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SPORTS MAGAZINES (1940's thru 2000+; Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL & CFL Football, NHL HOCKEY, Mixed Sports magazines, MISC Sports mags) FOR SALE;

(A) MIXED/Misc SPORTS MAGAZINES: (Regular Size): Includes Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL & CFL Football, NHL HOCKEY & many other PRO SPORTS;

(B) Baseball;

(C) NBA Basketball;

(D) NFL & CFL Football;


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(A) MIXED/Misc SPORTS MAGAZINES: (Regular Size): Includes Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL & CFL Football, NHL HOCKEY & many other PRO SPORTS;

ALL SPORTS (Stanco Sports Libray Inc.);

1962 (October Volume 1 #2; Milwaukee Braves' Warren Spahn);

ALL-STAR SPORTS (QMG Magazine Corp.);

1968 -

(February Volume 2 #1; Joe Namath; Johnny Unitas);

1969 -

(February Volume 3 #1; Joe Namath; Roman Gabriel; Bill Russell);

(April; Denny McLain; Lou Brock; Wilt Chamberlain);

1971 -

(January; Len Dawson; Wilt Chamberlain);

1972 -

(August; 1972 Pro Football Special Preview);

1974 -

(November; Playoff World Series Issue – Pete Rose);

1975 -

(September; Special Pro Football Issue);

1979 -

(March; Special 1979 Player Ratings of 144 N.B.A. Basketball Stars);

ATHLETIC JOURNAL (Athletic Journal Pub. Co.);

1972 (October; Virginia Tech's Allan Bristow);

CHAMPION (Athlete Information Bureau);

1987 (Autumn; Lennox Lewis);


1983 (September/October; Basketball Coach Jack Donohue);

1984 (March/April; Canadian Speedskater Gaetan Boucher);


COMPLETE SPORTS (Complete Sports Pub. Inc.);

1963 (January; Tom MacDonald and Jerry Norton);

1965 (November; Fran Tarkenton);

1966 (March; Elgin Baylor);

1973 (Fall; Fran Tarkenton);

DELL SPORTS (Dell Pub. Co.);

1961 (August; Baltimore Orioles' Chuck Estrada);

1962 (September; Cleveland's Jim Brown and Green Bay's Jim Taylor; Pro Football Preview);

1964 (November; Cleveland Browns' Jim Brown);



GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORTS (Famous Publications Inc.);

1957 -

(February Volume 1 #1; Great KO's Caught by the Camera);

1958 -

(February Volume 1 #3; Bob Cousy; Rocca pinned 17 Savage Indians);

(May Volume 1 #4; Ted Williams; Ricky Starr; Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling 1938);

(July Volume 1 #5; Walcott's Big Victory; Mickey Owen's Bad Day; Joe DiMaggio's Magic Feat; Willie Pep's Big Gamble);

(September Volume 1 #6; Kill the Ump; Bobby Jones' Grand Slam of 1930);

1959 -

(September Volume 1 #7; Baseball's Greatest Duel – Ted Williams vs. Gomez);

1960 -

(June Volume 1 #10; The Archie Moore Story);

1961 -

(June; Mazeroski's Mighty Bat; Casey Stengel's Greatest Thrills);

(September; Leo Durocher's Greatest Thrills);

(November; Pro Football Thrills);

1962 -

January; Bob Cousy's Greatest Thrills);

(July; Mickey Mantle's Greatest Home Run Thrills);

1963 -

(December; Roger Staubach);

1964 -

(March; How Workhorse Jim Taylor turned into a Golden Boy);

(June; Sandy Koufax – His Six Greatest Games);

INSIDE SPORTS (Weider Pub. Inc.);

1953 (August Volume 1 #4; Stan Musial);

INSIDE SPORTS (Newsweek Inc.);

1980 -

(April 30 Volume 2 #1; Canadiens' Guy Lafleur; Astros' Nolan Ryan);

(September Volume 2 #6; College and Pro Football Preview – Snake Stabler and Art Schlichter);

(October 31; Monday Night Madness – Howard Cosell, Frank Giffors and Don Meredith);

(December 31; Ram's Vince Ferragamo);

1981 -

(March; Interview with President Ronald Reagan);

(April 30; Kansas City Royals' George Brett – Baseball Preview);

(May 31; “Outlaw Pitchers” by Thomas Boswell; Evel Knievel Revisited);

(June 30; Los Angeles Dodgers' Fernando Valenzuela);

(July 31; “The Day Brian Sipe's Luck Ran Out” by Gary Smith);

(August 31; Kansas City Chiefs' Bob Grupp);

(September 30; Georgia's Herschel Walker);

(December; Pittsburgh Steelers' Terry Bradshaw);

1982 -

(January; Super Bowl Preview – Dallas Cowboys' Randy White);

(February; The NFL Cheerleaders from Top to Bottom – Atlanta Falcon's Amy Hardin);

(May; Philadelphia Phillies' Pete Rose);

(June; Gerry Cooney and Larry Holmes);

(July; What's Hot & What's Not);

(August; San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana);

(October; Pittsburgh Steelers' Jack Lambert);

(November; Dallas Cowboys' Too Tall Jones);

1984 -

(January; New Orlean Saints' Ken Stabler);

(March; New York Mets' Darryl Strawberry);

(April; '84 Baseball Preview – Cal Ripken Jr., Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Smith and Dale Murphy);

(May; Los Angeles Dodgers' Fernando Valenzuela);

(July; San Diego Padres' Steve Garvey and Rich Gossage);

(August; New York Yankees' Dave Winfield and George Steinbrenner);

(September; Dallas Cowboys' Danny White);

(October; Chicago Bears' Walter Payton);

(November; Washington Redskins' Joe Theismann);

(December; The Battle of L.A.'s Running Backs – Marcus Allen and Eric Dickerson);

1985 -

(February; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Tracy Scoggins);

(September; Annual NFL and College Preview Issue);

(October; Pro and College Cheerleaders Photo Spectacular – Erin Stetser);

(November; NBA Preview – Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing);

(December; College Basketball Special Issue – Reggie Williams, Mark Price, Roy Tarpley, Pearl Washington and Kenny Walker);

1986 -

(February; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Lisa Hartman);

(May; Baseball Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(July; Chicago Bears' Mike Ditka, William Perry and Walter Payton);

(August; Special Issue Football '86 – NFL and College Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(September; Annual NFL and College Football Preview);

(October; Football's Best Players NFL and College – Boomer Esiason, Marcus Allen, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, Howie Long and Walter Payton);

(November; Annual Hockey Preview – Wayne Gretzky, Lanny McDonald, Wendell Clark, Patrick Roy and Mike Bossy);

(December; Basketball Spectacular – David Robinson and Steve Alford);

1987 -

(February; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Miss U.S.A. Christy Fichtner);

(March; Baseball's Best – Ryne Sandberg, Gary Carter, Eric Davis, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson, George Brett, Len Dykstra and Mike Schmidt);

(April; 1987 Baseball Preview);

(May; Baseball Ratings and Inside Stuff – Roger Clemens);

(June; Rating the Goalies – Edmonton Oilers' Grant Fuhr);

(July; Battle of the Super Champions Bears vs. Giants – Jim McMahon and Phil Simms);

(August; '87 NFL and College Football Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(September; Annual NFL and College Football Preview);

(October; NFL and College Football's Best Players – Secret Poll of NFL General Managers);

(October; Annual NHL Hockey Preview – Ron Hextall, Larry Robinson, Wendell Clark, Wayne Gretzky, Mike Bossy, Peter Stastny);

(November; NBA and College Basketball Preview);

(November; Exclusive NHL Player Ratings – Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky);

(December; Pro and College Basketball Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(December; Fierce Rivalries in the NHL – Detroit vs. Toronto, Montreal vs. Quebec, Edmonton vs. Calgary);

1988 -

(January; Expert Game Plans to Upset the Champions);

(February; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Emma Samms);

(March; Baseball's Best Players – George Brett, Mark McGwire, Alan Trammel, Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt);

(April; 1988 Baseball Preview);

(May; Montreal Canadiens' Patrick Roy and Brian Hayward);

(June; Rating the NHL's New Stars – Joe Nieuwendyk, Craig Simpson, Esa Tikkanen, Mario Lemieux, Mike Richer and Mikko Makela);

(June; Baseball Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(July; 1988 NFL and College Football's Hot Questions Answered);

(August; '88 NFL and College Football Ratings and Inside Stuff – Brian Bosworth, Jim Kelly and Mark Bavaro);

(September; Football '88 NFL and College Preview – Phil Simms, Bernie Kosar, Rodney Peete and Sammie Smith);

(October; 1988-89 Hockey Preview – Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman, Wendel Clark, Dale Hawer, Hakan Loob);

(November; Hockey Ratings and Inside Stuff – Mark Messier, Ron Goulet, Mike Richer, Steve Yzerman);

(December; Rating the NHL Coaches – Glen Sather, Jacques Demers, Mike Keenan and Terry Simpson);


(January; NFL Playoffs – Morten Andersen, Shane Conlan , Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner);

(February; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Charlene Tilton);

(March; Baseball '89 Annual Best Players Ratings – Jose Canseco, Wade Boggs, Darryl Strawberry, Dale Murphy, Mark Grace and Kirk Gibson);

(April; 1989 Baseball Preview);

(May; NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview – Wayne Gretzky vs. Canada);

(June; Guts What it Takes to Play Through Pain – John Vanbiesbrouck, Jamie Macoun, Larry Robinson and Kevin Lowe);

(July; 1989 NFL and College Football's Hot Questions Answered – Joe Montana, Jimmy Johnson);

(August; Football '89 NFL and College Ratings and Inside Stuff – Herschel Walker, Phil Simms, Troy Aikman, Mike Singletary);

(September; 1989 NFL and College Football Preview – Warren Moon, Tony Rice, Randall Cunningham);

(October; 1989-90 Hockey Preview – Jari Kurri, Steve Yzerman, Patrick Roy, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Mullen and Mario Lemieux);

(December; Hockey's Most Hated Stars – Chris Chelios, Ron Hextall, Esa Tikkanen, Ken Linseman and Mario Lemieux);

1990 -

(January; NFL Playoff Preview – Joe Montana, Randall Cunningham, Phil Simms and Jim Everett);

(February; Sports Salaries – Who's Worth It and Who's Not);

(March; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Kristian Alfonso and Julie McCullough);

(May; NHL Playoffs Preview – Ed Olcyzk, Stephane Richer, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Joe Mullen and Pierre Turgeon);

(June; Rating the All-Time Greats – Joe Montana, Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Nolan Ryan and A.J. Foyt);

(July; 1990 NFL and College Football Hot Questions Answered – Joe Montana);

(August; 1990 NFL and College Football Ratings and Inside Stuff);

(September; 1990 NFL and College Football Preview – Jim Everett, Craig Erickson, Raghib Ismail and Boomer Esiason);

(October; 1990-91 Hockey Preview – Al MacInnis, Ray Bourque, Darren Puppa, Mark Messier, Bernie Nicholls and Brett Hull);

(November; NHL's Hot Young Goalies -Bill Ranford);

(December; Montreal Canadiens Denis Savard);

1991 -

(January; NFL Playoff Preview – Joe Montana, Bo Jackson, Mike Singletary and Lawrence Taylor);

(February; 1991 Baseball Ratings and Inside Stuff – Jose Canseco, Roger Clemons, Ryne Sandberg, Cecil Fielder, Dwight Gooden);

(March; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Robin Angers);

(May; NHL Playoffs Preview – Chris Chelios, Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Brett Hull, Patrick Roy, Theoren Fleury);

(June; Bo Jackson – Will He Ever Play Again ?);

(July; 1991 NFL and College Football's Hot Questions Answered – Joe Montana, Jeff Hostetler, Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Jim Kelly);

(August; 1991 NFL and College Football Preview – Derrick Thomas, Phil Simms, Amp Lee, Elvis Grbac);

(September; Toronto Argonauts' Rocket Ismail);

(October; 1991-92 Hockey Preview – Wayne Gretzky, Al MacInnis, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Esa Tikkanen);

(November; Annual Hockey Ratings Special Issue – Brett Hull);

(December; Wayne Gretzky – Is this the Great One's Last Chance ?);

1992 -

(January; NFL Playoffs Special Section – Who Can handle the Heat ?);

(February; 1992 Baseball Ratings and Inside Stuff – Jose Canseco, Kirby Puckett, Ryne Sandberg, Will Clark, Barry Bonds);

(March; 1992 Baseball Preview – Joe Carter, Rickey Henderson);

(April; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Robyn Killian);

(May; NHL Playoffs Preview – Rangers' Mark Messier and Penguins' Mario Lemieux);

(June; Baseball's Meanest Pitchers – Blue Jays' Dave Steib and David Wells);

(July; What's Hot in the NFL and What's Not);

(August; NFL '92 Preseason Preview);

(September; NFL '92 Preview Predictions – Randall Cunningham and Mark Rypien);

(October; 1992-93 NHL Preview – Mario Lemieux);

(December; How Good are the Chicago Bulls ? - Michael Jordan);

1993 -

(January; 1992 NFL Playoffs Preview – Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Randall Cunningham);

(March; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Alexa);

(April; 1993 Baseball Preview – David Cone and Greg Maddux);

(June; NBA's Boy Wonder – Shaquille O'Neal);

(August; 1993 College Football Preview – Tyrone Wheatley, Tamarick Vanover; Joe Montana, Reggie White);

(September; NFL Preview Issue – Troy Aikman);

(December; What's Hot and What's Not in the NBA);

1994 -

(January; Top 40 the Best in Sports);

(March; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Carey Arnholt);

(April; 1994 Baseball Preview – Paul Molitor, John Olerud, Marquis Grissom, John Wetteland);


1994 (Volume 1 #1; Patricia Ford);


1985 -

(October; Blue Jays' Dave Steib and Expos' Jeff Reardon);

(November; Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Willard Reaves);

(December; Where Have All the Great Goalies Gone ?);

1986 -

(February; First Annual Swimsuit Issue – Carla Walch);

(April/May; The Staight Goods on Wayne Gretzky);

(June/July; Best Outfield in Baseball – Lloyd Moseby, Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice);

(August; B.C. Lions' Roy Dewalt);

(November; NHL Scouting Report – Mark Messier, Patrick Roy, Rick Vaive, Lanny McDonald);

1987 -

(April; Blue Jays' Jesse Barfield);

(July/August; CFL Players Poll);

(September; Penn State's Peter Giftopoulos);

THE NATIONAL SPORTS REVIEW (Preview Sports Pub. Inc.);

1994 (Sports Top 100 1994 Newsmakers – Moises Alou, Pavel Bure, Troy Aikman, Shaquille O'Neal);

NATIVE SPORTS NEWS (Native Sports Pub. Inc.);

1990 (December; Indigenous Games);

NEW YORK SPORTSCENE (New York Sportscene Enterprises Inc.);

1996 (October; The Dynamic Duo Together Again – Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier);

THE OLYMPIAN (United States Olympic Committee);

1976 -

(February; Skier Cary Adgate of Boyne City, Michigan);

(March; Swimmer Greg Jagenburg);

(October; Olympic Bronze Medalist in Javelin – Kathy Schmidt);

OLYMPICS 1976 MONTREAL (Gymnastics Guide);

OLYMPICS 1980 LAKE PLACID AND MOSCOW (Spectator's Guide to the 1980 Olympics);

OLYMPICS 1988 CALGARY (The Globe and Mail Guide to Calgary 88);

OLYMPICS 1988 CALGARY (The Official Souvenir Program Olympic Winter Games); (Softcover Trade Paperback; 232-pages);

PRO SPORTS (Reese Pub. Co. Inc.);

1966 -

(January; Paul Hornung – Can He Come Back Twice ?; Raging Moods of John Henry Johnson);

(July; Juan Marichal; Ken Boyer);

(November; Juan Marichal; 10 Top World Series Thrills);

1967 -

(March; Off the Field with Joe Namath; Frank Robinson);

(November; The Over-Paid Cry Babies Who are Ruining Pro Football);

1968 -

(January; Green Bay Packers' Donny Anderson);

(November; The Moral Crisis that's Rocking Pro Football);

1973 -

(January; Rating Pro Football's Violent Head Hunters);

(March; Bruins' Bobby Orr);

(July; New York Mets' Rusty Staub);

1974 -

(May; New York Mets' Tom Seaver);

(September; 1974 Pro Football Preview Issue);

1975 -

(September; 1975 Pro Football Preview Issue – O.J. Simpson);

(November; Ken Anderson – Pro Football's Most Unlikely Superstar);

1977 -

(September; 1977 Pro Football Preview Issue – O.J. Simpson);

1978 -

(September; 1978 Pro Football Preview Issue);

1981 -

(August; 1981 Pro Football Preview Issue);

REPLAY MAGAZINE (Sport Mart/Trafalgar Productions);

2002 (Winter Volume 1 #1; Trish Stratus);


1990 (January Volume 1 #1; Violators vs. T-Birds);


SPORT (Macfadden Pub. Inc.);

1947 -

(April; Leo Durocher; Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Stan Musial, Howie Pollet);

1948 -

(April; Ted Williams);

(August; Stan Musial);

(October; Lou Gehrig);

1949 -

(August; Brooklyn Dogers' Jackie Robinson);

1950 -

(May; Pittsburgh Pirates' Ralph Kiner);

(August; Detroit Tigers' Art Houtteman);

1951 -

(July; Cincinnati Reds' Ewell Blackwell);

(August; New York Yankees' Yogi Berra);

1952 -

(February; Sport's Man of the Year – Sugar Ray Robinson);

(May; Giants' Alvin Dark);

(July; St. Louis Cardinals' Stan Musial);

(August; New York Yankees' Leo Durocher);

1953 -

(February; Sport's Man of the Year – Bobby Shantz);

(March; Boston Celtics' Bob Cousy);

(August; Milwaukee Braves' Warren Spahn);

(September; Philadelphia Phillies' Robin Roberts);

(October; Dodgers' Roy Campanella);

1954 -

(January; Washington Redskins' Eddie Le Baron);

(February; Milwaukee Braves' Ed Mathews);

(March; Sport's Man of the Year – Casey Stengel);

(April; Dodgers' Don Newcombe);

(May; Cincinnati Reds' Ted Kluszewski);

(June; Rocky Marciano);

(August; Chicago White Sox's Minnie Minoso);

1955 -

(January; Eagles' Pete Pihos);

(April; New York Yankees' Bob Turley);

(May; Milwaukee Braves' Bobby Thomson);

(August; Baltimore Orioles' Paul Richards);

(September; Dodgers' Duke Snider cover; The Duke Snider story by Al Stump; 3/8" x 2-1/2" Piece off right edge of cover, thus G/VG = $8.00);

(October; New York Yankees' Yogi Berra);

(December; San Francisco 49ers' Hugh McElhenny);

1956 -

(January; Detroit Lions' Doak Walker);

(February; Basketball's Sihugo Green);

(March; Man of the Year – Dodgers' Walter Alston);

(July; Boston Red Sox's Ted Williams);

(September; Sport's Tenth Anniversary Issue);

1957 -

(June; Cleveland Indians' Early Wynn);

(August; Milwaukee Braves' Joe Adcock);

(October; Chicago White Sox's Billy Pierce);

(December; The Chicago Bears – New Monsters of the Midway);

1958 -

(February; Boxer Carmen Basilio);

(April; Chicago White Sox's Nellie Fox);

(May; New York Yankees' Yogi Berra);

(October; New York Yankees' Bob Turley; Hank Aaron; Sam Snead);

(November; Bob Anderson of Army's Touchdown Twins);

1959 -

(January; Montreal Canadiens' Maurice Richard);

(April; Special Issue the New Faces in Sports – Cleveland Indians' Rocky Colavito);

(June; Mickey Mantle; Ted Williams; Floyd Patterson);

(July; Cleveland Indians' Jimmy Piersall; Cincinnati Reds' Don Newcombe);

(November; L.S.U.'s Billy Cannon and Coach Dietzel; Baseball's Talent Bonanza – Roger Maris, Harmon Killebrew, Milt Pappas and Vada Pinson);

1960 -

(April; Los Angeles Dodgers' Duke Snider; Alex Olmedo; Gene Fullmer);

(June; Los Angeles Dodgers' Don Drysdale);

(September; Tigers' Rocky Colavito; Giants' Willie Mays; White Sox's Nellie Fox);

(December; Baltimore Colts' Johnny Unitas);

1961 -

(August; Milwaukee Braves' Warren Spahn in Quest of 300 Victories; Cardinals' Ken Boyer; High Jumper – John Thomas);

1962 -

(February; Man of the Year – New York Yankees' Roger Maris);

(December; Pro Football's Johnny Unitas and Jimmy Brown);

1963 -

(January; Green Bay Packers' Paul Hornung);

(February; Man of the Year – Los Angeles Dodgers' Maury Wills);

(April; Wilt Chamberlain);

1964 -

(January; Green Bay Packers' Jim Taylor);

(March; Cassius Clay a.k.a Muhammad Ali);

(April; Basketball's Oscar Robertson);
(June; Boston Red Sox's Dick Stuart; Cassius Clay);

(July; Red Sox's Carl Yastrzemski; Dodgers' Tommy Davis; Yankees' Tom Tresh);

(November; Minnesota Twins Harmon Killebrew; Packers' Paul Hornung);

(December; Cleveland Browns' Jimmy Brown);

1965 -

(January; Baltimore Colts' Johnny Unitas);

(February; Man of the Year - Cincinnati Reds Fred Hutchinson);

(March; Los Angeles Lakers' Jerry West);

(April; Los Angeles Angels' Dean Chance);

(May; Los Angeles Dodgers' Sandy Koufax);

(August; New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle);

(September; Cincinnati Reds' Frank Robinson; New York Yankees' Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio);

(November; Baltimore Colys' Johnny Unitas; Minnesota Vikings' Tommy Mason);

(December; Minnesota Vikings' Fran Tarkenton; Washington Redskins' Sonny Jurgensen);

1966 -

(January; St. Louis Cardinals' Charley Johnson);

(February; Los Angeles Dodgers' Sandy Koufax);

(March; Boston Celtics' Bill Russell);

(April; San Francisco Giants' Willie Mays; Green Bay Packers' Paul Hornung);

(May; Los Angeles Dodgers' Maury Wills);

(June; New York Jets' Joe Namath);

(July; New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle);

(August; Baltimore Orioles' Frank Robinson);

(September; 20th Anniversary Issue – Giants' Willie Mays);

(October; Los Angeles Dodgers' Sandy Koufax);

(December; San Francisco 49ers' John Brodie);

1967 -

(January; Dallas Cowboys' Don Meredith);

(February; Man of the Year – Baltimore Orioles' Frank Robinson);

(March; Philadelphia 76ers' Wilt Chamberlain);

(April; UCLA's Lew Alicondor);

(May; New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle “My Ten Greatest Baseball Memories”);

(June; San Francisco Giants' Willie Mays);

(July; Philadelphia Phillies' Richie Allen; Kansas States' Jim Ryun);

(August; Pittsburgh Pirates' Roberto Clemente);

(October; Baltimore Colts' Johnny Unitas; St. Louis Cardinals' Orlando Cepeda);

(November; New York Jets' Joe Namath);

(December; Green Bay Packers' Bart Starr);

1968 -

(January; Kansas City Chiefs' Mike Garrett);

(February; Man of the Year – Boston Red Sox's Carl Yastrzemski);

(March; UCLA's Lew Alcindor);

(April; Chicago Black Hawks' Bobby Hull);

(May; San Francisco Giants' Willie Mays; Baseball '68);

(June; Boston Red Sox's Carl Yastrzemski);

(July; Atlanta Braves' Hank Aaron);

(September; Washington Senators' Frank Howard);

(October; New York Giants' Fran Tarkenton);

(November; Dallas Cowboys' Don Meredith);

1969 -

(January; Los Angeles Rams' Deacon Jones fights off Steelers' Fran O'Brien);

(March; Los Angeles Lakers' Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor);

(April; Farewell to New York Yankees' Mickey Mantle);

(May; Special Issue – One Hundred Years of Baseball);

(June; Wshington Senators' Ted Williams);

(July; Boston Red Sox's Tony Conigliaro);

(August; Buffalo Bills' O.J. Simpson);

(September; Chicago Cubs' Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams and coach Leo Durocher);

(October; Washington Redskins' Sonny Jurgensen);

(November; Chicago Bears' Gale Sayers);

(December; Sports in the 1970's – Bobby Orr, O.J. Simpson, Denny McLain and Wes Unseld);

1970 -

(January; Dallas Cowboys' Calvin Hall);

(February; Milwaukee Bucks' Lew Alcindor; Man of the Year Gil Hodges);

(March; Los Angeles Lakers' Jerry West driving on Bucks' Jon McGlockin);

(April; New York Knicks' Willis Reed);

(May; New York Mets' Tom Seaver);

(June; Minnesota Twins' Harmon Killebrew);

(July; Green Bay Packers' Bart Starr and Baltimore Colts' Johnny Unitas);

(August; Atlanta Braves' Henry Aaron);

(September; Cincinnati Reds' Johnny Bench);

(October; College Quarterbacks – Jim Plunkett, Rex Kern, Joe Theismann and Archie Manning);

(November; Chicago Bears' Dick Butkus);

(December; Los Angeles Rams' Roman Gabriel);

1971 -

(January; Detroit Lions' Mike Lucci hitting Redskins' Larry Brown);

(March; Atlanta Hawks' Pete Maravich);

(April; Boston Celtics' John Havlicek);

(May; Washington Senators' Ted Williams, Denny McLain and Curt Flood);

(June; Baltimore Orioles' Boog Powell);

(July; Boston Red Sox's Carl Yastrzemski);

(August; Baltimore Colts' Mike Curtis);

(October; Oakland A's Vida Blue);

(November; San Francisco 49ers' Ken Willard);

(December; Miami Dolphins' Bob Griese);

1972 -

(February; Seattle SuperSonics' Spencer Haywood);

(June; Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson);

(July; New York Jets' Joe Namath);

(October; Cincinnati Reds' Johnny Bench);

1973 -

(February; Golden State Warriors' Rick Barry);

(March; Montreal Canadiens' Ken Dryden);

(May; Boston Celtics' Dave Cowens);

(September; Cleveland Indians' Gaylord Perry);

(December; New York Jets' Joe Namath);

1974 -

(January; Miami Dolphins' Larry Little and Manny Fernandez);

(April; New York Knicks' Dave DeBusschere);

(July; Tennis Stars' Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors);

(August; Can the WFL hatch without a Hitch ?);

(October; Oakland A's Reggie Jackson);

1975 -

(March; New York Nets' Julius Erving);

(April; Golden State Warriors' Rick Barry);

(August; Texas Rangers' Billy Martin);

(September; Tennis' Jimmy Connors);

(October; Los Angeles Rams' James Harris; Partial Mailing Label; Bonus insert 8 page Preview: Monday Night Football 1975 Booklet is intact; VG/FN = $12.00);

(December; Pittsburgh Steelers' Mean Joe Greene);

1976 -

(March; Philadelphia 76ers' George McGinnis);

(September; Pittsburgh Steelers' Franco Harris);

(October; Baltimore Colts' Bert Jones);

1977 -

(January; Dallas Cowboys' Roger Staubach);

(February; Performer of the Year – Sixers' Julius Erving);

(April; Portland Trail Blazers' Bill Walton);

(May; LPGA's Jan Stephenson);

(June; Greed – Look What it's Done to Our Games);

(July; Detroit Tigers' Mark Fidrych);

1978 -

(March; Portland Trail Blazers' Maurice Lucas);

(September; Oakland Raiders' Cliff Branch);

1979 -

(January; Dallas Cowboys' Harvey Martin sacking Cardinals' Jim Hart);

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1980 -

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(May; Los Angeles Dodgers' Steve Garvey);

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1981 -

(January; Detroit Lions' Billy Sims);

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(March; Notre Dame Fighting Irish's Kelly Tripucka);

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(October; The NFL Enforcers – Doug Plank vs. Jackie Slater);

(December; Atlanta Falcons' Steve Bartkowski);

1982 -

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1983 -

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1984 -

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(December; College Basketball Preview – Chris Mullin and Patrick Ewing);

1985 -

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1986 -

(January; College Bowls and NFL Playoffs Issue – Auburn's Bo Jackson);

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(April; 1986 Baseball Preview – New York Mets' Dwight Gooden);

(May; Kansas City Royals' George Brett);

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(November; College and Pro Basketball Previews – Louisville's Pervis Ellison);

(December; $0th Anniversary Issue – The 40 Who Changed Sports);

1987 -

(January; Who is NFL's Top Gun ? - Denver Broncos' John Elway);

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(September; Lawrence Taylor's own Story – The Drugs and the Recovery);

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1988 -

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1989 -

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1991 -

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1992 -

(January; Buffalo Bills' jim Kelly);

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(October; Charlotte Hornets' Larry Johnson);

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(December; Rocket Ismail – NFL Bound ?; Bonus 1993 Swimsuit Calendar);

(December; Are There Ethical Limits to Violence in the NFL ?; Bonus 1993 Swimsuit Calendar);

1993 -

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(November; NBA Preview – Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing);

1994 -

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1995 -

(January; Athlete of the Year);

(March; Annual Swimsuit Issue – Shana);

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1996 -

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2000 -

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1949 (#3 January-March; College Baseball's St. Louis's Ed Macauley);

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1973; April; Canada's All-Sport Magazine; FN = $8.00

1973; June; Canada's All-Sport Magazine; Overall FN, but centerfold pages 23-26 are missing  = $4.00

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(B) Baseball;

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Dodgers Dugout -

1991 -

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1991 - December 12 (vs. Winnipeg Jets);

1992 -

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January 25 (vs. Calgary Flames);





1982 November 5 (vs. Toronto NHL Oldtimers);

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1993 (Program);



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1992 (St. Louis Blues' Brett Hull);

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1998 (Detroit Ered Wings' Steve Yzerman);

2000 (New York Rangers' Wayne Gretzky);

2008 (Toronto Maple Leafs' Darcy Tucker);


1969 (St. Louis Blues' Glenn Hall; The Trade that Rocked Pro Hockey); `

1971 (Chicago Black Hawks' Tony Esposito/ Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr);

1972 (Boston Bruins' Phil Esposito);

1973 (Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr);

1974 (Philadelphia Flyers' Bobby Clarke);

1975 (Philadelphia Flyers' Bernie Parent);

1976 (Buffalo Sabres' Gilbert Perreault);

OFFICIAL SPORTS INC. HOCKEY 1964 (Official Sports Inc. Pub.);

1964 (Dave Keon);


1994 - (March 1; Winnipeg Arena);

1995 - (March 12; Sault Ste Marie);


1973 January 19 (Toronto NHL Oldtimers vs. Detroit NHL Oldtimers);

1979 January 19 (NHL Oldtimers vs. Toronto Italian Oldtimers);

1980 March 23 (Toronto NHL Oldtimers vs. Montreal NHL Oldtimers);

OLYMPIC CHALLENGE SERIES 1979 January 2,4,7,8,10 (Team Canada vs. Edmonton Oilers);


1989/90 (Pictures and Profiles of More Than 300 OHL Players);

1997/98 (Sarnia Sting's Patrick DesRochers; Pictures and Profiles of More Than 400 OHL Players);


1982 (Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky);

1983 (Boston Bruins' Pete Peeters);

1984 (Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky);

1985 (Dale Hawerchuck, Wayne Gretzky, Lanny McDonald etc.);

1986 (Montreal Canadiens' Patrick Roy);

1987 (Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky and Philadelphia Flyers' Ron Sutter);

1988 (Chicago Black Hawks' Denis Savard);

1989-90 (Calgary Flames' Lanny McDonald);

ORR, BOBBY - HOCKEY AS I SEE IT (Pepsi-Cola Canada Ltd. Pub.);


1987 (Edmonton Oilers' Grant Fuhr);

1988/89 (Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario Lemieux);

1989/90 (Montreal Canadiens' Bobby Smith and Calgary Flames' Joe Nieuwendyk);

1990/91 (Los Angeles Kings' Wayne Gretzky);

1991/92 (Steve Yzerman, Patrick Roy, Mario Lemieux, Brett Hull, Wayne Gretzky and Al MacInnis);

1992/93 (All Teams All Stars);

1994/95 (Mark Messier, Felix Potvin, Pavel Bure, Doug Gilmour, Patrick Roy, Jaromir Jagr and Arturs Irbe);

1995/96 (Peter Forsberg, Martin Brodeur, Chris Chelios, Jaromir Jagr, Theoren Fleury, Paul Kariya, Sergei Fedorov and Mikael Renberg);

1998/99 (Brendan Shanahan, Teemu Selanne, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, Saku Koivu, Paul Kariya);

2004 (Saku Koivu, Jarome Iginla, Todd Bertuzzi, Ed Belfour, Mario Lemieux, Ryan Smith and Jason Spezza);



PETERSEN'S 1980-81 PRO HOCKEY (Front Cover – Wayne Gretzky; 1980 Petersen Pub. Co.);


POWERPLAY (Quarton Group Inc. Pub);

1995 - Volume 1; #1 (November-December; 135 Grams; Pavel Bure/ Alexander Mogilny; Igniting the Rocket; VF/NM, 9.0 = $18.00);

1996 -

February/March (Volume 1; #1; Mark Messier);

November/ December (Volume 2; #2; Saku Koivu/ Jocelyn Thibault/ Valeri Bure);

1997 - February/March (Chris Osgood);

PRO PREVIEW (Pro Preview Pub Inc. Pub.);

1992/93 - (Volume 1 #1; On Cover Volume 1 #2 inside; Mario Lemieux);


REFLECTIONS 2009; THE NHL HOCKEY YEAR IN PHOTOGRAPHS (Front Cover – Alex Ovechkin; 2009 Greystone Books; Softcover Trade Paperback; 160-pages);


ROLLER HOCKEY MAGAZINE (Straight Line Communications);

1994 (September; Mike Couvrette of the Phoenix Cobras);

SCOTIABANK GETTING THERE (Bank of Nova Scotia Pub.);

1985 (January; Quebec Nordiques' Dan Bouchard);

1985 (April; Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky);

1985 (October; Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky);


1971 -

December (Wesley Ross Bowen of Vancouver);

1972 -

April (Kent McKinney, Bruce Pinn, Greg McCauley, Debbie Mallais, Bob Kwan, Scott Mallais);

May (Meredith Long of Waterloo, Ontario);

June (Special Summer Supplement);

July (Brian Conacher);

September (David Lowe of Brampton, Ontario);

October (Guy Bourdon of St. Isidore de Prescott, Ontario);

December (Russia's Vladislav Tretiak);

1973 -

January (Toronto Maple Leafs' Dave Keon);

March (San Diego's Bert Hauge and Nick Miller);

May (Danny Musgrove of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan);

August (St. Louis Blues' Garry Unger);

September (Phil Esposito, Gordie Howe and Rocket Richard);

November (New York Rangers' Vic Hadfield);

1974 -

January (Showdown in the NHL);

1975 -

August (The Pros are Always Ready. Are You ?);

1979 -

January (Montreal Canadiens' Guy Lapointe);

October (Darryl Sitter);

1980 -

April (Steve Payne);

1981 -

October (10th Anniversary);

1982 -

May (Boston Bruins' Rogie Vachon);

September (Buffalo Sabres' John Van Boxmeer);


1933/34 ("Edmonton Athletic Club vs. St. Michaels);

1933/34 ("Kenora Thistles vs. Monarch Juniors);

1933/34 ("Kenora Thistles vs. Brandon Native Sons);

1934/35 ("Monarch Juniors vs. Saskatoon Wesleys);

1934/35 ("New York Rangers vs. Montreal Maroons);

SOUTHEAST T-BIRDS MJHL 1989/90 (Southeast T-Bird Hockey Club Inc. Pub.);


1972 -

January (Bobby Orr);

March (Phil Esposito);

1973 -

February (Montreal Canadiens Ken Dryden);

April (New York Rangers' Brad Park);

December (Tony Esposito/ Phil Esposito/ Gordie Howe);

1974 -

January (Bulldog Tkaczuk/ Gordie Howe/ Doug Favell);

March (Boston Bruins Phil Esposito/ Black Hawks' Pit Martin);

November (Philadelphia Flyers' Bobby Clarke);

1975 -

March (Bobby Orr/ Bobby Clarke/ "History of the Stanley Cup");

THE SPORTS FORECASTER HOCKEY (Telemedia Communications Inc.);

1996-97 (Toronto Maple Leafs' Mats Sundin);

2001-02 (Calgary Flames' Jerome Iginla);

THE SPORTING NEWS COMPLETE HOCKEY BOOK 1991-92 (Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Ed Belfour, Brett Hull, Wayne Gretzky, Al MacInnis, Ray Bourque; 1991 The Sporting News Co.; Softcover Trade Paperback; 316-pages);


1990-91 (Yearbook; Edmonton Oilers' Mark Messier);

1993-94 (Yearbook; Winnipeg Jets' Teemu Selanne);

1997-98 (In-Depth Previews; New York Rangers' Wayne Gretzky);

SPORTS REVIEW HOCKEY (G.C. London Pub. Corp. Pub.);

1972 - December (Bobby Hull/ Rick Martin);

1973 - February (Tony Esposito/ Garry Unger);


1969 -

February (Gordie Howe/ Ed Giacomin);

May (Jean Beliveau);

December (Boston Bruins' Bobby Orr and Gerry Cheevers);

1970 -

April (New York Rangers' Ed Giacomin);

1971 -

April (Chicago Black Hawks' Stan Mikita);

December (Does Ken Dryden want to Play in the NHL ?);

1975 -

March (Boston Bruins' Phil Esposito);

1979 -

March (Darryl Sittler/ Terry O'Reilly/ Anders Hedberg/ Denis Potvin/ Bobby Clarke);

ANNUAL 1978/79 (December/1978 ; Guy Lafleur/ Borje Salming/ Brad Park/ Anders Hedberg/ Bryan Trottier);

ANNUAL 1979/80 ( Winter/1979; Mike Bossy/ Mark Howe/ Guy Lafleur/ Darryl Clarke/ Anders Hedberg);

THE STANLEY CUP: 100 YEARS OF HOCKEY (Kids Can Press; 1992 Pub );

ST. LOUIS BLUES PROGRAMS (St. Louis Blues Hockey Club);

1969 October 15 (vs. Los Angeles Kings; Front Cover – Snoopy by Charles Schulz);


1989/90 (NHL Teams vs. USSR);

SUPER SERIES 1972 OFFICIAL HOME TV PROGRAM (Hockey Canada/ Jubilee Ford Pub.);


1988 (#1; Wayne Gretzky/ Sean Burke/ Grant Fuhr);

1990 (#2; Mario Lemieux/ Wayne Gretzky);

1992 (Brett Hull/ Eric Lindros);


1985/86 (Oilers' Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey);

1986/87 (Canadiens Patrick Roy);

1987/88 (Flyers' Ron Hextall);

1990/91 (Blues' Brett Hull);

1991/92 (Penguins' Mario Lemieux);

1992/93 (Penguins' Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr);

1993/94 (Maple Leafs' Doug Gilmour/ Canadiens' Patrick Roy/ Penguins' Mario Lemieux);


2000 April 2 (vs. New Jersey Devils; Front Cover – Ben Clymer);

TEAM CANADA '84 MAGAZINE (Hockey Canada/ Labatt's 1984 Pub.);


HOCKEY NIGHT IN TORONTO: 1996 ( #2 November Felix Potvin);

MAPLE LEAF GARDENS; 1949 (January/1; vs. Montreal Canadiens);

MAPLE LEAF GARDENS; 1953 (March/5; Harry Watson);

MAPLE LEAF GARDENS; 1959 (November/7; vs. Detroit Red Wings);

MAPLE LEAF GARDENS; 1972 (November/4; vs. St. Louis Blues);

MAPLE LEAF GARDENS; 1973 (October/20; vs. Pittsburgh Penguins);

MAPLE LEAF MAGAZINE; 1975 (December/13; vs. New York Islanders);

THE LEAFS; 1980 (October/11; vs. New York Rangers);

THE LEAFS; 1980 (vs. Minnesota North Stars);

THE LEAFS; 1981 (February/14; vs. New York Rangers);

THE LEAFS; 1984/85 (#1; Season Preview);

THE LEAFS; 1984 (#2 vs. Edmonton Oilers);

THE LEAFS; 1986 (December/10; vs. Washington Capitols);

THE LEAFS; 1987 (Norris Division Semi-Final vs. St. Louis Blues);

THE LEAFS; 1987 (December/28 vs. Washington Capitols)

THE LEAFS; 1989 (November/16; vs. Minnesota North Stars);

THE LEAFS; 1990 (March/31; vs. Chicago Blackhawks);


1983 (Paul Coffey/ Mike Bossy);

1984 (Statistics, Trivia, Team Breakdowns);



VANCOUVER CANUCKS GREAKAWAY 1991 (December/19; vs. Winnipeg Jets);


1971 (October/24; Bobby Orr; vs. Boston Bruins);

1974 (April/4; vs. Los Angeles Kings);

1974 (October/9; vs. Atlanta Flames);

1974 (November/5; vs. New Yoek Rangers);

1980 (December/28; vs. St. Louis Blues);

1983 (November/26; vs. Philadelphia Flyers);

1984 (November/16; vs. Pittsburgh Penguins);

WHA PLAYOFFS 1975/76 ( April/9; Winnipeg Jets vs. Edmonton Oilers);


1955/56 (vs. Saskatoon Quakers);

1957/58 (Warriorette - Linda Isador; vs. Calgary Stampeders);

1957/58 (Warriorette - Yvonne Le Seach; vs. Vancouver Canucks);

1958/59 (Dick Lamoureux; vs. Calgary Stampeders);

1958/59 (Ed Zemrau; vs. Saskatoon Warriors);

WINNIPEG CLUBS GAME MAGAZINE - WCHL (1975/76 (vs. Kamloop Chiefs);

WINNIPEG JETS Official Magazine (WHA & NHL Hockey);

1972 (Volume 1) -

October (#4; vs; Fighting Saints);

1973 (Volume 1) -

March; (Volume-1 #32; 1st cover Steve Cuddie; vs. N.Y. Raiders; 215 Grams; 92 Pages including covers; One inch “21” in pen on cover, VG = $16.00);

April (#34; vs. Houston Areos);

October 21 (Joe Daley; vs. fighting Saints);

October 26 (Norm Beaudin; vs. Toronto Toros);

December 9 (Volume-2 #14;  Bob Ash; vs. Jersey Knights; 250 Grams; 92 Pages including covers; VG/FN = $19.00);

December 26 (Chris Bordeleau; vs Chicago Cougars);

1974 -

January 20 (Ken Stephanson; vs Jersey Knights);

February 17 (Dunc Rousseau; vs. New England Whalers);

February 22 ( Kelly Pratt; vs. Toronto Toros);

November 3 (Ulf Nilsson/ Anders Hedberg/ Curt Larsson/ Lars-Erik Sjoberg; vs. Michigan Stags);

November 15 (vs. Indianapolis Racers);

December 8 (Perry Miller; vs. Chicago Cougars);

1975 -

January 10 (Bobby Hull; vs. Nordiques);

February 19 (Ulf Nilsson/ Anders Hedberg/ Curt Larsson/ Lars-erik Sjoberg; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

February 25 (Larry Hornung; vs. Fighting Saints);

(February 28; Norm Beaudin; vs. San Diego Mariners); )

(October 26; Bobby Hull; vs. Phoenix Roadrunners);

(October 30; Lars-Erik Sjoberg; vs. Stingers);

(November 2; Ulf Nilsson; vs. Nordiques);

(November 4; vs. New England Whalers);

(November 11; vs. Cleveland Crusaders);

(November 14; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(November 16; Perry Miller; vs Racers);

(November 18; Peter Sulliva; vs. Houston Aeros);

(November 30; Bill Lesuk; vs. Fighting Saints);

(December 10; Thommie Bergman; vs. Toronto Toros);

(December 12; Larry Hornung vs. Calgary Cowboys);

(December 21; Duke Asmundson; vs. Fighting Saints);

(December 26; Mike Ford; vs. Calgary Cowboys);

1976 -

(January 7; Larry Hillman; vs. Toronto Toros);

(January 9; Ulf Nilsson/ Anders Hedberg/ Curt Larsson/ Lars-Erik Sjoberg; vs. Ragers);

(January 11; Joe Daley/ Curt Larsson; vs. Ottawa Civics);

(January 14; vs. Houston Aeros);

(January 16; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(January 18; Ted Green; vs. New England Whalers);

(January 21; Mats Lindh; vs. Calgary Cowboys);

(January 23; Willy Lindstrom; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(February 8; Curt Larsson; vs. Calgary Cowboys);

(February 11; Ulf Nilsson; vs. Nordiques);

(February 15; Bobby Hull; vs. Toronto Toros);

(February 25; Anders Hedberg Scores!; vs. Cleveland Crusaders);

(March 12; vs. Quebec Nordiques);

(November 7; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

1977 -

(January 9; vs. Birmingham Bulls);

(March 11; Lars-Erik Sjoberg; vs. Calgary Cowboys);

(March 29; vs. Houston Aeros);

(September 28; vs. Minnesota North Stars);

(October 13; Joe Daley; vs. Nordiques);

(October 30; Dave Duncan; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(November 11; Peer Sullivan; vs. Nordiques);

1978 -

(February 19; Voice of the Jets Ken Nicolson; vs Nordiques);

(March 9; Bobby Hull/ Anders Hedberg/ Ulf Nilsson; vs. Racers);

(April 6; vs. New England Whalers);

(September 28; vs. New York Rangers);

(October 18; vs. New England Whalers);

(October 25; vs. Birmingham Bulls);

1979 -

(January 21; Paul MacKinnon; vs. Nordiques);

(March 16; Kim Clackson; vs/ Stingers);

(April 29; vs. Quebec Nordiques);

(May 16; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(May 20; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

(October 14; vs. Colorado Rockies);

(October 17; vs. Detroit Red Wings);

(October 28; St. Louis Blues);

(November 10; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs);

(December 15; vs. Montreal Canadiens);--

1979 (The First NHL Jets Magazine; Lars-Erik Sjoberg);

1980 -

(January 6; vs. Los Angeles Kings);

(February 17; vs. Quebec Nordiques);

(February 23; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs);

(March 2; Stan Mikita; vs. Chicago Black Hawks);

(March 9; Lars-Erik Sjoberg; vs. Atlanta Flames);

(March 21; Anders Hedderg; vs. N.Y. Rangers);

(October 26; vs. Boston Bruins);

(November 2; vs. Washington Capitols);

(November 9; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs);

(November 16; Guy Lafleur; vs. Canadiens);

(December 3; vs. N.Y. Rangers);

(December 26; vs. Minnesota North Stars);

(December 31; vs. Washington Capitols);

(No Date; vs. Nordiques);

1981 -

(January 2; Bobby Clarke; vs. Flyers);

(January 10; Markus Makksson; vs. Hartford Whalers);

(February 21; Wayne Gretzky; vs. Oilers);

(March 1; vs. Detroit Red Wings);

(March 27; vs. Vancouver Canucks);

(October 6; Dave Christian;vs. Maple Leafs; No Poster);

(October 18; vs. Colorado Rockies; No Poster);

(October 25; vs. Los Angeles Kings; No Poster);

(November 10; Bryan Trottier; vs. N.Y. Islanders);

(December 19; Wilf Paiement; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs w/ Ticket Stub and Poster);

(No Date; Bengt Lundholm);

(No Date; Chicago Black Hawks Denis Savard);

1982 -

(February 21; vs. Washington Capitols);

(March 20; Moe Mantha; vs. Maple Leafs);


(No Date; Willy Lindstrom; vs. L.A. Kings);

(No Date; Willy Lindstrom; vs. N.Y. Islanders);

(No Date; Scott Arniel; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs);

(No Date; vs. Toronto Maple Leafs);

1983 -

(March 30; vs. L.A. Kings);

(April 9; Scott Arniel; vs. Oilers);

1983 -

(Volume 1; #2; November 4; Tim Waters; vs. Maple Leafs);

(October 19; Guy Lafleur; vs. Canadiens);

(October 30; vs. Washington Capitols);

1984/85 -

(Volume 2; #1; Dale Hawerchuk; vs. New York Islanders);

(Volume 2 #3;

1985 -

(January 18; Thomas Steen; vs. St. Louis Blues);

(Volume 2 #5; vs. Vancouver Canucks);

(March 17; Dave Ellett; vs. Buffalo Sabres);

(Volume 3; #2; Brian Hayward/ Marc Behrend; CFO);

1986 -

(January 3; Brian Hayward/ Marc Behrend; vs Canadiens);

(March 19; Tim Watters; vs Canadiens);

1987 -

(January 18; vs. North Stars);

(March 22; Tim Watters; vs. Vancouver Canucks);

(November 18; Doug Smail; vs. Boston Bruins);

1988 -

(October 23; Randy Carlyle; vs. Washington Capitols);

(October 28; Laurie Boschman; vs. L.A. Kings);

1989 -

(January 20; Brent Ashton; vs. Pittsburgh Penguins);

(March 3; Thomas Steen; vs. Oilers);

1990 -

(March 11; Randy Carlyle; vs. Calgary Flames);

(April 10; Fredrik Olausson; vs. Oilers);


1975 (November; Volume 3 #1; Larry Hillman/ Ted Green/ Willy Lindstrom/ Bill Lesuk/ Mats Lindh/ Peter Sullivan/ Randy Legge/ Coach Bob Kromm);

(December; Volume 3 #2; Jets X-mas Tree);

1976 - (January; Volume 3 #3; Winnipeg Arena);

(February 3 #4; Cartoon);

(April; Volume 3 #6; Bobby Hull);


(Volume 6 #4; No Date; Morris Lukowich);

(Volume 7 #1; Bobby Hull);

(Volume7 #2; Peter Marsh);

1980 - (February 23; Volume 7; #8; Jets Defense);

(March 9; Volume 7 #9; No 22);

(Volume 7 #10);

1981 - (February 13; Volume 8 #9; Morris Lukowich);

(March 13; Volume 8; #11; Tim Trimper);

(October 30; Volume 9 #2; Ed Staniowski);

1982 – (March 5; Volume 9 #11; Larry Patey and Lucien Deblois);

(Decembe; Volume 10 #5);

1983 – (January; Volume 10 #6; Don Spring);

(February; Volume 10 #9; Jimmy Mann);


1976-77  (- WINNIPEG JETS – WHA Program/Media Guide; 1976-77  (12 Photo's/ Pix on Cover; 5th WHA Season; 56 pages including covers; Includes Bobby Hull, Joe Daley, Ulf Nilsson & Anders Hedberg; FN/VF = $45.00);

1978-79  - WINNIPEG JETS – WHA Program/Media Guide; 1978-79  (AVCO Cup Champions Trophy photo Cover; 7th and Last WHA Season; 80 pages including covers; Includes Bobby Hull, Joe Daley, Lukowich, Lindstrom, Nilsson; VG = $32.00);

1979-80  - WINNIPEG JETS – NHL Program/Media Guide; WINNIPEG JETS – NHL Program/Media Guide; 1979-80  (Lars-Erik Sjoberg holding AVCO Trophy photo Cover; FIRST NHL Season; 108 pages including covers; VG/FN = $29.00);

1991 -

(March 8; Phil Syks; vs. Capitols);

(March 13; Danton Cole; vs. Sabres);

(March 15; Doug Evans; vs Oilers);

(October 19; Bob Essensa; vs. Blackhawks; with ticket Stub);

(December 8; Fredrik Olausson; vs Capitals; with ticket stub);

1992 -

(February 23; Luciano Borsato; vs. L.A. Kings; with ticket stub);

1993 -

(February 12; Luciano Borato; vs. Whalers; with tickets stub);

( September 18; Mike Eagles; vs. Flames; with Ticket Stub);

(November 9; Teemu Selanne; vs. N.Y. Islanders);

(November 13; Keith Tkachuk; vs. Dallas Stars);

(December 8; Stephanie Quintal; vs. Maple Leafs);

1994 -

(April 12; vs. Flames; with Ticket Stub);

(March 24; Teemu Selame vs. Maple Leafs);

(April 5; Alexei Zhamnov; vs. L.A Kings);

(April 6; wrong date inside; Keith Tkackuk; vs. Blackhawks);

1995 -

(November 26; vs. Edmonton Oilers);

1996 -

(April 12; vs. Los Angeles Kings);


1981/82 (7-UP “Feelin' 7-UP” Calendar);

1984/85 (McDonald's Official Winnipeg Jets Calendar);

1985/86 (Safeway Official Winnipeg Jet Calendar);

1986/87 (Safeway Official Winnipeg Jets Calendar);

1988/89 (Shoppers Drug Mart Official Calendar "Lightning on Ice");

1989/90 (Shoppers Drug Mart Official Calendar “The Sky's the Limit”);

1991/92 (Shoppers Drug Mart Official Calendar “It's Show Time”);

1992/93 (Shoppers Drug Mart "Show Time" Calendar);

1994/95 (Shoppers Drug Mart "Action Heroes" Calendar);

1995/96 (Shoppers Drug Mart "A Season to Remember" Calendar);

WINNIPEG JETS COLORING BOOK (Circa 1972; original price; $1.00; photo cover);


WINNIPEG JETS 1992 - 93 YEARBOOK ( Rick Tabaracci);



WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY MAGAZINE ( Quarton Group Inc. Pub.); -

1996 (Peter Bondra/ Wayne Gretzky/ Brian Leetch/ Pavel Bure/ Peter Forsberg/ Uwe Krupp/ Teemu Selanne/ Jaromir Jagr);


WORLD HOCKEY INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 1967/1968 - (Cover art by Mel Nelson; vs. Soviet Nationals);

(F) mixed OVERSIZED SPORTS Magazines; (MORE to Come in FUTURE)

HOCKEY NEWS (Tabloid Newsprint / Newspaper Magazine);
Hockey News; 1947 - (RARE - FIRST Year issues);

October 8 (Volume 1 #2; Teams Prepare for Monday's All-Star Game – Toronto Maple Leafs vs. The All-Star Team);

October 15 (Volume 1 #3; All-Stars defeat Maple Leafs 4-3; Eleven Team A.H.L. Off to a Flying Start Tuesday);

October 22 (Volume 1 #4; Games Halted as Fog Looms as Hockey Hazard – A.H.L. Hit Hard by Bad Weather);

October 29 (Volume 1 #5; Washington Lions Surprise Team in A.H.L.; N.H.L. Race Takes Familiar Look as Canadiens Lead);

November 19 (Volume 1 #8; Boston Bruins Goalie Frank Brimsek – Boston's Mr. Zero Red-Hot);

November 26 (Volume 1 #9; National Hockey League enters 31st Year Clarence Campbell and Frank Calder);

December 3 (Volume 1 #10; New York Rangers Lester Patrick gets into The Hall of Fame; Pittsburgh Hornets return to A.H.L. Winning Trail);

December 10 (Volume 1 #11; Maple Leafs prove Best 'Opportunity' Team in N.H.L. - Scored Third of Goals with Man Advantage);

December 17 (Volume 1 #12; N.Y. Rangers the Hottest Club in the N.H.L.);

December 24 (Volume 1 #13; Chuck Conacher the new Chicago Hawks Head Coach);

Hockey News; 1948 - (RARE - SECOND Year issues);
January 7 (Volume 1 #15; Canadiens Maurice Richard; Maple Leafs Lose Only One in Last 15 Tries);

January 14 (Volume 1 #16; Montreal Canadiens Toe Blake breaks his Leg in a Game; Penalties Up this N.H.L. Season);

January 21 (Volume 1 #17; Trade Winds Still Blowing in Year of Deals – Butch Bouchard; A Rousing Rhubarb between Canadiens and Black Hawks);

January 28 (Volume 1 #18; St. Louis Flyers the Cellar-Dwelling team of the AHL);

February 4 (Volume 1 #19; St. Louis Flyers Normie Tustin scores on Gordie Henry; Olympic Hockey – RCAF Flyers defeat Sweden and U.K. Clubs);

February 18 (Volume 1 #21; AHL's Philadelphia Rockets Phil Hergesheimer joins Select Group of 200th Goal);

February 25 (Volume 1 #22; Maple Leafs Turk Broda clears a Puck from Red Wings Jimmy McFadden);

March 17 (Volume 1 #25; Detroit Red Wings Harry Lumley by Kavetski; AHL Cleveland Barons extend Streak to 24 Games);

March 24 (Volume 1 #26; 1947-48 Hockey News All-Stars – Goalie Red Wings Harry Lumley, Defencmen Maple Leafs Jim Thomson and Red Wings Jack Stewart, Left Wing Red Wings Ted Lindsay, Right Wing Black Hawks Bud Poile, Centre Maple Leafs Max Bentley, Coach Red Wings Tommy Ivan);

March 31 (Volume 1 #27; Maple Leafs and Red Wings have Series Leads in Playoffs);

April 7 (Volume 1 #28; Maple Leafs and Red Wings in Stanley Cup Final);

April 14 (Volume 1 #29; Cleveland Barons Win AHL Calder Cup; Maple Leafs up 3 Games in Stanley Cup Final);

April 22 (Volume 1 #30; Toronto Maple Leafs the Stanley Cup Champions of 1947-48);

May 15 (Volume 1 #31; N.Y. Rangers Buddy O'Connor gets Byng and Hart Trophies; Edmonton wins first Allan Cup);

June 15 (Volume 1 #32; P.C.H.L. Becomes Fourth Pro League; Maurice Podoloff re-elected AHL President);

July 15 (Volume 1 #33; Summertime by Kavetski);

August 15 (Volume 1 #34; Maple Leafs Harry Psutka picked Hockey over Baseball);

September 15 (Volume 1 #35; N.H.L. Officials Gathered; Season Openings in Pro Circuits Next Month);

October 6 (Volume 2 #1; Maple Leafs favored to Repeat as Stanley Cup Champions; The Hockey News First Birthday);

October 13 (Volume 2 #2; Car Accident Injures 4 N.Y. Rangers – Buddy O'Connor, Frank Eddolls, Edgar Laprade and Bill Moe);

October 20 (Volume 2 #3; All-Star Players – Ted Lindsay, Elmer Lach, Maurice Richard, Jack Stewart, Frank Brimsek, Bill Durnan and Bill Quackenbush);

October 27 (Volume 2 #4; All-Star Cast set for Second Annual All-Star Game);

November 3 (Volume 2 #5; Swapping Popular this Year - Chicago Leads Barter Parade in Pro Hockey);

November 10 (Volume 2 #6; Maple Leafs Max Bentley and Ted Kennedy by Kavetski);

November 17 (Volume 2 #7; Rebuilt St. Louis Flyers the Talk of AHL);

November 24 (Volume 2 #8; Montreal Canadiens Bill Durnan by Kavetski; NHL Home Teams win 22 of 34 Games);

December 1 (Volume 2 #9; Crippled Boston Bruins on Top of Heap);

December 8 (Volume 2 #10; Boston Bruins Frankie Brimsek; Providence Reds Ray LaPlante);

December 15 (Volume 2 #11; Chicago Black Hawks flight has Experts Dizzy);

December 22 (Volume 2 #12; Milwaukee to Enter Pro Hockey – USHL Franchise for 1949-50);

December 29 (Volume 2 #13; Frankie Eddolls 19-Month old Daughter Dale; Rangers New Coach – Lynn Patrick);

Hockey News; 1949 - (RARE - THIRD Year issues);

January 5 (Volume 2 #14; Billy Reay by Kavetski; Cal Gardner and Kenny Reardon heavily Fined for Stick Swinging Incident);

January 12 (Volume 2 #15; Cal Gardner vs. Kenny Reardon by Kavetski; Cleveland Barons set AHL Record 113 Games without Being Shutout);

January 19 (Volume 2 #16; Montreal Canadiens Maurice Richard joins the 200 Goal Club; Ralph Almas by Kavetski);

January 26 (Volume 2 #17; New York Rangers corner Rookie Market; Shakeups, Trades mark AHL Week);

February 2 (Volume 2 #18; Refs and Coaches in Harmony in the AHL);

February 9 (Volume 2 #19; New York Rangers goalie Chuck Rayner by Kavetski);

February 16 (Volume 2 #20; New Cincinnati Rink Opens Next Week – Cincinnati Gardens);

February 23 (Volume 2 #21; Pals and Foes... Goalies Woes; England Seeking Pro Status – English National League);

March 2 (Volume 2 #22; Detroit Red Wings – Max McNab, Sid Abel, Gordie Howe, Harry Lumley, Bill Quackenbush, Jack Stewart, Ted Lindsay and Coach Tommy Ivan);

March 9 (Volume 2 #23; NHL President Warns that TV May Keep Fans Home);

March 16 (Volume 2 #24; Sid Smith by Kavetski; Last Day's Play may Decide Race in AHL);

March 23 (Volume 2 #25; Silverware Scramble by Kavetski; Playoff Fever Hits Again – Red Wings vs. Canadiens and Maple Leafs vs. Bruins);

April 6 (Volume 2 #27; Triple Blow Rocks Bruins – Lost to the Maple Leafs, Coach Resigns and Goalie Wants Trade);

April 13 (Volume 2 #28; Leafs Eye Third Stanley Cup – Maple Leafs and Red Wings to Play for Stanley Cup);

April 20 (Volume 2 #29; Third Stanley Cup Win in Row the Toronto Maple Leafs make History);

April 27 (Volume 2 #30; Red Wings Bill Quackenbush by Kavetski; Bill Quackenbush 1st Defenseman to Win Lady Byng Trophy);

May 15 (Volume 2 #31; Ottawa Senators win Allan Cup; Montreal Royals win Memorial Cup);

June 15 (Volume 2 #32; World Hockey Men Hold Historic 5-Day Meeting in New York);

July 15 (Volume 2 #33; Buck Boucher is the New Boston Bruins Coach; Some Rule Changes Made by Kavetski);

September 15 (Volume 2 #35; NHL Clubs off on Condition Grind at Camp; Winter Warmups by Kavetski);

October 8 (Volume 3 #1; Maple Leaf Coach Hap Day wants to Beat the All-Stars ; Happy Day and Tommy Ivan by Kavetski);

October 15 (Volume 3 #2; Sports Writers Pick the Maple Leafs to Win the Stanley Cup again this Season; At the Rinkside by Kavetski);

October 22 (Volume 3 #3; Fans Call for Goalie Protection as Bill Durnan latest to be Injured; Bruins Get Broom by Kavetski);

October 29 (Volume 3 #4; Injuries Pose Grave Problem in Long Schedule; Welcome Addition of Art Ross to Hockey Hall of Fame by Kavetski);
November 5 (Volume 3 #5; “70 Games No Problem” says Dick Irvin);

November 12 (Volume 3 #6; Will Scoring Marks Stand ? - Early Season Pace seems to Say they Will – Even with 10 Extra Games);

November 19 (Volume 3 #7; Clubs Go According to Sports Writers Predictions; New York, New Haven by Kavetski);

November 26 (Volume 3 #8; Ultimatums Fly in Minor Loop; Theme Songs by Kavetski);

December 10 (Volume 3 #10; C.E.A. Survey Clears Hockey Beef – Educators Prove Hockey Benefits not Hinders Boys; Turk Broda, Al Rollins and Gil Mayer by Kavetski);
December 17 (Volume 3 #11; Red Wings fail to Smash Bruins Record of Games without a Loss; A Cup Full of Cheer by Kavetski);

December 24 (Volume 3 #12; Oakland Oaks drop out of P.C.H.L.; Merry Christmas from the Hockey News Staff by Kavetski);

December 31 (Volume 3 #13; “Time to Take Stock” NHL Predident Clarence Campbell; New Year's Resolutions by Kavetski);

Hockey News; 1950 - (SCARCE - 4th Year issues);
January 7 (Volume 3 #14; New York Rangers play Best Hockey in 10 Years; Hockey Terminology by Kavetski);

January 14 (Volume 3 #15; NHL President Clarence Campbell will Act if Canadian Amateur Hockey Association can Prove NHL Teams are Forcing Youngsters to Sign Contracts);

January 21 (Volume 3 #16; Cleveland Barons with Dizzy Pace Outclass Rest of AHL; Lynn Patrick by Kavetski);

January 28 (Volume 3 #17; Red Wings now Favored to Win the Stanley Cup; One False Move by Kavetski);

February 4 (Volume 3 #18; Hockey Should be Full-Time Job during NHL Season says Coach Irvin);

February 11 (Volume 3 #19; Detroit Red Wings near Record for Most Ties in a Season);

February 18 (Volume 3 #20; Debate Flares over Conacher-Walter Affair with Court Action set for Next Month; The Old Master Painter by Kavetski);

February 25 (Volume 3 #21; Rookie Goaltender Jack Gelineau stops the Black Hawks);

March 4 (Volume 3 #22; Only 1 of 17 Sports Writers Picked the Right Order of the Teams at the End of Season);

March 11 (Volume 3 #23; Boston Bruins make Last Minute Stab at Playoff Berth; The Doughboys by Kavetski);

March 18 (Volume 3 #24; Canadiens Rookie Goaltender Gerry McNeil outdoes Old Master; The Figure Three by Kavetski);

March 25 (Volume 3 #25; Maple Leafs and Canadiens Duel for Easy Rangers Series; Such a Big Man by Kavetski);

April 1 (Volume 3 #26; Hockey News Fans Dream Team – Bill Durnan, Ken Reardon, Maurice Richard, Leo Reise, Sid Abel, Ted Lindsay and Coach Hap Day; “Leafs can Win” says Conn Smythe);

April 8 (Volume 3 #27; Maple Leafs and Red Wings – Torrid Tempo from Faceoff to Fight);

April 15 (Volume 3 #28; Red Wings clip Maple Leafs Monopoly on Stanley Cup as Rangers Ready for Title Go);

April 22 (Volume 3 #29; Red Wings have No Pushover Chore as Rangers Fight to the Last Ditch);

April 29 (Volume 3 #30; Red Wings stop Rangers in 7 – Long Stanley Cup hunt is Over);

November 4 (Volume 4 #5; Doug Grimston refuses to Alter C.A.H.A. Decision; Turk Broda by Eddie Germano);

November 11 (Volume 4 #6; Maple Leafs kick up Heels in NHL);

November 18 (Volume 4 #7; American League Officials Told to Crack Whip – Illegal Tactics Hampering Stars; No Family Tree by Germano);

November 25 (Volume 4 #8; Gaye Stewart, Frankie Eddoll and Buddy O'Connor in Action);

December 2 (Volume 4 #9; Boston Bruins Jack Gelineau and Murray Henderson in Action around Crease);

December 9 (Volume 4 #10; Canadiens Bill Durnan and Gerry McNeil by Kavetski; Figures Prove Overtime Not Needed);

December 16 (Volume 4 #11; Rookie Gets His Chance – Terry Sawchuk by Kavetski);

December 23 (Volume 4 #12; Canadiens Gerry McNeil blocks Red Wings Gaye Stewart in Close Shot);

December 30 (Volume 4 #13; Happy New Year from the Hockey News Staff by Kavetski);

Hockey News; 1951 - (SCARCE - 5th Year issues);
January 6 (Volume 4 #14; Red Wings Marty Pavelich and Rangers Allan Stanley);

January 13 (Volume 4 #15; Marcel Pronovost, Sugar Jim Henry and Ray LaPlante);

January 20 (Volume 4 #16; Bruins Ed Kryzanowski checks Red Wings George Gee; NHL Officials will Have Numbers on their Uniforms);

February 10 (Volume 4 #19; Bruins Lynn Patrick by Kavetski; Boucher's Fabulous Career);

February 17 (Volume 4 #20; Miracle Men – Lynn Patrick and Dr. David Tracy by Kavetski);

February 24 (Volume 4 #21; Schedule Favors Bruins and Rangers in Playoff Race);

March 10 (Volume 4 #23; Cleveland Barons Johnny Bower; Adam Brown chose Hockey);

March 17 (Volume 4 #24; Sid Abel pushes Maurice Richard to the Ice – Richard Fined $500);

March 24 (Volume 4 #25; Close Up on Spills – Canadiens and Red Wings; Group wants Vezina awarded on Percent Basis);

March 31 (Volume 4 #26; Overskating and Interference; Habs Wreck Sawchuk's Vezina Trophy Bid);

April 7 (Volume 4 #27; Shots and Uppercuts – Maple Leafs and Bruins; McNeil and Sawchuk playing Terrific);

April 21 (Volume 4 #29; From a Maple Leafs point of View; Tobin orders a Black Hawks Housecleaning for 1951-52);

April 28 (Volume 4 #30; Maurice Richard scoring on Turk Broda; Maple Leafs Win the Stanley Cup);

June 15 (Volume 4 #32; Hendy lays Down Program for Possible Major Entry);

Hockey News; 1957 -

October 5 (Forum, Canadiens have New Owners – Molson Family; All-Star Edition);

Hockey News; 1958 -

January 11 (New York's Camille Henry);

February 15 (Boston Bruins' Harry Lumley; Agreement Ends All Player Lawsuits);

Hockey News; 1968 -

December 7 ('Punch' Imlach on Shaky Ground with Toronto Leafs Brass; Fear of Flying Grounds Montreal Goalie Gump Worsley);

Hockey News; 1969 -

January 25 (Phil Esposito lifts Bruins to Peak in NHL Race);

March 29 (Montreal Canadiens domination of West puts Champs on Title Course);

April 12 (Punch Imlach fired by Maple Leafs; John Bower – Time to Quit; Tim Horton – Went with Punch);

Hockey News; 1971 -

January 1 (Bob Baun wheels away from Billy McCreary of St.Louis)

January 22 (24TH All Star Issue – Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr);

January 29 (Bruins Phil Esposito aims at 50 Goals in 50 Games; Frank Mahovlich instant Hit with Habs);

February 5 (New York Rangers Dave Balon has NHL's Third 4-Goal Game; St.Louis Blues Tim Ecclestone);

February 12 (3-Way Trade – Mike Walton a Bruin, Bruce Campbell a Flyers and Bernie Parent a Maple Leaf);

March 5 (Boston Bruins Phil Esposito join 50-Goal Club; Rangers Gilles Villemure);

March 12 (Montreal Canadiens Rogatien Vachon; St. Louis Blues Barclay Plager breaks his Nose for 11TH Time);

March 19 (Bruins Phil Esposito shooting on Flyers goalkeeper Doug Favell);

March 26 (Bruins Phil Esposito first 60-Goal Scorer; Buffalo Sabres rookie Gilbert Perreault);

April 2 (Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault set NHL Rookie Scoring Record; Boston University wins NCAA Title – Steve Stirling);

April 9 (Philadelphia Flyers Bobby Clarke hot in Stretch Run; Canucks Andre Boudrias a Plus Player);

April 16 (Bruins Phil Esposito 76-Goals and 152 Points New Records; Vezina Trophy Winner – Rangers Ed Giacomin);

August (Bruins Bobby Orr will Ink Lucrative Contract; Red Wings Marcel Dionne);

October (25TH Anniversary Issue; Red Wings Gordie; Bruins Ted Green; Hockey News Looks Back ar the Best of 25 Years);

October 15 (Bruins Phil Esposito; Chicago Black Hawks Tony Esposito; Bruins Derek Sanderson);

October 22 (Maple Leafs Dave Keon new Captain; Frank Mahovlich happy with Canadiens; Canucks Dunc Wilson the No.1 Goaltender for Them);

October 29 (Chicago's Tony Esposito's with Two Shutouts this Season; Rangers Bill Fairbairn);

November 5 (Minnesota's Tom Reid with Penalty Shot Goal; Sabres New Leader – Gerry Meehan);

November 12 (Buffalo Sabres rookie Richard Martin; NHL Gets Three New Head Coaches – Fred Glover, John Wilson and Bill McCreary);

November 19 (North Stars Gump Worsley the Hottest Goalie in the NHL; Long Island and Atlanta in NHL);

November 26 (New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues swap 7 Players; Black Hawks Pat Stapleton);

December 3 (Rangers Jean Ratelle 4-Goal Game; Charlie Burns started Helmet Craze; North Stars Dean Prentice joins 350-Goal Club);

December 10 (Bruins Bobby Orr after Phil Esposito's Scoring Title; Red Wings Red Berenson);

December 17 (Minnesota's Cesare Maniago; Prolific Penguin Bobby Leiter);

December 31 (Bruins Bobby Orr or Rangers Brad Park – Who's Better ?; Montreal Canadiens rookie Guy LaFleur);

Hockey News; 1972 -

January 7 (Rangers Gilles Villemure chance as All Star Goalie; Black Hawks Pit Martin; Al Arbour returns to coach Blues);

January 14 (Boston Bruins Gerry Cheevers; Flyers Serge Bernier; Red Wings Mickey Redmond Scoring Leader);

January 21 (Rangers Jean Ratelle the Halfway Scoring Leader; Black Hawks Tony Esposito);

January 28 (25TH All Star Issue – Bobby Hull and Frank Mahovlich);

February 4 (Sabres Rick Martin after the Rookie Goal Record; Black Hawks Tony Esposito; More NHL Expansion in 1974);

February 11 (Bruins Bobby Orr the Golden Boy; California Golden Seals Gilles Meloche);

February 25 (Detroit's Mickey Redmond; Brad Park sets Hat Trick Mark for Defensemen; Vancouver Canucks Josh Guevremont);

March 3 (Rick Martin's 39th Breaks Rookies Mark; New York Rangers Eddie Giacomin; Phil Esposito passes 50 Goal Mark);

March 10 (Bobby Hull six Goals away from 600th; NHL Scoring Race going to the Wire);

March 17 (Jean Ratelle injury Rocks New York Rangers; NHL All Star Ballots);

March 24 (Bruins Bobby Orr the NHL's Top Producer; Maple Leafs Playoff Surge – Dave Keon);

March 31 (Bruins Phil Esposito running in NHL Points Race; Canadiens Frank Mahovlich closing in on Records);

April 7 (Marcel Dionne becomes Highest Scoring Rookie; Bobby Hull sinks 600th Goal);

April 28 (St. Louis Blues Phil Roberto; New York Rangers Walter Tkaczuk);

May 5 (Ranger-Bruin Final Looms – Ted Irvine);

June (Bruins John Bucyk accepts Stanley Cup; Expansion Clubs face Lean Draft);

July (New Teams to Fight for Players; Atlanta Flames Phil Myre, Dan Bouchard, Keith McCreary and Luc Grenier);

August (Bobby Hull-NHL Controversy Rages On;; Team Canada picks Squad for Russians);

September (Team Canada Geared Up for Russians – Harry Sinden, Marcel Dionne and Mickey Redmond; NHL-WHA facing Player Showdown);

October 6 (Russians Jolt NHL with Ice Strength; Maple Leafs Dave Keon);

October 13 (Canada Does It ! - Paul Henderson);

October 20 (Chicago Black Hawks Tony Esposito);

October 27 (Bobby Orr returns to NHL Action; Detroit Red Wings Marcel Dionne);

November 3 (Buffalo Sabres Rick Martin 7-Goal Week; St. Louis Blues Danny O'Shea);

November 10 (Bruins John Bucyk nets 400th Goal; Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault);

November 17 (Los Angeles Kings Rogatien Vachon and Paul Curtis; St. Louis Blues Bob and Barclay Plager);

November 24 (Flyers goalie Doug Favell; Rangers Eddie Giacomin gets 200th Career Win);

December 1 (Buffalo Sabres Richard Martin; Canucks Bobby Schmautz);

December 8 (Alex Delvecchio No.2 in NHL All-Time Point Race; Montreal Canadiens Henri Richard);

December 15 (Chicago Black Hawks Dennis Hull);

December 22 (Marcel Dionne walks out on Detroit Red Wings; Barclay Plager new Leader of the Blues);

December 29 (Atlanta Flames Phil Myre; Toronto Maple Leafs Brian Glennie);

Hockey News; 1973 -

January 5 (Gerry Meehan the Hottest Thing on Ice; North Stars Lou Nanne);

January 12 (Bobby Clarke the First Flyer Super Star; Cliff Koroll potential All Star);

January 19 (Ken Dryden records 4th Shutout; New York Rangers Jean Ratelle);

January 26 (Amazing Atlanta Flames Burn Up West – Bob Paradise);

February 2 (26th Annual All Star Game Issue – Bobby Orr, Dennis Hull and Frank Mahovlich);

February 9 (New York Rangers Walter Tkaczuk; Philadelphia Flyers Rick MacLeish);

February 16 (NHL's Eastern All Stars Win it All – Frank Mahovlich, Garry Unger and Eddie Westfall);

February 23 (New York Rangers Streaking to the Top – Gilles Villemure and Rod Seiling; Chicago's Dennis Hull);

March 2 (Boston Bruins Phil Esposito; NHL's Top 10 Lines);

March 9 (Atlanta Flames Jacques Richard; Bumper Rookie Crop);

March 16 (Flyer's Rick MacLeish contender for Scoring Title);

March 23 (Fearsome Flyers Eye Hawks – Bill Flett);

March 30 (Flyers goalie Doug Favell; Peter Mahovlich looks Neater in Comeback; Trades Galore Send 34 to New NHL Clubs);

April 6 (Jean Beliveau and Frank Mahovlich; Highs, Lows of Season);

April 13 (Philadelphia Flyers Rick MacLeish);

April 20 (Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault; North Stars goalie Cesare Maniago);

April 27 (Flyers Rick MacLeish; Rangers Dale Rolfe and Rod Gilbert);

May 4 (Habs, Hawks Cup Favorites – Tony Esposito and Yvan Cournoyer);

May 11 (Bobby Clarke – Player of the Year; Habs get Jump in Cup Play);

May 18 (Canadiens Frank Mahovlich; Ottawa's Denis Potvin leading Draft Pick);

June (Canadiens Guy Lafleur and Henri Richard hoist Stanley Cup; Goalie Gary Smith leaves Chicago for Vancouver);

July (Bobby Clarke wins NHL's Hart Trophy; NHL after New Player Deal);

August (Phil Esposito moving up Scoring Ladder; NHL Cleans Up on Draft Picks);

September (Doug Favell brings New Hope to Toronto Maple Leafs; NHL-WHA Face Bidding War);

October 5 (Wayne Thomas in the Hunt for Ken Dryden's Job; NHL and WHA Preview);

October 12 (Hockey News Poll – Canadiens, Hawks Teams to Beat in the NHL);

October 19 (Rangers goalie Gilles Villemure; Houston Aeros Gordie Howe);

October 26 (Phil Esposito 10-Point Start to Season; Gary Smith the New Breed Of Vancouver Canuck);

November 2 (Philadelphia Flyers Bernie Parent is Back);

November 9 (Buffalo Sabres Jim Schoenfeld swings On, Off Ice);

November 16 (North Stars goalie Cesare Maniago; Detroit suspends Marcel Dionne);

November 23 (Bruins Phil Esposito; Red Wings New Coach – Alex Delvecchio);

November 30 (Bruins Bobby Orr sets Three More Records; St. Louis Blues Garry Unger);

December 7 (N.Y. Rangers Jean Ratelle; Bruins Andre Savard);

December 14 (New York Islanders Jean and Denis Potvin);

December 21 (Chicago's Bill White; Phil Esposito best Center);

December 28 (Buffalo Sabres Jim Lorentz; Leafs goalie Dunc Wilson; 1,000 Games Later and Stan Makita not Slowing Up);

Hockey News; 1974 -

January 4 (North Stars Bill Goldsworthy; Henri Richard the NHL's Ninth 1,000-Point Scorer);

January 11 (Chicago Black Hawks goalie Tony Esposito);

January 18 (Sabres Gilbert Perreault comes Back with a Bang; Yvan Cournoyer joins NHL's 300-Goal Marksmen);

January 25 (Flyers Dave Schultz NHL's Bad Man turns Torrid Scorer);

February 1 (27th Annual All Star Game Issue – Bobby Clarke and Phil Esposito; NHL-WHA Agreement Draws Nearer);

February 8 (L.A. Kings goalie Rogatien Vachon; Boston Bruins Carol Vadnais);

February 15 (Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Star Borje Salming);

February 22 (Flyers Bobby Clarke; Rod Gilbert the Rangers' All-Time Scoring Leader);

March 1 (Rangers goalie Gilles Villemure his Return to Net);

March 8 (Hockey World Shocked by Death of Tim Horton; Tony Esposito in Bid to Win Vezina);

March 15 (Bruins Phil Esposito registers Double NHL Milestone; Fans NHL All Star Ballots);

March 22 (Flyers goalie Bernie Parent; Fans NHL All Star Ballots);

March 29 (Bruins Bobby Orr the Highest Scoring Defenseman over 100-Points for Fifth Year);

April 5 (Minnesota North Stars Bill Goldsworthy on Record Course);

April 12 (N.Y. Rangers Rod Gilbert NHL's 19th 300-Goal Marksman; Fans Pick Their NHL All Stars);

April 19 (Phil Esposito wins Fourth Straight Scoring Crown; Tony Esposito and Bernie Parent share Vezina Trophy Award);

April 26 (Flyers Rick MacLeish ties Richard's Playoff Record);

May 3 (Goalies Dominate NHL Playoffs – Eddie Giacomin and Tony Esposito);

May 10 (Boston Bruins Gregg Sheppard Playoff Scoring Sensation; Phil Esposito leads NHL's Big Shooters);

May 17 (Philadelphia Unbeatable on Home Ice, Oust Rangers – Bernie Parent; Hockey's Top 100 Draftable Players);

June (Philadelphia Flyers NHL's First Expansion Stanley Cup Winner – Dave Schultz and Cup);

July (Don Cherry the New Boston Bruins Head Coach; Phil Esposito the Hart Trophy Winner);

August (St. Louis Blues Garry Unger; NHL takes Lead in Signing War with WHA);

September (Canada-Russia in Spotlight Again – Bobby Hull and Paul Henderson);

October 11 (Team Canada '74 Surprises Experts – Goalie Gerry Cheevers; Bruins Bobby Orr);

October 18 (Bruins Andre Savard battles Canadiens Jim Roberts; Russians Rip Off Team Canada);

October 25 (Washington Capitols Mike Marson the First Black to Crack the NHL in 15 Years; Sabres Gil Perreault off to Sizzling Start);

November 1 (European Invasion of NHL and WHA – Maple Leafs Borje Salming; Bruins Gil Gilbert – Need Surgery ?);

November 8 (Black Hawks Bill White; Sabres rookie Peter McNab; Bobby Orr and Stan Mikita exchange Blasts after Stick Duel);

November 15 (Phil Esposito still No.1 Goal Scorer; Selecting All Time Top 100 Goalies Tough Task);

November 22 (Vancouver Canucks Garry Monohan; Wayne Dillon No.1 Scorer in The WHA; Salaries Must Come Down NHL Warns);

November 29 (Philadelphia's Bill Clement; Bobby Orr NHL's Newest Scoring Leader);

December 6 (Sabres French Connection – Richard Martin; Toronto Toros Frank Mahovlich 544th Goal Ties Rocket Richard);

December 13 (Flyers Bobby Clarke in Pursuit of NHL Leaders; Rangers Walter Tkaczuk big name on Shelf);

December 20 (Sabres Gilbert Perreault the NHL's New Scoring Leader; Guy LaFleur is Fantastic for Canadiens);

December 27 (Rangers' Brad Park; L.A. Kings Terry Harper);

Hockey News; 1975 -

January 3 (Montreal Canadiens Ken Dryden; Gordie Howe gets 901st Career Goal);

January 10 (Bruins Phil Esposito NHL's Newest 500-Goal Scorer; Atlanta Flames Tom Lysiak);

January 17 (N.Y. Rangers Steve Vickers; Flurry of Trades);

January 24 (All Star Games Starting Teams in NHL and WHA; Black Hawks Stan Mikita scores 450-Goal);

January 31 (Who are the Best Rookies in the NHL and WHA – Sabres Danny Gare; Islanders Jean Paul Parise);

February 7 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jean Pronovost; All Star Darryl Sittler; NHL Expansion may be Over);

February 14 (New York Islanders Denis Potvin; Boomer quits as Atlanta Coach);

February 21 (Sabres Rick Dudley; Bruins Phil Esposito first to Hit 50-Goals in Pro Hockey);

March 7 (Red Wings Danny Grant in 500th Consecutive Game; Flyers Rick MacLeish);

March 14 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jean Pronovost on Road to 50-Goals; NHL and WHA Most Under Rated Players);

March 21 (Islanders Bob Nystrom; NHL and WHA Most Under Rated Players);

March 28 (Penguins Rookie Pierre Larouche; Hart Trophy Candidates Goalies Vachon and Parent; NHL-WHA Signing Wars Smolders Again);

April 4 (Flyers Bobby Clarke set NHL Assist Mark; Bobby Orr No.1 Fan Choice for Defense, MVP);

April 11 (Hockey News Awards – Vachon, Arbour and Knox; Winnipeg Jets Line Named Best with Nilsson);

April 18 (Bobby Hull named WHA Player of the Year; Bernie Parent wins Second Vezina Trophy in a Row; Bobby Orr Scoring Title);

April 25 (NHL Playoff Favorites take Tumble – Black Hawks Tony Esposito; Playoff Picture – Stanley Cup and Avco Trophy);

May 2 (Canadiens Guy Lafleur; Flyers Bernie Parent; Playoff Picture – NHL and WHA);

May 9 (New York Islanders Pull Rare Playoff Feat – Glenn Resch and Ed Westfall; Playoff Picture – NHL and WHA);

May 16 (Islanders J.P. Parise checked by fallen Flyer Rick MacLeish; Canadiens Pete Mahovlich);

May 23 (Expansion Final Assured for NHL – Sabres Rene Robert; Calgary gets Vancouver's WHA Franchise);

September (Montreal Canadiens Ken Dryden; NHL, WHA Training Camp Rosters);

October 17 (Rangers Pin Hope on Youth – Wayne Dillon; Atlanta's New Team Captain – Pat Quinn; Players Muzzled by New NHL Rule);

October 24 (Canadiens Make Explosive Start – Guy LaFleur; Rangers John Davidson);

October 31 (Blues Iron Man after Record – Garry Unger; Bruins Netminder Gil Gilbert);

November 7 (Bobby Hull's Protest Startles Hockey – Boycott to End Violence; Buffalo Sabres Hottest in NHL – Richard Martin);

November 14 (Bruins John Bucyk in NHL's Select 500-Goal Club; Newest Detroit Red Wing Eddie Giacomin);

November 21 (Super Star Swap Stuns Hockey - Phil Esposito joins N.Y. Rangers - Brad Park joins Boston Bruins; Red Wings Dan Maloney facing Assault Charges);

November 28 (Pros Rap Violence in Hockey; Bobby Orr, Brad Park lift Bruins Title Hope);

December 5 (St. Louis Blues Chuck Lefley; Brad Park gets Unexpected Welcome in Boston; Winnipeg Jets Big Line Off and Running in WHA);

December 12 (Bobby Orr's Hockey Future again Uncertain; Buffalo Scorer turned Checker – Gil Perrault);

December 19 (Flyers goalie Wayne Stephenson; Buffalo's Penalty Killers Deadly – Don Luce);

December 26 (NHL, Russians Eye Super Series; Islanders Billy Harris; Bruins Bobby Orr “Don't Count Me Out”);

Hockey News; 1976 -

January 2 (NHL Optimistic They'll Top Russians; Who Will Replace NHL President Clarence Campbell ?; Buffalo Sabres Richard Martin);

January 9 (Slick Russians Win Super Series Start; The Reckless Philadelphia Flyers Gary Dornhoeffer; Islanders Garry Howatt);

January 16 (Toronto Maple Leafs Lanny McDonald; Sabres, Habs Restore NHL Prestige against Russians);

January 23 (Philadelphia Flyers Show Russians They're No.1 – Wayne Stepfenson and Bobby Clarke; Rangers New Coach-GM John Ferguson);

January 30 (Islanders Defenseman Gerry Hart; Black Hawks want Bobby Orr);

February 6 (Bruins tout Brad Park for Norris; Vancouver Canucks goalie Gary Smith may be Trade Bait);

February 13 (California Seals Ralph Klassen; Gerry Cheevers headed Back to Boston Bruins; Mike Murphy setting New Scoring Trend in Los Angeles);

February 20 (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler makes Scoring History with 6-Goal Game; Buffalo Sabres Rene Robert);

February 27 (Atlanta Flames Eric Vail; Ed Van Impe – The Complete Professional; Darrly Sittler's Night to Remember);

March 5 (Buffalo's goalie Al Smith returns from WHA; Rangers Steve Vickers);

March 12 (L.A. Kings goalie Rogie Vachon; Minniapolis Fighting Saints Dave Keon – Franchise Folds);

March 19 (Flyers again Streaking Down Stretch – Bobby Clarke; Islanders Rookie Bryan Trottier Sets NHL Mark);

March 26 (Hockey News Awards – Player of the Year Bobby Clarke – Coach of the Year Don Cherry; Garry Unger NHL's New Iron Man);

April 2 (NHL Assured of TV for Cup Finals; Islanders goalie Glenn Resch; Hockey News WHA Awards – Player of the Year Marc Tardif);

April 9 (St. Louis Blues Garry Unger; Troubled Ken Hodge; Marcel Dionne still King in L.A.);

April 16 (Canadiens Dominate All Stars – Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden gets Second Vezina);

April 23 (Flyers goalie Wayne Stephenson; Marc Tardif battered in WHA's Avco Trophy Start);

April 30 (Hockey Violence Flares in NHL, WHA; Islanders Garry Howatt);

May 7 (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler 5-Goal Playoff Game; Violence Must Go Say Players);

May 14 (Canadiens Guy LaPointe; Winnipeg Jets WHA's New Canadian Champions);

May 21 (Flyers Reggie Leach 5-Goal Playoff Game; Canada Cup set for Sept.2);

May 28 (Montreal Canadiens Larry Robinson and Pete Mahovlich; NHL Could Start with 16 Teams; WHA Avco Cup – Houston vs Winnipeg);

June (Canadiens captain Yvan Cournoyer holding Stanley Cup; Public Outcry Causing NHL to Act – Goon Hockey);

July (Chicago Hoping for Gold with Bobby Orr; Winnipeg Jets pull Avco Trophy Sweep; Kenny Hodge, Don Cherry part on 'Bitter' Terms);

August (NHL Shifts to Cleveland, Denver; Philadelphia's Bobby Clarke had a Plus 83 Rating);

September (Team Canada choice for Cup Series – Bobby Hull; 30th Anniversary Issue);

October 8 (Canada Claims World Title – Darryl Sittler; Preview the NHL, WHA Teams);

October 22 (New Boston Bruin Rick Middleton; Bruins Sue but Bobby Orr keeps Playing);

October 29 (N.Y. Rangers Nick Fotiu; Don Cherry predicts Bobby Orr will become Fanstastic Black Hawk);

November 5 (WHA Stingers young Jacques Locas; Black Hawks, Bruins declare Truce in Bobby Orr Affair; NHL Waiver Rule – Salvation of Veterans);

November 12 (Montreal's Guy Lafleur; WHA sends Winnipeg Jets to Russia);

November 19 (Islanders goalie Glenn Resch; NHL in New World Cup Series);

November 26 (New Boston Bruin Peter McNab; Rick MacLeish's Comeback Lifts Flyers Fortunes);

December 3 (Red Wings clain Dennis Hextall a Target for Referees; WHA Conducting Merger Talks with Eagleson);

December 10 (St. Louis Blues Garry Unger; Gordie Howe Raps Critics of WHA);

December 17 (Canadiens Guy Lafleur and Chicago goalie Tony Esposito; NHL needs Team Realignment);

December 24 (Rangers Hot in NHL Turnabout – Don Murdoch; Cincinnati's Dennis Sobchuk; Cleveland's Dave Gardner);

December 31 (Philadelphia Flyer captain Bobby Clarke; Soviets Hail Timely Return of Kharlamov; WHA shows Czechs they Can Do It);

Hockey News; 1977 -

January 7 (Sabres goalie Gerry Desjardins; WHA Completes Domination of Czechs; Trade Winds Blowing for Cincinnati's Stingers);

January 14 (Islanders Ed Westfall and Rangers goalie Gilles Gratton; Johnny Bucyk's Milestone Goal - 4th Place All Time);

January 21 (Canadiens Larry Robinson; Garry Unger 300th Goal; Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler; Violence Hits WCHA; Canucks Jim and Joe Watson selected for All Star Game);

January 28 (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler; Canucks Watson Brothers in All Star Game);

February 4 (Bruins Gregg Sheppard; Violence Rules Working – Penalties Up; Flyers Jim Watson Gets a Lucky Break);

February 11 (Cicinnati's 'Machine Gun' Abgrall; Old Pros Providing New Life for L.A. Kings);

February 18 (Winnipeg Jets Anders Hedberg 51-Goals in 47 Games; Doctor Holds Answer to Bobby Orr's Future);

February 25 (Canadiens Steve Shutt is NHL's Top Scorer; Atlanta Flames claim Willie Plett Rookie Award Sleeper);

March 4 (Chicago's Stan Mikita; Player Agent left Atlanta Flames Tom Lysiak Broke);

March 11 (Los Angeles Kings Rogie Vachon; Black Hawks Stan Mikita ninth to Score 500-Goals);

March 18 (Gorgie Howe scores 900th Goal; Hot Buffalo Goaler stops Habs – Don Edwards);

March 25 (Canadiens Guy Lafleur is Hockey News NHL's Outstanding Player; NHL Not Talking Merger with WHA);

April 1 (Boston Bruins Gil Gilbert and Brad Park; Winnipeg Jets Anders Hedberg is Hockey News WHA's Outstanding Player);

April 8 (Maple Leafs Borje Salming; Guy Lafleur continues on Record Binge; Ace McCourt the Darling of Scouts);

April 15 (Montreal Canadiens Guy Lafleur and Ken Dryden; Team Canada may get Early Playoff Losers);

April 22 (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler early Playoff Scoring Leader; World Cup Preview – Canada Underdogs – Favorites the Russians and Czechs);

April 29 (Playoff Hotshots – Bruins Bobby Schmautz and Islanders Clark Gillies; Ace McCarthy ponders Pro Offers);

May 6 (Canadiens Guy Lafleur has 6 Playoff Goals; Team Canada Humiliated by Soviets);

May 13 (Bruins Stun Flyers with Sweep – Goalie Gerry Cheevers; Quebec-Winnipeg Jets in Avco Trophy Showdown);

May 20 (Canadiens goalie Ken Dryden; Economy to Shorten NHL Draft; Gordie Howe feeling Tired says he's Quitting);

June (Canadiens Serge Savard raises the Stanley Cup; NHL Expansion would Include WHA);

August (L.A.Kings Marcel Dionne NHL's Big Shooter; NHL-WHA Stalled in Negotiating Hockey Merger);

September (Red Wings goalie Ed Giacomin; WHA-NHL Merger Rejection Further Divides Teams in the NHL);

October 7 (Canadiens Pete Mahovlich; NHL-WHA Showdown Averted);

October 14 (Cicinnati's Rick Dudley; NHL Players Rap Rod Gilbert Affair);

October 21 (Flyers Reggie Leach; NHL Waiver Draft Quiet Affair; NHL Red Faced – WHA Teams Win 12 of 19 Games);

October 28 (N.Y. Islanders Dave Lewis and Stefan Persson; NHL Wants Less Protected Players);

November 4 (Maple Leaafs defenseman Borje Salming 10-Points in First 5 Games; Soviets, Czechs Face 18 NHL Teams);

November 11 (Colorado Rockies Paul Gardner; Winnipeg Jets Monopolizing Team, Scoring Races; Who's Better, Ken Dryden or Rogie Vachon ?);

November 18 (N.Y. Islanders Bryan Trottier; French Line Turns Sabres On);

November 25 (Gordie Howe – 1,000th Pro Goal Next Milestone; Winnipeg Jets Shooters Dominate WHA);

December 2 (N.Y. Islanders rookie Mike Bossy 16-Goals in 19-Games; Red Wings Show Up NHL Critics);

December 9 (Boston Bruins goalie Ron Grahame; N.Y. Islanders rookie Mike Bossy Making Big Impact);

December 16 (N.Y. Rangers Phil Esposito 2nd Highest All-Time Goal Leader with 607; NHL, WHA set for Soviets, Czechs);

December 23 (Flyers defenseman Tom Blandon record 8-Point Game; Gordie Howe gets 1,000th Goal);

December 30 (Winnipeg Jets Anders Hedberg; WHA Teams get Jump on Europeans);

Hockey News; 1978 -

January 6 (Flyers Overpower Touring Czechs – Bobby Clarke; N.Y. Islanders Clark Gillies tops Plus-Minus; The Great Gretzky OHA Whiz Kid);

January 13 (Canadiens Ken Dryden; 'No Show' Leafs 'Burned' by Czechs);

January 20 (Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault; Barry Beck and Mike Bossy Top NHL Rookies);

January 27 (Flyers goalie Wayne Stephenson; Bryan Trottier big Winner in NHL Award Money);

February 3 (Flyers Bobby Clarke; Edmonto Oilers Formula – Be Agresssive; Rangers Open Vaults for Swedes Hedberg and Nilsson);

February 10 (N.Y. Islanders Mike Bossy – Success Story of the Year; NHL-Soviet Super Series in 1979);

February 17 (Winnipeg Jets Anders Hedberg; Swedes Awaiting WHA's Decision);

February 24 (NHL Snipers find Scoring Gold – Canadiens Guy Lafleur; Lou Nanne named North Stars Coach and GM);

March 3 (N.Y. Islanders Bryan Trottier; Should NHLers Wear Helmuts ?; Vancouver Canucks Mike Walton the Top NHL Shooter);

March 10 (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler; Refinanced Winnipg Jets to Keep Swedes – Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson);

April 21 (Bruins defenseman Brad Park; Playoff Fever Grips NHL, WHA);

July (New York Rangers new coach Fred Shero and Anders Hedberg, Ulf Nilsson; North Stars, Barons Amalgamated by NHL);

August (Maple Leafs Darryl Sittler 1977-78 Top Shooter; NHL Suspends Don Murdoch for a Year; Houston Out – Winnipeg Jets Purchase 13 Players with Franchise);

October 6 (Buffalo Sabres goalie Don Edwards; Free Agent Ruling Shakes NHL; NHL-WHA Previews and Schedules);

October 13 (Canadiens defenseman Larry Robinson; NHL to Fight McCourt Decision; WHA Teams proving Tough on NHL Rivals);

November 24 (N.Y. Rangers Anders Hedberg; Bobbu Orr tells Black Hawks He's had It; Amazing Flames Cling to Top);

December 1 (Atlanta Flames Tom Lysiak; NHL may Wind Up with 16 Teams);

December 8 (Boston University Terriers Mark Fidler; Yvan Cournoyer facing Decision on Future);

December 15 (Maple Leafs Borje Salming; Sabres Fire Punch Imlach, Marcel Pronovost);

December 22 (Canadiens Ken Dryden; Clark Gillies proving Islanders Leader);

December 29 (New England Whalers Mark Howe; Super Kid Wayne Gretzky gives Edmonton Oilers Punch; NHL Still Talking About Expansion);

Hockey News; 1979 -

January 5 (N.Y. Islanders defenseman Denis Potvin; NHL's Top Draft Pick Over First Hurdle – North Stars Bobby Smith; Edmonto Oilers Cool Off Frisky Soviets);

January 12 (Bruins goalie Gery Cheevers; Lafleur-Trottier Duel Hot Affair; Soviets Blend Youth and Age for NHL Stars);

January 19 (Detroit Red Wings rookie Dale McCourt; WHA Eyes Europe if NHL Merger Fails; Wayne Gretzky joins Howes to Spark 3-Game WHA Sweep of Soviets);

January 26 (Notre Dame's Tom Michalek; Constistency of Guy Lafleur Unparalleled; Lesuk Helping Winnipeg Jets Rise in WHA Race);

February 9 (Special Issue – NHL All-Stars vs. USSR; Soviet Union's Aleksandr Volchkov; Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky signs 21-Year Contract);

February 16 (New York Islanders Mike Bossy; Winnipeg Jets Ulf Nilsson Top Star);

February 23 (Pittsburgh Penguins Orest Kindrachuk; Soviets Stun NHL with Series Win);

March 2 (Boston Bruins Terry O'Reilly; Indignation Rampant after Cup Loss to Soviets);

March 9 (Los Angeles Kings Butch Goring; Islanders Mike Bossy the Hottest Scorer in NHL History);

March 16 (Washington Capitols Ryan Walter; Confusing Maple Leafs Fire and Rehire Coach Roger Neilson);

March 23 (Toronto Maple Leafs Lanny McDonald; NHL-WHA Signing War Heats Up);

March 30 (Ex-Chicago Black Hawk Ivan Boldirev; Traded NHL Players in Shock; NHL Eyeing an Underage Player Draft ?; WHA Winnipeg Jets Showing more Constistency);

April 6 (WHA's Robbie Ftorek – Where's He Headed ?; NHL-WHA Hockey War Nears End);

April 13 (Philadelphia Flyers Bobby Clarke “Merger Offers Stability”; NHL Expansion Spells End of WHA);

April 20 (New York Rangers Dave and Don Maloney; Coach Don Cherry on Warpath over Officiating);

April 27 (Quebec Nordiques Real Cloutier the WHA Player of the Year; Fans Pick WHA All Stars – Real Cloutier and Wayne Gretzky dominate Awards);

May 4 (Islanders Clark Gilles, Bryan Trottier and Mike Bossy; World Cup – Soviets Rolling to Gold Medal);

May 11 (Canadiens Guy LaFleur; World Cup – Soviets too Powerful);

May 25 (Canadiens Serge Savard and Bruins Peter McNab show Playoff Intensity; Winnipeg Jets grab Commanding Lead in WHA Finals);

June (Canadiens Serge Savard holding Stanley Cup; Winnipeg Jets Power Stuns Oilers in Avco Cup Final; McCourt returned to L.A. Kings by Ruling);

July (Islanders Denis Potvin wins Norris Trophy; NHL sets up Entry DraftJets Grab Hull back from Black Hawks);

August (Minnesota North Stars Bob Smith; Teen Draft Seen as Critical for NHL; Gordie Howe's not Ready to Hang Up Skates Yet);

September (Maple Leafs captain Darryl Sittler; Bobby Clarke named Flyers Coach; Newcomers in NHL Must Wear Helmuts; Underagers Go High in NHL's Entry Draft; Bobby Orr joins The Hockey News);

October 5 (Montreal's Larry Robinson and Bernie Geoffrion; NHL Preview and Schedule; The Return of Stan Fischler);

October 12 (Detroit Red Wings Dale McCourt; Canada Cup gets 1980 Go Ahead; Mike Milbury raps Eagleson);

October 19 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; College Hockey Schedule);

October 26 (N.Y. Rangers Dave Maloney; Eagleson fires back at Mike Milbury);

November 2 (North Stars Bobby Smith; N.Y. Rangers Phil Esposito hits Milestone; Don Cherry Blasts Bruins);

November 9 (Atlanta Flames Garry Unger; Losing Mike Palmateer No No for Leafs);

November 16 (L.A. Kings Marcel Dionne; Reggie Leach a Revived Flyer; Barry Beck ends Rangers Hunt);

November 23 (Hartford Whaler's Great Gordie Howe; The Howes – Hockey's Unique First Family; Tempers Flare in NHL);

November 30 (Flyers Still Soaring – Bobby Clarke; Edmonton Hails Unknown Oiler Blair MacDonald; North Star rookie Tom McCarthy);

December 7 (N.Y. Rangers Barry Beck; Marcel Dionne in Record Hunt; Amazing Jean Ratelle brightens Bruins);

December 14 (Colorado Rockies Rob Ramage; Ziegler Predicts Bright Future);

December 21 (Vancouver Canucks goalie Glen Hanlon; Red Army still No.1 in Soviet Union; Habs Heckled at Home);

December 28 (Buffalo Sabres Gil Perreault; Winnipeg Jets Unleash Power; New Teams lift NHL Attendance);

Hockey News; 1980 -

January 4 (Brian Propp fitting Flyers New Image; Iron Man Garry Unger ends run at 914 Games);

January 11 (Maple Leafs goalie Mike Palmateer; Soviet Red Army showing up NHL; Michigan Tech wins Great Lakes);

January 18 (Boston Bruins Jean Ratelle; Werblin Enraged by Fans Behavior; Soviets find NHL Tough);

January 25 (Los Angeles Kings Charlie Simmer; Detroit gives Hero's Welcome to Gordie Howe);

February 1 (Montreal Canadiens Guy LaFleur; Philadelphia Flyers Dominated First NHL Half of Season);

February 8 (Canada's Olympic Hockey – Bob Dupuis and Doug Buchanan; Olympic Hockey Preview);

February 15 (N.Y. Islander Mike Bossy; Board of Govenors Uphold Ziegler Decision);

February 22 (St. Louis Blues Brian Sutter; Wayne Gretzky Unique in NHL; Canada, U.S. Given Pre-Olympic Jolt);

February 29 (Detroit Red Wings mike Foligno; Leafs trade Dave Williams; U.S. Olympians Surprise of Games);

March 7 (Miracle on Ice - U.S.A. WINS OLYMPIC GOLD);

March 21 (Washington Capitols Ryan Walter; Cherry-Miron rift Brewing in Colorado);

March 28 (Black Hawks Terry Ruskowski; NHL aims for New Attendance Record; Cornell surprise ECAC Title Winner);

April 4 (Boston's Ray Bourque – Record Setting Rookie; Red Wings Dump Kromm; Coach Firings Stun NHL);

April 11 (St. Louis Blues goalie Mike Liut; Gretzky Battles Dionne);

April 18 (N.Y. Rangers Ron Duguay; Marcel Dionne Wins First Ever NHL Scoring Title);

April 25 (Montreal Canadiens Pierre Larouche; Grapes gets the Squeeze; Ted Lindsay to Coach Red Wings in 1980-81);

May 2 (Philadelphia Flyers Reggie Leach; Black Hawks Stan Mikita Retires after 21 Years; IHL Admirals Quit Playoffs after Brawl);

May 9 (Wayne Gretzky – Hockey News Player of the Year);

May 23 (N.Y. Rangers Bryan Trottier; Nykoluk resigns from Rangers; Minor College Awards Announced);

June (N.Y. Islanders Denis Potvin hoists The Stanley Cup);

August (Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig and Ken Morrow on Life after the Olympics; Players may Veto Overtime);

September (Don Cherry and Blue – Wouldn't You Hire this Man to Coach your Hockey Team ?);

October 3 (Toronto's Darryl Sittler; How the Stastnys Czeched into Quebec);

October 17 (Montreal rookie Doug Wickenheiser; Players Rule Out Overtime for 1980-81 Season);

October 24 (N.Y. Islanders Mike Bossy; Owners Speak Out on the State of the Game);

October 31 (Trick or Trade in Philly ? - Rick MacLeish and Behn Wilson; Special Xmas Book and Novelty Gift Section);

November 7 (New York Rangers Phil Esposito; 1980-81 U.S. And Canadian College Preview);

November 14 (Buffalo Sabres Tony McKegney; Interview with NHL President John Ziegler);

November 21 (North Stars Steve Payne; International Report – Standings, Statistics and Scorers);

November 28 (Washington Capitols Coach Gary Green; Interview with Alan Eagleson);

December 5 (L.A.Kings Jimmy Fox, Larry Murphy and Greg Terrion; “A Tribute to Conn Smythe” by Frank Orr; John Ziegler vs. U.S. Congress on Violence in Hockey):

December 19 (Tony Esposito – Beleagured Backstop for Struggling Black Hawks);

December 26 (Harold Ballard and King Clancy; NHL Realignment Set for 1981-82 Season);

Hockey News; 1981 -

January 2 (Quebec Nordiques Anton Stastny and Peter Stastny);

January 16 (The Rat is Back ! - Flyers Ken Linseman; N.Y. Islanders Mike Bossy on Record-Setting Scoring Pace);

January 23 (Bobby Orr – Hockey News Player of the Decade;N.Y. Rangers Phil Esposito retires after 18 Seasons);

January 30 (Vancouver Canucks Tiger Williams; European Report – Statistics and Standings);

February 6 (North Stars Don Beaupre; N.Y. Islanders Mike Bossy scores 50 Goals in 50 Games);

February 13 (These All-Stars say “Welcome to L.A.” - Dave Taylor, Marcel Dionne and Charlie Simmer; Previews and Lineups for NHL's All-Star Game);

February 20 (Canadiens Steve Shutt; Boston's Jim Craig – What a Difference a Year Makes);

February 27 (Calgary Flames Willi Plett, Kent Nilsson, Don Lever and owner Nelson Skalbania; Interview with Nelson Skalbania);

March 6 (St. Louis Blues Bernie Federko; Nordiques Peter Stastny branded as Puck Hog by Linemate; Bruins' Move from Boston in Hands of Salem Voters);

March 13 (Toronto Maple Leafs Rick Vaive and Bill Derlago; Bruins, North Stars set Six League Penalty Records of 406-Minutes);

March 20 (N.Y. Islanders Bob Nystrom; N.Y. Rangers Staggered by Suspensions);

March 27 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; 12 NHL Teams Involved in Last Minute Trades);

April 3 (Boston Bruins Rick Middleton; Lou Nanne calls for Ban on Fighting in NHL; Bobby Clarke notches 1,000th Career Point; Wayne Gretzky breaks Assist record for Centers);

April 10 (Quebec Nordiques Dan Bouchard; Guy Lafleur Lucky to be Alive; Wayne Gretzky tops NHL Scoring Record; 8-page Salute to Hockey Night in Canada);

April 17 (St. Louis Blues Mike Liut, Wayne Babych and Emile Francis; Doing Time in Wichita with Ex-NHLer Don Murdoch);

April 24 (Buffalo Sabres Danny Gare; NHL Playoffs – How the Mighty Have Fallen; Canada in Medal Round in World Cup Champioships);

May 1 (Philadelphia Flyers Bill Barber; NHL Playoffs – Favorites are an Endangered Species);

May 8 (Edmonton's Wayne Gretzky and St. Louis' Mike Liut – The Players of the Year; NHL Playoffs Semi Finals);

May 15 (N.Y. Islanders Bryan Trottier; Roger Neilson shuffles out of Buffalo; The Memorial Cup – Canada's Junior Showcase);

May 22 (North Stars Bobby Smith; So Long, Bob Verdi; Cornwall Wins Second Straight Memorial Cup);

June (N.Y. Islanders Bryan Trottier hoists Stanley Cup; Preview of the 1981 NHL Draft);

July (L.A. Kings Charlie Simmer and wife Terri Welles; Results of the NHL Entry Draft; “Canada Cup Right on Schedule”);

August (The Canada Cup – Up for Grabs);

September (Woe Canada ! - A Wrap Up of the Disaster – Soviets Win Canada Cup);

October 2 (Monteal's Guy Lafleur; NHL 1981-82 Special 12-page Preview);

October 9 (N.Y. Islanders Butch Goring; NHL Starting Rosters, Predictions and New Faces; Players in Retirement – Is there Life after Hockey ?);

October 16 (Hartford Whalers Rick MacLeish, Larry Pleau and Greg Millen; Results of the Waiver Draft);

October 23 (Washington Capitols rookie Bobby Carpenter; Bobby Hull's Last Hurrah has a Cryptic Ending; Barry Beck speaks out “Fighting is Part of my Job”);

October 30 (Chicago Black Hawks Denis Savard and Darryl Sutter; An Open Letter to Ziegler – Beddoes Zings Fischler);

November 6 (Boston's New Sharpshooters – Rick Middleton and Ray Bourque; Bobby Hull speaks out on His Premature Retirement);

November 13 (Minnesota's Lou Nanne, Curt Giles, Steve Christoff and Neal Broten; Dave Schultz on Violence in NHL);

November 20 (Happy Birthday Maple Leaf Gardens ! - Red Kelly, Darryl Sittler, Harold Ballard and King Clancy);

November 27 (Winnipeg Jets Dale Hawerchuk, Dave Babych and Dave Christian; Al Eagleson “Brian Bellows won't Play in Canada”);

December 4 (Boston Bruins Randy Carlyle; Is Mark Howe on the Trade Block ?; Nostalgia Column and Crossword Puzzle);

December 11 (Detroit's Frustrated Hitman – Don Murdoch; Can Wayne Gretzky Score 60 Goals in 50 Games ?);

December 18 (The Philadelphia Story – Reggie Leach, Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber, Bob Butera, Joe Scott, Ed Snider and Keith Allen; NHL Oldtimers Agree that Today's Game Stinks !);

December 25 (N.Y. Rangers Brian Bellows; Rick Martin Retires; Serge Savard to return with Winnipeg Jets);

Hockey News; 1982 -

January 1 (Farewell 1981, Bring On 1982 !; The Year in Review);

January 15 (Buffalo Sabres Dale McCourt and Mike Foligno; Wayne Gretzky zeroing in on NHL Goal Scoring Record; Canada Wins First World Junior Championship Ever);

January 22 (N.Y. Rangers Ron Duguay, Barry Beck, Mark Pavelich and Coach Herb Brooks; Darryl Sittler - Saga drags On);

January 29 (Toronto's Babes on the Blueline – Fred Boimistruck, Bob McGill and Jim Benning; Will the Colorado Rockies Move to Ottawa ?);

February 5 (Quebec Nordiques Anton Stastny, Marian Stastny, Peter Stastny, Marcel Aubut and Le Bonhomme Carnaval);

February 12 (Washington Capitols Bobby Carpenter, Rick Green, Darren Veitch, Dennis Maruk, Mike Gartner, Ryan Walter and owner Abe Pollin);

February 19 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky and Grant Fuhr);

February 26 (Boston Bruins Steve Kasper; NHL Plus-Minus Results);

March 5 (Calgary Flames Lanny McDonald; Wayne Gretzky shatters Phil Esposito's Goal Scoring Record; A Message from Ronald Reagan to the NHL);

March 12 (St. Louis Blues Rik Wilson, Jim Pavese and Joey Mullen; Wayne Gretzky has Sights set on 200 Goals, 200 Points);

March 19 (Minnesota North Stars Neal Broten; Phil Housley the Top U.S. Prospect for NHL Draft);

March 26 (Chicago Black Hawks Al Secord; Detroit Red Wings up for Sale, Maxner dumped as Coach);

April 2 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Grant Fuhr, Paul Coffey and owner Peter Pocklington);

April 9 (New York Islanders Mike Bossy, Bryan Trottier, Denis Potvin, Al Arbour and Bill Torrey);

April 16 (Peter Stastny of the Quebec Nordiques and Mark Napier of the Montreal Canadiens; Final Regular Season Scoring and Goaltending Stats);

April 23 (Winnipeg Jets Dale Hawerchuk No.1 Choice as Rookie of the Year; Surprises Abound in Early Round Playoff Action);

April 30 (Boston Bruins Peter McNab; NHL Playoff Setup Unpopular with First Round Losers);

May 7 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky the Hockey News Player of the Year; Denis Savard – Chicago's Small Hawk is Mr. Big in the Playoffs);

May 14 (Vancouver Canucks Thomas Gradin; Where are You Now... Eddie Giacomin ?; Canada gets Bronze at World Championships);

May 21 (New York Islanders Bryan Trottier; Big NFL Decision could Affect NHL, Meadowlands);

June (New York Iislanders Denis Potvin hoists the Stanley Cup; NHL Draft Preview; NHL Playoff and Memorial Cup Finals);

July (Toronto Maple Leafs Gary Nyland, Boston Bruins Gord Kluzak and Minnesota North Stars Brian Bellows; New Jersey gets NHL Team);

August (Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey; Special 16-page Equipment Section);

September (Brian, Duane and Brent Sutter – Six Brothers in the NHL; 35th Anniversary Issue);

October 8 (Philadelphia Flyers Mark Howe; NHL Preview and Schedules; Grundman taking Heat for Habs Big Trade);

October 15 (Detroit Red Wings Danny Gare, Reed Larson, Mike Ilitch and Jimmy Devellano; NHL Predictions, Starting Rosters and New Faces);

October 22 (New York Rangers Nick Fotiu; New Jersey Devils off to a Good Start; Dave Hodge's Debut);

October 29 (New Jersey Devils Glenn Resch, Don Lever and John McMullen; Eric (The Train) Vail pulls up for the Last Stop);

November 5 (New York Islanders John Tonelli; Tragedy Fells Boston Bruins Normand Leveille; L.A. Kings rookie Bernie Nicholls on Scoring Spree);

November 12 (Washington Capitols Rod Langway and Brian Engblom; The Tragedy that Cut Down Bruin Normand Leveille);

November 19 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky and kid Brother Keith Gretzky; The Wrath of Grapes – Don Cherry speaks Out);

November 26 (Winnipeg Jets Dale Howerchuk; 12-page Section on the Winnipeg Jets);

December 3 (Montreal Canadiens Jean Beliveau, Guy Lafleur and Maurice Richard; Bob Verdi blasts Earl McRae for his Bobby Orr story);

December 10 (Boston Bruins Tom Fergus; Mike Milbury takes another Run at Alan Eagleson);

December 17 (Chicago Black Hawks Steve Larmer, Al Secord and Denis Savard; Herb Brooks to the North Stars ?);

December 24 (New York Rangers Don Maloney, Mike Rogers, Tom Laidlaw and Craig Patrick; Wayne Gretzky's streak Comes to a Halt after 30 Games; The Fall of Nelson Skalbania);

December 31 (The Red Menace is Back but are we Ready for Them ? - Bob Gainey, Vladislav Tretiak and Bobby Clarke; L.A. Kings Marcel Dionne joins the NHL's 500-Goal Club);

Hockey News; 1983 -

January 14 (Edmonton Oilers Andy Moog; Big Red Machine Rolls Over Habs and Nordiques);

January 21 (Toronto Maple Leafs Rick Vaive; Adirondack Red Wings say Goodbye to Murdoch);

January 28 (Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault and Phil Housley; Saskatoon's Bid for the St. Louis Blues creates Quite a Stir);

February 4 (Calgary Flames Lanny McDonald; Grant Fuhr apologizes to Slighted Edmonton Fans; Jets Coach Accuses Referee of Being a Cheater);

February 11 (New York Islanders Billy Smith; Kish Out in Hartford; Triple Crown Line Reunited);

February 18 (Hartford Whalers Blaine Stoughton, Risto Siltanen and Ronnie Francis; Moncton's Bill Riley aims to be Pro Hockey's First Black Coach);

February 25 (Boston Bruins Pete Peeters; Who are the Best Young Goalkeepers in the NHL ?);

March 4 (Quebec Nordiques Dale Hunter; Sabres Prevent goalie Pete Peeters from Setting NHL Record);

March 11 (Philadelphia Flyers Bobby Clarke and Darryl Sittler; Sabrs Spoil Froese's bid for Rookie Records);

March 18 (Minnesota North Stars Neal Broten, Willi Plett, Craig Hartsburg and Dino Ciccarelli; Phil Esposito rips Soviet Tour);

March 25 (Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Daoust; St. Louis Blues farmhand Ed Kea critically Injured);

April 1 (Montreal Canadiens Mats Naslund; Stastny Brothers sign New Pact with Quebec Nordiques);

April 8 (Chicago Black Hawks Doug Wilson, Tom Lysiak, Denis Savard and Orval Tessier; Wisconsin Badgers clain the NCAA Championship);

April 15 (Washington Capitols Rod Langway and New York Islanders Bryan Trottier; Stanley Cup Playoff Preview; Final NHL Statistics);

April 22 (New York Rangers Anders Hedberg; Derek Sanderson reflects on his Rise and Fall; Complete Playoff Reports);

April 29 (Rave Rookies – Buffalo Sabres Phil Housley and Chicago Black Hawks Steve Larmer; James Patrick's the Prize in this Tug of War);

May 6 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky the Hockey News Player of the Year; Critics Lash Out at the NHL Playoff System);

May 13 (Boston Bruins Mike O'Connell; Habs Pick Serge Savard to Guide Club's Fortunes);

May 20 (Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier; Francis looks for The Holy Grail in Hartford);

June (New York Islanders Denis Potvin hoist the Stanley Cup; NHL Draft Preview);

July 1 (The Young Americans – New York Islanders Pat Lafontaine, Minnesota North Stars Brian Lawton and Buffalo Sabres Tom Barrasso);

July 15 (Edmonton Oilers Charlie Huddy; Special Statistics Issue);

August (10 Best Players of All Time, Toughest NHL Players, Fastest, Slowest etc...);

September 1 (St. Louis Blues Mike Liut; Brad Park leaves Bruins for Red Wings; Hockey Mourns Loss of Arthur Wirtz);

September 23 (Toronto Maple Leafs Gary Nyland; Meet the Beavers – Pro Hockey's Newest Entry);

October 7 (New York Islanders Mike Bossy; Early Line on 1984 Draft Prospects; Most Complete NHL Preview Ever);

October 14 (Philadelphia Flyers Ron Sutter; Boston Bruins goalie Mike Moffat; NHL Rosters, Predictions and New Faces);

October 21 (Chicago Black Hawks Steve Larmer; N.Y. Rangers Mike Rogers; Why the NHL Waiver Draft is a Farce);

October 28 (Calgary Flames Paul Reinhart; Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky a Licence to Holler);

November 4 (Men Behind the Masks – Chicago Black Hawks Murray Bannerman; Excerpt from Ken Dryden's “The Game”);

November 11 (Minnesota North Stars Brian Lawton; Complete College Preview; Bobby Smith to Join the Habs);

November 18 (L.A. Kings Bernie Nicholls; The Rise and Fall of L.A.'s Doug Smith; The Genesis of Capitols Mike Gartner);

November 25 (Team Canada's Pat Flatley; The 1980 Olympians – Where are They Now ?);

December 2 (Detroit Red Wings Ron Duguay; NHL backs off on the Lysiak Conflict; Mario Lemieux may Snub Canada'a Junior Team);

December 9 (Montreal Canadiens Bobby Smith; The Best and Worst of 1983);

December 16 (Vancouver Canucks Tony Tanti; An Open Letter to Wayne Gretzky; The Life and Times of Pat Quinn);

December 23 (Winnipeg Jets Dale Hawerchuk – What's Wrong ?; Ric Nattress gets his Drug Sentence Commuted; Sanity Prevails in the Lysiak Appeal);

December 30 (Minnesota North Stars Brian Bellows; Wayne Gretzky just Keeps on Scoring; What's in Store for 1984);

Hockey News; 1984 -

January 13 (New York Rangers Billy Smith, Kelly Hrudey and Roland Melanson; Rating '84 Draft Prospects in Junior);

January 20 (Boston Bruins Barry Pederson and Hartford Whalers Ronnie Francis; Calgary Flames Reinhart bemoans End of his Season);

January 27 (Buffalo Sabres Tom Barrasso; Complete Guide to Hockey Schools and Camps);

February 3 (Special All-Star Issue – The Great Gretzky);

February 10 (The Bear's Hungry – Russia; Canada and U.S. Set for Sarajevo Showdown; The Last Interview with Max Bentley);

February 17 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman; Maloney shines Brightest at All-Star Classic);

February 24 (Edmonton Oilers Glenn Anderson; Lafleur and Tretiak ponder Future; Canada's in and U.S. Is Out at Olympics);

March 2 (Quebec Nordique Michel Goulet; N.Y. Rangers could Lose James Patrick; No Olympic Medal for Team Canada);

March 9 (Vancouver Canucks Dave Williams; Wayne Gretzky and the Playboy Interview; Montreal gives Bob Berry the Boot);

March 16 (Edmonton Oilers Randy Gregg; NHL Entry Draft Prospects the Top 21);

March 23 (Boston Bruins Gord Kluzak; Edmonton Oilers Open the Vault to sign Mark Messier; The Ups and Downs of Coach Dave King);

March 30 (St. Louis Blues Doug Wickenheiser and Rob Ramage; Players Agents – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly);

April 6 (Buffalo Sabres Mike Foligno; Feuds – Hockey's Hatfields and McCoys; The AHL Coaches' All-Star Team);

April 13 (New York Islanders Billy Smith, Denis Potvin and Al Arbour; Final NHL Scoring Stats; Playoff Preview);

April 20 (Who's Going to Win the Norris ? - Rod Langway or Paul Coffey; Playoofs Continue);

April 27 (Montreal Canadiens Larry Robinson; Complete Playoff Reports and Summaries);

May 4 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; Canadiens Win the Battle of Quebec);

May 11 (Montreal Canadiens Steve Penney; Bob McCammon says Farewell to Flyers);

May 18 (Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier; NHL Entry Draft Special – Mario Lemieux and Denis Potvin);

June (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky hoists the Stanley Cup; One Last Look at Top NHL Draft Prospects);

July 1 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Wayne Gretzky got it All – Awards, a Tennis Tourney; Complete Team-By-Team NHL Draft List);

July 15 (Philadelphia Flyers Bobby Clarke – Movin' On Up; Wayne Gretzky the Hockey News Player of the Year);

August 1 (A “Dear John” Letter to NHL President John Ziegler; Canada Cup Quest Begins);

August 31 (Canada Cup 1984 – Special 16-page Section);

September 14 (Team Canada's Grant Fuhr and Team USA's Bryan Trottier; Canada Cup Update);

September 21 (Team USA's Tom Barrasso; Calgary Flames Hakan Loob; NHL Training Camp Rosters; Canada Cup Update);

September 28 (Montreal Canadiens Steve Penney; 1984 NHL Rookie Crop One of the Best Ever; Canada 3 – USSR 2 Canada Cup Final Score);

October 5 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; NHL Preview – Complete Schedule and Outlooks; Early Look at the 1985 Draft Crop);

October 12 (Three Legends Enter the Hall of Fame – Phil Esposito, Bernie Parent and Jacques Lemaire; NHL Predictions);

October 19 (Detroit Red Wings Dave Williams; Take a Walk in Hockey Hall of Infamy; Complete College Preview and Schedules);

October 26 (Boston Bruins Rick Middleton; The Darryl Sittler Saga; Maple Leafs put Al Iafrate to the Early Season Test);

November 2 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Interview with Alan Eagleson);

November 9 (Toronto Maple Leafs Allan Bester and Ken Wregget; Sophomore Jinx Shuffles Barrasso Out of Buffalo);

November 16 (NHL Ticket Price Survey – Is Your Tean Giving you Good Value ?);

November 23 (Calgary Flames Al ManInnis; Canucks Wave Goodbye to King Richard; Meet the United States All-Time All-Stars);

November 30 (New York Rangers James Patrick; Paving the Road to the 1988 Calgary Olympics);

December 7 (Chicago Black Hawks Ed Olczyk; Don Cherry puts Europeans in Their Place; The Pros and Cons of Hockey Fights);

December 14 (Montreal Canadiens Guy Lafleur Retires; Red Wings Have a Winner in Steve Yzerman; Canada and U.S. Gear Up for World Jr. Tourney);

December 21 (Hartford Whalers Syvain Turgeon; The Year in Review – The Highs and Lows of 1984);

December 28 (Philadelphia Flyers Tim Kerr; One Record that Wayne Gretzky isn't Likely to Break);

Hockey News; 1985 -

January 11 (Montreal Canadiens Chris Chelios; Interview with Billy Smith; Tean-by-Tean Report of Hockey's Rising Stars);

January 18 (L.A. Kings Marcel Dionne; The High Price of Hockey Fights);

January 25 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky – The Kid's Days as a Kid; Team Tragedy – The Curse of the Bruins);

February 1 (Injuries Crisis in the NHL; Coach Bowman steps Down; Equipment Sneak Preview 10-page Section);

February 8 (St. Louis Blues Bernie Federko; Interview – John Ziegler; The Wayne Gretzky Stories you Haven't Read);

February 15 (New York Islanders Mike Bossy; Rating the AHL Rookie Crop; Complete NHL Scoring Stats);

February 22 (Buffalo Sabres John Tucker; Thomas Steen the Toughest Swede in the NHL; Why Olympic Eligibity Rules are a Sham);

March 1 (New Jersey Devils Kirk Muller; Sneak Preview of the 1985 NHL Entry Draft; The Best and Worst Trades of All Time);

March 8 (Winnipeg Jets Randy Carlyle; Remember the Good, Old (Violent) Days; Interview – Marcel Aubut);

March 15 (Washington Capitols Bob CarpenterKeith Gretzky is Doing Just Fine; NHL Expansion – How Does Your City Stack Up ?);

March 22 (Minnesota North Stars Keith Acton; The Insecurities of L.A.'s Marcel Dionne; One Vote Against Gretzky Winning the MVP);

March 29 (The Collectibles Craze – Stealing a Peek at Memorabilia Madness; Bill LaForge gets the Boot Again; Vaive vs. Maloney – More Trouble in Toronto);

April 5 (Fighting – An Evolution of Hockey's Hit Men; Why the Philadelphia Flyers are No.1);

April 12 (Edmonton Oilers Jari Kurri; Interview – Glen Sather; Stanley Cup Contenders and Pretenders);

April 19 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux and Philadelphia Flyers Peter Zezel; Dale Hawerchuks – Winnipeg's Quiet Superstar; Final 1984-85 Scoring Stats);

April 26 (Comeback Players of the Year – Nordiques Brent Ashton, Flyers Pelle Lindbergh and Jets Randy Carlyle; NHL Playoff Scoring and Summaries);

May 3 (Buffalo Sabres Tom Barrasso and Philadelphia Flyers Pelle Lindbergh; How to Fix the NHL's Devalued Season);

May 24 (No.1 Draft Picks the Highs and the Lows – Mario Lemieux, Brian Lawton, Dale Hawerchuk and Bobby Smith; Peak at 1985 Memorial Cup);

June 14 (Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey; Pelle Lindbergh and the Spirit of Philadelphia; 1985 NHL Draft);

June 28 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky with The Stanley Cup; Terry O'Reilly and Steve Shutt call it Quits);

July 12 (Toronto Maple Leafs Wendel Clark; Wayne Gretzky rips NHL on Rule Change; Why Mike Ilitch scares Joe Falls);

August 9 (Gone But Not Forgotten – Steve Shutt and Terry O'Reilly; Dale Hawerchuk signs Long Term Contract with Winnipeg Jets);

August 23 (Buffalo Sabres Gilbert Perreault; Who's the Best ? - Hockey, Football, Baseball and Basketball Players Enter the Debate; Lemaire Quits as Habs Coach);

September 6 (Who Makes What in the NHL; Darryl Sittler says So Long to Memorable but Stormy Career; Lafleur squelches Comeback Talk);

September 13 (Detroit Red Wings Ray Staszak; N.Y. Islanders Bob Nystrom faces the Last Hurrah; New Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame);

September 20 (Montreal Canadiens Chris Chelios and Mats Naslund; Penguins on the Lookout for Mario Lemieux's Wingers);

September 27 (Boston Bruins Barry Pederson; NHL Preview; Bitter Bert Olmstead Blasts Hall of Fame);

October 4 (The Rookie Race of 1985-86 – '83-84 Calder Winner Tom Barrasso and '84-85 Calder Winner Mario Lemieux; Interview – Bobby Clarke);

October 11 (Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky; Philadelphia Flyer rookie Todd Bergen quits Hockey for Golf; Lafleur and the Habs go Seperate Ways);

October 18 (Buffalo Sabres Phil Housley; Everything You Need to Know about Canadian and U.S. College Hockey; The AHL's 50th Anniversary);

October 25 (Hockey Broadcasting's Fair Haired Boy – Dave Hodge; Winnipeg Jets gear up for a Run at Edmonton Oilers);

November 1 (New York Rangers Barry Beck; What it's Really Like to be a Zebra in Pro Hockey's Zoo; Jets Hope Bouchard is Saving Grace);

November 8 (Philadelphia Flyers twins Ron and Rich Sutter; Justice, NHL Style, Comes Under Fire Again);

November 15 (Minnesota North Stars Kent Nilsson; NHL Owners – Just Call them the Good, the Bad and the Ugly);

November 22 (Philadelphia Flyers Pelle Lindbergh left Brain-Dead after Car Crash; Automobile Accidents take their Toll on Hockey);

Nov 29 (Calgary Flames Lanny McDonald; Writing the Final Chapter on Pelle Lindbergh; Bruins and Capitols swap Peeters and Riggin);

December 6 (Edmonton Oilers Kevin Lowe; Mario Lemieux – Sophmore Jinx ?);

December 13 (Hartford Whalers Kevin Dineen; North Stars swing Deal for Flyers Todd Bergen; Examining the Jets woe in Winnipeg);

December 20 (Dear Santa, Can You Deliver the following Gifts ?; World Junior Tournament Preview);

Hockey News; 1986 -

January 3 (New York Islanders Pat LaFontaine; Edmonton Oilers Glenn Anderson; Barry 'Long Gone' in Winnipeg ?);

January 10 (Montreal Canadiens Stephane Richer – Rating the Rookies; Interview – N.Y. Islander Denis Potvin);

January 17 (A New Year's Forecast...; Brad Park Detroit's new Coach);

January 24 (Philadelphia Flyers Mark Howe; Penguins sign Mario Lemieux to a Long Term Contract; Celebrating Silly (Oakland) Seals' Anniversary);

January 31 (Paul Coffey and Wayne Gretzky top NHL All-Star Fan Voting; The Late Pelle Lindbergh's shines Bright for All-Star Voters; How Fans would Fix NHL All-Star Game);

February 7 (New York Rangers John Vanbiesbrouck and Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman – Who's Hot, Who' Not; Why Mike Bossy refuses to Protect his Eyes);

February 14 (Chicago Black Hawks Troy Murray; Edmonton Hockey Fans are Acting Spoiled Rotten; Rob Lowe in the Movie “Youngblood”);

February 21 (Quebec Nordiques J.F. Sauve and Philadelphia Flyers Pelle Eklund; Flyer's Captain Dave Poulin tops this List of the NHL's Sexiest Players);

February 28 (St. Louis Blues Mark Hunter; The Bruising Black Hawk Al Secord; Edmonton Oilers Dave Hunter in Jail for Drinking and Driving);

March 7 (New York Islanders Bryan Trottier – an In Depth Interview; Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey after Bobby Orr's Goals Record);

March 14 (Dave Babych and Tom Fergus – Rating the Trades; Jacques Plante, the Hockey World Mourns the Loss of a Legend; Sabres Gil Perreault nears End of the Line);

March 21 (Down and Out in the Smythe Division – Canucks Tony Tanti, Jets Dale Hawerchuk and Kings Bernie Nicholls);

March 28 (How You can Become a Collector; Calgary Flames John Tonelli; Oilers Paul Coffey lays Claim to More Records);

April 4 (New York Rangers Willie Huber and Reijo Routsalainen; Marcel Dionne hits No.2 on Scoring and Considering Retirement; How Hockey Wives Cope);

April 11 (Quebec Nordiques Dale Hunter and Montreal Canadiens Mats Naslund; Lemieux vs. Gretzky – Who Deserves the Hart Trophy ?);

April 18 (Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey 48-goals Breaks Bobby Orr's Record and Wayne Grtzky 215-points Breaks His Own Record; Final NHL Regular Season Stats);

April 25 (Comeback Players of the Year – Neal Broten, Don Beaupre and Larry Robinson; Playoff '86);

May 2 (New York Rangers John Vanbiesbrouck; Question Marks Surround Bowman and Sabres; Sinden Offers New Playoff Format);

May 9 (NHL's Best Rookies of 1985-86 – Wendel Clark, Mike Ridley and Gary Suter; Nordiques Peter Stastny seeks $800,000 a Year);

May 16 (Red Hot Flames put Oilers bid for Dynasty on Ice; Rookie Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy);

May 23 (Edmonton Oilers on Cocaine ? - Sports Illustrated says Yes; Evidence Suggests Booze is NHL's Drug Problem; Canadiens Claude Lemieux);

June 13 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy hoists the Stanley Cup; Ziegler and Eagleson push for Mandatory Drug Testing);

July 4 (N.Y. Islanders Al Arbour retires as Coach; 1986 NHL Draft Preview; 1985 Dreaft Review);

August 8 (Detroit Red Wings Joe Murphy and Jacques Demers; The Future of Fighting in the NHL; 1986 NHL Draft Recap);

September 5 (New York Rangers new G.M. Phil Esposito; John Brophy new Maple Leafs Coach);

September 12 (New Hall of Fame's Serge Savard, Leo Boivin and Dave Keon; N.Y. Rangers Barry Beck won't Play for Ted Sator);

September 19 (Baseball's Heavenly for Ex-Jet Kirk McCaskill – California Angels Pitcher; NHL Suspends Borje Salming for 8-games over Drug Use);

September 26 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy; Penguins Mike Bullard to Play with Mario Lemieux; Buffalo Sabres Tom Barrasso won't be as Outspoken);

October 3 (Toronto Maple Leafs new head coach John Brophy; Oilers rookie Tony Hand; Jimmy Devellano rips his Critics);

October 10 (Pittsburgh Penguis Mario Lemieux; Canadiens Mario Tremblay Retires; Oilers Dave Semenko says he'll Survive the Anti-Fight Legislation; John Ziegler defends Drug-Alcohol Issue);

October 17 (Calgary Flames Mike Vernon; Detroit demotes Joe Murphy for Disciplinary Reasons; Jets Hannu Jarvenpaa; Early Line on 1987 Entry Draft);

October 24 (Ex-Goalie John Davidson turned TV Personality; Flyer's rookie goalie Ron Hextall);

October 31 (NHL Expansion – A Dream ?; Oilers Paul Coffey 'Bleepin' Mad at GM Glen Sather; A Look Back at the Day the NHL Doubled in Size);

November 7 (Pittsburgh Penguins Roberto Romano and Terry Ruskowski; U.S. vs. Canada – Comparing College Games in the Two Countries);

November 14 (Chicago Black Hawks Al Secord – Abdominal Ailment Issue; Gord Kluzak's Knee not Mending);

November 21 (L.A. Kings Luc Robitaille, Jimmy Carson and Marcel Dionne; King Clancy 1903-1986; Scotty Bowman quits Coaching and Bruins dump Butch Goring);

November 28 (Minnesota North Stars Dino Ciccarelli; Mike Bullardand Dan Quinn swapped Even Up);

December 5 (Oilers Wayne Gretzky vs. Penguins Mario Lemieux; N.Y. Rangers Phil Esposito fires Coach Ted Sator);

December12 (New Jersey Devils Kirk Muller; North Stars brat Brian Bellows; Borje Salming will wear a Visor after 200 Stiches Needed);

December 19 (Hartford Whalers Doug Jarvis on the Brink of NHL Consecutive Games Record; Scotty Bowman sacked by Buffalo Sabres);

December 26 (L.A. Kings Tiger Williams – The Victims this Year are John Tonelli, Greg Gilbert, Stan Smyl and Lanny McDonald; Maple Leafs Wendel Clark);

Hockey News; 1987 -

January 9 (The Perfect Player – Assembling the NHL's Ultimate Competitor; Buffalo Sabres hire Ted Sator as Coach);

January 16 (Swift Current Broncos grieves Deaths of Four Players – Scott Kruger, Chris Mantyka, Brent Ruff and Trent Kresse);

January 23 (Philadelphia Flyers Ron Hextall; Rookie Recap; NHL President Zeigler Expels Pat Quinn);

January 30 (N.Y. Islanders Mike Bossy; Red Wings and Nordiques complete a Six-Player Trade; Penguins Craig Simpson's Goal Surge);

February 6 (St. Louis Blues Doug Gilmour; Ex-NHL Brian Spinner charged with First Degree Murder; Girls and Hockey Mix at Miami College);

February 13 (Marcel Aubut mastermind of the NHL-Soviet All-Star Classic; Meet the Soviets – In Depth Profile of NHL Opposition);

February 20 (Boston Bruins Ray Bourque, Steve Kasper and Terr O'Reilly; Harold Ballard bans Reporters from Maple Leafs Dressing Room);

February 27 (Wayne Gretzky after Trading Jersey with Soviet Player; Islanders Bryan Trottier blasts Refs in Guest Column);

March 6 (Winnipeg Jets Eldon (Pokey) Reddick and Daniel (The Bandit) Berthiaume; NHL Investigating Bryan Trottier Remarks);

March 13 (Grading the NHL Trades of the Past Year – Waly Poddubny and Cam Neely; Trouble Continues to Plague Detroit's Rookie Joe Murphy);

March 20 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman and Gerard Gallant; Regina Center 18-year old Brad Hornung Paralyzed for Life after Boarding Check);

March 27 (Cup Contending Hartford Whalers with Inspired Play; Marcel Dionne traded to N. Y. Rangers);

April 3 (Chicago Black Hawks Chico Resch a 'Hawk' for Hockey Collectibles; Nine Days in Jail and a Dismal Season haunt Maple Leafs Mirko Frycer);

April 10 (Montreal Canadiens Rick Green; St. Louis Blues Brian Benning; Boston Bruins fanfare for Mike Milbury);

April 17 (The Wild West – Oilers Mark Messier, Jets Dale Hawerchuk and Flames Jim Peplinski; Playoff Preview);

April 24 (Comeback Players – Canadiens Brian Hayward, Red Wings Steve Yzerman and Darren Veitch);

May 1 (Quebec Nordiques Peter Stastny; Maple Leafs Ken Wregget; N.Y. Islanders Pat LaFontaine's 4-th Period Over Time Goal);

May 8 (The Rookie Race – Flyers Ron Hextall and Luc Robitaille; North Stars and Brooks finally Get it Together);

May 15 (Final Four Cast – Canadiens Chris Chelios, Flyers Peter Zezel, Oilers Glenn Anderson and Red Wings Glen Hanlon);

May 22 (More than Three Years since a Penalty in Overtime of a Stanley Cup Playoff Game; NHL Draft Scouting Report);

May 29 (Leaders of the Pack – Oilers Mark Messier and Flyers Dave Poulin; Hockey News 1986-87 NHL All-Star Teams);

June 19 (Edmonton Oilers mark Messier hoist the Stanley Cup; Flyers Ron Hextall a Hero and Villian All in One; 1987 NHL Entry Draft Preview);

July 31 (Buffalo Sabres Pierre Turgeon and Hartford Whalers Sylvain Turgeon; Capitols aquire Dale Hunter);

August 21 (A Cup Full of Class – Canada's Wayne Gretzky set to Face Stars of the World; Tretiak revisits 1972 in his New Book);

September 11 (Kissing Cousins They're Not – Team Canada's Craig Hartsburg and Team U.S.A.'s Chris Nilan; Sylvain Turgeon “Hextall Nailed me on Purpose”);

September 18 (Edmonton Oilers Paul Coffey – An Interview; Rick Vaive dealt in Big Black Hawk, Maple Leaf Trade);

September 25 (Who is the Best ? - Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux, Vladimir Krutov and Sergei Makarov);

October 2 (Canada's Cup – Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux give Canadians Reason to Wave Flag; NHL Season Preview);

October 9 (Washington Capitols Scott Stevens; Denis Potvin's Last Season; AHL Preview);

October 16 (New York Islanders Mike Bossy – Career in Jeopardy; NHL Preview – Team Profiles, Strengths, Weaknesses and Newcomers);

October 23 (Pittsburgh Penguins Craig Simpson; Doug Jarvis consecutive game Streak Ends at 964);

October 30 (Edmonton Oilers Jari Kurri; The Class of 1988 Draft Prospects; Hotel Evicts 4 Maple Leafs);

November 6 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman; Canadiens Patrick Roy riles North Stars with Slash);

November 13 (New Jersey Devils Alain Chevrier; The Derek Brown attack on Tomas Sandstrom);

November 20 (Chicago Black Hawk Denis Savard; Wayne Gretzky records Assist 1,000);

November 27 (Philadelphia Flyers Mark Howe; Flames Mike Bullard turns Around Career; Tracking Down Mark Pavelich);

December 4 (Buffalo Sabres Phil Housley; Canadiens Petr Svoboda);

December 11 (Paul Coffey All-Star Defenseman Dealt to Penguins in Blockbuster Deal; The Bruins Steve Kasper);

December 18 (Montreal Canadiens Mats Naslund; Punch Imlach 1918-1987; More Bob Probert Problems);

December 25 (L.A. Kings Jimmy Carson; Flyers Goalie Ron Hextall finally Scores a Goal);

Hockey News; 1988 -

January 8 (The Fab Four – Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky; 40th Anniversary Special Issue);

January 15 (Calgary Flames Joe Nieuwendyk; Theme Issue – Our Look at Each Team's Top Prospects);

January 22 (Report on Refs – Don Koharski; North Stars Dino Ciccarelli charged with Assault after a Maple Leafs Game);

January 29 (Vancouver Canucks Stan Smyl; Wayne Gretzky Great Off Ice Too; 40-page Special on Hockey School, Equipment Guide);

February 5 (Buffalo sabres Christian Ruuttu; The Impact of Imports – Europeans Making Mark);

February 12 (Olympic Team Canada Goalie Sean Burke; N.Y. Rangers Pierre Larouche hasn't Given Up);

February 19 (The Sad-Sack Toronto Maple Leafs; Hartford Whalers Coach Jack Evans Harpooned);

February 26 (The King of Canada – Olympic Coach Dave King; Mario Lemieux set Record with Six-Points);

March 4 (Detroit Red Wings Brent Ashton the Most Traded NHLer; Soviets NHL Bound ?);

March 11 (Soviets Win Olympic Gold; Winnipeg Jets Andrew McBain; Flyers Rick Tocchet);

March 18 (New York Ranger James Patrick; Wayne Gretzky's Historic Assist – Passes Gordie Howe; Red Wings Steve Yzerman Injured);

March 25 (The Hall of Fame; Coach Herb Brooks in a Rage against his North Stars);

April 1 (Winnipeg Jets Dale Hawerchuk; Capitols; New Jersey Devils Rookie Ritual);

April 8 (L.A. Kings Luc Robitaille and Jimmy Carson; Jets Dale Hawerchuk the Scapegoat; Ex-Agent Dick Sorkin Apologizes);

April 15 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Trust Us, Pick the Flames to Win; Don't Count the Oilers Out);

April 22 (Comeback Players of the Year – Flames Hakan Loob, Bruins Gord Kluzak and Sabres Tom Barrasso; Bruins Glen Wesley at Center of Storm);

April 29 (Penalty Crackdown Continues; Our Referees' Review; The Devils Have Arrived – Sean Burke);

May 6 (Boston Bruins Ray Bourque; New Jersey Devils Patrik Sundstrom; Marcel Dionne unclear on Future);

May 13 (Detroit Red Wings Petr Klima; Bruins Cam Neely; Memorial Cup Preview);

May 20 (New Jersey Devils Coach Jim Schoenfeld – Legal Action against Referees; Officials Sick of Abuse – Don Koharski);

May 27 (New York Islanders Denis Potvin; Flyers Fire Mike Keenan; Canadiens Coach Jean Perron Resigns);

June (New Jersey Devils Kirk Muller; NHL Draft Preview; 21 Tean Profiles, Analyses);

June/July (Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones with Stanley Cup; Ex-NHL Brian Spencer Gunned Down in Drug Deal);

July (Draft Day '88 – Mike Modano, Trevor Linden and Curtis Leschyshyn; Penguins Mario Lemieux wins Hart Trophy; 100 Grams; VF, 8.0 = $14.00);

August (Toronto Maple Leafs GM Gord Stellick; Islanders Mike Bossy says Goodbye; Wayne Gretzky gets Married);

September 9 (Wayne Gretzky traded to L.A. Kings – The Good, Bad and the Ugly of the Trade; Guy Lafleur to Tryout with the N.Y. Rangers);

September 16 (New York Rangers Guy Lafleur; North Stars Dino Ciccarelli goes to Jail; Sex Scandal Lawsuit hits St. Louis Blues);

September 23 (New Hall of Famers – Tony Esposito, Ed Snider and Brad Park; A Tough Trade to Figure – Doug Gilmour and Mike Bullard);

September 30 (The Crazy World of Coaching – Hockey's Checkered Past; Sitting Down with Mike Bossy);

October 7 (New Jersey Devils Sean Burke; Red Wings Bad Boys on Thin Ice – Bob Probert; Early Line on 1989 Draft);

October 14 (10 Reasons Why this Season Will be the Best Yet... and 10 Reasons Why it Might Not; Team-by-Team Preview);

October 21 (Forecast – Stanley Cup is Alberta Bound; Gala Night for Wayne Gretzky; Interview – Black Hawks Doug Wilson; North Stars and Dino Ciccarelli Make-Up);

October 28 (Ticket Price Survey; Penguins Mario Lemieux's 8-Point Game; How the NHL is Getting Rid of its Stick Men);

November 4 (Wayne Gretzky first Game against Edmonton Oilers; Soviet Star Larionov rips Hockey Hierarchy; Brett Hull speaks out in an Interview);

November 11 (Super Sophomores – Ulf Dahlen and Pierre Turgeon; Interview – Canucks Barry Pederson; Winnipeg Jets GM John Ferguson Fired);

Nov 18 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux – How do you Stop Him ?; Interview – Flyers Tim Kerr; Top 10 Rookies in the AHL; Pros and Cons of NHL Discipline);

November 25 (The Pros and Cons of Robbie Ftorek; Interview – Capitols Mike Gartner; Tom Barrasso shuffles out of Buffalo);

December 2 (Chicago Black Hawks on the Road to Ruin; Penguins Randy Cunnryworth; Overreacting to Violence – A Case Study);

December 9 (NHL Quarterly Report – Calgary Flames Doug Gilmour and L.A. Kings Bernie Nicholls; Interview – Bruins Coach Terry O'Reilly; Devils Brendan Shanahan takes Aim at Critics);

December 16 (Winnipeg Jets Fredrik Olausson; Interview – Oilers Kevin Lowe; Profiles – Denis Savard, Grant Fuhr and Petr Klima; The Fadind Star of Rangers Marcel Dionne);

December 23 (Canada Defends World Junior Title; Jets Dale Hawerchuk speaks Out; Why the Islanders Fired Terry Simpson);

1988 – The Year in Photos (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky);

Hockey News; 1989 -

January 6 (89 Predictions for '89; Wayne Gretzky and L.A. Kings visit Harlem; NHL Central Scouting Report; Feats Not Found in the NHL Record Book);

January 13 (Red Army's Viacheslav Fetisov; NHL Teams Top Prospects; Rating the NHL's Best Fighters);

January 20 (Philadelphia Flyers Ron Hextall; The Top 10 Junior Players in the World; What's Wrong with Canadiens Stephane Richer ?);

January 27 (N.Y. Islanders Bryan Trottier and N.Y. Rangers Brian Leetch; North Stars Craig Hartsburg Retires; The 10 Toughest Players in the AHL);

February 3 (NHL's Most Average Players – Rangers Dean Kennedy (wrong picture), Canadiens Brian Heyward and Sabres Scott Arniel; Sylvain Cote rips Whaler Teammates);

February 10 (Who's Better ? - Sizing Up the Habs and the Flames; Wayne Gretzky tops Gordie Howe as NHL's All-Time Scorer; Best and Worst of IHL);

February 17 (N.Y. Rangers Guy Lafleur; Interview – Capitols Clint Malarchuk; Meet the Soviet Union's Rising Young Stars);

February 24 (Fighting – NHL All-Stars Speak Out; Wayne Gretzky and daughter Paulina; Peter McGeough's Battle to Walk Again; Oilers Davr Brown);

March 3 (The Best Player in Women's College Hockey – Vicky Sunohara; Canadiens Claude Lemieux incurs Wrath of Coach; Bobby Hull in Winnipeg for Retiring his Number);

March 10 (A Decade of Trades – 15 Deals to Remember; Wisconsin Goaltender Curtis Joseph; Why the L.A. Kings Traded for Kelly Hrudey);

March 17 (NHL Expels Bob Probert after Drug Smuggling Charge; Bruins Bobby Carpenter battles Back; The Sour Side of U.S. College Hockey);

March 24 (The Drug Debate – Bob Probert's Lawyer Rips the NHL; Portrait of the Artist as a Hockey Player – Brian Collinson; Who's the Best Player in College Hockey ?);

March 31 (How to Win Your NHL Playoff Pool; Meet Canada's Top 10 Major Junior Players; Our Memorabilia Issue);

April 7 (Stanley Cup 1989 All You'll Ever Need to Know; Top 10 Players in Minor Pro; North America's Best 16-year Old Player – Eric Lindros);

April 14 (Calgary Flames Sergei Priakin of the Soviet Union; Inside Story of the 1989 World Tounament; College Hockey's Top Player – Lane MacDonald);

April 21 (Comeback Players of the Year – Vancouver Canuck Paul Reinhart; Pittsburgh Penguins Paul Coffey; Jay Greenberg tells us What Ails the NHL);

April 28 (Philadelphia Flyers Tim Kerr; Flyer Goalie Ron hextall Scores Again; Michel Bergeron bounces back in Quebec);

May 5 (Who Should win the Hart Trophy ? - Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux or Steve Yzerman; Winnipeg Jets will get a New Coach);

May 12 (Chicago Black Hawks Alain Chevrier; NHL Central Scouting Draft List; Flyers at Their Best in the Playoffs);

Draft Preview '89 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky – Has he Cost L.A. Its Future ?; Rating the Prospects);

May 19 (Why Alexandr Mogilny Defected from the Soviet Union; Montreal Canadiens Kick it into Overdrive);

May 26 (Survey Says – Best Player Mario Lemieux, Best Goalie Patrick Roy, Best Coach Pat Burns, Least Favorite Player Claude Lemieux, Best Defenseman Paul Coffey, Favorite Player Wayne Gretzky);

June (Ca;lgary Flames Win the Stanley Cup; NHL Central Scouting List; Esposito Era ends with N. Y. Rangers);

July (No.1 Draft Pick – Mats Sundin; Who Won What in The Post Season Awards; Grant Fuhr threatens to Retire; Team-By-Tean Recap of NHL Entry Draft);

August (Russian Stars in the NHL; Canadiens Bob Gainey retires to Coach in France; Quebec Nordiques sign Guy Lafleur);

September 8 (The Harold Ballard Horror Show; N.Y. Rangers new coach Roger Neilson; Owner Calls for New Drug-Alcohol Plan);

September 15 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux and his $12 Million Contract; Flames Lanny McDonald annouces his Retirement);

September 22 (16-Year Old Destined to ba a NHL Superstar – Eric Lindron; Jets Dale Hawerchuk; Is Ron Hextall finished as a Flyer ?; Early Line on th 1990 NHL Entry Draft – Mike Ricci);

September 29 (Hall of Famer Darryl Sittler; Oilers have to Make do without Grant Fuhr; Czech Defector hopes for NHL Career – Petr Nedved);

October 6 (The Red Scare – Soviet Players in the NHL; 1989-90 American Leagur Preview);

October 13 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky set to Pass Gordie Howe as All-Time Points Leader; Brent Gretzky making a Name for Himself; NHL Team-By-Team Preview);

October 20 (Award Winners Predictions – Stanley Cup Calgary Flames, Vezina Patrick Roy, Calder Alexandr Mogilny, The Hart and Scoring Title Mario Lemieux);

October 27 (Wayne Gretzky dets 1,851 Point vs. Oilers; Rangers Marcel Dionne at End of the Road; Oilers Jimmy Carson quits the Oilers);

November 3 (Ron Hextall back with the Philadelphia Flyers; Bob Probert gets a Three Month Sentence; The Harsh World of agent Rich Winter);

November 10 (No Donuts for Don Koharski – Referee Turns his Back on Controversary; Taking a Run at NHL President John Ziegler);

November 17 (Jimmy Carson rejoins the Detroit Red Wings; Eric Lindro may Still Join OHL; The Changing Face of NHL Salaries);

November 24 (Expansion – NHL Gears Up for Growth in the '90s; Bob Probert may be Back with Red Wings by March; Search is on for NHLPA's New Boss);

December 1 (Break Up the Norris Division – Blues Rod Brind'Amour and North Stars Mike Modano; Sizing Up Potential NHL Expansion Sites; John Kordic a Scoring Threat);

Year in Photos '89 (Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux);

December 8 (Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier; Bruins Cam Neely on Pace for 66-goal Season; Islanders only Bright Spot is Pat Lafontaine);

December 15 (Ray Bourque and Pierre Turgeon – Star in the Battle of Boston vs. Buffalo; Vancouver Canucks Trevor Linden; Capitols Neil Sheehy the Mouth that Roars; IHL's 10 Best Rookies);

December 22 (Pittsburgh Penguins New GM-Coach Craig Patrick; NHL Governors Envision Seven New Clubs; World Juniors – Ricci, Sundin and Lindros; Major Junior's Top 10 Rookies);

Hockey News; 1990 -

January 5 (Best and Worst of the '90s – Wayne Gretzky, Pelle Lindbergh, Canada Cup '87, Miracle on Ice etc...; World Junior Preview);

January 12 (Top 10 Prospects of Every NHL Team – Stu Barnes, Andrew Cassels, Jarrod Skalde, Scott Pearson; NHL Central Scouting Ratings; Profile – L.A. Kings Bernie Nicholls; Habs Doug Harvey dies at 65);

January 19 )Canada's Golden at World Juniors; Penguins Mario Lemieux – Will He Dominate the '90s ?; Preview 1990 All-Star Game);

January 25 (NHL Scouts Rank Top 10 Junior Players in the World – Pavel Bure, Mike Ricci, Bobby Holik; Islanders Pat LaFontaine on Course for MVP Season);

February 2 (Toronto Maple Leafs Finally Move forward; NHL Central Scouting Draft List; Coast-to-Coast for Bernie Nicholls; New NHLPA Boss is Bob Goodenow);

February 9 ($50 Million Expansion Club Price; Oilers Jari Kurri's Contract; Canadiens Mats Naslund aims to Salvage Season);

February 16 (The Inside Story on NHL Saleries – Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios; North Stars Threaten to Move to Oakland);

February 23 (Critcal Look at the Struggling L.A. Kings; St. Louis Blues Brett Hull; Fear of Flying Grounds Sabres Mogilny);

March 2 (Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier; Penguins Mario Lemieux may be Finished for the Season; Roasting Philadelphia Flyers GM Bob Clarke);

March 9 (Black Hawks Stanley Cup Contenders; Alexander Mogilny breaks his Silence; The Trauma of Being Traded – The Dave Poulin Story);

March 16 (Saga of the Ballard Family Feud; Flyers Unload Brian Propp; Meet the AHL's Most Colorful Characters);

March 23 (The Sobering Story of Bob Probert; Sophomore Jinx ? - Last Season's Rookies ; Offbeat Review of the Major Jr. Hockey Season; Women's World Tournament);

March 30 (Scientific Way to Win – Montreal's Stephane Richer, Ranger's Mike Gartner, Flames Joe Nieuwendyk and Toronto's Vincent Damphousse; Ranking Major Junior's Top 10 Players);

April 6 (Your Guide to the Playoffs; Detroits Bob Probert comes back in a Big Way; Top 10 Players in the American League);

April 13 (Who Will Win and Why – Canadiens Guy Carbonneau, Sabres Daren Puppa, Flames Theo Fleury and Kings Luc Robitaille; Top 10 Players in the “I”);

April 20 (The Shame of it All – Islanders and Rangers Post-Game Brawl; Best Goalie Tamden – Bruins Andy Moog and Reggie Lemelin; Quiet Excellence of Flames Al MacInnis);

April 27 (L.A. Kings defeat the Calgary Flames – Wayne Gretzky; Bidding Adieu to Harold Ballard; It's Time for the NHL to Join the Video Age);

May 4 (1989-90 Comeback Players – Capitols Mike Liut, Islanders Doug Crossman and North Stars Brian Bellows; Bobby Clarke and the Philadelphia Flyers Split Up; Bryan Trottier ponders Future);

May 11 (Predicting the Awards – Vezina Patrick Roy, Calder Sergei Makarov, Adams Bob Murdoch and Hart Mark Messier; Previewing the 1990 Memorial Cup);

May 18 (Washington Capitols John Druce; Jeremy Roenick and Mike Modano vie for Top Rookie; Mike Ricci named CHL Player of the Year);

May 25 (Boston Bruins Cam Neely; Oilers vs. Bruins for the Stanley Cup; Oshawa Generals win Memorial Cup; North Stars stay put as NHL Commit to Bay Area);

June (Edmonton Oilers win Fifth Stanley Cup in Seven Years; Hockey News Player of the Year – Mark Messier; Countdown to the 1990 NHL Entry Draft);

August (Detroit Red Wings sign Sergei Federov; St. Louis Blues sign Scott Stevens; Islanders Cut Bryan Trottier);

September 7 (Czechs in the NHL – Zdeno Ciger, Bobby Holik, Robert reichel and Jaromir Jagr; Expansion Suitors Line Up to Court the NHL: Three New Companies to Sell Hockey Cards);

September 14 (Toronto Maple Leafs Wendel Clark – Can He Bounce Back ?; Grant Fuhr admits to Illegal Substance Use; Pre-Season Rosters);

September 21 (In-Depth Interview – Eric Lindros; Reflections on the Grant Fuhr Affair; N.Y. Islanders snag Craig Ludwig);

September 28 (Buffalo Sabres Fight for Success; Kings Kelly Hrudey on Comeback Trail; Al MacInnis cashes In;Hall of Famer – Gilbert Perreault);

The All-New 1990-91 NHL Preview (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux);

October 12 (Down and Out – Back Woes sideline Mario Lemieux and NHL Suspends Grant Fuhr; Mark Ricci making his Mark with Flyers; American League Preview);

October 19 (Why the Calgary Flames are the Team to Beat this Season; Pat Lafontaine and Glen Anderson latest to Want New Contracts);

October 26 ( Pittsburgh Penguins Craig Janney; Nordiques Joe Sakic steals Spotlight; Canadian University Preview);

November 2 (North Stars Bobby Smith and Co. - Can they Fill the Empty Seats; Washington Capitols sign Mikhail Tatarinov; Black Hawks Steve Larmer);

November 9 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzkygets Point 2,000; The Sad Sack Maple Leafs; Your Guide to Hockey Books and Videos);

November 16 (Saving Grace – Black Hawks Ed Belfour, Rangers Mike Richter and Canucks Troy Gamble; St. Louis Blues Scott Stevens; The Bare Facts on Graham James);

November 23 (Oil Crisis – Edmontons Mark Messier; Bruins Gord Kluzak calls it a Career; The Hockeys News new magazine “Collector's World”);

November 30 (Chicago Black Hawks bad boy Dave manson; NHL Prepares for Expansion part 1 of 2; Toronto Maple Leafs Michel Petit);

December 7 (NHL Prepares for Expansion part 2 of 2 – NHL President John Zziegler; Pete Peeters Saves Day for Flyers; Fred Shero loses Long Battle with Cancer);

December 14 (Philadelphia Flyers Rick Tocchet; Penguins John Cullen; New Special Team Stats);

December 21 (Ottawa Surprise Winner in Expansion Derby; Tampa Bay to get a NHL Team – Phil Esposito; U.S.A. and Canada ready for World Juniors);

Hockey News; 1991 -

January 4 (New Jersey Devils Troy Crowder; Knee Injury puts Patrick Roy on Shelf; Maple Leafs land Mike Foligno; World Junior Preview);

January 11 (Mid-Term Report – Pittsburgh's John Cullen, Detroit's Sergei Fedorov, Montreal's Denis Savard and Los Angeles Wayne Gretzky; NHL Central Scouting Rating; Can't Miss Kid's Career on Hold – Bobby Carpenter);

January 18 (Team Canada Wins Second Straight Title at World Juniors; Black Hawks Chris Chelios; Remembering When NHL's Heroes went to War);

January 25 (Penguins Mario Lemieux readies for Return; Maple Leafs Al Iafrate wants a Trade; Ottawa Senators hoping to Start Next Season);

February 1 (Vincent Damphousse and Jeremy Roenick shine in All-Star Game; Wayne Gretzky Leads NHL's Fortune 100 List; Losing Season takes Toll on North Stars Mike Modano);

February 8 (St. Louis Blues Brett Hull joins NHL's 50-50 Club; NHL Salaries from A to Zombo; Mario Lemieux Returns);

February 15 (Toronto Maple Leafs Peter Zezel. Mike Filigno and Mike Krushelnyski; Compromise could Solve Stars-Sharks Mess; NHL gives Green Light for Grant Fuhr to Play);

February 22 (NHL's Most Exciting Player – Red Wings Steve Yzerman; Canadiens Mike McPhee; Hockey Card Price Guide for the Last 40 years);

March 1 (N.Y. Islanders Pat LaFontaine; Chicago's Kinder, Gentler Mike Keenan; Canadiens Mike Richer's Falling Star);

March 8 (Why the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup bid will Fall Short; 21-and-Under here are the Best);

March 15 (Quebec Nordiques Joe Sakic plays it Cool; Jets Phil Housley strong Case for Lady Byng; Time Has Come for a New Alcohol Policy);

March 22 (L.A. Kings Defensemen – Rob Blake, Marty McSorley, Rod Buskas and Bob Halkidis; Rating Deadline Deals);

March 29 (Philadelphia Flyers Tim Kerr; Who to Draft and Why in Playoff Pools; Norris Showdown Turns Ugly; What's Hot in Collecting);

April 5 (Three of Four TV Experts see Chicago Winning it All; Soviet Jet takes Flight, Laughing All the Way);

April 12 (Playoff Guide to First Round Matches – Wayne Gretzky; Guy Lafreur bids Goodbye; Jets fire Coach Murdoch);

April 19 (N.Y. Islanders Pat LaFontaine; Nordiques Rookie Mats Sundin; Brothers Courtnall connect Coast-to-Coast);

April 26 (Minnesota North Stars Jon Casey; Penguins Paul Coffey break a Tough One; Habitual Offenders do it Again);

May 3 (St. Louis Blues Garth Butcher and Scott Stevens; Comeback Players of the Year – Chris Chelios, Brian Propp and Tom Barrasso);

May 10 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mark Recchi and Kevin Stevens; NHL Awards Predictions; Capitols Neil Sheehy's Law and Order);

May 17 (North Stars Owner Norm Green; St. Louis Blues Brett Hull; Sweden Wins Worlds Title);

May 24 (Minnesota North Stars Mike Modano; Interview – John Ziegler; CSB Final Rankings; Playoffs Down and Dirty On and Off the Ice);

June (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux with the Stanley Cup; Jari Kurri headed to L.A. Kings; San Jose Sharks get Plenty of Bite in Expansion Draft);

August (St. Louis Blues Brendan Shanahan; NHL, Major Junior and Minor Pro Stats);

September 6 (Canada Cup Preview – Wayne Gretzky and Eric Lindros; Why an NHL Strike or Lockout is Possible; Eric Lindros Outrageous Salary Demands);

September 13 (Collective Uncertainty – Labor Pains and Limited Player Gains – Kevin Stevens, Pat LaFontaine, Glenn Anderson and Mathieu Schneider);

September 20 (Free Agent Fallout – Blues Scott Stevens and Devils Brendan Shanahan; Oilers Mark Messier wants out of Edmonton);

September 27 (Canada Wins Canada Cup – Bill Ranford and Mark Messier; Pavel Bure bolts Soviets for Vancouver; Money Talks – The Eric Lindros Affair);

October 11 (Let the Games Begin – Stephane Richer, Rod Brind'Amour and Grant Fuhr; Just How Free was Kevin Stevens ?);

October 18 (San Jose Sharks make Debut – Brian Mullen; N.Y. Rangers Mark Messier);

October 25 (New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens; Sabres Dale Hawerchuk; Brett Hull facing Pressure On and Off the Ice);

November 1 (Vancouver Canucks Trevor Linden; Pittsburgh Penguins Paul Coffey);

November 8 (Buffalo Sabres Pat LaFontaine; Capitols Peter Bondra; Herb Brooks in the AHL);

November 15 (Hartford Whalers Pat Verbeek; Red Wings Bob Probert – Never Ending Story of Good and Bad; NHL Salary's 1991-92);

November 22 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy; Canucks Pavel Bure – Speed to Burn; Jets Grounded in Winnipeg and Couldn't be Happier);

November 29 (L.A. Kings Luc Robitaille and N.Y. Rangers Brian Leetch; Surprising NHL Attendance Figures part-1);

December 6 (Winnipeg Jets Phil Housley – Norris Candidate; Female Teen Goalie in Major Junior Game – Manan Rheaume; Surprising NHL Attendance Figures part-2);

December 13 (NHL Legend Bob Johnson Passes Away; NHL Needs to Change Policy over Discipline);

December 20 (Toronto Maple Leafs Wendel Clark; Rangers Mark Messier; Sneak Peek at World Junior Tournament; Should NHL make Aids Testing Manditory ?);

Hockey News; 1992 -

January 3 (1991 Reviewing the Good, the Bad, the Ugly of the Year – Flames vs. Sabres Brawl; Wayne Gretzky; Eric Lindros);

January 10 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman; FBI Probes NHL Union – Alan Eagleson; Central Scouting First Listing of Prospects);

January 17 (Toront Maple Leafs Makeover – Doug Gilmour; Tracing the decline and Fall of the Flyers – Rod Brind'Amour);

January 24 (St. Louis Blues Brett Hull; OHL Kicks Out Stick Swinging Player – Jason Beaton);

January 31 (1992 Winter Olympic Games Preview – Eric Lindros; Wayne Gretzky fighting to Regain Greatness; All-Star Game MVP – Brett Hull);

February 7 (Chicago Black Hawks Steve Larmer; NHL Future Watch '92; From No.1 to 240 Central Scouting Mid-Term Report);

February 14 (Washington Capitols Al Iafrate; Penguins Mark Recchi back on Top; Why is Brett Hull NHL's Invisible Man ?);

February 21 (Calgary Flames Joe Nieuwendyk; Blues Trade Adam Oates to Bruins; Spectre of Strike Hangs Over NHL);

February 28 (Boston Bruins Andy Moog; Red Wings Ray Sheppard; How the Devils became Stanley Cup Contenders);

March 6 (Team Canada's Joe Juneau leading Olympic Scorer; L.A. Kings Paul Coffey; Hockey has become a Woman's World, Too);

March 13 (Montreal Canadiens Kirk Muller; Winnipeg Jets Bob Essensa; Will a European go No.1 in 1992 Entry Draft ? - Roman Hanrlik);

March 20 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Calgary Flames Theo Fleury; Here's Why Patrick Roy should be Named the MVP; Threat of NHL Strike Remains);

March 27 (Is the NHL's Party Over ? - Talks Resume; Sabres Clint Malarchuk; Oilers Dave Manson is no Maniac Anymore);

April 3 (Edmonton Oilers Craig Sampson; Sharks Pat Falloon; NHLPS Sets Strike Deadline; Special Section for Collectible Craze);

April 10 (NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow; Rangers Mark Messier; Here's the Skinny on European Leagues);

April 17 (Strike – Hockey World Left with Empty Feeling);

April 24 (The Strike is Over – N.Y. Rangers Tie Domi flashes Peace Sign; Preview the Stanley Cup Race);

May 1 (Not-so-Regular Look at the Season – Ray Bourque, Glenn Anderson and Kirk McLean; Comeback Player of the Year – Joe Mullen);

May 8 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Sabres Dale Hawerchuk; Golden Girls – Canada Wins World Title);

May 22 (The Death of Fighting; Finalists for Hockey News Awards; Spring of Discontent);

NHL Draft Preview '92 (Bruins Andy Moog a Member of the Best Draft Class Ever);

June 12 (Pittsburgh Penguins Rick Tocchet Stanley Cup ChampionPat Burns takes over Maple Leafs);

June 26 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jage with the Stanley Cup);

July (Tampa Bay Lightning Roman Hamrlik No.1 in Draft; NHL Draft and Awards Special Issue; Eric Lindros Trade Botched);

August (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Our Annual Numbers Issue);

September 4 (NHL Fight over Fighting Continues; John Kordic's Death Sparks Renewed Drug Debate; Tampa Bay Lightning tryout for Manon Rheaume);

September 11 (Chicago Black Hawks Steve Smith; Habs Big Trades – Vincent Damphousse; Pick a Fight this Season and You're Outta There);

September 18 (How '72 Summit Series Changed North American Hockey; Major Jr. Preview – Rob Niedermayer; Who's Who at Training Camps);

September 25 (Maple Leafs coach Pat Burns and Russian rookie Nikolai Borschevsky; Bruins Cam Neely comeback Hits Roadblock);

October 2 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Is 95-goal Year within Brett Hull's Grasp ?; Minor Pro Previews – AHL, IHL and ECHL);

October 16 (Penguins Mario Lemieux tops List of NHL Player Saleries; Down but Not Out – Wayne Gretzky vows to be Back);

October 23 (Tampa bay Lightning Wendell Young; Sabres Alexander Mogilny finds Happiness; Introducing the Best Women's Hockey Player – Geraldine Heaney);

October 30 (Hartford Whalers Sean Burke; Quebec's Alexandre Daigle; WHA Gone but Not Fogotten 20 Years after its Birth);

November 6 (Vancouver Canucks Pavel Bure; The New NHL – Here's How Game is Played Now; Get The Latest on Hockey Cards);

November 20 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; This Gun for Hire – Mike Keenan; Will Senators be Worst Team in Modern Era ?;

November 27 (New York Islanders rookies Darius Kasparaitis and Vladimir Malakhov; Lightning's Chris Kontos; North Stars Dan Quinn accused of Rape);

December 4 (Toronto Maple Leafs Felix Potvin; A Quarter Season of Shocks and Surprises; Nordiques Mats Sundin grows into Star's Role);

December 11 (L.A. Kings Luc Robitaille; NHL Even Strength and Power Play Points Stats - Red Wings Yzerman; North Stars Dan Quinn Absolved of Rape Allegations);

December 18 (Red Wings Bob Probert vs. Rangers Tie Domi; Flyers Eric Lindros has His Day in Court – Assault Charges);

December 25 (NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman; Bruins Adam Oates; World Junior Preview);

Hockey News; 1993 -

January 8 (Good-Bye 1992 – Atlanta Knights Manon Rheaume, Mario Lemieux, Pavel Bure, Teemu Selanne, John Kordic);

January 15 (World Junior Champions – Team Canada's Paul Kariya, Manny Legace and Martin Lapointe; The Hockey News Ranks every NHL Player);

January 22 (Calgary Flames Mike Vernon; Wayne Gretzky makes a Comeback; Mid-Season MVPs, All-Stars);

January 29 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux battling Hodgkin's Disease; Unhappy Brett Hull has the Blues; Best of IHL and AHL);

February 5 (All-Star Jeremy Roenick; From Cups to Crisis – Oilers Craig Simpson; Alexandre Daigle No.1 Prospect);

February 12 (Buffalo Sabres Alexander Mogilny; Red Wings Paul Coffey; NHL Future Watch – Rating each Team's Top 10 Prospects);

February 19 (NHL All-Stars Rick Tocchet and Brad Marsh; Capitols Al Iafrate; Eric Lindros Assault Charges Dismissed);

February 26 (Boston Bruins Adam Oates; Flyers Eric Lindros enters his 20s; The Fight for Last Place ?);

March 5 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy; Alan Eagleson under Fierce Attack);

March 12 (Toronto Maple Leaf Doug Gilmour; St. Louis Blues Craig Janney; NHL on the Move – Miami and Anaheim)

March 19 (Winnipeg Jets Teemu Selanne the Highest Scoring Rookie Ever; NHL Admits Final Fighting Solution Needed);

March 26 (Minnesota North Stars headed to Dallas; Class of '93 – Alexandre Daigle);

April 2 (Chicago Black Hawks Ed Belfour; Red Wings Paul Coffey into NHL History; Rangers, Canucks beat Trade Deadline – Tikkanen);

April 9 (Quebec Nordiques Mats Sundin; Los Angeles Fans being asked to Pay a Kings Ransom for Playoff Tickets; Complete Story on Collectible Craze);

April 16 (Buffalo Sabres Grant Fuhr; Canadiens Brian Bellows; Black Hawks Chris Chelios);

April 23 (Pittsburgh Penguins Rick Tocchet; Hockey News Comeback Player of the Year – Brian Bradley);

April 30 (Winnipeg Jets Teemu Selanne; Top Players Named on All 24 Teams; Final 1992-93 Statistics);

May 7 (St. Louis Blues Curtis Joseph; Red Wings Dino Ciccarelli; The Official Look at Playoff Refs);

May 21 (Montreal Canadiens Kirk Muller and Vincent Damphousse; The First 100 Days of the Gary Bettman Era);

June 11 (A Century of Stanley Cup Tradition – Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Roy; Every Player's Salary);

June 30 (Montreal Canadiens Brian Bellows drinks from Stanley Cup; New Logos Unveiled – Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Florida Panthers);

July (Ottawa Senators Alexandre Daigle no.1 Draft Pick; Draft Report of Entry and Expansion Selections; Eric Lindros Rates His Year);

August (Chicago Black Hawks Jeremy Roenick; What to Watch for this Summer in NHL; Free Agent Market Remains Ice Cold – Marty McSorley);

September 3 (Summer Bummer – Steve Larmer, San Jose Sharks, Ottawa Senators and Stein Centers of Controversy);

September 10 (NHL Money Men – Mario Lemieux, Eric Lindros, Where Will Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky fit In ?; Punguins get Marty McSorley);

September 17 (Ottawa Senators cleared of Throwing a Game, Reputation and Wallet takes a Beating; 16th Season for Wayne Gretzky);

September 24 (Mark Recchi signs $15 Million deal with Flyers; Major Junior Preview);

October 1 (New Jersey Devils coach Jacques Lemaire and Claude Lemieux; Capitols Michal Pivonka of the Czech Republic; Previews of AHL, IHL and ECHL);

October 15 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jaromir Jagr; Meet All the New Players; 1993-94 NHL Predictions);

October 22 (Mighty Ducks Garry Valk; Ottawa Senators Alexandre DaigleWayne Gretzky renews Record Assault);

October 29 (St. Louis Blues Brebdan Shanahan – Ranking Top 10 Power Forwards; Whaler's Chris Pronger);

November 5 (Toronto Maple Leafs Felix Potvin – 9-0 Start their Best Ever; 1994 Draft – Introducing Year's Best Prospects);

November 5 (Winnipeg Jets Teemu Selanne the NHL Rookie of the Year; 1994 Draft – Introducing the Year's Best Prospects; “Courtesy of the Winnipeg Jets”);

November 12 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky and Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Fighting's on the Rise);

November 19 (N.Y. Rangers Steve Larmer; NHL's 2nd Most Complete Player – Sergei Federov);

November 26 (On Ice Officials on Strike – But NHL Goes On; Jets Star Teemu Selanne is Mr. Wonderful; Penguins Mario Lemieux and Eric Lindros out with Injuries);

December 3 (Calgary Flames Joe Nieuwendyk; The Best Players in Minor Leagues; First Week of Refs Walkout);

December 10 (Chicago Black Hawks Ed Belfour; Top 15 Ranking for 1994 Draft; Devils Stephane Richer);

December 17 (L.A. Kings Tony Granato; Red Wings Power Forward Keith Primeau; Team-by-Team NHL Payrolls);

December 24 (N.Y. Rangers Mark Messier; Jets Keith Tkachuk; World Juniors Preview Special);

Hockey News; 1994 -

January 7 (Top 50 Stories from 1993 – Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Eric Lindros, Mike Richter, Alexandre Daigle; Year's 12 Most Intriguing People);

January 14 (Buffalo Sabres Dominik Hasek; Russians face Threat of Extortion – Alexei Zhitnik; Defensive Style Smothering Game);

January 21 (Toronto Maple Leafs Dave Andreychuk; Bruins Cam Neely's Record Pace; Lightning's Petr Klima);

January 28 (Hockey News Mid-Season Poll - Detroit Red Wings Sergei Fedorov the NHL's MVP - Maple Leafs Doug Gilmour MVP Runner-Up);

February 4 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky aims for Gordie Howe's Record and Beyond; Nordiques Trade Steve Duchesne to Blues);

February 11 (No.2 Ranked Prospect Paul Kariya; Florida Panthers John Vanbiesbrouck; Meet the Next Generation of NHL Stars; Islanders Steve Thomas);

February 18 (NHL Faces an Epidemic of Restraining Fouls; Best Hockey Logos);

February 25 (Trade Winds – Mike Ricci, Tim Cheveldar, Jeff Brown; How New Draft Lottery would Work; Trash Talk – How Players Drive Rivals Nuts);

March 4 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano; Maple Leafs Bill Berg vies for Title of Most-Hated Player);

March 11 (Boston Bruins Cam Neely – NHL's Scary Scoring Machine; Sweden Wins Olympic Gold);

March 18 (Chicago Black Hawks Chris Chelios; Alan Eagleson faces 32 Charges in U.S. Courts; NHL Playoff Drive);

March 25 (St. Louis Blues Petr Nedved; Quebec Nordiques Peter Forsberg; It's Deal Time – Gary Suter);

April 1 (Vancouver Canucks Pavel Bure; Hockey History – Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe; Bruins Cam Neely out for Season);

April 8 (Wayne Gretzky No.1 All-Time Point Leader; Russians Arrested in Alexander Mogilny incident; Top Draft Pick Paul Kariya Plays Waiting Game);

April 15 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy; Black Hawks Jeremy Roenick; Bruins Adam Oates);

April 22 (N.Y. Rangers Mike Richter out to End 53-Year Old Curse; Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Playoff Preview);

April 29 (Detroit Red Wings Sergei Fedorov; Canada's Women's Team Wins Third World Title – Manon Rheaume; Bruins Cam Neely the Comeback King; Final Stats 1993-94 Season);

May 6 (N.Y. Rangers Mark Messier; Dallas Stars Mike Modano; 6th Annual Hockey News Survey of Players – Best Goalie/MVP John Vanbiesbrouck, Best Player Sergei Fedorov, Best Defenseman ray Bourque, Best Rookie Jason Arnott);

May 20 (Boston Bruins Ray Bourque; Canucks Kirk McLean; Team Canada's Paul Kariya);

1994 Draft Preview (Toronto Maple Leafs Wendel Clark);

June 10 (Vancouver Canucks Trevor Linden; N.Y. Rangers Brian Leetch; 1994 NHL Draft; Special Preview of Roller Hockey International – Mark Messier; 140 Grams; has Mailing Label at lower right cover corner, FN/VF, 7.0 = $10.00);

June 30 (New York Rangers Adam Graves holding Stanley Cup; Canucks Fall Short – Trevor Linden; NHL Entry Draft – Brett Lindros);

July (Florida Panthers No.1 Draft Pick Ed Jovanovski; Trades – Scott Stevens, Al MacInnis, Wendel Clark; Season in Review);

August (St. Louis Blues Al MacInnis; 26 NHL Team Status Report; Final Stats 1993-94 for All Leagues);

September 2 (Quebec Nordiques Wendel Clark; Black Hawks stand by troubled Bob Probert; Hockey News Cues Up 1994-95 Season);

September 9 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux forced to Take a Year Off; Winnipeg Jets Teemu Selanne);

September 16 (Players, Owners Reach Crucial Stage in Talks; Chicago's Superstar Jeremy Roenick; Detroit's New Goalie – Mike Vernon);

September 23 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; St. Louis Blues Brendan Shanahan; Season Preview);

September 30 (Edmonton Oilers Bill Ranford; Canadiens Vince Damphousse shoots for 50; The Bottom Line on NHL Team Payrolls);

October 7 (Detroit Red Wings Mike Vernon; Black Hawks Bernie Nicholls telling it Like it Is; NHL Season at Risk);

October 14 (Players and Owners take One More Shot at Peace);

October 21 (Mighty Ducks Paul kariya; Black Hawks Chris Chelios makes Amends; Un-Civil War of Words – Gary Bettman);

October 28 (Calgary Flames Theo Fleury; Petr Sykora – Hockey's Newest Tenn Phenom; War Games – The Only Kind being Played in the NHL):

November 4 (Toronto Maple Leafs Doug Gilmour; L.A. Kings Jari Kurri; Panthers John Vanbiesbrouck eager to Play; Bryan Trottier pushed to the Brink of Suicide);

November 11 (Boston Bruins Bobby Orr circa 1969; Will Brett Hull get a Shot at 50 in 50 ?);

November 18 (NHLPA's Brendan Shanahan; Devils Martin Brodeur; Oilers jason Arnott; Paul Holmgren takes on His Toughest Opponent – Alcohol);

November 25 (Buffalo Sabres Grant Fuhr – Outta Here !; NHLPA's Kirk Muller; The Top 10 Lines in Hockey history – Gordie Howe);

December 2 (Detroit Red Wings Paul Coffey; Quebec's Forgotten Superstar – Joe Sakic; Maple Leafs Doug Gilmour; NHL Peace Talks);

December 9 (Florida Panthers Ed Jovanovski; Flyers Eric Lindros back to School; Jets Keith Tkachuk; NHL Star Search – Ranking Teams and Prospects);

December 16 (Wayne's World Tour – Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Brett Hull; Whalers Geoff Sanderson; St. Louis Blues Brendan Shanahan);

December 23 (NHL Down, Threatens to be Out for Season);

Hockey News; 1995 -

January 6 (1994 – The Year Everything Came to a Stop; Hockey News Handicaps World Junior Tournament);

January 13 (Boston Bruins Adam Oates; Kings Rob Blake – Next Norris Winner ?; Best of the Minors '94-95 Highlights – Alexei Yashin);

January 20 (Canada World Junior Champs for Third Straight Year – Alexandre Daigle; EX-NHL Star Al Secord in the IHL; Penguins Ron Francis; Nordiques Owen Nolan);

January 27 (It's Show Time ! New Season Starts; Vancouver Canucks Pavel Bure; Rangers Brian Leetch);

February 3 (N.Y. Rangers Mark Messier; Your TV Guide to NHL Season);

February 10 (St. Louis Blues Crtis Joseph; Sabres Stoppers Powerful One-Two Punch);

February 17 (Quebec Nordiques Wendel clark; Flames Defenseman Zarley Zalapski; Chicago's Joe Murphy);

February 24 (L.A. Kings Jari Kurri; Sharks Ulf Dahlen rules the Boards; Penguins Joe Mullen);

March 3 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jaomir Jagr and Luc Robitaille; Buffalo Sabres Alexei Zhitnik; NHL Must Face AIDS Question);

March 10 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman – 40-Years Since Last Detroit Stanley Cup; Bruins Ray Bourque still Amazing);

March 17 (Hartford Whalers Sean Burke; Golden Anniversary of Rocket Richard's 50-in-50);

March 24 (Mid-Season NHL Report – Eric Lindros, Scott Stevens, Dominik Hasek, Chris Chelios and Ray Bourque; Bucks and Pucks – 26 Team Payrolls, 635 Player Salaries, 36 Conference All-Stars);

March 31 (Chicago Black Hawks Chris Chelios; Boston Bruins Mats Naslund; N.Y. Islanders Pierre Turgeon);

April 7 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros the Great 88; The Trade Skinny on All 26 NHL Teams);

April 14 (Toronto Maple Leafs Mats Sundin; L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky; Red Wings Paul Coffey);

April 21 (Washington Capitols Jim Carey; Kings Rick Tocchet; Canadiens Pierre Turgeon);

April 28 (Buffalo Sabres Dominik Hasek heads List of Top 40 NHL Players);

May 5 (St. Louis Blues Brewtt Hull a Playoff Scoring King; N.Y. Rangers Brian Leetch; Flemes Theo Fleury; Wayne Gretzky at 2,500 and Counting);

May 12 (Stanley Cup Playoff Preview – Detroit Red Wings will Win the Cup);

May 19 (Quebec Nordiques Owen Nolan; Winnipeg Jets Leaving – No NHL There; 1995 NHL Regular Season Statistics);

June 9 (Philadelphia Flyers Ron Hextall; Quebec Nordiques moving to Denver – Joe Sakic; This Summer's Free Agents);

June 30 (Detroit and New Jersey in Stanley Cup Final – Mike Vernon and Scott Stevens);

1995 Draft Preview (St. louis Blues Brendan Shanahan);

July (New Jersey Devils Scott Stevens with the Stanley Cup; Penguins Mario Lemieux is Back; Sharks Jeff Friesen);

August (Player of the Year Eric Lindros; No.1 Draft Pick Bryan Berard; Buffalo Sabres Dale Hawerchuk; Season in Review);

September 8 (Vancouver Canucks Pavel Bure and Alexander Mogilny; N.Y. Rangers Steve Larmer calls it Quits);

September 15 (N.Y. Rangers Alexei Kovalev; Boston Bruins Al Iafrate is Back; Cost Cutting Penguins get Complete Overhaul);

September 22 (Boston Bruins Cam Neely; Panthers John Vanbiesbrouck steamed at Management; Blues Grant Fuhr; Hockey News Major Junior Preview);

September 29 (Toronto Maole Leafs Doug Gilmour; Special 80-page Season Preview);

October 6 (Pittsburgh Penguins Mario Lemieux; Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic; High Priced Free Agents get Collective Rejection – Trevor Linden; MHL Players Appear Headed to 1998 Olympics);

Oct 13 (L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky back with a Vengeance; Canadiens Saku Koivu makes Debut);

October 20 (New Jersey Devils Martin Brodeur; Pittsburgh Penguins Petr Nedved);

October 27 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Trade Winds – Red Wings Steve Yzerman and Bruins Ray Bourque);

November 3 (Montreal Canadiens Patrick Roy; League Must Deal with Injury Faking – Claude Lemieux; San Jose Shark Sandis Ozolinsh);

November 10 (Vancouver Canucks Alexander Mogilny; Blues Geoff Courtnall; No.1 Draft Pick Bryan Berard);

November 17 (San Jose Sharks Owen Nolan; Outspoken Black Hawks Jeremy Roenick; L.A. Kings Vitali Yachmenev);

November 24 (Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya; Canadiens Brian Savage; Sabres Dominik Hasek);

December 1 (Penguins Mario Lemieux and Rangers Mark Messier; Brophy “Espo Way Out of Line”);

December 8 (Florida Panthers John Vanbiesbrouck; Bobby Orr's Back in the Hockey World; NHL First Quarter Stats Report);

December 15 (Boston Bruins Ray Bourque still the Best; Devils Stephane Richer; Sabres Donald Audette; NHL Coaches Wanted – No Experience Necessary);

December 22 (Colorado Avalanche Patrick Roy; Calgary Flames Theoren Fleury);

Hockey News; 1996 -

January 5 (Hockey News Player of 1995 Eric Lindros; Junior Championship Primer);

January 12 (Dallas Stars Joe Nieuwendyk; Scotty Bowman's Legend Keeps Growing);

January 19 (Toronto Maple Leafs Larry Murphy; Islanders Wendel Clark; Canada Wins Gold at World Juniors – Jason Botterill);

January 26 (NHL's First Half – Chris Chelios, Mario Lemieux, John Vanbiesbrouck, Ron Francis, Eric Daze);

February 2 (New York Rangers Brian Leetch; L.A. Kings Wayne Gretzky; Sharks Ray Sheppard);

February 9 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jaromir Jagr; Devils Martin Brodeur; Maple Leafs Kirk Muller);

February 16 (Chicago Black Hawks Jeremy Roenick fate Up in the Air; Colorado Avalanche Claude Lenieux; Stars Mike Modano new Found Freedom);

February 23 (New York Rangers Mark Messier playing Best Hockey of Career; Mighty Ducks Teemu Selanne; Red Wings Paul Coffey);

March 1 (Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic; Penguins Petr Nedved; Panthers Ed Jovanovski);

March 8 (Boston Bruins Ray Bourque; Hall of Fame Candidates – Bryan Trottier; Ranking Top NHL Affiliated Prospects – Bryan Berard);

March 15 (St. Louis Blues Wayne Gretzky; Canadiens Vincent Damphousse; Brent Last of the Sutters);

March 22 (NHL Trade Winds – Dave Andreychuk, Wendel Clark, Jari Kurri, Marty McSorley, Mark Recchi; The Stretch Drive – 26 Team Reports);

March 29 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano; Toronto Maple Leafs Wendel Clark; N.Y. Rangers Load up for Stanley Cup Drive);

April 5 (26 Team Payrolls, 624 Players Salaries – Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky and Keith Tkachuk; Calgary Flames Gary Roberts the Return);

April 12 (Detroit Red Wings Chris Osgood; Boston Bruins Rick Tocchet; Penguins Ron Francis);

April 19 (Odds-On Favorite to Win Stanley Cup – Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman; Penguins Mario lemieux; Rangers Mark Messier);

April 26 (Hockey News Comeback Player of the Year – Mario Lemieux);

May 3 (The NHL Honor Role – MVP Mario Lemieux, Top Defenseman Chris Chelios, Best Goalie Darren Puppa, Top Rookie Ed Jovanovski, Best Coach Scotty Bowman; Final 1995-96 Stats);

May 10 (Chicago Black Hawks Ed Balfour; Playoff Fever Hits Florida);

May 17 (Pittsburgh Penguins John LeClair; Rangers Ulf Samuelsson; Brett Lindros forced to Retire);

1996 Draft Preview (Florida Panthers Ed Jovanovski);

June 14 (Florida Panthers John Vanbiesbrouck; Avalanche's Joe Sakic);

June 28 (Colorado Avalanche's Joe Sakic and the Stanley Cup; Calgary Flames Gary Roberts faces Prospect of Retirement);

July (Player of the Year Mario Lemieux; Ottawa Senators No.1 Draft Pick Chris Phillips; Maple Leafs remodeling – Doug Gilmour; Season in Review);

August (Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya; Free Agency Guide – Joe Murphy);

September (Team Canada Eric Lindros; New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky; Canada favored to Win first World Cup of Hockey);

September 13 (Brendan Shanahan is Gone from Hartford for the Right Price; Sharks Owen Nolan);

September 20 (Team Canada's Paul Coffey; Team U.S.A.'s Derian Hatcher; Injuries force Bruins Cam Neely to Retire);

September 27 (Team U.S.A.'s Brett Hull; Ottawa Senators Alexandre daigle; Canadiens Vincent Damphousse);

October 4 (Detroit Red Wings Sergei Fedorov; Season Preview – Chris Chelios, Brett Hull, Doug Gilmour, Mario Lemieux);

October 11 (Phoenix Coyotes Keith Tkachuk; San Jose Sharks Al Iafrate; Rangers Mike Richter);

October 18 (Fearless Forecast = Destined to Make an Impact Brendan Shanahan - Stanley Cup Champs New Jersey Devils – Best Defenseman Brian Leetch – Pavel Bure will Score 73 Goals – Rookie of the Year Sergei Berezin – Most Improved Team the Ottawa Senators – Boston Bruins Playoff Streak Ends);

October 25 (Detroit Red Wings Brendan Shanahan; Team Canada and Chicago's Ed Belfour; San Jose Sharks Tony Granato);

November 22 (26 Team Payrolls and 635 Player Salaries; `1Progress Report on Top NHL Affiliated Prospects);

Hockey News; 1997 -

January 31 (How Much are NHL Coaches Making in 1996-97 ? - Scotty Bowman and Jacques Lemaire; Coyotes Oleg Tverdovsky; Swedish Twin Towers Daniel and Henrik Sedin);

February 14 (St. Louis Blues Brett Hull; San Jose's Ed Belfour; Olympic Team Canada's Theoren Fleury);

February 21 (No.1 Player in Hockey History ? - Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux and Bobby Orr; Who Should be on U.S. Olympic Hockey Team);

February 28 (Paul Kariya of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim; 1997 Free Agency – Joe Sakic);

March 7 (Buffalo Sabres Dominik Hasek; Maple Leafs Larry Murphy – Their Fall Guy; N.Y. Rangers Gilles Gratton);

March 14 (New Jersey Devils Doug Gilmour; Dallas Stars Joe Nieuwendyk; Flyers Eric Lindros);

March 21 (Washington Capitols Adam Oates; Bruins pin Hopes on Jim Carey; Canucks Pavel Bure);

April 4 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano; NHL Payrolls the Best and Worst Money Can Buy – Colorado Avalanche the Best, Vancouver Canucks the Worst);

April 11 (Who's Better ? - Flyers Eric Lindros or Avalanche's Peter Forsberg ; Calder Candidates – Bryan Berard: Whalers Leaving Hartford – Going to Columbus ?);

April 18 (Avalanche Odds On Favorite to Win Stanley Cup – Joe Sakic; All Playoff team Depth Charts, Wild Cards, Key Players);

April 25 (N.Y. Rangers Brian Leetch; World Womans Champions Team Canada – Cassie Campbell; Hockey News Comeback Player of the Year Tony Granato);

May 2 (Buffalo Sabres Dominik Hasek the Hockey News Player of the Year; Hockey News Choices for NHL Awards – Brian Leetch the Norris, Bryan Berard the Calder, Michael Peca the Selke and Paul Kariya the Byng);

May 9 (NHL Needs to Revamp Goal Crease Rules; The Great One Keeps Going and Going and Going – Wayne Gretzkyl Next Stor for Mario Lemieux the Hall of Fame ?);

May 16 (Mario Lemieux Special Issue; Free Agent Bonanza in '98 – Brett Hull; Super-Pest Avalanche's Claude Lemieux);

1997 Draft Preview (The Best NHL Picks Ever – Patrick Roy);

June 13 (Stanley Cup Showdown – Flyers Eric Lindros vs. Red Wings Steve Yzerman; Who's Best Player Outside the NHL ?);

June 27 (Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman with Stanley Cup; Flyers grounded in Final – Eric Lindros; Where will Gary Roberts return To ?);

July 31 (Boston Bruins Sergei Samsonov and Jow Thornton – First Round Draft Picks; Season in Review; NHL Expansion);

August 31 (Final Stats from 1996-97 Season; Dallas Stars Ed Belfour);

September 5 (Vancouver Canucks Mark Messier; Skate Buyers Guide);

September 12 (St. Louis Blues Brett Hull; Carolina Hurricanes Gary Roberts; Pavel Bure wants Out of Vancouver);

September 19 (Calgary Flames Theoren Fleury; Lightnings John Cullen Battling Cancer; Capitols Adam Oates);

September 26 (New York Islanders Ziggy Palffy and rookie Zdeno Chara; Hall of Fame Mario Lemieux; Devils Scott Niedermayer);

October 3 (NHL's New Best Player the Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya; Season Preview Issue);

October 10 (50th Anniversary Issue – Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux);

October 17 (Colorado Avalanche's Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic; Annual Minor Pro Preview);

October 24 (Edmonton Oilers Jason Arnott; Canadiens Saku Koivu; Early Line on Canada, U.S. Olympic Hockey Teams);

October 31 (New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky has More Assists than Anyone Else has Points);

November 7 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano; St. Louis Blues Al MacInnis; What Every NHL Coach is Earning this Season);

November 14 (26 NHL Team Payrolls; 625 NHL Players Saleries – Joe Sakic, Mike Richter, Keith Primeau, Teemu Selanne);

November 21 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Islanders Bryan Berard; Canucks Mark Messier);

November 28 (Edmonton Oilers Mike Grier's Racism Experience in Hockey; Penguins Ron Francis; Canucks Coach Mike Keenan);

December 5 (Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya; Final Farewell Mario Lemieux in the Hall of Fame; Canucks Pavel Bure; Top Rated NHL Prospect Vincet Lecavalier);

December 12 (Olympic Team U.S. Keith Tkachuk and Team Canada Brendan Shanahan; Dallas Stars Ed Belfour);

December 19 (N.Y. Rangers Pat LaFontaine; Olympic Snub for Mark Messier);

December 26 (Detroit Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom; Avalanche's Patrick Roy; Paul Kariya signs with Mighty Ducks);

Hockey News; 1998 -

January 2 (1997's Top 50 Stories and 10 Most Intriguing Personalities – Teemu Selanne, Vladimir Konstantinov, Sheldon Kennedy);

January 16 (Our Choice for Mid-Season NHL Trophy Winners and All-Stars – Eddie Belfour, Mark Recchi, Dominik Hasek);

January 23 (Wayne Gretzky No.1 among Hockey News Top 50 NHL Players of All-Time; Alan Eagleson Jailed);

January 30 (Chicago Black Hawks Jeff Hackett; Coyotes Jeremy Roenick; Red Wings Brendan Shanahan);

February 6 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Women's Olympic Preview Special – Geraldine Heaney; NHL Considering Four-Period Concept);

February 13 (Olympic Team Canada's Patrick Roy; Olympic Special Issue);

February 20 (Olympic Team Canada's Theoren Fleury; Team U.S.A. Brett Hull; Team Japan's Kengo Itoh);

February 27 (Quest for Olympic Gold – Team Canada's Eric Lindros; Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya's Olympic Dream Shattered);

October 9 (Legends of the Game Skate into 20th Season – Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque and Mark Messier);

October 16 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano; Hurricanes Jeff O'Neill; 1998-99 Minor Pro Review);

October 23 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; 1998-99 U.S. College Preview);

October 30 (Boston Bruins Sergei Samaonov; Checklist of 1998 NHL Newcomers – Dan Cleary; Bruins Byron Dafoe; Top 10 Draft Prospects);

November 6 (27 Tean Payrolls; 650 Players Salaries – Detroit Red Wings Sergei Fedorov; N.Y. Rangers Mike Richter);

November 13 (Pittsburgh Penguins Jaromir Jagr; Philadelphia Flyers Rod Brind'Amour; Slumping Patrick Roy stays Cool);

November 20 (Colorado Avalanche's Peter Forsberg; OHL player Jeff Kugel gets Banned for Life from OHL; NHL Coaches Salaries – Pat Quinn);

November 27 (Toronto Maple Leafs Mats Sundin; N.Y. Islanders Trevor Linden; Hurricanes Arturs Irbe);

December 4 (Headhunters – The New NHL Menace; Most Hated Man in Hockey – Lightning's Angrei Nazarov; Senators Daniel Alfredsson);

December 11 (Phoenix Coyotes Keith Tkachuk; Rangers Petr Nedved; Swedish Twins the Talk of the 1999 NHL Draft – Daniel and Henrik Sedin);

December 18 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros; Dallas Stars Brett Hull; The Wild Life of Ex-NHL Bad Man – Steve Durbano);

December 25 (New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky Rushes Headlong into 1999; Maple Leafs Kris King);

Hockey News; 1999 -

January 1 (Top 50 Stories of 1998 and 10 Most Intriguing People – Sabres Dominik Hasek, Sergei Ferorov);

January 15 (Soon-to-be Free Agent – Calgary Flames Theo Fleury; Rangers Todd Harvey);

January 22 (NHL All-Star Special Issue; Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya; Lightning's Wendel Clark);

January 29 (Philadelphia Flyers John LeClair; Maple leafs Bryan Berard; Mid-Season NHL Report);

February 5 (Ottawa Senators Alexei Yashin; Florida Panthers Pavel Bure);

February 12 (Toronto Maple Leafs Curtis Joseph; Wayne Gretzky steals All-Star Show; Maple Leafs Leave Behind the Maple Feafs garden);

February 19 (Farewell Maple Leaf Gardens 1931-1999 – Dave Keon);

February 26 (Colorado Avalanche's Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg; Can Dallas Stars Win with Ed Belfour ?);

March 5 (Special Report on Fighting in the NHL; Pittsburgh Penguins Jaromir Jagr takes MVP Lead)

March 19 (Colorado Avalanche's Theon Fleury; The Fight Debate – Part of the game or Black Eye on Sport);

March 26 (New Jersey Devils Scott Niedermayer; Annual Report on NHL Prospects – Roberto Luongo);

April 2 (Crease Controversary Returns on Eve of Playoffs; Dallas Stars Derian Hatcher);

April 9 (Detroit Red Wings Chris Chelios; Flyers Eric Lindros; Final Word on Trades);

April 16 (Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic; History in the Making – Bruins Ray Bourque);

April 23 (NHL Playoff '99 Preview – Maple Leafs Mats Sundin; Detroit Red Wings Chris Osgood; Stanley Cup Playoff Odds, Scouting Reports);

April 30 (Wayne Gretzky Ends Legendary Career – Two Decades of Greatness);

May 7 (Wayne Gretzky Tribute Issue; Hockey News Player of the Year – Penguins Jaromir Jagr);

May 21 (Toronto Maple Leafs Curtis Joseph; Tragedy in Carolina – Hockey World Mourns the Loss of Steve Chiasson);

1999 Draft Preview (Toronto Maple Leafs Mats Sundin);

June 18 (The Battle for Stanley Cup Vindication – Sabres Dominik Hasek vs. Stars Ed Belfour);

July 2 (Dallas Stars Mike Modano and the Stanley Cup; Playoff All-Stars);

July (Vancouver Canucks Henrik and Daniel Sedin; 1998-99 Season in Review);

August (New York Rangers Theoren Fleury; Your Choices for the 1998-99 All-Star Teams);

September 3 (Buffalo Sabres Dominik Hasek going Home After 1999-2000 Season);

September 10 (Philadelphia Flyers Eric Lindros – Healthy and Pumped for New Season);

September 17 (Dallas Stars Ed Belfour; Dino Ciccarelli finally Retires; Why Dale Hunter belongs in the Hall of Fame);


THE QUEEN'S PLATE – Souvenir Magazine (Canadian Thoroughbred Pub.; Aurora Ontario) Volume 4 #7 (1989);

The Sporting News; 1972 -

January 29 (American Basketball Association's Kentucky Colonels rookie Artis Gilmore);

February 5 (Olympic Alpine Skier – America's Tyler Palmer);

February 12 (NHL Minnesota North Stars' Ted Harris);

February 19 (NBA Boston Celtics' Dave Cowens);

February 26 (NHL New York Rangers' Jean Ratelle);

March 4 (Baseball Spring Training Opens art by Jack Harvey);

March 11 (Rising Tennis Star Chris Evert);

March 18 (College Basketball Player of the Year – UCLA's Bill Walton);

March 25 (Is Hockey the Most Vicious Sport ?);

April 1 (Jack Nicklaus the Favorite in Elite Masters Field);

April 8 (MLB Pittsburgh Pirates' Roberto Clemente art by Jack Harvey);

April 15 (NBA Milwaukee Bucks' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the Key to Playoffs ?);

April 22 (NHL Chicago Blackhawks' Bobby Hull);

April 29 (MLB's Spring Comes a Little Late this Year – The End of the First Baseball Players Strike);

May 13 (MLB Los Angeles Dodgers' Don Sutton);

May 20 (Riva Ridge Wins the Kentucky Derby);

May 27 (MLB Cleveland Indians' Milt Wilcox);

June 3 (MLB San Francisc Giants' Dave Kingman – New Home Run King ?);

June 10 (MLB Detroit Tigers' Mickey Lolich – No.1 Pitcher ?);

June 17 (MLB Cincinnati Reds' Gary Nolan – Success the Hard Way);

June 24 (MLB Baltimore Orioles' High Flying Trio of Terry Crowley, Don Baylor and Bobby Grich);

July 1 (MLB New York Mets' Tug McGraw and Dan Frisella);

July 8 (MLB Kansas City Royals' Lou Piniella);

July 15 (MLB Pittsburgh Pirates' Manny Sanguillen);

July 22 (MLB Oakland A's Joe Rudi – Next Swat King ?);

July 29 (MLB All-Star Game Special Issue – Atlanta Braves' Hank Aaron);

August 5 (Jack Nicklaus – Can Open Champ Master PGA ?);

August 12 (MLB New York Yankees' Sparky Lyle);

August 19 (MLB Houston Astros' Cesar Cedeno);

August 26 (Olympic Preview – Mark Spitz);

September 2 (MLB Philadelphia Phillies' Steve Carlton – Mr. Invincible);

September 9 (Collegiate Footbal Preview – Nebraska's Bob Devaney);

September 16 (Pro Foofball Preview – Kansas City Chiefs' Len Dawson);

September 23 (MLB Boston Red Sox's rookie catcher Carlton Fisk);

September 30 (MLB Pittsburgh Pirates' Al Oliver);

October 7 (NFL New York Jets' Joe Namath – Still QB King ?);

October 14 (MLB Boston Red Sox's Luis Tiant – Boston's Surprise Ace);

October 21 (Special World Series Issue – The Sporting News Player of the Year Billy Williams);

October 28 (MLB Cincinnati Reds' Johnny Bench);

November 4 (MLB Oakland A's Dick Williams);

November 11 (NFL Kansas City Chiefs' Jerrel Wilson);

November 18 (NFL Miami Dolphins' Larry Csonka – Game Wrecker);

November 25 (NFL Washington Redskins' Larry Brown);

December 2 (NHL Buffalo Sabres' Gil Perreault);

December 16 (Annual College Basketball Roundup – UCLA's Bill Walton);

December 23 (NHL Montreal Canadiens' Jacques Lemaire);

December 30 (NBA Kansas City Kings' Nate Archibald);

The Sporting News; 1973 -

January 6 (The Sporting News Man of the Year – Charlie O. Finley);

January 13 (1973 Super Bowl – NFL All-Star Selections);

January 20 (NHL Minnesota North Stars' Jean-Paul Parise);

January 27 (NBA Seattle SuperSonics' Spencer Haywood);

February 3 (ABA Utah Stars' Zelmo Beaty);

February 10 (NHL Detroit Red Wings' Mickey Redmond – Scoring Wizard);

February 17 (College Basketball UCLA's Bruins; NFL Selections in College Draft);

February 24 (ABA Indiana Pacers' George McGinnis);

March 3 (MLB Oakland A's Rollie Fingers);

March 10 (NHL Philadelphia Flyres' Bobby Clarke);

March 17 (College Basketball UCLA's Bill Walton and Coach John Wooden);

March 24 (NBA Player of the Year – Kansas City Kings' Nate Archibald);

March 31 (ABA Player of the Year – Carolina Cougars' Billy Cunningham);

April 7 (Jack Nicklaus – '73 Masters King ?);

April 14 (MLB Philadelphia Phillies' Steve Carlton – Super Encore ?);

April 21 (NHL Player of the Year – Boston Bruins' Phil Esposito);

April 28 (MLB San Francisco Giants' Chris Speier);

May 5 (MLB Anaheim Angels' Nolan Ryan – Fireball King);

May 12 (MLB Kansas City Royals' Fred Patek and Cookie Rojas);

May 19 (MLB Cincinnati Reds' Joe Morgan);

May 26 (The Indy 500 a Record Run ?);

June 9 (MLB Los Angeles Dodgers' Joe Ferguson);

June 16 (MLB Detroit Tigers' Joe Coleman);

June 23 (MLB Chicago Cubs' Ron Santo);

June 30 (MLB New York Yankees' Ron Blomberg – Sizzling Bat);

July 7 (MLB San Francisc Giants' Bobby Bonds);

July 14 (MLB Kansas City Royals' John Mayberry);

July 21 (MLB Houston Astros' Bob Watson – Swat King);

July 28 (MLB Cincinnati Reds' Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Johnny Bench);

August 4 (MLB Minnesota Twins' Bert Blyleven);

August 11 (MLB Most Valuable All-Star San Francisco Giants' Bobby Bonds);

August 18 (MLB New York Yankees' Thurman Munson);

August 25 (MLB Philadelphia Phillies' Del Unser);

September 1 (MLB Boston Red Sox's Orlando Cepeda – Destructive DH);

September 8 (MLB Atlanta Braves' Darrell Evans – Explosive Bat);

September 15 (College Football Preview – Ohio State's Randy Gradishar, John Hicks and coach Woody Hayes);

September 22 (Pro Football Forecast – Miami Dolphins' Larry Csonka);

September 29 (MLB St. Louis Cardinals' Lou Brock);

October 6 (MLB New York Mets' Willie Mays – Calls it a Day);

October 13 (MLB Baltimore Orioles' Jim Palmer – A Bird of Beauty);

October 20 (World Series Issue – Oakland A's 20-Win Trio – Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue and Ken Holtzman);

October 27 (MLB New York Mets' Jon Matlack – Mr. Clutch);

November 3 (MLB Oakland A's Mike Andrew – Eye of the Storm ?);

November 10 (NFL Los Angeles Rams' John Hadl – QB Attack Plan);

November 17 (NFL Minnesota Vikings' QB Fran Tarkenton);

November 24 (College Football Ohio State Buckeyes' Archie Griffin);

December 1 (College Football Notre Dame's Tom Clements);

December 8 (College Basketball UCLA's Bill Walton);

December 15 (NFL Atlanta Falcons' Bob Lee – Field General);

December 22 (NFL Buffalo Bills' O.J. Simpson);

December 29 (NFL Miami Dolphins' Nick Buoniconti – Firn Defender);

The Sporting News; 1974 -

January 5 (NBA Atlanta Hawks' Pete Maravich - Sharp Shooter);

January 12 (NBA New York Nets' Julius Erving – Calling Dr.J !);

January 19 (Super Bowl VIII – Miami Dolphins' Bob Griese);

January 26 (College Basketball North Carolina State's David Thompson);

February 2 (College Basketball Virginia Squires' George Gervin);

February 9 (College Basketball Wisconsin's Kim and Kerry Hughes – Twin Terrors);

February 16 (Pro Golfer Johnny Miller – The New Nicklaus ?);

February 23 (College Basketball UCLA's Bill Walton – Always a Riddle);

March 2 (Baseball's Back !; NHL Invading Europe for Talent);

March 9 (College Basketball Notre Dame's John Shumate – Mr. Cool);

March 16 (NHL Philadelphia Flyers' Dave Schultz – The Enforcer);

March 23 (NBA Buffalo Braves' Bob McAdoo – Unsung Star);

March 30 (NBA Golden State Warriors' Rick Barry – Mr. Blow-Top);

April 6 (MLB Play Ball !);

April 13 (Pro Golfer Jack Nicklaus the Masters Favorite);

April 20 (MLB 715 Home Runs – Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron);

April 27 (MLB St. Louis Cardinals' Ted Simmons – Jewel of Constistency);

May 4 (MLB New York Yankees' Roy White – Leadoff Artist);

May 11 (MLB Los Angeles Dodgers' Jim Wynn – Toy Cannon);

May 18 (MLB Texas Rangers' Jeff Burroughs – 50 Homers ?);

May 25 (MLB Montreal Expos' Ken Singleton);

June 1 (MLB Detroit Tigers' John Hiller – A Hearty Comeback);

June 8 (MLB Philadelphia Phillies' Mike Schmidt – Potent Punch);

June 15 (MLB Cleveland Indians' Gaylord Perry – Rampaging Redskin);

June 22 (MLB Los Angeles Dodgers' Tommy John – Super Southpaw);

June 29 (MLB Minnesota Twins' Rod Carew – Swatter Supreme);

July 6 (MLB Atlanta Braves' Ralph Garr – The Slasher);

July 13 (MLB Boston Red Sox' Carlton Fisk – What Will Happen to the Red Sox ?);

July 20 (MLB California Angels' Dick Williams);

July 27 (MLB Los Angeles Dodgers' Mike Marshall – Tireless Fireman);

August 3 (MLB Kansas City Royals' Steve Busby – Unlimited Future);

August 10 (MLB Houston Astros' Greg Gross – Rookie of the Year ?);

August 17 (MLB Oakland A's Reggie Jackson – Woe to Pitchers);