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1GOLD PROSPECTOR ( Gold Prospector Assn of America Pub.) -

1984 - (February; "Bessie" Dredge No.5);

2003 - (January/February; Special 23rd Annual Alaska Edition);


1955 (A Fawcett How-To Book #279 by Harry Hursh);

LOST TREASURE ( True Treasure Pub. Inc. Pub.) -

1976 - (June; Volume 1 #7; "Lost Gold Cache of the Ruggles Brothers"); (October; Volume 1 #11; 'Lure of lasseter's Reef");

1977 (March; Coral Encrushed Ancient Spanish Coins Found on Texas Coast);

1980 (April; 'Speldom Hunted Sites Discovered Underwater');

1994 - (November; 1910 Era Gold Rush Cabin); (December; Some of the Treasures Found in Illinois Valley);

1995 - (January; rare Coins - Where to Hunt and How to Find Them);

TREASURE (Modern Cycle Pub. Co. Inc. Pub.); -

1970 - (April; Volume 1 #1; 'Treasure Hunter's Guide"); (October; Volume 1 #3; "Dry Washing"); (December; Volume 1 #4; "Pre-Columbian Artifacts"/ "Utah's lost Silver");

1971 - (February; Volume 1 #5; "Oklahoma's Buried Millions"); (October; Volume 2 #3; "Dos Cabezas Treasure"/ 'The Saga of Hastings, Maine"); (December; Volume 2 #4; "The Outlaw Loot of Silas Doty");

1972 - August; Volume 3 #2; 'Treasure and the Law");

1974 - (May; Volume 5 #5; "Secrets of Don Pepper"/ "Nevada's Relic and Coinshooting Paradise');

1975 - (Summer; "Cape Cod Pirate Cache"/ "Great Lakes Treasure Found"); (November; "Arizona's Colossal Treasure Vault"/ "New Mexico Fort Site Found);

1976 - (September; "New Beale Treasure Facts"/ "Utah's Gilsonite Ghost Towns"); (October; Civil War Relics from the battle of Shiloh);

1978 (March; Richard ray - Professional Treasure Hunter); (April; "Fantastic Tresures of the Fertile Crecent"); (September; "The Truth About Pegleg's Lost Treasure"/ "Island of Treasure - Long Key"); (October; "Clues to the Whitehall Treasure"/ "Treasure Merchanet Joel Malter");

1979 - (January; "Lost Gold at Doubtful pass"/ "Clues to the Pay Stage cache"); (March; "Alex Crocky's Lost Gold"/ "Rattlesnake Dick's Missing $40,000"); (May; "Loong Beasch Spanish Coins Found"/ "Jake Fate's Lost Thunder Mug Coins"); (June; "Find the Ashley Gang's Cache"/ "New Clues to San Saba's Siler Bars"); (August; "Clues to Cheyenne Joe's Cave of Gold"/ "The Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan"); (October: "Utah's Princeless Hoard"); (November; "New Evidence Confirms Lost Louisiana Site");

1980 - (August; "The Lost Creek Gold Hoard Pieces"); (December; "Treasure Chests of gasparilla"/ "245 Boxcars of Confederate Arms Found");

1981 - (June; "Pirate Loot Recovered"/ "Idaho's City of Rocks Treasures");

TRESURE FOUND! (Jess Pub. Co. Inc.) -

1977 (Summer; Tutankhamen Treasures Tour U.S.A.);

1978 (Spring; "Profile of Treasure Hunter Jim Christensen"/ "Priceless Jug From the Mayflower");

1980 (Fall; "Colonial Era History Unearthed");

TREASURE HUNTER'S DIGEST (Digest Books Inc. Pub.) -

1975 - (How and Where to Find Hidden Treasure by Jack Lewis; tpb; 288 pages);

TREASURE SEARCH (Jess Pub. Co. Inc. Pub.)

1973; (Summer; Volume 1 #1; "Great Lakes Billion Dollar Treasure"/ Florida's Silver Fleet"/ "Spanish Treasure Near las Vegas"; FN/VF = $19.00);

1973; (Fall; Volume 1 #2; "Last Treasure Maps of the Sundance Kid"/ "Nevada Ghost Town Bonanza"; VG/FN = $12.00);

1974;  (February; Volume 2 #1; "New Data on the Lost Adams"/ "Bodie's $25,000 Gold Coin Stash"; VG/FN = $10.00);

1974;   (April; Volume 2 #2; "Treasure Recovered from 1715 Plate Fleet"/ "Texas Hamilton Washington Treasure"; FN = $12.00);

1974;   (June; Volume 2 #3; "New Facts on Undergrond River of Gold"/ Louisiana Coffin Loot"; FN/VF = $14.00);

1974;   (August; Volume 2 #4; "Texas Brass Spike Cache"/ "Tricke to Locate Untapped Treasue Site"; FN = $12.00);

1974; (October; Volume 2 #5; "Clue's to Virginia's $300,000 Treasure"/ "49er Treasure Found"/ "How to Find Arkansas Diamond's; FN/VF = $14.00);

1975; (February; Volume 3 #1; 'New facts about Drake's Bay Treasures"/ "Search Contines for Rare Yocum Dollars"; FN = $10.00);

1975; (June; Volume 3 #3; "Oregon's Mysterious $20,000 Treasure"/ "Keys to Finding Florida's Riverboats Relics"; VG = $8.00);

1975;  (August; Volume 3 #4; "Montana's Chinese Gold"/ "Western Bevada Ghost Town Guide"; G/VG = $7.00);

1975; (December; Volume 3 #6; "New Jersey Treasury Sites'/ "Utah's Red Gold"/ "Treasure is His Business-Roy Volker"; FN = $10.00);

1980 - (August; Volume 8 #4; $4,000,000 Communion Set Uncoverered"/ "Ghosts of Swansea"; FN/VF = $10.00);

TREASURE TRAILS OF THE OLD WEST ( True Treasure Pub. Inc.) -

1973 (Winter; Volume 1 #1; "Lost Keys Mine"/ "San Augustin Treasure") (Spring; Volume 1 #2; "Breyfogle's Gold"/ "Treasure Cavern of Kokoweef"/ "Lost Chisos Mine"); (Summer; Volume 1 #3; Hall City Cabe Treasure"/ "Plummer's Lost Loot"/ "The Gold Lake Legend");

1974 - (Winter; Volume 2 #1; "Try Waucoba Mountain"/ "Idaho Treasure Round-Up"/ "Missing Clrk County Cache"); (Spring; Volume 2 #2; "Mystery of the Watergate-TV Treasure"/ "Victoria Peak Treasure"/ "Lost Van Mine"); (Fall; Volume 2 #4; Mud Lake's Vanished Treasure" ? Chief Yahola's Missing Chest of Gold"/ "Treasure at Horsehead Crossing");

TREASURE WORLD; LONG JOHN LATHAM'S (Treasure World Pub. Co. Inc. Pub.; NON-FICTION = ALL Stories about Lost Mines, and Buried or Sunken Treasures are TRUE) –

1970; (March; Volume-4 #2; Whole #23; "Rich; Lost Placer of the Turtle Mountains"/ "Arkankas Artifacts"/ "Confederate Gold in Florida"; FN/VF = $12.00);

1970; (July; Volume-4 #7; Whole #27; "Treasure of the Nag's Head Bankers"/ "Treasure at Indian Key"/ "Lost Gold of San Felipe Creek"; VG = $8.00);

1970;  (November; Volume-4 #11; Whole #31; Diving for Bottles in the Florida Keys"/ 'Jimmy Angel's Lost Treasure on Devil's Mountain"; VG/FN = $10.00);

1971; (March; Volume-5 #3; Whole #35; 'Lost Cherokee Gold of the Appalachians"/ "Lake Huran Treasure Ship"; FN/VF = $12.00);

1971; (July; Volume-5 #7; Whole #39;  "Steinheimer's Missing Millions"/ "Missing Jewel Cache in Missouri"/ "Missing Gold in Indiana"; FN = $10.00);

1972; (May; Volume-6 #5; Whole #49; "Lost Gold of Bicuner"/ "Lost Silver Mines of the Kiamichi"/ "Sunken Treasure at Dipper Harbor"; FN = $10.00);

1972;  (September; Volume-6 #9; Whole #53; ""The Pack Train Robbery Treasure"/ "The Spider Rock Treasure"/ "Reported $88,000 Find in East Texas"; FN = $10.00);

1972;   (November; Volume-6 #11; Whole #55; "Unusual Find in Arizonas Skeleton Canyon"/ " Lost Treasure Cache of the Custer Massacre"; VG/FN = $9.00);

1973; (January; Volume-7 #1; Whole #57; "Treaure Ship of the Deleware Capes"/ "Great Lost Treasure of Fort Huachusa"; VG/FN = $9.00);

1973; (March; Volume-7 #3; Whole #59; "Dutch Schultz'a Missing $7 Million Cache"/ "Elusive Gold of the San Juan River"; VF = $12.00);

1973; (May; Volume-7 #5; Whole #61; "Pioneer Treasures of the Forty Mile Desert"/ "Lost Devil's Head Gold"/ "The Burro-Shoe Treasue of Jesse James"; FN = $10.00);

1973; (July; Volume-7 #7; Whole #63; "Missing Loost in Mexioan Pocket"/ "Treasures of the Mission Santa Ysabel"; FN = $10.00);

1974; (January; Volume-8 #1; Whole #69;  "Does the Castle Gap Treaury Relly Exist?"/ "Lost Cabin Mine of the Seven Swedes"; FN = $10.00);

1974; (March; Volume-8 #3; Whole #71;  Pat Fowler and Cynthia Meyers Metal Detect on Florida's Jensen Beach/ "Jim Barnett's Mystery Outlaw Loot"/ "Ingall's Lost Treasure"; VF = $12.00);

1974; (May; Volume-8 #5; Whole #73;  "Wild Bill Hickok's Unwitting Cache"/ "Treasure Trove at Currituck Sound"; VF = $12.00);

1974;  (July; Volume-8 #7; Whole #75;   "Lost padre Mine of the Santa Lucias"/ "Starved Rock Treasure of Tonti, the Iron Hand"; VG = $8.00);

1974; (September; Volume-8 #9; Whole #77;  "Lost Indian Silver Mine in Arkansas"/ "Echo Canyon Treasue"/ "Saga of San Saba"; VF = $12.00);

1974; (November;  Volume-8 #11; Whole #79;  "Big Foot Wallace's Forgotten Texas Gold"/ "Has Part of the Reynold's Loot Been Found? ; VG = $8.00);

1975; (January; Volume-9 #1; Whole #81;  Pennsylvania's Lost Indian Silver Mine"/ Pirate Treasure of the Corn Island"/ "Lafitte's Lost Faro Cache"; VF = $12.00);

1975; (May; Volume-9 #5; Whole #85;  "Georgetown's Lost Yankee Gold"/ "Civil War Sites in Oklahoma"/ "Bill Northrop's Lost Cache"; G/VG = $6.00);

TRUE TREASURE: LONG JOHN LATHAM'S ( True Treasure Pub. Inc. Pub.)

1966 - (Winter; Volume 1 #2; 'Phantom Gold of Into's Saline Valley"/ "Breyfogle's Gold: Mine or Myth?"; Eugene Shortridge Painted cover art; SCARCE Early issue; VG/FN = $14.00);

1967 -  (Fall Volume 1 #4; "Rogers Lake Loot"/ "Iron Treasure Fleet"; Eugene Shortridge Painted cover art; SCARCE Early issue;  overall VG, but with 3” x 3” Paper-Pull Area at Bottom Left Corner of BACK cover thus Good = $7.00);

1968 - (April; "Pointers for the Amateur Prospector"/ "The Lost Dutchmen"); (June; "Secret Treasure Code of the Blue Ridge"/ "Lost Lead Mine of Buckshitawa");

1969 (February; "Bonnie and Clyde's Missing Bank Loot"/ "Secrets of Devil's Canyon and its Gold");

1970 (April; "John D. Lee's Secret Mine"/ "Government Sources of Treasure Information"); (October; "Missing Tres Piedras Gold"/ "Ben Sublett's Lost Mine - Did it Ever Exist?"/ "Treasure at Inverloch"); (December; "Special Gold Issue"/ "Gold Producing Areas of the U.S.A."/ "Tips for Amateur");

1971 (October; "Seal Pirate's Missing Gold"/ "Lost Mine on Hunter's Creek"/ "Breyfogle's Paiute Gold");

1972 (August; "Charlie Wilson's Missing Cache"/ "The Spider Rock Treasure"); (October; Col. Frisby's Lost Treasure"/ "Utah's Fabulous Lost Josephine"); (December; "New Look at the Lost Breyfogle"/ "A Horse Thiefs Treasure");

1973 (February; "Madison John's missing Gold"/ "Lost Gold of Kuna Cave"); (April; "Sheep Creek Stattion's Lost Gold"/ "Buried Loot at Robber's Roost"/ "Beale Code No. 3 Deciphered); (June; "Missing Treasure on Birch Creek"/ "The Donner Tragedy - and Treasure"); (August; "Lost Wire Gold of Willow Creek"/ "Buried Loot at Red Rock"); (December; "The Belle Star Big-Head Treasure"/ "Buried Gold at Jarbridge"/ "Treasure of Sebastion Inlet");

1974 - (February; "Laverdure's Lost Lode"/ "Treasures of Wellfleet"/ "Elusive Lost San Saba Mine"); (April; "Utah's Overlooked Outlaw Cache"/ "Secrets of the Gravestones"); (June; 'Missing Treasure of the Ashley Gang"/ "Treasure at Yuma Crossing"); (August; "Tarzan is Lost!/ "Seldom Seen Slim's Two Lost Mines"/ "Lost Placer of Four Peaks"); (October; "Keelboat Pirate Treasure of the Mississippi"/ "Lekain's Lost Treasure of Utah's Robber's Roost"/ "Tsegi's Lost Gold"/ "Buried Treasure of Rancho De Los Yumas");

1975 - (June - "Missing Treasure of the McNitt Massacre"/ "Black Jack's Missing Cimarron Gold Cache"); (october "New York City - Treasure Hunter's Paradise"/ "Lost Silver mine in West Virginia");

WESTERN AND EASTERN TREASURE ( People's Pub. Co. Inc. Pub.) -

1983 - (July; Volume-17 #7; "Researching Your Locale"; VG/FN = $8.00);

1985 - (November; Volume-19 #11; "Mel Fisher's $400 Million Treasure"; FN = $8.00);

1986 - (April; Volume-20 #4; "North Carolina Emerald Mines"/ "Famous Mason Jars"/ "Prime Old Coin Locations"; VG/FN = $8.00);


WESTERN TREASURES MAGAZINE ( Magazine Distributors Pub.);

1968 - (June;  Volume-3 #5; "Tyopa - Book Length Feature"/ "Arizona's Big Antelope Placer"/ "California's Lost Gold Buttons"; VG/FN = $14.00);

WORLD OF TREASURES ( International Digest inc. pub.)

1982 (April; "Arrowhead Hunting at Metate Rock"/ "Treasure Hunting - Consistent Success in the Field');


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