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ALD, ROY – Jogging, Aerobics and Diet (with photos);

ANDERSON, COL. JAMES L./ COHEN, MARTIN – The Competitive Edge: The West Point Guide for the Weekend Athlete (with photos); *** The West Point Fitness and Diet Book (Illustrated);

BAHM, ARCHIE J. - Executive Yoga (with photos);

BAKER, GEORGE H. - Keep Healthy: Stay Younger;

BOWERMAN, WILLIAM J./ HARRIS, DR. W.E. - Jogging (with photos);

CAPONE, ANNETTE – Your 14 – Day Total Shape-Up Plan;

CARTER, ALBERT E. - The Miracles of Rebound Exercise (with photos);

COOPER, DR. KENNETH H. - Aerobics; *** The Aerobics Way (28 Ways to Health); *** The New Aerobics;


CURETON JR., THOMAS K. - Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health (Free for all Little Books #3 of 12);

DEVI, INDRA – Renew Your Life Through Yoga (with photos); *** Yoga for Americans (with photos);

DOBBINS, BILL/ SPRAGUE, KEN – Gold's Gym Weight Training Book (with photos);

DUNNE, DESMOND – Yoga For Everyone (Illustrated); *** Yoga Made Easy (Illustrated);

ESQUIRE MAGAZINE – Esquire's the Art of Keeping Fit (Illustrated by Robert Osborn);

FILSON, SYDNEY / JESSUP, CLAUDIA – Jump Into Shape (with photos);

GIBSON, WALTER – The Key to Yoga (Illustrated);

HENNING, JOEL – Holistic Running: Beyond the Threshold of Fitness;

HEWITT, JAMES – Yoga and You (with photos);

HITTLEMAN, RICHARD L. - Be Young with Yoga (with photos); *** Introduction to Yoga (with photos); *** Yoga for Personal Living (with photos); *** Yoga for Physical Fitness (with photos); *** Yoga: the 8 Steps to Health and Peace (with photos); **** Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan (with photos); *** The yoga Way to Figure and Facial Beauty (with photos);

KENT, HOWARD – Day by Day Yoga (Illustrated);

KOSTRUBALA, DR. THADDEUS – The Joy of Running;

KUPRIS, BRONNIE STORCH – Easy Running (Illustrated);

LAIKEN, DEIDRE S. - Beautiful Body Building: Weight Training for Women for Fitness, Strength and Good Looks (with photos);

LANCE, KATHRYN – Running for health and beauty: a Complete Guide for Women (Illustrated);

LEVITT, ZOLA – Exhilaration: the Inspirational Side of Running;

LIPSON, GOLDIE – Beyond Yoga (Illustrated); *** Rejuvenation Through Yoga (Illustrated);

McCARTNEY, JAMES – Yoga the Key to Life;

MELLEBY, ALEXANDER/ BURRUS, BILL – Jogging Away ... From Heart Disease, and Toward a New, Better Life (with photos);

MISHRA, RAMMURTI S. - Fundamentals of Yoga (Illustrated); *** Yoga Sutras: The Textbook of Yoga Psychology;

MOREHOUSE, DR. LAURENCE E./ GROSS, LEONARD – Maximum Performance: Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week (Illustrated); *** Total Fitness in 30 minutes a Week;

MYERS, CLATON R. - The Official YMCA Physical Fitness Handbook (Illustrated);


PRUDDEN BONNIE – How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty (with photos);

RAWLS, EUGENNE S. - A Handbook of Yoga for Modern Living (with photos);

RICHMOND, SONYA – How to be Health with Yoga (with photos);

RONSARD, NICOLE – No Excuse Exercise Guide (Illustrated);

ROSENTHAL, GARY – Fitness Guide for the Weekend Athlete (Illustrated);


SCHULTZ, DODI – Slimming with Yoga (Illustrated);

SHEEHAN, DR. GEORGE – Dr. Sheehan on Running;

SHELMIRE JR. BEDFORD – The Art of Being Beautiful at any Age;

APINO, MICHAEL – Running Home: The New Guide to Total Family Fitness;

SPRAGUE, KEN – The Gold's Gym Book of Strength Training for Athletes (with photos);

STERN, JESS – Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation (with photos);

TULLOH, BRUCE – Natural Fitness;

VOLIN, MICHAEL/ PHELAN, NANCY – Yoga for Beauty (with photos); *** Yoga Over 40 (with photos);


YOGENDRA, SHRI – Yoga Hygiene Simplified (with photos);

ZORN, YOGI WILLIAM – Yoga for the Mind;


ADAMS, RUTH/ MURRAY, FRANK – The High Risks of a Law Calcium Diet;

ATKINS, DR. ROBERT C. - Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution; *** Dr. Atkins' Superenergy Diet;

A to Z Diet Guide and Calorie Couter (Spring/1981);

BELLERSON, KAREN J. - The Shopper's Guide to Fat in Your Food;

BENNETT, IVA / SIMON, MARTHA – The Prudent Diet (Low Saturated Fat Diet That reduced Heart Attack);

BERMAN, DR. SAM S. - The Boston Police Diet and Weight Control Program;

BRENNAN, DR. RICHARD O. - Dr. Brennan's Diet Menus: What the Bible Says About Diet;

The Bristow Ration Book (Use Coupons Instead of Will Power);

CAMPBELL, ROGER F. - Weight! A Better Way to Lose;

CARBOHYDRATE DIET: 500 Foods Listed in Grams;

CARPER, JEAN/ KRAUSE, PATRICIA A. - The All-in-One Carbohrdrate Gram Counter (Brand Names, Fresh Foods, Health Food);;

CELLI, ELISA – The Pasta Diet (Features Over 100 Gourmet Weight Reducing Recipes.);

CHERSKIN, DR. E./ RINGSDORF JR., DR. W.M./ BRECHER, ARLINE – Psychodietetics: The Optimal Diet;

CLAIBORNE, CRAIG/ FRANEY, PIERRE – Craig Claiborne's Gourmet Diet (Including 200 Specially Created, Low Sodium, Modified Fat, Modified Cholesterol Recipes.);

COMPLETE ABC Carbohydrate Diet Guide (Ratings of Food Listed in Grams.);

DEAN, MALCOLM/ CLANFIELD, RONDA – Diet Strategy: How to Win the War Against Weight;

DIET COOKBOOK: Bureau of Consumer Research (Pub. 1974);

DOBBERT, JOHN – The Love Diet (How to Diet Successfully Using Love as a Motivator.);

EITELJORG, SONJA – The Sweet Way to Diet (The Non-Cyclamate Way to Lose Weight; Illustrated by George C. Sears.);

FANBURG, DR. WALTER H./ SNYDER, DR. BERNARD M. - How to be a Winner at the Weight Loss Game... And Keep It Off Forever;

FIELDS, TOTIE – I Think I'll Start on Monday: The Official 8 ½ oz. Mashed Patotoe Diet;

FORD, EILEEN – A More Beautiful You in 21 Days;

FOX, DR. ARNOLD – The Beverly Hills Medical Diet;

FRANK, DR. BENJAMIN S./ MIELE, PHILIP – Dr. Frank's No Aging Diet: Eat and Grow Younger;

FREDERICK, DR. CARLTON – Dr. Carlton Frederick's Low Carbohydrate Diet (Eat All You Want, Drink all You Want and Still Lose Weight.);

GOLD, ANN/ BRILLER, SARA WELLES – Diet Watchers Guide;

GOLDBECK, NIKKI & DAVID – The Dieker's Companion: a Guide to Nutritional Self-Sufficiency;

GOLDBERG, LARRY – Controlled Cheating: The Fats Goldberg Take it Off, Keep it Off Diet Program;

HAUSER, GAYELORD – Guide to Intelligent Reducing;

ISENBERG, DR. SEYMOUR/ ELTING, DR. L.M. - The 9 Day Wonder Diet;

JORDAN, DR. HENRY A./ LEVITZ, DR. LEONARD S./ KIMBRELL, DR. GORDON M. - Eating is Okay: a Radical Approach to Weight Loss – The Behavioral Control Diet;

JUDD, H.S. - California Weight Loss Program;

KATAHN, DR. MARTIN – The 200 Calorie Solution;

KLIEWER, EVELYN – Freedom From Fat (Illustrated by Al Hartley);

KONIGSBERG, DR. MAX/ GOLOMB, LOUIS – Take Weight off and keep it off! (What is Chemical Hunger?);

KORDEL, DR. LELORD – Eat Your Troubles Away (Pub. 1961);

KOTKIN, DR. LEONID – Eat Think and Be Slender;

KRAUS, BARBARA – Calorie Guide to Brand Names and Bisic Foods Completely Revised;

LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE – Diet for a Small Planet;

LINDLAHR, VICTOR H. - Eat and Reduce;

LINN, DR. ROBERT – The Last Chance Diet: a Revolutionary New Approach to Weight Loss;

LIVINGSTON, CAROLE – Hoe to Lose 5 lbs. Fast! (Twelve Different Diets and Tons of Great Advice.);

LOSE WEIGHT FAST! Carbohydrate Protein and Fat Ratings; Plus 21 day Diet;

MACKARNESS, RICHARD – Eat Fat and Grow Slim;

MANDELL, DR. MARSHALL/ MANDELL, FRAN GARE – The Mandell's it's Not Your Fault You're Fat Diet;

MAYER, DR. JEAN – A Diet for Living;

MAZEL, JUDY – The Beverly Hills Diet;

MOSCOVITZ, JUDY – The Rice Diet Report;

NIDETCH, JEAN – The Story of Weight Watchers (with photos);


PETRIE, SIDNEY – How to Reduce and Control Your Weight Through Self-Hypnotism;

PRITIKIN, NATHAN – The Pritikin Permanent Weight Loss Manual; *** McGRADY, JR., PATRICK M. - the Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise;

REUBEN, DR. DAVID – The Save Your Life Diet;

ROSS, wALTER – Diet to Suit Yourself;

SHEALY, DR. C. NORMAN – 90 Days to Self-Health;

SIEGAL, DR. SANFORD – Dr. Siegal's Natural Fiber Permanent Weight-Loss Diet;

SKIMMING, ANNE – Eat, Drink and Be Slim (Delicious Recipes for a Low Carbohydrate Diet.);

SMALL, MARVIN – Reduce with the low Calorie Diet;

STILLMAN, DR. IRWIN MAXWELL/ BAKER, SAMM SINCLAIR – The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet: Medically Proven; *** Dr. Stillman's 14-Day Shape-Up Program;

STUART, DR. RICHARD B. - Act Thin, Stay Thin;

TARNOWER, DR. HERMAN/ BAKER, SAMM SINCLAIR – The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet; Plus Dr. Tarnower's Lifetime Keep-Slim Program;

TARR, YVONNE YOUNG – Natural Foods Dieting Book;

WALDO, MYRA – Lose Pounds the low-Carbohydrate Way (How to Stay Slender the Dr. Atkin's Way.);

WALKER, JOAN/ WALKER, DR. MORTON – Help Your Mate Lose Weight;

WEIGHT WATCHERS – They Lost Two Ton: Success Stories from Weight Watchers Magazine;

WEST, RUTH – Stop Dieting! Start Losing!;

WHEELER, ELMER – The New Fat Boy's Book;

WINER, SUSAN – How to Be Cellulite Free Forever;

WORCESTER, DR. NANCY/ NEWMAN, RHONA – A Pocket Book on Slimming;

YUDKIN, JOHN – This Slimming Business;


ABRAHAMSON, DR. E.M./ PEZET, A.W. - Body, Mind, and Sugar;

ADAMS, REX – Miracle Medicine Foods;

ADAMS, RUTH/ MURRAY, FRANK – Body, Mind and the B Vitamins; *** The Good Seeds, The Rich Grains, The Hardy Nuts for a Healthier , Happier Life; *** Health Foods; *** Megavitamin Therapy; *** Minerals: Kill or Cure?;

ADAMS, RUTH – The Complete Home Guide to all the Vitamins;

AIROLA, PAAVO O. - Health Secrets from Europe;

ALSAKER, DR. RASMUS – A Doctor's Guide to a Healthy Heart and Arteries; *** Victory over Arthritis;

ALVAREZ, DR. WALTER C. - How to Help Your Doctor Help You;

ANCIER, BRADFORD – Feasting Free on Wild Edibles;

ANONYMOUS, DR. - The Healers (A Complere and Shocking Disclosure of Corruption and Malpractice in Medicine Today.);

ARMS, SUZANNE – Immaculate Deception (A New Look at Women and Childbirth in America.);

ARMSTRONG, DR. DONALD B./ HALLOCK, GRACE T. - What To Do Till the Doctor Comes;

ARNOLD, PETER – Check List for Emergencies (Immediate Steps to Take in Each and Every Emergency.);

ASCHINER, DR. BERNARD – Arthritis Can be Cured;

ASHLEY, RICHARD/ DUGGAL, HEIDI – Dictionary of Nutrition;

ATKINSON, DR. HOLLY – Women and Fatigue;

BAILEY, HERBERTT – E the Essential Vitamin; **** The Vitamin Pioneers; *** Vitamin E Your Key to a Healthy Heart;

BAKER, MARGARET – Discovering the Folklore of Plants;

BATES, DR. W.H. - Better Eyesight Without Glasses;

BAUER, DR. W.W. (Ed.) - The Official American Medical Association Book of Heaelth;

BECKETT, SARAH – Herbs for Prostate and Bladder Troubles;

BENENSON, ABRAM (Ed.) - Control of Communicable Diseases in Man;

BENJAMIN, HARRY – Better Sight without Glasses;

BENOWICZ, ROBERT J. - Vitamins and You;

BERGEN, DR. STUART M. - How to be Your Own Nutritionist;

BERGSON, ANIKA/ TUCHAK, VLADIMIR – Shiatzu: Japanese Pressure Point Massage (Illustrated);

BERLAND, THEODORE/ ADDISON, DR. ROBERT G. - Living With Your Bad Back (Illustrated);

BESTON, HENRY – Herbs and the Earth;

BIELER, DR. HENRY G. - Food is Your Best Medicine;

BIERMANN, JUNE/ TOOHEY, BARBARA – The Diabetic's Total Health Book;

BING, ELISABETH/ BARAD, DR. GERALD S. - A Birth in the Family; *** COLMAN, LIBBY – Having a Baby After 30; *** Six Practical Lessons for an Easier Childbirth: The Lamaze Method;

BLAINE, JUDGE TOM R. - Goodbye Allergies;

BLAND, DR. JOHN H. - Arthritis Medical Treatment and Home Care;


BOLTON, DR. WILLIAM W. - Questions You Don't Ask Your Doctor;

BORSOOK, DR. HENRY – Vitamins: What They are and How They Can Benefit You;

BRADSHAW, DR. S. - The Drugs You Take (A Plain Man's Guide to Patent Medicines and the Symptoms You Enddure.);

BREAN, HERBERT – How to Stop Smoking;

BYRON, BRUCE – Fitness for Men (with photos);

CALDER, RITCHIE – Medicine and Man (The Story of the Art and Science of Healing.);

CAMERON, DR. CHARLES S. - The Truth About Cancer;

THE CANADIAN Mother and Child (Illustrated);

CAPLAN, FRANK/ CAPLAN, THERESA – The Second Twelve Months of Life (Your Baby's Growth Month by Month.);

CARCIONE, JOE – The Greengroncer;

CARTER, RICHARD – The Docter Business;

CHABON, DR. IRWIN – Awake and Aware: Participating in Childbirth Through Psychoprophylaxis;

CHAN, PEDRO – Finger Acupressure (With Photos);

CHAPMAN, ESTHER – The 12 Tissue Salts: a Guide to the Biochemic Treatment of Pain and Disease;

CHEN, DR. PHILIP S./ CHUNG, HELEN D. - Soybeans for Health and a Longer Life;

CHERASKIN, DR. E./ RINGSDORF, DR. W.M. - New Hope for Incurable Diseases; *** Psychodietetics;

CHOWN, SHEILA M. (Ed.) - Human Ageing;

CINBERG, DR. BERNARD L. - For Women Only;

CLARK, LINDA – Get Well naturally (How to Maintain Optimum Health Through Nutrition and How to Treat Diseases Naturally.); *** Handbook of Natural Remedies for Common Ailments; *** Help Yourself to Health; *** Light on Your Health Problems; *** Secrets of Health and Beauty; *** Stay Young Longer;

CLARK, MARGUERITE – Why so Tried? The Whys of Fatigue and the Ways of Energy;

CLARK-KENNEDY, A.E. - Human Disease;

CLEMENTS, HARRY – The Way to a Heealth Heart;

CLENDENING, DR. LOGAN (ed.) - The Human Body;

COCA, DR. ARTHUR F. - The Pulse test;

COHEN, GERDA L. - What's Wrong With Hospitals?;

COLEMAN, VERNON – The Medicine Men: a Shattering Analysis of the Drugs Industry;

COMMON QUESTIONS on Vitamin E and Their Answers (The Shute Foundation for Medical Research.);

COOLEY, DONALD G. - The Science Book of Wonder Drugs (Illustrated); *** The Science Book of Modern Medicines;

CRAIN, DR. DARRELL C. - The Arthritis Handbook;

CRILE JR., DR. GEORGE – What Women Should Know About the Breat Cancer Controversy;

DAVIS, ADELLE – Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit; *** Let's Get Well; *** Let's Have Healthy Children;

DEE, RICHARD DI GIACOMO – Curiosities of Medicine;

DE KRUIF, PAUL – Hunger Fighters (Stories of Eleven Great Scientists.);

DE MENTE, BOYE – Kicking the Smoking Habit;

DEUTSCH, RONALD M. - The Family Guide to Better Food and Better Health;

DICK-READ, GRANTLY – The Practive of Natural Childbirth;

DI CYAN, DR. ERWIN – Vitamin E and Aging;

DOLGER, DR. HENRY/ SEEMAN, BERNARD – How to Live with Diabetes;

DONG, DR. COLLIN H./ BANKS, JANE – New Hope for the Arthritic;

DONSBACH, KURT W. - Preventing Organic Medicine;

DUBOS, RENE – Mirage of Health (A Study of the History and Concept of Medicine.);

DUFTY, WILLIAM – Sugar Blues (A Sugar Free Way to Health.);

EAGLE, ROBERT – Eating and Allergy;

EBON, MARTIN – Which Vitamins Do You Need?

EHRET, ARNOLD – Mucusless Diet Heaeling System; *** Rational Fasting;

EICHENLAUB, DR. JOHN E. - A Minnesota Doctor's Home Remedies for Common and Uncommon Ailments; *** A Minnesota Doctor's Home Treasury;

ELLIS, DR. JOHN M. - The Doctor who Looked at Hands (Vitamin B6 Therapy);

ELWOOD, CATHARYN – Feel Like a Million! (How Proper Nutrition Can Revitalize Your Life.);

ENGLEBARDT, STANLEY – New Frontiers in Medicine;

EXY, DONNA & RODGER – Preparation for Childbirth: a Lamaze Guide;

FAMILY FIRST AIR: Free for all Little Books (Esso Series #7 of 12);

FERRIS, PAUL – The Doctors (Patients Chance to Examine the Daily Life of Doctors.); *** The Nameless; Abortion in Britain Today.);

FIENNES, RICHARD – Man, Nature and Disease;

FISHBEIN, DR. MORRIS – The Handy Home Medical Advisor;

FLANAGAN, GERADINE LUX – The First Nine Months of Life (The Baby's Development from Conception Through Birth.);

FRANKLYN, DR. ROBERT ALLAN – Beauty Surgeon (Famous Plantic Surgery Secrets.);

FREDERICKS, DR. CARLTON/ BAILEY, HERBERT – Food Facts and Fallacies; *** High Fiber Way to Total Health; *** New and Complete Nutrition Handbook; *** Nutrition Your Key to Good Health;

FREESE, DR. ARTHUR S. - Pain (All About Pain Management);

GALE, A.H. - Epidemic Diseases;

GALLUP, DR. GEORGE – The Secrets of Long Life;

GALTON, LAWRENCE – The Silent Disease: Hypertension;

GARDNER, DR. A. WARD / ROYLANCE, DR. PETER J. - New Essential First Aid (Illustrated by Michael Stokes.);

GARRISON, OMAR V. - The Dictocrats' Attack on Health Foods and Vitamins;

GERALD, ALICE – Please Breast-Feed You Baby;

GIBSON, JOHN – Health Personal and Communal: a Short Hygiene for Nurses;

GOODMAN, DR. JOSEPH I. - Diabetes Without Fear;

GRAEDON, JOE – The People's Pharmacy (Guide to Commonly Used Drugs.);

GRANDY, DR. TED N. - Dr. Grandy Headache Book;

GRAY, MADELINE – The Changing Years: Love After 40 (A Guide to Menopause.);

GREENBANK, ANTHONY – The Book of Survival (How to Save Your Skin When Disaster Strkies Without Warning.);

GREENFIELD, DR. MICHAEL/ BURRUS, WILLIAM M. - The Complete Reference Book on Vasectomy;

GREESON, DR. JANET – It's Not What You're Eating, It's What's Eating You (The 28-Day Plan to Heal Hidden Food Addiction.);

A GUIDE to Immunization for Canadians (The National Advisory Committee on Immunization; 1979);

GUTTMACHER, DR. ALAN F. - Babies by Choice or by Chance; *** Having a Baby; *** Pregnancy and Birth: a Book for Expactant Parents; *** Pregnancy, Birth and Family Planning; *** The Story of Human Birth;

HAAS, DR. ROBERT – Eat to Succeed: The Haas Maximum Performance Program; *** Eat to Win: The Sports Nutrition Bible;

HAGGARD, DR. HOWARD W. - Devils, Drugs and Doctors; (The Story of the Science of Healing from Medicine – Man to Doctor.);

HAIMES, DR. LEONARD/ TYSON, DR. RICHARD – How to Triple Your Energy;

HALL, DR. HAMILTON – The Back Doctor: Lifetime Relief for Your Aching Back;

HARDESTRY, CAROLYN – Exercise Games for Baby Fitness Plus Nutritional Tips (Illustrated by Barbara Asch);

HARRIMAN, SARAH – The Book of Ginseng;

HARRIS, BEN CHARLES – Kitchen Medicines;

HARRIS, R.J.C. - Cancer: The Nature of the Problem;

HAUGHT, S.J. - Has Dr. Max Gerson A True Cure For Cancer?

HAUSER, GAYELORD – Be Happier, He Healthier (Combatting the Stresses and Strains of Daily Life.);

HAUSMAN, PATRICIA – The Right Dose: How to Take Vitamins and Minerals Safely;

HAY, K.M. - Do Something About That Migraine;

HAYDEN, NAURA – Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Energy But Were too Weak to Ask;

HENDERSON, DR. JOHN – The Complete Book of First Aid; *** A Parent's Guide to Children's Illnesses;

HEWLETT-PARSONS, J. - The ABC's of Natures Cures (A Valuable Guide to Students and Others in the Principles and Pratice of Nature Cure.);

HILLIARD, DR. MARION – Women and Fatigue; *** A Woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life;

HIRSCH, PHIL (Ed.) - Medicial Miralces: Transplants, Plastic Hearts, Reimplants;

HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - The Golden Age of Queackery (History of American Medicine Man and His Phony Cure Alls.);

HOOLO, DR. JOSEPH D. - Snap Back From your Heart Attack;

HOWARD, MARION – Only Human: Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood;

HUNTER, BEATRICE TRUM – Food Additives and Your Health; *** Fermented Foods and Beverages: an Old Tradition;

HUNTER, KATHLEEN – Health Foods and Herbs;

HUNTLY, WINIFRED L. - Personal and Community Health;

HYMAN, DR. HAROLD T. - The Complete Home Medical Encyclopedia; *** You Complete Home Medical Reference Book;

ILLICH, IVAN – Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis, The Exproprication of Health;

IMPERATO, DR. PASCAL JAMES – What to do About The Flu;

JACOBSON, MICHAEL F. - Eater's Digest: The Consumer's Factbook of Food Additives; *** Nutrition Scoreboard: Your Guide to Better Eating;

JAMES, DON – Folk and Modern Medicine;

JAMES, ROGER – Understanding Medicine;

JARVIS, DR. D.C. - Arthritis and Folk Medicine; *** Folk Medicine (Guide to Practices in Vermont);

JAYSON, MALCOLM I.V./ DIXON, ALLAN ST. J. - Rheumatism and Arthritis: What They are and What You Should Know About Them; *** Understanding Arthritis and Rheumatism;

JOHNSON, JAMES H. - How to Buy Almost Any Drug Legally Without a Prescription;

KELY, AUDREY – The Physical Health of Children;

KELLY, CHARLES P. - The Natural Way to Healthier Sleep;

KIPPLEY, SHEILA – Breast Feeding and Natural Child Spacing: The Ecology of Natural Mothering (Illustrated by Gigi Nealon);

KITTLER, GLENN D. - Laetrile: Control for Cancer;

KITZINGER, SHEILA – The Experience of Childbirth (with photos);

KORDEL, LELORD – Eat and Grow Younger; *** Health Through Nutrition; *** Stay Alive Longer; ** You're Younger Than You Think;

KOURENNOFF, PAUL M./ ST. GEORGE, GEORGE – Russian Folk Medicine;

KRAUS, BARBARA – The Barbara Kraus Dictionary of Protein; *** The Barbara Kraus Guide to Fiber in Foods; *** Calories and Carbohydrates (Over 8,000 Brand Names and Basic Foods with their Caloris and Carbohydrate Counts.);

KRAUS, DR. HANS – Backache Stress and Tension: Their Cause, Prevention and Treatment;

KURLAND, DR. HOWARD D. - Quick Headache Relief Without Drugs;

KUSHNER, ROSE – Why Me? Whay Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer to Save Her Life;

LA LANNE, JACK – Foods for Glamour (Natural Food for Health Program);

LAMB, DR. LAWRENCE E. - Your Heart and How to Live With It;

LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE/ COLLINS, JOSEPH – Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarity;

LASAGNA, DR. LOUIS – The Doctors' Dilemmas (What Ails Medical Health Business.);

LAURIN, C.J. - Help Yourself: Easy to Learn First Aid Treatment and Safe Habits;

LAW, DONALD – A Guide to Alternative Medicine (An Examination of Sixty Different Forms of Healing, From Auras to Herbalism.);

LEONG, LUCILLE – Acupuncture: a Layman's View;

LERZA, CATHERINE/ JACOBSON, MICHAEL (Ed.) - Food for People Not for Profit;

LISTON, ROBERT A. - What You Should Know About Pills;

LIVING WITH THE PILL and Other Methods of Birth Control (What Every Man and Woman Needs to Know About Birth Control.);

LONGGOOD, WILLIAM – The Poisons in Your Food;

LOUGHRAN, JOHN X. - Ninety Days to a Better Heart;

LUCAS, RICHARD – Nature's Medicines (The Folklore, Romance and Value of Herbal Remedies.);

LUTZ, E.H.G. - Miracles of Modern Surgery (Fifteen of the Most Daring Operations in all Surgery Described in Detail; Pub. 1956);

MADDOX, GAYNOR – Food and Arthritis: a Guide and Cookbook;

MANN, JOHN A. - Secrets of Life Extension (How to Halt or Reverse the Aging Process.);

MANDELL, DR. MARSHALL/ SCANLON, LYNNE WALLER – Dr. Mandell's 5-Day Allergy Relief System;

MARVIN, DR. H.M./ OTHERS – You and Your Heart (The Functions and Care of the Heart; Pub. 1953);

MARX, DR. PAUL – The Death Peddleers: War on the Unborn;

MASON, A. STUART – Health and Hormones (Illustrated);

MASSAGE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Health and Harmony Series (Illustrated);

MAXWELL, NICOLE – The Jungle Search for Nature's Cures;

McCAMY, DR. JOHN C./ PRESLEY, JAMES – Human life styling: a Progam For Keeping Whole in the Twentieth Century);

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MONTAGUE, DR. JOSEPH F. - How to Overcome Nervous Stomach Trouble;

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NORFOLK, DR. DONALD – The Habits of Health (The Total Guide to Preventive Medicine.);

NUDEL, ADELE – For the Woman Over 50;

NYOITI, SAKURAZAWA – You Are All Sanpaku: Macrobiotics the Astonishing Oriental Plan for Total Health;

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THE PILL BOOK: The Illustrated Guide to the Most Prescribed Drugs inthe United States (with photos);

PODELL, DR. RICHARD N. - Doctor, Why am I so Tired?

POMERANZ, DR. HERMAN – Control High Blood Pressure and Live Longer;

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: The Most Complete, Authoritative, and Current Book of Its Kind (With Brand Name and Generic Drug Listings; Editors of Consumer Guide.);

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WILLKE, DR. & MRS. J.C. - Handbook on Abortion;

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YOUR NATURAL HEALTH SAMPLER (The Best of Today's Writing on Health, Nutrition, Diet and Beauty.);

YUDKIN, DR. JOHN – Sweet and Dangerous (Truth About Sugar);

ZORN, PROF. JOHN W. - Seaweed and Vitality;


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