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JUVENILE DELINQUENCY & DRUGS – Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (BAD Girls & Boys; Teenagers; Reform School; Beat Generation; Gangs; Runaways; Narcotics; Marijuana; Hemp; Hashish; Addicts; LSD; Weed; Heroin; Needles; Junkie's; Cocaine) – FICTION & Non-Fiction BOOKS inventory -

ADAIR, JAMES R. (Ed.) - “Unhooked” (Dramitic Stories of Addicts who kicked the habit; Baker Book House; 1971);

AICHHORN, AUGUST - “Wayward Youths (A Psychoanalytic Study of Delinquent Children; Meridian Books M5);

MGNEW, DEREK - “Undercover Agent – Narcotics” (From the files of interpol and many other countries; with photos; Corgi books GG965; 1961);

ALGREN, NELSON - “The Jungle” (A novel of lawless youth; Avon T-185); *** “The Man with the Golden Arm” (Novel of Drug addiction; Pocket book 757; 1951; Cardinal edition C-31;; 1951; Crest Book T727); *** “never Come Morning” (Novel of juvenile delinquency; Avon T-223; Avon T-108);

ALLEN, RICHARD - “Knuckle Girls” (Novel of male Juvenile Delinquency; NEL 1971; photo cover );

ANDERSON, EDWARD – 'Thieves Like Us” (Novel of Juvenile Delinquency; Berkley Books G-130, 1958);

ANDREWS, GEORGE/ VINKENOOG, SIMON - “The Book of Grass” (An anthology of Indian Hemp; Penguin, 1972);

APPEL, BENJAMIN - “Dock Walloper” (Juvenile Delinquency, Drugs; Lion Books 166; 1953);

BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - “The Poem of Hashish” (with Gautier, Theophile “The Hashish Club”; Drugs; Perennial Library P215; 1971);

BENNETT, ALAN - “Savage Delinquents” (photo cover; Juvenile Delinquency; MacFadden Books 60-360; 1968);

BENTON, JOHN - “Teenage Runaway” (Young Girls on the Run; Fleming H. Revell; 1976);

BERNARD, WILLIAM - “Jailbait” (Juvenile Delinquency, Popular Giant G321; 1959);

BESTIC, ALAN - “Turn me on, Man” (The world of the Teenage drug addict; Award Books A3185; 1985);

BINGHAM, CARSON - “The Gang Girls” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; monarch Books 372; 1963 ); *** “Run, Tough, Run hard” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Monarch Books 487; 1964);

BLOOMQUIST, DR. E.R. - Marijuana” (A history; Glencoe Press; 1968);

BRADEN, WILLIAM - “The Private Sea / LSD and the search for God” (New theology behind the mind expanding drug movement; bantam Books N3733; 1968);

BRALY, MALCOLM - “Felony Tank” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Star Books; No Date );

BRINCOURT, ANDRE - “The Paradise Below the Stairs” (Bantams 1169; 1953);

BRISLEY, JOYCE LANKESTER (Story & Art) – MARIGOLD IN GODMOTHER'S HOUSE (George G. Harrap and Co.; 1944; First Canadian printing of the 1934 UK Book; 95 pages; small Paperback sized softcover; RARE Title; EX-LIBRARY copy, Creasing to Covers thus FA/G, pages 47-50 are missing = $9.00);

BRITAIN, SLOANE M. -The Needle" (Drug Addicts; Good Girl Art = Redhead Girl in Lingerie; "Drugged & Depraved"; Beacon B237, 1959; VG = $39);

BROWN, WENZELL - “The Big Rumble” (Juvenile Delinquency; Popular Library 685; 1955); “Gang Girl” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon 722; 1954); *** “Run, Chico, Run” (jv/sl; Good Girl Art; Gold Medal 292; 1953);

BRUCE, LEO - “Death of a Bovver Boy” (Juvenile Delinquency drugs; News Books; 1976);

BURNHAM, CREIGHTON BROWN - “Born Innocent” (Behind the walls of a girls reformatory; Pyramid G414; 1959);

CAIN, NICK - “The Addict” (Drugs; All Star Novel AS 110; 1966);

CALITRI, CHARLES - “Strike Heaven on the Face” (Juvenile Delinquency; Signet D1746; 1959);

CARTER, ALEX - “High School Jungle” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Softcover Library B859X; 1965);

CASHMAN, JOHN – The LSD Story” (Comprehensive Drug Report);

CASREIL, DR. DANIEL - “The Story of Synanon” (Drugs; Book Co. Of America 006; 1963);

CHABER, M.E. - “The Acid Nightmare” (Juvenile Delinquency; drugs; Papreback Library 64-757; 1972);

CHAPLIN, MICHAEL - “I Couldn't Smoke the Grass on my Father's Lawn” (jv/sl Drugs; Ballantine U5090; 1967); (Ballantine 01539; 1969);

CLARIDGE, GORDON - “Drugs and Human Behavior” (Pelican Books; 1972);

CLIFTON, BUD - “The Bad Girls” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Pyramid Books G617; 1961); *** D for Delinquent (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art cover; Ace D-270; 1958; "Jailbait Age"; G/VG = $65);

COOPER, JR., CLARENCE L. - “The Scene" (Drugs; Crest Giant D453; 1960; A hard hitting novel of the world of drug addicts in New York City written by an Afro-American author and including a glossary of unfamiliar jargon of junkies, pushers, stoolies, pimps, killers, and dirty cops. FN+, near new = $20);

COOPER, COURTNEY RYLEY - “Teen-age Vice” (Juvenile Delinquency Drugs; Pyramid Giant G43; 1952); (Juvenile Delinquency Drugs; photo cover; Pyramid Giant G127; 1952); (Juvenile Delinquency Drugs; Good Girl Art; Pyramid Books 551; 1958);

CORLEY, EDWIN - “Acapulco Gold” (Drugs; Warner 59-275; 1974);

COUNSEL, FIRTH - “Juvenile Jungle” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Avon T-219; 1957);

DENZER, PETER W. - “I'm No Good” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Popular Library 744; 1956);

DE ROO, EDWARD - “The Fires of Youth” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Ace S-105; 1955); *** The Little Ceasars” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art cover; Ace D-486; 1961; Teen-age Gangsters & their Girls; FN $25); **** “The Little Ceasars” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art cover; Ace D-486; 1961; Teen-age Gangsters & their Girls; Vertical crease in Middle of cover, thus G/VG $9);

DE ROPP, ROBERT S. - “Drugs and the Mind” (Drugs; Black Cat BC-7; 1961);

DEWEY, THOMAS B. - “The Mean Streets” (Juvenile Delinquency; Perma Books M-3032; 1956);

ELLSON, HAL -Blood on the Ivy. (Pyramid Books #T-2257; the New CAMPUS Generation - Cheerleader, Sex, Drugs & Revolution;  Ghostwritten By Gil Brewer; Inventory # 11524-1; VG/FN = $25.00) *** “Duke” (Juvenile Delinquency drugs; Good Girl Art; Popular Library 757; 1956); *** “The Golden Spike (Novel of 16 year old drug addict; Ballantine Books 2, 1952); *** “I'll Fix You” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Popular Library 725; 1956); *** “I Take What I Want” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Midwood; 1958); *** Jailbait Street” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Monarch Books 137; PBO; 1st Ed; 1959; VG/FN $20);*** “Jailbait Street” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Monarch Books 339; 1963; 2nd Paperback ed; Creases in front cover, thus G $9) *** “A Nest of Fear” (Juvenile Delinquency; Ace D-522; 1961); *** “Rocl” (Juvenile Delinquency; Ballantine Books 103; 1955); *** “Stariway to Nowhere” (Juvenile Delinquency; Ballantine Books 319K; 1959); *** “Tell Them Nothing” (Juvenile Delinquency; Ballantine Books 129; No Date); *** “This is it” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Popular Library 776; 1956); *** “Tomboy” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art/ Bantom Books 945; 1951);

ELLSON, HAL - “The Torment of the Kids” (Juvenile Delinquency; Regency Books RB 108; 1961; PBO; Richard Frooman Painted cover art; Very RARE; VG+ = $99);

FELDMAN, GENE/ GARTENBERG, MAX (Eds) - “The Beat generation and The Angry Young Men” (Various Authors, Juvenile Delinquency; Dell F84; 1959);

FINE, BENJAMIN - “1,000,000 Delinquents” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Signet D1368; 1957);

FISHER, STEVE - “Giveaway” (Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books 1376; 1955);

FREDE, RICHARD - “Entry E” (Juvenile Delinquency; Signet S1712; 1959);

FREEMAN, IRA HENRY - “Out of the Burning” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Permabook M4226; 1961);

FRIEDENBERG, EDGAR Z. - “The Vanishing adolescent” (Juvenile Delinquency; various editions);

GAZZO, MICHAEL VINCENTE - “A Hatful of Rain” (Drugs photo cover, with 8 pages of photos from the movie; Signet S1412; 1957);

GORHAM, CHARLES - “The Future Mister Dolan” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Pyramid Books G449; 1959) (Juvenile Delinquency; Pyramid Books G197; 1956) (Juvenile Delinquency; Signet 752; 1950);

GRINSPOON, DR. LESTER - “Marijuana Reconsidered” (Drugs photo cover; Bantam Books T7019; 1971);

HARRIS, SARA - “The Wayward One” (Life in a Girl's Reformatory; Signet 1146; 1954);

HARRIS, TIMOTHY - “Kronski – McSmash” (Drugs; Lancer 75171; 1969);

HECHINGER, GRACE & FRED M. - “Teen-age Tyranny” (Crest Books D705; 1964);

HILTON, JOSEPH - “Angels in the Gutter” (Girl Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Gold Medal 913; 1955); *** Cry Baby Killer” (Juvenile Delinquency; Partial Photo front & Back covers; 15 pages of Photo's inside from the Film; Avon #T-230; 1958; VG $49);

HOLLINGSHEAD, MICHAEL - “The Man Who Turned on the World” (Drugs; Blond and Briggs 016854; 1973);

HOLMES, CLELLON - “Go” (Juvenile Delinquency; Ace D-238; No Date);

HORMAN, RICHARD E./ FOX, ALLAN M. - (eds.) “Drugs Awareness” (Key documents on LSD, Marijuana, and the drug culture; Avon QS16; 1970);

HUGHES, HELEN MACGILL - “The Fantastic Lodge” (Girl drug addict; photo cover; Monarch Books 459; 1964);

HUNTER, EVAN - “The Blackboard Jungle” (Juvenile Delinquency; various editions);

HURWOOD, BERNHARDT J. - “Born Innocent” (Female Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Ace 07119; 1975);

HYDE, MARGARET O. - “Mind Drugs” (Straight Answers to most often asked questions about drugs; pocket Books 78123; 1971);

JOESTEN, JOACHIM - “Dope, inc.” (Drugs photo cover; Avon A538; 1953);

KALANT, HAROLD & ORIANA JOSSEAU - “Drugs, Society & Personal Choice; Paper Jacks; 1971);

KAPLAN, JOHN - “Marijuana the New Prohibition” (Drugs photo cover; Pocket Books 78055; 1971);

KARNEY, JACK - “Cry, Brother, Cry” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Popular Giant G304; 1959);

KAUFMAN, LENARD - “Juvenile Delinquents” (Juvenile Delinquency; Avon C755; 1952) (Juvenile Delinquency; Avon T-105; 1955);

KAYE, PHILIP B. - “Taffy” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon 377; 1951);

KENNEDY, MARK - “Boy Gang” (Juvenile Delinquency; Permabooks M-3006; 1955);

KLEIN, DANIEL - “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Marijuana” (Drugs; Belmont/ Tower BT50218; 1972);

KRAMER, DALE/ KARR, MADELINE - “Teen-age Gangs” (Juvenile Delinquency; Popular Library 820; 1957);

LAND, DANNY - “Teen Insatiables” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Lay-Awake Book EK 116; 1967);

LANG, DOUG - “Freaks” (Drugs; photo cover; New English Library 015432; 1973);

LARKIN, R.T. - “Pusker” (Drugs; photo cover; Belmont/Tower 50929; 1976);

LAURIE, PETER - “Drus” (A Penguin Special; 1967);

LAWTON, DR. S.U. - “Sexual Conduct of the Teen-Ager” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art cover; Berkley Books G-200; 1959);

LEINWAND, GERALD (ed.) - “Crime and Juvenile Delinquency” (Pocket Books 77470; 1968);

LITTLE, PAUL H. - “The Juvenile Delinquent” (Macfadden-Bartell 125-106; 1971);

LOURIA, DR. DONALD B. - “The Drug Scene” (Drug Information; Bantam Books N5760; 1970);

MALCOLM, DR. ANDREW - “The Case Against the Drugged Mind” (Drugs; Clarke Irwin; 1973); *** “The Pursuit of Intoxication” (Historical & Scientific source book on the use of psychoactive drugs; Paperjack; 1972);

MARGOLIS, JACK S. / CLORFENE, RICHARD - “A Child's Garden of Grass” (Drugs; Various Editions);

MARINO, VIC - “The Paths are Three” (Drugs; Chicago paperback House B110; 1962);

MARTIN, JOHN M./ FITZPATRICK, JOSEPH P. - “Delinquent Behavior” (A redefinition of te problem; Ramdom House SS24; 1966);

MASSON, RENE - “Cage of Darkness” (Paris Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books 1954; 1952);

MAYER, FREDERICK - “Our Troubled Youth” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Bantam Books A 2088; 1960);

MAYFIELD, JULIAN - “The Long Night” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Pyramid Books G461; 1959);

McGOLDRICK, JR., EDWARD J. - “Tormented Women” (Women Alcoholics - Case Histories Revealing Study of Women Degraded by Alcohol;

great GGA = Good Girl Art Painted Cover by Bob / Robert Maguire; Monarch Books MB503; 1959; VG/FN = $15; plus another copy = ASK);

McLEAN, GORDON R./ BOWEN, HASKELL - “High on Campus” (Student Drug Abuse; photo cover; Tyndale house; 1970);

MENDE, ROBERT - “Tough Kid from Brooklyn” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon T-99; No Date );

MERRICK, CLYDE - “Sex Pack” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Softcover Library B947X; 1966);

MILBAUER, BARBARA - “Drug Abuse and Addiction” (Signet Q4885; 1972);

MILLER, J.P. - “The People Next Door” (Drugs photo cover; Dell 6888; 1970);

MILLS, JAMES - “The panic in Needle park” (Drugs photo cover; Signet T3130; 1967) (drugs photo cover; Signet Q4681; 1971);

MOONEY, THOMAS J. (ed.) - “The Junkie and Other Exciting Short Stories” (Drugs Juvenile Delinquency; Pal Paperback; 1973);

MORRISON, RAY - “Angels Camp” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Bantam Books 794; 1950); **** “Reformatory Girls” (Female Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon T-417; 1960);

MOTLEY, WILLARD - “Knock on any Door” (Juvenile Delinquency; Signet D802; Various);

NEWLAND, CONSTANCE A. - “Myself and I” (Drugs; Signet T2294; Various) (Drugs; Four Square; 1965);

NEWSDAY STAFF AND EDITORS - “The Heroin Trail” (Drugs with Photos Signet Special J6281; 1974);

OLIVER, MARK - “The Wanton Boys” (Italian Juvenile Delinquency; Pyramid Books G567; 1960);

PARKHURST, HELEN - “Undertow” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Monarch Books 494; 1965);

PASCAL, HAROLD - “The Marijuana Maze” (Drugs; Alba Books; 1976);

PEASE, HOWARD - “Road Kid” (Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books 1110; 1953);

PHILLIPS, JOEL L. /WYNNE, DR. RONALD D. - “Cocaine: The Mystique and the Reality” (Drugs; Avon 58248; 1980);

QUANDT, ALBERT T. - "The Cool Crowd" {Original Title = Cellar Club; Also published as the Swingers} (Juvenile Delinquency; Paperback Library 52-224; 7/1963 = 1st Printing with this new Title; Story of Vinnie - Lolita of the New York Streets; Cellar Clubs of New York's West side; VG = $15);

QUATTROCCHI, FRANK & HENRIETTA - “Why Johnny Takes Drugs” (Manor Books 15122; 1974);

RECHY, JOHN - “The Fourth Angel” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Star Books; 1974);

RITTWAGEN, DR. MARJORIE - “Sins of the Father” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Pyramid Books 624; 1959);

RUNYON, CATHERINE - “A trace of Blackmail” (Drugs; Moody Press; 1974);

RYDELL, WENDY - “Drugs” (Where to go for Help; Merit; 1980);

SALE, R.T. - “The Blackstone Rangers” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Popular Library 01580; 1971);

SALISBURY, HARRISON E. - “The Shook-up Generation” (Juvenile Delinquency; photo cover; Crest Books; Various);

SAVOY, MARK - “Teen-age Runaways” (Female Runaways photo cover; Viceroy Books VP 246; 1967);

SCHAAP, DICK - “Turned On” (drugs photo cover; Signet T3237; 1967);

SELBY, DENNIS - “Sanctity: or There's no Such Thing as a Naked Sailor” (Drugs photo cover; Lancer 78672; 1969);

SHERRY, JOHN OLDEN - “The Departure” (Juvenile Delinquency; Popular Library 606; 1954);

SHULMAN, IRVING – 'The Amboy Dukes” (Juvenile Delinquency; Avon; 1948); (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon C783; Various); (Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books H3058; 1965); *** “College Confidential” (photo cover; Gold Medal 1005; 1960); *** “Cry Tough” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon Various); *** “The Flesh is Real” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Popular Giant G145; 1955);

SIMMONS, HERBERT - “Corner Boy” (Juvenile Delinquency; Drugs; Dell D245; 1958); (McFadden – Bartell 95174; 1971);

SLADE, CAROLINE “Margaret” (Female Juvenile Delinquency; Signet 769; 1950);

SOLOMON, DAVID (ed.) - “The Marijuana Papers” (Drugs; Signet W3442; 1968);

STAFFORD, P.G./ GOLIGHTLY, B.H. - “LSD the Problem Solving Psychedelic” (Drugs; Award Books A221; 1967);

STEARN, JESS - “The Wasted Years” (Juvenile Delinquency drugs photo cover; MacFadden Books 50-109; 1961); (jd/dl Drugs; photo cover; MacFadden books 75-200; 1968);

STRICKER, DR. GEORGE - “Kicking It” (Drug Addicts with photos photo cover; Pyramid Books N2478; 1971);

SUMMERS, HOLLIS - “City Limit” (Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books 727; 1949);

SURFACE, WILLIAM - “The Poisoned Ivy” (Drugs photo cover; Tempo Books 5300; 1969);

TELFER, DARIEL - “The Guilty Ones” (Juvenile Delinquency; Signet T2072; 1962);

TROCCHI, ALEXANDER - “Cain's Book” (Drugs; Black Cat BA-2; 1961);

TUNLEY, ROUL - “Kids, Crime and Chaos” (A World Report on Juvenile Delinquency; Dell 4449; Various);

WAGONER, DAVID - “Rock” (Juvenile Delinquency; Bantam Books 2020; 1959);

WEEKS, JOSEPH - “Neveer Too Young” (Juvenile Delinquency; Popular Giant G165; 1956);

WEINER, WILLARD - “Four Boys a Girl and a Gun” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon 292; 1951);

WEISS, JOE - “Gang Girl” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Beason B372; 1957); *** “How Rough Can It Get?” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon 582; No Date); (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon 717; No Date);

WEISS, MARTIN L. - “Hate Alley” (Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Ace D-214; 1957);

WENDEBORN, RALPH E./ McLAUGHIN, LORRIE/ PALKO, MICHAEL E. - “Is Your Child on Drugs?” (Mil-Mac; 1970);

WESTIN, AV/ SHAFFER, STEPHANIE - “Haroes and heroin” (Drug addiction in the military with photos; Pocket Books 78245; 1972);

WHITMAN, HOWARD - “Terror in the streets” (Juvenile Delinquency; drugs; Bantam Giant A964; 1951);

WHITTINGTON, HARRY - “Halfway to Hell” (Female Juvenile Delinquency; Good Girl Art; Avon T-299; 1959);

WILDER, ROBERT - “Fruit of the Poppy” (Drugs; Bantam Books S3169; 1966);

WOLFE, BURTON H. - “The Hippies” (Drugs; photo cover; Signet T3453; 1968);

WOODLEY, RICHARD - “Dealer” (Drugs photo cover; Paperback Library 66-897; 1972);

YOUNG, WARREN/ HIXSON, JOSEPH - “LSD on Campus” (Drugs; Dell S112; 1966); *** “You, Your Child and Drugs” (Drugs; the Child Study Press; 1971);

ZANE, MAITLAND - “Easy Living” (Drugs; Bantam Giant F2115; 1960);

ZUGSMITH, ALBERT – The Beat Generation” (Drugs; Bantam Books A1965; 1959);


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I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an OVERSTREET Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 44 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972); >> Read my Annual OVERSTREET MARKET REPORTS;  (Overstreet #45 = AD on pages 228; ** See my 10 Page Market Report on Pages 171-180);  (Overstreet #44 = AD on pages 228 & 1092; ** See my 11 Page Market Report on Pages 163-174);  (Overstreet #43,  Market Report on pages 138-142,  AD on page 194); (Overstreet #42 AD on page 188 & 250); (Overstreet #41,  AD on page 184 & 236);  I am an original member on the Board of Advisors to CBCA {Comic Book Collecting Association} Comic Pros with the common-sense Code of Ethics, in the Comics Community.



We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2010, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2010 ] [250,000 MAGAZINES, ALL types] [250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [60,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 x 33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP Records] [40,000 x 45 RPM Vinyl 7 Single Records] [8,000 Music Cassette Tapes] [15,000 VHS Movies] [15,000 POSTERS; MOVIE One Sheets (1950's-1990's), VIDEO Store (1980s-1990's) & 10,000 Chain store types (1970's-early 1990's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! >> 600,000 Pounds of inventory jam packed into an 8000 Square Foot Warehouse! So much material, we will NEVER get it all catalogued! BUT you can view our HUGE inventory lists at our website = www.dougcomicworld.com

SEND YOUR WANT LISTS [Please Limit to SERIOUS WANTS & Limit the number of items, to 30 or Less MOST WANTED items; Filling Want Lists is Time Consuming, We reply ASAP;

ORDER Multiple Items ALL from one seller; (1) SAVE on POSTAGE; (2) SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive Items PROPERLY GRADED by Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed;



Please allow 7-10 DAYS for your Snail Mail LETTERS to arrive since you are sending to Canada. (MOST arrive in 7 days average); We ship Mail orders within 24 hours of Payment

(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa