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--- A ---


1994; February(Elizabeth Taylor);


1954 December(Debbie Reynolds);


1982; April (Vol.1#1; Cast of SCTV);


2006; October/November (Amy Lee of “Evanescence”);


1979 February 15(John Travolta);


1982; Novmber (Clint Eastwood);

1992; November (Steven Seagal; Sylvester Stallone);


1990; #3(Sylvester Stallone / Tom Selleck); #NN(Kevin Costner / Arnold Schwarzenegger);


1993; Summer(Arnold Schwarzenegger);


1991; #3(Cast of "Star Trek'), #4(Cast of "Batman Returns");

The Addams Chronicles: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Addams Family by Stephen Cox (Trade Paperback; Perennial, 1991; VF/NM = $14.00)


1971 November (Chris Donovan);

1972 (January (Jim Bailey); June(Dennis Cole);

1973 August(Frank Ohman - New York City Ballet);

1974 January(Marcia McBroom/ Marion Womble); February( John McMurray); September( Toni Basil); October(David Wall);

1975 July (Dana Gillespie); September (Jim Dandy - Black Oak Arkansas), October(James Faulkner "Conduct Unbecoming");

1976 January (Paul Rudd), February(Sunwear in Jamaica), March (Elton John); May(Nureyev), August (Tab Hunter); September (Labelle); November(Chita Rivera); December (Lauren Hutton);

1977 June (Norma Kamali); August (Ann-Margaret); September(Helen Schneider);

1978 January (Michael Vincent); April(Dolly Parton; VG = CDN$12.00);

1979 September(Patti Lupone);

1980;January(Angela Lansbury), February(Nick Nolte), December(Sally Kennerman/ Kevin Kline);

1981; May(Diana Ross), June(Michael Pinzone);


1973 February (Craig Huehing & Valerie Starrett “General Hospital”); May (Susan Sullivan & Nicolas Coster “Another World”); December (Susan Seaforth & Bill Hayes “Days of our Lives”);

1976 June (Mark Hulswit/ Valerie Masters/ David Hasselhoff);

1979; September(Volume-10 #9; Deidre Hall; 3/4" x 1/2" piece out of cover at spine; 4 small piece of Magic Tape repairs, thus G = $5);

1981; November(Volume-13 #3; Donald May, James Mitchell, Chris Rich, Tont Geary; VF= $10);

1982; January (Morgan & Kelly of Guided Light cover; FN/VF = $8);

1984; February(Gregg Marx, Peter Brown, Darnell Williams, Brenda Dickson & Deborah Adair; FN but creases in BACK cover thus VG = $6),

1984; March(Larkin Malloy, GL's Grant & Judi, Nancy Addison, Genie Francis, Pam Roylance; VF = $9),

1984; April-May(Volume-15 #8; Jim Storm, James Mitchell, Terri Vandenbosch, Krista Tesreau, Lisa Peluso, Danielle von Zerneck, Anna Stuart, Mary Lynn Blanks & Robert Lipton ; FN = $7);

AFTERNOON TV PRESENTS: THE FIRST 25 YEARS OF DAYTIME DRAMA - 1984; (All my Children, Another World, As the World Turns, Dark Shadows, Days of Our Lives, Edge of Night, General Hospital, Guiding Light, Love of Life, One Life to Live, Seach for Tomorrow, Young and Restless; FN/VF $15);

AGNES OF GOD - 1985; (Press Kit);


ALTERNATIVE CINEMA - 1998; Fall #15(Sasha Demarino / Aisha Prigann);


1958; March (Cover depicts Columbia Pictures "Cowboy" starring Glenn Ford shooting in El Paso, Texas; Nominees for 1957 Cinematography Awards; Filming "Hot Rod Angel" on a Mile-Low location in Grand Canyon; Diss\olve-Lapse technique; Weight = 205 Grams; FN = $12);

1959 February, May, July;

1963 June (photographing "the Geat Escape"; Army Pictoral Center; Journey to the Stars; Widescreen Movies & TV; Report from Cologne; Weight = 190 Grams; G/VG, fragile pages = $8);

1973 December;

1977 (February (Star Wars);

1979 October(Robert Redford "Electric Horseman");

1980;March, September(Richard Chamberlain "Shogun"), November, December;

1981; February, May(53rd Academy Awards), September;

1983; March(Jessica Lange "Frances");

1985; February("Passage to India"), March(Dinosaurs "Baby"), May("The Bride"), August("Explorers"), November ("Remo Williams"), December("Enemy Mine");

1986; January, February(Whoopy Goldberg "The Color Purple"), Jue ("Big Trouble in Little China");

1987; February (TV's "Fall of the Alamo");

1990 December (Solar Crisis);

1991; April(Kevin Bacon / Elizabeth Perkins "He said, She Said");

1992; January(William Shatner / Deforest Kelley "Star Trek VI");

1993 (March Point of No return, Army of Darkness); (June; Jurassic Park, Cliffhanger, Bronson Canyon);

2000; May(Russell Crowe "Gladiator");


1976 April (Bob Harmon Caricatures of Stars), May("Seven Beauties"), June(John Wayne/ Jimmy Stewart "The Shootist");

1977 February (Sketch for the Library Scene in “Gone with the Wind”); October (Mel Brooks); December – January/1978 (Nicola Pagett “Anna Karenina”);

1978 February(Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta "Grease"), April (“Houdini Le Maitre Du Mystere” Poster); July/August(Ricky Schroder / Jon Voight "The Champ"), October(Isabelle Adjani "Nosferatu"); December/ January/1979 (Pamela Hill);

1979 February (Cast of “Boulevard Nights”); September (Peter Ellenshaw);

1981; December (James Cagney "Ragtime");

1982; January/February(Rod Steiger);

THE AMERICAN FRIEND - 1977 Storybook (TPB);



1982; February, March, May/June(Barry Bostwick/ Persis Khambatta "Megaforce");

1983; April;

ANNIE - 1982; Storybook (TPB);

ANIMATION MAGAZINE – 2004; August (The Batman);

ART FILMS - 1963 November;

THE AVENGERS FILES - 1987; - Season One(TPB);

--- B ---


1985; - Official Collector's Edition Souvenir Magazine;

1985; - The Story (TPB)(Hardcover TPB);


1979 January(Vol.1#1; Barbara Streisand), Spring (Vol.1#2; Barbara Streisand), (Vol.133; Barbara Steinsand);

BASQUIAT Press Book (1996) Jeffrey Wright, Michael Wincott, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, David Bowie


1995; September #1(David Hasselhoff; Pam Anderson);

1996; January #3 (Alexandra Paul);

BAYWATCH - PHOTO STORIES - 1996; May(Cast of "Baywatch");

BELLEVUE - 1985; July("Porky's Revenge");

BEST IN SHOW (Castle Rock Pub.; 2000; PressKit; Promotional; Still photos & Promo material)



1992; The Girls of / Boys of (Flipbook);

1991; Star Facts;

1991; Stars of;

BEWITCHED - 1965 (Wonder Books) - Cast of "Bewitched";

BIG REEL (Newspaper)

1991; January 15(Bing Crosby / Perry Como);

1992; April 15(Madge Evans), May 15(Robert Mitchum/Macaulay Culkin);

1993; January 15(Superman/Bridget Fonda);

BIG TOP PEE WEE - 1988; - Color and Fun Book

BIJOU - 1977 April(Clint Eastwood), June (Sophia Loren);

BIKINI - 1995; November(Gina Gershon);

BINGO - 1990; - Press Kit;


1997; – April (Mel Gibson; Cher; Howard Stern);

1998; February(Helen Hunt; Michelle Kwan);

1999; October (Harrison Ford);November(Jodie Foster);;

2000; February (Candice Bergen; Benaffleck); April(Paul Newman; Cameron Diaz); June (George Clooney); July (Sarah Ferguson); December( Mel Gibson);

2001; April (Hugh Grant); August (Helen Hunt); October(Anthony Hopkins);

2002 February (Richard Gere); April (Sandra Bullock); August (Uma Thurman); November (Charlize Theron);

2003; March (Hilary Swark); April (John Travolta); May (Hugh Jackman); July (Luke Wilson); September (Diane Lane); October (Angelia Jolie November (George Clooney); December (Russell Crowe);

THE BIONIC WOMAN - TV FAVORITES - 1977 (Lindsay Wagner);

BIOGRAPH PRESENTS: HOLLYWOOD'S HOTTEST HUNKS 2 - 1998; – (Mel Gibson/ Matthew McConaughey/ Leonardo DiCaprio/ Will Smith/ David Duchovny);



1999; September(Various), November(Austinl Powers);

2000; January(Various), February(Various), April(Various), June(Tom Hanks "The Greeen Mile"), July(Various), August(Julia Roberts "Erin Brockovich"), September(Various), November(Russell Crowe "Gladiator"), December (Various);

2001; January(Michelle Pfieffer "What Lies Beneath"), February(brendan Fraser / Elizabeth Hurley "Bedazzled"), March(Cast of "Charle's Angels"), April(Cast of "Space Cowboys"), June(Cast of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"), August(Anthony Hopkins "Hannibal");

2002; January("The Fast and the Furious"), February(Cast of "Don't Say a Word"), March(Cast of "K-Pax"), April(Cast of "Behind Enemy LInes"), May(Cast of "Harry Potter"), June(Russell Crowe "A Beautiful Mind"); July (“Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius”); August (“High Crimes”); October (“Spider-Man”); November/December “Austin Powers in Goldmenber”);

2003; January (“Signs”); March “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”); April (Julianne Moore & Dennis Quaid “far From Heaven”); May(“Catch Me If You Can”); June Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry “Die Another Day”); August (“The Lord of the Rings; the Two Towers”); September (“2 Fast 2 Furious”); October (Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg “The Italian Job”); November/ December (“X2: X-Men United”);

2004; February (“Runaway Jury”); March (Jack Black “School of Rock”); June(“Mystic River”); September (Denzel Washington “Man of Fire”); October (“The Day After Tomorrow”); November (Will Ferrell “Elf”); December ( Will Smith “I, Robot”);

2005; March (“The Incredibles”); Aptil (“Meet the Fockers”); May (Leonardo Dicaprio “The Aviator”); June (Will Smith “Hitch”); July (Keanu Reeves “Constantine”); August (Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, Stev Zahn “Sahara”); October (“Batman Begins”);

2006; May (Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley Maclaine, Mark Ruffalo, “Rumour Has It”);


1980;#9(Sean Connery);


1995; November (Devon Sawa/ Andre Keegan/ Jonathan Taylor Thomas);

2004; December (Lindsay Lohan/ Hilary Duff/ Jojo/ Eminem/ Ashlee Simpson/ Sumple Plan);

2005; January (Hilary Duff/ Good Charlotte/ Linsay Lohan/ Jojo/ Ashlee Simpson/ Simple Plan);


1979 August 30(Kristy McNichol; Batman; Humphrey Bogart);

1983; August 18(Nena/ Kajagoogoo/ "James Bond");

THE BUZZ (Movie Gallery) 2009 (Curious Case of Benjamin Button);

--- C ---

THE CABLE GUIDE - 1997; October(Goldie Hawn);

CAMELOT - Circa 1980(Richard Burton);

CAMBRIDGE FILMS CORPORATION - Circa 1980's(Catalogue);

CAMERA ARTS - 1983; March(Marlon Brando);

CAMPUS REEL - 1994; April("Maverick"/ "Wyatt Earp"/ "Major LeagueII");


CANADIAN VIDEO RETAILER - 1985; October(John Candy / Richard Pryor "Brewster's Millions");


Captain George's PENNY DREADFUL (Whizzbang Pub; Fanzine/Newsletter; Published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Small Print Runs; 5-1/2"x8-1/2"; Black & White; MOST issues are FOUR pages; By famed FAN/Pro Captain George Henderson; SMALL PRINT RUNS);

>>> A Weekly REVIEW on Subject of NOSTALGIC interest (Movies, Serials, Pulps, Comics, TV, Science Fiction, etc); >>>> [Very Light for Postage Purposes at about 7 Grams each];

>>> Contains; News, Reviews, Articles, Letters, & discussions on many subjects; Most issues have text by PETE HARRIS and DON MILLER, & many others;

>>>> MOST front covers are illustrated, plus many with Photo's, typically with One-Sheet Poster, Lobby Card, Newpaper Ads, Magazine clippings, etc; Some feature Original New Material Art, made for this fanzine;

**** Contains illustration art by well known FAN Comics Artist JIM JONES.

**** Contains EARLY art by Canadian Comics FAN Artist Nick POLIWKO.

**** Contains EARLY art by well known Canadian Comics & later PRO Artist GENE DAY.

"-c" = means featured on COVER;

>>> Items listed below indicate what is featured on the FRONT cover (90% have illustration or Photo covers);

#349(Oct.31/1975; Barrymore/Jon Juan; VF $3);

#351(Fort Apache/John Wayne/Shirley Temple/Henry Fonda; VF $5);

#352(Jean Parker; VF $3); #367(TARZAN of the Apes; VF $5); #376(Fred Allen; VF $3);

#400(4 x Horror movies-c; VF $4);

#402(Ernest Hemingway's Killers/ Burt Lancaster/Ava Gardner Photo-c; VF $4);

#403(Alfred Hitchcock's Paradine case; Gregory Peck Photo-c; VF $3);

#405(Rupublic Studios; VF $3);#406(cover of Penny Dreadful #1 re-featured; VF $3);

#410(VF $3); #412(Tyrone Power/Nightmare Alley; VF $3); #414(the Virginian; VF $3);

#426(Alfred Hitchcock illustrated cover by GENE DAY; VF $5);

#427(Dave Dawson at Dunkirk; VF $3); #428(Amazing Stories/Air adventures; VF $3);

#430(Wayne & Shuster; VF $3);

#431(Mysterious FU FANG illustrated cover by JIM JONES; VF $4); #432(illustrated cover by Derek Carter; VF $3); #433(Clark Gable/Bob Hope; Text-c, No illo; VF $3);

#434(STAR TREK illustrated cover ; VF $5); #435(3-D Movies; VF $3);

#436(Will Rogers, Katherine Hepburn; VF $3); #437(BUSTER CRABBE illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $4);

#438(THING from another world; VF $4); #439(Lavender Hill Mob; VF $3);

#440(BLONDIE in Society, Movie based on Chic Young Comic Strip; VF $4); #441(VF $3); #442(STAR HAWKS-c by Gil Kane; VF $5);

#443(They came to blow up America, George Sanders; VF $3); #444(TARZAN illustrated cover by POLIWKO; VF $4); #445(ROCKY LANE Photo-c; VF $4);

#446(HUNCHBACK of Notre Dame illustrated-c by Frank Hamilton; VF $4);

#447(vintage movie AD page; VF $3); #449(Spencer Tracy Photo-c; VF $3); #451(Douglas Fairbanks in Don Q Son of Zorro; VF $3);

#453(Humphrey Bogart in Across the Pacific Photo-c; VF $4); #456(Selznick's "Since you went away" photo-c, w Shirley Temple; VF $3);

#458(cover of Penny Dreadful #1 re-featured; VF $3);

#459(Phantom of Opera, illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $4); #460(Jackie Cooper,W.C.Fields, Text-c; VF $3);

#463(DOC SAVAGE illustrated cover by POLIWKO; VF $4); #464(John Barrymore; VF $3); #465(American Indian Cheif illustrated cover; VF $3);

#466(4 x Horror movies-c, with Vincent Price & POE; VF $3); #467(Crosby/Hope & others Movie text Ad's; VF $3); #468(VF $3);

#469(Red Skelton & Bing Crosby; VF $3);

#470(TV's PRISONER illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $4); #471(Cavalcade; VF $3);

#472(SHAWN OF THE RUINS Comics cover by GENE DAY & Jim Beveridge; VF $5); #473(Edgar Wallace's White Face the Fiend; VF $3); #474(Irving Berlin's Alexander's Ragtime Band with Tyrone Power, Don Ameche & Ethel Merman; VF $3);#475(Boxing Sharkey & Schmeling; Cohens & Kellys in Hollywood; VF $3); #476(Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson story; VF $3);

#477(Katherine Hepburn; VF $3);

#478(Linda Stirling in Republic's TIGER WOMAN photo-c; VF $4); #479(Burns & Allen, Clark Gable Text Ad's cover; VF $3);

#480(Pilgramage; VF $3); #481(Humphrey Bogart illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $4); #482(Gaslight Follies; VF $3);

#483(Vaudeville; VF $3); #484(Republic Serial "Fighting Devil dogs" VF $4);

#485(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover, includes John Wayne Pittsburgh; VF $3); #486(Babe Ruth Story; VF $4);

#487(Back to Bataan, John Wayne; VF $4); #488(Buck Privates; VF $3); #489(Midnight Club, George Raft; VF $3);

#490(GUNSMOKE, James Arness illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $4); #491(Diamond City, etc; VF $3);

#492(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover; VF $3);

#493(Tulsa with illo; Wake of Red Witch, John Wayne; VF $4);

#494(RED RYDER, Fred Harman cover art; Aug.11/1978; VF $5); #495(JESSE JAMES = Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Randolph Scott; VF $3);

#496(disc jockey Mickey Lester; VF $3); #497(Wages of Fear; VF $3); #498(Plainsman, Gary Cooper; VF $3); #499(3 new Radio shows; VF $3);

#500(Anniversary issue; VF $4); #502(39 steps, Burns & Allen = no illos; FN $2);

#503(Thief of Bagdad,Charlie Chaplin,Rudolph Valentino = no illos; VG+ $2);

#504(Rex Stout = Our Secret Weapon; VF $5); #505(Road to Life Russia's 1st talking picture; VG+ $2);

#506(Fantastic Adventures & Amazing Stories pulps; VF $3);

#507(Douglas Fairbanks, etc; VF $3);

#508(DICK TRACY Code Pen; VF $5); #509(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover; VF $3);

#510(Repro of cover to Penny Dreadful #1; 10th anniversary; VF $3);

#511(Dorsey Bros, Joan Crawford; VF $3); #512(Vaudeville; VF $3);

#513(D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, Lillian Gish; VF $3); #514(Louise La Marr, Happy New Years; VF $3);

#515(8 x Horror movies = 3 Edgar Allan Poe; VF $4);#516(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover; VF $3);

#517(Don RED BARRY werstern Photo cover & 3 page article on career; VF $5); #519(Red River,Rogues Regiment & 16 Fathoms deep; VF $3);

#520(Topaze, John Barrymore, Myrna Loy; VF $3);

#521(Norman Brooks; VF $3);

#522(Stagecoach One-Sheet Poster illo, John Wayne; VF $4);

#523(LONE RANGER One-Sheet Poster illo, Republic Serial; VF $5);

#524(old King Tut; VF $3); #525(DOC SAVAGE birthday illustrated cover by Frank Hamilton; VF $5);

#526(TERRY & THE PIRATES One-Sheet Poster illo, Columbia Serial; VF $5);

#527(Big Broadcast of 1936, Bing Crosby, Amos & Andy; VF $3); #529(Broadway Folly, Joan Blondell; VF $3);

#530(Olsen & Johnson, Ralph Bellamy; VF $3);#531(Oliver Twist, James Mason; VF $3); #532(Harold LLOYD; VF $3);

#533(Rosalind Russell,Victor Mature,Rita Hayworth,Glenn Ford; VF $3); #534(Bette Davis; VF $3); #535(Genevieve; VG $2);

#536(Mary Pickford; VF $3); #537(Angels with Dirty Faces, James Cagney; VF $4); #538(JOHN WAYNE photo cover; VF $5);

#539(Mysterious Doctor Satan Poster illo, Republic Serial; VG+ $3); #543(Max Gordon's The Women = Broadway; VF $3);

#544(Mystery of the Wax Museum, Fay Wray; VF $3); #545(Minesweeper; VF $3); #547(Walt Disney's Pinocchio; VF $3);

#548(Captain America Poster illo, Republic Serial; VF $5);

#549(Gold diggers of 1933; VF $3); #550(TIGER WOMAN Poster illo, Republic Serial, Allan Lane; VF $4);

#551(Betty Hutton,Veronica Lake,Joan Blondell; VF $3); #552(42nd Street; VF $3); #553(Let's Live a Little, Hedy Lamarr; VF $3);

#555(Ethwl Waters; VF $3); #556(Lucille Ball, Affairs of Annabel; VF $4); #557(8 x Horror Movies, Poe, Karloff, etc; VF $3);

#558(George Raft,Black Arrow,Gary Cooper,Life with father; VF $3); #559(Osa Johnson I married adventure; VF $3);

#560(Ann Sheridan,Humphrey Bogart,Jolson story; VF $3);

#561(Lilliash Gish,Scarlett Letter; VF $3); #562(Captain Eyston's Thunderbolt, fastest Car on Earth; VF $3);

#563(Repro of Penny Dreadful #1 cover; VF $3); #564(the Gorilla, Syd Chaplin; VF $3);

#565(Damsel in Distress = Fred Astaire,George Burns,Gracie Allen; VF $3); #566(Stand-In,Leslie Howard,Joan Blondell; VF $3); #569(VF $3);

#570(Zanuck Forever Amber; VF $3); #571(Feb.1/1981; Broadway to Hollywood; VF $3);

#572(Hit Parade of 1947 = Roy Rogers & Woody Herman; VF $4);

#573(Circus Girl Murder; VF $3); #574(Oliver Twist,Frederic March & Veronica Lake; FN $3);

#575(Sky Giant; VF $3); #576(6xMovie Ad clippings; VF $3); #577(If i were King, Ronald Colman,Basil Rathbone; VF $3);

#578(Yellow Sky,Gregory Peck,Anne Baxter; VF $3);

#579(4xMovie Ad clippings; VF $3); #580(Charlie McCarthy; VF $3); #581(James Cagney,Barbera Stanyck,Return of Monte Cristo; VF $3);

#582(Idle Rich; VF $3); #583(Betty Grable,Burt Lancasater,etc; FN $3);

#584(ALFRED HITCHCOCK cover illustration by GENE DAY; VF $5); #585(Four's a Crowd, Errol Flynn,Ovlvia DeHavilland,Rosalind Russell; VF $3);

#586(Edna May Olvier; VF $3); #587(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover, with John Wayne,Frank Sinatra; VF $3);

#588(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover; VF $3); #589(WAH LEE western cover illustrated by Frank Hamilton, & 2 page article; VF $3);

#590(John Galsworthy's Loyalties, Basil Rathbone; VF $3);

#591(100 Men & a Girl, I Stole a Million; VF $3); #592(Let 'em have it; VF $3);

#593(Mr. George Arliss; VF $3);

#594(Million Dollar Baby, Ronald Reagan, Priscilla Lane; VF $3); #595(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover, with Scarface, Paul Muni; VF $3);

#596(Rorothy Gish,Mary Pickford,Vpres,Lon Chaney; FN $3);

#597(Newspaper page 15+ Movie Text Ads cover, with Betty Grable, Red Skelton; VF $3);

#598(GENE AUTRY Photo cover; VF $5); #599(BETTE DAVIS; VF $4);

#600(Anniversary issue; VF $4);

#601(Sea Hawk, Rudolph Valentino, no illos; VF $3); #602(Elizabeth Bergner; VF $3); #603(James Oliver Curwood's Fangs of the Arctic = RCMP Mounties; VF $4);

#604(5 x Edgar Allan Poe Horror Movies; VF $4); #605(Private Affairs; VF $3);

#606(White Lightning = Ice Hockey Movie Photo cover; VF $3); #607(Sinbad the Sailor, Humphrey Bogart,etc; VF $3); #608(Gloria Swanson,Lillian Gish,etc; VF $3);

#609(Spendor, Miriam Hopkins; VF $3); #610(Captain's Clouds, James Cagney = RCAF; VF $3); #611(Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers; VF $3);

#612(Arctic Flight; VF $3); #613(W.C.Fields; VF $3);

#614(Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein movie poster cover illo; VF $5); #615(Dec.5/1980; 12th Anniversary; Repro of Penny Dreadful #1 cover; VF $3);

#616(Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy & Coca-Cola cover; VF $4);

#617(Irving Berlin's White Christmas, Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye; VF $3); #618(Vaudeville; VF $3);

#619(Movie Ads cover; VF $3);

#620(Rudolph Valentino, Mary Pickford; VF $3);

#621(W.C.Fields; VF $3); #622(Mutiny on the Bounty,Charles Laughton,Clark Gable; VF $3);

#623(Newspaper page 20+ Movie Text Ads cover; VF $3);

#624(Old Dark House = Charles Laughton,Boris Karloff; VF $3);

#625(John Huston's We were strangers; VF $3); #626(Rome Express; VF $3);

#627(Roman Scandals = Eddie Canton, Girl in Bondage-c; VF $3); #628(Mother's Millions; VF $3);

#629(Buster Crabbe in TARZAN the Fearless poster cover illo; VF $5);

#630(Newspaper page 20+ Movie Text Ads cover, with Bob Hope,etc; VF $3); #631(Curly Top = SHIRLEY TEMPLE; VF $4); #632(Masquerader,Ronald Colman; VF $3);

#633(Rudolph Valentino,Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford; VF $3);

#634(TITANIC, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, 3-D Glass Web; VF $4);

#635(Baseball, Newark vs Maple Leafs 1949 Jubilee; VF $3);

#636(Tolstoy's Resurrection, Dolores Del Rio; VF $3); #637(the THING from another World; VF $4);

#638(I'll be Seeing You = Ginger Rogers & Shirley Temple Photo cover; VF $4); #639(Face to face; VF $3);

#640(Love on Wheels, Jack Hulbert; VF $3); #641(Home of the Brave, Brimstone; VF $3);

#642(It's a King, Boat from Shanghai; VF $3); #643(Veronica Lake; VG+ $2);

#644(Dorothy Lamour,Ray Milland,Humphrey,Clifton webb,Burt Lancaster; VG+ $2);

#645(On the waterfront, Marlon Brando; VF $4); #646(Marlene Dietrich; VF $4); #647(Gary Cooper,Glenn Ford,Alan Ladd; VF $3);

#648(North West Mounted Police, Gary Cooper, RCMP; VF $4);

#649(Return of the DURANGO KID photo poster illo, Charles Starrett; VF $4);

#650(Aug.7/1981; DICK TRACY meets Gruesome, Boris Karloff, poster illo cover; VF $5);

#651(Universal Serial SECRET AGENT X-9 poster illo cover; VF $4);

#652(HOPALONG CASSIDY in the Eagle's Brood movie poster illo cover, William Boyd; VF $4);

#653(BLONDIE hits the Jackpot movie poster illo cover, based on Chic Young; VF $4);

#654(John Ford's WAGONMASTER movie poster illo cover; VG+ $3);

#655(Wing Parade of 1946 movie poster illo cover, Gale Storm, 3 Stooges; VG+ $3);

#656(the Falcon in danger movie poster illo cover; VF $3); #657(John Ford's 3 Godfathers movie poster illo cover, JOHN WAYNE; VF $4);

#658(Border G-MAN movie poster illo cover, George O'Brien; VF $3);

#659(Those High Grey Walls movie poster illo cover, Walter Connolly; VF $3);

#660(Escape from Crime movie poster illo cover, "I loved a guy with a Gun" GGA photo-c; VF $3);

#661(Pirates of the high seas movie poster illo cover, Buster Crabbe; VF $4);

#662(Oct.30/81; Law of the Badlands movie poster illo cover, TIM HOLT; VF $4);

#662(Nov.6/1981; the Notorious Lone Wolf movie poster illo cover, VF $3);

#664(RED RIVER movie poster illo cover, JOHN WAYNE; VF $5);

#665(Zane Grey's NEVADA movie poster illo cover, Robert Mitchum; VF $4);

#666(Red River Renegades movie poster illo cover, SUNSET CARSON; VF $4); #667(Repro of Penny Dreadful #1 cover; VF $3);

#668(Secret Mission movie poster illo cover, Alan Curtis; VF $3); #669(Hit Parade of 1951 movie poster illo cover, John Carroll; VF $3);

#670(Marx Brothers in Duck soup; VF $4); #671(Vigilante Terror movie poster illo cover, WILD BILL ELLIOTT; VF $4);

#672(Christopher Columbus movie poster illo cover, Frederick March; VF $3); #673(Valley of the Giants movie poster illo cover, Wayne Morris; VF $3);

#674(Adventures of Frank & Jesse James movie poster illo cover, REPUBLIC SERIAL; VF $3);

#675(Cecil B. DeMille's "Reap the Wild Wind" movie poster illo cover, JOHN WAYNE; VF $4);

#676(Trouble in Sundown movie poster illo cover, WESTERN with George O'Brien; VF $3);

#677(Passposrt to Suez movie poster illo cover, Warren William; VF $3);

#678(Make Believe ballroom; VF $3); #679(Musical Revue CHIN UP; VF $3);

#680(A&P Band wagon, Kate smith; VF $3);

#684(Rio Grande Patrol movie poster illo cover, TIM HOLT; VF $4);

#685(CREATURE from the Black lagoon movie poster illo cover, Richard Carlson; VF $5);


CBC TIMES ( Radio TV Program) 1965 (November 20-26; Tommy Hunter Show);


1975 May(Aristotle Onassis; Steve McQueen), July(Genevieve Bujold; Jackie Onassis), August(Raquel Welch), November(Telly Savalas);

1976 October(Jackie Onassis/ Robert Blake/ Charles Bronson);

CELEBRITY FOCUS - 1987; September(Madonna), December(Liz Taylor; Tom Selleck);


2005; May/2 (Volume 1 #1; Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey; Oprah Winfrey); August/1 (Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey; Angelina Jolie; Brad Pitt; Vince Vaugh; Jennifer Aniston); September/19 (Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie); October/24 (Jessica Simpson/ Brad Pitt); October/31 (Angelina Jolie/ Brad Pitt; Tom Cruise; Katie Holmes); November/14 (Denise Richards); December 12 (Jessica Simpson);

2006; January/16 (Denise Richards); March 20 (Nick Lachey; Kristin Cavallari; Jessica Simpson)

CELEBRITY NEWS - 1951 June/2 (Winnipeg Auditorium);


1981; (Volume 1 #1; Roger Moore & Bond Babes “For Your Eyes Only”);

1982; (Volume 2 #1; Olivia Newton-John);

CELEBRITY PARADE - 1978 September(Suzanne Somers);


1988; March(Princess Diana; Marilyn Monroe), April(Cher);

1989; July(Roseanne Barr/ Meryl Streep);

CHARME (ITALIAN) - 1986; October(Susie Sudlow);


CHRISTIANITH AND ISLAM (Companion Guide to the Video Series; Vision Video);

CHURCHHILL - A MAN OF DESTINY 1872 - 1965 (Marvil Miller Enter.);

CINEMA ATTIC CATALOLUE - #9 (1975 (Clint Eastwood);)


1972 March(Richard Leiterman), May/June(Cast of "The Rowdyman"), August(Jean-Rene Ouellette/ Francine Moran "Ultimatum"), October-November(Paul Almond);

1972 December - 1973 January(Micheline Lanctot);

1973 February/March, April/May( Genevieve Bujold "Kamouraska"), June/July(Don Owen), August/September("Child Under a Leaf");

1973 October - 1974January(various);

1974 February/March("Volcano");

April/May("Wolf Pen Principle");

June/July(Richard Dreyfuss "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz"), August/September; October/November(Tiiu Leek);

1974 December - 1975 January(Donald Pilon);

1975 March/April("Sally Fieldgood and Co."), May/June(Andre Forcier), July/August(Michel Brault), September(Deepa Saltzman/Mrs. Murch), October(Alan Migicovsky), November(Elizabeth Moorman);


1975 December - 1976 January(Anna Prucnal / Pierre Clementi "Sweet Movie");

1976 February(Warren Davis), March(Carole Laure), April(Celine Lomez/ Frank Moore "The Far Shore"), May(Costume Sketches by Francois Barbeau), June/July(Cannes Film festival), August("The Bureaucracy"), September(Chief Dan George), October(Candian Film Awards);

1976 December - 1977 January (Cast of "Why Shoot the Teacher?);

1977 February(Various), March(A Film Crew), April/May,

Cinema Canada = Below are ALL the issues we have in stock from 1979 and UP;

#60-61(12/1979-1/1980; R ichard Burton/ Tatum O'Neal "Circle of Two"; Double issue; Alnin Rakoff interview;m Weight=150 Grams; VF $14);

#62(February/1980; "Nomands of the Deep"; Lucky Star; Imax; Weight=100 Grams; VG $8);

#64(April/ 1980; Drawings by Emmaneul Papadakis; VIRUS & GORE Boys; Silence of the North; Weight=100 Grams; FN+ $12);

#65( May/1980; Brett Marx "Lucky Star"; Max Fischer; Gordon Pinsent; Savoie & Shatlow; Weight=100 Grams; VG/FN $10);

#66(June-July/1980; Cannes Film Festival; Tribute; Jack Lemmon; Weight=100 Grams; VG $8);

#67(August/1980; "Les Voyages de Tortillard"; Accent on Animation; Tin Drum;Don Francks; Weight=100 Grams; VG/FN $10);

#68(September/1980; Melissa Sue Anderson "Happy Birthday to Me" SOLD OUT);

#69(October-November/1980; Mark Singer/ Sarah Torgov "If You Could See What I Hear"; the FRIGHT with William Shatner; Montreal World Film Festival; Toronto Festival; Brad Castlor cartoon; Kidnapping of the President; ; Weight=100 Grams; VG/FN $10);


CINEMA FRANCAIS - 1980;April("Un Mauvais Fils"), May(Nicole Garcia/ Alain Resnais), September(Lino Ventura), October(Alain Delon);

CINEMA RETRO (Movie Classics Special Edition) - Kelly 's Heroes;

CINEMA SCOPE - 1971 August(Dean Martin/ Doris Day/ Lawrence Welk);


1982; December - 1983; February;

1983; December - 1984; February;


2010 October (Matt Damon);

2011 January (Ryan Gosling); February (James Franco); March(Emily Blunt); April (Jake Gyllenhaal);; October(Justin Timberlake);

2012 August ( Colin Farrell); December (The Hobbit)

2013 January ( Jessica Chastain); March ( Emma Stone); May (Gwyneth Paltrow); June (Summer of Superman)


1965 Late Summer;

1966 Summer;

1970 Fall;


CLEOPATRA - 1963 (Story Book Cast of "Cleopatra");


1978 (Official Collectors Edition);

1978 (Official Poster Magazine);

CLOSEUP - 1976 #2 The Puppet Films);

CLR CANADA - 1988; (Pinhead "Hellraiser");


1982; September/October(Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones);

1983; January/February(cast of "Kiss Me Goodbye"), March/April(Cast of "Breathless"), June(Maud Adams "Octopussy");

CONEHEADS - 1993; Storybook;


1955 July (Clark Gable/ Marlene Dietrich/ Billy Daniels/ Walter Chrysler Jr.); September (Marilyn Monroe/ Jose Ferrer/ Tab Hunter);

1956 May (Sumner Welles/ Frank Sinatra/ Bobo Olson/ Jane Russell/ Dorothy Collins); July(Bob Hope/ Liz Taylor/ Archie Moore), September(Eddie Fisher/ Anita Ekberg/ Hal March);

1957 January (Elvis Presley/ Joan Crawford/ Diana Dors/ Dan Dailey); September(Ava Gardner/ Mickey Mantle/ Eddie Bauer);

1958 October(Jerry Lee Lewis/ Ava Gardner/ Jack Paar);

1960 September(Tuesday Weld; Hitler);

1962 June (Elizabeth Taylor/ Richard Burton); December(Hitler/ Jose Ferrer/ Rosemary Clooney), April(Brigitte Bargot/ Gov. Rockefeller), November(Jayne Mansfield);

1963 May(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Vince Edwards), June(Barbara Payton; Frank Sinatra), December(Queen Elizabeth/ Mandy Rice-Davies/ Cary Grant);

1964 August(Beatles; Eartha Kitt), September (Paul McCartney/ Ringo Starr/ Barry Goldwater); November(Barry Goldwater);

1965 January(Kim Novak; Lili St. Cyr); March (Nikita Khrushchev);

1966 August (Sammy Davis Jr./ Shirley Maclaine/ Prince Philip);

1967 April(Lotte Tarp);

1973 March(Wayne Newton/ Teddy Kennedy);


1968 February(John Phillip Law/ Marisa Meil “Diabolik”); August (Sisse Reingaard “The Dreamers”); October (Francoise Pascal); December (Katia Kelly);

1969 January (Rocio Durcal); February (Marisa Solinas); March (Francoise Pascal); April (Fabienne Dali); May (Brigitte Skay “Zeta One”); June (“Belle Per Un' Ora”); August (Catlin Trentini); September (Catherine Spaak/ Jean-Louis Trintignant “The Libertine”); October (Sabine Sun “Erotic Urge”); November (Karel Novak/ Jitka Novakova “We Eat the Fruit of the Trees of Paradise”); December (Marie Liljeddahl/ Thomas Astan “Do you Want to Remain a Virgin Forever?”);

1970 January (Josiane Tanzilli); March 1970 (Philosophy in the Boudoir; ** Erika Blanc in a Man for Emmanuelle; Sexyrella; Ingrid Pitt; Nude Vampire & Vampirism; Bridgette Bardot; Britt Ekland; Borsalino; VG/FN = $9.00); April (Susan Scott); May(Essy Persson); June(Ingrid Pitt); August(Veronique Verdell/ Terry Torday “She Lost Her-You Know What”); September 1970 (Laura Antonelli, Marie Liljedahl; ** Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni in Priest's Wife; Girls in Italian Films; Madame Royale; Hippie scene in Italian Films VG/FN = $9.00)

October (Giusy Caro); November (Diane Dee “In Love with Death”); December (Senta Berger “When Women had a Tail”);

1971 January (Brigitte Bargot); February(Joan Nash “Moonlighting Wives”); March(Ingrid Steeger “I'm aa Groupie”); (Apri (Gaby Fuchs “Butterflies Don't Cry”); May (The Conques of Chile”); June (Inga Steeger); July(Christina Lindberg); August (“Sex is not for Virgins”; backcover Brigitte Skay); September (Various Starlets); October (Raquel Welch “Hannie Caulder”); November (Marina Malfatti “The Night Evelyn Rose from the Tomb”);

1972 January (Gabriella Giorgelli “Larry Non E Permesso Morire”); March (Edwige Fenech): April (Tamara Baroni “Boccaccio”; backcover Chistine Schuberth); May (Anna Fonsou “Her Privat Life”); June (“Quante Volte Quella Notte”; backcover Dorit Henke); July (Edwige Fenech “A Strange Orchid with Five Drops of Blood”; backcover July Affair); August (“Sex is beautiful”; backcover Andrea Rau);

Volume 20 #2 (Senta Berger “Roma Bene”); #3 (“Forbidden Decameron”); #4 (Sandra Jullien/ Gabriella Giorgelli; backcover Edwige Fenech); #5 (Femi Benussi; backcover; Christine Schuberth); #6 (“Sex Obsessed”); #7(backcover Renate Carol); #8 (“Wife by Night” backcover Michel Piccoli/ Stephane Audran “Les Noces Rouges”); #10 (“Nu Gaar Den Paa Dagmar”; backcover Gloria Hendry);


1969 #17(Summer; Judy Garland);; #19 (Holiday; Blackstone & Janey Hays);

1970 - #21(Summer; Tarzan photo cover); #22(Fall; Red Ryder); #23(Holiday; Santa Claus);

1971 #24(Spring; Chuck Schaden, Little Orphan Annie); #26 (Holiday Issue)


1990; December;

1991; November;

--- D ---

DANCE SPIRIT (Lifestyle Ventures, LLC); 2001 March (Take 5);


1956 January(Sheree North/ Ingrid Bergman/ Red Skelton);, August/September(Jayne Mansfield/ Charlie Chapin);


1983; November #1(Harrison Ford; Sean Connery);

1984; January #3(William Shatner/ Leonard Nimoy/ Pierce Bronson),

1985; January #14(Spies, Spies, Spies);


1961 November (Tuesday Weld/ Elvis Presley; Clippings Cut out of Letters Pages 9-12; Page 63-64 is Missing, rest is G/VG


1976 November (David Hasselhoff/ Trish Stewart/ Mary Stuart/ Margaret Mason/ Toni Kalem/ Gene Bua/ Toni Bull Bua);

1977 November(Various);


1985; June (Various; Spring/Summer Previews; VG/FN $6)

1987; March (Picture History "Days of Our Lives" 1965-86; 76 pages; VF = $8);

1988; December (Complete Illustrated History of the Soaps; 148 Pages; VF $10);

DAYTIME DIGEST (Magazine Size)

1984; June(Volume-3 #2; Special LOVE issue; Fabulous Love Couples; FN = $8);

1987; December(Volume-6 #3; Complete illustrated History of Soaps; 146 pages; FN/ VF = $10);

1988; March(Volume-6 #4; Best of Days of Our Lives; FN+ = $8),

1988; June(Santa Barbara = Wedding of Year & Bonus Section; VF = $7);

1990; January(Complete Guide to Another World; VG/FN = $6),

1990; March(Volume-8 #4; GENERAL HOSPITAL featuring Frisco & his Port Charles pals; FN = $6),

1990; May(Inside days of Our Lives; appears FN, but water damage to upper Left corner at back of Mag, thus G/VG = $4);


1981; Spring Special / Annual(Volume-5 #1; Special Behind the Scenes issue; Tony Geary, Thaao Penghlis, etc; 100 Pages including covers; Overall FN+, but with Coupons cut out of Front & Back covers thus FA/G $3)

1981; December(Volume-5 #9; in Hawaii with GH's Emily McLaughlin & Lieux Dressler; Genie Francis; Mike Stark & Mary Murray; FN = $7),

1985; July(Jane Krakowski & Adam Storke; Brian Bloom & Lucy Deakins VG/FN = $6);


1987; October #1(Volume-1 #1; Various; VF = $12);

1988; January (Volume-1 #2; various; FN/VF = $10),

1988; March(Volume-2 #2; Various; FN/VF = $9),

1988; May(Volume-2 #3; Various; FN/VF = $8);

1989; November(Volume-3 #6; Various; VG/FN = $6);


1984; November(Volume-1 #8; Michael Knight, Judi Evans, Sherilyn Wolter; FN = $7);


1971 August (Jada Rowland/ Henderson Forsythe/ Phoebe Dorin/ Nancy Wickwire/ Sam Groom/ Kate Sullivan); September (Susan Seaworth/ Bill Hayes/ Gary Sandy/ Mary Stuart/ John Gabriel/ Christopher Wines/ Patricia Noal); October (Heather North/ Wesley Kenney/ Sasha Von Scherler/ Helen Wagner/ Robert Willey/ John Beradino/ Margery Binder);

1973 August (Sharon DeBord/ Val Dufour/ Pamela Shoop/ Ellen Barber/ Stars of “Days of our Lives”); December (Jada Rowland/ Martin West/ Robert Phelps/ Linda Bove/ Peter Brown/ Jacquie Courtney);

1975 January (Susan Lucci/ Nick Benedict/ George Reinholt/ Stephanie Braxton/ Corinne Conley/ Lynne Adams); february (Valerie Starrett/ Mary Stuart/ Ann Williams/ Bill Hayes/ Susan Seaforth/ Jim McKrell); June (Janice Lynde/ Forrest Compton/ Veleka Gray/ Brenda Dickson/ Marie Masters); September (Tom Berenger/ Patty Weaver/ John Cunningham/ Pat Conwell/ Gloria Hoye/ Elizabeth Kemp); October ( Marie Cheatham/ Ron Tomme/ Ann Flood/ Roger Newman/ Fran Myers/ James Sikking); December (Morgan Fairchild/ Michele Coaway/ Justin Deas/ Don Matheson/ Denise Alexander);

1978 June(Josh Taylor/ Eileen Fulton/ Candice Earley/ Nancy Frangione/ Wayne Hudgins); September (Richard Dean Anderson/ David Hasselhoff/ Sharon Gabet/ Roberta Leighton/ Josh Taylor);

1981; April (Michael Storm/ Jacquie Courtney/ Robin Mattson/ Ray Manzella/ Wayne Massey);

1984; April(Volume-14 #11; Various; FN/VF = $7),

1984; May(Various; VF = $9);

1985; October (Jack Wagner/ Kristina Malandro/ Andrea Evans/ Peter Reckell/ Steve Bond);

1986; October (Jack Wagner/ Kate Collins/ Kim Zimmer/ Melody Thomas/ Tracey Bergman/ Jean Leclerc);

1987; August (Various);

1988; January(Various; VF = $7); February(Various; FN/VF = $6), March(Various; VF = $7), May(Various; VG = $4),November (Various);

1988; February(Various), March(Various), May(Various), June(Various);

1989; February (Jackie Zeman/ Jame Depaiva/ Stephen Nichols/ Mary Beth Evans); April (Jed Allan/ Jane Higginson/ Kale Browne/ Tom Wiggin/ Rebecca Street);

1990; January(1990; Predictions; FN = $5), 1990; March(Special issue = Best & Worst Awards; FN/VF = $6);

1991; May(10 Days stories you'll never see; Tony Geary returns; ; appears VG, but with Glue & Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus G = $2);

1993; July(10 Soap Taboos you'll never seen; EMMY previews; FN/VF = $6),

1993; November(FALL Preview; VG/FN = $6);


1980;#1("General Hospital");

1983; #4(General Hospital);

1985; #9(Days of our Lives); #10(Daytime/Nighttime Soap Stars);

1986; #13(Daytime/Nighttime Soap Stars);

1987; #15(Soaps' Loving Couples), #16("Days of our Lives"), #17(Love Stories), #18(Who's Who in Daytime TV);

1990; April(Vol.5#2 - Who's Who In Daytime TV)

1982; (#8; 1983; PREVIEW issue; 132 pages; Soap Opera Special Every Star-Every Show; VG = $10);
1984; March (Volume-3 #3; The Best of Daytime TV; 108 pages; Celebration of LOVE in the 80's; Greatest Romances of 1954-1984; FN/VF = $12);
1987; August (Volume-6 #3; 84 pages; Character Guide to Daytime/ Nighttime Soap Stars; 33 Close-Ups & Interviews; FN = $8),

1987; October (1987; PREVIEW issue; 108 pages; Soap Opera Special Every Star - Every Show; FN/VF = $8);
1988; March (25th Anniversary Issue 1963-1988; The Best of Daytime TV; 108 pages; FN/VF = $8),

1988; May (Volume-7 #2; Super Special; 132 pages; FN = $9);
1990; May (Volume-9 #2; Super Special; 132 pages; VG/FN = $8);

1975; (#2; Trish Stewart & William Grey Espy, Kathryn Hays, Ann Flood, Forrest Compton, Mary Stuart, Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes, James Pritchett, Lydia Bruce, Erika Slezak, Nicolas Coster & Candace);

1974 (#5; Mary Stuart, David O'Brien, Mary Fickett, George Reinholt, Denise Alexander, Mart Hulswit, Donald May, Susan Flannery, Bill Hayes, Jacquie Courtney, Lee Patterson, Janice Lynde);

DEFINITI - 2004 Spring (Naomi Watts);


1990; - The Movie Storybook;

1990; - Official Movie Souvenir Magazine;


1957 February(Pat Boone), March(Natalie Wood), April(James Dean);


1967 Story Book


1957 Summer Vol.1#1(Jayne Mansfield);


1984; (Official Collectors Edition), (Puzzles, Games, Mazes, Activity), (Storybook; TPB; Hardcover TPB);

--- E ---




ECHO DER FRAN - 1994; September 17(Liz Taylor);

E-GO COLLECTORS SERIES - 1976 September (#4; John Wayne);

ELIZABETH TAYLOR'S LOVE DIARY – In Her Own Words (1962; Country Wide Inc Pub; First Edition; Magazine; Movie TV Secrets Celebrity issue; 84 Pages including Covers;  Special ELIZABETH TAYLOR issue; SCARCE; ** Masking Tape on Spine, Creasing to Covers; Writing at upper right cover corner; 2" Piece Missing off Lower Right Cover & First Page Corners; Low Grade Reading Copy = $9.00);

EMERGENCY MAGAZINE #1 (TV) (July/1976) Description: First Edition. This mag is blazing hot in the collectibles market! 68pgs, B&W. Cover & Art by NEAL ADAMS! Also art by Russ Heath, Terry Austin, Dick Giordano, Klaus Janson! With 6 pages of photo's & bio's of the TV series' stars = Johnny Gage (Roy DeSoto ), Dixie McCall (Julie London), Dr Joe Early (Bobby Troup), & Dr Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller) !!! This mag is getting very hard to find! (VF = US$ 29.00; VG=$ 15.00)

EMERGENCY Magazine #2 (NBC-TV Tie-In) Johnny Gage (Randy/Randolph Mantooth) , Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe) New York, NY, USA.: Charlton. 1976 Soft Cover. TRUE FIRST EDITION THUS. Magazine. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. 9/76. 68 pages(inc covers) NEAL ADAMS cover & art! Also art by; Terry Austin, Dick Giordano, Russ Heath, Klaus Janson. With 2 page cast Photo Gallery! 2 pages Photo's each of the trucks & equipment = 4pgs! #2 is Scarcer than #1. RED HOT series! >> The TV series' stars; Johnny Gage (Randy/Randolph Mantooth) , Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe), Dixie McCall (Julie London), Dr Joe Early (Bobby Troup), & Dr Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller) (VF = US$ 29.00; FN=$ 20.00)

EMPIRE - 2000; June(Russell Crowe "Gladiator");

ENTERTAINMENT - 1956 June #1(Jayne Masfield);

ENTERTAINMENT EXPRESS - 1992; January Vol.1#2(Leslie Nelson), February Vol.1#3(Patrick Swayze);

ENTERTAINMENT TEEN - 2000; June (Oh-Town);


1990; February/16 (#1; K.D. Lang; Neneh Cherry); February/23 (#2 Why can't we Get Out of Vietnam?); March/2 (#3; Sean Connery); March/9 (#4; Save CBS!); March/16 (#5; Jamie Lee Curtis); March/23 (#6; Oscar a Special Preview); March/ 30 (#7; Spike Lee); May18 (#14; Bart Simpson), June/8 (#17; Arnold Schwarzenegger); June/15 (#18; Dick Tracy); July 27(#24; Jeff Daniels); August 24(#28; Elvis Presley), August 31(#29; Bill Cosby);


1991; July 19(#75; The 100 Best Movies You've Never Heard Of); August 16(#79; Pee Wee Herman), August 23(#80; Bonnie Raitt), August 30(#81; "Terminator2"), September 13(#83; Christina Applegate/ Fall TV Preview 1991;), September 27(#85; William Shatner/ Leonard Nimoy "Star Trek"), October 11(#87; Goldie Hawn), November 1(#90; The 101 Most Influential People in Entertainment), November 15(#92; Raul Julia/ Anjelica Huston "Addams Family"), December 13(#96; Anjelica Huston), December 20(#97; Warren Beatty; Madonna); December 27(#98/99; Best of 1991;);


1992; January 10(#100 - 20th Century Greatest Entertainment Moments), February 14(#105; Janine Turner/ Rob Morrow 'Northern Exposure"), March/6 (#108; Patrick Stewart); September 11 (#135; Jerry Seinfeld), November 6(#143; Madonna), December 4(#147; Disney's "Aladdin");

1992; December 25 - 1993; January7 (#150/151; Best of 1992;);


1993; February 12(#157; Stephen Rea), February 26(#159; Michaael Jackson), March12(#161; Jerry Garcia "Grateful Dead"), March 26(#161; Complete Academy Awards Guide), April 9(#165; Cast of "Seinfield"), April 16(#166; Brandon Lee), April 23(#167; Shannen Doherty), April 30(#168; Richard Pryor), May 14(#170; Cast of "Cheers"), May 21(#171; Sharon Stone/ William Baldwin "Silver"), May 28(#172; Summer Movie Preview), June 4(#173; Sylvester Stallone), June11(#174; Arnold Schwarzenegger), June 18(#175; "Jurassic Park"), June 25 - July8(#176/#177; David Letterman), July 9(#178; Tom Hanks), July 16(#179; Guide to Lollapalooza),July 23(#180; "Jurassic Park"), July 30(#181; TV's Classics 101), August 6(#182; John Malkovich), August 13(#183; Humphrey Bogart), August 20(#184; Mel Gibson), August 27 - September 39#185/186; Michelle Pfeiffer), September 17(#188; Heather Locklear), September 24(#189; Michael Richards), October 1(#190; Michael J. Fox), October 8 (#191; Pamela Anderson/ David Hasseloff/ Nicole Eggert “Baywatch”); October 15(#192; Howard Stern), October 22 (#193; Power People); October 29(#194; David Caruso/ Amy Brenneman "NYPD Blues"), November 5 (#195; 100 Best CD's); November 12(#196; Al Pacino), November 19(!97; Julia Roberts); November 26 (#198; Drugs & Young Hollywood); December 3 (#199; Eddie “Frasier”); December 10 (“200; Clint Eastwood); December/ 24 (#202/ Jason Patric); December/31- January/7 1994; (#205 “Deep Space Nine”);


1994; January 21(#206; Liam Neeson), January/28 (#207; Daniel Day-Lewis); February/4 (#208; Martin Lawrence); February/11 (#209; Meryl Streep/ Winona Ryder/ Glenn Close); February/18-25 (#210/211 The State of Music); March/11 (#213 Luke Perry); March/25 (#215; Elle MacPherson); June 3(#225; John Goodman/ Fred Flintstone), July 15(#231; Jeff& Beau Bridges), November 11 (#248; Jimmy Smits/ Dennis Franz “NYPD Blue”); November 18(#249; Tim Allen), December 2(#251; Debrah Farentino "Earth 2"), December 16(#253; Demi Moore/ Michael Douglas "Disclosure"); December30-January 6 1995; (#255/266 Best of 1994;);


1995; January/20 (#258; Kate Mulgrew “Star Trek Voyager”); January/27 (#259; Cast of “Friends”); February 3(#260; Box Office Winners & Losers), February/17 (#262; Sean Connery); February 24 – March 3(#263/264; 5th Anniversary), March 10( #265 David Duchovny/ Gillian Anderson); March 17(#266; R.E.M.), March 31(#268; Alicia Silverstone), April 21(3271; Women Cast of "Roseanne"), May 5 ((#273; Sandra Bullock; Ex-Library, FA/G $2); June 2 (#277; Teri Hatcher; TV Winners and Losers); July 28 (#285; Tiffani-Amber Thiessen); August 11 (#287; Julia Roberts), August 25 - September 1(#289/290; John Travolta/ Christian Slater), September 8(#291; Gay 90's, Hollywood comes out of the Closet), September 15(#292; Courtney Cox; Fall TV Preview), September 22(#293; Noah Wyle/ Sherry Stringfield "ER"), September 29(#294; David Duchovny), October 6(#295; Antonio Banderas), October 13(#296; William Shater), October 20(#297; 10 Reasons TV is Better Than The Movies), October 27(#298; 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment), November 3(#299; Cast of "Frasier"),November10 9#00; Jim Carrey), November 17(#301; Pierce Bronson), November 24(#302; Robert De Niro), December 1(#303; David Letterman), December 8(#304; "Toy Story"), December 15(#305; Jennifer Aniston), December 22(#306; Whitney Houston/ Angela Bassett);


1995; December 29 - January 5(#307/308; Best of 1995;);

1996; January 19(#310; Ricki Lake), February 2(#312; Cast of "Seinfeld"), February 16(#314; Dean Cain), February 23 - March 1(#315/316; Julia Roberts), March 8 (#317; Michelle Pfeiffer/ Robert Redford), March 15(#318; Nicolas Cage), March 22(#319; Susan Sarandon/ Tim Robbins), March 29(#320; Robin Williams/ Nathan Lane), April 5(#321; Oscar Winners & Losers), April 12(#322; Are They Worth It?"), April 19(#323; 50 Greatest Directors & Their 100 Best Movies), April 26(#324; David Schwimmer), May 31(#329; Cher), June 7(#330; Juliannna Margulies), June 21(#332; Liv Tyler), June 28 - July 5(#333/334; John Travolta), July 12(#335; Brooke Shields "Suddenly Susan"), August 23/30 (#341/342; Mel Gibson); September 27(#346; Sheryl Crow), October 4(#347; Ellen Degeneres), October 11(#348; Cast of "That Thing You Do"), October 18(#349; Liam Neeson), October 259#350; 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment), November 1(#351; Risky Career Make Overs), November 8 (#352; Mel Gibson/ Rene Russo), November 15(#353; Micheal J. Fox/ Carla Gugino), November 22(#354; Michelle Pfeiffer/ George Clooney), November 29 (#355; Gillian Anderson/ David Duchovny "The X-Files"), December 6(#356; Cast of "The Crucible");

1996; December 27 - 1997; January 3(#359/#360; Best of 1996;);


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2000; January/21-28 (#522/523; Our Guide to 2000;); March (#529; Special Issue; The Oscars); March 17(#531; Julianne Moore), March 31(#533; Christina Aguilera), April 7(#534; Oscar Winners and Losers!), April 14(#535; David Duchony), April 21(#536; Natalie Portman); April 28/May 5(#537/538; Cast of "X-Men"), May 12(#539; Russel Crowe "Gladiator"), Spring #540; 10th Anniversary Special), May 19(#541; 'N Sync), May 26 (#542; Cast of "Friends"), June 2(#543; Tom Cruise), June 16(#545; Samuel L. Jackson; Spider-Man), June 23(#546; Jim Carrey; Cindy Margolis), June 30-July7(#547/548; Hayden Christensen), July 21(#550; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos/ Hugh Jackman), October/6 (#562; Gay Hollywood 2000;); October/13 (#563; Robert Di Niro/ Ben Stiller); Fall (#565; Drew Barrymore; Special Issue “How to Break into Show Biz”); October/27 (#566; The Power Issue); November 17(#569; Glenn Close "102 Dalmations"), November 24(#570; Ricky Martin), December/8(#572; Mel Gibson/ Helen Hunt), December 15(#573; Tom Hanks);


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2002; February/15 (#639; Jodie Foster); March/1 (#642; Julia Louis-Dreyfus); March/22 (#645; Russell Crowe/ Denzel Weahington; Oscar Guide); March/29 (#646; Drew Barrymore/ E.T./ Steven Spielberg/ Henry Thomas); April/5 (#647; Halle Berry/ Denzel Washington; Oscar Winners & Losers); April/12 (#648; Natalie Portman/ Hayden Christensen); April/19 (#649; Cast of “The Osbournes”); April/26 (#650/651; Kirsten Dust/ Toby Maguire “Spider-Man”); May/3 (#652; Matt Leblanc); May/10 (#653; Tina Fey/ Jimmy Fallon); May/31 (#656; David Bowie/ Moby); June/14 (#658; Tom Cruise); June/28-July/5 (#660/661; Keanu Reeves/ Carrie-Anne Moss);


2003; May/23 (#711; The Top 50 Cult Movies); July/11 (#718; Katharine Hepburn 1907-2003;); October/17 (#733; Jack Black); October/24 (#734; Nicole Kidman);


2004; April/16 (#760; Quentin Tarantino); September/3 (#781; Donald Trump);


2005; September/9 (#838/839; Matthew Fox “Lost”); September/16 (#840; Dylan Walsh/ Joely Richardson/ Julian McMahon); October/21 (#846; Chris Rock/ Tyler James Williams “Everybody Hates Chris”);

EPILOGUE (Sandra Drive in Little Rock) #3 (February 1971; Bealock cover art);


2002 September (Monsters, Inc)

2009 July (Fast & Furious); August (I Love You Man, Paul Rudd & Jason Segel); September (Wolverine);


1979 Paramount Press Book;


1982;(Picture Activity Book);



1996; October#1(Male Cast of "ER"), November#2(Jane Tennison);

1997; January#4(Anthony Edwards "ER"), May/June#7(Cast of "The Bill");

EVERYDAY WITH RACHEL RAY - 2008 (April; Alicia Silverstone)


1952 October Vol.1#4(Esther Williams), November Vol.1#5(Burnt Body in Car Wreck);


1962 November(Kim Novak; Grace Kelly; Natalie Wood);

1963; June(Volume-1 #4; Liz Taylor/ Frank Sinatra cover; Liz Taylor = 4 page Article on Cleopatra with 5 Photo's; Untold story of Frank Sinatra & Peter Lawford Feud;

Weight = 120 Grams; VG = $12);

EYE ON WINIPEG (Newspaper)

Circa 1976(Peter Gzowski);

--- F ---

FACE EATER PRESS BOOK - 2007; (Jon McClure);

FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY Press Book (1997) Paul McGann, Florence Hoath and Elizabeth Earl

FAME - 1989; August(Steve Martin);


1999; - November Vol.1#1(Johnny Depp/ Christina Ricci 'Sleppyhollow'), December Vol.1#2(Tom Hanks);

2000; - April Vol.1#4(David Duchovny/ Minnie Driver "Return to Me"), May Vol.1#5(Russel Crowe "Gladiator"), June Vol.1#6(Samuel L.Jackson "Shaft"), July Vol.1#7(Male Stars of "X-Men"), October Vol.1#10(Drew Barrymore), November Vol.1#11(Jim Carrey as the Grinch), December Vol.1 #12(Helen Hunt);

2001; - February Vol.2#2(Anthony Hopkins), May Vol.2#5(Brendan Fraser "The Mummy Returns"), June Vol.2#6(Angelina Jolie "Tomb Raider"), July Vol.2#7(Catherine Zeta-Jones), September Vol.2#9(Keanu Reeves), October Vol.2#10("Harry Potter"),December Vol.2#12(Liv Tyler "Lord of the Rings");

2002; - April Vol.3#4(Toby Maguire "Spider-Man), May Vol.3#5(Hayden Christensen), June Vol.3#6(Tom Cruise/ Colin Farrell), July Vol.3#7(Tom Hanks "Road to Perdition"), August Vol.3#8(Catherine Keener); October (Volume 3 #10; Halle Berry “Die Another Day”); November (Volume 3 #11; Ian McKellen; “Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers”); December (Volume (Volume 3 #12; Leonardo Dicaprio “Gangs of New York”);

2003; – January (Volume 4 #1; Richard Gere “Chicago”); February (Volume 4 #2; Matthew McConaughey); March (Volume 4 #3; Ralph Fiennes “Spider”); April (Volume 4 #4; Carrie-Anne Moss “The Matrix Reloaded”); May (Volume 4 #5; Jennifer Aniston “Bruce Almighty); June (Volume 4 #6; Drew Barrymore/ Cameron Diaz/ Lucy Lui “Charlie's Angels; Full Throttle”); October (Volume 4 #10; Uma Thurman “Kill Bill: Volume One”); November (Volume 4 #11; “The Cat in the Hat”); December (Volume 4 #12; Viggo Mortensen “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”);

2004; - February (Volume 5 #2; Drew Barrymore “50 First Dates”); March (Volume 5 #3; Sarah Polley); July (Volume 5 #7; Toby Maguire “Spider-Man 2”); October (Volume 5 #10; Annette Bening “Being Julia”);

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2006; – January (Volume 7 #1; Colin Farrell); February (Volume 7 #2; Steve Martin; “The Pink Panther”); March (Volume 7 #3; Natalie Portman “V for Vendetta”); April (Volume 7 #4; Anna Faris); May (Volume 7 #5; Hot Summer Movie Preview); June (Volume 7 #6; Brandon Routh/ Kate Bosworth “Superman Returns”); July (Volume 7 #7; Johnny Depp “Dead Man's Chest”); August (Volume 7 #8; Samuel L. Jackson); September (Volume 7 #9; Josh Hartnett “The Black Dahlia”); October (Volume 7 #10; Leonardo Dicaprio/ Matt Damon); November (Volume 7 #11; Daniel Craig); December (Volume 7 #12; Beyonce Knowles; “Dreamgirls”);

2007; - February (Volume 8 #2; Hugh Grant “Music and Lyrics”); March (Volume 8 #3; Scarlett Johansson “The Nanny Diaries”); April (Volume 8 #4; Tobey Maguire “Spider-Man 3”); September (Volume 8 #9; Cate Blanchett “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”); October (Volume 8 #10; Natalie Portman/ Ben Stiller/ Will Smith);

2009 December (Robert Downey Jr.)

2012 January (Michael Cera) February (Tim Burton); March (Sam Worthington); April (Scarlett Johansson); May (Kim Cattrall); September (Michael Douglas);


2002; Spring Vol.1#1(Spider-Man), Summer Vol.1#2("Lilo and Stitch"); Winter (Volume 1 #4; Wild Thornberrys”);

2003; – Spring (Volume 2 #1; “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”); Summer (Volume 2 #2 “Rugrats Go Wild”); Fall (Volume 2 #3; “Cat in the Hat”); Winter (Volume 2 #4; 'Return of the King”);

2004; – Spring (Volume 3 #1; “Agent Cody Banks 2”); Fall (Volume 3 #3; “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie”);

2005; - Spring (Volume 4 #1; “Robots”); Summer (Volume 4 #2; “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D”); Winter (Volume 4 #4; “The Chronicles of Narnia”);

2006; – Spring (Volume 5 #1; “Ice Age; The Meltdown”); Summer (Volume 5 #2; “Cars”); Fall (Volume 5 #3; “Stormbreakers”); Winter (Volume 5 #4; “Arthur and the Invisibles”);

2007; – Spring (Volume 6 #1; “Shrek the Third”);

2012 Winter(The Princess and the Frog);

FAMOUS T.V. AND MOVIE FRIENDS - (By Jan Hary; 1995;);

FAVORITE WESTERNS (Serial World Pub.) 1983 June (#12; Brazos Kane)

FEMME FATALES (Slick Professional Magazine; Color) = See Listings in Science Fiction & Fantasy & HORROR Magazines section of our Website;


1978 February, March, May, Summer, September, November;

1979 January, March, July, September, Year-End;

1980;March, June, August, October;

1981; Spring, August, October;

1982; February/March, Summer;


1976 July #66;

1977 April #75(FCR Interviews the Nostalgia Merchant), June #77(Tim McCoy); September #78;


1977 January 1(#6; Charlie Chaplin), January 15(#7), February 15(#9; Liz Taylor/ Paul Newman), March 1(#10; Fred Astraire/ Ginger Rogers), March 15(#11; Clark Gable/ carole Lombard), April 1(Marilyn Monroe/ Liz Taylor/ Rita Hayworth), June 1(Kirk Alyn), October 1(Alan Ladd), November 1(Cartoon Index), November 15(Barbara Streisand/ Kris Kristofferson), December 1(Clark Gable), December 15(Laurel & Hardy);

1978 January(Laurel & Hardy);


1975 January/February (Bugs Bunny); October (Three Days of the Condor interview with Sudney Pollack & Robert Redford)

1976 May/June(Liv Ullman "Face to Face");

1979 July/August(Robin Williams);

1981; May/June(Edith Massey), July/August(Karen Allen 'Raiders of the Lost Ark"), September/October(Meryl Streep), November/December("Time Bandits");

1982; January/February(Diane Keaton/ Warren Beatty "Reds"), March/April(Nastassia Kinsaki "Cat People"), May/June("E.T."), July/August("Road Warrior"), September/October(Marilyn Monroe), November/December(Goldie Hawn "Best Friends");

1983; February("Gandhi"), April(Jeremy Irons "Betrayal"), June ("Fanny and Alexander");

1998; January/February("Kundun"), March/April(Takeshi Kitano "Fireworks"), May/June(Martin Scorsese), July/August(Frank Sinatra), September/October(Tom Hanks "Saving Private Ryan"), November/December(lana Turner/ John Gavin "Imitation of Life");


1975 October (#8; Gary Cooper/ Tallulah Bankhead "Devil and the Deep");

1976 April(39; Katha Rine Hepburn "Little Women");

1982; March(#24; Katherine Hepburn/ Cary Grant "Sylvia Scarlett"), November(#25; Rock Hudson 'Seminole");

1983; January(#26; Cast of "The Furies"), December(#28; Ben Johnson "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon");


1970 – January (#103; Mitchell Leisen/ Fred MacMurray/ Larlene Dietrich);

1974 – January (#151; Binnie Barnes); March (#153); September (#159; Madeleine Carroll);

1975 - March (#165; Lana Turner);


1958 April(Yul Brynner/ Maria Schell 'The Brothers Karamazov");

1959 November(Gina Lollobrigida/ Frank Sinatra "Never so Few");

1970 January(Susan Strasberg/ Nathalie Delon "The Sisters"), April(Alain Delon "Borsalino"), October (raquel Welch/ Robert Herren "Myra Breckinridge"), November("There was a Crooked Man"), December(UDO Kier "Dead End");

1971 January(Which was the Best of 1970?), February(Stanley Glick), March(Hywel Bennett "Percy"/ Christian Roberts "Last Valley"), June (Jurgen Draeger "My Swedish Meatball"/ Kenneth William "Carry on Henry"), July(Oliver Reed "The Devils"), August(Mick Jagger "Gimme Shelter"), September(Marianne Blomquist/ Hartmut Becker), October(Betty Grable), November(Liz Taylor/ Peter O'Toole "Under Milk Wood"), December(Helmut Berger "Dorian Grey");

1972 March(Zooey Hall "Fortune and sMen's Eyes"), April(Paul Newman 'Never Give an Inch"), May(Stephanie Beacham 'The Nightcomers"), June(Ryan O'Neal "What's Up Doc?'/ Susanna East "The Fiend"), July(Steve McQueen "Junior Bonner"), August(Sylvia Miles/ Joe Dallesandro "Heat"), September("The Godfather"), October("Savage Messiah"), November(Richard Chamberlain/ Sarah Miles "Lady Caroline Lamb"), December(Ryan O'Neal "The Thief Who Came to Dinner");

1973 January(Michael Maien "Mark of the Devil"), February("Pink Narcissus"), March(Maggie Smith "Travels with my Aunt"), April("Brother Sun, Sister Moon"; 3 pages "Two-Lane Blacktop"), May("O Lucky Man!"), June(Alec Guinness "Hitler"), August("Ludwig"), September(Charlotte Rampling "The Night Porter"), October(Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon"), November("A Thousand and One Nights"), December ("The Tnederness of Wolves");

1974 January(Robert Redford/ Paul Newman "The Sting"), February(Warhol's "Dracula"), March(Sean Connery "Zardoz"), April("The Lion Has 7 Heads"; "The Exorcist"), May(Joseph Bottoms "The Dove"), June("Amarcord"), July(Paul Nicholas "Tommy"), August("The Monk"/ "Percy's Progress"), September(James Dean/ Martin Sheen), October(Warren Beatty "The Parallax View"), November(Sean Bury/ Anicee Alvina), December(Roger Moore in James Bond's "The Man with the Golden Gun");

1975 January(Joan Collins/ Alan Price 'Alfie Darling"), February(Britt Ekland/ Pierre Clementi "the Cannibals"), March(Roger Daltrey "Tommy"), April (Volume-7; #247; Cover Photo of Peter Hinwood of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", with 5 page article & 12 Photo's inside; Also with Articles & Photo's on; Young Frankenstein, Phantom of the Paradise, Ain't Misbehavin', Flesh Gordon; Weight = 150 Grams; VG = $15),

May(Britt Eklund/ Malcolm McDowell "Royal Flash"), June("And Now my Love"), July(Jack Nicholson/ Maria Schneider "The Passenger"), August(Liza Minnelli/ Burt Reynolds "Lucky Lady"), September ("Salo... The 120 Days in the City of Sodom"), October(David Bowie "The man who Fell to Earth"), November(Roger Daltrey/ Paul Nicholas "Liszto Mania"), December(Ryan O'Neal/ Marisa Berenson "Barry Lyndon");

1976 January(Raquel Welch "The Beloved"), April("Experiencia Prematrimonial"), May(Donald Sutherland "Casanova"),June("Vampyres"), July("The First Nudie Musical"),

1976 - August(Robert De Niro "Taxi Driver";  Also  with; Family Plot, Lipstick, Saturday Night at the Baths, Won Ton Ton the Dog Who saved Hollywood;  FN = $12.00),

1976 - September("Per Le Antiche Scale"), October (Michael York "Logan's Run"), November("Sebastiane"), December(Chi Dice Donna Dice Donna");

1977 January(Renaud Verley "L'ete Des Amours"), February(Peter Falk "Joseph Andrews"), March ("The Sentinal'), May("Private Vices and Publis Virtues"), June(Jackie Gleason "Smokey and the Bandit'), July(Alan Arkin/ Byron "Fire Sale"), September(Helmut Berer “Salon Kitty"), October(Arnold Schwarzenegger "Pumping Iron"), November(Rudolf Nureyev/ Michelle Phillips "Valentino"), December(Tommy Lewis "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith");

1978 March(Adam Ant "Jubilee"), April(Oliver Tobias/ Tanis Rodgers "The Stud"), May("Condemned and Possessed");

1984; June(Nastassia Kinski " Cat People");


1951 February(Jane Russell), August(Jane Russell);

1953 April(Ava Gardner);

FILMMAKERS - 1981; September("Southern Comfort");

FILM MAKING - 1978 July;

FILM MONTHLY (British) - 1989; August(Jack Nicholson as “The Joker”);


1959 – Fall (Max Von Sydow/ Gertrude Fridh in Ingmar Bergman's “Ansiktet”); Winter (Jeanne Moreau & Jean-Marc Bory in “Les Amants” by Claude Chabrol);

1960 – Spring (Franciso Rabal in “Nazarin” by Luis Bunuel); Summer (The Glass Face of a Building From Shirley Clarke's “Skyscraper”); Fall (Lotte Lenya in “Die Dreigroschenoper”); Winter (Nadia Gray in Fellini's “Al Dolce Vita”);

1961 – Spring (Linda Lawson in Curtis Harrington's “Night Tide”); Summer (Monica Vitti & Gabriele Ferzetti in Michaelangelo Antonioni's “L'avventura”); Fall (Sophia Loren in De Sica's “La Ciocara”); Winter 1961-62 (John Cassavetes' “Too Late Blues”);

1964 Fall (Jean Cocteau in “Testament of Orpheus”);

1972 Fall (Bud Cort in “Harold and Maude”);

1973 (Summer (George C. Scott in “rage”); Fall (“People of the Cumberland”); Winter 1973-74 (Backseat Scene in “Payday”);

1974 Spring(Shelley Duvall in Robert Altman's “Thieves Like Us”); Fall (Mariangela Melato in Lina Wertmuller's “Love and Anarchy”); Winter 1974-75 (Liv Ullman and Erland Josephson in Bergman's “Scenes from a Marriage”);

1975 – Spring (Fantasy Scene from “The Hourglass” by Wojciech Has); Summer (Warren Beatty in “Shampoo”); Fall (Bernie Casey in “Hit Man”);

1978 – Summer (Susan Sarandon in Malle's “Pretty Baby”); Fall (Nine Covers Out of the Past Twenty Years); Winter 1978-79 (Leonard Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”);

1979 – Spring (Geradine Chaplin in “Elisa, Vida Mia” by Carlos Saura); Summer (Anne Lambert as Miranda in “Picnic at Hanging Rock”);

1983;/84 Winter(Anthony Higgins; "The Draughtsman's Contract");


1992; November(Gerald Depardieu);

1996; April(John Travolta), May(Sandra Bullock), June(Mel Gibson), August(Tom Cruise);

FILMS IN REVIEW (Digest Size; National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, Inc.)

1959 August-September (Leslie Caron “The Man Who Understood Women”); October (May Britt “The Blue Angel”); November (Nadja Tiller “Rosemary”);

1960 April (Marc Wilder/ Shirley McAlaine “Can-Can”); November (Linda Cristal “The Alamo”);

1961 January (Dina Merrill “The Sundowners”); February (Marilyn Monroe/ Clark Gable “The Misfits”); April (Keir Dullea “The Hoodlum Priest”); June-July (Salome Jens “Angel Baby”); August-September (Horst Buchholz/ Leslie Caron “Fanny”); October (Mary Peach/ Peter Finch “No Love for Johnnie”); November (Jeffrey Hunter “King of Kings”);December (Sophia Loren/ Charlton Heston “El Cid”);

1962 January (Deborah Kerr “The Innocents”); February (Yvette Mimieux “Light in the Piazza”); March (Ingrid Thulin “The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”); April (Mariette Hartley “Rise the High Country”); August-September (Yvette Mimieux “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm”); November (Terence Stamp “Billy Budd”); December (Judy Garland “Gay Pur-ee”);

1963 January (Janet Margolin/ Keir Dullea “David and Lis”); April (Alfred Hitchcock/ Tippi Hedren); May (Gunnar Bjornstrand/ Ingrid Thulin “Winter Light”); October (Jean Seberg “In the French Style”); November (Jean Simmons “All the Way Home”); December (Cary Grant “Charade”);

1964 January(Tom Tryon/ Romy Schneider “The Cardinal”); February (Angie Dickinson “Captain Newman, M.D.”); March (Catherine Spaak “The Empty Canvas”); May (Daniela Bianchi “From Russia with Love”); June-July (Martha Hyer “The Carpetbaggers”); October (Siobhan McKenna/ Laurence Harvey “Of Human Bondage”); November (Julie Andrews/ James Garner/ Melvyn Douglas/ James Coburn “The Americanization of Emily”); December (Honor Blackman “Goldfinger”);

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FLASHBACK (Jack Davis cover) -

1972 April(#1;"B" Westerns/ Muscial/ Comedy/ Horror/ B Films/ Serial);

June (#2; Swordplay on the Screen);

September (#3; interview Harold Lloyd; 1941 It was a very good year);

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1992; (D.J.'s Family Scrapbook);

1995; March(Michelle's Scrapbook);

1994; (Posterbook);

--- G ---

THE GARBAGE GANG - 1987; (Official Movie Magazine);


GEN II - THE INTERNATIONAL CONJURURS' MAGAZINE 1983 January (Roy, Lynette & Siegfried)

GHOSTBUSTERS - 1984;(Storybook; TPB);

GHOSTBUSTERS II - 1989;(Storybook; TPB);

GIGI - Circa 1960's Souvenir Book;


GONE WITH THE WIND - 1967 (The Story of Gone with the Wind);

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GRAND HOTEL (ITALIAN) - 1985; (Stefan Johansson);

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--- H ---


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1983; (Poster Book);

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1953 (#2; Ava Gardner), (#3; Jane Powell);

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1992; November(TPB);




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--- I ---

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1984;(Official Collectors Edition(TPB);

1984;(Gatefold Technical Credits);



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2005; October (Jake Gyllenhaal);

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Volume-1 #2 (November/1989; BATMAN, Vicki Vale and JOKER illustrated cover; Article on BATMAN Movie with Keaton, Nicholson and Bassinger; Bonus Jumbo Video BATMAN Promo Flyer; VG = $6.00);

Volume-1 #2 (November/1989; BATMAN, Vicki Vale and JOKER illustrated cover; Article on BATMAN Movie with Keaton, Nicholson and Bassinger; Overall G/VG, but BACK COVER is MISSING = $2.25 );

Volume-1 #3 (December 1989; Meg Ryan Photo cover from 9-1/2 Weeks; VF = $7.50);

Volume-1 #4 (January/1990; Timothy Dalton as James Bond's 007 in Licence to Kill photo cover; Creasing to cover, GOOD = $4.50);

Volume-1 #4 (January/1990; Timothy Dalton as James Bond's 007 in Licence to Kill photo cover; FN/VF = $7.50 );

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I Shot ANDY WARHOL Press Book (1996) Lili Taylor, Jared Harris and Martha Plimpton


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--- J ---

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(JAMES BOND) the illustrated JAMES BOND (Express Newspapers Ltd. Softcover Trade paperback Graphic Novel)

ISBN #0-9605838-0-7 (Sciacca & Buckler Cover / JOHN McLUSKY Art Comics. February 1981; 100 pages including covers; Reprints three complete stories from the UK/ British newspaper comic strip from Daily Express; TABLE OF CONTENTS - (1) Introduction; (2) Diamonds are forever; (3) From Russia With Love; (4) Doctor No; >>> B&W illustrated cartoons. Manitoba; VF/NM, 9.0 = $39);

(JAMES BOND) 007 MEETS 36-24-36 - A Film Fun Quarterly (Natlus pub; "CDC" on cover; Charlton Related; Magazine)

#1(Fall/1965; 68 pages; Sean Connery PHOTO front & back covers; Full page Photo's with Funny sayings in Word balloons; RARE Title; VG+ $30);


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JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY A PICTORIAL TRIBUTE (Anniversary Issue; 1917 - 1963; Ace Pub.)

THE JOHNSON FAMILY - 1964 – (Lyndon B. Johnson and Family);



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--- L ---

LADY'S CIRCLE (Lady's Circle Pub.)

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1970 (Roy Rogers & Dale Evans); (August; Shirley Temple Black);


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LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER - 2003; – Summer (Official Movie Souvenir Magazine);

LASER VIEWS - 1991; May/June(Bruse Willis; "Die Hard2");

LAUREL AND HARDY - 1976 April(History of );

LAW & ORDER 2009 Winter (20 years of arresting drama)


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LE LUNDI (French)

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(Simon & Schuster / Wanderer Books, 1985;. Soft Cover; Based on the motion picture from Warner Bros. Mel Gibson & Tina Turner; Painted Cover by Amsel from the

Movie Poster; Interior has Color Photo's on almost every page);

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THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - 1965 The Coin of El Diablo Affair;

MANSFIELD, JAYNE - Pin-Up Book (1957);


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November/December (Volume-5 #6; Goldie Hawn; Neil Diamond;  Max Von Sydow in Flash Gordon; FN, but piece missing off upper right cover corner, thus G/VG = $5.00)

1981; May/June (Volume-6#3; Miss Piggy in "The Great Muppet Caper"; VG/FN = $8.00); July/August(Vol.6#4; Donald Sutherland; "Heavy Metal"); November/December (Volume-6 #6; Paul Newman in "Absence of Malice"; FN = $9.00)

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1997; Special Issue(Cinematters Toronto Film Festival);


1988; E.T.(TPB);

1994; (TPB);

1995; (TPB);


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1992; Summer(Liz Taylor; John Wayne);

MEMORY LANE - 1980;– July (Mae West);



MICHAEL AND THE JACKSONS 1984 (Nitro Tour Scoop);


THE MR. BILL SHOW - 1979 with free 45 RPM;




1986; (March);

1987; (July);


2004; – July (Various); August (Various); September (Various); December (Various);

2005; – January/February (Various); October/November (Various);


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MOVIE GALLERY - 2010 (Alvin and the Chipmunks)


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MOVIELAND AND TV TIME (Continuation of "Movieland")

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1983; April(Various);

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1971 February(Dana Andrews);


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1968 (July; Cary Grant; Nancy Sinatra)

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MOVIE WORLD Annual 1974 #1(Various);

THE MUNSTERS Television's First Family of Fright by Stephen Cox (Contemporary Books, 1989; Trade Paperback; VF/NM = $15.00)


1984; Winter (Ricky Schroder; VG $8),

1984; Winter (Ricky Schroder; G $5),

1984; Fall (Mr.T.; G/VG $6);

1985; Summer (Kermit Spoof of "Born in the U.S.A."; G/VG $5);

1986; Winter ("The Cosby Show" Kids; VG $6);


MURPHY'S ROMANCE - 1985; Press Kit;


2003 October/ November (Mary-Kate Ashley/ EM/ Britney Spears/ Ashoton/ Nick & Jessica/ JC/ Avril)

2004 October/ November (EM/ Usher/ JoJo/ Olsens/ Hillary & Lindsay);

2005 January / February (Hilary/ Jesse/ Chad/ EM); May (Hilary/ Jesse/ JoJo/ Chad/ Ashlee);

--- N ---



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1972 December - 1973 January(#18);

1973 April(#19), June(#20), August(#21), November(#22);

1974 February(#23), April/May(#24/#25), June(#26), September(#27);

1975 February/March(#29/#30);

1978 March(#43/#44);





1996; September (Tim Allen); December(Arnold Schwarzenegger);


Official Movie Magazine - 1979;

Poster Book – 1979;

NOSTALGIA - 1990; July(Tony Curtis/ Martha Hyer);

--- O ---

OBAMA THE DREAM FULFILLED - 2009 (Historical Retrospective)

OFF THE RECORD - 1963 April(Tony Curtis/ Eddie Fisher/ Juliet Prowse);

O.J. Simpson SPECIAL – 1994;


2006; February/27 (Jessica Simpson/ Nick Lachey; Britney Spears; Angelina Jolie; Rob Thomas; Wilmer Valderrama); March/27 (Nick Lachey; Jessica Simpson; Britney Spears; Reese Witherspoon; Ryan Phillippe); May/22 (Jessica Simpson/ Nick Lachey; Pam Anderson; Tom Cruise; Katie Holmes; Denise Richards); June/ 19 (Jennifer Aniston; Jessica Simpson; Britney Spears); August 14 (Pam Anderson & Kid Ro9ck's wedding/ Lindsay Lohan); September 4 (Jennifer Anderson/ Lindsay Lohan); September 11 (J.Lo to be a Mom with Marc Anthony/ Jessica & John Mayer/ Brittney Spears/ Lance & Reichen); October 2 ( Jennifer Anderson/ Paris Hilton/ Anna Nicole); October 9(Jessica Simpson/ Tomkat/ Rachael Ray/ Beyonce);October 16 (J.Lo's baby with Marc Anthony/ Tori Spelling/ Pam Anderson);

2007; – January 23 (Britney Spears/ Beckhams/ Brad Pitt); March 12 (Britney Spears/ Justin Timberlake/ Pam Anderson/ Paula/ Anna Nicole); April/23 (Jennifer Lopez/ Marc Anthony; Katie Holmes; Sanjaya; Brad Pitt; Angelina Jolie);

2009 July 13 (Michael Jackson death)

OLD HOLLYWOOD - 1956 (Vol.1#1; Various);

OLIVER! - 1968(Story Book);

ON DEADLY GROUND - 1994; Press Kit; lvis Elvis Presley


1955 October(Dean Martin/ Jerry Lewis/ Ava Gardner/ Errol Flynn);

1963 March(Vince Edwards);


1992; April(Vol.1#1; Goldie Hawn "Deceived"), May(Vol.1#2; Kevin Costner "JFK"), June(Vol.1#3; "Cape Fear"), July(Vol.1#4; Sylvester Stallone/ Estelle Getty "Stop or my Mom Will Shot"), August(Vol.1#5; Richard Gere/ Kim Basinger "Final Analysis"), September(Vol.1#6; Stephen Dorff "The Powe of One"), October(Vol.1#7; Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwomen "Batman Returns"), November(Vol.1#8; Tom Cruise "Far and Away"), December(Vol.1#9; Goldie Hawn/ Steve Martin "Housesitter");

1993; January(Vol.1#10; Rick Moranis "Honey, I Blew up the Kids"), February(Vol.1#11; Cast of "Sneakers");

ON VIDEO - 1989; January(Vol.1#1; "Brazil");


2000; November (Volume 1 #5; Gratitude Attitude); December (Volume 1 #5; Generosity);

2003; September (Passion);

2004; January (Transformation); February (Love: The Real Thing); March (Happiness); April (Time); May (Confidence); June Men); July (Restore Yourself); August (How to Eat); September (Shop Smart); October (Sex); November (Holiday); December (Connection);

2005; July (You Time!) November (Us and Them);

2006; January Get Something Started);

2010 September (Makeover Issue)

ORBIT VIDEO - 1989; October(Melanie Griffith), November(Jack Nicolson as the Joker "Batman");

ORIENTAL CINEMA AND VIDEO - 1994; January(Various);


--- P ---


1980;June, July, August, December;

1981; January, February, March, April, May, June;



PAT 'N' PERRY (Ideal Pub. ) 1957 (No Date; Pat Boone, Perry Como)

PAULIE Press Book (1998) Gena Rowlands, Tony Shalhoub and Cheech Marin

PEOPLE (magazine weekly) = see Separate LINK on our Main Webpage, for HUGE listing;

PERFORMING ARTS IN CANADA - 1974 Winter (Gene Watts of the Canadian Brass);

THE PHANTOM - 1996; Official Movie Magazine;

PHOTO MIRROR - 1971 August (Volume 1 #3; Lawrence Welk; Bobby Sherman);


1942 September (Cover features; Priscilla Lane; ** Also Contains; Paulette Goddard, Alan Ladd, Anna Neagle, "Flying Tigers" with John Wayne, Jean Arthur, Roy Rogers, Veronica Lake, Humphrey Bogart, Myrna Loy & John Hertz Jr., Claudette Colbert & More; G/VG = $14);

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1946; March (Cover & article features; Gene Tierney; ** Also Contains; June Haver & Victor Mature, Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Van Johnson, Greer Garson, Kurt Kreuger, Ester Williams & Ben Gage, Yvonne DeCarlo, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Gene Tierney, Zack Scott, Linda Darnell, Gail Russell, Joan Crawford & Phil Terry, Peter Lawford, Linda Darnell, Claudette Colbert & More; G/VG = $14);

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1960 March (Elvis Presley in Army Uniform; Pages 51/52, 75/76 are Missing; Pages 53-56 are 50% Missing BACK Cover is Missing, otherwise G = $3); April (Liz Taylor); August (Eddie Cochran/ Debbie Reynolds) December(Debbie Reynolds);

1961 January Eddie Fisher/ Liz Taylor); March (Sandra Dee / Bobby Darin); August (Tuesday Weld; no backcover); September (Liz Taylor/ Jack Kennedy);

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1964 June ((Exclusive Liz Taylor & Burton's Wedding; Beatle color pin-up); September (Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden movie; Jackie Kennedy photo cover); November (Debbie Reynolds with Todd & Carrie);

1965 January (Jackie O/ Debbie Reynolds Richard Burton); February (Jackie O/ Sinatra wed Mia Farrow); March (Caroline Kennedy/ Jack O); April (Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton); May(Julie Andrews/ Ringo/ Sammy Davis ); July (Bobby Kennedy/ Jack O/ Sammy Davis/ David McCallum) September (Sean Connery/ Robert Vaughn);

1966 August (Sandra Dee split from Darin/ McCallum);

1967 May(6 Weddings of the Century; G/VG, Ad pages 1-4 missing = $4), August(Barbara Stanwyck; VG, pages 37/38 missing = $3)

1968 August (Paul Newman/ Connie Francis/ Eddie Fisher)

1969 February ( Jackie & Onassis necking; Luci & Lynda Nixon);

1970 March(Jackie & Caroline Kennedy), August(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton);

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1979 July(John Wayne; Jane Fonda; Erik Estrada);

1980;April(Loni Anderson; John Schneider), May/June(Charlene Tilton; Victoria Principal);

PHOTOPLAY Album 1965 - (The Beatles/ Debbie Reynolds);

PHOTOPLAY Presents 1981; Winter - (The Stars of "Dallas");

PHOTOPLAY Presents Soaperstar Pin-Up Book 1982; Spring (Rick Springfield, Tony Geary, General Hospital, etc; Edge of Night Back cover photo; VF, Foldout Poster still intact = $14);

PHOTOPLAY Presents Soaperstar Pin-Up Book 1983; Winter (#8; Front Cover = Various; Back Cover = Doug Stevenson & Lisa Loring; FN $12);


1970 November(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Mia Farrow);

1971 April(Dean Martin & Family), May(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton), July(Deebie Martin & Family), August(Dean Martin), October(Jackie Onassis/ Caroline Kennedy);

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1980; March(Elvis Presley; Priscilla Elvis Presley; Geraldo Rivera), September(Elvis Presley);

1983; March/April (TV Superstar Photo Album);


1983 March/April (Dynasty/ John Stamos/ Scott Baio)

PHOTOSTAR - 1971 March(Liz Taylor/ Jackie Onassis);

PHOTOTVLAND- 1971 July(Jackie Onassis; Engelbert Humperdinck);


1951 March (Ava Gardner);

1953 March (Ozzie Sweet & Bathing Beaties);

1954 May (Elaine Stewart);

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD SEX - 1965 (Marilyn Monroe/ Greta Garbo);

PICTUREGOER - 1954 February 20(Esther Williams/ John Bromfield "Easy to Love"), April 3(Jean Peters "Three Coins in the Fountain");

PICTORIAL SCOPE - 1953 September (Volume 1 #6; Tough and Torrid Tijuana, Mexico);


1950 January 21(Alan Ladd/ Wanda Hendrix "After Midnight"), March 4(Coleen Gray/ Rory Calhoun "Sand");

1953 May 23(Kirk Douglas/ Pier Angeli "The Story of Three Loves"; FPPU - Marilyn Monroe), June 13(Glenn Ford/ Anne Vernon "Time Bomb"), June 27(Betty Grable/ Dale Robertson 'The Farmer Takes a Wife"), July 4(Cesar Romero/ Kay Kendall "Street of Shadows"), August 15(Danny Kaye/ Farley Granger/ Jean Marie "Hans Christian Anderson"), August 29(Kirk Douglas/ Milly Vitale "The Juggler");

1954 January 9(Clark Gable/ Ava Gardner "Mogambo"), January 16(Charlton Heston/ Mary Sinclair "Arrowhead'), January 23(Rock Hudson/ Piper Laure "The Golden Blade'), January 30(Burt Lancaster/ Deborah Kerr 'From Here to Eternity"), February 6(Robert Taylor/ Ann Blyth/ Stewart Granger “All the Brothers Were Valiant");

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2001; December (Billy Ray Cyrus “Doc”);

2004; February (Pink); July (Avril Lavigne); November (Manga and Anime);

POP LIFE - 1995; Fall(Jim Carrey; Brad Pitt);

POP! MAGAZINE - 2002; Fall (Global Gross Out; Weirdest Things Eaten Around the World);


2004; February (Adam Brody; Lindsay Lohan; Orlando Bloom); August (Hilary Duff/ Justin Timberlake/ Ashton Kutcher/ Orlando Bloom);

2006; July (Jojo/ Chris Brown/ Jonas Brothers/ Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen); August (Ashley Simpson/ Kelly Clarkson/ Hilary Duffs);


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1999; April (Sarah Michelle Gellar/ Ryan Phillippe/ Reese Witherspoon);

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2004; November (Tom Hanks);

PREMIERE LE MAGAZINE DU CINEMA ALBUM #2 1981 October ; (French Issue; Montand/ Belmondo/ Francois Truffaut/ Jacques Dutronc);

PREMIERE One Hundred Years of Movie Making - 1991; Winter(Liz Taylor; Michelle Pfeiffer);

PREMIERE Women in Hollywood 1993;(Jodie Foster);

PREMIERE Women in Hollywood 1998;(Sigourney Weaver);


1985; July(Burt Reynolds), Vol.2#1(Jack Nickolson/ Kathleen Turner "Prizzi's Honor");


1976 September(Vol.1#1; Lee Majors), October(Vol.1#2; Paul Michael Glaser);

1978 December (Dirk Benedict “Battlestar Galactica”);

1979 February(Elvis Presley), April(Christopher Reeves/ Lou Ferrigno/ Richards Hatch);

1994 December 18-December 24 (David Foster & Friends)

1996 May12-May18 (Doctor Who);

PREVIEW 5 - 1994; Spring(Stars of "Home Improvement");

PREVUE (Supergraphics; James / Jim STERANKO editor; formerly titled Comixscene & Mediascene);

1980; July/August (#41; Volume-2 #1; First issue in new oversized 9x12” Magazine format; Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back; Special 100 Page issue; Al Williamson, Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve, Batman, Golem 100, Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans, Alfred Bester, and Donen on Saturn 3; JACK KIRBY envisions of the LORD OF LIGHT Film Project; ** Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back Wraparound cover painting by JIM STERANKO, with Darth Vader & BOBA FETT on Back cover; BONUS 16 page Insert Booklet is Intact = The ART of the EMPIRE – a Special Prevue Portfolio by RALPH McQUARRIE; SOLD OUT);

1981; (#44;February/March;Jane Seymour “East of Eden”); (#45;May;Morgan Fairchild); (#46;December;Bo Derek);

1982; (#47;May;Nastassia Kinski); (#48;July;Uma Thurman/ Sybil Danning “Octopussy”); (#49;September;Sandahl Bergman “Conan”);

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1986; (#63;February;Sybil Danning); (#64;May; Laurence Landon); (#65;October;Lois Hamilton); (#66;December;Melody Anderson);

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1988; (#70;March;Sybil Danning); (#71; April; Geena Davis); (#72;September;Sylvester Stallone “Rambo III”);(#72; October; Elvira);

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1993; March(#90; Traci Lords); (#91 October; Pin-up Special #1; Ronda Shear);

1994; (#92;October;Pin-up Special 2/ Jungle Sex Sirens/ Sheena);

PRIME TIME magazine --

*** (CANADA’S Cable TV / PAY TV Magazine; Superchannel, etc programme guide; Volume-1 issues are LOW Print & RARE; Volume 2-3 issues are SCARCE; Subscription only mag, thus all have mailing label unless otherwise stated);

1986; March(Farrah Fawcett/ Chevy Chase "Man of the House"; NO Mailing Label,VF = $9.00)June (Volume-3 #10; “Gremlins”; G/VG = $8);

1987; January(Kathleen Turner/ Michael Douglas "Jewel of the Nile"), September(Robert Redford "Leagle Eagles"), October(Matthew Broderick/Mia Sara "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"), November(Woody Allen), December(Tom Cruise/ Kelly McGillis "Top Gun");

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1991; January("Back to the Future II"), February(Jessica Tandy/ Morgan Freeman “Driving Miss Daisy"), March(Julia Roberts/ Richard Gere "Pretty Woman"), April("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"), May(Sean Connery "The Hunt for Red October"; Preley); June("Dumbo"), July("Dick Tracy"), August(Donald Sutherland "Beth Une - The Making of a Hero"), September("Back to the Future Part III"), October(Demi Morre/ Patrick Swayze/ Whoopi Goldberg "Ghost"), November(Robert De Nero/ Joe Pesci/ Ray Liotta "Goodfellas"), December(All Star Christmas);

1992; January(Andie Macdowell/ Gerard Depardieu 'Green Card"), February(Kevin Costner "Dances With Wolves"), March(Macaulay Culkin), April(Al Pacino "The Godfather Part III"), May(Kim Basinger "The Marring Man"), June(Billy Crystal "City Slickers"), July(Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator 2"), August(Kevin Costner "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"), September(Gabrielle Anwar "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken"), October(Robin Williams "The Fisher King"), November(Diane Keaton "Running Mates"), December(All Star Christmas);

1993; January(Annette Bening/ Warren Beatty "Bugsy"), February(Mike Myers "Wayne's World"), March(Woody Harrelson "White Men Can't Jump"), April(Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct"; Paul McCartney), May(Mel Gibson "Lethal Weapon 3"), June(Sigourney Weaver "Alien 3"), July(Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman "Batman Returns"), August(Geena Davis "A League of Their Own"; Ringo Starr), September(Bridget Fonda "Single White Female"), October(Daniel Day-Lewis "Last of the Mohicans"), November(Winona Ryder "Bram Stoker's Dracula'), December(All Star Christmas);

1994; January(Mel Gibson "Forever Young"), February("The Mighty Ducks"), March(Andie Macdowell "Grounding Day"), April(Robert Redford "Indecent Proposal"), May("Homeward Bound"; Madonna), June(Sylvester Stallone "Cliffhanger"), July(Tom Cruise "The Firm"), August("The Adventures of Huck Finn"), September(Michael J. Fox), October(Harrison Ford "The Fugitive"), November(Jeff Bridges), December("The Muppet Christmas Carol");

1995; January(Denzel Washington), February(Kim Basinger "The Getaway"), March(Liam Neeson), April(Hugh Grant), May(John Candy), June(Jodie Foster), July(Chris O'Donnell), August(Jim Carrey), September("The River Wild"), October(Sylvester Stallone), November("Angels in the Outfield"), December(Susan Sarandon "Little Women");

1996; January(Michael Douglas), February(Jodie Foster "Nell'), March(Farrah Fawcett/ Chevy Chase "Man of the House"), April(Christine Ricci/ Bill Pullman), May(Gene Hackman "Crimson Tide"), June(Bruce Willis 'Die Hard - With a Vengeance"), July(Nicole Kidman), August(Alicia Silverstone), September(Danny Glover);October (Brad Pitt); November (Meryl Streep/ Clint Eastwood “The Bridges of Madison County”);

1997; January(“Waiting to Exhale”) February(Richard Dreyfuss “Mr Holland's Opus”); April (Jonathan Taylor “Tom and Huck”); June (Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible”); August (Eddie Murphy “The Nutty Propessor”); September (Jim Carrey); November(Robin Williams); December (Goldie Hawn/ Bette Midler/ Diane Keaton “The First Wives Club”);

1998; January (Mel Gibson “Ransome”);

1999; May(Gwyneth Paltrow); September (Ben Stiller);

2000; May (Mike Myers “Austin Powers; The Spy Who Shagged Me”); December(Tom Hanks "The Green Miles");

2001; January(Clark Gable/ Vivian Leigh "Gone with the Wind"), February(Julia Roberts "Erin Brockovich"), March("Mission to Mars"), April("The Sopranos'), May(Tom Cruise "Mission: Impossible 2"), June(Russell Crowe "Gladiator"), July(Michael Douglas), August(Madonna), September("Band of Brothers"), October (“The Chronicle”; “Mind of a Married Man”; “Band of Brothers”); November('A Feast of All Saints"), December(Nicolas Cage "Family Man");

2002; January(Jennifer Lopez "The Wedding Planner"), February(Tom Hanks "Castaway'), March("Hannibal");


1955 June(Yvonne De Carlo; Judy Garland);


1996; March/April (#3 -- 25 Years a Celebration of Canadian Music);

1997; December - 1998; January(Shania Twain);

1998 August/September(Barenaked Ladies/ Titanic);

2000; June/July(Britney Spears), October/November(Barenaked Ladies);

2001; April/May (Cameron Diaz/ Drew Barrymore/ Lucy Lui “Charlie's Angels); October/November("Shrek"); December/ January/ 2002; (Jim Carrey “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”);

2002; April/May (George Clooney/ Brad Pitt/ Matt Damon/ Julia Roberts/ Andy Garcia “Ocean's Eleven”); June/July("Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone");


2006; – July/28;

--- Q ----


2005; – January/February (Various); March/April (Various); May/June (Various); November/December (Various);

2006; – January/February (Various);

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Collector's Album - 1981;

Storybook 1981; - (TPB) & (Hardcover TPB);


1943 – June (Connie Haines); July (Ginny Simms); September (Cheryl Walker; backcover “Chesterfield” ad with Claudette Colbert/ Paulette Goddard/ Veronica Lake);

1947 March(Anne Francis);

1949 – October (37 Top CBS Stars Color Pictures and Stories);

1961 June (Perry Como);

RADIO & TELEVISION NEWS 1954 September (Bob Hope)


1988; - Official Movie Magazine;

1988; - Official Poster Magazine;

1988; - Official Theatre Program;



1955 December(Clack Gable/ Patti Page);

1956 May(Grace Kelly);

1957 June(Elvis Presley/ Dean Martin/ Jerry Lewis/ Anita Ekberg);

1958 January(Jayne Mansfield/ Sophia Loren/ Kim Novak/ Billy Graham);

REALITY TV; STAR SPECIAL - 2004; – (Donald Trump; “Survivor”; “The Bachelorette”; “The Simple Life”; “Newlyweds”);


1983; October(Barbara Mandrell; Brooke Shields), November(Ed Marinaro; Richard Gere), December(Cybill Shepperd; John Travolta);

REEL IMAGES - 1978 (Catalogue and Supplement);

RELEASE - 1992; – Summer (First Call);

REMEMBER - 1995; April/May(Walt Disney);


1971 #1(Tex Ritter), #3(Veronica Lake);

1972 February(#4;Edgar Rice Burroughs), March(#5;Fanny Brice as "Baby Snooks"), June(#6; "Lum and Abner"), September(#8; "Flash Gordon'), November(#9; Bela Lugosi "The Mark of the Vampire");

RISING SUN - 1993; Press Kit;


1955(Greta Garbo; Charles Lindbergh; Clara Bow);

ROBIN HOOD - MEN IN TIGHTS - 1993; Press Kit;

ROBIN OF THE MOVIES (British) - 1989; (The Cinematic History of the Outlaw of Sherwood);


1991; (Official Movie Souvenir Magazine);

ROCKY II - 1979 - Official Movie Posterbook;

ROCKY III - 1982; - Official Movie Magazine; #K49748 (Starlog Press / O'Quinn Studio's Pub; 68 pages; Sylvester Stallone; many Color and B&W Photo's; Scarce; FN/VF = $14.00);


1985; Official Movie Magazine;

1985; Official Movie Book;

1985; Official Poster Magazine;


1979 - Official Poster Magazine (Starfleet Productions pub) #1 (#K48661; TIM CURRY Solo Photo-c; How the Horror Began by O'Brien; TIM CURRY, Not just another pretty Transvestite;Weight = 50 Grams;VG/FN = $9);


1999; September("The Matrix"), November(Catherine Zeta-Jones "Entrapment"), December(Females of "Amercian Pie");

2000; January(Julia Roberts/ Richard Gere "Runaway Bride"), February(Tommy Lee Jones/ Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy"), March(Bruce Willis "The Sixth Sense'), June(Tom Hanks "The Green Mile"), July("The Whole Nine Yards"), August(Julia Roberts "Erin Brockovich"), September("Any Given Sunday"), October("Toy Story2"); December (“Nutty ProfessorII; The Klumps”);

2001; January(Jim Carrey "Me, Myself and Irene'), February("Bedazzled"), March ("Charlie's Angels"), April("Space Cowboys"), June(Tom Hanks "Castaway"), July(Jennifer Lopez/ Matthew McConaughey "Wedding Planner"), August(Anthony Hopkins "Hannibal"), November("Shrek");

2002; January("The Fast and the Furious"), February(Various), March('Artificial Intelligence'), April("Behind Enemy Lines"), May (“Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”); June(Russell Crowe 'A Beautiful Mind"), July (“The Time Machine”); August (“The Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring”); October(Ben Affleck/ Morgan Freeman "The Sum of all Fears"); November (“Ice Age”); December (“Austin Powers in Goldmember”);

2003; January (Mel Gibson “Signs”); February (My Big Fat Greek Wedding”); March (Jennifer Lopez “Maid in Manhattan”); April (“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”); May (Tom Hanks/ Leonardo Dicaprio “Catch Me if You Can”); June (Pierce Brosnan/ Halle Berry “Die Another Day”); August (“The Lord Of the Rings; The Two Towers”); September (Jack Nicholson/ Adam Sandler “Anger Management”; backcover “2 Fast 2 Furious”); October (“The Matrix Reloaded”; backcover “The Italian Job”); November (“Finding Nemo”; backcover “X2; X-men United”);

2004; February (“Runaway Jury”; backcover “Under the Tuscan Sun”); May (“The Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King”; backcover “Tom Cruise “The Last Samurai”); June (Drew Barrymore/ Adam Sandler “50 First Dates”; backcover Jennifer Aniston/ Ben Stiller “Along Came Polly”); September (Denzel Washingotn “Man on Fire”; backcover The Rock “Walking Tall”); October (“The Day After Tomorrow”; backcover “Van Helsing”); November (“Shrek 2”; backcover “Spider-Man 2”); December (Will Smith “I, Robot”; backcover Ben Stiller/ Vince Vaugh “Dodgeball”);

2005; – January (Brad Pitt “Troy”; backcover “Alien vs. Predator”); April (“Meet the Fockers”; backcover “Ocean's Twelve”); May (Nicolas Cage “National Treasure”; backcover “The Aviator”); June (Will Smith “Hitch”; backcover “Be Cool”); July (Clint Eastwood/ Hilary Swank/ Morgan Freeman “Million Dollar Baby”; backcover Robert De Niro/ Dakota Fanning “Hide and Seek”); October (“Batman Beins”; backcover “Kingdom of Heaven”);

2006; – February (“Just Like Heaven”; backcover Reese Witherspoon/ Joaquin Phoenix “Walk the Line”);


1977 – November(Paul Gleason; Nancy Addison; Kathryn Hays);

1978; March (Volume-1 #12; 84 pages; Daytime's 10 Most Wanted Men; name written on cover, VG = $12);
Summer Special - 1981;(Volume-4 #1; 116 pages; Devious Dames; Manipulative Men; Super-Sleazies; Exclusive Interviews; VF = $12);

RONA BARRET'S GOSSIP (the LAUFER Company Pub; Hollywood, California, USA);

*** Average WEIGHT for Postage = 140 Grams each;
1973; September (Volume-1 #10; Cover & Story = Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.; Bill Conrad; *** Also with; Flip wilson, Fabian, Barbara Eden, Peter Sellers; FN/VF=$16);
1974; May (Volume-2 #5; Cover & Story = Elvis Presley / Al Pacino from Godfather / Linda Blair; *** Also with; Sonny Bono, John Lennon, Dick Van Dyke - Alcoholic, Ali McGraw, Barbra Steisand FN/VF=$16);

1974; November (Volume-2 #11; Cover & Story = Raquel Welch / Paul Newman / Telly Savalas - Kojak; *** Also with; Robert Redford, Jeff Bridges, Alan Alda, Jon Voight; FN = $12);

RONA BARRETT'S HOLLYWOOD (the LAUFER Company Pub; Hollywood, California, USA);

*** Average WEIGHT for Postage = 140 Grams each;
1974; June (Volume-5 #10; Cover & Story = Robert Reford/ Mia Farrow "The Great Gatsby"; *** Also with; Burt Reynolds, Linda Blair, Lucille Ball, Telly Savalas; VG = $10),

1975; July (Volume-6 #11; Cover & Story = Cher/ Gregg Allman; *** Also with; Freddie Prinxe, Valerie Perrine, Lauen Bacall, Fabian, Charles Bronson, Clark Gable & Lombard, George Peppard; VG = $10);

1976; May (Volume-7 #9; Cover & Story = Cloris Leachman/ Valerie Harper; *** Also with; Martin Sheen, Brenda Vaccaro, Cher & Greegg Allman, Gene Wilder & madeline Kahn, Jack Lemon, George Burns & Walter matthau, Sean Connery & Michael Caine; VG = $9);

RONA BARRETT'S HOLLYWOOD Super Special Annual 1978-1979 -

Volume-1 #9 (Cover & Story = Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict, & Richard Hatch - Cast of "Battlestar Galactica”; WEIGHT= 175 Grams; *** Also with; Star Trek: the Movie; Loe Ferrigno - the HULK; Mork & Mindy's - Robin Williams/ Pam Dawber; Star wars; Christopher Reeve - Superman; Meteor; Close Encounters; William Shatner; FN/VF=$18; G=$9);

1979; June (Volume-3 #10; Cover = Christopher Reeve, with smaller photo's of Susan Anton; David Naughton; *** Also with; General Hospital; WEIGHT= 150 Grams; overall G, but with pieces out of Top edge of first 3 pages inside, thus FAIR, reading copy = $4);

1979; November (Volume-4 #2; TV's New Men = John Schneider, Robert Guillaume, Peter Barton, Lorenzo Lamas, Jimmy McNichol, Gil Gerard, Brian Kerwin, Alan Alda, Tony Danza & Greg Evigan; WEIGHT= 140 Grams; *** Also with; Catherine Bach, Jeff Conaway, Americathon, Breaking Away; overall VG/FN, but with 1-1/2" x 1" UPC Code cut out back cover at lower left cover, thus G/VG = $6);




2001; May(Fran Drescher/ Rosie O'Donnell); June (Julianna Margulies/ Rosie O'Donnell); July (Rosie O'Donnell); August (Sarah Ferguson/ Rosie O'Donnell); September (Margaret Cho/Rosie O'Donnell); October (Laura San Giacomo/ Rosie O'Donnell); November (Drew Barrymore); December (John Travolta);

2002; – January (Macy Gray/Rosie O'Donnell); February (Susan Sarandon); March (Megan Mullally/ Debra Messing/ Rosie O'Donnell); April (Gloria Estefan/ Lili Estefan/ Rosie O'Donnell); May (Rosie O'Donnell); June (Martha Stewart/ Rosie O'Donnell); July (Lara Flynn Boyle/ Rosie O'Donnell); August (Donny Osmond/ Rosie O'Donnell); October (Celine Dion); November (Reba McEntire); December (Richard Gere);

ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET 60 YEARS OF E/MOTION - Canada's Holiday Season 1999;

--- S ---

THE SABRINA SCRAPBOOK - 1997; (Melissa Joan Hart);

SAINT Press Book (1997) Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue

SANTA CLAUS - THE MOVIE - 1985; Storybook (TPB);

SATELLITE DIRECT - 2001; November("Bridget Jone's Diary");


1985; September;

1992; June(Arnold Schwarzenegger);


1985; August("The Honeymooners");

1998; March(Baseball '98);


1954 May(Mitzi Gaynor);

1955 October(Grace Kelly);


1954 Summer (Ann Blyth; Backcover Terry Moore/ Glenn Ford);

1955 August-October(Elizabeth Taylor);

1956/57 November/January (Liz Taylor/ Elvis/ Shirley Jones)

1957 November -1958 January(Doris Day);

1958 (August/October; Rock Hudson; Janet Leigh);

1965 January (Liz Taylor); April(Jackie Kennedy);


1952 (Ava Gardner);


#NN ("Frankenstein");


1971 (#5; Katherine Hepburn/ Spencer Tracy);

1972 February(#7; Fred Astaire/ Ginger Rogers), April(#9; Judy Garland/ Mickey Rooney);



SCREEN GUIDE (Hillman Pub.)

1948 July (Esther Williams)

1949 February (Shirley Temple); April (Jennifer Jones/ Farley Granger);

1950 March (June Allyson); April (Jane Wyman); May (Debbie Reynolds/ Tony Curtis/ Elvis);

1958 March (Liz Taylor/ Natalie Wood/ Bob Wagner/ Sheilah Graham/ Rock Hudson); July (Rock Hudson/ Gregory Peck/ Shirley Temple)


1943 August(Gene Tierney);

1944 December, 1944 - Veronica Lake covergirl; Appears VG, but 20% of Pages Missing & Back cover Missing; Weight= 140 Grams; 80 of 100 Pages still remaining = $4.00).

1946 March(Judy Garland);

1947 September(Ingrid Bergman; Charles Boyer);

1950 August (Susan Hayward);

1951 (January (Susan Hayward/ William Lundigan);

1952 November (Doris Day);

1953 August (Rita Hayworth);

1954 February(Janet Leigh); April(Janet Leigh); May(Betty Grable);

1955 November(Liz Taylor);

1958 November (Janet Leigh);

1963 September (Connie Stevens);

1967 February(Eddie Fisher/ Connie Stevens/ Barbara Parkins; FN, but pages 39-42 are Missing $4);

SCREEN LEGENDS - 1965 October(Rudolph Valentino; Ann-Margaret);


1954 September (Debbie Reynolds);

1972 May(Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.; Lucille Ball; Patty Duke; VG $7);

SCREEN MIRROR - 1971 July (Volume 1 #9; Elizabeth Taylor/ Jackie Kennedy);

SCREEN PARADE - 1971 April ( Priscilla & Elvis Presley);


1965 April (Elizabeth Taylor);

1968 September (Bobby Kennedy);

SCREEN PLAY Yearbook 1970 (Mia Farrow; Liz Taylor);


1937 June(Barbara Stanwyck/ Robert Taylor);

1943 March(Ann Southern);

1945 October(Shirley Temple);

1946 July (Glenn Ford/ Bette Davis / Stolen Life/ Canyon Passage/ Dana Andrews with Susan Hayward); September(Alan Ladd);

1947 July(Betty Hutton), August(Joan Crawford);

1948 January Daisy Kenyon/ Joan Crawford/ Dana Andrews/ Cornel Wilde/ Ginger Roger/ It Had to Be You) March (Jeanne Crain/ Dan Dailey/ You Were Meant for Me);

SCREEN STARLAND - 1970 October(Vol.1#1; Frank Sinatra/ Jackie & Ted Kennedy);


1946 January(Lauren Bacall), February(Rita Hayworth);

1947 July (Ingrid Bergman/ Gregory Peck);

1951 April(Liz Taylor; Anne Baxter; Rhonda Fleming);

1955 November(Grace Kelly);

1956 March (Debbie Reynolds/ Rock Hudson/ Kim Novak);

1957 May (Kim Novak; James Dean/ Elvis/ June Allyson)

1958 March (Liz Taylor/ Brando)

1964 August(Debbie Reynolds/ 5th Beatles/ Steve McQueen);

1966 August (Elivs); October (Ann-Margaret/ Ryan O'Neal/ Barbara Parkins);

1969 May(Frank Sinatra/ Mia Farrow), December("Lawrence Welk");

1970 February(The Kennedy's), November(Jackie Onassis), December(Elvis Presley & Priscilla);

1971 March(The Kennedy's), June(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Ari & Jackie O); July(Frank Sinatra/ Ryan O'Neal/ Ali Macgraw); August(Elvis Presley); November (Dean Martin/ Lucille Ball); December (Elizabeth Taylor & her Childre Michael, Liza & Christopher);

1972 March(Andy Williams/ Ethel Kennedy),August(Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Jr., Liza Minnelli); September(Flip Wilson/ Carroll O'Conner/ Doris Day), October(Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.);

1973 January(Elvis Presley), February (Sonny Bono/Cher); March(Ann-Margaret); April (Elvis Presley/ Ali Macgraw/ Steve McQueen); May(Cher/ Sonny Bono/ Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.) June (Elvis Presley/ Linda Thompson); July(Natalie Wood/ Robert Wagner); October (Cher/ Sonny Bono);November(Mark Spitz);

1974 May(Elvis Presley), July(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton), October(Cher/ Telly Savalas);

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1978 February(Shaun Cassidy);


1948 December (Joan of Arc starring Ingrid Bergman);

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1955 January(Doris Day), February(Grace Kelly), May(Kim Novak), June(Doris Day);August (June Alluson/ The Shrike); October(Joan Collins/ The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing); November (Jane Wyman as Lucy Gallant) December (Marlon Brando/ Jean Simmons/ Frank Sinatra/ Vivian Blaine/ Guys and Dolls)

1956 January (Ann Blyth/ Kismet); February (Liz Taylor/ Giant/ Lana Turner/ Diane) May (June Allyson/ The Opposite Sex); April (Doris Day/ The Man Who Knew too Much); June(Grace Kelly/ The Swan); July (Janet Leigh/ Safari); September (Doris Day/ Julie); November (Janet Leigh)

1957 January(Debbie & Eddie Fisher/ Bob Wagner/ Marlon Brando/ Rock Hudson) February(Liz Taylor/ Monty Clift/ George Nader/ Tony Perkins); April (Jane Powell/ The Girl Most Likely/ John Wayne) May(Kim Novak/ Jeanne Eagels/ George Nader/ Jimmy Stewart/ Pier Angeli); August(Doris Day/ The Pajama Game/ Sal Mineo/ Elvis);

1958 July(Janet Leigh/ Tony Curtis/ The Vikings/ Elvis/ King Creole); October(Liz Taylor/ Paul Newman "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"), November(Kim Novak/ Bell, Book and Candle/ Jimmy Stewart/ Tony Curtis); December(Pat Boone);

1959 February(Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh/ Perfect Furlough); March(Debbie Reynolds/ Mike Connolly/ Sandra Dee/ Ty Power); May(Ricky Nelson; John Wayne/ Rio Bravo/ Marilyn Monroe); July (Rock Hudson/ This Earth is Mine/ Carol Lynley/ Cary Grant);

1960 July(Debbie Reynolds), November(Debbie Reynolds);

1961; February (Marilyn Monroe/ The Grass is Greener; no backcover pages); June(Debbie Reynolds/ Tab Hunter; G/VG, 1/2 page 69/70 missing $4) ; July(Liz Taylor; G/VG, pages 13-16, 67-72 are Missing $2)

1962 March(Jane Fonda/ Walk on the Wild Side), April(Sophia Loren; G/VG, 1/3 page 19/20 missing $4), July(Shirley MacLaine "My Geisha"),

1963 February (Liz Taylor/Cleopatra/ Debbie Reynolds/ My Six Loves); March(Debbie Reynolds), August(Debbie Reynolds), October(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ The V.I.P.'s); December(Jackie Kennedy);

1964 October(Richard Burton/ Elizabeth Taylor/ Gina Lollobrigida);

1967 July(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Bob Culp/ Bill Cosby) August (Jane Fonda/ Barefoot in the Park/ Elvis); October(Liz Taylor/ Dean Martin/ Peyton Place/ Kathy Lennon); December (Julie Andrews/ Elvis Presley/ Bonanza/ Marlo Thomas);

1968 May(Jane Fonda/ Barbara Stanwyck/ Sandy Dennis/ Anthony Newley/ Jimmie Rodgers); August(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton); December(Liz Taylor/ Mia Farrow/ Katharine Hepburn/ Tony Curtis/ Pat Neal);

1969 April(Liz Taylor);

1970 September(Liz Taylor/ Jackie Onassis), December(Jackie Kennedy);

1971 April(Is the Oscar Worth It? 1927 - 1971);

1972 April(Barbara Streisand/ Ryan O'Neal "What's Up Doc?"), July(Lucille Ball/ Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.), October(Dean & Cathy Martin);

1973 April(Ethel Kennedy);

1974 Apri(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton), May(Jackie Onassis/ Caroline Kennedy);

1976 November(Cher/ Sonny Bono/ Chastity Bono);

1977 January(Elvis Presley & Priscilla),

SCREEN AND TV ALBUM - 1971 October (Elizabeth Taylor);


1985; September/October (#5; "Red Sonja");

1986; January (#6; "Barbarian Queen" by Boris);

SERIAL PICTORIAL - Circa 1970's #4(Kane Richmond "Spy Smasher"), #6(Reed Hadley "Zorro's Fighting Legion");

SET (Brazil) - 1998; November(Jim Carrey);

7 JOURS (French)

1991; August(Liz Taylor);

1999; January (Lynda Lemay; Celine Dion); March(Celine Dion); June(Julie Payette); October(Pierre Bruneau);

2003; August/2 Francois Babin; Audrey De Montigny); August/9 (Jean-Francois Bastien/ Stephane Mercier);

2004; January/3 (Maxim Roy/ Jose Theodore/ Patricia Paquin/ Francois Morency/ Lynda Lemay/ Michel Cote); January/24 (Melanie & Julie “De Loft Story); January/31 (Jean-Francois Breau); February/14 (Isabelle Marechal); February/28 (“Star Academie”); March/6 (Martin Gagne); March/13 (Denise Robert/ Denys Arcand; Lara Fabian); March/20 (Marc-Andre et Meggie); March/27 (Gregory Charles); April/10 (Guy Cloutier); April/17 (Justin Trudeau/ Sophie Gregoire/ Grande Finale “Star Academie”); May/1 (Stephanie Lapointe); May/8 (Guy Cloutier/ Claude Leveillee); May/15 (Guy Cloutier; Marie-Elaine Thibert); June/5 (Caroline Neron/ Marie-Chantal Toupin/ Anick Lemay/ Veronique Bannon/ Mahee Paiement); June/12 (Patrick Huard/ Mahee Paiement/ Serge Savard);June/`9 (Marie-Elaine Thibert); June/26 (Stephane Rousseau/ Maud Saint-Germain; Caroline Neron); July/3 (Stephanie Lapoint; Guy Mongrain); July/17 (Mitsou/ Jacynthe Rene/ Jose Gaudet); July/24 (Emily Begin/ Corneliu Montano/ Chantal Lacroix/ Josee Lavigueur); July/31 Nanette Workman; Samantha Fox); August/7 (Meggie et Corneliu; Claude Poirier);August/14 (Sophie Pregent/ Charle Lafortune); August/21(Veronique Cloutier); August/28 (Marie-Elaine Thibert); September/4 (Marie-Eve Cote/ Jannie Lemay/ Martin Giroux; Veronique Cloutier; Melanie Maynard); September/11 (Francois Babin/ Jean L'Italien); September/18 (Annie Villeneuve/ Dany Bedar/ Marc-Andre Niquet/ Veronique Bannon/ Francois Babin/ Marie-Eve Cote); September/25 (“Occupation Double”; Veronique Cloutier); October/2 (Isabell J./ Martin au Maroc; Clodine Desrochers); October/9 (Julie Snyder/ Pierre Karl Peladeau; Marie-Chantal Toupin); October/16 (“Occupation Double” Maxime et Berengere; Dany Bedar; Annie Villeneuve); October/23 “Occupation Double” Marie-Eve et Hugo en Greece; Boom Desjardins; Celine Dion); October/30 (Dominique Bertrand; Ben Mulroney; Mitsou; Denise Bombardier/ Mahee Paiement); Dovember/6 (Joselito Michaud; Suzie Villeneuve; Julie du Page);November/13 (Lucien Bouchard; Justin Trudeau; Andree Watters; Annie Brocoli; Caroline Neron; Marie-Elaine Thibert); November/20 (“Occupation Double” Marie-Eve/ Isabelle G.; Mario Pelchat; Boom Desjardins); November/27 (Veronique Cloutier; Jeannie Hilton); December/4 (Guy Cloutier; Bruno Pelletier); December/11(Celine Dion; Lisa Dion; Bianca Gervais; Patricia Paquin; Helene Bourgeois Leclerc); December/18 (Varda Etienne; D'alys Robi; Guylaine Tremblay); December/25 (Michel Jasmin/ Anne Dorval/ Diane Lavalle/ Claude Meunier/ Pascale Desrouchers/ Jean-Michel Anctil);

THE SHADOW - THE OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE 1994 (Exclusive interview & designs by Alec Baldwin; who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?);


1995; (Volume 2 #4; Yung Hung/”Fighting Femmes of the Wild West”);


E-Go Collectors Series - July 1976;

History of 1975;


SHOW Be Entertained (Bell Pub.) - 2008 July (Will Ferrell/ Canadian Open Golf/ Yellow Fever)

SHOWBILL(Magazine the Promotes Up & Coming Movies of the Time)

1975 Fall(Robert Redford "Three Days of the Condor"), Winter(Catherine Deneuve/ Burt Reynolds "Hustle");

1976 Spring (Volume-2 #1; "The Bad News Bears" Cover Art by Jack Davis; FN/VF = $10.00); ,June/July (Volume-2 #2; Paul Neuman as "Buffalo Bill"; FN/VF = $12.00);

August/September (Volume-2 #3; Caan, Gould, Caine & Keaton in "Harry and Walter Go to New York"; VG/FN = $8.00);

October/November (Volume-2 #4; Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man; VG/FN = $8.00);

1976 December - January 1977(Volume-2 #5; KING KONG painted cover & 3 page article with color Photo's & Movie Poster Pinup on inside back cover; >> Also contains; a Star is Born, Silver Streak, Marilyn Lightstone, Sherlock Holmes - 7% Solution, Bugsy Malone, Voyage of the Damned, Pink Panther Strikes Again, Nickelodeon, Network, Enforcer, Last Tycoon; nice VF minus = $10.00)

1977 February/March(Robert Shaw "Black Sunday"), June/July (Volume-3 #2; Liza Minnelli  in "New York, New York"; VF = $12.00);

October/November(Rudolph Nureyev "Valentino");

December – January 1978 (Volume-3 #3; Painted cover of John Travolta, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson. Gene Wilder; FN = $10.00);

1978 February/March (Volume-3 #6; Liv Ullman in "The Serpent's Egg"; VG/FN = $8.00);

April/May (Volume-4 #1; Jill Clayburgh in An Unmarried Woman; FN/VF = $10.00);

September (Volume-4 #3; Nick Nolte in Who’ll Stop the Rain; VG/FN = $8.00);

October (Volume-4 #4; Jack Nicholson in Goin’ South; FNVF = $10.00);

SIDE STREET - 1961 March(Vol.1#1; Brigitte Barbot);




Winter 1975/76 (James Caan 'Killer Elite");

1976 Spring("L'Argent de Poche"), Summer(Barbara Harris "Family Plot");

THE SIGNS SURVIVAL GUIDE 2003 November (Mel Gibson/ M. Night Shyamalan)


Winter 1970/71 (Raoul Walsh/ Gloria Swanson);

SILVERADO - 1985; press Kit;


1946 August(Maureen O'Hara), September(Joan Fontaine);

1947 March(Ingrid Bergman), May(Susan Hayward), October(Paulette Goddard);

1948 June(Joan Fontaine);

1953 January(Debbie Reynolds); February(Esther Williams); May(Rita Hayworth);

1954 August (Susan Hayward/ Debbie Reynoalds/ Fernando Lamas/ Sheilah Graham)

1955 June(Grace Kelly), October(Jane Russell), December(Doris Day);

1956 June(Liz Taylor);

1957 October(Kim Novak/ Ava Gardner/ Jayne Mansfield/ Pat Boone);

1958 October(Liz Taylor; Dick Clark/ Deborah Kerr/ Sheilah Graham/ Rock Hudson);

1961 August (Liz Taylor; G/VG, page 17/18 missing = $4);

1963 June(Natalie Wood);

1964 February(Liz Taylor);

1971 October (Jackie Onassis/ JFK Jr.);

1972 April (Jackie Onassis), June(Dean Martin/ Cathy Hawn/ Robert Wagner/ Natalie Wood); July(Dean Martin/ Mike Conners & Family);August (Natalie Wood/ Robert Wood; Weight = 150 Grams; FN/VF = $8);

1974 January(Sonny & Cher), February(John Wayne/ Dean Martin), April(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Dick Van Dyke), May(Jackie Onassis), June(Elvis Presley/ Cher/ Dean Martin),July(Sonny and Cher; Robert Redford), December(Sonny & Cher/ Dean Martin);

1977 January(various);

SILVER SCREEN Annual 1964(Doris Day; Liz Taylor; Rock Hudson; James Garner);


2003; Winter (#5; Rachel Grant; Jennifer Aniston; Asia Argento; Adrienne Barbeau); (#6; Margot Kidder);

SOAP OPERA DIGEST (S.O.D. Pub Inc.);(Average Weight for Postage = 105 Grams each);

1976 - (March; Volume 1 #4 – Helen Gallagher & Bernard Barrow as Maeve & Johnny Ryan of “Ryan's Hope”; VG = $14); (September; Volume 1 #10 – Audrey Peters (Van), Tudi Wiggins (Meg) of “Love of Life”; Creases in cover, G/VG = $12); (November; Volume 1 #12; Nancy Addison of “Ryan's Hope”; VG = $10); (December; Volume 2 #1 – Kathryn Hays (Kim Dixon), John Colenback (Dr. Dan Stewart) “As the World Turns”; appears VG, but with Glue & Magic Tape repairs inside spine to cover, thus G = $6);

1979 (February/6 – Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff), Mary O'Brien (Heather) of “General Hospital”); (February 27 – Nancy Addison (Jullian Beaulac), Daniel Hugh-Kelly (Frank Ryan) of “Ryan's Hope”); (March 30 – Eileen Fulton (Lisa Colman), Don Hastings (Bob Hughes) of “As the World Turns”); (May 1 – Mart Hulswit (ed), Lenore Kasdorf (Rita Bauer) of “The Guiding Light”); (May 22 – David Hasselhoof (Snapper), Roberta Leighton (Casey) of “The Young and the Restless”); (June 12 – Erika Slezak (Viki), Michael Storm (Larry) of “One Life to Live”); (July 3 – Jamie Lyn Bauer (Lorie), Tom Ligon (Lucas) of “The Young and the Restless”);

(August 14 – Victoria Mallory (Leslie), John McCook (Alance) of “The Young and the Restless”); (September 4 – Denise Alexander (Lesley), Chris Robinson (Rick) of “General Hospital”); (September 25 – Genie Francis (Laura), Kin Shriner (Scotty), of “General Hospital”); (November 6 – Deidre Hall (Marlena), Jed Allan (Don Craig) of “Days of our Live's”); (November 27 – Judith Light (Karen Wolek), Gerald Anthony (Mario Corelli) of “One Life of Live”);

1980;(February 19 – Lezlie Dalton (Elizabeth), Don Stewart (Mike) of “Guilding Light”); (June 3 – Marie Cheatham (Stephanie), John Aniston (Martin) of “Search for Tomorrow”); (November 11 – Brynn Thayer (Jenny), Denny Albee (Peter) of “One Life to Life”);

1981; – March 3 – Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), Douglas Sheehan (Joe) of “General Hospital”); (April 14 – Robin Strasser (Dorian, Tony Call (Herb) of “One Life to Live”; inset photo Randall Edwards (Delia) of “Ryan's Hope”);

1983; (June 7 – Erika Slezak (Viki), Clint Ritchie (Clint) of “One Life to Live”; inset photo Lorenzo Lamas (Lance Cumson) “Falcon Crest”); (December 20 – Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) of “General Hospital”);

1987; (February 10 – Kim Zimmer (Reva), Robert Newman (Josh) of “The Guilding Light”); (March 10 – Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) of “Days of our Lives”);

1988; (February 23 – Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Deveraux), Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) of “Days of our Lives”); (May 17 – Susan Lucci (Erica Kane)= Jessica Falborn (Bianca) of “All my Children”); (November 15 – Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) of “Days of Our Lives”); inset photo Eileen Davidson (Ashley Lassiter) of “The Young and the Restless”); (December 13 – Laurence lau (Jamie), Anne Heache (Vicky), Joanna Going (Lisa) of “Another World”; inset photo Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) of “Days of our Lives”);

1989; (February 7 – Lauralee Bell (Cricket), Michael Damien (Danny), Thom Bierdz (Philip), Peter Barton (Scott), Stephen Gregory (Chase) of “The Young and the Restless”); (March 7 – John Loprieno (Cord), Andrea Evans (Tina Roberts) of “One Life to Live”); (March 21 – Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) of “Days of Our Lives”; Finola Hughes (Anna) of “General Hospital”; Kristian Alfonso (Pilar) of “Falcon Crest”; Nina Arvesten (Cassandra) of “The Young and the Restless”); (April 4 – Tricia Cast (Nina Webster), Thom Bierdz (Philip Chancellor) of “The Young and the Restless”);(October 17 – Marcy Walker & A. Martines (Eden & Cruz Castillo) of “Santa Barbara”); (October 31 – Bob Woods (Bo), Jensen Buchanan (Sarah) of “One Life to Live”); (November 14 – Morgan England (Dylan), Carl Tye Evans (Alan-Michael), Beth Ehlers (Harley) of “The Guilding Light”); (November 28 – Billy Hufsey (Emilio), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Melissa Brennan (Jennifer) of “Days of our Lives”); (December 12 – Edie Lehmann (Katherine), Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) of “General Hospital”); (December 26 – James Mitchell (Palmer), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Cady McClain (Dixie), Ruth Warrick (Phoebe), Susan Licci(Erica) of “All my Children”);

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1991; (June 11 – Lauralee Bell (Cricket), Michael Damian (Danny) of “The Young and the Restless”); (July 23 – Peter Reckell (Bo), Crystal Chappell (Carly) of “Days of our Lives”); (September 3 – Fall Preview; Sneak Peeks at the Snows); (September 17 – Julia Barr (Brooke), Walt Willey (Jack) of “All my Children”); (October 1 – Wayne Northrop (Roman), Drake Hogestyn (Roman) of “Days of our Lives”); (October 15 – Finola Hughes; Patsy Pease; Katherine Kelly Lang; Nancy Grahn); (December 10 – Staci Greason (Isabella), Drake Hogesstin (Roman II/ John) of “Days of our Lives”);

1992; (December 22 – Best and Worst 1992;);

1993; (February 2 – February's Hottest Stories; Sneak Previews); (March 16 – Lauralee Bell (Cricket), Peter Bergman (Jack), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Jeanne Cooper (Kay), Michael Damian (Danny) of “The Young and the Restless”); (May 11 – Martha Byrne (Lily), Jon Hensley (Holden) of “As the World Turns); (May 25 – Hot Summer Preview; What will Happen on all the Shows); (June 22 – Drake Hogestyn (John), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Wayne Nothrop (Roman) of “Days of our Lives”); (July 6 – Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Karen Witter of “One Life to Live”); (August 17 – Kelly Ripa (Hayley), Christopher Lawford (Charlie) of “All my Children”; inset photo Christie Clark (Carrie); Patrick Muldoon (Austin) of “Days of our Lives”); (August 31 – Guilding Light Wedding Fever!); (October 26 – Lisa Rinna (Billie), Robert Kelker – Kelly (Bo) of “Days of our Lives”); (November 9 – Peter Barton (Scott), Tracey Bergman Recht (Lauren) of “The Young and the Restless”; Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) of “The Bold and the Beautiful”); (December 21 – Ian Buchanan, Hunter Tylo, Ronn Moss);

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((#22; June 3 – Tony Geary at 50; Martha Byrne (Lily) of “As the World Turns”; inset photo Alison Sweeney (Sami) of “Days of our Live's”VF = $5 ); ((#25; June 24 – Charles William Bush, Eileen Davidson; Susan Lucci Erica of “All my Children”FN/VF = $4 ); (#26; July 1 – Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Christie Clark, Roark Critchlow; FN/VF = $4);(July 8 – Bryan R. Dattilo; Alison Sweeney; Vanessa Marcil; Ingo Rademacher; Cynthia Watros; Kim Zimmer); (July 15 – Shemar Moore (Malcolm), Tonya Lee Williams (Olivia) of “The Young and the Restless”; Jon Hensley (Holden), Martha Byrne (Lily) as “As the World Turns”); (#29; July 22 – Kristian Alfonson, Susan Lucci, Vanessa Marcil; Drake Hogestyn (John), Deidre Hall (Marlna) of “Days of our Live's”FN/VF = $4 ); (July 29 – Louise Sorel (Vivian), Eileen Davidson (Kristen) of “Days of our Live's; Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa), Kurt McKinney (Matt) of “The Guiding Light”; Eva Larue Callahan (Maria), Susan Lucci (Erica) of “All my Children”); (August 5 – Maurice Benard (Sonny), Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) of “General Hospital”); ((#32; August 12 – Alison Sweeney; John Callahan (Edmund), Eva Larue Callahan (Maria), Jordan Michael Vance (Madeline) of “All my Children”VF = $4 ); (August 26 – Hunter Tylo (Taylor), Ronn Moss (Ridge), Katherine Kelly); (September 2- Jennifer Gareis (Grace), Joshua Morrow (Nick), Sharon Case (Sharon) of “The Young and the Restless”); (September 30 – Beth Ehlers (Harley), Grant Aleksander (Philip), Paulo Benedeti (Jesse), Rebecca Budig (Michelle) of “Guiding Light”); ((#44; November 4 – Debbi Morgan (Ellen), Mitch Longley (Matt) of “Port Charles”; Josh Taylor (Roman), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John) of “Days of our Live's” VF = $4 ); ((#45; November 11 – Drake Hogestyn; John Callahan (Edmund) of “All my Children”; Michael Damian (Danny), Lauralee Bell (Christine) of “The Young and the Restless”; Drake Hogestyn (John), Eileen Davidson (Kristen) of “Days of our Live's” VF = $4 ); ((#46; November 18 – Stephanie Cameron, Steve Wilder; Billy Warlock (A.J.), Sarah Brown (Carly), Brad Maule (Tony), of “General Hospital”; inset photo Vanessa Marcil; Stephen Nicols; Nancy Lee Grahn VF = $4 ); (#50; December 16 – Robin Strasser, Stephen Markle; Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Anthony Geary (Luke), Mary Beth Evans (Katherine), Stephen Nichols (Stefan) of “General Hospital”MINOR Moisture damage to back cover, VG/FN = $3 );

1998; (Volume-2 #1; January 6 – '98 Preview; Kristina Wagner (Felicia) of “General Hospital”, Jack Wagner (Peter) of “Melrose Place” Volume-2 #1; January 6 – '98 Preview;

); (January 13 – Katherine Kelly lang (Brooke), Ronn Moss (Ridge) of “The Brave and the Bold”); (Volume-2 #3; January 20 – Vanessa Frantz, Jacob Young; Preview; What will Happen! FN = $3 ); (Volume-2 #31; August 4 – Adrienne Frantz, Jacob Young; FN = $3);

1999; (June 8 – Summer Preview; Ingo Rademacher, Shemar Moore, Alison Sweeney, Rebecca Herbst, Adrienne Frantz); (September 21 – Jess Walton (Jill), Jerry Douglas (John), Peter Bergman (Jack), Eileen Davidson (Ashley) of “The Young and the Restless”);


1997; (May 13; Volume 1 #19; Genie Francis, Judi Evans Luciano, Eileen Davidson; VF = $4);

1997; (#22; June 3 – Tony Geary at 50; VF = $5);

1997; (#25; June 24 – Charles William Bush, Eileen Davidson; FN/VF = $4);

1997; (#26; July 1 – Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Christie Clark, Roark Critchlow; FN/VF = $4);

1997; (#29; July 22 – Kristian Alfonson, Susan Lucci, Vanessa Marcil; FN/VF = $4);

1997; (#32; August 12 – Alison Sweeney; VF = $4);

1997; (#44; November 4 – Debbi Morgan (Ellen), Mitch Longley (Matt) of “Port Charles”; VF = $4);

1997; (#45; November 11 – Drake Hogestyn; VF = $4);

1997; (#46; November 18 – Stephanie Cameron, Steve Wilder; VF = $4);

1997; (#50; December 16 – Robin Strasser, Stephen Markle; MINOR Moisture damage to back cover, VG/FN = $3);

1998; (Volume-2 #1; January 6 – '98 Preview; FN/VF = $6);

1998; (Volume-2 #3; January 20 – Vanessa Frantz, Jacob Young; FN = $3);

1998; (Volume-2 #31; August 4 – Adrienne Frantz, Jacob Young; FN = $3);

SOAPS IN DEPTH (Bauer Creative Services Inc.)(Weight for Postage = 95 Grams each);

1997; [March 25; Volume-1 #12; ** 124 pages; All about CBS SOAPS; – Martha Byrne (Lily), Jon Hensley (Holden) of “As the World Turns”; Elizabeth Keifer (Blake), Jerry Ver Dorn (Ross) of “Guilding Light”; Light waterdamge at bottom, thus VG= $3];

1997; [(May 20; Volume-1 #20; ** 124 pages; All about NBC SOAPS; – Jenson Buchanan (Vicky), Robert Kelker-Kelly (Bobby) as “Another Worther”; VG/FN = $3];

1998; [March 3; Volume-2 #9; ** 124 pages; All about CBS SOAPS; – Marther Byrne (Lily), Jon Hensley (Holden) of “As the World Turns”; FN/VF = $4];

1998; [March 24; Volume-2 #12; ** 124 pages; All about CBS SOAPS; – Joshua Morrow (Nick) of “The Young and the Restless”; VG = $3];

1998; [August 4; Volume-2 #31; ** 124 pages; All about NBC SOAPS; – Deidre Hall (marlena) of “Days of our Live's”; FN/VF = $4];

1999; (June 15 – Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Esta Terblanche (Gillian), Michael Lowry (Jake) of “All my Children”); (June 29 – Maurice Bernard (Sonny) of “General Hospital”); (September 28 – Ronn Moss (Ridge), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Hunter Tylo (Taylor) of “The Bold and the Beautiful”);

2000; (February 1 – Beth Chamberlin (Beth), Grant Aleksander (Phillip), Beth Ehlers (Harley), Anthony Addabbo (Jim) of “Guiding Light”); (February 29 – Winsor Harmon (Thorne), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Ronn Moss (Ridge) of “The Bold and the Beautiful”);

SOAP OPERA DIGEST SPECIAL - 1994; Spring(Various);


1984; July(Various);

1985; November (Various);

1987; July(Various); October (Various);

1988; March(Various);


1984; April (Linda Evans; Thaao Penghlis; Grant Aleksander);

1995; June 13(Dana Fineman), August 29(Various);

1997; July 15(Various);


1986; April (Volume-2 #1; 80 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VG/FN = $7),

1986; September(Volume-2 #3; 80 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VG/FN = $7);
1987; July(Volume-3 #4; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VG/FN = $6),

1987; August(Volume-3 #5; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; FN = $7),

1987; - October(Genie Francis/ Tristan Rogers/ Finola Hughes/ Martha Byrne/ Brian Bloom/ Sherilyn Wolter); 1987; November(Volume-3 #7; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF = $8),

1987; December(Volume-3 #8; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF, but 1" Rip at bottom of cover thus VG/FN = $6)
1988; January(Volume-4 #1; 80 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF+ = $8),

1988; February(Volume-4 #2; 80 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF+ = $8);

1989; February (Scott Thompson Baker/ Chip Mayer/ Maurice Benard/ Terry Lester/ Michelle Forbes/ Lonnie Quinn; FN+ $7);

1990; February(Volume-6 #1; 76 pages; Various; published without a poster; VG/FN = $6);

SOAP OPERA PEOPLE Hottest Love Stories - 1987; September(72 pages; Various; Couples You'll never forget; Real-Life Love stories of the Stars; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; FN/VF = $10);

SOAP OPERA PEOPLE Soaps' Sexy Stars - 1987; November(72 pages; Various; Sexiest Couples; Those irresistible Men; Beautiful Ladies; Stars of Past, Present & Future; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF = $10);

SOAP OPERA PEOPLE Soaps Young Stars - 1987; July(72 pages; Various; Lives & Loves - On & Off Screen; Stars of the Future; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; FN/VF = $10);


1980; March(Volume-5 #1; 76 pages; Various; VG, 1" piece Off upper left corner of BACK cover thus G/VG= $5),

1980; May(Volume-5 #3; 76 pages; TV's Strong & Silent Guys; Various; VG/FN = $8),

1980; August(Volume-5 #6; 84 pages; Various; FN = $9);
1982; August(Volume-7 #2; 84 pages; Various; FN/VF = $8);
1984; March(Volume-9 #1; 76 pages; Luke & Laura; Various; VF = $10),

1984; May(Volume-9 #2; 76 pages; Various; Soap Stars make beautiful Lovers - 25 Dates & Mates; FN/VF = $8),

1984; July(Volume-9 #3; 76 pages; Various; 20th Anniversary of Another World; Real-Life Lovers reveal secrets; FN/VF = $10);
1985; January(Volume-9 #6; 84 pages; Various; Luke & Laura; Dream Guy; VG/FN = $6),

1985; March(Volume-10 #1; 84 pages; Various; VG/FN = $6);

1986; July (Various; FN/VF $8);

1987; January(Various); 1987; July(Volume-12 #3; 76 pages; inside General Hospital; Various; FN = $8),

1987; September(Volume-12 #4; 76 pages; Various; VF = $8),

1987; November(Volume-12 #5; 76 pages; Various; How do i REALLY feel about my Co-Star = 25 Candid Comments; VF = $8);

1988; March(Volume-13 #1; 76 pages; Various; Daytime's Dynamite Dozen; FN/VF = $7);

1989; March (Various; VF = $8);

1991; August(Volume-16 #3; 76 pages; Summer PREVIEW issue; Girls of Summer; Various; VG/FN = $6);


1988; February 8 (Volume-1 #1; 68 pages; Susan Lucci; Highlights of 1987; VF = $16),

1988; February 29 (Volume-1 #2; 64 pages; Diana & Roman "Days of Our Lives'; VALENTINE Special; FN/VF = $12);

1988; - May/23 (Andrea Evans); June/13 (Stephen Nichols); September/5 (Tracey Bergman/ Don Diamont/ Jess Walton); November/28 (James Depavia/ Robert Raisch);

1989; January/30 (Ian Buchanan/ Finola Hughes);

1993; August 24(Various);

1995; December 26(Various);

1996; February 20(Various), April 2(Various);

1997; February 18(Various), March 18(Various);

1998; February 17(Various), March 3(Various), December 22('99 Preview);

1999; June 8(Various), October 12(Various);

2000; January 18(Various);

SOAP SET 1986; October (24 color pages; 21 exclusive interviews; 72 pages total including covers; G/VG, but page 15/16 missing = $3.00);

SOAP SET 1987; September(Volume-2 #3; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; VF = $9),

1987; November(Volume-2 #5; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; FN/VF = $8);
1988; April(Volume-3 #3; 72 pages; Various; Centerfold Color Poster is intact; FN/VF = $8);

SON OF IT CAME FROM THE TUBE - 1998; January (“Star Trek New Frontier”);

THE SOUND OF SILENCE - 1965 Storybook (TPB);



1989; February (Natalie Andreichenko/ Alexander Abrulov); March(Oleg Borisov/ Yuri Belyayev); May (Elena Drobysheva/ Alexander Koznov);

SPARTASCUS - 1960 Movie story book;


1996; June("Xena: Warrior Princess"/ "X-Files");


1966 (Vol.1#1 - "Batman"/ "Man from U.N.C.L.E."/ Sean Connery; NBC);


SPLICE - 1986; August (Ralpg Macchio);

SPOTLIGHT (formerly TV Picture Life; Sterling's Mag.) - 1982 September (Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Lynda Carter, Farrah);

SPOTLIGHT ON VIDEO - 1987; October(Mel Gibson);


1988; December(Teri Garr);

1989; February(Mr. Studio Goes to Washington), March(Chevy Chase), May(Ivana Trump), July(Emily Llody), November(Merv Griffin/ Henry Kissinger);

1993; January(The 100 Worst People and Events of 1992;);March(JFK);

1994; January(Worst People, Places and Things of 1993;);

1995; February(O.J. Simpson / Barbara Streisand);

1996; June(Pamela Anderson);

1997; August(Gillian Anderson);

STAGES - 1988; March(Jane Summerhays/ Jim Dale);

STAND BY... ON THE AIR – Radio fans and Tape Buffs (Larry Herndon Pub.)

1969 - #4 (Joe Penner cover); #5


2004; – May/17 (Mary-Kate Olsen; Britney Spears); May/24 (Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen; Peri Gilpin); July 19(Britney Spears/ Julia Roberts/ Courtney Love/ Uma Thurman)

2005 September 19(Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolio wedding/ Hilary Duff);

2006; – July/24 (Carmen Electra/ Lindsay Lohan/ Beyonce Knowles);

2011 May 30(Brad Pitt/ Angie Jolio/ Sandra Bullock/ Jessica Simpson)


1959 November (Rock Hudson/ Elvis/ Fabian)

STAR FACTS - 1991; (Winona Ryder/ Will Smith/ Janet Jackson);


1985;(Mel Gibson/ Tina Turner "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome");




1988; December("Red Heat");

1991; March("Ghost"), September("Rescuers Down Under"), November('Backdraft");

1992; June("The Addams Family");

STAYING ALIVE - 1983; Official Movie Magazine; Volume-1 (Starlog Press / O'Quinn Studio's Pub; 68 pages; John Travolta; many Color and B&W Photo's; Scarce; FN = $14.00);


1971 June (Volume 1 #6)

September (Volume 1 #9; Bob Vita cover of Jack Benny)


1994; - Dreaming the Movies;

STOP (Italian);

1986; December(Joan Collins);

1989; January(Brigitte Nielson);

THE STREET - 1992; April/May (Kevin Kennedy);



1996; (Winona Ryder/ Jim Carrey/ Jonathan Taylor Thomas);

1999; (James Van Der Beek/ Jennifer Love Hewitt/ 'N Sync);

SUPERSTAR SPECIAL - 1983; #12(Stars at Home);

--- T ---


1974 January/February(Vol.4#9; Raquel Welch "The Wild Party");

1978 March(Vol.6#4; Mink Stole "Desperate Living"), May(Vol.6#6; Kennedy Frame #713 Zapruder Film), August(Vol.6#8; Six Breakthrough Directors)

TAKE ONE (Newspaper)

1989; February("A Fish Called Wanda'), November("Batman" Logo);

1990; December("Dick Tracy");

1991; January("Young Guns'), April("Marked for Death"), May("The Jungle Book"), July(Julia Roberts "Sleeping with the Enemy"), August("Home Alone"), September('Rescuers Down Under"), October(Kevin Costner 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"), December(Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator2");

1992; January("Hot Shots"), February("The Rocketeer), March(The Best from Hollywood), April("101 Dalmations"), May("Father of the Bride"), July("Hook");

TALE OF TWO CITIES 1983 November - December 3 (Manitoba Theatre Centre/ by Charles Dickens)


1960 February(Lennon Sisters);

1986; July;


1979 May(Dirk Benedict);

1980;September(Andy Gibb/ Scott Baio/ John Schneider);

1984; August(Tom Howell: Tom Cruise: Duran Duran);

Annual 1980;Fall - Dream Dates;

TEEN BEAT - 1985; June(2nd Annual Teen Star Awards);


1999; February (Jennifer Love Hewitt); June ('N Sync); August (Ricky Martin); Summer (Britney Spears);


1980;(Cover features; Bee Gee's/ John Ritter/ Olivia Newton-John; 100 pages including covers);


1994; November (Various);

1997; July(Various);


1961 August (Cover features;Troy Donahue; 68 pages including covers; overall VG, but with 6 pages missing;Plus pictures cut out of 3 more pages = 1/6 page, 1/2 page & 1/2 page; Rest of book is still OK for reading & cover is nice; As Is = $3.00);

1963 September (Paul Petersen);

1966 May(Batman and Robin/ Paul McCartney); Novemeber(The Beatles); December(Paul McCartney/The Robbs);

1967 May(The Monkees; Paul Revere); December (Davy Jones);

1968 April (William Shatner/ The Monkees);

TEEN SET - 1990; March(New Kids on the Block/ Paula Abdul);

TEEN STARS PHOTO ALBUM - 1981; #5(John Schneider/ Lisa Whel Chel/ Olivia Newton-John);


1998; Spring (Vol.1#1; Leonard Di Caprio “The Man in the Iron Mask"), Summer(Vol.1#2; Jennifer Love Hewitt);

1999; Winter(Vol.2#4; Ashton Kutcher);

2000; Spring(Vol.3#4; Joshua Jackson);

2001; Spring(Vol.1#1; "Josie and the Pussycats");

2003; Spring(Volume6 #1; Keanu Reeves “Matrix Reloaded”);

2004; Spring (Volume 7 #1; Flipbook; Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen/ Anne Hathaway); Summer (Volume7 #2 Flipbook; Halle Berry “Catwoman”/ Hilary Duff);

2006; Summer (Volume 9 #2; Brandon Routh “Superman Returns”);

2007; Summer (Volume 10 #2; Daniel Radcliffe/ Emma Watson/ Rupert Grant “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”);

THEATRE ARTS MONTHLY (Theatre Arts Inc; New York, USA)

1928 (July; The Marionette);

1932 (April; Richard Boleslaavsky; Robert Edmond Jones; Norman Bel Geddes; Diego Rivera; Stark Young);

1934 (October; Broadway in Prospect; Operas of the World; The Scene in England; A New Theatre Code; The Group Theatres; Portrait of a Theatre);

(December; New Hope for the Road; Rome Vienna England Russia Syria; Broadway in Review)


1935 (February; Broadway in Review Valley Forge/ Romeo and Juliet/ Rain from Heaven/ Gold Eagle Guy/ Accent on Youth/ Sailors of Cattaro/ Ode to Liberty; Luigi Pirandello, Nobel Prize Winner by Silvio D’Amico; A Professional Amateur at Stratford, by Whitford Kane/ The Audience as Critic);

(March; The Nazi Theatre - from a German Source/ In Leningrad; The Norwegian Theatre; On Marketing Plays; Playwriting Sample Book Pages from: The Farmer takes a Wife, Merrily we roll Along, The Children’s Hour, Accent on Youth, Valley Forge, Rain from Heaven, The Petrified Forest, Jayhawker, Roll, Sweet Chariot; backcover = The Art of the Dance by Isadora Duncan);

(April; New Faces - Broadway Freshens up its Talent; Premieres in Vienna - Franz Molnar & Georg Kaiser; Theatre and School - The Compagnie des Quinze; The Stage in Print - Gordon Craig: a Check-list on publishing theater books reviews of a Season’s Output);

(May; Special Travel Issue - Threatre in Austria, Italy, the United States, France, Russia, Hungary, England; There’s Millions In It! - A letter to the dramatists’ Guild by Edith J. R. Isaacs; London in Mid-Season; backcover = The Art of the Dance by Isadora Duncan)

(June; Let’s Go To the Movies! - Broadway in review; Tradition in England; The Philadelphia Opera; Scenes from Russian Stages/ The Dance and Today’s Needs);

(July; The Tributary Theatre - a special issue; one hundred illustrations)

(October; Broadway in Prospect; Mei Lan Fang in Russia; The Scene in Europe; Forum on the Modern Dance; Premiere in Vienna; Watchman, What of the Road?; backcover = Theatres by Joseph Urban);


1936 (May; Success: The Theatre’s Only Problem by Louis Jouvet; Spartan Into Nazi; Out Front at First Lady; Saints and Lawmakers: Broadway in Review; Arcturus Over the Statler - a Poem);

(July; The Tributary Theatre - a special Issue; articles by Ivor Brown, Ashley Dukes, Burns Mantle, Jean Mercier, Lee Mitchell & Jasper Decter; Special Departments: Business, Technician’s Workshop, News & Notes, Between Curtains, Books - 95 illustrations; backcover = The Art of the Dance by Isadora Duncan)

(September; The Soviet Theatre Speaks for Itself; Playwright, Actor, Regisseur Designer, Comper, Critic; 70 Illustrations; backcover = The Art of the Dance by Isadora Duncan);

(October; Back to Broadway; The Designer Sets the Stage - Norman Bel Geddes/ Vincente Minnelli; The Actor Attacks His Part - Helen Hayes; Good Playgoes - and Bad by John Mason Brown; The Stage that Shakespeare Used by John C. Adams; The Scene in England by Ashley Dukes; Season’s first Guest)

(November; Man in a White Collar by Mordecai Gorelik; The Actor Attacks His Part - Lynn Fontanne; Alfred Lunt; The Designer Sets the Stage - Lee Simonson; Donald Oenslager; Toward a Communal theatre; backcover = An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski);

(December; The Profession of The Producer by Louis Jouvet; Hamlets by Rosamond Gilder; Backstage at the Movies by Dorothy Doran Williams; Unwritten Plays: Broadway in Review The Scene in Europe: London Opening)


1937 (January; The Actor Attacks his Part by V. Katharine Cornell; Studio Theatre by Television - Ashley Dukes; John Gielgud on and Actor Prepares a Dancer’s Notebook - Betty Joiner; Reviews of Broadway Plays)

(February; Ina Claire - the Actor Attacks his Part; Radio Play - in the age of Television by Val Gielgud; The Jade Nelly by Rosamond Gilder; Jo Mielziner; Aline Bernstein - the designer sets the Stage; backcover = An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski);

(March; Acting Music Film Circus Censorship; 40 illustrations including 2 Portfolios; Theatre on Film - The Circus - Boris Aronson);

(April; Travel Issue; The Singing Actress - Lotte Lehmann; Accent on Age by W.A. Darlington; Napoleon and Theatre by Silvio d’Amico; Matachines by J. Villasana Haggard; Audience on the Road by A Calendar; illustrations from Italy, France, Japan, England, Lithuania, Austria, Denmark, USSR, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Hungary)

(May; Fred Astaire - actor - Dancer; John Gielgud - Actor - Author; Lyric theatre by Lee Pattison; Broadway & London in Review; Organizing an Audience; A civic University Theatre; African Sculpture & plays as Ritual);

(June; Chapters from an Autobiography, II by John Gielgud; Scibblers in Hollywood by Morton Eustis; Report on Television by T.R. Carskadon; Three in One a Critique of Critics; The Silk Road from Samarkand to Srinagar Drawings by James Reynolds; Summer’s Theatre England and America);

(July; The Tributary Theatre a special issue; 100 illustrations; articles by A.M. Drummond/ Norris Houghton/ E. Martin Browne/ Edwin Duerr/ Ralph Chesse/ F. Cowles Strickland / Barclay S. Leathem/ Virgil L. Baker/ Valentine B. Windt/ George F. Reynolds/ Harry Davis/ Marston S. Balch/ Lee Mitchell/Lloyd Weninger & others);

(October; Designing for Films: Gibbons of MGM; Anglo-American Theatre; Directing Amateurs; Costume Museum/ Of Mice and Men/ Broadway in Prospect/ Cell-Block into Greenroom/ IN the Margin: John Gielgud);

(December; The Lunts Rehearse Amphitryon 38; A Letter to Garbo; Wilfrid Lawson - Biographer; Music Meets the Theatre Artef Players - Metropolitan; Opera - Jooss Ballet; backcover = Players at Work by Morton Eustis);


1938 (May; Credo of a Director by Margaret Webster; Radio and the Writer by Merrill Denison; Re-Enter the Chorus by Ashley Dukes; The Best in Stage Design portfolio from the Current Season);

(June; The Movies: Not a Lean Year by Otis Ferguson; Groups on Broadway by Norris Houghton; The Road Comes Back by Allen Churchill; The Season in Review by Broadway & London; Does the Summer Theatre Do it Job? by Richard Whorf & Walter Hartwig);

(July; Fifteenth Tributary Theatre Issue; 85 illustrations; The Dance/ Canadian Theatre/ Lost Plays Regained/ Success in Liverpool/ Recording a Production/ Art Centre for Wisconsin/ The Technician’s Workshop - Tributary; To Professional - News & Notes);

(August; Theatre in Mexico; Miguel Covarrubias - special editor; 70 illustrations; articles by Miguel Covarrubias/ Luis Sandi/ Adolfo Best-Maugard/ Francisco Monterde/ Salvador Novo/ Carlos Merida/ Xavier Villaurrutia/ Rodolfo Usigli)

(September; In the Service of Comedy; Otis Skinner, Ivor Brown, Ashley Dukes, Morton Eustis, Rosamond Gilder also Playwriters’ sample book & 50 illustrations)

(November; William Saroyan- two Theatres; Sidney Kaufman - Motion Picture Material; Arthur Arent - The Living Newspaper; Tom Squire - Designers’ Impedimenta; with designs for the Current Season);

(December; What Price Theater? - the ticket code; Broadway in Review; Concerning the Author of Herod and Mariamne; Television Drama; Air Waves and Sight Lines - the Fall of the City; Players at Wok by Morton Eustis);


1939 (May; Travel Issue - with an Arrow Toward; South America; 40 illustrations from 13 countries & A calendar for the Audience and the Road; Broadway & London in review);

(June; Three English Actors - Ashley Dukes; Springtime for Comedy - Rosamond Gilder; Prize-Winning Theatres - Lee Simonson; On the Road with the Lunts - Morton Eustis; Making Summer Theatres Pay - William Miles; Jean Renoir - Richard Plant);

(July; Sixteenth Tributary Theatre Issue; the nest 25 years Where Do We Go from Here?; 70 illustrations; Portrait of a theatre; Drama at Carnegie Tech; Frederick Keppel; Thomas W. Stevens; B. Iden Payne; Henry Boettcher);

(September; A Pageant for Welsh Miners/ Actor-Dramatists/ Ballet 1939/ Why Act?/ The Church and the Drama/ Northwest Coast Dances)


1941 (March; Toward a New Stage by Robert Edmond Jones/ How to See by William Saroyan/ Good Radio by Davidson Taylor/ Film Directors at Work by Lewis Jacobs/ Biography of a play by Morton Eustis/ Crime, Women and Song, Broadway in Review by Rosamond Gilder);

(June/ Broadway and Hollywood in Review/ Spotlight on Actors & Dancers; NATIVE Son Backstage - The Summer Theatre);

1942 (June; photo cover = Jean Gabin in Moontide; Broadway - Sum of the Season; 1942 Films/ The Summer Theatre/ Spring Ballet/ the Production of Angel Street by Shepard Traube);

(July; Illustrated cover by Honner; Theatre in the Camps by Louis Simon; The Musician in the Theatre II by Lehman Engel; New Play Project By Lee Norvelle; What Promising Playwrights Promise by Peggy Lamison; Effect of Modern Stage Conventions on Shakespeare by Lee Mitchell; Three-Way Critic by Ruth Lewis; Professional Meets Tributary, 1942 by Walter Kerr; Who’s Who in the Tributary Theatre by Rosemond Gilder)


1943 (August; Theatre with Father 1890 - 1915; A Picture Book with narrative by Edith J.R. Isaacs & Rosamond Gilder);

(December; Cover = Howard Lindsay & Dorothy Stickney in Life with Father; Winged Victory, the Air Force Show, lines from Moss Hart’s script - design by Harry Horner; Every Soldier a Movie Critic; Politicians in America Plays; Othello and Venus on Braodway);


1944 (May; Theatre at Home & Abroad; Margaret Sullavan by John van Druten , Verdi’s Falstaff at the Met , Elliott Nugent by Hermine R. Isaacs; Eire/ Holland/ Sweden/ USSR/ Malta/ South America)

(August; An International Theatre Made in America - French/ German/ Russian/ Chinese; Narrative by Edith J.R. Isaacs & Rosamond Gilder with a gallery of foreign stars); December(Celeste Hom “Bloomer Girl”);

(October; Broadway in Prospect plays & Players; Producer’s View of Television Worthington Miner; Paul Robeson/ John K. Hutchens/ Woodrow Wilson on the Screen/ Martha Graham and Agnes de Mille);


1946 (May; The Old Vic in New York and features on The Circus/ Isherwood/ Claudel/ The Bibienas)

1948 January (“Tuppence Colored” Illustrated); February(“Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!” Illustration);

1950 August (“The Westport Country Playhouse” Illustration by Stevan Dohanos);

1955 February (Robert Montgomery); March (Katharine Cornell/ Throne Power “The Dark is Light Enough”);

1956 January (Eleanor Steber); February (Orson Welles/ Jean Dalrymple); June (Julie Newmar);

1958 April (Anthony Perkins); May (“London's Shaftesbury Avenue” Illustration by Gardner Leaver);

1959 July (Charlie Ruggles “The Pleasure of his Company”); August (John Gielgud “Much Ado About Nothing”); September (Hazel Dawn);

THESE WE HAVE LOVED (British) - 1978 - (Marilyn Monroe/ Bruce Lee/ Elvis Presley);


THIS WAS SHOW BUSINESS - 1956 (Greta Garbo; Marx Brothers; Gypsy Rose Lee);

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - 1967 (Julie Andrews);

THOSE ENDURING MATINEE IDOLS – 1969(October/November);

THREE MOTHERS: THEIR LIFE STORIES - 1968 (Mrs Robert Kennedy/ Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr./ Mrs. John F. Kennedy);

TIGER BEAT PRESENTS DONNY & MARIE (Laufer Pub.) 1977 (Volume 1 #2);

TIP-OFF - 1957 February(Lucille Ball/ Desi Arnaz/Lana Turner);

TOMB RAIDER - 2001; - Official Film Companion(Angelina Jolie; TPB);


1957 June(Jayne Manfield/ Bing Crosby);

1958 June(Kim Novak: Sammy David Jr.);

1960 April(Kim Novak/ Sammy Davis Jr./ Fidel Castro); October (Elizabeth Taylor/ Sammy Davis Jr./ May Britt);

1961 June(Kim Novak/ Ingo Johansson/ Peter Lawford); August(Shirley MacLaine), December(Brigette Bardot & Her Bellboy Lover = Complete; Pages 13-17, 45-48 are Missing, rest is VG = $5);

1962 April(Kim Novak);

1963 July(Sammy Davis Jr.; Grace Kelly; Shirley MacLaine);

TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - 2000; September/7-16 (TPB; 440 pages);

TOTAL FILM (British)

1997; November(Pierce Brosnan);

2000; September (“X-Men”);


2000; September/October (#1; Elizabeth Hurley “Bedazzled”); December/January/2001; (#2 George Clooney);

2001; February/March (#3; Anthony Hopkins “Hannibal”); April (#4; Tara Reid/ Rachael Leigh Cook/ Rosario Dawson “Josie and the Pussycats”);

TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD - 1988; (Roy Rogers);

TRAVOLTA, JOHN - 1978 (Official Picture/ Postcard Book);


1981; Winter(Vol.1#1; "Reds");

1982; Winter("Quest for Fire"), Summer(Harrison Ford "Blade Runner"), Summer(Dolly Parton/ Burt Reynolds "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas'), Fall('Star Wars"), Winter(Goldie Hawn/ Burt Reynolds "Best Friends");

1983; Spring("High Road to China"), Spring(Academy Awards Special), Spring("Return of the Jedi"), Summer(Christopher Reeves "Superman III'), Summer("Jaws 3-D"), Fall(John Travolta/ Olivia Newton-John "Two of a Kind"); Fall(Barbra Streisand “Yentl”);

1984; Spring (Mel Gibson “The Bounty”); Winter(Academy Awards);

1995 May/June (Congo Michael Crichton);

2007 November (Hilary Swank/ Jessica Alba/ Paris Hilton/ Zach Braff)

2011 November/ December (Charlize Theron/ Young Adult);

2012 March/April( Sam Worthington/ Wrath of the Titans)

TRIBUTE GOES TO THE MOVIES (Slick Movie Theatre Promotional Giveaway Magazine; Photo's, Articles & Previews of Up & Coming Movies; 32 pages including covers; 1985-1990 issues = RARE; 1991-1995 issues = SCARCE);

1984; February 1(Vol.1#1; Tom Selleck "Lassiter"), April 1(Vol.1#2; Drew Barrymore "Firestarter'), June(Vol.1#3; Rober Di Nero "Once Upon a Time in America"),August(Tanya Roberts “Sheena”); October 1(Nick Nolte), December 1(Goldie Hawn);

1985; February(Michelle Pfeiffer), April 1(Roger Moore as James Bond), June(Clint Eastwood "Pale Rider"), August(Sting/ Jennifer Beals "The Bride"), October(Sylvester Stallone "Rocky IV"), December 1(Al Pacino "Revolution");

1986; February(Bryan Brown), June/July(Danny Devito/ Bette Midler), August/September(Madonna), October/November(Harrison Ford "Mosquito Coast"); 1986;/December-January/1987; (“King Kong Lives”; “Star Trek IV”);

1987; February/March(Mel Gibson "Lethal Weapon"), April/May(Michael J. Fox), June/July(Timothy Dalton 'The Living Daylights'), August/September(Sean Young/ Kevin Costner/ Gene Hackman "No Way Out'), October/November(Shelley Long);

1987; December - 1988; January (Volume-4 #6; Goldie Hawn/ Kurt Russell in Overboard Photo cover & 1 page article with 2 Photo's inside; Cher in Moonstruck; Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun; Richard Pryor in Moving; Vill Cosby in Leonard 6; Throw Momma from the Train; Couch Trip; Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam; Three Men & a Baby; Wes Craven's Serpent & the Rainbow; Batteries Not Included; Megan Follows; Weight = 80 Grams; VF+ = $8);

1988; April/May(Paul Hogan/ Linda Kozlowski "Crocodile Dundee II"), June/July(Liza Minnelli/ Dudley Moore "Arthur 2");

1989; June/July(Michael Keaton/ Jack Nickolson "Batman"), August/September("The Abyss");

1990; February/March(Sean Connery "The Hunt For Red October"), April/May("Gremlins 2"), June(Warren Beatty "Dick Tracy"), July(Tom Cruise "Days of Thunder"), August/September(Mel Gibson), October/November(Sylvester Stallone "Rocky V");

1990; December - January 1991; (Al Pacino/ Andy Gargia "Godfather Part III");

1991; February/March(John Goodman "King Ralph"), April/May(Kevin Costner "Robin Hood: Prince of Thives"), June(Special Summer Preview), July(Priscilla & Elvis Presley/ Leslie Nielsen "The Naked Gun 2/1/2"), August/September(Mickey Rouke/ Don Johnson "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"), September(Campus Edition; Various), October/November(Sandrine Holt "Black Robe");

1991; December - January 1992;("Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"; FN/VF = $6);

1992; February/March(Sean Connery "Medicine Man"), March(Campus Editin; Various), April/May(Willem Dafoe/ Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio “White Sands"), June(Special Summer Preview), July(Alec Baldwin/ Meg Ryan “Prelude to a Kiss”); August/September(Clint Eastwood "Unforgiven"), October/November(Gerard Depardieu "1492: Conquest of Paradise");

1992; December - 1993; January(Tom Cruise "A Few Good Men");

1993; February/March(Christian Slater), April/May(Sharon Stone "Sliver"), July(“Jurassic Park”; “Coneheads”; “Last Actio Hero”; “Son0in-Law”); August/September(Harrison Ford "The Fugitive"), October/November(Kiefer Sutherlan: Sharon Stone);

1993; December - January 1994;(Mike Myers/ Dana Carvey "Wayne's World 2");

1994; February/March(Steven Seagal "On Deadly Ground"), April/May(John Goodman "The Flintstones"; "Maverick"), June(Special Summer Preview/ Kevin Costner "Wyatt Earp"), July(Arnold Schwarzenegger "True Lies"), August(Harrison Ford), October(Jean-Claude Van Damme; Sharon Stone), November(Tom Cruise "Interview With Vampire");

1994; December - 1995; January(Demi Moore);

1995; February/March(David Letterman), March/April(Liam Neeson "Rob Roy"), May/June("Congo"), June/July(Tom Hanks/ Gary Sinise "Apollo 13"), August/September(Cindy Crawford/ William Baldwin "Fair Game"), November(Pierce Brosnan/ Izabella Scorupco "Goldeneye"; VF = $6);

1995; December - 1996; January(Harrison Ford/ Julia Ormond "Sabrina");

1996; February/March(John Travolta/ Christian Slater "Broken Arrow"), April/May(Richard Gere), June(Arnold Schwarzenegger "Eraser"), July(Demi Moore "Striptease"), November(Patrick Stewart/ Brent Spiner "Star Trek: First Contact");

1996; December - 1997; January (Nicole Kidman "Portrait of a Lady")

1997; February(Jim Carrey), April(Val Kilmer), June(George Clooney); July(Julia Roberts), September(Sean Penn); October(Uma Thurman), December(Pierce Brosnan; VF = $6);

1998; February('Blues Brothers 2000;"; Sharon Stone), March(Salutes the Oscars), April/May(Meg Ryan), June(Gillian Anderson/ David Duchovny "X-Files"), July(Mel Gibson), September(Drew Barrymore), December(Tom Hanks);

1999; June(Ewan McGregor "Star Wars: Phantom Menace"), July(Tom Cruise/ Nicole Kidman), August/September(Heather Graham); October(Ashley Judd), November(Pierce Brosnan/ Sophie Marceau/ Denise Richards; FN = $5), December(Angelina Jolie);

2000; February(Salma Hayek), March(Salutes Oscar 2000;), April/May(Matthew McConaughey), July(Rebecca Romijn-Stamos);

2001; March(Salutes Oscar 2001;), April(Nicole Kidman "Moulin Rouge"); November(Julia Roberts); December (Flipbook; Tom Cruise/ Penelope Cruz “Vanilla Sky”/ Cate Blanchett);

2002; March (74th Annual Academy Awards); May/June (Ashley Judd); October (Katie Homes);

2003; February(Jennifer Garner/ Ben Affleck “Daredevil”); April (“The Matrix Reloaded”); May/June (Jennifer Aniston”); September (Catherine Zeta-Jones); November(Tom Cruise “The Last Samurai”);

2004; October (Salma Hayek);

2005; June (Angelina Jolie/ Brad Pitt “Mr and Mrs Smith”); December (Naomi Watts “King Kong”);

2006; June (Uma Thurman);

2007; March (Roob Stewart “Sharkwater”; Beyonce Knowles; Reese Witherspoon; Cameron Diaz); May/June (George Clooney/ Brad Pitt/ Matt Damon “Ocean's Thirteen”);


1971 January (Shelby Hiatt/ Victoria Wundham/ Wendell Minnick/ Larry Hugo/ Ann Wedgeworth);

1973 March(George Reinholt/ Victoria Wyndham/ Aiden McNulty/ Another World) May(Ann Wedgeworth & Dianna/ Days of your Live)

TV CINEMA SCENE - 1974 #1(Liz Taylor/ Sonny & Cher/ Dean Martin);


1973 March(Ed Mallory);

1974 December(Susan Lucci/ James Douglas/ Mary Stuart/ Jacquie Courtney);

1975 March (Beverly Penberthy/ John Beradino/ Audrey Landers/ Mary Fran/ Susan Seaforth); May (Jacquie Courtney/ Audrey Peters/ Eileen Fulton/ Ed Mallory/ Susan Flannery); July (Rita McLaughlin/ Kaye Stevens/ Tony George/ Ann Flood/ Bert Convy); August (Paulette Breen/ Tom Hallick/ Diane Rousseau/ MacDonald Carey/ Lois Kraines);

1976 February (George Reinholt/ Jacquie Courtney/ Mary Stuart/ Wesley Eure/ Ariane Munker);

TV DAWN TO DUSK AND DAYTIME STARS - 1979 November (Nancy Addison/ Al Freeman Jr./ Tony Craig);


1975 August (James Houghton);

1977 March(Patsy Rahn/ Andy Robinson/ Doug Werner/ Judith McConnell/ Richard Dune);

TV FAMILY - 1972 September("All in the Family"; Redd Foxx);


1986; May (Mary Tyler More/ Bea Arthur/ “Star Trek”; “Man from Uncle”; “Perry Mason”; “The Honeymooners”); October #5("Get Smart"/ 'Love Boat"/ "Taxi"/ Phil Silvers), November #6("Mission: Impossible"/ "Lost in Space"/ "Mork and Mindy");


1995 Spring (Star Trek);

1999; May 15-21(Liam Neeson "Star Wars: Phantom Menace");

TV HITS - 1998 Summer( Backstreet Boys/ Aaron Carter/ Leo V. Matt/ Thomas Jules);


1969 July (Elizabeth Taylor/ Jackie Kennedy/ Barbara Parkins);

1970 November(Jackie Onassis; Goldie Hawn);

TV LAND - Biggest Daytime Magazine; (Magazine Management Pub. / MARVEL; B&W Magazine with CURTIS LOG at upper Left cover Corner);

1973 April (Meredith Baxter/ David Birney/ Lisa Cameron/ Jack Stauffer/ Renne Jarrett/ Lee Patterson/ Susan Brown/ Martin West/ Dino Narizzanos)

Volume-2 #5 (May / 1973; 8 Color PHOTO's on Cover includes = Kathy Glass/ Don Stewart/ Forrest Coompton/ Susan Sullivan/ Jennifer Houlton/ Ray Wise; Squarebound; 76 pages including covers; Return to Peyton Place, Edge of Night, the Doctors, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Where the Hearth is, Love of Life, General Hospital, One Life to Live; FN=$22; VG/FN=$18);


1976 August(“Welcome Back Kotter”);

1977 February (Angie Dickinson; Henry Winkler); April (Carol Burnett)


1969 July(Sally Field/ Dean Martin/ Warren Beatty);

1970 March(Lennon Sisters; Tom Jones), September(Marlo Thomas/ Elliot Gould);

1972 January(Shirley Jones/ Robert Young);


1957 March (Eydie Adams/ Ernie Kovacs/ Janet Blair/ Paul Newman/ Kim Novak/ Rock Hudson)


1976 September #1(Sonny & Cher/ Donny & Marie Osmond/ Henry Winkler), December(Donny & Marie Osmond/ Cher/ Lindsay Wagner);


1971 August(Dean Martin & Family; Elvis Presley);


1959 August (Liz Taylor & "the Day Elvis {Presley} DIED"; VG/FN, but page 19/20 is Missing = $6); September(Fabian/ Sandra Dee/ Edd Byrnes/ Connie Stevens/ Kookie)

1969 August(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton);

1971 November(Dean Martin);

1972 May(Dean Martin), June(Patty Duke/ Liza Minnelli/ Desi Arnaz Jr.); August (Jackie Kennedy/ Caroline Kennedy);

1974 March(Sonny & Cher; Jackie Onassis; Liz Taylor), October( & Priscilla & Lisa Marie Elvis Presley), November(Dean Martin & Family);

1976 October(Elvis Presley & Priscilla);

1977 May(Elvis Presley & Priscilla/ Sonny 7 Cher);

1980;December(All-Star Photo Album; John Schneider/ Loni Anderson/ Charlene Tilton/ Burt Reynolds/ Kenny Rogers/ Catherine Bach/ Larry Hagman/ Olivia Newton-John);

1984; February(All-Star Color Centerfolds), April(Peter Reckell/ John Taylor/ Nancy McKeon/ Tom Howell/ David Hasselhoff/ Emma Samms/ Pierce Brosnan); June(Gorgeous Guys Photo Album);

Yearbook #24 1975 - Robert Redford/ Cher/ Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton);


1981; Fall(John Schneider; Christopher Reeve “Superman");

1984 Summer(Harrison Ford/ Mr. T; Tommy Howell/ Kevin Bacon/ Rob Lowe)


1972 April(Ann-Margaret/ Tom Jones), October(Jackie Onassis/ Joan Kennedy);

1973 October(Liz Taylor/ Jack Lord/ Glenn Ford/ Judy Garland/); December (Cher/ Sonny Bono/ Liz Taylor/ Liza Minnelli)

1974 April(Liz Taylor; Elvis Presley);

TV PEOPLE - 1955 February(Liberace/ Jack Webb/ Marion Marlowe);


1971 March(Lawrence Welk);

1972 April(Lawrence Welk/ Cissy King), August(Jackie Onassis/ rose Kennedy), October(Ted Kennedy & Family); December(Jackie Kennedy);

1974 October(Sonny & Cher);

1981; July(The New Hollywood Blondes), October(Country's Stars);

1983; November(Soap Stars);

1984; May(Hollywood Behind Closed Doors), July(Reader Choices Awards);


1955 January(Arthur Godfrey), May(Marion Marlowe; Art Linklater; Ed Sullivan);

1956 April(Loretta Young; Pat Boone; Janis Paige; Hal Holbrook), May(Arthur Godfrey; Sid Ceasar; Patti Page; Eve Arden);

1957 March(Lennon Sisters), October(Gisele Mackenzie; Raymond Burr), December(Perry Como; Dorothy Olsen; Hal March);

1958 January(Garry Moore; Jerry Lee Lewis; Eve Arden);

1959 January(Lennon Sisters), June(Ralph Edward & Family), July(Janet Lennon; Dick Clark),

1960 February(Paul Anka/ Tuesday Weld),

1961 February(Robert Stack "The Untouchables"),

1962 January("Rocky and Bullwinkle"), July(Vince Edwards),

1970 May(Johnny Cash/ June Carter);

1971 May(Andy Williams. Kathy Lennon), June(Johnny Carson/ Diahann Carroll), July(Flip Wilson/ Dean Martin), November(DeanMartin & Family);

1972 January(Lennon Sisters), February(Jackie Onassis; Elvis Presley), April(Dean Martin), October(Burt Reynolds/ Dinah Shore), November("Lawrence Welk Show"), December(Chad Everett/ Jim Brolin);

1973 June(Dean Martin);

1974 June(Mary Tyler Moore/ Valerie Harper);

TV RADIO PARADE - 1971 October (Volume 1 #6; Mary Tyler Moore/ Robert Young);


1972 November(Elvis Presley);

1973 July(Dean Martin & Family), October(Elvis Presley & Priscilla);


1969 June(Diahann Carroll);

1970 May(Johnny Cash);

1972 April(Michael Landon & Family); August(Susan Dey/ Shirley Jones);

1973 February(Dean Martin), July(Lennon Sisters);

1974 September(Liz Taylor; Jackie Onassis);

1975 January(Jackie Onassis/ Caroline Kennedy);

1976 June(Sonny & Cher);

1977 January(Sonny & Cher);

TV AND SCREEN SECRETS - 1971 March(Elvis Presley & Priscilla);

TV AND SCREENWORLD - 1970 April(Mia Farrow/ Robert Brown);

TV SERIES (Brazil) - 1998; #10("Lost in Space"), #12("Wonder Years");


1984; September(Joan Collins/ Seve Bond/ Robin Stradder/ Susan Lucci/ Michael O'Leary);

1985; December (Steve Bond/ Sherilyn Wolter/ Linda Evans/ Patsy Pease/ Rock Hudson);

TV SOAP WORLD SPECIAL - 1985; Spring (Volume-1 #5; 68 pages; Dynasty '85; Joan Collins World's #1 Bitch, her Complete Story; FN = $10);


1972 August(#37; Lucille Ball & Family; VG/FN $12);

1974 May(#43; Cher/ Jackie Onassis/ Burt Reynolds/ Dean Martin), November(#45; Sonny & Cher/ Jackie Onassis/ Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton);

1977 February(#54; David Soul/ Marie Osmond/ Sonny & Cher);


1971 August(Lucille Ball/ Desi Arnaz Jr./ Patty Duke), November(Doris Day/ Dean Martin; FN $12);

1973 August(Dean Martin/ Dinah/ Bobby Burgess);

1974 June(Elvis Presley & Priscilla/ Sonny & Cher), September(Lawrence Welk/ Peggy Lennon);

TV STAR SCREEN - 1971 November(Jack Nicholson/ Ann-Margaret/ Ali McGraw);


1978 August (Shaun Cassidy pin-up book);

1982; March(Tony Geary/ Genie Francis "General Hospital");


1985; June(James Garner “Maverick");


1973 (#25; "Waltons"/ Carol Burnett/ "Sanford and Sons");

1975 #28(Angie Dickinson/ Robert Blake/ Cher/ Michael Landon);


1993; Fall/ Winter(Preview with Photos and Slides);


--- U ---

UFO - S.H.A.D.O. {Les Films de ..; Gerry Anderson's} (French; Photo Stories; Circa 1970; British science fiction television series UFO, created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and starring Ed Bishop as Commander Straker; 52 pages; B&W; Painted front & back covers on both; Story told in PHOTO'S in Comicbook format)

#5(Cour Martiale; Weight = 85 Grams; VG = $10);

#6(L'Agrandissement; Weight = 85 Grams; VG = $10);


1955 September(Sonja Henie/ Ginger Rogers/ Liberace);

1956 January(Liz Taylor/ Rudolph Valentino);

1958 September(Vera Miles/ Peter Lorre/ Sarah Churchill);

1959 January(Brigitte Bardot; Jack Parr), March(Yul Brynner/ Deborah Kerr/ Sammy Davis Jr.); July(Cary Grant/ Julie London);

1960 March (Kim Novak/ Cary Grant/ Curt Jurgens/ Ingrid Bergman); June(Marlon Brando/ Liz Taylor/ Casey Stengel),

1961 December(Jackie Gleason);

1962 April(Kim Novak; Duke & Duchess of Windsor), August(Grace Kelly; Hedy Lamarr);

1964 April(Tempest Storm); June(Laurence Harvey/ Rita Hayworth);

1966 April (Tony Curtis/ Sarah Churchill/ Ringo)

1969 (April (Raquel Welch; Jim Brown; Ramon Novarro; Show everything Lesbian Movies);

1970 April(Joe Namath/ Alicia Purdom - J.F.K. secret love/ Sharon Tate)

UNDER WESTERN SKIES - 1980;#9(Texas Guinan);

US magazine weekly = see Separate LINK on our Main Webpage = www.dougcomicworld.com

for BIG listing;


USED PEOPLE - 1992; Press Kit;

--- V ---


1980;December #1(James Garner "Rockford Files");

1981; January #2("Mary Tyler Moore Show"), February #3("The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle");

VIDEO CHOICE - 1988; October("E.T.");

VIDEO EVENT (Newspaper) - 1989; September("Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure");

VIDEO MAGAZINE (Jumbo Video) 2005 November(Tom Cruise/ War of the Worlds)


1982; March/15 (Volume2 #1; “Not for Sale; Superman; Mickey Mouse; James Bond);

1983; Vol.3#1(Debbie Harry "Videodrome");

No Date(Vol.5 #5; Don Johnson);

No Date (Vol.6#4; Michael J. Fox);


1987; October(Various);

1988; October(Clint Eastwood; Kim Basinger), December(Santa Claus; Mickey Mouse);

1989; February(Various), April(Various), June(Various), October(Humphrey Bogart/ Sylvester Stallone), December(Batman/"Wizard of Oz"/ Beza Lugosi as Dracula);

1990; February(Various), April(Various);

VIDEO MOVIES - 1984; March(Dustin Hoffman/ Jessica Lange 'Tootsie'), November("The Empire Strikes Back"/ Mel Gibson "The Bounty");


1980;April, December;

1981; April/May;


1985; March/April(Vol.5#2; "Dune"), (Vol.5#3; "The Cotton Club");

1987; December(Janet Jones; Wayne Gretzky);

1988; February(Academy Awards '88);

VIDEOSCOPE - 1998; Summer (“Back to the Beach”);

VIDEOSONIC ARTS - Circa 1990;'s #2 - ("Dick Tracy" on TV; Bela Lugosi););


1989; July (“The Understudy; Graveyard Shift II”);

--- W ---

WARNER BROTHERS - SELLTHROUGH PROMOTIONAL PLANNER - 1996; April/May(Various), November/December(Various);

WARRIOR OF VIRTUE - 1997; Press Kit;


1999; April(Beethoven), May, June("A People's Century"), July("To the Moon"), August('Charlotte Church: Voice of an Angel"), September('An American Love Story'), December("Prairie Quilts");

2000; January(Eleanor Roosevelt), February("Journey Into Amazonia"), March("Schmeckfest");


1976 September(E-Go Collectors Series);

1979 (A Tribute To);

WEDDING SPECTACULAR - SOAP OPERA DIGEST - 1994; Summer(Celebrity Love - and Scandal);

WEEKLY SCOOP 2005 December 19(Elisha Cuthbert/ Nicole Kidman/ Brad Pitt/ Angie Jolio)

WELCOME BACK, KOTTER - 1977 (A Golden All-Star Book; PHOTO Covers;  Arnold Drake story; Jack Spalding art; VG = $8.00);

WESTERN SCREEN HITS - 1952 (Volume 1 #1; Gene Autry);


1950 July/September (Volume 1 #6; Allen “Rocky” Lane ?Bill Boyd/ Charles Starrett/ Randolph Scott);

When We Were Kings Press Book - True Story of the Rumble in the Jungle (1996) Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Don King


1950 September(GGA "Miss Boadway of the Month - June Kirby");

1958 February(Frank Sinatra/ Ava Gardner), May,

1958 - July (Special Broadway Issue; Photo cover of the Lit Up at night Street with Theaters; What you should know about Night Club Glamour Girls = 4 page article with 5 Photos;  Is Broadway Hotter than Main Street ? = 3 page article with 8+ Photos mostly of Nigh Clubs;  How Not to Act at a Nightclub; Tips from the Files of a Broadway Wolf; HARLEM: Hellhole of Manhatten; Babe Ruth’s Home Run Record was Broken;  VG = $12.00),

1958 September(Tommy 'Hurricane" Jackson), November(Gen. Trujillo Jr./ Zsa Zsa Gabor/ Kim Novak; Brigitte Bardot);

1959 May(Eva Bartok; Marlon Brando), July(Tempest Storm; July Garland; Jockey Willie Hartack); September (“I Lived Five Weeks in a Moorish Harem”);

1960 March (Errol Flynn/ Kim Novak/ Sammy Davis Jr./ Joan Stuart);

1962 March(Sophia Loren/ Anthony Perkins);

1963 September(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Mike Todd), November(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Grace Kelly/ Queen Elizabeth);

1964 May(Sepia Sirens and White Men);

1967 November(Those Hot Nude Movies are Coming to TV);

1973 March("Get Smart"); May(Alice Cooper/ Sophia Loren/ Richard Burton)

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? - 1988;(Movie Storybook);


1957 (#12; Debbie Reynolds);

1959 #14(Tony Curtis/ Janet Leigh);

1962 #17(Elizabeth Taylor; backcover Marilyn Monroe);

1965 #20 (Elizabeth Tarlor);

1966 #21(Liz Taylor/ Richard Burton/ Sean Connery);

1967 #22(Sophia Loren/ Elizabeth Taylor; Frank Sinatra; Julia Andrews);


1970 #5(John Wayne/ Sidney Poitier/ Frank Sinatra/ Elvis Presley/ Dean Martin/ Doris Day/ Richard Burton);

1971 #6(Flip Wilson/ Elloitt Gould/ Carol Burnett/ Elvis Presley/ Robert Redford/ Lucille Ball);

1973 #8(Various);

1975 #10(Various);


1964 - 1965 #14(76 pages including covers; Robert Vaughn/ Carolyn Jones/ David Janssen; 2 pages Missing, 3 page with pieces cut out; NO back cover, Piece

out of front cover = thus POOR reading copy = $4);


1982; #1(Various; VF but with 2"x3" photo cut out of Back cover = $8);

1982; #1(Various; VG =$9);

No Date #5(circa 1985; Various; Pages MISSING = 104 of the 132 pages including cover r4emains = $2.00);

1985; #4(Don Johnson/ Philip Michael Thomas/ Jack Wagner/ Ted Danson/ Cast of “The Cosby Show”/ Deidre Hall);

1986; #5;


1952 January (Roy Rogers/ Gabby Hayes/ Dale Evans/ Bill Boyd/ Shooting Star);

WICKED (Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall) - August 24 - September 4;

WILD AMERICA Press Book (1997) Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa and Scott Bairstow


1988; (Official Movie Magazine);

1988; (Official Theater Program);

WINFREY, OPRAH - 2000; April 25(The Many faces of );



1976 December #9(Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer-c; McGuire Sisters; Brenda & Cobina; Lash Larue; Alan Ladd & Veronica Lake paper Dolls; FN $8);

1980;February #26(Basil Rathbone as "Sherlock Holmes");


1994 October(#12; The X-Files/ Gillian Anderson); December (#14; Twin Peaks and the FBI/ produced by Craig Miller & John Thorne/ Michele Malach)

1995; April (Volume 1 #16; Sheryl Lee);

THE X FILES MAGAZINE - 1996; Winter #1(Official Collector's Edition), Summer #2(Official Collector's Edition);

--- Y ---

YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES - 1985; (Souvenir Magazine);

YOUNG WINSTON - Circa Early 1970's Storybook;

YTV WHOA! magazine

2001; Winter (#10 “Dude!”);

2002; Fall (#13 “Fuel for School”); Winter (#14 Kai from “Beyblade”);

2003; Spring (#15 “The Rap n' Rhyme Issue”); Winter (#18 “Holiday Heaven”);

2004; Spring (#19 “Intergalactic Action”); Fall (#21 “The Fairly Odd Issue”); Winter (#22 Spongebob Squarepants);

2005; Spring (#23 Avril Lavigne); Summer (#24 “Superheroes Issue”); Winter (#26 “Jake and the Dragon”);

2006; Spring (#27 “Spongebob Squarepants”); Summer (#28 “Being Canad-Ian!!”); Fall (#29 Frankie Muniz); Winter (Kimberley Chang/ Monica Low/ Linda Cortese/ Nireen Halai/ Juli Clark);

2007; Spring (#31 “Movie Mania Issue”); Fall (#33 “The Naked Brothers”); Winter (#34 “It's Good to be Green”);

(B) - TV WEEKEND Newspaper SUPPLEMENT Magazines;


1965 April 10(Katya Douglas "Zero One");

1976 January 24/31(Lola Falana), February 7/14("24 Hours" News), February 21/28(Anthony Hopkins/ Cliff De Young "The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case"), July 17/24(Olympic Equestrain), July 24/31(Joseph Bologna/ Renee Taylor "Woman of the Year"), July 31/August7(Roy Clark/ Buck Owens), August 7/14(Diahann Carroll), August 21/28(Frankie Avalon), August 28/September 4(Johnny Cash/ une Carter), September 11/18(David Soul/ Paul Michael Glaser "Starsky & Hutch'), September 25/ October2(Brian Blessed/ Catherine Schell "Space 1999;"), October 9/16("Madame Bovary"), October 23/30(Susan Clark'Amelia Earhart"), November 6/13(Clark Gable/ Vivien Leigh "Gone with the Wind'), November 20/27(Carol Burnett/ Beverly Sills), December 11/18(Mia Farrow/ Danny Kaye "Peter Pan"), December 18/25(Vikki Carr);

1976 December 25/1977 January 1(Julie Harris 'The Belle of Amherst");

1977 January 1/8(Edwin Newman/ Punch and Judy Puppets), January 22/29(Levar Burton "Roots"), February 12/19(Ingrid Bergman "Childhood"), March 19/26(Henry Winkler as Romeo "Henry Winkler Meets William Shakespeare"), March 26/April 2(Louise Fletcher)April 2/9(Robert Powell "Jesus of Nazareth"), April 9/16(Linda Evans), April 16/23(Frank Sinatra), April 23/30(Paul Anka), June 11/18(Marilyn McCoo/ Billy Davis Jr.), July 9/16(Miss USA 1977 - Kimberly Louise Tomes), July 16/23(Shirley Jones/ William Conrad), July 30/August 6(Mickey Ronney/ Gabe Dell "A Year at the Top"), August 6/13(Starland Vocal Band), August 13/20(John Travolta "Welcome Back, Kotter'), August 20/27(Cast of "SOAP"), August 27/September 3("Dickens of London"), September 10/17(Tim Conway/ Bernadette Peters), September 17/24(Gregory Harrison/ Heather Menzies "Logan's Run"), September 24/October 1("The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald"), October 1/8(Elvis Presley), October 22/29("Betty White Show"), November 5/12('I, Claudius"), November 26/December 3(Twiggy), December 10/17(Marlo Thomas), December 17/24(Shirley Jo Finney/ Wilma Rudolph), December 24/31(Joanne Woodward 'Come Back, Little Sheba");

1977 December 31/ 1978January 7(Bob Barker/ Maria Lynn Caron);

1978 January 7-14(Lynnie Greene/ Bess Armstrong “On Our Own”); February 4/11 (Robert Shields/Lorene Yarnell “Shields and Yarnell”); February 11/18(Britt Ekland/ Lloyd Bridges "The Great Wallendas"), February 25/ March 4 (Minnie Pearl/ Roy Acuff “Grand Ole Opry”); March 4/11(Dick Van Dyke "Highlighs of Ringling Bros, and Barnum and Bailey's"), March 11/18(Joan Sutherland), March 18/25(Charlaine Woodard "Cindy"), March 25/April 1 (Milton Berle); April 1/8("Quarks"), April 8/15(Helen Hayes/ Fred Astaire 'A Family Upside Down"), April 15/22(Dickens 'Our Mutual Friend"), April 22/29(Natalie Cole/ Johnny Mathis), April 29/ May 6("Kentucky Derby"), May 6/13 (Johnny Cash/ Waylon Jennings); May 13/20(Olivia Newton-John), May 20/27 (James Coburn/ Nancy Addison “The Dain Curse”); May 27/ June 3 (“Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry”); June 3/10(Robin Ellis/ Angharad Rees "Poldark 2"), June 10/17(Bruce Jenner), June 17/24 (Cheryl Tiegs); June 24/July 1 (Melinda Naud “Operation Petticoat”); July 1/8 (Penny Marchall/ Cindy Williams “Laverne and Shirley”); July 8/15(Meredith Baxter "Family"), July 15/22(Edwin Newman), July 22/29 (Janelle Penny Commissiong “Miss Universe 1977/ Judi Lois Anderse “Miss U.S.A. 1978”); July 29/August 5(Lynda Carter), August 5/12(Michael Landon "Little House on the Prairie"), August 12/19(Janis Hardy/ Vern Sutton/ Marsha Hunter "Transformatinos"), August 19/26(Battlestar Galactica"), September 9/16("Apple Pie"), September 23/30(Jimmy Stewart/ Pat Hingle), October 21/28 (Roy Clark/ Buck Owens/ Marianne Gordon “Hee Haw”); November 4/11(Mary Tyler Moore "First You Cry"), November 18/25(Mickey Mouse's 50th Anniversary), November 25/December 2(Cylon Warrior "Battlestar Galactica"), December 2/9(Roberta Maxwell "Mournig Becomes Electra"), December 9/16(Ann-Margaret), December 16/23(Joanne Woodward/ George Parry "A Christmas to Remember"),December 23/30(Christmas Specials);

1978 December 30/ 1979 January 6("House in St. Pierre Jolys" by Real Berard);

1979 January 6/13(Bee Gees), January 13/20(Zubin Mehta), February 3/10(Pauline Collins "Crippled Bloom"), February 10/17(Kurt Russel "!"), February 24/March 3(Susan Anton), March 3/10(Cheryl Ladd/ John Denver), March 10/17(Francesca Annis "Lillie"), March 17/24(Stockard Channing), March 24/31(Rex Smith/ Denise Miller "Sooner or Later"), March 31/April7(Hester Prynne "The Scarlet Leter"), April 14/21(Raymond Cloutier "Riel"), April 21/28(Carol Burnett/ Ned Beatty "Friendly Fire"), April 25/May 5(Miss USA 1978 - Judi Anderson), May 12/19(Art Carney/ Jean Stapleton "You Can't Take it with You"), May 19/26(Theresa Russell/ Martin Sheen/ Rip Tornd "Blind Ambition"), May 26/June 2(Levar Burton "Dummy"), June 2/9(Erik Estrada "CHIPS"), June 9/16(Donna Pescow "Angie"), June 23/30("One Day at a Time"), June 30/July 7(Buddy Ebsen/ Lee Meriwether "Barnaby Jones"), July 7/14(Valdy/ Gerry Paquin/ Ziz Jean), July 14/21(Miss USA 1979 - Mary Therese Friel/ Miss Universe 1978 - Margaret Gardiner), July 21/28(Larry Harman/ Linda Gray "Dallas"), July 28/August 4(Robert Urich "Vegas"), August 11/18(Robin Williams), August 18/25(Kate Mulgrew), September 15/22(Bob Hope), September 22/29(Deborah Raffin/ Perry King "The Last Convertible"), September 29/October 6(Jimmy Brogan "Out of the Blue"), October 6/13(David Frost/ Henry Kissinger), October 13/20(Tom Berenger "Flesh and Blood"), October 20/27(Sigourney Weaver/ Edward Hermann "The Sorrows of Gin"), October 27/ November 3(Muhammed Ali/ Kris Kristofferson "Freedom Road"), November 3/10(Gregory Harrison/ Pernell Roberts "Trapper John, M.D."), November 17/24(Jenny Agutter "Mayflower: Pilgrim's Adventure"), December 1/8(Jean Stapleton "Aunt Mary"), December 15/22(Ed Asner/ Meredith Baxter "The Family Man"), December 22/29("Archie Bunker's Place");

1979 December 29/ 1980;January 5(O.J. Simpson / Melissa Michaelsen "Goldie and the Boxer");

1980;January 5/12(Ursula K. Leguin's "The Lathe of Heaven"), January 12/19(Luciano Pavarotti), January 26/ February 2(Ben Vereen), February2/9(Wayne Rogers/ Lynn Redgrave "House Calls"), February 16/23(Karl Malden/ Piper Laurie "Skag"), February 23/March 1(Felicity Kendal/ Sinead Cusack "Twelfth Night"), March 8/15(Dennis Weaver "Amber Waves"), March 15/22("Palmerstown, U.S.A."), April 29/May 3(Ann-Margaret), May 3/10(Polly Holliday "Flo"0, May 10/17(Peter Fonda/ Maud Adams "Hostage Tower"), May 17/24(Morgan Brittany "Moviola"), May 24/31(David Keith/ Stephanie Zimbalist "The Golden Moment: Olympic Love Story"), June 14/21(Loretta Lynn/ Luciano Pavarotti), June21/28(Debbie Boone), August 23/30(Patricia Estrin "Search for Tomorrow"), August 30/September 6("24 Hours News"), September 6/13(Hector Elizondo/ Tom Mason "Freebie and the Bean"), September 13/20(Richard Chamberlain "Shogun"), October 25/November 1(Marjorie Salki), November 1/8(Shelley Swirski), November 8/15(Murray Peden "Band of Brothers"), November 15/22(Victoria Principal "Dallas"), November 22/29(Raquel Welch), November 29/December 6(Chris Sarandon "A Tale of Two Cities"), December 6/13(John Lithgow/ Sally Kellerman 'Big Blonde"), December 20/27(John Denver/ Muppets "A Christmas Together");

1980;December 27/ 1981; January 3(Orange Bowl Queen - Donna Reed);

1981; January3/10(Mark Harmon/ Christina Raines/ Howard Duff "Flamingo Road"), January 17/24(Elizabeth Montgomery "When the Circus Comes to Town"), January 24/31(John Cleese/ Sarah Badel "Taming of the Shrew"), January 31/February 7(Joanne Woodward "Little Rock"), February 7/14(Jane Seymour/ Timothy Bottoms "East of Edens"),February 21/28(Donna Dixon "Bosom Buddies"), February 28/March 7(William Conrad/ Lee Horsley "Nero Wolfe"), March 7/14(Tom Selleck "Magnum P.I."), March14/21(Debbie Reynolds "Aloha Pardise"), March 21/28(Richard Thomas "Berlin Tunnel"), March 28/April 4(Johnny Carson), April 4/11(Peter O'Toole/ Barbara Carrera "Masada"), April 11/18(Jenilee Harrison "Three's Company"), April 18/25("Wide World of Sports"), April 25/May 2(Mickey Rooney/ William Windom "Leave 'em Laughing"), May 2/9(William Katt "The Greatest American Hero"), May 9/16(Lynda Carter/ Ray Charles), May 16/23(Ossie Davis/ Ruby Dee "With Ossie and Ruby"), May 23/30(Dottie West/ Gatlin Brothers), June 6/13(Jenry Comor "The Medicne Show"), June 13/20(Danny Devito "Taxi'), June 27/July 4(Anne Meara "Archie Bunker's Place"), July 4/11(Anthony Geary/ Genie Francis "General Hospital"), July 11/18 (Valerie Bertinelli “One Day at a Time”); July 18/25(Miss Universe - Shawn Weatherly/ Miss U.S.A. Kim Seelbrede), July 25/August1(Catherine Bach "Dukes of Hazzard'), September 5/12(Al Simmons "All for Fun"), September 12/19(Linda Evans/ John Forsythe "Dynasty"), September 19/26(Jane Wyman "Falcon Crest"), September 26/October 3(Timothy Nolen "Willie Stark"), October 3/10(Bryan Brown/ Helen Morse "A Town Like Alice"), October 17/24(James Coburn/ Lisa Hartman/ Catherine Hicks "Valley of the Dolls"), October 24/31(Melissa Gilbert/ Cyril O'Reilly "Splendor in the Grass"), October 31/November 7(Geraldine Chaplin "The House of Mirth"), November 7/14(Kevin Dobson/ Charlie Fields "Shannon"), November 14/21(Barnard Hughes "Mr. Merlin"), November 21/28(Robin Williams/ Pam Dawber/ Jonathan Winters "Mork and Mindy"), November 28/ December 5(Robert Blake/ Randy Quaid "Of Mice and Men"), December 5/12(Glenda Jackson/ Dirk Bogarde "The Patricia Neal Story"), December 12/19(Burt Reynolds), December 19/26(Sam Jones "Code Red"),;

1981; December 26/ 1982; January 2(Orange Bowl Queen - June Thomson);

1982; January 2/9(Hayley Mills), January 9/16(Knowlton Nash), January16/23(Jeremy Irons "Brideshead Revisited'), January 30/February 6(Anthony Hopkins "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"), February 6/13(Debbie Allen "Fame"), February 13/20(Eli Wallach "The Wall"), February 20/27(Karen Valentine), February 27/March 6(David Letterman), March 6/139Ed Asner "Lou Grant'), March 13/20(Toller Cranston/ Sara Kawahara "Strawberry Ice'), March 20/27(Richard Charles "Oliver Twist"), April 3/10(Sam Waterston "Q.E.D."), April 10/17('Chicago Story"), Apirl 17/24(Helen Mirren "A Midsummer Night Dream");

1983; September 3/10(Richardo Montalban/ Christopher Hewett "Fantasy Island"), September10/17(Christopher Atkins "Dallas'), September 17/24(Alvin Toffler "The Third Wave"), September 24/October 1(Treat Williams "Jack Dempsey"), October 1/8(Richard and Kate Burton 'Alice in Wonderland"), October 8/15(Jobeth Williams/ Daniel J. Travanti/ John Boston "Adam"), October 15/22(Micheal & Susan Hogan "Vanderburg"), October 22/29(Ann Jillian "Jennifer Slept Here"), October 29/ November 5(Lynda Carter "Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess"), November 5/12(Merete Van Kamp "Princess Daisy'), November 12/19(Keith Carradine "Chiefs"), November 19/26(Martin Sheen/ Blair Brown "Kennedy"), November 26/December 3(Kenny Rogers/ Linda Evans/ Bruce Boxle Leitner "The Gambler - Adventure Continues"), December 3/10(Teri Garr/ Tuesday Weld/ Donald Sutherland "The Winter of our Discontent"), December 10/17(Rod Steiger/ Richard Chamberlain "Cook and Peary: Race to the Pole"), December 17/24(Lee Remick "The Gift of Love: A Christmas Story"), December 24/31(Patricia McBride/ Peter Martins "The Merry Widow");

1983; December 31/ 1984; January 7(Shari Belafonte "Hotel");

1984; January 7/14(TV Movie "License to Kill"), January 14/21(Jean Stapleton "A Matter of Sex"), January 21/28(Marlo Thomas/ Kirs Kristofferson), January 28/ February 4(Michael York/ Finola Hughes "Master of Ballantrae"), February 4/11(TV's "The Four Seasons"), February 11/18("Celebrity"), February 18/25(Dyan Cannon), February 25/March 3(Phoebe Cates "Lace"), March 3/10("Calamity Jane"), March 10/17(Joan Collins/ Robyn Douglas "Her Life as a Man"), March 17/24(Elizabeth Gale/ Joel Grey "Yeoman of the Guard"), March 24/31(James Cagney "Terrible Joe Morgan"), March 31/April 7(Belinda Bauer/ Antony Hamilton "Samson and Delilah"), April 7/14(Barry Bostwick "George Washington"), April 14/21(Suzanne Pleshette "Maggie Briggs"), April 21/28(Art Carney/ Howard Rollins "A Doctor's Story"), April 28/may 5(Pierce Brosnan/ Stephanie Zimbalist "Remington Steele"), May 5/12(Franco Nero "The Last Days of Pompeii"), May 12/19(Jane Fonda "The Dollmaker"), May 19/26("The First Olympics - Athens 1896"), May 26-June 2(Kate Jackson), June 2/9("Lions of Etosha"), June 9/16("Fraggle Rock"), June 16/23(Bruce Jenner/ Stephanie Ashmore), June 23/30(Julia Duffy), June 30/July 7(Harry Anderson/ Karen Austin "Night Court"), July 7/14(Jane Wyman "Falcon Crest"), July 14/21(Lee Horsley "Matt Houston"), July 21/28(Olympic Gold Medal), July 28/August 4(Mark Harmon/ Nancy Stafford "St. Elsewhere"), August 4/11(Knowlton Nash), August 11/18(Steve Lawrence/ Don Rickles), August 18/25(Robert Guillaume), August 25/ September 1(Judith Anderson), September 1/8(Jan-Michael Vincent "Airwolf"), September 8/15(Kathy Daley), September 15/22(George Burns/ Rieneke), September 22/29(Stacy Keach "Mistral's Daughter"), September 29/October 6("Going Bananas"), October 6/13(Buddy Ebsen), October 13/20(Donna Reed/ Howard Keel "Dallas"), October 20/27(Jane Badler/ Faye Grant "V"), October 27/ November 3(John Stamos/ Jamie Gertz/ Valerie Stevenson "Dreams"), November 3/10(Jane Curtin/ Susan Saint-James "Kate and Allie"), November 10/17(Judi Bowker/ Alice Krige "Ellis Island"), November 17/24(Karl Malden/ Eva Marie Saint "Fatal Vision"), November 24/December 1("Ewoks"), December 1/8(Dolly Parton/ Kenny Rogers), December 8/15(Jane Seymour "The Sun Alsoi Rises"), December15/22(Anthony Walter/ David Warner "A Christmas Carol"), December 22/29(Diahann Carroll "Dynasty");

1984; December 29/ 1985; January 5(Angela Lansbury "Murder She Wrote");

1985; January 2/12('Gentle Sinners"), January 12/19(Virginia Madsen "The Hearst/ Davies Affair"), January 19/26(Duncan Regehr "My Wicked, Wicked Ways"), January 26/February 2(Brad Davis/ Veronica Cartwright "Robert Kennedy and his Times"), February 2/9(Martin Sheen/ Marlo Thomas/ Barry Tubb "Consenting Adult"), February/16(Martin Sheen/ Jason Robards/ Calvin Levels "The Atlantic Child Murders"), February 16/23(Drew Barrymore/ John Forsythe/ Mickey Mouse), Februay 23/ March 2(Lesley Ann Warren "Eveergreen"), March 2/9("Kids Don't Tell'), March 9/16(Soleil Moon Frye "Punky Brewster"), March 16/23(Judd Hirsch "First Steps"), March 23/30(Oscars), April 6/13(Richard Chamberlain "Wallenberg: A Hero's Story"), April 13/20(Beau Bridges/ Harry Hamlin "Space"),April 20/27(Candice Bergan "Arthur the King"), April 27/May 4(Patricia Klous "Love Boat"), May 4/11(Phobe Cates "Lace II"), May 11/18(Liz Taylor "Malice in Wonderland"), May 18/25(Gabriel Byrne "Chritopher Columbus"), May 25/ June 1(Barry Bostwick/ Stefanie Powers "Deceptions"), June 1/8(39th Tony Aways), June 8/15(Don Johnson "Miami Vice"), June 15/22(Michael Landon "Highway to Heaven"), June 22/29(Bruce Boxleitner), June 29/July 6("Alive From off Center"), July 6/13(Tom Poston "Newhart"), July 13/20("The Comedy Factory"), July 20/27(Karen Valentine), July 27/ August 3(Bob Barker), August 3/10(Smokey Robinson), August 10/17(Teri Copley/ Maggie Cooper/ Shanna Reed "I Had Three Wives"), August 24/31("Hometown"), August 24/31(Bruce Willis/ Cybill Shepherd "Moonlighting"), August 31/September 7(Shawn Weatherly), September7/14(Miss America - Shalene Wells), September 14/21(Dustin Hoffman "Death of a Saleman"), Septemer 28/ Octoebr 5(Steven Spielberg), October 5/12(Cybill Shepherd/ Don Johnson "The Long Hot Summer"), October 12/19(Valerie Bertinelli), October 19/26("The Last Place on Earth"), October 26/ November 2(Liza Minnelli), November 9/16(Kenny Rogers/ Richard Fransworth "Wild Horses'), November 16/23(Sam Neill/ Peter Strauss "Kane and Abel"), November 23/30(Richard Crenna "Doubletake"), November 30/ December 7(Mark McGann/ Kim Miyori "John and Yoko: A Love Story"), December 7/14("Alice in Wonderland"), December 14/21(Loni Anderson/ Stephanie Zimbalist/ Michele Lee "A Letter to Three Wives"), December 21/28(Joan Lunden/ Mickey Mouse);

1985; December 28/ 1986; January 4(Charlton Heston/ Emma Samms "Dynasty II: The Colbys");

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1986; December 27/ 1987; January 3(Kim Novak "Falcon Crest");

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2001; December 29/ 2002; January 4("Red Green Does New Years'");


2002; January 5/11(Asia Nelson "My Global Adventure"), January 12/18("The Magnificent Ambersons"), January 19/25("Quest for the Bay"), January 26/ February 1(Colm Meaney/ Deborah Pollitt "Random Passage"), February 2/8(Olympian Cindy Klassen), February9/15(Women's Hockey Sami Jo Small), February 16/22(Tamara Hickey "The Associates"), February 23/March 1("CBS Canada Now"), March 2/8("CKY 5News"), March 9/15(Wendy Mesley/ Diana Swain "CBS News: Disclosure"), March 16/22("CKY 5News"), March 30/April 5(Colm Feore/ Polly Shannon "Trudeau"), April 6/1(Chris Isaac), April 13/19(Barenaked Ladies), April 20/26(Susan Dey/ Harry Hamlin "Disappearance"), April 27/May 3(Ted Danson "Living with the Dead"), May 4/10(Marg Helgenberger "CSI"), May 11/17("Dinotopia"), May 18/24(Gillian Anderson/ David Duchovny "The X-Files"), May 25/31(Children's Hospital Special), June 1/7(Great Big Sea), June 8/14(Shannen doherty "Another Day'), June 15/21(Shakira), June 22/28("Alias"/ "Scrubs"), June 29/July 5(Jimmy Rankin), July 6/12(Sanide Rinaldo), July 13/19(Rainbow Sun Francks), July 20/26(Commonwealth Games), July 27/August 2(Jackie Chan/ Owen Wilson), August 3/9(Brooke Shields/ Rosie Perez "Widows"), August 10/16(Mariel Hemingway "First Shot'), August 17/23(Ted Danson/ Nancy Travis "Becker"), August 24/30("Henry's World"), August 31/September 6(Paula Abdul), September 14/20(Nathan Fillion/ Morena Baccarin "Firefly"), September 21/27("Girls Club"; Fall Preview), September 28/ October 4("Boomtown"), October 5/11(Shirley MacLaine "Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay"), October 26/ November 1(("CKY 5News"); November 9/15 (“CKY News”);

2003; February 8/14 (“North of 60; Another Country”); February 15/21 (“CKY News Crime Coverage”); February 22/28 (“CKY News”); March 1/7 (“CKY News”); March 8/14 (“CKY News”); March 15/21 (“CKY News”); March 22/28 (“CKY News”); March 29/ April 4 (“CKY News”); April 5/11 (Shania Twin); April 12/18 (Christophia Plummer); April 19/25 (“The Trailer Park Boys”); April 26/ May 2 (Roma Downey “Toched by an Angel”); May 3/9 (Rachel York “Lucy”); May 10/16 (Joyce Dewitt); May 17/23 (Sarah Michelle Gellar); March 24/30 (“The Big Hug”); May 31/ June 6 (Dr. Goodbear/ Marisa Solta); June 7/13 (Sass Jordan/ Jake Gold/ Zack Werner/ Farley Flex “Canadian Idol”); June 14/20 (Jock Climie/ Matt Dunigan/ Mike Schultz); June 21/ 27 (Avril Lavigne); June 28/July 4 (The Guess Who); July 5/11 (Lisa Shannon “Cupid”); July 12/18 (Sara Rue “Less Than Perfect”); July 19/25 (Megan Dodds/ Matthew Macfadyen “Mi-5”); July 26-August 1 (“Taken”); August 2/8 (Benjamin McKenzie “The O.C.”); August 9/15 (Marg Helgenberger); August 16/22 Kristy Swanson); August 23/29 (Lucy “Peanuts”); August 30/September 5 (Kenny Hotz/ Spenny Rice “Kenny vs. Spenny”); September 13/19 (“Fall Preview”); September 20/26 (Teri Polo); September 27/October 3 (Carla Gugino/ Bill Duke/ Robert Forster “Karen Sisco”); October 4/10 (Rob Lowe); October 11/17 (Janet Stewart/ Gord Leclerc “CKY News”); October 18/24 (Sylvia Kuzyk/ John Sauder “CKY News”); October 25/31 (Janet Stewart/ Sylvia Kuzyk “CKY News”); November 1/7 Erin Selby “CKY News”); November 8/14 (Keith McMahon/ Shawn Churchill/ Kevin Armstrong “CKY News”); November 15/21 (Kelly Dehn “CKY News”);November 22/28 (Trista Rehn/ Ryan Sutter “Trista & Ryan's Wedding”); November 29/ December 5 (Paris Hilton/ Nicole Richie “The Simple Life”); December 6/12 (Linus/ Snoopy “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown”); December 13/19 (“Dinosaur Planet”); December 20/26 (Ryan Malcolm “Canadian Idol”); December 27/January 2,2004; (Michael Greyeyes/ Alex Rice “Dreamkeeper”);

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2007; January 6/12 (Donal Logue “The Knights of Prosperity”); January 13/19 (Robbie Coltrane “Cracker”); January 20/26 (Food Network's Giada de Laurentiis); January 27/ February 2 (Jason Isaacs “The Stae Within”);February 3/9 (Howie Mandel “Deal or No Deal”); February 10/16 (Carlo Rota “Little Mosque on the Prairie”); February 17/23 (Jim Broadbent “Longford”); February 24/March 2 (Sting); March 3/9 (Rob Corddry “The Winner”); March 10/16 (Andy Richter “Andy Barker, P.1.”); March 17/22 (Stacey Keibler); March 24/30 (Teri Polo/ Kadee Strickland/ Sarah Jones “The Wedding Bells”); March 31/ April 6 (Adam Beach); April 7/13 (James Gandolfini “The Sopranos”); April 14/20 (Nathan Fillion “Drive”); April 21/27 (Bob Blumer “Glutton for Punishment”); April 28/ May 4 (Matt Hunter/ Jeremy MacPherson “The Re-Inventors”); May 5/11 Minnie Criver/ Eddie Izzard “The Riches”); May 12/18 (Hugh Dillon “Durham Country”); May 19/25 (Mark Burnett “On the Lot”); May 26/June 1 (Gail O'Grady “Hidden Palms”); June 2/8 (Bob Baker “The Price is Right”); June 9/15 (Iman “Project Runaway Canada”); June 16/22 (Kate Walsh “Private Practice”); June 23/29 (Sarah Carter); June 30/July 6 (Patricia Heaton/ Kelsey Grammer “Back to You”); July 7/13 (Wayne Brady “Don't Forget the Lyrics!”); July 14/20 (“Dirty Sexy Money”); July 21/27 (Avril Lavigne); July 28/ August 3 (Steve Carell “The Office”); August 4/10 (Drew Carey “Power of 10”); August 11/17 (David Duchovny “Californication”); August 18/24 (David Oyelowo/ Bryce Dallas Howard “As You Like It”); August 25/31 (Holly Hunter “Amazing Grace”); September 1/7 (Jimmy Smits “Cane”); September 8/14 (Michelle Ryan “The Bionic Woman”); September 15/21 (“Journeyman”; “The Bionic Woman”/ “Chuch”/ “Moonlight”); September 22/28 (“The War”); September 29/ October 5 (Dana Delaney “Desperate Housewives”); October 6/12 (Angie Harmon “Woman's Murder Club”); October 13/19 (Lloyd Owen “Viva Laughlin”); October 20/26 (“Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”); October 27/November 2 (Courteney Cox “Dirt”); November 24/30 Blake Lively/ Leighton Meester “Gossip Girl”); December 1/7 (Jaeny Baik “Living Winnipeg);

THE WINNIPEG SUN – TV Weekend Magazine

"TV WEEK" (Newspaper weekend supplement magazine.) Weight= 100 Grams

>>>> Printed on NEWSPRINT; Color Cover; B&W Interior;

1985; July 21/27(Shelley Long/ Ted Danson "Cheers"),

1985; September 15/21(Doon Adams "Check it Out!"), October 6/12(Don Johnson "Miami Vice"), November 3/9("Owl TV"), November 10/16(Kenny Rogers "Wild Horese");

1986; September 28/October 4("Hangin' In"), October 5/11("My American Cousin"), October 12/18(Winnipeg Jets), November 23/29(Nicolas cage "The Boys in Blue");

1987; February 1/7(Maury Chaykin "The Race for the Bomb"), March 22/28(Wendy Crewson/ Michael Murphy "Hard Copy"), May 10/16("Mr. Dressup"), October 25/31(Ted Danson/ Howie Mandel "A Fine Mess");

1988; January 17/239Tom Hanks "Nothing in Common"), May 22/28(Jo Beth Williams "Baby M"), June 19/25(Martha Navratilova), June 26/July 2(Jodi Foster/ Micahel Ontkean "The Blood of Others");

1989; March 26/ April 1(David Foster "New Faces"), April 2/8(Baseball '89), April 9/15(Don Cherry);

1992; March 14(Bill Cosby); November 1/7 (Sandra Lewis/ John Bertrand “Talkback”);

1993; May 9/15("The Tommyknockers"), July 11/17 (Tonya Lee Williams “Young and the Restless”); July 25/31("Batman: The Animated Series");

1994; May 1/7("Robocop: The Series");

1995; January 1/7(William Shatner "Tekwar"). March 19/25(John Candy), August 6/12(Jonathan Brandis "Sea Quest DSV"), August 13/19(Richard Karn "Home Improvement"0, August 20/26(Sherr "Susan B. Anthony Slept Here'), August 27/September 2("The Crew"), September 3/9(Muscular Dystrophy Telethon), September 10/16("Frasier"), September 17/23(David James Elliott "JAG"), October 1/7(Blacksmith - Tom Joyce "The American Promise"), October 8/14("The Buccaneers"), October 22/28(Jim Lehrer), October 29/November 4(Robert Morse as Grandpa Munster "Here Come the Monsters"), November 5/11(Brooke Shields "Nothing Lasts Forever"), November 12/18(Demi Moore/ Woody Harrilson "Indecent Proposal'), November 19/25(The Beatles), November 26/ December 2(Markie Post/ Candiace Cameron "Visitors of the Night"), December 3/9(Brian Dennehy/ Bonnie Bedelia "Shadow of a Doubt"), December 17/24("The Christmas Box"), December 24/30(Conductor – Kunzel);

1996; January 7/13("Murder One"), January 21/27("Law and Order"), February 11/17(Richard Chamberlaine "The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years'), February 18/24("The Good Doctor: The Paul Fleiss Story"), February 25/ March 2("Partners'), March 24/30(Whoopi Goldberg), March 31/April 6("Kindred: The Embraced"), Apirl 7/13("Chicano!"), April 14/20(Tina Keeper/ Tom Jackson), April 28/May 4('The Beast"), May 5/11(Gillian Anderson/ David Duchovny "The X-Files"), May 12/18("Dr. Who"), May 19/25(Randy Quaid "Ruby Ridge"), May 26/ June 1(National Memorial Day Concert), June 2/8(Children's Miracle Telethon), June 9/15("Kratt's Creatures"), June 16/22(George Foreman), June 23/29(Brooke Shields "Suddenly Susan"), June 30/July 6("L.A. Firefighters"), July 7/13("Signal to Noise: Life with Television"), July 14/20(Monica Seles), July 21/27("Sliders"), July 28/August 3("Shore Things"), August 4/10(David Keith "High INcident"), August 11/17(Dave Thomas "Grace Under Fire"), August 18/24(Heather Locklear "Melrose Place"), September 1/7(Cris Collinsworth), September 14/24(Ken Burns/ Stephen Ives), November 3/9("The Simpsons"), November 24/30(Eric Roberts/ Anthony Edwards "In Cold Blood"), December 15/21("The Munsters': Scary Little Christmas");

1997; August 3/9(Bill Maher "Politically Incorrect"0, August 31/September 6("The Simpsons"), September 7/13("Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"), November 9/15(Gillian Anderson/ David Duchovny "The X-Files"), November 16/22("Bella Mafia"), NNovember 23/29(Matthew Modine "What the Deaf Man Heard"), November 30/ December 6("The Love Bug"), December 7/13(Nigel Hawthorne/ Aidan Quinn "Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingston"), December 14/20("Ellen Foster");

1998; March 1/7(Garth Brooks), March 15/21("lateline"), March 22/28("PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal"), April 5/11("Push"), April 19/25(Leonard Nimoy/ Sally Kirkland "Brave New World"), May 24/30(Making Miracles for Children), May 31/June 6(John Davidson/ Mike Emrick), June 14/20(David Caruso "Michael Hayes"), July 12/18(Catherine Crier), September 6(Sue Costello "Costello'), September 27/October 3(Faith Ford "Maggie Winters"), November 1/7("Lisa and David"), November 8/14(Chris North "Exiled: A Law and Order Movie"), November 15/21("After the Miracel"), November 22/28(Christopher Reeve "Rear Window'), November 29/ December 5(Rick Schroder "NYPD Blue"), December 6/12("A Red Greed Christmas"), December 13/19("Bob and Margaret"), December 20/26("Charlie's Christmas Secret");

1998; December 27/ 1999; January 2(Kennedy Centre Honours);

1999; January 3/9(Gordon Tootoosis/ Gail Maurice "Big Bear"), January 10/16(Daivd Duchovny), January 17/23(Yolanda King "Selma, Lord, Selma"), January 23/30(Variety Telethon), January 31/February 6(John Madden/ Pat Summerall), February 7/13("Nothing to Good for a Cowboy"), February 14/20(Rick Mercer), February 21/27(Karen Kain "Dancing in the Moment"), February 28/ March 6(Donald Sutherland "Behind the Mask"), March 7/13('the City"), March 14/20(Barbara Ann Scott "That's Skating"), March 21/27("The Genius of Lenny Breau"), March 28/April 3(Tina Keeper/ Kelly Gaudreault "In the Blue Ground"), April 4/10(Peter Gzowski), April 11/17("More tales of the City"), April 18/24(Polly Shanon/ Henry Czerny "The Girl Next Door"), April 25/May 1(Patrick McKenna "The New Red Green Show'), May 2/8(Dan Matheson "Canada AM"), May 9/15(Susan Sullivan "Dharma and Greg"), May 16/22(Brandi/ Diana Ross), May 23/29(Timothy Dalton/ Billy Zane/ Leonor Varela "Cleopatra"), May 30/June 5(Ken Kostick/ Mary Jo Eustace "What's for Dinner?"), June 6/12("Crusade"), June 13/19("That 70's Show"), June 20/26(Sarah Michelle Gellar "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), August 1/7(Brooke Shields "Suddenly Susan"), November 21/27(Meg Ryan "Addicated to Love"), November 28/ December 4(Rick Mercer "Made in Canda");

2000; January 16/22(Blair Underwood "City of Angels"), February 6/12(Thea Andrews "Cooking for Love"), March 5/11(Tom Cruise), July 30/August 6(Gillian Anderson "The X-Files"), September 24/30(Jessica Alba "Dark Angel"), November 5/11(Jim Carey "Liar, Liar"), December 24/30(Disney " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas";

2001; May 31/19(Jenna Elfman "Dharma and Greg");

2002; March 3/10(Nicolas Cage "Snake Eyes"), April 7/14(Celine Dion), April 28/May 5(Kelsey Gramer "Frasier"), June 23/30(Farral Fawcett "Jewel'), September 22/29("The West Wing"), September 29/October 6("Alias"), October 13/20("Birds of Prey'), October 20/27("Girls Club'), October 28/November 4("Regis and Kelly");

2005; February 13/19 (“Grammy Award”); March 13/19 (“The Sketch Show”); March 27/ April 2 (Tim Daly “Eyes”); April 3/9 (Brent Butt “2005; Juno Awards”);

2006; December 3/9 (Albert Schultz 'Shades of Black”); December 10/16 (Peter Krause “The Lost Room”); December 17/23 (Jenny McCarthy “Santa Baby”); December 24/30 (“A Christmas Story”);

2007; January 14/20 (Kiefer Sutherland “24”); January 21/27 (Mary-Louise Parker “The Robber Bride”); January 28/ February 3 ( Jason Isaacs “The State Within”); February 4/10 (Howie Mandel “Deal or No Deal”); February 11/17 (Maralee Caruso/ Gord Leclerc “CKY News”); February 25/ march 3 (Maralee Caruso/ Sylvia Kuzyk “CKY News”); March 18/24 (Maralee Caruso/ Gord Leclerc/ Kelly Dehr “CKY News”); April 1/7 (Nelly Furtado); April 22/28 (Kristin Lehman “Drive”); April 19 “Spider-Man 3”); May 6 (Geddy Lee); May 17 (The Police); June 10 (Russell Peters); June 24 (Bruce Willis as John McClane); July 1 (“Transformers”); July 29 (Matt Damon “The Bourne Ultimation”); August 26 (“Bee Movie”); September 2 (David Cronenberg); September 9(Fall TV Preview); October 7(Cate Blanchett “Elizabeth; The Golden Age”); October 14 (Reese Witherspoone); October 21 (Carrie Underwood); October 28 (Jerry Seinfeld);

The Winnipeg Tribune TV TIMESTV Weekend Magazine

1970 Jue 5(Lorne Greene "Bonanza");

1971 January 15(Bill Burrid "Animal World"), February 12(Vernonica Tennant - Natural Ballet of Canada), February 19(Lee Meriwether), April 2(Millicent Martin "From a Bird's-Eye View"), April 23(Emily Prager "The Edge of Night"), April 30(Art Carney), May 7(Johnny Carson), May 28(Andrea Marcovicci), June 4(Lucie Arnaz), June 18(Lynda Day "Mission: Impossible"), June 25(George Finstad), July 9(Canadian Fashions), July 16(Gordie Tapp), August 13(Dennis Weaver "McCloud"), November 5(Myrna Lorrie "Countrytime"), November 19(Rowena Wallace "Barrier Reef"), November 26(Julie Andrews/ crol Burnett), December 3(Glenda Jackson "Elizabeth R");

1972 February 11("Drop-In"), March 10(Elizabeth Baur "Ironside"),

September 15(Julie Andrews), September 22(Gene Lees), December 8(Juliette "The Very Merry Juliette Christmas Special"), December 15(Shelley Fabares "The Little People"), December 22(Joe Garagiola as Santa Claus);

1973 March 9(Helen Hutchinson), June 22(Margo Lane), July 13[it should say July 6 on cover] (Carol Burnett), July 13(Susan Keler "This is the Law'), July 27(Richard Thomas "The Waltons"), August 3(Janice Lynde "The Young and the Restless"), August 10(The 5th Dimension"), August 17(Bobby Goldboro), August 24(Ronnie Prophet), September 7(Diana Rigg), September 21(A Bagpiper), September 28(Richard Roundtree "Shaft"), October 12(Sharon Acker "The New Perry Mason"), October 19(Sally Field "The Girl with Something Extra"), November 16(Frank Sinatra), November23(A Puffin Bird), December 14(Joe Fafard and Sculptures), December 21("Feux Follets"), December 28(Lee Meriwether);

1974 January 11(Govenor - General Roland Michener), January 18("The Beachcombers"), February 1(Toller Cranston), March 1(Pierre Berton "The National Dream"), March 8("The Day They Raided Roncarelli's"), March 15(Tall Masted Ship), March 22(Lorne Greene), March 29(Newfoundland's 25th Anniversary), April 5(Pat Boone), April 12(Ginette Reno), April 19(Robert E. Lee Brigade), April 26(The Rhyhm Pals), may 3('Wayne & Shuster"), May 17(Anne Murray), May 24('Swiss Family Robinson"), May 31(James Arness "Gunsmoke"), June 7(John Colicos), June 14("Mr. Dressup"), June 21(Mary Chapman), June 28(Sinead Cusack 'The Sinners"), July 5("The Tommy Banks Show'), July 12("Inside Canada"), August 9(Sam Groom/ Larry Mann "Police Surgeon"), August 16(Ronnie Propet/ The Peaches), August 23(Lilli Palmer "the Zoo Gang'), August 30(Valerie Harper "Rhoda"), September 13(Murray Westgate/ Colin Fox "House of Pride"), September 20(Adrienne Clarkson), September 27("Wayne & Shuster"), October 4(New Guines Warrior), October 11(Paul Sand "Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers"), October 18(James Earl Jones "The Cay"), October 25(Donald Pilon "The Collaborator'), November 1("Kareen's Yoga"), November 8(Sandy Duncan), November 15(The Grey Cup), November 29(Animated "The Little Mermaid"), December 6(Faye Dunaway/ Christopher Plummer "After the Fall"), December 13("Excuse my French"), December 20(Animated "The Gift of Winter"), December 27(Vanessa Redgrave "Mary, Queen of Scots);

1975 January 10("The Farm Show"), January 17("Pacificanada"), January 24(Austin Willis), February 14(Beverly D'Angelo; Marilyn Monroe), February 21(Diana Rigg "In this House of Brede"), February 28(Karen Kain/ Jeremy Blanton), March 14(Christopher Plummer "Travels Through Life With Leacock"), March 21(Dionne Warwicke), March 28(Amelia Hall "She Stoops to Conquer"), May 30(Mike Evans "The Jeffersons"), June 6(Susan Howard 'Petrocelli"), June 14/20(Barbara Frum), June 21/27(Burt Lancaster "Moses-The-Lawgiver"), June 28/July 4(Edith Butler), July 5/11(Tom Gallant "Down Home Country"), July 12/18(Kay Tunrer "Pig and Whister"), July 19/25(CFL Football), July 26/August1(Jim Stafford), August 2/8(Ed Asner "Mary Tyler Moore Show"), August 9/15(Elton John), August16/22(Julie Kavner (Marge Simpsons Voice) "Rhoda"), October 4/10(Rich Little), November 1/7(Pat Finley "The Bob Newhart Show");

1976 February 21/27(Diane Stapley), September 18/24 (Johnny Wayne as Prof. Wayne Gartner); November 6/12(Tony Randall), November 20/26(Catherine O'Hara), December 4/10(Donald Sutherland), December 18/24(Gordon Pinsent/ Mark Polley "A Gift to Remember"), December 23(John Candy as Santa Claus);

1977 February 12/18(Carol Robinson "Wayne and Shuster"), March 12/18("Bodeo Bear and the Snowflake Kids"), March 19/25(Painting - "Rabbi and Torah " by Marc Chagall), March 26/April 1(Janet Foster "This Land"), June 25/July 1(Bobby Gimby), July 2/8(Jayne Eastwood), July 9/15(Mike Wadsworth), July 23/29(Toronto Blue Jays Fan), July 30/August 5(Leslie Nielson), August 6/12(Canadian Swimmer - Carol Klimpel), August 13/19(Ken Welsh/ Susan Hogan "The Newcomers"), September 3/9("Wayne and Shuster"), September 17/23(Ed Asner "Lou Grant"), September 24/30(Bobby Vinton), October 8/14(Nancy Dolman "Custard Pie"), October 22/28(Bill Cosby's "Fat Albert's Halloween Special"), October 29/November 4(Rene Simard), November 12/18(Lucille Ball), November 19/25(Tina Hamill/ Chester McLean "The Newcomers"), November 26/December 2(The Grey Cup), December 3/9(Animated "A Cosmic Christmas"), December 10/16(Douglas Campbell "The Great Detective"), December 17/23(Bess Armstrong/ Lynne Greene "On Our Own");

1978 January 7/13(Don Cullen "Wayne and Shuster"), January 14/20(Susan Clark "Hedda Gabler"), January 21/27 (Gordon Pinsnet); January 28/February 3 (Robert Shields/ Lorene Yarnell); February 18/24 (Margaret Trudeau); March 4/10(Julie Andrews/ Kermit the Frog "One Step Into Spring"), March 11/17("Les Belles Soeurs"), April 8/14(Anne Murray "Ladies Night"), April 14/21(Leslie Nielsen "Circus"), April 22/28(Larry Robinson of Montreal Canadians), June 3/9(William Shatner "Riel"), June 10/16(Liona Boyd), June 17/23(119th Running of the Queen's Plate), July 1/7(Christopher Plummer "Riel"), July 22/28(Paul Soles 'After Dark"), August 5/11(Hollis McLaren "The Newcomers"), August 12/18(Jane O'Hara - Canadian Open Tennis), August 26/September 1(Suzanne Somers/ Paul Anka), September 2/8(Ballerina - Karen Kain), September 9/15(McLean Stevenson "In te Beginning"), September 30/October 6(Al Waxman "Love on the Nose"), October 7/13(Marilyn Lightstone), October 14/20(Animated "The Devil and Daniel Mouse"), October 21/27(David Fox/ Janet Amos "The Masseys"), October 28/ November 3(Mary Tyler Moore/ Anthony Perkins "First You Cry"), November 4/10(Carroll Baker), November 11/17(David Janssen/ Florinda Balkan "The Word'), December 2/8(Jimmy Stewart), December 9/15(Jeff Lynas), December 23/29(Santa Claus);

1978 December 30/ 1979 January 5(1978 in Review);

1979 January 6/12(Saul Rubinek "Love on the Nose"), January 13/19(Anne Murray/ Valerie Harper), January 20/26(Wendy O'Flaherty), January 27/February 2(Katherine Hepburn 'The Corn is Green"), February 9/16(Clark Gable/ Vivien Leigh "Gone with the Wind"), February 16/23(Teddy Pedersen "The Newcomers"), February 23/March 2(Rosemary Radcliffe "The King of Kensington"), March 2/9(Karen Kain/ Douglas Campbell/ Maureen Forrester), March 9/16(Alfred Hitchcock), March 16/23(Salome Bey), March 23/30(Shari Lewis), March 30/ April 6(Animated "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"), April 6/13(Joseph Golland "A Man Called Intrepid"), April 20/27(Lee Grant/ Chris Sarandon "You Can't Go Home Again"), April 27/ May 4(Trina McQueen - CBS Election Coverage Boss Lady), May 4/11(David Niven "A Man Called Intrepid"), May 35/ June 1(Art by Glen Loates), June 22/29(Queen's Plate Contender - Bold Agent), June 29/July 6(Susan Roman "Flappers"), july 6/13(Lisa Harti), August 3/10(Ellis Valentine - Montreal Expo), August 31/ September 7(Jerry Lewis Telethon), September 7/14(Gregory Harrison/ Pernell Roberts "Trapper John, M.D."), September 14/21(Carol Burnett "The Tenth Month"), October 5/12(Kenny Rogers), October 26/November 2(Jack Elam "Struck by Lightning"), November 9/16(Dieppe), November 16/23(Lena Horne), November 23/30(The Grey Cup), November 30/December 7(Shelley Hack "Charlie's Angels"; NO Mailing
Label, VF = $16.00) December 7/14(Ed Asner/ Anne Jackson/ Meredith Baxter Birney "The Family Man"), December 14/21(Celine Lomez), December 21/28(Santa Claus);

1979 December 28/ 1980;January 4(Gil Gerard/ Twiki "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century");

1980;January 4/11(Len Cariou), January 11/18(Pernell Roberts "Trapper John, M.D."), January 18/25(Dinah Christie), January 25/February 1(Jane Olivor), February 1/8("Front Page Challenge"), February 8/15(Gloria Kaye), February 15/22(George Burns), February 22/29(Carole Laure), February 29/March 7(Al Waxman/ Chapelle Jaffe "The Winnings of Frankie Walls"), March 7/14(Susan Roman "The Newcomers"), March 21/28(Lee Strasberg), April 18/25(Peter Ustinov), April 25/may 2(Henry Fonda "Gideon's Trumpet"), may 2/9(Michelle Lee 'Knots Landing"), May 16/23(Arthur Hill "Hagen"), May 23/30(Lee Majors), May 30/June 6(Harry Morgan/ Jamie Farr "M.A.S.H."), June 6/13(Craig Russell as Judy Garland), June 13/20(Adrienne Barbeau), July 4/11(Buffy Sainte - Marie), July 11/18(Beau Bridges), July 18/25(Riki Turofsky), July 25/August 1(David Carradine), August 1/8(Gerards Parkes "Home Fires"), August 8/15(Tennis Star - Bjorn Borg), August 15/22(Frank Sinatra), August 22/29(Ted Knight);

CBC TIMES - RADIO and TV PROGRAMS (all where Mailed by Subscription only & have Mailing label on BACK cover; Low Survival Rate - All are SCARCE to RARE); *** Average Weight for Postage = 50 Grams each;

1959; January 25-31 (Photo Cover= "Explorations" - Saskatchewan Hospital at Weyburn & Dr Humphrey Osmond; Canadian Film Industry; 1pg on NHL Hockey Star Bernie Geoffrion; VG/FN = $14);

1959; February 8-14(Photo Cover= Red Skelton- Lucille Ball; one page article on Huckleberry Hound & Hanna-Barbera; Television in Yorkton; 1/6 pg on NHL Hockey Star George Armstrong; VG/FN = $29);

1959; February 15-21(Photo Cover= Kay / Kathleen Stokes of "Happy Gang"; 2 pages on the Beat Generation by John David Hamilton; 2/3 pg on NHL Hockey Star Ferny Flaman; VG = $12);

1959; February 22-28(Photo Cover= 4 photo's of Nathan Cohen; 1pg on Tennessee Ernie Ford; VG = $12);

1959; June 14-20(Photo Cover & 2 page article= Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip, Royal visitors on CBC; ** Small Photo's of; Robert Goulet, Jane Russell, Gene barry as Bat Masterson; VG/FN = $15);

1960; January 24-30(Photo Cover= Benny Goodman 'The Telephone Hour"; 2-page article on CBC-TV's Front Page Challenge; 1/2 pg on NHL Hockey Star Stan Mikta; G/VG = $10);

1960; December 11-17(Photo Cover= Marilyn Phillips in "The Story of Mink"; ** Small Photo's of; Barry Morse, Rhythm Pals on Tommy Hunter, cowboy Stu Davis; VG/FN = $14);

1960; December 25-31(Christmas issue; Photo Cover= Florence Faiers in "Red River Christmas"; ** Small Photo's of; Wayne & Schuster, Friendly Giant - Robert Homme, Lord Durham & Barry Morse; 3x4" Photo of I Love Lucy cast; 1/3 page Photo of Queen Elizabeth; FN = $16);

1961; January 15-21(Photo Cover= Patrice Munsell ib 'The World of Music"; ** Small Photo's of; Danny Thomas, Richard Boone of Have Gun will Tarvel; the George Gershwin years; Canadian Music; VG/FN = $12);

1961; January 29-February 4(Photo Cover= Atomic Blast; 1pg article on Atomic Fallout; ** Small Photo's of; CBC Youth Choir, Wallace Beery & Marie Dressler, Louis Armstrong, Walter Cronkite, Have Gun will Travel, Morley Callaghan, Ernie Ford; Article/Interview on Sir Roy Welensky on BBC's face to Face; FN = $16);

1961; February 12-18(Photo Cover= "Wayne and Shuster" with dancer Don Gillies; 1-1/2 page article = Kate Reid digs Chekhov with 1/3 page Photo; ** Small Photo's of; Joyce Davidson, Diana Maddox, Spring Byington, Sandra O'Neill, cowboy Stu Phillips, Denise Ange; ** 1 page article with photo on the Dinah Shore's 10th Year of TV; ** 1-2/3 page article with photo on Front Page Challenge; VG/FN = $14);

1961; February 19-25(Photo Cover= Jimmie Durante; 1-2/3 page article = Do you Believe in Ghosts?; ** Small Photo's of; Lucille Ball, Sally Dorey, Fred McMurray of My Thee Sons, Charles Templeton, Joyce Hahn & Terry Dale; Winnipeg's CBWT TV's Calling All Children awards; FN = $16);

1961; February 26-March 4(Photo Cover= George Murrary "Juliette's Guest"; ** Small Photo's of; Jimmie Rodgers, Sterling Moss, Gordie Tapp & Joan Fairfax, Janet Blair, friendly Giant - Robert Homme, Tommy Hunter, Altones of Red River Jamboree, Peter Sellers of Goon show; 1-1/6 page article = Agatha Christie - Dutchess of Death; VG/FN = $12);

1961; March 5-11(Photo Cover= Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot & Anthony George - cast of "Ckeckmate'; ** Small Photo's of; Dr Gordon Seagrove - Burma Surgeon, Danny Thomas, Perry Como & Judy Holliday, Dale Evans; Who will win the Hockey war?; FN/VF = $22);

1961; April 2-8(Easter issue; PAINTED Cover= Art of Quentin Matsys "- Jesus on Cross / Crucifixion; Henry VIII in Royal Gambit; ** Small Photo's of; Sharon Acker, Charles Laughton, Barry Morse, Gillie Fenwick; FN = $14);

1961; April 23-29(Photo Cover= Tommy Common "The Common Touch"; 1/2 page on CBC's Louis Riel: Our Last Rebel; ** Small Photo's of; Harpo Marx, Roy Rogers, Wayne & Schuster, Duke Ellington; FN = $14);

1961; May 7-13(Photo Cover= Bing Crosby; 1-1/2 pages on M. Charles Cohen with photo; ** Small Photo's of; Walter Cronkite, Sylvia Murphy, Charmion King, Kay Beddome, Raymond Burr as Perry Mason, Maxine Ware; FN = $16);

1961; May 14-20(Photo Cover= "The Danny Thomas Show"; ** Small Photo's of; Brenda Lee, Eve Arden of Our Miss Brooks, Don Messer & Islanders, Donna Andert;1pg article with Photo of Peter Whittall - CBC TV's Mr Fix-It; FN = $19);

1961; May 21-27(Photo Cover= Mary Liz Bayer, Bill Guest, Jose Poniera of CBWT's Three's Company; 1pg with photo on Donald Harron; ** Small Photo's of; Wayne & Schuster, Mickey Rooney, cowboy Stu Phillips, cowboy Stu Davis; 1pg on author Henry James; 1pg on CBC's interview with famed Canadian author BRIAN MOORE; VG/FN = $14);

1961; June 4-10(Photo Cover= Danica D'Hondt of "Live a Borrowed Life"; 1-2/3 pages on playwright Brendan Behan; 2/3 page on Donald Bell; 1pg on Q for Quest with photo of Douglas Rain; ** Small Photo's of; Gwen Grant & Max Ferguson, Bert Pearl, Fred Davis, Anthony George of Checkmate, Friendly Giant - Robert Homme, Diane Maddox, Leonard Bernstein; 2/3 page on Vincent Massey with photo; VG = $10);

1963; September 7-13(Photo Cover & 1 page article = Imogene Coca as "Grindl"; 1-1/2 page on Ed Mirvish rescue of Royal Alexandra theatre; 2 pages on Peter Reynolds new show traveller's Check; ** Small Photo's of; Bob Cummings, Eric Sykes, Tommy common, Reg Gibson, Lorne Greene of l'Aventurier; G/VG = $10);

1963; September 28-October 4(Photo Cover & 1-1/2 page article = Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Mikado"; 3/4 page on Red Skelton with Photo; 2-1/6 pages on CBC Radio's documentary on Albert EINSTEIN; ** Small Photo's of; Roger Moore, Connie Hines & Alan Young of Mr Ed, Don Tremaine & Dancers, Glunis Johns, Password - Allen Ludden, Garry Moore & Carol Burnett, Joseph Cotten, Lee Grant & Robert Reed - Defenders; 1/2 page re Lorne Greene / Ben Cartwright on Telescope; 1 page on Bill Walker as new moderator of Flashback; Doug Crosley photo on Back cover; VG = $10);



1977 February 11-18 (Love Boat)

1990; February 4(Hockey's - Ken Dryden), March 11(Michael St. Gerard ""), March 18(Charles Dance/ Teri Polo "The Phantom"), April 29(Joan Chen/ Michael Ontkean "Twin Peaks"), May 13(Reginald Veljohnson "Family Matters"), July 29("Coach"), August 12(Carol Burnett), August 26(Corbin Bernsen "L.A. Law"), September 9(Madonna), September 16("Twin Peaks"/ "L.A. Law"), September 30(Dana Delany "China Beach"), November 11(Animated "Captain Planet and the Planeteers");

1991; January 13(John Wayne; Wayne Gretzky);

(C); TABLOID SCANDAL Oversized Newspaper Magazines - FOR SALE;

CONFIDENTIAL FLASH (U.K.; John Blunt Pub.) -

1967; August 5 (Tornado of Sex Velocity/ Britain's Bloodiest Sport); November 25(Dead Wife kills Hubby/ a Lesbian tells All);

GLOBE (Globe International Inc. Pub.);

1980; June 3 (Sophia Loren's Double Life/ Marilyn Monroe killers still at Large/ Clint Eastwood fighting fit at 50);

July 28 (Farrah Fawcett and Burt Reynolds/ 81 New Predictions/ Elvis Presley drug doc linked to Dying superstar);

1981; November 3 (Joan Kennedy will leave church for love/ Predictions for 1982/ Why the Mafia is gunning for Wayne Newton);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1982;

March 23 – Robert Wagner 3 Women – Stephanie Powers, Lana Wood & Jill St. John/ Joan Kennedy's Frank interview);

September 7 – Michael Landon & Priscilla Presley; Robert Redford split after 24 years/ men give birth);

September 14 – Marie Osmond – No Babies for Marie/ Dolly Parton risks life for fans/ Hundreds see Elvis alive);

September 21 – Richard Simmons super Secret tips/ Your Horoscope/ Victoria Principal strikes co-star/ This Winter will last 18 months);

September 28 – Tom Selleck & Morgan Fairchild/ Princess Diana haunted by Death wish/ Myths that ruin your sex life);

October 26 – Princess Diana – Charles Sex antics shock Di/ Princess Stephanie pregnant secret/ Winter horoscope);

November 9 – Princess Caroline – Grace's Ghost Haunts her/ Liberace; The 3 woman in his love life);

November 16 – Victoria Principle wins a husband/ Glen Campbell to wed for Fourth time/ Princess Diane death curse kills 5 friends);

November 23 – Marilyn Monroe; Medic Reveals “I saw Marilyn Murdered”/ George Burns married secret);

November 30 – Linda Evans & Loan Collins – Dynasty Feud/ 1983 Horoscope/ $100,000 Reward for Marilyn Monroe killer);

December 7 – Liberace – Gay lover Scott Thorson life of sex & drugs/ Princess Diana – Friends Warn life in Danger);

December 14 – Tom Selleck love Secrets/ Hitler Secret treasure found in U.S./ Valerie Bertinelli – The Man who Made Me a Woman);

December 21 – Prince Charles & Princess Diana/ Predictions for 1983);

December 28 – Morgan Fairchild; $12 million fight over Nude/ Love Horoscope/ Face of Christ);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1983; January 4 - Joan Collins & Linda Evans – Battle of the TV Beauties/ Gov't owes every American $6000,000);

January 11 – Cathy Lee Crosby – Secret Husband/ Michele Lee & Kevin Dobson – Tie the Knot);

January 18 – Marie Osmond – Her Secret Fear/ Elvis alive – Amazing Photo/ Sex cure Arthritis);

February 1 – Joan Collins sex confessions Rock Dynasty/ Brook Shields pregnant/ Cure for Herpes);

February 8 - Princess Diana - “I'll Never have another Baby”/ Prince William/ Secret of Staying Young Forever);

February 15 – Princess Caroline secret heartbreak/ Sophia Loren in Line for Dynasty/ Diet to improve your lovemaking 10 times over);

February 22 – Donna Mills and Ted Shackelford/ Horoscope for Spring/ How Dreams can save your life);

March 1 – Cheryl Ladd – Princess Grace's ghost saves Cheryl/ Jaclyn Smith fears for her baby);

March 8 - “Bare Essence “Soap stars Genie Francis and Jessica Walter/ Ronald Reagan getting younger/ How to avoid Herpes);

March 15 - Princess Diana her other men/ Predictions for Spring/ Michael Landon Bride's hidden heartbreak);

March 22 - Princess Diana & Prince William/ Miracle Water Cures/ How to Escape Taxes this year);

March 29 – Joan Collins – Nude Movie Wrecking her Life/ Same Assassin killed Marilyn Monroe, Princess Grace);

April 12 – Princess Diana Fires Royal Camera Ace/ Instant birth control/ Ted Kennedy love child mystery);

April 26 – Jackie Zeman – TV Bombshell/ Soap incest shocker – Luke Evans; My Dates with Tom Selleck/ Marie Osmond wants 3 more babies/ Secrets of perfect sex);

May 31 – Joan Collins – The night she banned sex/ Princess Diana – crash diet for bash; June Horoscope);

June 14 – Linda Evans – The only man who'll make her happy/ Victoria Principle inside fortress home; top pychics startling new predictions);

June 21 – Princess Caroline – Junot wrecks wedding/ Luke Skywalker surprising fantasy/ Joan Rivers – filthiest woman on TV);

July 19 - Joan Collins & Jon-Erik Hexum/ Benny Hill bawdy love street/ Princess Diana herpes scare; VG/FN = $9.00)

August 9 – Brooke Shields – Why she snubbed Prince Andrew/ Fall Horoscope/ Nancy Reagan running America?);

August 16 – Dolly Parton her diet can work for you/ David Niven – His love for Princess Grace killed him );

August 30 – Princess Grace to be a saint/ Johnny Carson and Angie Dickinson – it looks like love );

September 27 – Kenney Rogers & Linda Evans – Torrid secrets of new movie/ Shocking truth behind Knots Landing marriage );

October 4 – Tony Geary & Genie Francis back together again/ Elvis Presley & Natalie Wood secret wedding/ Brooke Shields – Sex scandal rocks her campus);

October 11 – Dolly Parton hidden husband/ Victoria Principle – playboy tried to strangle me/ Louise Mandrell dream home);

November 15 – Princess Diana royal Astrologer's terrified warning/ Natalie Wood – Secret police file);

December 6 – John Forsythe & Linda Evans 25-year love story/ Predictions for 1984; Stephanie Powers calls off wedding );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1984

January 3 – Cynthia Sikes – Ted Kennedy's TV star girlfriend/ Tattoo – I snatched my New lover at gunpoint/ Johnny Carson wife – Why $220,000 a month alimony is OK);

January 24 – James Brdlin & Connie Selleca of TV's “Hotel”/ Jimmy Stewart killing himself/ Three's Company cast/ Valerie Bertinelli childless agony );

February 7 – Brooke Shields & Michael Jackson – why she flew 3000 miles to be at his side/ Cheryl Tiegs & Gregory Peck's son madly in love);

February 21 – Heather Thomas & Julio Iglesias/ Michael Jackson first photos after fire ordeal/ win a diamond studded Elvis doll);

February 28 – Brooke Shields & Michael Jackson – they're in love/ Princess Diana – divorce/ Burt Reynolds will never marry );

March 13 – Dinah Shore & Andy Williams/ Michael Jackson win his jumpsuit & glove );

March 20 – Michael Jackson his Horoscope/ Sneak peek of E.T. 2/ Candy bar diet );

April 17 – Boy George takes U.S. By storm/ Michael Jackson in danger of losing voice/ Queen will abdicate for Princess Diana );

April 24 – Knight Rider's David Hasselhoff & Catherine Hickland/ Michael Jackson & Boy George assassination fears/ Marshmellow diet);

May 8 – Susan Lucci $1 million paycheck/ Michael Jackson sex life/ Pritikin's fast-food diet plan );

June 5 – Michael Jackson tells Brooke Shields to Beat It/ Andy Kaufman died crying for love/ Natalie Wood secret love affairs);

June 12 – Tony Curtis – Bogus Bride walks out/ Clint Eastwood wife gets $25 million/ Peyton place's Dorothy Malone needs a job );

July 3 - “Remington Steele” Pierce Brosnon & Stephanie Zimbalist/ James Cagney sad last days/ Real Ghostbusters secrets);

July 10 – Joan Collins & Linda Evans/ Michael Jackson – Secrets behind victory tour & album );

July 24 – Michael Jackson backstage agony/ Dolly Parton brazen fling with bodyguard/ Dynasty – next season's plots);

July 31 – Joan Collins in disguise/ Linda Gray battles fearful disease/ Michael Jackson victory tour poster);

August 14 – Jackie Collins & Joan Collins/ Loretta Lynn felled by vision of son's death);

August 21 – Fall TV preview);

September 4 - “Cagney & Lacey” Sharon Gless & Tyne Daley/ Mary Lou Retton – Mom says she's lost her little girl);

September 18 – Vanessa Williams new photo are ten times worse/ Male birth control pills);

October 2 – Vanessa Williams/ Barbara Mandrell's shame/ Stephanie Powers took “Mistal” role for money );

October 9 – Victoria Principle – How smut peddlers snared her/ 1985 love Horoscope/ Michael Jackson disowns sister );

October 23 – Diahann Carroll & husband Vic Damone mixed marriage spark death threats/ inside Americas Jonestown);

November 6 – Love Boat's Darrin McGavin to wed Evangelist/ Jon-Erik Hexum – lost love led to shooting tragedy);

December 4 – Vanessa Williams new scandal/ Elizabeth Taylor $1 million diet/ Princess Caroline drug drama);

December 18 – Johnny Carson & Alex Mass buy $9 million palace/ Elizabeth Taylor million dollar bottle over nude photo);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1985

January 1 - “Dallas” Patrick Duffy to wed Priscilla Presley/ 1985 Horoscope);

January 8 – Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O'neal baby due/ bid to spring “Mike Hammer” Stacey Keach from British Jail);

January 22 – Joan Collins & Peter Holm honeymoon photos/ Farrah Fawcett sued for $165 million);

February 5 – Diahann Carroll torrid love life/ TV epic “Hollywood Wives”);

February 12 – Pamela Sue Martin returns to “Dynasty”/ Barbara Mandrell living nightmare );

March 5 – Lisa Hartman TV's Top Witch/ Barbara Mandrell Miracle Baby/ Spring Horoscope );

March 12 - “Dynasty” Fallon's Back in Jeff's Arms/ Dallas” Jenna goes to jail/ How to spot a liar);

June 4 – Madonna faces TV ban/ Lee Majors in drugs nightmare/ Bruce Springsteen midnight wedding );

July 23 – Lisa Hartman – What you don't know/ Angie Dickinson to join “Dynasty”/ Von Bulow's wife/ first pictures of her in coma );

July 30 – Pamela Bellwood Pregnant/ Dr. Ruth why she can get away with sex on TV/ Frank Sinatra marriage over);

August 27 – Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen Marriage on the Rocks/ Patrick Duffy back on Dallas/ Fall Horoscope);

September 10 – Marie Osmond & Husband – She's unfit to bring up baby/ Emma Samms & John James split );

September 24 – Priscilla Presley How she cheated on Elvis/ 50 new predictions/ What's in store on the soaps this season);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1986

January 7 – New Year TV preview/ Seasons behind “Jewel on the Nile”/ George Burns at 90 );

March 25 - “Dynasty” John James to be next James Bond / Kennedy uproar over Caroline's wedding / Lindsay Wagner pregnant );

April 29 – Howard Keel blasts the Dallas women/ David Hassel Hoff's marriage clashing );

June 3 – Barbara Mandrell opens her heart/ Brigitte Nelson fight to win her baby back/ TV soaps can boost your brain power );

July 1 – Linda Gray & Ken Kercheval of Dallas/ Rock Hudson deathbed confession );

July 8 – Patrick Duffy - “Dallas” Bobby in Murder drama/ meet America's most romantic husband/ Khadafi dresses in woman's clothes );

August 5 – Vanna White & Ex-husband John Gibson/ Lisa Marie Presley at 18/ Loni Anderson still looking for a man );

September 16 – TV's Bob Eubanks death threats/ Vanna White quitting “Wheel of Fortune”/ Ted Knight dead a Bitter Man);

November 4 – Frank Sinatra & wife – Revelations about other women/ Pat Sajak blasts Vanna White/ 20 facts about cats );

November 11- Dean Martin woos ex-wife/ Linda Gray to quit “Dallas”/ Tiny Tim's daughter pregnant at 15 for 2nd time );

November 18 - “Dynasty” Sammy Jo to wed/ Kate Jackson quitting; Scarecrow & Mrs. King/ Marie Osmond wedding );

November 25 – James Brolin ex-wife says he's a jerk/ Farrah Fawcett blasts Ryan O'Neal over Ingred Bergman's daughter/ Tammy Wynette battle with drugs);

December 2 – Rob Lowe & Melissa Gilbert together again/ Truth about Lisa Marie Presley's new Dad/ Vanna White in love with “Fame” star Billy Hufsey );

December 9 – Robert Redford pleads to wife take me back/ Patrick Duffy chilling premonition/ Why men fear women);

December 13 – Donna Mills new TV's superwitch/ Predictions for 1987/ Erik Estrada in Voodoo scandal );

December 28 – Elizabeth Taylor stole son-in-law's baby/ Burt Reynolds begs court keep medical records secret/ Michael Jackson ruining Diana Ross marriage );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1987

January 13 – Linda Gray – Why I Need 10 men in my Life/ Roberet Stack to star on “Falcon Cret” );

January 20 – Glenn Ford in love with 30 year old Pauli Kierman/ Marie Osmond risks life for another baby/ Peggy Lee – How I cheated death );

February 24 – Marie Osmond and odd family life/ Liberace his childhood scandal/ New facts about aids );

March10 - “Dallas” female cast members – 3 to die/Michael Jackson to be a father );

April 28 – Cybil Shepherd & Bruce Willis “Moonlighting”/ Teddy Kennedy loses 40 pounds/ Donny Osmond leaves family for months at a time );

May 26 – Victoria Principle plans to destroy “Dynasty”/ Marilyn Monroe – Joe Dimaggio wants to be buried beside her/ UFO's are real);

July 14 – Elizabeth Taylor assassination threat/ The PTL's Bakkers plan to destroy Jerry Falwell/ Jackie Gleason deathbed cry );

September 15 – Don Johnson killed in “Miami Vice” shootout/ Larry Hagman guarded by police/ Gary Coleman to star in new TV series/ Princess Diana diet can work for you );

September 22 – Elizabeth Taylor love triangle – Malcolm Forbes & C. Thomas Howell/ news from “Dallas”, “Dynasty”, “Knots Landing” & “Falcon Crest”);

October 6 – Fighting “Dallas” women – Victoria Principle & Morgan Brittany/ Michael Jackson tour red tape/ Dolly Parton to take Joan Rivers job );

October 13 – Joan Collins “Dynasty” wedding shocker/ John Wayne is he buried?/ Rita Hayworth daughter living in fear );

October 27 – Glenn Close is America's most hated woman/ Bruce Willis plan to get rid of Cybil Shephard/ Dolly Parton new look );

November 3 – Morgan Fairchild, Delta Burke & Ana Alicia expose studio harassment/ Tammy & Jim Bakker plan to be back by Christmas );

November 17 Elizabeth Taylor new passion could cost her millions/ Jessica Hahn Jim Bakkers secretary / Poll says 89% UFO's exist );

November 24 - “Star Trek” Leonard Nimoy bitter divorce / Dolly Parton fans don't slim new look/ Nancy Reagan new Agony );

December 8 “Cheers” storm over new gal Kirstie Alley/ Madonna expecting miracle baby/ Sexiest men & women of 1987 );

December 22 – Michael Jackson to wed look-a-like/ Bridgette Nelson goes after J.R. Ewing/ Gene Kelly denies affair );

December 29 – Bea Arthur pleads find me a man/ Burt Reynolds in real life whodunnit/ 1988 Horoscope );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1988

January 5 – Michael J. Fox calls off wedding/ JFK jr. Woos Madonna/ Doris Day to join Dynasty );

January 12 – Donna Rice warned stay away from Gary Hary/ Lisa Marie Presley to name baby Elvis/ Jimmy Stewart – why I know there's life after death );

March 1 – Michael J. Fox in death threat terror/ Elizabeth Taylor tell all interview );

March 15 – Michael Landon to wed “Dynasty” beauty/ Jimmy Swaggart wife's bizarre role in sexcapade );

March 22 – Michael Jackson will give $2 million to woman who'll have his baby/ “Moonlighting” plan new duo/ Emma Samma dates Arsenio Hall );

April 12 – Victoria Principle to rejoin “Dallas”/ Pavarotti pasta diet/ Tom Jones scared of aids );

April 26 – Rob Lowe & Fawn Hall plan wedding/ Jesse Jackson amazing roots/ TV preachers & their women );

May 3 - “Dynasty” John James to wed/ Jane Wyman agony after sons book/ $50 hooker brought Jimmy Swaggart to knees );

May 10 – Cast of “Matlock” Andy Griffith – pay me $2 million of 1 quit/ Michael Jackson – Donna Banks will have his child );

May 17 – Glenn Ford plans baby at 72/ Jessica Hahn backs Jim Bakker/ Cher the 10 secret operations);

May 24 – Heather Locklear & Tommy Lee marriage woes/ TV evangelist Tony Leyva arrested on sex charges/ Lisa Marie Presley – Elvis talks to me from grave );

May 31 – Cybil Shephard marriage is on the rocks/ Vanna White takes over Wheel of Forture/ Russian agents guided Reagan's Astrologer );

June 7 – Gene Kelly in love with woman half his age/ Ronald Reagan secret superstitions );

June 14 - “Dynasty” TV Vixens/ Jimmy Swaggart & Girl of 9/ Joan Rivers set to wed/ Ida Lupino pitiful last days );

June 21 - “Crocidile Dundee” Paul Hogan & Linda Kozlowski/ Vanna White nude movie/ Shirley Temple movie boss tried to seduce her at 12 );

June 28 – Michael Douglas & Model Jenny Strachan/ Patrick Swayze has 20 girls on a string/ Farrah Fawcett vs. Cybill Shephard );

July 12 – Natalie Wood shocking truth about her death/ Rose Kennedy's tragic last days/ Sly Stallone aids fear/ Jimmy Swaggart son on the run );

July 26 – Arnold Schwarzengger & Maria Shriver feud/ Lucille Ball her last wish/ Joan Kennedy spiked drink led to drunk driving arrest );

August 2 – Victoria Principle bid to save husband/ Micheal J. Fox wedding fiasco/ Michael Jackson family secret out );

August 9 – Whitney Huston after Prince Andrew/ Cher 1988's zaniest bride/ Marilyn Monroe spent night with dead lover );

August 16 – Cher wedding charade/ Fred MacMurray battles for life/ JFK Jr. Dates Princess Stephanie );

August 23 – Jessica Hahn – i was Pastor's sex slave for 7 years/ Don Johnson pushed cocaine/ Marie Osmond puts 5 year old son to work );

August 30 – Morgan Fairchild falls for 74-year old senator/ “L.A. Law” Jill Elkenberry cancer battle/ Fall TV Preview);

September 6 – Victoria Principle lawsuit costs her baby/ Elizabeth Taylor doctors warn dry out or die/ Bruce Willis stork saves marriage );

September 20 – Lisa Bonet quits TV for cult/ Michael J. Fox to have baby/ Shroud of turin a fake );

September 27 – Stars axed in “Dallas”, “Knots Landing” merger/ Michael Jackson face is crumbling/ Liberace TV movie );

October 11 – New aids terror hits stars/ Michael Jackson jailed/Christopher Reeves runs off with babysitter/ Vanna White to wed ex-car thief);

October 18 – Barbara Stanwyck pleads not to die alone/ Jerry Lee Lewis warned to stay away from Lisa Marie Presley );

November 1 – Michael J. Fox – marriage is crumbling/ Mike Tyson into Latoya Jackson's arms/ Edith Bunker to be new Jessica on “Murder She Wrote”);

November 22 – Vanna White sex secrets/ Cher told quit Hollywood or die/ Mike Tyson begs Robin take me back);

November 29 - “Dynasty” love scenes mask stars hatred/ 1989 predictions/ Roseanne lost 120 pounds/ Your Horoscope);

December 6 – Charlene Tilton dumps hubby/ Morton Downey sued by stripper/ Marilyn Monroe – How Kennedy's had her murdered );

December 20 – Robin givens woos billionaire/ Roseanne blows up on set/ Liberace was Murdered);

December 27 – Jessica Hahn aids scare/ $1 million reward for proof Elvis lives/ 1989 Horoscope/ Linda Evans leaves “Dynasty”);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1989

January 3 – Cher test tube baby/Morton Downey Dark & Dirty past/ Angie Dickinson bares all about affairs );

January 10 – Phil Donahue warned stop nonsense/ Bill Cosby cancer scare/ Lisa Marie Presley flies into Michael Jackson arms );

January 17 – Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith/ Oprah risking life to stay slim/ Elizabeth Taylor aids shock);

January 24 – Donna Mills packs a gun/ Ann Jillian health scare/ Madonna 3 year marriage hell );

January 31 – Latoya Jackson – Michael Jackson goes crazy as sister strips for playboy/ Marie Osmond risks life for baby/ Mike Tyson fears death in ring);

February 14 – Roseanne TV Hubby walks out/ Jill St. John begs Robert Wagner – I want your baby );

February 21 – Vanna White the night of Pat Sajak's kiss/ Gordon Liddy to terminate Geraldo & Downey );

February 28 – Loretta Lynn near death after overdose/ Jimmy Swaggart & “Girl of 13”/ California Auschwitz uncovered);

March 7 - “Family Feud” host Ray Combs dumps wife & kids/ Robin Leach strange & stingy life/ Bakker's frolic in steamroom);

March 14 – Oprah secret addiction wrecking waistline/ Geraldo plans to raise dead man on TV/ Princess Stephanie sinister bridegroom );

March 21 – Tom Cruise fights for life/ Bryant Gumble mom doesn't like him/ Vanna White starving herself );

March 28 – Tammy Bakker torrid affair/ Latoya Jackson stalked by maniac/ aids acare for “Family Ties” star);

April 4 – Cher mystery illness/ George Clooney fired by Roseanne/ Marlon Brando near death );

April 11 – Tammy Bakker lover sho and left for dead/ Michael Jackson fears he's being poisoned/ Victoria Principal secret facelift );

April 18 – Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal split after Oscars/ Terror of John Wayne's daughter );

April 25 – Jill Ireland death wish/ Michael Jackson darkest secret/ Lisa Marie Presley bars mom's lover from delivery room );

May 9 – Roseanne ruckus on movie set / Milton Berle dying of broken heart / Jackie Onassis shocking truth );

May 16 – Lucille Ball dark death secrets/ Richard Chamberlain aids shock/ The truth about TV's battered big mouths );

May 23 – Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith wedding on the high seas/ Roseanne wanted as sacrife by devil cult/ Victoria Principal test tube baby );

May 30 – Scandal diary points finger at top stars/ Pat Boone faces fraud charges/ Lucille Ball life after death );

June 6 – Oprah the rumour she can't stop/ Rob Lowe sex scandal/ Hollywood baby boom );

June 13 – Farrah Fawcett in “Dallas” love triangle/ Cary Grant escaped Charles Manson massacre );

June 20 – Rob Kiwe akk-star sex tapes stolen/ Tanya Tucker drug parties with accused killer/ Michael J. Fox baby saves marriage);

July 4 – Diana Ross darkest secrets/ Prince bitter over Batman movie/ Car runs on Coke);

July 18 – Kim Basinger, Michael Keaton and Prince in “Batman” love triangle/ Dolly Parton bounces back after breast surgery/ Children's proof in life after death );

August 1 – Cher affair splits Bon Jovi/ Sean Connery throat cancer terror/ Junk food diet );

August 8 -Rosanne wacky wedding/ Wayne Newton woos Priscilla Presley/ TV idols in fear after 3 shot to death );

August 15 – Ed McMahons divorce hell/ a Golden Pyramid for Elvis/ Fall TV preview );

August 22 – Michael J. Fox being led astray by Sean Penn/ Bishop's amazing exorcism in Connecticut church/ Jill Ireland beating cancer odds );

August 29 – Jessica Hahn – Send Jim Bakker to electric chair/ “Head of the Class” Dan Schneider lost 115 pounds/ Linda Evans to marry ex );

September 5 - “Dallas” love scenes to hot to handle/ Why older men make better husbands/ Cher sizzling video has Navy up in arms );

September 12 – Roseanne tells kids to quit school/ Frank Sinatra may never sing again/ Fall movie preview );

September 26 – Dolly Parton real truth about marriage and life/ Latoya Jackson fears kidnap by own family );

October 3 – Natalie was murdered/ Tammy Baker – why money means so much to her/ Bruce Willis kidnap terror );

October 10 – Cher advice to wives – Don't worry if your hubby cheats/ Use troops to destroy drug lords – Americans demand );

October 17 – Richard Simmons blasts Oprah and Elizabeth Taylor/ Jodie Foster cuts loose from Mom & finds two men );

October 24 – Princess Grace was murdered / Don Johnson still calls ex-lover every day/ Jim Bakker – I'll never survive prison );

October 31 – Madonna & Rob Lowe/ Frank Sinatra had 5,000 lovers/ Johnny Cash crushed as daughter leaves rehab/ Tom Cruise wife throws him out );

November 7 – Princess Diana flinting in public enrages Charles/ Rosanne rampages over lover/ Eddie Murphy goes for gun after death threats );

November 14 – Elizabeth Taylor offers ex-con $1 million to marry her/ “Chicken Soup” star Lynn Redgrave/ Roseanne disrupts John Goodman's wedding );

November 21 - “Hunter” feud rips show apart/ Jamie Lee Curtis refuses father Tony Curtis a job/ Rock Hudson spied on by F.B.I. );

November 28 – Priscilla Presley – Ghost of Elivs destroying love affair / Lisa Bonet attacked whether naked or not / Police zero in on murderer of “Hogan's Heroe” Bob Crane );

December 5 – Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds marriage in Deep trouble / Jerry Lee Lewis – why I didn't make love to Lisa Marie Presley );

December 12 – Princess Diana pity her children / Cash family drug nightmare/ Predictions for 1990 );

December 26 – Olympic star Nadia Comaneci marriage wrecker/ Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith marriage in trouble );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1990

January 2 – Clint Eastwood life threaded by Nazi cult/ Delta Burke offered $8750 a pound to shed 40 pounds / Roseanne drug nightmare );

January 9 – Elvis Presley worshipped by thousands and he answers prayers/ Roseanne most hated woman in America/ Jill Ireland says Drug Doc killed son );

January 16 - “Golden Girls” Estelle Getty ready to quit/ Jim Bakker up to old tricks/ Roy Acuff heartbroken );

January 23 – Dinah Manoff heads for alter/ Michael Douglas to run for President/ Hot New Country Music hunks/ Army spending millions to kill cats );

January 30 – Michael Jackson talks to the ghost of Liberace/ Kim Basinger to wed Prince/ Bob Newhart and Mary Frann – pure hate );

February 6 – Kenny Rogers wife bitter over young blonde/ Roseanne her guru sees triplets/ Valerie Bertinelli desperate bid to save Eddie Van Halen );

February 13 – Farrah Fawcett to marry Ryan O'Neal/ Priscilla Presley in love with TV's new Elvis/ Ava Gardner her last plea to Frank Sinatra );

February 20 – Jimmy Swaggart in new scandal/ Cheryl Ladd – Charlie's Fallen Angel/ Sonny blame's Cher for daughter's gay nightmare );

February 27 – Woody Harrelson father is named as JFK killer/ Vanna White to wed/ Bruce Willis cheats death on set of “Die Hard II”);

March 6 – Princess Diana – My Life is in ruins/ Michael Jackson holds tea parties for chimps/ Susan Dey – death threats );

March 13 – Donald & Ivana Trump's lifestyle/ Betty Crocker's new low – calorie cookbook );

March 20 – Ivana Trump made love to ex-husband pal on wedding night / ex-champ buried millions – kids can't survive );

March 27 – Elizabeth Taylor & Malcolm Forbes – he had aids & killed himself/ Donald Trump's Marla Maples );

April 3 – Rock Hudson & Malcolm Forbes were gay lovers/ Barbara Walters “I was so broke I was on welfare”);

April 10 – Princess Diana shocking affair with Prince Andrew/ James Garner fears life in wheelchair );

April 17 – Beatles to reunite with Michael Jackson/ Patrick Swayze tragedy as wife loses baby/ Elvis had gay affair/ Lee Remick – How I beat killer cancer );

April 24 – Richard Chamberlain – I am not gay/ Judy Carne reveals Burt Reynolds beatings drove me to women );

May 8 – Marla Maples flunks lie detector/ Kyle Maclachlan & Lara Boyle to wed/ Olivia D'abo & Julian Lennon );

May 15 – Elizabeth Taylor on Deathbed/ Susan St. James quits show biz to have baby at 43 / Priscilla Pressley & Lisa Marie dump their men );

May 22 – David Bowie & Mick Jagger bizarre sex lives/ Vanna White & Linda Evans in bitter dispute over same man );

May 29 – Sammy Davis He'll be a star in Heaven too/ Ed McMahon tells cheating wife “I'll never take you back”/ Ex-Mr Universe marries male model/ Elvis stamp );

June 5 – Julia Roberts “Why I walk the streets with hookers”/ Jill Ireland a lady of love and courage/ Horoscope );

June 12 – The Simpsons amazing appeal/ Drew Barrymore friends fear she's on road to hell/ Sammy Davis died broke );

June 19 – Madonna & JFK jr. Secret love affair/ Charlie Sheen new love is porn queen/ Oprah agony aids kills best friend/ Tracey Gold in love with killer's son );

June 36 – Frank Sinatra fascination over Carly Simon/ Delta Burke sexiest big girl/ Mom trades daughter for truck );

July 3 – Marla Maples & Ivana Trump to battle it out on Dallas/ Maria Osmond “I'm sick of men living off me”/ “Fatal Vision” killer not guilty );

July 10 – Cher affair ruins Bon Joni/ Tammy Wynette dark days of drugs over/ Elizabeth Taylor to wed );

July 17 – Genie Francis comeback threaten marriage/ Eddie Murphie “Why I drive women wild”/ Naomi Judd fights incurable rare disease );

July 24 – Roseanne tries for test tube baby / Tony Danza marriage is on the rocks/ Wonder drug prevents and even reverses old age );

July 31 – Elvis Presley was murdered/ Demi Moore and Bruce Willis marriage in Deep Trouble );

August 7 – Kate Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Lisa Marie Presley flee Hollywood/ Princess Diana & Fergie in feud over who's sexiest );

August 14 – Cheyenne Brando tells Police brother deliberately killed her boyfriend/ Drey Barrymore her Dad says he's not her father/ Julia Roberts brother hooked on drugs and booze );

August 21 – Kathy Westmoreland was Elvis Presley's lover for 7 years/ Sally Kirkland advice to women – go on sex strike/ Wynonna Judd pregnant and engaged/ Fall TV preview );

August 28 - “Twin Peaks” Sherilyn Fenn nude shocker/Tammy Wynette hooked on drugs/ Cher dumps rock star for Bagel Boy);

September 4 - “Newhart” Mary Frann sexy, wicked and wild/ Larry Hagman drowns “Dallas” woes in booze/ Cybill Shepherd to wed );

September 18 – Madonna how she used sex to become a superstar/ Delta Burke near breakdown/ Tanya Tucker a man to tame her );

September 25 – Natalie Wood killed herself/ Demi Moore terrified Bruce Willis will leave her/ Burt Reynolds “Candice Bergen saves my life” );

October 2 – Tom Cruise secret affair with Cher/ Roseanne bizarre fantasies destroying her/ Miss America Marjorie Judith Vincent shy and Lonely childhood );

October 9 – Princess Diana pregnant to save marriage/ Linda Evans & Donald Trump new romance/ Jaclyn Smith takes back husband she threw out );

October 16 – Jackie O's secret talks with Castro/ Marlo Thomas & Phil Donahue bedroom battles );

October 23 - Princess Grace curse strikes Caroline/ Madonna new love was nude gay model );

October 30 – Vanna White shame “I'm attacked to men who treat me rough”/ Tanya Tucker secretly marries father of love child/ America's nursing home scandal );

November 6 – Naomi Judd fatal disease forces her to quit/ New Kids on the Block tied to mafia/ Hollywood starlet charges Ronald Reagan made her pregnant and paid for abortion );

November 20 – Dolly Parton “We're both face to see other people”/ Gay terror groups charge “They're gay – Tom Cruise, Jamie Lee Curtis & Merv Griffin );

November 27 – Bart Simpson secret love life/ Marie Osmond destroying health & marriage/ Nancy Reagan was sex starved starlet );

December 4 – Markie post new mom heading for divorce/ Elizabeth Taylor – her jewels, money, lovers and ew TV series/ Sylvestor Stallone threatens to kill photos );

December 11 – Nicollette Sheridan pregnant says Harry Hamlin father/ Mick Jagger zany marriage/ Wynonna Judd cancels wedding to nurse Mom/ “Golden Girls” rage as Debbie Reynolds joins cast );

December 18 – Lisa Marie Presley shattered by sick cult's vicious sex plot/ Bob Cummings tragic marriage and last days/ Kathie Lee Gifford being bossy killing marriage );

December 25 – Melissa Cantu “New Kids on the Block used me as their kinky sex slave”/ Predictions for Coming years );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1991

January 1 – Dolly Parton ousts Delta Burke/ Rod Stewart fight rocks wedding night/ Burt Reynolds secret son );

January 8 – Elton John gay lover Tommy Williams/ How celebs lose weight/ Billy Connolly was vicious boozer);

January 15 – Vanna White wedding night shocker / Blaise Tosti claims Dolly Parton took his virginity at 15 );

January 29 – New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight slugged helpless girl/ “Dark Shadows” star Ben Crosswife runs away with cook );

February 5 – Jane Seymour fights to save millions from boozer husband/ Donnie Wahlberg pin-up/ Frank Sinatra headed for stroke);

February 12 – Tommy Lasorda son dying of aids/ Vanna White new husband has porn past/ Mystic Meg joins Globe);

March 12 – Vanna White walks out/ Kevin Costner cheated with wife's double/ Saddam Hussien did to grandson );

March 19 – 16 page Gulf War tribute/ Joan Van Ark is anorexic/ Kristy McNichol weird marriage hoax);

March 26 – Dolly Parton catches husband cheating/ Paula Abdul didn't sing her Grammy winner/ Gulf War love story );

April 9 – Julia Roberts shares Kiefer Sutherland with a worst and under dressed at Oscars );

April 16 - “Family Matters” Dad is gay/ Donnie Wahlberg faces life in prison/ Ryan O'Neal weighs in at 242 );

April 23 – Photo of girl in Kennedy rape case/ John McEnroe with bar gal/ Michael Landon ignored killer cancer );

April 30 – Maury Wills “My wild forbidden affair with Doris Day/ Xavier Hollander at over 200 lbs / Merv Griffin secret gay life );

May 7 – Oprah – Shocking secrets lover hides from her/ Don Knotts rushed to hospital after overdose);

May 14 – Kennedy rape girl parted with Willie 2 years before scandal/ Ultimate Warrior had gay sex/ Woody Harrelson in affair with Glenn Close );

May 21 – Opral played cupid for Kennedy rape girl and her lover/ John Travolta sold limo to pay off cult/ Sharon Gless jinxed wedding ends in tears );

May 28 – M.C. Hammer watched his three brothers rape me!/ Brigitte Bardot battles breast cancer/ Tony Danza cheats on wife with “Who's the Boss” Blonde);

June 4 – Bob Hope cheated on wife and drove lover to suicide Meg's Summer predictions/ “I sold drugs to Dan Quayle);

June 18 – Ivana Trump & Sylvester Stallone shack up/ Kennedy rape victim's kinky sex ramps/ Motown's Mary Wells down and out bum );

June 25 – Julia Roberts calls off wedding/ Michael Jackson weird new look / Elizabeth Taylor splurges on $30,000 facelift );

July 2 – Ted Kennedy tries to buy photos of rape girl/ Mike Tyson on rampage of booze, broads & brawls/ Julia Roberts runs off with Kiefer's best buddy );

July 9 – Delta Burke bizarre gone with the wind wedding/ Michael Jackson spends $1 million to buy baby boys/ Dynasty new shocker script );

July 16 – Farrah Fawcett stoned beats up Ryan O'Neal/ Michael Landon dies at 113 lbs );

July 23 – Barbra Streisnad heartbreak as gay son marries/ Doris Day lives a bag lady/ Michael Landon deathbed change in will );

August 6 – Oprah 70 lbs. Fatter/ Kirk Cameron's wedding fiasco/ Roseanne blows $10 grand on sexy new wardrobe );

August 13 – Elizabeth Taylor wedding secret – she's adopting baby ' Pee Wee Herman passion for porn/ Tracey Edward claims Jeffrey Dahlmer tried to eat his heart );

August 20 – Elizabeth Taylor Bridegroom dates ex on the sly/ Burt Reynolds in sex session with TV blonde );

August 27 – Robert Wagner drove Natalie Wood to her death in jealous rage/ “Northern Exposure” takes poor indian gal from rags to riches );

September 17 – Jeffrey Dahlmer cannibal killer confession is so sick cops kept it a secret / mystic Meg's predictions );

September 24 – Nicollette Sheridan gown ruins wedding day/ “Addams Family” girl a junkie/ Paula Abdul packs on 25 lbs );

October 1 – Kathy Willets kinky cop's wife new shocking secrets/ “Married... with Children” dad dating TV daughter/ “Current Affairs” Maureen O'Boyle rape tragedy );

October 8 – Michael Jackson get brand new face/ Miss America's sordid sex life/ Harry Reasoner widow leaps from window);

October 15 – Elizabeth Taylor wedding day/ Martha Ray 75 weds toyboy lover);

October 22 – Elizabeth Taylor wedding photos/ Luke Perry new love/ Nympho hooker's secret sex list );

October 29 – Jimmy Swaggart he's sinned again/ Katey Sagal baby starve's inside her );

November 5 – Michael Landon widow turns into toothpick/ George Hennard sick sex secret sparked massacre/ Ed McMahon cheatin' ex dumps her hunky cop);

November 12 – Michael Jackson shame as Bubbles the chimp dumped in sleazy zoo/ Martha Raye kinky husband);

November 26 – Magic Johnson and the Blonde who gave him aids/ Jan – Michael Vincent begs for drinks on street/ Jeff Dahmr mom turns him into monster );

December 10 – Emma Samms and Magic Johnson/ Susan Lucci TV husband on rooftop ledge/ Michael Landon secret journal );

December 17 – Cindy Landon kinky sex party with male stripper/ Muhammed Ali Ko's Parkinson with Honey and Vinegar/ mystic Meg Predictions for 192 );

December 24 – Alyssa Milano aids fear/ Vanna White walks out on playboy husband/ Macaulay Culkin dad goes nuts on movie set );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1992;

January 7 – Kennedy rape gal sister charges “Stepdad forced Me into Kinky sex acts When I was 5”/ Ken Wahl packs on 65 lbs/ Richard Pryor deathbed );

January 28 – Tammy Faye Bakker dumps Jim for married lover/ Warren Beatty first baby photos/ “General Hospital” Sharon Wyatt dumped on eve of wedding );

February 25 – Mike Tyson nightmare sex stories/ Joan Lunden cheated with Alan Thicke );

March 3 – Sally Jessy Raphael daughter sodl sex for drugs/ Erin Moran has disappeared/ Jeffrey Dahmer photo's of cannibal killer's human feast );

March 10 – Maria Shriver turns into a toothpick/ Joan Rivers waitress stunt was phoney/ mystery man in James Dean crash found after 40 years);

March 17 – Joan Lunden husband cheated on her/ Liberace has secret has secret son/ JFK murdered by own limo driver );

March 24 – Julia Roberts dad is a child molester/ Nick Nolte a dirty, boozing bum says ex/ Siamese Twins Lori & Dori Schappell);

March 31 – Fergie $20 million divorce payoff/ Tammy Faye Bakker an evil witch/ Ted Kennedy wedding secret );

April 7 – My Wild Night's with Fergie's Texas lover/ “Twin Peaks” Harry Goaz dying of Aids);

April 14 – Willie Kennedy to Wed/ Best and Worst Dressed at Oscars);

April 21 – Demi Moore sheds 20 lbs in 6 weeks/ Elizabeth Taylor aids daughter weds in rehab/ Jack Palance Oscar antics divorce scandal);

April 28 – Magic Johnson still have sex with 8 month pregant wife/ Sam Kinison widowed bride loses baby/ Angie Dickinson red-hot affair with Johnny Carson);

May 5 - “Happy Days” Erin Moran “I'm homeless and living in a truck”/ “Night Court” Richard Moll with coed cutie/ Tammy Faye lover's divorce gets dirty);

May 12 – Sally Jessy Raphael crippled son takes first steps/ Sharon Stone trail of dead boyfriends);

May 19 – Princess Diana suicide attempt/ Ivana Trump plastic surgery/ Farrah Fawcett warns Ryan O'Neal diet or get lost);

May 26 – Elizabeth Taylor grandson dies at birth/ Will Smith in Co-stars arms on eve of Wedding/ John Thomas leaves wife and triplets);

June 2 - “Brady Bunch” Robert Reid died of aids/ John Ritter dumps his wife/ Lana Turner battling throat cancer/ Gary Coleman selling cars to survive);

June 9 – Mystic Meg's Summer predictions/ Michael Jackson a thief nabs photos of two women in hot tub with him);

June 16 – Fergie calls off divorce/ Glenn Ford parties to the end/ Bob Crane vital murder clue);

June 23 – Princess Diana drove to suicide by Prince Charles/ Billy Graham son in cash scandal);

June 30 – Prince Charles/ Whitney Houston wedding circus);

July 14 – Burt Reynolds killed my husband/ Billy Ray Cyrus as you've never seen him/ Linda Evan's humiliated by psychic in front of cult);

July 21 – Billy Ray Cyrus secret love child/ Elizabeth Taylor helps male couple buy a baby boy);

July 28 – Garth Brooks baby starts life in tiny trailer/ Vanna white inside her closet/ Bruce Willis shaves Demi's dog);

August 4 – Roseanne secret nose job/ Marla Maples shocking reason aide stole 150 pair of her shoes/ Delta Burke new diet tat works);

August 11 – Tracey Gold anorexic and quits showbiz/ Kathy Willets dumps jailed husband/ Mickey Rooney son is gay);

September 1 – Woody Allen forbidden affair with disabled daughter/ Jerry Brown forced me to make love to him);

September 8 – Oprah accuses Uncle of molesting her/ Fall TV preview/ John Ritter eats his heart out);

September 15 – Princess Diana caught in sex romp/ Pet Baboon lands plane after pilot's heart attack/ Kathy Lee Gifford sobs over miscarriage);

September 22 – Sarah Fergusson “Why I dumped Andy for 2 lovers”/ Princess Diana x-rated love tapes);

September 29 – Vanna White loses baby on TV/ Fergie tries to kill herself/ Anthony Perkins used wife to cover up gay life);

October 6 – Michael Douglas wife catches him in hotel with her friend/ Miss America's secret past/ Phil Donahue “My Crazy Life as Mr. Mom”);

October 13 – Troy Donahue gets aids test/ Princess Stephanie marries at last/ Teddy Keddedy snorted cocaine with kids);

October 20 – Dolly Parton will never sing again/ Elizabeth Taylor secret cancer surgery/ Opray peels off 30 lbs);

October 27 – Kirstie Alley secretly adopts baby boy/ Delta Burke sees shrinks to save marriage/ Catherine Oxenberg “I was molested by mu parents!”);

November 3 – Paula Abdul battles bulimia/ Barry Corbin marriage breakup/ Annie Potts quits);

November 10 – Howard Rollins busted again/ Princess Diana catches Prince Charles in affair with her sister);

November 17 – Vanna White starving herself/ Cher 46 and red hot/ Audrey Hepburn battles cancer/ John Wayne debt-ridden widow moves into trailer);

November 24 – Princess Diana gets divorced and $50 million/ Oprah secret wedding plans/ Magic Johnson gave me aids);

December 8 – Oprah shocking secrets future husband hides from her/ Hogan family teen on the run from U.S. Navy/ American's fattest 5 year old);

December 15 – Princess Diana Christmas heartbreak/ mystic Meg's 1993 predictions/ Joe Pesci to re-marry ex-call girl wife);

December 22 – Sarah Ferguson kicks out Texas lover/ Steven Sagal secret bigamy/ John Travolta lands crippled jet to save wife and baby);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1993 --

January 5 – Sly Stallone blackmails his fiancee's kid sister into sex/ horoscope guide for 1993);

January 19 – Princess Diana pregnant with Lover's baby/ Cher marrying Bagel boy/ Oprah guru wrecking wedding);

January 26 – Amy Fisher “My New sex Bombshell will destroy Joey's wife”/ Whitney Houston bodyguard dumps wife/ Prince Charles love tapes with Camilla);

February 2 – Whitney Houston husband busted/ David Letterman secret wife/ Little girl locked in dungeon);

February 9 – Mel Gibson chests with blonde in wild night with coeds/ Golden globes best and worst dressed);

February 16 – Oprah Stedman stole her from white doctor/ Angela Landsburg daughter was Manson Cult follower);

February 23 – Kenny Rogers in paradise love nest/ Raymond Burr has a gay hubby/ Prince Charles to wed lover);

March 9 – Whitney Houston life and death battle to save baby/ David Soul dream date nightmare/ “Blossom” male star a drunk at 16);

March 16 – Princess Diana – Charles may not be Princes Dad/ Faith Daniels – my real Dad's a savage rapist/ Dolly Parton hooked on plastic surgery);

March 23 – Whitney Houston new Mom/ Shannen Doherty sacked/ David Koresh had sex with my Mom and Me);

March 30 – Kathie Lee's terror for unborn baby/ Dolly Parton facelift falling apart/ Mariel Hemingway secret sister is mental patient);

April 6 - “Wonder Years” Fred Savage/ Charles Lindbergh killed own son/ Amanda Bearse “I'm gay and adopted a baby);

April 27 – Fergie aids nightmare / Susan Powter TV fitness guru never fat);

May 25 – Macaulay Culkin sad life of Squalor, terror and abuse/ Stars plastic surgery horrors);

June 1 – Janine Turner wild affair with Texas cowpike/ Princess Diana cures anorexia with water treatment/ Walt Disney wore womens cloths and beat his wife);

June 15 – Whitney Houston her private childhood photos/ Seinfeld falls for High School girl 17/ “Cheers” Cliff Claven slapped with sex charges);

June 22 - “Prince is Right” gals slug it out on set/ Joey Buttafuoco tries to seduce beauty/ best and worst dressed at Mariah Carey wedding);

June 29 – Bury Reynolds with Lori Anderson look – alike/ “Cheers” Kelsey Grammer bride loses baby in suicide bid);

July 6 – Oprah hot love secrets/ Burt Reynolds 4 year affair with waitress);

July 13 – Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett wedding/ Janet Jackson wild affair with Bobby Brown);

July 20 – Loni Anderson tells all/ “Love Connection” is a fake/ Daryl Hannah two-timing);

August 17 – Loni Anderson blasts Burts lies, lies, lies/ Kathie Lee Gifford miracle baby/ Oprah gives Stedman $20 million gift);

September 7 – Michael Jackson sex scandal/ Raymond Burr tragic last days/ Salaries of TV talk show hosts);

September 21 - “We saw Michael Jackson molesting child star”/ Herve Villechaize suicide tape/ Fall predictions);

November 2 – Cher piles on 25 lbs in battle with menopause/ Elizabeth Taylor grief over dying aids daughter);

November 9 – Julia Roberts secrets revealed in New book/ Regis & Kathy Lee splitting up/ Princess Diana red hot affair with banker);

November 16 – River Phoenix murder mystery/ Angela Lansbury uses herbs to beat arthritis & headaches/ Michael Jackson fleeing to Switzerland to dodge sex charges);

November 23 – Daryl Hannah ex-aide “I watched Daryl in bed with beautiful actress”/ Princess Diana nude photos/ Whitney Houston risking baby's health);

November 30 – Elizabeth Taylor fought with Michael Jackson for 72 hours of tears, terror and drugs/ What Fabio is really like in bed/ battling Bobbitts forgive and forget);

December 14 – Mr. Blackwell's best & Worst dressed of 1993/ “Blossom” star Mayim snubs Bill Bixby funeral);

December 21 – Wonderful weddings and sizzling scandals of 1993/ Michael Jackson secrets private eye trying to hide);

December 28 – Dolly Parton tragic baby secret/ Predictions for 1994/ America's hottest toys – Power Rangers);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1994 -

January 4 – Loni Anderson penniless/ George Foreman beat up his kids and molested two/ mystic Meg horoscope);

January 11 – Oprah magic diet/ Rodney Dangerfield weds women 31 years younger/ Micheal Jackson strip search ordeal);

January 18 – Nashville Babylon – Country Music most sizzling scandals/ Tammy Wynette “Thank you fans your prayers saved my life”);

January 25 – Diana Ross fabulous at 50/ Lorrie Morgan why she tied up hubby/ Oprah stormy love life);

February 1 – Tonya Harding bizarre secret love affairs/ Brooke Shields has both her feet broken by docs);

February 8 – River Phoenix secret love child/ Burt Reynolds to marry waitress/ Telly Savalas $6 million gift to kids);

February 15 – Oprah wild 40th birthday bash/ Tonya Harding mystery hit and run death of brother);

March 1 – Nancy Kerrigan to wed secret love/ Oprah to quit?/ Tonya Harding wedding dress striptease);

March 8 – Elizabeth Taylor warned by Docs to lose 40 lbs/ Whitney Houston husband broke/ kids and guns);

March 15 – Burt Reynolds shattered over lose of Dinah Shore/ Brooke Shields flips over Andre Agassi / Pope urges – pray for Jackie O);

March 22 – John Candy 4 Page Tribute/ Runaway Baby-swap kid Kimberly was beaten by Dad);

March 29 – Vanna White miracle baby diet/ Forbidden love that forced Kimberly to run away);

April 5 – Jackie O's miracle/ Charles Kuralt is quitting TV/ Telly Savalas kids in battle over will);

April 12 – Ferlie piles on pounds/ Princess Diana cheats death in ski terror/ Ray Charles driving at 60 mph);

May 3 – Roseanne shocking love triangle/ Burt Reynolds new gal gets new face);

May 10 – Lisa Marie Presley marriage is over/ 40 years of globe – Marilyn Monroe/ “Seinfeld” Kramer – threatens to quit/ Garth Brooks sex fantasies that saves marriage);

May 17 – Oprah dress and diet secrets/ Heather Locklear steals Cher's toyboy/ Summer predictions);

May 24 – Cher steals Angie Dickinson's toyboy/ Johnny Carson shattered as son dies of aids/ Michael Jackson hit and run driver tries to kill teen accuser);

May 31 – Jackie O's brave battle with killer cancer/ Loni Anderson to wed/ Paula Abdul divorce hubby seeing scarface model);

June 7 – Jackie O secrets);

July 5 – O.J. Simpson was framed!);

July 12 – O.J. Simpson dad was drag queen who died of aids/ Naomi Judd “I'm becoming a faith healer”);July 19 – O.J. Simpson didn't do it! Shocking new proof);

July 26 – O.J. Simpson two madmen committed murders/ Michael Jackson wacky wedding to Lisa Marie Presley);

August 2 – O.J. Simpson how cops framed him/ Jerry Seinfeld tells galpal “I want $50 million pre-nup neal);

August 9 – O.J. Simpson – This man did O.J. Murder/ Tatum O'Neal get $1.8 million a year from McEnroe/ Richard Mulligan brave fight for life after cancer surgery);

August 16 – O.J. Simpson talks for firs time/ Lisa Marie Presley pregnant);

August 23 – O.J. Simpson secret witness for defence “I saw real killers of O.J.'s wife/ Michael Jackson takes boy pal on honeymoon);

August 30 – Dionne Warwack what O.J. Simpson told her I day after murders/ Delta Burke loses 50 lbs);

September 6 – O.J. Simpson what's really in sealed envelope/ Oprah secret double life/ Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie marriage a sham);

September 13 – O.J. Simpson – America write you're innocent/ O.J. Simpson writes to his kids);

September 20 – Oprah amazing link to Elvis/ O.J. Simpson 10 vital clues cops missed/ Randy Travis “Roy Rogers saved my life”);

September 27 – O.J. Simpson defence; who really did the murders/ “Nanny” star rape terror/ Blackwell's good, bad and ugu-ly at the Emmys);

October 4 – O.J. Simpson new Nicole shocker sends him berserk/ Miss America Heather Whitestone miracle helped her beat deafness and win title);

October 11 – Dolly Parton uncensored/ ojx; 3 mystery witness could set him free/ Michael Jackson how he was framed);

October 18 – Oprah battles to save anorexic girl/ Whoopi Goldberg wild wedding/ O.J. Simpson prison heartbreak);

October 25 – O.J. Simpson roots/ Princess Diana secret $52 million divorce/ weight loss pill that really works);

November 1 – O.J. Simpson Nicole's shocking last days/ Roseanne plans wacky leather wedding/ Oprah fury over sexy tell all book);

November 8 – Prince Charles “Diana cheated on me with four lovers”/ Katie Couric wacky husband/ Burt Reynolds $11.5 million in debt/ Raul Julia tragic secret he took to grave);

November 15 – O.J. Simpson plot to kill him in jail/ Princess Diana falls for U.S. Tycoon);

November 22 – Susan Smith “Why I killed my beautiful babies”/ Pamela Anderson battling heroin addiction say friends/ TV's Scarlett O'Hara);

November 29 – Jackie O's suicide shocker/ Oprah “How I got skinny, sexy and smart at 40/ Jerry Seinfeld teen gal gives him the boot);

December 6 – Nicole Simpson private diary of gay sex and drugs/ John Thomas marries/ “E.R. Sexy secrets of TV's macho medics/ Richard Gere divorce shocker);

December 13 – Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie divorce shocker/ predictions for 1995);

December 27 – Heather Locklear secret wedding/ Kurt Cobain was murdered/ Dennis Franz crazy childhood);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1995 -

January 3 – Celine Dion weds manager aged 52/ Heather Locklear weds/ Christie Brinkley pregnant/ 1995 horoscope);

January 10 – Most successful star diets ever/ Tatum O'Neal and Jean-Claude Van Damme it's love/ Wynonna Judd miracle baby);

January 17 – O.J. Simpson to name real killer in shocking new book/ Jeanne Carmen “My wild Love Life”/ Oprah plan to bike across America);

January 24 – O.J. Simpson “I'd have saved Nicole if I'd been there”/ Nicole Simpson sealed file reveals 20 cases of abuse/ Heather Locklear quits Melrose Place);

January 31 – O.J. Simpson galpal Paula two timing with Michael Jackson's kid brother/ Oprah “The Man who Made me a slave to Drugs”/Nude photos haunt celebs);

February 7 – O.J. Simpson we give him lie test/ “Cheers” reunion of “Frasier”/ Babies for Vanna, Magic and Deidre);

February 14 – O.J. Simpson sizzling, sexy love affair with Nicole/ Susan Smith bizarre life in prison/ Jerry Seinfeld to wed teen who dumped him);

February 21 – O.J. Simpson shocking new evidence/ Doug McClure brave last days/ Elizabeth Taylor marriage crisis);

February 28 – Roseanne wacko wedding/ “Brady Bunch” cookbook/ O.J. Simpson jury ready to set him free);

March 7 – Pam Anderson wild bikini wedding/ Blackwell's dreams and screams of 1995/ Michael Jackson secret disease that makes him dress like invisible man);

March 14 – Nicole Simpson autopsy shocker/ Princess Diana topless photo scandal/ “E.R.” Hunk George Clooney saves tiny babys lifeA);

March 21 – Nicole Simpson killed by drug gang/ Shirley MacLaine new bombshell book/ Michael Jackson secret married life);

March 28 – Jenny Jones murder shocker/ O.J. Simpson – Nicoles's world of drugs and kinky sex);

April 4 – Mike Tyson weds doctor/ O.J. Simpson to testify/ Tanya Tucker fabulous country palace);

April 18 – O.J. Simpson diary/ Selena – Sick obsession that led to murder/ Dennis Franz fairytale wedding/ David Copperfield little black book);

April 25 – Elizabeth Montgomery rushed to hospital/ Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal/ O.J. Simpson – Cowlings prints found in bloody Bronco);

May 2 – Selena didn't have to die/ Marlon Brando pushed Cheyenne to suicide/ D.A. To dig up Nicole Simpson);

May 9 – Oklahahoma bomber chilling confession/ “My favourite Martian” star dumped by wife of 51 years);

May 16 – Arab terrorists paid Oklahoma bombers/ Oprah new step diet plan/ Whitney Houston threatens divorce);

May 23 – Princess Diane blackmailed in sex tape scandal/ Jane Seymour having test-tube baby/ Gary Busey dragged into rehab);

May 30 – Kathy Lee Gifford to adopt aids baby/ Ellen Barkin boy is scarred for life in burn ordeal);

June 13 – Marcia Clark suicide ordeal/ Johnny Cash getting clean and sober/ Christopher Reeve battle for life);

June 27 – Karla Homolka & Paul Bernardo cruel den of death / Warren Beatty caught in married woman's arms);

July 4 – Michael Jackson sex scandal boy divorcing parents/ Mystic Meg's predictions);

July 11 – Karla Homolka prison of pain/ Hugh Grant hooker scandal / Larry Hagman fights for life);

July 18 – Marcus Allen linked to Nicole Simpson murder/ Courteney Cox battling bulimia/ Susan Smith x-rated secret life);

July 25 – Marcia Clark romance with D.A. Darden/ Kelsey Grammer sex tape cover-up/ Martha Stewart serves take-out food);

August 1 – Nicole Simpson tragic addiction to sex/ New Fuhrman race scandal/ Candice Bergman husband has only weeks to live);

August 8 – O.J. Simpson rigged beauty pagent for sex/ Susan Smith tortured boys before they died);

August 15 – Christopher Reeve devoted wife helping him beat paralysis/ Pam Anderson pregnant);

August 22 – Princess Diana caught with married hunk/ Jerry Garcia heroin tragedy/ Selena died after lesbian love quarrel);

August 29 – O.J. Simpson cracks up/ Jerry Garcia secret love child/ Tommy Lee Jones nasty divorce);

September 5 – O.J. Simpson hip murder knife in golf bag/ mike tyson ditches pregnant bride/ Monica sells new slasher terror);

September 12 – O.J. Simpson juror's shocking diary of despair/ Robert Duvall wife runs off with pool boy/ Matt LeBlanc dumps galpal);

September 19 – Elizabeth Taylor abused by husband Larry/ Fuhrman suicide shocker);

September 26 – Marcus Allen attempts suicide over Nicole Simpson / “Price is Right” Holly Hallstrom scandal);

October 3 – Racist cop Fuhrman dressed in Blackface/ Paul Reiser wife and Preemie/ Bobby Brown “I'm Divorcing Nag Whitney”);

October 10 – Nicole and Ron Murder photos/ Bryant Gumble battling booze/ “Star Trek” William Shatner kinky orgies);

October 17 – How O.J. Got away with murder);

October 24 – Darden and Marcia to wed/ Melissa Gilbert 3 lb. Baby fights for life/ Denise plots to kidnap O.J.'s kids);

October 31 – Nicole Simpson crime scene photos/ Bobby Brown in rehab for wife abuse/ Vanna White steals Kathie Lee's job);

November 7 – O.J. Simpson secret visit to Nicole's grave/ Selena died in my arms);

November 14 – Inside O.J.'s blood splattered home/ Selena Autopsy photos);

November 21 – O.J. Simpson goes nuts/ Pierce Brosnan romances Christie Brinkley/ Courteney Cox packs on 150 lbs);

November 28 – George Clooney romances Courteney Cox/ Oprah having baby);

December 5 – Princess Diana confesses all/ Angie Dickinson rocked by sex photo scandal);

December 12 – Geraldo Rivera and Denise Brown romance/ Ivana Trump weds/ Inside model killer's sick den of death);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1996 --

January 9 – O.J. Simpson “I did it”/ Tonya Harding wedding album/ Whitney Houston gets bigger boobs to keep hubby);

January 30 – Sniper takes shot at O.J./ Heidi Fleiss gals rip lid off Hollywood/ Andy Griffith shattered as booze kills son);

February 6 – Wynonna Judd wild, wild wedding/ shocking reason Lisa Marie divorced Michael Jackson/ O.J. Simpson alibi/ Blackwell best & worst dressed at Golden Globes);

February 13 – Sick Secrets O.J. Simpson tells shrink/ Billy Dee Williams busted for beating lover/ “Honeymooners” Alice's brave cancer battle);

February 20 – Bryant Gumbel caught with sexy blonde/ Lucille Ball intimate diary/ TV's Olson twins parents to divorce);

February 27 – Opray too fat for Stedman/ Regis Philman ex-wife living in a shack/ Martha Stewart desperate search for Mr. Right);

March 5 – Lisa Maria Presley exposes Michael Jackson dirtiest secrets/ Nicole Simpson orgy on night she died);

March 12 – Princess Diana wins divorce/ “Batman” Val Kilmer caught with Cindy Crawford/ Tammy Faye Bakker axed/ Conway Twitty scandal);

March 19 – Shattered Marcia fights unfit Mom charge/ Jesse Raphael son tried to kill self/ Tammy Faye “I need all your prayers to beat cancer”);

March 26 – Weeping Oprah quits TV/ Demi Moore strips/ Cher back with Bagel Boy);

April 2 – Katherine Hepburn steamy affair with Howard Hughes/ How O.J. Did it/ Kathy Lee Gifford sexy vacation in paradise);

April 9 – Joan Lunden lost 50 lbs/ Tonya Harding shocking Olympic bid/ Blackwell best & worst dressed at Oscars);

April 23 – Mike Tyson in New Sex Rap scandal/ Tonya Harding dumps hubby/ Unabombers Mom “Why my son went bad”);

April 30 – Fergie divorces in Aids scandal/ Madonna pregnant – But who's really the dad/ Brett Butler “I quit booze after drunken gay fling);

May 7 – O.J. Simpson Trial Predictions/ Ricki Lake lost 25 lbs/ Margot Kidder tragedy);

May 14 – Perry Como tragedy/ Texan Johnny Bryan tells all “My Kinky affair with love-crazy Fergie/ O.J. Simpson to wed Nicole look alike);

May 21 – Martin Lawrence goes berserk/ Frank Sinatra “Let me die in peace”/ Lea Thompson fights off carjack gunman);

May 28 – Pregnant Melanie's wedding rocks Don Johnson/ Montel Williams seduced my wife);

June 4 – Latoya Jackson “My Secret Life as Battered Wife”; Susan Luccia anorexia shocker/ Marcia Clark to wed rocker);

June 11 – Hillary Clinton's baby heartache/ Marilu Henner “I lost 45 lbs & you can too”/ Cybill Shepherd “My red hot fling with Elvis);

June 18 – Pam Anderson Baby Drama/ Stars Plastic surgery secrets/ Annette's Brave Last Days);

July 2 – Jim Bakker's gay sex pal dying of Aids/ Pam Anderson baby photos/ Princess Diana gets boob job/ Rosie O'donnell tragic reason she has no man);

July 9 – Connie Francis eating herself to death/ Diana Ross in hiding after brother's murder/ Lisa Marie never slept with Michael Jackson);

July 16 – Margaux Hemingway suicide secrets/ Amy Fisher by guards/ Barbara Walters in love);

July 23 – Rosie O'Donnell strange secret life/ Jimmy Stewart last days/ Celine Dion quits to have baby);

July 30 – Princess Diana divorce breakdown/ Cher had lady lover/ Martha Stewart kid brother dishes dirt);

August 6 – Vanna White ordered to get sexier/ Liz Taylor health crisis she's hiding/ Robert Downey Jr. In prison chains);

August 13 – Regis Philbin “Fire Cathy Lee”/ Courtney Love in Heroin Rehab/ Bob Hope's Tragic last wish);

August 20 – Barbra Streisand tragedy/ Robert Urich brave fight for life/ Mystic Meg's predictions);

August 27 – Liza Minnelli crisis/ Milton Berle's lost love child/ Vanessa Williams dumps her hubby);

September 3 – Anna Nicole Smith boobs explode/ Rosie O'Donnell in gay marriage/ Tony Randall having first baby at age 76);

September 10 – Dolly Parton plastic surgery miracle/ Nicole Simpson sister in affair with wife beater);

September 17 – Regis picks New Kathie Lee/ Robert Urich goes under the knife/ Howard Stern's potato diet);

September 24 – Princess Caroline shattered as she goes bald/ Kenny Rogers “My battle with deadly liver disease/ Best and Worst dressed at Emmys);

October 1 – Ellen Degeneres comes out of Closet/ Neil Diamond sex scandal/ O.J. Simpson fake suicide note);

November 12 – Fran Drescher dumps hubby/ Sean Penn in street brawl with wife/ Katie Couric heartbreak);

November 19 – Frank Sinatra secret medical file/ Richard Pryor beaten by ex-wife/ Jenny Jones lied on stand);

November 26 – Joan Lunden “The Man who taught me to love again!”/ Natalie Wood – How she really died/ Matt Lauer affair with co-host);

December 10 – Liz Taylor eating self to death/ Kirstie alley divorce/ Brooke Shields rescues Mom from booze Hell);

December 17 – Burt Reynolds “How I Lost it all”/ Vanna White pregnant/ Annette Funicello MS steals voice);

December 24 – Howard Rollins aids tragedy/ JFK Jr. Bride storms out/ O.J. Daughter eating herself sick);

December 31 – Doris Day shocker/ Rober Urich cured/ Jerry Seinfeld aids tragedy);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1997

January 7 – JFK Jr. Bride has nervous breakdown/ Whitney Houston loses baby/ horoscope for 1997);

January 14 – Liz Taylor fights blackmail scandal/ James Stewart secret affair with Ginger Rogers/ 101 celebrity predictions);

January 21 – Jonbenet crime scene photos/ Princess Diana to wed Muslim Doctor/ Madonna baptizes Baby);

January 28 – Jonbenet abuses for months before murder?/ “X-files” Gillian Anderson dumps hubby);

February 4 – Bill Cosby son's last hours/ Jonbenet babysitter tells all);

February 11 – JFK Jr. Bride anorexic/ Jonbenet – Did Daddy do it?);

February 18 – Liz Taylor “Pray for Me”/ Oprah cocaine blackmail/ Jonbenet last words - “I'm going to tell mommy”);

February 25 – Paul Newman fights gay smear/ Michael Jackson baby drama; Jonbenet parents out of hiding);

March 4 – Howard Stern private life/ Jimmy Stewart 118 lbs/Jonbenet autopsy secrets);

March 11 – Farrah Fawcett dumped Ryan for good/ Jonbenet sister abused by father);

March 18 – Lisa Marie to Jacko “Let me raise your Baby”/ Katie Couric thrifty shopping secrets/ inside Jonbenet house);

march 25 – Geroldo Rivera secret love child/ Mary Tyler Moore “My Battle with blindness”/ Jonbenet cops to arrest parents);

April 1 – Oprah breast surgery/ Extortion gal “Bill Cosby fathered my child”/ Jonbonet new photo evidence);

April 8 – Beach boy Carl Wilson battles lung cancer/ best & worst dressed at Oscars/ Jonbenet; New blood evidence rocks Mom);

April 15 – Kirstie Alley goes berserk/ Princess Diana in vicious street brawl/ Jonberet; Did Mommy do it);

April 22 – Sylvester Stallone paid me to lose his baby/ UFO cult's missing diaries found/ Jonbenet; Mom's secret lover tells all);

April 29 – Brooke Shields & Andre Agassi fairytale wedding/ Whitney Houston Battles cocaine/ Jonbenet Mom copied ransome note from book);

May 6 – William Shatner bride jilts him at alter/ Vince Gill $20 million divorce/ Inside Brooke Shields wedding/ Bob Saget ditches wife);

June 10 – Frank Gifford sex tape/ Muslim Doctor cheats on Princess Diana/ Jonbenet; will Mom and Dad get away with it?);

June 17 - “Friends” Matthew Perry drug shame/ Frank Gifford to Kathie Lee “Let's start Over”/ Jenny Craig diet scandal);

June 24 – Farrah Fawcett caught in drug scandal/ Ivana Trump divorce advice to Kathie Lee/ Jonbenet; Dad laughs at cops);

July 1 – Brad Pitt dumps by fiancee/ Kathie Lee takes back Frank/ Frank Sinatra ailing);

July 8 - “Family Affair” Brian Keith suicide/ Rosie O'Donnell search for love/ Is Michael Jackson baby really Lisa Marie's?);

July 22 – Jimmy Stewart passes away/ Ivana Trump marriage crisis/ Frank Gifford in heart attack drama/ Demi Moore wasting away);

August 5 – Vanna White first baby photos/ Versace killer's confession/ Rosie O'Donnell “My Cancer battle”);

August 12 – Whitney Houston face slashed/ inside the Magic Kingdom – Disney exposed/ Jonbenet; Dad hid murder weapon);

November 18 – Hollywood's cheaters & Beaters/ Lisa Marie being destroyed by Michael Jackson/ Katie Couric fights order to get sexy);

November 25- JonBenet; Neigbor heard her die/ Who's fat & Who's not/ Frank Gifford & Mistress phone sex secrets );

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1998

January 6 – Chris Farley shocking last photos/ Celebrity prediction for 1998/ JonBenet was tortured by Stun Gun);

January 13 - “Titanic” star lover dies/ Rue McClanahan marries sixth time/ horoscope for 1998);

January 27 – Cher secret vow to Sonny/ Jerry Springer “My incredible Life”/ Michael Jackson wife wants a divorce);

February 3 - “Wonder Woman” Linda Carter in booze rehab/ Carl Perkins last words/ Jonbenet; Ramseys flee to Spain/ Leonardo Dicaprio Gay shocker);

February 10 - “Hawaii Five-O” Jack Lord dies/ Monica Lewinsky stalked the President/ Katie Couric hubby dies in her arms);

February 17 – Demi Moore marriage on the rocks/ Farrah Fawcett trashes lover's home with baseball bat/ Whitney Houston addition);

February 24 – Princess Diana; She didn't have to die/ Hollywood rips Clinton Witch Hunt/ Jonbenet; her brother did it);

March 3 -0 “X-Files” David Duchovny seduced massage girl/ Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman hospital drama/ Ellen Degeneres gay lover falls for a man);

March 10 – Oprah amazing plastic surgery/ Kathie Lee breast cancer horror/ Leonardo Dicaprio weird childhood);

March 17 – Loretta Lynn gets Breast implants/ Barbra Striesand goes nuts over rival Celine Dion/ Christopher Reeve and his wife);

March 24 – Special double issue/ “Titanic” 16-page bonus/ Father of Jodie Foster baby/ Kathie Lee dumps Regis for $120 million Disney deal);

March 31 – Leonardo Dicaprio nude photo scandal/ Naomi Judd- mother from hell. Lloyd Bridges shocking secret he took to grave);

April 7 - “Titanic” stars feud/ Oscar scandals/ 7-page album – The magic of Leonardo Dicaprio);

April 14 - “Xena Warrior Princess” Lucy Lawless weds/ Kate Winslet “My Titanic Diary”/ Vanna White nabs sex fiend suspect);

April 21 – JFK Jr. Sex and Drugs scandal/ John Travolta confesses to affair with Olivia Newton-John/ Tammy Wynette tragic struggle);

April 28 – Oprah lets her hair down/ Tammy Wynette funeral/ George Michael shame);

May 5 – Jailed teacher's sixth grade lover tells all/ Tim Allen cocaine and a bottle of scotch a day/ Paul McCartney “I'll never marry again”);

May 12 – Farrah Fawcett “I stilll love the man who beat me”/ Jerry Springer exposed/ “Titanic” Scandal);

May 19 – Eddie Murphy drag queen murdered in mystery fall/ Cher breaks down/ Carly Simon “Pray for Me”);

May 26 – Jerry Springer hotel romp shame/ Liza Minnelli eating herself to death/ Celine Dion stole my husband/ Jonbenet; brother on murder night);

June 2 – Frank Sinatra – So Long, Ol Blue Eyes/ Jean – Claude Van Damme “Is Gay and HIV Positive”/ Gloria Estefan catches son in booze and drug rampage);

June 9 – Frank Sinatra funeral/ Bo Derek “Why I Prayed for John to die”/ Paul McCartney first photos since Linda's death);

June 16 – Phil Hartman wife kills him – why she did it / “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter booze is killing her);

June 23 – Jerry Springer falls for Pam Anderson/ “90210” Jason Priestley Hospital drama/ Jonbenet; cops find ransom note pen – it's Mom's);

June 30 - 6th grade teacher secret sex files/ Why Oak Ridge Boy Steve Sanders blew his brains out/ Husband charges “Oprah stole my wife”);

July 7 – Bobby Brown busted on sex rap/ Macauley Culkin at 17 weds teen bride/ “Titanic II” Jack lives on in surprise sequel);

July 14 – Madonna fat and 40/ Billy Ray Cyrus killing himself with drugs/ Mary Tyler Moore eyesight saved);

July 21 – Roy Rogers last words & photos/ Demi Moore breaks down over divorce battle);

July 28 – Stars breast implant agony/ Cher going bald/ New JFK Video proves 2nd gunman/ Raquel Welch to wed toyboy);

August 4 – Arnold Schwarzenegger heart crisis/ Oprah love diary/ Jonbenet; Mom accuses Santa Claus/ Jodie Foster baby six weeks early);

August 11 – Farrah Fawcett to wed sex case convict/ Will Smith & Jada's boby photo's/ Marcus Welby deathbed confession/ Can Gay stars be cured?);

August 18 – Katie Couric confesses “I Love You Matt”/ Carol Burnett gay daughter “Why I was scared to tell Mom” / JFK Autopsy cover-up);

August 25 – Monica Lewinsky “I Wanted Bill's Baby”/ Leo Dicaprio & Mariah Carey in sizzling romance/ Dr. Laura exposed not practicing what she preaches);'September 1 – Prince Charles to wed Camilla/ 30 hot Hollywood rumours/ Hillary Clinton “I Forgive Him”);

September 8 – Demi Moore story of divorce & Betrayal/”90210” Jason Priestley killing himself with cocaine/ Jonbenet Mom's own story);

September 15 – LeoDicaprio kinky secret life/ Jonbenet; Dad gave pilot sheets & nightie to hide);

September22 – Elvira “Tom Jones stole my virginity”/ Roseanne secret hit list/ Flip Wilson fights for life/ Jerry Springer was my phone sex slace);

September 29 - “Ally McBeal” Calist Flockhart anorexia fears/ Michael Joprdan cheats death/ Best & Worst dressed at Emmys/ Perry Como loses the will to live);

October 6 – Fergie's Mom murdered/ Monica Lewinsky plot to trap JKF Jr./ Liz Taylor blonde and Walking);

October 13 – Jailed teacher Mary Kay Letourneau giving birth in jail/ Mary Frann killed by diet obsession/ Hollywood's leading ladies who's gay who's not);

October 20 – Ed McMahon – Booze, Broads and Life with Johnny/Matt Lauer Dream wedding/ Jonbenet; brother's knife used in murder);

October 27 – Jailed teacher Mary Kay Letourneau “My Life Behind Bars”/ Bizarre plan to Clone Princess Diana/ Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown wed again);

November 3 – Prince Charles & Camilla honeymoon Scandal/ Jerry Seinfeld sex secret shame/ Farrah Fawcett 13-year old child busted for drugs);

November 10 - “Star Trek the Movie” Persis Khambatta was murdered/ Is Sophia Loren dying?/ Hollywood home-wreckers);

November 17 – Goldie Hawn walks out of Kurt Russell/ Lisa Marie Presley uncensored/ William Shatner puts bride in rehab);

November 24 – Phil Hartman autopsy secrets/ Tony Curtis wedding album/ Jonbonet; brother is killer/ Why Stedman refused to make love to Oprah);

December 1 – O.J.'s secret wife/ Farrah Fawcett caught with drug pusher/ Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra in drunken wedding scandal);

December 8 – Marilyn Monroe deathbed photos/ Judge Judy husband wearing her undies/ Kathie Lee caught in cruise ship rape scandal);

December 15 – Michael J. Fox breaks down/ Chuck Norris secret vow to new bride/ 30 wild rumours/ Rush Limbaugh loses 80 lbs to save marriage);

December 29 – Did Sonny Bono wife seduce Newt Gingrich?/ Kathie Lee her story/Predictions for 1999/ Oprah friends tell her “Save your Crackhead Sister”);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 1999

January 5 – Milton Berle fights for life/ Hillary Clinton secret vow/ Horoscope for 1999);

January 12 – Farrah Fawcett 13 year old son in drug hell/ Barbara Walters secret torment/ “Family Matters” Michelle Thomas dies in Malcol-Jamal Warer's arms);

January 19 – Frank Gifford & mistress secret sex files/ quick & easy diets for you/ Charles Bronson, 77, weds 38 year old);

January 26 – George Clooney leaves “E.R.”/ Prince William blames Charles for Princess Diana death/ Rod Stewart street brawl with wife);

February 2 – Michealle Pfeiffer suicide drama/ Princess Diana lost love letters/ How sexy Goldie Hawn won Kurt Russell back);

February 9 – Melanie Griffith “I'll smoke pot with my kids”/ Pregnant Princess Caroline wedding photos/ Golden Globe Good, Bad & Ugly/ Hillary Clinton turns to psychic marriage counselor);

February 16 – Dylan McDermott Mom blew her brains out/ Liz Taylor hubby murder plot/ Oprah secret lover tells all);

February 23 – Pam Anderson “I was raped at 12”/ Jonbenet; Mom's shockiing confession/ Princess Caroline caught in Nazi scandal);

March 2 – Jonbenet; The case against Mom/ Julie Andrews medical tragedy/ Inside stars bedrooms);

March 9 – Monica Lewinsky “Clinton raped me”/ Phil Hartman little orphan's);

March 16 – Who'a Gay and Who's not on TV/ Prince William in love with Camilla niece/ Judge Judy's verdict on Jonbenet);

March 23 – Katherine Hepburn her last days/ Tom Hanks battle with deadly bacteria/ George Jones cheats death/ Jerry Springer divorce shocker);

March 30 – Brad Pitt love secret – Reason he won't wed Jennifer Anison/ President Clinton hush-hush divorce deal );

April 6 – Cher gay sex shocker/ Brooker Shields collapse as TV co-star hangs himself/ “Murphy Brown” shooting tragedy/ Best & worst dressed at Oscar/ Star Wars; Free collectors pull-out);

April 13 – Brad Pitt dad “Marry Jennifer … now?” Johnny Carson heart attack/ Billy Crystal gay crisis);

April 20 – Jonbenet; panties prove Mom did it/ Michael Jordan sister tells all/ Johnny Carson battles lethal lung disease);

April 27 – JFK jr's wife walks out/ Brooks Shields & Andre Agassi divorce shocker/ Celine Dion cancer tragedy);

May 4 – Pam Anderson breast implant horror/ Jane Fonda fury over Ted's old frame/ Jonbenet; Mom insane);

May 11 – Columbine High School survivors stories/ Michael Jackson treated in hospital psycho unit/ Joey Buttafuoco cheating on Mary Jo);

May 18 0 Katie Couric family owned slaves/ O/ J. Simpson wins again – custody fight/ Columbine boy pulled from window – fight photo);

May 25 – Julie Andrew in drug rehab/ Dana Plato suicide secret/ Amy Fisher prison lover tells all);

June 1 – Brooke Shields breaks down/ Jonbenet; Mom calls in exorcist for brother/ Prince William cocaine tragedy);

June 8 – Ricky Martin – is he gay?/ Jane Russell drinking herself to death/ Who hates who and why);

June 15 – Demi Moore calls of divorce/ Jerry Springer wildest guest tell all);

June 22 – Ricky Martin sex attack shocker/ Julia Roberts triump over tragedy/ Celebrity crime victims);

June 29 – Country Queens private lives/ Courtnesy Cox star-studded wedding/ “Star Trek” secret Dr. McCoy took to the grave);

July 6 – Who's on drugs and Who's not/ Will Smith world's most henpecked hubby/ Celine Dion leaves hubby for fans);

July 13 – Oprah packs on 47 lbs/ I stared into railroad killer's eyes fiance “Cybill Shepard begged me for 3-way sex);

July 20 – Sandra Dee in Life or Death Hospital Drama/ Jonbenet; Grand jury to indict Mom and Dad/ Wreatling superstars childhoods);

July 27 – Breast surgery – Who's are real and who's are fake/ Shania Twain caught in love traingle);

August 3 – JFK Jr.'s final hours/ Special tribute issue);

August 10 – John & Carolyn together forever);

August 17 – JFK Jr. Hotel mystery/ Atlanta gunman Mark Barton final photo/ Joan River stragedy);

August 24 – Jackie's last letter to JFK Jr./ William Shatner weeps for drowned wife);

August 31 – William Shatner wife's autopsy secrets/ Richard Simmons; my own story/ JFK Jr.'s legacy);

September 7 – William Shatner – Was wife murdered?/ Montel Williams battle with MS/ Richard Simmons “How I beat Bulimia);

September 14 – JonBenet; New autopsy evidence/ Jerry Lewis warns stalker “I'll blow your brains out!”);

September 21 – Oprah hits 220 lbs/ TV nostalgia special where are they now?/ “Sopranos” James Gandolfini secret life);

September 28 – Rosie O'Donnell breast cancer fears/ 10 new Hollywood facelifts);

October 5 – JFK Jr. $100 million estate shocker/ Diane Sawyer kinky love secrets/ Bob Barker brush with death);

October 19 – Secrets of TV Game Show hosts/ Jim Varney fight for life/ Doctor Atkins diet scandal);

October 26 – Caroline Kennedy breaks down over JFK Jr. death/ Wilt Chamberlain tragedy);

November 2 – Richard Simmons beg Oprah “Forgive Me!”/ Why Marie Osmond dumped her family/ Prince William sex scandal);

November 9 – JFK Jr's home movies/ Howard Stern marriage bust-up/ Susan Dey beats booze);

November 16 – Carroll O'Connor fights for life/ Oprah suicide not/ Katie Couric falls for plastic surgeon);

November 23 – Annette Funicello has brain surgery/ inside home home of serial killers/ Paul McCartney romances one-legged beauty Heather Mills);

November 30 – JFK Jr. died with a broken heart/ Michael Landon son in gay marriage);

December 7 – Betrayed by cheating wife/ Demi Moore love nest scandal);

December 14 – Michael Jordan gay murder shocker/ “Who wants to be a millionaire” faked/ Goldie Hawn plastic surgery scandal);

December 21 – Prince William gives up throne/ Bob Hope collapses/ Jonbenet movie sneak preview);

December 28 – Queen charges Camilla killed Princess Diana/ Kathie Lee revenge on cheating Frank/ Liza Minnelli confesses “I'm an alcoholic”);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2000

January 4 – Jennifer Lopez wild bedroom secrets/ Horoscope for 2000);

January 11 – Sonny Bono murdered/ Lisa Marie Presley caught in love triangle/ JFK Jr.s final hours with another woman);

January 18 – Regis Philbin revenge/ George Harrison – my fight for life with psycho slasher/ Chelsea Clinton new face);

January 25 – Why Oprah won't wed/ Monica Lewinsky fake diet photo/ Stars with no makeup);

February 1 – Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown flee cops/ I was Anna Nicole Smith lesbian lover/ Clinton intern murder scandal);

February 8 – Everything you want to know about “Millionaire”/ Oprah's baby/ Cops save Brooke Shields from gun toting maniac);

February 15 – Nancy Reagan say goodbye to Ron/ Prince William shame over Diana's love letters);

February 22 – Don Johnson gay double life/ Farrah Fawcett new face/ Michael Jordan family secret);

February 29 – Kennedy's dirty secrets/ Why Mary Tyler Moore son killed himself/ Kathie Lee turns own daughter into new Jonbenet);

March 7 – Jonbenet; 28 shocking photos from movie/ I was Don Johnson's gay lover);

March 14 - “Tonya Harding beat me black & blue” - boyfriend accuses/ Prince Charles drove Diana to drugs/ Barbara Bush is ruthless);

March 21 – Nancy Regan collapses as Ron fades away/ Drew Carey heart attack drama);

March 28 – List of Hillary Clinton gay lovers/ Magic Johnson wife stands by him in new aids outrage/ Madonna – guess what she's got in her closet);

April 4 – Michael J. Fox last chance surgery/ Julia Roberts to have baby);

April 11 – Whitney Houston Oscar drug distaster/ Annette Funicello helpless in family fued/ sex change Oscar winner Hilary Swank saves marriage);

April 25 – Demi Moore in pron scandal/ JonBenet; Mom strangled her with own nightie/ Oprah gains 65 lbs);

May 2 – F.B.I. Sting rocks Hollywood – gay blackmail scandal/ Chelea Clinton secret anorexia ordeal/ Chuck Norris risks sex surgery to save marriage);

May 9 – Robert Urich faces new cancer ordeal/ Caroline sells off JFK Jr's treasures/ Prince William flips for Trumps daughter);

May 16 – Millary Clinton & lover on sex video/ Elian sex charge rock family/ “Golden Girls” Parkinson ordeal);

May 23 – Oprah TV shrink caught in sex scandal/ Russell Crowe gay secret/ Kathie Lee shocker – Frank still lying);

May 30 – Whitney Houston to divorce/ Prince William police files/ Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman – their love story);

June 6 – Dolly Parton affair wth 15 year old/ Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts -it's love/ Judge Judy wife fro hell);

June 13 – Connie Chung & Maury Povitz marriage crisis/ Andy Griffith battles for life/ TV's “Survivor” - the inside story);

June 20 – Bob Hope passes/ Janet Pfeiffer a toothpick);

July 4 – Wrestling diva Chyna boob explodes/ “Survivor” Secrets they can't show on TV);

July 11 – Goldie Hawn nude romp/ Fran Dresher “I beat cancer”/ “Oprah opens her own fat farm);

July 25 – Eminem's wife in suicide drama/ “Frasier” Dad gay shocker/ Celeb diet tricks);

August 1 - “Friends” who haes who/ Loretta Young sad last days/ Eddie Murphy marriage crisis – Happy Ending);

August 8 – Med Ryan – Her secret hell with Dennis Quaid/ George W. Bush wife killed boyfriend/ “Survivor” skeletons in their family closets);

August 15 – Jerry Springer murder/ Chelsea Clinton “Mom & Dad ruined my life”/ “Survivor” nude fued);

August 29 – Tipper Gore too fat/ “Survivor” hero shocker? Jennifer Aniston honeymoon heartache);

September 5 – Ellen Degeneres gay divorce/ JonBenet; cops set trap for Mom/ Jerry Lewis tragedy on eve of telethon);

September 19 – George W. Bush booze scandal/ Baby for Brad & Jennifer/ Chelsea Clinton secret diary);

September 26 – Dolly Parton divorce drama/ “Survivor” champ “I was raped”/ Beauty queens gone bad);

October 3 – Ellen Degeneres ex-girlfriend pregnant/ Matt Lauer marriage misery/ Maury & Connie terror over KKK plot);

October 10 – Phil Donahue sad lonely life/ Whitney Houston facing jail/ Olympic sex shockers);

October 17 – Jerry Springer show suicide/ Faith Hill jilted lovers/ Ray Romano battles heart disease);

November 14 – Richard Pryor sad last days/ Was Carolyn flying JFK Jr's plane?/ Princess Diana & lover sex tape);

November 28 – Oprah breaks down after vicious attack/ Cher to wed/ Melanie Griffith drug crisis);

December 5 – Dolly Parton lesbian shocker/ Jerry Springer show rigged/ Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding);

December 12 – Robert Downey Jr. drug bust drama/ Goldie Hawn shame – Kurt Russell caught in sleazy massage parlor);

December 19 – Meg Ryan accused of fake breakdown/ David Spade shot by 360 lb. Pal/ Demi Moore wild porn past);

December 26 – Arnold Schwarzenegger accused of sex attack on TV beauty/ Monica Lewinsky another scandal);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2001

January 30 - “Temptaion Island” all the shocking secrets/ Chyna – her tragic life story);

February 27 - “Survivor” Secret gay castaway/ William Shatner weds fourth wife);

March 20 – Bruce Willis falls for kinky porn queen/ Rose O'Donnell come out of closet/ Prince William love child scandal/ Bush girl's booze crisis);

March 27 – Bill Clinton linked to murder probe/ Anna Nicole shacks up with secret gay lover);

April 3 – Anthonio Banderas & Melanie Griffiths marked for death/ “Survivor” sex video/ Monica Lewinsky – kinky games she played with Bill);

May 15 – Dale Earnhardt – who cut his seat belt/ Connie & Maury marriage nightmare);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2004

October 4 – Kobe Bryant accuse pregnant/ Harrison Ford battles to save teen son from drugs/ 20-page scandals magazine inside);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2005

April 25 – JFK Jr's love child found/ Michael Jackson secret lover takes overdose/ The convict & the warden's wife);

May 2 – Did Paula Abdul fix “American Idol”/ Who's gay who's not/ Oprah packs on 20 pounds);

May 9 – Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher secret Vegas wedding/ “American Idol” investigation/ Stars without makeup);

May 16 – Camilla kicks Charles out/ Scott Peterson “My new love letters from Amber”/ Katie Couric out Kelly Ripa in “Today Show”);

May 23 – JonBenet; Mom goes home to die/ Chelse Clinton collapses as lover caught in Iraq bomb blast);

May 30 – Oprah stomach surgery scandal/ Scott Peterson new prison hell);

June 6 – Regis wins war with Kelly Ripa/ Ellen Degeneres secret breakdown);

June 13 – Camilla's facelift/ Dr. Phil stripper scandal/ Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – it's a hoax);

June 20 – Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie moving in together/ Hillary attacks Bill's secret lover/ Michael Jackson was framed);

June 27 – Michael Jackson 97 lbs. & starving himself to death/ Chelsea Clinton wedding off);

July 4 – JFK Jr. bombshell – the fight that caused the crash/ Aruba suspect secret violent past);

July 11 – Scott Peterson slit Laci's throat/ Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes bizarre pre-nup);

July 18 – Suzanne Somers snubs Ritter tribute/ Aruba murder: what reaaly happened to Natalee);

July 25 – Jennifer Aniston breaks silence/ Martha Stewart to wed/ Britney Spears Brooke?);

August 1 – Why Natalee was murdered/ was “Dancing with the Stars” fixed?/ Idaho monster's chilling diary of death);

August 8 – Camilla cheats on Charles/ Peter Jenning weeks to live/ America's cruelest mom);

August 15 – Aruba murder confession/ Inside BTK Killer's marriage/ Jennifer Aniston new man);

August 22 – Annette Funicello car crash tragedy/ Regis Family Fued);

August 29 – Oprah quits!/ Family secret that drove Scott Peterson to kill Laci);

September 5 – JonBenet brother Burke's new life at 18/ Jennifer Anisten secret meeting with Brad Pitt's mom);

September 12 – Natalee: the last photos/ Jeffrey Dahmer victim's chilling tale/ Angelina Jolie engagement ring);

September 19 – Hurricane Katrina government cover-up/ Scott had killed before Laci/ BTK to wed in prison/ Brad & Jen TV showdown);

September 26 – Camilla kicks Prince William out/ swimsuit horrors/ Pets – Katrina's other victims);

October 3 – Oprah betrays Stedman/ Hurricane dog's amazing rescue);

October 10 – President Bush marriage crisis/ Liz Taylor death watch/ Angelina exposes Brad's other women);

October 17 – Scott killed Laci for money/ Dick Clark slipping away/ Johnny Carson secret life);

October 20 – Condoleezza Rice & Foxy news girls/ Charles caught cheating);

November 7 – “I Know who killed Chandra Levy”/ Yanni – is he dying?/ Jen & Vince move in together);

November 14 – Prince William goes berserk/ Which TV anchor has a gay secret?);

November 19 – Docs let John Ritter die/ Caroline Kennedy & husband secretly split);

December 5 – Bill Clinton drug crisis/ Top TV stars caught up in sex scandal);

December 12 – Jakco accuser in witness protection program/ Chelsea Clinton wedding);

December 19 – Natalee's grave found/ Saddam cuts secret deal to trap Osama);

December 26 – Will Oprah fire Dr. Phil/ Garth & Trisha honeymoon battle);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2006

January 12 – Prince Charles * Camilla split/ Family war over Richard Pryor fortune/ Angelina & Brad baby due in May);

January 9 – JonBenet breakthrough/ George Clooney grilled by FBI/ Tookie's last photo);

January 16 – Oprah plane crash horror/ George W. Bush cheated on Barbara/ Bodybuilder couple set mistress on fire);

January 23 – Tom & Katie wedding is off/ Natalee's bloody sneaker found/ Michelle Rodriguez hot gay night/ Kiefer Sutherland wild booze binge);

January 30 – The real Regis exposed/ “Full House” Jodie Sweetin in drug rehab/ Twins for Angelina & Brad);

February 6 – Chelsea Clinton secret honeymoon in India/ Honeymoon Cruise mystery bride's bizarre story);

March 6 – Natalee: found the knife that killed her/ Carol Burnett shuns daughter's wedding/ Prince William honeymoon hideaway);

March 13 – Marie Osmond husband's cancer tragedy/ Dick Cheney caught with another woman/ Natalee: Joran fails lie detector);

March 20 – Oprah new will/ Natalee: cops find clothes she died in/ “Dancing with the Stars” was fixed);

March 27 – Camilla hires divorce lawyer/ “American Idol” who will win/ Natalee: new suspect in murder/ Bill Clinton wild sex party);

April 3 – Tom & Katie baby danger/ Jennifer Aniston secret letter to Brad Pitt/ “Grey's Anatomy” gay love triangle);

April 10 – Natalee: body finally found/ Laura Bush secret life/ Stars divorces get nasty);

April 17 – Oprah – Stedman walks out/ Whitney Houston broke/ Katie Holmes falling out with Tom's mom);

April 24 – Camilla wrecks William's secret wedding/ Dale Earnhardt family fued/ Mary Winkler – Dark secret that drove preacher's wife to kill);

May 1 – Natalee: video to last minutes/ Angelina bizarre birth plan/ Tom Cruise brutal childhood beatings);

May 8 – JFK Jr.; crash caused by drugs/ Charlton Heston sad last days/ Katie Holmes plan to leave Tom/ Duke University rape accuser first photo);

May 15 – Charlie Sheen blamed for porn star's death/ Whitney Houston months to live);

May 29 – George W. Bush marriage breakup/ “American Idol” voting rigged/ Prince Harry steamy party photos);

June 5 – Natalee cover-up exposed/ “Deal or no Deal” fueds, Jealousy & Betrayal/ Paul McCartney bullied by one-legged wife);

June 12 – Paul McCartney “I want the Baby”/ Nascar's Richard Petty at war with Danica Patrick/ “American Idol” shocker – Taylor & Katharine);

June 19 – Camilla demands divorce/ Victoria Principle battered divorce claims/ Brad & Angelina ugly baby);

June 26 – Laura Bush walks out/ Angelina $10 million charity scandal/ Attempt to kill Scott Peterson on death row);

July 30 – Oprah & Stedman the final split/ Julia Roberts fury over Britney);

July 10 – Prince charles & Camilla marriage illegal/ “American Idol” the proof it's fixed);

July 17 – JonBenet: Why Mom was never charged/ Scott Peterson's lover Amber Frey weds/ Jeff Gordon crash – sabatoge?);

July 24 – George W. Bush & Laura secret marriage counseling/ Sophia Loren nude photo scandal/ Princess Diana death crash photos);

July 31 – Johnny Depp secret wife/ Nascar backlash over Danica Patrich/ Oprah & Gayle move in);

August 7 – Paula Abdul breast implant horror/ Garth Brooks “My Kidnap Horror”/ Camilla drive Harry to breakdown);

August 14 – Andrea Yates – how killer Mom got away with murder/ Simon Cowell his 2 am romp with 21-year old beauty);

August 21 – Garth Brooks caught up in sex scandal/ Mel Gibson secret breakdown);

August 28 Paul McCartney heart attack drama/ Suzanne Pleshette cancer spreads/ Yanni beat beauty);

September 4 – JonBenet: inside twisted killer's mind/ Garth Brooks caught up in cancer drama);

September 11 – JonBenet: murder suspect is a serial killer/ Liz Taylor fading fast);

September 18 – Laura Bush nervous breakdown/ Bible belt backlash over Jessica & Ashlee Simpson/ love secrets of Nascar revealed);

September 25 – Steve Irwin auropsy shocker/ White House exorcism/ Andy Griffith fights for life);

October 2 – Anna Nicole Smith son was murdered/ “Dancing with the Stars” cheating scandal/ Who killed TV's superman);

October 16 – Steve Irwin cover-up: was he drugged?/ Dr. Phil $10 Million diet scam);

November 6 – Bush divorce papers/ Paul McCartney court battle explodes/ Anna Nicole breaks down at sons funeral);

November 13 – Michael J. Fox fights for life/ Tina Turner caught drunk on camera/ Paul McCartney suicide watch);

November 20 – Dolly Parton wasting away/ George W. Bush booze rehab shocker/ Bob Barker dying?);

November 27 – Farrah Fawcett time running out/ Steve Irwin knew he was going to die/ Faith Hill breaks down as “American Idol” fans attack her);

December 4 – Camilla marked for death/ Jeff Gordon marriage is doomed/ “Dancing with the Stars” was rigged);

December 11 – Bush divorce scandal explodes/ Kelly Ripa humiliated by rude Clay Aiken/ Lindsay Lohan killing herself);

December 25 – Dr. Phil family tragedy/ Plot to kill Bill Clinton/ JonBenet; Mom did it);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2007

January 1 – Steve Irwin family at war over Bindi/ Martha Stewart tells all);

January 22 – Oprah shame insults U.S. Kids opens school in Africa/ Clay Aiken breakdown);

February 5 – Hillary Clinton drug scandal/ “American Idol” Suicide drama/ Barbara Walters plastic surgery shocker);

February 12 – James Brown autopsy shocker/ Goldie Hawn face falling apart/ George Bush & Laura trial separation);

February 19 – Camilla head-to-toe plastic surgery/ Steve Irwin had broken neck/ I was little Richard's sex slave);

February 26 – Anna Nicole: autopsy shocker/ Oscar stars secrets sneak peck);

March 5 – Anna Nicole: Baby kidnap drama/ Dale Earnhardt movie sneak peak);

March 19 – Anna Nicole: Murder charge shocker/ George W. Bush goes beserk);

March 26 – Anna Nicole; grave robbery drama/ Regis dying?);

April 2 – George W. Bush & Laura's darkest secrets/ Anna Nicole lover in suicide drama);

April 9 – Anna Nicole & son Daniel – dig up their bodies/ “American Idol” cheating scandal exposed);

April 16 – Anna Nicole; dying wish for tragic baby/ Prince William caught cheating);

April 30 – Anna Nicole; new Mom for baby/ is George Clooney sick);

May 7 – Inside Virginia Tech Massacre killer's secret gay life/ Martha Stewart $10 million dream wedding);

May 14 – Obama exposed as Muslim/ Laura flees boozing Bush/ Rosie O'donnell revenge – she'll destroy Barbara Walters);

Mat 21 – Anna Nicole; new baby war/ Bush cheating scandal/ Ann-Margaret tragedy/ Suzanne Pleshette just weeks to live);

May 28 – Marcia Brady – Maureen McCormick 28 lbs lighter – anorexic?/ Tammy Faye's deathbed secret);

June 11 – Phil Spector crime scene photos/ Dick Cheney call girl scandal);

June 25 – Anna Nicole; Is Larry an unfit dad?/ Kansas murder – why monster chose Kelsey/ Wayne Newton plastic surgery horror);

July 2 – Farrah Fawcett – desperate last chance to beat cancer/ Scott Peterson new trial shocker);

July 9 – Oprah – only 6 years to live/ the “Mommy in the rug” murder/ Steve Irwin widow's breakdown);July 16 – Wrestling murder – Suicide autopsy secrets – Chris Benoit, his wife and son/ Mary Tyler Moore brain tumor);

July 30 – Chris Benoit & family were murdered by satanic cult/ Bush heart attack drama);

August 6 – Oprah in love with married man/ Tammy Faye amazing courage/ British bulldog “I tried to save Chris Benoit);

August 13 – Tammy Faye suicide mystery/ Chris Benoit wife's suicide mystery/ Chris Benoit wife's pregnancy street/ Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband naked);

August 20 – Doctor's shocking report; who'll die first Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Liz Taylor etc.);

GLOBE (Tabloid Newspaper); 2009

April 20 – Obama illegal alien aunt scandal/ Caylee's tragic dad);

SPECIAL – 1993 (The Luxury Lifestyles TV's Rich Superstars);

INSIDE NEWS (Pare Pub. Co.)


February 26 – Starley Honey MacNeil - “I am evil and Men prefer me that way”);

March 12 – Candi Donahue - “I'm an expert at love”);

October 22 – Jackie Lane; Males for sale to women);


May 26 – Lolitas sold for $150 an hour);

June 2 – Cops raid nude dude ranch);

MIDNIGHT (Midnight Pub. Corp.);


January 2 – Dad roasts daughter's lover – and forces her to eat corpse);

January 23 – Janet Wellington - “Husbands are all right, but I prefer strangers for sex”);

January 30 – Unborn baby shot in Mom's womb – both live);

March 20 – Father offers … This girl for sale);

March 27 – Groom slaughters 14 wedding guests because they made love to the bride);

October 23 – Doctor tells why Lynda Bird has to get married);

December 4 – 500 love slaves for sale and it's legal);

December 11 – Edy Williams - “My Body is built for sex”);


January 22 – Barbi Simms - “I can't control my sex urges”);

June 3 – JFK, King killed by same assassins);

1972 – September 4 – Burton & Taylor getting divorce);

1973 – April 16 – Doc Anderson famous psychic);


August 12 – The loophole in Kennedy alibi about Mary Jo's death);

November 4 – Marilyn Monroe & Bobby Kennedy's love affair);


April 7 – Startling new predictions about top personalities);

April 21 – Five top psychics predict what will happen to Jackie Kennedy);

April 28 – Ari wanted to divoce Jackie);

May 12 – Hee Haw's Lulu telles about her drug addiction/ Pcychic predictions for next 6 months);

May 19 – Jackie to lose Ari's millions/ Friends and relatives wait beyond grave – proof);

May 26 – Jackie has good time while mourning Ari);

June 2 – Cher – details about the six men in her love life);

June 9 – Cher & Elton John in sixxling romance/ Bobby Kennedy killed because he knew JFK real assassins);

June 16 – Plan to make Ted Kennedy next president);

June 23 – Princess Grace & Rainer split/ Cher receives death threats);

October 27 – Patty Hearst wanted to be taken alive/ men from space land on Earth – C.I.A. Hush it up);


December 27 – The day Elvis went berserk with a shotgun/ Ordeal of the Moonie Slaves);


March 29 – Life Under Madman Amin);

April 12 – Farrah Fawcett fabulous life story);

April 26 – Claudine longet stole my husband);

June 7 – Farrah Fawcett losing her hair/ Patty Hearst new life as Sunday School teacher);

MIDNIGHT GLOBE (Midnight Pub. Corp.)


August 8 – The Real Elvis);

September 19 – Predictions to 1979);

October 31 – Burt Reynolds - “Why Sally and I Won''t wed/ Robin Williams crazy is his style);

December 12 – Guyana – Why? Mystery of Jones death cult/ Last desperate plea of Paul Newman's son);


April 10 – Elvis uncensored/ Dramatic proof of life after death);

MODERN PEOPLE (Modern People Prod. Inc.);


March 17 - “The Exorcist” Is Sheer Hell);


April 24 – Louise Lasser a lunatic/ John Travolta weird cult help's to face reality);

SPECIAL NO. 2009 (Violence);


1976 – August 2 – Eartha Kitt why she had to perform abroad/ Are Religious Cults dangerous?);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Best Medium Pub. Co.);


March 12 – Ecstacy and me by Hedy Lamarr);

November 5 – The Daughter JFK's Mother had to give up);

November 19 – Why you won't stop smoking);

December 3 – Laurence Harvey insist - “I'm not trying to steal Sinatra's wife);


January 21 – Milk is a menace to your health);

January 28 – Suppressed JFK Murder evidence);

February 4 – Color TV radiation dangerous to millions);

February 25 – 2,000 UFO Reported);


September 17 – Tab Hunter in love with Joan Cohn/ 5 amazing UFO sightings);

November 12 – Gina Lollobrigida new love Renaud Verley);


April 15 – Death & kidnap threats forcing Osmond brothers to leave USA);


January 13 – Predictions for 1974);

February 3 (Barbara Eden & Charles Fegert);

March 3 (George Peppard & Sharon Arge);

March 10 – Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner - “The most wanted baby in the world”);

March 17 (Barbra Streisand & Jon Peters/ "True Story behind the Exorcist");

March 31 (June Allyson & Jon Peterson);

April 28 – Glenn Ford & new love Cythia Hayward);

June 2 ( The Dog that Refused to Die);

June 16 ( Sally Struthers & Art Fisher);

June 30 ( Van Johnson);

July 28 ( Telly Savalas & Sally Adams);

August 25 ( Tommy Smothers & Rochelle Robley);

September 22 ( Aristotle Onassis/ Jeane Dixon Predictions);

September 27 (Trini Lopez & Kaye Stevens);

October 7 (Shirley MacLaine & Pete Hamill);

October 17 (Don Adams & Dorothy Adams);

October 27 (The Rosenkowitz Sexuplets);

November 5 ( Richard Chamberlain & Linda Christian);

November 19 ( Elvis Presley at 40 - Paunchy, Depressed & living in Fear);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1975

January 14 (Cary Grant & Maureen Donaldson);

January 28 ( George Montgomery & Rochelle Hayes);

February 4 (Rosenkowitz sextuplets 1st Birthday);

February 18 ( Raquel Welch & Freddie Prinze);

March 4 – Marlon Brando brat childhood/ Incredible power of Japan's psychic children);

March 18 – Debbie Reynolds in love/Dreams are saving lives);

March 25 – Cher interview - “I love Gregg Allman/ secrets of Scientific Psychic research in Russia);

April 9 – Jackie vs. Christina; a bitter fued/ awesome formation of UFO's sweep across Japan);

April 15 – Admiral Jackson R. Tate united with Russian love child Victoria Fedorova);

April 22 – Jeane Dixon predictions/ Lucie Arnaz in love with Gary Pudney);

April 29 – William Holden and Stephanie Powers - “Our sensational romance”);

May 13 – Christina's ne shock for Jackie);

May 20 – How coward Burt Reynolds secretly ditched Dinah Shore/ Uri Geller - “How I got my psychic Powers”);

May 27 – Robert Redford childhood/ Woman who endured 10 exorcisms);

June 3 – Evel Knivel's sister Loretta Young in love with Andy Williams);

June 10 – Richard Burton interview);

June 17 – Peter Lawford & new love Maxine Yates);

September 2 – Ursula Andress & Mastroianni - “We're very much in love”);

September 30 – Freddie Prinze and Liza Farringer/ Jeane Dixon horoscope);

October 14 – ESP Experiment defies odds of 10 billion to 1 );

November 25 – Shelley Winters and Don Stroud/ Jeane Dixon predicted heads would roll at White House);

December 16 – Arizona man captured by flying saucer);

December 23 ( Biggest Breast cancer Treatment Break - Through);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1976

January 20 ( Ted & Joan Kennedy);

February 24 - 2nd birthday for Rosenkowitz sextuplets);

March 2 – Joe Namath with Randi Oakes/ 1977 GM cars);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1977

April 5 – Rita Hayworth after drinking binge);

April 12 – Violence on TV – Baretta “It's good”. Starsky “It's Bad”);

April 26 – Elvis bizarre behavior an secret face lift/ Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK);

May 24 – Gabe Kaplan to wed Lee Walsh);

June 28 – Farrah Fawcett criminal record/ UFO traps soldier – he becomes 5 day older in 15 minutes);

August 16 ( Marlo Thomas & Phil Donahue);

October 25 – Rita Hayworth is flat broke);

November 1 – Elvis neglected close kin living in poverty/ Elvis new grave);

November 8 – Bob Hope emotional farewell to Bing Crosby/ animals have psychic powers);

December 20 – Elvis and drugs the truth at last/ Occult happenings on set of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1978

January 3 – Lindsay Wagner and Michael Brandon split/ predictions for 1978);

February 7 – 5 out of 5 psychic predictions came true/ skeletons in Princess Grace family closet);

February 28 – David Soul named in paternity suit filed by Angela May);

March 14 – Sylvester Stallone & wife Sasha split);

March 28 - “Welcome Back, Kotter” cast's love lives jinxed);

April 18 – David Soul undergoes spinal surgery/ First UFO to inflict damage on a city);

April 25 – Donny Osmond & Debbie Glenn/ New predictions);

May 16 – Elvis speaks to fiancee Ginger Alden from beyond);

October 10 - “Welcome Back Kotter” stars war on set);

October 31 – Marie Osmond and Dick Benedict/ 8 psychics reveal new predictions);

November 7 – Valerie Harper – mystery man/ We're winning the war against cancer);

November 14 – Top Stars slimming secrets – Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Suzanne Sommers etc);

November 28 – Jackie dating Peter Davis);

December 19 – Jean Stapleton childhood/ Guyana suicide cult untold story);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1979

January 2 – Predictions for 1979/ Michael Landon compares his two wives);

January 23 – Ervil LeBaron JFK suspect);

January 30 – Gavin MacLeon - “I was an alcoholic for 10 years”/ UFO fleets blitz earth);

August 14 – Katharine Hepburn battling 4 diseases/ man who crossed Atlantic in 10 foot boat – Gerry Spiess);

September 4 – Fall TV Preview);

October 16 – Joan Crawford committed suicide/ what attacks men and women to each other);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1980

January 29 – Cast of No. 1 show “Dallas”);

January 22 – Mary Tyler Moore marriage break-up);

February 12 – Frank Sinatra Jr. & Melissa Sue Anderson);

May 6 “Chips” stars wars/ Fall TV sneak preview);

June 24 – Wayne Newton vs. Johnny Carson/ New proof of life after death);

July 8 – Michael Landon and wife split/ Predictions for last part of 1980);

August 12 – Larry Hagman shocking childhood/ Peter Sellers untold story);

August 26 – Deadly disease stalks Tattoo of “Fantasy Island”/How to contact your spirit guides);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1981

January 6 - “One Day at a Time” stars fighting/ Michael Landon secret shame);

March 31 – Ingrid Bergman & Princess Grace play matchmaker for Caroline);

April 28 – Victoria Principle and Andy Gibb/ hottest hunks on TV);

May 5 – the two lives of Michael Landon/ Cary Grant sues aide);

August 4 (Victoria Principle & Phil Donahue);

November 3 – Wilcox marriage wrecked by his hatred for Estrada/ Your dreams can keep you healthy);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1982

March 23 – Gary Coleman ruched to surgery as kidney fails/ Johnny Carson drunk driving charge);

March 30 – John Belushi – the Incredible untold story/ Richard Burton interview);

June 22 – Female cast members of “Dynasty”/ Lucy fights to save Desi Arnaz Jr.);

June 29 - “I killed John Belushi” - mystery woman confesses);

July 27 – Kenny Rogers & wife live with her ex-husband/ Catherine Bach in love);

September 7 – Fall TV Preview/ Cindy Williams - “They dumped me because I'm pregnant”);

September 14 – Who killed Marilyn Monroe?/ Princess Diana & Prince William/ Clint Eastwood girlfriend lives with husband);

September 21 – Robert Wagoner calls off wedding to Jill St. John/ Secret that made Ingrid Bergman last days happy);

September 28 – Liz Taylor surprising behavior since Burton dumped her/ why Ted Kennedy can never be President);

October 19 – Princess Diana meets Caroline/ Prince Valerie Bertinelli is paying to keep husband);

October 26 – Charlene Tilton marriage over/ 700-year curse struck Princess Grace);

November 9 – Johnny Cash murder attempt/ Police to quiz Sophia Loren in mafia chief's slaying);

November 16 – Tylenol terror/ Jennifer O'Neill suicide attempt/ Glen Campbell wedding);

November 23 – Farrah Fawcett & Lee Majors meeting secretly meeting/ David Soul wife-Beating arrest);

November 30 – Gary Colyman wants to quit show/ Sophia Loren abandons her children);

December 7 – Natatie Wood – 1 year later/ Burt proposes Loni says yes);

December 14 – Female cast of “Dynasty”/ Tom Selleck; What He's really like);

December 28 – Princess Grace new family tragedy/ Ted & Joan Kennedy divorce shocker);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1983

January 4 – Predictions for 1983/ Paul Newman perfect marriage – They rarely see each other);

January 11 – Mary Tyler Moore & Steve Martin romance/ Bob Hope ailing);

January 18 – Final “M.A.S.H.” Show filmed/ “Dragnet” Jack Webb didn't have to die);

January 25 – Michael Landon to wed/ Johnny Carson & wife split);

February 1 – Isabel Sanford & Soap Opera star/ Johnny Carson & new mystery girl);

February 8 – Dolly Parton has madman stalking her/ Loni moves out of Burt's home);

February 15 – Liz to marry latin lover/ George C. Scott marriage crumbles);

February 22 – Burt Reynolds ex-wife book bombshell/ Enquirer reader help keeps Charles Manson jailed);

march 1 – Princess Grace ghost scaring family out of palace/ Claim Sophia Loren is an Arab);

March 8 – Paul Newman - “I want o run for President”/ The queen's untold story);

March 15 – The Beatles – Sizzling new tell all book/ Karen Carpenter anorexia death);

March 22 – Linda Grey dumps husband/ Dana Plato attacked by Co-star Todd Bridges);

March 29 – Shoot-out for #1 – Dallas, Dynasty, OR, Falcon Crest);

April 19 – Katherine Hepburn terrible injury/ Elvis haunts Graceland);

May 3 - “The Jeffersons” stars childhoods/ Michael Landon and wife fighting like cats & dogs);

May 17 - “How to live to be 100” by George Burns/ Jackie Gleason my lose leg);

June 21 – Psychiatrists explain appeal of “Return of the Jedi”/ Dan Aykroyd wild, wacky wedding);

June 28 – Farrah Fawcett dumps Ryan over Liz Taylor/ “Three's company” Priscilla Barnes secret 1-day marriage);

July 12 – Burt dump Loni from movie asks Linda Evans/ Toni Danza & Penny Marshall find love);

July 26 – No Johnny Carson divorce?/ UFO stops train as passengers watch in horror);

August 9 – Sneak preview of “Dallas” & “Dynasty”);

August 16 – Jackie Gleason saw bodies of space aliens at Air Force Base/ Linda Evans to wed – thanks to Joan Collins);

August 28 - “Addams Family” Carolyn Jones death the untold story/ “Dallas” & “Dynasty” beauties secret romances);

September 6 – Fall TV Preview/ Prince Albert humiliates Brook Shields);

September 20 – Carrie Fisher pregnant when she married Paul Simon/ Burt & Sally back together);

October 4 - “Alice” Linda Lavin quitting her show/ Linda Evans - “What Joan Collins is really Like);

October 11 – Love attacks “A-Team” Stars);

October 18 – Linda Gray talks about sex/ George Burns interview);

November 8 – Yul Brynner battling lung cancer/ “Love Boat” Lauren Tewes 20 lbs thinner);

November 22 – New suspect in JFK slaying/ Carrie Fisher shattered by loss of baby/ Space alien baby found alive say Russians);

December 6 – Connie Francis breakdown untold story/ Brooke Shields first college romance);

December 13 – Mary Tyler Moore weds 29-year old doctor/ New evidence for life after death);

December 27 – Sammy Davis fights for life/ Michael Landon diet & exercise tips);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1984

January 3 - Predictions for 1984/ Sneak preview of “Dallas”);

January 10 – Johnny Cash, Liz Taylor & Peter Lawford at same rehab/ Surgery save Lou Ferrigno leg);

January 17 – Loretta Swit surprise marriage/ Unhappy stars changing “Aftermash”);

January 24 – Wayne Newton & wife split/ “A-Team” star axed);

January 31 – Burt Reynolds & Sally Field finally getting married/ Larry Hagman's two mom's);

February 7 – Sneak Preview of “Hotel”/ Charlene Tilton back with husband);

February 21 – Victoria Principle diet secrets/ Paul Newman serious heart problem);

March 6 – Charlene Tilton gets court protection from husband/ Nuclear base buzzed by UFO's);

March 20 – Female cast of “Dynasty” sneak preview/ Linda Gray secret love);

March 27 – Yul Brynner licked lunk cancer/ Richard Chamberlain & Linda Evans wedding bells?);

April 10 – Michael Jackson - “The Real Me Nobody knows”/ New TV shows sneak preview);

April 17 – Maichael Jackson fired his father/ Hinckley wants to wed child killer);

April 24 – Conway Twitty wife quits fan infested home/ It's Burt & Loni again);

May 1 – Princess Caroline pregnant/ Joan Collins “Dallas tried to steal me from Dynasty”);

May 8 – Boy George interview/ Dynasty hunk girl pregnant);

May 15 – David Kennedy the real story/ Jerry Lee Lewis wedding);

May 22 – Tony Curtis marriage/ Lisa Marie Presley wants to wed at 16/ Sophia Loren to join “Falcon Crest”);

May 29 – Joan Collins autobiography - “Past Imperfect”/ What forced Robert Mitchum into rehab);

June 5 – Andy Kaufman untold story of his death/ Marie Osmond marriage in trouble/ Linda Evans dumps Richard Chamberlain);

June 12 – Tony Curtis marriage hoax/ Preview of 3 stars biography);

June 19 – Michael Jackson wacky friendship with Emmanuel Lewis/ Johnny Carson agrees to huge divorce settlement);

June 26 – Joan Collins getting married/ Michael Landon untold family secrets);

July 3 – Lorenzo Lamas walks out on wife & new baby/ “Mannix” star Mike Connors beat cancer/ Don Knotts heartbroken as wife files for divorce);

July l10 – Sneak preview – who shot Bobby Ewing/ Michael Jackson armed intruder arrested at home);

July 17 – Glenn Ford wife walks out/ Diahann Carroll & Vic Damone romance);

July 24 – Michael Jackson anorexia fears/ Lorenzo Lamas new romance);

July 31 – Liz Taylor photos from “Hotel”/ Victoria Principle decides to get pregnant);

August 7 – Eddie Murphy bedroom brawl/ Charlene Tilton told do sexy scenes or be fired);

August 21 – Richard Burton the real story);

August 28 – Dolly Parton admits “Those Romances”/ Richard Burton last words “Liz, Liz”);

September 4 – Fall TV Preview/ John Belushi body not in grave);

September 11 – Michael Landon daughter Leslie reveals all/ Dana Plato father sues);

September 18 – Michael Jackson furious with Joan Rivers/ Sneak preview of “Dynasty”);

September 25 – Mary Tyler Moore in Rehab/ “Love Boat” Jill Whelan own diet);

October 16 – Linda Evans to wed/ Diana Ross madly in love with Julio Iglesias);

October 30 – Princess Diana & Prince Harry);

November 6 – Sneak Preview fo “Dallas” & “Dynasty”/ Raquel Welch beauty secrets);

November 13 – Farrah Fawcett shocking TV movie “The Burnign Bed”);

November 27 - “Dallas” Patrick Duffy antics cost him role/ Beauty snags Joe Namath/ Baboon-heart baby's mother wanted by police);

December 4 – Gary Coleman - “I'm the happines guy in the world”/ Major shape-up on “Dallas”);

December 18 – Sylvester Stallone marriage Ko'd/ Why Nancy Reagon split first family);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1985

January 15 – Stacy Keach prison nightmare/ Peter Falk divorce – the untold story/ Peter Lawford last interview);

January 22 - “Knight Rider” David Hasselhoff his super diet/ Subway vigilante his own his);

February 5 - “Alice” final episode sneak preview/ “Jeffersons” CBS is trying to kill show/ 8 million parents are abused by children);

February 12 – Michael Jackson bring the Jacksons back together);

February 19 - “Dynasty” sneak preview/ Good looks can be bad for men);

March 5 - “Falcon Crest” Sarah Douglas stalked by Madman/ Liz Taylor new man Neil Papiano);

April 9 - “Dallas” Cliffhangers sneak preview/Charlene Tilton real life wedding surprise);

April 16 – Madonna & Prince hot new romance/ Heather Thomas & Andy Gibb in rehab);

June 4 – Bruce Springsteen wedding behind the scenes/ Marie Osmond divorce untold story);

July 9 – Sneak preview of shocking surprises on “Dallas”/ Lucille Ball heart scare);

July 16 – Sneak preview battle of TV's super bitches);

July 30 – Sneak Preview first “Dynasty” Episode);

August 13 – Rock Hudson exclusive real story);

August 27 – Wayne Newton romancing Pat Colbert of “Dallas”/ Showdown of “Dynasty” set);

September 3 – Rock Hudson & Linda Evans “Dynasty” KISS/ Madonna wedding Fiasco);

September 10 – Fall TV Preview/ Emma Samma give “General Hospital” up for “Dynasty”);

September 17 – Rock Hudson tragic last days/ “Dynasty II; the Colbys” sneak preview);

September 24 – Bob Newhart rushed to hospital/ Vic Damone to wed “Dynasty” beauty);

October 1 – George Michaels steals Brooke Shields heart/ Loni movies out on Burt);

December 31 – George Peppard interview/ Donna Reed rushed to hospital);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1986

February 25 – Michael J. Fox dumps long time love/ “Dynasty” star Calvin Lockhart arrested for beating girlfriend);

April 1 – Peter Sellers daughter cocaine queen/ Patti Reagan book first family apart);

May 13 – Judy Carne jailed for drugs/ Pat Sajak secret divorce);

May 20 - “Barney Miller” star Max Gail - “My Wife died in my Arms”/ Lucille Ball returning to TV);

May 27 – Michael Jackson bizarre fear forcing him to wear mask in Public);

June 3 – Heather Locklear & Tommy Lee violent honeymoon battle/ New Fall TV shows sneak preview);

July 1 – Madonna warns hubby “Quit booze or we're through”/ “Little House on the Prairie”/ Steve Tracy has aids);

August 26 – Madonna – Marilyn Monroe reincarnated in her/ Princess Diana & Charles ex-valet has aids);

September 16 – Michael Jackson bizarre plan to life to 150/ New stunts go haywire);

September 23 – Marilyn Monroe romance with Kennedy's were taped);

October 7 – Sylvester Stallone - “Rocky IV fight injured my heart”/ “Moonlighting” stars want to wed);

October 21 – Madonna former roommate has aids/ Vanna White find new love);

November 4 – Michael Jackson bizarre shrine to Liz Taylor/ Lucille Ball interview);

November 11 – Ava Gardner suffers stroke/ Princess Stephanie to get role on “Miami Vice”);

December 2 - “Dallas” wild Mid-Season plots/ Liz Taylor says swami saved her life);

December 16 – Cary Grant special section);

December 23 – Michael Jackson first love a blonde/ Joan Collins divorce secrets);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1987

February 17 - Mick Jagger kills off Rolling Stones/ Liberace last story);

February 24 – Meredith Baxter quits “Family Ties”/ Liberace – the untold story);

March 24 – Elton John married a man report/ Bruce Willis trial marriage);

May 5 – Michael J. Fox convinces Meredith Baxter to return to “Family Ties”);

May 26 – Patrick Duffy parents killer talks/ New beauty next Pam on “Dallas”);

June 9 – Ryan O'Neal's son - “My Dad's a monster”/ sneak preview “Dynasty” season opener);

July 21 – America's most talked about women – Fawn Hall, Tammy Faye, Donna Rice/ Prince & Sheena Easton);

August 4 – Wayne Newton - “Elvis ghost talks to Me”/ Vanna White and Pat Sajak to replace Johnny Carson);

August 11 – Elvis 10 years after his tragic death/ Vanna White fifth loved one to die);

September 1 – Fall TV Preview/ Why Joan Rivers blames herself for husband's suicide);

September 8 - “Falcon Crest” sneak preview/ Michael J. Fox dumps girlfriend for “Family Tie” beauty);

September 15 – Lee Marvin how hell-raising cost his life/ sneak preview of Dolly Parton new TV show);

October 6 – Fawn Hall new love/ Frank Sinatra suing Dolly Parton manager for death trap home);

October 13 – Robert DeNiro obsession with Whitney Houston/ John Wayne widow tell real story);

October 27 – Cybill Shepherd secret pregnancy ordeal/ “Growing Pains” stars real life romances);

November 3 – Ayatollah orders kidnapping of Sylvestrer Stallone/ Baby Jessica rescue);

November 10 - “Family Ties” Justine Bateman spoiled brat/ Bee Gees family terror as wife uncovers Miami drug ring);

November 17 – Princess Diana & Charles going to marriage counselor/ Pat Sajak & Merv Griffith fued);

December 1 – Larry Hagman plans for “Dallas”/ Dolly Parton - “My show's a disaster, but stick with me I'll fix it”);

December 8 – Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie sued for $500 million);

December 15 – Madonna divorce shocking story/ Whitney Houston – I'm in love for the first time”);

December 22 - “Golden Girls” storm off set);

December 29 – Secret plans to link “Dynasty” to “Dallas”);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1988

January 5 - Predictions for 1988/ Is Madonna nuts? Calls off divorce);

March 1 – Bill Cosby warns Lisa Boney - “Behave or You're Fired”/ Super-Rich 50-year-old “I'm having a romance with Charles”);

March 8 – Sajak vs. Carson – It's war/ Lee Iacocca new hot romance);

March 15 – Swarragt family - “We're terrified Jimmy's caught aids”/ “Colbys” Tracy Scoggins “How I fought off brutal rape attack”);

March 29 – Andy Gibb died after booze binge/ Rob Lowe & Fawn Hall);

April 12 – Robin Williams gave me herpes ex-girlfriend/ Liz Taylor breaks hip);

June 14 – Bruce Springsteen marriage crisis/ Peter Falk & Burt Reynolds try TV comebacks);

June 21 - “Crocodile Dundee “Paul Hogan leaves wife for Linda Kozlowski);

August 2 – Super security as Michael J. Fox weds/ Willie Nelson gal pal pregnant);

August 9 – Bruce Springsteen divorce shocker/ Spirit tells Linda Evans to move out);

August 16 Jill Ireland new cancer ordeal/ Madonna's brawling brother);September 6 - “Moonlighting” Making deal to co-star Farrah Fawcett/ Kirk Douglas tell all book);

October 18 - “Cheer” Kelsey Grammer real-life drinking problem/ Liz Taylor hospital drama);

November 1 - “Designing Women” Delta Burke warned - “Lose Weight – or fired”/ Robin Givens lied to Barbara Walters);

November 22 – Ringo Starr in drug rehab/ Geraldo own story of nose busting TV brawl);

November 29 – Bitter fight over Elvis grandchild/ Michael Douglas in secret romance wit pron star);

December 6 – Woman layer says - “Eddie Murphy husband & father”/ Mel Tillis family from blaze);

December 20 – George Michaels damages vocal cords/ suicide watch on Liz Taylor);

December 27 – Mike Tyson finds new love/ Raquel Welch “Why my Marriage is over”);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1989

January 3 - Predictions for 1989/ 13 – year old Drew Barrymore in Rehab);

January 17 – Spock real-life wedding cast not invited/ “Alf” destroyed my marriage says Max Wright);

January 31 – Latoya Jackson - “Why I'm posing nude for Playboy”/ Mike Tyson divorce on hold);

February 14 – Tom Cruise fertility heartbreak/ Vanna White mad at Sajak);

February 21 – O.J. Simpson charged with wife beating/ Cybill Shepherd bitter divorce);

February 28 – George Michaels in love with Fawn Hall/ Roy Clark abandons dirt-poor crippled daughter);

March 7 – Eddie Murphy & Whitney Houston madly in love/ Barbara Bush to guest star on “Golden Girls”);

March 14 – Meredith Baxter ends marriage - “He made my life hell”/ Oprah brother dying of aids)

March 21 – Roseanne forced to put 13-year old daughter in psychiatric ward/ “Designing Women” wedding sneak preview);

March 28 – Mike Tyson threatens Magic Johnson over ex-wife);

April 11 – Roseanne to divorce/ Geraldo Rivera TV's biggest womanizer);

April 18 – Vanna White shame – Topless movie she made 7 years ago/ where are Morton Downey's teeth);

May 9 – Jerry Lewis beat and whipped his kids/ Roseanne secret child found);

May 16 – Clint Eastwood palimony scandal/ Lee Remick fighting cancer);

May 23 – July 10 Wild obsession with Brooke Shields/ Vanna White terrifying drug gnag wants her murdered);

May 30 - “Benson” Robert Guillaume son battling aids/ Kirk Cameron first love);

June 6 – Rob Lowe underage hotel room sex scandal/ Gilda Radner dying wish);

June 13 – Rob Lowe terrified he caught aids from sex cult girls/ Elvis grandchild kidnap plot);

June 20 – Madonna engaged to Warrne Beatty/ Elvis first grandchild Danielle);

June 27 – Farrah Fawcett secret love/ Roseaane rushes cocaine crazed boyfriend to hospital);

July 4 – Cher stricken by mystery illness/ Bette Davis starving herself);

July 18 – Johnny Carson beat up his wife/ Roseanne turns her show upside down);

July 25 – Drew Barrymore suicide attempt at 14/ Hollywood beauties – beware confessed ax murderer);

August 1 – Roseanne pays thugs to beat up photographers/ Carroll O'Connor forces Howard rolling into rehab);

August 8 – Oprah wedding plans/ Mike Tyson & teen model);

August 15 – Eddie Murphy favorite uncle jailed for rape/ Regis ignores poverty stricken legless son);

August 22 - “Family Ties” mom in love with “Cheers” star/ “Golden Girls” shocker);

August 29 – Fall TV Preview/ “I Love Lucy” Co-star lost memoirs);

September 5 - “Gunsmoke” Miss Kitty died broke & bitter/ “Starsky and Hutch” Paul Michael Glaser little girl aids tragedy);

September 12 – Ann-Margaret furious over phony TV guide over picture - “Oprah stole my body”/ Hugh Hefner mother-in-law moves into Playboy Mansion);

September 19 – Jim & Tammy Faye will commit suicide – friends fear/ Kirk Cameron furious over Playboy pictures);

September 26 - “Roseanne, you traitor!” - say Mom & Dad/ Jealous Bruce Willis & Demi brawling over love scenes “Ghost”);

October 3 – Sammy Davis battle with throat cancer/ Tammy Faye rocked by new sex scandal);

October 10 – Madonna romance with George Michael/ Cosby – his daughter a drug addict);

October 17 – Heather Locklear catches Tommy Lee with blonde/ Elvis daughter walks out);

October 24 – Jim Bakker gay lover tells all/ Bette Davis heartbreaking last days);

October 31 – Jim Bakker rips off own daughter for $50,000/ Delta Burke kicked of “Designing Women”);

November 7 - “Eight is Enough” child star paralyzed by mystery illness/ Oprah tells Roseanne - “Lose 40 lbs”);

November 14 – John Goodman wedding a riot/ Jim Bakker first photo inside prison);

November 21 - “Gunsmoke” Miss Kitty aids tragedy/ Chuck Norris wife of 30 years leaves);

November 28 – Oprah show killed 2 people/ Kitty Dukakis private hell);

December 5 – Michael Jackson family shame neglected grandmother/ Liz Taylor back on booze);

December 12 – Vanna White caught cheating with Stallone/ Best & worst dressed of 1980's);

December 19 – Michael Keaton secret lover porn queen/ Horoscope for next 10 years);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1990

January 9 – Jim Bakker teenage daughter to pose in Playboy/ Why Paul McCartney thinks Michael Jackson creep);

January 16 – Gerald blasts Oprah & Donahue - “Stop the TV sleaze and Trash”/ Lisz Bonet goes berserk);

January 23 – Richard Pryor stricken with crippling illness/ “Gilligan's Island” Skipper's last days);

January 30 – Kim Basinger moves in with Prince/ Tom Cruise divorce/ Melissa Gilbert back in Rob Lowe's arms);

February 6 – Vanna White – ex-roommate reveals secrets/ Barbara Stanwyck last days);

February 13 – The truth about Cher, men and me – Chastity Bono/ Ava Gardner dies carrying torch for Sinatra);

February 20 – Swaggart & Noriega scandal/ Why Gary Coleman hates his parents/ Miss America in weird cult);

February 27 – Donald Trump with mistress Marla Maples/ Del Shannon – why he killed himself);

March 6 - “M.A.S.H.” Larry Linville charge with wife beating/ Why Donald Trump dumped Marla);

March 13 – Marla Maples pregnant/ “Wheel of Fortune” rocked by Cocaine scandal);

March 20 – Oprah own sister tells all/ Michael J. Fox storms out on wife);

March 27 – Marla Maples cheats with Tom Cruise/ Anthony Perkins has aids virus);

April 3 – Arnold Schwarzenegger book shocker/ New Dad Don Johnson cheats on wife);

April 10 – Baby Jessica scandal/ Marla Maples close to suicide/ Del Shannon murder probe);

April 17 - “Hill Street Blues” Rene Enriquiez died of aids/ “Newhart” last episode sneak preview);

April 24 – Richard Chamberlaw is gay/ Boxing hero Sugar Ray Leonard divorcing);

May 1 – Frank Sinatra shocking secrets/ Trump & mistress amazing photos);

May 8 – Male model reveals he was John Travolta's gay lover/ billy Joel two-timing on Christie Brinkley);

May 15 – Jerry Lewis goes beresk/ Ed McMahon going back to cheating wife);

May 22 – Mick Jagger gay affair with David Bowie/ Delta Burke husband walks out);

May 29 – Oprah love crisis/ Sammy Davis Jr. last days);

June 5 – Jim Henson secret that cost him his life/ Rob Lowe in sex addiction clinic);

June 12 – Roseanne puts Voodoo curse on ex-hubby/ “Alice” star Vic Tayback sudden death);

June 19 – Michael Jackson heart attack drama/ Liz Taylor face ravaged by disease);

June 26 – Vanna White catches fiance in her bed/ Nixon's bizarre plan to save Trump);

July 3 – Bart Simpson vs. Bill Cosby/ Latoya Jackson two black eyes);

July 10 – Dolly Parton dress designer tells all/ Jerry Lewis attacked me in my wheelchair);

July 17 – Liz Taylor moves in with Michael Jackson/ Tom Cruise to wed Nicole Kidman);

July 24 – Oprah secret new diet/ Tony Danza jealous wife locks him out);

July 31 – New gay sex scandal rocks tennis/ friends predict – Barbara Walters to divorce);

August 7 – Demi Moore Mom third drunk driving/ Dan Quayle wife cancer ordeal);

August 14 – Roseanne national anthem disgrace/ Zsa Zsa to make money for jail time);

August 21 – Dolly Parton breast surgery disaster/ Roseanne TV husband to quit in disgust);

August 28 – Patrick Swayze haunted by photo/ Pete Rose in prison);

September 4 – Fall TV Preview/ Elton John hospitalized for booze & Bulimia);

September 11 – Rodney Dangerfield out of control on drugs & booze/ Vanna White & Kathie Lee square off);

September 18 – Joan Rivers addicted to plastic surgery/ “Simpsons” call in black doctor);

September 25 – Kirstie Alley loses baby/ Lucilly Ball shocking family secrets);

October 2 – Billy Graham 93-year old woman con scandal/ Sinatra blasts George Michaels/ Best & worst dressed at Emmys);

October 16 – Tom Cruise dumped by Nicole Kidman/ Candice Bergen baby crisis);

October 23 – Princess Caroline husband death murder/ Barbara Mandrell her own story);

October 30 – Sonny Bono tell all book reveals Cher's secrets/ Randy Travis dumps live-in love);

November 6 -Bruce Willis & X-rated actress/ Brando murder trial);

November 13 – Rodney Dangerfield abandons dog/ Marlo kicks Phil Donahue out of bedroom);

November 20 – Roseanne wrecking John Goodman 1-year marriage/ Brando daughter attempts suicide);

November 27 – Farrah Fawcett bans fat Ryan from bed/ Brooke Shields romance with next emperor of Japan);

December 4 – Larry King dumped by wife #6 for seeing wife #5/ Best & worst dressed 1990);

December 11 – Milli Vanilli secrets behind the scandal/ Vanna White shocked as daytime “Wheel of Fortune” canceled);

December 18 - “Married with Children” David Faustino accused of rape/ X-rated Madonna joins the “Simpsons”);

December 25 – Princess Diana escapes death squad/ Trump dumps Marla for newer model);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1991

January 1 - Predictions for 1991/ Willie Nelson homeless & broke);

January 8 – Pregnant Madonna loses baby/ Pete Rose gambling in prison);

January 15 – Vanna White weds/ “Golden Girls” wedding surprise);

January 29 – Roseanne beat up her husband/ TV's “Marcus Welby” tries to kill himself);

February 5 – Roseanne & hubby in 2 AM hospital rampage/ Oprah wedding plans);

February 12 – Saddam Hussein bodyguard's terrifying story/ Vanna White pregnant);

February 19 – Tammy Faye dad jailed for molesting little girls/ Kenny Rogers divorce crisis);

March 12 – Vanna replacement Tricia Gist/ Kevin Costner in rage as beauty boast of affair);

March 19 - “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts truth about her/ Norman Schwarzkopf sexiest man in America/ Dana Plato jailed for armed robbery);

March 26 – Harry Hamlin weds pregnant bride/ First American woman P.O.W.);

April 2 - “Cheers” Kirstie Alley 40lbs fatter/ Rue McClanahan was battered wife & planned to kill husband);

April 9 – Eric Clapton child's tragedy/ Sinead O'Connor & Arsenia Hall hot romance);

April 23 – Kennedy rape scandal/ Michael Landon given six months to live);

April 30 – My 4-year gay affair with Merv Griffin/ Michael Landon cancer cure search);

May 7 – Cher mystery illness strikes again/ Kennedy kid suspect in girl's murder);

May 14 – Michael Landon tragic last days/ Kennedy rape case woman goes berserk on TV);

May 21 – Vanna Marriage in trouble/ Why Bing Crosby son killed himself);

May 28 – Liz Taylor stunning at 59/ Michael Landon tries cancer vaccine);

June 4 – Julia Roberts rushed to hospital in life or death drama/ Michael Landon dying wish);

June 11 – Fall TV sneak preview/ Doctor's who seduce their patients);

June 18 – Oprah hits deadly 205 lbs./ Kristy McNichol causes gay furor on “Empty Nest”);

June 25 – David Letterman vows to destroy Jay Leno's “Tonight Show”);

July 2- Nicole Kidman pregnant/ Cher - “I haven't has sex in 10 months”/ Lucille Ball buried in cheap grave);

July 9 – Michael Jackson weird vacation with Macaulay Culkin);

July 16 – Michael Landon his final hours/ Ivana tells Trump - “I want you back”);

July 23 – John Goodman attacks neighbors boy/ Last days of Coma – stricken James Franciscus);

August 20 – Kenny Rogers secret love hotline/ “Cheers” star Woody to marry Glenn Close);

August 27 – Landon's widow in tears – Fears family fight over fortune);

September 10 – Mary Tyler Moore breast surgery disaster/ Why Tammy Faye has a sexy new look);

September 24 – Latoya Jackson - “My father abused me”/ John Travolta phony Paris wedding);

October 15 - “Married … with Children” Katey Sagal pregnancy heartbreak/ Liz Taylor wedding shocker);

October 22 – Liz storms out after she says “I do”/ Geraldo” show stunt ends in double murder);

October 29 – Katey Sagal loses baby/ Judge Thomas lied/ Redd Foxx last days);

November 5 – Sex harassment in Hollywood/ Life without Michael Landon);

November 12 – O.J. Simpson son tried to kill himself/ Vanna White pregnancy ordeal/ “Star Trek” creator's secret – he died hating Captain Kirk);

December 3 - “Coach” Jerry Van Dyke daughter hangs herself/ Magic Johnson flees gay furor);

December 10 – LBJ murdered JFK / Katey Sagal to wed);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1992

January 7 - Predictions for 1992/ Ann Jillian - “My pregnancy secrets”);

January 14 – Willie Nelson son hangs himself/ Pierce Brosnan wife dies in his arms);

February 4 – Russian agent shot JFK/ Best & worst dressed at Golden Globes);

February 25 – Ann Jillian miracle baby/ Jennifer Capriati finished at 15);

March 3 – Fergie visits psychic healer/ Dolly Parton breasts are killing her);

March 10 – Madonna topless in public/ “Growing Pains” Tracey Gold anorexic/ “Bewitched” Elizabeth Montgomery tragic last days);

March 17 – Garth Brooks surprising childhood);

March 24 – Annie Potts storms off “Designing Women”/ Fonzie sexually harassed me “Happy Days” co-star);

March 31 – Love-starved Fergie divorced Andy/ “Haven't had sex in 6 years” - Connie Sellecca);

April 7 – Joan Lunden divorce turns ugly/ Fergie to wed Texas playboy);

April 14 – Two-timing Ted Kennedy secret lover/ shock ending to your favorite shows);

April 21 – Pregnant Whitney Houston loses baby/ Trump & Marla plot revenge over Ivana's book);

April 28 – Sam Kinison car crash death/ Arthur ashe brave battle against aids);

May 5 - “Empty Nest” star falls for porn queen/ Benny Hill bitter last days);

May 12 – Macaulay Culkin 3-month reign of terror in posh hotel/ Joan Lunden battles loneliness);

May 19 – Princess Diana attacked by madman/ George Peppard battle for life after cancer surgery/ Paula Abdul rush wedding);

May 26 – Will Smith weds pregnant bride/ Princess Caroline to wed movie star);

June 2 - “Brady Bunch” Dad secret gay life/ Lana Turner battles throat cancer);

June 9 – Predictions for rest of 1992/ TV's hottest new shows);

June 16 - “Hogan's Heroes” fans help solve 14-year murder/ Delta battles mental illness);

June 23 – Princess Diana to divorce/ Billy Graham son in charity scandal);

June 30 – Burt Reynolds - “I'm broke and I owe $30 million”/ The new Elvis – Billy Ray Cyrus);

July 7 – Fergie & Stallone's secret date/ Anne Jillian - “It's tough being a working Mom”);

July 14 – Princess Diana mystery illness/ First photo of Michael Jackson face falling apart);

July 21 – Roseanne - “My fight to jail my father”/ Billy Ray Cyrus love child first photos);

July 28 – Olivia Newton-John untold story of breast cancer/ “Gimme a break” Nell Carter undergoes brain surgery);

August 4 – Whitney Houston weds Bobby Brown/ Vanna White husband shot in head);

August 11 – Deidre Hall hires woman to have her child/ Nicollette Sheridan dumps Harry Hamlin);

September 1 – How Mia Farrow found out Woody Allen cheating with daughter/ Geraldo arrested after brawl with KKK);

September 8 – Fall TV Preview/ Woody Allen lover tells all);

September 15 – Kathie Lee loses baby/ Real life secrets of “Northern Exposure” stars/ Anthony Perkins dying of aids);

September 22 - “Michael Landon's daughter must die!” - Nanny terrorizes family/ “Tool time couple hate each other”);

September 29 – Vanna White loses baby/ Delta Burke to divorce “Major Dad”);

October 6 – Michael Douglas wife catches him in bed/ Family fears Harry Reasoner was murdered);

October 13 – Daryl Hannah battered over JFK Jr./ Garth Brooks baby exclusive);

October 20 - “Simon and Simon” Jameson Parker gunned down/ “Empty Nest” Kristy McNichol freak out);

October 27 – Palace plot to lock up Fergie in insane asylum/ Katie Couric to replace Tom Brokaw);

November 3 – Latoya Jackson - “Trump dumped Marla for Me”/ Jerry Lewis secret cancer battle);

November 10 - “Roseanne” star - “Madonna stole my lesbian lover”/ Kenny Rogers is a dirty old man – woman claims in lawsuit);

November 17 – Audrey Hepburn tragic last days/ New photos prove Andy cheated on Fergie first);

November 24 – Suzanne Somers rescues battered co-star/ Oprah exclusive wedding plans);

December 8 – Hillary Clinton - “How I saved my marriage”/ New White house cat faces nervous breakdown);

December 15 - “Coach” wedding sneak preview/ Tatum O'Neal & John McEnroe in divorce fight);

December 22 – Burt Reynolds goes berserk on set of “Evening Shade”/ Princess Diana wins divorce);

December 29 – Kathie Lee horror as 2-year old son stabs pal/ Audrey Hepburn last hours);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1993

January 5 - Predictions for 1993/ “L.A. Law” Susan Dey battles anorexia);

January 19 – Ann Jillian in tears as aids victim attacks her husband. Cher to wed bagel boy);

January 26 – Audrey Hepburn last photo/ Amy Fisher the truth at last);

February 2 – Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman adopt a girl/ Bill Clinton stepsister is a drug dealer and armed robber);

February 9 – Christie Brinkley has plastic surgery/ Mel Gibson wild, wild weekend);

February 16 – Demi & Bruce to divorce/ “Northern Exposure” stars in real romance);

March 2 – Michael Jackson – What he didn't tell Oprah/ “Empty Nest” star accused of beating wife);

March 9 – Wynonna Judd has pet dog's vocal cords cut/ “Star Trek: the Next Generation” Patrick Stewart to wed);

March 16 – Brooke Shields & Michael Jackson romance heats up/ Oprah puts off wedding);

March 23 – Michelle Pfeiffer adopts baby girl/ Whitney Houston - “Please save my baby”);

March 30 – Princess Diana “How I Beat bulimia”/ Michael Jordan addicted to gambling);

April 6 – Eddie Murphy weds/ “Married … with Children” lesbian star Amanda Bearse to adopt);

April 13 - “Cheers” final episode sneak preview/ “Mash” Larry Linville accused of sexual assault);

April 20 – Bill Bixby tragic last days/ Bruce Lee son victim of ancient Chinese curse/ Ex-producer charges “Jeopardy” fixed);

April 27 – Trump to wed a pregnant Marla/ Vanna White pregnant/ Fregie aids terror);

May 4 – Inside Waco inferno – Last hours/ Burt & Loni first grandchild/ Arsenio Hall cocanie shocker);

May 11 – Waco cult vows revenge/ Latoya Jackson battered by husband. Tanya Tucker's toyboy);

May 25 – Jane Seymour dream wedding to husband number 4/ Demi Moore mother tries to kill herself);

June 1 – Princess Diana & Charles taped as they made love/ John Goodman divorce);

June 8 – Oprah scandal – phoney TV guests fool viewers/ Liz Taylor saved from surgery);

June 15 – Angela Lansbury gay husband revealed/ Madonna wild fling with NBA star Charles Barkley);

June 22 – Conway Twitty didn't have to die/ “Jeopardy” Scandal could end show);

June 29 – Burt Reynolds - “Why I'm divorcing Loni”/ “Cheers” Kelsey Grammer wife loses baby after suicide bid);

July 6 – Loni Anderson to Burt - “I want $15 million”/ Geraldo hits 50);

July 13 – Why Julia Roberts married Ugly duckling Lyle Lovett/ Predictions for last half of 1993);

July 20 – Loretta Lynn rocked by Triple Tragedy/ “Star Trek” Patrick Stewart Nabbed by cops as a terrorist);

August 17 – Chevy Chase target in drug probe/ Ted Danson & Whoopi to start family);

August 31 – Wife of 36 years - “My nightmare life with Jerry Lewis/ Woman who broke up Peter Jennings marriage);

September 7 – Michael Jackson child abuse scandal/ Loni Anderson new lover);

September 14 – Fall TV Preview/ Michael Jackson suicide watch);

September 21 – Burt offers Loni $10 million/ Michael Jackson caught kissing & cuddling 18-year old boy at Disney/ Tattoo taped his own suicide);

September 28 - “90210” Shannen Doherty threatens to shoot Judd Nelson/ Raymond Burr last hours);

October 5 – Miss America her battle back from brink of death/ Geena Davis fairy tale wedding);

October 12 – Shannen Doherty weds heroin addict/ “Seinfeld” stars roots);

October 26 – Oprah wedding on again/ Ted Danson in blackface);

November 2 – Donald Trump & Marla's baby photo/ Why Roseanne & Fabio are in bed together);

November 9 – Loni Anderson to wed/ Anorexic Tracey Gold fights for life);

November 16 - “My Miracle Baby” by Vanna White/ River Phoenix untold story of his last hours);

November 23 – Michael Jackson secret bedroom raided by cops/ “James Bond 007” Roger Moore battle cancer/ River Phoenix in his casket);

November 30 – Michael Jackson the real story/ “Love Boat” Doc's wacky divorce);

December 7 – Bill Bixby dies in his brides arms/ Luke Perry weds/ Michael Jackson mom begs “Please come home”);

December 14 – Inside Michael Jackson secret playroom/ Garry Moore brave last days/ “Chucky” drove kids to murder 2-year old boy);

December 21 – Roseanne bizarre 3-way marriage/ Clint Eastwood - “My baby and Me”);

December 28 – Michael Jackson – 2 More boys say the were molested/ Jennifer Capriati in shoplifting scandal/ Paula Abdul divorce shocker);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1994

January 4 - Predictions for 1994/ Donald Trump & Marla's wedding album/ Bill Clinton sexcapades);

January 11 – Michael Jackson secret plot to pay off boy. Telly Savalas last days/ 1994's hottest calendars);

January 18 – Tammy Wynette fights for life/ Shannen Doherty dumped by husband of 98 days);

January 25 – Jim Nabors - “I don't have aids”/ Lyle Lovett caught with old flame Ashley Judd);

Fenruary 1 – Why Tonya Harding ex-husband plotted attack/ Roseanne in mental hospital);

February 8 – Nancy Kerrigan – Why she had to give up her sweetheart/ Michael Jackson pays $40 million for boys silence/ TV's hottest dogs);

February 15 – Tonya Harding hubby vows to kill her/ supreme's Mary Wilson - “My son's death was all my fault”/ Oprah turns 40);

February 22 – Nancy Kerrigan - “I forgive Tonya”/ William Shatner the woman who wrecked his 20 year marriage);

March 1 – Jackie Kennedy fights for life/ Tonya Harding what her lie detector test reveals/ cops find 2 boys who could send Michael Jackson to jail);

March 8 – Diane Sawyer trying to free Manson killers/ Tonya Harding - “I want my brother murdered);

March 15 – Brooke Sheilds & Andre Agassi - “We're so much in love”/ Dinah Shore 1917 – 1994/ Tonya Harding life in photos);

March 22 – John Candy his last days – 4 page photo special/ Frank Sinatra collapses);

March 29 – Burt Reynolds dumps lover/ Exclusive photos of baby – Swap girl with real mom);

April 5 – Michael Jackson to be charged/ Oprah billion TV deal of century/ Dudley Moore beats up gal lpal in love triangle);

April 12 – Vanna White own story on eve of son's birth/ Alabama star Jeff Cook files for divorce/ Kelsey Grammer wedding shocker);

April 19 – Dom Deluise accused in sex attack/ Reba McEntire tell all book/ Christie Brinkley a hero);

April 26 – Jim Nabors - “My fight back from the brink of death/ Judds in therapy as Wynonna brands her mother a liar);

May 3 – Julia Roberts dumps Lyle Lovett/ Christie Brinkley secret lover/ Roseanne - “Tom and his lover plotted to have me put away”);

May 10 – Roseanne, Tom and the other woman/ Bride-to-be confesses to Kelsey Grammer - “I stripped for call girl service”);

May 17 - “Star Trek: The Next Generation” sneak preview of final episode/ Sally Jessy Raphael heart attack drama);

May 24 – George Peppard brave last days/ Whitey catches hubby with sexy beauty in hotel room/ Princess Diana topless scandal);

May 31 – Telly Savalas buried in unmarked grave/ Jackie Kennedy losing fight for life/ Jennifer Capriati in drug rehab);

June 7 – Jackie Kennedy her last hours/ Rolanda - “The Truth about Oprah and Me”);

June 14 - “Price is Right” sex scandal/ Dean Martin his tragic last days/ Loni cancels wedding);

June 21 – Inside Jackie Kennedy home/ Tonya Harding back in arms of hubby who beat her);

June 28 – Voilent untold story the O.J. Simpson murders);

July 5 – OJX : How O.J. Did it/ Christie Brinkley moves in with Tycoon);

July 12 – Vanna White 4-page baby special/ Dolly Parton saves sister in battered wife case);

July 19 – Nicole Simpson & her lovers/ Tony Curtis tragedy as son dies at 23);

July 26 – Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie the full bizarre marriage story/ Inside OJX house);

August 2 – Secret videotape reveals OJX knife attack/ Dustin Hoffman wedding in paradise);

August 9 – Nicole Simpson secret life);

August 16 – Michael Jackson tells friends Lisa Marie pregnant/ Annette Funicello overdose/ OJX women);

August 23 – Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie's own photo album);

August 30 – Katey Sagal - “My Baby”/ Michael Jackson gets Lisa Marie to have plastic surgery);

September 6 – Secret witness - “I saw O.J. At murder scene”);

September 13 – Nicole's parents - “O.J. Did kill our daughter”/ Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie the truth);

September 20 – Larry King addicted to women/ Lori Anderson diary rips Burt apart);

September 27 – Sophia Loren tried to save battered Nicole Simpson/ O.J. Accomplice hunted by cops);

October 4 – OJX stalked Ron Goldman for weeks his secret diary reveals/ “Perry Mason” Barbara Hale cancer battle);

October 11 – Christie Brinkley marring a man who hates sex/ Inside Nicole Simpson house);

October 18 – Whoopi Goldberg weds/ Oprah fitness addict);

October 25 – Bob Barker framed in “Price is Right” sex scandal/ Lyle Lovett cheats on Julia Roberts/ Tracy Gold a 95-Pound bride);

November 1 – Heather Locklear – Steamy truth/ “Liberace died in my arms” - Last lover breaks his silence);

November 8 – Nicole Simpson red-hot affair with Marcus Allen/ Kevin Costner caught cheating after wife hires sex spy);

November 15 – Nancy Kerrigan in love nest withmarried man/ Oprah's secret brother);

November 22 – Susan Smith – what turned Mom into a killer/ Vaccine for arthritis);

November 29 – Tom Cruise tell all book shocker/ Cindy Crawford sleeping with Sylvester Stallone/ Shocking secret behind Ricki Lake arrest);

December 6 – Kelsey Grammer confesses to sex with 15-year old babysitter/ Pill to cure shyness);

December 13 – Michael Jackson divorcing Lisa Marie/ Jeffrey Dahmer slain for $40,000 by crime lords);

December 27 – Lover cheats on Pam Anderson/ O.J. Kids Christmas without Mommy/ Top TV stars as you've never seen them before);

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1995

January 3 – Photos of batted Nicole Simpson/ Heather Locklear wedding);

January 10 – Susan Smith – killer Mom had 40 minutes to save her little boys/ Predictions for 1995);

January 17 – 10 Sexiest men in the world/ Why Melissa Gilbert wed in a hurry/ 1995's hottest calendars);

January 24 – Dramatic graveside photos Nicole Simpson sister prays for justice/ Newt Gingrich high school romance);

January 31 – Rev. Schuller - “The miracles I've seen”/ Nicole Simpson best friend tries to kill herself”);

February 7 – Rose Kennedy dying wish/ Best & worst dressed at Golden Globes);

February 14 – Oprah fights sex scandal to save her Dad/ Brad Pitt red hot love life);

February 21 – Deidre Hall - “Guru cheated me out of my life savings/ Larry King calls in FBI in sex blackmail scandal);

February 28 – OJX – What you didn't hear on TV/ Tammy Faye new husband is facing jail);

March 7 - “Baywatch” Pam Anderson weds Tommy Lee in a bikini/ Inside Oprah $12 million home);

March 14 – Jerry Seinfeld to wed teenage lover/ best & worst dressed at top showbiz awards);

March 21 – Robin Givens takes Mike Tyson back/ Lana Turner last days/ “E.R.” rips apart show);

March 28 – Brett Butler why gave up boozing/ the Jenny Jones murder/ George Clooney sleeping with pet pig);

April 4 – Sally Jesse Rafael killed my daughter. Mike Tyson calls off romance with Robin Givens);

April 11 – Truth about Kato's bizarre behavior/ Best & Worst dressed at Oscars);

April 18 – Pat Boone admits cheating on wife with 10 women/ Carroll O'Connor tragedy – his own story);

April 25 – Elizabeth Montgomery given only months to live/ This is Schwarzenggers love child);

May 2 – Fashion flops of the 90's/ Burl Ives 1909 – 1995);

May 23 – Jane Seymour having a baby at 44/ O.J.'s mom begs “Plead insanity”);

May 30 – OJX lover dumps him/ Elizabeth Montgomery dying gift of love);

June 6 – Stephanie Powers forced me to make love to her/ Best & Worst dressed at Daytime Emmys);

June 13 – OJX last ditch bid to save family/ “Superman” Christopher Reeve paralyzed);

June 27 – Michael Jackson scandal over new album/ Connie Chung adopts baby son);

July 4 – Melissa Gilbert a deadbeat mom/ Baby born dead comes to life after 78 minutes);

July 11 – Susan Smith begs hubby for more babies/ Jim Carrey rags to riches story);

July 18 – Hugh Grant – how he faced the music/ Halle Berry's shocking night out with strippers);

July 25 – Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie in secret hideaway/ Ellen DeGeneres moves in with gal pal);

August 1 – Burt Reynolds back in Sally Fields arms/ Jane Seymour fairy tale castle);

August 8 – Christopher Reeves hospital drama);

August 15 – Christie Brinkley lovesick phone calls to Billy Joel/ Kiefer Sutherland beats up man for licking gal pals foot);

August22 – Michael Jackson flies 2 boys overseas/ Susan Smith prison diary's/ Selena's miracle – thousands see vision of Tex-Mex Madonna);

August 29 – JFK Jr. & Sharon Stone/ Dorothy Hamill dumps cheating hubby);

September 5 – Melanie Griffith “I'm having my lover's baby”/ Cops plan to kill Fuhrman);

September 12 – Liz Taylor boots out hubby #8/ Ricki Lake held my prisoner/ Fall TV sneak preview);

September 19 – Larry's story - “My life of hell with Liz Taylor”/ Miss America scandals);

September 26 – First photos of Burt Reynolds without his wig/ Michael Jackson $15 million payoff to Lisa Marie);

October 3 – Liz Taylor rushed to hospital/ OJX is drugged in court);

October 10 – OJX plots revenge against Nicole's family/ Jerry Seinfeld's bride-to-be was Fabio's pl;aymate at 15);

October 17 – Cops fear Goldman's Dad will kill O.J./ Racist goup target O.J. For death);

October 24 – In her own handwriting – Nicole's diary);

October 31 – Pam Anderson hubby abuse her to overdose/ Nicole Simpson diary of 14-year record of O.J.'s brutal beatings);

November 7 – OJX Girlfriends shame – Paula racist videotape/ Pregnant Jane Seymour collapses on set/ “Why I killed Selena” by murderer);

November 14 – Joan Lunden wild hunt for Mr. Right/ Janet Jackson & Whitney Houston feuding/ Farrah Fawcett Playboy photo's phony);

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November 28 – Michael Jackson orders surgeons - “Make me look like Elvis”/ Shocking secret behind new “Ace Ventura” movie);

December 5 – Princess Diana – the real story/ “Friends” stars feud on the set);

December 12 – Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker back together/ Candice Bergen deathbed drama);

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NATIONAL ENQUIRER (Tabloid Newspaper); 1996

January 9 – Dean Martin his final hours/ Butterfly McQueen's bizarre death untold story);

January 23 – Julia Roberts & Matthew Perry in love/ Faith Ford has nuclear injection in bid to save her looks);

January 30 – George Clooney secret love life/ OJX confession - “Someone ought to cut Nicole's throat”);

February 6 – Lisa Marie her own story/ OJX $2 million bride to witness/ Battle to save George Burns);

February 13 – Michael Jackson date with sexy blonde & why Lisa Marie's Laughing/ Dolly Parton to wed/ Kirk Douglas felled by stroke);

February 20 – Lisa Marie talks to cops about “Jacko's little boys”/ Last hours of Gene Kelly and Audrey Meadows);

February 27 – Michael Jackson setting up own boys town/ “Dallas” coming back to TV/ O.J. Told Ron “I'll kill you”);

March 5 - “M.A.S.H.” McLean Stevenson deathbed secret/ Princess Diana tried to kill Charles with shotgun);

March 12 – JFK Jr. attacks live – in lover/ Conway Twitty death probe/ Andre Agassi cheats on Brooke Shields);

March 26 – Lisa Marie cracks up – she blames Michaels sick games/ Oprah giving up show to wed/ the real Mel Gibson);

April 16 – OJX New Nicole/ Inside Clint Eastwood secret wedding/ “Murder she wrote” the final mystery);

April 23 – Stars plastic surgery secrets/ Photo that puts OJX at murder scene);

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June 11 – 25 years of scandals);

June 18 – Demi Moore sick obsession with her body rocks marriage/ Debbie Reynolds catches husband with his mistress);

June 25 – Michael Jackson child abuse scandal boy to testify at last/ Joan Rivers to wed one-legged war hero);

July 2 – Pam Anderson shocking first photo/ JFK Jr. sets wedding date/ Angie Dickinson “I'm terrified I'm getting Alzheimer's”);

July 9 – Demi Moore secret cult life/ “Full House” Candace Cameron weds/ Darlie Routier new killer Mom);

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July 23 - 185 lbs Rosie O'Donnell tells all/ Janet Jackson drug tragedy/ UFO's buzz Mexico);

July 30 – Kathie Lee's marriage the shocking truth/ Gregory Peck fights for life/ “Benson” Robert Guillaume heart surgery drama);

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September 3 – 150 stars expo