (Hayley Mills and Maurice Chevalier; Canada Council - How to Give Away $3 Million a Year; Signs That Bring a Smile; Queen Elizabeth Choses Gordonstoun School for Prince Charles; India's Krishna Menon Keeps the United Nations Hopping; Canada's Boom in Bowling; French or English ? - Names Alone Won't Tell You)

MARCH 31 (Cover; Scene From Musical on Seperastists with Judith Pare, Robert Des Roches and Jean Perraud; B.C. Man Charles Heathman "I Spent a Year Waiting to be Hanged"; How Jackie Kennedy Conquered the World; Andy O'Brien "Playoff Moment with Morenz"; Norma Springford of Montreal Theatre; Canadian Fashion Designer Scaasi; Simple Tests that can Avert Tragedy - PKU Disease)

APRIL 7 (Cover; Princess Margaret at a Canadian Ball; Canadian Jazz Singer Stevie Wise now wife of Earl Listowel; Montreal's City of Hope - Emmaus Project; Movie "A Cold Wind" Makes Actress Lola Albright a Hot Property: League of the Light Fingered - Shoplifting in Canada; Fiddler and Band Leader Ellis Wilson; Andy O'Brien " Canadian Ted Bowsfield Idol Among the Los Angeles Angels"; Bud Henning's All-Girl Oil Drill Crew - His Three Daughters)

APRIL 14 (Cover; Margarita Sierra and her Castanets; Two Prospectors Who Refused to Die - Alfred Triggs and George Smashnuk; Lady Listowels Story "I Get a New Face And Became a Countess"; Canada's Role in Space Flights; Brasilia - a Symbol in the Wilderness; Canadian Fran McKearney Prison Romance with U.S. Convict; Self Hypnosis Offers Hope to Golfers: Canadian Theatre Actor Alexis Kanner in London England; "I Married a Spy" by Gillian Blake; All Girl Rugby Team from Sydney Australia; Majorettes on Parade in Quebec City)

APRIL 21 (Cover; Royal Road Estates of Victoria B.C.; The New Coventry Cathedral; The Secret of Sophia Loren's Serenity; "I Was a Prisoner in Castro's Cuba" part 1 of 2 by Alan Judge; Lady Listowel "I am Happier Now than Ever"; Quebec's Singing Priest Father Bernard de Brienne; Harold Town the Bad Boy of Canadian Art - part 1 of 2; Stan Musial "Never Try to Hit a Home Run"; Victoria B.C. Blooms in the Spring)

APRIL 28 (Cover; Judy Hoffman and her Walrus; This Man is Dangerous - the Average Way of Thinking; "My Terror Ride in the Andes" by Gerald Clark; Traditional May Day Celebrations in New Westminster B.C.; Yoga for Youngsters; Sentimental Journey for a WW ll Spitfire to Canada; They Scour the Earth for Miracle Drugs; Lydia Brazzi Losy a 100 Pounds in a Year; Andy O'Brien "Tagged Florida Fish Pay to be Caught"; "I Was a Prisoner in Castro's Cuba" part 2 of 2 by Alan Judge; Real Estate Agent from Calgary Evelyn Hinds; Harold Town the Bad Boy of Canadian Art - part 2 of 2)

MAY 5 (Cover; Travel Coats that are at Home Anywhere; How the Ship St. Roch Sailed into Fame - Northwest Passage with an 8 Mountie Crew; Toronto Born Ballerina and Mom - Melissa Hayden; Lake Eriie Marsh Where the Swans Rest; U.N. Camp of Despair in the Congo - 50,000 Balubas; Susannah York a Movie Star in the Making; Swedes Fight to Stay Neutral; Andy O'Brien "Dodgers Brass tell How To Get Major League Baseball in Canada)

MAY 12 (Cover; Elaine Kennedy Gombault a Parisienne Hostess from Winnipeg; Prince Philip a Royal Patron of Science; Do-it-Yourself Broadway Musicals; Raymond Massey Triumphs as a Doctor; Artist Eric Wesselow a New Way with Glass; Pitcher Warren Spahn Shows us Baseball's $80,000 Screwball)

MAY 19 (Cover; Four-in-one Women's Hat; First Lady of Laughter - Rosalind Russell part 1 of 2; The Day a U-2 Spy Plane Crash Landed in Canada; Bridge Champion Toronto's Eric Murray; How a Bursting Star Could Change our World; Canada Helps Nigeria to Learn; New Movie Spoof on TV with Bert Lahr, Buster Keaton and Eddie Foy Jr.; Seventh Grade Hop - drawing by Robert Buckham; Le Hibou Hideout for Highbrows; What Do Your Dreams Mean; Temple Pasture Mission in Gatineau Hills; Andy nO'Brien "Incredible is the Indy 500"; Ann Corio Brings Back Burlesque)

MAY 26 (Cover; 11-year old Anne Beth Gajda Flying a Kite; "I Was History's Greatest Spy" part 1 of 4 - by Elyesa Bazna alias Cicero; London England's Secretaries on Call by Radio; "My Paintings" the Collection of W. Somerset Maugham; First Lady of Laughter - Rosalind Russell part 2 of 2; An Incomplete Guide to Canadian Elections; Strip Clubs are Reverend Vernon Mitchell's Parrish; Chapel for the Worship of Nature - St. Francis Chapel of the Birds in the Okanagan Valley; Mrs. Churchill Mann's Breeder of Race Horses near Aurora Ontario)

JUNE 2 (Cover; Women's Head Cover-ups are Going Places; Europe Rides a New Wave of Prosperity; Shirley Booth of TV's "Hazel"; Toronto's New Education Centre is a Dream for Teachers; Enter the Air Buggy - Gyroplane; Frankie Avalon Gives his Parents a House; "I Was History's Greatest Spy" part 2 of 4 by Elyesa Bazna alias Cicero; Andy O'Brien "Casey Stengal Legend Grows"; Nesting Grounds in B.C. for Herons)

JUNE 9 (Cover; Stratford Actress Toby Robins; High Cost of Weddings; My Three Days in Ontario Gambling Clubs; Rare Finds in Rare Books; The Vanishing Art of Stealing Elections; "I Was History's Greatest Spy" part 3 of 4 by Elyesa Banza alias Cicero; St. Anthony's Feast Day - paintings by George Grammat)

JUNE 16 (Cover; Big Horn Sheep at Banff; "I Was History's Greatest Spy" part 4 of 4 by Elyesa Bazna alias Cicero; The Seattle World's Fair; Pint Sized Pianist Hilda Irek in Toronto; Game Warden Peter Tasker of Banff is a Game Hunter with a Camera; Walter McCall of Windsor Ontario Makes Miniature Hearses as a Hobby; Andy O'Brien "Boxing Champs Need Protection Too"; Graduation Day - paintings by Gabriel Bastien)

JUNE 23 (Cover; Cooking with Basil FitzGibbon; Canada's One Crime That Pays - The Irish Sweepstakes; James Stewart is Hollywood's Perfect Husband; Great Day for French Canada - paintings by Maurice Thomas; Charm School for Men; Steam Locomotive Buffs; Retracing the Steps of Laura Secord takes Endurance; Mystery of the Red Alligator of Florida Swamps; Queen Juliana's Glittering Silver Wedding)

JUNE 30 (A Shriner Takes Good Cheer to a Hospital; Calgary Stampede a Sprightly 50 Year Old; Jerry Gosley's Smile Show in Victoria B.C.; Canadian Water Skiing Champion Clint Ward; Showgirl Lindis Guinness is 6 feet 6 inches in Heels; Prisoners Adopt a Family)

JULY 7 (Cover; The Queen Mother in Canada; Why Don't Bachelor Girls Get Married ?; Family that Flirts with Death - The Riddells Stunt Car Drivers; Storybook Animal Reserve at Nature';s Haven; Belinda Mulroney Carbonneau was the Richest Woman in the Klondike)

JULY 14 (Cover; Margaret Arnold of Richmond B.C. at the Stratford Theatre; "The Divine Propagandist" by Lord Beaverbrook; High School Students from Across Canada at Stratford Theatre; Harold Hussey Do-it yourselfer Who Will Tackle Anything; Broadway Play Becomes Movie "The Music Man"; Ex-Boxing Champ Barney Ross "The Moment When I Knew I was Beat"; New Road to Newfoundland's Beauty - paintings by John Walsh)

JULY 21 (Cover; Christine Kaufmann is Germany's Gift to Hollywood; "Farewell to Eden" by Richard Harrington on his Time in Tahiti;Montreal's Holdup Squad Joe Bedard last week; United Church of Canada Young People with a Purpose; Last Year's Rookie Golfer of the Year Jack Cupit; 102 Pound Lake Trout from Lake Athabasca; Small Boats take too Many Lives)

AUGUST 18 (Twin Girls Celine and Martine Letendre of Charny on St. Lawrence; "Dieppe" part 1 of 5 by Terence Robertson; Cover Story - Twins with Twin Tastes; Barrie Ontario's Big Brass Band; The Moscow Circus is Coming to Canada; Mernie Purvis of Kelowna B.C. her Heart is in Hawaii; Floyd Patterson vs. Sonny Liston "Sonny Won't see Round Six"; A Night at "The Ex" paintings by John Walsh)

OCTOBER 27 (Cover; Buch of Different Jack-o-lanterns; Z"The Incredible Journey" by Shelia Burnford; "My First Parachute Jump" by Clarke Wallace and Louis Jacques; Henry Wenzel's Ordeal on Stope 18 - Trapped in a Caved in Mine; Art Treasures of Europe in Canada; Andy O'Brien "Winnipeg Blue Bombers Build Muscle without Motion in a New System")

NOVEMBER 3 (Cover; Beagle Pup Trying to Open Milk Bottle; Armed Convict Held Berthe Cyr Hostage for 14 Hours; How to Pick the Best Movies; "My Seven Mile Ride Across Breaking Ice' by British girl in the Arctic - Patricia George; Photographer Karsh on Karsh Wedding; "I Like Being a Bum" by James Quarrington; Rare Whooping Cranes; John Wayne and his Big Brood; Montreal Canadiens Bobby Rousseau - It's Whirling Dervish vs. Sophomore Jinx)

DECEMBER 1 (Cover; Canadian Actress Pamela Hyatt; "Why Castro Turned to Communism" part 1 of 2 by Gerald Clark; Coin Counterfitters Paul and William Pankow; Mario Lanza's Children Make a New Start; Andy O'Brien "Is the Slapshot Boon or Bane ?"; "Heil Hitler" is heard again - in Montreal)

DECEMBER 15 (Cover; Robin Saloum one of Toronto's Gaslight Girls; "Can Russia Claim the Moon ?" by Terence Robertson; Crowds Adore Canadian Matador Carolyn Hayward; Andy O'Brien "Chicago Hockey's Toughest Town"; Vancouver Couple Built Home on 2,000 Years of History; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Gilles Tremblay; Santa Visits the Firehalls in Toronto)

DECEMBER 29 (Cover; Canadian Dancer Stephanie Loren in Las Vegas; Trouble in Princess Grace's Paradise; Andy O'Brien "Sport in 1962 Ranged from Wacky to Wonderful"; New Year's French Canadian Style; Centerfold 1963 Pull-out Calendar; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Alex DelvecchioToronto Whoops it Up on New Year's Eve - Sketches by Ed McNally)


JANUARY 5 (Cover; Drape Shape in 1963 Women's Swimsuits with model Renee David Mathieu; "Lost in Malaya with a Price on Our Heads" part 1 of 2 by Lt.-Cmdr Ian Ernest Alcock; Andy O'Brien "A Tiger in More Than Name - Middleweight Champ Dick Tiger"; Canada's Joanna Pettet lands Broadway Role; Mackenzie River the Mississippi of the Arctic - paintings by Lorne Bouchard; Hockey Stars - New York Rangers Earl Ingerfield)

JANUARY 12 (Cover; St. Agatha Quebec Cresta Run on Cardboard; "Lost in Malaya with a Price on Our Heads" part 2 of 2 by Lt.-cmdr Ian Ernest Alcock; Rene Levesque and the State of Quebec; TV Schoolmarm Eve Arden has Moved to Night Clubs at 50 Years Old; Andy O'Brien "Referee Bill Chadwick Made Hockey's Toughest Call"; Chinook - Wonderful Wind from the West; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Tim Horton)

JANUARY 19 (Cover; Figure Skater Don Jackson's New Role; "Give Addicts all the Drugs They Want" by Vancouver Magistrate Gordon W. Scott; Carol Burnett "I'm Not Really a Kook"; Hockey Stars - Chicago Black Hawks Glenn Hall; Sitters go to the Dogs - Puppy Sitting)

JANUARY 26 (Cover; Robert Goulet; Minor Hockey Takes Over - drawings by Bob Thompson; Trial the Whole World Watched - Belguim Softenon Trial; Donna Douglas of TV's "Beverly Hillbillies"; Hockey Stars - Boston Bruins Murray Oliver; Jazz School in Toronto with Oscar Peterson; "My Two Months as a Tahitian Maiden" by Bella Isembert:You Name it They Rent it - Toronto's Rent-All Store; Maple Seeds Pictures)

FEBRUARY 9 (Cover; Actress Martha Henry; Princess Charming to Wed - Alexandra of Kent; Mystery of the Blue Hole in the Bahama Andros Island; Andy O'Brien "Is Sonny Liston another Jack Johnson ?"; Peter O'Toole the Movies Lawrence of Arabia; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Henri Richard; All the Fun of the Fair but on Ice - drawings by Fred Oakley)

FEBRUARY 16 (Cover; Swedish Girls Exercising; "The Quiet Canadian - Millionaire Who Became a Spy" part 1 of 3 about Sir William Stephenson; C.S. Band Private Collection of Canadian Paintings on Public View; Hollywood's Deb Star Ball; How the Swedes Keep Fit; Etobicoke Kids Built Radio Station CKW; Hockey Stars - New York Rangers Andy Bathgate; Tim Farnsworth of Vancouver makes Apple Dolls)
FEBRUARY 23 (Cover; Model in Dress for Patio or Park; "The Quiet Canadian - His Ace Spy used Sex to Win Secrets" part 2 of 3 about Sir William Stephenson; Canada Still Sends Children to Penitentiary; Elvis Presley Hollywood's Politest Heart Throb; Andy O'Brien "Canada's Great bSki Debate on Where to Train"; Rehearsal for Disaster at Nova Scotia's Yarmouth Regional Hospital; Safety Offenders Recieve Shock Sentences from a California JudgePerils of a Pioneer - Pictures and Words by John Francis Wilson)

MARCH 2 (Cover; Vancouver's Mimi Hines; Hockey Madness Hits Sweden - 1963 World Tournament; "The Quiet Canadian - Forged Letters that Helped Win the War" part 3 of 3 about Sir William Stephenson; Face Lift for a Famous Rebels House - Papineau Home in Old Montreal)

MARCH 9 (Cover; Monkey Bozo with Beverley Broadfoot; How to Find Your Place in Space - Herd Instinct; "Our Nuclear Age Navy - Red Threat Off Canada's Coast" part 1 of 2; Timeless Painter from Quebec - Jean Paul Lemieux; Andy O'Brien "Hot Horses and Winter" Harness Racing in Montreal)

MARCH 30 (Cover; Queen Elizabeth in Australia; "We Raised a Lion in Our Aprtment" by Doris Sluth of Calgary; "I was Caught in the Ole Miss Riot" by student Sheldon Stock; Andy O'Brien "Hockey Playoff Time Stresses that Fans like the Games Finished"; Hollywood Artists Paint Construction Barricades; Al Hochbaum Lives for his Wildlife - Delta Waterfowl Research Station in Manitoba; Canadian Buddhist Leslie Dawson in London; New View of New York City - Illustrations by Anne Pritchard)

APRIL 6 (Cover; Red Headed Model in a Rain Cape; Honest John - Question Mark Canadian Missle; Kim Novak the Last of the Glamour Girls; Andy O'Brien "Soccer Cup Fever Warms Fans in Britain"; "The Capture of Muddy York - Day the Americans Attacked Toronto" part 1 of 2 by Joy Carroll; Swiss Miss Ursula Andress in the Movies: Alaske Highway the Longest Rural Mail Route; Top Dogs Since British Royalty has them are the Corgis; Eskimo Carvings of Eskimo Killings; Fine Wear for Foul Weather)

APRIL 13 (Cover; Young Girl with her Cat And Doll Time for Bed; Communion - The Last Supper Relived; Phrenologist - Read any good Heads Lately ?; "The Capture of Muddy York - The Town Shall Smoke for It" part 2 of 2 by Joy Carroll; Jockey Ron Turcotte; Canada's Finest Nature Photographs)

APRIL 20 (Cover; TV's Tormented Moor Othello played by Richard Cassilly; Britain's Billion Dollar Gambling Spree - Legalized Betting; Country Hoedown Girl Norma has a Baby Boy; Young Moscow Couples Step Out; Poor Man's Rocket Points for the Moon from McGill University; Karen Flinn and her Chimp Dinky; Bull Fight - The Cruelty that Fascinates; Student Umpires Study the New Strike Zone; Criminals Caught by their own Hand - R.C.M.P. Handwriting Experts; Hospital Life X-Rayed - Sketches by Gabriel Bastien)

APRIL 27 (Cover; Canadian Girl Barbara Parkins in Hollywood; Ottawa's Macoun Field Club on Nature's Trail; Elizabeth Taylor vs. Sophia Loren; It's No Longer Grey Paree - Paris gets a Cleaning; Andy O'Brien "The Eyes of Maury Wills"; Lillian Alling Walked 6,000 miles to the Top of the World in 1927; Little Black Dress for all Seasons)

MAY 4 (Cover; Double Life of Mohawk Model Kahn-tineta; The Multi Million Dollar Riddle of Air Rescue; Gymnast Glenna Sebestyen of Saskatoon; Prison Gambling; Allan Sherman Sings Craxy Songs; Historic Mackenzie House with Distinguished Ghosts; Why Women Love those Hateful Wrestlers; The Sea Cadet Corps at Povungnituk)

MAY 11 (Cover; Italian Star Claudia Cardinale; Canada's Nuclear Dilemma with NATO; Young Canadians go to Netherlands for a Work-Play Vacation; The Lion Man was a Girl Trained to Kill; "My 58 Hours of Terror" by Russell Baskin trapped in Mine Cave In; The Port of Montreal; Son of N.H.L. star Jimmy Ward is White Sox Big Gamble - Pete Ward)

MAY 25 (Cover; Royal Bride the Princess Alexandra of Kent; There's a New Chic to Soviet Women; How Billy Barker Won His Victoria Cross- One Against 60 Ariel Dodfight; Regina Bird Sanctuary; Andy O'Brien " Lippy Durocher Explains why the Spitter Ain't Nasty"; Kiddie Who Needs a Caddie - 5-year old Golfer Andrew McConnell)

JUNE 8 (Cover; Small Plane Crash Survivor Helen Klaben; Field Trip for a Montreal Fashion School to New York City; Judy Garland's Talented Daughter Liza Minnelli; New Dundee, Ontario Store of Memories)

JUNE 15 (Cover; Young Boy and Dalmation Jumping over a Fence; The Restless Talent of Kate Reid; "One Night of Triumph off nthe island of Terror" WW ll; Art Takes a Fresh Look at Religion; School Girl Starlet Alexandra Bastedo; Canada's Toughest Golf Hole - 8th at Scarboro)

JUNE 22 (Cover; Bonnets for Bathing; Tourist Dollars and How to Get More of Them; Eartha Kitt Travelling; John Hunt "I Trust Ex-Convicts - But They let me Down"; The Little Screen is Jackie Gleason Big Handicap; Andy O'Brien "My 1963 Dark Horse Football Team the B.C. Lions"; Winged Giants of the Night - Moths)

JULY 6 (Cover; Shirley Robertson with Handful of Wildflowers; Amazon Parish for Flying Father Louis Bedard; Germany's Police Under Fire; Log Rolling Wickheim Boys of Sooke Vancouver Island; World of Science Whiz Kids; Andy O'Brien "What Now Esks ? Without Parker"; Beauty is Not Enough says Maria Perschy; Why Men Go Fishing - Paintings and Text by John Walsh)

JULY 13 (Cover; Eiko Taki from Japan to Hollywood; Canada Lies in the Path of the Next Solar Eclipse; Emily Sartain's Painter of Canada's Wiuld Flowers; B.C. Boy Scout Barry Corbet on Mount Everest; Andy O'Brien "British Track Coach sees Canada in Top 10 by 1973")

JULY 20 (Cover; Shambie the Afghan Hound; How the Farmer's Vote Outweighs the City Man's; The Incomparable Clementine Churchill; Man's Best Friend sits for his Portrait; Andy O'Brien "Look They're Knocking Heads Again - Football"; On the Beach - cartoons by George Grammat)

AUGUST 17 (Cover; Bride Saying Goodbye to Parents Pet Lion Flappy; Interpol Battles Jet-age Crime; Success of a Brother and Sister - Anne and Peter Helm; Montreal Concert Hall Preview and Fashion Show; Andy O'Brien "Catching Salmon in a Hurry"; Spectacular Hovercraft)

AUGUST 24 (Cover; Family Day at the Beach; What's Ahead for School Dropouts ?; Jean Seberg's Battle for Success; Andy O'Brien "Famous If Trades in Sports"; Inside Sculptured Synagogue B'Nai Israel Beth David in Toronto; Annual Octopus Hunt off B.C. Coast)

SEPTEMBER 14 (Cover; Halifax Neptune Theatre and Actresses Una Way, Diane LeBlanc, Dawn Greenhalgh and Joan Evans; Man Who Launched thye 5BX Craze - Dr. William Orban; "Vincent Massey Tells His Story - Defeated in Politics I Become a Diplomat" part 2 of 4; Seward Garwood a Man with Nine Wives; Beer, Bands and Half a Million Bavarians; Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn; Andy O'Brien "Dempsey vs. Firpo the 40th Anniversary")

SEPTEMBER 21(Cover; Children Learning Traffic Lessons; Mosport Canada's Leading Racecar Track - drawings by Allan Mardon; Jill St. John the Glamorous Genius; Boxing Wonder from Down Under - Sidney the Kangaroo; Ridley College in St. Catherines Steeped in Traditions; How Happy are You ?; Diary of a Mystery of Vanished Crashed Pilot Blake MacKenzie; Legalized Abortion in Japan; "Vincent Massey Tells His Story - London in Peace and War" part 3 of 4)

SEPTEMBER 28 (Cover; Man Crossing a River with a Full Pack; "I Visit Toronto's Social Clubs" by Constance Mungall; Eight Men Climb a Wall of Ice - Mount McKinley; Last Pose of Sommer ? - Elke Sommer in a Bikini; Andy O'Brien "World Series Thrills"; "Vincent Massey Tells His Story - I Become the First Canadian Governor General" part 4 of 4Montreal Dog Obedience Training Club Trials)

OCTOBER 5(Cover; Night Football in Color; The Incredible Jerry Lewis - part 1 of 2; "Memoits of an Un-General's Wife" by Mary Aksim; Last of the Dory Schooners; Case of the Unknown Redhead Montreal Woman Bank Robber; Eileen Sonin Plays Host to Ghosts; Cover Story - The Changing Face of Canadian Football; Hawker-Siddeley P-1127 the Plane that can Fly Backwards; A Jane Named Fonda; Canada Through Chinese Eyes - Artist Betty Shuet-Wah Ng)

OCTOBER 12 (Cover; Car Hubcaps; Two Young Doctors help Medico Bring Modern Medical Techniques to Afghanistan; Dorothy Cameron's Whirlwind World of Art; Paul Anka and Model Wife Anne DeZogheb; Fun Cars for 1964; TV's Flipper the Trusting Dolphin; "The Royal Children - When 'Nanny' Left it was a Palace Revolution" part 1 of 2; Labrador's Disappearing Grand Falls for Hydro Project; The Incredible Jerry Lewis - part 2 of 2; Can You Place these Canadian Authors with their Homes ?; Andy O'Brien "The Sherring Saga")

OCTOBER 19 (Cover; Canine Control Officer James Ryan and Vernon Stringer with Puppy; "Mackenzie King the Middle Years - Loneliness was his Burden and his Shield" part 1 of 4; Donnybrook in Dublin as Kim Novak makes a Movie; Andy O'Brien "Futballe can be Fun Too - Cameras See Odd Moments"; "The Royal Children - Charles and Anne Triumph Over Protocal" part 2 of 2; There's Good in the Godless says Canon Max Warren of Westminster Abbey)

OCTOBER 26 (Cover; Juliee Prinn of Montreal with Missing Baby Teeth Smile; Slum Racketeer Peter Rachman Mystery Man in the Keeler Case; King's College School of Windsor Nova Scotia is 175 Years Old; CBC Play Shock Treatment for Viewers; "Mackenzie King the Middle Years - 1926 Lord Byng is Challenged and Meighen is Routed" part 2 of 4; Andy O'Brien "N.H.L. Shadow League - the Farm System Failure"; Bird's Eye View from Crow's Nest in St. John's Newfoundland)

NOVEMBER 2 (Cover; Seeking Riches fron the Sea Fishing; Prize Paintings fron a Canadian Exhibition in the Beaverbrook Gallery; Wherever the C.P.R. goes Company Police go with Them; Death Walks a Golf Course - Toronto Harold Kalles Killed in Freak Accident; Mackenzie King the Middle Tears - How He Survived the Beauharnois Scandal" part 3 of 4)

NOVEMBER 9 (Cover; Nikita Khrushchev by Karsh; Four Days of Horror on the Great Lakes 50 Years Ago - a Dozen Ships Lost and 251 Men; Sandra Dee "Marriage Isn't a Storybook Romance"; Hypnotist Reveen Entertainer Who Puts You to Sleep; Andy O'Brien " Royal Military College No Glory Athletes"; Canada's First Citizens Speak Out - Indians Want a Fair Shake; "Mackenzie King the Middle Years - How the Spirit World Gave him Reassurance" part 4 of 4; Nursery for Orphaned Seals in Britain; Ken Kendall's Private Heaven in Boat Harbour on Vancouver Island; Treats in Store for Young Readers;Canada's Riders on Show at Trials for Royal Winter Fair in Toronto; Karsh in Russia - part 1 vof 2)

NOVEMBER 16 (Cover; Canadian Football; 1963 All Canada Football Team;First of Three Articles on Universities "Why Canada Needs 162,000 New University Students"; Patricia Neal Actress Who Triumphed Over Tragedy; A Rose for Canada's Birthday; Karsh in Russia - part 2 of2; Don't Fool with the Whiskey Jack - Canadian Jay)

NOVEMBER 23 (Cover; Three Girls Singing in Canada's Historic Royal Chapel; "A Quebec Separatist Tells her Story - I Helped the F.L.Q. Terrorists Because i Love My Husband" part 1 of 2 by Jeanne Schoeters; Andy O'Brien "What's Next in the Grey Cup"; Second of Three Articles on Universities "The New Universities Break with the Past")

NOVEMBER 30 (Cover; Claudette Le Jazz Hot in Toronto; How to Succeed in Prison; Marriage by Machine - Computer Pairing; "A Quebec Separatist Tells her Story - My Husband Betrayed Me to the Police" part 2 of 2 by Jeanne Schoeters; Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon Holiday in Greece; Third of Three Aticles on Universities "Ahead for Universities"; N.H.L. Top Four Defensemen Share their One Top Secret)

DECEMBER 7 (Cover; Model Paula Smith in Hooded Nightgown; Montreal's Proud Place Des Arts; Labor Dispute Between Farmers and Woodcutters ends in the Death of 3 Over a Pile of Wood at Reesor Siding Ontario; Ida-May and Alec MacInnes Bring Ragtime Back to Toronto; Innocent Abroad in Los Angeles; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Bobby Rousseau; Teenagers Berserk Week in Karlskoga Sweden; Gay Gifts for the Gay Season; Japan Skier Yuichiro Miura Skiing Dowm Mount Fuji; East Gwillimbury School Section 7 - Christmas in a Little Red Schoolhouse; Chuck Conners in Paradise On and Off the Screen; Dos and Dont's of Gift Plants)

DECEMBER 14 (Cover; Great Horned Owl Perched on a Branch; Edmonton Opera Pays its Own Way; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Bob Pulford; Colleen Dewhurst Arrives on Broadway; Paul Chouinard's Tame Wildlife; Richard Burton's Aunt in Winnipeg - Mrs. Sally Cannell; Andy O'Brien "Detroit Red Wings Alex Faulkner both Lucky and Good")

DECEMBER 21 (Coverl Gold Medallion of Mary and Christ Child - Church Treasures of Old Quebec; Miss Frobisher Can't Lose with her Grade 1 Pageant; "We Conquered the Legendary Nahanni River" by Captain F.L. Barry; Legend of the Captain and the Christmas Tree - Starbelle; Chicago Black Hawks Coach Billy Reay; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Parker MacDonald)


JANUARY 18 (Cover; Singer Bobby Curtola; The Exuberant Miss Judy LaMarsh; French LesJeunes Comediens Theatre Plays Western Canada; Fashion - Well Shaped for Swimming; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe; Cary Grant a Star at 60; Tightest Checking in Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens Games)

JANUARY 25 (Cover; 17-year old French Bride Marie Christine Aumont; "They Tunnelled to Freedom in Wartime Canada - When the Germans Broke Out of Camp X" part 1 of 3; Cymbals in the Pulpit - Canadian Minister in Brooklyn New York; Waterloo University Campus Carnival; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens Dave Balon; Andy O'Brien "Sonny Liston and Cassias Clay - Time for Clouting Not Clowning")

FEBRUARY 1 (Cover; Groundhogs Have Their Day - In Medicine; "They Tunnelled to Freedom in Wartime Canada - An Incredible Venture Almost Succeeds" part 2 of 3; Cathy Holter's Tame Ostrich Jughead; Andy O'Brien "The Marlies Learn How to Skate"; Glynis John - She's Kookie Like a Fox; Hockey Stars - New York Rangers Phil Goyette)

FEBRUARY 8 (Cover; Three Women in Stretch Pants on the Ski Slope; A Startling Report on Death on the Highways; Hockey Stars - Toronto Maple Leafs Carl Brewer; "They Tunnelled to Freedom in Wartime Canada - Blizzard and Bush Defeat the Escapers" part 3 of 3; Canadian Art on Display in London; Andy O'Brien "Bobby Hull is the New Howie Morenz)

FEBRUARY 15 (Cover; Daphne Rowed with Childhood Freind Mario Davalos in Mexico; "You and Your Nerves - Tension Can Work for You" part 1 of 3; Pat Hervey is Toronto's Gift to Country Music; Falcons Clear the Skies Over Airports; Isometrics Motionless Exercise; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Terry Sawchuk)

FEBRUARY 22 (Cover; Cardinal Leger's African Welcome; Princeton University Professor Joe Brown "What's Right in Boxing has a Value That We Need"; "You and Your Nerves - Tension Tells You to Take It Easy" part 2 of 3; As Brave as He is Big - Newfoundland Dog Skipper; Hockey Stars - Chicago Black Hawks Bobby Hull; Hamilton's Eye Catching Constable - Florence Hayashi)

FEBRUARY 29 (Cover; Canadian Actress Frances Hyland; Saint John's Red Carpet For the Russian Crew of a Soviet Grain Ship; "You and Your Nerves - Tension Takes its Toll of Teenagers" part 3 of 3; Andy O'Brien "Kids Revive Ottawa Hockey"; Hockey Stars - Montreal Canadiens John Ferguson; Marilyn and John Brooks Toronto New Curiosity Shop)

MARCH 7 (Cover; Danish Actress Hanne Borchsenius; "The Great Armored Car Robbery" part 1 of 2; Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole in "Becket"; Scandinavian Girls are Gorgeous; "Women Talk to Much" by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones; Willie Weiler - Star of Canada's Unknown Sport of Gymnastics)

MARCH 15 (Cover; Learning Curling at School; Comparison of Four Auto Wokers Lives Fron England, France, Germany and Canada; Beauty on a Surfboard - Yvette MimieuxHarry Haigh of Victoria - Junkman Who Lives in a Mansion; Shelburne Nova Scotia Fishermen Who Shoot the Goose; "The Great Armored Car Robbery" part 2 of 2; Tony Randall Likes Playing Second Fiddle; Jam-Pail Curlers in Winnipeg; Andy O'Brien "Long Season for New York Rangers Goalie Jacques Plante)

MARCH 21 (Cover; King Tut's Treasure Visits Canada; Where Will Success Take Manitoba Premier Duff Roblin ?; Many a Pretty Girl is Now Smoking a Pipe; Baseball Photo Fun; Teenasge Dynamo Starlet Cheryl Holdridge; University of Toronto Professor Dr. Myron Schaeffer Makesd Music with Machines)

MARCH 28 (Cover; Model in Shift to Wear Around the Clock; Canada's Desert Force in the Gaza Strip; Fraud Bingo Binge that Cost Toronto Millions; Andy O'Brien "Playoff Time Overtime Marathon Hockey"; Avalanches are the Enemy of Rogers Pass Stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway; Christopher Plummer in TV Production of "Hamlet" Filmed in Denmark)

APRIL 4 (Cover; Painting a Freighter in Vancouver Harbor; Social Insurance Numbers areComing to Canada; Joan Fairfax's All-Girl Orchestra Takes Over from Guy Lombardo in New York City; Red Cross Team on a Errand of Mercy in Prison of Horror in Yemen; Maisie Hurley Says B.C. Still Belongs to the Indians; Frank Boucher Speaks his Mind on the State of Hockey Today; Telephones Look to The Future; Newfoundland's Legends Will Never Die)

APRIL 11 (Cover; Dolores Del Rio Still a Beauty at 58; Political Reporter on 850,000 Teenage Voters; European Drivers Will Drive You Crazy; Andy O'Brien "Are we Suckers to Continue in the Olympics ?"; How British Courts Catch Runaway Lovers; Canada 1967 Expo Sketches by Stanley King; Canadian Couple Find Dream Home in Ancient German Prison in Rothenburg, Bavaria; Albert Finney - Actor by Accident"Good News From Old Crow" by Flo Whyard on Life in an Arctic Village; Famous Watusi Dancers of Rwanda perform for Montreal's Cardinal Leger)

APRIL 18 (Cover; Wild Ponies on an Atlantic Isle; Mystery of the Lover's Lane Murders near Nanaimo B.C.; Louis Berai Sells Fashion Know-How; Cassius Clay is Crazy Like a Fox; Sable Island's Sea Swept Solitude; Students Make Love for Shakespeare -The National Theatre School)

APRIL 25 (Cover; Madeline Kronby of TV's "Chez Helene"; The Winter the Atlantic Went Beserk; Hilary Dunsterville and Lou-bette Herrick drove for 3 Years all Thru North and South America; First Ad in this Magazine for "The Ford Mustang"; Andy O'Brien "Behind the Dodgers 1963 World Series Sweep - How "'the Book' Beat the Yankees; Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice in the Broadway Play "Funny Girl"; Looks What Behind the Iron Curtain - Actress Beba Loncar)

MAY 2 (Cover; Toronto's Young Soprano Diane Stapley; Lady Bird Johnson's First Day as First Lady; Michelle Boulizon and Jane Maynard Mather in the National Gallery in Ottawa; John and Christine Dawson Honeymoon in Africa's Most Active Volcano the Ol Doinyo Langai)

MAY 9 (Cover; Vancouver's Early Mornig Flower Auction; Canadian Born Actress Madeleine Sherwood "My Crime was to take 5 Steps on a Freedom Walk in Alabama; Ottawa's Busy Lazy Gypsy Charles Fisher; Presenting The Lipizzaners of Vienna; U.S. Election Year - Hectic Scamble for Republican Power)

MAY 16 (Cover; Bonnie Derome is Drownproofed;Canadian Forces in Cyprus are Tough but Tactful; Rock Hudson and Doris Day Top Box Office Team; Hector Newman Bought his Afican Nergo Bride for 50 Pounds; Flying Scotsman of Motor Racing - Jimmy Clark and his Lotus; How to Drownproof Yourself)

MAY 23 (Cover; England's Petula Clark; Two Canadian Fugitivesw Caught in New York - Jean Claude Messier and Antonio Facchino; Eskimo Family Tag Snow Geese at Banding Station; May 29, 1914 The Steam Ship "The Empress" Sank in the St. Lawrence and a Thousand Died; The Long Quiet Line to J.F.K. Grave; Army Gets Taste of Naval Life Aboard Carrier "Bonaventure")

MAY 30 (Cover; How Dokpik Took Over Canada; There's a New Type of Paul Martin in Politics; German Actress Senta Berger; Joe Flaherty Won his Freedom and a Bride; Andy O'Brien "Arnold Palmer vs. Sam Snead"; Fraudulent Canadian Paintings)

JUNE 6 (Cover; Actress Ann-Margaret; Building Montreal's Subway; Statistics on the Canadian Family; Harold Wilson's Dream and his Drive for the Top; Many Boxing Champs Struck it Rich; Canadian War Artist Orville Fisher on his D-Day Sketches; Hayley Mills is Four Faced)

JUNE 13 (Cover; Model in a Bathing Cap; Accidental Release of Nuclear Bomb in South Carolina Hamlet; They Can't Type Cast Natalie Wood; Queen's Plate Pagentry - Paintings by Allan Mardon; London Man Threatens to Jump with Child in his Arms; Don and Lil McCardiaCoffee Shop in Edson, Alberta Silver Dollars Line the Walls; Elizabethan Party for Canada's Stratford Company in England)

JUNE 20 (Cover; Young Goeffrey McCallum with Two Beagle Pups; Newfoundland's Highway of Promise; Carroll Adams has Two Ant-Eaters as Pets; Husband and Wife Knife Throwing Act - Don and Honey Ray of Calgary; Julie Andrews is a Film Star; More Good Jobs For Women; The Six Day Bike Race Makes a Comeback)

JULY 4 (Cover; Suirrel Feeding Two Young in Nest; Guy Lombardos and his Royal Canadians; Princess Irene Royal Romance that Shook the Solid Dutch; Andy O'Brien "The Truth about Las Vegas Odds")

AUGUST 8 (Cover; Mary-Jo Powell and Horse Sam of Edmonton's Sheriff's Posse; Mactaquac Hydro Electric Project in New Brunswick; Search and Rescue Service - For Cars; Blighty Mouse of England; Husbands Should be Bosses Says Jane Russell; Andy O'Brien "A Case for Major League Baseball in Canada")

SEPTEMBER 5 (Cover; Women's Capes Make a Comeback; Soviet Scientist Looking for Cure to Old Age; Around the World Under watewr - Diver Heather MacEwan; TV Actor Barry Morse from England; Canadian Yachtsmen at Japan Olympics Have a Chance)

SEPTEMBER 12 (Cover; Deborah Banks of White Head Island, New Brunswick go to School by Boat; Let's Have Swimming Pools Without Children; Washington's Capitol Hill Politics with Punch Lines; Canadian Football There's More than Meets the Eye; Lady Aberdeenwas Stormy Petrel in Government House; The Magic og Ingrid Bergman; All Paris Love the Sidewalk Singers - Except the GendarmesCharlie Duesberry of Belleville, Ontario Decoys are Standing Ducks)

SEPTEMBER 26 (Cover; Montreal's Colette Boky sets her Sights on Opera Heights; "Moscow at Play - Russia's Sports Success" part 1; New Teaching Methods for Deaf Children in Montreal; North Okanagan Valley Winemaker Pasquale Capozzi; In Praise of Apples - drawings by Ann Pritchard; Convicted Impersonater and Fraud James Atkins; Andy O'Brien "Has Central Canada Football Gone Effette ?")

OCTOBER 3 (Cover; Young Russian Couple in Bathing Suits by Pool; Case for the Year Round Campus; Clown Who Takes Life Seriously - Larry Evers; "Moscow at Play - Swimming Sun in Summer and Steam in Winter" part 2; Dublin Actress Nuala FitzGerald; Ellis Island - Lonely Dog and a Million Memorie's; Mammoth Nickel on hill above Sudbury, Ontario)

OCTOBER 10 (Cover; Women's Spunky and Sporty Winter Hats; New Cars for 1965 - Change and Challenge; Sailor Harry James Townsend Recalls Cruise Ship "Yankee" Nightmare Voyage to Rarotonga; "Moscow at Play - No Tennis Bums in Russia" part 3; 50 years for the Quebec's Royal 22nd Regiment; Vic Damone is a Hit Again; LBJ - The Brand of Firm Persuasion; The Golfing Lewis Family of Moncton , New Brunswick)

OCTOBER 17 (Cover; Belle Desrosiers - Yukon Big Game Guide; "Suez Conspiracy and Crisis - How England and France Plotted with Israel - part 1 of 5; Miss Dominion of Canada Mary Lou Farrell a True Newfoundlander; TV Actor Gary Conway and Girls; "Moscow at Play - Off to the Races !" part 4; Big in the Dog World - Irish Wolfhounds; Summer Quiz Kids on Parliament Hill)

OCTOBER 31 (Cover; John Lennon on Phone; Ghosts, Goblins - and Adults Who Should Know Better; Two Photographers Tour North America with The Beatles; East face of Quebec Cape Trinity is Finally Scaled; Andy O'Brien "Cash and Carry Players of Football"; "Suez Conspiracy and Crisis - Pearson Makes his Play for Peace" part 3 of 5)

NOVEMBER 7 (Cover; Queen Elizabeth in Canada; Mama Maria of Belguim Lost Canadian Aiman Bruce Dawson Campbell Who was Shot Down Returns to Visit After 23 Years;Mrs. Peter Sellers is Swedish Sensation Britt Eklund; The Royal Visit in Color; "Suez Conspiracy and Crisis - Diplomats Talk but the Troops Landed" part4 of 5)

NOVEMBER 28 (Cover; Eskimo Girl Oleepeeka Tiglee Cheery Voice of Arctic Switchboard Operator; Montreal's Sir George Williams University Concrete Campus; Stray Cats with Fine Lives; Vietnam the Cruel War Laboratory; The Gregory Clark Theory of Traffic; Hockey's Most Unlikely Great is Charlie Hodge)

DECEMBER 5 (Cover; Patricia Nolin - Fame and Some Embarrassment; The New Kennedyn Frontier - Bobby Kennedy and the White House; Jean Harlow's New Era; The Turner's Home in Ottawa Test House; "My Life with the Moscow Circus" by Archie Key; R.C.A.F. Posting in Sardinia Sun, Sea and Sand; Andy O'Brien " Boxer Yvon Durelle Down but Not Out"Queen Elizabeth Fashion - Royal Restraint and a new Elegance)


JANUARY 23 (Cover; Canadian Maple Leaf Flag on Parliament Hill; "The Comfortable Church" by Pierre Burton on the Anglican Church; Canadian Actress Redhead Carol Morley; How Canada's Flag was Born; Andy O'Brien "Chuvalo Could Beat Patterson")

JANUARY 30 (Cover; Russia vs. Canada at World Hockey; Montreal's Mary Suzuli Letters from a Georgia Prison; Actor Don Francis - Snarling on Top of the World; "WW ll Operation Musketoon - One Dozen Brave Men" part 1 of 2; Our Failure at World Hockey - Bunny Ahearne Tells Us how to do Better)

FEBRUARY 6 (Cover; Bea Lillie Still the Funniest; Mensa Exclusive Club for the Very Bright; "WW ll Operation Musketoon - Orders from Hitler and Death for Seven" part 2 of 2; Andy O'Brien "We're Going Head Over Heels for Judo)

FEBRUARY 20 (Cover; Canadian Ballet Choreographer Brian Macdonald and Wife Olivia Wyatt; Strange Life of Happy Inmate Marcel Deziel; Counterfeit Animal Parts Used to Bilk Governments; Canadian Golf Pro George Knudson; Original Canadian Paintings go on a Tour of Ontario)

FEBRUARY 27 (Cover; St. Paul's Cathedral January 30, 1965; Winston Churchill Nov. 30, 1874 - Jan. 24, 1965; How Coach Dave Jacobs is Coaching Our Skiers to Win; Toronto's New City Hall; Sammy Davis in Broadway Play "Golden Boy"; Hockey Mothers of Canada Unite !)

MARCH 13 (Cover; Model in Bathing Hat; "Quebec Today - Separatists Lose Ground but the Revolution Goes On" part 1 of 4; Jack Benny "Nobody Knows the Real Me"; "The Art of Living with Pets" Text and Illustrations by Graham Bardell; Artist Robert Harris Painted the Faces of Canada; Andy O'Brien "Quebec Hockey Team "Aces" Manditory To Wear Helmuts")

MARCH 20 (Cover; Young Brasd Washo Rides a Life Size Plastic Elephant; Forest of Hidden Airmen in WW ll France; "Quebec Today - Rene Levesque the Undecided Messiah" part 2 of 4: Reverend Keith Crouse is also a Body Builder; Actress Elizabeth Ashley; Runners Snell - Crothers Duel)

MARCH 27 (Cover; New Guinea Ipili Tribesman; Olivia and Elzire Dionne - How Canada's Best Known Parents Coped with Fame; "New Guinea Gold - We Find Gold in a Stone Age Land" part 1 of 2 by Hillel Rivlin;  Beatle Ringo Starr Takes a Wife; Andy O'Brien "Hockey Tension at the End of the Season"; "Quebec Today - The Moderates men in the Middle" part 3 of 4;)

APRIL 3 (Cover; Rising Actress Rosemary Forsyth; Conversation with Prime Minister Lester Pearson; George Axelrod Gambles on the Girls - With Italian Actress Virna Lisi, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe; "New Guinea Gold - We Brave the 'Devil' Down River" part 2 of 2 by Hillel Rivlin; It's Fun Time in Baseball - The Stories Behind the Games; Canada Gets a New Cardinal - Maurice Cardinal Roy; "Quebec Today - Island of English in a Sea Of French" part4 of 4; Bid to Save a Historic Bird - Bald Eagle)

APRIL 10 (Cover; Island Nursery for Seal Pups; Ottawa's Red Spies Wicked, Wacky and Ever Present; Carefree Toronto Family the Abbott's in India; Henry Fonda Tossed Thru the Air; Vancouver's Karen Fawcett on Tour; East Africa Safari Car Rally)

APRIL 17 (Cover; Young Girl with Adopted Baby Brother; Canada's Expo 67 Pavilion; Young Canadians Talk Politics; Swinging Art of Alexander Calder; Sport of Queens - Horse Racing; Halifax Theatre for and By Children; Andy O'Brien "Big Time Hockey is a Good Career But...")

APRIL 24 (Cover; Canada's World Champion Figure Skater Petra Burka; South Vietnam - Close up of a Distant War; Miss Israel of 1961 Gila Golan; Battle of the Sexes in Britain; There is Help and Hope for Thalidomide Babies; The Privileged World of the Private Pilot; Dogs of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; "Donald Campbell - Land Speed Records are his Heritage" part 1 of 2; Genevieve Bujold Success Formula - Work 15 Hours a Day; Little Girls Come out to Play - drawings by Anne Pritchard)

MAY 15 (Cover; Ursula Andress; Menopause the Unnecessary Feminine Decline; Beautiful Women Abound in Movie "What's New Pussycat" with Peter O'Toole; Escape from Hurricane Hattie - Rescue in the Caribbean from Oil Rig; Canadian Professional Photographers on Show; Houston Astrodome the Stadium that Could Revolutionize Sports; The Misses Toronto - Beauty Queens with no Regrets; North Carolina Cherokees Play Stickball; Great Pyrenees People Bark People Listen)

MAY 22 (Cover; The Leducs of Ottawa one Big Happy Family; "Why I am Moving to Canada" by Jack Keller; James Bond Gets a New Girl Claudine Auger; Walter Bonatti Climbed the Matterhorn in Just 5 Days; Morning with Max Ferguson; Montreal Skyline from Dawn to Dusk)

MAY 29 (Cover; Dancing Clown Rima Brodie; Christianity in Red China; Art From Odds and Ends; The Far Out Fashions of Hardy Amies; Jack Nicklaus Urges Golfers to Learn to Hit the Long Ball; Skateboards a Fad for Fun and Fractures)

JUNE 5 (Cover; Robert Goulet with Wife Carol and Infant Christopher; "The Ordeal of Sam Baron" part 1 of 2; Sports Car Racing Shifts into High Gear in Canada; Diorama of Old Quebec City)

JUNE 12 (Cover; Stained Glass Artist Astri Reusch; Italian Actress Claudia Cardinale;"The Ordeal of Sam Baron - The Man Who Wouldn't Give In" part 2 of 2; New Royal Bank of Canada Building in Toronto Home to Two New Tapestries; Witch Doctor with Money Making Magic - South African Khotso Sethuntsa)

July 10 (Cover; Ambassador of Iran's Wife Afsar Kia; "The Big Car Battle - The Safety Crusaders versus the Auto Makers" part 1 of 2; Sam Snead's Incredible Eagle at Canadian Open; "The Queen Mother her Personal Story - The Years of Duty, Devotion and Death" part 3 of 4)

JULY 31 (Cover; Dora MacDonald Riding the Wake on the Rideau; The Indians - an Abandoned and Dispossessed People; Deborah Kerr Kibitzes with the Clan; Mighty Men of Zorra - Tug of War Champions of the 1890's; Gregory Clark Explains What to do Till the Plumber Arrives)

AUGUST 28 (Cover; Bottlenose Dolphins can Teach Us New Tricks; The First Man on the Moon - The Race to be First; Canadian John Chapman is the Top Man in Harness Racing; Childrens Fashions)

SEPTEMBER 11 (Cover; The One and Only Sophia Loren; "Prairie Schoolteacher - Alone, Helpless and Scared" part 1 of 3; Canadian Students Volunteering in Mexico; Protected Paradise at Shubenacadie; The Ultimate Mile - Roger Bannister's Prediction; The Dirty Air we Breathe in the Cities; Chantal Beauregard New French Voice of CBC Radio in Toronto; The Many Musical Masellas of Montreal)

OCTOBER 9 (Cover; Top Girl Gymnast Gail Daley; "Sir Wilfred Laurier - The Young Rouge" part 1 of 5; Drugs Under Diplomatic Immunity - Mexican Ambassador Smuggling Narcotics; Tarzan's New Mate id ancy Kovac; Old Home for a Little Theatre - Kingston's Historical Officer's Club; The Quarterback's Dangerous Art; British Justice - The Reality Doesn't Measure up to the Myth; Movie Review "Fantastic Voyage")

OCTOBER 16 (Cover; Montreal Model Maura Keene; The High and Unknown Cost Of Elections; Actress Patty Duke; Basement Grand Prix - Model Car Racing; "Sir Wilfred Laurier - The Young Rouge becomes Prime Minister" part 2 of 5; She Focuses on Royalty - Photographer Lisa Sheridan; Kip Wagner and his Crew Hunt Treasure off Florida Coast; Look Who Looks Like Clark Gable - Sean Connery; In Fez, Morocco Dr. Rousseau and his Donket Patients; Musical Theatre "Anne of Green Gables"With Jamie Ray as Anne)

OCTOBER 30 (Cover; Halloween Scene; Death on Oak Island off Nova Scotia Coast - Robert and Bobbie Restall; On the Sidewalks of New Yorkville, Toronto; Pope Paul Vl Visits the United Nations in a Pilgrimage for Peace; "Baron Thompson of Fleet - The Tycoon from North Bay" part 1 of 2; The Mystery of Women in Politics; Hockey's Gordie Howe in his 20th Season; Aspiring Actress Tish Sterling; "Sir Wilfred Laurier - Bitter Taste of Defeat" part 4 of 5; Friendly Halloween Witch Hunt)

NOVEMBER 13 (Cover; University of Vancouver Freshmen Linda Hamilton and Ursula Schaefer with Worps; "Vietnam a New Kind of War - The U.S. Seventh Fleet" part 1 of 3; Return of the Great Stone Face Buster Keaton; That McKinnon Girt of Don Messer's; J.E.H. MacDonald - Talent from the Tangled Garden; Singing in the Reign of Mao; The Wonderful Knee of Marie Dupuis -Cured by Surgery)

NOVEMBER 20 (Cover; U.S.S. Cogswell on the Firing Line; Bad Cheques and the Good Life; Newfoundland Nurse Bennett of the Outports; "Vietnam a New Kind of War - The Role of a Tough Old Destryer" part 2 of 3; The Beatles Let Their Hair Down; The Film Winston Churchill Wanted Made - His First 25 Years; George Macgillivray Heart's in the Highland Pony Business; Actor Omar Sharif has All the Luck; Royal Military College where Champions are Made Not Born; Happy Hearts and Fishing for Steelheads - Illustrations by Ted Rand)

NOVEMBER 27 (Cover; Blonde in Fun Fashions for Skiing; The Population Explosion; Glider Pilot Christine Pattison; "Vietnam a New Kind of War - Fighting the Unseen Enemy" part 3 of 3; E.P. Taylor's Horse Sale; Montreal Jeweller Roger Lucas D-Type Jaguar; A Rookie Dreams of the N.H.L. - Gilles Marrote; Ballet - Nureyev and Fonteyn in "Romeo and Juliet")

DECEMBER 4 (Cover; Dachshund in Hat and Coat; Colonel Eddie Baker - The Blind Leader of the Blind; La Jeunesse Active de Montreal Youth Group; 250 Kingston Kids get to Paint a Wall in a Happening; Dr. C.F. Douglas Ackman's Prescription for Safer Skiing; Duke and Duchess of Windsor at Paris Screening of thye Movie "A King's Story"; Montreal Designer Ernest Rex Createde a Portable Office Suite; Rocket Belts Invention on the Way Up; Igor Gouzenko the Man Who can Trust No One)

DECEMBER 18 (Cover; Opera Star Teresa Stratas; Mrs. Nancy Elgie Senior Psychologist of North York Board of Education "We are Demanding too Much of Our Children"; Victoria B.C. Christ Church Anglican Cathedral has the Opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors"; Billy McKenna a Football Monster at Yale University; Dave Fulton Wants to be Leader of Conservative Party; "The Starbelle Sails Again" Legend and Illustrations by Ernest Taylor)


JANUARY 8 (Cover; New Canadians of Yesterday; Canada's Alouette ll Satellite Around Earth Every Two Hours; "The Little Captive - Struggle for Life in the Wilderness" part 1 of 2 by Stuart Trueman; Kate Reid goes to Hollywood - Via Biloxi; Port Royal Apartment Tower in Montreal;l "How I Would Fight Cassius Clay" as Told to Andy O'Brien by Jack Dempsey)

JANUARY 15 (Cover; James Bond's New Girl Claudine Auger; " The Abdication as I Saw It - King Edward the Vlll and Mrs Simpson" part 1 of 2 by Lord Beaverbrook; "The Little Captive - The Long Way Back Home" part 2 of 2 by Stuart Trueman; Malka and Joso - Two at the Top; The Twenty-Seventh Parliment - A Stormy Session in Store; Toronto Maplke Leafs Bob Pulford is so Good You Don't Even See Him)

JANUARY 22 (Cover; Canadians in The Ice Follies Show; "Rhodesia - Where White Makes Right" by Philip Smith; Your Help is Needed to Track Down a Killer; "The Abdication as I Saw It - The King Was Afraid to Fight" part 2 of 2 by Lord Beaverbrook; Cover Story - The Faces Behind the Ice Follies)

JANUARY 29 (Cover; Rita Tushingham; CN Rail - the Great Passenger Eperiment; Blair Richardson - The Hard Punching Bible Belter; The Blouse - First Sign of Spring; First Came the Vikings - illustrations by Hans Zander)

FEBRUARY 5 (Cover; Jean Shrimpton; New York Rangers Down but not Out with Their Fans; Sky Skiing in the Buga boos; Happy Housewives at the End of Their Rope - Tug of War between the Bramalea Bulldozers vs. Las Vegas Chorus Girls; Pink Saskatchewan Prosperity - Potash; "The Rugged Outdoorsmen" by Gregory Clark)

FEBRUARY 19 (Cover; Kenyatta of Kenya; The Comfortable Pew Revisited; Opera Touring in Canada without Stars; Water Torture in Vietnam; Cover Story - The Dance of the Kenya Tribes; Andy Hebenton is Hockey's Incredible Iron Man; Mary Chang's Capsule Wardrobe)

APRIL 2 (Cover; Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Johnny Bower; Imigration - The Gathering Swarm; Ginger Rogers on Broadway in "Hello Dolly !"; "A Thousand Days - John F. Kennedy a President for the Twentieth Century" part 1 of 4 by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.; The Day the Witch Doctor Came - Wendy Cahill Reich; Cover Story - A Goalie Must be Brave and Good; Built for a Duke but Fit for a King - Victorian Era Locomotive; One Legged Skier Stephen Naisby; Fashion - Get a Head with a Hat)

APRIL 9 (Cover; Painting of the Entrance into Jerusalem; Convict Who Wouldn't Come out of the Hole - Kingston Inmate Johnny Young; George Peck the Eager Bird Egg Photographer; Regent Lacoursiere Cold Water and Courage; "A Thousand Days - Young Family in the White House" part 2 of 4 by ArthurM. Schlesinger Jr.; Solomon's Temple Rises Again in Montreal Basement of Lazare Albert Halberthal)

APRIL 23 (Cover Tv Actress Susan Clark; Newfoundland's Come Home Year; The Day the Thinkers Won the World Series - 1965 Dodgers; Pick a Pack of Puffins; Sunny Days for Sonny and Cher; Rare and Ancient Treasures from Japan coming to Toronto; "A Thousand Days - Kennedy's Friends and Foes as he Saw Them" part 4 of 4 by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.; The Day Ireland was Born; 100 Years of Cheering - Sports in Canada)

APRIL 30 (Cover; Olympic Skier Nancy Greene; A.Y. Jackson - Portrait of an Artist; Sunken Treasure Bounty on the Bottom of the Ocean; Salvaging the ship "Lawrencecliffe Hall'; Thimble the Dainty Donkey; Elizabeth Taylor in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?"; Canada's First Air Force - American Plane and a Canadian Who Couldn't Fly - Captain E.L. Janney; Backroom Girls of CBC Broadcasting; Golden Spring of Daffodils)

MAY 7 (Cover; Polar Bears in Vancouver's Stanley Park Zoo; The "Old Lady" of the Sea after *0 Years of Service; Singing Father Columba McManus; In the Tombs of the Mayas; Runner Marjorie Turner traing on Nova Scotia Beach; How to Read Faster and Faster and Faster; Golf Pro Who's Never in the Rough - Rosedale's Jack Kay; Desinger Kelly's Women Look Like Women)

MAY 28 (Cover; Yellow-Shafted Flicker Feeding it's Young; Canadian Housewife Ruth Lor Malloy "We Learned to Live with War in Vietnam"; Killer Whale Namu's Movie Debut; That's Drag Racing - a Day with the Stocks and, Fuellers and Bumblebees; "The Turbulent Life of Mickey Rooney" part 1 of 3 by Mickey Rooney)

JUNE 4 (Cover; Melody Greer - and Sometimes She's a Snow Bunny; "The Whole Thing was a Lie" by Vietnam Vet Donald Duncan; Nova Scotia Acadia University - The Baptists and the Battle for Academic Freedom; "The Turbulent Life of Mickey Rooney - Love, Marriage and Divorce Hollywood Style" part 2 of 3 by Mickey Rooney; Karate an Explosion of Violence)

JUNE 11 (Cover; Canadian Equestrian Gail Ross; Kingston, Ontario Psychiatrist Dr. George D. Scott is Proud of his Son the Dropout Who Joined the U.S. Military; Canadian Photographer Roloff Beny; The Turbulant Life of Mickey Rooney - How to Spend $12 Million" part 3 of 3 by Mickey Rooney; "The Black Watch at Sanctuary Wood" by C.B. Topp)

JUNE 18 (Cover; Julie Christie; 100 Years of Great Canadians; Latest and Loveliest Movie Faces from Europe; "How i Challenged the Russians at Their Own Game - Chess" by Jack Carroll; BBC Commissioned the Movie "The War Game": and Decided Not to Show It; Cargo Ship "Keenora" of Lake Winnipeg; Harness Racing Betting)

JUNE 25 (Cover; "Pretty Blonde Models Baggy Bloomers; "Keep Fit and Keep Thinking" by Dr. Paul Dudley White; In Pursuit of Ptarmigan; Gamblers Ananymous - Betters in Search of a Better Life; Water Skiing With and Without Skis)

JULY 2 (Parliament Hill;We Need More Truck and Trade with the Yankees; Sailing Ship "Flying Cloud" Recreated by Modern Craftsmen; The Centennial - This is What's Happening; Golf's Big Three at Play - Arnold Palmer, Jack NickLaus and Gary Player; Small Town Dominion Day Parade - sketched by John Richmond)

JULY 9 (Cover; Meet LEM - Lunar Excursion Module; Canadians and the Moon; Fashion - Knits with a National Flavor; Canadian Actor Jean Gascon Occupies Much Room in Life; Andy O'Brien "When Willie Mays is Feeling Good Look Out"; The Artists of "IT")

JULY 16 (Cover; Canada's Kate du Pont in the Money and the Movies; Walter MacAskill's Ships; Hockey's All Stars on Show -Full Page Colour Pictures of Bobby Hull, Jacques Laperriere, Pierre Pilote, Gordie Howe, Stan Mikita and Glenn Hall; Genevieve Bujold Mad Acrobat Actress from Montreal)

JULY 23 (Cover; Women Walking with Skirt Hems Above the Knee; How They Raised a Missing H-Bomb off the Coast of Spain; "How I Aped Tarzan" by Bill Trent; Cassius Clay "Mohammed Ali and the Feats of Clay")

JULY 30 (Cover; Les Feux Follets of Montreal Dances for a Nation; The *th Commonwealth Games in Jamaica; Irving Layton Descibes his Poetry as Erotic, Sensual, Carnal, but Not Obscene; Regatta Day at Quidi Vidi)

AUGUST 6 (Cover; Cruising Down the Rideau; A Night with Today's Witches in England; Montreal's Le Gobelet Tavern; "It's the Laughs I Remember Most" by Football Referee Ray Boucher)

AUGUST 13 (Cover; Canadia Lilliputian Display; Birth Control - The Little Pill that's Changing Canada; The Trouble with Rummage Sales; Andy O'Brien "Would You Believe a Bright Future for the Canadian Football League ?"; The Poetry of E.J. Pratt)

AUGUST 20  (Cover; Raquel Welch; If Your Child is Not Going to College; Sharks Under Sail - Canadian Made Fiberglass Sloops; When the Sports Stars Don't Shine; Save the Old Railway Depot in the Village of Clover, Ontario)

AUGUST 27 (Cover; Candice Bergman in TaiwanA Crew of Britons Follow the Vikings Path; This Marriage is a Race - Race Car Drivers Toni and Stuart Ramsay; Centennial Tattoo will Tour the Country in 1967; Warren Stevens the Director of Athletics at the University of Toronto "Nothing's the Matter with Modern Youth"; Fashion - Fall for a Hat)

SEPTEMBER 3 (Cover; Rod Williams in the Boys Brigantine Race; The Man Who Lived with War - Air Vice-Marshal Raymond Collishaw; Ormstown, Quebec's Ecumenical Movement; The Trouble with Canadian Football is Too Many Rules and Too Much Film; Anne White's New Face - Chemical Face Peeling)

SEPTEMBER 10 (Cover; Hamilton's Terrible Tiger Cats; The Motorcycle Generation; "Miss L. Bruce, a Love Story" by Gregory Clark; Daniel Johnson the Unknown Leader of Quebec; The Skylon Towers Over Niagra Falls)

SEPTEMBER 17 (Cover; Actress Pat Galloway; The Highway Heart of Canada - From Windsor to Quebec; "The Duchess of Bedford - Marriage Without Love" part 1 of 4 by The Duchess of Bedford; Hostesses for God - St. Odile Roman Catholic Church in Quebec City; Dining Out in the Good Old days; New Show, New Faces - Caroline Tierney and Barbara Amiel; A Japanese Garden for Lethbridge; Andy O'Brien "What Teenagers Taught me about Swimminbg"; The Farm Fair - Artist Impressions by Bruce Johnson)

SEPTEMBER 24 (Cover; Man Reading a "Batman" comic with young Boy Looking over his Shoulder; Newfoundland Dirt Plane Runway in Harbour Grace; TV Star Dinah Chrisrie; The World Comes to Antigonish to Study Canadian Co-operatives; Miss France-Canada Friendship from Calgary - Gayle Clemmer; "The Duchess of Bedford - Working with the French Resistance" part 2 of 4 by the Duchess of Bedford; "Golf Gold" by Canadian Golf Pro Stan Leonard; Old Comic Books - A Funny Business; Montreal's Planetarium Opens)

OCTOBER 8 (Cover; Young Girl in Toronto's French Imerssion School; Birds of the Northern Forest; Guns For Crime- The Underworld has Thousands of Them; The Fan Who Bought his own Football Team - Montreal's Johnny Newman Owner of Montreal Beavers; "The Duchess of Bedford - My Life with a Most Unusual Duke" part 4 of 4 by The Duchess of Bedford; Buy Gold for a Good Investment)

OCTOBER 15 (Cover; Champion of Dressage Christilot Hanson; A Canadian Versus the U.S. Spymasters - part 1 of 2; Greta Van Rantwyk is a Canadian Swinger in London; The Fascination of Philately; The Ornamental Swimmers of Peterborough - Synchronized Swimming; Gordie Howe Says "American Kids can Play Hockey"; Scarborough College the Solid Halls of Learning; Die Now Live Later - New Deep Freeze Treatment)

NOVEMBER 5 (Cover; The Other Life of Charlie Chamberlain; Joseph Valkachi Tells of the Empire of Crime - The Costa Nostra; Business is Booming in the Field of Male Cosmetics; Good Paintings in Montreal's Sir George Williams University; Concrete Heaven of Paris's Ile de la Cite; "We Challenged the Atlantic in a Rowboat" part 2 of 2 by Captain John Ridgway and James Atwater; Robert Kennedy - Crown Prince of U.S. Politics; Canada's Inter-Provincial "Olympics"; The Fabulous Jewels of Iran)

NOVEMBER 12 (Cover; Toronto's Own Musical Ride - For Show and Service; "Our Bargain Paradise" by Jock Carroll on the Cottage Life; Wait a Mini ! - the Mini Skirt Invokes Varied Reactions; The Soft Life and the Hard Sell; Love Marriage and Jane Fonda; Flying Saucers - Does Somebody up There Like Us ?; This Orr is Pure Gold - Boston Bruins Bobby Orr; Newfoundland's Rugged Beauty - photos by George Hunter)

NOVEMBER 19 (Cover; Kicker Johnson's March into Hatred in Mississippi; Great Grey Cuo Plays; Women's Fashion - Fur Fun; Cuban's in Exile Fight Castro from Afar: Roy Tash and Fifty Years of Famous Faces; A Child's Playground of Horror - Los Alamos Science Museum; David McCallum Tries to mEscape from his own TV Image; Supersonic Great Grandmother Pilot Zaddie Bunker; Pwllheli's Golden Eagle; Prince Charles Birthday Portrait; Ted Rogers Alone at Sea and Blind in the Mists of Glaucoma; The Paintings of John Lyman)

NOVEMBER 26 (Cover; Catherine Spaak - New Pussycat from Europe; Jean Drapeau's Montreal; U.S. Draft Dodgers Tell why they Chose Canada; Montreal Canadiens - How to Succeed in Hockey by Really Trying; TV Arial "So We Tried to do it Ourselves" by Gregory Clark)

DECEMBER 3 (Cover; Doyle Klyn in Russia; When the Cable Came to Heart's Content - Great Eastern Links Newfoundlanl to Europe; Andy O'Brien "Let's Give them all Assists"; Lt.-General E.L.M. Burns his Alternative to Megamurder; Canadian Beauties - Pure, Plump and Proud; "My Pet Tarantula" by Robert W. Scarlett; Safe Driving Week - a Sad Report; Where the Girls are Paid to Talk - Brampton Radio Station CHIC all Girl Disc Jockeys; John the Barbered Beatle goes to War in the Movie "How I Won the War")

DECEMBER 10 (Cover; A Water Bomber of British Columbia; 1967 Expo Extraordinary; The Place is Ulster and the Condition is Hatred - Ian Paisley; Fashion - Christmas Belles; "The Mail Wouldn't go Through" by Gregory Clark; Death Duel Under the Sea - Shark vs. Octopus; "I Always Wanted to be a Dancer" Martine van Hamel of the National Ballet; The Little Children Victims of Vietnam War; "I Only Laugh When it Hurts"
 by Jill Tweedie on Child Birth; Christmas Fantasyland of Nova Scotia)

DECEMBER 24 (Cover; Little Mummers of Newfoundland; "Ring Around the Rosies" by Gregory Clark; Confederation Train - All Aboard for a Birthday; Cover Story - Will Ye Let the Mummers In ?; Fashion - Mode3l Babies; Christmas in the Country - by Artist Bruce Johnson; Hockey Stars - Chicago Black Hawks Pat Stapleton; Meet His Excellency the Marvellous Mex - Pedro Suinaga)

DECEMBER 31 (Cover; Beauty Spots; "Harvison of thr R.C.M.P. - Booze, Brothels and Drugs" part 1 of 4 by Clifford W. Harvison; Hubert Knapp's Prescription for New Year's Eve; Fashion - Spotty Dotties; Centerfold Pull-out Calendar; Our Own Gallery of 1966 Notables; Hockey Stars - Detroit Red Wings Roger Crozier; Hockey - The Goalmouth Where the Action is)


JANUARY 7 (Cover; The Soldier of the Future - The Ultimate in Everything; Whatever Happened to Helen Klaben - Airplane Crash Victim who Survived 49 Days in the Wilderness; A Castle in Langley, B.C.; Look What Canadians Have Inventede; Fashion - Movie Star Magic Makeovers; The Long, Hard Happy Life of Johnny Bower; Doug Wright's Family)


FEBRUARY 18 (Cover; Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip; A Tidal Wave of Higher Learning and it's Zealous, Stylish Prophet - University of Toronto President Claude Bissell; The Life of Lucille Ball; Isn't Winter Wonderful ? - in the Caribbean; Fashion - The Homemade Primitive Prints of Quebec's Minta de Jong and Coosea McDermottThe Rewards of Throwing Stones - Curling)

MARCH 11 (Cover; Intrigue in Fashion; Peace in Vietnam and the Man Who Might Pull it Off - Chester Ronning; President Lyndon Johnson and the Ladies; The Eleven Graves of Canadian Prime Ministers; "So Strong, So What ? - From Hero to Hermit - The Sorry Life of Doug Hepburn" part 1 of 3; Singer Peggy Neville)

MARCH 18 (Cover; Steve McQueen and Mrs. Lester Pearson; What Mrs. Pearson Really Thinks; Where do You Stand on the Beatle Haircut ?; "So Strong, So What ? - Welcome Home, Hepburn the Hero the Flophouse is Waiting" part 2 of 3; John Kost has Built a Better Mousetrap; Abandonded Canadian Bomber Bases in England; The Gentle Troublemakers - Hutterites in Canada; The Joys of Being Flat Chested - Top Model Babette Russell)

APRIL 8 (Cover; Vienna Opera Ball; The Sweep of the Northwest Territories; Easter at Vimy - Mud, Death, Pain of Prisoners; Bobby Orr - Yes he is Worth all that Money; "Man to Woman - Woman to Man" the Daring Experiment of Johns Hopkins)

MAY 27 (Cover; Annette Dionne as She is Today at 27; "Annette Dionne Allard - I'm a Housewife Now and I'm Only Beginning to Live" part 1 0f 2; How the Ideal Prime Minister would run Canada; At 25 Poor Papa Denny's a Rich Kid - The Mamas and the Papas; Women's Fashgion - Behind the Shades; Canada's Best Baseball Player the Houston Astros Relief Pitcher Claude Raymond)

JUNE 3 (Cover; Pro Golfer George Knudson; "The Man they Gave Up for Dead - The Diary of Plane Crash Survivor Robert Gauchie" part 1 of 2; "Annette Dionne Allard - I'm Out of the Cocoon" part 2 of 2; Women's Fashion - The Legend of the Little White Dress; Actor Alan Bates of the Movie "Georgy Girl")

JUNE 10 (Cover; Bobby Gimby the Pied Piper of Canada; "The Man they Gave Up for Dead - The Diary of Plane Crash Survivor Robert Gauchie" part 2 of 2; Lucille Grant was the First Stewardess for Trans-Canada Airlines; Asian Warlord for Hire - General Tuan Shih Wen)


JANUARY 6 (Cover; Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe; Americans Moving to Canada - They're Sick of Gun Violence; The Changing Roman Catholic Nun; Stewardesses soon to be Bunny in the Sky;He's a Real Cut-up that Jerry Lewis)

FEBRUARY 3 (Cover; Bull Moose by Artist Glen Loates; Toronto Maple Leafs Head Coach Punch Imlach; Thank Dr. Alan Brown for Pablum; Canada's Big Game paintings by Glen Loates; Women's Fashion - The Demure Look; Around the World in a Home Made Boat - Vancouver's Charles and Leiv Kennedy and their son Curtis)

FEBRUARY 10 (Cover; Boston Bruins Eddie Shack; The Snowmobile Craze the Biggest Boom in Sports; Now Comes the Sea-Doo; Monteal Poet and Singer Leonard Cohen; Cost of Living - Who's Better off the Canadian or the American ?; Louis the Parrot is 102 and Still Going Strong)

APRIL 6 (Cover; Britain's Great Train Robbery Ringleaders Wife Mrs. Charles Wilson; "My Husband the Master Criminal" part 1 of 3 by Mrs. Charles Wilson; Joey Smallwood's Advice to the New Prime Minister; Montreal Canadiens Jean Beliveau; Two, Four, Six, Eight What do Kids Appreciate)

APRIL 20 (Cover; Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail; A Child can Ruin Your Marriage; Great Game Fish; "My Husband the Master Criminal - The Greatest Achievement in the History of Crime" part 3 of 3 by Mrs. Charles Wilson)

APRIL 27 (Cover; Cop in a Cop Car; Cover Story Special Issue - A Hard Look at the Police Officer)

MAY 18 (Cover; Dundurn Mansion in Hamilton, Ontario; The Canadians who are Classified as Poor; Women's Fashion - Soft and Summery; Yes, I am a Rabbit - Jonathan Winters; Daytona International Speedway; "Marijuana" by Paul Grescoe)

MAY 25 (Cover; The Guns that Opened the West; "Some of the Best Doctors in the World are from Canada" part 1 of 2; Dr. J. Allen Hynek - This Man Knows UFOs; John P. Grant is the King of Con; Chicago Cubs Pitcher Fergie Jenkins of Chatham Ontario)

JUNE 1 (Cover; Astrologer Sydney Omarr; The Non-Violent Golf Fanatics; A Hired Killer's Story - Mercanary Al Varga; "Some of the Best Doctors in the World are From Canada" part 2 of 2)

JUNE 8 (Cover; Playful Clothes for Playful Children; Teenage Spending - Everything from Guitars to Pot; The Cruel Journey to a Faith Healer in the Philippines to see Dr. Tony; You're into an Election Because of What Happened at the Liberal Leadership Convention; British Track Coach Geoffrey Dyson "{A Game Worth Playing is Worth Playing Badly")

JUNE 15 (Cover Canadian Football Commissioner Jake Gaudaur and Family; What It's Like to be a Rich Man's Son; Your Guide to Camping in Canada; Sewerman George Alcorn of Toronto)

AUGUST 3 (Cover; John Diefenbaker; End of an Era - Diefenbaker's Last Election Run; Eavesdrop on a Jury as it Reaches a Verdict; A Quebec Childhood Vividly Remembered by artist Blanche Bolduc; Calgary Stampeders Terry Evanshen "Mind Over Football")
AUGUST 24 (Cover; School Teacher Bob Davis; The Troubles of The Company of Young Canadians; Learning Math can be Fun if it's "TUF" - Game for Teaching Math; "Joan of Arc Escasped the Stake" by French Historian Maurice David-Darnac; Northern Giant - Edmonton, Alberta; Here are 20 Ways Your Family Could Die this Weekend)

NOVEMBER 2 (Cover; Montreal Canadiens New Head Coach Claude Ruel; How Shelley Carson's Life and Death Created a Haven for Teenagers in Toronto's Don Valley Village; Santa's Backroom Boys - Leader's of Various Toy Company's; The Red Baron and the Fighter Planes that Made him Famous; Fashion - Tough Guy Fur Coats; How the North Will be Won - Young Members of the Council of the Northwest Territories)
DECEMBER 28 (Cover; This Girl is NOT Executive Wife Material; The Story Behind the High Cost of Drugs; How Canada's Equestrian Team Won a Gold Medal; Message from the Grave - Harry Houdini; Slimming Fashions for Overweight Women; Canada's Big Wheel in Hollywood is Lawyer Gordon Stulberg; NORAD Headquarters at North Bay)


JANUARY 18 (Cover; Baby Animal Zoo in the Classroom; The Way Youll Live from Breakfast to Lights Out in 2000 A.D.; Woman's Fashion - Sleeveless Spring Coats; "Group of Seven" Paintings You've Never Seen Before; A Quiz that Rates your Ability to Survive Disaster; Tom Horton's Spice Factory in Don Mills, Toronto)

MARCH 1 (Cover; Women's Athletic Fashion; Workers of Sydney Nova Scotia Saved Their Stricken City - and Their Jobs; More and Better Sex Education in Our Schools; Toronto Maple Leafs Jim Dorey would Rather Score than Fight; A Chance foa a Great New Park in the Virgin Prairies of Western Canada; "My Friend Fifi Haiti's Happiest Killer" by Sam Shirose on a Hireling of "Papa Doc" Duvalier)

MARCH 22 (Cover; Model in Short Pink Skirt; Bell Telephone's President Robert C. Scrivener; Soul Food Comes to Canada; The Apartment Janitor's Biggest Problem is the People - Fermo Lucas; Never Laugh at a Pool Hustler; Canada's Tallest Building is Toronto's Dominion Center; Woman Fashion - Shortest Skirts Ever; Tough No Nonsense Woman Rancher Maggie Stelkie of B.C.)

MARCH 29 (Cover; Woman in Blue Body Suit in a Yoga Position; Hockey's Old Codgers 40 and Older - Gordie Wowe, Johnny Bower, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey and Allan Stanley; Why are 27,000 Canadians Practising Yoga ?; The Ugly Religious Arguement over Christ's Grave; Brainwashing in French - The Way to Bilingualism ?; Women's Fashion - Beauty is a Deep Dark Tan; Newfoundland's Population all Depend on the Sea; The Icy Tomb that was Edmonton for 26 Days in 1969)

APRil 5 (Cover; Boxer Paul Nilson and the People who each Own a Piece of Him; The Sir George Williams University Riot - Why and How the Students went Beserk; The Fathers of Confederation Re-Painted; The MP's Wives who Make the Move to Ottawa; The Canadian Actor Jonathan Frid who Plays Barnabas Collins in the Soap Opera "Dark Shadows"; Women's Fashion - The Farm Girl Look)

MAY 17 (Cover; Watercolor Drawing of a Moth by Glen Loates; Through the Blizzards with the Mounties Last Dog Patrol; The Queen's Printer - Your Choice of 100,000 Books; Women's Fashion - The Evening Bag Dress; Canada's Motorcycle King Yvon Duhamel going Flat Out at Daytona Speedway; Glen Oates Portfolio of Motha And Butterflies; Meteorites are Worth Money)

JUNE 7 (Cover; Montreal Riot Police; What 9-year olds Would do if they Ruled the World; Why New York City is Losing it's Appeal for Canadian Tourists; Montreal's Diagram for Defense; Women's Fashion - Pleats the Style Sleeper of the Year; "My Life Behind an X-ray Camera" by Shelia Hewitt)

JUNE 14 (Cover; A 1969 Grad Student; The High, High Hopes of the Class of '69; "What this Country Needs is a Man Around the House" by Dr. Benjamin Schlesinger; Marine Sciences Research Laboratory in Logy Bay, Newfoundland; The Meter Maid of the Yukon - George Burnett Clark; Women's Fashion - The New Face of Lace; "Back Home I'm Just another Hoodlum, as Far as Anybody Knows by Ottawa Rough Riders Vic Washington)

JULY 12 (Cover; Wedding Picture Torn in Half; Divorce - New Laws and New Freedom; The High Flying Upstart - Max Ward of Wardair; You're Too Late Apollo 11 - Science Fiction Writers have Been Going to the Moon for Centuries; Halifax to Get a New Large Commercial Complex)

AUGUST 9 (Golfer's Nightmare - Canada's Toughest 18 Holes a Coast to Coast Pro Survey; Metro Toronto Hospital that's Just Like Home - North York General Hospital; For Sale Canada's Last Privately Owned Railway Car; Why Beef Prices went way up and Why They'll Stay There; Ontario Closes 23 Little Red School Houses; Women's Fashion - The Layered Look)

AUGUST 30 (Cover; Nazi Swastika Flag; 30 Years ago When the World Cringed - The Dawn od the Second World War; Who Really Decides Women's Fashions ?; 83-year Old Pilot Tom Williams and Still Doing Loops; Women's Fashion - Union Suit Look; Canad's Sports Disgrace - Better Care Needed for Injured Athletes; "Bank Tellers Job" by Cathy Faccini)

SEPTEMBER 6 (Cover; Illegal Cockfighting in Canada;The Way People Use Weather Forecasts; Toronto Pop Festival - The Kids Kept the Peace; Women's Fashion - High Style for the Fall Term; Intensive Care - The Safest Place in the World)

SEPTEMBER 20 (Cover; Gordon Sinclair; Cover Story - "The 40 Things that Bug Me" by Gordon Sinclair; Vasectomy - Operation that's Sterilizing Men; "My Dear Daughter" Last Words of Advice from Six Mothers; Fashion - How We'll Look in the 1970's; The Fastest Warship in the World - Canada's Hydrofoil "Bras d'Or; It's a Tough Life for a Little Guy - Midget Wrestler Little Beaver)

OCTOBER 18 (The Importance of a Baby's First Smile; "I Play to Win - The Game Starts in the Morning" part 1 of 2 by Stan Mikita; Women's Fashion - How to Wear Pantyhose; Wreck Bay B.C. a Great Place to Surf Away a Summer; The Detectives Morality Squad - Life at the Bottom of the Garbage Can)

NOVEMBER 8 (Cover; The Italians in Canada; Whose's the Most Attractive Woman in the World ?; The Detectives Fraud Squad - Cheat, Chisel, Forge and Flee; Canadian Indian and Eskimo Art in Paris; Women's Fashion - For the Feline of the Species; Dorothy Lidstone is the Best Woman Archer in the World)

NOVEMBER 15 (Cover; Every Woman's an Eve; Manhattan's Epic Voyage Through the Arctic Icefield; Which are You ? - Eve Inspired - Eve Dominant - Eve Radiant; A Poor Man's Guide to Gambling on the Stock Market; Women's Fashion - All that Glitter in Metallic Materials; Pop Kenesky Makes Every Goalie Pad in the N.H.L. at age 92; A Humane Society Rum by Kids in Port Credit Ontario)

NOVEMBER 22 (Cover; Bone Rattling Close up of Football Play; Last Look at Canada's Worst Prison - St. Vincent de Paul Penitentiary; Young Couple Moves from Montreal to Toronto - Serge and Nicole Toutant; She Found St. Peter's Bones - Margherita Guarducci; Canada's Original King of the Road - Dr. Perry Ernest Doolittle)

NOVEMBER 29 (Cover A R.C.M.P. Report; "Spying in Canada - A Special Report by an R.C.M.P Expert" part 1 of 2; Fashion - Expo 70 Here We Are; Female Consumer Consultants on the Customer's Side; Hockey Star Derek Sanderson All the Girls Love Him - And He Loves Them Back)

DECEMBER 6 (Cover; Supreme Court Judge Rejane Colas; Prairie Farmers up to Their Ears in Wheat and Trouble; Women in the Executive Suite; The Private Terrors of Goalie Gump Worsley; Women's Fashion - Top Fashion from a Totem Pole; Spying in Canada - A Special Report by an R.C.M.P. Expert" part 2 of 2; After 4 Years Here's John Lennon Live !)

DECMBER 13 (A Special Issue on the 1960's - Year by Year Brakedown)

DECEMBER 20 (Cover; Christmas Facts You Didn't Know; A Lone Prospector's Rich, Rich Life - Mel Pardek; Women's Fashion - The Jewelled Bra you can Make; On Location in Calgary with Dustin Hoffman for "Little Big Man"; Canadian Skier Betsy Clifford - The Next Nancy Greene ?; "Nonsuch" the Ship that Launched the Canadian West; "I'm an Independent Insurance Agent" by Don Smith)


JANUARY 3 (Cover; What Kids Find Good About Grownups; B.C. Lower Mainland Conservation Officer Jack Lay; "The Things I Like" by Gordon Sinclair; Woman's Fashion - Make-ups Eyes East; Canada's Largest Fish Market is Waldman's in Montreal; Is Winter Good ? - Or is Winter Bad ?; The Toughest Men Who ever Lived - Fur Trapper's of the Rocky Mountains)

JANUARY 10 (Cover; Football Kicker Zenon Andrusyshyn; These 39 Policemen Died Violently; A Game That Tells you how to Pick Your Mate; Woman's Fashion - The Maxi Coat; The New Pioneers in Canada's Farming Last Frontiers; Brian Doege left Toronto to Start a Maritime Art Gallery)

JANUARY 17 (Cover; Blonde in a Red Bikini; Lord Thomson 475 Companies aren't Enough; The Monks of Oka Live Apart from other Men; By Actual Survey "1970's Typical Immigrant"; Actor Lee Marvin; Women's Fashion - Choice of Swim Suits; World Champion Figure Skater Petra Burka Quits at 23)

JANUARY 24 (Cover; Upper Canada College; Most Northerly Village on Earth - Alert Nortwest Territories; Reviving the Radio Show "Easy Aces for Television; Cover Story - The Old School Ties that Bind Canada's Elite; A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican; Toronto's Blondie Robinson is Bowling World ChampionWomen's Fashion - Mixi Maxi Fashions)

JANUARY 31 (Cover; British Union Jack Flag; Cover Story - The Decline of the British Empire in Canada; Joe Rapoport of Montreal has a Machine that Turns Out 72,000 Hot Dogs a Hour; Canadian Rocketry's Finest 10 Minutes; Women's Fashion - The Cloche Makes a Comeback with the Kids; Alberta Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion is Surgeon Dr. Adrian Hobart)

FEBRUARY 7 (Cover; Middle Aged Man on a Bicycle with Brief Case; Cover Story - What it's Like to Lose Your Driver's Licence; Black Actor Godfrey Cambridge turns White for Movie Role "The Night the Sun Came Out"; Women's Fashion - The Lumberjack Look in Coats; The Skiers Who could be World Champions - Coach Bjorger Pettersen on his Canadian Eskimos and Indians; How Prices Compare in Canadian Cities)

FEBRUARY 14 (Cover; Big Green Dollar Symbol; Cover Story - If Your Incame hasn't Doubled in 10 Years you aren't Keeping Up; Women's Fashion - Patchwork Clothes; How the New York Rangers Hit the Top; 14 People Who've Seen it All - Mae West, Joey Smallwood, Jack Benny, A.Y. Jackson and others; "Father and Hero - but Who were You ?" By Tom Alderman on Guy Bieler Canadian in the French Resistance; Bob Powroznik Shot a White Moose)

FEBRUARY 21 (Cover; A Happy Family; Are You Young or Old for your Age ? - a Test; Bank of Canada's Rare Bank Notes Collection; Canadian Recording Stars Brothers-in-Law; Cover Story - How to Have a Happy Family; How to Cheat at Cards and Dice; Women's Fashion - Vested Interests; Quebec's Bright Business Future - a Matter of Confidence; Memory Lane Bookstore in Toronto Sells Comic Books Worth $200)

FEBRUARY 28 (Cover; Racing Snowmobiles; Canada's Greatest Airliners from the Pioneers and on Up - Illustrations by Tom Bjarnason; Calgary's Bankview High School for Pregnant Teenagers; North Vietnam - the View from the Other Side; Women's Fashion - The Poncho Comes North; Racing Snowmobiles Sliding and Slamming at 100 M.P.H.; When Mother Goes Back to Work)

MARCH 7 (Cover; Policeman with a Breathalyzer; Cover Story - What the Breathalyzer is Doing to our Way of Life; Farm to Entree - How a Chicken Becomes Dinner; Women's Fashion - Diamonds and Blue Jeans; Theatre's New Musical "Hair"; International Hockey's Reluctant Pro - Fron Huck)

MARCH 14 (Cover; Man Behind Bars; Cover Story - Your Chances of Beating the Income Tax; Mike Batch of Toronto and his Radio Reciever Collection; Meet the Smiths a Family of 9 who Live on $6,700 a Year; Filming the Movie "Waterloo" with Christopher Plummer and Rod Steiger; Women's Fashion - Classical Greek Look; Toronto Maple Leafs Pierre Pilote - What it's Like when the Cheering Stops)

MARCH 28 (Cover 747 Jumbo Jet; The ABC's of the 747's a Guide to the New Air Travel; A Prison Widow's Dreary Lonely Aching Life; Women's Fashion - Crazy Quilt Fabric; Debbie Brill from Haney B.C. top High Jumper; Canadian Actor Donald Sutherland Hot Hollywood Property; Yukon Anvil Mine strike in Zinc and Lead)

APRIL 4 (Special Issue on Pollution in Canada - Beautiful Canada will be Dead in 10 Years Unless we Start to Save it Today - Special Awards for Those Who've Made it the Mess it Is; Behind Every Goalie there's a Eddie Mepham - NHL Goal Judge; Women's Fashion - Nice Tablecloth You're Wearing)

APRIL 11 (Cover; Boston Bruins Bobby Orr; Cover Story - Is Bobby Orr the Greatest Player Ever ?; Trudeau's new Information Canada Headed by Bob Stanbury; Nine Different Ways to say it with a Smile; Cartoonist Ronald Searle Look at the 300th Anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Co.; Women's Fashion - Wig Out; Canadian Engineering Company Acres Ltd. Paying 6 Young Canadians to Sit and Think for $10,000 a Year)

APRIL 18 (Cover; Man Flunking Making Milk Shakes; Cover Story - The Franchise Game; How do you Like the Queen's New Portrait ?; A Cruise on the Prairies ? - "Lord Selkirk" on Lake Winnipeg; Jockey Sandy Hawley coming up Fast; Women's Fashion - The Fall of The Mini Skirt ?; You're a Good Man Charlie Squash - Indian's Cartoon of the White Man)

APRIL 25 (Cover; The Green Berets come North to Bury a Canadian G.I. Pfc. John Kelly; Agoraphobia - The Women Who hide From the World; What Canada's up to at Expo; 50-year old Model and Grandmother Irene Gibson; Spring Training for Creaky Golfers)
MAY 2 (Cover; Truck Driver Dwight Anderson Loves Blanche Fyke; Cover Story - The Seven Best Highway Diners in Canada; Here She is Miss Nude U.S.A. -Canadian wife Dianne Boisclair; Boxer George Chuvalo Picke the 10 Best Fighters in the NHL; Women's Fashion - Summer Fashios go Color Mad; Rebuildind a Wreck - HS-2L Flying Boat that Sank 50 Years Ago)

MAY 9 (Cover; Male Plumage - Just how far can you Go ?; It's Never too Late for Success; Will Canada let the Yanks Flood this B.C. Forest ? - Skagit River Valley; Montreal Expo Don Drysdale; Restoring the Yukon's Buildings of the Gold Rush)

MAY 16 (Cover; Sawed Off and Cut Down .22 Calibre Cooeys Used in Murder; "The Road to Murder on Ontario's Highway 44" part 1 of 3; What Makes Your Car Go; Are We Getting Enough Protection from the Chemicals in Our Food ?; The Brief Beauty of Wildflowers - paintings by Glen Loates; Canadian Basketball Star Bobby Crofts)

MAY 23 (Cover; Daylight and Moonlight Jobs; Cover Story - Canadians Who Have to Work 2 Jobs; Know Your Enemy - the Facts on Fat; The Now Slang Dictionary; The Ten Best Fishing Lures and Why they Work so Well; "The Road to Murder on Ontario's Highway 44 - The Manhunt Ends "I Can't Hang for this Can I ?" part 2 of 3; Montreal Artist Claude Langevin the Fastest Brush in the East)

MAY 30 (Cover; How the Fashion Industry Bosses you Around; The Mounties Image Has Been Slipping as of Late; The Danger and Splendor of the Alaska Highway; The New York Mets best Bargain - Toronto's Ron Taylor; "The Road to Murder on Ontario's Highway 44 - Two Dead, Two Widows, Three Lifers. No Winners" part 3 of 3)

JUNE 13 (Cover; Students at Bishop Strachan Private School for Girls; Canada's Part in Arming the World; Hugh Hefner's Big Flying Bunny - a Stretch DC-9; For Golf Nuts even 4 A.M. isn't to Early; Motherhood and the Single Girl)

JUNE 20 (Cover; Dan Shaw is too Big to Fit In; Cover Story - Those Who are not cut out for City Living; The Safe Sure Way to Water Ski; Camelot in the Desert - Snowbirds in Arizona; B.C. Tall Timber of Vancouver Island Forests; Women's Fashion - Bye BYe Baby Doll)

JUNE 27 (Cover; Model in Red Midi Coat; High Class Dogs - Best of Man's Best Friend; The Facts of Death and Last Words; George Cook has Written 5,501 Songs that Nobody's Heard; Grand Prix in the Quebec town of Trois-Rivieres; What's Really What in Ottawa - A Highly Critical Guide; How Montreal Cracked Down on its Port Thieves; Women's Fashion - The Misi Coat's a Must)

JULY 11 (Cover; Bill Cole Parachuting; What Canadians Don't Like about Each Other; What People Expect when you're the Establishment; Wives Who Live with Fear of their Husbands Dangerous Jobs; My Nam is Rosemary Radcliffe; Projectionists Wally Brown Sam Bowes have Seen "2001 A Space Odyssey" 1,045 Times)

JULY 18 (Cover; Oil Dripping Canadian Flag; Canada's Biggest Oil Spill and Cleanup in Chedabucto Bay Nova Scotia; New Canadian Game - The Debt Dodgers; Women's Fashion - Knickerbikers; Pilot Weldy Phipps Toughest Pilot in the Arctic; Canadian Kids Brainwashed by American by U.S. Culture and AdvertisingA Close Up Look at Summer Bugs)

JULY 25 (Cover; Learning to Love Edgar Benson; Cover Story - Finance Minister who's Always Overdrawn; Long Island Nova Scotia Want to Join the U.S.A. for a Price - Or Norway or Russia; Will Anne Murray Spoil Success ?; Canada's Golden Age of Automaking - illustrations by John de Bondt; The Advertising Name Game; Women's Fashion - Sexy Midi Dresses)

AUGUST 1 (Cover; Female Goalie Missing Front Teeth; Cover Story - Down with Women's Lib ! says Maggie Grant; Toronto's Frank Correnti - Last of the Little Old Cigar Makers; What Makes a Great Ad Campaign; CN Rails Turbo Train can go 95 M.P.H.; See How They Run - Hooked on Horse Racing; Women's Fashion - Artful Baubles)

AUGUST 8 (Cover; Montreal Expos Baseball Game; The Cult of the Emissaries of Divine Light in the Village of 100 Mile House in the B.C. Interior; Yesterday it was Junk - Today It's Canadiana; Mari-Lou MacDonald is a Model and Professional Stuntwoman; Women's Fashion - Looks That Last; Cover Story - The World's Greatest Baseball Fans; Air Canada's Flight 876 to Moscow - Inside and Out)

AUGUST 15 (Cover; A Mug of Beer; We're No Egg Throwers - Alberta's Women's Institute; Our Paris Embassy Comes in from the Cold; Women's Fashion - You Don't Buy a School Wardrobe You Build One; Cover Story - The Great Canadian Quench with 120 Different Beers; Football Armour - What's Under the Uniform)

AUGUST 22 (Cover; Football's Vernon Vanoy; Intern Dr. Robina Williams after 16 Hours the Strain Starts to Show; Bob Skovbo in Dogrib Country of Great Bear Lake; Women's Fashion - What  do you Wear with a $25,000 Car ?; Cover Story - 6-foot 8-inches and 285 Pounds and you Look like a Coach's Dream)

SEPTEMBER 5 (Cover; All About the Border Special Issue; Sheriff Reynolds of Blaine, Washington; The Border Towns Live Side by Side; Signs of the Border; Border Sports; The Best of Juke Boxes, Mini Skirts and Much More; Border Style - They Like Bourbon we Prefer Beer; The Difference - Canadian's a Constable the American's a Trooper)

SEPTEMBER 26 (Cover; Hippies Smoking Pot at a Rock Festival; Cover Story - Rock and Dope and a Lot of Bad Trips; Women's Fashion - Looking Good in a Midi; Canada's Best Boxer is Donato Paduano; The 1971 New Cars; Harry Hibbs You're Saying "Agin" Again; If They Made a Movie About Your Life Who would You Want to Play You ? - 11 Prominent Canadians Answer)

OCTOBER 17 (Cover; The Women Who Boss the Top Fashion Models; The Noisy Majority - Thumbs Down on Commies, Hippies and Drugs; The Boom in Hockey Schools; Peeping in Women's Purses; The Cast of "Hair" Tell What they Think About Us)

OCTOBER 24 (Cover; Riding a BMW Motorcycle by a Lake; The Birth of the Vancouver Canucks - Vets, Rookies and High Hopes; Cover Story - Staff Writer David Cobb going Across Canada on a Motorcycle; Steve Roman started at 50 Cents a Day and Now has a $2.5 Billion Uranium Empire; Tales of Igloolik - paintings by Henry Evaluardjuk to Keep His People's Legends AliveVancouver Canucks Old Man and the Kid - Orland Kurtenbach and Dale Tallon; Women's Fashion - The New Furs Bold and Braided)

NOVEMBER 7 (Cover; Model in New Look Velvet; How Canada Spends Saturday Night; Staff Writer David Cobb reaches the Pacific and Completes his Journey; The Game Hockey Players Always Lose - The Income Tax Game; WOmen's Fashion - Now Turn Out in Tapestry in New Look Velvet; Want Johnny Cash ? - Call London Ontario and ask for Saul Holiff)

NOVEMBER 14 (Cover; The Mob; Cover Story - "The Mafia in Canada - How they put the Squeeze on a Bay Street Businessman" part 1; Pilgrimage to Nashville - It's Canada Night at the Grand Ole Opry; Canada's Scrap Iron Admiral - Vancouver's N. William Kennedy; Women's Fashion - The Layered Haircut; Montreal Alouettes Quarterback Sonny Wade; What Makes a Restaurant Run ?)

NOVEMBER 21 (Cover; Football Week in Canada; "The Mafia in Canada - Terror in a Quiet Town, Burlington, Ontario" part 2; Women's Fashion - Jigsaw Suede; Good News - The People who are Trying to Save Canada; Cover Story - The Glory of Grey Cup, The Strategy, The Stadium, The Stars, The Souses; Our All Star Grey Cup Team of the Sixties; Homemade Wine ? - Stan Anderson of Vancouver Grosses $2,000,000 a Year)

NOVEMBER 28 (Cover; Man Being Hit in the Face with a Cream Pie; Our First Decennial Losers Award; "The Mafia in Canada - The Members of the Mob" part 3; The Winds of the Sea - Fishing Off Newfoundland; Women's Fashion - Suddenly Pants are Proper; "A Lot of Them come to see Me Crucified" Grand Prix Race Car Driver George Eaton)

DECEMBER 5 (Cover; Pierre Laporte Laying in State; The Lifa and Death of Pierre Laporte; The FLQ - What it Meants to Canada - What it Means to Separatism; The FLQ - What and How and How it Works and How Hard to Stop It; Six Basic Skills of Hockey;' The Widow of the Man they called Dod - Father Divine)

DECEMBER 26 (Cover; Guy Lombardo; An Epicure's Dinner for 8 -For only $20; Cover Story - Guy Lombardo Wishes You a Peaceful New YearAnybody for (ugh) Soybean Meat ?; 41-year old Goaltender Jacques Plante lives a Simple Life; How Much SurgeryReally Costs; Don't try to Gyp Brigadier Ned Amy - Now the Executive Director of the Consumers Association of Canada)

JANUARY 9 (Cover; Various Airline Baggage Tickets; Their Men in Ottawa - Foreign Correspondents; The Pulse of an Airport - Montreal International; Women's Fashion - Rain Gear for All Seasons; Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault is Not Like You and Me;)

JANUARY 16 (Cover; Ticket Scalping; Cover Story - Confessions of a Master Ticket Scalper; Most Eligible Canadian Bachelor in the U.S. is Doug Canpbell; Making a Record with Gene MacLellan; Women's Fashion - The Waist Makers; Land Developement - How to Get Really Rich with Other People's Money; The Man Who Starved Himself to Life - Gilles Lorrain)

JANUARY 30 (Cover; Cowboy Larry Jylha of Douglas Lake Cattle Co.; The Poor will Always be with Us, Eh ?; Is There any Truth in Old Wives Tales ?; Cover Story - Bringing Cattle Down from the High Country; Women's Fashion - Long Hooded Robes; Ed Skakie Race Car Driver and his Mini Cooper; Nobody would let Maurice Strong Save the Planet - Until he Made a Million in Canadian Business)

FEBRUARY 6 (Cover; More on the Mob; Cover Story - "The Mafis in Canada - The Loansharks" part 4; If You can't Speak Canadian don't Worry - Nobody Can; Women's Fashion - Stretch Rompers; What makes Jack Chambers Canada's Top Priced Painter ?; Canada has a Great Chance at the North American Tiddlywinks Championship)

FEBRUARY 13 (Cover; How the Citizens of Smokey Lake Alberta won $200,000 in a Cigarette Contest; "The Mafia in Canada - A Foothold in Ontario" part 5Women's Fashion - Borrow from the Ballet; Dignity in Decay - Totem Poles; "My Sons the Hockey Players" by 11 NHL Mothers; Time plus Care Equals Cheddar at its Finest - Glenn Martin of the Pine River Cheese and Butter Factory)

FEBRUARY 20 (Cover; Red Hill Jr. who was Killed Going over Niagra Falls; "As an Abortionist I was Really Doing Something to Help People" by Vancouver Dr. Robert Makaroff; Cover Story The Niagra Daredevils - Major Hill the Last of the Famed Niagra Rivermen; Women's Fashion - Stretch Denim; Golfing Swing Analysis is Helping Golf Nuts; A Guide to Golf Etiquette; "The Mafia in Canada - The Bookies" part 6)

FEBRUARY 27 (Cover; Rller Derby Star Francine Cochu of Montreal; The Moralists - Holdouts against the Permissive Society; Women's Fashion - Thanks to the Aztecs; Wrap Around Photos from a New Still Camera; Introducing "The Manic" - New Canadian Sportscar)

MARCH 13 (Cover; The Hip New Athlete; Animals of Field and Forest - paintings by Glen Oates; Cover Story - Whatever Happened to the Clean Cut Athletes ?; "Women have Equal Rights Now. They Just don't know How to Use Them" by Claire Kirkland-Casgrain; Women's Fashion - Leggings Sure Beat Boots; Canadian Filmaker Don Shebb wants to Make a "Three Muskateers" Movie; Violetta Nesukaitis the Best Lady Table Tennis Player)

MARCH 27 (Cover; R.C.M.P. Cpl. Schrumm; Cover Story - R.C.M.P. Boot Camp - These are the Survivors; George Hamilton lV his Sound is Strictly Canadian Now; Women's Fashion - Short but Sweet Hot Skirts; School for Small Fries - Toronto's Geargo Brown College; Expos Rookie of the Year - Pitcher Carl Morton; Newfoundland's Most Popular Open-line Radio Host is Ron PumphreyCanadian Government's Manpower sure would Like to Help You But...)

APRIL 3 (Cover; Toronto Maple Leafs Mike Walton is Now a Boston Bruin; How the Prairies made it Through the Winter; The Americans are Coming ! The Americans are Coming ! - Into Central British Columbia; Stamp Out Cliche Power; Women's Fashion - Barbaric is Beautiful)

APRIL 10 (Cover; Dr. Aubrey Johnson of Nova Scotia; Cover Story A Last Fond Look at the Country Doctor; Inside Hockey Night in Canada; Delicatessen Food not for the Sissies; Craig Eadie Loves Mae West; Fashion - Boots and Their Buddies; A Solution for Single Parents - "Parents Without Partners"; Pierre Trudeau's Fuddle Duddle no Sooner Mouthed than Merchandised)

APRIL 17 (Cover; The Great Nova Scotia Wildcat Hunt; How Professional Patients Fake their way into Hospital after Hospital; The Last of the Master Repairmen - Quality Work at Fair PricesWomen's Fashion - Gammies Tie one On; Do Canadian Workers Need American Salaries ?; Prosperity is Killing the Game of Marbles)

APRIL 24 (Cover; Pierre and Margaret Trudeau Wedding; Cover Story - Five pages of Pictures; Don't Cry There's Still New Brunswick Bachelor Premier Richard Hatfield; Women's Fashion - Scrunchable Hats; Radio Program "Encyclopedia Canadiana Show - Live and in Russian"Toronto Argonauts Steal Jim Stillwagon from the Green Bay Packers)

MAY 1 (Cover; Ex-Montreal Canadiens Rocket Richard; Cover Story - On the Brink of 50 and Oblivion; Old Stories from our Past Made New: It's the Canadian Magazine Kite by Kite Designer Ken Lewis; What's Where (and worthwhile) in Halifax - Things Guidebooks Don't Tell You; Women's Fashion - Flower Upgrades for Basic Black)

MAY 8 (Cover; People Blowing Bubbles with Bubblegum; Inside a Robert Stanfield Strategy Session; Father J. Osias Fournier Married Sister Anna Laforce in a Civil Ceremony in Edmonton; Women's Fashion - The Maxi Tank; Cover Story - Canada Goes Thru Seven and a Half Million Pounds of Gum a Year; Victor Secrett - Secrets of a Society Jeweller; Toronto's Hunt's Tomatoes Hockey Team went to Finland to Play and got Banned from their League - They're 8-years Old)

MAY 15 (Cover; Before the White Man - painting by Lewis Parker; They Might Not Look Like Union Stewards - The Emerging White Collar Unions; What Do You Get for the Pig That Has Everything ?; In Memory of a Middleweight - Blair Richardson (1940-1971); Cover Story - The Day of the Hurons 350 Years Ago - paintings by Lewis Parker; Women's Fashion - Skirts at Any Length; Ready or Not The Short Work Week is Here)

MAY 22 (Cover Model in Sunglasses; Cover Story - Special Summer Issue - Carefree Holidays, Easy Meals, Quiet Kids, The Latest Sports, Surefire Ways to Beat the Bugs the Burns the Bother; Galloping Gourmet's Wife Treena Kerr's a Ghastly Cook; Women's Fashion - Bringing out the Best in Black and White; Would you Buyn a Unfinished Bridge up on Hudson Bay ? - Crown Assets Disposal Corporation)

MAY 29 (Cover; John Diefenbaker; Cover Story  Hail and Farewell to the Chief;Samantha Jones Models the Oriental Look; How to Take the Family Fishing and Actually Catch fish; The Artistry and Derring-0do of Artist Paul Kane in 1840's Western Canada)

JUNE 5 (Cover; Man Dressed as a Guerrilla Reading the Financial Times; Cover Story - The Day the Coporate Guerrillas put Alcan up Against the Wall; Winnifred Robertson the Jade Queen found a Mountain of Jade in B.C.; Women's Fashion - At Home in Hot Pants; Louis Riel's Diary Just Being Translated brims with Prayers and Visions; Port Dover Ontario's Chief of Police John Forbes Arsenal are Compassion, Discretion and Common Sense; Chicago Cubs Pitcher Fergie Jenkins a $90,000 a Year Contract)

JUNE 12 (Cover; The Magnificent Masters; Cover Story - The Masters Touch for winner Charles Coody; After 117 Years the Mail Trains are Out Of Business - The Last Run; History Making Airplanes at NAC; Women's Fashion - The Blazer Tops them All; Nothing Fazes the Honnerabel Joe Borowski)

JUNE 19 (Cover; Introducing the Smelly Award; Our Annual Kill a Piece of Canada Awards - A Child's Garden of DDt and Other Nursery Rhymes - The Scum on the Old Swimming Hole - Dirty Pictures (Snapped in Alberta !) - Poster Suitable for Littering; Women's Fashion - Feminine Dresses Fresh from the Forties; What Will it Take to Make the B.C. Lions a Winner ?; An Antique is Worth What you can get for It)

JUNE 26 (Cover; Nostalgia You can Actually Remember 1954-1964; Cover Story - Heartbreak Hotel -The Ducktail Cut - Tall Beer Bottles - Spike Heels - Hula Hoops - Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - The Plouffe Family - Chlorophyll - Fallout Shelter - Marilyn Bell - Mirrored Sunglasses - See Ya Later, Alligator)

JULY 3 (Cover; Casual Canadian Soldier; The Chateau Frontenac one of the Last Grand Hotels; Cover Story - The Thin Green Line of Canada's Non-fighting Forces Around the World; Royal Ontario Museum Scientist Disturb the Sleep of a Mummy; Women's Fashion - Crochet the Summer Away; Saskatchewan Rough Riders Fullback George Reed)

JULY 10 (Cover; Care for a Joint ?; There and Back with "Fat Albert" - Air Canada's Boeing 747; Cover Story - New Insights on the Drug Question; Montreal Expos Rusty Staub is Having a Great Year; Women's Fashion - There's a New Dawn in Wig Making; Jimmy Pattison Has Survived the Recession)
JULY 17 (Cover; Ken Dryden; Cover Story - Montreal Canadiens Overnight Success - Goalie Ken Dryden; Not Another Sex Manual !; Women's Fashion - Sleepwear Goes to he Beach; The Kingsmere Ruins - Mackenzie King's Strange Hobby; Flying Machine That'll be Powered by Man)
JULY 24 (Cover; Grocery Store Cashier; Cover Story - Inflation is Why You Never get Your Money's Worth; Motocross Racing - $600 Prize Money and all the Dirt you can Eat; Canada's Five New National Parks - Kouchibouguac - Pacific Rim - La Mauricie - Forillon - Gros Morne; Women's Fashion - Rib Ticklers)

JULY 31 (Cover; French Patrol Boat off Canada's Coast; Cover Story - Life on French Soil 12 Miles from Canada - St. Pierre and Miquelon the Laziest Lifestyle this side of the Atlantic; Reeling Off a Quickie Movie; Basic Baseball - The Expos Show you How; Women's Fashion - Body Skimmers; The Sexiest Store in Canada - The Garden in Downtown Montreal)

AUGUST 7 (Cover; The Absolutely Greatest Hamburger in the Country; Cover Story - If This is Chili Sauce it Must be Winnipeg; Women's Fashion - Tailor Suede; How Long Will the Canadian Legion Survive ?; Joseph Zuken the Queen's Counsel Sure is a Nice CommieJogging with the Governor-General Michener)

AUGUST 28 (Cover; Wanted Poster for Bouncing Rubber Ball; "Unsolved Canadian Crimes part 1 - The Bouncing Ball Caper"; May I Have a Chicken for my Chicken Gun Please ?; Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head Coach Jim Spavital; 8 Canadian Professional Photographers)

SEPTEMBER 4 (Cover; Hitchhiking Hippie and Conservative Young Man - Which Would you Pick Up ?; Cover Story - "On the Road Again" part 1 by David Cobb; "Unsolkved Canadian Crimes part 2 - Who Killed the Grocer ?";Doiwntown Forest - Stanley Park in Vancouver; Where to Order Arctic Char in Yellowknife; Women's Fashion - Glamorized Flying Jackets; The Breaks of the Game - Ottawa Rough Riders Doug Collins has had his Share of Them; Toronto's Spadina Expressway to Nowhere)

SEPTEMBER 11 (Cover; Montreal Canadiens Guy Lafleur; Aspects of the New Education; "Unsolved Canadian Crimes part 3 - The Marion McDowell Mystery; "On the Road Again - Heavens to Betsy, the Bronco's been Stolen !" part 2 by David Cobb)

SEPTEMBER 18 (Cover; Three Women - One Poor, One Mid-income and One Well-to-do; Cover Story - Where do you Fit In ?; Young Boys Learning the Game of Football; Women's Fashion - Boots for September to May; "On the Road Again - Memories Lengthen, Distance Shortens, the Journey Ends" part 3 of 3 by David Cobb; "Unsolved Canadian Crimes part 4 - Daniel Gerard Renix of British Columbia)

SEPTEMBER 25 (Cover; Headshot of a Model in the Rain; Cover Story - Myths and Facts about the Weather; Five Ladies who can Outfight, Outwork, Outlift you on your Best Day - Pat Sogan of Hamilton - Lynda Johnson of Toronto - Jane Stelkia of British Columbia Interior - Kathy Pollard of Ontario - Ruth Ford of Northern British Columbia; Mrs. Jessie O'Leynick of Winnipeg has Won $40,000 in Contest Prizes; "Unsolved Canadian Crimes part Aunt Mary Passage of Winnipeg was Slain by Someone She Knew"; Fashion - The Sociology of Braces; The Men with the Axe - CFL Coaches on Cutting Players)

OCTOBER 2 (Cover; Ralph Nader sets his Sights on Canada; How Four Key Montreal Alouettes Get up for a Game - Gene Cepetelli - Steve Smear - Larry Fairholm - Mike Widger; Women's Fashion - Colored Pea Jackets;Toronto's High Park; How Johnny Canuck Won the Second World War and other Tales from Canadian Comic Books)

OCTOBER 9 (Cover; Ed Sullivan; Cover Story - Ed Sullivan Writes about Canadian Talent; The Not So Flip Side of Leon McQuay Toronto Argonauts Running Back; Windsor, Michigan ? - Not if Windsor, Ontario can Help It; British Columbia Tug Boat "Island Mariner"; Women's Fashion - Under Wraps with Shawls; They Call Themselves Gun Nuts - Oshawa, Ontario Gun Show)

OCTOBER 16 (Cover; Toronto Stampeders Jim Lindsey; Cover Story - Religion in Football; TV Newscasters Lloyd Robertson and Harvey Kirk; The New Canadian Army; Montreal's Mount Royal a Place for Peace; Women's Fashion - Fur Linings for Coats; Nobody is 60 (no matter what the kids say) )

OCTOBER 23 (Cover; Kitten Patsy - Welcome to the Kitten Club; "Slicked Down Hair, Saxaphones and other General Depravity" by Robert Thomas Allen; Two of Canada's Best Swimmers - Leslie Cliff and Donna Marie Gurr; Greetings Cards that say Give Peace a Chance; Women's Fashion - In Case of Fire Brief Nighties; Scientist John Keys studying the Iceflow Between Canada and Greenland fron inside the Arctic Circle)

OCTOBER 30 (Cover; Swami Vishnu-devananada and his Fight for World Peace; Anticsti Island in the St. Lawrence where they Hunt from Pickup Trucks; Whippet Racing in British Columbia; "The Older Generation - Who Us ?" by Robert Thomas Allen; Out of the Mouths of Government - the Welfare System)

NOVEMBER 6 (Cover; Our Readers Poll - 6 Questions We'd Like You to Answer; What can you do with an Expressway to Nowhere; Women's Fashion - Naughty Looks for Nice Girls; Pastor Perry Rockwood Prays for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Every Day; Hypnotism to Help with Everyday Problems and Fears; Riding Shotgun 1971 Style - Wells Fargo Armoured Cars)

NOVEMBER 13 (Cover; Baton Twirling Young Girls in Hamilton - the Tiger Kittens; How the Montreal Canadiens Coachj Al MacNeil was Promoted to Halifax; Canada's Grand Old Medicine Man - Gilbert Templeton; Tourist Traps, Billboards and a Plaster Kangaroo - How They're Spoiling Prince Edward Island; Blanche Hodder was Editor of Four Blood and Guts Crime Magazines; Women's Fashion - Party Time Dresses)

NOVEMBER 20 (Cover; Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wearing a Football Helmut; Angelo Mosca on Rough Play in Football; A Football in One Hand and a Beer in the Other - How else to Play the Grey Cup in Bermuda; True Confessions of a Football Wife - L:aVerne Barnes; Women's Fashion - Work Shirts go out to Play; Lebanon has the Smallest Embassey in Ottawa; Bear Baiting - You Just sit in a Tree and Wait)

NOVEMBER 27 (Cover; Model in a Bkini in the Water; A Shopper's List of Supermarket Sins; Charlie Patterson has Invented a Bullet Proof Hockey Helmet; Oil Rig Sedco 1 in the Atlantic off Newfoundland Coast; Worm Hunting in the Golf Course; Japanese Canadians who Turned their British Columbia Internment Camp into a Home Town; Women's Fashion - Bikinis are Back In Again)

DECEMBER 4 (Cover; Man Being Bounced; Cover Story - 12 Places you'll Always be Thrown Out Of; Instant Essays - Students Buy them By the Page; Canada's Maverick Toymaker Mannie Grossman; Women's Fashion - Sunglasses to Make you Look Like a Woman; Karate Experts Wouldn't Use their Skills on Nice People like You; When a Lockheed TriStar takes off so does Canadian Business)

DECEMBER 11 (Cover; One Day in Canada a Coast to Coast Diary - Monday, October 18 1971; How to Stay Alive when you're Stuck in a Snowstorm; Women's Fashion - Dresses Long is Ladylike; Chicago Black Hawks Keith Magnuson would Rather Fight than Score Goals; Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa OntarioTwo Pages of Canadian Stamps 1962 - 1971)
DECEMBER 24 (Cover; Season's Greetings from the cast of "The Whiteoaks of Jalna"; TV Game Show "Let's Make a Deal" with Host Monty Hall; How NHL Linesman Matt Pavelich Stops Fights - and Why Sometimes he Doesn't; Women's Fashion - Oriental Fashion for the West; In Hillsborough New Brunswick it's Not Who you know but How Many - The Steeves)

DECEMBER 31 (Cover; Greenpeace Protest Ship; Cover Story - Amchitka the Protest the Squares took away From the Kids; A Comic Book History of Quebec it's Radically Different; Gordie Howe's Kid Marty Howe is Playing Great Hockey; Women's Fashion - Spring Things; The Quiet of Halifax Public Gardens)


JANUARY 8 (Cover; Beaver made from Clay; Cover Story - Five Immigrants who made Good tell Why they Went Back Home; The Great Canadian Bingo Boom; The Battery Driven Car that's Not a Tot; Women's Fashion - Tropical Shirt Wave; Los Angeles Kings Goalie Rogatien Vachon; Satirist Jack McPartlinmakes $70,000 a Year Insulting Politicians)
JANUARY 15 (Cover; Drawing on a Picture of Richard Nixon; "We Love Uncle Sam. We Have to Love Him" by Charles Lynch - Chief of Southam News Services; Believe it or Not the U.S. Does Hane an Expert on Canada; This Time It's Simpsons Centennial - A Century of Canadian Sales; Women's Fashion - Leather and Suede Handle with Care; You're Keeping Fit - While Others Grow Rich)

JANUARY 22 (Cover; Woman Watching Football; Cover Story - What Does Watching the Grey Cup Really do to a Football Fan - the Lie Detector Tells All; Paul Anka makes Good, Again; Good Works from a Cloister of Very Nice Nuns - Monestary of Precious Blood in Winnipeg; Women's Fashion - Casually Classic; What's on Frank Ogden's Menu ? Ontario College of Art; Canadian Communist Party's 50th Birthday)

JANUARY 29 (Cover; How You Answered Our Readers Poll; The CBC's Funniest Mistakes; Hockey Night in Yorkton Saskatchewan - Yorkton Terriers; Professor Devendra Varma World's Leading Authority on Vampires; Women's Fashion - Cotton Comfort; Who Would Poison Six Family Pets ? - Baby Point in Toronto)

FEBRUARY 5 (Cover; They Love Horses Don't They ? - In Canada we Stilkl Do; Our Readers Poll - Why You Voted the way You Did; Karen Magnussen will be World Figure Skating Champion; Women's Fashion - Buckskin isn't Dangerous; Quebec Hotel Institute - Dining with Class at 75 Cents and No Tip)

FEBRUARY 12 (Cover; Blonde Woman Holding a Canadian Flag with a Heart where the Maple Leaf Goes; Cover Story - We Love You Canada - Nice Things from 1971; Wanna Fight ? - Take it Up as a Hobby; Women's Fashion - Ski Late Ski Light; Waterton Lakes National Park is Our Loviest Mountain Park; Folks on Grand Manan Island like their Friendly Undertaker Johnny Graham)

FEBRUARY 19 (Cover; Canada's Loviest Child 1937 Eva Marlene Heddle; Our Hard to Find Heroes; Man's Best Friends our Pets; Why Jocks and Eggheads Hate Each Other; Men's Fashion - Return to Modest Elegance; Danger Pay - Stuntmen)

FEBRUARY 26 (Cover German U-Boat Commander Paul Hartwig; Cover Story - "The Second World War Battle we lost at Home - The Battle of the St. Lawrence" part 1 of 2; What Business do they Have Freezing Strawberries in New Brunswick ? - McCain Foods Ltd.; The Newfie Joke that Backfired - Roy PayneWomen's Fashion - The Maple Leaf WhereverWho Gets into the Hockey Hall of Fame ?)

MARCH 4 (Cover; Woman od a Scale Bending Over; Cover Story - Curve Your Appetite; "The Second World War Battle we lost at Home - The Battle of the St. Lawrence" part 2 of 2; They Don't Teach about Canada's Ku Klux Klan, our Commie Indians or our Slaves; Life with Two Fathers and Their Six Children - Mike Chapman and Don Chisholm; Women's Fashion - Stripe Come into Play; Charlie Wilcox and his Racing Pigeons; Why is the Mint Selling Cufflinks, Brooches and Tie Tacks ?)
MARCH 11 (Cover; At Home in the Prison for Women; Cover Story - Women Doing Time in Kingston's Prison for Women; How Do We Measure Up in a Pinch ? - Nourishment Wise; Still Some Good Farmer's Markets Left; Women's Fashion - Simply Sarong; Peter Maloney Lost an Election - and a Lot of Money Doing It; Everybody Says George Chuvalo Should Quit Boxing - Why ?)

MARCH 18 (Cover; Canada's Toughest Cop Albert Lisacek of Quebec; What Every Airline Passenger Should Know; Our Most Special Churches; Women's Fashion - Little Big Girl Look; What Do You Need to Make it in the NHL ?)
APRIL 1 (Cover; Montreal Canadiens J.C. Tremblay; Cover Story - Hockey's Smartest Dressed Players; Jack Cullen is the Bad Boy of Radio; Cheeck to Cheek at Edmonton's Troc '59; The Closing of Canada's Coal Mines; Airplane Flight Recorders)

APRIL 8 (Cover; Margaret Trudeau and new Son Justin; Our Political Survival Kit for R.L. Stanfield and P.E. Trudeau; Buffalo Sabres Rick Martinnow Learning What it Costs to be Great; Montreal Auto Show the Best in Canada; Fashion - Listen to your Kids Clothes; Waiting can be Fun For You - Viewpoints of Four Waitresses)

APRIL 15 (Cover; Foreign Made Canadian Mountie Souvenirs; The High Cost of Not Dying - The Hope of Cryonic Suspension; For $12.51 you can Give Niven Miller to Western Samoa - Thoughts for Today; Women's Fashion - Simply Does it Every Time; Who Remembers the Great Storm on the Lakes ? - November 9, 1913; Shuffleboard - You Really Have to Hustle;)

APRIL 22 (Cover; Grandma's Won the Sweepstakes !; Cover Story - What People do with Their Winnings; Cardinal Leger is not the Retiring Type; Women's Fashion - Menswear for Women; Wonder Whip made in Winnipeg; Hockey's Newest Superstar - 11-year old Wayne Gretzky)

APRIL 29 (Cover; "Our Boarding House" Comic Strip Character; Cover Story Pearl Legge's Halifax Boarding House; Foreign Nationals Living in Canada; Circus People Never Grow Up; Art for the Sports Fan - by Jack Whyte; Women's Fashion - Shoes Doing the 1940's Clomp)

MAY 6 (Cover; Graduation Pictures of Anne Murray and Pierre Burton; Cover Story - A New Look at Some Old Friends; Why our 25,000 Gypsies Prefer to Remain Invisible; Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion Al Sparks; Who is Gordon Pinsent ?; Strange Canadian World Record Holders)

MAY 13 (Cover; Rene Simard; Cover Story - Bubblegum Superstar 11-year old Rene Simard; Nuclear Power is Nice and Safe; The Crawford Wells General Store of King City, Ontario; Women's Fashion - Summertime Tranquil; St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Reggie Cleveland of Swift Current, Saskatchewan; Astrologer Prynce Nesbitt on the Future for - Robert Stanfield - Justin Trudeau - Anne Murray - Ferggie Jenkins)

MAY 27 (Cover; Nine Famous Couples; Cover Story - How We Pair Up and Why Some of us Don't; Lawn Bowling isn't Kids Play; Women's Fashion - The Sizzler Mini-Dress; You Should have Fun When you're making Money - The Capozzis of British Columbia)
JUNE 3 (Cover; Masked Robber Showing Empty Pockets; Cover Story - You can't make a Buck on a Bank Job Anymore; The Guess Who - Coming Home to Winnipeg is Great; Vancouver Canucks Dale Tallon is Serious about Golf; Reflections on Our Past by Soldiers Who Could Paint; Women's Fashions - Wash and Wear Hair Styles)

JUNE 10 (Cover; Reader's Poll on Strikes; Cover Story - Management, Labor - and the Rest of Us; Peeter Sepp of nthe Ontario Arts Council; Women's Fashion - The Bean Bag Skirt; Children Expect Miracles from Doctors; Flying Saucers for World Peace ? - Frisbee;)

JUNE 17 (Cover; Plumber Ray Palmer of Vancouver; Cover Story - Ray Palmer Looks Just like Ray Palmer the Fugitive; Screen Writer Bernie Slade in Hollywood; Rafting in the Yukon with Jan Algotsson and Bob Skovbo; A Batboy Knows about Ritual - Superstition - Chewing Tobacco; Lips That Touch Liquor - Abstainers Insurance)

JUNE 24 (Cover; Race Horse owner Ernie Lieberman; Cover Story - Nobody Wins at the Racetrack; The Joys of Travelling Alone for a Woman; They're Teaching Kids what to do with Leisure; Nash Rehearsal Studios in Toronto; What do Lebanon and Syria do when They Run Out of Money ?; Women's Fashion - Freedom Now with the Bodysuit)

JULY 1 (Cover; Getting Away From it All - Forever; What if the Farmer Went on Strike ?; Debbie Brill Olympic High Jumper; Women's Fashion - Print's Cheap; Cover Story - Getaway Towns; The Baby Carriage Trade; The John Birch Society sent Bill Shreck to Save Us)

JULY 8 (Cover; Barry Conn Hughes at the North Pole; Cover Story - Our Man at the Top of the World; Would You let a Lady Buy you a Beer ?; Stock Car Race Driver Andy Brown; Women's Fashion - Well Done Sun Tanning; The Pre-Cooked Artfully Packaged Flip-Top Dinner; Canada's Great Old Movies)

JULY 15 (Cover; Man vs. Woman at Table Top Hockey; Cover Story - The Team Fans Have Chosen to Play Russia at Hockey; I Spy with My Little Sensing Devices; A Lot of People Think Kreskin's Some Kind of Mind Reader; Women's Fashion - Fuzzy Pastel Sweaters; Touch Down and Go at the North Pole)

JULY 22 (Cover; The Bra is Not for Burning - What Unknown Author makes $75,000 a Year ? - Ladies Softball Striking Out on Their Own; The Rodeo - Sweat Grime Dust and Money; Women's Fashion - Stitch Knits; Bill Ellerbrok's Terra Nova Soil)

JULY 29 (Cover; Alexis Nihon; Cover Story - Alexis Nihon Spent $100,000 on a World Cruise; William Head is a Prison with a Past; Marie-Andree Bertrand Doesn't Mean to be a Radical but a Lot of our Laws Make No Sense; Women's Fashion - Knitting Around; A Host of Golden Dandelions; Motorcycle Trail Biking Over the Humps and Away)

AUGUST 5 (Cover; Men Working in a Woman's World; 21 Ways to Find God - Guide to What People Believe In; Cover Story - The Things a Man Will do for a Woman; Louis Melzack wants you to Love Books; Women's Fashion - Tops That Stop Short; Flying Remote Controlled Planes that you Make; More of Canada's Firsts, Bests and Mosts)

AUGUST 12 (Cover; Harry Sinden and John Ferguson; Talk Radio - Is Anybody Listening ?; Cover Story - Only Three Weeks to get Team Canada in Shape to Play the Russians at Hockey; Trish Arnold Shows How to Lick Tension Thru Stretching; Woman Race Driver Monique Proulx; Women's Fashion - Nipped at the Waist Look; Indian Fishing Guides)

AUGUST 19 (Cover; Shopping Around the World; Cover Story - How Our Food Prices Compare to Other Countries; Can Debbie Van Kiekebelt Really Win 5 Olympic Events ?; Harry Lavery was a Model and is Now Becoming a Priest; King of the Royal Mounted in Retirement; Fashion - Woolgathering; John Straiton - Blue Films from a Very Straight Guy)
AUGUST 26 (Cover; Football's Rad O'Quinn and Sam Etcheverry; Cover Story - End of a Football Friendship; B.C. Gulf Islands are a Developers Paradise; Retirement's No Fun without Kids Around; Why Does Joe Lister Make Such Crazy Bicycles ?; Women's Fashion - The Little Black Dress)

SEPTEMBER 2 (Cover; Blonde in a Camel Hair Coat; Cover Sory - Women's Fashion; World Wristwrestling Champion - Roly Belair; Success Stories - Second Best is Just Great; Manitoulin Island Telephone Operater Mildred Freeman; Tv Commercials Have to Filmed Somewhere - Why Not Your House; White Sound Exported by Canada)

SEPTEMBER 9 (Cover; Yoe Told Us What You Think of Strikes; The Secret of Eyeball to Eyeball Selling - Ethel Gore-Smith; You Can Still make a Bang for a Buck in Fireworks; Women's Fashion - Fall Girl; Calgary Stampeders Wayne Harris; What's so Funny about a Show for Old Folks ? - The Smile Company)

SEPTEMBER 23 (Cover; Charles Lynch in Front on Parliament House; Cover Story - "What Really Happens on Parliament Hill ?" by Charles Lynch; The Last Public Hanging in Canada in Goderich, Ontario - Nicholas Mellady Jr.; Women's Fashion - Leather and Wool Matched at Last; George Athans of Kelowna B. C. Water Ski Champion of the World; TV Show "Anything You Can Do" host Don Harron)

SEPTEMBER 30 (Cove; Baseball Player witha can of Snuff; Cover Story - No Smoking ? - Try Snuff and a Chaw; How Pitchers Fool you and Batters; Iona Weenusk 1951-1972 a Plane Crash Killed the Hope of Her Tribe; The Mounties Face Identification Kit; Poets Behind Bars; Food Mysteries that are Easily Solved)

OCTOBER 7 (Cover; "Canada's Top Male Chauvinists"; Sterling Campbell's Memories of W.C. Fields, Gary Cooper and Howard Hughes; Thank Your Government for Better Fried Eggs; Women's Fashion - Cape Flair; Compulsive Gambler Joe King of Toronto; After Billie Joe Booth death no more Football for Marshall Shirk; Cover Story - Four Feminists Talk about What makes them Angry)

OCTOBER 14 (Cover Bank Robber and Part time Prisoner Jon McDermott;Cover Story - "Television Producer Turned Bank Robber" part 1 of 2 by Jon McDermott; The Piano Comes out of the Parlor;lWomen's Fashion - Dazzle for a Dull Day in Tent Coats; James Parker Cat Sitter in North York, Ontario; Mona Sam's Boarding House for Figure Skating Girls)

OCTOBER 21 (Cover; Pierre Trudeau drinking a Glass of Water; Cover Story - Great Moments fron the 1972 Election Campaign; Witchcraft in Canada; "Television Producer Turned Bank Robber" part 2 of 2 by Jon Mc Dermott; Women's Fashion - Superpant; Toronto Argonauts Mike Eben Studies his Favorite Plays - They have Nothing to do with Football)

OCTOBER 28 (Cover; Harry Sinden and Phil Esposito; Cover Story "I Blew It 1 I Blew It !" by Harry Sinden on the First Loss to Russia; Art For Children's Sake; Women's Fashion - Winter's Pale Dawn Poised for Spring; The Good Life is Hard on the Eskimo - White Man's Food; Sport Player's Manager Robert G. Woolf)

NOVEMBER 4 (Cover; The Rich Rebels of Sept-Iles; Cover Story - Sept-Iles has Everything from Strikes, Riots, Separatists and the Highest Income in the Land; Yer Canadian History with Charlie Farquharson; A priest Takes a Poke at TV Commercials - Father Gibson; Pastor Paul Smith of The Peoples Curch in Toronto Canada's Largest Protestant Church; If the Toronto Argonauts Want a Player they Send the Emperor)

NOVEMBER 25 (Cover; A Rose in a Beaker of Sludge; Cover Story - 3rd Annual Pollution Awards for Those who Help and Those Who Make it Worse; Don't Trip the Platers and Other Zany Horrors of the Grey Cup; Boston Globe Editorial Cartoonist Paul Szep; Women's Fashion - Actress Carol Kane modelling Negligees; Wally Wagon Sub-Compact Car Buitl by University of British Columbia Engineering Students)

DECEMBER 2 (Cover; Renee Joyal's Glorious Victory Over Two Buildingd that Spoiled a Park in Hull, Quebec; Box 12 Association Firetruck Inspired Canteen; Country Singer Stevedore Steve; Women's Fashion - Evening Clothes Winter Exposure; The Endless Advertising Battle against Brand X; W.H.A. Winnipeg Jets owner Ben Hatskin; The Jazz and Blues Record Centre in Toronto)

DECEMBER 9 (Cover; TV's Marcus Welby M.D.; The Second World War Hong Kongers; Canadians Consume 25 Million Gallons of Booze a Year -and Why Not ?; Women's Fashion - Just for the Wool of It; What the Russians Know about Hockey Could fill a Book - Written by a Canadian Lloyd Percival; Here's a Whole New World of TV - If You Speak French)

DECEMBER 16 (Cover; Woman in Ski Clothes; Madness - Is There a Simple Answer ?; Canadian Museums now have $100,000,000 Worth of Art; Garry's the Biggest and Strongest of the Hockey Hulls but he's Gone Back to the Farm; Cover Story - Women's Fashion; When you Need a Crmmy Little Town for a Movie Just call Delisle, Saskatchewan)

DECEMBER 23 (Cover; When Girls Come to Live in a Boys School; Our Four Breeds of Hitchhikers; Snowmobiling on Grass; Women's Fashion - Bikini Bare Necessities; Cover Story - Brentwood College in British Columbia has 232 Boys and 18 Girls; Paying the Bills for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - just $800,000 an Hour)

DECEMBER 30 (Cover; Russian Hockey Player with the Stanley Cup; Cover story - Predictions for 1973; A Good Bouncer can Even Throw his Father Out; Our Joiner's Guide to Canadian Civic Clubs; Women's Fashion - Fur Lined Coats; The Ottawa Old Stars Hockey Team "It Keeps us from Beating Our Wives")


JANUARY 6 (Cover; A Drawn Map of the Canadian Far North; Cover Story - Special Issue on the North - More than a Million Square Miles - Want a Salad ? $57 in Igloolik - Riches, Riches - This Splendid Lonely Land - Northerner's Don't Have Traffic Jams - Dress Warm and Eat Out)

JANUARY 13 (Cover; Pretty Brunette with a Spoon in her Hand; Cover Story - Know Whot you Eat, it May Not be Real; Tim Horton - the Donut Magnate also Plays Hockey; Jesus is in the Negev Making a Movie - Norman Jewison Filming "Jesus Christ Superstar"; A Lie Detector We can't Escape)

JANUARY 20 (Cover; Magician Doug Henning; The Town of Ocean Fallf, B.C. is Being Wiped off the Map; Cover Story - Presto ! There are Still some Mysteries Left; Women's Fashion - Spectacular Whites; A Hockey Star Owes a lot of People - Meet some of the Ones Johnny Bucyk owes; Winnipeg Ballet's Production of "The Ecstasy of Rita Joe")

FEBRUARY 3 (Cover; Bobby Hull on Skates wearing a Tuxedo; Cover Story - 10 Expert Views How Hockey can be Great Again; Our Guide to Vancouver is Like no Other; Studying the Modern Way of Death; Women's Fashion - For a February Spring Soft Sweaters)

FEBRUARY 10 (Cover; Needle Impaling a Canadian Flag; Cover Story - "Heroin Canada's New Drug Menace" part 1 0f 2; Edmonton Oilers JimHarrison - Body Wrecker Turned Gent; Making Sea Monsters Behave for a Movie; Women's Fashion - The Big Pastel Switcharound; You've Gotta Love Statistics Canada; Ballet Dancer Frank Augustyn - A Life too Tough for an Athlete)

FEBRUARY 17 (Cover; Where Heroin Addicts can find Help; Cover Story - "Heroin Canada's New Drug Menace" part 2 of 2; Brewing the Memorable Pot of Coffee; Canadian Girl Coming Out with the Cream of New York Society; Women's Fashion - Shorts in all Lengths; NHL Expansion Teams - Pity the Coach with his Green Players)

FEBRUARY 24 (Cover; Don't Mess with the Reat-a-Hostess; "Two Cops Killed their Killer Lew Fines Dead" part 1 of 2; When to Spank Your Child; Women's Fashion - Eskimo Prints Make it South; There's Not Much Paul Henderson can do for an Encore)

MARCH 3 (Cover; How a Motorcycle Gang got $225,527 to Make Wooden Ducks; Cover Story - What, Me Work ? Get me a Grant; How Dentists can Cut Your Bills - and Make a Profit; "Two Cops Killed their Killer Lew Fines Dead" part 2 of 2; Cindy Shatto focus on Winning High Diving Gold at 1976 Olympics; Women's Fashion - Shower Activity; Son of Diefenbaker at 21 Sean O'Sullivan Youngest M.P. Ever)

MARCH 10 (Cover; The Athlete Factory - Ottawa's Gold Medal Gamble; Cover Story - Winners Made to Measure; How Shopping Plazas Seduce You; $10 Million Worth of Clay - Riding Shotgun for Michelangelo; Fashion - Luxurt Leather; Reading Ancient Egyptian Papyrus)

MARCH 17 (Cover; Ms. at the Top; Cover Story - The Plot to put Women in Big Business; Big League Hockey Watch Out - Here comes Denis Potvin; Women's Fashion - Cardigans Stretch Put; Bling for Your Car; Back to Bach with the Swinging Shepherd Moe Kauffman)

MARCH 24 (Cover; Beaver Listening to a Gramaphone; Cover Story - Six New Improved Versions of O' Canada; Marry Me, Marry Hockey - NHL hockey Heroes Wives; Brigham Pipes own 80 % of Canadian Sales; Women's Fashion - Study in Studs; Small Witt streetcars were Slow and Noisy but Music to David Andrew)

MARCH 31 (Cover - Prairie Grain Elevators at Sunset; Cover Story - Special Issue on the Prairies - Foreigner's Guide to mthe Pleasures of the Prairies)

APRIL 7 (Cover; Paul Henderson, Irving Layton and Pauline Bernstein; Cover Story - Our Guide to Rent a Speaker; Military Target Area - Medford Tank Range in Ontario; Endurance Test - Rally Racing in Canada; Women's Fashion - Maternity Clothes)

APRIL 14 (Cover; Blonde Babe in a Claw Foot Bathtub; Cover Story - Where Six Great Canadian Thinkers get their Inspiration; Canadian Horse Meat on European Menus - 12 Million Pounds a Year; Young Girl's Fashion - Home and School; A New Version of the Life of Jesus; NHL Selling Pucks for $29.95 tapped into Net by Player of your Choice)

APRIL 28 (Cover; Canadians at Israel's Birthday Party; Cover Story - Happy 25th Birthday Israel; Why God Doesn't Shave and all you Need to Know About Whiskers; Volleyball is Hell - No Time to be Ladylike; Women's Fashion - Light Linen Dresses; Good Bug Meets Bad Bug - Imported Pests)

MAY 5 (Cover; Get Your Camera Out; Cover Story -Enter Our National Photo Contest; News From behind the Walls of High Schools and Prisons; How To Avoid a Loused Up Holiday; Women's Fashion - Flour and Sugar Sack Creations; "Ossie" Ostrosser of Stoney Creek a New York Mets Prospect)

MAY 12 (Cover; The Divided Woman; Cover Story How Three Minds Ruled One Body - Multiple Personalities; Quebecois meets Cajun - Leo LeBlanc in Louisiana for Quebec Government; Fashion - 1920's Revival; Rod Laver's Tennis Tips - Get Out of Canada; Playboy Magazine's Favorite Cartoonist is Doug Sneyd)

MAY 19 ( Cover; New Endings for Six Stories; Cover Story - Catching up on Six Stories; How You Rewrote O' Canada; Great Summer Cruise with Niagra River White Water Tours; Women's Fashion - Halter They're Tops; Montreal Expo Hopefull - Pitcher Denis McSween)

MAY 26 (Cover; Canadian 8 Cent Postage Stamp with Pierre Trudeau; Cover Story - Testing the Post Office; Detroit Tigers Pitcher John Hiller back after a Heart Attack; The Judge is a Lady - Nancy Elizabeth Morrison; TV's Frying Nun Sister Berthe and her Gourmet Cooking School; Women's Fashion - Country Outlook)

JUNE 9 (Cover; Back to the Battlefields; Cover Story - Canadian Photographs of War and Peace; Let"s Build a Tunnel to Europe Variations on a Theme by Fiddle Player Hyman Bress; How to Face a Job Interview and Win; History Teachers Work in Wonderous Ways; What You Don't Know About Cycling could Kill You)

JUNE 16 (Cover; Knights are Still in Flower in British Columbia; Cover Story - First Find a Dumb Horse; Still Inventing Perpetual Motion Machines; A Guide to Charitable Foundations; Women's Fashion - Summer Ready, Set, Go; The U.S. Traffic in Canadian Coins)

JUNE 23 (Cover; Sgt. Major Walter M. Turple; Cover Story - Meet Canada's Toughest Soldier; How Wide is Too Wide - The Alberta Kananaskis Highway; Canada Enters a Concrete Canoe Race; Women's Fashion - Travel Fast and Light; The Town Without Television - McBride B.C.)

JUNE 30 (Cover; Housing Prices aropund the World; Cover Story - How Does Canada Compare ?; Sparkle Plenty - Joyous Exercise for Inner Beauty; Women's Fashion - Pencil on a Summer Face with Make-up; Peter Doan - Boy Scientist)

JULY 7 (Cover; Now Playing; Cover Story - What's Happening Onstage (and off) in Canada; Hamilton and it's Well Trained Tiger Cats; Avro C-102 Jetliner - First Jet Airliner to Fly in Canada and was Scrapped; Women's Fashion - Wrap up a Summer Evening; Canada's Ten Best Restaurants)

JULY 14 (Cover; Bill Haley; Cover Story - What has he Done for us Lately ?; Quebec's Arson Squad; Kay Cook a Lay Marriage Chaplin from Ontario; Six Super Sailboats; Women's Fashion - Art Deco Prints; Artist Max Epstein Destoyed his Work with an Axe)

JULY 21 (Cover; Policeman and Patrol Car; Cover Story - Violence in Our City Streets, Can we Keep Them Safe ?; Golfers on Golfers - Arnold Palmer - Lee Travino - Gary Player; Women's Fashion - The Transitionals; Montreal Club "Rockhead's Paradise")

JULY 28 (Cover; Supersalesman; Cover Story - Best Sellers of all Markets; Hollywood'sw Last Tycoon Jack Warner; Women's Fashion - Country Romantic; "I Wouldn't Mind it so Much Lord, if you Hadn't Made me so Sensitive" by Norman Kunc; Synchronized Swimming - a Sport Women do Better than Men)

AUGUST 4 (Cover;Lobster Holding Maritime Flags; Cover Story - Special issue on Atlantic Canada - Land of Wealth, Health, Good Eats and Canada's Toughest Job)

AUGUST 11 (Cover; Canadian Convicts at Work; Cover Story - Crime Pays 55 Cents a Day; Spoony Singh's Hollywood Wax Museum; George is a Time Machine - He Talks to People who Lived 10,000 Years Ago; Women's Fashion - Platform Shoes Down; Ottawa Rough Riders Mel Aull sang in the Shower; Alas Poor Richard - History calls Him Evil but Some Still Love Him)

AUGUST 25 (Cover; Bike Racers; Cover Story - Look Ma. No Brakes; Finding Out why you Buy; Who Cares about Sunday - The Lord's Day Alliance of Canada; Is Nothing Sacred to Cheech and Chong ?; Women's Fashion - Suit Yourself; The Great R.C.M.P. Bubble Gum Caper)

SEPTEMBER 22 (Cover; Queen Elizabeth; Cover Story - Canada Week 1973 a Monarch a movie Star and $1-million Worth of Hash all Showed Up; They Worry About Vampires in Wilno, Ontario; Don't Sneer at a Squid - Eat Him !)

SEPTEMBER 29 (Cover; Summer Vacation in a Jail ?; Cover Story - I Had a Terrific Summer Vacation if Unusual; Wilf Carter's 40 Years and 500 Songs; Montreal Alouettes Johnny Rodger "I Just want to be an Average Superstar"; A Super Snoopy Report on 101 Saleries)

OCTOBER 6 (Cover; Dressing the Swinging Shirt; Nightmares after a Job Accident; Seven Fathers Advise their Sons - Don't Follow in my Footsteps; Cover Story - Women's Fashion; Trucker Beware - Big Brother is Watching You; Football Players Hate Hearing This "You're Not Bad for a Canadian")

OCTOBER 13  (Cover; The High Cost of Bringing Home the Bacon; Cover Story - Remember When you could Afford to Eat ?; Pick a Villian - The Government - The Producer - The Middleman - The Retailer - Yourself; 40 Free Facts about Food; A 45 Minute Prayer will get you a Loaf)

OCTOBER 20 (Cover; God Wants You ! ; Cover Story - The Road to Hell is Lined with Good Samaritans; Groundhog Stew May Save Your Life; Women's Fashion - New Suede the Fabulous Fake; Calgary Stampeders Peter Liske "Football Players are Pampered Brats"; How Zaidah King Prevents Split Ends - She Shaves her Head)

OCTOBER 27 (Cover Story; Roman Gralewicz; Cover Story - The New Strongman of the Seafarers International Union; New Singer from Eskimo Point is Charlie Panigoniak; Tennis Camp for Big Kids in B.C.; Cuba's Canadian Prisoner Ronald Lippert; Women's Fashion - The Wild Ones Knitted Outfits)

NOVEMBER 3 (Cover; Thumb Print; Cover Story - Canadians Hate Being Fingerprinted the Most in the World; Canadian Unsung Music Makers;Chauffeur's Night Out Annual Bash at the Westbury Hotel in Toronto; Women's Fashion - Party Swirl Skirts; Ottawa Rough Riders Front Four "Capital Punishment")

NOVEMBER 10(Cover; Montreal Canadiens Henri Richard; Cover Story - Monteal Celebrates another Stanley Cup Victory; Bermuda's Canadian Governor Sir Edwin Leather; Women's Fashion - Hostess Glamour goes with Gravy; Sunrise and Setting Sun Photos)

DECEMBER 15 (Cover; The Canadian Magazine National Photo Contest Winners; Cover Story - 50,000 Entries and here are the Winners; Peter Lazier and Dale Bolton go by Kayak 2,200 Down the Yukon; Women's Fashion - Caftans for Comfort; All the Trimmings - Christmas Decorations you can Make at Home; Here Comes Canada's Worst Driver - Young and Male and an Idiot; Tidbits from The Canadian Historical Calendar for 1974)

DECEMBER 22 (Cover; Santa Claus Remembering 1973; Cover Story - It was a Very Good Year (sort of); "My Most Wretched Christmas" Miserable Memories bt Kate Reid, Joey Smallwood and Others; More Winners in Our National Photo Contest; What We Expect from Christmas; Pittsburgh Steelers Place Kicker from Powell River B.C. is Roy Gerela)

DECEMBER 29 (Cover; Various Characters on the Phone from Popular Culture - Superman, Cartoon by Gaham Wilson etc.; Cover Story - Telephone Usage and Costs from Around the World; Why the magazine National Lampoon finds Canada so Funny; Canada's Wars in Pictures 1885 and on; Women's Fashion - Sheared Delight Warm and Woolly for Winter; Filming the Movie "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" based on the Book by Mordecai Richler)


JANUARY 5 (Cover; Anne Murray; Cover Story - Anne Murray goes Home to say Goodbye; "Billy was Dumb" New York Islanders Billy Harris; To Baruch - To a Nervy Old Jew, With Love; Women's Fashion - Ski Don't Skid; Learning from "junior Achievement"; Muck up a Lake and on Purpose ? - Scientist Dave Schindler does Research on Pollution Control)

JANUARY 12 (Cover; A Beaver in a Trench Coat and Fedora; Cover Story - Our Spy's Report on Canada's New Secret Srvice; How Big Business says Thanks - and Goodbye; Host Alex Trebek of the Game Show "The Wizard of Odds"; Women's Fashion - Short Cuts for Long Hair; What's the WHA New England Whalers Secret ?)

JANUARY 19 (Cover; Why is this Girl Screaming ?; Cover Story - Laff in the Dark ride at Canadian National Exhibition; Why Death came to Six Cons In the Saskatchewan Prison; 19th Century Canadian Primitive Art; Women's Fashion - Bikini Seperate Fits; WHA Los Angeles Sharks Gerald Bernard Odrowski)

JANUARY 26 (Cover; Flying South to See God; Cover Story - Guru Maharaj Ji is Blissing Out in Texas; Fencing the Art of Elegant Killing; Our Great Mystery Flag - What Did Happen to the First One ?; Cherry Hill in Nova Scotia Volunteer Fire Department)

FEBRUARY 2 (Cover; Winnie the Pooh stuffed Bear; Cover Story - Why Alberta's Firing Squad Killed 500 Bears; Remember "Canadian Averts Atom Disaster" ? - Canadian Coolo vs. The Bomb; Outlaw Athletes - Why Simon Fraser University is a Hit in the U.S. but Blackballed Here; Women's Fashion - Laced for Spring; Lonely ? Dial 604-733-3423)

FEBRUARY 9 (Cover; Man-Sized Cakes; Cover Story - Read the Recipe Right Through, Eh ?; The New Alchemists 12 Acre Farn - The World that Feeds Itself; Robert Thomas Allen discovers Square Dancing more Fun than Jogging; Women's Fashion - Demin for All; Pinnacles of Glory for Canadian Athletes; Gus Thompson Comes into his Own - Farm Hand Wanted the Land Not the Money)

FEBRUARY 16 (Cover; Oil Spill Disaster 1978; Cover Story - Ficticious Newspaper Articles about an Oil Spill off Vancouver in 1978; Painter and Champion Figure Skater Toller Cranston; Women's Fashion - A Well Bred Investment of Spring Suits; My Crummy Career as a Skip Tracer; When Not to Bother the Doctor)

FEBRUARY 23 (Cover; Gordie Howe at 45; Cover Story - Still the Boss; 16 Jobs and their Freebies; Men's Fashion - Tailored Suits Since Clothes make the Man; Phillip Gillis "I'm not an Orphan After All !"; History's Deepest Ocean Rescue - Mini Submarine Pisces 3 at a Depth os 1,575 Feet)

MARCH 2 (Cover; Husband and Wife Firefighters; Cover Story - Workmates, Togetherness Aound the Clock; Only in Canada is Pinball a Sin; Women's Fashion - The Rain or Shine Anytime Coat; Doug Woodcock Skiing for Dollars on the Grand Prix Circuit; The Predictions for 1973 and How they Did)

MARCH 16 (Cover; Girl in Hockey Gear; Cover Story - Look What the Kids are Up To Now !; Keeper of the Black Donnelly Shrine; Why Can't the Mentally Retarded Live Alone ?; Artist Helene de Silaghi Sirag - Can Some Dreams Be Astral Trips ?; Women's Fashion - Fabrics to Sew it all Uo; Detroit Red Wings Head Coach Alex Delvecchio Figures Nice Guys can finish First)

MARCH 23 (Cover; 8 Canadian Magazine Staff Writers; Cover Story Eight Holidays to Shout About; How to not Pay your Debts; Fashion - Bulky Knitted Sweaters; How Could Bernie Braden make a Mistake Like That ?; WHA Senior Linesman Ron Asselstine - Meaner than a Junkyard Dog)

MARCH 30 (Cover; Phil Esposito; Cover Story - Letters to Phil Esposito - Love and Kisses and Hate; World Torture 1974 - Who's Doing What to Whom; Election all the Politicians Lost - South Vancouver and the Search for Truth; JUst About Everybody's Idea of Luxury is...; Fashion - The Sensuous Fabric Terry Velour; Vietnam in Montreal - Batle Lines on Bleury Street)

APRIL 6 (Cover; a Salvation Army Member; Cover Story - A Century of the Salvation Army; Shake Hands Canada - Learning about all of us at Last; Women's Fashion - The New Model T's; How We're Dying These Days - Major Causes of Death Broken Down; The Taming of NHL Hockey's Teddy Green)

APRIL 13 (Cover; Drawing of a Duck wearing a Montreal Canadians Jersey while Skating; Cover Story - 1,001 Reasons Why you Laugh at Ducks; Ken Dryden outside the Net Looking In; Salvation Army Luring Lost Souls with Soup; Women's Fashion - Sweaters Come Back in Pairs; Alan Hewetson of St. Catharines Writes 80 % of the Stories for Magazines Scream, Psycho and Nightmare published by Skywald; Why is a Beaver's Tail Flat ?)

APRIL 20 (Cover; Hockey Puck with U.S. Flag on it; Cover Story - WHA Thinking of Using a Bright Red Puck so American Veiwers can Follow It; Less Mileage for Your Money - Rolling Back the Speedometer; Alex the German Shepherd is a Screen Star; Women's Fashion - The Ladylike Detail; 47 New National Dreams for the Future)

APRIL 27 (Cover; Hippie Type in a Boy Scout Uniform; Cover Story - Where Have all the Boy Scouts Gone ?; Frog Fagan the World's Fastest Right Rear Wheel Changer; Women's Fashion - Swinging Skirts; Is Our Top Court Supreme Enough ?; Renting Stock Film Footage by the Foot; A Bag Marriage Deserves a Good Divorce)

MAY 4 (Cover; Brunette in a Bikini on a Map of B.C.; Cover Story - Special Issue on British Columbia - Growing Population of Criminals and Cultists and Drug Addicts and Good Guys - Underground Guide to Victoria - West Coast Word in Fashion - Sporting Rivals - Queen Charlotte Islands - Indian Style Edibles)

MAY 11 (Cover; Dress to Make Grandma Blush; Cover Story - Women's Fashion Cover Up[ and be Seductive; Mrs. Stephanie Reiprich of Toronto Vigil in Leningrad for Paralyzed Son; Okotoks Fast Draw Club; Jimmy Kenyon's Wars - Memories of an Old Sweat aged 100; Artist Christiane Pflug a Young Suicide)

MAY 18 (Cover; Our Second Super Dooper Photo Contest; Cover Story - Why Not Win this Year; A Doctor who Makes you Feel New - Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lloyd Carlsen; Junior Hockey Tour in Russia - Goals for Soviets 51, Canada 29 but the Russian Playersa Don't know how to Fight; Fashion - Looking Good while Travelling)

MAY 25 (Cover; Workers Unite to Build a House; Cover Story - 19 hours and 45 Minutes Later the House is Finished; Gunplay in Garson Ontario; Montreal Expos Willie Davis - and Buddha; Women's Fashion - Less Skin and More Looks in Bathing Suits; Various Women's 15 Lousy Dates)

JUNE 1 (Cover; Texas Rangers Fergie Jenkins; Cover Story - Why Fergie Jenkins Locked up his Guns "They're Afraid I might Kill Someone"; Death among the Spirit Dancers; Antique Cars to Love; Women's Fashion - City Chic; The Doctor and Lawyer will See you Now - Teamwork to Cure Troubled Minds)

JUNE 29 (Cover; Top of Toronto's CN Tower under Construction; Cover Story - World's Tallest Structure it's #,902 Steps Up and Down; Why Food Is Scarce, Plentiful and Being Wasted; Women's Fashion - Once Upon a Matress Pattern; Montreal Expos Announcers Russ Taylor and Dave Van Horne)

JULY 6 (Cover; Cartoon of the Three Party Leaders; Cover Story - Cartoonist Choice Hoe they saw the Leaders Before the Election; What the F.B.I. Taught 3 Canadian Cops; Women's Fashion - Season Crossers; Winging it in a Glider; Superdaddy Ted White - 100,000 Bunnies iin Seven Months)

JULY 13 (Cover; Couple on a Picnic; Cover Story - Summer Romance Fashions; Nightmares More Horrible than you ever Dreamed; Belly Dancing can be Good for You; Glenn Scott of Surrey B.C. has 18 Vintage Cadillacs; Forest Treks with Map and Compass)

NOVEMBER 2 (Cover; Foster Hewitt the First Man to Broadcast a Hockey Game; Cover Story - Canada's Sports Hall of Fame; Getting More Out of your Boss the Jesus Way; Dancer on the Edge of Success - Vera Biloshisky; Women's Fashion - Two Shirts at Once; Gathering in Belleville Ontario of the McTaggarts Clan )

NOVEMBER 9 (Cover; Square Tomatoes ?; Cover Story - Why Vegetables Taste So Blah these Days; Wolves who Talk Back when you Howl; Women's Fashion - Warm Enough for Portage and Main; Keeping the Big Jets Healthy and in Running Order; Cookie Gilchrist's Dream to Keep Retired Athletes off Skid Row)

NOVEMBER 30 (Cover; Montreal Canadiens Henri Richard; Cover Story - Unhappily into the Sunset; Two Miles East of Eden - Tobacco Farming in Ontario; Women's Fashion - Nice Lace Knits; Don Wederfortof Canwest Aviation held Hostage in Ethiopian Guerrillas; Merv Cronie - Jumbo Jet Salesman)

DECEMBER 7 (Cover; Unreal Real;ty for Sale; Cover Story - 10 Ways Con Men get You; Partners in 15 Years of World Class Bridge - Sammy Kehela and Eric Murray; New York Rangers Bought Derek Sanderson Gambling there's a Hockey Player under the Flash; Women's Fashion - Variations on a Classic Shirt Dress; 59 Ways to Rate your Country)

DECEMBER 14 (Cover; Boy Holding a Pellet Pistol; Cover Story - Airguns aren'tust Toys; 10 More Tricks of a Con Man's Trade; When it's Canadian "Subsidiary" is Not a Dirty Word; Women's Fashion - Travelers Choice; Stock Car Driver Ailsa Craig)

DECEMBER 28 (Cover; Barely There Bikini; Cover Story - Women's Fashion Next to Nothing Bikini's; The Great Halifax Hangover Cure; Barney Danson "In Politics you can Never have enough Socks and Underwear"; Skiers Hot-Dogging; Mme. Benoit the Best Cook in the Country)


JANUARY 11 (Cover; TV's "Relic" Actor Robert Clothier; Cover Story - The Secret Life of a "Beachcomber"; AndreOuellet's Ascent to Power Politics; Pro Hockey's most Traded Player - Larry Morley Hillman; Women';s Fashion - 1975 Seperates; Yesterday for Sale at Montreal store "The Nostalgis Factory")

FEBRUARY 1 (Cover; Ease into a Chemise; Cover Story - Women's Fashion - Flowing Free; Progress Report on Our War of Independence; "Our Son the Gladiator" by Barbara Spruce mother of Vancouver Canucks Andy Spruce; Seagulls may be Hazardous to your Health; Notre Damede Montreal)

MARCH 22 (Cover; Why We're Glad We Live Here; Cover Story - Reasons to Believe; National Arts Centre Orchestra; Glenn Hall's Hate Affair with Hockey; Women's Fashion - Elegance is Bliss; Indian Summer - Back to Nature Holidays with the Natural Experts)

MAY 24 (Cover; Young Man Playing a Guitar in his Cell; Cover Story - Kids Inside doing time in Canada's Training (reforn) Schools; Quebec Funniest Man - Yvon Deschamps; Montreal Expos Gary Carter; Roughing it in Comfort in a Super-Camp in Mactaquac, New Brunswick)

JULY 12 (Cover; Lula Beatrice Wilken; Cover Story - She's the Most Influential Person in Canada; Dressing by the Book - Fashions from Catalogues; Moe Norman is the Best Golfer in Canada; The Making of a Martyr - How Chairman Mao's China Transformed Norman Bethune)

JULY 19 (Cover; Wooing Justice; Cover Story - Canada's Top Ten Criminal Lawyers - David Humphrey - Morris Fish - Michel Proulx - Arthur Maloney - Harry Walsh - H.A.D. Oliver - Morris Shumiatcher - Milt Harradence - Tom Braidwood - John W. McClung; B.C. Premier McBride decided in 1914 they Needed a Fighting Fleet; Football Coach Leo Cahill in Dixie; Singer Marg Osburne's Home on the Range)

SEPTEMBER 13 (Cover; Noah Beery and Madge Bellamyin the 1923 Film "Soul of the Beast"; Cover Story - "Hollywood's French Canadians Happy-go-lucky Rogues in Toques" by Pierre Burton; Law, Order and Warren Allmand; Dan Rowan is a Sore Loser - Most of the Others on the Celebrity Tennis Circuit are Also; Coping with the City Life Means Carving out Your own Space)

SEPTEMBER 20 (Cover; Boy Standing Behind a School Desk; Cover Story - "Who's Missing out in Canadian Education ?" by Paul and Audrey Grescoe; Two for the Show - Whatever Lefty Phillips Hustles Jockey Gary Stahlbaum Rides; This is the Law ? - Silly Canadian Laws; The 75-cent Fantasy - Harlequin Romances; Filmwest - a Film Comany Co-op)

SEPTEMBER 27 (Cover; Farley Mowat with a Husky; Cover Story - "The Last Husky" by Farley Mowat; Meat and Morality in Quebec; Small Town Country Neon Signs; Edmonton Eskimos Quarterback Tom Wilkinson - The Fine Athlete in the Funny Body)

OCTOBER 11 (Cover; "Canada's Number 1 Health Problem"; Cover Story - Dick Brown on his and Canada's Number 1 Health Issue of Alcoholism; Canadian Golfer Bob Panasiuk almost Dead Solid Perfect; The New Fall of Quebec - The Bulldozers Dig In; You're Kidding ! Children's Power

OCTOBER 18 (Cover; The Chinese Connection and Other Fashion Follies; Cover Story - Duds from the Fashion Industry; Introducing Columnist Betty Lee; Getting off the Sauce with Dr. Gordon Bell; John Musgrave's Date with a UFO; Ottawa Roughriders Quarterback Condredge Holloway - All Around Everything)

NOVEMBER 1 (Cover; Henry Kissinger; Cover Story - U.S. State Department have a hand in Cancelling Canadas's Crime Congress ?; Claude Jutra - Life as a Screen Test; "Football for Art's Sake" by Barrie Hale; It's the "Happy Gang" back after 16 Years)

NOVEMBER 8 (Cover; Man Laying Sleepless in Bed; Cover Story - Inability to Cope with the Conditions of the Seventies; On Tour in Israel with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet; Tom Cossitt the Honorable Troublemaker from Leeds; Our All Canadian Football College All Stars)

NOVEMBER 15 (Cover; 1965 a Banner Year; Cover Story - Special Issue on 1965 - Good Old Back Then - The Dark Side of 1965 - Reflections on a Passing Scene - Several Distempers of the Time - The Right Place at the Right Time - The Art of Becoming Dated - Sports a Few Last Times Out)

NOVEMBER 22 (Cover; Paul Newman; Cover Story - Paul New2man and Robert Altman in Alberta filming "Buffalo Bill and the Indians"; A Prison Doctor's Case against Hanging "An End to the Rope" by Dr. Guy Richmond; The Canadian Football League's Best - Then and Now; Robert Thomas Allen's Florida Retreat)

DECEMBER 13 (Cover; Marc Lalondr - Governor of the Welfare State; Cover Story - "Master of the Game" by David Cobb; The Golden Age of Radio in Canada; The Ice Water Entree 0 Journal of a Clinical Fast; Law and Order's Last Resort - OPP's Tactics and Rescue Unit)


JANUARY 10 (Cover; Jerry Goodis and George Sinclair; Cover Story - Somebodies in the Advertising Business; Why There has to be a Gambler's Anonymous; Tiger's Complaint - Dave Williams would like to be Knoan as a Hockey Player; Stanley Kubrick's Time Warp)

JANUARY 17 (Cover; Political Cartoons; Cover Story - 200 Hundred Years of Canadian Political Cartoons; "Starring on My Own Bubble Gum Card" by Robert Markle; The Dark Side of the Leprechaun - The Irish Rovers Will Millar; "The Lindy Hop - Flying the Atlantic in a Twin Engine Comanche)

JANUARY 24 (Cover; Roy and Mary Brimicombes with war Baby Son Mike 30 Years later; Cover Story - War Babies and Lots of Changes; Artist Joyce Wieland in Movieland; A Few Kind Words on Behalf of Snow; Harry Crawshaw - Canada's Answer to the Sixty Year Old Swede)

JANUARY 31 (Cover; Adrienne Clarkson; Cover Story - The Interviewer being Interviewed; A Casr for Legal Heroin; New York Rangers Phil Esposito; The Town that Came Back - Vegreville Alberta)
FEBRUARY 7 (Cover; Roy McMurtry; Cover Story - "The Politics of Common Sense" by Earl McRae; Sqeaky Clean on Broadway - Cliff Jones; "The Legend of Chiel Buffalo Child Long Lance" part 1 of 2; Women's Hairstylists - The Unkindest Cut)

FEBRUARY 14 (Cover;"Home Sweet Home" unfinished Sampler; Cover Story - The Shaky State of Canadian Marriage; "The Legend of Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance" part 2 of 2; Figure Skater Turned M.P. Otto Jelinek; Cupid at 43 - The Soft Centered Songs of Keath Barrie)

FEBRUARY 21 (Cover; Joey Smallwood and Ed Roberts; Cover Story - "The Falling Out" by Newfoundland's Roy MacGregor; John Glasco is the Elegant Pornographer; Little White Thievery - Remember when Honesty was the only Policy ?; World Champion Bowler Cathy Townsend)
MARCH 13 (Cover; Allan Blakeney; Cover Story - "Triumphs of a Prairie Socialist" by Paul Grescoe; Fashions to Boogie in - Soul on Your Sleeve; Games of Fear and Winning - Whatever a Sports Stars Dreads Most will Surely Happen; Hardy Hagood's Homecoming)

MARCH 27 (Cover; Ronnie Hawkins; Cover Story - Last Boogie in Sturgeon Falls; Men's Fashion - Amazing Grace of a Tailor Made Suit; Look Who's Coming to Dinner - The Care and Feeding of 11,000 Olympic Athletes; Things You Shouldn't Say when Visiting the Prairies; Everydasy Art - Trophies and Sports Club Emblems)
APRIL 3 (Cover; Bruce Cockburn; Cover Story - Love, Myths and Life on the Road; The Gardner of the Gulf - Alex Campbell and the Preserving of Prince Edward Island; Four of a Kind Fur Trappers - Henry Bradley - Harry Howell - Borgy Ellings - Jack McAlly; Since You can't Take it with You... Make a Will)

APRIL 10 (Cover; Flora MacDonald; Cover Story - The Lady was for Burning; The Two Dollar Bettor's Best Friend - Harness Race Driver Herve Filion; Singer Dan Hill's Generation)

APRIL 17 (Cover; Anthony Davis; Cover Story - New Star on the Run Football's Anthony Davis; "Love, Death and Betty Kennedy" by June Callwood; Facing Up to Strikes and Violence; The Canadian Brass Ham it Up)

APRIL 24 (Cover; Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow ?; Cover Story - The Ghost of Future Past; A Matter of Manners - Pauline McGibbon; The Mercy Brothers are Clean Cut Country; Remember Hockey Show "Hot Stove League")

MAY 1 (Cover; Gabrielle Roy; Cover Story - "Seasons in the Life of a Novelist" by David Cobb; Business is Popping off at Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; Ron Andrews the Chief Statistician of the NHL; "The Butterfat Result" by Raymond Massey)

MAY 8 (Cover; United Auto Workers Dennis McDermott; Cover Story - Labor Leaders friends of the Working Class; Confessions of a Fence - Dealing in Stolen Goods; Singer Composer Ann Mortifee is a West Coast Woman; Terry Kelly of Oshawa, Ontario is "The Superfan" of all Sports)

MAY 15 (Cover; War Bride; Cover Story - The War Brides Then and Now 30 Years Later; The Big Sleep - 300,000 Federal Civil Servants; Ghost of the Hardy Boys - The Real Franklin W. Dixon please Stand Up ?; Hockey Fuzz - How Frank Torpey keeps the Players Noses Clean)

MAY 22 (Cover; Special Issue the Canada U.S. Border - Drawing the Line in Words and Pictures)

JUNE 5 (Cover; Poet - Pat Lowther; Cover Story - "The Poet as Victim" by Paul Grescoe; Part Way to Sainthood - Brother Andre of Mount Royal; The Snow Prints - Inuit Visions in an Adopted Art Form; Who is Egon Beiler and What does he Want ? - A Gold Medal in Wrestling)

JUNE 19 (Cover; Statue of Liberty with Cameras and Sunglasses; Cover Story - The Changing Image of the American Tourist; Labatt's Don McDougall a Big Hitter in Beer and Baseball - He's Bringing Baseball to Toronto; Walter Koener Reclaims West Coast Native Art from Decay; Canadian Actress Jackie Burroughs)

JULY 17 (Cover; Judge Gavel Smashing a Female Symbol; Cover Story - The Law is Not for Women - The Case Against Injustice; Pushing Back the Limits - The Only Reason for the Olympics; Greg Curnoe is Outside the Mainstream of Modern Art; Sky Pilot Tom Elden's Ministry is an Airport)
JULY 24 (Cover; Olympic Pentathlon Athlete Diane Jones; Cover Story - Pressure Times Five; Surrender by Ballot - How Quebec and Canada Purchased the Birthright of Northern Native People; St. John's Newfoundland Mayor Dorothy "Dottie" Wyatt; Consumer Advocate Phil Edmonston Bugs Car Makers)

AUGUST 7 (Cover; The Immigrants; Cover Story - Twenty Years into Milk and Honey - Six not so New Canadians; The View from the Dugout - Montreal Expos New Manager Karl Kuehl; The Sounds of Silence - New Sheltered World has Opened Up Life for the Deaf; Whatever Happened to Quality ?)

AUGUST 14 (Cover; Samantha Eggar; Cover Story - Filming the Movie "Why Shoot the Teacher ?" in Hanna, Alberta; "Home Thoughts" by Mordecai Richler; The Law of the Sea with Counsellor David Kerr; If the Montreal Expos ever Win a Pennant what will Paul Shubin do for an Encore ?)

AUGUST 21 (Cover; Archbishop Edward Scott; Cover Story - Missionairies in a New Wilderness - A Who's Who of Common Prayer; Winston Churchill's Unsinkable Canadian Dreamboat; Taylor Statten's Silver Cradle - How Eatons, Westons and Molsons Spent their Summers; Success without Stardom - Kathryn Moses - Monica Gaylord - Shawne Jackson - Joyce Smith)

AUGUST 28 (Cover; The Scientist as Guinea Pig; Cover Story - How Ottawa Experiments with Medical Research; Where Superman and Spider-man are Teaching Troubled Kids to Read; The Tennis Outcast Dale Power)

SEPTEMBER 11 (Cover; Charles Chiniquy and Billy Bishop; Cover Story - "Epic Figures from our Past" by Pierre Burton; Charlie Farquharson's Allmynack; "The Three Futures of Eve" by Judith Merril; Major League Baseball Umpire Jim McKean "All Managers are Crazy")

SEPTEMBER 25 (Cover; Margaret Atwood; Cover Story - "The Private Life of Mararet Atwood" by Roy MacGregor; Shaking it Rough - Prison Beyond our Illusions; Man Bites Dod - When Man's Best Friend wasn't Boss; The Promise of Peter Lee an NHL Hopefull)

OCTOBER 9 (Cover; Murray McLauchlin; Cover Story - Minstrel Boy Murray McLauchlin; Underground Medicine - Take Two Onions and Call me in the Morning: Artist Dorothy Knowles has a Vision of the Prairies; Montreal Alouettes Andy Hopkins)

OCTOBER 16 (Cover; Old Prairie Pioneer Couple; Cover Story - The Prairie Pioneers own Stories in their own Words; The Bank of Beaux Arts; Rewards of a Word Dealer - Novelist R. Lance Hill)

OCTOBER 23 (Cover; Denis Potvin; Cover Story - Denis Potvin's Canada Cup Diary; CBC's Boss Al Johnson "Let's Make Television Alive with Controversy"; Inuit Life before the Snowmobile - paintings and text by William Kurelek)

OCTOBER 30 (Cover; Karsh by Karsh; Cover Story - The Mythology of Yousuf Karsh; Twenty Years after the Bump - Ressurection of Springhill, Nova Scotia; Whipper Billy Watson and the Handicapped; Marian Engel - Author of "Bear")

NOVEMBER 6 (Cover; Two Women Out in the Snow; Cover Story - How to Have a No Freeze Winter; The Degradation of Anthony Apakark Thrasher a Inuit on Skid Row; Singer Songwriter David Wiffen; Playwrite George Hulme; Help for Lottery Winners)

NOVEMBER 13 (Cover; The Pretty Face Problems of TV News; Cover Story - Does TV Really Deliver the News; "The Birth of Anti- Semitism" by Irving Layton; A Ballet Story for Hard Hats - National Ballet of Canada; Zoo Futures - the High Cost of Aquiring Animals)

NOVEMBER 20 (Cover; Woman with a Black Eye; Cover Story - Violence Begins at Home - The Dilemma of the Battered Wife; Second Annual All Star College Football Team; The Short Jumpy Life of an Illeagal Immigrant; Country Singer Carroll Baker)
NOVEMBER 27 (Ceasar like Bust of Pierre Trudeau; Cover Story - The Decline of the Trudeau Empire; Artist Ernest Lindner "You Don't Put Clothes on Trees"; Movie Maker Eric Till; The Plastic Cup - Grey Cup Follies)

DECEMBER 4 (Cover; Borje Salming; Cover Story - a New Kind of Hockey Hero; How the Computer can be Programmed to Steal; Recreating the Five-and-Dime - What 3 Nickels wiil still Buy; Author Jane Rule - a Reasoned and Reasonable Voice for Lesbianism)

DECEMBER 11 (Cover; Ian Tyson; Cover Story - Ian Tyson's Last Stand in Nashville; "Our Man in Hawaii" by Robert Thomas Allen; Psychic Terror - Was Mary Donovan a Mental Case or Phenomenon ?How and Why the CFL lost Canada's Best College Brian Fryer to the U.S.)

DECEMBER 18 (Cover; Al Waxman; Cover Story - "The King of Kensington Street" Creates a Market; Ten of the Best Backbenchers in Canadian Politics; Why Damn Near Everything is Bad for You; Milton Acorn the People's Poet; Formula Failure - Race Car Driver Bill Brack)

DECEMBER 25 (Cover; Weird Santa Claus Face; Cover Story - The Two Faces of Christmas; Hearts of Oak - Petty Officer Brian Cox; Director Allen King and the Filming of W.O. Mitchell's "Who Has Seen the Wind": Fun and Games in Sports)


JANUARY 1 (Cover; Figure Skater Ron Shaver; Cover Story - Ron Shaver Skates for His Life; The Inventions of Michael Snow - Paintings, Sculpture, Music and Films; Eleanor Sniderman's Way of Selling Classical Records; Saskatchewan Crude - the Bohunk Humour of Les "Metro" Pavelick)
JANUARY 8 (Cover; The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe; Cover Story - Cheaper Ways to Raise Your Kids; George Woodcock on the Weird and Wonderful Politics of B.C.; The Boys from Blackstrap Mountain - Humphrey and the Dumptrucks; WHA Winnipeg Jets Coach Bobby Kromm)
JANUARY 15 (Cover; Our Readers Poll on Canada's Future with Quebec; Cover Story - Quebec Libre ?; The Case for the Best Prosecutors in the Country; Why Death Suffuses the Art of Alex Colville; Cuyler Young Uncovers a 4,000 Years Old Murder)

JANUARY 22 (Cover; One Man Portraying Four Types of Bosses; Cover Story - How to Make Your Boss Work for You; The Two Dollar Bettor's Worst Enemy - Jockey Sandy Hawley; Rediscovering Singer Colleen Peterson; Donald Tansley - Confessions of a Self Styled S.O.B.)

JANUARY 29 (Cover; Sports Fans; Cover Story - Gentlemen, Players and Others Who Make Sport; Fourteen Canadian Artists - A Washington Critic's Choice; American's Funny Notions About Canadians; Opera Star MaureenForrester)

FEBRUARY 5 (Cover; Broken Door Lock; Cover Story - A Consumers Guide to Both Sides of the Burglary Business; A Canadian Tragedy - Dairy Farmer Fred Stein Barely Scrapping Past; Women's Fashion - A Touch of Class in Timeless Styles)

FEBRUARY 12 (Cover; Chinese Man with an Abacas; Cover Story - A Consumers Guide to Canadian Lotteries; A Village out of Time - Harbour Deep, Newfoundland; Vantasia - The Amazing Art Work on Some Vans; Folksinger Malka Cohen)

FEBRUARY 19 (Cover; Architect Arthur Erickson; Cover Story - The Brilliance and Limitations of Arthur Erickson; Reporter Peter Dempson Story of His Fight with Lukemia; The Rock Group "Heart" Ann and Nancy Wilson the First Ladies of Rock; Hockey Night in Kladno, Czechoslovakia)

FEBRUARY 26 (Cover; Exhausted Looking Secretary; Cover Story - How Positive and Negative Ions Affect Your Life and Health; Critizing the Critics - 15 Writers, Artists and Performers get Their Say; Fear and Loathing to Order - Shlockmeister David Cronenberg; Montreal Canadiena Steve Shutt has the Scoring Touch)

MARCH 5 (Cover; Two Women Holding Fans in Front of Their Mouths; Cover Story - The New Golden Age of Gossip; Gossip ColumnistMichael Hanlon25 Favorite Items; Photographer Lynne Cohen the Uneasy Art; Master Hustler Nick Zubray)

MARCH 12 (Cover; Patrick Watson; Cover Story - "The Fine Tuning of Patrick Watson" by Dan Turner; The Meaning of Ron Martin's Paintings is Largely up to You; The Toronto Blue Jays First Pick - Bob Bailor; The Separatist Hymn that went Pop - Patsy Gallant)

MARCH 19 (Cover; Donald Sutherland; Cover Story - A Face for Our Time; What Hope for Goose Bay, Labrador now that the U.S. Air Force has Gone; Kareen Zebroff the Guru of the Morning; The Parliamentary Passion of Stanley Knowles)

MARCH 26 (Cover; Woman all in White; Cover Story - Carefree Women's Fashion for Spring; Minister of Agriculture Eugene Whelan; Detroit Red Wings Mickey Redmond Forced to Retire at Age 28; The Lost Villages Flooded Out by the St. Lawrence Seaway Project)

APRIL 2 (Cover; Anglican Reverend Mary Lucas; Cover Story - Women's Lib in the Anglican Church; Atlantic Orphans - What Happens to Atlantic Canada if Quebec Quits Canada ?; A Few Uninterrupted Words about Stuttering; Sammy Koffman - the Travelling After Dinner Speaker)

APRIL 9 (Cover; Our Reader's Poll on Canada's Future; Cover Story - A Time to Care; Twelve Leading Canadians on How They Voted and Why; "Sovereignty Encouraged" by Rene Levesque; A Sampling of the Letter's on Quebec we Got)

APRIL 16 (Cover; Gordon Lightfoot; Cover Story - A Friend's Portrait of Gordon Lightfoot at Work and Play; What to do When you Hear from the Tax Auditor; A Further Sampling of the Letters we Recieved about Quebec; 2-pages of Canadian Postal Stamps with a Hockey Theme)

APRIL 23 (Cover; "The Tragedy of Native Health Care"; Cover Story - "A Nation's Disgrace" by Paul Grescoe; The Toronto Blue Jays - Who are these Guys Anyway ?The Physical Art - Sculptor Arthur Handy)

MAY 7 (Cover; Barbara Amiel and George Jonas; Cover Story - Life and Death among the Beautiful People - Reconstructing the Demeter Murder Story; Canadian Culture goes to Washington - Margaret Trudeau, Northrop Frye and the Paintings of Jack Bush; Five Grown-ups Who Make Sense to Children and Why; Montreal Expos Need these Three Ready - Dick Williams, Dave Cash and Tony Perez)

MAY 14 (Cover; Mackenzie King; Cover Story - "The Once and Future King" by Grattan O'Leary; Beachmanship - Suntan Oil is not Enough; Working Class French Playwright Michel Tremblay; Horse Trainer Doug Matier)

MAY 28 (Cover; Patty Hearst in Handcuffs;' Cover Story - The Stockholm Syndrome Explained; A.J.Casson a Painter in Autumn; Two Montreal Folksingers Kate and Anna McGarrigle stumble into International Fame; Moral Options - Should Sexual Values be Taught in Schools ?)

JUNE 4 (Cover; Catoon of Otto Lang; Cover Story - The Unhappy Landing of Otto Lang; The Faith Eaters Health Food as a Way of Life; Bad Images - Black Days in Donnelly Country; The Royal Canadian Air Farce only on Radio; Ottawa Rough Riders Tony Gabriel and the "Catch")

JUNE 11 (Cover; Couple Walking beside a Lake; Cover Story - Sheila Gormely on the Joy of Staying Together; The Senseless Death of 3-year old Mario Hamelin; Let Us Now Clothe Famous Men - Tailor Lou Myles; Jack Hodgins author of "Spit Delaney's Island")

JUNE 18 (Cover; Adieu, Westmount; Cover Story - Montreal's Crown Colony faces le Nouveau Quebec; "Duncan MacGregor's Lake" by Roy MacGregor; Painter Elisabeth Hopkins Escaping old age at 80; Tearing Up the Tax System)

JULY 2 (Cover; Man with Butterfly Wings; Cover Story - The Jekyll and Hyde of Genetic Research; The Spirit of 1967 Revisited; Oonah McFee not your Average Tortured Writer; Calgary Stampeders Gotta Get Better under Jack Gotta)

JULY 9 (Cover; Manitoba Premier Ed Schreyer; Cover Story - Staying Home in Manitoba; a Bedside Guide to Sleep; Why all those Celebrities beat a Path to Brian Lineham's Door; The Compleat Canadian - Roderick Haig-Brown)

JULY 16 (Cover; Charles Templeton; Cover Story - "A Man for all Media" by Roy MacGregor; Formula 1 Driver Gilles Villeneuve; When Grass was Grass - And Life was Neat and Tidy; The Schools and Sexuality - Your Responses)

JULY 23 (Cover; Iona Campagnolo; Cover Story - The Woman Who could be Prime Minister; Pianist Lou Hooper - Harlem Cakewalk; The Prime of Miss Charmion King; "Through a Lens Lightly" by Robert Thomas Allen)
JULY 30 (Cover; The Fonz at Forty; Cover Story - Unhappy Days - Why Sitcom Fifties are Fake; Toronto Argonauts Mike Wilson and Joel Parrish; The Best First Aid Kit you Put Together; Lifelines - How Much Time You Have Left to Live)

AUGUST 6 (Cover; Young Couple Tied to a House; Cover Story - The Mortgage Maze; Beyond the Veil - Sex and Widowhood; Allan Fleming the Symbolist; Montreal Expo Pitcher Bill Atkinson of Chatham, Ontario)

AUGUST 27 (Cover; Typewriter Keys Streched out to Grab a Woman; Cover Story - "How Phobias Torment their Victim's Minds" by Alan Edmonds; Paul Brodie has Sax Appeal - Classical Saxophone; The Land of the Midnight Pulps - Canada and the Pulp Magazines; Toronto Blue Jays Ron Fairly)

SEPTEMBER 10 (Cover; The Dionne Quints; Cover Story - "The Dionne Miracle" by Pierre Burton; Do Sports Announcers Describe the Game or Sell It ?; New Children's Poems by Dennis Lee; Computeraid for you and the BLEEPING Machine)

SEPTEMBER 17 (Cover; Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor; Cover Story - Wonderous Lines from Hollywood's Dear Old Days; The Hidden Handicap that Drove a Kid to Suicide; The Day Babe Ruth Played Halifax; The Shoeshine Boy Slaying on Toronto's Younge Street)

SEPTEMBER 24 (Cover; Couple with Dog Sitting on a Couch in the Snow; Cover Story - Cold Facts on the Energy Crisis; The Casting of the Sitcom "Custard Pie"; Women's Fashion - Rogue VogueFootball Players Slap Happy on the Bum)

OCTOBER 1 (Cover; Japanese Internment during the Second World War; Cover Story - "Years of Sorrow, Years of Shame" by Barry Broadfoot; Alternate Theatre's Carol Bolt "one Night Stand" on CBC TV; Tractor Pull in Windsor, OntarioJoe Who, What, When, Where and Why - Getting to Know Joe Clark)

OCTOBER 8 (Cover; Public Servants with the Thumbs Down; Cover Story - The Truth about Public Service Strikes; The Rough and Tumble Times of Conn Smythe; Terry Fenton and Karen Wilkin  Art Gallery in Edmonton; CBC Musical Comedy "Mandragola")

OCTOBER 15 (Cover; Tom Thomson as a Young Man; Cover Story - The Legend and Legacy of Tom Thomson; Fred and Ruth Gryffin - A Question of Malpractice; "Allen in Wonderland" by Robert Thomas Allen; Craig Russell His Majesty the Queen)

OCTOBER 22 (Cover; Foolhardy Fashion; Cover Story - Waiter, There's a Sleeve in my Soup !; Paul Tremblay is our Best Foot Forward in the Vatican; "A Matter of Principal - School Days" by Robert Thomas Allen; B.C. Lions Quarterback Jerry Tagge)

OCTOBER 29 (Cover; A Blue Cow; Cover Story - Remembering the Farm; Psychologist Susan Butt probes Sexuality in Sports; Ottawa's National Museum of Man display of "Everyman's Heritage"; To Judge a Judge - You Might End up in Jail)

NOVEMBER 5 (Cover; For What ?; Cover Story - The Sight and Sound of Canadians at War; Joyce Davidson is Still Queen of the TV Interviewers; Hamilton Tiger Cats Halfback Jimmy Edwards; Alberta Job Seekers - The Other Side of Paradise)

NOVEMBER 12 (Cover; Peter Trueman; Cover Story - The Ferocious Morality of Peter Trueman; Guilt Trips we all Take; Learning Disabilities - Our Readers Respond; A Hero Reclaimed - Sir Wilfred Grenfell)

NOVEMBER 19 (Cover; Man with Credit Cards at a Poker Table; Cover Story - The Great Canadian Credit Gamble; The Grasslands Question - People or Prairie Dogs ?; Warning - Living May be Hazardous to Your Health; Harry Rasky's World of Wonder; Frances Hyland 's Fame without Fortune)

NOVEMBER 26 (Cover; Sam Berger; Cover Story - Sam Berger the Man Who Saved the CFL; The Top 50 Powers in the Medical Establishment; Artist Christopher Pratt - A Rarer Reality; Ballet Star Sylvie Kinal-Chevalier)

DECEMBER 3 (Cover; The Three Wise Men from Outer Space; Cover Story - Canadian Made Animated Filn "A Cosmic Christmas"; Vintage Years for Canadian Books; Vengeance is Theirs - the TV Show "The Avengers"; Police Snitch's - For a Price)

DECEMBER 10 (Cover; Gracie Fields, Phyllis Diller and Lily Tomlin; Cover Story - The Changing Face of Women's Humor; Claude Morin the Architec of the Quebec Referendum; Canada an International Thoroughbred Racing Power; Western Mystic - Rudy Wiebe)

DECEMBER 17 (Cover; Man in Hospital Gown; Cover Story - The False Security of the Annual Checkup; It's Deadline Time at the U.N. Security Council about Cyprus; Timothy Findley on the Writing of "The Wars"; Art and Taxes - Hsio-Yen Shih)

DECEMBER 24 (Cover; Boy on Santa Claus Lap; Cover Story - "Memories of Christmas Past" by Robert Thomas Allen; "The Crown vs. Gun-an-Noot" by Pierre Burton; National Film Board of Canada's "Ill Find a Way" about Handicapped Nadia De Franco of Toronto; Lou Sendel the Best Ballroom Dancer in Canada)

DECEMBER 31 (Cover; Squaring Off for '78; Cover Story - People and Events Looming in Your Future; Ed Bickert own Style of Jazz Guitar; Women's Fashion - Handworked Art Wear; John Grierson the Impatient Visionary)


JANUARY 7 (Cover; Angelo Mosca; Cover Story - The Twilight Years of (alias King Kong) Angelo Mosca; The Good Brothers - Troubadours from New Country; Questions Kids Ask; Gordon Rayner Paintings - A Sense of Mystery)

JANUARY 28 (Cover; Male and Female in Grad Cap and Gown; Cover Story - New Storm Brewing on Campus of Degrees but no Jobs; Crocodile Expert Jim Lovisek consultant for the Movie "Crocs"; Opening up British Columbia - Photos by Mattie Gunterman; Grand Master of Street Chess - Joseph Smolij)

FEBRUARY 11 (Cover; Great Canadian Detective John Wilson Murray; Cover Story - How he Solved a Million Dollar Counteefeiting Ring; California State of Mind; "Inveswting for Fun and Profit" by Paul Grescoe; Counselling the Dying; Viennese Valentine; What you can Do for your Aching Back)

FEBRUARY 18 (Cover; Playwright David Freeman; Cover Story - David Freeman has Something to Say; Great Canadian Detective John Wilson Murray - The Killing of pretty Mary Ward; A Shy Romance - the Letters of Anne Savage and A.Y. Jackson; King of the Accordian Olaf Sveen)

FEBRUARY 25 (Cover; Wendy and Nestor Repetski and son Alexander; Cover Story - Pain and Dilemma of Living with Hyperactivity; "The Camera Looks Both Ways" by photographer Freeman Patterson; World War One era Canadian Comedy Troupe "The Dumbells"; Your Savinga and the Truth about RRSP's)
MARCH 4 (Cover; Model in Stripped Knitted Jersey; Cover Story - Women's Fashion by Six Montreal Designers; Second World War Irish POW Camp near Curragh; The Medical paradox called Hypothermia - The Deadly LifesaverOnly Dumb Animals would Choose such Stupid Owners)

MARCH 11 (Cover; A Baby's Crib; Cover Story - The Tragedy of Sudden Infant Death; Jean-Marc Chaput author of "Living is Selling"; Gerry Barber is Canada's Toughest Bouncer; Tax Spy Tells All - What they Do to Your T4 Income Tax Form)

APRIL 8 (Cover; Raymond Garneau and Claude Ryan; Cover Story - Fight for Quebec Liberal Leadership; Mexican Cure All - a Spoonful of Manana; The Hobbit that Became a Habit - J.R.R. Tolkien; The Signing of Guy Lafleur - Confessions of a Hockey Wheeler Dealer)

APRIL 15 (Cover; Pierre Trudeau; Cover Story - A Decade in Power; Canadian Poet - Joe Rosenblatt; Some People Love Water Beds)

APRIL 22 (Cover; The Age of Me, Myself and I; Cover Story - The Smug Generation; Montreal Olympic Village is Transformed into Rental Apartments; Bank Tellers Unite - Nothing to Lose but treir Cages; Paul Martin "Canada is Not going to Break Up; Helping the Hyperactive Child)

APRIL 29 (Cover; Douglas Campbell; Cover Story - The Actor as Gentleman and Tiger; English Canadian Folk Songs - Sally Greer and all that Crowd; Fun in the Ladies Restroom - Women's Gaffiti; Montreal Expos Roy Howell; Spooked Out in Budapest - Being Followed and by Who)

MAY 6 (Cover; Journalist John Aitken; Cover Story - "The Scary Things I Hear about Canada - a Coast to Coast Report" by John Aitken; Buy American First - Canadian Business and Tourists; Backgammon is Not a Game it is War; Audrey Thomas a Teller of Surprising Tales)

MAY 13 (Cover; Life Before Birth; Cover Story - Does Memory Go Back to the Womb ?; "Drifting Towards Destruction" by John Aitken on Western Canada; Peace on Wheels - Travelling Games for Car Trips; Lunchtime at Queen Elizabeth's Beaver Club in Montreal)

MAY 20 (Cover; All 15 of Canada's Prime Ministers; Cover Story - Tracking Down the Homes of our Prime Ministers; Canadian Crime Writers Never have the Murder Take Place in Canada; Muskoka meets the Maharishi)

MAY 27 (Cover; Unwanted Infant; Cover Story - Let's Hear it for Foster Mothers; Getting High on Afternoon Tea; "How We Betrayed Ohoto" by Farley Mowat; Paul Tellier is Pierre Trudeau's Secret Weapon)

JUNE 3 (Cover; Four Canadian Children; Cover Story - Shocking Physical Shape of Canada's Children compared to Other Countries; "A Search on the Wild Side" photos and text by Norman Elder on his Amazon Journey; The Mamas and Papas Denny Doherty back in CanadaPress Under Pressure - Quebec's English Language Newspapers)

JUNE 10 (Cover; Monique Mercure; Cover Story - An Actress Who Stands for Something; Hottest Subject on British Campuses is Canada; Blue Chip Stamps - What Else is Inflation Proof ?; Montreal Expos Dick Williams - Ask him in September if it's the Expos Year to Win)

JUNE 24 (Cover; Susan J. Sullivan; Cover Story - 11 Canadians Striving for Success in Hollywood; Why Did 21 men Die in the Saint John city Lockup ?; Lost Luggage in Limbo)

JUNE 30 / JULY 1 (Cover; Canoeing in the Rockies; Cover Story - Ripping Off the Rockies - Conserve or Develope ?; CBC Radio's Singer Songwriter Nancy White; The Parade Maker - Carlos Marchiori; How Creative are You ?)

JULY 8 (Cover; Woman Reclining on a Cresent Moon; Cover Story - New Breed of Therapy on How to Dream Your Troubles Away; Tennis, Everyone ? - Even Jack the Ripper had a Mean Grip; Soap Opera by Satellite "{Muskeg Flats"; John Bassett campaign to become Supreme Power of Private TV)

JULY 15 (Cover; Four Fashion Models; Cover Story - Vancouver Fashion Designer's Mix of Classics and Fantastics; The Flood of Junk Mail; Training the Man on the Street CPR; Running in the Canada's National Capitol Marathon)

JULY 22 (Cover; Bubble Gum Machine Filled with Pills; Cover Story - How Long can we go on Popping Happy Pills ?; The Magic Flute of Kathryn Moses; The Photography of Neil Newton makes Time Stand Still; "Moments I Travel For" by Robert Thomas Allen on Rome and Sicily)

JULY 29 (Cover; Elizabeth Shapiro with her Not For Sale Sign; Cover Story - The Anglos who Won't Leave Quebec; Croatian Designated Hero - Soccer Player Brian Budd; Giving of Yourself after Life - Organ Donations; Linda Coyle's "The Record Hunter" auction Catalog for Rare Records)

AUGUST 5 (Cover; British Columbia Premier Bill Bennett; Cover Story - Jarring Tremors in Bennett's Eden; Fable Not Fit for Little Ears "The Silencing of Bernard the Beaver"; The Mystic Realism of painter Jack ChambersDr. Colin Rolfe of Winnipeg has to Deal with Life in the Past Tense - Medical Examiner)

AUGUST 12 (Cover; Young Couple with Newborn Baby; Cover Story - Quiet Revolution in Home Births; Jimmy Conklin's Antique Midway so Ugly it's Beautiful; We're Getting Britain's Malcom Muggeridge; "In Plato's Back Yard" by Robert Thomas Allen in Greece)

AUGUST 19 (Cover; Pierre Trudeau; Cover Story - Is Trudeau's plan for Hull an $865 Million Blunder ?; Heather McKay is Squash's Superchamp; Quebec's Decision to only issue Back Licence Plates has Sparked a Bonanza of Slogans and Pictures for thr Front Licence Plate; Edmonton Magazine "Report" and Editor Ted Blyfield - Prayers in the Newsroom)

AUGUST 26 (Cover; Canadian Fisheries Patrol Boat approaching a Foreign Vessel; Cover Story - Patrol Boat Diplomacy; Photographer David Street's Intimate Glimpse into Ballerina Karen Kain; CBC Radio's "The Danny Finkleman Saturday Show"; Kathleen 'Kit' Coleman a Journalist for "The Toronto Mail" in 1889)

SEPTEMBER 2 (Cover; Drawing of a Dead Body in the Snow; Cover Story - Teenager Peter Walker's Plan to Suicide from his Diary; David Haber Artists Management Inc.; Kit Coleman Pioneer of the Advice Column in Canada Pulled no Puches; Canada's National Tennis Coach Josef Brabanec - Can He do It ?)

SEPTEMBER 9 (Cover; Puppy in a Wooden Crate; Cover Story - The Family Pet a Potential Hazard to Mental Health; A Tasteful Day in California's Npap Valley; Turning 30 - Who Me ?; Travelling Tony the Hospital Junkie has been Treated 220 tines in 81 Different Hospitals in OntarioCrockery Mosaics from Broken Items)

SEPTEMBER 16 (Cover; The True North Strong and (not) Free; Cover Story - "The Shadowy World of National Security" part 1 of 2; The Celtic Connection - Was Canada Discovered 3,000 years Ago ?; Lisa Dal Bello a Different Kind of Woman; Arts as Therapy - Paint and be Saved)

SEPTEMBER 23 (Cover; "Women at 30"; Cover Story - Facing the Decade of Decision; "The Shadowy World of National Security" part 2 of 2; Hunting Dinosaurs in Western Canada; Trial by Mountain - a Lesson in Survival)

SEPTEMBER 30 (Cover; Manitoba Premier Sterling Lyon; Cover Story - Turn to the Right Manitoba; Women's Fashion - Penny Wise Panache; Award Winning TV Producer Norman Campbell; Life Among the Savages - Inuit Newcomer to Ottawa finds the Customs Bizarre)

OCTOBER 7 (Cover; Who Killed Christ ?; Cover Story - Canadian TV Film "The Jesus Trial"; Men's Fashion - Styled for Living; The War Against Cattle Rustling in the B.C. Interior; "Cougars in the Classroom" by Lyn Hancock)

OCTOBER 14 (Cover; New York Rangers Don Murdoch; Cover Story - "Junkie Go Home !" the Personal Hell of Don Murdoch; Mississauga Soap Opera "Valleyfields" written by Barbara Hammond and Jaqueline Tada; Philippe Beaudry obsession with the Sunken Luxery Liner "The Empress of Ireland"; Wood Stoves are Making a Comeback)

OCTOBER 21 (Cover; Frank Jensen and his Precipitator; Cover Story - The Complete Futurist Recycles Everything; SkyJacker Paul Cini Explains why he Held Flight 812 for Ransom; Athletes as Art by Ken Danby; The 130 year Battle of Bilingualism at the University of Ottawa)

OCTOBER 28 (Cover; 12-year old Hockey Goaltender Gail Cummingsd; Cover Story - The New Amazons who Threaten the Sexist Sports Establishment; Animated "Witch's Night Out" by John Leach and Jean Rankin; Stained Glass Artist Karl Lengauer; James Dunnigan's War Game "Canadian Civil War' based on Quebec Seperating)

NOVEMBER 4 (Cover; Poor Little Rich Girl; Cover Story - Canada a Good Place to Grow Up ?; A guide to the Bugs Bugging You; Most Spouse Murderers Make Fatal Mistakes - and Get Caught; Edmonton's Love Affair with Drive-in TheatersThe Bleeding of Canadian Works of Art and How Ian Christie Clark helped Stop It)

NOVEMBER 11 (Cover; Plugged-in Medicine; Cover Story - What Happens When Machines take over from Your Doctor; How to Convert to a More Exotic Religion; A Poets Canada; Jeff Lynas the Star Next Door; What's New in Microwave Ovens)

NOVEMBER 18 (Cover; La Loi 101- Un Tigre De Papier ?; Cover Story - "Bill 101 - a Paper Tiger ?"; Children's Christmas Gifts that won't Fall Apart on Boxing Day; "Up With People" performing in Virden, Manitoba;The Enigma of Mystery Author Philippe van Rjindt)

NOVEMBER 25 (Cover; Canadian Football Legend Hal Patterson; Cover Story - The Last Pass; A Whitew Man's Guide to Eating Better and Cheaper in Chinatown; Children's Fashion - Gift Ideas for Doting Donors; How to Watch a Whale - A Viewers Guide; Nuremberg was Hitler's Showplace)

DECEMBER 2 (Cover; Future Site of Another Megacorp Development; Cover Story - The Pot of Gold that Ottawa Gave Away; The Gentle Art of KInife Throwing; The Only Way to Beat Winter is to Enjoy It; Fred Cogswell publisher of Fiddlehead Poetry Books of Fredericton; Teacher Charlie Love of the Grade School in Oba, Ontario)

DECEMBER 9 (Cover; Medical Bag Filled with Fruits and Vegtables; Cover Story - The New Medicine of Healthy Eating; Lost Art of Floragraphy; Ken Read and the Kamikaze Canadian Skiers; Closet Music Star - Willie P. Bennett; Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths)

DECEMBER 16 (Cover; A Lobster Guerrilla; Cover Story - Lobster Poaching Turns Ugly; Linda Sorensen the Author of "Christmas Lace"; The Face of Winnipeg's North End has changed but the Spirit Remains the Same; Playing the Ad Game)

DECEMBER 23 (Cover; Christmas Quiz !; Cover Story - The Quiz; Renta Yenta makes Dreams come True - For a Price; A Hardy Breed still Rides the Range in the West; Last Minute Christmas Extras)

DECEMBER 30 (Cover; Sneezy Waters; Cover Story - Hank Williams is Alive and Well and Living in Sneezy Waters; The Bump and Grind of Sumo Wrestlers; 1978 the Year that Wasn't; The Bible According to Robert Thomas Allen)


JANUARY 6 (Cover; Man Behind Bars; Cover Story - Crime and Punishment the High Cost of Our Prison System; Travels with Maureen Forrester; Carry a Cane and Start a Conversation Wherever you Go)

JANUARY 13 (Cover; Maria Campbell; Author of "halfbreed" Maria Campbell's Second Spring; Foul Weather Friends - Mennonite Disaster Services; Jerry Grey Proves that Canada has a Great History; The Floaing Burke House in Vancouver Harbor)

JANUARY 20 (Cover; Tailfins of a 1950's Car; Cover Story - North America's Love Affair with the Car; Montreal's Resuscicar Saves Accident Victim's Lives; David Fennario the Bard from Balconville)

JANUARY 27 (Cover; Jean Gascon of the National Arts Centre; Cover Story - Jean Gascon's Impossible Dream; Surviving the Fad of Personal Explosives; The Obsession of Figure Skating; The Story of Will and Ariel Durant)

FEBRUARY 3 (Cover; Bobby Orr; Cover Story - The King is Gone from the Ice but Never the Game; Introduction to Snow Golfing; The RCMP Security Service is not a State within a State; So You wanna be a Dancer)

FEBRUARY 10 (Cover; Actress Hollis McLaren; Cover Story - Stardom's Child id Growing Up Slowing; The Year of the Snake; Things are Not as Bad as they Seem - They're Worse; Alberta's Ross Davis - A Question of Mercy; The Saskatchewan Conservation House)

FEBRUARY 17 (Cover; Ebb Tide in the Bahamas; Cover Story - Canadian Expatriate D'Arcy Ryan's Fight for Citizenship in the Bahamas; What the World Needs Now... Answers fron Children in Fifty Countries; Rooms at the Top - Rideau Hall; Total Solar Eclipse Coming Next Week)

FEBRUARY 24 (Cover; A Forgotten Child of the World; Cover Story - Canadian Group Helps the Fogotten Children of the World; Peter Gzowski and Friends Start Shaping Up for the Spring; A Broadway Drama - Canadian Whiz Kid Garth Drabinsky)

MARCH 3 (Cover; Do Not Ajust Your Set; Cover Story - Here Come's Television's New Hardware; At Last Someone's Doing Something for Gifted Youngsters; Storm Over Ungava - Rewrite Canada's History; Tea in the Best of Taste)
MARCH 10 (Cover; Archie Moore; Cover Story - Fighting the Good Fight in Nova Scotia Schools; Speculations on Things to come for Canada; Doris Anderson - Power at any Price; How to Have a Beautiful Lawn without Killing Yourself; How to Win the Battle with Bugs)

MARCH 17 (Cover; Second City Comedy Group; Cover Story - Second City Television Canada's Gift to the World; Wanted the Perfect Cop for Ontario - Insteasd they got Syd Brown; Cloning is a Woman's World; A Killer Whale Calf called Miracle)

MARCH 24 (Cover; Joe Clark; Cover Story - The Man Who would be Prime Minister; Hollywood Stars in Stewart, B.C. to shoot the Movie "Bear Island"; Re-inventing the Woolly Mammoth)

MARCH 31 (Cover; B.C. Mother Arda Froese; Cover Story - The Mad Mum from Vancouver Shake's up Schoolboard with Questions; "Morty and the Mafia" by Morton Shulman; Postage Stamps of a Bush People; Canadian Golfer Jim Nelford of Burnaby B.C.)

APRIL 7 (Cover; 35-foot Cutter "J.E. Bernier ll" in the Northwest Passage; Cover Story - Retracing the Franklin Expedition; Happiness is Just a Thing Called... People; Autistics Can be Brought into our World; Hollywood's Oscarmania)

APRIL 14 (Cover; Louis Riel; Cover Story - The Riel Industry a Business that a Flawed Martyr Built; New York Islanders class act Mike Bossy; Vancouver's General Hospital Power Struggle a Warning to us All; B.C. Distinctive Design of Condos; All the Family History Money can Buy)

APRIL 21 (Cover; Actress Kate Nelligan; Cover Story - The Gentle Steel of Kate Nelligan; Minority Rights - White and Male in the Back of the Bus; Skinny Perfect Superstar - Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; What do you Know About Taxes ?)

APRIL 28 (Cover; Blackbeard Sails Again; Cover Story - The New Piracy on the Spanish Main; The Persecution of Peter Treu; Rich New Generation of Canadian Writers; Shelagh Day is a Rebel Without a Job)

MAY 5 (Cover; Allan Fotheringham; Cover Story - The Wicked Wit of the West; Megavitamins - Quackery and Witchcraft or Therapy that Works ?; Eric Freifeld's Watercolors Sell for Unprecedented Amounts; Canadian Water Ballet Star Helen Vanderburg; David NBiven Still has Amazing Grace)

MAY 12 (Cover; Mother with Two Toddlers; Cover Story - The Bittersweet Days of Motherhood; The Business of Living - Poet Earle Birney; What the World Needs Now - 10,000 Young People Answered; Whatever Happened to Superflake ? - Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher Mike Lemongello; Six Favorite Shade Trees for Canadian Gardens)

MAY 19 (Cover; Kawasaki Motorcycle; Cover Story - Motorcycling's Golden Age; What Do Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism Stand For ?; How Montreal Canadiens Boom Boom Geoffrion Took Atlanta - Twice; Everything You Wanted to know About Summer's Plant and Bug Spoilsports)

MAY 26 (Cover; Eric Peterson as Billy Bishop; Cover Story - Contact ! Billy Bishop Takes Off for New York; A Fishpackerman's work is Never done in Salmon Season; Ontario New Theme Park "Marineland"; Great Canadian Cliches part 1 - If it's Friday this Must be Peggy's Cove)

JUNE 2 (Cover; The Baffled Gardner; Cover Story - Brown Thumb's War; Making Faces - Craniofacial Surgery; Boxing Ring Madness - Still Searching for the Great White Hope; Canadians Discover Wind Surfing; JUNE 9 (Cover; Very Angry Smokey the Bear; Cover Story - We're Teaching Park Animals Deadly Lessons; Macnish Distillery Pipe Band; Child of the Holocaust Jankel Kuperblum is Alive; Great Canadian Cliches part 2 - Quebec - Big Church, Little Village; The Instant Barbecue)

JUNE 16 (Cover; Canada's Champion Kayaker Claudia Kerckhoff; Cover Story - Have Kayak Will Travel; Jojoba the Amazing Wonder Bean; Jules Marois inventor of a Fireproof Firewalker Suit; Anne Murray's Kid Brother - Bruce Murray)

JUNE 23 (Cover; Earthquake; Cover Story - Is Canada Due for a Disaster ?; Jazz Clarinet player Phil Nimmons; Nova Scotia's 1979 Gathering of the Scottish Clans; Photokaleidoscope by Design)

JUNE 30 (Cover; Thief with Jewelery Box; Cover Story - Warren Chandler is a World Class Jewel Thief; Lament for the Lonesome Cowboy; Findhorn's Co-founder Dorothy Maclean Listened to Plants; Great Canadian Cliches part 3 - Victoria's Empress Hotel)

JULY 7 (Cover; Ice Station Lorex; Cover Story - Probing the Mysteries at the Top of the World; New Brunswick's Annual Budworm Spraying Campaign is Deadly; Rolling Stones - You Can't always get what you Want; Western Author Louis L'Amour)

JULY 14 (Cover; The Morphine Within; Cover Story - Home Brewed Narcotics Endorphins; Ten Years Since the Moon Landing - Was it Worth the $30 Billion ?; Great Canadian Cliches part 4 - Grain Elevators)

JULY 21 (Cover; Terry Puhl; Cover Story - Melville Saskatchewan Terry Puhl called Up to the Houston Astros; Montreal's Jewish Community are Leaving for Other Cities; Phantoms of the Grand Ole Opry of Nashville; Jay Ettman is the World's First Successful Tuna Rancher)

JULY 28 (Cover; The Happy Bankrupt; Cover Story - These Days it Pays to go Broke; Painter Louis de Niverville has Been Juggling Reality and Fantasy; Great Canadian Cliches part 5 - The Rockie Mountainsw; Canadian Oil Sheikhs of the Golden West)

AUGUST 4 (Cover; South American Gmelina Tree; Cover Story - Miracle on the Amazon; The Sound of Musicke - The Huggett Way; Vancouver's Best know Street Cop is Whistling Smith; Films in a Northern Light)
AUGUST 11 (Cover; Tennis Star John Newcombe; Cover Story - Newk's Empire; Garth MacLeod spent 29 Days behind Bars for Love of a Dog; Normen Ekoomiak - The Artist as Alien; A Survivor's Guide to Remodelling your Home)

AUGUST 18 (Cover; Foot in a Cast with Electrical Plug; Cover Story - Healing Electrically; "No, But I saw the Movies - All of Them" by Robert Thomas Allen; Sympathy for the Devil - In Defense of Modern Villians of Society; Bram, Lois and Sharon "Let's Hear it for Miss Olson !; Willy Krauch of Nova Scotia and his Smoked Salmon)

AUGUST 25 (Cover; Frank and Vera's Handmade Chairs; Cover Story - The Cottage Industry Revival; Walking Across the Isthmus of Panama with a Group of Young Volunteers;"Aussies Up !" by Robert Thomas Allen; Through the Mill - Working in Fort Frances Paper Mills)

SEPTEMBER 1-2 (Cover; Captain Farley Mowat age 23 in 1944 Italy; Cover Story - War Story the Way We Were; "I Wanna be a Star" When not if for The Raes; "School Days, School Days - Don't Remind Me" by Larry Solway; Men's and Women's Brains are Different)

SEPTEMBER 8-9 (Cover; Short Man with a Tall Woman; Cover Story - Never Sell Short people Short; Mario Bernardi is Conductor of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra; Ken Clubbe's Dial-a-Fish Invention for Fishing that Works; The Wages of Sin are High and Mostly Tax Free)

SEPTEMBER 15-16 (Cover; Maid with her Fist Raised; Cover Story - Domestics Unite !; 1979 Newspeak Brave New Words; Prairie Theatre "Paper Wheat" is about Our History; Ken Campbell on Saving the Children from Sin)

SEPTEMBER 22-23 (Cover; Cartoon Drawing of a Comedian being Yanked off Stage; Cover Story - Comedy Clubs are Sprouting like Bad Jokes; Cognac - Where even the Angesl get their Share; Alpine Musin will Last the Ages; Peter Pocklington meets the NHL)

SEPTEMBER 29-30 (Cover; Girl Gazing at a Onion on top of a Ice Cream Cone; Cover Story - Science Does have a way to Fool our Taste Buds; Al Waxman the Man who Would be King; Author Christopher Hyde "The Wave" about a Dam Break and the Disaster that Follows; "My God, it's the Queen" - Clare McCaul of British Columbia)

OCTOBER 6-7 (Cover; Actor R.H. Thomson; Cover Story - A Fine actor waiting for the Perfumed Tart; A Medical Horror Story in an Operating Room; Try to Spend $53 Million and North Hatley, Quebec will Give you Nothing but Grief; The Faces and Words of People of the Queen Charlottes off B.C. Coast)

OCTOBER 20-21 (Cover; Robert Thomas Allen; Cover Story - Inside the Egypt of King Tutankhamen; C.D. Howe the Armament Quarterback in the Second World War; Flying Race for Antique Planes from Toronto to Vancouver)

NOVEMBER 10 (Three Gold Bars; Cover Story - In Gold We Trust; For the Good of the Nation - Armistice Day and Noboidy seems to Care; Wonderful Wonder Weed Irish Moss; Grade 4 Missouri Students Observations on Canada; Sold to the Highest Bidder - Montreal Alouettes Tom Cousineau)

NOVEMBER 24 (Cover; Ex-Winnipeg Blue Bomber Gerry James; Cover Story - Remembering the Blue Bombers last Grey Cup Victory in 1962's Fog Bowl; Our Members of Parliament don't Live in the Lap of Luxury; St. John's - Calgary by the Sea ?; Presenting the Jets - #12 Left Wing Morris Lukowich; Executives Private Jets; Dauphin, Manitoba's Larry Williamson and his Zoo; Palliative Care a Better way to Die)

DECEMBER 8 (Cover; Cornie Loewon self-made Millionaire; Cover Story - $1,000,000 Here are Four Who Made It; The Rocky Career of The Guess Who; Presenting the Jets - #30 Goaltender Gary Smith; Merry Christmas Toys (batteries not included); Early to Rise - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise ?; A Glimpse inside some Great Winnipeg Homes)

DECEMBER 15 (Cover; A Frozen Stop Sign; Cover Story - Eskimo Point an Icy Utopia is Threatened; Novice Models find a Pretty Face is Just the Beginning; Winter Sports aren't all just Down Hill; Presenting the Jets - #25 Centre Jude Drouin; Teulon, Manitoba Violin Maker 83-year old David Laskay)

DECEMBER 22 (Cover; Young Ukrainian Girl holding a Christmas Candle; Cover Story - Christmas Customs from Many Lands; Timely Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season; Presenting the Jets - #9 Left Winger Bobby Hull; Grade 3 Strathmillan students Nativity Scene; Goldsmiths Future is Shaky with the Soaring Gold Prices; Winnipeg Disc Jockeys in the Dead of the Night)
DECEMBER 29 (Cover; Here Come the '80's; Cover Story - Ten Tough Years Ahead; Challenges for the Eighties; Presenting the Jets - #8 Right Winger Jimmie Mann; Watch These People in the Next 10 Years - Gail McKean - Lloyd Axworthy - Graham Shaw - Brian Glow - Bill Neville - Wayne Caplette - Jackson Beardy and others; The K-Cycle Engine)


JANUARY 12 (Cover; Lenny Breau; Cover Story - the Greatest Guitar Player in the World; New Alcohol Miz is for Driving not Drinking; Presenting the Jets - Pierre Hamel; Ski Manitoba - Mountains out of Mole Hills; These Folks have to Work Outside in the Cold)

JANUARY 19 (Cover; Steinbach Twins - Lana Nightingale Blatz and Johanna Nightingale Rempel; Cover Story - Kidney Transplant Survivors Two Decades Later; Gambling with Bookies; Presenting the Jets - #20 Right Winger Willy Lindstrom; Old and New Clash in the Acient Land of Syria; Canadian Olympic Hockey Team in Lake Placid in 1932)

FEBRUARY 2 (Cover Story; Two Prairie Monks; Cover Story - The Silent Prairie Monks of the Trappist Order; The Losers of Alberta's Boom Time; Presenting the Jets - #14 Right Winger Peter Marsh; Winter Fishing is Hard and Dangerous Work; The Prices of Some High End Luxuries; Whatever Happened to - Don Jonas)

FEBRUARY 9 (Cover; Chinese Girl; Cover Story - Preserving the Culture of Old China while in Canada; Sam Wood 1944-1979 who Stumbled Over the Law; Presenting the Jets - #22 Left Winger Lyle Moffat; Wildlife Photographer Bob Taylor stalks Owls of all Sizes; The Breeding of Super Cow)

FEBRUARY 16 (Cover; Olympic Hopeful Monica Goermann; Cover Story - Portrait of a Champion Gymnast;The Day the Nazis took Over; Presenting the Jets - #17 Left Winger Bill Lesuk; Marrying the Microscope and the Camera Scientists can Peer into Cells; The 1979 Taxman Cometh)

FEBRUARY 23 (Cover; Towing's Tough Guy - Neil McArthur; Cover Story - He's No. 1 so he Tries Harder; One-room Birkenhead School in Neuenburg, Manitoba; Presenting the Jets - #4 Defenseman Lars-Erik Sjoberg; The Sport of Dog Sled Racing; A Soup Line for Deer at Clearwater; Comedian Pat Riordan)

MARCH 1 (Cover; Manitoba Premier Sterling Lyon; Cover Story - To Whom does he Listen ?; Songwriter James Ross moves to Nashville; Presenting the Jets - #24 Cuntre Ron Wilson; The Great Escape - Hawaii; French Ballerina Mireille Grandpierre Kantor - Contemptuous of Ballet in Winnipeg; Reluctant Hero Gordon Shave and the Blizzard of 1966)

MARCH 8 (Cover; "Winter" Texans; Cover Story - The Great Escape - Those Winter Texans from Manitoba; The Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winter; The Incredible Inedibles; Workwomen ? Why Not ?; Presenting the Jets - #7 Defense Scott Campbell; What to Know before you Install a Hot Tub in the Basement; An Insight into Pioneer Life in Manitoba)

MARCH 15 (Cover; Man Snorkling; Cover Story - The Great Escape - Goodbye Canada Forever in the Providenciales Island; Brandon, Manitoba's Amazing basketball Bobcats; Texas makes Medical Practice Perfect; Fraternity Houses - A Faltering Custon Revives; Presenting the Jets - #23 Right Winger John Markell)

MARCH 22 (Cover; Two Brandon Wheat Kings on a Bus; Cover Story - On the Road with the Brandon Wheat Kings; Househusbands - Sometimes it's a Man's Work that's never Done; Presenting the Jets - Coach Tom McVie; Belfast - Bittersweet Memories amid a War that no one can Win; Refugees Rebuild Shattered Lives in a Strange Land called Canada)

MARCH 29 (Cover; Meryl Hart with Barbell; Cover Story - Women Who Pump Iron; Those Easter Treats can be a Labor of Love; What has California Dreamed Up for Us ?; Air Control - Traffic Cop for the Crowded Skies; Presenting the Jets - Assistant Coach Bill Sutherland; Learning Disabilities; Old Time Dance at Portage's West End Hall)

APRIL 5 (Cover; Mountain Music man Lewis Kaselitz; Cover Story - The man behind Boggy Creek's Bluegrass; Sam Malmed for 40 Years Angel of Mercy in Winnipeg Hospitals; Anyone can be a Victim of Depression; The War Brides Now; Cartoons Drawing on Nature's Storehouse; Presenting the Jets - #5 Defenseman Craig Norwich; The Last of a Hardy Breed of Duck Mountains Pioneers - Justin and Nordeth LaRocque; The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School)

APRIL 12 (Cover; One Legged Greg Oswald; Cover Story - Canada's Top Three-Track Skier; Hail to the Country Doctor; Summer Holiday in Britain will end up in Traffic; Presenting the Jets - #35 Goaltender Markus Mattsson; Foremost Wildlife Artist Clarence Tillenius; The Trauma of Claiming Bankrupcy)

APRIL 19 (Cover; Maj. Tom Griffis and the Armed Forces Snowbirds; Cover Story - Riding a Mile High Roller Coaster; John Harvard after Winnipeg's CBC Tv's 24 Hours News; Many Specialized Stores now Offer Exotic Foods and Spices; Radio Station CKJS is Making itself Heard; Presenting the Jets - #3 Defenceman Rodd Cory; Sally and George Cotter - Capturing Wildlife on Film; Prohibition in Early Winnipeg)

APRIL 26 (Cover; Pro Golfer Dan Halldorson; Cover Story - On the Pro Tour; Bernie Christophe President of the Manitoba Food and Commercial Local 832; A Stagette ? So Why Not ?; Allen Dyne was Part of the Wilkins Expedition Charting the Polar Route; Presenting the Jets - #26 Defenceman Al Cameron; Behind the Children's Hospital Book Sale; Garth Allen and his Ill Fated All Pro Hockey Game)

MAY 3 (Cover; Actor Thomas Peacocke as Father Athol Murray; Cover Story - Homage to a Tough Priest; Ted Stone went on a Tour of the States on Greyhound Buses; Percy Moggey on the Lam; Hunky Bill - Success through Irritation; The Old Folks at Home in the Arcadia Nursing Home)

MAY 10 (Cover; Winnipeg's Main Street Strip; Cover Story - The Do Good Game; The Dugald Costume Review; Foreign Phrasebook Phollies; Hudson Bay Lowlands around the Churchill Area; Portage la Prairie Terriers Hockey Radio play-by-play Announcer is Bev Lockhart; The Manitoba Yacht Club is Patrician in name Only)

MAY 17 (Cover; Woman Holding Scales with a Pile of Cash on one side and The Criminal on the Other; Cover Story - The Price of Justice; Sudden Stardom for Hockey's Dave Christian; Joy of Sound Polar Balloon Expedition; Nicola Schaefer on caring for her Deeply Mentally and Physically Retarded daughter Catherine at Home; Mitch Podolak the man behind the Winnipeg Folk Festival)

MAY 24 (Cover; Fighting Off Urban Rot; Cover Story - Winnipeg's North Point Douglas; Annual Mosaic Massey Conference in Brandon; David Collins vs. Tom Creighton - Who really found Flin Flon ?; Playing in the Dirt the sport of Motocross; The Sport of Orienteering; The Fascists in Manitobaof the 1930's)

MAY 31 (Cover; Manitoba NDP Leader Howard Pawley; Cover Story - Does he Have what it Takes ?; Bill and Sue-on Hillmana Coupleof Country Slickers; The $80,000 Home in - Vancouver - Calgary - Regina - Winnipeg - Toronto - Montreal; Lord Selkirk ll going Full Steam Ahead; Coming to Terms with Grief)

JUNE 7 (Cover; Dr.Jack Bowman holding a New Born Baby; Cover Story - Fighting for the Unborn; Cruise Night in Brandon; The Reil House; Garry Robertson Music Services ; The Media in Souris - That means Garth Stouffer)

JUNE 14 (Cover; Gladys Balsillie; Cover Story - Ruler of the Striptease Empire; Manitoba Ghost Towns in the Making; How much Longer before the Lid Blows Off in Morocco ?; The Trail of the North West Mounted; Dempster Highway the Road to the Arctic)

JUNE 21 (Cover; Eric Bergen; Cover Story - Going Blind Due to DiabetesHealth to the Religious Faithful; The Artist A.Phillip Shurg as Historian; Fire Training to Race with Death; Mentally Handicapped Fight to Get More than 19-cents a Hour for Their Labor; Eaton's Horse Hoofbeats fade into History)

JULY 5 (Cover; Two Young Baseball Players; Cover Story - "Our Winning Season" by Patrick Doyle coach of the Bronx Park Bruins; The George Island Lighthouse of Lake Winnipeg; Hotdog Tradition ot Skinners in Lockport; Starting a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget; Will Rogers Last Flight)

JULY 12 (Cover - Jazz Musician James King; Cover Story - Just a Big Overgrown Kid; Walking Down Main Street in Winnipeg; Winnipeg Chimney Swaap Alan Drobot; Gordon and Dorothy Gregory of Lake Francis in their Converted Railway Station Home; Racing for the Love of it at Winnipeg Speedway; Someone is Figuring the Odds on Whether you'll Kill Yourself)

JULY 19 (Cover; Gerry Gay Parachuting; Cover Story - Skydiving over Winnipeg; A State of Readiness in Northern Manitoba to sit out the Next War; Billions of Tax Dollars end up in Industry's Pocket; The Artists as a Success - Tony Tascona; With Help Giftede Kids can be Bright without Fear)

JULY 26 (Cover; Assiniboia Downs; Cover Story - Making of a Winner from Handicapper to Jockey; Facing CJOB Radio's Peter Warren; A Photo Essay - Sammy Aboud in Orpheum Pool Hall; Students Earning Summer Money at Various Jobs)

AUGUST 2 (Cover; Elaine Watt Riding a Horse; Cover Story - Riding the Rodeo Circuit; Fort Rouge Liberal MLA June Westbury; Veitnam Refugee Tsui-A-Sane Adjusting to Life in Canada; "My Father's Clocks" by Nan ShipleyThe Alone Cold World of the Widow; The North Where Men are Men and that Sort of Thing)

AUGUST 9 (Cover; Young Boy Performing at Folklorama; Cover Story - Folklorama No Easy Feat; Perimeter Aviation Built from the Ground Up; Allergies that Sting can Kill; The Winnipeg Humane Society)

AUGUST 23 (Cover "The Electronics Revolution"; Cover Story - Every Day Brings Another Advance - Where Will this Road Take Us ? - New Tide of Technology - Canadian Built Telidon Computer - MTS Project IDA - Could a Robot do Your Job ?)




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