(Part-1); WAR & MILITARY, Fiction & Non-Fiction = Mass Market Paperbacks;

(Part-2); BALLANTINE'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of World War II / The Violent Century Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books;

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(A); WAR & MILITARY, Fiction & Non-Fiction = Mass Market Paperbacks;

(B); BALLANTINE'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of World War II / The Violent Century Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books;

(C); WAR & MILITARY, Fiction & Non-Fiction = Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks;

(A); WAR & MILITARY, Fiction & Non-Fiction = Mass Market Paperbacks;

--- A ---

AASHEIM, ASHLEY – A Stillness at Sea ( Story of the Lusitania);

ABM – An Evaluation of the Decision to Deploy an Antiballistic Missle System;


ADAM, WING-COMMANDER RONALD – Readiness at Dawn (WWII/ Battle of Britain/ Air); **** We Rendezvous at Ten (WWII/ Air);

ADAMS, CAPT. HENRY H. - 1942: The Year That Doomed the Nazis (WWII);

ADAMS, JAMES – Trading in Death; The Modern Arms Race (with Post Gulf War Update);

ADLEMAN, ROBERT H./ WALTON, COL. GEORGE - The Devil's Brigade (WWII); *** Rome Fell Today ( Battle for Italy WWII);

ADLER, BILL - The Generals - The New American Heroes (Gulf War);

AGETON, ARTHUR A. - Hit the Beach (WWII/ S.P.Y./ Leyte Beachhead);

AHERN, JERRY & SHARON - Miamigrad (WW3);

AIKMAN, DAVID – When the Almond Tree Blossoms (U.S.A.'s next Civil War);

ALBANO, PETER – Tides of Valor (WWII); *** Waves of Glory (WWI);

ALBANY, JAMES - (The Fighting Saga of the SAS) - #1 Warrior Caste (WWII), #2 Mailed Fist (WWII);

ALBERT, MARVIN H. - All the Young Men (Korea); - Operation Lila (WWII);

ALBRAND, MARTHA – None Shall Know (WWII French Underground); *** No Surrender (WWII);

ALCORN, ROBERT HAYDEN – No Bugles for Spies ( The OSS);

ALDRIDGE, JAMES - The Sea Eagle; ** Signed with their Honour

ALEXANDER, KATE – Fields of Battle (WWII, Europe);

ALEXANDER, MICHAEL - The Reluctant Legionnaire;


ALLEN, WING COMMANDER H.R. - Who Won the Battle of Britain? (WWII/ Air);

ALLEN, HERVEY - Action at Aquila (A.C.W.);

ALLEN, RALPH (Canadian History Series) Ordeal by Fire (Canadians in WWI/ WWII);

ALLEN, COL. ROBERT S. - Lucky Forward (Patton's Third U.S. Army);

ALLEN, W.E.D./ MURATOFF, PAUL - The Russian Campaigns of 1944-45 (WWII);

ALLEN, WING COMMANDER H.R. - Battle for Britain ( WWII Air); *** Fighter Station Supreme: RAF Tangmere ( WWII; AIR);

ALPERT, HOLLIS - Some Other Time (WWII);

ALTIERI, JAMES - The Spearheaders (WWII/ Dieppe);

AMADO, JORGE – Pen, Sword, Camisole: a Fable to Rekindle Hope (WWII);

ANATOLI, A – Babi Yar (WWII/ Russia Kiev);

ANDERS, CURT – The Price of War (Korea);

ANDERSEN, U.S. - The Smouldering Sea (WWII/ U.S. Navy/ South Pacific Theatre);

ANDERSON, CHARLES R. - The Grunts (Nam);

ANDERSON, COL. CLARENCE E.”BUD”/ HAMELIN, JOSEPH P. - To Fly and Fight (Memoirs of a WWII Triple Ace);

ANDERSON, FRANK W. - Ed) Great Flying Stories;

ANDERSON, JACK/ VAN ATTA, DALE – Stormin' Norman an American Hero ( Biography of General H. Noran Schwarzkopf);

ANDERSON, ROBERT A. - Cooks and Bakers (Nam/ TET Offensive);

ANDERSON, THOMAS - Your Own Beloved Sons (Korea);

ANDERSON, WILLIAM C. - Bomber Crew 369 (WWII/ Air); - The Gooney Bird (Nam/ Air);



ANGELL, SIR NORMAN - Between 2 Wars,

ANTAL, JOHN F. - Armour Attacks: The Tank Platoon (Small Unit Tactics and Leadership);

ANTHONY, CHARLES - #3 The Invisible Warrior (WWII/ Air);

ANTHONY, EVELYN - The Poellenberg Inheritance (WWII);

APPEL, BENJAMIN - Fortress in the Rice (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); - Plunder (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); - We Were There at the Battle for Bataan (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre);

ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - A Night of Watching (WWII); - Proving Ground (WWII); - Rescue! (Air); - Walk With the Devil (WWII);

ARNOLD, FREDRIC – Kohn's War (WWII Jewish Fighter Pilots);

ARNOLD - FOSTER, MARK - The World at War (WWII);

ARNOTHY, CHRISTINE - I Am Fifteen and I Do Not Want to Die (WWII);

ARON, RAYMOND - The Great Debate - Theories of Nuclear Strategy;

ARVAY, HARRY - Damascus Countdown (Israel);

ASTOR, GERALD – The 'Last' Nazi; The Life and Times of Dr. Joseph Mengele (WWII Biography);


ATWELL, LESTER – Private (American Soldier's WWII Diary of 200 Days; Biography);

AUSTIN, RICHARD - (The Guardians = World War-3) = See Science Fiction

AVALONE, MICHALE - Hornet's Nest (WW II);

AZOY, COL. A.C.M. - Patriot Battles 1775 - 1781 (American Revolution);

--- B ---

BAGLEY, DESMOND – Juggernaut (Fiction Africa); **** Running Blind; *** Wyatt's Hurricane (U.S. Navy);


BAILEY, NORMAN G. - The Patch Unit (Hitler Assassination Attempt);

BAILEY, TOM – Tarawa (WWII Atoll in Central Pacific);

BAKER, E.C.R. - The Fighter Aces of the R.A.F. (WW II / Air);

BAKER, F. ROBERT - Warhead;

BAKER, MARK - Nam (Nam);

BAKER, RICHARD M. - The Revolt of Zengo Takakuwa (WW II/ South Pacific Theatre/ New Guinea);

BAKER, W. HOWARD - The Dogs of War (WW II); *** Strike North (WW II/ Sub);

BALCHIN, NIGEL - The Small Back Room (WW II);

BALDWIN, HANSON W. - Battle Lost and Won (WW II); *** World War I (Military Analyst for the New York Times);

BALLARD, J.D. - Empire of the Sun (South Pacific Theatre./ Prisoner of War);

BALLENGER, DEAN W. - The Sea Guerrillas (WWII; Navy);

BANKS, ROSIE M. - Navy Nurse (WW II / Navy);


BARBER, NOEL – The Black Hole of Calcuffa; *** Sinister Twilight (WWII The Fall of Singapore); *** The Week France Fell (WWII);

BARKER, A.J. - Fortune Favours the Brave - Battle of Hook, Korea 1953 (Korea);

BAKER, E.C.R. - Ace of Aces ( Biography Squadron Leader Pattle)

BAKER, IVON – Grave Doubt (Crashed WWII German Bomber Thirty Years Later);

BAKER, RALPH - ** The Ship Busters;** Strike Hard, Strike Sure (WW II/ Air); - The Thousand Plan (WW II / Air);

BARLOW, JAMES - This Side Of the Sky (Air);

BARNETT, CORRELLI – The Desert Generals (British Desert Battles 1940-43; WWII); **** The Swordbearers (WW I);

BARNS, GLENN M. - Only the Losers Win;

BARNES, JULIAN - ** The Porcupine;

BARON, ALEXANDER - There's No More Home (WW II);

BARON, RICHARD/ BAUM, MAJOR ABE/ GOLDHURST, RICHARD – RAID; The Untold Story of Patton's Secret Mission (WWII);

BARRETT, MICHAEL - Escape From Zahrain;

BARRON, JOHN – KGB (The Secret Works of Soviet Secret Agents);

BARTON, A.F. - Those Who Serve (WWII British Submarines);

BARTON, GEORGE - More Real Spies (WW I); *** Real Spies ( WWII );

BARTON, JON - (Deathshop) - #2 Forest of Death (WW II);

BARWICK, JAMES - Shadow of the Wolf (WW II);

BASANSKY, BILL - Escape from Terror (WW II);

BASS, MILTON – Force Red (Fiction Nuclear);

BASS, RONALD - The Emerald Illusion (WW II);

BASSETT, RONALD – The Pierhead Jump (WWII/ Sub);

BATEMAN, ROBERT - Race Against the U-Boats (WW II / Submarine);

BATES, H.E. - Fair Stood the Wind for France (WW II / Air);


BAUM, VICKI - Hotel Berlin '43 (WW II);

BAUMBACH, WERNER - The Life and Death of the Luftwaffe (WW II / Air-Ger);

BAXTER, WALTER - Look Down in Mercy (WW II / South Pacific Theatre);

BAYNHAM, HENRY - From the Lower Deck - British Navy 1700 - 1840 (Navy - British);

BEACH, EDWARD L. - Around the World Submerged (Voyage of the Nuclear Submarine “Triton”); **** Dust on the Sea(WWII / South Pacific Theatre/ Submarine); - - Submarine! (WW II / South Pacific Theatre/Submarine);

BEATY, DAVID – The Wind off the Sea (The Cold War);

BECKER, JILLIAN - Hitler's Children: The Story of the Baader-Meinhof Gang;

BECKER, STEPHEN - When the War is Over;


BEECH, WEBB – No French Leave (Korean War);

BEESLY, PATRICK – Very Special Intelligence (Admiralty's Operational Intelligence Center in World War II);

BEESON,COLIN R. - Target: Death (WWII Air);

BEGLEY, LOUIS - Wartime Lies (WW II);

BEHM, NOEL - The Shadow Boxer (WW II );

BEKKER, CAJAS – Hitler's Naval War (WWII/ German Sub.); *** The Luftwaffe War Diaries (WWII/ Air);

BEKKER, C.D. - Defeat at Sea (WW II / Navy-German);

BELLAH, JAMES - Imperial Express (WW II ); - Stood a Man;

BELLAH, JAMES WARNER - The Valiant Virginians (U.S. Civil War);

BELOFF, NORA - The General Says No;

BELOTE, JAMES H./ BELOTE, WILLIAM M. - Corregidor (with/ photos, WWII South Pacific);

BENDELL, DON – Chief of Scouts (U.S. Cavalry);

BENDER JR. , WILLIAM - ** Tokyo Intrigue

BENSON, ALEX (Ed.) - The 48 Hour War (Arab – Israeli Conflict);

BERENT, MARK – Eagle Station (Vietnam); *** Steel Tiger (Nam);

BERGAMINI, DAVID - The Fleet in the Window (WW II );

BERGOT ERWAN - The French Foreign Legion;

BERKMAN, TED – Cast a Giant Shadow (Fiction);

BERNARD, JUDD – Inside Out (WWII; Fiction);

BERRY, HENRY – Hey, Mac, Where Ya Been? (Korean War U.S. Marines); *** Semper Fi, Mac (WWII; U.S. Marines);

BERTHOLD, WILL – Brandenburg Division (WWII; German); *** Death's Head Brigade!; **** Eagles of the Reich (WW II / German-Paratroopers); *** Inferno I; Blitzkrieg! (WWII German Army);

BESTE, R. VERNON - The Moonbeams (WW II );

BETHELL, NICHOLAS – The Last Secret;

BICKERS, R.T. - Ginger Lacey - Fighter Pilot (WW II / Air-Eng); - Summer of No Surrender (WW II / Battle of Britain);

BIERMAN, JOHN – Righteous Gentile (WWII; Holocaust Biography of Raoul Wallenberg);

BISHOP, CLAIRE HUCHET – Twenty and Ten (WWII; Occupied France);

BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - The Courage of the Early Morning (WW I / Air-CDN); - Winged Warfare (WW I / Air-CDN);

BLACK, CAMPBELL - Asterisk Destiny;

BLACKER, IRWIN R. - Search and Destroy;

BLACKERBY, CURTIS - Great Civil War Stories (U.S. Civil War);

BLAGOWIDOW, GEORGE - The Last Train from Berlin (WW II );

BLAIR, CLAY - Beyond Courage (Korea); *** Combat Patrol (WWII Submarine U.S. Against Japan) **** - MacArthur (WW II );

BLAIR, JOAN & CLAY – Mission Tokyo Bay (WWII Submarine South Pacific); *** Return from the River Kwai (WW II / South Pacific Theatre);

BLAKE, PATRICK - Escape to Athena (WW II );


BLANKFORT, MICHAEL – Behold the Fire (WWI, Palenstine);

BLISS, ANDRE – A Million Jews to Save (WWII);

BLOEMERTZ, GUNTHER - Heaven Next Stop (WW II / Air-GER);

BLOND, GEORGES – Born to Fly ( WWII; Air); *** The Death of Hitler's Germany (WW II );

BLUESTONE, GEORGE - The Private World of Cully Powers;

BLUM, HOWARD – Wanted! (The Search for Nazis in America);

BLUMENSON, MARTIN - Kasserine Pass (WW II );

BLUNDEN, EDMUND - ** Undertones of War;

BOAS, JACOB ( Ed.) We are Witnesses; Five Diaries of Teenagers who Died in the Holocaust;

BOLDT, GERHARD - Hitler's Last Days (WW II );

BOLTE, CHARLES G. - The New Veteran;

BOND, HAROLD L. - Return to Cassino ( WWII; Italy);

BOOM, CORRIE TEN – Amazing Love;

BOOTH, MARTIN – Hiroshima Joe (WWII);

BORKENAU, DR. F. - The New German Empire (WW II );

BOULLE, PIERRE - The Bridge of the River Kwai (WW II ); - A Noble Profession; - Not the Glory (WW II); - The Other Side of the Coin; - White Man's Test (WW II );

BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL – The Evidence That Convicted Aida Skripnikova;

BOURJAILY, VANCE - The End of my Life;

BOWEN, ROBERT O. - Bamboo (US Navy); - The Weight of the Cross (WW II / South Pacific Theatre);

BOWER, TOM - Klaus Barbie - Butcher of Lyons (WW II );

BOWMAN, GERALD - War in the Air (WW I / WW II);

BOYER, BRUCE HATTON – The Solstice Cipher ( WWII D-Day Spies);

BOYINGTON, COL. GREGORY "PAPPY" - Baa Baa Black Sheep (WW II / Air); - *** The Black Sheep Squadron: Devil in the Slot ( WWII Air South Pacific); *** Tonya;

BOYNE, WALTER J. - Gulf War: a Comprehensive Guide to People, Places and Weapons;


BRACCO, EDGAR JEAN - China Doll (WW II / South Pacific Theatre);

BRADDON, RUSSELL - End of a Hate; *** The Naked Island ( WWII South Pacific POW); *** Nancy Wake; *** The Siege (WWI; Tigris; Singapore);

BRADFORD, ERNLE – The Mighty Hood (WWI; British Navy's Life and Death of Best Warship);

BRADLEY, DAVID - No Place Hide;

BRAHMS, CARYL / SHERRIN, NED - Bambo was His Name (Navy-Eng-Historical);

BRANDON, LEWIS – Night Flyer ( WWII Air R.A.F.; 100 Group Mosquitoes);

BRELIS, DEAN - The Mission (WW II/ Burma/ South Pacific Theatre);

BRENNAN, DAN - The Naked Night (WW II ); - One Of Our Bombers is Missing ( WW II / Air); - Operation Sky Drop (WW II / Air); - The Sky Remembers (WW II / Air-Eng); - Suicide Squadron (WW II / Air); - Third Time Down (WW II / Air); - Time Enough to Live (WW II / Air); *** Winged Victory ( WWII Air Destory Renault Factory);

BRENNAN, FREDERICK HAZLITT - Memo to a Firing Squad (WW II );

BRENNAN, J.H. - The Occult Reich (WWII/ Occult);

BRENNECKE, JOCHEN - ** The Hunters and the Hunted;

BREUER, WILLIAM B. - The Secret War With Germany (WW II );

BRICK, JOHN – Gettysburg (America Civil War);

BRICKHILL, PAUL - - Escape - or Die (WW II / Prisoner of War / R.A.F.); - The Great Escape (WW II / Prisoner of War); - Reach for the Sky (WW I / WW II / Air-Eng);

BRIGG, EMIL - Stand up and Fight ( WW II / Prisoner of War);

BRINKLEY, DAVID – Washington Goes to War (20th Century History);

BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - Don't Go Near the Water (WW II / Navy); - The Ninety and Nine (WW II / Navy);

BRITAIN, DAN – Civil War II (United States Next Civil War with the Blacks);

BRITTAIN, VERA – England's Hour;

BRODIE, BERNARD & FAWN - From Crossbow to H-Bomb;

BROMBERGER, MERRY & SERGE – Secrets of Suez (Who was to Blame?);

BROME, VINCENT - ** The Way Back; ** The Spy (WW II );

BROOKHOUSER, FRANK – This Was Your War ( Ed.; WWII; Short Stories);

BROPHY, JOHN - Immortal Sergeant (WW II );

BROUGHTON, COL. JACK – Thud Ridge (Air/ Vietnam);

BROWN, A.H. - ** The Fourth Man;

BROWN, ANTONY CAVE – The Secret War Report of the Oss (Oss History);

BROWN, EUGENE - Beyond the Call of Duty (WW II / Air);

BROWN, HARRY – A Walk in the Sun ( WWII; Italy );

BROWN, JOE DAVID - Combat Mission (WW II ); - Kings Go Forth (WW II );

BROWN, ROBERT McAFEE/ HESCHEL, ABRAHAM J./ NOVAK, MICHAEL - Vietnam: Crisis of Conscience (Nam);

BROWN, SAM/ ACKLAND, LEN - Why are we Still in Vietnam? (Nam);

BROWNE, COURTNEY - Tojo: The Last Banzai (WW II / South Pacific Theatre);

BROWNE, MALCOLM W. - The New Face of War (Vietnam);

BROOKS, RICHARD - The Brick Foxhole (WW II );

BRUCE, GEORGE - The Warsaw Uprising (WW II );


BRYANT, REAR ADMIRAL BEN - Submarine Commander (WW II / Submarine);

BRYAN, C.D.B. - Friendly Fire (Vietnam);

BRYAN, J. - Aircraft Carrier (WW II / Navy/ Aircraft Carrier "Yorktown");

BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle (WW I ); - Mr. Standfast (WW I ); **** The Thirty-Nine Steps (WWI);

BUCHANAN, JACK (M.I.A. HUNTER) - #1 M.I.A. Hunter (Nam); - #2 Cambodian Hellhole (Nam); **** #10 Miami War Zone; ***** #11 Crossfire Kill (Nam); ***** #14 Back to 'Nam; **** NN Stone M.I.A. Hunter (Nam);

BUCHER, COMMANDER LLOYD M. - Bucher: My Story (Biography Commander of captured Ship “Pueblo”);


BULLOCK, ALAN – Hitler: a Study in Tyranny (WWII/ Biography);

BUNTING, JOSIAH - The Lionheads (Nam);

BUONANNO, C. - Beyond the Flag (Nam);


BURGESS, ALAN - Seven Men at Daybreak (WW II );

BURGESS, ANTHONY – A Vision of Battlements (WWII);

BURK, MICHAEL - The Tribunal (WW II );

BURLINGAME, ROGER - General Billy Mitchell;

BURMETZ, PAUL - Our Share of Morning (WW II );

BURNS, JOHN HORN - The Gallery (WW II );

BURT, KENDAL/ LEASOR, JAMES – The One That Got Away (WWII Air War from German point of View.);

BURTON, BOB – Top Secret a Clandestine Operator's Glossary of Terms;

BUSCH, FRITZ-OTTO – The Sinking of the Scharnhorst (WWII German Navy);

BUSCH, HARALD - U-Boats at War (WW II / Submarine);

BUSHBY, JOHN – Gunner's Moon (WWII; Air 601 Fighter Squadron);

BUTLER, DAVID - Lusitania (WW I );

BUTLER, RICHARD - **Lift-Off at Satan

BUTLER, ROBERT OLEN – The Alleys of Eden ( Vietnam);

BUTTERMORTH, W.E. - The Court-Martial;

--- C ---

CADE, STEVEN – Slade's Marauder ( WWII; Pacific);

CAFFREY, KATE – Out in the Midday Sun (WWII the Fall of Singapore);

CAIDIN, MARTIN - **** The Final Countdown (Naval; Carrier travels back in time to WWII ); **** The Last Dogfight (WW II / Air); -****THREE CORNERS TO NOWHERE

CAILLOU, ALAN – The Dead Sea Submarine; ** The Hot Sun of Africa;

CAIN, JONATHAN - (Saigon Commandos) - #3 Dinky-Dau death (Nam); *** (Saigon Commandos) - #5 Boonie – Rat Body Burning (Nam); *** Charlie (Nam); *** (Saigon Commandos) - #12 Suicide Squad (Nam);

CALDICOTT, DR. HELEN - Missle Envy - The Arms Race and Nuclear War; *** Nuclear Madness: What You Can Do!;

CALDWELL, DONALD L. - JG 26 - Top Guns of the Luftwaffe (WWII, Air-German);

CALIN, HAROLD - The Desert War (Israel); - Genesis in the Desert; - Hurricanes of the 40 Days( WWII , Air, Battle of Britain); - Panzer! (WWII , Battle of the Bulge); - Search and Kill (Nam); - Signal Red (WWII); - White Forest Battle;

CALLAGHAN, MORLEY – Close to the sun Again (WWII);

CALLISON, BRIAN - The Bone Collectors (WWII / Submarine); -*** The Dawn Attack (WWII); *** A Flock of Ships (WWII / Navy); - A Frenzy of Merchantmen(Naval); - The Judas Ship (WWII / Naval); - A Plague of Sailors (Naval); **** Trapp and World War Three (Naval); **** Trapp's Peace (Naval); - Trapp's War (WWII / Naval); - A Web of Salvage (Naval);

CALMER, NED - The Strange Land (WWII);

CALNAN, T.D. - Free as a Running Fox (WWII; P.O.W.);

CALVERT, COOMMANDER JAMES - Surface at the Pole (Submarine-U.S.S. Skate);

CALVERT, MICHAEL - Prisoner of Hope (WWII / Burma / South Pacific Theatre);


CAMERER, DAVID M. - The Damned Wear Wings (WWII / Air/ Bombers);

CAMERON, BRUCE - The Case Against Colonel Sutton;

CAMERON, IAN - Five Days to Hell (WWII / Navy / Malta / South Pacific Theatre);- Red Duster, White Ensign (WWII / Navy / Malta / South Pacific Theatre);

CAMERON, LOU - The Bastard's Name is War (WWII); - The Dragon's Spine (Nam); - Drop into Hell (WWII); - The First Blood (WWII); - The Green Fields of Hell ( WWII ); - None But the Brave;

CAMP, COLONEL R.D. - Lima-6; a Marine Company in Vietnam (Vietnam);

CAMPBELL, ARTHUR – The Siege ( WWII story of Kohima);

CAMPBELL, GEORGE - Cry for Happy (Korea);


CAMPBELL, JAMES - Bomber Raid ( WWII / Air );

CAMPBELL, JOHN T. - Raid on Truman (Battle Carrier Truman);

CAMPESINO, EL - Life and Death in Soviet Russia;

CANAWAY, W.H. - The Mules of Borgo San Marco ( WWII );

CAPPELLI, MAJOR MARIO - Scramble! (Air);

CAPUTO, PHILIP - Delcorso's Gallery; - A Rumour of War (Nam);



CARE, WAYNE – Vietnam Spook Show (Vietnam/ US 7th Fleet);

CARELL, PAUL - The Foxes of the Desert - Rommel and the Afrika Korps (WWII ); - Invasion - They're Coming! ( WWII ); - Scorched Earth - Russian - German War 1943/44 ( WWII );

CAREW, TIM – The Fall of Hong Kong (WWII/ Pacific Theatre);

CARISELLA, P.J. / RYAN, JAMES, W. - Who Killed the Red Baron? (WWI / Air);


CARNEGIE, SACHA – The Banner of War (Navy-Eng / Seven Years' War), Noble Purpose (WWII);

CARNEY, DANIEL - The Wild Geese

CARPENTER, E.J. - To Serve and Cry (Nam);

CARRECK, MICHAEL – Blaze of Glory (WWII 1942 RAF);

CARSE, ROBERT- A Cold Corner of Hell;

CARTER, BRUCE - The Perilous Decent (WWII);

CARTER, HODDING – The Winds of Fear;


CASH, JOHN A. / ALBRIGHT, JOHN / SANDSTRUM, ALLAN W. - Seven Firefighters in Vietnam (Nam);

CAKIE, DONALD - The Tartan Pimpernel (WWII);

CASSIDAY, BRUCE - Angels Ten (WWII / Air), Code Name Jericho: Operation Overkill (WWII);

CASSILL, R.V. - Nurses' Quarters (WWII);

CASTLE, JOHN – Flight into Danger (with Arthur Hailey); *** The Password if Courage (WWII);

CASUTTO, ERNEST - The Last Jew of Rotterdam (WWII);

CATTON, BRUCE - The American Heritage - A Short History of the Civil War (American Civil War), The Coming Fury (American C.W.), Glory Road (American Civil War);John Ransom's Diary (American Civil War);Mr. Lincolyn's Army (American Civil War); *** Never Call Retreat (American Civil War);Reflections on the Civil War (American Civil War);A Stillness at Appomattox (American Civil War); **** Terrible Swift Sword (Middle Years of American Civil War); **** This Hallowed Ground (American Civil War);

CAWTHORNE, NIGEL – The Bamboo Cage ( American P.O.W.'s in Vietnam);

CEBULASH, MEL - Man in a Green Beret;

CERF, BENNETT - The Pocket Book of War Humour (Ed);

CHALFONT, ALUN – Montgomery of Alamein ( Biography);

CHALMERS, REAR-ADMIRAL W.S. - Max Horton and the Wester Approaches (Submarine);

Chamales, Tom T. - Never So Few (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre/ Burma);

CHAMBERLAIN, ANNE - The Soldier Room;


CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM - Hellbent for Glory (WWII/ Korea); *** The Zone of Sudden Death (Combat Stories of WWII & Korea);

CHAMBERS, AIDAN - Fighters in the Sky (WWII/ Air);

CHAMBERS, LARRY - Death in the Shau Valley - L Company LRRP's in Vietnam 1969-70 (Nam), Recondo - LRRP's in the 101st Airborne (Nam);

CHAMBLISS, WILLIAM C. - Boomerang (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre), The Silent Service (WWII/ Submarine./ South Pacific Theatre);


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CHAPMAN, GUY - A Passionate Prodigality (WWI);

CHARLES, ROBERT - Sea Vengeance (Nam);

CHARLTON/ GARRATT/ FLETCHER - The Air Defense of Britain (Air);

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CLAVELL, JAMES - King Rat (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre/ Prisoner of War);

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CLIVE, WILLIAM – Dando and the Mad Emperor (England/ Historical); ****Dando and the Summer Palace (Eng/ Historical), Dando on Delhi Ridge (Eng/ Historical);

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CORTESI, LAWRENCE - Battle of the Bismarck Sea (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre);; *** Escape from Mindanao (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); *** Forty Fathoms Down (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre./ Submarine.); **** Mission Incredible (WWII/ Air/ Pacific); **** Operation Boderplatte (WWII/ Air); Operation Cartwheel: Countdown to V-J Day (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); *** Pacific Breakthrough ( WWII Mariana Islands); *** Rogue Sergeant (WWII); ** Target: Daimler-Benz; ** Valor at Samar;

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COSGROVE, EDMUND – Canada's Fighting Pilots (WWI; WWII);

COSTELLO, MICHAEL – A Long Time From Home (Vietnam);

COTLER, GORDON - The Bottletop Affair (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); **** Westward the Sun (WWII);


COULTER, STEPHEN - Threshold (Submarine.);


COUSINS, E.G. - Untimely Frost (WWII);

COWLES, VIRGINIA – The Phantom Major; The Story of David Stirling and the S.A.S. Regiment (WWII); *** Stirling's Desert Raiders (WWII/ S.A.S.);

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CRAWFORD, C.S. - The Four Deuces; a Korean War Story;

CRAWFORD, DON – Pueblo Intrigue (North Korea);

CRADWFORD, JOHN – Objective Alamein;

CRAWFORD, IIAN - The Burning Sea (WWII/ Navy);

CRAWFORD, MATSU – For Every Red Sea (WWII Japan);

CRAWFORD, WILLIAM – Give Me Tomorrow (Marines/ Korea); **** Gresham's War (Korea); Gunship Commander (Nam); *** The Marine (Vietnam/ Marine);

CRAWLEY, AIDAN – Escape from Germany ( WWII; RAF Escapes);


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CROSS, WILBUR – Naval Battles and Heroes;

CULBERTSON, JOHN J. - Operation Tuscaloosa - 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, at an HOA, 1967 (Nam);

CULLINAN, THOMAS – The Besieged (American Civil War);

CUNNINGHAM, ANDREW - Tumult in the Clouds (WWII/ Air);

CUNNINGHAM, W. SCOTT - Wake Island Command (WWII/ Pacific Theatre/ Wake Island);

CURRIE, JACK - Lancaster Target (WWII/ Air); *** Wings over Georgia ( WWII; Air);

CURTIN ARTHUR - ** Love Off-Limits;

CUTLER, LT. CDR. THOMAS – Brown Water, Black Berets (Vietnam);

--- D ---

DA CRUZ, DANIEL – Boot (Marine Boot Camp);

DANA, RICHARD HENRY – Two Years Before the Mast;

DANCOCKS, DANIEL G. - In Enemy Hands; Canadian Prisoners of War 1939-45 (WWII);

DANIELS, NORMAN - Moments of Glory (WWII);

DARBY, JOHN (McLEANE'S RANGERS)- #1 The Bougainville Breakout (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre); *** (McLEANE'S RANGERS)- #3 Hell on Hill 457; *** (McLEANE'S RANGERS)- #4 Saipan Slaughter;

DAVES, DELMAR - Stage Door Canteen (WWII);

DAVEY CYRIL - ** On the Clouds to China;

DAVIDSON, BILL - Cut Off (WWII/ Battle of the Bulge);

DAVIDSON, DAVID - The Steeper Cliff;

DAVIDSON, LOUIS B. - Captain Marooner (with Eddie Doherty)

DAVIES, JOSEPH E. - Mission to Moscow (Ed.; WWII);

DAVIES, M.H. - Eagles (Air/ F-15);

DAVIES, W.X. (COUNTDOWN WWIII) - #1 Operation North Africa; #2 Operation Black Sea; #3 Operation Choke Point; #4 Operation Persian Gulf;

DAVIS, BOB - The Dingle War (WWII; Navy);

DAVIS, BURKE - Get Yamamoto (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air); Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller; The Ragger Ones (American Revolution); To Appomattox-Nine April Days, 1865 (American Civil War); Yorktown (American Revolution);

DAVIS, DORIS - The Women of Champion City (WWII);

DAVIS, FRANKLIN M. - Bamboo Camp #10 (WWII/ South Pacific Theatre/ Prisoner of War); Break Through (WWII; Battle of the Bulge); The Naked and the Lost;

DAVIS, GORDON (THE SERGEANT) - #4 The Liberation of Paris (WWII); ** #8 Bloody Bastogne (WWII);

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DAVIS, MAGGIE - The Far Side of Home (American Civil War);

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DAVIS, RUSSELL - Marine at War (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

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DAYAN, YAEL - Death Had Two Sons (WWII); ** Dust; **Envy the Frightened (Israel);

DEACON, RICHARD – A History of the Japanese Secret Service *** A History of the Russian Secret Service; *** The Israel Secret Service; *** The Silent War;

DECKER, JOSEPH - (Tac One) Assignment Devil's Playground (WWII); (Tac One) #1 Assignment North Africa (WWII);

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DE GAMEZ, TANA - Like a River of Lions (WWII);

DE GRAMONT, SANCHE – The Secret War ( Espionage);


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DEIGHTON, LEN - Blitzkrieg (WWII); Bomber (WWII; Air); Declarations of War (WWII); Funeral in Berlin; Goodbye Mickey Mouse (WWII); SS-GB )WWII); XPD (WWII);


DELANEY, LAURENCE – The Triton Ultimatum;

DELARUE, JACQUES - The Gestapo - A History of Horror (WWII);

DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Seven Men of Gascony (History);

DEL VECCHIO, JOHN M. - The 13th Valley (Nam);

DENNIS, CHARLES - The Next to Last Train; The Periwinkle Assault (WWII);

DENNY, ROBERT – Ace (WWII/ Air/ B-17's);

DENTON, KIT - The Breaker - Life of Breaker Morant;

DE PEREDA, PRUDENCIO – All the Girls We Loved (WWII);

DERRIG, PETER - Battlefield (Nam); The Glory of the Green Berets (Nam); The Pride of the Green Berets (Nam);

DE SAINT EXUPERY, ANTOINE – Wind, Sand and Stars;

DES PRES, TERRENCE - The Survivor (WWII; Holocaust);

DEUTSCH, LASZLO/ BRODIE, HARRY - A Place to Live and a Place to Die (Israel);

DEVEREUX, JAMES P.S. - Wake Island (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Wake Island);

DEVINS JR., JOSEPH H. - The Vaagso Raid (WWII);

DEVIGNY, ANDRE - Escape From Montluc (WWII; Prisoner of War); A Man Escaped (WWII; Prisoner of War);

DEWEERD, CAPTAIN H.A. - Great Soldiers of the First World War (WWI);

DIBNER, MARTIN - The Admiral (WWII; Navy); The Deep Six (WWII; Navy); The Trouble with Heroes (Nam);

DICKENS, PETER – Night Action: MTB Flotilla at War ( WWII; North Atlantic Torpedo Boat); *** SAS-Secret War in South-East Asia (Nam);

DICKEY, FRED – Blood of the Eagle (WWIII);

DISSETTE, EDWARD – Guerrilla Submarines (with Hans Christian Adamson);

DIVINE, DAVID – The Nine Days of Dunkirk (WWII);

DIXON, H. VERNOR - Guerrilla;

DISSETTE, EDWARD/ ADAMSON, H.C. - Guerrilla Submarines (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine);

DOBBIN, JOHN – Flesh and the Sea (WWII; Naval);

DOBSON/ MILLER/ PAYNE - The Cruelest Night - Sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff (WWII); The Falklands Conflicts (Falklands);


DOCKERY, KEVIN – Seals in Action (U.S. Navy Seals True Stories);

DODGE, ED – Dau (Vietnam);

DODSON, KENNETH - Away All Boats (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

DOENITZ, ADMIRAL KARL - Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days;

DOMINY, JOHN - The Sergeant Escapers (WWII; Prisoner of War);

DONALD, COMMANDER WILLIAM - Stand by for Action (WWII; Navy);

DONALD, DAVID (Ed.) - Why the North Won the Civil War (American Civil War);

DONOVAN, DAVID - Once a Warrior King (Nam);

DONOVAN, JOHN - Eichmann - Man of Slaughter (WWII; Holocaust); *** Eichmann – Mastermind of the Holocaust ( WWII);

DONOVAN, ROBERT J. - Israel's Fight for Survival - *** PT109 (WWII; Pacific); *** Six Days in June (Israel);

DORN, FRANK - Walkout - With Stilwell in Burma (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);

DOS PASSOS, JOHN - The Great Days (WWII);

DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, JAMES – Motive for a Mission (WWII/ Rudolf Hess's Flight to Britain);

DOUGLAS, HENRY KYD - I Rode With Stonewall (American Civil War);

DOUGLAS, KEITH - Alamein to Zem (WWII);


DOUGLASS, KEITH – Carrier: Brink of War; *** Seal Team Seven; Under Seige;

DOWNES, DONALD - The Easter Dinner (WWII); The Scarlet Thread (WWII; Salerno);

DOWNEY, FAIRFAX - Indian Wars of the U.S. Army - 1776/1865;

DOWNING, DAVID - The Moscow Option (WWII);

DOWNS, FREDERICK - Aftermath (Nam); The Killing Zone (Nam);

DRATLER, JAY J. - All for a Woman (WWII);

DROUGHT, JAMES – Mover (U.S. Army in Peacetime);

DRUCK, MARK - The Final Mission (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

DRUMMOND, JOHN D. - The Heavy Water Raid (WWII); *** H.M.U-Boat (WWII/ Submarine U-570);

DUBUS, ANDRE - The Lieutenant;

DUFF, S. GRANT - Europe and the Czechs;

DUGAN, JAMES/ STEWART, CARROLL – The Great Mutiny; *** Ploesti (WWII; Air);

DUKE, MADELAINE - The Bormann Receipt; Slipstream (WWII); Top Secret Mission (WWII);

DULLES, ALLEN - The Secret Surrender;

DUMAIS, LUCIEN - The Man Who Went Back (WWII);

DULLES, ALLEN - The Secret Surrender;

DUMAIS, LUCIEN - The Man Who Went Back (WWII);

DUNANT, HENRY – A Memory of Soilferino (1859/ Start of Red Cross);

DUNCAN, BOB - If it Moves, Salute It;

DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - This is War! (Korea);

DUNCAN, DONALD - The New Legions (Nam);

DUNCAN, MICHAEL - Underground from Posen (WWII; Prisoner of War);

DUNCAN, ROBERT L. - The Day The Sun Fell (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

DUNKELMAN, BEN - Dual Allegiance (Israel);

DUNMORE, SPENCER – Ace (WWII; Air); Bomb Run (WWII; Air); Final Approach (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air); *** The Last Hill ( WWII; Pacific Malaya); *** Means of Escape (WWII; Air); **** Squadron (WWII/ Halifax Bomber Runs);

DUPUY/ JOHNSON/ BONGARD/ DUPUY - How to Defeat Saddam Hussein;

DURDEN, CHARLES - No Bugles, No Drums;


DURRELL, LAWRENCE - White Eagles Over Serbia;

DWIGGINS, DON - The S.O.Bees (WWII; Navy-Pilots);

DYE, DALE A. - Outrage (Beirut); *** Platoon (Nam); Run Between the Raindrops (Nam);

--- E ---

EARLY, CHARLES - ** The Tigers are Hungry;

EASTLAKE, WILLIAM - The Bamboo Bed (Nam); Castle Keep (WWII);

EDEN, MATTHEW – Document of the Last Nazi (WWII); **** Flight of Hawks (Air);

EDMONDS, WALTER D. - Drums Along the Mohawk (American Revolution);

EDWARDS, SAMUEL – Neptune (Sunken Russian Submarine);

EGLETON, CLIVE – The Bormann Brief (WWII); *** A Piece of Resistance;

EHILE, JOHN - The Survivor (WWII);

EHRLICH, BLAKE - Resistance: France 1940-45 (WWII);

EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D. - Crusade in Europe (WWII);

EISENBER, DENNIS/ DAN, URI/ LANDAU, ELI - The Mossad - Israel's Secret Intelligence Service;

EISNER, JACK - The Survivor (WWII; Holocaust);

ELIKINS, MICHAEL - Forged in Fury (Israel);

ELLIOT, JOHN - Dragon Feast (WW3);


ELSTOB, PETER - Hitler's Last Offensive (WWII); **** Warriors for the Working day (WWII/ Tank Battles);

EMPEY, ARTHUR GUY – Over te Top ( WWI; France);

ENNES, JR., JAMES M. - Assault on the Liberty (Israeli Air Force);

ERDSTEIN, ERICH - Inside the Fourth Reich - Nazis in Brazil;

ERICSON, DON / ROTUNDO, JOHN L. - Charlie Rangers (Nam);

ETHELL, JEFFREY/ PRICE, ALFRED - Air War South Atlantic (Falklands);

EUNSON, ROBERT - Mig Alley (Air; Korea);

EVANS, ALAN - Audacity (WWII; Naval); **** Dauntless (WWII; Naval); *** Deed of Glory (WWII, British Raid on the Docks of Saint Nazaire); *** Eagle at Taranto (WWII/ Air); *** Ship of Force (WWI, Naval);

EVANS, LT. GEN. SIR GEOFFREY - The Desert and the Jungle (WWII);

EVANS, WILLIAM PARKER - The double Cross Squardron (WWII; Air);

EVEREST, LT. COL. FRANK K. - The Fastest Man Alive (Air);

(EYEWITNESS HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II) - Vol.1 Blitzkrieg, Vol.2 Siege; Vol.3 Counterattack; Vol. 4 Victory; Boxed Set - Vol.1 to Vol.4;

EVERETT, ARTHUR/ JOHNSON, KATHRYN/ ROSENTHAL, HARRY F. - Calley (Court- Martial of Lt. William L. Calley Jr.);

EYSTER, WARREN - Far from Customary Skies (WWII; navy);

--- F ---

FACOS, JAMES – The Silver Lady (WWII; Air);

FADIMAN, EDWIN - Who Will Watch the Watchers;

FAHEY, JAMES J. - Pacific War Diary 1942-45 (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

FAIRBAIRN, GEOFFREY - Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare;

FALK, STANLEY L. - Bataan the March of Death (WWII/ P.O.W.);

FALSTEIN, LOUIS - Face of a Hero (WWII; Air);

FARAGO, LADISLAW - Aftermath - *** Search for Martin Bormann; *** The Broken Seal (WWII; Pearl Harbor); *** Burn After Reading (WWII); *** The Game of the Foxes (WWII); *** The Last Days of Patton; *** Patton: Ordeal and Triumph;*** Spymaster ( United States Espionage); *** The Tenth Fleet (WWII; Submarine);


FARRELL, J.G. - The Seige of Krishnapur (1857 India Yprising);

FARRAN, ROY - The Day After Tomorrow (WWII); Winged Dagger (WWII);


FARRELL, J.G. - The Siege of Krishnapur (19th century India);

FAST, HOWARD - April Morning (American Revolution/ Battle of Lexington); The Hessian (American Revolution); The Winston Affair;

FAWCETT, BILL (ed) – Hunters and Shooters (an Oral History of the U.S. Navy Seals in Vietnam); *** Mercs: True Stories of Mercenaries in Action;

FEATHERSTONE, DONALD – Bowmen of England (Military history); *** MacDonald of the 42nd (Historical/ Highlander);

FEDIN, KONSTANTIN – Cities and Years (WWI/ Moscow/ Berlin);

FEDOROVA, NINA - The Family (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

FEHRENBACH, T.R. - This Kind of War (Korea, a study in unpreparedness); *** U.S. Marines in Action (Significant Battles);

FELDT, COMMANDER ERIC A. - The Coast Watchers (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

FEMINA, JERRY DELLA – From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor;

FENELON, FANIA - Playing for Time (WWII; Holocaust);

FENN, CHARLES - Crimson Joy;

FENNELL, GEORGE - Blood Patrol;

FENTON, CHARLES - Conduct Unbecoming (Army);

FERGUSON, TED – Desperate Seige; the Battle of Hong Kong (WWII);

FERGUSSON, BERNARD - Beyond the Chindwin (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);


FIELDING, GABRIEL - The Birthday King (WWII);

FIGEN, MILTON - The Pocket Aviation Quiz Book (Air);

FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Famous last Words (WWII); The Wars (WWI);

FINNEY, JACK – Assault on a Queen (WWII/ Naval);

FISCHER, LOUIS – Fifty Years of Soviet Communism; *** Stalin and Hitler;

FISHER, CLAY - The Brass Command (U.S.-Indian Wars);

FISHMAN, JACK – And the Walls Came Tumbling Down (WWII/ D-Day);

FITZGIBBON, CONSTANTINE – Adultery Under Arms (WWII/ Humour); **** The Blits (WWII); Officiers' Plot to Kill Hitler (WWII); *** 20 July;

FITZGIBBON, LOUIS - Katyn Massacre (WWII);

FLAGG, JONAS - ** Seven Days to Disaster;


FLEMING, PETER - Operation Sea Lion (WWII);

FLEMING, THOMAS – The Spoils of War;

FLENDER, HAROLD - “Rescue in Denmark (WWII);

FOLEY, CHARLES – ** Commando Extraordinary;

FORREST, WILLIAMS - ** Stigma for Valor;

FLOWER, DESMOND/ REEVES, JAMES (EDS) – The Taste of Courage: The War 1939-1945; Volume III The Tide Turns;

FLOYD, C.J. - Dirty Jack (WWII); *** (Assault #3) The Sands Run Red (WWII);

FLYNN, J.M. (ASSAULT) - #1 The Raid on Reichswald Fortress (WWII); #2 The Taking of Kommand Group 8 (WWII);

FOGG, CHARLES - The Panic Button (Korea);

FOLEY, CHARLES - Commando Extraordinary (WWII); Legacy of Strife - Cyprus from Rebellion to Civil War;

FOLEY, DENNIS – Special Men, a LRP's Recollections (Vietnam/ Autobiography);

FOLEY , JOHN - Very Important Person (WWII; Prisoner of War);

FOLLETT, JAMES - Churchill's Gold (WWII; Navy); *** The Wotan Warhead (WWII/ Naval V-boat);

FONCK, CAPTAIN RENE – Ace of Aces ( WWI; Allied Fighter Pilot Memoirs);

FOOTE, SHELBY - The Night Before Chancellorsville (Ed.; American Civil War); Shiloh (American Civil War);

FORBES, COLIN - The Greek Key; The Heights of Zervos (WWII); The Leader and the Damned (WWII); The Palermo Ambush (WWII); Tramp in Armour (WWII); *** Year of the Golden Ape (Naval);

FORBES, GORDON - Goodbye to Some (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

FORD, DANIEL - Go Tell the Spartians (Nam); Incident at Muc Wa (Nam);

FORD, GARY DOUGLAS – 4/4: a LRP's Narative ( Vietnam);

FORD MADOX FORD – The Good Soldier;

FORD, NORMAN R. - The Black, The Gray and the Gold;

FORESTER, C.S. - The African Queen (WWI); **** The Barbary Pirates (History-Naval); **** The Captain From Connecticut (American Civil War; History-Naval); **** The Commodore (History-naval); **** Commodere Hornblower (History-Naval); **** The Daughter of the French (Napoleons War); **** Death to the French (Napoleons War); **** The General (WWI); Gold From Crete (WWII); **** The Good Shepherd (WWIi; Submarine); **** The Gun (History); **** The Happy Return (History-Naval);**** Hornblower and the Atropus (History-Naval);**** Hornblower and the Crisis (History-naval);**** Hornblower and the Hotspur (History-Naval); **** Hornblower in the West Indies (History/ Naval); **** Lord Hornblower (History-Naval); **** The Nightmare (WWII); Payment Deferred; **** Plain Murder; **** Randall and the River of Time (WWII); **** The Ship (WWII; Navy);**** Sink the Bismark (WWI; Navy); *** The Sky and the Forest;

FORMAN, JAMES – Ceremony of Innocence (WWII);

FORREST, WILLIAMS - The Great Debauch (WWII); Stigma for Valor (Korea; Prisoner of War);

FORRESTER, LARRY - Fly For Your Life (WWII; Air);

FOSBURGH, HUGH - View from the Air (WWII; Air);

FOWLER, ROBERT H. - Jim Mundy (American Civil War);

FOXWELL, MICHAEL – The Ghosts of War (WWII);

FRANK, PAT - Forbidden Area; Hold Back the Night (Korea);

FRANK, WOLFGANG - The Sea Wolves - German U-Boats at War (WWII; Submarine);

FRANK, WOLFGANG/ ROGGE, CAPT. BERNHARD - The German Raider Atlantis (WWII; Navy); Under Ten Flags (WWII; Navy);

FRANKEL, NAT/ SMITH, LARRY - Pattons Best - 4th Armoured Division (WWII);

FRANKLIN, FRIEDA K. - Combat Nurse (WWII/ Early M.A.S.H. Unit);

FRANKLIN, MAX - Baby Blue Marine (WWII);

FRASER, GEORGE MacDONALD - The General Danced at Dawn (British Army/ Humour);

FRASER, SYLVIA – Berlin Solstice (WWII);

FRAZEE, STEVE - Sharp the Bugle Calls (American Civil Wars);

FREDERICKS, PIERCE G. - The Civil War as They Knew It (Ed.; American Civil War);

FREEMAN, GILLIAN - Diary of a Nazi Lady (WWII); The Liberty Man (Navy);

FREEMAN, ROGER A. - Zemke's Wolf Pack (WWII/ Air);

FREEMAN, WALTER - The Last Blitzrieg (WWII);

FREEMANTLE, BRIAN – KGB: The Stunning Inside Story;

FREIDEL, FRANK – The Splendid Little War (Spanish American);


FRENCH, GORDON - The Battered Bastards (WWII);

FRENCH, ROBERT – The Road to Glory (WWII);

FREY, JAMES N. - Circle of Death (WWII);

FRIEDMAN, TUVIAH - The Hunter - Find Eichmann (WWII; Holocaust);

FRIEND, ED - Alvarez Kelly;

FRIEND, JOHN - The Long Trek (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);

FRISCHAUER/ JACKSON - The Navy's Here (WWII; Navy);

FRISCHAUER, WILLI – The Rise and Fall of Herman Goring (WWII Biography);

FRIZELL, BERNARD – The Grand Defiance (WWII/ P.O.W.); **** Ten Days in August (WWII); Timetable for the General (WWII);

FROST, G.H. - Recon (Marines);

FRY, VARIAN - Assignment: Rescue (WWI; Holocaust);

FUCHIDA, MITSUO/ OKUMIYA, MASATAKE - Midway (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Midway);

FUKAMI, TEIJI/ CROSS, WILBUR – The Lost Men of Anatakan (WWII);

FULLER, JACK - Fragments (Nam);

FULLER, JEAN OVERTON - Born for Sacrifice (WWII); Double Agent? (WWII);

FULLER, ROBERT G. - Danger! Marines at Work!;

FULLER, SAMUEL - The Big Red One (WWII);

FULLERTON, ALEXANDER - The Blooding of the Guns (WWI); **** The Gatecrashers (WWII/ Sub); **** A Share of Honour (WWII; Submarine); 609 Minutes for St. Geore (WWI; Navy); Special Deliverance (Flaklands); Surface (WWII; Submarine; South Pacific Theatre); The Waiting Game (WWII; Submarine);

--- G ---

GABORI, GEORGE - When Evils Were Most Free (WWII; Holocaust);

GAGE, WILLIAM - The Cruel Coast (WWII; Submarine);

GAILEY, HARRY A. - “Howlin Man” vs The Army-Conflict in Command: Saipan 1944;

GAINHAM, SARAH - Night Falls on the City (WWII);

GAISER, GERD - The Last Squadron (WWII; Air-Germany);

GALANTE, PIERRE – Operation Valkyrie; The German General's Plot Against Hitler (WWII);

GALANTIN, ADM. I.J. - Take Her Deep! (WWII/ Submarine);

GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH – How to Control the Military;

GALE, BOB - 1941(WWII);

GALLAGHER, J.P. - The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican (WWII);

GALLAGHER, RICHARD - Malmedy Massacre (WWII);


GALLAND, ADOLF - The First and the Last - Rise an dFall of the Luftwaffe (WWII; Air-Germany);

GALLANT, T. GRADY - The Friendly Dead (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; IWO JIMA);

GALLERY, DANIEL V. - Eight Bells (WWII; Navy); Now Hear This! (WWII; Navy); The Pueblo Incident (Nam; Navy); Stand By-Y-Y to Start Yours Engines (WWII; Navy); U-505 (WWII; Submarine);

GALLICO, PAUL - The Hurricane Story (WWII; Air); The Lonely (WWII); Trial by Terror (WWII);

GALLO, MAX – The Night of Long Knives (Nazi Purge 1934);

GAMES, SONIA – Escape Into Darkness (WWII);


GANN, ERNEST K. - Benjamin Lawless; Blaze of Noon; Fate is the Hunter; In the Company of Engles (Air); Island in the Sky (WWII; Air);

GANNETT, LEWIS - I Saw it Happen (Ed.; WWII);

GANT, ROLAND - Five of a Kind (WWII);

GARDNER, BRIAN – The Big Push; *** Mafeking: A Victorian Legend (Boer War);

GARDNER, JOHN – The Dancing Dodo (WWII);

GARFIELD, BRIAN - Bugle and Spur (U.S. Calvery); The Last Bridge (Nam); the Paladin (WWII); The Thousand Mile War (WWII);

GARLAND, LTC. ALBERT N. - Infantry in Vietnam (Nam);

GARLINSKI, JOZEF – Hitler's Last Weapons (Underground War Against the V1 & V2 Rockets);

GARNET, JAY – Soldier Q: SAS-Kidnap the Emperor!;

GARNETT, CLIFF – (Talon Force) #1 Meltdown;

GARNER, HUGH - Storm Below (WWII/ Navy);

GARRATT, G.T. - Mussolini's Roman Empire (Penguin Special. No. S2; Mass Market Paperback; Harmondsworth, Middlesex; 8/1938; 4th large edition, with new revisions & new material; With a new chapter, written specially for this edition; with 5 maps;Very Good $5.00)

GARRETT, JAMES - ... And Save Them for Pallbearers (WWII);

GARTH, DAVID - The Watch on the Bridge (WWII);

GASAWAY, E.B. - Grey Wolf, Grey Sea (WWII; Submarine);

GAVIN, CATHERINE – The Devil in Harbour (WWI/ Naval);

GAVIN, JAMES M. - On to Berlin (WWII);

GAZZANIGA, DONALD A. - A Few Good Men (Vietnam);

GEER, ANDREW - Canton Barrier; The Sea Chase (WWII; Navy);

GEHLEN, GEN. REINHARD - The Service: Memoirs of General Gehlen (WWII);

GELB, ALAN - Mussolini: The Untold Story (WWII);

GEOFFREY, ERIC - To Beat of Drum;

GEORGE, PETER - Commander - 1; Dr. Strangelove;

GERAGHTY, TONY – Inside the S.A.S.; *** Who Dares Wins – Story of the SAS 1950 to 1980;

GERBER, ALBERT B. - Life of Adolf Hitler;

GERLACH, HEINRICH - The Forsaken Army (WWII; Stalingrad);

GERON, FRANK - Beyond Valor (WWII);

GERSTELL, RICHARD - How to Survive an Atomic Bomb [Mass Market Paperback; A relic from the Cold War era, this "complete easy-to-read guide for every home, office, and factory" is a how-to guide to staying alive if the big one drops] (Bantam Books #845; 1st paperback Printing; September 1950; NY, USA; VG = $18;G = $12);

GETTLEMAN, MARVIN E. - Vietnam (Ed.; Nam);

GIBBON, FLOYD - The Red Knight of Germany (WWI; Air);

GIBSON, GUY - Enemy Coast Ahead (WWII; Air);


GIGON, FERNAND - "The Bomb - Hiroshima (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

GILBERT, G.M. - Nuremberg Diary (WWII);

GILBERT, JOHN - Tigress (Historical-Naval);

GILBERT, MICHAEL - Death i Captivity (WWII; Prisoner of War);

GILL, JOHN - The Last Heroes ;

GILMAN, J.D. / CLIVE, JOHN - KG 200 (WWII; Air);

GILMAN, JAMES - Operation Nazi - U.S.A. (WWII);

GIOVANNITTI, LEN – The Man Who Won the Medal of Honour (Vietnam); *** The Prisoners of Combine D. (WWII; Prisoner of War);

GISKES, H.J. - London Calling North Pole (WWII/ German Spy);

GLEESON, JAMES – They Feared No Evil (WWII British Female Secret Agents);


GOEBBEL, JOSEPH – Final Entries 1945; The Diaries of Joseph Goebbel (WWII);

GOEBBELS, DR. PAUL JOSEPH - The Goeggels Diaries (WWII);

GOETHALS, THOMAS - Panzer Ghost Division (WWII; Battle of the Bulge);

GOFF, STANLEY/ SANDERS, ROBERT – Brothers: Black Soldiers in the Nam ( Vietnam);


GOLDMAN, PETER/ FULLER, TONY - Charlie Company: What Vietnam Did To Us (Nam);

GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Soldier in the Rain; Story of a Bridge to Far (WWII);

GOLDSMITH, JOHN – Accidental Agent; *** Assignment: Gestapo Kill (WWII);

GOLDSTON, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Nazi Germany (WWII); *** The Soviets;

GOODMAN, CHARLES - Hell's Brigade (Nam);


GOODRICH, MARCUS - Delilah (Navy);

GORDON, ERNEST – Miracle on the River Kwai (WWII/ SPT/ P.O.W.); **** Through the Valley of Kwai (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

GORDON, JAMES - Collision; The Lust of Private Coope;

GORDON, KNOX (HATCHET) - #1 Hatchet (Nam); #2 Spectre (Nam); #3 The Frenchman (Nam);

GORDON, RICHARD - Surgeon at Arms (WWII);

GORN, LESTER – The Greater Glory (Israel's War For Independence);


GRAHAM, JAMES - A Games for Heroes (WWII);

GRAHAM, WINSTON - Night Journey (WWII);

GRANT, DAVID - Emerald Decision (WWII; Submarine);

GRANT, EDWARD - The Ultimate Weapon (Submarine);

GRANT, W.T. - Wings of the Eagle - Kingsmen's Story (Nam);

GRANT, ZALIN – Over the Beach: the Air War in Vietnam: *** Survivors; American POWS in Vietnam (Vietnam);

GRAVES, ROBERT - Proceed Sgt. Lamb (American Revolution); Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth (American Revolution);

GRAY, ANTHONY – The Penetrates (Airforce);

GRAY, EDWYN - Action Atlantic (WWII; Submarine); *** Devil Flotilla (WWII; Submarine); Diving Stations (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); **** Fighting Submarine (WWII; Submarine); ***** The Killing Time; The German U-Boats 1914-1918; **** The Last Command (WWII; Submarine); *** Tokyo Torpedo (WWII; Submarine/ South Pacific Theatres);


GREEN GERALD - Holocaust (WWII; Holocaust);

GREENE, BETTE - Summer of my German Soldier (WWII);

GREENFIELD, IRVING A. - Baracuda (Submarine); Depth Force #3 Bloody Seas (Submarine); *** Depth Force #4 Battle Stations *** Fort Bliss ( Base Life); *** Submarine #5 Torpedo Tomb (Submarine);


GREGSON, MAUREEN - Hanover Street (WWII);

GRETTON, PETER – Crisis Convoy;

GRIDER, GEORGE/ SIMS, LYDEL - War Fish (WWII; Submarine);

GRIFFIN, GWYN - The Occupying Power (WWII); An Operational Necessity (WWII; Navy);

GRIFFIN, W.E.B. (BROTHERHOOD OF WAR) - Book I - The Lieutenants (WWII);**** Book II - The Captains (Korea); *** Book IV - The Colonels; **** Book VI - The Generals (Nam); *** Book VIII - The Aviators (Nam); ***(THE CORPS) - Book I - Semper F1(WWII); *** Book II - Call to Arms (WWII); *** Book VI - Close Combat (WWII); *** Book VII – Behind the Lines;

GRIFFITH, MAXWELL - Port of Call (Navy);

GRIFFITH, SAMUEL B. - The Battle for Guadalcanal (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);


GROOM, WINSTON - Better Times Than These (Nam);

GRONINGER, WILLIAM - The Run from the Mountain (WWII);

GROSS, LEONARD – The Last Jews in Berlin (WWII);

GROUDINKA, JOHN B. - Blood on the Bayonet;

GROVE, WALT - Down; The Wings of Eagles (WWII);

GRUBER, RUTH – Haven: the Unknown Story of 1000 World War II Refugees (WWII);

GRUNBERGER, RICHARD - ** Hitler's S S; *** The 12-Year Reich;

GUARINO, COL. LARRY - A.P.O.W.'s Story: 2801 Days in Hanoi (Nam; Prisoner of War);

GUDERIAN, HEINZ - Panzer Leader (WWII);

GUEVARA, CHE – Guerrilla Warfare;

GUIDRY, RICHARD A. - The War in I Corps (Nam);

GUILD, NICHOLAS - Chain Reaction (WWII);


GUR, LT. GEN. MORDECHAI – The Battle for Jerusalem;

GURNEY, GENE - Five Down and Glory (Air);

GUTHRIE, DAVID - Spitfire Squadron (Ed.; WWII; Air);

GWALTNEY, FRANCIS IRBY - Between Heaven and Hell (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

--- H ---

HAAS, BEN – The Foragers (American Civil War); *** The House of Christina (WWII);

HABE, HANS – Aftermath (Post-Nazi Germany); *** Footloose Fraulein (WWII); *** The Mission (WWII; Holocaust); Off Limits (WWII); Walk in Darkness (WWII); **** A Thousand Shall Fall (WWII/ P.O.W.);

HACHIYA, DR. MICHIHIKO - Hiroshima Diary (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

HACKETT, GENERAL SIR JOHN - I Was a Strange (WWII); The Third World War - August 1985; The Untold Story - The Third World War;

HADLEY, J.B. - The Point Team (Nam);


HAGEN, LOUIS - The Mark of the Swastika (WWII);

HAGAN, L.T. - (Airborne) #1 Call to Glory (War in the Middle East);

HAINES, WILLIAM WINSTER - Command Decision (WWII; Air);

HAHN, EMILY – In do; Daughter of Mata Hari (WWII);

HALBERSTADT, HANS – Airborne; Assault from the Sky; **** Green Berets;

HALBERSTAM, DAVID - The Best and Brightest (Nam);

HALDEMAN, JOE - War Year (Nam);

HALL, NORMAN S. - The Balloon Buster (WWI; Air);

HALLIDAY, E.M. - The Ignorant Armies (WWI);


HAMILTON, LESLIE - Rendezvous in Vienna (WWII);

HAMILTON, TAMSIN - Paris in the Fall (WWII);

HAMLEY, DENNIS – The Fourth Plane at the Flypast (WWII);

HAMMEL, ERIC – The Assault on KHE Sanh: an Oral History ( Vietnam);

HAMMEL, ERIC/ LANE, JOHN E. - 76 Hours: the Invasion of Tarawa; ( WWII Unnecessary Pacific Battle);

HANLEY, GERALD – Monsoon Victory (WWII; Burma);


HANSSON, PER - ** One in Ten Had to Die;


HARBINSON, W.A. - None but the Damned (WWII);

HARDESTY, JOHN – The Killing Ground (U.N. Force in Northern Island);

HARDING, DUNCAN – Operation Chariot (WWII/ Naval); **** Torpedo Boat (Navy); Tug of War (WWII; Naval);

HARDMAN, RIC - The Chaplain's Raid; **** Fifteen Flags (Russian Revolution);

HARDY, ADAM (pseudonym of KENNETH BULMER; AKA; Alan Burt Akers, Frank Brandon, Rupert Clinton, Ernest Corley, Peter Green, Philip Kent, Bruno Krauss, Karl Maras, Manning Norvil, Chesman Scot, Nelson Sherwood, Richard Silver, H.Philip Stratford, Tully Zetford);
( the George Abercrombie FOX of the Royal Navy Series) -
#4 Treasure MAP [This SCARCER USA edition by Pinnacle Books, adds "MAP" to the Title; (UK edition is only titled "Treasure"); VG = $10]
#5 SAILOR'S BLOOD. { Original UK Title = Power Monkey } Different title & cover than UK edition! This edition's cover depicts a flaming ship in background & large picture of Fox, sword raised above title of book (G. Gross cover art); FN = $12]
#8 Battle Smoke (Historical Naval fiction; VG=$5);
#9 Cut and Thrust (Historical Naval fiction; FN=$7; VG/FN=$6; VG=$5);

>>> Strike Force Falklands #1 - Operation Exocet (VG/FN $7);

HARDY, LINDSAY - Show No Mercy;

HARDY, RENE - Bitter Victory (WWII);

HARDY, WILLIAM M. - A Time of Killing (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); U.S.S. Mudskipper (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); Wolfpack (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine);

HAREL, ISSER - The House on Garibaldi Street - Hunt for Eichmann;

HARGEST, JAMES - Farewell Camps 12 (WWII; Prisoner of War);

HARGROVE, MARION - The Girl he Left Behind (WWII); See, Here, Private Hargrove (WWII);

HARMAN, NICHOLAS – Dunkirk The Necessary Myth;

HARRINGTON, JOSEPH D.- Suicide Submarine;

HARRIS, A.M. - The Tallman (Korea);

HARRIS, J.D. - War Reporter (Nam; Middle East);

HARRIS, JOHN - Army of Shadows (WWII); *** Back to Battle (Writing as Max Hennessy; WWII; British navy); *** Cotton's War (WWII; Greece Naval); *** The Fox From His Lair (WWII); *** Harkaway's Sixth Column (Somaliland Campaigns); **** (as Max Hennessy) The Lion at Sea (British Navy); *** Live Free or Die! (WWII); *** The Mercenaries (WWI); *** The Mustering of the Hawks; *** North Strike (WWII; Naval); The Old Trade of Killing; Right of Reply; *** Ride Out the Storm (WWII/ Dunkirk); *** The Sea Shall Hot Have Them (WWII; Air-Naval); Take or Destroy! (WWII); The Undaunted (WWII; Naval); *** Up for Grabs (WWII; North Africa);

HARRIS, LARRY/ TAYLOR, BRAIN - Escape to Honour (WWII; Prisoner of War);

HARRIS, MACDONALD - Yukiko (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

HARRIS, MARK - Something About a Soldier;

HARRIS, RICHARD - America and East Asia: A New 30 Years War?;

HARRISON, CHARLES YALE - Generals Die in Bed (WWI);

HART, B.H. LIDDELL – Foch: Man of Orleans Volume II (Biography); **** The German Generals Talk (WWII); The Other Side of the Hill (WWII); Strategy (WWII); The War in Outline: 1914-1918 (WWI);

HART, SYDNEY - Discharged Dead (WWII; Submarine);

HARTMAN, MICHAEL – Leap for the Sun;

HARTNEY, HAROLD E. - Up and At 'em (WWI; Air);

THE HARVARD NUCLEAR STUDY GROUP - Living with Nuclear Weapons;


HARVEY, FRANK - Air Force! (Air); Air War - Vietnam (Nam; Air); Jet (Air);

HARVEY, J. DOUGLAS – Boys, Bombs and Brussels Sprouts (WWII/ Air/ Biography); **** Laughter-Silvered Wings (Air); The Tumbling Mirth (Air);

HASEK, JAROSLAV - The Good Soldier Schweik;

HASFORD, GUSTAV - The Short-Timers (Nam);

HASSEL, SVEN - Assignment Gestapo (WWII); Blitzfreeze Himmler (WWII); Commando Himmler (WWII); Comrades of War (WWII); Gestapo (WWII); The Legion of the Damned (WWII); Liquidate Paris (WWII); March Battalion (WWII); O.G.P.U. Prison (WWII); Wheels of Terror (WWII);

HASTINGS, MAX – Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy 1944 ( with photos);

HASTINGS, MAX / JENKINS, SIMON - The Battle for the Falklands (Falklands);

HATCH, ALDEN - George Patton (WWII);

HATHWAY, JAMES A.- Famous Planes and Pilots;

HAUKELID, CAPTAIN - Skis Against the Atom (WWII);

HAVAS, LASLO - Hitler's Plot to Kill the Big Three (WWII);

HAWKINS, JACK (Chopper ) #3 Jungle Sweep (Nam; Air); ****(Chopper ) #7 Kill Zone (Nam Air); *** (Chopper ) #8 Death Brigade (Nam; Air); *** (Chopper ) #11 Sky Strike (Nam; Air);

HAWKINS, PETER - The Spying Machine (WWII)

HAY, IAN - The First 100,000 (WWI);

HAYES, ALFRED - All Thy Conquests (WWII); *** The Girl on the Via Flaminia (WWII; Italy);

HAZELTON, ALEXANDER - ** Escape into Danger;

HEAPS, LEO - The Grey Goose of Arnhem (WWII); Hugh Hambleton, Spy;

HEATH, LAYNE – CW2 (Vietnam);

HEATTER, BASIL - The Better Part, of Valor (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); The Dim View (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); The Einsten Plot (WWII);

HECHLER, KEN - The Bridge at Remagen (WWII);

HEGGEN, THOMAS - Mister Roberts (WWII; Navy);

HEIDEN, KONRAD - One Man Against Europe;

HEIKEL, MOHAMED - The Road to Ramadan;

HEILMANN, WILLIE - I Fought to From the Skies (WWII; Air-Germany);

HEIMLER, EUGENE - Concentration Camp (WWII; Prisoner of War);

HEINEMANN, LARRY – Close Quarters (Vietnam);

HEINRICH, WILLI - Crack of Doom (WWII); The Cross of Iron (WWII); The Crumbling Fortress (WWII); The Willing Flesh (WWII);

HELER, DEANE AND DAVID - The Berlin Crisis;


HELM, ERIC - Cambodian Sanctuary (Nam); #NN - Dragon's Jaw (Nam); #NN - The Fall of Camp A-555 (Nam); #NN - Guidelines (Nam); #NN - Gunfighter (Nam); #NN - Hamlet (Nam); #NN - The Hobo Woods (Nam); #NN - Incident at Plei Soi (Nam); #NN - The Iron Triangle (Nam); #NN - The Kit Carson Scout (Nam); #NN - MACV (Nam); #NN - Moon Cusser (Nam); #NN - Payback (Nam); #NN - P.O.W. (Nam); #NN - Puppet Soldiers (Nam); #NN - The Raid (Nam); #NN - Red Dust (Nam); #NN - Shifting Fires (Nam); #NN - Soldier's Medal (Nam); #NN - Spike (Nam); #NN - Tan Son Nhut (Nam); #NN - Target (Nam); #NN - Tet (Nam); #NN - Unconfirmed Kill (Nam); ****#NN - The Ville (Nam); #NN - Warlord (Nam); #NN Warrior (Nam); *** Vietnam: Ground Zero) #NN Recon (Vietnam); *** Vietnam: Ground Zero) #NN Strike (Vietnam); *** Vietnam: Ground Zero #NN - Empire (Nam);

HELPRIN, MARK - A Soldier of the Great War (WWI);

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST – A Farewell to Arms (WWI); **** Men at War (Ed.);

HEMPSTONE, SMITH - A Tract of Time (Nam);

HENDERSON, CHARLES – Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kill (Vietnam);

HENDERSON, IAN/ GOODHART, PHILIP – Man Hunt in Kenya (Mau Mau);

HENNESSY, MAX – The Lion at Sea (WWII; Navy); *** Soldier of the Queen (History/ Charge of the Light Brigade);

HENRICK, RICHARD P. - Counterforce (WWIII); *** The Phoenix Odyssey (WWIII);

HENRIQUES, ROBERT – No Arms no Armour (British Army in 1920's Sudan); *** 100 Hours to Suez (Israel Victory in the First Sinai Campaign);

HENRY, WILL - Pillars of the Sky (U.S. Dragoons – 1858);

HENTY, G.A. - Through Russian Snows (Napoleonic War); ** Under Drake's Flag;

HERBER, WILLIAM - Hold Saipan! (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Tomorrow to Live (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

HERBERT, LT. COL. ANTHONY B. with WOOTEN, JAMES T. - Soldier (Korea; Nam);

HERLIN, HANS - The Last Spring in Paris (WWII);

HERR, MICHAEL - Dispatches (Nam);

HERSEY, JOHN - A Bell for Adano (WWII); Here to Stay (WWII); Hiroshima (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Into the Valley (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Of Men and War (WWII); The Wall (WWII); The War Lover (WWII; Air);

HERST, ROGER E. - Ghost Sub (USA vs. Russia);

HERCHMAN, MORRIS - Glory in Hell (Nam); Mission to Hell (Nam);

HESS, COL. DEAN E. - Battle Hymn (WWII; Korea; Air);

HESS, WILLIAM N. - (World at War) #2Pacific Sweep (WWII);

HEYM, STEFAN - The Crusaders (WWII);

HEYWOOD, JOE T. - Taxi Dancer (Vietam; Airforce);


HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER – Corunna; *** The Destruction of Lord Raglan (Crimean War);

HIBBERT, JOYCE - The War Brides (WWII);

HICKLING, HUGH – Lieutenant Okino (WWII Japanese Brutality);

HICKMAN, JOHN - For God, Country, and the Hell of It (WWII);

HIGGINS, JACK - The Eagle has Landed (WWII); A Game for Heroes (WWII); Luciano's Luck (WWII); Night of the Fox (WWII); Storm Warning (WWII);

HIGGINSON, THOMAS WENTWORTH - Army Life in a Black Regiment (American Civil War);

HILL, PORTER – The Bombay Marines (Historical/ Naval) **** The War Chest (Historical/ Naval);

HILL, SUSAN – Strange Meeting (British WWI);

HILL, WELDON - Onionhead (Navy);

HILLARY, RICHARD - Falling Through Space (WWII; Air); The Last Enemy (WWII; Air);

HILLEL, MARC/ HENRY, CLARISSA – Of Pure Blood (Hitler's Plan to Breed Master Race);

HILTON, STANLEY E. - Hitler's Secret War in South America, 1939 - 1945 (WWII);

HIRSCH, PHIL - The Death-Dealers (Ed.); Dirth Little Wars (Ed.); ** Fighting Aces; Fighting Eagles (Ed.; Air); Fighting Generals (Ed.; WWII); Great Untold Stories of World War II (Ed.; WWII); Hitler and his Henchmen (Ed.; WWII); *** The Kennedy War Heroes; *** Medal of Honour (Ed.); One Against the Enemy (Ed.);

HIRSCHFELD, BURT – Behold Zion (Israel); *** Kelly's Heroes;

HIRSCHMAN, MARIA ANNE – Hansi: Captive of the Swastika (WWII);

HITCHCOCK, RAYMOND - Attack the Lusitania! (WWI; Naval);

HOEHLING, A.A. - December 7. 1941: The Day the Admirals Slept Late (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** The Last Voyage of the Lusitania (WWI; Naval); ** Lonely Command;

HOESS, RUDOLF - Commandant of Auschwitz (WWII; Prisoner of War);

HOFFMAN, WILLIAM - The Trumpet Unblow (WWII); Yancey's War;

HOLDEN, MATTHEW (Squadron) - #1 Sons of the Morning (WW II; Air); *** (Squadron) - #2 The Sun Climbs Slowly (WWII; Air); #5 Whirlwind at Arromanches (WWII; Air);

HOLLAND, CECELIA – The Death of Attila;

HOLLAND, WILLIAM E. - Let a Soldier Die (Nam);

HOLLANDS, D.J. - Able Company (Korea);

HOLLES, ROBERT O. - Now Thrive the Armourers ( Korea with the British Gloucesters);

HOLLEY, BYRON E. - Vietnam 1968-1969;

HOLMAN, DENNIS - The Man They Couldn't Kill (WWII);

HOLMES, JOHN - On Target (WWII; Air);

HOLMES, W.J. - Double-Edged Secrets (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** Undersea Victory 1 1941 – 1943 Against the Odds ( WWII Submarines); *** Undersea Victory II 1943-1945 (WWII; Submarines);

HOLT, GERALD – Tails of Flame (WWII);

HOLT, ROBERT LAWRENCE – Good Friday (Soviet Invade Saudi Oil Fields);

HOLZMAN, ROBERT S. - Stormy Ben Butler (American Civil War);

HOMEWOOD, HARRY - Final Harbor (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); **** Silent Sea (WWII/ Sub/ SPT); *** Torpedo! (WWII; Submarine);

HONIG, DONALD - Blue and Gray (Ed.; American Civil War);

HOPE, T.S. - Rage of Battle (WWI);

HOPKINS, WILLIAM B. - One Bugle No Drums (Korea U.S. Marines at Chosin Reservoir; with photos);


HORGAN, PAUL - Give Me Possession;

HORNE, ALISTAIR – The Price of Glory;


HOROWITZ, ROBERT S. - The Ramparts we Watch;

HORROCKS, SIR BRIAN – Corps Commander (History of XXXX Corps);

HORST, CARL – Caribbean Pirate (WWII; Submarine);

HORST, KARL – Arctic Mutiny (WWII; U-Boat); *** Sink te Ark Royal! (WWII; U-Boat);

HOUART, VICTOR – Lonely Warrior;

HOUGH, RICHARD - Buller's Dreadnought (Navy); *** Buller's Guns (Navy); *** The Fight of the Few (WWII; Air); *** The Fleet that Had to Die (Navy); ** The Potemkin Mutiny; *** Wings Against the Sky (WWII; Air);

HOUGHTON, DON - Blood Brigade (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);


HOUSTON, JEANNE WAKATSUKI/ HOUSTON, JAMES D. - Farewell to Manzanar (True Story of a Japanese American Family in WWII);

HOWARD, CLARK - Siberia 10;

HOWARD, JAMES H. - Roar of the Tiger ( WWII; Fighter Ace);

HOWARD, TONI – ** Three Sinners in Paris;

HOWARTH, DAVID - D Day (WWII); *** Dawn of D-Day (WWII); *** Invasion (WWII); *** We Die Alone (WWII; Prisoner of War);

HOWE, CHARLES - Valley of Fire (Korea);

HOWE, GEORGE - Call it Treason (WWII); Decision Before Dawn (WWII);

HOY, CLAIRE / OSTROVSKY, VICTOR - By Way of Deception (Israel);

HOYLE, TREVOE - The Svengali Plot (WWII);

HOYT, EDWIN P. - Airborne; The History of American Parachute Forces; *** The Battle of Leyte Gulf (WWII; Navy; South Pacific Theatre); Blue Skies and Blood-Battle of the Coral Sea (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** Bowfin (WWII; Submarines); *** Closing the Circle; War in the Pacific 1945 (WWII); *** The Death of the U-Boats (WWII; German Submarine); *** The Destroyer Killer (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); ***Gunadal canal (WWII); *** The Lonely Ships (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** McCampbell's Heroes (WWII; Pacific Theatre); *** Raider 16 (WWII; German Naval); *** Seals at War; The Story of U.S. Navy Special Warfare; *** Storm over the Gilberts (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); **** To the Marianas (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** U-Boats Offshore ( WWII German U-Boats in American waters with Photos); *** The U-Boat Wars ( WWII; German U-Boats); *** War in Europe Vol. 3; The Battle of Britain (WWII);

HUBLER, RICHARD G. - Walk into Hell (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

HUDSON, CHRISTOPHER - The Killing Fields;


HUGHES, MICHAEL – The Gironde Incident (WWII);

HUGHES, WILLIAM - Aces High (WWI; Air);

HUGHES, ZACHARY - The Adlon Link (WWII); The Fires of Paris (WWII);

HUIE, WILLIAM BRADFORD - The Americanization of Emily (WWII); The Execution of Private Slovik (WWII); The Hiroshima Plot (WWII);

HUMBLE, RICHARD - Hitler's Generals (WWII);

HUNT, E. HOWARD - Limit of Darkness (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

HUNT, FRAZIER - The Untold Story of Douglas MacArthur;

HUNT, IRENE - Across Five Aprils (American Civil War);

HUNT, RAY C. - Behind Japanese Lines;

HUNT, RUTH – East Wind;

HUNT, TODD - The Ship with the Flat Tire (Navy);

HUNTER, EDWARD - Brainwashing (Korea);

HUNTER, JACK D. - The Blood Order (Air-Germany); The Blue Max (WWI; Air-Germany); The Expendable Spy (WWII); The Flying Cross (WWI);

HUNTER, JOE (Attack Force) - #2 Mission tot he Gods (WWII); #3 Roman Holiday (WWII); #4 Vampire Mission (WWII);

HUNTER, MOLLIE - The Ghosts of Glencoe (History);

HUNTER, ROBIN – True Stories of the Foreign Legion;

HUNTER, STEPHEN - The Master Snipter (WWII);

HURD, DOUGLAS/ OSMOND, ANDREW - Send Him Victorious;

HURWOOD, B.J. - Assault on Bordeaux (WWII);

HUTCHENS, MAJOR JAMES M. - Beyond Combat (Nam);

HYDE, H. MONTGOMERY - Cynthia (WWII); Room 3603 (WWII);

HYMAN, MAC - No Time for Sergeants;

--- I ---

IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (WWI);

INFIELD, GLENN B. - Big Week! (WWII; Air); Decision at Bari (WWII); Eva and Adolf (WWII); Secrets of the SS (WWII);

INGERSOLL, RALPH - The Battle is the Pay-Off (WWII); The Naked and the Guilty (WWII); Wine of Violence (WWII);

INKS, MAJOR JAMES M. - Eight Bailed Out (WWII);

INNES, BRIAN - The Red Baron Lives!

INNES, HAMMOND – Attack Alarm (WWII); *** Maddon's Rock (WWII);

INOGUCHI, RIKIHEI/ NAKAJIMA, TADASHI/ PINEAU, ROGER - The Divine Wind - Kamikaze Pilots (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air-Japanese);

INSTONE, GORDON – ** Freedom the Spur;

IRVING, CLIFFORD - The Angel of Zin;

IRVING, DAVID - The Destruction of Dresden (WWII); The Trail of the Fox (WWII);

--- J ---

JACK, DONALD - It's Me Again; Me Among the Ruins; **** Me Bandy, You Cissie; **** Me So Far; *** Me Too; *** That's Me in the Middle; *** Three Cheers for Me;

JACKSON, L.K. - Striking Force ( WWII; Burma);

JACKSON, ROBERT – Dunkirk (WWII); *** Fighter Aces of World War II; *** Fighter Pilots of World War II : *** Hurricane Squadron (WWII; Air); Squadron Scramble (WWII; Air); Target Tobruk (WWII; Air);

JACKSON, W.G.F. - The Battle for Rome ( WWII );

JACOBS, BRUCE - Heroes of the Army; Korea's Heroes: The Metal of Honour Story (Korea);

JADE, GEORGE - The Bedroom Campaign (WWII);

JAHN, MICHAEL - The Black Sheep Squadron: #NN Devil in the Slot (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air); *** The Black Sheep Squadron: The Hawk Flies on Sunday (WWI; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

JAKES, JOHN - G.I. Girls (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);


JANSKY, FILIP - Riders in the Sky (WWII; Air);

JARMAN, T.L. - The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany (WWII);

JARNAGIN, JUTTA F. - The Raging (WWII/ Biography);

JEFFREY, BETTY - White Coolies (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

JENKINS, GEOFFREY – A Bridge of Magpies (WWII; Submarine); *** A Cleft of Stars; The River of Diamonds; *** A Grue of Ice ( Antarctic) *** A Twist of Sand (Submarine);

JENNINGS, JOHN - The Raider (WWI; Navy); The Shadow and the Glory (American Civil War);

JEWELL, DEREK – (ed.) - Alamein and the Desert War (WWII; Flied Marshall Montgomery);

JEWETT, ROGER – Navy; Carrier War (Korea);

JOAD, C.E.M. - Why War?;

JOCELYN, RICHARD - Across the River (WWII);

JOFFO, JOSEPH – A Bag of Marbles (WWII; Holocaust);

JOHNS, CAPTAIN W.E. - Biggles Defends the Desert (WWII; Air); ** Biggles Defies the Swastika; *** Biggles in the Orient (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** Biggles Learns to Fly (WWI; Air); *** Gimlet Goes Again (WWII);

JOHNSON, B.S. - All Bull: The National Servicemen (Ed.);

JOHNSON, BRIAN – The Secret War ( WWII; Inventions with photos);


JOHNSON, GROUP CAPTAIN J.E. - Full Circle - Tactics of Air Fighting 1914 - 1964 (Air); The Story of Air Fighting (Air); Wing Leader (WWII; Air);

JOHNSON, HAYNES – The Bay of Pigs (The Leaders Story of Brigade 2506); *** (with Simons, Howard) – The Landing (WWII);

Johnson, Robert S. (with Caidin, Martin) **** THUNDERBOLT! (or Thunder-Bolt);

JOHNSON, J. E. - ** Full Circle; *** Wing Leader;

JOHNSTON, JENNIFER – How Many Miles to Babylon? (WWI);

JOHNSTON, STANLEY - Queen of the Flat-Tops (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Battle of the Coral Sea);

JOHNSTONE, IIAN - The Arnhem Report - Story Behind a Bridge to Far (WWII);

JOLY, CYRIL - Take These Men - The Desert Rats 1940 - 1943 (WWII);

JONES, E.H. - The Road to En-Dor (WWI/ P.O.W./ Escapes);

JONES, ELWYN - ** Barlow Comes to Judgement;

JONES, J. FARRAGUT (The Silent Service) - #1 Waters Dark and Deep (WWII; Submarine); #2 Forty Fathoms Down (WWII; Submarine); #3 The Scourge of Scapa Flow (WWII; Submarine); #4 Pearl Harbor Periscopes (WWII; Submarine); #5 Tracking the Wolf Pack (WWII; Submarine);

JONES, JAMES - From Here to Eternity; The Pistol (WWII); The Thin Red LIne (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Whistle; WWII (WWII);

JONES, KEN - "I Was There" (Korea);

JONES, KEN / KELLEY JR., HUBERT - Admiral Arleigh (31-Knot) Burke;

JONES, R.D. - The Fenris Option (WWII; Air);

JONEN, R. PAGE - The Man Who Killed Hitler (WWII);

JONES, R. V. - Most Secret War (WWII);

JONES, TRISTAN – Heart of Oak (WWII; Naval);


JORDAN, ROLAND K. - Dawn Command (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);


JULIAN, PETER - The Seventh Trumpet;

JULLIAN, MARCEL - HMS Fidelity (WWII; Navy);

--- K ---

KAHN, DAVID - The Codebreakers;

KAHN, JR. E.J. - The Stragglers (WWII);

KAHN, HERMAN - Thinking About the Unthinkable;

KAIL, ROBERT - Swastika (WWII);

KALB, BERNARD AND MARVIN - The Last Ambassador (Nam);

KALME, EGILS - In the Shadow of Freedom (WWII);

KANE, HARNETT T. - Spies for the Blue and Gray (American Civil War);

KANITZ, WALTER - ** Close Call; *** Tales of the Foreign Legion;

KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Andersonville (American Civil War); Arouse and Beware (American Civil War); Don't Touch Me (Korea); If the South had Won the Civil War (American Civil War); Long Remember (American Civil War); Silent Grow the Guns (American Civil War);

KAPLAN, ANDREW – War of the Raven (WWII);

KARIG, WALTER – Don't Tread On Me (with Horace V. Bird);

KARL, S.W. - Too Deep Too Late (WWII);


KARP, DAVID - Platoon;

KARP, MARVIN ALLEN - The Brave Ones (Ed.; WWII); Charge into Hell (WWII);

KARSKI, JAN - Story of a Secret State (WWII);

KATCHA, VAHE - Fatal Journey; The Sea Duel (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

KATKOV, NORMAN - The Judas Kiss (WWII);


KATZ, ROBERT – Death in Rome (WWII); *** Massacre in Rome (WWII);

KATZ, SAMUEL - Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine;

KA-TZETNIK 135633 - House of Dolls (WWII; Prisoner of War); Sunrise Over Hell (WWII; Prisoner of War);

KAZABTZAKIS, NIKOS – Freedom or Death;

KEATING, BERN – The Mosquito Fleet (WWII; Naval);

KEE, ROBERT – A Crowd is not Company ( WWII; P.O.W.);

KEEGAN, JOHN – The Face of Battle (a Study of Agincourt, Waterloo and the Somme);

KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Three Came Home (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

KEITH, RONALD A. - Bush Pilot with a Briefcase;

KELLER, ALLAN - Thunder at Harper's Ferry (American Civil War);

KELLEY, DOUGLAS M. - 22 Cells in Nuremberg (WWII);

KELLEY, F. / RYAN, C. - Macarthur: Man of Action;


KELLY, JOHN - The Wooden Wolf (WWII);

KELLY, ORR – Brave Men Dark Waters (The Untold Story of the Navy Seals);

KEMP, ANTHONY – The SAS at War 1941 – 1945; *** The SAS; Savage Wars of Peace (Colonial Campaigns and Counter-Terrorist Activities 1947 to Present);

KEMP, P. K. - **H.M. Destroyers; ** H.M. Submarines;

KENDALL, JOHN - Unborn Tomorrow (Korea);

KENDRICKS, JAMES - She Wouldn't Surrender (American Civil War);

KENEALLY, THOMAS - Confederates (American Civil War); **** Season in Purgatory (WWII);

KENNAN, GEORGE F. - Memoirs (1925 - 1950);

KENNAWAY, JAMES - Tunes of Glory;

KENNEDY, LUDOVIC – Menace: The Life and Death of the Tirpitz ( WWII; with photos); *** Pursuit; *** Pursuit: The Sinking of the Bismark (WWII; Navy);

KENNEY, GEN. GEORGE C. - Dick Bong, Ace of Aces (WWII; Air);

KENNEY, WILLIAM - The Crucial Years, 1940 - 1945 (WWII);

KENT, ALEXANDER (Aka; Douglas Reeman) *** Command a King's Ship (History - Naval); *** Enemy in Sight! (History - Naval); *** The Flag Captain (History - Naval); *** Form Line of Battle (History - Naval); *** Honor This day; *** In Gallant Company (History - Naval); *** Passage to Mutiny (History - Naval); *** Signal-Close Action! (History - Naval); *** Sloop of War; *** Stand Into Danger (History - Naval); *** To Glory we Steer (History - Naval);

KENT, ARTHUR - Maverick Squadron (WWII; Air); Plant Poppies on my Grave;

KERNAN, W.F. - Defence Will Not Win the War (WWII);

KERR, JUDITH – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Escaping Nazi Germany/ WWII);

KERR, WALTER – The Secret of Stalingrad (WWII; Russia);

KERRIGAN, JOHN - The Phoenix Assault (WWII);

KERSH, GERALD - The Dead Look On - Lidice Massacre (WWII);

KESSLER, LEO - Breakthrough (WWII); Claws of Steel (WWII); **** Ghost Division (WWII/ Rommel in Africa); **** The Hess Assault (Wotan 5; hardcover) **** Mountain of Skulls (WWII); ** SS Panzer Battalion; Wolf (WWII);

KIKER, DOUGLAS - Strangers on the Shore (Navy);

KILLEN, JOHN - A History of the Luftwaffe (Air-Germany);

KILLENS,JOHN OLIVER – And Then We Heard the Thunder ( WWII);

KIMBALL, WILLIAM R. - Vietnam the other Side of Glory (with photos);

KING, DAVID - The Brave and the Damned (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma); Stars and Swipes Forever (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

KINGSTON, GUY - A Wing and a Prayer (WWI; Air);

KIRST, HANS HELLMUT - The Affairs of the Generals (WWII); Brothers in Arms; Hero in the Tower (WWII); **** Camp 7 Last Stop (WWII/ P.O.W.); *** Forward, Gunner Asch (WWII); **** The Night of the Generals (WWII); The Nights of the Long Knives (WWII); The Officer Factory (WWII); The Return of Gunner Asch (WWII); ** The 20th of July (WWII); Undercover Man; What Became of Gunner Asch; Who's in Charge Here? (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Wolves (WWII);

KLAAS, JOE - Maybe I'm Dead (WWII; Prisoner of War);

KLARE, MICHAEL T. - War Without End-American Planning for the Next Vietnams;

KLEIN, ALEXANDER - The Counterfeit Traitor (WWII);

KLEIN, EDWARD - The Parachutists (WWII);

KLUGE, P.F. - Season for War;

KNAPPE, SIEGFRIED/ BRUSAW, TED – Soldier at: Reflections of a German Soldier 1936-1949 (Biography);


KNIGHT, CLAYTON - The Normandy Invasion (WWII; Normandy);

KNOKE, HEINZ - I Flew for the Fuher (WWII; Air-Germany);

KOBRYN, A.P. - Poseidon's Shadow;

KOCH, H.W. - The Origins of the First World War (Great Power Rivalry and German War Aims);

KOCHAN, LIONEL – Russia in Revolution;

KOEHN, ILSE – Mischling, Second Degree (Autobiography of a Child in Nazi Germany);

KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Arrival and Departure (WWII);

KOGON, EUGEN - The Theory and Practice of Hell (WWII; Holocaust);

KOH, TAIWON - Divided Family (Korea);

KOLASKY, JOHN - Partners in Tyranny - Nazi - Soviet Non Aggression Pct August 23/1939;

KOLPACOFF, VICTOR - The Prisoners of Quai Dong (Nam; Prisoner of War);

KOLYSHKIN, I. - Russian Submarines in Arctic Waters (WWII);

KONRA, JAMES - Target Amin;

KONRAD, KLAUS - First Blood (WWII);

KONSALIK, HEINZ - The Last Carpathian (WWII); The Skies Over Kazakstan (WWII); They Fell from the Sky (WWII);

KOSINSKI, JERZY - The Painted Bird (WWII; Holocaust);

KOSTOV,K.N. - Blood on the Baltic (WWII); ** The Gulag Rats;

KOVIC, RON - Born on the Fourth of July (Nam);

KRAUSS, BRUNO (Sea Wolf) - #3 Shark Pack (WWII; Submarine); #4 Shark Hunt (WWII; Submarine);

KUBECK, JAMES - The Calendar Epic (WWII; Navy);

KUNICZAK, W.S. - The Thousand Hour Day (WWII);

KUPER, JACK - Child of the Holocaust (WWII; Holocaust);

KURST, OTTO - Auschwitz (WWII; Holocaust);


KURZMAN, DAN - The Bravest Battle - The 28 days of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (WWII); *** Genesis 1948 - The First Arab - Israeli War; *** The Race for Rome (WWII; with photos);

KUWAHARA, YASUO / ALLRED, GORDON T. - Kamikaze (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air-Japanese);


KY, NGUYEN CAO - How We Lost the Vietnam War (Nam);

KYDD, SAM - For You, the War is Over (WWII; Prisoner of War);

KYLE, DUNCAN - Black Camelot (WWII);

--- L ---

LABARGE, LT. COMMANDER WILLIAM H. - Desert Voices (Gulf War); Hornest's Nest (Gulf War); Road to Gold (Air);


LADD, JAMES D. - SBS: The Invisible Raiders (History of the Special Boat Squadron from WWII til Present with photos);

LAFFIN, JOHN - ** Digger; Fight for the Falklands (Falklands);


LAMB, JAMES B. - On the Triangle Run (WWII; Navy);

LAMB, COMMANDER CHARLES - To War in a Stringbag (WWII; Air);

LAMBERT, BILL - Combat Report (WWI; Air);

LAMBERT, DEREK - The Golden Express (WWII); *** The Saint Peter's Plot ( WWII);

LAMBERT, ERIC – Glory Thrown in ( WWII the A.I.F.); *** The Twenty Thousand Thieves (WWII);

LAMOTT, KENNETH - The Stockade (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

LAMPE, DAVID - The Danish Resistance (WWII); The Savage Canary (WWII);


LANCASTER, BRUCE - The Book of the Revolution (American Revolution); Night March (American Civil War); No Bugles Tonight (American Civil War); Roll Shenandoah (American Civil War); The Scarlet Patch (American Civil War);

LANCHBERY, EDWARD – Against the Sun (WWII; Biography of Wing Commander Roland Beamont);

LANDON, C. - The Hot Sands of Hell (WWII);

LANDON, CHRISTOPHER – Ice Cold in Alex (WWII/ North Africa);

LANDON, JOSEPH – Angle of Attack (WWII); *** Bomber Crew (WWII; Air);

LANDSBOROUGH, GORDON - Battery from Hellfire (WWII); Benghazi Breakout (WWII); *** The Battle of the River Plate ( WWII); *** The Dead Commando (WWII); Desert Fury (WWII); The Glasshouse Gang (WWII); Long Run to Tobruk (WWII); Patrol to Benghazi (WWII); Tobruk Commando (WWII);

LANG, DEREK - Return to St. Valery (WWII);

LANGER, WALTER C. - The Mind of Adolf Hitler (WWII);

LANGFORD, DAVID - War in 2080;

LANGLEY, BOB - Traverse of the Gods (WWII);

LANGSAM, WALTER CONSUELO - Historic Documents of World War II (WWII);

LANGSFORD, A.E. - H.M.S. Inflexible (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** H.M.S. Marathon (WWII; Navy);

LANNING, MICHAEL LEE – Inside the Crosshairs: Snipers in Vietnam; *** (with Stubbe, Ray William) Inside Force Recon: Recon Marines in Vietnam (Vietnam); *** Inside the LRRPS; Rangers in Vietnam (Vietnam); *** (with Cragg, Dan) Inside the VC and the NVA; the Real Story of North Vietnam's Armed Forces (Vietnam); *** *** The Only War We Had; A Platoon Leader's Journal of Vietnam (Vietnam);

LANSING, JOHN (The Blackeagles) - #3 Nightmare in Laos (Nam); #6 AK-47 Firefight (Nam); #8 Boocoo Death (Nam); #9 Bad Scene at Bong Son (The Blackeagles) - #14 Firestorm at Dong Nam (Nam); *** (The Blackeagles) - #18 Durong Warriors (Nam); *** (The Blackeagles) - #20 Bo-Binh Comandos (Nam); *** (The Blackeagles) - #21 Nguy-Hiem War Zone (Nam); **** #13 Encore at Dien Phu! (Nam);

LANSING, JOHN – (The Black Eagles) #1 Hanoi Hellground; *** (The Black Eagles) #2 Mekong Massacre (Vietnam); *** (The Black Eagles) #10 Cambodia Kill-Zone; *** (The Black Eagles) #11 Duel on the Song Cai; *** (The Black Eagles) #13 Encore at Dien Bien Phu; *** (The Black Eagles) #15 Ho's Hellhounds; *** (The Black Eagles) #19 Hoa-Tien Killers;


LARSON, CHARLES – The Chinese Game (Vietnam);

LARTEGUY, JEAN – The Praetorians (WWII/ North Africa);

LASKY, JR., JESSE L. - Cry the Loney Flesh (WWII);

LASLY, WALT - Turn the Tigers Loose (Korea; Air);


LATTIMORE, OWEN - Solution in Asia;

LAURENS, A. - Betrayal at Arnhem (WWII);

LAVERY, EMMET - Guilty of Treason;

LAVINIA, JOE – Von Richthofen and Brown (WWI; Air);

LAWRENCE, HAL - A Bloody War (WWII; Navy);

LAWRENCE, STEVEN C. - A Northern Saga (WWII; Navy);

LAWSON, DON – The United States in World War I (WWI);

LAWSON, CAPTAIN TED. W. - Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

LEASOR, JAMES - Green Beach (WWII; Dieppe); The Sea Wolves (WWII; Navy); War at the Top (WWII);

LECHENE, EVELYN - Mauthausen - The History of a Death Camp (WWII; Holocaust);

LECKIE, ROBERT - Conflict - History of the Korean War (Korea); Helmet for my Pillow (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); The March to Glory (Korea); Marines! (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Strong Men Armed (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); **** The Wars of America: Vol.I Quebec to Appomattox; *** The Wars of America: Vol.II San Juan Hill to Tonkin;

LEDERER, WILLIAM J. - All the Ship's at Sea (Navy); Ensign O'Toole and Me (Navy); Sarkhan;

LEE, ARTHUR GOULD - No Parachute (WWI; Air);

LEE, JOHN - Lago (WWII); The Ninth Man (WWII); *** The Thirteenth Hour (WWII);

LEE, LAURIE – A Rose for Winter;

LEE, ROBERT E. - The Beloved General;

LEEKLEY, JOHN - The Blue and the Gray (American Civil War);

LEIB, FRANKLIN ALLEN – The Fire Dream (Vietnam);

LEIGHTON, MARGARET - Commanche of the Seventh (U.S. Calvary);

LEIGHTON, TOM - The Phoenix Formula (WWII);

LEITNER, ISABELLA - Fragments of Isabella (WWII; Holocaust; Auschwitz);

LENGYEL, OLGA - I Survived Hitler's Ovens (WWII; Holocaust; Auschwitz);

LENZ, SIEGFRIED – The German Lesson (WWII);

LEOPOLD, CHRISTOPHER - Blood and Guts is Going Nuts (WWII);

LESLIE, PETER – The Bastard Brigade (WWII); *** The Betrayers (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Catapult Ultimatum (WWII); Silent Squadron (WWII); *** Soldier of Fortune #5: Action in the Arctic; ** Storm Squad;


LEV, IGAL - Jordan Patrol (Israel);

LEVERIDGE, RALPH - The Last Combat (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Walk on the Water (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

LEVIN, DAN - Mask of Glory (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

LEVIN, MEYER - Eva (WWII); The Stronghold (WWII);

LEWIN, RONALD – Freedom's Battle 3: The War on Land; (ed); *** Rommel as Military Commander (WWII);

LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising (WWI; Air);

LEWIS, JACK - Chosen Tales of the Chosen (Korea); *** The Sandtrap Commandos;

LEWIS, MICHAEL - The History of the British Navy; *** The Spanish Armada (16th Century Naval);

LIM, JANET - Sold for Silver (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

LINDERER, GARY A. - Six Silent Men: 101st LRP/ Rangers - Book Three (Nam);

LINDSAY, OLIVER - The Lasting Honour - Fall of Hong Kong 1941 (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

LINN, BILL - Missing in Action (Nam; Prisoner of War);

LINNA, VAINO - The Unknown Soldier (WWII);

LITTLE, LOYD - Parthian Shot (Nam);

LITTMAN, SOL - War Criminal on Trial - The Rauca Cae (WWII; Holocaust);

LITVINOFF, EMANUEL - The Lost Europeans;

LIVINGSTON, HAROLD E. - The Coasts of the Earth (Israel);

LLEWELLYN, SAM - Gurney's Reward (History - Naval);

LOCHNER, LOUIS P. - The Goebbels Diaries (Ed.; WWII);

LOCKRIDGE, ROSS - Raintree County (American Civil War);

LOCKWOOD, CHARLES A. - (with Adamson, Hans Christian) Hellcats of the Sea (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); *** Sink'em All (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine);

LODGE, DAVID - Ginger, You're Barmy;

LODWICK, JOHN - Bid the Soldiers Shoot (WWII);

LOG, MARGARET - Louisville Saturday (WWII);

LOMAX, LOUIS E. - Thailand: The War That Is, the War That Will Be;

LONG, MARGARET – Louisville Saturday;

LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Canvas Falcons (WWI; Air); The General; Three Days (American Civil War); Two Beds for Roxane (WWII);

LOOMIS, EDWARD - End of a War (WWII);

LOPEZ, DONALD S. - Into the Teeth of the Tiger (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

LORANT, STEFAN - I Was Hitler's Prisoner (WWII);

LORD, WALTER - Day of Infamy (WWII; Pearl Harbor); Incredible Victory (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Midway); Lonely Vigil (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); A Time to Stand;

LOTT, ARNOLD - Most Dangerous Sea (WWII; Navy);

LOVE, EDMUND G. - War is a Private Affair;

LOVELL, STANLEY - Of Spies and Stratagems (WWII);

LOW - Europe Since Versailles;

LOWENSTEIN, RALPH LYNN - A Time of War (Israel);

LOWRY, ROBERT - Casualty (WWII); This is my Night; The Wolf That Fed us (WWII);

LOWRY, TIMOTHY S. - Valor (Vietnam);

LOWTHER, WILLIAM - Arms and the Man - Dr. Gerald Bull, Iraq and The Supergun;

LUCAS, JAMES – Battle Group Peiper ( WWII German/ Soviet); *** Kommando: German Special Forces of World War Two (WWII); *** Panzer Army Africa (WWII/ Rommel);

LUCAS, LADDIE (ed.) - Flying Colours (WWII; Air); *** Out of the Blue; the Role of Luck in Air Warfare 1917-1966 (Air);

LUCAS-PHILLIPS, C.E. - Cockleshell Heroes ( WWII; Raid on Bordeaux Harbour);

LUEDDECKE, W.J. - Morituri (WWII);

LUND, PAUL/ LUDLAM HARRY – Night of the U-boats ( WWII; Naval);

LUNDGREN, WILLIAM R. - Across the High Frontier - Chuck Yeager; The Primary Cause;

LUSSU, EMILIO – Sardinian Brigade (WWI Memoir);

LUSTIG, ARNOST – Darkness casts No Shadow (WWII; Holocaust); *** Night and Hope (WWII);

LUTZ, GUNTHER (Panzer Platoon) - #NN - Attack Anzio! (WWII); #NN - Support Rommel (WWII);


--- M ---

MACALISTER, IAN - Skylark Mission (WWII; Prisoner of War; Naval; South Pacific Theatre);

MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS - Reminiscences;

MACCUISH, DAVID - Do Not Go Gentle (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Guadalcanal);

MACDONALD, CHARLES B. - The Battle of the Huertgen Forest (WWII); Company Commander (WWII);


MACDONNELL, J.E. - Enemy in Sight (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine); Frogman! (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); ** Subsmash;

MACDONNELL, JAMES - The Convert (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

MACHARDY, CHARLES - Send Down a Dove (WWII; Submarine);

MACHORTON, IAN / MAULE, HENRY - The Hundred Days of Lt. Machorton (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);

MACINTYRE, DONALD - The Battle of the Atlantic (WWII; Navy); *** Jutland (WWI; Navy); *** Narvik (WWII; Norway); *** U-Boat Killer (WWII; Submarine);

MACKAY, SCOTT - A Friend in Barcelona (WWII; Submarine);

MACKENZIE, DONALD - Harrier! (Air); Thunderbolt! (Air);

MACKENZIE, FRED - The Men of Bastogne (WWII; Battle of the Bulge);

MACKENZIE, MAJOR-GENERAL LEWIS - Peacekeeper - The Road to Sarajevo;

MACKENZIE, STEVE (Seals) - #1 Ambush! *** (Seals) - #2 Blackbird; *** (Seals) - #4 Target!; *** (Seals) - #5 Breakout!; #7 Recon;

MACKINTOSH, IAN - Warship (Navy); Warship H.M.S. Hero (Navy);

MACKSEY, KENNETH - First Clash - Combat Close-up in World War Three; Invasion (WWII);

MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Force 10 from Navarone (WWII); The Guns of Navarone (WWII); H.M.S. Ultsses (WWII; Navy); Partisans (WWII); South by Java Head (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Where Eagles Dare (WWII);

MACLEAN, FITZBOY - Eastern Approaches;

MACLEAR, MICHAEL - Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War (Nam);

MACNEIL, DUNCAN – By Command of the Viceroy; *** Lieutenant of the Line; *** Sadhu on the Mountain Peak;

MACVEY,JOHN W. - Space Weapons, Space War ;

MADONNELL, J.E. - Full Fathom Five (WWI/ Naval);

MAGUIRE, ERIC – Dieppe August 19 (WWII; with photos);

MAIER, WILLIAM – Pleasure Island (WWII; South Pacific);

MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead (WWII);

MAJDALANY, FRED - The Battle of Cassino (WWII); Patrol: North Africa - 1943 (WWII);

MAJOR, KEVIN - No Man's Land (WWI):


MALLALIEU, J.P.W. - Very Ordinary Seaman (WWII; Navy);

MALLIN, JAY / BROWN, ROBERT K. - Merc: American Soldiers of Fortune;

MALONEY, MACK (Wingman) – See Listing in “Science Fiction Paperbackson our Website

MALRAUX, ANDRE – Man's Hope (Spanish Civil War);

MALTZ, ALBERT - The Cross and the Arrow (WWII);

MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Arms of Krupp; Goodbye Darkness (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);


MANDER, MARK - Nazi Hunter;

MANDEL, PAUL & SHEILA - The Black Ship (WWI; Navy);

MANGOLD, TOM / PENYCATE, JOHN - The Tunnels of Cu Chi (Nam);

MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Old Soldiers Never Die;

MANN, ABBY - Judgement at Nuremberg (WWII);

MANN, PEGGY/ KLUGER, RUTH - The Last Escape (WWII; Holocaust);

MANNING, FREDERIC - Her Privates We (WWI);

MANNNING, OLIVIA – Friends and Heroes (WWII); *** The Great Fortune (WWII); *** The Spoilt City (WWII);

MANVELL, ROGER / FRAENKEL, HEINRICH – Adolf Hitler: The Man and the Myth ( with Photos); *** The Canaris Conspiracy (WWII); **** Himmler (WWII); *** Inside Adolf Hitler (WWII); ** The July Plot;

MARCINKO, RICHARD – The Real Team (True Stories From Seals); *** Rogue Warrior (Autobiography of Founder of Navy's Seal Team Six);


MARCUS, ALAN - The Vanquished (WWII);

MARINER, DAVID – The Chatham Rats (WWII; Naval); *** The Last Bridge (WWII); The Seventy Minute Fuse (WWII; Normandy); The Yaroslav Incident;

MARINO, JAMES - The Asgard Solution;

MARION, GEORGE - Ragged Regiment (WWII; Battle of the Bulged);

MARK, GEOFFREY - Better to Die;

MARKISH, ESTHER - The Long Return;

MARKSTEIN, GEORGE - The Goering Testament;

MARLOWE, HUGH - Passage by Night;


MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Melville Goodwin, U.S.A.; Repent in Haste (WWII; Air);

MARRYAT, CAPTAIN – Mr. Midshipman Easy (19th century British Royal Navy);

MARS, ALASTAIR – Submarines at War 1939 – 1945 (WWII);

MARSHALL, BRUCE - The White Rabbit (WWII);

MARSHALL, GEN. GEORGE C. - Biennial Report - July 1, 1943 to June 30, 1945 (WWII); *** Selected Speeches and Statements;

MARSHALL, S.L.A. - Ambush (Vietnam; Battle of Dau Tieng); *** Battle at Best (WWII; Korea); *** Battles in the Monsoon (Vietnam); *** Night Drop (WWII); Pork Chop Hill (Korea); West to Cambodia (Nam);

MARTELL, MIKE – Seals Strategic Warfare; Operation Hangman;

MARTELLI, GEORGE - ** Agent Extraordinary; The Man who Saved London (WWII);

MARTIN, ALEX K. - Assault;


MARTIN, L.F. - **Hell Command;

MARTIN, RALPH G. / HARRITY, RICHARD - World War II - Photographic Record From D-Day to V-E Day (WWII); World War II - Photographic Record from Pearl Harbor to V-J Day (WWII);

MARTIN, RON - To Be Free (Nam);

MARTON, KATI - Wallenberg (WWII; Biography);

MARTON, GEORGE / BURREN, MICHAEL - The Obelish Conspiracy;

MARWICK, ARTHUR – The Deluge (British Society and the First World War);

MASON, A.E.W. - The Four Feathers (History);

MASON, F. VAN WYCK - Blue Hurricane (American Civil War); Our Valiant Few (American Civil War);

MASON, JR., HERBERT MOLLOY - Hilter Must Die! (WWII); *** The Rise of the Luftwaffe (Air);

MASON, RICHARD - Far From Home (WWII); The Wind Cannot Read (WWII);

MASON, ROBERT - Chickenhawk (Nam);

MASSELINK, BEN - The Crackerjack Marines;

MASTERMAN, J.C. - The Double-Cross System: In the War of 1939 – 1945;

MASTERS, ANTHONY – The Summer that Bled (Biography of Hannah Senesh/ WWII/ Holocaust);

MASTERS, JOHN - Bugles, and a Tiger; *** Fandango Rock; *** Far, Far the Mountain Peak; *** ' Man of War; **** The Raud Lancers (WWI); **** The Road Past Mandalay (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);


MATHER, BERKELY - The White Dacoit;


MATTHEWS, ALLEN R. - The Assault (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; IWO JIMA);

MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Last Encounter;

MAUGHAM, VISCOUNT - Lies as Allies of Hitler at War (WWII);

MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Hour Before the Dawn (WWII);

MAULDIN, BILL - Back Home; Bill Mauldin's Army; The Brass Ring (WWII); A Sort of a Saga; Up Front;

MAUREL, MICHELINE - The Slave (WWII; Prisoner of War);

MAURER, DAVID A. - The Dying Place (Nam);


MAYO, LIDA - Bloody Buna (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

MAZER, HARRY – The last Mission (WWII; Air; P.O.W.);

McALEER, JOHN /; DICKSON, BILLY – Unit Pride (Korea);

McCAFFERY, DAN – Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero ( WWI; Fighter Ace);

MCCARTHY JR., EDWARD V. - The Pied Piper of Helfenstein (WWII; Holocaust);

MCCARTHY, RICHARD D. - The Ultimate Fally;

McCLURE, JOHN L. - Soldier Without Fortune (Mercenary in Century America);

MCCONNELL, JAMES - Battlefield Madonna (WWII);

McCONNELL, MALCOLM – Into the Mouth of the Cat (Vietnam/ The Story of Pilot Lance Sijan);

MCCORMAC, CHARLES - You'll Die in Singapore (WWII; Prisoner of War; Pacific Theatre);

MCCRAY, MIKE (The Balck Berets) - #1 Deadly Reunion; #2 Cold Vengeance; #3 The Black Palm; #4 Contract: White Lady; #5 Louisiana Firestorm; #6 The Death Machine Contract; #7 The Red Man Contract; #8 D.C. Death March; #9 The Night of the Jaguar; #10 Contract: Terror Summit; #11 The Samurai Contract; #12 The Akbar Contract;

MCCREARY, ALF – Tried by Fire;

MCCROSKEY, SGT. JACOB - Operation Axe-Handle (Nam);

MCCUDDEN, MAJOR JAMES T.B. - Flying Fury (WWI; Air);

MCCULLERS, CARSON - Reflections in a Golden Eye;

MCCURTIN, PETER (Soldier of Fortune) - Ambush at Derati Wells; Bloodbath; Blood Island; Body Count; The Deadliest Game; Golden Triangle; Green Hell; the Guns of Palembang; Kalahari; Moro; Somali Smashout; Spoils of War; Yellow Rain;

McDANIEL, EUGENE B. - Scars and Stripes ( Vietnam POW);

MCDANIEL, NORMAN A. - Yet Another Voice (Nam; Prisoner of War);

MCDONALD, HUGH C. - The Hour of the Blue Fox;

MCDONOUGH, JAMES R. - Platoon Leader (Nam);


MCDOWELL,EDWIN - To Keep our Honour Clean (Korea);

MCGANN, MICHAEL (The Marauders) - #1 The Marauders; #2 Blood Kin; #3 Liar's Dice; #4 Convoy Strike;

MCGARRITY, MARK - A Passing Advantage;


MCGIVERN, WILLIAM P. - Soldiers of '44 (WWII);

MCGOVERN, JAMES - Crossbow and Overcast - V-2 Rocket (WWII); Erika (WWII); Love Among the Damned; Martin Bormann (WWII);

MCHUGH, VINCENT - Edge of the World (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

MCKEE, ALEXANDER - Caen: Anvil of Victory (WWII; Normandy); *** The Coal-Scuttle Brigade (WWII); *** Last Round Against Rommel: Battle of the Normandy Beachhead ( WWII); ** Strike from the Sky (WWII; Battle of Britain); *** Vimy Ridge (WWI; Canadian Corps);

McKEEVER, HARRY P. - Hell Above Water (WWII; Air);

MCKENNA, RICHARD - The Sand Pebbles;

MCKIE, RONALD - The Survivors (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

MCKINNON, DAN - Bullseye Iraq;

MCLAUGHLIN, W.R.D. - Antarctic Raider (WWII; Navy); ** So Thin is the Line;


McLEAVE, HUGH – The Damned Die Hard (French Foreign Legion);

MCMANUS, LESLIE (Churchill's Vixens) - Jackboot Girls - Himmler's Wolverines (WWII);

McNAB, ANDY – Bravo Two Zero (Iraq); *** Immediate Action (The inside story of the British SAS);

McQUINN, DONALD E. - Targets (Vietnam);

MEACHAN, WILLIAM C. - Lest We Forget - Kingsmen, 101st Aviation Battalion, 1968 (Nam);

MEE JR., CHARLES L. - Meeting at Potsdam (WWII);

MEILEN, BILL - ** Moving On;

MEISSNER, HANS-OTTO – Duel in the Snow (WWII; Alaska); ** First Lady of the Third Reich; *** The Man With Three Faces (WWII);

MELADY, JOHN – Cross of Valour (14 Canadians Have Cross of Valour); **** Korea: Canada's Forgotten War (Korea);

MELCHIOR, IB - Eva (WWII); The Haigerlock Project (WWII); Order of Battle (WWII);

MELLOR, JOHN - Dieppe - Canada's Forgotten Heroes (WWII; Dieppe); *** The Dieppe Raid ( WWII);


MENEN, AUBREY - Four Days of Naples (WWII);


MERCER, CHARLES - The Drummond Tradition; Enough Good Men (American Revolution);

MERLE, ROBERT - Weekend at Dunkirk (WWII);

MERRIAM, ROBERT - The Battle of the Bulge (WWII);

MERRILL, JAMES M. - Target Tokyo (WWII; Air);

MESKIL, PAUL – Hitler's Heirs;

MEYER, CHARLES A. - The Bloodiest Bivouac (WWII);

MICHAELES, M.M. - Suicide Command (Nam);

MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Bridge at Andau; The Bridges at Toko-Ri (WWII);

MIDDLETON, DREW - ** The Sky Suspended; Submarine (Submarine);

MIDDLETON, JAN - Learn to Say Goodbye (WWII);

MILIUS, JOHN – The Wind and the Lion;

MILLAR, GEORGE - The Bruneval Raid (WWII); Horned Pigeon (WWII); Marquis (WWII);

MILLER, DOUGLAS - You Can't Do Business with Hitler (WWII);

MILLER, JUDITH/ MYLROIE, LAURIE – Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf;

MILLER, KENN - Tiger the Lurp Dog (Nam); *** (101st LRP/ Rangers) #2 Six Silent men (Vietnam);

MILLER, LEE O. - Assignment: Burma (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma); Marine Raiders (WWII); The Valiant and the Wasted (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

MILLER, MERLE – Reunion;

MILLER, REX - Profane Men (Nam);

MILLER JR., THOMAS G. - The Cactus Air Force (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Guadacanal);

MILLER, WARREN - Looking for the General;

MILLIGAN, SPIKE – Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall; *** Rommel? Gunner Who?;

MILLIS, WALTER - Arms and Men - A Study of American Military History; *** (with Niebuhr, Reinhold/ Brown, Harrison/ Real, James/ Douglas, William O.) - A World Without War (Possible Roads to Peace);

MILLOT, BERNARD - Divine Thunder (Kamikazes; South Pacific Theatre; WWII);

MILLS, C. WRIGHT - The Causes of World War Three;

MINGS, LONNIE C. - The Pure Land (WWII; Japan);

MINNEY, R.J. - Carve Her Name with Pride (WWII);

MINSHALL, MERLIN – Guilt-Edged (WWII; Autobiography);

MITCHAM, JR. SAMUEL W. - Triumphant Fox (WWII; Edwin Rommel and the Rise of the Afrika Korps);

MITCHELL, JAMES D. (Command and Control) - #1 Command and Control (Nam); **** #2 Payback Mission (Nam);

MITCHELL, LT. COL. JOSEPH B. - Decisive Battles of the American Revolution; Decisive Battles of the Civil War; (American Civil War);

MOHR, ULRICH/ SELLWOOD, A.V. - Sea Raider Atlantis (WWII; Navy);

MOISEIWITSCH, MAURICE - Yesterday's Enemy (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Burma);

MOLANDER, EARL A. & ROGER C. - What About the Russians and Nuclear War? (Cold War);

MONNERY, DAVID – Soldier O: S-A-S – The Bosnian Inferno ( Novel of the S.A.S.);

MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Kappillan of Malta (WWII); **** The Master Marines (History-Naval);** The Ship that Died of Shame; ** The Time Before This;

MONTANA, RON - The Sign of the Thunderbird;

MONTAGU, EWEN - Beyond Top Secret (WWII); The Man Who Never Was (WWII);

MONTALBANO, WILLIAM – The Sinners of San Ramon (Central America);

MONTGOMERY, FIELD-MARSHAL - El Alamein to the River Sangro; **** The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Montgomery; *** The Path to Leadership (Analysis of what make a Commander.);

MOORE, DONALD; ** Judgement of Oleron;

MOORE, ROBIN – Combat Pay; *** Court Martial; The Devil to Pay; *** The Green Berets (Nam); *** Tales of the Green Berets (Nam);

MOORE, WILLIAM - See How They Ran (WWI); *** The Soldiers; Against the Assegais (Zulu Wars); *** The Soldiers - Storm of Steel (WWI);

MOORE, WILLIAM L. / BERLITZ, CHARLES - The Philadelphia Experiment (WWII);

MOORHEAD, ALAN – The march to Tunis; The North African War 1940-1943 (WWII); *** Eclipse (WWII); **** Gallipoli (WWI); *** Montgomery; *** The Russian Revolution;

MORAN, LORD - The Anatomy of Courage (WWI);


MORDAL, JACQUES – Dieppe – The Dawn of Decision (WWII); *** 25 Centuries of Sea Warfare (Naval);

MORGAN, AL - One Star General;


MORGAN, HENRY – Toro (Hemingway Against Nazis on Cuba/ WWII);

MORGAN, J.W.G. - ** Spearhead in Malaya;


MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT – The Two Ocean War (WWII; U.S. Navy);

MORRILL, GEORGE - Dark Sea Running (WWII; Navy);

MORRIS, ALAN - First of the Many (WWI; Air);

MORRIS, DONALD R. - All Hands on Deck (Naval); *** China Station (Navy); A Girl in Every Port (Navy); Warm Bodies (Navy);

MORRIS, JIM - War Stort (Nam);

MORRISON, WILBUR H. - The Incredible 305th; The “Can Do” Bombers of World War II (WWII); *** Point of No Return (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

MOSKIN, MARIETTA D. - I Am Rosemaire (WWII; Holocaust);

MOSLEY, LEONARD - Battle of Britain (WWII; Air); *** The Druid (WWII); *** Foxhole in Cario (WWII); The Reich Marshal - Hermann Goering;

MOSS, W. STANLEY – Ill Met by Moonlight (WWII; POW; Escapes);

MOWAT, FARLEY - And No Birds Sang (WWII); Grey Seas Under (WWII; Naval); The Regiment (WWII);

MOWRER, EDGAR - Germany Puts the Clock Back;

MOYZISCH, L.C. - Operation Cicero (WWII);

MUIR, DOUGLAS - Midnight Admirals (Navy);

MULLER, HEINRICH - Juggernaut (WWII); *** Panzser Grenadiers ( WWII; Russian Front);

MULLENS, RICHARD - The Breaking Point (WWII);


MURPHY, AUDIE - To Hell and back (WWII);

MURPHY, DENNIS - The Sergeant;

MURPHY, EDWARD F. - Vietnam medal of Honour Heroes (Vietnam);

MURPHY, ROBERT - Diplomat Among Warriors;

MURRAY, NORA – I spied for Stalin (Autobiography);

MUSMANNO, JUSTICE MICHAEL A. - The Eichmann Kommandos (WWII; Holocaust);

MYAGKOV, ALEKSEI – Inside the KGB (Espionage);

MYRER, ANTON - The Big War (WWII); Once an Eagle;

--- N ---

NAGATSUKA, R. - I Was a Kamikaze (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air-Japan);

NAKANO, TAKEO UJO – Within the Barbed Wire Fence (Autobiography/ Japanese Interned in Canada);

NANCE, JOHN J. - Scorpion Strike (Air);

NAPARSTECK, M.J. - A Hero's Welcome (Nam);

NATHANSON, E.M. - A Dirty Distant War (WWII); *** The Dirty Dozen (WWII); *** (with Bank, Aaron) Knight's Cross (WWII);

NAVAL BATTLES AND HEROES (Short History of U.S. Navy);

NEAVE, AIREY - The Escape Room (WWII); **** Little Cyclone (WWII); **** They Have Their Exits (WWII);

NETHERCOTE, RON – The Merciless (WWII/ Australian Guerilla Fighters in Greece);

NETTSON, KLAUS (The Killers) - #1 To Win and to Lose;

NEUMANN, PETER - The Black March (WWII);

NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Abandon Ship! (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** Iwo Jima (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

NEWMAN, BERNARD – Background to Vietnam (Why Vietnam War?);

NEWMAN, PETER - ** Discovering Militaria;



NICOLSON, NIGEL – Alex: Life of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis (Biography);

NICHOLSON, ROBIN - Passion for Treason (WWII);

NIK-UHERNIK (War Dogs) #2 M-16 Jury (Nam); #3 Busting Caps (Nam); #4 Body Count (Nam);

NIMIER, ROGER - The Blue Hussar (WWII);

NIMSE, GORDON - Once We Were Men;

NISSEN, JACK/ COCKERILL, A.W. - Winning the Radar War (WWII);

NOBECOURT, JACQUES - Hitler's Last Gamble;

NOLAN, FREDERICK – Brass Target (WWII); *** The Mittenwald Syndiacte (WWII); *** The Oshawa Project (WWII);

NOLAN, KEITH WILLIAM – Battle for Hue TET 1968 (Vietnam); *** Death Valley (Vietnam; Summer Offensive I Corps, August 1969);

NOLI, JEAN - The Admiral's Wolfpack (WWII; Submarine);

NORDEN, PETER – Flying Sand (WWII; Air); **** Madam Kitty (WWII);

NORDHOFF, CHARLES / HALL, JAMES CORMAN - Falcons of France (WWI; Air); *** Men Against the Sea; *** Mutiny of the Bounty;

NORTON, BRUCE H. - Force Recon Diary, 1969 (Vietnam);

NORTON, G.G. - The red devils: The Story of the British Airborne Forces (with photos);

NORTON, MAJOR BRUCE H. 'DOC'/ JACQUES, SERGEANT MAJOR MAURICE J. - Sergeant Major, The Biography of Sergeant Major Maurice J. Jacques, USMC);

NYISZLI, DR. MIKLOS - Auschwitz (WWII; Holocaust);

--- O ---


O'BRIAN, PATRICK - Desolation Island (History - Naval); **** The Far Side of the World (History-Naval); **** Master and Commander (History - Naval); **** The Reverse of the Medal (History-Naval);

O'BRIEN, EUGENE - He Swung and he Missed (Navy); One Way Ticket (Navy);

O'BRIEN, TERENCE – The Moonlight War (WWII/ Clandestine Operations in South-East Asia 1944-45);

O'BRIEN, TIM - Going After Cacciato (Nam); If I Die in a Combat Zone (Nam);

O'CONNOR, RICHARD - Company Q (American Civil War); Guns of Chickamauga (American Civil War);

O'DONNEL, JAMES P. - The Bunker;

OFFENBERG, JEAN - Lonely Warrior (WWII; Air; Battle of Britain);

OGBURN JR., CHARLTON - The Marauders (WWII; Air Burma);

OGDEN, RICHARD E. - Gree Knight, Red Mourning (Nam);

O'HARA, PATRICK - The Wohldorf Shipment (WWIIl Submarine);

O'KANE, RICHARD H. - Clear the Bridge (WWII; Submarine);


OLECK, MAJOR HOWARD - Eye-witness World War II Battles (Ed.; WWII); Heroins Battles of World War II (Ed.; WWII);


OLSEN, JACK - Silence on Monte Sole (WWII);

OLSEN, OLUF REED - Assignment: Spy (WWII); *** Two Eggs On My Plate;

OLSEN, THEODORE V. - Soldier Blue;

OLSON, LLOYD E. - Skip Bomber (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

O'MALLEY, ERINE - Army Without Banners;


ORAM, K.K. - Ready for Sea (History - Naval);

ORBAAN, ALBERT - Battle and Bloodshed;

ORGEL, DORIS - The Devil in Vienna (WWII);

ORGILL, DOUGLAS - The Gothic Line (WWII);

ORNA, JOSEPH – The Escaping Habit ( WWII; POW );

O'ROURKE, FRANK - "E" Company (WWII);

OTT, WOLFGANG - Sharks and Little Fish (WWII; Submarine);

OWEN, FRANK - Triple Cross (WWII);

OWEN, JOSEPH R. - Colder Than Hell - Marine Rifle Company at Chosen Reservoir (Korea);


--- P ---


PADDEN IAN (The Fighting Elite) - U.S. Air Commando; U.S. Army Special Forces; U.S. Marines; U.S. Navy Seals; U.S. Rangers;

PADFIELD, PETER - The Lions' Claw (History - Naval);

PAGE, GEOFFREY - Tale of a Guinea Pig (WWII; Air);

PALMER, DAVE RICHARD - Summons of the Trumpet (Nam);

PALMER, BRIGADIER GENERAL JOHN McCAULY - America in Arms 1789 - 1943;

PAPE, RICHARD – Arm Me Audacity (Cold War British Double Agent); **** Boldness Be My Friend (WWII; Prisoner of War); ** Fortune is My Enemy; ** Sequel to Boldness;

PARKER, GEORGE - Guarmcha Trail;

PARKER, LEE (Donovan's Devils) - #1 The Assassination is Set for July 4; #3 The Guns of Mazatlan;

PARKINSON, C. NORTHCOTE - Devil to Pay (History – Naval); **** The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower (Fictional Biography);

PARKMAN, FRANCIS - A Half-Century of Conflict;

PARNELL, GEOFF - A Day is 26 Hours (WWII; Air); The Third Man at Berezna Bridge (WWII);

PARQUE, RICHARD - Flight of the Phantom (Nam); *** Sweet Vietnam ( Vietnam Mig Ridge );

PARRISH, DR. JOHN A. - 12,20 and 5: Doctor's Year i Vietnam (Nam);

PASH, BORIS T. - The Alsos Mission (WWII);

PATTERSON, CHARLES J./ TIPPIN G. LEE – The Heroes Who Fell From Grace ( American POW's in Southeast Asia);

PATTERSON, HARRY - To Catch a King (WWII); The Valhalla Exchange (WWII);

PATTINSON, JAMES - Last in Convoy (WWII; Naval);


PAULL, RAYMOND - Retreat From Kokoda (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

PAUSEWANG, GUDRUN – The Final Journey (WWII; Holocaust);

PAWLE, GERALD - Secret Weapons of World War Two (WWII);

PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler;

PEACOCK, JERE - To Drill and Die; Valhalla;

PEARCE, FRANK - Last Call from HMS Edinburgh (WWII; Navy);

PEARL, JACK - Ambush Bay (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Battleground World War I (WWI); Blood-and-Guts Patton; Garrison's Gorillas (WWII); General Douglas MacArthur; *** Stockade;

PEARSON, HESKETH - The Hero of Delhi;

PEARSON, MICHAEL – Tears of Glory: The Betrayal of Vercors, 1944 (WWII);

PEART, ROBERT - Angels of Death (WWII; Normandy);

PEASE, HOWARD - The Black Tanker (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

PECK, IRA – The Battle of Midway (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Midway);

PEILLARD, LEONCE - The Laconia Affair (WWII); *** Sink the Tirpitz! (WWII; Naval);

PEIS, GUNTER – The Man Who Started the War (Biography of Nazi Major Alfred Helmut Naujocks);

PELFREY, WILLIAM - The Big V (Nam); *** Hamburger Hill (Vietnam);

PELLING, HENRY - Britain and the Second World War (WWII);

PEMBERTON, W. BARING - Battles of the Boer War;

PENNELL, JOSEPH - DisHonoured Flesh - History of Rome Hanks (American Civil War);

PEPPER, DAN / GARETH, MAX - The Enemy General (WWII);

PERRAULT, GILLES - The Red Orchestra (WWII); *** The Secret of D-Day (WWII);

PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Piercing the Reich (WWII); *** The Spiderweb (WWII);

PETERS, DR. BILL - First Force Recon Company - Sunrise at Midnight (Navy);


PHILBURN, DENNIS K. - Freedom Bird (Nam);

PHILBY, KIM – My Silent War ( 20th Century Notorious Spy);

PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS – Alamein ( WWII; with photos); *** Cockleshell Heroes; *** The Greatest Raid of All (WWII);

PICKERSGILL, FRANK - The Making of a Secret Agent (WWII);

PICKERING, GRAEME & BRIAN – Air Forces UK (British Aircraft);


PIERCY, MARGE - Gone to Soldiers (WWII);

PILPEL, ROBERT H. - To the Honour of the Fleet (WWI; Navy);

PINTO, ORESTE - Friend or Foe? (WWII); Spycatcher (WWII); Spycatcher 3 (WWII);

PIRRO, UGO - The Camp Followers (WWII); 5 Branded Women (WWII); ** A Thousand Betrayals;

PISOR, ROBERT – The End of the Line; The Siege of KHE Sanh (Vietnam);

PITKIN JR., WALTER B. - What's That Pine - Practical Aircraft Identification (WWII);

PITT, BARRIE – Churchill and the Generals (WWII); **** 1918: The Last Act (WWI); Zeebrugge (WWI);

PITTENGER, TED - Warrior's Return (WWII);

PLAGEMANN, BENTZ - The Steel Cocoon (WWII; Navy);

PLANTZ, DONALD J. - Sweeney Squadron ( WWII; Fighter Squardron);

PLIEVIER, THEODOR - Berlin (WWII); Moscow (WWII); Stalingrad (WWII);


POLLAND, MADELEINE - The Little Spot of Bother;

POLLER, WALTER - Medical Block Buchenwald (WWII; Holocaust);

POLLINI, FRANCIS - Night (Korea);

POLLOCK, J.C. - Centrifuge (Nam); Mission M.I.A. (Nam); *** Crossfire (Espionage);

PONICSAN, DARRYL - Cinderella Liberty (Navy); The Last Detail (Navy);

POOLMAN, KENNETH – The Giant Killers (WWII; R.A.F.); *** Guns Off Cape Ann (Naval History);**** Kelly (WWII; Naval); *** Teach 'em to Die ( WWII ; H.M.S.; Constant);

POPE, DUDLEY - Buccaneer (History - Naval); *** Convoy ( WWII; Naval); *** Corsair (History – Naval); Decoy (WWII; Naval);* *** Ramage (History – Naval); *** Ramage's Challenge *** Ramage's Devil *** Ramage's Diamond (History – Naval); *** Ramage's Mutiny ( History – Naval); **** Ramage and the Renegades (History – Naval); *** ---- 73 North-Defeat of Hitler's Navy (WWII; Navy); The Triton Brig (History - Naval);

POPE, RAY - The Drum;

POPKIN, ZELDA - The Journey Home;

POPOV, DUSKO - Spy Counterspy (WWII);

PORTER, HORACE - Campaigning with Grant (American Civil War);

PORTER, JOHN – If I Make my Bed in Hell (Vietnam);

PORTWAY, CHRISTOPHER - Forbidden Frontier (WWII);

POST, CHARLES JOHNSON - The Little War of Private Post;

POTTER, JOHN DEANE – Fiasco; the Break-out of the German Battleships (WWII; German navy); **** The Life and Death of a Japanese General (WWII; Pacific Theatre);

POWE, BRUCE - The Canadian Civil War;

POWELL, ANTHONY – The Soldier's Art (WWII);

POWELL, JONATHAN – A Family at War; to the Turn of the Tide (WWII);

POWELL, MICHAEL - Death in the Atlantic (WWII; Navy); The Last Voyage of the Graf Spee (WWII; Navy);


POWERS, FRANCIS GARY / GENTRY, CURT - Operation Overflight;

POYER, DAVID - The Circle (Navy); *** The Gulf (Naval Warfare); *** The Mad (Naval);

POYER, JOE - Operation Malacca (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Submarine);

PRAGER, ARHTUR AND EMILY - World War Two Resistance Stories (WWII);

PRANGE, GORDON W. - (with Goldstein, Donald M./ Dillon, Katherine V.) - Pearl Harbor; the Verdict of History (WWII);

PRATT, FLETCHER - A Short History of the Civil War (American Civil War);

PRATT, REX K. - You Tell My Son (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

PRESSOR, JACOB - Breaking Point (WWII);

PRESTON, J.K. - Operation Survival (WWII);

PRICE, JOHN ALLEN - Doomsday Ship (WWII; Navy - Germany);

PRITT, D.N. - Must the War Spread? (WWII);

PROFFITT, NICHOLAS - Gardens of Stone (Nam);

PRUITT, JAMES N. (Special Operations Command) - #1 Special Operations Command; *** (Special Operations Command) - #3 Dessert Fury *** (Special Operations Command) - #5 Island Storm *** (Special Operations Command) - #6 Swamp Kill;

PRYCE, J.E. - Heels in Line (WWII; Prisoner of War);


PUCCETTI, ROLAND - The Death of the Fuhrer (WWII);

PURCELL, BEN & ANNE - Love and Duty (Nam; Prisoner of War);

PYLE, ERNIE - Brave Men (WWII); Here is Your War (WWII);

PYLE, RICHARD – Schwarzkopf; in his own Words (Biography);

--- Q ---

QUAYLE, ANTHONY - On Such a Night (WWII)

QUIGLEY, JOHN - The Last Checkpoint;

--- R ---

RABINOWITZ, DOROTHY - New Lives (WWII; Holocaust);

RACHLIS, EUGENE - They Came to Kill (WWII; Submarine);

RAMATI, ALEXANDER - The Assisi Underground (WWII; Holocaust);

RAMRUS, AL / CHANER, JOHN - The Ludenorff Pirates;

RANDLE, KEVIN ; CORNETT, ROBERT - Remember the Alamo;

RANDLE, CAPT. KEVIN D. - Dawn of Conflict (WWIII);

RANKIN, LT. COL. WILLIAM H. - The Man Who Rode the Thunder (Air);

RAPOPORT, ROGER - The Great American Bomb Machine;

RASCOVICH, MARK - The Bedford Incident (Submarine); **** Falkenhorst (Franco – Prussian War);

RASHKE, RICHARD – Escape From Sobibor (WWII; Holocaust);

RASKIN, MARCUS G./ FALL, BERNARD B. - The Viet-nam Reader (Nam);


RAWLINGS, LEO - And the Dawn Came up Like Thunder (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

RAWNSLEY, C.F. / WRIGHT, ROBERT - Night Fighter (WWII; Air);

RAYMOND, ERNEST - The Quiet Shore (WWI; Gallipoli);

RAYNER, D.A. - The Crippled Tanker (WWII/ Sub); **** The Enemy Below (WWII; Submarine); The Long Fight (History - Naval); The Long Haul (WWII; Submarine); The Small Spark of Courage (WWII);

REDMAYNE, JOHN - Redcoat Spy;

REED, JOHN - Ten Days That Shook the World;

REED, WILLIAM – (Soldiers of War #1) Blood and Glory (WWII); *** #2 Company of Heroes (WWII);

REEMAN, DOUGLAS – Against the Sea; *** Badge of Glory (History - Naval); *** The Deep Silence (Naval Submarine); *** The Destroyer (WWII); The Greatest Enemy (Navy); **** Dive in the Sun (WWII); *** The First to Land (Boxer; Rebellion China); *** Go in and Sink! ( WWII; British Navy); *** His Majesty's U-Boat (WWII; Submarine); ** In Danger's Hour (WWII; Navy); The Last Raider (WWI; Navy); Path of the Storm (WWI; Navy); Path of the Storm (Navy); The Pride and the Anguish (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** Send a Gunboat (Naval); *** A Ship Must Die (WWII; Navy); Strike From the Sea (WWII; South Pacific Threater; Submarine);*** Sunset (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** Surface with Danring (WWII; Submarine); **** The White Guns ( WWII Naval); **** The Volunteers (WWII); Winged Escort (WWII); *** With Blood and Iron ( WWII; Submarine);

REEVES, JAMES R. - Mekong! (Nam);

REEVES, JAMES R. / TAYLOR, JAMES C. - Covert Actions (Nam);

REID, P.R. - Colditz: The Full Story (WWII; Prisoner Of War); The Colditz Story (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Latter Days at Colditz;

REISS, BOB - The Casco Deception (WWII);

REIT, SEYMOUR – Masquerade; the Amazing Camouflage Deceptions of World War II;

REITZ, DENEYS - Commando;

REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - All Quiet on the Western Front (WWI); *** The Road Back (WWI);

RESTON, JAMES B. - Prelude to Victory (WWII);

REYNOLDS, L.C. - Gunboat 658 (WWII; Naval);

REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - He Came Back (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); Known But to God; A London Diary (WWII); Minister of Death (WWII; Holocaust); Raid at Dieppe (WWII; Holocaust);Raid at Dieppe (WWII; Dieppe); 70,000 to 1 (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air); They Fought for the Sky (WWI; Air); The Wounded Don't Cry (WWII);

RHODES, HARI - A Chosen Few;

RIBALOW, HAROLD U. - Fighting Heroes of Israel ( ed.);

RICHARDS, ALUN – Sea Stories (ed.);

RICHARDS, GUY – The Canaris Papers (Secret WWII Papers);

RICHARDSON, ANTHONY – Wingless Victory (WWII; The Story of Sir Basil Embrace's Escape from Occupied France.);

RICHEY, WING CDR. PAUL - Fighter Pilot (WWII; Air);

RICHLER, ANTON - The Iron Heel (WWII);


RICHTER, HANS WERNER - Beyond Defeat (WWII; Prisoner of War);

RICKENBACKER, CAPT. EDDIE V. - Fighting the Flying Circus (WWI; Air); Rickenbacker - His Own Story;

RIGBY, RAY - The Hill (WWII); *** Jackson's Peace (WWII); *** Where Have All the Soldiers Gone (WWII);

RIKER, H. JAY (Seals the Warrior Breed) #1 Silver Star (US Navy Seals); **** #2 Purple Heart (US Navy Seals);

RIMMER, C. BRANDON - The Dirks Escape (WWII; Holocaust);

RIPLEY, TIM – Bayoney Battle (Bayoney Warfare in the Twentieth Century);

RITTER, SCOTT/ PITT, WILLIAM RIVERS – War on Iraq: what Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know;


ROBBINS, CHRISTOPHER – Air America (CIA's secret Airline);

ROBBINS, DAVID L. - War of the Rats ( WWII; Stalingrad);

ROBERTS, CRAIG – Combat Medic – Vietnam ( Nam);

ROBERTS, MARK K. (The Liberty Corps) - #2 Maracaibo Massacre; #3 Canal Zone Conquest; #4 Korean Carnage; #6 Costa Rican Chaos; (Soldier for Hire) - #7 Pathet Vengeance);

ROBERTS, MACLENNAN - The Great Locomotive Chase (American Civil War);

ROBERTS, MARK K. - Soldier for Hire #5 Libyan Warlord;

ROBERTS, MARK/ WATSON, CHIEF JIM – (Seal Team: Combat Missions #1 Search and Destroy (US Navy Seals);

ROBERTSON, CHARLES – Directive Sixteen (WWII); *** Strike Zone (WWII);

ROBERTSON, DEREK – Goshawk Squadron (WWI/ Air/ Humour);

ROBERTSON, DON - The Three Days (American Civil War; Gettysburg);

ROBERTSON, JOHN T. - Corvette Patrol (WWII; Navy);

ROBERTSON, TERENCE - Dieppe: The Shame and the Glory (WWII; Dieppe); *** Night Raider of the Atlantic (WWII; Submarine); *** The Ship with Two Captains (WWII; Submarine); *** Walker R.N. ( WWII; Royal Navy Biography);

ROBINSON, ANTHONY - A Departure from the Rules (Navy);

ROBINSON, DEREK – Goshawk Squadron (WWI; Air); *** Piece of Cake (WWII; Air); *** War Story (WWI);

ROBINSON, PATRICK – U.S.S. Seawolf (Submarine);

ROCK, PHILIP - The Extraordinary Seaman (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

RODIN, ARNOLD - The Partisans (WWII); Women Soldier (WWII);

ROFE, CYRIL - Against the Wind (WWII);

ROGERS, PATRICK F. (Omega) - #3 Target Zone;

ROGGE, CAPTAIN BERNHARD / FRANK, WOLFGANG – The German Raider Atlantis ( WWII; German Navy);

ROHMER, RICHARD - Patton's Gap (WWII; Normandy); *** Rommel and Patton;

ROJO, RICARDO – My Friend Che (Biography of Che Guevara);

ROMILLY, GILES/ ALEXANDER, MICHAEL - Hostages at Colditz (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Privileged Nightmare (WWII; Prisoner of War);

ROMULO, CARLOS, P. - Last Man Off Bataan (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

ROPP, THEODORE - War in the Modern World;

RORIPAUGH, ROBERT A. - A Fever for Living;

ROSCOE, THEODORE - Pig Boats (WWII; Submarine); Tin Cans (WWII; Navy);

ROSE, GEOFFREY – A Clear Road to Archangel ( Russian Civil War);

ROSENTHAL, A.M. / GELB, ARHTUR - One More Victim;

ROSIE, GEORGE - The British in Vietnam (Nam);

ROSKE, RALPH J./ VAN DOREN, CHARLES - Lincoln's Command (American Civil War);

ROSKEY, WILLIAM - Muffled Shots (Korea);

ROSS, GLEN - The Last Campaign (Korea);

ROSS, JAMES E. - The Dead are Mine(WWII);


ROSSITER, CLINTON - The First American Revolution (American Civil War);

ROSSITER, JOHN - The Man who Came Back (WWII; Air; Battle of Britain);

ROTH, JACK J. - World War I: a Turning Point in Modern History;

ROTH, ROBERT - Sand in the Wind (Nam);

ROTHBERG, ABRAHAM – Blitzkrieg; *** Counterattack; *** Siege; *** Victory;

ROWE, JAMES N. - Five Years to Freedom (Vietnam P.O.W.);

ROY, JULES - The Navigator (WWII; Air); *** The Unfaithful Wife (WWII);


ROYCE, KEN - The Satan Touch;


RUBIN, JONATHAN - The Barking Deer (Nam);


RUMANES, GEORGE N. - The Man with the Black Worrybeads (WWII);

RUNYON, CHARLES W. - The Bloody Jungle (Nam);

RUSS, MARTIN - The Last Parallel (Korea); Line of Department: Tarawa (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

RUSSELL, LORD - The Knights of Bushido (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); The Scourge of the Swastika (WWII);

RUSSELL, ROY - A Family at War: Towards Victory (WWII);

RUSSELL, WILLIAM - Berlin Embassy (WWII);

RUTLEDGE, JOSEPH LISTER – Century of Conflict;

RUTMAN, LEO – Clash of Eagles;

RUTTEN, OWEN - The British Navy's Air Arm (WWII);

RYAN, CHRIS – The One That Got Away ( SAS Mission);

RYAN, CORNELIUS - A Bridge to Far (WWII); The Last Battle (WWII); The Longest Day (WWII; D-Day);

--- S ---

SABATINI, RAFAEL - "Bardelys the Magnificent" (17th Century France); **** Captain Blood Return (Piracy 17th Century); *** "The Chronicles of Captain Blood" (Piracy 17th Century); **** "The Fortunes of Captain Blood" (Piracy 17th Century); **** "Master-at-Arms" (18th Century England); **** "Mistress Wilding" (King James I Era); **** "Scaramouche" (French Revolution); **** "The Sea-Hawk" (Barbary Coast Pirates);

SABER, W.J. - The Devious Defendors;

SACK, JOHN - Company C: The Real War in Iraq (Desert Storm); From Here to Shimbashi;M (Nam);

Casca 01 - Casca The Eternal Mercenary = SOLD OUT;
Casca 03 - Casca The War Lord (FINE $9.90)
Casca 04 - Casca Panzer Soldier = SOLD OUT;
Casca 05 - Casca The Barbarian = SOLD OUT;
Casca 07 - Casca The Damned = SOLD OUT;
Casca 09 - Casca The Sentinel = SOLD OUT;
Casca 10 - Casca The Conquistidor (FINE+, Near New = $10.90)
Casca 11 - Casca The Legionnaire
Casca 12 - Casca The African Mercenary (AS NEW $10.90);
Casca 13 - Casca The Assassin = SOLD OUT
Casca 14 - Casca The Phoenix = SOLD OUT
Casca 15 - Casca The Pirate = SOLD OUT
Casca 16 - Casca Desert Mercenary (FINE++, Almost New = $10.90)(VG/FN $8.90);
Casca 17 - Casca The Warrior = SOLD OUT;

Casca 18 - Casca The Cursed = SOLD OUT;

Casca 19 - Casca The Samurai = SOLD OUT;

Casca 20 - Casca Soldier of Gideon = SOLD OUT;

Casca 21 - Casca The Trench Soldier = SOLD OUT;
Casca 22 - Casca The Mogol = SOLD OUT;

Casca : HALLS OF MONTEZUMA. (book #25 in the CASCA Series) Bloody Battles of the Mexican American War by Roberts, Tony. (based on Barry Sadler) Americana Books, New York, NY, USA., 2006. Soft Cover. James Walker - Painted Cover Art! (illustrator). PBO (Paperback Original) True First Ed. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" Tall. 238 Pages; "The immortal warrior in a battle of blood and honor." Men's Action Adventure Series! LOW PRINT RUN and RARE Title; >> New New & Continuing Adventures of CASCA by Tony Roberts, based on the Barry Sadler series; Trade Paperback. Bookseller Inventory # 10060-1; Book Condition: FINE+, Near New = $69.00;
Casca : JOHNNY REB. (book #26 in the CASCA Series) American CIVIL War by Roberts, Tony. (based on Barry Sadler)
mericana Books, New York, NY, USA., 2007. Soft Cover. James Walker - Painted Cover Art! (illustrator). PBO (Paperback Original) True First Ed. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" Tall. 231 Pages; "The immortal warrior in a battle of blood and honor." Men's Action Adventure Series! LOW PRINT RUN and RARE Title; >> New New & Continuing Adventures of CASCA by Tony Roberts, based on the Barry Sadler series; Trade Paperback. Bookseller Inventory # 10061-1; Book Condition: FINE+, Near New = $69.00;

**** Cry Havoc (Nam); ***** PHU Nham (Nam);



ST. GERMAIN, GREGORY (Resistance) – Resistance #1 Night and Fog (WWII); Resistance #2 Magyar Massacre (WWII); Resistance #4 Road of Iron; Resistance #5 Target: Sahara (WWII); Resistance #6 Balkan Breakout (WWII);

ST. JOHN, ROBERT - The Man who Played God (WWII);

SAJER, GUY - The Forgotten Soldier (WWII);


SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - Behind the Lines Hanoi (Nam); The 900 Days (WWII; Leningrad); **** War Between Russia and China;

SALTER, JAMES - The Hunters (Korea - Air);

SAMPSON, ANTHONY - The Arms Bazaar; *** The Sovereign State of ITT;

Sampson, Henry; THE DUMPY BOOK OF SHIPS & THE SEA (Sampson Low Pub.; 1500 illustrations; General Editor Henry Sampson; No Date; Circa 1953?; 288 Pages including covers; UK British; Oblong Hardcover; Identification Guide for all types of SHIPS from around the world; The front endpapers are illustrated with Naval Ensigns of World Navies while its rear endpapers are illustrated with Merchant Ensigns and Jacks of World Navies.

This little book contains 59 separate chapters on Ship Types in the World's Merchant Fleets: North Atlantic Liners: A History of the Blue Riband; World Passenger Liners, Safety of Life at Sea; The Development of the Aircraft Carrier: Battleships: Cruisers: Development of the Submarine: Warships: and many others. Creases down middle of front & back covers, wear at spine edges; Inrerior is in nice condition; FA/G = $10);

SANDBURG, CARL - Storm over the Land (American Civil War);

SANDERS, LEONARD - Four-Year Hitch (Navy);

SANDERSON, JAMES DEAN - Behind Enemy Lines (WWII); Boy with a Gun;

SANFORD, DONALD S. - Midway (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Midway);

SANDFORD, KENNETH – Mark of the Lion: Captain Charles Upham (Biography/ Winner to Two Victorian Crosses);

SANDERS, JACQUIN – A Night Before Christmas; The Sinking of The Troopship Leopoldville (WWII; Naval);

SANDFORD, RICK – Heroes Die Young (WWII);

SANTOLI, AL – To Bear Any Burden (WWII);*****Everything We Had (Nam);

SARGENT, CRAIG - The Last Ranger; The Madman's Mansion;

SARLAT, NOAH - Combat! (Ed.; WWII); Danger Patrol (Ed.; WWII); War Cry (Ed.; WWII);


SASSER, CHARLES W. - (Detachment Delta) Operation Deep Steel (Future War) *** Detachment Delta) Operation Iron Weed (Future Weed); *** (with Roberts, Craig) One Shot – One Kill (American Combat Snipers);


SATHERLEY, DAVID - Private Navy (WWII; Navy);

SAUL, JOHN RALSTON - The Birds of Prey;

SAVAGE, KATHARINE - The Story of the Second World War (WWII);

SAVARIN, JULIAN JAY - Macallister's Task;

SAVILLE - SNEATH, R.A. - Aircraft Recognition (WWII);

SAXON, PETER - The Enemy Sky (WWI; Air); The Unfeeling Sky (WWI; Air); The Warring Sky (WWI; Air);

SAYER, IAN/ BOTTING, DOUGLAS – Nazi Gold (WWII; with photos);

SCANNELL, DOLLY – Dolly's War (WWII; Autobiography);

SCHAEFER, JACK - Company of Cowards (U.S. Calvary);

SCHAEFFER, HEINZ – U-Boat 977 ( WWII; German U-Boats);

SCHAEFFER, SUSAN FROMBERG - Buffalo Afternoon (Nam);

SCHIFF, PEARL - Scollay Square (WWII);

SCHESINGER, ARTHUR M. - The Bitter Heritage: Vietnam and American Democracy 1941 - 1966;

SCHMIDT, HEINZ WERNER - With Rommel in the Desert (WWII); Stalingrad (WWII; Stalingrad);


SCHOFIELD, B.B. - The Russian Convoys (WWII; Naval);

SCHULER, FRANK / MOORE, ROBIN - The Pearl Harbor Cover-Up (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SCHULTZ, DUANE – The Maverick War (WWII; Flying Tigers); *** Wake Island (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SCHURMACHER, EMILE C.- Attack! (WWII); Richthofen the Red Baron (WWI; Air German); Terror in Algiers;

SCHUYLER, KEITH C. - Elusive Horizons (WWII; Air);

SCHWARZ-BART, ANDRE – The Last of the Just;

SCHWARZ, DR. FRED – You Can Trust the Communists;


SCOFIELD, JONATHAN (Freedom Fighters) - #14 Far Shores of Danger (Korea); #15 Junglefire (Nam);

SCOTT, ALAN – Mayday 747;

SCOTT, DOUGLAS - The Albatross Run (WWII; Navy); The Burning Ships (WWII; Navy); **** In the Face of the Enemy (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War); **** Operation Artemis (WWII); The Spoils of War (WWII); *** Shadows (WWII);

SCOTT, JAY - Army War Heroes; Marine War Heroes;

SCOTT, LEONARD B. - Charlie Mike (Nam); The Expendables (Nam); The Hill (Nam); The Last Run (Nam);

SCOTT, ROBERT L. - The Day I Owned the Sky (WWII); *** Flying Tiger: Chennault of China (WWII; Air; South Pacific Theatre); God is My Co-Pilot (WWII; Air; South Pacific Theatre); Look of the Eagle (Air); Tiger in the Sky (Air);SEARLS, HANK - The Hero Ship (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Kamikaze);

SEARLES, HANK – The Hero Ship (WWII; Naval);

SEGEV, TOM – Soldiers of Evil; The Commandants of the Nazi concentration Camps (WWII; Holocaust);

SEGHERS, ANNA - The Seventh Cross (WWII; Prisoner of War);

SELA, OWEN - An Exchange of Eagles (WWII); The Petrograd Consignment (WWI);


SELLERS, CON – Brothers in Battle (Korea); *** (Men at Arms) - #1 The Gathering Storm (WWII); **** (Men at Arms) - #3 A World Ablaze (WWII); **** (Men at Arms) - #4 Allied in Victory (WWII); *** Too Late the Hero (WWII);

SEMENOV, JULIAN - The Himmler Ploy (WWII);

SENDER, RAMON J. - Seven Red Sundays (Revolutionary Spain);

SENDER, RUTH MINSKY – The Cage (WWII/ Holocaust);

SENTJURC, IGOR - The Torrents of War (WWII);

SERLING, ROD - The Season to be Wary (WWII);

SERRAILLIER, IAN - Esacpe from Warsaw (WWII); The Silver Sword (WWII);

SETH, RONALD - Lion with Blue Wings (WWII; Air);

SETLOWE, RICK - The Brink (Air);

SEYMOUR, GERALD - In Honour Bound (Air);

SHAARA, MICHAEL - The Killer Angels (American Civil War; Gettysburg);


SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sixth Of June (WWII);

SHAW, BYNUM - The Nazi Hunter;

SHAW, CHARLES - Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SHAW, IRWIN - Retreat; The Young Lions (WWII);

SHEEHAN, NEIL – The Arnheiter Affair (99 Days Aboard U.S.S. Vance); **** The Pentagon Papers (Nam);

SHEEHAN, SUSAN – A Missing Plane (WWII; Air);

SHELDON, WALT - Hell of High Water (Korea; Inchon); Troubling of a Star (Korea);

SHELLEY, SIDNEY – The McKenzie Break (WWII);

SHEPARD, JIM – Paper Doll (WWII; Air);

SHEPPARD, STEPHEN – The Artisan (WWII; French Resistance);

SHERLOCK, JOHN - The Ordeal of Major Grigsby;

SHERMAN, ARNOLD – When God Judged and Men Died ( Battle of Yom Kippur; with Photos);

SHERMAN, DAVID (The Night Fighters) - #2 Main Force Assault (Nam); *** (The Night Fighters) - #3 Out of the Fire (Nam); *** (The Night Fighters) - #4 A Rock and a Hard Place (Nam); *** (The Night Fighters) - #6 Charlie Don't Live Here Anymore;

SHERWOOD, CARLTON - No Surrender (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - Berlin Diary (WWII); The Collapse of the Third Republic (WWII); End of a Berlin Diary (WWII); Midcentury Journey; The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; The Traitor (WWII);

SHIROTA; JON - Lucky Comes Hawaii (WWII);

SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - And Quiet Flows the Don (WWI); The Don Flows Home to the Sea ( WWI);

SHULMAN, MAX - The Feather Merchants;

SHULMAN, MILTON – Defeat in the West (Germany's Greatest Battles);

SHUTE, NEVIL - The Breaking Wave (WWII); The Chequer Board; Landfall (WWII); The Legacy (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War); Most Secret (WWII); *** On the Beach (Post Nuclear War); *** Pastoral (WWII; Air); Pied Piper (WWII); A Town Called Alice (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

SIBLY, JOHN - You'll Walk to Mandalay (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War; Burma);

SIEGAL, ARANKA – Upon the Head of the Goat; a Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944 (WWII; Autobiography);

SILLITOE, ALAN - Counterpoint; The General


SIMMEL - The Cain Conspiracy; The Monte Cristo Cover-Up;

SIMMONS, JACQUES - Warship (Naval);

SIMMONS, KENNETH W. - Prisoner of War (WWII; P.O.W.);

SIMON, O.E. - Curse of the Gods;


SIMPSON III, CHARLES M. - Inside the Green Berets;

SIMPSON, COLIN - Lusitania (WWI; Navy); *** The Ship That Hunted Itself (WWI);


SIMS, EDWARD H. - The Aces Talk (Air); American Aces (WWII; Air); Fighter Exploits (Air); The Greatest Aces (WWII; Air); Greatest Fighter Missions (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

SINCLAIR, UPTON – Dragon's Teeth (WWII); *** One Clear Call (WWII); *** Presidential Agent (WWII); *** The Return of Lanny Budd; *** Theirs be the Guilt (American Civil War); **** Wide is the Gate (WWII); *** World's End (WWI); A World to Win (WWII);

SINCLAIR, W.A. - The Voice of the Nazi (WWII);

SINGER, ADAM - Platoon (WWII);

SINGER, HOWARD - Wake Me When It's Over (Air);


SINGER, KURT - Spies Who Changed History (Ed.);

SIRE, GLEN - The Deathmakers (WWII);

SKIDMORE, IAN - Escape from Rising Sun (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SKINNER, MICHAEL - Red Flag - Combat Training in Today's Air Force (Air);

SLATER, HUMPHREY - Soldiers Three (WWII);

SLATER, IAN - Forbidden Zone (WWII); *** The Pledge (Israel);

(WWIII) - WWIII; Arctic Front; Force of Arms; Rage of Battle; Warshot; World in Flames;


SLEDGE, E.B. - With the Old Breed (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SLIM, SIR WILLIAM - Defeat into Victory (WWII; South Pacific Threater; Burma);

SLOAN, CHRISTOPHER – In Search Of Eagles (WWII; Air); *** The Wings of Death (WWII; Air);

SLOAN, JAMES PARK - War Games (Nam);

SMITH, DONALD - And All the Trumpets (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

SMITH, DUNCAN: GROUP CAPTAIN – Spitfire into Battle ( WWII; Air);

SMITH, FREDERICK E. - A Killing for the Hawks (WWI; Air); *** Saffron's Army (WWII); Saffron's War (Air); (633 Squadron) - 633 Squadron (WWII); Operation Crucible (WWII); Operation Rhine Maiden (WWII); Operation Titan (WWII); Operation Valkyrie (WWII); Waterloo;

SMITH, GARY R./ MAKI, ALAN – Death in the Jungle; Diary of a Navy Seal (Vietnam);

SMITH, GENE - The Horns of the Moon - Biography of Adolf Hitler;

SMITH, GEORGE - The Unfinished Battle (WWII);

SMITH, GEN. HOLLAND M. - Coral and Brass (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SMITH, HOWARD K. - Last Train from Berlin (WWII);

SMITH, JR., JAMES V. - (Force Recon) Deep Strike (Future);

SMITH, PETER – Destroyer Leader (WWII; Naval; HMS. Faulknor);

SMITH, S.E. (ed.) - The United States Navy in World War II (with 64 pages photos);

SMITH, STAN - The Battle of Savo (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Navy); ***The Destroyermen (WWII; Navy);*** Dive, Dive! (WWII; Submarines); *** Escape from Hell (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); *** The Navy at Guadacanal (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy); *** Pass the Ammunition (WWII; Navy);

SMITH, STEVEN PHILLIP - American Boys (Nam);

SMITH, SYDNEY - 'Wings' Day (WWII; Prisoner of War);

SMITH, WILBUR M. - Israeli/Arab Conflict;

SMITH, WILLIAM GARDNER - Last of the Conquerors (WWII);


SNEIDER, VERN - The King from Ashtabula; The Teahouse of the August Moon (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SNYDER, GERALD S. - The Royal Oak Disaster (WWII; Submarine);

SNYDER, LOUIS L. - Historic Documents of World War I (WWI); *** Hitler and Nazism (WWI); *** The War; a Concise History 1939-1945;


SOLZHENITSYN, ALEXANDER - ** The Love-Girl and the Innocent;

SOMMERFELT, AIMEE – Miriam (WWII/ Nazi Occupied Norway);

SONTAG, SHERRY – Blind Man's Bluff (The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage);

SPALDING, RICHARD D. - Centaur Flights (Vietnam/ Cobra Helicopter Pilot);


SPEER, ALBERT - Inside the Third Reich (WWII); Spandau - The Secret Diaries (WWII; Holocaust);


SPETZ, STEVEN N. - Rat Pack Six (Nam);

SPICK, MIKE - The Ace Factor (Air);

SPONG, RICHARD - See if he Wins;

SPOONER, JOHN D. - Three Cheers for War in General;


STAFFORD, COMMANDER EDWARD P. - The Big E (WWII; Navy); **** Little Ship, Big War (WWII/ Destroyer Escort 343/ Naval);

STAGG, DELANO - Bloody Beaches (WWII; South Pacific Theatre); The Glory Jumpers (WWII);

STANDLEY, GEORGE - ** The Might of the Emperor;


STANTON, PAUL - The Gun Garden (WWII; Air);

STANTON, SHELBY L. - Green Berets at War ( Special Forces in Asia 1956 – 1975); *** Rangers at War: LRRP's in Vietnam (Nam); *** The Rise and Fall of an American Army (U.S. Ground Forces in Vietnam, 1965-1973);

STARR, LOUIS M. - Reporting the Civil War (American Civil War);

STAVIS, BARRIE - The Chain of Command;

STAVISKY, SAMUEL E. - Marine Combat Correspondent - World War II in the Pacific (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

STEIN, BENJAMIN J. - The Manhattan Gambit (WWII);

STEINBECK, JOHN - The Moon is Down (WWII); Once There Was a War (WWII);

STEINER, JEAN FRANCOIS - Treblinka (WWII; Holocaust);

STEPHAN, ENNO – Spies in Ireland (WWII);

STERLING, DOROTHY - I Have Seen War (Ed.; WWII);

STERLING, FOREST J. - Wake of the Wahoo (WWII; Submarine);

STERN, DAVID - Francis;

STERN, J.P. - Hitler: The Fuhrer and the People;

STETTINUS, E.R. - Lend-Lease, Weapon for Victory (WWII);

STEVEN, STEWART – The Spymasters of Israel (Inside Look at World's Best Intelligence Service);

STEVENS, ROBERT TYLER – Flight From Bucharest (WWI);


STEVENSON, WILLIAM – The Borman Brotherhood (WWII); *** A Man Called Intrepid (WWII); **** 90 Minutes at Entebbe (Israel's Operation Thunderbolt); **** Strike Zion! (Israeli); Zanek! (Air-Israeli);

STEWART, SIDNEY – Give Us This Day (WWII; Bataan Death March);

STIFF, PETER - The Rain Goddess;

STILWELL, GEN. JOSEPH W. - The Stilwell Papers;

STINSON, JOSEPH C. - Heartbreak Ridge;

STIPP, JOHN L. - The Hitler Conspiracy;

STIVERS, DICK – Hostile Fire;

STOCK, KURT W. - All Quiet on the Russian Front (WWII; Prisoner of War);

STONE, ELAINE MURRAY – Uganda Fire & Blood;

STONELEY, JACK – Jenny's War (WWII/ P.O.W.);

STOVER, HERBERT E. - Powder Mission (American Revolution);

STRATHERN, PAUL - One Man's War (WWI);

STRAWSON, BRIGADIER JOHN - The Battle for North Africa (WWII);

STREATFEILD, NOEL – When the Siren Wailed ( WWII; Operation Pied Piper);

STREET, JAMES - By Valour and Arms (American Civil War);


STRONG, TERENCE – The Fifth Hostage; *** Whisper Who Dares (SAS Mission in Ulster, Ireland, 1976);

STRUTTON, BILL - Commando Force 133 (WWII);

STRUTTON, BILL / PEARSON, MICHEAL - The Beachhead Spies (WWII); The Secret Invaders (WWII);

STUART, V.A. - (Pseudonym of Charles Stuart-Vernon -- Aka; Violet Vivian Mann )
BRAVE CAPTAINS. (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #2; G=$2.50).
CANNONS OF LUCKNOW. ( Captain Alex Alexander Sheridan Series Book #4; FN+=$15; FN=$12; G/VG=$8)
ESCAPE FROM HELL. ( Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #8 ; FN = $18).
HAZARD OF HUNTRESS. (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #4; FN=$6; VG+=$4.50).
HAZARD'S COMMAND. (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #3; G/VG=$4).
MASSACRE AT CAWNPORE. (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #3; FN+=$9; VG+ = $6.90; near VG=$5.90).
MUTINY AT DAWN. ( Captain Alex Alexander Sheridan Series Book #2 ) >>>{Also Known as; " Mutiny in Meerut " or also as; " The Sepoy Mutiny "; G/VG = $12)
VALIANT SAILORS. (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #1; The Crimean War, Sebastopol in 1854, Royal Navy, vs Russians; FN+=$10; near FN = $7);

VICTORY AT SEBASTOPOL (Commander Phillip Horatio Hazard R.N. Series Book #5; Climax of the Crimean War; VG+=$6);


STUBBINGTON, COLIN - Night Raiders (WWI; Air);

STYLES, SHOWELL - ** Sea Road to Camperdown;

STYRON, WILLIAM - The Long March;

SUDDICK, TOM – A Few Good Men (Vietnam);

SUFRIN, MARK - The Raid (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Prisoner of War);

SUHL, YURI – They Fought Back (WWII; Jewish Resistance);

SULLIVAN, GEORGE – Great Escapes of World War II;

SULLY, FRANCOIS - Age of the Guerrilla;

SUMMERS JR., HARRY G. - On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Gulf War *** On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War (Nam);

SUMMERSBY, WAC CAPTAIN KAY - Eisenhower was my Boss;


SUSKIND, RICHARD - Do You Want to Live Forever! (WWI);

SUSSMAN, BARTH JULES - Shanghai (WWII; South Pacific Theatre);

SUTHERLAND, ROBERT – Son of the Hounds (War of 1812); *** Suddenly a Spy (WWII);

SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Black Cockade (History - naval);

SUTTON, JEFF - Bombs in Orbit (Air);

SUVOROV, VICTOR - The Liberators: Inside the Soviet Army; *** Spetsnaz, the Story of the Soviet SAS;

SUYIN, HANS - ... And the Rain my Drink; *** The Crippled Tree ( War and Revolution in China); *** The Morning Deluge Volume 1;

SWANBERG, W.A. - Sickles the Incredible (American Civil War);

SWARTHOUT, GLENDON – Break-Out (WWII/ P.O.W.'s); *** They Came to Cordura; The Tin Lizzie Troop;

SWEARUBGEN, BEN F. - The Mystery of Hermann Goering's Suicide;

SWIFT, BRYAN (Mac Wingate) - #1 Mission Code: Symbol (WWII); #2 Mission Code: King's Pawn (WWII); #3 Mission Code: Minotaur (WWII); #4 Mission Code: Granite Island (WWII); #5 Mission Code: Springboard (WWII); #6 Mission Code: Snow Queen (WWII); #7 Mission Code: Acropolis (WWII); *** #9 Mission Code: Track and Destroy (WWII); #10 Mission Code; Survival (WWII); #11 Mission Code: Scorpion (WWII);

SYMONS, JULIAN - An Anthology of War Poetry (Ed.);

SZILAGYE, ROBERT J. / MONROE, STANLEY C. - Mediterranean Manoeuvre;

SZULC, TAD / MEYER, KARL E. - The Cuban Invasion;

--- T ---

TABOR, MICHAEL - Battle of the Bulge (WWII);

TABORI, GEORGE - The Journey;

TABOUIS, GENEVIEVE - Blackmail or War;

TAFFRAIL - Toby Shad;

TANGMERE, RAF - ** Fighter Station Supreme;

TARR, HERBERT - The Conversion of Chaplain Cohen (Air);

TARRANT, JOHN - The Rommel Plot (WWII);

TAUBER, PETER - The Sunshine Soldier;

TAYLOR, A.J.P. - The Origins of the Second World War;

TAYLOR, ARTHUR – Discovering French and German Military Uniforms;

TAYLOR, CHARLES D. - Show of Force (Brink of WWIII); **** The Sunset Patriots (Navy);

TAYLOR, EDMOND - The Strategy of Terror (WWII);

TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. - Rockets and Missiles (Illustrated in Color);

TAYLOR, THEODORE - Battle in the English Channel (WWII; Navy); The Battle off Midway Island (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Midway); *** H.M.S. vs. Bismark: the Battleship Battle (WWII; Naval);

TAYLOR, THOMAS - A Piece of This Country (Nam);

TAYLOR, WARD - Roll Back the Sky (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Air);

TEED, JACK HAMILTON (Gunships) - The Killing Zone (Nam); **** (Gunships) - #2 Fire Force (Nam);

TEN BOOM, CORRIE - The HIding Place (WWII; Holocaust); A Prisoner and Yet... (WWII; Holocaust);

TERASAKI, GWEN - Bridge to the Sun (WWII);

TEKKEL, STUDS - "The Good War" - an Oral History of World War Two (WWII);

TERRAINE, JOHN – Mons (WWI; with photos); *** The Western Front (WWI);

TERRY, WALLACE - Bloods - an Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans (Nam);

THACHER, RUSSEL - The Captain (WWII; South Pacific Theatre; Navy);

THAYER, CHARLES W. - Guerrilla;

THAYER, GEORGE – The War Business; The International Trade in Armaments;


THOMAS, BARRY - Wings (WWI; Air);

THOMAS, GORDON / WITTS, MAX MORGAN - Enola Gay (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Air); **** Ruins from the Air; The Atomic Mission to Hiroshima (WWII; Air; Japan); *** Voyage of the Damned (Jews Flight from Nazis/ WWII);


THOMAS, HUGH – The Murder of Rudolf Hess ( with Photos); *** The Spanish Civil War (with photos);


THOMAS, LESLIE - Come to the War; The Magic Army (WWII); Onward Virgin Soldiers; Orange Wednesday; Stand Up Virgin Soldiers; The Virgin Soldiers;

THOMAS, W.B. - Dare to be Free (WWII; P.O.W.);

THOMEY, TEDD – Jet Pilot (Air);

THOMPSON, MAJ.-GEN. JULIAN - Ready for Anything;

THOMPSON, COL. PAUL W. - Modern Battle (WWII);

THOMPSON, R.W. -Battle for the Rhine (WWII); Dieppe at Dawn (WWII; Dieppe); The 85 Days;

THOMPSON, WALTER - Lancaster to Berlin (WWII; Air);

THORP, DUNCAN - Only Akiko;

THORWALD, JUERGEN - Defeat in the East (WWII);

TICKELL, JERRARD – Appointment with Venus (WWII); *** Moon Squardron (WWII); *** Odette (WWII; Biography);

TIDYMAN, ERNEST - The Anzio Death Trap (WWII);

TIEDE, TOM - Coward (Nam);

TIEMPO, E.K. - Cry Slaughter (WWII; South Pacific Theatre );

TIERNEY, JANE – Tobo; One Woman's Escape (WWII; P.O.W.);

TILSLEY, FRANK - H.M.S. Defiant (History – Naval);

TINKER, LIEUT. DAVID – A Message from the Falklands (His Life and Death from his Letters and his Poems);

TINKLE, LON - The Alamo;

TITLER, DALE - The Day the Red Baron Died (WWI; Air);

TODD, FORREST EARL – The Pawns ( Green Berets in Vietnam);

TOLAND, JOHN - Adolf Hitler; Battle: The Story of the Bulge (WWII; Battle of the Bulge); But Not in Shame (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ); Infamy (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ); The Last 100 Days (WWII);

TOLISCHUS, OTTO D. - Through Japanese Eyes;

TOMASSON, KATHERINE/ BUIST, FRANCIS – Battles of the '45 (Prince Charles Edward in 18th Century Scotland);

TORRES, TERESKA – Women's Barracke (WWII; Autobiography);

TOUT, KEN – Tanks, Advance!;

TOWNSEND, PETER - Duel of Eagles (WWII; Air; Battle of Britain);

TREBICH, WILLY - The Broken Swastika (WWII);

TREGASKIS, RICHARD - Guadalcanal Diary (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Guadalcanal); Invasion Diary (WWII); *** Last Plane to Shanghai; *** Stronger Than Fear (WWII); Vietnam Diary (Nam);

TREVELYAN, RALEIGH – The Fortress ( WWII; Anzio);

TREVELYAN, ROBERT (Pendragon) - Late of Prince Albert's Own (History); The Montenegran Plot (History);

TREVOR, ELLESTON – Bury Him Among Kings (WWI); *** The Damocles Sword (WWII); The Killing Ground - Normandy 1944 (WWII; Normandy); Squadron Airborne (WWII; Air; Battle of Britain);

TREVOR - ROPER, HUGH - Final Entries, 1945 - Diaries of Joseph Goebbels (WWII); Hitler's Secret Conversations 1941-1944 (WWII); The Last Days of Hitler (WWII);

TREW, ANTHONY - The Anthonv Project; **** Kleber's Convoy (WWII; Navy); **** Running Wild; **** Two Hours to Darkness (Submarine); *** The Zhukov Briefing (Submarine);


TROTTI,JOHN - Marine Air - First to Fight;

TRUMBO, DALTON - Johnny Got his Gun (WWI);


TSUNETOMO, YAMAMOTO – Hagakure; The Book of the Samurai;

TUCHMAN, BARBARA - The Guns of August (WWI); *** The Proud Tower; *** The Zimmermann Telegram (WWI);

TUCKER, W.A. - The Lousier War (WWI; Prisoner of War);

TULEJA, THADDEUS V. - Climax at Midway (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Midway);

TULLY, TOM (Sgt. Cobb) - Fight on the Run (WWII);

TUNIS, JOHN R. - Silence Over Dunkerque (WWII; Dunkirk);

TURNBULL, PATRICK - Death is our Palymate (Nam);

TURNER, JOHN FRAYN - ** Invasion '44'

TURNER, RICHARD E. - Mustang Pilot (WWII; Autobiography);

TURPIN, DR. JAMES W. - Vietnam Doctor (Nam);

TUTE, WARREN - The Admiral (Navy); **** The Cruiser (Navy); **** The Deadly Stroke (WWII; Naval); *** Hitler: The Last Ten Days (WWII); **** Honours of War and Peace (History - naval); *** The Rock (WWII);

--- U ---

UHLMAN, FRED – Reunion;

ULAM, ADAM B. - Lenin and the Bolsheviks;

ULANOFF, LT. COL. STANLEY M. - (ed) Ace of Aces; Capt. Rene Fonck (WWI; Memoirs); *** (ed) Winged Warfare; Lt. Col. William A. Bishop (WWII; Air);

UNKEFER, DUANE – Gray eagles (Air);

UNGROVA, LYDIA - The Diaries of Lydia Ungrova;

UNWIN, RAYNER – The Defeat of John Hawkins (History-Naval);

URIS, LEON - The Angry Hills; Battle Cry (WWII);

URQUHART, MAJ.- Gen. - Arnhem (WWII);


--- V ---

VACHA, ROBERT - The Black Orchestra (WWII); A Spy for Churchill (WWII);

VAGTS, ALFRED - Hitler's Second Army (WWII);

VALENTINE, DOUGLAS – The Hotel Tacloban (WWII; Japanese P.O.W.; Camp);

VALTIN, JAN - Wintertime;

VANCE, ETHEL – Escape;

VANDERBREGGEN JR., CORNELIUS – A Leatherneck Looks at Life (WWII; Autobiography);

VAN DER POST, LAURENS – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (WWII; Japanese P.O.W. Camp); *** The Night of the New Moon ( WWII; Japanese; POW; Camp in Java);

VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Last Corsair - Story of the Emden (WWI; Navy);

VAN DEVANTER, LYNDA - Home Before Morning (Nam);


VAN RJNDT, PHILIPPE - Last Message to Berlin (WWII); The Tetramachus Collection; The Trial of Adolf Hitler;

VANSITTART, LORD - Black Record of Germany;

VAN ZWIENEN, JOHN – Pivot (WWII/ German Sub);

VARNER, ROY – A Matter of Risk;

VAUGHAN, ROBERT - The Embattled and the Bold (WWII); The Fallen and the Free (WWII); Masters and Martyrs (WWII);

VAUGHAN, ROBERT / LYNCH, MONROE - Brandywine's War (Nam);

VIALAR, PAUL - Five Soldiers (WWII);

VIAN, DANIEL – The Hour of the Wolf; Paris 1941 (WWII);

VIAZZI, ALFRED - The Cruel Dawn (WWII);

VICTOR, CHARLES - The Whole Sky Burned (WWII):

VINCENT, ADRIAN – The Long Road Home;

VIRTASEN, JOHN O. - Molotov Cocktail (WWII);

VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD - The German Navy of World War Two (WWII; Navy);

VON KONRAT, GEORG - Assault from Withen (WWII);

VON LUCK, HANS – Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans Von Luck;

VON MELLENTHIN, MAJ.-GEN. F.W. - Panzer Battles (WWII);


VON RINTELE, CAPTAIN - The Dark Invader (WWI);

VOYNICH, E. L. - The Gadfly;

--- W ---

WAGNER, GEOFFREY – The Sands of Valor ( WWII; Africa Tanks);

WAHLOO, PER - The Assignment;

WAKEMAN, FREDERIC - Shore Leave (Air);

WALDER, DAVID - The Fair Ladies of Salamanca;


WALKER, DAVID - Adventure in Diamond (WWII); The Pillar (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Wire (WWII: Prisoner of War);

WALKER, GREG At the Hurricane's Eye: U.S. Special Operations Forces from Vietnam to Desert Storm; **** (Springblade) - #9 Storming Iraq;

WALKER, MAX - The Last Escape -(WWII);

WALKER, RONALD - Flight to Victory (WWII; Air)l

WALLACE, HEDGER – End Quiet War (Guerrilla Warfare in Malayan Jungles);


WARE, JOHN - The Lion has Wings (WWII; Air);

THE WAR IN OUTLINE 1939 - 1944 (WWII);

WARNER, DENIS/ WARNER, PEGGY – The Sacred Warriors: Japan's Suicide Legions ( WWII; South Pacific);

WARNER, OLIVER – Trafalgar ( British Naval Battle of 1805);


WARNOW, MORTON - Forced March (WWII; Prisoner of War);

WARREN, C.E.T. / BESON, JAMES - The Midget Raiders (WWII; Submarine);

WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Wilderness (American Civil War);

WARSHOFSKY, FRED - War Under the Waves (WWII; Submarine);

WATE, STEVE - ** Ring of Hell;

WATSON, CHIEF JAMES / DOCKERY, KEVIN - Point Man (Nam); *** Walking Point (Navy Seals Autobiography);

WATT, COMMANDER FREDERICK B. - In All Respects Ready (WWII; Naval);

WAUGH, EVELYN - ** A Handful of Dust; Men at Arms (WWII); ** Put Out More Flags; Unconditional Surrender (WWII);

WEBB, ALEX - Dekker's Demons (WWII);

WEBB, JAMES - A Country Such as This (Korea/ Nam); Fields of Fire (Nam); A Sense of Honour (Nam); Something to Die For;

WEBBER, GORDON - The Far Shore (WWII; Navy; Normandy);

WEBER, JOE - Defcon One;

WEDGWOOD, C. V. - The King's War;

WEIDER, BEN – The Murder of Napoleon (with David Hapgood);

WEIL, JERRY - Delay en Route; Nobody Dies in Paris;

WEINBERGER, A.M. - I Escaped the Holocaust (WWII; Holocaust);

WEINSTEIN, DR. ALFRED A. - Barbed - Wire Surgeon (WWII);

WEISKOPF, F.C. - The Firing Squad (WWII/ German Firing Squad);

WEISSBERG, ALEX – Advocate for the Dead ( WWII; German Offer to Trade Jews for Army Vehicles);

WEITZ, JOHN - Friends in High Places (WWII);

WEITZER, HORST (Wehrmacht) - #3 Sonderkommando (WWII);

WELCH, RONALD - Tank Commander (WWI);

WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Angel with Spurs (American Civil War);

WELLS, LEE E. - Gun for Sale;

WELT, ELLY - Berlin Wild (WWII; Holocaust);

WEMYSS, D.E.G. - Relentless Pursuit ( WWII; U-Boat Hunter & Destroyer);

WENTZEL, FRITZ – Single or Return? ( WWII Only German POW to escape the West and get home);

WERNER, HERBERT A. - Iron Coffins (WWII; Submarine);

WERTENBAKER, LAEL TUCKER – The Eye of the Lion (Spy Mala Hari);

WESCOTT, GLENWAY - Apartment in Athens (WWII);

WEST, BRUCE - The Man Who Flew Churchill (WWII);

WEST, MORRIS - Backlash; The Navigator (Naval);

WEST, REBECCA - The Meaning of Treason;

WESTHEIMER, DAVID – Downfall (WWII/ SPT); *** Lighter Than a Feather; **** Song of the Young Sentry (WWII; Prisoner of War); Von Ryan's Express (WWII);

WEVERKA, ROBERT - March or Die;

WHARTON, WILLIAM – A Midnight Clear (WWII);


WHEATLEY, DENNIS – The Second Seal; *** The Secret War; Stranger than Fiction (WWII); *** The Sword of Fate (WWII);*** V for Vengeance ( WWII );

WHEELER, KEITH - The Last May-Day (Submarine);

WHEELER, RICHARD – Voices of 1776;

WHELAN, RUSSELL - The Flying Tigers (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Air);

WHITCOMB, EDGAR D. - Escape from Corregidor (WWII; South Pacific Theatre );

WHITE, ALAN – The Long Night's Walk (WWII);

WHITE, CHRISTOPHER (The Commandos) - Flying Tigers (WWII); Panzer Trap (WWII);

WHITE, J.M. / GUEST, VAL - The Camp on Blood Island (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Prisoner of War);

WHITE, JAMES DILLON (Kelso) - #4 Young Mr. Kelso (History - Naval); #5 A Spread of Sail (History - naval);


WHITE, JON MANCHIP - The Robinson Factor; Send for Mr. Robinson;

WHITE, ROBB -See Listings in Mystery, Adventure & Suspense paperbacks

WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Mountain Road (WWII; South Pacific Theatre );

WHITE, W.L. - They Were Expendable (WWII; Navy);

WHITECROSS, R.H. - Slaves of the Son of Heaven (WWII/ Burma);

WHITEHOUSE, ARCH – Amphibious Operations (From Romans to 20th Century); *** Heroes of the Sunlit Sky (WWI; Air); *** Hun Killer (WWI; Air); **** Squardron 44 (WWI; Air); *** Squardron Shilling (WWI; Air); *** The Years of the Sky Kings(WWI; Air);

WHITELEY, L.S. - Deadly Green (Nam);

WHITING, CHARLES – Decision at St.-Vith ( WWII Battle of the Bulge U.S. 106th Division); ** Double Cross; *** Hitler's Werewolves (WWII);*** Gehlen: Germany's Master Spy (WWII); *** Kill Patton! ( WWII); **** #1 Wolf Hunt (WWII); (T-Force) - #3 Highway Through Hell (WWII);

WHITLACH, JOHN - The Judas Goat (WWII; South Pacific Theatre );

WHITTINGTON, HARRY - Doomsday Mission (Nam);

WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - Kevin O'Connor and the Light Brigade (History);

THE WIDE SEA (History; Naval);

WIEBE, RUDY – Peace Shall Destroy Many;

WIESEL, ELIE – Night (WWII; Auschwitz; Holocaust);

WIESELTIER, LEON – Nuclear War, Nuclear Peace;

WILCOX, SYLVIA - For Every Hero (WWII);

WILCOX, ROBERT K. - Scream of Eagles (Vietnam; Air);

WIGHTON, CHARLES / PEIS, GUNTER - Hitler's Spies and Saboteurs (WWII);

WIJKMARK, CARL-HENNING – The Hunters of Karinhall (WWII);

WILKINSON, BURKE - Proceed at Will (WWII; Navy);

WILLARD, TOM - (Strike Fighters) - #2 Bold Forager *** (Strike Fighters) - #3 War Chariot; *** (Strike Fighters) - #4 Sudden Fury; **** (Strike Fighters) - #8 Golden Triangle;

WILLIAMS, DAVID - Atlantic Convoy (WWII; Navy); Fortress Eagle (WWII); Hit Hard (WWII);

WILLIAM, ERIC - ** Complete and Free; The Escapers (WWII; Prisoner of War); Great Escape Stories (Prisoner of War); The Tunnel (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Tunnel Escape (WWII; Prisoner of War); The Wooden Horse (WWII; Prisoner of War);

WILLIAMS, HENRY - Ensign Pulver (WWII; Navy);



WILLIAMS, T. HARRY - Americans at War;

WILLIAMS, THOMAS - Ceremony of Love;

WILLIAMS, WIRT - The Enemy (WWII; Submarine);

WILLIAMSON, HENRY – The Patriot's Progress (WWI; Illustrated by William Kermode);



WILLIS, TED – The Lions of Judah (WWII);

WILLOCK, COLIN - The Coast of Loneliness; The Fighters (WWII; Air);


WILSON, ANDREW - Flame Thrower (WWII);

WILSON GEORGE – If You Survive (WWII; Autobiography);

WILSON, GEORGE C. - Supercarrier (Navy);

WILSON, GUTHRIE – The Feared and the Fearless (WWII);

WILSON, SLOAN – Ice Brothers (WWII); *** Voyage to Somewhere (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Navy);

WILSON, WILLIAMS - The LBJ Brigade (Nam);

WINCHESTER, JAMES H. / ROBINSON, DICK - Hit Parade of Flying Stories;

WINDSOR, JOHN - The Mouth of the Wolf (WWII);

WINGATE, JOHN - Carrier (Navy); Frigate (Navy); Submarine;

WINTERBOTHAM, F.W. - The Nazi Connection (WWII); The Ultra Secret (WWII);

WINTON, CHARLES – One of Our Warships ( Indonesia);

WINTON, JOHN - All the Nice Girls (Navy); The Fighting Temeraire (Submarine); HMS Leviathan (Navy); The War at Sea (WWII; Navy); We Joined the Navy (Navy);

WINWARD, WALTER - Hammerstrike (WWII); The Judas Cloak (WWII); The Midas Touch (WWII); Seven Minutes Past Midnight (WWII);


WISE, DAVID / ROSS, THOMAS B. - The U-2 Affair;

WISEMAN, THOMAS - The Day Before Sunrise (WWII);

WOLFERT, IRA - American Guerrilla in the Philippines (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ); An Act of Love (WWII);

WOLFF, LEON - In Flanders Fields (WWI); Low Level Mission (WWII; Air);




WOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Fire Mountain (WWII; South Pacific Theatre );

WOOD, DEREK/ DEMPSTER, DEREK – The Narrow Margin (WWII; The Battle of Britain and the Rise of Air Power 1930 - 1940);

WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL – The Charge of the Light Brigade; *** The Reason Why;

WOODMAN, RICHARD - A Brig of War (History; Naval); *** An Eye of the Fleet (History; Naval); **** A King's Cutter (History; Naval); *** Wager (History; Naval);


WOODWARD, BOB – Veil; the Secret Wars of the C.I.A. 1981-1987;

WOODWARD, C. VANN - The Battle for Leyte Gulf (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Navy);

WOODWARD, DAVID - The Secret Raiders (WWII; Navy); The Tirpitz (WWII; Navy);

WOOLRYCH, AUSTIN – Battles of the English Civil War;

WORMSER, RICHARD - Operation Crossbow (WWII);

WOUK, HERMAN - The Caine Mutiny (WWII; Navy); War and Remembrance (WWII); The Winds of War (WWII);

WREN, P.C. - Beau Geste; Stories of the Foreign Legion; **** Beau Sabreur (French Foreign Legion);

WRIGHT, CONSTANCE – Daughter to Napoleon;

WRIGHT, JIM - All Clear Canada! (WWII);

WRIGHT, STEPHEN - Meditations in Green (Nam);

WYCKOFF, JAMES – Middle of Time (Army Psycho ward in Post War Munich);

WYDEN, PETER – Day One: Before Hiroshima and After (Start of the Atomic Age);

WYLIE, JAMES - The Homestead Grays (WWII; Air);

WYLLIE, JOHN - Johnny Purple (Air);

WYNNE, BARRY - Count Five and Die (WWII; D-Day);

--- Y ---

YABLONSKY, YABO - Victory (WWII; Prisoner of War);

Y'BLOOB, WILLIAM T. - Hunter Killer (WWII; Submarine);

YOKOTA, YUTAKA / HARRINGTON, JOSEPH D. - Suicide Submarine! (WWII; South Pacific Theatre ; Submarine);

YOLEN, JANE – The Devil's Arithmetic (WWII; Holocaust);

YOUNG, DARRYL – The Element of Surprise; Navy Seals in Vietnam (with photos);

YOUNG, DESMOND – Rommel the Desert Fox;

YOUNG, EDWARD - One of Our Submarines (WWII; Submarine);

YOUNG, PERRY DEANE - Two of the Missing (Nam);

YOUNG, LT. COL. PETER - Bedouin Command; ** Storm from the Sea;

--- Z ---


ZACHARY, HUGH - Desert Battle (WWII);

ZARUBICA, MLADIN - The Year of the Rat (WWII);

ZEIGER, HENRY A. - The Case Against Adolf Eichmann (Ed.; WWII; Holocaust);

ZENO - Play Dirty (WWII);

ZEYBEL, HENRY - The First Ace (Nam);

ZHUKOV, GEORGI K. - Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Battles (WWII);

ZIEGLER, MANO - Rocket Fighter (WWII; Air);

ZIEMIAN, JOSEPH – The Cigarette Sellers of Three Crosses Square (WWII; Warsaw Ghetto);

ZIESER, BENNO - The Road to Stalingrad (WWII; Stalingrad);

ZIFF, WILLIAM B. - The Coming Battle of Germany (WWII);

ZLOTNIK, DONALD E. (Fields of Honour) - #2 The Distinguished Service Cross (Nam); *** (Fields of Honour) - #5 The Bronz Star (Nam); *** (Survivor of Nam) - #1 Baptism (Nam); *** #4 Court-Martial (Nam);

ZODROW, JOHN – The Sins of War (WWII);

ZUMBACH, JEAN - On Wings of War;

ZWEIG, ARNOLD - The Case of Sergeant Grischa (WWI; Prisoner of War);

(B); BALLANTINE'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of World War II / The Violent Century Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books;

(1) USA Printings;

BATTLE BOOK ( Ballantine Pub Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);
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CAMPAIGN BOOK ( Ballantine Pub Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#1 Afrika Korps by Major K.J. Macksey, M.C.;

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HUMAN CONFLICT ( Ballantine Pub Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

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#4 The Rape of Ethiopia 1936 by A. J. Barker; = SOLD OUT

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#7 Night of the Long Knives by Nikolai Tolstoy;

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#21 Stauffenberg by G.S. Graber;

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WEAPONS ( Ballantine Pub Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

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#39 Hitler's Bodyguards: SS Leibstandarte by Alan Wykes;

#40 B-17 Flying Fortress by William Hess; (SOLD OUT);
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#43 Gas by Ian V. Hogg (SOLD OUT);

MISC. UN-NUMBERED BOOKS ( Ballantine Pub Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#NN Macarthur by Sydney L. Mayer;

#NN Nazi Regalia by Jack Pia;

#NN Stalingrad: The Turning Point by Geoffrey Jukes;

BALLANTINE'S ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of World War II / The Violent Century Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books;

(2) UK / BRITISH Printings;

CAMPAIGN BOOK ( PAN / Ballantine Pub; UK/British Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#NN Death Railway by Clifford Kinvig;

#NN Japanese High Seas Fleet by Richard Humble;

#NN Operation Torch: Anglo-American Invasion of North Africa by Vincent Jones;

#NN The Raiders: Desert Strike Force by Arthur Swinson;

HISTORY of the FIRST WORLD WAR ( PAN / Ballantine Pub; UK/British Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#1 Opening Moves: August 1914 by John Keegan;

#4 Tanganyikan Guerrilla: East African Campaign 1914 – 18 by Major J.R. Sibley;

#5 The Guns 1914 – 1918 by Ian V. Hogg;

HISTORY of the SECOND WORLD WAR ( PAN / Ballantine Pub; UK/British Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#NN Fall of the Philippines by Ward Rutherford;

#NN New Georgia: Pattern for Victory by D.C. Horton;

#NN New Guinea: The Tide is Stemmed by John Vader;

WAR LEADER ( PAN / Ballantine Pub; UK/British Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

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#5 Slim by Mike Calvert;

WEAPONS ( PAN / Ballantine Pub; UK/British Trade Paperbacks / Digest softcover Books SERIES);

#NN Chindits – Long Range Penetration by Michael Calvert;

#NN Merrill's Marauders by Captain Alan Baker;

LANCER PHOTOBOOK History of Modern Combat (Lancer Larchmont Books Pub; Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books);

#6; the Carrier War, by Edwin P. Hoyt;

PURNELL'S HISTORY of the SECOND World War (MacDonald Pub; Trade Paperbacks / Digest Books);

BATTLE BOOK #11; LEYTE GULF Armada in the Pacific by Donald MacIntyre (G $4);


Weapons BOOK #14; PACIFIC HAWK by John Vader (G/VG=$5; G-=$4);




(C); WAR & MILITARY, Fiction & Non-Fiction = Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks;

ABKHAZI, PEGGY - A Curious Cage: a Shanghai Journal 1941 - 1945 ( Japanese P.O.W.; Trade Paperback);

ACCORE, PIERRE/ QUET, PIERRE - A Man Called Lucy ( WWII Allied Espionage; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ACKLEY, CHARLES WALTON - The Modern Military in American Society ( A Study in the Nature of Military Power; With Dustjacket);

ACLAND, PEREGRINE - All Else is Folly (WWI; No Dustjacket);

ADACHI, KEN - The Enemy That Never Was ( Treatment of Canadian Japanese in WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback);

ADAMS, ARTHUR E. - The Russian Revolution and Bolshevik Victory; Why and How? ( Trade Paperback);

ADAMS, BERNARD - Nothing of Importance ( WWI at the Front with a Welsh Battalion; 1918 No Dustjacket);

ADLER, DAVID A. - We Remember the Holocaust ( WWII; Trade Paperback);

ADMIRALTY NAVIATION MANUAL Volume II (1938; Illustrated; No Dustjacket);

AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION FOR THE GROUND ABSERVER ( Dept. of the Air Force Manual 355-10; 1955; Trade Paperback);

AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS ( First American Edition of British Edition; Illustration; 1941; No Dustjacket);

AIR WAR VIETNAM ( U.S. Operations in Indo-China 1964 - 1973; with photos; With Dustjacket);

AITKEN, SIR MAX-CANADA IN FLANDERS ( Official Story of the Canadian Expeditionary Force; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

ALBRAND, MARTHA - No Surrender ( WWII Dutch Underground Against Nazi invaders; With Dustjacket); *** Without Orders ( WWII American Officer Working with the Italian Underground in 1943; With Dustjacket);

ALBRECHT - CARRIE, RENE - The Meaning of the First World War (Trade Paperback);

ALDRIDGE, JAMES - Of Many Men ( WWII War Correspondent; With Dustjacket); *** - Signed with Their Honour ( WWII Air Fighter in Greece and Crete; With Dustjacket);

ALLEN, JAMES S. - Atomic Energy and Society ( Conflict Between Monopoly - Military Interests and the Social use of Atomic energy; 1949; Trade Paperback);

ALLEN, PETER - The Yom Kippur War ( Politics, Tactics and actions by Israel against Arab invasions of 1973; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ALLEN, RALPH - The High White Forest ( WWII; The Battle of the Bulge; With Dustjacket);

ALLEN, WILLIAM SHERIDAN - The Nazi Seizure of Power (The Experience of a Single German Town 1930 - 1935; Trade Paperback);

ALLISTER, WILLIAM - a Handful of Rice (WWII Japanese P.O.W. camp in Malaya; With Dustjacket);

AN AIRMAN'S LETTER FROM THE TIMES ( WWII British Pilot; illustrated by Thomas Derrick; With Dustjacket);

ANDERS, CURT - Fighting Confederates ( Careers of Great Military Commanders of the Confederate Army; With Dustjacket);

ANDERSON, WILLIAM C. - Bat-21 ( Vietnam Downed U.S. Pilot survival; With Dustjacket);

ANDERTON, DAVID A. - Strategic Air Command ( It's history and role; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ANDRADE, DALE - Trial by Fire; The 1972 Easter Offensive America's Last Vietnam Battle; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ANGELL, NORMAN - The Great Illusion ( Relation of Military Power of National Advantage; Pub. William Heinemann 1912; No Dustjacket); *** Let the People Know ( WWII; Questions and Answers for Victory and Peace; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

ANTROBUS, GEORGE P. - King's Messenger 1918 - 1940: Memoirs of a Silver Greyhound ( King's foreign service messenger; No Dustjacket);

APPEL, BENJAMIN - We Were There at the Battle for Battan ( WWII South Pacific; Illustrated by Irv Docktor; With Dustjacket);

ARCO ILLUSTRATED GUIDES - All with photos & photo covers *** Aircraft Markins; Guide to Camouflage and Insignia - Wheeler, Barry; *** Battleshipe; Guide to Modern Battleships and Battlecruisers - Jordan, John; *** Electronic; Guide to Electronic Warfare - Richardson, Doug; *** Fighters; Guide to Modern American Fighters and Attack Aircraft - Wheeler, Barry C.; *** Fighters; Guide to Modern Fighters and Attack Aircrafter - Gunston, Bill; *** Helicopters; Guide to Military Rotorcraft - Gunston, Bill; *** Israeli; Guide to the Israeli Aircraft - Gunston, Bill; *** Space; Guide to Weapons and Techniques for Warfare in Space - Hobbs, David; *** Submarines; Guide to Modern Submarines - Miller, David; *** U.S. Army; Guide to Weapons of the American Army - O'Neill, Richard ( ed); *** Weapons; Guide to Strategic Weapons - Walmer, Max;

ARENDT, HANNAH - Eichmann in Jerusalem; a Report on the Banality of Evil ( Trade Paperback);

ARMSTRONG, CAPTAIN H.C. ( ed.) - Escape! ( Various P.O.W. Escape stories; w/maps; No Dustjacket);

ARMY TIMES (ed.) - Berlin: The City That Would Not Die ( WWI; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ARNOLD, ELLIOTT - First Comes Courage ( WWII Commandos and the Norwegian Underground; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** A Night of Watching ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

ARNOLD-FORSTER, MARK - The World at War ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ARTAJO, JAVIER MARTIN - The Embattled ( Spanish Civil war; No Dustjacket);

ASHER, JERRY / HAMMEL, ERIC - Duel for the Golan; the 100 Hour Battle That Saved Israel ( With Dustjacket);

ASPREY, ROBERT B. - War in the Shadows; The Guerrilla in History Volume One ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

THE ASSAULT CROSSING OF A WTER OBSTACLE 1947 ( Part 1 - The Opposed Crossing of a Water Obstacle; Trade Paperback);

ASTOR, GERALD - The "Last" Nasi; The Life and Time of Dr. Joseph Mengele ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

AZIZ, PHILIPPE - Doctors of Death Volume One; Karl Brandt the Third Reich's Man in White ( with photos; Embossed cover);

BACH, JULIAN JR. - America's Germany; an Account of the Occupation ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

BADER, DOUGLAS - Fight for the Sky; The Story of the Spitfire and the Hurricane ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

BAINBRIDGE, BERYL - Young Adolf ( Fictional Account of Adolf Hitler in Liverpool in 1912; Trade Paperback);

BAILEY, THOMAS A./ RYAN, PAUL B. - Hitler vs. Roosevelt; the Undeclared Naval War ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

BAKER, MARK - Nam ( In the Words of the men and women who fought there; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

BALCHEN, COL. BERNT/ FORD, MAJOR COREY/ LAFARGE, MAJOR OLIVER - War Below Zero; The Battle for Greenland ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BANSE, EWALD - Germany Prepares for War; a Nazi Theory of National Defence ( With 11 maps; 1934; No Dustjacket);

BARNET, RICHARD J. - Roots of War ( Men and Institutions Behind U.S. Foreign Policy; Trade Paperback);

BARRIS, TED - Behind the Glory ( WWII; Fighter Pilot training in Canada; with photos; Trade Paperback);

BARTIMEUS - An Awfully Big Adventure (WWI; No Dustjacket); *** Naval Occasions and Some Traits of the Sailor-Man ( No Dustjacket); *** Under Sealed Orders ( No Dustjacket);

BARTZ, KARL - The Downfall of the German Secret Service (WWII; With Dustjacket);

BASSETT, JAMES - CMDR, Prince, USN ( WWII, Pacific; With Dustjacket); **** Harm's Way ( WWII; Pacific Naval; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Battle of Brains; Canadian Citizenship and the Issues) of the War ( Pub. The Minister of National Defense; Trade Paperback);

THE BATTLE OF BRITAI AUGUST TO OCTOBER 1940 ( British Air Ministry Account of August 8 to October 31/ 1940; pamphlet);

BAUMGARTNER, JOHN STANLEY - The Lonely Warriors; Case for the Military - Industrial Complex ( With Dustjacket);

BAVLY, DAN/ SALPETER, ELIAHU - Fire in Beirut; Israel's War in Lebanon with the Plo ( With Dustjacket);

BAXTER, BEVERLY - Men, Martyrs and Mountebanks ( WWII Personalities and Events Behind the War; No Dustjacket);

BEANCH, EDWARD L. - Submarine! (WWII; Pacific; No Dustjacket);

BEATY, DAVID - The White Sea-Bird ( WWII; British Airforce chasing German ships; With Dustjacket); *** The Wind off the Sea ( Cold War);

BEAVERBROOK, LORD - Canada in Flanders Vol. 11 ( with maps; No Dustjacket);

BECKLES, GORDON - Canada Comes to England ( WWII; with photos; No Dustjacket);

BELL, LESLIE - Sabotage! ( WWII; Story of Lt. Col. J. Elder Wills; with photos and illustrations; With Dustjacket);

BELLOC, HILAIRE - A General Sketch of the European War; The Second Phase ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

BENDER, URIE A. - Soldier of Compassion ( Men of Pax; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BENNETT, GEOFFREY - Naval Battles of the First World War ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

BENNETT, RALPH - Ultra in the West; The Normandy Campaign of 1944-45 ( With Dustjacket);

BENSON, E.F. - The Outbreak of War 1914 ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

BERNACCHI, COMMANDER L.C. ( O.B.E.) - A Very Gallant Gentleman ( Biography of Captain L.E.G. Oates; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BURTON, PIERRE - The Invasion of Canada 1812 - 1813 ( With Dustjacket); *** Vimy ( WWI Canadian forces at Vimy Ridge; With Dustjacket);

BESCHLOSS, MICHAEL R. - Mayday: Eisenhower, Khrushchev and the U-2 Affair ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

BEST, GEOFFREY - War and Society in Revolutionary Europe 1770 -1870 (Trade Paperback);

THE BEST WAR STORIE: 30 Stories ( Various Authors and Wars; With Dustjacket);

BIBER, YEHOASH - The Treasure of the Turkish Pasha ( Early Days of Jewish Occupation of Palestine Adventure; Trade Paperback);

BISHOP, WILLIAM ARTHUR - The Courage of the Early Morning ( Biography of Billy Bishop by his Son; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BISHOP, WILLIAM AVERY - Winged Warfare ( Autobiography; with photos; painted cover; Trade Paperback);

BLAGOWIDOW, GEORGE - The Last Train from Berlin ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

BLAIR, CLAY JR - MACARTHUR ( Biography of Douglas Macarthur; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BLAIR, JOAN & CLAY JR. - Return From the River Kwai ( WWII Japanese; P.O.W.'s; With Dustjacket);

BLANDFORD, EDWUND L. - Intelligence; The Nazi Secret Service ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BLAXLAND, GREGORY - Objective; Egypt ( Military History of Invaders Leading up to the Suez Crisis; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BLECHMAN, BARRY M./ BERMAN, ROBERT P. (eds) Guide to Far Eastern Navies; China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines & Taiwan ( 586 pages; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BLIVEN, BRUCES JR. - The Story of D-Day June 6, 1944 ( with photos & illustrated by Albert Orbaan; With Dustjacket); *** Volunteers, One and All ( U.S. Armed Forces since the end of the Draft; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

BLOCH, MARC - Strange Defeat; a Statement of Evidence written in 1940 (WWII Occupied France & French underground; Trade Paperback);

BLUM, HOWARD - Wanted! The Search for Nazis in America ( With Dustjacket);

BLUM, JOHN MORTON - V was the Victory; Politics and American Culture During World War II ( With Dustjacket);

BLUMENSON, MARTIN - Bloody River; The Real Tragedy of the Rapido ( WWII Italy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BLUNDELL, W.D.G. - Royal Navy Battleships 1895 - 1946 (with photos; Trade Paperback);

BOLESLAVKI, RICHARD/ WOODWARD, HELEN - Way of the Lancer ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

BOLITHO, HECTOR - War in the Strand (WWII The First Two and a half years in London; No Dustjacket);

BONHAM, FRNAK - War Beneath the Sea ( WWII Submarines in the Pacific Theatre; No Dustjacket);

BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH - True Patriotism ( WWII; Collected papers and Works; With Dustjacket);

BONSAL, STEPHEN - Unfinished Business ( WWI; Memoirs of a German Officer; No Dustjacket);

BOOTHE, CLARE - European Spring ( WWII; Memoirs; No Dustjacket);

BOTTOME, PHYLLIS - Survival ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

BOURKE-WHITE, MARGARET - Shooting the Russian War ( WWII Photo Journalist in Russia; with photos; No Dustjacket);

BOURNE, RANDOLPH S. - War and the Intellectuals; Collected Essays 1915 - 1919 ( Trade Paperback);

BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Classic Fighter Aircraft ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

BOWMAN, PETER - Beach Red ( WWII One Hour of a Soldiers Life in a Pacific Island Invasion; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

BOYD, MARTIN - When Blackbirds Sing ( WWI; Australian Who Joins the British Army; With Dustjacket);

BOYD, WILLIAM YOUNG - The Gentle Infantryman ( WWII; Set in France and Germany in the Last War Months; With Dustjacket);

BOYLE, ANDREW - The Fourth Man (British Russian Spies Kim Philby etc; With Dustjacket); *** No Passing Glory ( WWII; British Airforces; No Dustjacket);

BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - The Other Nuremberg ( The Untold Story of the Tokyo Crime Trials; With Dustjacket);

BRADDON, RUSSELL - Cheshire V.C. - (Biography of the Group Captain of the British 617 Squadron's War years; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BRADFORD, ERNLE - Nelson: The Essential Hero ( Biography of Horatio Nelson; With Dustjacket);

BRADLEY, OMAR N./ BLAIR, CLAY - A General's Life: an Autobiography by General of the Army ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

BRAND, CHRISTIANNA - Green for Danger ( WWII; During the London Blitz; No Dustjacket);

BRANDON, HENRY - Anatomy of Error; the Secret History of the Vietnam War ( With Dustjacket);

BREYER, SIEFRIED - Guide to the Soviet Navy ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

BRICK, JOHN - Jubilee ( American Civil War novel about Sherman's army; With Dustjacket); *** The Richmond Raid ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket); *** The Richmond Raid ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

BRICKHILL, PAUL - The Dam Busters ( WWII Airforce; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** / Norton, Conrad - Escape to Danger ( WWII - R.A.F. / P.O.W.'s; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Great Escape ( WWII; P.O.W.; Trade Paperback);

BRIDGE, ANN - The Dark Moment ( Turkish War of Indpendence; No Dustjacket);

BRIFFAULT, ROBERT - Europe in Limbo ( WWI; With Dustjacket);;

BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - Don't go near the Water (WWII; Navy ; With Dustjacket); *** The Last Ship (Post Atomic War Naval; Trade Paperback);

BRITON, E. VINCENT - Some Account of Amyot Brough ( Captain in His Majesty's 20th Regiment of Foot; 1886 Second Edition; Embossed cover);

BRITTAIN, VERA - England's Hour ( WWII IN England; No Dustjacket);

BROADFOOT, BARRY - Six War Years 1939 - 1945 ( Memories of Canadians at Home and Abroad; with photos; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback); *** Years of Sorrow, Years fo Shame ( The Story of Japanese Canadians in World War II; with photos; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Until the Day Break ( WWII Occupied Paris; With Dustjacket);

BROUGHTON, COLONEL JACK - Thud Ridge ( Vietnam Air War; With Dustjacket);

BROWN, ANTHONY CAVE - Bodyguard of Lies ( WWII Deceptions That hid D-Day from Hitler; with photos; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback); *** MacDonald, Charles B. - On a Field of Red ( The Communist International and the Coming of World War II; With Dustjacket);

BROWN, DEE - The Galvanized Yankeed (Confederate Soldiers Recruited from Union Prison Camps to Guard the Western Frontiers; Trade Paperback);

BROWN, HARRY - Artier Greengroin PFC. (WWII; With Dustjacket); *** A Walk in the Sun ( WWII; Italy ; No Dustjacket);

BROWN, LT. JOHN MASON - To All Hands; an Amphibious Adventure ( WWII; Naval; with photos; No Dustjacket);

BRYANT, ARTHUR - The Battle of Britain ( Shanks, Edward) The Few; Poetry ( WWIIL hd/cv Bookley); *** Triumph in the West: War Diaries of Field Marshall Viscount Alanbrooke ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Turn of the Tide ( WWII; History of War Years based on field Marshall Viscount Alanbrooke ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

BRYKS, RACHMIL - Kiddush Hashem ( WWII Warsaw, Poland; Trade Paperback);

BUCHAN, JOHN - Greenmantle ( WWI; With Dustjacket); *** The Thirty-Nine Steps ( WWI Espionage; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

BUCK, TIM - Canada in the Coming Offensive ( Phamphlet From the Canadian Communist Party 1943);

BUCKOKE, ANDREW - Fishing in Africa: a Guide to War and Corruption; Trade Paperback);

BULATOVIC, MIODRAG - A Hero on a Donkey ( WWII; Italy; With Dustjacket);

BULL, PETER - To Sea in a Sieve ( WWII; Naval; with photos; No Dustjacket);

BURCHARD, PETER - The Deserter ( A Spy story of the American Civil War; With Dustjacket); *** One Gallant Rush ( American Civil War Robert Guild Shaw and his Brave Black Regiment; With Dustjacket);

BURCHETT, WILFRED G. - Vietnam; Inside Story of the Guerilla War (with photos; No Dustjacket);

BURGESS, ALAN - Seven Men at Daybreak ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

BURHANS, LT. ROBERT D. - The First Special Service Force ( a War History of the North Americans 1942 - 1944; with photos; No Dustjacket);

BURKE, JAMES WAKEFOELD - Fraulein Lili Marlene and Other Stories of World War II ( With Dustjacket);

BURKE, MARTYN - Laughing War ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

BURLESON, CLYDE W. - The Jennifer Project ( C.I.A. Covert Salvage of a Russian Submarine; with photos; With Dustjacket);

BURNE, LT. COL. ALFRED H. - The Art of War on Land ( Illustrated by Campaigns and Battles of all ages; with maps; With Dustjacket);

BURNS, LT. GEN. E.L.M. - Megamurder ( Nuclear Arms Race; With Dustjacket);

BURNS, MICHAEL G. -Bader; The Man and His Men ( WWII; War Biography; with photos; Trade Paperback);

BURTON, ANTHONY - The Coventry Option ( WWII Britain; With Dustjacket);

BUSTER, GUN - Return via Dunkirk ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

BYKOV, VASILY - The Ordeal ( WWII Russian Partisans; With Dustjacket);

CABLE, BOYD - Between the Lines ( WWI; With Dustjacket); *** Grapes of Wrath (WWI Battle of Somme; No Dustjacket);

CAFFREY, KATE - Out in the Midday Sun; Singapore 1941 - 1945 ( With Dustjacket);

CAHILL, JACK - Words of War ( War Correspondents from the Front Lines in Cambodia and Vietnam; with photos; With Dustjacket);

CAILLOU, ALAN - The Walls of Jolo ( Guerilla Fighting in the Philippines; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

CALTHORPE, LT. COL. SOMERSET J. GOUGH - Cadogan's Crimea (Crimea War; Illustrated by General Sir George Cadogan; With Dustjacket);

CALVOCORESSI, PETER/ WINT, GUY - Total War ( Causes and Courses of the Second World War; with photos; Trade Paperback);

CAMERER, DAVID M. - The Damned Wear Wings ( WWII; Fifteenth Air Farce; No Dustjacket);

CAMERON, IAN - The Young Eagles ( WWI Fighter Pilots from both Sides who were friends; With Dustjacket);

CAMERON, JIM - Carry on: Reflection from a War ( WWI Inspired poems; With Dustjacket);

CAMPBELL, R.W. - The Mixed Division ( WWI Scottish Soldiers; No Dustjacket);

THE CANADIAN ARMY AT WAR NO. 1; The Canadians in Britain 1939 - 1944 ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

THE CANADIAN ARMY AT WAR NO. 2; From Pachino to Ortona ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

THE CANADIAN ARMY AT WAR NO. 3; The Canada's Battle in Normandy ( with photos; Trade Paperback);


CANADIAN ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

THE CANADIAN REGULAR ARMY ( with photos; Bookley);

CANNING, VICTOR-GREEN BATTLEFIELD ( WWII; Pilot shot down over France; With Dustjacket);

CANNON, JAMES P. - The Socialist Workers party in World War II ( Writings and Speeches 1940 - 43; Trade Paperback);

CANNON, SGT. JIMMY - The Sergeant Says ( WWI; With Dustjacket);

CAPUTO, PHILIP - A Rumor of War ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

CARLISLE, HENRY - Voyage to the First of December ( U.S. Navy Somers Mutiny; With Dustjacket);

CARLSON, JOHN ROY - Under Cover ( His four years in the Nazi Underground in America; with photos; No Dustjacket);

CARR, ALBERT Z. - A matter of Life and Death; How Wars Get Started - or Are Prevented ( With Dustjacket);

CARROLL, GERRY - North Star; a Novel of Navy Combat Pilots in Vietnam ( With Dustjacket);

CARVER, FIELD MARSHALL SIR MICHAEL ( ed) - The War Lords: Military Commanders of the Twentieth Century ( 43 Short Detailed Biographies; with photos; With Dustjacket);

CASKIE, DONALD - The Tartan Pimpernel ( Scottish Minister in Paris WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

CASSIDY, HENRY C. - Moscow Dateline 1941 - 1943 ( WWII Russia; No Dustjacket);

CATTO, MAX - Murphy's War ( WWII Submarine; With Dustjacket);

CATTON, BRUCE - America Goes to War; The Civil War and its Meaning Today ( Trade Paperback); *** The Army of the Potomac; Glory Road (American Civil War; With Dustjacket); *** The Army of the Potomac; Mr. Lincoln's Army (American Civil War; With Dustjacket); *** The Army of the Potomac; a Stillness at Appomattox (American Civil War; With Dustjacket);*** The Army of the Potomac; Grant Moves South (American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - The Iron Cage ( WWII are British P.O.W.'s Still alive in Siberia?; with photos; With Dustjacket);

CHAMBERLAIN, JOSHUA LAWRENCE - The Passing of the Armies ( American Civil War last campaign of the Army of the Potomac; Trade Paperback);

CHAPMAN, F. SPENCER - The Jungle is Neutral ( WWII; South Pacific; with photos; With Dustjacket);

CHAPMAN, J.K. - River Boy at War ( WWII Canadian Air Force Navigator 415 squadron; Trade Paperback);

CHARNEY, ANN - Dobryd (WWII; childhood in Poland; With Dustjacket);

CHATTERTON, E. KEBLE - The Big Blockade ( WWII; British Navy; with photos; No Dustjacket);

CHERADAME, ANDRE - Defense of the Americas ( WWII; How to Defend North America after Europe falls to Nazi Germany; No Dustjacket; 1941);

THE CHINESE ARMED FORCES TODAY (The U.S. Defense intelligence agency Handbook; with photos & illustration; With Dustjacket);

CHOMSKY, NOAM - Rethinking Camelot (JFK the Vietnam War & U.S. Political Culture; Trade Paperback);

CHURCHILL, PETER - Duel of Wits ( WWII submarine/ French resistance; With Dustjacket);

CLAGETT, JOHN - These Hallowed Grounds ( American Battle Parks and Monuments; with photos; With Dustjacket);

CLARK, ALAN - Aces High; The War in the Air over he Western Front 1914-18 ( WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback);

CLARK, BLAKE - Remember Pearl Harbor (WWII South Pacific; With Dustjacket);

CLARK, ROGER W. - Ride the White Tiger ( Korea; Illustrated by Kim; With Dustjacket);

CLAYMORE, TOD - Flare Path ( WWII Battle of the Atlantic Spring 1941; Novel; No Dustjacket);

CLIFFORD, ALEXANDER - Crusader ( WWII British eighth army offensive in Libya Winter 1941; No Dustjacket);

CLINT, M.B. - Our Bit (Memories of War Service by a Canadian Nursing Sister; No Dustjacket);

COBB, HUMPHREY - Path of Glory ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

COCKBURN, ANDREW - The Threat; Inside the Soviet Military Machine ( No Dustjacket);

COHEN, MARTIN - The Marine Corps 3x Fitness Program for Men and Women ( illustrated; Trade Paperback);

COLEMAN, FREDERIC - From Mons to Ypres with French (WWI a Personal Narrative with photos; No Dustjacket);

COLLIER, RICHARD - Eagle Day; The Battle of Britain ( WWII Air; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** 1940 The World in Flames ( WWII World Wide Political effect; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Ten Thousand Eyes ( WWII Allies Native Spies in Normandy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

COLLINS, LARRY/ LAPIERRE, DOMINIQUE - Is Paris Burning? ( WWII How Paris Escaped Destruction; With Dustjacket);

CONDON, RICHARD - An Infinity of Mirrors ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

CONROY, ROBERT - The Battle of Manila Bay ( No Dustjacket); *** Spanish - American War it the Philippines (illustrated; With Dustjacket);

COOK, GRAEME - Survival Against all Odds ( WWII True Short Stories of Survival; With Dustjacket);

COOKRIDGE, G.H. - Gehlen; Spy of the Century ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

COPPEL, ALFRED - The Burning Mountain ( WWII; Novel of the INvasion of Japan; With Dustjacket); *** Order of Battle ( WWII; Air; With Dustjacket);

COPPLESTONE, BENNET - The Secret of the Navy ( WWI; What it is and What to it; No Dustjacket);

CORBETT-SMITH A. (MAJOR R.A.F.) The Retreat from Mons ( WWI; 1916; No Dustjacket);

CORNWELL, BERNARD -Waterloo ( England/ Historical; Trade Paperback);

COSTELLO, JOHN - Mask of Treachery ( The First Documented Dossier on Blunt, M15, and Soviet Subversion; with photos; With Dustjacket);

COWLES, VIRGINIA - Looking for Trouble ( WWII and Events Leading to it; No Dustjacket); *** The Phantom Major; The Story of David Sterling and the S.A.S. Regiment ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

COYLE, KATHLEEN - To Hold Against Famine ( WWII Novel of a Women in Occupied France; With Dustjacket);

CRAWFORD, DRIVER ROBERT JOHN / DALGLEISH, MAJOR JOHN - I Was an Eighth Army Soldier ( WWII; 1944; No Dustjacket);

CREASY, E.S. - The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World from Marathon to Waterloo (1890's; No Dustjacket);

CREED, G.L. - (Squadron leader P.C.A.F.) - For Freedom ( War Inspired Verse; With Dustjacket);

CRESWICKE, LOUIS - South Africa and the Transvaal War ( in Six Volumes with Numerous photos; illustrations & maps; T.C. AND E.C. Jack 1900 Edinburch; Picture cover ); *** Volume I - From the Foundation of the Cape Colony to the Boer Ultimatum of 9th October 1899; *** Volume II - From the Commencement of the War to the Battle of Colenso 15th December 1899; *** Volume III - From the Battle of Colenso 15th December 1899 to Lord Robert's Advance into the Free State 12th February 1900; *** Volume IV - From Lord Roberts entry into the Free States to the Battle of Karree; *** Volume V - From the Disaster at Koorn Spruit to Lord Roberts Entry into Pretoria; *** Volume VI - From the Occupation of Pretoria to Mr. Kruger's Departure from South Africa with a Summarized account of the Guerilla War to March 1901; *** Volume VII - Supplementary - The Guerilla War from February 1901 to the Conclusion of Hostilities; The Development of Peace Negotiations from February 23/1901 to May 31/1902;

CRICHTON, ROBERT - The Secret of Santa Victoria (With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

CROUTER, NATALIE - Forbidden Diary; a Record of Wartime Internment 1941 - 1945 ( Illustrated by Daphne Bird; With Dustjacket);

CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES - Deception in World War II ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

CURIE, EVE - Journey Among Warriors ( WWII; No Dustjacket);


DAPFOE, JOHN W. (ed) - Canada Fights ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

DALYELL TAM - One Man's Falklands... ( Trade Paperback);

DANCOCKS, DANIEL G. - In Enemy Hands: Canadian Prisoners of War 1939 - 45 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DARBY, WILLIAM O./ BAUMER, WILLIAM H. - Darby's Rangers; We Led the Way ( WWII; with photos; No Dustjacket);

DAVIDSON, BILL - Cut Off WWII Battle of the Bulge behind enemy lines novel; With Dustjacket);

DAVIES, H. NEVILLE - The Navigator's Guide to Radar ( illustrated; With Dustjacket);

DAVIES, JOSEPH E. - Mission to Moscow ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

DAVIES, TONY - When the Moon Rises; an Escape Through Wartime Italy ( WWII Memoirs; With Dustjacket);

DAVIES, VICE ADMIRAL RICHARD BELL - Sailor in the Air ( Memoirs with photos; With Dustjacket);

DAVIS, KENNETH S. -Experience of War; the United States in World War II ( w/maps; With Dustjacket);

DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Notes of War Correspondent ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Battle of New Market ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

DAVISON, G. - Mysterious Air Ace ( WWII With Dustjacket);

DAWSON, CONINGSBY - Carry on ; Letters in War-Time ( John Lane Company 1917; No Dustjacket);

DAYAN, GENERAL MOSHE - Diary of the Sinai Campaign ( illustrated; With Dustjacket);

DAYAN, YAEL - Death had two Sons ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

DEDIJER, VLADIMIR - The Battle Stalin Lost; Memoirs of Yugoslavia 1948 -1953 ( With Dustjacket);

DEFENSE 1971; CANADIAN DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENSE ( with photos; hd/cv Trade Paperback);

DEFENSE 1972; CANADIAN DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENSE ( with photos; hd/cv Trade Paperback);

DEEFOREST, ORRIN/ CHANOFF, DAVID - Slow Burn: the Rise and Fall of America Intelligence in Vietnam ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DE GAULLE, GENERAL - The Call of Honour 1940-1942 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DE HARTOG, JAN - The Captain ( WWII; Air; With Dustjacket);

DEIGHTON, LEN - Berlin Game ( With Dustjacket); *** Blitzkreig ( Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk; No Dustjacket); *** Fighter; the True Story of the battle of Britain (with photos; Trade Paperback); *** Winter: a novel of a Berlin Family ( With Dustjacket);

DELANO, ANTHONY - Breathless Diversions ( British Navy Horny Horatio Hornblower; With Dustjacket);

DELDERFIELD, R.F. - Too Few for Drums ( novel of Napoleonic Wars; With Dustjacket);

DEL VECCHIO, JOHN M. - The 13th Valley ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

DE MONTMORENCY, ALEC - The Enigma of Admiral Darlan ( E.P. Dutton and Co. Inc. 1943);

DENNIS, PETER - Decision by Default; Peacetime Consciption and British Defense 1919-39 ( No Dustjacket);

DENTON, HEREMIAH A. JR. - When Hell was in Session ( P.O.W. In North Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

DE ST. JORRE, JOHN - The Brothers' War Biafra and Nigeria ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DE SEGUR, COUNT PHILIPPE - PAUL - Napoleon's Russian Campaign ( Trade Paperback);

DE SEVERSKY, MAJOR ALEXANDER P. - Victory through air Power ( WWII Air; with photos; With Dustjacket);

DE T'SERCLAES, BARONESS - Flanders and Other Fields ( WWI Nurses Battlesfield Memoirs; With Dustjacket);

DETZER, DAVID - The Brink: Cuban Missle Crisis 1962 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DEVLIN, GERARD M. - Paratrooper! ( WWII U.S. Army & Marine Parachute & Glider Combat Troops with photos; No Dustjacket);

DIBNER, MARTIN - The Admiral ( WWII Navy; No Dustjacket);

DIZDAREVIC, ZLATKO - Sarajevo; a war Journal ( Newspaper Editor for a Croation Daily; Trade Paperback);

DODSON, KENNETH - Away All Boats ( WWII South Pacific Naval; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

DOLLMANN, COLONEL EUGEN - Call Me Coward ( WWII German Liason with Mussolini; With Dustjacket);

DONOVAN, FRANK - Bridge in the Sky; The Story of the Berlin Airlift ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

DORR, ROBERT F. - Marine Air ( The History of the Flying Leathernecks in Works and Photos; With Dustjacket);

DORWART, JEFFERY - The Pigtail War ( American Involvement in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895; No Dustjacket);

DOS PASSOS, JOHN - The Great Days ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

DRAPER, ALFRED - Operation Fish ( WWII British & Other Countries Gold reserves Rescue; with photos; With Dustjacket);

DROKE, MAXWELL - Good-by to G.I.; How to be a Successful Civilian ( Life after Army Life; With Dustjacket);

DUFFY, JAMES P. - Hitler Slept Late and Other Blunders That Cost Him the War ( With Dustjacket);

DUGGER, RONNIE - Dark Star ( WWII; Hiroshima Reconsidered in the Life of Claude Eatherly; with photos; With Dustjacket);

DUKE, MADELAINE - No Passport; the Story of Jan Felix ( WWII British Intelligence Officer; With Dustjacket);

DULLES, ALLEN - The Secret Surrender ( WWII Events leading to Nazi surrender in Italy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

DUNMORE, SPENCER - Ace ( wwii German fighter pilot; With Dustjacket); *** The Last Hill ( WWII; Pacific Theater Malaysia; With Dustjacket); *** Means of Escape ( WWII Air Pilot downed; With Dustjacket);

DUNNIGAN, JAMES F. - How to Make War; a Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare ( All the World's Weapons, armed forced and tactics; With Dustjacket);

DUPONT, MARCEL - IN the Field 1914 - 1915 ( WWI Impressions of an Officer of Light Cavalry; No Dustjacket);

DUPUY, TREVOR NEVITT - The Military History of World War II (with Photos; and photos covers in all); *** Vol. 4 - The Naval War in the West; The Raiders; *** Vol. 5 - The Naval War in the West; The Wolf Packs; *** Vol. 9 - Asiatic Land Battles; Japanese Ambitions in the Pacific; *** Vol. 10 - Asiatic Land battles; Allied Victories in China and Burma; *** Vol. 11 - The Naval War in the Pacific; Rising Sun of Nippon; *** Vol. 12 - The Naval War in the Pacific; on the Tokyo; *** Vol13 - The Air War in the Pacific: Air Power Leads the Way; *** Vol. 14 - The Air War in he Pacific; Victory in the Air; *** Vol. 16 - Asian and Axis Resistance Movements; *** Vol. 17 - Combat Leaders of World War II; Vol. 18 - Strategic Directions of World War II; *** Understating War: History and the Theory of Combat ( With Dustjacket);

EADY, K.M. - Adventures All ( A Tale of the Philippines in War Time; Illustrated; Thomas Nelson and Sons; 1901; Painted Cover );

EASTON, ALAN - 50 North; Canada's Atlantic Battleground ( Trade Paperback );

EDELMAN, BERNARD ( ED) - Dear America; Letters Home From Vietnam ( with photos; Trade Paperback );

EDWARDS, MICHAEL - Red Year; the Indian Rebellion of 1857 ( Trade Paperback);

THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC WEAPONS ( Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory; with photos & illustrations; Revised editions 1950; Trade Paperback);

EHRENBURG, ILYA - The Fall of Paris ( No Dustjacket); *** The Tempering of Russia ( WWII The Russian Ordeal of the German Invaders; With Dustjacket);

EHRLICH, MAX - Deep is the Blue (Novel about Nuclear Submarines; With Dustjacket);

EISENHOWER, DWIGHT D. - Crusade in Europe ( with photos; No Dustjacket); *** General Eisenhower on the Military Churchill ( a Conversation with Alistair Cooke; with photos; With Dustjacket);

EISENHOWER, JOHN S.D. - Allies; Pearl Harbor to D-Day (with photos & Illustrations; With Dustjacket); *** The Bitter Woods ( WWII Hitler's Surprise Ardennes Offensive (with photos; With Dustjacket);

ELDRIDGE, FRED - Wrath in Burma ( Uncensored Story of General Stilwell & International Maneuvers in the Far East with photos; With Dustjacket);

ELFORD, GEORGE ROBERT - Devil's guard ( WWII Nazi; Uncorrected Proof New English Library Trade Paperback);

ELIOT, GEORGE FIELDING - Caleb Pettengill U.S.N. (American Civil War Union Navy; With Dustjacket);

ELLACOTT, S.E. - Conscripts on the March ( Story of the Soldier from Napoleon to the Nuclear Age; Illustrated; With Dustjacket);

ELLIS, CHRIS/ CHAMBERLAIN, PETER - American Half-Tracks of World War 2 ( with photos & illustrations; Trade Paperback);

ELLIS, CHRIS - Famous Ships of World War 2 in Colour ( Illustrated; No Dustjacket);

ELLSBERG, COMMANDER EDWARD - On the Bottom ( Early Submarines & Navy; with photos; 1929; No Dustjacket);

ELSTOB, PETER - Warriors for the Working Day ( WWII Tank Battles; No Dustjacket);

EMPEY, ARTHUR GUY - Over the Top ( WWI France; No Dustjacket);

ENGELBRECHT, H.C. / HANIGHEN, F.C. - Merchants of Death; a Study of the International Armament Industry ( with photos; Dodd Mead and Co.; 1934; No Dustjacket);

ENGELMAN, FRED L. - The Peace of Christmas Eve (War of 1812 and the Treaty of Ghent; With Dustjacket);

ENGLAND, BARRY - Figures in a Landscape ( With Dustjacket);

ENSOR, R.C.K. - A Miniature History of the War; Down to the Liberation of Paris ( No Dustjacket);

ESSAME, H. - Patton; a Study in Command ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

ETTINGER, ELZBIETA - Kindgergarten (WWII; With Dustjacket);

EXCITING ESCAPE STORIES ( Short Stories of Wars; Photo Cover);

EX-LEGIONNAIRE 1384 - The Soulless Legion ( French Foreign Legion; No Dustjacket);

EXTRACTS FROM MANUAL OF MILITARY LAW 1929 ( Reprinted for use in the Canadian Army 1941; No Dustjacket);

FAIRBAIRN, CAPT. W.E. - Get Tough! (Unarmed Combat as Taught to British Commandos and U.S. Armed Forces; illustrated; 1942; Trade Paperback; With Dustjacket);

FALK, RICHARD A./ MENDLOVITZ, SAUL H. (eds) - The Strategy of World Order; Toward a Theory of War Prevention ( Trade Paperback);

FARAGO, LADISLAS - The Game of the Foxes ( WWII; German Espionage in Britain & USA; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Last Days of Patton ( With Dustjacket);

FARMBOROUGH, FLORENCE - Nurse at the Russian Front; a Diary 1914-18 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

FARRAN, ROY - Winged Dagger ( WWII; Special Service; Trade Paperback);

FARRAR-HOCKLEY, ANTHONY - The Edge of the Sword ( Korea Imjin Battle and the Glosters; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** The Somme ( WWI; with photos; Trade Paperback);

FARWELL, BYRON - Eminet Victorian Soldiers; Seekers of Glory ( Illustrated; Trade Paperback); *** Queen Victoria's Little Wars ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

FELDT, COMMANDER ERIC A. - The Coast Watchers ( WWII South Pacific; Illustrated With Dustjacket);

FELLOWES, AIR COMMODORE, P.F.M. ( ed) - Britain's Wonderful Air Force ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

FERGUSON, TED - Desperate Seige; The Battle of Hong Kong ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

FERGUSSON,BERNARD - The Watery Maze; The Story of Combined Operations (WWII; with photos; No Dustjacket);

FERRO, MARC - The Great War 1914 - 1918 ( Trade Paperback);

FIELD, G.L. - The First World War ( with photos; Picture cover);

FIELDING, GABRIELD - The Birthday King ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

FIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS VOLUME II 1929 ( British War Office Publication);

THE FIRST CANADIAN DIVISION IN THE BATTLES OF 1918 (with photos; Barr and Co.; London 1919; 56 page booklet);

FLEMING PETER - Operation Sea Lion ( 1940 German Projected Invasion of England; With Dustjacket);

FLEMING, THOMAS J. - Now we are Enemies; the Story of Buner Hill ( No Dustjacket);

FLOOD, CHARLES BRACELEN - More Lives Than One (Korea; With Dustjacket);

FOLEY, DENNIS - Long Range Patrol ( Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

FONCK, CAPTAIN RENE - Ace of Aces ( WWI; Allied Fighter Pilot Memoirs with photos; With Dustjacket);

FOOTED, SHELBY - Shiloh (American Civil War; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback );

FORBES, COLIN - Tramp in Armour ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

FORBES, DONALD - Two Small Ships ( WWII Destroyers Novel; With Dustjacket);

FORD, GEORGE H. ( ed) - The Making of a Secret Agent; The Pickersgill Letters ( Trade Paperback);

FORESTER, C.S. - Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Captain Horatio Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Commodore Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Flying Colours ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket; With Dustjacket); *** Gold From Crete ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** The Good Shepherd ( WWII; Submarine; No Dustjacket; With Dustjacket); *** The Happy Return ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); Hornblower and the Crisis ***( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket With Dustjacket); ***Hornblower and the Hotspur ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Hornblower's Triumph ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** The Indomitable Hornblower - 3 complete novels (Commodore Hornblower/ Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies/ Lord Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket With Dustjacket); *** Lieutenant Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket; With Dustjacket); ***Lord Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback); *** Mr. Midshipman Hornblower ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** The Ship ( WWII Navy ; With Dustjacket); ***A Ship of the Line ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** The Ship and the Forest ( No Dustjacket);

FORMAN, JAMES - Ceremony of Innocence ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Ring the Judas Bell ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

FORREST, DAVID - The Last Blue Sea ( WWII New Guinea; With Dustjacket);

FORRESTER, LARRY - Battle of the April Storm ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Fly for Your Life ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

FORTESCUE, JOHN - The Empire and the Army ( British Army since the 17th Century; No Dustjacket);

FOSS, CHRISTOPHER F. - Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

FOWLER, WILLIAM M. ( jr.) - Rebels Under Sail: the American Navy During the Revolution ( With Dustjacket);

FOX, FRANK ( R.F.A.) - The British Army at War ( with photos; T. Fisher Unwin Ltd; 1917; Trade Paperback);

FRANK, PAT - Hold Back the Night ( Korea; No Dustjacket);

FRANKEL, ZYGMUNT - Short War, Short Lives ( Israel - Arab six Day War Setting; With Dustjacket);

FRASER, DAVID - Blitz ( WWII London during the Blitz; With Dustjacket);

FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - Quartered Safe Out Here ( Recollection of WWII In Burma; Trade Paperback);

FREELING,NICOLAS - Tsing-Boom! ( Vietnam Battle; No Dustjacket);

FRIED, MORTON/ HARRIS, MARVIN/ MURPHY, ROBERTS ( eds) - War: the Antropology of Armed Conflict and Aggression ( Trade Paperback)

FRISCHAUER, WILLI - The Rise and Fall of Hermann Goering ( Trade Paperback);

FULLER, J.F.C. - The Dragon's Teeth; a Study of War and Peace ( No Dustjacket);

FULLER, ROBERT G. - Danger! Marines at Work! ( No Dustjacket);

FUSSELL, PAUL - Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War ( Trade Paperback);

GADD, CHARLES - Line Doggie; Foot Soldier in Vietnam ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GAINHAM, SARAH - Night Falls on the City ( WWII; Vienna; With Dustjacket);

GALLAGHER, THOMAS - The X-Craft Raid ( WWII; Secret Naval Mission; With Dustjacket);

GALLERY, DANIEL V. - The Pueblo Incident ( Vietnam Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Stand by-y-y to Start Engines ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket);

GALLICO, PAUL - The Hurricane Story ( WWII Air; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GALVIN, MAJOR JOHN R. - The Minute Men (a Compact History of the Defenders of the American Colonies 1645-1775 (With Dustjacket);

GANIER-RAYMOND, PHILIPPE - The Tangled Web ( WWII; Allied Espionage Failure; With Dustjacket);

GANN, ERNEST K. - In the Company of Eagles ( WWI Air; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

GANNON, MICHAEL - Operation Drumbeat (WWII; German U-Boats attacks on American Coast; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GANTAR, JEFFREY/ PATTEN, TOM - A Question of Honor ( Annapolis Cheating Scandal; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GARDINER, A.G. - The War Lords ( WWI Issues and Conducts; No Dustjacket);

GARLINSKI, JOZEF - Hitler's Last Weapons ( WWII Underground War Against the V1 and V2 Rockets; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GARNER, HUGH - Storm Below ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket);

GAVIN, CATHERINE - Th House of War ( Turkish Independence War; With Dustjacket);

GEHLEN, GENERAL REINHARD - The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GELLHORN, MARTHA - The Wine of Astonishment ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

GENET, JEAN - Funeral Rites ( WWII Liberation of Paris; With Dustjacket);

GERARD, JAMES W. - My Four Years in Germany ( WWI Ambassador to German Imperial Court; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GERLACH, HEINRICH - The Forsaken Army ( WWII; Stalingrad With Dustjacket);

A GERMAN - J'Accuse ( WWI; Events leading to War; No Dustjacket);

GIBBS, A. HAMILTON - Way to Life ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

GIBBS, GEORGE - The Sleeper Wakes ( WWII France; With Dustjacket);

GIBBS, PHILIP - Called Back ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Long Alert Army in England; With Dustjacket); *** Now it can be Told ( WWII; No Dustjacket); *** Open Warfare; The Way to Victory ( WWI; No Dustjacket); *** Thine Enemy ( The Post War Germany; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Through the Storm ( WWII from the Fall of Paris to the Fall of Germany; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

GIBSON, GUY - Enemy Coast Ahead ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket);

GILBERT, ALTON KEITH - A Leader Born; the Life of Admiral John Sidney McCain, Pacific Carrier Commander ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GILFOND, HENRY - Black Hand at Sarajevo (WWI; With Dustjacket);

GILLIAM, RICHARD/ GREENBERG, MARTIN H. / KRAMER, EDWARD E. ( eds) - Confederacy of the Dead ( American Civil War Short Stories by Fantasy & Horror authors; Trade Paperback);

GILMAN, J.D./ CLIVE, JOHN - KG200; The Force wit no Face ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket);

GILPATRIC, GUY - Mr. Glencannon Ignores the War ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

GISKES, H.J. - London Calling North Pole ( WWII German Spy; With Dustjacket);

GITTINGS, JOHN - The Role of the Chinese Army ( The Army's Impact on Politics and Society in China; With Dustjacket);

GLOVER, MICHAEL - Wellington as Military Commander ( Trade Paperback);

GOEBBELS, JOSEPH - The Early Goebbels Diaries ( With Dustjacket); *** The Goebbels Diaries 1942-1943; No Dustjacket); *** Final Entries 1945 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GOERLITZ, WALTER - History of the German General Staff 1657 - 1945 ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

GOLDMAN, PETER/FULLER, TONY - Charles Company; what Vietnam Did to Us ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GOODMAN, JACK (ed) - While You Were Gone; a Report on Wartime Life in the United States ( Various Authors;; Simon and Schuster 1946; No Dustjacket);

GORDON, DON E. - Electronic Warfare; Element of Strategy and Multiplier of Combat Power (With Dustjacket);

GORMAN, MAJOR J.T. - Jack Frere of the Paratroops ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

GRAHAM, JAMES - Bloody Passage ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - Canada's war; the Politics of the Mackenzie King Government 1939 - 1945 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GRANT, DAVID - Emerald Decision ( WWII Submarine; With Dustjacket);

GRAY, EDWIN ( Ted) - In all Thy Ways ( WWII Canadian Airman Letters Home; Trade Paperback);

GRAY, EDWYN S. - The Killing Time: The German U-Boats 1914 - 1918 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

GRAY, MARTIN - For Those I Loved ( WWII Warsaw Ghetto; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GREATOREX, WILFRED - The Freedlancers ( Vietnam; No Dustjacket);

GREGG, CHARLES T. - Tarawa ( WWII South Pacific; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GREGORY, BARRY - British Airborne Troops ( MacDonald Illustrated War Studies; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GRETTON, VICE ADMIRAL SIR PETER - Formal Naval Person; Winston Churchill and the Royal Navy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

GRIERSON, FRANCIS - The Valley of Shadows ( American Civil War in Mr. Lincoln's Midwest; Trade Paperback);

GRIFFIN, GWYN - An Operational Necessity ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket);

GRIFFIN, W.E.B. - (The Corps) Book VI Close Combat ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Honor Bound ( With Dustjacket);

GRIFFITH, FRANKLYN/POLANYI, JOHN ( eds) - The Dangers of Nuclear War ( Trade Paperback);

GROOM, WINSTON - Better Times Than These ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

GROOM, WINSTON. SPENCER, DUNCAN - Conversations with the Enemy; The Story of PFC Robert Garwood ( Vietnam P.O.W.; With Dustjacket);

GUEDALLA, PHILIP - The Hundred Days ( Napolonic War; No Dustjacket);

GUERLAIN, ROBERT - A Prisoner in Germany ( WWII; P.O.W.; No Dustjacket);


GUNSTON, BILL - Submarines in Color (Arco Color Series; with photos; Trade Paperback);

GUNTHER, JOHN - The Riddle of MacArthur; Japan Korea and the Far East ( No Dustjacket);

GURNEY, GENE - Flying Aces of World War I ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

GWYN, SANDRA - Tapestry of War; a Private View of Canadians in the Great War ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

HABE, HANS - The Mission ( WWII; Holocaust; With Dustjacket); *** Off Limits ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** A Thousand Shall Fall ( WWII; P.O.W.; No Dustjacket);

HACKFORTH-JONES, GILBERT - The Greatest Fool; The Story of Stephen Hawkins ( British Royal Navy; With Dustjacket);

HACKETT, JOHN - WINTHROP - I was a Stranger ( WWII; P.O.W.; With Dustjacket); *** The Third World War AUGUST 1885 ( With Dustjacket); *** The Third World War the Untold Story ( With Dustjacket);

HALBERSTAM, DAVID - One Very Hot Day ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

HALE, JAMES - Branching Out: The Story of the Royal Canadian Legio ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

HALL, JAMES NORMAN - High Adventure: a Narrative of Air Fighting in France ( with photos; 1918; No Dustjacket);

HALLSTEAD, WILLIAM F. - The Missles of Zajecar ( WWII; Air; With Dustjacket);

HAMRE, LEIF - Blue Two... Bale Out! ( Air; No Dustjacket); *** Leap Into Danger ( Air; With Dustjacket);

HANDBOOK FOR CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS ( Pub. Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors 1952; Trade Paperback);

HANKEY, DONALD - A Student in Arms ( WWI; No Dustjacket); *** A Student in Arms Second Series ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

HANLEY, GERALD - See You in Yasukuni ( WWII; South Pacific; With Dustjacket);

HANSEN, RON - Hitler's Niece ( Trade Paperback);

HARDMAN, RIC - Fifteen Flags ( Russian Revolution ; With Dustjacket);

HARGROVE, MARION - See Here, Private Hargrove ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HAREL, ISSER - The Hose on Garibaldi Street (Capture of Adolf Eichmann; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HARRINGTON, WILLIAM - One Over One ( With Dustjacket);

HARRIS, JOHN - Covenant With Death ( WWI; No Dustjacket); *** Light Calvary Action ( WWI and the Start of WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Professionals ( WWI; Air; With Dustjacket);

HARRIS, JOHN NORMAN - Knights of the Air; Canadian Aces of World War I ( Illustrated; With Dustjacket);

HARRIS, LARRY/ TAYLOR, BRIAN - Escape to Honour ( WWII; P.O.W. and French Resistance; With Dustjacket);

HART, B.H. LIDDELL - History of the Second World War ( illustrated with Maps; Trade Paperback); *** (ed) The Rommel Papers ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

HARVEY, J. DOUGLAS - Boys, Bombs and Brussels Sprouts ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket); *** Laughter - Silvered Wing; Remembering the Air Force II (Illustrated; With Dustjacket);

HASTINGS, MAX - Das Reich ( The March of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Through France; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** (ed) Military Anecdotes ( Trade Paperback);

HAY, DODDY - The Man inthe Hot Seat ( Ejection Seat in Jets; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HAY, IAN - All in it "K (I)" Carries on (WWI; No Dustjacket); *** The Battle of Flanders 1940 (Phamplet 64 pages); *** The First Hundred Thousand (WWI; No Dustjacket); *** /King-Hall, Stephen - The Middle Watch ( With Dustjacket); *** Their Name LIveth; the Book of the Scottish National War Memorial ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

HEARN, C.V. - Desert Assignment ( War Time Crime; With Dustjacket);

HEATTERN BASIL - The Better Part of Valor ( WWII; South Pacific Naval; With Dustjacket);

HELLE, ROGER / COPPIN, EZRA - Too Proud to Die ( Vietnam Marine; Trade Paperback);

HELLER, JOSEPH - Catch-22 (With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HELPRIN, MARK - A Soldier of the Great War ( WWI; With Dustjacket);

HEMPSTONE, SMITH - A Tract of Time ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

HENRIQUES, ROBERT - Red Over Green ( WWII; Commandos; With Dustjacket);

HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Sword and Roses ( American Civil War; No Dustjacket);

HER, MICHAEL - Dispatches ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

HERRING, GEORGE C. - America's Longest War; the United States and Vietnam 1950 - 1975 ( Trade Paperback);

HERRINGTON, STUART A. - Silence was a Weapon; the Vietnam War in the Village ( With Dustjacket);

HERSEY, JOHN - A Bell for Adano ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Hiroshima ( WWII; South Pacific; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Wall *( WWII; No Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The War Lover ( WWII; Air; With Dustjacket);

HERZPG, CHAIM - The Arab - Israeli Wars; War and Peace in the Middle East ( with photos and Maps; With Dustjacket);

HEWAT, TIM (ed) War File ( Arab-Israeli War of 1967; pub. Panther Record; Trade Paperback);

HEWES, J.V. - The High Courts of Heaven; a Story of the R.A.F. ( WWI Air; No Dustjacket);

HEYM, STEFAN - Of Smiling Peace ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - The Great Mutiny India 1857 ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

HIBBERT, JOYCE - Fragments of War; Stories from Survivors of World War II ( Trade Paperback);

HIGGINS, JACK - The Eagle has Flown ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Night of the Fox ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Storm Warning ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

HILLARY, RICHARD - Falling Through Space ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HILLSMAN, DR.JOHN BURMAN - Eleven Men and a Scaplel ( WWII ; Surgeon from Winnipeg Manitoba; With Dustjacket);

HILSENRATH, EDGAR - The Nazi and the Barber ( Nazi SS Officer Hiding in Israel as a Jew; With Dustjacket);

HILSMAN, ROGER - American Guerrilla; My War Behind Japanese Lines ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HILTON, JAMES - The Story of Dr. Wassell ( WWII Surgeon; With Dustjacket);

HINSHAW, ARNED L. - Heartbreak Ridge () Korea; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HITLER, ADOLF - MEIN KAMPF (Hitler's autobiography "My Struggle."; 1941; Printed in World War-2 Era Germany; Hardcover; No Dust Jacket; GERMAN Language; PHOTO Plate Page of ADOLF HITLER inside; VG/FN = $15.00);

HOCKING, JOSEPH - All for a Scrap of Paper ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

HOEMBERG, ELISABETH - Thy People, my People ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

HOHNE, HEINZ/ ZOLLING, HERMANN - The General was a Spy ( Truth About German General Gehlen; with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HOLM, GUSTAV - This was Lidice ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

HOLMAN, GORDON - The Little Ships ( WWII Naval; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HOMEWOOD, HARRY - Silent Sea (WWII; South Pacific Submarines; With Dustjacket);

HONIG, DONALD - Walk Like a Man ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

HOOKER, RICHARD - M.A.S.H. (Korea; No Dustjacket);

HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - Canada at War 1914-1918; a Record of Heroism and Achievement ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

HORBACH, MICHAEL - Out of the Night ( WWII Stories of Ordinary German's Who Had Jews from the Nazis; With Dustjacket);

HORNE, ALISTAIR - The Price of Glory; Verdun 1916 ( Trade Paperback);

HOUGH, RICHARD - The Battle of Midway ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

HOUSTON, DAONALD E. - Hell on Wheels; the 2nd Armored Division (with photos; No Dustjacket);

HOWARD, PETER - Ideas Have Legs ( WWII; No Dustjacket); *** Innocent Men ( WWII England; With Dustjacket);

HOWARTH, DAVID - British Sea Power ( How Britain Became Sovereign of the Seas ( with photos ; Trade Paperback); *** Dawn of the D-Day ( WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** Trafalgar; the Nelson Touch ( British History; Trade Paperback); *** We Die Alone ( WWII; P.O.W.; With Dustjacket); No Dustjacket);

HOWE, QUINCY - Ashes of Victory; World War II and Its Aftermath ( With Dustjacket);

HOWE, GEORGE - Call it Treason ( WWII ; No Dustjacket);

HOWELL, EDGAR M. - The Soviet Partisan Movement 1941 - 1944 ( WWII; Trade Paperback);

HOYT, EDWIN P. - Blue Skies and Blood; The Battle of the Coral Sea ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Count Von Luckner: Knight of the Sea ( WWII German Naval Officer; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** To the Marianas; War in the Central Pacific 1944 ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

HUDSON, JAMES J. - Hostile Skies ( Combat History of the American Air Service in WWI; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HUNT, J.L./ PRINGLE, A.G. ( eds) - Service Slang ( R.A.F.; No Dustjacket);

HURD, ARCHIBALD - From Heligoland to Keeling Island ( WWI 100 Days of Naval War; No Dustjacket);

HUTCHISON, LT-COL. GRAHAM SETON - Pilgrimage ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** Warrior ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket);

HYDE, H.MONTOMERY - The Atom Bomb Spies ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Quiet Canadian; the Secret Service Story of Sir William Stephenson ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

HYMAN, MAC - No Time for Sergeants ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

HYND, ALAN - Betrayal from the East ( WWII Japanese Spies in America; No Dustjacket);

ICENHOWER, JOSEPH B. - Submarine Rendezvous ( WWII Pacific; Illustrated by Norman Guthrie Rudolph; No Dustjacket);

THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM WAR; with photos; all Trade Paperback; pub. Bantam Books; *** Vol. 3 - Armour ( by Arnold, James R.); *** Vol. 5 - Khe Sanh ( by Ewing, Michael); *** Vol. 7 - Artillery ( by Arnold, James R.); *** Vol. 11 - Helicopters ( by Guilmartin, John Jr./ O'Leary, Michael);

INBER, VERA - Lenigard Diary ( WWII Russian; with photos; With Dustjacket);

INFANTRY TRAINGING (4-Company Organization; 1914; General Staff War Office; Small Pocket Size Hardcover);

INFIELD, GLENN B. - The Poltava Affair ( WWII Minute by Minute Account of Secret Operation That Foreshadowed the Cold War; with photos; With Dustjacket);

INGE, W.R. - A Pacifist in Trouble ( An Answer to War; With Dustjacket);

INGERSOLL, CAPTAIN RALPH - The Battle is the Pay-Off ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Top Secret ( WWII Western Europe; No Dustjacket);



IRELAND, BERNARD - Warships of the World; Major Classes ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

IRVING, DAVID - The Destructions of Convoy PQ. 17 ( WWII Naval; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Destructions of Dresden ( WWII Allied Bombing of German City; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** The Trail of Fox (WWII General Rommell in Africa; with photos; No Dustjacket);

JABLONSKI, EDWARD - Double Strike; The Epic Air Raids on Regensburg/ Schweinfurt ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

JACK DONALD - That's Me in the Middle ( With Dustjacket);

JACKMAN, STUART - Sandcatcher ( WWII Saudi Arabian Desert; With Dustjacket);

JACKSON, DONALD - Custer's Gold; The United States Cavalry Expedition of 1874 ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

JACKSON, ROBERT - Air War Over Korea ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Bomber! Famous Bomber Missions of World War II ( With Dustjacket); *** Fighter Pilots of World War II ( With Dustjacket);

JACOB, NAOMI - The Morning Will Come ( Jewish Family has a boy who becomes a Nazi; With Dustjacket);

JACOT, MICHAEL - The Last Butterfly ( WWII Holocaust; No Dustjacket);

JANE'S AFV RECOGNITION HANDBOOK SECOND EDITION ( with photos by Foss, Christopher F.);

JANE'S POCKET BOOK OF COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT ( with photos; edited by Taylor, John W.R.);

JANE'S POCKET BOOK OF MAJOR COMBAT AIRCRAFT (with photos; edited by Taylor, John W.R.);

JANE'S POCKET BOOK OF MAJOR WARSHIPS ( with photos; edited by Moore, Captain John E.);


JANE'S POCKET BOOK OF RIFLES AND LIGHT MACHINE GUNS ( with photos; edited by Archer, Denis);

JANE'S POCKET BOOK OF SUBMARINE DEVELPOMENT ( with photos; edited by Moore, john );

JANE'S POCKET BOOK 10-Missiles new Edition (with photos edited by Pretty, Ronald);

JENSEN-STEVENSON, MONIKA/ STEVENSON, WILLIAM - Kiss the Boys Goodbye; How the United States Betrayed it Own POWS in Vietnam (With Dustjacket);

JEROME, SALLY/ SHEA, NANCY BRINTON - The Marine Corps Wife (Household Management in the Marine Customs; With Dustjacket);

JESSE, F. TENNYSON - The Saga of San Demetrio ( WWII Atlantic Naval; With Dustjacket);

JOHNSON, PAUL - The Suez War ( With Dustjacket);

JOHNSTON, STANLEY - Queen of the Flat-tops; the U.S.S. Lexington and the Coral Sea Battle ( illustrated; With Dustjacket);

JONES, JAMES - From Here to Eternity ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Pistol ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Thin Red Line ( WWII; South Pacific; No Dustjacket); *** Whistle ( WWII South Pacific; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

JORDAN, HUMFREY - Decency of Hate ( WWII Submarine; With Dustjacket);

JOSEPH, ROBERT - Berlin at Midnight ( WWII Germany; No Dustjacket);

KAGAN, NORMAN - The War Film (Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Andersonville ( French Language Edition; American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

KARMEL - Wolfe, HEINA - The Baders of Jacob Street (WWII Jews of Krakow, Poland; With Dustjacket);

KARNOW, STANLEY - Vietnam: a History ( The First Complete account of Vietnam at War; with photos; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

KARSKI, JAN - Story of a Secret State ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

KATE, ELIZABETH - Someone Will Conquer Them ( WWII Japan; With Dustjacket);

KAZAKEVICH, E. - Spring on the Oder ( WWII Russian ; With Dustjacket);

KEEGAN, JOHN / WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - Zones of Conflict; an Atlas of Future Wars ( With Dustjacket);

KEEGAN, JOHN - A History of Warfare ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Price of Admiralty: the Evolution of Naval Warfare ( w/.photos; Trade Paperback);

KEITH, AGNES NEWTON - Three Came Home ( WWII South Pacific P.O.W.; Trade Paperback);

KELLOW, BOB - Paths to Freedom ( WWII RAF No. 617 Squadron member escaping from behind enemy lines and back to England; with photos; Trade Paperback);

KEMP, LT-COM. P.K. - Victory at Sea 1939 - 1945 ( WWII British Navy; with photos; No Dustjacket);

KEMP, PETER - Escape of the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau ( WWII German Navy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

KENNEDY, DAVID M. - Over Here; the First World War and American Society ( Trade Paperback);

KENNEDY, J.M. - How the Nations Waged War ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - Pursuit: The Chase and Sinking of the Battleship Bismarck (with photos; With Dustjacket);

KENNEDY, PAUL - The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers ( Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000; w/maps; Trade Paperback);

KENNEDY, ROBERT M. - The German Campaign in Poland 1939 ( Department of he Army Pamphlet No. 20-255; No Dustjacket);

KENT, ALEXANDER - Form Line of Battle! (Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** IN Gallant Company ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Sloop of War ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Stand into Danger ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket);

KERSHAW, ANDREW - Combat Aircraft ( A Kingfisher Guide with photos and illustrations; photos cover);

KESSLER, LEO - The Battle of the Ruhr Pocket April 1945 (WWII Europe; With Dustjacket);*** Claws of Steel ( WWII SS Assault Battalian Wotan; With Dustjacket);

KETCHUM, RICHARD M. - The Winter Soldiers ( American War of Independence; Illustrated; With Dustjacket);

KETTERSON, HON. CAPT. ALEX ( ed) - On Active Service ; Ideals of Canada's Fighting Men ( WWII War Verse; No Dustjacket);

KIM, RICHARD E. - The Martyred ( Korea; No Dustjacket);

KIMCHE, JON & DAVID - The Secret Roads ( Jewish illegal migration in Europe 1938 to 1948 ; with photos; No Dustjacket);

KING, COMMANDER WILLIAM - Adventure in Depth ( Naval Submarine; with photos; No Dustjacket);

KING-HALL, STEPHEN - History of the War Volume 1: The Cause of the War ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

the King's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Militia 1939 ( No Dustjacket);

KIRBY, S. WOODBURN - Singapore: The Chain of Disaster ( WWII The Fall of Singapore; With Dustjacket);

KIRST, HANS HELLMUT - What Became of Gunner Asch ( WWII; WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Zero Eight Fifteen ( German Barrack Life; With Dustjacket);

KLEIN, ALEXANDER - The Counterfeit Traitor ( WWII Allied Espionage Coup; with photos; With Dustjacket);

KLEIN, ROBERT - Wounded Men, Broken Promises ( How the Veterans Administration Betrays Yesterday's Heroes; With Dustjacket);

KLUGE, ALEXANDER - The Battle ( WWII Battle of Stalingrad; With Dustjacket);

KNEBEL, FLETCHER - The Zinzin Road ) African Rebellion; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

KNIGHTLEY, PHILLIP - The First Casualty (From the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondet as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback); *** Philby KGB Masterspy ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

KNOOP, HANS - The Menten affair ( Pursuit of Nazi Pieter Menten for War Crimes; with photos; With Dustjacket);

KOEH, ILSE - Mischling, Second Degree: My Childhood in Nazi Germany ( With Dustjacket);

KOHLER, PAULINE - I Was Hitler's Maid ( WWII Autobiography; No Dustjacket);

KORSON, GEORGE - At his Side ( The Story of the American Red Cross Overseas in World War II; No Dustjacket);

KRAMARZ, JOACHIM - Stauffenberg ( The Architect of the Famous July 20th Conspiracy to Assassinate Hitler; With Dustjacket);

KRYLOV, IVAN - Soviet Staff Officer ( WWII Russian from May 1940 to May 1945; With Dustjacket);

KUNICZAK, W.S. - The Thousand Hour Day ( WWII Conquest of Poland by Germany; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

KURTY, HAROLD - The Second Reich; Kaiser Wilhelm II and His Germany ( WWI; with photos; Trade Paperback);

KUZNETSOV, ANATOLY - Babi Yar ( WWII German Occupation of Keiv; With Dustjacket);

LAFEBER, WALTER ( ed) - The Origins of the Cold War 1941 - 1947 (Trade Paperback);

LAFORE, LAURENCE - The Long Fuse: an Interpretation of the Origins of World war I (Trade Paperback);

LAMB, JAMES B. - On the Triangle Run: More True Stories of Canada's Navy (WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

LANCASTER, BRUCE - Guns of Burgoyne (American Revolution; No Dustjacket);

LANCASTER, OSBERT - With an Eye to the Future ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

LANDON, CHRISTOPHER - A Flag in the City ( WWII ; Iran; With Dustjacket);*** Ice Cold in Alex ( WWII North Africa; No Dustjacket);

LANGER, WALTER C. - The Mind of Adolf Hilter ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

LANGFORD, LT-COL. R.J.S. - Corporal to Field Officer ( Canadian Infantry Guide; No Dustjacket);

LANGLEY - DANOS, EVA - Prison on Wheels; From Ravensbruck to Burgau (WWII Young Woman's Diary of Suck a Trip; Trade Paperback);

LAPP, RALPH - Kill and Overkill; the Strategy of Annihilation ( Nuclear War; With Dustjacket);

LARKIN, MARGARET - The Six Days of Yad Mordechai (Isreal War of Independence 1948; Trade Paperback);

LAST, JEF - The Spanish Tragedy ( Spanish Civil War; No Dustjacket);

LAVENDER, EMERSON/ SHEFFE, NORMAN - The Evaders; True Stories of Downed Canadian Airmen and Their Helpers in World War II ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

LAWRENCE, HAL - A Bloody War; One Man's Memories of the Canadian Navy 1939-45 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

LAWRENCE, T.E. - Revolt in the Desert ( Arab Revolt; No Dustjacket); *** Seven Pillars of Wisdom ( Arab Revolt; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

LAWSON, CAPTAIN TED - Thirty Second over Tokyo ( WWII Bombing Run; No Dustjacket);

LEACH, BARRY S. - German Stragtegy Against Russia 1939 - 41 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

LECKIE, ROBERT - Helmet for my Pillow ( WWII Marine's Account of WWII; With Dustjacket);

LEDERER, WILLIAM J. - Ensign O'Toole and Me ( Navy; No Dustjacket);

LEDIG, GERT - The Naked Hill ( WWII Leningrad; With Dustjacket);

LEE, JOSEPH - Journey for Betsy ( WWII Africa; With Dustjacket);

LEEKLEY, JOHN - The Blue and the Gray ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

LE GHAIT, EDOUARD - No Carte Blanche to Capricorn: The Folly of Nuclear War Stragy ( No Dustjacket);

LENS, SIDNEY - The Military - Industrial Complex (Trade Paperback);

LESLIE, PETER - Anvil ( WWII Invasion of Southern France in August 1944; With Dustjacket);

LESUEUR, LARRY - Twelve Months that Changed the World ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

LEVIN, MEYER - The Stronghold ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

LEWIN, RONALD - The American Magic ( WWII American Code Breakers; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** Ultra Goes to War ( WWII Intelligence Operation Ultra; with photos; Trade Paperback);

LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarious Rising ( WWI Air; With Dustjacket);

LEWIS, ELIZABETH FOREMAN - To Beat a Tiger ( China in the 1930; Picture cover);

LEWIS, FLORA - One of our H-bombs is Missing ( 1966 Southern Spain 2 U.S. Aircraft collide & only 3 of 4 nuclear bombs found; with photos; With Dustjacket);

LEWIS, JON E. - ed) - True Stories from the SAS and Elite Forces ( Trade Paperback);

LINDSAY, PATRICK - The Spirit of Kokoda ( WWII Australia; with photos; Trade Paperback);

LINKLATER, ERIC - Private Angelo ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

LIVESAY, J.F.B. - Canada's Hundred Days; With the Canadian Corps from Ameins to Mons, Aug 8 - Nov 11, 1918 ( w/fold-out Maps; No Dustjacket);

LIVESEY, ANTHONY - Are we at War? Letters to the Times 1939 - 1945 (WWII; With Dustjacket);

LLOYD, SELWYN - Suez 1956: a Personal Account (with photos; With Dustjacket);

LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Canvas Falcons; The Men and Planes of World War I ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The General ( U.S. Army; With Dustjacket);

LOOMIS, EDWARD - End of a War ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

LORD, WALTER - Day of Infamy ( WWII Bombing of Pearl Harbor; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** The Miracle of Dunkirk ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);


LOWDER, HUGHSTON E./ SCOTT, JACK - Batfish: The Champion Subnmarion - Killer Submarine of World War II; with photos; No Dustjacket);

LOWELL, J.R. - The Irish Game ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

LUCAS, RUTH - Who Dare to Live ( WWII German Life; With Dustjacket);

LUNDGREN, WILLIAM R. - The Primary Cause ( Novel of Strategic Air Command; With Dustjacket);

LUSTIGER, GILA - The Inventory ( WWII Nazi Paranoia in German Society; With Dustjacket);

LYON, ALLAN - Toward an Unknown Station (WWII Infantry; With Dustjacket);

MACHARDY, CHARLES - Send Down a Dove ( WWII Submarine; With Dustjacket);

MACINTYRE, DONALD - The Naval War Against Hitler ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MACKINNON, CHARLES - To Whom the Glory? (WWII; With Dustjacket);

MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Force 10 from Navarone ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Guns of Navarone ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Last Frontier ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Partisan ( WWII; With Dustjacket); Where Eagles Dare ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

MACMAHON, FINN - Post Bellum Blues: Personal Story of a Soldier in Trouble ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

MACMILLAN, FL-LT. D.A. ( R.C.A.E.) - Only the Stars Know ( WWII; R.C.A.F.; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

MACMILLAN, HAROLD - The Blast of War 1939 - 45 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MACNEIL, DUNCAN - Wolf in the Fold (Historical; With Dustjacket);

MACPHAIL, SIR ANDREW - Three Persons ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

MADEJ, W. VICTOR - Gerrman Army Order of Battle 1939-1945 Volume I (Oblong Trade Paperback);

MAHAN, S.T. - The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660 - 1783 ( No Dustjacket);

MAHLER, MICHAEL D. - Ringed in Steel: Armored Cavalry Vietnam 1967 - 68 ( With Dustjacket);

MALONE, COLONEL DICK - Missing From the Record ( WWII Allied Leaders Clash; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

MALONE, RICHARD S. - A Portrait of War 1939 - 1943 ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

MALRAUX, ANDRE - Days of Wrath ( WWII P.O.W. Communist in Nazi Camp; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Man's Hope ( Spanish Civil War ; With Dustjacket);

MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Arms of Krupp 1587 - 1968 ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Goodbye Darkness: a Memoir of the Pacific War ( with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

MANDEL,GEORGE - The Max Boom ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

MANGOLD, TOM/ PENYCATE, JOHN - The Tunnels of Chu Chi: The Untold Story of Vietnam ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MANTELL, DAVID MARK - True Americanism: Green Berets and War Resisters: a Study in Commitment ( Trade Paperback);

MANUAL OF DRILL AND CEREMONIAL - CFP 201 ( Canadian Forces ; Trade Paperback);

MANUAL OF MAP READING, AIR PHOTO READING AND FIELD SKETCHING: Part I Map Reading ( War Office 1956; With Dustjacket);

MANUAL OF MAP READING AND FIELD SKETCHING 1921 ( British War Office; No Dustjacket);


MANUAL OF SEAMANSIP 1937 VOLUMUE ONE (Illustrated; by Authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty 1942; No Dustjacket);

MAO TSE-TUNG - ON Guerrilla Warfare (No Dustjacket);

MARCH, DR. FRANCIS A. - History of the World War: an Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War (with photos and Maps; 1918; embossed cover);

MARCH, PETER R. - Combat Aircraft Recognition ( w/photo; Trade Paperback);

MARKOVITS, RODION - Siberian Garrison ( No Dustjacket);

MARQUIS, T.G. - Canada's Sons on Kopje and Veldt ( Canadian Contingents in South Africa; with photos; No Dustjacket);

MARRIN, ALBERT - The Airman's War: World War II in the Sky ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MARRIOTT, JOHN (ed) - Fast ttack Craft ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MARSHALL, BRACE - The White Rabbit: the Story of Wing Commander F.F.E. Yeo - Thomas; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MARSHALL, GEORGE C. - Memoirs of my Sercive in the World War 1917 - 1918 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MARSHALL, S.L.A. - The River and the Gauntlet ( Korea Battle of the Chongchon River; illustrated; Trade Paperback);

MARSHALL, WILLIAM - Shanghai ( Last few weeks before Pearl Harbor; With Dustjacket);

MASEFIELD, JOHN - Gallipoli ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** The Nine Days Wonder: The Operation Dynamo ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

MASON, HERBERT MOLLOY - (jr) - The Rise of the Luftwaffe 1918 - 1940 ( with photos; With Dustjacket)_; *** To Kill the Devil ( The Attempts on the Life of Adolf Hitler; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MARX, KARL/ LENIN, V.I. - Civil War in France; The Paris Commune (Trade Paperback);

MASTERMAN, J.C. - The Double-Cross System in the War of 1939-1945 (WWII Espionage; With Dustjacket);

MASTERS, JOHN - The Road Past Mandalay ( WWII Burma; With Dustjacket);

MATHER, BERKELY - With Extreme Prejudice ( With Dustjacket);

MAULDIN, BILL - Back Home ( Illustrated by Bill Mauldin; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Up Front ( illustrated by Bill Mauldin; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

MAWRENCE, COL. MEL/ KIMBALL, JOHN CLARK - You Can Survive the Bomb (How to Prepare for an Attack; With Dustjacket);

MAYER, TOM - The Weary Falcon (Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

MAYO, LIBA - Bloody Buna ( WWII New Guinea Campaign that Thwarted Japan invasion of Australia; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MCCARTHY, RICHARD D. - The Ultimate Folly: War by Pestilence, Asphyxiation and Defoliation ( Pentagon's Reserve of Chemical and Biological Weapons; With Dustjacket);

MCCONNELL, JAMES - Battlefield Madonna ( WWII; Uncorrected Proof Copy; Trade Paperback);

MCCONNELL, MALCOLM - INto the Mouth of the Cat: the Story of Lance Sijan, Hero of Vietnam ( With Dustjacket);

MCCREA, JOHN - In Flanders Field ( WWI Poems; with photos; No Dustjacket);

MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Cameron's Crossing ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Convoy Homeward ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket);

MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM H. ( jr.) By Eastern Windows ( WWII P.O.W.'s in Sumatra Prison Camps; No Dustjacket);

MCFEE, WILLIAM - North of Suez ( 1930's Middle East; No Dustjacket);

MCGIVERN, WILLIAM P. - Soldiers of '44 (WWII; With Dustjacket);

MCKIE, RONALD - The Heroes ( wwii Singapore; With Dustjacket);

MCLAUGHLIN, REDMOND - The Escape of the Goeben; Prelude of Gallipoli ( WWI; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MCLEAVE, HUGH - The Damned Die Hard ( French Foreign Legion; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MCLEAVY, ROY - Naval Fast Strike Craft and Patrol Boats ( Blandford Colour Series; With Dustjacket);

MCMASTER, R.E. ( jr) - Cycles of War: the Next Six Years ( With Dustjacket);

MCWILLIAMS, JAMES L./ STEEL, R. JAMES - The Suicide Battalioin ( WWI 46th Canadian Infantry Battalion; With Dustjacket);

MEINECKE, FRIEDRICH - The German Catastrophe ( Historical and Social Reasons for the Rise and Ruin of Hitler and Germany; Trade Paperback);

MELADY, THOMAS & MARGARET - Idi Amin Dada: Hitler in Africa ( Uganda Military Dictator; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MELVILLE, CECIL F. - Guilty Frenchmen ( WWII Nazi Collaborators; With Dustjacket; 1940);

MENZIES, J.H. - Canada and the War: the Promise of the West ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

MERILLAT, HERBERT CHRISTIAN - Guadalcanal Remembered ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MERTON, THOMAS - My Argument with the Gestapo ( WWII; Trade Paperback);

MESSICK, HANK - King's Mountain ( American Revolution Blue Ridge Mountain Men; With Dustjacket);

MICHEL, HENRI - The Second World War ( With Dustjacket);

MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Bridge at Andau ( Hungarian Revolt; With Dustjacket);

MICHIE, ALLAN A./ GRAEBNER, WALTER (eds) - Lights of Freedom ( WWII Memoirs; Photographed by LIfe Magazine Camermen; With Dustjacket);

MICROWAVE TECHNIQUES NAVYSHIPS 900,028 ( Navy Department 1960; Trade Paperback);

MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Kaiser's Battle: 21 March 1918 the First day of the German Spring Offensive ( with photos; Trade Paperback); *** MAHONEY, PATRICK - Battleship: the Sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MIDDLETON, DREW - Crossroads of Modern Warfare ( Sixteen 20th Century Battles that Shaped History; With Dustjacket); *** Submarine: the Ultimate Naval Weapon - it's Past, Present and Future ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - Men of Valour: The Story of World War II ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MILITARY ENGINEERING VOLUME III PART I BRIDGING : General Principles and Materials 1934 ( War Office; No Dustjacket);

MILLAR, GEORGE - Road to Resistance: an Autobiography ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MILLAR, MAJOR WARD M. - Valley of the Shadow ( Korea; Downed Pilots Escapes; With Dustjacket);

MILLER, DOUGLAS - Via Diplomatic Puch ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - General Douglas Macarthur: Fighter for Freedom ( with photos; No Dustjacket); *** History of World War II ( with photos; 966 pages; No Dustjacket); *** History of World War II Armed Services Memorial Edition ( with photos; 966 pages; No Dustjacket);

MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Monty His Part in my Victory ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** "Rommel?" "Gunner Who?" a Confrontation in the Desert ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MILNE-TYTE, ROBERT - Armada! ( Spanish Armada Defeat in 1588 by British; Trade Paperback);

MILLOT, BERNARD - Divine Thunder: the Life and Death of the Kamikazes ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MIRVISH, ROBERT F. - There You Are, but Where are You? ( No Dustjacket);

MITCHELL, RUTH - The Serbs Choose War ( Only American Women to Join the Serbian Chetnik Guerrillas; With Dustjacket);

MITCHAM, SAMUEL W./ VON STAUFFEN BERG, FRIEDRICH - The Battle of Sicily: How the Allies Lost Their Chance for Total Victory ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Cruel Sea ( WWII Submarine; No Dustjacket); *** The Kappilan of Malta ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Three Corvettes ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket);

MONTAGU, EWEN - The Man Who Never Was ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket; picture cover);

MONTOR, KAREL (ed) Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience ( No Dustjacket);

MOORE, ROBIN - The Country Team ( Battling Communist; With Dustjacket); *** The Green Berets ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

MOOREHEAD, ALAN - African Trilogy (WWII Africa and the Middle East 1940 - 3; No Dustjacket); *** Eclipse ( WWII; w/maps; No Dustjacket);

MOREHOUSE, DAVID - Psychic Warrior ( CIA's Stargate Progame; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MORRIS, ERIC - Corregidor: The End of the line ( WWII ; South Pacific; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MORRISON, WILBUR H. - The Elephant and the Tiger: the Full Story of the Vietnam War ( w/photo; With Dustjacket); *** Point of No Return: The Story of the 20th Air Force ( With Dustjacket);

MORTON, DESMOND - Canada and War: a Military and Political History ( Trade Paperback); *** Ministers and Generals: Politic and the Canadian Militia 1868 - 1904 ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

MORTON, H.V. - Atlantic Meeting ( WWII Churchill and Roosvelt Conference 1941; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** I, James Blunt ( wwii; Trade Paperback); *** I Saw Two Englands ( Records of a Jounrey Before and After WWII Start; with photos; No Dustjacket);

MOSLEY, LEONARD - The Druid ( WWII British Secret Service; No Dustjacket); *** On Borrowed Time: How World War II Began ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

MOTTRAM, R.H. - Through the Menin Gate ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

MOWAT, FARLEY - And No Birds Sang ( WWII Coming of Age for the Author; With Dustjacket);

MULLENHEIM - Rechberg, Baron Burkard Von - Battleship Bismarck: a Survivor's Story ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MULLINS, RICHARD - Sound the Last Bugle ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

MUNRO, ROSS - Gauntlet to Overlord: The Story of the Canadian Army ( with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

MUNSON, KENNETH - Aircraft of World War I ( with photos; No Dustjacket); *** Fighters in Service: Attack and Training Aircraft Since 1960 ( Blandford Colour Series; With Dustjacket);

MURPHY, EDWARD R. ( jr.) - Second in Command ( Uncensored Account of Capture of U.S. Spy Ship Pueblo; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MURPHY, ROBERT - Diplomat among Warriors ( WWII U.S. Spy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

MYERS, WALTER DEAN - The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins a World War II Soldier ( Photo Cover);

NASMITH, COL. GEORGE G. - Canada's Sons and Great Britain in the World War ( Pub. 1919; with photos; embossed cover);

NATHANSON, E.M. - The Dirthy Dozen ( WWII; w.dj);

NAVAL RATES THEIR MEANING FOR EMPLOYERS ( A Manual to Aid in the Occupational Rehabiliation of Ex-naval Personnel; Pub. Naval Service Headquaters Circa 1945; Trade Paperback);

THE NAVY TIMES (ed.) - Great American Naval Heroes ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

NEFF, DONALD - Warriors at Suez; Eisenhower Takes America into the Middle East ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

NELSON'S HISTORY OF TEH WAR IN 17 VOLOUMES WITH MAPS; Written and edited by Buchan, John (Small hd/cv; No Dustjacket);

NEWBY, ERIC - Love and War in the Apennines ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

NEWBY, LEROY W. - Target Ploesti: View from a Bombsight ( WWII Air Rumania; with photos; With Dustjacket);

NEWSOM, J.D. - Garde a Vous! ( a Novel of the Foreign Legion; With Dustjacket; 1928);

NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Cry Havoc! ( wwi; No Dustjacket);

NICHOLSON, LT. - COL. G.W.L. - The Canadians in Italy 1943 - 1945; Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Vol. 2 ( with photos; w/foldout Maps; With Dustjacket);

NICOLSON, HAROLD - The War Years 1939 - 1945 Volume II of Diaries and Letters ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

NIESEWAND, PETER - A Member of the Club ( Guerrilla Warfare in South Africa; With Dustjacket);

NIGRO, AUGUST - Wolfsangel: A German Town on Trial 1945 - 48 ( WWII War Crimes Trial; with photos; Trade Paperback);

NINH, BAO - The Sorrow of War ( North Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

NOLLER, ELLA M. - The Life Line ( WWII U.S. Soldiers in Japanese Occupied Territory; With Dustjacket);

NORDHOFF, CHARLES/ HALL, JAMES NORMAN - Men Without Country ( WWII France; No Dustjacket); *** Mutiny on the Bounty ( Navy; No Dustjacket);

NORTH, JOSEPHY - No Men are Strangers ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

NORTHCLIFFE, LORD - At the War ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

O'BRIEN, TIM - The Things they Carried ( Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

THE OBSERVERS'S BOOK OF AIRCRAFT ( with photos; by Green, William; e/dj; No Dustjacket);

THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF BRITISH AWARDS AND MEDALS ( with photos; by Joslin, Edward C.; With Dustjacket);

THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF SHIPS ( with photos and illustrations by Dodman, Frank E.; With Dustjacket);

O'CONNOR, PATRICK - Across the Western ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket);

ODER, AILEEN REBECCA - Hello Soldier; a Picture of the Times 1943 - 1945 ( a Winnipeg Centennial Project 1975; in scribed 52 page Trade Paperback);

OLSEN, OLUF REED - Two Eggs on my Plate ( WWII Nazi Occupation of Norway; with photos; With Dustjacket);

THE ORDERLY SEGEANT - Five Nines and Whiz Bangs ( WWI; Illustrated by D. McRitchie; With Dustjacket);

ORME, ALEXANDRA - Come the Comrade! ( WWII & After when the Russian Liberate a Hungarian Town; With Dustjacket);

OSBORNE, PROF, W.F. - American at War ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

O'TOOLE, G.J.A. - The Spanish War: an American Epic 1898 ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

PABEL, REINHOLD - Enemies are Human ( WWII P.O.W. then in America; No Dustjacket);

PACK, S.W.C. - The Battle of Sirte ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PACK, S.W.C. - Night Action Off Cape Matapan ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PACKER, JOY - Deep asthe Sea ( WWI & WWII Naval LIfe; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PALMER, GENERAL BRUCE ( jr) - The 25 Years War: America's Military Role in Vietnam ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PALMER, FREDERICK - The Last Shot (Wars Effects; No Dustjacket); *** My Year of the Great War ( WWI; No Dustjacket); *** My Second Year of the War ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

PAPE, RICHARD - Sequel to Boldness ( WWII; P.O.W. & Dutch Resistance; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PARKE, H.W. - Greek Mercenary Soldier; From the Earliest Times to the Battle of Ipsus ( Picture Cover);

\PARKER, GILBERT - The Seats of the Mighty ( American Civil War Captain Robert Moray's Memoirs; No Dustjacket);

PARRISH, DR. JOHN A. - 12,20, AND 5; a Doctor's Year in Vietnam ( With Dustjacket);

PARRY, ALBERT - Russia's Rockets and Missles ( Cold War; No Dustjacket);

PATTERSON, HARRY - To Catch a King ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

PATTINSON, JAMES - Last in Convoy ( WWII Naval; With Dustjacket);

PAUL, WOLFGANG - Hermann Goring: Hitler Paladin or Puppet? ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PEARLMAN, LT-COL. MOSHE - The Army of Isreal ( History of its Birth and Growth; with photos; With Dustjacket; 1950);

PEAT, HAROLD R. - Private Peat ( Ex-third Battalion First Canadian Contingent; with photos; No Dustjacket; 1917);

PECK, IRA - The Battle of Britain ( WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** Patton ( WWII Biography; with photos; Trade Paperback);

PERRETT, BRYAN - Weapons of the Falklands Conflict ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PERTWEE, ROLAND - Pursuit ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

PERRY, HAMILTON DARBY - The Panay Incident; Prelude to Pearl Harbor ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PFEFFER, RICHARD M. - No More Vietnams? The War and the Future of American Foreign Policy (Trade Paperback);

PHIBBS, BRENDAN - The Other Side of Time: a Combat Surgeon in World War Two( With Dustjacket);

PHILLIPPS - WOOLLEY, CLIVE - The Canadian Naval Question ( Pub. 1910; Trade Paperback);

PIERCE, W.OD. - Air War: Its Psychological, Technical and Social Implication ( Pub. Modern Age Books Inc.; 1939; Trade Paperback);

PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Their Trade is Treachery ( Cold War Russian Penetration of the Free World's Secret Defenses; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Too Secret Too Long ( Betrayal of Britain's Crucial Secrets and the Cover-up; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PINTO, ORESTE - Spy Catcher ( WWII; Trade Paperback);

PISOR, ROBERT - The End of the Line; the Siege of KHE Sanh ( w/maps; With Dustjacket);

PLIEVIER, THEODOR - Stalingrad (WWII Russian Front; Trade Paperback);

PODHORES, NORMAN - Why We Were in Vietnam ( With Dustjacket);

POLENBERG, RICHARD ( ed) - America at War: the Home Front 1941 - 1945 (Trade Paperback);

POLLAND, CAPTAIN A.O. - The Cipher Five ( Espionage; No Dustjacket);

POLLINI, FRANCIS - Night (Korea; With Dustjacket);

PONICSAN, DARRYL - The Last Detail ( Navy; With Dustjacket);

PONTHIER, FRANCOIS - The Fatal Voyage ( WWII South Atlantic Naval; With Dustjacket);

POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Governor Ramage ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket); *** Ramage and the Rebels ( Historical Naval; No Dustjacket); *** Ramage and the Renegades (HIstorical Naval; No Dustjacket);

POPOV, DUSKO - Spy/ Counterspy: The Autobiography of Duskio Pupov ( WWII Double Agent; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PORCH, DOUGLAS - The French Foreign Legion: a Complete History of the Legendary Force ( with photos; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

PORTER, GERALD - In Retreat: In Canadian Forces in the Trudeau Years; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

PORTER, JOHN B. - If I Make my Bed in Hell ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

PORTER, ROY P. - Uncensored France: an Eyewitness Account of France Under the Occupation ( No Dustjacket; WWII);

POTTER, JOHN DEANE - Admiral of the Pacific; the Life of Yamamoto ( WWII; Japanese Naval Officer; with photos; With Dustjacket);

POWELL, ANTHONY - The Soldiers Art ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Valley of Bones ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

\POWELL, E. ALEXANDER - Fighting in Flanders ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** Italy at War; and the Allies in the West ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket);

POWERS, FRANCIS GRAY - Operation Overflight: The U-2 Spy Pilot Tells His Story For the First Time ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PRANGE, GORDON W. - At Dawn We Slept; The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

PRANGE, GORDON W./ GOLDSTEIN, DONALD M./ DILLON, KATHERINE V. - Dec. 7 1941: The Day the Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Dec. 7 1941: Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PRATT, FLETCHER ( ed) - Civil War in Pictures ( American Civil War Newspaper Artist Who Recorded the War; With Dustjacket);

PRE-AIRCREW MATHEMATIC; Courses for Service Men - Secondary Level ( Canadian Legion War Services INc.; Trade Paperback);

PREBBLE, JOHN - Culloden ( Scottish Highland Battle; Trade Paperback);

PRICE, ALFRED - Battle of British; the Hardest Day 18 August 1940 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

PROFFITT, NICHOLAS - Gardens of Stone ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

PUGH, MARSHALL - Commander Crabb ( WWII; Biography of War Years in the Mediterranean; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PUJOL JUAN / WEST, NIGEL - Garbo (WWII Most Successful Double Agent; with photos; With Dustjacket);

PURNELL'S HISTORY OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR ( All with Photos; all trade paperback); *** Battle Book No. 4 - Bastogne: The Road Black ( by Elstob, Peter); *** Battle Book No. 8 - Tarawa; a Legend is Born ( by Shaw, Henry I); *** Battle Book No. 14 - Raid on St. Nazaire ( Mason, David); *** Battle Book No. 18 - London's Burning ( Fitsgibbon, Constantine); *** Campaign Book No. 12 - Liberation of the Philippines ( Falk, Stanley L. ) *** Weapons Book No. 13 - The Buccaneers ( Cooper, Bryan); *** Weapons Book No. 14 - Pacific Hawk ( Vader, John )

PYLE, ERNIE - Brave Men ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Here is Your War; the Story of G.I. Joe ( WWII Illustrated by Carol Johnson; With Dustjacket);

QUEEN- HUGHES, E.W. - Whatever Men Dare; a History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1935-1960 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

RANDALL, J.G./ DONALD, DAVID - The Civil War and Reconstruction ( American Civil War; with photos; No Dustjacket);

RASCOVICH, MARK - The Bedford Incident ( Submarine; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

RAWICZ, SLAVOMIR - The Long Walk ( WWII Polish P.O.W. Walks out of Siberia; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

RAYCROFT, JOHN - a Signal War (WWII; Canadian Soldier's Memoir of the Liberation of the Netherlands ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

RAYMOND, ERNEST - The Corporal of the Guard ( WWII; No Dustjacket); *** The Quiet Shore ( With Dustjacket);

READ, ANTHONY/ FISHER, DAVID - Operation Lucy: Most Secret Spy Ring of the Second World War ( with photos; No Dustjacket);


RECALLING THE PAST FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE: the Causes, Results and Lessons of World War Two ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

REEMAN, DOUGLAS - The Horizon ( WWI; With Dustjacket); *** To Risks Unknown ( WWII Africa; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Volunteers (WWII; With Dustjacket);

REGEHR, ERNIE - Making a killing: Canada's Arms Industry ( Trade Paperback); *** Militarism and the World Military Order: a Study Guide for Churches ( Trade Paperback);

REID, ESCOTT - Time of Fear and Hope: the Making of the North Atlantic Treaty 1947 - 1949 ( With Dustjacket);

REID, KEN - Memoirs of Stalag IV B ( Trade Paperback);

REILLY, ROBIN - The British at the Gates: the New Orleans Campaign in te War of 1812 ( illustrated; With Dustjacket);

REITZ, DENEYS - Commando: a Boer Journal of the Boer War ( No Dustjacket);

REMAK, JOACHIM - The Origins of World War 1 ( Trade Paperback);

REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - All Quiet on the Western Front ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

REMY - The Eighteenth Day: the Tragedy of King Leopold III of Belguim ( wwii; With Dustjacket);

REPORT OF TE SECRETARY GENERAL: Nuclear Weapons ( Trade Paperback);

REYBURN, WALLACE - Some of it was Fun ( WWII Canadian War Correspondence: illustrated by Peter Whalley; With Dustjacket);

REYNOLD, QUENTIN - The Curtain Rises ( WWII; Russia, North Africa, Sicily and te Battle of Salerno; With Dustjacket); *** Dress Rehearsal ( WWII; The Raid of Dieppe; With Dustjacket);

RICKENBACKER, CAPTAIN EDWARD V. - Seven Came through ( WWII Air; with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

ROBERT, KARL - Hitler's Counterfeit Reich; Behind the Scenes of Nazi Economy ( No Dustjacket);

ROBERTS, KATHERINE - Private Report ( WWII; leader of the Belguim Underground Paut; With Dustjacket);

ROBERTS, KENNETH - Rabbe in Arms (American Revolution; No Dustjacket);

ROBERTSON, TERENCE - The Shame and the Glory; Dieppe ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ROBINSON, DEREK - Piece of Cake ( WWII; R.A.F.; With Dustjacket);

RODGER, GEORGE - Far on the Ringing Plains: 75,000 Miles with a Photos Reporter ( WWII Life Magazine Reporter: with photos; No Dustjacket);

ROE, LT. F. PERCY - Guide to First Class and Special Certificates: Imperial Geography ( No Dustjacket);

ROHMER, RICHARD - Rommel and Patton ( WWII Battle of Normandy; With Dustjacket);

ROHOLD, REV. S.B. - The War and the Jew ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

ROLFE, MEL - Looking into Hell: True Stories from the Bomber Crews ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ROLO, CHARLES J. - Wingate''s Raders ( WWII Burma; No Dustjacket);

ROMAINS, JULES - Verdun ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

ROMILLY, GILES/ ALEXANDER, MICHAEL - Hostages of Colditz ( WWII; P.O.W.; With Dustjacket);

RONALD, JAMES - Medal for the General ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

ROSKOLENKO, HARRY - Great Battles and Their Great Generals ( History 13 Greatest Battles; with photos and Illustrations; With Dustjacket);

ROYAL, ROADS Military College Victoria B.C. - Calendar 1984-85 ( Trade Paperback);

ROYAL United Services Institute and Brassey's Defense Yearbook 1974 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

RUGGERO, ED - 38 North Yankee ( Korea; With Dustjacket);

RUHEN, OLAF - The Broken Wing ( WWII Air; With Dustjacket);

RUSS, MARTIN - The Last Parallel ( Korea a Marine's War Journal; With Dustjacket);

RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD - My Diary North and South ( American Civil War; Trade Paperback);

RYAN, CORNELIUS - Een Brug Te Ver: Arnhem 1944 ( German Language Edition; With Dustjacket); *** The Last Battle ( WWII; Taking of Berling; with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

SACHS, MAURICE - The Hunt ( WWII; France; w/.dj);

SACK, JOHN - The Man-Eating Machine ( Vietnam and the Vets After Returning home; With Dustjacket);

SADLER, SGT. BARRY - I'm a Lucky One (Vietnam Green Beret; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ST. GEORGE, CORPORAL THOMAS R. - C/o Postmaster ( LIfe in the Australian Army; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - Behind the Lines - Hanoi Dec 23 - Jan 7 (Vietnam; with photos; Trade Paperback); *** War Between Russia and China ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

SAMPSON, ANTHONY - The Arms Bazaar; From Lebanon to Lockheed ( With Dustjacket);

SAMUELS, GERTRUDE - Mottele ( WWII Jews who Fought back; With Dustjacket);

SAUNDERS, JOHN MONK - Wings ( WWI; Air; Based on the Movie Starring Clara Bow and Charles Rogers; with photos; No Dustjacket);

SAVAGE, KATHARINE - The Story of the Second World War ( with photos; w/maps; With Dustjacket);

SAYRE, JOEL - The House Without a Roof ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SCHELL, JONATHAN - The Real War: the Classic Reporting on the Vietnam War ( Trade Paperback);

SCHEMMER, BENJAMIN F. - The Raid ( Vietnam Rescue Mission for G.I. American P.O.W. ; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SCHLUMP - Schlump: the Story of a German Soldier Told by Himself ( No Dustjacket);

SCHMIDT, DANA ADAMS - Armagaddon in the Middle East ( Arab vs. Israeli October War; Trade Paperback);

SCHOENDERFFER, PIERRE - Farewell to the King ( WWII; Guerrilla war in Borneo; With Dustjacket);

SCHOFIELD, VICE ADMIRAL B.B. - The Attack on Taranto ( WWII; Italy; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Russian Convoys ( WWII; North Atlantic Naval; with photos; Trade Paperback);

SCHOLL, INGE - The White Rose: Munich 1942 - 1943 ( WWII German Students Anti-Nazi Movement: with photos; With Dustjacket);

SHCHULL, JOSEPH - I, Jones, Soldier ( WWII Epic Prose; No Dustjacket);

SCHWARZ, LEO W. (ed.) - The Root and the Branch; an Epic of an Enduring People ( WWII Stories of Jewish Courage; No Dustjacket);

SCOTT, CHRIS - Hitler's Bomb ( WWII Espionage; Trade Paperback);

SCOTT, CANON FREDERICK GEORGE - The Great War as I Saw It ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

SCOTT, HARRIET FAST/ SCOTT, WILLIAM F. - The Armed Forces of the USSR ( With Dustjacket);

SCOTT, JUSTIN - Normandie Triangle ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SCOTT, LEONARD B. - The Expendables ( Vietnam First Air Cavalry; Trade Paperback); *** The Hill ( Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

SCOTT, PETER DALE - The War Conspiracy: The Secret Road to the Second Indochina war ( With Dustjacket);

SEAGRAVE, GORDON S. - Burma Surgeon ( WWII; South Pacific; with photos; No Dustjacket);

SEAGRAVE, STERLING - Yellow Rain; a Journey Through the Terror of Chemical warfare ( With Dustjacket);

SEGALL, JEAN BROWN - Wings of the Morning ( WWII Air; No Dustjacket);

SEGHERS, ANNA - The Seventh Cross ( WWII; P.O.W.; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SELIGMAN, ADRIAN - No Stars to Guide ( WWII; Piloting Russian Ships from the Dardanelles through the Aegean Blockade; illustrated by Konstance Pares; w/foldout maps; With Dustjacket);

SELLMAN, R.R. - Medieval English Warfare ( No Dustjacket);

SETH, RONALD - The Noble Saboteurs; The Resistance Against Hitler's Forces ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

SETTLE, MARY LEE - All the Brave Promises: Memories of Aircraft Woman 2nd Class 2146391 ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SHANER, JOHN/ RAMRUS, AL - The Ludendorff Pirates ( WWII Novel About Hijacking Largest German Battleship; With Dustjacket);

SHANKLAND, PETER/ HUNTER, ANTHONY - Malta Convoy ( WWII Novel; with photos; No Dustjacket);

SHAPIO, L.S.B. - They Left the Back Door Open! ( WWII Allied Troops in Italy and Sicily; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SHAPIO, LIONEL - The Sealed Verdict ( WWII Nazi War Crimes Trial; With Dustjacket); *** The Sixth of June ( WWII England during the Blitz; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SHARPE, MICHAEL/ CHANT, CHRIS - Fighting Aircraft of the World; Over 600 Fighters, Bombers and Transporters ( Color illustrations; Picture Cover);

SHEEHA, ED - Days of '41; Pearl Harbor Remembered ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

SHEEHAN, NEIL - A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Veitnam ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

SHEPARD, ELAINE - The Doom Pussy ( Vietnam; with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SHERER, J.W. - Havelock's March on Cawnpore 1857 (No Dustjacket);

SHERRIFF, R.C. - Journey's End (WWI; With Dustjacket);

SHIBER, ETTA - Paris Underground ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - Berlin Diary: Journal of the Foreign Correspondent 1934 - 1941 ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Collapse of the Third Republic: an Inquiry Into the Fall of France 1940 ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Traitor ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SHOTWELL, JAMES T. - War as an Instrument of National Policy and its Renunciation in the Pact of Paris ( With Dustjacket);

SIBLY, JOHN - You'll Walk to Mandalay ( WWII P.O.W. Burma; With Dustjacket);

SIGNAL TRAINING ( All Arms) 1938 (War Office; No Dustjacket);

SIGNAL TRAINING Volume II Part I Electricity and Magnetism 1935 ( war Office; No Dustjacket);

SIGNAL TRAINING Volume II Part II Wireless 1936 ( War Office; No Dustjacket);

SILVER, JOAN/ GOTTLIEB, LINDA - Limbo ( Vietnam Wives of M.I.A.'s; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

SIMON, MATILDA - The Battle of the Louvre: The Struggle to Save French Art in World war II ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

SIMONDS, PETER - David and Max ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SIMONOV, KONSTANTINE - Days and Nights ( WWII Russian Novel About Stalingrad; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** The Living and the Dead ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SIMPSON, CHARLES M. ( III) - Inside the Green Berets: The First Thirty Years ( A History of the U.S. Army Special Forces; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SINGH, SIMON - The Code Book; The Secret History of Codes and Code-Breaking ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

SKIDMORE, HOBART DOUGLAS - Valley of the Sky ( WWII Air; No Dustjacket);

SLATER, IAN - Force-10; U.S.A. vs. Milita ( With Dustjacket);

SLOAN, JAMES PARK - War Games (Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

SMALLEY, PETER - A Warm Gun ( With Dustjacket);

SMART, CHARLES ALLEN - The Long Watch ( WWII Memoir Life in the Navy ( With Dustjacket);

SMITH BRADLEY F./ AGAROSSI, ELENA - Operation sunrise; The Secret Surrender ( WWII Surrender of Italy; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SMITH, CONSTANCE BABINGTON - Evidence in Camera: Story of Photographic Intelligence in World War II ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

SMITH, DOUG - Bles 'em all... ( Selection of his Columns from the observation Post; Cartoons by Bing; Trade Paperback); *** Memoirs of an Old Sweat ( Army LIfe; With Dustjacket);

SMITH, FREDERICK E. - A Killing from the Hawks ( WWI Air; With Dustjacket);

SMITH, HELENA HUNTINGTON - The War on Powder River; The History of an Insurrection (Wyoming 19th Century; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SMTIH, HOWARD K. - Last Train from Berlin ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SMITH, PETER C. - Arctic Convoy: the Story of PQ18 ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

SNOW, EDGAR - People on our Side ( WWII; with photos; No Dustjacket);

SNYDER, EARL - General Leemy's Circus ( a Navigator's Story of the 20th Air Force in World War II; No Dustjacket);

SORIANO, OSVALDO - A Funny Dirty Little War ( Village in Argentina Political Fiasco; With Dustjacket);

SOURCE Records of the Great War ( Pub. National Alumni; Illustrations in all; Embossed covers; 1923); *** Vol. I - How the Great War Arose; *** Vol. II - 1914: The Red Dawning of "Der Tag"; *** Vol. III - 1915: Germany's Year of Triumph; *** Vol. IV - 1916: "They Shall not Pass"; ***Vol. V - 1917: America Roused at Last; *** Vol VI - 1918: The Year of Victory; *** Vol. VII - 1918-1919: Reconstruction and the Peace Treaty;

SOUTH AFRICA AND THE BOER - British War ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

SPEARS, MAJOR - General Sir Edward - Assignment to Catastrophe Vol. I Prelude to Dunkirk July 1939 - May 1940 ( with photos w/ Foldout Maps; No Dustjacket);

SPECTOR, RONALD H. - eagle Against the Sun: the American War with Japan ( WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback);

SPEER, ALBERT - Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

SPICK, MIKE - Fighter Pilot Tactics: the Techniques of Daylight Air Combat ( with photos and Illustrations; With Dustjacket);

SPURR, RUSSELL - Enter the Dragon: China at war in Korea ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

STACEY, COLONEL, C.P. - The Canadian Army War Artists; w/foldout maps; No Dustjacket);

STAFFORD, DAVID - Camp X; Canada's School for Secret Agents 1941-45 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

STAMPP, KENNETT M. (ed) - The Causes of the Civil War ( American Civil War; Trade Paperback);

STANSKY, PETER/ ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM - Journey to the Frountier: Two Roads to the Spanish Civil War ( With Dustjacket);

STAPP, ANDY - Up Against the Brass ( The Fight to Unionize the Untied States Army; Trade Paperback);

STARRY, GENERAL DONN A. - Armored Combat in Vietnam ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

STAR 21: Strategic Technologies for the Army of the Twenty-First Century ( Illustrated; Picture Cover);

STEENBERG, SVEN - Vlasov ( WWII Soviet General Captured offers to lead German army against Stalin; with photos; With Dustjacket);

STEIN, ANDRE - Quiet Heroes ( WWII True Stories of the Rescue of Jews by Christians in Nazi-occupied Holland; Trade Paperback);

STEVEN, WALTER T. - In This Sign ( WWII History of the Canadian Army Service; with photos; With Dustjacket);

STEVENSON, WILLIAM - A Man Called Intrepid ( WWII Intelligence Operations; with photos; With Dustjacket);

STRAIGHT, MICHAEL - After Long Silence ( From Inside the Cambridge Spy Network; with photos; With Dustjacket);

STRATEGIUS - From Tobruk to Smolensk ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

STREET, BRIAN JEFFREY - The Parachute War; a Canadian Surgeon's Wartime Adventures in Yugoslavia ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

STROSSER, ED/ PRINCE, MICHAEL - Stupid Wars ( a Guide to Failed Revolutions, Coups, Invasions etc.; Trade Paperback);

STYLES, SHOWELL - Indestructible Jones ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket);

SUN TZU - The Art of War ( edited and with an Introduction by James Clavell; With Dustjacket);

SUTHERN, VICTOR - The Black Cockade ( Historical Naval; With Dustjacket);

SUVOROV, VIKTOR - Inside the Soviet Army ( With Dustjacket);

SWARTHOUT, GLENDON - The Eagle and the Iron Cross ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

SWINSON, ARTHUR - The Battle of Kohima (WWII Pacific Theater; with photos; No Dustjacket);

SWITZER, ELLEN - How Democracy Failed ( Post WWI German Politics and the World; with photos; With Dustjacket);

TABER, ROBERT - The War of the Flea ( How Guerrilla Fighters Could win the World; Trade Paperback);

TAFFRAIL - The Navy in Action ( No Dustjacket); **** Pincher Martin, O.D. (Inner Life of the Royal Navy; No Dustjacket);

TAYLOR, A.J.P. - The First World War; an Illustrated History; Trade Paperback); *** War by Time - Table: How the First World War Began ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

TAYLOR, DIANNE J. - There's No Wife Like It ( Navy Life from the Wife's Viewpoint; Trade Paperback);

TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. - Warplanes of the World ( with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

TAYLOR, SCOTT/ NOLAN, BRIAN - Tested Mettle; Canada's Peacekeepers at War ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

TAYLOR, SIR GORDON - Sopwith Scout 7309 ( 1917 France; with photos; With Dustjacket);

TAYLOR, THEODORE - Fire on the Beaches ( WWII 1942; U-Boats vs U.S.A. Merchant Marine; with photos; With Dustjacket);

TERKEL, STUDS - "The Good War" an Oral History of World War Two ( With Dustjacket);

TERRAINE, JOHN - The First World War 1914 - 18 ( Trade Paperback);

THOENE, BODIE AND BROCK - The Twilight of Courage ( WWII The First Ten Months; Trade Paperback);

THOMAS, GORDON/ WITTS, MAX MORGAN - Voyage of the damned ( WWII; Jews Flight from Nazis; with photos; With Dustjacket);

THOMAS, HARLAN - A Yank in the R.A.F. ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

THOMAS, LESLIE - Orange Wednesday ( No Dustjacket);

THOMPSON, R.W. - The Montgomery Legend ( War Years Biography; with photos; With Dustjacket);

THOMPSON, ROBERT SMITH - A Time for War; Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Path to Pearl Harbor ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

THY SON LIVETH; messages from a Soldier to His Mother ( Pub.; 1918; No Dustjacket);

TICKELL, JERRARD - Odette; the Story of a British Agent ( WWII Spy Mrs. Peter Churchill; with photos; No Dustjacket); *** Soldiers from the war Returning ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Villa Mimosa ( WWII Occupied France; With Dustjacket);

TIME CAPSULE 1944; a History of the Year Condensed from the Pages of Time ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

TIMERMAN, JACOB - The Longest War; Israel in Lebanon ( With Dustjacket);

TOKAYER, MARVIN/ SWARTZ, MARY - The Fugu Plan (Untold Story of the Japanese and Jews During War II; with photos; With Dustjacket);

TOLAND, JOHN - Adolf Hitler ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Battle; the Story of the Bulge ( WWII; Trade Paperback); *** But Not in Shame: The Six Months After Pearl Harbor ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Flying Tigers ( WWII; U.S. Fighter Pilots in China ( with photos; Picture Cover); *** Imfamy; Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Last Hundred Days ( WWII; With Dustjacket; Trade Paperback); *** No Man's Land; 1918 - The Land Year of the Great War ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Rising Sun; The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire ( with photos; With Dustjacket; Vol. I & Vol. II);

TOMLINSON, H.M. - Waiting for Daylight ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

TORRES, HENRY - Campaign of Treachery ( WWII Axis Method of Fifth Column; With Dustjacket);

TOYNE, JOHN - Win Time for Us ( British Intelligence Agent in Russia WWI & Hungary WWII; With Dustjacket);

TREGASKIS, RICHARD - Guadalcanal Diary ( WWII South Pacific; with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

TREVELYAN, GEORGE M. - Garibaldi and the Thousand ( Campaigns for the Liberation of Italy 1860; With Dustjacket);

TREVOR, ELLESTON - Bury Him Among King ( WWI; With Dustjacket);

TREVOR-ROPER, HUGH, R. - The Last Days of Hitler ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

TREW, ANTHOY - Kleber's Convoy ( WWII Navy; With Dustjacket); *** Two Hours to Darkness ( Submarines; With Dustjacket);

TRIPP, F.R. - Canada's Army in World War II; Badgers and Histories of the Corps and Regiments ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

TROMAN, MORLEY - The Hill of Sleep ( With Dustjacket);

TRUMBULL, ROBERT - The Raft (WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - The March of Folly; From Troy to Vietnam ( with photos);

TUNNEY, CHRISTOPHER - Biographical Dictionary of WWII ( With Dustjacket);

TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - The Guns of the South ( American Civil War; With Dustjacket);

TUTE, WARREN - The Admiral ( Navy; With Dustjacket); *** The Rock ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

TZABAR, SHIMON - The White Flag Principle: How to Lose a War and Why ( With Dustjacket);

URIS, LEON - Mila 18 ( WWII Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

THE U.S. Army Order of Battle: Mediterranean and Europe, 1942 - 1945 ( Game Pub. Co. 1984; Oblong Hd/cv);

U.S. ARMY ORDER OF BATTLE: European theater of operations 1943 - 1945 (Game Pub. Co. 1983; hd/cv);

USTINOV, PETER - The Loser ( WWII German; Trade Paperback);

UTLEY, ROBERT M. - Frontier Regulars; The United States Army and the Indian 1866 - 1891 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

VAIZEY, GEORGE - Or by Default ( Naval; With Dustjacket);

VALTIN, JAN - Out of the Night ( No Dustjacket);

VAN BUSKIRK, ROBERT - Tail Wind ( Autobiography Vietnam; Trade Paperback);

VANCE, ETHEL - Escape ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Reprisa ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

VAN DER POST, LAURENS - A Bar of Shadow ( WWII Japanese Guard at P.O.W. Camp; With Dustjacket); *** The Seed and the Sower ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLAM - Our Battle ( Being One Man's Answer to Hitler's "My Battle; No Dustjacket);

VAN PAASSEN, PIERRE - That Day Alone ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

VAN RINDT, PHILIPPE - Last Message to Berline ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Trial of Adolf Hitler ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

VERCORS - The The Silence of the Sea ( Nazi Occupied France; With Dustjacket);

VIIRLAID, ARVED - "Graves Without Crosses" ( WWII Estonia; With Dustjacket);

VILLARD, OSWALD GARRISON - Inside Germany ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

VILLARD, MILITARY SERIES: Elite Forces ( All with Photos; all Trade Paperback); *** #2 Undercover Fighters: The British 22nd SAS Regiment *** #4 The Green Beret; U.S. Special Forces from Vietnam to Delta Force;

VOINOVICH, VLADIMIR - The LIfe and Extraordinary Adventures of Ivan Chonkin ( WWII Russian Soldier; With Dustjacket);

VON LANG, JOCHEN - The Secretary Martin Bormann; The Man who Manipulated Hitler (with photos; With Dustjacket);

WAINES, DAVID - The Untold War; Israel and Palenstine 1897 - 1971 ( Trade Paperback);

WAITE, ROBERT G.L. - ed) - Hitler and Nazi Germany ( Trade Paperback);

WALDRON T./ GLEESON, JAMES - Midget Submarine ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

WALKER, DAVID E. - Adventure in Diamonds ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WALSH, JILL PATON - Fireweed ( WWII; London Blitz; With Dustjacket);

WALSH, MAURICE - And No Quarter ( Being the Chronicles of the Wars of Montrose as Seen by Martin Somers, Adjutant of Women in O'Cahan's Regiment; No Dustjacket);

WALTER, JAKOB - The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier ( Trade Paperback);

WARD, LARRY - Thy Brother's Blood ( American Civil War; No Dustjacket);

WARNER, OLIVER - Command at Sea; Great Admirals from Hawke to Nimtz ( Biographies; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WARNER, PHILIP - The Crimean: a Reappraisal; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WARNOCK, JOHN W. - Partner to Behemoth: the Military Policy of a Satellite Canada ( No Dustjacket);

WAR PLANES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR ( All With Photos and illustrations; oblong hd/cv); *** Vol. One - Fighters ( by Green, William); *** Vol. Two - Fighters ( by Green, William); *** Vol. Three - Fighters ( by Green, William); *** Vol. Six - Floatplanes ( by Green, William); *** Vol. Eight - Bombers and Reconnaissance Aircraft ( by Green, William);

WARREN, ARNOLD - Wait for the Wagon; the Story of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps ( WWII; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WATERLOO, STANLEY - Armageddon; a Tale of Love, war and Invention ( No Dustjacket);

WATSON, BRUCE W. (ed) - Military Lessons of the Gulf War ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

WATSON, CAPTAIN W.H.L. - Adventures of a Dispatch Rider ( w/maps; No Dustjacket);

WATTS, A.J. - The Loss of the Scharnhorst ( WWII; Naval; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WEAVER, GORDON - Count a Lonely Cadence ( Army Stockade; With Dustjacket);

WEBB, JAMES - Fields of Fire ( Vietnam; With Dustjacket);

WECHSBERG, JOSEPH (ed) - The Murderers Among Us; the Wiesenthal Memoirs ( WWII Nazi Hunters; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WEEKS, JOHN - Men Agains Tanks: a History of Anti-Tank Warfare ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

WEIDINGER, OTTO - Tulle and Oradour; a Franco-Germam Tragedy (Trade Paperback);

WEISS, ERNST - The Eyewitness ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WEIZMAN, EZER - The Battle for Peace ( Mideast Peace; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WELLER, GEORGE - The Crack in the Colume ( WWII Nazi occupied Greece; With Dustjacket);

WELT, ELLY - Berlin Wild ( WWII Holocaust; With Dustjacket);

WERNER, HERBERT - Iron Coffins; a Personal Account of the German U-Boat Battles of World War II ( with photos; No Dustjacket);

WERSTEIN, IRVING - The Cruel Years; the Story of the Spanish Civil War ( with photos; With Dustjacket); *** The Long Escape ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** The Lost Battalion: a Saga of American Courage in World War I ( Argonne Forest; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WESCOTT, GLENWAY - Apartment in Athens ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WEST, BRUCE - The Man who Flew Churchill ( WWII Biography of William J. Vanderkloot; with photos; With Dustjacket);

WEST, NIGEL - The Circus; M15 Operations 1945 - 1972 ( British Intelligence; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** A Matter of Trust; M15 ; 1945 - 72 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

WEST, REBECCA - The Meaning of Treason ( WWII; No Dustjacket); *** The New Meaning of Treason ( Continuing Investigations of WWII Treason; With Dustjacket);

WESTERMAN, PERCY F. - A Lively Bit of the Front; a Tale of the New Zeland Rifles on the Western Front ( No Dustjacket);

WESTHEIMER, DAVID - Lighter Than a Feather ( WWII Japan; No Dustjacket); *** Von Ryan's Express ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WESTIN, JEANE - Love and Glory; a Novel ( WWII Waac Officer Candidates; With Dustjacket);

WHARTON, EDITH - Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belport; illustrated; No Dustjacket);

WHARTON, JAMES B. - Squad ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

WHEATLEY, DENNIS - V for Vengeance ( Paris; No Dustjacket);

WHITE, ALAN - The Long Midnight ( German Occupation of Norway 1940 - 1945; With Dustjacket); *** The Long Night's Walk ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WHITE, FIRST LIEUTENANT BARBARA A. - Lady Leatherneck ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

WHITE, B.T. - German Tanks and Armored Vehicles 1914 - 1945; Complete Specifications all Models ( with photos; picture cover);

WHITE, J. WILLIAM - America;s Arraignment of Germany ( No Dustjacket);

WHITE, PATRICK C.T. - A Nation of Trial: America and the War of 1812 ( Trade Paperback);

WHITE, RANDALL M. - A Guy Named Joe ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WHITE, THEODORE H. - The Mountain Road ( WWII; South Pacific; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WHITE, W.L. - They Were Expendable ( WWII ; Navy; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - The Casket Crew ( WWI Last Days; With Dustjacket); *** Combat in the Sky ( WWII; Air; With Dustjacket); *** Heroes and Legends of WWI (with photos; With Dustjacket); *** Hero Without Honor ( Air; With Dustjacket); *** Squadron Shilling ( WWI Air; With Dustjacket);

WHITING, CHARLES - Death of a Division ( WWII Battle of the Bulge; With Dustjacket); *** Massacre at Malmedy ( WWII; With Dustjacket); *** Patton ( WWII; with photos; Trade Paperback);

WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - Kevin O'Connor and the Light Brigrade ( With Dustjacket)

WILDER, MARGARET BUELL - Since You Went Away... ( Letters to a Soldier from His Wife; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WILLIAMS, BARNABY - The Comeback ( Air/ With Dustjacket);

WILLIAMS, ERIC - The Tunnel ( WWII; P.O.W.; Escape; No Dustjacket); *** THE WOODEN HORSE ( WWII P.O.W. Illustrated by Martin Thomas; No Dustjacket);

WILLIAMS, J.H. - Elephant Bill (No Dustjacket);

WILLIAMS, T. HARRY - Lincoln and His Generals ( Military History; No Dustjacket);

WILLIS, TED - The Lions of Judah ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WILLOCK, COLIN - The Fighters ( WWII War in the West 1939 - 1945; With Dustjacket);

WILMOT, CHESTER - The Struggle for Europe ( No Dustjacket);

WILSON, DALE E. - Tret 'em Rough! The Birth of American Armor 1917-1920 ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

WILSON, F. PAUL - Black Wind ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WILSON, GUTHRIE - Brave Company ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WINDSOR, JOHN - Night at Ede ( WWII Dutch Resistance; With Dustjacket);

WINTER, DENIS - Death's Men; Soldiers of the Great War ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

WINTON, JOHN - Below the Belt ( Naval; with photos; With Dustjacket); *** One of our Warships ( Naval; With Dustjacket); *** We Joined the Navy ( Naval; With Dustjacket);

WINWARD, WALTER - Seven Minutes Past Midnight ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

WIRKUS, FAUSTIN / DUDLEY, TANEY - The White King of La Gonave ( WWII; No Dustjacket);

WISEMAN, THOMAS - The Day Before Sunrise (WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WOLFF, LEON - IN Flanders Field ( WWI; The 1917 Campaign; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

WOLFERT, IRA - American Guerrilla in the Philippines ( WWII; South Pacific; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

WOOD, ERIC FISHER - The Note-Note of an Attache; Seven Months in the War Zone ( WWI; with photos; No Dustjacket);

WOOD, HERBERT FAIRLIE - The Private War of Jacket Coates ( Korea; With Dustjacket);

WOODHAM, SMITH CECIL - The Reason Why ( Charge of the Light Brigade; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket; Trade Paperback);

WOODS, WILLIAM CRAFORD - The Killing Zone ( With Dustjacket);


WORLD'S WAR EVENTS VOL. I ( WWI; No Dustjacket);



WOUK, HERMAN - The Caine Mutiny ( Naval; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** War and Remembrance ( WWII; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Winds of War ( With Dustjacket);

WRAY, W. FITZWATER - Across France in Wartime ( WWI; No Dustjacket);

WREN, P.C. - Beau Beste ( French Foreign Legion; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket); *** Beau Ideal ( French Foreign Legion; No Dustjacket); *** Beau Sabreur ( French Foreign Legion; No Dustjacket); *** Stepsons of France ( French Foreign Legion; No Dustjacket); *** Stories of the Foreign Legion ( French Foreign Legion; No Dustjacket);

WRIGHT, BRUCE S. - The Frogmen Burma: The Story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit ( WWII; with photos; No Dustjacket);

WRIGHT, GORDON - The Ordeal of Total War 1939 - 1945 ( Trade Paperback);

WRIGHT, S. FOWLER - The War of 1938 ( No Dustjacket);

WULFF, WILHELM - Zodia and Swastika ( WWII Astrologer to Himmler's Court; With Dustjacket);

WYDEN, PETER - Bay of Pigs; the Untold Story ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

YAFFE, JAMES - The Voyage of the Franz Joseph ( WWII; With Dustjacket);

YEAGER, GENERAL CHUCK/ JANOS, LEO - Yeager ( with photos; With Dustjacket);

YEATS - BROWN, FRANCIS - Golden Horn ( WWI; No Dustjacket); *** The Lives of a Bengal Lancer ( With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

YEE, CHIAND - The Men of the Burma Road ( WWII The Peasants who Built it; With Dustjacket);

YERGIN, DANIEL - Shattered Peace; the Origins of the Cold War ( Trade Paperback);

YOUNG, AGATHA - The Women and the Crisis; Women of the North in the Civil War (* American Civil War; with photos; With Dustjacket);

YOUNG, DESMOND - Rommel ( with photos; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);

YOUNG, EDWARD - One of Our Submarines ( WWII Submarines; With Dustjacket);

YOUNG, PETER - Commando ( with photos; Trade Paperback);

YUTAND, LIN - A Leaf in the Storm ( Life in China During War Time; With Dustjacket);

ZAHN, GORDON C. - War, Conscience and Dissent ( With Dustjacket);

ZHUKOV, GEORGI K. - Marchall Zhukov's Greatest Battles ( With Dustjacket);

ZIEMKE, EARL F. - The German Northern Theater of Operations 1940 - 1945 ( with photos and Foldout maps; pubs. Department of he Army Pamphlet No. 20-271; No Dustjacket);

ZUCKERMAN, EDWARD - The Day After World War III; The U.S. Government's Plan for Surviving a Nuclear War ( With Dustjacket);

ZUMBRO, RALPH - Tank sergeant ( Vietnam; with photos; With Dustjacket);

ZWEIG, ARNOLD - The Case of Sergeant Grischa ( WWI; P.O.W.; No Dustjacket); *** Education Before Verdun ( WWI; With Dustjacket; No Dustjacket);


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