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ACTION (Picture Magazines Inc.) -


ACTION Magazine Volume-1, #2; (May/1953; Vista/ Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Mark Schneider; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Stalins Secret Book of Death" by Alex Seroff; A black book, written while screaming humans died, shows ways to torturing "expertly!" with the Russian Secret Police;/ "I Rode a Flying Saucer" by Fred Reagan, Fred Regan's description of the saucer he claims to have been in is very similas to a design by Schriever.; / "Lost Loot of Cocos Island" by George L. Bosley as told to Dewey Linze; We went after the msot fabulous treasure in the world, $60,000,000 in booty including two solid gold statues!;/ "Rok Leatherneck" by Staff Sergeant Lawrence M. Ashman; Move over, Montezuma and Tripoli, You've got to make room for Korea!/ "Will Boxing be Prohibited" by Pete Montesi; An insider exposes the boxing racket.; / 'A Psychologist Looks at G.I. Marriage Problems" by Dr. R.C. Channon; A G.I. does have special problem but if he has mental strength moral strength he can whip them all./ "I Fly Sabre Jets" by Captain Hugh McBlake, While B-29's unload their lethal cargoes, it's up to Captain McBlake and other jet jockeys to run interference against Red MIG's; / "I Saw an IMPI Buried" by Stanley Jackson; We had to watch young girls die by torture. If we cried out we would be killed too!/ "Deadly Killer of the Australian Plains" by Silverman & Brandt; Half-wolf and half-dog, the dingo has cost down-under sheep raisers millions of dollars./ "The Buffalo is a Bum" by Lew Conti; Large buffalo herds once roamed the American plains. Today there are only a few left, due to men's avarice, the buffalo's stupidity. / "Whirlybirds Can Do Anything" article on helicopter./ "Water" by R. Mamula, Illustrated by Mark Schneider./ "They'll Scare You to Death" by Gilbert Hill; Betty & Benny Fox earn a living dancing - with death as Sky Dancers./ "Buenos Aires City of Sin" by Joel Ralaigh; A Pretty city and a wealthy city, Buenos Aires is also the international hub of white slavery. /*** Book Order #ADV002-1; Condition= Light water damage, thus G/VG; Price=US$18.00; OR *** Book Order #ADV002-2; Condition= Creasing in cover, Good, Index page with Contents is missing, but all Stories are Complete; Price=US$13.00;

ACTION Magazine Volume-1, #3; (July/1953);

ACTION Magazine Volume-1, #4; (August/1953; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Joe Szokoli; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Male Body - How Long Will You Live?"; / "England's V Girl Scandal" by Harry Johnson. Obliging model poses with candor as would-be photographer steadies his camera. The only photos taken are those of a cheesecake type. Various gimmicks are used. Girls call themselves models, beauticians, health counselors and masseuses. But they all want cash./ "He Beat the Horse Every Time" by Morgan Colt. Bimelech, the great racer, belonged to Bradley. The Colonel made enough cash with his system to buy stables and a gambling casino./ "I Saw One Millin Girls for Sale" by Don Sheldon . Slave trading is brisk as ever in North Africa's wide open desert./ "Oregon's Bloodiest Grudge Fight" by Mike Curtis as told to George Hill. When a couple of two-fisted lumberjacks start trading king-sized wallops, anything can happen./ "Greatest Throws of the Century" by Tom Norton. When Jim Fuchs puts the shot, the shot knows it's been put. Here he blasts the lead ball through 54 feet and 3 inches. / "How to get Your Head Blown Off While Hunting"/ "Air Rescue Under Fire" by Captain Everett Curtis, U.S.A.F.. 35,000 feet over Korea a World War II flying was a snap compared to this. The Commy high explosive firecrackers were making me a one man Fourth of July. / "Kisses That Changed Men's Lives" by Vincent H. Gaddis. Nations have gone mad and men have died, from joys of the common smooch!./ "Between the Hurricane of the Rats" by Thomas W. Helm III. The blasting hurricane engulfed the island, swirling the sea in maniacal rage. In the cabin, hundreds of gigantic rats faced us./ "Minor League Boss" by Jack Kofoed. Dynamic Peper Martin flies home in a typical , rambunctions dive. He fought a history making sandlot dule with Max Macon, lost by one game./ "I Stormed a Korean Palace" by Sgt. Ray Massey. It was a funny place, belonged to an old Korean prince. But Commies, and death, were in it now./ *** Book Order # ADV004; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION Magazine Volume-1, #5; (October/1953; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Joe Szokoli; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Male Body - How Bowers Get Punch-Druck" / "The Kinsey Report and your Wife" by R.B. Armstrong. For the first time in the history of the world, ignorance and fear inmarriage is being scientifically replaced by facts./ "I Was Eaten by a Giant Devilfish" by Captain Mrogan Flemish. First you sail out to Tampico, Mexico with Captin Flemish until you locate a monster manta birostris. Second you fall overboard while he's hungry../ "Follow-the-leader - or Die!" by Dwight Oelerking as told to Jerry Hulse. Five minutes past my point of no return, the message came: 'Narsarssuak airways, Greenland, calling Nan 4261 Charley ... return to Iceland... do you read this? ... weather makes landing impossible... do you read this?..."/ "How to make Orange Juice with a Six Shoot" Quick and simple, this system is highly recommended for bachelors. It will, however, lead to bickering if the little wife is breakfasting quietly across the table./ "The Gook From Anyang" by Yong Kak Lee as told to Grant Harden. They called him "gook" buy this fighting doctor, Yong Kak Lee was saving our wounded boys twenty hours a day. the other four hours he was out killing Reds.../ "Do Gamblers Really Want to Win?" by Robert J. Galway. Get set for a jolt. Psychiatry now tells us chronic gamblers are a mentally ill as alcoholics. They're never emotionally satisfied until they're lost their pants.../ "70 Tons of Steel in the Sky" These boys lugged 70 tons of steel to the top of the Empire State Building and hammered it onup there. It was a cinch. If they slipped, they only had 1500 feet to fall./ "I Walked the Plank" by George Brandon, When renegade pirates captured me in the China Sea, I wondered why they laughed and joked instead of cutting my throat. Then I found out. They'd read somewhere about a guy named Captain Kidd.../ "Death Rides the Races" by Bob McKnight, When a jockey runs into trouble, things happen fast and furious. He may need only a pat on the back after fall. He may need a doc - or undertaker./ "the Luck of the Knock" by Roland A. Martone, When the siren sounded and the cops started toward the warehouse, it looked hopeless. Like always, though Joe had a lucky hunch./ ""Fire in the Hole" by Paul Lacour. A burnign off-shore oil well roars like all the blast furnaces in Pittsburg going at once. The heat, close up, will melt cast iron. It's just the place to get a good action article./ *** Book Order # ADV005; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION Magazine Volume-1, #6; (December/1953; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Joe Szokoli; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Male Body - How to Stop Smoking"/ "Atom is Spies Invade Las Vegas" by Brett Anderson. This western Mecca of gambling and glamor is an irresistible magnet to atomic engineers and scientists working nearby. It has become, there fore, a hot-bed of foreign spies and agents!/ "'K' is for Killer" by George Hill. The Navy is playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek off Key West that may, in the near future, save the nation's life./ "We Climbed the Devil Mountain" by Michael Jordon. The Grepon has been climbed several times. We were the first though, to be attacked by a raging blizzard on its grim walls. / "The Split Decision is Ruining Boxing" by Tom Dowling Jr., There comes a time in every professional boxer's life when he wonders if he should have taken up dancing. That's when no one knows who has won a fight. Least of all, the judges! Split decision in the Joe Giardello-Billy Graham battle was later reversed. Then to add to the confusion, the reversal was reversed!/ "I Hunt Cottonmunths" by Jesse Gulipher as told to Paul Lacour. This is a sport that takes icicle nerves, lightning reflexed and a fatalistic attitude toward death. A man & his dog caught cottonmouth snakes and whip them to death./ "Join the Marines and Live to be 100!"Year for year, a man who joins the Leathernecks will outlive any man in civilian life. / "I Battled Man Eating Dragons" by Donlad R. Buchanan as told to C.V.Tench. I found out the hard way that dragons still exist. When my first mate decided to kill me, he put ashore on an island in the East Indies. What followed was a nightmare fight with monstrous, thick-scaled, razor-toothed lizards that run fast as deer and can break a rifle stock with their jaws. / "The World's Strongest Drinks" by Roland Blackburn. / "Chopper Pull Me Up!" by Bill Kreh. The game was sort of a tug-of-war. Twenty North Koreans were on one side and an American helicopter on the other. And there was a prize, Lieutenant carter, right in the middle./ "When in Rome" by J.S. Wilson. Hard boiled, sexy, concrete-tough yarns make up most of today's fiction. It's a pleasure to present a masterfully light story by an author who may become a second sabatini..."/ "America's Bloodiest Fighting" by Bob Hathaway. It's easy to judge these contests. The first one that dies, loses . Of course, the winner a cockfighter may lose both eyes and get his head cut half way off.*** Book Order # ADV006; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN (Vista Pub) -

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume-4, #2; (March/1960; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Belly Dancer Spy Boat" by Leonard mosley, art by Julian Paul. His mission was to feed vital information to Rommel's desert command. His method was to live it up all over Cairo, surrounded by the most beautiful women in Egypt./ "Capt. Benson's 100-Mile-a-Day Race for Survival" by Richard Dillon, art by Adrian Oaterling. He bullied 11 farmers in an open boat 1000 miles across the sea. And when they stumbled up the rocky beach, he told them it was just the beginning - there were still another 2500 miles to go./ "Don't Send a Division -- Paradrop the Convict Commando" by Ted Stoil, art by Shannon Stirnwels. To pull the most vital sabotage raid of WWII, England had to put all her trust in a public enemy who'd spent half his life cracking into safes andthe other half cracking out of jails./ ""Action for Men" Newsletters, French touch adds more to see beside the sea. Hungry suitor tries to live on love. Nudiest burns over newest skin game./ "The Laugh-It-Up Joy Girls at Hoaxer Hattie's Place" by James Finnegan, art by Ray Johnson. She ran her Roaring 20s brothel like a carnival fun house - and every man in it knew that the joke was all on him./ "Steaks: Rare - Men: Short" Cheesecake photo layout of Glo Becher from Texas./ "I Made the $500,000 Tangier Spain Contraband Run" by Clark Collins. A newspaperman will go to any length to nail down a story. But the one which started that night in a waterfront saloon looked as if it would be my lost.*** Book Order # ADV011; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 4, #4; (July/1960; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "My Four Years in the Land of Amazon Women" by Alfred Boeldeke, art by Al Rossi. In the wildest adventure of our century he shared the rites and taboos of his Indian friends - and almost had his head shrunk by his enemies./ ""The Night They Buried the Men of Coalbrook" by Gert Van Der Merwe. In Clydesdale North Colliery at Coalbrook at 3:55 pm, January 21, 434 miners at Level 600 were about to go off shift. At 4:00 only one was still slive./ "Last Girl Off Shipwreck Island" by Bill Wharton, art by Vic Prezio. By a miracle thye made it to land. Then, one by one, they began to stalk each other across their survival retreat./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips, Diana Dors delivers body blow to heady champagne sex. Female Mice drink Men under the lab table./ "Kitty Ging - The Hothouse Blonde in Apt. 4B by Lewis Thompson, art by Julian Paul. With her fine body and angel face she could have had any man in Minnezpolis. But once she took on the gambler on the floor below, no one else had a chance - not even herself./ "Backwoods and Forwards" Cheesecake photo payout of Sally Todd. "The Baby-faace Ensign Who Rescued the U.S. Marines" by Edwin Johnson, art by Frank Soltesz. He was the wrong man in the wrong place without him, a garrison of back-to-the-wall leathernecks would have been massacred down to the last buck private.*** Book Order # ADV012; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 4, #5; (September/1960; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Runaway Yank and his Island Girl Brigade" by Robert J. Levin, art by James Bams. For 40 years, an American deserter ruled a pacific empire. As war chief, he led the cannibal raids - taking as reward his pick of the captive women stockade./ "They Wheeled Me Into my Own Autopsy" by Harry Grelle. Unless I found a way of letting them know I was alive, they were ready to shoot me full of formaldehyde and start carving me up./ "Survival Trek of Germany's 8,000 American Air Force POWs" by Kenneth W. Simmons, art by Julian Paul. They stumbled along, numb with cold, weak from pneumonia and dysentery. Only the threat of being shot - and a hope of freedom - kept the desperate Yanks going./ ""Action for Men" Newspaper clips, Lilly the cat Girl: Lithe and Legal, Unsuccessful Ghost on Six-Day Haunt Loses Spirit./ "The Wild Fie Years of Guerrilla Queen Nancy Wake" by Ivan Colt, art by Vic Olson. Operating from a foxhole or a four-poster, she molded a gand of 7,500 hell-raising Frenchmen into the Continent's roughest combat brigade./ "All We Know is Her Name" Cheesecake photo layout of Barbara Turner from England./ "Escape from Russia's Slave Labor Uranium Mine" by Stefan Krsna, art by John Kuller. The Reds gave us free choice in dying. We could stay put and face a slow death from radiation or make a run for the waiting machine guns and end it quickly./ "Hercules Unchained" full page movie ad with Steve Reeves.*** Book Order # ADV013; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 5, #1; (January/1961; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by George Gross; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Strange Platoon: 5 GI's and the Amazon Women of Papua" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Bruce Minney. It was WWII's milk-run mission. The sergeant and his men sacked out in the shade and let the savage females do their killing for them./ "Col. Hough's Runaway Dive That Gave the Skies to America" by Bill Wharton. Hammering Hitler's Luftwaffe into the ground depended on the pilot's ability to pull his P-38 out of an 800-mph, faster-than-sound vertical dive./ "The Singapore Doll Hide-Out of Vanishing Conrad Grimes" by Mike Blackstock, art by Mort Kunstler. To this day, no one has discovered the whereabouts of the most fantastic escape team ever to sweep across the Orient - a top con man and the East's most beautiful madam./ "Billy Eaton's Fantastic Foreign Legion" by Don Dwiggins, art by Earl Norem. They sent a lone American officer, Lt. O'Bannon on an impossible desert trek in Arabs in Derna to smash a tyrant who was shaking down half the civilized world./ "The Girl who Ducked a Dictator" Cheesecake photo layout of Tanya Velya of Yugoslavia./ "6,000 Sail Today - 2500 will not Return!" by Geoggrey Bond. Lying at anchor off St. Nazaire, loaded with troops and refugees, she was a sitting duck for the Nazi that screamed out of the sky./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips, Swinging "Cat" brings out cops, Stripper Bumps Judge off theh Bench./ "12-Month Trek of the Naked 300" by Charles Boeckman, art by Julian Paul. For 800 miles they crawled a gantlet of stone-age savages, surviving each day in a rain of arrows on the wildest death march ever recorded by man.*** Book Order # ADV015; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 5, #3; (May/1961; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Gil Cohen; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "We Followed Out Amazon Brides to Venezuela's Greatest Treasure" by Mario Galeotti, art by Julian Paul. Marrying into Tartaryga's tribe exposed two white men to death by government firing squad. Defying a whole army, they ignited South America's fabulous Diamond Rush./ "The Zany Air-Drop Ambush to Assassinate Hitler's Hangman" by Charles Whiting(aka; Leo Kessler), art by Al Rosal. On the night of May 27,1942, two men - one carring a Sten gun, the other a bomb - jumped from a plane into occupied territory with the most dangerous assignment of World War II: Kill Heydrich!/ "London's After-Hours Girl Clubs" by Graham Fisher. Nowadays the old city is craling with vice. You're cleaned out buying drinks without booze: the teasers work for the Yankee dollar; and dusty laws keep the cops from wiping out Europe's worst racket./ "My Most Amazing Arctic Adventure" by Peter Freuchen. In a Lifetime of Polar exploation, he had to face death by freezing, amputate his own gangrenous foot and take on every savge animal that roamed the far north. But nothing compared to the grim ordeal of shooting an MGM movie./ "He Shot Gloria First" Cheesecake Photo layout of Gloria Peel from England./ "The Eight Marines Who Hijacked a Jap Destroyer" by Nathan Lavine, art by Earl Norem. A wild spur-of-the-moment scheme turned out to be the most incredible raid of the bitter struggle for the Pacific./ "33 Castaway Years with the Island Women of the Pacific" by Jules Arches, art by Vic Prezio. Sixteen tribes worshipped Louis de Rougemont as a great Spirit. Jungle girls did away with rivals to win his love. But his South Sea paradise would last only as long as his successes in combat.*** Book Order # ADV016; Condition= VG/FN; Price=US$15.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 5, #6; (November/1961;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Mort Kunstler; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Torpedoed Sailor Who Took Over Japan's Camp-Girl Compound" by Edward L. Garth, art by Bob Stanley. Shipwrecked, starved and tortured by the Japs in Java, imprisoned in Tokyo, he made a fantastic breakout by taking two of his jailers all the way to Siberia./ "Khrushchev's Hatchet Man from Moscow" by Robert Blair, art by Earl Norem. Behind every disappearance, defection and death of Allied counterespion agents in Europe stands the vicious ex-Nazi turned Red, whom nobody can find./ "England's Incredible Death Train Disaster" by F. Raphael. There was no warming for the 1500 commuters packed into the 5:18 out of London. There was only that sickening crash and plunge, as the fog-bound world around them exploded in a violent, shuddering stop./ "The 35-Girl Love Nest That Shocked Memphis, Tenn." by Neil Pritchie, art by James Bama. the cop ran themselves ragged interviewing every Southern belle with a motive. But they couldn't come up with the answer: who murdered the city's Romeo?/ "We Survived the A-Bomb Blast in Nevada" by Richard A. Knies. Everything went white... my skin felt on fire... the loudest sound on earth crashed down on us./ "Sally Plays the Horse" Cheesecake photo layout of Sally Douglas from London.*** Book Order # ADV019; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);


ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 6, #3; (June/1962;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by James Bama; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Trapped Underground 2 GI POW's and 14 Combat Geishas" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Earl Norem. Japan's last gamble to turn the tide in the Pacific was her "kamikaze" boat squadron on Tori Island... a strange episode which came to light when two Yank prisoners were recovered after the war./ "Tragedy at Gresford The Night a Nation Cried" by H.R.S. Philpott. An underground blast rocked the mine and gas blazed in its shaft, trapping 400 men. To get them out, rescue teams faced the impossible - they had to pass through a solid wall of flame./ "The Masquerading Sergeant Who Hijacked Hitler's $15,000,000 Hidden Treasure" by Stanley S. Jacobs, art by Scott Pike. Racing the clock, the OSS chuted a GI and a specially trained French girl into Germany to locate Europe's looted art before it was lost to the world forever./ "The Nazi Q-Boat that Booby-Trapped an Ocean" by Harold Waters. For 30 devastating minutes British cruiser "Sydney" and German raider "Kormoran" slugged it out on the surface of the Indian Ocean. When the smoke lifted, over 700 men lay dead, and one of WWII's greatest personal duels was naval history./ "Have Proposals - Won't Marry" Cheesecake photo layout of Trudy Wise from Vienna./ "First Frogman Under the South Pole Ice Shelf" by Jim Thorne, art by Shannon Stirnwels. Chances are the few men will ever do what we did in December, 1960 - plunge beneath the polar cap to test anexperimental gadget. Reasons: utter darkness, unbearable cold, killer whales./ "Call Girl Kingdom of Lucky Luciano" by Sid Feder & Joachim Joesten. A Sicilian slum kid raised in New York, he never believed in making an honest dollar. So he started shooting hot dice and pushing dope - until the day he organised the Crime Syndicate that was to terrorize the whole country. And, if it hadn't been for the many women in his life, he'd have gone onto become the world's most dangerous gangster.*** Book Order # ADV021; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

(August; Volume 6 #4);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 7, #2; (June/1963; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Mort Kunstler; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "The Raid That Shook Rome Playgirl Partisans Who Smashed Hitler's Gestapo Stronghold" by Alex Austin, art by Vic Prezio. Society snobs who lived only for sin and pleasure, they were shocked when Nazi troops goose-stepped into Italy. Fired with patroitism, they used sex, wealth, and brawn to become WWII's most devastating Resistance Group./ "Lt. Morse's Kill-Castro Suicide Commando" as told to Frank J. Canney. They battled through shells and bombs on a mission to destroy Cuba's Red leader. But, with their objective at hand, they were betrayed into a vicious death trap./ "The Day 1,000 Kamikazes Ran Wild" by John Campbell, art by Bob Stanley. Clutching clubs and knives they kneeled in the prayer of those about to die. Then, like maddened animals, they hurled themselves at the barbed wire inan orgy of senseless bloodletting./ "They Called Her "Mae" - The Underworld's Sexiest V-Doll" by Frank Gillon, art by Ray Johnson. Lovely and sweet-looking, she lived on prostitution, blackmail and safecracking. In her memoirs she called herself 'Queen of Crooks.' Scotland Yard labeled her the wildest woman in Europe./ "Action for Men" Newspaper headlines. Maverick Takes on Law West of Munich. Seduction Cult of Santo Domingo./ "Yankee Medicine Man of Condemned Girl Island" by Ted Stoil, art by Al Rossi. In 1954, a brazen young black-marketeer from Ohio sailed his trader boat into the Sulu Sea and got an order from the most savage tribe on earth - keep their women alive and happy or face a machete beheading!/ "FBI Shootout for Hot-Horse Harry" by Ken Jones. The law couldn't nail this sneering master mind for murdering his own mother and an FBI agent, but his "fool-proof" way of stealing cars landed him in the electric chair./ "How Maggie Lost a Job" Cheesecake photo layout of Maggie Box from London.*** Book Order # ADV023; Condition = VG/FN; Price=$14.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 7, #4; (November/1963; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Mort Kunstler; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Call-Doll Ambush of Hitler's Diamonds = For Dollars Smugglers" by Glenn Infield, art by Shannon Stirnwels. Towards the end of WWII, the leaders of the near-beaten Reich tried to transfer their loot to the safety of South America. That's when US agents - men and women - got busy breaking up what they callen "Operation Bright Eyes" till they knew the nickname was wrong: it should have been "Operation Deep-Sea Grave."/ "Pilot John Ward: Castaway Captive Of Harem-Girl Island" by John L. Ward, art by Earl Norem. The tropical playground had all a man would want: food, drink, sun and leisure, lovely women. But after seven months the paradise turned into hell and he had to get out - or go insane./ "Nightmare in Indianapolis" by Edward A. Hannegan. Inthe most brutal street battle the city had ever seen, 200 policemen and state troopers, using tear gas and armored cars, fired 3000 rounds of ammunition to subdue a single madman armed with a rusty, .12-gauge shotgun./ "A.W.O.L. Sailor Who Wiped out a Kamikaze Squarron" by Frederick Philcox. Ignoring a court-martial, the efiant Marine broke out of the ship's brig, manned the one operational gun on deck, and did the only thing that made sense: blasting down as many Japanese planes as possible before the Bunker Hill went to the bottom./ "'Desert Rat' Commando Raid to Smash the Italian Army" by Brian O'brien, art by R. DeSoto. A ragtag outfit, they started a hopeless trek across the Sahara to drive out the enemy. Three years and 3000 miles later they reached Il Duce's final roadblock in Africa - the fort that guarded El Alamein./ "Action for Men" Newspaper headlines. Four of our Nudes are Missing. S.O.S. for safe-crackers cracks u cons./ "Mid-Ocean Hijack -- 600 Hostages" by Kurt Singer & jane Sherrod, art by Charles Smith. In a wild move to overthrow dictator Salazar, 25 'patriots' seized the Portuguese iner Santa Maria, committing the first andonly act of piracy known to the 20th century./ ""Jan's Miissing Man" Cheesecake photo layout of Janice Shane./ "*** Book Order # ADV025; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 8, #1; (January/1964; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Mort Kunstler; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "House of Italian Call Girls: Salerno Invasion Outpost" by Anson Hunter, art by Ray Johnson. These luscious love-for-sale dolls detested the Germans so much that they spied for theAllies - for free - and helped turn themost crucial battle in Southern Europe./ "Ronald Reynolds Only Yank to Escape from the Foreign Legion" by Fran Lucca, art by Stan Roberts. Inthis personal account, a youngAmerican describes his hair-raising getaway from the world's most vicious fighting force, and concludes: 'If I had to do it over, I'd take the easy way out - by firing squad!'/ "The Mistress Keepers Off-Limits Sex Partners" by Benjamin Moore, M.D. Why do men have affairs with women while they are married to others? Why do they claim to love their wives, but prefer their girlfriends in bed? Why do some men change their sexual playthings as frequently as the oil in their cars? Here a noted expert has given the answer to the most controversial problem facing the modern American Mate./ "The Lousy Dirty War In Korea" by Charles & Eugene Jones. Crossing the 38th Parallel with GIs, retreating, advancing, freezing, cursing, despairing but never surrendering, two NBC correspondents recorded a historic combat closeup from the raw stuff of man's unyielding courage./ "A Lot of Love Solves All Problems" Cheesecake photo layout Paula Angelos. / "... 40 Below ... No Anesthetic I'm Going to Amputate Medcalf's Arm..." by Dr. Karl Freeman, art by Ray DeSoto. All the doctor had was his medicine kit and his two frostbitten hands. But when he looked into the man's pain-filled eyes, he reached for the knife and made the first incision - in an impossible attempt to save his patient's life./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips. Chinese Ghosts Stir Tempest in British Teapot. Audience Drops Dead But Band Plays On./ "Nude Harem of the U.S. Navy's Fleet - Wrecking Island Commandos" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Bob Stanley. The frogmen were helped aboard by their women when is happened - the Jap fleet exploded into a wall of fire. *** Book Order # ADV026; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 8, #5; (September/1964; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Charles Copeland; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Sex-Hungry Couples Who Swap Their Mates" by Isabelle S. Gilbert. The altest shameful wrinkle in wife-switching orgies in 'Bachelor Night' when woomen havethe privilege of hauling in stray pickups to spice up the bizarre proceedings./ "'Tex' Graham's Manhunt for the Red Butcher of South America" by Stanley S. Jacobs. Bombs of Venezuela's Faln rebels is aa 21-year-old killer who has masterminded the bombings, sabotage, and sneak attacks that have terrorized the entire country./ "Call Doll Villa" by Robert Laguardia, art by Bob Stanley. The Allies most desperate battle in Southern Italy hinged on a lone-wolf American undercover agent and his high-living, fun-loving girl informers who got their kicks betraying the Nazis tohelp clear the road to Rome./ "... Weather Impossible... Planes Ripping Apart... We'll Make It or Else..." by Martin Caidin, art by Bob Schuls. Three years before Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, a bunch of daredevils pushed their crates through hell and high water, trying to do what skeptics said couldn't be done./ ""June's Key to Success" Cheesecake photo layout of June Palmer./ "The Crew That Wouldn't Die" by Alfonso Delatorre. Their ship torpedoed in mid-Atlantic by a German U-boat, the men of the 'Potlatch' faced raging tides, hunger and even the grim ordeal ofbeing deserted by a neutral vessel. And they thought they had sighted land, the sharks came and attacked./ "Strange Secret of Korea's Nightmare Nymph" by Manning Lee Stokes, art by Al Rossi. Fitzhugh knew where a million dollars in cash was buried. All he had to do was outwit Commies, a too well-informed informer, a sadistic U.S. colonel, but mostly a beautiful Eurasion girl with very special talents./ "Action For Men" Newspaper Clips. Dressmaker threatnes to make Mandy Rice-Daies Strip. Who Says Alcohol and Driving Don't Mix./ ""Baby-Faced Ensign Who Stopped the Sub-Boarding Japs" by Stan Smith, art by James Bama. The enemy's strangest plot of the Pacific war was to seize an American ship for a sneak attack onteh Seventh Fleet - and only a kid officer andhis 3-man fighting detail blocked their way.../ "Slave Girl Empire the Un Can't Wipe Out" by John Godfrey. At the rate of 1000 a month merchandise of all shapes and colors pours into the Near East to work a sheik's land or to cater to an Arab's pleasures until the victims are ruined, with death the only escape.*** Book Order # ADV029-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 9, #1; (March/1965;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "'Convention Girls' New Come-On Racket" by C.K. Winston. Even if they're sometimes hauled into court by an outraged racket-busting DA, these soft-lipped, cash-hungry dolls are as durable as their clients' bank accounts, forever ready to feed jaded tycoons new thrills - with passion prepaid./ "'Find and Destroy the Giant Guns of Brao'" by Leon Lazarus, art by Al Rossi. Whipping his band of Tito partisans into an army of expendable commandos, the behind-lines American was ready to take on the Nazis holed up at Split - along with their secret, long-range artillery that terrorized Yugoslavia./ "Shocking Truth Behind Air Crash 'Misses'" by Robert J. Serling. A jetliner has the strength of a battleship and, in a pinch, its highly trained pilot can bring it in on a wing and a prayer. Yet one single bolt out of place canflip it into a deadly tailspin, beyond the speed of sound - and beyond the point of no return./ "Man-Hungry Females" by Tedd Thomey, art by Bob Stanley. Haunted by his secret, they gave him their bodies, their minds and their money... but one who played an even hotter game - a seductive beauty in nothing but a blue bra./ "The Winter 2000 People Turned To Ice" by Stanley S. Jacobs. From Norway to Sicily rivers froze solid, food and fuel transports stopped, men, women and children were marooned intheir homes or died in the streets - until all of Europe had become a giant wasteland, holding out against the threat of complete annihilation./ "International Spree of a Footloose Doll" Cheesecake photo layout of Karen Melchior born in Sydney, Australia, but is a US citizen./ "Hitler's Great Time Bomb Raid to Wreck London" by Frederick Philcox. The message to Churchill was grim: the Germans were priming te city with a TNT secret weapon - and one demolition man after another was vaporized in the desperate attempt to sve the city from destruction./ "My 1964 Nightmare with Ecuador's Head-Shrinking Tribe" by V. Parsons. No outsider was permitted to watch the terrible ceremony that ended in an orgy of uncontrolled violence. And here I crouched with my camera, knowing that if they discovered me, I would have time for just one agonized scream - to be heard by no one.../ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips - Sighted Soviet Trawler - 'Skunked' Same. France's Lusty, Busty 'Mike Hammer'/ "Sariguan Island: Strangest Marine Campaign" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Samson Pollen. If the Japanese could lure the Yanks into 'fraternizing' with the 'untouchable' girls, at least 20000 GIs would be knocked out of action by the most desperate plot of WWII.*** Book Order # ADV030; Condition= VF; Price = US$14.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 9, #2; (June/1965; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Charles Copeland; 88 pages including covers; Contents; "Night of the Nude Nymph" by Jonathzn Craig, art by Al Rossi. Her whole body trembled when she thought of the hot-eyed stranger with his passionate desires who would never take "no" for an answer, and in a terrifying flash she knew that if she refused to give in he had the absolute power over her husband's life - or death./ "Tin Can Ambush That Saved Gen. MacArthur" by Eugene F. Stuckey. On Oct. 24, 1944, the bulk of Japan's navy steamed into Surigao Strait ina last-ditch attempt to gut America's Philippine invasion route - and through an incredible foulup Capt. Jesse Coward found only his handful of small ships blocking the way./ "10 Ways to Spot a No-Limit Girl" by Carl Evans. She may be the wife-next-door type, the cool society beauty, or the sex kitten with bedroom eyes, but she will let a man know, with a certain look or touch, that she can't resist him - anytime, anywhere./ "Tom Sather's "Brooklyn Gang" that buried three Nazi Divisions" by Don Dwiggins, art by Bob Schulz. In the icy mountains of Norway, sixteen hand-picked, TNT-tossing Yanks set out on the most fantastic sabotage mission of WWII - pinning down 50,000 crack Wehrmacht soldiers desperately needed for the home-front defense of Hitler's crumbling Reich./ "'Careful' Drivers Who Kill 40,000 Americans a Year" by C.K. Winston. A slam onthe brake... a head-on collision ... bodies hurtling through the windshield - and another poice report notes, 'Death due to speeding.' But the man who's really at fault just crawls along at 35 mph until he causes the next car crash, adding to the bloody slaughter onour highway./ "Our Secret Combat G.I. Army of the Air" by Leon Lazarus. The Pentagon had just taken the wraps off a bold project that will put our slogging foot soldiers into science-fiction type flying machines and turn the U.S. infantry into the toughest "blast-'em-from-the-sky' assault force in the wold./ "Sherry's the Toast of the Tepee" Cheesecake photo layout of Sherry Everette./ "How to Play Stud Poker Like a Pro-and Win" by Mike "Pitcher" Barron. More gamblers lose their shirts making sucker plays in what is actually the simplest card of all - and that gives you the golden chance to rake in a fortune if you stick to the rules offered by one of the country's top experts. With percentages like these, even cheating becomes a waste of time./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips, Kim Novak Overloved. Higher-Than-a-Kite Sailor Swears Off Highballs on the High Seas./ "Korea's Female Bomber Base Stockade" by Edwin Johnson, art by Mort Kunstler. Captured by kill-crazy Red cutthroats, he had to escape from his POW cell and fight his way back to UN headquaters with the first report of the strangest combat team behind enemy lines - women fliers led by a Russian doll who was mad about sex but even madder about gunning Yanks down.*** Book Order # ADV0301-1; ADV031-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 9, #3; (September/1965; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Charles Copeland; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Sex Cult Sin Parties" by Robert Laguardia. Take a red-hot recipe of 'no-limit' freelove couples who swap mates and buy their kicks by mail. Add booze, violence, nude movies - and you've got the latest in mass orgies for Americans gone thrill-crazy./ "America's LIttle Known Space Age Death Toll" by Don Dwiggins. The hiss rose to a chriek as the 20-inch nitrogen line parted, less than two feet from the engineer's terrified face. He had no time to scream, no time to move ... killed by the icy liquid ... the flying pieces of jagged steel - only one of many nameless heroes who do the bleeding and dying that will get us to the planets./ "The Ambush That Rescued the U.S. 5th Army" by Leon Lazarus, art by Charles Copeland. Airdropped into enemy territory, he forged a strange male-female combat team of nazi-hating sabateurs in a desperate attempt to spring the trapped GIs. And if he lived, he would use his 'kiss-and-kill' crew as bait for blasting Hitler's top airmen from their most impregnable stronghold in Italy./ "10 Lost Treasures You Can Grab" by Murray T. Pringle. Connecticut's hidden bootleg fortune, Chicago's junked 'Golden Outhouse,' Korea's $600,000 worth of bullion, 40 million greenbacks in Tibets - with map, shovel, luck and guts it's yours for the digging./ "Hong Kong's Hottest Stripper: West's No.1 Spy" by Harvey Ardman, art by Ray Johnson. The exotic 'Temple of Passion' girl fooled Communist agents at their own game. The link between the Free World and spies on the mainland, she had to use her tantalizing beauty to get the information that would stop Mao's bloodiest take-over operation./ "Downed Pilot 10,000 Germans Couldn't Catch" by Paul Brickhill, art by Mort Kunstler. From the moment he bailed out over France, he never stopped running, dodging Wehrmacht and SS, bluffing Vichy traitors in a land where every tree hid an enemy. And when he finally made it to the Pyrenees in a wild photo finish, he still had to crash Europe's most guarded frontier./ "Globetrotting Sightseer Who's a Sight to See" Cheesecake photo layout of Ann Walker from England./ "How I Win Betting on Baseball -- Football -- Basketball" by Mike 'Pitcher' Barron. Sentimental fans wagering on their favorites are suckered out of four billion dollars a year by shrewd operators using stacked odds. Now a cold-blooded pro reveals the secrets of how and when to lay down your money on Sport's Big 3 - and make the bookies weep./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. 'Made in Miami' Smoke Gets in Castro's Eyes. Pistol-Packing Bra may Kill off Romance.Fire-Eater Dines on the World's Hottest News./ "Sgt. Mike Heiser's Weird 'Exploding Jap Raiders'" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Bob Stanley. The battle-roughened Japs were certain that they could butcher any force attacking their positions on teh island, but they had never fought in the jungle American Indian style. They went down like flies under a storm of strange arrows with gut-busting TNT kickers.*** Book Order # ADV032; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 10, #2; (March/1966; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Kick-Crazy Co-ed Call Girls" by Alex Austin. College nymphs are studying a new bedroom game -- with lovers who pass their 'test of passion.'/ "Silver Star Age Who Shot Up Vietnam's 'Ambush Alley'" by Glenn Infield. 20 Skyraiders were headed for a death trap -- unless Jim Cullen went kamikaze into the Reds' brutal firepower./ "Trek to the World's Last Exotic Stone-Age Tribe" by Paul McLaine, art by Samson Pollen. Startled by recent news reports, two daring Americans set out into the mountain wilderness of the Philippines to find a 'lost' primitive people, who survive by a barbaric law - all strangers must die.../ "Flight 843 Is Ripping Apart Over 'Frisco...'" by Stanley S. Jacobs. Terror gripped the passengers as the flaming jet first lost an engine and then half a wing, and even if the pilot could land the fuel-soaked wreck, it would explode into a fiery funeral pyre./ "Wildcat Nymphs of Oil Shack No. 1" by Lou Cameron, art by Earl Norem. Their grab-the-black-gold scheme worked like a charm till a tribe of paid killers threatened to blast them out of the desert - along with the lushest harem in the Near East./ "Our Race with Russia to the Oceans' Floor" by Commander Ben Partridge & C. Cheney. 'Shark men' in weird underwater machines are diving miles below the sea to beat the Soviets to 'inner space' - and survival./ "Lyon on a Tear" Cheesecake photo layout of Sue Lyon from London./ "Hold-Up Mob That Took Hitler for $45,000,000" by Murray T. Pringle, art by Joe Malmud. The daring behind-the-lines partisans pulled off history's greatest 'blood money' heist, but now they had to fight a private war with a Nazi elite horde thrown at them by a hysterical Fuehrer./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips. Sixth Fleet Nearly Sinks all of Bikini-Land. Soviet Police aces top Gold-smuggling Queen and Kings./ "Ike's 'Channel Rats' Who Saved the D-Day Lifeline" by Len Guttridge, art by Mort Kunster. They rode the storm-lashed causeway 3 nightmare days-trying to rescue 500,000 GIs.*** Book Order # ADV033; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 10, #3; (May/1966; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Man Who Collected Nudes" by Henry Kane, art by Al Rossi. They were a hot-passioned crew of females, eager to supply 'instant love' and attention anywhere, anytime. Then he realized they were baiting a trap from which he'd never escape alive.../ "Our 'Black Pajama navy' That Bottles Up Vietnam" by Carl Sherman. Fighting alongside the U.S. is the damndest fleet of native fishing junks, whose crewmen form an unbroken chain of human booby traps on the Gulf of Tonkin to win the dirtiest war in history./ "R.S.V.P. Call Girl of the Wild Party Vice Circuit" by Peter Rich. Her tantalizing 'nude-in-the-night' performances are hotter than a Roman orgy and feed a multimillion dollar sin racket./ "Sharks: Nightmare Facts and Fiction" by Walter Butterworth & Alf Dean. The terror of any swimmer or shipwreck survivor is sighting the fin of a deep-sea maneater. Here two top experts tell what to do if it happens to you - including, if you've got the guts, a good fast punch in the nose./ "'Flip' Cochran: America's Toughest Hell-Raising Combat Pilot" by Glenn Infield, art by Rafael DeSoto. A bullet-stopping Yank on a suicide mission had to drop his one bomb on te most vital target in the desert - or Marshal Rommel was set to grab all of Africa./ "Seafood Kick of Teddi the Twister" Cheesecake photo layout of Teddi McNeill from Florida./ "How They Rob Our Inventors Blind" by Stanley Jacobs. You figure once you come up with a real brainchild you can wait for te profits to pour in, until those 'patient vultures' start hitting you with every trick there is - from female bait to bloody violence./ ""Nymph Commandos of Red MacLean's Island Paradise Compound" by Brian O'Brien, art by Bob Stanley. A TNT-tossing topkick trained a harem of jungle beauties for a raid that wuld have stumped even the marines - blasting a secret sub base that gave Japan a stranglehold on the So. Pacific./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. End the Beatle Cut. Life, Liberty andthe Right to Strip./ "23-Year-Old Strike-it-Rich Kid Fromthe Detroit" by David R. George. With people crying for news, Mike Dworkin had a sure money maker -- if he outhustled the top brains in the newspaper business.*** Book Order # ADV034; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 10, #6; (November/1966;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Death-Without Warning" One freak disaster and you are a pulverized lump of flesh, or a screaming human torch - even your next step could be your last./ "Vice Dolls Delivered: Anywhere Anytime" by Richard Farrington. (1/2 page cut out) These 'hot shuttle' passion-pros fly, ride, even ski to clients - if the price if right./ "One-Eyed, One-Armed Escape-or-Die General" by Len Guttridge, art by Ray DeSoto. This Bullet-riddled, shrapnel-sieved fighting fool capped 40 fantastic years of warring as the great escaper no POW compound could hold./ "Vicious Rampage of the Terror Vandals" by Robert Phillips. Police across America face the horror of lunatic hoodlums who burn, slash, loot, kill - 'just reaping some real kicks, man.'/ "Vietnam's Share-a-Foxhole Female Commandos" by Bob Garling, art by Earl Norem. The 'Dragon Hellcats' on both sides of the Viet conflict are beautiful, hot-blooded - and savage. And these honey-skinned nymphs are using all the exotic tricks they ever learned to win history's most bizarre war./ "World's 10 Greatest 'White Hell' Survivals" by Cord Christian Troebst. Marooned ina frozen desert of snow, strength sapped, stomach shrivelled, mind benumbed - can you live? See how these 10 did./ ""The Girl in teh Jungle Next Door" Cheesecake photo layout of Chris Williams./ "Suicide Vengeance Raid of Bandit-Bait 'Angel' Haynes" by Walter Briggs. The man Japs called 'broken down' drew WW2's hottest mission - ramming a no-escape flak barrier to lure a mighty Zeke air armada into a Flying Tiger deathtrap./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. jinx-Jumping Groom picks a Live One. 'Les Beatniks' Get Parisian Bum's Rush./ "The New Bankruptcy Scandal 175,000 Deadbeats" by Stanley Jacobs. Credit drunks and gyps are on a billion-dollar buying binge with no worries - till even sharper operators get their hooks in them./ "Blonde Nude in Cabin 10" by Edward Wells, art by Bob Stanley. Her velvety body was every bit as inviting as LIsa's 'At first I was sorry you came on board, but now I'm glad,' she siad, 'I'll make everything right for you.'/ "*** Book Order # ADV035; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 11, #2; (March/1967; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Charles Copeland; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "'Weekend Only' Sin Sprees on Vacationland Call Girls" by Alex Austin. Changing America's resorts into bed-to-bed play pens, these mobile passion kittens are raking in an illicit pile, 'swinging' with guests-and sneering at the law./ "Hunt for U-Boat 515" by Robert Laguardia, art by Mort Kunstler. Guilty of the mass drowning of 650 civilians, the Nazi submariner prowled for new victims - while a vengeance-crazed Yank skipper raced to write a bloody finish to WWII's most ruthless murder binge./ "Yanks Wanted Guaranteed: 52 Paychecks Every Year" by Frank L. Remington. Tired of the old nine-to-five grind, helping the boss make his fortune instead of yyour own? Here's the one place remaining where you can still jump from grease monkey to tycoon./ "Red Nymph of Singapore's Bamboo Joy Hut" by James Dark, art by Al Rossi. Mark Hood didn't care if Telok's tempting body was a trap - the Java love-spy had the key to China's deadly H-Bomb plot./ ""Suicide!" by Paul Steiner. Why do 512 men and women burn, shoot, slash, and hang themselves every 60 minutes? Who can tell - maybe for one last deadly kick?/ "Sin Beach Redhead" by Monty Nero, art by Bob Stanley. Hunt was only paid to skipper a cruiser, until the owner's sleek young wife slipped into his cabin and made him work overtime - as she called it./ "Action for Men" Newspaper clips. Case of the Vanishing Nudes. Bear Cancels Wedding 'March'./ "New Superweapons for Our Vietnam GI's" by Ed Hymoff. Guns that can 'see' inthe dark, jungle-hopping jeeps, hip-pocket howitzers - this is just some of the hardware that makes each soldier a one-man attack brigade./ "The Spy Who Couldn't Leave Women Alone" by John Godfrey, art by Charles Copeland. Slated to be the next boss of British Intelligence, he was ordered arrested for treason. But by then Kim Philby had taken off on a Moscow-bound passion-spree-with the West's Top Secret file for luggage./ "The Girl Who Can't Help It" Cheesecake photo layout of Miss Jordan.*** Book Order # ADV036; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 11, #3; (May/1967; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Name-YOur-Price Sin-Doll Bazaar" by Walter Kaylan. Wildest of today's swinging romp rackets, these on-the-cuff passion marts take on anyone from an oil tycoon to a grease-monkey - and their 'converts,' revelling inteh fever of a thousand forbidden games, always come gasping back for more./ "'Sure Hit' Red Missiles" by Leon Lazarus. Hanoi's 'seeing eye' killer rockets clawed out jets out of the sky at the push of a button - until a band of battle-savvy strafe dreamed up a counter-punch strafe pattern that's the hottest thing since napalm bombs./ "Nude Tease From Night City" by Day Keene, art by Earl Noram. Squirming ina skirt as tight as her morals were loose, Myra hooked the hard-nosed young cop down into a world of underground cult hucksters and way-out love. Now, the smooth-hipped blonde had Stone set up for a frame that would net her a million - and cost him his life./ "Supreme Court's All-American PT Boat Hero" by Gregory Patrick. The greatest football player of his time, a sub-staling skipper, this rock-ribbed westerner was asked by the President to trade in his cleats for a judge's black robes./ "Margarete Klosa Debutante Love Spy Who Sold Out 50 U.S. Agents" by John Godfrey, art by Samson Pollen. Mixing hijinx with high treason, 'Margo' cornered a Cold War fortune, dangling her body as bait to lure CIA undercover-men into the hands of the Reds. And when the Party asked for her brother - the kidnap-kitten served him up at twice the price./ "Hunger! World's No.1 Killer" by Frank L. Remington. One hundred million starving human beings struggle daily for ashred of rat flesh, or a fistful of weeds to stay alive. Look out! Their horror could soon be yours./ "Date With a G-String Redhead" by Alex Austin, art by Al Rossi. The warm-skinned tease was warned to turn on, then turn down, every guy inthe club. But she broke the rules for Roy: 'The boys outside have to pay to see my dance,' she whispered, swaying nearer, 'but this... specialty number is on the house./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. Italians Barred from Handling Merchandise. They buried Jesse James in far east boot hill./ "The Destroyer That Wrecked France's Nazi-Loving Legion" by Stan Smith, art by Earl Norem. The fate of WWII and 300,000 men hung in the balance while this pint-sized U.S. warship shot, spat and rammed her way through the monstrous cannons of Morocco's Wadi Sebou - and on into the fire-pocked pageant of naval history!/ "Dr. Livingstone's Niece, I Presume?" Cheesecake photolayout of Stacey Walker from Texas.*** Book Order # ADV037; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 11, #4; (July/1967;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "I Toured the City of Vice Girl Rampages" by Alex Austin. Here's a shocking eyewitness report on the world's newest, wildest easy-doll capital, where quickie bed romps are common as picnics, orgies out-number stop signs, and a woman's proudest boast is 'I never sleep alone'./ "GI King of Vietnam's 'Murder Cavern' Commandos" by Captain Harry 'Molehole' Merchant, art by Ray DeSoto. Stabbing, crawling and shooting his way through a mine-bristling underground network, the Texas tunnel rat had to wipe out the VC cave bandits before they bloodied Saigon with a massacre strike that could add ten years to the war./ "Battling Joe Curran: Union Boss the Underworld Won't fo Near" by Harrison Richards. He's been clubbed, shot, pistol whipped and tried for mutiny - but there is no labor racketeer alive who leans on this slugging ex-deckhand or the 50,000 men he leads./ "Hot Blonde on Flight 17" by C.H. Wallace, art by Al Rossi. A love-dangling swindle-nymph and $250,000 lured pilot Steve Ramsay into becoming a 'revolutionary.' But when his contraband bounty came due, Mayana's body was colder than the coffin she meant to bury him in./ "How They Rob You Blind-Electronically" by Glenn Infield. Rigging payroll computers to kick back $1000-a-week 'bonuses' and fixing government memory banks to cough up welfare jackpots, these key-punch con-men are turning our newest space-age gimmicks into old-fashioned, cop-proof gold mines./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. Live, Sexy, Chess Pieces Checkmate Red Producer. High coost of loving for short-sighted short-changer./ "'Kidnap China's Red Guard H-Bomb General'" by Edwin Johnson, art by Earl Norem. The lone Yank raider's target was Chairman Mao's most trusted hatchet-man, an dif Kenny could pull off his Bamboo Cutain grab, Peking's nuclear-tipped civil war would sputter to an end - before it started a global bloodbath./ "Ghost Stories for Swinging Doll" Cheesecake photo layout of Brett Ashley, from California./ "Dear Slob - Your Wife is Having an Affair" by Jeff Harrison. Rat-packs of hate mongers are swamping the U.S. mails with poison pen letters that often change innocnet law-abiding citizens into fear-crazed psychos for life./ "Doctors Call them Women Who Can't Say 'No'" by Marc Fry. These powder-keg wildcats, 'driven by desires too powerful to deny,' are hooked in a nightmare of pick-up love sprees that experts warn could land them in a house of prostitution - or a padded cell.*** Book Order # ADV038; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 11, #5; (September/1967; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "The Nude Countess Caper" by Robert Dietrich, art by Al Rossi. For those with enough guts, guns and 'bedroom stamina' to play in her blue-blood league, Anita was the satin-skinned bonus of a million-dollar bump-off sweepstakes./ ""'Guts' O'Malley One-Man Cong Buster" by Grant Mundt. Charging across a rice-paddy death-zone buzzing with VC lead, he ripped through swarms of guerrillas - to spark a leatherneck avaiahche that made Van Tuong's hills a Red graveyard./ "How to Fire Up Your Love Life" by Dr. Ephram Korngold. Modern sex surveys reveal too many men are still hamstrung by unhealthy taboos in bed. Here are 35 pointers on the fastest way for couples to enjoy normal uninhibited passion./ "500-Mile Raft-of-Horror Nightmare" by Don Dwiggins, art by Earl Norem. Trapped on a floating coffin in a clashing fury of giant waves, thirty crazed survivors of WWII's bloodiest sea battle pulled out all stops to stay alive - even though it meant feeding like vultures on the dead./ "Your Alimony Pays for Play-Around Wives" by Bruce K. Miller. Bed-hopping from Reno to Rome, from bar-room pickup to penthouse party, these cheating man-gougers have the judges on their side. And when an ex-husband goes broke, he's tossed into jail - and the key's thrown away./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. Sex Symbols at 30,000 feet. Too many Smoochers smother 'Kiss-In'./ "Weird Rites of Africa's Virgin-Bride Stockades" by Lawrence Fellows, art by Samson Pollen. Here is the bizarre, uncensored story of the world's strangest stone-age warriors, who barter water buffalo for bed-mates, monkey skins for teenage concubines, and if the price tag's too stiff - rent their women 'on the installment plan.'/ "How to Turn Your Service Time Into Cash 45 Sure-Fire Military Deals" by NickTalz. Bullets, battleships and B-52's are not all the Armed Forces had to offer. If you know how to pick the right training, you'll get out of uniform with top-money skills that'll boost your bankroll - and change your life./ "Marianne Goes for Losers" Cheesecake photo layout of Marianne Noble from Las Vegas./ "Nick Katzenbach Air Ace - P.O.W. Breakout Artist - LBJ's Hotspot Hero" by Kurt Koeppel. Get Nick over there in a hurry! is an order that's hears in the White House whenever an emergency explodes. From the Cuban missile crisis and race riots to CIA shake-ups and Mafia crack-downs, this fiery ex-WWII flier is the sharp trouble-shooter Presidents call for when the ships are down.*** Book Order # ADV039; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 11, #6; (November/1967;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; GGA - Good Girl Art Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Outraged Censor: Demand: 'Stop those Out-to-Shock All-The-Way Movie Makers" by Alexander Boswell. Cashing in on the latest hot-film craze, smutty one-reelers and million-dollar spectaculars swarm with nude girls and graphic be Droom binges that leave nothing to the viewer's imagination - except how they got on the screen./ "Marine General Lew Walt Fire-Fight Boss of Vietnam Hill 881 'No-Retreat' Commandos" by Harrison Richards. Brass hats are supposed to direct battles from a safe command tent, but tis Kansas leatherneck never got the message. He's been raising hell on firing lines from WWII beachheads to the bunker-slopes of South Vietnam - and making his enemies spit blood for every inch of dirt they try to hold./ "'Good Guys' Get it in the Neck" by Stanley Jacobs. Thirty-eight people ignore the screams of a girl being killed; motorists race by a gory wreck. Why? Because being a 'do-gooder' could get them a prison stretch - or a free ride to the morgue./ "Jet-Stream Joy Girl" by C.H. Wallace, art by Gil Cohen. Take one air-savvy charter plane skipper, mix with a seething short-fuse playdoll and a fortune in hot cargo, then put them 20,000 feet over the Atlantic - and wait for all hell to break loose./ "Why Not Draft Our Women?" by Sergeant Harry Packer. With GI battle lines stretched to the breaking point for lack of fresh troops, a war-seasoned NCO American bachelor girls aren't being sued to free chair-bound warriors for combat./ "Action for Men" Newspaper Clips. World's Wildest Bus Ride. Jayne Mansfield 'Mini-Tizes' Ministers./ ""Sin Club Ads for New Love Members" by Amos Pearson. Trading 'romps... quick scores,' a newsprint network of pleasure-hooked revelers tune into each other on an underground passion hot-line./ "Scuba Killers' Loot Raids on Florida's $2,000,000 Sunken Treasure" by Edwin Johnson, art by Earl Norem. Nobody is your friend on the violent Skeleton Coast, where trails leading to wrecked gold-galleons are marked by the corpses of weekend salvager's who trusted the wrong man./ "Blackmail World of Crooked Telephone Tappers" by Joseph Cohen as told to Robert Laguardia, art by Earl Norem. How long is the law going to let greedy-eyed easves droppers 'bug' their way into your bedroom - then shake you down for every cent You've got?/ "A Girl for All Seasons" Cheesecake photo layout of Sandy Roberts./ "Hell-Divers O'Shee 'Avenging Angel' of Africa's White Girl Massacre" by John Godfrey, art by Bruce Minney. His enemies siad the lone Yank pilot 'killed for pay,' but he was the only man who stood between the hopped-up savage battalion and sixty defenseless females; Weight = 155 Grams each; *** Book Order # ADV040-1; SOLD OUT);


ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 12, #2; (March/1968;Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Roadside Hustlers Who Work The Drive-In Vice Spots" by Ward Dennison. These mobile sin kittens are turning park-and-eat sands into violent, big-money passion pits./ "'To Hell with the Cong - I'm Bringing Her In!" by Melvin H. Kagan as told to Richard P. Turner. An iron-nerved airbus pilot dipped the nose of his plane into Saigon's raging landing-strip fire fight - and lived to tell about it!/ "America's Spare-Time Millionaires" by Jack Stewart. Do-it-Yourself tycoons turn their 'funny ideas' into big-money bonanzas./"Party Nude in Cabin No. 9" by Lionel White, art by Earl Norem. Three made-for love women in a motel that specialized in mayhem. One wanted Goodwin dead... One begged him to take her... And Rosa just wanted him./ "Do Union Bosses Earn Their Pay?" by W.J. Saber. It's about time rank-and-file working stiffs took another look at where their monthly dues are going./ "100 Days with Guatemala's 'Taboo Maiden' Love Tribe" by Don Honig. By day, Ixla's stone-age savages bowed to him as king - but by night, Nick O'Hanlon was the 'fertility hostage' of a 1,000 female warriors./ "Action for Men Final" Newspaper clips. Carriage-pushing Mamas knock off Top Brass Mafia. Hippies, moms and Dads Unite for 'parent power'/ "Arizona Ben Engen's Belly Dancer Breakout from Russia" by John Godfrey, art by Gil Cohen. The Hit-and-run escape of an ex-GI and a Black Sea beauty - whose push button body was 'at the command of the State.'/ "Boston's Peek-a-Boo Redhead" Cheesecake photo layout of Laura Bristol from Boston./ "Publicity Hucksters Who 'Sell' Hoods to the Public" by Ben Blake. Racketeers have taken to leading cookie sales and church bazaars in their effort to pick up 'good guy' faces./ "Love-In with a Mini-Skirt Nymph" by George D. Robertson, art by Al Rossi. On stage, her writhing young body set the beat for go-go dancers. 'It's after-hours now,' she told danny, snapping off her bra, 'and we can do a lot more than just dance. *** Book Order # ADV042-2; ADV042-3; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 12, #4; (July/1968; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.);  Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "'Sin Singles' Girls You find at all Swing-Fling Resorts" by Coe Schmidt. Called a 'national disgrace' by some, they're the 'buy & sell' pleasure hunters who've turned holiday hotels into orgy wonderlands./ "'Dear Mom... Tomorrow We attack Again!'" by Bill Adler. Here is combat as it realy is - told in the letters of men who meet the Vietcong at the end of their bayonets./ "The Hot, Gold Nudes of Tony Rome" by Marvin H. Albert, art by Earl Norem. This smooth operator was fast enough with a gun to stay alive, cool enough with eager females to remian single. But then came the night of the Blonde corpse - and his luck had run out./ "... Submarine 'Hai' Has Vanished ... 20 Drowned... 1 Still Swimming" by John Godfrey. Only one man knew the 'Shark' was missing, and he was struggling to stay afloat, praying fo rescuers who hadn't even begun to look./ "Hotel Room Tramp" by Walter Beach, art by Samson Pollen. One look at Veema's 'welcome-to-try' body made Bricher forget he was a set-up for the world's oldest shakedown game./ "Action for men Final" Newspaper clips./ "I Found WWII's Secret $6,000,000 Looted Treasure" by Richard Gallagher, art by Earl Norem. Name: John Storme; specialist in jungle mayhem. Occupation: grabbing a fortune from 'kill-on-sight' Indians. Future: none./ "How to Beat Auto Trade-In Vultures" by F.L. Schlink & M.C. Philips. Here's how you can out-fox those dealers in 'second-hand' death./ "Strange Love Life of the Modern 'Career Girl' by Dr. J.N. Galena as told to Henry Grimaldi. A leading MD says:'The successful 1968 woman is as demanding with her pampered body as the hungriest $10-a-night hustler.'/ "Top Gun of the 'Box Car' Air Aces" by Walter Briggs, art by Mort Kunstler. A shoot-from -the-hip handful of airforce warriors, they blazed open the backdoor to the Pacific - and the front door to allied victory./ "'Let Them Down, Gently'" Cheesecake photo layout of Sharon Morrisy./ "'Nice Guys' Who Take Off on 'Hot' Credit card Make-out Sprees" by Emile C. Schurmacher. The law says you have to sit still for the tab if a bum flashes your 'magic cardboard' and rents a yacht. Check your wallet!   Book Order #ADV043-2 (Good = $10.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 12, #5;but should be #6 (November/1968; Vista/ Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Earl Norem; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Why Girls Perform in Those Underground Love-In Movies" by Al Lowe. The Director calls for actoin and he gets it - the swingingest action ever seen from no matter what side of the camerca./ "Texas' Go-For-Broke Wildcat Adventurer" by C.K. Winston. He's a rugged daredevil with a fleet of racing cars, a pro-football team and his very own backyard African safari land./ "Take Red China's Black lace Jungle Fighter" by Roland Empey. Steel nerved and ingot-fisted, Hall knew he could tackle the giant Eurasian assassin - but the nude blonde agent was another matter./ "Exclusive Report: The 'Better Money' Jobs you Can get in 1969" by Ray Lunt. It's a space age employment boom, so strike while the iron's hot!/ "Passion Hunt with Cherry" by Don Honing, art by Samson Pollen. The most lust-charged woman Scott had ever met, she was his for the taking - if he was man enough to do it./ "Bloody Sledgehammer Stand at Dong Xoai" by Emile C. Schurmacher. Armed with everything they could muster, the Seabees vowed to blast the Cong with Yank ingenuity and overtime guts./ "How to Make Brigitte Blush" Cheesecake photo layout of Brigitte Boy./ "Damn-the-Patient Surgeons are Getting Away with Murder" by Anthony Scaduto. They've left thousands vegetables while slicing up their patients' bankrolls in America's bloodiest scandal./ "Battalion of Nymphs" by William Ballinger, art by Earl Norem. Their knives strapped to their thighs, these savage Amazons made love and war - with a raw fury that shocked even Hitler./ "The Fantastic Violent World of Your Sleep" by Carl Sherman. YOu cna scale Everest or make it with the world's greatest chicks./ "Action for Men Final" Newspaper clips. Marines Mauled by Murderous Maids. A Red Claims UFOs are Capitalist Plotnik/ "A Doctor's 20 New Secrets for Complete Sexual Enjoyment" by Dr. Frank Marino. The starting techniques that will boost total sexual vigor. *** Book Order # ADV045-3; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 13, #4; (July/1969; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including front covers (back cover missing); Contents; "Yank Who Penetrated Moscow's Passion Cell 10" by Richard Gallagher. A scientist and a blonde with a 'love-machine- body were the lures in an East-West power struggle - with death sure to be the only winner./ "Supersonic Love Life of Those Way-Out Airline Stewardesses". It may be coffee, tea or milk during flying time, but once they shed their uniforms, these girls take off into a sky-high world of coast-to-coast sin./ "Stranded in a jungle Hell - Could You Make it Out Alive?" by George D. Robinson. Unarmed, no water, no food, surrounded by wild animals - your chances for reaching civilation alive would be slim without thes vital facts./ "Things Dottie Does" Frontal nudity photo layout./ "'Death for Sale' Firse Hazards - New Threat to Your Home" by Robert Laguardia. Public-be-damned manufacturers have come up with dozens of products tha tcould burn your house down before you can say 'Get me the fire department.'/ "Sky-Ambush on Ho Trail 'Alpha'" by Glenn Infield. With the VC using Laos in their penetration of South Viet Nam, it was up to Robert Johns to blast the invasion lines - any way he knew how./ "Naked on the Sand" by Richard Farrington. Hot days gave way to hotter nights at a beach where the only sound to be heard were the cries of deep passion./ "Are UFO's Behind the Wave of Power Failures - Crop Destruction - Communications Blackouts" by David Lloyd. Too many sightings of strange flying objects andtoo many bizarre occurences in their aftermath have led numbers of experts to change their views on this worldwide phenomenon./ "The Sexually aggressive Woman - Why She Needs You" by Noel Kraft. Todays society has produced a new breed of womanwith passion needs that can only be satisfied by an understanding and equally aggressive partner./ "The Life Insurance Racket - Loophole Policies That Can Pay-Off in Pennies" by Sidney Glass. After Shelling out for years, you'd figure that policy should leave your family well-protected - but with their down-to-a-science con game the whole package may just prove worhtless. *** Book Order # ADV049; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 17, #1; (January/1973; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 92 pages including covers; Contents; "'I Run a Call-Girl Encounter Group'" by Dr. Nora Kramer. 'Rebel' psychologist Nora Kramer has revolutionized our ideas of the 'typical' prostitute for all time./ "Blood-Raid on Mussolini's Secret Treassure Fortress" by Jack Solloway. An incredible fortune would soon be theirs - if they could outfox the villagers who guarded the loot all outsiders!/ "The 'Phantom Wolf' That Refused to Die!" by Tom Christopher, art by Mort Kunstler. Hurling was cornered by the attacking grizzly - until six hungry wolves bounded out of nowhere to guard his life!/ "'Our Techniques for Achieving Orgasm'" by Human Response Foundation. As one couple explains, 'Getting there is half the fun. Once we knew what satisfied us the most, the rest was easy!'/ "Gina's Passion Pad" by Alex Austin, art by Samson Pollen. Paul never noticed the girl next door - until he did her a favor and discovered her special way of thanking him!/ "Political Bribery - Governments No. 1 'Industry'!" by Archer Scanlon. From councilman to congressman - no official is immune to the power-hungry lobbies and their payola boys!/ "Marooned in the Caribbean's Jungle of the Damned!" by Todd Cross, art by Bruce Minney. Shipwrecked by a killer storm, they were caught between the savage rain forest and the fury of another raging hurricane!/ "Sinful Cindy" Frontal nudity of Cindy. "Month-Long Burial in El Paso's 'Torture Tombs'" by Russ Cooper, art by Samson Pollen. A crazed ex-convict was determined to get the sheriff who had jailed him, by kidnapping his wife and then luring them into a hideous death-trap!/ "Time Out for Davie!" 2 page cartoons by Davie./ "How to Spot Those Phone-and-Mail Frauds" by Simon Koch. It's easy to guard against these slick operators if you're willing to fight back and not become one of their victims!/ "Female 'Sex Signals' - How Any Man Can Read Them" by D. Bogen. Spotting these secret 'passion hints' is a breeze once you know how to follow these simple rules! *** Book Order # ADV054; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 17, #3; (May/1973; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 92 pages including covers; Contents; "'My First Orgasm!" by Dr. Richard Hoffman, Ph. D. It could happen in a car at a drive-in movie, in the boss's 'inner sanctum,' or out in the woods - but NO woman is the same afterwards./ "The Gold-Snatchers of Copenhagen" by Tom Christopher, art by Bruce Minney. They had let theri partner take care of the plans - unaware that they would soon become victims of a treacherous double-cross!/ "Those 'Special' Workingman's Visits to Female Dorms" by Alex Austin. More college girls are turning to guys who work with their hands to give them the wildest sea they say they've ever had!/ "'My Private War with Arizona's Kill-Crazy Wildlife Butchers!'" by Richard Gallagher, art by Bruce Minney. One by one, the endangered bighorns were being picked off by 'big game' trophy hunters - but one man vowed to save the herd with his life!/ "'I Fought the South's 'Rock-Fest Marauders'!" by Thad Blaine as told to Clint Morgan. Blaine had been the first man with the guts to defy the brutal Hell Riders - but the bikers would make damn sure that he would be the last!/ "Barbara's Wildest Night" by Larry Powell, art by Charles Copeland. They all thought Harve was scared to cheat on wife - but the luscious blonde next door was determined to change their minds fast!/ "The Great American Pension Hoax" by Archer Rossen. If you're thinking that camping trip, better take it now before every acre of land is grabbed up by profit-hungry corporations!/ "Our Dress-Up Doll" Full nudity photo layout of Dolly Brewster./ "Love-Hunt for the Sheriff's Daughter" by Sam Phillips, art by Samson Pollen. He was willing to take any risk to be with Della Rose - even if it meant facing the full force of her father's rage!/ "The Name of the Game is Sex! 2 page cartoon by Bob Zahn, Goddard Sherman & Wyatt./ "What Every Man Must Know About the Female Breast" by Dr. Stanley Whelan. In the most revealing article yet written on this explosive subject, a top expert tells all the facts about this myth-provoking 'love zone'! *** Book Order # ADV056-2; ADV056-3; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 17 #4; (July 1973)

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 17, #5; (September/1973; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 92 pages including covers; Contents; "'My Escape from Prison in a Coffin'", "Prison of the Waling Dead!" by as told to Tod Cross, art by Ed Vebell. Desperate to escape the Red hell-hole, Grimes knew these was only one way out - hiding himself in a coffin with a corpse./ "The Jaguar That Held a Colorado Town in Terror" by Tom Christopher, art by Bruce Minney. A series of grisly deaths and a tribal seer's ' vision' brought both Indians and townspeople together to hunt down a flesh-staved beast!/ "'Here's What we do to Make Men Extra-Happy" by Alex Austin. Five big-time hookers from all over the counrty tell how they run the 'best House in town' - and keep the johns coming back for more!/ "'Nice ' Girls who Lead Double Sex Lives" by Robert La Guardia. "'Having sex is, for me, my whole life. Most of my days are spent planning for the night ahead - and getting a new man to share it with!'"/ "Blood-Battle with Colobia's 'Treasure Swamp' Hijackers" by Harold Prince. Two desperate thieves had waited 5 years to collect their loot - and they weren't going to let a Yank road-building crew stop them!/ "Why Ellen Could Never Say No", "Ellen's Special Treatment" by Larry Powell, art by Charles Copeland. His best pal's ex-wife said she was sick - but the 'medicine' she needed certainly wasn't for sale at the local drugstore!/ "Right On, Regina! Frontal nudity og Regina McNeil./ "The Great Auto Repair Swindle" by Simon Koch. If you've ever been charged for more work than was really needed, then you're one of the victims of the biggest rip-off of the century!/ "The National Rat Menace - Our Next Plague" by Frank Stafford. Millions of these disease-carrying vermin infest our cities - while Congress sits back and ignores this rapidly-spredding epidemic!/ "'I Smashed the L.A. Connection" by Dick Love, art by Samson Pollen. When he saved a pretty girl from drowning, he had no idea that the price he'd have to pay would be so high!/ "She Rnian Shhots 100" 2 page cartoons by Goddard Sherman./ "New 'Sex Games' Guaranteed to Increase Your Lovemaking Pleasure" by Dr. Benjamin B. Lain. '... There we were, alternately laughing and making love,' says one satisfied couple, 'we've never had more fun, either in bed or out!' *** Book Order # ADV057-1; ADV057-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 17, #6; (November/1973; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 92 pages including covers; Contents; "Big Mama's Killer Cycle Army" by Roland Empey, art by Bruce Minney. Hired to drive off a harmless band of gypsies, they turned Bellson, Arizona into a living hell - until Tom Gates had the guts to take them on alone!/ "The $100,000 Death-Trap" , "We Found the Lost Fortune of Hell's Mountain' Treasure Cave" by Russ Cooper, art by Samson Pollen. A lost fortune in gold was waiting for anyone who wanted to claim it - but, thanks to a maze of deadly booby traps, no one had returned alive!/ "'I Find my Bed Partner Through Want Ads'" by Kevin Burke. As one of today's young swingers tells it: 'Why not? It's the best way to cut through all the red tape and get what I want!'"/ "Montana's Strange Wild Horse War" by Ben Garrett, art by Bruce Minney. The last of America's untamed mustang herds were being brutally massacred - as well as anyone who tried to stop the butchers from killing them!/ "The Gruesome Twosome" 2 page cartoons by Bob Zahn & Jack Corbett./ "Erotic Growth in Women" by Dr. Amanda Phillips. These startling new facts on the basic stages of female sexuality show how their love-making desires change as they mature!/ "Shipwrecked - 'Our Lifeboat was a Dead Whale!'" by Tom Christopher. "The Passionate Sisters" by George Collins. The two coeds were supposed to be studying for their exams - but what they really wanted to learn had never been taught in a college classroom!/ "How Car Thieves Peddle Their Merchandise" by Michael Monroe. This article shows you how you can protect yourself form the newest car-heist racket, by knowing the auto bandit's latest 'tricks of the trade'!/ "The FDA: Our No. 1 'Public-Be-Damned Bureaucracy!" by Simon Koch. From unsafe chemicals in our food to dangerous drugs, the FDA had done a shameful job - and it's about time we did something about it!/ "Super Foreplay Turn-ons Females Use on Men" by Robert LaGuardia. With these techniques, revealed by specially experienced young women, any woman can learn to give her sex partner that special turn-on! *** Book Order # ADV058; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 18, #1; (January/1974; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The $2,000,000 Arizona Harem Motel Heist" by Hal Rensom. Two Americans plant a hooker in the quarters of a diamond -rich Arab ruler visiting the US and walk away with an incredible fortune!/ "I Escaped a Texas Cycle Gang's Torture Camp" by George Collins. A truck driver's savage encounter with a masked band of bike brutes, and the nightmare ordeal they put him through for standing up to them!/ "California's Free-Love Highway" by Mark Peterson. They call Route 1 'Passion Alley,' where the country's most uninhibited younggirls go for the thrill of hitchhiking fun and adventure!/ "My Graveyard War with the Corpse-Snatching Devil Dogs" by Tom Christopher. The true saga of how a Yank buried himself with a corpse to trap man-eating hyenas with his body!/ "The Columnist who Makes Washington, D.C. Tremble!" by Archer Scanlon. A behind-the-scenes look at Jack Anderson, the crusading muckraker who's on the controversial White House 'enemy list' for exposing their doings!/ "Assault on the Woman Stealers of Convict Swamp" , "The Kidnappers of 'Convict Swamp'" by Grant Freeling, art by Earl Norem. The true vengeance assault of an American pioneer in the Amazon jungle against a rapacious army of rampaging escaped criminals!/ "The Dirty Tricks of our Trade" by Robert Fields. A roundtable discussion with three used-car salesmen that reveals the latest traps and rip-offs crooked dealers use - and how to aviod them."/ "We Survived 'Plague Island'" by L.T. Butler. Three treasure hunters shipwrecked on a germ-warfare site which an accident made uninhabitable until 2064. They had to get off fast, or die!/ "Bedroom Tips from Women" by Dr. Martin Samm. A top call girl, a jet-set model, and a mate-swapping house wife frankly reveal how men can make them, and all women, better bed partners. *** Book Order # ADV059-1; ADV059-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 18, #2; (March/1974; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The FBI Man Who Crushed the New Orleans Godfather", "I'll Blast my Way Out of this Hell Hole - Or Die Trying" by Grant Freeling, art by Bruce Minney. An avenger joins forces with a gangster's beautiful daughter in invade the 'Family's" fortress and track down the hoods who killed his father./ "Way-out Lovemaking Needs of Normal Women" by Dr. Hans Kalb. Now, it is possible for any man to pick up the subtle hints women give that reveal what their particular strange needs are, and how to satisfy them!/ "NYC's House of International Pleasure Girls" by Jack Lawson. The bordello's women are your guides as you meet some of the 250 girls of every race, nationality and sex specialty who cater to every man's fantasies!/ "The Fantastic 'Flying Truckin' Escape" by Robert F. Dorr. Scott Hudson's incredible leap for life in a stolen 5-ton rig to get away from the feared 'Hooded Horsemen' execution squad of Morocco!/ "I'll Blast Out of This Hellhole or Die Trying!'" by Frank Borsky. American Kevin Chase's million-to-one gamble to escape enslavement by the bizarre tribe of white savages they called the 'Basters'/ "The Wilderness Rapers" by Archer Scanlon. Oil, cattle, and money-hungry businesses are stealing the last of our unspoiled land used by fishermen, campers, hikers and vacationers!/ "Prisoner of the Cougars" by Tom Christopher, art by Bruce Minney. He was trapped ona New Mexico mountainside with only one way down - past a cave full of enraged mountain lions who would kill any threat to their lair!/ "How to Avoid the New Credit Traps" by D. Bogen. Before you charge another thing, rad this very carefully. It might possibly save you frow the latest swindles and financial ruin!/ "Sex and Anger - The Startling Connection" by Dr. Marie Elena Cordonez. The results of a unique experiment with couples from all over the world proves that you can make your anger work for you in your sex life. *** Book Order # ADV060; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 18, #3; (May/1974; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The Don Must Die" by W.J. Saber. With a 'contract' out on his life, Sal Dominic turned away from The Family to the one man he knew he could trust - a tough ex-cop who 'owned him'./ "Erotic Adventures of a French Call Girl in America" by Gabrielle LaVonne. It started out as a farewell to 'the life' but those two wild months turned into an exotic sex tour of an America very few women ever get to see./ "Normal Women Who Practice Group Lovemaking" by Robert LaGuardia. You could find yourself involved in a brand-new ball game if your girl falls into the categories described in the most startling survey since Masters and Johnson./ "The Night the Swamp Animals Turned Man-Eater" by Julien Boudreau. When the hurricane hit, it turned out back country into a battlefield with men and terror-crazed animasl slaughtering each other for survival."/ "Marcy's Strange Passion Game" by Ron Helms. As she paraded her incredible body in fron of me that weekend, I tried to remember that her husband had saved my life in Vietnam./ "We Smashed Out of Prison in a Home-Made Tank" by John Glennon as to to Richard Farrigton, art by Bruce Minney. The Mob wanted us dead, and somewhere in the prison a death-trap awaited us. Our only hope was to escape - and fast./ "Desert Flower - or keeping Cool with Cindy" total nudity photo layout of Cindy Barnett./ "Five Illegeal Ways Your Congressman Makes Money on the Side" by Joe Dugan. When it comes to lining their own pockets on taxpayer time, our lawmakers have a whole bag of tricks to choose from. Here are the shocking details./ "I Crashed Red China's 'Isle of Black Gold'" by Ron Enfeld. Unless he could get the seismograph tapes, they'd never know how valuable the oil field really was. The only problem was getting off the island alive./ "Person-to-Person Hot Line Sex Clinics" by Richard Lane. Positions, orgasms, swinging - there's nothing too intimate for discussion withthese trained 'dial-a-sex-confidante' operatiors. *** Book Order # ADV061-1; ADV061-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 18, #4; (July/1974; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The Lustful Blonde of Georgia's Love Swamp" by Sam Evers, art by Earl Norem. When a man-hungry teaser unleashed the passions of an oil wildcatter and four backwoods brawlers against each other, it turned the delta into a muddy bloodbath./ "Cry of the Timber Wolves" by Mark Bailey. When Baiey shot the wolf pups it was an accident. But try making the parents understand that the give up their death stalk to kill him. "The Nurse-Hookers of 'Sex Hospital'" by Archer Scanlon. Opportunies for way-out sex with male patients are almost limitless. Here, three 'Deep Throat' girls describe their 'more-than-the doctor-ordered' treatments./ "How to Make it with Your Town's Female Exhibitionists" by Carl Kantor. Girls who work as masseuses, strippers, and go-go dancers give off definite signs about their sexual needs. Here's how to turn them on 'after hours./ "Hail the Homecoming Queen" total nudity photo layout of Joada Williams./ "Profit-Mad Corporations are Stealing the Bread from Your Mouth." by Simon Koch. Major companies are building factories overseas to take advantage of the cheap labor, sending you to the unemployment line andyour job to foreigners./ "The Making of a Godfather" by Arthur X. Three top Syndicate hoods tell what their bosses are really like - fro how they rose up through the ranks of gangdom to who they had to kill along the way./ "The Reluctant Virgin" by Sam Phillips. Wally wanted her the minute he saw her and came so many times it hurt. Finally he decided the only way to get her was to go after another girl./ "Buried Alive 17 Days in a 'Cave of Gold'" by Grant Freeling, art by Samson Pollen. Lefwell was the one who always scored with the girls, while Bains held back. But when his sidekick turned yellow, Bains knew he had to take over or they would all perish./ "When Women need 'Special' Lovemaking" by Robert LaGuardia. This sex expert's remarkable findings show that calculating your woman's Body Clock can give you the key to trigger any female's passions to a fever pitch. *** Book Order # ADV062-1; ADV062-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 19, #4; (July/1975; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Women who Practice the 'New Nymphomania'" by Herman K. Wolff. Without guilt or hangups, these sexually free girls set their own standards of bedroom behavior - bringing new sexual freedom to men.; "Sealed Hideout" by Jeff Grant, art by Bruce Minney. Four Men and a man-hungry female entombed in a deserted mine.; "Teach Your Woman These 50 Oriental Sex Tricks" by Hugo Hettrich. A new, explicit manual of exotic Far East secrets that begins where the Kama Sultra leaves off.; "Peter Beard: Millionaire Adventurer who Will Try Anything Deadly" by Simon Koch. He's a rebel heir who's rejected the luxury and 'plastic people' of the Jet Set for the rugged African veldt with its deadly beasts.; "Yank Who Smashed the Nazis' 'Deathwheel' Brigade" by Grant Freeling, art by Samson Pollen. It was another test of courage for the SS officers, a Nazi-style 'Grand Prix' - only this time the 'trophy' would be death.; "April in July Total nudity of April "Wipe-Out Run with the Naked Angels" (Hell's Angels) by Ben Bowen. A 'fallen angel,' he now was forced to ride with the strangest cycle pack that ever took over the highways.; "I Struck it Rich in California's New Gold Rush" by Chuck Hines. They're not shouting the news from the hilltops, but with a small investment and a strong back, you can become a rich man.; "The Used-Car Jungle - 30 Ways to Beat the Gypsters" by Steve Ball. Shopping for a second-hand car is like running through an obstacel course blindfolded. But there's an easier, cheaper way.; "Inside America's Most Fabulous 'Call House'" by Betty Jo McCanse. An intimate look by its 'star performer'. *** Book Order # ADV065-1; Condition= VG/FN; Price=US$10.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 19, #5; (September/1975; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The 'Gun-them-Down' Bunch" by Grant Freeling. Three guys and a girl in the unholiest sex-and-robbery spree since Bonnie and Clyde.; "Wild Mission of General Patton's 'Sex Commandos'" (True story) by Neil Turnbull, art by Samson Pollen. Two-gun Patton himself devised the scheme: Send GI killers and hookers into Kraut HQ. And even if they lived, they'd never be decorated for it.; "Peggy Turns on the Heat" Total nudity color photo layout of Peggy from Goodnews, Alaska.; "'We Tape Recorded OUt Sex Life'" by R.A. Drucker. For kicks, to turn on their lovers, for 'souvenirs' of good times in bed, they're taping it all - no gaps, no deletions, no omissions.; "'Demo Derby' Hell Racers Who Battled the Mob" by Cole Stryker. When someone ripped off the Syndicate and put the 'frame' on the demo derby boys, orders from The Mob went out: 'Hit 'em - hard!'"; "'My First Year as a Call Girl'" by Marsha Ramsey. Diary of Detroit's No. 1 hooker.; "20 Ways to Turn on a Woman" by David Lloyd. It's all a matter of the right words, the right action, with the right girl..; "New Car Financing Swindlers: 10 Ways to Beat Them" by Steven Ball. Walk into an auto showroom as if you were walking into a nest of rattlesnakes - slowly, alert and armed with all your common sense.; "The U.S. Agent who Smashed The Mexican 'Hot Girl' Connection" by Victor Lang. His job: penetrate a deadly south-of-the-border criminal combine. The key was a black-haired wanton.; "10 Most Common Sexual Fantasies of Women" by Dr. Norman Richardson. Imagination is an important part of many women's sex lives. The man who knows how to deal with it will find an incredible bed partner. *** Book Order # ADV066-1; ADV066-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 19 #6 (November /1975)

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #1; (January/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The G.I. Public Enemies" by Grant Freeling, art by Samson Pollen. The heist mob set him up as a patsy, which left him with just two alternatives: a life strech in the 'slammer' - or a bullet through the head.; "Hero Soldier's Strange Two-Year Hideout in a Girls' School" by Roland Empey, art by Brian David. A trapped Union Army deserted, he could not return to his unit. So he protected the girls, fighting off renegades of both sides - and the ladies were grateful.; "50 Most secret Sex Practices Around the World" by A.W. Benton. Many countries had their sexual revulutions cnetureis ago; others are having theirs now. But all contribute to out sex pleasures.; "I Got the Truck Hijackers Who Killed my Brother" by Mike Sileski. The killers were real pros, just like the chicks they used to trap my brother, but the law said they'd get them. When they didn't, I knew I had to do it - or die trying.; "Women Who Need Both Male and Female Lovers" by Sidney Glass. If a man isn't around, they'll bed down witha woman. And what they learn in these lesbian flings makes them great sex mates - for men.; "People Who Kill in Their Sleep" by Charles Gerard. With hostilities deep in their subconscious minds, these midnight murderers killed strangers, wives, husbands - and recalled nothing.; "Sex with the Girl Next Door" by Robert Laguardia. A woman can think of many excuses not to sleep with her neighbor - gossip, male possessiveness, her freedom - but a woman can be made to change her mind, easily.; "'I am a Vacations Only Love Swap Girl" by David Lloyd. The Swingers' at-home sex parties are tame when compared to the escapades of these 'associations for insatiables'; "Watch Out for Pool Hustlers" by Ted Ames. Where the balls go nobody knows, except the guy who's ziging them into the pockets - or making sure you don't. He's a shark; here's how to stay out of his jaws. *** Book Order # ADV060; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #2; (March/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The US Navy's Sex Raiders" by Charles Kennon. If their mission succeeded, millions of tons of Allied war material would be saved. If it failed, all that would be lost was their lives.; "I Fought the Highway Snatchers (True story) by Cole Stryker. They needed him to hot-wheel it away with the $2 million, and they said they'd take care of him - but would the payoff' be dollars or death?; "Oral Sex and the Nice Girl" by John Duggan. Another taboo has been broken down when shy Abbie can say, 'I love to do it. It think it's the most beautiful ting you can do to a man.'"; "What's New and Wild in Sex Devices" by J.D. O'Hare. Human ingenuity and modern technology are unbeatable inany field of endeavor. Combine them with sex, and anything can happen.; "Die Now - and Enjoy" by Steven Ball. Insured for $250,000 or more, they have a 'fatal accident,' but turn up later to help their 'widows' or girl friends spend the insurance money.; "Call Girl Who Teach Wives Lovemaking Tricks" by Robert Laguardia. These 'living' sex manuals are showing even the most inhibited women the highly erotic tricks of the trade.; "The Greatest Survivals of the Decade" by A.W. Benton. Even the 'average' man has depths of courage he never uses, except inthe fight-or-die circumstances these people found themselves in .; "Death Hole" by Roland Empey. He couldn't figure out why she wanted to hunt for gold in a worked0out mine shaft. But when the bullets began to fly, he knew her secret.; "Poker: How to Bluff and Win" by Ted Ames. A big part of the game is making believe. There's a way to do it, when, to whom - and, of course, how.; "Tall Women - Your Best Bedroom Bet" by T.J. Roberts. Today's 'statuesque' woman has shucked her height hangups for a whole new set of sexual deisres - and the man who finds her is the real winer. *** Book Order # ADV069-1; ADV069-2; ADV069-3; ADV069-4; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #3; (May/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "'Mad Texan' Trucker Who Turned Hit-Man Destroyer" by Michael Cullen, art by Earl Norem. The Mob needed Majesko for a king-sixed breakout. But win or lose, Majesko knew he was being rigged for a coffin.; "House Call Hookers" by J.D. O'Hara. They're putting the 'sweet' back into 'Home Sweet Home,' these young, beautiful and mobile call girls - who come when you call.; "Yank Terrorist Who Makes Millions Smuggling Silver" by Joe Dennis. He's a new breed of smuggler - an ex-soldier of fortune who thinks like a computer and doesn't know what fear is.; "Why Girls Say 'Yes' to Sex the first Time Out" by Robert Laguardia. There are any number of ways to 'fitnesse' a woman into bed, but first you've got to know her giveaway signs.; "Card Cheaters: Spot Them and Beat Them" by Ted Ames. Here's how to catch them all - the 'flasher,' the dirty cutter, the bandage expert. And once you catch them, you can take them pot after pot.; "Available: Playmates for Your Sex Vacation" by Steven J. Ball. If you're in the mood for more than just company on your next vacation, try one of these eager 'traveling companions'.; "Sexual Seduciton in the Doctor's Office" by Raymond J. Tanner, Ph.D. Men and women M.D.'s who have sex with their patients - a shocking expose.; "The G.I. Slaughter Bunch" by Win Morgan. He was a tough ex-cop from Chicago teamed up with a murderer he helped send to prison. But they had to put aside their grudges for awhile - or they'd die.; "I Guard Sports Superstars" by Tim Flood. My job: Protecting famous athletes from assaults and attacks from irate fans, cracks, weirdos - and love-starved females. *** Book Order # ADV070; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #4; (July/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "The Mistress Handbook" by Kevin Burke. As someone put it, 'It's the best of two possible worlds.' Here's a crash course on how you can be happy, in and out of bed - mostly in bed.; "Undercover Yank Who Busted the Alaskan Girl Connection" by Ben Starr, art by Earl Norem. What he'd get for finding the girl was na 'offer he couldn't refuse.' Then The Mob made him another offer: 'Back off or die!'; "I Run a Sex Specialty Club" by Lisa Drake. The girls come in every size and shape - and they enjoy doing 'thier thing' as much as you do.; "'Hick' Cop Who Wiped out a Big City Cycle Savage Gang" by Roland Empey. Nobody kills a 'good ol' boy's" kin and gets away with it. So Les went after a big city's most vicious bikers, with only his wits and his guts.; "Hypnotism: The New Intercourse Booster" by Walter Ames, Ph.D. If your mate is uptight about sex, here's a brand-new way to loosen her up - and get back to bedroom basics.; "The Joys of Mirror Sex" by Andrew Butler. More and more couples are discovering that viewing their own sex acts, in the privacy of their bedroom, can be an instant passion - primer.; "Carnival Gyps - How They Get You" by Ted Ames.; "The Flesh Trap" (true story) by Grant Freeling, art by Bruce Minney. Two men and two women buried alive 17 days in the Ozarks' lost 'Cave of Gold'"; "Secrets the Russians Know About UFO's" by J.D. O'Hare. Those 'visitors from space' drop ino on the Reds now and then. And the Reds have learned about tem, things they don't want us to know.*** Book Order # ADV071-1; ADV071-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #5; (September/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Slaughter Raid on the Nazis' Bunker Brothel" by C.K. Winston. By killing dozens of Germany's top officers, the OSS would save thousands of GI's lives. The assignment was given to three ex-coal miners and French hooker.; "Inside America's 10 Top Call Houses" by Alex Austin. They've got everything - from movie star lookalikes to 'specialties of the house.' There are dozens-but here are the 'Big Ten'; "Trucker Vigilantes Who Cleaned up Terror Highway" (true story) by Frank Allen, art by Earl Norem. Route 711 was a bloody battlefield crawling with two-bit hoods and big-time hijackers - until an army of truckers launched their invasion.; "20 Newest Oral Sex Techniques Girls Use" by Robert Laguardia. Women have come a long way, and so has oral sex. Comine the two and they add up to a whole new era of erotic sexual enjoyment for men.; "The Day You Get Arrested" by Steven Ball. It can't happen to you? No, unless you talk tough to a traffic cop, get caught in a police 'sweep': and then there's mistaken identity.; "How to 'Roll' the Dice Hustlers" by Ted Ames.; "The Mob Will Never Get Me!" by Harry Gianno. A Syndicate 'soldier,' he refused to take the rap for a capo's son. Then he ripped off the Mob for a million and skipped. But the 'family' never forgets.; "A School for Porno Actresses" by Jay Sorki. It's the first scholl of its kind, but the idea is spreading across the counrty.; "The Joys of Outdoor Sex" by J.D. O'Hare. If four walls and a roof are suppressing your more primitive lovemaking urges, head for the wide-open spaces and a blanket on the ground. *** Book Order # ADV072-1; ADV072-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 20, #6; (November/1976; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "I Rode on the South's 3 Greatest Cycle Rumbles" (Hell-Raiser Raid; Vengeance raid, Girl Raid) by Don Gilsen. There are times when a 'wheeler' has to show his true colors - when it involves boredom, revenge or a woman. This last is the most important. Death is the alternative.; "Girl Roommates for Rent" by Eugene Grant. It's the wildest setup of the century - a sleep - in girl who'll give you sex-on-demand, with no strings attached.; "5 Great Bachelor Paradises" by Charles Pell. Yes, they still do exist: places where men are men and women are women and the women's job is strickly to please the men.; "We Drive Loot - and- Rape Highway" by Ken Geer, art by Earl Norem. A trucking couple's private was with goon terrorists.; "A Night with Brigitte Maier" Color total photo layout of Brigitte Maier.; "Skinny Dipper" color photo layout of Janice Bauer from Massachusetts.; "They'll Find America's Bloodiest Treasure Hoard - or Die Trying" by J.D. O'Hare. Men driven by 'gold fever' have defied hardship, crippling injuries and cutthroat claim jumpers in their attempts to reach Oak Island's $30 million cache.; "Sex-Trapped Girls on Parole" by Kevin Burke. Why they must put out.; "America's 3 New U.F.O. Terror Triangles" by A.W. Benton. New sightings confirm what the experts have suspected: Fleets of U.F.O.'s now 'stake out' large areas of the U.S. for intensive, long-term surveillance.; "The Nazi Torturer of Stalag 12 - Found in the US" by Neil Turnbull. Working in the same plant with Lowry was the kraut butcher who'd tortured and murdered his friends in a POW camp. And now it was time for retribution.; "Those Carnival Gyps are Back" by Ted Ames.; "X-Rated Motels" by Simon Koch. If you want to add a dash of variety to yur sex life, you won't have to travel far. Those anything-goes 'mini-resorts' are right next door. *** Book Order # ADV073-1; ADV073-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine Volume 21, #1; (January/1977; Magazine Management/ Marvel Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Sex Games for Two, Three or More Lovers" by Dr. Jane Calder. Here are some new, exciting ways to 'get it on' - with you mate or with 'new friends'."; "The Breakout Bastards of Hooker Stalag" by Joe Dennis. When the krauts brought in the hookers to keep the Allied POWs happy, they balled their brains out. Then they got down to the serious business of escape - and the hookers would come in handy.; "Top Call Girls Tell About My Hardest Customers" by Robert Laguardia. The wildest and weirdest in anything - goes eroticism.; "Trucker 'Mob' Who Took Over Nevada's Brothel Row" by Ken Lanier as told to Martin Crawford, art by Bruce Minney (part of story missing). The two young truckers wnated a 'good time,' but they got stomped instead. So their big-rig buddies went after the Syndiacte Don and his gorillas.; "Sex Lives of Stock Car Groupies" by Kevin Burke. The high-speed world of spills and orgasms.; "The Orgasm Extender Handbook" by Clifford Martens, Ph.D. A new 'sexual blueprint' that will show you and your mate how to prolong that final moment of pleasure.; "The Snatch" by J.D. O'Hare. Eliot had always collected things, often unusal, exotic things. And one day he found the most exciting 'collectible' of all.; "World's Bloodiest Girls-and-Treasure Boomtown" by Anthony Farror. The treasure was there, ripe for the pickin'. And so were the women. All they had to do was watch out for the deadling 'nightshifters.' And they came.; "A New Bedroom Primer Sexual Stimulants" by A.W. Benton. There's a new generation of aphrodisiacs unlike any others. They're available, they're 'natural' - and they work. *** Book Order # ADV074; Condition= ASK; Missing pages 11-14, 21,22,33,34 Price=US$ASK.00);

ACTION FOR MEN Magazine ; (March/1977;);


ACTION LIFE (Atlas Magazines)

ACTION LIFE Magazine Volume 4, #4; (November/1964; Atlas Magazine Pub.; Front Cover Painting by Harry Schaare; 86 pages including covers; Contents; "Escape-or-Die Breakout of Johnny King's Desert Rat POWs" (true book bonus) by Paul Brickhill, art by Ray DeSoto. Caught before reaching Allied lines, the downed fliers had to try a second desperate crashout - or face torture by thier guards.; "No-Limit World of Make-Out Divorcees" by Ralph C. O'Hara, MD. Living on alimony, they play the sex game by 'anything goes' rules.; "The Wildest Drag Race on Earth" by Nathan S. Lavine. In Africa's 3200-mile rally it's easier to get killed than win a prize.; "Naked-Nymph Sex Trap at Jap Holdout Compound" by Dean W. Ballenger, art by Al Rossi. It took a bunch of lush females to make the enemy come out and fight.; "They Clearned TNT Island" by Allan W. Eckert. The air force's deadliest job allowed one run, one hit, no error.; "13-Year Manhunt for the Butcher Medic of Prague." by Stanley S. Jacobs. A forgotten file led to the surgeon whose brutality doomed thousands.; "'Get Moscow's Bra-and-Panty Spy Queen'" by Maxwell Hamilton, art by Charles Copeland. NATO's hottest chase produced a sex doll paid in nylon - and lovers.; "GI Hideout at Vietnam's Elephant Village" 12 Yank raiders who joined the natives on Red-killing safaris.; "'Shipwreck' Cameron's Castaway Love Colony" by Bernard Cameron, art by Samson Pollen. Incredible 8-month survival adventure: 2 girls fought for one man.; Punch Lines - 1 page of gags & laughs.; Men with Problems - Cartoon feature.; "The Job Brandie Can't Get" Cheesecake photo layout of Brandie Bello (4 pages) - Action Life's camera idol. *** Book Order # ADV077; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURE (New Publications) -

1953 (August);

1954 – August (Volume 128#2); October (Volume 128 #3); December (Volume 128 #4);

1955 – February (Volume 128 #5); April (Volume 128 #6); June (Volume 129 #1);

ADVENTURE Magazine Volume 130, #3; (March/1956; New Publications; Front Cover Painting by Rudolph Belarski; 82 pages including covers; Contents; "Killer for Kicks" (short story) by Herbert D. Kastle, art by Harry Rosenbaum. They had business in the night, real gone business - a cool little caper called Murder!; "The Beach Ran Red" (short story) by Cecil Sanford, art by Herb Mott. She was a ship of doom ordered on a voyage straight to hell - with a skipper who knew the way!; "Death Along the Border" (short story) by John Murray Reynolds, art by William George. The woods are full of Mohawks on the warpath and it's bullets and knives for the women and kids. Sell yourself dear - and God help us all.; "Terror is my Co-Pilot" (novel) by Joe Carr, art by James Triggs. He knew thepeak was there somewhere in the smoke pall - and then he felt a shuddering impact as the sky lit up in flame.; "I Saw Them Die!" (Picture story) by Helmuth Heyn.Here, before your very eyes, our camera catches a Moroccan festival - just as it explodes into blazing Death! ; "The Night When Death Was King" (picture story) by Ellis Lucia. Incredibly, impossibly, a handful of men took their stand - the last thin line between the lives of their loved ones and flaming death!; "This was Once a Man" (true adventure) by Murray T. Pringle. Two struggling shadows... a cream in the night... something writhing feebly in a gutter ... the Skid Row Slasher had struck again...; "Strange Sex Customs" by Jerome Thayer. Romance or Rape? Passion or Promiscuity? It all depends on the girl and where she lives. Here are some startling examples.; "Claw the Man Mau Raiders" (true adventure) by Gene Caesar, art by Walter Popp. He was the lord of the jungle and he could crush any living thing until the day he stalked a feeble, two-legged enemy, the deadliest foe of all.; "World's Most Exclusive Model" 4 page Cheesecake photo layout of Eve Meyer for New York.; "I Fought the Mau Mau Raiders" (true adenture) by Brian O'Brien. One last day they gave me to stop the caravan whose cargo was terror! ; "Adventures in Medicine" (true adventure) by J.R. Gaver.; "Human Bait for Sharks" by Thorp McClusky.; "Fife's Wife" by Harold Helfer.; "Winter Fish Lure" by R.A. 'Doc' Jenkins.; "Sporting Notes" by Joseph C. Stacey. *** Book Order # ADV079; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

(1958/ January; Volume 134; #1 );

ADVENTURE Magazine Volume 134, #2; (February/1958; New Publications; Front Cover Painting by Doug Allen; 92 pages including covers; Contents; "A Sheriff for Murder Town" (short story) by Jack Ritchie, art by Harry Rosenbaum. The usual pay for a sheriff in Boone Mesa after a month was a six-by-three plot of ground - and another notch on a boothill gun.; "The Captive of Devil's Swamp" (short story) by Talmage Powell, art by Al Rossi. Some day, perhaps, Jeremy Bowdin would tell of what the Seminole had done to him - and made hime do - in Devil's Swamp. But first he must escape - and kill a man!; "I Ride by Night" (short story) by H.A. DeRosso art by Herb Mott. Yes, he thought bitterly, even the children. Everyone knows and fears and hates Red Beaumont. The eddying gunsmoke seemed to say: It takes a brave man to go on living when he really prefers to die...; "Gun Lap" (short story) by Hugh Gordon, art by Gil Cohen. Slasher Burke was the best miler prospect in the world. The only runner he had to lick was himself!; "A Sword for Richard" (novel) by Fred Humiston, art by John Styga The Saracens had defeated his liege-lord,. Richard of England, in those hopeless wars beyond the seas. But they had never defeated Mark of Branford - nor would his traitor king.; "A Joy to Behond" 5 page Cheesecake photo layout of Joy Harmon from Wilton, Connecticut.; "Street of the Lost Ones" (picture story) by David Morrison. A shocking percentage of Singapore's girls become prostitutes. For those who don't conform there are ways - horrible ways - of sending them to...; "A Joy to Behold" (picture story) by Peale Howe.; "Tiger of the River" (picture story) by Roy P. Rainey. It's almost impossible to capture 'bufeo,' the Amazon's white porpoise. If you fail, says legend, you are forever disgraced. And if you are lucky and succeed - you die! "They Died Alone" (article) by Arch Whitehouse. This is the tragic story of Captain Maridor, who shot down eleven of Adolf Hitler's mechanical monsters ... and how he lived his last day...; "Does Sex Frighten You" by Thorp McClusky. If you fear elevators, heights - or the fact that a pretty girl might throw her arms around you and kiss you hungrily - you may well ask yourself...; "The Day Death Came to Trenton" (article) by Ed Dieckmann, Jr., art by Dick Shelton. Everybody knows Washington crossed the Delaware and won a Battle. Here, long forgotten, is the incredible story of the brave Hessian officers who fought anddied at the meeting.; "What You Don't Know About Women" (article) by Raymond Traffarn. In most respects, neither sex is superior to the other. Yet, according to some qualified experts, females get sick quicker than males, they'll lie quicker - and double-cross you at the drop of a hat. This startling article reveals.; "Adventures in Medicine" (feature) by J.R. Grove.; "Case of the Gilded Nickel' (feature) by Stuart James.; "It's our Favorite Sport" (feature) by John Winters Fleming.; "South Seas Sextant" (feature) by Murray T. Pringle. *** Book Order # ADV080; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

1959 (April V135 N4); - ADVENTURE Magazine

1968 (October V145 N2); - ADVENTURE Magazine

ADVENTURE FOR MEN (Jalart House/ Rostam Pub.) -

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (October/1959; Jalart House/ Rostam Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "The Sex Urge and Aphrodisiacs" by Paul Palmer. Just sex talk can be an aphrodisiac - by suggestion; "Saintly Sinners... The Magnificent Madams" by Carl Sifaki, art by Johnson. First came the miners - then came the madams.; "Exposed - the Weird World of the Transvestite" by Louis Ward. Pants or panties?; "How One Million Russians deserted the Red Army!" by Loy Warwick. The strangest story of World War II - an army of traitors.; 3 pages B&W Cheesecake photo layout of Ramona Rogers.; "Are You an Amateur Pimp" by Andrew Cowans. You certain this isn't you? Any man arranging a date with a party girl for a friend of client, to further business connections, is inviting a prison term whether or not he takes money.'"; "The Chicago Mobster who Tried to Take Over Sicily" by Stanley S. Jacobs. Harry Siva would have sold his grandmother to white slaves.; "Expose - If your Girl Friend is a Lush - Run like Hell!" by Loy Warwick. The Lady Lush Usually means trouble.; "Frankie and Johnny Were Sweethearts" 4 page of photo and write up of the 'American Classic'. A very unusual picture story.; "The Madman who Blitzed the Luftwaffe" by Glenn Infield. They were reaady to pulverize what remained of London.; "What is the Truth About Hypnosis?" by Carl Sifakis. It is merely a stage stunt? *** Book Order # ADV087; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (February/1966; Jalart House/ Rostam Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "How to Train a Bride" by Bill Gilliam. Any man that wants to learn about wives - stop and listen!; "African Harem Beauties Turned Free!" by Charles V. Nemo, art by Pike.. Freedom and independence for the thousands of mistresses of deposed African leaders ... what is happening to these girls?; "Red Rape of the Chinese Girl Guerillas" by Howard Davis. Chinese Reds invade Vietnam - rape of the girl guerillas!; "'I Lived with Pigmy Death Tribes!'" by Bradway Walters. The firing squad moved in for the kill.; "Betty Compton's hints on Handling Girls". Fellows assert your masculinity.; "On Being Normal" by .; "'I Nailed the Nazis from a Galloping Goose!'" by Ed Harbacher. Every fifth bullet was a tracer.; "Racing car drivers Want to Die!" by Joseph Hilton Smyth. What compels these drivers to flirt with death?; "Potpourri of Pleasure" with small cheesecake photos in 3 pages of Rita Richards from Britain. What a bang up section of gals and jokes and information.; "The Legend of Honest Racing" by Louis Ward. How many wasys are there for fixing a race.; "Turkish Belly Dancers Who Smuggle Narotics" by Joe Marcelli. Nylon Nick was the shrewdest of all narcotic smugglers.*** Book Order # ADV088-1; ADV088-2; ADV088-3; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (October/1966; Jalart House/ Rostam Pub.; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Are Blondes' Sexier?" by Franklin P. Thomas. The love habits of blondes, brunettes and redheads!; "Sgt. Hogan's Heavenly Harem" by Martin Henderson. She was the gem of the desert ... a genuine belly dancer!; "How to Gamble Without Losing Your Shirt!" by Frank Schmidt. How to spot a marked card or other swindles.; "The Million to One Miracle of Lt. Bob Picht" by Glenn Infield. One of the most thrilling war tales ever.; "Mattie Silk's Fantastic Call House Duel" by Frank DeGeorge. Two women fight a formal pistol duel.; "'Nobody will Sell Me Life Insurance!'" by Albert Rix, as told to K.D. Curtis. He sweats bullets with the trained bears.; "Sometimes a Bachelor Just Can't" by Harry Gregory. They didn't have to frustrate each other.; "Heat Wave From Canada" 4 page B&W Cheesecake photo layout of Donna Long from Hamilton Ontario. She is an iceberg melter from the frozen north.; "Where the Fish are Larger Than Fiction" by Harrison Forman. These fish are so big you can't even lie about them.; "Having Fawn at Home" 2 page Cheesecake photo layout of Fawn Daley from Texas . Pictures of the girl of the month. "The Night the Maneater Attacked" by Wynant Davis Hubbard. 'I was surrounded by flesh-eating lions, alone and unarmed in the dark.' *** Book Order # ADV089; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ACVENTURE FOR MEN Magazine (September 1970)

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (November/1970; Rostam Publications; Front Cover photo of woman in bondage; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The Art of Love" How to keep your lover stimulated, and satisfied!; "How to Tell Your Friends From a card Sharp" by Bob Swayne. If you've been losing money to your 'pal', here's why...; "Sex with a Whip (The Ritual of Flagellation)" It's as old as the Bible, illegal, but still practiced!; "The World's Most Hated Man" by Joseph Hilton, art by H.W. Johnson. His victim were both poor and rich, but he had his weird reasons for murder.; "When the captain Kissed the Cook's Belly Button!" Not even the Skipper of a US Navy aircraft carrier can escape this humilation.; "Are You an Amateur Pimp?" by Andrew Coward. You try to do a friend a favor, but the law brands you 'guilty!'; "Cut a Nazi's Throat - But Don't Get Caught" by Mark Sutrim. Hogan's Heroes, but without the comedy.; "Adventures of a Skin Artist" Now women are being tattooed to lure their boy friends.; "What German Generals Learned From the Confederacy's Greatest Raider" by Charles V. Nemo. The cunning Nazis stole a chapter from our Civil War and used it against us!; "The Rendezvous" by Guy Maupassant. The thrilling story of vice that rocked Paris.; "Why Do You Keep Striking out with Girls?" by Abby Ames. Our 'sex kitten' betrays her own sex in the hope of turning all you lambs into lions! *** Book Order # ADV092; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (June/1971;Rostam Publications; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "These are Your Sexual Odds - According to Las Vegas!" by Abby Ames. No better hunting grounds for a guy on the prowl than Vegas Glittering 'Strip'.; "'I Fought the Bloody British in Northern Ireland'" by Charles Desmond as told to Frank J. Canney. We planned a desperate move to get guns and ammunition.; "Are Prostitues human Beings" Manis still seeking the answer to this age-old question.; "The Greatest Sea Raider in History" by John R. Westbrook. No one man raised more hell agaisnt the North in the Civil War than Raphael Semmes.; "Navy Ensign Jet Faulkner and the Emperor's 12 Concubines." by Earl Joubert. Because of his lust. 111 US Marines were now marching to certain death.; "'I Fought Hell on my Tail!'" by Lt. Henry Buttlemann. Korean War jet ace tells his incredible story.; "1,000,000 Red Love Slaves!" by Harland P. Flourie. Soviet sex kitten reveals all after escape into free Finland.; "How to Handle a Nagging Woman" by Garth Deering. Many a henpecked hasband has 'turned the worm' in bizarre and dramatic fashion.; "Here's How to Get More Out of Your Sex Life!" by Joel Charles. Like an iceberg, seven-eighths of your sex potential is frozen beneath the surface.; "Marine Cpl. Ford Whitlaw's 15-Month Makin Island Shack-Up" by as told to Ed Gallivan. D-Day finally put an end to his fun.; "The Great Houdini's last Escape" Even after death the master escape artist frees himself from the grave!; "When Justice Roared the Rails" To catch the notorious Dalton Boys the posse set a speed record in 1892 that still stands.; "Show it to the Judge!... And, Boy, Did She!" Exotic dancer does her stuff as court watches with bulging eyes.; "Whatever Happened to Sweet, Virtuous Little Nell?" by Walter Schmidt. A sultry young woman walked with ball-bearing hips into trouble.; "Music to Make Love By" by M. Train. Doctors say some sounds are more stimulating sexually.*** Book Order # ADV094-1; ADV094-2; ADV094-3; ADV094-4; ADV094-5; ADV094-6; ADV094-7; ADV094-8; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURES FOR MEN Magazine (July/1972; Rostam Publications; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "'Here's the Truth About Those Latin Lovers' by Anny Ames. The inside story of those super seducers.; "'I was a Cruise Ship Stud'" by Jack Muldoon, as told to Ken Krippene. It's not a job you'd classify as work.; "The Nympho Doctor who Bought a Bordello" by Harold Roberts. The doctor was a specialist - but not in medicine!; "Wife Swapping in Suburbia" It's growing as fast as the subarbs.; "The Battle the Big Brass Bungled" by Private Robert Ross Carney. They were conquered by lies before the first bullet was fired!; "What World War II Generals Learned From the Confederacy's Greatest Cavalry Raider" by Charles V. Nemo. Some war strategies are applicable forever.; "I Was a Shill Girl with Carnivals" Her principles lowered when her income did.; "The Rendezvous" by Guy Maupassant. Sometimes it pays to be indiscreet.; "The Strange Love Life of Siamese Twins" (Margaret & Mary Gibbs; Cheng & Eng; Daisy & Violt Hilton; Gaylon Twins; Simplicio & Lucio Godino) Two's company - and three's certainly a crowd! *** Book Order # ADV095; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);


ADVENTURE LIFE Magazine Volume 2 #4; (September 1958)

ADVENTURE LIFE Magazine Volume 3 #2; (March/1959; Vista Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Timothy Briggs: Captive Sailor of Tasmania's Amazon Women" by Ivan Cameron. His choice: Death by torture or marriage to an entire tribe of wild half-caste females.; "Destination: Camp Terror, Manchuria" by Ralph J. Carey. He served a three-yar stretch in the worst hell compound of World War II.; "'A. R." - The Hood Who Bankrolled the Roaring 20's" by Marshall Lang. He lived on babes, booze and bets until the day he welshed.; "Virginia City 1859: A Madam Came to Town" by Howard Eisenberg, art by Julian Paul. Bosslady of a bawdy house, she was still the most respected woman in town.; "The Night the General Lost His Pants" by James Gleeson & Tom Waldron. It was the only time a three-star VIP ever pulled a pre-invasion landing.; "'I Took 910 Days to Escape'" (true book bonus) by Ronald Seth, art by George Eisenberg. Even Gestapo torture couldn't crack this RAF spy who ended up conning Himmler himself. "Great Scott, Mr, Wu!" 4 page B&W Cheesecake photo layout of Lynda Scott. *** Book Order # ADV097; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);


ADVENTURE TRUE Magazine (March/1971; Jalart Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "8 Perversions in Marriage" by Robert H. Hatch, M.D. Marital love is a great art, with many startling and seemingly strange by ways.; "Wet Dreams ... Why Do They Occur?" by Robert W. Hatch, MD. Young men face secretly and alone a problem which often frightens them far mare than it should.; "Sex and Fat People" Here is the dramatic presentation of a problem which has troubled many women.; "Lt. Col. Henry Mucci's Incredible raid to Liberate the Living Dead" by Mark Sufrin. 512 Survivors of the Bataan Death march, rotting in a Jap jungle prison!; "Brazil's Multi-Million Dollar Call-Girl Lift" by Joaquim Negrao, art by H.W. Johnson. 'In the glare of the trucks' headlights, the girl's clothes were stripped off, and they were forced to mount a long wooden platform while the dealers crowded around.'; "The Battle Won by Madam Louise's Panties" by Carl H. Giles, art by Newquist. The most astouding military victory of the Confederacy - won from the plushiest boudoir in a luxurious Southern brothel.; "The Madman who Blitzed the Luftwaffe" by Glenn Infield, art by Newquist. As the HE-ILLS soared into the shimmering moonlight, he saw the cigar-shaped silhouttes lying in the bomb racks. Cheescake photo layouts of Vicky Kennedy, Monica Strand.; *** Book Order # ADV099-1; ADV099-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURE TRUE Magazine (June/1971; Jalart Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Confessions of a Call Girl Who Worked the Nudist Camps" by as told to A.J. Woodbury. In order to qualify for membership in England's newest 'fad' club you must have bathed naked with seven different girls.; "Bed No. 29" by Guy de Maupassant. According to the famous master of the French short story, there are more ways to win a war than by fighting.; "The Hill Soaked Up Our Blood" by Chet Holloway, art by Howell Dodd. 'If our flank attack worked, the battle for Hill 49 could be over quickly. If not...'; "A Bachelor's Complete Guide to Betsy" by Betsy Compton, art by Ron Wing. It's our girls ocnsidered opinion that most wolves on the loose are 'talkers' and not doers.; "Operation Rescue Rape" by Cpl. Rank R. Walters, USMC. The Japanese tore at the girls in a frenzy of fear, hate and lust ... The nurses fought back tooth and nail, scratching screaming for our help.'; "'Nobody Will Sell Me Life Insurance!'" by Albert Rix, as told to K.D. Curtis. 'I sweat bullets when I'm in that cage, for the best-trained bear will kill you if he can!'; "World's Largest Zoo" A photo Special, Kruger Natinal Park.; "The Nine Lives of Captain Roberts" by Loy Warwick. The pirate-dandy was first to leap to the enemy's deck ... neatly skewering a musketeer as he landed gracefully as a ballet dancer.; "A Whimsical Nymph" - Cheesecake photo layout of Kay Elliott (2 pages), Lubi Lopez (2 pages), Vicky Kennedy (1 page), Monica Strand (1 page), Kim Conway (1 page); *** Book Order # ADV100-1; ADV100-2; ADV100-3; ADV100-4; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ADVENTURE TRUE Magazine (September/1971; Jalart Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "What Happens to Your Heart During Fornication?" Young couples are aiding modern physiologists in some of the most revolutionary experiments of out time."; "Memoirs of a Madam" She could be persuaded for a price, yet quite often it become a labor of love.; "Legion of Outcast Men" by Harry S. Peet. It is almost hopeless to get information about the French Foreign Legion.; "Mayhem and Murder" Exciting photo special on cock-fighting.; "Do You Have Intercourse with Make Believe People?" Do you need a fantasy when you have a real person in your arms?; "I Loved a 'Les'!" by Maria Ortez. Story of a young girl caught in the queer shadow world of women without men.; "Wyatt Earp and the Rustled Redhead!" by Stuart James. The legendary Western lawman and his top gun, Doc Holiday, take on a love-sick Texan and the meanest girl in Dodge City.; "The Tobacco Smuggler Who Buys and Sells Spain" by Joel Charles. Although he couldn't read or write, he made and smashed Kings, Dictators, and Governments. Frontal nudity B&W photo layout of Michelle Davis (2 page), Jutka Goz (2 page), Palva (2 page), Pirnie Bello (2 pages), Lil Valentine (2 pages), Yolanda Fedel (2 pages); *** Book Order # ADV101-1; ADV101-2; ADV101-3; ADV101-4; ADV101-5; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN (Stanley Pub.) -

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 1, #4; (September/1959; Stanley Publications; 100 pages including covers; Contents; "Casting Couch on the Deep Six" (adventure) by Jim Sacksby, art by Hugh Hirtle. Never try to double-cross a girl with a gun.; "Say 'No' to Laurie Lee' ... and Wish You Were Dead (adventure) by Lou Cameron, art by Paul Gorenson. On the street of a ghost town he fought a duel of wits.; "It only Hurts When I Laugh" by Anonymous as told to Frank Prinz, art by A. Micarelli. I felt great, like I was King of the world. I twisted even harder and thoughts: 'I'm King and she's gonna be my Queen!'; "The Big Fat Flame" as told to Harry Mayer by Colonel Fred P. Dollenberg.; "The $100 Ears" (adventure) by George F. Fahenstock. The day they put a bounty on the Japanese.; "The Silvertip Terror" (adventure) by John Wallace as told to Eric Thane, art by Frank Liljegren. Never try to figure how a grizzly's gonna act.; "' ... Let Me Live'" (adventure) by Andrew P. Loman, art by Clarence Doore. A woman will do anything in order to survive.; "Wanton Wench of Bloodstone Island" (adventure) by Jim Halloran, art by V. Prezio.; "Slaughter in the Longhouse" (adventure) by John Wellesley as told to Pete Devereux. Somewhere in the bloodstained delta they held my bride.; "Horror Cults Around You" (expose) by Richard Damon. The Satanists are searching for new, young recruits.; "A Snowflake Fell ... and Then We Died" (Novelette) by Dean W. Ballenger. There was only one chance for life... start digging.; "Danger: Open Drawbridge Ahead" (features) by Jack Bernard. A day in railroading that could have been prevented.; "Conspiracy Against the American Male" (feature) by B.W. Von Block. He's the patsy for the wildest con-game in history.; "The Bloodiest 'Madame'" (feature) by Paul Brock. No woman was ever more hungry for the taste for human flesh.; "Javelina: Big Game for the Small Hunter" (sports) by Rudolfo Segura. Looking for thrills? Try the south Texas killer hog.; "Tout Sweet" Cheesecake photo layout of Jacque Pruner from France (5 pages); *** Book Order # ADV103-1; ; Condition= VG; Price=$17.00);

ALL MAN Magazine 1960/ January; Volume 1 #8);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 1, #9; (February/1960; Stanley Publications; Front Cover Painting of woman in bondage ; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "A Rattler for my Lady Love" (adventure) by Martin McNair. I could take my choice, the uranium or the woman.; "Her Flesh is Mine" (adventure) by Bart Walton, art by Chuck Frank. She'd played me for a sucker once. Now it was my turn.; "Blood for the Soil of Ireland" (adventure) by Liam O.Donaghan, art by Sid Shores. We were ready to give out lives for the cause of freedom.; "Rustlers Die by Night" (adventure) by Ellis Lucia, art by Vic Prezio. The vigilantes brought law to the west.; "Massacre on Dead Man's Ridge" (adventure) by Charles M. Bray. We found ourselves caught in a Commie death trap.; "Passion Pirate of the Southern Sea" (adventure) by Jules Archer, art by Ted Lewin. The Dutchman wanted women, at any cost.; "Sex is the Bait for Traitors" (expose) by Alfred Whistler. Women are the deadliest weapon in the 'war'.; "Colder Than a Con-Girl's Heart" (expose) by Dunwoodie Hall. Beware the girls who give you a smile for charity.; "I Married a Stripper" (feature) by Jansen Creager. What's it like to share your wife with a hundred thousand men?; "Treasure is my Business" (features) by Harry E. Rieseberg. Learn where you can find one million dollars, or more.; "Charnel House Below" (features) by Durwood Friel, art by Vic Prezio. The story of the greatest mine disaster in US history.; "The Case of the Punch-Drunk Fighter" (sports) by Paul Badger. When the bells start ringing, it's too late to quit.; "Girl of my Dreams" Cheesecake photo layout of Jeanne Fievez from Belgiam, Michiko Hamamura from Japan, Jeanne Carmen from Texas, Myrna Johansson from North Dakota, Zahra Norvo from Sweden.; Weight=150 Grams; *** Book Order # ADV106; Condition= FN; Price=US$14.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 1, #10; (April/1960; Stanley Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Escape to Freedom" (adventure) by Ferenc Szabo, art by Clarence Doore. The Russians wanted my brother dead, and me alive.; "You Can Take Your Pay in Women" (adventure) by Andrew McCoy, art by Ted Lewin. There's only one rule in the slave trade, murder your partner.; "A Thousand Miles to Thule" (adventure) by Val Munson, art by Don Mark. When you crash land on the ice, you've got to keep moving.; "Casey Would Waltz with the Strawberry Blonde and the Band Played On" Cheesecake photo layout of Lisa Davis (4 pages); "Hellhounds of the Hills" (adventure) by T.R. Avis, art by William McDonald. We were trapped by a pack of blood-crazed dogs.; "Ataturk, the Man who Destroyed the Harems" (adventure) by Ben Blake, art by Ted Lewin. The story of a dictator whom women found 'perfect'.; ""Bandidos" (book length novel) by Dean Ballenger, art by Sid Shores. A lone American ... a handful of plantation workers. What chance did they have against 500 machete-swinging murderers who left no one alive?; "Virginity Can Cause Cancer" (expose) by Henry Salton. When nature is 'cheated' she demands an awful price.; "Love Paradise Below the Border" (expose) by Tony Lee. The most uninhibited resort in the entire world.; "New York's Bloodiest Day" (feature) by Carson Paul.; "Drinks that Knock You Down" (off trail) by Paul Brock, art by Donald Morton. A collection of the world's most polent potables. *** Book Order # ADV107; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 2, #3; (March/1961; Stanley Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "The Screaming Killers of Sudan" (adventure) by Stan Lewis, art by Jack Schoenherr. A horde of baboons were tearing me apart.; "To Love Her was To Die" (adventure) by Rex Whitechurch, art by Ulbrecht Donner. They swore they's possess every woman in the wagon train.; "Nothing to do But Freeze" (adventure) by William Queen, art by Bud Cramer. He walked a thousand miles across the icy waste.; "I Served my Time in Hell" (adventure) by Thomas C. Walsh, art by Jack Schoenherr. The true story of a man who escaped from Siberia.; "Shakedown on the Iron Horse" (adventure) E.J. Ritter, Jr., art by Bruce Minney. The train robbers were the kings of western crime.; "Skin Her Alive - But Slowly" (adventure) by Tom Marlboro, art by Paul Gorenson. Only by torture could the ancient Gods be satiated.; "Guidebooks to Pain" (expose) by B.W. Von Block, art by Ray Hoolihan. The books that are banned everywhere in the civilized world.; "Is It Rape?" (expose) by Joseph Hilton. How does te law look at your evening of 'fun'.; "Truth About Aerica's Abortion" (expose) by Jasper Collins. They lived on the proceeds of broken, tortured women.; "Sex Cure for Frigid Wives" (feature) by Arthur Moore. A new medical method to bring marital relief.; "The Hills That Weren't There" (feature) by Irv Lieberman, art by Arne Arnesen. Mirages are the mysterious killers of thousands.; "The Queen of St. Paul" Cheesecake photo layout of Claudine Hagen from Minnesota (4 Pages).; *** Book Order # ADV109; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 3, #3; (March/1962; Stanley Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "The Corpse Lovers" (adventure) by Dan Sommers, art by G. Dean Lewis. Our souls were sold to the grave.; "A Scalp for her Flesh" (adventure) by Parker Marvin, art by Hugh Hirtle. She swore revenge on Silver-Buckle Slade.; "Dressed to Kill" (adventure) by Chester Hunt, art by Orly Baines. Joachim Murat was the world's top cavalryman.; "Long Night Of Ice" (adventure) by Lou Cameron, art by Barry Waldman. Their ship was being crushed by the polar glaciers.; "He Tried to Hide Her Body" (adventure) by Lucky Peterson, art by Ulbrecht Donner. Any man who possessed her had to die.; "Sex and Violence" (expose) by Frederic Lampron, art by Arne Arnesen. The terrible story of rape in America.; "Vice Queen of the Riviera" (expose) by Jean Paul Charpentier, art by Ulbrecht Donner. She rules a pleasure palace for millionaires.; "The Train That went to Hell" (feature) by Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, art by Bob Correa. In one split second 30 lives were snuffed out.; "Life, Death and Diabetes" (feature) by Marcus B. Hund. The story of the curse of sugar. ; "Long Rope from Texas" (sport) by Mark Herra. The men from Texas are top winners in rodeo.; "Teen Queen" Cheesecake photo layout of Annetta Sargo (4 pages).; *** Book Order # ADV112; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);



ALL MAN Magazine Volume 10, #5; (September/1970; Debonair Publications; 68 pages including covers; Contents; "Exorcism" (fiction) by Adobe James.; "A Pagan Affair" (fiction) by Agris Lapins.; "How I Learned the facts of Life in a Wonderful One-NIght Stand" (article) by John Delomini.; "Sex Symbols- the Easy Way to read Your Girl Friend's Mind" (article) by Alden T. Whinnerly.; "A Piece in our Time" (article) by Conner MacClesfield.; "'Hi, Good-Looking!'", 3 page cheesecake photo layot of Misty Shafer; "Rags to Riches" (4 page nudity photo layout of Lili Dushie); "Great Barrington", (4 pages of nude photo layout of Pat Barrington); "All Yours-Anna Pucelli" (5 pages color & B&W nude photo layout); "40-Plus, or Bust!" (4 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Danielle Duran from California);"Gentle as a Fawn is Warm", (3 page color & B&W nude photos of Linda Fawn from New York); "Nights Out"; "So You're Going to a Party" (2 page adult cartoons); *** Book Order # ADV118; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 12, #2; (March/1972; E-Go Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Is She Really a Virgin" (article) by Pat Bury.; "Sex and the Native Culture" (article) by Les Rich.; "Blood onthe Snow" (fiction) by Jory Sherman.; "On Our Way to the Orgy" (fiction) by Ann Taylor.; "A Sense of Crawling" (fiction) by Robert Edmund Alter.; "Bullseye"; "Think Mink" (2 page nude photo); "Angel with no Wings"; "Natasha" (6 pages nude color & B&W photo layout of Natacha from Austrian Alps); "Magnificant Dropout" ( 6 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Joanne Doherty from California); "A Blond Italiano?"; "So Nice to Come Home To" (4 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Eve Ehlers) ; "Pocket Venus" (2 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Bobbie); *** Book Order # ADV119-1; ADV119-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 12, #4; (May/1972; E-Go Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Sex is Electric" (article) by Jed Lewis.; "Women who Seek Sexual Thrills" (article) by Clay Tyler.; "Kick the Habit - Turn on with Snuff" (article) by Paul Brock, art by Fruchter.; "They Don't Do It Like They Used To" (article) by Charles E. Fritch.; "You Should Live So Long" (fiction) by Jack Ritchie, art by Fruchter.; "Drillers, Dynamite and the Doll" (fiction) by Lee Castle.; "Handle with Care" (3 page B&W nude photo layout of Li Chang); "English Bird" (4 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Devon from England); "Danish Pastry" (6 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Dorina from Denmark); "Wood Nymph" (6 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Veronica Jensen from Beverly Glen Canyon); "Plain Jane?" (6 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Jayne from Newport Beach); "Mysterious Latin" (4 page color & B&W nude photo layout of Julie from Peru); *** Book Order # ADV120; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 14, #3; (April/1974; E-Go Publications; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "The poisoning" by Samuel Gompers. Did she kill her husband or not? In bed, it didn't matter!; "The Price of Honor" by Jory Sherman. He made love to another man's wife. He must pay the penalty!; "The Smuggler" by Richard Bentley. It promised to be a pleasure and profitable voyage - with a hot cargo in the hold and a hot female in his bunk!; "Love and Sex inParis" by Walter Brasil. Want to make out in Paris? Here's How!; "Beautiful, Bare, Big Breasted Beauties" (Photographers featured RBK, John Kirk, William Rotsler, John Demetrius) - Susan (3 pages); Foto File #143 Marla (2 page); Girls of Europe (4 page); Danish Pasties (4 pages); Giselle(6 pages); Judy(6 pages); Lois(6 pages); Ginger(4 pages); Beauties(4 pages);*** Book Order # ADV121; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 14, #10; (November/1974; E-Go Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Hot Sex on Hot Mink" (fiction) by Ray Chandler. He moved his naked torso toward her head. "Do it!" he commanded. The girl licked hungry lips. "Yes, master," she said.; "Doing it the French Way" (fact) by Rudy Kipling. Marriage was for sissies. She was going to bed with any man she liked - and she liked most of them.; "Knockers Up" (fact) by Samuel T. Coleridge. Is a breast in the hand really worth in the bush?; "Little Red's Riding Hood" (X-rated Movie; 4 pages) In this adult skin-flick version, the wolf wants to eat Little Red in a very special way!; "Foto News Flash: Ninety-Seven Year Old man Has Brain Transplant" (feature); "Sex Test: Do You Need Sex Counseling?" (feature); "Exclusive Swingers' Directory" (extra specail feature) Want to make new friends? Find them here!; "Girls, Girls, and More Girls" - Tabby(4 pages), Marianna(4 pages), Rosanna(6 pages), Linda, Cara, Joyce(4 pages); *** Book Order # ADV122; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 14, #11(December/1974; E-Go Publications; 76 pages including covers; Contents; "Take a Nympho to Lunch" by Algernon Whitehead. If she's hungry enough, she'll eat you under the table!; "A matter of Timing" (fiction) by Samuel T. Coleridge. The voluptuous young girl would do anything for him - anything at all!; "Do It Yourself Sex" by Thomas Hardy. You can take matters into your own hands, but why not let her do it for you!; "Doing the Breast Stroke" by Herbert G. Wells. Want to really turn her on? Concentrate on those gorgeous jugs - and make out!; "Foto News Flash: Naked Bandit Caught in Act!" (special feature); "My Mosat Unforget Table Sex Experience" (special feature); "Sex Test: Unusual Sex Practices"; "Swingers Directory" (extra Special Feature) Want to make new friends? Make them through our swingers' ads.; "Fabulous Foxy Females" - Marlene(4 pages); Cathy(4 pages); Judy(6 pages); Sonja(6 pages); Geri(6 pages); Robin(4 page); Ester(4 pages); (Photographers featured this issue: Ron Vogel, Fred Enke, Keith Bernard, Howard Roark, John Kirk);*** Book Order # ADV123; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

1975 (April);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 16, #3; (April/1976; E-Go Publications; 84 pages including covers; Contents; "Females, Fingers and Fantasies" by A.R. Remington.; "The Open Bizarre" by Hugh Winston.; "The Jock's Corner" (sports) by Andy Lightbody.; "The Auto Strip" (car news) by Ed Janicki.; From Housewife to Hooker" (fact) by Hugo Saki.; "Anything For Kicks" (fact) by Andi Doria.; "A Young Girl's Oral Needs" (fact) by Chester Davidson.; "Truck Stop mama!" by Neil Jasper.; "Teach Me, Daddy" by Sue Anthony. She was young and horney - and angry at her mother: and after all, he was her step-father; "The Snooker Hooker" by Connie Carwell.; "Touch of Kono" (fiction) by Will Holm. It was only a statue. How could it make a man a stud and draw women to him like flies to honey!; "The Love Toy" (fiction) by Pat Holland. The little girl doll was designed to give pleasure - pleasure tempting to any man whose wife had grown pudgy and familiar...; "Swingers Ads" (the sing scene; 8 pages).; "The Gal-lery" (Photographers featured in this issue - Bryant, Larry Caye, Bob Ellison, Paul Johnson, Ken Price, Reb, Dave Story) - Joey(3 pages); Carolyn(2 pages); Priscilla(4 pages); Mary Ann(5 pages); Punchinella(5 pages); Linda(2 pages); Debbie(5 pages); Dandi(4 pages); *** Book Order # ADV125-1; ADV125-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ALL MAN Magazine Volume 17 #3 (April/1977)

ARGOSY (Popular Pub.) -

ARGOSY Magazine – (January/1948)

ARGOSY Magazine – (February/ 1948)

ARGOSY Magazine -- (March/1948);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 326, #4; (April/1948; Popular Publications; Front Cover Painting by Charles Dye; 114 pages including covers; Contents; "The Lady Says Murder" (book-length Novel) by William Fay, art by James Fenemore Darcy. To challenge the Delanceys - male and female - Eddie had only his Irish luck - all of which was bad.; "Beyond the Last Barrier" (fiction) by F. Anthony Hoffman, art by Frederick Blakeslee. Few pilots, Rance knew, had ever gone beyond the sonic wall. None had returned.; "Peter's Personal Sea Nymph" (fiction) by Charles M. & Joseph N. Early, art by Peter Stevens. On the end of Peter's line was a dripping sea nymph! And she was much too beautiful for Peter's good.; "The Pup and the Radman" (fiction) by S. Omar Barker, art by William Reusswig. A cow camp is no place for a young, hoss-spooking mutt like Chulo. Everyone knew that - except the pup.; "The Cabbie, The Blonde and the Lady Nightmare" (fiction) by Jack Karney, art by Ray Johnson. To escape the marriage-minded Lady Goliath, Davy was ready to join the three husbands she'd already put in the grave.; "The Bridge that Wouldn't Stay Built" (fiction) by Brian O'Brien, art by George Mayers. Sometimes horses bet on people.; "Death Watch" by Montgomery M. Atwaters, art by Robert Stanley.; "De Marigny's Famous Finger" (article) by Erle Stanley Gardner. America's leading mystery writer analyzes the world's most controversial fingerprint in his first summation of the famous Oakes - deMarigny murder trial.; "A Big League Baseball Contract - For You!" by Charles Dexter. Argosy and the Dodgers reveal the details of the greatest rookie hunt in the history of baseball!; "How Would a Communist Europe Change Your Life?" by Henry C. Wolfe. What does a Russian - dominated Europe mean to your security, your living standard, you future...; "How to Catch Trout - Even on Opening Day! (article) by C.B.H. Vaill. Some sure - strike tips for trout fishermen.; "Most Dangerous Game in the World" (article) by Keith Ayling. Hunting the African buffalo is tops in thrills - and danger!; "Watch Out, Racing - Here Comes MacPhail!" by Down Front with Joe Cummiskey. The eminent screwball of the sports world promises to put a bang in the bangtail business!; "Fabulous Havana - On a Shoestring" (articule) by Richard Joseph. A vacation in the West Indies capital - for next to nothing!; "Getting the most for Your Wardrobe Dollar" (article) by Gerald McConn. Sports and rainy day clothing...; "Business You Can Start on Little or Nothing No: 4: The Worm Turns - into Cash!" by James D. Woolf; "Hobby Corner" by Eller Jakobsson. Scale model railroad building - on a table-top workshop.; "Men's Mart" (picture feature) by John Ryan. The newest in novelties for men.; "Best Action Photos of the Year" (picture story) ... by camermen who were on the spot when things happened.; "Calendar Girl" Beach Ballerina.; "Alligator Girls" Beauty, reversing the old order, pursues the Beast. "*** Book Order # ADV128; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine - (August/1948)

ARGOSY Magazine - (November /1948);

ARGOSY Magazine - (1950 - January, February, April, July, August, September, October, November);;

ARGOSY Magazine - (June/1949)

ARGOSY Magazine - 1951 (May);

ARGOSY Magazine 1952 (September)

ARGOSY Magazine 1953 (February, May, September);

ARGOSY Magazine 1954 (January, July, December)

ARGOSY Magazine 1955 (January, February);

ARGOSY Magazine 1956 (January, February, December);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 343, #2; (August/1956; Stanley Publications; 114 pages including covers; Contents; ARTICLES - "Buccaneer From the Bronx" by Elliott Forrest with Herny Jordan. Who is Elliott Forrest? A double-crossed soldier of fortune - or the bloodiest buccaneer since Henry Morgan? His own story, dictated for Argosy from a Marseille prison cell, will give you the amazing answer. ; "Belle Starr - Petticoat Desperado" by Edwin V. Burkholder, art by Ernest Chiriaka. She was all woman and a frontier wide - the lush, spoiled barrelhouse beauty they called Belle Starr. Here's a new look at an old legend - and read it at your own risk!.; "I Flew the World's Hottest Fighter" by Joe Ozier as told to Dick Halvorsen. In this exclusive, inside-the-cockpit look-see at the Air Force's newest jet fighter, Lockeed test pilot Joe Ozier tells his own dramatic story of hat it's like to fly an experimental model plane at a top speed too fast to reveal. Speed of 104 has been estimated at a mile in three seconds. Plane has 7 1/2 foot wings.; "They Rode the Winds" by Robert Crichton, art by Stanley Meltzoff. We shall float over the top of the world in a balloon. With these words polar explorer Andree flew off into frozen eternity. Now, more than half a century later, comes the real story of his last glorious hours.; FICTION - "Decoy for Death" by James McKimmey, Jr. The strange, draft story of a man's search for a murderer, who might conceivably be himself!; "Terror Town" by Ellery Queen, art by John McDermott. Here's a masterful tale of detectionanddeath by one of the greatest of mystery writers. We defy you to guess the motive for these three crimes until you reach the end of the story..; "The Big Leap" by Walt Sheldon, art by Frank Golden. A successful photographer has to have good subjects. Rajik had two. One was a beautiful girl, poised on the brink of endless flight, the other was a shadowly figure that waited below - a grizzled old gent named Death!.; FEATURES - "Fishing with Yarn Spinners" by Harry Steeger.; "Condor Hunt" by Walt Wiggins. Here, exclusively pictured, is a bizarre story of life and death, a struggle between modern man and a prehistoric bird of epic proportions - the giant condor!; "Pennant Stuff" by Arthur Mann. When it's rhubarb time down the pennant drive, you find out what makes a champion. Here are some of baseball's most successful old pros, and a few tips on why they win.; "The Man Behind the Ruger Gun" by Pete Kuhlhoff. A spare-time hobby became a big-time business because guys with guts and plenty of gun savvy had a bright idea.; "Jim Bowie's Big Knife" by Robert Bridgeport. Jim Bowie had a double-edged knife that could split a man's skull with one blow - the Bowie, America's most deadly fighting blade, the weapon that tamed a frontier. ; "How to Catch a Fish in August" by Dale Shaw.; "Sea-Going Slats" by John Kingdon. A girl plus a boat with the right kind of power equals your ticket to America's fastest-growing water sports. Here's hos to get aboard them. ; "Are You Battle-Wise?" by Joseph C. Stacey.; "Clothes Talk" by Cecil Lubell.; "Scaler Beware!" by Richard LeBlane.; "The Man Who Hated Lincoln" by W. Stanley Hoole.; "Armful of Gold" 2 page cheesecake photo layout of Eye Meyer.; THE COURT OF LAST RESORT - "The Coffin Case-To a Private Eye" by Gene Lowall. *** Book Order # ADV130-1; ADV130-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 344, #6; (June/1957; Stanley Publications; Front Cover Painting by Jack Dumas; 114 pages including covers; Contents; ARTICLES - "The Wizard of Tin Pan Alley" by Harlan Richards. Some people call him Mr. Music, but to the toilers of Tin Pan Alley he's The Beard. Meet Columbia Records' Mitch Miller, who's as much at home with a real cool combo as with the Budapest String Quartet.; "Baseball's Secret Brotherhood" by Robert Deindorfer, art by Ron Wing. What's your hidden batting weakness? Change-up, sid a high hard one - or just too many girls and too little sleep? What ever that weakness slugger, hide it well - because the day one alert pitcher finds it out, you may be through as a big-time fence buster. Why? This article may give you the answer.; "Pleasure Town" by Everett Webber, art by Stanley Meltzoff. Something went out of the world when Storyville, New Orleans, was closed down in 1917. Read the fabuous history of Basin Street's past - and mourn for the days gone by....; "Krebiozen ... Failure - Or Ket to Cancer?" by Herbert Bailey & Walter Ross.; "Death's Little Brothers" by Charles Lanius. In the isolanted monastic republic of Mount Athos, 5,000 ascetic rebels against human nature perpetuate an age-old belief in vampires, ghosts and the Devil - and boil the bones of their departed brethren so their spirits can earn Heaven's own reward.; "Love Me Tender" by Joe Reilly. There is only one food for men - beefsteak. And only one way to serve it - at a mouth-watering, male aggregation called the beefsteak party.; "Hog Wild" by George X. Sand. No guns are allowed, not even a lasso, when this rugged Florida hunt club takes to the woods. And when you're tackling 300 pounds of snarling porker barehanded, look out for a fistful of trouble. ; "Gasoline Alley Comes of Age - Indianapolis 1957" by Dale Burgess. Once a year, at Indianapolis, they separate the men from the boys. Here's how and why the swiftest speed show of the season may make your next year's car safer, cheaper and faster.; "The Terrible Balloon Flight" by Vincent Starrett, art by Robert Moore. In 1863, less than a century ago, Nadar's silken balloon was the larget airship built by man. Here is the dramatic story of its last voyage - a trip that began in glory and ended in shattering disaster.; "Now You Can Fly" by Dick Halvorsen. Sunday traffic keep you from hunting and fishing on your days off? Distance keep you from driving? Then take this expert's tip - buy your own airplane, for as low as eight hundred dollars.; FICTION - "The Big Trip" by William Holden, art by Fred Freeman. With two lost ships on his record, and a leaky old scow for his last command, Captain Lennon knew the only thing that could save the McBain was a miracle - and U-boats don't believe in miracles.; "Sand" by Arthur L. James. When the toughest drill sergeant in the Marines meets up with the stubbornet recuit in boot camp, there's bound to be mansized trouble for all hands.; "Mr. Beasley's Crime Wave" by Nathaniel Curtis, art by Richard Hook. Nothing like it had ever hit Oak Heights before. The citizens were up in arms, and the Chief of Police was in fear of his life. And all because of me, the meekest little enemy who ever tore up a traffic ticket!.; "The Frightened Ones" by Colin G. Jameson, art by Sam Baton. Doomed if he did, and dead if he didn't. That was a man named Charles Fenester, who, ona certain day, found he must sell out his country - or sell out his daughter.; FEATURE - "Pleaant Under Glass" chesscake photo layout of Lorraine Rogers.; "Fishing with Cuff Links" by Harry Steeger.; "Pleasure Under Glass" by Ormand Gigli.; "The Airborne Angler" by Larry Koller.; "Death on Varmints" by Pete Kuhlhoff.; "You and Your Car" by J. Edward Schippner.; "What's New in Hi-Fi" by Norman Weiser.; "The Lotus XI" by Ralph Stein.; "The Fourflush and the Bobtail" by Alfred Sheinwold. THE COURT OF LAST RESORT - "The Dr. Sam Sheppard Case: a Dramatic New Turn" by Eric Stanley Gardner. *** Book Order # ADV131; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine 1957 (December);

ARGOSY Magazine - 1959 (May);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 348, #1; (January/1959; Popular Publications; Front Cover Painting by Robert Meyers; 114 pages including covers; Contents; ARTICLES - "King of Sportsmen" by Stan Helleur, photographs by Pix. the particular charm of Prince Philip is his gracious and easy manliness. Whether tearing across a polo field, sailing in a regatta or water skiing, Philip's zest for winning and his serenity in defeat have earned him a new title.; "Arthur Godfrey Blasts Off on Air Power" by Lester David. TV's Huckleberry Finn hobnobs with generals andpresidents, flies everything from Jennies to jets. Here's his scorching breakdown on the trouble with US air power today.; "Bermuda - Playground of the Western World" by Paul Ballot. For years, Bermuda thoughts to be the honeymooners' haven or the schoolteachers' stamping ground. Now thousands of Canadians are finding out that this balmy Atlantic island is ideal as a family vacation spa.; "What's Happened to the Fight Game?" by Tony Zale. Who pulled the rug out from under the old-fashioned, wonderful sport called boxing? Argosy asked one of the toughest middleweighs of all time, Tony Zale. Don't bet that his hard-hitting answer won't surprise you.; "Out of the World!" by Jules B. St. Germain. The first East Coast Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention was the stangest gathering of space devotees ever seen. Some came to sneer, others to laugh - but one thing was for sure: never before in testimonials of thier visits to other planets.; "Cloud Buster" by Martin Caidin. Tommy Walker, prince of stunt flyers and adventures, built a fantastic career on the ashes of a paralyIng fear - of high places. Here is the amazing story of a man who jumped out of a plane on a dare and lived to become the greatest daredevil of them all.; "The Case of the Jugged Senorita" by Farrell Cross, art by John McDermott. The story had all the elements of adventurous journalism - romance, a tropical island, cruel Spanish captors and a beautiful, chaste Senorita. And, best of all for the Journal, it was true!; "The Killing: the Greenlease Kidnap Case" by Mark Sufrin. One of America's most sordid and brutal crimes is kidnaping. Here, in factual detail, are the steps that were taken by two depraved people to obtain $600,000 in exchange for the life of a six-year-old boy - who was already dead! ; "The Secret of Saving" by Martin Mayer, art by Morton Mace. Half of America's families have less than $200 in the bank. Argosy shows how you can plan a secure future for you wife and children - with an actual budget worked out to fit your needs.; FICTION "The Riddle of the Purloined Peer" by Charles Boswell & Lewis Thompson, art by Thomas Shoemaker. He could see the corpse, hear the witness, smell the perfume, feel the key and taste the heady brew of success. But his five senses weren't enough to solve this unusual murder case.; "The Last Kill" by Robert Edmond Alter, art by Bob Kuhn. Hall knew there was only one thing worse than a grizzly, eight feet high, weighing seven hundred pounds. One thing - a wounded grizzly on the prod, stalking him for a kill.; - "The Devil's Tower' by Robert Edmond Alter, art by John Styga. Of the four men who had set out to conquer the killer mountain called the Glass God,only one would return. Which?; "The Pirate of Prospect Park" by Basil Heather,art by Sandy Kossin. The Malahini had beaten off raiders the world over - from Tahiti to Choiseul. Now came her toughest test of all. How do you go about beating off a pirate boarding party in the middle of a big city park?; "Boy Scout of Company B" by Robert Casemore, art by Walter Richards. What was war? Was it standing up and waving a gun at the enemy inthe bright sinlight? Or was it mud and nausea and fear and going onforward for the memory of the ones that didn't make it?; "Training Camp Champ" by Jack Ritchie, art by Bob Abbott. A training camp is no place for a grudge fight. Especially when the principles are the Big Man himself - the Champ - and a very battered has-been with nothing more than good intentions ... and one last Sunday punch.; PICTURE STORY - "Marty Wood - Canada's Rodeo Champion" by Mike Swift, photos by Wil Blanche. Out of Western Alberta come hardy horses, strong-winded stallions with guts and heart - and a breed of rare men who dare to tame them. Such a man is Marty Wood, world's champion rodeo rider.; "Pictures from the Grave" by Stefan Korbonski. Fifteen years ago Poland was ravished by two masters, Germany and Russia. These dramatic photographs found on the body of a dying Polish soldier, are printed here for the first time. They mirror in pitiless truth the Red betrayal of Poland during the Warsaw uprising of 1944.; "The Girl from the Hong Kong" by Martin Scott. France Nuyen, pocket-sized lovely of 'The World of Suzie Wong,' has brought Hong Kong to Broadway - together with a fresh, new charm that has quickened the pulse of the world's hardest artery..; "Wilderness Patrol" by Gil Paust. Some people feep dogs for pets, some cats. Ivan Marx keeps Alaskan brown bear - about 170 of them. And each one weighs some 1200 pounds and packs a punch that can take a man's head off! FEATURE - "Hunting with Bunnies" by Harry Steeger.; "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Sheinwold.; "Don't Fall for Battery Fakes" by J. Edward Schipper, art by Ron Wing.; "Trigger Tips" by Pete Kuhlhoff., art by Ray Keene. The most important moment in shooting is that point when you hold your breath, give your sights a final line-up and squeeze off the round. If your trigger pull isn't just right, you're liable to lose your quarry. ; "Body English" by Gene Longtine. *** Book Order # ADV134; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

1959 (November);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 350, #5; (May/1960; Popular Publications; 114 pages including covers; Contents; COVER STORY - "Ward Bond - Why He Whips Them All" by Arnold Hano. More people watch 'Wagon Train' than any entertainment in the English-speaking world, and the man who makes the wagons to gets a tougher rating in real life than on the TV channels.; ARTICLES - "Death Run" by M. Tarver & George Ogan, art by Mort Kunstler. I couldn't get him through the rapids alone, but he'd die of blood poisoning if I didn't. And the only man who could help me had sworn to kill me if he saw me again.; "Nova Scotia's Island Graveyard" by Edward B. Arthur. It has caused more wrecks, killed more men, and it holds more burled treasure than any other island reef in the world. That's Sable Island - it's been called the killer island - and gold seekers can proceed at their own risk - if they dare.; "'Somebody Up There Hates Me!'" by Arthur Mann. Is Cus D'Amato the foul fiend of fisticuffs, as he has been painted by so many sports writers? Or is he a gentle-souled knight in white, out to protect his fighter form a multimillion-dollar swindle?; "A Day ( Hic!) to Remember" by David Landman, art by Jack Hearne. Ask any old-timer in East Hampton who won the World Series last year, or the date of his wedding, and he might give you a blank stare. But ask him about the night the tide was full of Scotch, and watch his eyes light up; "Destructin Derby" One shatterned car will survive this hell of flame and ripped metal to win top money.; "He races Up Mountains" by Frank Harvey. "I'll do one thing,' says John Day. 'I'll go up and down mountains faster than anybody has ever done it before - or know the reason why!'; "Not to Kill Umpire, Please!" by Norman Sklarewitz, art by Vahan Skirvanian. While their cronies are hitting Chinese home runs in Chavez Ravine, two boys from the AA League are finding out that baseball in Japan has more weird angles than a bowl of sukiyaki.; "10,000 Miles to Danger" by Birger Lovgren as told to Peter Michelmore, art by Robert Schulz. This much he had known: nobody before had ever tried to go from Ithaca, New York to the tip of South America on a motorcycle. Nobody in his right mind, that is..; "Target 'Takao'" by Fred Warshofsky. The Jap cruiser sat on top of the midget sub like a hen hatching a giant egg - only this egg was set to blow her higher than Fujiyama.; fiction - Ride a Paper Tiger" by Richard McKenna, art by Bill Johnson. Shackled by cold-war diplomacy in a hot-war country, the American gunboat, San Pablo, arranged for it sown flaming rendevous with destiny.; "The Devil and Father Kelly" by John Thomas, art by Sanford Kossin. If you are struck on one cheek, the Bible says, turn the other. Father Kelly did just that. But from there on, the rules are less rigid - as a dock hoodlum learned the hard way.; "The Death Tide" by Hugh Pentecost, art by John Styga. Save one drowning child, or a whole town doomed by flood waters? George Coleman had to make that agonizing, split-second choice..; PERSONALITY - The Man With the Mouth of Gold" by Mort Winthrop. Damon Runyon called tough, wild and wooly Wilson Mizner the greatest man-about-town any town ever had. Here are strictly bare facts.; PICTURE STORY - "Big Girls Can Be Fun" by Earl Wilson. When Earl Wilson talks about 'big' girls, he doesn't mean just talls ones. He includes dames with big deet, big hearts, or big anything else.; FEATURES - "Fishing With Ice Worms" by Harry Steeger.; "The Glass-barreled Shotgun" by Peter Kuhlhoff. Five hundred miles of glass go into the new Winchester Model 59, making a barrel so strong and light that the manufacturer's only warning is: 'Please Don't use it for a crowbar.'; "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Sheinwold.; TRAVEL TODAY - "Last Male Stronghold - Britain" by Philip Andrews. Where men still wear the pants (and mighty well-fitted trousers they are.)*** Book Order # ADV136; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 351, #4; (October/1960; Popular Publications; 114 pages including covers; Contents; COVER STORY - "The New Gold Rush" photos by Bob Smith of Black Star. Using snorkels instead of sluices, these modern-day Forty-Niners are finding their fortunes under the rivers of California. Millions in golden nuggets lie waiting beneath the waters for the skin diving sourdoughs who get there first!; ARTICLES - "El Tiger Born to Fight" Compared with the jaguar, lions and tigers are sissies. For nerve, brains and sudden death, you carry top this real king of the killer cats!; "That Crazy Cariboo Gold Rush" by Frank Rasky. From all over the world they came, bums and barons, miners and madams, to fight for the fifty million in nuggets that lay waiting in the wilds of British Columbia.; "Crabb is Alive in Russia!" by J. Bernard Hutton. Basing his thesis on the translation of a secret Soviet dossier, this British author makes the startling claim about England's famous frogman and hero -.;"Beisbal? NYET! or Ivan, You Swing Like a Rusty Droshky!" by Dick Martinsen. Now Russians really claim they invented baseball. Here's 'proof' for the first time.; "Boxing's Clown Prince" by Al Silverman. Max Baer loved drinking, liing, clowning, girls and parties. There was only one thing he hated - boxing, at which he could have been the greatest of them all.; "Women are Lousy Drivers!" by Dick Adler., art by Ralph Stein. The nest time your wife opens her big mouth to tell you that ske knows what she's doing behind the wheel, stick this article in her face. The years of browbeating are over, because here at last is definite proof that...; "3 Men in a Tank" by Ablert Barth as told to C. Breslin. Battered by heavy seas, beset by debts and frantic females, a trio of ardent amateurs set out on one of the world's strangest adventures - crossing the North Atlantic in an eighteen-foot oil drum.; "Bobwhite Bonanza" by Grits Gresham. Here's the story on why bevies of bird hunters are heading down Louisiana way. They're all set to cash in on a unique bonus from the State's new reforestation program - more quail than you can shoot.; "The Art of Sharing a Bathroom" by Franklin E. Brill.; "FICTION - "The Affair of Fabulous Confusion" by Robert G. Fuller, art by Jack Hearne. Who was this strange noe god the Kanakas had found to lead them? This strange new god who brought the Commander in Chief himself to New Caledonia? This strange new god named Paratrooper Yankowitz?.; "The Long Alley" by Rick Rubin, art by Sanford Kossin. A man may die in many ways. Paco found the only truly right way - no matter the pain and the sweat. Remember Paco when the dark shadow with the scythe appears over your own shoulder. ; "He Played for Keeps" by William Heuman, art by John Walter. Some men play football for the glory, some for the fun of it. McClandes played strickly for the buck. Now, under the shadow of his goal post, could he recapture some of the heart that had once made his great?; PERSONALITY - "Sabrina: A Day and a Night with Britain's Marilyn Monroe."; FEATURES - "Hunting with Mirrors" by Harry Steeger.; "New Guns for '61" by Pete Kuhloff. This is the second of three inside reports on your guns.; "A Pig in a Poke" by Thorp McClusky. "It's in the cards" by Alfred Sheinwold. TRAVEL TODAY - "Out Where the Best Begins: Arizona" by Phil Andrews, art by Donald McDorman. From boating to rodeos, from Phoenix to the Painted Desert, there's something in king-size, historic Arizona for every man.. *** Book Order # ADV138; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 351, #6; (December/1960; Popular Publications; 126 pages including covers; Contents; COVER STORY - "The Shooter's Christmas" by Pete Kuhlhoff, art by John Hughnergarth. From hand warmers to handguns, from shells to sights, there's sure to be something special for your favorite outdoorsman among this season's prime selection of guns and gear..; ARTICLES - "Return of the Big Horns" Photos by Georg Gerster of Black Star. Now, after 75 years, hunters can once again test their skill nad nerve on the biggest big game in North America - the wild Canadian buffalo. Twice as tough as his south-of-the-border cousin, this mean customer makes a worthy opponent in the animal Alberta hunt.; "The Ordeal of George Howe" by John Rhodes Sturdy. This might well be George Howe's last command. And for what? A sunken ship ... a burned-off deck ... a prominent position of the company black list ... and the thanks of six men who might even now be dead.; "Chessman Case Cracks Wide Open" by Milt Machlin & William Read Woodfield.; "My Ugly All-Americans" by Charlie Conerly. Battered, bounced around and beaten down by the biggest bruisers in the business, the New York Giants' kingpin quarterback knows what he's talking about when he picks out guys he considers to be the roughest lineup in pro football.; "U.S. Secrets for Sale - 50 apiece!" by Congressman Melvin Price as told to Edward Hymoff.; "Digby, You Never Had it so Good" by Robert Leckie. S.O.S. for breakfast, saluting your arm off, scraping your face every day, rolling out of the sack of a frigid morning ... Them days are gone forever, eh, digby, old buddy? Or are they?; "The Abominable Snow Job" by Michel Peissel. Is the famous Abominable Snowman nothing but a Tibetan bogieman? Read this - and decide for yourself!; "Sergeant Pratt's 'Revenge'" by J.R. Gaver, art by Ray Keene. Any man who lived through Bataan's Death march has a right to hate. But those days of hellish torture did something more for this GI, who came back to Japan after the war and built a house of worship..; "How to Drink Without Being Hurt By It" by Leon D. Adams. How hollow is your hollow leg? How much can you hold without telling off-color stories at that P.T.A. cocktail party? If you're one of the millions who've begun to wonder where drinking ends and boozing begins, read on.... FICTION - "Armchair Admiral" by William Holder, art by Ed Yaligursky. They called him an armchair admiral, but he was the best damned tactician in the fleet arm. And yet tonight the game was different. Tonight it was for real - and Death was the only umpire.; "The Uninvited" by Michael Gilbert. He was a quiet Englishman - who scanned the countryside with binoculars. He kept a black dog - that watched all strangers. And he had a guest - who came form the grave. ; "Smash-up" by John Davis, art by Lou Feck. They had two choices. Fight the savage jungle themseles and die trying, or entrust their lives to the one man who'd be better off if they were all killed.; "The Exile" by Robert Edmond Alter, art by Jack Dumas. Alone onan isolated South Seas atoll, John Roke stood off what seemed to be the whole Jap navy with his own special battle cry: 'Twelve dead Nips, and then one dead Henglishman!'. PERSONALITY - "Reverend Parkhurst and the Painted House" by Martin Sol, art by Lou Glanzman. For a mand decicated to the paths of righteousness, Reverend Parkhurst found himself surrounded by some mighty unsavory company as he waged his one-man war to put every bawdy house in New York's Tenderloin out of business.; PICTURE STORIES- "Stampede in the Saddle" by Marshall Lockman. All hell breaks loose when they run the Omak Stampede. Mounted on rugged quarter horses, they roar across a plain, plunge down a 200-foot cliff and ford a river in the roughest horse race of all.; "Why Showgirls See Red - Skelton, That Is!" by Don Ornitz. One reason Red Skelton's been keeping them laughing - and looking at his video series for an unprecedented seven straight years is the menage of marvelous misses he employs to ease viewers' tried eyeballs. Here are some de luxe samples.; "Complete Buyer's Guide for Those '61 Cars - Prices, Names, Models" by J. Edward Schipper.; FEATURES - "Hunting with Diogenes" by Harry Steeger.; "It's in the cards" by Alfred Sheinwold. TRAVEL TODAY - "The Not-So-Far-Away Isles" by Phil Andrews. Tahiti, Fiji - it wasn't long ago that these were just pictures in a travel book, reachable only by the once-a-week mail schooner. But today, every guy can be a Gauguin, as the jet age brings the outer islands as close as Hawaii. *** Book Order # ADV139-1; ADV139-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 353, #1; (July/1961; Popular Publications; 146 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Jenny by Nature" by Erskine Caldwell, art by Walter Richards. I'm Jenny by name, and Jenny by nature, and I couldn't be changed even by legislature.; ARTICLUES - "The Nuclear-Armed Satellite" by Stanley P. Friedman. Two stories - one is true, the other fiction. Both deal with the most destructive weapon ever devised by science, and instrument of terror that could conceivably control the world. The stories may shock you, but we urge you to read them, to discuss them, above all, to think about them.; "Abe Lincoln's Air Force" by Douglas J. Ingells. An air force inthe Civil War? It was more than a lot of hot air tothis plucky Yankee inventor whose gas-filled balloons gave the North a spy in the sky.; "'Sure, I've Knocked Down Batters!'" by Early Wynn as told to Dick Schaap. All I want to do is scare them a little,' says the ace right-hander of the Chicago White Sox. In one of the frankest baseball articles ever penned by a player, he reveals the hard facts about brushbacks and beanballs.; "Beware the Yankee-Clippers!" by Reese Cleghorn art by Ray Keane. Hiding behind a 'Happy Haven' or 'Cheerful Charlie's' roadside sign, these leeches lie inwait for hapless Yankees on their way to the Sunshine State and do a clipping job that would make an army barber green with envy.; "Hop a Hide 'N' Cop a Ride" photos by Bob Grant & John Hamilton of Globe. A hide ride over rock and cactus-filled scrub once was the only alternative to indian torture for US cavalrymen. Now it's a rough-and-tumble sport for these range-tough cowboys.; "The Full Life of Joe E. Lewis" by Earl Wilson.; "Pirates 1960" by Glenn Infield. The Bahamas, Home port of pirate fleets 200 and more years ago, is the setting for this true story of a modern pirate raid, a sentimental redhead and dead man who told a tale.; "Jackie Gleason and Willie Mosconi Ask: Whatever Happened to Pool?" by Phil Santora. A couple of well-known cue hounds - the world champ and a king-sized companion - pine for the days of nine-ball, three-cushion and balkine.; "Out on a Limerick" by Bennett Cerf, art by Charles Saxon. A famed fun-collector named Cerf Made limericks a part of his turf. The resulting hysteria was felt in Siberia and convulsed all the Burmese with mirf..; FICTION - "Terror Satellite" by Frank Harvey, art by Paul Lehr. He had the twentieth century's most hair-raising mission: to hurle through space to the bomb-carrying satellite - and defuse the bomb that would enslave the free world.; "The Hessian" by William Heuman, art by Lou Glanzman. What happens to a soldier of fortune when he suddenly develops scruples - and decides the side he's fighting against is the right one?; PICTURE STORY - "Down to the Sea in Shapes" by Jack Zanger. Sailing men have put a bold front to the sea ever since the days of Erik the Red, expressing their whimsey in figureheads of scowling searpents, bare-bosomed beauties, glowing gods or even a woodworlk bust of the skipper's sweetheart.; MAN OF THE HOUSE - "A Whiskey Drinker's Summer" by Dick Adler.; "A Grass Roots Look at Power Mowers" by Walter Ian Fischman. Grass cutters are now as sleek and conspicuous as the sports car in the driveway - with just as many types to choose from. Here's how to find the one to do the job for you.; "Travel Today: The Gulf Coast" by Roy H. Martin. From Florida onthe East to Mississippi on the West, the Gulf of Mexico is a vacation paradise for the angler and his family.; "The best Policy in Life Insurance" by Irwin Lainoff.; "Varmint Hunters Heyday" by Pete Kuhlhoff.; FEATURE - "1. Honest Abe Club 2. Coming Attractions" by Harry Steeger.; "It's in the Cards: Rolling Five Dice - How to Bet?" by Alfred Sheinwold.; "Wetport's Wacky Windwagon" by Gary Wright.; "How to Make Money from Adventure" by Ben Falke. *** Book Order # ADV140; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 353, #2; (August/1961; Popular Publications; 148 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "The Careless Corpse" by Brett Halliday.; ARTICLUES - "'Patterson is Scared of Me!'" by Sonny Liston as told to Barney Nagler. For 2 years, the man ring experts have repeatedly called the leading heavyweight contender has stood by and watched the champ take on as flea bitten a collection of pugs as ever hit the canvas. Now, he breaks his long silence and sayings...; "King of the Treasure Hunters" by Don Duffy. All it takes to find buried treasure is a little skill and a lot of patience, says Frank Fish. After digging holes for 30 years and never coming up empty-handed, he should know.; "The Inboard-Outboard" by Douglas J. Ingells.; "Games with Dames in a Pool" photos by Frank Bez & Bill Kobrin of Globe. Are you one of those purists who think that the basic function of a swimming pool is to provide a place for practicing the dog paddle or the Australian crawl? Then you're not in the swim, Jack. Today's pools are built for fun and there are more kicks than a trudgeon in these grown-up bathtub toys for modern pool plungers.; "The Hidden Costs of Buying a House" by Morton Yarmon. Lawyer's Fee + Title Search + Financing Costs + all those other Little 'Extras' = The hidden costs of buying a house.; "The No-Sweat Guide to Eating Pigeon" by Marshall Lang.; "Charlie Weaver's Grand Tour of the Civil War Battlefields" by Cliff Arquette with Jack Zanger. Doffing his steel-rimmed specs and battered fedora, the man behind Jack Paar's favorite fool reveals himself as a gold mine of information on what to see, where to stay and how to save when you drive through those historic battlegrounds.; FICTION - "Hell Over Laos" by James Merriam Moore, art by Lou Feck. Laos was in flames, and in that bloody, steaming jungle hid a broken and dying pilot guarding a cargo the Reds would give their birthright to get..; "Murder Inn" by Merle Constiner, art by Lou Glanzman. Life inLusty, brawling frontier America was dirt-cheap especially when it could be traded for a fortune in gold..; "The No-Sweat Guide to Eating Abroad" by Kenneth R, Morgan, art by Henry Syverson. If you'd like like your next trip to the Continent to be free of such local disorders as gluey gullet (England), scorched stomach (Spain) and that strange afflistion known as the Bavarian belch, bettter digest."The Rise and Fall of a Clay Pigeon" by Marshall Lang. Jack 'legs' Diamond soaked up more lead from his fellow goons than a carnival shooting gallery. But it took a blonde follies filly to spell out the last chaper .; PICTURE STORIES - "The Timber Jumpers" by Robert F. Kelley. Thrills and spills abound in American steeplechase races ad it takes a highly trained horse and a fearless rider to run those rugged courses in grand style.; "Old Canvas-Back" by Howard A. Schneider.; MAN OF THE HOUSE - "Special Report on America's Favorite Guns" by Pete Kuhlhoff.; "Grand American" by James Rikhoff, art by John Groth. Late in August, the town of Vandalia, Ohio, resembling a cross between a campers' convention and a bedouin village, will brace itself against the roar of almost two million exploding shot shells - all parts ofthe world's top event for shotgun buffs -; FEATURES - "Boxing's Bloodiest Battle" by Hal Butler.; "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Sheinwold.; "Whacky Wagers" by Thorp McClusky.; "Vine of Death" by Leo Guild. *** Book Order # ADV141-1; ADV141-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 353, #4; (October/1961; Popular Publications; 146 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUSES - "Nine Picked Men" by Georges Surdez, art by Isa Barnett. Nine men with guts could dare to desert the French Foreign Legion - but how many could make it to safety through the barrage of hostile Spanish bullets?; "Nightmare Town" by Dashiell Hammett.; ARTICLES - "The Legion's Last Battle" by Don Forst. Ever since its inceptior, the foreign legion's name has stood for gallanry, glamour and death for a grand cause. Now, in a world ruled by the threat of nulear war, what place is there for a band of men who fight on guts alone?; "The Space-Age Lancers" Take a seven-goal polo player with the sharpshooting eye of an expert hunter, the steel nerves of a trapeze artist, a taste for adventure and a loe of sun, sand and fine horseflesh and you've got a good candidate for.; "Fabulous Flying Ghosts" For Cole Palen, no Thunderjet or Boeing 707 can compare in thrills with the Nieuports and Spads of World War I. He takes his aerial adventures straight and simple, reliving the days when the pilot really was in charge!; "Houseboat on Wheels" by Joe H. Wherry. This cross between a mobile home and a houseboat has retractable pontoons and fits comfortably in the back of a pickup truck.; "Pep Pills - Death Drugs on our Highways" by Reese Cleghorn. Here's a simple prescription for a fatal highway accident: add one 'Benny' to one truck driver, mix well with some poor slob coming the other way, then sit back and watch the fun.; "Did We Beat the Reds on Venus?" by Sherwood King. A fast-talking inventor, a Venusian prince and his curvaceous associate, 'a magnetic flux modulator' and thousands of other people's dollars - all these add up to the fantastic story of Harold J. Berney, who's either the sharpest con man this side of Saturn of the world's first interplanetary traveller.; "Howling Mad Smith" by Paul Ditzel, art by John McDermott. 'It's going to be my Marine riflemen who must go in there and dig those little yellow rats out of their caves and pill boxes,' the General told the secretary of the Navy.; "Never Fly with Elephants" by Frans A. M. Wilbers as told to Douglas J. Ingells, art by Morton Kunstler. There he was, ten thousand feet above the North Atlantic, surrounded by screaming, snarling, chattering wild animals, with only a half-undressed beauty and a few cabbages between him and desaster!.; "You Can Win at the Daily Double" by Leo Guild. Winning the double is the dream of every horse player who wants to get rich quick. There must be a different system for every railbird you can find, and most of them are about as sound as Arpege spray mist. Here are some pet theories you can try out - with your own cash.; "Paradise for Pennies" by John S. Walsh.; "Drake and Gander Guns" by Pete Kuhlhoff. If you've been blasting holes in the air with no results other than the sight of a duck's south end rapidly disappearing over the horizon, the answer may well be inthe equipment you use.; "The Art of Sharing a family Car" by Franklin E. Brill, art by Henry Syverson. Bombarded from the rear by jelly sandwiches. Playful puppy paws and the helpful driving tips of his favorite female, what Mr. Motorist needs most is a quick course.; FICTION - "Windjammer" by Dion Henderson, art by Jack Dumas. He was the greatest retriever in history, that sad-eyed hound. But I was a hunter - not a receiver of stolen goods.; "Stalemate" by Arthur Porges, art by Robert Schulz. The colt was there, ready to fire. Who would get to it first - the German of the GI?.; FEATURES - "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Sheinwold. *** Book Order # ADV142-1; ADV142-2; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 354, #2; (February/1962; Popular Publications; 150 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUSES - "Navy Diver" by Josph Sidney as told to Victor Boesen. All he wanted was a free trip to see the world, but the part that he saw turned out to mostly under water.; "Fear is the Key" by Alistair MacLean.; ARTICLES - "Khrushchev's Newest Headache Mobsters, Soviet Style" by Ed Hyde, art by Arnold Genkins. It's a deep-guarded secret, but Russia, too, has its bank robbers, gang bosses, chakedowns and hijackers - and the problem is getting worse every year..; "Abe Lincoln - Ghost Chaser" by W.D. Chesney with Ted Irwin, art by Walter Richards. Did Lincoln rule the nation by the advice and consent of the spirit world?.; "Fishing form a Surfboard" photos by Gene Daniels of Black Star. Having a tiger by the tail is child's play compared to having a yellowtail onthe line when you're fishing on a surfboard.;"The Plane Designed to Bomb New York" by Dale M. Titler, art by Ed Valigursky. This was no pencil pusher's pipe dream. Most of the plane's components were built, or under construciton, and ready for assembly when the war ended.; "Oddball Gun Collecting" by Pete Kuhlhoff.; "Curse of the Caballos" by Bilton Holden as told to Jesse Peterson, art by Norm Saunders. A cave full of bullion stands in the New Mexico Mountains, guarded by half a dozen skeletons - one recent. Who'll be next to try for gold - or death?; FICTION - "Leopard on the Rock" by Lawrence Finn. What was there about the leopard that had unnerved an entire African village, and how could it defy firearms and the snares of the natives so effectively - almost as if it had human powers?; "Beware Pierre!" by Milt Machlin. A rip-roaring goodwill committee of Gaslight girls is storming the champs Elsees!; "Black Harbor" by John Rhodes Sturdy.; PICTURE STORIES - "Beware, Pierre!" by Milt Machlin.; BOATING REVIEW - "What's New for '62" by Eric Nyborg.; "Bed and Outbroad" by Henry Lorenz Christian.; "'Skipper, We Love You'" by Patrick Richards, art by John Huehnergarth.; FEATURE - "It's in the cards" by Alfred Sheinwold. *** Book Order # ADV143; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 355 #1 (July/1962)

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 355, #2; (August/1962; Popular Publications; 148 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Like Love" by Ed McBain.; ARTICLES - "World's Biggest Arms Merchant" by Dick Adler. Sam Cummings is a young American who has his own Swiss bank and sells more guns than anyone else in the free world. At a moment's notice, he can outfit an army with everything from pistols to tanks and jets. What kinf of man does it take?; "The South Secret Weapon" by M.L. Brown, art by Fred Freeman. Cairo... Housatonic ... Baron DeKalb ... Commodore Jones ... Tecumseh.. These and 21 other ships of the Union Navy were blown to bits by the diabolical cunning of Gabriel Rains and his fiendish invention. With it, the South almost won the Civil War!.; "The Sky Above - the Mud Below" While man soars through space, huge areas of his own planet remain blanks on the map. Here is the story of seven men who set out ot fill in some of those blanks, andlived through one of he greatest adventures of our time.; "'I Hypnotize Lions'" by Peter Michelmore. Combining extra-sensory perception with hypnotic power, a modern Clyde Beatty puts a high-powered hex on the kings of the jungle.; "Flight 266 is Missing!" by Stan Opotowsky. No words strike more terror into the hearts of the men responsible for keeping planes in the air than those that come before a disaster. They're more chilling than any horror story, because the men know the only possible ending is sudden, brutal death.; "Collaring Wild Stot" by Pete Kuhlhoff. The new Winchester-Western Mark 5 shot shell encases the pellets in a plastic collar to give you Magnum performances from a regular shell and to put more shot where you want it, on target.; "Montana Safari" by Gritis Gresham.; "Florida's Fabulous Treasure Bay" by Lew Dietz, art by Lou Glanzman. Looking for pirate treasure? It's there by the millions for the finding if yu know how and where to look in..; "I Fight Fire for Free" by Fred L. Frechette. There is little enough room left inthis world for men of real courage to sho their stuff. Here, Argosy salutes a group of guys with the guts to risk their lives every day to keep our homes and families safe.; "Put Rum in It" by Joseph Scholnick.; FICTION - "The Good Luck Coffee Can" by William Chamberlain, art by Lou Feck. Between him and the elite - of Germany's bloodthirsty Wehrmacht, there was nothing but a rag-tag bunch of bug-out GIs and ....; "'Don't Sail with O'Rourke!, art by Ed Valigurksy. The Moiragay was dying and the crew had abandoned her one by one all except O'Rourke ... the Jonah who had jinxed her.; '" by Barnett Kleiman.; PICTURE STORY - "Move Over, Liz!" by Milt Machlin. While newpaper front pages tout the virtues and vices of the latter-day Cleopatra, a bevy of brave beauties have come abreast of her in the Nile glamore handicap and are bidding fair to outstrip her.; GIANT OF ADVENTURE, 1962 - Leonhard Sepalla: The Unsung Hero of Nome" by Lowell Thomas. Few men outside the Arctic have ever heard the name Leonhard Seppala, but his greatest adventure is world-renowned. Here is the exciting story of one of the authentic heroes of our time, as told by our first giant of adventure, Lowell Thomas,; FEATURE - "The Best of Spirits" by Joseph Scholnick. *** Book Order # ADV144; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 355, #3; (September/1962; Popular Publications; 146 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Policeman's Dread" by John Creasey.; ARTICLES - "Modern-Day Dillinger" by William Jason.; "Free-Lance Pirate" by Bob Wark, art by Bill Johnson. The stakes were high - upward of five-million bucks worth of Russian gold. But, if we were caught, we faced the horrors of the execution squad, while a hundred thousand screaming Russkis watched.; "Darwin, Australia - Beer-Drinking Capital of the World" by Elwood D. Baumann. Lusty, brawling, boozing Darwin is like a malty breath of the old frontier, where the diggers always are thirty and the goal of their thirst is the beer.; "Adventure for Everyman" by Con Donovan. If you see yourself glued behind that desk for life, with excitement passing you by, take heart from the story of one man who swapped his gray flannel suit for a bush jacket and set out on an Amazon adventure.; "He Shapes Your Favorite Figures" Lou Nova once manhandled boxing's toughest fighters; now he handles Hollywood's.; "The Wacky World of Football" by Paul David Preston. Where else could a man throw a forward pass to himself? Where else could a team win twenty minutes after the final gun? Where else could a player score a touchdown with the help of a stream locomotive? ; "Fix-It Frauds" by Art Henley. Even if you don't know which end of an appliance plugs into the wall, there are still ways to outwit a dishonest repairman.; "What You Can Learn About Driving from a Truck Driver" by Jim Klobuchar, art by John Huehnergarth. Riding a 400-mile run six days a week, ten hours a day, you learn a lot about te nuts behind the wheels of other cars. You also learn how to stay alive..; "No-Sweat Guide to European Night LIfe" by Kenneth R. Morgan, art by Henry Syverson. The term 'night club,' says our own ambassador extraordinary, came into being because, the morning after, your head feels as though you've been hit with a big one. For the gory details, check..; FICTION - "Checkmate" by James Merriam Moore, art by Jack Dumas. One by one, the GI prisoners of war in that filthy Laotian compound were cracking up, sickening, dying. Until Kent found secret weapon that would save them all.; "The Fugitives" by Alan Scholefield, art by Lou Glanzman. They were free of jail and on the foggy moors of England - two killers who would murder again if anyone stood in their way..; PICTURE STORY - "Whale Doctor" by Albert N. Podell. Most doctors make their rounds with a little black bag and prescription pad. Here's one who makes his with a big black diving suit andsome two-fisted remedies.; FEATURES - "Travel Trial" by Martin Deutsch.; "The Best of Spirits" by Joseph Scholnick.; "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Shwinwold. *** Book Order # ADV145; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 355, #4; (October/1962; Popular Publications; 148 pages including covers; Contents; "BOOK BONUS - "Hornblower and Hotspur" by C.S. Forester, art by John Clymer. France had Napoleon and the mighty French Fleet, surging forward to overwhelm the British Isles, but England had the Channel Fleet - and the redoubtable Hornblower commanding the Hotspur!.; ARTICLES - "The War to Keep Tijuana Dirty" by Joseph E. Brown. Already two reporters have been brutally murdered as they tried to trumpet to the world the filthy rackets of this south-of-the-border Sodom.; "The Seat-Belt Vultures" by Ward Cannel. Not even the war profiteers who sold faulty equipment to the armed forces are as low as themen who make and distribute substandard seat belts. Here, for the first time, are the facts behind this national disgrace.; "Yankee Cowboys on a Mexican Spree" by Colin Lofting. They almost broke thier necks in a dozen different stunts, but the two American riders who braved the dangers of a real Mexican Charreada had themselves a hell of a great time.; "'I Can Hear You Anywhere'" by Harvey Wolfe as told to Jack Smith. A private eye whose amazing 'ears' can hear even the most intimate moments of whispered love and turn them into a documented case of business counterespioage.; "My Cold War with the Reds" by John Walsh with Ray Wergan, art by Bill Johnson. To get those freight cars into Poland and back safely to Italy. The war was over and it seemed like a cinch - until the entire Red Army turned into a bunch of bloody train robbers.; "Football's Dangerous Safety Gear" by Tommy Harmon with Peter Levinson. The famed Michigan ace sounds off loud and clear on what he considers the tow greatest menaces to gridiron safety - the face mask ans the plastic helmet.; "Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands" by Martin Deutsch. If you have a yen for the tropics, want to go bargain hunting in 'free ports' and take adventuage of the lowest-cost air transport in the business, head for any of these four Caribbean paradises.; FICTION - "'Dispalce Forward, the Guns!'" by William Chamberlain. Old? Hell, yes, he was old! But it would take more more than youth to beat the Germans in this hell-hole of Anzio - and Top-Kick Pat O'Hearn knew just the trick to clobber them to spaghetti.; "Another Pain" by John Thomas Urban, art by Lou Feck. X-rays are impersonal. They have no feelings. But what of the doctor who has to tell a patient that the disease is malignant and death but a few months away?; PICTURE STORY - "The Girls They Left Behind" by Milt Machhlin. Whether they said 'Oui,oui' or Si,si' or 'Yank, you got gum?' the GIs will always remember the girls.; SPECIAL HUNTING SECTION - "Match the Gear to the Game" by Jeb Cole. Despite what the boys around the coal stove claim, it may not be your shooting ability that accounts for the empty game pouch. Having theright equipment for the job is just as important.; "Hunting Camp on Floats" by Patrick Snook, art by John Scott. Good food anda comfortable bed are essentials on any hunting trip. This camp not only provides both, but also all the luxuries of a motel room, and it travels under its own power to the hunting ground..; "Sharpen Your Eyes with Live Targets" by Pete Kuhlhoff. Just banging away at a tin can is better than nothing, when you are trying to get yourself back in shape for the hunting season. But if you really want to be a deadeye this year, do your practicing on live targets.; "Ducks in the Green Timber" by Hal Steeger.; FEATURES - "It's in the Cards" by Alfred Sheinwold.; "The Best of Spirits" by Joseph Scholnick. *** Book Order # ADV146; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 355, #5; (November/1962; Popular Publications; 150 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Never Kill a Client" by Brett Halliday.; ARTICLES - "An Argosy Crime Report: Who Murdered Henry Marshall?" by Donald Hamilton. The Estes prober's skull was smashed, his lungs were loaded with carbon monoxide. There were five bullet holes through his chest - and they called it suicide!; "Send for Dr. Voodoo!" by Nelson Valjean. Bothered by 'Jinkey vibrations?' Short of Do-as-you-please perfume? Fresh out of mummy dust?; "How to Break a Camel" by Dick Hewett. You need the muscles of a wrestler, the courage of a lion tamer and the skill of a top rodeo cowboy to tame these snarling, kicking denizens of the desert.; "The Bandit who Wouldn't Stay Dead" by Dick Adler. Salvatore Guiliano lay in a pool of blood, his body riddled by police bullets after the mafia forced him into a trap. But the spirit of this modern robin hood refused to die, even when the black hand killed again to wipe out his memory.; "Scopes for Varmints" by Pete Kuhlhoff. Take a new handgun designed for a special cartridge, add a telescopic sight, and the result is a winning combination.; "Positively the World's Greatest Athlete" by Carl L. Biemiller, art by John Huehnergarth. Stop all those barroom arguments! Cease those family feuds! Here at last is the definitive dope on the amazing man..; "Dispatch 'Heavy You'" by Paul Ditzel. Heavy utility 27 could pull down a brick wall or poke its steel snort through eight inches of hard concrete - but what could it do for six men trapped in a gas filled dixty-foot hopper?; "The Myth of the German 88" by Truman R. Temple. Was it really the 'superweapon' that some GIs claimed? Could it do everything but deliver the mail?; "King of the Klondike" by Lawrence A. Bundy, art by Lou Glanzman. Who else could set up a telegraph office when there were no wires within five hundred miles? Who else could swindle and fast-talk himself into a position as top dog in the wild world of the gold rush? Who else but Soapy Smith..; FICTION - "Operation Bug-Out" by T.R. Fehrenbach, art by Jack Dumas. 'Don't turn your back on me, Sergeant Barker - just don't turn you back!'.; PICTURE STORY - "The Racies Girls in the World" by Richard X. Fielding. Once they frop the starting flag at Le Mans, the real race is on in the infield - and a girl has got to move fast to stay in the running.; SPECIAL FLYING SECITON - "But Can I Afford It?" by Richard B. Weeghman. It's not as cheap as taking the bus, maybe, but flying your own plane doesn't mean you have to be rolling in oil stocks.; "What? Me Fly My Own Plane?" by Gil Paust. Given the dexterity and brains you need to keep up with today's highway traffic, experts agree that flying your own plane is safer than piloting the family car.; "They Fly Strictly for Fun" by Joe Christy.; "Just How Safe is Private Flying?" by Gil Paust.; FEATURES - "The Best of Spirits" by Joseph Scholnick.; "Travel Trials" by Martin Deutsch.; *** Book Order # ADV147; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 356, #1; (January/1963; Popular Publications; 150 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Coin of Aventure" by Ed Lacy.; ARTICLES - "An Argosy Crme Report: Who's Next in Chicago's New Blood Bath?" by Ray Brennan. They're killing by the dozen again in Caponeland - but now it's with jet-age efficiency.; "Modern Crusoes of the Galapagos" by Karl Angermeyer with Myron Brenton. On the bleak, barren Galapagos Islands at the end of the world, three brave brothers have buit a private paradise where the H-Bomb andthe high cost of living are a million miles away.; "Don't Shovel Snow" by Bernard Gladstone. That beautiful white stuff is a joy to the kids, it is only a pain in the back to the man of the house.; "Man Hunt to San Francisco" by Corbin Steele, art by Lou Glanzman. He was a small, plump man - nobody's idea of a hero. But when he set out to track down the killers of his best friend, he was as tall as they come..; "Target Berlin" by Glenn Infield, art by Ed Valigursky. Had the colonel gone crazy? He was taking hust thirty two bombers in on the toughest junket of World War II - the first daylight raid on the German capital.; "Bring Back the Old-Time Saloon" by Ernest F. Swift. Home of the free lunch and nickel beer, fresh sawdust and handle-bar mustaches - a place where a man could drown a thirst and a boy could learn about life.; "The Lost Dispatch" by Fred L. Frechette. Three cigars wrapped in a secret order and a forty-six-year-old private from Indiana came together to send the Confederacy down to defeat in the bloody slice of hell called Antietam.; "What is Accuracy?" by Pete Kuhlhoff, art by John Huehnergarth. According to the dictionary, it is simple enough, but ask a hunter, a bench-rest shooter and an offhand plinker, and you'll come up with three different answers.; "Motorcycle Adventure in Baja California" Text & Photos by Bob Grant of Globe. Whipped by wind and barbed wire, wide open to attacks by insects and wild aniamls, thes two daredevils, proved just how much punishment their machines - and themselves - could take. FICTION - 'The Murder Tangle" by Richard Martin Stern, art by Herb Tauss. The dirtiest fighters in the world aren't always gangsters and hoodlums. Some of them lurk quietly in the middle of the oak-paneled offices of big business - waiting to rip out your guts!.; "The Cattywampus" by Borden Deal, art by Frank McCarthy. Soething was in those woods - something that killed and maimed and spread terror. Was it really the legendary cattywampus? Or was it something bigger, stranger - and deadlier? .; SPECIAL CAR SECTION - "Complete Price Guide for the '63 cars" by J. Edward Schipper.; "Exposed: The Car-Repair Gyps" by Sam Crowther, art by Ralph Stein. 'Motor-Job Moe,' 'Muffler Dan,' and 'Spark-Plug Louis" are just a few of the crooks who are milking you in the hundred-million-dollar-a-year car-repair racket..; "Hot Tips for Winter Driving" by Gil Paust. There's no reason to abandon your buggy and switch to snowshoes when those cold winds howl.; "How to Beat the Mileage Racket" by Hal Butler. When you're looking for a used-car bargain, don't believe everything you read on the odometer. Figures - especially mileage figures - can be made to lie. *** Book Order # ADV148; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 356, #4; (April/1963; Popular Publications; 150 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Atlantic Fury" by Hammond Innes, art by Bob Handville. He had watched the worst storm in the island's history tear an LCT apart and turn a helipopter into a tomb. Now, he had to risk his own life to find what there was bout this desolate place tha tchanged his brother into another person.; ARTICLES - 'The Fighting Irish Never Say Die" by Private Thomas Kenny, Irish Army as told to Michael O'Reilly. There is no hope. There are three arrows inmy body. I am completely surrounded by Baluba warriors. The rest of the patrol have escaped or died. It is the end.; "Are You a Sucker for the 'Doctored-Car' Gyp?" by Sam Crowther, art by John Huehnergarth. Before you plunk down that first installment, make sure that 'new car' yo're buying hasn't been Jerry-built form this year's wrecks..; "Monkeys Without Tails" by Allan Witwer, art by Marshall Davis. The Villa Mimosa was rated as the greatest passion place on earth, but Yanks were barred from it on penalty of a fate worse than death.; "Nevada's Casino for Cons" by Lee Fremstad. Stud, Draw, blackjack, craps andlowball, not to mention bets on horse races and baseball scores, are all part of the 'rehabilitation plan' the world wildest prison.; "Customize your Gun Stock!" by Pete Kuhlhoff.; "Across Greenland on Skis" by Bjoern O. Staib & Bjoern Reese. Not once in this century had man successfully crossed the hugh hostile ice plateau of Greenland... until two daring Norwegians vowed to do it, or die trying.; "Hooray! Hooray! Outdoor rinking Starst Today!" by Merwin Dembling. The cry of the bock billy goat heralds the opening of that favorite season for drinkers whose wives keep urging them to go out and get some fresh air.; FICTION - Scramble Off Siberia" by Robert Mitchell, art by Bill Johnson. A hundred yards of sea ice separated the airman from the horrors of capture in Siberia, and only Arlun, the American from the top of the world, could save him.; "Terror in the Night" by Richard Martin Stern, art by Lou Feck. You can set a thief to catch a thief, and you can sometimes set a killer to catch a killer. But when you try to catch a rapist, your best bait is an innocent young girl.; PICTURE STORIES - "Field Day for the Fire-Eaters" by Albert N. Podell. Belching smoke and spitting steam, with fires gleaming like red eyes, these are the mechanical monsters tha trumbled over plains, plowing and reaping their harvest.; "How to Add Twenty Strokes to your Golf Score" photoed by Don Ornitz of Globe.; SPECIAL FISHING SECTION - "Those Great Big, Great Bear Trout" by George Laycock. You won't find fur-bearing throut north of the Arctic circle, but you can haul in 300 pounds of lakers in a day - and you might land a fifty-pounds.; "Top Gear for Salt Water" by Gil Paust. The old reliables are here in force, and so are a bunch of crazy new gadgets like sonar rods, scented plastic worms and motorized reels.*** Book Order # ADV149; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 356, #6; (June/1963; Popular Publications; 148 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Bridge of Sand" by Frank Gruber.; ARTICLES - "The Fighting U.S. Sky Cavalry" by Chief Warrant Office Henry R. Beau as told to Theodore Irwin. It takes a special kind of weapon to handle th phantom jungle guerrillas of Viet cong and the army's newest tactical force may have the answers.; "America's Ten Deadliest Intersections" by Sam Crowther.; "See Them Flying" by Irvin Ashkenazy.; "Bolo Massacre at Balagiga" by Pete Dayton. It was over quickly of the men of a company who, minutes before, had been sitting down to a quiet breakfast, only a handful were alive to face the fury of the rebel's slashing blades.; "In Portugal, they really throw the Bull" photos from the film 'Mondo Cane'. In Villafranca de Xira, there is no nonsense about polishing off a bull with a toad-sticker. When they finish irritating el toro, a half dozen bravos line up and rassle him to the ground with their bare hands.; "A Hundred Days on Minerva Reef" by Tupou Vaipulo as told to Rob Wright. Seventeen men off to see a championshp fight found themselves involved in a GI gantic struggle for survival as they battled the horrors of hunger, thirty and death for one hundred days on a strip of coral hundreds of miles from nowhere.; "The Nymph Who Lost Her Head" by Ben Hecht, art by Lou Glanzman. A green reporter, a hungry wife and a husband who believed in talkig about everything add up to a bizarre and bloody chapter in the life of one of America's most colorful scribes..; "Low-Pressure Cocktails for High-Presure People" by Dick Adler. If you like to lap up a liquid lunch but have to push through a big deal in the afternoon, here are some new potions designed to keep you clearheaded and bushy-tailed until the closing whistle.; "XP-100" by Pete Kuhlhoff. ; FICTION - "The Big Jump" by Arthur Porges, art by Jack Dumas. The killer was at home in the hills and the woods. But Carter knew a few city tricks - one of which might save his life.; "Operation Christrose" by William Chamberlain, art by Bill George. The fate of the armies in the ardennes hung poised in the balance. No one knew that Hitler was set to counterattack with a quarter of a million men - nobody but shave tail Willie Ringo..; PICTURE STORY - "Bora Bora Businessman" by Albert N. Podell. Meet the man who has it made. Bob Fraser is surrounded by vahines, lives like a king and owns a piece of Paradise. ; SPECIAL CAMPING SECTION - "Camping in a Canyon" by George Laycock.; "Go Camping on Timber Lands" by Gil Paust.; "Pick Up a Pickup Camper" by George Laycock.; "Is North the Same Way?" by Bradford Angier, art by Henry Syverson. As if the boys in charge of our national Parks didn't have enough problems, they have to face some of the world's nuttiest questions, diplomatically and with a straight face. Try and figure out how you would have answered these dillies.*** Book Order # ADV150; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

ARGOSY Magazine Volume 357, #3; (September/1963; Popular Publications; 148 pages including covers; Contents; BOOK BONUS - "Our Turn to Kill" by Hugh Pentecost.; ARTICLES - "Accident? Suicide? Or Murder" by Pat Edwards. The next time a car roars straight toward you at ninety miles an hour, will there be a deliberate killer behind the wheel?; "Will Real Flying Faker Please Stand Up?" by Joseph E. Brown. John Francis Perry would do anything to fly for Uncle Sam - even become another man!; "Texas: Paradise for Treasure Hunters" by Donald Cline. If it's loot you're after, head yourself toward the lone star state and get your share of the fabulous treasure that sits under the sand.; "Sweet Revenge of the Sugar Yacht" by Lewis E. Burgess as told to Estey I. Reed, art by Lou Feck. Sugar King John Speckels would hardly have recognized his pleasure cruiser when the navy finished arming it for battle. Nor would he have expected the sleek yacht to wind up in a death duel with U-39, Germany's top killer sub!.; "'Happy Bottoms, Here We Come!'" by Don Dwiggins, art by Marshall Davis. The sign over the bar read, 'We are not responsible for the bustling and hustling that may go on here. Lots of people bustle, and some hustle... but that's their business, and a very old one.'.; "No-Sweat Guide to Tanking a Broad Abroad" by Kenneth R. Morgan, art by Henry Syverson.; "Whipping Boss" by Judge Gudmunder Grimson as told to Irving Wallace. 'Died of fever and other complications' was the message, but they didn't tell me that 'complications' included a deadly bull whip.; FICTION - "The Osprey's Mate" by Edmund Gilligan, art by Jack Dumas. It was a dangerous winter for the Ospreys to linger later than usual before flying south, for an evil force now stakled the woods..; "The Slash Y" by Jack Schaefer, art by Stan Galli. Monte Walsh and the boys were spoiling for fun and it looked as if antelope junction was going to bear he brunt of their celebrating - if it stood up that long..; PICTURE STORIES - "The Go-Karts Go to Sea" by Robert Aaron. They've hitched a chain-saw engine to a sleek little bug and come up with a craft that's as much fun as anything on the water.; "The Fiar Sex Plays Unfair" by Bob Grant and John Boykin.; SPECIAL SECTION - "Guns Galore for '64" by Pete Kuhlhoff. *** Book Order # ADV151; Condition= ASK; Price=US$ASK.00);

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CAVALIER (Fawcett / Dugent Pub.) *** (average Weight for Postage = 210 Grams each);

*** Deadbone Erotic Cartoons by Vaughn BODE in MOST 1970's issues;

1970; (February; Sal Mineo interview; Bill Haley & Comets; Deadbone by BODE; VG = $12); (Another Copy - ASK)

1970; (June; Rufus Thomas - Walkin the Dog; William Saroyan; Deadbone by BODE; Superman = 4pg illustrated Poem; FN/VF = $16)

1972; (May; Volume 22 #7; Charles Mingus; Anthony BURGESS interview; Deadbone by BODE; FN = $14);

1972; (July; Volume 22 #9; Blue Oyster Cult & Pure Prarie League; Deadbone by BODE; Motorcycle Girl; VG = $10);

1973; (April 1973; Volume 23 #6; Bette Midler; Underground Cars; Skin Art - tattoos; VG, but Bode Pages 43-46 are missing = $4.00);

1973; (July; Volume 23 #9; Al Green; Deadbone by BODE; FN/VF = $12);

1973;(August; Jeff Beck, Bogert & Appice;  Leather & Erotic Hangups; VG, but Bode Pages 59-62 are missing = $4.00); (Another Copy with Pages 59-62 Intact; ASK)

1973; (November; Volume 24 #1);

1973; (December; Volume 24 #2)

1974; (January; Volume 24 #3; Ronnettes; George Guzzi - GGA / Good Girl art illustrations; Deadbone by BODE; VG/FN = $10);

1974; (February; New Seekers, Freddie King; Deadbone by BODE; Plump Girls; Secretariat at stud; New York's Witches & Wizards; FN+ = $12);

1974; (June; Volume 24 #8; Bob Dylan; Cryonics; Marquis de Sade; Two pages of BODE Cartoons are MISSING, rest is VG = $5.00); (Another Copy = ASAK);

1974; (July; Volume 24 #9; Van Morrison; San Francisco; Skin Diver; Texas Campus Streakers; Two pages of BODE Cartoons are MISSING, rest is VG/FN = $6.00); (Another Copy = ASK);

1975; (April; Arthur Lee; Bookie by Gary Mayer; Queen of Kung Fu; FN+ = $12); (Another Copy – ASK)

1975; (June; Deadbone by BODE; G, pages 49-56 are missing = $4);

1975 - August;

1975; (September; Volume 25 #11; Frankie Valli; Black Witch; Deadbone by BODE; VG/FN = $10);

1975; (December; Volume 26 #2; Deadbone by BODE; X-rated Motels; Gypsy; Otis Sweat-a;);

1976; (January; Volume 26 #3); (February); (March); (April; Volume 26 #6; Go-Go Boys; Show & Tell issue); (June);'(July), (August); (September); (December);

1977 (February);

1979 February, (March); (April); May, July, August, (September); December;

1980; (February);

1981; April, June, (December);

1982; July, August,

CAVALIER Magazine = Issues with STEPHEN KING;

CAVALIER. - Magazine (Volume 23 #2; December 1972 ); CONTENTS - (1) "How Howard Hughes was Taken for a Ride by the Boys in Las Vegas" by Norman Pearlstine; (2) "The Lst Rap-and-Rock Festival" by Claudia Dreifus; (3) "Skiing Western Canada" by Walter Phillips; (4) "Bode Erotica" by Vaughn Bode; (5) "Finding a Fortune in the Auto Graveyard" by John Mebane; (6) "Adam's Servant" by David Dvorkin; ****** (7) "The Mangler" 9 page ORIGINAL short story by Stephen King, includes 1-1/2 page illustration; (Reprinted 6 Years later in Night Shift) ***** (8) "The Giant Elevator: a Cavalier Puzzle" by James R. Haning; (9) "Hallelujah! There Hoes Mrjoe!" by Nye Willden; >>> Magazine weight 210 grams. G = $39.00);

CAVALIER. - Magazine (Volume 23 #5; March 1973 ); CONTENTS - (1) "The Boogeyman" 6 page ORIGINAL short story by Stephen King, includes full page illustration; Reprinted 5 years later in Night Shift; (2) "Cussin' - Celebrity Style" by Stanley P. Friedman; (3) "The Cliques: Return of the Street Gangs" by David Black; (4) "QBS" by Dikran Karagueuzian; (5) "Do-it-Yourself Television" by Richard Robinson; (6) "Paul Anka: Weathering the Transition" by Arnold Shaw; (7) "An Evening at Helen's" by Raymond V. Barlett; (8) "Bode Erotica" by Vaughn Bode; >>> Magazine weight 210 grams. VG = $75.00);


CAVALIER. - Magazine (Volume 26 #1; November 1975; CONTENTS - ***** (1) "Strawberry Spring" = RARE early 5 page short story by STEPHEN KING; Includes full page illustration; This story originally appeared in Ubris Fall 1968, but is Substantially Revised for this magazine & is thus a new ORIGINAL Short Story; (Reprinted 3 years later in Night Shift) ***** (2) "OTHELLO: Bared Bard" (3) The Coming Revolution in Home TV" by Robin Lanier; (4) "Pyramid Power!" by Frank D. Albro; (5) "Free to a Good Home" by Zachary B. Antonio; (6) Moroccan Vacation"; (7) "Here's Charlie Again!" by Lar Hothem; (8) "An Oriental Slant"; (9) "A Winner Every Time" by Robert Walter; (10) "Lord of the Fliers" by C.E. Downey; (11)" Look Out! It's a Mass. Driver" by David Gumpert; (12)" Map Madness: Traveler Beware!" by R.W. Pelton; (13) "Deadbone" = 4 pages B&# Cartoons by Vaughn Bode; (14) "The last Laugh: Lamb-poon"; (15) Skipping Stones in America = Music article with ROLLING STONES & others; >>> Magazine weight 225 grams. FINE+, Near New = $79.00);





1980 Annual Edition (Dale on the Lost Beach-s = Otis Sweat art; the Yarrow by Max Etoile; Kim O'Hare = Irish-Japanese Girl from Montreal Canada; Men in Panties; Catfight Corner; Lisa from Quebec & Vancouver Canada; Twins Jan & Joy from California; Fond Mammeries / Ponderous Pontoons; VG $15)



1955 (July); (September);

1959 (October)

CHAMPION FOR MEN (Stanley Pub.);

1960 (February);


1953 (March, J.L. Bouman, R.Sheckley); (Apr, R.Sheckley); (May, R. Sheckley); (June); (August);

1957 (April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1958 (February); (April); (May); (June); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1959 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (October); (Dec, Harry Harrison);

1960 (January); (February); (March); (April); (June); (July); (Sept, Harry Harrison); (October); (November); (December);

1961 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August);(November); (December);

1962 (February); (August); (November); (December)

1964 (January);

1968 (October); (December);

1969 (January); (February); (March); (April); (June); (August); (October);

1970 (February); (March); (July); December);

1971 (February); (April); (May); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1972 (January); (February);

1973 (March);

1974 (July); (August); (October); (November); (December);

1975 (April); (September); (November);


1965 (September);

1966 (June);

1967 (April; Henry Kane-s; Charles Copeland-c; Bruce Minney-a; Earl Norem-a; Al Rossi-a; FN = $16);

CONQUEST (Hanro Corp.);

1955 (April);

DUEL (Standard Magazines);

1957 (Summer);


(May); (July); (October);

EPIC (Decker Pub.);

1957 (Sept-October);

1958 (May);

EPIC (Skye Pub.);

(Feb, Q.Reynolds); (April); (June, Ted Mark);

ESCAPE (Escape Magazine);

1962 (September);


1959 (October);

FOR MEN ONLY (Canam Pub; Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Managment - Marvel Pub);

1954 (May); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1955 (January); (February); (March); (May); June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1956 (January); (February); (March, M.Caiden); (April); (July); (November); (Dec, Henry Kane);

1956; May (Atlas Globe Logo on cover; End of a big Shot = Scarface / Al Capone; Poker Alice; Castaway & South Sea Harem; Lt Winters’ Apache cover & story; Painted cover by Bentley; Julie Newmar of Lil Abner & later as Catwoman in TV’s Batman = 4 page Pictorial; VG/FN = $18.00);

1957 (January); (March); (April); (May); (June); October (Art by; Tom Ryan, Ken Crook, J. Bonestell, Bruce Minney; Nice Painted cover of Hunter shooting Tiger; London's Photo Call-Girl Racket expose; Wild Bunch by Noah Gordon; Safari for a Coward by Dan Brennan; G/VG = $14); (November);

1958 (January); (February); (April); (May); (June); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1959 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (July); (August); (September); (November);

1960 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August, Bama Cover); (September); (December);

1961 (February); (March); (May, M. Caidin); (July, C. Woolrich); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1962 (January); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (December);

1963 (May); (June); (August, Carter Brown); (October); (Nov, Michael Avallone); (December);

1964 (May, Carter Brown); (December);

1965 (March); (April); (October);

1966 (May); (June); (August); (December);

1967 (January); (February); (March, Lawrence Block); (May); (June);(September); (November);

1968 (January); (June); (July); (Sept, Hal Ellson); (October); (November);

1969 (January); (February);;(May); (June); (August, (Desmon Bagley; VG/FN = $12.00); ); (September); (October), Don Pendleton); (November); (December);

1970 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (September); (October); (December);

1971 (July);

1972 (March);September; (October);

1973 (January); (March); (April); (May); (June); (August); (October); (November); (December);

1974 (January); (February); (March); (June); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1975 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (August); (September); (October); (November);

1976 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (August); (November); (December);

1977 (February);


1971 (#8); 1972 (#9); 1974 (#11); 1975 (#12); 1976 (#15);

FURY (Weider Pub.);

1953 (August);

1954 (April); (August); (October); (December);

1955 (February); (April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1956 (January); (February); (March, states 1955 on cover); (May); (June); (July); (August, J. Mansfield back cover); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1957 (January); (February; WHITE Queen of the Comanches cover & story = great Sexy GGA - Good Girl art Painted cover by Tom Beecham; the Real Khrushchev as seen through a Vodka glass; Day New York almost Died; Lost World of Devil Mountain; Mounties solve Big Fur robbery; Broadway B-Girls; Eddie Machen new KO King; VGFN = $20.00); (April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1958 (June); (Nov, C.Woolrich);

1959 (April);

1960 (Nov, R.Bloch);

1961 (Jan, R. Bloch); (October), T. Sturgeon);

1962 (September);

1963 (January); (April); (May, C. Woolrich); (July); (October);

1964 (January);

GUY (Pyramid Pub.);

1959 (March; Volume 1 #3);

1964 (October), Vol.2#5, Frank Kane);

1966 (August);

1967 (October);

1971 (January);

Guy Annual 1968;


1954 (Fall, Vol.1#1); (Winter);

1955 (Summer, Vol.1#4); (Winter, Vol.1#6);

1956 (Volume 2 #1 (Spring 1956; Man-Eating Killer Turtles Cover; Tom Ryan Painted-c; VG+ = $14.00) (Fall, Vol.2#3); (Winter, Vol.2#4);

1957 (Spring,Vol.3#1);

IMPACT (MacFadden Pub.);

1953 (April); (June, R.Sheckley);

IMPACT (Hanro Corp.);

1957 (June); (October);December);

1964 (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); July; (August); (September); (October); November;

KEN FOR MEN (Official Magazine);

1956 (June);

1957 (February); (May, Frank Kane);

1958 (September); (October);

1959 (Jan, Bama Cover); (March); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1961 (March);

LANCER (Prime Periodicals);

1960 (September);


1960 (May 1960; Volume 2 #3; cover painted by Ed Emsh; Complete mystery novel by Henry Kane); (July, Vol.2#4);

MALE magazine (Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Management - Marvel Pub);

1951 (January); (April); (June); (August); (September); (November);

1952 (January); (March); (May); (July); (September); (November); (December);

1953 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July, M.Spillane); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1954 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (October), M.Caidin); (November); (December);

1955 (March); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September; FN+ = $16.00 ); (October); (November);

1956 (February); (March, M.Caidin); (April); (May); (July); (August); (September); (October); (Nov, M. Caidin); (December);

1957 (March); (May); (June, Gardner Fox); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1958 (January); (Feb, Bama Cover); (June); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1959 (January); (April); (May, Bama Cover; Mistress of Comfort Colony Senoussi Hell Camp; Women of Fat John's island; Kinstler art; Weight=200 Grams; VG/FN $12 ); (June); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1960 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May, Bama Cover); (June); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1961 (February); (March); (May); (June); (October); (December);

1962 (January); (February); (March); (May); (June, Bama Cover); (July); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1963 (January); (April); (May, Carter Brown); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (Nov, Carter Brown); (December);

1964 (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November);

1965 (Jan, Anthony Trew); (February); (March); (April); (May); (July); (August); (September; Company of Killers by MARIO CLERI (Pseudonym of MARIO PUZO); Girl form Passion Creek by Erskine Caldwell; VG+ = $29.00);  (October), Theodore Pratt); (November); (December);

1966 (January); (February); (April); (June, Bama Cover); (October) (November); (December);

1967 (April); (May, James Hadley Chase); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1968 (January); (March); (September); (October); (November);

1969 (January); (February); (May, Murray Leinster); (June); (July); (November); (December);

1970 (March); (April); (May); (June); (August);

1971 (March); (April); (August); (October); (November);

1972 (May); (December)

1973 (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (October); (November);

1974 (January); (Feb, Xaviera Hollander); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1975 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1976 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (July); August; September; (November); (December);

1977 (February);

1979 (May); (September);

MALE ANNUAL magazine (Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Management - Marvel Pub);

1973 (#16); 1974 (#19); 1975 (#20,#21); 1976 (#23);

MAN'S ACTION (Candar Pub.);

Volume-1 #3; (November/1957; Monster Spiders-c/s; G/VG = $15);

1965 (April);

1967 (November);

1968 (January);

1972 (April);

1973 (April); (June)

1975 (February); (April);

1976 (February); (June);

1977 (February);

MAN'S ADVENTURE (Stanley Pub.);

1957 (July; Volume 1 #2); (November);

1958 (January); (March); (May); (July); (December);

1958 - ((August, Volume-1 No 9; Lightest-Fingered Crooks in the World by Sci-Fi author Harry Harrison; James Kirker; I Work in the Violent Ward by C.C. Jones as told to SHELDON LORD; Baker’s Dozen = Lili St Cyr, Suzy Parker, June McCall, Judy McKay, Jayne Mansfield, Gina Lollobrigida, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia L:oren, Toma Bordon, Elaine Noble, Anita Ekberg, Diane Webber; CALAMITY JANE story;  125 Grams; VG = $18.00); 

1959 (February); (May); (August); (September); (October); (November);

1960 (September);

1961 (January);

1962 (May);

MAN'S ADVENTURE (Morse Communication Systems);

1971 (July); (September);

MAN'S BEST (Normandy Associates);

1966 (March); (August);

1967 (March);


1962 (March);

1973; (February; Lingerie-c; Nazi Bondage Whipping Girls art on page 25; FN+ = $12);

MAN'S CONQUEST (Hanro Corp);

1955 (June); (October);

1956 (February); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1957 (January); (March); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1958 (January);(March); (May; FN = $16.00 ); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1959 (January); (February); (April);May (Volume-4 #10; VG = $14); (June); (July); (September); (October);

1960 (February); (March); June(76-Man Bustout from Stalag Luft-III-c/s; VG/FN = $14);

1961 (January); (February);April (Volume-6 #2; The Killer Hawk who nailed Richtofen; George Gross-c; VG = $14); (August); (October);

1962 (February); (April);

1963 (December);

1964 (February); (April); (June); (December);

1969 (December);

1971 (October – No Back Cover)

MAN'S DARING (Candar Pub.);

1959 (October);

1964 - November;

MAN'S EPIC (Em Tee/ Emtee Pub; Nice Painted Cover art on all; Many illustrations & Nude Photo's);

1972; June (Volume-10 #3; Sexy Blonde Girl in Bondage & threatened by Biker types, Nicely Done, average quality GGA "Good Girl Art" cover; French Dynamite Dolls who blasted Nazi's; Midweek Harems; Sexual Off Beats; Orgy Girl; Paratroopers in WWII Nazi Germany; Gold Dust Kate's Sinarama; Bushido Killers; VG/FN $10);

1973; February (Volume-11 #1; Two Semi-Nude Girls with Machine Gun & Pistol in Battle, Nicely Done, average quality "Good Girl Art" cover; >> Doll of the Month; Coed College Girl Prostitutes; Suburbia SIN explosion; Slaughter Alley; France's Monster King, with great 1-1/2 page Girl in Bondage/Torture illustration; Dames & Dynamite War; Round the world Beatniks);

1973; April (Volume-11 #1; Two Girls in Torn skimpy clothing & in BONDAGE, threatened by 2 Bikers cover, average quality GGA "Good Girl Art" cover; Sex Operation; Scuba & Buried Treasure; Conquer a Woman on Fire; Way-Out Sex Scene of Super-Beatniks; Day of Horror for Russia's Damned Virgins, with great 2 page Girl in Bondage illustration; Rustler's Nymph Queen);

MAN'S EXPLOITS (Arnold Magazines; CDC = Charlton symbol on cover);

1958; (April; issue #5; Painted-c; 4 Wickedest Cities in the World; Gesina - Queen of Bluebeards; India's Feamle Robin Hood; They chopped off my Hands; Gina Lollobrigida; Lili Lisande Pictorial; Horns of Death - Bullfighting; {Car Demolition} - Destruction Derby;Mathilde Carre - She pulled the Worst double cross in history;

Pen doodlies on 3 pages, o/w VG/FN $15);


1963 (November);


1955 (July); (Sept, Betty Paige); (November);

1956 (January); (April); (June); (October), M.Caidin);

1957 (February); (August);

1958 (February); (April); (May, Hans Holzer); (July); (August); (September); (October), "The Tea Pusher"); (November; FN = $15.00 ); (December);

1959 (January); (February); (March); (December);

1960 (January); (February); (March); (July); (September); (October); (November);

1961 (March; HITLER'S Heir Nazi Martin Bormann, is Alive-c/s; VG = $12); (May); (July); (September); (Nov, Julie New; March);

1962 (Jan, Q.Reynolds); (March); (May); July 1962 (Volume-7 #5; George Gross-c; FN = $14); (September); November (New York’s Emergency Squad; Gerinimo Commandos; Harem-Girl Slavers; VG/FN = $14.00);

1963 (January); (March); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1964 (March); (May); (July); (Sept, M. Caidin);

1965 (January); (March); (May); (July); (September);

1966 (March);

1967 (March); (November);

1968 (May); (July); (September);

1969 (May); (November);

May 1970 (GGA Lingerie-c; VG/FN = $12);

1971 (December)

1972 (February); (June); (August); (December);

1973 (February); (June); (August); (October - 3 PIX Painted cover includes Girls in Bondage & Nazi’s; FN/VF = $14.00) ; (December);

1974 ( April; October);

1975 (February); (April);

MAN'S LIFE (Crestwood Pub.);

1953 (January); (May); (September);

1954 (March); (May);

1956 (January);

1958 (May); (October); (November);

1959 (January); (July); (September);

1960 (February); (May); (July);

1961 (July);

1969 (August);

1972 (June); (August); (October); (December);

1973 (February);

1974 (August);

1975 (January); (May); (July); (August); (September); (November);

MAN'S MAGAZINE (Almat Pub.);

1955 (October);

1956 (October);

1958 (February); (October);

1959 (April, December);

1960 (January); (February); (March); (Apr, Leon Uris); (May, Milton Caniff); (July); (August); (Sept, James Michner); (November); (December);

1961 (March, Elke Summers); (Apr, Julie NewMarch); (June, Elleston Trevor); (October), BB); (November); (December);

1962 (Jan, Brett Halliday); (February); (March, Day Keene); (April); (May); (June); (July, Gardner Fox); (August); (September); (December);

1963 (January); (March); (April); June (John Paul Scott & Alcatraz; Fannie Mae; Ernest Borgnine; Race Riot in South Africa;Chicago's Sqauatter Love Camp = Bob Powell illos; Secret War; Catching Condors barehanded; Sexual Freaks; Whjat is Book publishing coming to? = Paul Laikin cartoons; Un-Dressed to Kill by Richard Deming; Shrinking Man; Inside a Ladies Locker Room; the Deserter; G = $10.00); (July); (August, Lawrence Block); (September); (Nov, Willliam Ard); (Dec, Carter Brown);

1964 - August;

1965 (July);

1966 (May); (September);

1967 (January);[April; 2000 Mile Jungle Breakout from the AMAZON'S Captive GIRL Pen by MARO CLERI {aka PUZO} story]; (August); (December);

1968 (March); (November);

1969 (January);

1970 (April); (December);

1971 (July);

1972 (July); (September); (December);

1973 (January); (February); (November); (December);

1974 (January); (May); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1975 (February); (March); (June); (July); (September);


1962 (Fall, Brett Halliday); 1963 (Spring);

MAN'S ODYSSEY (Trans-World Pub.);

1958 (January); (March);

MAN'S PERIL (Periodical Packager);

1964 (January); (July);

1965 (March); (October);

1966 (September);

MAN'S PURSUIT (A.A.A. Publishing);

1963 (November); (December);


1959 (Aug, states Sept on cover);

MAN'S STORY (Em Tee/ Emtee Pub; Nice Painted Cover art on all; Many illustrations, Nude & Semi-Nude Sexy Photo's);

1973; December (Volume-14 #6; Lace Panty Commandos, 3 sexy Girls with Machine Guns VERY Nicely Done, ABOVE average quality GGA "Good Girl Art" Cover & story; Mafia's Orgy Island Paradise with 2 pages GGA illustration; Terror's Hand Maidens for the Blood Fiend of Toledo = great 2 page Girls in BONDAGE illustration; Kinky Passion Cult; Shocking scandal of suburbia's Lesbian Wives; You Sex & the Law; Dirtiest Killer; VF- = $16.00)

MAN'S THRILL (Cape Magazine Management);

1961 (March);

MAN'S TRUE DANGER (Condor Pub. Co. Inc.)

1969 (July);

1970 (July);

MAN'S WORLD (Medallion Pub; / Magazine Management - Marvel Pub);

1955 (November);

1956 (January); (July); (September); (November);

1957 (January); (March); (June);

1958 (April); (June); (August); (Dec, Bama cover);

1959 (June); (August); (October); (Dec, Bama cover);

1960 (February); (June); (December);

1961 (April); (June, M. Caidin); (October);

1962 (February); (April); (June); (December);

1963 (June); (August); (October); (December);

1964 (February;"That French St. Woman"", copyrighted from "13 French St" 1951 story by Gil Brewer; FN+ = $22); (April); (June, Lawrence Block); (October); (December);

1965 (February); (April); (June); (August, Alistair MacLean); (October); (December);

1966 (April); (June); (October); (December);

1967 (February); (April); (December);

1968 (February); (June);(April);

1969 (April); (June); (August);

1970 (April); (August); (October);

1971 (February); (Apr, Edward Aarons); (June);

1972 (August); (December);

1973 (April); (June); (August);

1974 (February); (April); (June, Farley Mowat); (October);

1975 (February); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (December);

1976 (January); (Feb, M. Spillane); (March); (April); (May); (July);

MAN TO MAN (Volitant Pub.);

1949-1950 (Dec/January);

1950 (Aug/September); (October); (November);

1951 (January); (February); (March); (April); (June, Flether Flora); (August/September);

1952 (June); (July, John Jakes); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1953 (January); (February); (March, Fletcher Flora); (May); (July); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1954  February; Joanne Arnold Bikini Girl Photo cover; VG/FN = $16.00) (Another Copy - ASK);  (March, John Jakes); (April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1955 (February); (March); (April); (August); (September); (November);

1956 (January); (February); (March, Susan Hayward cover); (August, Bob Hope & D. Day); (October);

1957 (Dec, Tina Louise cover);

1958 (April); (June); (August); (September);

1959 (February); (April); (December);

1960 (June);

1965 (July); (November);

1966 (Jan, Volume 16 #1; John Steinbeck, Mamie Van Doren); (March); (July);

1968 (May); (August); (October); (November);

1969 (September);

1970 (March); (May); (August); (October); (November);

1971 (January); (May); (July); (August); (October); (November);

1972 (January); (March); (July); (August);

March 1973 (Covergirl & Centerfold Girl = Ernestine Brodine; Sensual Massage; Diary of a horny Housewife; Permissive Husband syndrome; Burtesque backstage, by Garter Girl Lynne O'Neill; Tuppy Owens Girl photographer; Two Fold-Out Poster Pinups; VG/FN, but with One CENTERFOLD Pinup Poster MISSING; B&W photocopy replacement pages included = $6)

May 1974 (Dee Dee Notel covergirl & Pinup girl; Two Fold-Out Poster Pinups; Andy Warhol's underground superstar Ultra Violet; Bathtubs, Breath Play; Un-Making of a Lesbian; Japanese Adult Wax Museum; Shaved bald girl in Brazil; Burtesque backstage, by Lynne O'Neill; G, but with One CENTERFOLD Pinup Poster MISSING; B&W photocopy replacement pages included, 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" piece missing off BACK cover = $4)

1973 (March); (April); (May); (June); (August);

1974 (February); (May); (September); (October); (November);

1975 (March); (June); (August); (September); (November)

1977 (January; (April)

MEN magazine (Zenith Pub/ Magazine Management - Marvel Pub);

1952 (October); (November); (December);

1953 (January); (February); (March); (April);(May; FN+ = $16.00 ); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); December 1953 (Volume-2 #12; Leone-c; KKK story; Vic Prezio-a; VF = $18);

1954 (January); (February); (March); (May); (June); (September); (October); (Nov, MM); (December);

1955 (Jan, M. Caidin); (April); (June); (July); (August, M. Caidin); (September); (November); (Dec, M. Caidin);

1956 (January); (February); (March, Q. Reynolds); (May); (June); (July); (August, Wade Miller); (September); (October), (December);

1957 (January; Volume-6 #1; Jim Bentley-c/a; Woman in Bondage illo with Dick Powers-a; Raymond Kinstler-a; Gil Cohen-a; G/VG = $12); (March); (July, M. Caidin & Wade Miller); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1958 (February); (March); (April); (May); (June, Rober Block); (August); (October); (December);

1959 (January); (March); (May); (June); (July, Bama cover); (Sept, Bama cover); (October), Bama cover); (November); (December);

1960 (February); (March); (April); (June, Bama cover); (July, Bama cover); (August, Gil Brewer); (September); (Nov, Roald Dahl S.F.); (December);

1961 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (July, Edward Aarons); (August); (September); (October); (November);

1962 (January); (February); (May, Robert Block); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1963 (January); (February); (March, Carter Brown); (April); (June); (July); (August);

1964 (March, Ed McBain); (Apr, Jack vance); (May); (June); (July, Douglas Reeman); (August, A.E. Van Vogt); (Sept, Ellery Queen); (Nov, Max Enrlich);

1965 (Sept, Pierre Boulle); (November);

1966 (May); (June); (July); (August); (November); (December);

1967 (January); (July, Carter Brown); (September);

1968 (Feb, carter Brown); (May); (October);

1969 (January); (Sept, Lawrence Block);

1970 (January); (February); (August); (December);

1971 (Jan, Don Pendleton); (March); (May); (July); (Sept, Don Pendleton);

1972 - March/1972 (Volume-21 #3; 100 Pages; PHOTO-c; Bruce Minney art inside; Prison of Doomed Women; Earl NOREM art inside; Weight = 170 Grams; VG = $10); (June); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1973 (January); (February); (April); (May); (June); (July); (September); (October); (November);

1974 (February); (April); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1975 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (September); October;(November); (December);

1976 (January); (February); (March); (April); (June); (September);

1980 (January);

1981 (June); (November)

1982 (January); (April); (August);

MEN ANNUAL magazine (Zenith Pub/ Magazine Management - Marvel Pub);

1974 (#15); (#16);

1975 (#17);

1976 (#18); (#19);

MEN IN ACTION (Medallion Pub. Corp.);

1955 (March); (June);


1971 (July);

1973 (April); (October);

MEN IN DANGER (Hillman Periodicals)

1955 (September);

1956 (February); (April); (June); (August);

1964 (January); (April); (October);

1965 (April);

MEN'S PICTORIAL (New Publications);

1956 (August);

NAKED TRUTH (Natlus Inc.);

1965 (December);

O.K. FOR MEN (Banner Magazines);

1958 (December);

1959 (April); (June); (August);

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES (Outdoor Adventures Pub.);

1956 (May); (July); (September); (October);

1957 (Sept, John Steinbeck); (Dec, John O'Hara);

1958 (April);

1959 (January);

PERIL (Jeflin Pub. Corp);

1957 (January); (April); (August); (October); (December);

1958 (March); (May; G/VG = $12.00 ); (August); (October); (December);

1959 (February); (April); (September); (November; Volume-3 #5; WITCH DOCTOR Painted cover by BASIL GOGOS (of Famous Monsters fame); Savage Sex Rites of Darkest Africa = Witch Doctors Mutilate Teenage Girls; Prostitution Inc employs 30,000 Harlots = Abduction, Rape & White Slaves; Mad sadist of Dunstable; Living Hell at Camp #3 = JAP prison Camp Horrors; Mike Conways race to the Iron Curtain; singer Peggy Gordon = Profile with Sexy photos; Jackie Miller pictorial; FN+ = $32.00);

1960 (January); (March); (June); (August); (December);

1961 June 1961 (Volume-5 #3; GGA Painted-c with Oriental Girl in Bondage; FN/VF = $16); (October);

1962 (July);

1963 (March);


1961 (March); (June);

PRIZE SEA STORIES (MacFadden – Bartell Corp. Pub.; 100 Pages including Covers)

1964 Spring; (Treasure of Tobermory; Arctic Voyage of the Eastwind; Japs threw us to the Sharks; Across the Atlantic by Rowboat; There were no heroes on the Andrea Doria; Real Moby Dick; War in the Silent World; Bloody Bucko Mate; Saga of the Hornet; Wreck of the Jinxed Schooner; Fleet that sled through a Jungle; Mutiny at Cape Horn; Cape Hatteras Nightmare; Death of an Ironclad; Disaster at Icy Cape; Cover by Ed Valigursky; VG/FN = $15.00)

RAGE (Natlus Inc.);

1961 (June); (December);

REAL (Literary Enterprises);

1952 (October); (November); (December);

1953 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August, Fletcher Flora); (Sept, MM); (October); (November); (December);

1954 (January); (Feb, Fletcher Flora); (March, Fletcher Flora); (Apr, MM); (May); (June); (July); (August); (Sept, MM); (October); (November); (December);

1955 (Feb, MM); (March); (April); (May); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1956 (February); (March); (Apr, Sophia Loren); (May); (June); (July, Jim Thompson & Tina Louise); (August); (Sept, BB); (October); (Dec, M. Caidin & Tina Louise);

1957 (February); (June); November;

1958 (Mar, Paul Gallico & M. Caidin);

1959 (October);

1960 August; the Day CUSTER massacred the Indians-c/s; Death of a City by Martin Caidin from Night Hamburg Died with Norm Saunders art; Pretty Boy Floyd; Peyote Cactus; Page 31-32 is missing, rest is G/VG = $8.00); (October);

1963 (August); (October);

1964 (August);

1965 (November);

REAL ACTION (Four Star Pub.);

1957(June, Harry Harrison); (August); (November);

1958 (January);

REAL ADVENTURE (Hillman Periodicals);

1955 (March); (September);

1956 (January); (July); (November);

1957 (January); (March); (May); (July); (November; FN = $15.00 );

1958 (January); (March, M. Caidin); (May); (July); (Sept, M. Caidin, BB); (November);

1961 (March);

1963 (November);

1971 (April);

REAL COMBAT (Reese Pub.);

1964 (June);

REAL MEN (Stanley Pub.);

1958 (December)

1971 (February);

1972 (May); (September); (November);

1973 (January); (March);

1974 (February);

1975 (February);

RUGGED MEN (Stanley Pub.)

1958 (December);

SAFARI (Animal Life Pub.);

1956 (January); (April); (August); (October); (November)

1957 (February); (August);

1958 - (February0;

SAGA (MacFadden Pub.);

1952 (June; Fireman Cover)

1954 (March);

1956 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June, Fletcher Pratt);(August); (September); (Nov, Sophia Loren); (December);

1957 (January); (May); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1958 (January); (February); (April); (May); (July);September; (October); (November);

1959 (January); (February);March (Charlie Parker; Jimmy Hoffa; Tarawa; Kitty Queen of Deadwood; FN = $14); (April);

(July); (October);

1960 - December;

1961 - October;

1962 - May;

1963 (January); (February); (March); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (Dec, John Fowles);

1964 January (Dwight Eisenhower cover & story; VF = $15); (February); (March); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1965 (Jan, Mickey Spillane); (Mar, Raymond Chandler); (August); (Nov, Alex Haley);

1966 (January); (February); (May);

1967 (September);

1968 (December);

1969 (July);

1970 (August);

1971 (September);

1972 (May); (June); (July); (August);

1973 (October);

1974 (August; November);

1975 (January);

1976 - January;

1977 (Nov, G. Greene);

1979 (October);

SAVAGE (Cape Magazine Management);

1958 (September);

1961 (February);

SEE (Excellent Pub.);

1958 (January; March);


1958 (February; Volume 1 #5);


1957 (November);

1958 (September);

SIR! (Volitant);

1950 (March);

1952 (March); (August);

1953 (October);

1954 (January); (March, Fletcher Flora); (May); (July); (August); October 1954 (H-BOMB Explosion cover; Can the H-BOMB stop SEX story; What ERROYL FLYNN tries to Hide = 6 page article with 7 Photo's; Article about Roy Cohn; Casbah Dancer; VG = $18); (September; “I was Chased by Flying Saucers”); (December);

1955 (March, MM); May 1955 (Bikini Girl cover by Jack Schneider; Boxing story = I'll Split Marciano's Nose by Archie Moore; Woman who died a Man; Rusty Davis at Alaska Night Spot; Jon Laurell art; G/VG = $10); (June); (August); (September); (October);

1956 (January); (Feb, M. Caidin); (March); (June); (August); (September; Ziegfeld girls on cover);

1957 (April); (May); (July); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1958 (January); (February);March 1958 (Nazi's Human Vivisection story; Ripley's Torture museum); (April); May 1958 (Roea-c; Rhino-c/s; Frisco's figure photography; Dity Doills of Oknawa; Magnificent Zulu; Kwai atrocities; I worked on the Bridge at Kwai; VG/FN = $14) (Another Copy - ASK); June   (Man vs Leopard  painted cover by Doug Rosast; VG = $12.00 (Another Copy - ASK);(July); (August); (September); (Nov, BBCV);

1959 (Apr, Tina Louise cover); (July); (October); (November);

1960 (January); (March);

1961 (May); (November; Blonde GIRL laying on floor with bleeding face, as 3 NAZI's Officers laugh, one holding Club, GGA {Good Girl Art} cover; FN $24);

1962 (February); (March); (July); (August);

1964 (May); (November);

1965 (June); (August); (September); (December);

1966 (March); (April); (May); (October), Edward Aarons);

1967 (June); (October);

1968 (January);

1969 (December);

1970 (January); (March); (May); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1971 (March); (April); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1972 (January); (March); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November);

1973 (March); April (25% of the pages are missing; Rest of mag VG+; As is = $1.50); (August);

1974 (May); (July); (August); (December);

1975 May (40% of the pages are missing; Rest of mag VG+; As is = $1.00); July (10% of the pages are missing; Rest of mag VG+; As is = $2.00; Another Copy = ASK); ); August;

1976 (May); (July);

1976 (January);


1953 (Winter);

1958 (Fall);

1959 (Spring);

SOUTH SEA STORIES (Counterpoint Pub; ALL have Painted covers with Girls in Swimsuits;With Nudity, Photo's, Text Stories, illustrations & Cartoons; plus South Seas Playmate Photo section)

1960 (Volume-1 #2; October)ober; Slave Girl Market; Vilent Virgins; JAPS torture Amelia Earhart?; Harem in Hills; Harem Torture; G-String pirate Buccaneer; forbidden Somali Sex Dance;);

1961; (Volume-1 #4; March; Man rescues Topless South Seas Girl as Volcano explores cover; Slave Girls; Amazon Love Slave; Arab Belly Dancers & Prostitution; Women in Pardise; Japan's Bustling Bath Girls; Wenzel-a; VG = $18);


1960 - #1;


1957 (August);

SPORT LIFE (Select Pub. Inc.)

1955 (September)

1956 (December)

1957 (March);

SPORTSMAN (Male Pub. Corp.);

1956 (May); (July); (September); (November);

1967 (January); (March); (May); (August); (November);

1958 (May);

1968 (January);

1965 (May);



SPORT TRAILS (Olympia Pub. Inc.)

1957 (Spring; Volume 2 #1);

STAG magazine (Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Management - Marvel Pub; Stag Pub Co);

1951 (March; Volume 1 #7; FN+ = $22.00 ); (June); (August); (October); (December);

1952 (February); (March, Fletcher Flora); (April); (May); (June); (July, M. Spillane); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1953 (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August, MM); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1954 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May, M. Caidin); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November; (VG/FN = $15.00 ); (December);

1955 (Jan, M. Caidin & Richard E. Byrd); (March); (Apr, M. Caidin); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September; Kunstler-c; FN = $16.00 ); (October); (November); (December);

1956 (March); (July); (September); (Dec, Brett Halliday);

1957 - November;

1958 - July; November;

1959 (April); (June); September); (November);

1960 (February); (March); May; (September); (October);

1961 (January); (June, M. Caidin); December;

1962 (April); (August); (November);

1963 (June); (July); (October);(December; Michael Avallone; Schultz-c; Kunstler & Copeland-a; 2x2” Coupon out of page 7-8; 2-Pairs of Hole Punched Holes at top of cover & pages 1-8, Piece off Bottom Right Corner of BACK cover, FAIR, reading copy = $8.00);

1964 (Jan, Jack Vance); (Feb, M Caidin); (Apr, M. Caidin); (June); (July); (August, M. Caidin); (September); (December);

1965 (January); (February); (March); (April); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November); (December);

1966 (January); (February); (April); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1967 (January); (February); (March); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (November);

1968 (January); (February); (March); (May); (June); (July, Lawrence Block); (August); (September); (October); (December);

1969 (Jan, M. Caidin & Victor Canning); (February); (March); (May); (June, M. Caidin); (July); (October); (November);

1970 (April); (May); (July);

1971 (February); (May); (July);

1972 (February); (July); (September);

1973 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); November (Photo cover; Art by Bruce Minney, Earl Norem, Samson Pollen; Weight = 175 Grams; G/VG = $12)

1974 (January); (February); (March); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1975 (January); (February); (March, "Jaws" Peter Benchley); (Apr, Isaac Asimov); (May); (June, 'Odessa File' Frederick Forsyth); (July); (August); (October); (November); (December);

1976 (February); (March); (April); (June); (July);

1978 (October), (November);

1979 (January, March; April, June; July; August )

1980 (October); (December); 1980 (July; Canadian Edition);

1981 (January); (March; Stags Angels; Porn Stars; Vanessa Del Rio, Veri Knotti, Susan Nero); (October);

1986 (March);

1988 (April);

1993 (July); (September);

1992 (Holiday);

1993 (January);

1995 (July);

1999 (February),(May); (August);

STAG ANNUAL magazine (Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Managment - Marvel Pub);

#12 (1972; 134 pages; Death-Race with Aramec Cannibals; Erotic Man; Sex & Sin Joy Ride in USA; Bike tramp & Heathens Gang; Hitlers #1 Sex Castle; Man-Killing Dogs; 4 page PUSSYCAT comics strip "the Hostess with the Mostest")

#13 ( (1972);

#14 (1972)

#15 (1973; 136 Pages including covers; PHOTO & Painted cover; Gold Fever Tapes by MICKEY SPILLANE; Interior Art by Emmett Kaye, Earl Norem, Monroe James; 4 pages of PUSSYCAT Comics = Mooney-a?; Weight = 230 Grams; 4 pages of PUSSYCAT Comics = Mooney-a, Leiber-s; FA/G =$16; ask)

#17 (1974); #18 (1975); #19 (1975), 20(1976);


1968 (#NN);

TARGET (V.I.P. Pub.);

1961 (October); (December);

1962 (April);


1971 (May);

TRUE (Country Press Inc.);

1944 - June;

1946 – (April); (June);

1948 (Nov, P.Gallico & D. Mannix, Fawcett Pub.);

1950 (Apr., P. Gallico, Fawcett Pub.); (October);( November);

1952 (February; September; October; November; December);

1953 (March; April; June); (Aug, D. Mannix); (October), Fletcher Pratt);

1954 (April); (May, Remington cover); July; September;

1974 - November;

1976 - January

TRUE (Fawcett);

1955 (May);(October);(December);

1956 (January); (Feb, Heminway cover); (June); (August);

1957 (May, D. Mannix); (July); (August);

1958 (Feb, J. Michener & D. Mannix); (March); (April); (July, D. Mannix); (September); (October); (Nov, D.Mannix);

1959 (Feb, C.S. Forester & D. Mannix); (March); (June); (September); (October); (November);

1960 (January); (February); (July, D. Mannix); (September); (October); (November);

1961 (Feb, in silver cover Mannix, Hemingway); (March); (June, D. Mannix); (July, D. Mannix);(August; Gentleman was a thief); (October; Last train Over Rostov Bridge), M. Caidin); (Dec, D. Mannix; Psychic by Peter Hurkos);

1962 (February; Kalahari) (March; How to spot a Hustler's Swindle by John Scarne); (April); (May; The Secret War Between U.S.A. and Russia); (June); (July, D. Mannix; My Life in Court by Louis Nizer); (August; The case for Polygamy);(September); (October; My Life with Africa's Wild Lions by Norman Carr); (November); (December)

1963 (Feb, Steinbeck & D.Mannix); (March); (Apr, D.Mannix); (May, D.Mannix' Bill Veeck Exposes Baseball's Inept Mangers); (August, Q.Reynolds); (September); (October), D. Mannix); (Nov, F.Mowat; I Lived with Wolves); (December);

1964 (March); (May, D.Mannix & Auram Davidson); (July); (September); (November);

1965 (Feb, D.Mannix); (March, D. Mannix); (May, D. Mannix); (July); (August; My Shadow ran fast); (September); (October); (Nov, D. Mannix); (December);

1966 (Jan, D.Mannix & Tony Hillerman; Inside the LBJ); (Feb, Mannix: Asimov Gallico' Asimov, Bocca, Browne; Conrad; Gallico; Hynd; Mannix; Trueblood); (March); (April); (May); (July); (August, F.Mowat); (September); (November); (Dec, D.Mannix);

1967 (Jan, D.Mnnix); (March, D.Mannix); (April); (July; The Seventh Step by Bill Sands); (August; How a U.S. Guerrilla Double-Crossed Castro (September); (December);

1968 (Jan, Tony Hillerman); (February); (March, D. Mannix); (Apr, James Bond 'Colonel Sun'); (September); (October); (November); (December);

1969 (January); (February); (March); (May, D. Mannix); (June); (July); (Sept, Namath cover); (October); (November);

1970 (January); (April); (June, D. Mannix); (July, Arthur C. Clarke); (Nov, P.Gallico); (December);

1971 (March Ernest K. Gann); (Apr, D. Mannix); (June); (July, John Wayne cover); (Nov, Evil Knievel & D. Mannix);

1972 (February); (March); (Apr, Arthur C. Clarke); (May); (June); (September); (October); (December);

1973 (January); (September); (October); (December);

1974 (January); (June, MM); (September); (December);

1975 (January); (April); (May); (June); (July); (August); (September);

TRUE ACTION (Official Com. Inc/ MALE pub / Magazine Managment - Marvel Pub);

1959 (January);

1964 (February);

1965 (June); (December; Volume-10 #4; "Diamonds bigger than Baseballs in Arkansas" by Mario Cleri {Pseudonym of Mario PUZO} = 2-1/2 page Non-Fiction article on GEM Hunting with PHOTO's; ** Also with; Martin Fass, Nick Quarry, John Stark & Charles Boswell; ** Weight = 155 Grams; overall VG+, but moderate writing on cover & Creasing at bottom of Cover, thus G/VG = $24);

1966 (January); 1966; (July; Volume-11 #4; "Let's Splinter the Gates of Rome" by Mario Cleri {Pseudonym of Mario PUZO} = 6 page Non-Fiction WWII War article, with PHOTO's; ** Also with; Martin Fass; Art by Gil Cohen & Baginski; ** Weight = 145 Grams; FN = $24);

1966; (September; Volume-11 #5; GGA / Good GIRL Art in Lingerie & American hold 4 NAZI's prisoners at gunpoint cover; "Red Marston's Amazing Island of Wild Young Blondes" Exotic True Fiction adventure by Mario Cleri {Pseudonym of Mario PUZO} = 7 page, with art by Charles Copeland & with Photo's; ** Art by Gil Cohen & Charles Copeland; ** Weight = 150 Grams; G/VG = $18);

1967; (July; Volume-14 #4; GIRLS in Lingerie-c; "Ambush in the House of 1000 Joys" = Exotic Fiction adventure, by Mario Cleri {Pseudonym of Mario PUZO} = 8 pages, with art by Earl Norem; ** Art by Charles Copeland; *** Weight = 140 Grams; VG+ = $22); (November);

1970 (April); (August);

1971 (April);

1972 (August);

1973 (April); (December);

1974 (April); (August); (October);

1975 (April); (June); (August);

1976 (February); (April); (June); (August); (October);

1976 (August);

1977 - January;

TRUE ADVENTURES (New Publications Inc.);

1955 (September); (November);

1956 (March); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1957 (March); (May); (Sept, Jim Thompson?);

1958 (January); (March); (May); (June); (August); (October), Norman Mailer); (Dec, Ellery Queen);

1959 (Feb, Norman Mailer); (Apr, Thomas Thompson); (October), Donald Barr Chidsey);December 1959 (Island Gilrs GGA cover by Norm Eastman; GGA inside by Bill Dula & Walter Popp; Gerry Powell-a; VG = $12);

1960 (April); (August);

1961 (August); (December);

1962 (February); April 1962 (Topless Girl in Bondage as Man fights Lion cover & story with GGA by Victor A Prezio; GGA inside by Norm Saunders, Shannon Sternweis); June 1962 (cover by Rafael DeSoto; Street of the Living Dead in Kowloon; GGA inside by Bruce Minney, Norm Saunders & Ted Lewis; Lives & Loves of Circus FREAKS);

1964 - February;

1966 (February);

1968 (December);

TRUE MEN (Feature Pub. Inc.);

1956 (December);

1957 (October);

1958 (February); (April); (June); (August); (December);

1959 (February); (April); (June);

1960 (April); (June); (August);September 1960 (Volume-4 #7; Girl with Noose around Neck about to Hang GGA-c; Nice GGA/Good Girl art inside); (December);

1961 (March); (May); (July); (September); (November);

1962 (March);(November);

1963 (October);

1966 (July);

1967 (Sept; Nazi Tortune);

1968 (February);

1969 (February);

1972 (April); (June); (August);

1973 (February);

1974 (July); (October); (December);

1975 (February);

TRUE PHOTO MAGAZINE (Sterling Group Inc.)

1956 (#1 “10 Disasters That Shook the World”);

TRUE STRANGE (Weider Periodicals);

1957 (October), Anita Ekberg cover); (Dec, E.A.Poe);

1958 (Feb, Sophia Loren cover & A.E.Poe);

TRUTH (Handicraft Pub.);

1958 (March);

VALOR (Skye Pub.);

1957 (June);

1958 (Dec, A. Conan Doyle's Son, Adrian);

1959 (February); (April); (June); (August); (October); (December);

WILDCAT (Candar Pub. Co.);

1960 (March);

1966 (January);

1967 (March); (May);

1968 (May);

1970 (Mar, Sherlock); (May); (September);

1971 (March);

1972 (March); (May); (July); (September);

1973 (January); (March);

1974 (January); (July); (November);

1975 (January); (March);


1971 (Winter);

1973 (Summer);

1974 (Summer); (Fall); (Winter);

1975 (Summer);

WIDE WORLD (George Newnes Ltd. U.K.)

1952 (January);

1953 (October);

1962 (February);

WORLD OF MEN (Emtee Pub.);

1963 (January; Volume-1 #1; Nazi's, Girls with Guns & Prisoners cover, with Tank; Adequate GGA "Good Girl Art" Cover);


(March; Girls in shredded skimpy clothing with machine Guns cover VERY Nicely Done, ABOVE average quality "Good Girl Art");

(September 1972 (Girl in Bondage, with Snake & Biker Gang GGA / Good Girl Art cover; overall VG, but Ad section Clipped on page 57-58, reattached with Magic Tape, thus Good = $8.00)


(January; Skimpy torn clothing Girl in jungle river, Man attacked by Snake Nicely Done, average quality GGA / Good Girl Art Painted cover; VF = $18.00);

(November; Topless Girl in Bondage over Fire, with chains over nipples, in shredded skimpy pants, as Evil Cult Man is about to attack with Long Dagger; VERY Nicely Done, ABOVE average quality GGA / Good Girl Art Painted Cover; FN/VF = $16.00);



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EMAIL Credit Card Info; we highly recommend sending information, split into THREE separate E-Mail's for safety (Number the emails so we reassemble them in correct order)   (This is very fast & easy; 1000's of previous customers have paid in this way for many years. This is the most common & safe method our customers use to make payments);
( A )  Send first 8 digits in email #1,

( B ) send second 8 digits in email #2 and

( C ) send EXPIRY DATE, and Security / Validation Code (3 Digit number on the BACK of the Card, if there is one) in email #3; 

*** BE SURE to Send your complete SHIPPING address [It is a good idea to include your PHONE number in case problems arise]. 

*** PLEASE, Double check the numbers before sending (it is very easy to make a single digit error); 

>> OR, you can; PHONE it in; ( PHONE; 1-204-346-3674 );  TEXT it in; ( PHONE; 1-204-392-6686 );

( 3 ); MONEY ORDERS, CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS & BANK DRAFTS; [Note; We have a USA Bank Account; THUS we CAN accept USA domestic MONEY ORDER's (7-11, Western union, post office, etc)]; >> For USA buyers = international MO's are NOT required; So do NOT waste money on the extra fees;

** FOREIGN & OVERSEAS orders, MUST send International MONEY ORDERS or BANK DRAFTS only;

( 4 ); WESTERN UNION; They Require that You send the Money in the Currency of the Country it is sent to, thus Convert the USA Funds Total into the current Equivalent in CANADIAN FUNDS; PROVIDE me with your full Name, shipping Address & Local Phone Number;  Payment needs to be made to; Doug Sulipa;  Send me via WESTERN UNION Tracking Number Information in TWO emails (for SAFETY);

( 5 ); Bank WIRE TRANSFER (Purchases over $500.00); Faster & Easier to Convert the Total to the Equivalent in CANADIAN FUNDS; ASK for FULL Details;

( 6 ); USA Funds CASH (Maximum of $50.00 for safety; We do NOT accept responsibility for LOST CASH, as we do not know if you actually sent it; But Note that 99.9% does arrives safely; Please send NO money in coins, as it rips envelopes; Many Overseas Customers have successfully sent Larger amounts of CASH by REGISTERED Mail.
( 7 ); PERSONAL or Business CHECKS; [We accept CHECKS drawn on USA & CANADA Banks ONLY; YOUR NAME or your Company name MUST be Printed on the CHECK (generic Counter Checks are NOT accepted); *** $75.00 or LESS, we ship immediately; Canada CHECKS from $75.01 and UP take 3-4 weeks to CLEAR, before we will ship; USA CHECKS from $75.01 and UP take 6-8 WEEKS to CLEAR, before we will ship; NO Exceptions, due to many BAD experiences;



>> Note; USA letters to Canada, need $1.25 in stamps;
Send to & make payment to;

Doug Sulipa's COMIC WORLD
BOX 21986



Land Line Phone; 1-204-346-3674

TEXT us at;  1-204-392-6686


ALL Prices in USA Funds, Unless otherwise Noted;



I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an OVERSTREET Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 44 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972); >> Read my Annual OVERSTREET MARKET REPORTS;  (Overstreet #45 = AD on pages 228; ** See my 10 Page Market Report on Pages 171-180);  (Overstreet #44 = AD on pages 228 & 1092; ** See my 11 Page Market Report on Pages 163-174);  (Overstreet #43,  Market Report on pages 138-142,  AD on page 194); (Overstreet #42 AD on page 188 & 250); (Overstreet #41,  AD on page 184 & 236);  I am an original member on the Board of Advisors to CBCA {Comic Book Collecting Association} Comic Pros with the common-sense Code of Ethics, in the Comics Community.



We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2010, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2010 ] [250,000 MAGAZINES, ALL types] [250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [60,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 x 33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP Records] [40,000 x 45 RPM Vinyl 7Single Records] [8,000 Music Cassette Tapes] [15,000 VHS Movies] [15,000 POSTERS; MOVIE One Sheets (1950's-1990's), VIDEO Store (1980s-1990's) & 10,000 Chain store types (1970's-early 1990's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! >> 600,000 Pounds of inventory jam packed into an 8000 Square Foot Warehouse! So much material, we will NEVER get it all catalogued! BUT you can view our HUGE inventory lists at our website =

SEND YOUR WANT LISTS [Please Limit to SERIOUS WANTS & Limit the number of items, to 30 or Less MOST WANTED items; Filling Want Lists is Time Consuming, We reply ASAP;

ORDER Multiple Items ALL from one seller; (1) SAVE on POSTAGE; (2) SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive Items PROPERLY GRADED by Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed;



Please allow 7-10 DAYS for your Snail Mail LETTERS to arrive since you are sending to Canada. (MOST arrive in 7 days average); We ship Mail orders within 24 hours of Payment

(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa