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WHITMAN Hardcover Books - Inventory (TV-Television, Western, Character's, Movie, Comic Character, Celebrity, Boys & Girls Juvenile/Children/Kids Series, Classics, Sports, Walt Disney, etc) For Sale

-- A --

ADVENTURE CALLING (Whitman # 1621; Year 1969);

ADVENTURES WITH HAL (by Gladys Baker Bonds; Whitman # 1755; Year 1965);

ALGONQUIN; THE STORY OF A GREAT BOG (by Dion Henderson; Whitman # 1618; Year 1972);

ALICE I WONDERLAND AND THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (by Lewis Carroll; Whitman # 1616; Various Years);

AMERICAN SPIES (Whitman # 1512; Year 1960);

(Walt Disney's - TV) ANNETTE (Funicello); THE DESERT INN MYSTERY by Doris Schroeder; (Whitman 1512; 1964; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; illustrated by James Schaeffling; VG=$8; G=$5);

(Walt Disney's - TV) ANNETTE (Funicello); MYSTERY AT MEDICINE WHEEL (by Barlow Meyers; Whitman # 1512; 1964; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; Illustrated by Robert L. Jenney and Maxine McCaffrey; VG=$8; G=$5);

(Walt Disney's - TV) ANNETTE (Funicello) AND THE MYSTERY AT MOONSTONE BAY (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1537; 1962; Wraparound PAINTED Cover by Al Andersen; illustrated by Adam Szwejkowski; VG=$8; G=$5);

(Walt Disney's - TV) ANNETTE (Funicello); SIERRA SUMMER (by Doris Schroder; Whitman # 1585; 1960; Wraparound illustrated / PAINTED Cover by Al Andersen; illustrated by Adam Szwejkowski; VG=$8; G=$5);

ANNIE OAKLEY IN DANGER AT DIABLO (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1540:49; year 1955; photo cover);

ANNIE OAKLEY IN DOUBLE TROUBLE (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1538; year 1958);

ANNIE OAKLEY IN GHOST TOWN SECRET (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman 1538; year 1957);

ANN SHERIDAN AND THE SIGN OF THE SPHINX (by Kathryn Vallely; Whitman # 2390; year 1943; photo cover, dustjacket or no dustjacket);

(Walt Disney's) THE ARISTOCATS (Whitman Hardcover #1575; 1970; Wraparound Cartoon illustrated Cover; 138 pages; SCARCE; based on the animated motion picture; SOLD OUT);           

ASSIGNMENT IN SPACE WITH RIP FOSTER by Blake Savage (Whitman # 1576; illustrated by Denny McMains; 282 Pages; year 1958; issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers; Weight = 355 Grams);

-- B --

BASKET FEVER (by Robert Sidney Bowen; Whitman # 1537; year 1970);

BAT MASTERSON (by Wayne C. Lee; Whitman #1550; year 1960; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic TV SERIES; Television Tie-In from NBC-TV Series Starring GENE BARRY as William Bartholomew / Barclay BAT MASTERSON; Also starred; Bill Baldwin and Allison Hayes; (Classic 3 Season 108 episodes Western TV series from 1958-1961) Based on the TRUE figure of the American Old West, He wass a Buffalo Hunter, USA Army scout, Fisherman, Gambler, frontier Lawman, U.S. Marshal, sports editor & columnist at New York Morning Telegraph, Gunslinger and Hellion with ladies; An All-Time CULT Favorite Western TV series = SOLD OUT );

BEAUTIFUL JOE (by Marshall Saunders (Whitman 1625; year 1955);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS (Based on the books; Magic Bedknob & Bonfires & Broomsticks by Mary Norton; Movie Screenplay by Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman) (Whitman # 1570; 1971; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; G = $5);

BETTY GRABLE AND THE HOUSE OF COBWEBS (by Kathryn Heisenfelt (Whitman # 2306; year 1947 with dustjacket);

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES: THE SAGA OF WILDCAT CREEK (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1572; year 1963; photocover);

BEWITCHED; THE OPPOSITE UNCLE (by William Johnston; Whitman 1572; year 1970; SCARCER Whitman Title, especially in VG or better; Black Felt over name on front endpage, VG/FN = $20.00);

BICYCLES NORTH! A MYSTERY ONWHEELS (by Rita Richie; Whitman 1571; year 1973);

THE BIG VALLEY (by Charles Heckelmann; Whitman 1569; year 1966);

THE BIOGRAPHY OF A GRIZZLY AND LOBO (by Ernest Thompson Seton; Whitman # 1622; year 1969);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) BLACKBEARD'S GHOST by Mary Carey; (apted from the screenplay by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, based on the book by Ben Stahl); (Whitman # 1575; 1968; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; illustrated by Andersen, Al / Moore, Sparky; VG=$8; G=$5);

BLACK BEAUTY (by Anna Sewell; Whitman # 1604; Various Edition);

BLONDIE AND DAGWOOD'S ADVENTURE IN MAGIC (by Chic Young; Whitman # 2300; Year 1944; with Dustjacket or no dustjacket, various edition);

BLONDIE AND DAGWOOD'S MARVELOUS INVENTION (by Chic Young; Whitman # 2333; year 1947; no dustjacket);

BLONDIE AND DAGWOOD'S SECRET SERVICE (by Chic Young; Whitman # 2347; year 1942);

BLUE STREAK AND DOCTOR MEDUSA (by Art Elder; Whitman # 2313; year 1946);

THE BLYTHE GIRLS; HELEN'S STRANGE BOARDER (by Laura Lee Hope; Whitman # 2366; year 1925);

THE BOBBSEY TWINS (by Laura Lee Hope; Whitman # 1531; year 1950);

THE BOBBSEY TWINS AT THE SEASHORE (by Laura Lee Hope; Whitman # 1532; year 1954);

THE BOBBSEY TWINS IN THE COUNTRY (by Laura Lee Hope; Whitman # 2343; year 1950; with dustjacket);

THE BOBBSEY TWINS IN THE COUNTRY (by Laura Lee Hope; Whitman # 1530; year 1953); (Whitman # 2330; year 1953);

BONANZA; KILLER LION (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1568; year 1966; photo cover);

BONANZA; TREACHERY TRAIL (by Harry Whittington; Whitman # 1571; year 1968);

BOOTS ANDTHE MYSTERY OF HTE UNLUCKY VASE (by Edgar Martin; Whitman # 2387; year 1943; with Dustjacket or no dustjacket);

A BOY FIGHTER WITH ANDREW JACKSON (by H.C. Thomas (Whitman # 2331; year 1946; Henry E. Vallely cover & Interior art; Dust Jacket = VG; Book = FN+, Near New; Price = $8.00)

A BOY SAILOR WITH JOHN PAUL JONES (by H.C. Thomas; Whitman # 2314; year 1946; with dustjacket or no dustjacket);

A BRAINS BENTON MYSTERY #3 THE CASE OF THE STOLEN DUMMY (by George Wyatt; Whitman # 1562; year 1961);

A BRAIN BENTON MYSTERY #4 THE CASE OF THE ROVING ROLLS (by George Wyatt; Whitman # 1563; year 1961);

BRENDA STARR GIRL REPORTER (BY DALE MESSICK (Whitman # 2383; year # 1943; no Duskjacket);

-- C --

THE CALL OF THE WILD (by Jack London; Whitman # 1635; year 1960); (Whitman # 1635; year 1970);

CHAMPIONS ALL THE WAY (by Barlow Meyers; Whitman # 1514; year 1960);

CHALLENGE OF ICE (by Robert N. Webbs; Whitman # 1506; year 1963);

THE CHARMED CIRCLE (by Dorothea J. Snow; Whitman # 1555; year 1962);

CHEYENNE AND THE LOST GOLD OF LION PARK (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1587; year 1958);

CIRCUS BOY UNDER THE BIG TOP by Dorothea J. Snow; (Whitman # 1549; year 1957; illustrated by Tony Sgroi; 282 Pages; Based on the TV Series starring Micky Dolenz, Noah Beery Jr., Robert Lowery;  Weight = 350 Grams; issued without a DJ);

CIRCUS BOY; WAR ON WHEELS (by Dorthea J. Snow; Whitman 1578; year 1958);

COMBAT! THE COUNTERATTACK (by Franklin M. Davis Jr.; Whitman 1520; year 1964; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic World War II drama series on television, followed a frontline American infantry squad as they battled their way across Europe; The TV Series Starred; Vic Morrow, Rick Jason, Pierre Jalbert; TV Series Lasted 5 Seasons and 152 episodes from 1962-1967);

A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT (by Mark Twain; Whitman # 1613:49; year 1955);

-- D --

DALE EVANS AND DANGER IN CROOKED CANYON (by Helen Hale; Whitman # 1506; year 1958);

THE DEFIANT HEART (by Florence B. Michelson; Whitman # 2310; year 1964);

THE DIAMOND CAVE MYSTERY (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1586; year 1964);

DICK TRACY ACE DETECTIVE (by Chester Gould; Whitman 2381; year 1943; with dustjacket; or no dustjacket);

DICK TRACY MEETS THE NIGHT CRAWLER (by Chester Gould; Whitman # 2310; year 1945; no dustjacket);

DR. KILDARE; ASSIGNED TO TROUBLE (by Robert C. Ackworth; Whitman # 1547; year 1963);

DR. KILDARE; THE MAGIC KEY (by William Johnston ; Whitman # 1519; year 1964);

DONNA PARKET AT CHERRYDALE (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1590; year 1957);

DONNA PARKER IN HOLLYWOOD (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1576; year 1961);

DONNA PARKER MYSTERY AT ARAWAK (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1540; Year 1962);

DONNA PARKER ON HER OWN (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1592; year 1957);

DONNA PARKER SPECIAL AGENT (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1591; year 1957);

DONNA PARKER A SPRING TO REMEMBER (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1594; year 1960);

DONNA PARKER TAKES A GIANT STEP (by Marcia Martin; Whitman # 1573; year 1964); (Whitman # 1589; year 1964);

DON WINSLOW AND THE SCORPIONS STRONGHOLD (by Frank V. Martinek; Whitman # 2327; year 1946);

DRAGNET (by Richard Deming; Whitman # 1527; year 1957);

DRAGNET (by Richard Deming; Whitman # 1510; year 1957);

-- E --

EIGHT COUSINS (by Louisa May Alcott; Whitman # 1618; year 1955);

-- F --

FAMILY AFFAIR; BUFFY FINS A STAR (by Gladys Baker Bond; Whitman # 1567; year 1970);

FAMOUS INVESTIGATORS (by Richard Deming; Whitman # 1564; year 1963);

FIFTY FAMOUS FAIRY TALES (Whitman # 2122; 1946; Hardcover with Dust Jacket; Painted cover on the DJ by Florian; illustrations by Isobel Read; Dust Jacket = FA/G, Book = FA/G; Price = $9.00);

FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AND HOW THEY GREW (by Margaret Sidney; Whitman # 1609; Various Editions);

FLIPPERS”; THE MYSTERY OF THE BLACK SCHOONER (by Richard Hardwick; Whitman # 2324; year 1966);

THE FOREST FIRE MYSTERY (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1527; year 1962);

F TROOP; THE GREAT INDIAN UPRISING (by William Johnston; Whitman # 1544; year 1967; photo cover);

FURY, AND THE LONE PINE MYSTERY (by William Fenton, Whitman # 1537; year 1957);

FURY AND THE MYSTERY AT TRAPPERS' HOLE (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1557; year 1959);

-- G --

GARRISON'S GORILLAS AND THE FEAR FORMULA (by Jack Pearl; Whitman # 1548; year 1968; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic TV SERIES;  TV WAR Series; Starring; Ron Harper as Lt. Craig Garrison, Cesare Danova, Christopher Cary as Goniff, Rudy Solari as Casino, Brendon Boone as Chief; Inspired by the Movie the Dirty Dozen; Group of convicts recruited into the U.S. Army, the Gorilla's are commandos behind Nazi lines);

GENE AUTRY AND ARAPAHO WAR DRUMS (by Lewis B. Patten (Whitman # 1512; YEAR 1957); (Whitman # 1512:49; year 1957);

GENE AUTRY AND THE BIG VALLEY GRAB by W.H. Hutchinson; (Whitman # 2302; illustrated by Randy Steffen; An Original Story Featuring Gene Autry, Famous Motion Picture, Radio, and Television Star, as the Hero;  250 Pages;  Weight = 300 Grams)

GENE AUTRY AND THE GHOST RIDERS (by Lewis B. Patten; Whitman # 1510:49; year 1955);

GENE AUTRY AND THE GOLDEN LADDER GANG (by W.H. Hutchinson; Whitman # 2349; year 1950; with duskjacket; or no dustjacket);

GENE AUTRY AND THE GOLDEN STALLION 9by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1511:49; year 1954);

GENE AUTRY AND THE THIEF RIVER OUTLAWS (by Bob Hamilton; Whitman # 2303; year 1944; with Dustjacket; photocover – 2 different; or no dustjacket);

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (by William Johnson; illustrated by Robert L. Jenney; Whitman #1566; 1966; Hardcover Book; 212 pages; BOB DENVER as Gilligan PHOTO cover; Authorized TV Adventure; SCARCER Whitman Title);

GINGER ROGERS AND THE RIDDLE OF THE SCARLET CLOAK (by Lela E. Rogers; Whitman # 2378; year 1942; with dustjacket; photocover; or no dustjacket);

GINNY GORDON AND THE BROADCAST MYSTERY (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1554:49; year 1956);

GINNY GORDON AND THE DISAPPEARING CANDLESTICKS (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 2336; year 1948); (Whitman # 1575; year 1954);

GINNY GORDON AND THE LENDING LIBRARY (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 2366; year 1954); (Whitman # 1551; year 1954); (Whitman # 1551:49; year 1954);

GINNY GORDON AND THE MISSING HEIRLOOM (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 2352; year 1950; NON-Laminated edition; Lacking the Dust Jacket; VG/FN = $8.00);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) THE GNOME-MOBILE by Mary Carey (Based Upon GNOMOBILE by Upton Sinclair, & Screenplay Ellis Kadison) (Whitman # 1577; 1967; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; illustrations by John Solie. 140 pages; VG=$8; G=$5);

GINNY GORDON AND THE MYSTERY AT THE OLD BARN (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 2359; year 1951; NON-Laminated edition; Lacking the Dust Jacket; name & writing on front endpages, VG/FN = $8.00);


THE GREAT WAR (by Edward Jablonski; Whitman 1579; year 1965);

THE GREEN HORNET; THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING DOCTOR (by Brandon Keith; Whitman # 1570; year 1966);

GREGORY PECK and the RED BOX ENIGMA (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2305; year 1947; PHOTO cover on the DJ; Henry E. Vallely art; Dust Jacket = FA/G; Book = G/VG; Price = $9.00);

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (by Jonathan Swift; Whitman # 2316; year 1940; with Dustjacket);

GUNSMOKE (by Robert Turner; Whitman # 1587; year 1958);

GUNSMOKE: SHOWDOWN ON FRONT STREET (by Paul S. Newman; Whitman # 1520; year 1969);

GYPSY FROM NOWHERE (by Sharon Wagner; Whitman # 1509; year 1972);

-- H --

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) HANS BRINKER OR THE SILVER SKATES by Robert N. Webb (adapted from the classic by Mary Mapes Dodge) (Whitman # 1601; 1961; illustrated / PAINTED Cover; illustrated by Adam Szwejkowski; 212 pages; VG=$8; G=$5);

HANS BRINKER OR THE SILVER SKATES (by Mary Mapes Dodge; Whitman # 2128; year 1945; with Dustjacket; or no dustjacket various editions);

HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (by Barlow Meyers; Whitman # 1568; year 1959);

HAWAII FIVE-O; TOP SECRET (by Robert Sidney Bowen; Whitman 1511; year 1969);

HEIDI (by Johanna Spyri; Whitman # 1607; Year 1955);

HEIDI GROWS UP (by Charles Tritten; Whitman # 1608; year 1971); (Whitman # 2722; year 1966);

THE HIGH CHAPARRAL: APACHE WAY (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1519; year 1969);

HOT ROD ROAD (by Carl Henry Rathjen; Whitman # 1582; year 1968);

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Whitman # 1674; year 1968);

HUCKLEBERRY FINN (by Mark Twin; Whitman # 1606; Whitman # 1606:49; Whitman # 2156);

-- I --

THE INDIAN MUMMY MYSTERY (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1501; year 1964); (Whitman # 1548:49; year 1954);

The INVADERS DAM OF DEATH by Jack Pearl; (Whitman # 1545; year 1967; illustrated by Robert L. Jenny; 212 Pages; Based on the TV Series starring Roy Thinnes, Kent Smith, Max Kleven;  issued without a DJ; PHOTO front Cover, Wraparound Cover;  Weight = 260 Grams);

IRONSIDE: THE PICTURE FRAME FRAME-UP (by William Johnston; Whitman 1521; year 1969);

I SPY: MESSAGE FROM MOSCOW (by Brandon Keith; Whitman #1542; 1966; PHOTO cover of Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson & Alexander Scott Bill Cosby; Based on the TV SERIES that Lasted 3 Seasons and 82 episodes from 1965-1968; AS NEW = $20.00; FINE = $10.00; VERY GOOD = $6.00; GOOD, Reading copy = $3.00);

IT'S A MYSTERY! STORIES OF SUSPENSE (by Mildred Bingham; Whitman # 1757; year 1965);

-- J --

JANET LENNON: ADVENTURE AT TWO RIVERS (by Barlow Myers; Whitman # 1536; Year 1961);

JANET LENNON AND THE ANGELS (By Barlow Meyers; Whitman 1583; year 1963);

JANET LENNON AT CAMP CALAMITY (by Barlow Meyers; Whitman # 1539; year 1962);

JANE WITHERS AND THE HIDDEN ROOM (by Eleanor packer; Whitman # 2373; year 1942);

JANE WITHERS AND THE PHANTOM VIOLIN (by Roy J. Snell; Whitman # 2389; year 1943; with Dustjacket; photocover; or no dustjacket);

JANE WITHERS AND THE SWAMP WIZARD (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2301; year 1944; with dustjacket; photocover; or no Dustjacket);

THE JINX OF PAYROCK CANYON (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1528; year 1954); (Whitman # 1528:49; year 1954);

JOHN PAYNE AND THE MENACE AT HAWK'S NEST (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2385; year 1943);

JOYCE of the SECRET SQUADRON – A CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT ADVENTURE (by R.R. Winterbotham; Witham # 2376; year 1942; Erwin L. Darwin art; PHOTO & illustration cover on the DJ; Dust Jacket = waterstained thus G/VG; Book = G/VG; Price = $8.00);

JUDY GARLAND AND THE HOODOO COSTUME (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman# 2308; year 1945; with Dustjacket; photocover; or no Dustjacket);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) THE JUNGLE BOOK by Mary Carey (based on Kipling, Rudyard) (Whitman # 2726; 1967; Cartoon Animated Cover; VG=$8; G=$5);

-- K --

KENNY AND HIS ANIMAL FRIENDS (by Joan Talmage Weiss; Whitman # 1754; year 1965);

KIDNAPPED (by Robert Louis Stevenson; Whitman # 2130:49)

(Walt Disney's) KIDNAPPED (Whitman# 1600; year 1960);

KIM ALDRICH: MISCALCULATED RISK (by Jinny McDonnell; Whitman # 1595; year 1972);

KIM ALDRICH: SILENT PARTNER (by Jinny McDonnell; Whitman # 1596; year 1972);


KITTY CARTER CANTEEN GIRL (by Ruby Lorraine Radford; illustrated by Henry E. Vallely; Whitman # 2305; year 1944; NO Dust Jacket; Weight = 305 Grams; Book = VG; Price = $6);

-- L --

LAND OF THE GIANTS by Carl Henry Rathjen; (Whitman # 1516; Year 1969; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic Science Fiction TV series, Lasted 3 Seasons & 51 episodes from 1968-1970; Created by Irwin Allen; Starring: Gary Conway, Don Matheson, Stefan Arngrim; IMDB = A spaceship from Earth crash-lands on an Earth-like planet on which everything, including the human-like inhabitants, is twelve times the size of its counterpart on Earth; TV Series Characters: Capt. Steve Burton, Mark Wilson, Barry Lockridge, Dan Erickson, Valerie Scott & Betty Hamilton;  issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers by Fernando Da Silva; 212 Pages; Weight = 250 Grams);

LASSIE: FORBIDDEN VALLEY (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1584; year 1959);

LASSIE: LOST IN THE SNOW (by Steve Frazee; 1969);

LASSIE AND THE MYSTERY AT BLACKBERRY BOCS (by Dorthea J. Snow; Whitman # 1536; year 1956); (Whitman # 1536:49; year 1956); (Whitman # 1509; year 1956);

LASSIE; THE MYSTERY OF BRISTLECONE PINE (by Steve Frazee; Whitman TV Book #1505; 1967; 214 pages; Wraparound Painted cover; Larry Harris illustrations; Weight = 250 Grams; FN=$10; VG=$6; G=$4);

LASSIE; THE SECRET OF THE SMELTER'S CAVE (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1514; year 1968);

LASSIE AND THE SECRET OF THE SUMMER (by Dorthea J. Snow; Whitman # 1589; year 1958); (Whitman # 1500; year 1958; photo cover);

LASSIE: TREASURE HUNTER (by Charles S. Strong; Whitman # 1552; year 1960);

LASSIE; TROULE AT PANTER'S LAKE (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1515; year 1972);

LASSIE; THE WILD MOUNTAIN TRAIL (by I.G. Edmonds; Whitman # 1513; year 1966);

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1526; year 1962);

(Walt Disney's - TV) LEGENDS OF DAVY CROCKETT, by Ardis Edwards Burton (adapted by), Illustrated by Michael Arens (Whitman # 619:49; Year 1955; based on the Movie & TV Series starring FESS PARKER; Wraparound Painted Cover; SCARCE; FA/G = US$6);

THE LENNON SISTERS: THE SECRET OF HOLIDAY ISLAND (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman #1544; year 1960; photo cover);

LIKE IT IS: STORIES FOR GIRLS (Whitman # 1519; year 1972);

THE LITTLE LAME PRINCE (by Miss Mulock; Whitman # 1626' year 1964);

LITTLE MEN (by Louisa May Alcott; Whitman # 1614; Year 1955);

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE AND THE GILA MONSTER GANG (by Harold Gray; Whitman # 2302; year 1944);

LITTLE WOMEN (by Louisa May Alcott; Whitman # 2134; year 1951; with Dustjacket); (Whitman # 1605; year 1955); (Whitman # 1605; Glossy cover Edition);

THE LONE WOLF AND THE HIDDEN EMPIRE (by Carl W. Smith; Whitman # 2335; year 1947);

THE LONE RIDER AND THE TREASURE OF VANISHED MEN (by Gaylord Dubois; Whitman # 2317; year 1946; with dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

LUCY AND THE MADCAP MYSTERY (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1505; year 1963);

-- M --

MAKE-BELIEVE DAUGHTER (by Laura W. Douglas; Whitman # 1502; year 1972);

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.; THE AFFAIR OF THE GENTLE SABOTEUR (by Brandon Kieth; Whitman # 1541; year 1966; photo cover);

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.: THE AFFAIR OF THE GUNRUNNERS' GOLD (by Brandon Keith; Whitman # 1543; year 1967);

MARCH ANSON AND SCOOT BAILEY OF THE U.S. NAVY (by Gregory Duncan; Whitman # 2306; year 1944);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) MARY POPPINS by Mary Carey (Whitman # 2317; 1964; PHOTO Cover; illustrated by Bob Totten, and Jason Studios; 218 pages; VG=$8; G=$5);

MAVERICK by Charles I. Coombs; (Whitman # 1585; year 1959; Based on the classic James Garner TV Western; PAINTED-c; ALEX TOTH Art; FN=$20; VG/FN=$16; VG=$12; G/VG=$10; G=$8);

#1 – MEG AND THE DISAPPEARING DIAMONDS (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman # 1527; year 1967);

#2 – MEG: THE SECRET WITCH'S STAIRWAY (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman # 1528; year 1967);

#3 – MEG: THE TREASURE NOBODY SAW (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman #1529; year 1970);

#4 – MEG: THE GHOST OF HIDDEN SPRINGS (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman # 1530; year 1970);

#5 – MEG: THE MYSTERY OF THE BLACK-MAGIC CAVE (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman; year 1971);

#6 – MEG: YESTERY IN WILLIAMSBURG (by Holly Beth Walker; Whitman # 1547; year 1972);

MILESTONE SUMMER (by Nicolete Merdith; Whitman # 2311; year 1962);

MINNOW” VAIL (by Winifred E. Wise; Whitman # 1556; year 1962);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) THE MISSADVENTURES OF MERLIN JONES by Mary Carey (Based on the screenplay by Tom and Helen August) (Whitman #1521; year 1964; ; Annette Funicello and Tommy Kirk PHOTO front & Back Covers; illustrated by Robert L. Schaar; 210 pages; VG=$8; G=$5);

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: THE MONEY EXPLOSION (by Talmage Powell; Whitman 1512; year 1970);

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: THE PRICELESS PARTICLE (by Talmage Powell; Whitman # 1515; year 1969);

MRS. WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH (by Alice Hegan Rice; Whitman # 1602; year 1962);

The MOD SQUAD, ASSIGNMENT: THE ARRANGER by Richard Deming; (Whitman # 1538; year 1969; 210 Pages; Based on the TV Series starring Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III, Peggy Lipton; issued without a DJ; Dezso Csanady Wraparound MOD Line-Drawn illustrated Covers;  Weight = 250 Grams);

THE MOD SQUAD: ASSIGNMENT: THE HIDEOUT (by Richard Deming; Whitman # 1517; year 1970);

MONKEES: WHO'S GOT THE BUTTON? (by William Johnston; Whitman # 1539; year 1968; photo cover);

MORE TALES TO TREMBLE BY (Whitman # 1629; year 1968);

MORE THAN COURAGE (by Patrick Lawson; Whitman # 1513; year 1960);

THE MUNSTERS: THE GREAT CAMERA CAPER (by William Johnston; Whitman # 1510; year 1965);

THE MYSTERY AT RUSTLERS' FORT (a Troy Nesbit Mystery) by Troy Nesbit; (Whitman # 1502; year 1964; illustrated by John Walter; 282 Pages; year 1958; issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers; Weight = 355 Grams);

-- N --

NANCY CRAIG AND THE MYSTERY OF THE FIRE OPAL (by Matilda Bailey; Whitman # 2338; year 1948);

NANCY DALE ARMY NURSE by Ruby Lorraine Radford; (illustrated by Henry E. Vallely; Whitman Hardcover # 2304; 1944; NO Dust Jacket; Weight = 300 Grams; Book = G/VG; Inventory # B1067-1; Price = $5);

NINA AND SKEEZIX [OF “GASOLINE ALLEY”] THE PROBLEM OF THE LOST RING (by Frank King; Whitman # 2377; year 1942);

NOAH CARR, YANKEE FIREBRAND (by H.C. Thomas; Whitmas 1534:49; year 1957);

NORMA KENT OF THE WACS (by Roy J. Snell; Whitman # 2392; year 1943; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

NURSES THREE: A CAREER FOR KELLY (by Jean Kirby; Whitman # 2348; year 1963);

NURSE THREE: FIRST ASSIGNMENT (by Jean Kirby; Whitman 2349; year 1963);

NURSE THREE: A VERY SPECIAL GIRL (by Jean Kirby; Whitman # 2350; year 1963);

NURSES WHO LED THE WAY (by Adele & Cateau De Leeuw; Whitman # 1549; year 1961);

-- P --

PATTY DUKE AND THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHINESE JUNK (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 2334; year 1966);

PATTY DUKE AND THE MYSTERY MANSION (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1514; year 1964; photocover);

PATTY O'NEAL ON THE AIRWAYS (by Ruby L. Radford; Whitman # 2315; year 1946; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

PEGGY PARKER GIRL INVENTOR (by Ruby Lorraine Radford; Whitman # 2328; year 1946);

(Walt Disney's Presents - Film/Movie) PETER PAN (Whitman # 1583; 1952; Wraparound Cartoon illustrated Cover; adapted from the Walt Disney Animated Motion Picture; VG=$8; G=$5);

PEE WEE HARRIS ON THE TRAIL (by Percy Keese Fitzhugh; Whitman # 2307; year 1922);

PINOCCHIO; A TALE OF A PUPPET (by Carlo Collodi; Whitman # 1633; year 1967);


POLLY FRENCH AND THE SURPRISING STRANGER (by Francine Lewis; Whitman # 1572:49; year 1956);

POLLY FRENCH TAKES CHARGE (by Francine Lewis; Whitman # 1571:49; year 1954);

POLLY FRENCH OF WHITFORD HIGH (by Francine Lewis; Whitman # 1570:49; year 1954);

POLLY THE POWERS MODEL: THE PUZZLE OF THE HAUNTED CAMERA (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2375; year 1942; with Dustjacket; photocover; or no Dustjacket);

A POWER BOYS ADVENTURE: THE MYSTERY OF THE BURNING OCEAN (by Mel Lyle; Whitman # 1525; year 1965);



A POWER BOYS ADVENTURE #1, The MYSTERY of the HAUNTED SKYSCRAPER by Mel Lyle; (Whitman # 1523; year 1964; illustrated by Raymond Burns; 212 pages; Weight = 290 Grams; issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers);



(Walt Disney's - TV Film/Movie) the PRINCE and the PAUPER by Lee Wydham (based on Mark Twain) (Whitman # 1622; Authorized TV Edition; 1962; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; ilustrated by Adam Szwejkowski; VG=$8; G=$5);

-- Q --

QUIZ KIDS and the CRAZY QUESTION MYSTERY (by Carl W. Smith; Whitman # 2332; year 1946; PHOTO & illustration cover on the DJ; Art by Isobel Read; Dust Jacket = G; Book = near FN; Price = $7.00);

-- R --

THE RAT PATROL: THE IRON MONSTER RAID (by I.G. Edmonds (Whitman # 1547; year 1968; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic TV SERIES; TV series Lasted 2 Seasons & 58 episodes from 1966-1968; Starred; Christopher George, Gary Raymond, Eric Braeden; World War II North African missions of an Allied commando patrol squad of the Long Range Desert Group);

THE REAL McCOYS AND DANGER AT THE RANCH (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1577; year 1961);

THE REBEL (by H.A. De Rosso; Whitman # 1548; year 1961);

RED RYDER AND THE ADVENTURE AT CHIMNEY ROCK (by H.C.Thomas; Whiman # 2318; year 1946;no Dustjacket);

RED RYDER AND THE ADVENTURE AT CHIMNEY ROCK (by H.C. Thomas; Whitman # 1528; year 1957);

RED RYDER AND GUN-SMOKE GOLD (by Jerry McGill; Whitman # 2368:49; year 1954);

RED RYDER AND THE RIDDLE OF ROARING RANGER (by Jerry McGill; Whitman # 2356; year 1951; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

RED RYDER AND THE SECRET OF THE LUCKY MINE (by Carl W. Smith; Whitman # 2334; year 1947; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

RED RYDER AND THE SECRET OF WOLF CANYON (by S.S. Stevens; Whitman # 2344; year 1941; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

RED RYDER AND THE THUNDER TRAIL by Jerry McGill; (Whitman #1547:49; year 1956; issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers; Weight = 365 Grams);

THE RESTLESS GUN (by Barlow Meyers; Whitman # 1559; year 1959);

THE RIFLEMAN by Cole Fannin; Illustrated by Henry Luhrs (Whitman # 1569; year 1959; 282 pages; Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford PHOTO front cover; Painted Back cover; Authorized TV Edition. Based on the television program starring Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain, Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain; FN=$17; VG/FN=$13; VG=$10; G/VG=$8; G=$6; FA=$4);

RIN TIN TIN AND CALL TO DANGER (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1539; year 1957);

RIN TIN TIN AND THE GHOST WAGON TRAIN (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1579; year 1958);

RIN TIN TIN AND THE GHOST WAGON TRAIN (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1579; year 1958);

RIN TIN TIN'S RINTY (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1542:49; year 1954);

RIPCORD (by D.S. Halacy Jr.; Whitman # 1522; Year 1962);

RIP FOSTER RIDES THE GRAY PLANET (by Blake Savage; Whitman # 2304; year 1952; with Dustjacket; or no Dustjacket);

ROBIN HOOD (by Howard Pyle; (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown, In Nottinghamshire; Whitman # 1610; year 1955; illustrated by Paul Busch; Wraparound Painted cover with Forest Scene & 6 Merry Men; VG=$6; G=$4; FA=$3);

ROBIN HOOD (by Howard Pyle; (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown, In Nottinghamshire; Whitman 1610:49; year 1955);

ROBIN HOOD (by Howard Pyle; (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown, In Nottinghamshire; Whitman; Cover depicts a Portrait of Robin Hood);

ROBIN HOOD (by Howard Pyle; (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown, In Nottinghamshire; Erwin L. illustrator Hess; Whitman # 2137; year 1940; Hardcover with Dustjacket; >> Dustjacket depicts Robin Hood in forest, watching Villiages drive thru with Mules, Ox & Wagon; Dustjacket painted art by Florian)


ROBIN KANE #2: THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM (by Eileen Hill; Whitman # 1551; year 1966);

ROBIN KANE #3: THE MYSTERY OF GLENGARY CASTLE (by Eileen Hill; Whitman # 1552; year 1966);

ROBIN KANE #4: THE CANDLE SHOP MYSTERY (by Eileen Hill; Whitman #1533; year 1967);

ROBINSON CRUSOE (by Daniel Defoe; Whitman # 1611; year 1955);

ROSE IN BLOOM (by Louisa may Alcott; Whitman # 2126; year 1952); (Whitman # 1617; year 1955);

ROY ROGERS AND THE BRASADA BANDITS (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1500:49; year 1955);

ROY ROGERS AND THE ENCHANTED CANYON (by Jim Rivers; whitman # 1502; year 1954);

ROY ROGERS and the GHOST of MYSTERY RANCHO (by Walter A. Tompkins; Whitman # 2348; year 1950; Hardcover Book; NO Dust Jacket; Weight = 300 Grams; Book = VG; Price = $7);

ROY ROGER AND THE GOPHER CREEK GUNMAN (by Don Middleton; Whitman # 2309; year 1945; with Dustjacket; Photocover – 2 different; or No Ductjacket);

ROY ROGERS KING OF THE COWBOYS (by Cole Fannin; Whitman # 1503:49; year 1956);

ROY ROGERS AND THE OUTLAWS OF SUNDOW VALLEY (by Snowden Miller; Whitman # 2347; year 1950);

ROY ROGERS AND THE RAIDERS OF SAWTOOTH RIDGE (by Snowden Miller; Whitman #2329; year 1946; with Dustjacket; Photocover; of no Dustjacket); (Whitman # 2305:49);

ROY ROGERS ON THE TRAIL OF THE ZEROS by Packer Elton; (Whitman # 2361:49; year 1954; illustrated by Al Greicher; 282 pages; issued without a DJ; PHOTO front Cover, Painted Back cover, Wraparound Cover;  Weight = 360 Grams);

ROY ROGERS AND DALE EVANS IN RIVER OF PERIL (by Cole Fannin;Whitman # 1504:49; year 1957);

-- S --

SALLY SCOTT OF THE WAVES (by Roy J. Snell; Whitman 2393; year 1943; with dustjacket);

SANDRA OF THE GIRL ORCHESTRA by Ruby Lorraine Radford; (Whitman Hardcover #2321; 1946; NO Dust Jacket; Weight = 305 Grams; Book = VG, but with Pen writing on inside front cover & front endpage thus G/VG; Price = $5.00);

SAND DUNE PONY (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1515; year 1954); (Whitman # 2301; year 1952);

SEA HUNT by Cole Fannin; (1960; Whitman Hardcover Novel #1541; Illustrated by Gerald Hannah; Painted cover by Al Anderson; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic TV SERIES, which Starred; LLOYD BRIDGES as Mike Nelson the Scuba Diver PHOTO Covers; TV Series ran from 1958-1961, 4 seasons with 155 Episodes in Total; 210 Pages);

SEVEN GREAT DETECTIVE STORIES (Whitman # 1627; year 1968);

SHERLOCK HOLMES; ADVENTUES OF (by A.Conan Doyle; Whitman # 1624; year 1955); (Whitman # 1612:49; year 1955);

SHIRLEY TEMPLE AND THE SCREAMING SPECTRE (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2230; year 1946);

SHIRLEY TEMPLE AND THE SPIRIT OF DRAGONWOOD (by Kathryn Heisenfelt; Whitman # 2311; year 1945);


SMILIN JACK AND THE DAREDEVIL GIRL PILOT (by Zack Mosley; Whitman # 2379; year 1942; with Dustjacket);

THE SON OF THE PHANTOM (by Dale Robertson; Whitman # 2322; year 1946);

The SPACE EAGLE OPERATION DOOMDAY by Jack Pearl (Based on Characters Created by Raymond J. Meurer);  (Whitman # 1578; year 1967;  illustrated by Arnie Kohn; 212 Pages; issued without a DJ; Wraparound Painted Covers; Weight = 260 Grams);

THE SPACE EAGLE: OPERATION STAR VOYAGE ( by Jack Pearl; Whitman # 1579; year 1970);

SPARKY AMES and MARY MASON of the FERRY COMMAND by Roy J. Snell; (Whitman Hardcover #2391; Illustrated by Darwin, Erwin L. 1943; The LAST of the 8 books in the "Fighters For Freedom" WWII Series. NO Dust Jacket; Weight = 305 Grams; Book = front endpage missing, G/VG; Price = $4.00);

(Walt Disney's - TV) SPIN AND MARTY (original Title = "Marty Markham") by Lawrence E. / Edward Watkin; (Whitman # 1535:49; 1956; PHOTO Cover; PAINTED Back Cover by Bob Bartram; VG=$12; G=$8);

(Walt Disney's - TV) SPIN AND MARTY: TROUBLE AT TRIPLE-R (by Doris Schroeder; Whitman # 1577; Based on the Walt Disney TV series "Spin and Marty" and the characters of the novel "Marty Markham" by Lawrence E./Edward Watkin. 1958; Wraparound PAINTED Cover by Bob Bartram; Illustrated by Tony Sgroi; G = $5);

SPIRIT TOWN (by Suzanne Roberts; Whitman # 1507; year 1972);

STAND BY FOR ADVENTURE (Whitman # 1632; year 1967);

STAR TREK: MISSION TO HORATIUS (by Mack Reynolds; Whitman # 1549; year 1968; WHITMAN Hardcover, Based on the Classic TV SERIES; Classic Star Trek TV series that Lasted 3 Seasons & 80 episodes from 1966-1986 starred the Original Crew; William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy, Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, James Doohan as Scotty, Eddie Paskey as Lt. Leslie,  & George Takei as Sulu); 

STORIES OF GREAT PHYSICIANS (by Raymond F. Jones; Whitman # 1581; year 1963);

SPRATOSPHERE JIM AND HIS FLYING FORTRESS (by Oskar Lebeck & gaylord Dubois; Whitman # 2397; year 1941; with Dustjacket; or No Dustjacket);

(Walt Disney's) THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON by Steve Frazee (based on Johann Wyss's famous classic) (Whitman #1629; 1960; Wraparound PAINTED Cover by Al Andersen; illustrated by Henry Luhrs; VG=$8; G=$5);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) THE SWORD IN THE STONE by White, T. H. (Retold By Mary Carey) (Whitman # 1503; 1963; Wraparound Cartoon illustrated Cover; illustrated by Peter Alvarado; 212 pages; VG=$8; G=$5);

SYLVIA SANDERS AND THE TANGLED WEB (By Ruby Lorraine Radford; Whitman # 2312; year 1946);

-- T --

TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS (Whitman # 1750; year 1965); (Whitman # 1630; year 1966);

TALES OF EDGAR ALLAN POE (Whitman # 1613; year 1972); (Whitman # 2701; year 1963);

TALES OF TIME AND SPACE (Whitman # 1628; year 1969);

TALES OF TREMBLE BY (Whitman # 1631; year 1966);

TAMMY: ADVENTURE IN SQUAW VALLEY (by Winifred E. Wise; Whitman # 2323; year 1964);

TARZAN OF THE APES (by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Whitman # 1507; year 1964);

TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD (by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Whitman # 1533; year 1954); (Whitman # 2307; year 1952);

TARZAN AND THE FORBIDDEN CITY (by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Whitman # 2306; year 1952); (Whitman # 1520:49; year 1954);

TARZAN AND THE LOST SAFARI (by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Whitman # 1522; year 1957; photo cover); (Whitman # 1534; year 1957);

TARZAN, THE RETURN OF (by Edgar Rice Burroughs; Whitman # 1506; year 1967);

A TERRY ANDTHE PIRATES ADVENTURE; APRIL KANE AND THE DRAGON LADY (by Milton Caniff; Whitman # 2380; year 1942; with Dust Jacket; or no Dustjacket);

THAT CERTAIN GIRL (by Dorothea J. Snow; Whitman # 1558; year 1964);

THAT'S OUR CLEO! AND OTHER STORIES ABOUT CATS (Whitman # 1566; year 1973);

THEN CAME NOVEMBER (by Nan Gilbert; Whitman # 2346; year 1963);

THEY FLEW TO FAME (by Robert Sidney Bowen; Whitman # 1504; year 1963);

THEY MET DANGER (by Captain Gordon D. Shirreffs; Whitman # 1511; year 1960);

THE THINGS IN B-3 (by Talmage Powell; Whitman # 1581; year 1969);

THROW THE LONG BOMB! (by Jack Lafli; foreward by Bart Starr; Whitman # 1536; year 1967);

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (by Alexandre Dumas; Whitman # 2142; year 1946; with Dustjacket); (Whitman # 2142:49; year 1946); (Whitman # 1621:49; year 1956);

TILLIE THE TOILER AND THE MASQUERADING DUCHESS (by Russ Westover; Whitman # 2384; year 1943);

TIMBER TRAIL RIDERS; THE LONG TRAIL NORTH (A MIKE CASEY STORY) by Michael Murray; (Whitman # 1593; year 1963; illustrated by Robert Meyers and Orlando Giamomini; 280 pages; issued without a DJ; Painted Cover; Weight = 360 Grams);


TIMBER TRAIL RIDERS; THE MYSTERIOUS DUDE (A DAVE TALBOT STORY) (by Michael Murry; Whitman # 1511; year 1964);


TIMBER TRAIL RIDERS; THE TEXAS TENDERFOOT (A DAVE TALBOT STORY) (by Michael Murray; Whitman # 1588; year 1963);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) TOBY TYLER by Dorothea J. Snow (Whitman # 1545; 1960; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; illustrated by Ben Franklin; VG=$8; G=$5);

TO DANCE, TO DREAM (by Maxine Drury (Whitman # 1518; year 1965);

TOM HARMON AND THE GREAT GRIDIRON PLOT (by Jay Dender; Whitman # 2323; year 1946; with Dust Jacket; Photocover; or No Dust Jacket);

TOM SAWYER (by Mark Twain; Whitman # 2127; 1944 with Dust Jacket); (Whitman # 1603:49; year 1955); (Whitman # 1603; year 1955); (Whitman # 1603; year 1971);

TOM STETSON AND THE BLUE DEVIL (by John Henry Cutler; Whitman # 2358; year 1951);

TOM STETSON AND THE GIANT JUNGLE ANTS (by John Henry Cutler; Whitman # 2340; Year 1948);

TOM STETSON ON THE TRAIL OF THE LOST TRIBE (by John Henry Cutler; Whitman # 2341; year 1948; with Dust Jacket; or no Dustjacket);

TREASURE ISLAND (by Robert Louis Stevenson; Whitman # 1608; year 1955); (Whitman # 1608:49; year 1955); (1610; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #1: AND THE SECRET OF THE MANSION (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 2337; year 1948; with Dustjacket); (Whitman # 1556; year 1954); (Whitman # 1524; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #2: AND THE RED TRAILER MYSTERY (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1561; year 1954); (Whitman # 2361; year 1954); (1525; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #3: AND THE GATEHOUSE MYSTERY (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1526; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #4; AND THE MYSTERIOUS VISTOR (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1560; year 1954); (Whitman # 1560:49; year 1954); (Whitman # 2368; year 1955); (Whitman # 1532; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #5; AND THE MYSTERY OFF GLEN ROAD (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1563; year 1965); (Whitman # 2363; year 1956); (Whitman # 1534; Year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #6; AND MYSTERY IN ARIZONA (by Julie Campbell; Whitman # 1565; year 1958); (Whitman # 2365; year 1958); (Whitman # 1533; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #7; AND THE MYSTERIOUS CODE (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 1558; year 1961); (Whitman # 2354; year 1961); (Whitman # 1540; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #8; AND THE BLACK JACKET MYSTERY (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 1578; year 1961); (Whitman # 2378; year 1961); (Whitman # 1541; year 1970);

TRIXIE BELDEN #9; AND THE HAPPY VALLEY MYSTERY (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 1543; year 1962); (Whitman # 2307; year 1962);

TRIXIE BELDEN #10 AND THE MARSHLAND MYSTERY (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 2308; year 1962); (Whitman # 2308; year 1962); (Whitman # 1578; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #11; AND THE MYSTERY AT BOB-WHITE CAVE (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 2315; year 1963); (Whitman # 2355; year 1966); (Whitman # 1586; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #12; AND THE MYSTERY OF THE BLINKING EYE (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 2327; year 1963); (Whitman # 1587; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #13 AND THE MYSTERY ON COBBETT'S ISLAND (TRIXIE BELDEN #13) by Kathryn Kenny; (Whitman #2319; year 1964; illustrated by Paul Frame; Weight = 355 Grams; 280 Pages; issued without a DJ; Painted Cover);

TRIXIE BELDEN #14; AND THE MYSTERY OF THE EMERALDS (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 2366; year 1965); (Whitman # 1522; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #15; AND THE MYSTERY ON THE MISSISSIPPE (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 2367; year 1965); (Whitman # 1523; year 1971);

TRIXIE BELDEN #16; AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING HEIRESS (by Kathryn Kenny; Whitman # 1542; year 1970);

TRUDY PHILLIPS, NEW GIRL (by Dorothy Grider; Whitman # 1580: 49; year 1953);

TRUE TO YOU (by Viola Rowe; Whitman # 1557; year 1964);

(Walt Disney's - Film/Movie) 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - Dick Huemer (story Adapted by) (Whitman # 1541:49; 1955; Based on Disney's movie adaptation of Jules Verne with illustrations by Roy Schroeder and John Steel. 282 pages; Wraparound PAINTED Cover; G=$8);

-- V --

VAN JOHNSON, THE LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD (by Elizabeth Beecher; Whitman # 2324; year 1947; Henry E. Vallely art; PHOTO cover on the DJ; Dust Jacket = G; Book = near FN; Price = $8.00)

VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (by Raymond F. Jones; Whitman # 1517; year 1965);

-- W --

WAGON TRAIN (by Troy Nesbit; Whitman # 1567; year 1959);

THE WALTON BOYS AND GOLD IN THE SNOW (by Hal Burton; Whitman # 1522; year 1958);

THE WALTON BOYS IN HIGH COUNTRY (by Hal Burton; Whitman # 1523; year 1960);

THE WALTON BOYS AND RAPIDS AHEAD (by Hal Burton; Whitman # 2354; year 1950; with Dust Jacket; or no Dust Jacket);

THE WALTON BOYS IN RAPIDS AHEAD (by Hal Burton; Whitman # 1525; year 1958);

THE WALTONS #1; THE BIRD DOG (by Dion Henderson ; Whitman # 1516; year 1975);

THE WALTONS #2; THE PUZZLE (by Carl Henry Rathjen; Whitman # 1576; year 1975);

THE WALTONS #3; THE PENNY SALE (by Glades Baker Bond; Whitman # 1599; year 1975);

THE WALTONS #4; THE TREASURES (by Carl Henry Rathten; Whitman # 1580; year 1975);

THE WALTONS #5; UP SHE RISES! (by Glades Baker Bond; Whitman # 1539; year 1975);

THE WALTONS #6; THE ACCIDENT (by Virginia McDonnell; Whitman # 1510; year 1975);

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (by H.G. Wells; Whitman # 1628; year 1964);

WAY OUT; SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURES FROM (Whitman # 1573; year 1973; illustrated by Dan Spiegle);

WELLS FARGO (Tales of..) AND DANGER STATION by Sam Allison; Illustrated by Robert L. Jenney (Whitman # 1588; year 1958; Wraparound Painted covers by Bill Edwards; Authorized TV Edition. Based on classic Television series "Tales of Wells Fargo" with Dale Robertson as Jim Hardie, Jack Ging as Beay McCloud, William Demarest as Jeb Gaine, Virginia Christine as Ovie, Mary Jane Saunders as Mary Gee

& Lory Patrick as Tina; VG=$12; G/VG=$10; G=$7; FA=$5);

WHEN SARA SMILED (by Kathleen Robinson; Whitman # 2309; year 1962);

WILD ANIMALS I HAVE KNOWN (by Ernest Thompson Seton; Whitman # 1619; year 1961);

WINNIE WINKLE AND THE DIAMOND HEIRLOOMS (by Helen Berke; Whitman # 2319; year 1946);

THE WISHING YEAR (by Winifred E. Wise; Whitman # 2326; year 1963);

THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ (by L. Frank Baum; Whitman # 1620; year 1970);

WYATT EARP by Philip Ketchum; [ illustrated by Robert Doremus; Whitman # 1548; year 1956; Based on the true Western Hero; Wraparound Painted cover; Inspired by the Stuart N. Lake book;

FN=$14; VG/FN=$10; VG=$7; G=$5 ];

-- Z --

ZANE GREY'S THE LAST TRAIL (Whitman # 2351:49; year 1954);

(Walt Disney's) ZORRO (by Steve Frazee; Based on the Characters created by Johnston McCulley; Whitman # 1586; year 1958; Based on the ABC TV Series with GUY WILLIAMS, as ZORRO and Don Diego de la Vega; Authorized TV Edition; Wraparound Painted cover by BILL EDWARDS; Illustrated by Henry Luhrs; 1st Printing with Lamination on covers); 

(Walt Disney's) ZORRO (by Steve Frazee; Whitman # 1535; year 1958; Based on the ABC TV Series with GUY WILLIAMS, as ZORRO and Don Diego de la Vega; Illustrated by Henry Luhrs; 2nd Printing with Non-Shiny Matt Covers; Same book as title above; FN+=$14; VG=$8);


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I am Douglas W. Sulipa, an OVERSTREET Comic Book Price Guide SENIOR ADVISOR for 44 years {since Guide #2 way back in 1972); >> Read my Annual OVERSTREET MARKET REPORTS;  (Overstreet #45 = AD on pages 228; ** See my 10 Page Market Report on Pages 171-180);  (Overstreet #44 = AD on pages 228 & 1092; ** See my 11 Page Market Report on Pages 163-174);  (Overstreet #43,  Market Report on pages 138-142,  AD on page 194); (Overstreet #42 AD on page 188 & 250); (Overstreet #41,  AD on page 184 & 236);  I am an original member on the Board of Advisors to CBCA {Comic Book Collecting Association} Comic Pros with the common-sense Code of Ethics, in the Comics Community.



We have IN STOCK; [ 1,300,000 COMICS, 1950's thru 2010, & some Older, with 95% of everything ALL Publishers & titles from 1960-2010 ] [250,000 MAGAZINES, ALL types] [250,000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS, ALL types, 1940-1990's] [60,000 Hardcover Books, ALL subjects, from 1900-1990's] [100,000 x 33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP Records] [40,000 x 45 RPM Vinyl 7 Single Records] [8,000 Music Cassette Tapes] [15,000 VHS Movies] [15,000 POSTERS; MOVIE One Sheets (1950's-1990's), VIDEO Store (1980s-1990's) & 10,000 Chain store types (1970's-early 1990's)] [VIDEO GAMES; Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo, Super-Nintendo, Sega, Genesis, etc] [Digests = Most Comic types, plus a selection of SF, Mystery & many Misc types] & MORE! >> 600,000 Pounds of inventory jam packed into an 8000 Square Foot Warehouse! So much material, we will NEVER get it all catalogued! BUT you can view our HUGE inventory lists at our website = www.dougcomicworld.com

SEND YOUR WANT LISTS [Please Limit to SERIOUS WANTS & Limit the number of items, to 30 or Less MOST WANTED items; Filling Want Lists is Time Consuming, We reply ASAP;

ORDER Multiple Items ALL from one seller; (1) SAVE on POSTAGE; (2) SAVE TIME locating the items; (3) GET them from a RELIABLE source; (4) Receive Items PROPERLY GRADED by Condition; (5) Satisfaction Always Guaranteed;



Please allow 7-10 DAYS for your Snail Mail LETTERS to arrive since you are sending to Canada. (MOST arrive in 7 days average); We ship Mail orders within 24 hours of Payment

(except weekends), but usually SAME DAY. [Unlike many eBay sellers & our competitors, who can take as long as 2-4 weeks to ship]; >>> [ FED-EX, UPS & other COURIER PARCELS are expensive from Canada = US$100.00 Minimum and UP Required; IF you have a FED-EX or UPS account, we can have charged billed to that account, if you provide the account number. Please triple check the account number]; >> I am a STRICT and accurate CONDITION grader; I do NOT Over-Grade or Under-Grade. I just try to grade as ACCURATELY as the current Professional Dealer market dictates. Unfortunately most sellers DO NOT know how to grade accurately especially when dealing with comic books (which has been my main specialty since 1971). >> I also pack all shipments VERY WELL , to avoid damage in transit;  SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED; RETURN anything you are NOT happy with; Superb Service for OVER 45 years; For the last 20 Years, our average RETURN RATE is Lower than One-Quarter of ONE PERCENT (most of those were CUSTOMER Errors);  

Returned items Must be Postmarked BACK in the Mail within 7 days of the day you received the parcel. Wrap well & clearly, in large letters, on outside of parcel, put Returning Goods to Sender = This is REQUIRED, to avoid Customs Hassles & Long Delays; (The ONLY exception for Returns, is CGC professionally graded comics, these are NOT returnable, as with CGC you know in advance, what you will be getting);  WE HAVE an eBay 99.99% SATISFACTION RATE, with over 5000 Positive Feedbacks on eBay;

MAIL ORDER since 1971, with OVER 30,000 DIFFERENT Satisfied Customers, with over 300,000 completed Orders; THANK YOU! ..... Douglas W. Sulipa